22 Ekim 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Ekim 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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| TH H Vol. VIII.?*0. W4 - -WUoU Bo. 3143. M KAIL KOAD^TiAMBOATS. NEW JE IlSEY KAlLH.OAD AND "tRANSPOKTATION COMPANY. H NEW YORK AND NEWARK. reap Krum hn? toot of Coortluidt itr?ct, Nt? lork. (k*?rY?l?r?SuiwUy ?u.t ?pt?d.l At 9 A. M. At J. P. M. At 7*? A. M. At IH f.M I ti1 i? ? FiotnUw *M'oPCib?ny nitet. L..?c Nt* York. L??t? EUaabMfc Town. * AM. LAU* *NH M- ,% ? t i*r," FK' u i?&sa *7mt?!wM>Iie? YoiiP"?l'EKmbelh Town? cents. I NEW 'YORK. KaVa^W^ BRUNSWICK. Karr reduced, from tire fool of Libert r street, daily. Le.tr New York. Leare New Brunswick. ^1 ' P< M" On Sundays the 5X Mid 7>? A.M. trips from New Brunswick ,?a JU p. M.trsiu from New York, are omitted. K.ie oeiweta New York ami New Brunswick. eanta. H ^eWf?re in the 5X snd ?X A. M-trmnfrom NewBninswick, and 2X and tjii < M. iraui isom New York, lias been re 4 " New York and New Brunswidk, to M cents. and Railway to 17X. _ Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket omee, re B CsieStl ferry ticket gratis. Ticket. are reee.rrT by he con jjurTn. wnly "n the day when purchased g B NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINK. B Via NonwicH ajsd Wosc?st*r KailS'SOS. I eq. fekSB J. K. D<i*tan, will l-ave every Tuesdsy, Thursday and Saturdav aftrmooD, at 4 o'clock. The new and ai lendid steamboat WORCESTER, Captain J. H. Van '.erbi t, will leave every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers far Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of ma above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For farther information, enquire at the office on the wharf, on boird the boats, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, upstairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boats erewners. o4 lm? WINTER AllR/ NOEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHlL* EL ^IARAILIWADTINK D1HECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Barlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, trom the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and 4\ P M. The morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line iweeeeds direct to Canaden, (opposite Philadelphia) withont change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Liberty street, where n commodious steamboat will be in readinrsss, with bagvage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to cite, without being opened by the wey. Each train ii provided with a Ladiaa Car, in which am a|-art Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foet of Cliestout street by railroad from Camden, at o'clock A M,and S o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leare Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, beia/ a oominuatiou of the lines from New York. s28 Sm*r RAILROAD notice: MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. 'PHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com' pany have established a Freight Line between New Branswick and New York, which they intend to ran permanently. Leaving New Branswick at S)i A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot ol Liber tyireet, New York, at IK P. M. To country dealers and meiLtiants the above line is very desirable for the speedy and ena'ap conveyance at merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dvaleri in Live Stock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyed between New Branswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, hones, males, sheep, bogs, Ac. and all other kinds of merchandise are vary low, never exceeding steam beat prices. Merchandise sent by this lino is not subject to any extra charge in crossing she North River. The Com.vtny hare fitted up a large storehouse at New Branswick. idiouung the Railroad Depot, which will always eopen for the reception of meicheadise. Ptiaemrn imrchswing their tickets at the ticket oAces, will teceive firry rickets gratia. Fnacht far Newark, Elisa be thrown, Rahway, Westfield, Platnneld, Scotch Plains, Bonndbreok nod Somerrille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. su!4 km* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. BOSTON, via STONlNGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the followiug snperur steamers, ranning in connection withthe 9t<mington and Pirvidence, and Boston and Providence Railreani? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. t-g RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. LEi NARRAGANSETT, Caina.n Wooltey. , r MOHEmAN, Captain Vsiulcroilt. One of wHm will leave New York daily, (Sondays excepted) from net No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at five ogloek, P. M. Aiussimsts. The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday and Friday, for Stoning on, and Tuesday, for Stonmcton, Newport and Providence. TIm MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday and Saturday, lor Stonington, Newport and Providence, and Thursday for Stoniugton. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may iuc uic lutinunu vub uiv ^luccru iinuiruuirly w I TOTl dence and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwtids to he cabie foot, at $5 M per ton, and en measurement foods 7 cents per foot. To ProTidejPoe, on measurement foods 5 cents per enbie foot, and specific articles as pet tarif to be obtained at office 23 r nadsesT. mil (mi FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. jbbbjAA ii^^. SEssEt. rr FAltE REDUCED on both the routes from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bn, Portsmouth, Wcldoo, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to ID. m??ls on the Bay boats included ; or ria Washington city, Rirhmood, Piters bury, Weldon, Wilmington, N. C.., and thence to Charleston, to $23, meals eitra?making the fare on both routes the same. Kreiy eaertion it made to keep the Railroids and Htesmbosts connecting these lines in geod order, and rxpedita travel, and make passengers at comfortable aa pot sihle. By this routs yon may be tore of reaching New Orleans from New York ssren or eight days sooner than any other line, at an t xpense not exceeding $72. E. B. DUDLEY, ol# 2wr _ President W. It K. H. R. Co. LOOK AT THIS. AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CO. GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. BOATS LEAVE ALBANY DAILY. pASSENQKS Forwarded, >> ithont delay, to Uoea, $1,10 Cleave land, Ohio, $5,25 Rochester, $3,00 Detroit, Mich., ?\7S Lock port, $3.25 Portsmouth. Ohio, $1,75 5?. .' ,. Toronto and KingsWhitehall, $1,75 ten, U. C. ?.# Alio. Eatton, rena*ylr*ni*^'y*Kailrniid ft 8ta*e tt.M IN tube rah. 90,50 | B-wioa, Mm, Jl.50 And all partiol Uie Wrutin Country. . . Mi L. RAY, ft CO.. . Ml Liberty ttreet, near the Albany boat*. New York. oM Wr BKITIBH AMI Nuicm AMMyCAfT KOIAL .MAIL . or IMMom and 44f bona pewer aaeh. Under contract with the Lord* of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA. E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Hyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R Jf do Will aail from Boaton, ?ia Haltfai. ra?M Liriarooi.. Pbom aoeToi*. Britannia, Hrwiit, Oct 4 No? | ( Aledonie, L??i, Oct 19 Nor if Acaeia, Hyrie, Not 4 Dee 1 Colombia, Miller, No* 19 Dee 17 Britannia, Hawiti, Dec 4 Jan I I'taaafa Money?from Boaton to Lirarpool, $175? Boaton to Halifat $* 1 hoe ah'pa carry eipenenced aarieoaa. No Bertha aeenred nntil paid for. , Next.? Mercbandixe and Specie (eicept for personal erKnaei) ahipeed nnder the name of !nn*f? will be charged ai :iaot, aid liable toCnitoin Houae Reeulat'On*. Apply to oflyr D. BWIOHAM, JR.. No. J VVall-aL_ STATKN ISLAND KhXRY. ^^3* Eoot of Whitehall afreet. ~7it itaamboau STATEN ISLANDER and BAM SON will leare New Vork and Btaten laland aa follow*"? NEW YOKE BTATEN ISLAND. 9 M '!? ' ? q P All food* ahipped are required to be particalarly marked, and are ai the rtak of the owneri thereof. ol r oltr II Liberty atreet. E NE NEW MISCELrANEt]UsT l/ENNSYLVANIa (/OLLErtt?Mtdinl De|rarfiuent? X Filbert street abeee Eleventh, Philadelphia?Bessiou of lilt -'41.?Tne Lectures mu Institution will be resumed on the first Mouday <>l November, tud Je continued audi the first of March. FACULTY Anatomy tad Physiology-Samae! George Mortou, M. D. Surgery?Urorrt Mtlellan, >1. D. Principles sod Practice of Medicine?William Rath. M D. Institutes of Medicine and Materia Medicie?Hubert Montgomery Bird, M. D. ..QH'Vf1"0 w"Ji! of Women and Children?S.unuel M'Mcllan, M. D. Clmmiiiry and Natural Philoaophy?Walter R. Johnson, A. M. Matriculation, $5. Each Course, $15. Graduation, Wjj; Thifi jrwn1 study in the office of a respect^U physician,acui an attendance on two full courses of Lectures, one of which must u? iu thu limitation, are the requisites winch entitle lb* im1 11 to become a candidate lor graduation. Tin eiauiinatioii lor Degrees takra plsce early in March,and the Commencement ia held with aa little substtjuent delay aa imaeiblr. The Faculty have provided ample Dissecting Rooms,furnlahed with eveiy requisite for Practical Anatomy, wiffitn the College Buildings. Demonstrator, T. KOS8 COLHOuN, M. D. Disserting Ticket, (IS. The Dispensary of the College will be opened daily (Sunday! excepted) during the months ol 8c|ttambe r and member,on which occasions the Professors will gtrs. Practical Instruction in Surgery and Medicine, while the Tupile will be alao admitted to the Pennaylraniaand Philndi Iphia Hospitals, on the aame trrma Miththe Students of other Medical Inetitutiena of this city. samuel george morton, Dean td |k M edical Faculty, aulSTkS tone?l?r n?- 431 Arch atTeel. TAKE NOTICE. New and great invention.?Francis's highly improved manifold writers.? By thia wonderful inreiitiou, a latter and duplicate can be written in one operation, with more ease ond greater facility than a tingle letter with an ordinary pen and ink. To the mercantile, profreeionel, and travelling rart of the community, ihu truly great invention ia of lulinite value, aa it iea gieat saving ofume, trouble and < xpeuae. The priucipal advantage to be derived from the manifold writer i<, thu a roBof any document may be kept without any additional troui to the wnler, and Without any nroeaaity of being cisher aa inluund or a pen- Tka inatrument naed for writing ia ?u agate point- consequently it never wears by use. For banks, insurance offices, merchants, men of buvrorss generally, lawyers, posima.irm, adilora, re|>orteia, public officers, and ail who may oc desirous ol preserving copies of the r letters, documents, lie. with an imm nse taring ot time, an<i the >atiafaetion of hi ring au exact eo|>y of what they hare written, this will be found inraluable. Fraucu's Manifold Writer hat now been in aneceaaful operation two ye are, duuug which time the proprietor hit had ill) (draeure of receiving the unfeigned approbation of all who?e approbation it has come under. At the late Fairof the American In.titute the menu of the article Mere eiamined into by three of the most able chemuts in lite country, who pronounced it to he a very ingenous ane useful contrivance, anil not liable to change cs'or by eioojure to air, moisture, or chemical agents. Conaeqgeutlv a medal was awarded by the Institute. The proprietor has lately made great improvement! in this article. The paper ta ot the best quality manufactured in the United Stales,?ring made for the manifold writer expressly to Ilia order. Th^.uling of them, which has for some time been thonihl impossible, has at length been brought to perfection for which a copyright has been secured. The copying books are bound iu a variety of forms and sizes, vai) ing in price from 50 cents and npwards. Staiioneis and Country merchants in general will find it to their advantage to procure the article, as they meet with a leadv sale. A liberal deduction made to those who buy by wholesale. Newspaiwn or magazines throughout the country copying the above enrire without alteration or abridgement (including this notice) and giving it twelve inside insertions, shall receive a copy su hire t to their order by sending a paper containing the advertise me ut to the office of the subscriber. LEW18 FRANCIS, 83 William slreet. oil lm*r comer Maiden Lane. New York. NEWLY INVENTED TRANSPOSING PIANO FORTES, NO. SO BROADWAY, NEW YORK. THE subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the f public iu general, they have just finished a newly invented instrument called the Transposing Piano Forte, which they now introduce to the musical community. This lnsuumeut fo-uu a beautiful, rich and new exterior, both in shape and neatness, bes'des a tone full, brilliant, and melodious. The great advantage derived from this new luven tion, is that music may be transposed into any key desired to anil the vocalists, or for an accompaniment of any other instrument, and therefore worthy the attention of the amateur aa well as the ariisL A large assortment of Tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, and 6X octaves, with French grand action, are also constantly kept on hand, all of which we respectfully sab mil to professors, amateurs, and th? trade in general, at our ware rooms and matiulactory, aa above. N. B ?Piano t ones tuned and reputed on the shortest notice. L1NDZLL, WENNERSTROM k CO. a ? lm*c No. Hi Broadway. COUGH LOZENGES DETERS' COUOH LOZENGES are now rapidly enper I seding all other preparations for the relief of eoughs.colds. asthma, whooping congh, ti(Ltne*i of the cheat, bronchitis,and similar pulmonary affections. CONSUMPTION CANNOT BE CURED ! Ttiose who say it can are impostors aud quacks. Still it may be pre rented o: iu progress stayed, by using Or. Peters' Cough Lozenges. Begin in season. Do not neglect a slight cough aahl consuinp- I lion has coiuraeuced its ravages. A delay ol a lew nays often proses fatal. Piice 2j cents pel bos. Peters' Cough Lozenges hare performed tome of the most remarkable cures on record. One trial of them is more satisfactory than a column of certitic tea. THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED! PETEHS' MEDICATED LOZENGES are the most valuable discorery of the l?rh center?. They are entirely pleasant to the taste, and more efficient than any other medicine. These Lozenges are the ret alt of long continued and patient investigation aud experiment, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, believing that some of the beat known remedies might be prepared in a palatable form, hare directed their labors to that end, till they have produced pretmratinns in the popular form of Lozenges for nearly r venr disease incident to the human system. TO PARENTS we say, losotu without these Lozenges at any time?attend to these suggestions as you value the lives f your children. PETERS' PILLS. TO THE WHOLE WOULD! It is admitted by all who Mve used them, (and who has not) that Dr. Peters' Vegetable lis are the moet unrivalled medicine ever discovered by the ingenuity of man. They are a sovereign cure for (he following so eplainta?Yellow ana billions feven, fever and ague, dyspepsia, croun, liver eomnlaint, sick headache, jaundice, asthma, dropsy, rheumatism, enUrgemeut of tho rplev-n, piles, colic, female cluiructions, heartburn, furred tongue, nausea, distension of th t stomach and bowels, incipient dianrhms, flatulency, habitual costiveneas, loss of apt>etite, blotched or sallow complexion, and all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cathartic or an aperient is Deeded. Tnee are exceedingly mi'd in their operation, producing anther nausea, griping nor debility. Dr. J. 0. smith, of Woodstock, Vs. sayt?" They are a better Pill than I can make." He recommends their uas. The agent at Strasbuigh, Va. says be supplies fimilies for M miles aronnd with 1'eiers' Pills, and they perform such remarkable cures that they are preferred to every other medicine. a Mrs. E. Ward, of New York, was troubled with dyspepsia and liver complaint for li years. By using these Pills a snort time she was completely cured. Misa Clark waa afflicted with irregularities and obatrnction, attended with most distressing symptoms. She waa enrad by sing Dr. Peters' Pills. Hon. E. D. Davis was afflicted with rheumatism, so us to be unable to areas himself. Three boxes of Peters' rills .entirely Cared him. Bat why multiply testimonials 1 Wa any to all, try Dr. Pa ten' Vegetable Pill, and we will guarantee that afterwards you will use tnem in preference to all others. WORM LOZENGES. Dr. Peters' Worm Lozenges are the surest aud safest Worm d-siroyer ever discovered. It ii estimated that in the United States. Ito.OM CHILDKEN DIE VeAKLY from the affect of Worms alone. This vast mortality can be almost entirely prevented by the use of Peters' celebrated Lozenges. Thousands and tens of thousands pine away and die wthout susperiine the real disease. The following ar? a few of the symptoms) Headache, pair lips, flashed cheeks, disturbed dreams, fererishneae, thurtt, bad taste in the mouth, offensive breath, itching of the nostrils, uaio in tho stomach, nausea, unnatural appetite.swelled stomach or limbs, sense of semething rising in the chest. fcr. V" Mrs. Call srine Ann Briggs, Chejry ?t. Philadelphia has a little daughter who had been in a decline for several years.? At times the would est voiueioualy sod sometimes eat nothing at all-, and she was last wasting away; ber symptoms were so unususl snd contradictory that the doctors knew not what to do. but do what thev would, she constantly grew worse, snd rrluelantly thev declared she must die. At the request of a friend, the mother at this stage procured a box of Peters' Worm Loftnges. Tho first d .?e satisfied all that worms were the cussa of all the child's sufferings, and two boass effected a perfect curs. s Mr. J. W._CVP?m?r, merchant, Rooaove't at. N. Y.. sars I I Dr. Tetcr*' Worm Lotrngri imuuri more merit than tfie I doctor claim* for them If' has need them in his family with : lurrro when every other medicine failed. Wherever they ha?e heen seed they are preferred to all other remediee. In fact Dr. Petete aad hie ductncaiehed aeaociales, pomeminff many receipts nf (neat valae, aeleeted from each the moat valuable parti, and they confidently aay thoee loiengee cannot bv improved. CORDIAL LOZENGES. Peten' Cordial Loseages are a eettfc for the relief of aervoat or eick be adaehe. Inwneas of epinu or meleneholy, lan enor and debility, either from preyioaa dieoaaa or loo free lie in*, tremorv.ilaim of ihe itoinarh, irritibility of the nervea, hysterical affection. drowainevi. rholrri morons, eonae nf fatune, and pel, its'*>? of the be.rt. From their efteacy in the relief of headache# they are called by many the Headache LoPEK'IMI' VKOETABLK 8HILLINO STRErNOTHENI NO PLASTER. Thia m ant only tha cheapen, bat the beat, neateat, and moat comlortable idaatec in exiatence. Peters' Shilling Plaiter ie an eaay and noit effective remedy for Min in the breast, ude, or elomaeh?vreakneee or pain in the cheat, loine, or berk?stiffness of Ihe neck?effect intra of the limbaoe joints, whether prodaeed by rl ematiem or other caat ?.?habitual pain of the head or aiomech?pile i, coltla, cooyha, livercoinplaints, weakness of the apioe?predisposition to break out in biles end pimples, littleseness of the frame, and for (ens ral debilitation. Let any person afflicted aa above try one of Peter*' Phillinc Plasters, and we wit venture to say that he canM not be prevailed on to discard it a(aia, for ten, or most probably for a hundred dollars. Prion II l-I cenu. Principal OAers. 126 Fulton treat, comer of Nassau and *3# Broadway and M North Sixth street, Philadelphia. *18 lm*r_ extracting teeth. The Oldest Improvement^*! made in that important braneh T.HE 5pff*?rlber proposee to the cm vena of New York to ex tra t 1 eeth on - n entirely new, simple, and safe mode, with much I emipaia to the patient, th.n the method in common use. intends atrMiat hie ammiou axcluairely to thia part ol his n ideation. lie will be prompt to attend at all hours .if the '""""i Broadway, next door to the Amencan Hotel, to any who may need hit services. Physicians, citixens and visitor, ol New York, are invited to call and eaamine for themwilves, aa he will fmlly eipla.n hit mode oroperatint.andfnrniae testimonial. no ihfrom physicists and cilnan. of ho Aral reap, debility in Amenca. j he sick will re visit* d in all prrta of tha city. The sobacri her has hail the (r. atea: possible inceois. both with adnlu and children, in a very vitenaive prrcuce in some of tho nrincunl northein aud sootoern cities,and ho offer* his aorvlena with con tidenca to thia community. OEO. W. HUMPHREY, Dentist. No. Ill Broadway, nut door to tha I msilsan Hotel ot Im ia*m OI.EACHINO POWDER?IM caaha' Boyd's" received ne~. ship Liberty from Liverpool, and loraaio ky_ PKRSBE ? BROOK8, ollr No. ?l Liberty street. W YO J YORK, SATURDAY MO miscellaneous. l. wood's NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. rPHI3 none of the m ?t rtlutbie imrutieui ?er offered to I the publ c in th? tor* urn-. uii it the miei perfect irticle eiuo:, I' r lite utc of ill kiudt of cm, or wood, in hettinc ii-ailtne-.tt. It hit do liu then foot rtdittort id<1 two detrei.a ni< Hurt. <> irr.lifed tlwt lhe radiator* lie placed between til A ret, tub MM ill lhe heil (currtled le be d imbulcd iulo the I tpirimcnt ; while id otnr. note* i lit.'* i .onion ul the hell it ctrried off luiite pipe. Our feck i'coil id H it note will yield more hell thin huihel in the be.l tlo e now belorr the public ; while you bite llir *dvtult?* of id open fire e. tpleodid grate it plrtturr It it allowed by ill who hire rinniued it to be the mott perfect coinbiuttion of utility tod uruim'nt eter brought lorwtrd; bat to be I ally appreciated, itneedt oul> u> be n eu eud examined, tud til in won of i tuperior irticle fomenting par .ort.lullt office*, Durteriet, lie. ire lut.ted to cill. 1'ricet ire tailed lo the timet. Alto od luad * tiii.ty o< other Stotci, nuiib't for ill parpotct, which will be to:d eery low. L. WOOD, 237 Water itreet, between oil lm*r Peek tlip md B--kma? itreet. "stoves?ovens. THE largest assortment of Stoves of toy house lu New York.?Their newly invented Parlor Shove nerds bul lo be seen to be universally adopted. Its immense radiating surface exceeds llist of auv other store now in use?exhibits more lire, with the consamptiou of less fuel, than snv former invention. It also dischirgea us own ashes by a simple process, without soiling or lodging its dust on the furniture of the room in which it is used. It will be louno the chr ipest and moat economical StoVc eier brought before the public. Als , Cook St ives. new, airtight, fce. in all varieties, from three dollars upwards Every article warranted. K1LEVS PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH is au admirable article?they can be lilted ta any stove now in use, and ol Uiirquallrd vslue ia biiilling steaks, toasting bread, an I also iii beating irons f r irouiug clothes. Hilry is the inventor and sole patentee. o? lm*r RiLEY k MYERS, 23 Bowery. TO COUfh'KY MERCHANTS ?The subscriber woWld A call the attention of all who are in waol of Looking Glass and Picture Kraines, to his cuensive stock, which lor ouauty and workmansoip he lialiers himself cauuol be eacclled by any manufacturer in ihiscity. The trade in general would do well local! helorr purchasing elaewhere. N. II.?Constauuy ou hand, a good assortment of Fancy Woods of livery description. HORACE V. SIOLEH. No. 31 Ann street and 41 iiainmeralcy at, New Yoik. a 1 1 in * r CSFY'S PATE NT CO NIC AlTTE fTTl LA TO H. rI,Hl"v cheap, sitnolean l etBcisnt appirsJis is adapte i to all f purpose] of Ventilation. Ships. Steamboats, v nuiches, . Hospitals, Prisous, .Mines, Vault , Stc. 4ti. m ly b' its ap|Jic* lion be ke|H free Irons -II toal air and un .viinlus. me elliui ia; it is also an < Q'ectusl care for Smoky Clumuiei. The subscriber haviug pssrct.ased tba ri ght for the City and County ol New tnrk, IS prepared to Sipftjf the public wilh Cones ou demand. i Metal Koolting of all descriptions I uruishe J in any part of the country. Croton Water Pipes and Plumaeis' Work in general. Also, i Galvanized Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Store pipe*, bith tubs, coal hods, v a prices greatly icduced. All work warranted, ma 1 orders by latter attended to. P. SUMNER, st3 3m*m 1X0 Water street. Remittances to Ireland, fcc. kc.-i'm- tubscriber rouliuuei to tratuuiil money in mini laige or small, to persons residing in any pait of Ireland, ia the ?au>e manner aa he, and his prcdecessoi in busiues', have done lor the last thiitv yeata, and more : also, to any part of England, or Scotland. Money iemitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or iwrsoutlly drpotiied with him, with tlte mini of the person or l?rsons in Ireland, England, or Scntlaud, to whim It it to be sent, and nearest post town, will ba immediately tiausmit ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the lender. s28 Im"r GEORGE McBRIDE, Jr, 8aCedajatreet_ GUITARS. MARTIN ftCOUPA, Ouitar M snufacturrrs, 38J Broadway, I AvA Up stairs, hate coustautly on hand a largo aasoilmeot of Guitars, of French, (ieiman, and Spaniah model. M. It C. would call the aoeutaou of Solo players to tlieit Ten Guitars, made after the model of Ginltam, which in brillitney and parityol tone are aupsrior, and vory easy to Use esecutiou. The luslruntouu are warrauled perfect, and to stand any change ol cliuide, and wiL be exchanged at any time should they not prove salislactory Strangers are invited to call aud eianune them. Prices from $1} to $100. Sold, wholesale and retail. 8. B. Conpa continues to give Lessons on the Guitar. all 2m tod* ' NO QUACKERY ! TAR BROWDElPa COMPOUND 8YKUP OF INDIAN C TUK,\|P. fer the cure of Consumptions, Coughs, Colds, Spitting of blood, and all othet Breast Complaints. On account of the many nostrums claiming universal medical qnalitiea, the subscriber has lelt some hesitation in bringiugthe claims of his medicine before the public. He is aware that, in his present undertaking, be will bw styled by the nngeuerous a quick, and his medicine (be its qualities eveis o good,) quacke- j ry ; yet this will no longer restrain him from aitordmg to the | afflicted the means of tare relief if they resort to his remedy , in time, The Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip ia in itself a certain | remedy for intUminatiou of the pectoral organs, which, though alight at lirat, (as in common colds,) often results in consemphon. His experience authorizes him in patting his discovery ia competition with any awl all the uiultiludiuoas array of panaceas that meet the public eye, confident that a fair trial will result, in all eases, in the same uinutkws of its sovereign " " v- !< ?i"? w uui >r umc ?n bit e attested iu worth by use. The most delicate lady, in all and every condition of life, may u*e this compound without the slightest risk or inconvenience. And in all cases of divrhcae. summer complaints, of ordinary character, seldom if ever fails to produce the desireu beneficial object. l)nly appreciating the menu of other medicines, and without detracting m the least from the medical practitioner, this remedy is offered to the world aa the beet, safest and rarest reasedy for all affections of lha breast, that has errr made iu appearance. He has in hu possession the certificates of hundreds who, after >i<endmg money, and alraost bereft of hope, have resorted to him lor relief and foand it. Physicians art invited to use it in pulmonary affections, and i in allrates wham coach u left after measles. Thr proprietor was Agents in the principal cities m the United Butfi. For m1? uul retail by ROBT. SINCLAIR, 100 Nassauslrrcl. between Fulton and Ann. au7 rod ktnr | Hgan Qi'aaTgas or the Manure Conps, I Washlugtou, till October, IMS. I SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received al thr oltce of I the Qaartermaster of the Marine Corps, in this city, until I ! o'clock, A. M., on Tuesday, the Ith day of November nest, for famishing rations to the United States Marines tt the follow log slatwui, lO' the year IM3 Po'Umouth, New Hampshire ; Charlestown, Maanachasett' ; Brooklyn, Long Island, New York ; (k>?port, near Norfolk. Virginia ; Prusacola, Florida, and Washington, Dtstrt I of Columbia. The rations to consist of one pound and a quarter of fresh beef, or three quarters of s pound of mesa pork ; eighteen oances of bread or Hour, at the o|?iou of the Government, and at the rate of sir pounds of good clean coffee, twelve pounds of good New Orleans togar, eight quarts of beans, four quarts of vinegar, two quarts of sslt, four pounds of soap, and one and a half pounds of good dipped caudles to each hundred rations. It is understood that the Tall side of beef (seek and shins as- j eluded) be delivered if required ; if such quantity be not re quired, that the fore and kind quarters be delivered alternat* 1 it ; aud the bread or dour ahull be of superfine quality. All J the artielea to be unex enunuable.snd to be leaned to the tronpe without expense to the l/'nited States. < No oiler will be entertained at thia office unleaa acconapanied by the namee of the auretiea of the pro- 1 poeala to be endorsed 'TrnpotaU for rationi for IMJ." I AUaT NICHOLSON, * Quartermaster Marine Corps. The American Sentinel and PenasylTanian, Philadelphia; < the Portsmouth Osteite. New Hampshire; toe New York ' Keening Poet, the New York Herald, the New York Enquirer, and the New York Union; the Baltimore Republican; the Norfolk Beacon; the Norfolk Herald; the Richmond Enquirer and Richmond Whip: ihe Alexandria Osteite. Alexandria, D C.; and the Pensacola Oaxrttr, will fire the above three in- J aerliona each per week, and tend one copy ol the advertise- 1 naent to accompany the account when forwardud to this office ' for payment. nfeodfokN _THE~7rEETH: " 'T'HE TEETH?A redaction of 10 per cent?Upper and A lower tela of teeth inserted on suction or atmospheric pressure, so as to be worn with ease and firmness, from a sinale i tooth to an entire set; all can be supplied with the beat mine- 1 ral teeth; toothache cared, For extracting tooth, id eenla. t Children's, half pnre. J. Bntkry, Surgeon Dentist, 77 Mnr * my street, next door to the church, west of Broadway. t ;y 73 end In*" * a A/fAO^ZINES AND PERIODICALS FUR OCTOBER, t Artist, (Jodey'x I.adieaB.iok, Oranam'i Msgaxinr, Ladies | W?rld af Fashion, Young Peoples' Book, Boston aud Beutlry's l Miscellany, Ac ; Tarm Rouse of the XIX centuiy, with more ' than 2000 * ox ra rings : Birdical Jonrual and Christian Family ' Magaxine, edited by he Ree. H. R rod and D. Newell ; Tern- ' pertnee and other Almanacs : the Rainbow and Radient, a new < humorous and witty Journal, well calculated to please the I lieely aad gay. AM of which will be told at wholesale and retail, aad those who buy to sell again at a lower rate than 1 can be obtained elsewhere. N. Fifty agents wanted to circala'e naigatines. penodi cals.Ac. A. JTeF-XTON, No. It Brekman, J J sti eod lm*r __ corner Naae*u. J THK SHIELDED VICTORIA , SHAWL & DIAPER PIN. Afc NEW and important article for nte in the nursery, sod f, as a fastening to ladies shawls, cloaks, he. Patented in b the I nited lutes and in Europe. r is rapidly gaining favor p wherever introduced, and has ber ime an article which it wili ? be to the advantage of d, tiers id Iknrjr hardware, Ac. in the 0 coeutry, to sopply theme Ives witli. rot sale to the trade, by | moat oi the wholesale dealers .in such article* in the city of |< New York. Thread and needle stores aad dealers in fancy artielea, tapplied ou liberal terms, at the manufactoiy ol the patentee, MS v Jar stroot. Brooklyn. il Im'rc f, UNEFR1UE CASH STOKE, u AT M Chatham iumi, where will be . arnd claming at the J A folio wine tow prices:?-Beaver and print eloih coats, from , ti to SO; satinet! pants from f I M tog.,;o obla and single " bieasted rest, from tf H to S3M. The weal ikr o( Chatham " W?No H. ' jlt lm'r HF.NHV COGSWELL. TERRAPIN LUNCH, f UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM GOURMONDE' QUI VIVE' THOUSANDS h of oar good rita. lorers of good faro, hare bee* lor anme weeka part suffering aorara disappoint men' from tha ii closing of the far-famed " Terrapin Lunch." The " fitful a Pert r, ia now. howerar, orer, aad again may they "feed n well, lor be it known that the John Adams, of Knicbetboek- ll er memory, "hangs hir hat" on at the Terrapin ; alao the nro- j< W^etor. one of the linear little fellowa in Chrieteadom, y'elrjit J Carr. Now, then, amaek your tipa re eormoranta ip the Tartle Sonp and ateak line, the mantle of 'Sandy,' haa fallen upon John, to perfection,in good eating and drinking may ha again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A*?ingle look into the old 1 'Hre Boi," will appeaae the hnngrr of Mm with the abort 1 pnraa, and a taate of the gennina at half the old prieea will p ueklr the palate of the reheat anchorite. a I ine (Jreeu Turtle aerred np thia day, and evary day daring the unaon. ollln'n PIANO FORTES. A FEW aplendnl roaa wood ami mtliogmy Piano Fortes, of Um moat beautiful workmanahip, tone, and finuh.with harp podala, metalic plater, and all the modem iinprori mania, for rale low to rloses nun, at Ki Nassau street. wHt?t IARANCIS'8 LIFE BOAT.?The Eatrbliahmewt ia prvnar- r r ed b> referee order* to any ?*t?nt from aor Mrtofthei Unl- _ led States or IVom K a rota. JOSEPH FRANCIS, 1 oil Jt*r IA Broadway, oSlee tuo. I. J RK I RNING, OCTOBER 22. ] MISCELLANEOUS. CROTON WATER. DERS )NS who hate uot had pipea introduced ialo their i houaea, ah'iild loa? do lima id ha vine " dour before lha cold aud froety weather Thr auhacribara ua?e now on hand a atock of pu/e lead, corapoailinu aud liu'd the lead pipe, which they ace prepared to inrialahand tail up iu the moat expeditious end workmanlike in.iuner.acu ou the inoat reasonable lerma. Being practical plummets, thev will warrant wo k dene by them to be inferior to uoue in the city. All kioda of lead work and Hvdrauhca funnelled and faxed on the tnoel approved piincipte. UL'IfF It I VklRS, No. J* Water at, a2t lm*i Near m the corner of Di fkNMii ?t. ][ HARD TT?Es:-Tne only ffttOli Itltl A. I KNOX It ? O. mh uiigD for ao mtt y boot* au?I at ihe Clinton Boot auu Shoe Market, 304 Canal Crcct, north**al corner of Hu<l*ou *trrct?when aimott every boily complain* of hard times, u, tliai they keep iroods of the beat quality, aud sell them at mice* to *uit th* iim?i ???! ?i ictmi u if almost every body lad found ihi* out. if any who read tliia should not vet have found ?ntthe store, the sooner they come and try the soone ihry will rea|i the ad van l|r. Almost anything >hai .i* wanted m the boot aod shoe line, of any sue, color or quality, can be fouud hr re cheap. ot 1m*m A KNOX It CO. 30t f'saal atreet. DUESS HOC i'S?Latest t'irpcU Style.?The subscriber respectfully inrilra (l>e citltrns of New York, and strangers visiting the city .to call at lit Fulton street and examine a large assortment of Dtess Soots, made in the latest fashion, and or the finest French calf-skin, Oentlemen can hare boots made to order in the best manner at t6.*0 per |eur, warranted equal to any made at |T,M, and as the undersiinod takes drtwiug of ttie leal and keens lasts for each customer he can ensure an eatv vet handsome lit. Cousimiur unnauu, r aamonnme noota. Mc. at the foliowing dncsd prisea ? i?is note noots. tiotn (7.00 to 0,00 Doable dole " water-proof 0*0 to 7,00 Call, dress " t.A> to O.uO toss I " " s,s* to 4,74 Half Boots. 4.00 to 3^0 Shoer, 1,00 to ZOO Dsncing Pumps and Slippers, lie., propnrtiouakly low. Terms.cash on delivery. JOHN L. WATKINS, st7 l.n'm lit Fulton st, belveecu Nassau and O.ilch PAH IS BOOTS AND LASTS MAD* To ORDKK, By E. SUSEK, 146 Broadtoay, Near Liberty Street. K. 1U8IJI, bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an Five" ol tierce of l'aria, bees leave to inform his friends aud all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chaussure," that he can now ruakr, in New York, with the heat French materials, all that is so perfectly nvide, in Paris, by his master the celebrated bootmaker Cleree, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to trt SUSICK'S boots and lasts before they despair of i cum "chaus ses" in New York, after tlie luces .latest Parish fashion. Also, the . engine Paris Jet Dlark Vsrnisli sold. ?Z01m*m st L .mi/. ^JOTICE TO THE LADILS?The subscriber, so well ! * known to the ladut ol New Voik for the superior I vie of Ladle* Shoes and G viler BuoU, beg* l? state lor the information of Livlie* ri?i ing the city, a* well ax inrrchmla and other trader*, that hu atorc ia No. 70 Li*i>enard atreri, one atrert below Canalitreet, and uear Broadway, where all can be supplied at the ahortest notice, and on. the inoal liberal term*. Wholeaale and retail. SAMUEL ALLEN. For getting nj> the article of Ladiea Shoe* and Oeitrr Boota we alwaya conaidered vlr Alleu lar superior to any man we arer had in oar employment. THUS. LANE k SON, al) lm*r No.J* Liapcnard at. uear Broadway. NOTICE TO FIREMEN, A NO all other* deairona of keeping their Feet Dry aad Warm tX the coming aeaaon. By'ailing at the OLD EXCLUSIVE BOOT STOKE, No. 1*a Chathamatrect. they can be accnmi miniated, aa the proprietor liaa on hand a full aaaortmcnt of Ilia well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full aupply of all other kinds of Boot* at price* to auit the time*. Ala"?'hat invaluable article Rogers' Melalir Elastic Heal Boot can be obtained at the Old Eacliuire Bool Store, No. 144 Chatham it, ?M )in?r THE EUREKA BLOCKING. 'plllS it a new article el Blacking, poaaemng .;ualilic a greatly anperior to all other kiuda now in use. It softens and pteaervesihe leather, imparling a brilliant [>nli-b with ball'tfie uanal labor required m the nae of tlie common Blacking. It farther pv saesaca that regnisite ao long aonght for in the peculiarity of the compoaition never becoming hard dry, or inonldy by net. Dealer* in Blacking are reqaewed to call and receive a (ample of the article giali*. Perltcl aauaiaction warranted in every CMM. Mannfactured and for tale by J. M JOHNSON, No. 4 Spruce atrect,near Nassau. New York. N B.-?A superior article of Writing Ink i* tnanufaetnied ky I. M, J. and aold wholesale and retail. ftSa lrn*r HIGH POeISH; T EE'S STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING ia now uniL versally admitted to be far superior to any yet iuvented for its peculiar preservative softening qualities to the leather, and Tor its exquisite brilliaut jet black lustre, properties entirely unrivalled. N. B ?For the genuiur article apply to the only Warehouse, No. 1 John at, cornel of Broadway. CHAS. LEE, ?10 lm*r Formerly Lee k Thomson. CITNTC AVTI\ DTO'I'ni uruno noiujuo. - XV EXCLUSIVELY.-**) a JOSEPH, 11 Maileu luiu. np stairs, importing wen nor the sal- of Eagliah. Herman tad Kreuch double end singla sural Yowling vud Ducking Onus, from wfawalM tlie Lnsslunalities; r MM of every description, ful tins and other aumeu, embracing oik huudred different kinds, all ol which lie i? uow prepared to offci al the mauufacturei'a pricea, being appointed agent for the largest houses in tluit I ine in Europe , which enables him to aell at extremely low prices. A Urge assorted stock of the abore always on hand. City and country merchants are particularly requested to call, precious to making their perchasea. jy!7 3ui*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. tT*0 MERCHANTS AND BANKERS? It shonld be ira f preeeed on the minds of every merchant and banker, thai his wnole fortune may depend on his preserving hie hooka and papers in caee of fire. This yenernl destine ion of book safes in the (rest fire in 111), led to the invention of the celebrated Salamander Safe which has repeatedly keen proved to be lire Soof. The meal objection to Salamander Safea hitherto has en, thai they are dimp and will mould the books andiapcra it pt in them: this is now obviated in the Safe known as Kobertion A Rich s Improved Salsmauder? w hieh la warranted to he dry as well as fire proof. Annexed ia the certificate of Lhe committee on the trial of thia saferNew York, Aug. Mth, 1112. We, the undersigned, attended hy request a trial by fire of Robertsuu k Rich's Salamander Safe and Scott's Patent Asbesoe Safe. The trial was made in a furnace of great powrr Hiilt Tor the imrpose. it the foot of Wall street, on the Kth inat. The principal object was to test the fire proof qnalities of Ro>ertson k Rob's Safe. The sales were placed in a furnace, and :hr firs lighted it * quarter to It A..VI., and continued till 1 P.M. [nopeniug the furnace at that time, Hcott's Safe, with its con* cuts, was fniind to be completely destroyed, but Robertson k Rich's Safe to be in perfect <> er; IX the iron at the lower pnrt >f Robe rtson aud Rich's safe was dieeovered to have melted oil, eaviugthe Salsmauder Preparation film and entire; ia removiug he aefe.belore the fire was entirely extinguished,the bouomwa* iccidently forced off by ite adhering to ttie bars of the furnace, hereby eipoeing the inner case to the fire, part of the patten were consequently bnraed.and (he remainder slightly scorched. The heat was so iutense tnat the wrought irwn frame, the east ron wheels of the nfe, and even the bricks of lhe furnace netted, yet the greater part of the mahogany case remains ootid and auinjured, During the five hoars the fire was burling,font and a naif loads of pine wood and ninety-eu bushel* of :hairoal were consume*. The preservation of any of the papers in sneh an intense heat or live i ours is conclusive evidence that thia safe would be woof against fire in the burning of nay store or wareh oiue.? ind^tieh's Sale equal to ur yet invented hii the preservation if book* and papers from fir*. and entitled to Che confidence of he community. JOHN W. LEAVITT, E. 0. HURLBUT, J. B. VARNUM. Harm r witnessed the trial alluded to m (lie foregoing statenent, I am ? - ry certain that Robertson It Ricb'a Cheat woeld an ?*e*|>*d ana - fined from any nouse burning I ever persondly witnessed, avtn id the moat exposed situation. JOHN U. WINTER. A. 8. MARVIN. Sole Agent. a IS Im'r No. IMhj Water at.. N. Y. SELF COCKING PISTOLS. DLUNT k 8YM8, Importeri and Manufacturer!, No. U L> Chatham street, hare on hand a Urge assortment of be Six Barrel M It Revolving (Sell Cocking Pocket Pistols, ritese pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by he imimssibility of losing the caps, the nipple* being placed in . horixontal direction,ana there being no cock iuthe wsvto irerent taking as correct light aa with the ordinary pietol or no. The above lasrols can be furnished lower thtu any others u the market, at wholesale or retail. We have aa great a vaney of other kinds of Pfslnla as can be found, with Rifles, U. 8. flaskets, for shipping and military; Prize Musk, la, do: Fowlng Pieces, single and double; extra large site double and single inn* for ducking, together with Powder, Mint, Klaski, Bags, 'ana. Locks, Barrels, he., he., in large or small quantities. N. B.?'I Country dealers are requested to call and examine oar saortment before pnrch.aiing elsewhere. s? tm'r PARSELLS & AGATE. MANUFACTURERS OF ELASTIC STOCKS AND SUSPENDERS, LINEN DRAPERS,&c. I1 HE S1IBSCK1BERB, in addition to their former stock ol fashionable goods, are eunatautly receiving by every new rnral from Paris aaad London, a sepuly of the most rich aud uhionahla flcarfa and Cravats. Thair assortment of fashion* le 8toeka, flcarfs. Cravats, nady made Linen, Olovrs, Bin rardrobe, an ricf? ami raried. They respectfully intitt their hi |?tron* end straurert runtime Ihia my, to call at the old Uubliehment.eo loon and farorably known and make their aeKtintw. I'ARBELLS It AUATE, 241 Broadway, between Park place and Murray at. They wonld particularly recommend an Klaalic Hntpender, nth the (Mtent buckle, ol their own roauufactnre, which w durability and eomiort, cannot be anr|>*asecl. The iinpto rd Mirrerra Brace, intended to brace the ahoahlrra and enprand He cheat, are highly recommended by the medical faculty, and nil be loand luoiapeusiblc to |? raona who are inclined to end forward; and in lact to all indieidaala of sedenury haba. Paieata and Onardi no are particularly requested to tiamac tlua article, aa it will be found ofirameiue advantage to hildrenof rithereey who hare acquired the habit of iiooiann. PAH9KL.LH k AOATK continue trie manufacture of ihrir rlabrated Rnaaia Riding Bell. all ltn*ir f?0 PHYSICIANS. OK MKUIUAL. BTUUklMTB.? I Wanted either a Physician or Btodeul who may hare nearr completed hia atudiea. and contemplates graduating at the ppeoaching term of medical lectnrea in this city?to take an Here at in an old and we1! established medical office, the buairaa and income (bemy a cash business) of which k second to n other in the city, or perhaps in the United Sutra, Any genIcman who may desire to treat with the adreitiscr on the sub ret of bhia notice, will pli aar a|?ply at 12 Peck Blip sl? r DAGUERREOTYPE! TO THE EHOTOORAPHHJ ARTISTS , 7 A. ARTAULT k CO.. IWX Fnlro? orr>o?it? *L ? PmU'? Church, respectfully inform ih*ir fncuds *nd the I ubllc, Inst thev hayejnst receired by paefcetahip Argo, an inoiec of 1000 Dagn?rreotype Branch Plaits . A new sapply ofthe beat end newest patterns apparatus 1 100 nnnca bromine SO onucee bromine of iodine JO pounds hvpro nlphate of aoda JO graamea ol c .loride of (old 100 i-oumta of tHpoli feeinas JO ooncca rhloiide of iodiue And the new book containing the latcer imprnyemenu Inll e lagacrrcotype. 'u'er 1 \K"'BRA6bKA W has removed W> ft 3. 44 Warren a Wear | J OtJlW'I ????i^??H? IERA . . u _ u l ? m * 1842. MISCELLANEOUS. ^ ?The auoaciibrra will (.ablieh >u h* coarae of Uk iiauuii week, " Monnouiun Eiimaca; or, * Hiatory of Jo? Smith iuu | the Latlct Day "Valuta by O u J. C. Bruited." Thear highly lularratiug and aatoundmg dutloaurea cihibd in Ibrir true cold" Ine in.primacy and wickrduea. of thr Monaon leadera. It will be lulled in good atyie, lu a !2ino. volume of ayl* rda of 31tl|iagva. Onlera ??|prc fully aoliciled. LK.LAND k. Will | ISO oH lin*r BHAIHiUhV. HODK.N It Co. in Naaaau at. OAKERY, 10 Lianeatrd atrcet ? ftw aubacribei rraycctfully o lulurma hia old fririida and cuatomrra ihat he hta returned hia old buaiueaa ol baking. and will be iliaukful for thru Cavora. Hating takvu ill* aland lormrily occupied by li. W. MILLhH. IV Lla|ieu*rd atrvrl, ao celebrated lor good cake, and the aubecrtbet having carried uu the buaiuraa a number ut yuan at the well known Knickerbocker bakery, No. Ik Wilium at., a favorite rcaorc for good track, ra and biacuita?h? lliiuka he ha* uotlo.gotuu how to ilraat the taalr oi tin oublir. JAMEs TO MESON. N.B.?Alwaya ou hand, frail cake ul all kind* and juicea? Wedding cake of all ataea?(njuud caae and a|muge C ike ol all aura?luak. lea hueuit Mild lire*.I ,ll,rn>.... kiu.,ni mJ crackers fresh every moroiajt. o<0 I in* r wonderful discovery." STaUUCS'S SOLUTION FOH THfc HAIR, w.'ncl. will O change grey nair tu iw original color HIM iniuuies. This solution u different from any yet offered, and eaunol fail of suiwrcediug all olhcra. It ia highly efficacious, and possesses (he a real advantage of bcsatifynig the bair, without injuiing ito growth. Thoae who doubt ila virtuta art requested la have their hair changed belore faying their money. If humbuga would take thia method there would be no reaeon to couidaiu. Our trial will prove the lact. Hold who eaale and retail, and apnlied, at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall ol Heco.da, New York, up ataire. carpetings. piARPK 1INGS, CAHI'L 11 NGa?Ch?..|wr than ever?All C ihoee woo are iu waut of carp Huge, nonce the luliow iug: All wool lugraii. Carpeting, only Si |?r yard. " extra " la " au|wr " 4a td" " extra aup " Se " " itouble " is 6d " Three ply, superior patterns and co'ora, ga do do do extra qu.lty, Ida JCngltsn Br. a>-:a, alra. Ilia Hoyal Wilion and Velvet Carpetiup, equally low. Together with a laigc ...itinrnt ol drurgeu, oilcloths, rugs, door in ts, table and giua WW ludia ma. ting, stall r.ds, etc., the largest alock oi good. in the city. Furcntseis would hud it to then decided interest to rail and examine thii atoek before looking elsewhere. K. SMITH, JH, 448 Pearl at, Oipoaite VVillia u alreet. N. B ? Heavy Jute Carpeting ai the low piice of I, (d per yarn. K member, toe uumbtr la 448 I'eail alreet. oil lin*r coughs and colds. TJInMc, bt.lt, iNu it Noil S,xth alieei, one uoor below TV A. en at tet t, I'luUJt Iptu ,, the most ccrtaiu and beat Family Medicine, lor Couglu, Colds. bpil.iug blood, Thioal aud Lung Divcitae, a riaing aei.aatiou liar choking, inkling, or uuplea>aul obatiUClioii.. For the above, Ur. BvVAVNt'H Coui lOuud Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be louud the great lemcd,. l'eiaoua who li.ve auuaed llicmaelvea t'y the u? oi aideut a|>irtta will hud both their strength and resolatiou much nnpioved by le.vuig oil the apirita, aud taking a draught occasionally of the above reatoiauve. Ail prepaiatlons from tht* valuable tree, except the above,may be cooaideied spurious or couulerfeil Th; real article may be had o; the following Annua, or at No. 41 North bixthalreet, Pmldrlpma? AULNTS Dr. W. H. MIL NOR, Urug?iel, No. 192 Broadway. hlRS. M. H A 1 t3, No. 1/J Ful'.ou at. itrook.yn. BKNJ. OLDS, Newark, M. J. JOHN .VlAbXiN, ivntnon, N. J. ('21 lin't VTuTICfe.?Ship NICHOLAS BID DLL, from Live, pool.? i.N Couaigutee ul uierdiaiiJiac liy the aoove v. nel wi,l pi?aet a. lid Ihrir |>v nulla ua Bond lout ui Dover atrett, or to I e ottice ol ilie autncriber?aa ail good. uot permuted iu hrr daya luual unavoidably Be acul to puoliu atore 8. K. OLOVLK, o21r 100 Pur it, corujr ol a..uili, up ataira. VI/AiCHLS LOWLK TiiA.v LVltK.?lu couaequvuce " ol I lie leducdou ol duuea by Hie late tariff, the euuacriber la .ellina hieetock ol' Uold a.,d silver LeVeia, Autlor Lacaj>einrui Lepnie, aud other Waichea, ol uew aud apleudid imttt rua, ami Jewelry, at it-Uil, at a couaiderable reduction Irom lomier prii.ee, being inucu lower than they call Be nought lor at any other place iu the city. Uold \V atthea aa low a. Ikl to 21 doliara ea< h. Waichea and Jewell y exchaugrd or bought. All WniCliea Warranted to keep good time or llie money itturned. Walchta aud C'locka repancd iu tile Beat mauuer and warraiated.at much leaa than the uaual pricea. U.C. ALLLN, luiportrr ol Walclvee and Jewelry, ol2 lm*io Wholeaale aud Retail, JO WallaL, up ataira. THE NEW YORK XYLCMrRAPHIC PRESS, 41 MAIULN LAN L, UP STAIRS. IN THL LXTLNT ol'llit vaiieuea iu Una department the proprietor inay safely challenge competition with any other eatabliaiiineut iu the world, aud liaa au .er bia own imniediale superintendence the moat akill'ul workmen, and all the icquiei.e inaeeuala lor executing every dcacripuou ol Jtylograptuc Jlogiaviug and Printing. Urigiual Deaigna aud Platra of every deacnplion eucaiad in the lirat aty e ol the art, aud beautifully printed in Bionxe or kaucy Colore. Druggiati, I'erl'umeia, Manufacturers, Urocele audoilu i LeBels, couaiautly ou hand, wholeaale or retail, and all art cle. connected Willi Uie trade. Job I'nutiug in every variety ol atyle eircutedi n the beat maimer to order, auu ou the moat n aaouaole terina. sTKk-L l'LALU AND CUITLRPLaTJC bINUKAVINU _ AND PRINTING > . . Lhecks, Ui nu. Billi of t.iruuina, ( . mimin ul Htock, tin Depoaile, lUuiuoi prolcasiuu.il, wedding ami viai nog tanl?, ueall> engraved and printed, at si oil ounce, and on lite moat rtasu liable terms. 'l'he lowest possible price it char ged lor .11 work done at Una eatablulnoenl. All aiders Iron the country punctually attended to, and articles ordered, luiwarded to any part of ilie United ft La tea, or the Canada*. aid Im'j CHAS. BrilBLDS. Pro; rietor " ARTIST IN HAIR, uai'racTutu from I LADIES' AND GKNTL.B MEN'S HAIR. IN Are hundred difTrreut designs, necklaces, bracelet*, tratrb *u rrrla, ear-rings, flowers, rings, wigs. acaljn, he. he. Ladle or gentlemen having hair of a living or decease at friend, can *e. it formed by him into any design the mind can tonceire?in such a form it will be a kerftake invaluable. A. C. BARKY, 146 Broadway, cor of Liberty street, up stairs. N. B.?Indiriduale resident in the country or living at an inconvenient distance from the city, can hava all such orders promptly eirrultd, by forwarding through the medium of the poaloAre the hair ta De fashioned, with a drawn nu I specified design of the workmanship, and enclosing from five to twenty do lars, according to whien sum t*<r superiority of manufacture and style of mounting in gold will depend. AH snch communieau.ip. tn V e i*>?r |*nl A C. B. ol lm*r MARTELLE&HOLDERMANN VI/dLI. OPKN, on Monday. October Iith, 1112 at their ea'* ublishment, S7 Maiden line, their new style of H<ad drea.es, juit received per ship Burgtindv, consisting of Barea's TnraanaaDd Bonnet Pulonais. betides a variety ofothei Head Dreasea and Ornaments, sncli as Pearls, Flower, Feathers, Lama Bearla, Uold and Hilver Fringes, he. toll lw*ec TEACHER OF THE FLUTE TMONZANI, S4 Thompson street, give* instruction on the Flute. Terms fti per quarter. .# Jm'r ?ElXlNO OFv - HCHAfcL RKk'.SE, Itr,. of the nrm ol ^ ww ? nniH, onrra lor i&lr al coat a lar^e assortment of pun, pocket, a?U ?* ik knives, aciaaora and razors, together with table cillery ot tr, ry description. AUo, Britannia ware, tea and coffee Hetti.ua ao?l tablespoons, accoidiaru, gold rings, pint, chains, si rer and gold levers, Be., Be. Thisitock must positively be at d on 01 orfore the 1st of November neit. MICHAEL HEE9E. sT7 ltn*re 70 Maiden Lane, up stairs. 'no kamILTLs going south, to the w.,7 indies or | A Europe?A respectable female, 21 years of age, wishes to obtain i^nMiciUiilittMi u HUMlfru, in a genteel family. She would orcfergoing to Europe, ret woold accept of a good offer to go Soath or to the Weal Indies. The beat of roferyicri given. Address A. A. A. boi 7#J, upper Poet office, N. STATE or fcw YORK?SECRE l'AMV'8 OFFICE* Aissist, Aug. 31. IM3. J TO THE 81JERIFF of the Citr sod Coonty of New York 1 ?Sir?Notice 11 hereby given, that at tha neat General Election, to be t aid ou the Tuesday succeeding the ffrit Monday of Noyember next, the following officsr* are to be elected, to wit : A Governor and Liealenant Governor of this State. A Senator for the first Senatorial District, to anpply the vacancy which will accrue by the exoiration of the term of service of Gabriel Furtnsn, on the 1st Jav of December neit. Also, the following City and County Officers, to witThirteen Members el Assembly, and a Register in the place of J. Sherman Brownell, whose term of service will expire on the last day of December next. Yours rcaiwcifolly, 8. YOUNG, Secretary of State. The above is a true copy of a notification received from the Secretary of State. MONMOUTH B. HART, Sheriff of the Ciry and County of New York. Sheriff's Office, New York, S?pt. lb, IW2. All the public newiiiaper, in iha couuty will pnbllth the above once in each week until the eleetinu. See Revised Statutes, vol. 1st, chap, (th, title 3d, article 3d. * pert lit, |>age HO. oltlNtr DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLB.-Eeotwmy and utility being the order of the day, ihe subver bvr has determined to sell Kt -vac at the loweet possible remunerating price.; his Colarau Parlor Stoic, answering all the iiorpotes of the grate, with half the trouble and expense, aailab'e for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is worthy ihe attention <>f iiersune wishing to purchase. His assortment of rooking Stovassre not surpassed in the city, for cheapness end superior style ol coosrructien, combining all Ihe re<|uieitrs for kitchen use. and a great saving of fuel, which is an item many persons overlook in selecting stores. He solicits housekeepe'* ""d others to give him ? call at the -f St.. VS.'. - IT.. ....... f>In to r ,1 It.Its .1 r..S N. V., before pnifhiaaing fln*bfr?, A* thu rompsay manuf.ctnr* their storea, purchasers will not Im subjected lo a tar h) bnying from second handi. Their uiortnrnl eonsiils of sir-tight cooking and parlor Stores, I'umna. Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron War*, kc., wholesale and retail Oidcri for cniinei solicited. J> V. T1HBE TTB. 0I6 |m#er ? Fulton street, N. Y. FlSR'rtTAffi^t NOVKLTY COOK STOVE. 'PHIS Store wss pronounced last year, and is this, by all i who have it, lob* not onlv tbe heat e*er lOTeaud, bnt the only Store they rrer hail by winch Inking, boiling, and roasting, eoald be dour perfectly, and at the same lime. This year the imprsrement has been snch, that doabl. the amount of cooking can be done, land that too lo perfection) than upon any other Store of the same site : f>r proof of which, you hare only to call at Fisk'i S'ore establishment, m Water street, where any iiusntily rf references will be Rien?sod further, every Store warranted, or tbe money Tended. Fish's Regulating Premium Drum for parlors. Hall L'mnae,and hall, p-.rlur, and oSre spires, and all the ordinary rooking stores f r sale cheap FiHK'R Store Kstab'ishment, Hi Water etrret. The sbore store, and also the regulating drum, can now bo ieen?tthe Fair i but thooe d< siting stores, are requested t> tall at th - establiahtnei.t, where they can egamioe them to Setter sdrantage.grb Water street, 0IA lra*rc HAYDEN'S STEEL QUILLS?The sabscrib'ra nars lor talc, romc recently implored modifications of these etoelleat and i opular Pens. The " Re in y W ritrr" ja ansnimonsly roted the King of Pens -combining eminently (legibility and permanence. The " Dickens" is considered the Lest pen fur the price in the ma kct. The "Union" cannot fall to suit erary body, affording at ah. cents a card (at wholesale) ail different raneiles of Pees I The " New York" erery men-Jurat will haee in hia eooating room who has tried them. . Together with the lemons Doable Patent and Combination "trrel Peua, with many others, for sale by the meets oil lm*re ). It P HAYDtN. ttUu at. LD Mm Twt CmU \ " " i ? ! - : 7 # f Coir?poniteuc* of iha HaimlaLJ Boston, Oct. 11, IM MiUtr't Camp Meeting at Salem, Mam Dkai Bknnitt :? Prciuniiii that your uiyrtada of readera in the New England and middle States, would gladly peruse any thing purporting to be a correct description ?t the Second Advent Camp Meeting, now holding at Salem, I hereby transmit a brief sketch of the proceedings, as wttneaaed to-day, having just return ed from the encampment. Taking the 12 o'clock train of the Eaatern II way, you ara hurried rapidly through the floarto iug towneof East Boston and Lynn, and, in n brief apace ot time, the city of Salem burata upon your fi sion- On the way, we took in aeveral hundied passengers at Lynn, all bound tor the tame destination, and among them one could not help obeerving the rnifBl# nnnf??ranr* nf ? ? ??- '-j: ?* * ? ? ?~ jvwij muici j who, nere as elsewhere, take an especial interest in the eoon Advent ol our Lord. Several " colored ladiee gentlemen" kindlyaccompanted us on our excursion ao that we had ull shades of character on board, not a few rich incidents occurred. Arrived at Salem, a general rush wan made for e coache , caba, otiiuibuaea, go-caru, ox-teama, and hand carta, which were soon chartered, and whirled ua off, in the twinkling of an eye, at the rate oil a shilling a-head, to the scene of action. I happened to secure a place on top of the " Danver and Salem Coach," and seated by my side, was a blooming "colored young lady," who troin the side glances that she darted at me from her bewitehing eyes, evidently entertained u sort of plateme affection tor me,which 1 neither discountenance j or encouraged. However, the clouda ot dust soon closed up ber peepers, and 1 looked neany as dingy as my fair tnamarafo, when we alighted from the coach. On the road, we had a hue opportunity ol beholdI ing the rich scenery ot old Maisachueetts, and as we passed the Crispin town ot Lynn, the thoughts of witchcralt would eater our mind, and we could almost lancy we saw old " Moll Pitcher" perched alolt on some crag, performing her incantations. As our procession ot coacnes and carryalls, and | go-carls neared the cump held, which is situated on a beauiitul slojie (routing the river, abont two and a halt miles from Salein, the crowd of |>edcstriane, darkies, lo&ters and divines, which we encountered, announced tous that our journey was at an end. kindly usbi.-ting Miss Arabella wnbeliiuna Fill bustace to aligni, (such was tue name ol my tair colored comptonion an voya^r,) wc instantly repaired to the sacred grove, whicu being a natural amphitheatre, was admirably adapted tor a camp meeting. Here was a rich scene to behold, requiring a graphic pen to describe, and worthy the pencil ol an artist. The scenery was of the most romantic lund, the bright aun looking down upon a group ot some three or tour thousand souls collected together to iiPnnurw Inf I has I i.rd'o ^ A-a??- *? ,'x.ru.v ... ..... uviu d mi.uuu auycui. note were ranged tents from Marblehead, Salem, Portland, Duuvere, lioaton, Portsmouth and Lynn, and by their aide, booh stalls and refreshment saloons, where they cnuld strengthen their inward man by draught* ot collet- and lea,' ardents' being absolutely prohibited. This latter injunction was, however, evaded by the ' rummies,' lor we noticed a boat moored on in the stream, where the 'critter' could be obtained tor nothing, you paying sixpence for the sail. This ' ark ot miquay,' as the preacher termed it, aflorded a fruitful topic lor prayerful supplication in the tents, and many aspirations were offered up in its beliaii. As we sauntered along the circular line of tents, we stopped now and then to bear t'.e outporings of the spirit as they were manifested from the hps of the inspired brethren. We entered the Portsmouth tent, and listened to a f emale ot about forty, with lianda uplilted und the most impassioned voice,who was exhorting her sisters and brothers to prepare tor the awful coming ot the Lord, which is to take place the 23d of April, the next year. She commenced, " My dear brothers and sisters, 1 ieel it m me to bless God for having raised me up to show unto you his hidden mysteries. My soul now longs to go where 1 shall fully know the glories of my Savior, and although 1 teel tuat we have but Utile tune to prepare in, yet, bleae God, 1 Ieel strengthened from above to devote my remaining days to my tileascd Savior?(Cries ot Amen ! Glory to God !) Oh! let us be prepared lor the judgment day apI preaching ! (Amen !) Let us, poor Sinners, come to Jesus, und praise him above?And when we eee the tlainee ascending, und the judgment day coming, may we oow aown ana acknowledge hun to be Lord ot Lords and King ol Kings! (Cries of Allejah' Amen ! Bless God ! Glory !") After the morning services had finished, and din. ner was over, we repaired to the great tent, capable of holding three or lour thousand persons, where we had aa opportunity of hearing the chiel men I hold forth. Rev. Mr Fitch and Elder Himes apt?eared to be tbe principal speakers, and previously to commencing, the congregation mug the following hymn i ? TUB Jl'MSKI Dsv. The judgment day Is coming, Is coming, is coming | The ludmsnt dsy is coming, In the end of time. Chosus. O, Gabriel's going to blow, By-end-bye, by-end by j O, Gabriel's going to blow, I By-end-bye, by-end-bye. O, sinner* you must be there, Must be there, must be th ml dinners, will you bo reedy 1 Be reedy, be reedy T There will be an awful tiimbllsg. Trembling, trembling. You'll wish you'd been converted, Converted, converted. The taints will first be raised. Be raised, he raised. They will all go up together. Together, together. There we shell meat our Baviour, Our Baviour, our Saviour. That will be a happy meeting, Meeting, meeting. We shall never mora bo parted, Be parted, be ported. After the hymn, which waa sung by a chorus of about six hundred beautiful girls, we secured a seat between a handsome brunettt and a whapping darkey so that it could be literally said, that light and shade were beautifully commingled. Not to detaia you with a detailed report of the sermon, wewill only nay, that the Rev. Mr. Fitch, in a discourse ol two hours endeavored to impress upon his congregation the awful truth that in the fourth month of tka coming year, the destruction of the world is to come, and that all high sad low ainnera. from the State street financiers and Phoenix bank directors, and Wall street brokers, down to the lowest denixena oi the Five Points and the Hook, are to be swallowed up in one awful convulsion of nature, and that not even the Rev. David Hale, nor the hero of a thousand fights, the valient Col Webb, will be allowed to dip the ends of their fingers is a little cold water, considering what extra dinners they have been. The Ilrv Mr. Mimes then followed in aa exhortetory discourse of only three hours duration, at the conclusion of which, aa it was getting dark, and aeveral females were beginning to faint, we thought it advisable to be wending our way homeworda, much regretting bring unable to attend tha evening services, which, I learned, were much better attended by the young ladies and gentlemen, aa the spirit moves commonly in the grey twilight and dark ere As we promenaded round the encampment on onr way to our vehicle, we could not help noticing the number of beautiful young ladies from Salem, Portsmouth and Boston, which the novelty of the scene hsd attracted. A voluptuous lady of Salem and her betrothed, were listening to a hymn in ihs grove, and others ware on the outskirts of the gTeat tent, listening anon to the sermon, and talking soft nonsense into each other's ears. Major Ben ftus se|, of Boston, the quondam editor of the Centinel, and the oldest editor in New England, and a laqge representation of thefliterary/political and loafertsh elite of Boaton and its vicinity were present After singing the following hymn, the meeting adjourned :? " Head tha glory, wad theslery. Rend thsglory,Juat now; Rend the power, aend ths power. Rend the power Joet now. Shake the etnner. shake the stnner. Shake the Drive the Devil, drive the Devil, Drive the Devil, Juet now; Dell it gaping, Hell la gaping, Hell i? gaping' Juat now. Forth# ?inner, (or tha tinner, Tor (he Aaner, juet now. Chrtet ia coming, Chriet la coming, Chriat la coming, neat year Taking vengeance, taking vengea-ioe. Taking vengeance, neat year '

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