29 Nisan 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Nisan 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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gr?ggggs?- , TH VXF^?a?, 101.?Wk?l?la. M;?. NEW LINE OK LI VEKI'OOL PACKETS. To aafl fra? Now York ou tiw *6th. and Liverpool on tha Huh vf tack wtonih, & m rioM Now York. Ship ROSCIUfl, CapUia Joho Col line. Mth March. Ship 91DDONS.Captain E. B. Cobb, Wth April. Slup SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deoej tur, etth May. ShipUAiUUCK, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, tilth Jose. From LlVRRroOL. Ship SHERIDAN,Captain F. A. Droeyetar, II h March. Ship OARRICK,Captain Wm. Skiddy, 1Mb April. Shir ROSCHJS, Captain John Col I in*, Huh May. Ship SIDDON8, Captain E. B.Cobb, lllh Jane. Thaee ihipe are all of the 5ratclaaavupwarda of lOOOtona,built |p the city of New York, with each teapflr omenta aa combina mat apeed with uaiieual comfort for paaaengera. Ertry cara Ma bees taken in the arnuncementofUieiraccominodatione. Tha mStaoSpaaaage hence ia H00,f.ir which ample atorea will be provided. Tneae ahipa are commanded by experienced uuajjii, who will make every exertion to gira general aatiaiac Neither tha captaina orowoera ofiheae ihipa will be reaponai Ma lor any leltera.parcelaor packageeacnt by them, unieaa ra volar bills ol ladukaare aigned therefor. Theahipaol thiaTme will hereafter go armed, and their peeu Jar oosattuction irivea them eeeurity not poaaeaaad by any other '*** ?CSl'lPvsP&'CO. tl Southit.NewTork.orto WM. k JA8. BROWNfc CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged U| eente per iingl* *2et: toeeoti porounce. nd newepaperi I cent each. ml ~ NKYTFORK AN1) HAVRK PACAETb. * (SECOND USE? JIR- Mjb Mb ?&l ThStupTof thie HnHnll hereafter leave New York on.the W U1 H..I. = tb. M Hmr4. V"?a,oNe,UA' i?Kiy iiKxs.. Jama* Fiinck. i1 l*t November ( ltlh December Kin BALTIMOR*. let April 0?th May ^ Cart let Auguat 1 llth September Edward Funk. ' let December f llth January ^JPfrTTCA I lit May (WlhJuue ^rlli lit September < llth October VnA Hewitt 'let January ( llth February JJ^Jlrnp NICOLAS, lit June tilth July *,W r?t lbUPAB, ^ III 0clob#f * lsth NoJemb? J B Pell. 1 lit February ( llth March The accommodation* of theie ihipi are not iurpawed, com l^h that may be reijun-ed for comfort. The price of eaSSLSVe ii tlOO, FaiPenger* will be iupphed with every ( qtiisite, with uie excepuou ui mun ua Ooodj intended fur lh?ie TeucU wiH be forwarded by the label i itii ra free from any other than the eineneee actual! yi amuied OB them. For freight or peerage apply to BOYD A IflNCKEN, Arrntr, 0> I Tontine Bnndingr. FOR NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS deeprtch arhip from thie port oa the let. 5lh, 10th. 15th, 20th ad 25th of each month, commencing the with October, and oootinuing until May, wheu regular dayr will be appointed foi (he remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and duap foiatmente will be prevented during the rummer month*. The kllowing rhiae will commence tlu* arrangement Ship TAZOO.CaPt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackron Ship MISSISSIPPI,Cut. Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPK.ARE, Capt. Miner Ship OASTON.Capt Latham. Ship HbNTSVILLE, Capt. MumfL rd. Ship OCMULOEE, Capt Learitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cant. Dickinac n. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Skip LOUISA, Capt. Malfonl. There thipa were all built in the city of New York, rrpreer* 1? ?f livhl itratlAf witjr. hlTt rerpntlr bMD aeato coppered end put inepleudidor<-er, with accommodationa farpvaengera unequalled lor co ntort. They are commanded by experienced maatere, who will mane every exertion to fire general aalia/action. Thee will at all timca be towad up and lawn the Mioeiaoippi by eteamboata Neither the owuera or eaptaina eftheaeahipa will be reapoaaihle for jewelry, bullion.preeioua etooea.ailver, orpluted ware.or fir any lettera.paroel or package, aent by or put e 'board ef fteaa, unleaa regular bille of lading are taken fortneaame, and the value thereon eiiweneee "MSUfc a CO-t.Sontfcit ? HULL1N k WOODRUFP, Ajtnt Is N?w Orieans.who will promptly forward all yoode to hu addreaa. The ehipe of thia line are warranted to anil punctually aa ad| eertwed, and greatcare will be taken to bare the gooth correct iy aaeaamed. alO TEAM NAVIO-d^^^^J^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK; VIA? S O VTHAMP TOX. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kxatvx, Commander. The daya of departure ol tine well-known Steamikip, hare red died aa followe : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From New York. Oa tth May, 18*3, On T h May, 1813, On Tth Jute, 1M< Tib July, ' 10th July, - 7th Aug, " ? " ' " , J... ,1 kU, (I,! u Tin Dept. iwm o?pi, u WV? , Price of maaU not included, to 8ou'hstoop!on or Att*<rp, $T0 ?steward'* feet, The meala will be acrved on board, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the beet meaner and at filed andf moderate prices Families or parties mar contract for the voyaje with the atcward. An experienced Surjreon on board. Forfreixht 01 passafe, or any fur her information, apply to H. W T. It H. MALI, Agent*, aMMrr* 41 Bearer etreet. AIW kOftK AM) NKWAHh. fl|!li|l Ml Vnre rotlueod to canti. From the foot of Courtlandt atreet, New YorkfEvery day?Sunday a excepted.) Ltneee New York. Leave Newark Att A. M. At ( P.M. At T) A. M. At 1) P.M II do 4 do t do N do 41 do 1* do t do T do It do ON SUNDAYS. From the feot < Liberty atreet. Leave Naw York. Leave Newark. At A M.acd 4) P.M. At 1 P. M. and to P.M. raw YORK, EblZABKTHTOWN. RAH WAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street.daily. Leave New York. Leave Narw Brunrwu-k. At I A.M. AtTtATM. 41 F M 1 P M SOMERVILLE a tare* connect with there line* each way. Fa-e between N?w York and Oom?mlle, soreuir. Do do Now Brunswick, TS eenta. Rah way, to cent*. Ebabethtown, St cento. The fare in UaTt A. M.trainfrom New Brnnrwiek, and 4| Pl|. train from New York, hae bern reduced between New York and New Bruno wick to to centa. ' and Railway ta ?7J " Tha PoiUdalphiamaiUine paaaea through NewBrunawick for Now York every ereninc at I o'clock. OnBunoayathe T& A.M. trip from New Brunawick ia omit Paaaeoyera who procure their ticket* at tha tieketoffiee.reoaive afarry tiekefgratie. Ticketaare received by theeondncta* eotvon the dtv when ourrhaeed frbll Ira' IMPORTANT TO WfcsTKRN MERCHANTS" RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE?For the TftnaporUtion ol <# wla between Philadelphia and Pittsburg W0BE5ss&I WW-^P This improvement iu tranai>orialioii affoj-da to weatern mer tlUUU peculiar muvauiagri, nn guuue ir .e ere. uiiy (nc?nl in the boat* at our warehoaae. No 345 Market afreet, are carried over the Columbia and Port.ge Railway* without transhipment, Careful lap aiua and crew* are employed, who take charge of the good* at Philadelphia, and continue with then the entire route, thui avoiding dtlaya and the liability of lot* he inc aeparated o i toe war N- B ? Paaaengera forwarded to iPittahnwh and Po't*Tille every day, Sunday* eacepted, H STORK, Agent, alt 3m* m 7 Waahmrton afreet. ~ KAI LROADht (TIC K. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. mm) NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. qiHfi NEW JERSEY Rai'road and Tranaportation ComA pany hare eatabliahed a Freight Line between New Rrunewiek and New York, which tbey intend to run permaimtljr. Leaving New lirunawick at BAM. daily, (Sunday* eieapted) and the foot of Liberty atreet.New Fork, a: 3 P.M. To country dealrra and meichant* the abore line le very da irable for the tpecdy aud cheap conveyance ef merrhaudiae M every deacription. and aire particularly to Drover* and Dealer* in Liva Stock, who eau have 15U head of cattle eonveyei between New Brun*wick and New 1 ork, Ihcaamcday, whentvtr required. The rate* Tor the traneportation of cattle, harvea, mule*, beep, hoga, he., and all other kind* of merchanttiae are Terr low. oover eieeeding aleamboalprice*. ' Merchandiae.aent kythia line la not aubjeclad to any eitra ckaige in eroaaiog the North River. The Company hare fletrd up a large atorehouae at New Jtanawick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwara hnimea for th* reception of merchandise. Fiaengerv, purchaaing their tick, u at the ticket office*, will receive ferry ticket* gratia. ml4 3m* VrEIOHT and PASSAOK JO Pliia. |URO. " QMBL B I Nil RAM' 4 LTNT. " The proprietor* of Bingham'a Traoaimrtatieo Lin* U PHtahurg. girt notice to the Merchant* of New York, and all other peraooa aiipping to the Woat.that their line i* row inactive Operation. Good* conaignei to thrm (or aent to go in their fan*.) will be forwarded withdeepatrh. OvMitor ahipoere of gooda. dwtined Tor the Wetter* Btatea, who Iimdh agent or eoneigiioe ?' Ptttabiirg, will lull eontien their g*odt to William Bingham, Piitab'irg. who will attend to ahipptnf all auch coneignmente eottiout 4clajr. All good* ahonld be marked diatinctly oo each package INGHAM'S LINK. t For ratet of freight, which are an low aa ant other line. Apply to WM. TYSON. Agent. No aWeetetrret. W mmoeite Pick No. t. N. R. N. B.?Paeeengrrt forwarded to Pittaburg and Potlarille, every **T. Sunder* eieepted. Refer to K, Crooka, American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nieoll. Front at reel; Phelpe, Dodge h Co. Fulton atreel: Siivilam, Sage fcCe.; Wm. Haokio. Doryee h Co . Newark' mt Im =B: T. POWKLL ACQ'S LINK. " ' ^wKS'^iW m JE2HQLsPHING-The ateamboat HIGHLANDER "^t. Robert Wardrop, will leave the fo<A of Warren atreet Iterw York, every Mouday. Ttvr wley and Saturday afternoon "a at t o'clock. Returning.the Hietnanoer will teeee taewburgf e?err Monday mornmgat? o'clock, ano Tueeday and Friday f.rf'MfV orpauftfr.trplr to lh?C?pl?in Qbotrtf. rt- B. *1' *?< froifht of ?r?nr dMcriptian, bonk I ^?KiK^^.^th,SKX5t E NE JN MAIL LINE TO HUSTON. VIA NORWICH & WORCESTER RAILROAD. The steamb >at < HARTER OAR.C iptaiu Kotih, will leave evtry Mouday. W?du-r<l?y, aud Friday afternoon, al 9 o'clock from Kant K ver < 11? root o) Beekmau street The steamboat WOKEBTKK, ('apt Coil, will lest* evry Tuesday, Thursday.and Saturday afteruoud.ut t o'clock,fioai pier No l,N R., Battery Plsce. Freieht taken to the above places. Noferry no change of care on this route. On and after the lirstof >h| tne steamer Chart'r Oak,Cantaiu R .at , will leaee yier No. 1, North Rieer, Battery place Tickets, beril-f and atateroon a can be secured at AuAMS la CO., No T Wall street. 1.37 Kapreaa Office. e lATfeNISLANUkkiRKlt. ^^^^^Kool of Whitehall THe Iienwr HTATKN ISLANDLR, Capt. Bntkted. or SAMSON,Captain Duval, will run as foUons until further ??l,CbaaTea Btatea Island Leaves Whitehall At (o'clockai(. At f o'clock a.m. 10 " " "11 " 1 " r.M " a " r.ia " * " " " H * ? ? " " ii u " N. B. All Roods shipped are required to be partienl ly narked and are at the ru.'e 01" the owners thereof. Jl OPPOSITION LI NE F< IR ALBANY*. nn-i _j| KARL KF.DUCEO F \ R E KIKTV CENTS?BERTH* 58ct?. V" L eht Freight tak-u at I cents per Foot. faThe c.omir odious Steamboat WASHINGTON, Captain I M Rmwn will have the steamboat t ier foot of Warren tract, this Ci'hurtday) af'e-nooii. S8 h April ?t 5 o'clock Regular day* of leaMug New Ymk?Tuudtt, Thu (day. and Saturday. Leaving Albany nu Monday, Weduetdav, and Friday.ai S o'clock. P. M . landing each May at the foot of Hammond atreet, Newbjrgh, Ponglikaepvie, Cat skill and Hud on. All kiuda #f pioperty taken only a', lh' riak of the owner* thereof. For freight or i<?aa ige apply to the Captain en hoard orof D. RANDOLPH MARTI.n, '*s lm*r __ 1H Wc<t aireet. 1?P- PASSAGE FOH LIVERTOOL-J'aeket of t... morrow?The aplrndid laat Bailing parket akipSEJBBMKwSUSTKIS.Capt. McKenzie will aail poaitively a* above, her rrgu'ar day, haviuc the whole of her cargo on board, and cau yet accummodat* a foMr m >re cabin, aerond cabin and atecaze raaaengem. at ii.tr rate*, if immediate application be mad- m board font of Oarer atreet, or lo W.kJ.l'. 1 APSCOT 1. 43 Peek alip, ell corner South atreet. FUK MAKSEilLE*?Regular Packet.?Th* MPKPt bark 18AELLA Capt. Btarae, will aail on the jSl&lit of May The aubacribera puroo?e diapatching a Ship punctually on the tat day of each month dicing the year lor Maraeillea. Good* lent te the an weribera for Lrwc ding will bediapatehed free of *"y other than the charge* actually incurred upon them. The Ship* have very comfortable cabin accommodaBOM, For freight or paaaaee, apple to faOYD It HINCKF.N. Agentj. . * Tontine Building. ||H^ FOR LIVERPOOL,?Regular Packet ol the Firal aJHwy May ?The auperior taat (tiling ahip ECHO,Rich jNKgfiaard Sill, m later, having m>.at. ol' her cargo engaged and going oa board, will tail aa above her regular day. F?r freight or paaaage, hiving auperior accommodation*, apply I OLOVER It MeMURRAY, 100 Pine, corner of South, o-to P, 8.?Persons wishing lo ?e*d Tor their friends residing in tne old count"; c?n have thsm brought out by ih< above vhip or any olthe regular packets, by applying a* abort. a2(r OLD LINE Ob LIVERPOOL PACKETS ? sJS^V Regular Packet of fi 'it of May?The well known SSACrel brated l<s' sailing packet ikip CAMBRIDGE, Captain W. C. Bars tow, wilt aail positively on Monday, the tnd May. her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, gd cabin and steerage passengers, are unrqua led by any ship. Kor terms of passage, ap ply on board, foot of Bcckinao atrsei. <>r t? HOC HE, BROTHERS fe CO. 12 Fulton at. next door to the Fulton Rank QQ- Parsergera proceeding, will please observe that the Cambrida is the ouly ngular liner a ulinvr on that day. Persons desirouf of sending to the old country for their friends caa m ike the necessary arrangements to have them brought out is the above superb par set ship, sailing from Liverpool on the llth June.or in any of the packeta comprising the Old Line, tailing from the above port punctually on the 7th and t?th of each month. For passage apply to the subscribera. as above. aas SMS FOR LONDON?Packet ot the 1st May?The afjWWsuperior fait aatling packet ship ST. JAMES, Cap AMKataiu Sebor, will sail as abore, ber regular day.? This ship's accommodations lor cabin. 2?1 cabin and ateerage passeagers, are auperb, and berths can be secured on inoder.,te terms, by applying on board pier fj.t of kfaiden Lane. OLOVCR fc McMURR AY, 100 Piae street, cerner of Soatk. The above will be succeeded by the packet ship Montreal, Cant Tinker, and aail on the 10 May. r. i*.?Pert, ns wishing lo send for their fnenda reiidmg in the old enuatrv. can have them brought out by the above ship, or any of the regular pucke a, by applying aa above (it by letiev postpaid.) a29r JRU^ FOR LIVERPOOL?I aekel of lit May?The WjBtV fi "?.t claes packet nil p ECHO, Captain , will jP^Bbahcdis, atclicd for Liver(iool. aa above. Forpaeeage,having excellent accommodation*, and which will be made very low Aimlv lo *20 r JOHN HE RDM AN. (1 South stree? PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Only ReiMfV (pilar L ne-The packet eh p HUNTSVILLE, JflMMgeet antain Mumford. tails positive'; ea the 1st May. her regxlarday. Haviui eplendid aecommolationa for cabin, aecund cabin and *tcrragc paaiengere, for paeaage apply on board fool Wall itreal, or to W. k J 1. TAPP8COTT. 43 Peck etp, III 4tr corner Month afreet. gymnasium. pistol gallery. MKS9R8 HUDSON k OTTIONON reepeetfully it form the gentlemen ol New York, that they have 6tte? pa GYMNASIUM at the corner of Chamberi itroet and Broadway, and it i* oow open for the reception of vieitora. The inati'ution i? of the firat ardcr, and complete in evert rerpect for the purpoae of Athletic Lurcieea. Sparring Leaenna given daily. Tertee modernte. Op*n d.r and evening. al In' "book-keeping. THE Counting room* of C. C. MARSH, 88 Cedar ilretl, a. continue opeu In.m I A. M. to 9 P. M. in order that merchant* and otbera miy avail tlirmaelrea of a courae of inaliuction that i< truly practical; oue tlivt e nhrieea a complete routine ol rnmmercitl traniaetioi a and mercantile calculation! ?and it wh'ch the atu-'ent actu.lly keep* a aet of booki in a co'iuliug hot.er. To thoae who art acquainted with the adver tiaer'e repuiation, he deairra to fay. that hia pri.icipal work on book keeping haepaeaed into tent, rtitio-ie, that it rrceivea the preference lu the New York Public Schoole, and other large loetitulione: and tha' he himeeif haa the honor ol being re-appomted teacher of book-keeping for the "Merc-utile Library Aeeoeiatirn" of thiarity. Proepectuaea, wnh terma, inay te had al I he counting ror ni? ae above aSJ im'l m GREAT BARGAINS IN n \ D T) 17 I1 o V il IV 1 U X o . FAMILIES anil Merchanta about pure nailing Carpeting will " find it HQ object to call and tiamioe tlie verr eitenaive ant beautiful aaaortinent bow one nine by u?, at the caah Carpet 9tor , <40 Pearl aireet. Ouritock h-u been (elected wtth great care, and being bought for caah this Sprinr, we aie enable J to offer them to the nub ic rt auch pncea aj will mit the timea, amoug ti.eai may or M J? Superior hngliah Rruaaeta, 1 ply, J Ingrain and Venetian Carpeting, Tultrd Wilton and Bruaarla Ruga, Tr'Uiperenci-i. Table ?nd Piano Cevera. Oil Clotlia from a to at le*l wide and all other article# adaptrd to the trade. The public can be convinced of the fact by calling on J H. LOUN9BKKV It t o, j aft t wfi*c tts Pear l atrr t t < PLtAbA.vr KXi I KXION ? A axil acrnea the Htaiaon to | Hohokrn, and a ilro'.l along ita romantic ihorra, tanuot J now fail 'o yield much aatiif action to the admirera of th beaut iea of nature, and to thoae who may require, after beine pent up for the winter io a crowded city, frreh air aod annu I relatation. The eateraire grounds of thia lore y ap->t. a? It berallv thrown open to tlie public, are now decked in all the luxuriant Ireahneaa of an early a|TinK- Thia beyond doubt ia the moet agreeable excuraion that can be made at thia aeaeon all Im r PALMU'S SALOON, No 41 I hamber atre-r, near Broad way?KERDINA>D PaLMO rratretfully informa hia frienda and the punlie that he h n fitted up a aaloon. which, tor aplendor and magnificence, ia nnaurpaaaed by any thine of the ktod inthi* or any other country. It ia decorated in the moat gnigeoua aty'e of Eaetern grandeur, Virrora and paintiuca adorn ita walla and ceilinga; a neat It tie at ge and orcheatra ia erected at one end of the room, from which roneerU will be nightly given free; aifaa aud l< ungea are there forthx weary. t' P. ia a?rarp (hat them mar Vi? imna will * ki?L it:- a - ?..V TT ... UUIIK (III* UCM-riptirn r.aggerat.d, but to inch he can only eajr. "Catl.eee. I andjudg* for yourMlf." Kefre.bin.ut. of every kind, Icelud II 2 ufcctintia. icri. cre- m., liqurura. he will b; .erred to , vuttor. I. .die. of the lijhret r> .pertabitit y may ri.it thl. I tlft innilii perfect i?f?t/. t. order and itecurtim will he ea < ured by th? .Itead.ace of mi effective rolice. a?4 lw? t DAUUKKREoTV I'K A I' t'A tfvTFs-K. A. AHTAlTLT J h CO., I.telr v? Urovd reet and now l?4) holloa etreet. J oppoei'e H' Faul'e Church, hive received by packet ihip Alba- { nv. and off'rfor.?le ?t low p-tee? I J5 complete Degue-rtotype ajpiraiui. new pattern. Sc.0 Krench plate., liege Hiv. ..... . . SO acrom - tic len.et made at Pari, by Alphonae, Oirou. k [ Co. : 10" bottle, bj poeulphlle of Soda. ? AI no tripoli or venue, u di e. .hloru.e of iodine, eromine. J1 creatine r.l iodi le, chloru.. of gold, and the new accM.ratiag * '"mt'V'a Artault k Colake thi.opportunity toinform tbeir J friend. ?nd euitnimre, that they h?? removed their eitabluh- | meut from 10 Broad etreet to IMj t u.ton it-eet near Broadway ojimnlte 8t Paul'.church. "v 1 m m \?rp.BB'A IMPK()V1?U" BI RNr.Ui ?t .ev.nty fie. per W cent IcMihtn heretofore. The eubeeriher h . now an f hiiMl i eeD?ril maortm nt ol th? improf d burncflL which rc ( now offer* at ihe abo e rfduc.d price#. A liberal oiicount ?llowed all dealer J. Be. quality of Camphme at 50 cent. per p gallon. Camphorated tH. 75 cenU. Call and e.amine for J( your.elve. at No. 114 Grand .tree tone door from Broadway. n JA.MKH HI NDS. p N. B?All kind.of livnro altered,bromed,gilt ?nd repaired at thi .borte.t n te on rra??nahlr tern-. aSTImin j pOIBoNB?DR. FKL'CHTWaKOfc H he. removed hi. C Office fr >m No. I Courtlendt it reet to Ne. 1 W.ll atrect, j near Broadway. Hi. univrrral approved Poivinv for eitrimi | n.ting bedhuga, molhe, rati, rockrnatrhee. mice, mo?tu?toe>, ,| (Ilea, flea. ; the anthoa powder for de.troying lh? roeebog. ami p| iii. aeed protector for guard ng evrry .red when plan'td again't t the attack of the grnhworma and ?th?r ioaect., will ba found , indiep?n?ably nereaaary and hi.hly u irf il in the pre.ent.ea- f. an. He may b* coaotantly eonvulled <<n hi. favorite eciencr whichi to protect man, inimal, hou.ea .ad Held, from all ?re . eve. of vernna. Dr F. ie agent for the monufaetur.-r. of rquafoiti.. pure ni- u trie and muriatic ae<V..cop.iT?, eaptu'ea. aoluti.in of tin. py ro- " lignroti. arid, lunar cauatic, leethra.kc. ke , by the package aud at retail 11 N B Moth effrcliially e.lerminat'd and prevented to e.i.t in woollen*. It vno? ?,ee?p?t.. u.ihnl.trry, guch ae rhaiie, tablea addle., ruahiooa.kc. b. dbug. w.rr.nt.d to be ?i|.rvninatrd r-om bedroom. b?dit?ade. bed ling ke. Dr. F. ie in hie Office ( No I Wall atrert. fiom t to t o'clock. it? lm'c v j CCTt.'hKS on the r .cold Adv. ul, or.bdoi tbe Wo. Id J wTl!hlAM WlLLER lha celebrated Lecturer on theprophecvea, if ni* leeturi"g at the Apalio Roo i .( <10 Broadway ) " eevry evening. ?H| o'- l'?cll. .17 >t* r m nK. HOHAi-K h?i returned Co the eiljr and return*. the I practice if hi* Pru'CMion I ? __ . , Reeidenre No. Ill Fraaklin atreet. I, ORce heure front i| to 10 o'clock, A. M .and 4 to o'clock. I C irtw* r ? W YO EW YORK, FRIDAY M( FISK'S COMBINED SUMMER " BAKER & COOK STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD. AATWOOD, P?lfnle??Priwi from |l,(0 to $H?The dens,furnace and front of thie store are made ol' c istiron and lim a large (ire oren attached to it, which ? ill do nearly treble the cooking of the largest anted ordinary Cook Stores The critice of the furnrce will admit a boiler m< wiring si* Eails, or 6f ren gallons and by the use of the di?isioo plate, of ties suits ol* lor boiling fear different dishes; in additi in to all this, two fowls or a laige piece of meat may br roas'ed in freut.aad all done with less than rents per day, for proof of which we refer to those who hare usedth*m. FISK'S Store fc.st*b'i?hmeDt. 3C? Water street. Read the following certificates, in addition to winch erer two hundred may be s'eo h? calling at the store, KiSK'S Store Fetablishinrnt. 'iOt Water street. Nrw Yon. it Fourth street, tth April. I84J. Mresrs. Fisk. tut Water etreet?Among the rariety of stores which hare rome to my notice,-the one I purchased from you merits s decided preference. I hare uied it during ll the season*, aud would ra >st cheerfully recommend il to the public a? in my opinion lusceptible of n> improrement for simplicity or ecuuomy, and worthy of more praise than can be appreciated without t trial of it 1 am, with respect, you**. It*. A. PERKINS. Paitor of the Beresu ( Baptist)Church, hfr. Fisk. C0? Wster street?'I he Summer Storr which I purchased if yon last spring, I have hau in use till now; and no one, without trill, w ou'd keliere the turnout *f cooking that may *e doer by it, or ita rcoromy Suffice it to say, that with occasionally an eitra lire, we barecookid forfromafi to ? i i i . .i ..._ ...p. of the (tore. MRS. BUEL, 63 Fulton atreet. . .March 75,1843. al? lit' CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE 8ubar.rib?r i* uow nneaioi his Spring aupp'y of 1 HARDWARE k CUTLER V, receiyed perla(e arrirala, from Birmingham Hud Sheffield. Together with a general eeeortmeut of Domeetic Good*. which he ia prepartd to offer at the rer> LOWEST GASH TRICES. The attention of Country Alerchanta, Builder*, Cabinet Maker*, be., ia eoliciled to an eaamiuation of hiaalockaud price* , as he ia confident they will tiud it to thrir interatto favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVE. tlO Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. A regular aupplv of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper* Glue. Also?a complete aaaortment ol iMechamea Too la. Jamea Screw*, be. wg 8m* THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. ANF.W aud important article tortus in the nuraery. and aa a fastening toUdiea ahawla. cloak*. ire paleuted in the Uuited States ami in Kuror?, for sale wholeaal* oy W. H. CARY k Cl>. lb* Pearl at N'? w York, and by the patentee,at the manufactory. 146 Jar at B'0oklv-u. Thread aud needle atorea.aud dealer* in fancy article*, supplied on liberal term*. atg Im't GEORGE ELMENDORF, LATE OF THE FIRVI OF ELMENDORF b LORD, Ha* removed from the Aator Houae to the eatabllahment of J.G Wyman, Merchant Tailer,l3i Broadway, where he wnl be happy to wait on hi*old friend* and patron*, aft tm'e FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. AMONG the many anJ ra'ioua Coemetie* that are offered to the public for b-au'iryiug the completion, aud remoring -rery eruption from the lace, none can be ao confidently recommendad aa Church'e Vegetable Lotion It impart* a delicate am >o.hueae to the comp'exiun, and effectually remoeea pimple*, blotchea, tan, freckle*, ringworms, and all Other cutaneous e-uptiona aud discoloration*.. Tt.eaT cent* per bottle?aoldat Chu'ch I Diapenaary, 1M Bowerr,corner?f Snri?g atreet. Agenta?E. W. Bull, Hartford; C. h N. W. Simm*r *, Tine, corner of Fourth atreet, PhUadalphia; Charle* Stcane. Poughkoepoio. m3? lm* ~ STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT importer and maoufielanr of Italian and * English Straw Goods. reapectfully inform* hi* eiulo tomert that he hat removed hit establishment from M William an dM fntt I* M J uh a street, where he eontiaue* to ksep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladiea fashionable Straw uocu's, French and Kcglith Dunttable*. Italiaa Rutlaada, fine Tutears, Fancy Shallworlu, Prince Albert Straw*, he. he. Alio>a antirelr aew article, the Wh.te Siberian Hair Booact for the summer it sarpasae* all the ityU a* yet iatrodueed being extremely light, beautiful, white aad durable. ?8t Irn'm A PROBLEM A ND the wsj to aol re it. Why do the imitator* of my Tabfx let Hacor strop allow me to carry off the premium medal and diploma, from the American Institute, year after yerf, without eten submitting their own for trial? O ye of tender chin* and tough beard*, answer the above by bringieg a dull pHr of Rotors, and teat for yourselves - he truths of the certificates of the moit scientific gentlemen in the country, via: Professor Oriaeom, Br. Molt, Orn. J Tallmxdge and other*. U SAUNDERS.sale inventor and manufacturer of ths metal lie Tablet Kazor strop, with four aides. Ill Broadway, mil In' JUST RECEIVED. A RICH and varied aa<ortment of Htoeks, Bcatfi, Cravats, Silks, Lisen and Kid G'nvee, Suspender*. I.men and Mu>lii Shirts. Pocket Handkerchiefs, he. he. Thi? t< the only establishment in this city where the subscriber's celebrated elastic stocks can be obtained. PAKSELLS, Agent for J. AGATE, r4S lm'c 141 Brordwar. between Park Place It Murray at CARPETING, &C. CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. IONE8 k MARCY, HI Bowery, New York, are now re"ceiving their apnag supply of Carpeting, Oil Clothe. Window Shades, Druggets, Hearth Rugs, Doer Mats, Tabls and Piano Covers, Suir Rods he he. Among their good* are many new and riek patterns of English and American manufacture, which canuet be exceeded for beauty, quality and cheapness in the city. Persons about furnishing their houses are invited to give us scall. I. F. JONES, at I in* L. MARCY. | )AV AND EVENING SCHOOL.-Th* Seminary of ths 17 Misses Masons and O'Doherly i* now open for the reception of pupils, at lis Bowery. " rt? lm'r THE ANTI-ANGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITINO.1 I s Hie Rrsident* of New York and Brooklyn?Remtval of Mr. Bristow'e Writing Acad- mv to No. 238 Biosdway.uear Park Place, and great reduction of his Term* FROM ia TO FIVE DOLLARS ! S Mr. BRIRTOW, in resp-ttt'tilly offering his services to the public, for lhi*?ea-on, trnsls that the very low term*, |6,(<hus placiug this useful art witnimhemeausof til) will induce every one and of every sge, to acquire an elegant and apleudid hand writinghT*il.fi Rait Li:?io.?i ! The Ladita meet da'ly from 13 to 1 ; they ire taught i neat, rapid and delicate hand, agreeable to the fashion of the day.? Alt Mingle entry Book Keeping tail ;ht rhe tieutUmen are taught, with in'alible certainty, to write with deipatch in a maiterl) manner, suitable for keeping a aet of Bo3k* or for Vercantile correspondence. Evening Claim fron T to I. N. B Merchant! end itrangeri raiting the city can complete a con a* in three daya ! ?H Im'e K. BE< KKK. 1'aiLuH (r> rn t'AKlst, 144 button itree!, (up ataira) reapec fully informa the public of New York,that he n'ijmt arri>ed from Paria, bringing a eplendid ' aaaortmrnt of Clo>hs aii I Caaaimerea.of the latest faahion. for I ranlaiooni and Vn'a There will b? conlta'itly found a nice j aaaortmrnt of new gooda, which he will directly receire from , Paria. Iie.ng now in c irreap mdeoce with the fi at liouaea of that ci'y. I H- nopea, ky tie gnolneaa efthe elothea. Ihe quality of the ( gooda, and hia moderate pricea, la girr aatiafiction to tkoae who would honor him with a call, en I to obtain more and nare the truat with which he haa been honored heritofore. _?MJm c rIK CANTON TEA COMPANY offer for aale at 111 ? Chatham atreet. New Y>rk, the cheapeat and moat genu me Teaain the world, iu any quantity not leu than fouroun:ea. If any article purchaaed at their eatabliehment should xitgire full iiliafactinn, it ia requested that they be btiught rack?the money will be returned. adlm* DK. KLl.111 t"l' bega to infoim hia patients and others, that he kaa made an arrangement with a akilful and acieutific Di'tician. whom he haa instructed in hia peculiar mode of J idaptim glass-a to the particular defects of rieion, arising other from age or disease This gentleman will examine the ire, and by the aid of his uneriing preaby tometer, determine hepowerrf iheglaMei reqti'red. I) r E. considers this an important object, as many r iaraaea , it the eye and imperfect ioua of vision peculiar to i he a ndioua ind aged, are produced by the mal-*pplicatio.i of afctaclee. { le *i illd also beg to call the attention of the public to hia lewly mrtuted aril' adjusting Spectacle Krimea, particularly ' iteful in rradiig ?r writing. ( The Optician will attend e?ery day from It A. V. to 8 P. M. Dr. Elliott, Oculist and Ophthalmic Huryenn will attend tiia t latienta as usual on Monfav Wtdncaday and Friday. tffi:e N Broadway entrance in Warren street. atSIm r ? i ,/ !. NKWKL.C A DnY'd PATENT PERMUTA . TION HANK LOCK -Baokrn and other* rn?y plart ' m plieit confidence in the above Lock n being the heat and t afrit in uae Any men m .y hare the kev for a wh >le diy |, :o make a fee annjlie by, without the alighteat chance of i?t ii g H, af ei a charge >.-? been made in irtling it. Other ' hinueable locka ire liable to be picked by peraona wha may ' ee the key, * wan the r.eie recently when the Combination h ..ock tneented by Dr. Holomon Andrewi, of Perth Amboy, c V. J., which wat upon the vault of the American Kiehange ' lank in Wall atreet, wai picked hv Mr Henry C Jooei, of ' S'eieark, N. I., in preacnce of the (6 era of lereral Bmka in d h.i city. The lame luck wan afterward* lent to Dr. And l ewa, who put in new worki ol a more difficn't nature to pick, tut which Mr Jooei readily opened He upon auother oc n aetou publicly picked at the Howard Hotel otic ol the Co n a dnation Locka, tuch an art I old by the American Bank Lock .. omtwny. The high reputation of Day. Newell ll Day, Permutanan O lank I.ocki ta fi mt> eatabliahrd. They hare invariably akrn the bigl eat preiniumt. when eihibited at the Kaira held n New York. Boaton and Philadelphia, namely, Gold medal* . a the two citiea firat named and B.lver, being lit# higbeat >' remium given in the latter city. 8l Three lo kr are tn <de to key < whi?' can he changed in form mm one to nne hundred thouaand miIIioj different timea. upou ilherof whirh they are equally act ure and proof egainat Ike g| Itempta ol the mat >1)111111 turgor, lor ahould he take an im- ream n.orevru tike the key iter If, lie could not expect to oprn [during hi* life, unlet! tome one were to iufcnr him of Ike 8 rentier in which the lock might be changed, after he obtained b oaaeaaion of the key . firleraforthe above Lock promptly attended to by JOHN I AY. Sueeetaor to Day, Newell It Day, No. Sh9 Broadway. iptllm* S /ALBOMlbli PAINT.?TheKalaoinine f'aiut having he<11 a aevereiy tetted in thia eify daring the winter montht, he patenteea can recommend it with renewed confidence to he public. The numeroua apeeimeni of Kaltomine I'aint now n I rating in New York, rendera an cnume atioa of itt ad Ci jutagea auperfluoua , amoug tha moat proinintnt art tha n hllowing Kaiaomme Oolora are m<re permanent, mora luminoaa and 1' gieeahle to the eje than oil colora They are applied without nc ecaeioning any offenaive amell or iajunoiii effect upon vt ealth, and drying in a few houn. Kaltomine paiut may. If ropcrly applied, be wallied when aoiled, according to dirta- ~ 1011a in the circular. Ordera received aid punctually attended to at tha XALHOMINth PAINT DKPOT, n febl'lm* 311 Br..a.U v . corner Yranklin. MlAVt) SI'rtlNt; MKOII INK,-WHI I'WkLl'S J f.M " T PK.KA NOR BIT TKRH. WITHOUT WlNtE OR aL iOHOI..?Header, have yoti no appetite? Do you net reliah t ourfoidt The 1 uae thaav bittera; lltry will alio greatly aa- fi lit dig'atiou.and of eourae removedr#|iepii* jaundice. weak- 1 da ig At iKa afAmtctt <{? W1 111 I* kr 'I k#V ntirtf V f k* klwA.1 aril ' a?%>rn?e the whole ayateir. The bittert are (if rente ly mild <J ad|>le?aant Trjr them. rrioe M eenta. fl 8 Id by A. B kD Sapda, diiigfiata, No 7lFultin totiw r C?old atreet. and tot) Fult-n corner of William atreet. Al?? |?td kr Abraa. B. Panda k Co , No. 47J Broadway, corner of n n a where atreet; D*?id 5 an da kt>, Kg. 77 Broadway. air r r of Ma ket at aMSm'ai J' RK I )RNING, APRIL 29. 184 Hartford. ICorrnpondeuc* of the llrrsU Haktkoro, April 23,1842. IVtother?Business?I.argt Stocks oj Goods?Farmers' and Mtehanics' Banks?Belles ? Beaujs?Politics, f)'C, Dear Mr. Bexsctt,? Since my last to you, Dane Nature -as taken it in'o her head to lay aside her russet ii antle, aad appear iu her mure agreeable apparel of bright green, a change, I suppose, induced by tt.e unusual number of warm sunny days which that most capricious vixen of all the sister months, April, has seen fittobsstow upon us. Notwithstanding the very favorable weather for vegetation this spring, we have had some drenching rains, which, while they have not operated to the disadvantage of the husbandman, have had the effect of keeping back our spring business t ome two or three weeks. Our business this season will be very respectable, though from the great hue and c.y thr.t has been raised here, as in every other plaee, about the depression of trade, you might suppose that two-thirds of our merchants had shut their doors. 1 do not think that for four years past, there has been ae many groceis goods in this market as at thistime, and the same might be said of domestic dry goods, while the stock of foreign dry goods is iarge, when the difference in price te the cash and credit buyer in the larger markets is taken into consideration. A sort of popgun warfare hat been carried on for the last three 'or four weeks, by a atarvling paper ycleped the " Review," against the Farmers'and Mechanics' Bank. Vague indefinite insinuations and continued threats from week to week to publish facts which the editersayahe is in possession of, constitute the terrible pellets which are fired at the institution with so much vigor?but the public know where the shoe pinches too well, to pay the least regard to his puerile attack Our fashionable season will not open as brilliantly as u*ual this spring, the wherefore 1 am unuble to tell; perhaps it can be acsmmted for by the dear pa's and ma's of our exquisites, or it may be better hv thrir milliners and tailors. Th? IV l?f? their country residence, and are again with u.s in town, although they are fait approaching that period of iheir lives when it id so difficult for women to recollect their agea; yet one of them, Mitt C. remain*, a? bright and prerless ai she waa wont to be full ten years since. The appearance In public of the Misses W ; from the Hill, has not beea frequent of late, owing undoubtedly to the continued indisposition of a member of their family. They are splendid girls, and well worthy of our city, so famed for beautiful women. Miss C. look* us charming as the " sweetest rose that erer blew " The Misses T. wrre as garrulous ss ever, and withal tolerable fair to looli upon. The Misses D. of Prospect street, hare, if possible, grown more demure and quakerish than erer I cannot tell the cause? it cannot he that they hare any fears about getting ? No, that can't be, lor they are vnung and pretty yet. There is Miss J , too, of Main street, a sweet girl, but she has too much of the uarrenue taint about her to saror well with our best blood?" Hearen sare the mark!" Our young bloods are sueh a scaly set that I almost binsh to speak of tbem, much mora to write of them, ret they deserre a brief netice in this sheet. Mr B., starched and stiffened, continues to perambulate our streets as usual, smiling and talking like a gentlewoman; he hit discontinued il. n<n - > : ; 1 inc v' viRiy fiiTti in cuuicquencc, u IS IMia,OI US impeding the free motion o| hi* head and neck. Lieut blatter* about a* usual, aiteniibing the native* by the recital of hi* deed* of noble valor; a few more inch officer* a* the valiant Lieutenant and hi* Irieud, would luffice to reader it invincible in one point at least Capt. W. a *outhern recently arrived in our city, i* at preient attracting considerable attention in our hotel* by his ex tempore argument* in favor of total abstinence societies which he constantly adduce* with so much ang froid as te strike every moderate drinker mute who behold* him. Notwithstanding bis remarkable antipathy to wine drinking, even in the most limited qurntitie*, he is quite a favorite iu our fashionable circle*. Mr. i* less dazzling this season than we conld wish, for one who has so long aspired te be a leader of the ton ; perhaps, however, a* soon as the brush of polities has a little subsided, he will resume hi* gaity. This gentleman deserves great credit fer having It aped (I wish that be had broken it down) the "wall of partition" which has so long leparated the lower and middling classes from the aristocracy. His career has been a curious oae, and well illustrates bow much can be accomplished by untiring and unyielding perseverance, (lis " glorious first essay waa in his native town,where he appeared a* a performer in a reed band, and attracted ?o much notice from the sturdy yeomanry who congregate togeth er in large nnmbers on training days, when such band * usua'ly appear, that hi* good parenla, determined on placing him in a sphere more conze aial to hit feeling* and hia future prospect*; accordingly he was apprenticed ta a dry goods shop keeper, where he soon made such good use of his acquaintance with a few milliner girls first, and some boarding school girls afterwards, as to be able to gain admittance to the baek parlors of two or three families; gaining strength from this foothold he gradually mad* advances,until this present time, when there are not three houses in this city where he is not welcomr, the more so especially if he ha* his carriage with him. With the exception of boring literary lions too much, and mnnufaeturing such execrable liquor as he does, he is a clever fine fellow. I I will next week furnish you with some interesting political gossip in which the leaders will "chow iff" rather advantageously. Yours, fee Bi b. We give the following aa we received it; we shall tee if it is confirmed by the next mail ; ? Apalarhlcoln. ICorrtsixiBdeDCcOf the Herald.] Apalahiicola, April loth, 1X12. Firt?Tht Indians Fames Itoudo* Bexxett, En s? Diah Sir,? (>ne of the most drstructive fires that ever occured in this city commenced about one this morning, ind now at the time I am writing, eight o'clock, the *ho!e block, bounded by Chestnut, Commerce, and >ntre streets, is a heap of ruins, among which is he theatre, bath, the alhambra, and a Dumber of varehou-es and private dwellings, numbering about 10 or 2.> buildings The mansion house and city lotel were in great danger, and had it not been for he fire department, aided by the citizens, the whole >wrr part of the city would have been a prey to its elentless fury. The wind blawing strong from the v. .n w. ior Dunaings were all very dry and lust like powder, in fact, it was all the work of a > w minutes How it originated is not yet known, ut is supposed to have been the work of an inceniary. The theatre in which it commenced not aving been occupied for the last two weeks A umber of persons have been arrested on suspicion, nd committed to jail. Tnelossis variously estila'.ed at from ?15,1)00 to ?25,000, which is a heap f money for these digging. The principal sulTerrrsare Messrs Hamilton, Por?r, Kaney, and Mitchell, who, I believe, were all uuied. I write in great haste, as the boat is about iarting- k'ours, Aec. P S- A party of volunteers left here a few days nee, on a scouting party for Indians, and at C ookd Hiverrame up with* party, shot three, wounded nd took prisoners two children- one of which, alter eing shot through both arms, jumped in and at mpted to swim the river, hut wasiaken and brought > this place, and are now under the charge of Dr. pencer. SuiCiPB i.v the State I'm so*.?Francis Canon, a convict in the State Prison in this town, ommitted suicide last Sunday morning, by hangig himself in his cell. It is b lieved he was fub ct to temporary fits of insanity, Hnd that he com- , lifted the act while under that state of mind. He ras a native of Irrland, and nbout 30 years of ag?. - Charlmtmnn, ( Ma?? ) Paprr Naval ?The U. S sloop of war Vandalia, com'.ander Ham^ey.and Falmouth, commander Mcln osh, have dropped down to HHmpton Honda. Information tiaa been received, by (he way of I England, that the U S. frigate United States, e'apt. irmetrong, bearing the broad pennant cf Com i .,r.?-.l .i M.J ? ... ll.? >" "Iirr, nnu n i i ?t ii ni uun I H IMMII iuip ^I>|| ||] aye, ?nrf would Mil the next day, the 11th Feb , for 1 lio de Janeiro- All well oa board. I The U S eloop of war Warren, Com Williamson, 1 -as in the harbor of Vera Crux on the Slit ult.?Nor- I Wk HrrcUd Jpril 26. ] IER A 2. Fkom Riiodk Islakd ?Nothing important from this State. The following letter contains all the news. Til? Charier (General Assembly have gone home without doing any thing. This session was of three days duration i? Providence. [Correspondence of the Herald.] * Provides**, Ap.il'27, 18-12. James Gordo* Be**ett, K?q1 >eab Sm :? The General A*.-embly h ive gon-, after a session of three days, being called by proclamation from the Governor, and after every body has beeu kept for thiee days inip.iring wfa' they were to do, they have, in the language of Capt. Tyler's letter to the Governor, "beaked themselves to their (wveril places of abo le," and more va iant men or wise leg winters ne'er lived since the tide of time began. First, th yhid the Governor's message r??d to tVm, wherein it was set forth that those traitorous si firage men persis ed in cirning their pietended consiitutio i into effect, n' tw ithstanding ke had sent ik.m n-.T..i?.-. u.i.. ?i .u- 1 .i >.?.? U<i|?aiii jin ic 'CI tt'lU llllCd curu iiirin wah th" A'gerine law Monoverth; traitor*aforesaid were procuring arm* and were nightly drilling ami org miring themse ves in miliary discipline, ai d many of the military companies were in their inte.est. Then men in other States were sympathi sing wiih s*i I traitors, and it wis ta d, nssis'anee was to be rendered them fram abroad. Altogether the Governor made out a very bad case for King Charles' Charier. -xOne of the charter members brought in a propouijon to call a convention to frame a new constitution by way of compromise, allowing ull who pay taxes on ?150 to vote ior delegates, hut that was voted down 45 to 12?so they won't yield an inch. The Constitutionalists are going ahead like steamboats. The riot act has been amended so as to require men to disperse without one hour to think about it as formerly, and the Mayor is authorised to employ armed police in squads of fifty men, but in spite of all this 1 never saw a more folly impudent set of fellows than the Constitutionalists- Governor Dorr is firm as the eternal hills, and the whole are pluck to the backbone. Many formerly opposed to the sull'rage men say,now the Assembly nave iciu*u iu umi a convention, iney go tor me People's Constitution There will probably be more men under arms in Rhode Island on Tuesday than was ever seen here since the revolution, but no one will be hurt. The Constitutionalists won't boein and the Charter men dare not begin If any body gets on the track,when the bell ring', he may get knocked down, but there ia little danger of thatThen came the resolutions of the Assembly that were to cut up the Constitutionalists like Paizham guns loaded with teopenny nails, But alack! just as they wete about to authorize the Governor to raise a standing army, consisting of as many men as he chose, to be paid as much as he chose, and to be employed how he chose,one ef the members read up the Constitution of the United States, prohibiting the States from maintaining stauding armies in time of peace, and so the army had to be given up for fear of Capt. Tyler. Finally tbe Assembly voted to authorize the Governor to employ a private secretary, (so look out lor blood and thunder), and also.that he might take measures to remove or protect the state property?(look out for the property of the state?keep the freeholds safe, and we don't want men.) It ia said, the Court House is to be sent on to New York per railroad and steamboat line. Some small parcels ef real estate are to go by Harnden's express. The Penitentiary is to be taken out to Johnston at the Governor's House, if it can be s-cured Irom attaching creditors, and the Treasury is to be forwarded to Texas by a private haad. All there will be safe. The sympathy in your city encourages the consti tutionalitis, and frightens the charterites. It is said there is some strange savages in New York, who eat raw meat, and pick their teeth with hickory clabs, and drink anna fnrtia inataad nf nrmlamanlu /-ham. paigne, who are coming on here to get a look at the old charter. Some say (he city will certainly be burnt down, and others, that the men are to be shot down with grape shot from the guard of cow killers at the arsenal, but the sensible men think I we shall keep out ol a muss,because the constitutionalists will be strong enough to keep the peace. The saints are in great tribufatieR, and the brethren on the side of the people are told, that there is no satisfaction ia their prayers. The reverend clergy have been very active in the matter, but there has been a shocking disregard of their holy mandates If Brother Knapp is aay where in your quarter, beg him to give us mora of the outpourings of his spirit, that we .may have more christian feeling here. The ladies, poor souls, are many of them in tits, and others laughing as though they rejoice in a mass. Yours, truly, . Richmond, Vs. ICorrespowSraca of the Herald.] Hiciimom), Va- April 25,1841. Trade?The Timee?Veprestion?Religion, $-e. Ma. J. G. Bcrsctt :? Dear Sir : ? In my last communication to you, I promised a repetition of my favors. At this season there is not the same life and bustle here,that there is in the winter months. True, the continual arrival and departure of country merchants, makes the city wear a cheerful aspect, but it is momentary. Tha wholesale trade iadone here in a month. The times are critical, and the sole talk is abont the derangement in the currency. An old and wealthy citizen, remarked, in my presence, this morning, that he had never seen a more gloomy state of things than the present, and I presume, considering the time which this."panic" has lasted,and the very uncheering prospect in the future, there never has been a parrallel to the present derangement in our affairs. But "it is an ill wind that blows nobody good," wretched as are the times, it has been advantageous to us. Merchants who never bought goods here before, have stopped here and made their purchases, and what is more they will continue to do it, at least until we have a Natienal Bank. So that you New Yorkers, have to turn out, en masse, loco and whig, and procure the establishment of a National Bank in self defence. As I wrote in my last, Religion still seems the order of the day, although it has extended a pood deal. I understand there are accessions to the Universalis!, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and Kpiscopalian Churches Yesterday I understood there were sixty six received in the Second Baptist Church, which, by the bye is no "small potatoes." But I must close. I have stolen a brief interval from business, todrop you something which might interest some reader. For the present farewell. M. A W. California. Mil Editor :? The subject of the purchase of California, by the United States Government, having already been agitated, it may not be amiss lor me to express my opinion in relati >n to it. The strongest objection that is urged in oppoeitirn to it, is, that an increase or territory is injurious to the liberties of the United States. A more ridiculous and weak argument than this, never existed in the mind of man Those favorable to the purchase, contend that where the blessings of freedom which the United States enjoy, exist, there is the land of happi less. And further, that unless we soon make the bugain, England will gain possession of it, and she will then have not only a rendezvous for her fleet on the Pacific to the prejudice of the United States, but it will be a fine position for h'r in case of a WBr with us, from which to itaue forth her myriads It is said that the country is barren and worth no? - it?>? i? also an error. The nearl tixherv on the coast will make it worth quadruple ihe price of Hie Peninsula, and with Yankee enterprize( the land itself will be worth more than that Besides this, we need some good aituatinn for our whalers to atop ind procure water at; and no position will answer >etter for this purpose than California. Tha British are already on the alert. They have nade a definitive ofter to Mexico for Caliiornia. nleaa we bestir ourselves, the opportunity will be ost; and we will be found standing and gazing at tothing with our eyes wide open, wondering at the British energy. Achii.lob. Naval.?The following ia a list of the officer* itt ached to the U. States frigate Congress, now lifinjr for sea at the Portsmouth, N H. Navy I'srd :? Captain?P. F. Vonhees. Lieutenants?K. O. 1'ilton, R. L. Browning, J P Cillips, 8. A Jentins, Richard Bache, jr , and D D Porter. Master -J. 8. Patterson. Parser?B. J. Cahoone. Sur fern?T L. Smith. Midshipmen? E. R. Calhoun, l\ 8 Fillebrown,'Richard M. Cayler, (instants Harrison, jr , William Retlj, Was R Mercer, D P McCorcle, Thomas C. Eaton, Jos. L Friend, W W. Holmes. S. R Lnce. John II TTnahnr W rt. Rrnwne, Charles C. Bayard, Jamei Heron, J. I tJ Smith 1 JLa jli. Fritt fw? Cttti Ueuilnisctaces of McDouaiu lliu-k Ma. Euitoh? There is a class of mm in this world, aye, many such, who go buttling through if, make some noise, create h >me petty revolution i i stock or the Hour muket, elevate theimelves to some wotthless position for a moment, ih"n sink, die, and remain forever forgotten. Worth'esr denizens of tinio, they leave us no reversio.i&ry interest in them ; but not so wiih the poet; he works for pot-tTiiy, that shall acknowledge his labors and prc.fit by bis muae.? Like poor Clarke, he may go to his lonely cemetery with scarcely a friend, but his memory shall live IB the sweetness of music?he appealed to the heart, and that mvti forgets. Some twelve yearseince, McDonald gave me the followinn lines, for a reVir.ii inn ,.r n ... ?? .. , - - - - ?-?.. v.. ujius /vuiuvcrsary ; and as the paper in which they were original' 1/ published, has long since gone to the tomb of the Capulets, and as they contain, in my humble opinion, much merit, I have transcribed them from the original in my poss -ssion, and present ih m to your readers Yours, T. R. 11. Song. Air.?" Em k or Eriis." Here's a health to hi* spirit wherever 'tit centerej, On the flank or the van of the brightest above ; In that soul all the grestest of elements enter'd, Philanthropy, candor, and courage and love; But ita flight o'er the descrtof this dreary planet, Kound.lew mighty minds whose horizon could apan it, Vet prejudice neither could res or unman it, 'Twa* an eagle whose eyrie was nurs'd by a dove. His soul fae'd the storms that will always encircle The genius that's brightest, the heart "that is brave, He built it a nest of the bay and the myrtle, Let the bay and the myrtle o'er shadoss his grave, For his name will bebr?:ith'd with the noblest emotion, By the watch tire, the bride feast, the shrine of devotion, IFTliiW the ear of the earth heart the hymn of the ocean, Or, man haa one passion too dear to deprave That loul kept him poor in what thousands rail riches. The grandeur that'sdragg'd through the dirt of the mine, But the pure gold of geaius, each bosom bewitches, When feeling and taste and integrity join; 'Tis Eternity's stamp that at par always passes 'Mongstthe bravest of men and the bonniest lasses, 'Tis memory's small change 'mongst even jackasses. Whether huddled in huts or where palact-ligh'.a shine. * uugimeriiaie. [Correspondence of the Herald, j Pougheeepsie, April 26, IS12. Nut York and Albany Rail Road?Marriage?Exrpected IVrdding*?Runinets? Religion, fycEdit<th Herald :? We s.re surprised that you have not more frequently alluded to the extremely important subj-ct of the New Yerk and Albany Rail Road, on the eaet bank of the Hudson. The report of the able engineer, Mr. Morgan, ha? thoroughly aroused ue to the importance and the practicability of thii enterprise. A convention of the river towns wae called last week, and, after a spirited meeting, adjourned to Monday evening, the 25th. Laet night a numerous meeting of our most respectable and moneyed men assemble I. Spirited addressee were delivered by Charles Bartlett, Esq., president of the Collegiate school, and Isaac Stanton, Esq , the latter of whom displayed, in spirited terms, the interest of your eity and Albany, as well as the river towns in this vital question It only remains for you to assist us, and the work is accomplished. A marriage in " high life" has excited our usually quiet village, in wnicb beauty, wealth, talent and the graces are combined?W J. Street, Esq , to Mrs. Su?an M , widow of the late Mr. Lee. Mr. Street is a highly accomplished and talented lawyer, brother of A. B Street, the poet;*snd whose diflfereHce of pursuits alone have prevented bis rnnning a more brilliant course in the race of the Muses. His sensitive heart has (alien an envied victim to the charms of the fascinating Susan, (He forgot Mr. Weller's advice?*' Samivel, bevare of vidders.") and now the same smile will eneouraee bint which breathed inspiration into the literaiy labor* of her first husband. Several rumored engagements in the higher circles are on our list, of which, if it please you, we will keep you informed. Among these a* the most prominent and certain, we notice our P. M., whose bachelor obduracy hat at length yielded to the amiability and " sol d charms" of IMiss S , also Mr. J. to Ellen B***, anj Mr C to Miss Amanda BBusiness of all kinds is dull, never mote so. Oar basinets men look like empty purses, long and lank. Religion i* likely soon to revive under the auspices of the Rev. Mr. Ludlow, late of New llavrn. Cerberus. x The Rev. Dr. Jarvia has resigned the Rectorship of Christ Church, Middletown, and the Rev. Edwin W. Wiltbank has been selected to till hie place ? It was the general wish of the Parish thct the Rev. John Williams, who has been an assistant ot Dr. Jarvis for some time past, should take the Rectorship, but the state of his health prevented his cornply isg with their wishes. Kngllali Advertisement. NOTICE TO RAILWAY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTOIN'S HOTFX No. 104. FLEET STREET, LONDON. 7 William Harding, Proprietor, Return* hi* thauk* to the profeaa.on il and commercial rrg. tlemrnand thepublic. for the liberal auppcrt li* haa received aince occupying the above named hotel, and hnpe* lip unr?imttinit attrutir n, to retain iW- patronage hitherto *o generoualy affuidrd W H. aaaurea ln? patron* that an endeavora at all be apared to promote th*ir con.fart, and ft Ultra himaelf that fe?? can compete with him aa far a? regard* wint* and viandi it b' mg hi* ambition to procure the choiccat for the approval of hia aupportera, and conducting hua'neaa on the innat liberal ayatem. Vhe dally bill ol fare r vuiaintng the great-at variety crmhmeri with moderation o! price*, caoiot fail giving grneml avtiafactinn Rreakfait* (pla>n) la 3d each ; lodgiaga 10a (l|irrwr>li I'uhlir meeting ad I mouitce ro- on. aS8 3-n r WATCHES & JEWELRY VERY LOW. 'PHI1, aubicriber ia a-lling all deacriplioni of gold and ailver A Watch"*, gold and ailvcr pencil*, gold chjita tel a, he . at retail,lower than al any other place in Ike city. Hold Watcnr* aa low aa 30 to 40 dolla-a each. Walchra and Jewelry et. changed or hrught. All Watehca are warranted to keep good lime, or tlic mose^ leluraed. Walchea and Clock* repaired in the beat minner, and warranted, at much lea* than the nan i1 price*, by one of the fi ia*t workmen in lha city. O. t . ALLEN I iporter of Watche* and Jewelry, wholeaale and reiaiI 11 Wall airect. ap ataira. mil la?m CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice ia hereby given thai a *ale rf property for unpaid titea, will take place at public auc'ino at the City Hall of Iherity of New York, id Tueaday IhefO h dav ol July neat, at IS o'clock, nooti, and be ceiilinu'd from day In day until the whole of the avid property aha'l be void ; aiwl iha' I' e detailed alatament of the lave* and properly to b?*ald i* puMiehfd in the New Kra :i newspaper pr inted and pub i>hed in the city of New York. ALKRICD A. HMITH. Comptn Her Coinpt .1 lei'a f)me?, Aprilao, 1043 itt I law Hw to 14 i r Il.l.iMlM I.A.NO I.'f h' I riminitlee of the llliaoie 1 Laid l ompiDv have adjnuraed their drawiag* at Ilia Aalor floiiae, until Tueafar, the 31 of May. at 3 o'clock. P. M.. al the a.meplice.at which liui* thoce of the Stoekh'ddrrv who lievenot drawn, anddeair* lo do ?e, are requested to attend for that | uepo*-, aa tha Committee are very de?i-t> ? of rioting the drawing on that day. T. ALLEN, Chairman. ?i? imrr I AlilK.H () \/ CTTK.?The publication of thi* paper bniug Ij vilipended for a fe? day*. id order to obtain an entirely new dreei, will r? appear on Moodvy, May al, ai a TriWeekly. in ttilrn'id type of gret t beam v. caat expreeely for thlapaper I tie co'uinoe will be aac'ednigly rich in choice llriiml Keraya, Talra, Local Incident*, Notice* ol the Kaahior.a, lir Itc and apt rmtwllwhaenta. A laige edition will he publiahed for fratuit nut diftribution throughout Ike City and iJmon, thua offriinjr a rtr* chance to adtertiarra. I'erina $3 a year?ail cent* per week. Hingle ntimhera aold, and aub.criptioo* received,*! the principal Mnaic Slorra in the city. HUl' J V0< >B*S EXPRESS, FOR MONTREAL.-f7?l-WHITEHALL. BURUNiiTON, k INTERMEDIATE PLAC ES, in conorcrion with HARNOVN k CO.18 EXPRESS TO ALBANY. MR JACOBS having completed hi* arrangement! ia now prepared to recriet aid forward with the utatat (Med, regularity and aafty, parcel*. package* of goode, ptcie,bank nol?*. and all kind* of frei|ht for the above place*. He will leave Albany every Wednesday morning oh tS" arrival ol Harnden kCo.'a Expree* from New York, and wave Montreal on h-r return every Hatnrday?thua any farce1*, height or r.rdera left at Meaeri. Harnden It Co'* office. 3 Wali at r< et, ? or before o'clock, P. M. rn Tuesday. will be delivered in Montreal on Khday. A. M. P.rt rular attention paid t > collecting and negeti ting notea. draft*.bill*, nrdeia.ke fcc. Alto, any buaineee entrual^l l? hit rare will meet with prompt attention OBrei at Harden It 0o'e a Wall street. Sew York, do do It Exchange, Albany, do do tt* River street, Troy do Montreal. Exchange Coffee Hour <J> Bu-nlifton, Vt., J. It J. H Prrk, ??7 Ik WAVI'KU ?A *11 or tight ?*r?<l Ijiub lit.I Auy < " lid to nil out, wil1 fin J purehtotr. ir Ihtir t-r?i ?p? modtrtU, by tp.ilyin; by Ittttr to No. TS Conrthwi trott. A't'ow to X. T. Z. 'r ?ST 41* r Poth itroto,

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