21 Haziran 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Haziran 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 ?1J Vol. Vlll.?No. 170.?Whole No. 3041 waterTng places, &c. SHARON SPRINGS. MiK PA VILLIOX.?This new commodious Hotel will be open for tM reception of visitors on and after the finl ot ineneit. at tiie Village ol'Shaxou Springs, Schoharie County, ew York. The clear j tire water of the springs, greatly reeerablmg , ose of the white sulplnir sprinrs o! Virginia, have been ored t?> be highly effieicioai in Rheumatic, Cut meous, diu* its and Dyspeptic complaint ; and in the cure ol 7'V altrliruin, bcrofuia, Liver Complaint, an J general debility, id iu many other respects, possets (as certified by some 01 tne oat eminent medical proresa re in the United Hmtea) mean ?tl and healing proiierti^ unsuipassed, and belie red to be unctailed by any in tins country. ... Ad 1^.1 ??. r!??.? ,l.? ?.l_. ... rt,f> virmitv. numerous Villains. [tensive view*, neighboring eaves and romantic scenery are noug the many aitraetiaus ofiered to these seeking in the iieat ' lummrr. either health or pleasure. , These springs are but a few hours ruw froi,i Sarotoza, Troy, llMuy, k;., rod are ace?arable from Canajoharie ,ui tire AIIm ana (Jim railroad, where carriages *lwily await the arris*! the morning car* from Schenectady anil Llica. to carry viii>ra to the Sluing*, a diatance of about eight mile*, arriving iu me for dinner; alio by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnlie bv daily stages, being about forty-live rnilra weal of the t\ or Albany, Warm, cold anil ahower Batlsa fur nulled at all timet, either ' tli -mineral or freah water, and every attention giieu to renir the ttay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the i>urcst mountain spring Ice it alored for ROBT. HAMILTON. THE SPHINOS HOTEL.?Thia Hotel will In- oiieoed at le above v f Sharon Springs, for ihe reception ol eiiiira, ami combining all the advaiitagca of lliit delightful turner reaideiree. a29 I0w2tuw*r WILLIAM E. JONES. CATSKTLL MOUNTAIN HSTTSE, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.-I812. "'HIS romantic aiel fashionable retort will be conducted dure ing the present srasou under the direction and inperintenance of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete and loroitgh repair, and it now open for the reception of viaitore. lo effort will be apared to maintain the deservedly high chaiaeT which it hat heretofore acrsuired. At heretofore, iu tablet will be fnmiahed with every delicacy tat the New York market can afford; and every |>otaible at ntion that can promote the convenience and unjovrnent of iu atrona will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to thia tablishurent and es|>ecially that part of it on the mountain, has een rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Meanrt. A. P. Beach & Co.'t xcellenr line of stages will mn theretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain louse, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812; jell 3mr fORT LEE PAVI LI, ION.?This beautiful aud summer . reside nee, is now open and in readiness fur the reception of tsitort ; the house brine fitted up for gentleman boarders aud rivate isartjet. STEPHEN ANNETT, the proprietor of the stabliahment, returns his thanks to his friends and the public, or their patronage bestowsd on him for the last year, anil he latter* hunteU tint by hu usual carc ami attendance to his buiness, to please those who may honor him either as boarders or iaitora. The bar is fitted up with the ehoicest liquors, wines, tc. Relishes and refreshments on hand at all times. Private arties can be accommodated with dinner at the shortest notice. Tarsal e.curtions and military eom|>anies, can be furnished nth dinners and wine on short notice at G2 cents. The public may dejiend on the boat running according to htr dvertisemrnt. Refer to the advertisement in the San neper, for the trips the mat runs during the mouth of May. The steamboat Boston rill make four trips per day dnring the mouths of June, July, nd August. mis lin*r t LAGRANGE HOTEL, Bull's Kerry, Haw J rsey. I This most delightfully romantic summer retreat is in full readiness, well stocked with fruit and Powerr, and above ie kitchen garden. The bar ia well supplied with choice sines and liquori, ale aud porter. Alio, srgars of the first qusltjr. John Pousou, the proprietor, sincerely returns his gtateful hanlu to his friends, and the public in general, for their liberal jatronagi for the last nine years. The heautiful steamboat Boson, Captain T. Y. Babcock, leaves foot of Canal street four imea a day. The public can rest assured that they will not be lisappointed as heretofore, the owners of the boat are drtcrniin d *o regularly as advertised; for further wirriculars see the Bun. Gentlemen can be accotnoodated with the best of board aud lodging at five dollars per asreek, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, alwai s at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military ompanies on target excursions will find it to their I advantage and pleasure to visit the above place aud try the urgat ground and Ponson's good dinners. His prices are according to the times. J. Pouson is always at borne, and will he happy to tee his friends and visitois. jolt lm*r rPHE HAMILTON HOUSE.?Tliia establishment is now A opeu for the reception of company. It has been thoroughly renovated aud furnished anew, uiiou a scale of liberality commensurate with the demands of the public. The department ol the cuisine has been placed under the charge of a ca|iahle and experienced artist, who will lark no supplies that the marki ts can afford. To those unacquainted with the location of the Hamilton House, it is only necessary" to say, that it is situ it- d at the ocean entraiiw) to the Narrows, from eight to ten miles from the city, on the high wes'ern bluff of Long Island, com manding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantic and landward, the highly cultivated and fertile shores of Steam and Long Island, and the harbor of New Hoik. Nothing can n ceed the beauty of the prospect in every direction. The salubrious air at all periods of the dsy, the eas; access by stage n I steamboat, and the mingled life and retirement of the spot. r> uder this establishment second to nonr within a hundred miles New York. The apartments are commodious and lirv, and < their accommodations in marked contrast with those of simi! r I houses heretofore in the vicinity of th city. The rides in i'.- I neignuvitimet, itte iusIhs a,, sill. a II , I ... r. .1 j leva, and other acceaaoriet ct m.-r.-siion U.vi. loii. . .. I lievcd, to he wished for by any guest. L Families desimut of securing rooms for |ir iruoa wuiild ilo fwall to make early application to the proprietor. je7 Imr BATH HOUBE, LONO ISLAND.?This long and wTTi known bonding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvement!, among which istbe erection of several elegant summer liosues upon the mvrgin of the ocean, is now open for the reception ol company during the season Th? great eitent of private heach on thia shore?the perfect security- in bathing, ereu for ladies and children, (the Dalhiug honses being within a stone's throw of the mansioi.)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?ill--pleasant lides in tlu-surrounding count r r?the excellent fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and aniuscnu ut?the beautiful view of the All mic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward hound, render this situation in every respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, the roams airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication an( distance, (Being bnt nine miles from Brooklyn,) the access hv stares at lionrs accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for nth men of basic ss iu New Yoik. jel?3in*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. \f ARINE" PAVILION, ROCKAWAY. L. !.?The snb dvA scrihei would respectfully announce to tlic public that the above establislim-nt will b? ojw neJ for the season on Wedneadiy neat, the 23,1 June. There being a few fine rooim not yet engaged for the season, wliieli will ne let to families nnvry reasonable terms. All communications left with MeCoun & Car!:, 53 Wall street, will meat prompt attention, telfi:?sc HIRAM CRANSTON. THE MOST DEISSHTFUL RESORT /"\F the citizens of New Ycrk, is beyond doubt HOBOKEN a-'The roost fashionable and favorite excursion i:i the summer, is to its extetaive and beautifully diversified public wall.a end grounds. These have recently been greatly nob dished, by wbteh the place has been rendered more lovelv than it ever wav liefore. At the Elysian Fields, there is the additional attraction of excelleet instrumental music, in the afternoon, on Monday's Wednesday's aud Saturday's. The Hiibekeu Ferry Boats are h indsomely rreyared for the summer, and ply constantly from Baiclay, Canal, and Christopher streets. A ferry boat russ to Canal street in the evening until 1 T?TT D \TTTTT 13 17" X- U IVil I 1 U IVEi. GEORGE W7 DAWSONT Wholesale and Retatl eiirniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, iVo. 67 Chatham street, corner of ftuane street, JVem York. "IIPHERE he keep* for ?alr a large assortment of the follow?* ing article!, trir..: Sideboard*. Bnreau*, Bed-leads, l ull, Table*. Chair*, Office and Portable U?ik<. Qiau lam. Book Car*, Lookioat (?|.a.*M *, Dining. Centre "1 ea and Pier Table*, Piano*, Sofa*, Sofa Bedstead*. Beds, Beddinv, Palea'ters, Mittreatei. Carpel*, Oil Cloth, Mattinif an! Kire Irons, Wash Btaii.ia, Toilet Table*, i arnlie Htwiii, Bureau Bedstead* Dressing Bureau*, Safes, kc. Alao, a Urgi aaaurtmrutof meu and women'* Wearing Apparel. new and second handed. All the above artielea are offered to the public at very low price*. Persons in wall of **id article* wonld find it to their adranuge to make an early call at the above esUolianmeat. Shipping order* punctually attended to and peeked ta the shortest notice, ana on reaaonable term*. Mattresses, Bedding, fcc. for fitting out vessels, conatantly on hand. All ordera to the a Sore establishment will he pajctuallf attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prirua will he givrn foi Second Hand Furniture, and Oeutlemen'a and Ladies' cut off Clothing, a22 '">in?r PIANO PORTBT OOUTHERN DEALERS lit iltMonrseiJ v neretly will find hJ it to their advantage w rail ual -laMaiv t <ia?ice ,?s?nment of the ah jve article, co?i|airi.i? rertetr >! C and I'-l rctavei, of roaewood and inatxigany, Witt, vr.'ul p-.tiou, r-;r dl standi, and every moderu imprortrr e:,t Tfleae ifttruv.iruU arenar . ....... ... wc v^u u lo any ii ir.r . ny, ?i?: win l>? I 'M at It"' mw- I Mt potaiblr prior* for c.i?h, at the tfiur if?t.r.v. 41 Wait Koerternth street, brtwaea Filth end lilt* aVtno.v N. riai.o Fortri for Hiru?.i jOT>i uVLrctol !'.v o Forti lor hire at ihe maDnlaclorv *' HAVANA A .4 UTKINcTPIi SKUA IIS ~ MflADKR, 46 Chatham Mtrmrt, h u received, by ib* HrUei* P?tnt 100.C60 nu celebrated La Norma Hfiitre, a* alu) a beautiful lot of superior Notai and rem Priticiiw Sr**r?, -wliirSa ho offer* for ulf a* r'-aeonahlc price*. je?l lrn*c ~ DRV GOODS,'&7. STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian ami English Straw Goods, respectfully informs lip custom' -a that lie has remored Ma establishment from W WtlllMn anil M FU?, to ? John street, where he continues to keep a i| leii'lid anil eitrnsirc assortment of ladies' I uhmmMr Straw Goods, French *r 1 English Dnastahlea, kalian Ruttanili, liar Tuarara, Fancy Shrllworka I'nncr Albert gtnai, Sic. ic. Alao, an entirety new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses all the atylea aa j rt intra duces). being ritrrim ly light. brau'ifnl, white ami durable. m?( 'm*m - ^ Mks* ftortTs? LaTShT fIikncIi STYLE.?'The .nharrilier mates tn order, Bnnla of the abate description, of the finest quality of French (Ulf Mkin.anl intn.* Uteat style, ami at eery reasonable prices.? Oentlemen who hire hern in the hibit of r'.yine eitraraiiaut I fieri for infr rior artielra are requested to call and Tie com inc.J tliat hia prices are from trti ti twenty prr cent below Other tore* in in? neutilinrlinnd Dnwtmta firiar takrai of the It. and a pair of laata k*p? for rach rnatonu r, there ? no dirt.rnfty injrttin* a handaome yet my fit. Conatanlly on hand, I int* aaanrtmrnt of (Saliion.-ifile rrady made Boou.at pnce.iUPJ"S?[""> TWO DOLLARS FIFTY CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; R,;f Boola, (Jaitcra, Show, ram pa. Slipper*. fcr.fcr.at *<|aal|y low nrirea. ^ JOHN L. WAT KINS. Ill Fnltrnat.. a I 1m* Brtwfrn Naatamnrt Pmch ata. BETTER piaca to find l|o ip and Hi.oea .-heep, an I tare arr notanre tha' in Nrw Yirk iltnr i< ..ny plare an a odaa at the Clinton Bo.it and Sfioo Market,zni Canal at ret, iwrh ran corner ol I In lion atr it. TlnMr who Have tried appe'r t J fir grnrially aa'iafir l that lliia ia a fai t itnnneati, ia* If. All thoee n ho m?y not l.arr tried .'ir fit>r>u aho't, or fatter i,will find it to the:.-adraotaca to matia tl,a trial aeon. A KNOT k CO, N B. Coutttytc ou a I 11.. .c!i.?a .i< ' ./an tall) Mi*r I P TVI TV Ui XV JUA * OCULISTSTHE EYE. ~~ >U. WHEELER. OCULIST INFLAMED. DISEASED AND WE A K F/T v-Dll. A WHKtLKlv, Ocei.iui, 33 Greenwich street, New Yorkrespcctfully informs the public. that in coioeqnetnv of his practice hating be*"Ae oniar^va to ?great ah extent, lie u compelled to confine his office lUuuri.ince strictly betweeti the hours of 8 A. M. to I P. M.,afr r which horn > he visits ? ut UOO-JIAtlcUU. Notwithstanding that among the raiuy hundred* of r.i?*! which Dr. Wheeler has attendi-J, many Il?vc been oersted on ; by wilier professor* without success, ana .non-uncrd by th in i incurable, yet he lias never tailed to cradica*? tlu disease, and ' effect 3 p?t;feet cure, despite of every lisadvaiit&g wiiieh may have presented itself, ami in vntny itistatirsm almost against ' I wipe. It is tins unprecedented success in his ire stifle III of the various?hitherto considered incurable?disease* of taw ?>'?*, that enables hiui w }tli confidence in refer the afiUctrd w ho may be uuacquaiuted witSi him, and his uiihl mode of tr* uiug ti e disorders of this organ?to numerous restored jiufieurs in the j first class of society, respecting hi* prnfessi <nal An I and ^btjitii'H .u being pre eminent for hb succwju, a.; a scicittnic j uuUd\w*i;oii of the cvcli???r r*oti**e\va, however loigf staiulii'j, can b<- effectually aiul ih m.xwiflly cured, lilnui, I ?uiu speck.', icinovttd without surcic 1 operation. STKAB1S M U 8, Commoklj' cA.ll. ti Squinting. mil CATARACT", safely re moved?i.i a few minutes?with scarceij any inconvenience or [Kin to the patient. To safe trouble, correspondents art raf >rmed that letters, , addressed to l>r Wheeler, 2"'"* will not Ds tiiiteii I'rcin tho i Toat Offce, unless post paiil .VT JCT" The fast number of cases which pare beenenrt1 > Dr. Wnselcr, have alieaily gitife him a wide- spit- ul repair ii ?uii : lixed it ui*)n a basis aa lasting a-, ike grniituilc of thou w >m j lie has rescued fiein a " living death" (if the number ath !- 1 tificalca, which patients have oil.-red in him of their own Ac | eonl, he "electsthe following, not that the cases are mora remarkable then many others, not beraust die persons who wrote ' litem appeared to be actuated by a commendable spirit of phi- ] lanlhrupy, in seeking to make known for the good of their ' lellow-incii, tlie bum-lit which thev have received from Dr. I Wiitulei's licat?i?ui Nv.v Yt si, March 15th, 1BI2. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 31 (Jreeuwie.i at. j Dkar Sm That you may, if yon ih.nli proper, mage publicly known the high estimation in rhid I hold yen as an occtilist? I bez to give you, in addition to my veual acknowledgments of the trenchl vou have ennUrred ujmn me as a patient, this written avowal of my great indebtedness to you for restoring the sight of mv poor, little child aom the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its sight The child was of sneh tender years, and its disease was of suet atarniin.'a character, that I despaired, until told of your sKiil in such matters, oi ever obtaining any remedy for her, and die more especially as other physicians nad afforded her no relief. I am happy, how j ever, thu? to confess that you have effectually cured Iter, and I | cordially, heartily thank you, lor your highly successful exer- i tions. Yours respectfully, MARTIN WATEllti, 113 Hammerslcy st. City and Countv ol New York : to wit : lit the lni|ie of being serviceable to wane of nSy afflicted fel I low creatures, I hereby voluntarily offer my grateful U-stimo | m ils to Dr. Wheeler, the Oculist, for restoring nio topeifect | sight, (from total blindness,) alter having before been iinsuc | cussfully treated and operated upon by upwards of twenty ol i the most eminent ami celebrated medical men of this city and ' different parts of tire United States. In witness wln-reof, I make deposition, nnder oath, to ita I truth, and hereunto auhsrrilie ntv name. .IAMES r? V A II It VI 701,1 A v.mi. Sworn before me, the 30th day of March, 1312. Geo. Irei.and, Com. Deeds. j 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : as. David Powell, 138 Jachson street, Brooklyn, being duly worn, says, that he was alQicred eight years with the F.icy|> ) tisn opthilmis, and ulcers in the eye i, and thouxh under out < ( | We first oculists at the Eye lnlirn.ai y four an I a hall" years, ne ' vvjienenct 1 no rrlirl, hut bceatne blind, in which state he was | placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green ; tticIi street, who has entirely restored lus sight. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 31st day of March, I'll. Jour* Bulki.et, Com. D eds, 21 Wail street. City ar.H County of New York: as. Mary Ann Pirley, daughter of Mrs. Wiin?les,No.9l Catharine street, b. :ng duly sworn, ssyv, that she a short time suffered ' dccaditil'r from a disease known, technically, (as deponent is informed) ' > be Amaurosis, which rendered her ajuite blind. Although -he hail the best assistance that could be alforiled her a: the Eye Inlirm.tr), (a Wsll as from an eminent oculist in tlis city, v.he eventually told her the sight could never be restored) she uever received any essential benefit until she was placed under the care si Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, whose kind r.ud skilful treatment, has entirely restored Icr. MARY ANN PIRLEY. Sworn before me, this 13ih ilav of April, 1312. Isaac 1*. Mir.rin, Com. Deeds. 11 Wall street. City End Count) ofNew York: ss. Mr. i*. < If.h street, Providence, R. I., being Only sworn. . i s' I. w ,, totally blind in his left eve, for ntue 1 < ii i? cataract; that he applied Is I) W 1 ii uhst. f 13 Greenwich street, who, [by iu i - ?mi lutle |iain and inconvenience,and ?o . , ... .mredhis sight. Under such o .... Iuty, to state his gratitude, to the > .ii- i't which Liis skill lias conferred ei " 8. C ADY. - ? ? 7'h dsvo f Ap-il, 1812, > l? i *xo, Jr., Com. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. i i ?tr ' ? sb Verts, ass mid. I 11, id uiy little datiithtrr, three > ? i -i ... ... I m, complrtvlv blind of the t. WK.I.r, OeulUt, 33 Greenwich ?t. I" II wl. km w lirr.lu r siitlit ii iwrfretly rest (i 1 .4 i..ir,?? lie well. In llitr ho|?r of leaning othen to i.mi hie..me t'iu 1 have enjoyed, I voluntarily make thu at itement ander oath. CHRISTOPHER BURNS, ( rand atre -t. comer of Thompsonstreet. Sworn to before me, this 2m h day of April, 1812. W. R. Brtst, Coin. Deeds, ml* I m+r tl Niwn itrett I r\lSKs\SKS Ol THE "EYE AND KAM.-.J SHANKS, M.D.respectiuilyannounces to the public that Imiimremoved hi? office to 175 Hudson street, near Canal, where he will, as usual, devote especial attention to the surgical, medical and operative treatment of all diseases incident to tin* human ye udtv, and defects of fidos, on Mondays, Wedneadayv and Fridays, from R to 12 o'clock, morning. Advice and medicine to the |?oor (gratis) on the evening of the above days, from 5 to f o'clock. | N B. At all other turns Dr. S. attends to the gent rsl practice iifhi*. f Tf?rf?<?i.ui. m!7 I ^VUSCEIXANEOUS. A VOICE FROM LOWER CANADA. MONTitE AL, January 1 j, 1812.?Oeiits:?'\ oil will he sur* prist d when 1 inform you that a large Innly of Cocking wauga Indians came into my store and traded moccasin*, skins of foxes and otters, for your candy, which would line amounted in cash 'o fifty dollars*, and 1 am happy to say that the Canadians now ""garu it as a general restorative; also, that my stock is nearly exhausted. We hive a lar e force of the Briti ? army here, also, who have acknowledged its pre-eminent merits, lu Cut I cannot supply the dementi, and yon moat continue tore plenuh my stock. I shall convert the furs into cash, and send you an immediate remittance. Yours, truly, DAVID ASPINWALL. T i M< r> .s. T. F? ..<? N. Son, 1j I)i? isjon sr. Brooklyn, Drr. 27. Opntlemrn^-l derm it hot jmtire 10 > ", howitci Quvofesiiood the a-t nay considered, to apprise you that 1 nave In d, for two months past, a person iioorr my; charge laboring most alarmingly under tne influence of consumption, evidently the effects of early intetnper sure. I resorted, without the least hop< -> of succevi, to every r?rnedv; the dry hoarse cough continued to increas*?discharge from tne lungs was rare and attended with convulsive sp urns? theapi tits filled?the bowela became epoetin ited?and a c< Id dampness prevailed over the frame. When I had exhausted all Professional remedies^ I yielded to the friends desire to allow eeee's fioarhonnd Candy* with reluctance I penttittcq it, doubtful of its merits, as well as pr' -nmpfive ofinyown inability. My surprise, as well as his Irirnd*, at an immediate change, was unspeakable. He that had settled all his worldly afiairs, and resigned himself religiously to fate, evvrp hour showed symptoms of recovery. His Itreathin? is freed from all pectoral tightness. The rough has ino/lcrited, the apja.tite is hourly increasing, ami my hopes of his recovery conniuicU.? Justice requires tliis tribute to your discovery. H. HUNT. M. To Messrs, Pease & Son, 43 Division ?t Atii MTs?R# tiding, No. b State street, Boston, Mass, Bawls K Co. 57 State street, Albany, N. Y. Ziebcr, Phi lade I pit ia. Pa i Robinson, No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Ml HaMermn, Louisville, Ky. Cook, Pittsburgh, Pa. Jobson, No. St. Charles street, New Orleaoc. Watson. Memphis, Tenn. Adams x B! unl. Huntuvillr, AU. W. T. Tannrhil I, Ntmhville, Trim. Tobry J'inriiintti. Ohio. Pirrcv Trllrr, D-croit, Mich. It. J. XViunlw.irH Si I .. ,;. M.< kischrr. Washington City, D. C. O" Each ciivel. ,* of the leiiuine HorehounJ Gaudy ?>?tue,l J. PRASE k SON. ? Division atrsct. N. B.?Pullers m l ironfr rtionera are nol appointed scent i i It* PRAR8ALLS OAR KSTA ULWlSftTS'T. found..J in mo, at 1(12 Water street, five doors above Cathar or in\r bet, tin* only estttbiiahnivn' of the kiwi in the United Slates, continues to supply tlie Navv, t ie American, Russian, and Spanish war steani. s?h"j uppli .1 nil the raee boats and aiub boats for toe last four years?ami iiaa now the lu(?at oaoriineflt of ours, i*'.'ia, and actilla vrrrolp ted in uie place. I N. B?The llianrh Oar Store on tin North River aide ia '.ill up, and removed to 4"? Wall ?tn et; win aa I <?'. all the espcriats of store, I will I, et?oo?li i lieaoer to t . "e who eoine from Uie North lliver side to pav tlie.u for their t. >ubl . Ra :e la ala, rlali boats, oari and aim lis a Id M per cent leas W>? laat year. igi 3m* c STAINED OLA88 AND VV INDOW SHADE H V.N 0 NINOTON h ' O, c.l Bro\'?say, nea Readest, Olaaa rr> and dicuMive P niter*, ri - ctfnlly aolicii families ai.do'V.ri, fit i u np h 'r dwelling-. to insjcvt ir atoclt, hich lor atyle anrl i recnt: n of work is not to be anrpa's. d, and at.i.i es io it the times. W.,- dd. w indow shad-a irom onr dollar to tnr nrbrst ats Irs, ecu ally cheap in pro|*>rtion. Architects aril others fornimed with deaiynt lor tta.nr I glaaa for church v iodoivs, dv rllinga, he. on tin- ahor eat notice, lid orders executed with economy and deapalch. WANTED?An artief, us. ' to dreoratire pair'iny: also an otiic. imdOlmr_ 1 200 (VUI I'ICKLK.S, ,n : Assorted Kirkiea, t\?snP, Saner Pre ^rjr*'r "'i *n*'\,h ^Muaterd, of a superior quality and loss U ,f.' If v *White Viur-.-vr, hv the yilhui . r birr*! ; ......... i.? "ir c.iml or kc; ; I'rraern d Mni<. > Oyatrra, r 'Wl?, Milk, fco., warranted (o krr|' any length of time, end in any climate, etcellrm for thin atone, aath?T "<>"! trrrnl liiMry at a rcaaonaMe price ; Ornnnd Coffer, warranted I "if : Walnut, Math room arui Tomato Cauup, b\ the galKm or "lo/j-n. N. B.?Large aiae Pickleafor gioeera. by ear. . I . ? .. W^LLS * MILLRR. WiiollMlfl and Warfhonsr* for ficktU, mil :tm* Wain and II] From atrert "PMK roLT^H PATENT HCTT-ATINO fI*E AIKTS a ? Rifl? a with Kr\tf liamhcra. Carbine a with Hit hambrra. Shot Onm or Fowling pierea, with a:i Chamber*. Piarola, Pork't, Bella auri H'l-t-ft, with fir* Chambera. And an eatra cylinder with (i*e mom eharpra. A* alao, | rruaaion rapa, halla find powder, improved e?p prim'rt and powder lla-kn. ?m pour offered for aa'r at radneed prirct, .it No. 1*1 Broadway, 2nd dnOf In-low (olrtlan-lt atreci. rnrchaacTi from abroad ran he -.ttpplird with any ramennaMn quantity on aii/m notice. The great adeatitage* of them fire arma neer any other fire arm . now known, a? well at tin ir aepcuor wnrkmanahip an I quality of mltcriala.it ao well catabliitfed .hit'lianol tnceaaarytn ileacribe the esme n-w __ _ irl lai'c OOLA ^SH--?lMone. landin. IiuOi ?cln i'< rt)i~o r T..m ' OlMfotr and lor hy . , , hi ll?ML V BROOK*, jal7e do. ill Litem Ire.I. * (V l'O JEW YORK. TUESDAY A "liQOKS ANlfSTATlOXERVr " VEW GUITAR. MUSIC?GKOKUK H. DLRWOKT, professor of the guitar, No. 138 Cabal #treot ojgiositc the St. John'# chtucfi, h .a < the honor to ac<iKaiul his r. lends and the public that he lint published a variety of n**w and , opular music. arranged with easy accompaniments lor cuiur. Mr. D. will alsc arrange and conn awe nn?ic for orclieiir^ ] guitar, ami oth- r instruments, and gitu iU-?tru?.iion> to ain.:tattraon thi pi in u k I .. . . ? e B(>OK BINDING PAVE!! KULfN'iT. 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Boyd St Son's in ike?warranted, for tinjfoimity Old suei;%'ih, i ;u.il to auv in thi > couulry or lit rat Britain, an I for the ..tie of which they a.; soleag.-ut# iu the United St <tc.o Kmcli >hCyliud**r Machine FeUin; of very sujK'rior quality, 3d. 10, 15, ?<i. 72, and Hi inch* < wide. Dryer Future of strong fabric, and of widths nstially required. Blue 8m '.Its.? fl iving the agency of the Sutton Com nan v'# Blue Smalt-, thay arc enabled to supply KKFK, wid Ffrf'K; in any qtianriti * Wire . fcr Kon.Ji.nirr and Cylinder Machin-?. manufactured from the jnirt t i.?u:!? th.o, .1 < kcu?Wet an J rrt as Felts. Puln Sen em, No#. J, 3. of bra* metal. Or!(rs f :r any of 'it?? i!e>ve articl?M, tn. ether with Fcrct<n ' and domestic rr?K*. Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, & '. 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W.'s lloom, 175 Broadway. jelj lm#?c egsjft3sg^BJPnonBMgppWP?BWWWWPSN:.mwii.i n.i?mi xrma hats, "hats! hats! h cts ft BROWN &. t O S One Price Hat Store. whuLsale and r tail, 1'") CVpfJ ?m Square, corner of .Vott street, where fashion, 'reauty, durabiiUy and economy crs combined to adorn the bead. The proprietors li.?.v the plrasare mm to offer in addition to their lecently niv/ored snort napped Hat, a new style, *he iinin-.tion of beaverr, which so cK>sel\ resenmies thst of all furs the n.'it costly and he. u'hnl, that tiie difference is not easily perceived, Price three l"i;:-.r* We strictly a lhere to the one price cash >\*steir?, which enables us to funti-.li \ very superior U?t < the price charged. In Predentin' thene Hats to the public the propttutors think. On 7 have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, rh' aru?js* and comfort. m4 3m* '1M> ~TiK~STB AW u \ r PRaT^.?Hmj undersigned !> hav i:u d?*f ri:iiueto establ'.h a Bleach-house and Manufacto v/'oini'l te in c'l i'?*prcti, i?i the neighborhood of New Vi.r'c c' y, invites all interested in the Straw list barin.t ? ...axe trranrcmeut.. with aim, which he d. ubu not will h* equally to ih irnudhi, e. lvi?tv^ and satisfaction. Having; for ornc s-ear-s had tb" KUpei'rP^nden * of the celebrated Bleach. i?. U'.?rk- .0 v.. ... n ir... 1 1 : . -I having since nu<h- further iuvt"?ti r ifiont ,with llit* m >sf sttLfactory result*) into ih;? imi>orlaiit bruieh of Bh* aching?both in Euro;** ami Ain-rii i?!?? a \ 1 u gi \ ? ;I1 *tr .'v vooiL the utmost beauty both of color an* fnLh, of w liirh ?h?? in M?ri*l i* attacrpfibh*. THOMAS UEVNPLD9, j??13 1 w*r S. K.('o too ?f 1) ? "i ' i r, I; . I, u. A N m OKT \ Vi V-!nI 1 fi?N i ' id forti. stT'Oti* reflection of tiv tmn:h.au?*rs of H?M. 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(re itletn. n d sire :s of |turcbiuiiiy fioiu the only dr|?ii of ihe factory, are rnpecilully invited to call cf aur where will I* fouml snunrivailed assortment of rlic ahovi tnrnaonrd cooda, which will be disputed of on the most r< isonahle lercnt. mi2m*r IMJllU&g. FKICK OF TflT. AmCRW & RorHF.STCB K. R. Co. > ( , > ir I tifUft, .1 1H# IS4 t. > A Semi Annual Dividend of Five per Cent will b inid on f lie Capital Stork of tliis Company on the lirst Jay of July neit. Shareholder* whose Stock is registered in the City Transfer Books of this Company, will receive payment at the B ink of the State of New York. in the Cirv of New York; and those whose Stork is not registered in the City will lie j?aid their Dividen 1 at this Office. By order of the President and Directors. jeitrjylr ^ CIIA8. SEYMOUR. Treasurer. 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Gerard, 1. i b of Conusul,?J hn \eeii i, the defendant in this cauao, whose |?la ? of resides. # is in the State of N?-w Jer-ey is requirt i to appear in this cms- by the n'ne eenth day of Hep:e:n*>er next, or the bill file d herein will be taken *< confessed by him. Albany Evening Journal please copy and charge to J. NJ. Wchater. tell flWfw e I)1AN() FORTES?Several piano fortes of superior tune an workmanthn. warranted in # \? . r?nr< I<V t/% clone ii concitfiiinent. Apply 57 Cud a tipstam. .:?5 2w?c __________ I Yl OTT'S I'ATKNT. POITPABTE ,.fTI(sV I i lTlWaih Boiler, admirably adapt' I for washing, can be placed in the firr-place, the area, or tl?e yard. j Pa* nt ^Rri"nltiiri?ta, Kwrnarr aiwl Caiitdfon, in tiarf of 15. 30, 40, 50, *i0, ro, 100, U"i, and 150. Tii?*tr /urnac*? require only a i piece of rii?p to fir them for me. No aniele has # *rr siron b* ter ?aii*Ct -tion to those formei. who hav? used th? in. 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B.?All kiinl. of Lim|llllrtrl hron**i', w.lt ami rn|nirrii ,f dm .'null' i ii iilm, on r*?. maliln ?im, mil lni*r .-Kll'l.ri / \SU H ||> A Pl A\ Dlil ? \fKRY .in mm iiiirli, towint ar* tr n*r*llr soM, pat an ex.;..J**aalv I", family oie. To' 'air, .-.l.alcatl* ?n-t ret ill. by i -I. WATSON, rhcmiit,' anil Ap.thev nt. H'U, v,n?,:nt' . B - - \ laf* atiortiri -nt of t'.u . (tout t r? rfotMry. ! 10 tin* \T(f'<!V.- ~Th" ("?r' Mw\', O . 1 ei'KN'l I.IKK ? J UL-1 I ! ' ' . ?? tx xt Xj JL^ JL%_ JLJ IORNING, JUNE 21, 184 London. [Coiiuipuiuloiicc of the H' ixl'J ] Lo.Nixi.N, June 2, 1812. The India, Sews?The Right of Sean h?Gen. Case? Position of England?Tratie, 4"rI >r; .* it Bkn.nett:? The steamer of the -1th will convey to America very little newa of importance, unless the innil from India by the way of Kyyi't, which may be hourly r'xpected, rhould arrive in tune to |>ttt you an fait ot what id going on in Afghanistan and China. The [err of what is likely to happen i.t that quarter j Df the world, and the new and imposing asjicct which th-' (inal refusal of France to ratify the quintuple treaty, has given to |K>liticn! prospects in this hemisphere, has cooled down tic animosity of the British press toward the United Flutes to an unwonted deft er of moderation. Th" Timet, instead of threatening us, as it did in December last, with the combined hostility of nil the great European powers, now, with extraordinary courtesy of language, goes to the extent of avowing that any " little demonstration of civility which England can with propriety make (to the United States,) is quite at our service." This in very kind for John Hull. But while that , in common with all others in the city, is in pi. .ii. tn its language toward the I nited Si. |uence of a most unexpected virtual alii. ti. -non of the right of search between Franc md America, they all unite in the most hitter c uunci iiious of Generul Cass, the American minister at 1'aris, to whom they attribute the defeat of th well conceited scheme of uniting all Europe ngain-t us. Trie indignation which was manifested towards the General on the appearance of his pamphlet, has acquired new fore" since the publication of his despatch to M. Gui.'.ot. The Chronicle, with a pre sumptuous arrogance, peculiarly English, says: " General C ass, the American Envoy at Paris, has fur outstripped lus instructions, end, we believe, gros'lv misrepresented hi* government in making it (ihe right of search,) u war <|Uc-uion. General Cass h as, we wc ur sorry to say, much contributed to icau.?":fiite or keep up 'lie v.irory against us." The Times says that General Cas-, with nn " iniproprtcty ol'proc -eding which tends to compromise, in the highest degree, that character lor reserve and prudence. whi !i is tiie on'y title of the diplomatists of the United ."hates to the respect ol Europe," "took advantage of an opportunity of implicating France in the p: s.-;l)ility rf -i quarrei between the United Stat-s and (ire i Britain " '* At a moment when the resources of th- A uerican government are notoriously we. k i i money.and in -I i s. it was prahaoly thought that u:i mice >lc demon 'ration addressed to France < .1 the very sub cot on which she h i. detich'd lierself from th reft of Europe, and ori which her popular pre.udtces are mo-t violent, might alii.rd anrne -upport to the cabinetcfW'.ishiitgton. If such v u tie- inleniions of the ollicious author of till t paper, [the letter to .hi. Guizot.] it is fortunate tint ' .aiigiiuce j. unsupported by the authority of bis government." II -re wc have a rare spin iuieit of even English insolence. It E made sii insull'cr.ilile ofi'mce tor a". Am'ncari Euyoy at Paris to discharge an obvious duty i i atteinptL.g to ward otr the dangers of a thi.-.i:ened and cver\i lirli ing war, hv reasonably nd 're.-.-ing a commuuication to the French government, which depicts the hoftile purposes of u menacing and powerful enemy. The President and hi cabinet ore told wh'iiit ii, and what it is not proper tor an American minister to the French court to do?what they h";iid,and what they hoof! not approve. I doul.t whether John Tyler uud Mr. Webster will tii mk the Hiitish prer- for thus u-lviiMtg t!i*tn ti> the world asle t patriotic than tlvir minister to France. The truth is. that England has been so long .'Customed to lord i*. over other coiintii'-s, that she feels exceedingly indignant whenever any government, or any repie. entativo of any government, undertakes to oppose h<-r designs. If von were to hear the dictatorial and haughty language habitually used in this city in reference to Atactica and other countries, and by sensible men, too, y? i would he astounded at the conceit and arrogance of the British people. They really think thcniselveseommissioned by Providence to give law to the world. What England decides on is right, nnd must be done, nnd those who oppose her must be put down. The Knijierorof China had the audacity to prohibit the importation of opium, but as it happens to be a matter of interest for the British Hast India Company to cultivate this drug, the (..'lunese must swallow the poison or submit, as they are now doing, to a Moody and ruthless war of invnsion and conquest. The Chronicle tM I us. sonic time ago, that th" natural limits of the Briti-It Cast India Kmpire whs that extent ofterritory which was salTiriently productive to pay for the expense of conquest, and yield a clear profit to the Company after defraying the annual cost of government. There are other startling tnsttnces ot the morality and arrogance of Great Britain. But, to return to onr all'tirs. It is rumored here that lb" America o Minister at Paris has been fully sustained hy the Cabinet at Washington in th -position assumed by liini on his own responsibility, and tlial the French Minister of Foreign Allaire hau answ ted his protest against the so much talked of treaty. Your are, however, doubtless better informed in the I'nii'-d States than we are here as to the truth of these reports. You will see, hy a reft rence to the papers, that that deep feeling of rancorous hatred entertained toward America, because we choose to resist her selfish nnd ambitions pretensions, are just now, from motivesof policy, transferred to General ('ass. But I hope there will he no flinching at Washington. There never has been a time when it was so wise or so safe to stand up to our urinci pies and to insist on our rights. The feeling here is that our government will b" cntoled into a settlement of all the disputed questions by such "demonstrations of civility," as John Bull may deign to hestow on credulous Brother Jonathan. The manufacturing districts are in an unparalleled degree of di >tr-*s. The charities now being solicited all over th" kingdom, under the auspices of the (Jne< n's appeal through the clergy, will be wholly inadequate to relieve the wants of starving thousands. The depressed state of most foreign markets for British goods, present the certainty of a still more calamitous stute ol things. TI.e remedies of the I)eceiv?r General, as they call Peel, cannot cure the ills of Kngland. Her dis -asu consists in that monstrous inequality of wealth which has b"t*n fostered hv her legislation and the n.iliev nf tier envcrn ment tor ages. She is MtaRgcrinR with apoplectic health on gouty and ulcerated limbs. She will soon prove to the world, that aristocracies, like all other forms of government, inn-t die from inherent rtui "*of dissolution. Faithfully yours. Dublin. [ Correspondent of the fler-l J. J Pi nut*, June 1*12 hf.n fvn:? My last letter prepared you to expect the in irvclI uiiet - the perfect reconcilement with w liieli we In' " every where received in this pirtof the mp;re. the new Com Hi'l, and every other bill, 01 Rood, or of had repute, which the J'.ritih m:ni?ter m iv i house shall govern our future relations, whatever timy be our individual notions to the contrary nevertheless. The expression of opinion iu England find* hut n meagre response at this side, nor do w e venture to discuss any public measure of it'ility, nr im(<ortnsee; except those originating in the exuberant and fanciful mind of our present F.ord Mayor, who claims a monopoly in every species of Irish agitation, and who has discouraged its exbibirion jxcept when made auxiliary to the one declared and mm mount ohjeet, n repeal of the Legislative union between this country and C?r?at Britain. nicrrvru^ u umn, soon aiier in* pa?*in* 01 in** "rttliolic Emancipation Bill in IPS), when a hrge iroportion of ihr atnid, anil sober thinking of the [rich |>eop|r. that only believed a repeal of ih? ? nira<ure to pronii great public advantage, but fully ?U lainable by n proper organization, and a steady nnd Ixed determination to work out its final accom >li?ln.ient. .Mr. O'Connell was permitted oy common ist-ent, to lead onward in this march f< r n.iional independence, and a belter selection, oa Inr n.? nenta! an I physic tl e ip'bilitieu, ns well on acount ,f his poftjessing at the tint" n widely extended in 1ner.ee over the niiuds of !iis fellow countrymen, "oulil not poaeibly he .'.tad;. Aa ela'>:c? amongst he liber.1 party., ra'l ad round the standard which .yn-then r .reil, amtil i ilie almost univor.il Lout it al '< I, . nfrnn hi- d i> .ulition Tit r ulni-i mm, Imwewi,wm bn Bvali f#r mi pit a ! I J. A ?1 UP- - J- V- J [ERA. 2. amounting to a conviction strong as proof of holy I writ, betrayed the motives?the individual, the selfish and secondary purpose, for which the " Libeiafor," as the servile adherents of O'Connell choose to dosignntehim, toiled, anil put forth his gigantic talents?the unsurpassed energies which he is admitted to possess in their freshness to this hour. Almost i very succeeding day brought with it some new development; betrayed some other motive than u mare amor patric, which has already been r -warded, not indeed by an approach to unv near realization of the objects which he ostensibly sought for, lot? in the well securing to himself some twelve er font teen thousand pounds sterling ner annum, taken from the pockets of a struggling ana exceedingly dutressed population, on which he mainly deiienJs for Iris upport, an 1 llmt of it needy anil spendthrift lain- i ily. 'Tis perfectly ludicrous to hear stated by his I p.irtizaus, lite many and uneoualled sacriliceo to I vrliicli !?? 1 i,io rfi.l-unit d, in the abandonment ol a lucrative and honorable profession, (or the purpose of devoting lus cntiie time to the services of his country. Pshaw! The duolirity and utter falsehood of the assertion can only be exceeded by its extravagant absurdity. I have known Mr. O'Connell, well and intimately for the las? twenty years; I have truggled I ng and zealously in the same cause in which lie li is been engaged, often !>v his side, up to the period of wresting emancipation Irom tlm fears of the British government, in IKfif. I feci grateful to him as an Irishman, for his exertions up to this period. But there ends my gratitude?my thankfulness for the services lie has rendered to our common country. His motives at this time were of a lofty and soul-inspiring kind ; they are now of a somewhat different complexion?controlled l>y his necessities, and his insatiate thirst for notoriety.? lie is a patriot, believe me, so long as his pocket counsels him that it is of the most profitable speculation to which he can lend himself, from which lie has olten been near turning, until a patient analysis of the good and concomitant disadvantages has pointed .out the side on which his individual interests preponderate, and which has counselled him to reiect tli" emolument of place, though it muv be the honorable distinction of a seat on the judicial bench, to the multiplied thousands which he continues to extort from an impoverished, though confiding and abused neoplc; but to accomplish thia purpose, it was necessary that he should have created, and i'urtln r continued the extreme pressure of the utmost political excitement, in order to persuad his dopes, nr.f nnlv* flint thpv l?:nl ?prir v.mrrs. in. numerable jujuties tuiexpiated; and multiplied advantages within their own grasp and ready procurem "it, but that he, of all living men, was especially marked out by !he* hand of the Most High to work out their political redemption, and ! d them onward to the realization of every hope which their fancies or wildest er'husia?m ni.ght,tor the moment, beheve essential to the national good, or within the com mhs of their speedy attainment. The" [eiy; I Hepeal Association,'" numbering only hi j ,i .v\r -i s?the mere creatures \\ho live upon his hi -til, who are prepap d to do Ins bidding, and folio lihii on .v .rd to whatever ipiestionable purposehe may ehoo.-c lead,them, together with the Rom ?ii if Photic flergy, who are too often betrayed into a lorg'-if ibi of the moderate and unobtrusive habits that so e*> oitinlly and well become them, ar - th* in trinn its with which he contrives to work H his ends?his t'cspicuble and sordid purposes, and .lirougH whom he bus unfortunately succeeded in deluding th minds of many of tl.e middle, and ill entire of the Inwr classes of the population, setting tenant ngainst landlord, man again.-t his fellow man, and otherwise ii]irnotinsf every sacred and domes-tie tie?every intimate connection, until the country. " almost afraid to know itself," presents a s< me of anarchy and social disorganization unpa: illi'l .'il in tl.e history of almost any other people in the world?at which the mind shudders?which no 1 iw ran reach, or si use of duty or moral obligation for a moment Imld, or keen in check. There is scarcely u rural district in the entire south, that is imt imbued with the cY.-tructive principles which !iis unceasing appeals to the wors* passions of the people have so universally created, threatening a universal war ugainst property, in which the people themselves must iti the end become the principal sufferers: Sneak of the pretext?the possible repeal of the Legislative union between this country and (treat llritain?to any man of common understanding, and who bus any st ake, or aught to lose in the country, and if not re trained hv the observances of society, h will laugh outright in your face as a visionary, or an sabering under some mental hallucination, that couid alone encourage so extravagant an unticip tion in the present day. Money?money is the (object, the cry nnd? burthen of every Bong; the demand which follows every renewed n|>peal to the :?'urn?ipmi ??ijri mvt- c*i Li?unirr ui jnp mni^es, "J IS this, Pir, which gives ;-nme flickering of ho|>c to th<reflectin?, the intelligent and real well wishers of th" peace aid 'irosnenty of thin country? for men, believe inc. will seldom long contribute front their restricted mean*. withont putting the inquiry to thrtiia-lves as to the vood, the practical advantage to b <1 "rivi (1 from this, or any such imposition, as is eiidc .v red to tie collected throughout every part of Ireland, under the euphonious designation of ' Kcpeal Kent," taken from the resources, the want; i f a necessitous population, and under the fro'iduhnt and mendacious pretext of securing the nation il independence?"f bringing wealth and con tentnientto every man's door, withont their being made e"ii iole of the imposition,the deep duplicity of which they Invc been made the victims. Already is tli" ubu-e working its own correction, the payments of late into the exchequer of the " Loyal Repeal Assoi i ition," and notwithstanding the continued efforts of th- Catholic priesthood in many of the southern counties to keep up the pressure, betrays a woeful contraction of the resources of this body, which of late h ih mainly rested upon the contributions from your side, to sustain its members with anything approaching to a decent sub"istence; for to where the money otherwise goes, alter reaching the hands of " my dear Kay," or how or by what means the hangers on, and numerous adventurers, who in great part constitute the members of this uiigust assembly, can otherwise obtain a competency or decent livelihood, no one who is nt all acquainted with th" matter can possibly imagine. t?til!do I say to vour people?your kindhenrted and generous people?go on as you have begun. Contribute with your might, and with all your means. "Tia the money?the money, that wc want at this side; dang your sympathy, arid tine speeches, wc have enough of keening amongst ourselves, to last tar beyond the present season, and even much to spare; so, no talking or palaver, if you oleuse, but the rhino?send us the money. The h irJ dollars, you may believe me, m far more welcome to out hungry patriots, who |M;rainbti! ilf "I' lr.'h ijiiay," than all the speeches that President O'Connor of your city could ili?goo5e for the s?::uill remainder of iis lif , or the episodes that Mr. Dorinin Conovaa, of New Oilcans, who writes himself " Corrtrpondintr Si (-rotary of the Irish Hcl^al Association of Loitivianaj" may choose to ino ir" Iti h wrongs nnd Iri.-h grievances," or of " that < tin wlii hns oeloqoeady and classically ilewrih a : "r.niiatin;: like an curorn boreal is ' through the SoilVin Mates of your Hcp'-blir.? 'I he tact if1, that you rppcar to us quic* people at this | - ide o| the Atlantic, < slnrk mini, Ircrejl of your i-.ml di.- relinn, nn ' at this moment under the inrtucnce r.l lever ol llic mos' exciting ami alarming kind, lor which al'til- blood-Ieliine. be asseured, ut thi? p rrt;- "'jr . I,of \ n:ir coin -fiint, is your best an 1 s I* remedy A f -w nice remittances, aft' r tin- '..i llicit oj onr T/>iti"inna lric::'l", nnd the rabid ..n l 'la i,i Tci i syjii !" '. wl irh lia'e lately dcvi >iv 1 th tit-civ * in your own locality. ;n your i"i h i city f "I i'tl crly love," nnd in other art' .1 yiur com del v, will 'oon subside ; let vi ir p iv icuts he commensurate with your present hig'i wt " tli. vin.' ithi' ' foi ooi rnfleringB, and all tl. i \v<* mi) l"i i ii; yof d tosufli'rlor your sal n i.i retiira. And tlinuch our "patriots" and "public men," may laugh in th'-ir sleeves, der'arc von ihc most ?iTwle.--< dupes ct which ilia world hears i . .:u i - .i - - r< r i, m m, ?in > in f nvi'n ? in" in ;c ceri no, a* we'll aa your H loration lo that jr< od uine, und joii uI UKierrtinding. which lin* in every oilier ;niirtii" cluMcterircd t!i people of yoor hemisphere, 1 shall n<>t tire yon. ?>r >f?ur reader* with any further oh- rv itions on this subject, which I *1).,II leave forlhe prcsani, intending to resume its consideration in my next 1 Iter. 1 wish that 1 eoiil'l give you any better account thin in tin' last communication, of the internal nate of tin s unfortunate and di-trarte<l conntrv. The counti i of Ti/.n-rarv unci limerick, are nt this n,otruMti much disturbed; so is Kilkenny and Wnterford, end indeed many othi rs.it would be invidious to rifitfion, tvh'Tf Oi" see da of discontent have lieen deeply town by the inllammato;y Itarrnnrue* ol on: " I/oynl UcfK-al** disorxanixrr*, assisted liy a lar-m pro, ur'iott of the local press, which in too many in tan-"* is unfortunately under their control. Tb" xovernii' nt see :is di?|>o?sed to do all in ilieir power to ipicll disorder, and protect the peaceable -,n l well conducted. acainrt the turbulent tuid Inwl bn' it r- difficult to counteract 'he evil? nneitif from a combination that j? perfect in all if? rain in catica nr. I that ne.thT money, or ftir f. rrer* <",( tn? I\w rati rnbJne or iitlhtcnee. 'I':,.. ? || |< idCC I'll'1.1*' ItHVf ll fit llio-t I| ll.,ii Tb iirui" twetl line be in cot well into tin t U-JL- - -I LB. Price Two Cent*. ground, but the wheat, except in rich Hoils, looks every where sickly, and is coming up verc thingenerally speaking it promises hut an iiidiiii reui crop. We are so occupied with the disarrangement of our domestic affairs in this quarter of the world, that we take hut little interest in foreign politics.? < ieneial opinion, however, line set at rest every an ? ,u.. i.1 u . _... i.,,_ cause Franco has declared iter determination,to break through her plighted luith with < irent liritaiu, and now refuses to ratify the Quintruple Treaty? not for tlic reason that England it> nevertheless determined to visi; every vessel her emigre may meet in the African seas, under whatsoever Hag they may assume?not because vour government do not feel sulVteient warr ,nt for noutilitiea in the of'/nee, which the United Mutes assumes under your interpretation of the impropriety of such interference ; but because >1 the present disorganization of your entire monetary system?the prostration ol your credit, which it is arsuined would scarcely enable you, in the present aspect of your affairs, to raise sufficient funds to sustain a w ar of six weeks duration. There is but one opinion of the repudiation system of some of your Mules, and which your friends at this side have been anxious to see your general government more uneauivccally condemn. Helieve me. ever faithfully, Youre, F. W. Albany. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Ai.iia.ny, I8th June, IHfci. Stagnation in Trade, fye.?Dull Timet?7Voy?A\n Steamer?Dr. Lordlier and hit tectum. J. (.?. Dennett, Esq.!? Dear Sir,? As usuul, during the suspension of the legislature, this place has fallen into its wonted condition of a .gnant dullness, and, added to all the rest, there is now nn almost total stagnation in commercial affair The lateness of the season mid the distress of the times have stopped the usual stream of vis'tor* from the south and cast towards the Falls and Springs, and the looks of the hotel keepers are black and gloomy. Yankee Hill has been telling his stories, and magnetizing patients, but neither he nor b? tier artists can rouse from it3 habitual rtU|>or this most phlegmatic community, which is totally inaccessibh either through the understanding, the lirugmntion, or the sondes. Of the first two they have none, cl the last, uhout as much ns a community of snails. The same commercial prostration is visible in the prettier and neuter < :ty of Troy, remurkable in genera' foi its thriving industry and well diiected enterprize. It now lies, as it were, on the general surface, a stagnant and inert mass. Many of the chief factories, with power cap-hie of giving fertility to hundreds of millions of capital, arc as still as the grave, and their nrtiznns arc seen lounging melancholy hi.J unemployed around the doo-s of the ir cottager. It is only within the lust few days tl.at Burden': extensive iron works have been partially restored t'> activity, and with this exception, almost everything in the commercial world isi.uicscent. The projectors of the magnificent steamboat Troy are preparing, on the first improvement of the times, to construct a still more splendid steamer, to ply between Troy and New York. Its length v\ ill be 310 feet, being lb feet longer iliun the Troy; its lines will be finer and better udni>lcd for speed than those of tlte latter vessel. It will lie propelled by a pair of engines of enormous power, with eyfinden 4H inches in diameter, and 12 feet in stroke. Lighthall's principle, which is imperfectlylapplied in tha Troy. Will be fully carried out in the new vessel; there U little doubt that she will reduce the average time between this place and New York to eight hours, and perha|? even less. The dullness ot Troy bus lately been broken by Dr. I/trdncr. who, partly to seethe factories of that place, and the great canals in its neighbourhood, and partly to enlighten the Trojnns by his lectures, is now staving there. It is the singular good fortune of this scientific gentleman to see his objects and his interests promoted by his enemies, even more effectually than by his friends. You will recollect the faVor done him in New York Ity the Kcv. David Hale iV Co.. and in Boston by the Rev. Dr. Cantwell rMeeper. The same kind office has been performed for hint here by an unfledged biped named Gould; who has assailed the Doctor after the Sleeper fa'-hioo. in the columns of the Troy whig, endeavorin?. us usual, to scare way all decent people and espenally the ladies. This has converted the Doctor's audience (who, without it would have kept their approbation within the usual limits) into a body cit enthusiastic purtiznns, and they accordingly, at the close of the lectures, presented'to him an address signed by a large body of the most enlightened and respectable citizens, conceived in the most encomiastic terms, to which the Doctor has coolly replied that he is glad to find that the Trojans concur in. opinion with the New Yorkers, ikistoninns, Arc. Arc. You wi'l see this correspondence in the Troy Budget. The matter, however, has not ended here. ' Among the Doctor's parlt/.ans was the editor ot the 1.itter journal, who accordingly took up the cudgels in his favor, and rather more than insinuated that the biped before mentioned would have lone well to tcive remembered the policy usually recotrpnended to |>eop!o who live in glass houses. This put thebii>ed upon Ins mettle, and he put forth anundounceinent copied pretty nearly from the language addressed hv the Hon. Tom Marshall to the ' Regular Atrny," on Hdwards'a trial. The peaceful editor, however, had us little taste for jiowder and Imll as the "Regular Army," and with much urbanity, declined the polite invitation, besides which, it was urged by the Doctor that it would bt; a very ill nulured thing to deprive him of so profitable >i friend as the biped, and thnt it was better that the buK'd should be jierntitted to continue to murder his motlu-r tongue in a Whig journal, than to give Itint in opportunity of blowing out the editorial UIUIII9UI I IIV iiuu^l. All iliis was followed, as no doubt it was intended to ne, by a flattering invitation to the Doctor to give a second course of lectures here, ercomiianied with tin assurance that the Hectors and Anarcmaches of this city were indignant at the attempt of tlic biped to dragoon them, and that they would not subnet to such drilling, and that to prove their contempt for the biped, they would fill the doctor's lecture room. The Judge# now in person waited on the Doctor to disclaim all connexion with the biped, who it seems is a limb of the law, and to ten1; der to him the gratuitous use of their courthouse for the lecturrs. It is rumored that the Doctor has offered a handsome per rentage on his receipts to the l>i|ied to accompany him on his Tour: una some go so fui as to say that the whole affair nas been got up by the r>r. hiiiiaH'. wlio, with the hiped. is laughing in his slce*r -it the joke. Yours, very truly, A r tecs. Stjtotu ' or tiii Sovso Soap Kirricuv.?No (hat! heTr 1 en t"lten in the Vinaynrtl Hound since Mi* 4th instant. The whol" number fnV en the present feasor does n.it djll' r materially Irom Vf*>" haririr. I.n?t year iOOo barrelr t- re caught. The *\hole mimbt r of tkmoUemployed the present v'tir is 170 tnmtwT of boat', atiout 4fn " seines, 4ij0 " nun. PXW W>maki-up thu vojagr of the ( n;x Cod shad fuj.n men rt' follow* :? T)it 0 boat* ami (cities, at ?u m er.ige eoM of fsno, ?<M),r4W Timeot fiOOmcn, 14 days each, st ft, v 7,000 Oar clii and ?.?!(, * 1,540 ?;.*,'J40 fV.?UftO I srrsh shs I. at $10 l?,4fG i'resrnt value uf hosts fc.id eines, 'jA.oen Loss, 540,740 Tie sl ot ccslculatioiis are fouti ' <! on da a carefully oil* tod, it it hflicvcd thflt they nrr very ntflrly tcCUi lit*. Tlif fi?lirrni<'n frnrii < mirrflicill hftrtuccooded no litter than our*, and thev mtef nrrewarfly ?u-f*in * hen\4y loss. Mont of the fl?h?rmpn h*ve left Moimmor Point". There were only fifty #n-rn ve??ela there on Tueitdiy last, an;! many ol these vessel* will leave this week. Homf of the fishermen hav erontr run ml on the north yhl? of the rape, hoping to fn ! had in Bsrnatahle Bay. The fniliWe of the HoDiidahnil fishery n ill he ?< t. reiy frit; for the jo*i falls tij-on mi? of nnall mean*. Most of them liavi horrowrtl money t.) puirhaan their hoat* and *elni?, and how ther have neither money to ; ay their dchta, nor the ai ran'of pnovidlnf for their fnmilie*?Yarmouth ft*. fitti. Coiirl lor Ihr Cot t'ref loit of Krror?, Jtiy *> 1 . ah 1". I'm iltf aail \a'haairt ,/ier/i v?. Tht I'fKf'r .1 -Ml-. I'.iikC" V'orney 4 fetter it, addressed the Co'ift in h< hall'oi di<i iidant in eu'o . II.-will t<<. f.Uon . ml lA M'. Hi rfot [ ! ;n i s in ert 4?. J oVIoek tho ( o'D 1 a.'j.e|. I tttrf i r.teTirtftr~TMe tint flii'm < i"pt- No? J5 I?- , ft. in I. l-i7 JO. il ?i. nn. it-.i * ' In i , Veil . : " I I 17. :l. *y, .M ft :t. :v?. ||, it, i'.t l fcli.v .)... | , , i | him n'ih. II, It: I- ' f?i ..j ."I .. o'i I si, ?>. til. ihf tie Tn.;

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