4 Temmuz 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Temmuz 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THI V*l. VIII.?No. 1K3 Whole Ho. 3034 . regulaITpackets." vsw live op livehtool packets. To tilfroa Now York on tho ttth anu Liverpool on the 13th i*f each month. m m M m ^^Fasti New !???. Hlap SHEBlDAN.Captaiii K. A. Depeyttar, 23lh May. Hhip SaRHICK, fcaptain Wm. Skid.Iy, kith June. Skip RQSCIL'S, C*i>Uiii Jehu Collint, Uth July. Stup 8IDDONS. CaWai.i K. D. Cobb, 23th Auguit. know livkhpool. Ship 8IDPON8, <*puui E. B. Cobb, 13t)i June. Ship SHERIDAN, C ipteiii K. A. Dciwytler, 13th July. j Ship WARRICK, Captain Win. SknUly, I3(l> Augu.i. Ship ROSCIL'S. C ytatu John Collin., 13th September. Theae ships art all ol the tint clatt, upward* of KMJt) lout, built | ia the city of New York, witli such iin|*ov?inciits at combine real ipeed with uno.nal comfort for natt. ni;era. Every care I at been taken in me arrangement ol tlieir accommodatioiit. The price af pattaga hence it $100, for which ample tlorea w ill 1 be provided. Theae ahi|ia are commanded by experienced matter., who will make every exertion to give geueral tatiafactinn Neither the captain* or owner* of the ahipa will be re.p.natble for any letten, parcels or packages aant by them, unlets regular b'tlt of lading are signed therafor. The; nipt of this line w ill hereaftet g.< ara ed, and their pern bat (Hub of WW. For freight 01 nmnif. apply m E. it. COLLINS It CO.. 16 South ?t? N? w Vork, or to w.M. It JAS. &ROWN & CO.. Lirtnool. Lstxen by the packeu will be cl irgrd IJtj cent* per single (beet; M cenu per ounce, uul uewipnpert 1 cent etcli. _ m7_ NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) m m m lH^nip^if thislin?wlll hereslte^eave Nev^^onHio the 1st and linen on Um 16th of each mouth, a? follow* : From .Voir York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, I 1*1 March i 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August Jnanee Funtk, f l*t November ( 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, i let April i ttth May t Captain t lit August \ lfielr September Edward runck, (lit Ueccem'rt 16th January Shio OTIC A, I let May ( 16th June Captain < 1st Srplemb'r\ ICth October! Frederick Hewitt, ( lit January f I6fh February NewahipST.NlCOLAS, I 1st June i IStli July Captain { 1st October < I6ih November. J. B. Pell, t 1st February ( 16tn March The accommodation* of these ships are not surpassed, eoinbitnaa all thai may be required for comfort. The price of cv bta passage i* (106. Passengers will be supplied with ever)' requisite, with the eeeeption of wines uul liquors. Soods intended fer (lies* vessels will be forwarded by the ubeeribera, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on them. For freight or iwuaage, study t? BOYD Ik rtlNC KEN, Agents, at 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. M M. For the better accommodation of shippers it is intended to desiiatch a ahip from tliis port on the 1st, jtb, Kith, 15th, 2?lh, and Mtii ot each mouth, commencing the 10th October and continuing. until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of tlie year, whereby great delay* anil disappointmouta will be prevented during the gpmmer month*. The following ahip* wnl commence this arrangement ; Ship V AZOQ Captain Cornell.Ship ?CON EE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Csptain Milliard. Ship LOU18VLLLE. Capuin Hunt. ship SHAKSPEARt, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Capuin Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMULGEE, <a|?aiii Leavitt. . Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Cuptain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Capuin Mulford. These shi|>s were all built in the city of New York, expreasyror packets, a of light draft of water, have rectmlly been i wlyc. .rod ><1 put in splendid order, w ith accommodation* iot psase* era u. ,periled frrr comfort. They are comiumded nr ejperi ed mastr a]in will make every cxertien to give general laarfactinn. will at all unus be towed up and down the Mississippi h> steamboat*. Neither the owner* captain* of these ibh* will be roa|>onrible (or jewelry, bullion precioua atone*, sliver or plate,i ware, or for any latter*, parcel or jwckage, aent by or put ou board ol them, unless regular bills of lading are taken lor the tame, aid the value thereon expressed. or (Wight or passage, apply ?. K. COLLINS St CO., J* South St., or HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will prom]<tly forward all goods to tnvir address. The snipe of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. ml OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKKTS. m m. ml M'HE EEinTN E of Packets lor LiverppiTM^iniereafter be a despatched in the followmg order, eicejrting tlut wheu the day of sailing fella on Sunday, tlx- slii)<s will sail ou the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 610 tons, < Oct 1 Nov i? D. (J. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 790 to?s. { Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L.Walte. {Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 #00 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rxthbone, (March I April 19 The EUROPE. (July 19 Sept 7 610 loos, < Nov 19 Jan 7 E.G. Marshall( Mir 10 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 til tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A B. Lowber.f Ai ril I May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, s Dec 19 Feb 7 T. S. Cropper. ( April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, (Sept I Oet 19 8J0 ton", < J in 1 Feb 19 W. C Baretow.r May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, ( Sept 19 Nov 7 7t)0 tows, < Jan 19 Mar 7 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regarils the dsy of sailing, will be observed as hcretolore. 1 he price ol passage outward is now nieu at une Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores oferer? description will b? provided, with the eaccption of winra and liquor*, which will ba Airni?hed hv the aicwaids. OOODHUF. at CO , 61 South at., C. H. MARSHALL, M Butling-alip. N.Y. jeii n-h baring brothers ?t co., lvoqI. ]#!? PASSAGE I'ROM ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. PERSONS deairoua of making engagements for fnenda to | * emigrate from the Old Country to the United Ktmea. and who mar wiah to aeenre for them despatch and comfortable accommodation!, will find it their intereat to apply to the subscribers, who are at all timea prepared to make aueh arrangemeoW aa will guarantee satisfaction. The rcsaclt rompoa'rg thia line are all of the first elaaa, one of which leavea Lirerir ol | weekly, consequently all delay at tlie port of embarkation la avoided. Aa haa always bee* cuatomarv with tliia line, when those nettled for decline coming out, the passage money ia rifuiglrd, withoat any deduction. Passage |>er steamer from the ranoua porta of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Eatabliahed Passage Office, 273 Pearl at., Or to C. GR1MSHAW k.CO. 10 Gotee Piaitaa, Liverpool. Eiehangr or drafts at sight, and for any amount, can likewise be furnished on the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Ranking Co., National Hairs ol acotiaiKi, nayniur hi an tneir respective Drenches | also, no R. C. Olyn m Co., Bankers, London, ?nd C Orimshaw fc i^i... t,i?erpoo' mf lm*c fTEAU NATlOr^^^^^^^EIN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA-?SOUTHAMPTONBELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Keare, CoMMa.uDca. The days of dciwrture of this well-known Sleqmahip, hare ricn fixed aa followi : root Antwerp, From Soathamirton, From New York, Oa 4th .Slav. 1112. On ?lh May, 1842, On 7th June, 1(42 nw, 10th July, " 7tb Aug., " 7th Sent. " l#rh Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, to Souti iVanpCon or Antwerp, S70?Steward'a fees, $2 62,S- The mealn will be erred ou board, an the plan of a continental hotel, iu the best manner, and at nied and moderate pricei, passengers being only haigeil when partaking ol the same. The price of panagr to either of the aborp porta ran also be engaged if preferred, with m> als and steward's fees included for $07 (KH Cr?t?, eiclplTf ol wine*. Au e sperienced Burgeon acoom|iani'-i rtw ship. For freight or pxware, o^.t^fupby to a? (a*r ' ' 41 Nearer atreet. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. wjt ftreiMfrf i#!RJ From thnftmt of fmytlaadt street, New Yrrrk. (Jte?ry day?fllimT Mfc (sigod.> Loaeo* New York Newark At I A.M. At I f.M. At TJ1 A. M. At IS P. M. * do. 4 do. 9 do. 3k do. 11 4M do. lf,'< do. 5R d.. 9 do. 7 do. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York. I.eavr Newark. I At 9 A. M. and Ik P. M. At 12 Noon end 10 F. M. NtW YORK, ELIZABKTII TOWN. wKHTFIKl.D, PtAINFIELD.BOUNDBROOK, BOVIERVII.LE, fcc. 1 Daily. Lear* New York. Leare Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 8* A. M. tj< l\M. 11 M. ?* P. M , 5 r. M. The train* of the Somerville Rnilroarl Co. connect with these linea each way daily, Sundays excepted. Passengers are re<iurstcd I" purebate ti< Irets at the office. foot of Liberty street, rare between N-w York and Elizabeth Town 23 cents. Fare between Jersey City and Somerville, id rents. ffltvr YORK. RAHWAY and new brunswick. Fare reduced. &om the foot of Liberty street, daily. _ ew Y'ork. Leaie New Brunswick. ? At 9 A M. At 7% A. M. 4H P. M. II A M. Fare between New York and New Bruuswick, TJ cent?. Railway, VI cents Trtw faro in tha JH A. M. wain from New Brunswick, and IX f M. trato from New Yoik, hai been reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to 3* cents. " and Raliwsy to 37k " The Philadelphia mail line passes through New Brunswick fbr New York ferry e?emng at 9 o'clock. On Sundaya the 7X A. M. trips from New Brnnawick ia omitted. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re?i?e a ferry tirket gratis. Tickets are receised bv the eonctor only on the day when laireliesed. m? In,1 PREIOHT OR CHAR TV. tt-The fine Br. Bark SARAH ANN, Cant Fortune, hnrthen, 377 ibftiUm tone. Apply to OLOVT.R k McMVR R A Y, ' jet* l?0 Pine arret. I % I E NE I RAILROAQSXSTE AMBOATS. poMr-;itoY~c <>.'s~ Bl.KbAU) AM) I 1U( AtJO KXl'RKSS. Radrnads lo and from Albanv and Buffalo, and tin- internedia'e places, for KORWAHDIN'i, at low lates.w ith the almost nwcd, regularity and t.deti, choice Goods, Rpreu, Bank Notes, Important 1'aiN.rt and Valuable racing, a?\\ ib lit nil lo ihc ufjotiation, transfer, collection or |*aym?*iit of BilU ol EirhanKe, Notes, Drafts, Acc<*pUuc?s, Accounts, Ac., *t reason*!)! t iK-r ccntagc?eifC'tte oriUrs for t1??- ijnrrlnur or *!? ( Mcrcn.(itiise, Produce and .Mamifariurril Article* ol every uescripiion, j*r?onaMv, in trie i?wn? on their rout. , through ^ Messn. HARNDEN * < O S EXPRESS lo NowYork and Ronton.and , , Mesars. IIAWLtV St CO.'S KXHIKSS lo anil from Buffalo to Clertlaml, Detroit mini < Imago and inform. diate place,?forming al oucr the moat direct, s|*>cdy and lierfect communication to mud from the eastern and westrrn Cities, lor the negotiation and transaction of nil inercauiile and professional buamras, remittances, rschanges Ac. References?Erajlns Corninr, Tliomaa W. Olcott, watts Sherman, A. D. i'atclun, Noali L?e, Janies Taylor, '1 lieodore Olcott, Albanv. Agencies?B.nnerr, Bsekur. Is Hnwlry* I'tiea ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. li. Smith, Auhum; J. bargo, Omnia ; J. (J. Shepherd, Canandaigua : Parid Iloyt, Rochester ; John Mcir.?...r ( orUlK.n J. A.t'hik If.lou Tb.nmuRI.iaa.iin Buffalo. ? roMT.KOV A CO". No. J Exchange 131111 in.gi, Albany. all 3 Wall Itieet, New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED BOSTON A'!? stH'N^ posed of tin- following supciior steamers, running in couiiectiuo with the Stoinngton auil Providence, and Boston ami Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayar. NARRAOANSETT, Ca,.tain Woolscy. MOHEGAN. Ct|(ain Vanderbilt. Ont> of which will leave New Turk daily, (Sutulnya exceptod) from Pier No. 1, North Hirer, Battery Place, at five 'clock, P.M. AnnaTiaKMrTT. Tl?? NARRAOANSET. on Monday, for Stoningtou, anil Thursday, for 9tnningtnn,Newport and Provid.nee. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday. (or Stouington, Newport anil Providence, anil Friday for Sfonwigton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for stonington, anil Saturday, for Sinning! on, Newrnug, ami Providence. Passengers on the arrival ol ike steamers at Stonington, may tnke the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to I rovi denee and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic loot, at $5 M per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on meastiremeut goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 23 Broadway. m31 6inr IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of (roods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improvement in transportation affoids to Western Merchants peculiar advantages. The goods being carefully packed IU the boats at our warehouse. No. 3GJ Market street, ire carried over the Columbia and Portage Railways without tran hipniniL Careful captains and crews arit employed, who take charge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots being separated on the way. N. B.? Pasaewgrrs forwarded ta Pittabnrg and Pottaville, every day, Sundays excepted. II. STORKS, Agent, _ *12 3m* 7 Washington street. FREIGHT AMD PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. s^siseia. The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittsbu'g, gtre notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other |w none shipping to the (Vest, that their line is uow iti active operatior woods Consigned to thetn (or tent U) go in their line,) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to saippiug all such consignments without All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package binoiiam'8 line. For a tea of freight, which are at low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. t We?t street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. K. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville,every day, Suudays excepted. Refer to R. (Ironies American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nicoll, Front street : Phelps, their. M Fulton street ; Sttydam. age Si Co ; Win. Ranliin, Duryce ? Co, Newark. m6 3m oFFbafrlo!? link for Albany. FARE REDUCED!! Passage AO rents?lleiths AO tenia, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICKS. ?UA The cointnodinus Steamboat WASHINGBa TON. Captain J. M. Brown, Itavinir made i arrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, Hi o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa tarda/ afternoon, at i o'clock, landing on Iter passage each way it. the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, 1'oughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. For freight or nossage, apply to tile Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTlN. No. 182 West street. m?c OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch. Rumson, C?? PyK i ss* Brown's Dock, Middletow u, Eaton town Dock Wi gW K-anil Red Bank, Slirew?burv.?The 'esmbost IpLAS.Captsiu Allaire, will leave New York from Fnlton Market Slip, East River, every morning at R o'clock for Red j- > i i'i , "ii "inrii u iy mr noai goes to r-noutown D' Ck.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The lolas will ruu ?? above, navigation and weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the liak of the owneri the'eof. June g', 1812. iryilnic <fla (HEAP EXt URSION to~7hr~ Fishing Q. Banki. every day, rsreiu Tm-adaya and Frtdaya?rare 2J ecnta each way?The ateamer NAPOLEON, ('apt. Hnnrn*, will run regnlarly to the above place every fail day. and leave aa followa?Foot of ll immond street at 9 o'clock. Canal street quarter past 9, Market street half past 9. Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9/4, pier No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On 'i'Madaya and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Munition and Bath?(the steamboat Creneral Jaeksen will contityie to ntn to the aame place every other day in the week (?.and teavr aa follows?Foot of llimuiond street at J o'clock, Canal street at a quarter past J, I'ike street 2Ji, pier No 1 et 3 o'clonk?Fare 25 centseaeh way. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. jl4 lm*c MA OPPOSITION LINK. FOR ALBANY J. _r^if* AND NEW YORK?Landing at the foot of ae n i itrrrt| Nrwburgh, Ponghkeepsie, Kingston P-int, C'atskill and Hudson?Lata aye Jo rents, berths JO cents ?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON. Captain J. M. Brown, will leave the pier atthe foot of Kabinson street for Albany every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at J o'clock, P. M. Leave Albany, foot o( Lydus strref, for New York, every TursJay, Thursday and Saturday, at J o'clock, P. M. For iwssage or freight apply on board, or to D. R. Martin, IB Wall street. Freight taken on the most retsnuable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pier, NR. Apply or. board Washington, Robinson at. |e9 lm*rc TAILORING. ~ OF THE UTMOST IMPOR tajnue ^TQ p?rebiifri?r MinhilPi Troy Shirts, Bosoms ami ColA lars. In contaqueiic^of the many mistnkea hiving been made of laic by stranger* and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt Depot, wr are therefore obliged to made public the cause foi the benefit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is this. A store lias lately had painted on th'-ir window, and about their premises, a sign i?ur porting tw be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all. they do not keep our Troy Shirta, Bosoms and Collars, ana as a aid i|tmt nistakei that tnij occur in fature, on account of this new sigu at the corner store, therefore, we shall circulate eiteusively the following card, and for the benefit of dealers in ourgyods:? This is to inform dealers and other* that Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot in the city is about sixteen doors fro n the corner of Pearl and Chatham streets, on the right hand side in loosing to the Citv Hall?No. 90 Chatham street. This is our only Troy Shirt De|K>t for the receiviug of our highly repufc-d Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars in the city. We shall cause this to b*1 extensively circulated, in consequence of many mistakes hating been made of late. Be particular to see the name. MARSHALL'S, on the wiimiow aiao tlie following? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY ftlllRT DKrOT. w Ch.tfc un N" |*lrotimr ?k?J of thov. who br.t down. Nfw York. June J, 1*12. jr3 lm*c remoVau i phillips' cash tailoring establish: ment, la removed from HS Broadway to No. 7 A.tor Hou.r. economy in gentlemen's dress. Garments of a most Elegant and Fashionable kind it a sating of 60 per cent for cash. I1 HE advertiser deems it nnnectaaarc to resojt t > the harkA neyed system of giving a list of nomine! prices, prr* inline that the length of time lie has been establish* ). together with : the extensive patronage bestowed on nun. win prove h sum | rient voucher for his capabilities. Possessi^ thr advantage of being connected with an extensive cloth est tWlshmrnt m Europe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower thin any other house making np tlie best descriptions qfgentlemeu's dress, my 1 3m S. PH1LLI PS. 7 Astor House. Broadway martin's Cssh Tailoring Kstnbllshnient, ft Removed to 154 William s/reef, corner of .1nn tlrett. rPHE subscriber, in annouuring the above to his friends and A the public in general, takes leave to return thanks for tlie liberal patronage bestowed on him at his former place of business, and assures them that ?very article ordered of Him shall, as heretofore, be c?-t, made, and trimmed in the neatest and moat stylish inaune. The materials, the newest and best in tlie market, and at t positive sa> ing ol 3U per cent. Strangers Mn!rif,!s f^cal ind examine. lientJemen who \ jet for purchasing their own cloth, lie., can I navs them made and tiimmed in the style that has given such I gentraj satisfaction during the last four years. Every garment warranted to fit, and made by the best workmen at the follow! ing prices, nr..:? Drr., r?.|,. m to to M IrorkCo.g... *0?loVvi ft A , Ov?T C.o.u OA to II 00 , TT: N'? ??rm?-nu ready m?d_?U m.,|e w, ord-r, ?ud ? vuif nna.licd, if u?o???!?rv. f? 21 noun, ml* '">? MIC.HAKL r. MARTIN TNPIA. CASHMERE OR CAMELS HATFHITAVVI S ? I E. F. NKWIIALL, 192 Washington ?treVr, kosbm, has 1lor ale fifty India Hhawls; colors green, red, and white?long and ?iuarr-^>nfv. from twrnvy-nvr to flv? hundred doil.r. A No, wtatM Rmbmidrrrd Canb iil'ni* HlutwN. | jet TfcTh 2t*w 2 tn?*r L-JL.I. I I ggM W 10 YEW YORK. MONDAY J RAILROAD NOTICE. MAKKKT AND FREIGHT LINK. rpHK NEW JERSEY ILiilrnad and Transportation f'om* |?ny have nhUiibril a Freight Line between New, Brunswick end New York, which they intend to ruu permanently. Leaving New Brunswick ai i>a A. M. daily, (Sunday* etCCPtad) anil tiir foot of Libel TV tr?< I. \|? York, n 2 V, P. M. To country dealera ami inc. l.ants the above lint- ia very <leaiiabli for iih* speedy ami cnea|iconveyance ol mrichanilltt of ncry description, ami mote paiticulirly 10 Drovers and Dealer* ill Live Stork, who can have 150 bead of cattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, (he tame day he lie vol repaired. The rates tor the traus;<ortation of rattle, hones, mules, beep, boss. 4tc. and all other kinds ol mercliaadisc are very low, never eaceedinir steamboat prices, Merrln wl.?. .....r i..- ft... i..... .. ? Wl? ? ? cl aret iu crossing the North River. Thf Company hase fitted up a lane** storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining tli?* Hnlroul pej<ot, w tuck will always keopen fix the recep'.onof ineichaitdi?e. P*s**?urcis purchasing the ir tickets at the ticket offices, will receive Jerry tickets KM til. Q. 7* Freight for Newark, Klizaberhtow n, Rahwav, Weil* field, Plain fie Id, Scotch (Minis, Buindbrool. ajid Bomcrvillc, is conveyed by the above Hues, and delivered the same day when r%? ivrd in 1 I tin RAIL ROAD -ALBANY AND 8AIULTOUA. smwamnA Travellers to Sirtloga Springs, L ik* Gturue, Whitehall and Lower (\>nad t, ar* in Cor mi ?l th it thev w ill insure to themselves an ci cdifr u? a*d plcisuit conveyance to the Springs by nkitw the K til R ?ad ea?* at Albany. HOI US OF DEPARTURE. From AI Lint. F?? in Saratoga, At r, o'clock, A M. I At 7 ..'clock, A M. 3 " P. M. I 44 M P M. There is no change of Co irhes or Ba?/a{e Wagons, or sliil tiiu; of B v,'cage from one Sieamhoat to another on this route. P mongers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find suge conches in readiness to convey tttrni to Like (?. orgo and Whitehall on Laktt Ch innliin; co u ctinjj with all the principal Northern ami Eastern St a.'c routes. A Stage (for the convenience of ) tassel i,'ers who arrive by the aft*/ noon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives it Whitehall in tunc for the departure of the Chaini-lain ateamho it of s .me d ty, and brings eastern trav llrrs to Rutland, Vt early in the evenin;. N 13. There are In.* .rage wagons a I wars in readiness, at Albany, ou the arrival of tlie steamboats and mil road ear*, to carry the biggage of pa-;- n :ers direct to and from the depot nd stwainboat at the rate of cents per trunk ? r package, or l'2lj cents for ordinary travelling b;4. a^r. The den rturi * for the west are fixed for the season at 7)? o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. j? 27 3m r ""PAT15KSOX AM) NKW VOlTlT V OU RTH* OK J UI! VA A R R \ tK MENT. On Monday, uh o( July, the Cars will leave TATF.RSON DEPOT. NEW YORK, ti o'clock, A M H o'clock, A M 8 14 44 in in 11 44 12 44 M l> 41 M 2 *' PM 2 ' P M l 14 I ft /" Pass*ugers are fidrued to be .?* the Forty a fow minute* befoie tlir hour ofstarting. O-FAHE FIFTY CKNTS.X1) jyl 31 ins#r FOURTH OF JITLY AND SUNDAY AH RANGEMLNTS. f June 30, 1812. On the ith of Jt?|y nex the Mnruim; Tniu# wi?l coine down to the City Hill a* usual; but after 12o'clock the car* Will stop and start from the comer of U mery and Brooui street* every half hour till halfpsst 7 T M Between tin running of the trains.cnrs will leave ever) 15 minute* to cirrypajnengers the splendid exhibition at the Water W<?ik* at 42<1 <t The cars of this Compnuy will not hereafter on Sundays rim below the comer of Brooin street in tin* B ?wery. They will leave from this point every hour ou Sundays, a* until, till I o'clock, T M, ami afti r that, evrry hall-hour till half-past 7. P M. The Company are now rsaiy to commute for y-arlyaul quarterly riding in their cars. The t-rms will b- made known at their office, Tryon Row. B> order oi the Board, jy3Mtc _ B. COX, Seciepary. FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION. > i: nV\ ni. The New Jersey Kail Boail and Trau*|>oitaiion Company intend running Three Kxeur>iwii Line* between Philadelphia ami New York, on the third and fourth of July. F?r*t Line will start from the foot of Liberty street, at { o'clock, A M. on Sunday, cross the river to Jenev City, ttirnct by Railroad through Newark, Kliaabethtown, Railway, New Brunswick. Trenton, lie., to Bordeiilown, thence by steamboa ?arriving in Philadelphia 3 o'clock, P M. Second Liue will s'art from the foot of Liberty street, at Iji P \1, on Sun iav, cross the river to Jersey City, thence by R^il Road through Newark, Eli/.at erhtown, Railway, New Bruii* wick, Priuc ton. Trenton, Bordentown, fcc. to Cainden?ar riving in Philadelphia ar II o'clock, P M. Third Lino, leaving New York wn Mou 'a y, 0 oVIock, A M same as the f?r*r. Returning from Phila<!? Tpliia.the excursion tickets will he re ceiveu in either of the liues l-a\ing Philadelphia on the even iitf of the 4th, at 5 P M, o#?^ti th* raoming of the 5th at 7 o' clock A M, or on the evening of the 5th it 5 o'clock I' M. Fnreforthe Excursion $4. Litr__ LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD-FOURTH OF JULY ,to tin tireat South B ?y and Ornn. The trains * ill run as follows:? Iwavr Brooklyn at 8>g, !t!t,ati(l 12,1-, A M; and 3"?, S.aiid 12 a nr-tht. Rrtumine, leave Jinnies at 7, 8l*. and 11 A M; and 2, 3>? and r,l, P M. Th? half-caat 5AM and 3 P M, regular train run* through t< Deer Park and Thompson, a* usual, and take stages t miles l( South II ty and the Oct toAll other trams ruu to Jamaica. F?re to Jamaica, 25 cent*. Kcckaway pniseiurfr? will take the half past I and half past nine innrning trains for J tmsica and Kockaway, and all tin downward trains. Fare to Rrrkawav, 75rent* from New York. j) 2 ?t" c FOURTH AND FIFTH OK Jl L YEXCURtlON TC NEWAR K. Three trip* from each plare. KAKK ONLY 12* CENTS. The splendid and commodious stesnvi PASSAIC. Captair John Oalfey, will lease as follows, on the 4th and 5th days o July :? Centre Wharf, Newark. Foot of Barclay st, N York 1% o'clock, A Si I 10 o'clock, A M 12 " M 2 " I' M 4* P M I 6i, ' P M The l'assair will land at Berlin Point on her half-taut serct and hall-naat 4 o'clock trips ilowtR and on het 10 o'clock ami half paiMi o'clock tri|? tip. iyl 3t*c _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers STATEN ISLANDFaR and HAMftfV* will leave N?w York and Stiteo Island every hour, from 8 A M t? 7 P M. All goods are required to be particularly marked and are at the risk of the owuers thereof. The rati of fare 6\ cents. jyl FOURTH OF JITLY EXCURSION. asOi The new and splendid steamboat W A KREN cL?Eyji..', Jl Captain J Mantel, will leave New York, foo rVi fr f Ve-ey street, on Monday, July 4th, at 1< o'clock. Amos street at tnV, and make an i xenrsion arouui Staten Island, stopping at Ko.sv.lh- a sofTicient time for recrea tion. and r'tnrn to New York at 4 o'clock. A Full Band is engaged for the cicnrsion. Refreshments pro viued on board. Fare f r the trip FIFTY CENTS. jyl 28e? *rc .Mm an Si A14 N IF IC F. NT EXCFllSlON'OI PLEASIJRE to Sanlt Htc Mane, Mackinac jLmmmrnlUmSLm Of*' eII H l>*. *11'! the Illduil S tflement?. The snleedid low pRMOrc steamboat BUFFALO, CftpUii Levi Allen, will leare Buffalo on the above desirable r!m?nr< trio on Thttnidav. July 2Vnt. at 10 oVIoek A. .M. provided witfr a line band of music, and etery thins lUnt can render the 'rij desirable and f hn.int* The psniic round, fivin Buffalo am hark, is fited at the low iricc of $14?< tlier ports in propor n i TaataRr or SfV* Rooms may be emred hjr application 01 board, or at C. M. Itced'n r.flict-; Buffalo. je'M tjfSl .wi aA plbawXnt and health If E* flV^t^-jeVVltniON ON TilK 4th JVT.Y, to tlx jC... ...e*r3>L.Flowing Eight.alum )'. mile* from N-wYork ? I'lv ?i.lendi ' new and subatartil *t*?eier MUTUAL SAFETY. will leaee ihr Dry Dock, foot of leth ?trcet, K. H. on Monday, July 4th. at R A. M., ?tiipi>.ng to receive paatengcr t foot of Mark' tat naif paat P, foot of Canal at. at Iband leavi pier No, I, N. Kiver. at 9,'<. and proceed down the Bay, atop pi f at I".>rl Hamilton at 19, paaa Bandy Hook, and ont to ihi Floating Eight. Ri tnr itig, will atop ni Foit Munition at 4 I* M .and arrive at thp city anon' half paat 1, leaving pa*?engon at the landing place*. Aa the Floating l.iaht i> ala'ionrd abou 11 inilra from 9 indy Hook, thia etcitr ion will afford ? n aera a fine opportunity of viewing ihe (Venn, aa wall a* tin hj-antifnl armory alone lira lower E .T. Fare to and from For Hamilton 21 cent*. and for Im eaeuralon 10 centa. Itefrrahmenta can ho obtained on bo ltd. jy3 II*0 jVCT ,i?l HPLEABANT AND MF.AI.THY KX fc=F?&'B?r<'VRS10NM KVf.n\ AFTERNOON l'C SC?jbLjSL.fort hamiLton, bath, conf.v ISEAND AND NRW HHIi illTO.N?The rommodirm atoainlMMt GENERAL JACKHON, ' apt. Tobiaa, will coin mrnra on tier it eulai tripa to tlx above place* on Smnla} all' r to moon. June 20th. and run eveiy Monday. Wedne-dav. rime day, Haturdayand Sunday ; and the ateamlioat NAPOLEON ('apt. II mcox, will run nn every Tneaday ami Friday dnriiit the aeaaon, leaving the foot i I Chamber* *trert at a quarter he fore 2o'clock. Hammond atreet at 2, Canal atreetata guartei paat 2. Market *treet at 2\(. and pier No. 1 North riter at 3 o' clock, remaining a aufii tent lime at Fort Hamilton for thoa< who may wiahlo view that raten*ive fortification and the adia rent country. The hod will then proceed to Bvlh and Conr) Island, to land thMe who may be oeiinrwa of Waiting either o iheae healthy rr'teala. And then make an exenraion aronnc the lower part of o ir truly noble bay, and return for thn?, whe may have landed at either of the above place*, and then cro?? over to Mew Bri. hlnn, -stopping a sufficient lime at that place and returning to th". city at an early hour. Fare each w iv 21 cent.- jo2i 2mr Mi RAP L \ i l" II '* 111 m (JN TIIF. KH RTH < ?F jl E* ,u\ TO WEST POINTik NEWBI KOH Ai 'ti uj*~The Steamboat Highlander,Capt U Waolr [ Q twf 'W* .. ,ii |ril,P the pi,.r fooi of Warren afreet,Mon day morning, Julv ttli, at half-paat 7 o'clock, foot of Hammonc abort, quarts r before R, on all i amnion to \Ve?t Poin'am Newlmrgh, airing peatenger* a ?u(fieienr 'irne to view the *n eampm nt of Cadrta a' Weat Point, and the beautiful scenery in and ab oil bolh place*. Kcturtiiag will Far* Newbnrsh ' I oYloek, P M, and arrive in tim? for puamgen to view the firework* or viait the other place* of public amusement in the evening. Fare each way 21 centa. A good Band of Music i% engaged for the occa ion. N. B.?The Highlander will leave foot of Warren at, Tnet day morning. July J, at 7 o'clock, for New burgh. )yl3t*n I RE E MORNING, JULY 4, 1842. FOURTH OK JUL* EXCURSION M TO SHREWSBURY, Long Branch, Occau r?!*i jJ* Home. ami R<-tl Bank.?The steamboat Sa. i IOI.AS, Captain Allaire, will leave New Yorklrom Kulloii Market Slip, at 8 o'clock A M. Returninj, wi'l leave. Uril Bank at hall-past I o'clock, P M, lawliui: at Kurt Hairtltori, Ocean House, Port Washington and Mtodletown, each way. July I, llHtt. jyJ 3t.e aWn & ,FOURT11 OKll'LV EXCURSION.? To^Brid|,'r|iort, tainliHK at Horscueck and NorTlie steamer Nl.MROD, w ill leave East side Catharine market slip, Monday mortiiuK, July t, at ait o'clock, and land at Rockyneck awl Norwalk. Returning, leave Bridi(e|>ort at 3 o'clock, P. M., Norwalk at at quarter past lour, anil Rockyneck at five, P. M. K am for the trip to cither tlrr above places oue dollar for a ticket, to ko ami return sarin day. jKHMtc ~CHEAP EXCURSION. a^x third ami fourth of julv ga ^A .-p E XC U RSI ON TO STATES ISI.AND.3Cs*iBCS?The vleainh wstv WAVE and WILLIAMS 1 East river. every hour, commencing at 8 o'clock, A. M ?fare I Gl4CeiiU. 'I hex* boat* have new l?<?il?s. a"d are the fa*tf*t I boats oil the route, ami command d by old aud ei|?rriruccd capl.tim, Old I lie l li 'mi. ill il I . Ii-l ...i I s if. * U'l \ ? 'M|T, \ auceto Stitch Island, where they w ill find plent\ of refrvantneiil provided by the proprietor -?f the Planter*1 lion I, the Pa vilion, and luioii (iaideu. lie number the Ware. 'he Care Chi MM* (fV it*ra 0H * x* 1 KSION to HARLEM n Sumiav w r^jifrand Mmidiy lie*', 3d and tth Jnly?Fare w Bi r eent>?Tlie now steamboat JACOB BELL, < .i; t iin Richard Yah ?. w >1 make two trina each uav. leanmg the 1'er foot of Oouvcrueur street.it half-past 9 o clock, A. M Pike street irtcr bel 10, 1< ertlt street at 10 uid 1>! I Oh-V >!', . 1 ,.| . . ' t , . I t |t ? I l \ ^ II .tic III It l'?> oYlot'k. Ah in-" . kat Otint rut*ui street st 9 o'clock. Pik< street | , | || ! 1 | ) I 11)4 ' at i o'clock?le..v s 1 In bin at Go'clock. IV aboietntMwill afford to the citit us of New York i fin*' view of the Fast river, Hurl^ati, and the various publie building at HlaekwelU Island, the I.on- Island Kami*, he. jfllt^C 01,D ESTABI.ISHEO PACKET OKKICtPAJiSAOK In rn"lLr.it Britain and Ireland, [via Liver|x?ol.J The *uh*eiib? r c> wtiuues to bring out passengers who may. he engaged here by their agents?cither by tlie well known r.-wulu p?ck?t ships sading to and from Liverpool, weekly, or hv first cla?* tran*lent -hip* leaving Liverpool every few oars. From hi* pre^uut?tcrllent arrangements. he flatter* himself lie will be able to give general sativlac'ion to those who may favor him with a pre 1a n*ee. Drafts for any amount can also be furnished, payable throng! o it the United Kingdom. For further pat ticularH apnlv. if hy letter <i?o?t paid) to JOHN 11 Kllli MAN, 01 South st ()r to hi* Atfetns, av under:? P. HIOfilNS, No I North Market st, Boston. Who <*in arrange to bring passengers directly from Liver|?ool to BostonF TIMMINR, Rao., 171 South Front *t, Philadelphia. JOSEPH KIRKPATRICK Esq. Pittsburg Pa. P. MILTON, Buffalo, N Y. M. McQUADE. Utica. N Y. T. R. ELLIOTT, E>?|, !>?*tr?>it, Mictiigan. I>\\S 1)1 It I l\ V^t I i. w. 11 . liYi.lnrLv WM LI \ I)SA V Eho. St Loan'Missouri. J A NOON EN, E*<j, Milw inkic, Wisconsin Territory. C ('AMILL, E*i, Perue, jtliii'iK. ( HAS M CORKEKY. K*j, Dubuke, Iowa Territory, i \ I r ED WARD KENNA, E?<|, Ciuciunatti. Ohio. FOR NEW (III LEANS?Louisiun ami New krAMfV. York Linr.?Po<itiv?'ly first Rfttilir Packet?Thr fast packet thin GASTON Cant Oliver Eldridgc, is now loa liuc ar Orleans wltarf foot of Wall For Lviiflu or pass*-'<*,!?.(ring handsome furnished accotntm daiious, apply on booid, at Oilcan* wharf* fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLTNS A CO 56 South at. Great car* will be taken to have the goods by this line cor* recti) measured. Amenta in New Orleans, Hnllen Si Woodruff, who will prompt)) forward ill goodsto their tddreai. jiftc FOR LIVERPOOL -The fast sailinjrcopnerr md XTwSrW roiip-r fastened Packet Ship Sll VKSrKARE, (" i| t. lyMM All. n Miner, will have despatch. For freight or pas* s ?U". In* lug sutwrior accoin mod ilious, apply ou board, at thr foot of Dover strri t, or to j? *? ?* K. K. COLLINS k CO. AG South ?t. I ASS AO E FOR LIVERPOOL-UNITED vSjrJIW LINE.?The sph ndid packet ship JANE Si BAH* ii" tisii BARA, Cant. Coleman, is now loading, and will uiect wit i immediate despatch, hivinx splendid accommodations for rahin, second cabin and steerage passenger*. For passage, i 'fly application -honM l?r made to ji 2l r W. Si J. T. TAPeCOTT, 43 Perk slip. FOlt CiVERPOOL?-New Line?Ueguiai P"r<*rt of 2'ith July.?The Splendid picket shit r^^ (. m 11111 J. Collins, of 1000 tons, will -in I CaDOti, Nor regular nay t* -1 i urlit or paa te, havint; accommodation* une.pialled for splendor i r r in fort, apply on bo.itd, at Orleans wharf, f.wit of Wall street, <>r to E. K. COLLINS & CO. X Soutn 'treet. Price of passage $100. The packet shin SIDDONS, Captain E B Cobb, n HuO tons, will mi reed the Koscius, and sail 25?h AnfUlt, h"( regular d.ta Paaaftiigesa may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctusIL aifvi i, i . <!. iff " PASSAGE FOR LO"Sl>()N-T'.? sail on the 8th KyT'jW July.?The fine new brig REDWING. J*?. Evans, *-5sWr?,'.v> .'er, honnd to Cowe?, can accommodate three < <,hio pattfLK n, mi a reasonable mte. Apply to the captain on board, foot of Rector North Rivet. o to 1 r.3 PERSSE k BROOKS, ?l Liberty st , Xgg^ UNITED LINE <>! LIVERPOOL PACKETS icMfJFW?Positivt lv 1st jacket ?The superb, new and fast r ling Packet Ship OHIO Captain Lynn, is now I loaded and ready for sea, but will be detained uutil Tuesday, 5th July, at which time she will positively sail. ' Persons about viaiting the old country should not lose the pre* 1 sent opportunity of eiamining nn? oi the most commodious and comfortable n*ek? t ships afloat. She lies at the foot il Dover street, ami i* tilt' d up expressly for pauseinters, ( ahiu, second Cabin and Sterrace, in the most comfortable tnniie r. t Thole wishing to secure berths, should mike early application in order to secure the best on board, foot of Dov-r street, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor. Soutn str-et. tT75" Passages %v oired from any p-m of thn old country in Arit claaa Pack*t Ships, sailing weekly ; and drifts lor any amount, payable on demand in all the principal towns of Eiu* 1 m l, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, can be had by applying a* above. jy2 c FOR LIVERPOOL?Only regular packet of the UTTtV 7th July?The splendid new fist sailing packet frftar ' i| PATRICK HENRY, Capt. J. Delano, will ? sail positively as above, her regular day. This sliip'* accommodation* for cabin, second cabin, and I itctMvpMewari, ire fitted i r in i ftyte superior to my other in port, and berths can be secured on moderate terms, by applying on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to GLOVER k McMURRAY, , 100 Pine street, corner of South. ^ r. 8.?Persons wishing to send for th? ir frl nds, can have them brought per the above ship, or any of the regular line, by applying at abort (or by letter. )*>*t |?ni?l). jy 'J r "FOR LIV'F.RPf)OL?FlTst^Sbip.?The splendid hxa'JrWnew *hir> LIBERTY. Captain Norton, will lie d? ^MBrsspatch( d on the Cth instaip. She has superior accominorknioris for cabin, s**(-oml cabin and steerayc passengsrs, to JOHN HERDMAN.fil South at. jy2r FOR LONDON?Regular parket ul th? l#Mi Jul\ ?Tli' splendid new fust 'ailing packet shin SWITZTM Mr .1 HI I P '' i t mi Si-Mi Ch.nlwick, will nil posilitelyas above, her regular day. This ahip'a accommodations i fur cabin, 2d cabin ami steerage pawns' ra, art fitted up in a f style superior to any other in port, and hrrth* can he secured 011 moderate tcrma, by applying on board foot of Maiden lane, or to ULOVFR k MeMURKAY. 100 Pine street, corner of South. p. 8?Persons wiahicg to aend for th?ir friruda. can hare them brought |a-r the above alup, or any of the regular linra, by i applying a* above, or by letter, pttat paid. jv2 fish]n<1~excursions-k. kf.nkikld, ' "rnlrill Square, opposite the Poat Office, inSrit-Xuw fortna his frirnda and the public that lie has procured new and eomidete setts of Fishing Apparatus, including Lines, Cooking Utensils, tec. of the first order. ' Stc.uiibo.lts, sailing Veasels, co< ?k , ai d tenders, of the first class, always m readiuraa, and will he furnished to parties on the most reasonable terms. 1 His friends and the public are informed that he contiuues to , accommodate jiertnanellt hoarder! and transient company. 1 1, Cornhill Square, Boston. May 2*t, 1842. jc< 6w*c A.4S- PA? K FT S FOR HAVKE-(Se cond Llnel.-The Mfjr^^*hip BAI.TIMORF, Fdw Fnncg.Master, will sail on J*44?Lthe 1st August. BOYD It HINCKF.N Agents. jy2c *1 Tontine Buildings. ' Ajfr FOR ORFFN7) CK?I'acket olTtli of Julv,?f> J McyJW"I'tcndid fast sailing packet ship New York. Captaiu JfHPSBsiNiveii. will sail punctually as ahoee. and has very cantor table and commodious accommodation* for cabin, secon>l . cabin, and steerage passengers, if early a|iplication be made 011 board, foot of Dover street, or to w. k J. t. tap8c0tt, r jyt 41 Peek Slip, cor South st FOR HOTTFHDAM-Tl.e injuri-v c-u-pmetl KfrJV"hip KLAVIL' S. Osptaiu Jones, has nearly all her 1 JWtNBlfcs' argo engaged, and will lie dispatched Very promptly For Ik ights of a few tons heavy goods or s few |?*.i ugers, ap. 1 Ply to the captain on bonrd, at foot of Rosevdl str- et, or lo , BOYD St HINCKF.N, | ? twlc a Tontine Bin'clm-; pr.\? ON COURSE-Trottlng. .Monday July ?th. at J * < >! >< k P. M.?Pur?r $.V>. Mile he*tJ,br?t thrrr in firr, vntf?r the iiiiddlr. ? W S Ilrrd enters gr K Snafllr. t H Woodruff rntrrr f'l in Ka r H.irn. John flpicrr rntrn rh g DonJnan. Imrnt tli?i?l\ aft* r. r'u? Sinn, mil" h?at?, beat ih'ir infi-i free rn? all trotting and pacing hor?t?. Paears 10 go in harivaa , and trottcrr m th-y plnur. II Wrrerance rnter* ch k Oneida < liinf. )>-2 2t*r I) Brvant enter* gr m Lady Suffolk. era CAKKIAor. AND TloflsEs FoKITXTK.UalN TV Vioji'rty nf Mad'llr Fa tiny CfmUr.?'I'br \s* ''*1 "'f' "r landeau, and a pair of tine bay iiomea, the property of MaCllr Fanny F.l??ler, are offered for aale. Hie j earriage liaa baan but littli mad, and it a very i aav on? Tin hoiye i are > ouiig and valnab'e. All in net lie ?old prior to lhr 13th inatant. They are to be neeii at the ataldei "f Henry Wale t<-r, in I.ntnbaratraet, luck of St. Ovorge Hotel. iyI tfh DOCTOR GLOVER f ,n inform tho?e who have recently enquired if Ike hi* I I' ) ?n the practice of liia pr<>fr??*ion, that he continue* to pr*flcrik< for fuch a* require hi* ml .11 tasual. TIiom 4i Ac a It and pi Kmc ted ? mci wnicn reqain practical cyerience to future *n r? II, hat r l>t fit tht M tlealar ohi.cts tK his Holy. The recent improve rent* ia chemistry Inn pat into Ins hand* ?"' ral ftsw nod important rem^die* winch ha\? etcapd the obaerv?tionof the |c*a scrutinising physician Or Glover'* primary cdn anon 1 tables Kirn to keen pace with the improvement! of tk< d*yt btkig r Kridtnt? in th< me* 1 dical p tfesaion. The nnstiapectiiur stranger should beware of 1 pr?tt n<k . roim f a I m I 11 . to hi inthorj ?f little booka apon safdecta of which the) I arc tot 11 y i*norr?nt. OfTic**, N< 2 Ann st?privats entrance, 4th door from th# Mniftim?office hmtri out il 9 nVtockP.M. j'. t lm*c plANO KORTR3 FOR HIKE. A variety of i*n.?d tone r 1 I'l.nio h .?rt. * uo run t Mitl. U'M't I' 1 hire if rV, ,r, uiuf ictory No. it vV?st Fourteenth treef, between the fifth and fltx'.h avenue*. Also, good assortment of new Piano F?>rte*, of superior unality, with tx4 octave! of rosewood and mahogany, for silt at e reduced price*. a7 Imr [ERA AtfMM-latlon and a Mortal Iteforin. Artici.k Skcond.?In a former article, published some time since, I pointed out a few of the miseries which oppress the human race, and the uselcssnesa of political reform*, in order to show the necessity of social reform. The evil* which exist in the world have their origin, with a lew exceptions, in a false organization of society, and a social reform only can eradicate thetn effectually. I will, in the prcsent'articla, give u brief sketch of the sy?t''in of Association, discovered by Fourier, and which we, his disciples, believe would produce such a reform, and oiler the means of improving greatly the condition of all ^classes?the rich as well as the poor. The proper number of |>ersons for an Association is about two thousand,or if we suppose six or seven persons to a family, three hundred families. A practical trial on a small scale could be made with four hundred penona. 1 will describe a large Association, which will explain the smaller one, ns it is merely a reduction from it. For an Association of two thousand persons, a tract of land three miles square, or about six tliousin.I acres will be necessary. For a small Assoc in. lion of four hundred person.*, fifteen hundred acres will be suHieien'. The land, which should be in u body, would lor.u the domain of the Association. Its surface should be undulating, and the soil adapted to a varied culture. Every variety possible of agricultural pursuits should he carried on in the Association. Several brunches of manufactures and mechanics should also he established, which would occupy about one third of the time of the members, anu would give them employment during rainy days and the wintsr months. The arts und sciences should also be prosecuted, audio as neat an extent as possible. The domain of the Association would be cultivated as if it were the fartnof a single individual ; it would be overseen and managed with all the talent nnd skill of the most experienced and intelligent members of the Association. The best of implements and teams, und the most economical machinery, would be employed ; the finest races of animals, and the finest varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains would be obtained, and the best modes of cultivation adopted. The lands would be handsomely laid out in gardens, fit-Ids, fruit-orchards, vineyards, lawns and woodlands, and they could bias beautifully cultivated und as tastefully arranged as the grounds of the rich noblemen of England. "If we compare in imagination," says Fourier, the cultivation of a domain in Association, overseen like the farm of an experienced and wealthy agriculturist, with a tract of country cut up into little farms and subjected to the caprice of three hundred isolated families, the contrast will be most glaring. Here one family makes a meadow of a sloping piece of land, which nature destined to th?vine ; there another sows wheat where grusa should grow ; a third, to avoid lutying grain clears a decli viiy wiurii ill' i.tinn win strip in lis sou uie loiiow* ing year ; while u fourth and filth misapply the noil in some other way. The three hundred families lose their time and money in barricading themselves against each other, and in law-suits about boundary lines and petty theftH. They all uvoid works of general utility, which might be of advantage to disagreeable neighbors, and individual interest is every where brought into conflict with public good." So long as agriculture is prosecuted by separate families, which for the most part are deprived of capital and skill, this state of tilings will continue.? In association on the contrary, domain, would offer a perfect model of scientific cultivation, and a whole country covered with these domains, world render the landscape as beautiful and diversified at it is now in general dreary und monotonous. The Association would not build three hundred inconvenient little houses, as three hundred faniilies now do; it would arret in the centre of its domain a large and elegant edifice, which would lorm its residence or manor house, and which would he planned in every way to suit the wants und comforts of the members. The granaries, storehouses, Arc., would he located intiiw vicinity of the main edifice. To form a clear idea of an Association, wc must imagine before us an elegant domain of six thousand acres, diversified with gardens, fruit orchards fields lawns, and woodlands, and in the centre i noble edifice, combining elegance, economy, uac onvenience, and capable of accommodating twi thousand person--, or three hundred families. An Association of the kind would replace the town "village of our civilized societies, composer >f two or three hundred isolated families in sepn rate houses, with their little farms and workshops, is the town and village have replaced the wigwams of a savag'- horde. The Edifice of an Association would be composec of a centre, wings and sub-wings, and should ofTri the most varied form, so as to avoid all monotony and uniformity. It should lie three stories in height .md rest upon a high basement. The basement would contain the kitchens, cellars, Ac. The principal [>art or the first story would be reserved for the public halls and saloons. In it would he loratcd thf dining halls, halls for social unions, council rooms the library, the lecture and reading roiftns, th< church. Arc. The second and third stories wouli contain the private apartments, which would van in size and price of rent to suit single persons or fa indies, and all tastes, degrees of fortune, and desirei r>> "cononiy. The private apartments would be separated In partition walls, so that people could live as retiredly m tlicm as thev wished. Around one front of tin the Edifice would wind an enclosed piazza, or a spa cious spidery, about twenty feet wide, on which th< doors of the private apartments would open, am which would enable the members of the Associa tion to go to all parts of the Edifice without beinf exposed to the wet and cold, or to sudden change! of temperature, as they now art-when theyleavt their warm roomsfor the open air. Association will secure to man the privacy of do mestic life, combined with the advantages ant pleasures of extended and varied social relations which is what his social nature requires. The lands, edifices, flocks, machinery, fee., o the Association, would be appraised at their cast valuation, and represented hv stock divided intt diarcs. Each individual would own stock accord ins to the amount of his capita! invested One quarter of the total product or profits wouh go to p iy interest on 'he shares, the other three quar ters would be paid to those who performed the hi' hor. Suppose an Association raised and manufacture ?800,000 worth of nrndurts per annum, one quarter or 9125,090, would po to the stockholders, ant <t:T75,000 to thos" whose labor produced them. I one quarter were found too much, it could be de creased: but we must remember that the member who do th" work are principally the stockholders and that thi? amount returns to them again. All branches of industry, that is, agriculture, tun nufnctnrcs and mechanics, wonld be carried on, no by single individuals, hut by n number of pcrsoni united from a taste for the occupation, and win ij r. ? o ' :.u _ . . v. ; uin mini n ''iiiiii'- i 'vkuiniuuna wauiu noi ill continued more rli.in three hours at a time, nni would be varied during the dny, so as to pre ven monotony and disgust, nnd to exert isc all parts o (lie hotly, end all tli" fin illticsof the inind. Rarh g-oup would rocvivc the product of its labor or the value of what is produced. lid na suppoat that a dozen persons engaged in growing wheat? (the example will apply to every other branch of in tlnttrv)?have raised pOOO bushels of whest worth S'lHKIt. Til" association would se|| the wheat foi tneiu, charging a small comtntssson of 4 or i l>e| cent on the tales. One quarter of the JfflOOO oi ?'22oO would he reserved to pay the interest on the slot h, nnd t#fi,7fl0 would lie |>aid over Jo the rneiiv bar. tif the "rr.>i'j?. They would tji'vitle this sum equiiablv'nmong themselves according to th"ir lahoi md skill, or th" quantity and quality of the labor which each furnished. It will lie seen by these few remarks that racl individual would l>e paid according to his capital or the amount ot stock he owned, nnd according tt his labor nnd skill, nntl that the produet of the asm eiation would not he put in s common fund, fron which the one who worked less, would receive a in ich as the one who worked more. The groupe would receive whatever they produced, except tin one quarter which is paid as interest on capital, am each individual in the group would receive his ins share. The laws tor thiedmninn of profits are tn< extensive to he explained here, f A-sociation may he defined ns a union ot persons possessing all varieties of talents and capacities combined voluntarily for the purpose of applying 'heir labor, skill and capital in the best possible man icr, or so as to produce the most, and dividing the ro'bict o! their activity iveording to ilie part w In li aeh takes in creatine it. It would be a joint tnek establishment, the members of which would be ir -iat"d and co-interested partners, nn I not n [inpu' onofmaster: and hirelings. We explained that each person could rent such LD. Price Two Cents, rooms or such an snarlment. a* he wished. Ho could also live as he desired?that is, publicly or privately ; there would be living at three different prices to suit all tastes and desires of economy ; by the side of the large dining halls there would lie small dining rooms, where groui* of friends could dine by themselves. Families could, if they wished, dine in their own apartment* by |>aying something additional. Hy tin* arrangement a person would enjoy tic* most perfect liberty us regards living ; lie could dine one day with one set <>1 friends, unolher day with unothersit; he could invite or he invited, and eat in public or in private, as he might wish. Association will give people ull that they now have?tbs privacy of demesne Ids; and in addition, what they nave not?the pleasures of varied and extended social relations. The Association would buy all objects necessary to the wants of its inhabits at wholesale, und would obtain them by this means at half aud often quarter the price that isolated families now pay, who bay at retail or by driblets. This would do away with the excessive moiopolies, adulterations, and other frauds of commerce, which has now absolute sway over productive industry?that is, agriculture, nmnulactares, anil mechanics. The Association would have the best of schools, which would he open to hII children without exception. Its system of education would be ant for all, and this uniform education would give to all, politeness of manners and language, and unity of tone. Iialuis, and refinement. A most ini|>ortant result of thin system will lie to do away with antipathies whi#h now exist between classes, arising from coarseness of manners, language habits, and incompatible tustes and customs. Tne mass in associations will not be vulgar, while the few are refined, but all will be polite und well educated. This will do away with innumerable causes of disgust and hntred, which the present system of society engenders between the rich nnd poor. In order to show at one glance the superior advantages and immense economies of association, let us contrast the manner in which three hundred families now live, with the manner in which they would live in association. Three hundred families require at present three hundred separate houses, three hundred kitchens, three hundred kitchen fires, three hundred women to do the cooking?and if they are tanning families, three hundred little farms, three hundred barns, three hundred teams, from one to two thousand fences, und everything else equally as complicated. All the details of cooking, washing, making fires, marketing, fcc , must be gone through with separately by the three hundred tamilies, until the time nnd lubor wasted, and tha trouble and vexation encountered, are incalculable. Instead of three hundred little farms and throe hundred separate little dwellings upon them, the Association would have a large and elegant domain, in the centre of wh'ch, it would erect a commodious and handsome edifice. Instead of three hnndred little kitchens, three hnndred fires, and us many sets of cooking utensils; ii would have one large and airy kitchen, divided oil'into four or five compartments, with a lew fires, lor the different kinds of cooking. Instead of three hundred women who must slave at present all day in dirty little kitchens, it would have forty or fifty experienced cooks, who would be well puid, and take turns every other day. Instead of three hundred teams, which are so exiiensive, it would have fifty or sixty ; instead of three hundred 1 barns exposed to dampness, weevil, and fire, it would have a lew large granuries; instead of a ' thousand or two fences, a few hedges: instead of making from twenty to thirty thousand little sajee and purchases per annum, as three hundred families now do. it would lllllke a few wholesale mi retinues ami sales. The vast economies, the unity of action and interests, the judicious application of labor, capital, and skill, which could oe effected in Association, would increase production or wealth so greatly, and economize what was produced so immensely, that abundance,yes. superabundance could be secured to all.AVith nbundnnce would come relief from the harassing cares and other evils of poverty, which bo absorb or deaden the higher faculties of the soul, I and degrade the human race. With wealth or abundance would come also the means of obtaining all the higher pleasures of life?and education, or i intellectual developement, which is necessary to enjoy them. A ipiestion, which is often asked, is, who will do the repugnant and diriy-work in sn Association, if every body is well off t This is an intricate question, and cannot be answered in half a dozen worda I like an enquiry concerning the weather. It would require an article at least the length of the present one. . to treat it at all clearly. I will, however, niHkc a i few remarks iqion it. 1 Association in the first place will do away with > nine-tenths of the work which is at present repugnant and filthv. I will explain this by one examine ?washing. There is probably no branch of housei hold work which is so repugnant and disagreeable as washing. In three hundred separate and isolated i families, three hundred poor servants or drudges i must spend at present every week or two a day at the wash tub In an association ol two thousand I persons on the contrary, the clothes would be col" lected once n month, assorted, and taken to a large wash room c onstructed for the purpose and with every convenience, and thrown into different vats, where, with the aid of a cleansing process used in Switzerland, or some better one which could be invented, they could be washed perfectly and without, hand-work. The ironing would be the principal , part of the work .but n good deal of it might be done ny machinery or uiHngles j out of seven or eight I hundred women and girls it would be easy to find ? forty or fifty, having a taste for the occupation, who would devote three or four mornings, once a month to it The more repugnant the work is, the higher it will lie paid in association, and the larger will be f the number of persons engaged. t !>ignify all branches of industry; let occupations he short?not continued more than two or three hours; apply a large force to those which, like ' ploughing, are laborious and unattractive, and all I labor in Association can be done freely and volun tarily. There are other ami still more important and > efficient means, which will he employed in the perk lonnances of repugnant work in Association, but ' which, as I saitf, would require the space I nave given this article to explain. In terminating this brief description, 1 will observe I that the most perfect tolerance and liberty of con, science in religious matters will exist in Associations, and that the family union and marriage bond I will be maintained as tliey now are. A. B. > City Intelligence. A PoLUiitD Rom c is Limso.?A man, nsmvit Alexsn I u? n. < hub, wen mu unnj Known 10 many 01 our aiuzent for hi* swindling operations, wta arretted yesterday by officer A. M. O. Smith, of this city, aided by officer Saunders of Philadelphia, while he wai waiting at the 1 Philadelphia steamboat w harf for hit wife, who was a j passenger. A few month* aince, under the assumed name J. of A. It- Denny, lie obtained a large stock of good* from merchant! iu Philadelphia, under falte pretences, and on , returning from Alabama, whitlier ha bad taken them, he was arretted in that city, but managed to eecape from prison, nnd found hie way to this eity. n* waa aafely nv cured, and taken bock to Moyamenafng. lie ii the tame 1 man who several yrors since twlndled tnvmbtr of mcr' choa't of thit city and Albany out cf several thouiand 5 dollar*, and escaped from the Altmny Jail tiy wearing the j drettof hla wife, she having Wn permitted to wait bim t while in prison. It la hoped ha will rrcelea that jeaUca I due hit patt offence*. SiirtcTrn Inrt^Ticine?A young woman named Ann , Oeraghly, residing with her parent* at 3S Wlllett street, ; was urrettoil yesterday by the Coroner on a charge ol de tlroying a male Infant child on Saturday, and throwing it iato tho tink in the rear oftlie premises. A fulPand care: fulfnvestigation of all the particulars, with the opinion of several physician* who made n complete poii mnrltm ax amlnatton of the infant's body, induced the Jury to retura a verdict of death from the manner in which the child w at delivered. They nttritmte no actual intention on the part ofthc girl to destroy the child. Thomis Roof Pipows j dock loafer, who was airettcd i and placed in prison on Thursday lot Mealing 4<J i all skins r from rapt. I. r Count of the sloop Ma, from New Ilochelle, died In hi? cell on Saturday night from delerium tremens. Thrre hai been some strange m glsrt on the part of tho medical officer of the City Prison, w hich should be rerti1 (led by the new incumbent, svbo takes hi* place to-morrow f morning. - ~ CROTON WATER. Ewbank's leaden pipes. lined with tin.In roimfrjnTirr of ihr ilrlrtrrinn# #I?-of< of drinking watrr, _ aa well a# air, cidrr, mid othrr fluid#,ont of h ?d, thr Adopt ion of thrwr for carrying tlf f'?nt#n n ilrr thrnngh th? nw-ll* f* imr* ?d thf cilir.rn#, Iia* brrn ?ti njfly rt toinny-nd d by the pro* | f.#?orA of !'Iirininlry in the Colnmhi* t oUntr; * OII#-gr of (li)fttrMiM #nd SurtmriA ; by thr Mtvnr ?? ?hc Citv the ftfAtr romifiaionrrs and htnrinrf m ??f (Ii#- Aniemrct; ) th* &u|?rinteti?len: of the PI|A Department aitd < nu.ini>aiom r for ftirwiahiii* wafer in the ho?*e?; by Profr#?or Hilliman, di. Chilton, and other eminent medical .md acirntiftc gcutlmirji. ? To thote ?h<> *u hi viae !*??**. pomp#, hatha, fitftd up in a Antit ii'Mioii < f receiving ll?? ('r.itoti wafer?to thr friend* of the f {. rni" rst,. r ti t . in I the c ti/> f 1 u; , the # ?>I|?*a Arr jnr? ' ficiihrfr rrrrtm-rrlrti. a?w?II ft.rth' ir iif>r Atrcn^lh ind dunh.lifv i# w? II f ?r ffepftr ?|ua1ity rf fr.ininvttiilf in* flr#t {? 1 re?' r. if I i f o f. . *' 10 th? MHat ' Itaidiori* of |?. t '.p'l'MK Aolli* I tinh#. Thr firm-d Hpe* Hill he rifted tip at pvirr* i tryinff ilitntlv flom flio* o dnrrAil by |dn nh? r# for coini^on onr?, Likr . ??-ry ?rn^r?ft!Tir.it ill if?> tif.?v tbr\ lwirr hid u> roi.f- ixl, bmn j lirir and iii fuiiiopr, with fhr hi11* r hoAt?l?4y of rhowr wlirfi tm I' irinr thrir iiifrri'Af*: Afrrtrd l?> thrm. Ail nl#o ?l?*in ??*for itnlis.'i rrAprcrimr thrm ?re invited to #.nd for riirnlir#, aud tivr their orders to THOH. EWBANK, j* 10 rod lm%r W S|?n?cr or t| Crntby ttrtet.

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