26 Nisan 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Nisan 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Jong as they oeu dtlct Ikt fllrl, the more opportunity they hare of baying up the bill* at a discount. The American Exchange B ink hat declared a >livi dead oftwo and one half per center the last six months payable on the 3d of May. IVetty fair fare stock worth 00 cents on the dollar. The dividend is probably in anticipation of a rise in Indians and Illinois stocks. The position of the United S:ates in relatiou to its fi< cal affairs, is nov very similar to that of Great Britain, as announce J by Sir It ibert PeeL Tuitis that both are under the necessity cf increasing the revenue, and in both countries the amount of money that may be j?s?i r .1 ? i? ??v?.i ii? ni.Kin.uni. but uerivru iruiu iub tuiiuuii ?.>> from ditferent c lUiet. la Great B.itiin the burden o taxation hu exhauttvd the consumptive powers ol the piople. They cannot continue to purchase at much oi' 'taxed consumable article! aa heretofore, uolesa the import! are diminished. In th: U aited States, the circulation from a cheap piper currency ii becoming reduced to a dear apecie currency. In the eiact proportion, in Which thia takes place, the ability to import goods ut a profit declines, and of course the ability to tax these goods. The difficulty in K igland ia clearly teeu by the minister, end he has promptly applied the remedy, viz., to decreaae the imports on consumable article* and levy the tax upon property. This measure ia not only bene ficial to Great Britain, but is universally admitted, even by high tariff advocates, to be of great prospective services to thia country. Those who have long er joyed ? >?KinrlanJ are now the trust zealous sup r"~>?? ' porters of the proposed re luction,because they have discovered that the operation of 'protection" defeat* the objects tor which it was intended. It indeed prevents for eign competition, but its oppression iinpovetithts the people and ultimately destroys the homo market. Our c.vn legislators, in the results furnished by England' can be cheaply furnished witli the experience of ages if they are disposed to profit by the lesson. We painted out in a recent article, the immense reduction which has been made on some ef our agricultural productions, by the proposed bill. In that article we copied a table from a speech ot Mr. Clay, wherein be exhibited the English duty 011 certain atticlesof American produce, feeing articles however that have n?-ver ent ired into our exports to Oreat Britain. We will here inaert that table again for the purpose of co mp iring it with thu duties imposed by Mr. Claj's formed tariff's on articles, which were very largely import d from Krgland to this country. Change i!* the English Dutt on certain articles or Am hicis Produce. Present Duty JVeui Duty Reduc lion Percent ? i. d. Percent. ? $. d. Pr ct. Beef, at Has 111 o 12 0 75 0 8 0 37 Fork at $9 09 1(0 0 13 0 67 0 8 0 37 Hims, at $9 00 78 1 8 0 39 0 H 0 39 Lard, at $8 10 25 080 6 020 19 Lea,J.iu, $> oo 2' o 200 loo too ion Candles,tl $15:0 100 3 3 4 18 0 10 0 64 Dj ep, 37lb 161 0 2 9 33 0 0 6 133 Soap, f.8 00 275 4 10 0 120 2 0 0 155 The following are the American duties on articles of import from England :? Tahle ?f Duty per cent on certain articles op British manufacture, calculated vnn the r< it hp Manufacture, accoiiiii.no to the Tariffs of is h, '32 and '33. Jty Compromise Pro Tariff t of Tariff after potCoitperyd. 18 8 1833 1833 June, >842. til. Sheetings 6 lis. 145 lis in) 20 120 Checks 8 los io9 loo 20 loo Cal cues 12 72 73 (6 20 55 Klannelj 15 .150 106 971 ?0 100 Bairn 25 93 01 to 20 100 Kereeymsies 1 25 oo fo 47 20 70 Bar Iron 38 40 101 112 78 20 loo Coal 2 40 50 50 63 20 75 We might enlarge this table until it embraced most alevery article of impoit; but this is sufficient to show that the policy of the Congressional Committee is diametrically opposite to,that ef British Ministry; that while the former are en leavoring to throw obstacles in the way of free intercoiyse between the two countries ; the inner are enuuavouug uy uu menu* iu ihuukjc mc sale of American produce in English markets in enchange for British manufactures. For ages has the English government clung to the absur 1 policy of protection, until, to their surprise, they ft nd that the stability of the throne, almost the existence of the empire,as well as the Welfare of the people, depend unon an approximation to free trade. The inevitable result of protection in co, operation with (the paper system has been to impoverish the many and enrich the lew. We have alludod to this operation on a former occasion, and have now compiled the following table,showing the decreased money value of those articles which are produced by minual lai.or, in a period of twenty live years. The quantities produced at each period are tab en frcm parliamentary papert, and theprices are tak>u Irom Took. Taslk ox the Quantity ok Pig Iron unTis fEooicto intmcKingd m, iso Coal at IN kwcahtlk, and othkk Ports, with thkir.ce a.tii Mj.net Value uf each in ISIS, 19SS and tS<S. Iron. 7Vn. Coal To. Pe Value. T>. Pr. Value. T? Pc. Value. ? 1818 323 130 7 Q 275 910 3344 tut 3 7 3 4 4 3?S 043 13 8.83\879 1823 59l,i6T 5 103.IV7 J22 4170 79 34-.074 8 391 7S3 12 3235 077 1833 633 417 4 2 813 484 416J 73 3;l 8.0 ? 834 0.3 10 3 4 7,0*4 1842 870 010 3 2,010 010 4730 73 346 ;So 7, ii J 000 9 3 3V7.S04) The pricei for IS C were given in a currency depreciated iS per cent This we have corrected, and given the specie value. I: will bj ohs-rved, that in evi ry ar" IWfC U1B IBUVlliijS " ?" |pi i.voiictii; i"c quantity of metal now for th>t tarn' money which he re. ceived in 1816 In all that tim the tuxes upon consumable articles remained the tame ; ii ha* therefore every day become more dnficul?, f >r pr-ons of am ill incomes to accumulate any property Ou the other hand, those of lirge income experience 1 n> h'gher tax, and their accumulation a have been very rapid. This accumulated property has b.-e.i constantly seeking investment; and as British stocks ctiered the greatest inducements, capitalists have competed for their possession until they have raised the price of them 60 percent, as will be seen in the following table :? Tablf. or thf. Arcs ?n x Peter, or thf Bmthh Fund.d DiBr and Money V'alit.os thy-run sob rssxiai or Five Ytaas,raosi tmhclosk or tii- wis bp Mtmj Keori .dt'era^'r l'ricel . i.eii t il uf Stuck tlonrf fa bit 1815 to *31' 19 H But) 5JU0I ?*iu vsu.oeo tsiim'as | bob ls n,.e iti.o ?5 tso oon ism to'.It 89 8 7i5oiuii0j ssi ooo.10j 1811 to '39 85 8 7.8v eoi.a ei sis eoo eoo 1836 to '<1 91 7.1,1'il 178 691,891538 Here is an increase of ? 170 onO.m 0 m the money value of funded property during the same p-riod ihat the money value of labor decreased 69 percent ; or, in other words, the industrious poor arc 60 percent worse ctf Chan they were 96 years since, rnd the rich are 60 per cent betteroft The result ir a-ttially grea'er thin it appears however, became from 1891 to "3ti, ?60,000,000 of deDt were paid ctf ; aul th?. amount invested in foreign stocks, the m.r-ket value c( which miy be added to the increase in th : value of consul*. Toe new policy of the British minis i r is cslculsted directly to counteract this evil. He ha* rt moved the b lr lens upon centum tble article*, anJimpoii dthnw upon id -o-i.e- which exce d $7oJ per annum. Thii hu the double op -ration of relief lug the 1. borer* oftaxe*tfurni*hiag them with cheaper metal of living ate) therefore giviag th-m opjej.tunitiei to accumulate, and thua to prad-ice gradually a-i-v distribution of property. The same pelicy a Up'rd 'o our own government no w, would ten I to pn ?erve an q iali'y of weal'h, by the great impetus wiiir.li the mttuilly beneficial mea*ureaof thetwo g ivernm-fit* wouM give to ttade and commerce. The c.m'oiti and <i j-)miata of the p-ople of both nation* would t.e givaly enhanced. Rale* at ihe sfurh t* trhsnge, 10 l)el ll Hu itou cwh'Si HO II rle.i. li H ca.lillj 3Sj Me. hours Oauk ?? > io rivhlll 11 City Bank let 7- tin c-thlli '10 Bank of Aintrict e?i it <o cshlll 10 Bk of Commticf 140 . >o Co < - II?o Hk ofGom. eerip 41 l.u KOili |0u Karmera Lo?n llum yea do i.-hlij 10 i. nt io i lit ioi do latent 11 Utie. It Schin'y lis f? d c >. 11 > 10 d? 111 ti do it so PattraoD R R Sej tj <! > ti i0 do ??) s blOlli loo (la tto*>' rpi a litdia-i i Toada *:w lit 10 Sti mog'on R R i? tot . re vtl ... di O *<# * 1 " ' ' re W 10 L.acak nlr?cu*e 11 > lu >" d> .jo n to Voh?wk R It S l 7 l 0 . q Jfljl 10 do 1 '| In u do ?0 Loaf lelano R R ra li t. i t.o lliinn. B >ud* e.-b ?a ? * *? ?u " '!" ea-h.?i 20') *': *0 ? Ho t? 20 1?0 do f'w ! 5 0 ill . ? jl do * i ' uj <iii (3 is* 150 *? n llll iii'i- lli'k IW di 40 S3 Jo I'l J "U I*lnr. l.frj ?,,L : j? Kir-tnou'* In* I n 7 5 .in V .. t...? ? ,, |>(., v? 35 L""* 1*1 <u In*Co M u 4 Nj* > vik 5 , im| 0) tluOB O..IJ 0'*, IMO "I gtrmiil IS.mi'il 50 H.rlaai R R * i 5li?HHdlir.i tij 51 do .11 5 it.. 'IS. SO Jo l'3 11 lO 'I-.' * ' k R H s*? 50 Long laland R R Eli 25 J' Si JJO do 31 d > so IB St jo ii(ton R R ??* .? i> <ien i.i H R lOoso gt.nt c of l imlr Bciinos* if mori.y h Int .- in it" - v r.il m .iket*,hut tho transaction* uiiioinr im < m ,ihii o* >. rh thoso of lot mor sears, at the *?m? p i <1, ii [" Hi of umnunr, and the indication* are ih*' t ? i ? 'it >ti etoecditii}jjr short ono. The r.ti? rl i. 1. n.lir i? .<ttici> nl pro duco are very *: ill li-1 > i, hi t i .i<>" . :..* i; ? Kioir the supplta* receind e. Cl > |l ' k u?> dwURll a little, Ohio wi? *o) 1 at H 37 > -i'> .7 1.1 i! i? in roo t Jem il.d at 5J a I] ,wr (3 in, en J fi . 7 e i tor New I orb; }dctlel kltnt, 4] 3 Cet. a t. i ,! ; .m .ke t 9 a Scot., prime butter ia q'nte sc. o , tl.i.^e leint), Itrah in pails, tell* fre* ly a: ad o ii r, (I n; i ... .1 at 19 * '10 Ctnt?: hijipiug 6 a 7 centa; cliv t?J -ents. t here has ieen some sale* ot Wilmington T n o -ntiar at >-J S7 i W a i ?njfsr, Mtucova lee* an.l h own |1 i aim, Ru aav*n?i ail III i.er emit hat I. k. .. *ama?ia ? -- ?0 Irani at 4 a *ij l <0 >. C'01 \ .! 6J 4 h} j loon Poita Ri > .1 4 a a^i "WO (<aba Mn>c<'v*l* ?l 4 j > 4; WW .ro*n Hivaiiaal 4 a 0} ?i?l-om 6 j, ?o4 *11 at v| * ort prior; *n#wliit? >. 7 -I ( ?i ro ?? ? I-w |elii; . ahilrBtar.il al ?1 a 8 , ft,.u a largo on trim* aot fjd iipirrd, all 4 .agutr.a. Cattle Market. In market about eight hundred barrel, three hundred beep, and fifty cowi and calvee. Sale* not eery briek. Only forty cowl and calvei aold. All theaheep, however, were diapoted of, but not all the beerea. Price* for aheared ?heep ranged from $1 54 to (3 each; woeled aheep from $i 50 to $5 50; for cow a and calve* from fidO to $S8 a bead; and for beevea from $5 to $7 per hundred weight. There waa plenty of bay in market Very few aalea Married, On Monday,25th April, by the Rev. Mr. Mcllroy, Quo Diubic, , to Mias Catharine Sticklfr, youngeat daughter ot John Stickler. , all ol thia city. Char leaton paperi will pleaae copy. Oa Wed.ieaday, 2 >th ioat , by the Rev. Dr Stone, Jot Bradihaw, of thia city, to Miaa Sarah J. Haioht, of Bivoklyn. On Friday, 32J init., t v the Rev. Dr. Spring, Join T. Wait, of Norwich, to Mra. Klizibrth hirria, of thia city. ' Died On Monday, -16th inst., John Kdmimj Schplts, in the 13J year of his age. Weekly Kepori of Interments la th* City and County of New York, from the 14th day ol April, 1813, to the Ud day of April, 1844. 41 Men?31 Women?S3 Boys?41 Girla. Tumi 153. Diskajes?Apopleiy o. Astlun.?l. Asphyty 1; Abscess 1; BleediugO; BlreJiii* from stomach ; Bleeding froia' Iuugs I; Burned or scalded 3; Casualties 0; Cholera lolantum 3; Cholera Morbus0; Cancer I; Colic 0; Consumption 34. Convulsions 8 Croup or llives 4: Debility 0; Delirium tremeuel, Diabetes 0; Diarrhoea I; Death tioin Poison o; Dropsy 1, Dropsy in head 8, Dropsy in the chest a. Drowned 1, Dysentery I; Krytipelas 0, Epilepsy I; Kever 4. do. scarlet 10, do typhoid 5; do. peurperal I; do.'remittrnt 0, do.bilious0, do.inflammatory 0; do intermittent 0 ; Gravel 0; Hip Disease o; Hnotiing Co'h 8: Inflammation 3; do. ot liver I; do of womb 0. do. of brain 7; do. of stomach 0; do of chest 4. do ol I miss 11, do. ofbow i lib; do of throat Oi Insanity 0?, Iniem.erance 3; Indigestion 0; Jaundice Ot Killed or murdered o ; Locked Jaw 0; Lues Venera U; Mortification u; .Malformation 3 ; Marasmus I; Measles 0; Old age 3. Organic disease of heart 3. Palsy 0; Rheumatism 0; Spiual dis an.: 0. ScirrhusO; Suicide Ol Sprue t; Small I'oi 4; Scrofula 1: Teething 1; Tumor Ol Uulttiowu 0; Ulceration ol throat o; UlctrsO; Varioloid Oi Whooping Cough oi Worms 0 \i.r??Of I year and under. 33: Drtweeul and 8.14:3 and 4 311 3 and 10. II, 10 and 30. 4: 30 aud 30 33: 30 and 40. *1,40 and 40.18, 50 aud 00, 8;80 aud 70.5,70and HO,3. 80.end SO 0 40 and 100.0; I00andupwards.il; unknown.u Places of Naiivity?United States 113;Ireland30; England 8; Scotland3; Switzerland 0; France 0. Holland0; British Possessions. N. A. 3; West Indies i; Portugal 0; Uennauy 3; Sweden C; Wales 0: Alrica 0. Spam 0; Hussia 0; Italy 0; N America 0; Unknown 4 F*?m? Alms House B-llevue, 5; Hospital 11; Fever HoePit at 0; Pe. Herniary Hospital!. Blackwsll's Llartd 1; Small ill Hospital 3; CiiylH >sp't 1 0; New Jersey 3; West Chester 1; Long island g; colored Persons30. WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. Ci>?? 'nsnestor's Office. April vo 1813. Pusseutters Arrived. Loudon?Packet th p Mediator?J Harrison, W II Himson, D Harrison, New Jersey: Miss ? A Under wo'd. B Demptker, New York; Mr VVehh, Mid lletowu.Ct; Mrs K mhle aud three children. Mm Davie. Doct K Mu rah, Mr Ktlnrdaon, Mr Ball, Mr Coa t, J UUlesei.g, Loud >u, >Ir Mailer, Prussia? 420 is llw ulnnp ("habi.i rron?Ship Cathirine?C A Hhe.ard and I'dy, Mra f lore ,ii >y, Mm Train, two Miss Cnllu.a, two Miss Shepard L Ganlsnei; K B .Hob irti, Pa'ersou; VV ,n Collins. of ' In I ?4el phis; A bracx. L Upson. A Moan, L) Jennings, R Wlti field, mater Whitfield?14 111 <hc steemg . (. haelksto:*?Brig tleorge?V Thompson and lady. MissE Hitchcock, Miai I' Mathews, Mi?s P Dju I Messrs L Heed. W W Chilton, LTH'li d. I' C Birds, ye. P B Wentaorlh, J Catlin, Dr G Bins', J P Boo h, II A Smith, L H Babcock, J v. Acklay, H Oi Ifiu. S S I) io;<Lmn. J B Copra-, d Prn keti. Liverpool?ship B. /tynn?Mr I'onles and family. Mr Rhcde- and lady C Cha epltn an J f uuily ?174 in the steerage. Korelgn Iinpurtnt lima. LorsD'.jc?3hin Mediato;?tg [ Irga VVi'lc'eudesaa, It Aehilla?3 pit c , TO hakt>, 177 pkgH VPureuood Siro-8 bales H \V 8c T .Vieiili?a ' ak'a it Hi nto ?150 id a, 74 bxs H T Wines' r - Stat bira and bol'i iron Griuue'l, Yli.lu n Si c i?3 King Sico 8 casts E W Post? 5 b ileaJ Conudi?I ca?e 5 caka Bustier Si Bioihera?11 case* L J Cohe ac ks J .M OpiMuniimer.8cco ?4 r R' ckwell 8c eo- I pSua Win Vyae?iG C Tlio bum? 6 ca ea Prrsae 8t Brooks?a d II Vorr'* fk en?M bis Masters, Markoe St co?1 cak J 1) Weudl-?I tsa'e I) Haddsnb en?l M Le*y?4 cist* Vf il'y Si Putn on?I cak H Touciu? I J W Wolh'r on?t Louia Si Myer?1 Bun Si co?1 A St R W aiker?1 rr W F.acher?3 H N Donate Iv?1 If out,g. Pmilh 8c co?1 W C Tickeragil ?,7 E M Coiiuiti?7 pkg* 33 ci cata to order. Livr.nro.it?sl ip Virgii i t?71 r ates 10 cka B a Mum'ord? ST cia H Winkle) ? I ca-e ull Si tPoteJi?74 ikga K h A WilleilsSieo?7 H W llaydock?H"8 Wo>dhul Ik sllnturu? 184 bdla steel J Elia-<n Sico?? cka W H WrTght (k co?174 cka An a ins Sc Brut tiers?6'8 bars 340 mils iron D W Wilson St co?o N B Warreu?3340 bars iron ti B Mooretv.iod ll co?180 toi'a coal 100 ions p g lion (9 .riles 5 i lids to oide.. Litebp ol?ship B A- mai? 44 era er C Jackson?a caaea Brothers V cc?4 d.i 1 tr ias 1 h i Huihra Si cr?4 .ase H Wilikiev?3051 aacka silt 20 too lie bru laa SO tens run 23 led,era BThoiniasou?1 b.,x K Ui ckhuni Gpavama, PA?0 ig Helen Maria?301 lid* sugar 75do molarsaa 1'hoinpaon It Adams. Rouhellk?Brig Annrodiu?303; ipesbruidy T 8 Nichols? ( boxes lo order. Domestic Importations. New Ohleams?Baik Caspian?350 eka .bacou Lixkwood it Jacobus?15 hnils sugar 1. J Barai .w Si i opt?78 bbia tank It Patrick 8l co-30 c<20 ubia hean-213 bids polk I do ?li at 510 aacka il N L Ik GGrinwold?-4781 .?css corn J Harper?Sahbli pork 53 do beef Ciiurcbio'iii Si Hub rU?79 hhds 335 pigs lead Havens Si c??167 l>0 a tljiir AU.n Si I'ataou?145 i bla W Heed ? Il'O do W Varan . It co (. HaRLESTi n?bliip Calhai iae?at 5 b-lea cotton J Jeannertt Ik co?98 Smith Si V1i Is?17 Boorm u. Jchi-ao i 8l co?201 Lalfau St Kedm mil?74 Vialor Si Duckwilz?78 U Irvinlk co?and auuJrlea to order. CMtKl.llT.iN?Rrik? <iP(ir<?4?3 1 r?r? (i Rn'klov?lOA b?1cf c??tt?>u Siniih, Mil ? 0-153 du J j-.iuueiette &c >?4 ton* iron J B ICll'imu?10 'o order. Mini k?ScU? Dm* id bd*t<otici 8 G Mitch*) ?30 ?i ? J Ac L K BruU i- ? b: h \Uoi? fli UlMMf ? I'iigl" M Wolf?1 i tr*iei to ? rilrr. iVIAHITIMj* ti faKnijlJ. OH S 12 vaoon 9 '21 OH OfcTg ? 18 HlflH wm? I 31 in i^uip i>iantor?. We (hull eatrem it a favor. i> captain* of iumIi arriving h?re, will (fire to Commodore R ft. rtm.nf our new* fleet. report ol the (lopping left at the po.t whence t ie) (ailed, the Te?#el< ajiokeu on their pa lege, and a lift nf their Cargo. Loiuiriudnte Martin will board tin :n immediately on their arrival. We will mciurocate 'ne f.'V'ir m anv vie. o! tli* Atlantic 8t?aai?r?. kk'im t.Mii.a.an. raoM laehH i G. Welt' ru, H?(keu April 28 Britannia . He?itt May 1 Caledonia, Lolt April 19 May II hcadia, Kyrie-- May 1 June I <e.Wuti ra, ttnaken May 21 lune II Columbia, Jndkiu* May II June II Britannia, Herwitt lnu? 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lolt June II July IT Acadia, K)ric Juiy I Aug. 1 O. VVeaie. u. Ilo-k'ii Jiry 9 Aug. 1 The Belgian atcamer Flritiah Qnreu, ("apt. Keane, will leare Antwerp for N York mi the t It ol .\ley neit,to touch at ftouthainpton. Ka.;, on the 7ih. e-OKT OK ?KU % OKK, A PHIL. !|A. UM Cleared. Ship* Memphiv, Knight. Livrpeol, Srn't k Morrell; MiriCvea.Ch-ae. New OrUane. A u k A W Uenaou, La.iceehirc, you. Havaiiaali/fayI r k Mer ill; Marion Wren, Charletto*, do.? Bngi Biuury, I'aiue, Charleatou. ft H M? ; Mary SiUhy. shel'ard. A|w?l vclucolPoet k I'll llipe; A Uli Lnuiea, iBri ltn.1. Qu See. B ir? la. k Civr gvinn; UulTa'o. (or) Ml B lite. Wi dui', NS Boole. Wlutuey k Co; Caroline, Hill Gihra tar. How Ui il k Va i e*al'; Ch ua, ftmall. 8t Juhne. NKH Underwood, fri t, (8*) Z m nir mu, Stud holm. J !1 How laud, -oil k Co; Juno, l?w) VV.lilj.au. Stockholm, K k T Po.pa? Bchri Kmpiic, load, No.folk. Va; fcteter, Uftr, Poria'jiouill, Nil A rrt er*e| Park>t.||ip Melabir. Chailwick, from L inloa and Porta rrouth 221 March. w tr. rrijo'o ? (aritwold. 27ik ult, lat 18 id. loe ik. etch tnged goal. a i'h c in Argo.st im iug K. Apri 12 h. I?> 13 Ion in. law aevera' veiy la'gc ice berga. flop V i guiia, talon I'ro ii Lure'tuml, iltii March, wi h indae InWkKJ ilHil il'J pa aai ge.a J ll- iiin iu ullii lull, lat 40 11 Ion71 20. p ike hug V i^i.u Philadelphia, IS ^yg from Poi 11 Rico lor Boa ou. Ship B A) mar, Ca ? r, f ou? Liverpoil, 8th March, with endar, kc 10 B Thonip-n i i72 . aaaeuge a 8 Ii inat, la' 41, loa 40, a( o?? ah p New Vork.2vd.jar in M bil tor I leerital ft.np Mi W.Hi key, llanling. Irom Liverpool, 14 h March, with U'l'n.kc to Ul.iter at v,c vlnn.y. Ship La hiemet e r^.odiy* liu n Ch ill ito i. Willi cotton and rict o (i Milton. Dck (A'piBii rtill uzi, of C itou, 19 d*yfl from New Or!'? . wih flour, lu: touidar. Br?rf T u . 13 fi >*i fiom fowr, TR. Willi fu*sir to n?d?r. Vem Ii l? fi infure i I'd. i&ih iiift, lai US 54, Iji. $"> US ke ?rig L urel, of i.ilf.un Prondei ce foe M r.aiiT. If. I'} |1<) J out Ori< N rna Staoliy Hue, of !'b I d l|ihia, from Si Jot. m. Pit It h Ap< il. witn tfti fehd< ?ug 7 J in >Ue?ee l Hanoi ta '1 h> mpa ii-Ud i nol?e< Win Ouuui giain.ofl' ilad IS. in firurtjr. Huil. from CluritiliMi, with cotlcn and ilu lu Gji tSilklrv. Brjg A idrodue, llicli ?, Si ilaj'l fi< ni K r belle, Willi brandy o T t? Nliliilt Lift 111 Aiu r Kuril Briu Fitter, Lti.ca.irr, j il.je.r in .Wit ulk, with ihip limli r to J H Baker. Org Helen .Maria, S-nt r, of No th Y nnnut , 18 ilija fr-ou irimjair.a. PH. ? i li ai.gtrto .Ntemilh St beetle Sciir L ti ktu. (illbci t, 7 0 ,j ? Ir.ui Oeu getoWo, SC.. with floor in r. V* Uuuda n r'elir .VI rgaiet, Wi g'am. 5 L)'l from I'eler. bar;, with tl >ur to J it iinti r. fclil Uerid Rofen, Hon), i5 d > t fr.ua Mobil , with cot ion, tic to muter, t ,Mi?e. (.? a Stli. Sp , So intra, I <1)1 from Hio/iinond, with ecal to the in itu'. 3 clit EPHorbn Buibeek. 1 da, from Virginia, with ryeria to t-e man rr. nu n fro actor. II a'- e, 3 Ha; t Ir >in Virginia, with oyalera to tSr at ?:er. Schr l.yie' burg, Matin .fori Hielunoi d. ni b flour to Atl-i V. 1'aM II Brlow. Slip Eumtwa-i ait Poet im.u h.ln.n Lirerpo I. At* , ouc b irk .lu f ar I rig* teeracrat fltcoru. Ei korr.it Lutt it Caij?.?The p.e'i't tbip *i'dona, for Liirrp ml. and Vile <c L > n. f<r ll.t e*w. I aail to day.? Tluur letter b gi are ?; O.I|- u iu ibe > ii'iaoge. 1 lie alup Mrinpb a tor Li.trp '. a ill a il tliie day at IS o'clock The eta inur i'! - t iV'r i?t-j will ra,l for Lnrrtaiol on Thursday, Apri: H a. I o'cl- ck lbr le t- r b g< are at Qilpin'e, iu tiie Krcoaj'. W'ut I.Miia Lltti- r I 4 In- Ro^al Mail a'eioi?r Die liae.a tr n.urrow at It \l i k for >? tan. Cuba, Went lnl.er, lie Sic. Her le'.ler i ag? will clone at In A. M. at No. 7 lie ?u art bi tia Mama auaia ? The I cj I'ii, it II< atoc.fri in Parana, poi- II h inat. 11 lat at. I ii ? eo.pi liri/nui,i t aim lortiite nock from Jimaira, a n I ok fiun tier M -re John on iud >la k?. paierngere in au-.r Maim ?l ,N ? York I otn lew <>r. lealw t n a t, ler Ja Oa.ca, Ir uiwhi ti ? e-illtiet i< ok thrin dm. in mine N el rt.u..,. , I,.. M an aianmatrd 4 li i t'. , <i?vn.ri,ir;?.u <1 "tr niH'IK U?.li ?l4ni4?ri]. afi?*;i< g.|t, 11? .| t ?-O *ith iwiiif ?m4ll ?l?. **? i1 11 f** '1 i !** hft in , .?{? . .,?rt ?<ec ?r,iMt of .|,r< -?..i.i*. .i uer D , u ;. | 4 ?,.!,? of *:.? Ljcurou,. ?i nviU here in > c? crti<?> . ;,v?( f JW JoKSI PR. Aj.ii'|?-| ,,, r . K<-ia< ?i J?n?. Inr B?lt; 4 or J d?; L'i > t. f r 1.|., >i rJ ,.,r a |, , J J,, ,II ? -l III' . ?l; c '. 1 rS| r.sht f.rU ,t <rr I'll i 4.1 11 J*; k-dw Ad.T. I .. .14 . . , , J )or y.,,4 >i i .1 > lic:t>r?. II-;., tior', r'. , for .N York II U;R. t l>, UUC, U*l0 ft, ,1 41.111, . 1 Uiill.rH ?>l,il?* B>iocM,ArrJl>**.i? i.irk- Bo?4iicl,, T?r , lili.d. I'.,m limi, Ap',1 ti?Air lnc.it ?, !> d *t di Oob?- c d M i* iiiln, i.nd .1 P; e Unit. P. A. Ill Ci- Mr !r? K Iivirc. I '.y || n?; H ?l uwail, Mo Wit; nt'li ?r. >? 'J.-ty, u. bu, ?i > rsi.ru, l oci.ee . H.%4 a. ?Lr?i A'rllH?Art '??o l'? - ?, St Jag ii KaMkl4, Nt> Yor*,?d M.rj I,! u, V J v i ^H'oaMaTNYbrk. I New Bedford, Ap'.l 22-Arr Nolua.AV.return fa. N Voik: Cliarfeatou; Wtleu, NYork; *31, Laurel, a-ul Wm Peuu. NVorfc. . Pltm >uth? 4rr preriom 'o 23d. Horatio, Baltimore; Naheat do; Lyceum. .NYork; Mire Hill,do; eld Ann Maria,(fn. : h??ip?ri) Baltimore I "LorcetTE*. April 28? Vrr Florida, Machiae for NYork; Mope, p raokfert for Norfolk Pmiudelphu, Apri 2t-Arr Choctaw. Tempio; eld Orv ??' Acorn Boston; Lkwreice H Adum, Saw; H T H?m k!cv, Boc'on; Kich?rd,d* Richmond, April tli?Arr Gorge Klotts, NVork; ?eltct,do; Suaan. do. NoaroLK, April20-Arr Jane, f?*1ern; 9lit, TV"34 wood. Ht fhomas. KRrpKBiritiiL'Ru, April 19?Cld AH-titic, Briton; Luanda, Portland. Wilmington, NC April !f?Arr Manchester, (Br) Hnrbor 11 land; Ontario, St Thome* Ch K Thorn, SYoikl eld N F FrothtDfhaon, Ga rialo'inr; Le*el!>n, d ; Trcuir??eh. Tr-vi.1. ..... M.v.wa. \f ,al I ki M ...t U'al! KiVo, 'Ja-uei ii Saiatiei, NYork. , F thorn d.i Oit >?f:*Tov>?t. SC. April 11?Arr Fwgjr Coil, NYoik| 1 HARccaTOta. A pril '23 ? Arr Marc rd i, N York li lifflfiiR Chatham. from Liverpool; Calhoun, from N York; alao a bark two brige, and a achr 3l~t.*rrThoa Br^mt, Liverpool; "Iiio, Plulad; Oeorge Henry, New York. clu Datiirl, B-emetu Mary Ha nrnond, Port Leon; aid Hichmo d Havre; r'*rry, NYork bAVAtniH, Annul ?Arr New.rk, NYo k; ?ld Klleo Brooka, Liverpool; l.oru Goderi.h ~t Johni; Camilla, BoaP;n;St oi inona, Bermuda Morici, April IT?rld Admittance, Havre; Judge Hitchcock, Providence; La!y of the Lake, Havana; arr SYcj toaaaL, Providence. Ntw Orlkani, Atril 16-Cld Auburn. NYorV; CWentiue. Bremen; Sea Lion.Htrre; Oaniiar-ua, Liverpool; Wat|? le.do; l*? becca,do; Sere"e, Baltimore; Abby B ker.New Yo k: lohn Ca ver, Cadiz; Georgian', Boa<?ii; Eitio, d<-; Delia. NYork; Danuve Allicantr; Caravan, NYork; Yin'rva, do; Couverf, c'o; Elora, St Pi?rre;arrSl ('loud, Liverpool; Diug >, Kingaton, Jam; Suviah, Buatoi,; D B Kitl.-r, Bermuda; Nevia, St 1'hoau POKTUGt.'t&E FKMaLK PILLS. THESE far-lamed ano cr Iterated pill*. from fortus*!, *r w; (wrceive, to beobtatuet' it tnie country Set advret* I aerneiit on r.he l:u*t mluinnaf fourth oage fe4 ImSa DA .UMtaVt) rv FiK AFLAK A I US OE ALL uld' CHIP HONS? Dapper.rotv pe I'latra o' all warrant < d tube tl.egenuLe ar.icie. hup-nor poliahu a auDat vuce. I.euaraand Hm IMCNSO'all Ml riptiou*; MB# ApoaVe In* f> r tekii-e Liken arev, anh diri ctiuue that w II ri.ablaa lerioc of ordinary apacity, alt>r toe r prru?n', to operate ihe ftret tune vvi h complete aurctfa carefull. packed for tr .i.aporta'ion. and for eale by the manulactu er, W.Vl. HbU I'LKrt 7J Bowerv, c r Uiviaioa at, New * oik. Portrait! taken every tar except Sunday. a'26 I Hon vroTIT'lE TO htJkxiTITkl nc v r,KS ? w amumv J-v T<?N ME Kfl. No 315 Broadway nut the Hoi; ital w ul'l draw the a'leati.ui of the public that m- will veil eple I, did Cabinet Fu nilu e at 10 jer cent eie ill in the eame qo ility of w- rk lint* telling a- the -ujct'Oi>??comutirg of lirawa. Coucliea. Snfae.Covered ia d ffrrt n colored plnihee, avtin- and hairc'oth, of II e la'vat S|>r,ng p i tern? <I|6 6ut HORSE.EQUIPMENTS WANTED -Any prraoo bavin* aretol HtUriiieain good order, euil tble for ay officer at tac'ned to a Gece al't St Iff. tnd being dtip aeil'naell thrill very low, may hear of a ca.h pu-chiter, by addieasiu* S. O. a* the office of the tier rid. a 26 kt* f I OAT?fl KKWAflD.?Loat, luptOtaj ia ihe vicinity of *-* me roai nice. on wru i t lay,me nun ui?i tin. ?"ine inters oneoed. and a bill, w i:hw?re tied logether with 4 string. The tiuderwill receive h? anove reward by delivering the r>apen to any of ihe clerks ho distribute letters from the merchants' boars, Park Poet Office. vM lt*r FtOll LOS I'?Lmt on Mirdiv in rum*, gSin lut'M', a white H ivin* |*iodle nog?auswers to the u?me of Veto, both eere yellow ?ith ?om? v el-?w spots on I ii back. The fi ller will be I berally re w ard.'d by leaving it at 114 t'hsmber i'reet or at tbji rlfl n. 3' r txt an t el) ?v SiTUaih?N /is t n am omtt.vi/v i u. 10 * a private f?inil), Inguire al 87 Ju'in street. tf V r|1 0 fa vlILlES tiili.Nti fO m hwfih.? n j oune girl t who has lived f> r mine years in the omi fan ily si lad) 'a maid, ami to luge care of children, is aminos to eif ge in eithrrcapaciiy.she hu the beat of rec inuneiuUtione and will be Satisfied witn mcil'rite wa.ee. Ad.lie4 a J \V? a' ill' ifi of lint rawr. a<t> Si' t i'l) 1; a I' I'AIN H. JOHN SON ? We lie pa s-ngers of ibe A the ship B njiniin Morgau. tl ink it our louudtn duty 10 ixprtu our brartielt thanks to tbe l i d Captain of the raid hip, for hie unremitting care and atti tition, 111 allowing to the 111 inoat of lua ability, to make u? as confutable aa pitiable, dnriu : our passage from Liverpool to Ww New Vork?likewise for his att.i ii'ioa to tlie sick ?i.d indigent Th-e al?o think iil-eir?'utv tnapplaui his coolness and manly Courage, iu the discharge if his duty when assailed b storms and teinnests, aud fuit'ier, they are of opinion, they will uot be doing their duly, if they Jo not make the above fects known to the public?and for this re sut. they hive unanim ,usly agreed to insert tin above in the New Vork Herald. S*igneU uu oetul: ol ihe pa sergers? kob-rt Brindle, Josnua Ktrv< us op, J lilies O'SiilllvaU, Jt>> H'd'oid, Knbnt Cooke, John I'i'mee, 1'oirick Hsruao. Dated 25th day rf Apt 1. 1 '43. tf* 1>HK ANTI-ANOULAK bYSTLM OK WlllTlNu.? I'o tin-llrsideiit* nl New V nrh and B ooklvn?Ritn.val ofMr. Biiitow'e Wrin a; Acai m t > No. 235 Bioudwaj ,aear Park I lace, a" I urealreiluc'i'Ui of his Trim-* FRuM 18 TO KlVrl nOi.UAR^!! Mr. BlllbTOW, m r-spit n'ljr offrrnti? bu services to the public. lor this <ia oil, t u la mat the very low term', Y5,( ho* | laci -g the u-c ol art w it do h- njeatis ol all) w ill nidire ev - ry one and of every ge,to airpi re an thgoit ,<nd s.dend.d hand writingNTanrs Kaiv Lkmoki ! Tie Laditemert dsly I on la to 1 : ihey are tain.lit a neat, rat id and ill Urate n tail, aara-ea dr to tiie fashion ol the nay.? Ala), single ruiry Rook K?e iriar tauilt. the lfoi.ll m n are taught, with in'elihl# cerainty , to write with despatch uamasterl) manlier, suitable for keepi. g a let of Roika or for a errau'ile ">rrn, oiidencc. felt eniug 11 mi a froui 7 to 9 N. B. Merchants tioI t'raig'ri Vailing the citv r u complele a coins* iu lhri e days I aa< tin* C AU riON TO TUB PUBLIC. OR TO VVHOKVkM IT M\Y CONCEnh? \s 1 hid io defray my ci.sMra to Fl-rida, and receive I no aaUry until I rep .rted duty there. Oil llie 29.11 of January. 184 2, I out three Oral's iu the hula of Mr. Jaime P."' nii?s, of N It Wall slrrel, New 1 ntk.to uegotia'e lor me to otj'aiu money for that | urpoie. 1 tie i rafia were drawn up n the Se.-r-tery of 'he Navy 'or my salary io adtance, as -geul fm ih- p-ivenation of timbir iu blast Kioiid-," for theli e',i<coud air! third ouarlers.parable to lames Preutiss or older, et.ti.e day af.cr they (lieu d bec in.edue. 1 uow caution thepub'ic ?R'a .lit nig tiitiagf?r those drafie. iu suv sh?pe or form. as t have nut receive i the value t ereof, and I her,by yroteit aR .iuit tlie payinent of toe sam?, as I no (in e iVir rreuiISf < 11-ine l?r ?l -vpni, mai ine I'^meni II them had been st->pied vth the pcrtitry of the N*?); I refoked my letter i f i ;ctrujii me (o him concerning lh.se drafts, w hich he acknowhdg* s b. teller lo in of the 34 April. 1842 aS6 3t?r H. L. I HH HeTk -LD . XtllA? *V ti. JftN&s, As tt"iie*r. Hj.M Kroill strutt? KASHi0N \ '?L\ FUti nI il/RE, kc. ?Ou Wed. e*day. April 47 * 12 o'cloe*, v lh* c uutty re>iHnicr k'towa ?i *4 B?irr ' litf on tir Blaomii|mlc road. artj uning the Or|htu Asf'tim (his i > rfhuriih^m) Mill be *?M fne entire furniture :?n?mg whV? are Urn *e * rs p?ti, card nud diuiug t?t|es, |i r glasses, f;n- n:r?vi?ei, ii h ct g asi. arh te china, dining { thttia tea Fretch b-d steadf, Wile rmltcMe*. &c ; oil c'uih, in h guiy and eene chnrt. til mlid bi?d? ii eige*, Fuel I ill*. M? xico, stalling and a rcking bird* one large glass I' st iT d hi ?U, kliu two ft.II bio ded ltorsts,'w "> full o|on e.l l>urh*m c nvi, two full bLoded h? ifere on* fist r?t*h;l iatd t-.ble, m4''e h l air o d, complete; onr fi i; tufted p ?r o, in ?1*- bv (? i> O Walker. 'J he Sale wril. commence a* IS o'clock, with n e kitchen forum re Stages lea? |tn- Bowery c.v>rn^r Pel' street, at9 tnd 11 A.M.a-d leave Mid t-ke p ?sseiig*r? a t the d *?r Catch g es rer d on the mo'titDg cl ibe liSr, a* the reiiilrbC", or at the Aucth u Room thii >ny. ail st* GREAT IUKGaINS ]\ CARP E T S. FtAMIMCH Mid Merchants h.tr ju er asing Carpe'ing will find it ail olject 'O cell and ?V?lAiur M?? rerv il'ehniv- en I beautiful assar?n??ut now O'tiiinr b/i.s.at the raali Car, et tllon, 440 *iSpl stieet. Our stock h*s hero selected with great ca'c, and beii g t ougn' f.?r ca-l th e Bpriu w? lie enabled t#> i tfrr :hem t > th< nub lc -I ?lcI? prices as will suit the times, among tnem tnav he b un 1 ? Superior k pirluh Bnt'fif. 3 ply. Ingrain and V nr?itu ant-ring. W It.tn fell I ft.. . Tr rwiweftii ?. Table i.d I'i-no Covers. Oil C'oths from i H *( 'eft v.i?'e nnd a i other ?rii-Im adapted to the trcdr. Th? pub'ic ,,t" be ct i.\ iii'-e l f the fac* b> calling ou J H. LOU.N'JiBK.KY A to, itl 4 h? T? ?r I * r ?t Khi/ uK (JllKt HAlHtnty i-r c to a b ntittful *uborn or jet bl *ik in t wo i?e ?hr?e h .or*, by uaiog a b >ttie of the cele/ r4t?d Italian Djt. 1 ? n j tolly obtained a rej uh tioti far ttrp-iMtt g *11 o*he.? low in ??;?, arid may be eed w iiho'it the leaji m j ifV - i h?r *?> 'lie h tr r ikin. Tbenfttre, the difficulty o( t?n?? u iu' a tu'Uhf article for col <roe the lmir,h.t* deterred m*'.y * o-n *: ? i.ptiig it. Bit now thte d?fCc ilt> ;a r* moved,** a 1 who hate j#eu the I a* mi, I) e litre bt rn wiling tentimuty of ?t? fli a?*v. Fur sale by A. B Vaiuli It t o 97t Broadway r rn*r of Chamb-r; A B. A B H 71 Fulton, c flier < (*(> 4<J ami 100 bulton, co,ber of Wilium; >nil Sxnd# A ' o '! tfiaet Broad* nr. Frt neb Poll* ting f ante ? i It 4 a ticl? mhc imbiuvi n or eleuien'ary ?uk tunc* a h vttig a c'r rij rfiiiity lor each other, which will iiniletnd'ormtr'-iii onitd al(*ce?hir n?w iii iti thimcler. Tnelni lute*. a* * ?iu ..bi'ry of the pol ?h it impir'n to the mtit drlicatc ar'ic'e of 'umrtuie tnh *a maliogauy, roi? Wood eh<?t y, lf'ili ninarhlc. to eairi'fe!, ! * te-it leather, n il tar) cum. A uumirp*'*e?l ll? ? pod oat ion ii e?iy, r q iii nig rery lit* I* l..bor ?> vea*orr the article to i*? < rigiuat henry. For * ? ly^,H ^-u'# At Co Ocanite Luildiii, a 97.4 flr i??lwijf. c f*f *r I* < honber alrart; a'?n bv A K m d 0. 8 nde. 71 ltd Iti F dlou erect; D. hanla A C?. il Ent tiroailv% .?> n ? - flf C tfl gfff lui'm 0 UIWJK :.\l7 Jc K vT * L 1 N 5" i It I M K V T 3 mo.u'ac I ^ Hired by WM. R li ?f?/U D NO, b8 (laid street ?A grtr r?f ?Mor'ni*ttt of tip aV> e In no.rut* W. pi Jon hand and in t'e lo nrl?r <?f the no at approwd pit'em,. Pk? mtdicel 1 rofe4wi.>n in g-Ler?t oea'e * ire i rued to call and ,i .rniiu b (ore p' rchait g elsewhere hyrii gea. mo finch \n?t pi ping p ;:?ipa. sploiti *n?l feae'n e apt ara ui?li.? r imeota for cIuj i .-: ai duiner < iatoi ion# n i han I and mide to order diil ry and ^..r^ical lna? ttnie ti repaired i i the beet poesible ? au- tr, and on re a cabl^ t' i in# K? f?:re.r ?V veu i .e %! t*. D ; (1 unrd 4 9 a*;* P*t* leryou, M. D.; a I.'red C. Poit, M I) a d j*i h c. (/' ce io in, OIL Oi BARK. 'ITAI.UKf.LE di%cu veity? i p mkkhf wim trt? ntiu n W.?trr I'rui f L< ?t <?r O m.oaili u of )?lorB.ik, for bLcki'g toll liu;, o i a ? <<*. it t ? ? ivion i?*w, u1 ic m* v?t?rg olu Imih r lo it# omjh ;? i? . u\ *-irf rr i g h. lhi? irfhl) apor Veil oil i? biov ..fl* mI n? I t im tilt u K h ainl< tnrtvil c?l tor i*ji bin . \ i u ?.i K ! a her, *'po MM A + OP |lf trif r.rjjt o?|tio.. ft li.NtlA *0 ' .* h ? M*r|iin ftcc'Vcti ir.e P pin o f .? % I .* Mchoi:. | uti u> a' H mlo ? 4t ' e Ainr i mi i an u p a? *oik. JVB. Dm p ?| cul ?r in all r < ? a t ? <? *??' * lhat rc c*'? b jjr-.u?i e w.il out the writn n of T P, >;erri*in t n the >illnw ri-tn rd l?tm', in li>? '?wri ?m) Ira 0 a' T I' Vi. t-.mi n<l oil li?- nId >| tr i i v* ry h ill In V r Kills \%?ol !? ?mI t?j-1 t) J H M-.i trn, N . K.mi th,c rn*to' it pph * 1; 3; rowt'i *11*0, Nan Yj h; bv I', r. M r? 111. t:i 4 v r, Nro B'H i*'. Mm , ?,a?? f'.mf bv A b.ScD S w.rli ? i **'?i <ou plrtet. rorm r ?: ifci.il *m1 10' Ku too ?trecl c.o n-r f Wi limn ?t, Hill! -?y I). 8ii? a . t,oM 77 K .si llro ?I ?*y i- r ?l . : r if e r rt, *n?I ?V A B. Sc - . k< o.. bioti w a\ . ti?r?.i r ul* i^han b I ?treet. *2> I ?? pl)L ?KS ftitAS HIII m.. n .. M ..rr?i, vi n lr w do off n 00 n A ' cv> !,?b,a - W?f $1 jmril4V. '1 It 1? fi.'U'r li? t ee fr-?! I ?? n'.oy ' nd baa -H?:ro itn oil uiou# <>r-? ?fci?M ptf#N >1.^ lor J P. CARROLL'S OLU 1.-5T m'.I.I^MKD Mi.Ulr.A l KI) 1 VAPOUR BATHS AKK ab?likfioau to b? m 4- ,i'i lly (jcrrMoiy *t M?<a a ?o of ib* v ', r u lip t, i'l'ii r .j ijr- an aofili-ry fo throva iff the cnti I >tiiin"' ?*il 'tiriud witiii r. alul Wliich. i>> 11 in luiiucon H?* a :rf \< * of V - kin. |i-u?furca c;ii4k?*'ia? Ju ?o|i.a, rf'i'jTiia 11. c r' |Vr^r Si -, limy >p111 o,#?i4ll 01, 4*. 25 ' ' Hi' * l i' ' rr>~* ^ ?V O It 111 fbt tlOfMiiif t if 9 ft'tlock ' ' . * I IF Bi * r*<|'iir? i>.?t h 'nr'i u !i?-r Port bi?- V'.i * r ti.i , ? ltd o an put o' bp citj. or Br oki^n. lib . g i ia.ij a.*?J tllr Pa'K# f.o b?re : j^ u h r s 11 i ::TS. QJIIIHrA ni?. e <"t 'Jr *r if rr l).r m- ' 'pjifitrid Vt*n li 1 |4pIii- u?. :i t lltm u't '? 1 in > cf it i )?? r p'to n.a?)t I . i?ri'*r fcl ?li'?rf u 'i.*r (MlltMg'a || u anliiiiS * * >r S7 1 ! Maiil'a I* ? e'rn ?r nf Willi iin alrtrf. \VM. I HI.L' >* Ir'r I1KKAD?BHKAD?*n?r.AU?ti riL libit n m ? r V*?i curutr H?c :;id?t(-cft 41 f H 1} |*vi*?i<? lof I I m*** fr9m t**9 ^3i9i ?***&* tl .iL?iry ** WIBIaO**. DK. LAKD.M.K'S LECTURES. THE public *rf rrapeeifnlle informal that Or L*r.ln?i will Jelirrr a arriei of hia i'.loatration- of the llio'etn Oiacovrri'f io the Astronomical ?uJ p>\iicil H^i-ueea. not their application to tl a art. of (if-, in S.h o'aS I .on The lo ctnrat w ill be commenced 011 the eTenir.K of.Moudty. tli? SI of May, and will ha rnniinueil four evening* in eai li week. K?-h ivtLinf'i entertainment will occupy from two to 1 three ho ore. h.achducourae will ennailt 01 a popu'ar nrt'er of aoma diarovery affeciug the advancement of acianct or f I interap-rsed nec?eiou<llv with peranual nirrtlitli nl inventoried''ircovcrere. A l?n?? collection of plandif ilrawinfe and tranararauciea haa been formed, by which there diacouraia w i I br illuatratcd. SVMnMlBnr TUP PRIVt'.iail. SUP I*I' no cr warn LtC'Tt RES. I. .ISTROXOMY. The Solar Syntem. Diecover'ee of Kepler and Nr wton?Planetary Voliona?Dietancee? Magnitudee?how detri mined?t'nler of I'lanetari Dietaneer?Diecovery of the New Plaueti?Their pr habit oriai'?Er-gmenU r f broken Planet. I'luelrated by a Trauepirtucy cf lb- Solar Syrlem and by other drnwiojl. Are the I'lauele Inhabited 1 Phviic ?l character' ofihe Plane t< ?Daye aud Viirhte? A'm??plw ree?Twiliglit?Seoaone?Teleecu ic oheerv-ilione?.Vler lUry Venue aud Mare Illustrated bv Telenopic Draw.n^i of the P'auele?Mercury. Veuua and Mare. The Superior PI-mete Illustrated b" Iht following large Telaccopic Traneparrneiee: aTelcecopic Repreeenta'iou oi the Plauct Ju,liter with h>g datelliiee. Aud a Ultrrcopic repreeiiialion of the Plaur t Saturn with hie Riige and Hair 1 litre. The e t>a iei arrncier which ?-e n a le o < h a ec *le to fill the art a of lb' theatre, h iee hreu r-op-eii f-run original drawn);* made by Sir Joliu 11. raclitl for Dr. Larduer. THE MOON. Ite mafi.iluilt??diriairct?eurfac.:?mointaioe?Til-wnoe Hae it an almo pi err I?or ee;.? I?r r watrrT?ie it iuh bit'd?? doee it affect tne weathe ??is, 'unary a eurr.-ct t -ren f?do me.toriaiouti proceed Iroin i 7 Illii'lrattd by two I'raoep.reut Teleacopiv llrawinji of the Moon?'ak'li from llie 1 magnificent map ol the Moou, uy the Pruaaiau Aeirono-nere, Baer ai.d Ma 1 ler. elm w ig th' mounir.ne, volc'noee, and other t|rpearau*eedieroveie.l on our eaiellile. Tine re; reaentation tciuoice a cpice of abovee nr rou re Irct. THE SlIN' ' Ite magnitude anddi-ttuce?irenhyaiealconstitution?ite spots ?i alure nl ite euifacr. To be hluetratrd by a TransparentTrjeacopic Heprreenta>iou of the Suu, on a surfat at above eiaiy e.ju oe fee',with Ihe Solarepoi* taken troin ora-in.e by Her ' echtl. W if a mi Mini other observer* I ' THE COME PS! Their orblt??dir'an.e. minter?physical Icneiitntioo? I EuckeV?Bid r'r?the tinality of tne So'ar System HALLEY'S COMET I Narrative of its original discovery?its p-eil rtid retu-n in 175S 1 ?labore of Ctairau'l Lalati.le and Madame Lcp.ut ? ite rem in -835 THE K1XED STARS. Their magnitinle?dieiaucre?Hritbiiieea?theiraual gy to the ' eun?d uble etare?colored eiaie? temporary iurt? i eriodic rtarr. THE 8TELLAR8CLUSTERS AND NKBELJK, lllnalraled he a trMliaoarfllt tel. amine il.nnmr of rl.? ii???. inent?ahow iug Ina planet* unit at.tel 1 tea; the miMt rcmiiliable cornets. troui driwwgs made by aever..l,emi?ieal a-troue-iaers; ' 111- double and binary ?'Jc doted > t?r?, taken In nil the haer ' tralioi a and catalogue* r>t Sir Win and Intm Herar.li>!'. and 1 Sir J mira South; the Stellar L>logiers ai d -.>rIucip.11 Nebulae taken f" m telead pic drawing*. I>> Hera h?ll, "oath, Messier, 1 and mher i>hacr*rra. I Ina cxtenaive lepr<aeiitat|oii of the 1 H-atecs as aten through a powerful r. tl-ctuig tei!s<-opr, covera an exteut of about tliree th.'uiunj njuare teat of canv.iea. The firmament will he preaented as itwouhl he seen by an observer pieced on th: c^u <ti r of tlie e irtli.looki K towards the eaat, the eiaw limited a ion about foily deer-ea on earn aide of the celeaiial euoalor. The objecta wil, he nh-iwu riaiu r sueC?a'i"ly, ui-til the whole circi inference of the heavrna ahall liata been exhibited. ^ METEOROLOGY. W ItTEK JPUU T 8 . Nitice of aome ot lb ir.i at rrniarbte of the phenomena?llieoriea i>ropoaed to explaiu I hem. Thif part will be illuatrat d b. two ch iremic rtpr. mutations of water sputa, aeeu hv Captain Beeelwy iu liti royage to Bthnug's atraighig in 1826. The Aurora Uoieali* Nol'c* of aome of th* m-at remerk able of these tihi-nnmenu ?ih'oriea piojto-e I'? r ill ir rapliiation. Thii perl will ee illuair.ttd by two di"ratnic ?'iirt?eul?tiooa of remarkable Aurora*. seen at hoaaekop i i Weat K.uinarlr ill 18 -8-taken from ori.'iual drawing* made by th- oba r?er l.irut Lotttn. THl ND-.K .uND LIOHTMXlf. Aoalyaia of theae |dieunmeiia and lliri - eau ej?doea light, ning occur without thuiidri I -o- itiun l-r without ltgh'uio|.TShee lightuiiig-lorkfd In.billing-b*l. Iigain ug?heal lightniu,?ckoaea of tha rol.mg of Huticter. G EXE 11.11. PHYSICS. THE EYE, It? Iritelare and functions?modern diicorert a rerp-ctirg light?ita motion*?ila t ulia'ion ? | hyaieal cauae ot col ra?vibr?tiou? < f Hi- 'eriua-how cou .ted. 'I'HEEtll, 111 itruetuei and "unclio a. modern d'leoveri a respecting luuntl?ila motion?i -ulaations?l.arniouy?_-cho? m*rument for coutring th* eilrationg of auuiid. T11K AIM. Ila mechanical and phya cal ue'S?> (Yeetaon light?on aeund? ou heat?ami on d w. THE EAR.H. It magnitude, weight.density , foim.ua motioca, and da tar.ee from ill- ami. POPULAR FALLAC ES. Fallaer of the aanata?neceaaary to he coun ct?d by tlieir judgtneul?lullaeiee of vtatou? >1 t-u h?of heating ?'aate ? niellhig. IV. THE .HITS. _ Til POWtK Or S IE AM. The phyakal pheuoireta iu jwhich iteit'r po*ir oriiiinttci ? umpo-tition?hrat abtnrbed and power euv Inpeu Mi i.?i anbir*rail rtf-e a? eat I e?t attempt* to auiitv pr nically t?<i? |?wer Tilt sTE V>1 EVOINf. To be illt it rat til b< u hr <>? wotkilid model or? low [ remoire enu epilog train e' (tine, a? uieil iu the art. auil maiiufacuri ?ahowimt the cylinder, air i imp, cnnJenaar and other pump* ?die moral pari a iu ope rati ii 2)?Adi Ucn * itioj J mod .1 of the ame m'.chi 'e.i .ven'eJ hy Dr Lartluef, for public lecture#?ahowuiK all the internal pait?#f Hie machine movii y ai.il worki it ihev d> in the n el < uytre. 1 Ins model wilt be kept in matiou by the work iue mouid. THE STEAM NAVIES or tni UNITED STATES AMI OREAT BRITAIN. To nr. mt uii ra i a o bt A madid of the m .thiuei > 01 die Unreil S'ntet <te. m rr late M r?o ri p" pared 101 three Lecturer tccodi.iy t,? t it n ethi'l of Dr. Lardo r'a ddaeli mod'l?, hy < oar ei Onptl mil, E?q. c.1 K ?ee- ol' th? Uut e I Mat ?.v ri m lit. rt m idel ot tie in thiuer,' of ill - United S at is ate nt frigate in Ire.iarilion.u.d r the aupcrinteiideuce - f Capt.^ioik on? Con trueUil for thee Lee line, under he irecli n ofoa.t.iiu Stockton and Eticeon. A aode' of ti? (lib- (junom fro ed r, hi'coded to be applied by C*pt Krnaon to Ihia I", utile A modelof the vatie mvh nrry of d>e U.S. fiiyate Mi.i.irtip. i. preparedby Mr. i.'mi. laud. U. S. Engineer A m..drl <f ? e ??b ij lei.ui i r .p Iter tuveutrd by C.M. KiRrr, h irj Kumiuerwl , uti bt*. intruded t i be eji, I ed to ou? of the II. > e'e.m trig.tea. AMERICAN AND UHIT1-H RAILWAYS AND LOCO ? O I IVES, r.i be illuelraleil bj a n o LI of die AnrricuiL cotr#live Virion*, mi portro 11 Ei pl.u <! for c tie o' the ftiilirhiail r n.d<, con?truce I ai cor.in e l? Dr. Lanii n-'e i. nho ', under ihc d ue inn ol Mr ILdye, i f N e * 1 <> k. (aii'l or 11" tl e I rta ire on U* Meant E gi e, late y publtef ed.) ana Dr. Lei deer. A ''id ctie mclioM.I model <f a uii'lrh I,ocom?live f.rr iue, in ita moat approve.I f itm.ai pre.cut work d on Eoyli.h Rail Hof'e?courtructed nnd-r tt.e direction nf .dr. tindye and Dr. Leidner. PERSON* C NOTICES OF DISCOVERERS .LVD INVESTORS. Laron>i?r??'?!? of rh -mi-iiy in IT70?Int lahort of Lavoj. ier?hn > eth id if inveaiiyetion?t.ii g niua eoinp-rcd wim III ?eol Sch-tie St f|i. Itley ? lite great iliac.. V riei - Id paraoua. ch irict-r? hii deaih. a'mikli i? jotiee ui lii? electricvl due >?eri*a?lr<claim* to 111* di< :n*ary of the mture o' lig'itu i.g dirputed by blench philosopher*?hi? rijhl* vind'oul-J. Watt? nil early ilitli n ie? i< method of ?tperime: t il wir a by a key?In* ikttylim of tli; c j.ideuauiR .teem enginelie ultimate-utcree .... I)* v i?notice of hi* 1 fr, c'liricte' ?n<l Prinei *1 < iicoyarle* ?bia en it t r Pali# during he war?w a* be eulitleJtu the iu Vrtition of the *?!' ' >' lamp? Kultou?notice o hi* lilc and li e invention of ateam navigv lioti Wi h* vfcw of rriifl?itn;the#e l*rfuret ea??ly aec**#il?r to a'l |?ta ?ua who in >' iWire to RtUuJ ihtoi, the erma of <t?!.mafmii wil'be twnij -Pre eeva Ticket# f.ir ih co'irtr o a x lecture* ?* $1 each. Jj MJrc ?t|t?:i? r-t 7 la' ' ur s I'omin n r I h nVlorW. \ WE N It 14* K WrdliletJ I III III tJMtel; t(? KO to 111?y |?ar' f theSoMto O >* w? h ut a child d.citkd y prcferf'd. E q iif at No. >6i Broadwray mjj it C BF.KCOS r?t'RJE._TBOTTlNO-Wadueetlar, Ap-il if h, at 3 i 'clocy. a ?wc?i*t?ye* two tnile heat* under the ddte, auti.erihera $1110 h II I'urftt*. Win. Wheel nar? a. ? h. m. Brooklyn Maid Mr. Lintf.talf, " tr g Hector A h. Cnneblin. " er m. I.ad/ < lin on Irnmed a elv nfiir * pureer,f b'o Ir.efnral! bora:* ihat nerer won a pr*- O'er J oo. .... Wm. Whe let, enter*, ft g Kjt'rlh of Jnty J I). W. Mann, ' gr g. atu-ffl 1 U-9 !%fHC-r, nr. r- nrr or Jolin 9|<tt ?r, " el . g. Don Jo <u All). C. nckn , " gr- in i^wiy l ln.lon -M 11 r OL.I) LlMfc 0? i ivfcjuout i t^ivi . M?|?Ur Parket of fi *t of M y-??l'he ?|lt<lnl .&fiK?utrw pa< ket ship A M Milf (# ?, i urihru 1 h)? tot*, Captmn \V. C. Bers'ow, ?II * ?l posiiively on Monlty, tu* 2.i?i Vht refui*rday. II viy superior ftre?mimr>dafinna for rahin. ftrf cabin and ?te<?rage p-tii<?.iu is, for tern* apply ou board. foot of liec-iiifliiit street, r to AOCK&, BROTHhJIH Si CO. B? Fulton *' umi door to the Kulfou hank. 1 Pa>s%* per* will pI'Mf oh*- rf is. t f?? New tfo<k is (lie on1} r Kelar liuer i ihii; on iha d?r N ?%ri ii- to *, a i to tii* oH country for tSrir f?ie:id* cm* ha? e them brcogii out loihe Cambridge tailing i from Linr ?o<?l ?n (he 19 - Jtjiie,rr in auy of toe ?acke*H otnI r sing tl * Old L?re, ?aili'?g I oin the above port j unctu-tlly on tl.. 7t?i ami itt?i of co h month. Fo. fMtsage apply to t- r ubjfrjfcffi. *24 pkJil Nr.w utl I^r. x > Ml .114 * u*i *?W Mfk York Lint?R-g il *? o eke' let Mat?The fart iBvSLQpeSv^^i'tuf* rvrkrf *h?p HUN I'^VlLLK. < lutnth Mumford, will potiiivl, riil i* atHivr. b r irjilur dav For freight or hirnig iptriMiid InriiHiiert < * on irn di* ' ciou*.apply on board, at Orle n< wharf foot of Wfll nt *rto K. K. COLLINS Bt f'O. If 1in'h?c. j fireatcare will he taken to have the goo?.? b> this nut cor ' Wtl) measured. Agents in New Orleeue, If'Mfn fc YVrnxWul^ who will |ir >Mtpi y forward aM <Mod* to ?h? ir adders* The packet ship OCMULMKK, 'aptam Piet,v-ill sucvd i the Hir*f and ?*il ?V?e |U C May. her regular ?'?* *7(1 4^* I'V-JvVUK h ?lt \ Vn?;irA?II, -?-?.. tart \ ? n l.I.i.; Mtiimii.T i'ii'lTt.11 t ...t ' WLKrV . Mil* and can ncc<ianrnodn'.e a fcw I r Win and i vge pifenirer* Knr p taiftgc y ?.u ho> rd fo? I Dover ??t. or 1+ W V J. T. T \'T.H' i)TT, } ^ a31 4a *t?n'h ?lie r. or 4.1 ?V k *di ?___ '' |j^3^ M).? - AlA?Tiii: I**?i * nllutf, A I, o r r? < ?.<<( f( rtTaVeftl 'lt**r fa ?h:i" VKM'''t iwifirn 97 tof f, or JWUeiiBair in 7'fvo h?errrl? Hilt #t?in w? hull I I !im iu |*Jf in ih? mmt fmfM'il manner, p*?!4*r?l -ri t|i?* J *'<><**?, ar>d copperM wj h it? .%jr r m?j er, on w n<I? *" hm |u t performed a r? y 4jje toCh'Oa an I nl? k. 1$ wet I cVmh'rd ' ri uropfav pae ef, or f??r *h? Indiltrade llva ? In'j in " *"i'l ?ry,t# I no rsn^j f" w? c?no I* now offered ft** r4nlr tocl?w? ? concern. Lie# *1 pier* N??r'H ri?*r l? Kor 'trioapply to B'.IVI) k nt Nr.?fcrr? r. nli HmMi run UV k ?H no , k of l?t M* | 4,fWy fi ft c ?< p k- i? r'.oM'l. f'apUij ,j, JmC?K? b din nt'liol lor I, orjMw.l . m>mu, * li'iif <o*a>c? kkfiii ?* Hi'nt a? c > i.modaiioai, ;.t?d wh H. t i* i I Di&tK *cri loi* A i'1 'i U?r JOHNII t P*( Kf7V~T?HlF M'H I IVKM'ni't. ?t ; r< kt tii4 * it will ti art tha ?i?.i ii?. > ' U-rru ?. ntha". hn i iili iii*l , at 11 >1 , x I *U**i Umt?H? 0Sip%?t|1 h?I. l>*4* ?? ! *1 Ot< Uiual ,Ucc4 *t .1* >'wtCk m ahum MM. BY THOMAS BELL (MI0rt1et11i .lt Jinn and I ll FuUomtrtitt.) THIS oTf; _ riirnit'ire Bali--1 e& u-t a nan etre*?, (ompriiing iti-'alual.l- Kunn ire numrniut beJrcomi. parli'a ami drawing ro.img.with all the n?u <1 licujgekeeiug article# l^j * u;i a f.,ur glory njuie, in find keeping?kitrheu article! .1 . .i^1 ' _?*c ??<"'?. ? Mt 9n adwa <, eor P-irk I'l ice, Mlrrv Hr 'iimi' Hr ?Iti' r utal. .... !.. kl. .t?.k Latdw citr ntic laid ea. AU???v? k a.id e.uglt harue'ii iu great variety. The public will p| rare u it ice the above art i. let arc all of the well known and approved in ."uUcliirr iif Uio. Denck Tlic liml mate lata an I woik'u?a-h''. W r'.DNK. *DAY, At iso.47 Ccurtlandt atreet, Furniture Sale, being the entire luruiture of a 4 a'ory g< ntei I Boarding-houae i* t tot o'clock, ?t 33 Dotniiiick it. (Circuit Furniture, emnprieuig tlic giuteri furniture of a fiinily ttivi' i; i p hotuvkeipiu/, mclud ng the ueu il variety o< artielr* in the line tu good order, inelodn g a ve-iy tile piauo by a celebrated linker. THURSDAY. At !0| o'cloi k. at ?in4 Iji-rienwiih ?t, near B irci iy. Fumituie bale?Tue in'ire fu-uiture of a genteel u or ling home. At IliJ ft'c'o'k, a' 4 I Kivinyatou at. 3 Adiiiiniatratura S.<leof Furaiturr. FRIDAY, At 10} u'elocb, in the larife alnr*. No. 48 Ann itrei t, formerly the F.piacnpal Prr'a Katenvive rale.br order ol a receiver?Will be eoM uniler ihlirec ion of 8. Drury, F.ri] receiver, the following vali able irticln of furniture, kc in lo'a t? euit puichaa? re, vi/.' 23 et[ llrnt aofae, vari patiirtiv and f en ion; 41 do French bediteeda, 8 biirea'ia. 3 bo< kca<>a, 47 l;okiig-gt?a*e?, a rockitg ebaira, 4 aofa beda.ltl dcz mahogany French ami < ?r?ci in rhaire IS brat hair mat'raraea. 8 in.irhletep centre tablea,and r.iriouv ither article) of euperior cibiaet futai'itre. Alio,?immediately ?ft-r, in the atore 115 Fulton alreet. 41 der'he tame dir?e'ion. ;l piano I'mt r. one eolendid oiirau. mil one ant 00 *:ood, 3 clmtuJdiers, ^lc (. atsiogues 111 tune. Kvery article must be sold to close an state HfNllv K. At ELL, Actio, eer. k?+DIELL A AKCULARlUH will sell ih.s inornii p. at 10J J A o'clock at the auction ronin 3ul l!r<ntl ah\ , .or Du.ire *t., Byorde- and under diricti n ofW G H VVaddell, Esq ,?/Tidal r neral essence of bausrupt states and bv virtue t?i sundry leer ej iu bankruptcy issued out ftf th? district court of the I-until States for the sou'hern district ol New York.sundry Articles tf household, kit. h?u and office fumitur , books, ike. Also?A quantity of nla.e, wa'.chef, iewelry, 3 bo**sslr?w 'nods. a otMu.itv of lock (ut-crns, 4 cast iron grates ftcc being I part of the personal p i?cfy of said h?t kmo'. ^26 it?r ftybll'l TLKFlhUT J. l.OAL?l&il>.> AHiiu.iJ.Tr7! qJJF.KIFK'S 8ALE ? Wedn- slay, Appl 27th?Spit nili I KurO n?"ire?'? o'elock, at 507 Bioatlway, r? nutating of ipleudid book cue* Freuch and o her bureau*. whit ( gypti m mil Italian tope, wardrobe, centre and inalmgauy Kietirh work labl e. with marble top., rosvwood and in 'hug ny ijualaletto lah'ee.c.id vat oihei table, of euperior workmanship. Kreuoh isdateads, m'ho.tany and marble top waehstau'*, irmwiod i?an?, ottom tire, kc. French mahocany ch*i<), ru h ami tune seat rolUite chain, of various colore. Aleo, a full *s(orimrtitof cuil'd m p'e iknr*. The household furniture will beaold at 'he same tune.corli*ling of bureau' eJaUads, chaira. carpet!, oil .loilie, wilh mi assortment of kitcli-n furniture Sic. ('a'aloguee on 'he mornh g of ante. .got'* j'A~UL I.LltV i), Anctiousrr ~ T AROE HTOfK OF FANCY STAPLE DRY CiOODS. L< \V .1. McCOlLMlCK. will eellThi Day. at 10 o'clock,at 53 Hmlaou atieet, the a ntk i f a 'hun declining huaiursa consisting of fancy staple dry p.???de. shirting* a- d sheeting, liuene, riot he, c 'Stumeree,gloves, etockings, English print*. Raco i ilse, Uncy dry cq mh.kc. wuti a vtri^tv or ot^er arliclr*. I h ?lr will l? r funu l worthy i f the atteutio* of fanilm *i.d tin trail-, ft<1- i> ?< ?!.v . >(> it m WTTT.I VWTT"FRANKLIN, Audio err CjrLfcND n AND l OS'l'LV r UIIN1 I URIC, LORN "OR OK 81'. MARK'S I'LltE AND StCONi) \VKNUK. BM. H FRANKLIN will mil at auctinu on Friday next, April 2#th. at lOo'clock at llic corn-rot' At. Mark's I'lace ai.il Second Avenue. Ih* entire furniture of the bourn, consis'ing ? drawing i(Mm farnlt'W. tnt a rerjr nwowiM pier labia, m-rhle top anil columns and loikliRgl m. a ccutre table Willi marble top, a l.'hiaere inahogiuy cm*. tab'e, uiahr gany aoOu with haira?at* and cushions, two ma' oganv arm th ir? anil a mahogany roc ing chair, li. ir a-ated, covered ami mlai.l; 8 very liinihioine roacwo'd chain, crimloii si'k dam i?k curiam* for four windows. Tory i ieli t<pr I* and rhgantyil o nsmeala ? d ringa, rich Wilton carpet a ml iuti, Wiltou carpet loot s'Ool cnahiour, 3 auitea i f roue wood u-ni!uro covered with vpleudid crimson and tiguereil tabard, a superb a?tt of (triped wqrcaml fig ered border mlk wi .dow rurtaina, anver plattd candle (UcSsi fothic lull lamps, n all mnf chain dining tithh marble top handrom- mahogany boo't cue*, tire screens, oil paiu'inya and eugraaiuga. dressing bureaua, high po t Fr*ueh, a .(I other h d-L n's mahogany I). lea, doric Moves, ailver mounted plated on/inr< baskeli. r-('ut tliana and China?Dinner and divert s-rv ce fo- 30 pertona. co itaiuii'g be' ween 3 and too pice.-s of flue pore I In. consisting of seuy tuie us. taucc lie; vgctrble dishes. pirkle ?he Is aoup, disiier a'd desert piatcs, Sti. Kc. ('oat f-Sl.tO Kvr y thii g it iu first ratcordrr Catal.iguea will be rt a ly on Thursday Momirg. ??? Wr [ 40? ] FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. n n -ia ??t3&!hr Owif Ki ^nTi I REGULAR MAIL L^^MK^5 BOSTON, via STONINOTON ANH NEWTORT. tamponed of the tollow ne tuperinr etrainrre, rumiing in connection with th< ttouinctoo and 1'rovidem.e, and Hoe ton and I'rovidence Hai'roade? MASSACHUSETTS, CaPt.Comttock. RHODE ISLAND. Capt.Thayer NAUR AOANSETT,Cant W unlaw. MOHEOAN,?'?n . Vand.rbilt One of which will leave New York daily, Sundareevcepted from |>ierNo 1 North Itiver. Battery I'lace.at5 o'clock P.M. ^rrcnfrmtil. The NARRAO VNSE i',011 MouHaye,Wedneedayiand Fri day*.for toniiiRtnti. The MASSACHUSETTS,<m Tueedaj ?. Thursday!, and Saturday a. for "ouinRtnu. t'ueeiuere on the arrival of the ?trani* *r /t atoniuirt-o. miy take theltailroadCareand proceed iinineJ.afely tu j rovidcnce an-4 Boelon. Keieht taken atthefo'.lnwme much reduced rate*:? To Boston, on yon.L weighing forty po m a or upward* to th- cubic foot, at $6 60 |ier tun, uud ou mtaeureuient g inds 7 ceule per foot To Providence. on measurement Rood* 5 ren'e per cubic foot, and ay-cifi: art.cle article* aa per tariff to l>e obtained at office W Broadway. m3l Sin r rfl RoYAL MAIL LETTER OFFICE, No. 7 Pine rtieet April 2f,d4i.?The Letter L?dtk B.ipe o' the It yal Mail Steamer l)E" will clone cm 'V, due,day morning .,1 10 o' lock, 'hie office for Naasau, Havana 'lull of M' lion and Wr?l Indp ?. a 6 vtr MAILT LINE~to HOrtlON. VIA NOKVVlUli Jc W UKLiE.SlL.Ji K Al L.KUA1J. The iltamh in' c HARTf.1l () \K,':H|i'ain 1'(> 'h will leave T*rj Monday. IV' iltn ul ty, aoC Ki i lay kftenioou. hi 5 oclo :k from Rant K vrr *le imh'tai I c- 'no' ?i Bin k"> <n ?ir?el Th'itrnnhimt WtJHr'iT .H, I'oit, ? ill loite rv ry Tu? ! ?>-, Tim ml iv. ?n I 8 dur lay alumonu,*! 6 o'c o^k, fiosi pi-rNo I.N 11., K t'ery I'larr. Rrrirh' I ik-n to ili? annee place Nofarrv uorh^nyr oreai? on line iOii'r. T.ckrta can be obtained and bvrtl.a tecutc' I A_?A.MSfc CC'8 K*p?e?e OfJioe, to c No 7 W? l -treat. 8TATKN IHI.ANU K&ltUk. Fool of Whitehall a treat. The t'n-tijfr "TATI'.M 'SLANDKrll, I'npt. I) rati I ml. or 4AMSON, Cnptaiu Duval, will riu a# lullowa iiuul luiiritr notice kurct Stateo lilatni Leave* Whitehall At lo'tlotkaM. At ? o'clock a.M. "10 " ' "II " " " I *' f.? " V " r m " ? " " H * " ?l " " " ?l " N. B. All good* alnpperl are rrrj'lired in h- particnj ly Barked and ir- a< rue n?k > ' tar owner- then-.if _ .11 .oxgea K011 AI.BVW ANT, TKOV. landing fl. -ik'n-.i' at ihe inlet mediate id fee, Tbe plnlid 3B low prea nr> Steamboat fl". VV | fT 111.IN | TOil, ('apt. J*. K. Mo?, w l! leave the fnolol urn flaunt s'reet t t* utt'-rn on. A;?nl '.6 h. at mi n'cluf k, <1ir?c 4?*boire. The spVnfld aud commo ion? stean.b at SWALLf^V.Cup ta?n A. tVcLean, will le*\e the fn.t ul Court'H~dt street (Wedoetil%y ) a teruooi?, A?r'l 27 at f o'clock. The above boats are fii*-n li il with el#vavi stale row,and for accomiFMxl^tioMs ar~ iMir.vaiUd <n i !?# 11? <1 o - viSr J-FEiTPCPi t.|>fc PXJH AuBA 5 ami inferwdiate places, frun Pier foot of f V'trflandt I'rret Toe NOIII H AMKKI ;a. Oyptain M. H. Tn.esilell, leaves as ah *e on Tti sday, 1 hursda) and Safiiidny alter* d^di at S o'clock. Kor pasiage or Irtight, apply on hoard, or to P r. s HULT3, at the office r?u th- W'tarf. N. B.?Ml hinds of irojerty taken ouly at trie r nk o! the owners thereof. *'9r OPhOSillUN JL1.VM FOtt ALBANY, K\?K "ED'trd:;! IKISfLUiE* l?o V, JTt -& NO ''HVHO-. Kim '1- in iM. The mm 'O'iwi Ptian.lt W\?||l (1THN, Cnptain J. M. B own, wi I l-nve 'rntti fr.nt of tVairin reef Tueeitny afie-urmi,'.< h April >1 So'clirk. Kedlliritifi ii1 IminK "*ew York?Tn iJi , Thn wh y, andHnfurnn. All).my on \l i.day. Wedneiily, ai.Knlav. *) 5 oYI ck. I* M laiiftiii.,' enrli wav Hi * lie fun* of Km ninond treet. Hrmh ft), Prr chkr.p i?. Catakill :> ! Hn ! on Light Krti.h' lakrn *1 mi tre I prcee Km P mai'l or Kretfbt aptdt oftlir nl All kind* of ptoperljf tek*n onl> at Ihr rT?k of tl e owne r?'lv ir f. ?e* I in'r fjy- KOH l.l V KKPOOL,?Regular I ariTTTiTTneT'Trat >|jyV Miy?The ??, trior ia?i .ilitig?rnp K< Hi'.Kirh ,WMMKn?rd Hi,I. m Her. hermit in at of Iter r iig"> eny?<<J and go i tig oh hoar ,1, will , til m khiiif hi r trytt'nr iliy. P"t Irrignt or iimiKge, Ii ting .openor accninincol iltooe. ajply 'H.OVER It McMlfRKAT. I'D fine, rnnier i f Hniith. o to P. R.?Per?or? w ?! ir to re il for ?he r t, -n '?? ding in to* oil ton it ) t n h ! e,o hrraiahl out t*y the ?botr hip IT mi; o' tor r,gi|l?r par keif, hy ?. pi t ing >a atv ?e. K'itr xJL?- Nr.!" I. N h. Or I .I \ KHPOOL PA Ke.TH- R,g?. kT*fW Inr Packet Of i h a . ?y.?1 ha ip'?i ilnl l?"t a il||ug, "vlf well mown Parke I ahip SIltUON ?. < .p\ K B Coli'.i( will** | imai'-vely a, a'love, h~f frgut ir ilav Th-flop* ol tiiia It i- art all It00 lent ho itr n at.il 'ipw.irila. a nil I heir Rueiannieil iiioua foi c Ion, ?o. out? c it.m nil *'?rrag e Paa.engrra it la well known, me ?u|erior to any f f line nl Packeta. I II ae wi-l nig to l-etre h'rtl a ahon'd I fail to make eailv apuliCetioi, onboard fo H i f VA all alie I ?f in nr. fc J. T TAPHI tti T, 42 Perk Itlil. t n.er . f aniith at. P?r?on? wiahin* to ??nd lor th-ir friei da nan have ihc.n brought OOI in the regular :"irkei< gailia wr . kly from L, r. ri>o I and lhn-e ationl to re nil m .|?ev an h ive . r-ftay iy klilr in all the principal tiwie ol Ihr at Biirain n-m I re I mil, if ap. lyii y na *h.o r . (*?; *' *H talV'i <Pt)t)ia?fl?W Lim? ling n* I ai Met" JWflW 14>th Mat?The pUn.'id pa> kn ahip MIK1U0A N, fcTairf. " | ' " V A. I'apeytter, of lonti ton,. ?,ii ,i II ahnrr arrrju.at day. iron r igiii or [>"? *? . ?Tir.-*'.r?">inooii'lour noe.n?ti*<i io? UwJornr comfort ?(.ply on t>o*rd. nt Orlrouo whorf Ttot ? V?JI ?t..orto ? . K. .I'.OM.INP h C'>. MMoi.thft'oc Pric? of IM < ?*C fllu. The imcirrl #Mi> fJARS l(~K, r?pt?m,v. f kkiu ml. will oocrrrd tiic Mi rUnn mil onl JS U J ui .l.err toir ilaf r.i??r'itirr? in ?jr re'y up in '.he ohipoirf tluo lino nulut uiino m|| M H*WIWr4. ?<* ijA r < - \iTF7ViuT i iVKuPO tL- i o ?. i .it V<'Ii At 151?? * ? r it 1 f V? f Li;?SftafcHKat*0*T1llH .f -tin. ItKr tit wt|l #? I r?t-ifi*ff4y h"T*. h?r rrgti'^r tl*y, h^vn| the w'?t? * "f r r*r"? '?? o*rd and. ?rvl h i. !* > .?'v * c i f?r ' imSiii - "> *' s?Hin to*'! iipf'i r |him^' Kr " *' I* W r ' I.e. ... ..I .. . k. >.r l I . I *r !> t #r , tr?- I f f* w. u j i. , .vrs(;i)T . ? "< . ?<j( r n"1* " 1 "S" Ivt'< I"* < KL.L \ ' >> ! D.*-? . ? ' ' p Tli? I'lri'i" II ?> ' W?U! * "* "T/ I .'i?. ^!|V'<-<?}<>runlt ">?n. ?",v ' ( K.rfr-ir"-.. * B7;,y * HI ' *N ?? 8t f /* .?* a* l*t ! ^p??^ PAKK THEATRE, THIS EVENING. Ai ril M^' .? i?riori?uc? will comment with KcHiut'i Oicrm ol ? N O K M A ! Claunmn, MrMiuv, rt. I Crof ?o, Mr. "'irutn. Norma. VTr. a?..... ?.lberu, %i ?* i To eo,?|luJ, with M,r K"?bt. ? h n . MY WIFE'S DENTIST. 'irJohn Rcauri le, vt ? j . G?i?r%J Squadron, Mr i?r,ck CiceJj^eadr.., ^U" MtVV' * ' Adimaaioa?Boiee >1 j Pit to centa . CHATHAM TI1K\THK : THIS EVENING. April M Th? performance w, | Cl m<-iu. willi the drama of WALTKKHKAND! ?... _ . '^'be ^'ue' ' Mint. , ? alter Brand MrKih* Sir Va'entn < Audit J-, Thome ' V 1 UH> Mr? Herbert M rgery Chipf, MraTho lie After which . O'.TOMOTTY w ill appear in h? (pleadd Keetaof Equilibrium.* AJeoli a pn forruaoctf of hie Heal Camou Ball FeaU. To he fol'owed hv , , BUDUkN THOUGHT#. Mr Hielil MIm Meetayer . , To conclude with ,H"?:KN of CYPRUS! or, the Bride ofVeafcrGerard de Coucy, Mr Kirbw Mocemjo, ui.it CaUrlnaCanora, Xhorae eiea (aetata an ?ae tdtiereM, Pit 11} :<J antra lit ' or.ooen U: Curia in rteea a t It priiSahr ilTCHKIiVh OUYMPIO nwaaieA? ^ " THIS EVENING April ?^ he^rfSSl^ffV^. me oca with vi n i (K?*lMt-dQOI Mr (ruin Hi lei, w. u;, .. \lr Alle? <n, Mr Mttcnejl fc?oro .. Clark i.?; ( Mr*"times Mel|lu mene, Watte Alter which BOZ! Sam Waller. Mr l,fflll Mr*. Norslgobblr, Mrs. Watts Betty, Muwovr. To conclude with MRS. NORMEK. Polony, MrEd?ia Oteitter^fnrK', tiniua Mr? Nor mt r, Mrs Tun in Admission?Lircss circle Meant*. UpperkOuiHtani. Hi cent*. Pri?*ie boxes R Doors open it curtain riaee at half dm! wcxoIuvCF ' WELCH AND MANN, PROPRIETORS. No. 37 Bowery. Orrat at.d Grard Kmal Effort. LAlST night OF THE SEASON. BENEFIT OF LEVI NORTH. THIS EVENINO, April M-The rplendid routing wik* commence with u ndaunted act. By that miracle of the Equestrian Age. the tlegegau and f-ar Mii'ght Little Juhu Glenioy, ( o.. ic Bona by Mr. Dickensoa. Mrs Smi >h will ilauce and ride her aci of elefa teqnitatioa. Miea Welle will ap|iear in La Tyr lieun* Grand Ka-ewei| cffnr entit'id Artists Departuie.br LEVI NORTH A itrrat en ur of Oy mimetic* by Mr. Ris'cy kliiainfant iun. K.irmer'e Hoy, by Mr Sweet, guectel d Ly a dout Is KqiiestrGti Ballet, entit'ed Lorereof Lucerne t Luhin, Mrlt re Laurtt'e, Mri llo? tnl Riding M uter. Mr Jei.ni'gU h quest i lau M.tuagrr, Mr. ("> H wallaU.r Clowue, Messrs. Welle ?l Wiltn s JOHN SMITH w ill sing and dance in a eeriee of Negro .-.atra'asaus.!* rt'ieted Dy Mailers Coleinau Mini hesuut [ Mr. itiineri II iff nan of (lie Theatre Hoyat, K> inburgh. a ;er leclly u. ik I'rgmim, will introduce (ei'er I iiattooal ??e?, w ith bri'liant varia- ious An Kquitrirn lirpl.iv be < H<li? illader and Mrr Si-ith on hiln Canto., blndi. entiled Lore in the 'l'j rut. Mr George Sweet will ho,a aron the Tight Hops. The wjudtre of ih? Pot n<'iio Lscder,_by Mr Wells. txr.lrKO KAlHAVAUAftZftP. By John Smith, Coleman and I hratuut, accompanitd on lh? violin by Mr Hoffman. Mr. Levi North will peiform an act entitled Italy, France ai d Sjwlu. Firtt appiurat cj of the Star < 1' ilie Sou J?, highly admired F.uueitrian MR. C J ROGERS. To be followed by a aujieib Cavalcade, intro?lucin( a'.l tl.? Lull Hand tieniLu uin a correct Frei rli liia'oricnl Pageant. To conclude with village match maker! (V, tli 11 tin Born Lord aud llie Humble Lover Louiae. lit' mate < Maker, Mine Wells Knar, a |ieaH?nl girl. Mi** Maria Ana* Niraril. an old farmer. Matter St Jo' ta L'Aucicnue Mariunillr, Matter O'.enrjy dmitnii ii?llovrt 5(1 cent*.?Pit jg cent*. Donr* oim at 7 o'clock?Performance ta commeoee at qmr'ertnS ~~ A tiWuic AN nigKun, Cornrr lit outhvay and Ann afreet. T. T. Baruuin, Manager. In order to a' commodate t> e lininena* crowila which -t titnl here, tlie Lecture Room hie been enlarged 1 h? inyetiriom OIPSF.y UlltL r.in he cnwullnd Oaf or F.veu'tig Pheta'h. gieali at woi iler of tlie age. From lu ta I'i .ml I'roiu 1 to 5 ehe ceo he privately uonenlted at e* ORAi LK., <>r For. teller of Fuiuie Kveuta free of charge. Mr. fVI.Ni H'-Ll-.t'e roinic droileriat. will in'roduce hia mret Hiimn-t u> ami ifnircic-I Krctnlri .-ilia*, for tkte wren only. Mite ROSA 1.IK, ilin harming vre.litt from New Or . I.*.1 ui. i* rii*rg(d. aleo I. \ PETITE CELESTE, ih? fremiti In! dai err I ?|c incut" in ANIMAI. MAGNETISM on a child three yea * old. FALLS OF NIaOAUA, with real water ALtfINO LA D Y. Fuuen a ie Rail Road, Fancy li'iae Blow ing Grand (.' unor-ina. ..nil 500.oof. Curioait iea. ii?r Aniilrhdii] day eiinrniauct take* place every Wedne*aa~> and baturoav 111101110011. A .inoCairic 11. whole 15 ren't? children Ii K-pr'CC PKAi/r.'s JirTtV lunK MtjgKbi,. Broadway, ?ii>o?ite the city iuu.-Mr. dflaruk, theyinai mimic, w ill introduce h'S ?*irao.dinar) delinea 110111 k renclt *t?rie?. aa 1 tukee errentricftiee. Mr. AU8 11N tlie original v >c..l L .roic Singer, will int | duce a v .nut of In* C? 1111c bora*. Maele VAT * S will dance a llorkyi e in Tetter*. t Dec., rm.roTvrr. Likkmv.uc* cr.rv.ctly taken in alew as' coinla by M> ttr* M ira. d >ud Peale. i sri.r.NDiD DAY I'r Kk tiltMANCF. every Wadaaad y and BatU'd") afterumrr.* rommencuig at JeVlock. due hiinOrcd and fifty Portrait* of di* tin; mailed a cant. Admittance 95 rent ?children trair price. af. UK v Ma I'lC HEADING-? vllBA ft.* Hr.iMIU.I i a* 1 he lion r t> aunouuee that the w> It give her f urta a id l**t cuurnc of tie < wg? Rental: Ill and Imitation* a'tha Mil JK'I V I IBKAhY. on Tnnday eerpinj, April !W I oe Lea.liiik* ?ill cnhaitt of tel-i 10a* from American |oet? and drain c > 11 liore. a id the initiation" of we 1 known aceura frrm .heCon e ly ol London A**urance. PROGRAMME. r?hT 1. Tne Drier led Eiidi ?(a droi ?t j? tketi h) 1 y rtf Mo-r a Ahriii'a II (j o *1 Itc., M'ariiit gton PWiln* Line* JG Pinual .vt'iioj) on the Death of J 11 Drake TOIli'irc* My Mother* Gr.ve Jame* anlrira 1 he Miniature OP >ioi rift r?m it Ricitalir*?Venice Prnnird-Bricnleic Olway ' 'lie VV i|t?J nia-i in I'irtrc Shanda- Know lea " ltidi I au?I'l't(;*r<Jiu?l fc O Bulwer ** 'I lit- l.tJv of Lyoni?P.iiliue tod G'. u It Me I on* IC L Bulwtr * H..mlti?Htm #t Muki|>nra raar in. The CliiU A-leep. by H W Looafelhiw The Oak OrWorril Wn*n in P*?c? Pvli Hat j .it i j "I li* L)?)t 'I'l il Alt Paat Kprt t)ari.eut Ln.et "u a Watnynol C W llri aot I he Mogilalia Mn frftcul Of^ood r?*T it. Celehr.ltd 'miialiom ol tut lowerfu! e" :ira*iert in well known cruel Iroia tn? Lew and |ni|iuUrtvueely of Loi.il n Aaenrunre. Ki-aai' gn to commerce ?l riKhl o'clock Ticket*, M cnite, to b* ' a' at ll * pr ii i| a' mu.ic ?ud book ?t?r<?, and at Ihe !*orit'V lob ?o ,-n "I ?e?d t *?*? ?. " Ma. OfcTwrn i r.t'8 n*.cOx t> UAIiLaD r6llKr.lL ? i f. Il'inpatii'a Stconil Soiree will itki llace ai ih? 8. r.rty Libriiy. lo-mo r w, (Waila-1 I f) eranln*. 37 not" A|?ii. when he ? ill iulr < inv lh> f.ill.wina yieeea:N ? II I I I?J ai in hi Iiruon, po-lry by Mntftri w*!l Nc v anil oto .iiliil auo|?Tl e Co tei AnluWie (li'.e* from an nideii in Scottlah Lite.) New So I'hc Bund r njr ' 'I'ha Mnmiihi Wild nby Vlolh rw*l| Wh u t Ni; .t Wii.J n???ilrth?written **pr*is'y for for Mr IJ*m|Mi>r, by Kpee S?r?eut. La*!" 1l'?a|ii' wh*rr I >?aj b uu" " 1'ht t in ra ii b!e ' " StW)*. Ill w-rililncf' " llilhlanil MarfIce. k.r. Plltielil.re I i w ich ? III he annnoi ceil in tna'l kill*, to Im hail <1 tl.* > h i. H-oref,ai d al the door in ih? efftiag. lick i Miten'e. to !> htil it Sold-ii, Wnrc??*rk I'll- nam t lie ?V?re hooftle d*l Brosilw ajr, mil .t thft ilimr in 'he *? aui' IT |lo ii ii ntn*rr* a I H oclmk V ATI l.N A . M'ADiCMV Ok' MKSIO *?New York, a' A ni III. I&I3 ?The ITlh Ai unal k t'uhuioft af the Actlion; will h n *11 t ?'h- jiublic nu Wei'neertav. th Ayr!, at the Mo*, in ol ih* Ata ltmy. cr.r.er nf bioidway and Leonard Kihib t r? a'e iof.irmad th ? Tuesday, April Mth, Ift ap,r>nrialeO fur laru.tbnia ike ft* u*?i. . , by ord i "f the Conncit. U J M r J.L.MOH'tON.?e?'-.N A P- Lejfb'vaT K'Xl URnIIIN ?a a?il acroae Uie Ha auu i? Hobiik*D. and a aim I a' nj ila ro.nanlic ?h -ret. c e'oio*. now fi.| o >ielil m ich tciul c'mu to the ailfttirtie ol th branti*t ol ua'nr*. and to thnae who may reauire. ait*r bnue - t?ut ii, i'?r th# wiiiirr 10 * tr?? nrdtU city". Qrrth air an I rrlata'ion Trt? tUfiurt ft omnia of litis Invi y * > t. sot? berait* throat) open lo Is uubtie. art now iie?k#?i in *1 ! luiuruni ir* t) ii?m of an early fi ring. 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