29 Mayıs 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Mayıs 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. VII.?No. Whole No. iow. REGULAR PACKETS v:\v LINK OK l.l\ I HI (Mil ? \t KK I T.? Ntw York on lh? h ?'.?i l.i>< ,1 t of tacK month. m m M *fi> Fhum Ni:? tiiik. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Il'i. yiin, IMli May. 8hi|. GAKRICK, Captain VVm. bkukiy, June Sliii> HOSril'S, Captain J-.hn Collins, t'nli July Ship 81DDONS. Cantain K. U Cobb. iWh Amu.t KKOM 1.IVI HPOOL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cold., 1Mb Jum Ship SHERIDAN. Cap!-tin V. A. Deiwj.ier, IJlh July. Ship GAKKICK, ( ipuin Wm. SkidJy. IJtli Anpnt Ship ROSCI US, C'Udain John < ollim. liHh pi.tult r. Thrsf shim are all ol ihi* lim claai, upward* ol lutM) t?. built ill Ilia city of New York, with such improvements is combine great s|wed wilh unusual comfort lor lixers. Kiev) ' are has Iwtn taken in the arrange nt ol tlirir aeroiumodmow. The pace of passage hence is $100. lor which amine .lores will be provided. These ships are commanded by rt|?-rieiifed masters, wlnr will muke every esertiou to give general talialaction Neither the captains or owners of the shipa will be rrsp.iutble for any letters, |iarceli or lockages sent by tiiern, uuleaa reKiilar b (Is of lading are signed theiefor. The- of this line will lie res ile r go armed, and their |wculi.tr construction five, tliein security not |Kissessed by any other but vessels of war. Eor freight 01 passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS A. CO., M Sonth st? New York or to WM. it IAS. BROWN it CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the |*ckeU will be cl sored I iff, cents per simile shret_; iO c#tits |wr ounce, and lie w>|>a|>ers 1 cent each. in* NEW YORK ANl) HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) **&- AffK- l?f s2B2. yaav Fy iTn^Tof lliia line will hereafter leare Newrorkuu the 1st and Havre on the Kith of each mouth, as follows : Frum Nrw York. From Havri. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March k 16th April Captain < 1st July < Ifitli August James Finick, f 1st Novemberr 16th DccaOkw Ship BALTIMORE, ( 1st April ( I61I1 May Captain v 1st August < Kith September Ell ward Funck, fist Deccein'rf Kith January ShipUTICA, (1st May ( 16th June Captain < 1st Septemb'rv Kith October Frederick Hewitt, (1st January (Kith February New shipST.NlCOLAS, ( 1st June C 16th July Captain \ 1st October \ Kislt November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February( 16tn March The accommodations of these shi|? are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is Slot). Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the exception of wilies and liquors. floods intended far these vessels will be forwarded bv the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred ou thein. For freight ornassage, apply to BOYD & rtlNCKEN, Agents. aS 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS" " LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. For tin- better to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, Kith, 15th. 30th, and 25th ot each month, couitm nciiig the tilth October anil continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will bt prevented during the s,umtner mouths. The following hip', will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK8PEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNT8VILLE, Captain Mtimford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mullbrd. These shi|? were all built in the city of New York, expresiy for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been wly etgqiered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers unequalled lor anmforl. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertim to give general satisfaction. . Tliey will at all times be towed up and down the Mississinni liv steamboats. .Wittier the owners or captains of these aliijis will lie res|Kin?ible for jewelry, bullion. precious stones, silver or plated wart , or litr anv letters, parcel or imckage, lent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of I ad it lie are taken lor the same, Bid the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South sr., or HULLIN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New Oileatt*. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warrant! il to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to liave tlie goods correctly measured, ml STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VUt?SO UTIUtMI'TOS. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Keank, Commander. The dayx of departure of this well-known Steamship, have been lived as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4th May. IAI2. On 7l)i May, 1342, On 7th June, 1812 iim . I nth July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Stilt. " lttrh Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price or passage, meals not included, to Southam|iton or Antwerp, $70?Steward's fees, Si 62^i. The meals will be served ou hoard, on the plan of a continental hotel, in the best in inner, and at tiled and moderate prices, passengers being only ' hanged when partaking of the same. The prce ol passage to either of the above |*nts can also be engaged if preferred, wi tli meals and steward's fees included for 7 6?ls cents, exclusive of w ines. An eX|N'rienced Surgeon accompanies the ship/ For freight or passage, or anv further information, apply to H. W. T. k H. MALI, Ageuu, a22 6in,,r 41 Beaver street. I'M 1'ORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Traustairtatioii of (moils between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Tin- iinproi em, hi in ii i us p. i, i, m ch litis peculiar advantages. The goods being carefully packed in the boats at our warehouse, No. 3C5 Market street, are earned over the Columbia and Pottage Railways without transhipment. Careful Captains and crews are employed, who take charge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delay s and tlie liability of lots beiin; separated on the way. N. B.?Passengers lorwardeu te Pittsburg and PotUville, tvtry day, Suuduys excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, *13 3tn* 7 Washington street. RAILROAD NOT1CE7 MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. cg&frj gbaK -Sfifek jpJTlTHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Cumpany base established a Knight Line between New Brunswick and New York, wliicli they intend to run pennant in la'. Leaving New Brnnswiek at 5 A.M. daily, (Snndays exce'Ued) and the tool nf Liliertv street New Yoik, at J 1'. M. To country dealer* and merchants the above line is very deairvldf Ibr llw Ni roe op eoiiveyanee ol MtdUaAM ot every description, ami more particularly to Drovers and Dealer* in Live Stock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyad between New Brunswick and New York, the aaint day whetiever required. The rvtei for the transportation of cattle, horses, inulex, alu ep, hogs, Ale. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject to any extra chajfii in crossing the North River. Tin fumpsny have fitted up a large storehouse at New Biunsw ick, adioniiug the Railroad Depot, which will always geojien for the reception of merchandise. Passmwers purchasing their tickets at tlie ticket offices, will receive terry tickets gratia. mH 3m* FHEKillT AND PASSAGE TOT PtPrSBVRQi aaa The |?r?iprirfora of Bintjltttn't Tiavuportalion Line to Pitti'???* , ti**' notice tw the Merchants of Now York, and iiJlothfr prfvotia shtjtrittff to the West that their lino it nowiiaethf nuior t? eomiinx d to thorii (or te lit to go iu their In*' ,r 11 be forwarded wki? de*|>atoh. Owtu ri ??r ?hip|M rs of goodi, d? itinod for the Weitrrn who luep iio agent or conaiftief at Pittsburg, will r iiiat^u their roods to William Binpham, Pittsburg, wi??? mil arimd to ini)i|iiii^ all such coiuugumeuts without liUr. AM I'ttthh thntih! hp mtrlre-il ditlinrflv nn cirn mrkfii't' HI ill \M*S I.INK. fi>ri ilea of I'nulil, which aic as low as any other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent, No, !t Weaf street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. R. V. P foil inter* forwarded to Piiutiunc aud Potts ?i I le,r very (lay. Hands, a eteepted. It- I -r 11 H. Crook*. American Fur Co ; S. T. Nicoll, Front aim I ; Pheliw, Doily, Sa Co., l-'tillnn street ; Sttydsir k I n ; Win. Rankin, Dnryea V Co, .Newark. ml, Jin PKul'LK'N LINK FOR ALBAN^ fi0\ And intermediate places, from the Pier foot of Kb? 'oiirtlauilt street ? Rare $1. JT Hi T The NORTH AMt.KK'A, Captain M. H. T roe -I- It. 1 ir>? as above ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturda* aOein-eim, al J "VI.-ok. Kov Wf <>t fri ap|>ly on board, or to P. C. 8CIIULTZ, At the office on the wharf N B ? AH kinds or property tak-wi only at the riak of flie ?waera thenewC mltr M. M. rA-aV'^ ROM KNtil.AND, niKl.AND, scotTTnd AND WALKS. 1)f R'OVI fie-*n-mi >f ir*kiny en.-ayemrii'a for frienda to 1 mil, -ie fr -n the Old I inintry to the United States. and al, . mil Wnii I" a-- ore for th- rn despatch ami comfortable ar? i.in...I ,ii n will And tr their intereat to apply to the anbaride-i w' ?ie at all time* prepared to make inch arraneeno "i* a* e l yiiarantee satisfaction. The vessels rointawm; i class, one of whirh learra Li?er|<iii ate-kl - n?e,piently all delay at the port of embarkation it aa ,1 Villi* . I *1 Hi bee n fii.'m-r with tlii* line, when ih? * ttl'd I -r decline coming out, tlie p-issuyc money ia reBawded WithoiA em dediictliHI. Paaiaite |? r ateainer from the nneai |e.rta of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise he aeCV:,fa heipanwalarsapphMo^^ T|fflMM|nv Old Ratab'ulied I'*???< Ollirr, 273 Prarl at. Or to < (IRIMKIIAW It CO. 10 Ooirr I'i nut, Lirrriiool. Ki .< ...? >r draft* *1 aighr,unci for any amount, rati lilc ?i<? W? ( . ..? - ii i'i? \ ati.-n ?1 Hank of Irrlawl. Northern RankMi i . National nana nt Mr.oianu, nat awie at an tnrtr rrtrieti .? ?., ill .0 H I Olyn It CO., B inkm, London, ' ad I iloaiai" It I ?... Lnayac1 mi lm*c k??K HA VRK?Th* aaperior Knnrh hriy ARylfk V I.I'I . 1 |?aiii Oil audi an. will b? promptly dit?' 1 k " '" i?hr or iiaiuier, aiii.lv to n.it ? IIOVU Ik IIINt KKV, No. i Toniinr Building. aItikl l-MtH IIAVHL?Second Line.?The aMMpW.i.i "l Nlt-OLAH, John B. Prll, rnaatrr, will tail JHt1* ?W? I at Jane BOVD k HINtJCRN, Agn.tt, No~# Tuntuaa Building. <? ? .E NE N ! UAII.KOADS&.STEAMBOATS." M4RM^ N k I O ?t ?K.R\! A N AtiKM Y?The ?ub?. riKr.t re*jw< tlulH aMffuare ?ii ?ii*hm.niriit whl<ll they * ** 1 I S. t . ijisul I r ' 1*1 I-**' ' *t <hh*hiiuf * -.) MK\I (ONTINKM %L \?.l- \< \ ?? tHal |il-i. . I ?r tlt.? ?f f? i..f V >m inline and I ?mmit*ioti I- i < .1 i i U i . . . ir i>i 1<s oinmi-rrial inter- 1 f..wrN? between (lit* uurrv an l ? Hit mental Kumi**. a - \n?wrr|i m *iku?tr?i iii " i i)m matmliu'turiiitf - ' 4- - ' ' ir ' i?' ii< . I -in L-liilon, 30 ( I' ' ? ' I m ? > -1 : , i mi Mi> ! I? * I. 11 I H ill li<i tlllil ( rol- I in?ii. .if**! <iim?r|, , uim . i? m ith ?ll by r*iIr> kmU or *t?.tin t i k* * ' I * ?ti i .fl ? > t ?t a<ltant?.;?- for pur ! * I All r* fri'riv ii at oiii *fti- ?, m Biwt m, Albany. New \.*ik <i. i n.il 1.1. ij^n i ii |. i ?h ! \% tl( U* for- | ! *4- lilllTIHH Ql KKX, on the Tili*?t J.mi ii * ttul * til in- i ill * ? ai' ii if ii hi iraiOD for I lit* return of tW iamii' ?ti MMr, tluili mil leave Autw?-r)> ou t l f luii**rtrrt of Cirrmaa] Um?Iu are |*ftiruUri) reijuratrd ' * i.**' 4 4 4 tflu. i HAKDKN k ( O. I New York, M*v ITlli. IM _,,,ISr Pi iMKtti >Y Co 'S 1 ALBANY BIKEALO AND < If I. AUG EXPRESS. ...... HailroioU to AtnJ lr"?n Alb?n\ nim! Buffalo, ami tin* interim.l.f, |?l*c? . for KOHNVAHDlSti ? * with! e ut in oat ?i?? eil. rtniUn?\ mil sal. r\, choice tromi*. Hnecic, Batik \ | 11 ? in.I V t! i ?' 14 . k \N' ill ! t, I 'I I to the negotiation, lrart*ft*r, oilU' tion or }m*\ ??*ut of Bill* of Kachangr, Note*. Di ?lt?, Arcr|?taii. ex. Ao ounti, kr?, at rem ? ii.imi*- |?rr centwr?rurnie oruei* i??r in> |mrriM?r oruir ?i i Merch<?tdifte, PnM)?rc and ManMlAdtur. d Artlcln of every description, iw r-*n$nll\, in the I?mik (Hi tie ir route. through Mi an. IIAUN I)K.N kCO't) EXPRESS to NawYork aud Bo,ton. and Mrur*. IIAWi.KV fc CO.'* KXI'RKMS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and rim-ago and in* I t.c imdut.- places?forming at on. ? ih. moat direct, i|w>edy and jiyrfect communication to and from tin r.nii rn and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction <?f ill mercantile and profeaaiottal btuiiM littaa rid tai?i k , II.ion. Ki i>t?> ( utii i W < ?! Watta Sherman, A. D. Patcliin, Noali L?? . Junes Taylor, Theodore , OwoU. Ak uii , Agencies?Bennett, Backus it lliwli-y, Ulica . T. A. Smith, | kSynevM; A. <? Smith, Ubant; ' I- i - U ten; I O. Sin pin id. Cauaiulaigua ; David )l<>\t, R.hIi< .trr ; J<dni Mr- ( Kcnster, Lockout; J.A.Clark, Batatia ; Thopi.t* Blossom, Bnfib. POMERO\ k CO-, No. 6 Exchange Buildings, Alhauy. i all 3 Wall street, New York. FA UK AND FREIGHT KEDl CIA) B?S'?ON,Am? STONINOTON AND N KWrOltf A?ml>ojcd of the following su|?erinr steamers, running in connection with the Stomngton and Providence, and Bo?ton and Prte videiice Railroad*? MASSACHUSKTTH, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Cintaln Thivcr. NARRAOANSETT. Captain Woclary. MOHEOAN, Ci|giin Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, NorUi River, Battery Place, at five o'clock, P. M. Fare to Boston, $3 00 Deck jutssage, $3 26 do. Providrucc, 2 00 do. do. 1 60 AI<ha*<;KM?:NT. Thn NARRAOANSET, on Mondays, Wedueklay*, and Friday*, for StoniiMrton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday*, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stouiiigtou. Passenger* on the arrival of the steamer* at Stoniugton, may Puke the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce and Bostou, aud for the accommodation of person* travelling between New York and Newjtort, the steamboat trains will atop at Wickford long enough to leave and receive passetifer*# Freight taken at the following much reduced rate* To Boston, on goods weighing forty |M>uttds or upward* to the cubic foot, at $6 60 {wrtou, and 011 measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 6 ct nu per cubic foot, and spocitic articles as |>er tarif to be obtained at office 22 ? Broadwcr. m:n r>m OPPOSITION LINE FOB ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Puwagc 50 centn-Bci tli* 50 centfi, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCMD PRICES. The commodious Steamboat WASHINOPi jETON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made . arrange menu to change her clavs of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wt duesday, and Friday afternoon, at 6 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuaadav, Thursday, and bt turd ay afternoon at 6 o'clock, lauding on tier passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskili and Hudson. For freight *>r jH?ssage apply to tin* Captain on board, <>r to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN, No. 182 West street. m9c FARE REDUCED TO 6li CENTS. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. "oof of Whitehall street. T?-TT. T?W T Th.- it-nnu-u 8TATEN ISLANDER ai.U SAMSON will run 11* follow,, until further uolicr :? Leaves Slatt n Island Leave* New Yuik. At o'clock *. M. AV 8 o'clock a. m. " 9 " " " 9 " " " 10 " " " It " " " U " " " II " " " l>i " t. M. " 2 " r. M. " 3 " " " J " *M " " " 5 ' ' 6 " " " 6 " " N. B. All good, ,ni|i|x-d arc reauired to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owner* thereof. tn3r ~~ T. POWELL tc CO.'S LINK. UA ' "OR NKWBUKOH, landing at CALDfl^BHUC3?WELL'8. WEST POINT AND COLD jC-^2E_9L S PR I NO.?The .teamb. ?i IIIOH L A N D E R. <<*pum Robert Wnrdrop, wffl leave the i r of Warren street, Ni \v York, every Monday, Thursday mid Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. Returning, the Highlander will leave V?w burgh every Monday mormug at 0 o'clock, and Tuesday and Friday afternoon at'?o'clock. For freight or i?assage, apply to tlie captain on board. N. B.?All bag* ige anil freight of everv description, bank hill* or su?ecie, put on board this boat, must be at the risk of the owners thereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is signed for rht'Sfttn#. m2^ "" TAILORING.'" RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. I^HE SubscrilnT, with a view of meeting the exigencies of the time*, tMU made arrangements whereby he will henceforth he enabled to furnish garments of the very best quality, at ui immense saving from former charges. Having made his purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to connate with the cheapest,(on the ready imnieyir'ncipjr only,) while he pledges himself to continue the same observance <?i elegance uid 1'iinctuality which for the last fifteen years has characterised his establishment. Gentlemen are referred to the annexed list of prices, with the assurance that the articles enumerated shall be equal in quality and style to the most costly. Dress coats of su|>er wool dyed cloths, from $18 to 24. Pants, do do cassimere, 8 to 10. Vests, of every fashionable variety, .1 50 to 5 M). Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own materials can have their garments made and triinirw d in Hit same style of elegence, in proportion to the above. NT h ? Mr R ilw.u'L 11*tiit Irnnwh rt,.., .*f ,?... C?I I able cutters, continue* in the establishment. CiiAS. COX, Sign of the Golden Fleece, ni'jhn 61 N u^au sf ? ri. m ?r Waul.n lane. "machine poetry. WIIF.KLKU, TAILOR, h. ruby tend* Tlii. information to hi. frit nils, Or mcmics, if he h.?? any, Whether they be few or many. The public too, both far and near. He wi .he. every one to hear, That in Broadway he ha? a .hop, In which he'd like to liare them pop. And should tlo y want coat, test or pants, No one can fit them if he cant. Prices low to suit the times, Cloth, too various for thr ee rhymes; In short youll find no other Tailor, So sure to |deasc you as A WIIKKI.KR. m!3 Iroc HIT Broadway, up stsirs. MARTIN'S tanh Tailoring Eat abllnltmriit, f? Removed to IS I William utreet, corner of Jinn ?/? / rPHK subscriber, in announcing the above to his friends and A the public in general, takes leave to return thanks for the liberal iMtronage bestowed on him at his farmer place of business, and assures them that very article ordered <?( him shall, a* heretofore, be cut, made, and trimmed in the neatest and most Mfttih mnnoer. TIm miteriali. tm nrwi t rod beat in the marker, and at a |ioiitive itvitii or JO per cent. Strangers are requested to call and examine. O.'iitleineri who prefer purchasing their own rloth, Sic., can hive them made ami trimmed in the style that ha* given such genera] satisfaction during tlie last four years. Every garment warrant ?d to fit, and nude by the beat workmen at the following prices, vit.:? Die** Coats $7 on to |8 50 Frock Coat* 8 00 to 9 50 Pants and Vests I 75 to 2 00 OvtrCom i n* it if H'/ ' No garment* ready m ule?all made to order, and a suit furnished, if ueccssar) , in 21 hours. iIB !.n. MN HAEL E M Men v ~ REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING Efit ISLtH. M r VT la removed from 143 Broadway fo N>. Avici L I m ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S Dlti'SS. Oarm"uti of a moat Elegant and Fashionable kind /t iiirltft I 60 per cent for cash. THE advertiser deem* it tinneeemary to mott t> tor hackneyed iystem of giving a list of nominal prices, pre* mtinjr i bit the length of time l?e haa been eataMiahnl. U needier ivi?|? the extensive patronage bestowed on him./will prose ?* *utn eient voucher for his capabilities. PosacwdiLT fin- advati'agii ul being connected with an extensive cloth estabnshroeiit in Europe lie confidently a*set* that he can furnish clothes which, ou coin( Viion, will bn lower than any other hollaf milting Up the beat descriptions of ireuilem''n3i dress. fj. PlflLMra. T Asinr Broadway MODES DE PARIS. KKT, NK AK ?ROAt)WAY. \1 i BRS(,HOli_bfii to inform tlir I,:tdir9, that Of hiajunt rt-r.ir#d from 1'aru, a hrautil'ial an.i r no nt of Silk W-arfaat"! Kelcriif., of thr Uu-,t aiyla; Mornin* ui.l Drra. I Mn.lin and f -unlirir Collar., IVfrrtira, Itr. Constantly on hand, a law ayanrtm.nt of .ilk rod ,ln* Bonnets. * UK. f tk..- v?rhi<>l. -I or _ ^ I iVnte pr ee.. tw ? w; - mZ7 it re PIANO FORTES" OOUTHF.RN DKAI.tMH ? J,.=IC1tfJ.f, ..., . v! ?" "''"J"**' ? > ?!' ?*? 'I'tWr a mem ..fine *l?o*e Article cnmputHI A CAnetl ?>| c and jVt r,rr???, ,.f ro?ew<>o4 anil maliooajr, With irKMl Ktioii, tcrofl m?5,' ! 1,1 ejery m.Hl. m improt ene:J j'neie wiirajiniU are war'. ' r inteil lo be e,|tial to Any II the cttr, lie.' Will be ?,| I ? ,h,. |ow. ' eti jioMihle |?w? for cAth, at the m-rtiiftct-ir/, 44 Wt?t faar. t..enth atreet, between Fifth end Huth iuiux N. B.-riAtKi Fnrtef for Hire? \ eood urxt>.* i.t of l\eto > ottea lor lure at tlie mmniUclory. a7 jm W YO EW YORK, SUNDAY M FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale and Ketatl jh\trniture and General Furnix/iing Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, New York. IUHKHK he keeps for tale * large assort uu-nt of the follow' ? iui: articles, vi?..; Sideboards. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Cots, fables, Chairs, Office ami Portable Desks, (floss ('as*?, Book ises, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre. 1 ea ami Pier Tables, i'iaims, Softs, Sola Bedsit ails, Beds, Bedding Pale a Stars, Mat* resses, CsnwU, OiU'loth, Malting and rire Iron*, Wash brands, 'loiiet Tabies, Candle Suftids, Bureau Be<lsteads Dressiiik Bureaus, Safes, &c. Also, a Urge assortment of uieu and womcu's Wearing Apvarel, new and second handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at wery ow prices. Persons ill want of said articles would lisid iL, to heir advantage to make an early call at the above establishlie lit. Shipping orders punctually attended to and parked on the khorti st notice, and on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, kc. for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually atleuded to and thankfully received. ^ X. B.?The highest prices will be given for Sscoud Hand Kurniture, and Ueiitletneti's and Ladies'c.t?t off Clothing. &22 6m i NOTICE TO BUVERS OK CABIN ETFURNITU R E. r|MIE Huoiicrilivr would iuvite the attentiou of those wishing -L to purcnase ai tides in the above business*, to his establishmem, win ir is to be found a rich assortment of Rosewood and Mahoganv Furniture, of Fu-nch and other patterns, some of which are not to be found iTsewhere, being entirely original.? \ fitMM)U0 m il gilt < otuiees foi windows* Poms and iLi'gs ; together with Dun.uk Galloons and Tassels, and every utKim ?n.i? h'-d to curtains, yvkich wul i??- madt in tha Irtiit t) le (rem patterns lately received. X. B. Particular attention paid to the fitting up of Ottomans, Fin Screens, and othei fanci articles, with embroidered Taprsuy. WASHINGTON MEEKS, d 16 brn 315 Broadway, next the Hospital. JOSEPH PECKfi^ElT", Fancy Cabinet Maker, Matheinal" ical ana Xautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 269 Water itreet. New York. ('iimnoihlterDoiN of a superior make, barometer, tliermomptcr frame*, <yu<idrant, scxtaut; surveyoii, smuical, dentist and dnwiiiit instrument boxes, made rnd |>ack< d in a neat style? timepiece, clock, nun and pistol cases of all description; dagueimLyi*-. apparatus and tiiedieine chests, surveyors rods, of sny leimth and make All kinds of fancy work, inadc of (lie bent matt link* and workmanship, warranted. Repairing of every description executdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch. French imlishing and varnishing. Manufactory iin (?. Tagleauue's Establishment, between Dover street ml Peck slip. References. Messrs. C. & O. VV. Blunt, corner of Water street and Builing slip. Mr. A. Megarey, 190 Water street. Mr. Deinilt, 239 Pearl street. m!5 lrn*c NEW STORK of Rich Cat and Plain Glass, No. 35 John St., next door to corner of Nassau street. STOU VKNKL & ('0. have the honor to infirm their friend# and the public, that they are opening the above store, where lliey can tind a larce and beautiful assortment of all description? ?*tirh as astral and hall lamps, all complete; ixircelaiu, at the m i nu lac lory prices, by the communication of their shop, No. 29 Gold stiect. Wholesale and retail?city and country trade?all goods picked to go in any part of the country?all articles match to luttterii*- Please call at 35 John street. m2 Ini *c C H I N A (tL A S S A N D EARTHENWARE. 8ASTOR HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces. $25 00 White Granite, do do 112 do 13 00 French, or English Porcelain Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per dozen, 191 Do do (?ranite, blue or white, do 1 00 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do ^ do Granite, blue or w hite, do 1 00 Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 50 Egg Cu{?, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 50 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 TaHLE Ct'TLERT. Of the finest discriptioiu, iu sets or dozens, at the low price of $12 tlu* set. Just opened, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simeon's Ear Cornets, for the relief of deafness. 1118 ll*C c^A^I^RWarT^ORE. rPHK Subscriber is now opening his Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY. received p?r late arrivals from Birinitutlfein .ml Sin rtirlil. I'ogethtr with a general assortment of Domrsric vtimhi. wmrh he ii prepared to offer it thr very LOWEST CASK PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, tic., is solicited to an examination of his stock and prices, as lie is confident they will lind it to their interest to favor him with a call. ALFRED K. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Bart-lav. N.w York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooiier Glue. Also?a compirte as.ortment of Mee.hsnica* Tools, Janes*Screws,ke. intm'PRANSPARENf ITALIAN WINDOVTsHADES 1 OLIVER W. WOODFORD. U> Catharine ?t, will open this week four caves Transparent Window ?haqe?. Families who hive not stimdicd r h? in ,? !> ?s with Blinds this Snrint;. will find ? collection of the most beautiful paintings ever offered in the city. As the season u advancing, a further reduction in the prices will he made, namely?Landscapes $1 26 per pair.? ?ltiu Scrolls $2 60. Scrolls aud Landscapes $3. Moonlight Scenes $1 60. Italian Scripture Designs?Italian Vignettes? Drain* ry Bordered and Scrolled ami full Landscaped?about 300 pii Lftn Im ip . <f n,. lo i"ic< i j11? i piir. N. B.?In consequence of misrepresentations many have Wen deceived, while looking :-'i No 66 in22 lw* ATRIAL OK BOOK SAFES '^-Several trials u|hui fTTTTi A Safes, of different mak< rt, h? Veen bad in iurncct. and certificates riven by respectable Meruauits, in favor of Wilder1* Patent Salamander Safe. The Safes so tried, together with the Committer*' rei>ort, and other testimonials, can be seen awtlie Iron Cliesl Warehouse of the Subscriber, the only place in the city where Wilder*! Sala inander Safe* can l?e%hud. Chests of other makers, such as have been taken in part pay in. nt for the Salamander, for sale at less than half or the first cost. SILAS C. HERRING, m22 2wc 111 water abttk DRV GOODS, . SHIRTS. CHIRTS made to order, after the most approved French fashions. Gentle im u\ Garments of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Ilentil men's Furnishing Store 67 and 69 Maiden lane, corner of William street. mas ''ii* r WILLI \M COLLINS. THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANF.W and important article for me in the nursery and as a fastening to ladies'shawls, cloaks, Htc., patented m the United State* and in Euro|w, for sale, wholesale, by W. H. GARY St CO., 19C Pearl street, New York, and b> the patentee & the m.inufactory, 116 Jay st, Brooklyn. Thread ami needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms. mil lm*r ~~ STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and A English Straw Good*, respectfully informs his customer* that he l?.v* removed his establishment from 99 William and 26 Piatt, t? 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid ind extensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw Goods, French aud EukIuIi Dunstahle*, Italian Rutlamis, fine Tuscan, Fancy SheIIworks. Prince Albert Striws, Ike. Ike. Also, an entirely new article, the White Sibvrian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses .ill the styles a* yet intro tineed, being extremely light, beautiful, while aud durable. m2JJ in+m , , .. TO THE LADIES. KASHIONABLK MILLINERY OOODS.-The prf?pnrtrtni, Mix S KING, (UuirbtT of tl?* celebrated furl King, nff? ro for sal** a mmt M*lf rt and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the taring trade, never as yet presented to the |?alr lie, both as n it vrds the quality and chvapiieu of the article* The assortment consist* of the following The celebrated SILK IIAT, < ALLED ?' APOTTE D'ORLEANS. as worn lo Li Ducln D'Orleana, of France , SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NKW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called 44 MODINE CAPOTTE8, ELSSLER C( >TTAOE.,# Parisian ami English FANC V STRAWS, of the finest t? ihire, in great variety. The Proprietress reapectfnllv solicit* the L'Iim to favor h? r with a rill, and est ii nue her elegant and varied stock of Mil* linery lor tlsemaelvea, le fore they piirrhawi elsewhere, as it will he a great saving to them in price and a great advantage a* regards the variety and niislity of the glials. MISS 8. RING, Mag astro- d?- Modes, WlU 1int r Broad way. MILLINKRY (iOODS. CiARL RI NO, the well known an I celebrated Millinery and ' Ladies' Straw liar Manaficttuer to Her Majesty the QUEEN OF ENGLAND. respectfully begs leave to a IMC ?! ?'e to the Ladies that he has on hand a ni??at ???! udid and fashionable assortut* nt of Ladies' Straw and Silk llaU. Tin Straw II <u art rnanufactur? d to most fascinating and hemming ?h toe. called THE KLHSLKK COTTAGE. with Oipaey aides <nd a Swiss Flare around tlie front. The braid* lb* > H * " * ' 14 ' ' the Albert Straw in j?ar?icular a* taatromsrd ly QUEEN VU TORI % The silk department is conducted by tie most incrn ions and tasty millint rs, not to be equalled. The silk* irr of tite o* is est trie, freah imported. Trimming and Flowers t Those who wuh to mntiiifi themselves may call at No. a Canal, r?e>r Broadway, and 17 Division sir* t. N. B.?His Paris Kibltoii* and Fr? ?ic|? 1 I wrrs. sr? of the latest st> le, ami can be j?un has- d at mths r of his t ?t"blidnnents. At Wiioiruir iii'i rviiii, on fini- Mill ioit ?lit M I I S L K \ kvr KK \<f II ^I^VIIiV^TYfJB.?Thr siiIhx nlier Miskf* l<> order, II '* iftTie almte ?U#rri|ifi'.n of f|?e fttieat <|HaiitV <?f Kfriif i I *lf Skin, and in thr lat* st style, and at very n n<>?bk ? .? (jrntlrvtrii win) liar* Ih ii in tU kvkit of i >iiik i KriitutM prim for iufrriw irtirli sir r* ?|u. it* .1 t.ir.ill iml b? < >? * im*-d tliaf hi* fries y front Ul? to twenty jwr r. nt U I s ??tl?er i(om in tiu wijfhkortwMwl t)riwiii/i nti.4 IiIini < ( ?fc* I* et, 4,i(| n pair of Im*? ktft lor reh ruiUimrr, thur 11 no uit> in f?*ttin< a hatidaufne jrrt mv fit. Constantly 011 hand, a lar^e aaaortm* nt of f*?looi?al?l' r *dy made B<>ni%, st oners varyMMC f' TWO DOLLARS HI1 TT CENTS TO SIX DOLLXtt*, Half B m.is Otiun, HUi, Pump*. Blifiwrt, fcr at #?|f??llv lowpnrri. JOHN L. WATKINH nt Fulton ?t., at tn? ! tarrn N u?mi tnd Dntrli iti. FRENCH IMPORTED OAITKH* i ,11 ol' Fashion; Fr**r?eh !??...? vni p?tent leather vHoea, dr"** shoes, gaiter*, * Ikint ilxrt mhI |??ip, (uv tarn, tiny a and children. Metis' anil bnjri1 rlmaj* le??u M *> fl, $:l dO ami $1 |#r |*nr. Mrna shoes is to Its sod 11% |?er ,,?tr. Boy* si tors SO to 7j c?nt* ami $1, ami w in uit? <1 g ?nl. Ladies, mis%r? and rhil trans' g?it< r h-'ota, Inn k*kin?, w tiking -hoe* ami slipf* rs of all colors ami site*. laf? ?t fashi ?ti. t?r% tmakin* and slip", 75 rents |o $1, f.*?d Is slip|*erv foaw aai iff ? good assortment ol" tin* iU?o article* at tj I tu?l street. ( ornrr of Broadway, and at 2tt# Canal si, i*oiti*-west i *?rnrr of Hndaou street, at Vralker**. In |\AY AM) EVEMNO HOKHIL?'P* Hemuiary .1 7l. I-' Miss* * .Masons ami O'Dohrrly la now ?f#t for tin- nrr* je fun, .> ' tH,t 1I <. st ll'. B- .* 'PflK NOTKSnf the >l< IN Mill IH H ANK, N'? J-rvf I new iunr, ?re |inn:haMila( II Well ?!r? t, bj KA K I. h < O, t One t?i C?ui. ?J RK I ORNING, MAY 29, 1842. "BOOKSTAND STATIONERY. 'I'O CAPER MAN C KATl'RERR.?Tin- rab*cribria Kivr T notice that Mi ??r?. Howe k GowUnl. ol Woreriter, M * >?., Inn r .i|i|KMiitnil thrill thrir KKrliU. miJ .irr lirrjiarril to furnish 4t vhort notice, niKtii thr imwl r? .ifcnn.thlc terms. Founirinier and Cyliudt r Machine*, with fire or steam dryera, anu aiziuv machine* to ?i/.? hi I lit- web as it leave* the d/yer*.?Alto fvtry kind of Machinery apia-rtaintutf to the manufacture ol p.?l>er, w Inch in point of workrnaaahip and finish is not aurIMiMQ by any other establishment in thia coma try. Alinta number ire now in operation in n-inyofthe best nulla, to wlioin reference v% 111 !>e givm for all particular! 1'ERSSE k BROOKS, Paper \Varehoua?, d25 dftw 61 Liberty street Nkvv or it a h xusir-rn^oTunr ]if deRwITRT. professor of the guitar, No. 138 Canal street j|i|ioiilr (lie St. John'* church, lia* the honor to acquaint his fiiviid* and the public that lie ha* published a variety of new and popular niu? sic, arranged w ith easy accotnptuinu-iiU for guitar. Mr. D. will also arrange and com|iose music for orchestra guitar, and other instruments, and give instruction* to ain*> tenrs og the j iano forte and woliu. iny2 Gw*c I WV It K P( ) |{ IT.lt I I M i\ , 1 J. J I ililn M l uli ' I Bankruptcy. presenting tie- *ul<j?ct in all it* various phases ; The Bankrupt Law ; tin- contested seat of Mi. Levy: Chief Justice Marshall ; Lord Rt-dt sdah* ; American Jurist ; Surkie on Evidence ; New Rule* in Equity : Gret-tile?f ou Evidence : Uaukrv.pl>. in New York <) ; Hnikiupt* in Mt*s. ( 100) Re. Judge Story's opinion at length ujniii the effect of attachments laid ui.on the property of a bankrupt previous to his being declared such will ap|>ey ill the Juix number. AUo, fudge Bftu's opinion in the case ot'Kas*ou (wife's j< wel/v) will appear in full in the July numln r. Tin ifriwrieior* will continue the list of Bankrupts in N? w Bork and Massachusetts which will tendei th? work valuable to every bustiies* inan. What merchant would grudge 26 cents a month for such information ? The May number commence* & liew volume, and offers a favorable op portuiufy to subscribe for the work. BRADBURY. SODfc.M it CO. in 10 ati? ' 127 N ass in st. N S and I St: I mo I - Uy n cards, bill-heads, &cT cheapkb than eveh. ?1^01% Y SURE AC E CARDS, of superior mnfacture, priutA ed sad furnished the follwing REDUCED PRICES idO Clods, 60 cauls *)0 AO DtK) do 4l 25 1o00 do 42 00 Common Card* at Irs* pi ice*. Circulars, Billheads, Notices, Posting and Show Bills, and every description of printing egeruted at short notice, on as reasonable term*** \nv establishment in the i it v. VISITING CARDS.?A vuiiiug cird plate engraved and 60 enamelled cards printed lor $1 50, equal i?? any in this ?ity. Perfumers, Manufacturers, and DrugguU' LabeIs, constantly on hand. BROWNSON k CO., a29 lm*m 66 Gold st. near Fulton. paper iLVNGlNCiS. MA. HOWELL k CO., 167 Pearl street, art now rereir ing from their matmfaiturera at New Brunsw ick, an egtensive assortment of Paper Hinging*. Bird i-., kc. of the latest and moat approved pattern* and styles, suited tu the city tiid country traoa , which tna) dnr todeaJen it ths net mauufac ton prices. Also their usual variety of French Paper, Borders, Fiir Bowro Prints, vis wa, In . Toe best workmen to pot ou paper in any pail of th? city can I), ii id it the .short, st not ice. OMfEPATHlAS WORKS.?Just publish* I WM RADDE, 322 Broadway, John's New Manuel of llmim- | patbio Practice, edited, with uinotationa. by \ > Hi ;>i. u., secouu American, irnni inc uiiru r.tns nui >11. j run in di?peniab)? book to homoBptlhtsts is now competU hi ? l.? Price in paper $fi?a full bound cony |7a The family Guide to the Administration of IIoni<p|*thia Remedies, third edition, from the second Loudou sditiou, with additions?Price 25 cents. Popular Considerations on Hnmnfipathia?by Win. fulled Bryant. K*]., belivered before the Ni w York IfoinceiMthic 80ci?t\ . DeCtWi lttt-?Price ik\ cents. Also, just published, Mydriatics, or Manuel of the Water Core, as practised by Vincent Prinasuit/., in Orcefenbenr. com piled ami translated from'the writings of Charles Mumh-, I). A est el, I). IS. Hirschel. and other practitioners, by Francis Grneter?Price $1?neatly bound. This little neatly printed bookcontains an exposition in what maimer thia simple agent nM been found remedial. ini4 lm*r B 0 0 K~ BTRT) IN G PAPER RULING. H IRK LAND, No. 120 Nassau street, having an entire new stock of Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery, of the latest and most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute all orders in the inost durable and hamLotnv maimer. Merchants Acccount Books and all other kinds of Bl ink w ork ruled and bound to any patterns, and in a style tint is wsrratited to rive satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in the Km:lisf inode if required, as H. 1. has had lou^ experience- in both midx Mt. FOR HALK?Two second hand Copperplate Presses. A|>pli ia iboi e. mil Im ? ' hats. ~ HATS! HATS! HATS!! BROWN St CO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and rr! Uil, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability aud economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors h?H.lki pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved snort napped Hat, a new style, tbv imitation of beaverr, which so closely resembles that of all furs tl?e most costly ami beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior Hat for the price chanted. In presenting these Hats to the* public the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. int 3in* .1EW E L It Y. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. rPHK Subscriber is selling all Jc script* rx* ff'frlJu J Silver 1 Watches, flo!d and Silver Pencils, IMil CfJiu, Keys, Ur.. at r? tail, lower t'vaa at anr otfier ilttd in the 2ity.? Gold Watches as low as tr.irty to forty dalflli etc*. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All tY itches ire warranted to keeprfooj time, or the moucy r? tinted. Wttebri and Clocks rti?*ired o? the best roonnir, 4tid wariirttfi, if much less thau tW usual arltM ,iy (*t d Ube liuest wcrs.ncn in the city. G. C. ALLEN, importer of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, 30 Wall street, up stairs. mlt lm*m \| KssRs MORTIMER .v HUNT, Jewellers --,1 Silver 1V1 Kmjths of New Bond street, London, ami 311 Broadway, New York, beg: respectfully to apprise the public that their establishment in this country will be positively and finally Closed on the first day ot June netc, mi wrucn pcnou uieir lock of jewelry, nlate. plated goods, cutlery, kc. will remain on private sale hi Broadway, at and under prune cost. N. B.?The House to be let. h 10 I in* WA'P HKs, JEWELRY, CUTLERY, lie.?The tubscribera being desirous of materially reducing their stock, offer for sal?-at iin|H>rtation cost, for cash or approved short na|>er. gold and silver watches, gold chains, pencils, rings, and broaches, diamond pins ami rings, unset diamonds, paste stones, plated, Japan, and German silver ware of eveiy description; razors ou cards and in dozens, pen, pocket and dirk knives, scissors, sets of tahle cutlery; also, silver spectacles, thimbles, pencils, tooth nicks, pickle forks, plated earrings, chains, rings, lockets, ey e glasses, motto seals, pocket hooks, segar cases, cork ?cr< w?, Sc. kc. S. J. NKUATADT k B aIiNK.TT, in? im* c 42 Maiden lane. fro .JKWKU.KR* MINTatI RE PAINTERS' (kc.? J C. k J. HARTNETT. No. 2 Court I and t street, near J Broadway, Wholesale and Iletiil Manufacturers of Travelling, Writing, Dressing and Jewel coses, miniature coves, and settings, llute, locket, watch, ring, and pin cases; caaes for silver Mate, neatly arranged to order. Also, trays made and I fitted to Jeweller*' show cases, to contain watches, chains, j ring*, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, kc. kc. kc. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand, and made to order, with neatness and despatch. N 1 t Courtlandt street, New York. m2i lai*c TO IMPOKTKKS AND WATi HMAKKIIS OKNK I RALLY*?Gold ind silver Dials manufactored bj llbert Aesrhimaw, in a superior style to any in the United States, and at reduced micas. rlea.sc give liiin a call at Ifl7 Broadway | m8 2weou*c P KMOVKD.?HILAIRE WALTKR, agent and partner of ' thehonsi of Bcrger Walter, the only manufactory of Watch 1 Glasses in France, No. 27 Pandis I'mssonniere street. Paris, i has the honor of informing Mssr*. dealers in watch works, and all articles connected with the line, as also Mssrs. dealers in cut I gl i .s, thvt their e.*tabli.diment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy articlrs kc. kc kc., has lately been re , moved from Nu 10 Maiden Lanetto9 No. Oti William street, i Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only depot of the factory, are respectfully invited to call r.t our where will be found an unrivalled assortment of tin- above mentioned goods, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms. ml 2m?r NOTICES. Nnw Votiu axp Ai.hs^v Kaii. Road Do. ) Office IV#. 2. Park Place, \ N ()T1< E is hereby riven to the Stockholders of the New York and Albany Rail Iload < omrxiiiy, that an election of : Dir?ct.?rs to raid fomismy. will take pJace at their Office, No. j 2 I't-k IM tee, on Monday tin* *i*th of June next. I i.11- ...II I... IO nVl.vlf A VI ami ntnliniio <J|? M until I o'clock, fV M. Tlic Book* for fl?c transfer of Stock are closed, ami will ?o continue until the 7lli day of Juiih neit. Bv order of the Board. nrftjAc JOS. E. BLOOM FIELD' Secretary. /"NOHPOR ATION NOTICE.?Public notice is hereby giren ! v s that i ode of |?n?|K*rty for unpaid taxes will take i.Ure at mi bite auction it the City Mall of the city of New Vork. on Tk*d*\, the SGth day of June neat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be c >11 ii.urd from I?% today until the whole of the said projierty stall o.* a Id and that the detailed ?tile incut of the taxes and propcif} tote* -i Id i* published in the New Km, a tiewHpaper prtttU d and published m the city of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptr oiler. Comptrolh r*? Office, April 2f? IHI2. a?H lawl fwtl-l.jyr ^ ' j \ I 1 i ! I i I? \ I'm Sheriff ha* issued th fn 1 |..wi?nj i' -to to the Impertors of Klection; and the C.?mm.'o S< hooU will, of course, liehereafter controlled by new I (kufnioni? NOTK K OK SPECIAL ELECTION. " Stimtrr'a Oitm r. 1'irr Hvt.L, > Nr.w Yoaa May Slat, 1812. i j No'iee i. ! reby given,ttat \ *i?? ci.il election will be held in th? Crv and t ??uuty of New York, on the firat Monday of , Jnu? nr d, purs i oit to " hi act to tid to the < ify and ' 'otin1 t\ ?>f N w \ . rk ii.' protiiiotiaof Uie th neral Act, in relation i ? *. w- ,*? d A|iril IK1"!.m The lii^t aection wlteoof to tu tollow* : I. l'h. i? !?<11 I" ' b ' t d in ? acb of the ward* of the f if\ oid t . ?unn I New York tw o ( < fnmi?H"!icr?, two In pertor*, il l fit T -f f "in*- ii S. Im?oU w Iio ?li ill In b'? I'd bv db at I i-? il i lection, |o be In I I on the fo t Monday of I'oie, in . * > <r. b\ the \n raofla ?|?iilifWd to vote for f barter 1 f Mfl?vra in 11* uiii Wauls, ami to ta conducted in the tame ii ami* r. b\ th# ?? ?r lu?i< rtors, at the Mini- Ward Districts, n?d mliji t to the >iin< (tiH, ruleh <ud regulations a* now t"* I ten* vh Cbar er Election* in *.nd citv /* '* l? i- recommended that fl?e botes and tickets used M this lection In embwwel witbthr wonjb * Corumon m77 t<? iir MON.MOl TH B. HAHT, Sheriff. MA IIP*.-A ?. O for ?M? KlinOI?p fll H.I, ,1 XT, R II.'I" f|?i"'l ?nd r?rh?n?..l l.v J V Bm,? . P...W. M A-'. ?? '?' l?'n.rr, .Ir,. I. I.on. *H? " C L'VIHO'IMI I > TIP. ?>M \ l.?l< AI'll ATA? III.Nl..? Ei HI l?K JI?N?? * 1 " ,u ... ' i ..I tut Diifh "f llal fl??, III lh? mim hr?uU -I '? lt?aa I ' ? "* ??"?l'?l * > Uwl . M?M*? I ^-flK . ?i .7*0. Ilfrl |4?l?? mil iir?*iliti? |> tea ky Ow?i*r?p'i r?B , t, , i?a>. J ? iW w HI iera: OCULISTS.= TH K KVK. I)R. WHEELER. OCULIST. INFLAMED. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES.?DR. I WHEELER, Qcculiw, :n Oteciiwieh street, New Yorkrespectfully informs the public. that iti cotiM-queuce ? !' hit L* practice having become enlarged to *o great an eitent, lie is compelled to confine hit office attendance strictly hetv\>tii Urn hours of 8 A. M. 10 1 1*. M., after which hour. he visits out o| door patients. Notwithstanding that among the tnany hundreds of cases 111 which Dr. Wheeler has attended, many have bleu Operated on .1 by ether professor* without success, and pronounced by them incurable, yrt lie has never failed lo eradicate the disease, and at effect a |h#ifeet cure, despite of every disadvantage which uiay hive presented itielf, and in mauy instances almost against jtj hop*. It is this unprecedented auccrn in his treatment of the various?hitherto considered incurable?diseases of the eye, that enables hitn with confidence to refer the afflicted who may lie unacquainted with him, and his mild mode of treating the disorders of this organ?to numerous restored patients in the tl first class of society, res|**ctiug his professional skill aud . abilities as being pre-eminent for bis success, as a scientific >' Occulta j. Chiouic inflammation of the eyelid or sore eyes, however 1 :i .( m ling 11 b* (Tei tually ind pi rmnopntly ohm( llnii n and s|K-cks, removed without surgical operation. STRABISMUS. [ Commrisl/ called S<|iiiutinirt and CATARACTS, safely re moved?in a few minutes?with scarcely any inconvenience or tl pain to the |taliuut. . To save trouble correspondents arc informed that letters, '' ed to Di Wheeler, will not be taken from the |N?st (>:li' . unless i" "t fiaid. 4 2?7*" The vast number of cases which nave been cured by Dr. tt WTieeler, have already giyAi luin a wide spread reputation, and lived it U)m1|i a ha si.-, a., listing as the gratitude of those whom }> litsh is rescued from a M living death. Of the number of car* tificat*#, which patients have offered tahimoi theii own m> conl, he selects the follow iug, not that the cases arc more re- i' niarkable than many others, hut because die persons who wrote tliein appeared to lie actuated by a coimweudahle spirit of phil.iutbropy, in seeking to make know n, for the good of their fellow-men, the l>< iisf.l which they have received from Dr. SI Wheeler's treatment. * (_ New Ycak, March 15th, 1812. .. To Dr. Wheeler. Oculist, 33 Oreenwic* at. l)rsa Sir 1 hat you may, if you th?nk proper, make pub- |l licly knowii the high estimation inwhien I nolo ycu as an or- ii enlist?I bee to give you, in addition u> my vetoal acknowledguients of the benefit you have conferred upon me as a patient, this written avowal of my ^reat indebtedness to you for restoring the *i;ht of my iH>or little child lioin the dangerous di disorder which lately afflicted its sight The child wm of such tender \ ears, ami it* dura.se V/ LS of sucl alarming a character, that 1 ih spairud, until told of your skill iu such matters, of >t umict mi - ramtd) for her, md jie more apeciall) as other physicians nad afforded Iter no r?iief. 1 am hanpy, how e*?r, thus to confess that you have effectually cured her, and 1 cordially, heartily thank you, lor your highly successful exer* I Hons. Yours respectfully, MARTIN WATEHS, US Hamm.ral.y .t. City and County ol New York : to wit: In the hope of being serviceable to <**rttc of H%' afflicted fel low creatures | hereby voluntarily offer inv grateful testimo iimU to Dr. Wheeler, the ()culi*t, for restoring me to jterfecl sight, (fn?nt total blindness,) after having before been unsuc c?*tfully tieatudand operated uoon by upwards of twenty of the in-'st eminent am) celebrated medical mett of this city and ITuited States. In witless whereof. I make de|M>siiion, under osth, to its truth, and hereunto subscribe niv name. JAMES O. KARREL, 78 3d Avenue. Swam before ine, the JOtli day of March, 1842. Geo. Ireland, Com. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : ss. David Powell, 158 Jackson street, Brooklyn, being duly sworn, axvt, th.it he was afflicted eight years with the Egyp tian opthalnua, and ulcers in the eyes, ami though under one tne tint uru li ?t * at the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne experienced no relict, hut became blind, ill which state he was placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green r*icl? street, who has entuely restored hi* sight. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 3l*t day of March, j 1*41. John Bi/lklev, Com. Deeds, 21 Wall street. City and County of New York: ss. Mary Ann Pin*.y, daughter of Mrs. Wiin*Ies,No.JH Catharine *tr? t, Icing dill) sworn, say", that she a short time suffered dmadlnllv front a disease'known, technically, (a* deponent is ihl ned) to k kutauroaii which rendered nti quits dIIbs, ( Although she had thu best assistance that could he afforded her at tin- Eye Infirmary, (as w !! as from an eminent eculiat in tnis city, who eventu illy told l??r the tight could never be restored) *h?- io v?-r received any essential benefit until she was plat ed under the rare of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich srrvt t, whttkt kunl and hkilful treatment. has entirely restored Ivr. MARY ANN I'lKLKY. Sworn before me, this 15th dav of Aprih 1812. Isaac P. Martin, Com. Deeds, II Wall street. City and County of New York: %<, Mr. 8. Cad> . 8i High street, Providence, II. I., being duly sworn, says, that lie w.t? totally blind iu his left eye, for nine years; the cause of the blindness was cataract; that he applied to Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 13Greenwich street, who, [by an o|ieratioii attended by very little pain aud inconvenience, ami w ithout d\ug?r.] I? is ih rfi ctly restored his sight. Under such cat imatan es, be (eef* it his duty, to stab his gmtiftide, to On Doctor, for the iu*-htim.ilde benefit which his skill has conferred u( < it 1.11it. S. ( A1 > Y. bworu before me, this 25th day of April, 1812, (?i MM! Ii.i i AMP, Jr., ( "in. Dpods. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York, s?: Ou the yth of last month, I plao d my little daughter, three irs old, wlio had son eyes, and was completely blind ol the left, under the care of P:. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Grtauwich st. To the aatouishmeiit of all who knew her, her sight is i?erfcctly restored, and her eyes art- well, lit the hope of h ading others to the same bh-Miug that I have enjoyud, I voluntarily make this statein*alit under oath. CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand street, corner of Thompson street. Sworn to b? (on me, this ttiti of April, 18(2. W. R. B? r.ar, Com. Deeds, ml3 1m#r 81 Nassau street. "MISCKLLANKorS. " SHARON SPRINGS. HMIE PA VILLION.?Thi? in w ronmMl;i)iti Hotel will We ? opr h for (he iwciitioii of t Wton 09 ud inti tha Ant oi Junr nest. hi the Villi** of hha/on Sittings, Schoharie County, New York. The rh?r pure water of the sprin/*. greatly reicmbling tlioac <?f tl?r whit** sulphur spring* of Yirginn, have lin n juoved to he highly efViractous hi Kh< uinalic, Cutaneous, Bili- j ion* and I))'?im |>tw* complaint*; 4ii?l 111 th'* curt- of Kryvnpelaa, , Salt rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, ami general ifc hility, ladit MM) atlm n m ta |n tided 1 ? mr 01 im moat eminent medical profr ?on in ilia Uaiicd Sum) m?dici< | bh! and Iwaling pro|?ertirt uiHuriaiWii, and believed to be une- ? quailed by any 111 this r mintry. Added to these, flit- ride* in the viciuitv, numeroua villages, J extensive views, uright?oriug caves and romantic scenery are | among the many attractions ofiered to these seeking in the heat of summer, either liralth or pleasure. These springs are hut a f? w hours rub* from Harotoga, Troy, Al h in \ , 111*1 in I< 'ci%%abb I fin < ^ B< UM AlhtD| ana I ties railroad, when t irriagi - -i-ii iw ui Um 111 1 of the meriting cars from Schenectady and I tics, to carry visitors to the Spring*, 1 distance of shout eight miles, arm ing in time for dinner; also b> the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike b\ daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of the citv of Alb*?i\ . Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished st sll times, either of th .mineral or fmh * iter, lud 1 vei> atteutioii g?? to feudal Um Itaj I * Jt <n agreeable. An abundance of the pureat mountain spring lw is stored for the season. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE STRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will b* opened at the above village of Sham'i Si.rings, for tlv rrrei.fion ol v:*i 1 tor*, iml com hilling all liie advantages of thi? delightful limine r residence. a2h I0w2iau ?r WILLIAM > M>\K.S PATK.VT I'HtSKKVKI) I'OUTABl.F. KllKsIC PRO- , * VISIONS, warranted to keen any length of time, and in any climate, via '?Preserved Lotwt* rs, ll?llib*?t Shad, Salmon Oysters -uid Clams?Beef, Mutton. Lamb, Duck. t birkell, Tnrkrv, Go.*r?Beef Soup, M ut ton H1 ' "" k* 11 Swiip | Oi Tail Soup, Vegetable Soup, Mock and Green Turtle S.?u|?* ?Oreen IVaa and Milk, for saa voyage*. N. B.?These provisions are all ready cooked, frer from bone and can be used cold, or, if preferred, warmed in a ft w minutes. Manufactured and sold wholesale mil retail, by in4 lai* m W. ML'LLANK, ?2*s Na*tau *t.. V w York r* virwfi a f ci4 ft a it vrsr i RimmrrwT r. .tmXirTn A 193#, at 402 Wat* r street, fivr doors *Im?% atK?i?? market, tne only establishment of tin* kind iii the United States, continues to supply tin* Navy, the American, Rii?i?ii, and Spanish war steamer*?has supplied all the rac* boat* ?ud sl-ib boats for the l.i*t four year*?aim ha* now the Urg* ?t assortment of oar*. awfc|a, ami sculls ever collected ill one place. N. B ?The Branrh Oar Store on the North Hivrraide.it hot up, and removed to 4(V Wat* r ttrret; and a* I save all ih? e*peii*e? of one attire, I will tell enough cheap* r to those who mine from the North River aide to pay tliem Vm their trouble H are boat a, Hub boat*, o art and arulla Sold !*0 p* r (flit Ir* than last yrif 15 3m *l SEALED,PROPOSALS Will he received by the I outrar^ tractor* for budding the liarl* m River Bndw? on Section Mr? of the Croton A'potlurt, until the first day of June m it, at 3 o'clock, P. M. at their office, at said section. for furnishing the balance of the atone not already contracted for to com pie t? the aid Bridfi The prieea for the H|Aa]i?-r cubic foot, must include *11 the ei|?enaea of preparing ^^L>tte suitable to be laid into the bridge .and delivering the same at the wharf at the * tid bridge, according to the plana and specifications, that will be prevented for r*am i nation ?s her* in after mentioned. The plans of the bridge and the s|M-cification ?f the material and the manner nf preparing the same may lie etamoxd at the office of the contractors, at said section, from the 2tth lo the pith of May instant. New YorV, May 20th, 1812. OF.ORE LAW. NAM ITL ROBERTS, ARNOLD MASON, Contractors for building section m of the ( roton Aqu? duct, hi eluding the building of the Bridge over the flail* m Itiver on said section. m2l tJsl r TYAOUKREOTYPE APPARATUS.?K. A. ARTAULT -L" k CO., I at* h 4* Broad street, and now If?8>t r ulton street, opposit" St. Paurs Church, have received by packet sliip Al batiy, and offer for sale r,t low price? 2J> complete I).iguerre-otyia- Apparatus, new patern 54K> French Plates, large sis* W Acrotnific Lenses, made at Paria, by Alphour, <h r rout k Co. 100 bottles Hyposulphite of Soda Alio, Tripoli ** Vriiiae, Iodine, < lo.useof Iodine, f rormne, I Cr?uniuc of Iodine, Chloruaa *f (JoId, and tiie new acre b ra- i tin* substaiscs. Mr. E. A. Art.itilf k Co fakes this opt>orfunity To inform their friend* and customers, tint they have removed tlwir establish- r meut from 46 Broad street to M8)f Fulton street, near Bond- \ way, opp wite St. PauIN rdmrch. _ *28 I hi* ( OTaIned oT.As* \ mi wis now hhadkh.-h \ \ ? ' NINOTON H CO, im Br'Milway, nm Kioilr .1, (>!*? i SPiimrs ami decorative Painters, respectfully solicit fsrniliet * uid other*, tit'lov up their dwellings. to insect their stock, which for style arid execution of work is not in be surpassed, ami at price* to suit the nines. Washable window shades IVotn one dollar to the richest styles, equally cheap in proportion. Architect*-.ml others furnished with designs for stain* d glass for church windows, dwellings, kc. on the shortest notice, and orders eirented with economy and despatch. WANTED?An artist, used to decorative painting; also an M i anfit' mytn l.nr I MR \ ( W H I 1 '' h 1 S i ckages to suit i is torn era? I tA>vV/.l/vy Assorted Pickles, Catsup, Sauces. Pre serves, ana English Mustard, of a superior quality and low price - Ciller and White Vinegar, by the gallon or barrel ; Sour Krowt bv the barrel or keg ; Preserved Meats. Soups Oyster*, Fowls, Milk, kc., warranted to keep any length of time, and in any climate, excellent for shipston *, as they afford f i trri' iimu> m iriwuiniiir |'iu ' . unmnii ' , nammro I ,.urr . Walnut, M ml, room ami Tomato Cataup, by the gallon ' or ilor.in, N.- B,?Largr ?ir.a Pi?:kl??for ginrrra, by W>!lXS fc MILLER, e Wlmlrsale anil Rrtail Warrhonaat for Pukrli, I mTi lm* 191 Walrr ami 212 Front atrtat t LD. Prlct Two Cent*. Tompkins* 111r . Tompkinsviu.k, platen Island, May i Slut, of Society in Statrn Idund-Rtlmim?Moraiti y?Love? Murder. James Gordon Bknnbtt, Ksy* ear Sir :? Knowing you to be ft warm advocate in the cause Freligion, morality, and temperance, and ever wilng to open the columns of your valuable paper lor ie insertion of communications touching on these ibjects, which has distinguished it from the other lurnals of the day, and rendered its circulation so ^tensive on this island, have induced me to address on at this time u|>on the growing improvements of tis village, in religion, morals, and benevolence, t being so contiguous to the city of New York, you ave thought, 1 presume, unimportant to have it reresented in the " Herald" with the numerous other laces so fully descanted on. But were you to be cquuinted with the condition of the people, and of be various societies and clubs recently formed?of be grand balls, parties, Arc., daily given by the ristocrucy here, 1 doubt not but it would be es enied the first for notice in the columns of your aper. Of ull places seen " under the sun," this little, ihind stands unrivalled in point of geographical Ltuation and scenery?walks, gardens, palaces, and iitf^iM's ll m wln.ri. lli- Invur ?il i.-tiir.. iroll over the high mid majestic hills, unci at. he upends their summits, he is struck with admiration t the splendid landscape presented to his view, far lore sublime and picturesque than can be witnessed 1 any other place on this, or the continent of Kin jpe. J lie increase of buildings and population of this art of the island within the pnst three or four years, i truly astonishing. Several tine dwellings have eeu recently put up, and many are at this time under ompletion, principally owned by New Yorkers, dio have purchased nearly all that property between le Sailor's Retreat and the Narrows. So Humerus are the removals of families to this place, that all :ie houses have been engaged, and many have been isappointed in obtaining residences to suit, have, een compelled to go to Brighton, and other parts 1 the Island to obtain them. 1 cannot omit liienioning the new Hotel recently built here by one of air old and worthy citizens, Mr. Thomas Hazzurd. t is a most elegant house, and an ornament to our illage. Mr. If. has spared no expense to make it, n every particular, a favorite and fashionable rereut. The rooms are fitted up in a neat and convenient manner for families and single gentlemen, fhe house is situated in a valley near the sen-shore, md within a few yards of the steamboat Wave's ituding, commanding a line view of the Bay and larbor of New York, anil surrounding country, riust be considered one of the most desirable locaions for |>ersoiis of business or pleasure in the neigliorhood of the city of New York. It will be under he sole management of Mr. H., whose knowledge, nd experience in keeping such an establishment aro veil known to his numerous friends; and being a. reut epicure, it need not he questioned but his table vill surpass any other observed at similar places. Vs the house will he opened about the middle of icxt month, I would recommend it to the notice of 'our friends to make haste and secure apartments tefore it is loo late. It gives me much pleasure to state, thut the reeent evivals in religion, and the temperance meetings lave effected changes almost incredible. Hundreds >f both sexes have joined the church, and have (lodged themselves to abstain the use of intoxicating iquors, many of which never was thought could bo cclaiined, or persuaded into the belief of the dan[erous effects of dissipation and drunkenness, which his place has been so celebrated for several years wst. The most important movement observed here, ind which excites much attention among the godike folks, is u Club recently started into existence, [t is composed of about 12 young men, voluntarily *' i ill u KM uir rA|iirpn ^UIJ?WP? t?i iruuiii^ heir aid tor the extinction of nlittery, poverty, and tiime. It is called the'* R. R. O. U. Benevolent 'tub a singular name, hut this i<* itn definition. I'hey hold meetings weekly, and at different places ilternately, and their ^proceedings invariably kept iecret with themselves. 1 have used my best t-florts to become aci|uaintcd with them, hut have failed n every attempt ; and were it not for the many liberal donations tliey have granted, und assistance rendered to persons in destitute circumstances, of which 1 um witness to, would have considered it a humbug. 1 have learned some of the members names;?there is tirst the President, O. O.; (!. K. B. Secretary; J. De F., J. 1"., It. It., Mr. T., Mr. L., Mr. F., Air. P. and Dr. w. These gentlemen are all of high moral character, and whose professions to sustain the principles which they advocate limy be relied on. So fast is their popularity increasing, that many of the most respectable families have contributed to their support, and are determined to sustain them under every adverse situation, so that their philanthropy and efforts may not fie frustrated, to impart whatever good they can in the amelioration of the poor and sick in destitute -ititations. Is it not truly gratifying to witness such noble advocates of charity and benevolence as these young men profess and act in this age of wickedness and vice 1 Yea, they deserve the approbation and assistance of all good citizens and christians, which they have already merited by what good they have achieved. Long may they continue to act in so great and good a cause. We have likewise a Lyceum here, established last winter, and lectures on different subjects ?re delivered weekly by iwrsonsof acknowledged ability and talent. Its library at present numbers IfiOO volumes. and the managers are daily receiving additions to it, which it is believed ill the course of the. present year will be sufficiently extensive for the wauls o| tin- reading portion of fhe community. The lace of the country now looks beautiful; the trees are clothed with their rich foliage again, and every garden, plain, valley and hill, are decorated with shrubs and beautiful (lowers. Fearing I have extended this communication too ong 1 will now conclude, with the promise of sendug you another one more interesting, if you desire I >\hin<; Arrmrr at Htroi.ary i.v Cincinnati.? r<'Hl excitement prevailed about the Mayor's Office hi* morning, in consequence of a daring attempt to oil the store of Mr. 1 lodgson, I>rui5sri?f, ?t the romer >t Western It ow anil Sixth street, which wiik nmdr last night, by four desperate thieves, hut prevrnted, unit wool the UieivcM taken alone by ihcpreaence >f mind, and courage of a young man, Theodore Marsh. who lodged in the store. About midnight, .Mr. Marsh, who is not more than 18 years of age, was aroused bv a noise proceeding from the outside ol the store, which satisfied him that thieves were attempting to force the rtnnr. Th<* courageous youth armed himself with a pislol.frharged with liuckshot, and passed out of a side ioor into the strei t, where he immediately encountered four desperate ruffians, upon whom he fired. Two of them tied, one crying out " I'm shot, I'm iliot." Mr M. sci/.ed upon the remaining two, liatering one of them over the head with the pistol, ill lie fell exhausted at his feet; he then seized told of the other, and hejd him until the watch and libers came to his assistance. Hoth were then aken to the W'atchhoiise. We have learned, with regret, that the wounds re eivedhy Mr. Marsh, are more severe than wassupMuu'd, I lis recovery is pronounced by his |>hysiciaii o he extremely doubtful.?Cinrinmiti Iru/unn, fifcf 18. New Mi \niv,s To Ot.n Woili>s?Ailmiralion \ |iuppy. staring a mode-1 young ladv out ofcounte then si u ulating, " asm Join " Fnmii?'The effect produced hv listening for a uarter ol an hour to tne conversation of a tashionilile lady. F.luituitf?A sot ol rules framed hv those who !onsioe_r themselves lip leader* of the fashionable vorld to make every one as miserable and uncotnbrtable as possible. Fa*liton?An imperiou.- lady w ho delights in mating fools of her willing slaves. Frirn/lnhip?|*rofe?*ing yoursell w illing to do any hing in th? world for another hut w hat he nsk* roil. FiMDvirr?One who appropriates #100,18)0 to his >wn use which belongs to other persons. InirlHi'fnrr? |)ogmatically contrsdicting every hing advanced by the company where you happen o lie. Ijnrt?A ?tnte of insanity, in which the parties oncerued think each other perfection, and ihemelves supremely ha|>py until u week after their mar Pnlitntru?Telling a man you would do any thing <> serve him, when you would cut he* throat d'vou lured. '/hi/)?Spending fc'At you have taken from your mployerVttll without In* content. iroidtman?A man paid hv the ritv to steep in he open air.

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