22 Temmuz 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Temmuz 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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WMklnfton. [Carrespoudeuc^of (he Herald.] Wasuinutum, Wednesday?3 P. M. hiliigi of Cougreu^The Tarl IT?-Effect o the Veto. Another Congressional day of no public impot Alice, but of great interest to individuals?prival< iaimsin the S*nate, and territorial bu-ineas in th> louse. The topic now under consideration is tie loundary line between Missouri a id Iowa tern ory. The Finance Committee of the Senate have de ermined to report the House tariff bill. An effort vas made to substitute the bill prepared by Mr. Siu^ nons, the chairman of the Committee on Manufactires, but the Finance Committee stood three lot he House bill, and two for Mr. Simmons'. The rill will be reported to-morrow, and immediately aken up. The proposition to strike out the distrijution feature is expected to be rejected by the folowmg vote JJ <jtt. NowMca*rt Allen, Measr*. Archer, Benton, Bayard, Baghy, Butti, Berrien, Barrow, Buchanan, Crittenden, Calhoun, Craft*, Cuthbert, Graham, Fulton, Conrad, King, Clayton, Linn, Henderson, McHobert*, Choate, Young, Kerr, Sturgeon, Evan*, I'reaton, Uavton, Sevier, Miller, Smith of Cone., Huntington. Rives, Merrick, Tappnn, Mane urn, Williams, Phelps, Wilcox, Smith of Intl., Walker, Porter, Woodbury, Simmona, Wright?2$. Morehead, Sprague, Tallinadge, White, Woodbridge?27. The btil will probably imisb by about the same ma ority. The period of the discussion is altogether u natter of conjecture As it is almost universally ixpected thut the President will be constrained to i withhold his signature, it would be idle and useless o spend much time in perfecting the details of the nil; but the debate was ample and prolonged in the louse, and there is no reason to suppose that it will )e abridged by this consideration in the Senate. It ras stated two or three days since, that the demorat ic Senators had determined merely to express heir opposition to the principles ol the bill, without oiug into the details. If this course shall be adoptd, tli? President may have the bill in bis hands by he tii-i of August. Tfic no. ority have not determined upon their ourse, if it shall be >ent buck without the execuive sanction. The distribution men will try to adluru immediately, and leave every thing in confuion; but this proposition will probably be put own. and the revenue question will very likely be ettled by going back to that stage of the compro Im;i wuiuu c.vipicu uciui'.' wic mot, twu ui mice Auctions?say in 1H38?and re-enacting the laws ten in operation, and embracing tea and coffee l. Urge majority of both Houses of Congress would nite upon this plan, if the bonds of party disciline could be burst asunder. This would give adcnnte protection, and at the same time yield as inoh revenue as we can hope to collect in the promt condition of the country. \mongthe manybrneficit! consequences thathave esulied from the veto ol tile I:ui". turill" bill, will 1" le effect produced on the Ci ly papers i rhich were yielding a qtuin, mercenary, liikewaiiri nd utterly useless support to the administration, t'-r le sake of the government patronage. The fierce ! ?irit of persecution which has been manifested in ongress towards the President, has spread among lie whig papers, and all have thrown off the mask tven th" printing of the laws and the public adverting wore not sufficient to induce a continuation rtheirhypocritienleeone. Thn loved tho money, lit they feared the discipline of party and the delunciation of party h aders more. They pretended k support the administration merely to pocket til" rocoeds of its patronage, and they denounce it [hen there is more to lose than gain by continuing I the saine course. Tho treachery of false or met. I nary friends, is more to be dreacfed than the open stihty of avowed enemies. In this point of view, erefore, the last veto has been of service to th esident and to the cause of truth and fair dealK Suncethis veto some of thePresident's friends have en most unjustly and m dignantlv assailed. Mr. tailing, especially, has been the object of unsparg invective ana insidious misrepresentation.? very effort has been made to prejudice him with s constituents, to pervert his position on the tariff, id to conceal the true state of the case and the real sue before the people. Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, July 21, 1042. r. Editor k mo?t fatal and melancholy accident happened to a y aged about It years, named William C. Corkral, yesrday morning. Ho, with rome of hit companion*, had no out a abort distance from the city to ihoot for amusepnt with a piatol. Some how or other, when tl.e piitol u in hit hand* and pointed toward* him, it went iff, Iging the content* in hi* right breast. He ran rome hes, exclaimed he was shot, fell down and expired in a k minute*. It is a pleasing task to notice merit at all times, and espeLlh morn to, when it s'ands out prominently. 1 wa> Lieut last evening at the American Theatre, Front mot, an I witnessed the performances of that inimitabh uestnan corps under the direction ot Messrs. Walsh It Delivan. Mr. Risley and his little son, attached t< | corps, intend shortly to visit your city, for whom I b< Ink \ our most favorable notice in advance. The boj is (questiomanly a prodigy ?a wonder of the age?and Bnithasall who do themselves the pleasure of witner|g his performances. What none have ever done before In, he accomplishes with ease ; that is, to stand on the lei of hi> father's feel and throw a hack somerset. Bean Idartntr ; id grace, are combined in his every move Int. 'fhe Shaksperian characters by Mr. Rogers, inn Ing Hackett as Kalstatf, Kenn as Shy .0 k, and Booth athard the Third, were the most elegantly executed Lestnan performances I ever saw. Ijwiiigto the importation of ready-made clothing, and Irme.nts being sold so cheap, theie lin.c been a larg< Inborof journej men tailors thrown out ol employ ? In complain very much of th ir business being moueli.'e i by loreigners. This of itself is evidence sulflciei l nor ol a protective tariff. fcu-iness as usual at this season of the year is ML W> K ill hope, however, and rejoice that the Giver of all |>J lias blessed our city with healibfulncss. The dt I retary of the Tressury does not justify the hope so conf ; uently felt by hie friends, a few dayi since, of his early n Lruvery. His friends will, however, be gratified to lean "that his disease. although attended with great suffering has not yet been regarded dangerous, and hopes are entei ' taieed that a lavonib.e crisis has alreudy been exhiblte . ? Maditonian, July 19. ArroiNTMENT ar Tits rassinsaT.?Beiyamin R. Cow herd, Register of the hand Oltice at Jackson, Mississippi rice James M. Hartford, resigned. Mrtrsatot'S DrrsHTL as..?John H. Rickett, a gentle I man who has attracted cousidetable atteuteu in the dn { goods trade, in this town, left this place more than a weel ago for New York, as it w as suppose I by his friends, fu the purchase of goods. A few Jay s after his arris al thuri 1 his ssife, at home, received a letter from a Mr. Cook, brother in-law to herself, imparting the intelligence lint he: ! htt-bani had gone to the wharf attlie foot o I Twenty firs street, in company w itli him, and while standing there lit fell into the stream, and was swept aw ay so quickly thai his body could net be found. A rew aid ul ten dellars u ar othred for its recovery, and handbills were issued to thai etiect. A gentleman w ho had but recently become connccte with Kickett in trade, as copartner, repaired to New York at once, and found that this Cook had taken passage foi Liverpool. It w us also recollected that Cook, hating at fust engaged passage for himself and wife, had afterward ' procured a change of accommodations, for himself and another gentlemen. Theother person, it is suspected,was John 11. Rickett, late of Worcester. The wile of Cook did not sail, but was found at home. The letter of Cook to Mrs. Kickett bears the hand writings of two or three different persons ; and we confess the tone of it is not nltogctherthat of realcalamity or sincere affliction. Mr. Kickett has, we believe, been at some former time a clergyman of the Baptist denomination, and none, more than those who hare thus been induced to confide in himv regret the susnicions that well exist in the present instance. A trial upon an indictment for obtaning money by false pretences w as impending over him at the time of his depurture. It is also believed that he took w ith him about $3000iu cash. Nothing has transpired concerning this strange case of drowning since Cook's letter. We I fhit.lr tKat nii-Li.lt ii)ten,ii-ft uhl'll he left this place, to commit suicide ; for having for some time advertised in the newspejrtrs pretty extensively, and possessing the sum ol $3000, it cannot he that he would not first have paid the demands which stand against him.? Wirrcrs/tr (Xjf- HAIR CU fTING.?Nothing distinguishes the extenor ol the true gentleman more than tne anangrment of h.s hair. It is never found in the extreme of fuhion.i '<r arranged w ith the punctilious minuteness of h petit maitre ; hut in that moderate and happy medium which taste and judgment ut all times approve. No one has done more for the establishment of a pure and correct tas'e in the department of Hair Dressing than Clirchugh. 90# Broadway One of Canova1* sculptured heads is not easier recognivi d than one of the living, arranged by the mag.c touch ; Min-hugh. In lioth there is the same classic oiuline, tl tun: beautiful proportion id the division of the heir, t' > -nine luxurious softness?in fact, an expre-siou giv. nto tb hole countenance, which can only be imparted ! > the ii. nd of a truly great artist. Gentle men who tudy p -or, ii appearance, or the elegancies o: fashion should plate iheir i. iir under his charge, and he assured they will not he disappointed. Entrance to the Gran I Gallery of Fashion. 903 Broadway. OtT- ONE VICTIM SAVED:?'The College of Mod cine and Pharmacy are now daily in the receipt of tin most gratifying letters descriptive* ol the remedial elect of their medicines. The following (the original ol which mar be seen at the Principal ollice.) details an utfcctiu; anil interesting case :? "Gentlemen?I propose to lay before you the case el aged 19 years, of delicntc constitution, and biliou temperament. In consequence of a disagreeable complaint which lie contracted nine months ago, he had become much reduced, and for fifteen days was confined to bed, before he procured a bottle of yourTosie MiiTUsr. After the first dose he was able to sit upfor three hours, and is now rapidly regaining strength." 1 am yours, fcc. E. B. MIDDLEBROOK. July 11, 18-15. The Toxic Mixrrav, and other preparations of the College, may be hed at the Principal Office, and of the sub agents in the city and country; the appropriate remedy for every case. W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal Office of the College, 97 Nassau st. fry- THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHAR ' Ai V i j eetfnlly inform the public that they have now in press, Hnd will pulili h in the course of a few day s, the first number of the " Fsmilt Phvsician, and Gaxette ok rn> College ok Medicine and Pharmacy," to be devoted to the advancement of medical and pharmaceutical science and the exposure of quackery. Such persons in the city as wi?h to he served with this jonrnal are requested to leave their names and addresses at the principal office ol the College. The journal will be published gratuitously, the object of the College being to advance the great interests of medical science, a portion of their funds being it t apart forthat purpose. Bv order of tho College, \V. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine anil Pliar macy, 97 Nassau st. New York. July 17, 1819. 'ft?- THE AMERICAN CATHARTIC PILL.?This Pill, one of the happiest combinations of which modern science can suggest, has been prepared for the peculiar use of tho?e subjected to the trying vicissitudes and influences of our American climate. The effects of particular climates on the healthy exercise of the functions of vital organs are only beginning to be properly studied and understood. The' excellent preparation now, for th first time, offered to the inhabitants of the United Stater, has been the result of careful investigation into the nature and causes of some of the most prevalent diseases ef this climate, which are chiefly owing to the derangiments of the biliary secretion. Unlike the disagreeable and drastic purgative of the nostrum venders, this preps ration does not irritate, the bowels, nor produce piles and other distressing affections, but by exciting the whole aliamcntapy carrl to healthy action, it carries oil all th' vitiated secret*.cj, purifies the blood, and gives new vigor to the vital powers. Sold In boxes at 60 cents, and 35 cents each, with full directions for use. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Phaimarcy, 97 Nassau street. (XJ- STARTLING FACTS Hundreds of children snd adults are lost yearly with worms, when some othei rause has been supposed to be the true one. It is admitted by all doctors that scarce a man, woman or child exists but what are sooner or later troubled with worms, and in hundreds of cases, sad to relate, a suppose i fever, scarlatina, cold, or some other ailing, carries oll'th' lowers of the human family?while in truth they die ol worms! nnd these could have been eradicated in a day, by tha use of a bottle of Kolmstock's Vermifuge, at the cost ol a quarter of a dollar. How sickening the thought that these things should be? and who can ever forgive themselves for not trying thi; Worm Exterminator, when they know that even if tht rase was not worms, this remedy could not l>y any possibility do hurt?but always good as a purgative?let the disease be what it may. How important then to use it,and who will dare take the responsibility to do without it? Let every parent ask themselves this question in truth ami soberness. The Vermifuge may be had for 23 cents at 71 Maiden Lone. 07- WE BEO TO DIRECT TI1E ATTENTION OK utr readers to the following communication, addressed n" Messis. II >w i.a>> k. Sn.v, 20 Hatton Garden, London," . hose t Ivertisemcnt appears in another column. Gentlemen,?I have much pleasure in being able to inrm you of another case of the almost miraculous efficacy d your Ksi.tcr. I em a young man twenty -one years rage, au.l have been for the last seven or eight years >rniented with having large sores and pimples on my iee, for which I have advised from time to time with the ifterent dec of this and the adjoining (Limehuitse) i isli, t<> ne i-ct. I was last induced to use your haly lor, and a >< i having used very little more than two 4s is I Iwttles, have the hnppino-.- to inform you, that they arc ail removed, und h?r<- not left the slightest trace behind. I a ', gentieini \ our gra'.eful humble servant, H. LOWTHKR. Pknnt Fields, Ton aii. 7 13 21 Whkst In ill . ..i the country there hits been a t immense increase in the growth of Wheat, Of the crop in Michigan, Western New York an I Ohio, hali the surplus will hud ifi way to Emlarid via Canada, the other iialf w ill how r- r rcac.i Boston aud New York. Most < f the Illinois crop will go to New Oiieansin wheat and thnccto New York for exportation. There w ill licmoi' wheat in New York in December and January then eve w as before at any time. The present price is 1,26 to l.-'l" cents the bushel. I'he new ciop w ill probably l.c ol. under a dollar, at whieh price it will find a furugn maikct. OCh VAUXHALL GARDEN.?This popular place o Q&- THE NEW WORLD FOR SATURDAV, JUL! U, will be* splendid and interesting number. The ful lowing ere *ome of iu chief content! :? Jack Hinton, the Guir.Lmtii,?being the cntii. July part of " Our Met!"?rich and racy. Obei grutelen, from Dumai' interesting Travelliti Sketches. Rutgers Female Institute?an account of tl > lulu Anniversary Commencement, including the Re|?or ol Committees, Award of Premiums, and the Prise Con positions. Animal Magnetism Thirty Years Ago?ai original tra-islatiuii I'lOTa the French. Sjieech ol Baroi Charles Du| upon the Kightof Search end a maritinn tar. Old Bai .lelors?n copuul original sketch by Lin coin Tumble, E i[. An Incident iu the Reign ol Eliza beth?Original Poetry?(Jems from the Olt Poets? lecte l Poetry?Full account of the French War Steams Gomez?Editorial, Scrap Book, Political News, Litera" Notices, General Intelligence, kc. Ac. All Li 6} ceiitaJ i-'.-oue fourth the oookature price for " Our Mess'' alone *3 a y ir. Anew volume commenced on the 1st iiistan' ag'od timefoi new subscriptions to begin. Office JO Aru street, where citizens an I strangers are invited to cal The latest works of popular authors are for sale at 600 p< cent less than liook prices. Important to Young I'eonle of both Sexes. (flT- WF. MIGHT SAY TO OLD PEOPLE TOO, A word of advice with you. You know that in this life pel soual appeal Mice ottcn rules yeur prospects in life? ni sne is proof uguiust it?every body likes beauty bottei han boll mess. Yon may all become good looking if you like. Miud, we speak the truth. You may have a beau tiful clear akin, and a fine hea l of hair, if your skin iyellow, aunburnt, freckled, has any eruption ou it, use one cake of the Italian Chemical Soap, ami you will havi a clear skin?out word for it. It is curing hundreds in this city. II you have bad hair, why Jones' Oil of Cora. Circassia will make the hair grow, stay it falling off, cure scurl or dandruff and give light or grey hair a line dark look. We request our readers to observe that there is no pulling in this statement, but | lain faets. Both article* are sold by J. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, Stl Chatham street, at a price suitable to the must econamical. ? Courier and Enquirer Agents, 8 State street, Boston ; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia, and 131) Fulton street, Brooklyn. {!(/- THK BEST NEWS WE CAN TOSSIBLV give tor the benefit ol those who Milter with the Tootl ache, and wish most for a speedy and effectual cure is, that they can certainly be cured by Wheeler's Te.iherry Tooth* ash in live minutes at farthest, and a healthy action of, the tooth created, which strengthens it, an>i retards decay, thereby makingthetooth sufficiently health} to he of much present service. It cures soreness and bleeding of the gums, tightens the teeth when loosened by toothpastes, or powders working beneath the gums, and alv ays keeps the teeth, gums, and motuh pleasant and healthy. Sold at No. 1S7 Broadway. QQ- AMERICAN MUSEUM?The engagements of Yankeu Winchell, the model of Dublin, the mysterious Oipsev Girl and Diamond and W'hitlockare fast'drawing to a close. This fashionable pluoe of public roeort, continues to bo thronged throughout the day and evening. The Oallery of Pictures recently purchased at the great sale in Boston has all been added to the Museum withnutextra charge. A balloon ascension takes place this evening from the garden on the top of the Museum. C-7- WONDEREUl THE (iOOD THAT SHER,-na.i's Lo/eugea are doing. You can now go to sea and have c> fer.r of sea-sickncss. Sherman's Lozenges will nte it ; or your headache in a few minutes ; and his re< .! -\ e Lozenge* will stop the worst case of diarrhoea i i euess in a few hours and no mistake. Dr. Sherman's Office I-. at 100 Nassan-street. one doorabove Ann. ? ?J' CHATHAM THEATRE?Hill continues to at tai crow dud liousis at this establishment. He appears to-night us Di. Lott. in tne drama of Caspar Mauser, am. ii Jonathan l'loughboy, in the prize oomedy of the Fore'l^llose. The drama of Napoleon is also produced, powerfully cast. ROCKAWAY?The first Ballot the season will be given at the Pavilion, on Friday evening next. Kammerer's Band nre in attendant e. The House is fast filling with fashionable and agreeable guests. Persons desiring rooms must applv immediately, it * ' HIRAM CRANSTON. Herald llulletln of News, The Herald Bulletin of News is kept at the north-west jomor ol Eultoii and Nassau streets. On the arrival of th? norning mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of thi evening mails, at four o'clock, P. M., the latest intelligent from all parti of the world, may be found on the llerali Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stot ind road. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the olfice Herald General Printing Office. The General Printing Office, capable of doing all aoru j A printing, such as liooks, pamnhlets bills, curds of all | Inscriptions, is now open attlic Herald Buildings, entrance from Nassau street?Joseph Klliott, Frinter. The New York hantct, fa7~ A few copies of the first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now bo had at the publication office.?Price $2. City Despatch foist, 40 Wu.liim Street. Princitai. OrricE.?Letters deposited before half-pas', s, half-past 12, ami half past J o'clock, will l>c sent out to' lelivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Orriccs.?Lettersdeposited before 7,11, and -i I'clock, will he?eat out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock ALK.X.'.M. OftElG, Age nt MOSICV MARKKT. Friday, July 31?0 P.M. For sound flocks tho market haa been a little more firm to-day, and a better feeling generally prevails, from the fact, that uothing seems to retard the return of commercial activity but the want of a proper adjustment of the revenue laws, nnJ also the conviction that Congress will not dare longer to trifle with the best inteiests of the country, or make its welfare subservient to party purposes. Kentucky 0 per cent stock improved 1J per cent ; Harlent Railroad rote 3} at the board, but subsequently fell back 2 percent. It is stated that the extraordinary opposition experienced by the great operator, from certain of the Direc tori of the Company, some of whom are possessed of but nvc inurrs 01 kiock, 11 n - reaiiy unccicvi 11 is minu. ?iin n vast fortune embarked in (he Company, be finds the direction composed of its creditors; men utterly opposed to its best interest, and opposed to every thing calculated to promote the ultimate welfare of the road, and consequently of that of the trading community of the whole city and State. Such a ronlrtltmyt is enough te drive a man of ordinary mind mad. Delaware and Hudson fell 1 per cent The applications during the morning for the Corporation 7 per cent loan, 10 years, have been to a great extent, and the whole amount was subscribed for belore 1 o'clock.? The Corporation has now all the money requisite to finish thu supplying tho city with the " Croton Wator," and has borrowed all the law allows them. Nearly all the half million w as taken for investment by institutions and individuals, mostly of the latter out of business. One hundred thousand by John Jaaob Astor. The New York State 7 percent, '49, enquired for at 101, and Ohio f's, 1960, selling at "3$. Treasury Notes, 6 pur cent, par to 1-8 per cent premium. A bookkeeper in the Dank of America is discovered to be a defaulter to the amount of fiIS,000?probably more.? He has absconded. Whose negloct is this owing to 1 I he Decatur branch ot the Alabama- Hank nas commenced paying specie at the rat* of 30 per cent of the face of the notes presented, and the balance in the notes of other banks. One of the Hank Commissioners ha* published the following statement of the circulation of the Bank of Buffalo : Dv the engravers' accounts the Bank has received blank 'sheets to $(,'303,000 Blat.is sheets now on hand in bank, (11,400 $1,181,000 Note* s gnediandjiiow in Bank, $319,(I'll Do redeemed by receiver, 7,731? $397,339 $634,949 Mutilated notes destroyed aa appears on lwoks, 367,399 X.res to be redeemed out of safety fund, $990,656 Actually redeemed by Comptroller, 987,619 Excess, $101,136 Indfor Heward-atreet flour ia rather limited ; the latent ?n were at JO ; City Milla and Susquehanna flour ore ) held at the lame price. A lot of new Maryland red eat, goo I quality, was sold yi sterday at $1,20 ; inferior ili ies were also disposed of at 82 and 106 cent*.? ere ia hardly any corn in market; 1 quote white at 67, [yellow do 68 cents, oats 14 cents. The provision rket is without change in prices or the least animation, liakey has advanced to 24 cents for hhds, and 26 for his, y scarce. I can hardly inform you how money mati stand. The brokers are in perfect statu quo. They i of closing their oilices entirely. The difliculty in ting mones exchanged is very "great?many persons eto tHke it"to Washington. 'ha circus is doing very well at the American TheeItisthi only place of public amusement now open, e museum, ? h'ch ought not to be, has been closed lot j week* past. L tnort beautiful moon never graced the heavens than ime.l foStli last night. It was divinely exquisite. This ping is clear and pleasant. Yours, " RODERICK. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] r?HL4t>r.t.PHis, July 21, 1812. In sppoitionment bill was voted through the House of [cmbly day bofore yesterday, and at the latest dates was Iding In the Senate. This bill, I judge, from the fact 1 all the democratic county members voted against its Lag , is considered rather favorable to the whigs. A luWtor of sisie sci?.ie? In such matte s, ravins er I hill ilte demooi its will h; ve twelve tocinh?-r* co:*tj:n, Iwhigseight menihers certain, on i t' at three distr, u IdjuMiul a. to their polities, the indications weir I it would tweutne a law At bad excited much debate, |e of which was pretty tart, bet veen members of the le (tarty. Isevere thunder storm visited Harrisburg on the night I he 19th, with the following effects. The rod on the itol wu struck?no damage done. The fence on the ?r reservoir, about filly rods from the Capitol, wu ck, * I*>*t ip'lt i" shivers, aid the paling tcattcred ind. A home in Second itreet was struck?a |>ortion lie fine wall on the top torn off, and the fluid passed to cellar, without further damage. A barn near New iberland.onthe opposite wide of the river, was let on the blare of which wai distinctly seen from town ithcr hern was struck in Cumberland over the moun. ,tli?i"noke of which was only seen- A number of were torn tip and broken down in the town, and |,.w shutters, chimney* and signs were thrown down, n n ami scattered about. he rlisfess of the times in this city was added to last K bv the discharge of shout five hundred females, en d tmdt r the Commissary General in making clothing heni my. Tb" suffering in consequence o. this dis?c may h more readily imagined than di scribed, n it is knu vn that it was the only icsouro wliich of th"m had to maintain largo families. Cause? t of funds in the rational treasury, t/ willi im an I Bwkstone had rath'r a thin audience night, in consequence of the extreme warmth of the her. I In acting ol the lady, however, was never > sprightly or pleasing. The l ouses at the Arch are h the same hi at the walnut. Burton, we perceive, juit. storks nothing of moment?Hdo-,e at f e Boer' to -thr< eor four sales, all told. I nmuM-mi ni comi'ioiil Willi n mighty array til talent, independent of the great comedian Browne in two of his lest characters, and in which ho has no competitor living. The lovely Kate Horn makes her first appearance; tnii young lady will stratify many of her friends in appearing at Vanxhall in the same pieces wit a Mr. Browne. Her admlrer?(hive long been wishing her to appear; alienee< not fear receiving a hearty welcome. The Grand Bill also takes place on the festival floor. E. H. Conway introduce* some popular and beautiful music for the dancing his evening, Mo'e* in Egypt, I o?t i 11 ion. Cinderalla, lie. This will he a gr ind gala night at Vanxhall, all the world will he there. You tin'are ignorant of the stylcofen r rtammei.'S go. Ti Wets kept at the same low rates, 'lit cents. IJ- 1 RANKI.l.N MET WATER BATHS, CA3TLE a j,', Theluflux ol >isitors here dnring the poat and pre ent week, exceeded s.most allcHlcula'iun, and we are riyoieeilto lind that the strangers w ho visit our city foin a large and highly gratdied projiortion. Mr. Thomas, with lis usual liberality, has thrown open his baths one morning in each week to the Half Orphan Institution, thereby aifording to this interesting and dependent class, au opportunity of enjoying a healthful and hi acing recreation, and for which the trustees in their retort haveiac knowledge,! their gratitude. ?7- TO THE DEBILITATED AND NETIVOI S, the martyr* of ennui, latitude, low apiiitn, melancholy, to tho unhappy dvnpep'ic, the victim* oi Indigeation, ar.d all thote won and wanted auflerer* from prontrating ma* ladle*, the CoLi.rnr or Mrnicmr. ?>n Piiakmacy ofb r the mean* of permanent relief in their grateful and elegant preparation?tlicToci Mixti hi. Tni* invaluable mrdi eine in now meeting i|,e inent extraordinary mle. A tr.nl of H* rare re* in * vii (ue? i* invited. Sold at the principal office of i' ;>? Na-?ati *t:eet. New York, D' the ito e* e! ., . , | at i) Tremont row ,Bo*t"n tho prir.r [. I?, ... ? '' ',] Ptiite*. \V RICHARDSON, Agent. Prinrpnl oil " . . |egaof Mi . ,e and Pharmacy ?7 Nassau ntree'. ?7- TO THE F.,MALE SEX?An invaluable Mi di eine tor the cure of all tho--n di -ennc -peculiar to the aex and lor the restoration and | rctervaiion of the function of the female organ*, i* offered in the RaaToaaTiva I'ili of thaCot-Lroaor Mrmrmr nan Phabmact. Holdinl.oxe at *1 ,'?0 cent*, and 3b cent* each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Office of the College, 07 NMMan *tie?(. Presuming that the engraver's account is correct, the f -auJ must have occurred in entering false certificates of the amount of notes destroyed liy burning Much confusion prevails at St. Louis in relation to the currency. The Miners' Bank of Dubuque resumed on the 1st inst., but failing to make any arrangement for the redemption of its notes at St. Louis, the notes are at a great discount nt that point. On the Oth inst. the Perpetual Insurance Office stopped and settled with its depositors by certificates at 30 to !*> days, to those who rofusel Tennessee paper. L. A. Beuoitt kdo. declined paying on checks, other notes t ian tho'e of the Miner's Bank, which, from the above cause, were at a discount. Tbis is a just infliction upon those merchants of St. Louis who were sill) enough *o oppose the cxeitions of the Bank of Missouri two years ago, when it was stiiving to maintain a sound specie currency. The probability of the final t passage of the Tariff bill, which has passed the House is very remote; hut in order to show the result ol the one man power," In the legislature? for there w as ?Ct tally but one majority for the bill ai fn??ed?wo ritbjoin (he following comparative table :? A Comparath?. Statement or Tiir moit Important Arti c ley nr.ariiyo BPEtiiric Di ties aa iMro?rt> iatiii Bii.l jiyt IMAtr.D BY TIIF LOWt.lt HflUIIC, A ft I> BY TUT. A<:T OA' 11: ', ABit by thy. bn.i. propoai:|) by rur Committee on M?m ka> ri nrf, tsnrini propose i> by THE Sat rktary or the Treaai'i y. Commit- Strre I Inn it by .>lrt trr'i tai y't Hill Nit.iirt nf Jl' lirlet. n/IBW. Hill. Hill, jimii'H KUnnt'lt k lmi/> Y'liMrc yarn 10 11 II ll i' >: i'rf ilia* dnt"?!? ?.0. i'o- fij so <i0 35 tlo Vcnili n Sao. M '11 31 30 tio floor cl'ili |?al ?' : 11 ili 37 3.1 Oilcloth furniture. tlr? I2K 10 10 10 Cotton bAitirin.' tjo :'j 3 1 b Vint't'iV" * gallon' s .1 8 s Beertnotl !-' ( lOr-rnti? !? 20* ?n Oit.fi-li fcf do- - *0 - '1 Oil, oltTr lo ." 21 20 20 20 Oil.ei'Ytor do 10 37H 10 ? Oil,lint*e4 tin." 2.1 20 25 2.1 Oil, ri;i'i?ctl do 21 70 *1 2.7 Hujar, biown pound 21? 2 3 Siijir. white data I" H?- 7H ' 4 smear, loaf- do--- It t I Su<ar, lump It ather ref, do- 10 0 0 6 d Su.ar, candy do--- II <14 Smear.ayrisp do- ilX I 9 4 . ( liocolate do--- 4 4 4 4 Cheese do--- J9 7 6 ? Tallow candles do--- 4 4 4 4 ' Lard do--- S I I 3 1 Beef and pork do- t 2 I I i Bacon do--- 3 3 3 3 Butter do--- 1 J 3 J ? s iltpctrr, refined do- 3 2 3 2 ">il of vitriol - 3 | 3 I Dry ochre dv I I 1 1 Octira in oil,- IX IX l>? ? ited rud w bile lead ?o- 4 3 4 4 .Wliitii>4i do--- I I I IX Litharge do- 4 3 4 ? ni(l4oflrad do 4 3 4 4 5 Load, 1ie, he do--- 3 2X 3 3 1 Lead, pipe* do--- 4 3 4 4 Lead, old scrap do- -- Z IX ' ' 'i 3 C-rda.a, tarred do--- 4 4 4 4 Ooidage uutaued do- 4 4 6 6 I'hii.i , pack ijiread, fct do--- 4 ^Oprcl 6 6 * Cotka do--- IZ 9 It 30 |>r c Copper roda fc bolu do- 4 l 4 4 c Copper naila fe spikes- do 4 4 4 4 , Vire, ea or bouuel- --do-14 12X 12 to iron It al'll nov abv 14 do- 4 3X 4 4 lo dodo, above No. II- do- Z 6 * Iron nails do- . j 4 4 3 , Iron spikes do . - 4 3 4 2^% 11 Jo cables cli'liaaud parts do ?- 3 2 3 2X ' lo anchors do .. 2 2 ?'* '-S do anvils do -- Z 2 ?>a 2-S 1 Jo blCsmith's hauts.fec. do- 2X Z 2-X **? A do cast'gs vcass'la, fee. do--- IX ll4 '^a IX do all other do - I 1 I 1 do round and brazicra rod? 3-16 a 8-hi dia -do- - 3 ZX 3 2% do nail or apike roda- do 3 2S 3 tX lo sheet or hoop do-- 3 2X 3 VX , do baud, fee do 3 Z I ZX Join pua cwt.-- it) 40 40 60

lo old scrap do--- CSX 4ZX 40 40 h 1I0 bar rolled do--- 140 124 140 137 h lo bar hammered do-- 90 84 7 0 84 C Hemp do--. ZOO ZOO ZOO 200 Alum do 240 ZOO 240 140 . Copperas .--do-. ZOO 130 ZOO 200 ' Wheat flour -do - 40 40 40 70 * Salt bush- 10 8 6 8 Coal- do--- 6 Si 60 pt$t 74174 VV bent lo . 23 25 25 25 0?u do in in in 10 A Potatoes do-.- in 10 S 10 f Paper, folio k qr p'rt lb 20 15 17 17 A do foolwap, kc do-.. 17 12.4 15 15 I do piiutiiiK con'pt, kc -do - in 124 10 104 l do sht-atimt, kc lo . 3 124 3 3' ? all other ....... do-.. 15 3 15 15 1 fb>ok-i prior to l775 ---vol 1 -I to IIWIII 4 1 do oilier ill III p.iiglinh- -do- 4 4 4 4 I do Orerk k Latin b'd- do 15 15 15 15 f do do do unlionud--do-... 13 13 13 13 1 do all otliei bound---do-.. 30 30 30 ? I do all oilier unbound--do- 20 2fi 20 ? Aptli's vi'ls under 6 ox ar-.*' 175 120 175 171 { do do 6 to 10 ox Jo-225 170 225 225 Demijohn* No-... 2S 50 23 I3a20 ' (llasi bottles to 1 qrt--do 300 ICO 300 300 f Glass bottle" oeer I grt do- 225 300 400 400 C Playimt raids |>ark- M 10 25 25 J Window glass not over J ? by 10 per 100 joy 210 250 250 { Window (law ov H by 10 1 k not 0*10 by 12 100*. f.... m 237 275 350 f Window kI ioy 10 by 12 do 400 25C 32* COO \ run dried or iinoked .jitl... 100 100 100 100 J Kish'saluiou bbl .. 200 200 200 200 > do I mackerel do . ISO 150 150 150 J do all other do... luo 100 100 100 J Shots and slippers ailk pair 30 25 30 ' Shoes, prunella do--. 25 20 45 25 ' 8hoe?, leather, kc do-... 25 20 40 30 Shoe*, childrens do-.. 15 12 15 15 \ Boota and bootees do . 150 125 123 120 ^ Wooloeer 8 cnita lb s?.')t,c' 2?/*.?' xPfT' I 4 k 4 ct k 4 CU k 4 eta. k Jet. Woollen yarn do \ J J ? ? pr c| 30 pr ct ] Merino aliawU pet 50 40 40 40 ' Cloths and caasimerea--do 50 40 40 40 Other woollen mauule do 50 40 40 30 Clothes ready made- -do 50 50 50 50 pet Olaaennt lb j kTcu 137 2i*42 Glaea 0ain and other -do j k i*ct?Ct 108 '* Thia tabic givea the fact that the new bill range* nearly a* high on an average as the highest tariff ever inflicted upon this country rix: that of Item. In very many instances the rates are higher than were propoaed by tha committee on manufacture:. The rates, according to the proposition ol the Secretary, based upon the imports of 1840, would yield a 11 tt'revenue of $27,443,335, or about 30 per 1 cent avernge 0:1 tho nett import. I There it very little probability, however, that the imports will reach any thing like the amount estimated to pass through the customs. The speciGc duties, although nominally nearly the same as those of the year 1829,are I really at least 60 per cent higher in consequence of the reduced prices of articles, in the dear currency which now prevails, and is likely to do so in this country for ! years to come. The population of the Union is now 40 per cent greater than in 1830, and the paper circulation is now about the same, say $60,000,000 ; but the means the country to pay for its imports are not much greater now than then. The exports of domestic goods in 1830, was $03,000,000, being $3,000,000 less than in 1984, and $10,000,000 less than in 1918. The productive wealth of the country under that 24 years of high duties did not increase, although the population increased near 40 per cent. Since 1832, the domestic .exports have increased $70,000,000, of which $40,000,000 has been cotton of a hotbed growth, and on which its 1'producers have lost Bear $100,000,600, mostly of money borrowod abroad Psducting the cotton, the domestic exports in 1982 were $30,600,000, or $3 per head. In 1940 they were $60,000,000, or $3 per head, showing no increase in distributive wealth. In H32 a ratio of (4 per head w as retained in the country for consumption, and in 1840 $e 71 per bead. In 1840 the duty was 40 per cent less than in 1833, w hen the gross duties amounted to 'M8,000,000, 40 per cent of which is about 76 cents per head; consequently the reduction oftha duty enabled the people to obtain in tha same proportion more goods for the same amount of export. An inaraase of the duties now will reverse the order of things. We have received the returns of the commerce of tho Island of Cuba for 1841, which, as compared with former years, present the following result iMrOSTATIOIS asd Eipoetatiom or the IiLsisn or Ct'BA roa THE SCAB 1*11, AS C0MPABED WITH 1839 AMD 1810. Importation. 18.19. 1810. 1040. Liqu-is, 2,190,189 1,999,008 7.129,87.' Prori.ions, 1,881,<03 1,839,713 2,180,26'; S|ices, 119,728 109,36.1 61, OKI Products. 226,186 229,310 227,17,1 Rmdsluffs, 3,416,012 3 711,621 4 023,616 Oils. 1,048,729 1,101,739 1.137,80i Kish, 398,714 439,795 438,479 Other articles, 292,277 301,729 290 139 Total, $9,801,9,19 9,776,123 11,092,921 Manufactures. Cotton, 3,084,776 3,918.800 1,991,026 Woollen. 281,066 117,478 l?i.27il Linen, 2,801,780 2,503 263 1,913,800 Leather, 171,218 521,934 381,607 Silks. 489,014 431,118 291,302 Total, $7 231.891 7,740,07 1 4,809.111 Lumber, 1,292,788 1,331,011 l.:i79,lit I'rccluus meiale, 2,803.119 1,691,8.6 1,173,991 Otl.er artich s, 4,162,843 4,160,815 2,189,003 J< int Stock, ? ? 3,017,042 Grand total. $21,311,003 24,780,189 31.081,408 " 1838 21,729,878 Excess. 1839. $181,921 Exportation. Suear, 8.290,387 11,263,366 11,613,798 CufFc, 1,910,460 2.114,571 1,426,024 Vlrilastcs, 300,16] 1,316,820 821,1011 Hum, 174.(11 211,011 226,010 Wax, 117,686 111,311 107,132 Leal* tobacco, 1,273,061 1,391,609 719,360 Cigars, 637,118 131,122 1,331.121 Coppcrere, ? 3,706,911 4,101,490 Other articles, 3,213,241 181,814 1,332.1118 I laud products. $16,626,627 21.360,701 22,282,717 Eoreittn Productt. 104,181 74,319 Quicksilver, 9.0WI ^7,161 (' ol'ton Wool, 513*772 1,*42,192 Cotton mtunfattur* 813,259 539,051 Liquor*, 136,252 1)5,105 Other articlrv, 1,180,046 005,349 Foreign prod'i--U, $.1,123,430 3,587,1X11 550,405 Specie, 1,725,204 1,053,100 1,(92,671 Oo?. (tores, ? ? 2,818,664 (i,.n l total, $21,481,862 25,941,781 26,774,614 " " 183r, 40,271,102 $1,010,759 Revenue or the Caowr. Importation* $5,943,819 6 j Exportation I,'232,644 7} J Total 4>f maritime rcvaaue 7,266,464 6} 1 Ditto in 1840 7,387,498 3 j Incrcaie in 1840 121,033 5J I Territorial and other revenue 4,650,835 3 Ditto in 1840 4,281,903 5 Inrreave in 1841 368,931 5 General total 11,917,299 Ditto in 1910 11,669,402 Increase in 19-11 947,807 7) l"nlin at th* Htork Etrhsngf, filf 00 N York, 7V 1818, 101 73 C anion Co 20)$ KttlOO Ohio?'.., I860, 73), M do 20 i : tOtlO K. Mucky Bond. 74 423 ll.iririn RR 19 $1000 lllinoia Bonds 10 .70 do >10 19V t WOO do >30 177$ 100 do 19)2 i.trno Illinois Bd?, IH0, 18 183 dn 19% 23 Bk (loin, scrip 90'$ .30 do im I9I4 23 Del Jt Hudson 81 30 do 1.1 19 13 d? >13 80'$ 30 do I9'? 30 do 80% 23 do 18% 30 do hl0 80)$ 30 do 18% 30 Host & Piov H 23 Stoninjcton H|l >16 17% Second Board. .30 Loiui Island 49',' 30 Harlem 17 V 23 Hatleni 18 26 do 17 200 ?'o 17)$ 30 do 17 V State of Trad*. A sale of property in Broome street resulted nt follows:? Chancery Hale? No. <349 Broome street, 1710 dollars; No. M l, 1760 dollars; No. 516,1700?each lot 16 feet 8 inches wide by 18 deep; No. 5-10 Broome, dimensions not given, > 700 doHsrs?Vims, one-i'uird cash Also al auction, Sugar? New Orleans, 46hh<ls, at 2(ate. Sal mot; IV to Rico, '19 hhdt, at 4,37Jut,6'JJ OOdays. Theachr Farmer, 116 tons, covared with heavy French 'inc 9 months since, 70o dollars. . l.Aes?Sales 190 $rl?; pros for e?port at $5 19), holder' / -.. rally refining t* sell below $8 25. Pearls arc takri at $8 50. Vm nl Stnrit?Are dull , sales lately olOOO brls IVilming ton rosin for taport. 1 Oilf- Whale has-been sold foresport at 22 centsra.l hut little od'ertn if. I.Tnaced, 63 feats for English, and - I j lor Aqacrlhsn; hnldert are Bun s? these ra'es. ^Plmiltr iV-'- ? Salts of dOOto.is at ?jemu-, humi ... . Irmand. Prociriont?A gcod Jamand for Mmi and Prime fork | alea of Weateru City Inspected Mew at f7 76 af7S7J,an 'rime at f5 374 a $3 60, whiah i? an improvement; Me leef at $7 j0 a $7 76, prime lots are held at f*, City Prim. aellitife at f3. Prime Western Lard, 6J, and City Renlered, 7 J cents. Hies?Holders are firm, and prices above the views o luyers. _ (Sr*. (Irlyhtoii Cnitle Market. Ji-lt IS?At market -.'do Beef Cattle, 20 Cowl and Calves, 1100 Sheen nud W Swine. Prices?Beef Cattle Wo quote a few extra at $6 26 a I 2d. Kirs' quality ft 75 a 5 00; second quality ft 26 i >1 60; third quality fJ 60 a ft 26. Cows and Calves?Ssli. at flrt, 21, 23, 26, 2d, 31, ami | Sheep?Dull. Wequoteat fl 3d, 1 60, 1 76, l at, l 91 I 00, 2 25 and 2 60. ' Swine?No lots sold to peddle. At retail f.oai to 61 ' enta. ' Married. On Wednesday afternoon, 20lh inst., at Christ Church, i iy the Rev. Dr. Peck, Daniii Ni ?tlf. toCiaoi.iKr.daugh it ot J. b.?iu??i?cr, Esq., all ol this city. 1 On Wednesday, 20th inst., In the Rev. Dr. Spiing, ( iinnv ThuMas Dasnsc, of cmg Harbor, N. Y., to Oi.omka, daughter of Rensselaer Havens, Esq., of this city. , Died. On the 20th instant, of consumption, SaMI'el. StTloriixD, a the 41st year of his age, a native of Saddleworth, '.ngland. His friends and acquaintance, and also thosoof his fatherl.law, Simon Rei, lined, are respectfully invited ta attend is funeral this morning, at 10 o'clock precisely, lrorn No. 1 Delanccy st. ( On Wednesday evening, 20th instant, of consumption, Ir. Richaiid Wirs. Latest Arlvlccu 1 RF.CKIVED AT TIIK NKW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Lfrica---- June 13 Macao March II tuxCayes June lu Madras March 31 inticua May 1 Manilla Krh. 211 lombay May 1 Montevideo May 16 latavia Jan. 8 Maranliaiu March 2 lermuda June 23 Matanraa June 22 tenure April 9 MayafUri June 3d lueiios Ayres June I Maru'allw) April i lalua June 8 Matamoras June 3 ! leliie. llond. May 21 Nruvitas May 2(1 larbauoes May 13 Nauail, N. P. June 1 toiroia May 1 Oahu.S. I. March 11 I lerbice Feb. 2(1 Paris June 17 1 'ape Haytien June 10 Port an Prince June 17 * ^nraroa June 23 Ponce, P. R. June 22 'ienfuecna June 2'l Para May 31 ' /ATthaRvna May I Pmiainhuco June IK 'araccai May 17 Panama---- Krh. 20 |hay-res July 1 Riode Janeiro May 22 'allao Jan. 22 Sin>ta|iorr March 1.3 Calcutta April 22 Sydney, N. 8. W. Any. II )rinarara June 2 Si. Helena May 31 '"aval July 3 St. Thomas July 2 ilualtar April 19 St. liarts Jan. 3 tuayaquil Krh. 13 St. Jngo de Cuba June 27 1 Juayama, P. R. June 12 St. Johns, P. R. June 16 Jonaives May 21 St. Crou April 16 ! Salvaston July I St. Martha May t lavre June IJ St. John, N. B. July II favaiia July 7 Surinam June" 26 Halifax July 10 Tatnpico May 21 ' leremie May I'l Tohaaco June 6 ' lacmel June J Turks Island June 30 finiistou, Ja. June II Trinidad de Cuba- June 10 ' London June 19 Vera t'liir. June 12 Liverpool June 19 Valparaiso A-ril 6 ha Guayra June 29 Ync.ian June n Lima March 20 / miliar March II I'msaengx-ra Arrived. Losdois?Packet ship Westminster?Mrs F.bcnsxer Parker, Edw O Parker,of Boston; Cant () Coggeshall, Mis H L Ul?inenta, New kork; Joseph Golds tone, Bath; Henry Wood, Kent; Roht Atchrson, Upper Canada; F.dw I. Lycett, Ballimore; Jolui It Acret. Loudon; David ( ombe, Thomas Warner, Misa Maria Warner, L'has A Uhot?81 in the sir, race. I.its-n.iini.-P.el..., .1,,.. Vi.,1,1 I Ul.l.,1. Pli:.l?l. I McLr'iiYn, J D WinUni*o\i; j King, W \nVuod' 'f Davis, K Muskfratf, J K Dawson, J 8 Grtinuv, AV Hicks, A Carson, J McCall?285 in the steerage. PMscngeri Sailed. Liverpool?Shin Iloilingurr?Thos Cocks, lady, two children and servant, of New Rochelle; Samuel Cassia and lady, New York; Mr Pauston and lady, South Carolina; Robert Hoicafe, Liverpool; Mr Irving, Montreal; Mr Hanniiigtonand lady, upper Canada; J Nrwh.un, Brooklyn?300 in the steerage. Foreign Import at Ion a. LoftDor*?Ship Westmimter?50 pkg* Barxtow & en?5 Baton k Stewart?6 Ward, Sill & Thompson?3 J Ahrahamson?58 Dodge, Canning k co?0 WiUv k Putnam?I P W Lczack?69 Kegs 11 chests 1 box 6 cks Clark k co?21 l?kgs Barber Brother* ?J J D Wright?3 C G Gunther?3 J W Redmond?I Stone k ro?2 W I) Wendell?3 R Martin keo?2 Wilson k Brown?2 Gary k co?2 D A pule ton kco?3 G C Thoihsrn?2 O B Morewood k co?3 Goodhue k eo?3 P Hello. ?12 W Vyse?5 Ward, Sill k Thompson? 1 J J Wookhead?1 J I) Wendell?1 Prime, Ward kco?1 Mason k Brothers?I A M White kco?1 Hawse k Allen? 1 C M Skepard?I Gas.erly?1 W Inglish? I Goodhue k co?1 W V Colman?I P Harmony kco?1 J King?1 D kB Kitigsland?1 pianoforte Miss Mary Davis?12 pkgs 15 hags 6 cs 20 cks to i^rdi r Liverpool?Ship Siddons?22 pkgs Stone k co?1 do g k .1 Laur.t ? I do 2207 sacks salt II Kermit?100 tons coal K K Collins k rr,?I pkg Pratt k Brothers?4 Becar, Benjamin k co? I W k J Morrison k co?6 Keiss Brothers k co?12 W N Seymour k co?2 J Wood k son?1 Paton k Stewart?18 Thompson k Witherall?3 D Bayard?1 J Paton k <**>? I R Crowther?2 Kellogg k co?5 J Harvey?1 W Burton?1 J k B W Stansbury ?1 J if Parker?2 Hashrmick k iu>?2 Rich k co?1 Ha 1 Bro?k co?1 E G Simpson?20 W Whitehead?1 Clayton k Vau Horn ?3 J k J Cox?0 W Chauncey k co?5 J Leffcrts?0 Cripps k co?I L J Wyi th?20 Gorton, Hodge* k co?9 Sands, Foi k co ?1 R Clark?12 Basaett k Aborn?5 White k Sheffield?2 A Van Nest?2 Bird k Oillilan?1 Law rence k Robinson?1321 Lis tin Phelps, Dodge k Co?3 pkgs J Wetherald?18 Buttertield k Fisher?2 D Oakey k son?2 McClellan?2 Waid, Sill k Thomson?12 cs 1 hales 15 bis to order, Liverpool?Ship Helen?170 tons coal 70 do salt t? Samuel TtiAmiiann. Greetiocr?Ship Eglintou?210 tout pi? in)h 264 do coil G L Grosheim. Bristol?Bark Lotua?70 rk? 30 tons G Meyer St ion?26 cks S Wiltf?100 hamper* glass J Reynolds, Philaih lj>bia?26 cases ?l his J Macy Sl son?>103 sugar molds K L St Stewart?I box J (1 Coggins?1 bale 11 -til Brothers?bxs to order. Porto Cadello?Sclir October?128 bags coffee J Durand St co?111 J Hoadley?50 to master ^ MARITIMEHERAlJj. Departure of the Atlantic Steamer*. rHOM Fwnsn. rnoM nnHiri Acadia, Ryiie July S Aug. 1 <J. \V'i stem. Ilosken July If! Aug. II Columbia, Judkn,? July l!> Aug. 16 Urluiiuia, llewitt Auk- 4 1 <J lednuia, l.ott An,', la Sent. 16 H. B. M. 8. 3. British Queen, Capt. M. M. Krstie, will leave Antwerp on the 7lh of July, lor New York, toloucli at Southampton, Eng. on the 10th Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Depart. FROM LIVERroeL. i for i.ivkitPOOL. Cambridge, Barilow, June 19 | Ho.cius, Collins, July?! from Portsmouth. | Europe, Marshall, Aug. I Westminster, Moore. June 10 for fohtssioith. St. Jamet, Sibor, Julie 2U | Ontario. Bradisli, Any. 1 from Havre. I Toronto, Uriswold, Aiik. Iu I'tica, Hewitt, June 16 ron Havre. Allnny, WaUon, June 24 | Baltimore, Kuuck, Auk-I To Ship Blaster*. We thall eateem it a favor, if captains of veMrli arriving liea, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassett, of our new a tirri, i report of the shipping left ?t the pert whence they sailed, thi vessel, spoken on their passage, a list of their canto, ami any foreign newspai>eri they inav have. Commodore Bassett will hoard them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Correupoiideiit* Abronri. Our correspondents in foreign ports are respectfully requested to send by every vrsscl all the marine intelliKence Uiey can obtain. Nautical infonnarion of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OP NKW YORK, Jl'LY '14, 18 < A. ICR Rises 4 461 full Moon 6 I il'r sets 7 14 | hioh water 8 j6 Cleared. Ship Arkansas. Dennis, New Orleans. E K Collins It ( o.? Bark Hhileni, Clark, Boston, N'smi'h, Deeds fc Co.?Brigs Forest, Olinslead, Sisal, Underbill 8c McKinley; lloht It Ann, (Br) Richardson, Qiteb.c, Barclay 1* Livingston; St Johns, (Br) Hampton, St John, NB. Stokes St Anthony.?Srhr Express, Smith, W ilmington, Del. Arrived. Packet shin Siddons. Cobb, from Liverpool, June It, with mdtf, to ? In. Collin k I Pa everal icebfrgi, anil bM experiment light win it and thick fogs on theiwaaa^r. racket ship Westminster, Moore, from London and Portsmouth, June 10. with indite, to John Qriawold. 12th iiut. I at 43, Ion 60 30, spoke bark Sutton, 5 day* from Boston for St. Petersburg. 10th ult. lat IG 45, Job II, spoke British b?rk Glasgow, from Poole for Quebec. From the 3d, 4th and 5lhof July, from I at 4t '<0 to 43, and Ion 40 39 to 39 30, mw a number u! iceberg*, with a thick fog. j&Ship ll> l?*n, Allen, from Liverpool, June 1ft, with md*e, t? Tayior k Merrill?*170 *ieernice paaaeng r*. ltth ult. lat 40 10, Ion II 30, spoke ahip Ltrig, from Madras for Portsmouth Km/. with troops. 2d ins*. Uf 42 40, Ion Pi 30, saw one of the Old Line Liverpool packet*, standing east; Ifith, lat 42 30, Ion G7, apoks whale sclir Atirorv of Provjncetown. with 55 V?bl? oil. British ship Egliuton, D -nriing, 40 day* tioin Greenock, with coal, to Dtiiiscnmh k Bcckw illi?305 pasaengers. In a gala, sprung the foremast. British hark Lotus, Samson, from Bristol, Eng. June 8, with md?e, to W. Jaipie*. 15th ult. lat 48 28, Ion 17 10, ?poke ship Burmah. of Portland, frvin Nantucket f*r Rotterdam. 30lh, lat 45, Ion 48 40, passed a great number of icebergs, aome of them veryl irge. # mi( Una is. Ill oinrion, m urus nua; ||< <H un?)'iiii,iii.niin MMihdt sugar HI hbls ooffn in Mat. n it Thompson. Left lnii(i Kra h 1 in. Gooding for NYork, in 7 days; Stephen Binney, nl Halifax. jnst arr fro.n Hi. Thomas. Briic Sidney, for Maysgnez, ailedGth m?t. July IG, 1st 30:!(), Ion 71, parsed brig Charles, ol Hrnntwick, Me. funding northward. Brig Vesper, Hopkins, 10 days from Lubec, w lib 220 tons plaster, ? master. l-'clir Oofob r, Crowell, II days from T'orto Cabello, asitir coffee, to O. Wnitaker. Ltfi bii< Henrietta, Farrell, for La Ou ij ra, to load for Philadelphia, (lie only American vrsnel in porf. Schr Jobn Krnlieott, F.ndicott, 2 days from Voik Riser, with i" d, In inr strr. Hi lir Fidelity, Chambers, 8 days fiom Virginia, with wood, to master. Hclir Oi'iil Hcott, Li|i|i?'licntt, 2days Irum James River, with wood, to master. _ . . , . Helir Hope, Miiinford, I days fm Milfurd, Pi I. with wood, to in.^lrr. , Helir Reaper, Bennett,4 days fr ,in Virginia, ?.t i wood, to mastor. ... ., _ , Srhr Rebecca, Edmonds, 4 days from A irgirua, ?Itli woo I, to Helir Banner, Hammond, t days from Virginis, w itli wood, to mHchr Letitia, Collins, 4 dais from Virginia, with wooJ, to mSi'br'Pilot, r?land, 1 days from Chirr) field, w ills lath, lo tl e '"sehr Psnl M'elister, Lawrence, 1 da- s ftnm Virgin a, with wmvl, to mael r. , . Srlir Win Thompson, Pitman, 4 days from virvinin, witl W'fieb'r John Lorier, fituley, 4 days from Virginia, with wornl '"h?In Joseph E. Pot's, Mailman, from Virginia, with wood, ti Hthr Cordelia, ?, I days froui Virginii, Willi wr, Cloth, master, IJelovr. One brig, unknown. Sailed. Ship Rotfinpni r Bmaley, Liverpool, and others. The I/'. B. frigate Cnlnmhia I,a an bored at the SW. Hpi*. (JenVral Reeord. Loss or nam firs, fli.ovr* ?W? learn f.om < apt. R'iffen ) .. OU llu* i l.t ilii . t lieu. li'???rr. vi. irked on the reefs to tl a r?uf\\ard of (- -.-lilt. <H w *at?d. Vcucl and rir^o a tot- 1 i a?i *t iy -RJw l> MriMrvt, apuratttiea, and Wb* X ud? mm, If!! tern tin lmwsp.it of the pilot Ix at ^ Waahiuglou, ou tl. *Uth iiut. ofT Fire Uland. Every exertion was immediately wad?* lo ian* them, but unly iticccrded in rearuiut; Measei v. , very inn h ? xhausted, whilst Anderson was nol'oitun%tel> (11ov* oau. Brio C khct. MifT;*, of v jf..r\.w V??rk, 33 days from Bordeaux, put into H ilif** on t e 12th i.nt. la * d?-n?e ^ .die struck on the rock* at Berry Ihnl. nwi but havm* gnu# ou at low Hater, was furtnn My hove off agaiu *t the rimne of tin tide. She in ike* .i i,. od deal of water, and Captain ChiTe tluuka hM au?Vlined arritou d-.iu.ig* in her bottom. Partlcul r? Cannot be n-? t it.iiin d in :.I the cjrjjo, Comi-liti* "I braiidy, 5w*. be laud-d. S- me Iiulit ?p .: > *uue. Six- i. in the iiaii'U ol the C -i oil, ( V I.iy u) therein r l!: ' mt :?-su >f til concerned will u- ; *"'> tousled to. We tindtrtt.tud there aie bat eighty ton* of car?o on board. Brio Chatham, of Boston, with coals from ihlilax fo: Boson, returned to II. about tth list. f? oi ?ri-two dt\? out. r iky. filn hid bet*n surveyed and Condemned, tin* expense of riZl hri oc * eater in tlie estimating of the surv? yon <lian the \. ,th of the vessel. The vessel is old and rotten. No injury ro?n stress of weather. Whalemen* A' Kmeo, Much 13. Iri?. M?. will. IBM bbUipoil. Hrpoita .peaking a I. w daya preaioua, Iria, Spoom-r, NB. 31 mo,out, m l.bU; Jova, Hi Jol.n., 13i0; Beuj Tucker. NB. 28 mo, out, AU'jyta, Jan IC, Ka?lr, NB. 10 mm out, with 1200 bbl, ?jim 'At Talcal.uaua, middle o( Mar.-h. Dea lemon i, NB. 28 inoa, e ill. W O libit ?pn? am! f.J .lo hikliah oil. Off Mm,Cu- ra. Keb 17. Mctarum, NB 103 daya out, all well, tooil. _ , Hail.-d from Newport, III July 16, Montgomery. fur Hie lian Oi-eau Hpokcn. KioOrande, I'roin Damariacotu f r New Orlrana, July SI, lat 18 30, Ion 73. New York, hrtica fur UrrenoeU, July I', lat 38, Ion 69. Kor.lgn Port*. Chatham, cm-iltinn. .1. ( r, .,i and 1,', NV',"ic"*35"L) . from Bordeaux, Laky, an I2lli?Jit- struck mi Crdubcrry Isl.md, Dear Cape Breton, 4fli inst. lout tO]>gnlljut miut* aud spiiuiK l?'i?*aiL ytrua Montrkal. July 18?Kit Mary, Newcastle; Safeguard, Lie ryool. Cld Ann Louisa, and liarbiUK^r, do. United States Port's. Porti.a.ip, Julv 18?Arr ILnry, NVoik. Owi.'l HkaD, July 15?Arr and aid I6tl?, ItnMri<i. r?f NYork Bailor for Pernambuco; Challenge, do l'?.r lMiilaiL lphi i. Arr ic'li, Shawmut, BucksjM>rt for Kin J a who. NicwBUirroRT, July 19? Sid Junes Gray, (new, loua) Kiclimoud. Boston, July 20?-Arr Ni^aia, Cadi/; Denmark, 11 nana; Acadian, Halifax; Tallmadk'e. I'hiladt Ijdu.i: Kliz-.t Ellen, Co lumbia. May Flower. Atlantic. Strait W l? -. and Wave, do; Virginian, Norfolk; Balance . anil Mandarin, AP> m. , < 'miny, NYork. rid Eagle,Gknoa; Win Daria, <lo; Cotnroi rcr, Mayadler. Arr 19th, Cuw|ier. NOrleans; Mouaco. All mo, Ella. ?ud Amethyst, Philadelphia; Ornament, Albany. \rr several Jay. since, Mazemia. Philadelphia. WaiignaM, July 18?Arr John Allyiic, Baltiiuori. SU1 Noma, NYork. Nantucket, July It?Arr Hoaton, Philadelphia; Elect, Troy. Sid 1Kb, Hope St Su.au. Baltimore. Htansii Port, July 18?Arr IVijuot, and Renown, Boston for NYork; Visacher, do for Albany. Hoi.mi t Hole, July 18?Arr Wnt E Bird. Portamoulli lor N York; Ware, Thouiaaton for do; S<;uire St Bio brra, B e.ion lor Philadelphia; Cornelia, and Friend, do for N York; I'.rth, a silir with 2811 recruit* lor Pou.mouth, for a U S ship (so reported? undoubtedly the Virginian, from NYork for Boalon.) PRovipKIfCE, July 19?Arr Time, Suffolk, Va; Queen, Balliinoie; Aurora, Konuout; Jamr a Lanphier, WillaiU.and llrlcn, NYork. Hristoi., July 16?Arr Pearl, NYork. Nf.vrroHT, July 17?Arr Franklin, NYork for Sinpican. Sid Henry, Bath Arr I8ll>, Samuel, Taunton for NYork; Midaa, I'rovi cm e i r do. I'liiLAOt i.etna. July Jl?Arr Columbia, Liverpool; L'Ori nt, B iiyor; Vioier, N V. rk; Congress, Boston; Grampus, and Mi ,:l< < ?, NYmk Cld Nov, inh i, PI) mouth. Ma: Eiehange, Hartford; PeiU, Boston; Ouclda, NYork. Air in the Schuylsill, Augustus, Boston. B M.TiaioMt, Julv 18?Arr Marianne, Bremen; Bella del Mar, St Cld H It Douglass, llirhmoud; Amis, Maclies, Frarteis Jane, W,st Indies; President, N Yotk. Sid (J:l>, hilntl u, Ja; Louisa, New bed'o d. Norfolk, July 18?Arr Alehouse, (Dau) Philadelphia; L L Sim sea, NYork; Shetland, Portsmouth, Nil. Slu Vulture, Boston Cld Richmond, Havre. Savanjtah, July III?Arr Celia, NYork; Albion. Boston ? Cld L Baldwin, NYork. Sid GUndoveer, Porumouth. Cld IJlh, Democrat, NYura. Apalachicola, July 8?Cld 4th, Washington, for New Orleans. Mobile, July Is?Cld Chattahoochie, NYork. Arr Margaret Forbes, Pensacola; Dublin, Philadelphia. Ntw Orleans, Julv 12?Cld (Jen Veattie, Liverpool; Oswe go, NYork; Norfolk, Woodside, arid Noble, Boston; Empressario, Havana. Arr Eliza Thornton, Havre; Michigan, Kingston; Glasgow, Boston. Cld llth, Suffolk, London; \ iekiburg, NYork; Ty ri ni, Boston; Stephen Baldwin, Lyous; F'avorite, Bremen; Watchman, Matamoras. Arr Atlantic, Mobile; Laura Virginia, Tampieo PORTUOUKfijE FEMALE l'lLL.-v rPHKSE far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, A we iierceivc, to be obtained in this country. See udvertiaemcnt on the last column of fourth page. m3 ia r\H.. JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON has removed J-J his CoNtULTisn Ornrr., to No. 3 Herald Hi ii.oi.nh comer of Nassau anil Fulton streets. Je2 3m ilia C p nHOySTON,_M. D. DENTIST^Ha* removed to 243 oruauway, urinrru a ?. * . t?v^ ?uu ?*? ?/ je39 eodlm*r COR DR.' KK.l ( IIT\VAN(?KR'S t oi.'.i?.:iml Chemical I Whale Oil Soap, infallible Poison lor Bedbugs,Moths,llaU. Cockroaches, Klies, Ants, Moscheloes, (or Inn p ly Paper, ami for Ins numerous chemical preparation*, sec last pace. jv7 Imis'c U~ TTlson's patent leuer lock and latch". ?This i* a lo w and important invention, possessing many advantage! over every other kissel of Lock ami Latch which Iru i vcr been in use . eitliei in thii country or in Europe. It is constructed on ingeniovs but true mechanical priucipaU, and coiuhiuesthe most perfect simplicit) with very great durability. It is made without springs of any kind, and is not liable to get out of order. These Locks and Latches have been eiasnlned and used by many scientific inen, who highly appreciate their wot ill. Builders anilovviiers oi houses are iisvits d to call andcvanillic for themselves, Kur sale, wholesale and retail, at No. Ill Kulton street, upstairs. jy2'i iw*r SAMUEL N0YE8. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. I^HE New York College of Medicine ?nd Diarmacr, respectfully inform the public that Tiik ConsiLTino Physician will hereafter he in attendance daily at the Principal Office of the College, in order to afford Medical advice, and prescribe for patients. This arrangement has been made in conscnuruce CO - -1 ..I... I...... .....I,. ,1 ?l.? I i,ll,,.,. who with to meet tiie Con.uitiiiK i'hy.ician in ju rtoii. Term.. On iiaymi-ut of Our Dollar each patient will receive advice and Oar. Dollar*! worth or Medicine , av prescribed by tin- Medical Att<ndanl. Ilum s of .itIt 11 doner. Krom 10 till It o'clock, A. M. Krom 4 till 8 o'clock, I'. M. By order of the Collvyc, W. S. Kit I1AHDSON, A*ent. Principal Office of the College, V7 Nauau st. jykt Iwr THE COMPLEXION & SKIN: ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. An Eastern Botanical Discovery of Surprlftliifr Efflcnry. AS A CREATOR ANJ) CONSERVATOR OF THAT moil distinguished rhai in of' female lovelinfii?a transparent fair skin, Rowland's KaJydor mav be said to exert an almost magical power. Composed for trie most part of Oriental balsatnir exotics, to the utter exclusion of all mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its extreme bland, purifying, and soothing action upon tin* skin ; and, by acting upon the |mires and minute secretory vessels, expels all impurities fririn the surface, allays even tendency t?> mllainmatioo, and, by tliis means alone, efieetually dissipates all redness, tan, pimples, spots, freckles, sunburn, and other unsightly cutaneous visitations, so inimical to female beauty. Its constant application will chance the most bilious complexion into one of r&diAiit whiteness ; while to the neck, hand, and arm, it hestow* a delicacy and fairness, which its continued use happily protects, with evory appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced pi i it "is oi lift. It is invaluable as a renovating and refreshing wash, during travelling, or exposure to the sun, dust, or harsh winds, and th? heated atmosphere of crowded assemblies. To gentlemen afflicted with a tenderness of the skin in slitting, the application of the Kalydor will be found to allay all cuticular irritation. Itowlniid's Orion to, or. Pearl Dentifrice* This is an efficient White Powder for the Teeth, solely prepared from Oriental Herbs of the most delightful odour, and of sotereign virtue for strengthening, preserving, and thoroughly cleausnijf the Teeth. It eradicates tartar from the teeth, removes sjiots of incipient decay, polishes and preserves the enamel?to which it give* a pearl-like whiten as; and. above all, from its disitift cting pr?>|?erties, gives sweetness to the breath. As an antiscorbutic, the gums also share in it* transcendant i?owcrs. Scurvy it radicated from them, a healthy action and rcdnesa arc induced, that offer to the notice of the medical practitioner the most indubitable signs of their healthful state. CAUTION.?Ou purchasing, Beware of Counterfeits!!!? See that a small libel is affixed to each article, hearing the names of the subscribers?thus, "Messrs. DODGE, CTT AIMING k CO., Ike., Only Agents, New York," without which, uniie are genuine. jr7 lteowl2wd(l)r c7~l. Inge rsolT/s" BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. BOATS, Dinkey sail hoots and race bo its, nletuurc boats^ ace. See. The imtnens" Boat Building Establishment of C. L. Ingtraoll, lOfi Water st., near ( .tharmc Market, is one of the most extensive in the United Stat*-*. Here were built the most beautiful pleasure barges and club boat* that hav* floated on the river* and lakes of America. Also the barge for tie Auti>_ rat of all the Rnsski s vt ral rverlb<>if for Asiatic M iiirch*; 'h* fancy bout called th? John Smith of Aikaosai, and th? I'ait tailing boat lor Mr. O. F. Banninfts. He haa recently com. Icted a life I) .?t on h n?w plan, which ha* been pronounced by some of i.in moit experienced nautical nr n superior t ? any evt r be'.?re fjuirt af this to?t*hlishm' nt. 4ny kind of boat will be liiinolu-d with reversed bottom, from a mould, in any way to suit the taste of the purchaser, of whatever form the> in.i> he. i'lie material* are all of the best quality, pine boards being uo l nrf thereof. A large assortment of boats of all kinds, including life boats, gigs^ long, quarter, pleasure. White lull, and race boats, may be a. ways found at the manufact try, at prices much below wli it purchasers have hrretoforr paid, and a liberal disri unt on the usual rates will be made to those who wish to sell again. P!-a?e call before purchasing tUewharr; yon ran then J"jav W. Ilale'! Hole Ann!, VI Wall at. For advertisement of foati, ice., ? Cornier * Km|ulfarand New York < iminernal Advertiser. j)22 lw r DARTNkK WA'J'KD -Aii wlnfiii about WOO dnl.are i invested in ill'- manufacture of a ilaple article,with a*i? rial or active partner vritli not leaf than the above sum, to w hom an adeauetv proportion <>f the profits will be given. The business Id a'rrady established w iili a rash drinsiuffor a larger amount ihau ili' present capital will admit of supplying. The profits on sala? inn a ft.- have been npwarda of id per cent: witli additional ea| tal a handsome business could be dime. To a person Import | to invest I hi- above rum nil a safe, profitable business, this orrarntja rara inducement. Tor particulars emiuire of 1 W. A. WOODWARD, Nreotiator, ivW 3i*r W William at. WANTED by a Yonnit Man, a iliiatiori as Assistant Cleric or laarht Porter in my wholesale or retail > tablml nn id or oflii e. The advertiser would serve lli<- first th.-r e mouths giatis, and would In willing to make himself useful in any way to suit Iris employer. Satisfactoryreference will be given if n-.iuued. A line addressed R. I., at the office of this |w|icr,will meet with immediate attention. jy22 2?*r a(MjU i.AVo sVSL CMOULD old acquaintance lie f< rgot an-1 never brought to k-r mind. (should OALEN'8 HEAD c< aae to clraet the eyes of all mankind. The eyea of all mankind he sure have Ions been cent/ red there, Win-re rlie on earth is saf, ty lonnd, such perfect safety wh-re I -i r.nii-1 ' Oalen'a Head retmir, nor longer hr >rk delay; Tiuyt mortal foe to life and health gains strength from das day, li- Doctor late and early the'e will at his post be fount!, i | i-'lsin-t to both rich and |ioor Ins healing Met inga rog id, Ilia retned r?, wiili care and akit', ire art full I- combined, A rwl epienn si itutr declare, their llavor uu> e re lined; I he imidh ? l'.,e t > hum ui ll sh, ? ilh .1 > I'll e iae retires, I iom all alt i i.i ek Old Oah n's llvsn to quench tbeu-'ca'ly tires. P.I sing the yraisc of Galea's Heal to thou-an-U Ion, era known. At No 12. in old Perk slip, th?rsst side of the town? At No 12, and thereabouts, for nearly forty years, llss Doctor Evans provrd the chirm ih n: i hi al' fen ? 'I o Docter K vani, then, in ahoit, to Dr. Kv r i - hi.. And turn your harks on ill t iin!? I nt' y. jyM tt ins*r|

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