28 Ekim 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Ekim 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD \>w Varli, Friday, October ISIJ. \i :.v tin lli.riud U published in beautiful it, i it n, containing all th<* reeeot nMk'i In ' n v ll -r*11. of tha Nation il Ka'nbition at Niblo s in a, held ua ler th * patronage of the Vnaerican luvti. t i iuclu ling much a 1 liti to <1 m itter furnuhe 1 bjr the m ib ;r? of tli Inititute, iu,l giving a perfect lejiort of the while exhibition. Price only 4} cent* a iingle copy, or $ I per hundred. 3^> A i |itm Hi iiiLii mil be published in a few Pay oui M ii ig a r. v. w ot the recent article on ^ Ante li ri N tvapiper Literature," attributed to Charlei Dickens. Price tix cenlt. Bit nf a IT Pimi ? We have another !m* i ot f i - memorable ami excellent puperc*, from the archives of Col. Beektnan. They are now rit hi 1 r ally lor publication?anil we shall try to j>iil>lisii them to-morrow. \v'< have also to announce to the American pul>hiut the first titnnher ol these papers, in octavo form, printed with tlie greatest elegance, on r:i i is now in press, anil will be ready i>. ne\t Monday. This will he on" of the most eleof typography ever issued lroin an Americ .11 , and will do to bind in a volume. The pi: - will be cents per number. vV'liile on tin" subject we may as well give an inti.nation to some person or persons who are annoyin !' il. Bee km in with scurrilous anonymous let; i resp-'ect to these papers, that his or their puri i- is understood and the party nearly identified.? in eiviiig to the public these pipers, Col. Beckman i" te noted by the most generous and patriotic im i1 il s and why any individual should be so lost t( 'mtv feeling of propriety and decency, as to put hi in to the expense ol abusive anonymous letters, i? past our comprehension. It'they don't cease, they will be exposed. \ iic \r Kent lire of the present Age?I ??|?ortant I til 11; I <> 11 s Intelligence. < >ue ot the most iiii]>ortH.iit features of the j>roeress ot civilization and light in this happy and wonderful country, is the daily and weekly inlellec. tnal movement, co.njiosed of a thousand different hues, ill radiant as the rainbow that embraces the Park fountain on a sun-shiny day?a movement ol the religious opinions, notions, creeds, and doctrine-. throughout the breadth and width of this t'f'Tv --ent and sparkling land. Like a country bless- | with a thousand springs of clear water, all bubbling up to-day, so is this rejuiblicau Union cov 'red Irom one end to the other, with the refreshing spring : religion?the gushing fountains of piety? iii<-ri'-.i: nil* 01 creeds, or <111 snnpes, colours, ana conditi >ns. Among the muster spirits in this great nnd original movement of the human mind, under the influence of alight from heaven, we may enuiii'rat' liishop Hughes, Doctor Hrownlee, Elder Knup;>, Doctor Kirk, Mr. Maffit, Prophet Joe Smith, Pi "son Miller, besides many " lesser stars'' in both tin- moral as well us in the religious world, all of whom are more or less ellieient lor good, and in the aggregate give a peculiarly high, holy, elevated and ntellectual character to the age. To these we in add the name of Jahez S. Swan, an apostle of n iigion, now in New London, an account of wini- labor.- and eloquence will be found in another column, written probably by an enemy of that eminent ni i:;terspirit, and an emissary of Satan in this world below. Hut what is still more wonderful, we may also add to this list of moral and religious reformers,.a ii,: ai - that will surprise many, and make saints and M'r.o-r-gap"?we mean the respectable name of Ed111 i ~".:n > >n,oft!ie Park Theatre,of N. York, who li i i i ,1 step in the sionl and religious tendencies of d , that is as bold, as daring,as fearless as that wii ( i marked the movements ot Luther and Calvin in tli" fifteenth century. <>n Monday next, a " : irr I Musical Drama," called the "Israelites in Kgv t," the uuistc composed by Rossini, is to he br> oglit out at the Park Theatre. The principal or concerted pieces of tliis curious drama, cm ! read in this day's paper, and it will be found 'd i pcty, in devotion, and in pure religious feeli i ; of the highest kind, they are equal to the liturci - of the E e-mail or Catholic churches?and surpi--even many of the prayers of the Baptists, the Presbvteriuns, and other respectable sects of Chris11 l i-, in ill that constitutes devotional poetry aud pious sentiment. This movement of Simpson's in theatrical affairs, is one ol the must important of the present day, and sets him before the world as a master spirit of the as-. It is the beginning of a startling moral and religion revolution, by which religion will be brought hack to the theatre, in which it begun its career in tin early ages of Greece, and from which it has b- n ..11 exile for twecty-three centuries. Religion, that great element of existence, will be brought back, however, refined and purified of its J'agani-;n? a convert to Christianity?united with art and isle, and a twin sister of the great moral movements of th*1 age. In no other country of the world could such a movement have been contemplated, but in this country and in this afe. The self-same 44 Sacred Drama4'was attempted in London, but it w i- .-u;yr~ sed by the Hishop of London?probably because ?he established church thought the purific ition of the theatre?and its becoming a religious institution, would interfere with their monopoly of power and patronage. Rut here ? in this land of liberty ? where every thought?every idea?every feeling?every doctrine?every movement is as free as the air of heaven?or the eagle of the forest peaks?there is _l. .L ... 1- .L_ 1 J? "-I v - it iru.iiHT ui u m mm iiic iiviuat- ui uir- urvn may ?f reformed and turned into a house of holiness?devoted to religious services?set apart for the singing of pious songs and hymns, to the most melodious music?with the finest voices of the age (with the exception of .Madame Seguin, who ought to have been associated with Madame Sutton)?and a chorus of nearly fifty persons. This certainly is a new n?e to which to appropriate the Park Tneatre?and will make it a formidable rival to St. Peter's Church, in Barclay street?to St. Paul's in Broadway, or to Dr. Spring's in Beekman street. In no other land could such a ino ement be attempted, without causing a popular commotion of the (amities?a revolution among the |>eople?a light between the good and evil principles?a revulsion among the clergy. But in this happy country, we are in that state of mental excitement, of moral and re .p..'i- elfeprescence, of unadjusted elements of all UiivIs, which distinguished all Europe in the filteenth century, when Luther in Germany?Calvin in Switzerland?Knox in Scotland?an 1 K oger9 in England, set on foot a revolution which was checked in mid career by the shackles of lendahsm and of Rome, and of which they have not got rid to this day. In this land of true, religious liberty, the movement is again tnken up, and the present strange events and stranger men, are only evidences that a greater dny?a brighter era?a purer and more eialted age is approaching. We are in favor of all reforms and reformers, from Joe Smith to Ned Simpson?from Bishop II i.- i> in I iJtr Knapp?and we will ?m;.|.ort them with propriety and decency, tn every thing proper and dec nt < >o ahead. 1 . \iikvr Cavoidatk for Co.nokk-s ?The friends of Henry Meigs, Esq., formerly a representative in ( ungress from this city, hold a meeting tin- ev. ninir. 1'iiday, at the Northern Kxrhange, It;. ker sa et, t..r the purpose of putting him in nomination for Congress, in opposition to Alderman lemi rd. So we ure told?is it ?o I ill' iitT ? Moses V Beach, the oysterman and financier, was arrested yesterday afternoon, and hauled up to the Police office, for abusing a man in his office. Beach made an apology, asked |.||ii - , aid win-tintii kicked out of the Polo e, as a miserable loafer. U, ip?Sir John Caldwell late Treasurer Ceneral ol Canada, died suddenly on Wednesday morning at the Tremonf Hons*, Bo-ton, of dise.rsj <f the heart. M. M, \out?. 5 Noah lias a much largerstoek of impudence than he has of oysters in his cellar. He talks to us of his "advice and his example." What is his example in reference to newspapers'? livery newspaper that did not kick him out of the concern, ended in bankruptcy and ruin. He man- . tged th" "National Advocate," and it died ut debt; j he managed the "New York National Advocate," and it died in debt; he managed the "New York I'.nipiirer," and it he had not sold it to Webb for more than it was worth, it would have died in debt I also; he was associated in the management ot the | "New Ynrll Pnnr^r ,.n,l I." a W_l,l, had not kicked him out, it would have ceased in ! debt long since. He started and managed the "Evening Star," and it died m debt, owing its paper maker, l'ersse iY Brooks, several hundred dollars, who trusted it on the representations of Noah. He has now connected himself with Beach in the "Sun and Union," and before lie leaves the concern he will serve it as lie has done every paper he has been connected with. The Sun will go down under such a load as M. M. Noah. Noah says, " James Gordon lii until was several years in our employment, and always behaved well." This is a confession of the truth that astonishes us, from such an old rascal?but it is correct. During the time that we were in his service, we did all the heavy work?we were at it night and day?he doing nothing but writing squibs, dosing away his time, or talking to the brokers. Yet in spite of this, Noah sued us for? 100 which he swore we owed him. A jury gave us a verdict of nearly $200 as an offset, t for services rendered. What did Noah 1 What did this honest Jew 1 He set up the plea of the statute r of limitations, and won his cause. Mr. David Graham can tell the rest. This is the m in that dares to talk of our character?and to assert falsely that we are in debt. We owe no debts that we cannot pay in less than a fortnight. We value our whole establishment, real and I personal estate, at $130,000?and it is well wsrth $150,000 of any man's money. All our debts are a mortgage on the building of$20,000?which we can pay otf in two years?and our general business was never so profitable?our circulation larger?our advertising better than at this moment. Ask our paper makers l'ersse and Brooks?our type maker James Conner?or our pressmakers, Richard Hoe & Co., what we owe. Yet this impudent fellow?this Noah?has the audacity to talk of personalities and abuse?a lellow who has been at the root of all the attempts made in this city todestroy us. He got up all the attacks on us ?out of sheer jealousy o( our success. He instigated the moral war?lie was at the bottom of the ridiculous indictments?he has renewed his old animosities? and hisgrossness and indecency are so great,that this infamous old scoundrel had the meanness to attack my wife, whose character, birth, reputation, talents? devotion, honor, and domestic affections, are equal to any lady of this or any other country. It is true she is u native of Dublin, the descendant ol a respectable and chivalric Irish family?on the one side the Crean-Lynch of the West of Ireland?and on the outer side tue warrena ol Dublin. All her relatives were poisons ot the best family and the highest character. Her maternal grandfather was ihe well known Alderman Warren, who distinguished himself in the Irish troubles of 179S?afterwards he was Lord Mayor of Dublin. Her father was a Catholic liberal, and a particular friend of O'Connell's till the death of the former. Two of her uncles were of a high rank in the British army. Col. Nathaniel Warren, who served bravely and died in India, was knighted, and had a statue erected to his brave memory in Madras. Another uncle, also a Colonel in the army, is now in a high post in the government at Jamaica. She caine to this country four years ago with her excellent and amiable mother, who now lives at my house ; and before her marriage, she lived the greater part of the time with a relative and cousin, at Dayton, Ohio, Mrs. Browning, the worthy and accomplished lady of Lieutenant Browning, ol the U. S. Navy. This is the amiable and excellent young woman, now my wife, whose character hu< been assailed by that old scoundrel M. M. Noah, that villain in human sha|>e. He had the audacity, miserable rascal as he is, to insinuate?merelv to hurt my feelings, agsinst the conduct of my wife during her visit to Rockaway last summer, for the benefit of sea-hatliinir. You' if iu uo.ll Lnou.t, In,I.. I O- - I.UJ and gentleman who were at the Marine Pavillion during; last summer, that Mrs. James Gordon Bennett, during Iter stay there, was one ot the most reserved ?the most correct?the moM lady-like?the most amiable of persons. It is true, there was an attempt made by a few weak, impudent, and silly creatures, whose names are known, to talk against her because she was my wife?and I was told that Henry Allen Wright had been impudent in this respect?but in a personal interview 1 had with hint, he denied the report, and 1 believe he was innocent, and always behaved like a young gentleman of propriety and feeling. Among the families there were those of Charles Augustus Davis?Mr. James Otis, Mr. Campbell P. White, and many others of both sexes?and none can say aught against my wife or myselt, during the seven weeksthat we resorted there for the benefit of sea bathing. I must beg pardon of my readers for introducing this subject, but the horrible conduct?the atrocious malice?the ineffable infamy of M. M. Noah, and his miserable broken down coadjutors, has compelled me to do so, and to name names. And yet this miwrxlil.. -J?1 , U..r.iuv>|'icu wiu ocuuiiurri, iirtw ine impudence lo talk of giving me advice?out of the sight of man, ye poor bloated wretch! You ought to he hung on the same tree with your forefather, Barrabbas, the robber. Important Political Movkmrnt ?We have received the "Albany Tocsin," the organ of the abolition party, and find that these crazy-headed chips have nominated candidates for Governor of New York, Lieutenant Governor, Senators, lor almost every district?and members of assembly for nearly every county. Alvah Stewart is candidate for Governor. They arc organizing all over the State, and profess to be able to poll 10,1)00 votes. In Ohio. Shann n, the democratic candidate was elected by a similar movement?Shannon's plurality being about 4,000, and the abolitionists polled 5,000, mostly taken from the whigs. If the abolitionists only poll as many in New York on the 8th November, thry will most ameredly defeat Hradnh and the ichig party. Such a result seems now almost history. Alas! |H>or whigs! how you do mismanage your affairs' The coon is coming down the tree, and Captain Scott may save hia powder. Webb's Dcel Ahain.?We learn that Webb's due] is again before the Grand Jury, and there is a prospect of another indictment. We hope the Grand Jury will go down to Wall street, look at poor Webb hobbling on his crutches over the pavement, and if they do not think he has been punished enough, then by all means let him be indicted. Hut ifso, they ought also to indict I Tom Marshall, who actually gave the challenge, in I the Oyer and Terminer, before Judge Kent, and | thereby comes within the meaning of ths statute. 1 ben the tGovernor of N'ew York can demand Torn of the Governor of Kentucky. Also indict all the other duelliits. Further, we learn that Professor Pattison ot the I niversity, an old duellist, furnish ed Webb with il\e pistols, and gave hirn Hdvice about their use. Is not this indictable T Indict all, if any nre indicted. Call up Judge Kent to prove the challenge given by Marshall in the Oyer and Terminer. Important Naval Movement.?The steam frigate Missouri, Captain Newton, sailjd trom Savannah, tor Vera Cruz,] on the 19th inst., with Mr. Curaon bearer of despatches from ihis government, as pas senger. As the utmost despatch was usedj by Mr. Curson to get to sea, it is fair to suppose that bis despatches are of a very important character. Highly Important from Mkxico.?We have received some very important intelligence from Vera Cruz. Our dates are to the 6th inst. It is that that h trhor was entirely closed. No lop*i?n vessels were allowed to enter or depart, until the 17th, aa the government wa? engaged in fitting out a secret expedition, the destination of which was unknown. It was believed, however, to be intended for the invasion of Texas by sea. If this supposition be correct, weshallsoon hear of stirring events in our vicinity, asOalvest >n will doubtles* be the first point of attack. There had been eighlfailures of merchants at Vera j wuz i Mlieial information had been received in the city oi Mexico,tliut ' ten. Wull had captured hv surprise, San Antonio de lix.xar, in Texas,taken (it) prisoners, among whom were all the judges of the Supreme Court, and also various Hags, munitions of war. Arc. Tnis feat was celebrated with pomp ana eclat, President Santa Anna does not intend to assume the command of the army against Texas, lie intended to leave the city ot Mexico on the 1st ol October. to spend some tune at his country hon-e near Vera Cruz It ia believed that the cabinet will accompany him. It appears to be the fixed determination of the General to increase the army and navy about to operate against Texas. Considerable pecuniary embarrassments were complained of by the peonle in all the large towns. A brigade of 2,500 regulars had marched from the city of Mexico towards Xalapa, where it was said they would replace a corps of 3000 men, intended to invade Yucatan. Much enthusiasm prevails among them. The expedition was to sail from Vera Cruz the day following the arrival of the troops from Xalapa, which will be about the 5th or 6th of Uctober. On the 21st, two batallions of infantry left the city of Mexico tor Vera Cruz; they numbered about 2000 meu, and have some line pieces ol artillery with them. A Mexican General was about to leave VeraCruz on a special mission to Yucatan. He was instructed to bring about a reconciliation and union between Mexico and Yucatan. Should he fail therein, he >? in hi mm- < uiiiiiiitiiii hi uic oouu men iroin Xalapo, and tail with tliem in the Meet for Campeachy. The Mexican squadron lias received no reinforcements of late from Spain or Rngland It consists of two steamers, two brigs, and three schooners, wjtli provisions for three months, designed to cruize before the [orts of Texas, should their efforts in Yucatan be crowned with success. Dickens's Review and the Herald.?The cele brated review by l'oz and his tail has created a terrible commotion wherever it has been read, and particularly lias the sensation centered about his remarks on the " New York Herald." The " Journal of Commerce," yesterday, alter admitting that it was perfectly natural that the "Herald" should be pounced upon as the leading paper of this country in wit, taste, talent, and enterprise, goes on to say, " It is notorious that the Herald was established among us after the model of the London press." Again, the Journal is correct in this statement; but it ought to have gone farther, and added that the " New York Herald" is a combination of the best points of the newspapers of the three rmintriHH It has all the industry, talent, and energy of the London press, the brightness, wit and originality of the Paris press, combined with those peculiar excellencies which unavoidably arise from the locality in which it is situated Hon. Gai-eii Cushinq.?This gentleman has addressed a letter to the Editor of the " Newburyport Herald," positively refusing to run as a candidate in that district; and then goes on to say, " At the same time, I do most pointedly and emphatically negative the idea that I am induced to decline through the least belief or apprehension that a majority of the people of this District, of either oartv, could be found, if I were a candidate, to withhold from me their suffrages, on account of my having adhered in national politics to Mr. Tyler and Mr. Webster. On ihe contrary, 1 have nmple evidence thai such would not be the fact. And in all good will, therefore, towards the several candidates for Congress in this District, I warn them that it will be fatal to their aspirations to seek to make party capital out ot this election, as against Mr. Tyler and Mr. Webster. This 1 know." The Solwav 8afe.?This steam ship was at Havana on the 10th inst. Canada.?It is said that Mr. Dunscombe, the member for Beauharnois will resign his seat, so as to allow Edward Gibbon Wakefield to be elected. City Intelligence. The Freshest Forgery.?A Frenchman, named Louis Chevricr, who has passed for a sort of half priced broker, and who has recently occupied a desk in the office of Charles M. Livingston, of Wall street, was arrested on Wednesday evening, by olticer Col. John Manning, of Brooklyn, and placed in the city prison, on a charge ot forging a check in the name of M. Chevrolet & Co , for the sum oi $700, drawn upon the Rank of New York, ami made payable to C. M. Livingston. He obtained the money lrom Mr. Livingston,and we also understand that by false and fraudulent representations has also cheated other persons of this city out of several thousand dollars. His family resides in Brooklyn. Colrty Coi-rt.?At a meeting of the Court yesterday morning it was decided that the motion to quash the charges agninst Justices Matsell, Parker, and Stevens, for ille. gaily discharging convicts and causing them to be brought into the city to vote, Sic. should be denied, but that the namesof the four Aldermen mentioned in the presentment be omitted,and the words "other persons" substituted. The Court adjourned till to-morrow at 10 o'clock. SlROVLAR CORDUCT OF A CArTAIR OF THE WaTCH.? Hiram Truss, one of tho city watchmen, who testified to 1 the arrest of the two prisoners discharged by Captain E. ( Leech of the Fifth District Watch, was suspended from i duty on Wednesday evening for giving his evidence in j accordance with his oath. If Captain Leech expects to , screen his conduct by'such a high-handed and arrogant i act as the discharge of a poor watchman, he is much mis- ' taken, as the Committeeon Police, Watch and Prison will ] never sanction the removal of a man for such cause. Hi1 t threats, relativeto his arrest by Justice Gilbert, for viol9- J tion of duty, will recoil upon himself. , That spat between Jacob Brush, Esq., King of the old I Hunkers, and Colonel Alexander Mini;, of the Locofoco 1 guard, as well as the conclur ve speec h of John Lamorelle the Greek, will be presented as soon as space will | permit. Political Mcktikos.?The Whigs of the Sixth Con- j gressioual District, comprising the 11th, I'Jth, loth, 16th ] and 17th wards, meet to-night at Constitution Hall, tioO 1 Broadway, to confirm or reject the nomination of Hamil- ' ton Fish, nominated for Congress. ( TiiiiHorrt Ixor.rkxdext Wms Democratic Central 1 Committee of the Third District assemble at the Committee 1 room,this evening at 7J o'clock. AtsoTHi:r Pri/.e Fioht Arrest William Harrington, butcher, was arrested yesterday by officers Relyea and A. M.C Smith, on a warrant for manslaughter, for his parti- t cipatiou in the prizefight between McCoy and Lilly. He 1 was taken betore the Recorder, and admitted to bail in the ' sum of $5000. I 1C>w>oyi?m.?Mr. John Vantine Smith and Clinton Baker were ariested yesterday, ami the latter committed, for entering the premises of Charlotte Brown, 165 Church street, ami destroying her furniture and property. This practiceof rowdies travelling the town, and entering pre.nises solely for mischief, should be visited with severe punishment. Amother Foroert.?The convietion of Colonel Edwards has had little effect to wards suppressing the vicious propensities of those w hose evil de?ires rise uppermost, as ............. ...^ vo-r. ... .... K<l j i Hill UUVB lieell [irollglll to light within a few days. Yesterday afternoon a young 1 man named Michael Kelly, aged only aliout 19 years, was | arrested by officers Joseph and Drinker, charged by Jas. i Centre, ot 7ft Wall street, with presenting a forged bill of 1 exchange, pur|>orting to have been drawn on the house of I B. 0. 8. Gray, of London, in favor of Kdwaril J. Mann, I and endorsed by Middleton & Co. ami Stokes it Anthony.? It was ascertained, while at the police office, that he had I rt cently arrived from St. Johns, and that the firm of Stokes I it Anthony, of fiS Broad street, had negotiated a similar t draft for 160 |>ounds sterling, which Kelly, who had been partially engaged about then nitir. , ha I managed to take I copies from so as to imitate the original, lie was fully < committed lor trial. A Usxii or Bi:rui.ars Caci.nr.?Through the instrumentality of B Osborn, Esq. one of the efficient clerks of the Low er Police, aided by officers <>illla>s, Stevens, Welsh and Tompkins, three'burglars named George Mor- J ton, alias "Swell lfead." one of negro Charley Finn's touch and take pupils. Frank Thomas, brother of Tom. now in prison, and Thomas Stevens, were arrested on Wednesday night at a house in Madison street near Scam- I tnell, where upwards of fiity doren penknives of fine quality, that hail been stolen from hardware stores in the h> ver part of the city were also found. These rogues are a branch o( the gang arrested at the time Thomas Thomas was caught last week, and are no doubt a 1 portion of the number that have committed the late mini rons burglarie.s in the lower part of the city. Fia*.?The old frame church in the rear of 488 Pearl street,was discovered to be on fire yesterday morning, hat was sson extinguished by the aid of the watch ana firemen in t ic immediate vicinity. As.iths h SrntTTiois Cask.?The w itrh return of yesterday contained tha following item- 'Robert Satterly lor attempting to seduce Lydia Himir.glnn." Complaint entered by husband. What does it mean ? I New Orleans. f CorT''?ix>n'leuc? of the Herald.] New Orleans, Oct 17, 1S42. L ite and Ln/>ort int \eics from Texas?Austin not burnt I? Movements of the Mexicjiu? Movements in the Markets?Arrivilof the Nrjituue. Shi :? The transactions in Cotton last week were on a more extensive scale than for some time past, the s lies having amounted to 11,000 hales. The receipts during the same time were bales. The prices ranged Irom 5 to l\c. The stock now on hand for sale is estimated at 56,000 bales. Flour is very dull at S3 25. We have no foreign demand, and cannot vxpect much except for Mexico and West Indies.? The stock is increasing fast. Corn has become snm 'wh it scarce, and the nrice has advanced to :f7 cents, bags included. In Provisions little or nothing ha-'been done. The stock and demand both very light. Prices are firm but no extensive transactions can be expected before the arrival of new. Little demand tor Lard. The demand we had for Havana last week has entirely subsided. I ijuote at 5 to 7c. The stock is light New Sugar is just appearing, though in small lots, and can hardy be quoted. Tne stock of old is very light and sells at 4J to 7. The new crop promises to be very good as well as abundant in quantity. Northern goods here find but moderate demand. Dry Goods are particularly dull, the sales being confined to coarse goods for plantation use. Exchange yesterday still farther declined, some on New York, 60 days, was sold at 9 i>er cent discount. London I quote at 1 |>er cent, discount. The weather is very favorable tor busim ss, which is much retarded however, by the want of specie, that is the great desideratum now, and without it we cannot expect to do much. It must come, however, lor capitalists will not see Exchange down at its present rates without sending specie for it. In freights there is fot the season a fair business doing, and ships will do well out here. That they liny rely on. We had yesterday further accounts from Texas. The schooner Acorn arrived from the Sabine river, and repsrts that just previous to her sailing a school* er arrived therefrom Galveston with accounts of the rapture, plunder and burning of Austin, the seat of government of Texas, by the advanced guard of the Mexican Army under General Wall, who it ai>pears met with no opposition and did not lose a man. Our last accounts previous to this, left General Burleson with 1000 Texians near r*t. Antonio, and if the present news is true, he must have fallen back on the eastern counties, as Austin is 400 miles thtsside. If so the Texians will probablv make a stand near the Brazos river, where the country is po pulous, and the people of Eastern Texas could readily join them. My opinion is the Mexicans will march through Texasand take possession of it. That country has no money and no credit, the volunteers who wont down there last Spring to assist it, were shamefully used, and none could be found now to assist it when the wolf has really come. General Adrian Wall, who commands the advanced guard of the Mexicans, iseithera Pole or Frenchman by birth. He served early in France and afterwards joined the Mexicans in their revolutions against Spain, and served with success in several campaigns. He is very hostile against Texas, having been made prisoner by General Houston while bearing a flag of truce from General Filisiola, who commanded the Mexican Army in the campaign of '36, after the capture of Santa Anna. General Wall is able and experienced, a good disciplinarian and has good troops which he has drilled in person. Samuel Houston is an imbecile, and wijl be no match for him in the field. That is my opinion. 1 knew them both ; however we shall soon see the result of the invasion. A brig sailed from here a few days since for VeraCruz with 2000 barrels of coal for the Mexican war steamers, and in all probability the Mexican fleet will attack Galveston by sea in a very short time. That done nnd a good army of 7 to 8900 men marching from the West, unless the Texans make a grand rally and gain some decisive advantage, their country is lost, for they have not the means to sustain an efficient army in the field for any length of time, and they cannot expect assistance from the United States?our people have lost and suffered too much to be induced to aid them any more under such an inefficient government as they have at present. Louisiana. P. S.? \ schooner has just arrived fratn Galveston and brings newspapers of 10th. The Mexicans had not advanced farther. St Antonio and Austin are not burned. The Texans were rallying t? the rescue aud appeared to be very confident of their ability to defend the country. 1 hope they may not !>e disappointed. The Neptune steamer arrived this morning from Yew York via Charleston and Havana. She made he run from the latter place in sixty hours from city ocity. ' Benefit to thk Ladies' Repository.?There will >e a very appropriate benefit given to the New York Ladies'Repository next Saturday evening at Niblo's, and on this the Ravels generously play gratis. It is a most worthy and benevolent institution, established to help distressed widows and children. And we irustthat the house will be filled on the above occasion. Croton Water Pipes.?Among the many artisans who undertake to lay the pipe for bringing the Croton Water into houses,none in our opinion equal Cousins Howell, ol 32 Park place. They do their work better and cheaper than any one else in the city. Fire in Haverhill.?Part of Mr. Lawrence's Church, and Worthen's Currier's shop were burnt to :he ground last Monday night. Sufficient Cause.?Midshipmen Knapp and Rhiue fought about a lady worth $200,000. Fire in Richmond.?Two tobacco warehouses, ind eight other houses near Talbot's foundry and on Cory street, were burnt last Wednesday night. County Court. Oct. 37.?The Court met, pursuant to adjournment, in relation to the charges against certain police magistrates. IllrW IT, .name. .tola,! that tlx, fl.iirt hoc r.lI a. ollows:?"That the motion to quash tho proceedings be lenied, but that the charges be so amended as to strike out he names of Edward 8. Innis, Abraham Hatfield, Elijah 5". Purdy, and Cornelius B.Timpson, Aldermen, and the words ' dirers other persons,' be substituied, ami that the lefendants (Messrs. Matsell, Parker, and Stevens) be repiired to answer to the charges as amended." Mr. Brady (for defence) said they were not prepared to irsceed. They had not asked that the charges should be imendfd, nor was it their wish. The associate counsel, Mr. Lord, was engaged in another Court, and he wished hat the Court would give them till Tuesday next, when hey intended to interpose a demurrer. The pleas have Jeen drawn, and on Tuesday they would bs ready to proseed with them Mr. Patt krson said, from the gentleman's remarks, he lupposed they wished still lurther opportunity for special pleading. Mr. O'Coxxoa observed that if the intention of the gen:l*'men on the other side was not to consume time, the timple pita of" not guilty" is ail that would be requisite. He supposed the questions of form had been settled, and loped the Court would not adjourn and leave that branch jf the proceedings still open. Mr. Brady said they should only put in the simple plea .r ?hi> u.tm.rnl icm.o All...- ... j rL- ? (V..-, M......... oL... ' ?"v QVMV.?. ? OMIO' ?%?? IIVIH i?irnni B< I live, Oavies, ami othi rs, the Court adjourned to thin forenoon tt lOo'clock. Superior Court. Before .Indue Oakley. Oct. 17 ? Htnd rs. Georgia Int. Co.?This case, which vas to recover $j0,000 on a policy of insurance, (alluded 0 on Wednesday) was yesterday concluded by the Itourt gi anting a nonsuit, eight boxes of glassware, conlidered " extra hazardous," having been in the store ivhen it was burnt, thereby rendering the policy invalid. Court of Common Plena. Before Junge Ingraham. Oct. 27.?Charltt Cole, and Eliza, his wtfe, vs. Samual P. Stror, and Sarah Jane, hit unft ?This is an action for issaultand battery, where a lady appears not only to tave felt liersel fauthori/.ed to exercise a lady's legitimate weapon, but a harder argument in the bargain. The >laintitls boarded with defendants, in June last, at 157 Greenwich street?(the defendants having also a store at 1 Courtlaudt street)?they were about to leave, and Mrs. Secor, without any provocation, it is contended, on the iart of Mrs. Cole, caught the latter by the neck, also severely bruised her arms, and hurt her so much that she was sick for some days afterwards. A young lady (daughter of Mr, Colo) gave evidence as to the assault, ind Dr Newcomb, who ha 1 been sailed, testified to Mrs. -tile being sick and her arms much bruised, St . No defence was offered. No very strong case appeared to have been made out against defendants, but Mr. Cook, in summing up, got into the jury by asking how any of them would like to have, their own wives aervel so This ilid the business. The jury gave a verdict for plaintiff of $50 damages, which also carries costs. For plaintiff, Mr. J. Cook'and Mr. R. J.Clark. Honrd of Supervisors. Oct il.?The Board met immediately after the adlournment of the County Court, and the Mayor commenced remarks in relation to the question whether f.'iti.DOU or $11m,000. would he the proper amount to raise lor shool money. Oa motion of Alderman Woodhtill, he gave way, and the Board adjourned to this forenoon. ( Ireult Court. Oct. i'?ttnrrilt it L This esse has nc.cn pied the attention of the Court for the ln't two or three lay*. Yeaterday afternoon it \va? adjourned to Monday next Court. Calendar?This Day. Circuit Court.? N'o?. m6, 200, 140, 0, 20, .36, IPS, 116, 112, 14A, I4AJ, 101, Ititj, 1,7, ft, 91, 170. Avraatoa Coort Nor. 41 Al,*7, 117,43,113, HI, I7rt, 37, 131. Commo* Pi.r*?.-P*rt I ?Not. 113, HI, 70, 00, 117,110, 13fl, 12. Pa rt S, at 4 o'clock-?Noa 60, 61, 00,70,71, 7?, 6*, ?, 42, I 12, 10. BY THE SOUTHERN MA!!. Philadelphia (Correspondence of the Herald.) Philadelphia, October 27, 1842. Rumors are increasing here about the removal of .Mr. .Montgomery from the Post oliice. 1 seldom place much faith in such statements, but this time they are not wrong ; although, as political place is lost and won, very often for reasons and causes unguessed of by the public at large, it is just barely possible that it Mr. M. does a certain thing, he may Tl,? s-tiaru/Uor nl' \Tr may lit- stated in a few words:?A man oi tolerably good intentions, weakly executed He is a dealer of small tilings. Works hard in his office himself, is especially exact about wr.i|t pers, twines, morals, and late mails?but with no talent for generalization of men and duties, and most undeniably inefficient. Many of his delects flow Irom an irritable temper, and this joined to the rawness of many ol his clerks,and tlwir consequent blunders, causes a growling. 1 think he will go. Recorder Vaux is spoken of as his substitute. .Methinks I see him shake his "ambrosial curls nnd give the nod." This young gentleman is exceeding uselul as an amateur thief catcher, and having no salary to lose, is really independent ; and would not do a dirty or venal official act, 1 believe. Rut when he is Post Master, "I will sneak again." Your advertisement of the Herald for sale, has taken the breath out of some of the gossips here. An old fogy last night at the reading room, laid his ivory headed cane against his nose, (the white and red beautifully contrasted,)and w inking hissinistf r peeper in a most luxurious way, said, " one of Bennett's d J tricks" to get notice. He arnt agoing: Whv, I'd shave his note lor eight per cent! What he'd go for there"? He don't want money." There are a certain class of m?-n who cannot comprehend anything beyond a monied ambition Your favorite. Celeste, and Mr. I'lacide, have had a flare up Celeste's dadu, and Mr. Tom were any thine I>11r nhunt. 1 )r T.nntncr A- (\i .mil Mr fipln have joined fortunes to go a South Western tramp. If the "Straws" don't tickle him it will be funny I have kept mv letter open to the last moment in hopes of news, but have none, except a reported battle of the Texians and Mexicans, of doubtful authority. Your compositor, in the hurry of night work, popped a " who" into the sentence in my last letter, relative to Judge K's brother and his bank, which mars the sense No dishonorable conduct is charged on the Judge or his brother, but merely an excess of paternal teeling, and a very close connection between the Judge, his brother, and the bank. I have never heard that the "monies paid into Court were deficient or missing; they were saved in the sma-h. I make this remark, because an hour ago I heard that inference drawn from my letter, a.id while 1 know that the bank Was managed in the way I state, and can give names, it is rigiit that the parties should sutler under no more censure than 'hey deserve. Stocks, Sic Drafts on Boston, $ (lis. to par; do New York, $ dis. to Jprem.; do Baltimore, $ (lis. to par; Treasury notes, par; Bank U.S. notes, 55 to 60 dis, do Pennsylvania do, 8 to 10 do; Manufacturers' and Mechanics' do, Moyamensing do, 3 to 5 do; ffirard do, 45 to 48 do; Relief, country, 12$ to 14 do; Broken bank, Relief,including Erie, 17 to 20 do. Sai.kj ok Stocks.?20 sh ires Wilmington Railroad, 9jt; 2 (loOiaard Life and Trust, 14; $2000 Tennessee Bonds, 65. Consuls.?The President of the United States has recognized .Toliann Wilhelm Schmidt Consul General ot Baden tor the United states, to reside at New York. Also, Charles, Coinpte de Montholon, Consul of France for the port ot Richmond, Va. Also, Louis Phillippe de Luze, Consul of the Swiss Confederation for the States of New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, lthode Island, and Connecticut, to reside in the city of New York. {tCJ- Six cases of yellow fever wpro reported at Mobile on the 18th and 19th inst. SHIPPING IIV I'KLIiKiFiVCK. rmi.ADKi.fhia, Oct 27?Arr Franco. Soule, Purtlaud. Below, President, Sarirrtit, do UALTiMnRt. Oct 26?Arr Union, Hopkins, Providence. Old John, Coffin, La Gngyra and Porto Cabello; Jane, (Br) Young, Nassau, NP. H:d Hermann, Allj'n, New Oiletus; J W Paige, Taylor. Boston; Colnmbia, Cooper, Galveston; Trnffic, Webster, NYnrk. Richmond, Oct2.'>?Arr Lucillt, Rotterdam; Fartlienia, Baltimore; Vulture, Boston; David Cos, N Yo-k. Cld Cornelia, Rio Janeiro. Nokkoi.k. Oct 25?Arr Purdy, Tinsley, NYorlt; Piesiden*, Wilbur, Nansemond for Providence Cld Al|ilionso, (D mish) Paulsen, Spanish West Indies; Tnscan, King, do; Iowa, Corney, Wesr Indies. Arr 2llh, 9t Helena, Krankforr. At 8egweli's Point, Gen Wayne, from '1 liotn iston. In Hampton Roads, Harkaway, James River for Liverjiool. Sid Umpire, N York. Charlksto!*, Oct 21?Cld Nile, Havre; Tybec, Ogdeu, NYork. New Map of the Uxited States.?We have seen a new map of Americton a large enameled card, which for neatness, correctness, and beauty, has seldom been equalled. It has twenty or thirty highly finished engravings of Niagara Falls, the Capitol at Washington, itec. \*c. for its' border. It was engraved on steel by J. H. Goldthwait, an artist of Boston. Forsale at C. S. Francis & Co.'s, Broadway. Niblo's.?On Wednesday evening last there could not have been fewer than 4000 persons on this nrouertv. The Fair wns crowded, and so was the Saloon. Last night the Lapland Dwarfs had a tine house; indeed, now the close of the season is announced, there seems to he a general wish it should be prolonged. The Ravels, however, sail on Wednesday next for Havana, where they have a brilliant prospect. This evening they all appear in two comic pantomimes, and a variety of entertainments. Chatham Theatre.?To-night is set apart for the benefit of that genuine genius, a locomotive in shoes, known as the "jGreat Western," and a greater variety of entertainments is offered than we recollect to have noticed for some time. Mr. James Sandford and Mr. Whitlock will appear, and sing a variety of negro songs; the Great Western will amuse himself, nnd the audience, in his own way; the drama of Arden the Reckless, will be performed, in conjunction with the nautical piece entitled Jack's the Lad, the farce of Loan of a Lover, in which Mrs. Thorne enacts Gertrude, and the drama of Jack Robinson nnd his Monkey. QtJ" The manager of the New Vork Museum has, by iuuwuvmS nil cuilieiyoiiicie.il J.ioui, u.uuc lu? ?..u?c establishment one of the most popular and attractive pla. ces of amusement in the city. He presents the public with twice the quantity of entertainments that can be obtained elsewhere, and for just half the price. We think the names of the following performers will fully corroborate the assertion :?Mr. Nellis, the wonder of the world, born without arms, Mr Collins, Mr. l'hillips, Mr. Delarun, Mr. Wright, and Master Young, and all for one shilling (ft^- Barnum is carrying all before, him at the Ameri" can Museum. The fact is, the public liBve made up their minds, that the best,most quiet, orderly, chaste ami talented variety of amusements ever offered lor two shillings, is found there, and they consequently turn out en masse. While the thea res are deserted, and other placas of amusement are in a state oT stagnation, the American Msseum continues lull?crowded?overflowing. All who visit there, go away delighted, and send their friends. There's nothing like giving the public the full w orth of their money. On Wednesday neat, there will be a grand gala day, anil many extra performances, for the benefit of Miss Hood. W?- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?TM Collegeof Medicine and I'harmacv. established for the Hup prr*sionof QunckiTv, beg to inform h!1 person* desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum of one dollar, with a statement of their esse, they will be (applied with one dollar'* worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of a Ivice containing lull direction* a* to diet, regimen, lie. All letteri mint be pott paid. Addiess Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, f*7 N assail atreet, N. V. The ConcLTitin Physici** is daily in attendance at the privnte consulting room* of the college. Hour* Irom 10 till -J o'clock HurgiC \L Cases The Collrok have also engaged the (ervlcei of one of the mod distinguished 0|s-rnlive Surgeons in New Vork, and are therefore prepared to receive and treat aurgical cam *. Squinting,cataract, and all diteaiei of the eye requiring an operation, -stricture of the utethra, -calculi it. the bladder,?clubfoot,?di*?a*?a ol tne joint*, an I ol the spine, a ill he particularly attended to. The fee* will he extremely moderate Patient* who so desire,will he visited at their own houses after operation. By oruer of the ? ollege, W. S. rtlf'IlAllDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) otfice ol the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, !>7 Nassau *t. New York, Qr>- WHO WOI LI) WKAIl A Wlfl WIIKN A BALM can lie procured at *1 Maiden lane, that will cause a new growth of hair to grow in a -hort time, even should the person have been hald for year*. Persons of the highest standing can he referred io in thi* city, who had been hald for years, and had their liHir restored hy the genuine Oldiidge's Halm ol tloltimbia. It Irces the heads ol infants Irom scut|, and helps the hair to curl beautifully, impartiug i glossiness u In, iiu uii can do ; it contains nothing ol an oily nature, but invigorates the root*, and grey or dead hair* will not appear under the constant use ot this delightful article. No lady's toil t should be made without the help of thi* halm. In cousi quence of the counterfeits, it can be obtained only at 71 Maiden lane. I SARSATAR1LLA, SASSAFRAS AND QINTIAN.?The virtues of these article* in purifying the blood,removing vitiated secretions, and restoring the one of the ?y*tem when debilitated by disease or mercury are strongly insisted on by the best medical authorities 'The celebrated "Extract" sold by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ucompounded of these medicinal roots, and is therefore infinitely superior to the mixtures of spurious SarsaparilU and Liquorice, to which mercury is ad dud to strengthen them, which are sold under the name of "Extract ol Sarsaparilla." The "Extract* sold by the Co liege will soon supercede these useless and and inert preparations The immense sale ol this article has given the members ol the College the greeted eucouragemen , and they can now have uo doubt that the sale of their genuine an 1 shillully Cotn|>ouiided medicines will soon put an end to tin-vending ol secret nostrums and deadly "infallible remeiliiHie Extract ol's?arsaparilla is sold atTftcents per bottle Si\ bottles in a case frJ.60, t waive iio $6. W- S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal otlice of the College 97 Nassau St. (B7- UV KK.ll.L AN D A IC ' l" I, ARIL'S?Tuesday, November 1st, at 10J o'clock, at 490 Pearl street. Sheriffs Sale?A quantity of Collins, mahogany and lumber. Wednesday, Novembers, at 11 o'clock, at loot of Watts street, Sherill's Sale?The sloops Wasp and Washington, of Troy, with their tackle and apparel. ?7-A THIEF CAUGHT.?Several very dangerous enemies to health are every day arrested by the use of Dr. Sherman's cough, worm, camphor or cathartic lozenges and poor man's plasters. No person need complain of worms, colds, dyspepsia, headache or rheumatic com. plaints, when Sherman's medicines are to be had. lOti Nassau street is the warehouse of the Doctor. Agents, 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. 6(7" BROTHER JONATHAN.?This week's Jonathan will contain a choice selection of literary matter from the European magazines lor October, besides its usual variety of good tilings. Among the contents will be found : The Commissioner, (chapter 61) an amusing novelette, by the author of " Diary of a Loudon Physician." Legend of Ripley llall ? a high-wrought tale, from Blackwood'.s Edinburgh Magazine. Tli< Widow Fairlop?a pathetic story, by Master Slender. Nuts for Meat-eaters?from Bentley. The One Thing Needful?from Auisworth's Magazine. My Old Messmate?by Jonathan Oldjunk, Esq , R. N.? Iromthe United Service Journal. The Two Tassports, or the Artisan ol Subia?from the Draftings and Dreamings of Georga Hobdeuthwaite Snogby, in the Dublin University Magazine. The Convalescent?an Essay, by Charles Lamb. Poetrry?" The Song of <October;" "The Wanderer Jo her child," itc. Engravings?Virginia Waters in Windsor Park; Stone to William Rulus. > Notice ol Pulfer Hopkins, a hew-American novel, by C. Mathews, Esq , which is to be published in an extra uounie urotner Jonathan in about ten days Editorials upon passing subjects?literary notices?news of the week?money and business matters, See. Sec. Single copies lor sale at the office, 102 Nassau st.?price 5 cents?subscription $3 per annum. Just Published?" I'hincas Quiddy," anovel.by J Poole, Esq , author of " Paul Pry," " Little Pedlingtou," and other humerous works. Price 121 cents, or ten copies for one dollar. WILSON Si COMPANY, Publishers. 162 Nassau street, N. Y. 0(7-MORE ASTONISHING THAN EVER ARE the effects of Dr Covert's Balm of Life, as the following certificate will show; this medicine lor asthma,croup, con. sumption, bronchitis, dyspepsia, Sic. is not equalled by any medicine beiore the public :? [From the Rev. Mr. Kent.] Ntw York, April 15th, 1842. To the Rev. I. Covert : ? Dear Sir,?Permit me to return you my most heartfelt thanks for the benefit, which under divine providence,! have received from your " Balm of Life." 1 have been laboring for several years under a complaint ol the lungs, which the best of medical attendance has been unable to remove But by taking three bottles of your medicine, my health has been so much improved, that 1 have no doubt of a complete cure, and on that account I most cheerlully recommend it to the public. Yourstiuly, .')! Mott street. JAMES G. KENT. Office for the sale, wholesale and retail of Covert's Balin of Life, Fleming's highly medicated Worm Diarrha-a, Dinner and Cathartic Candies, Humphrey's Pile Ointment, Phelps Tomato Pills, Cooper's celebrated Corn Salve, at 135 Nassau street, under Clinton Hall. fKT- THE LAST WORDS OF DR. CHANNING.? THE NEW WORLD, OF SATURDAY, October 20, will possess a special interest in containing, I. The Last Discourse of Wm, Ellery Channing, delivered at Lenox, Mass.,on the Istol August last. II. Journal of a Polish Lady, continued, being a most interesting history of the manners, customs, Sic of the Poles eighty years ago. We recommend every lady to read it who wishes a knowledge of life among the high Horn James and damsels ol patriotic Poland. III. Handy Andy?The en'irc October part of this curious Irish romance of fun and frolic. IV. Riplev Hall, an admirable story f.on Blackwood's Magazine for October. V. The Painter, an original sketch ; Original Poetry, New York Fountains, Clark's Gallery of Paintings -J81 Broadway; Musical Matters in New York, Kditorials, Varieties, Patch work, Stc. Stc. Terms?Three dollars a year ; single copies 6j cents. Strangers are invited to call and subscribe, and also examine our list ot ' Books for the People,"' embracing all the new and valuable Slondard Works, Romances, Travels, itc, at prices ranging Irom r.'j to 'id cents. Office 3D Ann street, near Nassau. (try- EXTRACT OF A LETTER TO A GENTLEman in this city, dated Copenhagen Sept. 8, 1S41.?Before closing this long letter dear B , I have a little commissson which I wish you to perform for me ; the winter climate here is, if anything, more injurious to weak constitutions than our own New Englauil or New York You know that when we war* at Harvard College, 1 was iorced to he particularly cautious in winter respecting my health, 1 have now to be more so. Some ten days since a Mr. Powell, of Philadelphia, passed through here us a winding up of the grand tour, and in one or two days acquaintance, noticing mv slight cough, gave me a small bundle of candy , w hich he said w as the best thing in the w orld for a cold, and more than all, he ha 1 brought it from our native land. 1 used it, and must say that it took away my cold completely. The envelope was labelled " John P'hsc& Son, 45 Division street, New York." I wish you to get me some ten or fifteen pounds of it, and send it to our friend Wilson, of Liverpool, by one ol the steamers, and he will see that it reaches me. Do not fail of this. The ?;entlemaa to whom the above letter was directed, has uUilled his order, and purchased his candy. {&- THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE Thuatficacy of this new and agreea'sle remedy in all cases of discharge from the urethra is now well known. Cases of many months standing, have been effectually cured in a few days. Price only 50 cents per bottle. This medicine is also put up in the form ot pill* for those unwilling to take mixtures. Price50 censt per box. Chests (for patients at a distance) with full directions, and a quantity of medicine, Stc. guaranteed to cure. Price $3. Sold at the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassou st. ACROSTIC ON WOMAN. Checks rosy, breast heaving, and nvck snowy white. Hearts of stone, hearts of man, sure must leap at the sight, E'en her beautiful eyes like ' the star of the night," More brilliant than rubies, aye brighter than bright. In her face health is beaming, the bloom on her cheek, Clear, transparent, such beauty an angel might seek, And seek too in vain, unless some bright hope Low whispers, the Italian Chemical Soap. Such beauty is open to all; the old look with hope, O. can you refuse lifty cents for a cake, of this soap; All hoinliness leaves'you, your face, arms, and neck will be fair, Pure white, healthy red, as Adams or Venus could vr*r. Thi? Italian Chemical Soap is the most perfect offspring of medical science in clearing discolored skin, and curing eruptions. The medical council of Paris certify that it changes the color of dark, sunburnt, or yallow akin to a fine healthy clearness, cures pimples, freckles, sunburn, salt rheum, scurvy, erysipelas, ring worm, morphew, tan, kc. It is sold lor SO cents a cake by T. Jones, sign of the American K.agle, Si Chatham street, N V-; Rwdiiig, 8 State street, Boston; 87 Dock street. Philadelphia; or 1.19 Fulton street, Brooklyn. (01- " THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE," as its name imports, is a valuable remedy, extsn sively used in the Hospitals of Paris, in all cases of debility and disease, resulting Irom Syphilis. In a great number of cases under the treatment ot the (. ollege of Medicine and Pharmacy, the excellence of this invaluable preparation h is been"Inlly established Ulcers ol the throat, nodes, and cutaneous eruptions are cured by it, and all taint of itisense removed from the system. Sold in lwttles at $1 a *1, each case with half a ?lo/en bottles are put tip for the convenience of those at a distance?Price $.V QrT" ALL PERSONS WHO HAVE READ THE AKfidivits. certificates, letters, recommendations, references, Sic. which have been published in this paper concerning the very extraordinary cures accomplished by Dr. Wheeler, in his practice as an Oculist, will readily admit that no further evidences are wanting, as to his superior skill and infinite success. Still, however, for the purpose of carrying out the promise made in the papers a few days since, we give the following additional certificate, and shall (roni time to time continue to publish the letters, 8ic., of grateful patients, until all the world shall Ira convinced of the truth ol that which we ha\e alleged respecting him : ? City and County ol New York, ss. Mr. S.Cady,P5 High street, Providence, llhodc Island, being duly sworn, s?j s that he was totally blind in his left eye lor nine years ; the cause of the blindness was cataract ; that he applied to Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Greenwich street who (hv III! oner.ition attended bv verv little pain anil inconvenience, and without danger) has perfectly restored his flight. Under such circumstances, lie feels it his duty to state his gratitude to the Doctor for the inestimable benefit which his skill has conferred ui>on him. 8. CADY. Sworn before me, thiad&th day of April, 1843. GEORGE IRELAND, Jr., < orn. Deeds, 7 Nassau st. Arrivals, Astor Horsv..?Wm. Van F.mbngh, New York , Fred'k Nelson, Lockport ; Mr. Carroll; T. Gray, Boston, J. McGregor,do; J. T. Dana, do; Wm. II. Townsend and lady, Greenhnsh; John C. Montgomeria, Philadelphia; A. I,, Richardson, Wm.Rice, New Orleans; W. S. Appleton, Boston; Miss Appleton, do; O. W. Hallett, Providence; Lyman Towle and lady, Boston; John N. Rue; J. L Van Schoonhoven, Troy ; I. O Richmond, Lowell; Mr. Bates, Jr, Boston; E. Cornelius, do; Benj. W. Stone," Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Saml. I nwrence, Lowell; Miss Turnhull, Washington; Dr. Marsh. Fairfield, Ct; John B. Borst nnd lady. Montgomery; PaulAlden, Boston; Wm. Frost,do; F.. Frost, do; M L. Schoolcraft, Albany, Judge Woodworth, Hyde Park; Joseph A. Clay, Philadelphia; Mr. Chapman, do; .1??. II Grant, Richmond, Va; R.Robinson, do; W. B. S. Horry, Charleston: Mis. Horry, do; G. H. White, V. S N; D. R. Lambert, U. S. Navy; Mr. Todd, Uoston; Mr. Seymour, Peeks kill; Col. Van Cortlandt, do; Mr. and Mrs. IJurnnd, London; Billings, New London; John N. Watson, Praltskill; Thos. Lloyd, F.ngland; Capt. M Harrison, Canada; Mr. Gill, Philadelphia; Robert Mitchell, Poughkeepsic. I

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