21 Eylül 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Eylül 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

g??aagg^g"??w??? TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. 301 ? WUole Ho. 3114 ^medicines'. ~ THE NEW YORK college of medicine AND pharmac y. SUPPR8ES3K>'NHOF 8 QUACK ER V, TJAS Bet with th? most unprecedented success since iu com XI iDciK.mriit, particularly from thr unfortunate victim, ol QDpriaciplrdpielttidrnj who iir now daily gaming strength inj vivo. under the judicious tr.atm.nt of the College. fht follow in. preparations hav. already obtained a celebrity nuparalelled in the annala of medicine. THE UINRIVALLTED TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all form* of dyspepsia, low spirits, loaa ol ap|>etite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, predi.|io*itiou to consumption, and all complaint* arising Iruia a disarrangement of the uerviou. *y*tem. It may b? also uacd with great snccraa in case* of fen-rand acne, ami as a preventative t. yellow fever. Sold in bottles at SI and $3 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cere of rheumatic pans, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache, pain* in the joints, and immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold in bottles, 75 cts each. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the care of all cases of a delicate disease, or for pains in the boues, eruptions, tore throat, or any other distretsing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mrrcuiy, or b> onackery. "o'd in bottles at $1 and $2 rich. THE AMERICAN ANT1BILOU9 CATHARTIC PILL. For the cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying iht lood, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, nd cm tin new vigor to the vital power*. This medicine i> ntirrly nperceding the draatic imrgative* of the noatxum endera. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the core of thoae complaint* |>eculUr to the lemale set, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female organs, with toll directions and cautions as to use, and sold in boxes at fl, 50 cants, and 25 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. . .For 'he care of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rhenma tism, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. '/HE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to are gouorrhoei, fleet, and all mucopurulent discharges from the urethra. Bold in bottles at M cents and #1 each. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, Forth, cure of sore nipples, and su|>erficial excoriations ol the skin. Sold in closely slojk phials at 50 cents each. The above preparations may also be had of the following uh-agents in this city:? J. W. Basset. 644 Jroadway. Dr. E. M. Giuon, 127 Bowery. Dr. King. 2(7 Hudson street. Etias L. Theall, 548 Grand street. Wm. Armstrong, 181 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College fer New York, at 97 Nassau street. By order, au2t 3mr W. H.RICHARDSON. Agent BRISTOL'S SARSAPAIULLA. MANUFACTURED and sold by the proprietor, C. C. BRISTOL, Buffalo, and for sale by nt? Agent, WILLIAM SURGE", Wholesale Druggist, Nos. 50 an 52 Cortlandt sr. and 188 Greenwich st, and by tne princi|ial Diuggists throughout the Union. This preparation has now been before the public about seven years, during which time its reputation has been steadily and rapidly advancing, until it* present and deserved celebrity has been attained?nor is it stationary at even this altitude of estimation, as the evidence of each succeeding day clearly evinces. Many of the first Physicians in the country nave voluntarily borne witness to its superior efficacy of value, as their written certificates, now in the possession of the proprietor, will show. Testimonilis almost innumerable, from persons who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its medicinal virtues tested by their friends, are also in possession of Mr. Bristol, which piove how many, how various, and how extreme have been the instances in which, by its operation the sick and the almost despairing have been restored to health ind happiness BRISTOL'S 8ARSAPARILLA is a rare and invaluable combination ol vegetable remedies of established medical value, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible in all complaints that arise Irom impurities of the blood, from the morbid action rt the absorbent and glandular systems, from consul t tonal idiosyncracies, hereditary predisposition, and it general all chronic and long standing infirmities and I irregularities of the human frame. To enumerate all the diseases iu which it has been found to be a sovereign remedy, would be to make tins notice much too lengthy, and we can uuiy nere suggeii to uie reader tne vmuc anu importance ui this preparation, and reler him to advertisements in the public paper* for more detailed intelligence reipecting its efficacy, in nearly all cases of complaint except those of the most ordinary or endemic and epidemic character. The proprietoi desires only to hare attention generally directed to this article, confident that its rare rirtues only need be known to be appreciated; that it will stand the test of any trial, and that increased usefulness, and added popularity, must be the direct result of its more extended acquaintance. Among the numerous letten daily recelred by the proprietor of Bristol's Barsaparlta, the following is selected, merely to show how this article is regarded; and the increasing demind for this invaluable Medicine by the dealers in this city, as the application comes from the well known house of A. 6. b D. Bauds, Druggists, of this city, who hare since advertised their own article to the whole world, shows conclusively that the article is all it purports to be. (COPY.) New Yoax, April 20, 1812. Ma. C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. Dasa Sin? We have been selling during the year past considerable quantises of your Extract of Saraaparilia, and thmk from the account we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, that the sale in this city may be much increased bv jiaying it more attention in advertising. Our arrangements are such with the different paper* that we can have advertiaement* inserted on much better terms than most others pa and more conspicuously. If you would like to make an arrangement with us lor selling it more extensively, we think it could be made of much advantage to ns both. We have now four different stores, three of them in the best location in the city for retailing, and one for wholesaling, and our facilities are aach as will enable ua to dispose of more of it, perhaps, than any other honse. We ahall be ninch pleased to hear from yon on thii subject, or if you visit N'* York in the course of a month or so, to see you at our stOie 78 Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully, A. B. b D. SANDS. OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo, Aug. 12, 1837. We are acquainted with the preparation of Harsaiwrllla, ma nufactured by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more or less >u our pmctice. believe it to contaiu the ac ive principle of Sarsaparitla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation wr esteem it as one of the beat we have ever m?' with. J TROWBnlOGE, M D CYRKNIUS CHAP1N.MD OHAS WINNE, M D MOSES BRISTOL. M D JOSI \H BARNES M D J E MARSHALL. M D J fc HAWLEY, M D AS SPR AGUE, M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H R STAUG. From Doctor* Wells sad Cheney, resident Physicians at Can* mi** i ir n a:? Canandaicua, Dee. 27, 1838. We hut frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's preparation of 9arsap*ritL. is our practice, and have always found it to an wcr an <x client pnn>oae in caaei where Sarsapanlla waa applicable. Our knowledge of the article haa not been limited, and we can freely aay that ia the beat pretention of Sarsapaiillt we have ever need. RICHARD WELLS, M D, E W CHEENY, M D. The following extract of a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyd-, one of the nldeal and moatreapectable practitioners 111 the western section, is given : Youhqstowji June II, 1838. Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly out of Sarsapanll i again, and, if you please, you may send me two dozen bottles, by stage or ears, directed to me at this place. I have frequently prescribed your Compound Fluid Extract o( 8aisai>arilla for a few years past, willi much advantage, in chronic diseases, especially iu Scrofuia and nbatio<tic cutaneous affections, ,ttended with scrofulous habit. Also, in secondary syphilis; snd in chronic general dehiliiy.from almost any cause. It generally proves useful. I think your Flmd Extract the best preparation of Sarsauaiilla I ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE. From Docts. Hoyt It May * Palmyra, July 2, 1841. Mr. C. C. Bristol?8ir : We have used your Extract of 8arsapanlla in our practice, and for diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, and as a general renovator of the system we esteem it as the best article now in use. D. D. HOYT, M. P. WM. MAY, k. D. From Dr.A. Miller * Rome, July 24, 1841. I am acquainted with the preparation of Strsaparilla manufactured by C. C. Bristol, of Buffalo, *nd having m tde use of 1 in my practice, believe it to contain the active principle of Siresi?nlla in a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation, I esteem it as the best 1 have ever met with. A. MILLER, M. D. From Dr. 8. C. Noyes: CoLMrss, F.ne Co., July 5, 1841. I have been acquainted with Bristol's Harssparilla for a number at years, and have very frequently prescribed it in my practice, and have invariably found it to answer the desired effect. I consider the reputation of the article established, and where i the genuinecan be obtained, 1 have no hesitation iu saying that a trial of its virtues will sustain my opinion. 8. C. INUI ES, M. a. From Dr. A. P. Curtis Attic*, G, nesoe Co., July J, 1811. I hare frequently prescribed Bristol's Sartapanllaiu my practice, and have no heaitaliou in recommending it ai an article < poa.essiug all of the active principle of Sanaparilia, and a* a pieporation, I think it the beat one ] ha?e evei mt l with. A. P. CURTIS, M. D, ? . OawEOO, May 0, 1841. We certify that we attended Jnlia Ann Vau Dooier during lier sickness, and we hava no heaitation in saying that her reco ery may be attribnted to the nae of Biiatol'a Sanmparilla. P. H. HARD. M. D. , L , II. K. THURBKR, M. D. . (A statemeet of the above eaae may be aren by ra liny on Mr. W.M. BURGER, M CourtUudt at.) . . . . . . Danniv, Jnly 2, 1811. We, the nndemgned. physicians, residing in Darien and B nnington, haviug treated Mr. E. Cross dniini; his illness, know the aboye statement of hia e <ae to be trne in all particnlara and we have not the least hesitation in ascribing hia cnra to the uae of Briatol a Sanaparilia. Indeed, we are aaanred that thia me dicine waa the meana of entireIjy^ajrmathg and eiadicatiog the erastus Cross, m. d. ... . ... . IMI. We, the nnderaigned. are particularly acquainted with Mr. E. Croaa, and are Indy acquainted with the facta aa drawn up in the a'ore atatemen', which we Deliere to be correct in all tesio'Cts, and We are assured that it waa waa through the agency ol Bristol's SariiiMmlla th.l hia cure was effected STEPHEN KINO, P. M. DaHcn >ntre. . JONATHAN DURKEE, Juiticeof the Peace. 1 HIRAM H.CHAPIN. A LANSON FISHER. Justice of the Peace. H. P. HUTCHINSON. J. H. FLAGLER. Altot*. January 17. 1012. I hare been lately th? physician to Mr. Maynard, and waa < called to see him during hia illness, some time ill the month of August or September last, and I must say I was much surprised aud astonished to tee Mrs. Maynard officiating aa nurse, < ami atleuding to Ilia wants while he waa sick. 1 Her "t?e waa one t.iat I waa conieraant with but never prescribed for; it waa Procidentia, and for the moil part of seven 1 or tight years she had been obliged to be conreyed about the j house aud nursed in a crania constructed or the iiurpos-. Un- ? til she enmmenced the uae of Bristol's Saraapaiilla her disease f restated the best medical treatment. I was frequently called to : conau t with Dr. Gage hi her case, hut the diseaa - had aatumeu such a form that my opinion waa, that medicine would hare no ettect in pr.Mtucinit ac ire. ... 1 am perfectly convinced that her recovery la entirely at- J tribillable ,o the uaeol ^1!^'.noton. m. d. I Aldkiv. January 17. 1842. 1 I have been one of thp attending phyirciau* *>f Mra. Mayrwrd c foresight yeari p-wt. Har disease waa ProlapiUi, yf?r? of aa . awtravaied character, an re?i?tcd all the agent* laid down in ^ our moit eminent anrhoi*. In addition to remedial agent* re* H - commendt d, i prescribe varioul instruments to no effect. I f ?m clearly of tn.- opinio i that her cure jnay be attributed to the f ate of Bristol'* 8 am ii*n i la. _ _ _ I GROVE C. OAOE, M. D. [ At.DBit. J <ni a*v 17, IA4f. d We hav* h?en arrmai tted with the Ctrcmetan ee of IVr?. i Maynard1* ncbnees mr < ignt yean peat, have alwtys u ne'er E NE NEW stood Iirr cue u bring I erond the reach of medicine, uid have been iurmitr<l witliii the put year to ?ee her nhout, and * are assured that tier ret overv is ttributable entirely to the use of Bristol's S 'reapartll a. We are further acquainted with the laet, that for fire yar ra of the time *>f her atcaueaa, the was obliged to he cwveye t from one place to another in the aruu of her hushin l. and ii fact, when ahe tau inored at all. JOHEPH Kit '.EM AN Judge Erie Co.C. Pleu. HOKa< E 11 ANLEY, Justice of the i'eace. H. LITf'HFl l.D, Poatmuter. DEXTER EX ELL, Suimrtuor. S. II. Bt'TLElL L P. JACOBS. JOHN ESTABIIOOKS. A history ol -he ahore eases m ly be a?en hy calling as shore, f From the B iffslo Com nerci il Advertiser, .Nor. 6, 181 ] A.a EiTHaonoiNaar Cass..?The article b?!ow is from the pen of ou-of our most intelligent medical meu. whose statements are entitled to the fullest coulid. nee. The esse lie details is r-ally a r inarkable one, and might well hare been supposed beyond tht power of m'-dicine. Sate mem of the Physician who risited the Palieut iujxison.and wl?j was .t the time oue of llse Editors of the Comuier cial Advertiser. frit is rare indeed that fallen humauity ia made to experiauee from the baud of Prnvideuce so much severe and protracted sulferiug, and such calamitous and shocking mutilation, as has fallen to the lot of James Wycaoff, a I'd 16 yetrs of age, now living in the town of Clarence in thiacouuty. James is the sou of a fanner, the offspring of healthy and reputable parents, who have a numerous foully of robust children. Without any assignable cause, he was suddenly deprived of the sense ofheariug some ten year* since, which was soon followed hy what was nrobably an attack of the dry gangrene. This rapidly dea royed firai t le palate, the bones of the roof of the mouth, and tlieu a consideiable portion of the upper jaw, upper lip, aud he wli de of the none, both Jtones and cirtilegr, iu well as integuments,. U would be d fTi, ult to iaiauine in what way a inorr unsightly deformity ruuld be impressed uimui the 'human face divine.' This frightful disease ceased its m agei on the tace after several moot! s, to renew them again in other [>arts of the system with greater and inoie destrnctive tev ritv. Some two years ago, a " black spot,"?as the intelligent mother of this most onfortnnate ch id tolu the writer of 'bis?was observed under the nail of each big toe. This ominous ap|iear> ance was the precursor of a second attack of gangr- ne, which gradually exuniled over each foot and leg to witliiu fsur inches of the knee. A separation then look id ice, and in due course 01 time both liinbs dropped off The fingers of the right hand were then attacked by tnit consuming malady, which extended to within a few inches of the shoulder, and at ! ngth the right arm leli to the ground like the dead kranch of a liviug t.ec. '1 he disease then showed itself at the elbow of the left arm, anil oa the left shoulder, producing extensive ewloliation of the bones, lie. The integuments of the light side, near the centre of the ribs, and of the right eye, w, re also affected with the same destroying complaint in its incipient stages. On examining the boy, who, notwithstanding he is deaf and mute, is really intelligent and sprightly, the greatest marvel to us was, h >w it was |X)ssible for a constitution so very feeble and lifeless, that the system was rapidly tailing to pieces from the death of its parts, could when reduced to a mere/ragmtnt of humanity, hold out, and prolong for years a miserable existence. Strange as it nay ie-m. we lound this piece of a ehthl sitting at the uiuner table with the rest of the family, and feeding himself with meat, potatoes, bread, and toe like, witn ?n evident relish of the hearty meal. His gtuinpe of limbs, which lately presented a hideous mas, of eating ulcers, are now healing over kindly, ami nothing but the scars are lell o tell the injury done to the left shoulder, and the parts that surrout d the right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragments of ears still growing on the head, the appearance of which we ahull not attempt to deacri' e. The certain check given to this terrible spreading and hopeless malady?the removal of the intense protracted psins ever excited by irritable fuugeous tlesb conmcted with dead animal matter?the quiet sleep, increased strength, and stable convaleaence ?o manifest in tlie pmon of jamrs?were all, anil doubtlea justly, attribute d by his mother to the exclusive e, for the last six weeks of regul ir portions of Mr. C. C. BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA. Those who have witnessed the truly auspicious, and most unexpected effects of this inedicihr inthis very extraordinary case, are unanimous in the opinion that had it been early administered when tne disease was com-?.l c....l.l_ ...j i? j ? vigorous,'it could not have failed to prevent one of the greatest calamities that can bef.il a human being. Certificate of Oca. Mansfield. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?I have been acquainted with Peter Wyckeff for more than twenty years, and have known his son James from his infancy to this day, and I do hereby certify than the facts set forth in the above, from the Commercial Advertiser, are correct. ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M? Nov. 26th, 1811. North Clarence, Erie Co. Bloomfield, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 1811 Messrs. John Owen k Co., Detroit: Gent.?Some time in the yetr 1832, I was attacked with what .was called by some of my attendingphvsicians, the Kind's Evil. I immediately applied to a Dr. Thompson, who said it mnst he cut out; I then applied to another physician who ordered blistering. During mv sickness 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I was advised to hare my arm amputated, which 1 declined. Ia the year '37, mortification set in, when I applied to a root doctor, whs appeared to help it some. In that year 1 sold a span of horses and two cows, and speulthe whole of it, say $130, which onlv served to keep it back. I have nsed almost every thing I could hear of, without any gTeat benefit. In July last, a cure was atleimged by a person who, like all others, failed. The einense of all this has.been at least $300. From about four inches below the shoulder, to about the middle of tut forearm, there have b en at least twenty holes, manv of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. In February, 1842,1 accidentally came across a wrapper from a bottle of Briatol'a Sarsaparilla, and made no my mind to try the medicine. On the 15th day of that month, I commenced using it, anduseda bolt lea week for twoor three months,when I fouud myself to all appearance completely cured. At any raie, since that time I have not felt auy pain from it. No sores jiave appeared, and it seems perfectly sound, and 1 can labor with it as well aswith the other arm. I am so well satisfied of its superiority ever every thing else thst 1 have tried, that I most earnestly recommend iny person to begin using it immediately who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly, WiLLlA.M I'EARSALL. Persons who hare any doubta of the efficacy of tltis medicine, are invited to call en any of the following City References before purchasing thr article :? John Giles, 301 Pearl street. Thomas Hogsn, 208 Stanton street William W. Randolph, 573 Fourth street Lloyd Bryant, No. 1 Avenue C. Wm H. Siinemeu, 90 Cedar street Mr. Johnson, 2d James street William Stebhins, corner of Rivington and Ridge >U. Ric ard Smith. 82 Clinton street Robert H. Gordon, 13 Orauge street Mil A. Hodge, 39 Rid, est tel William WiLon, 86 Lewis street M. Vandewater, 314 Madison street Lemuel Le land ,96 Hudson street I. G. Reed, 143 Fulton street, Brooklyn Mrs. Ward,W Bayard street J- W. Henderson, 270 Grand street James McGill, 336 Grand street H. B. Kuapp, 21 Avenue B?house 504 Fourth atreet John Culver, 101 Stanton atreet. Il>" I do not wian any one to purchase this medicine until they fully satisfy themselves that all that ia said of it is true ; if, therefore, ihey will take ihe trouble to call on Mr. Burger, 30 Court!indt street, or at Milhau's 183 Broadway, they can es amiue substantiated testimony in addition to the above, whi, h will prove conclusively that the article is what it purport! 10 be. C.C. BRISTOL. Caution.?As the fame of this wonderful medicine estunds, numerous i reparationsare springing up to reap a part of its reputation. The afflicted therefore -hould be careful, if they wish the true article, to asR for Bristol's, and see that the written signature of C. C Bristol is acrosj the cork of the bottle. For sale by reputable Druggists and Agents throughout the conn ry. William Burger, Wholesale Agent, MCourtlaudt street, and 1(8 Greenwich street, and at retail at the following places: Milhau's Pharmacy, 1*3 Broadway ; Rnshioo and Aspinwell, 110 Broadway, 86 Wiilltm street, and 10 Astor House; lam<? Syme, M. D.. 63 Bowery, ; Robert LegreU M. D., 17 Avenue D. ; B. Qnackeubush, 709 Oieenwicb street, and A. Hill, 708 Greenwich si. all lmr* HEAU DE BEAUTE, pOURAUD'9 EAU DE BE4UTE. or True Wkter of U Beauty, for esternnnatiug Tau, Heduesi, Sallowu ss, Pimples, Freckles. Mnphew, Burns, Biotches, and all ciitane -us eruptions?for realising delicate white ncck?, hanus, andarms, uid eliding a healthy juvenile bloo , stauda unrivalled. Its soothing and healing properties in all toughness and hatthn-ss of the skin?e?|iecialls in allaying the irritability alter ahaving, is bevo d compire. Ainu the swarms of trashy preparations and vile comiMiuudv foiced into notice by paraaitieal pt>p-gun pulfs, Guurauil'i Sain Lotion his unobtrusnely crept its wy Mnwiy nut tnt y ina steadily into public r.iver through'.ut the United ftatrt. Thii article It not recommended for iti " cheapness" (its price being SI it bottle, though it thii coat it it infinitely cheaper thau the vile atulf apread daily before the i nblic, even i the coat were one abiding or one cent) Such cheapremedies or Mineral Astringents being not oolv inadequate to.the objecta contemplated, b"t bv til-ir repellent ar ion. potitivelv injunout to health. GOURAUD'S W\TEK OK BEAUTY reeommenda itaelf by ita combined efficacy, her nlesaneas of action, and refreshing fragrance. A Krench l?dy writing to the proprietor, aaya? " Mona. Oonraud?'Tia hut an act of jmtce that I ahonhl ponraneonaly give yon my unqualified teatimonial of the unlird efficacy, innocence, and fragrance of your preparation for purifying and clrauting the akin. By ita uae every pimple and freckle have vaniahed from my face You sho<ild Mod Ami, a< it it ao sovereign anil charming a remedy for scattering all blemiahea from our facea, call it Tea delicea dea damea. En tin mot, je auii enchante de Is cosmetiqne et je en voua remercie lie tout mon coeur. EMILIE DE8MOULIN8, Pension Frangai., Ore? nwich street." " 1 have votir Ean de Beante in uae?it is an admiraale article, and I shall recommend it " 8. F. PHILLIPS. Philadelphia. " I have had several calla for your wash, lor freckles, kc. A lady living here bought a bottle of you, and said it had the desired effect." ALEX. OUTHRIE, No. 4 Suowit Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully I rear testimony to the efficacy and perfect innocence of your Eau de Beaute;i? is deeidedly a valuable cosmetic. I cannot content that you pobliah my n ime." Tne above is from a lady in Le Roy Place. " Dear Sir?Having had a very favorable opportunity yesterday evening for ri|>atiatiiig on the merits of your Eau do Beante, ana showing the effects it produced on my hands, a vonng lady requested that I wonld procure her a boltle of it. Please send one per bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. So strong is the proprietor's conviction of the entire efficacy of the above invaluable prepa>ation in iralinng all that it professes to accomplish, that any diaatisfied purchaser can receive hit or her money back, if requested. To be had only at Di. O Eieluaive Office, ?7 Walker at., one door from Broadway, at f I per bottle, and of the lolluwing Ajrents Albany, Gutlirir, 4 Maiden Lane; Goshen, Elliott; Philadelphia, Mri Brown, 76 C:he?nut street; B Itimore, Heth lUnee, ;/*tt st; Washington, Sclbv fa.ker; Aleiandri-i, C C Beny; II irtforH, Wells a Humphrey; Boston, Jordan, 2 Milk street; Norwich, W Katflkner; Lowell, Carleion: 8*l?m, Ivrs'? New llaven, E Myers; Providence, Dyer, Jr.. Cincinnati!, Tnomas, Main street, arwl others throiitfhoui the U. States. (Jourauus roudre Subtile, for completely and permanently 'radicating superfluous hair, $1 per bottle. (Jonpiud ? Liquid Vegetable Rouge, 50 cents per bottle. Gouraud s Blanc D'Espeyae, impsrts a pure life whiteness 0 skin, free fr >m the deleterious principles generally entering ntocombination for this purpose, 25 cents per bos. s17 lm r .. ? , ARTIFICIAL FLOWKRS. R; J- B. JACWEMOD. manufacturer and importer of JL French Artificial b lowers ?3 LUpenard street near Broad has just received by Havre packet Sully, Duche.a I'Orlesns. and Iowa, a large assortment of aupenur and fash unable flowers and feathers, of the latest Parisian styles at tm*ee 1 J?YErf eouBT.mp AND MAhhiAOk'.-ju.i ,.ubi..uIJ rd, Beck lard. Phrsielogoieal Mysteries and Revelaiiona ia Lrive, Courtahip and Marrt.ge, an infallible guide-book for named and single persons, in matters of tlie utmost importance o tiir linman race. Amongst the thing, duly considered in this work are?Cause, if an I cores lor barrenness ; Offspring, with modes for prevenion nid increase ; T> e arts or heanty and conrtahip-, The lander of solitary prac'icea, and how the habit may be removed mil its effecta enred ; The ransea of Love of Jcalonay, with a emedy for eradicating from the mind ihe aeeda ol a noprlraa. ir an unhappy passion, kc kc. Translated from the third 'ariaedition, ny Philip M. Howard. For sale at 102 Nassau treet, i lies 75 cents Ordera from the country, enclosing s loltar; directed 10 HOLLANT) k OLftVlT. H. Nse Yoik city, vifl ae< nre the work bring sent to any part of the United 8iat<? sM-lm*r W V < york, wednesday m miscellaneous! house of refreshment No. II ANN STREET. THE Proprietor of this establishment continues, as hereto -* fore , to supply hi* customers with the delicacies of the sea son, served up in the best manner. The quality of the viands and his very moderate chances, are evident from the tlatterinj in'ionagf which the public are ideas* d daily to award him His effo.U 'hall b", as they have heretofore been, to merit it continuance, and to secure to his house that reputation for e* otUtoei iM ic waniilfaii whick |i bastoi softnog a tin maintained. As the proprietor is no louder couu ctedwithan] other establishment, he will pay his sole and undivided atten tion to the best lute rests of till? noose, and spare uo pains for i h* maintenance of its well-earned reputation. sM ?m*r SHAKSPEAKli, 11 Park Row, and 3 Ann street. rPHF. SUBSCRIBER h.-its lo return hi. best thanks t< 1 his numerous I'ncnds. (or the kind and liberal encourage ment they hive K?veu mm since he re-opmrd the above est ih'isliineui ; he assures lliem and the public in iteneral, iliat he will toutiuue to use every exertion to mriit their |>a tmnagr. The Larder will be always stimdied with ilie choicest deli' ca< irs of the season, which will be aerv,d up iua superior mau tier, at prices iu iccordance w ith the times. The Bir will he stocked with wines, liquors, draught an I Scot h alei, London |iorter, and segais ; ail of the very besi quality' Breakfasts, dinners, teas, and supper*, at all rrasonablr heirs. tl,?.li.l,.. I 1 c.. .c-?. of I Mid i P. vl. OYSTERS?The very best that can be procured, iu every st\Ir. Suitable notice beinggivrn, ANY DISH whatever can bt procured. P ivate rooms, for the accommodation of dinner ind suppei panic. EDWARD W1NDUST. >13 2t?w ia4w*r I^ERllAl'IN LUNUH.?Oourtnoudi.' Qui Vive; thorn a- sainl. of our good cits, lovers of good (are, have been lot some weeki paal ^utt'crii.ac severe disipikiiulmen from the cloaiac of the fbvnuned " Terrapin Lunch." The "tiifui fev r," is now, however, over, rncl igaiu may they "feed w. II," (or be it mow tli it the John Adams, of Kuick-ibocker memory, "liaiuts hia hn" u-> at the Terrapin ; alao the proprietor, mir of the nuesl litlle It 11 >ws in Chrialcndom, y'elepl W J Carr. Now, then, smack your lips y- cormorants in the T irtle Soup and dealt line , the mantle ol 'Sandy,1 has fallen upon John, to perfection, in good eating and drinking may be again guarantied at ihe Terrapin. A single look into the old "lee Box," will appease the hunger of him with the ahort purse, and a taste of the Pennine at half the old prices will tickle the palate of the verirst anchorite. bine Hreeu Turtle served up this day, and every day during the season. all linjr EPICURES! EPICURES! EPICURES! rpHE Subscriber, formerly kuownaa one of the lirni of Blew J- and Ten Eyck, of No. 8 Broad street, having opened a house No. JG4 Broadway a few doors below Niblo's Garden, w here he siill coht nues lo serve up all the Delicacies of the Season, via?Game. Poultry, Full, 8tc itc., together with hii celebrated Mill Pond. Shrewsbury ^nd all choice Oyslers.frea! or pickled, which obtained the premium at the last Annual Kan at N iblo1s. Having litted up a saloon unequalled in the city, where gen tlemen mJ their lainilies visiting Niblo'v, can, with the greateal propriety, have served up to their comfort and SMtisfaction.sucI relreshmcnts as the} may call for on reasonable terms. N. B.?Clubs anil Private Parties wishing rooms, can oe ac> commoilated as above, by s7 lmT JOSEPH TEN EYCK, ECONOMY, ELEGANCE, AND GOOD LIVING. THY. undersigned has, at a great exj enae, fitted up one of lh< largest anil most splendid CottVe anil Eating Honaes it New Y ?r!t. iu which one hundred persons at least can sit dowi to an excellent and suhstintial breakfast, dinner, and lea, [from the choictstsupplieaofthe nurkets, with a hill of fire notes celled either as regards quality or number of dishes] by any hie tel iu the United States, and varying in prices frnin six cents tc one shilling and eighteen pence per tlisli. The purest Java and Mocka collce and the very best teas, and served at ouly three :>enu per cup. And all othei refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may he assured of feeling iu this establishment quite "at home." It fact, every department of the business is under the superinten deuce of competent overseers, whose sols care and attention arc directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers ami guests. HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Eating House, Nos 64 and 66 Nassau at, between Jelm tt ami Maiden Lane P. S.?Open Sundays lor hrpaklnsr, dinner and ie=i le'io'ln,. frYnch ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND MATERIALS FvrR FLORISTS. BRUN LA ROSIEH.E 1*. COURT, 116 William streetThe only snccessor of Brun L.< Rosiere St Co. at Paris, have just received, by the Havre Pick t Ships Silvie de Orssse and the Sully, a huge assortment of Superior and Fashionable Vlnwor. of tb.. i.i-.t I*-.:.;... -fi? No. ilG William street is (tie true and only depot of those superior articles I'rom their manufactory in Paris, Hue de Tracy No. 6. The above firm has bern lately declared by decreet of the Tribunal ;le Commerce anil the Cour Royal, at Paris, to be the only legitimate successor of the lirui of Bruu la Rosier" St Co., of Paris. ?2 liu*r "\7~lCTORtNE It CO.?Will commence business at their n? tablishinent, No. 3t?5 Broadway, up sum.?MadMe VIC' TOU1NE, whose name h.u become so (Kipular from tu frequeni mention 111 the Parisian Journals of Fashion, and whose liousi at Paris was the rendezvous of the I'a.hionable woild, has thi honor to announce to the ladies of New York, that she will 01 Tuesday nest, the 20th of September, open her establishtnen for the sale of French Fashions, consisting of Cloaks, Shawls Mantelettes, Aprons, llata, Caps, Head Dresses, and Fanej Parisian Articles. The corrrsjmndeuts of .Mad'lle Victorine will keep her con stanllvsupplied with tlia eery latest Fashions. Two skilfu French workwomen are always in attendance. s 17 lm*r to thetadies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOOD8.?The pronne t tress, Miss S KINO, daughter of llie celebrated Carl King "(ft rs lor sale a inost select and choice assortment of Milliner) (foods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pub lie, both as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'OR LEANS, as worn by La Dncliesse D'Orleans, of France SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?And Lawn Hats dosio?An entire new s vie o Hats called " MODIME CAPOTTE3, ELSSLEJl COTTAGE.'1 Parisian end English FANCY 8TRAWS, of the finest tex ture, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to fkvor hei with a call, and examine her elegant and varied sloek of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as u will be a great saving to them in price and a great advantage a, cgards the variety and quality of the good*. MISS S. KINO, Magazine de Modes, au23 lmr 293X Broadway. i cox's FURNISHING STORES, 1J MAIDEN LANE AND 319 BROADWAY. Jit I. COX beg respcifully to inform their friends, and hum-keepers reaerally, that they are now openings very eitenaive assortment of choice new goods, consisting of Girandoles for candles; Lamji* of every descri|>tion, rich mantel Clocks and Clocks for kitchen use, (able and tine Cutlery, Jsnaiiueiy, Platrd Wares, Uiiou It Son's Britannia Ware, sLe. I Fire Irons, block tin Cms, Dish Covers, kc. lie. together with a general assort -enl ol articles in their line, which they are induced to offer at very low prices for aash. | Pmons abnat to purchase should not omit to call and efamine for themselves. A large assortment of the newly invented "INtent Solar Lamps," just received. They continue to manufacture Silver Ware in all ita variety. N. B. They also beg to inform iheir friends and the public generally that th y have opened at 3 9 Brradway. corner of Leonard street, a branch of their establishment, where any ol the above articles can be had at the same prices as at 13 Maiden lane, They havs for sale, a new article of Pol;ahing Powder, superior to any thing hitherto discovered for cleauing ?il?rr and plated ware, plat- glass, tc, sin 2wr DR. FEUCHTVV ANGER'S f~\FFICE, No. 1 Wall street corner Broadway.?-Mauufactnr" er of Oermaii silver is sh'-et,and faultless castiiif.'s.of A'| uh fort is, Muriatic, Nitric ami Pyroligtienus Acids ; of Tin tdolutionsj extract Logwood, Laharraguis ("Id.Tide of Soda, of Lu* Ii't C.niitii:. I'lU.sic Acid; I.iter of Sulplier, Iodides of Iron, Lead and Mercury, Dannerrotype.Cheinieals,Ether, Ammonia, Uraneillry Lotion, Chloride ol (sold. Phosphate ol Soda,the. Infallible Poisons fur Bedbugs, Fleaa, Fly Paper.Cockrciclies Rats, Moths, Caterpillars, mosrhetoes; the compound chemical Whale Oil, Soap and Seed Protector; Planus, Palladrine, Ooldloi) and Bronre, genuine Harlem Oil, im|>ort<id. s'i lm*ec "PAKK'S LIFE PILLS" Fis impossible to calculate the man) benefits to the human race which must result from the discover) of Old Parr's recipe. The line herbal medicine which is compounded from iia direction has, in thousands of cases, been tried and proved to he the moat efficient remedy of the day. Nor is it confined in its usefulness to the diteaaea of the poor, for it it sought by, and found in the medicine chests ol tne mot weallhv classes of (Jreat Britain and vsrions parts of die continent ol hotgpa Aa a family medicine it is uneiinalled, and la all powerfnl in removing bilious end other complaints arising from the derange mrnt of the ailimenlars- duels, and in purifying the blood. It is certain in the enre of the more delicate complaints incident to femalea, grateful to the taste, aromatic to the smell, am. st the umt time a tgcnllc in its operation, yet ao rffccacioas, lhat no female ought to be without so ureal a boon, left them by its venerable dtsriiverer, Old Parr. It has been but a short time before the |iuhlie, yet the proprietors have received nnmerows applications for 'fie Pills from farinas parts o'. the United States; and have had gratify-ill* testimonials of their rood effects in removiug diseases prevalent at this season of the year. To all th- refore who are afflicted and in bad health, see would say go to any of the undermentioned agents, where the Genuine Parr's Life Pills msy be had, vix:? Rnshtnn fcAspinwsll, druggists and chemists, 06 William at., 110 Broadway, and 10 Aator House. Abrah >m Hands k Co dniggi<u*udchcmisti,granite buildings, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber st. P Dickie, 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard ?t. John B Dodd, druggist, Brotc way, corner of Bicecker tt. A W lts.leau, Bowery Medicine Is to re, 200 Bowery. Syme!' Mi dlcine Store, 03 Bowery, corner of Walker st. AB Triider, cor Fnlton and Water ata. Horace Everett, druggist, 307 Oreenwich st, next the corner of Franklin St. J St J Codilington, apothecaries, 227 Hud in street, corner of Spri ng street. E L Cotton, chemist and apothecary. 263 Bleecker st, corner of Jonea st. J W.-odnver.draggistand apothecary, 141 Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Wm Armstroig, aeed, drag, ana pat?sit medicine warehouse 18t,S Knltotiat. And wholesale, at the proprietor,a office, J. ROBERTS k CO., Clarendon House, corner of Duanc stand Broadway. an3l lm#r 'I'O D fSPKPTIOH?Among the number of di>tingnisheil 1 gentlemen who base, from personal ciperience expressed themselves in terms of commendation of the effects of Beckwith's Ami-Dyspeptic Pills, Mr. Van niirrn, late Presidi nt of the United Su'es, haa.npon request,permitted t'.e Proprietor to say, that having been presented br himsome years since with a bos of his Pills, was induced to take thrm aa a remedy for a disordered stomach?that he lias given them a fair trial, and is well satisfied that thev hive contributed greatly to the perfect reestablishment of his health. The Anti-Dyspeptic I'lln are put In a auperior style, in tin hoxes, containing forty, with full directions. Price fifty cents mWt Those who require a more active article, are referred to Beckwith'a Anti-Bilious Pills. Price 2J cents per box. A liberal discount made agents, and those who buy to sell again. To ba had of H. D. TURNER. General Agent. No. 10 John st, noar Broadway, to whom all order* mnst he addressed. For sale also by J. E. Tript*, Newark, N. J. s82twtec )RK 1 ORNING, SEPTEMBER 5 MISCELLANEOUS ' 'lie Aiitl-Angulnr Mj-s|rin of Writing. GREAT REDUCTION. EKoM twelve to lit UOI.LjkHl ! rvTR. BKISTOW of London, ri'.in'fTiuU, inform* the Ladier * ud Genth meuof New York tii-1 Bio .lilyn, ili.it hi* ilu-'i ' Day anil Evening, have commenced /or the >*ai?n, and that he ha* aEDUCt.o tua Trim* one Halt,?to Sit Uollan! * Academy No. 735 Bhouawav, eeah I'ahk Place. Gentlemen of all a* fi at - poaiiivtl) ta'igM iu twelve It-atom, " bold, free, extedi/iout ami lituahed 'usuictvllke tlyh ol ' Wrilint. no matter now bail, illi-irii>le- Hit', or cram) . i! li.e * writing may be. See apeciim 111 at ti e door, JJj Urunlw.tj. Ann the Lauim A neat and handaomr, delicate and fa?hi<>uablt Kunntu.- Hand lit Twklvl Ea?v Ll?*oi** '. tt_>? VISITORS iu New York ctn l.the a courae in Three Day* !?Mr. B. ia to be aeeu from 9 to 1 A. M., or Ir >m 4 to a t P. M. Evening' Claim from 7 to 0. I BOOK KntriMu , Tauaht on a auperior method, by double and single entry, ^ieutiAcally and practically. 1 l(K \ In. Q I I - ^ I / IV I v I STENOGRAPHY. . A new system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, Ike Sir., taught |>eifectly by Mr. Brulow tu one coune <>| lessons ! at ill Broadway. 8-e a specimen. N.B.?A work of the anlhor is presented to every pupil for their permanent guidt. at lm*rr U. S. CITY DESPATCH HOST. Pt 1ST OFFICE, New York, 2Mb July, 134?. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past 8 o'clock, A Ml " 12 " " 3 " P M Will be aeut out for deAt all the Stations before livery it 9 A M, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. II 2 " P M, Letters to be sent Free, must hnve "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise three cents will be col.ecled of the nam to whom lh< letter is addressed. No moDey mis -1 be enclosed in . let lets unless re istered at t ie principal offices. Lists ot llie stations (at all of which "free stamps" in ly be purchased at i ,S0 per 100, and rvery information may be obtained o:. ai* plication at the upper or lower mist offices. Stamps issued by I the late L'ityDesparch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the residence aliould be Haled in ail lett, rs j sci.I through tins Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest imorraation should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKlMKK GRAHAM au28 ly ec Post Vlastcr. THE" "TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. KENNEDY'S ; COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION. r The treatment and preservation of the Hair; the only " infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure for all diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff, plica potuica, Ac. [ Ac. Ac., including all cutaneous affections. This article is pr?, pared with great car, by the inventor and proprietor himself, after a study often years, during which his time has been almost exclusively devoted to the imrfection of (his incomparable article for the benefit of the growth and brauty of the Hair. In the mean time, many nostnims intended for the same purpose, have arisen ?nd (led, while this rejoices in the full vigor of manhood?and is destined to live as long as a fine head of hair is duly prized or its cleanliness and beauty adinircd. Let those who have these desires but give it a single trial and he has no 1 fean for the result. It eulv reuuirti to be known to be appre1 eiated, and when so appreciated the propriet >r expects to obtain 1 his rew ard from a discerning public, and asks it not before?he 1 is not afraid of getting out of patience. Nearly live nundicd certilicates, testifying to its virtues, in all cases for w ich it is inteuded to be used, from the most ' highly respectable individuals in various parts in the United ' States, the Cauadas, Ac., can be seen at the office of the liiveu1 tor and manufacturer, No. I Pine street, New York. i INVENTION NO. 2. The second invention of modern times, to which we would ' respectfully call attention, is KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED I PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE, the fust ever invented in this country. 1 his article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendations, is superior to any thin# of the kind imported from any part of the world. una is rnpiilly mperct iling all other nostrums lot chsinjiu* the color of tlie hair and whisuera to a beautiful dark brown, or let black, from flaxen, red, grey, or otlier objectionable color, in a i single application, without alfectinit 'he skin. 1 lie aborc H?ir Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Niblo's Garden, atid receiied the first premium, as being su|ierior to any oth-t exhibited. It m>y be obtained at the foil.iwing places t?B tiley. Ward 8t Co. M?iden Lane; Leary i* Co,Astor House; 63 Bowery, corn'r Waiaer; 33# Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Uourd St Kills, 253 Broadway, and at the manufactory, No. 1 Piue street, New York. _au30 lm*r QEOROE KENNEDY. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who with to economize c in obtain Clothing of the best quality remarkably cheap, at 20,*) Canal street, one door west of Hudson. A! *. ? a laigi. ?Mortxn?ut of Cloths, Cassii meres, Veatings, and bummer (Jooda, from which Clothing of . all kiuds are made to order in the best manner at "cry reduced ? prices, 'M Canal str~?t. jel9'Jrn*r THE CRYSTAL, ; CORNER OF IVALL fy BROAD STREET Ye Conoisenra and Epicures who throne the " Money " street. When you are dry, atop in and try, the "jtock" that thert you'll | meet; Well do our best, to atand the teat, with inv honse in town. And wh.Ie we do, we look to you, l<?r some th&re of renown. I1 HE Proprietor of the above emhluh^ent will tike n pride in redeeming the nbove pledge, end they will i*rrnit no irt?cle bat the verv best to appear on the b?r. A crioice Lunch can also he fouim daily. an .'4 I in *r china, glass, and earthenware. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. T7HENCH Porc.lain Dinner Services, IIS pieces, fl'i W " White Granite, do do 112 do 13 (hi Freuchnr English Porcelain Tea Seta. 33 do in Dinner Plate*. French Porcelain, per dow.ii, 1 H Do do Granite, blue or white, do lid Soup, do French Porcelaiu, do 2 Hi Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 in TeaCups and Saucers, (21 niecea) French Poreelain, 1 '(. Egg Cups, no do 37 dun. Cot Winn, |<er dozen, from 1 Ml Do Tumblera, do do 2 re Lemonade i, handled, do 2 24 Table Cutlery. Of the fineat descriptions, in acta or dozens, at the lowprice ofSIZtbeaet. Jiut oiiened , a liandsome assortment of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B ?Agent for the aale of Simpaon** Ear Co men, for the relief of deafucsa. ?4 I in* re a new~& Important invention for the ladies. MRS. LOVE, Coraet Maker, No. 6# LiapenardatT. et, respectfully tnforina the Udiea of New York and its vicinities, that the his invented a new article for the pres. rv tion of the health aud atreuitth timing pregnancy. This Abdominal Supporter is oerfect in ita application, aclig as a aupport, and preventing all ariain upon the muaclea, and the consequent la lixue and eihamtiouof the whole system. It will preserve the form in all its youthful symmetry Nolliing that liaa ever been i vei ted offera ?o many advantages as doea thia Abdominal Supporter for invigorating the system against every accident attending geatarion. Mra. L. haa aeeurrd a patent. She beg* to refer tn the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Dr. Francis Dr. Pond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Gillmati M D. Profcsaoi Parker, M D. A. C. Castle, M D, Dr. Nelson, Dr. Moore, J W. Francis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. W. Moore, M. D, J. Neitsoii, M D Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Corsets. tielts, and I'r-r.s. on advantageona terms. s6 imjr PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUI*S, TXT ARR ANTED to keep any length of time in any climate, v viz* lobsters, halibut, shad, aalinuu, oysters, and clams, heef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken, 'nrkey, beef sonp, mutton vegetable soup, gr.en peas, mushrooms. carrets, turnips, p.tsnips, tomatoes, milk, Sic. lie., manufactured and told wholesale by WILLIAM MULL AN E, si 1m* rc 8?*x Vassail at X UHALLESUE tb THE VVORLO.-DK. J. tilt A y, OCULIST, No. 221 Division street. New York, from tne city of London?the only maker of the Artilicial Human Eye in the United States, resiiertl'ully informs those persons that hai hail the misfortuue to have lost one of their eyes, that lie can place ,n artilicial rye in, so as to o|im, shut, and more in the head, without pain either in fixing or wearimt.at a moderate price. Dr. J Gray challenges the world In produce models equal t.. hit of different diseases ol the Human Eye, made by himself, which can be seen at his residence. Dr. J. Gray girts adrice, gratis, on all complaints of the eye, froina o'clock until 10 every morning, Sundays excepted. N. B.?Artificial Teeth set in first rate rtyle, from one to a whole set, at a reduced price. Aaingle Tooth, with Silver plate, Si JO? Do with Uald, $3. sit Iw'r H E N R IQUES' WHOLESALE ANlJ RETAIL HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SuGAR STORE, Basement jl Wm.lism Street, Between Wall and Pine Streets, all im?r NEW YORK. DOCTOR BELL Continues to beconaulted daily, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On all delicate diseases, at hit private offices, 4 CORTLANbT STREET. SECOND Door from Bioadway, with the utmost confidence in all castas of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and safe treatment. Bring a Hegnlnr Practitioner, patients may rely upen receivingall the attention their caaea inay demand, with an aasurance of a successful issue, based upon the ei|?erience of many years professional duties. Dr. Bell does not advertise a S|iecinc Dr?p or rill for ttie cure of certain diseases?but guarantees all that Anatomical, Medical, and Chemical knowledge CJUl suggest in each case. .Separate offices. Atteiiufnce til I 10 P M. daily. jiR Jmlr SUTTON & VANDERBILT ARE Constantly receiving large supplies of Clothe, CattF meres and Wimllens of ever) d., criplinn.smlahle for the coming season, which theyuffir ui extremely reduced print for cash, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, <20 Broadway, eccoud door above Caual st. Gentlemen are requested to call and eismine their stock before purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Particular attention paid t" boys e'oihes. slO lm*r "" HlGETPOZteHT LEB'R STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING it now nni ver-ally admitted to be far tuiwrior 10 any yrl invented fur its peculiirpreai rvstivrsoftening qinli'ies to lite leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet black lucre, properties entirely unrivalled. ,N. B.?for the genuine aiticle apply lo the only Warehouse, No. I John st, corner of Broadway. CHAs. LEE, slO |m*r F'i merl>' l.ee li Thotnaon. \roTlCE?Bhiii RUSSELL ULOVEll, f.om Liverpool i v Con.i,nee of merchandise by tni. v, s >a-l will ill, see .and their permits ?'n board at Pine stri ft wharf, or to the offline ol tha subscriber, as all gooda not permitted in flvedayx mutt unavoidably he sent to puhlie store. 8. E. OLOVER, 100 Pine street, I*' cornet of Booth st. JEKA 21, 1842. t'lty Intelligence John McCliiitci tass-n to Wk>tchk?tkh County. ?Yesterday morning this young man, whowasofloof the seconds of Lilly in the recent prir.e light, and who stands charged with being one of the principals in the death of McCoy, was taken from the city piison by direction of the Mayor and Police Justices under chsrge ol office! ilclyea, and conveyed to Kordham by the Harlem tail road cars, where he was delivered into the charge of constables Devere, Nodiue and Reed, of Westchester county. lie was then taken liefore Andrew Findlay.Uaq., 1 one ot the Justices of the Peace of Westchester township, in which Kordham is situated, and an examination entered into at the Kordham H juse, kept by 0. Bernan. He wus attended by John A. Morrell, Est]., one of his counsel, who has been retained since David Graham, Esq. wus engaged, and on the affidavit of Justice Golden being read to liirn, in which he is charged with acting as one of Out seconds of Lilly, and therefore being one of the principals in the death of McCoy, and also being informed of his rights to answer or refuse to answer any questions that were nut to him. hv advice of counsel s-nl-J the privilege of examination of witncM, he adopted tue latter course an 1 alleged his innocence of any guilt charged against him. Mr. Morrkll then enquired if hail would bo taken for his appearance to Hnswer the charge, as they were prepared to enter it to any amount. Justice Kinulat replied, that in accordance witk the statute prescribing the powers of Justices of tha i'eace, he believed that they were not empowered to take bail in any case where the punishment for the oltence charged would subject a n.an to more than live y ears imprisonment in thu State prison. He therefore would be compelled to refuse hail, which could be applied for before some one of the Judges of the Courts on a writol habeas corpus. The prisoner was then committed on the chajge alleged agninst him. An examination was afterwards made relative to his participation in the fight between Sullivan and Dell on Hart's Island, which is also in Westchester County, when it was proved that he acted as one of the seconds ol Sulli* van, and the Justice ordered him also to be committed on that charge, for a misdemeanor. Mr. Morrill asked the amount of bail in this case, and the justice in advising with Justico Golden, fixed it at $1000. He was theii ordered to be committed to the county prison at White Plains; where he will be under the custody of Joseph Lyon, Ksq., the gentlemanly and humane Sherift'of that oounty. McCleester bore himself with firmness,until the arrival of his aged mother, who came in at th e termination of the examination, when her Dresence ami tears a reel. procationof feeling on hi* part. Site parted from him with the blessings of a foadand affectionate mother, and returned to the city. lie is extremely fortunate in engaging two members of the New Yorlt bar, who stand so prominent, to aid him in his trial. In their hands he may certainly look for all the le^al assistance that the laws of his country will extend to him. On returning to the railroad cars, in company with an old settler in those parts, we asked "how is it you call this place Fordham, when it's no place at all, and the town is called "Westchester?" "I'll tell you," says he, "you'll see that during the French war, at the battle, on what is now call d Fordham heights, two Ana, gallant, and brave young English officers were killed, and buried there. Well, some year or so afterwards a young, beautiful,and accomplishedEnglish girl, came in this vicinity, and inado searching enquiries ns to their death and place of burial, the latter of which was pointed out to her. Having some money, she succeeded in getting a log hut erected over the spot, and lived in it for a number of years. She appeared always dejected and melancholy .avoided any company, and lived exclusively by herself. Towards the latter part of her life it was alleged by the neighbors, who were then few and far between, that she was insane, and that one of the young oIKcers killed in the battle, and buried on the heights, was her lover and intended husband. Of this 1 know nothing, but one day the door of the hut was closed, and remaining so for several days afterwards, it was supposed that she had left the vicinity, but on forcing the door open,this unfortunate and beautiful girl was found a I lifeless corpse! Her name was Jtri.ia Fordham, and ever since she died we have railed the place l<v the same nam? I if now bears, out of reaped fo her memory. That'* the reaion *ir." Wo thanked the old man for hi* story and hid him good altemoon. The Flare-vf Settled.?Morgan ha* giTen Peter V. Hutted a quit-claim deed for all alleged offence* (aid to have been committed by him on hi* bed or board, but intend* to get a divorce from hi* wife, if possible. How about ex-Ablerman Howe? How i* it, aad how was it ? Pray, tell, Alderman Howe, and relieve the distresiing enquiries of the thousands who want to know how it waidone, and how you can explain it away to the latitfaction of Mr. Morgan. " Straw Bail."?We are preparing a full and official account of all the cases of straw bail, that have been received by the ixlice and judge* of our city for the past few yesr*, witn a full and accur te description of the character of thepeisons so engage.,, their occupation and lack of respon*ibility, together w ith the name* of the ogues who have thus escaped Justice, and the crimes for which thoy were committal to prison. Some of the He*, sions lawyers, as well as Jew capper*-in, and Tomb money-snatcners, will he dressed up to great advantage, so lar a* the public interest* are concerned. So open your eye*, ye blood suckers and vampire*. A Finished Roar*.?Yesterday afternoon a fellow was seen on the fui vit-e. going streak out of the hall of the hotel kept by John Edwards, of 77 Courtland street, with a carpet bag belonging to Mr. E. containing about $b0 worth of clothing. Hu moved toward* the North River, and on reaching the fir?t slip, threw the bag overboard. The person* in pursuit compelled him to Jump in after it, and then took him to the policeotticc. He there said that his name was Thomas Lloyd, that he was a native of Wales, England, a wheelwright liy trade, and his place of actual residence w as at Wallabout, Long Island. He ! also said that lie boarded with Mr. Edwards, who bad re quested him to aid in the carry ing out and bringing in of baggage, a id that the bag was given him to take to one of . the Albany boats, and when he got tired ol carrying it, he gave it to another man who threw it overboard. 1 When leaving the hotel, one of the servants called to him ' "-" "ft " ?? I"31 ""fti mc icngw, . nothing daunted, replied " biscuit." He wsi fully committed. Instantly Killed.?A? Mr. Nathaniel L. Aiten wa? , engaged yesterday morning in painting the upper window caiinga of the dwelling on the south west corner of Or- j chard and Stanton streets, the cornice orgutturon which i he waa standing gave way and precipitated him to the i pavement, earning almost inatant death by congeition of , the brain. Mr. Aaten waa formerly one of the captaina of ] theaccond diatrict watch, hut aince hia removal had de- t voted hia time to hia buaineaa aa a painter. , Child Bunned to Death.?Yeaterday morning a color- i ed woman namwd Phebe Wood, wile of James Wood, who reaidea at No. A Orange street, Ivft her premiara on buaineaa, and her four children in bed. After going out, the children rose, and in attempting to make a fire, the clothes of a little girl named llroveside Wood, aged 4 years, caught lire, und burned her ao severely, aa to cause death in the alternoon. This ia another leasoa upon the thousands to parents, not to leave small children alone where there ia a lire. Mae. Bnadsiiaw's child hecot?b?d.?The body of the J infant child of Mrs. Caroline Bradahaw, who was drown- fi ed with her mother on hoard the schooner Moselle, on ' Monday afternoon, up in the North river, opposite Yonkeis, waa recovered yeeterday and brought to this city for interment. . leoalitv at the s? batch.?The physical display of ( mental genius, aided by the powerful assistance of teeth and nails, evinced in a recentfconflict between two of the { Sessions lawyers, in contending forthe best half of a fee of ? $0 97 J cents, ia too good to be lost and will be reported in I full as soon aa time will permit. c Conrf of Common Plea*. Before ludge Inglis. r Sect. 30.?Dm id E. Pal on vs. tnggtfil and Doremut.? ' Thia case was alluded to yesterday the defendants setting * up a plea of usury to get rid of paving a note. It has [ proved to them rather unprofitable, however, aa in addi- t lion to being handsomely shaved by the broker to the tune probably of something like 36 per cent on the original ' transaction and the lenewala, they will have to puy about ! >300 lor coats, (thia being the third trial of the case,) and >160 interest, making nearly giaoo ler >7A0 received by [ Iheir friend. The Jury returned a sealed verdict, finding ? for plaintiff, hot to a certain degree qualified, which ver- i diet the Court would not receive. They th?n retired, and came tin after an absence of an hour, enquiring of the . fudge if the original note had been rendered valid, not- f, withstanding the 3 per cent a mouth, hy its beinu an ex- .1 change nute, w ould the validity hold good as to the re- * newels, although nn exchange note might not haveheen 5lven for latter. The Court replied that It w ould, and Ihe urygavea vcedict for pleinlilf of >916 die., being priuci- J palond interest. _ C V. P. Marshall's Office Tfrjuiy in Bankruptcy.?Daniel Oi Iffln, egset, 197 Brood street, waa yesterday arrested, chaiged by Francis Trude* r wind, chalrmaker, with peijury in not rendering a correct X schedule. The averment is thst he did not place the com- (n plainanl, who is s creditor, on hia schedule ea such ; also L I>. Frli i Two cam a that h? loaned to Harlow Matlier, Brooklyn, in 1641, lbs tun of $400, taking a mortgage for $470 on Mather'* lurnitore, a* ii-rurity--laid mortgage being made out in tavor of Miaa C. S. Uiitfing, Sacked'* Harbor?that no *ui b peraon a* Miu OiRing ii believed to exiat, and that Uiilbn till hold* the mortgage, on which ii yet due. He w ill probably be examined thin ioretioon. Jlltmpt t? Hri oll ? Henry Thome, icamati, w hi ea - u <UU euiumuieu, cuui getl with UU UlrMM 10 CI tut* a revolt on boaid the ling K D Dew oil, at St. Donunpo, while recently 1) ing ut that island. General Session*. Before the Hecoriler and Judge Lynch. StrT. ao ?Sentence.? Ihilip Boon, an ebony negro, who was heretolore convicted ot stealing a gold watch key, pleaded guilty to another indictment lor petit larceny, and the Court aeuteiiced hiui to six months imprisonnuut on lllack well's Island on each charge, making one year in alL Trial jor an Jlteaull and Hu/lny ? Thomaa Malleu, a white man, was tried for an assault and battery ou a urgross named Louisa llaiuson, w ho w as a tenant ol his at No. 30 Crosby street. The assault complained ol was committed in attempting to eject her from the premises, and the accused struck her with a hammer, as well as with his lists. The jury found Mullen guilty, and the Court sentenced him to pay a Sue of $10. Rows al a Funeral.? Patrick O'Connor, Philip O'Connor and Simon Styles, were nut upon their trial lor an assault and battery- mi James Behun, of U3 Cheiry street, on the 'iOlh of May last. About a dozen witnesses were examined, from whose testimony it appeared that a country man of the complainant and prisoneis, who are ail from the Emerald Isle, died at the City Hospital, and in order to pr? vent his laidy lrum bring interred at Potter's Field, a sufficient amount was raised by subscription to give him a decent christum burial. The body was removed from the hospital, and alter being properly w aked, arrangements were made for its burial. Here a ditliculty arose between the manageis of the funeral, as to the order and direction the piocession should take on its way to the burial g>nund, and hence ibe assault complained of. Th - evidence was very coutiadictorjr, but the charge was sustained to the sati?laciion of the Jury, v.ho lound all the accused guilty. The Court sentenced Patrick O'Connor and Simon Styles to pay a lino ol $-16 each, and I'hilip O'Conner to pay a fine ol $|0, the evidence showing he was not equally active in the assault. Trial for Libel.?Charles (J. Scott was tried lor a libel on Johu T. Lin en, at that time a city- watchman, pub lulled in an obscene paper called " The Flash," on the 14th of July lust. The article complained of as libellous, charges Linuen with having connection in an alley-way iu Marion street with a lilthy street-walking prostitute. The publicatiou was admitted by the dt-tendaut, uud justification set up < The District Attorney read the article, and rested the ens*. wlllism Dili. was r ailed be Me r~- .b_ J. fence, and testified that ha law the watchman talking to a woman in Mulberry itreet. He felt somewhat impicioui,and Idlowed them about until he law the woman go into an alley in Marion it net, and alter uaidi taw Linien coming out of the alley buttoning up hii clothes. He had some conversation with the wutchmanon hii conduct, and he endeavored to hide hii cap, io he could not lee the number. The woman hail laatened the gate in the inaide, and wilnem climed over the fence and brought her out. He law the roundi-men, and told them hii itory, and they rapoed ior Linien, who came up, and then witlien went to the Wooiter itreet Watcbhouie w ith the woman and Linsen, aud m ide complaint againit the watchman, undtold the Captain where he 10 iced, in caio he should be wanted. Okomuk Chhiitic, teitilied that hp w as a roundsman on the night in question, and corroborated Dili*! testimony in relation to whut occurred w hen they met him with ths woman. Linien admitted to witnen that he was talking to the woman, who told him a fellow bad endeavored to steal her ihawl, hut denied having gone up the alley w ith her in toto. TauxToe Tivlor wan alio a roundsman, and a partner ofChriitie'i ; lie corroborated Christie's testimony, and lurlher said they rapped lor Linien three tunes belure he answered. When he came up, Dill said, " V ei, that is the nuii." L,iu*en repneu, " 1 sB) 1 wan not up the alley at all." At that time Dill had not charged Linsen w.th going up the alley in his presence. William Moskll, testified he w ent to the w atchhouso with Linsen, Dill, and the woman, and on coming out he heard Linsen tell Dill that " perhaps hi would catch him in a similar scrape sometime or other." Defence here rested. John T. Lmstn called for the prosecution. I reside at No.(161 MacDougal street; am a caitman, and have been a watchman the best part of the time lor seven years. On the night in question 1 was walking dow n Marion strset, and saw a man having hold of a woman; he lit go at tier, and crossed over and went down Bioome street. '1 he woman came to me and said a tellow had tried to steal her shawl. I told her to go home, and she went up an alley in Marion street. I supposed she lived there, and I slopped in front ol the alley, when Dill came up and accused ma of having been in the alley with her, and told me to open the gate. 1 told him it w as none of his business; he then wanted the number of my cap. I went about my business, and the next 1 heurd was the roundsman rap ing for me, and saw the woman, Dill, and the roundsman together, and went to the watch house, where Captain Forties dismissed all the complaints, the woman having said Dill had insulted her, and tried to steal hershaw I. Jonv C. Forbss, teitified he was at the time captain of the third district watch. The parties camp to the watchhouse about one o'clock, and Dill told me he bad caught one of my men in a suspicious situation with a w oman in an alley in Marion-street, and told the same story he has here. Linsen denied the charge altogether. The woman said Dill had insulted her, and the watchman had protected her, she having called on him for that purpose. I knew Linsen to he a man of good character, and discharged all the parties, and sent Linsen hack to his post. The testimony here closed, and the counsel on both sides having declined summing up, the Recorder briefly charged the Jury, defining the law of libel, and said that if thay were satisfied that the charge was true, and published with good motive, and lor justifiable ends, then they would acquit the accused ; the law, however, made them judges both of the law and the fact in the case. The Jury after an absence of five minutes, returned a verdict of guilty, recommending the prisoner to the mercy of the sourt. ForftiUd Recognizance*?John McKinney, against whom the grand Jury have found three indictments for receiving stolen good*, failing to appear when called for IW.imr T. Fisld, indicted for grand larceny, alto for assault and battery, could nut 1 found when called for, and hi* recognizance* were estreated. Magdalene Wagdon, indicted for Hogging ?omet>ody, likewise made herself traroe, and suffered her bouda to be forfeited. The Court adjourned till Wednesday morning, eleven o'clock. Special Sesalone. Before Judge Lynch, and AMcrmen Carman and BonDell. Sarr. 90.?Edward Riley, for stealing a piece of caisi. mere worth $16 from the store of Thomas Patterson, No. 1 Bowery, waa tent to the penitentiary for three month*. Mary Hanlon, for beating William iHogan, and 1'homas Hanlon, her husband, for heating Asker Shilling, were both held to bail in the sum of $100 to keep the peace. Samuel M. Brealow, for stealing a roundabout Tom the store of Messrs. Brooks It C >., cor ner of Catherine and Cherry streets was sent ap tor six month*. Ro'anna Logan, alias Murray, was sent up lor three months Tor stealing a cloak from Mis* Kliza Greenland Francis Corn, alias Fisher, for stealing a locket worth $10 from Charles Castendick, was lound guilty, and sentence suspended till Friday. Leopold Jepe, for stealing a velvet sap from Henry Jacobs, was sent up for two months, lonn Thompson, a black man, lor stealing a pair of uantaloona from the More of John Francis, cent up for ?ix months. Dick Voorhees, a nigger, not the Tombs lawyer, was sent up for six months lor beating hi* wife. A little (irl named Isabella Linn, was charged with stealing two adiea' dresses from persons she had lived with, but owing o her extreme youth, not being over II years of *ge, sho was discharged, and the Court adjourned till Friday sext r.t 9o'clock. Court Calendar?.Thla Day. Common Pt.aa?.?Part 1?Noa. 51, 194, 71. 73, 74, 77 , 81, a, 84, 87, 89, 91, 93, 7, 97, 34. Part 3 ? Noa. 43, 80, 53. 54, 59, 70, 74, 76, 78, 83, 84, ?, 89, 90, 94. Rhode lai.atd Panonrai.?In moat,if not all the indict, trnta found at Newport and Briatol, growing out of the utTragecontroveray, plaaa to the Juriadiction hare beeu led. "dr. horne. "^ONTINUhiS to be conaulted confidentially at hia office No. 7* Marray atreet. Htramtera *r? reaped fully apprised (hat Dr Horne, bein? Irally bred to the medical proleeaioti. in the city of London, In* >ren a practical mi mher of the aaid faculty of phyaie forts eara. for the laat 3S in the city of New York. 111. piarti>? rom aeioa (ener.al, he cominea to .a (.articular hunch <f re. diine, which engages hia profound atP ntion. H? rireriepce la cry great?hl? aacceaa astonishing. He cantiom the nnfortui?te againar the oae of mercnrv; iTiouaandtare annually oiercntali ted ont oflife?recent affection* ?re, without mercury, exingm?hr.i in a few day* Hee your r?aea eradicated, not /wlrod up. The lr arned Dr. Bnchau emphatically oberrer*- Maried peraona, and , etaona aho.il lo be mimed, honld he purlieulily cmttiou* of'ho?* iffectiom; what * drradlul inherit* nee 0 tr ininnt to posterity." , . , , , Peraona afllirted wfrh protracted and deplorahlc ca.e,, need Kit de.,?.r ofa rompletrncorerv bv applying lo Dr. Horne A piidtnct of 36 van ? ? New VWkcity hu f iUb?i?l?e?l Doctor Home I rh .racier .a a man ofMerhn* honor, and baaed on real eapeciability and ,,r* H uffera to hia twtron. a aure guariniee ?r Horne** office* are numeroua, and i?iti?nt> nerer "me in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in (ha eee,in?* NOTICE. If-aw THOMAS O. HORNE, ton of the late Dr. (Jeorge T. In'rnr reapectfnily epnritea the public that he continue* hia ather'i moat anccaaaml practice at hia establishment. No. 74 (array ftreet, and may be conaulted daily until 9 o clock, r. 1 Handi| a eaci ptr d. " pocket wives I TIM Brotdv iy. hstwern John acres! <%n?l Howards H >?*l, x iM) d ?* pen, dirt and pockr* knives, 1f rjjc** to lit thf fitnr^. AN", r Unrf assortment of NcN't* *j imiBKMiitiMilJttttfrt. l> "Ifil *n<i ?u??ir,l md eiy Other article mnally fept hyc"(Ter?. AII trade - f entry made to order a?d repairt d. Steel articlea poli.hed in >h? eneat perfeefion of tha c , ill LS of Eaaliange on nil part* of Fnyland, Ireland and ) arrilnd in ?Mtn* ol ii to Lt!i and i.M, to an amount, * Scot and. U> ?*m* i2 w,? 1?%? and 134 Broadway.

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