6 Temmuz 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Temmuz 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THJ v Vol. VIU.?No. 1*4-?W?tol? No. 3035. ""WATERING PLACES, &C.~~~ SHAROITSPRINGS. rI,HK rA VILLION.?Thia new commodious Ilc.tel will be A open for tlie reception <>r vi?iior* on and after the first of % Jnne in it. it thr Vit!.?>?? of Sliaron lipiIHgi, Scltoharic County, Tlie cIcjut pure water of the apring., greatly resembling thoae of the white aulphnr springs ul Virginia, have t?. u proved to l>e highly efficaciout iu Rheumatic, Cut annum, Bililou. ?tn] Dyspeptic coniplaiuU; ami iu tlie cure of Err.ii.rla*, Baltrheun, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, ami general debility, and in many ather reapecU, |<oaaeaa (a. in rtifi-J by inme of the mo?t eminent uudisvf professora in the Unite-' State.) medicinal and healing praperllea unsurpassed, and believed to be unequalled by any in thia countryAdded to these, the ride, in the vicinity, numeroui village., eateuaive view., neighboring cave, aim romantic tcenery are anu ng tin many attrartien* ofiered to thcec Melting iu the heat of aummer, either health or pleasure. Thrie springs are but a few hour, ride from Saratoga, Troy, Alb.mv lie., .old are access-able froin <I uiajt liarie un tin Alb iuv and Cries rulrovl, where carriages daily await the arrival of the aiorning cara from Schenectady and Utioa. to carry vialtors to thr Spnng., a diatauce of about eight railea, arnviug in lime for dinner; alao by the Albany and Cherry Valley tune pike by daily alagea, being about fbrty-ftve milra wrat of the city ol Albany. wurn, cold aim mower nam* inmui?a at ail iitnri, eitnrr f th .mineral or liesh water, and every alteution given to render the tuy of ?'?itoT* agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain ipriue lee is stored for the <ru<ii.. G W. B. OEDNET. THE STRINGS HOTEL.?Thii Hotel will be oproed ?t the sHotc v Hap e of Sharon Sprints, for the reception ot nsi- ! ton, a .il coinbiuirg all the advantages of this delightful stunraet residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. n29 10w2taw*r CATSKILL MOCTN TAIN "HOUSE;" AT THE TINE ORCHARD.?1112. rPHlS romantic auil fashionable reaort will be conducted dur nig the prraeot season under the direction and superintendence of the subscriber. It hss undergone * complete and thorough repair, and is new open for the reception of visitors. No effort a ill tie spired to maintain tha deservedly high character which it has heretofore Jcuuired. At heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York in.rk-t can afford; and avoir possible attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its patron" will be promptly beetowed. The road leading to this a uhtishment and especially that part of It on the mountain, baa ?? renderod perfectly amooth and safe. Messrs. A. ?. Beach A Co.'a excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between #ie landing and lb* Mountain Houae, en the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor wJnne ljth, 1812. jelt 3mr AjJL LAGRANGE HOTEL, Bull's Ferry, New Jersey. v-fT Tfiiv moat delightfully romantic summer retreat is in full Ti'iT*i will stocked with frnit and flower, and above all a line kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, sogers of ih* first quality. John Ponson, the proprietor,sincerely returns his grateful thanks to hit friends, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for tile last nine yearv. The beautiful steamboat Boe ton, Capuiu T. V. Babceu, leaves fool of Canal street four times a day. The |>ublie cBt rest assured thst they will not bo disap|H>inted u heretofore, the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Sun. (Jtnttrmen ran b? accommodated with the best of hoard and 1 o.lghi; at five dollars per week, and have their dinner at whu hour they pl-.ne, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military Coinjsmiej on target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above ntsee and try the taiffet ground and Pouaon'a good dinner*. His prices are according to the times. J. (Vinson is at ways at home, and will be bap.py to see his friends and visito>s. jell tm*r '"THE HAMILTON HOUSE.?This establishment is now A open for the reception of company. It has beet, thoroughlrenovated and furnished anew, upon a scale of liberality commeiisurattf with the demands of the public. The department ot the cuisine lias been placed under the charge of a capable and experienced artist, who will lack no supplies that the markota can afford. To those unacquainted with tho location of the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated . at the ocean entrance to the Narrows, from eight to ten inilos from the city, on the nigh western bluff of Long Island, coin manding a nonls view of tke lowir bay and the Atlantic and landward, the highly cultivated and fertile shores of Statin and Loog Island, and the harbor ef New Kork. Nothing can ?< eaed the beamy of the prosiieet in every direction. The salubrious air at all periods of the day, the easy access by stage and ste-juboat, and tha mingled life and relirenv-ut of the spot, render tUi* esubli .hineul second to none within a hundred mile* of New Y ork. Tke apartments are commodious and airy, and their accommodations in marked contrast with those of similar lionise heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The rides in the ' neighborhood, the fishing grounds, billiard rooms, teu-piu at elfet* f<i ? !? ? most select anS choire araorfmrPt of STiilinery Go^da,"or th* Trine trade. n?rwr u yet | r?r*nt??l to th* peblir, t>o? * r***rrh the onality and chripma of the article! T^y ***oilment consul* of the follow me The celebrated Btl.K JUT, 0A1.L,") CAPOTTB D'ORSTrLR?-And Lawn Hats do <W?An entire new style o HaU called ? MODINE CAPOTTE3, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 Parisian and Rngllsh FANCT BT^AWS, of the ftneet te*terr, in gTeat variety. The Properties* rcapectfi'liT sonata the ladle* toflworher I with call, and examine her elegant and varied atoalt of l#ilI ni.ryf .r 'lirms. I?e?, twCnrr they pnrchsa* elaanhare, aa it I will he a grrat awing to tham in price and a great advantage aa I rtwartla the variety and uiiality Of the gpoda. MIS8 8. KING, Magazine dn Modea, je2;' lm*r 2"3^ Broadway. BF.TTF.R plar? n find Boon and Nr.oea cheap, ^a ? . are ni?t ,nre tl.at in New York then u no pTi.V so g' .?l m at tin Clinton B" t \ud 8 hoe Market,t!'i| (.anal int. n.rih eaal corner o( llndaon street. Tlroae who have tried appear to he ganerally aatiafied that thia is a fart itne-.tioiiAi le. All those who may not Itare tried our linota shoe*, or gaitera.will (lnd it te their advantage to make the trial *'*' A. KNOX k CO. N. B. Country >< rehanu a to by the package or do??n jel*Im?T SHIRTS." SHIRTS. t-.VITF.D STATES SHIRT M A vcKAfTOR V. rr Wil' I mm street, comer of Liberty, N. V .Notice is hereby giten to M^rchsnta and traovra ip arneisl, *h*r the proprietor* of the *b<?rr ri?*hliahwi4Vit hMWt adopted a now method of manafar inring which enable* them to aell thfir shirt* at a cheaper tiK than any other house In this city Thta statement w ill b? afllrmed by liat 01 pricet aaTollowi:? IV r |1. | Fiim Muslin Shirt*, with Linan Botonw and ColUra, ..|7^ po atitrhoil iu the Botom and Collar . 9,00 Po Colored une interna, Urjr aiut * 7,00 Alfi, ? ;iianJltv of Bo#oms and Ccnlan constantly on rhwiil^- '1-n ?1 chenp (or Jjf ln?*r I M.\? HIN\ BLANKET jT-ftbaiesfor *al# by " j into a r I'KRSHK Ik BROOKS, *1 Liberty t I 1 {ey?, and olimit accassonos of recreation, leave little, it it be ievsd, to be wished for by ?ay guest. Fairy-lies dusitous of securing rooms for ?>? seisoa would do well tc mike eirly application to the proprietor. je7 lmr BATH HOUSE. LONCi ISLAND.?This long and well known boarding ami set bathiug establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvement*, smoug which in the execriou of several elegant summer hosues upon the margin of the ocean, is uow open for the reception of company during the ' season. The,great extent of private beach ou this shore?ihe Krfect security in ba'hing, even for ladies and children, (The thing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansiOo)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides iu the surrounding counter?the excellent fishing arouuds and othei sources of healthful recreation and arantemeut?the beautiful view of the All-n.ic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels irr.r nt or outward bound, render this situation in evsry respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, il e sooms airy and the temperature, even MUM warmest days of summer, anything bat oppressive. The eonvcnieMB of cow naming* ion awl diet?eg, (being but nits miles from irookfm I the sec ess by stages at hours acrommoih. t'11 to business im jcr it peculiarly weft adapted as a residence for gentlemen of basic -as in New York. jell it?n*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor CHARON SPRINGS PAV1LLION, SCilOHARlE Co. 1' Faurth of July.?The Grand Opening Ball for the Season, will take place on the evening of the 4tji July, at the Sharon Springs Pavilion, wliteli is now open foftlie reception of visiv- , t rs. No pains will be spared to render the entertainment agreeable. O. W. B. GEDNEY. jeX ttdjy BEDFORD MIN'RAL SPRINGS?Tin. well known water ing pliee, situated in Bedford Connty, Pennsylvania, is now open for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be neces <ry to say tint they are situated near llie great Western Turn, p-lce. which jciss-s through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pi tsbnrgh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of ihe Alleghany Mountains. Eveiy thing has been provided at this watering place to render a sojourn pleasant to ih<>xe who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusements will he fonnd suited to ail listea, and a good bind of nuste will be iu attendance. The lihval patronage extended to the subscriber the two last sesaons, will inglnce the renewed exertions the coming season. Jn ie tOlii. 18*2. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jegOeod lmr Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, ~ 77OR.MF.RLY REXSHAW'fl, at Long Branch.?This exa tensive sad drligh I'ul See Bathing Estahl'shmrnt will he opered by llie snWriher on the 27th June, instant. 11* Wgi rrsp.-ctfallv to liiRirrsi its former patrons and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encreasiu?: the comforts, have been ir.adt since last year, and will be iu complete readiness for their aefomm.idatioit. Wishing to be as reasonable as the limes will afford, the board vi!I be seven doll i-s per week as last year, ,nat. ad of ten dotla's a> formerly. Children of a certain age and servants half twice. Honfull fed. $2.50. fie hojws lie may, say without imputation. Ina: his wnlu iiid secommodationa will be equal to any on L-ng Branch. Young jwople not inquiring too much room,will lind accommodating terms. }*M lm*r JAMKS (iHF.KA. BOARDING. AT HEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. 1 EW1S F. HA .N KINBON resnertfully informs tin friend* Le ead tl.e nubile that he has fitted up in the beet style tlie hou?e formerly occupied by Jacob Carles, et the above place,in the mn*t ke-tlhful ituatiou on the ten coa.it, about 7 mile* from lied Dank, and fourteen from Higilown. Stages pan throui{h and uotn meet the Philadelphia can. The tcrme of board will he found *rrv moderate. Alio, stabling, he, tor horses, on rery r.aaonable terms. L F. H. pledge-. himself that no effort of hia will be wanting to render tho e who patrofiisv him Comfortable, and that hu houie will be found equal to any aloint th? roan. |e3u Itn r THF. FA VOKITE an I decidedly the moat acreeahLr Emtir ion in tlie hue mer Season i< 10 lloboken. No other place of rei irt in the riciuity of the city can be runted with eiudi facility "r offera eo many ind'tcemenU witb le?e etpru., A ?i?it tolhe eatcnairx and dl< ersified grounds of thia roost lovely of t< iTaatn <1 spots, of which iU bean iful scenery and iu many fine riewa are too well known to require dearrtption, cannot fail to gire great pleasure to thoae in tlie city who lilte oeca tonally to br< vibe fre.h air, and rary the accustomed and cou fin' d new of brick and mortar. The Barclay, Canal and Chrutopher-*treet Firry hoata are in excellent order for public accommodation. jett te'e PAVILION, SAKATOQA SPlllNQB-Th- Pariliou .Contiguous to th - Carillon fountaiu, and ei|aidutaiit from Congress an I Iodine Springs, has been thoronchly retioratcd, and ia uow open for the reception of suitor*. For convenience of location, beauty i t the nntinds adjoining, ouinmodi lUineie ofthe toouu. auj etrorta on the |*rt of me proprietor to mak< hia gur-sts comfortable, thia lionae, it ia beliefi <1, ia not *ur|aaaied. The chv'Ecv for board and i.oonw hare t?,u modi:, mm t, iu ai m. degree, the depression ef the limes. A ah a re of iiatronage it respectfully inrited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor, i Saratoga hpriufs, June 30, 181 it. J<27 twr "dp1~to6DS7&"c! _ TO THE LADIES.' -" i E NE N] JiOOKS~A.NI) S'EVTION'ERY. TO PAPER MAKERS. PKUStr. Ac BROOKS, No. til Lilr rty street. liftMron Broadway mil Na-tau street, N'< w V k,'import direct hum ih - Manufacture . 'he f'*llowin'; *rti -! ?. ri/:? I* eeli'tig Powder i)l li ?v11 At Son*. in ike?w irrtiilrd. for uniformity til l strength, equal to arty in this o entry or (treat Britain, anil for tlic sale ol wlurh they are sole agents in lh* United S: ites. English C> litule- Machine Felling of vr- superior uuality, 3(>,tlO, li, (*?i. 72, aj I At Lubes widu. Dry Keltir.g f ?tr'n; fb.bric, aiul of widths nsnally nquirrij, Blue Smalt Having i! ? s nc y of th' Sutton Cumiiarv's Bin" Sm.ilta, they art enabled to supply FFKE, anil 1>KFIC; in any tj nautili an. Wires lor Fon.Jtinii-r and Cylinder Mnchiut?, maun f rtured from ttie purest metal?also, J.u keU?M at audi rem Felts. Pulp Serei ns, Not, I 2, 3, of In is. metal. Orders for any el' die above articles, together n 'til rortugu and domu'tio tags Soda Aib, Vitriol, Almu, Twiui. Ac. Ac., w ill meet with |noui|<( attention __ _ _ m 31c \ \ INI KHKS rivti WOHK ON THE k.AS 1.-J oat published, by Carey As Ilert. Nntea of a Tour through Turkey. Oreece, Egypt. Arabia, Fetrrrs, to the Holy I.iu I. lie rludiug a Visit to Athena, Sparta, (i. and Ceiro.Cuastasitmnple. n?Ui, the Red Sua. Mrmut Sir.ai, I'hLs. t|te Edom ol Seripture. Jar . by F.. .ley Minis, in ? volume* ? mo., with plate*. OPINIONS OF THl?r/!F?>. Wr rommend it to the public as a sterling wo;k if travel.? V. S Oarette. The author has contrived to tnre La liijrfesrri*tms of plane*, eenery.rnd events, a spirit of freshness and vratsein',dance, thai cann d he too mil ell admired.?Spirit if the 1 imes. We d 11 it r.ot bet these two int-rutting volumes wili be ea terly ..oiiitht f r by the public.?New World. The work i-. precisely such an one at a map i- glad to take up when he desires information up in the euhjrct of wh.ch it treats.?Droth'i Jonatinn. A verv pleasaut. unpretending account of ramble* through regions about which every inodi KbUt mind ilenjn s inform sti. -ti, and it is furnished in a style whirh every oue will ftndagreuabk ?Pennayli mien. There it rut a page in the work that is rvn inte rating and in. _n?t i i We t).ink this book destined to become ??ti-n?teely ; opaiar, and ivf cordially join with our brethren of the prose iu eouimqiidinit it to popular faror.?Daii-. Chronicle. For sale by WILE? A PUTNAM, je4 3w?r New \ or TWE MESMERIC MAGAZINE, OR"JOURNAL OF I ANIMAL MAGNETISM-UK It 1J. COLLYEK will [Widish Jul* I, 1(141, the first nnmV' of i pen vlictl Willi the shot e title. It will be drroted eselasifely to Mcimi-nwn, er Animal l\\aynetism, and will contain amp.e dirrrgoin anil instruction] for Mesmerising, with seenrate details of ihe most eatraordiniry and interesting Mesmeric raass, and rsprnnients mat have occurred, either in this eonnirr, or in Europe, for mine year* peat. Toe cnriotn, and ind**>I wonderful ri? ions and rorrl -lions of Cl.airvov aarr rtspecritU t'ne Heavenly Radios and the Spiritmal World, will co-.a'itute a prominent portion of ihantMatina. It will he pufcliahird monthly, and ra-.li number will eoiitain si i*?yal octavo putes. with d wide columns, of tlie exact sir." and style of the Boso n Miscellany. Terms, S3 per annum, payable in advance. L- rtr.rs, communications and orders. (port paid) addressed to Dr. R. II. Coljysr, Mesmerissr, 17 School street, swill receive prompt attention. The New York Tril tine, Herald, Pennsvlranisn, Public Ledger, Brltirnore 8un, American, Richiooud St?r, Charleston Mercury, New Orleans Picajmue, Louisville Joiuaisl, t'incui iiaei Repnlilican, Portland Advertiser, will intjMfr4.ee a wsek for three weeks, aud send their hills to the Mail o'fice, or reeeire acopy of ihe Majamne.snd aueh other paiilic )< irrnsls as are deatrons of receiving the Magar.ine will insert aa aforesaid, and send a eopy of their |?|*r to 27 .School sir eat, Boston. js^St. w3wr BO 0 K BINDING PAPER RULING. H IRELAND. No. |20 Nassau street, harms aai entire new stock el Binding Tools aud Ruling MacTirus.v, ol the latest and moat approved patterns, is now prepared to essential! orders in the most durable and handsome manner. Merchants Accoount Bosks and all other kinds of Blankwork ruled and linuu-i to anv patterns, and in a style that ia warranted to rive u'isfactiori. Any work ordered ceu he done ia ihe Erinlien tuodi- if reunited, aa ii. 1. baa Lad limit nspcriuuee inborn methods. nil? dUUK-K JiiirlJN br. Cn C. MARSH'S couuting nvouit for the study of practical J b<>?U-keeping continue opto from earl) in lb? morning until 0 P. M. Terms?For the complete course of piactics in Single Entry Book keeping, books, stationery, See., included. ?7 Ml. For lbs coinpli te course of practice iu Double Lutry Bookkeeping and Mercantile Calculation*,, including book*, kc.. $Ij. There art no clause*?each person u taught separately. Proapcctiuf. may be had at the room*. je2tl6t^c LIGHTB&I)?t5 NEW YORK I'KIMMNU INK MAXUFACTOR i, IB Roar struct, corner of Doaue (O'd Sugar House) Printing Ink of all colon, warranted equal to any, constantly on hand and offered for solo on reuoiuble tornu, deliverable to any part of the city free of cartage. Punter* and venders are solicited to make a trial of this article. jy 2 iinr "mats. " HATS! HATS! HATS !! THROWN k COH One Price Hat Store, w hoi stale and rr! L> tail, 17$ Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashn.n, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn tlm head. The proprietors hare the idcasure n.w to offer in addition \r> their recently improved short napped HhL a new style, the lmitali'na of benrerr, which so clos !y r?**cm;4e? that of all furs the moat costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily petceitsd. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables ns to furnish a very superior Hat for the price charged. In Presenting these Huts to the public the proprittors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. in4 3m# A N I MPORTANT QUESTION is here presented for the *Vserioin rctl< i riou of the purchasers of Hits. Is it consistentlridh true economy or common sense to pay live dollars for a Be*%fr Hat, when the same article sin he bought at 3 Wall sire# i, fbejween Broad and New streets) for FOUR DOLLARS? '1 his is no deceptive assertion. A single trial, or a nv re in*|*ectinn, wi|l satisfy the inost skeptical that the Beaver Hit now offered is far from being the inferior article often sold for le-s than live dollar*. Tht fact u that the article now offer ed is generally not equalled, and in no instance surpassed even at that price, li Is in irnkarqueiice of a r?du< rion in the price of the raw male rial, together with the economical policv ofthis establishment?anu the proprietors eti^aging i^rsoiislly in the uch.La win mrer ofT?rtd bwlorw. WARBURTON k WEBB, jrl01m*r BlBw?,t Wlllrtwit JEWELRY^ W" ATC-I1ES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.-The aubirribfr is filing all deacriotions of gold and lilfur Watciiff, gold aad ailrer pencils, gold chains, k?-vs, itr.. at retail, lower tlmi at my other place in ?hf city. Gold Ws tehee as low an 35 to 30 dollars earn. Watchrs and Jrwelry richan?ed or bought. All Watchee are warranted to keep good[time, or the money returned. Watch*** and Clocks rep&ned in the bi t,: manner, and warranted, at much leat iliau the usual price*, bv on? of the finest workmen in the city. U. C. ALLEN. Importer of Watches mud Jewelry, wholoaale and ratal, 30 Wall fleet, up stairs. jeldlm*rr REMOVED.?HILaIHE WALTER, agent and pariiicr ui the house of JBerger Walter, the only manufactory of WateV Glauses in France, No. 37 Paradis Poieaomiiere street. Pans. b*?r th? honor of informian Masrs. dealers in watch works, and a 1 articles connected with the line, as also Masrs. dealers in cat gUas, that their establishment ??f watch glass- a, cnt glass, gilt and oolored, lancy articles, &e. kc. fee., has lately been re mo red from No 40 Maiden Laorv teg No. 90 William street. Gentlemen desirous of parrhuaing from the only drnot of the factory, are respectfully intited to tell ai crzr ostsVi'*** wliare will be found *11 on rival le?l aasc?rtmei?t of the shore mentioned goods, which will be disposed of on the most ren.soi.able terms. in4 2m*r "'notices. Comttrollers bale or ii ATfc STORfl.?Th* tat* Block* by th* ComptrolwBin trnat for th* New York Baukmg Comnuiv, will be .old ?t the Merchant.' Eichangv, tu the city ol' N'. w York, ob Wedwuday, lite nib ot July neit, 11 12 o'clock, M., to nit 10 Certificate* of Illinois St* |>er cent (inlrnwj irnpruvtm nt) (took, jiayable 1870, for$!0G0 etc' $10,0(10 111 ( r.itctri of lllinoi. Sii per cent itock, (for public building.) |?y?ble 1801, for Si(- 0 ca?h $10,000 C Gertilic.tc. of Michigan Sir |wr cent (D?tr lit and I'untiac Rail Head) .lock, payable 18,">8 for $'00u each COO A. C. H.AUG, Cuci: t. Ai Hirrr, 21th'June. 1812. jyf itr MOTICE to'CI.ERifsT .lud all Other pe sons whose buai.kDVHiV A,|,ri1 eonatasiily on their leeL?By ceiling at U?? old etrhuiv#* Boot Store, 114 Chatham-street, t'w> etn VET.?1*Prt"l#d with the invaluable article, ROGERff METALIl ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in errry |*rttrular, au.l at t v isnif price <?f the ordinary Boot. The folkwiiif arpwuiip urilw. J .1- fpi-.ii . n _i. i - - 'lie r.lium' lltnl over rteryother km.I : Kir?t?Tli* * tonicity adds finally to the durability ?f th? Boot. S. coudl- ?They mak* ao unuc 4t> walk ins upon the pota'. tnrnt. T unlly?Tbcv preernt Boots from runniue down to tha to. ot. V nrtlily?They ruablr the wenrer w> walk with nurh lea, fa tji'nc. Fifthly?They In not cut or tear oarpeu a* do iron or nailed hrali. Sitthly?Tlicy cm be worn with ootnAirt bv thoaa liarlnc A. usual, constantly on hand all hinda of Boot* at wbolraala and retail at maaufactnrct's |uicr". ji4lm*c NOTICE ? A [a rial me. unit of the Stockholder, of the Amcricm I'af ut Friction Match ..mpsny, will h. bridal tho Company', Warehouse in Bctnn, on Tliapuay th* 2l?t day of July neat, at 9 o'clock A. M. A i nnrtual attendance to rr11 nested pel order of the Director,, (JSO. C. UOODWlN. Secretaij. Boston J nine *7,1SJ2. 11B?w?r CORPORATION NOTH'-E.?Tnbtic 'e'tie- tohcrc - fi?o that a sale of pwi|>crty foe unpaid tasas wiBtakr piac> at public auction at the City Hall of the city of Hew York, on Tuesday, the 36lh day of June neat, at 12 o rlock, noon, ana tie einitiiiiu'd fripn day to itoy ni.lil tjic whide sit die "aid prti|?tT ihtill ue? IJt and that the detailed statement of th* ta,. ? and limit*!*!)1 loh" '* Id is published in the New Km, a new,|*it>er printed and published m th city of New* York. AI.KilED A. SMITH, Comptr oiler. Comptroller'* Office, April I . I*42. <n lawltwtHIVT riORPORAI ION NOTICE?fulilir Notice < hereby ftO Ten, that n ail* of prop rt1 lor unpaid l*,e* will take place at I'uhlnt Aaetx.n, at mr City Hall nl the City of New York, on Wed lies lay, tin 211th ilny ,.f September ttc*i, at 12 o clock, main, and he continued front dty to day until the whole of sain proierty slull In-sold, and that the detailed statement of th" tat1 and property to he sold, is published in the New Kra.t now-p IIP! prim. <| and published in the . itv nf New York. Al.KRK.ll A. SMITH. Comptroller, t omptroller's Off. . M,. in, ||I2. j*2i KiwtSept28 e I (a VA NA a iiD PH INClPB 8W*AR8 VT M ADKR, 1fi CliMhim Afrcot, h** n-r^itrrd, by the Htll"' *? * jkinl lOO.OfHi T hi r*"lr\?rLn Norma 8*uars, as ?I?o* iMurnul I' i of Hiip'ror Notnl ind IVr*r. Principe Scaur*, iNIr | |c| |m?f !)!l i ' 1 ' ; it* of Kid, Iri land *i d S L* land, in rain* of '?, CIO, ?15 And C2H). fo *nv *mn?nr. foi Ail. I Si I.vks n K a, jfllfl ^ W Wat! ?t. md 13ft Bmmhmr. C II LOU? ,?kir?T \*\V. <"<>c**k* Hoy.lr*~iiptn< r 'ThTor" '? ! ! . ' VJ. rtllf.SE, It BROOKS, 61 Lioerty ,t Fl.om , It Si I St.a " M ills PI, .1 r. Tarsal" hy F.lt (TllXINS k CO, j?-2b to South ?t. W 1 o EW YORK. WEDNESDAY Krwarb, Ohio. In [Coirr?j'Onil??i<:? of the lit rati!.] 'I N'kwakh, (>liio, June 23, 1*12. v< I'm if i an of Mr I'iui Kurvn?Hon. Wuunas I., JJamer <'iul the B'tnkiwf Si/$trm of Ohio?Probability of c< *mte further acti m on fart of the General Alterably, j"t relative to Hank*?President Tyler't Sarnutn hapjtily directtd aqaintt the " Motmns* Politicians." sf 1 President V.in Bur'.-n is slowly wending his way ^ I.) tin Far West, overwhelmed at every ?tep by the j attentions :uid courtesies, not only of his political a< ! friends, but for the moat part of men of all parties, ct ! llere anil there, 'tis but too true, the breast of a po- 01 litical enemy see ma filled with undying animosity Kl towards the ex-president, and determined to vent its d< spleen and pitiful spite in ti nunucr disgraceful only I to tii<>?* wljo can he actuated by ao mean a spirit. At Cincinnati this spirit sought to dilFuae itself with i but trifling rtcrcss. and at Dayton, I understand, it , manifested itself in a series ot resolutions adopted at a public mooting ; hut si Lebanon, SpiiiiRfield, Columbus, sVc , pearly all vied with each other in extnnding every proper civility to theirdistinguishfd guost. After leaving this stale, Mr. Van Ruren ? , wan received with groat honor at the Indiana trtute " 1 lin", and attendc I to Richmond by a very numerous 81 escort. At Indianapolis, the Statu capital, citizen* * j ot all classes were solicitous el x tending to him be- '' coming eonr.e?y ; but 1 regret to ?nv that the coach which contained the ex-President was overturned *' U"nr Plainf dd. tnd that he re ' J a slight in *' jury. c The correspondence h*tw?en the FTon. Thomas I T. riam?r, end other'gentlemen, relative to the re- " cent mo\enient of the former in favor of a restrict- n ed banking rvslem is still r?ingrn, but the tenti3 f; employed on both sides appear to b- much more k mild in tlicir nature than thes' were at the com- 1 V nicneement of the controversy. Mr Uanier finds j, so few of his Roliticnl friends disposed to follow hi* ti lead in this matter, that U* tuny, perhaps, at this time recret having taken any part a'Ueroe t < hi* i' party; and, on the other hand, there may jtill n sufficient number take part witii Mr. llamer to en- , danger the supremacy ol the Dcmocrutic party, (1 mean in the legislature, for Governor Shannon . is the candidate of the w hole party lot Governor,) j.' and, therefore, few nre disposed to carry matters to extremities against Mr. Hamer, ut lci.sl before lbs election. The ijucatiou of titc cuirency and hank . ing is yet the great question before the |>cople of Ohio, and one which '-nuiiut fail to engage their at- J' te.ntion, involving, as it does, the intersex of every member of the community. The bill regulating j banking, w hich became a law last winter, is inope rative until the General Assemble charter some in- (j stitutian to be governed bv its tuovibioi.f, ami wlie thtr that body will do so, remains a question. It is a fact, as I believe, liiut some few of i>ur legislators voted for that bill front no love of its provisions, but became they thereby avoided dilliculties with their political triemis, and still lied it in their power to vote against any bank charter which might befin- ' trodueed to bring those provisions into action. ' These few cither supposed the provisions <>f the law too severe, or they were hard money men, disposed to resist the chattering ot . ny more hanks,believing it impossible to devise any system so well guarded astoprevent the ingenuity of man (rout making use of it as an engine of fraud and corruption. Jn the meantime, the charters of most ot our banks \ are about to expire, and. when they do ?o, the question whether more shall he chartered to take the places of the defunct ones will be presented to the Legislature with a hundred times more force than it has hitherto been presented. It is a <|ucstimi of the j, utmost gravity ana importance,and one which not .. only requires ability, but practical experience and 11 skill to manage. It maybe present' 1 fur the con- a sideration of the (ieneral Assembly at the extra '] session, toward the close of .lulv, for if anything s further is to be done in a matter of the vital impoitance of this subject, it is necessary 't wrre done * i|uickly, for stability, which is so ti-ifnl in all laws, t is a thousand fold more requisite in what concerns ^ the almighty dollar. i President Tyler, in his letter to Joseph (Jrahani, Esq., the editor of the Cincinnati Republican, is es- ' pecially and deservedly so verve on the present Na- 1 tionaf Congress, lie brings against Congress, and with truth, the direct charge of assailing him with personal anuse, and expresses his readiness to coin- 1 promise with his bitter as-ailants, by conceding to ( them nnv portion of each day tliey may choose for 1 the display of tlieir " unsurpassed eloquence" in c abusing him, provided they will devote the residue ?>f their time to the advancement of the public .good. Th very truth of these remarks of the l'retudent will tnake much more violent the nnimosity of these " mousing politicians" towards that great functionary, and if heretofore they have vented it by refusing to follow any recommendation, however goad, merely because it came from him, they may now advance another step and render their political degradation still more sure, by commi'ting positive acts of evil, as they have heretofore suffered negative ones to inflict us. The eyes of our countrymen arc beginning to open to the truth, however blinded they have till now been by the prejudices of party, ana if the next elections do not display a most astoniehing change in the material of which Congress is composed?more than one prophet will he disappointed. L'Occiiient*. Louisville, Ky. [Correspondence of th? IUrald.] Louisville, June 27tii, 1*42. Riditulout Du*l?Rclgon?Temptranct? Ntu:tpa ptrt?trope? RobLery?Banht, 4"rDear Bennett? A very ludicrous affair look place in the neighborhood of our city a short time since; had it not terminated us it did, it might have been very serious und melancholy. Two young stripplings of " high mottle blood," became grievously oflinded with each other from u very trivial circumstance. It ap|>cara that young W. JI. about the age of 17 or 19 years, owed to bv T. one dollar, which debt hail been of long standing. 5. T., thinking thut it was rather " u dubious" ease, resolved to Hsk VV. II. for the amount at the tirst meeting. On Sunday lust they casuully nict, coming out of church ; S. T. approached II. nnd demanded payment for the loan he had granted him : yonng H., very much piqued at this, and taking it in " high dudgeon," replied. " If you ask me for that dollar again. I'll slap your jaws." Yonng S. T.V blood mounted to his face at this insulting Inn. gunge?" if you can slap my jaws," says T., " You cannot put a ball through me." This indirect hint being given, a challenge in consequrnee was passed and accepted. These two mettlesome school boys repaired to Six Mile Island, equipped with one of Dickson's be?t rifie?, orj " pop" at each other, nt the distance of thirty yards. Their seconds, having a regard for their Uvea, loaded the rilics with " enrk halls." At the word both fired without any iiuury being done to either party. W. II., after ne had fired, said, " by find. ;h?re was too much fla?h to im loaded with ball?I'll lend myself next time."? The intercession of the hoard of honor at thiv critical crisis put an end to hostilities by amicably adjusting the nfr.iir. The anxious jmrcnts of the youths were unconscious of their heme out, or else thin would not have transpired ; dotlbf loathe two young- | sters received a sound drubbing by the " doating" j parents, on their return lioine : if not. it was not be- J, cutre they did not deserve h ; for never did two ( children more richly inherit a sound lashing. j Religion is now the all absorbing topic of conver- j sation, end the only moving question among the community ; all nre Inhering linrd for the nscendnncy, and exerting the utmost tension of their abilities ? to increase tli?*ir flocks The Methodists, Prerhvte1 riam?, Rnptists, Catholics, Kpieeoimlisns, Slc Xc., j all arc intent on n moral lUKi religious reformation, j file Baptists lake the lend, being the mosi indcfali- j( 1 gait!" in ilcir ext rti ins, the Metliodista being next. _ The temperanre cause if- not flourishing as many v would wish ; they serni to he flagging in this great |, work; the same r xertions are not made, ts there f( used to be, wbm first starling. Numbers have lied i their names withdrawn from die pledge, and some jj 1 Imvr broken it. They must devote inore of Their ittrntion, and use grratei incentives, by endeuvor! ing to bring hack those that have left, which they hit ve; 1 believe, determined to do. In furtherance oftlii-object, a committee have addre?-ed letters to ' Tom Marshall to make a temperance crusade westword Work 0 gloriously bsc'iin rk->"ld not be ta- T eitly or suddenly abandoned. Tern must rotnc? there's no getting out of it. The Advertiser, the oldest I.oeofoeo paper, has at ' RK B - " MORNING, JULY 6, 184 ist given up the ghost, the Sun having purchased y icir subscription list ; the proprietors of the AH- c trtiser have.no doubt, long and anxiously awaited ich a tide of affairs. Frequent and incessant rains have deluged the '' mntry round. Great anxiety is felt forthe wheat o rop, as it is in great danger. All kinds of produce p ns been most promising, and it is anticipated to be le largest and tinest seen for years. ' A large amount of money?ShJOttO?was stolen by \ >me rascal on hoard of the (ioddess of Liberty.? /ho the rascal is, nobody knows ; the money, how- (j rer, was tound accreted in some part of the boat. . his is the second time occurrences of a like charter have transpired on board this boat. She must irry robbers. Sooner or later they may be found ut. [ Our banks have not been hard run since there- d imp!ion. They remain as iinn us Gibraltar?no Jl oubt of their suspending. Yours, ? Loimsvillk. Vtlrn. t] [r<in*?(iOBrt?-net nl the Iterate.] ' Utua, July 1, 1M2. ^ ITnvnm.i 'if gam Straml>oat cn Ixikf Ontario?Pita- |i m.,1* TVi'n In X*.' /1 ?..J u~,i.????. i, ..... - .r . . u Harbor, 4'e. Where cnu we give such extended circulation to n account of uny new and laudable enterprise, as 1 " the spicy linle Herald 1" The first trip of u new eauibout on any of our inland waters, is tin event rorthy of bciug comiuarimrated in your widely difised sheet. A parly of vis left l.'tica on Tuesday evening, on te polite invitation of the proprietors of thai new learner, " Th* l.ady of the Lake," to give her a hristening. Some ef the largest owners reside in 'lioa. She w?? launched a few weeks since n the waters of the Ontario, and rides them as if ?ey were indeed her " native element." We liatl delightful pas?uge in the packet, (owned by the nnie proprietors,) down the Oswego river. On Vedneeday iiiormng some 300 of us, gathered from 'lira, Syrsi use, (brivego, Ac., and some few from our ow n ?ity, Marted on the trip. She walked us :iio Kingston, in Queen Vic's dominions, and then nok us to Ogdeosnurg, through the famous Thouand Isles; down the noble St Lawrence and re- \ imed us safe at Oswego, by the way of Sackett's ) farbor If 1 did not know vour valuable paper is crowded, should t.il.e pleasure in giving you a minute derriptioij of an excursion you would have thoroiighv enjoyed. The fortifications at Oswego were liown to us by iapt. lhirtmni, an officer who has t one service at Florida,nnd Mauds high in tlia aflec10ns of ail who know him. The *' Lady of th 1 ,nke," (an appropriate name,) under the command I I I'apt. Taylor, performed the trip from Oswego to r )gdensburg. by war of Kingston, n dirtnnce of 135 s nles, in 10 hours l_ minutes, includingatoppages at r ifierent points of 3 hours 22 minuns, contending a ?ith contrary wind and sea. Tlie following are her ' intensions: 197 feet length : 24 Imam; 10 hols : of 50 tons burthen, and 100 horse power. She is a " eautiful vereel, handsomely finished a'd furnished, J nd does great credit to her builder, Cupt. (? S. , 1' eoL slm (ins olrPifK' fa!f?n lw>r uf At inn nn fit* I itie between Oswegoanif Niagara Falls; and many c f you New Yorkers, if you coinult jour own com i ort in your pleasure trips to the Falls, will take this ' out*. | Yours truly, 1J. Albany. [Ccrrctpomlauce of the Herald.] Albany, July 18-12. Vradt?the /Firf titer?Abby Kelly?UtiKti/n1 May Day Fife?Temperance. > Mk. Editott? An a leisure moment is at hand, 1 do not know iow better to employ it, than by writing you <1 few t inee, informing you of matters and things that arc j t present u|>;iermost in this goodly burgh 'lie weather is warm and sultry, which 't ends crowds from your city daily to the l>rings, and eUewhere, who give ua however, >ut tiie benefit of their pasting. I do not mow hut there are as many of these ' migratory hrds'as ever. The hard times affecting but little he class who usually resort tu Saratoga or Niagara or either health orainu9cment. Times are quite dull here; indeed business seems it u complete stand. We have a little stir in the way if temperance celebrations, Arc., while the patriotic ire busy witli the note of preparation for the glorijus fourth. Abby Kelly is here, addressing (in the lnnguuge if her notices,) " the jieople, in oehalf of 2,500,00(1 il.ivcs, that are held in bondage." She attracts int few, however, as there are few who wish in his warm weather, to ba crowded in a close room. nibjett to l>e eiuowea on rimer siue oy a oruce 01 Jingy darkies. \V "e had a novel and plensing ceremony prrfornied lere yesterday. The daughters of ( Jen. Sol. Van llonssclner, our worthy [ ostmaMcr. gaxefa May-day arty to the vpung ladies attending L. Sprngue Par- i tone' School in thiscity. Moat ol our citizen* were nvitedto be present on the occasion. Longbcior* he hour appointed, the road leading to the inanaion 1 ?(which is very delightfully situated about two niles below the city)?was crowded with the elite ind fashionable? tnc gay but not the grave?for ill " Seemed merry a* a marriage bell."' ?oine preferred riding in carriages, while others those the scarce lees delightful, bnt much more ronantic walk. It was a pleasing sight to gee the toting and beautiful, decked in youthful simplicity, jut scarce uiorc so than the gratification the sight ifforded to the old, but sprightly host and hostess ot he occasion. About four o'clock the ceremony tommenced by music from Johnny Cooke's hand, who kindly volunteered upon the occasion- Afterwards the scholars formed and tuarrhed to the same music, in a half circle, each supporting arches forni d ofroe-s interwoven with other beautiful Howers :o ths stand provided for the occasion. The throne was tastefully decorated with Howers of every shade ltidhus. The youthful?pretty "queen," ascended ind took her is*at?escorted by her " maids of bon>r," who took their stand on either side. The reremonv of crowning the " queen" was |ierformed by a cry pretty girl, who delivered a noetic salutation, ifter which the scholars advanced, and, saluting the 'Queen of .May," presented her with boquets, only ivalled in sweetness by the looks and eniilaa of the ;irl>? themselves. These ceremonies being concluded, and an ode wng in honor of "Maria, Queen of May," they again Virsned, and marched to the table prepared in the jjwn air, where they invited the eompanv to partake with them of the abundant refreshments provided.? l k,- iki.u ut\,iutrttp,I?tump fn ihe L'reen. nnd it hers to the spacious balls, " to trip it on the fight"aplastic toe. After sjientling some three hoars in hese amusements, the rompiny, weary with plea- i tire, are dually disperse I nil pleased, all gratified, md all doub'Ie*", wishing health nnd happiness to h( bcMMU <|*MI 1M her ae.tree lest beautiful ' luiidaot honor and associate* With many thanks t 0 the worthy family who administered so largely to , lit pleasure and grutificatiwn of the numerous as- | wmbly pmeat. i Among the beauty assembled, of the scholurr., we totired the Misses Wilis * *?Van V * * * f? "iimp * * **?Tho * *?Ace. Jcc. Among the nu- ' lirnce, the most lovely were?the Misses S 's of iVii.sliingfon street?the heautifnl Mi wen T d's. ! -The much admired and wealthy heiress, Miss , )**w? the daughter of our worthy ex-Mayor, , diss Van V n; the fascinating Miss (t??p- , he graceful Miss Q * * * * h; Missca W * * ne; < he queen-like Misa 8**d ; the pleasing MissC**n ; | diss Rite; Mis* R ni, fair enough to purchase 1 n emperor's freedom. The daughter of the gallant 1 "ol. W h; the beautiful Miss K * * * rn, of ' Vrry street; and the Misses W |'a, of Park . 'lace; nnd other beauties, forming a constellation, j right nnd beautiful as the dny was fair. The wotthy and extensively known host of the i 1 Marble Pillar," baa a somewhat lormdabU cometitor in "Bob Harris," who opened rich to-day on ' he opposite conn r. under the sign of the "Rival 'illnrTemperai < has made sad havoc in these ' nes. Soda water and ice cream claim a large c hare "f attention from heaita and belles, and what nth excellent music from Jonnny Cooks's and I>e- t ind's, in the Parks, every plessant evJntng, give b ouretreets a very livelv appearance. Ourcttizcna t re much indebted to 'hem for the pleasure they \ avc afforded them, and will doubtless repay as op?rtunify offers. Ai.hasy, July I, 1*42. ' fourth nj July in Albany?Burftmt'i Corpt?The t Military? Trmptra net, iff. >r.^n 3m ? . , This being the glorious anniversary of our na- | iona independenre. 1 have taken it for granted that ??py? hi ww?win n . . i " [era: 2. ou would be pleased t* hear iruiti this our most anient and highly honored city. The Burgesses turned out strong, some tifiy mailers, with white punts, red coats and hear ?<kiii a|is a hi Anplaint. It reminded me of the troo|H tationed in Canada last summer (the Cold Stream iuards.) Capt. Bayeaux loomed large, and Bobby Veils did his best, but he looked warm. All our military companies np|>cured well, and served commendation for their drill and c?)uipiicnth. Our citizens do not bestow that attention pon them which they deserve. It was rumored yesterday that a tiglit would take luce between the laborers of the Western Railroad lompany and the several Hibernian Bevevolent Societies with which our city abounds. Happily othing occurred to mar the festivities of the occaion. uiir i entrance rocieucs nau a ceieoruuon 01 heir own, and listened to a most soul-slim'ig oraion from the Hon L. Spraguc Farsons, ol this city, ["hey numbered very large, and produced most >e&utiful banners. 'J hat painted ny Mr. Fuller, tie of j our city, elicitedtrepeated ebullitions of aplauac, Ft was a chef d' mrre of art. We went to church (through the buck way) Mr. alitor. Hnd witnessed a most glorious sight ! Lalies?tne fairest of creation, were assembled, and elieved the eye, after glancing over the crowd of leads belonging to the other sex. William F. hrong did us the honor to read the Declaration to ho Societies assembled, stating that sixty-six years go our forefathers delivered to #ie world the I)e laralii ii of Independence, A:c. llis manner was iretty good, but he was most loo vain. He scarcely ooked at the copy. We know not hut that lie ate tied all, for they tried to get up a cheer ufterrard. so one can fail feeling n flash of patriotism when icaring tliai our ancestors pledged their li-.es, formica and sscieil honor upon the issue of the conest. A thrill ran through all, nor could it fail, as oust hail o deep interest in the result of the struggle. The Rev. Mr. Campbell, late of Brooklyn, dcli\-red an oration. It was eloquent, and went to the i'-art of each hearer, whether citizen or foreigner. A'efwould willingly listen to a re|>eiition of it. lie Mr. C.) left a largs aad wealthy Hock, in B , o sustain a poor and impoverished one here. sincc then they have rebuilt their church, and have uoved into it, under the happiest auspices. May lis labors be !>!--sscd as he could with, K. V. Philadelphia. 11 orrc?i*.;id<rnee ol tile HtlIiI. J I'niLtinLrun, July, 1, 1843. Nothing is !|K>ken ofhero to-doy much hut the terrific! term of rain, lightning aud thunder, with which w e were riait?<l last night. The lilte waa never witnessed nor lenrd hare by our oldest inhabitant!. It sqnallud the nest vivid de*cri].tioui of like scenes in the passes of >outh America. For more than two houri the firmament >re>*?ntcd almost a continued (boat of ilaine, ao coustaul nd wide sprea'. were the flashes of lightning ; and the hnuder, which from the suddenness w hich i' in every intance followed the tleili, affording the moat certain evilev.oo of the proximity of danger, wax ol the moat crashing md startling character. The alarm was almost universal, >ut the damngc and destruction was much less than rotild have been imagined. A dozen points or ao were itruek, aud two or three buildings were barned ; but itherwlse uo vaat amount was destroyed by the lightning. 1 considerable quantity of goods wore damaged and daitroyej by the overflow of cellars and basement stores, "nil particulars of which you may find in the papers of Saturday afternoon. Nothing of inipoi tance from Harrisburg. A small amouut of business in stocks to-day-. Vice ( Jsartccllor'n Court. Before Vice Chancellor McCoun. Ii i v 3?Decision.?J. M. Dradhvrtt and allien, ticcuton of Motet Fitld.?Ordered, that R. \V. Townsend, the receiver, account to Mr. Wm.Mitchell, a master ol [his Court, fr r the rent of premises No. 33 Front street, md that lie pay over f 699 !l|r. for deficiency, Ac. Trustees of the I enke and ITat/t Orphan ^.tijlum (utlint .V. Lawrence and olhert. eTtculort.?An application was made to compel defeiidauts to pay amount swarded uto Court or give bonds according to law, in double the urn, and to justify, Ac. The Vice Chancellor said todo [his would be to compel two persons to justify in the sum nf $110,(KM) each, w hich security wns hard to be obtained. Orlered, that the security in bond and mortgage, for $110,000, as already offered, can be paid into Court in lieu of tho present bond, or the complainant is at liberty to let the matter rest as now situated. Charles Ih iken ton \* .Han mn Ackesly.?In this rasa some property w as put up at auction and knocked oil' for the nominal sum of $3. Complaint was made. .Motion denied. Complainant w ill be at liticrty to vacate tho decree and go back and correct his proceedings. Peter Huhbell and olhert vs. David Donaldson.?A motion asking for leave to come in and take testimony. Motion, under circumstances of the case, denied, with costs, tobe taxed, anil charged in part of defendant's costs, if anyallowed him, otherwise to lie paid by complainant. Stephen Striker and olhert vs. ..Ihraham Crisf, a Solicitor of the Court?Relative to a mortgage for over $3000, banded for collection. Ordered, that the subject be referred to Mr. Mitchell, a master, to ascertain and report what Mr. Critt has collected, end that witnesses can be examined, Ac. by either party. Henjamin Derrnport vs. Maynnrd Greer.?Motion to commit for contempt in not giving up certain household furniture as ordered bv the Court. Ordered, that defendant l>e committed to the close custody of the sheriff", unless he complies, Ac. Catharine 11airman, adm. vs. Patrick Qufn and I'riaS P. /a-rcy?Decree of stiict foreclosure allowed, with costs to he paid by defendant tjuin?the complainant to pay Levy's costs for the suit, to beiaxrd. Maset S. Pike vs ll'm. H'arner and olhert.?Motion to be relieved from a master's report relative to an insolvent ostate. Motion denied. It. Remt'n and others vs. The Trsttleet of the Tillage of Williamihurgh.?The complainants were the old Grand street and Williamaburgh Kerry Company, but got a new leave to run from thcloo'.of Houston street. The Fsrfin join on the other side and the new Otand street Company got leave to pint up a ferry house and a post and chain be. tween them. Tho present is a motion for injunction to prevent such. Motion denied. Clrc-tilt Court and Court of Oyer ami Terminer. Ji'lv 3th.?The July term of these courts commenced thi? morning.?Preactit Judge Kent and Aid. Stewart rind Bonne!!. The namra of Orand Juror* were railed, but a ullicient number were not preaent. Judge Kent remarked that m a Orand Jury was already aitting at the Court of Sennionf. it nn unnecessary to form the onu now mmmonrd, anil the membera wera diamiaaed for the term. The ix-tit jury wan then organised. Richard Nobha, a miacrable object, was arraigned for the murder of Janu-* Price, 8 year* of age, by cutting hia throat, at the home of Ann Morgan, 71 Cherry street, in Nlny la?t. Hia cotiuae), W. P. Craft, put in a plea of NottJuilty, on th? ground of insanity, and tha trial ivaa postponed ta September. Kenrral Rrailoaa. Before hia Honor llecorder Tallniady, Judge* Lynch and Noah, an I Alderman Leonard. Jimlii 11. Whitish, L*i|., Diatrict Attorney. Ji i.t Mi.?'The calender for the term compriiea the following caeca :?Infanticide, I ; Bigamy, 2; Forgery.8 ; Burglary. 10 ; Orand Larceny, 10 ; Lmbc/7.lemont, 1 ? total 30. Previously indicted, 22 ; convicted, 0. Total 82. The uBluer of the Orand Juror* being called, and there being but 1'2 in nt'endunce, the court diacharged them until Wadnewlay al 11 o'clock. The petit juron were then called, nnd'l I were finnd in the cum nl 025 each, fur nan-attendance. Four of the Orand Juror* cummoaed for Inet term, whose mimes w ere again called, were fined in a like aum : and fire of the officer* attached to the court were also fined $1 00 each, for being aba.-nt. Mutlaphn Jlli, Irird fnt GrnnH l.nrrtny?A getiint, who i[>?rta the aliove nami- or title, and nyn he wm in former Inyt a *ervant of Lord Byrou'a, while in Orecce, ?ti put upon hi* tt ial for Orand Larceny. The prnaoetition proved by Mr*. John A lam*, that prisoner came to thia country with heracll and httabnnd about 3 month* fince, in the ihip Toronto, fi-om London. That on the 24th of May, prisoner rami- to their premiie*, at 0P V'andnm atreet, and nflcr he lift, abc mi*acd two nl* sr watch"*, and one gold one. Her teetlmony wat rerv rontradietorr, ?he ftrtt having atntcd that two of the v atche* were, gold, and but one silver, Ac. she also ata dthat prisoner wa* in the prar'.lee of visiting thahon?e i*mi iv rvrrj hut mt n wvm prcvitn* to ins nni?- mo natchr* were miatcd, and that the did not leave the rooig ifter prisoner wont out, until It waa discovered that tht w atchcs ha 1 hern stolen. John Adam", the husband of previous witn' ??, teetffied that tho watches ware all three tilver, anil valued at >3V They hnveao' hra recovered. 1'rixoner in bl? cvatninntloii before tha police, denied all knowledge of the larceny, but admlttod that ha wise at tba House at the time stated by witnee?es lie was defended >y Theron Rudd, Ksqu ho contended that na no propery vu funnd upon prisoner, nor no trace of the goods to ilm, the mere clrcumst'iitlsl evidence given by the witi?sse? was not sutfici-Dt to author-ire a verdict of guilty. Ilia juiv accordingly returned a venlict of not guilty vithout leaving their seats. The several cases ot Joseph Kotdnaon. the hlac.k bartlor, were sat down lor trial on Wednesday morning at 11 iYI?ck. Thiti inr, Servant TYirJ.?A colored girl named Jo?e hine Merry, who raaidod with fcvans Tbornhill, at 174 rwenty-llrat street, about flva months aincc, waa tried for 'ealing aeven golil hnirer ring", which were found on ler person by officer tfilllker. She vn convicted of [rand larceny without the juror* leaving their aaaia. t Hannah Johnson, a young girl aged about 19 ynars, ?ho to all appearances wi? laboring under partial inlenity, was arraigned for trial for grand larcanv, in dealing clothing valued at flOt, from several dillerant ier?ona, and unon being asked whether the wm guilty or mt, replied guilty, and urged an Immediate aentrncc on ho ground that shewhhed to he relieved from cetirtneaent in the city prison, preferring any other place of (mnishmcnt. Tr.e Court ordered her to fce returned to i? i?on, and stated that they would discuss the rr, itter on Wednesday morning. . . The Court then adjourned to Wednesday at II oYJ"Ck , J v-Tur-ac, Lii. ~~* ' - ..I ? -? ?1 Price Two Cents. Trurnr lis rHiLiiitirHii-uususi;* csdIIcmbuu? All liny on Friday tho heat was intolerable. The thermometer stood at HtJ ill the shade daring th<- gn ut?r part of the dev. The clouds collected in the cast, south east ami south |eltogcthcr. At one o'clock they began to murshal their forces immediately over oat city. Three o'clock, I'. M. a slight sun-shower occurred, w.-ttingonly a lew squares, and bending a magnificent raiutiow over us, that upp< ared to reat on the tali sharpie oft Ir.-ist ( liureh, and a'tracted great attention. At seven o'clock llu-rk) became thoroughly cvcrcast. An ordtuerv thunderstorm succeeded and lusted for about an hour. Alerasbgli cessation, the wind suddenly went dowu?a dead calm fall on the eur.h a rumbling iu the mid-heaven that grew louucr and louder, alnrmed all whohaudlt? and then commcno?d a scene ol sublime aud terrific grandeur to which language cannot do justice ! It seemed as if tho heavens hud oner I, the run, coming dow a in 0 perfect cataract, the forked lightning skipping thiougk it as if in play, or assuming.? broad giut.. that made the laJllug waters look like sheets of living burnt pouring out their doz/ling breath on human habitations. Than the thunder w as exceedingly loud, constant and peculiar. 'I ho rumbling sound did not ceate ut all, crash alter crash ( ! lnu fv! pni'h ntlipr in mir.h 1 aiiitl niPi'^Mtitt' 41 piercingly close. In tho mulst oi this, when'the most vivid bla^e of lightning wu frit, tad n thunder-clap hoard that seemed like tho sudden discharge of ton thousand cannon, nioro or leu, an immense bull of fire was seen by n number of persors to Ml in tho viefcii tj of Third and l>ock streets?and instantly afterward is. was diacovrred tiiat there liail boon a kolo aa large at a hogshead dashed through the wall of St. Paul's ( hurch. Just such auother scene tiie storm of laat Friday preacntod. For several days before we noticed an old woman who called herself Ann Milluon, promenading the upper part ofthe city, wi'h hair all dishevelled, feet bare, Had clothe* whose tatter* were mutoly eloquent, constantly m'inibllug to hersi If, and now and then breaking out into an exclamation of ' <hid1* vengeance u;>on thiswlrki-d city 1" She wa* an entire stranger. Noono knew whence she came, or w hither tho was bound. She u'ked for aothing, appeared to oat aothing, and refoaed whatever the rharilv of the benevolent induced them to otfor her. The lust tfca- \v as seen of her was on Friday evening, la the midst ol the most frightful portion of the tempest rim wm seen Handing in Rare street opposite Franklin aqtiare, with her arms and eves uplifted towards the 'ky . A horrid crash followed?a blinding flash of the most vivid lightning -and she wa* gone ! But the remembrance of her haunted the mind* of all who had seen her, and many were the npprehen*ion* of a judgment upon our devoted city for its manifold iniquities. -/'A.'/adr/pAtu Timtt, July Uh. Several houses in Kensington were struck by the lightning; one at the corner of Wood and Franklin streets had all the window* of its front broken, a number af tho weather boards torn oft and the garret window?w here thn lightning tirat struck?considerably shattered. Two of the nouses in Keen's Court, in Bedford street, w ere damaged. One in w hich Mr. Stnr resides, had the hack low er room window started from its position, and a rrttaa tinder it, on which a child was sleeping, thrown hack in the room. The child was not injured. Mr. Ziegler, next door, was lighting a candle when the house whs struck. On recovering from the shock, lie found the wick of tha candle only remaining in his hand?the tallow having been melted entirely away by the heat of the eloctrie fluid. The roofs of the houses were rireu asunder, and otherwise injured. Another building in Barah street was slightly injured by the lightning. Auothcr house, at the corner of Wood and Priuco streets, in Kensington, was slightly injured. In this house the entire woiks 01 u clock, r?-injf metallic, were toru cut, but the wooden frame sustained but little injury. The chiniuev nf a home iu Vino etreet, above lltli, occupied by Mr. Ya'es, was knocked down, and a lady nau-.od Mil. Dean, who reside* iu that vicinity, was foretime paialyred by the shock. Tk'u dwelling of Mr. Morris, in Twelfth atrcot, above Race, wai struck; the fluid passing down the cbituuey and making two hole* in the wall, one in the third and tha other hi the second utory. in It* oacape. It also injured ua adjoining house, turning up a portiou of the zlnr roof. The House of Refuge wiu also struck, but tha damage was inconsiderable. Iu Popiar street, abovu lltli, tha foundations of two houses were iwapt away by the* flood, carrying along w ith it the w hole lower story of one of them. The dwelling of Mrs. Taifee, in Lombard street, alwra 13th, w as struck, the fluid passing through the kitchen, ntiil overthrowing a chair upon which hereon was aettiug. He fortunately escaped injury. A carpenter shop at the corner of Schuylkill, Seventh and Penrl streets, w as struck and set fire to ; but the exertions of the neighbors pi evented the flames from doing aiiieh damage. During the storm, the four basement stores at the northwest corner of Fourth and Market streets were filled with w ater to the ceiling. The loss in consequence was very heavy. The first wn* occupied by Oilllngham He Fulfil, umbrella makers, whose stock is estimated at aix thousand dollars, not an article of w hich w as got out, and the inmates barely escaped with their lives. There wer# eight wirsons in this store?four females, two boysand two men. The rush of w ater was so great, that the females could not make way against it, and without help must have drowned. The adjoining store was occupied by Mr. J. Fritz, as a whip store. The amount of goods in this store was not leas than two thousand dollars, und uot an article was got out. The next adjoining atore was occupied by Mr- Chas. J. Kern, as a brush and variety store, iu which the stock la estimatad at $1,600or $'1,000 ; like tlic others, all was overflowed. The fourth and last of tha row w as occupied by Mr. J. T. Whitaker, as a suspender,stock and ready made linen store, and had in it at the time about $3,000 worth of goods?all of which, except the linen, will lie a total loss. All these stocks were insured against fire, but not against flood. The flood was also highly disastrous to the bouses in the vicinity of Dock and Second streets, 8Dd thence down Dock to the river. The sewer ul this place soon filled, and one of the hatches giving way, the tide backed up, overflow ing the cellars along the street, and destroy ing a large amount of goods. The following, among other gentle | men, have suflcred considerable damage : Messrs. Webb A Toole, grocen, at the corner of Second and Dock, had about $3(10 worth of goods, consisting principally of sugars, in the cellar, entirely drstroy e<7. On tne opposite corner, Metier*. Clausen A Mall loft a quantity of tobacco. The cellar of Mr. McKeevvr, on the northwest eornur, w as filled to a considerable depth, and all his goods mined. The pavement onjosite the city stores, on the ea??. side of Dock street, raved iu, and the cellars were overflow kI. The w ater in Mr. Maroney's place not only filled the cellar, but was betw een one and tw o feet deep 'on tha ground Door. The oellnr? iu the neighborhood of Kifth and Walnut street* were likewise damaged by the flood. The basement of the Adelphi was completely drenched, and the Keeper of the establishment hu a revere loser thereby. The street adjacent was entirely submerged. St. Paul's Church, in third afreet, below Walnut, whs (truck by lightning. the fluid entering the chimney el the north side ofthc building, aLattciiug it eonriderably, tearing up part of the alnte roof, and melting the copper of the water apont. which fell in globule* to the ground. It then dispersed in minute (particle* to kurrouuding of jectt, (lightly damaging the buttonwood. tree nt the cornerofwilling'i alley, opposite, and the small tree aland ing in front of Mr. Tliackara's house, a short distance at>o?e. The chimney of hir. Hugh i avenaugb's house, on Almond afreet wharf, waa euti rely demolished by lightning. The fluid glanced and seriously injured a man (tainting on Water street, nlxjut fifty yards from the rpot, and prostrated a gentleman named William Banins uud a small boy who waa standing along able of him. A barn, belonging to Mr. Joshua Woolmrr, near the county prison, was, with it* ccntenta, entirely destrnred by the lightning. Several cows in the !<arn at the time, w ere destroyed ; whether killed by the lightning, or couauined by the fire, ia not known. On the other aide of the Schuylkill, below the flop# Ferry, the barn of Mr. Henry Hahan, nud two stneka of buy, just gathered in, ware struck and consumed. During the thunder storm thnt posted over the ally uu Saturday afternoon, a Mra. Teylor, residing in Fourth "treet iilxiv* I\>plar, wiu irveraJ) "tunned 0) tne ngiiuiliig and hM alnce boen lying ill?ljr*g*r. Yvata* ai?p Mexico.?WarecilrajymftrJiy F.I Boletin Comercial dc Hand* y t'ampoche, of tin- 10th instant. The newithercin contained ia ot importance a* ditptayin* the tone of the time" and the pualltnn of partiea. In Yticatan the people and goTernmeftt are determine,! to maintain thoir independence nt all haraeda. A prvr .a. mction haj Juat been ieaued by lha Ooromor, announcing that '"ongreai haj given full pow era te the executive to organiae, and, if necetjarr, ilicrcnie the miliary powcrof the State. ?o a? to t>e fally preparao to i-tndat agftc"aiou on tbe part of Veiico. It alao explriina th? wanner in which It " ill he carried into effect, and any a that prompt warning will ha triren ahen it may be neceaeary for the prople to ri?e In defence of their homea. [From Kl 8i*lo de Meride, XIX.] A law minutea before going to pre", we received the following trom a friend. We have heed lor aer eral daya of a proclamation from Santa Anna, a? Dictator, but some peraona doubted the truth afit. Th'adornment look" IJta a confirmation. Article 1 ? By the national aote, and by the i alinat aoldiera, we declare Ilia Excellency Antouia Lop, a de Smite Anne, supreme chief of th" no'ion, and oom nander-in chief ofthe Army and Nary during!.'" Kfit. I Art. 1.?The ample farnitic* git -n hi the ebkl are <.uly auch ?e are required for the good uI the nation?an b"ig a* they do not interfere with the liru 'Tproprriuwof the .11 habitant*. Art. S.?The supreme chief, when hrtbmka proper,a 111 conrene a national naaenihly for 'be formation of a conati tutional code, hut which "hall not, howerrr, interfere with the article firat of thia plan. Art. 4.?Every Department w ill "end mrmhera.who will con'ttlt with the chiel when they hare reeolutiaoa to pro' Art. A?All Otllrtaading petition" *? to the diviaien of territoriea of Department" ? ill be decided hv the chief. Art. 0.?The rapre*etit?tioo ot llic Interioi Department* will hemadc when it ia fortheirgnod Art. T.-Th-' mholic dportohc Krllgion ahall ha pro(erred in ita independence and integrity , mid th< .uprrme chief ahall t?k? an roth I" pmt. ! ft in all ita aac.ted ^Art. f Th' haiahera will decide on the sainr tube an en to the "iiprcme chief. Art. S --All the ant horn ie? nl the nation, an,I the valliaut I aoldi-rv, ah*l! take oath to "ostein thia plan. D'?i" "r t r>'raiar**.?t'olonel Haynea, late troaatirer of Oeorgia, baa died a iefaulter to the State, to ay on ildrrihle amcur.t. We arc informed that the defn ifa alfend' aarertrxiiC'd from the < omptrollir'l book" ia $ I*4 00", The actual emtieirlement ol pttbllc moaey ia, however, WB?' greater.

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