27 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

27 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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'postscript" Washington. [CtrropaUMMtf the Herald] WiiimaTW, Feb. 89, 1842 The Fnnornl at th? Ban. U?U WillMun*CongraaMonat Tempcranci Society. The faaeral of the Hoa. Lewie Williams took place tkie day at aooa. At twelve o'clock, hie remains were conveyed from hie lata boarding hoaae to the Heuae of Representatives, accompanied by the Committee of Arrangements and Pell Bearers, together with the Representatives of the ,State of North Carolina, in both breeches of Congress, and his personal friends and relatives. The body wan placed in front of the Spanker's Chair, and around it were aealed the President of the United States and the heads of Departments, besides those by whom it was accompanied thither. The members of the House and of the Senate, and the Judgee of the Supreme Court, occupied the other seats of the Ball; and the galleries were densely crowded; partially by Indies. The funeral services, which were performed by the Rev. Tuaton, Chaplain to the Se?nnaia*?ii (if fh* rearfintr of tha <Mlfc Paalm whidb wns exceedingly appropriate, a prayer, aaermoo from the ldth versa of the 8th chap* of Romans. ?u For I reckon that the sufferings of this present life are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in as"?and the benediction. The funeral proceamon was then formed, and proceeded to the Congressional barial ground,(where the body was deposited,) in the fallowing older Chaplain at the Sonata and Physicians who attended tha Paoasaed. Committee of Arrangement!, Mr. Karner.of N.C. Mr. Pope, of ICy. > Mr. J. Q- Adams, of Mate. Mr. Hopkina, of Vs. Mr. W. C. Johnson, of Md. Mr. ISrorott, of Vt. Mr. Saunders, of N. C. Pall Beer era. Mr. Saltanetall, of Mass. Mr. Miller, of Mi. i Mr. Habersham,of Go. Mr.Orongor.oi N. Y. Mr. Taliaferro, of Va. Mr. Butler, of ICy. .Mr- T. J. Campbell, ofTonn Mr. Maoen, of Ohia. Tha Family and Friend* of tha Deceased. Tha Senators and Representatives bom tha State of North Carolina, aa Mourners. The Sergeant-at-Aim* af the Hauae of RopaosontaUve*. Tha Houaa of RepraeenUtivoe of the United States, preceded by their Speaker and Clark. Tha other officers of tha Hanea of Representatives. The Sergeant at-Arm* of the Sonata. The Senate, preceded by their President and Secretary. ?e uineroraceri 01 ib? oentie. Tk% ProidMt of Ike Ueitod State*. The Utah oi Department*. The Chief JaetJce end Aeeeeiete Justices of the 8upreme Court of the United States, end he officers. The Diplomatic Corps. The Comptrollers, Auditors, and other Heads of Bureaus of the several Depeitments of the Government, wilh tkelr officers. Officers of (he Army and Nstt at the seat of government. The Mayor of Washington. Cftiseasand Strangers. On the return of the members, the House adjourned until to-morrow at 12 o'clock. The Congressional Temperance Society held its first, public meeting this evening in the House of Representative*. Mr. Briggs of Mamaohueetts, presided, and resolutions were presented by Mr. Williams of Connecticut, Mr. Rifgs, Mr. FUlmore, Mr Morgan, Mr. Gilmer, Mr. Bunveil, Mr. Geddings, and Mir. Marshall. The speakers, with the exception of a few remarks from Mr. Gilmer, and Mr. Burnell, -and a magnificent speech from Mr. MarMini), were not members of Congress. A Mr. Marsh, from New York, made a doll, tedious, somniferous speech, from whose influence the meeting was not roused until Sir. Marshall, at a lata hoar, sufeceoded in dispelling the torpor. Mr. Mitchell from Baltimore, was thetoext speaker, and thea Dr. Bewail exhibited and explained his transparent representations of the tomash in ali its changes, from the hesljhy tone to the worst and last condition in which it was found in a man who died of delirium tremens. Captain McLaae, of Baltimore, in the course of a apeecn, denied that he had ever been drunk?because drink could not make him drank.; On an average, he had drank twelve glasses of brandy and water a day, and sometimes nineteen glasses of whiskey punch at night, bat though he saw threefifths of his companions drank around him, he was proof against its intoxicating qualities. He said he had joined the tee total society for the sake of example. The celebrated John Hawkins, of Baltimore, terminated the night's proceedings, and taken site gethvr.ii *u the preeieat iflhr of the Sort that could be imaginedBaltimore. (Correspondence of the Herald. J Baltimoku, Feb. 26,1842. Ma. Editox :? I witnessed lut ereeiig the peraonifioation of Hamlet by Edwin Forrest, and cannot refrain from pronouncing it a mastsr-pieoe of acting, Mies Clifton represented " Ophelia" to life. The house was admirably Ailed with beauty and fashion. Burton has gained much praise for nis indefatigable axsvtioas to plcose the theatre-going community. His company is unquestionably the best we bars had aiaee the days at Wood and Warren. This evening Forrest proffers his benefit, and wili appear in the pixy of Othello. A repetition of the birt-nigbt ball, was given hut night, nt the Front street theatre, by Wemyee. It was not ao well attended. Too muefi of n good thing is opt to spoil on our bands. It was a mere dollar or oateb penny concern, compared with the previous or real one. A fire occurred yesterday morning, which destroyed the ware-house, with its contents, of Messrs. Hassan A Haitian, No 79Pratt street. The loco amounted to about $40(10, which was fully covered by insurance. Out currency is still getting worse, but strange us it woyoeow, the worse it goto the bettor it must beeome, for it will soon full so low that no one will be asked to take it except at tha current rate of discount, which to-day is fifi csnts. Exchange on New York, I quote at 2| premium; Philadelphia 2j discount, and Virginia is 54 do.; specie ie worth S premium. A bill to abolish imprisonment for debt iu the Uto of Maryland, offered by Mr. Gallagher of this city, passed the Heusc of Delegates yesterday by a vote of 5S yeas to 10 aays. This is a noble ston to warda humanity, doea credit to ijie indefatigable projector, and honor to the State, by blotting from Mr itatntea a law flt only to be knotm among aavager, where the light or divine revelation never ahene, and where the name of the a on of aeaa waa never heard. When men can preaa blood from marble, and not till then, ca n they extort gold from hone at poverty by loetheoaue inearcavation. The Sooate Return pt lou Hill waa alao taken hp in the Honae.aad placed into the hand a of a committee. A large meeting waa held lathe agaarelaatnight, on the aehjeet of Keaamption. A committee waa appointed to go to Annapolia, and urge (ho pasaage of the bill. The paodaca market ia dull, and wiinont ebanga. The weather thia morning ia oloady, and threatana rain. Ynnra, Rodexick. PtUlutelphln. iCorreapoedence Of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Fab. 26,1842. 7V DtfavtUr?Bnnk BUI - Slock*- Shad Dimter at the V. S. Hotel. It hu raised here almost incessantly all day, and M a toinqieaM, bnt little ?f a kuilatai character la* Iraaafiiad. The mm of "ab*fraction" that 1 hinted at yeaterday, i haw* learned waa eoaaniitted in the large ilk establishment of J,ee, Stratum ft Remington, in Market at, helew Foertb, aad that (he IMI e/ the accused clerk ie Joseph Bolton. Tkn discovery that the foods of th? establfchOMnt had been taken, waa threegk one of the Bra giving a cheek on the Beak in which they kept their aceoaate, end which waa refaeed payment Mf went of roads Thia fact waa communicated to Ballon, the ceefi. dential clerk of ike eeUhlishment, by the person who held the cheek. To Moid detection Bolton took $900 of country paper then rtn hand, sold it, and oepoeited the ptoewda in Baek. He tkaa mm baek aad informed the pereOa that there wee ? miatake la the aOcount, which wart^en fedtifted, and if he would present his check ha WAa|d obtain his money. A day or ao after, thia country paper waa missing, and inquby failing to elicit any Itrntoii, suspicion waa centered on tomb of the younger oierke*end Bolton wea art to watch them. .While engaged at this, bin eonaoienee hen am e ao troabled, that be erOld refrain ne longer, fad eon ?"r" n? dm nmaett taaeti tne moiiii. Hi* tin ploy era were thanderatniek, bat if inraatigatioa (lowed that a a till farther fan fad bet* ahatraetad. he waa arreated aad committed to priaea. Ha there eoaf?*?ed to hating taken a part of the a moo at aiUdged te he miming, had not te the whole. The while eaaa thoneht te he taken if between gfl.000 and g^OOO. Tha ffratmeda ia the aigfted with the acen.ad, to be Ailed tip aa oeefetd* might require. Bel'o,. hai a family of aetefal children, ta foaoedted with he oar wealth*#! citl/eo?, and war ia t* raeaipt e^oaH^osnpSil5n^Mth^lM|iisefTo?aa>?OlOIMlM, of nh?Mt 8?.?W. I, TV Mmm ll itt*li t<HU? ku been )i|M? ? prices taneh a* yesterday. Tk? kaak Mil m ptittd hj lb* Iwb, is generally aatisfaetory Immediate miBptioili the gre point with th? people; i The first dioaar of fraah (had this season, was today strrtii *p ?t Mm United States Hotel, one of the host kept ostablishasents in the country. Basque Fnascss Stabto.*.?Osr Norfolk correspondent, uader date of Thursday, at If A- M-, writes as follows"Captain Grshasa came up from tha wreck of the bark Frances Staatoa this seeming. Hn in armed mo that mch of the cargo had been discharged since Tuesday last, and if the Wd?mthftr rnntinnaH favomkU tka Lei d*y?, u4 if the lighters jot down, they wo aid got t>s graatsr part of the cargo oat." Cocav or the UwiTed States? Fob. 23, 1:142.?No. 29. Smith HmrpeadHir ot si ea. Reformed Proteetunt Dutch Cbnrsh of Now York. Appeal frost the Circsit Court of tki Usitod State* tor the tostbero dietrict of N?w ?ork. Mr. JnaticoCalron delirared tho opinion of thi* Coart, affirming the jadgmant of tho aaid Clrsait Court in thi* oaaa* with coat*. No. 47. J. Carpenter, plaintiff in error, *?. the Providoaee Washington loauranoo Coaapaay. The argument of this cacao was eoatiauad by Mr. Sergeant for tha defeadaat in error. Latkot raou Hat aha ?We have been favored with Havana papers to the 14th instant, brought by the remarkable fast sailing bark Louisa, Captain Remington, which arrived this morning, in a| passage of nine wqra?PkiL Go*, t Havana Miiiith, Feb IB?Imperta?Beans whits, ar 7 at; beef. Ne 1,9prima and west, bblS 0 a9; do New York and Boston, ar t n 1 4; batter, Aaaarioan yellow, ql 10 o 3a; candlea, mould, da 19 a 14 4; sperm, do 49 a 49; cheese. Americas, do 13 a 14; aorn, Indian shelled, bbl 4 lit; Blear, Philadelphia and Baltimore,de IS 4; do New Orleans, de 16 a 10 4; lard. New Orleans, de a 11; potatoes. bbL 3 6*1: lawn, yellow ol B 4 a 6. F.iiurli_T!eC. I fee, flrat quality,ql9 all; do second andthirdJo 7 a84; do triage, do * a Si moleeevs, keg A.j gallons, 11 |l}iamw assorted, half white, half bvewn, ar 4 8 a 110; do white alaae, do 7J a 10; do brown alone, do 4 a 4j; do yellow, dotal; sugars,nil 8a 24. OGP" Cavtiow to All Thssk Who Vsa thc Bus. drkth Pills?A Full DsscairTioir or thb Msw BassioacTMun Label?Pbotbctiob Aoaimt Couwtkb. rsiT Bs? To protect the public from the machination! of the counterfeiters of the Brandreth Pills, I hare, at a very heavy expenditare of money and time, collected from my agents all of tho Braadieth Pills with tho old stylooflabelt on the boxes; thsbesobs nor woaa with tob olo labbls.as all soch abb colf ntbbveits. the only genuine Brandreth Pills now on saleharo three new labels on each box, engraved on steel, at an expense of sororal thousand dollars. Tho label on the cover of tho hook of each box is printed on white paper, "Benjamin Brandreth's Pills," being first printed with red ink sereral hundred times, oevering the whole surface of the label, and orer this is a beautifal border in blaek ink, and around tho outer odgo of the border are tha word*, "Entered, according to act of Congress, in the Southern District of New York." Within the border will be found, in black ink, " Brandreth Fills?entirely rogotable?good at all times?dose from 3 to 90;" and across tho auddleof the label, from one end to the other of the space within the border, the signature of ' B. Braadieth, M. D.;n and across this signature, at an an xla of aboat forty-five degress, is writtea Benjamin Brandreth. The label on tho bottom of thoihox is also printed on white paper, first in rod ink. similar to the top label. Over this are firs distinct borders in blaok ink?within the inner border is printed also In block Ink " See that the labels on this box agree with those on the certificate, no others are genuine. B. Brandreth,"and below, ocrpas the borders, in straight line, "Benjamin Brandreth." The label, on the side of each box, is printed ex yellow gaper, and divided by Mack linee iato three parti. In the un vi lunii iiTinva wjii m irawi lien word!?~ no Brandreth Pills irt feiuiae unless the box has three tf my fec-similie signatures upon it?thai?Benjamin Brandreth, B. Brandreth, M. D. Counterfeiters will hare a vigilant guard kept on thorn. In the next division U printed?- All the labeli on these boxes to bo included, entered aocording to aotof Congroee, in the year 1041, by B. Brandreth, in tha Cleik'e oflVeo of the District Court, in the Bonthen Diitrlet of New York " In the third and 1 est division are the wordi?"Dr. Brandreth 'i Principal Office, Bdl Broadway, New York." OimMi'i Balm or Colombia.?This article waa first introduoed into the New York market about twenty Tear* since, and from its superior virtues in reproducing hair when it had fallen out, keeping the head Hoe from dandruff, (a most loathsome article en a gsnHeaipb coat collar) and giving a softness and beautiful lustra unknown before to the hair, has induced some persons to eat ap and advertise many other articles far the earns purpose, none of which stand the test ot trial, professing as most ol them do, to ha oils of various kinds, all of which are positively injurious to tha human hair. Let none bo deceived; no ether article will make the hair Kew rapidly, and of a good quality, bat theBabn of Qembia?aad no article purporting te bathe Balm of Columbia ia genuine without the name of Comstock ft. Co. on the outside wrapper. Some hero bean deceived, and obtained a counterfeit article for tha Una and genuine Balm of Columbia. Remember u look for the aaaao of Coaetook ft Co. on tbo wrapper, before yam purchase, and get none hot the genuine. Pont be deceived with the assurance that any without that namt is made in the aosesw.se. ssd Ira C~_? ?S ft tl L * ? " j | ?uu itju*i uguvu an iu>u piwguiwiii arc i Alt*, aad known to bo ao l>y the eoumerfcitari; to bo ] fauna only at 71 Maiden lone; corner of Tkird and Race, and Ninth and Chaatnut atroeta, Philadelphia; SB Cornhill^Booton; Dr. Wadaworth, Providence; Id Broadway, Hays' Unlancnt, 0(7- A cibtaik cnio for thofollowing distressing eon* plain ta, eat a blia hod at New York, and uaod in oar principal hoapitala. and by eaioent modical man, with the greatest poaaible auccoaa (externally) hatha following complaints? For tho PilM, Tifhtneai of tho cheat, asFor all Dropay, pec wily in children. Tender Foot, Foal uloora of tho loga, or Bore throat, by cancer* or other fungus sorea, i.ow- { Croup wloera, ever obstinate or long] Whooping Cough, atandfag. Scald Head, Freth Wound*, Chilblain#, Itc., foe. Tub Tinas.-The price, gl, it refunded to any pereon who will noon bottle of Hays' Liniment for tho Pilvaamd return the empty bottle without being cored. Tbeaa are the potitlve order* af the proprietor, to tho agehta ; and out of many hundred! *old in a few week*, not ono haa been nneucceaaful. To bo found only at 71 Maiden Lane. i (Ky- Extract af a latter from Mr. Dally: " From St. Louia, Cincinnati, Evaaaville, Pittsburgh, aad other placet west, I am requeated to tend the Pain Extractor. Ita fame haa claimed, aad lta powerful efleet* have reached, the bigheit circlet. " Oaeof tho Potroon Van Reamalaar'*family haa proved it a miracle, and ceaaea not to nemo it to aiL - A gentleman here, under the care of tho medical college, whom ell declared moat die?hi* light dimmed ?hit Breath moat gone, hie pain enorntiating, hia atoaach ao iajared that food wonld not remain on it, haa been cured completely by S email bone# of the Pain Extracted Another, 4 month* in aa ambiguou* itata, cured by one bom only. Both tbeee eeaoe boiled nil the kill oftbe faculty. There are all aarta of caaai, and Pile* of long standing, that aatonlsh the people and make them utter praiao. T hew tat a not to aoy, if you do not have 910,too worth thia year of me, yen will ndt do your Uutv." Thia great remedy for all Burnt an* Soree, la to be had at 71 Maiden Lane, gratia or for pay ; cor. 3d and Race and 0th and Cheanut ata., Philadelphia: 16 CorahiU, Boetonj Dr. Wadaworth, Providence; 16 Broadway, Al Veeterday wae a aoaker?the rain fell ta laureate; bed lor aaeet people, bat eome will reap a harreet fro* it. Our neighbor of 100 Naaaau atreet. lor ;inatance, will walk into the affectiona of the public for lota of change for hie Lozengea. Many will take eold, and whore can they find a quioltar or better remedy than Sherman'a Lozengee, 106 Naaaau at., and in Philadelphia No. S Ledger buildluga, and 8 State at. Beaton. 09" Two Hvma* Hate?Facta r?. Faacr.?The folio wing are peraona of the highaat reapectabality, whoae ae<ertion of facta will be beliored bulore all the iatncy theoriea of qnackery? The lata Mayor of Philadelphia. The late Briiieh Oonaul of Philadelphia. Mr. Henehaw, merchant, Boa ton. Will I mm TkatrhnP Iheaita* UndkoJUa Ulniefno i. ah Osorgo'a Charge, ifr W~N?^"^'"*^"i'hiu?en pWSe John P laglie, 331 Arch itrMt, Philadelphia. John D. Thomas, Mi D., U3 Reoe street, 4*. John 8. Fnrey, 1*1 Spruce ?t , do. Hugh McCordy, 343 Sooth 7th at., do. John Tard, Jr., 103 Arch it,do. A. Riudge, Esq, 19 Coentiesslip, N. V. CoL laatar, Postmaster at Mwli, N. Y. Dr. Bingham, of Bethany, N. Y. J. P. Schnidlhaf, 47 Attorney at, N. Y. Daniel O'Brien, Philadelphia. Joaeph Coggins, Philadelphia. Mr. Young, marckant^Saratoga. air. Clay, druggist. N. Y. Benjamin Morrison, Fayette Co , Ky. Darius ScoAeld, Stamford, Ct. M. L. Conorer, 319 Pearl at. Editor Boa tan Chronicle. Each of thee#, and hnndroda of others, know, and moat oflheae have certified, of caaea where the true Balm of Colombia ha a ro-produced the human hair on poraona hald. and thooaamia wall know Ihnt It will keep the head free fuam dandriff and acraf, and prevent the hair from falling oat After this aimple statement of fecta, (the fall pawed ad sehioh may ha aeem at 71 Mautnn Lane, where only the tree Balm may ho found,) we hag to ask who wilt not prefer Ita aae to tor grease or dank that w*y hare la fa favor oaly the assertions of aomo forAigltaF wtiAa. iSvmm JnemwAo mm K2m lardPd rfnridM of oh rtaf brkif u*d V pmou hare. How c?n w ?f mm Mter. wmy ?h*r thing mm my, after ujliiBmmw,; Corny W M and R?er, nd Mh and ChetBuf, PhiUdol W?^^iih^rt#BJ rttridmm, 2^-WiTSWSTSt g|?w , Oatarin fc&h lad. f'^SniSgimk. "MtSunr ( otMt> ?mX7 HHr""* I *OI?Y HAIIKSV. | iMfcy, P. M. A ?MU UMVBt of tMMlBMa bM k??a M UM atMk board (Ui aoiol*|, and prices knt Mt materially altered. Iediano?'? rooo J por coat; Illinois ?' i par coat; Mohawk J; Long I stood |. Meehaalos' Bib king Association declined t per cent from the last soles. Ia ear article of yesterday, we pose, frees the Vicks* bwrg, a list purporting ta bo the names ot koeseb ia Now Orleans, that hare stopped amoag thorn wad that of Peet sad North. This was a proas error ofPr. Hap an, not only has that house not stopped, but their credit, as also that of the branch bouse ia this clip, stand* higher thaa that of nino-tsnths of thoir contemporaries. The failures aro numerous eaough without including ttte nomas of stroap houses. la another column will he Caaad aa advertise moat of the Lafayette Bank, in relation to the postponement a the motion to appoint a receiver to that institution, aad the arrangement to receive |u bills for debts duo it. The bill* of the Chelsea Bank are ae leaser redeemed, by the Comptroller. There wee aeon veatioa of delegates from nineteen of thebanksof Ohio, held at Columbus en the 17th and lath inst. Thep resolved to resamo specie pop meats, as required bp the act of the Legislature, ea the 4th of March neat. The arrival of Lard Aahburtoa as Special Minister ft am the Court of Great Britain is now dailp looked for. Theldea has bean held eat bp the (speculators that his Lordship will, bp seme act of legerdemain, bring about a papmeat of the State bonds and State credit Innumerable contradictory stories have been told about the interest of the individual in the State credits. That he is interested, aad that he was aeleotod by the ministry as a At iaatrument to carry out their plans, because his private interest is a guarantee that he will exert himself, there to no doubt. He was long the head of the house of Baring Brothers, aad received his peerage ia 1834, for services rendered Sir Robert Peel, the tovy Minister, UBSU tm |WWir) loll IMW ???IU H?W1U| UIB iwg?> |?(trtrnmwt. Ths friend* of Iki gentleman claim for him that he to an American oitlssn. If he (wore allegiance to tha United State* previous In being made a nobleman, hie acceptance of nobility after that erent li a matter of surprise. Heoould not hare bean made a citizen after accepting a title of nobility. Thai i* a minor point, however?aeurion* precursor of hi* arriral, and of the influences he mean* to employ, appeared yesterday in the New Tork American, the organ of his hens* in this city. It is contained in the following paragrsgh, which was, probably for effect, incorporated In what purports to bo tho Washington correspondence of that paper. ! One groat measure which mart precede a National Bank, a National Cnrrenoy, a National Credit, aad a National system of Protection, is the issue of a National 8 per cent stork / $100,000,#00, to bo secured by a pledge of the while National domain, and ito proceeds, end to be distributed among all the States In exact Federal proportions ?tho Distribution Act being repealed, of course. With this stock,the indebted State* will immediately pay up all claim* now due against them, including both expired loans and the interest on those not yet reimbursable. In thefall of 1M0 it will be romombsrod that the New York American published a letter from Baring Brothers^ proposing a guarantee of tho United States for all State* debts. The proposition met with the contempt It, merited. On tho 90th of Nov., 181$, tho Amerioan published I dVn iJ^milnnl MutMaliinn ftsntoinsH In th? nsrsffranh hari qnoted, aad almost ia tka time word*. The following la an extract from the artiole of the American of Nortmber St, 1M9 A United SUtea Stock, bearing an intornat of 4 per cent, which would be one par cent, more than that of the British Cenaola, which are area new abort 90 per cent., could be readily exchanged at a premium in moat caaea of 90 per cent, for the State Steeka. Thia would effect a earing ia the principal of 100 000,000 to the Statea by which the Stocka were issued. And, as ah lnltareat at 4 per cent, on 110 miiliena of United Statea Stock would take the place of one of per coat, ea 900 million! of S|at* Stocfci, the annoal interest of the present debt Weald be diminished from eleven millions to aim mil* lions. Thia proportion may hare boon written in London, possibly by Ashbutoahiimaelf,aad ianow again brought forth in order to feel the public pulse upon the (abject, Just previa as to his arrival here. We have hara an indication of the ooorse likely to bo panned. It is indeed a singular era in the history of ne Lions, when i itoeijoiiMr 01 so jnn rauusi, > wmr ed u minister between two great nation*. The question el assumption of State debts has been dm cided in tha negative by the leading mm of all partiesMr. Webster in one of his speeches pot it at rest forever. It new evinces no small degree of temerity In the organ of a government minis ter to advanaa hie private into rests simultaneously with the commencement of his public duties. It cannot he that the eonvention of the ive powers of Europe, in relation to tho right of search la meant to be used as a means af influencing in any da. gree the pecuniary interests of tha aristocratic classes af England. Such an attempt mast signally fail. Tha only restorative to national credit most be by actual payment af debts in some form ar other. It is preylosterons to suppose that credit can be renovated by giving tha debts a new fbrm, orthst tha fundamental principles of tho government are to be encroached upon at the lasolent demand of any foreign emissary. mlas at tha Mash sehsnge. Siooa N r SV last su foooo Indians Bends tie m 70m Illinois Bonds 1?3 II sh? Bk < 'on (?cnp) m} asses do SO ST Uaioo Bank ISO as ? " in sssfHs'''"* 'g S3 3; ?.!. S g, SINO ladiana Bonds J* I SO Oti k Hudson isooo do so ioe do ml MM do saw iff lbs Mohawk ? SSOM do If] tuL Island Mi Kooo do lis Ifi 100 do sM nef iiiooo do i?i flioo&nd BoAfd (4000 Indians 10] ?IS tha L Island 5<| (MM llliBOd 1S+ 8Ut? of Tr*U?. Tha aspect of tb? cotton market daring the first part f the week waa rather quiet, both buyers and sellers being inclined to wait for the Caledonia, previous to operating very largely- The obeenee of these advices, however, has had the effect to revive business a little, and the week closes with a rather fsir demand. The sales of the week ending last evening, amounted to S BOO kolas, of whioh 2.700 were Upland and Florida, at 0 a ?i cents ; 800 Mobile at 94 a 1(4, and 300 New Ocieant at 01 a iv{ cents. The arrivaie daring the same period wore 9,995bales. Prices are just about the same as on Saturday lest. We quote Upland, fair at ty a 0, good and fine 9} a 9| eta. New Orleans, fair 9{ aflj, good Mir 10 a 101 cents. Alabama, fair 9 a 9| cents. Flour snd Grain?The msrket has boon quite dull throughout the week, end tke prices rather unsettled. The main pert of the stock of Canal has been held at (0 00, and ike large holdera hare refused to sell below that price, but an occasional lot has been picked up at less. These parcels are now mostly out of market, and no purchases to any anient can now be mede at short of 130, though perhaps soma small lots might be bought at cents below that Southern dour Is dull at (A. Ohio we quote at (0 a 9.131. There is no wheat in market. Corn ie rather scarce? we quote Southern at <9 a90cent* per M lbs, and Northern at 91 a 93 cents. Rye is worth 71 cents. - ' PML On Taasday evening. 93th inst., Will fa*, eon of John end Elizabeth Thain, aged three years, Sis months, and 39 days. The friends of the family are respootfally invited to attend tke funeral, aw Sunday afternoon at three o'clock, from hie late reetdenee, York street, Jersey City. 3t Ontbe 39th Instant, Sabsn Eawm McElbov, daughter of Rev. Dr. McElroy. Her funerel will take place frem the boueo of her father to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. The Rev. Clergy oodthe friends of the family generally, are invited to attend. On the 33th instant, at Westbury, L I.,Ocoacs Thus, fa the 99th year of his age. On the 36th instant, Msav iin, infant daughter of r-i? ..A I-II? IS..I. .-..J ,? -.Ik. OS 5n the Wh initial,after abort but mm illneaa, Miar riinti, joatifaot daughter of Jateea and Catharine Thorpe, hi tho 1Mb yaw of her ago. Foreign Importation a. OveTiMi?dark New Harta?lot hhde ii bbla unger Mum k Tnowineaa l? hhd* 8T bbla eaear UJ eki uolaeeea *7500 N fic^NIKna Deaaatla Impartatloaa, t Meaat?Mip Mart t'raeete?iH Mht aottoa Hatbrook, Neleou hco? # Spear Ic Pa'ton?116 MaMtaad h.ce-00 Murray hLuawaa?7 H Ware* fcaoa?# Opened, Tileatoa k co ?Ml lo order. MARITIME HERALb. PORT or RSW YORK, FBIRUAIlT ?7. ton iieaa M |Moen { a ? am . I 311 la M raoM imiiin. run iMcaice. CaioahM, April I nlaaaia, Rjrrta April l? Mtr M CliiJ?il, Lott-; M?r ? Ji* I ??!fe??-H:El T::::iL:Ur. j$ j iHMHHMfl, PMkttlU D?P?rt astfcE?- its asseaS. ?ri UfUNH. UtNNM.. RomHH,ColtoH, Jh.ii 0?rnn?.fkukoa* Mvl ???TK?. P. Hour) , O.Uuu. M?r.T isaritr^ ten ?.. T* laden of Viaaan. Cniantn af veeeela will confer a fever by having a lint ?f their ui|mi, paaeeugem, and a report of vnaeele left at *o part whence they waited, and (ha veeeela awoken, ready aa (heir arrival bare for Ceotmodore Beaerrn af aur :leat af neww leheaaera. Ha will board than immediately aa their arrieaL camred. ShipYnaoe, Traeb. Liverpool. Rdw K f'olline fc Co.?Brig Henry, Merry area, MaUncai, V (J Thareton ?t Co. Ai Heart. 'tip Mare Freneie. Hubbard, It day a from St Marhe. cotton. *? 8t."f*f f C'evvnan. lwh inet.lat J4 34 loo tota, ncbaeced ? Bntieh eteamer (tearing NR. (one of the Britiah wad ladia mail etnamern.) mlSaaw "Aomoemu Wl*' fr?m PR Feb 11. euger, Sebr VirjintenTweJpey, from Norfolk, mdee, to fturgee It Clrarmaa. " Wehr Cambridge, Hall. Boa too. Sebr Cornelia, Stiueoo, Boetoo. Below. Ship Minerva, Adams. from Smyrna, with fiuit, he. to 8 BrOMo Marine Oaireepondenee. , . . ... ? OtMTAMA, PR Feb II.' la port. Pan thin, Molthrop, from New Haven, discharging; Laarel. Iron St Thomae, jnat air, J J de Carthage mi. iu.far?; Cornelia. PtUio. do; Thomae Havward, Muneou. do; Toulon, *wLj0hiv P RehreeaC Fiahnr Fuher, diache: Jane, Sefford. NYork. ajoe; Balkan, Kmery. do. dot Snail Pf Oott, Qrar, do. Mar 1; James McCobb, Bachelder, do anon: Magno"i.fcrBJbaOT, Idg; Oraad Turk, Henlon, PfYork, aoon! Rowland. Adame, do. win cargo; Haaford, Nidmle, N Haven, idg atJobS' ,,,C' wod Uraod Turk, are Baaeral Reeard. PacnrT iHir Carsick. for Liverpool, iw detained till tomorrow. Her letter bage are aUII at OUpm'eNewe Roome, ia tL. W Maw KKnilfl. Ifaknia St Simon, of Wiecssset, from New Lofton for 8av*nnah, with loae of alio yard and dacha swept, Feb 18th, I at 38, loo 78 48. Minerva, SI days from Oandee for N York, F.b I, iat 41 34, Ion ft 8. Pandora, from Gooaiees for Boston, Feb 13, no 1st, Itc. raralyn Ports. Li rtnrooL, N8. Feb3?Arr Colonist, Henderson, from New York. Tmoioan pa Cusa. Feb 8?Innort. Nep'ane.for Boston 5;

Orb. Portland Ids; Bru'ut. for Boston 3; Envoy, for do, 30th; Orson, for Philadelphia 18th; Ann Maria. Boston do; Ventroea, from Boston, ding; sandlo, fWi Wilmirttno NC. arr 30 lit Jan, in distress, condemned; Pandora, for Baltimore Ids; Ellen, Coiiplamkfia Portland for NYoik diet: Clarissa Perkins, fm 8t Jagedt Cuba unc; Plntue,Kinnston Js, wtat carzp; Aurora, 2??ee, for New York 18th; Peru nan, Watson, do loth; Haidee, Filtner, do 8th. Post an Pnnecc, Fab 11?In pert, Wm Neilsen. Morris, fm and for N York; Bnmns, for Boston 18; Diploma, Trinidad de Cjfoa. neat day; tieo Byron, from and for NYork, captain died 8th; (tardea,do do, 8 or 4. I L* Querns, Feb t?In port, Rowcna, Dill, from and for PhiPoaro Cabcllo, Feb 4?la pert, Emily Etlicot. for Baltimore. eoou. PsaniMBiico, Jan 88? In port, Hope, from and for Philadelphia, dirt; Brandy ?me. do do. Idg; Alfred Tyler, Knox, for N York, Idg; MaaaechusrUr, Browned, do do; Ar(tli, fm Boston diss; Jones, Mitchell, la NYork, do; Tremont, from Boston, just arr. Km on Jameiro, Jan 8?hi port, Robert Bowne, Ballard, from Richmond for ths3Coaat of Africa, I oodles to sail sen; Whitmore. Robinson, from Kiehmond. diss; Heretic, White, do; Lrda, Phillips, from and for Baltimore,dirt; Neptune. Tay, for NOrleans,do; RaanokeJBmilh, from Baltimore, do; Sagamore. MAllison. NYork do; Odesss, Qallasher.Vfm Bahis for BcnanelU,Coast of Africa, to sail aoon; Fahius, Whits, An Baltim -re, just arc: Lvdia Ann, Philadelphia, do: Col Howard, Perasmbuen, do; White Oak, (wh) cargo sn|,l, Columbus.(wh) just arrived. Sid Louisiana, Wolfe, for New Orleans (so reported.) United MstsdPsrta, FsASfKroRT. F'b n?Arr St Hel-na. NYork. BaTM, Feb M?Sid Paraton. Buenos Ay res. PsBTUAUD, Feb 84?Arr Financier, NYork. CM Cardenas, CuWs porTon, Feb88?Arr Qalen, Matansas;Troubadour. Alexandria; Isabella, Norfolk; Mandiao. Baltimore. Bignal far a Was. Cld Leone ports its the Mediterranean, via Philadelphia; Oar* net. Sarin am; Lncle Sam. St Thomas; Rocker, Havana; Jacob Perkins, NOrleans; Tennessee, do; Columbia. Bal timers; Susan, Philadelphia. Arr 8?th. Clinton, Charleston; Damascus. New Orleans: Texiaa, New barn NC; Prquot, New York; Emily, Holmes Hols, with damaged eottan from ship H Allen. A contract has been msda to pet the ship to *-me wharf for 81380 ? The iron remained in her, and about 11 bal?a cotton, which were between decks, end so aeueh ewoln that it had broken one or two of bar beams, and could not be got ont Nnw Bedford. Feb 94?Arr Calypso, Gotten bury. Sid Harriet Porter, Philadcli bin; Cornelia. NYork. Hvappi* Feb88?Bid Oscar, NYork. Houses Hols. Feb 98?Arr Montano, Boston to* Norfolk.? SM Bultno, Newburyport. Phi* H Allen's cargo is all taken oat but about 38 baits cot tea and the pig iron. She has been stripped, except of bur lower standing rigging Her lower hold is foil of water; she is in about f feet water at high tide. If the weather should bs made rate, sad no easterly gale, she may be TaarltamVfrvE, Feb 88?SM Mary Stanton, frdm Boeton for Baltimore. Edoartowm. Feb88? Arr Marin, fm Paeille for Nantucket; bark . frn NYork foe Portland, and eld same day; Passport, from Holmes Hols, with sails, apart tad rigging, from ship H A Me? a Paoeiosnen, Fab 94?Sid Dorsr, North Carolina; TrynR, Albany. PMii.ABRt.rRiA. Feb 8J?Arr Globe, Pernambuco; Marin, Port au Prince; Hennc'ta, PbrtoCabcllo; Wm M Retert, Boston; Caroline, Trinidad da Cuba. Below, Delaware, from BoetOtt# Raitimorb, FA14?trr Herald. Amsterdam. Btlow, Wm Prier.lW-Fbode Janeiro Jena? -ailed in ee. LstMast, Wolfc, for NQrieuno- CM Chenango, Montevideo and Buenos Ayrea; Two rallies. Fountain, New York. SM Trinidad for BirbadOffs NoaroLR, Feb 38?Bid Merv Jane, McMalh, NYork. Art 38d. Commerce, Bwaa, do; Gordon, Boeton. In Hampton Honda Eacle, from Boeton far Richmond?experienced very CHARLrsTon, Feb 89?In the oAog. Marion. (B'l Cork. Cld Aahlav. Sherwood. NYork-. Pstriot M.rlfor.1. ?!-' VI Liverpool) Caar.de: Balne, lotion; Rob Roy, BritiahVeat India*; luHimi, Himkti|. tiMRMI, Feb 11?Arr Chariot Joaoph, Bo*ton; Planet, PorUmouth: Valhalla, Naur London. Old Sterling, Liverpool; Arabella, NOrlean*. ManiLV, Keb It?Cld Buaannah Camming*. Liverpool; Praalict.do; Swan, Bo* ton. Arr Chair**, Doant, NYo.-k. PORTUfl UESE FEMALE PILL8, THKJJt Muni mm) olabrabad pill*, from Portugal, tm 1 wa ptrceir*. to ba obtained in tUa a* am Iff. Pea adrar Mutant an tha laet oolnmnof fcnlli papa. fti lm'ia T"\RY COLORS?The following eotorr. of (rat quatiy, L/ ad*i)lad either for (Ml Punting or Kalao mine, for tal* at 3(4 Broadway, comer of Franklin? Waabad Blue Black*. Rant Indian Red, Super Chin*** Bine, Paper Purple Brawn, Emerald Grata, Madder Lake*, Bronnr-ek Ore an, Vermillion, Huron Grata. Chroma*. Turkey Umbra, Ochres, Ice., ke. To Printer* and Kngravera.?Frankfort and Kngllrb Blank*. Terr superior, (or rat* at fab 17 J?* ??( Broedway. corner Franklin. PACKET SHIP GaMicK fori TVrRptXJL- (W* re re will plan** be on board the steamboat Hrrculoa, at Whitehall, to-morrow morning, t II o'clock, at frhich time he will Mil. Lottar bag* will clooa at the tunal piece,at 1H o'clock flT VALSOMINR PAINT.?The Kalnomlna P*tath?viag boon JV aerrreiy tooted in Ihia ci'y during the winter month*, the patentee* ean recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The nnnterou* aprcimene of Kalaomine Paint now err*ting in New York, render* an ennme-atiitn of ita ad antagaa superfluous ; among tha moat prominent era the following Kalaomine Color* era ntr re permanent, mora tdiainon* and agieeanir to to* eye roan on coiora. rnry are applied without occasioning any offensive amell or iajuriaue effect up*n health, and drying in a few hourt. Kaltomine paint may. If prupcrly applied, be washed when toiled, according to directions in thaeircnlar. Order* receirel and punetuat'r attended to at the KAL?0M1NK PAINT DEPOT, feb it tat* 384 Bmadway. comer Franklin. WANTED?An enterprising man with a cash capital of ggnuo to 910 C01. to gn t.i South America, n* an agent. The buaiueei would he mad" very ptifitable, without the possibility of loea. Addrrte Dot 491, poet office. (77 31 CELLING OFK AT COST PHICE-As the Spanish home, C5 now in No 109 Nassau sereet, will remove in a few days to *84 9 road way, opposite the City Hall, ami h?>e a freih and selected am rtm?at of the beet Harana an 1 Principe Hegar*, of all brand*; besides two new hranda. < rela.irely for the Spanish House. one from Principe (Washington brand) and the other from Havana (Don Qiijde braid.) Alan, a large supply of tba Higientc Patent*. The fellowlne aegars will be told tt coat price Very old and superior Hirer assorted Harana. ai Ss. per btweh (98 aegare), or 9i I per thousand; do Principe, ti 8d, or gi3 per Ihooaadd. the I -at prima La Norma, 4s *d per bunch, or ft 9 per thousand; do Noriegas .do; rary Use Victoria. 4a 8d per bunch, or $11 per (hone lud; the eelsbmterl higieaie patent i, la per huoch; At Domingo, regalia lite. W centi per bunch, fee Ac .all subject to the Venture, and in lot* to auit tarrliaoare.*t It! Nassau at. Our agents throughent the United States for patent aegars, will plaaa* to send early their orders for tha new brands of Washington and Don Q-ujote. There ia a superior aitiele manufactured in oar private manufacture* in Havana and rrioetpa. too of the beat tobacco of La Vuelta de Abeje and Yarn, ?neh as to picas* the delicate Yankee taetr fts 81* PENA A CO FAMILY fJRfSJfcklko?J. J It f). YVwier. *W Greenr wieb street, comer of Murray, offer for oat* fresh green and black ui, Jeve eoIre. loaf, eru.h?d, yellow and krowi Mm, and itwtriw ?f all kmda m Ike nwlnt variety, at tke l?wt*t market prheee. Common brown ?uy?r for a* ad a ad J., Tor 7 I he. N.B. Feaiiliee and dealer* an nqaratid to KIT* then a call IMW VOTllJI Letter h"?? for Liverpool, wr ltojil M*B 1 Steamer Caledonia, from Bor*on, will cloee at Hernrten ft Ctj,"* Offlce, No. 3 Wtiltt. on Monday, Feb. * at J put $ N. B All letteri entrusted to H, k Co., aa above, are en tired a* being is ample time Or the eteamer'iDiail, they be at her regotar ayenta. fas til HARndf.n ft ro. rpo *HB PUBLiO- t'iiaa. U. NlcHuLe, lo(e euilor ul ii.e I J- " Aurora" and " Dollar Weakly." annaunoea that he will, an or bafcrt the fi-at NToadcy of March, commence the pualieatioa of a daily mnmiocpaper, called THE NEW YtiRK ARENA ; Aa independent Journal of Cir tiixilUa. New Tort, I ea.lt, IQf. fftl?" pARATUM.?How important lo the import of a aeatcace it Tj eometicnca the?oa)i*vi In of one tittle werd. In e lite card tolhepuMIc, Doctor Carpenter endeavored t* (*y that with the adranUaii of a regular medical eehool education. and nearly thirty year* practice and eioe ieuetjaa cart-in clau of virulent dmeaac*, ha wn not enable J t? effect perfect cure In ail camala tha ahort period af two or thru day*, Bat the ImporUntfijnetu>B?ry or me type*, deemiof the word '_not to be (aperttnou*. in Ma wladom omit'edlt, and *traHk aa it might aataa, the Doctor'* ?Ae? WM lit*rally.be#le??d er applicant* for relief oo tM* bi?b area*are principle. and rirnnrer till la tka DMA that many of them were aetuallr raced to Die hort epaee af time eo nowareantably promwad them. Doctor Car pester raa ctkoly tfftrm ha; inefcd* and patron. that hie utawat thill and aaaflaity will at a'O.I bo de voted to tkeir walfarat raeeat aanet adm.t nfvery ypeady cure SffS VWX 's^'^ihss; ( I.rfc, ft**?; M?H? WWt>TT. VmMM.'Barr','wmI Mim t?4?M An?- wWh, flrft tl?r ? new COM4, | ,M? juaap, elinn*>i< * ?'?. ? m? ? mm I'wl ?1 ettoo?iot>rMrng wHh triMjd maaqucrafe- Tk? ne * icnaa 1 ky Mwn H'Uy?ril and A. WhaatUy. TH? eharartfrt kv WUaari.Moa WM (hi? lit ajvmaraaea) WVatlar, J rarfartck*. f|tk?r. An lii'iSriSiifcllt ',,r*Ti Mim B. Cuakman.Mfa Vnm ?i?. ' _ , At ltd |J'( mom. Drr Oonde, ClothiM. Outlanr. timej (* *(?* article# Jtwnf.thM.WiMMi.k' ?r ill AmiXlMf' _ Alao *? UMrtnml >-f Yamiijr unxirici, an inroke el Pun. Mute, Cape.. Buffalo Kobaa. k". Al#?,? ttuuki auperior el'?Uina.?t pMrtMC?iMfl and elotb pautalana*, rriaiMnfn of eloth'. (wWKtfri. raetlDgi, tt Wal?iv?. of dock of a iaerc!>aot tutor. Aim, a uuaatitjr of alaaa cure, aountera, ahelviaa, Ac . toKether with t beautiful jara, eultable fo> dry go kU or a apothecary. Ala*. 1 ehaat of earpeatar'a too la, eonlakiof a cenaral aa* aortaieut of at piece. AUo, >1 boiaa Ha? ana imo. too lba white YViudaor aoap. TUKBDaY, Aft At 1 fl*fel<il*k At tka aalaa rnnn A fplcndid aalc ol 14 ? and arcoud Uutd p.ano lorttj. by rartoue mafceri Alao.witb which (M talc will conaneo.l magnificent dinner aeii 011??' Itiaov. Chin*, whit* end (old. A'?<\ tin ho of apieo hd table lin-n. the rich, it iliniuk, with bnnterat table clothe, eapkini. Aue line* iheete.pillo ? end bolder euN, An. Ale#, a Aoe aaanrtment or rich cut (laae ware* of all deaenpMona. bam* tiuie, a am ill aaaortmcnt of *aluable furniture. Ac. N.B. The piano rnrt?i com price initrumanla by the boat maker* in thie and oilierceuairiee. Catal.g.ea of (ale on Mouthy. . WK.1NESDAV Larf* Sale of Splendid Furniture, of all deaeriptiona, at It) o'clock, in the ante room*. Also, aa entire a lock of new city made warranted cabinet furniture. A UCT'^N NOTICE.?*ale of counting-'oo?e diaha.irnr A lift Adore*, Ac. Thie dar, at to o'elm k, h front of the tore of 31 Jtnn etreet, will beaold, without reaerre,7 fall 1 down deake^t Waahiag tablae, a quantity ol fixture#, ahelriug (lata ahow ceaea.irtu aafe, Ac. Alao, iu the atore, crockery (laaa ware, a large lot of dry gooda.S truulu lirat rale eUth'ur earpeuter* tool*, Sue cutlery, large ratal, auitabte for trot lie cariea, and varioua other articlaa. Alao, by order of the Mar (hall, 31 boi*a Havana aegari, MO lb* white Wi idaoy Soap, plendld (old Hunting L*rer Wateh, Ac.. Ac. febar THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. | . .... , ... jMA 00k MAIL LINK FOR ALB IN Y and Inter F? iti Pleete. <r a* far ?? the ice nermiL 1* MLwilh ea'ety?The SUemboHt TKLKO UAPH will hrjre the foot of Cnur'aadt etreet true (Saturday) after uooti, Feb Mth, at 5 o'clock. The ate em boat > tica will leave for Albany, on ? an Jay eT'niUK, at 5 o'elock. For iwuiie or freight, apply on board, or to P. G. SCHULTZ, ftt It at th? office on the Wharf. STATIN ISLAND FKRR>. ?fi9BjfliFoot of Whitehall ?trwt^23B^fla ^can. : ? , m. The otcamersTATSN ISLANDER or SAMSON will ma a* follow, anlil further notica Loot*. Stolen lalaao Loot*. Whitoh.ll .At '1 o'clock a.m. At t o'tloek ut ?? 4. Ml ? '' " i| " r.v. "3 " >.n ? 4 M ? , ? r.. N. B. All iooa. (hipped oro required to b? particularly marked and or* at tbo riek of tbo owner* thereof. o? ?aor FOR NtW ORLEANS? Louiaiaae ' auu i>ew jfl^York Line?Poeitirely Pint Regular Packet?To , kEMULnil lot March-?-The oplendid feet Milium packet .hip OCONEK, Cap! Jacheou, will pooitively ceil a. aboee, i her regular day. k"or freight or paaaago,hating apleudid furui.bod atcommodetwo*,apply on board, at Orteane wharf, foot of Wall .treat, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. M South at. Oraatoar. will b. taboo to har* the goodrby Uiie lino corracily mitiurtd. AgeatinNew Orleana, Jaa. O. Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all food, to hi. addreaa. TSo packet ahip Shabapear*. CapL Mint, will auccaod the Quo taw, and aail the 10th March, bar regular ** . r 3* i'ASSAOE FOR LIVKHPwOl?tinned Line? I^VVATh* eplendid faat aailiog.packet LIBERTY, Capt. HKP. P Nortoe.aaila poeitirely on Monday, S8th Feb' her regular dar. Having eplendid accommodation* for cabin, aacood cabin an d atecreare fpio#to*?ri. For paoaago, early opplicatioa ahouid bomada on board, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 40 Sooth at. or 4* Peck Slip. Parte ma wiahing to oend for their friend* to con a out in the abore aplendid ehip.or any of the regular Hoe, eeu make the n.-ecaaary mrraagamenta, on fltforabla term*. Thoae daairou* of remitiiiig money can bore draft, payable on demand, in all the principal towna of the 1/ni'ed Kingdoo. Apply aa ahofo. (36 FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the lat |fl|h March ?The eauerlor faat aailing packet ahip PHI* JUmLLADELFHIA, Capt. Horey, wik?nil aa. above, her regular day. rhia ahip'a aecommodatioua for cabin, aoeond cabin, and issrage passengers, ui nor lurpum njr any vessel hi port. As oumb?r of bar passengers are already encaged, persona Wish lag to secure bertha should make early application to OLOVKK h McMUKKAV. 100 Pine at . eor. south at. P. 8.?Persons wishing to send for thenr friends rrsiding in the old country, oaa hers them brought out in the shore far* rite .ship. or any of the regular pockets, sailing prompt I yton their day, by applying aa abore directed, if by lc|lsr port paid 6Lb L\til 6b LiVltk#06L t-AuKdiiBiJHBWRcguler Paehrt of the First March.?jke favorite BK very fast sailing packet ship OXFORD. Captain Rathbous. wiU sail positively on the 1st of March her rtgu- 1 The accommodations of this lies for cabin, ad cabin and steerage passengers, are wall known to be superior to any othaa, mid those arout to embark should maku early application on hoard, foot of Bsekman street, <>r to ROCflK. BROTHERS k CO. M Fultan at. neat door to the ruJtbn Bank. Pees sen desirous of sanding to the eld country, for their friends, can hare them brought out iu the OXFORD, ailing from Liverpool en ths ISlhof May, or in any of the ships comprising ths utd I ins, saJiug from there punctually oa the Tib and lfth of every month. For paesago apply at above. in jGa TO LtCT?-A three torr oousViu Psck slip, near IB Pearl street, an eligible sitaationforaboarduig house.? J^B,Apptu^bt4 Peck slip- Kent $315. Possession ^iminedi TB UKWT-The lowor part of a' res SB pec!able two story house?not particular as ta location, BlA?sas it ia in a resectable neighborhood. Adliess A. B. attlus office. statins rhe number nrrii-uns, rent. he. ftH V ACHT fDA BAbti or will be tor < suuuier * TtMtl, the yacht OM-KA-HY-E.?Two years' expsri. eno* in going to tn for pleasure hat rendered it aimewhat doubtful with as* whether, t thing the rough with the smooth, the rough dees not pred iminatr. Even the pie unre of rolling beat for two or three days in scalar (with ao appetite that at such times is apt to bosder on the equivocal) mar (in my opinion, at least,) be qnestiened. Those who tbu>k differ eat Ijr, or may wish to solve such doubts, bare now an opportn nity to do so, at a comparatively cheap rate. The modal of the On-ka hy-e is entirely new, combining more baaraney witb snarpaes* than nay other. Ii war adopted with the intention or making her sail particularly well in a tea way, and as far as I ?m jaega, a moat capital act beat rim is. fa the opinion of tho.e who have sailed in her, I and who, if they air not, ought to be, geod judges,) she is ons el the driest and IhStcSt era<te that tear floated. The Ou-kxhy e ie about tto or MO tons, eaipsnterr' measurement. 04 feet on deck, which is flush fort and aft, Ml fart beam, It Ret hold, and drawn it Icat water, which may he increased warn on n wind to IS feat, by n sliding ksel bhe is topperrdand copper fastened. and very strongly built, kueed wph both iron and wood, and screw-bolted and put together in a way that few sailing vessels can equtl; at auy rate, neither money nor paion -ere spared to reader her, in th;a ni well as in every other rupeet, as perfect as pnatibls. The plank new bar koei le Jive inches thick, tapering to three inches k littlebtlbW the water linn. The centre part of her keel,for M or 40 feat, lOM inches wide,by tl inches daep. To thie centra part an outer kaal,#r cast-iron, of the sains dimensions, and weighing 40 tons. is securelr bolted, through b *th keel and keltoa. The cast-boat* thaithud with oak, and coppereJ. She cannot upsetfor if hneched down by a squall, 40 tons. with such a leverage, will right her again She wonld bo admiret>ly adapted for a diapatch veaael. or tender tak s fleet. She is strong eaonga to carry any arms meat, if used as a privateer or venter of war, and capacious enough fo* a large cargo if employed in commerce, aha woo,ij be wet! adapted to tee Has: lad la. or any other trade, where the goods a s valuable, aod speed aa object From her peculiar construction, I suppose the would vail better (except mvtrV light wmde) loaded loan light. I do not eeliere that anything that carries a yard could catch her at sea. In a tri ?l with the sharp tad clipper-built U. 8. brig Washington, Capt. Ordoey the On-ka hr-e, wit* a good top-gallant breeaa. beat herfonr,Kourt ont or ton. If wnatad as a Yatch, she woaid be well adapted for a cruise in the Mediterranean or West "feimng en bia of the Oa-ka-hy-e will accommodate it or j 4 at able Tea panels, doors, aiMastera, and cor a tees, are thanaalled aad polished white, relieved by nildad sarvsd work. There are I oar raaaaeatod cases far boohs, cherts, he. kc , with a sofa in front ofsack, covarad with a nth stuff of crimson and white, and witb which the seats for the dibnsr table coircepond. There are two eideboardi, of six feet ask, with ksyntus mat bis tope, and two mirror* of the earn* length, together with * handsome grate, for burning wood or coal. The owner's state room and the steward's pantry (rare cample.ely fitted up) with Passage way*between them, separates Die dining ssioou from the gentleman's apartment, adjoining which is ont for ladies, furnished with cushions end curtains of rich silk-, la the gentleman's apartment there are four sofas, and in front of them white enemelled eoluinoe, with gilded capitals. In the rear af the ooinmas, white silk curtains, lined and trimmed with bine, art sue pea-led, and may be stoasdor drawn aside, at the pleasure ef the occupant. The beds, when not in as*, a>e concealed from vie w by flamee of fluted and ornamental f ilk. so disposed ssto be, when hooked up. entirely outotth* way. The cnrpeta for Ml nr* of the ordinary iort but ihuee (or the harbor, or smooth water are Wilton, of tn? beet quality, and may ho taken up or laid down in tea minutee. IV? are bade for ten, four in the tadiee room, four m thegeailemen'e, and oneia each ?tate-reom. The ceilinge are cue feet hub. aad the roooe ltgM.dry, and airy, and eaa be eaeily aad'boroughly ventilated. There te a bath and wash room, fce.kr. The Oo-ka-hy -i ie eery completely fitted with anchors. eehlee, sails. rigging, lie., all in perftct order. She te pilotb.iat or schooner tigged, With no yarde or top hemper. Her fore aad aft sails (exclusive of rmgtal g rfT-toptaili, aad j.b topeafl) meaeore on the foot rape 107 feef; her light weatner main g.ff-topeail ii ta feet on the head, 31 feet on the foet, and hao 40 ftr,hiiit. The foot of the j b ie 45 feet, we he on e bourn and In ordinary timesrequire* iiotending. Whenb f?re the wind, eh* eota a equate ail of fort) -ttee feet heed, and iiity feet hoist fihe require! but few hutd* to work her. When the fjiciaii ieetowed (which is ama'ly done when not iatnmpaay withotlterr,) the meaa'the mlai, with auotber*o tend the flyHta-jib eheru, arc all that are required ea deck. The workmanship about her, from stem to atrrn, ie thought to he a gvod pecimen of the Americ .a ehip carpeu er'e andahip ee arily large forth* nariraiitm of oarbnya and rleere (where there la quit* era-way enough (or my taste,) U-sssSrs " *"?' rdHs-ffiivtt? * "*' fKlwdUwtf No. 14 B<f Ur , N??r York. | JjTROPOSAtfl.?f ropefala wjll be rateired. until tn? 14th ] r March, 144J, by the HorrtshiugU, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster Railroad Company, at their office. pto 44) Walnut etreet, Philadelphia, for finishes by aentmct. ele reu miles of' the Company'* Ko-td. wr'h T Hail, a* per apecificitiooj to be seen at lbscompany'* oAoo. The road te graded,aad prepared for lay tug the track it it beliernd ihat iron and fiaturta aalfieiypt for the eleven mils*, can he had by the CoatraOora(bv giving security) ou tbreoyean credit. Totadieiduale poee.sstng means or er.tdit, an onaortnnity it offered for making am advantageous contract. Other c??di, llo-e will be made known upon application at the Company's Office, as abort requested. ALfcX'R ft HO^OOONO, Pr-eident PWi^MyhiVatthiy^ma riumu . . .. feona.rnw I- The latellentmal awt Moral rower at KJarvioo ?-The Cnn urf Itffect. at Ike Amcrkeo u?l knrach ReS. Tte CHery at Meehembmt. Tn? Moral Orandrurof ihr American Rrrolution. ?. Tha Ht.ihrn ?ad the Chrirt'aa Wn*m rMlrtiui TicheU Ctth obtained of Clement k Perk.fl No. Ifi Pearl it | J. I. BrifcM, termor of Btefcmaa tod K'mw ?? am fl at the keer, Tirketi for th? anuria. $1; einalr lecture, SI etri ftll*' A (IK.NTLEM AN froei the kmii'h wither If porch.tr t a. pair of (Mtlea> 4 writ kr kmh rreei?He w?l real, in in New fork imoi Wtentrda>. ?hr ?* l of March : p'rtont hatioe h"imof tkm Hatripbta, wiH pieatr ?pi>ly at'the office of th? Ainpriciii HoM. ' fr vpnow tom'ar tf uOti. ? "J* tU La-ut 4 Hamortr .treat, where he will he.r f roaaetkiac toll, id* amtaf e _ *av torh. Kefc. SS.IMS, ' & ??* POlllAtt^limi?Tirvlie?? tor seek, itNtlllAM T recent tmimf CHATHAM TMHATHH. KoxDAT^vrSWrr^^ - rL'^.?.. ?* , THE B'ARRACX1 HOOM. r C*"c\lZ!?' CHr'Uya^umt\ir..i-V^mn9 I THFT^SESTJAUmkr. Jraair TwftrW, John feflou | OcMra r^rm-r. Tbonw KJu?bciK >li?? >!t?Oyrr To ennelMr with THE Hl'FFtAX BCF OtflHI Dtnli J R Hcait | Uarcu WiMea^r, Joneoee CcthinM. MwiThorM. MM MMttwiM. Pit l?t vj?h; , ?t HJ OwtUBriM( *t T? i<r*oac!r mmmtui OLIHPIC THKA V M h MONDAY JC VHNINO. F.Wm?rr r.-Th. p^rv^c Wl.. nSSiJ - Z* U"tom- An?.l.r For th? uth tte*. n?w4 M**cM BoH^. .? Bidurd, Aaa, , To b? followed br FeUr *pyk, L0A>aVLtf^KGirtrude, ?r*Unl , T Cl?k. ; ^ L_ ^se-RSKasu"*-"- r? Doomow.th?lfp>.t ,i,. real water. will remain her# a eh-rt period leoaet. The lot lowing emmeot performer* hare 1* en engaged al an noriw expei'M Mr?. Hard wick, the celebralt dvocalUt, from tit* . Na'iaual and Perk Theatre., and NiWo'e Uardui; Ue tnTama ; Miljdiat, onlr two urn a ball ytare eld; Mr. Del.rue, ?h? . great mimic who will Ml imi'nlioni of Booth,?.. Keau, Ferret Hambtin, Daniel Olounvll, and otl*r??a curious ? x perineal in Animal Magnetism; master D. Booth, the celebrated contort lOHlit: Mr. T. O. Booth, the bealromic ameer in Amarieai La Petite Certio, univrreally acknowledged the n et graceful aud aceoinpllaheddaactr, for one ofherage, that erer appeared in lhi? eitjr; the Albino Ledr. ano Fancy Otaea Blowing. Of and Coemorema changed every Monday. Day riot tort edJakle" gnnni evening fieme. Hair a million ofcurioeitiee are collected in thie eeUbHeknent, fi'ling See pacionahall*.aeih lMfeetin length. Admittance to the whole muaeum and entertainments, 14 cent*: children under 10. half price- f?2 I w I O or <1 F? UNION CKLfcBRATION?ORATION t AN!) CONCERT-?The First Annirereary of Tompkins Lodge, No. 0, and Hancock Lodge, No. M, will be celebrated at the Broadway Tabernacle, eu Monday Evening, February M'&Ur, Iuatrumeutel Lender, Mr. 8 .Johnson Oiganiat, frit ffa. Alper. The Choir will coaaiet of ona hundred and fifty el Br. Pickeriaga'a frienrle, eeleeted from different eUltra in this city, WiiTiamahiireh. aadBrocklynltnd auetained by a full and efficient orchestra. Onnca or Euioiiti. 1?Voluntary on the Organ, by Prof, nlper. 2?Singing,first ode. . ^ , 3?Orond Overture, by the Oreheatra. ?Prayer. ??Solo.hy Mr. Bell. "Pilgrim Father." 4?Chorea, br the < hoir. T?Original Poem.by Bn. Suttoa, P. O. a?Singing second eda. 5?Addrtaaby Jamea Bingham. P.O. le?Bingi g,'hard ode. II?OraUoo.br P. O M Jamr* L.Ridgely.O. S. 13?Solo, by Mr ?n, H. Oable*, ' Song the Trumpet in Jerusalem." Trumpet Obllgato by Mr. Wolter. 13?Grand Hallalujah Chorea. Uoore open at 4 o'clock, ceremoaiee to commence at half peat T o'clock. , . . Member* of the order are reaneeted to appear la rvgatm. Ticket* |t cent*, for sate at Macy'a. 1111" Bowery; Lloyd*, 3 Priuocat; Ovben'* 3Sg Bowery and 110 Fulton et; Roger*' j'T Weft Broadway: Goon** to Leonard a treat; Oilley'a ? Grand at; Shaffer, 1*3 Canal at; Allen'* Mb arcane and Jane t; Smith, cor Amos and Wrat: Nor'* ri Hudoon it; Tiee* I Bowery; Mello k Clark SI* Broadway; CantreU'a 134 Car nal; Knapp's 344 Hudeon; Stoddard'* 2*2 Bowery; Owen* rorner Bowery aud Bond; Newman'* 241 Bowery; Prek 111 pulton it; Kyi*. c;ij*r W^'rr and Fulton *t*i_Drigg'a ie* nmri ic, urace 01 me nainoow 107 'P uitoo it; wndoo'i 184 ixs* ffteaK Poai'a 32T Greenwich ?t; gchubert'a873 Dieiikm at. 8 looker,' bonk atand. n "Vaaaau at; Sweene) *a Fulton aU Van Kleek 331th avenue; Francia S3 William at; Lanr M wall at; and J Futteraoa tonur JBauh at and GreenwichJane. FICTKK VAN AM XwKRP, Chairman. Ptrea It. OinaeaT. g?crtit>y. u ftjlf ERSvfeiit SEfiS. sr*"* Uticn, Canandni?a. ST iffifc' _ RarsMrtcna Kraamua Corning, 1 homaa VV Oioott. Albany. POMKKOV k CO. $15 ss^^stM'iSSjet^iis Matrninga, epring lock, ke aurk'd on .anch and in white. I. O I*.. cantaintDK lundry clothing, hooka, kg. and a largn parcel of letter*, wrapped up and aea'ed with blink, endoraed on the outaide. The above reward will be given to any neraon who will deliver the eame at No M Cedar at. tin at air* or tn ft.r lK? I?rr.l ..f l.lt.r. alnn. ..4 ... .Vj ? W? n p ^ i ^ p m r p "Be perfect in lhn>rt,uii then No word cm well mnw mw ch." MR. TOWNDROW, Profeooor of iteoafrwphy, would rooct respectfully announce that he enatemplotea leeria| the dtjr at aa early period, aud that it therefore becomes iwliauen- an'y naceie?ry foraucb MMii eowMrto trail them tehee of bis inatruction ia the aacf Writing Short Hud, to alia tounadlalr application. Mr. T., in offering hie cerricei for the tut Hate for aereral years," would particularly write the attention of those I adit a ad gentlemen who mar be deeirou* to treaaure up for future atuHy and fmprerement the maar eicelUnt asrwoae aad ?alnabia 1? cturea which they map hear from tin e to time, to the orceant opportunity of acquirraghia newly (areated aodhigtilr approved system of Writing Short Hand, by a knowledge of which, the etnet word* bf any cub ic speaker may be recorded u pronjnneod. aad preserved in a legible form, to u to be read at aay future period, with the utmost degree 01 ease aad faiOfty. Touat gentleman Who are rniionr to qualify t'emeehea to report for the preee.or teich this ralueblc eod popular ecitnee. are eapectalJy tarjteil to call, u vrrv flittering indueemeata can ha offered to uioea who may be disposed to eacua in ci ther pu raw it. Terme reduced in FIVE DOLLARS for a thorough courts ot laetracBoa .iaeludiae atatinwarv end to clwtant copy of the author's "Complete Guide to the'Scienet," thus placiag the ac quieition within the pecuniary memo of arery iatclligea* y?Ae?Cmy>*Clareadoa House, 3M Broadway corner of Duenet'. fat aw 1 dd i'?tr?m 114 Caamoer street, oa the Itih But., a whale G Havana Poodle Dog, yellow a_jot on each ear, and oa ths iiaci lHaoivmwuN n?me 01 Teta. in* la ?f will M liberally rewarded; by tearing it at the abort place, or at thve i fltce. f?ct* T A FAYETTE BANK.?The motion refcttra U the apAJ polntmeat of a Heeeirer for ttiii Bank ha* been poetponcd until the teeond TaCaday in March nest. la the meantime, the Bank in aathormed, aid wfB rnceire its bill*, for nil drbtn da* it, and will alao rrceir* payment in their bill* of any not* heretofore die counted or Mm* made by them, and allow arebttoof interret forth* UMdpired time th*t eaid note or loan ha* to inn. , Feb M. 1Mb. fU 3f SUPERPINE DRESS COATSor tm* _ i BEST QUALITY, both** to workmanahipaad malarial*.for TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS; alao FaaUlmma Ten Dolll**, at FHSUPf Cadi Tailoring wtablwbmtat, ltd Broadwey. N. B.?The aboe*garment* ere guaranteed to be equal to eeery rcepeei totboe* made by the moat eeprneioe h*u*?* la the wty. Thi* ten* empty *uar*atea. bullae thet the edrertaaer pledge* hiamell to telBl. Oarmowu of eeeoadary anatiaw pewparteooablr tower. _ HP vMVH.N A WOOi..?to oalre, wry Iter qaaltty. for *eic by 9 DURKEE. iliDALEbHABICHT. fM1e*e 91* water e*roet. ToiT> SfaTXffiTb cti.'n iNri.LLiut.hci. oFi- lc?, j M Nkmhq ft Rcrnacnct*?lion. M. H. OrioneM, H. Breroort, E*q.. W. tiring. Prof. Kepwiek Jt? 11* DR. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDRES SUBT1LES. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN HAIR. 09" Tmi'< rea imtr thou oaow, awo a* nithi-i I loaroud'e roodree Hubtilc* enable one to torn wand icpearanee. ee far a* the Hair in roocemad, aad to nay to i het dcreL opement, " Thua far shait than naowi and an farther." Bar kran are anefnb-rory iwefol in their piaaee bat their utmost effort* of (kill m the doftl ttory apt freer *1 ill* "elubhle land at hare eat homo." Thaaa Peeler* on the cantrmy, eredical* the " stubble ."oceatioaiag to him who una* thoman m<**i <in*? pa eppro c hi og ha* "lady* tee*," or, ta the intcnoeree of hear* wkh'heart, the tea* of laftietin* on bar "narwil cheek" mooting hair. It aecompKehoathe object ia a few miautee, aad Maaeitberdiacnltto be applaadnor daaaerone mi i>* o|?rntjon on the akin. Full diraettoo* accompany each bottte. *To,bc had at Dr. Oooraud'i office*. SdT Broadway, and ?T Walker eUoet, i deer from Broadway, where mar also he had Goiaivu'iViniuau novae, to cent* per botOe. Uouaeuo'e K*t u? By auto, or True Water of Beauty, fer ramonap ten. tdmplfp>_ freckle*, burn*, be.. Si per bottleAuaieia?New VoA? Albany. Ami. Gutb.U. No. 4 Ma?dra lane?Uiita. O L Brown. a*rfumer, Otaeece trajt? Areaut? ktetaadn*. C C Barry- Iifll'lt-wqy'j' Mtin 9ir*i. Lm. Bull It Fit ML Ntw Miry port. < Wl?? M HoJm. f?* ?J?" 3P?HfeaaB,?'te? ~c " r .iit WMj fceaJ-ik oo fl* Wrapper. ?f the fCadrtt *..Maf. Nut nlMrtee Nl ' " < Hai?? witl> i'iihI Mm rapidity of ihotht. The putol coeh*. the barrel reralrea and dia -tiargea inertly by pulling ?ht trirftr, thethamwrand barrel areia ana pitta aed therefore rdMl Mow apart tike eott rapt* tiag prit ale The eoaerrue ioaaftht it mMmtip titaple?thay eta be ?lr?wn fr-na ihe poeb*t tad at?d with omhttid witlmnt tht late of ? monitnu time iaenokiof-. i* ehttt eta he fired it fcet it t m?a ran croak hit fttf f. They art at loafer the* at onfcaarr ^Kar TraVallta, Haute ketptra, C? pi ilea. flealm and nthera, IMT art at ladwfn Ittli article, at ptfttnt- b th male aa4 f-ittlt, can with Ihit piatul prottt' ibeir lira# a?d pronerty if <4 ache.' bv many pertoat, m tat of thttt w equal to new a Hum a of lee romaooa mm. , <ten(le<?ca are lame I to rati a* 'the ptwrupf the adrertiaer wad eta mat Mm taiot. at tbctr eimplieity .barfect ealety a?.| i^^^ferassr r f tf taaeodia* befwetn Wall mi Piae aU. .

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