26 Eylül 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Eylül 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH YmU vm." I?. Ml --W1?lo I*. 311T RAIL ROADS & STEAMBOATS. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. tiBBLSHBLiflfesfie fm lit loot of Cennlandt ?treet, New Tor*. At \sF All P. M. At 7M AM. At IX YM"H% !x & t 'g ? do. 11 T* do. I do II do. ON SUNDAYS. From ch. fool of Liberty atreet Leave New York. Ltri Newark. * IAJMBU* '-JlhaAUftfg'V&M:11 Leare New /oik. Tmti Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. J* KM. ?H A.M. 4 " I'M A. M. tv p. M. 1* M. ? " J P.M. 9\ " The trains for WeetAeld, PlainAeld, Bouwlbrook, Semerville, Ac., connect with the 9 A M. 2JK and 4 J* P M train* iron New Yoik, dailf, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. NEW^ORK. RAHWAY*1A^SD* NE^BRlfNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bnuiewiek. At 9 A. M. At 33k A. M. n Sunday* the 5M and 73k A.M. tripe from New Brunswick and 2* . M. train (ram New York, are omitted. Fate between New York and New Bran*wick, 75 cent*. Rahway, 54 cents Tbe fare in the 33k and 73k A. M. train from New Brunswick^ and IJk and tfc P. M. train Aom New York, has been re New York and New Bninawidk, to 54 cents. " and Ilahway to 173k Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket jputis. Tickets are reeeired by the conductor only on the day when purchased. aull3n.? freight "and paBbage TO PITT*. BVBOi bin The proprietors of Binghim's Transportation Line to flasket*. give notice te the Merchants of New York, and all other persons shipping to the West, that their line is now in active oi* rati or Goods consigned to them (or sent to go in their line,| will be forwarded with despatch. Owner* or shippers of goods, destined for the Western lutes, who have no agent or consignee at PitUburg, will please consign their good* te William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all snch consignments without All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. r... .... .rrv.i.k. .ki.k ... .. i?_ .. ... Mi,., i,?. ???!? ' WM. TYSON, Agent, No. I West street, opposite Pitr No. 2, N. K. N. B. Peaeeugers forwarded to Pittsbuig and Potuville,every ^"fcefer toll. Crooke, American Knr Co.; 8. T. Nicoli, front street ; Phelps, Dodge fc Co., Fulton street; Suydam. Sage k Co ; Win. Rankin. Duryee at Co, Newark. m6 Iin RAIL ROAD?ALBANY AND SARATOGA Trerellen to Saratoga springs, Lake Get nje, vVhitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an espeditioue and pleasant conveyance to the Springs by i iking the Rail Rns I cars at Albany. HOURS OR DEPARTURE. From Albany. _ From Saratoga At o'clock, A.|(M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M " * " P. M. I " JX " P M. There u no chance of Coaches or Btgvage Wagons, or shiftilia of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readiness to convey tnem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch^mnlain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A State (forth# conrenience of passentm who arrive by the efteiooon tram from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives et Whitehall in time for the departure of the Champlain ale am host of same day, and brings eastern trav. Hers to Ratland, Vl. early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road can, to carry the baggage of paaeengers direct to and from the depot and steamboat at the rate of 6j< cents per trunk or package, or UX cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The departure# for the weet are Used for the season at 7X o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, Jane nth. 1X2. je2T2mr KAIUtOAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com1 pear have established a Freight Line between New, Bra na wick and New York, which they intend to ran permaLeavinc New Branswiek at 5X A.M. daily, (Sundays eg Mgwd) sad th? foot of Liber tyntreet, New York, at 2\ P. M. Te oountrv dealers end Merchants the above line m very desirable for the speedy and coAp conveyance of merchandise of every description, end more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Block, who can have 190 head of cattle conveyod between New Bnuarwiek and New York, the tamo day tejSTKri. MM. I~ -l?. sheep, nogs. me. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by riiis line is not subfeet to any extra elms* in creatine the North River. ? The Company have fitted np a latye stombonse at New Brunswick, adiouung the Railroad Depot, which will always rsss^sstg ^ reeeivs ferry tickets gratis. (C7* Freight for Newark, Elittbethtown, Rahway, West field, BainieM, Scotch Plains, Bonndbrook and Somerville, is conveyed by die above lines, and delivered the seme day when received. tall 3m* - FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA. KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS, AND yZhEflHEKgALVESTON. (Texas) to sail on the 10th October,at 12AM.?The well known and edHKofavorite steam ship NEW YORK, J. T. Writhe, Commander, having been pet in complete order, with new wroofht iirm shafts, lie., will positively leave for the above porta on the day specified. The New York, having haen superbly fitted no, with saloon state rooms in addition to Mr cabins, oners superior accommodationa for the convenience of nascency ri. Passengers coins in this boat amy safely rely epon the well known akill and attentions of her Captain. Tor licht freight or passage, apply on board, toot of 2th street. East River, or to e. MORGAN, or H. HUBBARb, k CO. 37 Peck Slip. N. B.?The New York carries sufficient luel for the voyage. Passenger* for Kay Watt, Naw Orleans, and Galveston, will Cava aa opportunity of visiting Havana, as the ship will lay tham twa days, stio oHltrc STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE-CAPT. WM. ROLLINS. To leave thiiport October 1st, at 4o'clock P. M. This ship will positively leove as above. She can superbly accommodate 2M peace age rs in the cabins and sute room*, and wil lake a few ib the steerage. Also, a small quantity of light freight, for which or passage, apply on board, at. the Tobacco Inspection pier, E R, or at No. 71 Wall street, where a plan of the acute room bit be teen. TW Neptune hla been perfectly ovuhnM,.and if in fi-.t rule order. The delay* at Intermrdiate porta will be but raomanlirv ?A tkiui an/ tn MPPlfS IffifilPflfPIB. and It j| BTMPled passenger* by her will be leaded at New Orleans by lith October. J. H. B ROWER. attool*ie 75 Well iL .Mfl 0ffL OCRANTlOUSETl-oog Branch, Rnmeoa, Brown's Dock, Middletown.Eatontown Dock JC3C!BLiikI Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat lOLAS,Captain Allaire, wul leave New York from Kulton Mareci Blip, East River, every morning at I o'clock Tor Red Bank, leieent ThareOay, on which day the boat foee to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, vftli leave at I o'clock each day. The lolaa will ran aa above, navigation and weather permitana. antil farther notice. All freight and baggage at the riak of the ownera thereof. Jane ?4, IMS. je?1mc @5 8?K9,^NDty?H^S 3CaK3L-The hat ud substantial ateamer UTICA, Captain J. W. Heacoi, will commence making daily eicur eiona to the above place, en Monday, July 15th, and continne n to run every Monday, Wednesday, Thnraday and Saturday, and leave as follows :?Foot of Hammond atreet at a quartet pent p o'clock?<2aoal atreet at half peat P?Pike atreet, E. K., al b?rler No. I Itrj., at hall paat ?. A Bend of Mntic la en gaged. Dinner and all kinda of refreahmenta will be famisher onboard. On the retort) the Utica will remain at Fort Hamil top hell an hoar. The OTKA w?ll make an Afternoon Eacoraion aroani ftateajaland on Sunday, July Stth, and continue every Tuee day, Friday, andSanday. end leave aa followa Foot of Haa "Utmd^etreet at IN o'clock?Canal atreet at S-Pike atreet, E.R at half poet h?Pter No. 1, at I* o'clock. P. M., and arrive ti the city at 7 o'clock. Pare 15 centa each way. JtT" ~ V2J ' "^aaeerSva^ill leave 'Boaton every Friday, at law A. M. h the Cart of the Eastern Railroad for Portamouth, from wide place they will be conveyed by the well known ateamer Hem *^nmmd4h*tl^Hanueea will leave St. Johna every Tarn daLat 7 ATM. and. Eastport at t P.M.end arrive in Portaaaoutl m Wednesday in timndbr the 4 o'clock train for Boaton. k| vw-tfji- *;?.?.?. TMa i earn ofen to neiaone seeking enjoyment, many it daeemanla?a tionutiy abounding in foe lakea and the not choice Baking ; alee game of all kinda, with other attraction tmeraanag toapnttamao. a7tm*r ^OPPqaTiOW Ling PUk aLBAS*. FARE REDUCED!! FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRiCES. ^nmpt The commodioua Steamboat WASHING ?3m3>TON, Captain J. M. Brown, having mad 3CH3K9LamBgeaa?nai to change her day* ofleavin New York, will hereener leave the root of Robinson atree New York, every Tnewfay, Thnnd.y, and Saturday arte noon, at 5 oclock, and Albany, avery Monday.Wednesday, an Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on bar postage each wa at the foot of Hammond street, Newbnrgh, Poughkeepsir Kingston Point, Cattskill end Hudson. "at.*; XJJ. FOR MARSEILLES? Packet for Irt OcinbervJHttW The very tnperior CQpoer-Ceeteuad and topnered ahi dSCKm 00RI0l<ANUS, Hale, master. llmmajor part ql Oar cargo II alKidy engaged. For frerpt ofumb VUoBooe or Hit nmiiM, iifiy to iiiniitOimrpRmrtm yBOYO k HINOfcEN, aU r Ne. 9 Tan-lae iluifdlags E ' NE' NEW, MISCELLANEOUS ~ TR* AnU*Ang?Ur System or W riting. GREAT REDUCTION. _ __ 10 iii dolllll! iVf BRI8TOW 01 London, respectfully informs the Ladies T and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that his classes Day and Evening, hare commenced for the reason, and that ha hu seduce!) his Term, one half,?to Six Dollars ! Academ* No. 201 UaoDAw.T, sua Paee Place. . Urallin.ii of all sues are positively taught in twelve lessons, I ? bold, free, expedition* and finished business-like style ol Writing, no mailer how bad, illesible stiff, or cramped the _ writing may be. See specimens at ll.e door, 221 Broadway. i And the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand p In Twelve East Lessons ! _0~ VISITORS in New York can lake a course in Three Dv?? -?Mr B. is to be seen from 9 lo 1 A. M., or from 4 to I J Evening Classes from 7 to 9. '' _ Booe-Keetino J Taught on a superior method, by doable and single entry, scientifically and practically. <4 I o. V l?. o q /- q r q n i i v > i ^ iv. i i 5 STENOGRAPHY. ? A new system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for tailing down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, he. lie., taught perfectly by Mr. Bristow in one course of lessons ! at 22J Broad- il way. See as|ieciineii. t< N. B.?A work of the author is presented to every pupil for ,, their permanent guide. st lis* re "J U S. CITY DESPATCH POST. . Pt 1ST OFFICE. New York, ?th July, IM2. " XJOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the ? AX Uppek and Lower Post Office*:? v Letters deposited before Half-past I o'clock, AMI 12 " " a 1 " P M Will be scut out for de- ? At all tke Stations before livery at 9 A M, and I T o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " " ? " P M u Letters to be tent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise lliree cents will be collected of the party to whom th? letter is addressed. No money mint be enclosed in j letters unless re. ietered at t ,e principal offices. Lists of the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may bi purchased at $2,10 per 100, and every information may be obtained ou a|* plication at ins upper or lower post offices. Stamps issued by t| the late CityDespatch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the residence should be stated in ail lelb rs ? sent throughnhis Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest information should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKIMER GRAHAM au2S ly ec Post Master. THE TWO GREATEST INVENTIONS OF THE AGE. , KENNEDY'S COMPOUND VEGETABLE PREPARATION, x DOR The treatment and preservation ol the Hair; the only 1 P infallible preservative against baldness, and a certain cure I for all diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff, plica politics, Ate. Ii fee. lie., including all cutaneous affections. This article is pre- tl pared with great cart by the inventor and proprietor himself, after a study of ten years, during which his time has been si- v moil exclusively devoted to the perfection of this incomparable a article for the benefit of the growth and beauty of the Hair. In h the mean time, many nostrums intended for the same purpose, e have arisen and died, while this rejoices in the full vigor ot e manhood?and is destined to live as long as a fine head of Hair it I duly prized or its cleanliness aud beauty admired. Let those t who have these desires but give it a single trial and lie has no t fears for the result. It anlv requires to be known to be appre ciated, and when so appreciated the propriatJr expects to obtain <] his reward from a discerning public, and asks it not before?ha ' is not afraid of getting out ofpaiieuce. e Nearly five hundied certificates, testifying to its virtues, in a all cases for w ich it is intended to be used, fro in the moat I highly respectable individuals in various parts in the United States, the Canadas, lie., can be seen at the office of the iuveu- t tor ana manufacturer. No. 1 Fine street. New York. i INVENTION NO. 2. The eecond invention of modern times, to which we would respectful I v cull attention, is KENNEDY'S CELEBRATED PREMIUM CHEMICAL HAIR DYE. the first ever invented in this country. '1 his article, as can be testified to by a large number of oral and verbal recommendatious, is superior to any thing of the kind imported from any part of the world, and is rapidly superceding all otner nostrums for changing the color of the hair and whisaers to a beautiful dark brown, or let black, from flaxen, red, grey, or other objectionable color, in a single application, without affecting the skin. The above Hair Dye was exhibited at the Fair of the American Institute, held at Niblo's Garden, and receit ed the first premium, as being superior to any other exhibited. It m iy be obtained at the following places >?Bailey, Ward It Co. Maiden Lane; Leary b Co, Astor House; 63 Bowery, corner Walker; 33* Bowery corner Bond street; Tiffany, Gourd St Ellis, 359 Broadway, and at the manufactory. No. 1 Pine street, New York. au3SUn*r GEORGE KENNEDY. CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE. 8 ASTOR HOUSE. . T7RENCH Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces, * 125 M J? White Granite, do do IIS do 13 00 French or English Porcelain Tea Bets. 33 do 4 00 Dinner Plates. French Porcelain, per dozen, 1 94 Do do Granite, blue or,white, do 1 00 Boon, do French Porcelain, do 2 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 00 TeaCups and Saucers, (24 pieces) French Porcelaiu, 1 50 Egg Cups, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per dauen, from 150 Do Tumblers. oo do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 3 25 Table Cctleet. Of the 6nest description*, in seta or doiena, at the lowpnee of $13 the set. J oat opened, a handsome assortment^of^Tojlet N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Ear Cornets, for the relief of dearheas. s4 lm* rc A NEW & IMPORTANT INVENTION FOR THE LADIES. ! VfRS. LOVE, Corset Maker, No. M Liapenard street, re- ! I'd speclfully informs the ladiea of New York and its vicinities, that ehe has invrnted a new article for the preservation of the health and strength during pregnane v. This Abdominal I Supporter is perfect in its application, acting as a support, and , preventing all strain unou the muscles, and the consequent fa tigue and sihaustionoLlhe whole system. It will preserve the form in all its youthful symmetry Nothing that has ever been invented effers so many advantages as does this Abdominal ] Supporter for invigoratiug the system against every accident attending gestation. Mrs. L.has secured a patent. She begs to refer to the follow ing eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty:?Br. Francis, i Dr. Fond, Dr. McDonald, Professor Uillmau M D, Professor i Parker, M D. A. 0. Castle, M D. Dr. Nelson, Dr. Moore, J. | W. Frincis, M D, J. O. Pond, M D, J. sW. Moore, M. D. J. ( Neilson, MO. ' Country merchants and dealers supplied wholesale with Corsets, Belts, and braces, on advantageous terms. sAlmfr PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS , AND SOUPS. "\1/ARRANTED to keep any length ot time in any climate, vv vis'lobsters, halibut, shad, salmon, oysters, and clams, beef, mutton, veal, duck, chicken, turkey, beef soup, mutton broth, chicken sonp, ot tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, vegetable soup, green peas, mushrooms, can-eu, turnips, p?rsnips, tomatoes, milk, he. ho., manufactured and sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANE, ' s4 lm* rc MS Naaaau st HENRIQUE S' WHOLESALE ANITRETA1L HAVANA AND PRINCIPE S. GAR STORE, Basement 31 William Rteebt, Between Wall And Pine Streets, ill lm* r NEW YORK E. W. HAND. EXCHANGE BROKER. s33 lm?r No. 3 CAMT STREET. NEW ORLEANS. DOCTORBELL Conlipuss to be consulted ilailv, until 10 P. M. CONFIDENTIALLY On nil -Ulirafn iliumtPt at hia nritatB nffiPM 4 CORTLANDT STREET. QECOND Door from Broadway, with tha atmoat confidence O in all caaea of a delicate nature, requiring prompt and .afe treatmeut. Being a Regular Practitioner, patienta may rely 0|>eD receiving all the attention their caaea may demand, with an aaauranee of a ancceuful issue, based upon the experience of many yeara piofaaaional dutiea. Dr Bell doea not advertise a Specific Drop or Pill for the care of certain diaeaaea?bat guaranteea all that Anatomical, Metlical.and Chemical knowledge can suggest in each caae. Separate officer. Attendance till 10 P M. daily. ag Imtr SUTTON & VANDERBILT ARK Constantly receiving large auppliea of Clotha, Caaaimerea and Woollena ol every deacription.aeitable for the coming aeaaon, which they offer at extremely reduced price* for caah, at their well known Tailoring Establishment, 440 Broadway, aecond door above Canal at. Gentlemen are requested to call and examine their alock before purchasing elsewhere. N. B.?Particnlar attention paid to hoys clothes. alO lm?r i HIGH POLISH. ; T EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now nni1 ?J serially admitted to be far superior to any yet invented for ita peculiar preservative softening qualities to the leather, and for its exquisite brilliant jet black lustre, propcrtiei entirely nn' NTS.?For the genuine article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John at, cornel of Broadway. CHAM. LEE, 10 |m*r Formerly Lee It Thomson. : THE NEW YORK XYLOGRAPHIC PRESS, ,* 44 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. Pf THE EXTENT of tha varieties in this department the proprietor may safely challenge competition with any other l establishment in the world, and hM un?er hie own immediate ?. superintendence the moat skilful workmen. andaJl tha reqmsi a materials for sxecating every description of Aylographic Ln.. graving and Pnadif. h Onfiatl Drains and Plates of erery description executed in tha Am sty a of iha art, and besutifslly printed in Bronte or Fancy Colon. Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Oroceis and other Labels, constantly on hand, wholesale or retail, and i* connected with the trade. t _ ,1 Job Printing in ertrr variety of style executed n the beat h^^erplate'engraving _N<tf~.CjMka, Dmiufliili'of1 Exchange. < rrificatet of I Stock, do Dapoaite, Blanks or professional, wedding and visiting Uarda, neatly engraved and printed, at si oit notice, and on y. the most reasonable terma. Tha lowest poasi hie price is char e B-i for all work done at thta establishment. All orders from the country punctually attended to, and art, tieloa ordered, forwarded to any part of the United Bute., or r. the tanadai. d *H lm*v CHAS. Srfl ELDS, Pro, riator. J, FRENCH IMPORTED GAITERS of all co4glora of Fashion ; Y'rench boots and |?t?nt leather I. ??. *?," " 'kow and pump., for men, boys, and children. Men and boy. cheap boots from $4,74, V - |3,yi, and $4 per pair. Men's^ shoes 7 to l? and 14s per pair - Bov?' shoes Mia 71 cento and Si, and warranted good. Ladies! P misses, and children* gaiter boot*. buskins' walking shoe.. in<l slipper* of all colors and sires, latest fashions, ties, buskins t and slip*, 71 centa to tl, good 4ai slippers. Come and see a good assortment of thp above awielea at 43 Canal street, comer Bu>adw*V, and at MS ffgnal tt., nerth west comer Hudson at at Waller's. au?4 lm*r W Yi YORK. MONDAY MOR MEDICINES? THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FORTHK SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, J A8 met with the moat unprecedented success unce iu con 1 mrnermrnt, particularly from the unfortunate victim* a nnrineipled pretender*. who are now daily gain'ug ilreogt uo vigot under Uie judicious treatment of the College. Th blowing preparations hare already obtained a celebrity un araletlrd in the annala of medicine. THE UNHIVALLTEI) TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forma nfdyapepaia. low apirita, loaa c ppetitr, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, general debility, prr i*|io*iuon to ronsuni|>tioti, and all complaints arising from isarrangement of the uervioua aystein. It may be also use rilh great success in cases of fever and ague, and as a prr cutative te yrllow fever. Sold in bottles at $1 and $3 each. THE ANODYNE LINIMENT. For the cure of rheumatic paina, colic, bruises, sprains, sp al disease, nervons headache, pains in the joints, and imrai iatr and permanent relief guaranteed. Sold iu bottles, 74 ct tell. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the enrr of all cases oi a delicate disease, or for pains i lie bones, eruptions, tore throat, or auy other distressing sym| milt, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, er b pickery. Hold iu bottles at SI aud $2 each. [ HE AMERICAN ANT1BILOUS CATHARTIC PILL For tile cure ol all derangements of the liver, purifyiug thi nod, exciting the whole alimentary canal to healthy action d giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine ii tirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the uoetrun Men. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. For the cure of thoie complaint* (wculiar to the female an ml to restore ami presence the regular action of the femal rgaus, with lull directions and cautions as to use, and sold i oxe* at $1, 50 cents, and 25 cents each. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For'he cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic ihenmr isin, and to improve the tone ol thr digrstive organs. "fHE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. Guaranteed to ore gonorrhoea, gleet, and all mucopuruleL ischarges from the urethra. Sola in bottles at 50 cents an iC*C THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER,. Forthecureof sore nipples, and su|>erftcial "xcoriatioux t he akiu. Sold in closely sloth phials at 50 cents each. The above preparations may also bo had of the followui ub-iurems in this city:? J. W. Basset, 6G J road way. Dr. E. M. Union. 127 Bowery. Dr. Kingpin Hudson street. Elias L.Tlieall, 541 GrandstreeL Wm. Armstrong ,184 Fultou street, Brooklyn. Principal office of the College for New York, at C7 Nassa treel. By order, au283mr W. S.RICHARDSON, Agent URISTOL'S SARSXPARILLA. Lf ANUFACTURED and sold by the proprietor, C. ( Yl BRISTOL. Buffalo, and for sale by nis Agent, WII ,1AM BUROE't. Wholesale Druggist, Nos. 50 an 52 Cor andt at. and 188 Greenwich st, and Dy the principal DiUggis hmughoutthe Union. This preiiaralion has now been before the public about < en years, during which lime its reputation has beensteadil ud rapidly advancing, until ita present and deserved eelebril las been attained?nor ii it stationary at even this altitude i sliination, aa the evidence cf each succeeding day clearl vincea. Many of the first I'hysici ina in the ccuutrv Iiave vt untarily borne witness to it^ superior efficacy of value, i heir written certificates, now in the possession or the proprii or, will show. Testimonials almost innumerable, from pe out who have been benefitted by its use, or have seen its in licinal virtues tested by their friends, are also iu |>ossession r ilr. Bristol, which prove how many, Inrw various, and ho xtreme have been the instances iu which, by its operatiou ll ick and the almost despairing hare been restored to health it 'TrWTOL'B 9AR8APARILLA U a rare and invaluabl :ombination ?I vegetable remedies of established medicr ralue, and from its peculiar properties is almost infallible i ill complaints that arise :rom impurities of the blood, fro he morbid acli -.r (I the absorbent and glaudular system rom consul i tonal idio.yncracies, hereditary predispoaitioi in J ii general all chrouic and long standing infirmities at regularities of the human frame. To enumerate all the di rases iu which it has been found to be a sovereign remrd would be to make this notice much too leugthy, and we CJ inly here suggest to the reader the value and importance < his preparation, and refer him to advertisement* in the publ lapera for more detailed intelligence respecting its efficscy, lesrly all cases of complaint except tliose of the most ordinal >r endemic sua epidemic character. The proprietor drain inly to have attention generally directed to thia article, con lent that its rare virtues only need be known to be appn Mated; that it will stand the lest of any trial, aud that increasi isefulur.ss, and added popularity, must be the direct result < Is more extended scriuaiiitance. Among the numerous letters daily received by the propriet if Briat 'iSarsaparlla, the following is selected, merely liossr kn kio ** la is ratro rslall ami f K* iiiPmailllff llss m 111 or this iu\ aluable edicinc by the dealer* in thia city, aa tl implication come* rom the well known house of A. B. It 1 sands, Druggists, of thu city, who have since advertised th< iwn article to the whole world, shows conclusively that tl srticle is all it purports to be. (COPY.) New York, April 20, 1042. Mr. C.C. Bristol, Buffalo, N. Y. :? Dear Sir? We have been selling during the year past considerab'e qua i.ies of yonr Extract of Sarsaparilla, and think from thai :ount we hear of its virtues from those who have used it, th die sale in this city may be much increased bv paying it mo itleutinn in advertising. Our arrangements are such with tl Jifferent papers that we can have advertisements inserted i much better term* than most other* pa. and more consnicuonsl If you would like to make an arrangement with u* lot at Hi it more extensively, we think it could be made of much advai Se to n* both. We have now four dilTrieut stores, three em in the best location in the city for retailing, and one I wholesaleing, and our facilities are sech as will euabl- us to d pose of more of it, perhaps, than any other house. We shall much pleased to hear from you on this subject, or if yon vi New York in the coarse of a month or so, to see you at our stt ri Fulton street. Yours, very respectfully. ATB. k 6. 8AND8 OPINIONS FROM MEDICAL GENTLEMEN. Buffalo Aug. 12, 12J7 We are acquainted with the preparation of Sarsaparilla, n nufactured by C. C. Bristol, and having made use of it more less in our practice, believe it to contain the ac ive principle 9arsa|>arilla, in a highly concentrated form, and as a pre para li we esteem it as one of the best we have ever m?' with. I TROWBtllDGE, M D CYRENIUH CHAP1N.M E CHA8 WINNE, M D MOBES BRISTOL, hi D IOSIAH BARNES. M D J E MARSHALL. M D I K HAWLEY, M D AS 8PRAQUE, M D A MILLER, M D F L HARRIS, M D H R ST AUG. From Doctors Wells and Cheney, resident Physicians at Ci audaigua:? Carafdaiova, Dec. 27, IS38 We have frequently prescribed Mr. C C Bristol's prepsrati >f Sarsaparilla. in our practice, and hava always found it to iwcr an excellent purpose in cases where Sarsaparilla was i dicable. Our knowledge of the article haa not been limits and we can freely say that ia the beet preparation of 3areaperi we have ever used. RICHARD WELLS, M D, E W CHEENY, M 1). The following extractor a letter from Dr. J. A. Hyde, one the oldest and moatrexpectable practitioner* in the western m lion, is given : Yourustowr, June 11, IB3i Mr. C. C. Bristol?Dear Sir: I am nearly ont of Sariaperil again, and, if yon please, yon may tend me two doxcu oottli by stage or cars, directed to me at thia place. 1 have frequently preacrtbed your Compound Fluid Extra of Sarsaparilla for a few yeara past, with much advantage, chronic diseases, especially in Scrofnia and obstinate cntanco affection*, ittrnued with scrofulous habit. Also, in seconds atrmktlt.. mn.1 in rvkunniu ffultsiral Hmhilit V from almfMl tllV rails It generally proves useful. i think your Fluid Extract the be preparation of Sirsausnlla I ever used. With much respect, yours, truly, J. A. HYDE, From Docts. Hoyt k May * Pai.mtra, July 2, 1141 Mr. C. C. Bristol?Sir: We have used your Extract of S saparilla in our practice, and for diseases arising from an i pure state of the blood, and as a general renovator of the sysU we esteem it as the best article now in use. D D. HOYT. M. D WM. MAY, M. D. From Dr. A. Miller * Rome, July 24,1*41 1 am acquainted with the preparation of Sarmapartlla mas faclured by C. C. Bristol, of Bolfslo, and having made use ol in iny practice, believe it to contain the active principle of Si sapariflat n a highly concentrated form, and as a preparation esteem it :*e best 1 hare ever met with. _ A. MILLER, M. D From Dr. 8. C. Noyes: CoLLiivs, Erie Co., July 5, 1841 I have been acquainted with Bristol's Sarsaparilla for a nu ber ai yean, and have very frequently prescribed it in my pr lice, and have invariably found it to answer the desired effe I consider the reputation of the article established, and whi the genuine can be obtained, 1 have no hesitation iusaying tl a trial of its virtues will sustain my opinion. 8. C. NOYES, M. D From Dr. A. P. Curtis : Attica, Genesee Co., July 3, 1841 I have frequently prescribed Bristol's Sarsa|*rillain my pr lice, and have no hesitation in recommending i t as an am possessing all of the active principle of Sarsaiwriha, and ai pieperation, I think it the beet one 1 have ever met with. A. r. CURTIS, M. D Oswioo, May S, 1841 We certify that we attended Jnlla Ann Van Doozer dor her sickness, and we have no hesitation in saying that her re very may be attributed to the use of Bristol's Saraaparilla. P. H. HARD. M. D. H. K. THURbKR. M. D (A statement of the above ease may be seen by ca ling Mr. WM. BURGER, M Courtlaadt si.) Daunts, July 2, 1841 We, the nndersigned, physicians, residing in Darien and B< ningtou, having treated Mr. E. Cross dunng his illness, kn< .. >- -J- .-. _? .... k. .? ... .11 ,u?.,, we hire not the laaat imitation in aaeribing hit cure to the ti of Briatol'a Saraaparilla. Indeed, we are aaaured that (hia MCUM was the means of entirelr arresting ami eiadic.almg I diacaae. IRA CROSS, M D. ERA8TU8 dROSS, M. D Daaicia, Jult 2, 1841 We, the undersigned. are particularly acquainted with I E. Croaa, and are lolly acquainted with the facta aa drawn in (he anore atatemen', which we uelieve to be correct in reaiwcla, and we are asaured that it waa waa through (he agrt ot Bristol's Sanaimnlla th.t hia care waa effected STEPHEN KINO, P. M. Darien >ntre. JONATHAN DVitKEE, Jaance of the Peact HIRAM HTCHAPIN. ALANHON FISHER. Joatice of (he Peace. j.H. Altois, January 17, Ittl I hare been lately the phyaiciaa to Mr. Mayneid, and a called to aee him during hia illneaa, aome time in the month August or September fast, and I mual aay I waa much a pnaed and aatoniahed lo aee Mrr. Maynard oAciatinc aa nnr and attending to Ilia wan la while he waa sick. Her case waa one toat I waa coneeraant with but nerer r cribed for ; it waa Procidentia, and for the moat part of act or eight yean ahe had been obliged to be coneeyed about I houae and nuraed in a cradle conatructed 'or the purpose. I til ahe onmmenced the nae of Briatol'a Saraapaiilla her diaei rraiatrd the beat medical treatment. I waa frequently called consult with Dr Oage in her race, bnt the disease had aaanir anrh a form that my opinion waa, that medicine would have etU.'t in producing acire. I am perfectly convinced that her recovery ia entiiely tribntahle to the naeol Briatol'a Saraatwrilia. JOHN M. HARRINGTON, M. C At.Dv.ta, January 17. 1MI I have been one of the attending phyarciana of Mm. Mayn for eight yearn peat. Her diaraae waa Prolaptut Ut*ri ot aggravated character, am resist! d all the agenta latf ilowr onr moat eminent anthoia. In addition to remedial agenta eommendrd, I preacribet vannua iaatrnmenu to no effect, am clearly af the opinio i that tier cure may be attributed to nae of Bnatol'a Aaraapanlla. OROVE C. GAGE, M. I Ai dm. January 17, 1M) Wnbava beau acquai iiad with the cTrtumwanrea of a Maynard'a aichneaa for rigat yaaaa paat, hava alwaya unt IRK ] tNING, SEPTEMBER 26, tood lirr cue ? brine ( eyond the reach of medicine, u> here been surpriaed withii the put vrar to ?ee her about, an - we are aaaurea that herrerovtry is ..ttribulabla entirely to th nee of Brietnl'e 8?r?ap?rill e . We ere further acquainted wit the fact, that for tier yer ra of the time of her eicaneae, ah waa obliged to be c rueeye c from one place to another in th anna of ner husband, anair fact, when the waa moved at all. JOSEPH FRaEMAV Judge Erie Co.C.PIeu. HORAt E 81 ANLEV, Justice of the Peace. H. LITCHFl LO, Poatmuter. DEXTER E A ELL, Supervisor. 8. H. BUTLER. , L P. JACOBS. ,1 JOHN E8TABROOKS. |i A history of ihr above cues may be s?eii ay railing aa abort e [From the Buffalo C.nnmereial Advrrtiarr, Nor. 6, IWI ] p An EiTaaoaiipraar Caar:.?The article below ta from tin pen of one of our moat intelligent medical men, whoa* state mend are entitled to the fullrtl confidence. The case be de d tails is really a rnnrkable one, and might well bare beeu sup p posed beyond the power of m<'dicmr. a Satement of the Physician who visited the Patient inperson, d and who wu ?t the time one of the Editors of the Connnri p cial Advertiser. frit is rare indeed lhat fallrn humanity is mide to eapenene from the hand of Providence so much severe and protracted aul i- ferine, and auch calamitous and shocking mutilation, u ha p fallen to the lot of Jamet WycaofT, a I'd 11 years of age, BOV a living in the town of Clarence in (Ilia county. James ia the son of a farmer, the offspring of healthy and r* putablr parents, who have a numerous family of robust chile n ren. Without any assignable cause, he wm suddenly deprive* p of the sense of hearing some (en years since, which was aoo j followed he what wu probably an attack of the dry rung rem Thia rapidly dea'royed first the palate, the bones of the roof a i, the mouth, and then a eouaideiable |k>rtiou of the upper jaw l upper lip, aud the whole.of the note, both bones and cartileue , u well as integuments,. It would be difficult to imagine ii > what way a more unsighllydrformily could be impressed upo l the 'human face ilmue.' This frightful disease ceased ita rail yet on the lace after several inonll t, to rruew them uyaiu i other part* of the aystem with yreater aud inoie destrucliv i, ?er? rity. e Some two year* ayo, a " black ?pot "?a* the intelligent mc u ther of this mo*t unfortunate child told the writrr of tbia?wa observed under the nail of each big toe. Till* omnium ap|ieai auce was the precursor of a second attack of gangreue, whic I gradually eitcnded over each foot and leg to within feur niche of the knee. A sepaiation thru took pi ?ce, and in due rour* ol time both limb* dropia-d otT The fingers of the right ban it were then attacked by this consuming malady, which eiteiide d to within a few inches of The shoulder, and at length the rigf arm tell to the ground like the dead branch of a living bee. '1 h disease then showed itself at ihe elbow of the left arm, and o if the left shoulder, producing extensive o* to hat inn of the bouei lie. The integument* of the light side, near the centre of til g ribs, and of the right eye, were alao atTrrled with the sain destroying complaint in its incipient stages. On examining the boy, who, notwithstanding he is deaf an mute, is really intelligent .Ind sprightly, the greatest marvel t us was, h >w it was possible for a constitution so very frebl and lileleas, that the system was rapidly falling to pieces froi the desth of it* parts, could when reduced to a merr /farmer o ofhumamty, hold out, and prolong for years a miserable el is to nee. Strange as it may sr. m. we lound this piece of a chil sitting at the uinnrr table with tne rest of the family, anil feci ing himself with ineal, iiotatoes, hrrad, aud tne like, with a evident relish of tlir he srty meal. Hit stumps of limbs, whic lately presented a hideous iiiui of eating ulcers, are now lira f" ing over kindly, and nothing but the scars are lelt o tell tl injury done to the left shoulder, and rhe parts that surround tt J right eye, the lower jaw, and the fragou nti of ran atill grot iug on the head, the apjwtraucv of which we ihall not atleni] to deacri' e. 7, The certain check given to thit terrible spreading and hop y leaa malady?the removal of the intense protracted |winaev v excited by irritable fungeous dealt connected with dead anim i? nutter?the quiet aleep, increaaed strength, and atable couv .. leaence ao tn inifest in the person of James?were all, at " douhtlea justly, attributed by hia mother to the excluaive na for the laat aix weeks of regulir portioua of Mr. C. C. BRI ' TOL'8 9AR8APARILLA. Those who have witnessed tl truly auspicious, <tud moat unexpected effects of this medicit ,[ IB this very extraordinary case, are unanimous in the opiuit _ that had it been early administered when tne disease was cor l?ratively small and feeble, and the ctmstitution sound ar ,d vigorous, it could not have failed to present one of the greate calamities that can bef.il a human bring, le CaaTirir, ATr. or Ota. Mansfield. ll MR. C. C. BRISTOL?i have hern acquainted with Pet< n Wyckeff for more than twenty years, and have known his sn m James from his iufancy to this day, and I do hereby certify lha a, the facta set forth in the above, from the Commercial Advert i. ser, arc correal. id ORANGE MANSFIELD, P. M., a- Nov. 26th, 1141. North Clarence, Erie Co. y, in Bloomfield, Oakland Co., Mn., July 23, 1111 of Messrs. John Owru A Co., Detroit: Gent.?Some lime in tl ic ye*r 1832, I was attacked with what was called by some of m in stteDdiugjiihvsicians, the King's Evil. I immediately applu ry to a Dr. Thompson, who said it must be cut out; I then applit ca to another physician who ordered blistering. During my sic fi- or as 1 employed eight different physicians, and by one I wi t- advised to have my arm amputated, which 1 declined. Is tl td year *37, mortification set ill, when I applied to a root docto of who ap|iearrd to help it some. In 'hat year I sold a span horses and two cows, and vpent the whole of it, say $130, whit or only served to keep it back. I have used almost every thing to could hear of, without any great benefit, id In July laat, a cure was attempted by a person who, like a he others, failed. The expense of all this has been at least SMI 0. From about four inches below the shoulder, to about the midd ir of the fore arm .there have b en at least twen y holes, mat He of them as large as a silver dollar, and half an inch deep. I February. 1842, Incidentally came across a wrapper from bottle of Bristol's Sarsapanlla, and made np my mind to ti the medicine. On the 13th day of that month, I commence using it, andnsed a bottle a week for two or three months,whe I found myself to all appearance completely cured. At any ran since that time I have not felt snv pain from it. No sores has lC. ap|iesred, and it seems perfectly sound, and I can labor with at as well aawilh the other arm. I am so well satisfied of its si r, periority oVer every thing el.e that 1 have tried, that 1 ino earnestly recommend iny |>eraou to begin using it iminediatel who may be similarly afflicted. Yours, truly. " WiLLLAM PkARBALL. [J* Persons who have any doubts of the efficacy of this mediein of are invited u> rail on any of the following City References b ror fore purchasing the article :? j,_ John Giles, 301 PFhrl street. i,, Thomas Hogan, 208 StaDton street (it William W. Randolph, J73 Fourth street ),? Lloyd Bryant, No. I Avenue C. Wm H. Htinemeta.W Cedar street Mr. Jnluunn 7ft Iimai iImoI William Strbbius, corner of Rlvinglon and Ridge it*. Ricr.ard Smith. St Clinton itreet Robert H. Gordon, IS Orange itreet ia Mn. A. Hodge, S9 Rids* ?ti est ?' William Wilion, 66 Lewie itreet ?* M. Vaodewater, 314 Madiion itreet 0D Lemuel Lrland, 86 Hudtonitreet 1. G. Reed, US Fulton itreet, Brooklyu ' Mri. Ward,68 Bayard itreet J. W. Henderson, T>8 Grand itreet James McGill. 3S6 Grand street H. B. Knai.p, SI Atenue B?honie 501 Fourth itreet John Culver, 181 Stanton itreet. f | do not wiiii any one to purchase this medicine mil in* they fully satisfy themselves that all that is said of It la tra< if, therefore. ihey will take ilie trouble to call on Mr. Burgr SO Coortlandt itreet, or at Millian'e 113 Broadway, they can e on amine tnltatanlialeil tcatimony in additiou to the above, whir f" will prove concluaively that the article ii *'?' ^'jtlJyyjpoL Si CauTiort.?As the fame of thia wonderful medicioe eitsnii II* numerous preparations are springing up to reap a part of Its n putation. The afflicted therefore should be careful, il thr i wish the true article, to aak for Briatol't, and see that tl wuitts.* signature of C. C Bbiitol u acroaa the cork of th ?f bottle. i?- For sale by reputable Drnggiits and AgenU throughout tl ? ^WilViam Burger, Wholesale Agent, SO Coortlandt street, ai * IN Greenwich itreet, and at retail at the following place Milhau's Pharmacy, 1S3 Broadway ; Ruahton and Aaptnw* lPt 110 Broadway, 8fi Wiillim atreit, and 10 Aator Hons#; Jam ,n Syme, M. D? OS Bowery, ; Robert Leffett M. D.. 17 Xveui " D : fi(. Qnnckeobuali, 709 Gieenwich street, end A. Hill. 1 '7 Greenwich at. ?" lmr* 1 ~t:au de beaute, C* OURAUD'8 EAU DE BEAUTE, or True Water Beamy, for eitermineting Tan, ltrdnesi, Sallown i Pimples, Freckles. Mophew, Borne, Biotches, and all e ar- tuaunus eruptions?for realizing delicate while uecka, hani m andarma, and eliciting a healthy juvenile bloom, standi u ra rivalled. Its soothing and heating properties in all routhns and harahneei ofthe ikin??i|ieciallv in allaying the irrilabili slier (having, it bevoud compare. Among the swarms of nasi ' preparations and vile compound* forced into notice by par ail cal pop gun puffs, Gonrand's Bain Lotion has unobtrusive crept ita way alowly bat surely und steadily into public fuv ,n- throughout the United States. This article u not reeommet [ | ed for ita " cheapness" (ita price being tl per bottle, though ir- thii cost it is infinitely cheaper than the vile staff spread dai I before the public, even ii the cost were one shilling or o ' cent.) Bnch cheap remedies or Mineral Astringents being r only inadequate to the ohjeet* contemplated, but bjL.'KUJ nHlant nc win. positively injurious 10 health. uuuhauu WATER OK BEAUTY recommends itself by its combin in- efficacy, hannlesstwsa of action, and refreshing fran ranee, ic- A Kcench l?dy writing loihe proprietor, aay ? ct. " Mona. Oounnd?'Tia but an act of justice that I ihou re apontaueooaly aite yon ray unqualified tratimonial of the un iat ed efficacy, innocence, and fraicrancr of your prejiaration I Enfving and draining the akin. By ita uae etery pimple a ckle hate tauialied from iny fice Yuu (konM Mon Ami, it ia ao sovereign and charming a remedy for scattering i , blemiahea from onr facea, call it lea delicea dee dainea. En i ac- mot, je auii enchante de le coemetique et je en vona re mere ele de toat moo coenr. , a EM1LIE DE8MOULINS. Pension FranCais, Greenwich street.' "I bate your Can de'Beante in uae?it ia an admiral article, and I ahall recommend it." r 8. F. PHILLIPS Philadelphia " I have had aereral calla for your wash, for freeklea, Ac. lady living here bought a bottle of you. and raid it had I desired effect." ALEX. GUTHRIE, No. 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany " " I cheerfully bear teatimony to the efficacy and perlr innocence of your Eau de Bcaute;ia ia decidedly a taluak coatnetic. 1 cannot consent that you pnbliah my n une." ' Theabore is from a lady in Le Roy Place. ' " " Deir Sir?Haying had a very fttorable opportunity yeet j day evening for expatiating on the merits of your Eau ' Beanie, and showing the effects it produced on my hands ae ??nn* requested that I would procure her a boitle of tL. Please send one per bearer." JOSEPH M .Broadway I So strong ia the proprietor's conviction of the entire effica of ihe aborr invaluable prepaiation id realizing all that it p i. feasea to acco...pliah, lhat any diaatiaficd purchaser can recti or. hie or her money back, if requested. up To be had onfy at Di. O.'a Exclusive Office, 67 Walker i all one door from Broadway, at ft per bottle, and of the folluwi *y Agents Albany, Quthrie, 4 Maiden Lane;Ooshen, Elliott; Ph'lad phia, Mrs Brown, 76 Chesnut street; Bdtimorr, Seth Hats I. Pr?tt at; Washington, Selhy fa.Iter; Alexandria, C C Ber H rtford, Wells k Humphrey; Boston, Jordan, 2 Milk xtre Norwich, W Faulkner; Lowell, Carleton; Balem, I?ea; Ni Haven, E Myers; Providence, Dyer, Jr.. Cineinnatti, Thorn Mainatreet, and othsra throughout the U. States. I. Oourand's Poadre Subtile, for completely and parmanen raa eradicating superfluous hair, f I per bottle, of Gounod's Liquid Vegetable Rouge, M cents per bottle. ar. Oounud'a Blanc D'Espagae, imiarta a pure life whiten M| to akin, free fr >m the deleteriuut principles generally enter into combination for this purpose, U centa per box. ?I7 Im FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. rh? \f R. J. B. JACQUEMOD, manufacturer and importer i" French Artificial Flowers. 62 Liapeuard street aaar Bro w*yv has just received by Havre packet Sully, Dneh d'Orleana, and Iowa, a large assortment of superior and fa tollable flowers and faathcri, of the lateit Parisian styles a9 lm*ec IP L tX, Beck lards Phfsiologoical Myatrricaand Reyelali<>n* Love, Courtship ann Marriage, an infallible guide-book j, married and single persons, in matters of the utmost imports: to tiie human race. . Amongst the things duly considered in this work are?Usui of an I cures lor barrenness ; Offspring, with modes for pre vi V1 tion and increase; T>e arts of beauty and courtship; T ',n danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may ho remov re: and its effects cured ; The ranaev of Love of Jealousy, will ' remedy for eradicating from the raiml the seeds o( a hopele the qi> Kl, unhappy passion. Ac Ac. Translated from the th Paris edition, by Philip M. Howard. For sale at 102 Nam XT; a Ira. wiTl seen re rbe work bekeg sent to auy pan er the Prated Biai ler aH-ira* SERA 1842. <1 Ireland. e [CoiT?*L>oadencc of lh? H?r*ld] Dublin, September 2, 11U2 ? The last'packet will .have conveyed to you the new* of the disastrous state of insubordination and riot prevailing throughout the manufacturing districts of England. The " turn out" of the entire working population, threatening destruction to lifei but more especially to property within their reach. Peace and order have been partially restored througl * the vigor and decision of the Government?the zea and activity of the local authorities, seconded by the unanimous co-operation of the more intelligen ! " and jieaceable of the community, and which hai been found lully equal to the emergency which hai ' unhappily called them forth. Some few lives hav< t been sacrificed by the firing of the military, wht throughout have conducted themselves with tht Jj greatest possible forbearance, while the rioters, toi a such they truly were, generally tied at their ap j pioacli, or on the hrst moment ot their uMunuui the offensive. .I These riots have ended, but not the spirit or feel " ing that has called them into lilt; neither the uu [! happy consequences that were sure to tollow, uuc a which will inevitably tend to restrict, even within their present limit, the political and other advuii ? tagea of the miaguided and toolish men engaged in a them; scarcely any ot whom know whut they wert [ clamorous for Some shouting tor the " Charter I and nothing but the charter," opposed, as it is, wilt r. its nuiueroua extravagancies, to the spirit, and prim <j ciple of our constitution, while others again are lt seeking for a "fair day's wages, for a fair day't c work," and to regulate the price of labor, not at " cording to its marketable value, or by any other reasonable standard, but to the tune and exerliont ? ex|iended by the giver, whether profitable or otherwise to the employer. From these and other evt* deuces, it is pretty certain the entire absence of all r concert, of previous organization, or any fixed or ?> settled purpose whatsoever; besides evincing a want of earnestness in their resistance thioughout .1 their proceedings, which evidently betrays a lull consciousness of the extreme imprudence, the fol!jj ly and wickedness of their entire conduct, lt is noI torious, that trom the late unusual oepresetou in trade, many of ihe inanulacturers were working ai ? a positive loss, rather than dismiss their handset "till expecting that so soon as our lartlf law shout pais, and that men's tntnds would settle dowu to in consequences, that business would again revive, a; ai ot its early and natural resuli, and who will nov *- ret use to take back these nten until the coininerci ^ of the country may receive some new stanuluut am n'. change trom its present depression. The conse ie quences will be, an aggravation and extent of nuse ,e ry and destitution that would uever have occurrei IJ! had not these very senseless proceedings provoke! id and given them birth. at While these scenes are enacting in England, the public mind is as calm and unrutHed at this suit ? as you can well imagiue, which takes very lit in tie interest tn whetever is going forwurd umongsi ? our urighbors, or tit what way matters ntay eventu *" ally turn out, being quite sure that social srder ani ine laws, on which u in uuncu, uiusi umiuuiciy m uinph. At the same time there exists no real synt pathy between the present class ot English rioter ic and any portion ot our population. Several regi iv inents have been lately removed from this couuir; ''d to the disturbed districts in England, and which wi u- can very well spare. u Political agnation has been for some time on th< wane amongst us?the " Repeal" question all bu at given up, and only ki pt flickering for a while longe :h before the public, or lor such time as the weaknea 1 und fatuity ot individuals may be lound to coutri U bute to the funds of its association. There are evei o. symptoms of O'Connell's abandoning the measure [ not benause that he is only now convinced of itsim In practicability, for these were his consciencioui ? opinions tor nine years past, but because ot hii Tj no longer being able to make use of it, as i sullicient stimulant is arousing the latent preju r, dices and passsions of the people, or to con tinue the whirlwind of excitement out ot whicl his hopes, and a great proportion of his word ?t ly means are derived. The season is fast ap T proaching when his pecuniary exactions upon hi countrymen are usually made. This epoch in hi annual history is generally preceded uy public meet ? nigs throughout the provinces, oy all sorts of inflain matory 8|>eeches, and by continued addresses to ih " hereditary bondsmen ?who are always reminde that they are " eight millions," in good round nun i?ers?men, women and children. The wildest pui sions of the people are excited, as essential to n purpose. The strong feeling that is known to exu in this country, between the lower orders, a larg proportion of tne middle classes, and those raise above them in the scale of society, either by forti itous circumstances, or by their own individual me it, or exertions, is sedulously appealed to?the law denounced as arbitrary, unjust, and as aflording partial and unequal protection to one class of th eonmiunity, to the wrong and prejudice of the othei while a remedy, a panacea, for all these might; :i) evils, and as many more as the imagination rna; '; conjure up, is proposed in some extravagance, ani O'Conneli declared the great champion and leader h who is to give direction to the movement, to brinj u> the country through the ordeal ol its entire regenera lion, and restore "the Isle to its propriety"? a?o nations are immediately formed, at one time ot th y " order of Liberators"?at another, of the " Precui ? i-ore," and as many more, of as equally fantastic de nomination, as the purpose, and secret design of th to |>olitical empiric may choose to call into existence ad compo ed of his disciples, the creatures who be c lieve him both infallible and omnipotent. The mc II. ment that sufficient steam is up, and that the excite ?* ment has attained its proper flexibility and compasi ss than the country is reminded of the sacrifices of thi arrant cheat?the profession he has given up?th lucrative situations he has proudly rejected, rathe than abandon his "beloved Ireland," or cease hi ?f efforts for one short hour in her political resusciti 5' tion- ... u, In this way has he contrived since the year 18291 n* draw from tne pockets of his dupes some ?100,(X ** sterling to his individual uses. The question of ny "repeal of the legislative union" between th u- country and England, on which he has rung tf Jr changes with some intermission during thisperioi id- has proved an especial God-send to him. it wei ?' home to the passions?the pride and nationality < ll every Irishman. It enlisted their sympathies an ,ot pride?until the subject has become threadbare, ii practicability doubted, and the advantages to resu 'j from its passing, were such ever to take place, cor sidered extremely problematical. It no longc serves the paramount object ot O'Connell, who bi .' J gins to feel it a feeble and insufficient instrument < ?r agitation, and who, to stimulate his countrymen t ml renewed txertion, and the excitement so necessar in carrying out his ends, at this particular aeaaoi u? has enlarged the sphere of duties of the present ase< lie ciation, declaring their future efforts to be no longt confined to the mere object of " repeal" but for th > future to embrace?1st, " universal suffrage," 2n< ile " vote by ballot." 3d, the " equalization ol elector districts," 4th, the " abolition of all property qualii A cations in the Commons house of Parliament," 0tl he that " members of Parliament shall be paid the expenses,"and 6th? " annual Parliaments." !ct Such is the new hill 01 (are inai is now onereu i tie the Irish public ; the olio of good things, instead ? the former meagre and unsavoury dish of "repeal, tr. that it isexpacted will gather in the multitude, undi d< the banners of the association and enlarge th . ? " O'Connell tribute" of the present year beyon all its former dimensions. The preparatory ai rangements are already concluded?districts appoi cv tioned oft', and certain good men and true, appoin ed to commence the annual exhibition of practisei scheming and buffoonery, with which this unforti lt-< nate country has been accursed for years past The "liberator" undertaking to arouse the provinc bl- of Keinster ; his son, John O'Connel, who is a| ce> pointed to the same task in Cannaughl?"My dea Kay," who receives ?300 sterling per annum, goo? tm lawful, money, besides perquisites and expenses i *?. Seeretary to this nest ofpolitical gamblers and tri . ders?to Munster, and Tom Steele, the redoubts ble Tom Fool of the party, who delays his journe to your side for want of funds to defray his pasaag *" to the Province of Ulster, all of whom expect t x gather in a reduntant harvest by their labor O'Connell in the meantime, is gone to rusticate t< or a short season at Derinane, preparatory to the pri ?l jected onslaught on the domestic peace and quiet J" his unfortunate fellow countrymen. The Cathol priesthood of course are with him to a man, at are the instruments which he principally inten ?h- to work with. Far better that they should attend fj? their own peculiar, and very onerous duties, ai ,c, withdraw themselves froin an unbecoming inter! rence, improiwr, from the nature of their ci ? ling, for which they are equally unfitted by a g l? nerally narrowed and qualified education?oy et rH |y prejudices and associations?by individual ti< ? and a lamentable want of knowledge of the worl irci occasioned by a very restricted intercourse with t oiety, limited as it is, to the middle and subordina ' elaases of the people. Our amiable young Queen, who is in excellsi i health, is determined to enjoy herself while she cai V LD. Prle? Two Cants snd with Prince Albert and a considerable retinue, has gone on a pleasant trip to Scotland lor this purpose ; signifying her intention to honor by a short visit, the Duke of Buckleugh at Dalkeith Palaco Earl of Mansfield at Scone Palace, Lord Wdlough' by, D'Ersbv, Earl Kinnoul, and other* of the nobility, and to return to Dalkeith Palace by 12th proximo,embarking on the following day for Woolwich; of course holding court during Tier stay at the ancient and venerable Palace of Hollyrood, though dispensing with all unnecessary pageant on the oci rasion 1 The important and distinguahened post of Commader-in Chief of the British Army, has been transferred since my last from Lord Bill to the t Duke of Willington ; the former retiring on ac4 count of his advanced age, which would equally interfere with the Dukes appointment, were he not persuaded to undertake the trust, from the difftcuis ty of making a selection amongst the numerous as, pirsnts who proffered claims to the situation, Prince Albert amongst the number, whom her majesty was anxious to promote,yet whom the army or the counr try would eac'cely tolerste. Also 'he Marques of Anglesey, the chivHlrous Paget, w ho left one of his ; legs at Waterloo; General Sir George Murray lately commander of the forces in Ireland, and Lord Fittroy Somerset, who has been military secretary . Inr MPV?>rfll VPHPS IWfcit Uum liorJ inooK I and to whom the bulie of Wellington is exceedingi Iv partial, but whose age sr service does not entitle him to the distinction The Duke's acceptance i has put these claims in abeyance for a season. ; Our foreign news is without any [>eculiar interest, , The French Chambers have dissolved their sitting, i whilst the war phrenzy ol M. Theirs has undergone a wonderful evolution. Since the present huppily i subsisting peace between your Government ana I Great Britain is not likely lo be soon disturbed this great, little man and ex-minister, has turned ' heel upon his party,and at length become one ol the i staunch supporters of the present peace policy ot the French Government. We are in anxious expectation to receive accounts from India, China, ice., anticipating some decided movements of our troops in these distant parts The late instructions from our Government to Calcutta are supftosed to have been of a very positive kind? directing the immediate recapture and repossession of Cubid Ghuznee, and other strongholds of the Afghnistan territory,as necessary to the re establishi ment of British influence in this part of Asia, through I probably as a preparatory movement to an entire and early evacuation of the country. Our lute Governor I General,Lord Aukland.has arrived in England with? out causing much observation. ? Your Texas friends will be glad to learn the seir zure and detention of the Mexican war steamer s Montezuma? (built at Black wall, near London,) at 1 i tie instance of Gen. Jame- Hamilton, grounded upon violations both of our navigation, and foreign cnlist ment acts. The latter,60 George 3d, chap CO,declares i subjects enlisting, or engaging (o enlist or serve in 1 foreign service, &c , or persons luring others, ?nd without license from the Crown, guilty of a iiiistlr; meaner, and punishable by fine or imprisonment : Persons fitting out to such vessels are also adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor; the ves el may be lori teited, and officers of customs, or revenue may seize . it Aiding the warlike equipment of vessels of for1 eign Stales, is a misdemeanor. It was under ths . provisions of this law, that the Montezuma h?s been - seized The allegations of the affidavits upon which . i ; I L JZ J _ .1 zr .i ? l _ ? inest izure ii?? i?crn mauc, tire 10 inr inni mo - Montezuma has been bsilt as a war frigate at Black^ wall, for the Government of Mexico?is under the t command of Kichurd Francis Cleveland, a Post Captain in Her Majesty's navy?has eight or ten ofe ficers, boatswains, gunners, and one hundred and i fifty seamen in addition to twelve marines, all of r whom have been in Her Majesty's service. Her t> armament consists, or was to consist of four long 32 . pounders, two short 32's.carronades, one 68 pounder, j 500 muskets, rocke's, shells, dec She is represent, ed as a most formidable vessel, both in her construction, equipment, and steam power, and draws only a nine feet water. It appears that another steamer of g the same class and equipment was lately built and i fitted out at Liverpool,for the Mexican Government, . called the Guadaloupe, and is now on her way to . Vera Cruz, fully manned, dec. i Our harvest is in great part gathered in, the sen. son being most propitious for the purpose. The qua. lity of the wheat crop is exceeding fine, though rag ther restricted in quality. Prices of all kinds of prou duce exceedingly low; the duties in consequence - havt somewhat decreased. F. W. i- I have nearly omitted to state that the deformed e miscreant Bean, who was tried before Lord Abind ger, on an indictment for a miotic me , nor i>. prescnti ing a piatol loaded with powder and wadding at Her ?. Majesty, on the 3d of-July last, has beer found suiU is ty, ana sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. ?' U. It. District Court. * In Bankruptcy?Before Judge Betta. " Sarr. 94?Several petitions pawed to decree, and dssi>* aions were rendered on some motion* which had been r presented to the Court. Mr. J achesiseen, who had been 's summoned to show cause, made a very creditable speech a relative to advising a client not to be sworn before a come missioner, and read an affidavit, stating that i> was a case of involuntary bankruptcy, where the party bad given J up his property and bad not petitioned for the briofitof ' the act. He did not consider tha' ibe aieditnrs bad a y right to examine him. although the general assignee was 1 at liberty to de so. He w?s applied to only that morning to become counsel for the bankrupt. It w as during the re5 cess of the court, (to which he had no intsntjon ol showing disrespect) and advised his client not to be sworn. Ha considered that h? waa acting in a manner men as would e be approved of by the caurt. Judge Belts remarked that ,m a rommisaloni r muat be considered in the aamo light aa a " mailer in chancery, and when an ord-r had hern given by the court, it waa necessary that the commissioner's die reotiona should be observed. The matter here dropped, J tho counaellor having exhibited much rhrewdneaa and ;? ability in getting out of what at fir- appeared to be a moat i- ugiy or " untoward" aort of predicament. , Court Calendar?T (ale Dm jr. g The September term of the Circuit Court end Court of Oyer and Terminer commence# to-day. The Circuit Court haa a large calendar. The number* r for today area to 31, incluaive. 18 Common Pls*s.?'Tho flrat part maata at 10, and tba se. I- cond part at half paat I. Part I.?No#. 137, 14?,96, 13. 17, 66, 149, 161, 163. 1*7, 169. 181. 163. 166. 171. O Part 9.?Not. 130, 68, 160, 163, 18B, 164, 166,106, 170, 179, g) 174, 176, 178, 184. ; DENTISTKV. !i GUIDE TO SOUND TEET.l >f LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. d HK. A. C. CASTLE. Dentil:, K7 Broadway. New York, g Ly has a Marmotilicou Paata, for filling decayed hollow teeth. hit ia perfectly hannlei* in iu eoBpoiilion, and can ba put into the mot' tender tooth wit hoot paia or loconvenience, and with I- which it become* impacted aa one aolid body, maintaining iu .r original appeairoc* and a?ea for life, The numerous teir mir niaTi from lidict in the first ciaaa of society speak ia the ffioat " (lowing term a* to iu efficacy. The Evening Poet, Ud May, >1 ?aye?'Tt is admirably adapted foe sore or tender teeth, and to q uarvons persons, sun Dr. A. C. Castle operates on ths teeth with great care and ability." 7 The following, from the New Orleans Piriynae, Dec grh, I, tuAciently speaks ol Dr. C.'t skill as a mechanical dentut: j "Lieut.who waa employed in tha Florid* service, doriog an engagement, had one side of his lower jaw and part of r the upper shot awsy. It was feared that the loaa would he pere aaancnt. hot meeting with Dr. A. C. Castle, of New York, aa i artificial substitoM, with teeth, was made sod fitted in, and the ,f officer has now the perfect use of this shattered hot imimrtanl ?' organ. Dr. A. C. C. inserts teeth on the principle of adhetioe, 5- hy atmospheric pressors, frees one to ae eetira aet of teeth." I Toothache Pflla, oeeof which put ia the painful tooth will .1 effect a permanent cure. " Dr. A. C. C. refers to the Spanish Ambeasedor, Spanish Coosal. Mis. Ueoersl Oaiaas, Dr. F. U Johnsoa, President of the O Medical Society, and the several Prolesaoia nf the New York ,r University of Physicians and Snrgeons J. Torray, M. D., J >' B. Beck. M. Du fc. Delafteld, M. DEAFNESS ?Drt. Castle and Edward*. Aen.u, art B> ad r way, attand to theenrt of deafhaae, and all dieeaaes par - .mag " to the Mrs. Acoustic Drops, anre cure fhr incipient?' -atneae, j noises, or oollecr.ons in the ear. at I lm*r r. THE TEETH. r- "FHE TEETH?A rednctioo of M per ceat? Upper sad [. I lower seu of teeth inserted oa eantioo or atmoephenc presj tare, so as to he worn with ease and firmaeaa, from a stngla II tooth to an entire eati all can ba supplied with the heat mineI ral teeth: toothaehe cured. For attracting tooth. 30 cent*. - Children's, naif price. J. Buakey, Surgeon Dentist, 17 Mar e nT D*lt door th* chorea. Waal 01 nrnnnwiT ryli'oHiiK* ARTIFICIAL TEETH; l* ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC ' * PRES8URE. M jf? VTTi Deutial, ih* tptrodacer into this cob007 in jiFW* of 1 dmmnf Teeth on the above aeiantifie V l-nneinle, aa pmedaed by hinuelf ALONE, court* the *?*? t?on or the public to Hi* mat improvement The eata.diahed reputation of Dr Lev*tt,nia etay. well known, peculiar. end e*fnP?e ^ PWdnn in eanptyinc the deficiency? f the Teeth, . *nd the unenned enlufection fivea, which he folly cnerante.a in *11 enant, winuto hi* inviting the attention of the ladia* ' and gentleman who have had artificial Teeth unak'lfuliy aet, or B- who may rnqnira new for thnae displaced by oatnre. of M. LRVKTT. I>ent..i, tU Broadway : corner of Warn* ?t. ??p"?it* the Turk. ,d tC0PT ?f ' U"" J"%\ i'^M.May d? Dear Sir J-h b both a matter of dnty and pleasure to itate. that the aet ofartificial teeth on die principle or atmospheric l? preaaore which yon made for a lady in m> family, hai succeedid ?d in every rnpfct, i:i ?ppmmoc?, comfort, ami utility, Rod hv |e- fircn entire ??fbfftcoon. , I *m. demr tir, yo?r obedient, ?'~ ftn7 lm#r [^ifDrd] M, M. NOAH* * LIVE AND LETTTVE." tr- rpHIH haa been the motto under which the celebrated Iteata .??, -I rat, No. 214 Broadway, aet nail under, and thna'Vii ,1 weathered the atorm of ham timet with our b*nn ratilld 1: i I ' to the tide of pnblic favor and approbation. Th> pror.n-io-m of tna epin on that a neat Mean aauhliahment, apen'iva td halp.tha finaal ovatar* the markat atorde.W'thadeaire urpleaae, win enaura to him liberal patronage. Nor bint .hall U wantnt 'jg -T A. mySX. afX^bh^n^ >?vmmy n, ? im#r su Bt?dwmr 1

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