2 Nisan 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Nisan 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Y?l. 377.?Wkol* Hm. SOO HKW LINK O* L!VKRFOCH* PACKKT8 To tail frtm New Yom o;i th? 25th, and Liverpool ou the llLh of nick montAt m it KlIM Nl? 10?I. , HhiD R09CIUS, raptua John ColHui.SSth March. Ship 9IDDONS. Captain K. B.Cobb, stSth April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain V A. Deneyeter, 15th May. BhipOARRICK, Capuin Wm, Skuldy, *>th June. p HUM LlVlCHruHL. Ship 8HERIDA Vj Captain E. A. peMyetw, 1Mb March, hip OARRU-K, C apt-uu Win. Skiddy, 13th April. Ship ROSCIU9, CupUm lolin Collrae, 13th May. Ship 81BDO.NS, Captniu K. B.Cohb, 13th June. Theeeehipeare allof Ihe hrttclaj>eriipwariUof lOOOtona.bnHt la the City of New York, with inch unprnvi-mrnte u combine Catipeeil with unmual comfort for passenger#. Every care ibem taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of paeeage hence ie for which ample etoree will be provided. Theie ehipe arc coin..-rinded by experienced rotator*, who will make every exertion to give general (alulae Hetthrr the eaptaiua or owner* ofiheae aliipa will be reapoMi Me for any letter*, parcel* or parkagreieut by then, unleai re filar billi of lading are signed therefor. Theelupeol thislme will hereafter go armed, and their pecu iereonainictinn civeatlieui security uotpooeeeaed by any other bat vessels of war. For freigh t or xsagr.epply to E. K. CtlLI.CVS St CO M Soqthet .NewYork,orto WM it J AS. BRtlWN k to.. LiveVpiol Latter* by the packet* will be charged 12? cent* per tingle n.tuer.niure 1 f#nl ?urh ni4 #heet: ?0CfDuporouui.?. **?*... - KTTH NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YOKE LINK OK TACKETS M. M M S&t Fort1 SHjelter arccunmoTTtmn of ?Ht,'|>era, it iaiiitrniled to I dsapatch a ship from itua port ou the let, Sth, IOth. 15th, 30th and 35th of each month, comnie icing the loth October, and eoatuxung until May, wheu rejuhtr daye will be appointed fot the remainder of the yeir, whereby ureal delay* and dump uoiatmente will he nrevenleil during the eutnmer montli*. The following ehiea will commence Ha* arrangement Ship T AZOO.Caiit. < 'oruell. Ship OCONEE. Cant. Jaclteon Ship MISSISSIPPI ,f'apt. Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt. ShipSHAKSPEARE, ('apt. Miner Ship GASTON, Cain Latham ShipHUNTSVILLE, tJapt. Mutnf id. Ship OCMULGEE, (-apt Leami. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickim n. Ship MEMPHIS.Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cain. Mulfont. TVeee ehtpa were all built in the c tr of New York. eiyirreetj tor pacleU. are of a light draft ol ? aier, have recently been jaawijr coppered and put in auleiidid oii rr, with accommodationa farpBaenger* unequalled for en nloit. Theg are commanded by experienced matter*, who will nu? erery exertion to gtre general eafialaction.. They will at ;times be towed up and down the Miaaietippi by ateainhoaU Neither the owners or eaptaiue oft iraeahipa will be reapontiWeiorjewelry.bullion.precioua aton a.silver.orplaked ware.or for any letter*,parcel or package, adit by or put e board ef them, unlet* regular billa of lading i-e taken fortnciaine, and the value thereon rv<."? .; For freight or paanage.arrlr to E. K. COLLINS St CO. IS South *C,or JAMES E. WOODRUTF, Agenl in New OtUasa, who will promptly forwaid all good* to hi* addrese. Theehipeof thia Hue are warranted to aail punctually aaadj Tertiaed. and great care will be taken to have the good* correct It meaaured. ml r NEW YORK AND NEWARK. far* raduceil to US cants. From the foot of Courtlandtatreet, New York(Every day?Sunday*excepted.) Leavea New York. Leave Newark At* A.M. At* P.M. At 8 A.yi* ai i| r.m. II do 4 do t do 3( do i) do 10t do 6 do T da 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty atreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At 9 A M.and 44 P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. "JfEW kORK JCi.IZA BETHTOWN. RAH WAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare redtited. From the foot of Liberty etraet.daily. Iinvc New York. Leave New Brum wick. At * A. M. At TJ A. M. 41P.M. 1 P.M. BOMBRVILLE gtageecc .meet with theae 1 nei each way. Fare between New York and Soraerville. SO tenia. Do do New Brunawiek, TS eruie. Ridi way, 50 cents. Clixabelhtown, 33 centa. The fare in the 7} A. M. train from New Brunawiek, and 4{ 'P id- train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunawiek to SO centa. 44 and Hahway t? 17t " TkePhiladelphiani-ilUoe i>a*eeithrough NewBiunawick for New York every evening at I o'clock. ^Ou Sundays the 71 A.M. tripfrom New Brunawiek ia omitPaarengeri who procure their tir.keta at the ticket office,receive a ferry tieketgratia. Ticketsare received by th'eonduetoe pule 00 the day when purchased ^ febll 9m*_ FREIGHTS KOR THK71VK<.T AND SOU 1 H, From PHILADELPHIA via THR PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMOKK RAILROAD COMPANY. FreMita for the W<it and South will be furwa drd daily from Oie tranaportatiua < flice uf the Company, No. I Dock at Vvh??L Philadelphia. Merchant! are reapectfnlly informed that all goode con gord to the company will be forwarded with the utmojt diapatch to any poiat weft or aonth. /, Freight reacl.ej Baltimore the aame dry it .earea Philadelphia. The mail line for th* weat ?nd aouth leatrea Do'W atreet dailvat half-paat aix o'clock A.M. by ateambeat HUBERT MORRIS. Paaaenfrera will retch Baltimore at t o'clock, two houra prcvioua to the departure of the traine f-r the < uth wrat. ,W. L. ASHMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, March g. 1848. m 1 a I in RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. tiii Ttsi Hlrr^Q NE1V BHUXSIVICK AND NEIY YORK. PpHB NEWJEHSe-Y Rai'r?ad and TranaportaCon ComA pany hate eatabli>hed a Krright Line between New Rrunawtck and New York, which they intend to run pei manes tly. Leatrine New tinintwick at 5 AM. daily, (SuDdaya excepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New Yrrk, a: 3 P.M. To country dealera and merchanta the above line la very desirable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance of rnerchandiie every deacription, and more particularly to Drovera and ealera ia Live Slock, who can Have ISO head of cattle conveyel between New Brunjwick and New I ork, llueanieday, whem rer required. Ths rates lor the transportation 01 came, miti, miiira, keep, h?>c<. Ac.,and all other kind? of merchstdise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subjected to any eitra charge in crossing the North Hirer. The Comptn' have firtrd up a large storehouse at New Bnmswick adjoining tne Railroad Depot, which will always be open for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. in 14 3m" OTICE,?On aud after April 1st, 184-i, the commutation J.N fare in the ears of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Coanpany, between New ?ork and the various places on the line of the railroad, has beeu reduced (including ferry) to ?73 per annum, and $30 for six months. II la' FREIGHT AMD PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. Silha Jtiumiuuti fcrtirfRi BINGHAM'S LINE. The prooHetors of Bingham's Transports! ien Line to Pittsburg, give noticetothe Merchants of New York, and all other persons Slipping to the West, that their line is now ia active operation. Goods consigned to them (or sent to go in their line.) will be forwarded with dcapalph. Owner* or ahipuer* of good*. declined for the >v eatern State*, who tare no agent or eon?ignee at Pltiaburg, will pleaae conaign their gooda to William Birgham, Pittaburg, who witl attend to ahippiug all *uch coa*i)(iiment* wkthout An good* ahnuld be marked d:?tinctly on each package BINGHAM'S l-INK. For rate* of freight, which are a* low a* any other line. Apply to V#M. TV SON, Agent, No 8\Je*tetreeC oypnaite Pier No. a, N. H. N. B.?Pa**engen forwarded to P.ttaburg and Pot'arille, every day, Sunday* eicepted. Refer to H.Crooke, American Fur Co. ; S T. Nicoll, Front at rret; Phelpe, Uodge A Co. Fulton *tr*et; Suydam, Sag* It Co.; WmK.inkln. Duryee It Co . Newark* m? 3m ~~ " 8TATKN ISLAND FKKKV. Foot of Whitehall itreetjjyl^^' TtSCST^TATKN ISLAND BR or SAMSON will run-> follow* until further ootica Lear a* b la ten I a land Leave* Whitehall At I o'clock a m. At ? o'clock a.m. "II " "II * " " U " r.a " 3* " f.M. " ? " w s ? N. B. All good* alupped are required to be particularly marked and are at the ri*k ofjhe owner* thereof. ol NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Fare Only II) Cent*. aMQ gS The eplendid and commodioue eteamer Lgflimg1 PASSAIC, Captain John OafTy, being com^^^^3ILdK-plet>lv and elegantly refitted, wi'l commence her regular tripe lor the teaaon, on Thurtday, March 10 th,? leering a* follow*:? Foot of Barclay at.New York Centre Market, Newark. II o'clock, A. M. 7? o'elock, A . M. 4 o'elock, P. M. l j o'clock, P. M. Freight ofeetry deacription Carrie 1 at very reduced rate*. m t|w* T. POWKLL k CO.'S Civic Hfi awn FOR NEWBURUH, landin* it CALD EtJ^R^SaWELl/S, WERT POINT AND COLD aKHCE-SritlNO-The iteair.boat HIGHLANDER Cant. Robert Wardrop, will leave th? foot rf Warren street y,rw York.eve-y Monday. Tin ?J?y mil Saturday afternoon * t 4 o'clock. Returning .the Hiih.auder will ie.ee .eewburyb every Monday morning at t o'clock, idu Tueedayand > riday for fre wh' or pa?a?ge, appl y to the C aptain an boerd. N. a. Al I bagpege and freight of ererT description, bank Utile oriprria. put on board thil boat,mint or at the rukof tha earner* thereoi.unleea a bill ofladinf orreceipticiigued for Uaee?e oita ?PMlNU ARRANGEMENT. .MW| mm FOR SHREWSBURY an) RED BANK and aflrr Saturday, M?rrh IS, 1844, the 3CZ2MOK-Steamer OKI Kl8 .Captain Allaire, wpl leave Nate York terry Tuctday, Thursday .and Saturday, at 4 clock, A. M. Returning, leave lied Bank every Monday at I o'clock, and Tuesday and Thursday at 19 o'clock, noon. at ?m' UU the newapapere, daily and weekly, m tgnxines, and neriodieala, are for aale at the Hudaon Street Nrwa t ffirr, J64| Hu'aoo ?treet.near Barrow at- ___ o>3? I w ' /N OaL.?The ?uh?rriSer ofrrs for aale, al redueced nrv-ea. V the beat Peaab Orchard Rid A ah Coal, of the Bielun Kga aod Nu mars. Lota to tail purchasers,Irea ol cartage Yard ?(#. ? Iles'er akrtrt, four door* irom Clirton. ml ! * GEORGE THOMSON. E NE ? NJ CHARLES ,S. ROWELL, DESTAL SURCiEOV, N . II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK ml'- lin* LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHXT LIFK BOATS. AMERICA N MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE >.11 CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TKaTH. OK THE PHlKClPl.E Or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (OOJT|*.) Having lately lost tw 1 birus.-idati t?eth, I called on Mr Levett to supjly tli'ir plac-s wjlh artificial hcm, anj it a'ford* me much plfwure to test it')* I" hi- skill and ability as a Dentist; indeed, I hare ever seen Ireth fired auJ tilted with more lactne-s, and at the same tiine ?illi l>ss painful pressure on the gum I. I cheerfully recommend that gentleman to the esoecial notice of the medical profession, a, w II as to be puolic. feeling satisfied from tny own experience that they may confidently rely on ha skill in his profession. (Signed) GRANVlLLK S. PATTISON, M D. T-ofeeeor of Anatomy, University of Nest Ycrk. February I3tl , 1811. The original can be seen at Mr. Levett's 180 Broadway, corner of vV rreo street ml5 1m* n a st irnr - in ? bArNKtt?_/ri GENTLEMEN wishing to be disrharged from their debts, under thia law. are incited to call on W. 8K1DMORE, Attorney at Law, 75 Nass iu street. All other kiuda of law business alio atleudeJlo. Charges moderate. fi# 9m* BOOK BINDING" AND PAPER RULING H IRELAND, No. ISP Nassau alreet, haviug an tntire new alockof Binding Tool* and Uul ug Machinery, of the lateatand moat approved pit terns, ia now pe.isred to execute all ordera iu the moat durab'e aud handaomr manner. Merchauta Account Books and all other kiuda ef Blank work ruled and bound la any pittern. in a style that is warranted t givr satisfaction. Any work ordered can he done iu the English mode if required, as H. 1 h is li id long experience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two secondhand Copp-rplate Preiaea. Apply as abuse. ml8 1 m CARPETING, CARPETING. fpHE subscribers haee received a nsw a?d tresh stock of 1 goods forthe ".Spring Trade," consisting ol Uru eels Three Ply,ai.pertiue fixe, co nmou. hall aud stair Carpeting, Rugs, Maitin?., English and American Oil Ch'tts, from 4 to 40 feet in aidlh, containing the latest and mast fashionable I at terns and colors the market affords, which they offer to the pullie at the I iwest" Cash I'rices " Persons wishing to purchase, would do well to call and exam ue ourstock previous to purchatine. WEbII It MANNING.flR Pearl it, mia Ira* 3d Carpel Htnee iron Chatham NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rpHE subscriber would invite the attention of those wishX me to ourchase articles'iu the above busioesf. to his es tablislrmrut, where is to l>e fouud a rieh assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of Freuch autl other patterns, mine of which are not to be found elsewhert, beigg entirely original. Aleo, handsome rich gilt Cornices for windowe, Pole I and Rings; together w ith Damasks, Galloons and Tassels. and every article attached te eurtaine, which will be made in the lateet etyle fro n pattern lately received. N B. Particular attemioa pai l to the fi ling up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroid ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MKfcKS, d 11-6in IIS Broadway, netl the Hneni'al WIGS~AND SUA LPS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, RE TO BE FOUXD AT A. C. BARRY'S, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street up staire. WIGS and Scalps, upon the beautifying and gossamer system, approximating the neareat of any yet manufactured ta the natural head of hair?firet premium. Alan, macufactur ed from ladies' and gentlemen's hair, not less than two inches long, uerklacei, braceleta. eanugi, watch guards, rings, and hair work ol erery description. nil9 im* CARPETING, C ARPET1 ING. TtllC Subscriber ii now opening his Spring assortment of Carpeting, consisting of Biua<ela, three ply, stiueifine and fine Ingrain; an assortment not aorpaisrd in this city fur variety of styles, figures, be. These goods hare becu ordered etpreaely for the Spring tra-'e. The gieUest caie has heft observed in maki g selections o! auch gooua as c*u be confidently lecommended for durability and permanency of colore, See. Also.a large assortment of the different kinds of Hall and Staii Carietmg. Tofieddoor lings. Door Mais,be. Alto a hau> same assortment of Paiuted Floor Cloths, all widths. Families about purchasing any of the above described good, are s.spectfulf, invited toH mis lm* 79 Kast Broadway.71 Divlsion-st. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE" THK Snberrib-r is now opening kit Spring supply of HARDWARE k CUTLMlv, received per late airivale. from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general at sortmeut of Domestic Goods, whi^h he is prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention ef Country Merchants, Buildsrs, Cabinet Makers, be., u solicited to sn examination of hit stock and price* as n* I* comment uie> win nuu n iu mcir imcrsi io furor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE. SIO Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply sf FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coolers Glue. Alio?a complete assortment ot Mechanic* Tool*. Jamr* Screw*. fcc. ma liw* WATCHES & JEWELRY VERY LOW. rimi sulneriber 'is imltl all diacripiinrs (if (old and tilver 1 Walchts, (Old l*alllw(e*till. gohl chain*, teva, Sic . at retail, lower than at any other place in tic city. Gold WaU.hr* a* tow as 3) to 40 dolla each. Waichr* aad Jewelry exchanged or b ught. All Watehc* are warranted to keep good lime, or the mose7 leluraed. Watche* and Clock* repaired in the be*i in inner, ami warranted, at much le** than the i.*u<l price*, by one ofih- li 'eat workmen iu the city. G. C. ALLEN I >i>''rter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale aii'll retail. 31 Wall street, ap sinin. in .< Im' TO SEGAR SMOKERS THE GREAT SEOAR DEPOT. SPANISH HOUSE, 256 BROADWAY. r|'HE MONEY will be returned to all person* who 1 purchase at this store, if they are not latitfieil with the quality of th* article* Ttin offer is inadc by the strong conhden e derired from the excellency of ererv segar that is offered for sale in the above establishment. The entire stock ha* been chosen with great care and is, without doub', the moil splendid that has erer been ottered to the New York publie. Lxclusive of the great and unpvralclled variety of the best brani's of Haeana ant Principe, there is a large lot of PRIME NORIEGAS and NOIIMA8. that hare been inairufaclured in Haranarxprrsely to- this establishment, and ihsy are guaranteed to be of superior quality and flavor to aay keretofore imported into this market. In the accommodation of tl oae gentlemen who prefer to smoke at leisure and in retirement, a neat Bar Room has been opened in the rear of the abive establishment, which, it is hoDed, will (ire satisfaction to all wborieit it. TO SEOAR DEALERS Ik HOTEL KEEPERS. For sale at ih* Spanish Home. Broadway . a large lot of Havana Segar*, at 'he very low rate* of $p, and fit BO. These Se( ara having been consigned to the Spamh Hoiiar,by the maufaeturers iu Havana, with express order* to a. II ihein immedia'i ly. are,for this rea nn. now offered at 'he abuse low prices. Thcirqualitj ishardly inferior to the best Norma*, tud'i.erare all en itled todebenture. mil I w* K. RAFAEL. Proprietor. KIKE PR' OF HOI 'K SAFES !! : " n,*'. WT III lUIVIirU OA IT fa' Tl.!. VV1 ?r, tm lifu frequently eijoaed In in'enae heat in bu-nIDE building furnacea. Sic . ami haa nerer failed to pr? aerre ihe content*, ami wan the only 01 e which atuod tne teat at the trial fool of Wall alreet. aa'riported by the following Committee of reapiclable Merchant* WADSWORTH 8C SMITH, BALDWIN Si CO. MINTURN k CO. CHARLKS H. MARSHALL. Thia aafe can only be had at the Iron Safe Store ol SILAS ?. HK.RHINO. 139 tVaterat. N. B.?Sarea of other maltera?aome of which are n ade in imitation of Wil.ler'i Patent, foraate at half price. n>96 9w HARDWARE AND CLOTH PAPER ?UST~HE CKIVED SCO Keama II by 94 iro Ream* 94 by 36 JSC 90 by JO 100 * 31 by 40 900 " 91 by 94 ISO " 34 by 34 ISO " 39 by 39 100 " 34 by 40 Sn [team 40 by 48 For aale in lota to auit purthaaeri, by PERSsK It BROOKS. m94 Paper Warehonae. 41 Liberty at. ALSuMlMb P.aI.N 1'lSn. ior~5*au y, Economy, Durability. lie,?po??enne? ad? ullage* r ?er titty oiher aytem of Painting. aa it ia free from all iinyl'"*"' atnell, relainitic all it? brilliancy of eoior, and in apn'ied in much leta 'imelhan Oil Painting. ii ia well adayted for wal'a, ceiling*, or any inaide work; churchia.publtc building*, and decorntir* work in '"'"'ied by JOSEPH PF. ARSON. No 488 Broadway, car 01 UrOOITlF Siren ,trn iirii.om. nmnn' > >n? and all iofnrmHion respecting the (tint. Wori promptly siKilled by applying m abose, sither in the city or country. I mljm* FK.VilU.vl KaZ(iR h l'Rt)P?Kirst frmnin awarded by the American Institute, at the lata as well u each proceeding Kair, to tieorge Saunders. 183 Broadway, for th beat Kasor Strop. Tbe NleUtit Tablet, insenled by O. Saunders baa bernritabliehed for the Uat tweut|-firs veail, and certificated by the first gentlemen of the conntry. It pro dticeaalhin and smooth edge on a razor wita more certainty than it can be done on a hone in a tenth part of the time, without the ueeof oil or water? which any peraoa eaa prore by hringirg a doll razor a harm* it pot iu order on one of the Tahleti, 103 Broid ml4 Im* F'LOKIMA f U.VL)3?ITukib Bial and Sonlheni l'ruat bought at N. SISTAKIC'S, ? _ _ 13 Wall street iii ? .*'r* "auk notes. Illinois do, Michigan, Indiana, lll'nr,IS Scrip, b light aiu' a Id. ml3* R ERUINIM (TN C A M TINO.t?C ons let u>g of f ra see. fenders. and summer ornaments, of supeiior manufacture, to rloee a consignment, at rery low |rres. by OcXRlCHS fc KRUOKR, urnaa aweer. No. It Lilian* at., neat IwU.jm at., at ill afforda rtlief to the afflicted afhnth Ml ea. Ha may he alwaya rpnaulled, with the utmoat *oofl?l*nce. m the wnrjt ciwii of delrciitt liiieuei. nereurial affectiona *n<l th* nuroeno'ii aymptoaia ariauic from thia diacaa*. From Dr. C'a e*t'n?iTe praetica for the lut eiaht yean > thia parti enlar bruich of tl.e profeaawra, a eafc, tpeerlr and rffealira core to all peraoa* who apply fca him. A*e?at Mwl cored la a few day* withoat tha aaa air raarcary. or any other Imyeroui medinrina. No interr?amoa ha Ixiaiaeaa. or alteeatioa to fh* mode of I mo*. All whoae eaaaa have h. re pro Waeiyd or areraratiol hy nrnltrealaujal, mi apn'y'w*! the nOnnat eonhdenee of b#ui? elaoteally eaard. Terma mod* ra*e?attaodane* from T in tha moraine antri 10 atawha. Of 6c* ta Uuanaat, alia* W YO EW YORK. SATURDAY I PERMANENT EST A BUsHMEN I. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc. SONS. Surgeon Dentista, No. 371 Brood way, and at London and Paris -ulorm the Public ol New Yoik. and its vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Prrminerrt Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 37J Broadway between Fraukliu and White street*, in all cases appertaining to their profession, in which they have been so sucestful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mdllan returns thanks tor the very liberal pat rouage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New Yoik. for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, how ever painful or sensitive, matching in i-oint of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnKural gloss?are firmly tixid without wires or ligatures? no bulky suhetancr in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in confoimity of shape and minutest shade of color. Placed from nun o a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to an* wer every purpose ol Mastication ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Motion is happy in being enabled to an- j nounce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of the first families of the Uaited Slates, consisting of the j first Merchants, Medical prafessiou, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of j Mons M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to Bny ether | they have ever tried, and, in their opini' B,t i t bust that evercame under' heir notice. His other impioveratuts need no comment. INVALIDS At'endedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Es?a blishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC arepirticuUrly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: cluebet.Mav 6th.1841. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried the Arii.itial Teeth which you made Tor me, I cannot do you less justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I brg to lay they answerevrry purpose of aaticatioa audArticulaiion equal to those placed by thehan Is of nature. They so closely resemble the naturalonrs in the minutest shade of color and shape, that they are not li seemed as being artificial by the closest observers. Your celesratcd UTttUOS for filling defrayed teeth, lean give adscidec opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use this letter in any way you thiuk proper, for ths benefit of (he public and yourself. Iam.dearsir.yourt truly, THOS. FARQUES, Manuel Carmelat. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 3T3 Broadway, This gentleman is kuown at 131 Broadway,and at Trime I ur...t MOMS? MALLAN, 372 Broadway. SIR?I reditu pleasure to beable to olfer you my teetimouy in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During iny late re iileuce in Pari* I called at vour establishment in the Hue Cutiglione, and having had some teeth 111 led with yourmineral, I can oiity ?ay that I hare had errry reason to be satiefied with ita utility and ralue.and nererin the least degree experieuced any iuconrrnience or ??yury from its elTectsin any manner whaterer.?During my visit to Mons Mallan I saw saveral testimonials uftlic highest character, all expressing the fullest coutid<nee in its great benefit ond value. As far as I am enabled to judge, I considered it then, and still consider it. to be the best preparation of the kins ever offneu to the public. 1 am, sir, respectful I y .yourobedient servant. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. (It Greenwich street,near KorlGansevoort. New York,May 21,1841. Mons- MALLAN 8t SON 4, Surgeon Dentists, may ber .nsullrd daily at 372 Broadway between Kranklin and Whit* ate..east side. o23 Im* SPRING FASHIONS. rpHE subscriber desires the attention of strangers and others , J to his large and extensive assortment of stocks, acaifa, cravats, ready made linen and mu.iln shirts, p irket kerchiefs; silk, ineriuo, and ambewoot shirts aud drawers; suspenders, gloves, hosirry.ltc.kc. It is the iutentionof the subscriber to pay particular attention in selecting the most chaste aad fash lonable patterns of scarfs und cravats. His assortment will al ways be fi und varied and extensive. The subscriOi r continues the manufacture of hiscc ekrated Elastic Stocks* Gentlemen may depend on being suited by call.ng ?t the old estab|iahment 241 Broadway, between Murray street aud Paik Place. inlS^liu* PARdKLLS. agent for J Agate. db~(W\ REWARD!! GROSs'd SI'tolKif MlXfL'Kfi p'-eGVI for thecureof delicate diseases. We give no long (jusc'aish rtcommei.d itious iodic ive the i uhlic. Ifthe medicine does not speak for itself no one rh<ll siwak fur it. Ou' ohj ct is to notity wlieri itean be had.and that the proprietor ctrail ug'S a single e>ae of recent d sease to be brought in which the mixture does not effect a rapid cure, under a lorleilure of $300 bursals at Dr. W. H Milnoi's, d'ucgi.t, IM ?r <adway, Ne* York; J. Jones, N E. corner of Chrsrul ai d 7thstreel, Phi'adelphia; Jos M. Sin tb. 13a Washington St., Boston: Roberts He Alk ns in, corner of Htnorersud Markit street, Baltimore; A. is* orofsniftn, ?>auai sireei, iic? i/r- i leans. ?t MADAME COSTELLO. THE FEMALE MONTHLY PILL ii acknowledged by 1 the firrt Phy.iciane ia tne United State. a. the rery br.t intdirioe that ladiei laboring under a aupiirepiion <if Ih'ir Lalural illueaa tail take, and they aery aeliiom fail tu telieve wncn taken according to the direclimie Tho.e wtio call for them will be atinplied with her circular, containing ample directions and all the precautious neceaaary to be obserred in their uae. N. B.?The married, under eomc circumstances, mint abataiu from their me forreaeonp contained in the directioui. All communication. and letlera muit be pott paid. No 31 Lnianrd atreet. mil lm* CHINA, GLASS AND EAKTHEN WARE.?A list ol priceaol China, Class, kc.,soid by R. SIMPSON, 8 Aatnr Houae, Broadway, who keepa the brat articlea, and aella chaapertluna.j otnerhome the L'uitel St<tc? FRENCH UTONE WARE, Porcelain. Blur cr White. Platce lat size per doz ft 94 $1 00 do 34 do 1 74 94 do Id do I M 75 do 4th do 1 37 63 do Sih do Id 37 Cover Diah, 1 44 75 Sauce Tureen and Stand, 1 00 75 Tea C upa and 3 aucers, per doz, 34[W. 1 SO Pitchera. Ie4 aize, I 7$ 50 do 2d do 1 37 37 do Id do 1 12 25 ao 1111 an ? do Slh do (3 do 8th do SO Chocolate1,1 at aire per dt 3 74 ao 'id (to 3 3d do 3d do 3 75 Teal, 1 M Egg Cup*. IT Stone Ware, Dining Service, 112 pircee 1333 French or Eng. Poicelain lea art*, 28 poose 4 00 Cl'T GLASS. Octagon dieKei,beat quality,* inch, pr pair 3 03 do d) do do I So do do 10 do do 4 00 Decanteri, the <et of 4 from I So Gre-n Hock Glaaie*, per dog. 3 25 Cut Wioeafiom 1 so per Hczen Cu< Fluted TumMcr* 2 03 da Lemonade!, handled, 2 35 do Htauekeenera, take care thi* lilt, and make your pur< h.iaer* at 93wtor Home; the (avihg vou will make by ao toiug muit be nuble to all upon reading the above. Table Cutlery?Thu if aUo the cheapeit itore for fine Table Cutlery, in >et* or doaene. ml3 1m* H. SIMPSON.8 A?tor Home. FOR THE FACE AND FKIN. AMONG themniy and va'ioui Coimetici that , re ofTered io the public for b-ao'ifying the completion, md rr moving every eruption from the face, none can be io tnnfi leutly recommended aeChutch'e Vegetable Lotion It impt'ta * delicate im?o hnrae to the compeit.n, and t ffectiiahy r* morea I pim.de*. hlotehea, tan, freckle*. ringw irmv, and all o.her cutareoufeiuptiona and due loiati ma Price 75 cent* per bottle?fold at Chu-ch i Diapeuiary, 181 Bowtrr,corner of Vptiegatr et. Agent*?E.W. Bull, H.rlf.ird; C. St N. W. Sinimo a. Pine, comer of Fourth alreet, Phllad Iphia; Cbarlei Slraitr, roughh eepaia. tn'il I in* i MEDIGAL AID. ALL thoee in need of medical aid of a cerlaiu drieription. hould without fai obtain a copy of a little hook eotitl d i the Hu ocon. with eneeavrnti. Thu little work w?? written 1 and published by Dr. Gregory, in 183*; in tltl.he puhlialied a aecond edilit n. with many raluible improvement* and altera- j tioni; a d io 1811, it ha* been Hill mere improved and enlarged. The Migravinga ate beautifully done, and are accompanied witli . notable t iplanntory remark* The author i* now in eitrmive city practice at 34 Mottatreet nearly oppoait* the alone church. Hia having b'ru rouilautly rngagrd in combatting iliiraae* of thi?character for many y<?n paat.enablra him to treat hu a object oot onljr theoretical y hut practically correct. Tl.'patient if here guided in the (election of retnediee, according to the re peciite aircuniitancef amiconditinn of the caee. The plan of the book if to ?how the ordinary aymploma occurring in comnioncaaea, wi'h the belt method <>r cure It then ahowi what other ay mptoM may and dofrequeatly happca, with appropri- i ate treatment and remediea to be adopted in cafe theae had 1 aymp'oma abould occur. The p ice of the book ia SO centf. Dr. Gregory takca thia oppoienuity to remark, that he if ' rery freqnentlir applied to oader cirrumatancef wheie the pa j Heat aeemato be aulfrring which lead him into the be'ief that | he hata< me litt e rename of the complaint etill left, which fhnwa itaelf occaaiooally. Much e-iaea a* ihrfe frequently peo*e to be attended with atricture ; ofthia fact, aa well aa the natureofaatricture, the patient had no idea, not withstanding the aymptoma may hare ended a long time, and a atricture had teen in proyreaa aeeeral mouthf Doctor Gregory guarantees a ap>?e,ly and permanent curs The Doctor'* residence if ; not a drug store, but if aprirate dwelling home, well pronded for the convenience ofpati'nla. The book inav alanbi had at Mr. Kiug'a (tore, 53 pulton afreet, corner or Cliff, al the I acme price Dr. Gregory w ill be found at hon.e at all houra I of the day and reenii g. Piip nta reaidirc any didanee from the city may rommuui at! by leit-r (alwaya poet-paid) with Dr G, and hia ad- j ri;e baabtainrd, and where a clear deasriptionef the raae ia I girea. ecycriag a amiable fee, Ike proper remediea wil I be for waidid to order, and aucceaa alwa;a gnaranleid, where the whol? ay niploma andcircumataneea are aet forth. mt in* HAVANA SUGARS-PfcTEKOILStfV.SM Broadway aad Ml Bowery, formerly kept by Mr. P. Munof. I>ega leare to inform the amoking public that they will alwaya find, at hia alorea. a well (elected aaanrimew of the fi- cat hranria ol Ha?aaa and Principe SEOARS at wholesale and retail; and if a fi al rate article and friendiy treatment can inane* cut torn, he hopea to recti?e a large etwee of it afl lm? OST?0* ?7ih Marea. tfae Pair feold Spcetwelea. The lade? ah ill rear.?e Twe Dollara reward, and aiqueatiena faked Apply to mqe tm' Mr. DEL t PI, AI NR. it Wall at. Oftee Nit t f'R I. h (IIII. ? all who buy I ne e. mm- n Iraa'i off- re I i>, T* them inat-ad of buying Ihe genuine Shermin'a Loiengea. wi 1 n< I on'r be fooled on' of their iniaey out moti tmeiy oul of their health. There it notBinK lite ttherman'i Loienyt forte ugh. toll. Iietdtehe. or ptlpi'tlMB nfihe heart, at we II at worutt in childr* n. 'I be Do:tor*a oflkre u at l?l Nattan ttreet, New Vorh; i Hit e elr?et Boat >n. 1 Leilyr Bualdin|t, I'hilUelphui h rank Taylor, Wathrac. u, at RE I MORNING, APRIL 2, 18 ON THE CUKE OF STHICTUKE?It ii most unlorlun*te id this complaint thit many persons have a stricture whoare gpt hi the Iraat aware of it. The common notion ii, thit ao long as tlie unue paeerg iu a tolerable' 'reain,there

cannot be a atricture. But tliia ia far from true. A stricture may.acd often dues. eaist for miuihe, and even years, without producing any Unking change in tine reaped Wheu a stricture arrives at that degree of uarrtiwuets a< aeuaibly to impede the iiriae.it ia a Mrfoaa niatadr iHileed. Ttie ohjeet ft thoae remarks hitwever, u to prevent this state, aud to attack i i at a time wheu it ia easily and perfectly removed. But ihrie are other circumstances besides its effect upon the uriuc by whicl a stricture may be known, or, at least, strongly suspected, am though these at* numerous, there are two which are i cry com moil and very easfly judged of, aud these (hall be uieulioued here. The first of these circumstances relates te time. It well hnown that strictures it rise troin loug continued aud badlj kreutcd Coaorrhda. Now, wheuever tins disease continues iver mauy wi eke, especially if in the early period auy at the boasted nostrums of the day were taken, there ia ;ust and proper giouuil to ausicct a stricture. The neit is inust remarkable?it n the effect a stricture has upou the mind and siii its. This is a fact that may be tho roughly relied on. ludeed the author never saw a case ol sine ture, (and ne sees many every day,) iu which the patient did not, more or less, complain of hie lose of raeutal energy?thai he was not au capable of business as formerly. The reason ol this, however, is clearly shown in his "Pn>?? .. ?. . _ liitle volume noticed in another column of this paper, and to whicb the reader ia referred, not only fur know ledge of this disease, but on every other connected with this subject. OK. KALPH thither begs to add. that he may be coniulted jM-rsoually a* his residence, No 88 Uieeuwich street, at any nour ; and should auy be tn doubt aa to the existence of this disease, especially after perusing Ins little volume, lie will, without ex|ieuse or the least paiu, explain and assure liim whether he have or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he rs illy has a stricture, out *11 tlie medicine in the world, atone. will eirer cure it. i"23 Im* \\TOOL?20,00u lb* Sheared south American Wool,suitable ?" for BiltWl yilBMIi U * 30.000 lbs. do dodo, mutable for Carp-Is, foretle iu lotetoeuit purchasers, by OILMAN, SMALL, &IJO. roll 3w* ,,ree'rpO "I'OllTsMkN ?Valuable Worn, jujt rtceirtdE] the k uilncribrr. The Sportsman's Repository; a srries of highly finished engravings, representing the lloiee and the Dog, one volume 4to, board a British Field Spnrti?? embra-.ing Practical Instructions in Shooiiog, Hunticg, Coursing, Cocking, Fishing, Sic. be. by Seutt I upt.svo. Tne Field Book; Or Sports and Pastime* of the Fritieh Islam s. with id tes, I vol cloth. fierce Kgan a HooUol Starts, and Mirror of Life, with Burner us i ligravn t?s. 8vo boardi. The Rod an 1 the liun, betug two treatise! on Auj(!iug, and Sho oing, with p'a'es, lino cloth. '1'he shooter's Com|iauiou, by T. B. JoIiusod, with sj leudid eng-avinr,*. lanso. bound. Slow to Bur a Horse, I neat volume Umo. cloth. EDMUND BALDWIN, 102 Broadway. in 22 I trod 21d -24 th Ik 26th* 1000 i'erAMS DOU*>L,i uap whaPcInu r\ Sco Rt-am Cap Wrapping Paper. 1030 " Double Crown 500 " Crown Wrapping ' foraaleby PEUSSE Si BROOKS, _ni'26 61 Lib rty St. LUiHNA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. r" is now barely three years since the general iulrodeclion of the LucineCordial into the United States, and in that pe hemisphere, and sustaiu'd the vest reputation winch it ha-l previously aequired iu K-trope, hat has also added to the reli^wunfit? illustrious inventor b, the unrivalled power* it ha* bceu diecovered to poise** iu the cure of incipient eonsum. tiou. 1 he knowltdge f it* wonderliil intlaeuce in renovatii g and invigorating the human frame, (irat suggested the idea ot using it id tni* way; and the result i* that a medicine liai bceu added to the catalogue for the cure ofincipient consumption, which places the disease, with due precaution, uuder the control ofthe patient It is scarcely necessary at tin* period to lecetnmeud the Lu cius Coidial. as ao all*utficient remedy in cases of Uleet, Flour Albus, ilitTicult or painful incnsiTuition, Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arisiug from debilitation of the aystein, where an implt se, or a restorative is wau'ed; as throughout'lie United States it has taken precederce of allolhtr no dicine in such cases, and leases nothing further to he hoped far; its cures being speedy, perfect, permanent, and effected without pain or trouble. Should there how ever be any person laboiisg under the above complaints, who aredoubtlu! of its almost universally testi d merits, I recommend it t?i them with all confidence, and on my ow u personil rispousibility, feeling uni t I if they give it toe required trial, that heal'h to the afflicted parlies, and gratefulness to Dr. Mag in, -v ill be the result, iiut. as is also the case tit Europe, the immense Ainericvn reputation of the Lucius Cordial, is p incipally based on its thoroughly investigated, indubitah r.anj generally admitted power to enable I' males, who hid beeu considered Pairen, to bear offspring; and to restore mile powers in males, when reduced to utter aed apparently hooeles* pros'ralioa, to perfect health and actitry. Whea l lirat received the Amcric.ui agency of the Lucioa (ordal, from Dr Magnin, uotwit' landing i's immtuse foreign celebrity, aud the great amount of respectable testimony iliat accompanied it. 1 dtcliutd committing myself individually; by giving an* personal ??surai.c>s in these particulate; but n-?w, alter ih- enormous sale of upwards of o:.e hundred inouiaml Dm 11 a aniwieu win me receipia ui crri ncmrn ami leatimoniala ionu ncrable, and much knowledge founded ?u personal obaervatioD, 1 ecu iiuheaita iugly warrant it aa fir ex en-ding my moat fkiiguine ho.iea, or even the illuttrioui i .un'oii promiaea, in the In fitment of llie most important endi for which It ia recommeu le i, and hue brcon e ?o juetly ami i ntr raa.ly oopular. To be a* explicit u poaaible, 1 r?p at. auf holil myaelf piraoually rcapoufihle for the Kaautrption.thattheLuci.ia ' erdi.il, can invigorate the riri e powrra in malm,and make them focundant, where nature hae lietn drlcient, 01 when they hive beeu protetted by anidcial oeai.i; au 1 a'ao that it cm product that at ate of the ay atein in femalra, who hid been prevt uaty uu'rui'ful. and imaificed barren, which will enable them to bear children. I n gret thai I hav.: to apeak an plainly, on auch exceedingly delicate mallear, but feel called upon to do ao, teat it ini*ht be nitatindemou*, a id aa a full guarantee fur the urea', reap iiiaibility which I litre cheer.u;iy cammed. Wi h feelin; a of ai tcrc gratitule fur the Xte~a.vt patronage which, aa theaientof toe i.uci >a Cordial, hii o?tn hea led up ,n m: in th a CJiU'ry. I rem ii the Pub'lca'very nfcedi-nt humble ae'va"t. JO.-iN *1 vTc/ixS HOLDfcaWKLL. M D. Tr'ce $3 per bottl . Foraaleal as 9 D'oidway, Near Ynrk an'1 90 Nur h Sixth ate,et, i'n.1 dddiii. m-jllii,* dT horne' ptONTINUESto be eouaultedconfidentully at bia office No. 78 Murray atrcet. Stranperaarereapectfullyapprixedthat Dr Horne being legally bred to the Medical urofeaaiou iu the city of London baa beeu a Sradical member of the aaid faculty of phyaicfor48 yeara. fo lelaat Mm the city of New Vorh. Hia practice from being general, he conliuea to a particular branch of medicine, which engage* hia profound atteutioa. Hia experience if very r?'reat?hit lucceaa aahtouiahing. He cantiouathe unfortunate againat the uaeof mercury ; thouainda are annually rr.ercurialixrd out of life ; recent anectiona,are, w ithout mercury, extinguiahed in a few day*, See your caeca eradicated,not patched up. Theleanad Dr Bochan.emphatically obtervea? Married peraona, and peraoueabout to be married,ahould be jiarlicularly cautions of thoaeaffectiona ; what* dreadful inheritance tot ram m it to pos''pe'raona afflicted with protracted and deplorable -oaei. need not deapairofa complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Horn*. A residence of 38 yeara in New York city, haa eatabliahrd Doctor Home'a character aa a man of aterliug honor, and baaed on rtal reapectability md akill. Dr. H. offrra to h? patruna aauregua j rantee. Dr. Hnrne'aoflioti are numeroua, and patienta never I come in contact. Attendance until nineo'clock in the evening NOTICE. Wf- THOMAS O. HORNE, ion of the late Dr George T. Horae.reapectfully apprtaee the public that lie conlinure hie father'! meet eueceeeiul practice at hie eetabliehment. No. 78 Murray elreet. and may be conaulted Caily until 8 o'clock, P. M.. Suudnra rieepted. m4 lm* TIIK De.flERVKD CKLKlilTT I V of Taj l> t'e Dai-am ? I Liverwort, made et 375 Bowery, ie laat (UDercedine all other thhiga in curing cougha. colda, (pitting ol blood, and all diieatea of the cheat, lunga and lirer. Nine yiara hav it been tried, a-d with the moat unhoiiuded auc-eee, wlucli h e rau^ed il to be no much cr.umeilritrU The peraon wno edvertiaea Dr Taylor'e Balaam of Liverwort in Spring etrret, at tirat under anonyaicua ioitula, and afterwirda ? W W. Taylor, and aga'n nVVW I bayer, haa not now, nor never did have any connection with the original and geouine Taylor'e Baliain cf Liverwirt, which iaoi.lt made by thepropiietor, ?13TJ B.wery. Buy in (hie cily only at 375 Bowery ASTHMA CURED?"I hive e It red from (he effrc'e of Aathma along time, and weed every medicine I could obtain lor if a i ure in vaiu.n.itil I ueed Dr. Taj lor'e Balaam ofLiter wort at 374 Bowery?thie meriicim eared me. MRS. a. RUT0N.SI8 Laurrneet." KJ- BEWARE Of A BASE COU.VfEn h Ell'.?Get the tiue and geuuine at the old < thee, 374 Bowei j-.ai.d you are eafe. Agent*?'Mr. Haye only, 13# Eultrn it reel. Brooklyn; H. Kawle St Co , Albany; <4. B. 7. rbir, Philadelphia; 8. Powell fc Co . 38 Cornhill, Duaton. tmi7 rpHE PRIVATE TREATISE.?Thie ie e little lolume on 1 cert.itii diaeaeee in which the bent and moat conveuient meaua of curt are atated in the plaineat poaathle mannei. It alto ahowa the reaeou why three inaladiea ao I'reijueullr ronliuue on from month to mouth,uucured. and terminate at length in other and permanent complaint!. Indeed, no one eau read thia little book without aeeing at once their true aud real no Ure, and akao the riak and danger of trueting thetn to ignorant end boaating people. With a view, however, to obtain a rationa'degree of coafi deuce in what he ha* advanced ou the cure of thoee diacaac t, the author thiuka it proper here to give a aiaiple stairmrut of the mesne and opportunities he himself hat had of formine just and clear opinioneon One subject. He llierefore bc-^j to elate, that betide* hie rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, and mrmher of the London College,kc. he he* beru watching theae dieeaaca, both in Hoepital and citypractice lor more than thirty peara. and haa published two editions of a work expressly an them. Alao. that he hai lettera of commendation from the inoat eminent physicians in Knrrme to the mo*t eminent in America, ae Sir Astlry Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Or. Phj-aick,of Philadelphia, and others, and which may be ecrn by any one. And further, that he haa the privilege of referring to alrnoat every phygician of eminence in Una eity. Tliete are cirrum tancei which afford the higheat eatiafaction to evory one, especially to those who are auxioua to obtain lha beet advice.? The price of the book ii $1. Or Ralph i# consulted at his residence,S8 Greenwich alraet, at any hour, and haa distinct and sepnrate ap ir'.menU for thoee who have te wait a little. Communication! ky post are faithfully replied Ira _ inQ3 1 m* PRIVATE CURE. nOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE, No l-For 1 ' thr prompt core of C?p or (fonorrhma, (fleets and all other welhral di-chirgrs, and Ilia S|?eriSc Course. No. ?, lor Ihe complete eradication, aid permanent cure of ven-real disease, without exposure, inconvenience, or lose of time. Each cnurxe is enclosed in a neat tin ease, comprising every medicine, wash, and req ueite.ever required either for internal or external use; and whether the easebe recent or o'd, a cure is guaranteed, if used aa directed. Each package also con isms l)r. Jordan's prixate treatise.called the Monitor, wl ere iniefull direction*, with aplain diacription of the nature j mptome, coneeqaences ano treatment of secret diseases,to which is added much valijab'e information, useful hints, sod important adxir.e?remnxing all the difficuliirs of self treatment. The mice of Monitor is fi'lv cents . one dollar eeul poet paid, will i netir# its reception. Tie con-see No. I and x, are each $3, and guaranteed?admirah'y dr signed lor r<si ilen'e in the country, being complete, compart, convenient and efficient Post paid letters covering In* 'TV t, *c prompt attention. Sold for lh* pxo^rietor, only at Prog Btore, ?? Marion etrect.second iloorbelow P.T'ce.aeenw bloeM ess r-lBroalway. Marion etreet is a direct eonlinuiticn of Centre. w14 lm U NCMIUITITOS MKDKUM.-The Ci practitioner of wcdlrin* in the t- '*> "f ' , , h"' her nf tha Madieal lull utiom "{iL'J?,'V!H ' .r 1't J,,V? ? tag, tlurin* th* (Mt rifht ye >re. nM, .7 olwnod rful and mr?i?iu|r ruree ? ??''J r?r,?ty Of long r'-T hn.diaeaea- off?r? haatfendanrr ai d medicinra without ^.?r^utaXiali?f h.a fairly trated Ihr m-d on- in IV.ae Ji.e7.e. Tho a/at..ed a*?,(Ixrt* or.r JO yenn,) and losy oi Dr. ?< lomnn Heme ta a fu.r nteo tW thr ruh lie will not be oec?i??d. 11? will ba loond Mil the la? of May lull ?t the eororr of Canal atreet and Broaiway. and tdur thatia Reedetr*?t.ne*r Prnadway. .. \j? utile eat quod agimui. Tana eat glona mi r?, Na ura aatiai medtcue curat morbua im* SOLOMON HUNS, M 0. IER A 42. CHAMPION VVKi MAKKK. NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE I>F TOUPEES: PH VLON. 41? Brjitdwuy,0|>i) m e 81. P;.ul'? Chuich, u lilt ii.h to i;:lr jlIucc m V u?k the AMAZON TOUPEE, Being r new invention of the gubicriher. Tlirje Touyte* are in?*'e without toai* bands or m 'UHic sj.r n{?; O ey fit on the lit aU b an entirely uew cowtm uoce?they <?>?^l ey the forvhrao a id templed to Huy height? ihey are .1* raa> to put on .? ? I ofl ut a hat?there it not a oart cL of iteel. iron< rbraae in them? the api iaetf are ? new invrru n.beiugm !?? ot pine Lit )L I) to prevent rotting or cor rod:ug Thiaiaacon in*, itig p.ool 10 old wig wearera ol their merit. Aaa WIG AND SCALP m?ker, PHALOVS cpulificaiinna are well known and appreciated Hr baa proved hinirrlf to be decidedly the beat lu the city. Thiaiaa fact which every wig linker kuowa A convincing proof, if say we re wauling, aa Wie opinion o' three ol the o elect end beat jud^ta in the profraaien iu New York can tealily. The public cau now judge from lite PREMIUMS. viz. the ailver medal laat year, aud the firat premium tliia, awarded by the American Inatitute. who u or ta uot the heal Wig maker in N w York in'.1) CKhTviv ?CREAM?CREAM. S?ill theCilice widelv leem With praiie <if Riua'* I'trhenn Cream? The fineat Miivirg Co i pound kuottu, Kxptrienee haa clearly thowu. ' 1'ia au ekil'ntly prepared Tntoflrm e'en the roi ghe.t heard. Hi.I a dull razor'* edar brrlowa A ktcnueas that the sharpest ku-iwa. ' I ia pure, and p'c aiant, choice and cheapWill in ere/i/ climate keep? Makea it a pieaeing t J?k t? ahave, And will both timeand trouble acre. PreparedandaoldbyC.il. KINO, Si Kulton afreet; Baaelt.Ctl Dr mdway. and 469 Bro-dwav. infl I n* TO THE HALM AN'OOREY HE-tl>ED?JONES' rn OIL OK CORAL CIRCASS1A. 1 HOSE whoae hair ia falling nut, turning gtey, or hae realed gr.iwli , an article ia here <>lf-:red you at a re?eou?ble price ?remember it ia not l.ulfed?and it will do all ilia reureaeuted to do Read thia? I certify that my hair was fat'ing out faat; I combed out haiiillu's daily. ai A aii:re I hove u?ed two bottles of Jouea' Oil of i 'or at Circassia, it haa nuite stopped falling out, aud ia crow it g faat aud dark. W. TOMKIN*. r? Kinn at. Thia will girt l'ght, red or grry hair a fine daik look. ?ii t in time cnu'e it to Rrow dark from the roota. Among other* who have ua-d thia and certify ia J. F. Power, grocei, Br.,u Ulyn; J. tiilhei t jeweller. 3 I avenue fold by T. JONES. tiguof the American Eagle, 81?unleai you are careful of the light number you'll be cheated with a count!rfelt? 8-1 Chatham atreet. Price 3 5 and 8 shillings a bottle?three aizrr. 138 Kaltou atreet, Urookl) u, ia agent. Ill JO till* WHO WAX IB A ttKAUriFUL CLl'.Ait T COMPLEXION f HIS ia not addreaaed to ladies only, but gentlemrn too. To b-brief, you are assured that freck re. pimples. blotchea, sunburn, tan inornhr*. or any die figuration of theakiii, are re' moved by lie Lilian chemical eoip; dark, thick, sunburnt or \ rllow akin,change to a healthy clear hne alter uiug tliia The public am particularly ltgueated to notify that ia no puffed uoalrtim, but tke invention of M. Veaprini, an Italian pnyaicran. Tin New York Herald of March at, 18 )3, aaya?' An Italian hat lately fonned aao ip of the wild herbaof It ia country that willch.iuge the color of thick, dark, yellow or m i hurut ekiu to a Healthy clearneaa, cure rruptioua of akiu,euuh aa aali rheum, eciirvy, lie. We are lold by two pr>eoiia wno have nurd thia. that it ia rirellen', and we adviae all to try it, Thie ieaold by T. JONES, at the aicn of the American Earle. 88?mind the right uumber.or you'll be cheated?88 Chatham atreet. Price SUceute a Cake. 138 Fultou at, Brooklyn, is an agent. mSO I m' HA I It ulL.?There ia no Oil in t le world thai can do go id or bad to tlie hair, k'vaiy body know a lint w hen tor hair a honied it will grow again as good aa ever All the pow drrs for dying the hair are nothing hut a miaturc of liine and iithrage, and the heir ia not dyed, but li rrally liu-ned Li .uiJa fur dying the hair are coinpoaitiuua of cauatic and apirita. that burna in the a line way aa the powdere, and d int dye the hair, aad the hair will grow no matter how many timrg it ie burned: aud erery b dv k oaa also, tint wliru the head ia full of dandruff, the hair begins to turn grry, aud baldness fotlowa. From in experience ortwenty yeara, being hair cutter, and having the opportunity of examining a great many heada, (and blockheads) i have made myaell a great compnai'inn. known aa " Paaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound Kaa> utial Oil of Amonda," fordearoying dandruff, preventing the hair from coining out and turjing grey. Thie inimitable Hair Oil will make the hairgrow well, no ma'ter how mrch daudi uIT or aorer eaa ia on the head For rale, waoleaale and retail, at A. Pastor's. Hair Cutter, icy (Jreeiiwicli itieet. New Vo. k. Price 50 cents a bottle. m'18 I m* STRIKER'S HAY ON THE BLOOMINGDALE ROAD rPHE?ub cribir, having lraae.l the above eatabliehment, re1 apect'iilly informs his friends and the public that he will opeu for theeummer, on Saturday nexl, April 1st. To those persons who have once visited U ia romantic soil beautiful place it ia teedl< aa to apeak in its praise, and those who have never ee <i it may b' convinced by a single visit thst in naturally beautiful and picture ijie acenery I. is ursurpars..I h? ... .... II,. 1.1,.,1 ?f Manhattan Ntriker'a Boy i? ?i? nuln from (he City Hall, on the Bloom it gd ile Itoa). The houte li ?iiu ite ou the rraigui of the Hud uu river, along the bunk* of which the garden and pleaai re KiYund? eitenu a couaiderable diitance, the walk* winch g Through a beautiful grore of loriut treea. During the paat winter many iBiproTementahavr hern mode on the pirmiaea?the road lending to the hou;r Inn been widened and graded, i c.lhar ripmae nor labor hiring been -pared in order to render Iliui a dtaervr IIy favorite itimmer r>aori The alorkof wine* ?nd liquor* haa been rrlerte-l (without rrg itd to foul) by ? erptrieiin d and emapetant ju ge Tne ice cr-ami. the eoaftctioiiary,and all other rttrrtahinenla wili be of the tery tint qialitr.aud the ch.rgca a. moderate aa tlmae of any othrr rrai*ctablr eitahliahment. The garden andotclia'da are will aupplied wilh tlowcra and fruilao-erery dearription, ?o that riijtora v ia .ing to obtain beuqne'a, or baaketa of fruit, in their ?<.trrai aeiiaona.can be upplied. hir the aecomrnodation of tlmae ptrvona who for health or p'eaaure ride eaily, breakfaat will be prerided from 6 till> in the morning. The comfort and cr nrenien-.ecf ladiea t jailing thia houae will be eapeejally (tudied, aoc civility and attention may alwaya be relied on. 9tagea atari erery hour from Xo.30 Bowrrv. and paaaeugeri can alight at the gate. IV. COItBY'.N. in 17 I m ! QTEKL PKN9?From the celrbraied manufactory of Jo1 aeph tiillott, of Biru ingliam ?The high r- pulalion of Iheae pera haa iudurcd many inferior makera to imitate tlitm, thereby injuring thelwell eari ed reputa ioj of J iaeph Uillott. The Public are req uited to be particular from whim they purrhuae. ... Thegrnmne may be known by 'heir Blip ilor quality, and by the atyle of putting up. A cou?lant aupply lor aale by ' KOBEKT PAIIDOW, mil lm* 91 Maiden Lane. NOTICE.?C.onaigneea of the lotlow>ng gooda. perihtp TAHOLINTA, from Liverpool, (epnaigned to order) are ri <j strtt tocatl, pay tnetr treign i, auu sueuu m trie receipt ol tluir goods, ttz: ? B 70,72 9 eatei of MenhnJi.e IT I trnca i2j ft (4 I case do Bindi'imnnil 84 88 8 do do W 403 I do do OLOVEIl Sc McMURRAY. irJJ 100 Tine street. DROM 8 000 to lO.OOnlbs of fresh (itr.ien Im8|, in nil Ihe " choicest species and varieties, for sale, iu piaulities to mit purchasers, at Bridge,, an'* permanent ralaDlienmeut, cor. n-r ul I8tli at, and Broadway. Also," The Young Gardener's Ass a'ant," containing Ihe results of hin 27 rears prrclice in Niw Yotk. Ai this work has been honored by the award of a tio!d Medal, from the American Institute, which inatitutinn, and tie New York Slate Agricultural Society. having alto awarded aercral cornea aa pre iniuina for superior >| rruncus c f garden product*, further conim' nt la decreed unuecearary. m< I in* ALBOMItNfe, TAINT.?The Kalaumiua r.mt luting been aererely tested in thia city during the winter months, Ihe patentees can recommend it with renewed confidence to the public. The numerous apecin.ena of Kaleomine Taint now eiisting iu New York, renders an enume ation of its ad vintages superfluous; among the moet prumi:.eut are the follow ing Kaleomine Colors are m? re permanent, more luminone and agi eeablr to the ry e thin nil color*. They are applied without occasioning anv nifmaive smell or iajurioua effect upon health, and dry ing iu a few hours. Kalsomiue paint may, if proprrly applied, he washed when aniled, according to directions in I lie circular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KALKOMINE PAINT DEPOT, frb 2' 3'n* 381 Broadway, corner b'ranklin. ANuKITK or iota ol hair is caueed.by a lauguio or onalruciedcirculation in the small blood vessels which supdly tl.e scalp and hair with nourtal men', in coDscijnenre of which the perspiration beeomee thick and clammy, and dries on the suriace. forming a cruat called dandruff, w nich clogs up Ihe perca of the akin, and by ita pressure against the roots id the hair prevents it front receiving sufficient iioori(h>ii?nt to retain utility The hair then become* harih arnl uuplrataul. cliai gra color and fall* off. This uarieilthy affeciisn ie very sperdily md effectually cured by Jayue'a Hair Tonic wlncp revives .lie dormant powers of the snrface vrsselt. removes the dandruff, and produces a new and healthy grow h ol hair to supply the lass of the old; and baldness is prerrntcdor removed where it already esists ... The following certificate i* eelccted, which snfficivntly prove* its estraordinary vimier? Messrs. A. B. it Sandsr-OentlemeB an set of justice to you and Dr. Jayne, I send you thia certifi -itr to inform you of the invaluable bent fit my wife has received from I he nee of Dr. J ay tie's Hair Tonic. fthe losl not only her enure head of hair, but her eyebrows also and after try ing Balm of C olumbia and vinous other remedies, with no hentlti. the used Dr. Jayae's Hair Tome, hhs used iwo bottles before we c m Id discover the hair had e'arted. and roinmrncii g with the third it started to grow out fioely. and in a firw weeSs bar head and oyebrows weie covered with a |h;rd growth ol fi.e bl irk httr kit,.. .l.,n ,h, h.d Its'. I think il a as entirely pr..d"t.*d by ih? >i?? oft he Tonic.end would re ornmeoil il la til who need ...m.Ur.emedy. JOHN N JAf K.OV Prepared onlr.hf Of- ?? *"]?*? #1 Ro'd it wholtial* "'I bf A. B k I) <A N t)*.ftr?igpint* 7t Fulton, eornor of O ?ld street. sod 100 mt ?u ttrtcl: ala j aol'l by Abrahian B W? * '"-}* ** B -dw.? nrr of i:hamber (treat; D??id Hai.de h I o, .Nn r: r.,t Bro^dwty ___ " H * WII LIAM HKAHN, Ofhd BOWKRY, btlfMi rriKc tad rprini , 1. t <iU4 for aale the following dry go xlt. lately i.e. ted.? Frerch. C.nglieh and dnmeelicralirne e imbrm dimiii'e. m...ir?n.g ?nd iccond in.urntuj. light iMuli tod tingle colore; ?ti prtfiie 4 4 French i?r in* r d n mime. r mal! chn if Aurer. fite 4-4 id rid T?rlnl*?i finghaira. mourning and light r.lore. |.| in and Klin altiped blue black ailke; I g ,1 col'd lining ai'ka tad watered hat tihbnue: fine ht< rnnir ing t d It tol'd miitlin de I nnre; hdi> a' fan' y and gentian. n'? t.U ailk e-e?a??; I idiei' and grnilt mtn'? plain andhrirati hed inrn canl> ie hdkfe; ladira' a d grntlrmeii'a I ght col'd ki I gl. tee; blk ei k loi g ?lir.n It; ann ahai'ea and mie>? e | art a -!e, lo g I inn<; blrdwyi di?p?r?; blk and brown lirrnt, twill.d, rord.il ana M trtrillra *iirii;ebirt|. g mualiua. blk and white aotlon bom, he. lie.; itfii.nl, plain nod cnrJrd rawbrir: jicoimt ha< k ">wita, arti'l and Tar'et n rpualine; B ehov'e Lwna Ur kr Ala i nil h i d. b k bomb tin a, blk chnly. fig I K.nli* ana, fai?t, gr?en h rrgr. Mrain'i. -oil a genrr.l i.aiortment of m(1. r gnnda, all ol which are off. rid goer l!y,at la* towrei ma. k't price I . ni orm p. K.rt?nn a -alement. w3i l in' I KKCHKB-I.KK I IK!*.- " ) r.ryfi.ie a r* and lie. K J Amymtand Ihrmti Lt rb-e, for .ale tary 'J-*?"1!*; '* whole*ale and mtail <r rami lly apjrfted by *V'J * * I TRllUfi, < he*itl and rhariraro'iet, Apnihreariee HeU W I JkWUTX AND SODA r<),rDKRS-w.i^nlrd mrj J , *1 nuperinr ir'k r to wliftt nr* f? n-ni f ?oi? ?? ? ^ i ^ lv for fmrily u??. Knr mI?\ who'toU TJ*^. ' j|,i| I , WA I KOui,? b*n.Ht *aJ ni?rmiCJtu?. ^rothoc.ri? mi? ' I > }?(. *(b?rto. ft LD. -T"?-J tw? c*>ta . f LtiuTrn?m Hav?ka - Hy fi?- arrival ol the Alabama at New (?rlfuns, Itter iatellgence has been teceivcd from Havana. The British steamship Forth, Captain Fayer, sailed on the 1")tli for Southampton Same day, 'he ateum.-hip Sclway arrived rom the Bahze. The Utter vessel was to sail on the JS h for Vera Cruz, Tampion, and the Balize. Mr Nugel had his last concert on the 15th- Easier und Hnrgheae wrri- lo have two grand benefits after pa-sion week. The Matauzas and Sabinill.?_ II a I load weir to li' pit' under contract on the la: of next moKtb. Mons. Silvain, Fanny's man dancer, last yrar, had arrived at Santiago de Cuba with a -arge troupe of Hrtists troni this country. The Government Journal has able articles upon what it i alls the Sugar Crisis. They are written with a view to aroase the attention of Government to the adoption ot sortie policy by which ,the sugar culture may be made more productive to the planters, it-c. Our friend Ryder of the Bulletin ta handled very severely by the' Havana critics for hie i notices of the opera. Borghese, the prima donna, | is oui in the papers about her engagement with Mr. Marty. She seems to be petwdin Havana. The Coal Company in Havana arc going on swimmingly. New Orleans flour, S15 to <jtl6?Cotl'ee 6 to 8 cents?Sugar. If to 11 eenis The English Consul at Havana has received ori ders to quit the Llund It was reported that the cause of the order tvas the Consul's intetft ring w ith the negro part of the population, giving them free passes, Arc. lie lift for England in the steam slop Forth, which sailed about the 14th. Fanny Elssler had engaged passnges for herself and suite in the Alabama, but the Governor would not allow Iter to leave the Island. It appears that when in Havana last year, she promised to give a hall for the benefit of an institution of which the Governor is President. She wa* to return to Havana tor inn purpose, a ter completing her engagement in New Orleans, but not doing so, the Governor would not allow tier to leave until ?he fulfilled her promise ol'last year. Fanny < tf-red to deposite #.VX)H cash, or five bonds ol #10.000 for her reappearance at Havana by the return irip of the Alabama?but the Governor would not give in. An Knglish sloop of war had arrived at Havana from Mexico, with nearly #1,000,000 in specie, and was wailing orders from Kngland. The steamship Natchez has been sold and is now running between Havana and Neuvitas, in Cuba. Tut Season.? In this quarter we have weather very like spring, alternate sunsliineand showers,and of the Utter quautum ?iiff. The fields are putting on a green vesture, and we have had less chill winds Irom the northeast than usual for March. At Buffalo winter still lingers, as the Commercial of March 221 speaks of five inches of snow which fell in that vicinity the night previous At Columbus, the season is very forward. The State Journal of March 221 says?'* The lilac is now in iuli leaf, the buds of the plutn, cherry and apple are half out, and a lew blossoms of the peach were making their appearance yesterday." ijuimiuri naff mmi?i inmui u raring away bl ullicinnati. The Gazette of March 22d says:? For the past few days the thermometer has been ranging in the shade at from 63 to 71; and in the sun yesterday, Sunday the 2<>th, at noon, the thermometer reached 101 degree#. This warm weather has brought vegetation forward rapidly. The forest trees are beginning to show lull leaf, and cast their shades, and mat y aie covered with blomome. The grass has sprung up, and now afford* excellent paatuiag >,and the grounds are bright with flowers. Mey day this year might well be celebrated in Match-?Cleveland Hi raid, ]\Iartlt 25. Destructive Fir* at Camdex.?About six o'clock last evening afire broke ouf iu the roof of tke Hotel, at Caaidcm, immediably opposite Walnut street, occupied by Mr James El well The wind was high, the flaine* spread with great rapidity, and within an hour the u hole building was destroyed, except the brick walls. The sight from this side was grand though distressing, and hundreds of citizens and firemen gesrd for along time at the progress of the devouring element. Several engines and hose carriages were taken ovar by thoFerry boats, also a large body of firemen. The lose ol property must be very considerable. The Cnr Houses of the Camden and Amboy Company were not much in jured.? Philud Iaq. Apt il 1. New Gov. of Barbadoes.?His Excellency the Right Honorable SirCbar!es Ed waTd Grsy, the new Governor General and Communder-iu-Cfm f of Barbadoes and the Windward Islands arrived out in the Medway. Lidv Grey, and tan sons and daughters, accompanied Sir Charles The " Barbadian," after announcing the arrival of the Governor General and hia family, observes, "seeie y will, doubtless, derive great benefit from the accession of such a family, and Government house will we trust, be once more the centre of racial enjoyment a?d kind feeling ."?Bermuda Gazette, Mar. 15, Ridden on a Kail.?The sperm whale, which was caught on Monday last off N'aw Bedford harbor, was brought to thia city this morning by railroad, and will be ( xhibited to-day and to-morrow in Court square. This is the first whale, probably that ever took a ride on a railroad?Boston Paper. KIIKNUI AHTIKICIAL KLDWKKS, and Materials tor Florists.?B RUN, LAROSIK.RE k CO., IIS William rtreet, hare just r?'i??d, t?y the Havre packets, Arfo aud Francois 1st. ?nl offer for salt ? 1000 Boxes French Artificial Flowers, comprising a general ?r?*rtment ofthe most fashionablo llowtrs son ia Paris. SOO Dox-n Pink Saucers, suitable tor flower makers, warranted sf the first quality. 10 Cisrs Material* tor r lornts, six:?papers, muslin, floss silks, wires, leaves, bude. blossoms, olives,fcc lie. This establishment : constantly receiving the new stj lr* of tlowors as they ip|ear in I'ari*. Healers will find it to their advantage tocall. The norm issitensive the prices moderate, and evety article srleeted wtth the greatest carr. ml In' rj hk TrtUE~"Rir.HKS OF LIKE. 13 Hr ALTll-Phe only genuine Taylw'a Balsam of Liverwort from the sol- pioimrtor at 041 Spring street,has naver been known to fail in curing the most al waning aytnptoms of (Consumption and Liver Complaint. We have certificates from hundreds of most respectahle persons, certifying to the surprising relief they hare received in using the article from 041 Spring street. Owing to the assertions of couuterfviters, the following sworn facta IS how published? City of Brooklyn, Kings County. ss:?K. Tuwnsrnd being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is personally acquainted wiin in# proprietor 01 ur i ayior # Daiinii 'II 1.11 rrwuri, I'm doea cert fy fiom hn own knowledge that the only peraon lion living, who prepared (hi* mr-dinne -it 375 Bowery, and the role proprietor, reaid a ami Inllicle bu.ioeaa at ill Spring atreet. and mil ufarturea ' he genuine It i earn of Liverwort at that plnce, fro.n the only original rrripe in rein, tenre. K. TOW'SrSKNU. Sworn before me thia 11th Jan 1843, 8. ALPIIKU8 SMITH. Tom afDecdi. I certify frem my own pereonal k now Irdge ih it the above atatenienta in rrgaid to the ownrrehip. he aretni*. S. At-PHKl'S SMITH. Beware of Coonterfeiti, aa the gr.at |iiea!ion .iflife or death may depend u|?in having the ipnmne inedu ine, mad* only in ttiia city at 341 Springatreet, Agrnla?Krdcing 8 Slateatreet linaton; 31 Main atreet.ami 71 Fulton atreet, Brooklyn; 118 ami 348 Broad afreet, Newirk Price? Lan?* bottlfi neit site fl.tvd i?dl?riit* M [ emit mg6 1 in* OaTTT HHfct; vi ttlAWVVuKM i KJ t KK, BAHBr-t < O | |(H ANU SC A IIIF 8 ? It A YNKt.'* LOTION AM) SYRUP ia the only r? m'dy whieh ia rertain to cure ihe ahore complainla? harmlera in Ha operation, but certain in He iff ria ?Hi- Lotion healing iprckly. and the By rup purify ing aptedily. Pr ire f 1 THK I KUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. (*o 4?v?IP,s Drt ge jt and PiMa lie* r f il lo cure a recent cur of d'aeate in 48 hourt . if ?ee I aa directed. Try them, all ye affl.etei- tliey are free from meteory. Pric 50 eei ta each. THK TO <THA''HK CONqUfcRh D-Jamaen a F.vtraV It re'icvea in five mioulea alter application to tiie dcitc o Itie tooth, end preien'a decay if the tooth ia tilled itamidialely. Prte? ">0 ce .ta. FKVIALF. MONTHLY TILLS-Frim M B.ndeloi pie, of 8 r nee?cortaiu. a.fe and apeedy in ihe cure of all caaea where nature haa brcoma ohatructed. They cure ia a few dave. Trice 75 eenta per parkvgr. OILBKRT'A AN + I blLLIOUS KAMjLY flLLS-For therel rf of all comp'ainta produced by en* iee habile. anc? aa h>adache, hear burn,eour elomaeh, dimue.a, and locant app'tite. they hive been need with more aucreaathan any |ilt ever he ora offered to the public. Price 3V c?n'? per hoi. Sold whrle.a'.e and retail by K. M.OUION: 137 Bow.ry, Cimerol ijrat datreet, mi) la' KoVTh K's t*ATL> r Ma. l ALLit KuAS I It. BOO I HKKI.S ?The a'lh.eriter bega le.ee to inform lha |uhlie that he ha* rr.mmeocrd to manufeeture and aell booia with ill ia valuable invention, which ouly naeda to be knowa |o_h# uu'Veraally a*>J>Jed ^ ^ ^ The l.illliwir g a-r nirac ui ,,,t ... .. r o??r eeery ott rr kind let?The elaa'Kity uhla to tli? dumhility of the boot onthird. ;4? It rr. akea nnm >rr naiae on the rare ""it than a a i|>rer. 1 he enp eaaant t linking #ak# ot IV i'Oa heefa it obriatrd. ?d?It prrren a booU fiom running duwu at the aide or bark. tto-Ila rhaliritr en blra one In wa'k wifn much lea. fatigue, the hrrl *i?i ?r a na'ural aiming at raeh atep. Bt)i?11 Joea not nit ami fear rar|>eW, l>ke the ir >u or n i ilnl herla Inor.lar to hri K itni'rorrm- t within the raarl, or all. nUaubMiibarhnaeoMludad to pot tnim at tlit aanaa ' rnn"tafof''MT^u"l,l'r l""1 ?l< ?cnptiou, w holer alt and retail... the Old a. w. M NEWELL, mtlm' I4< ( Wrtham .tree* T rif LAI KM.. i?m t.A.aAL I?t iil.t, t . aaarLMLMi p. IS ?Mow ao well known 1.1 thia city 'or vera many areat ami etlreerdinary rnira he haa pe-funned, in all caeea 11 deli, catailirraae, ??en after all other reme<!|ea hare flailed, anH rnnliniire '.< berone'tllrd by the atfl rted of both aeim. Hia mode of treatnaart i ton well known to leijotre coirtnenrfalinn, h ring hern in ihe prartier for 'to t eare. in the lira? hnoMtoaol France ami tea year* in t hia eltv. re'ooetng all pee-u li <r dwevaa with anrreaa a-d diat?trh. end witho.t the aid ither of Merr ?ry or Balaam. Trraotn <dlieted with t rotraeled and d?p.o, .hfe ^aree a-ed n?t d ?i>air of a aon -deie rrr . 'trr.by applying to Darter L ?ar? I, who offer, t* hia patr.>i.? I anre giMr-uitae or no charge. At home until I P. M-, and tWge moderate. ml im*

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