8 Mayıs 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

8 Mayıs 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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FOS 'I' S C R 1 P Baltimore. [CoiTC?pon<l?ucr of ihi Herald.] lUuTiMoiiK^May,7, I8I2.TT Mr. Editor? TP The foreign news by the Caledonia arrived here this morning about one o'clock, and was published in all the morning papers. It does not possess am great interest, nor is it likely to make anyimatenal change in our markets. The general Conference of the Methodist Protestant church, is yet in session in our city, and will be for some days to come. The military encampment is 'going/to be one of the most magnificent affairs ever witnessed in the United States, livery day we hear ol companies front a distance who have determined to lie present. Can you not have New York represented' The following is a list of the principal officers of the encampment:?Cotnmander-in-Cnief.\la|or t .en.t ?.H. Steuart; Adjutant General, Col. Horace llliss; Quarter-master General, Col. II. W. I'it/.hugh; Paymaster General, Col. N. Hickman; Surgeon General, Professor N. K. Smith. My time at present forbids any further details. There is no local news of interest. The country presents a charming aspect, and every thing in the vegetable line is abundant Yours. "*yj Rodkrick. Philadelphia. [Cnnre*pondsiwe of the Herald.] jPhiladelphia, May 7, 1812. The eieiting topic of conversation here to-day is the removal ol' our Collector, or of his host of subordinates, whom the President has singled out as unworthy a place in the public service. This all admit is a high handed step, and probably it would meet with strong denunciation, but for the fact that most of the incumbents in the Custom House ure men of such characters that no change cun be worse. The Collector has returned from Washington, whither he went with the view of changing the President's determination. In this hope he was mistaken, as his "Accidency," as the whigs denominate him, showed considerably of the Roman in his firmness on this point, lie adheres to his determination, and his men, or himself,,or both must go. In any event many new births must be created, and as so many hundreds are out of employ, this creates quite 11 movement in the "interest making way." Recommendatory letters and petitions are quite abundant. Tyson, the rival of the Clay interest here, is likely to triumph over his enemies, notwithstanding it was supposed that his reeent Senatorial rejection had put him down forever. Such however are the fluctuations of political lif David Paul Brown commenced his opening argument for u new trial in the case of llolmes, the sailor, this,morning. The business in stocks was a mere nothing today. The money is greatly straitened. Never tnore so. Cur Postmaster will not he removed?rumors to the contrary notwithstanding. The Tobacco Chop.?This is the season, says the 1 "pper Marlborough (Md.) Gazette, when tin-fly is most destructive to the Tobacco plants,which arc in a tender state. The ravages of the insect have not been very great for several years past, as at the present time. The complaint is almost universal in this and the neighboring counties; and unjess there is a change very soon for the better, it is certain that nothing like a full crop can be planted. Trocbbe in Barbary.?Following is an extract from a letter from a highly respectable American mercantile house in Gibraltar, dated April 6th, received by the Caledonia. Our squadron on that station must teach the Emperor of Morocco manners I here is som* disturbance at-Morocco, and an insult oflcred to Mr. t nrr, our consul general. When about to leave Tangier, the authorities seized hint and sent hiin back to tne consulate, where he now remains without the possibilty of getting away to fulfil the orders of his government, which was to leave, a successor having been appointed. Theft!. S. sloop of war Preble is just in from Mahon, and will go over the first wind, and as Com. Morgan has been apprised of the circumstance,will no doubt come down in the Brandywine and Fairfield." City Intelligence. A Lcsiauc'i Ltrr. Saved iit a Convict.?On Thursday a lunatic, confined on Blackwcll's Island, named Marki, attemptui to escape by swimming acrois the West Channel, towards the New York shore. When nearly midway of the stream, he was perceived by Deputy Keeper Ruckle, aud a convict named Dan Kitzpatrick. The ferry boat not being at the wharf, Fitzpatrick proposed to svim out, and save the looney, as he appeared to be getting weak from his efforts. The peculiar circumstances of tlie ease prompted Mr. Ruckle to consent, when Dan " pealeii' in an instant, and plunging into the stream, soon reached his object of pursuit, and taking him upon his shoulders, succeeded in lauding him safe on shore in an almost exhausted state. He would undoubtedly hare perished had not the magnanimous convict risked liis life to save him. An old Fence Caged.?Anion named William Leitgo who has long kept a place for receiving stolen goods at U3 West Broadway, was yesterday committed to prison on two charges found against him. Bailed Out.?John J. Hicks, the spoculator in other people's cotton, who was committed a few days since on a charge of grand lerceny, has obtained security for his appearance at court, and has been discharged from prison. The Preaching Cartman sens at Large Van Du xer, the crazy preach ing cartmun, who was committed on Friday last to the Lunatic Asylum, as an improper person to be allowed to run at large,was discharged yesterday byJudge Lynch, on a writ of Habeas Corpus. Charged with Rape A man named John Lloyd, rtd centlv married, and who keeps a porter house at the corner of Charles ami Washington street, was arraigned before tho Justices of the Upper Police yesterday, charged by a married woman, named Rachell Ann Van Valen, w'ho resides at 106 Perry street, with committing a rape upon her person, in the house of Mrs. Acklcy, corner of Charles and Greenwich street. He denies the charge, and alleges that it was a "fair business transaction," which she prompted and acceded to, for the promised sum of $3, which he neglecting to pay, she in revenge, commenced the suit. He was admitted to bail in the sum of f600. Child Killed by ss Omnibus?Yesterday as John A. the sou of Henry Adriance, of 109 Fulton street, aged five vears, was attempting to cross Broadway, nearly op|>ositr t)r. Chilton's drug store, in company with a younger brother. He was accidentally caught between a cart and one of the Broadway omnibusses, when one of the forewheels of the latter passed over his body, depriving him of life in a short tim? aflerwurds. Thejj omnibus was moving very slow at the time, and the driver stopped his horses the instant he heard tho alarm, and before the hind wheels of the coach had injured him. Ho was immediately taken up, and died in about half an hour afterw ards. A number of persons saw the transaction, und impute no hlame to the driver of the omnibus. The Coroner's jury, afiera full hearing of all the particulars, returned a verdict of accidental death. Victim* or iu m.?The coroner hcin tiirre inquest* ywerday on persons who died suddenly from the effects of long continued intemperate hlUtfc The first was Richard Donnie, a native of this city, aged 30 years, and ship carpenter by trade, who died at 40 l.anrens street. The second and third were two colored women named Sarah Johnson an 1 Catherine Bailey, residents of the vicinlty of the Points. A i>ost mortem examinations w as made by I)r Tompkins, and a verdict of death from intemperate habits given in both rases. AsoTiixn CortsTcRriiTSEK CxfoiiT.?An old State Prison bird named Wm. H. Miles entered the storeof (ieo. W. hluir St Co.. 3taH.uadwat, on Friday evening.and offered an altered note of the denomination of F90, purporting to lie on the bank of Lyons of this State, to obtain smaller bills. It being pronounced a counterfeit he immediately snatched the note from Mr. f?eo. Brown, ugent for .Mr. Mu.r, to wh >m lie had handed it, an I started to run away, when be w as arretted and committed. He contrived to destroy or lose the bill before he reached the Police Office and will thus escape justice unless other charges enn be preferrod against Ium. Court of Common Pleas, Befor# a full Bench. Mat 7 Dr.cisioaa.?John L- SpinnU. vs. Otnrgt Mil*. ?The plaintiff furnished stores for the ship Henry Kneeland, at the request of I). 11. Robertson. Action was brought against the defendant, (firm. Ilogau and Miln,) to rei-ove- the amount of the bill, on the ground of his being the owner of the vossel. A verdict was given tor plaintiff in the sum of $14?. subject to the opinion of Court.?Verdict confirmed with costs. Moritcai M. YsoA. vs. Edward H. I.vdlou ?The plaintiff sued defendant for *196. being the amount of a bill for advertising in the New Vork Star.^ The advertisements were for F.dward II. Ludlow and Co., and the defendant, on the trial, contended that the suit should have been brought against the tirm. The objection was not brought in time, it was ruled, and a verdict was given 6?r plaintiff Verdict conlrmesl, with costs. Board of Rnprrvlaort. \|AT 7. Several hills were presented and ordered to be paid. Fit! Orecn llalleck and Wm. L. tttone were put In nomination for Deputy Snprrintendant of Common Bchools Mr. Halleck was elected by a vota of G to 4. Court Colander?To-morrow. fU'rraioa Corar.?Not. 36, 97, 1 to 19, inclusive, 109, 101, IS. 14, 16, 1?, 17, 18. Ciaci it Cot aT.?Nos. 41, 49. 43 6. a, 41, 47 , 48, 30, 6t, 'Ml. 60, 69 , 66, 66 . 67, 19, 13. CoMMov Pi.cxl-?Part 1.-?Nos. 141, 33,07, 113,190, 163. ? Part 9.?No*. 16, 30, 3-4, 40, 60, 70, 78, 98, 109, 116. Wcstciicstku, N. V. ? OEN'1'8 : Will j ou accept the tribute of a grateful purent lor the relief your admirable essence of llureiiourul Candy has produced tliiougli the wbole of my klv family? 1 first got the pleurisy, my self, and was at the point of a premature death ; my wife v. as seired with a pulmonic cough w bile mining; our baby got the whooping cough, and mv eldest boy, lOyeais otHge. had the measles. All w ere [ui.i low , an I hope had forsaken no until 1 read the merits of youi Candy. I cannot ex. press my surprise at the rapid change that ensued. In a tew devs our family doctor pronounced us out of danger; every hour brought fresh comfort to our house; w e are all thank CJod, rapidly getting around, and^iny w ile who had bn-iiilhe,victim of long confinement, now blesses the name ofPeaae. Vou may make this as public as may he needful for your-purposes. I am, gents, your obedient, '?? *1 (IfENkr J. BROWNLOW. To Messrs. J. IVaso )k Hon, 46 I)i\ ision street. Agents?Redding. H State street, Boston ; Raw Is, 47 State street, Albany ; Zieber. Philadelphia ;*J. Robinson. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; Jobson, ,,ii St.'Charles street. New Orleans; Haldeman, Louisville, Kv., Adams 4t Blunt, liuntsyille, Ala. (iO- " ORDER IS HEAVEN'S FIRST LAW," and it is impossible for order to be kept in church, if persons (w ho have been so unfortunate as to catch cold during the late disagreeable weather) are constantly coughing in church. To prevent this, tbev should take oue or tw o of Sherman's Cough Loreugex, which will add not only to their ow ii comfort, but to the comfort of those w ho go to hoar the rermon. Oltiee 106 Nnssau street. Agents. Redding, Boston; Burgess, Philadelphia; Heed, Baltimore; Fraak Tay lor, Washington City. Op-AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The energy and liboralitv displayed in the management of this immense establishment, justly entitles it to the overwhelming patronage it is receiving. No similar establishment in America produces one fifth part of the valuable novelties found here; and in point of neatness and good order we doubt whether it has its equal in Europe. The most fashionable and intelligent portion of community attend here, and are delighted w ith the talented anil diversifib I por. lormances, and the endless variety of curiosities found here. Wine hell, the coinic drollerist, is unrivalled, ami as a Yankee delineu'>r he hits no superior. For detail ol other attractions see the ud. ertiieruent. It presents a rare treat fi r 36 rents'. City Despatch Post, Id William Stskkt. I'stsciriL Orricc.?Letters deposited before half-past 9, hnlf-past I'd. arid half-past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and t o'clock. Bkaxch Offices.?Letters deposited before 7, 11, and 3 o'cioek, will be scut out for delivery at 9, 1, aud 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OHK1U, Agent. MONEY MARKET, Saturday, May 7?0 P. HI. The Stock market has undergone a little reaction to-dayand prices have gone down generally, with the exception of New York Stale 6 per cents., redeemable in 1863, which have improved 1 percent ; Illinois 6"s declined J ; Indiana 6's, j ; Delaw are it Hudson, j ; Long Island, J ; Harlem,V, Mohawk Railroad fell 3 per cent. Sales of bills on Phila delphia, I ; New Orleans, 7 ; Charleston, IV, United States Treasury Notes, J discount. 61.000 dollars in specie arrived at New Orleans on the 27th ult. from Mexico. It will be remembered that some time ago a number of broken banks in different parts of the country were resuscitated by speculators,for the purpose of getting out a large circulation and then stopping. Among others the Citizens' llank of Augusta, Mr., was got up by a tin pedlar, named Snow, aud some others of this city ; as soon however as the facts became known,the bank commissioners of Maine promptly wound .up the concern. The receiver of the bank lias now advertised for sale the notes of the parties concerned in starting the bank, ns follows : Iirawrr. Kndorter. Vuc. Amount. J. S. Brown A. (J. Brown Nov. 1835 530 Geo. C. Knight O. C. Knight .Tunc 1811 6,?30 Do do do do July 1841 5,230 Aaron R. Snow St Co. do do Aug. 1811 6,230 Gro. C. Knight C. D. Birdseye Sept. 1R11 G.Z'o These notes furnished the means by which a control of the bank was purchased. They are to he sold June 16 1842, at Augusta. Similar operations, with the same object in view, ore now going on in regard to other hanks in this neighborhood, a history of which we are preparing. The operations in regard to the Red Dog banks of this State require some explanation. The policy of allowing any part of the assets pledged with the Comptroller to be retired by a return of notes, operates manifestly to the in jury of the remaining bill holders. We will stnte a case, thai of the St. Lawience Bank. This concern at its last leturn was situated as follows : Stock and real estate notes issued, 77,370 Secured by homlsand mortgages, 43,173 Arkansas State Stocks, 1801, 34,0IK) Illinois 6 per cents, 23,(MM) 112,173 Stock notes 32,136 Arkansas slock* 38.IHW The present condition of the bank is stated as follows: Stork and real rstatr note*, 31,000 Bond* and mortgages, 22,107 Arkansas slocks, 0.000 Illinois 6 per cents, 13,000 ' , 46,197 Stock nnti s out 32,110 Arkansas stock* 38,000 lly this it appears that a large amount of mortgages, have been withdrawn by the return of notes ; of course the best mortgages have been taken and the most worthless remain. The following is a description of the mortgages that remain,with the estimated value, by a person acquaint with the property. Securities Remaimno with the Comptroller ox accou.xt of the Real Kstate Notes or the St. Lawrence Ban*. _ Mortgagers. Amount. Value. W. Bacon, P.agle Tavern and 2 lot* 2,000 1.300 J. Marsh, 117 arret Louisville lots 1,099 119 W.Noble, 120 " Canton 1,000 710 J. Gilbert, ,'s lot block No. I, O^drnsburk'li 1,686 1113 I'hos. Baron, 1 lots No. fi, " 700 310 (Jen. Arnold, 12 acres, Oswego 662 062 Tlios. Craig, 110 " Lisbon 1,121 till Tims. Clark, 162 lots 1.000 133 J. Ogden, 317 arret, farm, Madeira 1,000 2,10(1 John Polly, 18 " Nassau 1,000 T.'ifl John Racket, 100 " " 1,400 937 Ira Racket, 100 " " 1,000 "Hi Wm. Russrl, 100 " Depeystsr S00 000 Joho Bacon, saw mill, lie. 2,121 1,062 $22,197 $12,13(1 If we now take the market value of the stocks pledged for the real estate notes we arrive at the value of the notes remaining outstanding, as follows: ? Notes now outstanding $31,000 Value. Secured by mortgages a* above, 12,430 Arkansas stock, 9.000, 2,700 Illinois " 11,000 , 3.06U $18,130 The conclusion, then, is that of a wliole.amount ol|$77,379 originally issued, $ 16.o00 havo.becn redeemed at par, and that the remaining $31,000 are worth but 60 cents on the dollar, in consequence of allowing mortgages to be taken out by billholdcrs. We apprehend that the whole should have been realised, ami all the bills have been paid pro rata. This state of things may grow out of the fact that the law authorises the withdrawal of securities by the return of the notes. The law considers all the securities receive I by the Comptroller in pledge, of equal value, which is not the case. The New York 7 per cent stock, it appears, is rapidly filling up at Albany. This speaks volumes for the improved credit of the State, in consequence of cutting off further loans, and laying a State tax. The State 0 per cent stocks were in demamkto-day, at .90, at w hich rate the 7 per cent should command S pet cent premium. This augurs well for the State credit; hilt ill for the stato of commerce. When goods and produce are so exceedingly low, it is reasonable to supjiose that mercantile speculations, if they commanded the confidence of the community, might yield a more profitable return than even 7 per cent government stocks. The credit of the State of NewYork is undoubtedly superior to that of the fpderal go vernment, and consequently the stocks of the latter meet with no bids. Tlie organ of Lord Ashhurton contradicts" the absurd rumors that he is concerned in bids for the newloan. That print knows full wall that his Lordship's in direct propositions mve wen uniy in common Willi those of ihc otlier European liou?e?, on condition that something shall be done towards improving the vast amount of de- j preoiated Stale stocks which they hoi I. If these conditions are complied with, the loan|will be taken with the consent of the dictators, if not, every obstacle will be thrown in its way. They only course for the governmeut to preserve its credit and sell' respect, under those circumstances, is to reduce its expenditures, increase its revenue by legitimate merm?, and by recalling the pro- 1 coeds of the public lands, and pledging them for the re- ' demptionof the debt, place its credit far above the in- ' trigues of stockjobbers, w hcthcr titled or otherwise. Sole* at the Rtock Euhange, 5000 Treasury Notes HO1* 25 Manhattan Oss to SI i loot) N Yi;'s,19S2 'SI 5 I'tirs 4i Sehenectsily IHC1, j siiOO tlliaois Bunds 17*a 25 ( vnton ?;j0 231, 1000 do 1,60 1)1 25 Mohawk HK nu t'j I 21100 do 17'., 50 do boo 40 1 3ISXI do bOO l?J? 50 do nw 47j 0000 do 17 100 Harb in RH s!5 I0S. j S000 do slO 17 100 do bOO IIS IIIOO Indiana Bonds ?<* m do lu~, | WIOO ?to bCO 2tl?i 110 do bJ tl S 50 M*"bn'lan B ink ?i 2iu do II ! 10 Bsnk of C om, full at I5u do s!5 II d5 Del fc Hudaon too ?jc, :?0 Long Man J Rll 50*( J? T' ?2 M}, lou do iinv 50j, } ! " sio MS .50 do 50?? ? 'j" W 50 do 50,S ; i? "h*4 50 PateMon RR bGO i| ? Ws ,'io tlo yoj ji 15 do .10 90S 20 do iis. ,50 do MS 100 do bCO 51C "ti .. .. 70 Rtoninston RR in 50 Farmrra Loan Sod 15 15 ,|? ^ }jj Seeond Board, 2 Illinois Bonds s3 17 100 do ,IW 50 Canton fflV loo do JiO 50 llsilein IIHi 20 Htnninytnn IS Male of Trssde. The .lews from abroad seems to have induced n better feeling generally in exportable articles of produce ; cotton par icularly is more firm. The sales ol the w eek amount to MM bale* : I'pland and Florida, at 6j a <? cents Mobile at j] a I'M ; New Orleans at 5} a III} cents. In Ashes, Puts from the interior come forw ard very freely, he receipts exceeding the demand, w Ivich is. howevei' Mi-, with sale, of 500,. Outbid* li>. export at $4 SO. ?i?? fui ,m r prnv. Atxmt 100 bbls pearl- hme chang'vl hands at w Ji>, below ? liicli they cannot bo obtained. Beeswax ?bales ol 3)00 IN. prime Southern Yellow at 30J a 31 cents, cash ; ami 10 hale* Cuba White for export, 10 cents, catli, short price. Coal?There huvc been sale* ol 100 tons Scotch, at So S7J ; 70 <lo Liverpool Oriel, S7, both rath; lOOdo. "f>7 62V. 4 months; 100 do, and CO Can nel, oil terms not made public. Colfoo?The market is dull, the tra le hut ing merely to supply- immediate w ants. Naval Stores?Of Turpentine, 6 a si>o bbls base been taken at former rates. Spirits Turpentine : sales of 2 a 300 bbls have been made at 30 a 32 cents. Oils?Favorable advices from England have induced more firmness on the part ol holders ol Linseed, an.hum ud\atice of 3 a 5 cents [>er (fallen is now demanded, which was in one or two instances realized y esterday, 2 ri 3000 gallons English, part to arrive, l>oing sold for rash. 10 pines M alagu Olive w ere taken for export at 70 cents, ti months, short priep. Sperms remain v ery dull. Corn Truile. lysiner last Saturday there has been move activity in this tlour market, and prices'have improved in consequence. Sales of Michigantliav e taken place atif6,12J a ; lanul $6,25 ; Georgetown $6,25 a $0.37 ,lOhi<> via New Orlcaus, $6,93 a Stl.OO. Wheat sells at SI,20 a' $1,22, and Jersey Corn at 65 cm* a bushel. We eontinue to hear favorable news of the growing crops throughout the country. The Sangamo, Illinois, Journal, published at the capital of the State, says that the growing crop of whent in tiiut State is twice as large 'hi* season as it w as last, and w e doubt not that such is the fa -t. llilhe.to corn has been the main cri p of the farmers of central and southern Illinois ; but having vent large quantities of this grain to New York and oilier distant markets, and sold it at from 50 to 60 rents a bushel, they find it a less profitable crop than w heat. To transport a bushel of corn to any of the navigable streams, and the freight thence to New Orleans and the city of New York will cost at lea-t a cent a pound, or the w hole of the fiftv-six cents obtained for the corn, llenee the corn grow or'get* nothing for the expeuseof producing hit crop- A bushel of wheat can be ranspoiled to the same market us cheap as a bushel of Corn, and as the former sell-, a' $ 1,12V, it will leave the w heat grower 66 cents m tt procee Is from the side of his crop. A letter from a gentleman residing on the Ohio river,, states that the Canadians are making groat exertions to command and control the wheat and rtnur market this year in the West. They are placing silver and gold in every place where there is a likelihood of securing wheat and flour, anil paying high commissions to buyers, and throwing their handbills in every direction, offering specie in payment. They prefer engaging the millers in their interest by either purchasing their dour, or furnishing tliern w ith any amount of money to buy vv heat, und pay the miller so much a barrel for the Hour he makes, orso much a barrel for all he grinds, the flour being Canadian, and to facilitate this they have established a connexion of boats through to Pittsburgh, and will buy wheat or flour. One went up the other day to buy dour in Pittsburgh. TheCla/.ette of Michigan City, of Saturdav says, there is now in store at that place 69,000 bushels of corn; 84,000 bushels of w heat, anil 4,200 barrels dour. Thus, it w ill be seen, that there are 153,000 bushels corn and w heat,which would load 22 vessels, allowing each vessel to carry 7000 bushels; and there are 13,060 barrels bulk, which would load eight v essels, allowing to each v essel 1500 barrels. To takeotf this produce now in store, it would require a deet of thirty sail, or it would giv e employ nicnt to five vessels for the season. Knrrign Mai'ltrts. Matanzas, April 26.?The F.l Destine sugars are now reduced to about 50 hhds., the crop being only 200 hints; the KD. very few left; the l'aneheto and Victoria are200 hhds. short; good and prime snirars arc v rrv scarce; coder. prime, not to be had. Our market well supplied with rice, and selling at very low prices. Kxchango improving. Philadelphia ('attie Market. Beeves?776 head offered, and 675 distjoso.l of at $5 26 n $0 75 per 100 lbs, including 360 for the New York market. Cows and calves?v'30 w ere brought in and mostly sold at $8ulfi for dry cows; $15a2'2 for springers; ?r_"2 and $36 for milch cow s. Hogs?600 were offered, and 360 sold ut $3 76 a $t 75 per lOOllis. Sheep?1900 were offered, 1200 sold at $lu3 75 each. Married, At Cold Spring, on Thursday evening, 5th inst., hy the Rev. Mr. William, U. II. Bartol to Miss EinU J., daugh tor of Dr. Welch man. Died, Ou Friday, 6th inst., of consumption, Richard Sadie, in the '29th year of hi-, age. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his brother F.dward J. Same, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral on Sunday afternoon, 8th instant, at 4 o'clock, from the City Hospital. Suddenly, on Saturdav afternoon, John Alfred, son of Henry and Mar) E. Adrianee, in the 6th year of his age. The friends of the family arc invited to attend the funeral on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from No. 198 Fulton street. On Friday,6th inst., of apoplexy, Benjamin R. Nichols, eldest son of Charles Nichols, of Philadelphia. Thefriendl and acquaintances of Mr. Samuel Waldf.t, brush maker, deceased, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at -2 o'clock, from No. 75 Gocrck street. Latest Advices NBCK1VKT) AT THIt NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Afiics Feb. 15 Macao Jan. 17 AusCayna Ap:il 6 Madras Man-It 20 Antigua March 12 Manilla Jan. 3 Bombay March 1 Montevideo Feb. 22 Bitstin Nov. 26 Maranhaui March 2 Bermuda April 23 Matanzna April 23 Bonaire April 9 Mavaguez April la Buenos Ayrua Feb. !> Maraeaihn April 5 Btl.i.i March 1 Matatnora, April 17 Belize. Haud. March 31 Neuvilas Feb. 4 Barbiuoos March 3 Nassau, N. P. April 16 Bogota Dec. 10 Oaliu, S. I. Dec. 2" Berbicr Fab. 20 Paris April 17 Cape Haytiau April 6 Port au Prince April 2 Curacoa March 5 Pouce, P. R. April 10 Cienfuego* March 21 Para .March In Cnrtliagc-na Jan. 21 Pernsmbuco March 21 Caraccas March23 Panama- Feb. 2o Chagret July 1 Rio tie Janeiro Match 25 Callao Jau. 22 Singapore Dec. 20 Calcutta Feb. 10 Sydney, N. S. W. Aug. II Denurara March 9 St. Helena March 20 Favai April C St. Thomas Aptil It; Gibraltar Feb. 2 St. Uarts Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jago de Cuba* April 15 Guayaina, P. R. April II! St. Johns, P. 1L April 12 Oonaivea April 10 St. Croiz April 12 Galveston April 13 St. Martha Feb. 27 Havra Apiil 16 St. John, N. B. April 27 Havana April 23 Surinam March II llalifaz May 3 Tampion March 27 Jcreinia March 22 Tabasco Feb. 25 Jacmel April I Turks I.land April 6 Kingston, Ja. April 9 Trinidad de Cuba- April 14 London April 10 Vera Cruz April 14 Liverpool April 13 Valparaiso Feb. 6 La Guayra April 3 Yucatan April 5 Lima Feb. 4 Zanzibar Dec. 19 PaH*eiiK?-rN Arrived. Havana?Bark Louisa, at Plulad. Iphia?Miss Ellen Fleming, Miss Johanna Fleming, of NVork. Foreign Importation*. St. < noil?Brig Porpoise?125 lihds sugar Aytnar Si co?15 do Alaop V Chsuticey. Poll To Cameii.o?Schr John Drew?i OA bags coffee fi Whittaker?109 Ilowland 5, co?533 M ait I and Ik co?200 Ayinnr 5c co ?19 do S.I02 J Harper?1 leu 5 too. logwood to master. Havana?Brig Echo?305ck.i nudasse- Hogan 5c Milu. Ilome?tlr Importation*. Nr.w Orlf ins?Brig Delia?750 pigs lead 2 00 sacks wheat Seymour 5c co?36 tcs molasses Williams Sc Harriinan?l!l lihds tobacco to rrder. MARITIME IIERALD. Dc[mi*1 arc of thr Admit ir Stcmn< r?. rkum CffULA!fd. from amfrica. Caledonia, Lott May 1C Acadia, Hyrio May 4 June I 0. Western, lioskrn May 21 Jnne 10 Columbia, Jtidkins May 19 Juno 10 Britannia, Hewitt June I July 2 Calcdouia, Lott June 19 July 17 Ac idia, Il> lie July Aug. 1 G. Western, Hosken July 9 Aur. 4 The Belgian steamer British Queen, Capt. Keane will lra\e Antwerp for New York on (1 ? 4th of May, to touch at South* ampton, Knc., on the 7th. %IJnrkrta to Arrive. l'nrketM to Depart. FROM I.IVFRrO'M.. FOR I.fTEKPOOI.. England, Harriett, Aflril 8 Rmro", Hurtlrson, May 9 (; ii ick Bkidd . ipril H hen Whit from portsmouth. FOR portsmof'th. Mediator. Champliti, Mar. 2t Montreal, Tinker, Slay 10 Quebec, He bard, April 10 Gladiator. Britton, May 20 from iiavrf. for HAVkr. Sully. Thompson, April .> Alhauy, Watson, May 0 Iowa. Tell. April 8 Silvie d" Orui'*, May P? To Hi.ip Nailsn* We shall esteem it a favor, if canuin* of riMrU arriving here, will five to lommolore H. S. Martin, of r.ur new* fleet, a report of the shipping left it the port whence they s\il?*d, the reweli spoken on their pa.*.age. a li.t of their cargo, and any foreirn newspaper* the, mavhavi.t oimuodon Martin will iroarcl them immediately on their arrival. Wt- w ill reciprocate the favor in any way. foif Of si \\ YORK, WAY 8, 1849, ra Rtltl 4 59 I moon ribf> 3 2f. tua 7 1 | high wail* 7 40 Cleared. Kbi) Albany, Walton, Havir. Wm. WJiitlork. J Amazon. K'chaid oo^ S w O leans: Hunts* ille, Mnniloro, do, KJw. K. t*oJ 11" a A <" '; Liverpool. Hartley, ApaUchicola, Tavh?i h Merrill; f'owhati-n, M irih>*It. Baltimore, dodo: t itharine. Berry. i larlestoi Get tkill I Cm B i I 1 r ?1 wood.*?Brifia Majestic, f'haae, M m hi.??. J. 11. ntevarm; Washjpgtoi 1 i ' B idaer It I .? s . 1| Smith I dodo; iJaheiton, B rr, G dw ston. oo d<> Lime Kork, kale*, New Orleans, John Klwell; Isabella. McKee, St. 1 roi*. Al op Hl Chuuticey: Opciwn;" Mvon. Pic ton, Smith tk l)o\nt<oi; Laurel. Drinkwater, do, Ncsmith & Leeds; ( hrion. IVttii gill, do. Hekrerfii Perk; Aleemu, Skolfu Id. New Orleans. do <1m.? Sciir. Spy. Sniiit r-, Richmond; Nirhnla* Buiillr, Wilton. Philadelphia: I,. I-Hmrirea, Biker, Baltimore; Milllrent, Coir, do; Pir-rt, B.u-k-1, do; Bertrrn, Lafmin ;te, |'? trr-lnn ? Olmin, Morton. Ncwhnryporr, Bik.r St Peck; R-j cater. Kr u in, Wilmington, N.C.; Alnrnlli Kluta. Atkiim, Portland, Ko.tcr i Ni k-r tat ( naitahoocW?. Dwr. Bottoa, jk> dot Lrtnti Hopkin?. do. (In do; Cotn| litnrr, S- .irrow, do; Kri. nd, I, orll, do; Jimr. Krinrit, Paine, do. II. tndcrwood; Shy lock, H ill, Hinjnr, B. I*. Buck; St. lairiek. (Br) L,c Blanc, Mirnnichi, T. Winnietf. Arrived. nr>K Porroitc, Jordan, 13 daya from St. ( rni?, WE. with ?ii;ii. to AUop Si < o. I- It aliip Kmily, of N York, for Chn ?ton. III tiny*; brie B-nj imin. f i in Turk l.loi.l, for New Yi r't, soon. At Baaa End, Ilotilton, from NYork.diag. Bark Heel*, for NYork, aailrd day In-lor*. Bin Echo, Mcaaer, 12 daya fiont Havana, with inolaatea, to muter. . _ Brlk Patriot. Ain??, II dayt from Porto Rico, with aiigar.Stc, to M?oti Ik Thorn peon. But! Delia, Parknr. lu dayt fr in New Orlcana, with wheat, to Ncamith St Leedn. Schr John U.cw, Allien, 20 days from Porto I lie llo, with epffce, to O. Whittakrr. S liHI in m. with arhr Emily K.llicott, lor Baltimore. Lrftidirl' 'tit. Warrington, for Baltimore, toon, the only American. Helir Citizen, Tarr, 10 day* from Ottayanilla. P. R., with ?tisar, to in inter. Seer Mary Jane, McMath, from No folk, with mdat, lo Starlt>? St C Irarinari Sehr Splendid, Conklin, from til:* wreck of the .hp I, >nia rWMpp*. I .J-LJ ??e lie low. I Quo ship, olio hurk, two hri,;-?. lit-iiunl KrrortU fr.htia> Letter Orricr. ? L*?tT?r biti for Liverpool I fl%?r? will cIoao at Gilpin^, in ih" Ex :Han(f, to-morn m >riling. H'half men* A letter from Oapt. Ltimbert, of the America of Wareha r-iortv March 20,'Lau inline. Mattaroiset;, 280 bbU; Troy, B t*?], no oil, hat not seen a whaled'or G mouth**; April 4, Slat p-'isetf, Mattajtoise tt, 360; Elizabeth, WwijMirt. 270; Pijh'ii ?rt, jfftti; M. xico, \V? 0; Emnn.NB.tiMi; E> t Bri tol, no oil; Emigrant, do, ICO; Bruin-tie, Kd mouth, 200 ; 9 Richard Henry, Slattaponu tt, 90; Tht ophihu v.'hake, We nort, 100; Pop m u line t, dippicau, no oil; Sea Bird, Newport. Warwick. Buck<|x>it, no oil. Spoken. QJohn (?. ro?ter, from Liveipool for NOrleant, no dale, the Western Island*. Vftf Middlesex, (supposed) from NOrlruib for Boston, April 00 miles nth of Cape ll ?t(er>u. 'iKltutle Island, from NVork lor Savannah, May 2, 1 u 39 Ion 71. Eliza II oid, from Pittuon for Philadelphia, May 3, Monti NE. 20 mile*. Queen, from Providence for Baltimore, Montauk NE. miles. **Ba.loiv, from St. John, NF. for Madeira, March 31, kit loo 19. New Ku I md, fn in Providence f?.r Matantn. iio dim, lat "J.). Ion 71 G. Rouble, from Hit via for T?i"?le, April 23. lat 33 IS, I 7.i 20. J. H. Shepherd, 9 days f.otn New York for New Orleaju, 29 ?. I *n 68. Teaier, March 2?. off 0. H. Shot Keys. Foreign Porta. Lokdoh, April 19? Nile, for 11 j*ton, Id*; Iialifa*, N York.d Sw itzr i laud, do do. Off Cap; Clear, Ap il 11?Shakipeare, fiotn New York 1 Liverpool. Li .w vm ro, NS. Apiil 29?Arr Princes* Aut.n ti, from York. rnhetl HI at r a Porta. Portland, Mav 9?Sid American, Trinidad; Henry, Poi Rico. Arr ith, Escort, (' dais for New Voik. In Ho* Isla R C. / j-hyr, Thoin iston for NYork. B'ts'iori. May 0?Ao Tiiii. Philadelphia: Rocket, ('ard? i. P.?t too, 11 .It M.' ; Oil . 1 *,,.111. I. i.i.. \ olt lire, NYork; M. H ile, do; Koin v, do; Edwin. Mobile; Marion, llichitipu Iowa. Krech-rirkslmrx; Vintage, Albany. Signal lor ab.ig, Chi S . ..i, ICv iin; Viola, St. Thoinis and a nikl; Cuwjm Mobil- ;(C imill.i, St. Mailt ; Ella, Philad dnhia. New Bedford. m .> j?Arr Medium, Baltimore. Providkm i:, >1 a\ y? Arr Mary, Baltimore; Amity, Tin Thorn, and Rieiizi, N York Sid Cad; t, Miitnnza*. Hartford, Mav b?An Meichaul, Despatch, and Richard P.rl.. VW.-I /M.I /..I. -l Philadelphia. May 7?Arr Lottia, Havana; DGaw ir- . B< ton; Hadim, Bordeaux; Paci.'c Poncr; Ville <!i Napoli. N? York: Bourn#*, do; Kobi Wain. B ? ton; S- Iph, Boston; L'O ent, Buigor; Augutt-i, Nantucket; James BattMv.tr, Provident' Montror, New Bedford; Janio- Madison, ILidgepnrt; VVav Boston; Sophia. Nevis, N'S; Eliza Hand, Pitt;ton; I* auho New buryt ort; Elizabeth. Hah-m; Zou* , N'York. CM I !zai I Ha* iiu; L'udine, Junes Riv r;Jime?. Halifax; B ilkait, Hmg< Cottage, do; Meridian, Boston; Choctaw, do; Lo?e( Cambridg Mav.. Alexandria, May I?Shi Favorite, DnnararJ. Richmond. May I?CM H??P|?et, Rotterdam. Norfolk, May >?Arr Ru si? NYorlt; J. W. Kempton, d Mary Rogers, Boston. CM ("atharin \ J'iiuiicjt; Angola, Gi rdt:\i. Arr 1th, President, Providence: lloiw, NYork. Sid J* Lawrence, Martinique. Arr 3d, Empire, Nrw York; E. Pctt son, do. Wilmincjton, NC. April 29?Arr Tioga, NYork. CM M t, Haiiv*", Yarmouth; H-leu Gray, St. Jago; Nancy Jam , C rico.t; Hudson, Pio* hhtict*; O* ?ge, Boston; Warren, NYor Tioua. do; Grampus, Portland; Couur s*. Ni w London. Cnaklkston, May 4?Arr Fairlii-ld. Bath, Mr. Sid L- v?i Havre; Calhoun, N\ork; Loo Cbrisii, (Belgian) North of K mo ; Solus, (Br) LiverjKiol; lit-nri-tta, (Lulu <) Hamhuig. Savannah. May 3?d Id Newark, a \ ork. Below, a Briti brig front Dema; i ?. Nloitii f , April 29?CM Mary, Liwrpo.d; Deucalion, d ('lu ster, Boston. Nkw Orleans, April 28?CM John Baring, Li\t ipo- I; Lei do; Ht-ro of Acre, do; France, Marseille*.; Claris a Audrey Malaga; Edw. Thoriu,l Glasgow ; Oconee*. H tlliuioo ; Fi on P. Beck, do, Peru, New Y.nk; ll-iuy Cla.. Luiim; VL'ilii Onion; Havana, New London; Advocate, do. ArrSu an Pr Piill idt'lpliit; Suwarrow, Boston; Dolphin, Havana; VV.ti Witch, Mat a moras; Doric, Tampieo. In the river, coining Rappahannock, from Liverpool; Havana, at Slaughter Hon Point. PGR TUGUESB FK M A I J2 PI LLS. rPH E8E far-famed and celcbrat* d Pills, from Portugal, aj A we perci tve, to he obtained in this country. Sec auV' rti meat "ii the last column of fourth page. ft llm*i CHINA GLASS AND K \RTIIKNU VIIK. I A ' llnuvi?French Porcelain Dinner Services, ll.i pieces, $2j White Granite. do do 112 do 13 Fix i. h,oi Eaflith Porcelain Tt Bets SI do i Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, .per dozen. I l)o do Granite, bine or white, do 1 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 Do <1? Granite, blue or w hite, do 1 Tea Cups and Saucers, (24 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 Egg: Cups, do do Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 Do Tumblers, do do 2 Lemon ides, handled, do 2 Table Cutlery. of the finest disruptions, in sets or dozens, the low price of ?12 the set. Just opened, a handsome assn ment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON N. B.?*Ageut for the sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, for t re lie i of at tfiieii. mfi Im * c MR PETER AUGUST VON ah HF.n. mid of the li Rev. Dr. Von As civil who left his native place, the ci of Bremen, in Germany. about ten years ago, w ill please in.aj known his residence to the undersigned, of whom he will lea Munching highly t<> his advantage, infllw'c BECHTEL kDKKGEH, .'M B ?*. N1BLO it DUNLAP feel grateful for the padMiia^e stowed llL>on lilt ill since npeniug tlu ir Sen! Store and C< sei vatory. and trust from the quality of the articles furuislu and attention to business, to give general satisfaction?3 Broadway. m8 lw *c V/fEDICINE CHESTJ^Thc subscriber* have just receivi a fresh supply of Medicine Chests, of new and clegn patterns, fitted with medicines for shipi, pUntatioils, and far ties, and accompanied with directions for use, md secure packed for travelling or exjHirtation. RU8HTON fk ASPINWALL. uafl 'ft#c W> William st. lit) Broadway and It) Astor Hou O AD(\ OUNCES Sulphate Quinine, for sale at mauuf; OiVvU turer's prices, hy RCSHTON k A8PINWALL, 80 Willi iro st Also, j uat receis ed a fre*h supply of Miner d Waters, fn tlv Pavilion, Sodine and C??ngr?*ss springs ut Saratoga, and t White Sulphur Bprtngi m Virginia. m83t*< IRON BOOK 9AFEB, STONE\ < HE8TS kc.--A ac v assortment of Iron Safes, kc. of different makers, for sale piices corresponding with qu .lit> , at the Iron f-lvst VVarehoi of SILAS C. HERRING, at 133 Water streel N. B. Wildei's Salamander H it'. , decidedly the best iiow u*c, cannot he had at any other place in the cifv. in8 2w to 1mportf.us and watch.m.VKKfts okn i RALLY.?Gold and silver Dials manufactured by Alb Aeschimaw, jn a suiierior style to any in the United States, a at reduced price*, ('lease give him a call at 187 Broadway. in8 2weoa^cg PTkmJ and A partner wanted. \X opportunity is now presented for making a more profi hie and sale investment of the above amount, than ni a^ain he met with, i:? years to cotne, either by way of t con tional loan, or a copartnership, which, with an active husim man, would he preferred. The advantage* which the w riter is here prepare ! to off, are such, that he feel* assured of efl'rcling a negotiation wi tlv first acceptable applicant ; he, therefore, rw.iu?*?ls that no will apply, except those who are jnepared w ith the cash in hat (if* suited) to close the negotiation betw?*en tlii? and the 1 inst. Letters left at this office, or at 4J Little Jones street, I (ireiieu lO llie can* ui i . ."V. l.. -ip," outing a rny luirn lew , \\ l>e promptly attended to. m8 2ti**c 117 1NTED?By i rrinrcubli young nomio, just arris fro i Wales, and w ho w ill produce ample testimonials iitu ition u rhimb rauid i r nurse, in n lei in' i ibli inent. Anpli iti ih will plea be made 1>> note addressed L. A. o tin? ?'!>' '. _ nt:i tt I fllA tK AND POUDIIKTTK" inanuftctured by tSir L< v' Manufacturing Company. warranted a f'irsr rate article, t'i from all adultcrafuHi, and mor. than fifty per r< nt belli i tli any like article* manufactured here. For axle ;:t flu* office of t com pan*/. No. 13 Liberty street, New York, opposite to t Midule Dutch Church. mfi tit < I) emov m. i oiisun^ frem ii k \ vfekh \ IV IIOt'SK OK Itefkfcshmen T.?This pi.. ' vM tainment, uuc.|uallc*l for cheapness, rl, auiinets and comtn will be oju*ricu on Monday. Mn 9, in a very superior a splendid style. The proprietor itau L*oi?e to great ?*\ptnr? fitting u;? bo?? wtablishmctit in a manner, In hopes, will Ik* t is factory to lii? numerous customer* nd tin public gem ml In consequence of the great iucrea*v of hi* customer:, and l limitted *pae?-he had in Fulton street, lie ha* leased tin* >jj riou< and commodious building 8c Go N*?snu strr between John street and Maiden Lane, where he can acco tnodate, at one time, 280 lursoiis. Returns hi< siiiyer#* and grateful think* for rh cn uira; inent he haa received, and trusts by strict attention to merit coiitinu nice. ml M * r M (,1 >8L1 NO \ D V MH v ( n B( >81 ON NEW \ ORK ind PHIL DELPHI A l)iil> Package Express, for the transmission B >*< ^ l> i1 . Bundle . !i ink N< S|* ii li Particular and prompt attention will at all timer be paid to t collecting aud paving Bills Drafts, kc. Order* for goods to be conveyed by "Adam* k Co." Etpri delivered without fliirje. Large iifiekiffci will be called for if notice be left at fit* olfii A.ADAMS, >p WAI. B. DliVhMORK, S ''rl"'orv OfTire*?Adam* k Co., No. !i f i urt street, Boston. " I. B. Tvler, Agent. Woro *t?*r. F. \\ . Treadway, Azent, 18 8hr tucket iL Norwir " Adam* k Co.. No. 7 Wall street, New \ ork. " Oris wold k Co., Agent*, corner 3d and Dock sfree Philadelphia. m7 Iwi HOARD I NO -A ( I ct boarder* will n I i . teel and r? ?pectable fainil>. Apply at No. 204 Fulton sr. ?n< lwisr .1 \>. c ar h ollas ou) established medk 1ted \ APi>b baths, 25 courtlandt stree'i rI,HE8E BATHS have been in operation seventeen ye * ? .*.nd the cures effected by them lu established tin ir char, ler aa th? moat jKiwerful auxiliaiy in medical practice. A I* of rlie specific effeeLa of the Mi moated V?i?or li itha arr ?to move tl?*- effect* of iii-m .tir> from the *ysl? in. jreliev? difficul of br?* ol.itiand heri-e cure asthma and oth r di e t*c . of t eh *t and lungs, to pnunoie the abaorption of drnpsic il hum?? to cure rheumatism ind gout in 11 it* forms iu )<** tim<* th any other *gci:t hith**ito used ; iho colds, lumliigo. er> siiie). salt rbium. nd scrofulous eru.thms, k". It besicb , r li exhaustion ?ud fatigm , ruisc% th* si irits. tran inihr -s nerv.i irritation, cle ira the nnph xion, anu renders tri?* akin *>>ft e licauuful. The Bttlis so* open from si* o'clock in the uicriii till nine at night. Sulphur baths reauire one hour'* noli.?. Portable baths, hip bat!ui, and batbiug tub*, seut to any i art the city or Brooklyn. mTIti \ KA lt K. ( HAN < K I -fV ( RO< KKHY STOKE, m wly fitted up, with i new ? fashb. I. .Id. ,to.-k ..f I I.. IK ss. tli.t ksrll..r.u.? ... I ^ in Hold on ndvnnt term*, to n good ru*tnmer. Then- i* a dw. Ihnz. suitable for? family, attached to t atore. R? lit low, ami poise anion immcdiatelv. For further pitrtirul ir-% < n',ui. # at thi? i (Tin . m7 2t * '['Hi < OPAR N! RHIUI I firm of I. J A' (IBS 6c ( O., in thin day tiiiioivrd b> n tual rotuw lit. ISA At JACOBS, MOUKIS SOLOMON I. Ja?' lis i? 1I111> authorised to ?*? ttle up tin affair* of the i? firm. Nrw York. May j, 1312. _______________ m7 3t r HKNilT I \ V KS t OUKAI BRITAIN ... i IK I > n IV ? Parnoiu wi?hiu 4 to remit inonr> l<? n> i art of Ku I o Irrbiiil, Scolh.utl or Wild, < an lie fiiiiiithed with d. .fi. I Jtl, i.2, X.J. L'j, 1 IU. VcO, or any ann uo*, payable oil d*inai iu any i<art of the United Kin. l no, by pi. nr.' t W. Sl J T. TAPSCOTT, n?7 I t Pi rk -lip, cor. ' with at. AHPHAtTr.Vl Pawm, April I?. Iff 12. UTK hoe appointed Mr. JOHN LOVVlTZ our sole lor ill. I iiit.il St:,I. ?. for tin-? ij'n"t A.|.li .l?urn AI <?. BABON KAI <?. ( (). froprii lor. of the Mioer, Val tin Triv. . Mr. Jolin Lowiu will coii?t.nil!v Inn on liainl. tlir aim. mentioned A'jihillnm, (I V,. Wall aired. _ m7 lt*o I) LEAS ANT l . \ I 1 BfclO r \ . I llnbokm, .nil a uroll .I. '.;; in romantic ill .re?, r.nin now fill to yicl.l rnti.'h <rll?l'wli?B to the l<tmirirn of ;l lieantiii of nature, ,nd to tlio..- who may rc mire, aft, r tpoii iwnt iti> for tin winter in a ( "?, ,! <"i?v. fn?h nr. Mid ion i.Untion. Tli- i il< tune k" ?n,l? of thu l.n.ly , . r, (Hoally thrown or, ii I tlw public. ?n- raw r h, il in all |l Imnriwni friihneM ol an irlv 'ornu-. rhir l , >. ,,.| , onbt i|. in oil mtreraMr r icnr.ion that can lie made at thia teaaoii, al l tin KKMQVKO?AUB'IRIAM ,anu TOM A.NTTTnw LATE, No. 74 (Jiwnwich uriet. tlg, lt. Auction Mult*. HV THOMAS BK1.L. ..j (Slum X#*. 22.i?n and Hi t'ullan ttritf) " MONDAY At I* 11st 10 nY-lock, in t!i" talc loom*. F.xtra S tlf of Ei? gaut Furt?itur??An I?*sr i?it assortment ol 1>1? n?li 1 C ihitu t Furniture, ill made to outer, comprising in rutue stock to clo- - a COiicen. 'I I KSDAY. ... At I0?a oYlorkiu the sil* s room, in , Large Silt . I' Sf o n iM- LVv < ?oo<U, hosiery. London cloths, * . linei and n . . . valuable hosiery, .five trunks, BOMrrUM t j,' cloth iu i v . * lei mil I it v. irticii?, iii.- saliu cafioom, ,^'m muiliiu. lint tut, sheetings, kc. #y. Al* > a number ol articles pledged t*?r one year, ami various ISkfU I ..: 1 i 8ic. I K II. 1.1 ULOW \ \ S81GNF.ES SALK-Vilntble Kt aMKstaie. Mlport Rich" moiul, Stateu Isl iud.? K. 11. M'DIiOW will^ell m aur k, thru, oil 'i hursday, the l'llh of May next, at 12 oVIoi k, at the ou Exch .i: . ir. following property, viz: -foui 1. >t hooting Bi.n.lw ay. a* No*. 21, TJ, 25 .iml27. Also, two jot* : si N lis 1 tifl oni ntg on Broadway, . s No*. v , 58 ml en. Also, foui lota IY< at ,,K nig on Heberton street, as 45f 47, to, ami 50. Also, light lots fronting oil Broadway, a i N???. ?>3, A?, 17, CO, 71, 73. 7? '' and 77. , hi ib n r lot? at 1 >c it. i in .i beautiful situation, In ing right >i' in :'nnt of t'i? b iy, mil 'bout live minutes walk from the l.tud- i iiu-. ami Te w ell situated tor eon . The situation i. x? ? . <!- ' JJ iiigly lealtby, and the neighbor)mod i. all handsomely in?pr<>\- i r;l. There are two or three steamboat* running to and from tie i city, three or four times a day, during tin* whole > e?o. Tic-pis also four denominations of churches in the neighborhood, w ith I l'1' o'siwctable school houses, seminaries, be. i An orj?oiiunity like this is seldom offered to the public. The a tie will he positive. i For further information, apply to Clias. Cartlidge, 103 Water I |0; street, or to E. H. Ludlow, No. II Broad st, when* a niup of i the proper! can be seen. _______ tub 2w ? lot > 1 AII' HA1 ' SAI.K. P? virtue of t 1 ui l< d's w n I ** 1 will expose for sale at public auction on Monday, the'.Hli 1 N. J.iv of M i\ , 1812, at lOoVlock in the forenoon, on tin 9th avenue *nd Thirteenth street, the contents of that old established fur f'.eto.'\,con listing of all the machinery,hoilers, iron hart,fee 1 to nt7 2ieod*r I'. HENRY, Marshal, 112 Fulton *t. |"I pOSTI'ONF.Mr.NT OF ADM IN1ST It A TO US' SAI.K j A OF PLANTS.?Owing to unavoidable cireuir.Mlanees- the , l>; .teat .ale of ( iieeu House rb.nts at H8th stivi t, Third nveliiu. A. fa*been poetpou <i t" Monthly, Mat 9th. when it wiflimii' ?l tivel) mprising about 5000 choice plants,camel i i/.elia, carnation, cactus, lemon, and orange trees; oliaudci. gi Miliums, niarshl) r< se>, itf, being the balance of the large stock belonging to the ? state of Peter Sax, deceased. Should it he i ?Wu'iny, the sale will take place the next lair day. Tin* H uh m " y i,? ? from the corner of rid I street and Bowers, nasi tin? door i r\cry half hour. JOHN B. GLOVER, L. m7 2t* c 213 Pearl street, Auctioueer, r Tlio Great Knee. \n \ I'CTION NOTICE.-WM. O. KENT, 156, Broadway, [ , j. hsa just received a lot of splendid double and single timed, , ; independent second Watches, with twenty-three jew els, impoir, led'-xpr sxly for sporlsincii?all .of which will be sold to the 5 liigh st bidder at auction, previous to the " roiniiig off " of the , ( .*real race between Boston and Fashion, at his sales room, IjG i ; Broadway, (near Maiden lane) where may he lound at all times. ;e, a large ind extensive assortment of the finest Watches, gold utid siver, of all kinds, on which advances have been made. '' lingular sales on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. ' Strangers visiting the city are invited to call and examine. C idi idv tuccs tuade on WYrtehes. Jewelry, and Diamonds, con- !' b- gned. M. HENRY"i Auctioneer, m2 lw*i V vrOTICE TO FURNITURE BUYERS.?WASHING^ j :i ^ T()N MEKKS, No. 315 Broadway, urxt the Hospital, ,, would draw the attention < >t the public that lit* will hi* 11 spleu- j d Cabinet Furniture at 10 per cent, lew thai* the saroi milit) J of w ork i . now .se lling at Ine auction*?consisting of ?, Couches, S'l is, covered in different colored plushc, satins, ind hair cloili, of the latest Soring patterns. dlOGm it. , -i io; f PIIK NORTH and SOUTH meet in the great contest be1 twmi BOSTON and FASHION, for S k>. 'I'l KSDA V nt*t, May 1(1, 1812, the Loin; 1 land Railroad l ls Company, w ill ruu trains from Brooklyn to the Union Cours**, i?t. 1 ocn day-light till the hour of starting the Horses, at I o'clock, w, I', M., at the follow iiitr rates :? t*r From day-light till H o'clock, A.M., I?1, cents. 'p. From 8 to 11, the former inclusive, 25 44 ise From 11 till ui hour of starting, So 44 A quick succession w ill be kept up during the entire forem noon. Returning, the fare will be 25 cent* each. All persons are^ required to obtain ticket* at the offices on re, hoard the several l*err> boats; and returning, at the office near it* die course. No bank notes will be received for one shilling i l'ire?, and no person will take a scat upon the trains, without a ("r ticket. Passengersi are required to remain in their seats while i jin tut in ire in motion; and the pusing to the ton oj the cant ?>r damliug upon the platforms, is most strictly prohibited. ^ The Bone* will not be started nut.I the inrivil of the last | train, aud the passengers have had time to obtain place* upon M tie stand. a PQ l! . >** The usual trains on the extended line of tHr road to Doer '] no Park, in the middle of the day, a* well as all iransiKUtation of j n freight, will be omitted on this day. m6 3t*r J7 FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. BOSTON vf ON I N B A NI > M U'J'< mf.'ron ! posed of the following superior strainers, running in conueche lion with the Stoninglon and Providence, and Boston and Pro- I idence Railroads? 1 |t<> MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. 1 v RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. t lJ. N A RIIAG AN SETT, Captain Woolsey. d MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbilt. r On* of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays exceptel) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Plac*, at five , o'clock. P. M. * )Vm Fare to Boston, ?3 00 Deck passage, $2 2.'i t do. Providence, 2 Ot) do. do. 1 M) f 'J' AsiUfUilMKST. : The NAR11AGAN8ET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and | Fridays, for Stonington. fd The MASSACHUSETTS, oa Tuesdays, Thursday*, and nit Saturdays, for Stouiugton. i?i- Passenger. on the arrival of the steamers at Stoningtoti, ly may take the Railroad Can aud proceed immediately to Provi r donee and Boston, and for the accommodation of* person* travelling between New York and Newport, the steamboat train* ?e. will *top at Wick ford long enough to leave and receive passtn- , 40- ger*. # , Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty pound* or upwards to ( *>m the cubic foot, at $6 50 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 , I,,. cents per foot. i c To Providence, on measure me lit goods .7 cents per cubic . ? foot, and specific articles a* per larif to be obtained at oflice 22 ,,MJ BroMWav. m316m j POMEROY C <>.*S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. ,ud I^l:.. 'iilar Etj it ?<c>vt i t!u Railroad* to and from Albany aud Buffalo, and the intermediate places, for FORWARDING, at low iates. with the utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, Important Papers and Valuable Packages?Will attend j la* to the negotiation, trail ler, collection or payment of Bills of j ]>' Ei' bange, Notes, limits, Acceptances. Accounts, fco., at reu- j s 'liable |?er cenlagi?execute orders for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every dr- | *ciiption, personally, in th** Uwns on their ioute, through . ff. Messrs. HARNDEN k GO'S Ea! KESS ll'' to New York and B'>?ton, and ?; Mcuri. HAWt.KY & CO.'S EXPRKSS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit aud# Chicago and in- . 11 1 bermediate places?forming at once the most direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from the eastern and western cities, for tin* negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchange*, kc. <-d References?Erastu* Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, AYatts j Sherman. A. I). Putchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore ih- Olcott, Albany. I,. A;eucif!.?B? nnrtt, Backus k 11 iwh y Ut?? i; T. A. Smith, , r Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. (?. I Sliephcrdj Canandaigua \ David Ib?yt, Rochester; John Me Krnster, L?ockport ; J. A. < la;k, Uatsvi a : I noma* uN? ui, Buffalo. ^ PONTEROV Sl ('() , i No. i Kirhaner Buildings, Albany. | nil 3 Will itreft, N*w Vork. , \~\ EVENING LINE FOR ILBANY.tdi J v ?*? Ht*!*.- -4* rect at seven oVIoek, l?*av?'fc the Pier between r gf? ,Co irtlandt and Libertv streets. I Th Hu in Ih it SOUTH AMERK \. < ipt. L. W. Brain- ' lid ^rd^leaves Monday, Wednesday ami Friday, at seven o'clock ( TV ROCHESTER, Cipt. A. P. Hf. John, leaves the above J Tier Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday afternoon at seven J >; o'clock. The Rochester and South America are nrw and substantial 1 ' / boats, we'l ntt. : up and furnished with stat* rooms, and for j sj)f? d and accommodation, air not surpassed by an> boat* on tlie river. . For passage or freight, apply to P. Schultf, at the office on r'n* the wharf, or on hoard. n>:<t | I THE STEAMBOAT OSC EOLA, with i flr?rHL.,, ,t|| Km tackle and furniture, will be sold at \ i.... /... Tbuisda; 12th in?taiP, at of h oVIock, at the Merchants'Eichaii'/'-, by F.. II. LI 1)LOW, The said boat: will be sold to the highest bidder, without robe servr, to close an association,, and without any restriction* n* to wlier* slie shall inn. She in in irrfrrt order, having a new boiler, which has not been iis?mI sis months. She lia-? been n< wlv pnintrd throughout and her ? oyiu put in tlir best Older .. and is ready for immediate no. 11? i speed is second to no boat of lier dim ssions in the world. She now lies at the foot of Chamber* street, where ah*1 can be seen any time previous to the sale. ||? , inventors is complete and hi perfect order. Ai?\ information will be given h\ applying to D. RAN,k DOLPII MARTIN', 1 v>. West street, or to VANDKRVOOIIT At HA Y WARD, 29 Pine street. Term* made kn .w n g <-n Um day ?>t wk. m?i w r r. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loui New II. WWJFV York Lin To sneered the Vickshuig.?The fast 'iiing pscki t ship (R Ml LUKE, I a|4.tiii IVet, vs ill hive e oiy despatch. For fr? L'ht or pa^sagi , hiving bands ?ine ? accommodations, apply on b mil. -t Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to E. K. < OLLINS ^ I 0. AC South st. (ireat care will In* taken to hasi the goods by tins line e ireetly trie ? urt d. ^ Agents in New Orleans, Mullen & Woodruff, who will i-I iiiptl> forward all goods to his address. Wi A f . 1 <?R I.I \ ERPOOL N. I KfirJrV fcl^cket of 2Mb May.?Tin -plrudld p icket ship StiU6fc->Hl.lUl)A N, < P i , E. \ Ih j f t. r of 0 0 toilwifl s -ir..* ihnie, li?*r regular da\. For fi? ight > r p?N..tgr, having accommodations unerptullru for sjdend r or ' "'iilml, ar . Ply on board, at O b* ox wh..rf, foot of \\ ill treif, "I to# F.. K. COLLINS 5t CO. >? Heu'h street. Price of passage $H(l, The packet ship UARRH K i ipfsin SkiJdy, of IPO-.i tons, will succeed the Hbe?i.!i!;. tud sail 2-Vb June, lift r*/ular d-iv. Passe tiger* may rely on the ship# of tin. line i<<i!uig | unctu dly as advertiser!. Bjjj "if y FOR NKH OR LEA N> I JPWVWVork Linr?Posifiselv First Regular I tckrt?Ta % 11 , Ji| iy, ,c 12 o'clock.?Tbc fait MiliiiK inrketihip | I > J >VILL?1, li|U?u Muinli.id. will jo.?inil> *.nl a? , 11.1 a',L,),Vfrriirht or i-c*?lKe. Ii*vll?i; lillid* '?n'- fnilii l.'d in ornmo- ^ ,M lUi.oTm VlpIv on boJd at Oil. m? iihirf. foot of W ,11 *tr. ?, m . to K- K. ( OLI-INtt 6*. ( (). v, South ?t. r.-iotciutcri will b?* 0,1 board, I ot of Wall ?tr< ct, tomorrow. at 12 A.M.. ?? which time ih#? sinp %%ill mil. S ShipiH i* hiII ftleme *cn?l in their bill* ladittK ihi?* da>. 7,? (in at c ire Will be tnken to have tin* good* by tllil line COr* in- ly mcvuirrd. ?? * i A?'?r.t- it* N? w Orb-am, Iriue?i & Woodruff, l?r> will | I>roii:|<tI> forward all . N '< tin ir uldr?*??. m? PAlHAtiK KOH LIVKHPOOi,.?Tl>- M.l.ii.ipl ,t#* iiilin::. imwrior packet Kip SOVT1IKUN k'.lt. n '. A. S. Piuni' i, uill h*v immediate d-Mutch.? Tftviri , un?urp.iwd a<:<(>ininodat ion* lor cabin, fecomf cabin I) .rid IM***"#''1*-. which will l?e t ihni at mod**rate rcp-s. i d. Korjamiir application ?h?*nld be made on I - ird, foot 1 or Burling Slip, or lo W. k J. T. TAPBOOTT, mm 13 Pick H II TASBAOK FOII LONDOS?Ticket lOrti May- ! Tbr splendid last miliru )?lfkr t ship MONTR KAL, ' ? aptain Tinker, mil* t oHifivcly at above, h?i r-^iilu d y, h n-l nt?- rm,>- pasFor |.<mn ? , early application should i.t lnr i, id* to W. Si J. T. TAPSrO I T. 13 l'? ek lin. H0 rorncr Bowtn strrc*. J I'AI M.I H KOll'TiAV'ltK^Wff.'ml I.. . - I'-, I WMMTV >.ip X'l M( (II.AH, J, .1,0 II. I'.il, n, ?(?':. "ill "'I I " ^Hnir 1 - ' f' BOYD I. IIINCKKV. 1? fn3r N - i l " * FOR BaXE?Ttir I ..1 ??iliiM.' A I. r?ri ,rr|l ' t ' f?W?5a.ip VKNH K. KM*-* v. y if jr -...?;?<?.i*. i.. TI....W ? > I, I l.ia, m 1*1 "I f:i t!i. , Culliful m.nn , 11 ' t 1 ii-rfur.n <1 ? ?i>y?v. fi?( t in. t.mI !' * ,,*f ' 1 . . j. " kum .n , v I ... Co. ?l. ""' "Vir ' *Jj"' ! 1 u rV';?m'iV?imv? kkn. " U IO JJ.pktr., 9 Toulino UiiMh Aiutucmfiitb < II %TH \ >1 l'HKATRK. MONDAY EVt.MNli, >Uy O.-'Hie peilonnance will com .. LONDON ASsi-'RANrr.. 8u IUreouit' ouitl, , L.inbert I C baric. Courtlv. J It Scuir La.ly tjjy ep*uUn, Mr. Blake vii 0,'UN HOUSE. Harry \ tiler., Hicld | (Matin Todd, Mceiayua. . , J???. ? Mr., Thorite. Dreg* cir le, .<u ftm>-Lute. ,2a?fn, i c,?Private B..ie?, #S OL V M WC I IIK ATRC MONDAY tVLMNOiMiy IkIU indurouurti will cuiu nwin e with PUBS IN BOOTH. Put* in DooU, % Hornets tie | Ralph, Mn Timw Kair> Ft-lina, ^ Mus Sin^Uto,, After which nice'.* m unliable i?ifu? of LOVKS OK THK ANOKLtt. Jnp, Mitchell | Koraji, llorur&ttle IJlis, Mr*, Mottop. To conclude with BO/. Bon, Ifnrncnnth; | Sam W'eller, Mitchell. Mrs. Noveltfohble, Mrs. Wall*. Dr?*s rirclf, iO cents? Upper Boxes, Zj cents? Kit, Is.?Prorate Boxi's, b-f ?aMF.UICAN HVHfillH. pi Oil N EH OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? 1 I'. T. 11 AH NT M, ni.iii lull.?Ill order to accoinriurdatu the huh i.s crowds which .Hi ml lu re, tin* L"Cture Room )>ai in rid unci. The my ,1. rioo. (ilPHI) Y' (.1111. can In- conul (ril .lav an 1 .winii^. Sin i. ilu- fn u'.cat wonder of the age. Kiinn 'J o clock, A. M., to J I'. M. sin- can l? privately conault,1 a, an rarle, m li.reti liei of future rvmta, free of charge.? Mr. U iiicln ll. tli? I nun Hi,,11, n.t, Mi. R,italic, the chariuirg r iirali.t ti.iin New O.U u.v, ,lvi. 1,a Petite ( eleate, the ,i niliful ilanre . Kau ri in Ariin rl Magueli.in on rhilil thiee .. i . ..i t, y VLI.S (iK NIAGARA with real -.I; ,1'NLlMA 1 1( RAILROAD; ALBINO LADY; h ANt Y? GLASS BLOWING; Grand Co.moratna, ami J00,Ml CMIlintm, Naval 11..i!i..i|>e li> Mr. N. YVilliaim. A splendid day performance take. place every YY'eJuaeday anil Saturday alti-rnoi.u?. Five hundred tune black, grey and f t S>|uirrrls, from Ohio, :uav be .ecu here, ikippiti:; about ou trnr. a, litely a* in than lative loie.tv. '1 hey are beautiful |ieta, and are f,,r .ale singly >r utilei w ne. Admittance to the whole 2a cents?ceildren half prica. nrd HEW YOKIv MUSEUM. 1 Late IVale'. I \o. 262 Broadway, oppoiitt the City Halt^PEN1NO <?f fh>' Nrw l.ittil11 lithiiii 'l'llls t V K.N INli? ^Firtt a|>i>raniure of VANKKK Hll.L, tin- uumtiled re'ri"?f?t;?li?L of l)<.\\n Kiml cliararii-rM. Ml*, H.rilwick anil Mr. Collin* will sun; a number of faroile tout;*. This retabliehment routaiiiim,', including the la.' aihhtiou*, lie most perfect and eaieiisive collrctiou* ul'natural ami artiliial i*urio-ities t.i be found in this rountrv . Tin K'u'hth Wmnlrrs of the World, the Vermont Dwarf, 21 cm old, and ?<n:htu3 only ntuetei u i<onn<ls. Saturday welling, May 7th, will be i>ie?eut#d, a variety of minting and attractive entertainments. For particular* *ee bills. Tickets 25 cents?performance to commence at eight o'clock reciselv. m5 [/ ATXHALL GARDF.N SALOON.?The public are re; * snectiully informed tli.it t!>e above named j)racr of amuseleut natiug unde rgone a thorough repair, having been refitted ? a beautiful mnuuer, newlyjutiuled and thoroughly ventilated, le manager assure* the public that no place of amusement in it* city, \* i 11 he found so cool and comfortable during the sumler evening* ; it w ill open for performances in a few days, 'erfornier* ol merit wishing engagement may address the subcriber, i?ost paid, Vnushall Garden. nrtr _ ? _ A. W. JACKSON. ^AT,P^AL ACADEMY OF DESIGN.?The Annual * Exhibition is now open from 1(1 o'clock, A. .M. until 10 Ylock, l\ M. Admission 2j cents?Season Tickets 60 cents. Catalogues 2}a cents. iw *t J. WHITKHOU8E, Secretary. "NEW YORK RACE8, UNION COURSE^ NEW YORK. iiril-L commence TUESDAY NEXT, and continue Four W Days. First day, Tuesday, the lOilv?'The great match rare between lostou and Faahion, lor $20,000 aside?four mile heats. Same Day?Sweepstakes lor 3 year old, mile heats, sub. $300, >1110 forfeit?closed w ith 4 subscribers. . flm. S. Lloyd names b. c. ow n Brother of Hornhlower. !. Unlit. L. Stephens names cl?. f. by imp. Trustee out of Cornelia Couover. I. Sam I. Laird names ch. r. Caesar, by Mingo out of Jane Maria. . John Hajrgcrty names ch. f. Princess, by imp. Priam out of Sallv Hope. Second Day.?Jockey Club Purse, $300. two mile heats. Third Day?Jockey Club Purse, $.?<?0, three mile heats. Fourth Day?Jockey Club Purse, $1000, four inile Jieats. mi, it *r Hv th? S. m-f n c of tli- N. Y. J. C. 13 A< K8?RA( ES. The bast road aud shortest route to this *y Union Course is by the Third Avenue and the Huil^ato Yrry. Two f*st steanu r* will ply constantly on this ferry, on lie liith insf., for the accommodation of persons goiii; on that r. ? i th? Great Race* n7Sn*r f " milita:iTv7 P() LET.?The large Roomt over 60 feet square, comer of 'anal and Elm strrrets, for military purp >ses, and a* a place of ivorship on the Sabbath. Also, farg- rooms suitable for lecures, company drills, or rejigious worship, with the conveui ncies tnd quo-fin s* requisite for such piirpusea, or the huil ig entire, known ;?* Tompson's Hall. Anplv to GEORGE 3RUCK, No. 13 Chamber street, or G. C. HISC'OX, No. 3H Im st. ? Mr BOOK-KEEPING. "PHE Counting rooms of C. C. MARSH, f*fl Cedar street, *- continue o|m?ii from H A. M. to (j P. M. in order that merhants and others may avail themselves of a course of instruc ion that is truly practical ; one t'uat embraces a complete rou in?- of commercial transactions and mercantile calculations? nd in which tie student actually keep* a set of books i? a minting house. To those woo ar?* acquainted with the adreriser's reputation, he desires to say. that 1.is principal work on Book-keeping has passed into ten editions : that it receives the >referencc in the New York Pul lie Schools, and other large institutions ; and that he hiinselt has the honor of bring ?>-ap pointed teacher of book-It eping for the "Mercantile Library Association" of this city. 1lospcctuses, with tern -, may be had at th< counting rooms as above i;*lii FURNISHED W< K 'Mr . rPO LET.?T^ Single Geutlemen, rooms furnished ui ^ooJ 1 st.<!* .r Vli n?.^u,t A....i, .... tl.. Ill I 1 W IS t IOST.?f)n Tuesday but about one o'clock, in Greenwich street, between Morris and Rector streets, a Manhattan Book, in which was a Bond for a large amount, the receipts in which Bond will |x>int out the owner. Tin -e imper- beiriic of in? value hut to |th?* advertiser, Five Dollars Steward will he iaid to the finder, by leaving them at 01 Greenwich street, or at he Manhattan Bank. mtf 3t# ^Altl'K i'lNU ' "l IK A I' K It 'F11A N K V KII? l.'irifr ?.! ^ ditions ha vine been made to our former splendid stock of arm ts, enables us to offer a supei ior assortment at this time. Our-wlndi stork fit of this Sj.iinfo's Purchases, which ?r? nucli k-ss than last fnlTs price-, am! will be nffervu at greater nr; iiii than ca:i be met with rhi where. The public are so* icited to call, ciamitu , 'l?d jud ? I." tin ms? Ives, mil w L c* J. II. LOLNSBERY Ik CO. 41(1 Pearl street I) HISTOIDS SAKS A PAH ILL A.?Of all the various mecHD cinen now oth nd to the lfii< ted, tin re is no article whoso I'OWt rful efficacy h >s I e? n equal t ? ?hat i f BRISTOL'S EXTRACT OK SARSAPAR1LLA. The following. is ; Mother proof of its astonist iivk and extra* uruiiioi) renovating qualities. New Yona. Feb. 20, 1042. Mr. f . Bii to'?Sii: Although to you 1 am a perfect strati* ;i r. I tin hai?i>> to inform you I am no stranger to an " Kxtract if SaTs-nianl/a," that bear* your name; anil wcie it not that i ltd b - ii so fortunstt- as to have used your invaluable medicine, ere tin- da\ . in all probability. I would have been consigned to be grate, and through the blessing of God, your extract has ' #*11 to me truly the Balm of Life. My diseases, for they were many, bate been growing on me for tin- last 20 yean. Koi lit last tr n years I hate been in the constant use of medicine, is prescribed by physicians, and f< r the last live year* 1 have >ecn unable to attend to my family, and ufirely helpless, and iave been growing worse, till at fast the hope of recovery had led from me, and 1 became resigned to my fate, and looked to he day when, all my trouble* would have j'liilt-d in death. 1 iave been informed h . ten different physirl in* that then was to hope in my ca.se, and advised by several of tliem not to flati r myself, for I was past the power ot medicine. But, oh ! liow chaiigd the scene! When 1 c imr fo this city last November, it was for the express iturpose that I might be w iill a beloved sister, and in her ? ire h ive my daughters, so that I might die w ith comfort as regarded them, and uiv nnh expectation then was a speedy dejivimice from this body o! sore itHiction, and of exchanging this for abetter and happy world. But He who rule* and overrules the destinies ol men, directed ?tlierw ise. \fter my arrival in ibis nr>, I w as u*ited by sfran* ;> r, whom 1 now esteem a iVieml. wh" advised me to fry your Extract of Ha rs?|?ari I la, and fhiough his argent solicjtatious I ventured on the, t?? me. hof* less exp-iiment, *ud after having trico the orticle for ouie time, I b? .inij' discouraged with it, stid w as about to gi%?* if up, as I coiihi iiihi no reiiei, nut hj pc-ued to sink rapidly, ami w-rc it riot that my friend pressed the coutinuAiic* >1 tlir medicine, my hti*h;oid would havo throw n it in the str?cl. hilt nftrr having used if for a I w weeks, I prrreited a change f<V th* better; * r*> of hope sprung up ft, iny mind, and I resolved to iw if i t or trial. I have done so, md flu t oilr o. tli.o I am now conlid ut that err low I shall |w entirely cured of all in> num.roii* complaints. W r?en I commenced taking V'tir Kxtrart, it wa< the vciieral opinion that I could not ho fongTniv lower extremities were cold and life lea*. my head w ?? in a wretched condition; I ?M afflicted with citsrrh in if-* wort po?*ihl* f'onn; a person might sit hy my side, and distinctly hetr the dropjing? I mm roy hi ad; my nerve* were iffected In >ond ruv pi?w.-r to describe, so that at time* I was i|?iifc frantic. My t<i<>fulou? affection h*d now assumed uirh a form that any ? flhrt to prolong in\ wretched and perfectly ho|N l? s* life, wi ill I s* in to he labor in sain; my mouth and m throat were on* onplrle tiler; thcr* Wer* no Us in the roof my no nth. so tli if th. physici*n* ' s tended their pro lies from ur t" fit** in. lies into mv In ? !. and it was w ith ureat difficulty hat I could *allow u.y tiling; ulcerations and holes o| a very nalignaut form c o ered the greater part of my lo ad; in> head ?as swollen and tft< <tly extended; my sight and *|*cch fiil< d i.eiinshort I was onecnmplet* mass |of disease* In addition ??this I was ta?t wasting with i most distressing rough, pain in ny side ; EV liter grratlv swollen, and last of all ni> latins lie ui to leel tin- ravages of disease, the tightness of ui\ cheat was urh that I rotihl scarcely bri itlie?and oftt n I thought my dewrture w .is ut h ind* With this brief statement I must close this lett?r, but not rithout informing you that I aru fast recovering my long lost lealih. I hare been enabled to go about the house, and to at* end to rny domestic duties, as also to visit some ofmy friends, vhich to me i* something more than J ever eijiected. Suffice it o sav that my recovery so far is wl.o||y and solely t" he alLri* mtf d to the u-o- of your c icellrot Kstraet of Harsanarilla, and lothing eUr. With the blessings ol the Alinighty, I am truly a sond# r to myself ami fri* nd?: my recovery i> altogether unci* ' ? t, d, fo. I am at once rai?*d from the tomb, I would be hapiy t'i inform any >rie who desires to know of the efft. ary of Unstop* S trsaparill?. DKBOKAH ANN WILSON, 'jflfi Hit ingsfon trreef To C. < . Bristol, 2b7 Main *t, Buffalo, N.\ . I certify that tin- above ?tstenv nt of rn> Wile IS correct, sud n every |s?rticn' ir as fnr a-? il goes?inasmuch as she has given Hit .1 mrrr .krl.h ofKcr wu WILSON. For mIi* !>> Wm. Burv. r. whol. Mle yriit. N . jn 0..tl??dt it; .l.ob* J. Milhau. I.'tl Bn?<lw?> J. Suit. ,, (,l Bow. ry; NUiilnttun I'nu A> 1 S.W. llA.lr.it, 2?i Hi.wrn, ? ?W" i. k"il'.. (itrruwrh. ?l.ov? Oii,l?-? .tr.ft; Jjickl., i ?... ,? ?" ! >lrr inS,nf..t.l k P.'k, < im,inn.", ?).; W N, Htldeima. I.rm.itlln, Kv;J !." 0?-'H ,S ' '''"f0'p \ l .i.nro,.. k V t o., Pittshurvhs ' r ?oth'n.'hvm k H \ an Suw. Alb??>; W. M.r.? . 11. ? !>. S? IN.NI |.???t. fc Will*. K.x-k.-.lrr; W. N. B. M s. Wilson lus removed to No. ffe, Lewis strett. w$ ltin<# TO LKT.?The Store, ni Na^au street. ?n the Herald rmlding. Apply at the II* r si i Office, ' 'j Nis u si ' v'JL ' " Iwi ivF.nrooL pom i ( J Fine Coal, arrived per Iwk OBF.RLIN, from Liv* rpo* 1, ??,le by ROCHL UROinr.RS It CO. rrf.1- :ii Fulti.n tlrrrt. LAt).-1150 I'i*. ,oft UALf'.NA LF.AP, for ?,lr bv > K. K. CdLLI.VS It CO. wic M jpNth lUTi l| \ NKK1.N i II I I II 1 * FF.RSSlK Ik BROOKS, mCr til l.iltorty )AUK OBF.RLIN, Ktmpr m??? fnrni l.i?ft|?...l.-r..i, * signers of Men hsi?dis? by this ship, will pleas* send their nithont dtUy, to tl)r offlrr of lit' ."b^otbtm HOOHC BROTHF.RS fc CO. m6c J5 Kaltou

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