4 Temmuz 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Temmuz 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NV.W YORK HKRALD. .New York, Monday, July 4, 184*4. [ Herald Bulletin of 5i? w?. 1 I torsM Bulletin -f New) ii kept at the nortb-wesi r ot Kul nauilN i?au ?treet . On the arrival 1 thi i if... i, at eight o'clock, A. .'>1.? and alto < thi ? i i ... :'.oiki, nt Inuro'c'ock. P. M., tin-latent iutelli eae. om all (i..it. . f the world, rua* lie found on the Herd-1 Bulletin Butrl, at thi.> corner. Let every waylarcr .oj >"- ' rea!. AJverti?e.nent? of ell kind* t? e. the '.nee. I? ;*i?1<1 Central Printing Hce. Th-U. nil Printing Office, rapahle of do.ng *11 *nrt? el r :n? uch a? book*, j'C.injihh'.l, hill , card* : ah' <ctiti*ioaa, m now open at the Hei*alJ Buildings, entrauca ' hi ;n Nil.' iv ?trcet~Jo*eph Klliott, Pi inter. 1 uttu ok Jn.y. -In conformance with out 1 .lul out.v.ri, 1 v. u rci-rc'i' ihe National Anni\ . vvc aujti'*, i|?tr to-moirow, unb s thi ( l3o?ton s' '.' tnpj arrives, in which tase, we shall h i s-ue the iinpor.aiit news she will bring to our * r ulere at the earliest possible moment. ( The 06th AnnIveraery -1' the Ration's In- ? dependence, | 'nil will b- one of the most curio*.*, exciting, > i i f j, uitJ extraordinary anniversaries of our ' ? :ri i i Independence that ever was witnessed '; : of the people's representatives in Con t . -.tlu ? ;i into utter confusion by the firmness- of t Tyler; both factions of the people's represen- j j f; iv'i'Si id fh.* f itv tKrnwn in!*% K?? . i :u i" ... >1 Mayor Morris ; with a useless Congress I > city government until late o.i Saturday night? i.o preparation?no organization?no concert of hi- , lion?with dirty streets?an empty treasury? thund* r, lightning and rain "very half hour?no Croton ' water?the Temperance societies making war on j .li mm :-hoiw?and every body sotting off fireworks , jiut wherer tbvy plea-'.*?throwing serpents at la- < ti.es p.-Jtcoatn?firing off pistols in the ears of i>oor .a rvons people?with all these combined, we hid j ' uir to pass a singular a 4th of July, as ever was s"en in this city. N.'verthele.v it is the 4th of July; and for that, if | 'or lio'hiuf else, we ought to be thankful; and we . shall 1 to get through wi'h it the best way we v>r course many will get drunk?r any ncri- j dents wiii h^open?many will rise this morning in . tu.lhealth, whos* eyes will Le close.! in dcuth bef. i night; and for this, if for nothing else, we ' ought to be careful. 11 ve thought our advice would be heeded, we . would advise every one to keep sober?eat little? t urink let ?give the day toquiet enjoyment?devote ( your time and attentio t to your wives and families, , audeondnct yourselves as rational beings. So shall . \ ou Iin. 1 your reward when you wake up on Tuesday morning. f you are determined to go into some of the { amusement* of the day, make your selection from the following:? ! THEMILtTABV. \t d .y limak the Veteran Artillery corps fire u e t" troni the 15 .ttery. A salute will also be fired from the Arsenal Yard. I Tbo first division of New York State Artillery , will form a lio . on the Battery at 9 o'clock, A. M. After 1. -ins : viewed bv Mator General Sandford, ,! the will t tke up their litw of inarch up Whitehall M street and Hroudwiy to Warren street; through \v. rr* . .rr.-.q to West Broadway* up West Broadway . > Walker street; through Walker street to , I... ; . 1.. .1...... BmulM. ... (U.-.K 1 throuju Ch.'rmcnj street to the Park, entering by the cid-rn gate Tlte honor of n marchinx.au- i )u'' "ill i>iij to the Mayor and corporation, j, and a ftu ik jaie be fired, and the parade dismissed. ( THE LITERARY SOCIETIES C Will celebrate the day at the church corner of Chrytie and Delancey streets, by reading the de- It c' i lit" of inJep.-nd 'iice, an oration by (?eorge a Idid'ord, poem by C. D. Stuart, a debate and other ceremonials. The following is the Poem:? a I.and of the free an.l chainless souls? llomeot the fearless and the brave? Far a? the sun hi* circuit rolls, 3 Thy trophies gleam by land and wave ! > Above the Swit/er's hill-tops green, Ami I the Orerinn olive isles, . Th> .'lashing star it brightly seen, ' As o'er the waking world it tuilcs. 'I The rustling of thy Hag is heard 1 In every rllme?on every breeze ; An 1 hea is of mighty realms aresttrrcd, From tarthest West to Indian seas. Til" Kaglc swoops a'-ove thy shore, In triumph, o'er the Lion's sway ; And swords ef tyrants arp no mo:-e? 0 The rod o! Kings has passed away. "} Thy million hearts, one common chain, Ar<* stronger than the battlement: . And linked by mountain and by main, Can ne'rr ' y gold or arms be rent. Long may thy star be seen on high, \ And long thy tlag by iaiul and sea? A to:vh gleaming to the sky , A sign Columbia's sous art: free! I .1 TEMPERANCE CELEBRATION*. J, Arrangements have been niudc by the Washingtun Temperance Society of ilackcnsack, N. J. for a grand celebration in that village. I i this city a mass meeting is to be held in tlte " sr. ve ur me corner 01 me i emn uvenue and 4!?th st .'t. Til procession will be formed in the Eighth avenue, n*nr 13thstreet, at 9 o'clock precisely, and P will be escorted to the ground by the Washington TV nnerance Guards. There will he addresses, songs, niu-ic, firing ofcannon, Arc., through the day. excursions. , Those who wish to leave the city can select liorn ithese: . . v 'Vesee Pint the steamboat T'ticn will make two , cni excursions ron i ' Siaten f: i u! on the 4th of ^ July, and ns w- see at tliat Capl. Shnitz is to com.ii iiid on the occasion, we .have determined not to l> ae i lverfi?jment pi? i without calling attention t .;'. i .1,-readers would have the right to scold us 1 w . di t not. '' e excursi.-n itself is too charming : . ..< t - he overtook 1. hut superintended, as it will !> ', '.y the universal favorite of the public, Shultz, N .iere is notn.ng (luring tue day that will he half so pleasant. _ _ t Tiic t *.'titer Albany, C ipt. Jenkins, will leave the < ' foot of Barclay -'reet at 7 o'clock a m , and land f i- engers at Caldwell, West I'oint and Newburgh, a tro.a w'lut'C they will b- taken by the steamer r Troy on her downward passage. The beauties of n the scenery of the Hudson are too well known and n appreciated to need description, and this excursion c affords the opportunity to view all the most pictur- v pie of thojo seen*'.' which have attracted visiters [ from even distant lands. c The steamboat New Haven will leave Peck slip " a; <i o'clock, A. .M , for New Haven, and return the t ii evening, staying lo? g enough to allow visiters to view that heautif.il city, with itf venerable col- 1 I ge, munt parks, Arc. Tie Colntnb is. Captain Stone, will leave the foot f ... ii.. . u i, ?i,. n ... a if, r "ii it?' place-. Returning, will leave Peekskill a i.i ae to ill w paaseiiger* to l>e present at tlie re- ' gut i.?t Si.) >ing. _ v T )< In If ide.ice will leave pier \ 2 N. H.,for South Am1' v. Tli-nee those who wish it can ex P d th -ir trip further South bv the c os of the Cam- ] ^ i I Amboy ra.l roi.l. The fare 'or the whole "> 0 ... i- t'f Mine us that usually paid for going ^ . ii w.iv alone. ^ T'i" - .-ev rail roa.l will carry passengers to *" I'll rlf'p'u i vl bick r^uinfor ^4?the usual price J lor nM.-ijf out w??. 'file boats for the cars will ' I".ivf titf t >'t ot Liberty street at 9 and a quarter 'J before fi o'clock. fi h r i -s ot t't Long Island rail road will leave ? uih Mr?oklv Dt half past 9 ind 5 o'clock for Deer rt I'irk and Thompson, from whence paweng-rs will v be conveyed to South Biy nnd the oc-an. Several ?! other trips in the cours.1 of tint dav will be made a- j far aa Jamaica. ill The Patterson rail road cars will lenve the depot, 1 cJ t 'yCity, at interval- of two hours, commencing I G it S o'clock, A. M. Tti" scenery in the vtcinitv oT j N JPdterson is romintic, and th f ills ot the Pa?saic , lo.ie lie worth g >ir>g twice the distance to sec. < >n the route betw -en this city and Elizabeth Port, , they have three fi te - ambo.its, winch will leave i Pi t >o. I it G, S^, I0& A. M , 2, 3|, l and ti o'- t . clock, P. M. Those who wish to visit New Brigh- ' t ton, ill-Sailors' Snug Harbor, or Port Richmond, 1 r i i do -oby taking passage by one of these boats. Th hotel ii? Eli/ah til I ort is a delightful spot, kert by Major Aldrick, and one of the loveliest I to p i*? u day or month, that we have wi bin I'? I 't'.tlea. The earner Passaic will leave the fool oi Bsrclsy r rect at In o'clock, A. M-, and 2n:idfA P. M , for Ncw.tr*. 1 urling at Bergen Point. There arc many be . itifitl girl* at Newark. I'r. steamboat lulus will leave Fulton Market e! p,at H o'clock, for Shrewsbury and the Ocean House, returning the umc evening. The Ocean il i .s" ia glorion spot to -|iond .i diy or week at: h .-nit .1 e i brqez-e, fi i, wine, good fare, fin< l.udkfd. " I evry th:>g agree ible 1 it ,'i J.?n is at Huhokeii will doubtless attract in in* from the c/ty. There is no place, lar or near, t H i" ciorc worthy of a visi'; ami either the inw: i Messrs. Perr/s. thr Hybil'scave or tin 1 i.:/-; o lields will lie found a cool and ugreeabjt I retreat. The boats leave the foot of Barclay, Canal i md Christopher s?r .eis every tew minutes during ! he day and evening. At Jersey City, Mr. Lynch, of the Thatched Lotige t iarden, is making great preparations to celeirate the day- Lynch has a charming place, and vdge, with his fireworks, will give a rich treat. The well known host of the t'atskill Mountah louse,at die Pine .< 'roll ird, Mr. Beach, is not idle \ hile all around him are so busy ; lie will hav tages at the i Hiding on the arrival of the boat,toac mtliodate his guests. 1'hose who arc fond of pup ,ir ;nJC"<)'1 living v. ill d > well to pay him h \ i-it ? \s iitmI on Independence day,he o ilonlsies to niak' i t iedispl iy with fireworks in toe evening. The Harlem Railroad cars will run every liftcci in:1:'. 1il. twelve o'clock, frotu the City tlall,hut tier that hour train the corner of Bowery ani 'room- street. Thousands will doubtless av.n i -iiiselves of the Ojiportunity afforded l?y the holyay and the carr, to visit the hue of tin- waterworks. eta: en Island is a cool rib b 'light1" d retreat. Th** uaranline boats will f ,i\o vVnttcu.d! nearly every lourduring the day. The Wave, V/illiamaburgb, -tatcn Islander, and Samson, run all day long Alien on the Island, goto Tom Hazard's?glori>us old Tom's delightful place, near the wharf. Ie hostile cleanest house?the finest garden?the >est cooks, and sets as cood a table usanv mail on he Island. A fine vie ? from his house, and a fine iew inside the hou- >. out dinner time. Never go ild Tom Hazard. The Warren make* a fine excursion to Roose. i 11 , and returns at I o'clock. That beautiful boat, the N'ew York, Cap!. Ilinnan, leaves the foot of Beektnan street, (or New inven, at (> A M , and returns here ut 7 P. M. ,riving three hours to see New Haven. A glorious ripThe General Jackson makes two excursions tolay t<> Port Hamilton and Bath. Fare 25 cents aeh way. The Napoleon advertises to go to the Fishing Bank-, off Sandy llook, where paugien and bass are low caught in abundance. Returning, it stops at Port Hamilton, noted lor affording u delightful view of till the fortifications of the Narrows. Fare fifty rents. Those excellent boats, the Albany and Trov, act conjointly in an excursion up the North ftiver. landing at Caldwell, West Point, Newburg and Pcnghkeepsie. The party will go up in the Albany inil return in the Troy. Fare $>i. The Steamboat Mutual Safety will leave Dry Dock, East River, at eight o'clock, A. M. ; Market itreet, 8* : C anai street, at 9 : and pi *" No. 1. North lliver, at 9\ o'clock, on unexcitrsio.. down the buy indoutiudc of Sandy Hook, ibout fifteen miles to he floating light, landing also at Fort Hamilton ,'oiag tiiid returning. The ladies of f t. Thomas's Church at Mamarousck projio-c to ho'd n fair at the rectory in that viligc, for the sitl'. of useful and fancy article^, on the linaud5ihot July, and the proceeds to he approiriated to the improvement of the church edifice and ectory. It is a delightful ride to Mamnroneck. Fos West Point and Newburgh, the Highlander, ^ant. R. Wnrdrop, leaves the foot of Warren street, mu 7 o'clock, A. M., and foot of Hammond street, quarter before 8. For Port Lee and Bull's Ferry, tin steamers William Young and Boston will make seven trips from he foot of Canal street?leaving Cnnal street at 6, 10, 12, 2,4 and 6 o'clock. For Bridgeport, landing at Horseneck and Norwalk, the Nitnroa will leave east side of Catharine Market slip at (5 o'clock. mi. . c: : ...:n i~ ,u.. r_-. ~c m i A lie cu|?Liiur win icuvc III?- iimh UI v^iiumi'tris* itreet at a quarter before 7 for the same place. For New Rochelle and Glen Cove, the American lagle will leave Fulton Market slip at half past eight 'clock, A. M. and the foot of Delancy street at a uarter before 9 o'clock. When at New Rochelle ;o to the Neptune House, kept by C. F. IIice, and pend the day, and you'll thank us for our advice ;? t is a good lions,'' and kept '?v a fine landlord. Fur Flushing, Astoria and Ravenswood, the Statesnan will leav Fulton Maik.t slip at 7 o'clock, and 0 o'clock A. M , and at half past 3 o'clock, P. M. \t Flushing,. go to the Pavilion, kept by Harry Wooley. who eais a capital tabic, keens fine dogs, 1 is good shooting, and has a delightful house. The steamboat Jacob Bell will leave the foot of 'ovcrneur street at 9J A. M. and 2 P.M. on an exursion to Harlem. The Napoleon will go down to the fishing banks, aving Hannnond street at 9, Canal street at 9J, tid Pike street at A. M. The Dream will leave Main street, Brooklyn, atS, nd pier No. 1 K. "It. at Hi o'elock, to visit Gov. Gilert Davis's plantation at Coney Island. Striker's Bay is a glorious spot?a fine ride?fine ardens?line flowers?fine fruit?and a fine walk y the river's side. A va.t number of persons will o oat to visit the Croton Water Works. Striker's lay is very near it. Go there, and you will be in a welling in winch Washington resided during a porlon of that struggle for freedom, the consummation f which we now celebrate. Corbyn is a capital mdlord. amusements. Niblo's GAlton\\? As usual, Niblo holds out great ndueements. The llavcl Family, with nil their uxtliaries, are to appear, and do astonishing things hi the tight rope, in addition to their pantomimic i"rformnnces ; there is to be a promenade concert 11 the saloon and a grand display ot fireworks, such is no one knows better how to prepare than Mr idge, the pyrotechnist of the garden. Panorama or Jerusalem.?Thisbeautiful view is o be removed soon al ter the 4th of July. On Mon lay we doubt not the rotunda will be thronged Grangers should not leave the city without seeing r, as they will probably never have another opportuity. Open nil day. In the evening nn explanatory eture will be given and the picture will be brilliant r illuminated. The National Academy of Pksion.?This exliion is still open None of the pictures now there rill ever be exhibited again. The Park ?Buckstone and Mrs. Fitzwilliams lay here to-night. Chatham ?A glorious bill here. Castle Garden.?Immense attractions. AtthkTivoli, under the management of Mrlatnuel Butler, there are to be night and day pet ormances, made up of pretty little vaudevilles, in vbich Mr. and Mrs Butler, Mr. P. Richings, Mr Irah.im and others will appear Then there's to ie a view of the Thames Tunnel, Fireworks, iVc.? Vll this for 25 cents. And Vattchall is not to he outdone by the more riatocratic gardens. The mtnager is going to givi all sorts of things, really too numerous to mention, o we must refer the industrious reader to the ad ertisement. AmericanMcsecm.?This immenseestablishment 9 situated at the corner of Broadway and Ann sts.. ipposite St. Paul's Church and the Astur House, and rum its loflv and commanding position, its splendid ;nd airy Garden on the top, the len^ihv Balcony exending round the whole Iron! of the building, and lenrlv one hundred windows fronting on Broadway nd the Park, it is decidedly the best place in the itv for viewing the military and civic processions, vhich must all pass here, and also the various displays of fireworks which take place throughout the iiy. This stupendous Museum eon'ains six spaions saloons, each over one h indre 1 feet in length, lie whole of which are sufficiently capacious to omfortiihly accommodate fifteen thousand persons These saloons are all tilled on each side with cases attaining nearly one million of cariosities, brought I'll, en* pui *' I III'- WI'II'I. Ill'' ,viu*?funi WH~ minded bv Mr. Jolin Scudder in 1^10, and the origilal cost of the collection was over one hundred hoitsand dollars, besides many valuable articles vhich have been presents I to the establisnment. But what shall we say of the performances to be resented at the Museum to-day, and which are to >e repeated ten times 1 First is the Mysterious Latv, who has been engaged f >r this day only?th? Manager paying her one hundred dollars for the day' I short description of her wonderful performance? vili he seen in the advertisement. In point of woner, they beat the world ; they must be seen to be ppreciated. It is no longer a matter of surprise l it |>eople have believed in witchcraft. Her perirmances have never been attempted since the days f the Witch of Endor. Besides her, there are six r eight other talented performer-1, who stive a Rood ariety, such as songs, dancej, duetts, Chinese jugling, uanjo nlaying, and negro breakdowns, Italiai antocini, tnc wonderful feats of the learned doe. ie Albino Lati". fancy glass blowing, !cc. Then imi'ti the iee creams and all sorts of edibles in th" irden, under n epnemns iwning on the top of tlr 'luseum?tlie splendid .Military Hand of Music, and he ascension of ten 1 \rg<' illuminated Balloons, with 'inwork* attached, and which do not explode til he Rilloon his risen five hundred feet. The firm erlormanre coinuieuce.: at ft o'clock, A. M. Al mist eont'-sf thn Rnrnum is the Napoleon of pubic caterers; no oih*T iwrson could furnish such a reat for 25 cents, and enildrcn half price. Uii.i. sMcski u.?A great attraction here, t onccrts, fancy t.ilass Blowing, Cosmorsuia. Egyptian Mummy, Electricity, Hip-Hs,Quadrupeds, md apecuiK-us ot th whole I la!,p.,hie World ? Experiments in Animal M .gin n which duilv xrite the admiration and icUouiidinient of all. Haul.? ; arkcr, toe prince of dancing masters, rives a splendid ball on this occasion, at Tainmam fill, according to custom The windows of th ine hall comm ind i sph-odid view of th<> Park,wit! ill itsdoi <x?. Aip xiii' Kac ic.? ' n A , .it'c Bare will come of his day, hetw-Ti the ,!<nlid yachts Phileuto I Smith and C< or.-- f. Sit iw, for ffr250 aside, t. tart from the pier foot ?l liaminouJ street, Nortl liver, at ft o'clock, A. M. Th" Attp ape Bath Sai.o m. Chambers street, will nve its musical saloon open d iy and evening. A ill orchestra, and a number of vocalists will be resent. SrATtTABY.?Some beautiful specimens to be wen i'l it -17Broadway. See ad vert lament. Cuoton Water?The Commissioners intend to inroduee "The Croton Water" into the Distributing Reservoir, at 40th str?*st,on the 4th of July ; during til dav from half part 10 o'clock, A. M , it will be "o >l?en for the examination of citizens and strangers; -c nit a< it is n-H-essary for their safety, that but a united number should be on the wails atthe same , lime, only such number will be admitted at any on< ' time. '1 he entrance w ill be from steps on Kltn at, s >y the south side of the Ke&ervoir; the company fwil'p iM round and d 'scend by the step- on the Fifth Avenue The Independent Trades r.nd Civic Societies, will ! ?rr:i in Pond .'rcet, p'erisely at 8 o'clock, A. M., :.i tnd take ibMr places in line in the following order: u ?1st?The Steam Boilers 15. S , with their right on die Bowery. 2d ?The liihemia 15. 15. S., to'Uie lei of tiic Boiler maker.-. 3d?The Master Stone Cut- 1 i i nof Vcyi Vork, Brooklyn, and Jereev City 4th? W The Jonrnei men StoneCu'ters >f New York,Brook iyn, and J. r >' City, 3th ? The Journeyman Marble Cutters of the city nnd vicinity. At hall " oast eight o'clock, the procession will proceed down \ Broadway. aa Tiie Cheat Sir-Marine Kmmkixbnt in our Hahu ir.?Samuel Colt, Kaq., celebrated as author of th b.'.iutif d mechanical ii"ention, known as bt "Col 's Repealing Fire Amis," . c learn, is now 'in (! bv the Covernrnent of the United States i on; jIi - experiments he has been making for sevcr.if years past, to perfect a Sub-Marine Buttery for IJgfbor and Coast d fence. Mr. Colt intends di 111kin:? n practical illustration of it, while the inilif.irv arc parading on the 4th July, at precisely 12 o'clock, between the U. S. ship North Carolina and Castle Garden, upon a vessel to be furnished for that purpose. in Eatinii Atan Dimnkinii.?The best places are Downing'* heuutdul Saloon, Broadway, opposite ^ Park ; Winding's ^hakepeHre Saloon; Saloon Park How; nnd Christiansen's (late Stoneall's) celebrat- * ed Chop House, .-'Ann street; at Barton's glorious c! Lunch, (late Sanv'y Welsh's) corner of Ann street nnd Broadway; at.d at Sanborne and Luseombe's, 4, the ever luemorabt'e Cornucopia?at nil of which places the best of far>e can he had on the cheapest fr IKinsible terms, and thff shortest possible notice. Fireworks?All over the city. That's all we know of. Act wisely, choose care- ol fully, lire off no cannons, k.cep sober, avoid srowds, o) let all captains of steainboiiis limit the number of their passengers, and God gi ant us all a safe deli- 0 verunce. Pi 11 o'clock, P. M.?We write this last paragraph ^ under a raging toothache; it is raining torrents; nnd if any of rur readers are similarly afflicted with P' ourselves, we advise them to go to >Jarvey Burdell, j Dentist, 3t>2 Broadway, (see advertisement) who is r the mostskiiful extractor of teeth wc ewer met with, p] and gives the least pain. Steam, versus Silver.?The Bostoniai.'8 have h given 450 oz. 12 dwt. of silver, in the ehapC of a beautiful vase, to Samuel Cunard, Esq. But%vhat ^ are vases to lull complements of passengers ? Nk'w Yorkers will give him plenty of the latter, if he will E send his steam ships here. yt Another Freshet.?There was another freshet yj along the valley of the Mohawk on Friday. Bain fell in torrents, the streams rose to an unusual P' height, and several bridges were carried away. mi pr Naval.?United StateB brig Apprentice sailed from Dartmouth 80th ult., on a cruise. United ^ -States schooner Grampus, commander Van Brunt, - . - ' W was spoken nth lilt., oft Berry Island, all well. One of the Family.?Roswell Saltonstall was 1 among the prisoners taken by the Chartists at the " Battle of Chepachet." Is he a relation of the late j0 Sir Rastvell 1 K. Where is Dorr ??He has been in this city since jj >he great battle, and no mistake. < Mail for Europe ?The Britannia left Boston on ' Saturday, with 13,000 letters. lit Tax on Brokers ?Hereafter all brokers in New \v Orleans are each to be taxed $4,000 per annum. ^ ButTtlo. [Corrvsixmdrnce of the Herald.] , Buffalo, June 26, 18-12. Cr Weather?Business Prospects?Finances?Great Ex- w|j citcnunt?Animal Magnetism, $ >. fee. j Tajiks Gordon Bennett, Esq:? P'? Dear Sir,? The weather has for some time past, been ex- J ceedingly cold, and the season very unfavorable for %'{ all kinds of vegetation, in this section of country, in We have generally accounted for any backward- p fleas in me ?cnaun nrrc, uy uiu grout ijihuiuuch ui ice in the lake, but our lake and harbor were clear l1'1 of ice very early this spring, ho we have not had |>ii this cause to attribute it to. We have experienced this month, as cold wea. (her as wc usually have, in the early part of spring r? This has caused some speculation, among the sci- 0f entitle, and the learned Dr. Foote, editor of the " Commercial Advertiser," attributes it to floating P1! islands of ice, south ol Greenland. That this it W die probable cause, no one, who makes any preten- )j( tions to science will demur, as they well know hat these, absorb great quantities of caloric. of Our weather, is now fast increasing in warmth, ni md the sunny smiles of summer are already decending upon us. The fields around and about us, ( are clothed in their richest verdure, and the singing ?< of the birds and the fragrance of the flowers are !it again enchanting, after the disagreeable weather which we have experienced, has passed away. The business of our city continues gradually in- <lit creasing; and we can say with all confidence, that there is no place, considering the adverse circum- < stances which have operated against this city, that Sn enjoys un equal degree of prosperity. That there __j exists a gieat depression in the business afliiirs of t our country, all will readily agree, and this is fell Br in every part of our extensive territory. It is also pit true, that some places are doing, comparatively J iiieaking, a great business, and eclipsing many of r ' their former rival cities, but they are still far from flri doing that amount, which is equal to their re- ] sources. The heavy debts which were contracted set luring that eventful period, the " speculating times,'' have continued a source of embarrassment to our eo, most enterprising and worthy citizens. This in a horttime, will no longer exist; and, however its 1 I influence may continue a much longer period, yet the day is not far distant when we shall resume our 108I energies, ami prosper under all those tnvorable T. circumstances which u iture has ?o kindly bestowed tpou us. Possessing,as we do, the very elements ol Co enterprise and industry, we await only the dawn ol better times for our city to take her stand among of the first in the Union. The fertile west, pouring into our lap the products of her rich alluvial soil, ar |ni the daily receipts ot this port show. tir The improvement in the condition of the western i hanks, lias made a favorable change in the state ol Co our exchanges. Ohio. Illinois, ana Canada money, constitute the principal part ol our circulating me- Jo diuin. Our city, haa been the seat of the most intense excitement, caused by the arrival of Mom De Bonneville, fonnerly a professor of Harvard Uni- in vrrsity. Thia individual has been lecturing and ex- , perinienting on animal magnetism. He commenced j? by tunking some experiments, before a select audi nee at the Eagle Tavern. Tncse ex|?erimenta were ot! sufficient to excite the minds ot some ol oureiti ze is, and they communicated in their turn a cor- of respondent degree of excitement to others, and >re|i .n-d the way for his delivering a course of lee- . tares on this sublime Hnd interesting subject. He tins, therefore, commenced a coarse of lectures, at (? the Voting Men's Association, and lias already mathconsiderable number of converts. The first lecture *3 ii.d experiments, won many of the most skeptical, ind was to a considerable degree, satisfactory proot t'f ?f the truth of mesmerism, lie was rather unfor unnte in his last Lecture and his experiments con- r vinccrt some, that there hud been a collusion between him and' the individual magnetized ; the pi fiilurs of which, lie attributed to the small o?>* ot the room, which prevented the circulation of tint ? magnetic fluid. It ts not too much to admit, that lie possesses the power of putting persons of great ner- 1 vons susceptibility into a magnetic sleep; such lot _ instance as arc chsagrecably articled by inharmonious sounds. This will not appear so astonishing <a when we become acquainted,withn well established I'hyslological fact, that combing thebcad* will in ? few minutes translate a person into n state ul W Ireamy unconsciousness, 't his is proved by the ex eriments of Magendie, and other physiologists ot 1 itimals, (the *n* ) As to clairovoyance, few nr. cdincrt to believe that n petson cin tr.iiel to ano lu'r place, while in a magnetic alecp or state ? oinnoli'ticy This subject has excited so much nttentlon, tha: . iiumirc has been appointed to ni.iae a r.qiorl o.. he experiments of Mens. IV Ponneville. The com itttee consists of several of our most distingnishel >f iy?iei-m?, an I other scientific individn lis. A ??:ii .is the report of the committee transpire, you | httli know the result, Yours, fee, Cato. IStcpheu Merritt, ditto, in plat oof Frederick A. Home? 166. John Demarest, ditto, in place ot David L. Van fiaun? 366. Samuel D. W. Cook, ditto, in place of John B Leffcrts? Ml. Benjamin Blonck, captain 6ih diftrict watch, in placi f Alexander May?$466 26. Charles Lx uch, dhta, in place of Win. O. Webfc? $t6< >6. Luther Tibbetts, assistant captain ditto, in placo of P. B tindail ?$366. Samuel Reynolds, ditto, in place of Edmund Palraor? 166. John A. Devoe, ditto, in place of Timo'hy Lockxx xl? 36.1. Floyd Soutliard, ditto, in place of Joseph ' owell? 366. Isaac B. Batckeller, captain of 6th district n atch, in lu. e of Oliver WMIetta? $406 26. Thomas Ftnton, ditto, in place of Daniel Fisher?$466 .'6. William A. Ross, assistant captain, ditto, in place of tax id (Jarthwsite?$366. Jatnes R. Mount, ditto, in place of Adam Brass?$366. Richard F.ldridgc, ditto, in place of Benjamin T. Dean? $666. John Oattar, ditto, in place of Mathias Crane?$36o. Jeremiah Loofborough, Deputy Clerk of Union Market in place of Aaron Vanuerbilt?$466 26. James Marshal, Deputy Clerk of Greenwich Market in place of Levi Springsteen?$366. James I). Chatnplin, Deputy Clerk of Jefferson Mi r' in place of John Clearman?$365. Wm. H. Simmons, Deputy Clerk of Tompkins $ ,%rkct in place of Nicholas Komaine? $365. Lawrence Wisebon. Deputy Clerk of Clinton Market.ii [dace of Walter W. Heyer?$366. Frederick W. Leeds. Deputy Clerk of Cent ^ Ma'ket ii place of T. II. Powell?5,300. lie Corporation.?Kevolullon in the City Government. The decision of (he Court ol Errors in the lute Corralionrase, places the following named persons ii> eseaeion of the offices to which they were appoint i L?y joint ballot,on the let and 2d of June last. No change has been made in the officers of th< tard of Aldermen, except the removal of Mr. Wil , the clerk, anil the appointment of Joseoli R i\ lor in hiH place. In the lltat^l of Assistants, the clerk, assistant id sert ant-at-arms were removed, and Mr. Wil irns selected cs clerk, Augustus Kimball as assist it, and Alexander F'* . as surgean: it-arms. This decision also confirms the removal of Davit' undervcort. the democratic candidate of the 8th rard, and t laces tSylvaniw Gedney in his scat. The rcct it election in the 12th Ward is also nulli;d, and tl c whig assistant al Jennun of that ward ill claim his seat. The Hoards will therefore stand i follows : Board ok At.dktimim? IWiig?1st. 2d, 3d, 5th, h,8th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th?Total, 10. Ihmoeriitic.?4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13lh, and th?Total, 7. Board ok Assistants?H'/itg?1st, 2d, 3d, 5th, h, 12th, 14th, 15th, and 16th?Total, 9. JMmocralic?4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, id 17th?Total, 8. The following are the appointments alrcad\ lade Ellis Potter, Hamilton Kith, Peter S. Titus, Richard 8. "illiamtand William H. Todd, Commissioners of the lms House, in place of John D. Oreeaiield, Nicholas :hureiii?n, Alexander Stewart, Nicholas Quackcnhou, id Jamet 11. Cooper, removed. No salary or feet, but a innce for picking* among the contracts, riovi I (irnliam. ir. in Dlace of Peter A. Coivdrcv. coun 1 to i he Corporation, re mo red?salary $4000. Dow D. Williamson, City Comptroller, in place of Aled A. Smith?$2,600. Robert Taylor, Clerk ol Mayor's office, in place of John Jiei a? $ 1 ,260. John J. Dodge, Assistant Street Commissioner, in place ' Richard J. Smith?$1,400. Alexander \V. Bradford, Corporation Attorney,, in place W. 11. Elting?$3,006. George W. Phyfe, First Clerk Street Commissioner's | Itise, in place of Wm.G. Hall?$850. Cornelius Eagles, Second Clerk do. in place off Albert aimer?$600. I Daniel Mnllorv, Deputy Comptroller, in plac Oof Pierre . Young? $1,260. Ilenrv K. Frost, First Auditor Comptroller's Office, in lacc of Auguatua J. Matsell?$1,000. Ilcman W. Childs, Collector of City Revcntae, in place r Johh Townsend, Jr. formerly Tom Lloytf, gone to ape dc Vrrds and a market?$1800. David 1'errine, Deputy Keeper of BlackweU's Island, in lacc of John Bogert?$600 nnd foaind. liseph Kean, Keeper of Blackwell'a Island in place of jlin Brown?$1000 and found. Linus \V. Stevens, Superintendent of Bellerue AlmsBiise, in place of John Myer? $1000 end found. Alexander N. Gunn, Resident Physician of AlmsBiise, in place of Alexander F. Vacke?$1600 and housi int, itc. William Jones, Keeper of City Prisun, in placeof James . Hyde?$1000 fees and pickings. John R. Mncomb, Physician to City Prison, in place of din S. Tonelier?$400?not half enough. >.'dgar Ketchum, Pnlilic Administrator,in place of Elisha ort.'H?$H60. Thoh.a' Snowdrn, Printer to the Common Council, in ace ol Sfl red W. JJelJ?about $1000 pro lit. Charles King appointed Printer to the Board of Alder?n in pUce ol' Baggs 6t Bryant?worth about $3000 net ofit. James Vait Norde n, Printer of Board of Assistant Alderem, in place oflVm. Deuman, removed?worth about 000net profit. Isaac Ward, "Superintendent of Streets, in place of illiam Gage?$fJ260 Samuel GardneT, Clerk to Superintendent of Streets, in ace of William P. Moss?$600. David Seaman, Co Hector of Arrears of Taxes for the 1st itrict, in place of W 'OHam P. Morse?fees atiout $1000. A loniram Chandler, ilitto, for ad District, in place ol hn P. Truesdell?ditto. Joseph N. Barnes ditto, for 3d District, in place of Thoi. Kellinger?ditto. Jacob Van Voorhees, Collector of Assessments, in ice of James Montgomery -? $1100. Beorge G. Campbell, Deputy Collectorof ditto, in plact; Klijan Guion?tees?about ,*1000. Barrett H. Strykcr, ditto, in place of Samuel Dunshee? to. Jedediah Rogers, ditto, in plarte of John Emmons?ditto. John Ii. Griscom, City Inspector, in place ol William A. niters?$1100. Joseph A. Stains, Assistant City Inspector, in placie ol ibert Syms? $800. Vzariah Wcnman, Croton Aqua luct Commissioner, in ice of Hiram A. Norris?$1100. William A. Freeborn, Water Purveyor, in place ol amlal! Rich?$1000. 'ohn Carr, Superintendent of Repairs, in place of Edrd M. Hoffmirc?$1000. Varon C. Burr. Superintendent of Lamp* and Ous, in ce 01 Jonas i:jiiinuier?^inniv. ieorec Ryley, Superintendent of rnvcmeats, in "piece o! ward Politick?$900. lohn C. Brant. Inspector of ravemrnts, In. place o' ick Oakley ?$WXI. cane H. Brown. Superintendent ol Hacks -and Cabsplace of Peter Btxrwn?$900. foseph Failing, Inspector of Carts, in place, of William Godfrey?$7f>0. Moody Cummings, Superintendant of 'iVharvoa, in ice of George W. (.Her?$700. lohn C. Dorr, Superintendent of Lands and Places, ir ice of Jacob O. TheaC?$730. David 9. Jarvis, Superintendent of Stages, in jdacc o' jnmouth II. I'nderhill?$600. lohn L. .Modat, assistant ditto, in^lace of William H >rncll?$400. Ithimer W. Ilich, Superintendent of Markets, in place William Vorck ? $700. lames W. Faulkner, regulator of public Clocks, in ice of John Marrt?$3.10. Nicholas Dull, Inspector of Lime, in plaae of Henry estcrvelt?fees about $900. Israel Ketchum, ditto, in place of Joh I Townsend? :to. loseph F. Darnelt, clerk of corporation yard, in place Wm. S. Troup? $S00. Samuel Ounton. Inspector of lime, in place of Morris' ignn?fees. Lewis R. Knapp. ditto, in placr of Andrew Hntton? to. Charles Fredericks, ditto, in plait* of Patrick Tompany ditto. N'ehcmiali Anderson, ditto, in plac* of William Curry? to. Allen McDougall, ditto, in place of Jonas Wildey? to. lohn Fenton, ditto, in place of Cornelias W. Hibbard? to. lames H. Hipp, ballast master, in place-of John Baker's. "harles Tnrner, Clerk of Alms House, its place of James lith?$900 and found. lohn B. rarker.lnsjiector of Lime, in place of J. B.Wall Yes. it. 8. Houaly, Inspector of Cut atone, in place of Jame* yson?fees. fame* M-IOlell, Pound Keeper 01 tnc win jwaru, in ice of J. W. Roosevelt?fee*. Edmond Week*, Inspector of Weight* *nd Measurw, in ice of J. W. Wheeler?fee*. E ward Dnvall, Sealer of Weight* and M easure*, in the t diitrict, in place of John Cnmmerford- fee*. E. R. Dupignac, Inspector ot Weight* and Measures, ond diatrict. in place of Enoch Dean?tfe<*. A. D. Fry, Scaler of Weight* and Measure*, in the fend diatrict, in place of Robert Townaend, jr.,?fee*. Thoma* M. Lyon*, Day Officer of the 4th Ward, in iccofBcnjamm F. rarker?$730. Itobert S. Collin*, Day Officer,ef the 7th Ward, in. place llarman B. King?$638 50 Edge Jenni*on, Inspector of Bale Hay,in place of Jame* Thompson ?fee*. loteph renfleld. I nspector of Prcs?cd Hav, in place of >meliu? Tinsou?lees. JahnClitr. Morrison. A**i*tant Board of Health?in place Edwin B- Punly?$:-00. I?nnc Rhine*, Depun Keeper CHy Hall, in plaOe of Bennin Cooper?$1000 bid picking*. tame* Mooney, Ass taut ditto, in place of K Jwsnrd Hi*Lgi $547 50. * Charle* Macau ley, Assistant ditto, in place caf Lewis irduan?$547 .10. John W. Whitney Keeper of the Battery, in place of hn It. Thoma*?$5?7 50. David Sammcs, Keeper of Tompkin'* Square, in place John Oakley? $5;7 50. Aliner Sandfued, Keeper of Wa?hington Parade Ground, place of Benoni Sweet?$547 50. Cornelius Beekman, Superintendent of Public Privies, place of tohn Peterson?$-J06. John M. Carey, Street Inspector of the firat ward. This ice ha* been "vacated for n length of time. l?aac Hall, Jr., Dock Master of the first ward, in place Oliver Charlock?$000. Jeffrey Reeve, ditto, la place of Henrv Jones?$600. ticnry rnnni, iyi|iwin ui uir r?? uxnci ?t ,11111,111 nee of Jonathan O'bora?$156 26. George h'bby, Assistant Captain ditto, in place of James I ell?$366. Barnes Bennett, ditto, in place of James 11. Miller? 65. Wm. C. Scott, Captain of tlie t'irit Diatrict Watch, in nee of John Kurtz?$456 25. George W. Peltinger, Assistant ditto, in place of H. Wairs?$366. James Mackercll, ditto, in place of James Davis?$166. Samuel B. Goad, Captain Second District Watch, In ace of A. G. Castro?$456 25. I,orenzo D. QuarVenboss, ditto, in place of N. I,. Aston $1.6 25. Jnmos Munson, assistant captain, ditto,fin place of lsaat (in Benscotnn?$365. Is.iac K. Woolley, ditto, in place of Hiram Thome? W5. Charles II. Tavlor. ditto, in place of K. 11- (. anilT? 165. James Lilly, ditto, in place of John A. Miller?$365. John Keyset-, f aptain of 3d District Watch, in place of C. Seamen $456 25. Joseph C. Forbes, ditto, in place of William Taj lor? i.56 25. Stephen C. Banker, Assistant Captain, ditto, in place 0! ileh Warren?$366. Pnvi 1 L. '* one, ditto, in place of F.. R. Field- $365. Charles Hallcck, ditto in ] 1?e of *?mon Pwindbr? lt!5. William II. I ah, 1, ditto, in place of Jacob Garrison? IW> Peter Van hlerstinee, ('apt. 4th District Watch, in place J. S. McFarland?$456 26. Andrew Van Plarcom, ditto, in place of Harris Wines? 166 25. David Ferguson, Assistant Captain ditto, 111 place ol icob trial?$366. , Bernard A. Mavtreux, Deputy Clem '/ v;ashingto Market, in place of Leonard Baum?$aCA Tlieodort Buck assistaht ditto, in plu' r7f Philip f" pjn _$J6&. , , "" " '1 noma. C. Richie.dcputy Clerk < ( Fr6Jnklin Malket i place of Wm. O. Butler?$<00. Calvin Case, deputyClerk of ? ^Uon Markot in piacc , John D. Houston?$500. 1 RichardD.Letter deput- Utamclcik KuUon M ket. was removed, but no / , lment m&(le in his placc. Benjamin h'r{,astt Waihington M,'rket place of Raymond Be $31^" ^'l0rnM'( -lerk of Essex Market, was re-appointi leiaeFoshp''1'" rtniet inspector of the 3d ward, in place r^Tn." ' .owns, dock master, of the Third Ward in plat ?r .T. >mas English?$600. . ,nn Hill, street inspector of the Second ward, in plai ol. Lamont Williams?$730 Henry Harris, dock master of the Second ward,inpla< of James Edgarton?$600. John O. Karrington, dock mastcrof the Twelfth War in place of Wm. Chapman?$600. Peter Randall, street inspector of 13th war J, in place John Quin?$730BlariusS. Moore, supcrintendant of roads in the 131 ward, in place of Sampson McGowan?$730. Henry T. Joly, street inspector of 16th ward, in place Stephen Meat'?$730. Thomas ('. Doyle, dock master of the Fourth ward, wi removed, but no appointment was made in his plure. On motion if the Assistant Alderman of thn 6th war Samuel Pray was appointed street inspector of .lieSixt ward, in place of Edward Gallagher, removed. David Buncc, street inspector of 6th ward, in place Wm. HofTmire?$730. Joseph Webb, dock master of ath ward, in place of Aj thony Chappcl?$600. Henry Baker, ditto, of the 9th ward, in place of W. V Hilliker?$600. William H. Perego, street inspector of fhe Stli ward, i place of John Osser--$730. John Colvin, strict inspector of the 14th ward, in plat of David Kissner--$730. John Roberts, street inspector of the loth ward, in plac of Henry Leek.?$730. Wm. B. (ial jajrher, superintendent of rotter's Field, i place of Geo W. Schuyler?$600. George H^axard, pound mailer at Yorkville, in place i Henry Mi .nard?Fees. Wm. Cyc?lin^, pound master at Harlem, in place of Ji sepli Kii fcpatrick?Fees. Wm. Johnson, Fence Viewer at Harlem, in place < Riche/M Dietch?fees. Di'xtiel Carpenter, Day Police Officer of the 6th War in pdacst of Thomas Baker?$547 50. John M. Milliken, Day Police Officer of 11th Ward, i p'iOco of Ambrose Defriese?$466 36. Steplien Curry was appointed Weigher of Hay, in plac i of Mr. Hughes." Thomas II. Case, Inspector of Fire Wood in the 13t I District, in place of Peter Van Natlan?fees. [ The following persons were appointed Inspectors < Fire Wood : Charles Sweezey, 13th district ; John T Bladrelt, Nth ; James Wilsey, 9th ; David Gould, 11th John Post, Jr., 4th ; N. Grenard, 4th ; Cornelius Fulls 16th and 17th; Wm. K. Doty, 3d and 3d ; Samuel Inge soil, do.; Wm. Raymond, do.; Robert Miller 1st; Stcphe , Benedict, do.; James Rockwell, 35th ; Richard Tarhuni 16th ; L. I.offerts, 19th ; M. Harrison, 18th ; E. Lowiishurj 15th ; 8. Underbill, 16th ; D. Niegel, 6th ; C. Depew, 4th , John |Bluck, 7th. And the following inspectors were remc ved : Jonas Wildley, Arnet Brown, Jonathan Snow, Abrt ham Acker, E. Mahoney, ElihuC. Driggs, Elliott Driggi Patrick Conlan, Richard Grant, Eli Reed, Joel R. Fos George W. Coutant, Morris Crane, Jonathan Darrow Joseph Johnson, Benjamin Brush, John Hagormau, Jacol Vincent, James Corwin, John Springsteen, Savin Lewis and John Gaskin. The number of removals made was 304, whose salarie and fees combined, amount to over $100,000. The Alms House Commissioners have in their gift al>ou jne hundred offices, with salaries ranging from $1000 I $86. The watchmen, it will he remembered, cannot he remc ved without the consent of the Mayor, unless the ordi nance giving him that power should be repealed. Th ifficcrs of Police and City Marshals also hold their war i ants through him. Conrt for tile Correction of Errors. The members have nearly all left the city, and, althougl lie President and Clerk will probably attend to-morrow ind go through the form of an adjournment, the session i iu reality concluded. The Court will meet again at Albs it on the fourth Saturday of August, when appeal case will be heard ; and on the fourth Monday it will receiv motion*. At that term decisions will be rendered, agrees hlv to resolution, in the cases of Rippey and Oeo. t Wheeler vs. (iozen Adrian Ryeress, and the Commercia Bank of Buffalo vs. the Bank of the State of New Yor] and Reuben Withers. Court Calendar?Tuesday. Common Pleas.?Nos. 39, 5t, 10.S, 112, 4, S, 8, 14, lfl, 01, 12 4, 113, 133. Moar. iM tsDunica m Rixbirt.?This morning a fir broke out in the stable of Franklin St Maher, Roxbury and before its progress was arrested, it had consumed tw tables, two sheds, a large quantity of hay and grain, an ten horses. This fire was most unquestionably the work of an ir "endiary, and owes its origin probably to the snm ause which has destroyed the other stables in Roxhurj V man named Bradley Morgan was arrested, as the suj l>osed incendiary ? Button Moil, July I. Nearly Finished.?Only four blocks are now ti be laid to complete the sublime monument oi Bunker Iiill Niblo's.?Maguificent pre|>arations have beei made here to celebrate our glorious anniversary ini style worthy the occasion. No expense has beci -pared to render it the most brilliant gala of the day The Havel family?a host in number, as in talen superlative? in three entertainments: rojie dancing grandly terriffic ascension, and one of their mos popular comic pantomimes, superbly got up. Tin Lapland Dwarf in a vaudeville, and the ever de lightful l'romennde Musicale. In addition to al this, Edge, the eminent pyrotechnist, has for month: lieen preparing, and to-night will give the mo.-t mag niticent display of fireworks ever seen. Chatham Theatre.?The two performances u this house to-morrow are both of a very attraetivi character, as will be seen by reference to the bills in another column. The afternoon performance af fords a most ngrecnble way of enjoying the day, secluded from the dust, turmoil, danger and disturbances of the streets. After to-morrow Thorne gets hia army of painters,car|>enters and upholsterer* to work, prsptratory to commencing a new season of activity and enterprise. New French Novel, ft?- WITH TWELVE KINK WOOD ENGRAVINGS-?" The Butchers of Ghent; or, El Maestro Del Campo," a Rimancoofthe Reign of Philip II?The translation of this highly popular French Romance I* jnat completed by the EJitor of the Brother Jonathan, and it will he issued on Wrdnes.Iav mnrninir cnmnlpte. in an Extra Douliie Brother Jonathan. Price, only 12J cents! This is one of the most exciting stories we aver read, li combines faitlilul history with deeply affecting narrative of wrong, suffering, mid bloodahed?and portrays the cruelties ofthe Spaniards of that period in glowing colors. The Botchers and Fullers of Ohenl? the heroes of the tale?arc represented as brave and heroic men?driven to desperation by the atrocities of the Spanish soldiery? lighting nohl, lor their country even with the halter* oi their enemies around their necks?and presenting a striking contrast with the European operatives of the present day. The tale will bo read with great interest hy all rins es of Americnn citizens. The Wood Engravings are the moat beautiful specimens ofthe art ever attempted in this country. Price ofthe Work 12J cents?or 10 copies for $1. The usual discount to Agents and Newsmen. The country edition of this Novel is, hy a decision of the Postmaster General, subject to newspaper (wstage only. The city edition will lie neatly hound in i vidlo* cover. Letters should always he postpaid, or franked hy a postmaster according to law. WILSON M COMPANY, Publishers, lti-J Nassau street, New York. (I?-WONDERS ON WONDEKS.?The cvpe: intentwith the wonderful Blind Oirlor Mysterious Lady, at th' New York Museum, (late Pealea.) excite the citriosit> ind astonishment of all ; besides this, Yankee Hill an" lis comical company will go through a va ietv of in creating performance*, consisting of Imitations, Yniikc Mori**, Yankee Characters,Comic Hongs,Comic I.ceture Vaudevilles, aol the Orchestra of Musical Wonders, Egyptian Mummies, 3,000 years old, Siamese Twin*. Ns nral Bridge of Virginia, Experiaienta in Electricity, am i host of other attractions. Performancea every tan otirs during the day and evoning. To conclude with Rand Display of Firework", For particular* ?ee hill* oi he day, BV THE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington. (Corrrapoodencr of the IL'raid.) . Washington, Saturday 3 P. M. ;ongr<s?loiiaI Proceed I nge? Stale of tlie i Country?Conduct of the Whig*, The morning business of the Senate hae been of .o public importance. I he Indian Appropriation Hill was reported from the Committee on Finance, jy Mr. Evans. Several petitions and memorials were presented, and Mr. Bagby attempted unsuccessfully, to get up his resolution, cul'ing for inforination rejecting a large sum of money alleged to rave been paid to the Cherokee Chief, John Roe?. The hill compensating the Massachusetts Militia was the regular order, and it is now undergoing the dullest of all(>ossible discussions. l.ft the House this ' orning, Mr. Adams, from the \rtdect Committee on Apportionment Bill, reported " \ resolution, calling on the Secretary of State for the / original reasons ol the President for signing t1r.ow lodged in the State Department. * cT^' and Mr. Proffit objected to thee tj8 tng , paper,as unusual and irrey1 f*,r ,he onS'nal sation on this point After 8?ine conver" t .. , , . * motion was made to nmend t.ie reeolutior . . n ^ oy inserting the words" authentica.y/' instead ol original. T'nnn iliiytKn nr?o b ' -nd nays were called, and the motion prevailed, ayes90, noes 85?all the ultra whigs voting against the amendment?the democrats going with the adu ministration men, and the few moderate whigs uniting with them. This is almost the first triumph on a vote which the administration has achieved. r" Its friends have lost nothing in debate on the floor, in but they have always been voted down, with re^ morseless indifference to the merits of the question. Hut a different state of things is now existing, and of this is the first overt, unquestionable evidence of the :e fact" The resolution as amended, was adopted without :e opposition. The subject of the veto then came up, :o Mr. ^mith, of Virginia, being entitled to the floor. The debate is going on with unabated interest and d, vigor?the whigs assailing and the democrats defending President Tyler and his administration. of Mi. Morgan, of New Yoik, is apparently seeking the floor for the purpose of moving the previous question, hut it will not he sustained, some twenty of members still wanting to speak. So far, although there has been uio-.-h excitement, a vast deal of mism representation an-1 - om* severity of language, there has been less violence and less personal abuse than might have been anticipated, considering the ardent " temperament of some of the speakers. There will - be indecency and [abuse enough, however, before the debate closes. Several of the most ultra of the whigs are struggling for the floor, with the determination of pouring out all their wrath upon the head V. of Mr. Tyler. Affairs "continue in the most extraordinary condiin lion here, and it is important that the people should understand the actual state of facts. The whig? all ;e insist that there is no existing law under which reve,e nue can be collected?that imposts of all kinds must come in free of duty until Congress shall enact a n law prescribing the umount and mode of levying and collecting. This they assert most peremptorily and ol with perfect unanimity. Now what is their duty under this alarming state of things! With a majority in both houses of Congress sufficient to give them absolute control of business, they resist every 0 attempt made to obviate the evil which they them ,] lelves allege to exist. n (K7- WE CALLED AT THE KREMLIN DINING Saloons yesterday to know what the bill of faro was to :e consist of for the 4th, the glorious 4th of July, 1842?whi n nine host handed ns Hie f,illnn-ln?r I# InSO-ll h -o that our reader* may avail themselves of it?it is a lovely spot for a quiet and elegant dinner, and cheap :? ?' KREMLIN BILL OF FARE. Moxdav, July 4tu, 1343. ? Rice Som, Vegutable ilo., Cabbage do., Macaroni do., r' Mutton Broth do., Vermicelli do., Turtle do., Mock Turtle r" lo., Clam do., Pea do., Ox Tnll do.; Salmon, with vegetan iiles ; Cod, do.; Shad, do.; Black Fish, do.; Streaked Bass, 10.; Sea Bass, do.; Halibut, do.; Fresh Oysters (uer dozen), 4alad of Anchovy, Sausages with Cabbage, Sour Krout, Sardines, Lobster, tioiled ; do. mayonnaise ; Mutton Chops, ' plain ; do., breaded ; do., trailed ; do., with vrg- tables ; do., ' with mushrooms ; do., with beans ; do., w ith spinage ; do., '< with peas ; Lamb's Kidneys, broiled ; do., with Cham pagne sauce; Veal Cutlet, plain; do., breaded; do., in laper ; do., with Tomato sauce ; do., with pens ; Fricando ? >f Veal, with gravy ; do., with peos ; do., with beans ; do., > vith spinage; Calf's Head, with sour sauce; do., with Tomato sauce; do., mock Turtle; Calf's Tongue, with ' harp sauce; do., in paper; Call's Brains, with black attce ; do., fricasseed ; Veul Sweetbreads, with sorrel; lo., with peas: do., with mushrooms ; do., financier fashD on ; do., with Tomato sane.* ; Beet Steaks; d*., w ith )nions; Chicken force meat balls; do. fritters, do., fiiI* :assecd ; do., with rice ; do., white satire ; do. salad ; do., Tartar fashion ; Crapo leen Pigeon, I'igeon with Tecs, J iuail, broiled in paper ; Small Ties, with gravy ; Macaro11, Italian fashion ; Potatoes, plain ; do., fried ; dr., fri asseed ; Spinage, Asparagus, Green Teas, Green Beans, Boiled Turkey, do. Chicken, do. Beef, do. do., corned: Ham, Tongue, Virginia cured Bacon, Mutton, Bouut h ilamode ; Roast Beef, do. Veal, do. Lamh, do. Mutton, do. dork, do. Turkey, do. Chicken, do. Goose, do. Duck, tame; r lo. do., wild, black ; do. do., do., spoonbill; Birds ; Raspi. >erry Tics, Apple do., Quince do., Mince do., Custard do., f Plum do : Cranberry do.; Cabinet Pudding, Engli?h Plum i lo., Apple do., Rice do., Bread do.; Oranges, Dried Fruits, i- Vpples, Almonds, Raisins, Olives, Grapes, Pears, Hickory Nuts, English Walnuts, Candied Orange Peel, Tea, Coffee, .1 Chocolate, Dry Toast, Buttered do., Milk do., Roll do. k WINE LIST OF THE KREMLIN. Bordeaux Claret, Leoville, flOc.; do., Larose, SOc.: do., St. lulienne, 00c.; do., Chateaux Lafitte, 7Sc.; do., <ta., 1934, M ; do., Chateaux Margaux, $1,30; Tale Sherrv, $1,80; Brown do., $1,00 ; Crown do. (old in glass), $1,00; Dull' Gordon's do. (superior), $3; Sayres do. (brown), $3; Ohntnbcrlin Burgundy, $1,00; Clos-Vougeot do., $1,40; c Cotes-Roties do , $1,00 ; Buchaunn Tort, $1,00; i'age do., ; >1,03; Dunbardo., $1,00; London Dock do. (peculiar), o 43 ; London Porter, 00e.; do., pints, 30e.; Scotch Ale, do., d 10c.; do., quarts, 00c.; American Ale, pints, 12r.; do., half pints, 6c.; Madeira, $1,00; Superior, old, do., $1,00; Seri "ial do., $1,78 ; Blackburn do. (London Dock), $2 ; Binge ham do., $2,00 ; Ru lesheimer, Rhenish, $1 ; Hockheimer, io., $1 ; Laubensheimer, do., $1 ; Steinbcrger, do., $1,80 ; e lleidscck Champagne, $1,80 ; Star do., $1.60 ; Clichot do., ?1,00 ; Sillery do., $1,40 ; Anchor do., $1,80 ; pints ot the ibove, 78c. Liquet;its?Kirchenwasser, per glass, 6c.; o Curacoa, do., 6c.; Absinthe, do., 6r.; Maraschino, do., 6c.; Brandy,do., 6c.; Gin, do., 6c. 0tr WOODCOCKS! WOODCOCKS !!?I have al the Branch, 248 Broadway, a fine lot of the above celebrate I a game, having been deprived of the use of them nntil yes erdav.hv the ctamc laws. It will ? ? ? . w o - ?. f, w n>7 "nitomeri to know, that I shall from this day serve them 1 ip through the season in a superior style, tegrther with toft Shell Crabs, which 1 have on hand. Also, every other lelicacy of the market. T1109. DOWNING. t {ay- NAPOLF.ON WAS ALWAYS PARTIAL TO ** , his little three cornered chapeau : but if he had lived in these d^vs, when the sun is pouring down with such terf ; ible lore.-, ho would have heen glad to change it for one >f those beautiful light white PANAMA HATS, which . 'he subscriber is scliing at the low price of FIVE DOL' LAIIS ; or one of the elegant WHITE BEAVER Hats, . * hich hid deiiancc to the sun and heat. Call and see them at d ELTSIIA BLOOMER'S, No. ITU Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel. t (ft' LAUGHABLE, BUT NO JOKE.?A lad sent to 71 , Maiden lane for a bottle of the celebrated Nerve and Bo >e Liniment, to apply to an ancle that was hurt and badly , nflume.I. By some stunidity the servant procured Dallcy's 'am Extractor, whicn the lady used, rather than to send back .. nenstt knowing it r\ as intended for such cases. > J'ue lady called there this day, June U9th, saying that he salve of Dalle)'had cured her entirely, and she purchased more, to have always on hand in cases of any accident. It will take out all burn without pain, and mnrciiul men should keep It bv them, and save the torments of their fami U?e. The unfeeling are not expected to do it. [From the New York Star.] Qty- DANDRUFF AND BALDNESS.?Ohlridge's Balm ] of Columbia, from Comstock 71 Maiden Lane, New York, is a chemical combination of auch ingredients as have proved themselves) etticnoious in assisting the natural growth of the human hair, and removing all obstnoIhs to its perfect dcvclopcment. In commending this ar- , 1 iclo to the particular notice of a discer.iinir snlls proprietor i* but re-capitulating the oft expressed sentinentsof someof the many hundreds who ?nve successfully tested its efficacy and wonderful qualities ; this compound havinr acquired for itself a character of singular ncrit an l vnlue. It is used by Indies and jtciitlrmcn pene* -ally, to kcjp the hair msist and bcautifnl, and the head free from dandruff, which it does most perfectly, and thus prevents baldness. See the signature of Comstock k Co. on it, or you will get the counterfeit. [From the Albany Journal.J CiiiLai suss?It gives me great pleasure to state that the Ilottle of Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment which I see ante from Comstock's, 71 Maiden Lane,New York, which I purchased of you for a friend of mine, for the cure of a severe sprained ankle, by which the cords of the leg were ( much affected, was entirely effectual. Having an idea from the nature of the composition that it might be equally 'jflicacious in Chilblains, I determined to make the experiment, and to my great gratitication as well as astonish- * meal. I had onlylused it twice before I was releived, and 'iy one or two "more applications entirely cured. This liny seem to be saying loo much, but I will satisfy anv one hat mar donbt, that there is no exaggeration. I send you .vith this my addrass, which you are at liberty to use as v ou may see fit. [From the Fenns) Ir anian Gazette.] WmsnrariTi. Chsxoi?We never were more stniolt with the truth of the remark that there is noihing but vhnt genius will rompn?, than i.i moating an old tri.-nd ester.lav?though youi.g in years, as grcv as advanced gecould make him, amfto-day, not knowing him as ho ppcared with raven locks as fresh as nature coni'l bestow. 4 Vnd this was done with no assistant, other than tho use of ie F.ast India Dye. We linderstnrid that Messrs. P. M. Cohen k Co., Prugists.No. IB, Hsvne street, hare been srpolnted Agents 'rtho sbovo valnaule preparations, of whom, and of omstoek k Co., Maiden Lane. New York, they ran at til tmesbehad. ?

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