4 Mart 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Mart 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- ' n . I ..M .. rfl :.' 'I LJ V? OJ b^:<M,it .<> M. u jnwm * ': ?h . -' 1 11 ' ?1 ? fl I ' I: I / , < ! t . ' , , I ; TaL TlL-lo. 348 ?WhaUI*. 30lfe I t .- .' > . JKKW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS To MtofrumXtw Vark oa the 13lb, aud Liverpool uo lit* <3lii a t 4>,t/*k & A _ ^ fh?h new Tor*. . .. 5?hip K08CIUS, John Collim ,?ili Much. I li j. __ ! aost Li>cnrest.. ' . .. % aai^j^i\aca-A'S!i,,-A Stub ROSClUS, CapUiu John CoHina, itth May. Skip 81DDONS, Captain K. B.Cobb, I8O1 June. Thsaaahiir-? ""f the tirstclaae,upwar<laoflMH)taaa,buil In the city of Sew York, with such improvements aa com bin MtipM wi^l unusual comfort far peaaeiiiiera. fcytry ear; Ma been taken iu the arrcugemeu t or the i r aceaun inodatioaa. Th ieeof pMWteheece ia H?e. for which ample atoraa willbi provided- These ahipa are commanded by ea^eneuceil maa tart, who wilt make ovary election to give general ea tiara c Neither the captains or owners oflhese ship* will be rcepoSwi kle for any leUeaa parcels or imdte^Maaut by them, unless re *ulyr bills ol ladiuu are signed therefor. Thaahipa ?t this line will hereafter go armed, aad thesrpjen ur cw"l|r>,^v^ J' * w " -"-r ?? ?# ? ?i ' t?V.,? - WM. k JA?. BUlffS * CO, LltcrtojJ Letter* by thepackets will be charged 111 cents per sineli beet: *0 cent* r>^r oimcc. and newspapers 1 rent each. ml ' IW NK>V UUldiA^it LOUISIANA AND NKVf YORK LINK OF PACKETS A &$> j?| &8t Fn^BnStter neeoinirioXruou ofXIJ* , it i^uUudexl tc despatch a ship ffom this port ou tlie let. 8th, tilth. I5th, aith HMtPlth of each month, cotamenciiw the loth October, and . ooebnnui* until Mjj-, wlieu rcJilar day* will be appointed 'oi the remainder of the year, whereby groat delay* and du ip I MinUaeOts will be prevented during (be rummer mouth*. 1 he fallowing *hip* will cotntneore this arringemtnt j? B?hip TAZOOXaiit. Cornell. ! ihip OCONErhtapt. J ac t son . Ship H$N?SYAllS', eapb'fiotnford. j SSjpOOMULOEK. C ap! Leajitt. Stwp NASHVILLE. Capt. Dickinson Ship MEMPHIS, Uapt. Kiiieht. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. These ship* were all built in the city of New York. fTpraasly for par hot*, are of a light dr4t of water, have recently b*e* newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodatibni Mr put*ng*rt unequalled for contort. They are commanded I ty experienced masters, who will make every exertion to art general aarialaction. They Will at all tima* be towed up and ewq I be Mi*ei*4tppi by afeayiboatn. Neither the owner* or captain* ofthcieship* will be recpogsi bid for jewelry, buUionjirecious tooes, silrer, or pi atrd warft oi for any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put a 'board el them, unless regular bHI* of lading arc t?k*a forme tame, *n?l the value thereon nv-eerad *^&tih2? *s * i*tu ^IzJL?^ **?n??T |??rl" li?few i WrLi , t vi. I ^tltete?"" ZdllhJun* -tI^ ';. s^ten, ' Sfis^^S^SSEss^f 1 Uim?** ft~n'N~*WA?*? ' \ ; ?- ? > T *? ' It 44 ON BUNDAYS. t | fnn the feot of Liberty ttmt Am Mm foet^nf Liberty e'treeLinOr. Leave New Yerk. Leere New Bruwwick. A< tit ? p M De 4a New Bnawwick, Ucent? Unb&M ' Krin in the Tf A. M. train from New Brtinewiek, eudtj M-train from New Yerk, he* beta reduced between NewYork end^ew BryMwicfc toMteuU. fbaFniUdelphia Am time iu?eec through New Biuuewiekfoi New York every evening ft i o'clock. On Sundaye the ?i A/M. triy front New Brmaewiekti omitTWecMin olie procure their tkkete et the tichetofice.reneivea ferry tiehetgretie. Ticketeerereceived by thecondoctor aol v on the day when oureha?eo. frb 1 f FfiOPLR't* LINK FOH ALBANY-l>e ~ TT*lirt?*'teambneia BOOHfcSTER. SOUTH AME 3E=M3ERICA end NORTH AMERICA, of the Pee men LOOT. will oe id reoeiu'-ea u) commence ruuuiug oeiweea New York and Albany. and intermediate placet, aa toon aa he navigation ie free from ice. Peonage One Dollar, Pia I n i - I I #OR 8HRKWHBURV??ALL AltH^3MH?RANOEMENT-The atramboat OSIHJS, 9C3KK.Capt. J.O. Allaire, trill commence runmnson Saturday, Sept 25th, aa followa:?leave r niton Market alip, Eaat River, every Saturday at 1* o'clock A.M., Tueadky, Wodneaday, and Friday, at 8 o'clock A.M. Returning, leave* R'd Bauk every Moudar morning; at 10 o'clock A M ; Tnaaddy, Wodueaday, and Friday, at kail pant Ito'cloak P.M. . ? The boat will ran a* abort until further notice,navigation and weather permitting. otonf tmmTZFWll ShlAlte'tVe CALO WELL'S. WEST POINT AND COLD 3C2K3E1 SPRING?The ateamboat HIGHLANDER Capt Robert Wordrop. will !?a*e the foot of Warren etrvet Raw Yark, every Monday. Tlri wJajr and Saturday aflemndn'a at tewek. Returning, the High, cider will m.e ivewburgfc every Monday morning at? o'clock, anu Tueadayand Friday For freight Or peae age,apply to tho Captain on hoard. N. B. JUl baas arc ana freight of ?r?ry deecriytieo, ber.k hfllt ortweeie. nut on hoard thia boat, muat be at the riak of tha amoera Uiarooi?nnloao a toll of lading arracaiptiteigoed for SwYOkk. ANft LidtttrocK. coMHERirAL Se Of PACKETS. , Ml M M M BJULINU^rO AmmiOM LTTEIIKJOL weeklV. OLOB^?^tA5renuorFiCE- [ rIE anhacnbor.ia wmoMMflg bit arrant menu (brtha yiear IMS, a par ar< be<ore bit frienda wilk a?ut imrnla of ain&iw reaped Ibr the ahioaappoiS ba hat received for many yean He likawia* withe* to (fall the attention of thooe Interning to tend for their friend* in Knotted, Ireland, Scotland, tnd Walet, that they can at all timet be accommodated by Out Bite, by weekly opportuaitiee fmm Liverpool, a* wall at by all the well known different line* of packet star* tailing to and from Liverpool, on the lit.Tth, iith,llth, andssth of egcjj month, throughout the year. _ It hag tiarsya been I lie itudjr of the Ihtauiber to have tho CoI|ranta tkown civility, and durpatched without delay; and VMM who aend Ibr their frienda may rant aatwfied that every are and diligent atlaption will he given by the Liverpool AgenU to thoae tent for, at well aa all who may embark With tnemt and ihould aay wrthuec, wnota paaaage hat teen paid, nat embark, (he motley wilt be refaaded without any rhafgf. The tubrenber leele a pitamure inmahiu* kaowa tbe different hipe by which hia paaerDg&t came out during ttie laat year, wntr.n nu fiTV?KCD?nN (utitiitctioB, *na in?i nc nu rotuifrikU etletuM MM concluded hie arrangemcnta for the year The following ia a liat otahipa j? Ship Scotland Kohiaeon Ship Oareola Childa * Fairfield Wijeon " 9fc Cloud Knwaon * Frankfort Rudaell * New vork Nj?en " Ruaaef) Ciorer Hewea " Warn* Gruatha " Hibevnia' Wilaan " Oawewo Wood AMtm Cheevrr ? Ocean WeilauJ CWtoa laweMoll - Talbot Sfory LotnarilU Allen * N.Hampahira Hnrdiag Km *rtern Panthea (Joodwaaaou - AlabMaMo Law 44 Robl. laaac Tre'tnan Freeze* Hopkioa " Virginia Katoo " Tyrone fmr - Europe BatcMder - w'e?l~t.r {?& " 9 J'Uk"' 8e>, <>U, TbeaboTaihipa, and their reapectiee eaptaana, are all wall and favorably known in the trade A lata paaawe from the diCWreat port* of Ireland and Scot land can aloo be' a*<??i*d and <tr?ft? funaiahed for any aoidunt aayakM at the N.tmnul aad Preeioeiai Bank a of Ireland, and their reapeeure bronchia, and ?Wo on Meaere J. A W/RAhi? KuaTtoJEiad^ "* paid,fraaef any charge, throughout . For further iwrticulara apply to 1. dta _ and No. t Netrtuee m Waterloo Mock. Liverpool Feraona wianlug to aend to the old country for their fnrnda eta aiake the neeeaaary imnramta rith the aiibacnbeta Mad bora then cone out n tbia auperior lina of pecketa, railua ftwtn Lreerprfhl oa the Tth and t?th of every month. They wif | aleo hovea Vat rate clam of aamrkantransient ahipa railbat every nath day. thereby iffurdiug a weekly eommunicatioi fram that port. One of the firm. Mr. Jam a D. Roche, ia then and win remain during the your |t>?. 'a are that all the ntraonj nhoee poaey. have been paid have are forwarded with ear< knaaU *kn ??-- - # A A At !*" ?^1 iir noi conr oui inr imnrjr "111 in *otvm4 to Uioot who poM it hor* without ut dcchictioo. ThjrfvipttiwwIMS*tMlline or*: tF& ? ?. tl Ipt. for *bt unwat.00 too Rood Bank uf Iro mi tm ProMott, (Wo. Atooo fc Co.. Mwii London *r<?mi2^E5?fEB* ?edk. r?.i IV-V ! E N E t .1 ' A - J' > J ' THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., PL' BL1SHKD EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. IX. LCCTVBBS. Professor Mott'f Lectnres on Surgery, No. IX. The late Dr. Busk 13) Harelip 133 Btsphylo-raphe IV ^ acvis.ws. Dr. R lrasbotharo's ' Process of Parturition.' J ' GravlJ Uterus' 1* Development of the Uterus 133 'Classification of Labor*' 130 Difficult Labor 130 Insufficient Uterine Action.. .' ... 131 Deformity of the Pelvi* 131 ' Descent of the Bladder 131 Rigidity of the Soft Tarts 131 ' Travel* ia Europe and the Eaot. By Valentino ' Mott, M D , Professor of Surgery, Ac. Rmx,of Paris. V* I Velpeau.' 131 Civiale............ 134 Bfonssai* 133 ' .Baron Larrey 135 M Suetin 136 Dr.Mott'a'Waterloo Operations' .. ... .... 133 HospitalsIn Vienna... ...." 134 Dr. Moll's Opinion of Tobacco. 134 Dr. Mott aa a Theologian 13tl The American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Rubley Dungliaon, M. D.( Profesaor of the Institutes of Medicine in JelTerron Mwdical College . of Philadelphia 137 F.DiroaUL Dl.rABTMFMT. Treatment of the Inaane 137 1 The Revolution In Periodical Medical Literature.. 138 j Anatomical and Pathological Drawing., 133 ! To Publisher* 134 I MRoico-CHiauaatcAL refortkr Crosby atreet Clinique 139 i Salivation (rem Cotcbicnm. By Wilson Jewell ,M.D 139 r Operation of Proaiatetomy, according to the mcI thud of Celsus. By Dr. Warren, of Button 130 Case of Leucorrhooa, with remarks by C.J. B. Williams, M D., r. R. S 140 Use of Morphia in Strangulated Hernia. By David Bell,M. D?Carlisle 140 | Malignant-looking Ulcers of the Face, repuUd cancerous, cured by Anti-syphilitic Remedies. By M. Payan 141 Iodine in Opacity of the Cornea. By Dr.Lohsse... 141 Treatment of Chorea. By Dr. Hennia Oreen 141 On Local Baths. By M. Mayor, of Lausanne .... 141 On Croup and its Cure. Dy Dr. Oraltl, of Hamburg 141 1 items a!so i.vteixigemce. Report of the Trustees of the New York State Lunatir. Aivltim with th* DocumBntfl trenmninv* ing the ume pursuant to the Act of the Legislatore palled May 36th, 1811 Ill New York State M< dical Society 113 To Correspondents , 114 Llit of Medical and Surgical Chargea 114 Weekly R?port of Interments 114 Thia Number contains oneaheet? Subject to Newspaper Postage only. ' Amitiiiifi Tumi. One square, one insertion % 1 60 Each additional insertion. 100 Per annum 16 00 Onecolumn,oneinsertion.. 10 00 Ewh additional insertion. 600 Per Annuaa 60 00 Bills ititchsd in en misiiiti thui.?Fovn thousand cones ictoillD. Jtdcertisements intended for insertion, end Bookt, 4~c ,fvr notice and review,must keforwarded to the office an or kef art Thursday of every week. New Yotn: Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Ofllee, Ne. 01 Ann Street, by JAKES GORDON BENNETT. Bark New World, Youngs, It ds fm St Marks, with cottoa, to the master. Bug Washington, Stevens,it da fas Malaga, wine, Ac. to P S Francis. Agents for the New York Lancet. The following is a list of the Agents for the Lancet, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are found for sale regularly every week, Boston. George W. Redding. Baltimore. W. Tailor. Philadelphia .G. B. ziebcr. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber k Co. Butfalo , N. Y T 8. Hawks i.t u r... n n vtit.k.n Hartford, Oonn . Benj. Newbury Albany, N. Y O. Jonea, Troy, N. Y Leri Willard. Laneiugburgh, N.Y, Thos. P. Richard*. Watcrford, N. Y. ....J. R. Newark, N.J D. Smith* P.Uerson, N. J Matthew Dougherty Worcester, Maaa 8. Thompson. Norwich, Conn Morgan S&iford. Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. New Orleans John F. Curns It Co. St. Louis, Mo R.J. Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. MidJletown 8. Dickinson. Hudson, N.Y George Clare. Savannah, 8 A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. Joha F. Cures It Co Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Raunsley. Pittsburgh, Pa.... R O. Berford. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haid em an. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. Wheeling. Va. ,. .J. II. Thompson It Co. New London,Conn... L. L. Bperry. Newport Wa. A. Fry. Canandogua.. Maasra.H. D HoytkCo. The L?n?et is 88 per annum in advance?or cent* per single number. La*oxt Orrree 11 Am sTncxr. Zmj 1 ~MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, and inteT ?.JVA.'. *J? media tt ptsces. as far at the ics permits, the WJ ' M W UTICA, Capt. A H. Sehult*. will leave the loot of CourtUudt street, THIS AFTERNOON, st 5 oYloca,Friday. March 4th. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to PETER C. SCHULTZ, at the Otfies an the wharf. The iteamoat TKLEOHAPH will leave for Albany an Saturday Afternoon. March Stk, at S o'clock. ml ~~~~~ OXATEJv ISLAND FKRRV d^^SaFoot of Whitehall ?tr**L ^33*^1 111? steSer WS-ATEN ISLANDER or Ia MS ONwiU ruaaa follows until further notice [ Leave* Staten Island Leaves Whitehall i At H o'clock a.m. At o'clock a.m. "II " " "II - " )| " r.m. ?3 - p.m. ? | ?? M H | ? M N. B. All goo it t\upp?d are required to bs particularly masked and ar> n IW rnk of tha owned thereof o| j&t Tha til cam Boat WaLLBW, Captain A. McLean, will leart >lar Albany, Tbia KaJJCJLAfttnooa, March 8d., at 5 o'clock, (ram the foot of CourUaad I treat. in3lt FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Picket of the Tib tffSVy March?Tha ewoerior feat inline packet etup PAfTfllr HENRY,burthen 1100 tons, Capt. Delano, will pSitive'y tail ae aho?e, her reyalar day. rhii itup'i accommodation# for cabin, eecond cabin, and ateeragepaeaenrern, are not eurpapaed by any rend in the trade, and Bertha can be accural on moderate terma. if .immediate application ie made on board. Toot or Maiden lane,or to GLOVER k HicMURHAt. . 10b Pine at, cor. South at. P. fl.?Pcraona wiahing ta lend for their frieoda residing In the old country, can hare them brought oat in the above tplen lidchip, tailinc 'mm Liverpool on tha Wthor April, or any of the recular paeketa.aailinc from there on the lot,Tth,lSth,IPth and 25th of each ui alia. The P H. will be succeeded tor the packet ihip Sheffield, Capt Allen,to aail on tie llih n( Ma-eh, n't 4t PLOVER It McMURRAY, 10. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louiwana and New ilHh York Line?Pbaitively Firvt Regular Packet?To AffiSHmauii |0 March?-1 h? apleidid fatt sailing packet hipSHAKSPRARE. Capt Mini, will positively fail aa above her recular day. ForTreicht or paeeagr .having splendid fumiahed iccommoda! tiona.apply on board, at Orltaaa wharf, foot of Wall atreet, ! or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South at. [ Great ear* will be takan ta have the gooda by this lino cor Ayeat in New Orleans, Jae. O.Woodruff, who will prompt ly torward all aocxil to hla eddrrwe. The packet ship Miaaiafippi, Capt. CHilliard, will succeed the Shakapacre. and aail the tOth instant, her regular day. , _nM . PASSAGE FOR LIVEBPi'OL?United Line? 1^ litli March.?The splendid faal tailing paeket'ehip JHMBffibHIBERNIA, Capt Wilson, will aail poaitively aa Having iplesxiid aeeommodatioaa for cabin, aecond cakin and i f1?""?* paaaengem. K?r paaaace, eaily application shonid be made an board, or to i W.IJ. T. TAP8COTT, I _ t> South st. or ft Peek Slip, f 'emois wnhing lo aend for their friends to come oat in the i above splendid ship, or any of tha regular line, can make the , ? m.wmtvwm, en Iieoraere ierm? l lf*' aeetmos I of re nulling money cu have drafu payable on demand, m all , the principal teams of the Uaiifd Kingdom Apply as bore. . The pad et abip LIBKRT V, tails th a/'nsooo and can ? commodate a few more paatenant if immediate aoplicati n be made to ^W. ki. T. TATnCOTT. ml ??Annth et or t3 *?eb ?|tn. ?'uit HtAF uwLkuhn.- tO ?tul |dOl*ti? %tf oU i~c^i/!S."Ar eft: ssn5r'.f.i" *w. . ... k Kor paeeaae, in cabin or stesrags, baring Brat rate taeowetY daUont and on rary me derate Intern, If application te made on t board thip.or to JOHI* IIEHDMAW. mt #1 BonU strert 1 >: ,? . r tfl*5 i" ? '*? Jw a ^ <: A# * 3___ ^ NEW YORK, FRIDAY M new on* km. [ Correspondence of the Hereld) N*w Orleaes, Feb. 19,I8l2. Bankt?I. tgi*LUUm?ITwUi iaiU,fyc. | James Gordor Berrett, ? < :? Dear Sir :? Your correspondent here, whoever ha may be, seems to be rather behind baad just now, or hia miad is filled with passing events, and ho is patiently waiting to see when and where they are goin* to brinir ud. and then sirs vou the news all in a nut hell. Time roll* on here like the great father of water*, the Mississippi, which by the by i* riling just now, at a rapid rate, and I predict that it will be a* high this apringaa it was in 1838, at least there ie a fair prospect of it at present. But to the great question that is agitating this community to the utmost extent, just now, the currency. The, whole population, both great and small it would seem have taken this matter ia hand, and more almost as one man. Resumption of the Banks and nothing short of it, will satisfy them. There are a few who hare been living en and by the Banks for years, and who hare aotnally been insolvent for the last four or fire years, that make a great outcry against our legislator, because in doing their duty passed a law forcing the banks to pay the people' and the people the banks. They pat on long faces and say that it will ruin half of the merchant! in the city, and I see brsome hand bills that they hare gone so far as to call a meeting this evening at Bauks Arcade,of all those opposed to the present course pursued by the Legislator, but it will bs like the Quaker minister who built a church and after it was finished cave out notice th it he would preach there next fiistdar:but when he got there he found none but his neighbors geese to hear him We are without anything new from Mexico, except the arrival a few days since of young Coombs, one of tho Santa Fe prisoners, who gave his narrative at length in the ilee, which no doubt you hare seen. Our Royal Line of mail steamers are not regularly established yet, but will be soon, which will take a large number of letters from the Boston line. We hare nad the Forth and Solway at the Balize, but neither of these could get to the ci'y ; hereafter thev will have a smaller class of steamers to receive the mail at Havana and eome to the city direct. Theatricals are in rather a lew state, Brown and Rice are at the St. Charles, but soon to give place to the Italian company, which arrived by the Natchez in her last trip from Havana, Mrs. Sutton among thn rest So you see we are in a fair way to hare someonera's soon at the American: thev bare brought ont the Naiad Qasen at a treat cxptnie, which has a fair run ouly. The Orleans is open four nights a week, (one of which is Sunday) and is about paying expenses. Exchange on your city at sixty days sight 1$ premium for pood bills,which are searce ; checks arc-worth 6 per c-nt do, and but few to be had at that, which must be paid for in the strongest bank bills. Srr or New Okleari. H*rrlibnr(. | Correspondence of the Herald.l H arris Brno, March 1,1842. The legislature?Fancy Fair?Temperance, $ ?. J a mi* Gorden Bbhrett, Esq. Dear Sir For the last two weeks that I have been in Ilarrisburg, 1 have been a looker on at oar legislature. Never, no, never, did I see such a waste of time as there is at the capital of Pennsylvania; they have been sending bank bills, (so called,) from one house to the other for the last week, aad are likely to keep on at that business. Tt is truly too much for the people of Pennsylvania to bear, and they are beginning to get tired, as they are sending in numerous petitions praying them to adjourn sine die. It is the opinion here among our knowing folks, that if they were all like Mr. Stevens, they would do business sooner and better than they are doing. The Senate passed the bank bill that was sent there from the House with some amendments, so that it will conic up in tha House te-day. The temperance cause here is progressing slowly. I was in one of their greetings last evening; it was fully attended, and had excellent speaking. There are but few, I understand, that have broken their pledger. a. t ... j.. nf ...... li.li.. i... j*.a m am m tuiiowut itnuti vi juui fligllljr YtllUlt" ble Herald, I of course see descriptions of balls and fancy parties.?I have been looking to see a notice of a fair held here by the fair sex of the Presby terian Church; such an array of beauty and fashion was never witnessed in this borough. There was a fine array of fancy needle work, which was all done by the fair hands who were selling them. The fruit was delicious; the ladies lively; the gentlermn liberal. They had a post-effice in the fair which was thronged from the beginning to the close. Miss W a was the mistress, a very good one, as she did not refuse a single one a letter. MiesC n looked admirably well?she wore a very tasteful dress, and seemsd to be very attractive. Miss P?n a rosy cheeked blonde?gay, lively, and sensible, looked as well as any I could perceive. Miss S?k, a stately young lady, in a plain dress: she is the btlle of ike borough, as she is a large, stout, noble looking lady. Miss H *' table was the attraction in the fancy line, as she, with the Miss H n and Miss 9 r had all the young men, so that the otheragot a little jealous The pretty little Miss H 1 and the beautiful Miss E g must not be forgotten, as they, in fact, looked as charming as any of them. Aif the young ladies looked and behaved well, except the Misses . who talked too much, I thought. Some of the old ladies, or mothers, looked as pretty as their daughters. Mrs C, Mrs. H. Mrs. W?e all were neatly dressed, and I suppose were as much pleased as toe daughters. 1 am happy to inform you that they met with unexpected succees, having in three nights taken in 91263, which will leave $1000 clear 1 inay write again, if I don't leave town soon Youra, dec. H. Boston. | Correspondence of the Herald. | Bosto*, March 2,1842. Sltamboalt?-Eldft h'napp? Trmpnanet?Ltf.it la turr, Q-c. Dear Sir :? Our citizens are highly pleated with the arrangement made with the Stonington line, to have a mail every day. We should have been without news from New York three daya in the week during the part winter, but for the vietorioua New Haven steamboats put on the Providence line by Captain Yanderbilt, the old steamboat commodore ; but even then she had to be detained in Providence until the leaving of the eight o'clock tram of can, so that we did not gel New York papers until half past ten o'clock. Now we shall have them regit larly every day except MondayElder Knapp gave what was advertised to be a temperance lecture, at the Marlborough Chapel, last evening, but it was in fact a bitter tirade against Univeraalists and other denominations of Christians, with a little sprinkling of blackguardism, anathemas and curses against vend era ana moderate drinkers. His language was coarse and vulgar, and more calculated to irritate and wound the feelings than to convince or reclaim. The Elder uses such mongrel language and odd expressions, that it is ntlerly impossible to guess what part of the world ha hails from ; sometimes his flit, nasal whinings would mark him a down-east Yankee?then again hia pronunciations of such a word as pioneer, which he cells paw t/un-tar, destroys the illusion. Some of his illustrations were good, and caused considerable merriment among the audience, which wan large, composed principally of ladies. After he got through he requested all those who had joined, er intended to join, the teetotal society to rise; and those who had not. and intended to do as they had done, until they died, and then go to hell and be damned to all eternity,he wished to keep their aeate, and nit there till I the devil called for them ? The conseqnence wu. that nearly all rone, while only a few choae to retain their seats. He then commenced giving out his sppoiniments for prayermeetings and Ire tares, which occupied several minutes. The religinue excitement seems to be kept up without abatement- Even the Uaiversalists have followed suit, and bold protracted meetings One of nor moot wenithy citixeno yeoterday rnnonneedhin bnainean nf distilling. and joined the chuck. Will he give up the avails tf his btHfaass I 19 T7" "W ' A JHL J ' ,'I 'hwr) H?UVI, 0 ?i<1?W "IVJ I ( :?>!> !?'? ? I ?| 1 .11. .11 Via ,j <M?|| i ( ORNING, MARCH 4, 1& to the widows and orphans he has contributed to makel If he does I will inform you of the fact. Our wise and sapient legislators, having found out that there is no money in the State treasury, seriously talk of adjourning to-morrow. Some of the Western members will avail themselves of the invitation given by the Western railroad directors, and thereby save travelling expenses Theatricals are on the decline. Dempster is drawinn well at the Museum. No steamship yet. The excitement is fully ai par. Yours, Ate. Albany. (Correspondence of the HcTald. J Albant, March 2, 1S12. We have an uninterrupted navigation again. The recent mild weather has done the business. Yesterday morning the steamboat Telegraph came up to our wharves , and this morning the Utica made her appearance. The river is aot likely to be closed again this season. In the Assembly to-day, Mr. Wrta presented a petition from the Irish Emigrant Society, praying for the enactment of a law securing their wage* to laborers. Mr. M'Mvbkat, one from ship owners of the city of New York, for an amendment of the Pilot Law. Several petitions in relation to the New York and Erie Ra lroad, some of them in favor of the location of the road up the valley of the Delaware. Mr. Bakes, asked the uaanimous aoaeeat of the Honse to introduce a notice, that he weald at some future time bring in a resolution to amend the rules so that no debate should be allowed on motions to print, to amend tbe report of the Committee on lublio printing, &c. It wae objected to The a J opt Ion of eome such measure would be a orea earing of time, ao much of which U now daily consumed on thia subject. Mr. Stktsox from the Standing Committee on charitable and religious societies, reported a bill to inoorporatc the St. George's German Benerole.nt Society of the city of New York. It was tyrdered to a third reading. Mr. Griffiw, from the committee on the Militia and Public Defence, reported at length .eith n bill for the better organic ttion of the mAitif of the State. *" Mr. Loosiia, from the Judiciary Committer, to whom had been referred ao much of the Gercrnor'a message aa relatra to the adminiatratioa of public justice,made along report to-day, concluding with the introduction of aereral billa calculated to perfect the ayatem of legal reform. The House then granted to Maj. Tochman the ule of the Assembly chamber for to.morrow ereoing, to deliver his second lecture on Poland and the Pole*. . The first one last evening was numerously and fashionably attended. The consideration of the General Election Law was then reinmed. Mr. Strong having the floor on a proposition to strike out the section defining what should constitute a residence, on the part of a voter. Mr. Strokg proceeded to argue against the right of the Legislature to define this qualification?the Constitution was sufficiently explicit en this point He contend'd that the Legislature had no right to attempt to define the Constitution?it had no power a to do. If to, it might change it as thej chose, aa the party who were in the ascendant might see fit, ana thus change the whole form of our government. By conceding this principle, it would put it in the power of the Legislature to abridge or extend the right of suffrage, as they chose. No man eould hold a law to be void becau-e it was unconstitutional; if this power of construing or defining it was yielded to, then the courts even eould not so dee'are. The Legislature would thus set itself up above the courts? go beyond their powers and usurp the judicial authority. Mr Strong argued in support of his position at leagth, supporting it by a train of most forcible and weil-snstained argument Mr. 8. is a sound and able man, possessing great legal and constitutional knowledge. Mr. SavMOua thought this section necessary, to preserve-thc purity of our elections. He did not sae that the arguments against this provision were not that it was in itself unconstitutional, bnt that in attempting to define that instrument the Legislature stepped beyend the bounds of its power. It was said, that in thus defining the Constitution it wonld subject it to fluctuation aed alteration. Why, the courts of judicature did this every year; end was an alteration of that instrument the resultl Mr. S. argued at length in support of the section. In regard to defining the Constitution, he said that it was made up of words, and he did not see why the Legislature bad not as good a right to interpret .thtra as our lexicographers?aa Messrs. Walker aud Webtter. Mr. Lott spoke in support of the striking out, taking very nearly the same ground as Mr. Strong. He illustrated hisargumeat by citing a tupposable case, as follows:?A soldier of the (Jailed States stationed at Buflalo, with bis family, is removed to the Narrows He never intends or expects to retarn, and takes his family with him, and buys a freehold. Under this provision he eould not acquire a residence there, aad therefore must lose his vote. The constitution expressly states that any elector, a resident of the State for one year, and of the county in which he offers hia vote, for fix months previous to the election, shell be qualified to vote. Mr. Stctsou said that as he had made a speech in favor of this section, in changing thi*!vote, he supposed it would be necessary that he should make an explanation. He still believed that the legislature had a right to define the constitution, bnt be thought that the section in relation to soldiers and sailors, was conflicting with the provisions of that instrument, and nnless it could be got hack into Commit'ee of the Whole, aad so amend.J a_ ..a .'.J -f sl. 4 .4 tie L. ?...a ...s. eu u iu k?i riu ui lum pmui jit uc ujuiv vuic against the whole aection Major Datezac replied in defence of the aection, and in the courae of his remarks waa quite aevere on Mr. Lott, for chancing hie opinion on thia question He styled Mr L- a neophyte, and aaid (hat like all new converts, not satisfied with hia own altered views, he must be over zealous in farcing them open others. The Major contended that as the period of election was rednced to one day, it was essentially neceaaary that the voter should have some specific rule, as proposed in thia aection, to guide him. As there were quite a number of ladies in the gallery at the time, the Major, of course, protracted his remarks to great length. Mr. Crameb argued in defence of the section, which wag originally introduced by him. On the eonclutionof his remarks, the question was taken, by ayes and noes, and the result on striking out was 2d to 68?thus being lost. Mr Smith then offered an amendment, or rather a proposition 10 strike out that part of the section which declares that no inmate of an alms house shall be considered as having loat or acquired a residence. O i this qaeetion tne ayes and noea were asked, aad the result was?ayes 44, noes 2? The previous qoeatisn was then demanded, and seconded. The question was then nut upna agreeing with the Committee of the Whole ia their report, and it was sgreed to, and the bill ordered to a third reading^and to be printed. In the Sci*ATr, to-day. the busineaa was wholly of a private and loeal character, and but little speech making, and an early adjoarnment was the result. Mr. Kiasv msde his first appearance before an Albany audience, at the amphitheatre laet evening. There waa a full house, and hia able perfoimanre of Olaadh Mrlnette, in the Lady of Lyons, was most enthusia-tiea'Iy received To-night he suetaias the parts ol Holla, and of William, ia Blaek eyed Susan. Cave UlciscaR (Jiiickaiaw MvrdeM ?The Biglt, published at Fort Pickering, etatee that a eerione ruptare occurred near Fort Towjoa, at the trading eetablinhmeat of Col Felix Lewie, and of De Sola, between the Chiekaeawe aad Col. Lewie and one or twe elerke A naieenderataeding occurring between cine oftheehiefe aad Cel Lewie, respecting eome Mieeieeippi land elaiaie, Col. L. wae attacked and wounded, and hie elerk interfering. wae killed, and the goode aad trading-hoa** etrewn to the winda. Col. Lewie, not having eiaee been beard from, it ia eared wae ret zed aad despatched by the Indiana. Fine ite PonTLAna ?We learn from the Eaetera Argue, that on Monday eight a Ira broke out on For.- etree-t, in a betiding eeeapied by L. Stowed ae a grocery, oad destroyed goods to the amoant of 6 or 97INW, aad baildtog, rained at ffeOO; aleo the bookt of Front, Waterbouoe k. Co., who previoealy ooenpied tbo building. The goode aad building 1 wereinrured. HERA 42. i Review ol New Books. Pksmdest's Hmucmi \*c. ihom Washing. i ton to Tn.?.-?. Walker, 112 Fulton, and J if II G. Langley, Chatham six til ?This elegant work throw* all others of the same class i?to the shade. It I ia most beautifully printed, and handsomely bound; and includes every message, veto, address, ice. >Vc sent to Congress by the presidents of this country I from the time of George Washington, down tc John Tyler, whose last annual message is included in the wesk, together with his four other mestagei to Congress. In addition to this, the book contaim the Declaration of Independence, the Coustitutioi , of the United State?, with all its amendments, an< various other important documents ; forming in a! a book of nearly eight hundred pages. It is an in valuable work,and every man in the Union owei Mr Walker a debt of obligation, for bringing oui in so comprehensive and handsome a form, a work that no library is complete without, and that no wel regulated family in the Union ought to be withou.l Boa's Works?Nicholas Nickliby ? Bixb'j Park Iloic?This is decidedly the most handsome and best edition of Bex's work* that has been published iu this country, whether we regard the beauty of the typography, or binding, or the au tneroua aud admirably executed illustrations. It is a superb edition, and the volume before us (Nicholas Niekleby) seems to be nearly half full of splendid steel pin es after Cruikshank s inimitable designs. To those who wish to buy Box's works, and who does not about these times, we say, that they eannot do better than to buy Bixby'a edition. Barrett's Lectures ? Colmnn, 11 John sti est? A very handsome book, containing all the lectures on the New Jerutalem Doctrines delivered by Barrett in this city last winter. Paklrv's Magazine, for March.?Francis, Broadxray.?A very goed number. Paul and Virginia?E. Walker, Fxtlton street? It is unnece?sary now to say one word in praise of this most touching story; and it is enough to say that this edition is the most beautiful one aver *ecn in this country. It is a gem. White's Natural History or Silborne.? flax fttr, Brothers?Etc ty one will thank thia house for ibis valuable re-publication The woodcuts are numerous and excellent; the edition is equal to the English $3 00 one. Democratic Review tor March.-J. & H G. I^mglcy, 57 Chatham street ? It was a fortunate era in the history rf this popular and valuable work, when it passed into the hands of its present judicious and enterprising publishers. It improves with I everr number and ia now the heal nrint?d and beat edited magazine in the United States. The present number contain! fourteen original article*, almoat any one of which ia worth the annual coat of the work. The prose article* are a model for other magazine writer*, and it* peetry never deacend* to miserable mediocrity. And an inraluable feature of tb a work is the fine portrait* men in each number, of celebrated Americana. Theae pea and pencil aketchea are inferior to those which formerly made the London " New Monthly" so popular. Tbu article in thi* number on ' Wordsworth's sonnets," i* a gem. The porti ait of Bryant ia the best ever published of him. Bankrupt List, SOUTHERN ISTKICT OF NEW YORK. James C Church, Poughkeepiie, to be declared bankrupt April 4; Isaiah M Kebbin do; Samuel Belden Dritton,do; Abraham G Morrell, N?w York, do; Morris B Cohen, do; Washington Post, do ; James Ludlow, dc: Edward riant, Brooklyn, do. VERMONT. Lemuel Cuttis, of Burlington, and Wm Barnes, of Colchester, to show cause at Montpclier, March 22. DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA. James L Ross, Charleston, March 21; Edw M Whiting, do, March IS. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF ALABAMA. Martin McVoy, to show cause Match 14; Andrew S Cooke, Samuel O Swift, Robt Harwell,Jesse Jayne, Sar dine G Stone, Robert Collins, Edward Curry, G Mc Leod, G orge Wood,Chae L Tew, James Turner, JosephGoodman, Diego Alvarez, Alexander Campbell, Wm Ron, Thomas Strang and John McD Ross, Geo G Holcombe, James W Burke, Claudius B Churchill,Wm C Boardman, Jams* M Tailoton, Elihu D Williams, John Richardson, Amos C Wilson. David Muxlow,Wm K Thurbur, Elliott C Hnnnon.Bai well Boykin, John R Blocker. Jas Giilan, Daniel C Clark, Joseph Cay wood, Duke W Goodman, T W Lyles,James G Stewart, Thomas Clark, Armistaed M Elgin, Asa C Gray, Charlea Wilson, Anthony W Horton, Henry A Crocker, Alexander McKuozie and Malcolm Brarden. Joienh Curran. ill 1 win B Gould. Abraham 8 Woodcock. Joan P It my, Jeremiah Austill, Lehman Ik Bmrham, Wm W Randall, Jamr* Znrcher, GofUvus Beal.Gwen McMahun, Philip UaMamilb, Moore k McGuire, Wm H Bunnell, Sidney Smith, Nicholas B Williams. Haawell fc Harris, Jus G lugraham. Ssml D Hubbard, Alphonse Ca ocnet, Wm. D. Randall. MICHIGAN. James O Crane, of Detroit, March 19; Sidney PWil Hams,Grand Haven, 25th; Horace Hallock, Detroit, 14th; Amos Temple, Jackson, ISth; Hilbare CGuillot, Detroit. 12th; Edward C Bancroft, Cottrellville, 10th; John B Davis, Pontine, 14th; Jason Swift, do, 19th; Nelson Monroe, Monroe, 15th; Henry V. Disbrow, do; Evauder D. Fisher, Detroit, 14th. Supreme Court or the Ui?it*d States.? Feb. 28, 1842.?No. 45. Adam L. Mills et al, plaintiff* in error, v$ Wm. G Brown ct al. The argument of thia cause waa commenced by Mr. Bogy for the plaintiffs in error, continued by Messrs. Reynolds and Key, for the defendants in error, and by Gen. Jones for the plaintiffs in error No 90. Eleazer Carver, plaintiff in error, e?Joseph A- Hyde et al. This cause was submitted to the Court on printed arguments by Mr. Dexter for ihe plaintiff in error, and by Messrs. Fletcher and Phillips for the defsndantsin error. Mareh 1 No 32. Matthew Hobson, appellant, rs D. McArthur's heirs. Appeal from the Circuit Court of the United States, for Ohio. Mr. Justine Thompson delivered thd opinion of this Court, reversing the decree of the said Circuit Court, and remanded this cau e to that Court, with directions to dismiss the bill without prejudice. No. 31. Edward Prigg, plaintiff in error, es. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In error to the So pre me Court or the State of Pennsylvaaia. Mr. Q?ap.s JnlivAPn^ f ha nnintfln nf this Court. """"'""r ... ... declaring that the act of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, upon which the indictment in thia case ia founded, is repugnant to the Conatitntion and Law a of the United States and void; that the judgment of the aaid Se pre as e Court to have been that Edward Prigg was not gnilty, direction that judgment be entered here that said Prigg is not guilty in manner and form aa is charged agaiaat him in the indictment, and that he go thereof quit without day, and remanding thia cause to aaid Supreme Court, that such proceedings may be had therein as to law and juatice shall appertain. No 16. Adam L< Mills etal. plaintiffs in error, vs. William G Brown etnl. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. Jones for the plaintiffs in error No 102 - Win John Minor and Wife, vs. Thubal Tiliotson. In error to the Circuit Court of the United State* for Louisiana. On motion of Mr. F. Webster this writ of error was docketed and dismissed with costs. No 48. Joshua Mauran, plaintiff in error, rs. Edward Rullun. The argument of this cause was coramenctdby Mr. Whipple for the plaintiff in sr.-or. Mr. Chief Justice Taney announced to the Bar that the Court would adjourn on Thursday, the 10th inst ; and that the Court would not receive any ca-e on oral or printed argument alter Mondey, the 7th inst. __ Horrible aivp Dariro MuRpkr m Wisconsin ?A heart-rending duty devolves upon us this week, which is to announce the death of the Hon. Charles C. P. Aradt, a m? ruber of the Coaaeil from the conntyof Brown, who was shot in the Council room by J- ? rkiidci irom urini, imm<dia'ely after the adjournment jeeterday.? A direuaeion of a keated character arose apnn a motion made in the Coaacil to reconaidcr a vote by which the nomination of Eno? 8. Baker, an Sheriff for ihe county of Grant, Wae rejected a few dafa ince. During the progress of thin diacusrioo, tome rather violent worda paaaed between Mr. Aradt and Vineyard. The first conceiving himaelf to have heea inaulted, approached Mr. Vineyard after an adjournment, for the pnrpoae of reeking an explanation?a alight personal rencontre then took place, when the latter drew a piatol from hie pocket and fired. Mr Aradt reeled for a few pacee, then auuk to the floor, and alaaoat immediately rx pired, having been abet through the heart ? II'tKWUin Kntjuirrr, 12.b iaat. V.rtm^r ik. .?.? in ihe Maaaaaoit Factor*, Fall Ri??r, nnit work on Thursday, and I parad- i tka atraata of (ha nliaffa. Tka Monitor f ajr? that variant aaaaaa ara aaaigaad for tba I movmtmt. fcararal of tka rnaplajrad ka?* aiaac I rataraed, aad are now pwtviag tkair iakor* I aval. ? .!? .ait &> i?m i iii ;n i:.i*i i d : t - . . a f . ? ' LD. (.)>! ;r> < it I i i i i PriMtmCnw i . ? Court Calendar?'TUte day. Coi'rt or Commo* Pliu-r?rt 1? At in o'clock ?Nat 4*. 4?, #3, 96, 99, 69, 165,65, 147, 7, 17?, 8?, 71 31 I 37 99. Second part, 4 o'clock.? M ? No?. 130,134, 152. 139, 141. 146, 148, 392, 166, 43, 64, 178. Military Movruemts. ? General Wool ud ataff arrired in town ye.terday. Tbey hare taken (<>ouu at itt? Mansion Mouse t ______ I MAiiArnritrra LraiBUmi.?Yesterdav afternoon, the Houae debated and gcted en a large > number of debateable matter*, aittingaa late aa half l patt eight in the e veiling. , That which excited the meat internet, was a bill relating to the children of divorced parties, which waa believed to have a bearing on the D'Hautvill* 1 case. This bill gives te the justice* of the Supreaae Court the power to sppomt guardians forthechildren of persons divorced out of the State, in the eame mauner that tbey now nppoint thoae of chil. dren of person* divorced by themselves; and aleo ! the power to prevent such children ftom having the State without the conaent ot both ita parents, er ita ewn cons, nt, if it be of proper age. The bill > passed to a third reading ?Boston Trans. Mar*k 2. i Tax a*.?Half a million ef Texas promissory notes were burnt at Austin under the supervision ol a committee appointed for the purpose, i An act reducing the pay of officers in the Navy has received the signature of the President. It fixes the sala-y of a Captain commanding at $1,200,. and reduces that of others in proportion. The appropriation bill had become a law, fixiag the pay of members of Congress at fire dollars. Too whole amount appropriated is lew than $170 000. The bill providing for funding the old liabilities of the Government had been vetoed by the President, and his veto was sustained by Congress. Congress had passed a resolution extending the limits of Texas from the mouth of (he Rio Orssle to the Paciifo Ocean, and alorg the coast fifteen miles in the tea to the Oregon Territory, so as t* include the Califoinias in the territory of the Re. public. Gen .ml Hamilton's proposition for a Belgian loan of $5,000,000, was not decided upon by Congress, but the Question irn 1 ? ?|'uai|.vuCU. Fire in St. Eouit.?A fire broke out in aa natenanted building on th* mat side of Main street* fronting (be Union and Missuri hotels, which destroyed seven tenements The Are was, without doubt* caused by an incendiary. The principal sufferers were M- O'Hara & Co , plumbers, whose lose is estimated, stock and building, $2000; John Stubb, locksmith, loss, stock, $450; J.rl Phillips, painter, stock $200; Colstone, grate manufacturer* lost his all. about $1,460; P. 11. Burg, barbery lost stock and furniture,#300; H Gross, boot and shoe maker, loi>s unknown; New Orleans Coffee Hduse* loss unknown. Daring Rorber-?A robbery was committed at Palmyra, on the night of Sunday, tbe 4th. Tke store of \Y. H. and J. W. Thompson was entered, the desk broken open, and money to tbe amount of about sigbteeu hundred and sixty dollars taken therefrom, to wit: $580 Bank of Missouri, of tbo denominations of $10j and $20?, mostly parable at tha branehes at Palmyra and Payette?$100 Bank at Parkrrsburr, Va., $5? and $10<?about $980 in Kentucky and Illinois paper, from $6 to $100. and about $50in specie; and cash certificates to a large amount on various individuals in Marion county. $500 reward is offered for the thieves. Yacht On-ka-ht-*.?This beautiful Yacbt of J C. Stevens, Esq , arrived from New York yesterday afternoon. This eraft is considered a great novelty, as to her construction, and her reputation for fast sailing. She will in a few days leave here for a port or ports in the West ladies, aod takes out Mrs J. C Stevens for the benefit of ker health. It is probable that she will taka a number of passengers, having superior accommodations.?Phil ad. Inq, March I. Fur at Florence, Geo.?a correspondent writing from Florence, Georgia, under date of the $Xh ultimoeays?" We had au alarming fire in our town laat night. The fire was discovered in an upper room of the east wing of the Phmnix Hotel about nine o'clock. This large establishment, and three store-houses occupied Dy F. Ac E. Beall, were all consumed, and with very great exertion other buildings near were saved from the flames by water and wet hlnnkels. All lh<? hnnlra mil ?f sk? I* ence Bridge Company were saved- The hotel and furniture, and some papers, were owned by Messrs. Jernigan, Lawence \r Co. A part of the stock of goods of Messrs. W. & A. Hill was consumed.? Messrs F- ?Sr E Bsall lost a few thousand dollars of their stock of merchandize. The entire loss is estimated at or about fifteen thousand dollars,and no insurance. Contour Case.?a man named Cummins was eonrictad of larceny in Cuyahoga eo. Ohio, and sentenced to ths Penitentiary for ou year. By a mistake of the clerk, a record was forwarded to the prison,'by which it was certified that he was Sentenced for the term of three years. When the year was out, [the Warden cosld not release bim, because he could not go behind the record, and theGovernor could not pardon him, because there was no erime to pardon. The prisoner remained nearly three months before the amended record was forwarded. He attempted to gain redress by instituting suit against the clerk and failed. As a last resort be hsi presented bis petition to the Legislature asking compensation for the cxtia three months' labor at the rate of one dollars day ?Bv/faio Com. Mobe MirsiiL Wealth i* Missouri ?We art informed, aays the Jefferson Inquirer, by a gentleman from Benton county, that a vain of Lead ka? been discovered in that eonnty, ten or twelve miles above Warsaw, which promises to exceed any yet found in the State for richness and convenience of access. It is said to produce 90 per cent of pare lead, and is found in a ledge of rock, in a vein of unknown length and several feet in thickness. t _ Falliso Out.?'The gable end of John Taylor's brewery, fronting on Hamilton street, tumbled into the street with a tremendous cradi to day, ab?ut half past twelve o'clock, carrying tn its fall two large tuba used for steeping malt, which was scattered in the street. We are happy to state that no person was injured.?Albany Eve- J?nr. Shall Pox in New Oaleajis.?The Picayune of ths lttth, say* that four cases of this dreadful disease is now in the Hospital,and we hear ef several others in the city. Uaosesali i Servian nf tK? *J3A nlf states that martini appeared in that city on the 21at nit., an earlier period than ninal, thin denoting the near approach of spring Fire i* PaoviDrirra-?The comb factory belonging to Cenertl Whitaker, at Clayville, waa destroyed by fire laet Saturday night ; the tool*, stock, Ace were all destroyed with the building. It wn in mi red for MOO I at the American office in this city, and $6000 at the AOtna, Hartford ?Providfttce Journal. Mortality nt Ciiari ?.?Tvt, S C.?The onanbrr of death* in the city of Charleston, daring the pant year, waa 601, which is a little leat than one in fifty of the entire populatiea. Slander Soit ?A verdict of $5,000 danserre was rendered in Baltimore County Court on Friday in favor of John Mortimer and wife, in a unit against David H. White, for slander. Rt i.loioi-t ?The Rev. Mr. Knapp is still pieachinr in this citr to fn'l houses: Mr. Kirk, ditto Mr. Maffit i? preaching in New York. .Sinners are plenty?saiata tcarte. ? Botton Democrat. Marcn 1. J MiMiHtirri Pc.siTicnTiaar.?The report of the inspectors of thii Institution, *bo?rt that it has ran the State in debt dnring the past year, ia the inns a 83,721. .Annual. Fasr.?Ooeernor Ellsworth of Conn eel tieut, has appoinied +'riday the 2fttb mat. to he o^. served ia that State, as a day of faetiag, humiliation and prayer. Tnr Ifonis aisn T*r Conn La era ?A petition to the Queen, in favor of the repeal of the Com L ires, has received the signatures of 50,000 of the women of Manchester Straus a Cot ar or the Visited States, FahM ? Jfo. t7?J Carpenter, plaintiff ia errar, m. Washington Inenranae Company. The argument of this eause sma conduct<d by Mr. Whipple, for the plaintiff ia error. ffeertaTtan Eacna*?ns.?Getting Eastern pa pen by the VTeetera mail.

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