November 9, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

November 9, 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

CLEAN DRY SUGAR, THREE SHILLINGS for seven pounds , rtne flavored St. Domingo Cotlee, burnt and ground, for one shilling per pound ; beautiful high flavored, light drawing Young Hyson Tea for six shillings i?er |muud. This tea will recommend itself when used . light lamp oil, that burns well, five shillings per gallon ; pure sperm oil that will burn as long as there is a drop in the lamp and give a beautiful light, for seven shillings per gallon. BENJAMIN ALBRO, No. l ib Division, corner of Allen street. ?7- REMEMBER THAT YOU HAZARD YOUR lile by neglecting your coughs and colds. Dr. J. Covert's Balm of Life is u certain remedy lor coughs, colds, consumption, bronchitis, dyspepsia, asthma, croop, whooping cough, Sir., if taken in season, and none need despair of a radical cure, if they apply this remedy in time. Dr. Covert's certificates from physicians of the highest reputation, clergy man and others, are overwhelming proof of the good effects of this medicine, and we say again to the public, though you may have been imposed on by nostrum venders until confidence is nearly exhausted, still we advise you to make one more effort to restore lost health, and make trial of Dr. J. Covert's Balm of Life. Many who had lost all confidence, have, by purchasing a tiottle of this medicine, been restored to good health. Dr. Covert's office for the sale of Covert s Balm of Lile, Fleming's Medicated Worm Diarrhoea, Dinner and Carthatic Candies, Humphries* Pile Ointment, Phelps'Tomato rxt.._ .> _ . .? . 1 V- v-ov*.,,! 1'iirn ttnlun in 1 IA i in*, :sir Asuey .?... ' n., ! ? Nassau (treat. 0(7- HOW TRUE ARK THE WORDS OK THE intelligent Dr. Harvey when he says, " By what unaccountable perversity in our nature does it appear that we do set ourselves in much aga'inst anything that ii new 1" In this enlightened age, however, men begin to see th t they have already sacrificed too much of their comfort by adhering to dogged old customs and rules. Lord Bacon proposed to the world his new mode of reasoning by the induction of facts. This as well as other philosophising has visibly benefitted science generally ; alula desire to lay the foundation of experiment by the observation of facts seem to fix the attention of keen and accurate obser ' vers. The question then before us is, w hether is an oily compound, or a spiritous extract, the most beneficial in restoring and preserving the hair f Ask your physician, and if he is a candid man, he will answer'thut he liad not as vet given himself much trouble about it. Ask your hairdresser,?ha is the practical man. But, men of common sense, ask yourselves, and if you have not as yet used Old ridge's Balm ol Columbia, a Spirituous Extract,the best article of the kind ever offered to the public, try it, and reason with yourselves. Bee advertisement. At 71 Maiden Lane, where the Balm may he had. 0(7- WE ADVISE COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND struugers now in the city to call at 100 Nassau strent, opiiosit the "Herald Btiiidings," and purchase Ring's ceebrated Verbena Cream lor shaving. The great improvement in its manufacture by the present proprietor, Kobt. Sinclair, rend u s it unquestionably the hestseaving compound, beside* the most economical ever presented to the public. The thousands who daily use it declare that shaving with it is a perfect luxury, magnetism in the first degree. Be careful anil observe the writtan signature of" P. Sinclair, proprietor." 0(7- MR. GEORGE PIERCE, THE FAMOUS Kitclien Range Manufacturer, in Fulton street, says he thought nothing could heat his Ranges till he tried Sherman's Cough Lo/enges. and they ceitainly are the greatest medicine in use. They cured him in a few hours of a most distressing cough. He has known many who have used Sherman's lozenges for headache, sra-sickness, Sic., and always with success. Dr. Sherman's ware home is at loo Nassau street. Agents, 4 atanwix Hall, Albany, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila. {tr?- CHILLS AND FEVERS?This vexatious complaint, like nil others, is caused bv the impurity of the blood. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills area certain cure for fever anil ague, besause they purge from tho body those bilious humours which are the cause not only of ail kinds of levers, but of every malady incident to man. From four to six ol said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken six hours preceding every chill, will, in a short time, subdue the most obstinate attack of chills and fever, at the same time the digestive organs will be restored to a healthy tone, and the body so completely invigorated, that lever and ague, or iudced any other malady, will be in a manner impossible. Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of the medicine, wholesale aad retail, -488 Greenwich street, New York, 103 Tremont street, Boston; and lf>9 Race street, Philadelphia. (KJb " THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE," is guaranteed to cure all forms of secondary syphilis. Patients affected with pains in^the bones, cutaneous eruptions, sore throat, and every other symptom indicative ot the existence of venereal taint, should use this specific without delay. Sold in bottles at $1 each. In cases of half a dozen bottles, $6, (forwarded to any address.) W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College, 97 Nassau street. General Print I ug?Hooka?Pamphlet* Cards?Ullls, Ac. To the Itiislncss Public. Having now nearly completed one of the most splendid GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized in this city, we are ready to print bonks, pamphlets, cards, hills, an I all kinds of useful and elegant printing, on the most moderate terms, and for cash pa> ments. This office we have fitted up at n great expense?in types, presses, and materials of all kinds. We have alrea Jy executed work to the amount of several thousands of dollars, end are still husy printing some of the most beantitul articles ever issued from the press. A Lady's Maga vine,called the "Artist," is printed in this office, and it is acknowledged to he the most beautifully printed magazine in the country. The beautiful typography of the New York Laxcet is well known. All applications lor printing will be made to Mr. Joseph Elliott, the Manager, at the office of the Herald?or up stairs in the printing office, entrance at 97 Nassau street. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, trorriktor or the Herald Gexf.ral l'sisnso Office, North West Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. New York, 20th Sept., 1942. MONK V MAKKKT. Tuesday, Nov. V?O P. 1)1, The excitement of the elections and the inclemency of the weather, have not improved the appearance of the markets. The sales at the stock hoard were to the usual extent, with a little better feeling in relation to prices. Ohio State ti per cents rosi 1J per centover the last sale. Kentucky 6's j; New York State 5's of 1958 }; Atoningtnn J There was no change in Harlem, notwithstanding the efforts of the stock jobbers to sustain the price, with the view of saddling innocent third parties with a worthless stock. They will, however, not succeed in getting clear of the stock before the road dies a natural death. Sales of Treasury notes were made to-day Ol tor trill, (It,, irtforucl TI... .lttttt tn.l f,tr ll,..trt fttr reasons glanced at yesterday, has fallen off, and the decline in the customs lessens the application of them in that quarter; should they fall to a discount so as to make them available in the discharge of dues to the government, the whole revenue now collected would not absorb many of them. A western paper, in copying an article from this paper, on the indebtedness of the State of Illinois, remarks that we were in error in stating that thnt State was one of the first to repudiate. We are pleased too sec this desire to cast oil' the odium of repudiation. It looks like a return to better things ; but the statement is nevertheless true. In the early part of the session of 1810, the Illinois Legislature actually passed resolutions repudiating a large portion of her debt, and it was not until three day s afterwards that those resolutions were re-considered and rescinded, on the representation of certain of the members in relation to the disgrace which would attend them. Sorry are we to record that the spirit of those resolutions has, up to this time, actuated the people of that and some other,States. We trust, however, that at the coming session something will be paid. A new counterfeit has made its appearance at St. Louis, and is thus described:? " The note before us is of tha denomination of $10, on the mother bank; bears date on the 1st of July, 1838, letter B, No. and is remarkably well executed, both as retards the engraving and the tilling up. The points in which it differs, are.tbat the paper has a hluei*A cast, and is much thinner thanfthn' of the genuine?the signatures are neurer the lowrifclinc of the note?tha note is slightly shorter than the genuine, and the cast of the hea I of Oi'n. JacUaon in th.. Inu . r riflit liun.l rnmiT !? darker. Upon the whole', close inspection will he necessary to detect the counterfeit from the genuine notes." A party paper recently headed an'article with the following :? Our coatling Irnde has quadrupled within the last 15 Tears?this is owing to the Protection giv en to it by the laws of the country. The sagacity of this remark is wonderful The increasing of the coasting trade, that is the transporting of the produce, manufactures and goods, of one section to another, has quadrupled entirely, in consequence of the protective law$ of Congress. No doubt those laws would have produced the same result if the quantity of those articles praduced and transported hail remained stationary or been annihilated. Kof instance, the cotton crop increased Irom 700,IS)0 bales in lw,29, to 2,000,000 hales in 1940. Was it not a wonderfully sagacious law that made three times as much tonnage necessary to carry the crop of 1940 as that of I919 I The foreign imports of l-.ltiwere sk 190,000.urn, those of 1940, $ I'28,000,009 ; a judicious law would probably have made as much tonn.ige necessary to bring the last amount as the former. Such are the shallow tricks of the advocates < f taxation and protection to the nabobs at the expense of the people. The accounting officers of the Treasury have adjusted the accounts of the States and Territories under the dis tribution law. The amount to be divided is *502. 144. es elusive of the ten per cent. According to tho law thorp in to bo deducted tho expenses of collection, surveying, salaried, tk.c., ami the ttve per centum of the new States. Vrotn the remainder is to be deducted 10 per cent of tho amount sohl within thp limits of each of the following States Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan. The sum of this 10 per cent is to be given to each of the Statos named, and the balunce of the w hole is then to be divided pro rata among all the States and Territories according to their federal representation. In our article nl June'id, we calculated from data then in our possession, the amount coming to each State, as lotlows. The quan^ tity of land aold in each ot the States named *u nearly I ai follows:? Jicrtt. I'alue. 10 prr ct. Ohio. 7.1,000 94.006 9 400 Indiana, 104.100 130, #20 13.66V Illinois. ?.0?0 36.210 3 621 Al.bsins, 49.000 01.216 6,121 Missoail, 77.100 96.071 9.607 Mississippi, M.WO 37. .00 3,716 I.ouiaisDa, 9.000 3.710 371 Atkausas. 2.0011 2.100 210 Michigan, 21,000 36.210 2.621 Toul teres, 391.000 <400 971 40,097 Hue allow <1(10,000 for the expenses of collection, and the original ft per rent, to which each State it entitled by the terms of admission into the Union, there remains <6(10.(100 Irom which this 10 per cent is to be deducted, which leaves ifttitl 103 ? he a >v.o aiaio* Thi? will entitle each to the following ?ura :? Estimatko Aaoi st to hk Rkckitco m Each Statu t voir tiii: DiiTaini'TioN Law, Ji'i t I, 1842. No.qf Rrj>%. Rati* of Id rev. UprlptrbiU. Total. Vermont, J H,87j 11,875 Main'. 8 19,1101 19,000 New Hvmpsbire. 5 tl,?75 11.?75 Mut.irhiiir(M, II 18,500 28,500 Rhode Island, I 4,750 4.750 Connecticut, 6 14,250 11,250 New York, 40 95.00O 95,000 New Jersey, 6 14,250 14,250 Pennsylvania, 28 GO. 420 GG, 120 Delaware, I 2,378 '.',375 Maryland, 8 19, ooo 19,000 Vireidie, 21 49,875 49,875 North Carolina, 13 30,875 30,074 South Carolina, 9 21,375 21,335 Georgia. 9 21,375 21,375 Alabama. 5 11,875 6,125 18.000 Mississippi, 2 4,750 3,756 8.506 Louisiana, 3 7,125 375 7,500 Arkansas, 1 2,375 250 2,925 Tennessee, 13 30 875 30,875 Kentucky, 13 30,875 30,875 Ohio. 19 45,500 9,400 54,900 Michigan, 1 2.J75 2.625 5,000 ludiaua, 7 16.675 13,062 29,687 Illinois, 3 7,125 3,625 10,750 Missouri, 2 4,750 9,687 14,137 Florida, 1 2,375 2,375 VVisconstn, 1 2,37 5 2,375 Iowa, 1 2,375 2,375 235 $569,870 $618,767 This, it will be seen, is within $7,000 of the amount now declared, and the proportions are therefore nearly correct. These moneys being the proceeds of the lands, were, according to law, to revert to the Treasury whenever the tarill'should be raised above the twenty per cent duty of the compromise act, which came into full operation on the 1st of July. This first instalment of moneys due the States has accrued without any such intervention, and must, therefore, be paid over. Some of the States have, indeed, very justly refused to receive their proportion, being unwilling to become parties to such a public robbery and national disgrace. The other States will, however, eagerly seize their shares. The question then arises, how is the Treasury to pay it? The probability is, that it cannot, and the failure of the Federal government may be the result oi this progeny of the extra session. The only way by which it can be met is by the issue of treasury notes. The officers appointed by some ol the States to receive it have long been in attendance at Washington, and their expenses, especially for the small States, will consume the whole. The result shows, however, what a farce is the distribution ojf the public lands as a measure of relief to States owing ('240,000,000 in the aggregate. Sales at the Stock Exchange, lfioo Treasury notes, 100 160 ahaj Syra. It Uttca, lot 5000 NY 8rate7>s.l848 bCO 101 10 Bos. St Pro*. IIR 85 8600 do 5's, If58 82V 50 Harlem R R 15V 1200 do do do 82?? 10 New Jerser CSV 2000 'Ihio 6's, 1860, K9>J 10 do do 65 1000 Kentucky 6's 76 100 Paterson R R 48 20 sh* Mechanics'Bk 58 75 Slonington 15V 8 Bk Commerce, full 82 25 do 15?? 17 do scrip, s3 90 25 do 15V 25 Utica and Scheu. 115 Second Board. 15shas Mutual Ins. 90 State of Trade. The inclemencv of the weather, and the nendinc alec. tions, have prevented much animation in out-door business to-day. OiVs.?Linseed Oil sells at 98 a 90c, cash; Sperms at 70 cts. for summer, and 90cts for winter; Lard Oil, 69 a "Octs, Olive in pipes, 75cts. Provision*.?New Beef, of mess, sales at $6,75 to $7; prime at $0,1-2} a 3,37}. No alteration in Pork. Ohio mess at $3,44 a 60; prime at 9,37} to 44. Liquors.?Brandy, A Seignette, at 156 cts. Wolfs Swan (Jin. at 112} cts; Irish Whiskey, at 165 a 226 cts; Whiskey at 19} a 20} cts gall. Wines, dry Malaga, so.d at 33 cents; sweet, at 35 cts. Naral Slores.?North county Turpentine, at $2,75. Tar is 137} cts. Spirits Turpentine, 38 cts lor Southern, and 40 cts for city. Msirrled, At Paris, on the 27th September, by the Mayor of the 5th District of Paris, and afterwards at the Church of St. Lawrence, Mr. William Chase Barxet, of Baltimore, to Mademoiselle Marie Felicitc Lc Petit, of Pairis. Died, On the stii inst. after a short and painful illness, Mart, only daughter of Richard and Jane Cunningham, aged 11 years and six months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from tha residence of her father, corner ofRivington and Lewis streets, this day, Nov. 9th, at half past 3 o'clock. / On the 7th instant, suddenly, Johx Cores, in the 38th year of his age. On the 7th instant, Thomas Farrell, in the 64th year of his age. On the 5th inst. alter a short illness, Catharike Healt, widow of Ezra llealy, in the 48th year of her age. Passengers Arrived. Charlestox?Brie Tyh?e?W Ferguson and lady, Mm L Haydeu, L Bland, W I) Meiges?2 in the ilrerage. Domestic Importation*. Ch??li?toi??Brig Tyber?62 tea r,ce Smith, Mills fct co? 257 hsles cotton Spofford, Tilestnu It co?50 Hicks It ca?66 Boyd It Hincken?200 C M Luff?142 hides to order. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Masters and Agent*. VVr shall esteem tt a favor, if captains ol vessels will gi?e to Commodore William A. Bassett, of onr news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a liar of their cargo, end euy foreign newspapers they may have. He wiii hoard them immediately on their arrival Agents and correspondents at home or abroad, will aim confer a favor by sending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, MOV. 0, 1843. n-n rises 7 1 I Moon II 20 n 59 I mow waTCK 12 II Cleared. Ship Troy, Hill, New Orleans, J Macy St Son.?Berime B.uringtnn. Barstow, do, John Ogilen.?Brig Daphne, (Br) lug iMm, Hililaa, A J Penniston.?Schrs (.Jolleetnr, (Br) Front, Mnntego Bsy, Js. Geo Miln: Helen, [,rwrenrr, Key West, S W Lewie, St Deuys, Post, Mobile, W W Hrsu. ArrlTml. Baiune Charles William, Katiur, (of Thnmaston) 25 Hays fm N? w Orleans, with molasses, to Nesmith, Leed. It Co. Brig Cordelia, Sherwood, 29 dayslrom Malaga, with fruit, to Peter Harmony. Vessels lelt before reported. Brig Tybee, Ogden, II days from Chaileston, with cottou, to G?o. Btilkley. British brig F.rlipse, Dunean, 7 days from Baltimore, in ballast,to Soule, Whitney & Co. Spanish srhr Anna Kliza, Pocetier, 70 days from Maracaiho, bound to Boston?put in in distress, to repair rigging, Dec. Schr J. W. Kem^tou, Oaborn, 4 days from Norfolk, wi#i mdse, to Sturges it Meatman. Sailed in do. with schrs Bergen and Millicent, for NYork. Below. One ship, two brigs. Wind NNW. Herald Marine Correspondence. Oniric or the Rhode Islswdf.i, > Newport, Nov 7, 1842. S Arr 5th, Hita'co, of Belfast, Clarke, from Portland Oct 12, fo Km Janeiro, put in in distress?cargo of ice. pears, apples and lumber.^ On the 2l?t lilt, lat 39, Ion 53, eiiienenced a heavy gale from SK. which lasted about 3 hours?lost fore and main topsail, foresail, fore topgallant mast, spanker, msiu royal, nuartrr Ivoat. main vnrd. and r?Miml other damage?will repair. ArrCih, Holder Bordrn, Fall River for Pacific Ocean; Rietizi, Durfee. and Thiee Brotl era. Heath NYork (or Providence; I > iioi'-cu, umwn, ran niver mr r* Kim. Sid 7th, Holder Borden, and I H Borden. General Record. Arrival*, lt< . at Charlhtoi*.?Harbor .M?trr'? Report n rOct. 1812:? Arrival*?21 ahipa, 10 banjaee, II brig*. 12 icliri, 3 sloope, 43 steamboat*. Clearance*?13 ahipa, 2 barques, It brig*, 23 ?rhii, 2 iloops, 43 steamboats. In |?>rt, 31 at |ult.?23 ships, II barques, 18 brigs, 23 schrs, 4 boat*. Whalemen. At Rio Janeiro Sept 12.tMinerva, Horton, of New Bedford, 4 mot out, with 40 bills apm oil?put in to ahip men in place of deserters. At Me of France July 13, Elisabeth, Batea, Mattapoiaett, 300 bbla oil. On Off Shore Ground, in March, Favorite, Young, FH.with 800 bbla oil, bound to NW Coaat. Off New Holl md, iu May, Arab, Wnghtington, KH. 1300 bbla wh and 400 ap on board?arnt home 200 ap. Spoken. Orion, from rhiladrlplii i for Boston, Nil* 7, off Cape May. Rival, Philadelphia lor Calai , No* 7. off ( ape May. Iiaar Franklin, Cape* of Virginia for Boaton, No* 6, off Cane M?y. Sun, B illon for Baltimore, No* 3, off Bamegat. Tecutnaeh, Boaton for PhiUdelphia, 6ib inat. off Egg Harbor. i .'0, 'Ufa* for Ruenoa Ayrea, 4th inat. off Mnntauk. Mainl ' ho, NB. for Rio de Janeiro, 3d inat. off Block Republic, Richmond for Newport, 4th inat. off Montauk. Anile, Savannah for Boaton, 3d inat. off Block Island. \i' . , r' Halifai for New Orleana, lat inat off &"f\r?rUr?on1fc r,!r Philadelphia, M iiut. off Montauk. Madrid, lor Npw York, 2d inat 1*132 47 Ion 7??had been laying to lor arveu d*ya. Foreign Porta. St JoHf , SB, Oct 31?Arr Hindoo, Hugh**, Carnarvon; Eylie, Alitn. Eaatport; k idelia Small, NYork; Odeaaa.Vauithaii Dublin: Driao lour, Sliyo; Victoria, Mearna. Shield*. Below, one aliip. I-Id 24th, II*treat, Allan, Aberdeen; p I Nerina. HtirUuey. Baltimore; Edward I'rebl*. Pettm.ill, Kaatport; rth, Aum ? Si A Mil, Ml r arlaur Newry; f .a mien*, Baird, Alloa; No .holaoo, rendleton. Carliale; liar, Dolplnn, Hulliran Newrv ( dentin, McKin.cH, Cork Y' Home Porta. Mantua Port. Oct 22?Arr North America, Richardaon, N York Snl 3DiIt Cyprna. Sawyer, do. UncatPORT, Nor 2?Sltl Gitrllf, Stuhha, NYork. Hisijor, .Nor 3?Old Ellen Perkina, (Iil|ialrick,Weai Indira. I'oaTl.asn, .Nor t?Hid, (new, 300 tona. of Krreport) Goodrich, Mobile; John Bronwer, Sutton, do; Pioneer. Po.TaMotJTM, No* 2?Arr l.alayette, Samiiaon, Richmond Sid lit, Kranconia; Vetnia, Thompaon, Mobile. Hart rmii.t., previona to Nof J?Ait St TliomM, Philadel' Hai.t M, Nov 4?Old Vintage, Phtpnt, Montevidea. ; Sid 3d, (III. Dnnlap, ? an* de Varda and Africa. 1 Boitoh, Not 7?Cld Fradenck, (lata of Duibnry) Btmmoua, NOrlrans; Jth, Gardiner, Bradatreet.Bath, with her inward r*rt". Frances Hallrtt, Rogers Mobile: Abbott Lawrence Faulkliu. and Lewis Bruce, stndley. NYork. UllCttaTtt, No* 3? Ait Turk. NYork for Poruinriuth. Pltmoi'TH. No* J? Arr Constitution Allrn. New York; 3d, Lafayette. Averv. NOrteans Shi Mr.lium, Hani. u. Norfolk. Oct IS. Liutict, Bartlett, Philadelphia New Brorono, No* 4?Shi Kliia Nicholl, Baker, Baltimore; 3d. NonpareiL Pope, Wilimugton, N<*. Arr illi, Krie, Ellis. NYork; 6th, Volant, Albauy. Hrimil, Nor 4?In port, Renown, Grecian, Oscar, Keesidc, and Leitngton, New \ ,.rk lor Boaton; Orleans, Mtralon. for do. . KpatlTawa, No* 4?Are Lincoln, and Forest. Oilcliriat, fm NYork for Boston; Naucv Finlev, do for Nantucket. Pbovipilhoi, Nov V?Arr Rhode Island. Hull, NYork: Juno, Brown, do; Kth, Gem, Desbrow, Albany. Bid James L Long, Hawkina, N'Yoik. Clktelskd, No* 4?Ar? Napoleon, M*Cellum, Oswego; Ontario, Tuttl. , do; Crooks, Welch, do; Trenton, Mcintosh, do. Alhauv, Malon, do; NL lYiana. Pierce, do; Richards. Fiaser. St Clair; Buckuor, Davison, Sanduskv; Baldwin. Sweet, Buffalo; Prince Rural, Boylrn, Port Stanley. ('Id Bucknnr, Daviaon. Buffalo; Lucin'a. Burdick. do: 4'orwin. Burn*, do: ('rook, Welch, Oswego; CIyile, Davis, Kington, K Ontario, Bain. Kowen. Philadelphia, Not ?Arr Hornier. How land, Porto Caballo; Oneco, Bates New ?r<l Albany, Mart, md Middletei N ^ rU ci.) Otioi. Da Wolfe, Ronton; Eawliat, Nichols. oo; Edwtra ICtlk AfeBli do; Plato, Preaay. Salem. Hit al, Clark. Calais; S,;inr?- At II rot he ii, St .-e I man, PfOf idtMC j Mary It Kliza, Nichols, NYork. Arr in the Schuvlkill, Oro Wheatou, Caatow, Providence: Lodi, Crowell, NYork; Wm Rowlatt, Ireland. ?I??; Denmark, Davit, do; Ktrior, ( ?r**vdo. CMAftLtiroN Not k?Arr Rot Roy Marah.Loodoti; Charts*, Low. Boston: Harriet Porter, Borden, Kingston, Jain, far Wilminglon, \C?hi .li ?t n st, b o hi^ f M.. IO iir?-.l i-"nt iiiii.iI gales ?l win. I from t he 26 th ult. during wine It, lost itnl | 111 s ?iU. r,uried away rigging Mkd y ards, and caused tht idtt 10 leak btfll) A)S0 arr. 11a met Smif h, Staid), HlVIOI f?T NYork, ID dkltTSSS ?3ist sk, Ut 29, Ion 71, nxporinaeod a fry lusty nil m wind fioin N L during which carried away l?.?tl? ma*ts clov ti) tin deOS, lost lit;, mihI rtttinf,Stove hul wsrkt, an * stltttiand "tlier damage. In tin- oiling. L unMsti r, Jefferson. Liverpool, and 1 brig. Below, aschr Cld Brother*. Nlivhrw, wld In dies. Sid An'je. (Dutch) Janklein, Havana; Havne, TvOSOOtt, Havana, kr. Arr 4th, Matador, (Brem) Ballaer. Breineu; Susan Taylor, Gnnnell, Blur Hill, Me. Arr 5th, Lancaster, (Br) Jr flferson, Liwrpo.d , Sutton, < rallowav, New York ; Brooklyn, Richordnon, do; Boris, Brags, do; AttelfeiiBt Cowry. Bovjnuda; Stranger. Black well, Newport, HI; Jamea 8c Lucy. Kcms, Now Bodford; Georgia. Nyo, Nowporl Bnlow,China, (Br) Liverpool. < 'M Laconia, Porter. Lin rpool;Hurvioi Rm hwell, Briar.1, Hull, Kng: < ervantes, Tufts, Boston. Sid Southport, Herbest, NYork; Perry, Thompson, do. Savannah, Nov 4?An Henry Leeds Mitchell. New York. The H. L. was bound to Charleston, ami was on Charleston Light on the S7th nit. but eonld mno pilot. On tin Bight of 30th ult John Carmaul, seaman, a native of Scotland, was lost overboard fioin the main topsail yard. The H. L has experienced severe sales, and was considerably damaged in sails and figging when iu about lat 32?being off Tvbee veaterdav morn. he took a pilot and came into onrTiaihor. Saw ten tail < f vea selt tO the southward, off the Bar. t Id Francouia, Crabrrre, Liverpool; American, Burgess, Mobile; China, Small. Providence. Mobile, Oct 31?Air Quluuebiug, Fulton, Bath; Exchange, Harm < New Orleans, Oct 30?Old Lucy Ann, Suow, Thomastoi.; Oneco, Butler, do; Elian, Kinney, do. WANTED?By a rcs|>ectahle votiug woman, a situation as nurse and seamstress. Apply at M Spring street. The best of city reference given. n9 lt*m SITUATION WANTED?By a competent per-oti to artas salesman in a wholesale or r. tail establishment of Watches Jewelry fcc. Also understands book keeping and watch re\>airitig H is been in business for tiimseif ten years and t peaks "ranch For particulars and references addrrss Box No. 712 Lower Post Offlce. Gentlemen's Horses taken ca of during the winteral a very reasonable rate. Apply at 58 Maiden Lane. u9 lm*r RAND VOCALAND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT ? Signor Kapetti respectfully informs his fiiends and the public that he will give a Concert on Tuesday next, November I.3th, at the Apollo, assisted by the principal talent now in thee tv. n1 "t re Mercantile library association?he mi^ftiers of this associstion who are excluded from the Ashhurtnn Dinner this evening, in conseuueuce of the hign price of tickets, are res|>ectfully invited to procure tickets for Ashhurton No. 2, to be served up at It's o'clock, P. M., iinincdmtelv after Aslibuiton No. 1. By order, W. P. JONES, 2nd., Chairman of Committee of Arrangement. P. S.?Tickets JO cents each, to be had at the door or of Chairman ofCommittr e. n9 lt*r AT EN I SON?Franklin Coffee House, Mi Maiden Lane and IJ v Cedar if.?Sope fine Bafdleaoi Venison will be drsased this day ami served up with Currant Jelly, at 30? cents per plate. Ready at 12 o'clock. n9 Iff JOHN P. BROWN. T^HOMAS JONES, accountant, 183 Broadway, resrectfully A announces that he haa commenced for the season to give evening instruction in Book-keeping,Penmanship and Cominrr cial Arithmetic. The many hundreds of > is former pupils wlio are now holdim? situations of the hnrhest resoousihilitv as clerks auii bookkeepers in ihii city, afford llir best possible teal for any enquiry aa to the merits of a ayatrm of iuatrnction which has grown out of many yea's of experience An adequate diligence under the course here pursued will secure to a student the ability to discharge all the duties of the desk in a masterly mannrr, and givehim a knowledge or accoun's such as is Teiy rarely attained through years of ei|>erience. Certificates of qualification are given when desired. TO PARENTS?Certains hours of the day are devoted to the instruction of a fe w young gentlemen who desire a thorough pre|iar*tion for business. Published and for sale by the author, "Jones's Principles and Practice of Book keeping," 8vo.. price 12s. This is the only American work on the subjrc- renriuted in Krgland. It is also adoptrd ill the first Academic Institutions in this city. n9 lm*r VTOTICE OF REMOVAL?The office of the "New York J.' Bank Note List" published by Charles, Mclntyre Is Co, is removed from No. 201 Broadway to No. 51 Wall street. Subscribers are informed that the Exchange business will be conducted ou the most advantageous 'errrs. CHARLES, MclNTYRE fc CO.. 51 Wall street. Wanlril-?lor which the highest rates will be paid, the billa of the Clinton Co Bank, Commercial Bank of Otsego, Commercial Bankef Buffalo, Bank of Lyons, Lewis Co. Bink r nd Watervlict Bank. Ii9 lt*r KITING T'AUOHT FOR $l.-\lr. DOLBKAVt, author of the "Science of Penmamnip,'' "Copy Books for Ladies,*' hr. lie., will give 12 lessons for SI, to lames w o take tick" ta weekly. Thia claaa ia formed for a particular pur|K>ae. An elegant hand ia taught. Rooms in Saint Luke's Scaoot Building, 374 Hudson st, comer Grove. Open lrom 4 to 5 P. M. Gentlemen's Class lor Penmanship, Book-keeping, Arithmetic, fcc. from 6X to 9 in the evening. Terms low. Enlrauce No. 1 Grove ?treet. n9 lt*r NUMBER Six Hundred and Thirty-line of the published letters sent to Dr. Wheeler, of No. 31 Greenwich street, concerning the succestlal results of his practice as an Oculist. ?To he continued. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, ) 33 Greenwich street. ) Nrw York, June 31st, 18?2. Dear Sir:? The great suffering I endured for some months from the Catarrhal Opthalmia, which had then blinded me.and csprcting I had lost the sight of both eyes for ever, that I am now at a loss to express my gratitude for the complete cure you have effected, especially as by other medical men ir had been considered a hopeless case. With great respect. I remain. Respectfully yours, MARTIN MEHRTENS, Li9r No I Elizabeth street. M STRAYED or stolen a Brmdle Greyhound, with marked cuts in one of his ears. A suitable reward will be paid to anyi>erson returning him to the subscriber. Any iiersou keeping him after this notice will be prosecuted. JOHN HE RDM AN. n9r til South street. "IXT'ATEK CASKS?200 WaterCsks,about 120 gallons each ? iron bound, iu good order, for sale low bv W. fc J. T. TAP9COTT, n'r 43 Peck Slip. dbK REWARD?Stolen or taken iu mistake, from the WesV'J tern Hotel, Courllandt at, ?u the morning of the 1st inst, aealisecontaining promissory notes drawn by Wm R Oould ing, payment of who h is stopped. Also some children's Truss Springs and linen articles. The above reward will be paid on delivery at Hull's Truss Com|>any, 4 Vesey st. n8 3t*rc T OST?Vralerdav, a amall |W|* ' parol CMUkIDC three let-Li ten addreaaed r?? different partiea in London. One of the lettera enrlnaed a Bill of Kichaiige draw n by Jacob Liltlr it Co., on Burin* Si Brithrri, London, for XIR. 16a. 4d. All |a raona arc cautioned .igiint' negotiating -aid In'l, and tlip liudpr will be liberally rewarded on leaving the lettera and bill at 67 Liberty at. 118 lt*rc TkmpkrancET PRESENTATION Of Me-DALH.-Thrre Kold medal, will he prrarnted on Thundiy evening neit. No r. Mrh init , at Concert Hall, 406 Broadway, by the ladiea of the Marahall Total Abatinence Relief Soeiety. One to be preedited to the Hon. Thomaa S". Marahall, by nrovy, the other two to gentlemen tonally w-rthy. The medala to he preeentedby a lady Vocal and inatrnmental mtiaic mar be egjeeteJ from the moat impular nerlormera in the city. Ticket, at one ahillinit each, to be had at the door on the evening of the preaentation and at the following placet:? Mr. Shortland, 122 Liberty at. Mr fthapherd, ?f)l Hcat?r, at. Mr. Coachmon. 17 Rtvington or 26 Aon at. By order of the Committee of Arrangement.. Mr. SHEPHERD, COACHMON ?nd HHORTLAND. N. R, The regnlar weekly meeting will not lake place. n? 3t*r _ _______ TO MAN Uf A< Tl' HI NO J EVV KI.LF.RS?Wanted?a a situation by a young man who ii a firat rate chain maker. Apt ly at 188 Cnurcli it. 118 3fec pRKMfUM HOSE FfflfT CROTON WATKR-Made 1 from ranvaaa, covered with dock, being prepared in na i tight under th- ttril is clear, and the best India Rubber Hose eiUnt, Alio for sale, ihe newly invented Hemp Hour, on account of and at the manufacturer's lowest prices, in quantities to aait. HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roibary India Rubber Company, cBcod *r <5 Maiden Lane. |)OAKDIN<? ?A few rrs|>ertablc young men can be arcom L) modal d with good boarn end pleasant room? at 42 Oey at. Terrfis moderate. Alio a few day boarders can be accommodated. Apply a? above. nB 1m*rc BDARDRO.-A gentleman and his wile or a lew ret|>ectable single gentlemen, can be lurniibed with go d board, and eery pleasant roomi on reaaouable terma, at 201 Fulton at. n2 2wr HO BrHDINO.?The original Walton House, 326 Pearl atreet, Franklin Square?kept byjaa. Fowler, from London. Krig land, iierrnanem Ima-ders 62,56 |* r week, transient t-oardera 50 eentaperday. Families can be accommodated with prirate roomi on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents tier glass?home brew'd ale 4 cents ner pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 cents per rint?stakes and mn'ton chops can be hail at all honrs. J. F. particularly requests any one wh., is in want of a comfortable home to call and inspect his establishment, and judge for themselres. Persons travelling for England would find it to their advantage to call. The house being convenient to London and Liverpool ships, J F. being appointed agent, he can give jisssseiig-rs every information. New York and Old Country pipers taken in. n5 3m*r "CRANCIS'8 PATENT LIFE BOAT" has been tested F ihr put four years in actual sravtcr, and by evperiment as follows Manned Ami thrown from tin- deck <> ? steamboat while titular way ; drop|ied endwise from the stern of a 74 ; loaded to th? gunwale with iron and stones, with the hoitom stove in ; turned by laree upside down anil resisting ibe efforts of 1J mrn to keep her ao : upset by har passengers and rreetv IIK them aaain mo.I. ami freeing MmlinM water ; bottom stove in by landing on a rocky shore and than rowrd out to aaa; landing in a snrl. wlian all other boats swamped ; taking crraa and passenger* from a wrack in a storm at aaa. with the boas store in and plugs oat ; h anting a wrrrk with the bottom broken open ; leaving a -inking wreck lull of passengers, with the ea breaking Irom end to end ; making way across a coral reel to a wreck and bringing off an passengers, leaving the ordinary boa's swamped ; thrown from the dark of a ship endwise and string M liaisons ; sides suit Ihiws broken through and bottom stove in and rowed in deep water, Isr. and finally blown up by a submarine esploaion, and then again manned and rowed as before. JOSEPH FRANCIS. Offiee No. 7 Wall at., at Atlanta h Co.'s Ei press Office. nR Imr | )K K NELSON, will delieer a Conrae of Lertnres 01 ' ' f'hytiology, illustrated by Diagiaina and demonstrated by Kipeiimnata, at the New York Lyceum, 411 Broadway, o Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock in the aven nig. To rnmrninee by the Introductory (free) on Tnrstla' evening, the Rth instant. n7?f r I ADIh.S' Silk and Merino Under Verts for aale by U JOHN M. DAVIESS JONES, oM ln>*tn 106 William cor of John ats. ^ PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. I Hr.dic far fame I and celebrated Pilla, from Portngal, ar * werecirs, to b* obtained in this errantry. Secadsertis msnt on use last alias aU is I MECHANICAL OR CARCEL LAMPS.?The ubKn[ 1VL ber ho jot opened for thr iuiorctloo ofthu public, the nchcf o?<>rtmcnl or these Lsnis and other urliclcs in the line e?er nni?>iledito this country, all of which h??e beeu inanuficturfil to order at Paris expressly for ihis market, and art* uueqiia'led in beauty and utility. These Limps are now to gear rally used that uo remark* re sperting them are necessary, as rhey recommend themselves at the following olsces that are lighted with them, via:?Carlton House. Aator Hoa.i , Mansion House. Park Place Hoose, New York Society Library Cowiinr'* Broadway, opposite Bond *t, Siguor Ferrero's, Howard ttreet, and many other place* where tli* i i m I"- B at ai Lom The price* will herealLr (in consequence of the gTeat iu crease of sale and improvement iit their mmhftPl) plot# thein within the reach of every one who studies economyM j well as good taste, aiid the variety of styles snd prices wilf Ik* such as to suit all tastes, and adapted to all purpose* were light | is required. Also, received by late arrivals and iusoicc of choice articles I firm Paris, consisting of rich new style ladies and gentleine' *s roilat bops. Udies n k xes, Li queur, watch and Jowntry I cases lYrtuuo i assortment from true of the mosi celebrated peifuineis in Paris. F. D. 8AXTON. i Depot of Mechanical Lamns, 20 John St. I Agent at^Philadelphia, A. BKH N'KTT, 12A Chestnut st. , uumuii, ur. \ oum, yj i rcinoui ts. ?w. !?7 iw u*ee DOCTOR E L L 10 T T , 0 CL'LIST, AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines hi* Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. I Office 261 Broailv* ?v. . orn.-r ol' Warren street. Il2 1?nr F~ OR SALE.?The Yacht (> VK A-HY-K?-8he it94 flat*long ?34H feet heana. and f2 feet hold. Hrr cahin* are eiteuj tive ana superbly tdftdun. If uot wantid I?ti Yacht, ahe 1 would be well adarted for a |<a< kei between some of the W est India Islands?to the China or any other trade where great | speed is an object. She it an aOinuaulc se*"b>at, and would i cam'a large cargo, coiubiu ng more buoyancy with sharpness, than any other veaatl ill iaL Bh It Itfflilg <&nd MOtttly built, 1 and would he valuable .it u uispa?< h vessel, or as a teuder to a ; fleet She would carry ? very h? avy armament mi her deck, | from having narc of h*r ballast, (:0 ions) in an iron keel, by which her stability i? ci atlv uareneu For commercial purI ?h* would r? |U|fi , r 1 iltast. 1 Her hull, sails, rijrging, furniture, See. he. tic., are in perfect awhf. Bkictfeb Nut to sea withovt i mi1v,i etPswM ui | may be seen at the Dr\ Dock. Kor further narticu arm inquire of Ira Blisa, at the office of the C. and A K. it. Company, or j to JOHN C. 8TLVKN8, n22w;cb South A in boy. j OQ HIbT0N8~AND SaLKS.? f. T UEYNOI.U^ I D?v?*ioa hi. has just received the most elegant assort j meutof iible Bounet Ribbons, Siiks, Satin*.Velvet, In-, | lie. to be found in the city. Dealers, city and eounlry iiiiHi Hers. vfrill do well t? call bcfo;t pturJiauitw el*ewb?r?> i 061mia*r VfAUAZlNK.S ft PERIODICALS FOK NOVEMBER. fYl Attiili (iodcy'i Laili?lu?k, liiahun'H M^uur. Luiies World ef Kaahion, Youiw Peoples Book. Boston aud Beutlcy'a MiaceRauy,St" ^ Farm House ?l the XIX century, wilti more than 2000 ro remits; Blblic il Journal and Christian Family Mcgaaiue, edit, ! by lie Rt*. H. It >od and 0. Newell , Telle | iterance and other Almanacs : tlie It. in how and U idlcut, a new hoinoruua and willy journal, wi ll calculated to please the lively and irav. Allot which will he aold at wholesale and ri till, and those who Imv to atll aitaiu at a lower rate lliau can lie obtained elsewhere. N. B ?Fifty aticuts wanted to circulate magaziuea, reiiodi cala, Itc. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Bcrkmau, ii'i Imr corner Naaaan. JOHN M, DAVIES y JONES inform their friends and " customers 11 at they have receirrd their winter faahion* for Capa?a variety of uew atvles for youth and rhildrru. The Cracivieuuc Turban now ao much w?>ru. it manufactured by them. Alac a new aty le of travelling cap, very cou? eoieut lo ciuleraeti travelling oK lm*m II* WILLIAM ST. " CARR'i SUI'ERIOKINEW CAMPHINE LAMP6. LAMPS FOR BURNING LARI). ALSO, A large assortment of plain aud Japiwned Tin Ware, Chandaliert. Astral and other Lamps, altered to burn eampnine and chemical nil, on an improved plan. Alao? Suerinr Camphiue and Chemical Oil. at wholaale aud retail, by BACKUS St BROTHER, 150 Fulton at. N. Y. N B.?Persona can he aerred wiih C amphiue and Chemical at their reaideucea by leaving their eld res aa above. ? 1 m lkAILLINARY ARTICLES, CLOAKS, fcc.?V1CTOivl KINE k CO., from Paris, rea|iectlully mforiii the ladiea ?f this citv, that they will oi>eii on the 9lh uist., 393 Broadway, between White and Walker streets, a splendid atsortment ol Halt. Capote*. C'oaka, Peleriues, Cainaila, faucy and atreet n a r. uu._i. vr i- d-., i I till, rr.inr... ?C., Ol the latest "arii fashion. Jiut received per ship Ville de Lyon, from Havre. Dress and Cloak making promptly execnted. n3 lm*r _ HAVANA SEGARS. DICABIA It MANZANEDO, No. 49 Liberty atreet, near I Nassau, olter for sale the following : 300,000 LaNortna segars, very old and auperinr 130,000 Diana do do do 173,000 Ksperanza do do do 100,000 Regalias ol Norma, Diana, and Esmero branda 30.000 Cannnes, Trahncoa, arid Bavonetaa, varioualdo The whole entitled tokdebenture, auu in lota to'auit purela a era. otlmia*r T7NCONOMY AND RETRENCHMENT.?-ChMiwst jCj Caah Tailoring Establishment in tlie city at RUSSELL, PATRICK 8c CO.'S 396 Pearl street. Frock and Dress Coata made to order, at from $11 to $16; beaver Overeoats, in Arst rate atyle, $10 to $14; and every other article of clothing equalvcheat. Gentlemen finding their ov i cloth can have their clothes made up, and a good At warrauted, at the following iwlces (every article warranted); Dreaa and Frock Coata made and trimmed, from $4 JO to $7 Panta, " ' ' 1 23 to 2 Veala, " " " 1 00 to 3 N B?Naval and Military outfits cheap, and promptly exeetiled. ol? Im'er ItAMTE.-Tilt Island Granite Quarry being now in full operation, will supply Orauite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for block of rouble work, ashler, ailla, and lintels,steps and platforms, will be delivered at shortest notice, Kentledge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller atones will be delivered on board any vessel in N'wYork harbor at tne lowest rates. vessels can loau with great Uii|iatch at the wharr on Staten liland, where H fret de|>tn of water ia had. The railroad being in good order, the can are laden and brought abreast of the shipping- No danger from ice daring the winter rroutiis. For farther information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Staten Island^ or to the Office of the Company ,100 Pine ?t,eor of South,upstairs o28 r S. E. GLOVER, Proioent. TYA1LY EXPRESS LINKS EOR~ALBANV. LITICA, 1-' BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having been engaged for the last twelve mouths running the Albany and Buffalo Kipress, in counectiou witn Harndrn It Co.'a New York and Albany Line, have recently eilended their Express Line Iroin Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive ami forward DaiLT, (Sundays eicepted,) Siiecie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bandies, and Cases at Goods, to and from die follow ing places, vis. Albany. Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithica. Uenevi, Canandaigua, Rochester, Batavia, Lock port, Buffalo, Clerelaml, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Sackelts Harbor, Kiugslou and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of goods snd produce oy sample, and sncb other transcieut business aa may be entrusted to their care. Each Kipress will be accompanied by a 'competent messenger, together with responsible agents in the principal towns upon the route. Merchants and others may be assured that returns will he in this inann, r received inove * .. ,-ililv )K,u in other possible way N. B.?Special Expresses rnn to any part of the country at (hurt notice,and upon re :">* ?i>le term*. IJ r POMKKOV St CO. No. ? Wail street u. $. cj i v des hatch Hour. Pt >hT Oh FILE, New York, 2ith July, lilt. TJOL'RSof Delivery each day, (Suuda)s excepted) at the D Upi*?r and Lower Post Oilce*:? Letter* deposited before Half-past 8 o'clock, A M\ .* 12 " 3 " T M Will be sent out for deAt all the Static at before livery rt 9 A VI, and 1 7 o'clock. A M aud 4 o'clock, P M. II " " a " r M. Let ten to be1 ?eni Free, must Live "Free Stump'* affixed to them, otherwive three rent* will be eol.erted of the party to whoin lb* letter la addressed. No money miiat be enclosed in letters unless rev isterrd at * it principal office*. Liata ol rhe station* (at all of which "free sumps" in.iy be purcbat. il at tl.M |<er 100. and every information may be obtained on a|e plication at if'" upper or lowe r nnct office*. Stamp* issued by the late I,it/Despatch Post will lit received It ia indispenisble that the number of the residence should be staled in all letter* imil throughthis Poat. The Poat Matter solicit* the ear'irat iuiorrn?rion should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOR1MLR 4JKAHAM luiiivrc Poat M?6er. A CARD.?I have olten been informed by frieuds that some fiersoua. a? w-.ll in my linr ol busmen a* out of it, je dous of ''<e uccraa I meet with.havc diitctlv and indirectly aiserted that I ?ti manufacturing nr well k nan Li Notms brand, a? well as oloer Havana and Prim it*- S-eara in 'hi* eountry, and making other similar hima, I her with dvelire each assertions mean falsehoods, aud aucb individuals worse than highway rohheia. M. KADbK, 46 Chatham street. New York, 8apt. 26. 1842. *86 lin*r HOUSE FL'RNISHINO WAREHOUHfc.-WOliA.v1 tt HAUOHWOUT, 561 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agent* and Commission Merchant*, have juat received and are now opening a new aud splendid assortment of the fallowing arti elrs. vis ? Silgered, (hit and Bronze Ua Chandaliers, 6 to 20 light*. Do Candle do 4 to 24 " Do Caudle Bracket*, I to 5 " ^Gas Bracket*, I '' uuMuiti Lifha, I to J Do (jinMold, 1 l? " Canutrtoras. null " yvitrai Lamps, Mall I imp* and Lantcsus, Heading Lump* M, A new article ot Solar L,amp, a rery superior article. Alio, a new article of Dellecter lor improving the light of the old pattern of Antral Lamp. Alio, a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamp* and Chandeliers, for churches, hall* and public buildings. Platkd Wilt. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Rack*, Candlestick*. Napkin Rings, Butter Tabs, butter and Frmt Knives, Snuffers and Tnya, Coffee and Tea Urns, lie. Fine Table Cutlery, in sett*and dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rarity of patterns and forms; line cut glass Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottler Sugars, kc. ke. W. k H. beg respectfully to inform their friends, customers, aud the imblic generally, that their arrangement* with the manufacturers are such that they can sell all articles in their line at reinaik ibly low prices; and respectfully invite them to call and see their show rooms which alone is sufficient to rnmtieii sate for the trouble s22 Jm"r PORTABLE BLACKSMITH* FOROE8.?The subA sc.nbers, being the sole AgciicT for the Manufacturers of Concklm's Patent Portable Forge and Bellows, beg leave to call the attention of the public Pi the above article. That they have been called for and introduced in nearly all part* of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives them far the preference over the common Forge for Shipping of every description, Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations. Mann factories and all purpoaes for which the ordinary Forge is used. Those manufactured for the U.S. Navy are Wrought Iron. We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them from personal as well as general know ledjte, tii Commodore Crane, Na?y Yard, Port<mouth, N. H.; Meaara. Cm, Krim Si Hamea, Philadelphia. Hon. Uoremier Kemhle, Wr?t I'oinl Foundry, Cold Sprinii, N. Y. Mr?n. 8. B. Althauae k Co. 441 Broadway, N. Y., and our cityblarkarnitha generally. UAY h TF.BAULT, 21 1m*rr romer of Old lip and Water ?t. in; ioski'ii w. bradsiiaw, REMOVED FROM LIBERTY TO 46 WARREN. "1 lw*r TO COUNTRY MERCHANT*. ROBT. L. SMITH Jc HENDERSON, WMOI.K8AI.R DEAI.KK.H IN FANCY SILKS AN1) STAPLE DR Y GOODS, SHAWLS AND LACKS OK ALL DESCRIPTIONS Straw, foghorn ami Palm lAaJ Hati, NO. 176 I'EARL STREET. 3d door abore Pine, New York. Roamr L. Smith. ) John C. H?.Nt>?.naoN, I No donation from the Aral ynee named. OIJ !mi?* LE ECH ES! LEECHES! LEECHES! on r\rv/\ LAROE HEALTHY SWEDISH LF.Et HKH Dii.vVJU ? Jnat received per baik Sir laav Newton, from Hamburg, for aale in any quantify, at very moderate pricea by O A. AH. WITTE, Importeraof Leecbea, oil lm'ec 111 William auwet, AUCTION SALES BY THOMAS BELL. i&loiti Not 1i Jinn and 114 Fulton ilrtal. I WEDNESDAY. At 10)* o'clock. iu the sales ivom. Large sale of elegant second hand and new furniture of all descriptions, from families removing. cabinet makers, kc. Al?", a large alul splendid assortment of tirat isle Hotel Furniture, removed fir convenience of tale, comprising 100 yards carpeting in Iota, aatral ami mailt) I lamps, glass ware. blankets, <1 u>11a. rouuterpaiir*, rurtaina, WO ivory handle Ituivra and lurks, silver do ami spoons, beds, mattreaaca, bedsteids, IllO mahogany chairs, 10 solas, toilet labia a. Also. splendid Wilton carpels iugs, chnidelier*, clocks, rases, kc. THUB8DAY. At in)* o'clo. k, at tlo auction room. Positive sale of piiuu lortes >[>Wnaid IU'uttun*, \u )utire invoice ot i uly valuable i soilings, bo .ka, woikv of art, kc At It o'clock in tlic sites room. An invoice of English and French j?w?lry, diamoud inns, rings, watches, French fancy goods, English chaudrlieis, astral and hall lamps, glass ware. KR1SDAY. At 10)J o'clock lit the sale rooms Eatensive sale of seasonable clothing, valuable dry goods, a large consignment of West of England Cloths, ^assimeres. Vesting*, hosiery, shirts, suspenders, gloves, hankerclnrfs, kc, kc. Also, Kugliah, French and American jewelry, watchetguus. Alio, same tune] curl pistols,an Electric Machine.! aluahle books, prima, kc. Alan. I cases splendid clothing torlose the biiainraa of a merchant tailor. Alan, a valuable English blackbinl BY III ELL k AKt I'LAHIUB, WEDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 2.S Elm street. All assort inn t ofsecond hsml furniture. At IIK o'c ork at the aalra room, r. itpotteH from Tuesday: Liquors, Hegars, See.?A good assortment of liquors and ?fe gars, among wnie.h .in- aoine very superior Port Wine and Havana Segars. The attention of public houses and families are invited. 200.000 Havana si gars nut up eipresslv fur London market, a very auiaiior article, will be sold iu lota to suit purchasers. Also, an assorts^ nt of new andserond hand furniture. SATURDAY, At It).1 a o'clock iu the sales room A good assortment of furniture, pianos, kr, kc. MONDAY, At 101* o'clock at the sales room. Cloths, cassimerea, satrinett, hosiery, kc. TUESDAY. Nov. u. At 10H o'cloc k, at the auction room, A l od assortment of wines, segais. kc. lust. ^ ' CTION NOTIt E.?Paiunnesj Ji'uruMure, Piano Eortes - : nil > rwity iriiTO.-a, U. tlUMBMll' (t UU. Will Il ll this imruing, it hall-past III o'clock in thrir salesroom, 119 B-oai!i*sv cor Liberty >i, a general assortment of heat made fast,finable furniture including sofas, chairs ottomans dressing anil plain bureaus, mahogany tockcra, Frelich i rJalraili, Ike, Stc. Also?a small collection of oil paintinita by .Knglish artiau, including iwo large rthibition pictures, Captain Ho?s' Interview Willi the Lsquiniaus, aud the Burning of the Kent Kail liKiiaman. Also? silrr red, bronic an.I ortr.olt girandoles, table cutler)-, japannpry. hriiaiiui* and plated ware, with a variety of faucy Itoods, will worth the attention of buyers. Alto?a quantity ol second hand furniture, with which the tale will commence. no lt*in aMW) aa " NEWARK AND NKW YORK.?Kare Ouly 12H cents.?The splendid aud cominodi 3E-^J^LJE.ous steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Uaffy, being completely and elegantly refuted, commenced her irguar trips for the season ou Thursday, alarch 10?leaving as follows ? Koot of Barclay st. New York, at 10X o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at I o'clock, A. M. aud half put 1 o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Passaic will leara New York at 10)? A. M. and 4 P. M. Lease Newark at 8 A. M. aud at 2 o'clock, P. M, 0T7" Freight of every deacrtptiou carried at reduced pricu. ol 2tn*r ugA FALL AND WINTER AKKANUKA, j? 3* MKNT.?The steamboat Kookland, will, SmmJhLJL on and after M outlay, the 3ltt of October, run aa follows : leavinit Middletowu Point (tide and weather tier mitsiuK) at 9 o'clock, and KeytOrt at 10 o'clock, every Monuav, Wednesday and Friday. Heturuimt. leave the foot of Kohtii son street, New York, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguiu's Dock each way. Stages will be in readiueaa to convey lutsiengers to any part of tlie country. All baggage at the risk of the owners. o23 2m*ec FOR LIVERPOOL?The. elegant packet ship LlimVBKRTY. Captain Norton, will be despatched for the XKColCw'bove port otOhe 10th i list. ||| << mini ut-?inui- conveyance lor CaDII), aeroml cabin and ttci'tagr paairiiKt r*. Hrr between deck. are lofty, 1 ami will be comfortably fitted ui> for pa.aengera, whic'n will be at the loweil ntea. Apply on board the alnii, at loot of Dover it, or to JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 South itieet. N. B.?I'auage from Oieat Britain and Ireland, ria Liverpool, can aa mual he i ngagi <1 Iiy ai.yof the packets, lailinv from Liverpool weekly, and Drafts furniihed for any amount, payable without diicount throughout the United Kingdom. Apply aa above. n9 r fcffg- KOK LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 13th MFW^.Noveinbei?The iplanuid, fiut aailiug packet ihip jwLaBMBHKKFIRLD, Capt AIIiii, will tail aj above, her regular day. For paaaage in cabin, aecond cabin, and ateernge. having aplendio accommodation,, apply on hoard, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send for their friends, residiug in the Old Country, can hare thein brought ont by this ship, or eny of the regular packets, by applying as .above. 118 r KOK NEW ORLEANS?First and only Regular VaRjaJrV- Packet, iu all this week?The splendid packet ship jSgk^MISMSSIPPI, Capt. C. Milliard, will sail positively on Thursday, Nov. 10th, her regular day or passage free, sua has accommodations forcabin, MCQod cibin. and steerage ptl sengers superior to any other ship now loading for the above port, and the price o( passage is remarkably low. F r which apply ou board, foot of Wall street, at Orleans Pier, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Ptck.lip, 11H r or 52 South street, corner Jones's lane. XJBLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL Packets.?The only Regular Liner that sails on the Nov.?The remarkable fa?t sailing favorite pack* | e^hiv^NORTH AMERICA, Captain Alfred B. Lowber, will sail positively ou Saturday, the 19th ot November, tier day. The accommodations <>l this line for cabin, 2d cabin and steerace passengers, arc unsurpassed by any other line or ship load* iinr lor the above i?ort. For terms of passage and to secure the best berths, early a|v plication should be made on board, fool of Berk mm street, or to the subscribers, HOCIIK BROTHERS ?i CO., p| r 35 Fulton ?r nest to tin- Fulton Bank. X^3r- FOR 8AVANN ATI?Regular racket of the loth ferfffv No v ?The splendid fast sailing packet ship NICHOjttlfiLAS BIDDLE, Cuotain Truman, wi|l sail as above. For passage in cabin, second or steerage, having superb accommodations, apply oq board foot of Dover at. or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ii7t*c IflS Pine ?t, corner of Sonih. fOR NEW ORLEANS?Kir.t Regular Packrt td?fV wiili deinalch ?The wry mpenor packet .hip JmUUaSAMUEL KICKS, Captain Bunker, will hare imin. ill Itr deapatch. For paiMgr in cabin, icond cahiti ami .treragr, havtug elegant accommodation., apply on hu >nl font ..f Dover at, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. n7f 100 P?ne street, corner of South. IJRp. FOR LON DON?-Regular Packet of th. 10th Nov. kgUjPW?The .pl<ndid fut laillug packet ahip SWITZERJ?UMK.I.AN1>, Capt Chad wick, will aallaa abore,her regular For parage in cabin, <? ond cabin, anil .treragr, having pirn-lid accommodation*, apply on board foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, too Pint, ilrret, corner of South. P. 8.? wi.liiiiK ro t.-ml for tlieir 'riend. rciiding in tin- oM country, can li.11 > HMk brought at by tnii aliip, ?r any ?f #ir regular i>ackeU, by ap|>lyiug a. above, if by letter po.t paid. oS>8r 4 l*g- FOR LI V EKPOOL ?NEW LINE?.Regular J^J^^Packe^of^ttlJ^ November.??The Splendid Packet i?WO"l u O, * /1JH. J.Mill ' <>11111%. MI I ' I'll IOI1S, wiirpositivrfy ?ml as above, lt?r regular iUv. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations uuei|u?lled Tor splendor or comfort, andy on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. K South street. Price of passage, $100. The Packet Ship Siddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol 1000 tons, will succeed the Koscius, and sail the 25th December, her regular day. Passenger* may rely on the shi|ia of this line sailiug punctual* !> it ?ri. rtised. _____ "< r KOIt LIVERPOOL?Thesplendid fast sailing and kSltifV favorite packet skip HOTTINOUER.t 1200 tons bur* JBdUBw'h'u) f'apr. Ira Bursley, is intended to be det|iatch?d on fht- Otn Noeember. This m .gnScent ship is one of the " New Line" recently es* lahliihcd between ths port aud Livetnorl, and is decidedly one of the most tu|>erb packeU in the trade. lle? accommodations for cabin, second c ibin and steerage passengers, cannot be surpassed and are seldom equalled. Her between decks for second cabin and steerage jiasseagsrs, arc vrry spacious, and lilted up in such a suiwrior manner, that those wishing to study theit comfort and convenience, will not fail to select this conveyance in nri Icrcnce to any other. As a number of her hs are already engaged, those wishing to secure a passage should not fail to apply early, to prevent dis ap|K>intmriit, the terms being very low. Kor which apply on board, foot of Pine st. or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, <J Perk Slin, n3 or 52 South st. corner of Jones'lane. MAll?F.TILRS?TT,r-.Ti,.HKST* !?}?y THOMPSON, Sylvester, master, will sail on JHUKb'Ik 1st December. Kor freight or passage app>y to BOYD It HINCKKNTAgenM, n6r 9 Tontine Bnildinga. PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The ship kKW(V BALTIMORE, Kdward Kunck. Master,will sail on AMHKa the 1st of December. BOYD k HJNCKRN, n2 r Nu. I 011:111c HuiMmgi. itfE- FOR NkW ()ilLKAN?-l.(.ni.i??.k York ffffVLine?Positively First Regular Packet, to nail intli jV%BKanf November?The splendid fast sailing packet slop MISSISSIPPI, Capt Cheater Hillard, will |>osiiivelv tail as above, her regular day. k'or freight or passage, having auiierior furnished accommodations, apply oo board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K COLLINS it (.O. *> Sooth sr. Passengers will plraae he on board the stramhoat Hercules, at Whitehall, on Wednesday, to morrow, Kith inst. at 2 P. M. at which time the slop will sail. Shippers may rely U|mti harm* their (nods correctly measured, anil that the thiiis of this lane will sail pnnctnally as adsertiseil. Any *narantre to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required. . A* enta in N. Orleans. Hnllin it Woodruff, who will prompt- I ly forward all goods to their address. The racket ship HUNTSVILLE. C?L O. R. Mumford, succeed the Shaksprarr. and sail the 20th Nor, her regular day. Mr A*?- f f>H NEW ORLKANS-To be dispatched on WR*9W,the 12th inst ?The fine shin EDMUND PERKINS. JMMBfcaa' apt Ingersoll, at James' Slip. TiMTsiireeeded by the well known last sai'iug ship (JIJF.CN VICTORIA, Captain Mallett, to be d-spstrncd 011 the 1Mb instant. For freight or iiassage, having eicellent acccmmodationa in cabin, second cabin and steerage, all uf which will he taken at the lowest rales. Apply to JOHN HKRDMAN. n9r fil South slrce'. AiftAT EC)It MOBILE it S A V ANN AH ?First Packets. MCjWy?The racket hng SELMA, Capt Smith, being ih JVWSMmntained hy the weather, ran still take a lew more passeigns and sail this day for Mobile. The iiacket ship NICHOLAS BIDDLE, Cai* Truman, can yet take a few more imssriigrrs and will sail Uemorrnw. For passage in either af the above packets apply to W. It J. T. TAPSCoTT. 91 43 Peck Slip or M Soutn st 1 .,r Jones's Lane a-K'KjmMu r\l?.r. I.U.'H. LIINK ? (JrMy Knr Orortfetowii, H. C.,the Cut atilinir, roppei MUfa'^"1 innrlirhr PO fOMAC, S. Dnnrnn. matte i will |MMi>ivrly tail "II 'he llllli inatant. J"or frrmlif 01 | oatac (hating aood acro,.iino?lationa) apply on hoard, at the loot o< Wall atrret or at the New York Hice Mill, coiner of Jeff, rton and Sooth ttreett. _ot lw*rr THOMAS RKILDY. Atrenr YOU NK.W OKLKANS-I'ichei ..fthe'wfh S WrrlWremher?The pocket thip HY.I.AH, Copt Haiimoii'l JIMMImwII he deapatched u atinTe,her rrirulor day. paaaaf ?,haTia( earcllciit rrommoil <1111111 Inr rv-ni, i'""" cahit ana a tee rage. Apply on hoard the ahi,> at Mnrrav? whai. ortn JOHN HERUMAN. njec ?' joath tlreet. L-OII OK. KK., 1 HTWANG KK'S < " <? 1 "P " Tit, Opto let. Acuta, llyew""dt, l.'mar l.wi ic.l?af?er rentype Chemicala. German Sileer, lie- ,, |NMl ' |}ASK or inolans nj, 11, Wall a tract aud 1*1 Broadway. 1 - " ..w -J amusements. CHATHAM THKATIIK. Pit WW rami. Upper Tier ? eeute. Kint Tier 54 eeot?. THIS EVENING. Noc 8. wilt*. p,rt0,mt? H?LL ON EARTH: To rouclnde w th HIIOKMAKKK OK TOl'LOCHE. (T^ Door* will ope? ?C6>6?Curiam willnie 41 'tuarter 1*. 7 oxloek t>reci?ely. ? , Bm Offire oi?ii daily Irom 4 to J, where Ticket, m.y 1 imrrli.ia.-d and 1 Uri-.uTUrril. FAHK TIIKATHK. THIB EVENING. Nor. 9. will he presented, ISRAELITES IN EGYPT. Motel, A'r Setfuiu I Pliaraob, Mr Archer A me 110 plot, Mr "jjr V'.1 . Oriiiriei, MrBoulard Israelite, Mr Hoiki Mr, Seiruiii | Elileoe, Mrt Bailey Bote, ?l?Pit 50 cu?Gallery 25 ceuti. Door, open at o'rlock *ud the performance will corn erminmrr at 7 precisely MI K IIKLI/N OtTVMlMC THEATttK. 444 Broadway, New Tor*. THIS EVENING. Nov. 9. will he (.relented OIOVANM IN LONDON. After whieh. BOOTS AT THE SWAN. After which 1 PERFECTION. After which, LUCKV STARS, tt. f~ The Doors wilt lie ?>|wn?-<l nt half-past 6, and tha per tortus'. r commence at 7, every evening. AMPIHTIIKATHK OP TI1K KKPUBLIC. :r7 Bowery. N. A. HOWKH, Proprietor. THIS EVENING, the iwrlorm u< -? will commence precisely at 7 o'clock, with the DEFENDERS OK I'OLAND. Master Walter Aymrr will irire 4 display of his single hor?e act, entitled The Olympic H?ro Tlie entire Troupe will then apticar ami rihihit feata of GROUND AND LOKTV TUMBLING. Mr Lipinati will ihcn aire Ins famous forest scene of the INDIAN HUNTER OK THE EAIt WEST. The first part of the nerformaurr will conc'ude with BILLY BUTTON'S JOURNEY TO BRENTFORD. Alter the intermission Mi S B Howes will apiwar in his actof THE CHANGES OF PROTEUS The tamous German Equestrian Juggler, OTTO MOTTY, will exhibit his skill in Juggling anil Ins utmralled feata with the Real Cannon Balls. The ercnings euiertaiiunents to conclude with ARABS OK THE DESERT. Boxes 10 centa-a-Pnvate do lor 6 persons S J?Second Tier cents?I'll Iti cents. Doors open at half-|>aat 6. Orerture by the Band as squarte before 7. Horsemanatiip to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. ' AMERICAN tHKATIlE-WALUBT-ST. PIIIL.AUKI.PIIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C CU8HMAN, Miss Cushmati's Benefit. MONDAY EVENING. Nor. 9, will be enacted, WEST END. A tier which, OI IVER TWIST. Mr H Placirle will apia *r on Thursday.DoM ^ f ^ m r,. n._ iA?njiALlt. LWIIfl. ADIKKICAN MIS KIM, DROADWAY Corner of Ann street. D p. T BAKNl'M, Manager. NEW AND EXTRA ATTRACTION. Day visitors admitted free in the evening. Entire new scenery, proscenium, drop curtains, decorations, lie ifot on at iinmeme eipense and painted by 8IGNOK ANGELO MONTE LILL A, from Venice. The Drop Cur tain seprrsriita a splendid view of Gallala near Constantinople. B'ok acene and wings. Interior of a Grand Saloon in the atyle of Lnma XIV. The whole 1a arrnngi d on an enure new plan, bv whieli the whole la changed in a moment to a large *na Magnificent S.iIoik). On Tueaday, the Dili November, THE FKJKK MERMAID'. Will arrive from Boaton and he eihihited ihe remainder of lira week without ealra charge. Eminent Naturaliala have ataked tneir reputation upou the genuineueaa of tnia wonderful am mal. DR. VALENTINE. . Will appear in Sia New Comic Characters. VIVALDI'S LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. Of ten iierformera, includible a new character called thr Enchanted Turk, who will rarisform himielf into an persoua , furnishing a cotillion with himself. La Petite Celesta, the adnhred dansruae? Mias Hood, the popular vocalist? tn? Mysterious Fortune Telling Uipar Girl? Albino Lady?FancyGlase Blowing?(fraud Coamorama, and 600.(100 Curioaitier. Dav performances every Wednesday and Saturday afternoou Admission tweiitv-tive rents?Children hall price. uC GREAT SUCCESS! TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION!'.! SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. NKW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTC HE GALLERY, Ojrjmitt Ihe City Halt, Rr oath ray, ADMISSION ONE SHILLINO. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager, Y-T AS pleasure in announcing that he has effected an emraee. 1A ment with Mr. I). Jenkins, the inimitable delineator o f comic characters. ponuUr vocalist, and uneitualled bam o play; er. Master Frank Diamond, the Ktluoiiean dancer, will a|i pear?also Mr. B Boyce, llie celebrated comic siagrr. Misa Rosalie, the chariniug somrstrrss. Mr. Wright, the wonderfal falsetto vocalist. There will be a day performance on Wednesday and Hslurdav, at 3 o'clock. Evening performance to commence at hall oast seven. Admission to the Muscuth, Picture (Jalley, and Performance ONE SHILLING. o30 Im'er T1VOLI SALOON. '"PHE LARGEST aminos! splendid Saloon in the city for * Musical Sonees, Cflhceru, Assemblies, Military Balls, Private and Public Dinm r Parties, 1'olmral Meet mas?without distinction of party. The Proprietor, ever anxious to yam to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of ?reat profit) has leased from thr owner on socli terms aa will enable hiin to compete with any other establishment, and shal I be most hanpv to make arrauyrmeuts (in accordance with tho times) with all who inay favor hirn with a call ; and assure* them '.hatuo jtaius or expense will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DFNMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evenings of each week is set apart I or Invitolion alls. o? lm*r FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE IJOAT, OFFICE No. 7 WALL STREET. *3 isr I)R WHEELER, OCULIST. PIKLAMED. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES?DR WHEELER, Oculist, 33 Greenwich strrel, N. Y. raspec t fully informs the public, that in consequence M his |iracticu having become enlarged to so great an rxteut, he is coin|>elled ol coufine his olfice attendance strictly bvtweeu the hours iu O (i. in, aim i. 1*1., iiicr wnirn ne visits rm oui uoor patients. Notwithstanding (nat among Me many hundred* of cue* which Dr. W. iuu attended, many nave been operated on by other professors wimout success, auu iironounced bv them in curable, yet ur. w.has never tailed to eradicate the disease and rfTect a perfect cure, desiute every disadvantage which nay have presented itself, and in many instances aietnst attains t ho|>e. It.a mis unprecedented success in his treatment of the various (h.ilierto considered incurable) diseases of the eye that enables ...m with confidence ro refer the afflicted who may be unacquainted with hiin, and his mild mode of treatintc the disorders of this oriraii?to numerous restored patients in th* first class of society, respecting his professional abilities and skill as a scientific oculist. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid, or sore eves, however !,.ng standing, can be effectually and permanently cured, and films, specks, removed without surgical o|ierationa. Terms to suit the cirrumstanres of the patient ol lmis*r DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. FA. AliTAULT it CO-. 168)* Fulton street, opiKisile St. Paul's Church, res|ieclful!v inform their friends and the public, that the) havs just received by packctship Aigo, an invoice of 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new supplr of the best and newest patterns apparatus 100 ouncea bromine 50 ounces bromine of iodine 50 pounds hvprosulphale of sorts 50 grammes ol chloride of gold 100 |K>unds of tripoli of vetnse 50 ounces chlonde of iodine And the new book containing the latest improvements iu11 e Daguerreotype. o5 tin ?r PRESENTSsi TIFFANY, YOUNG, to ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS In the various Fancy Manufactures of Kngland, France, Germany, China, he UaVK received by late arrivals, a great variety ol beantilul 'I novelties, which renders their stock mors elegant and si tensive lhau ever before. In it will be found a superior assort ment of? Rosewood and Kbooy Uooda | Chinese Fancy Articles ?? .Hu ...... j oiwhiuciy | rmucy i Drrrmn and UIUI Cutlery I Berlin iron and Bronze Uooda Perfumery I Kana of nil kind* Brualira and Comb* I Papier Mar he k Velvet Gooda Indian Curmaitiea | Umbrellas, ParanoiaIt Hlitdri Walking('alien, Mua|>riidera, (lamii, Opera Olaaars, French Jewelry, Hid inn Wlii|?, Aocoidiona, Muaic Boies, Mantel Ornaments, Oil Paintings, " Bourn's" Gloves, and an innumerable variety of Elegant Art if In of Tnnttand Utility, tillable for presents, all of which thev take pleasure in ahow inc. and will aril at ?uch moderate prices aa moat be aatiafacto rr to all purchasers. No. !<N Broadway, oil Imis'ec Directly opposite the City Hall. STRABISMUS. COMMONLY CALLED MINTING. plIRKI) in a few arronda by Ouenn'a celebrated plan, which A-' la free from pain or danger. Cataracts removed by any of the oi?-rations practised here ar in Kuroie. DR. wHKKLKK.Ocnliit, 33 Oreenwich atreet. New York. N. B. References ran be given to 363 patirnta. Ofllre hnnra, from 6AM to IP. M. of Imia'r FRTVATE MEDICITJE CHESTS. THE CO I J. EG E OF MEDICINE ANIl PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. PJAVK prepared a number of " Private Medicine Chests ** rich containing in appropriate ouantity of the new KrencS Medicine* for thr rare of |*culiar claaa of dii'Hri.which hive aufoitunalrly in loo miny inatai.cei fillrn andrr the treatment of ignorant <io*ck*, in co.iaeijnencr of the eitremedelieary which patient* thai afflicted exhibit la applying for Medical idrice from iri|>ectablr phyaicinw. In the mod* now ei plained, and effectual treatment will be gained by aarh patient* without thenrcruity of making any diacloaore of their caae. Thr "Medicine Cheat" contain* aarh aijnanltiiy of appropriate medicine as ia guaranteed to effect a perfect enre, and ample direction* in a plain aud familiar atyle accompany each cheat. The remediea are applicable to all forma of the diaeaae. The Cheat*, containing remediea for ayphilitic diseaaea are told for ti each?the chrtta with remediea for aonorrhoea and gleet |3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent of the College. W. B. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal Office of the College f7 Naaaaa atreet. N. B.?Caae* forwarded to ajl part* of the Union, the Canada* and Weal Indira. rervin* pnrrhaaing the Cheat* can,by addreaaing the College, gratuitously obtain whatever additional adriee they mav deal re dnring 'lo progrr** ofthair aaae. in" '* ~ COUGHS AND"COJ.I?s Dk.MKMBER.No J4 North Siith aireei. one door below aV Arch street, Phi I a del phi a, the most certain j**1 . 1 Medicine, for Coughs, Cold*. Hmiring Blood, Throij and Lnng Disease, a rising sensation lis*- rfV V pleasant ohstiunions. For the shore. Ur. HWA* .Nf, * ompound Syrup of Wild I herry will be foil nd the grcatl^edr Peraon. who have abated them.elve. by.theof ardentI amnm will find boll, their alrrnetb and reaolniion mucb mi joved by Imavmiif ayflT it.*, unirift Arid Ukmg draught orr.asioually of the .C,vI re^o,r.villl'l"" * f'"m 'hi. valuable tree, eeue tKeVhnve may be c?nafdered ..air.ou. or counlerfe.t the ma? imct'mifKjad of the following Agenu, or at No. M North.Siarh atreet. n, w H. MILNOR. Lfrogeiat, No. 19J Broadway. MRS M HAVKS, No. IJ9 Knit on at, Brooklyn. BBNj. fltDS. Newark, N.J. JOHN MAHON, Patierron, N. J. all lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN. SJ T.I.MPI'.N i U h DTI) IT IT T VfADAMK COHTKLLO, Kemale Phraician, atill continues to treat, with astonishing success, all diaeaaea pecaliar to females. Suppression, irregularity. obstruction. fce. by whatever eanse produced. can be lemored by Madame C. in a eery aoit time* Madame C.'a medical eauhliahment having undergone thorough repairs and alterationa for the better accommodation of her nnmeroar patients, ahe ia,now prepared to receive ladiea on the point of rotiAnement, or those who wiah to be treated lor obBtrnetion of their mint Ida period. Maibmr C. can be rotSnlted at her reaidenee No. Jt L.isiwn aid at, at all times, and with the atricteat retard to sec rear. All comma*ieationaand latum meat be i>ont-pnid, nS lm*i

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