27 Haziran 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Haziran 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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*..! 'I... TH] Vol. VIII.?No. Wholo No. SUIT. REGULAR PACKETS. ] a WE bP UrERfObL fArxETft: I iv. New York on rt?- Uth and Liverpool ou the I3ih of lath month. I Ktwiolt 8lnp SlIRRTDAN, Captain V. A. Dcneyiter, t5th May. Ship OaRRICK, Capnin Win. Skiddy, 2.wh June. Ship KOSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 2Mh July. Ship 81DDON9. Captain E. B. Cobb, l>th August. Kbum LivcarouL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb. IJth June. Ship SHKRIDAN. Captain P. A. Deiteyater. !Jth Jul'Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. lJth August. Ship ROSCIUS. Cwitiu John Collin., 13th Se|*ember. Tliese ships are all of the tirrt cleaa, upwards of UK* tnua, built in tha city of New Vork, with such imiaovemenu as combine great speed with unusual comfort lor passe ugers. K? cry care ha. Iteen taken in un- arrangement of their accommodations. Tire price of |taasage hence is $100, for which ample stores ? ill be |U?*idrd. These shifts are commanded by exnerii need master*, who will make every exertion to give general natial'aclion Neither the captaina or owners of tlie ahipa will he reap.uai* hie for any letters, parcala or tackages acut by them, unleaa regular b 'la of lading are signetl therefor. The. nips of thia line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construe I ton givea them aecurity not possessed by any other but vessels of war. at.. New York, or to heet; 'J> centa perounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. m7 MEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) JlSiL itTXirT.r this hn^vaU hereatteMeare New^fariMmthe 1 Island Hsvre on the 16th of each month, a* follow* : From Now York. From Havre. The new (hip ONEIDA, I lit March ( lAth April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Fuuck. ( lat November( 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, i Dt April i 16th May Captain < lat Aucuat < 16tli September Edward Funek, (lat Deccem'r( 16th January Ship UTIC A, \ lat May t 16th June Capuin < lat Septemb'r< 16th October! Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( lGfli February New ahipST.NICOLAS, i 1st June I 16th July Captain < lat October < 16ah November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( lGtn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may he required for comfort. The .pries of cabin passage is $IU0. Passengers will he supplied wiut every requisite. with the esceptiuu of wines -and liquors. Cfoous intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free fVom any other than the expenses actually incurred ou tf,em. Forfreifh^^^^t.^ ^ at 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. For tlieXettrr accoiuinodatiou of slup|ier^ it ia intended to desoatch a ship from this port on the 1st, ,1th, Nth, 11th. 2Utli, and 21l!i ut each mouth, enmmrueing the luih October and contiimIH, until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will b< prevented during the gutnmer mouths. The following ahipv will commence tlua arrangement : Ship YAKOO, Captain Cornell. Shi). MIMIHSli'PI. Captain Ililliard. Sliip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Slu, SHAKSPEAHE, Captain Miuar. Ship OA6TON, Captain Latham, Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain MumforJ. Ship OCMUI.GEE, Captain Lravitt. Ship NASUVILLtf. Captain Dickiuaou. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight, a Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These slaps wire all built in the city of New York, eipresay for rocketa, aw of light draft of water, hare recently been "i wly cmtperud and put iu splendid orurr-with accommodations tor paaseugera unrqujillcU for comfort. They are commanded by eiperiencod masters, who will make every trierti?n to give Seneral saMrfactV.u, They will at all times be lowed up and own tne Mississippi by steamboats. Neitlier the owners or captains of these slit)* will he responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious atones, silrer or plated ware, or frtrany letters, parrel or package, sent by or put ou board ol them, unlets rrgular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the Talue thereon eipressed. For freight or passage, apply ?. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South st.( or HULLIN Si WOODRUFF, Agent ui Ntw Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. The snips of this liue are warranted to sail punctually as ad~ Tartise l, and great care will be taken So have the goods correctly measured. _mt_ ~ OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. A.M m rPHE OLD LINE of Pack* t? lor Liverpool wnl hereafter be despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing fall* ou Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeed% in* day. rv._ kf V..J. t' .. t I I r?i new x urn. r<?r Liitci num. The SOUTH AMERICA, I June 1 July 111 616 ton*. < Oct I Not IK D. O. Bailey, f Feb J Mjir 19 tit \CS" ... nTc 7 I B. L. Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 | TIk OXFObt) t J?ly i Aug 19 C?9 tons i Nor 1 l)e. 19 J. Rathbone, ( Marrh I April 19 The EUROPE, i July 19 Sept 7 610 ton*. < N?? 19 Jan 7 E. O. Marahall r Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Aug I Sept 19 CIS Dona. \ Dee I Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. tApril I May 19 The NEW YORK, 1 Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tnn*? dDec 19 Feb 7 T. a; Cropper, f April 19 Jour 7 Tha CAMBRIDOE, C Sept 1 'Jet 19 830 ton*. \Jan 1 beb 19 \V. C Barttow.t May I June 19 The COLUMBUS. t, Srpt 19 No* 7 "DO totrt, Jan 19 Mar 7 O. A. Cole. (May 19 Jb|y 7 PunetnalitT, at regard* the day or tailing, will henbaerrrri aa heretofore. The price of iiaaaage outward ia now filed at One Hundred Dollar*. Tor wliifh ample atorra ofeverv deacription will be provided, with the exception of wiaca and liqnora, which will be furnished hv the atrwaida. * GOODHUE It CO .. CI South at., C. H. MARSHALL, M Burling-dip, N. Y. jell lyh DARINO BROTHER;* A CO.. L'pool. ~m M PAsSfuCTROAffiNOTAND.TSELAViD, SCOTLTND AND WALES. PERSONS deal mala of makiag engagement* Tor friend* to emigrate from the Old Country to the United Sttfra. aitd who may wiah to ?ccure for rh. m drapatch and comfortable ac - C tar* II Anil it llisir i ufereal in *nnlv In ika> nh* srrihers, who are at all times prepared to malt inch arraiute- I inrnti as will fu*r%Mrr aatisiartion. The vessels coinpos'rg thia Una are til of the first claaa, one of which leaves Livrrp.oJ weekly. consequently all delay at the port of emlwrkation u avoided. As has als?gys bem customary with this line, when those sealed for decline coming out, the passage money is refunded, witliowt am' deduction. Passage per steamer from the various pons of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be seemed. For further particulars apply to . samuel thompson. Old KaUbliiiieil I'niue OlFice, 771 iVarl St., Or to C. ORIMSHAW h CO. 10 (ioiee Piatxu, Liverpool. Ktcliatige or drain at sighr.and for any amount, can likewise be furnished ou the N.uional Bank of Ireland. Northern Htnli1II( Co.j .National l)?ii? of fteonanu, iwyami- at an tneir reepective branches: also, on H. C. Glyii It Co., Bankers, London, > ml C Giimshasv M l*>, latenwe1 ml lm*c STEAM NAViai^^^rrWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, riJt-SO UTHA MP TOM. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. heart, CoMMisora. The dars of dt partnro of this wedl-knowu Steamship, have Keen filed as follows 7 From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York. On 4th Mnv. 1141. On 7tli May, 1141, On 7th June, 1C4? /*p?- Hth Jnly, " 7Si An*., " 7lh 8?d. lmh Sept. " Tt). (Jet., " Price of msaage, meals not included, to 8.iut> ainidon or Antwerp. t70-8te ward's fees, (2 62)*. The suh will be served ? board, an the plan of a continental hotel, in the In st manner, tnu it fixed 4n<t moli'Mit prici ?, iNuseufcri being only -hAnrtd when putakin? of thr ?mnr. The pr ce ol inaugt to either uf die above ports ran also be eiuraged if prsirrrrd. with meals and steward's lees included for $77 W>s cents, exclusive of winvs. An elpertrnced Surgeon arcompauies the ship. por freight or passage, ?rsnv further uiforination, apply to . h. w. t. a it Mali, Aivhu, *?" *> _ 41 Bearer at re?L NEW Jfifsirt RAILROAD AND TKAN3POHTATfON COMPANY NEW YORK AND NEWARK. prom the foot ot CsnnUnrtr tfrsoi V.m lLael. At t A. M. At 1 P. M. At 7H A. M. At IK P. M. t Jo. 4 do. I do. jlJ do. II Jo- l?H <U. dt. \ a 7 J? oo _ II J. ON SUNDAYS. " ** From thr foot of Liberty Lm>? New York, Ln?? Newark. At 9 A. M. ami ?W P. M. At !i Nona and 10 P. M. new YORK. elizabeth town. wkstfield, Plainfield, BOUND^KOOK. somerville, Itr Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Tows. o A. M. ?'* A. M. Ik P. M. II M. tfi r. m j. r. m. The train* i>T the Somen ille Rulmad Co. roum ct wirh theve lines rsrh way ilailv. Snn>Uv* esrepted. I'sswnctrs are requested to purchase ticket* at the after, foot of Liberty street. Fare bets* eea N- w York and Elitabeth Towu li rente. Fare between Jersey City and Sotnerrtlle, 30 cent*. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leaee New York. Leare New Brunswick. At A. M. At 7* A. M. tH P. M. II A. M. Fare between New York irui New Brunswick. Ti rant*. Kahw.ty, M rente The ftre in the 7X A. M. train from New Brunawirk, and I Ft P. M. trim from New York, hss bi-en rrdueeit between New York and Naw Brunawwk, to M canu. ' and Rahwsy to J7K " . Tha Phil uiel|4iia mail line paste* tllrouyh New Brunawirk lor New York r v ery eyeninc at 9 o'clock. ?n Sundays the 7)i A M. trip* from New Brunswick is omitted. Passentert who proearr their tirkats at the tickat office, recm re a terry ticket cratf*. Tirkats sre received by the ron eart iv onl y on tha day when purchased. mSB Jm* ACT- FOR FREIGHT OR CIIAlTER-The An. B,. WY Birk SARAV ANN. Csot Fortune hnrthen. 171 MmUk tvm. Andy ( GLOVER A MrMlTRRAY. i**?r jvo Pinc street. /. E NE" r> RAILROAPS & STEAM BOATS. POMEHOY C 0>? ai.bany, buffalo and uhicaoo hxi-rkbs. I he subscriber* are now running a regular Express ever the Kailroads to ami from Albany and Buffalo, and the intermedial* place*, for FOKWAKDINO, at low rates, with the utnuwt speed, regularity ana safeiy, choice Good*, Specie, Bank Notes, linporr.int Paper* and Valuable Packagt*?Will attend to the negotiation. transfer. collection or payment of Bills of Eichange, Note*. 1 ?rn, Acceptance*, Accounts, he., at reason side per cchtagu?fwiilr utile r> lor the purchase or saleei Mrrcn ndite, Produce and Maim farm ml Articles of rrery deacriptiuo, jh rsonaflv, in ilic t?wus on tlieir mule, through Messrs. HARNDEN V. GO'S EXPRESS to NmvYork and Boston,and M-aars. HAWLEY It CO.'S EXPRE98 to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?forming at on< o thr moat direct, ?|*iedy and peifect communication to and from the raitern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional liusiurss, remittances, cachiiige* he. References?F.rastna Corning, Thotnas W. OlcoU. Watts I Sherman, A. D. Patcliin, Noah Lve, Jamea Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agenfves?Bennett, Backns It Hawley, Utica ; T. A. 9mith, 9\ racuse ; A. U. Smith, Atlhnm ; J. franco, Genera; J. G. Shepherd, Canatiduigua David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McKr nster, Lockiwrt; J.A.Clark, Bats via ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. PO.MEROY h CO", No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany, all 3 Wall street, New York. ' FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCE Lh BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, eotnposed of the following au|>erior steamers, running in conneetioii witliihe Stonington and Providence, and Bostouand Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Canuln Thayer. NA RRAGAN8ETT. Ca|g?in Woolsey. MOHEGAN. Captain Vanderbih. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at fire o ciock, r. m. . Arrant.km*NT. Th? NARRAQANSET. on Monday. for Stonington, sud Thursday, for Stonington, Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS on Tuesday, lor Stouiuglon, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Stonkigton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for aloninztrm, and Saturday, for btoiiingtou^ Newnqrt, and Providence. Passengers on the arrtral or the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to rrovi doner and Boston. Freijrht taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty i<o?nds or upwards to the cubic foot, at &> 50 |iertoti, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cuhic foot, and specific articies as |>er tar if to be obtained at office 2) Broadway. _ n?31 ttmr important to Western merchants" RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Goods belwaeu Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improvement in transportation atFoiils to Wt stern Mvr, clianls peculiar advantages. The goods hems carefully pitched in the hosts at our warehouse. No. 3CS Market street, are earned over die Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment Careful captains and creivs are employed, who take eh.uge or the goods at Pliiladelpliia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liahiiity of lots bcipg separated ou the way. N. B.?Passengers forwarded te Pittsburg and Pottsville, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, a 12 3m 7 Washington street. FREIGHT A .VI) PASSAGE TO PITT8BPRG, tmsbraga! ITc nro)irietors of Bingham's TratisiKjitaUnti Line to Pittsburg, give notice l* the alercbsuTs of New York, and all other pope is, shipping to the Weir, that their line in now in active oyei.mnp Goods consigned to (Item (or (cut to go in their III..-,/ will be iurwarded wkli des|wlrli. _ Owners or singlen of goods, destined for ilia Western Sutra, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will ph'ase consign their mods to Willi nn Bingham, I'itUburg, who will attend to snipping all auch consignments without ih lav. AVI goods should ho marked distinctly ou eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. for ales of freight, which ate as low as any other tine, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. R West street, opposite Pit r No. 'J, N. Tl. N. B Passenger* forwarded to Pituburgand I'otUMlle,every day, Sonde) s excepted. Refer to R. I book*. American Fnr Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Eront street ; Phelpa, Dodge St Co., Fulton street ; Siiydam, Sage Ik Co ; Win. Rankin, Duryee k Co, Newark. usi 3iu staten island ferry. "" ? 4^S=S: The Steamers 8TATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON wilt run as follows, until further notice Leave 8tmt< n island Leave New Y ark. At 7\ o'clock a. M. At 8 o'clock a. ai. " ? " " " ? 10 ,r io ? " 12 " " " II " " IK " r. m. " 2 " r. m. " S " " " 3X " ? 4K " " - 5 * - 6 " " " g ' All goods snipped are required to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owuers th< rcof. je 1 c OPPOSITION LINE FOIL ALBANY! FARE REDUCED! ! PaMaga &U e-eiata? llerliis .TO rent*. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. jHF>'*l Tlie coinmodi.nis Stesmhoat WASHINOft NA'. JaTO.V. Captain J. M. Brown, hiring made XmJE2. arrangements to change her days of h aving New York, will hereafter leave the Toot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wrdnesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, sad Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turds, afternoon, at 3 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the font of Hammond street. New burgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cvtnmlt and Hudson. For freight or tiossare, apply to the Captain on board, Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 1U West atreer. wtr *L^>a etm OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY A ND N.KW YORK-Landmgut Ihafootof SC^^ACZL. Hammond street, Nvvvbttrgh, Pouglikrepsie, Kingston roiut, Catskill and Hudson?PaM we 30 cents, le rlhs 3II cents ?The sitleudid steamer wklHlKflTlIN IkisdaJ M. Brown, will learc the pier at the foot of Robinson strrrt for Albany erery Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 3 o'clock. Leave Albany,foot ol Lydns street, for New York, every Turaday, Thursday and Saturday, at J o'clock, P. M. For |aui|e or freight apply on board, or lo D. R. Martin, 182 Wall street. Freight taken on the moat reasonable tcrma. To lo t?A atpamlxiat brriiiat Warren street pier, NR. Ayply ou board Washington, Robinson at. je9 lm'rc EVENING ON? FOE ALEANV DIRECT, aMQ1/351 At tetrt) o'clock, P. St., from the steamboat ft. r?>e-^-sa?iiipr between Cnnrfl.audt and Liberty streets. TT r The steamboat JlOt HFSTFIi, Capt. A. P. St. Jotin, leaves Monday, Wnhwrsday, and Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock, T. M. The ateamltoat SOUTH AM F.RICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard. Icaroa the above pier erery Tuesday, 1 liuriday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are formatted willt elegant state rooms, anil in every rea|ieetareii nsurpaased among tiie Hudson River steamers. For itataagc or freight, ap|dv on board, or to l\ C. 8CHULTZ, At the otfice on the wharl, or on boao', Passengers raking 'his liue of boats, will at all times arrirc at Albany in time for the first train of can for the east and OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE T^O purchasers af Marshall's Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Colds Ian In rnnseqnence of the many mistakes luring been made nf lale by atranzers and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt Depot, We are therefore obliged to made pnblk- the cause flu the benefit of all in pursuit of our highly rrpateil Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is thia. A store has lately hail painted on ll> ir window, and ahnui their premises, a sign purporting te be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inlorm all, they do not keep our Troy Shirts. Bo .otiu and Collars, and as a guard against mistakes that may occnr iu ftiture, on acconut of this new sign at the corner store, therefore, we shall circulate erteasirely the following card, and for the benefit ol daalers in our jtooda:? 111* is i>' iii.uiiii ut'niera .ii*u wmn inn .aiarsnati ? tuiy Tro', Shirt Depot iu the city is about sixteen doors from the eoruerof PrsA and Chsfharo streets, on the right hand side ia paaenwtorhe Cite Hell?No. 90 Chatham street. This is oar ouly Troy Shirt Driest lor the recessing of nor highly reputed Truy Shirts, U >sotns and Collars iR the city. We shall cause this to be eitrueirely circulated, in cons< |iu ure of many rnietakes hiving him Bs.dc oflalc. Be , articular to see the name. MARSHALL'S, on the windn'e ?De?; altr. the following? MARSHALL'S ONLV TROY MHRT DEPOT. AO Chatham street. sNo patronage askrsl of tlsose who beat dnsen. N? ew TorU, Joise 3, lull. JeJ lm*e REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, It removed from 115 Broidww to No. 7 Aator Ifou?e. ECONOMY" IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. fiirmmts of a most Klrtonl and fashionable kind it a saving of 90 per rent for rash. 'I'HIt sdeirtieer dr'-ms it unnecessary trt reanst Is the hack neyed system if i.iviuk a list of norao. U prsgiia, prcs lining 'Jsst ihr. length of time hr haa b en r u di-hcil toe.-.h/T ssiih the eaten.isr mlronage bestowed on mm, ssin puis a ? .urn tinit voucher for Ills capabilities. Poises.ny the ails iUTasi- sat ?* ir"t rcreif ssiih an ext-nsire cloth establishment in F.u/o]sc he e infill, utly asaeta thai fse can furnish s-Iothes which, Oil com(Sanson, will be found lower than any olhrr house Making up the ...art description* ofjtrmlrmen's dress. ' I"1 s- PHILLIES. - Astor House. Broad tray MARTIN'S r a ' Wtahmrnt, ,M rr,"'?"? *?.?, corner o/.lnn ,lr?t. Th? .ubocnhet. m Moouuclmt .the ,boT. ?/hts fri.n.l. and liborai n?ni ns bomoweAom Mm at y^T heretofore, he c.t, in vie, aim! triiAmtTiinhr ', J mntt tvliih manni> Th* material. lk* newr.t bL.n'n Itw market, <na?t r |?,itivr of :ifl m on? Strata are mtmraleil to r.il ind riamine. ' OntUinrn who | .?f*r imirttaaiMr tlwir own Moth, Ar ran ha?r llM-m iiMiir .ml tnmm*<l in tn? ?tylr that haa girenaneh general aatlalarlinn during lite la-1 four yrui. Every garment warranted In fit, and made by the beat noigmen at the following prirea, ?it.:? Drrai fn*te . ft no to $B V) Kroek enitj g ?o to 9 .'ifl Paula and V rata I TJ In 2 m Off i Coala ? uo l? II M 't r~ NoiarmrDla ready made?all made to order, and a ami harmahrd, if nareaanty, la 21 hours. It IMC michael k. martin W YO JEW YORK, MONDAY M WATERING PLACES: &C.~ : SHARON SPRINGS. q^HK PAVILLIOV.?Thi? m w commodious Hotel witlW A o|>pn |?r the rerrntKtn of visitor* on anil affer the fir it of 1 June nrxt. at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, Iff* York. 1 'n>? clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of \ irgiuia, h*?? been proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bilinme am] Dy .j 111. complaints-, .1.1 in the cure of Ervarmlai, Saltrheuin, hcrnfula, Liver Complaint, wul general debility, 1 ami 111 many ether respects, i*>sscss (as certified by ?o;ne of the moil einiueut medic J professors in the L'uilcd Stales) medicinal and healing properties iiiuuipassed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this CfUMry. Added to three, the ridee in the vicinity, nutnaroue villages, extensive views, neighboring eaves and romantic scenery are among the many attractions nfrral to thaee seeking in the heat of summer,either iiealth or pleasure. These springs aro but a lew hours ride from Saratoga, Troy, Albany, ike., ami are acceasakle from Cauajoliarie on tin, Albany anu Utiea railroad, whet* carnages daily await lite arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and Utica. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about right miles arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany aud Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-live miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and r-hnwer Baths furnished at all times, either of t)> . mineral or lush water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the season. ltOBT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the above village of Sh:. 1 Oa Sp,1:15a, for the reception 01 riaiton, and combining all the advantage* of this delightful snm11.11 if ail use. .49 IUwgtaw*r WILLIAM K. JONES. CATS KILL MOUNTAIN MOUSlfi, AT THE PINE ORCHARD-1812. 'P|II9 romantic and fashiooahle resort will 1m conducted ilurI tug the present season under the direction mil siiperiutcnlUnge of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, aud is uuw open for the reception 01 visitoia. No effort will he spared to maintain the deservedly high diameter which it has heretofore acquired. As heretofore, its tables will fie furnished withovery delicacy that the New York market cau afford; and every possible attention dial cau promote the convenience and eiuoy meat of iu patt.nu will be promptly bestowed. The road leading 10 this establishment anil especially thnt pirt of it an die mountain, has A. F. Beach .V Co.'s excellent line of stages will mn as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mouulaiu House, en the arrival of the boat*. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor, June 13th, 1812. Jelt 3mr sHtl LaOKANGE HOTEL, Bull's Kerry, New Jeouty. l -jkj This moat delightfully romantic summer retreat i> in full Jl'sHrcadiness, well stocked with fruit anil tlowert, anil above all i line kitchen garden. The bar in wi ll supplied with choice wiiten and liquors, ale and irorter. Also, segars of the lint quslityj John Pouaon, tire proprietor,sincerely retnrna his grateful thahks to hn Irieuds, and the public iu general, for liirir liberal patronage for the last nine years. The beautiful steamboat Boaton. Captain T. Y. Babcock, leaves foot of Canal street four limbs a day. The public can rest assured that they will not lie disappointed iu heretofore, the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particular* see the Sua. Gentlemen can be accommodated with tlie b-it of board an'!lodging at five dollars per week, and have their iliiuier at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. (Military companies on larger excursions will find it to tln-ir advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target It round and Ponsou's good dinnera. His prices are accorduiglto the times. J. Pouson is al ways at home, and will be happy |o see his frieucs atid visions. ^ jell Im'r rp{fE HAMILTON HOUSE.?This establishment ts now I : open for the recsptiou of company. It has been thoroughly re uprated and furnished anew, ilium a scale of liberality coinmepsuraie with the demands of the public. The department ol theicuisiuc Iras been placed under the charge of a capable and experienced artist, who will lark no supplies that the markets can a (ford. To those unacquainted with the lorationnt the Hamilton House. It is only necessary ti; say, that il is situated at die ocean entrance to the Narrows, from eight to leu miles from the city, on the high western bluff of Long Island, com maiding a noble s iew of the tower bay and the Atlantic and landward, the highly cultivated and fert-lc shore* of Stateu and 1.org Island, and the hartror of New Kork. Nothing can ex cetjl the beauty of the prospect ill every direction. The salubrious air at all period > of the day, the c.u> access by stage and steginboat, and the mingled life and retirement of llis spot, render] this establishment second to none within a hundred miles of Niw York. The apartments are commodious and airy, and lliejf r accommodations iu marked contrast with those of similar nouses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The rides in the neighborhood, the tiabini? grounds, billiarrl rmoiis leii-rtin al. !< }*, Jtnd other accessories ol recreation, leave little, it i* be liefed, to in Wished lor by any guest* h wrhlies desirous of securing rooms for Vic season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. j#7 Imr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLANfr.-Thu long and well known boitdnyf and sea bathing establishment, having rei*i dtly undergone namerooa improvements, among Which is the tref.tionof sevt rml elegant summer hosites upon the margin of tie- ocean. It now open lor the reception ??i company dating tko season The great extent of private beach on this shore?i!ie perfect security hi bathing, evm for ladies and children, ('lie bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the in uisiou)? the-sha ly, cool and delightful locust grove a^oiiiing the house ?fie pleasant rides in the surrounding oountr/?the excellent flsmng grounds and other sources of nemtnTui recreation anil amlsernent?the beautiful view of the Ail n?ic ocean and the loiter bay, almost sonstantl) enlivened by namarov retseii *i Iviatfor outw ird hosad, vandbf this situation inrvn re* gmt unequalled by any in tha vicinity. Its soooasioihttvM ajrejample, ?He rooms airy and the temperature. even in the veqietice oicommiinication and distance, (being but nine miles from Bro .klvu.) theacaeaahy ttaaelot uottn accommodated to iusiness render it peculiarly weU adapted as a residence for gviltlemen of basin -as in New York. i|tttB*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. QHAROX SP1UNG3 PAV1LLION, HChOHAHIb CO. Fourth of July.?The Clntml 0;*enin? Bill for the Season, will take place on the evening of the 1th July, at {he Sharon Springs Paviltonl which i? now o,*'ii for the reception of visiters. No paiua w it! be sp.irctl to n uth'r the entertainment agreeable. G. VV. 13 UKDXKY. I jr2i t&Jjy KURNltmiE.' ; GEORGE W. DAWSON, iWtoluaU and lieiall furniture and General Furtithing fVare/unut, So. 67 Chatham sheet, corner of Duane street, New York. UfHERE he keeps for sila * larce tuortment of the follnw?" ing articles.via.: Sideboards, Bureaus, Bedsteads, (Jut., T.bl**, Chairs, Office ami Portable Desk., 151 as. Curr Boot I Cties, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre, 'I ?a and Pier Tables, I'imos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, Bending, Pale-asters, Mat?r. s?rs, ('uivli. Oil Cloth, Mattiii? and fire Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tabies, eaictir Siii.L, Bun an Brd.teaiis Dressing Bureaus, Safes, Ike. Also, a l.?rge assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, nev? and second handed. All the abnra articles are offered to the peblir at rery low prices. Person ii. wuitl ol' sard articles wimld find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above eaUbtiohmetit. Hliippin, ord'-rs panetually attend >d to and r.eke.! to the shortest nouce, anu ou reasonable ten is. M.urease s, Bedding, he. for fitting out vessels, Constantly o 1 unL Ad orders to the shore eitabltshmrs wi'l t* punctually attended to and th.nkfally rvenn d. X. B.?The lnyhest prices rill b* given fo Second liaad furniture, snd CJt utlcliien's and Ladies' c.iss olf Clothiu,. aK r>m > BATIT BTTLDi NGS, TT*OUM Y.MI.V HF.N'UHAU'HS u ! -Tul. ... I luaiieud drlwliiftl s?. U-.thii.jt iMshl ohmrnt will bo 0|i4nr(l by the sub.ciilu-r 011 the 147th June, nulaiil. He Iwi.* n-apectfully to Inform it* firmer patron. ?n.) the pnblic.that eos-,iitrrable additions an.) alt. rati tit, tnerevsing the comfort*, hate lM.rntr.ailr aince la?t y.sr, mil will be incomplete rra.lllire, fin (heir accnmnodatioii. Wiihingto be a. retainable v the time, will afford, tlie Iwwtrd w ill br *rvrn doll try per wrek a. I ..t year, inateail nf ten dollar* a. formerly. Children 01 . certain age and sarra .ta half prire. Horses full .feu, $11*10. Hi hopes be may aay wi.h rut imputation, that liii table am) accommodation* will be erjuvl to any on L<mg Branch. Yonnit people not requiring loomut'i room,will mid accommodating terms. jfa lin*r JAMES GREEN. "DRY GOODS, &C. STRAW GOODS. TBtNNETT, importer aud manufacturer of Italian and English Straw fiooiLs, rcpecilully uilbrma hi. ruslcmrrt thai he ha* removed hit e?t.hli?hinent (Voin 99 William and 26 Plait, ta J>) John atrret, where he rontinur* to keap a splendid rid rxU-naive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw floods, rt'lirh ar I English Dmiatable., h.alian Hiitlaiula, fuse Tuacara, K-uicy Shellworka, Prince Albert Straws, fcc. kc. Also, an entirely new article, (lie White Siberian Hair Bimnrl. for tlie summer?it surpasses all the atylr* aa ywt nitra durrd, being extremal? light, beautiful, white aud durable. -'"'" "TO THE LADlfcS. 1MSH10NABLE MUnLINJuKY UOOD8.-The pru^rie- 1 " tre??, Milt S KINO, daughter of th?e ctlebratrd C?\{1 Kiug, i ?*fi ra fur sale * moat select .mil choice assortment of Millinery (Jooils, for the spring trade. Hi rer a. yet presented lu the pah- : lie, born aa recwal* the quality and cheaimrsa of the articles . The assortment consist* of the following 1 The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OULEANS, v worn by La buche.se U'Orleaua, of Kraara , srtfcp STLK, ENTIRELV NEW AND original S'fYLU Aud Lawn Hau do do?An entire new style o Hals called , " MODI ME CAPOTTE9. ELSSLEH COTTAGEr ! rnriiianand English FANCY STRAWS, of tlio finest te ftvi."e. in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the Miai to favor her with acall, and examine her elegant and varied aliv-k of Millinrrv for tliemsvlv ea, before tney purchase aUewhere, as it will he a great saving to tin-m in prim and a great advantage aa irgarda the variety and quality of the goods. MISS 8. KING, Magazine de Modes, jr22 lm*r _ *!Whi Broadway. 'PO LADl?H.?Vlrs. TllAUTffEIH rear>ect!Yilly Informs I the Ladies of New-York and vicmitr, Uivi she rontiniiva the w ork of French I'laiting,Fluting and Clear starching, at No. 1*1 F.ldridge street, (on the first floor,I Ne w-| oik. N. B. Oidersreeeived and executed with neatiiesa and at llir shortest notice. Also, Collars for sale. ___ jeJt lm*r ' . DRF.SS BOOTS--- f.A I'F.ST FRENCH STYLE 1The sutiserilier make* to order, I) '.fa oflHe ateivr <U serif a ion, of the Attest <j n.s 111 y of French ('alf Skin, aud in the latest style, ami at very reasonable prires.? Gentlemen who have la-en in the habit of p'.yiuc eitravagant I'rires forinfr-ior articles are requested to rail and ne eonrineed that his i-Tices are from ten to twenty per rent below other stores in tin- neighborhood Drawings being taken of the feet, and a pair of lasts kept for each rualomer, there it no difficulty in retting a handsome yet easy (It. Constantly on hand, a Urge assortment of fashionable ready mvib B mis, at prices varyincfrom TWO DOLLARS FIFTY I K-NTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boots, (lattera. Shoes, Pomps, Slippers, fce.ltr.at equally low prices. JOHN L. WATKIN8, 114 Fulton et., ,1 tm B. f.vn n Nas-.an md Dntrh ats. SOB KT T K. K ; I e 1 il nts and Bi.oes cheap, an I we ire not stirr that in .N--w York then- is any 1.1 Si. .r.dv? vl the l linton Bo--t ind Shoe Market.21)1 Canal .1 II'M, n rth rut ronirr M llttii _'.n *trrrt. Thosr who hat* ? irifil ?|.|H-?r to l>r K?n> tally uti?rt<-.l tint IKia it ? f*ft tin- |j qntitimiahlr. AH tho?r who m V not hart trw d . iu hn.K?. or gtiU't'.will find it t? thrlt advutUgr to tnakr ih* trial . C n A KN?X ? ( Q. ' ' ..nr.trj Inrrrb.un r 'r hy th? |*rka(? or linaan tr la t in , y SpJHDW iu jj, ? ^ . RK E ORNING, JUNK 27, 1845 BOOKS AND STATIONERY. AN INTKKKS'l INO WORK Off THE KASJ - J.hi published, l>i Care) StUart, Notea of a Tour throuijli TuikfrOwpff, Kypl, Arabia, IVlres, to tin- Holy Lewi, mrlndi'it: a Viail to Annua, Sparta, (ir.uid Uiuro,C<MUtuiliiK>|Jr. Thttbea, the Red Sea. Mount Sinai, Petrj, the KJoin ot Seriplure, tic . by E. Joy M.iriia. in 1 volumes 12 mo., with nlatra. " OPINIONS' OF THE PRESS.' We rnmmrnd it to ill* public a* a sterling work of travel.? U. p. Uarette. Tlw author has emit rived to give to hi i descriptions of places, scenery, and cveuts, a spirit of freshness and vraisemblauce, th it cauuot be too much admired.?Spirit of the Times. Wa doubt not bat their two interesting volumes will be asto-rlv sought for by the public.?New World. The work is precisely such an one as a man is glad to take up when he desires information u|hiii the sulueci of which it tredts.?Brother Jonathan. 3 Very pleasant, unpretending account of rambles through ons about which every intelligent mind desires informsliuti, it is furnished in a atyle which every one will fiad agreeable. ?lYniuylianian. There is not a page in tin work that is not interesting and instructive.?Del. Journal. We think this book destined to brcom* extensively popular, aud we cordially join with our brethren of the press tn commending it to popular favor.?Daily Chronicle. For .ale by WILEY It PUTNAM. je< tw*r Nmv Vor A FIRST RAT F.'lN V EFTMENT.-Xo b* sold at prnate Ja sale, a ciioicv UlictLtTiait Liiiha?t, consisting of 2000 volumes, assorted aud arraiuej, including Histories, Biographies, Voyages and Travels, &c. Any young man lessening a camtal of $100 or $.<0(1, can buy these books ilirt cheap, anil Iodide los men y u< ,.i- year. For narticulars euouire of Tlil-niasBell, Auctioneer, Ami street, .mil Mr. Little, Librarian, IK) Nwi ?truet, of Witoiu catalogue* can be obtained for inifrctioii, and ill book* seen. je25 I we fpSoWu im h-sTn kw yokk city d ikkctory i* 'j puldi; bed \ud for s^le al the office, No. UU Nassau-street, 2d floor, directly opposite the American Bible Societ;. j4'2\ 41 c NEW OUlTAlt A|U?lC-OK(JUUh H. UKKWuttT, iirofeMorof the guitar, No. 138 ("anal street o|gi?*ite the St. John'* churcn, has the honor to acquaint hia mend* aaJ th. public that he ha* i?bliihrd > variety of new ami Mpalu imiaii , arranged with ?a?y accompaniment* for guitar. Mr. D. will .il?t. arrange and compoae innate for orcheatrs, guitar, and other instruments, and give instruction, to am* teura on the piano forte and "iolin. my* 6*?*e BOOK BINDING PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. I !0 Nus.au aue. t, having an entire new atoclt of Binding Tool* and lulling Machinery, ol the lataat and mo*t approved pattern*. ia now prepared to execute all onlrri in the moat durable and handsome manner. Merchants Arceouilt Hooka and all other Uinda of Blankwork ruled and bound to any pattern*, and in a atyle that ia warrauteil to fire aattafaction. Any work onleredenji br done ii/the k.ngliaki mode if required, as 11. 1. haa had long experience in both method*. h OH 8ALK?Two aecoud hand Copperplate Tressex. Apply ax above. ml* lin rNOltAVINO "8y Till?. dNlNlViR.AfTrMACHINE.Bumn, JO ME 3 & CO., 191 Bfoidwit, comer of Jolin stim-l, N.Y ,?ne ;.?? j urdt.i cut; rave .ill kind* of .M n?r., i'iinu, Plahs ami Surveys, or anv work of that class, in the most beautiful sty lv, wiih unparalleled expedition, anil at prices far be lex*- |K*U**I ^Kar'nil f.*r .in,!! ir u ?,-L . U li.n^ inif?th?; cost ol'fine ?n t i or eopper idme* not vxcradimt Li* tiioeru'liic work. X. 0.?Specimens of the work done by the Oinninriiph ran V.' examined ?t rbe office in Urnmlwav. m2k Imr HATS. ~ HATS! HATS! IIATS M TJROWN it CO'S One I'rice Hat Store. whoUsale and rr) o tail, 179 Chatham Rijnare, corner of Mott itreet, where faahiotk bealy, durability ami economy are combined to adorn the head. The. profitiutori hare the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved slsirt napped Il.iL a now style, the imitalion of beavcrr, w hich so closely reseinoles that of all fura the moat costly and beautiful, tli it Lite ditloreuce is not easily perceived, frice threvdollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cn.ii system, which enables us to ILiilli.il a very superior Hat for the price chanted. In ore sen tiler these Hals to the public.the proprietors think they nave rraclieil the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. in4 3in* N IMPORTANT tiiiESTION is hei e presented for the I serious refiection of the purchasers of H-?t%. U it consiaten! with true economy or common sense to pay five dollar* fur a Be^Vrr Hat, when the same article can Ih* bought at 5 Wall street. (between Broad and New lUtiU) for FOUR DOLLARS'? This is no deceptive assertion. A single tiial, or a inero inspection, wijl satisl y iho in<>?t skeptical that the Braver llat now offered is lar from being the inferior article often sold for less than five dollars. The fact is that the article now offered is gene rail} not equalled, and in no in stance surpassed even at that price. It is in consequence of a reduction in the price of the raw material, together with the economical policy of this es* tablMiHit-ut?anil tin- proprictors riiKi^in^ |M'r?nu*lly in t.if manufacture?cHil thr prnrnt grtat inducements are ollVrcd, such as were never offered before. WABBi;HTON ?t WBBB, je 10 Im*r JUttcrt,^ Wall street. JEWELRY. WATCHES AN)J JEWELRY, VERY LOW. 'T""S i' /f"?,1 - *T'j'.f "* ti'Mims d 6Hm l Watches. Gold and Silver PiucUs, IJtiJ ^ra<u, Keys, iiCy ht rrt.nl, fom-r tlisr. at any other rlica in the city.? Gold Watches ns low a* thirty to forty IjIUm taefc. Watches and Jewelry oxchatotfcd cr bought. All iVaftdirs Mr* wsrmnted to k?C|> good tmu. or the mouey iitmr.uJ. fk sl?h? i aud ClorUs rcTK'.ired u tee best m'tuner, sud fentxteJ, it much less than the ???1 /ricu jy os. to l.he t.nest war?.iun in the city. O. C. ALLKN, fvwwurWr of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale aud retail, JO Wall street, up stairs. ?2fl Itn*m ly-A'ITHKH AND JEWKLKV VtllFLOW.-Thc<mb... Mnber u .i lijOM all dracriidioua of gold and .ilvcr Watchea, (full) and ailrer pencil., gold chain., k ri, &< ., ,at retail, lower than at aav other plan IU (ho city. Gold Watrhr. a. lew :ta IS to 10 ddlara each. Watchr. and Jrwelry exrlitngi d .?t homtht. All Wntehea arc warranted lo keep good time. Or |he mouiy rimmed. Watchr. and Clock, rej?irtd in (lit b. ?(inanm-c, a.i I w irranred, a( much Icn than (lie utual nrir??, by our of the lineal wrkmrn in tkneity. G.C. AL.LKS', Importer of W.tchraand Jew. Iry. wholesale and trial, Si) Wall .licet, an mart. i. l'llm'rr RE ISO V ? U/? HI LA IH hi WALTER. went and partner ot (In liouac ?f Iirrei r Waller, ilic onlv manufactory ol Watch Gtas.ra in France, No. Z1 Parvln Pniamnnicir .tree!. Pari., ha? tlif honor of inl'.iriniug M.arm, dealer, iu watch works, alio all article* connected with tlie line, aa aim Matra. dealer. in cat gl;i*?, thai their er,tahli>hinrnt of watch glu.i i, rut glo-.s, gilt and colored, fancy article., tic. ke &c., hai lately been te moved from No 10 Maiden Cane, to! No. '10 William itiret. Gentl<-men desirous of |*irchasin< from the only ib-pot of the fsctorj.are re*r?ctfuUy invited to call ct 3-r whrrr will lie found an unrivalled assortment of the above mentioned goods, which will be disjiossd ol' on ilie mm! reasonable terms. inl2m*r NOTICES. * " COMPTr.OLtKR'S~iAI,K Q7~BtATE HTU'Ks.Ntale nf New-York, Comptroller's Olfici?The Allegany Co. Bint:. ami thr B ink of Olean, having failed to pay their circulating notes u|<on demand at their rnsjiertive burking hontae. aa required by the att tnlitlfa " An act to anthorite the husiuest <>l'banking," pissed I8lh April, 1838 or to redeem the ??i ' ?l thrlr u ti ral agencies in tin riiiva of New VoiU or Albany. a* required by thr art entitled "An art rolatiitt to t he red' mptioe of bank notes," pa-scd tth May, 1810?Notice la than lore hereby givei., that tho State Stocks lirhl by the Comptroller as security for the circulating notes of said hanks, or so ninch 'hereof as t -hall I) deems I tiprdienl to sell will be-older the Merchant's Cirhangc in tie eity ol New York, on Saturday, the 1 i July nest, at 12 e'clock, M., to wit: For tin- Allegany County Bmk?Stock account. 3 certificates Indiana 5 per ct. (Internal improvement) stock, |my la July IHOJ. for $1000 each, $5000 Slock and Heal Estate account. 3 cntHlcat" Indi tin 3 per cent, (internal improvament) stock, |i.n. 1st July, 1863, for SlflOO each, $3000 $jt"" New York 3 i*r cent. (Erie enlargement) stirck, pay. 1333. $3000 For the B ink of Olean?Stock account, leer ideate Indiana 3 per ct. (internal improvement) stock. pay. 1st July lflf.3, for $3000 $**'0 New York 3 per cent. (Eria enlargement) stock, pay. 1035, SIC00 Stoelt and Ileal Estate account. $20,000 Nsw York 3 per cent (Erie enlargement) stock, payable 1833. . $20 OtKi 2 certificates Illinois tjier rent. Illinois and Michigan ratisl stock, |iay. looo, for Sloou each, , _ $2U00 lOcetvitieafes Illinois C percent, internal improvement stock, lev. ht J n. 1870, for S-JI'-SO each, ^ $1?,000 Also, ti certitiivit, s of Arkalu is 6 per eent. Heal Kstlt- Hank COM K, III leioiori dUTCIirnu Ull dLP'UUUM inc lit. y.awrrnre Bank, $!.'>,000 Dated at Albany, the ICtti June, I8lt. jefettrjyjr A. C. FI.AOO. Comptroller, trie* or t?i At Ht-RB Si lloiuv?Trt: K. It. Co. > Csnaudawna, Jmir I, I Hit. f ASrini Annual Diviih nd of rive |>er Ccut will lie paid on (lie Capital Stuck of thi* l ornpnay on the Ant day of July lest. Shareholders who?e Slock i? registered in the City Tranafer Books of tint Company, will recrire uiv incut at tin- Bank of he State of JIpw York, in the City of .New York; and thoae Shoae Slock it not rc*Ul* red in UK City will be |?id their iridcud at thia Office. By order of the Prcaideut arid Directors. je5tojyIr CMAS. SEVMOl.'K. Treamirvr. NOTICE T6 CLKAkI, i'I di other peiSOtta wjoaa business ounces them to he i oiutaully ou their IceC?By calling It the old eirluaite Boot Slorr, HI Chatham-street, il.ey Can >e accommodated with the inrelnthln article, ItOOKRR' .Nli'.rALIC ELASTIC HEEL. BOOTS, warranted in reefy parirnlar, ami at the aime |>riee of the ortlirrarv Boot. The fn|owing arc aome of llie many advantages the Elastic Ileeia have iver every other kind : Firat? The elaslictt) add* greatly to the durability of the too:. Secondly?They make no noiaa in walking U|xm the para) nent. Thirdly?Titer prerent Boot* front running down to the lerl. F tardily?They enable the wearer to walk with much leaa atiine. Fifthly?They do not nil or tear rurpc ta *? do iron or nailed ieel?. Siithjv?They can be worn with comfort by thoae haritig ruder feet. A* mual, eoiutaiitly on band all kiuda of Boots at wholesale ml retail at inairafaotnrer's price*. jefilm'c OANKK1I PTC Y-?A M11 E'lT "BW EST Cm. Me*. rltTaw, l?a? removnl 10 67 N**?au tlrrrt, in* corner of John, rhrr? !i?? m??Y he confttjlfrd ?>o nil in ?tt? n in B*ukrd|>t?r. Mft I "I * r. U'? I r? PA1 IAT PORTABLE . * ' RNAt Mt' Wash Boiler, admiral,I y adapteil for washing, can be placed i tlie fire-place, the area, or lite yard. Patrol Agrieiilturi*u, Furnace ami Cauldron, in aiae?of 15, JO, I, 50,(0,M, IttO, IVI), ntul 150. Three furnace. retpiire only a lece of jii|N'to fit them f..r ?*e. No article ha* ?c rr gi??n bel r aallllartion to those firmer* who liate used them. Patent Hard Coal Kurnare a new aiticle for summer oarrill mak a neat little store tor winter. Paient Chin or Charcoal Knmtce, from new patterns, Bin. h nprored. These arc lined with fire brick. Also a very low rir, ,| furnace without lining. Comhiuition au<l Fnrl-.Auvin* Cook Store*, at summer rires. The combination Is the only legitimate store (hat roeucta the ateama and ?me!l from the kltrh-n They .an ?, 'HV rell adopted for aamrner a? winter. Dealer* stmplnd cm (M-ral |. Ml a. J. I-. Mill 1 , ji-1 lm*r iH Wilw and 1} itnwuy, T (tAKrilN^U.?AfVw < I..I ml- n will Imukanlnngtn 13 Ir?i mid fi-?p*cubl* family. Anoly at No. *M Fulton at, VII.I.r>CNrATW!LD. M D. DPS'TBT^M^M^' I* inform* hti friend* -ml tin- upblir that he may lie rimiulteil <*iiiii il in all kraneli ? <if hi* i'towni'in, at hi a rr*i<len?-e No [Warren atre?l. *i?l*??i IERA o 2. .Hontxoiurry, , 1 [ Commnoiulenre ul* l)i? Hcrili!.] Montgomery, Ai.a , June II, 18-12. A real M,; muid viid to he caught ut hist - /I wanem J in Alaliamu, 4*' Sit. Benhett :? I have this day enjoyed a treat, whieh I regard as altogether too Rood to be confined to one pprson, so I shall proceed to furnish it second hand to youreelf and readers. By giving the details, which 1 am about to indite, I probably hazurd the imputation of credulity; but I am convinced that yourself and every one of your numerous readers, would agree with nie, if you had the same opportunities for examination and observation which 1 have enjoyed today. But to the point?1 have this day seen, bundled, and very closely examined, what I am convinced is a veritable mermaid. However much naturalists may dispute the existence of such nn animal, I am convinced that the subject has now assumed a taugible shu|?e, which will forever put at rest the erroneous impressiou that the mermaid is a fabulous animal. An English gentleman, recently arrived in this town from the Fejee Islands via the West Indies. He took board at une of our principal hotels, where I myself am an ininate, und I soon made his acquaintance, and found him to be a very polite and talented man?a gentleman of science anua great traveller. We soon became intimate and knowing that 1 was of the medical profession, he this morning informed me that he had in his possession a curiosity, obtained at greut expense ut the Ftfjee Islands, the examination of which he believed would be interesting to me. I proceeded with him to his room, and you may judge my astonishment when he took from a large travelling trunk a bundle, which, when divested of numerous cushions and silk wrappers, proved upon examination to be a real mermaid. Having always considered the existence of this creature as fabulous, I took it in my hands, and heheld it with an eye of incredulity, but, ufter examining it minutely for several he rs, 1 rose from my seat with my scepticism entirely removed. As it is probable that no description of this extraordinary creature has yet reached this country, the following particulars respecting it may gratify the curiosity of yourself and patrons:? The head is about the size of that of an ordinary baboon. !f is thinly covered with dark straight hair. On the lower part of the face and tipper lip are a few hairs similar to those on the head, hut a little shorter. The ossa inalurum or cheek bones are prominent. The features are well proportioned, and beara close resemblance to the human countenance, with the exception of the forehead, which is low. The head is turned back, and the countenance is distorted; appearing not unlike that of a circus clown when exhibiting his various grimaces. Hut I tun inclined to believe that these circumstances are owing entirely to the manner in which the creature met its death, as from all the appearancea of the countenance and liiuhs, it died in great uitnnv. The ears, nose, lips. chin, breast, and nipples, arms, lingers anil nails, resemble those of a human figure. The formation and inclination of the nipples, I think prove conclusively, that the animal when alive usually assumed an erect position. The hands and fingers are well proportioned, and bear an exact resemblance to those of an infant's, which is never the case with any of the baboon, or ouran outang tribes; their lingers and palm being mueh longer in proportion than those of the human species. The .spinous processes of the vertahrae are very prominent, and apparently arranged ns in the human body. The ap|H*aranee of the teeth indicnte that it is , full grown; the inoisores being considerably worn oil the unper "surface. Tlie upper and lower jaw h ire each four tucisores, four inclure and two ennines. All the teeth except the canines are similar to those of a human being; but the latter resemble thorn' of a lull grown dog. The animal is something more than three feet in length, hut not having lieen scientifically preserved, T Cannot well judge what its si/.e was when alive. TbeappeariiDces indicate that when caught it was thrown into a strong pickle for preservation, and it ccaisequently lias evidently shrunk considerably, if must have been considerably larger and longer when alive than it is now. i am ronvinced, from the positionof the arms, and the manner iu which they are disposed, that the animal has clanicles, an aivendage belonging to the human subject, which 1 believe baboons are without. Immediately under the mammae its resemblance to a human being erases. At this point, and directly under the breasts, are two tins. From the separating line where the human figure ceases, which is a little overu foot below the vertex of the head, it resembles a large fish somewhat similar to a salmon, hut in several respects diflering materially froni any species offish which has ever been discovered. It is covered with scales all over, hut on that part of the body which resembles the human species, the scales are so small as scarcely to hs perceived. The scales on the lower part ure large, and precisely resemble those of a fish. On the lower or lish part of the body it has six fins, the ventrical, the pectoral and the dorsal, two of each; and tlie tail. The upper fins, which are |>ectora!, have a , refnarknhle peculiarity; they are placed in a horizon till position evidently being so formed for th- purpose | of Riiptxiriinir the creature in an erect posture. The . |x*iiion and curve of the tail is very similar to that : which is usually given in the representations of the mermaid. The pectoral fins, position of the nipples, and other peculiarities, indicate that the creature usually assumed an erect posture like that in which it bus heen sometimes represented rur'ing its hair. The gentleman who has possession of this curious creature informs nie that it was taken near one of the 1'ejce Islands hy a fisherman, who sold it to a gentleman from France, from whom the present owner bought it for six thousand dollars. lie intends taking it to Europe, and should he pass through Aew York as heat present pur|?osei?, I have obtained his promise to give a private examination of it to several of the most prominent naturalists in your city, and you will of course get a peep at what I really consider the most mnrvellous work of nHtnrc which I ever beheld. "Business here is in a perfect state of stagnation. Indeed trade throughout the whole south is prostrate, and when it will be better is more than I dare prophecy. Exchange in Alabama is Bo high on the north, that those who feel inclined to pay their debts, (?<nd their name is not Legion,) can hardly make up their minds to sutler the loss arising from the unprecedented depreciation of our currency. We have fen-am to be thankful, however, that our corn and eotton crops this season promise great abundance. We entertain a forlorn hop.- that our half crazy Congress will finnlly relinquish their foolish attempts to " head" Captain Tyler, nnd pay a little more attention to the wants and sufferings of the country and their legitimate duties. As ever yours, D C. Charleston. (Corr??|*"wf<M)ce of the Hrratil.) ("marlestov, dune 14, 1K<2. AVie Aryan concit for Travelling Smith. J. h Bssvktt, Esq.:? Dear Sir.? From tli: < time yoti m.iv dale a new era in the l?rt>Krewof the South? in society, in morale, in en? r- 1 gy, in greatnew. .Agreeably lo a suggestion in ilie Herald pome -i* I week* Binee, ilie managers of the pteatnhonta and ! r.uI rondp between this eiiy ami the north, have re. ' eojved on putting tlie fare at one half, or the raa- j bout a, tli" old price?*ay $2D from ('hnrlrston lo niltnnore, inMund of #35 or #10. This is hut the ' beginning <>f a ayptem which is to remodel :d| the machinery of trade, which into adapt the price to the ahilitvol ihe people to pay, rather than the de. sires, which are very natural, of corporations to I iniike large dividends, obtain extravagant prim a, and I pocket fortunes in a short period of time. It is hardly to be doubted, that this movement ' will increase the travel sufficiently to sustain th 1 elegant packet -hip lines between New York ' harleston The consequence will lie, that the 1 'hips will also reduce their fare, and die population t of the south will he poured ra mnur. info the line of the northern cities to enjoy the comforts which are unknown here in the months of July, August, am! , Sejitemlier?cool shades, cord nights, rind sweet | slumbers All our beauty and fashion uillmxMi he , with vou. It is an awkward position for a pretty f "irl to be sea sick ; that now is our course, and the r LB. Hi Ii ? Two Cents. beaux of New York, iiiuv set their moutturlm lor plantations, and beaulilul young wive*, iutilueive What ii revolution will thisproduce in ?n u*tv in the course ol a tew yarn! The biltei piejudict-a which exist hetweeH the two deciioua will he done away?the young bloods of the south w ill mingle w ith those of the north?they will have a better opnortunitv of knowing each other, nnd will think better of each other. Such a slate of things ts much to be desired. A new impulse is necessary to cna ble the t-onth to surmount the obstacle* in the way of her prosperity. Once awake, she in equal to any crisis. And it is believed she now sees correctly her true policy. Kain, nun, has been the order of the day for three weeks, and an unhealthy season is predicted, as a consequence to be apprehended. As the mail is about closing J have only time to state the lact, that the measure before named has been determined on, and will soon go into operandi. Adieu. In haste, respectfully yours Charleston, S. C., June 16, 1W42. Politics?Speeches?Texas?tint. Hamilton?Sim in* ? Tratlt ?Execution of' a Mvrelcrcr?Theatricals ? Tem/xrtince. Jawkn Bennett, Esq.-.? Dear Sir,? The city of the Palatines is no longer governed by a descendant of a i^axon pirate or gentleman. The families of noble Huguenots are giving place to the incessant encroachments of Novo homo Dutchmen, and Picts and Irish. The son of an honest Herman earjienter presides at the council, and commands our battalions, and if a modest bearing, and a faith tut discharge ol duty, be reconimendable, General Schuerlie may hold for some time longer the quicksilvet power of a rnujority, like the heroism of him who led the fierce democracy to Gherronra, and fled before the half savage Macedonian. The Iiayncs and Pinckucyn advocated expensive projects with the beauties of a literature that dazzled our citizens, but fine turned periods were wheeling us into debt; the drug of the breinender whs substituted,' and, rut hntn. we are emerging from the jaw 3 of the bunks and the ta.x-eait rs. bome over nice citizens complain that our property in relation to taxation is assessed at the mere whim ot a most excellent officer, but it is hard to please the grumblers. Your brother Yeadon, of the "Courier," known in Carolina for bis obstinate support of the wings and Preston, distinguished hiiii.-i ll tj,e otic r day in a very able speech 111 defence of a young gentleman of respcct.iblo family, charged with perjury in the sustaining ot one Montesquieu's note for #6,000 in favor ot some graceless nephew. Veadon delighted the lovers of the profession by his masterly analysis of a mass of contradictory hard swearing against the accused; his powers oi' arrangement, ana com- ? parison, statement, and logical conclusion, deserved and obtained success; and were lie not a whig ia a community so decidedly democratic, those abilities would tind their way into where business minds like his would be useful?the great council of his country. The cause ol the Texinns is regarded with cool consideration. .Your friend, Ex-Governor Wilson, skilled as lie is in raising an excitement, cunnot move til* mass: some how or other, people care not to win lands for scrip holders and speculators; neither are they enamored with the hopes of the promised plunder ot' the public edifices and private dwellings of a people with whom their own government is at peace. Let, however, the Mexicans change position, and become invaders, and then, i ..... .... ..1.1 ..... .. ....i. 1I...1 .. ....I.I .1 hack to their interminable wilds and long impoverished cities. As might liutiirully have been expected, reference with regard to tin; stute of Mexico, its ndwer and resources, its wealth and soil, whs made to .Mr. Poinsett; that clear-headed, honest, and experienced stntesmuti, utterly discountenanced tile idea ol making an easy conquest of this barren aid torn empire; perhaps you mav truce to this adverse influence our freedom from this enthusiasm. General Hamilton is tn the eve of another visit to Kurope; his brother-in-law, Dr. Irving, delivered n lecture a few evenings since at the Medical Coll?*e, and notwithstanding the caustic remarks of tli- rival Buckingham, the accomplished commentator of "Coek Robin" proved. I?y a full house t'rpin tlienrrnv? of fashion, that lie isstill flir |>omilar Irving. Would you believe it?the ]{ev. Mr. Smythe, the gentleman who has written so much against the theatre, and the episcopacy, has taken op the cudgels against tec-totahsvn. whether this be done out of love for Father Matthew and the Papacy we cannot say. His position is that St. John the Mspfief, it is true,was a fee-totailer, but the Saviour countenanced and approved of the moderate ilv of wine. Simnts, tin* novelist, is rusticating at bis own "sweet home" on the banks of the Aslily. He has accepted an invitation to pronounce a discourse tor some literary institution in Georgia. His prolific pun wU) have ready for the reading public another w<>rk of imagination iri due season. Our city is dull, trade declines; the men with the " cash" are looking (or the en|nym"nt of the springs. Our northern exotics are selling at under < Qst previous to their migration. Creditors are Milling in, and debtors are putting ofT the payment of old scores; but this is the (leriotlical course of things at this period of the year in Carolina, and we see no extraordinary change for the worse; on the contrary the dark wheel of embarrassment is gradually eoier^iiia who inr mm 01 ongnier prospects. An a proof, bank stock in improving, and the downward progress i)f real estate has roine to a stntid. The execution of Barrett Jones on his own confassion, for the murder of a shipmate, by reason of its accompanying circumstnnces, created an extraordinary interest. The first month of his life was spent in Dublin. lie whs reared i" Wales; his mother was a Catholic, his father u bigotti d Drotustant; ofconttc ho never entered the l>atin rite. After his condemnation here, fie was visited l>v the ministers ol the various sects; but tip to within a few weeks of his death, tie continued obdurate, indifferent, reck less and jesting. A change came over tne spirit of his dream; it is not stated how. Jle desired to see the sheriff. It was to make sure tlmt he would send to him a Catholic prieef. The K evd. Mr. . Sullivan, from that moment scarcely ever left lijui. The sombre scene, the terrifying oralis, the gloomy atmosphere, the noisome dungeon, has no terrors (or the priests of the ancient religion; and trie hardihood of the villain under this influence became the glorious fortitude of an heroic dying Christian. Jones culled noon the high sheriff, an the Inst proof of his gratitude to him, to ml ; . the true faith, iixfraotninary change! and in the langfmge of Mr. VcHdou, '* it is Cause to make reflectin.,' men to pause and tlunk, whence the reason of tiii influence, and the secret of this power!" The theatrical rpirit is waning still The devotion of a j >v j- ijui ruuni it? tin- upk oi iih hurmpnmll<:<% iirifl ifa new temple is in I he market for cu! . Hut. rile cause of temperance is t-preuHing. utui it will continue to spread. Tlx- l!ev Mr. Gillnmn ami Mcwrs. lltiwlund an<J llolbeck tlrvvle to it|rft<* energies of a strong will. Thev nre to have a grand display on fhe.lih. It. Carrol! delivers the oration. Heaven trninf to them the Lace of pctvevcratice. and to the unpledged the moderation not to nr.-ii it. My sheet is oat. For the prevent, farewell. AI.IUN. Si itiufc i - p-. v Oavvt.?An extraordinary rax: oi suiriiln was perpetrated in Ne.v Oilcans on the 11th octant. Little is known of the man v. ho committed self-destruction ?but enough is understood to attach deep interest rind a spirit of romance to the rash act. The deceased u as a native of Prance, nml n \ oting man of shout twenty-live years of age. Hit trade w ?s that of a cutler, and he had been known to |s>siess that \i?nrity of temperament and buoyancy of spirit so characteristic of hi* countrymen. He hail been married to a wife who was voting, uminhle and interesting. They were not overburdened with the world's w ealth, hut n fomitsin of love, pure and disinterested, existed in the hosom of either of them, frum which tiny miitiially drank, and were hiPP>The epidemic of last year, which was im.itrriminate in the lelvr.tuMi of its victims, laid ilsleterish fingers on thebelovsst wifeol the deeaared, Malhilde Decel|e?. nnil i nrr > hi t to the grave. She was inteiied in that last re-1 ng place of the strangei in New Orleans--the I'otti rN Pield. Prom thai time a change cameo* er the spirit of hrrhiiv hand. Moodiness supplied the pi ire ol mirth -iMpair usurped the station o( * nariljr. His friends sought svery opiioi-tunitr to cheer him. hut the barbed arrow of snrmw hail pierced his heart's inmost core and it w n? bey ond tho |K)?rer of human efforts to extract it. Ifecortinued to live on. overshadowed with the Might of melancholy, until u.. t.l'iv liuf u-Kf'ti tiik ins/ with him n nitlnl Iui to the Pottar't Field, nnifttretch iir himtclf on thr^nira of h!* wife, Mew hit 'mint out. vlf-dett ruction, at twwt, i? a de?iwrate alternative; hut, n itfl'f like thi?, where pure affection prompted th- art, -hmity tacmt willing to interpotc betw. en ?n oPendeil teity and the miicide Siwutut?KirTiv,the murderer of Mrt. Hunter hat Iwett niteneed to ho hung Mar Hpnrta Tenn., on the let of Jhr. The Ntthville Banner m ' : - In pronutinrinp: death tpon the pritoner, the Judge renmrfcrd, tint now, for the ourth or fifth time, it had hocti hi"? ulewn dntv to pro? ikunee t. ntenee of ilealli upon thi? roan Kifbt

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