21 Mart 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Mart 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH T1L-I*. 'JOJ.-WhtU a<KJ3 .NK.W LINt OK LiVk-lirOOL PACKETS To Mil iron New Vurk ud (iir ; >! >, *uJ LiTtrp^ul on vhe lltb at each month, & ?t . M FTTniw T5KTT. I Skip R08C1US, Captain John Collin#. Mth Mvea. , Mup SID DONS, CaiiUiu iv B. Cobb, ttClh April. Ship SHERIDAN, CapUm K. A. D?i*j tier, aSOt May. Stup UAUBiCK, Ca'Uiii Win. stiJdj, asth Jum. i Fsom [.innruoL. B SHERIDAN, Captain K, A. Deeeyeler, llkh March. Q VRRICK, Caplaiu Win. Skidd) , 13tb April. Btup RuSCICS, Caplaiu Jolui Collin*. 13th May. Ship HIDDONS, Caplaiu E. B. Cobb, ISth June. Tfcaecehipeare allol' the lirr.tcla?. upward* of lOOOtoae .built ta the city of New York, with *ucli improvement# aa combine Kreatipcedwith uaiuual comfort for paaccnicers. Every oar* ha# been taken in the arrangmirut of their accommodation* The price el' ua#*ay*heae? ie ?IB0. for which ample etore* Will be provided. Thee# chip* are commanded by experienced ma#ten, who will make every rxertiou to (ire general eatuiae *jon. Neither the captain# or owner* oflheie ihip# will be rciponei M* Cor any lelUtp, parcel# or paekayeeeeut by them, unite# re ff it&r tnila of tailing art i mererot. Theshipeol this liue will hereafter go armed, and thairpeeo iar construction gives them security notposscsscd by any utbsr S< South st, N.w York,o, to M WM. k J AS. BROWN k to^ Liverpool Letters by the packets will be charged 124 ceuts per single so rents oerouaee. and newspapers I cent each. Kit pOtt NtiV OtU.tA.N8 LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS M m m M For the better accominodltion orihipperi, it is intended to Ssnputch aship from thie port on the 1st, 5th, 10th. 13th, 80th and B&th of eseti month. couiuie iciug the 10th October, and continuing until May, wheu regular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disap nointmcuts will be prevented during the summer months. The fallowing ships will coiaineii) e tins arrangement Ship YAZOO.Cuit.Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt. J?< kson Ship MISSISSIPPI,Cast. Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Uant Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARK, C apt. Miner. Shsp GASTON. Capt. Latham. IhTpHNNTSVILLF.. ?ai t . Mumford. Btup OCMULOEE. ( apt Leantt. Ship NASHVILLE. Capt Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Muilurd. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packets arc of a light draft of water, have recently been nswhr coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodations or passengers unequalled for comfort. They sue commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to^ge general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up add own the Missiseippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsirfs fur jewelry, bullion .precious stones, silver, orplatird ware, or for any letters,parcel or package, sent by or put o board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken fortnc same, and tb? **!? U^rron ew* '*** ' "VVcoV&S* k CO. M South ?i.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlemw, who will promptly forward all good* to hie addreae. The ahipeof thie line are warranted to eail punctually ae ad| ertiaed and great care will lie taken to hare the gooda correct 1* measured. 5?i_ ' XLW kOith. A IN 11 NkaWAlUL. WW MU Vara reduced to 15 cent*. From the foot of Courtlandtetrcet, New Yorka (Every da y-Bandaye excepted.) Leave. New York. . A ? Le??o Newark Atl A. M. At B P.J*. At 8 A. M. At la P.M. H do i do ? Ao M <J? <| do 14 Jo do 7 4* _ ? * ONJSUNDAYfl. From the foot of Liberty atreet. A, hraWi.. A. .wjys P.M. NawA15A. a^jjffiww?eiaahwa? anb Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty afreet,daily. Leave New York. L*a*e New Brmwwiok. * *.?a A,i'fa: SO HERV1LLE (tare* eonneet with theee lwee each way. Fare between New Yark and Som?r*iMe, 10 cento. Do do New Bruwwiek, T6etnte. Rah way, Weenie. r imbeahtown. * - 1U centa. The fare in the Tl A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4| F M. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brnnawick to M cento. " and Railway te ITf " The Philadelphia maiflme raaaea through NewBrnnawick for NOn SiuadayVt^e'rt A^l'triplfrom New Brun*wick ie omit tedL Paseeogers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office,receives ferry tioketjgratja. Tmfcataara racaived by tWeondaetcg It en the key when porchaied. febll Im" 0gZL& WfrtSk FRRlGH^i FOR THEWTASFSWFH, From PHILADELPHIA na the BALT'Freights for the West end douth will be forwarded daily from the transportation office ef the Company, No. t Dock (t WW Philadelphia. Merchants are respectfully informed that all goods corsigned to the company will be forwarded with the utinoit dispatch to any point welt or south. Freight reaches Baltimore the same dry it leaves Philadelphia. The mail line for Ih- west ml south leaves Dork street dtilv at half-past six o'clock A.M. by steambeat HUBERT MORRIS. Passengers will retch Baltimore at t o'clock, two hours prtvious to the departure of the Gains for the southwest. ^ .W. L. A8HMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March 8, 1841. mlt tm RaILTO'-D NuTIOfc. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. MM MM NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rpH? NEWJERStY Rai'road sad Transportstioa ?-'om L pany have ealablirhed s Knight Line between New Rrunswiek and New York, which tney intend to run peimaLerviog New Brunswick at 5 AM. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Libcitjr street. New York, a: s P.M. To country dealera and mmchauts the above line la very da irable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance of merchandise of every description, and more particularly lo Drovers and Dealera in Liva Stock, who can hava ISO head of cattle conveyel between New Brunswick and New York, theiameday, wheaerer required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mulet, sh'ep, hogs. Inc., and all oilier kind i of merchandise are very low, never exceed ng steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is uot subjected to any extra ch?rge in crossing the North Hirer. The CompsoT have firted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Dr|>ot, which will always he open for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing th-.ir tickets at the ticket offices, willreceere ferry ticket* gratis. ml4 3m* FREIGHf AND PASS AG FS TO PTl'sgBURO. ftgaw iSU? j9HEL IINUIIAM'S LIKE. The proprietor. *f Bingham'a Tranaportakie a Line to Pittaburf, give notice lothe Merehaotaof New York, end all other peraooa .ipping to the Waal, that their tine ta now ia active operation. Qooda conaigned to them (or aeat to go in their hoe.) will be forwarded with deapntch. Ownera or ahipoere of gooda. devtiaed for the Weatern State., who laveoo agent or coneignee ^t Pittaburg, will plraae coaaign their g?oda to Williani Bingham, Pittaburg, who will attend to thippiug all auch cooaigniaenta without delay. All goodi ihould be marked distinctly on each package BINOHAM'S 1 INK. For ratea of (Wight, which are aa low aa any other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agrot, No 8 Weatatreet. oVpoaite Pier No. J. N. R. N B,?Paaaengera forwarded to r.ttaburg and Pot'aville, every day, Sunda) e exevpted. Refer to K, Crookr, Auiericaa Fur Co.: 9. T. Nieoll, Sroat atrert; rhclpe. Dodge h. Co. Fulton street; Suydam, age ii< o., Wm Kaukio. Duryee liCo .Newark" ml3m BTyretriiLAND Fiam*:?' CAfl Foot of Whitehall -?' Sfteame^T'ATKN ISLANDER or S AMSON will run aa followa uutil further aotica levarea Slatec lalaad Leasee Whitehall At 8 o'clock a.m. At I o'clock a.m. ", " " "li M U " V.M - 3J - P.M. - 4 " " ? " N. B. At| gooda ahipped are required to bn particularly marked and are at therirk of the narntn thereof. ol SWARFANDIIEW YOUST F are Onlv 11) t enia aMQ Jtt, _.Jh? ardendid and commodioua ateamer PASSAIC, Captain John (iaffy, being com* ^B^3HJ^-plot> Ir and elegantly refitted, will commence her regular trlpa frr the aeaaon, uu Thunder, M irck lO:h.? Waving aa followerFoot ot Barclay at, New Y'ork Centre Market, Newark. 1* o'clock. A. M. 7J o'clock, A. M. 4o'clock, P.M. ijo'clock, P. M. Freight of every deeenptian earrie I at very reduced ralee. 5CSBC8PRlNO-'I>. etc am boat BI^HLANDER Capt. Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren atreel New York, every Monhy.Tbi ?Jay and Saturday afternoon', gt 4 o'clock. Retarwng.the Hwh.amier will .?,e .rewburgb eery Monday morning at ( o'clock, aau Tueoday and Friday afternoon at I o'clock. Far fraigh* or paasage .apply to the Captain aa board. N. B. AI . baggage and freight af every deeeriytion. bank pdla orapecie, put on board thia boat, muat be at the risk of the ewnera thereof,unleee a bill ofladiog orreceiptia aigned for 8PRINU AKIanSKmPT. _^Tf| 4* FOR SHREWSBURY and PKD BANK. fl_ajBM|3*~~Oa na(i alter Satt r-lay, Martli 11. 1841, the jMCovSMmK-Steamer OSIRIS.Captain Allure, will leave NewYork everjr Tuevdar. Thnraday. and Saturday, at 8 rlo k. A. M. Hettiraittf, leave Red Bank rrrrr Monday at ( o'clock, and Tueeday and Tharaday at 11 o'clock, noon. ilia' .MQ 0gk MAIL LINE FOR ALlANY, and later Q??jW%|^g(im#diilr plac?. a< far a? the ice peroiite, the TI * OTICA, Cant. A H Sehulti.wi'l leave the loct of Caurtlandt at reel, THIS AFTERNOON, at o'clock,Friday. Mareh Ith. For frejM or yaavaae, apply on Hoard, or to PETER C. SCHUL.TZ, at the OlSee on the wharf. The aieaaaoat TKLKORAPH wil< leave for Albany on Saturday Afternoon. March 8th, at ? o'clock. ml PAiS.\Ot f OR uiVeRP- OX.?XTnuedILinr?above, havmf aplrndid aceoaimndationa Tor cabin, aecoad cabin and iteerage paaaewera. For oaevaee, arlyat plication abould be aaada *n board, loot of Peck alip, or to W. k J.T. TAPSCOTT, mil M BotaikaU or M Peck Blip, E NE N1 CHARLES S. ROVVELL, DENTAL SURGKOX, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. II In* LIFE BOAT ASvSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mH CITY HOTEL. SARSAPAR1LLA SYRUP, A > D SARSAPARILLA PILLS, AS PREPARED BV OTTO ROTTON, M. D. SOLD BV THE SCENT JOHN DOYLE, ROOKSKLLEK, jn8 JW )?? RR*I A IIW A V GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CAFPET STORE, tto PEARL STREET. QESPECTFULLY Biake it kno ?n to their friends ?nd the -TV publir, that they havi just opened aa retentive astorlmebt of Kngtiah, Brussels .Three Ply, ingrain sad Venetian Carpe(^loor Oil Cloth, from 1 to St feel* ide. Drmgel's Bair."?,Tolled ssd other Rons,Mails, Table and Piano Covers, Treuspareut Window Shades, together with every article io the iradr, too bumerous to meo ion Wi chvllengc competition ss to price, quality and patten.*. A call is solicited before purcliaaing. N. B.?The pub ic wi.l be fully iatisfitd that this ia the cheapest cash carpet ato.-e iu the city J,H LOL'N3BEBY k CO. mlSSw* 440 Peatl stieet. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OH TUB PRlMClPt.V or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. (Coyy.) Having lately lost twj bicus,.idati teeth, I called on Mr Lerett to supply th-ir placi a wjth artificial teeth, anj it atforda me much pleasure to testify to hit akill and ability a* a Dentist; indeed, 1 hare i ever aeen teeth flaed and fried with more exactneia. and at the aame time Willi Ieaa painful preaaure on the gumi. 1 cheerfully recommend that gentleman to the especial notice of the medical profession, a? we II aa to (be public, feeling aatiatied from my own experience that they may confidently rely on hie akill iu hia profeaaion. (Siibed) GRANVILLE 8. PATT130N, M D. Profeeeor of Anatomy, University of Nate Yerk. February I3tl , 1842. The original can be aeen at Mr. Leretl'e 300 Broadway, coraerof Warren atreet mis tea* BANKRUPT LAW. /GENTLEMEN wishing to be diacharyed from their debt a, vT under tbia law. are tuvited to call on W. 8KIDMOKE, Attorney at Law,75 Naaatu atreet. All other kindi of law buaineee alao attended to. Charge* moderate. ftp am* THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.lat* of Chatham Square, now of tl4 Broadway' baa again token the first Premium for the bet taper men of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wanting, that native ingenuity i* appreciated before foreign boasting and humbug, aa the opinion of three of the oldcat and beat jodgea in the prole**ion in New York can testify. The public can now judge from the premium*, viz. the ailver modal loot ytar, and the first premium this, awarded by the Amerieau Inatitute, who ia or ia not the beat Wig maker. E. Phalou respectfully invitee all judge* and wgarer* to examine hia premiuu impro red Goeaamcr Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, eleoe r* semblance to nature and beauty of mechanical structure, may be regarded aa one of the greatest master pieces of art svst produced in the world. N. B.?This splendid wig weighs littls ovsr half an sancs, the lightest ever known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phalon'i celebrated A IN 11 JJAINiJKUrF, (or removing the dander complete! y from Um head, mad a tbor ugh cleaner af the surface mad hair of UN hmad, bat iaaraa gloasy and silky appearance to the HAIR. Observe, none u rami me unleM lined by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied en the pnepiaea for U ceata. mr? I m* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING H IRELAND, No. i90Sassau itreet, having an entirenaw itockof Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery, of the lateat and moit apptoved pattern!, i< now prepared to execute all orderi iu the most durable and handsome manner. Merchants Account Books and all other kinds of Blank work ruled and bound te any pattern, in a style that is warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in the.?nglish mode if required,as H. 1 has hadlong expedience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two secondhand Copperplate Pre tier. Apply as abore. ml6 lm CARPETING,. CARPETING. rpHE subscribers hare received a new a?d tresh atock of J. goods for the " Spring Trade," consisting of Brussels Three Ply, superfine, fine, common, hall and stair Carpeting, Ruga. Malting, English and American Oil Clotba, from 9 to 90 feet iu width, containing the lateat and most fashionable patterns and colors tee market affords, which they offer to the public at the lowest' Cash Prices " Persons wishing to purchase, would do well to .call icnd examice ourslock urcvi'Mtt to purchasing. WEBB St MANNING,4S9 PesH si, tul9 lm* 3d Carpet Store irom Chatham. NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. THE subscriber would iuvile the attention of Ihoie wishing to purchase articles'iu the above business, to h is establishment, where is to be found a rich assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French aud other patterns, some of which are not to be found elatwhere, being entirely original. Also, handsome rich gilt Cornices for windows, Poles and Rings ; together with Damasks, Galloons and Tasaels, and every article attached U curtains, which wtil be made in the latest style from patterns lately received. N B. Particular attention pai l to the fi'ting up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroid ared tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEKS. dlS-Stn US Broadway, next the Hospital WIGS AND SCALPS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, THE TO BE r0UtlD AT A. C. BARRY'S, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up etairs. WIGS and Sealpe, upon the beautifying and goasamcr system, approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured le the natural head ef hair?first premium. Also, mat ufactur ed from ladies' and gentlemen's hair, not less than two inches lung, necklace i, bracelets, earingr, watch guards, rings, and hair work ol every description. mltim* CARPETING, CARPETING. '"PHK Subscriber ii now opening bin Spnnx assortment of -L Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, superfine and fioe Ingrain; ?n aaeortment not surpassed in (hie city fur ariety of styles, figures. kc. These goods hare been ordered eipreaalyf?r the 8(iri;ig trade. The greatest ca e has bee> observed in man" K selections ol such gooda at can be confidently , ecommended for durability and permanency of ?Also.a large asaor'ment of toe different kinds of Hall and Stair Cari eunf, Tufied door Rugs.Door Mrs, kc. Also a han< some as>ortment of runted Floor Cloths, all widths- , , Families about purcliasin] any of the abore described good, arc respectfully inriUd ? mitt lm* 7? F.aat Broadway ,TI Uir sintj-sf. UAL ! COAL 11 wELLlfaO OFF AT COS P?The real reach Orchard. Red Aahof all aiaea. Yard sot Washington street, near Spring. dg33m* D'R. OLIVE (till continues to treat aecre t dTseisea ;o7 sll kinds, with unrivalled skill and surpassing judgment, which tm enabled him to effect a speedy and permanent cure, erenof those casei which hare been aggravated by the pernicioas and nauseating use of mercury, balsam cat aria, spirit* of nitre.'kc . and all auch disagreeable aud undermining medi cicea, which 'end* to enerrate and d*atroy the constitution. Hie medicine it mild and will not disagree with the moet fas ticioiii and de'icate constitution?his Frenc i red drop is now well known for i's extraordinary virtues, in curing the most notions and deplorable c isee. Terms moderate?cell at iW Weat Broadway, near! anal at'eel. mil lm* KATSoMTNE PaINTTNTT for Beau y, Economy, Durability. kc.?poetess. a advantages . rer every other eytrm of Painting, as it is frre from all no, leaaairt smell, retaining all its hrillianc) of C<v'or, and if applied in much lese ime than Oil Painting. M is well adapted for w ilia, ceilings, or any inside work; churches.public building*, and decora tire work in ''Appl'ied by JOSEPH PEARSON, No. 4)3 Broadway, cer. ?f Broome street New York, who will gire the beat reference, and all information respecting the same. Won promptly executed by apply ing as abort, eithar in iht city or country. mum' 1JH iMlU.M RAZOR *1 r Rt >P ? i ir?t I'r nuum w as award r rd by the American Ttieiitut-, it the I sts Will a* etch Crererdisg h air, to tleorge Saunders. 143 Broadway, for the est Raaor Strop. The Matalic Tablet, invented by OSaujdere, has beenretabliehed for the last twenty-Are /eats sad certificated by the first gentlemen of the country. It sro' duces a thin and smiotn edge on a rar. ir with more certainty than it can be done on a hone in a tenth part sf the time, without the use of oil or water?which any person caa prove by bringing a dull raaor a having it put in order on one,of lhe Tablets. 1SI Broad mlg lm T?T(7RIUA KUNDS?Union Baaa ajJ Southern Trust, T bought at N. ttlSTARfe/S. _ 13 Wall street nJL't'i i1''! notes. Illinois do, Michigan, ludiaua, Illinois Strip, b tight and sold. ml** fjRffj.lff|H6 NCASTINO .4?Consisting of fra mes lenders, and summer on. amsnu.ol superior manufacture, to closs a consignment, at vary low pi*sea. by . OiiLRlCHS k KRUOKR, **3 \m ., <3 Broad street. nd the nnrarnoua symptoms a ruing from this disease Prose Dr. t;5 sstensire prsetiew tee the last eight years ia this part, enlar branch of the profeeeion rwranteee a safe. speedy and efecdyg core to all penwoe who apply to bun. Aeeeot caees cured ia a few days without the nae of mercury. Or any other laws crone wiedttwioe. No interruption from bueinees. or alterationin the mode of lirini. All whooa nsss hose been pro ttojM or aggravated by maltreatment. mar apply with the iftn&t cenfideace of being effectually cured. Terase mode rale?attendance from T W the mor?g UMR it at eight. Of 4e?U RtmMjRs Mllmr V.^ W YO ?W YORK, MONDAY M THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. L)., PIBUSHKD EVBRY SATURDAY. The went of a weekly Journal, devoted to the advancement of Medicaland Surgical Science, irrespective of local, individual, or party interests, and established on a biead and permanent batii, haa bean long felt by the profession iu this country. To supply thit deiidtralum is the object of the present undertaking. The New Yoax Laisckt will be conducted on principles somewhat sirni lar to those which have been so successfully adopted In the management ol several European publications,of a kindred character, and acknowledgwd utility. It will be entirely independent of any particular stt of men, and will uniformly endeavor to advance, by every legitimate means within its reach, the great interests of theemi nently useful and elevated profession, in whose service it will be engaged. Whi n the proprietors stale that this periodical will give permanent record to the really valuable results of toe accumulated experience and observation of the thousands of practitioner* scattered over the widely extended field oi the United States, and w ill present to them,iu the manner best adapted for practical utility, brief analyses of the labors of distinguished medical writers in Europe and this country .they conceive that these considerations alone will he found sufficient to gain for the contemplated work all the patronage which ihej' can deiire. In order to r?e more expi ic it, lio we ver,me following outline 01 me plan ol the publication it submitted. Tno contents of each number of the periodical will be comprised under the folio w. iig.beads:? I. B* ief una piquant Reviews of new Medical Books, Periodicals, Lecturea,aud curient Medical Literature in general. II. Omoixal Contributions from distinguished members of the profession. III. Thi Mkdii o-Cmirurok'ai. Rtroarrt, including notices ol the cases at the Surgical Clinifties, the Hospi wis, and in private practice; with selections from tue t. arojM an Journals. IV. Euitosiai. Der autsunt. V. FoaelGX AMD Dalles 1IC PaOrBSSIONAL INTELLIGENCE Such is the ground work of the planon wtiinh tbis National Medical Journal will be conducted; and on the curtying out of tbla plan with fsitbfuluess and zeal,the prom letors repose with, they trust, a not presumptuous confidence, their hopesofluture and full success. 1'UeInSCST willconaiat of sixteen pages, 8vo., double columns ; it will oe published every Saturday, and forwarded to all parts of the Union with the strictest punc tuelity and despatch. Tf.rms? Three dollars per annum, paid in advance. (CJ- Books.pamphl-ts, plates, he., for review, and all communications relative to the editorial department, to be addressed to the editor atthe office of the Lancet. Subscriptions and advertisements to be forwarded to the publisher, James Gorden Bennett, at the ofiice of the Lancet, 31 Ann street, New York. CONTENTS OF NO.;XII. LECTURES. Woftssor Mott's Lectures on Surgery, No XII. Hypertrophy of the Nose. 179 1 Lypomatoug Tumor,' 179 Nasal Pelypi 179 REVIEWS. Observations on the Care of Strabismua, with Engravings. By Alfrad C. Post, M. D., one of the Surgeons of the New York Hospital, he 181 Treatise an Strabismus, or Squinting, and the new mode of treatment. Illustrated by Engraving* and Cases. By John H. Dix, M. D., Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society 183 The Climate of the United Slate* and it* Endemic Influence*. Bated chiefly on the Record* of the Medical Department and Adjutant'* Office, U. 8. Army. By Samuel Forry, M. D 184 Human Physiology for the use of Elementary Schools. By Charles A. Lee, M. D., late Profe* or of Materia Medica sad Medical Jurisprudence in the University of the City of New York 185 The Principles of Diagnosis. By Marshall Hall, M. D., F. R. 8. L. and E. etc 185 The American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Robley Dunglism, M. D 186 Observations on Apparent Death, from SuifocaUon by Hanging or Drowning, Choke Damp, lie. (sc. with Directions for using the Resuscitating Apparatus, invented by the author. By Edwaid Welchman, of Cold Spring, Putnam Co. N. Y., Member of the Royal College of Surgeens in London 186 COMMUNICATION'S. Two Case* of Spinal Curvature, with remark*. By Dr. Richard S. Kissarn. With an Engraving 178 A Pichycological and Literary Phenomenon 190 Dr. MottandM. Ouerin 180 Druggists' Price* 1 86 KDiroaiAL DtrABTMENT. "The British and Foreign Medical Review?Its gross Injustice towards Dr. Marshall Hall. Dr. Stewart, of New York, and other* 185 MKDICO-CHiai'BniCAL BsroavEB. Crosby street Clinique ' 187 A brief Sketch of the Philadelphia Dispensary and notes of some of the cut* treated by Dr. J is Bryan, late Professor of Surgery and Medical Juria prudence in the Medical College of Vermont, attending physician and aurgean lor tha northeastean district in the above Institution 187 Professor James Conquest Cross, on the 'Sedative Action of Calomel,' 187 The Structure of the Human Placenta. ByJohn Dalrvmple, E?q, Assistant Surgeon to the London Ophthalmic Infirmary 188 Teeth of the first Dentition 189 Treatment of Tneumonia. By Dr. Watson, Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine in King's College, London, 189 Acupuncture of the Heart in Apparent Death. By Dr. A. Carraro 189 Treatment of Taps Worm. By Dr. Wawruch, Professor of the Practure of Medicine in the University of Vienna 190 items aid intelligence. Liberality of the Stuyveaant Institute School to Quacks 190 Columbia College, Washington, D-C 190 The Grave Yard* of London, and their Effects 191 The Commencements L'niveraity of New York 191 College of phyiiciaRi and eurgeom, N. York,.. 191 Jtfferaon Medical College, Philadelphia, 199 Antcmmarchi'a Anatomical Plate* 191 To Correipondent* 199 Weekly Report of Interment* 191 Ad*krti*i*o Trrmi. One aqaare, one imertion 9 1 M Rach additional inecrtion 1 00 Per annum 16 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Rich additional imertion *00 Per Annum 60 90 Nrw York : Printed and Published for the Proprietor*, at the Lancet Olfiee, No. 91 Ana Street,by JAMKS GORDON BENNETT. Agent* for the New York Lancet. The following 1* a list of the Agent* for the Lancet, where *ub*cription? will be received, end tingle number* are found for aaie regularly every week, Boston George W. Redding. Baltimore W. Tailor. Philadelphia O. B. /ieher. Waahington, D. C G. B. Ziebar k Co. Buffalo N Y T S. Hawk* New Haven,Conn D.C. MitchelL Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbury Albany, N. Y O. June#, Troy, N T Levi Wlllard. Laafingburgh, N Y, ""boa. V Riohtrd*. Watcrford, N. Y R. Newark, N.J.. . D. Smith. Pateraon, N J Matthew Dougherty Worceiter. Mai* S.Thempeon. Norwich, Conn Morgan 3 afford. Rocheater, N T L. Moore. Mew Orleane John F. Cttrnefc'Co. ft. Louii, Mo R.J. Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. Mid'letown S. Dickinson. Hudson, NY George Clara. Sarannah. 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. John F. CurtsfcCo. Pougbkeepaie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Rounder. Pittsburgh, Pa K O. Berford. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. Cincinnati, O C. Tobejr. Wheeling, Va J H Thompson k Co. Mew London,Conn... L L. Sperry. ?' * Wm A Vrw Cananditgua. Mnttra.H.D HoetkCo. The L naet ia >3 |>er annum in adrtnce?or centa per tingle number. L**okt Orrtoa 21 An* ixmr. UftCD FOR ONE DOLLAR?Such ia the efficacy ?f Dr Thonaa'a Hpectfic filla, that they are warranted to effect a permanent aad apredy cure ia all dtaeaaea of one claaa The unqualified aueetae they hare met with ia the moat dim cult caaea, at ooce gire them a claim to the attention af all thoae who may need the uae of a aimilar medicine. For aale at >7* Broadway, cor. Chamber at., 7t and lot Fulton at ; 77 Ml Iretdtra;; Byrne, f I Bowery. Frke $1. fIff-iaa RK I ORNING, MARCH 21, 16 Linei on the Death of McDonald Clark. I WILLIAM WALLACE. Authorof"B.iltle of Tippecanoe," "Ode to Lo*?,"Vc. I know that thine o'er toi tared toul iiat reat? I know that thy beautiful spirit, on high, Looks down, like a beam ot the eve-lighted Welt, From it* home in the dime* of the sky. Too long watt tbou here ! Oh too long for the one Whose mild sonl, like a leaf hjrp of June, Bui gave warn illumed ny the uod ol tne sun ? To the world its melodious tuae. Ah ! little they thought, who so carelessly threw. Their rough hands o'er the sensitive lyre. Of the feeling snd truth which hisintellsCt drew From 'he warmth ol its mystical lire. Thus the glorious star from us orbit may Ity, When the ones who are cheered by its light, As they stupidly look to its pathway on high, Will e'en scotf at its comet-like flight, But rest in thy sepulchre, Bard of the Heart? Aye rest w bile each garlanding flower From it* leaf-covered cell ol the wiuter shall start To eu wreathe for the poet a bower. Oh ! Nature ! let man to his minstrel becold, As the breath of an ice-fettered rill? Yea. Nature?yet lovely and kind as of old, Will tisr.g over her worshipper still. A Brighter World than This, Oh I when 1 trod life's early ways, Hope wing'd mv fleeting hours, 1 saw no shadow in her rays, No serpent in her flower's ; I thought ou dat s of present joy, And years cf future bliss, Nor dtearned that sorrow could alloy So blight a world as this. Alas ! the fairy dreams I wove, Soon from my fancy fled, Thelrienls who owned my tender love, Were numbered with the dead ; Upon their pallid lips I pressed Affection's parting kiss, They lell iuc for a world of reit, A brighter world than thii. Nor did the spacious world supply Those tie* of opening life, False wss it* mocking flattery, Keen waa its bitter strife ; And then 1 ti:st began to look For purer, truer bliss. And loved to trace in God's own book, A'bvighter warldthan this. My wounded heart desired relief, I found the good I sought ; And now, in trial and in grief, I feel the soothing thought, That though the worldling may despair, When robbed of earthly blias, The Christian humbly hopes to share A brighter world than this. Letters from Brazil. ! Correspondence of the Herald | Kto de Janeiro, Jan. 1,1842. Commercial?The Fiour Market?Proepeet* of 1842 1 shall devote this letter to the benefit of your oommercial readers, and hopo the information which is presented may be found useful, aa I can assure them that the statemen-s may be relied upon as strictly correctLast year's importation of flour into Rio, surpassed all expectation; the whole amount received rom the United States was 217,462 barrels, which is an increase of 84,951 barrels on the average importation of the three preceding years and _r i=4 /7-rn sl.s _r i..s a :j li. ui. uii in a i ui id?i year. n. uunaiurrauic demand for Montevideo during the first six months and the publication of a decree by Governor Rosas in the month of August, which permitted flour to be imported into Buenos Ayres, prevented prices from going much lower in many instances; the outside terms of Richmond having been $20 and $14, and those of Baltimore and Philadelphia $17 and 12$250 for good and 11$50Q for inferior quality, the Ivanhees cargo from New.Orleans sold at 9$t0tt it being very inferior. Prices declined during the first four months; from May till November they gradually improved, and nothing of importance was done m December,there having been no purchasers except at a considerable reduction, to which the importers were not inc'ined to submit. jThe old Richmond flour, principally the Gallego per the Thiberius, was of inferior quality, but the new proved fair. Several cargoes o! Baltimore and Philadelphia, which arrived herein April and May, turned out very bad and the Tweed brand has lost its reputation, the last arrivals having proved even worse than common Baltimore brands. The new Baltimore and Philadelphia proved very fair, principally the Patnpseo brand, which enjoys now the same credit that the Tweed formerly had ; some good family flour arrived frem Baltimore, which sold well, but it docs aet keep in this clime. The importation from Earope was likewise larger than the two preceding years, having amounted to 21,881 barrel', amongst which were 7,180 barrels fiom Trieste and 5,756 barrels from Havre, both estimated equal to Richmond and -ICt) barrels from Antwerp ef a superior quality. From Chili there waa reetived 2,831 sacks of flour which was not liked by the bakers; 200 barrels ground at Pernaiubuco, and ahipped hither have been returned to that port,not being approved of in this market The duty on flour continue* the kume? i Bull 7-J rei*?which *t the present sate of exchange may be set dewa in Unite i State* currency at $1,67 ct* per barrel. The prospect* for 1312 in regard to flour, prices are any thing but flattering. Tne year commenced with a stock equal to six months consumption, and in Montevideo there is enough for ten months, for which reasnn, there is no hope of re-exporting any flour for acme time. It i* impossible to say at what rates prices will open. The bakers are not in immediate want and do not show any inclination to purchase largely, ualess at price* whieh will yield a considerable loss to the shipper. The last sale* were?Richmond $19 and t-mall parcels of Haitimore and Philadelphia 14, $609 to $15. The Brazilian government gave n patent for 15 years to a Frenchman to make bread of riee.but it ie generally believed that this will very little injure the consumption of flour. FSThe stock in first hands on the. 31st. ultimo consisted of 22 613 barrels Haxall and Gallego, 19,029 barrels of Baltimore and 315 barrels of other descriptions, in all 42,457 barrels of the stock in 2nd hands; 6,000 barrels arc held by speculators. The eonsumption has but little increased and Cannot be estimated above 10,250 barrels per month. From theee statements merchants in the United States will be enabled to judge of the probable result of shipments of flour to this place for the ensuing six months. SteJlMrosTiTio* t r Flovr into Rio, Uscimsks, III) Date. Bit 1 Hit. Brandt. Whmrr from. S *r> 30* Baltiinors. per bark Leda, Baltimore. 3*0* ? Haiall. " " ' S 4,431 ? Baltimore. " " Pionerr, " 0 8,404 8*3 " " brig Wm Price, " 6,00j ? Uallrpro. " ship R. Bowne, Richmond. 10 1.MS ?0? Haii.ll. " bri* Monteeideo, 14 l.soo ? * "* ?hip Louiaiana, New York. 03 ? Philadelphia. " * ' " *0 ?Bremen. " brie Hi'am, Bremen. 80 100 ? Bcllmont " bark Nepiuae, Bosliu. *4 8.SOS 370 Baltimore. " ship Kminok", Baltimore. lilO* ? H i tall. * " Whiremore,Richmond. W MOU * ? W'., *11IHMMJ, ] ?? ?** * Kshioj, Baltimore. !.#? 90? Beliiaere. * 14 * " U?,5*S 1470 A* ?or>n at I oan prepare a correct atatenaent of the coffee market, and the protpeets for the next aix month* ! will forward it, believing that theae two great staples of the two countries are aubject* which are al way a interesting to your merchant* engaged in trade with Rio. CinciaivATu*. Charleaton ICorretpondente of the Herald J Charleston, S. C March 14, 1842. Port Office in Charleston? General Jamt* Hamilton 11 wines*?Trade, <Jr. Friend BraviTTAa I conaider your " Herald" the only Imly independent Journal 1 know of, and feeling aliio satisfied that yoor paper ia read by "Captain Tyler," I with merely to insinuate to you that perhap* we have the worat managed Pott Office in this place of any in the Union. Th.a day brought u* three northern mail* in one batch, having received none for three davt nrrivout. In this matter there itg eat mis management somewhere Charleston is one of (be principal sea port cities of America, and the despatch or arrival* of the daily mail* i* of much con cq.imce at at any other ?ity or town Hut our nail* are irregul.tr beyond any precedent and it i* hi^h time for t bote in a itbori.y to look to it. Shou'd you think it expedient in accordance with these fact* to lay the matter before Captain Tyler, the eternal gratitude of tli * whole citv will be your* There i* a kind of half starred, surly, murky looking fellow at the window of general delivery Who mast and shall be taught manners, for g n-,l9 IER A m. unaccommodating one is not in existence. It is <juite iuipog-ible tor him to understand his place, its duties, or his accountability to the public. He seems to lose sight of the fact, that he is a mere servant of the 8overaign People. General James Hamilton arrived in town yesterday, no doubt with a vie w of extenuating himself as far as rmy be from some imputations in regard to the foreign loans. General Hamilton is a man much esteemed by us, and none?no not one, can behere bim for a moment gnilty of any: ucb aets as are by inaendo attribute J to hint Our worthy Mayor, Mr Mintzing, is very dangerously ill, and but slight hopes are entertained of ni* recovery Business of nil kinds is excessively dullaud money scarce. We have had a fciv failures only as yet, but I fear the worst is to come We are blest however, with specie paying Batiks, and whilst exchange on New York from other places south of .Mason and Dickson's line is from 7 to 30 per cent, sight draft* on N. Y. can he had at any time from one half to one per cent On the whole ) think Charleston is looking up, its maritime Iocs? atss inorarsl rocnnrP?<a~th<i wealth of itft Cltl" zens? and its beautiful .woman, with their most beautiful feet and ancles?it a capital not easily annihilated. I trill occasionally give you the " signs of the time* " As usual, "Sswapj-o." Rochester. ICurrespoadencs of the Herald.) Rochester, March.1<), 1812 Political Sqmlblee?Defeat*-Proper Policy?Theatri' c*l?Religion. Dear Behwett? 1 take the liberty of offering my feeble efforts to as-i*t you in carrying out your gigantic purposes, ' which have already marked the Herald a eentury in advance of all its cotempararies; who now en- I deavor, (hiving failed of breaking.it down by their J jealous abuse,) to imitate it* course. The democrats and whig* are both at loggerheads t among themselves here just now. The independ- I ent portion of the former have thrown off the shack- J les of General Gould, and blush to think they have t so long submitted to his ignorant dictation. They s succeeded in defeating him in his application for the office of canal commissioner, and also Hyatt, editor of the Advertiser, who was log-rolling with | him and lobbying for the office of collector?who ( had even gone so far a* to engage his clerks, not * doubting the impotency of the cobling General.? . This throws them all into confusion, as the Gene- I rjl doe* not suDmu 10 neiug cegraucu iv iuc im? without a stiuggle. All hi* effort*, howerer, will prove unavailing. The new hoard or aldermen could not agree, there being two candidate* presented for the office of city trea*urer,(one by the General?the other by hi* opponent*.) The coniequenee wai, the eld treamrer (whig) wa* re-elected, at which the whig party are n high glee thi* morning, and the democrat* quite j ehop fallen at the palpable insubordinate n in their , rank*. The whig* are quarrelling about the appointment to the poit-office yet, and rariou* other matter* trouble them. Tht y hare lo*t the city by abuiing Captain Tyler for vetoing the bank bill*. Their miserable party organ (the Democrat) advocate* all *ort* of old fashioned and unpopular notion* ;? goe* for high discriminating protective dutiee? yelp* at the eaptain?dare not *peak out againat the contemptible course pursued by the whig majority in Congre**? oppose* the direct tax, which n all percon* ot common *en?e feel to be *o important, , to bring np the credit, and aet the example expected from the "Empire State." Are you aware tnat your view* m < et with a hearty > re?pon?e from a large party, dailv increasing.? who think with you, honeatly and fearlessly !? t who are pledged to nothing but the good of the whole country 1?who despise all who attempt to create sectional difficulties and animosity, between j No and So 1 When no such cause exet*?we say j go ahead! You have our best wishes. J. K Scott is here starting our theatre? i Finney and Burchard our pulpits, assisted by good stock companies. The learned blacksmith delivered two lectures to fashionable and crowded houses last week, who listened with unfeigned pleasure. Whin will yon establish a branch of the Herald here,under the supervision of the jeune idilrur 1 1 will not be se tedious next time?if you approve this, publish it, anu uuiige jum nicuu, ll>nn> i ua?e. Bangor. [Correspondence of the Iierald.j Uakgoii, March 16, 1442. The Season Down East?Change of Timet?Bankrupt Law? Trade ? Religion?Fashion. James Gordon Dennett, lisq. Dear Sir The winter here has been delightful. One would hare supposed himself amid the " balmy breezes of the sunny South," had he not been reminded by about two weeks of clear cold weather and good sleighing, that Mr. Jack Frost had not entirely relinquished his interest in and to this latitude of 4-1 North. Verily, Mr. Bennett, these are funny times. Toerery thing else, strange and singular, which has recently taken place, we can now undoubtedly add a change of seasons. One indiri- ] dual in this city, who has inrestigated thoroughly the cause of this change, reports that it will cotf. tinuc. He is, howerer, regarded as being a itile chimerical, when ke asserts that within ten years this city will be supplied with ise Irom the Mis- , sissippi, and that the citizens of New Orleans and vicinity will ke engaged in a rery profitable and lucrative business in preparing and shipping that article. Had be made thie assertion in 1835, he | would bare been considered a prophet of only common capacity and ordinary foresight. The bankrupt law ii now in "full tide of successful 1 operation," and its beauties are being fully deTeleped in all directions, not far from two hundred ia this city and vicinity having availed themselves of its provisions. This number,however, does not include n eertain class of bankrupts, who, acting i upon the principle of "devil take the hindmost," 1 openly boast that they have enough to last them; I or, another highly respectable class who have been enabled, by the passage, of this law, to compound with their creditors tor five cents on the dollar, and then turn round and purchase for cash the most splendid mansion in the city. A locofoco poet iu Mew Hampshire hits them whealresayij ' Let the bankrupt rejoice, for the Sheritf no mere Shall follow bis coach si it rolls frem the door? His nunsien?ue more shall he hastily lock it. And skulk through the street with the key in bis pocket, ' But lightly his heart 'neath his rufflei hull beat. While his racy old liquors shall sooth his retreat." O ! the beauiesof the law. The Penobieot will undoub'ejly open early this season, and the dealers are expecting a large , supply of their staple article, (lumber,) and a brisk demand I am told large orders hare al. eady been received- There are several other sub Jectt to which I intended to allude, but have not time now. Among them,a series of splendid parties at the Bangor llou.e-tbe temperance rrfsrm ? protracted meetings, A.c , Ac ?but these in good time. Adolph, Texas.?A friend reeenty from Texas furnlshesns with the following notes in ra^ard to hercondil tion and pro peets: ? The cot'oa crop of Texas for the last season was upward* of eixty thousand bale*. Galveston harbor was. ?P to ttie latest advices, filled with ship. f ing On ibc 4th day of last February, there were ou" British merchantmen in port, independent nf numerous vessels from the United States. Thres fine * earn ships now run between New Orleans and Galvestc n, and are crowded with freight and passengers Four steamboat# ply bdwe? n Oalvesto i and Houston city. The Tunity is navigated by * earn boats foar or five hundred miles, and the 9s* bine almost I* its eouree, whilst Ked River i* nav.- , gated to naar Clarkaville. The tide of e i.igratka is at present very large. A settlement of 70<> per- 1 sons from Ken ucky and Indiana i* now forming at tke Cross Timbsrs, on Red River. A gentleman of high steading from England hss recently made a em tract for the settlement of 1500 families upon Upper Colorado, end a gentleman from France for a settlement of several nuadred families upon the Rio Grande, near the month of the Puerto- A large nnmber of persons, reapeetable, intelligent, | Md ia comfortable cixtuutaaces, ia LD. Prlea two Can is K gland, and GerHiinv, are preparing to emi? i fate to Trxa*. Kastern aad .Northern Texa> are adapted to the cultivation of corn, cotton, and raising of pork; Middle Texas to cotton, sugar, fice, and indigo; and Western Texas to Mexican wheat and cattle; whilst the Cpper Colorado and San Antonio afford the tines: water power that the Miicmi coma aesire Liiurchti aie b- ing . tUbli.hed in every portion of the Republic For the support of eomaion ?cht old flity lesgueg, or near 224,000 acre* of lend, have bee* appropriated by Congress. A majority of the mercantile community in Houston and (ralvebteu are from New York and the New England Stae*. The report el the Methodist Conference for the past year exhibits an increase of 2 200 members. The ilaptist church has no doubt received an equal lumber of members. In the city of Galveston there are Tour beautiful churches ; in Houston a roost spacious Piesbyteriau Church ; and in every town and village are to be found flourishing Sunday schools. T he go.erumriit is at present poor, but everywhere the people arc prosperous. Such is the flow of eroigistion that nowhere can corn be bought under one dolUr a bushel Land is repidly ri-ing in value, sad for richness, esse of cultivation, and abundance of return to the industrious husbandmen, is unrivalled. Titles issued by the government of the Republic of Texas are as valid and free from litigation or doubt, a? any putents from the United States. The friends of Texas, ay a, of religious and constitutional freedom, need have no fear for either the prosperity, nermauency, or reputation of the new Republic. Gen Samuel Houston igagain at the head of the nation, and apply ing the powers of bis mind to build up the glory &ud strength of that land which hat been the theatre of his fame. The total| reforma lion which hi-habits have undergone in every respect, being both a teetotaller in dissipation and jrofanity, has greatly increased his capacity to renefit the gallant people among whom he holds he rank of soldier, statesman, and orator. The Texians have no dread of a collision with Santa Anna. Mexico can never render her again a mili ary province. Her friends need anticipate no rarm fer hor from France, originating in the diflitulty between Mr. Salixny and the members of the ate administration. Tnat matter is, no doubt, by big time settled Steps were taken some time lince for its arrangement. The national debt of Texas is but trifling, compared to her vast relources. She is, however, determined to create no lew liabilities Hence the repeal of all her lows am>t r.uu i ccdn in man comnnjtinncrs She needs 10 borrowed capita! Her wealth is in tb* coil, ind thee rabincd efforts of her plan ers, mechanics, md merchants will toon render her both rich and lowerful. The tariff", which went into operation on he flrit of last February, it high upon tome artistes, but generally quite fair, and is collectable in sothing bat gold and silver or exchequer bill*. Of hese exchequer bills, only $200,000 have or will se authorized to be issued The direct tax is ligh', ind the revenue arising from customs and direct ax will amount thia year to upwards of $-100,000. rhe total amount of the civil list expenses of the rovrrmuent will not exceed $'200,000. Economy it he strict order of the day, and practical retrenched t i? pursued in every den&rtment and brancb. The Cumaache Indians in tne west are [our eneuies They, however, give but little tronbh', beng by no means formidable but as horse thieves. Jur most troublesome enemy are the Indians conientrated upon the frontiers of Arkansas and Lousier a, who daily cross Red River, murdering, ilundering, and stealing, and then retreat inimeliately under the protection of the American flag, nd thus shield themselves from punishment. This nilvr* nf annnesnoa koinowav * !?? ??? rery reliance in the justice and humanity of the Jnited State*, will loon be effectually remedied. Mayor or Charleston?Jacob F. Mintving, oayor of Charleston died there on the 14th inirr TMMBKK FOR THE U. 8. DRY DOCK. BROOKLYN, L Scaled Pr< rowli wilt be received at the office of (he Naff Agent, New York, until the lat dar #f April, for Iurnishugat the U. 8. Nary Yard, Brooklyn,the following tunbe lank for the foundation* of the Dry Deck, viv :? 00 epnice pile* of length varying 'rom 94 to 3] feet?to aver age not leu tbau 28 feet; and to be uot lesa than 11 aad to average at leaet 12 luchea in diameter, 4 feet from the butt, exclusive ef the bark. 1,000 liutal teet white pine timber, foot square for floor km! 1,000 lineal feet white pine do, 1 foot br 1 foot 3 inches square for floor timbers. 141,500 feet board measure of 3 inch white pine plank for floor inc. if .too feet board measure of S inch yellow pine plank for sheet piling. All the above timber and plank to be of perfectly sound and turable quality. ? . The spruce piles ta be as straight as can be procured, and in ill resperls prepared for sharpening and drii tug. The white pine timber to lie fiee from shakes and large mots?to lie aayvrd straight and square edged to the dimensions ibove|iveti. and of the following lengths, via: one half of iach lot to be in sticks 22,25.28 and 31 Uel long. The remain inghalfol each lot in stule 31. .17, to and 43 feet long,?the lumber of lineal feet of each Ioa{,;i tube naarly the same. The white pine plank to be entirely free Irom Urge kuote? square edged?m lengths of 31. 21,37, 30, ?Jor3? feet?toave rage not less than 27 feet, and in widtha from 10 to IS, to are rage not lees than 1SL The yellow pine plank to be straight and square edged, suit ibis for diiving as sheet piling in lengths of II or 24 feet, and nwidtbfrom to to 12 inches?to average not lesa than 13 in !hMe All the above timber and plank to be delivarek ou such wharf if wharfs within the Navy Yard as may be designated by the f.nginrer of the Dry Dock subject to the inspection and appro>*1 of such pel-sou as he may seleot. The pile* In be delivered la such quantities and it such time* tetwesn the let day of July aud the l5lhdayof October as nay be required by the Navy Agent, he giving uotteas than f weeks notice. The white pine timber to be delivered between the 1st day ?f September and 3Wt day of ItcUiber, ana 4 BC Wliuc mu > eiiuw piiie piaum inintiu vnr in uuovtr Ad 30lh November. The pr ipoaale will itate the price per (tick fir the pilee? per cubic foot for tlie white piu* timber, mid ptr foot bom f weaanre, for the 3 end S pine plank. The rteht t? referred to uii|n Itn than the whole quantity if each kind of timber to any one bidder?aud effete will be teeired f?r am- portion of eitlierkiad. Proper a la to be eudoraed, " Propoeala for Timber, for Dry Jock. Brooklyn." N. Ageul'a office. New York, fat. Id, 1MB ROBERT C. WKT.VIOKE, Nary Agent. J? ItawtAlat PPOlN 1 KO CITY AliEN 1'S ?The following eatablunmenta have been appointed to eell CLIHKHUGH'S TRIOOPHRROUS, OK MEDiCATED COMPOUND, for the Human !!air ? Mrr. Holhlaik, Curl Store, Broadway. Kii-g. Hot kaeler, h'ulion alreel. J. B.Dod J, Droggi it, Broadway, eo-uer of Bl-eke-. \Vm. Mi'ior, DtugK at,Broadway corn r ol Julio at. Meaara. field h Miller, Drwggith, 'f hir<l Airnue corner of 19th >1. Harriaon, Broadway e orner of CiranJ at. J. Jonea.Hair Dreaaer. Kultcna r 11. Brooklyn And ol the iu'enlor and proprietor. Proleaeir ( lirehugii, at hie room*.907 Broadway, corner of Kip loo al Price Si per b I'.tle. All o'hera are counterfeit. mllttdtt tJAVANA?MUST WEST'S IQARUINO HI IUSE IP n removed to theCalle San Pedro, N?. I " enfrente de la Mijhini."' By thia latter direction the building ia known to ail ?natinrn,eoarhi?i>n, portcra he , n one of the moat couapi uoua point I of the ej'y. TheeiUnaivealleratiooi and repair* upon lhi< home having Seen completed, Mr*. VV. haa the aatialartiun ol offering to ilrangera nailing Havana, an ealabliahmeut I iraupenor in ita oration to any thing of the kind ever helure kuow.v ia the ;ity. It ia aituale direni; uunn the Bay. and command* an titenaive view if the entire harbor, with the adjaceul country, owna. village*, he.' Qrf- Piuaenger* lorHavan* muat oh'ain a |>aa?, .- rt from, or id', veriliedby, a Spiniah Conaul, whieh,on arrival, taken jy the boarJing ofHeera to ibe lion mmeut Hone, where, in conformity therewith, a permit lo land with baggage, he. haa obe procured bv aotne resident of the place. Pe**on* ileairuua of going t? Mr*. Weat'a hone, wild plena Ifcaaf Ikta ifrvic* ^ill b# urAnfitli' r.'nA+rmd llmm >y the Clerk who rieita all vaaaelj with piaeeegera. ae aoon a they rut er the harbor. HiTiM.lhii.9i.IMI. ogSeod lm* pOtL YAllb TO LV.AJik.-Iha Clinton i,oal tardTSol wise Monroe e.re t,wilh Office, Stable, au<l the Yard paved. The adverser w ill attend daily at 11 o'eiork, A. M. at WILLIAMS h FKROUSON'S comer ol Madison an 1 Jffferaoi* streets. ml cod aw' AMKKICAN BANK LOCK 0< IMP ANY. ANDREWS AMERICAN I.OCN. r) THK PUDL1C-*6<io HK.WAKO.?The lUe repeated rumora and r<porta which have been ro vide y and industrioual) circulated that Andrew's celebrated Combination Lock had l>een opened or picked, and which thuafar hare been disregarded aa unworthy of uotiee.are beginning to aasuine a character ol aoine plausibility. by which means many upright men hare been deluded tn give their eanctioq and counte nance toauch reports The American Bank Leek Company therefore, with the rlew of testing the question ia awaj toput the matter beyond eonlradiclion, hare decided to place one ol Andrew'# Combination Locke upon an iron aafe cuclosiiiga certified eheck for Kite Hundred Dollart. which amount shall hetne reward of anv person who may open or piok the Lock. Tina check la certified and drawn, paiable to the order of O. J. Cammane, Esq.. Cashier of the Merchant's B .uk ol thse city, who retains tnc key of the Lock, aod to whom referents "it ls|eeeumed that tke public banks and o(leers of banks ran beaalisird hy.a fair, open, and honorable test, none olherm wanted,and wtucn hold attempts have been nu de to prtctiee by arte of chicanery and trick (which wi I be eipoeed ?." ? comae neceaeary) upon the credulity and '* ?? _ tw,r cf wnoac mm-a would not be allowed '^jJ,nu_n.. bv ih,( Ihe deeepnoa. The Amencan ^W^Com nxieoolv itek to establish the tniaiiiwe ac. f ( IhDsUo^ock.whichh^s thus f?r wilhs ^ ^ ^ thl 7^wUVr^VTdiielaiVi Tn) intention of raak.y war upon X'r L^k. ihiir basintsa being to prerent an eCc.ual UffT'thiadate ^ Room, for tweaaonUu from < UMITH j? tm AinM if IM Amaru m Bank Cjjj I "o r>OlLECTfOVI?.?Thn S'ib?rnh?r? will collect Not#*, \J Draf'a Arr'pt"i' ?a,t >r ificite* ofl>ei wito, kr (through iImii, ll.r.Hru k Co fiom N. Y. to Albany) upon any of hr following Hw-m. *n?t guarantee return* to the ofty of Vrw York. infrom It* <? tigM liuyt. t'tica, CiPatulaicu*, ftyraruto, Rochester, Auburn, ita'arm, O.nera, Buffalo. RtrmiiNcia tur**au Curaag. 1 twin a* tv. Olcoft. Al> aay PttMEKOY k CO t Wall *tr?et, Now York, Co?*r9int**i?4 Market *t*, AJfcwy

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