27 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V? ?? ,?a?ir? V l>^H*^tfwiti<?a( ru<)i>t?iMl I .^qpt . >Ui iww?>i? rm I ?? taJMrollMM* M }??| * lllteM **1 41 M ? I I* ~>"' * v; I H*4 b ?!.??. -4 <*?>? *? .? t i ?4 f -t ? tlii V>4 ' " * "UtaMMMttt1 '! * * V*"-1? 1 W.IU. . *! mmmUMmwm*. mjit M a ^WMiMn(?lirar< i?$T*e,for which *mpt< (torn vnll b? Im.'iriwwiU omU?*?mit MMtioBUt pit"utnlndau TffSt^us^s^^irsxrjss^ jggAaastaa Jia3?;g.?&r sr fceegi^A or , JSKtw JSgk it i^SHB to 4mmtch aehip from thia port on the let, 5th, Mth.ttoh, 90th toTfMh of each Month. caiUMcia the lath October, and I hi May, wtiea aecular daya wiU be appointed foi r of Up. year, whereby (Mat <Ul?y? ai?t dwap IK be fMvented dunaj the rummer moaftha. Tb a will conmtMe ttiia ertnaaaaa, at J? , UN, v*pt Lrntntm, Mn NfT. rSVdLLE, ?ap?. HiMtord, 1Mb day. d a?d pat m epUtudid mder, with accomniodauooi ^unequalled tor aaafart. They Brecon maa/ted ^PMCWaaqajartioa. wLBjO^all tinaaa^be towed up'and ' Neither the owaere or cagteiae of theee ehipa will bereapoaai Ml (Of JCwMry i VWinoiUlwnMi vivwii ?h vwt w )? ?? vi Sr ay lattera, paroel or pacltwc, aeut k( w pot ct board ?f Sam, ualcai regular bills of ladmg art Iwn faftmHat, uJ (MhmuWhowiM promptly forward all gooda to his aaMreea. Taaaiupaor thai Mac an warranted to ami puacturfty u ad* ywtiaadTaad great eata wiM Ma takaata bar* the gooda correct VsRSRr tbii'^Snfr Nn^Rfoo tW MtmMBMit*MUm ?Mh ofM^ north follow*: ? , n*Kw*^vONcn)A, liriltk (iitNorMkm ri?ti> Dteewbo* p BALTIMORE. (l?t April l?dt Mar fSf~ jig: Ik gfifl ntiwtw f iff Jiimyy I lffn icDrutrf Nrw (hip MT. NICOLAS, C latJao* il?h Jit* > I !* F^mur ]!SwSlbW ripSggSSSgtts <M ialiriil for OM*e twmU wiU l? hmrU* *v Ox !?: mw yum A?B NKW***. Vm tMfoot of Cowthawitttrart,,NewYork. LMnNnifk. " am mru All A.M. AIU r.M. ~"u~S i 'S~ ? BaT ?|? iai Ao ^ ? fl Mj Ifci ljui jOSmtfitomtJaQ'. "TJ?"1"* '"^wq^p a mi (Oeanta. SitNlk*lar?kMMKln>W. frb 11 ** TUQUE'S LIN* ?OR ALBANY.-The CRflirtnirtmi ROCHESTER. SOUTH AMY 9E3H9LRICA end NORTH AMERICA,oFfhe Pee lab Um. will ba to readineea to con ma act ruining between lfew York and Alhaay.ond ialenaediate plaeea.aaiooa aa the l-i?1 ("1 '1r? ' Paaeafe Oo* Dollar. fltlm Zbm. *OR fttaiWMfeDftV?yam. Ak: ^^3A^&RANbEMENT-Tha ?t?unboat OSIRIS, SEZHHuK-Ckat. J. C. Allaire, will coram? running en SSv3?7b?t MtV ? Mfew*:?leave rniton Market a hp. I ^s^ffaSJass. wa.rs'as fieboat will runee above until further aotiee,aavtoatioa ? I.'tKe Htihi ?nuer will jxewburgh ??TM?dayjaermagat?v'aloch.aaq Toaadayafad Friday bemlef?TtidjCt of every deeeriptiea, bank Mb er?aito .futon board thia boat, aHiit be at the nek of the |n?fttltif.ial? a bal efladiiic of recaipbv eigned for jfhtkomt an*lrv^ool^ommkhcul lwi A & J& ift TBS W^r^iMwplifc arraaftemeate torthe rear X ISO, appeal* toRW* iiu Iriende * ilh sentiment! of ainecwt nNMt lor me a We rapport he ha? received tor may fWi *He hfcawiae wiatoa to call the attention of thoee intending to nil for their frieadsin England, Ireland, Scotland. nan Valla, that they cu at all timet to accommodated lip thin ad front Liverpool, on the lit.7th, i?lh, Itth, and nth of each Tf&'SaKttl!,!dr?u.r?. **..0. aaaifraata akowianility, aad dupatehed without delay, and thoee who aaad tor thair friende may real eanefied that every ana and dihgeat tahmlut will to jirtaby the Liverpool faant for. at wall aa all who may emhark with Id aay of theee. whoee paaaeg* haa toea paid, aaywMI to tatoaded witkoat aar dimt. rfaetaagleaauee in makias know a the different iia paaeeagefk came oat during (he laat year, i general eitiefaction, aad (Hat ne Haa cone idee M MMhto hia arrangement! tor tha yaffr ia a Rat of ahipa -W?& * - OeS? Well nod P.MiuiQ " Tim Story 9JkHm ^ fLS****" HoHtof "3? ?* ?*'{; t-ieaham Say an to end TTo. i Wephine ?i Waterloo Dnrh. I.tvarwonl j.iw^uPr.rrov>t. tackk^^~^ Nege wjbhing to hm! t? the M4 aouatrj far 2?h3ytt,reX?!K hmiornt port. 'Om fTs# 2naUMr. J?m D. Rock*,lathan md will raaiaia <tori<n tin jmtr lfcM, l*w that all iKc Mraoiw jWJJJJpw laMtHiHMkw mm forwarM wiUi can im ftf'r ? *tm+M K?i 1M+Mk I1) gijt'l [ E NE" T% j*<ii rm** i ?j fek?>*?t V*H ***tv * ' ' ** *' * I *** ^* **? hi ?** ?*" *?* ? 1 11* ^ ^ NKV THE NEW YORK LANCET. J AMU ALEXANDER HOVSTOM.M- Dn PVIUfUKO KVKKV MTOKOAT. CONTENTS or NO. TX. umiiti Fiofeaeor Mott'a Lectures ?n Surffery, Ne. IX. TktWt Bt.Snk in Harelip , IIS Stepfcylo-rapba & MS HfUWt, Dr. IUmib^kcm'a ' Prooea* of Parturition." 'OrrriJ Uterus' t? Development of the Uterus MB ' Class! Action of Labor.'. ISO DHBcnlt Lehor. .. 1.'. ..J.. MA tasufirieut Uterine Action.. Ml Deformity ef the felvle. Ml Descent of the Sladder. .' 1SI RigUtty efthe So* rurte 1SI Trarele in Europe and the it art. Xjr Valentine Mott, M. D , Professor of Surgery, he. Rous, of Paris, 134 Velpeau.... . 1U civiaie... iu iNWMil .. .....I 133 BdronLarrey.. J:. ........ iS6 M. Soetin.V 133 Dr. Motf*4 Waterloo Ope ret tone* .'Jl. 133 H?|4lalolo Vienna... - . ...... 1M Br. Mm Off 1? of Tobacco, i 136 Dr. Mott aa a Theologian 130 Tha American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Kobley Dungliaon, M. D-, Pfofeseor of tho Inatitnteaof Medicine in Jefferson Medical Collage of Philadelphia...'.... ......... . ..1........ 137 anireaUL or.rartmcitt. ' Treatment of the Insane....................... 137 The Revolution in Periodical Medical Literature.. 13d Anatomical and Pathological Drawing.. ....... 110 To Publishers...... 1)0 naicMaiuimuL uroitu Crosby street Cliaique. . 119 SaliTbtioB from Colchicum. By WUaoa Jewel],M.D 130 Operation o( Proatatetomy, according to the method of Celsus. By Or. Warron, of Moaton....... 130 CaaeofLoucorrk<aa,with romarha by C.J. B. Williama, M. p., F. H. 8....140 Uaoof Morphia in Strangulated Hornla. By David Bell.M. D? Carliale .'. 140 Malignant-looking Ulcart of the race, ropuUd canceroua, cured by Anti-ayphititio Remedies. By . M. Pay an... 141 lodina ia Opooity of tkaCornea. By Dr.Lohiee... 141 Treatmaatof Charon. Bp Dr.HenniaOreea..... 141 On Local Baths. By M. Mayor,af Lausanne 141 On Croap and iu Cora. Dy Dr. Grahl.of Hamburg 141 ITxm Alto IdTaiXIUBRCB. 7 M Report of the Tmataea of the Now Tork State Lunatic Aay lam, with the Doc omenta accompany ngtnesame pornusni to Me Act 01 ine Legists. tare panel May 96th, 1M1 141 New York Stat* Medlesl Society ........ 14a Th Coneopoadoats.....; 144 List of Modioal and Sorgioai Charge*.......... 144 WnU; BtpwUf Iiunmu. 144 Advertuoounie intended for inter lion, and Books, +e., for notice and mien,mutt be forwarded to the office on or before Tkwrtdey of erery week. N*w Yui : Printed ia4 Published [or the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ana Street, by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Agtatiibrth* New York Lucet. 1 The following ia list of the Agent* for the Lanoet, whew sebeeripileos will be received, aad single nam* i hsn* stuffiest fas sefcmslNU ?t v/wech, oaten. George W. Redding. Baltimore. W. Taylor. fhiladeleMa O. B. Zieber. Washington. D. C O. B.Zieber k Co. BaSaloTN.f T 8. Hawks New Heron,Conn B.C.MitehelL Hertford, Conn Brnj. Newbury Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N.T... Leri Willard. Lsnsingbargk, N.T, .....Thos.P, Richards. Wateriord, N. Y. J. R. Newark, N. J Smith. Peterson,N.J * .Matthew Dougherty. Worcester, Mass 8. Thompson. Norwich, Conn MerranBafferd. ocnener, n. i l. noon. Riw OrlMni John T. Cum* li Ce. St Levi*, Me *. J. Wooivirt Charleston Amo* Heed. Wddlalewn S. Diokinmn. Hudson, N.T. George Clare. Savannah.... 8. A. Holme*. Mobile, Ale. John F. Cum* k Co. Poughkeepsie., Levi Smith. Trenton .J. ltaunslev. Pittsburgh, Fa & O. Berferd. Louisville, Kjr. W. A. Heldeman. Cincinnati, O Cj Tohey. Wheeling. Va J H. Thompson* Co. (fewLondon,Coma... L. L.Sparry. Newport. Wn?. A. Fry. Canaadagua.... . .M***r*. H. D. Hoyt 8 Co. The L*neet ia $1 per annnm ha advance?or 0| oenta per single number. Linear Owe* 31 Ann traaar. Obxat Snow Stoem iir Can* on..?'The weather this week kai been aau?uaily variable; on Monday It was mild, bat became cold toward* seeking, ana on Tuesday morning ike thermometer, ia ditiereat situations, ia the Lewer and Upper Town, indicated a degree of cold from 4 to 8 degree* below serot with a cold cutting wind. Yesterday the morning opened with mild weather and snow, which continued throughout the day, cad at three o'clock ia tie afternoon a gale apraag op (rem the east, ioereading aa the aoa dccliaed, and daring the eight it Mew a perfect harrieaae, occasioning drift and poudrtt thathaa rendered the'street* and roads ah meat Impassable. Whatever want of anew amy be experienced to the west, there ia no lack of it hem; indeed, it is sonny years sines so great a quantity baa faii??, PI tfgT*Iuc| been more frequently interrupted than during!at present Season. AtaMicibi en Snow?Dsstboctiou or PnePxaTT.?The severest sneer storm ef the aeasoa wee experienced Inst night, and the fall ef snow was vary considerable. We regret to bear ef several accidents eeeurrsatgat Free de Villa and Cape Blaae bet fevtnnately withent loss of Ufa. During the night a trenaeadena qoantity of new felifrom the 1 0ape npen the property of George BUek, Esq i the bleehamtthm forge was destreyod, powerful i ebismey earviedaway, and ether damage done;aad we alee regret te leans that Mr. Black's private residence came in fhr a share of the avalanche, the 1 entrance deer being forced open and the bona# nearly filled with new. The new frame bene# now betiding by Mr. Hnlph Wlhea, opposite te Mr. Martin Roy's, received so large a qnaatity of snow tbat ft is supposed the da* mage canned to the building will necessitate its being entirely palled dewn. At about noon this day, a* Mr. ffeaaessy, wbe resides apposite Messrs. Scrapie and Lagueux's, was sberelling snow in his yard, an avalanche came dowa and beried Mm several feet deep, and It was a considerable time ere be eonld be extricated ! be he* received no seven iniurv The window* were knocked hi, nd the hoeee filled wHh avow, tat the hhnee itanlf ia of atoee, end eacaptd injary. In additien te the ahere eataatrophe, we are awry te learn that the fioatf ag deek, at Cape Cere, with h reaael in it, eaated at high water thia moraia* ? Qurbfc Mtrcury, Ftb 17. Onwedneaday of last week there waaefnriena anew atom at Montreal, accompanied by high winda and iatenee eold, the latter continuing all the eight and the greater part of Thursday. The Ttaaeeript aaya that little er no baaiaeaa eoaid he done throngheot theae two daya. and aa for travel* Nagitwaa eonfiard to ienmrye from cellar to garret, and riee teraa TiAaireeMTiea to Prrraaime.?The Panhaylranin eenais nan te happened en the lat of Mareh. J? ee adreatieeaMnt, which will he Coned la oar ee? ? Mine ie given ihet Binghaa'a Tranapertatiee Idne te Pttlalinig hne aaeea ita errangaaaenta SgSjtaji end paeaengnra immediately Ty*n, Na ? Weat a treaty ia the agent in thia etty. for Harbor 4*f**?*, K? tolfe mSS =mw^astesfcrftFS bill MtfcociM* Ik* SwMtarj oftk* W?ry to **t*r aiBwM! W !'<> t ? mi ^.r, . t . i'i ? . 1 a m ? iU ?"-* * ';"...^?^'>4' '* *y IT VORIT SUNDAY MOR ? WJL?4&| K/ V ? ? Artwm the Hmlil Avbcm, Feb. IB, 18J1 TV Boz JMmm?lht Herald's Dtmiptioa ?/ it? Grand Soiru m Auburn. ? :? Ooeaiping feetiritlee, aoirece, nl the lika, are peculiaritiea of tbia age. Boz, Baza, Bosiaaaiaall the rag* with you eaatera folk a jo at about tbaae daye. Boatoa led off ia this literary excitement, aad It ia left for New York, the great metropolia of the "Empire State," to pat the cap on tha aMmax of tbia unbounded ozeitoaaant aad aatbaaiaaaa. Well, you have tbe inaxbauatiblo raaoareca la year aity, to carry oat to perfection, any now light, now doctrinea, or aovol devicea; aad abo ro all, yoa not only poaaeaaa the aabataace, bat tbe true epirit of eongealatlty of feelinga, and refined boapitalfty, inimitable aad aaearpaaaod. Tbo aeeaant of the Bos excitement at Boatoa, Hartford, and "all along ahore,*' until hia arrival at tbo wbarvta of year city, bla reception, welcome, and tbo fall aad graphic aceoant, from beginning to aad, of the whole aflhir, op to tbe eloao of the brilliant and aptended eateitiiniMftMdMb, WTally delineated in the eelamaa of the Herald, ezcitea ad mire ? ? , ? , j . J UOll iron ill. ll U> cangni op Ana reyu, huw ?o-i bj all who can borrow, bog, iteal, or pay for tho Herald ia oar Tillage. We bare bad ?o Bos bore to pay.our respects to, aee, tad admire. Bat notwithstanding all tbia, wo hero had a "worry" naa^aiSooat aad apioudid aoiroe ia oar owa way, aad pretty much on oar own book, which "came ell" oa T net day last, aucb ae Auburn aoror before law, (aad 1 eery much doubt if abe oror will aoo again "oany" soon.) Tbore was a grand co-mingling of saxes, ages, cbuses and oonditioae. The etiU or "Moods," were all tbore, es 1 eeejoe tared. Lawyers, doctors, mcrchaats, elerks, raechaaies, bankrupts, gentlemen aad oe iorth, aad ia fine, it seemed as if erory one, who eoold oven in tho poorest meaner display a talent wh'Ch line from fonr and n half to six feat from the braiee, and nonld scare up the amaif asm of three dellara, a eiean shirt aad a shilling, were oa band to take part in the fcativitiea of the evening. I nstieed sense juveniles, quite young, bat presume their.mothers knew they were oat Tho Assembly mot at tho "Aubwm Honse." 1 should think there wore one hundred and fifty la> die* present,and equal that aamber of geatlomeo, all looking well, ie fine spirits, and Osehioaabiy dressed. A part of a military company, from tho cities of Rooaeoter aad Utica were hero, ia fine fall aaifbrm. Tho mombsrs of the ?iraCo. No. 8, all or nuuti* i> uniform : and ia coaaactioa with Umi were added our independent company, the "Ankara Guard*," commanded by Captain Jesae Segoine. (by the by, the boat dieipjinariau and military man we hare among ua,> farmed one grand promiacuoua aewmblage of mo ring matter. The dance commenced at 8 o'clock. Great wa? the rush for the floor Nothing, bowerer, bnt perfect order, harmony and gaod feeling pervaded the crowd. The maaie waa peeaiiarly grand and meiodiona. The tanea admirable, and their exeeatioa uaaurIt ia marally and phyaieally imposaibla to do jaatlea to the fair leatnrea.fine bests, exquisite beauty, enehantiog smiles, and native graeaa displayed by the ladiee. 1 hardly dare to partienlarizn, for fear of being necaaed of partiality, far Heaven knowa mr heart want pit-pat, and would go ao at timaa whan the melting eyea of aome af the fair onae interchanged glaaeea with mine. Bnt the ladiea are unwilling sometimes to reeeiVa high eaoomiama, in a general aenae, hat prefer rather t# receive them ia a apeaifle one. They like particolara. Jest to tell agirl that ahe lnoka wall, behaves wall, and dancea well, won't ia all eaeea suffice. Bhe wants yon to apaeify. Sahara yon have it, ia a eoademad farm, and eonnlaa manner, pecnlinrly my own. The Miaa C?ga, lovely, fine torma, and exceedingly graaefal. The Kill H a, four aiatera, afl; tea tefally dressed, beautiful figure, and Aaedancera The Miaa W 'a, lively, gay, and fashionable* the youngest, although exceedingly grnaafnl and accomplished, InclinCa forward a little tee much on ? * - ? -I ,1.1- .1?1. r.alt w? noor i wiib u? BciuiBg ? m? > ? h*preiNti|in the ball-room,attraction* rarely and bat leldom excelled- The charming and intelligent Mi** S , bore a conapicnen* part a* usual; dance* with great eaic, and take* especial pain* at times to exhibit a beaetifnl set of teeth, whichare certainly worth more to her thaa jewels. The Miss S , fascinating, intelligent and sensible?fine feature ?approaching somewhat towards the Lady of "B?" in features, form and lineage. Mrs. S-?, an chanting manner*, a sweet round best, exquisite, waiste and a charming woman,in the strictest sense of the word. The lovely Mi** W?, beautiful Mi** M , visiting in town, and decidedly the moat graceful and accomplished dancer in the room?this cannot be. questioned. The sweet Miss B , ftc , So , and a boat of others, that time nor space will low me to mention or even glance at, but suffice it to say, I was completely happy; the ball more thaa smrpssiswd my fbnooet expectation. The beauty of the ladies, the manifest good breeding and attention of the gentlemen, the taste of the decorations of the room, and the luxurious table spread upon the occasion by Messrs. 1) snd L , all combines, made k pass off most gloriously. we are to have the elnsiag ball for the season on 22d proximo, to be given by Are company ho. 1. 1 shall probably be on hand, and if any thing worth while transpires,willhiform you. One thing I emit* ted to mention, in connection with the hail?that much praise in due to Lieutenant R , Mr. ? and Mr. P . members of the committee, for their exertions in getting up this splendid soiree. Their service* are amy appreciated by these who parties HUd. Of the other mabiri of tke esmmittes, 1 kin 10 rtauki to mska. The weather, eold and bracing. 8oow a boat four inchee deep. Business atlU remain* dull. Banknpti thick?poekata empty? Lawyers ditto, filling np. Toara. fca., Caycoa. Ifraawa. ICorreapandanca of the Herald-1 SriAtvii, Feb. SI. 1842. TV lltather?Artiete? Lione?Religion? Temper one* ?the Time*?Butinen?Bankrupt*, tx. Fainito BrntETT : ? Since nr commnnieatioa of the 7th, the weather haa been aa capriciona as before, and the travelling worse. We had a storm last week, and there was a snAeient quantity of snow fell to make tolerable laighiag, had not the wind, (which blow a gale for tare dags, and '* boxed the eoaapeaa" every 24 hoars,) driven It all into drift* in the sheltered places. The reads are h-rrid, and consequently the market is dall, sad very little business of any kind doing. The merchants have not deae business enough within the last throe months to pay it.!- ... a ineir fc?. For Um lui tw# **eki, 1 bare bad nothing else to do, k?t*Mi the three stated koin of eaeh dej, whom the gong of the Syraeaae Moose aeooeeeea " that the animals are to he fed," bat to visit the Moot of the place?far Syreeese has her lioaa?aad Rust, the heat of the "Byraenss/' ia one of theaa. Of a dee da y laat week, t left my room, ita comforte aad agnmmi, aad ft relied into the atndio of yoaag Elliott, an artist of modest prettasioae, bat possessing talent of the highest order. He h a no looking yoeag geatleaaaa, somewhat reserved, bat rery prepoeseeaiag in hie moaners. He is a great favorite here, aad well he may he, for the Byraeesiaas hare good reaaoas for being preod of bias. 1 hare seea aaamher of hie portraits that woald do honor to the hoot artists ia New York. Thee# of J edge Lawrenee aad hit lady, aad Mies Rhonda*, tho beautifal deaghtar of the Soaator from this distrier, are among the beet specimens ef the art I hare ever seta. His likenesses are perfect, hi* Mlniu tree to nature, h?s light* and hade* beautifully bleed ad, and a* wan* aod tranaparaat a* gossamar Mikiana, the mini tar* painter, well knew* ia New York, i* hare. I hare had no opportunity of eaaaaiaiag ear of hi* late vtrki, , hut I eel tare he i* considered ay aoaaoaaecara a* oae of the beat artiata ia the onantry. Ha ia the painter of a small picture of Washington ia kh yoaagar day*, of which yen hare probably seen aa angraring. It waa taken, 1 belie re, free* an englaai puitMg aew la (ha possession of O. W. Cacti a, sag. There is also, ia this plaer, a yoaag gaatinman by the name of Thayar, who gttea anaah promise if fetare grrataae* as a painter Ha w taking same inatanniina froaa MUott, and has prodnaad soma eneatleat piitim. With application aadstedy he bids lair to ha*ami en eminent artiit. RK E NING. FEBRUARY 27, 1 I bar* attended ehgrch here for the laat two or three S&bhetha. Ywterday 1 attended the Pint Preibytariea, of wlM Dr. Adam* ia pastor. Ha la oaa ol thejpo*teeweif?l writer* of the d?y,aed were he in New York, he weald take rank with such men u Oaderdeak, Spring. Aatbon and Mil* aor. Hi? voice la legr, powerful, aud nauaieal, bat ba waata aetian and energy in bia node of delivery. Ilia reading and pronunciation ia good, aad his style of writing poet Hal, but learaad and argumentative. On tbe previous Sunday, I attended tha Congregational CheMb.and beard Dr. Lansing ? Ha ia a aebolar aad |fcr voted ehriatiaa. Hia manner ia ala<{aaat, piafliag, and famtliar^-voiae fall tad ataaieal la ita t#a-and graceful aad eaay ia hia reetiealattdae. Me ia ntek beloved hare for tba sable, gdbereos, and benevolent attributea of hia baart. Tba other eharehee ! have not attenc d, | bat aadentaad they gava good minister* aad large congregations. Thia'K eminently a ebureh-going people. The Epiaeppaiiaae are building a new tone efaureh, whin* ia to ba finished early next anaaaaar. It ia fiftwwua feet wide by eightytwo feet daop, aad wiMe a baautifal apacimea of tbe medians Gothia aMbitceture. Tba tempi?a >! itnaai al aaniiaai n tn prevail bare uteiurdpiai if ilyMi oa for three utaitu to aoma aa it haadhfitbe bit foar or Are. a drunkaa maa ia tMoaaaapaaUy will baa aurioaity. Tba aaip alaaaWiag Ueeki now in tba way. era tbe wiae-bibbers and moderate drinkers in high life. Some of these paremnui tr? to obstinate mat it would poena almost impossible to gat them to aiga the pledge, even if they keew (hat the effect of their example might be to aato aa only aoo. perhaps, from a drunkard'* grove or a luaatic aa j lata. But public opinion will compel them to da it ere loag. The hard time* don't seem to affect hnainea* men co much beta aa in moat other places. 1 hey were probably not ae much involved by the speculation* of 1825-6 There have been no vary important failures here of late, with the exception of a forwarding merchant, who has taken the sabine slide, and left his creditors minus some eight or tea thousand dollar* only. Most of the merchant* here are sa yat in good credit. Preparation* are making by the "3yraeasa Company,*'aa wall a* individual*, tor patting up a large number of building* in the spring ; most of them will be built in tbe heart ef the village, on lota aow occupied by block* of frame buildings, erected at an early day in the settlement of the village. There are nbont fifty individuals petitioning far tbe benefit of the bankrupt law in this town, borne ot them ware verv strenuuiu in their efforts to get the law repealed at the preeeat session of Congress, bj signing ud circulating memorial* far that purpoae. Such consistency ia a jewel indeed. A'ous v*rront. Tom Ritcbib. InflUn, tCowaapoadiaea ef the HersM.) * BvrrALo, Feb. 19,1849. The Box Ball?The Weather?Biuinnt? Holds? Tutatru? Patties, {c. But Bebhktt Somebody atole my *' Herald" thij morning, ao that I hare but juat been able to read your admirable deacriptioa of the " Diekena Bail"?ao great haa bee a the ruah, that yoer ageat war, la a rery abort apaee ef time, completely "Heraldic** " Toa must hare had a great time?and we aow ealy hope he will take Buffalo ia hi* way* that we amy (ire him a aaull apeeimea of ear hospitality. The weather eeatiaae* pleasant?alight ahaagea of winter and spring. Many ef oar mere beat* continue to drag oat aa existence, but I am inclined to think that we must here some grand smashes before long. Indeed, I am told by knowing oner, that tome failures are looked for smmt those re pitted hitherto verj wealthy; in faet the baiiaeaa community are pretty hard np,a? is the ease throughout the country generally. Although etnbarraescd, our people are making preparations for an active spring business. Their enterprise is proverbial, and ia the end wiil be triumph ant, yet- it will take a long time to do away with the general gloom. A large hotel is being erected at the termination of the Niagara Falls Railroad, and when finished, will eoasparo with any othar in this eity, in point of extant nnd elegmaee. It is to ho kept by E. Hathawsy, formerly of the "Mansion." The American, that prince of hotels, is flourishing with its usnal iusees*. The theatre is to ha repainted aad redeeorated, and will open in April with a good company, under the management of Mr. Rice. 8team boats are repairing and vessels being newly rigged?the dooh presenting qaito a brick appearance. Society is gay; parties aad balls innumerable. The last of a series of assemblies earns off at the American oa Wadnesdayevening laat. Of conns every body was there?yonag ladies and young married ladies. There were Mies S?th Miss N?a, Miss T?a, the Miaess T?It, Mlsa T?y, Misa A?a, Miss B?n, Mrs. T-tt, fee , &c A bettor turn out wo sever bed The ladies looked beaatifnlly end dreesod beautifully. They wore generally a kind of garment celled a "tunic,"anilllooking arrangement?in fact there was a needle.-* display ; in consideration of the tightness of the times, they would have appeared equally well in ui caao Mrcsuj WH HBUU Parties many timet are pleat ant Cel B opened frith a |read entertainment the other evening. Champaigne, oysters, daneing pretty girle, &e in abaedaace. Mr. W?n of Washington street, gave a email party last evening, eery pleasant, end to en; hot was eclipsed by the Mrllliant/cfe given by oar worthy District Attorney on the same evening. It was enoagti that Hieka* aanaie was In attendance. At a late hoar all separated, gratified and pleated Abont a year ago thia time, aa attempt was made to introduce the "Herald'* oa the ilea of the Yonag Men'a Aaaociatioa Reading Room ; bat won voted down by one vote, that person giving ne bis reason the immorality of the Herald. A similar meeting in to he held ? n few dnye, when you will be gratified to knew the " Herald" it to he found en ale. The members are generally satisfied that it is wasting mossy to tubeeribe for what you might call acres of nee sense. I can bear of bat one opposing vote, and he will hardly dare to be present. Ton go it here with a rush. Farewell. B. Oswego. [Cerreepondence of ths Herald. 1 O.wceo, Feb. 20th, 1841 Oswego is sot so nsimportant a plane bat it may deserve some notice in yeer aeefnl paper, as wail as many others which have, throngh year cenresposdeacs, figured in yoar sheet. It is celebrate is history u the mm* of important areata It was her* front when** General A natural, in th* jeer of '56, with hit army of f?a tkoarand well dtaeipiieed troept, barked for Canada, and netting with tho Britith fore** epproaehing from tho aortkeaat, aa??a?d*d in the eooqncat ?f that eoaatry from th* Fr*a*h. It waa here, t*o, that in the war *f th* revolution, it af* forded th* English aad their lediaualliee an advantageous poaitira, (torn wh*ne? to mak* in read a apon our border inhahitaata, iafliotiug cruelties, acldona witnessed ia mora barbarous, aad even in ear own tieeo, end but n few year* siaee the din of anas, iarcslatiag oar old enemy the Eogliak, has been heard by many a patriot Midi** end citiara of Oawego. piae* m ranownod in history must peasem soma p***Har advantages. It is n poiat *pon our nobl* lake, Ontario, which in th* eye of our g*v rnnaent eomeuuds muck attention. Appropria tioaa ktra Mm freely greeted lo iaapr*ra our aarbar, aad to repair Part Oatorio, titoated oa the raataMa of the rjrer, wwMin if BMiki and fart bar aid aa deebt wiN be afardad ta complete the werke aa wall daalgaad aad to trail eaaatraat* ad, aadar the dlractlea af the eery eewpeteet ta giaeer, W. Ladbaator. Already iaf the work aa far adeaaced, baetog aadergeae at tba nain time loaaa atiwaaaa to it* eoeatraeuae, that ample qeartar* to barraeke, ahaat ta be erected, will be ready tba aa. aieg tuatr far aay ferae it way be daaaaed pro. par ta etatiee at Oawege. We have aaw a eaaepa. ay af tiea loekiag yaaag a?i, lately arrived, aad waU effieerrd, aadar tba Ml af OaptotaMua. re-, wall reread to aeMtory toe Wee. Oar popatotlea ieabowt ftra tb named; like wait of ear etihwea, ite pragraaa baa baaa retarded by wild epeeeJatkma to towa lata, prodaatog rata to aaay. wka> an aaw taaaallaatly wait tog 10 be re bared by toe beakrapt law: tpeeelaatoae moetly ff"'l by tba Ceeibty af ebtaiaieg loaae froae KSKE rssisa B?k af tbia place baa back a little toe liberal ia ?(#?? > ?? T J I * / [ERA I , -r ifeiihYft i?v ft** f mq* t * *? 1 .*: < JffJft* yy, f ^ { ** *4 1842. # II* iuiu?, i?f ii* u*ui* aiv B"w m?i mes ?* cep( lhose who Iuv? bMUMi with the appointed receiver. The other, he Oswego Uuk, (U,d? erect, ita affairs having h-en conducted with judgment cod sound discretion. The eTils consequent upon the injudicious end tooabundant issue of pa per by the numerous hnnks, spread eror eur conn try, not necessarily demanded by it* commercial operu'ioas, although *?ry sensibly felt in this quarter, hare net predueed among as mat desponoency which rajeat* the pleasures ahd amusement* arising 1 from social intercceres. The old at well ha the young marry?give wedding parties, where the fashionables gather tope ther?eat cake, quaff the aectar of the gods, and sing ** hence dull care tad melancholy." Such is the elasticity of the human miad, that it frequently seeks relief from orII* which oppress in associations whore cheerfulness pre rails. Oswego has eret been fruitful in scents and oc" currencies of an exciting nature To the mania of speculation in lots sueeeodod the Patriot ferer to release our Canada neighbors from the yoke el Bri| tisk tyranny, with or without their eonsenl, and now, annoagn rne government, rnrongn na uep?n mailt*, (one et least, tha pott office) be* forbid the axarcita of any official function* by tbete bra** pi rile; yet tha injunction in tonaa cases baa been disregarded. To a bow that wn bare arc not out of aigbt, an it ware, aa some in onr lake citiea, through aapirit , of jcalouay, chooaa to aay in relation to buaiaet* | matter*, lot me inform yon that tbara are now in port, laid up for the winter, <3 vessels, achooner rigged; six ateamboata, all owned bare, and one of GOO ton* burthen on tho stock*, which will be ready for thn lake ae food at navigation will permit. Betide* theee, Mr. Doelitilt, an enterprising shipwright, i* building for AlMtre. Branson It Crocker, two vessels, to be fittod with tha Erictoa propeller, intended for the Chicago trade. Owning, n* theee gentlemen de, nbont twenty veeeeli, their ferwnrdFag butineee being very extensive, it n proof that tbcypoeeeee, ne they ore entitled to, public confidence. The whole amount af tonnage regietered here ie 6872. Saratoga Springs. [Cerrupondtuce of the Itendd-l Saratooa Spsibo*, Feb. 24, 1842. State af Saratoga?Religion?Temperance?Great Faney Fair and Ball, 4rc. Jamci Gordo* Bmurnrr, EsqSir :? I take the liberty of calling your attention to thie by no meant unimportant town; and we think i* ! worthy of an occasional notice from that bulletin or lame, tbe Herald, me viusge n rapiaiy improving in beastjr and incraaeiag in prosperity and eiae, saw numbering nearly 3000 inhabitants There ia a general imrrevesneut in morals, religion and brotherly lore growing up among ua ; prosperity haa warmed the kindlier feelings into life, and 1 am happy to aay, with but few exeeptiona, there ia a general apirit of unity, peace and eoneord reigning among no, that promiaaa fair to inasre the laaiiag proeperity of the place. But even Eden had. ita serpent, and wa are sowstimet distuibod by the aril doings of designing man, " Mediode fault Jtporum turgil ammi ahquid j quod iptit in floribut." There are soma in whose i breasts the stormy passions of oary, hatred, and < re re age never rest, and such men wdl occasionally attempt to destroy the peace that prevails among as. Religion is ased as their ostensible motive j hut their note deny it, for none eon be uppoeed te be (sled by the mild tenets of the Christian faith, who woald debase their seals by slandering their more eueeeeslnl rivals, aa practised here by some contemptible members of a parti- 1 cular sect towards a church whose progress had alarmed them j they strove to a rash the ehnrch with slander, and by the force of a temporary oxeussasnt, bet ia vain} it rose the stronger, the brighter, the more proeperons, from oat of tbe oloads of black-hearted calamay that bang around it; and it was a pleasant farce to see tbe qualms and distortions with which the author swallowed tbe nauseous dose of his own vile concoction. The temperance excitement has boon at tbio placo mainly used as an engine of persecution and proscription, nod tba necessary result of complete failure is rapidly approaching. The tessperanee excitement was first got vp hero by infidels, or free-thinkers, as they arc more leniently called, hoping by its means to teach men not te depend on I Mliwinn f.ir nnnnnrt in ihn Ahfl^rvtaes of A moral I i lair i lor thay argne, " If au can bo moral, rirtunui and exemplary, without roligioa, the next inference mart be that roligioa ie uaelees aa a moral gaide, and only a elog on the free exercise of tha mind thua atriking at the rory roots of the tree of life, for all mnat own that the beauty and perfection of the Ooapcl, aa a rule of morality andrirtao, ia aa auperior to ail the feeble onactmoata of man, aa the Omnipotent ia to the " very worms," who deny hi a existeaee By eonaealing thoir insiduons design they entrapped the particular sect 1 hare mentioned abore, into their measure ; and one of the firat results, meat pleasing to the footer parents of the excitement, was the attack made by some who call themselres Christians, on the character and reputation ol those immeasurably their auperior in every human rirtne, bet hew far auperior iu the eyes of God, he alone ceo judge. The great Presbyterian Fair came off oa Tuesday?the array of beauty and fashion waa un I > >/< iKo lili>nlitv of tha ladies in dia j tribntiog nfrMhiiMU ubwiM; indeed, m? \ ladiaa war* ao itxivti to dictribata tbeir own cakes,that they pet them aside to have to themselves the pleasare of cutting aad distributing There waa a fine array of good thing* oa the tables, aad the article! of fancy aeedle work, were worthy of the fair hand* from whieh they sprang; the poal office, aaw oaa of the accessary appandagea at a Fair, waa nearly ma down with applicanta, aad Dr. N. ia said to have raceired aa lea* than fifteen free letter*, complimenting him on hia Tariaaa at* taiamaata in drags and literature; Matter Agvstne was exceedingly active, and appeared to pleata himself, if he did not please others A yeung me- | chaaic, Mr. U-was excruciatingly liberal aad po- ' lite; Deacon D. was attentive and polite to all, aa usual, aad with that complaisance ia which only i great men eaa indulge, condescended to make the ( Sail pleasaat by joining in aoe of the cotillions, all he-clocked aad be-wigged as hn was, aad ap ?*J wwU* Kfmnalf at rwariinwlv vnunc todies made a fine display of "iieanty; among I , theaa my attention was attracted by a stately yeuag , lady in black. Miss F, whose oral featnres, and i fashionable toumure, touched many hearts. The , ptlile Miss C. a rosy ehaehed blonde, gay, lively, , and l?ogMt>?, fitted through the room with her . fair sister; the fair round checked beauty, Miss H., whose ringlets received an occasional caress from fingers white as snow, had her bevy of adorers. The pretty Miss M.'o beautiful white teeth were , exhibited m frequent smiles of pleasure, and seem- < ed to enjoy her?elf with nnmetbodistical delight; she carried atrophy of love in the devotion ef her long-hair ed and patriotic admirer. The fair Miss W*s bright black eyes, cherub Usee, and rnvnn tresses,commanded admiration. Th? {literary Mioses W sad their fair trsis, stayed bet a tort time, mneh to the regret of their admirers. The delieele fee* tares aad sylph-like form of the fair representative from Batten ville, wore conspicuous oven amid that blase of beauty There was also a fair widow, a hose tmbompoM did net interfere with her enjoyment, and whose fine proportions seemed alive with delight. Among the married portion we noticed Mrs W, who, althoegh a grandmother, is still hsadsome. Mrs P., so eetlamMe for dteeoantenaaciag slander, met her sister with exemplary affection. Mrs. W., whose mild Ihee bespeaks her aweet temper. Aad many others; bat amid the whirl aad excitement ef the eecne, leoald only recollect thoce who made the stronger impression on mo, cither by their beauty or dress, ecccatrici tie* or good breeding. I mm terry to loom thet the fair, although tot plcaiut to all who ittnM, wma (?Mtkiu of a failure, to far aa oroflt waa concerned, nearly tha whola receipt* being (wallowed ap ia room rent, , aad ether axeeaeee, incladiag the liberal coaiMuatioi to the maiiciaaa who played during thr < fair aad ball; aad feel the more rrieer4 at it ba- f ( eaaae the? hare beea already obliged t* make 9 their oaeetlag hoaee fifteen feet email* r than waa i origiaally ialeaded. I Adloa, Baiorn. f PaaarnL Bnnawic.?A fcnrfnl epidemic ia now ragtag at TeOamaeh, Michigan eweapiag air ita tic time ia tha apaee ef a aery few bear* after ita preaeaoe ia Malt It* edbeU are Aret diecorered by , paiat ia the head . LD. as==============s====^^} __ wwm9% YW9 C9M9 (PrMikfurd, Pa, |Cnaiaaintianof the HmU.] fnuiniB, Pa, Feb 30, 1102. HW Rterytmn (to Jim mU (imtral Charurin ?f Of yUlMgt?Hthftitutifu? The J.adit?- Ttu 1*hurtt btjbrt Of Lyvimm Tk* Ntw HaU?Mxhtmry VMiration of Uf Tf*ty-?c<md. Jansa Goauox Bxvmctt, Eaq :? Data Sis, Aa lotue tin* baa el* peed liiaa yaw correepewdent from Frankford eawadtaadiff the reader* of tba Herald /and to gire tbe gead people ?t tki? place further information of tb?ia elect?aa jw paper it open to nil adherenta of trmtb, I will emfearer in a few linea, if not to gratify, at ba*tt? emu tneir mention tor a time being. TbW Tillage differ* not matenallT from mtd other*, nanny knowing the buaiae** of their nrighbora better than their own. We bare no ball* er assemblies to *how off the grace and beanty, ye* our institution* for instruction are not to be inrpasted by any other country town. We have publie and private school*, Lyceum, Debating, Harmonic and Tomperaeoe Societies. The lecture em education by the celebrated Mr. Taylor, a few evenings since in the Presbyterian Church, was attended by n Urge nndienee; the lectures before tbw Lyceum prove the greater sttrnetion of the place* or the old and yoang, bnatr and fashion. The new hall, now almoet finished, will posse** many advantages over tbo one they now occupy, t>cia? more convenient and capacious, with entrance in front, or at the end where the epeaker is stationed, ao that nil have a view of those coining in without disturbing the audience by turning nf bends, whenever a person enters, which is so commonly Suae in nil pahlie places. One would almost **^>p<>*e. that some magic power was exereised withi* tbw house; whether or net the body is portienUr iy attracted to anf eertaio pUoe, it la obrioue that therm are objects that attract the eye, far immediately am the right nad left of the speaker, are always seem those magnetic fates that so powerfaHy attract tbw attention and divert the miad of the hearer. Dm one aide is te he seea the ever attentive mad beaatiful Miss H. and her younger sister, whose rir glet? uaugio in contrast wim ner nuaj cnceas, by Mr lidnhiMiti 1)-, of |?i?d stature, with beautifnl khek tjts that anuklt with uiaititn; next ( her the two Miss R.a, the younger much the I alter,, yet eot more lonely, or of a awetter countenance than her sister; a little further lit* the two Min? D.'a, one with jet black hair and dark brown eyri? speaking hope, lore and fear, wilhaa occaaioaat look of disapprobation at a young gentleman with hlaek whiskara who aita near by, and whose fort* ia to dieplay hit tallies of wit; bor lister, witla curling treaaea and interesting enoateaance, dieplaying much taate in her dreaa. Upon the oppolita side ia Miaa W. of full buat and pretty fsaa; alto Miss L a picture of health, with a countenanee indicating happiauaa aad contentment. Oa her laft aita Miaa B. with fair hair, a aouflaxioa of mingled aaow aad Ternaillioa, and a couataaaaeu all milca. There are nnneruai ether* who I wiH ant now attempt to pertiealarixe, bet ?hoald this meet with a* agreeable a reeeptioa a* that of your former correipoadeat, Mr Editor, the** fair one* will have the Kiawatio* of k**riig from mm a^aia. Of otbor ereat* I will aot mow eaamorato, bet peak hereafter, incladiag the ex pooled display of nilitary on the 22d, whoa the Coaaty Troop lad Jkm Marion Oroya, of Hotmesbnrg, iatoad ruitng u. Tear*, hi. Fua,Ja. eaten. |Corc**peoi*ac* of Ow Herald.] Bo*T#a, Fob. 22, J642. Wuthington'i Birth l)ay~-Ttmperanc*?? 1 "htatru? Ijtclwu? Mailt, 4*. Friend BiriitT :? Thi* being the birth day of the mack lamented George Washington, the friend* of temperaee* who rally under that aamo, the*4 WaahhagtoaUne,** bar* assembled together at Old Faaowll ia Urgw nambers, there to lUtea to the speeeho* and re* mark*of the wiser omi, wbo mj and are now wishing todo good to others, that they ia return may nap tha boaofit thereef. There aat tha old and gray headed aaaa, who bare seen aaay a poor and anfortnaate son), that ia thalr younger days had taken the past, which was hard and diftealt (or them to avoid, hat now throagh the exertion of thia aociety aaa ha reformed?while aw embled around set the younger elaae, listening to their aouacil. Ia not thia a picture teiook open 1 Business n qaite dull here at present; the larga auction aalca which hare taken place of late bar* baea hat poorly attended, owing to a eaabinutiaw of oar me reheat ia the dry goada line,not to atlaaA there sale*, ia hope* they may ha pat down; bat 1 am fearfal they are raiaiag themeelrc*, aa it ia destined to drive ail trade to yoar city, for they will buy gooda whare they can ba obtained tha cheapest, and yon will find tha auetlon rooms ef Now York floodad by ear merchants. A larga ale, which was advartised to take place in a few days has been aat off to a future time, ia hopes era tin, tfflnMkinjt may tun op by wbieh oil our daalera will onea more take bold with that epirit they were woot to do. While every thing appeara to be thriving in thio city, eew buiMiigi being erected in the baeiecao part of the city, and every thing locking proaperoaa, the iahnbitaole cannot aopport a theatre. Tbo Tivaont hae boon obliged to etaee it* door*, and the aetore act adrift te gala n livelihood olee where t the managere having loet a largo can ant in trying to auatain the credit and pocket* of Meaaaaciroa. Tho actora have aaaambled together, and Bade a liberal offer to the leaeiea for the nan of the build iag, whiah ia declined, although it being eqnal to what ban be?a received for tan pant yaar, not at wiehiag to taka it longer thaafraaa weak t# weak, they moat by act having the eaearity be deprived, ef again appearing before t be Boetcalte. Tie Silfimen lecture* will eoaacaod text wnk before the Lowell Iaatitatr, and thoee that war* fortaaate enough to obtain tieketa, wfll be wall paid by atUadiag thin cearae of iatarcatiag lootaree. He hae won golden opinion* aacoaget ae by hie leetarea previon* yeara, and will Baal with two en ma reception again. Since Dickens ha* left n?, (here te nothing to our the mind* of the young genta, who ere always randy to reecira a ditlingttiihod atraagor with i pen arnai. The affair at the Park, doer not appear to neet with favor by allowing the repetition aaa the second ereuing?rather toe maeh ef the puppet how. The New England Gnarda, owe ef the etack corps of the city, gire e bell at PaaaatU' Hall, "n (ha evening ol the fourth March, Witiek will he a ftaa affair. All of ear f rat ladiea are preparing for tha oeeaaioa. The member* are ae well known far their military diaeipliae, at for their art in presenting arma to the lad ea, aad they mar expeet te ichiere a eoeqaaat. Yonre, Tm MocxTaio MILLIONS DIE THAT SHRHMAN'S LOElN<J*? weeldeert, all oho A over mad thija m know. Tha Be*. Danua Amber y, of the Oneida Conference, waa given np an incurable, belieri d to he no tie verve of the (rave from conaaaiptioa. witheWt I tehepeof relief, till he tried theee l.exeagee They relieve* htw immediately, and in a few week# reatored him to health, ao that he eoeld rmaaei hie dntiee m a aumatirof the guepeL Ha reeoatawais them to ail wao are conaumptire or have nay derangement of their lunge, ea tha graataat aedieina m tha hmwa world. Ha haa witneaaed their adecta on eeverat then, aad alwara with the hippieat reontu. He para m1 great t leaeCy, 'Weagh the bleeaiaai of Divine Provi-leom mould he the eoma?<u? pro,.-rtjr ? all, and ia every lamilp am"tWAvv. Dr^taatmnnd.ef thia eityreMe few to* >oJfj eeerel wreka, being evwrjr frw aiiaute* attached wi''ITT, a&sifst sz ^jsxmsss .artr iTehnrsn/S3rf. M Weeeter etraet. haA Uroek, 497 Faarl afreet, haa mW than ia haa f.auJr with iaeariabla aaceeaa, mad racnn?fc than la all wha mn mAictad aiih eou*ha, tolia, ar any auction at aha r. MmHhi. Mm fhafclaaafcta aaarchaat tailor, ItT wi. arm I him iaa faw hunia. Vrarehonae 19$ Naaam-i (tract. Afaate?Chwah'a, IM h* rys Mmada.TT fcaat Bract way , owner Halm and ftprm? aka ? ***** ,u'a*ar on Mm mea/raaaaaJblatenna: .. .. ssfhrips Taymthn wMh a Iaa aaaarfnaat of WntfaaNaTWent y*aft IKnitiac ftfar af anytuc at quality na?a l? ?*t * dh?*

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