7 Haziran 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Haziran 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH V?l. VIII.?No. I50.?Whole No. 3007. RAILROADS & STE AMBOATS! TJarxden Ic CO.-GERMAN AGENCY?The subA A ftcribrr* respectfully <uinounce an arraugriueut which they hate recently made with Samuel H tight, Esq., U. S. Consul at Antwerp, for the | [>uriKue of **nblid?tng _ general continental agency at that place, for the traussction off*!'warding and Commission Business, and for facilitating the increasing commercial inter* course between this country and Conuueutal Europe. As Antwerp is situatrd in the centre of the manufacturing region of Europe, is at ouly 18 l?ourt distance from Loudon. 30 hours from Pans, in the immediate viciuity of Holland and Germany, and directly connects with all by railroad* or steam packets, its location affords the greatest advantages for pur chasing and forwarding Continental good*. All orders received at our offices in Boston, Albany. New York and Philadelphia, in season will be forwarded by thelMgiif) steamer BRITISH QUEEN, on the 7th of June next, ami will generally In* executed in season for the return of the same steamer, which will leave Antwerp on the 10th July. O" Importers of German book* are particularly requested to notice this. HARDEN It CO. ftew York, May 17th, i?H. nilkr RRITISII QUEEN.?Letter Fiegs (or tin steamer Bntiali D (Ju., n, for Antwerp and Southampton, Eng. will clone at Hvodfii It Co.'s Express and Foreign Letter Office, No. 3 Wall at. on Tuesday, June 7, at 10 o'clock, 1'. >1. jet Or HA UNPEN It CO. POMEROV r o.*s ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. iSlltfi The subscribers arc now running a rcgnlar Expreu over the Railroad* to anil from Albany ami Buffalo, and the intermediate placet, for FORWARDING, at low ratet, with the ittmoat tl>eed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Banlt Notes, linporMui Papers and Valuable Packages?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment of Bills of Exchange, Notes^Jicafts, Acceptances, Accounts, Sir., at reasonable per ceutare?execute Orders for the purchase or sale el Merchaudi.f, Produce and Manufactnrrd Articles of every de cription, personally, in the ttwns on their route, through Messrs, HARNDEN & GO'S EXPRESS to NewYorkand Boston, and Messrs, HAWLEY It CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate placea?forming at once the moil direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges. Ice. References?Erastna Corning, Thomas W. Olcott. Watts Sherman, A. D. Patchin, Noah Lve, Junes Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany, Agencies?Bennett, Baclnu It Hswley, Utiea : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Aulmrn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd, Canandaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McK ....... I . I i ci ?,. o-....:- . cni HI , mw?in.nk ? \t. a< vibir, una" la , x nuniiu uiosyjin. Buffalo. POME ROY St CO". No. S Ewhutr Buildings, Albany. all 3 Wall street, New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. RE<S,AR MAIL BOSTON, via STON1NGTON ANU NEWPORT, composed of the following superior steamers, running Id connection with the Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captalu Thayer. NARRAOANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbilt. One of which will leare New York daily, (Sundays eiee^ted) Dona Pier No. 1, Noith River, Battery Place, at fire A?RAWO?MtWT. The NARRAOANSET. on Monday, for Stonington, and ?hursd?y, for Stonington, Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS. on Tuesday, for Stonington, ewpo-t and Providrnce, and Friday for Stonington. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wcduesdav, for rttoniogton, and Saturday, for btoningiou, Nt\v|>ort, and Piovideuce. Passengers on the arnvgl of the steamers at rttoninglou, may take the Railroad Cara and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Bo.ton. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at (330 i>er ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods Sccnu per cubic root, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 21 Broadway. mil Coir OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! _ Passage 50 cents?Berths 50 cents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. |?a The commodious Steamboat WASHINGO. -1**.'. il?TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made jC^ajKaSL arrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday aflemoon, at J o'clock, and Albtiiv, every Tueadav, Thursday, and Sa tnrday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at tlie foot of Hammond etreet, New burgh, Poughkeeiwie, Kingston Point, CattskiB and Hndsou. For freight or imaaage. apply to the Captain on board, Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. nu We t street. nitre TUP'. RAINBOW MORNI-NO LINE for Ca JALBAN'V.?The low pressure Mr am boat AwaTT i T? RAINBOW, will leave the foot of Robinson Street, every Tues lay, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. i lm*r TAILORING^ ~ REMOVAL. PHILLIPS* CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, b removed from Hi Broadway to No. 7 At tor Home. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments ofa moat Elegant and FashienaUe kind <t a sating of 00 per cent for cash. rIE advertiser d?cms it unnecessary to resott t) the hackneyed lyttrm of giving a list of nominal pia.v-e, prctiming that the length of time lie htia been established, together with the eatenaive patronage besvtwed on nun, win prove e sum cient voucher for his capabilili-s. Possessing th adv an*age ut being connocted with an extensive cloth establishment iu Eurape he confidently asset! that he cau furnish clothes which, on c.itnparison, will he found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions olhren'lenteu'i dress. _ myi jm rmuuii'3. 7 Astor Iimut*, Brondwuv RETRENCHMENT THE _ ORDER OF THE DAY. rpHE Subscriber, with i view of meeting the exigencies of J. the times, hoi mode arrangements whereby he will henceforth be enabled to furnish garments of the very best quality, at an immense Baring from former charges. Having made his purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to compete with the cheapest,(on the ready inoneyqr'nciple only J while he pledges himself to continue the same observance of elegance and punctuality which for the last fifteen years has characterised his establishment. Gentlemen are referred to the annexed list o( prices, with the. assurance that the articles enumerated shall be equal in quality and style to the most costly. Dims coats of super wool ilycd cloths, front $14 to 31. Pants, do do cassiiuere, R to 10. Vests, of every fashionable variety, 3 JO to i 50. Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own materials can have (heir garments inade and trimmed in the same style of elegance, in proportion to the above. N. B.?Mr. Bahcock, long known as of ost fashionable cullers, continues in the establiehme CHAS. COX, Sign 'he i ld> n Fleece, mi Im t>l N.as?.iu i.uii Maiden lane. MACHINE POETRYT" WHEELER, TAILOR, hereby sends This information to his friends. Or enemies, if he lias any. Whether they be few or many. The public too, both far and near, He wishes every one to hear, That in Broadway he lias a shop, In which he'd like to hive tliem pop. And should they want coat, s est or pants, No ene can (it them if he cant. Prices low to suit the times. Cloth, too various for these rhymes; In short youll find no other Tailor, So sure to please you as A WHF.ELER. 13 lme if,7 Broadway, up stairs. MARTIN'S Cash Tailor I nig Establishment, II lumvi-ta 10 so* miliar* itreer, comer nj .Inn street. THE ub-rnbrr, ill aunotittrini; the above to hir frivnda *nd I 1 the pablic in (eneml, lake* leave to return tlmiki for the I liberal patroaaae beatowed on him at hia former place of busi mi, an*i aii urea the in that 'very article ordered ol him ahall. aa heretofore, be cut, made, and trimmed in the Da at"?l attu moat atyliah manner. The material*, the newest and beat in the marltet, anal at a poaitire eavim; of 30 per cent. H imagers are requested to call and aa unine. Orntlrmen who pref r purrhaaino their own cloth, ke., can have them made and trimmed in the atyle that baa *uch general aatiataction MM the last four yeara. Every eirmrnt warranted to fit, and made by the brat workmau at lha followtat pricea, via..-? Dreaa Costa $7 (M to 91 30 Frock Co-la | no to 9 50 Pant* aad Veala I 73 to ? 00 Over Coata no to 11 On 'X.f~ No jannenm ratadr made?all made to order, aad a anit fnmifhed. u necerwy, in 34 liaan. mil Imc MICHAEL I. MARTIN. OF THE UTMOST IMPOIlT a vnr j CPO purchasers of Marshall'? Troy Shirt*. Bosoms and Coli lars. Iu#on?r?juruc? of iltr many mi.ukra hiring tn-t-n made nflete by atrauitert and other* .in finding otir only Troy Bb*rt De -of, *' ?r? ibercfo nldiurd 10 made pub ic the kmm tor the b-nrfit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirt*. Boanma and Collar*. It i* fhi*. A "tore ha* lately had painted ou Ihrtr window, and about Weir pn nii*r?, a sign purporting la be "Troy Shirt D-pof." Not* wr inform *1 , th.-y oonotneep our Troy Shine, Boaome ami Collar*, and a< a Siard against mi*?akca that may occur in future, on account of is new etyu at th-corner *tore. then-fore, we thai! rirrulate eiMutivelT the following card, and for the benefit of dealara in ouruoode t? Tnia it to inform dealers and other* that MarehallV only Troy Shirt Depot in the city ia about aiiteen d Hire from th.corner of P ail and Chatham at.ret*, on the riiclit hind side in paaaiar to the Cltv H all?N'o. *) Chatham street. Thia ia oar only Troy Shirt Detail for the rerrmng of our hiflily reputed Troy Shirt", Boaoini and Colla-a in the city. We ahall came thia to be eitansivaljr rireiilated, in cona-rpienee of m-uy mi?take* harinc bc-ii in ill-ollal-. 1} particular ,o u-tie name. MARSHaUPS, on the win-low .'I ia-; alao th' following? MAR "(HALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DKI'OT noChrtham afreet. No palms 140 a*hed of thawe who beat n own. New York, June 3, lilt. ir.l ImV SHIRTS. CHIRTS made to order, after the moat appeared French D faahiona. deathmen ? darmenu of all -lencnptiorr m*?lc (4 order at the *bojtc?l notice. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 17 and U Maiden lane, corner of William >t.?eu m?lnt*r WILLIAM COLLINS. FRCNLtfUXSTaITY SIKHS Sal . at No! tii Futtoa'd whole**!* *nd r-f.rl art In*, r-RENCIf DYBI.Nd AdEM'lES?O. W. Burnham, ;? I C Maiden l?nr, N. Y.; J. O. Rtrd. 113 Fulton *1, Brooklyn.? 1 A. Haaaon, New Haren, Dyer.?The puhlie are raapeetihllr I informed that the aboee eilahliahmrut has been in auereiafid 1 operatioo for many year*, and full confidence can be placed in them for richnraa of Aniah and punctuality in returning gi?d* ? Merchant* and the public generally will find it to their adtantagr to gtra thaur their ordem. jet lm*c 1 E NE J FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, tYholesalr and Retail Furniture and General Furnhhinx Warehouse, No. b7 Chatham street, corner of L)turns strut. New York. TlfHERE he keeps for sale a large assortment of the follow*" un; articles, viz.: Sideboards, Bnre iiu, Bedsteads, f'ou. Tables, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks, Glass Cases, Book Cases, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre, '1 e.i ami Pier 1 allies, Piaao?, Sofas, Soft Bedsteads,Boils, Beading. I'ajea?l<irs,Mattresses, Camels, Oil Cloth. Matting and rire Irons Wash bunas, Tmiet Tables, i andie St.*id?, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing B'irrHUS, Sales, lie. Also, a Urge assortment of men and women's Wearing Ale parel, new and seeond handed. I All the above articles ara offered to the public at eery [ low prices. IVrso.u in want of said articles would hud it lis their advantage to make an early call at the ubove establishment. Whipping orders |>unctiiallv attended to and pelted til the shortest nonce, sua on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, bur. for lilting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the shove establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Geullemeu's and Ladies' cast off Clothing. ar?6m * r I OSEPH I'ECIvG VF.K, Fancy Cabinet Maker, MathrmaiJ ical ana Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 209 Water timet, New York. Chi anoiaeter noses of a superior make, barometer, thetmometi r frame., cyisdraiit, sextant; surveyors, snrgicsl, dentist vnd drawing iiatniment hoses, insde rnd parked in a neat style? timepiece, clock, gun and pistoj cases of all description; dague'ioty,i? s| parartis and medicine cheats, amies ors rods, of mi) icngiN aim mute A'.l kinds 01 tar.cy woik, made or the best matenala Wi! workin .m-ihip, warranted. Rrpairiiv; of srery description eiecutdd with neatness, punctuality and >lia;>atcli. Kirnrh polishing and vaiuishiug. >1 snufss-torv, u ti. Tagle rune's Establishment, between Dover street .ad I'eclc alip. Krr verrrcrs. Messrs. C. k Q. W. Blunt, corner ol" Water street and Bailing -lip. Mr. A. Mcgaray, IK) Waterstrcet Mr. Demilt, 239 Pearl street. m!5 lm*e CHINA G L AA S AN D EARTHENWARE. 8AST0R HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pu ces. S'ii Oil White Granite, do do J12 do 13 00 French, or Eugiitli Porcelain Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per do/en, 1 94 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 Soup, do French Porcelain, do 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do I flu j Tea Cups and Saucers, (24 pieaei) French Porcelaiu, 1 50 Egg Cutis, do do 37 Glass. Cnt Wiues, per dor.en, from 1 30 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 25 Tablc CL'tlkht. Of th- finest disrriptions, to sets or doteus, at the lowpnce of $12 the set. Just opened, a hand..one assortment of Toilet Wire. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent fortha sale of Sim-ton's Eai Comets, for the relief of deafnesa. mil ltn*C CHEAP HARDWARESTORE. '"PHE Subscriber is now opMtwir his Spring supply of , A HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, sec. ivcd I*r lata ar- I rivals from Binninglssiii and Shi iTield. Together w ith a general stsoytini-oi of DoinvHCic saimmiw w nieh he is ire pared to uf!er at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. Ttie attention of Country Merchants, Buihh-m, Cabim ( Makers, ito., is solicited to en canmination of his stock and prices, as he is confident they mill find it to Uwir interest to favor him with a call. AJLFRED F. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwirh. corner BireUv. New York. A regular snpidv of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cootiers O'ue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, James' Screws, bttn_ m? 'im* 'T'RIAL OF BOOK SAFES !!!?Sevmal trials u|ion Iron A Safes, of different maki is, e been had in furnaces, and certificates given by respectable Aftruimits, iu favor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander Sole. The SMet so tried, together with the Committee*' report, and other testimonials, can be seen at :he iron Chest Warehouse of the Subscriber, the only place iu the city where Wildcr's Sals mender Safes can be had. Chests of other makers, such as have been taken in part pay ment for lite Salamander, for tale at lass than half of the tint cost. SIUAS C. HERRING, m22 2wc 13ft Water street. MOTT'S TaTETsT PORTA BLE FURNACE, and Wash Boiler, 4<imirably tdiptmi lor washing, c.iu be placed in the fire-place, the ar?a, or the > ard. Patrnt Airriculturiit*, Kuruac aid C.mMron, in sizes off!*, 30, 40, 30, r?0tH0, 100, 120, and 130. Th**se I'urnacrs require only a piece of tripe to fit them lor use. No artt"-le his r vvr given better rattsfaetion to those farmers ha re aspd them. Patent Hard Coal Furnace, a unu a/ycle for summer use? will mile i neat little *fOVe for winter Fueiit Chin or Charcoal Furnace, i'p>m new patterns, mnch improved. '1 hole are lined with lire buck. Alio a very low priced furnace without lining. Combination and Furl-Savins Cook Stoves, at summer prices. The combination is he nl, le^irciare move that conduct* the steam* and smell from the Uitch-ei. The) are ivjnalty well ail.ptcd lor lumoitr a* winter. Lbders supplied ou liberal terns. J. L. MOTT, jel lm?c SSI Wutir and IS Bowery. ??Mm? .ma.ijii 'mieritu a n ussi iss-amui* dry goods, 4c. shirts! UNITED STATES SHIRT .VIA NL'FACTORY,77 Wil- i I inn ?treet, coruer of Liberty, N. Y Notice I* hereby given to Merchant* and trader* in general, that the proprietor* of the above establishment have adopted a new method of inaou- 1 factoring w hich enable* thorn to sell their ?hirt* at a cheaper rate than any other home in thi* rity. l^ui statement will be affirmed by ihe list of prices as follow*:? Per Dor. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoma and Collars, - $?,S0 Do st'tr hert in the Doaam and CoPar ".no Do Colored cue patents large sines 7,00 Also, a 'art e ouanlitv of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will be od'ercd cheap fn cash. m?> Iin*r th e s hieldettvictoria shawl and diaper pin. ANEW and important article for use in the nursery and as a (astriiiiut to ladies' shawia, cloaks, ire., patented in the United Slap** and in Euro|>e, for sale, wholesale, by W. 11. CARY it CO., 190 Pearl street, New York, and by the |.atenter. at the manufactory, 1J0 Jay it, BrooklynThread and needle mores, and dealers in fancy articles, suppl'e.l on liberal terms. mil lm*r STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and a- English Straw Gooils, r> spectfutly informs his customer* that he has removed his establishment from 09 William snd J6 Piatt, tu 39 John street, where he continues r*> keep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies* fashionable Straw Goods, French ar t English Dunstable., Italian Rutland., tine Tuscan, Fsucy obellworks. Prince Albert Slriws, 4te. See. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siburian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses all the sCyles as yet intra duced. being extremely Ugh:, beautiful, white and durable. m21 Im*iu to the ladies. 17ASHIONABLF. MILLINERY OOODS.-The prorrie" tress, Miss S KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, otTer. for sale a most select and choice ".ssortment of Millioery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet |>resented to the public, both as regards tne quality and elieapoess of the articles The assortment rousista of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTF. D'ORLEtNS, as woni hv !.s Duchesse D'Orb sua, oi Fiance, SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hat* called " MODINE CAPOTTE3, ELS3LER COTTAGE." Parisianand Rnglish FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tcitart, iiigreal variety. .... The Proprietress respectfully solicit! the Indies to firor her with tcall, tnd enmine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will he a grent savin* to them in price and a great advantage as regards the lariety and quality of the goods. MISS S. K1NCJ, -ilagar.ne de Modes, mil lm*r W1H Broadway. SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS, CRAVATS, AND GLOVES, JUST RECEIVED, a neli supply of the above srtirln, consisting of a very light and elastic stock, eijirt-ssly for the simmer months. Also? 8ca,fa and Cravats, in great variety. A large aaaortraeut of Silk, Thread, Cottoo and Hoakin ( loves?it toe old establishm mt 241 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray atre-t PARSELLS, Agent for J. AOATF.. N. B. Con?'an*ly oit htnJ in etteruive ass'rtmentof Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Diraa Fronts, Lift. n Collar*, Lndcr O rment?, Itc. <ac. mil lm*in ~ MILLINERY GOODS. CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated Millinery and Ladiee' Straw Hit klauifactruer to Her Majesty tiie QUEEN OF ENGLAND. reapee'fuHy begi lease to announce to the Ladies that he haj o? noiid a most <pl< ndhl and fashionable aasortment of Lidiea' Straw and Silk ll its. The Straw Hsis are mauofactarad to a most fascinating and bemmiinv ?iiape, culled THE ELSUUF,ITc6TTAOE. with Oipsey aides and a Hi, its Fiartr around the front. The lirai.la these Hat! are mad' ' i. of the most elecnnl ,,.Uen>. Uw Albert Straw Theailfc deoartment if rondnrted bv the mmt ineeniotu and tasty inillinen, not to be equalled. TV'ilblltofttn newer c ?trle,fre*h rnijwrtad. Trimming and Flower. to correeinnd. Those who wish to eoBTitic* uiiimp!vi ? nwy call at No, M Caul, near Broadway, ami IT Disisien dreci. N. B.?His Paris Ribbnns ami French Unarm, arc of the latest style, inH can be purchased at cither of hia establishments, MWtsnlessle and retail, on reunnalilc terms. mil lm*r Jjtmm JlKUl LA lV.nl FRLAt.li BTYLR.?The subscriber makes to order, Roots aboY# description, of the finest quality of French Calf Main, and in the latest style, and at rrry rrascuahle prices.? lit/nUrmrii who bare been in the lutlill it I yilil (Itni tifint Iterator irifrrior artacles are requested lo raR ami be conainced that hit prices are from Urn to twenty per cent he low other atorrs in the neighborhood Drawing* leona iAmi of the feat, anil a pair or lasts Icept tor each customer, there ta no difficulty in getting a hanoaotne yei May fit. L-owstaaily on hand, a lar^c assortment of fashionable ready i Prv$> -r'n flr"rwWl"'/ U':u' Tn'? DOLLARS FIFTY p ui .2. a DOLLARS: Half Boots, (Mirers, Shoe., Pnmiia, Slippers, kr.hr.tt equally low or.rea. JOHN L. WATKlSlH, im Fnltonat.. _ Between Su m UlU l>utc|, sta. JEwi.ru fcNCH. iMroRffcb oa iters ?r ,11 ?? ^PU'r "f *" >"?; French boots and psteut leather shoea, d'l-aa ihoea, gaiter,, wr-lkmy shoes and nynna i',,,..,, boya and c hildren. Mens' ami boys' cheap lee,is Tv',,,, *j S3, U i? and H per pair. MrJ .hoe. 1. tTlc, ? 'r .'ei mil. Boy. shoe. 10 to 75 rent, and SI, ami warranted con.l. Luiies, nil*/ ? *?d rhildmu' trutw bonf?, hi*?luMn<. w ilktu* iio-? a no ?iir>r*m m ail cnmra ana aitea, latent f?hmn ti,? Sn<kina and alipa, 7) eeofa to $t. rnoJ ? alippera. Come antl 1 too a Rood astortMenl of the ahote aeticleaat ?J Caftal air?, t o'lUT of n o?-W..v.?ndat 206 Canal ?t, i?ortl,-vrr?t corner it Hndenn alre.'t. at Walker'a. ml) tro^r WfcBB'S imfrovlb" hurnkks. at hot,,,t>.0r? ! coul. I'M loan I cretofoie. It* auoacrilier liu now oft liaiidaeeut . il aaaort Bent o( the imported Btim?r?, which ij J bow offera al th? abort redne-.l pric-.. A Ir.o-nl di?cownt atlowed all dealcn. But quality of Camuhlne at .Ml renta \+t ' (allon. Camphorated U?a 7) ccnta. Call and etamme for J KO'uaalTaa at No. 1U Grand atiwat, one tioor^.^n B' N. B.?All hindt of Lampa altered, hronaed, gill an.l rejaurad ' it ill* iborteal notice, ou reaa uabla larma. mjl lm*r , t - . VV YO YEW YORK. TUESDAY BOOKS AND STATIONERY" T<) PAPER MAKE! PF.RSKE it BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street. between Bmajwuy and Nuun *t-? - I, New York. uripoit direct Irora the Manufacturers the fo'lowiug articles, via:? Bleaching Powder ol Boed k Sou's make?warranted, for Uutformity and strength, equal to suy in this country or Great J5 item, snd for the sale of which uiry are soleageuts iu the V oiled States. i^iu{ii-1i C> Under Machine Felting of eery superior quality, 36. 10, 4>, 06,72, anil M iwchet wide. Dryer Felling of stroug fabric, and of widths usually 1 required. Ulur lnn .lu.-lisvimr ti.e upency of lh- Sutton (Vmrwjijv's Blue Smalts, they are enabled to supply FFFF., and Ft Fh E; in any quantities Wires for Fou. Ji inicr sail Cy Under Machines, manufactured from the purest metal?also, jackets?Wet and Press Kelts. I'ulj. Screens, Nu-._A, 3, of brans metal. Or lers for any of to above artielea, loireth-r with Foreign and doinestie rua?, Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, tic. he-., will meet with |im..i| t att, utioii in 31c E W li I IT A iTmL SIC-TTeoRGE Ti. DERWoKT, professor of the guilai. No. 130 (land stri > r .. unsito ilie St. John's cliurtii, hi* the honor to acquaint hi? friend* uj the public thnt lie !i.u. puhli?lied n variet., of new .m! , , ular music, ?.rrHH#r?I with emy ftocontp&niinenu for guitar. Mr. D. will dl?c iiTAij^e find compose music for orcV.nura, {tdtw, an?l other lastntments, m.| cive iustrtia.iirn- ; > .?team op Utf pimno Ibrte utd violin. r^W REfoftTF.RnFOR Jl'NK, uu, Thu u.T i i,..,., F. eil.?Contents; Grei nleaf oil Evidence: Bulk.tin! Law, rs parte F'wter, when in the validity of atfichiTiii.L. ol the ;..vpeity of Bnkrupu, on m-?ne process, is discuoed willi tile tnnal anility aud discriminationof thtt learned Jurist, Justice Ft.., , W a Jiiiuion Built Shu-tletf; failed Stated v*. [ Dobbin*; Diyest id' knitiuh oi?e\; Intelligence and Miseel- ; liny, Biukruolt In Main;-, inchi liny all who lure petiti aid j ' to be declared Binknipt* in Maine up t? Miv 20. Ifli?.vholo number, 1206 ; Usui* nipt* in MassaclmseU.* continued from pare ri. iacliidiuK the name, nf petitioners from April 20rh, to nlav :'Uth mil ; -New Publication* ; Obilttiry Nolle*. ; J,u; of | Bankrupts in New Fork will be coipinurd in next unmix t. BHADBl'ltV, SOL)*..* a; .'O. mlO ,/h.t 127 Nnsaau at. N. Y. and 10 School *t. lh'.nin. PAPER HANGINGS. Ma. FIOWELL & CO., 367 re'arl street, are now receie- | tod from their manufacturer* ul New B: miw ick, an ax* tensive assortment of Papar II tnginn, Borders, 6.0. of the latest aud moat approved patti .-us a d styles, suited to the city and country trade , whieh they oiler to deslers at the net manufactory price*. Also their usual variety of French Paper, Bordus, File Bivra Prints, View*, Hoc. 'fne he?t workmen to put on paper in any part of the city can be had at the ahortest notice. al3 eod2ni?r O.vUCt'ATHIAS WORKS.?Ju-1 published bv W~M KADDE, 222 Broadway, JohuN New Manuel of Homeoparhic Practice, edited, with annotations, by A. Gerald Hall, M. I)., s-cond American, from the third rarit edition. This indis|M:aiabl? book to lionuepsthista is now complete in 2 vols.? Price in paper SI?a fail bound cony $7. The Family Guide to the Administration of HomoBiiathia Tlemedies, third edition, from the secoud London edition, w ith addition*?Price 26 cents. Popular Considerations on Homoepathia?hy Win. CulUn Brysnt, Esq., beliverrd buforc the New Vork Homopathic Society, Dec. 23, mil?P ict 1SK Cent*. Also, just published. Hvdriatics. or Manuel of the \l*at. r Core, as practised by Vincent PriesmilT, in Qro*fftil>ert?, com Piiad and ti.uulatrd frnm'lhc w ritiu.% ul'Cnarles Munae, p. Ae.tr I, D. B. Hirschel, and other practitioners, by Francis CJmtcr?Price $1?uealfy bound. TIim little neatly pnultnl bookenntaim an rsposition in what manner this simple i?ciit has been found remedial. mil 1 m r BOO K ~ B I N DTN G PAI'KR RULtNG. TT IRELAND. No. 120 Nanau sirtrt, hivia* an euriir new ftock ol* Binaiu? Tools and Ruling Machinery, ol the h?ei?r and rnoMt Aj?j;ix)V(d |>att< i;h, ik :r w pivpnrt<i to execute all orders in the roost durable and haudaomv manner. Murchnnt* At'cconW Boot* and all other kinds of BUnkwork ruli d j ooad to in patterns, end in 1 *t\ I* fi? it is w.:i mted toiirrittiiiHetioti. Am work nrderedcan be none ln*ihe Erutlien mode if u quirt: J, a* 11. I. has had looff ? *;><? tk net- iu fOUl methods. FOR SALE?Two second hand Corpert^late Prtspen. Apply .? aheie. m!" lni xi i is? ?memii iisi lie?milipi?mmntmmmpun HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS!! TJIIOWN It CO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and ret f tail, 170 Chatham Square, comer of Molt street, where ft.hion, beauty, durability an J economy are combined to adorn the heaiL The proprietor! have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved afiort napped llat, a new ?tyle, th? imitation ol" beaverr, wliieh ao cloaely reiemtilet that of all fur* tiie inoet costly and beautiful, th 't the difference i? not easily |N-rceivcd. Price three dollan. "IV e strictly adhere to the omprice cash system, which enables ui to furnish a very- superior li t for l!i? price chanted. In preuentiiw these Hats to the public the proprietors think they have reached the ultiin.-itnm of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* USWIII I I IM.IWW?W?l^KH?l JEWELRY. WATCrii^.AN!J JEWEL BY, VERY ROW. 'PHF. Subscriberis re',line all lMcript*i:n jf'IrlJat J Silver I Watch.-.. O..U -...d al.i -r IVi,oil., ilul I r rj.s, hr,>. f;e. a? T?t.a.l, lower t!:ia at nnv other ilrre in IPs city.?I jd "Watches aa low a> ti.irt to l'..ii e ! l!;ijir.sr. Watches . J Jewelry exchange. Cr honcrt. AM A Unties are warranted to keep /o.r.l time, or tho ne-ncy n tuned, Ar fittir. ami Clocks itp'-ued ;n rc brat mnuu.r, ind wuiureJ, 11 much leas than the n>ua! s.*f-. ?? usr .ir <) the lineal ircrK.ticn in the city. G. C. ALLEN, lnaie-rter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, 39 Well street, up stairs. m28 1 m ? m \VATCHE9, JKW'ELHV, CUTLERY, fcc.-The subscribers beinK desirous of materially reducing their stock, offer for sale at importation cost, for cash or approved short per, cold snil silver watches, itold chains, iiencils, rincs, ami lir iaeoi a, diamond pint and rimes, unset diamonds, paste stums, pta'.a, Japan, and German silver ware of every description; ra sors on cards ami in dozen,;, (ien, |*>cUet and dirk knives, sehsora, seta of table cutlery; also, siller spectacle*, thimbles, i ncila, trioth nicks, pickle forks, plated eari'inxt, chains, rinitt, lockets, eye cla'sci. motto s, lis pocki I b-eiks, seyar cases, cork acrews, ke. iic. s. J. NEU^TADT k BARNETT, ' m7 In* c 41 Maiden lane. 'T?0 JEWELI.E'li MINIATURE PAINTERS, fce A C. k J. HART'- V.TT, Nil. 2 Coiartlanlt street, near BroailwnV, Wh'dc.ale and Retail Manufacturer* of Trsvulliuc, VVritins, Dres.inc and Jewel cases, miniature cs.ei, and s-nines, tlntc, lock> t, watch, rin?, and pm cases; c.ues for silver idau-, neatly irruiged to order. Also, trays made and ftt?d to Jewellers' show cose*, to contain watches, chains, nuts, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, Stc. kc. inc. A i aticty of the above article* constantly on hand, ami made to order, with neatness and despatch. V- -i l-. ?.rl.,,,lr , V..u, TpMOVE'D.-HILAIHK WALTER, ayent and par'nrr of I V the bouse of Bmrr Walter, the onlvmanufactory of Watch Ula.ii'* iu France, No. 27 Par.idi* Potssonniere street. Paris, has the honor of informing M'-srs. Healer* in watch worlra. and all article* connected with the line, as alto Msars. dealers in c.it tlwt, that their r-;.nWishment of watch gla'scs, cut glasa, Rill .I.J Colored, fancy *rtiel< ?, Sic. Jtc Jcr., In* lately been te moved from No 40 Maiden Lane, to' No. 90 William at net. (t ntlesnen desirous of purchasing from the only d-not of the factory, w respectfully invited to call at oar KSMi.t.?"??i where will lie found an unrivalled aaaortment of the above mentioncd goods, wnich will be di?[>o?ed of on the moat re itonnh'.e t"rm?. tot 'ini'r noticesT ^ ?rrict orTtir Attants k RocttriTta R. R. Co. > Canandnwa, June 2, 2(2. $ AS-tni Annual Dividend of Five per Cent will b" naid on the Capital Stock of thia Company on llir firtt day of July near. Sha-ehoh'.era whose Stock i? registered iu the Ci'v Transfer Books of thi* Company, will receive pivmcnf at the B ink of the Stat' nf Jfew York, in the City or New York; and those whoae Stork is not mastered iu the City will be paid their Dividrnil at thia Office. By order of the President and Directors. jcjtojvlr CHAS. SEYMOUR. Trcss-crer. VTOTlCE TO CLERKS, and .-!1 other tieiKin. whose hnap A? neaa causes ilwio to lie constantly on their feet.?By calling at the old exclusive Boot Storr, lit Chatham-street, they cm b" accommodated witfi theinvvuibf* artlcl-, ROOEUS' METALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in rrery per. ticular, a ad at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The f,,| lowing are some of the many advantages tlie Elastic Heels luve over every other kind : First?Thr elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. Secondly?They make no noise in walking upon the pavn* mrnt. ^ Thirdly?They prevent Boo* from running down to the F nrthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much less fatigue. Fifthly?Thoy do tied cat or tear carpet* as do Iron or nailed he-Is. Siethlv?They cm lie warn with comfort by those luring tender feat. As uttist, consteiitlv on hetvl e!l kiinlc of Boots at wholeeele end retell nt meimfbctnrer's firi'-e. jefllm'c WANTF.D?A ChiefConE with en iinrscptioriehle cliirscrrr, for H. B. M.'seteemer " British Quccu." Apply on bosrd l?'!We> u tlie boar* of lOeud 12 or J end 7 j't 4f PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.-Notice it hereby (firm th'tCh.ir'e* H. Bl'ir having rolontenly wilbdresm from the firm of G. C. Wright A Co., on the IJth instint, tho andfreicord err eatliorite'l to pev enn lece.se ell inouie* end rtlle nil eccminu conserted tlierevriih. The snbecHlsere will eor.tinur th? mem lecture of STF.EL TEN'S in the eitv ofNew York und-r the firinol'C. C. Wiuht A Co.. Agency Office, No. 8t? \Isiden lene. (\ r. WIlIfJHT. j2 1w?e JEREMIAH MOTrtftrion. Knoravino nv THE 0 vfNT!GRakm maghinr..BI'HR, JONES h CO., IW Bronlwsy, eortier of Joiiu street, N.Y.,ere prepared to engrere ell kinds of Sle|?, Chvtt, Plsns end Bnrreyt, or strs work of ihsl cfriss, in the most hesatifnl stvle, with anoemlleled eepedilion, end et prices fer be low thoee charged for einular seork eeeciited by hend engrsrni??the coet of line etrel or copper (detrs not eici-ediiu Lithorrsphie work. N. B.?Specimen* of th? work done by Hie Omnitrrnph een he eremined et rkrolfW in Broedwev, os2t:imr piXnofortes Manufactured by a. it. oale a co., ute n. y. , Is* fee f\b ? Pter. le.e-r. A .U-l pitennire ?'ock before pnrehultiu eliewliere, at thvir Manufactory and Ware Rooms, Third Avenue, corner or Thirteenth 1 itrert. N. H. Pried to mit the timea. jrt 1m*ina r PIANO FORTr>'. COT'TKT.nN DGAI.ChM at xirn*'f will find ? ? it in their mlviniii.i i?t-.ll t-.d fi~mili|i 4 ri<>m nncimuni if ihr l'fir' a/ticl*. ni'ii-'i. i l fariitv .? 6 oifl 4>{ KUtw, rif roaewood and m ih ' mr. Will, .'r/ix1 *-tloo, acroll amioU, iai! rrtrf iiMi'rm in, t:.' 'tVy iiiatrj'.ifiiU arc w.irmni?d to be |ii11 lo anv u in- .''Y. aud avtll Iv >11 ?t inr lowrat poaiiMt prrM for can1 V 'J" fi"Mi if wi TV, 41 Wad Fritflarritfi afreet. b- 'warn Film I f*latP *r> 111!-a N. W.?Piano Fnrtufur H'i?A ?*?;*.? et of 'h-vr Forte. lor hire at the mil ifeitory at lm i?REN< ii iifs r.u n r v \ a ian a'rart. 'vi- .air*- I I r 'ho Coitnm H n'?.?J. BONVARI) k P. DELA VlOTTt w?e lii* honor to inform their niuaUitineea anil the public m rrnnrnl, that thfv hare added totheir old ?atahll?hrnrnr, known or nowar l* of two ye ir? under the finn of J. Bnnnard, the treat Saloon on the nrat floor of the tame hooae, and hare hrt'lea amru^eil term I lou r Saloonafor th? accommodation of "ty" P*rij?? am) aociefy dannen. Tnev aa*ill .1? -?.... ? ~ ? . j? r- r\ 1 l..r: r ' ' V , , woriirn lor uinnrn anu i r Support id any part of thr ctty. I nivliTT Sfr e ** ,n "PP" etoriee of the Dim hnn?? | , nn> be liad ol them at eery moderate real*. ;el lm* % It K I MORNING, JUNE 7, 1845 Suralogn Spring*. [Cjrrr?yoii<l<-iM;i- of the ilcrald.J 8/KATXi.v Springs, Jane 4, Jtftf. Opening or the FuJiLjiuible S* tson?Beauty of Saratoga?The Splendor of the United State* Hotel? Tltc other Hot fit. James Gordon Bennetti? The fashionable season ha.* commenced in earnest. Our hotels are rapidly filling up, which betokens a brilliant Reason, full houses, magnificent fete*, excur-iftus for pleasure, itec. iec. It is now quite certain, the Sentinel will he the only daily paper published at Saratoga the present season, "the editor oi the Whig having consented to keep oft the coutse, providing Corey will steer clear | of politics. There secrns to ho quite n feeling I manifested l>v a certain portion of our citizen?, j against the publication of police report*, and a determination to o. iMwc and intimidate Corey,from pursuing the sy:- ;ni tub ,.icd \>y hint last season, or I failing in tin* to "lira?l him oil." Will the high I minded and popular con.'jctcr of the Saratoga Sentinel permit a vlt'-ooiiatituted " committee" to ! mark cut hweJitoiirt! cour-.;! We shall sec. [We shall have to send a reporter there.] Farm vji i ; .n-:'y considered the most delightful, fa-iiiouublc. .his popular watering place, in the kno-.vn \v< rid. 1 it the in von to resort of the bloods and cavaliers ; -. 11!i, of the loyal subjects of Her Mr.josty in the Canada*?is frequeuted by mnny from the lu-ulsol-steady habit.-*, and patronised l?v j the nobility of Britain, the Bonn partes of France, the nri.-torr..cv < f Hits i.t, the noblemen of lmpe- | rial AuMri:*., the haughty Don* o?" Spun and Portu- I gal, and inline by most of the kingdoms of Eu- | rope, as well ; ; the governments of South America. Possessing in her mineral springs unrivalled nnd inrrea/uig causes of : ttr union, her visitors being itilly aware that, how ver splendidly fitted no her hotels and boarding house- may be, they are dsv.iys ceria.ui 10 i). mn iiis-iiiq hi rpr-gunce an>l comtort the following year, ii is not surprising that after her name having once gone forth to the public, she should thus suddenly, as it were by mafic, assume the station wiiich nature seems to have designed for her, an J call forth the votaries of pleasures and victims of pxin from every part of the civilized world. ' Pre-eminent at Saratoga, and perhaps second to none in the Union, is the Uxrrjcn States Hotel. It was not as some brainless wit last winter reported, destroyed by fire, but his been much improved and beautified, and was opened on the first day of June by James M. Marvin Ac Co. It is located in the near vicinity of the railroad depot, is four stories high, and usually' nccommodateu fr in five to six hundred bloods. Board, #2 per duy, $!2 per week. Second in importance is Congress Hall, situated within a few rods of Congress Sprina, and opposite Union Hal)., It is 200 feet in length, three stories winging out majestically at either end; has a spacious piazza in front, supported by seventeen lofty pilars, and shaded by three beautiful parks of trees, ill ere are also numerous shaded avenues, neatly gravelled for promenading, and a beautiful garden i:i the rear highly cultivated. This hou.e was opened the 2d inst. by Stephen S. Seaman, who has engaged the affable and gentlemanly Mr. Peacock to aseist in receiving company, Arc. No house in the United States is better kept than Congress Hall; it will accommodate over 301) persons. Union Hall <vas opened by irs truly enterprising, proprietors, Mcs.-rs. Rockwell and Washington Putnam, on the 25th of May. The extensive additions and repairs at this house since last season, cause it to rank as second only to the United States Hotel, tnd on a precise level with Congress II.til. Th" main building h is been extended south thirtyfive feet, with a wine running west on Con.gr>">* steeei one hundred and sixty feet. The dining hall is one hundred and seventy-five feet long by thirtytwo, wide, and sufficient to accommodate over three hundred guest.*. i ne I'nviiioii onngs up me rear tint! completer the list of summer houses the remainder continuin / open the entire year, others furnishing excellent accommodations for strangers through t!i" winter, | and receiving their {MI! shure of Cn-.'oni through the summer, as thoy furnish equal fare for less money. The last mentioned, house near tire Hat rock spring ar;d pavilion fountain, in judiciously managed hy John Cross, Achyr S. Taylor his late partner having turned his attention to fanning. Each of the above houses have extensive grounds and gardens under the management of scientific horticulturists, ur.d interspersed .with fragrant flowers, trout ponds, mint beds, billiard rooms, hplect schools, shaded arbours, pole beans, etc. The American Hotel, a fine three story brick, building, is prospering under the auspices of its proprietors, Messrs. Wilcox and Pitkin. Montgomery 1 In!l is pleasantly situated between the American Hotel and Union Hall, is admirably kept by J. T. Ulanchard, and is m every rpspert worthy the extensive patronage so liberally l>e-towed upon it. The Adelphi Hotel is a brick building, one door north of rite I American. The Columbian Hotel, one door south ! of the Pavilion, is a nleaannt retreat kept by Henry j Gushing. The j{?il Road House, one door north of the United States Hotel, U under the supervision of C. W. Ensign, and is doing a good business Eaglet ' Hotel, one door south of Union Hail, keptbvO. B. Moon, and Highland Llall, about one quarter of a mile south of the village, belonging to and occupied by the Avery.- are good house?, as many who visit'"! them last season can t tify. Prospect Mansion, situated at the south end of the village on Prospect Hill, is well kept by brother Foot and John Rj Cameron, and is irulv what its name imports, Congress Spring House kept by its proorietor, Hev. D. Moriarty, is the fivorife resort of a large portion of the clergy and godly rart of the community, ii u profitable investment, ana amply repaye this.vene* ruble father for all his vexatious cams and anxieties, in admini-feringto the worldly comfort of his heavenly guests. Bollard's boarding house having pushed into other hands, has been very much im; proved within, and ornamented by a neat piazza in front, is culled the Temperance Hotel, and bids lair to do a crack business. The old Presbyterian Church has been enlarged, and fitted for the accommodation of hoarders- is known as the Boston House, but who the lessee is I am not advised. The Ma tsion House, a beautiful summer establishmoot, is about a mile east of Toronto, (upper village) and owes its existence to the celebrity of the ten springs. In the person of Richard L. Alien, student nn<Tpartner of the late Poet. Steele, Saratoga possesses a physician of whom j>he has just reason io u?5 proua. lectors rerry una rreem-in are .ji-o food physicians, rind pnww the conftdrnc- of dig village and surrounding country, with the single ?-.toeption of the v-getahle doctor of Toronto, who shrinks with unfeigned horror Rt the eight of human Mood, end applies the vapor bath instead of the lancet, with considerable suueess. Doctors North and Fletcher, nre also passable physicians in their way. B lllston Spa, 7 miles souili of Saratoga, ij a pie : sant villa'/", po:?e--inff several mineral spring.-, out of the best bn ika in the State, four church"*, a court house, and jail.one printing office, miHe. distilleries, iron foundries, flee. The " Sitts Souci" i? h pleasant boarding-house, centrally located; its dtm?nai<>ns arc large, situation eligible, and will accommodate about ouc hundred visitant*. It is kept in a manner which cannot fail to ensure it a liberal share of pub lie patronage, by Messrs. Couion and Hawkins. The Village Hotel, kent by the gentb manly Mr. Clark, also Ford's, andChase'a inn? are good house* to stop a', except on Court we.-k?, when they are generally too full for comfort. HaJ!.*to:i he* su-rnir> ed n severe blow in the lost of Hiram Howard, who has lately removed to th" western part of this state. Mr. Howard was treasurer ol the Saratoga County Agricultural Society, is nn enterprising, moneymaking, amiable and benevolent man, dealt largely in beci", encumbers, and honey, tmd in the person to whom the Ballatoniann are indebted for that deli- t cafe luxury, the " Howard pickle." Yours, Kotxi.v. ( Ei.orrMr.*T is Hum Lira.?Wa were informe.1 vaster- | rlay of a pr.-tty tall elopement, which ciimeoff it Hamilton a few Pava ngo. The fftlfteone waa tha wileofft < ulon.'l r in the British Army residing nt Hamilton. It appear! hta c wife hn I been on a rifitto Knglnnri, and oil her rcturti | marie the nripiuin tuner of n pny Lothario?a passenger in > he same ihip- Intimacy ripenail in'o friendahip, Rail \ run i'irp into l'? next <'oor neichlxir--tne px*?ior, n >ti?<inn-.?love. Whe'her they male know n the atam oj n heir hearts before renehinK the Colonel** residence iti ^ anadn, rumor vonehe* not. At nil event* the irentl ? nnn accompanied the ladv to Hamilton?*f? introdne. it ? o her hn?h*id, and rer?ived n aoMter** welcome. Attn arryinff about a woek, thr ladr and herehanee friend do- ,| *amped, leaving the Colonel'" hearh I'colve, and ktcii hlld-rn motherie*.' The twjnred hnthand p'trnied the ^ ngitlve* to Toronto, arm in* Jnrt In time to learn tb it p lie* had left ebon' half an hour helore for Roeh~-t< r in J> iteatentner America. Thee arrived aafely in thixcltf, ( ind tarried over nifht. Whether thav are' atill here, or irhe'lier thotinfortnnate woman haa fled (till farther from ti he home, hjr her ma te wretched, ii more than we knowthe ii rrjmtsbly connected in England. and haa moat * trnngeir leu n iimiiy 01 seven cninren?wie cinett ?veneen vebmof ?ge? nhowlnfj that ?he hml reoeharl thot p?- u iod in life wh?a the pn?ion? ahould be In "Ubjecllon to j, he higher ittribute* of r?Mon and prudence Roc hut tr ?, ><tilf Jldr. [ERA w ? Court of Oyer r.ud Tot miner, lloxovv, Juae 6.? 'J\ inl of Vfuriroe Edwurdtijur for | ,'ir / ?Tho Colli I IOJKI Mil <ja. < lilii i i . li" |I. tui ni bcloie ten o'clock, mil vim )>? ion *' I'tnril to hi* an..iou* to obtain a ol" thin *!.?? lauie.. financier.? The (iritonor was brought into tho ' mi:' room about a cju rter past 10 o'clock, while Daviit Orshsin ? ]. wav " j inching o motion beiore the Circuit Court, on the subject of the refusal ol Mr. Hmitb. the locoioco Comptroller to iyi\e up his oltice, Jte. to Dow 1). Williamson, who htm I ne< n appointed to that oltice by the Whigr. This notorious individual, whose entrance attracted all I eyts, appears to ho of the middle height, and rather slenJet form. His complexion is very dark, hi . hair and whisle era, which urn ol very luxurious growth, nearly hlnck, and evidently fresh from the bunds of the barber, being henutifully curled, and quite smooth uud glossy. Hi- eyes, contrary to the general rule of hannoiii.'.ing With the complexion and hair, ore light blue. lie was dressed in a bin k dress coat, figured silk vest, black pantaloon*, with liuuu of faultless purity, and a black satin stock round his ne. k, with the collar of his shirt lamed over, lie was entirely without rings or ornaments of any dr-ei iptjuu, with the exception if a very r.ent gold guerd ch'iin to his watch, which ho wore in his vest. The following are the counsel engaged on his behalf.? J. J. Crittenden of Kentucky, II. s. senator, w ho is tho leading counsel, uud will conclude tiio vuinmln ; up tor the deleuce. Thomas F. Marshall, tl.es gr.-at Temperance Apostle, is the second onthu liit. W. M. Evurls, a young and most promising lawyer of this city, said to be thi mo.t promising in the country, nml whose countenance speak* volumes tor his intelligence sad uHaiuinitnti, is the next. This gentleman v. ill open the ca.:o for the defence. The next is J. Prcecott Hall, whose eminence in lus professiou is too well known to need comment. William M. Price,the la o District Attorney, anil whose portly ajipauianc ? and beaming countenance ,1o not make it uppcurthat the duties of that oltice are such as to have interfered with his powers of digestion. is the next one, and the list is concluded hy Robert Einmett, the descendant of the great Irish patriot, wh .*? recent exer'ions in the case oi Julia l . bolt are voUr?hU mtho rei ollcction of our citi/.ons. This is will be aeru, is t?. very strong list, and includes the names of seme of the most eminent lav. vers in the country. It has been rumored th- I Charles U'Connor of this city, and G. M. Dallas of Philadelphia, were employed for the riotance. Th.; is not correct? ncithci of those gentlemen being engaged in this cause. Mr. Dailas is, however, to appear in the course of thu trial us a witness. The speaking on the part of the defence is to be left to .Messrs. Crittenden, Marshall end F.vui -s, as they ate .said to beperianal friends of his. On the part ofthe prosecution D? '.en Hoifmnn.the United States District Attorney is the only pertain engaged to assist the District Attorney. During the period elapaing between the arrivnl of Colonel Edwards in the Court ioom, and that ol the opening of the Court, he was in lruijuent conversation with his Counsel, at such times standing up and giving all pri- j sent a good view ol his person, H appears perfectly collected and complete 1 at rase, a.id has just such an appearance as wouhl be supposed to bo borne by a gentleman who whs engage.] in private conversation in a drawing room, and not that of a |>erso:i charged with crintiual acts and the focus on which were concentrated a thousand ey as. At twelve minutes pusi el. ven o'clock Judge Kent ordered the crier to proclaim the op- rung of toe Court ol ! Oyer and Terminer. When this had bevn done he In! niiirft.l if thf> nia+rint k'tarr.rx- u-ns rvri?s?.rs* n*? 1 -? ? /?/! thai he \v as aot 4a-are, until tins morning, of the electro." which was to take place, and in Con "quence of the law on that subject forbidding the Courts to si1 when elections | were pending, the trial ot Colonel Edwards could not tube place until to-morrow. His honor having read that lectio ! of the late, said ; In conei-queiice of the Election for School Commissioners now penc;og, it wculd he ilhgalto proceed w ith thi trial 01 Monroe Edwards. It roust therefore go off until to-eiorrow at half past ten o'clock ; it will thou proceed, and the witnesses on huth sides must thou he present, as it nill po?itiv ely proceed then. The Court was then adjourned until to-morrow at half past ten o'clock, and the prisoner and hie counsel left tin court room. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. J erst tj?Writ requiring the Comptroller to aliow court, fc.?Mr. Graham stated that the present proceedingweuo on an ap; lirntion made in pursuance of the revised statutes, by D. D. Williamson, requiring Alfred A.Smith to show cause why ho did not make over the books, papers an 1 property appertaining to the oi'iec of Comptroller to the complainant, he having been upriointtM to succeed hiin. Mr. G. then explained the law bv which the President of the Board ot Aldermen is empowered to act ns M oi-when the lutt< r offlec: , on recount of absence ?-i sickness ia unable to attend to the duties of tlreortice Alderman W'oodhull, on goh.g lo the icyor'. o.'liee, uu l finding hintabsent, admini .tercd th?r ot'.h ol olllee to Mr. Willienison as Tornptroller. Mr. W. ha ; given londs iu the i. nn oi '. cO.tKiO ior the l.'.tiitui pi id.,. ...ac.ce oi h? ty. [A certificate of the < mml-i lain to '.hut clii ct w ; rend by Mr. O. The Chatnber hilti aiM-rti that tho bond wus left in his hands by direction of the finance Corn, mittee.j Several ufiidavits were then read?One of Mr. Williamson, in which he states that he repaired to the Comptroller's oliiee on the 3d June, left a copy of the supersedeas with Mr. Smith, end showed his commission, signed by Caleb S.Woodhull, the certificate of his bond, he. At the same time he made a formal written demand for the liooka, but Mr. Smith refused to deliver them, and still refuses, on which account the complainant w.T compelled to apply for a writ. An aitidavit of Ooo. W. fife was.-rlso rend, in which he states that he was present when Mr.' Williamson made the demand. Mr. CowoRrv, on behalf of Mr. Sm'lli, rend several offid-tvita. The first was from tiro Mayor, in which he -rates that during the whole of the Ut mid id days ofJune he wa? in the city, nn.l at all time' acc?-??ibl? anil ready to lie found. Whenever he quit hisoffice ho loft word with Mr. Alieni, the clerk, where he v.ould be in cce he wai asked for. On the id June he war in constant otleri 1 me \ Mr. Tavlor presented liini ;elf a id < (aimed to beinrt-illcrt as clerk,but the Mayor refused to rei cive him as he had not been regularly appointed, and Mr. Ahern being already such. He has searched the Office and f.iinul no papers shewing that Mr. Taylor had been duly appointed clerk. The Maror farther states that he Iw-llevesihi. ?_ pointmrnt of Mr. Williamson not to have heen roli.t, h* ing made hv one of two bodiea claiming to be the Common Council, anil whoro ho believes n hgal quopumof qualified mem hen was not prosent. Nothing has been presented for his sanction in the matter, nor ban heap, proved of the appointment. The deposition of Mr. Ahem, clerk to the Mayor, was then rend. Ho states that he w as in the office on the 21 Juna, between tho hours of one aud two o'clock,at w hieh time Caleb S. Woodhnll, Al lerman of the Second Ward, caine in and asko-l w here the Mayor w as, and was toll that lie had gooc into tho Chancellor's room, hut if he tvns wanted he would go and call him. Mr. W. raid no, be did not wnnt deponent to call lriin, that lie himself would act. Deponent then went to tho Mat or and told him, when the Mayor came back and said to Alderman W. ha could not act as Mayor for he hirmelf was not absent. The Mayor told deponent, heforo I aving, that if any person wanted him to call him, ami he would come. Be/ore he go', hack Aid. Woodhull hail administered theonth to Mr. Williamson as Comptroller. Deponent has ex uninod the office books in his possession, and does not fnd that an oath of office has been placed there by D. D. Williamson, Deponent has been clerk to the Mayor foi eight years. A deposition from Samuel J. Willis '' as also read. IIo states the* ho had been appointed Clerk to the Board on the .11 June, 1M0, immediately after which h<- assumcij ' the duties of the office. He had alw ay s protested against Mr. Taylor taking the situation of clerk, telling him ha 'i had no right to act ia that capacity. Thedepoxition of Alfred A-Smith states that he has . hoen Comptroller aincathe 7th August, lsay. Oh the If :h of that month he assumed the duties, and has continue! tj perfirm them ever since. When Williamson demand I I iuc uuitr Hill ?ucnei III" papers, I'eilOnent vvat in po?*cs*iun of all the title deed*, papn a, official bond*, i in J other dorumenu directc I by the Corporation to b? deposited with him. The olfice'is un< rr tlio ac'ualcar* of doponent a* Comptroller of theC'ty of New York Mr. Cowoiirr then uliudid to the regulation* tvh'-h require the Comptroller to give bond* in the rum off.O ( 000, an i aaaumr charge of ail the paper* relating to flnan. cial mattor*. He ii oiiligud to take an oath, and vi North# it in a book kept in the Mayor** older. Mr. W. Lien pio, ere led to *tnte the various eireturu'atice* connecte ! v i h . tho election, the tvant of return* from fh* sixth Ward, thuMavor'a reason* far not mi inng iu theofticeraof lL.it " IV'ard?th# occurrence* in both lioards a? relate to a nun- j( rum?the de"l?ion prrvinn* to the old board adjourning-, that tho election in thu ftisth wn not valul, 4c. To tb ? ? la'ter Air. Oraham demurred, and commented, w..h < verity, o-i thr old board artnmiug to perform duties whlf h J onlv heling"lto the new. .Mr. Cow Iter a!*o dilu ted to ' the action ol the Sh tier board of a?*i?taut* in rr.a'.n'.o hi Mr. Allerton, hut Mr. Oraham reolie I that the supreme Court hu.l declared Mr. Atwell to r>e elected, and the pr:.. codings of tb.it board, "her ore. are not valid. Mr. O'Covob, who i? alio counsel for Mr. *m:th, railed Mr. Valon'lnr, assistant eh-rk to the Board of Aldermen, *li on the atand, Mr. V. having declined to ngn certificate, '* The proceedings of the Board ol Aldermen, as related to sf Mr. Croliu*. and ofthr joint mel ting which appointed Mr. .j, Williamnon. were tin n fully gone into. In relation toth? ? 'enl ol the city. .Mr. Valciitine atuiod that Aldei man WH i* J* ,a I not delivered it to Mr. Taylor, hut left it with him to [witneiO. He believed, however, that Alderman W. h 4 m ,cr*onally given the key to Mr. Taylor. Alderman \V. w eft the office laat Monday. at Objection* ha<l been urge' that Mr. Williamson wnl iot duly aupoin'edon account of the Mayor not m'provint , i if such. Mr, Oraham rea l the minutes of the joint baji-f ii Augnat 1MB, to show that his appointment wns ?lmiiiir ntliat of Mr. rimith a, who at that tune aupemdod Md. Villlarri?in, >r Mr. O'f'ovvoa, during Corvrrsrt; :i, stated that titer* i ran Cmliu.i wn? era Med *o take ih>" cut t.i longing otne sldcrman of the tfixth. from t't. '.wing .acii.it on wi on at f the .tenth of Aide man O'Nell, lift Mr. Shrilcr, In tl>? ther Board resxjnrvt his sent. Mr. f>rrb?m thought it a # | <h eee-sivv to ellude agMn 'o that elect.an, it having !w 1 1 i, ori tcit bv the fupremo Court. I The arvument ?fn.r (nHk>. - _ ... -?' 1 in. Mr. Cow !r?v athte'd f'hVt'h.-''tnprr'rw "coi'i-t h\<j ' 'J "mii'H n ?*?e of oroteedinoa, a? rrla'c I tntheaiandami'l r Un Havi, in whirh to h?in^ t lie oitea'inii heferr th# otirt ofFrrore, and he thought th< Clrrnit Court would rr ot feel authorized to deride upon the rjue*!<nn now, par ^Ji cularly M lh? dutie* of the otiirr w?r? well performed^ Vv nd thecitr property wai aerure. lie 4lt?l thu thi i;> rob m of appointment by )olnt ballot wet not le?a!, the at:i'* r* iw requiring the asnetion of the Vayor. Hr alao roif mded that A Id or man WoodhuU. n. any other peiw-i, ad a right to giee rommiwiom while the Mayor w i* j>r4snt.?Mr. Graham, In reply, Mated ta*t the ??tem ofaflt ointment*, without the concurrence of the May or, w .ia C IJ I> I'l-lt c Two C? il>. in accordance wl'h rKprns" oidineiice of tin-11 rporatio i. Ho also showed thftt?tlior?ltic*i .i than tin f.a\ or weiv autkoriiutJ to siimiuis'or oadi?. lu uleti'u to Sir. M'illium on, be dd th it no had been fh? t t wo:,, m j- 1(Vrmun Wooillmll in accordance with the corpora i. n oril.'.iance?, au.t aftef wards by the Recordi r in oU-uieuco to the State law. A* to the idea that the Joint Ballot bad in |owit to make appointment*, lie raid that .Mr. smith I. ml obtained his authority irom inch, and if it was w rorg, he was in thosumobox. Mr. Graham, iu al.'uaiuu to the sofett of the corporation property, said that Mr. Williamson lind been duly ap|iointed to take charge oi it, und should be placed in possession. At three o'c ioik he conclodwtliis remarks. ' 'r. O'Cnss.jr stated that it was necessary for thn counsel, ni relation to the mandamus, to coiimiiI previous to live o'clock, as it was necessary for one o( them to start for All 11 v tills evening. The Court then adjourned to -even o'eioek. wlien tli.-arisiim>.n> u ' .1.. - O'Connor for tint picvut Com i.ti oiler, and Mi'.Facte on hchatf of Mr. Williamson. Gem ml 8c? lona. Before His Honor ll< i oi '."r Tallmadge, Jnd: m Lynch and Noah, and Aldermi-u Smnli nud C iv.iuis. " W illiam Khalor, Ksq, Acting District Attorney. M miiv, Juuo Olh.? i be calendar for tlo: [ ri n ut t> rm com prise* 4 8 r??n, inc Hiding :l:o*e laid otei from tin: last. Ol these the now oues are lor lorgery 1; hurgliry tl; grand larceny 14: receiving stolen goo* 'J; bignmv I; total U7. Of the old en?e? there are 111 of previous indictincuts; 1 previously convicted; 0 disorder!} i trior.*. Tho names of the graml juroi* wi re then railed, nntl the following gentlemen iworn:?Frederick Million, lor. man; Jacob Ann s, Stephen Conor el , John Harlow, William linger, lleury HaienbaLe, Samuel Kidder, 'j l omn? W. Lew is, Edward Murtny, Cornelius I'ollion, I hilip Peiteh, Lemuel Pittman, M. M. Quack re lo*?, lloyd Smith, Charli s B. Tuppan. Wm. C. White, James O. Ward, Duniel Wcstervelt, and Silas Brown?total 19. T''e Record or then proceeded to charge Hie Jury, and after alluding to the itututea imperative upon the Court to present to tliom periodically, he rsllcd their attention to ihe allege.! chaigea of fneu.lulent toting at tba recent charter election, as connected with the eTischatgc ol pessons from the Fen herniary, and concluding by fcopirg. that they would lully investigate the matter, and render such a decision as would satwiy the public mind on the subject. On calling the names oi the petit jurors, Mr. Jomoa Marr;.ott, one of the Society of Friends", appeared and r?K]nested to be excused on the ground that he had conscientious scruples against serving u? a juror. J be Court hcsitatM to release him, when he stated that lie had submitted his v ten s to writing, which he rhould bo happy to present to the Court for iliuir consideration. The Court stated they would receive his communice'ion to-morrow, and g.vc it such esnmination as time w ould admit. He was then allowed to depart until to-morrow at 11 o'clock. The remaining portion of the petit jurors, there being but It, weicthen discharged until Tuesday morning, ytS'or lay being eieotiou day, and the Court then adjourned till 11 o'clock this day. Tide of Emigration.?Emigration from tbis country into Canada, west, continues unabated. Card times is the cause. Very much like jumping cut of the frying-pan into the fire. I.atkr from Mexico.?We yesterday received advicaa from Vern Crui to the IShh innrn:t. Pcrmi-uiou hu? beta given to the elcbrated Gutierrea Estrada to return 10 the Republic. It mnv be recollected bet he wrote the letter to the President llustamenta, re o? mending establishment of e monarchial iorm of government in Mexico, and the call of a foreign prince to the throne. a Santa Anna hue issued & decree prohibiting the deputies from Campeachy from taking their teati in the Constituent Congress, shortly to meet at the city of Mcxice. J here tvauaiumorin Mexico of a revolutionary movement in the South, headed by Gen. Alvarez, who la said to have declared tor Federation. Trial for Miiuu.n.?Peter Back, Nicholas Rodding, find Charies Guilder, were tried in the Schuylkill County Oj er and Terminer, last week, for the murder of Michael vVnlter. Tt.u death of the latter occcured in a tavern iuarrt-1 in New Philadelphia, tome few moutin ago.? Beck and Gander were convicted of manslaughter. Redding was acquitted. Fmr. ix Norfolk.?The full value of the buildings destroyed by the fire on Thursday morning, very little exceeds the amount tliev were insured lor?probably not more than $2,a00 j so that the w hole Iosr does not reach "f-,'0,000. TUc most vviiiHlilc were those of Mr. Lncostc and dr?. Lappin on Wide V."liter street, (Loth insured.) Mr. f j. however, suffered much loit. by the destruction of his furniture. Crops in Texas.?A finer senson for the crop* an-' gener:.: health has never been known in Texas. '1 hroughout lie whole West w-hai e not 1st -.rd of a single planter w ho ' -i' not u fine stand both of cottou uud corn.? Cohraio (' asette M sontrur.XT Cans.?Six of the most splendid care which wo have ever seen, have just been p la oil upicn the Auburn road. They were made at Cambridge, Mass., end cost $1,000 a piece. The greatest Improvement is in the ladies' department?there lieieg ii special taloon, ndmiraI ly finished and arraiigod, devoted exclusively to their use. Okueks?May 7?CommonJar A Slidrll Mackenzie. romroand of r.ew brig Somers, at New York, 9?P Mid MC Perry, brig Somen., ei Acting Utaltr; P Mid J II Randolph, friguto Macedonian, a* Acting Master; A<?t Sur. K I flutter, detntehod from ship Vnndi liu, on m count of ill health. 10? Commander W M Armstiong, order to command of (hip I.evant vilipended; Commaudi r A Bigelow, leave 12 months, with ( mission to vi*it Knropc ; Lieut 11 E Hoon, steamer Mississippi ; Lieut J J Forbtr, lis 'lough ti months, fl?Lieut W It Taylor, detached from tepot "f charts, Itc.; Lo ut J H Ward, navy yard, Washington. 14.?Mid V. N Brcdel, receiving ship, New Yotk. ArrnitsTMEM?.?May 7?.lames P Espy, Professor hf Mathematics, t)?Luther Manvon, Acting Carpenter. 11. ?William It Burns, Master's Mate. I t. i'aul W luthunison, Actii.g Gunner. Court for the Correction of Krror.s. Ji hk 6.?Ero'ient, the Lieutenant Governor, the Clianrelior, and Senators Bartlett, Borkee, Clerk, Donninton, L>ixon, Krnriklin, Kiirmau, Hunt, Hunter. Johnson, Nicholas, PUtt, linger, Scott, Sharv. ool, Strong, Varioti, Varniy, Works. ftmirl Piptr adt. J)anitl llarltr.?Judgment affirmed, with double costs. Jona Child v?. FrtA'k. .tine F.. D. Smith, Esq. opened ;he argument for tho plaintitV in error. Court < nleiulcr?'Thl* Day. Ciiicuit Coi;*t.?Not? ill, 143, 150, 1?8, 167, lad, 139, GO, 141, 143, Kits. 167, 171, 17:i, 174, 137, 131,30, 176,177 123, 180. |S1, 181, IS1. Surr.ntoa CouiiT?Nos. 1,3, 4, S, d, 10, II, 13, 13, 14, !46, IS. 17. 13. 30. Commoh Part 1?No?. 113,13,46,117, H5. Part 2, at 4 o'clock ?No*. 60,39,116, 19. 114. A WONDER AND A BLESSING TO CLE AH THE SKIN. 'PH" ITALIAN CHEMICAL StIAP.-R?.ad thi.? manlo. t lion mi'ii by t'ac Medical Council of Piria W r co?v i-Vr M Viiprini th- gi< philanthropist of the are, am! hia la'??n Chemical Una; ?? it perfect mim-fp to cur any eruption ir d'afeiiremeiU of the akin. The Italian Chemical Heap j? onflilt ntjy r?<-rimrm nili-d to the public to eur?* ill* following : implea, Irecklu, a<lt rlrunt, acurry. tan, raorphew or aununi, rryaiprlea, or any eruption. It trill change the color of 1 irk y I o? I?r .unburn! akin to a beant'fnl healthy claarni ar? he [tih'io mm ie!v ii it. it mccr faili " Sold try T. Jones, tn of the Ami fleet' Emir, ly Chithe.rn tit**'. |tric* 34 rauta a eiir?r In. to on ea< li I ibel tl" nynat -e of M. V caprine, Jua ?. < ntor, and T. Jor r a dwflm ral Agent. At' "fi Fulrou "tree', do clyu.' I Dock at. Philadelphia; 8' ! B <iou ; llf Bulti irorc Baltimore; 17 St e ?t AlOIIV, .11 lltl*c HAMl 91a ,,NO MKI.I,C I.NIl-WHITWELL'S Tiilt r- ' AVf f flTTFltS, U ITIIOUT WINE OK ALOIlOI..-Bi'? - r, l>ave y?m r I'ljietoi ? Do you rot re I tali in f<j?e<t 7 T uiiu' toeai bitti ia ; thry u ill two areatly tort diet-ti ti, Mel r ' turaa n. note oy ivmpaia, jaundice, r?mk?vt oi ili? etorr t h, ebitity, Ac. Ttity purify the blood ajpil 'aig.irate th' t-1 >le avateir 'Pit hmara are eaetemcl/atrial idlhaMut. Trt them. Price 13 reuta. S< lo b> A. B. V D. Srjula, drurriala, No, 74 Fultou, corner r (inlH Itrect, an J lie I niton, corner of William elrvci. Alao Id hy Aurnin. B Hindafc Co.. Nu. 773 Broadway, comer otf hat.i'o -t at ret f Datod Simla A Co., No. 77 Btono'taY, cor ' Market atrcet. _ ilHUn'tt )l AHtiAoL'S"6"i\VT,lTAlflTlfrSTE5lT. foil tided in 1f'jn, tl !W W ii^r fit*- tiofirt abovt Cath&rui* ?. the o*?'y r%r%l?!i?hmen! nf th?* kind in t>? inliunrt to tupvly tht Nmt. tfct Atfirhcnti, Kovmni;, 'u*i anwn w*r ha? ?i?n)i|inl nil tr>?* ncr boats un\ club lor Ilu* l\#t lour yp^m?niid )?.-? n??w Uw- lirfvit \?ortiiKUt 'r-r\ iw?*cpt Is rv? r c !l?cicU in onr pUcv. N. B **Tm Bihi cUOu JjUif oo tltc North Ri>rr n^.ii 'tl up, hiA rtmovprl to 40? VVij? r stivct; \nd I 4.i?? t!i -?i our *ror? m?i!| v || rtK i'Ch cle-aper to three wh.. uii?* fr??ri the North ltirer side to pay fhern wr their trough . ice boats, club boats, oar* ruid *cul!s sold 50 per cmr ** ?* ? v?-ir. ivO Tm#? TAINKI) GLASS W i WIMt.hi SIIAMSV-HAN ' NINOTON Mi CO, 293 Broadway, neai Ke*d? <t, Lhasa taiu?-rs and decorative Painters, respcctfnlly iolic.t limiliea id others* fitting op their dwellings, to insect their stock, Mch for style and t trcutioii of work i* not lo be *?r|ei?yd, id at Piire* to suit the times, Washable window shade* /V.?m ie doiTar to the richest style*, eqnaflv cheap in proportion, rchiterf? mid other* furnished with dr-siirna for stained glass r i hiirch windows, dwellings, he. on tie- shortest iK'firr, and d*r? executed with economy vad dei|?atch. WANTED?An artist. ?sed to d*?"r rive pgfatm*?: also an 'prentice, _ wtfSd t/c? ,2(M>;o(M) crrfC i%e?, *'*d Knglinh Mttvttrtl, n| i superior quality and iow ice: Crier and Vv itte Vine*;*/, !?\ the iwllmi or harm I ; tJCmw torfV barrel or Keg ; ?re*?r*H Vfema H ,np? rnrps, Fowls, M?U, l^? w m - .tei'to keep su fanr'i , v tm . eh-nsf. , . ty-: t % >r*hl\? * , afford r f -.*il Vt fr\ r,nutl r,n/?r. . rf|0k. 4| ^ w?rr%D*rd ??; A n.iwt, M??hrr>ni mk! i oai?ty C U? ip, h? th* n !. B?Laryr ai*r Pirkti afor mnran. hv ft vm.r.rw, W holaial* nod Retail W^'clioi'ipf fir Pirk-li. _ "" W-'- ?- i '" frr."H ' ft f'?kl'oftA riOlN Wft'PT^J*,4..--l*nn(i(* r i? I'-r' re gitfn 'n( a <: !< o! property fur nniwol ta*r? will lake purr at " '!' nrtion ?< flu- City Hull of tlw ritynt New York, oa ""lay, tWe Wth day of Jiirw nr-it, at llo'rlnrk, moon, and >.? lined from day to day until thi- wlwile of the rail property II i> * ,1.1: ami that tV A?itw?l, J itili twnl of thr tatra and terty to rw edd it imbliahrrl ia tlw .New fcra. a newapnper ited and tmbliahed in the city of New York. AIFRF.P A. HMITH, Com: <r rd?er "m(itrol!?r'f OITirr, April Hi, 1112. ai< laaM?iM|;t

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