8 Ekim 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

8 Ekim 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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iHftlML. IS half cheat*, 79f || do 094 6 do 79 43 lo Ml 11 do 71 33 131b boxas, 46 Pxcca. 17 chests. 61^ Pot cuowo. 46 half cheats, 40 -11 161b boxes, 79 Bot'CHona. 6 cheat*, 43 40 half che?U, 30J 4 do .'8j 133 chest*, withddawn Cora Trade. There isno particular movement in thi* market. We give the quotations s? Pater or BaKADiTt-rrs. Genesee Flour, $4 44a4 60 Rye Flour, $3 -13a ? Brandy winedo, 6 00a Indian Meal, 9 F7a3 00 Georgetown do, 4 76a? Virginia Corn, 60a Troy do, 4 44a Northern Corn, 66a Ohio do, 4 3Sat 44 Northern Ilye, 60a Michigan do, 4 38a4 44 Virginia Wheat, ?a 71 In Rochester, at one time during last week Wheat was up to six shillings and eight pence, but on the 1st inst.,the top of the murket was six and three, and buyers were shy at thm. Flour has also fallen olt a shade. The highest price paid waa three dollars and ac-venty-eight. We quote at f& 76a3 89. At Buffalo in the Flour and Grain markets there has been considerable doing, and prices range pretty much the same as those previously given. Flour was worth $3 75 Wheat 70 cents .Corn 36 cents, Oats 16 cents bushel. The importation of oat* had almost ceased entirely, in consequence of the very low rate at which they were offering in that market. We annex a comparative table of the arrival of Flour and Grain at Buffalo from the Wert, .luring September for four year* Arlicltt. 1839. HMO- 1641. IBI2. Flour, barrel*, 24.027 62,718 71,561 121,272 Wheat, buihcli, 168,239 221,184 406.802 306,813 Corn, ? 21,514 44,412 31,223 Oat?, ? ? ? 1,881 This exhibits a decrease in Wheat of 98,000 bushels less than 1911, 81,000 bushels over 1K40, and 137,000 bushels over the quantity received in 1H39. The gain in flour, however, in very striking,being 47,000 bblsover 1841, 59,000 bbls over 1840, and 96,000 bbls over 1339 We also annex the prices of the above articles at that port for the above years, on the 1st Oct.:? .9r/rr/??. 1839. 1840. 1841. 1842. Flour, barrels, $5 50 3 80 5 60 3 75. Wheat, bushels, ljo 75 1 10 70 Oorn, 80 42 60 36 Oats, 33 23 28 15 To the 29th September there were entered at Fort Colhorne, the western terminus of the Welland canal, the following amouatof Flour and Wheat:? Wheat buthtlt. Flour, kbit. 338,396 27,426 In regard to grain, in addition t j the large amount of breadstuff* above, enumerated, there were several other vessels which v&mc in full laden previous to the following evening, wb',Ch weuld have increased the amount to 1st Oct. to 370 jj00 bushels wheat and 30,000 bbls. flour. We have not at present the means of saying what the receipts of graijt ware iu previous season*! but we have not the lea*1,doubt the gain is 100 per cent. \n the week'ending 80th ult., the receipts at Toledo were about 10,000 bushels; of flour 2000 bbls.; the shipment of wheat 17,200 bushels, about one third of which was shipped to Kingston, the remainder to Buffalo. The average prices paid for wheat during the week was 62jc. per bushel, at which price sales were making. Flour? good brands, went for $3 60 per bhL Sales of flour at Cincinnati on the 30th ult. were?City Mills flour at $2 55; from wagons at $2 60a2 65. .1- - no" " ' 1 t.i ^iuluiu .<iuikci, uii uic ism uii., ine usual quantity of Wheat had been taken at 64V cents tor a prime lot, but fit cent* muit be considered the markot price. The crop of Potatoes and Carrots will be much less in Massachusetts than was expected a few weeks since. The corn in New Hampshire looks finely, and has come to maturity without injuiy by frost. So large a quantity ?f potatoes was probably naver before raised in the State. Potatoes were selling at 30 cents per bushel?hay at from $7 to $9 the ton. Butter and cheese are selling too high in proportion to the price of other produce. As pasturage continues to be very good, butter can be afforded from 13 to 14 cents per lb, yet it has been selling from 10 to 18 cents. The scarcity of money generally tends to reduce the price of produce; but produce generally commands fair prices. It appears by a letter written by Lord Stanley to Sir Charles Bagot, that England is anxious to approximate to the principles of free trade wi'h her colonies as rapidly as possible. The duty on Canadian flour is about to be reduced, and no means will be taken, it is said, to discriminate between that grown in Canada, and that of the great west of our own country, if exported by the way of the St. Lawrence. This will be good ne ws to the wheat growers of Ohio, and Michigan, and will have its influence over the prices of breadstuff's throughout this Union. The English government offers to the province to repeal the imperial duties, levied in England upon wheat imported into England from Canada, if the Provincial Parliament will impose a duty on wheat from tho United States. The Provincial Administration has agreed to accept the offer, and proposes to fix the duty at about 3s. sterling per quarter, or 6|d. Cy. per bushel. To some extent the duty will be a tax on the inhabitants of the province, that is upon so much of the wheat lmporte! as is consumed in Canada. If the duty was merely on wheat, treating it as Canadian wheat, whea exported, it would amount to the duty levied on Canadian wheat in England, but thu amount will be much more, and as the wheat will be manufactured into flour lor exportation, ths Province will have the profit of .lie manufacture. This is the first time that the Imperial Government has given up to a colony the duties it thinks proper to impose in England on coloi.ial imports for the regulation ol its own trade. The effect of this upon the production of grain in this country s^ill be immense. It will cause a much greater quantity of wheat to find its way into England than we ever anticipated. We lose the carrying of it, and that it ?vm an. vul IUII1ITIB will 1*3 INrgUl}T ueDCOlCQ. Prorliten Market. We never knew our market ao plentifully cupplied with provisions they arc at thii moment. It is stated that there arc 'speculators in this city from Boston buying up Butter. We sre told that one of these visitors is ready to purchase twenty thousand dollars worth of that article at reasonabla prices. The present quotations arc to be seen by the following table :? raters or Paovisioas. Apples, bbl-- --$2 00 a? Lima Beans, qt---10 a 12 Uect', per lb 6 a I2X Mutton 5 a 8 Bi-ef per cwt- -$4.50 a $0 Onions, per bosh 6 a ? lilacaiish, " < a 8 Peppers, per 100 25 a ? Beets, bunch ? a 3 Peaches, per bskt- ?a ? Capers, qt- 12>fa ? Pears, per basket,- -62X* ? Cape Cod Lobsters- 5 a 6 Pears, bushel, -fl 00 s]$l;4 Cellery, bunch a I2X Parsnip*, perdex ,--37>4a ? Crabs, doz 12H*? Porter House Stakes If a 13 Chickens ? a 75 Pork, per lb 4 a ? Cabbages 2 a 4 Pork, per cwt $4>?a $6 Clams, 100 25 a 37X Pigs, roasters ? a $1 Ducks per pair 62>?a 75 Picklrs, 100- . 50 a S2K Dried Apples, bbl- ? aSlH Pigeons, dox.? a $1 Kels S a It Pot-toes, bush 25 a ? F.kk Plants ? a 6 Potatoes, Swt.bakl a 75 Kmc-, 10 for ? a I2X Sirloin, lh 12 a IS Fresh Butter, Ib-'-lB a 20 Salnion.lb ? a l?4l Kirktu " " --12 al5 Strip-d Bass, lb I2'?a ? Kieah Cod ? a 6*4 Sea Bias 8 a 12 Flounders" ? a 5 $nip?, per dox ? a 75 Fowls 32a37 Sausages ? a 8 O ese 75 a 87X Turnips, per bunch- ? a Honey, lb ? a 18 Tomato,, basket- ? a ? Hickory Nutts ? a 5 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Halibut, " ? a 6 Turkie a$l 12 Jowls 2 a 3 Veal 4 a 6 Lamb, per lb a 10 Woodcock, pair-a 50 Brighton Cattle Market. Mojidat, Oct. a.? At market 8-20 beef cattle, 860 stores 150 sheep, and 1560 swine. Paiccs?Bttf Cutllt?We quote to correspond with last week, viz : a few extra at $5. First quality $4,00 a $4 76; second quality $375 a $4 25; third quality $3 a $3 50. Stores?Two year old at $7 to $12; three year old at $14 ta $20. , Sheep? Ordinary lots at 62, 75, $1, and $1 12; better qualities $1 25, $1 42, $1,62, $1 86 and $2. ' . Swint?Lots to peildle at 2J a 2fc lor sows, and 3| a 8] for barrows. Old Hogs from 2] to 3|c. At retail from 3 ' to 4^c. j Died, On the evening of tnejlth instant, in the 70th year of his age, Mr. Ws. E. Nxisr.n. J The friends and acquaintance of the family are invited , to altend his funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his son, 29th street, second yellow house I Emt of (he 4th avenue. fuM?Kcr* Arrived. < Glasgow?Shin Msrianna?John Croirkshsnk, Chvs W Mo. ! thrrw.ll, Jamri W R.itbuiu, Miu Jane Hxeburn, Mi?? Mai- . garel Hy.lo|?41 IU the .revise. . MiliilLii?-Ship Minerva?Count Criftover Medicia. Passengers Sailed. Southampton a*p Antwerp?Steam ship British Quern? ! Mr Meriaii, LudwiaaOoldarhanlt, Mr Pruchird, of New York; , >ir otrobsl, WAodhAt Stevens. David II Mount, H Keenan, I'lilabu-ch; Jamra C reasons, England; Mr Morgan, Wm Croaby, Loudon; Geo Eitinger, Germany. , Foreign Importation!. St Prrgaaguao?Ship Ceylon?2W caakt linseed J b It R Bridges?fill I kga aheet iron 113 do akiua Newbolu It Cruft?3 do mdao O 'oohne It eo?1 bog C FAy?I000 poods jnnk 100 mala W Kand? I trunk O S Schuyler?10,000 man 271 |>ca raven dnck 40 loui hemp to order. AmstcrdaM?BarW Kraocia?402 ppi gin 12 cks mdae 400 bags do 4110 alaba 19 hat 6 hamper! 22 caska Meyer A Htvckrn?I box wine N flcheluna?10 Ma gin Berk It co? cv 5 cks Burlage k Hotter?60 mill atones V on Poal It Oelrieha?7 baa 4 hampers 2 rkiOC Thorhuni?I boa J Cheater k CO?7 hampers Pleiffer Jk Witamann?IJcaaSt seed .1 Shannon?8 do mdae 2 hampers J (J Ximinrrmatin?2 pps gin 2 pkgs to order. Makaoni.aa?Ship Mtnerta?II hales cork J Wheelwright \ CO?60 A Loobai?IIS0 bkU oil Maaon A Thompson?240 hxa lemons kort A Ward?10 hales cork J Anjnr? II do 6t do almonds WO baa wtne J Mitchell?8 balea rork J Payne?2 do W King?I ct Boochand A Theband?I boa Conaenary?12 balea nlmonds 1930 bis lemons 721 bdla luinorice root 8 Bro:m?2 rka 3 bale* I box 11 bills to oider. Glasgow?91np Marianoa?210 tons pig iron 1 do bar do 40 do roal 7 balea carpeting 18 caaka 1 box I puncheon mdte Post A Phillips. MARITIME HERALD. i To Ship Blasters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving 1 liere, will give to Commodore W. A. Bns.-ett, of nor news fleet, n resort ol the shipping left at the pert whence llicy sailed, the veasels a;>okeu on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any InreiKu newspapers they may have. Commodore fiaaseu will 1 orrd tliem immedir.tsfy on their arriyil. We will reciprocate the lator in any wtv. To Correspondent*. On; Correspondents in foreign ports arc respectfully reriaeateu , to send by every vessel all the marine intelligance uiey c*i | obtain. Nautical inlormatlou ol' any kind, Irom any toe re si H.ig .U home or abroad, will be thankfnllr received. i OKI OF Haw irOHK.. OCT. 8. |S ?g. ten IMISNRUTI I 24 \ 41;* |*TS. 40 | HI'IH w4TCk'?> II II Ofcantf* Steam ship B itiah Queen, E> ckin.lt, Antwerp, H W J It F Meti.?Ship* O.'OWf Washington, Burrows, Liverpool, Grin 1*11, Mmtuni It Co; La Dadwur d'Oileans, Richardson, Harre, W n Whitlock, Jr; Caledonia, Alelsuder, SiUimili, K Kichardsou.? Kraft Susan, Nuwcomb, Rio d- Jiuen.. Goodhue A Co: H???na. Gdpatnck. Hiraua. 8 W Dewry; l.adynl the Lake, ( Br) Young. Demarara en Lirerpeol. NR. Middl.iou k Co; Bulwark, (Br) Faulkner, 8( Johns, NF.T Wmuieti ? Schrs Choclaw, Lootnis, Mobile, Miurgesk Clearman; Dealer, Mason. Portsmouth, N'H 8 W Lew it; M M (fowle. Netdell, Washington, NC; Martha Grace. (Br) Dickmu, Dor heater, NB. Smith It Boyutou. ' Arrived. ShipCeylon. Rmd, (of Boston) 46 lays from St. Petersburg ind 44 Irom Ll-iueur, with tridae, to master. Lett at Crouauih Aug. It, ship Cincinnati. Biratow, lor .Work, III dajt; I.ok GaJrleo, L-mbtrd, do, ucit v eek, and otliert before reported.? 24th ult.lst 41 "i'"" 47 9, fell in with the British ship ChasterInn, of Greenock had I loaf mainmast some time pre rious, off MataozaH; hark 1 ay. of Greenock, alongside, rendering a.sist* tnce, audsupp lying Ler with maiumast and boat; offered serr.ces, hut uerd.d none Sa.ne tune,.poke British bug Ghalce^ V* Brunswick for Ireland. Kih. lal 41 36, Ion 19 althluh ?r BeVrrly' fr?m ,h< G""d B=uk'.s St1'? d^Vi101' nM^roln Olaifow, with roilae, v ^ Ship May Flower, Wceki. sailed for New York 7th ult. HhipC*h?wb?t Smith, from Newcastle Eng. Aug. 15. with r?!r2 c?*' 10 Center * Co; 100 cuki CI irk k Co. 24th uli. a Isl i ? ?* **ch?aged fciguali with ?hip Taroliiila, Smith, hrncr to* Liverpool. Ship Miii?T?a, Lawrence, from Miraeilles sod Gibraltar, 5ih Au^. with frtii', Itc. to S. Broom. Lrft at M b.uk Kmprext, H irUhoni, owe; brigs Caroline, Hill, wtg cargo; Globe, iliag. . . ... tu, KJ. sr. mic t?? mine ?1II|? v/ulumbas, from Bo?'un. Bark w^bmo, Harriett, 44 days 17 >u? Loudou, in ballast, to H. luviJiM. fi irk Funcit, ( uilimin, from A mate rd.un ant) the Textl, 23d Aug. with nulse, to Scliuchirdt, Kart k C?. Itrh alt. let 41 44, loo56, stM<ke brig Britannia. of tiid for Hilifix, fiom Cadiz ?mi>l>lird her with proviaioiu. The F. has had a succrsstoM of westerly gaits the whole |?%A*?ge. Bark louia. Wh. eler, 4 days from Kast|?ort, with plaster, to P.I. N*?ias k Son. Bri^f- itus, Fairfield, ii il?y? from Amsterdam, in ballast, to I. Casilear. Jth ult. I.t (a, ion 40, spoke British bark British Queen, from Ilslifn for Bristol. British b>ig Lsilv Anne, Pike, 23 days from Harbour Grace, NK. in hsllul, to Dunscomb A Beck with. British brig Zcnhyr, Kckmtn, ( dsys from Ysimouth, N9. with wood, to J. II. Brsim?2 iwutugrrs. British In ig Frincrsa, Neaglc, 21 ilos froin Harbor Grace, NF. in twIU.l, to SifTliiu. Iiousides kC<>. British brig Ambuss, Card. U days from 8> dnry, CB. with ISO chaldrons coal to Houlr, Whitney It Co. Left b irk Orando, Nickermou, for NYork, I days. Brig Adamant, Purriiigton, 9 days from Calais, with lumbrr, to Brett k Vi se. Biitish schr Yarmouth Packet, Biugar, 21 darsfmm St. Kitta, in ballast, to J. H. Braine. Left brig Star, ashore, as before reported. Sclir Washington, Dixon, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to Woodhnll k Miuturn. Sailed in co. with sclir Alabama. for NYork. Schr Brandy wine, Kther-dge, from Plymouth, NC. with uaval storea. to Peek k Say re. Sailed in co. with schr Mart- k Carelive, for NYork. Schr Richmond, Cheater, from Richmond, with Hour, fcc. to Allen k Paxson. Schr Siiark, Williams, from Folly handing, with potatoes, to m.vter. Sloop Z.-nas, Allen, 2 dsys from New Bedford, with cordage, to Barilett k Abbott, and mnk to the m.sfer Below. Ob* thin, two brijrs. 8a I led. Steam ship British Qneen, Eyrkholt, Southampton and Ant- I werp,and others. Wmd S. Marine Correspondence. , Omcc or thk Rhode linaDii,) Newport, Oct. #, 1(42. { Arr 5th, Francis, Taunton for Charleston; Harriet, Dennis for N York; Ann, Readout: Citizen, Cainden for a mkt. Sid 6th, Harriet, NYotk. General Record. Packet siur George Washington, for Liverpool, will sail to-day at 12 o'clock. Letter bags will close at the Merchants' Exchange at half-past II. Brio WaBBIob.?Department of State, Washington. Oct. i, 1812.?The Government ol Chili having adjusted, with the Charge d'Affairs of the United States, a cla.m en account of the detenliou at Coquimbo, iu August, 1(20, of the brig Warrior, of New York; and an instalment of the amount allowed having been rrceived, the person or persons entitled to receive the same. or their legal lepresentatives, arc hereby desired to make application at this Department. Vr.ssr.Ls Waivtbd ?There is a great scarcity of small vessels at the present time, to transnoil coal to eastern ports.? Many are needed on the Schuylkill. Foreign Ports. Svdnev, CB. Sent 23?In port, Ovando, Nichols, from Ham bnrg, for NYork, iJg. Sid 2tst, Solon, Norfolk. Montreal, Oct 3?Arr Canada, Liverpool; Auckland, do; Roar berry, London; Sept 30, Elizabeth, Liverpool. Para, sent 4?In ivlrt Hn rrr from Msrsnh ,in rli.e Trieste, a bom Sept 6?Arr Z D, Basseu, NYork. United State# Port*. Castike, Oct 2?Sid Curlew, Baltimore. Bangor. Oct 1?Cld Alpine, West Indies; 4th, Scboois, Guadalou|?; Bowdacli, Martinique. Bath, Oct 4?Arr Eclipse, GuadAloupe. Sid 3d, Girard, N Orleans: Quinnebaug, do; Charles, Havana; Sept 30, Only Son, Key West. Salem, Oct 3?Arr Marion, Para 4th, River 6tS nit. Boston, Oct.A?Arr Alabama, Cadiz; Ranger, Tort'snd; Palestine, Fredericks! org; A Marshall, Philadelphia; Retrieve, Near York; Harriet Fuller, Roudout Arr 5th, Science, Phila delplita. New Bedford, Oct 5?Sid Helen Maria, SweeUer, NYork; Helen, do. Providence, Oct 5?Arr Richard Rush, Columbian Eagle, Peru, aod Superior, Philadelphia; Willard. NYorli; Herald, do. 1 Below, a fore and aft schr Irom Norfolk. Sid Midas, Champion, and Juliet, NYork: Conquest, for ports in the Bay. _ Albany, Oct 5?Cld Detroit, and Eliza Matilda, Boston; Gem, Providence. Philadelphia, Oct 7?Air Brilliant, New York; 8 Tappan, i Newark. Old Oclor?ta. Mobile; Navarre, Pernamburo; Jos Cowperlhwait, West Indies; Peruvian, Bostou; Driver, Nassau; Him line, Tampico; Atalanta. New Bedford; J K Crouch. Haverslraw; Niagara, Providence; Nile, Boston; Auzcline. Fill River; Comet, NYork. Arr in the Schuylkill, Lodi, Glide, Linn, Elixa Nicoll, Gen Warred, and J fc W Enritkson, Delaware side; N Biddle, Poughksrpsie; Erie, Ne * Haven; Henrv Springer, Alhanv;8amI McDowell, West Point; Tex??.Or> enimsh, NY; Sol Rosevcll, Mary Ann, Wm Peiiu, Equity, Geo Wheat oil, Heiald, Swan, and Opera. NYork. Wilminoton, Del. Oct I?Arr Monaco, Pioncsr, and Express, NYork. BaLTtMORr, Oct 5?Cld Com Warrington, La Guayra and Porto Cebello; Gallant Mary, Mayagutz. PR: Black Hawk, St John, NB. Sid Mentor, Cowea and a inkt; Manchester, Nagnabo, PR. Alexandria, DC. Octt?Arr Exact. Nantucket. Sid 811man, NYork; Edw Preble, St John, NB; 4lh, Moxart, Boston; Emerald, do. Norfolk, Oct 4?Arr Cbaa N Thompson, Georgetown for New Bedford. Sid 3th, Lawrence Copeland, Rio de Janeiro.? Arr Colombia, Cottrell, New York ^Arnethysi, Worcester, do; Mary Jane. McMath, do; John W Taylor. Burch, do; John G Dema'eat, Demarest, do; Harmonious Walker, Cooper, do; Larkio Snow, Thomaston; O-trich, Boston. Charleston. Oct 4?Cld Emily, Sherwood. NYork. Savannah, Oct 3?Arr Homer, Watts, NYork; Savannah, Havana; Savannah, B<th. Me. Cld Wm I Wair n, Philadelphia. 81d VVi skeag, Woodaide, NYork; Philura, Landei, do; 1 Wanderer, Lets is, do. New Orleans. S'-pf 28?Cld Alexandra, Havana. Arr Don Jain, Boston; Elizabeth, Tampa Bay; Ann Maria, Siaal; Margnitf, Nassau. I Head Quarters of the Marine Corps, Washington, 4th October, 1812. 1 OkPARATE PROPOSALS will he received at the office of 1 k-? the Quartermaster of the Marine Corpa, in this city, until 10 o'clock, A. M., on Tueadav, the 8th day of November next, for furnishing rations to the United Scales Marines at the fiv 1 lowing stations, to- the year 1813 ;? 1 Po'tsmoiiih, New Hampshire ; 1 Charlestown, Massachusetts ; Brooklyn, Long Island, New York ; Gosport, near Norfolk. Virginia ; P'lisacola, Florida, and Washing'oa, Distn t of Columbia. The rations to consist of oue pound and a quarter of f.eah beef, or three quarters of a oonnd of mess pork ; eighteen ounces of bread i>' flour, at the option of the Government, and at the rate of six pounds of enod clean coffer. twelve pounds of good New Orleans sugar, eight quart* of beans, four quart* ( of vinegar, two quart* of salt, four pound* of *e?p, and one and a half pound* of good dipped candle* to each houdred re- j tion*. , It is understood that the fall tide of beef (neck and (thins ex- i eluded) he delivered if required ; if ?ttch quaiiiilv be not re- i quired, that the fore and hind quarter* be delivered attentat- - | I v ; and the bread or Hour shell be of superfine quality. All the article* to be tinexceuunnable^nd to be iaaued to the troops , without expense to the United State*. No offer will be entertained at tliia office unless accompanied by the name* of the aureties of the pre- j po*?l? to be tndorecd "Proposals for ra limit lor 1813." AUG. A NICHOLSON, Quartermaster Marine Corp*. Tlie American Sentinel and Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia; 1 Lhe Portsmouth Gazcttr, New Hampshire; the New York J Keening Po*t, the New York Herald, the New York Enquirer, 1 nd the New York Union; the Baltimore Republican; the Norfolk Bcacan: the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Enquirer 1 nil Richmond Whig: th' Alexandria Gazette. Alexandria, ' D C.; and the Prnaacola Gazette, will give the ahove three in- | p'lli. us each per week, and *end one copy ot the adyerliat- . mem to accompany the acconnt when forwardodito this office for payment. off rod to ffN ( rjKMOCRATIC WHIG CONSISTENCY- Eleventh ' Ward.?The whig* of this ward by flaming hand bill* lignedby P. Snedicor.Chairman of tlie ward Committee were mmmnned to meet at lira l-quartcr?, corner of Fourth strret ind Avenue D.t on lhe evening of Tuesday, 4th instant Long j lelore the appointed hoar.* he invited bepan to aaaemble, hut ' hey found a little knot of Corporation official* in an ante-room <1 n secret conclave. When the hour appointed for the meeting irrirei this devoted democratic (?) band, came out ol their < loset, and without further ceremony, declared the meeting trgatiized. The ti tle devoted hand of democratic whigs from > he rloset, eonstlnting thetns. Ives most modestly, the ofliceni c if the meeting?bv which mtrtyr-like devotion to the good ause they saved the meeting the labor and responsibility of risking a selection. On motion it waa then agreed to go into an election on one icaet for delegate* to th- Senetorial, Cnunty and Congieaaion- a il Convention, those having the greatest number of vote* to be 1 lerlrd, wh n presto, all the C lrporelion officials and their ( friends, were found with moat praiae-worthy arrangement provideo with printed ballot*, headed "Justice to Harry of the c West."' On which seven of these patriotic feedrrs at the publie crib, of thirtren to b? chosen, with most exemplary aud uni r?c?d ritrd self-(mill had allowed their nunes to ba placed. That lienor n ay lie given t whom honor is due we give the nim'tnf those diatinxuiihed, consistent martyrs In the goud K C Senatorial Convention?A. Cameron, Marin* Inspector j] County Convention, Caleb M. A_|tcvnse?Street lutprr'or, p P. Sn dicnr, Leather i*isi>eetor. William Palsin, Formin Cor- n pontine Ya:d. Congressi in I Convention?E. R. Sli* rman, Superintendent of Cnlvevt, Seventh atteel?INwlelt Smith, Health Wanlen, ? Ipv, H. B. Bolston, Measurer of Orsin. ., The whigi opposed to cfliee holder'* dictation . .?Tippeeanoe end Tyler too off 11*ric g l)R. WHEELER, OCULIST. ' DISEASED AND WEAK EVES?DR. * WHEELER, Oculist, 31 Greenwich street, N^Y. respect- e It '"" ww uic "uoiic, mil IQ CMUictjueuce ui iii? |1?U ?' 11*^ c05n* ''danced to?o icreat a> eatrnt, he n eompeilea , ,,f am *1 ??cr attendance utrictly between the hoiin ,i t^nta.' P< M" *ft*r which ^ h" oul door whieh'ne'>wB?!'"* amoni: the many hundred* of c?aaa ' OthTr rrofr .,;. manyhaee baeu opefatcd on hy [ rtirahle tM n7 J i* 1 ,,cc??. and pronounced be them inasdsrvj'i k':rrij:w ? ",e * : ? , miv h?*f iin-i. i.1 Ji u' every du.idv.tnt wh.ch n,,.,n m?"V inaunea. alwrit eR.in*t J rarioua (hitherto conaid?eTmrnrahlVl i" h" '"VT!"1 "f u2 i euable, i,im w,th confidence W&t A U'" ?? ,h."t hlm?, ?i*ch?. remorcd without riticar.>i?r.iion, e"red' ,nd 1 rritn to tuit th? eircnm.taacr. of the ?. , t?, retail''l.y0"**' eo?PO?Hi*n, and f,?i ,?|e, wholaauU ?" 1 IIOBKKT LOVETT It RON. " r 111 Broadwav r Oft. HIUBONS AM. SILKS.-J. f. REYNOLDS, tH ' . O^uion.i. has j cut receded the moxt elejr?nt Aivortprut of faj hi on* blr Bonnet Kibhon*, Silka, Hmina, Velert kc *r. to Up fiMiiul iu lb* filv. Deftlora, city and crxintrv nulliWf 10 jmichnin# eliewhert. WANTED IMMEBIATELT-Two Journeymen Enfra- B1 *" acquainted with tilt tracing of Mapa. A|>|?lv to BURR. JONES It CO., 08 Itr __ 182 Broadway. W ANTKD-II im lltctm, luulttru ara, to procure tub* * scribcra for Ow |?j|>uUr Periodicals of the day. Men who n?? been tiuntil in literary innuiti will be preferred. T" tlioae who are qualified for the business. and five undoubted m lealunouitl* of character, ? liberal ronimuaion will be paid. NofoieiHuera employed. BRADBURY, BODEN fcCO., ol lw'ec 127 Naaaau t. 'PO KAMILIKhTToINO SOUTH, to the Weat lnoiea or 1 Rll \ 1-1 table female , 21 yeara of afe, wiaiiea to obtain I |>erineiwiit aim moil aa aeamatreaa, in a genteel family. Slie w,mid pretir gcinx to Kur?|>e,\el would accept of a food ( offer to K? Souih or to the Weat Iudiea. The beat of refer- j eneea stven. Addreaa A. A. A. boi 76J, upper Poal office, N. York. aiOr^ I?OR SALE?The Stock and Kialana ai d buiiueaa of a ? I t n'i ctioiiary and Kruit Store. Any feul-el |>er?oii with about f ufl caah. cm niter at ouce into a lucrative buaiiieaa at a I* very low rent, by a|i]dviiif on the premiaea, 476 Broadway. of Mn J TURTLE SOUP. A GREEN TURTLE, weighing IJO Iba, will be aervrd nt> . in Sieaki and Soon, at the Teriapin Lunch, corner Bioad- Ct wav awl Ann atrecta, Una day at it o'clock. an TnrUe Soap sent to 107 part ol the city. u/ ci I ?r WM. J. CARR. Z pROTON CELEBRATION- pa V-> Ntw Yoa?.7th Oct . 1842. W. J> U1MIHV- sta Sn : ] hive minified the d.-script-on of the C niton Aque- dai durf, which you have iitcUftd Tor a Btdxs In be wornalihe lhi Aqueduct Celebration ou the 14th inat. and fiad it aubslautially tie correct. Tlie facj ?et lorth are e?,. uti illy ruct. bo Respectl'u'ly. vctr ob't servant, JOHN B. JRRVI8. < hiel Run nit rr, N. Y. W. W. Tlir Ilitlorical Btdire, Published by W. L. Ornuby, 142 1 Nassau street. 8 11 r 1 ??? ; ha' THE Washington Prospect Tempc' tccc Beurfieial Society. tin ?Thers will be a i|>rcial meeting of this Bo. iety for Onaatitu'ioDal and Pledge mt mbeis only, to be held in the Hall, Elizabeth stiret, near Wither, tl it t Saturday) evening. Oct. I, ISIS. Functus! a trnd.n'e la leiiu tied, aa buaiiutaa ef the Utmost imiM.rtai.ee will be I ran a ctr U. By o.der of the Stewaid<. A. C. FLANAGAN, Prea't. Francis K l}.owne, 9- c'y. o? je p 1 F Pa-tick il" Lauglilitt who lately liv.d in R'it*,-r?' st.eet, 1 i'l tl.it city, and now tu n osed to b? reaidi. K in some pait ofWest hetttrcounty, willcahat N >. 41 Linnherst.ctt. lie 1' will hear of to nrthinit io hia v'va'tuje. "2 lt*r TO CARTMKN. '"PAKE NOTICE ?The caitman who reiroyed the heyyaye A b, longing to Mr. Richard Madison from Mrs. Mix and Tripp's, No. 161 Bruadway. on the 12th of BeiUrmher, will be >eward*d with 410, ou apidi'alion io Mr. Ricnaid M nlis-m, at I M a. Mix and Tripp's, 161 Broadway. ct 2t*r VfOTT'8 REVKRTABLE FLUE STOVE hat been a'J- awarded premiums for several years. The - have donble lines under and behind the oven, are warranted to work well, . or the money returned. J. L. MOTT, ? o8 1t*rrc 254 Water atreet. 15 B-we.y. A^OTT'8"TirBi;i.AR OVEN HTOVrta ... ... -- 11 tirely new pn-ciple. Baking is done by curveting heat iliroush the oren by tubea instead of around it. The public should rail and aee thia truly novel atove,which iu d iilv 0|>erati u at J. L MOTT. og U*rrc 161 Water M. uid I) Boweiy. S T R A BIS M US . ' j.1 COMMONLY CALLED scjlNTlNli. d'.i CURED iu ? few seconds by Gaerin's celebrated plan, whi.h . 1 it frc? from pain or danger. . Cat trsc.s removed b? any of the operifinns pactisrd here ar r rJ in Europe. DR. WHEELER. Oco'iat, 1 13 Greenwich street, New York. J"*' y. B. Refrrencea can be given to 261 pitirnts. onr Office hours, from 8 A M to 1 P.M. rOlmis'r * HAVANA SEGARS. , plCABIA St MANZANEDO, No. 49 Liberty atreet, neat A N'ssau,oner for sile the following : ? 900 0(H) LaNoruia segari, very oldaud superior 150,000 Diana do do do 175 000 Ksperanzt do do do ><10,000 Regatiaa of Norma, Diana, and Ertnero brands 50.(00 Cauonea, '1'rabncoa, ai d Bayouelaa, various do The whole entitled to debenture, and in lots to anit purcha- ''' lera. <4 lmia*r 1r. PER8SE It BROOK8, No 61 Liberty sheet, offer for sale : 1000 reams news printing paper of all aizra 1500 re ma medium, medium and half and double med'm f,e 2000 " tl rl and cut cap A I 2000 " ruled foolscap 1 1500 " ruled an! plain letter atei 200 gro. blue and w hite bonnet boards 1 20 tons binders'boards Phi 5000 reams atiaw wrapping paper | 200 reams polished bard w ate piper ber 500 " envelo|>e paper nea 100 " sand paper I 200 casks Boyd's lie aching powders vil 20 tons soda ash t Alan, wires, felts, jackets, blue smaltr, foreign and domeatic me rags, manganese, lie. Ike. 08 r I TIVOLI SALOON. >? rPI!E LARGEST and most splendid Saloon in the citv for Musical Boilers, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, j Private and Public Diun r Parties. Political Meetinirs?with. ? out distinction of party. T"e Proprietor, ever anxious to gain to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of ?|t great profit) haa leased from the owner on such terms aa will Q| r ruble him to compete with any othtr establishment, and shall jl be most hsnpv to make arraugemrn's (in accordance with the 1 limes) with all whomayfasor hiin w ith a call ; and assurer wil them that no pains or expense will be spared to gire entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. S. Tuesday ercniiigs of each week is set apart for luvitalion Balls. 08 lm*r NEW IMPROVED CLARIONETTE8 It FLUTES. , T PFAFF, Musical Instrument Maker, No. 91 Pratt street, an, ? Baltimore, refers the Professor, and Amateurs of music in ? ;-m-ra! to the followiug certifications of the most eminent prolessorsof music: & AVest Point, Sept. 22, 1840. 3 I certify, that 1 have carefully examined and tried Mr. PfalTs bet CUrionette's,and without exception 1 find them rhe moit per- ?r feet aud the beat toned lustrumeuta 1 h ve vet ever tried. low I. K. KENDALL, V Professo of the Clariouetie. o'e Nkw Yoaa, Oct. 6, IC42. ij Mr. Pf.sff. Flnte maker, Biliimire, submitted to my Indg- . MM a taa-ksTM F:ute, which, wit'i tlic grratcat ples-urc I re- * c immend for its beautiful finish, and more especially on ao- , c< unt of the nerfeetness of its tone. Mr. Pfaff w ing himself a J ten1 good musician, leaves nothing to desire in the latter most ? necessary qualification of a F'ute. ? PH. ERNST, Professor of the Flute, A No. 68 Canal street. 3 I'attorns of the above mentioned 1 astro menu may be seen at JJ Mr Hoyer's Music Store, Broadway, near the Park, who will *! also receive ordeis. 08 lw*r ^ P MAES.?HIGHLY IMPORTANT.?To secure a tine sot head of luxuriant Hair, a proof of thousands of signatures, ' by nersons of high standing can be had. o'c Vegetable Extract of Jainiioonv, for eradicating Dandriff, Mi preventing the hair from falling off or turning gray, aecutrd by ? rm- application by P. Mars, who is the sole proprietor in the J Union, 162 Broadway, and sold in bottles with directions. H Notice.?No imitation of 'he kind will ever snrqiass the Jam- ^ ponnv. Appmvrd by the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. j " Entered according to act of Congreia, A. D 1811, by P. , M ie?, in the Clerk's Office, in the Southern District of New- - ' York" Chinese ('ream?This excellent article it u?cd after the ap- i Elication of the Jamrroouy?the great exrellence of the Chinese 'ream will be found to consist iu feeding the Hair, supplying : those propertiei to it upon which depends iu htxariance, heal- J ihy or richness of appearance. These articles can he obtained fed only in New York of P. MAES, j| 168 Broadway. ol . Also?P. Maes' Wig Manufactory?New imiution of lhe a ikin light summer wigs, and others, ata great reduced price, ?, tnd of the beat, made to order wholesale and retail, for country jl merchants. 08 lw*r K DOCTO R BELL. 2 PVOCTOR BELL devotea his personal attentioa (daily, cor L>' until 9 P. M.) to the removal of private diseases in every or I itage. All suffering under protracted cases, aggravated or .an- F rocreaefully trearedby inexperienced or pretended practitioa- 1 irs?those laboring under tlie destructive effecu of mercury or ton juack nostrums, and all who suspect the remains of disease rrg lurking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with guar F an tee of a cure. ly i O" Persons contemplating marriage, who have keen the snfa| ? ecu of delicete diseases, may consult Dr. bell wit.i honorable .1 :cufidence. Post raiD letters, describing the ease of person cfl it a disunce, liave his prompt attention. Dr. B's treatmen lever exposes to soapicion, and is well known to be sale and Y! rennanent. ^ O- Private offices 4 COURTLANDT STREET, two ^ ioors from Broadway. o8't?r A CARD.?A ladv just arrived from Paris begs to Lnuoance sen to the ladies of New York that she will open to-morrow son or their ins|>ection, it the house of Msdsme Aclulle.who has fno tirrd.f consented to appropriate her saloon for the por|-ose at F II Wallfprilrt'of an naenrlmsinf nf K-iftxl arfirlpe hrflllnKt rinf * with her,consisting in part of fine mailiu mid bice embroideries, ^orr prising pellcrrur, manchetts, ladies and infant's raps, tinjroidrrad,-cash mere, retiru pa, ladiel' gloves, kc. 0 Alio?jewelry, such aa necklines, bracplpla, aluda, and a va- in iety of othi r article* of the moat beautiful kWllpiMI. Thpy tain wrn all aelpcted and a portion of the goods manufactured pi- ?~ rvaaly for thia m<rk?t, and will be sold at 'eaaonable pricpa.? JL, Phe lady will be in attendance, aa abore, from ten A. M., till Mr f. M, o7 4tis*in *M - CO|> STOPPED?Supposed to have bten atolrn, a Silver Patent pot J Lever Watch. The owner can hare it by pro ring properly K ind pa> ing ei|ien?ea, ky applying to moi J. SIMPSON St CO., orb o7 3fm Pawnbroker!, ? Chatham ?trcet. ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN TAXESfor the year 1141 ?.P L on lllinott Lands are now due. and should be paid without c J lelay tosase eitra expense. Tne lime for redemption of Michigan lands sold for the taxes *>rSl >f 1137. will expire this month. B Elimination* as to quality, soil, timber, fee. of Illinois land* *?rJ n*de from the Government Surreyo s* field notes, maps, and J ther sources. Anrlv at tl e eo^ NORTH AMERICAN LAND AGENCY, wFm' (EsUlMish^d in 1817), "l No. It Wall arreet. New York. ,lJ o7Jt*r 8. MELVIN, Sneeesaor to M. MYERS. PHOTON CELEBRATION-THE BADGE?la Joiat ~r -J Committee on the Celenration of the Introduction of the kSi Proton Water. Sent. JO. 1JU IK Resolved, That the Radge .amtnittrd by W. L. Ormaby, be # he Badge to be worn b> the Memb- raof tlie Common Council "" nd thru invited OnctU. on tlie day of the C elrhration r HENBY E. DA VIES. Chairman. Published by W. L. Ormaby, 143 Nassau street. . Thia Badge ia cmhrlluhcd with an arptopria?c device, and . irea a abort and interesting hiatory of the Aquednet, ?lto a '*? cacription of it, together with the capacity and dimensions of he moat important Bridges, Reaertnira, Myniiona. kc., com- . iled from authentic eonr e?, and revised by the Chief Engl- p^J, eer. i p Societies are requeued to send in their nrdera as roan aa poa- fl ? Ible, in order that a iuffcient rumber may be printed It is _? rinted on White Satin, price LHe'Ms each, often dollars Aa er hundred. There are over Three Thousand Letters on thia Badge, en- Ma raved on Steel at the rate of aeran letters a minute, by a Ma- H n bine jaat invented by W. L. Ormaby, 141 Nassau at. f>'< o7 Jt m mod TEMPERaMCE MOCEs^loN: pi" PIE VARIOUS TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES are re- o7 quested forthwith to report to me, the date of their organi viion, the probable number that will parade on the 14th, in or *| er lliat i.larea mav be aisigded them In line. Jwj Each Society will ?s>point one Marshall, who will report to fm nc, aa soon alter his appointmt nt aa practicable. LO AH communication! may be addrriaed to me, thrnugli tlie bet, 'oitodte. WM. F. LEOOET, ? o7 3i#r Gtand Marshal. 37 St. Stark's Place. the jb ANNEK PRESENTATION -A fi w young gentlemen, G inrmhera of the Franklin Temp?iance Society, will pre- la_t, ent a banner to the Lady Franklin Society on Hainrday Even- ,j,pr ng, Otc.8, at Waihlngton HaP, corner of Broadway and Read tjtn treet. Thia banner ia b? lievnl to be the moat elegant of any y, hath'a yel been done in tins city. The Fr<u.Tin Society ~ |, itre made auch arrangements for thia evening aa will not fail op t( o give the moat perfect aatiifactiotj. Sneers] new aougt will hia erenieg be introduced, and the beat of speakers are engag <t( r-d. Ticketa IJScrnta. I he had at Pjt'inaou'a, corner of Ann ? n INaaaan streets, at the nffi-e of the Waihinrtoman, and of 4i Vfeavra, Rnrnett C. Aden. cor. of Centre and Shimbets street, Iff, lid at the door on the evening of til- performance #M JAMES HARPER, Preat. ?*? ASA L. SHiniANJIee'ry, . 7 3f m F IVAttMN'O-A fVVO CEOGED MAD DOG has heen J? " met with in Grand street, between Orchard and Ludlow le ia particularly rabid against good men, or anything fur, and omenta himselfonly with diabolical mall en. which agieener- pecily with his nature. What a strange CONtRNTM ENT. h, ' sr pitiirniuisaii flmtle pillis. Pllfcrt f%r-f iiue I and c ate braird Pills, froijt Portugal, a,-g u ?KwnB?y' cSS UlTlSil AND NORTH AMKHICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIM, Of HM tons and 4(0 h<w power rich. |LI nder.contract villi the Lords of the Admiralty. ' BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, Jo ACADIA, A. Ityme Jo , COLOMBIA. E. C. Miller, II N do , Will tail from Boston, vie Halifax. noh LivtxrooL. raoss boston. Columbia. ? October 16.

[hitakge Momy?From Boetoj to Liverpool, $131?Boston lUl.fd. SIC. riieie slops carry eiperl.nred surgeons. No Berth* secured t itil jniJ frr. < Notk ?Mrrrhkndiir aud S|>ocie (excel* for personal ?* naet) shipped undrr (he name of Inggaae will be charged ai :ignt, ami liable loCuatoin House R'g ulat ions. Aoolv to >Jy r D. DKIOHaM. JR.. No. 3 Wall-kt- < - ' FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA, j ^^CfiBpiKKY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND ^|QHEX56UALVESTO>f, (Trxaa) to kail cq the 10th C^211fiflfeU October, at IIA M.?The well known and fivoiile strain iliip NEW YORK, J. T. ? right, Commander, has inn been put iu complete ordei, with w wrought irou shaft; Ac , will poaitirely leave for the above ( rts on the day specified. The New York, having beensu|ierbly fitted ud, with aaloon te iooi?e iu additk'U to ner cabins, offers aupeiior accommoliom for the crnrrnirbce of passengers. Paiaengrri goiug iu a boat may safely relv u|mn the well known skill and attcnine of her Certain. For light freight or passage, apply on ? arJ, loot ol Morris street, North Riser, pier No .4 or to C. MORGAN, or II. HUBBAR&. A CO. 37 Peck Slip. S. B.?The New York carries sufficient luel for the voyage, 'aaseugers for Key West, New Orleans, and Galsestou. will re an opportunity of visiting li.iv.uu, as the ship will lay trc tes Jays. si toolBtrc T -W/-1 XjUUJV A I 1 HIS. * AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO ENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. 1 BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. " ASSKNUHt) Forwarded, v, ithout delay,to ' Utiea, S',V? Cleavelan I. Ohio, $5,15 11 Rocheaier, $J,OU Detroit, Mich.. $*>.7) c Lockport, S3.1!') PnrUmonth. Ohio, $8,7} l' Buffalo, tl.-Vl Toronto and tKingaWhitehall, $1,7} un, U. C. $},M c Oawcgo, $2,50 klao, Eaalon, lVnatylvai.il, by Railroad It Sugr $8,50 " Pittibuuh $!?,.iU I Boa on, Man, $1,50 8 Auil all parte oi the Wcat.ru Country.' M. L. RAY, hi CO.. I? 141 Liberty itreet, uearthe Albany boata. New York. w II Itn'm 41 VANDEMBILT'S 8 INDEPENDENT LINE FOR BOSTON, Via Norwich ajtd WoaciariiA Railr hiii. j From Pier No. 1 North Mir^TBaUrn' Place. . " Die new and aidendid a team boat CLEOPATRA, Captain K. Duatan, will l-aveevery Tueadiy, Thuraday and Satnr- w ' afternoon, at } o'clock. rhe new anil ai Irndid atcambnat WORCESTER, Captain ^ H. Vanderbi t, will have eveiy Monday, Wcducailay ami (. day afternoon, at J o'clock. 4I 'aascBKera for Boaton will be forwarded immediately on the ival of the above boata at Norwich, and will proceed with- J, change of cara or baggage. 'or further information, enquire at the office on the wharf, bor rd the boata, or to 1 D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck alip, upit?ira. J III iwraona are forbid truating any oue on account of the ive hoata orowiiera. ot Im* ii HI r \t \t ?n nrBTxmv?i PVPF ? ! 1W \ORK AND I'fTTLADKL^MlA RAILROAD LINK DIRECT. 1 i Newark, New Bruniwick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and fiurlin*t"n THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. b are New York, from the foot of Liberty atreet, daily, at 9 a VI and F M. t i'he moniimr Line proceeds to Bordentowu, froin thence by e unbo.it to Philadelphia. t) i*he Evening Line nroceeda direct to Cainden, (oppoaite ? iLdelphia) without chinire of cars. ti 'uaeonera will procure their lickcla at the office foot ol Li- / ly atreet. where a commodious ateeinboit will be ill readi- I. is, with bagi-arte cntea on board. t, 'hiladeli hia baggage crates are conveyed from city to cite, ? thout being npe.ied by the way. e lach train la provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartnli and dressing moms eiprrs.lv for the Ladiea use. . lemming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the fo?l of ] eatnut street by railroad from Camden, at 7 o'clock A M .and ,, 'clock, P M. ' The Linca for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia itnAM, and IP . being a continuation of the line from New York. 28 3m* r _ I al'ATEN INLAND FKKKY ~ d Koot of Whitehall atreet. <j Pile ateain boats 8TATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON ?' II leave New York aud Staten Island aa follows:? c NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. ? 9 j k II 10 IK 18K f' $ ? III goods slopped are required to be particularly marked, ? I are at the risk of the owners thereof. ol r " MQ j/m NEWARK AND NEW YORK.-Fare ? rrvftLi. J? Only I2K cents ?The splendid and cotnmodi k ** steamer PASSAIC, Ckpt. John Uaffy, l> ng completely and elegantly refitted, eommanced her regu- 11 tripa for the season on Thursday, r larch 10?leaving as rol- * ra? l> 'not of Barclay at. New York, at 10X o'clock, A. M., audi p lock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at 8 o'clock, A. M. aud half past 1 lock P.M. l In Sundays, the Passaic will leave New York at 1#K A. M. J 14 P. M. Leave Newark all A. M. and at 2 o'clock, P. M* , F~f V'reight of every description carried at reduced prices. vl Jm*r MQ afl FOR ALBANY, TUOY, aud Intrrmcdie?-3M? - J* ate Places?Tire anlendid low rireasure steamr aira...., SWALLOW, Ca.a.iu A. McLean, II leave the toot of Cortlandt street, Sunday Afternoon, Oct I. at 5o'clock; also as above, Wednesday 12th. The above is a substantial Boar, fitted up with elecant ste Hoomi, and for accommodaiion is unrivalled on the Hud I'h? Boat (or Albany on Sunday evenings will leave at lire lock instead of six a? heretofore. The Swallow, Captain n :LeaII, will leave to-morrow. of lire t liffg- FOR NKW ORLEANS?First Pack-t Ship-To TSV**'1 on tlir lOlh of October?The t lendid new packet I . HMKji aliip 8HAKON, Captain Puringtou, now loailinv at ' rlTEp, will take whatever freight and passengers may oiaud sail positively as above. I Ier between decks will be lound on riaminatiau to beaut>e- I r, for the accomtnod it ion of second cabin and steerage pas- si i^era, to any other ship now l ading for the above port. Fur K Ight or passage, apply to the Captain on board the ship, or to f< >8r JOHN HERDMAN, ?l South street. WANTED TO CHARTER?A Schooner, that 1 HHFW will carry fire thousand bushels under der.k, for sii ? IHb months. Aiply at the New York llice Mill, comer Jefferson and South ats. i7 3tia*r THOMAS BAILLY, Agent. dfg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.RegnUr ( IjMrV-Packet of 25th October.?The Splendid Packet uU?ship OARRICK. Capt. W. B. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, (' irpoeitiTefy sail ss above, her regular ilar. For freight or !' sage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or " nfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, ' 10 E. k. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street. ? "rice of passage. $100. ? rhe Packet Shin Roseins, Captain Jno Collins of 1100 " s, will succeed the Oarrick, and sail the 23th November, her ular day. 'asaengera may rely on the ships of this line sailing pnnetnal11 advertised. of r r UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS , *JV?To sail on Monday, O tober 10.? ' be superb well !' Btknown favorite packet ship SCOTLAND, Capuin 11 will Robinson, being nearly loaded, will sail positively aa re. " "his ship has very .superior accommodations for second in snd steerage passengers. Her between decks are fitted with every convenience that can add to the caanfort of paagers, snd in a style unequalled by any other packet. Per s wishing to study economy can be accommodated with a aisbed second cabin at very reasonable rates. r or passage, which it very low, immediate application should nade on board, foot of Dover street or to si W.AJ T.TAPSCOTT, 43 Peek Slip. r or 52 South St. cor. Jones' Lane. b traits for any amount, payable on demand, without discount, li Mparts of Orcat Britain and Ireland, can always be ?b- tl ted on application at above. of w FOR NEW ORLEANS,?Louisiana and New * J9W York Line?Positively first Regular Packet?To tail r' Hfalhe 10th of October?Tlie last sailing, coppered and per fastened packet ship LOUISA, Capt Learitt, will F* itively tail as above, her regular day. or freight or passage, hearing handisome furnished aecora- J" lationa, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. E. K.COLLINS It CO. 56 South .L rtsitively no poods received alter to-morrow (Saturday) Vs ning, the Ith inat. .genu in New Orleans, Hnllin It Woodruff, who will nptly forward all goods to their address. ? hippert may rely upon having their goods correctly mea d. and that the ships of this li^e will sail punctually at edited ; any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfill iitrmen will please be onboaid at Orleans Wharf, foot of t II street, on Monday morning the I0)h init., at It o'clock; ci rhicn time the ahip will aail. T he packet ship Shtkapeaie, Capt. Allen Miner, will aae- ei I the Loniea,ami tail the tilth October, her regular day. ctr as |?- FOR NEW ORLEANS-Star L.nr.-Regular f?VPaeket?To aail positively on the 12th Oc ober. J'he P1 ttk&Tery faat tailing at,in RUSSELL GLOVER. Jabcz f* **,, master, ia now loading for the above |iort, and will JJ" ire whatever freight may offer at the loweat ratca, and sail bore. or freight orpuaatr in the cabin, aecond cabin, or atrerage, h- loweat terma, having superior accommodations to any m let in the trade, Apply on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or 8. E GLOVER, 100 Tine street, corner of M ,nth, up stairs. II goods consigned to my rare will be forwardtnl tree of mi <ion, and all goods consigned to my agents Messrs. 8. V Whitney, N. w Orleans, snd destined for the interior,will nrwstaled by the tlrst convey ance. o7 r Et FOR NEW ORLEANS?Star Line?RegaUr rJV Picket ol 12th October ?The ai>lendid fast sailing Ulfiw packet thin RUSSELL GLOVER, Capt. Jabei *et, will |a>sitiTely ssil at above. >t passage in cabin. 2d cabin, and staeraga, haeing aceom- / latums unequalled by any veaael in port, apply ou board at fool of Maiden Lane, or to pr JOSEPH McMURRAY. K r _ _ ll>0 Pine et., cor. South. UNITED LINE OF NEW ORLEANS PVy PACKETS ?The only regnlar packets for the Ikpfiu shore port ?The splendid, faat tailing packet ahip UTSA, Capt. Leavitt, will aail on Monday, the 10th Octo- no positively or passage free, he LOUISIANA and HOLMES lines having united for t((, pnrpoae of forming a line to aail every fire days, and having \ menerd Iheir regular trips under tnch arrangemeuta, peti about to visit the above port, will not fail (oaee the advan- z? a to be derived from takiug passage in this line, at they will ebv I rerent thai delay which ia always (he c.aae with Iran- ,,| t snips. ... lei nr paaaave in cabin, aecond cabin, or steerage, which ia ve ( >w, apply on board, at Otlraus w liar I, foot of Wall-street, ,|t W. It J T. TAP8COTT, tJ I'eck Slip, or to . Ir 52 Smith-street, corner JonetMane. p Dk FoSTolVIKIN?RegUsr Psrkrt .1 Ihe (, h O. I MA loh r?Ttie ftot class fa?l sailing packet ahig WEL- 11 ImkL LI.NGTO.N. Capt. Chadwick, will aail as above, Iter NMdlVi . . .. . . CI r?r passage in rabin, second cabin, and steerage, having t?. or accommodations, apply on laoard, foot of Mainen Lane. m, 0 JOSEPH M'.MURRAY, fc 100 Cine street, corner of Sonth. raons wishing to send for their friends, ran hare them a ight oot in thia favorite ahip. or any of the regnlar peek by applying si above, (if hy let'er |>ost paid}. th <7> DOG LOST!?A smal I brown sin', with cropped Of eaii. strayed y ateiday from Siayvesant Place. A "1 r 1\ liberal rewarifwil be given on her return to 1*1 Se- t' rXTVnue, bet waeg Eighth and Ninth ?u?et? m %4?4< * AUCTION SALES u * fHUMAR SELL. 'Stores Nat. tl Jtmu ani lli f^Ulon afreet I SATUHDAY Vslnsblr Furniture Sale?At 10>* *VI'k, in the mm Mtii * ill br ditpoti 4 of.wtlhout reserve to the highest bidder, the rntire household furniture of a family removing. Alto?the entire splendid stock of a('abint-l maker. Alto, an elertani invoice of rich Fualuh 1 nop*, lustre*, gimnlolet, 4 splendid sets vmudow curtaiat. 3 bedsteads, aikda qusrsity of hou%<-hold furniture ; aUo,a qmn'iiy of beds, bedding, nattreisrs, If. ; alto, 8 .inuxic chairs, 12 Bo?tou rocking chairs. One piano forte by ormuol >h? Mhruff. jfcjpNOAY, At 10 1-2 o'elflK, at the auction room, Sale ?>f the ?t kofaa^hobur i : aUn sofas sofa beds, all Oman*, divans, chairs, mattresses, beds, bedding, curtains, 'Dilute i pun t*s, Ac. TUESDAY. At 10>( o'clock to the sslr rmtai. Large sale of aaiuablr md .raaoinible dry gooda, j trunk, i.f -loilniic. imt oStii' >ti>ck of * merchant uilor, * t>ne lot of > muanra Loudoi cloths, caisiinerea, Testings, koairty, gloves, vdkjs, .hina, collars, Ac., variA hardware, jewelry, groceries, tabic salt, pledged arlirlea, atuds, aidmdid watchca, Ac. Alan, agrutlrman'a piiv.tr library and b->uk caar. Ala.1, various hardware, jewelry, groceries, pledged articles, [una, splendid watches, Ac. Alto. I watchca, aud other articira, by order of the govern ira of the Mature Hospital. . WEDNESDAY. At 10W o'clock ioiheaale rooms. Large and splendid furatiuie sale. THURSDAY, p uriiiliire?At 101* o'clock. will be inlil the entire furniture ontaiiied in home No. 96 Gold street, now occupied u * geneel Boirdiiu bouse. B Y~RlfcLL A ARCULAJUCB. SATURDAY.lfctS, MX o'clock Klriuit Furniture, Pianos, lie. A Urge assortment of second hand furniture. Also, a large assortment ofinKr in, J-ply ana other rarpetinff, tair carpets, oil cloth, nurs, he. MONbAY. Oct. 9, 10* o'clock Wines, Liouors, Hegars, he. Also, I u;ahogany French grind action SXocUve Pi ino.Wake t Glenn, maker, for account of whom it may concern^ _ M. WAHD, Auctioneer. 7LKUANT FURNITURE. Chins, Cutlery, aud Fancy -* Goods.?A. C. HUMBERT > CO. will sell this inoming, t l#X o'clock, in their sales room, 119 Broadway, corner of .ibrrty st, an elegant assortment of fashionable Furniture, icluding full and \ French chairs, cine seat do, marble lop nclcsed wsshstauds aud ceutrs tables, sofas, oitoinans, yier ililes, mahogany rockers, dressinK bureaus. lie. he. Also, 3 velvet and hair core red easy chairs; 1 mechanical rrliniiiK do. Also, an elegant assortment of cot glass, French china, Engall tea and toilet acta, rir h bronze anu ormolu girandoles, rich ill, ebony and alabaster clocks. Alio, ?ime superior Sheffield balance handle table Cutlery, la ted cake baskets, candle sticks, vasei aud (lowers, together 'itli other fancy goods, to which the attention of housekeepers ad othcis is rcs|>et tfullv invned. Caipeling, he.?Also, several ingrain carpels and floor rlotha. tie positive. ol lt*rc \ UCTIOfTNoTlCE.-By CARTER h CO.. Store 112 * Broadway, between Pine and Wall st ?This day, at I0>? clock, Furniture, Crockery, Carpe's, Oil Cloths, he.?The lit* Will POIltinilPlI frrtirt rnaV..~lai> inolmlsnw maknaau.r rruch chain, pine ami mahogany dressing bureaus, breakfast iblea, rosewood centre table, fcr. Alio, an elegant saortment of English iuirrain and three ply sr|ieis, tufted rugs, splendid nil rlotha, I and 2 yards wide, 'oollen table and piano coyer*, kc. Likewise?The balance of the Crockery and China, sis. e Pitiful dinner acts, Persia patterns, tea sets, r wen and basins, leganl and lich china lea and colter sets, kc. with the usual saortment of Wines in bottles anil demijohns, Sugars, Teas, egars, kc. n'l worthy the attention of dealers and prirale falilies. <>8 11* r 37W. HAVWSTAnct. BY Tlioa. ELDER k CO.?This Day, at 10 o'clock, Oct. 8th, at sales room, 107 Fulton at. Furniture?A splendid assortment of a Cabinet maker, doing business, consisting of sofas, bureaus, dressing do, cane eat lhairs. French paste, cane and plain teat locking do, tlirnc pleiidid English dining sets, 116 pieces each; 50 pieces carpetng, ingiain, Rrussrll*, kc. 20,000 Hauana and RLegalia aegirs. A'so, 2 feather beds. Sale positive and without reserve. OS ll*rc BY RIELL fe AlfCULARIUB. [ITEDNESDAY EVENING, Oct. 12, atk[ b-fore T. in the vv Gallery of the National Academy of Design, corner of Iroadway and Leonaiil st. FINE ARTS?Riell k Arcularius eg leave to announce that they will sell on the above evening collection of splendid Oil Paintings,comprising specimens o? . atioui schools, (the pro|ierty of a private gentleman.) Srlectd with judgment and at great coat, they invite every lover of e arta to examine them. The Galleiy will be open on Friday oming, 7th iust. and they may be viewed with catalogue! u - 1 I the day of isle. " Adinisaion free." 06 r YIL PAINT1NGS1AT AUCTION-A. LEVY will sell J on Saturday Evening, a', lit Broadway, at 7 o'clock, an ez nsive collection of Oil Routings, just received from Europe, lid have not heeu seen before ill this country?cow ready for lamination. Sale positive. o7 2t*m R U. J. GKRARD and JN'O. E. VAN ANTWERP. EXTENSIVE sale of English Lainiw, Janrauery, Plstcd -a VYare, Ivory Table Cutlery, kc., kc.?Tuesday, 11th Octo er. at 9 o'e'ock, at No 315 Broadway, a very ei.ensiveand ah able aaa'tni'ntofEiiglish lamps.tea trays.plated ware,cutlery c., among which are lacqueia and brnnrc d aatral lamps, with hadcsanil chimneys; lacquers and hruiti'd one, two, tlir. e 1 nd four light mantle la-n|?, plain, and with splendid lustrea; o three and four light haugiug boat lamps, with various ornatenti and lustres; bracket and pedestal candelabra*, of splenid pati- nis; brenre and lacquered candlesticks; chimney or ainculs, vases, kc. kc.: tea trays, single and in complete 1 rtts, of new and rich patterns; pla'ed cutlery, of all siaas; ake baskets, candlesticks, tea setts, kc. kc.: fine ivory table I utltry. in setts of 50 pieces, and in dozof knives onlv. and mves ami torki, Ike., lie. N. B. The above are a!I consignments, lately received direct I nm Bir ningham and Sheffield ntann'ac'nreii, and will be < old peremptorily to the highest bidder, forca-h. i Alan, an extensive invoice of au|wrb English china, 'di ' ing, desert and lea ?rr?ice, with a general auortmrni of rich t incy articles. ot lt*m rELUNtrOKs?~ lCHAllL~REKSE, late of the nrm ol ' ' He esc & Hills, offers for sale at cost a large assertm* nt of j en, pocket, and oirk knives, scissors and razors, together with ible cutlery ol every description. Also, Britannia ware, tea 1 ltd coffee sett 1, tea and table spoons, arcordians, gold rings, ioa, chains, si ver and gold levers, Ike., lie. This stock must ! ositively be si d on 01before the 1st of November nest. MICHAEL REESE, 1 771 rn*rc 70 Moden Lane, up stairs. rOU SALtv?The B-r.stock, ami t stairs of an old slaii.iing i- Porter House, it, good bustnets, No. M Centre st. To be old on moderate terms 06 3t*a A Hlt U TONED EIGHT SILVER KEYED FLUTE, SECOND HAKD-a rare and splendid instrument, will be 3 sold cheap Apply to T. MONZAN1, o7 Im'm jj Thompson street. FULLER'S GYMNASIUM. rIE GYMNASIUMS, 301 Oreene, slid 29 Ann streets, are now open daily, and in the evenings alternately. Gentlesen whose business prev-nt their exercising during the day ime. cea join the evening claas. A Junior Class from 4 to 5 o'clock. The Brooklyn Gymnasium, No. 10 Water street, near the ! 'niton Ferry, nia-u dty and evening Ki nring and flptrrirg tanght as usual, o7 2w?r TA LI AN r MUSlt?MR. MANNING, (twenty yearsre sidrut in Naples?Pupil of Pacta and Crescrntiui.) gives inIrnclion, on terms to suit the times, in Italian, French and mulish Singing, and in the most fashiouable style of Piano rrte playing. Mr. M. has permission to refer to the following gentlemen . M. Wai.iwright, D. D. ; Messrs. Howland It Aspinwall ; J. ' Schroder. D. D. ; Mr. J. T. Brigham ; F. L. Hawkes, D. D; ' Ir. S.Wsrtl. i Mr. M. resides nt 230X Hudson street, near Spring st. I 0 I Im'r , 2J.RAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CON * CERT.?MRS. SUTTON, prima donna liom the princi il cities of Italy, the I'.alian company at Havana and New Or- 1 ana, begs to announces conci rl on Thursday next, the 13th 1st., at the Apollo Concert Room, Broadway, on whtcn occaiou she wi'l be assist! d by the moss eminent talent in the city, nd her little daughter, not yet aevrn years old. will appear ad sing several favsrite English and Scotch ballads, in cosrme. Further particulars in future advertisements. ol c NEwnsoom PIIE undersigned aolicts attention to a large assortment of 1 OooJs for fall and winter wear, including beaver clotns >r surtouts, csatimerea in a great variety of style* for pan il ions. Rich silk,satin, and merino vestiiwi, which will be made up > order at usual moderate charges, lor ready money. Ready made snrlouts,cloaks, kc., constantly on hand. WM. T. JENNINGS, Draper and Tailor, , 25 229 Broadway, American Hotel. SELF PROTECTORS. rO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS.?Patent I Self-Cocking Repeating Pistols, which csn b? discharged ix timcx in a low seconds. The pistol cocks, the barrel re olvrs, and discharges merely by piillitia the trigger; the cham ke some repeating pistols. The construction is very simple? ley can be drawn from the pocket and used with owe hand rithout the loss of a moment; sn shots can be fired as fast as man can crook his firmer. They are no larger man au ordina F pocket put. I. r or traroilers, housekeepers, captains, planters, puklie offirrs, and others, they are an indispensable article, as petsons >th male and female, can with this pistol, protect their lire* d property, if attacked by many persons, aa one of tnem is iaal to near a dozen of the common kind. The public are inritcd to call and examine the same, as their mplicity, being warranted not to get out of order, ana their irfeet safety, will certainly recommend them orer all othen Wholesale anil retail. J. O. BOLKN. lot Broacwsv. 1 tl5 1mis*r between Wall and Pine streets I PARIS I ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS IKIJN It CO., IIJ William street, formerly Bran, Darosure ? k Co.?will open in a lew days, twenty caees Paris Artifi si Flowers, Feathers, fcc, now landing from laat arrival*.? his establishment is recieving from their house in Paris by 'ery lissre |>ackel, the newest styles of flowers and fc ithers, ] they appear iu thai centre of fashion. This arrsugement enables them to hare constantly on hand a ost fashionable assortment 01 the abere articles. Dealing by r mora largely in this line th in any other establishment in e city, they can afford to sell ?t the rery lovr?rt rates and on c most reasonable terms. Wholesale warr.ooms up stiirs. Also, constant! on hand, every kind of materials lor flower snot si lurefk el la DR ELLIOTT. OCULIST and optiialmio surgeon, Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Broadway, corner ol Warren street, stt lmis*r improvemenTTn dentistry: I LL. new systeme here to nndergo the ordeal of pnblie a scrutiny, and hanpv should we be if they came out, in the oportinn of one-tenth to the whole, stamped with the seal of Vmbation. he new feature in the science of Dentistry was discovered , Di J. K. f aoldwell, of Virginia, anil is auccessfally prat led by (Jto. W. Hnmphreys, his pupil, who has taken rooms 231 Broadway, next door the American Hotel, where he will ' happy to give practical demonstrations of his skill in this iTel and rain-sa'ing process of extracting teelh, which has used persons of nerrons temperament to besr the torinenta ol othaehe. dreading the jaw-breaking system, sn long in Sonne. II dental op- radons perfo mcd by him are warranted. Teelh eried with surh perfectneas, as to deceive the most scrutiiiii$, ol their falsity. Teeth plugged, cleaned, ane filled, on the moat approved in, having MM mnnv yean in aoqairing a thorough knowIge of ihc art, together with an extensive practice in the Sonrru Htntea, he oltere his saivicas to tlia public with confine e. May be consulted *t_all boors of the day. ol Im ia*c 1 UT MONEY IN TRTTUESE. [0Wt Patronise the City Cash Tailoring EaUbUshmcnt. j 1 203 Broadway. ' The ruinous rai.-a which have been charged for fashionable othmg. Ins led the sunscriber to adopt the cheapenh sn'rin, <1 he now offers to fit out gentlemen with the fines! I loth*. ' ?de np with neatness taste, and deapatch, at the veil lowe.i muin-rating prices. Having made yrrsng'-mfnta for the fine'' , ''-lotbs, Ceasimerea and Vesttngs Trom first bauds, l? " n afford thtm low. The most experienced cutters are eu f ;cl and he ptedgas himself to give entire satisfaetmii. airmigers viiitinr Ink ciry can hare a fbll suit made np at m ortipniee, cl Fall and Winter Clothiifa resdy made oft very v<ri?iy, oual oi V and ttvle, of the latest Aliions and warranted fd HI.?St ran- mi '.Vlt^S, "" "UrrhM,n*?l^WARD FOX. M MHLO- (. Mtui.R. ** THIS EVKNINO. Oct. t, OREAT MCSH'AL ATTRACTION SIONOR l)K HllUIS' FAREWELL BENEFIT Previous tu hi? departure for Europe. (>n * liioh ocraaion A DOl'BI.E BAND IS fcNUAOED. of 18 Per forme r?. Leader and Director Mr. W.Praeou. SOLO PLAYERS. Mr. Kneaoweki. Piano Voile Mr Timm. Piano Fort* Miee Hauler, Hup Mrnu. A pellet, ClariueU Bir. Dr Rilui. Ohoc. VOCALISTS. %sx%J!?lsrkA<t,]u The whole 10 conclude with a ORAND LNSTRUMKN TAL CONCERT. ? , The Garden oprua at half-paat n? Feifornuncee commence li.ilf.peii aeven. 1'lrltel.?M ejlta ~~ chatiiam /hkallteo Pit IIW emu. I*u|u*r Tier 13 rente. Firat Tier M centa. THIS EVENING. Oei 1th will Lc periorme.i ? , THE IMPOSTOR. w _ Perkui Warbeck Mr Lratiux I Oireld Mra Thorue To be ui cerdrd by c, t_ .. THE ROBBER'S WIFE. Mark Kcdlaud Mr Thorne | Koee Kedland Mra Thome To conclude w ih , L . CHAMOND BRIO. Joea Howiion Mr Lrnnoa _Mol|y O'Hock Mr Moaavp . vf" P<MJ" .*"11 "I*" at 7?Curtain will rue at quartet befoe ( o'clock precieely. Boa Office o|*n duly froia 9 to 5, where Ticketa may b purchased and places secured. MH. AND MRS. BUOUOHAM. THIS KVENINH October lih. will be performed LONDON ASSURANCE. Daisle Mr Brou<baa Lady Oay Spanker Mra Brougham Tn conclude with THE IRISHMAN IN LONDOH. DrO'Toole Mr Brougham First Tier 7J ccuis; 2d Tiar M eruta; Pit 37S cents; Oallery IkittMi. Doors open at a X to 7 o'clock and the performance wi commence at a Si past 7. [The Bowery Bill is published in the Herald, on aeeounto our regard lor Celeste. When her rnaagemcut cleaea, it W| again be escluded from our columns.] BOW1RT THEATRE. THIS KVENINU, Oct. ?tn, 18(2. the performances commence with the celebrated drama of MAIIIE DUCANGE. Lascelles Mr Wallack I Rawdou Mr McCutcheoo Mark land Scott | Prong Gates MARY DUCANGE M'LLE CELESTE. , Susan Mrs Hrrring | Fanchetle Miss Bell After the ab ee THE CRACOV1ENNE. BY CELESTE. The wliole tn couclude with the new Comedy of Foreign A (Flairs | Or. the Court of Queen Anne. . TrsnsU'rd from the Krench ol Les premieres armes de Richelieu, by B. Wcb.ter, Es.j , lessee of the Theatre Royal, Haymarkct. ST. LOUIS. M'LLE CELESTE, Kilxs'out, Mr. Gates I Wheeler, M*Clusky Con'tall Show Lady Grace Mrs. Kemble Usher Lewis M. Dumbarton Stickney Pierre Miluer Lady Bell Herbert Frill Piior Baroness FiliMout Heriing Valence Sand ford. Doors open si X past 6 ; the curtain will riae at 7 o'clock. Botes 73 cents?Pit 37)%?Oa.lery ti. o2 2t MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. 444 Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING, Oct. 8th, the entertainment! Will rnmmpiirc with m , THE LADY IN BLACK. To be followril hy? new Burlrtta called JUPITER JEALOUS. Ision Mn Timm. Alter which, LEUTUBE OV THEATRICS, by DR. HEAVVBEVY. To he followed by .. , HOUSE ROOM. Myor Rlenderpuise Mrbield rfT* The Doors will be opened at 7, and.the prrtoruaenms :onimeoce at half-past 7, every evening. aAIeRicAM THieAI'litK?WALMOT-IT. PHILADELPHIA, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUBHMAN. THURSDAY tVENINO. Oct. sih. Jth night of _ . OLIVER TWIST. Ohver Twut Mr? Murder I Artful Dodger J Sertoli U rumble Mr H<d4W*y | Nancy Mist C Ctuhmait After which, 1?t time, the IV*ma of ? w MOBB THe ollTLAW. Mobb Mr Davenport | Jemmy Twileher J Sefton Mr. Vai.deiihort will appear on Monday at Hamlri. E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. AHlkftkCAN AlUSKUM, CAUbhiN idli GALLERY OF FINK A HTM. rtORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREK yj oppoaite St. Paul1, Church. P; T. BARNUM, MANAGER. Btit Attractions in Neto York!!?Change of Novell its. day VISITORS ADMITTED SAME EVENING free I lie Manager ha>, at enormoua eipenae engaged the celebra ;ed and wonderful Mr. NELLIH. t . BORN WITHOUT ARMS, who by hii untiring perseverance haa acquired the power of ting hu feet and toe,, with aa much facility aa other people :an uae their fingers and hauda. For detail or all hia wonderful, rvtraOrdinary and (leasing performancea. aee bill, of the day. The manager ha? alao in accordance with univrraal deaire, eerngaged Signor Vivaldi's . , GRAND MECHANICAL FIGURES, :pnai?ttng of Eleven Automaton Performer,, whien represent ill the actions and movemrnta of human life with a fidelity per fectly incredible. They have lately arrived from Europe, and are the admiration of all beholders. For the accommodation of ladies anil children, these figures will commence the prrfirm tnces. La Petite Celeste, the admired danaeuae; Misa Hood, die popular vocalist, and Mr. Collins, the celebra ed comic singer are engaged?Model of Switaedand?Nut are. Bridge in Virginia^-Albino Lilly?Fancv Glaa? Blowinc?-ineyMystr riaus Gipsv Girl?Balloon Aacenainns?a lfru ot I lvina Sinlin?'M) Mill P.nei liru. Two performances every day Mid evening this week, com menciiq -t 4 and 7>? o'clock, I. M. The Admittance to llie whole, Ma arum, Garde n and en lei UinmenU, twrntv-fivr emit?Children ha!I price. ol RKW YORK MimKlTjTAKD PltfVMT GALLERY, Broadway, ovpot it t the Park. POWERFUL UNPRECEDENTED EXTRAORDI NARY AND ASTONISHING SUCCESS OF THE NEW YORK MUSEUM AND riCTURE GALLERY. even Performers to be seen for one ihllllaf, Mr H. BENNETT Manager, RATKFUL f"r the uuiwralleled patronage be has tapeL7 fienccd, will eriace hii trDse of it l>y i resenting the public with thr moat powerful rrrey of ulent that can be piocared. regirdleae of expense. He confidently rel.es ou receiving that reward from an enlightened community which hiartideavors to iilcaar ilirin entitle him to. Mr. Harrington, the magician, Mn? Rnulir the voc-liat. Mr. Delatue the mimic. Mr.Kneap, the aingrr, Mr Rennie tned.urcr, Mrs. Beunie the tianeeuae , ui'l Mneter Yi.ung, the wire balancer, wi I appear. A peifo.msnca eiery evening at 7X o'clock, and on Wed nrs,lay and Satn day at 3 PM. Admittance to the whole Mn rum. Picture Gallery, and entertainments, one shilling. Fancy Glass Blowing. alt QRAND SACRED CONCERT at St. Pet.iJ. Chuck, Bar X clay street. ou Sunday Evening. Ortober 9, IMt, on which occasion Rossini's Grand Competition, the STAB AT MATE it, will te giver, with a fnll and powerful Orchestra, in which the rollowing celt brated Artiata will asaiat: VOCAL PERFORMERS. Mrs.8egnin Mra Morley M'tr.e Hpohr Zahn Big. Antognini Mr. Segnin TltlU.il. Mra Segnin Mra Morley Mia Phillips Miaa Adair Miaa MeOloin Mils Dobaon Miaa Lailor Miss Brace altos. Mad Srohr Zahn Mra Thomas Mr* McDoogal Mra Sharpe Miia 8. Adair. TCtaoki. Big Antognini Mr Crowley MrH olman Mr Wataon Mr Ensign Mr Sherman Mr Williams BASSOS. Mr Segnin Mr Boolard Mr 8 Maasetl Mr Maynard Mr Rosenthal Mr Bee MrKsvsnsgh Leader Mr Perreon Organist Mr Baames PROGRAMME. Plrt i. I. Concerto?Organ MrBe?tne? Rink rraBAT watts, g. Quartette and Chorus?Mrs Morley, Mad. Spoor Zahu, Sig Antognini and Mr Segnin. J. Tenor Solo?Sig. An'ognioi. 4. Dnetto?Mra. Seguin and Mra. Morley. 5. Air? Basso? Mr Srguin. 6. Basso, Solo and Choroa? Mr. Srruin. 7. Quartette?Mra. Morley, Mad. gpohr Zahn, Sig. Antognini, and Mr. 8?tuin. 8. Cavatini?Mrs. Morlsy. 9. Air ?nd Chores. 10. Quartette?Mrs Srguiu, Mad. Spobr Zahu,Big. Antegntni and Mr. Seguin. II. Finale. l.y- Tickets 40 cents each?to be had at the residence of the fery Re?. Dr. Power, Ne. IS Barclay atreet ; at Mr. Pardowb, Mo. 94 Maulen Lane . at Mr. Kendi's. No. I Haaoecr atreet ; at flr. Mtlhau's, 181 Broadway, and at the doora on the evening of he Concert. Doora open at 7 o'clock. The Concert will commence preiaely a^t Io'cI<Kk.^ fi^ENT TlOs"* ' nr tMr LjIOF PROSPECT SOCIETY r?t the Waahlncton Proa pec t T. B. leelety. ON WKDNBBDAY EVENINU. OCT. It. IN THE UNIVERSALIS!' CHURt h. IN e?1EABETH-BT .NEAR WALKER. Part I. Voluntary on toe Organ. Kaynor Ode? lemperance Millennium"- -Lady Proepert Society and Messrs. Campbell. Fa? onte Hon* _ Missing ADDRERH BY DAVID M. REESE, M. D. Olee Marshall Otae Clab. 1 rmpetanee Anthem? Strike the Cymbals," Lady Franklin Choir. Presentation by Mian Laanomm. Hecrpt Ion by Adam 13. Flanagan. Hon*?" How brightly onr banner,''?written hy E D. Cranny . ...-..-.lUrawA. The Cryetsl Waee?Solo Mra M icDaall Olee Dodge, Boll, and Chambers. Hoog Brown, of Yonkere. Ode?" Ye grog shops,"- Lady Pruapeet It Meas. Campbell. ParT II. Aria on the Organ RaynotHong. Dodge. ADDKKSH BY W. H. BAHROLL. Kse. , , Trmperauce "-Amman Duet Mr asie- Campbell. T,io Three (fentlemeu AI)I)RKHS BY E. P. CONNKRV Temperance OJe-" So.nd the loud ?7^'Frlllhlin ch<-r. Hong?"The boys of cold wate."-wr.ttcn by E D C2ITS; . Marshall Olee Clnh. Song Brown, of Ytmkera. Ode-" Star of Trmi*r.t?cr.' Lady Pro.|?ct and Meee^. Ticket. One Shilling-roM1*4 obt."*2} Pe't??non, onr inn .rnl Nsssan streets i Dr. Cosart. 134 Nassau ?l ? odbce of lie Was iugroman. IB Fulton at i ollce of the i Crystal Fonnt. ?r Chamber. ??d Ceatre >U t of N. L. t oombe, Washington il.il ooriK-r r( White an I Centre at. ; at Sylyeeler's, III East Jmsilw < v ; SI lleinri.', corner of Attn and K.asau ato i and if i,h.r"f he I illowing I'ornmtltee ?Jemes BnroaJ.aee Covert, '. II II I ' > i'h Elliott, A. C. Flanagan, Lewi. Peek, i a' H" '! ' t,r ".enlrig of presentation. ?* b Je < HI V Oil A sTOO.VlNT'S CONcfifi I', nnd'lasl. apnewe * t . t . , r \ in ii? hi* ?le*>artnr<? tor H w?! lf?e pVact ii Tii J>, Oi l toe IHh,?| ihf Bro*il Tabrraacle. Aa.1 d by S-gnm BapcttL jiffy J ILLIAKDH -Otis Field reepeetlujl" inadtee the loses; ' this amusement, to cdl at Ba.alord a Rooms, u?ef the CII as Katint House, he Fulton, sod IK Ann atrect. wM-re a kucc may bn bvl of eiut HUt*, M*rble, Iron, r Mahogany, with India Rubber, Cloth orComrewittou Oush ma rn eombination with all th. i iaitors will f,ud the bar, either Wasltingtoiilan, or otherwUe i may rait their rtumy, ?? !?? ?

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