9 Kasım 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

9 Kasım 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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TO L?T?TtU tU? Ut\u> urxf.? . (7Tb ? term#.?The choice of ill?. ?u*iciiur ftn ? i . u?r ^'^L^uiltluu 19: Browiw&y corn i J?> .u street, sui *ble fj>i a 1* ' i L) ? I'M, or in ill of uu? .? ? . 1; in. * ' I A | o? 'V-iii ,ir on the tint ti ??r, up ?r?tr?. u i th?- h? it in the build i i froiit both on B .\.lvi uJ I u >trr?*U, aud < . 1 r \ . n r. r , t . .1 r\. i\ c> i.\ to mi' i t kc< piuit mill or w ? '. ni l other arrangements t? H'k I it m i n -dni.lv i?* r' * iOJ pit u iu l'h l?r ? ir Wfi. -t are part ti me<i off info fire sepal tie ioouu. Y?r lu;ili r ^ particular* api>!\ A JOSK9, j Fint mom in t aid huildtotf. un? him. N. B?(. ; nW .' ( a* been introduced on each floor occupied hv c uA ?. n7 Si r fzrj, I ? Lr.'l'.?Kriiin tin pr it turn ?t 1 rot .Vl?y, ifli i lin.Uomc, well linn.'d, thr?-- it. nid hise-' 4 i Baltic aut B i ureeu,( 0 ?i11% Brook* I vn if ;i! i-ry itiw. Apply' \ ? > Bl i Ki|.t nearly i?p- t] . pn iii-? ?, oi : t. II IJ JP1 i st. Now ! oil lm?r -* V ANTtii I'() !'l H' HASih-A county iciiati.n ^ J J withm 2b mill. .?l V w \ .?rk tint with Irom i to 20 tore* of laud, m-ar L u Island Sound. preferred. Ad i'? -a v11 li full !' .fit Iilii?. * 7. IN i U I /tine, PovJ hUecpaie, N 'J f oil I.n*r The only place ? I N New V >- where the celebrated HlnWer Knit Hhirt can be i mo A>, .t iihim \1 tul/hm i. imv't's ii UHi William n!, r.orun ?l J an at, AifPDfs f>r ihtr ShiiieiN Merruna< Co, N.H. Also?''Ime and open knit Drawers, tUnn I wrapperj and drawers, and the uonnllrd Shaker flannel by the yard or piece ?itiiw iVr ible1 ? auy style uow in use. oB Inn rn r ? i . )vViKS OK MII'Ktiunt tit, \ rKA.1 li ?w.| lu ilistuie?Tli?* eitreiiiely delicious ami unpir. tl lei-* i 1\ t, * ? m^aty celebrUtiJ in China ind Europe, ? u?t nn* t j*ortei, t? -iow formal- ?it the Canton IV i Company * i?? in-ral It IV.i Establishment, lit Chan mil st, New York?in Chiuesi r p. u?n Price . hj ceirs tin I Ji . 2* hn* in > Vf II. II. SEt JKIl S w.?uld ns.Tv111'uIKy call the itteutiou of me trail', ,'euurally, to nis Axlla system ol cult.uit uar m lit , it h? tiifctou' that can ascertain points with that decree <> ut accuracy winch he bolu v. i has never befoie bceo arrived it flu aUive system cau b had ol iny a^etif, Mr. J. Dubois, 281 e U adwiy. wl?rre .it all times, the system with instructions will be viveu 1 soli* it a careful elimination by the c?inpe- * lit i*d impartial of the trade oW 1 n*.g H SKUKK _ -I millinicky goods I CARL KING?fin* w.-ll kiiowu aud ccltliraud M \ lud Lvlies' Rvtw Hat M&nufac vr t hi i Via sty , ,? Queen of England, respectfully bcu ? It ?\c to announce ti) the e ladles, that he liu ?>u hand a uint splctioid ? uiety ul rich, plain aud f arletou ainbre Sail lis and u VfclLVKT HATS, of various colors, and the latent and most admired Pan.si in 11 fashions, such is ha%\ never heretofore been i nhibited at any im.lar establishment in the city. 0 THE STIIAIV DEPARTMENT is couducted, as usu tl, bv hiimrlf, with tfrcit attention, and the [' MILLINKKV DKI'All IMK.N V is under (lie supei visiou of the most iu*euious American and f<i< m in > oung l.nlu s. S) Mr KI Mfi is 1 tiTrnilied to keep up his reputation for taste and lismill hi ms de irt.uenl, an I will sell cue best irid most jj msuio.i.toie worn lunrruun my uou-??; lit me City. .-\ Call IIOUl h > I i?* i?i* will ? onviuce them Ol tins lact. ^ r S 13. ? Mi I'.trij Kibhous. Taftor Velvet md Flowers, are of tii* I (test Freu :l? style, aud can be purchased at either of hi* isU.il.s iuit uli, at Wholesale or retail. g ttQ Caual street, uear Broad way, () olO 1 u? * r and 17 Division street. ^ ' the an i'l angular system of jl Wit III no. ft GREAT REDUCTION. o PROM TWELVE TO HIS DOLLARS ! C| "Vf R. BRISTOVV ol Londou, respectfully uilorms the Ladies q1 iVl iini Gentlemen nf New York Aud Bro jklyu, lhat his daises a Day aud Evening, have commenced Jot the season, and that tl In- has rkuucku his Teiin* one half,?to Six Dollars ! 1< \i|l)lsi No ?15 B hod 1 \v iv , nl.ah I'ahk I'i.at k. o t_#i Litl?nn?*u ol all age* .ire positively taught in twelve lessons. I< a bold, jree, ex editions and mushed bufciiK-ss-like style ol Writing, uo matte au w bad, illegible still, or craiiqted the p Willi m? in > v be. See specimens at ti?e door, 2J5 Broadway. a A .no the Ladies r A at at aud handsome, deluati aud lashiouubli Huuliuk H.tud n in 1'wklvk east ioosuni 1 CM VISITORS in New kork cau lake a course in Three Day *?Mr B. is to br seeu from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 P. M. r Eveuing Classes Iroui 7 to 9. ? BooK-KtvriNii Cj Tuuh ou a superior nieinod, by double and sitnje entry, cieiitnic Al|y and practically. ,j 1 I ?N N | ?N ^ 1 C 1 f 1 ? 9TENOOHAPHV. X A uev? <ystoui ol the krt of vViUiuk Short-hand, for Ukin* in dowu Loctares, Serinous, Trial* at Law, 6lc. tec., tiURhl per- V fectly bj* Mr. Bristow in one course ol lessous ! at 235 Broad- >v way. Bee a specimeu. vi S. B.?A worn of the author is presented to every pupil for li their tieruitueotituidr. o!1lm*r tl IMCOKl'ANT U1SCOVEHY in Catuphitit- and Chemical }T A Od Lauips, warranted to burn at one lull tl^e tipeiue of ** either oil. r gas.?'The difficulty which has heretofore existed in ^ truninm* Cainphiue L**inpiis now entirely obviated, by means ola Moveable C?|> aud other import nit improve incuts which, 11 upou in .prelum, w ill s ii isl > the public that they e m uo v oblaiu a I' Limp superi or t> my >w iu use? wih imru without smoke oi b smell?. id pi hi I <l> imnt in ill directiouj, aud ili'? me.\ i \ ii. ut. AL ?, an Improved t in on ' iliu a. Oil, and Spirits, maun 111 ipi 'Ve.l iii, wholesale aud retail, de . i Old Kuaohshtd Maud r UfAJKUr* IK IIKLL, ^ ________ 1 Catherine hi reef. \ L'L ; I . L1.1' i Ot> VVAiiJltOllt.( L'r.MKN or Families laying aside articles ul wearing 1, and wishing to dispose ol the same lor cash, c iu ol1 on ir in the subscriber 20 per cent inure than from auy other person. * To ladies and gentlemen about leaving the city being encumbei-d *ith a superfluous ward/oh , will tind it much to their adv image to send for the subscriber, who will attend them at , their residence by appointment. A line addieased to H. LKVK1T, d" BOX HI7 LOWER 1'Oor OKKICK, ,h will be punctualIv attended to. ol'2 Im'r UAFFLK, HAKKLK-*Cieutiemen's Cloaks at $1,30 each to be ra ft d lor keparatcly, positively on the lith ol jNov.-mber next, two handsome blu cloth gentle men's Spanish full circul it Cloaks, with capes and la iug-;, and collar bilk velvet, ya and complete in everv otner resect. For further particulars ? uptlyai.Nu. I Murr y street, comer broulway, base mem? w he e the Cloaks are lobe seen. Tickets omy $1,00. I In Closk* ate worti. i'draoli. liculleineu w uhiug tickets should call r rly, a* a number a e aire auy sold. As the lalll- will pos- r suively take place on the 14th of November next, all lick. Is, I whether one or m ?re, must be paid lo? wneu the number is it- 0 heu previous to the above date. Secure )our tickets, as di lays ,, are diugerotis. ti Riffle to take place at the Runs Head, lis Fulton s\, where onr ol toe Cloaks is to be seen. "tl tliih*ec TERRA 1'IN LUNChT UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM p OUR MONDE' QUI VIVE: THOUSANDS \ ^ of our good cit*. lovers ol good fare, have beeu l ?r ,| some Weeks i*?st suffering severe disap^aniitmen from, the j closing ol tiie lar-t uned " Tempiu Lunch.*' The "fitful t is uow, however, over, and igaiu may they "feed n well, lor be it know , that the Johu Adams, of Kmckei bv?cker memory, "hangs his hat" up at the Terrapin ; also the proprielor. one of the uuest littie fellow* in Christendom, y'clept j W J Carr. N??w, then, smack your lips ye cormorants in tiie T urtle Soup and steak line , the mantle of 'Sandy/ has fallen . upon I.thii, to perfection, in good eating and drinking ma\ he e.gdin guarantied at the Terrapiu. A single look ml ? the old 11 irr s?o*. win appease in*, nuager ui nun with the ahuit ? purse, ainl a taste of the ttuuin* at half the out prices w ill tickle the palate of thr veriest anchorite. r ine hrreu Turtle served up this day, and every day during ' the season. oUln^ti ** MU ST A K DTPAC'fflitY. ? J COGSU'KLLhaa removed ^ from 114 Alon to 1J7 Kooaevell stre?t, x oud story of stoic occupied by Mr. W. IV nfi??. coffee and spic* dealer. J win re lit 15 | pared to fuinish tiie article it short uolice and liberal credit, i ui up IU in> sty le. ai ii tels iiid families supplied with su elegant article. Also, (t eoMtrjr vasuri o<9 im* r #l PKAND RAFKLIk?LAFAlETTfc. HALL. N-. JW Bro dwiv ? To b< raffl, d at the L\:.t>eUc Half, onto? fcU| s< iipnoti li?t <il i.'Omeinbf r* bti ig till9*1. > A in tifiiil'iCt nt ( utie Table, vslu- d at $&5.\ Tins table is A composed ol h??- hundred .penmen* of the choicest woods B knowu to i list, sii l Ins rectivcd ine silver medal and diploma u of the Mecli it. c>" lustttutc? and the first picmiuin of the A me- a ri ui Institute. A in t. m turn lit Lidies'Boufnir ''able, valued v $150. This c< beau itul table is considered one of tli fines! *j?eeiinens of u w orkmmship ; couiainmg ? very ar.icle necessary lor a ladies' ? b. ml or ... P A splendid lull tn r.tinmik'- by (irtin, el? w'au ly framed, \al- u oulst |ili. n A coi rect m^dcl of the United States frigate Congress,mount* p I UK (ii k-uns ui |H-rU-rt ortle., ii.il conudel* in all its unangt * r* vnerts. and made by < i, f t u His ell, v.tlu d 11 $10J. To be vi. wed 5, is\ en tfie hours of 8 oV oi k, A. M. and tj oi iVioch, P M. daily, at the ?t re of Mr. Weston, 593 Bro.ul- & wn, ueitdoor to the Lafayette Hall. vi Tickets to be hed at the follow lug id tees, where every ui- fti <oiinttioii mi benbrtined : Mr. Johu Nibto, B o.tdwty ; Mr Pu nam. L d'tyeite Hill ; v l r. VV??f mi. 50) Broadway ; Mr. ti t .l?it, Biooiw v; \U. Kortiicc, Park pltce ; _ Mr Keator, pi I' trR r w ; >\k ?iit?h ii*, 77 Malum I,on ; Mr. Dn.ell, Bull H >u*< , B tdw.ty j Mr. Dr-ur, 140 Feltou %lr? et ; Mr, Oitv c biii^, 421 Hons.on <ir. ?t ; Miors Clumbers X , Bro.id lli way; Mr.Nuiia, Br<;?l*a> ; Mr < Uuntw, American lus i- it tute ; Air. 11 uris' ii, Northern Hotel; Mr. Couutocu, corner U ot 9(1) street ,?im1 Avenue i> ; Mr. Joues, Sec ui Waul Ho el. C street , vir. Hormcc, V*7 BnudWAy ; Mr. 11 >ulsiou, 131 Mercerstieet. ^ at Ticket*, live dollar*. The time of drawing will befaHvad- U Tern fd i>8 2or hi \'U 1T>. fc?Whrm* Sunu? I Bernheiiner, of Syia u*e. low j-j ei o ??the ag*oto( 11 BcrnlHriikrKBrothers,ntrdhinti ui ht i ol Vow fork, ia riu c llectioc of 4tbtt ?t tljri < u , end iu other bu.imss, all person* a herebv notified ihif llu p wer t* <HCh <i?eut ha* beeu revoked, Hud ill ,er-o * a?? he el't f'rbiilden t ?tr.u* < t any business with him. hs such * : ot; tiul ? h-re '* Siuiuel B rnh- tner and J cub Blu* h,c *ii* h ti in oi i B iuheiun r 5c Co.. ol Sy \ * , h?v? th . <> i^'ifuril to H. B run i in j 5c ir her*, ot New 1 ik, nil flie 'nils, debts slid dc in ill '. o| eVi ry description; U* u- .j, tore , UI pr < i,i hereby f??? bid Jen t p?v any e l? to eaid f S. Bern eiuier X Co of eich? r of said irm alter tins d.tt ?and a l ft nieiit* of snd deni .ltd* may liere<*f er be made to Herrman B i.? >n r Km . n -I heroin liner or Snnoj B rnlrimt r N Mg eiirin o d ii-iiilie.irier X Brothers, our Ol R hoin v*nl . b louud '>)., ),?? *;> any j* n wi "in* lo uuk. |?a>? ; . cuU; iud ou van lit it persons lud bled ar*- reque?tcd to caii I ?ni it d a fly aim itle their accounts and n >tc?. Utted Syfncu*e, .N. \ , N iv . 2d. I 12. U H Bfc n SHfclMMt \ BRO I HKRS 1 QHhAP \ Sn t?? iABLfe) TAILORING, it ftt R ran v/ doeathi money come from that support* the ex etiovi* i'iihinuy Kst.iblishm^iits scattered over the ciiy ! ; , ' 11 come from voy place but the . ockrts ol'' their? u*totiier? f n i . 1 -IIP IIII!I|(IH It in Oflire.(1 Kellt.emell C?ll Still -net X bio' mi i- iihIui (. il . .11 uir imctcu prim iplei of econom. ,and y;, ICinm ut? mule in * ?tvle of i Im-enc- mid durability iifisurp?iied by my h..na* in the eliy. Tnrprirei chariwd an? i;, l? >rl)ri-?? mu, ol" ;l e beit ffril of Ki.Klmid ^ (.India. (0 |] ,** Wool dyed Writ of ho^Uml Caitum rei i lo t Vaatiot riiV.i-ie, miiu.iilli or cloth, 21* 10 i ( 8?|*rfim B iVOf, $4(1 ity|?, (l>r U III il ,f Dn 4i ( Mjiinad* *iid 11?iiuntil, 7 ij ? vv.' f'uiU A"d Vesta, ] u > j jf . wa t , JOHN MOFFAT. frj A rery ?uA t r?or Spaiosh Cloak, foi salt cheap. ? ul la'f Q tfQl fc*tlUAN ACADEMY -I , spt ctlullf inform the La J?r* and 0.-ntlem?-i? ot New fork u ,?nd Brooklyn, that h* haaoi*?tMd an Acs.i.-my, (in that Urge e.*d coiiiiii?k.i<hi4 hundnu formerly known as the h.-ju. *umi? !>.*r nance or Cook's CliCua, tot Bowery, on V laahall ? ? ilyn} for the instruction of UHifff and gentlemen in too heshhiul o?-i i?eee*siry accomplish merit, the act oi horsi inaiut?ik> m m, ? branches. The Acnt ^my i* I initialled with dressing an i - mm. LJ t >mi*, ?ud e*f \ ea.i?. moncc tor the eoMfort ??i pupil*, tl" f # e o ref|*-c. ability will be adhere i to , # < . * in.i.ie arrangements with Mr. W. J. Davis, one o o . pr???f*o?r- from Kuropc lo take charge ol the same, ? and tlaRt rn louiaclf that me enterprio'will ineet With ib< ap pr?bit ion .(iidenco uriKfmrnt of a liberal public. Terms anil particulars may be ascertained uu application aabove* '' The omnibus aud car* pass every five minutes during the day. iitS 3m9re W. n DISBKOW I'm tor. p I ON h PK.IGK CaSH SSTOKK. At f.? Chith.ni ih?t will br , ,und cloliiins *t (III I. I In *iii.i In? |ui< . -IImii r mil inlmi ,1. 11> cu.u, l"r..n. $i to Si^; iMioeu imutt iromtlio u . atH? indMufli h i.itii rcit, front $1 ill to Si i" 1'lir w-mt i ? ol ChlUiAi ??.No?(. ' iMim'r HKNKV COUSWKU., I>A(J CAKI'fcl, HAO (lARI'tl AN~L> Unl.-H, 'J ? clieipe.l hi ibe city?liOU yirli lor wle, mil nicely iniir.l mi l .tripeil, wiili l*it colon. Any perion iu w?nl oi tin. ?r Help will if Well lo I ill Aud ruin uc before they purchue, u <ir will be ?old cheap I ir c??li. Calilt Z96 Mpriiin itreet, eoruei oftllMinick Alio, inbi ltd (?il?, bmnim, and all kiiidi of fnrnilhinii . jure, eery low, lent lo ill parti ol the city I'ree ol' clurye. 013 lm*ec J. JO.NR9. -2,4'. K:..,. i; i?Kl:.SlDESt OF THE UNITED 8 FATES. N |wriuii;r.' ol law, 1, JliflN TYLEK, 1'ieanlenKI thf Uni t-*J 24t^ ul Am* ricd, do hrirby declare .!< vv'ii. that public sale* Will ho held a' the utui rjrj flh.i.i J rid . /Ill . ? 111 llir Territory of lows, 4 (Ik (It'ilihlt hen '? *.Uci I al.iolt <1. to * II : At chi Lmd Office at KAIKFIELD (late fiurlio.ti>i'l ? ir ureiiijc on Mouday.theaisth d?> ol* February ui % i ? the isposal ot the public hud* within the luniu 01 tin ou 1 iuu:u oiied township*, to wit: Miitholthr hi,* line, and West of the fifth priucipal m. n i'i I ovvtiship seventy-set en, of r?une siv. '1 owu*hips stveiity siK and seVeuty-sef'D, of raiitfe Mi fi. i vviixhip* seventy-four,?t ?cut)-live, eveuty-si* andMfVt ity rvei^offatife eight. '1' wiiilnp-,s?veiity-two,m vi-r.ty-three, seventy-four,. a u tiid teVi.nl)-lev*a of range nine. 1' wuships seventy, seVcnty-o' e, st veut)-two, and .evenlyIT! . I ADgl r??wiuhiiH si\ty-uiue of/mce eleven. \ , -?t . % tun- 11 He mJpltc;, ior the disposal of l' f ! > vt iits detach d if icis, v \t s,:"1 I ii"* hi. In,', uid Ka?t of the fifth prin :ipil me. .1 ?u I h? Northeast irtci *u<J W i-jt I all of lite SvUlhwes' rr - I > (ion r i;)n, in township *ev?ut> <.* v, u, ?>l ramp- *h Vorth of the h at Ln?,a:ii West of the tilth |>-1 nc I |?isl uu ih ?. N rt'ieiist quarter ol secliou thirty two, in township scVcu f range t wo. ~wuu.. '|?un < . .cu.-Hl . i. . nne, of f ituft thr?e. Lots ??:u* and t * o and South mt t <ju irter of North w. *t <|ii * ii ??i section thnty-Ii?e. in township seveutylour ?1 iu.r brce. East half of Northeast quarter in section iwenty-rrre, i;i owu?hip sixtv-niun, of ringe four. LoLone aud two in section thirty-four, in township *t vciityWO ol range ?e . en. Attlw Laud O.'fice at DU BUf^LE, commencing on Monuay i tweiitlelh day of Ke^ruary n? xr, tor the di .[msa' o! tu pu'? ir finds within tin* limits of the undermentioned so wuships* 17. 4??ith of the base line, an 1 West of the fifth piiuc.pil meridian. Townships eighty, eigty-onc, eighty-two, and ii^htj-th ee, f rauge lite. Township* seventy-eight, eighty, righty-oue, eig ty wo, igiity-llir r, tight) lour, and eigli y-f\ve, ol Mug** six Townships seveutv-eight to entity seven, incju i\e, of ra* .re tH? Also, at the s.irr.e pi ire, commencing on Mon.J ty, the sit'h i ? ol Vlari h ii' it, for the disposal of the public I n ii w.tuw he 1 mi s of,he uudt ruuutioued townships, ft/' tiorth of tin- b tu1 lin *, oid West ol the fifth p..11 V ridnu. Township* soenty-eight to eighty-nine, inclusiv of r'ny MB11- ... 1 own?)tips eighty-eight, eighty-nine, ninety, auu muef'-on \ * I riiik'c iime, Sic ioih two, three, four, nine, eleven, fcurte* n and fif'.cen, ear low.* cuy, in township seventy nine of lang i'. Laud* appropriated by law f*r the use of s h ul?, military, or th? r purpo?*-*, w ill be excluded Iruin sale. Tilt s ?les will e icli be kepi opeII lor tw o wet k (ttplr .. the iiid? art soo'it r dis|io%ed of,) and 110 Ioniser^ *ud nop isa'e curie* of 1 and ii tin tow ushij'S so offered, w ill be ad in i lieu until It er ili< ? xpiraiion of the two weeks. G vtn it,.to r my lund,.it tli city of Washintou,this twenty* tfVeiith day of iM-pteinber, Auno Dotniui, 1K12. JOHN TYLER. ly the President: T1IO H. BLAKE. 'ammissionet of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. v ery person ciaiini.g ilie ruht of pre-emptiou to land in any I tlit* towuships dt united in rLis pro Umuicu, iu virtue of I Jam , a* extj ndadand moitied hv ihe act of 1st June, l8IU.or of the provisions of the lal r act,f where those laws si ill apply to such <-laiui> by reason of m oe of the plats at the Rrrister*s oAce on 22d Juue,l8i I j r by virtue of the act ol the 4th He,Member, 1841 each granting eriain privileges to uuother and differ* nt class of settlers, is re* u >i?-tl to | i v. l!i? v tote i . tilt - ? i -I ictlon I the Hi g It* r ud Receiver ol ihe pr'per L in I Odi e, and make pa> meat lerefor ass-on as prnciic ihle alter seeing this notice, and bent the d.iy .ipiKiino d or the commencement <<f the public sale l the I Hid as tbove designated, otherwise such < hums will be jrleiiod. Whs ha year subs qaent to the ftliag of the plats shall ax* ire previo'ti to thetiay uied l< rilie commencement of the sale boVt meieioneil, claims under the acts of 18(8 a'd 18iO, above ferret I io, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid tor prior i) the txpiialiou ol such year. THO. H. BLAKE. Commission*!'tf tht General Land Office. ol9 It iw inlr [6] 7XHIBiTION OK THE CENTURY PLAN 1Ti.is A rare pr duct ion (Agave Americana,) having reached this tv in p rfect order, the subscribers, a Committee Iroin ihe i.ph tu \?>Iiiiii. Albmy, solicit (he well known putrouage of ie cinz nt oi New Yorn hi aid ol lie in lutitioit tor whose u lit 'tendril V.in He sselaer has kind'y given t ie plant, and lr. George C. Thoiburu th use ol his sjtacioussaloou, No, 15 uhu street hear Broadway, w ht rc it can be viewed uu Jer illl ist fa*orrble cucuustuics It will be eihi utcd from 8 A I t >0 P M ? 'arrangements having be i: \i\ i.l.' to h ve the room ;? II lighted iu the evening. It will be f? md we!! w*rtb> a isit on account of its great rarity and uni j n* ? pear.uice; t? e >w? r stem is twenty-two feet from th I s?. ol tl? 11 ant, and ic fotiag iq fine oruer,witli near one th >u?auri ll iwi is?it will tid tn inau a ion of and abu ?l.! ii id t . b imi tit, and whose sole d' pendeuce is on rolunt try . id, md now II h w inter approaching. Tickets of amission 25 rents; Children hilf-price. One eti inee admits the vi .itor during the season of i ' >??;??,whuh will robthl) be a fortnight to come, after M h h : In .plant die* en 1 rely. . ANNK8LrV, WM. VAM VLii-CK,' Committee. J T S* ?A full description, with drtwiug, oi the plant, lu. , shed (o v.it.or gratis. n7 iwr (JAliPK I'lNGd. I ^ARPKTINUS, CAKPKTI\GS?-Cheaper than ever?Al* ' those who are in want of car|K*tiiiffs, notice the folio win*? All wool Ingrain Cir|?etnlg, only 3s j>er yard. 14 extra 44 4s 44 super 41 4s 6d*4 41 extra sup " 5s 44 44 double 44 5st>d44 hree ply, superior patterns and colors, 8s dli do do extra qu Jty, 10s Knglish Brussels, extra, his Royal Wilton and Velvet Carpetiinr, equally low. Together w it!i a laige assortment til dru/gets, oilcloths r:i, s, or in ?ts, table and piano covers iudia malting, stair r Ate., r largest >t?> -k ol good* in the city. Purchasers would find it 1 their decided interest to call aud examine this rukU before Dking elsewhere. R. SMITH, JR., 448 Pearl *t, Opposite William street. N. B ?lleavy Jute Carpeting at the low price of In <d ,..*r j ird. Rrmember, tin- nuintx r is 448 Pearl street. oil he , A It T 1 3 T IN 11 A 1 H, . I UiSi.irirTtti.in - LADIES' AND OENTEEVIEN'S llAEl N five Imudrrd different designs, necklaces, bracelets, watch ! guards, ear-rings, flowery rings, wigs, scuti*, bun bee. L.idie 1 r genth-im-u having hair of a living or deceased friend, r j L formed by him luto any design tlit1 iniod cau cournwr?il | uch a form it will be a k< psake invaluable. A. C. BARRY, 1IG Broad way,cor of Liberty street, up *? '<. I N. B.??fndi11 duals resident in the muurry or living at in in i iHiveuieiit distance frotn the city, can have all audi * ?>ic\ roinptly executed, by forwarding through the Medium ??j '! ' OS', flor the hiir to t??? fashioned, wyJi a drawn an J specifu %1 j ftigti oi the workmanship, and c*c! ii|pK fro(fi five f?- w n > ' << lar?, decoding to whicn ?uin the *ui>crtoriM of man il o*t?in i tld style of mounting iu gold will depend. ah mcli cointuu i icatioPtto he post pud. A C. B. ol tin*' ! MOMJMKNTS, liC. ; JOBFRT K. LAI .\IT/, (In. Fraiee & Launitr.) Sculptor I * and Artificer in Marble, No. 591 Bioadway, Ne.s \ urk. S %r *, Mono in rnta, Busts, Fount.tins, Tombs, Held S. at >?. s, bic., executed ofthc finest American and llaliau M nl *, i .1 ch tsie and cl u .it .style. N. U. < roteu water hiving heen introduced ii.ro the city, 1r. L. will be pleased to execute all orders for er emu f< nw >ius for geutb mm iu their gardens, as he has had many ynu iperience iu Italy and this country. The best ol city reference Hen. I All orders by letters, giving New York city rr fe*e-ces, ?f | hi led'o with punct a tlirv ami despatch. >r I *> '? j SKA&u's KRgi'OttAI'lO.N, Christ's thcuua UmiBK, 1 ami the vinieuluin,will be lectured ou by .M og ?? I id others in Military H II, Bowery, oppoaPe S.? hf <** ?? 1 1 huiui?>s. at three and seven o'clock, l* M. F A'l ui>- } 011. A voluntary collection taken up. T.u ,u.li ,0* ?. | cctfnlly invited. uij*?r* 1 ___ - jr. W AND rjRKAT INVENTION.? F7IW .-*3 ^ HIGHLY IMPROVED MANIFOLD V.KITMJv y this wonderful invention, a letter and duplo ;,t rin fc? *?t- i !i in one operation, with more casc nud yretl?-r I icility liin . ; inul" letter with an ordinary jienand ink. To the mercantile, professional, and travelling i art of the I nrniaiitf, ihit tnly irvai ioTeniioo ii of loiiuiti i I . -if i a gie at saving of tune, trouble and txpeiuc. i'lm principal dv.-ntage to be derived from the manifold wntii i , t'i r * . ?>- 1 vof any document may be k*pt without any addition*! trojv to tfi writer, ami w ttliout any neoessity of un><|t * tJo r an ikslaml or a pen. Tim instrument used lor wiiting is an .'Kate omi. < <>n piently it never wear# by use. For hank*, iusuinc? offices, merchants, men of business geucrally. lawyers, i),una u rs, i ditors, reportcis, public officers, and all who may e de.?irons of preserving copies of the r letters, do.unieuta, r. with a imin use sa%uu Of time, and the satisfaction ol h inic ui ?nct copy of what tlicy have written, this will be mud invaluable. Kr mm Manifold Writ/r lit# now been iu successful operaon two years, during which time the proprietor bis had tlis ensure of receiving the unfe gnrd approbation of all who?e >probuti >n it has com* under. At the late Fair of the Aincriin Iu tifute the no lit* of tin- article at re examined into by tree of the nmst able ciiemista in the country, who pronounced ei i tire to air, moisture, rcl cali|MUi? a medal "'as award* dby . hi- Institute. Tlit* proprietor 1ms lately made gn at improvements in this 'tide. 1 l?t paper is oi the best quality manufactured in the nit*d Sutr*, bennt made tor the manifold writer expressly to itorder. The luting ol tie in, which has for tome nine in en tough! impossible, ti n at length been brought to perfection >r which < copvrignt has been secured. The copying books re hound in .1 variety* of forms and sizes, va?J iug m price from I cents Mid upw ml*. 9ts i<<tteis and Country mt rchant* in general will find it to u ii nS\ inbigt to procure the article, -*s they meet with a uly safe. A lib< ral deduction made to those who buy by holesale. .Ne w?i> ?|H*rs ?>r magazines throughout the eountrr copying ii *bo*e ??rir?- without alteiath'n or tbridgemeot (including i. ) i 4 fivmf if t we I ?< inside insertions, shall re i* e a copy suhi .'? ! to th? if order by sending a paper contain* ig the idv rt is* nn in to the oflh e of the subscriber. LKW?S KRANCIH.83 Wiilun s.rect, oil l?#r co ei Mai?h L n>*. New York. t HINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WAKE. S ASTOK H< ?USE. 'KKNCII PorccUui Dingrt Svrticei, Hi pi?cu, t24 00 VVtute (intuit**, do do U2 do 13 Oil rrochi r k*uvli.h Porcelain Tea Seta. 21 do 4 Ow inufi Pliin. Krrnch Porcelain, par eci, 1 ui Do do tiranitc, hint- or white, ?' 1 Oil up, do Kfrneli Porcelain, do 2 On Do do <Jriuite, blue or white, do 1 oo > < ( apt and Saueera, (24 piece.) Krem.h r. (cl.ii, 1 y. tuC'tipe, do tin 37 ulass. it Winee, per doren, front I ? ; >o Tumbler., ?!?* do 3 Of I iiiouade*, I .milled, do 3 %, ( tablr ci'iliu Df the (inert deocriphoQ., in net. of doti i , at t be low prie? JI2the?eL Jutt op..*ued , a hamLome u?o ... it of 'Jo ?. ,re. K .M.MI'SO? N. U.?As'-nt fortlie Mle of t>un, ?on'i Kar Conn-u, I ibr Loam UIVA.1?Mtf BnMilway ?Junes It. Dol Wccny j a* Co., T"*|mh I'mlly lutorm thnr numerous frien 1* ??? 1 ?.V :>!??" , 1 !i?t they h<v?* just opened die Srtfar Divwt KoS ..idway, adjoiuuiK Pints itu'a Siloon, whew will b- f--.ru 1 1 .i virtmeiitof in*: bc.it ??*k rsinlhecity. All *? k * ". i<?M Uii.* etli&lisnineni are warranted imi>orted JAMES K. DEL VECCHIO M 3tn3f*?.? _ ' . 1 > |OH>?>0 * Fay DEN'S 81* EEL QUILL* -The subs * l?, rnme r< < etnly imi'iOTcd moiiitintimii fht.iv ? a lit and 1 opnlar Pen*. I'he " Hf ,?iy W nt? rv is unanimously voted the Knu ol l'rt * <*nmhiaing eminently flexibility and pern* ence. 1 * Dm keua" is considered Hit be?t |*rn f tr the priee n th? ia ket. ( I " Union" rannot fail to tu t every body, ail t< hi .f* **};* + ' n,| (>' wfiu!c?aJ?) m different larieiie* <>l l it* lb* N. v% York'ever> im ret taut Will hlVt-in Itucoun 10 ?oin who baa tried them. loan her with the famous Double Patent and Corn'mui 1 1 arrtl I em, with mtny others, for sale by "he .ureiiU. I *"* JAP HAYDKN, Pi?u ?f ' fO? PH McMl RH \Y, 100 Pine street, NeH Y dr^ts in sums 10 Mill aWd,r ,?u. n the Provioci .l C 1. . . land, f4 able tt U h, Li nenck, I lomnel, LooOo. . ' I ' !?*<>. Y/eilord, H lUsr, Waie,| ,r.t, Otlway. Ann .l A me, ' oh ritiM', K1II0 ' billiiM, T-ah-e. Y0tuh.1l!. nli n, I'muiHlMii, ItintriiUf, B*lt>nirfta,P*r'?iii?t<iwii > i ilrick, C?*?n, Uur*in, Omauh liuuv mn >n, U.ml m.' Ku,n. ally.Imiiiiui, Mtabaiir, Unman .11, M.Ulow, Mom , ia r? | ootrhill, Kilmali. . KNOLAND. t , Spoonrr. At wood k Co.. B.nkrra, l.ominn, payable in , * rv I wn 111 On- it Bnuin. P. w. Bvrnra. Caq , Li**T|mot. 1 ity I r <Xa?i(i)? Bank, l ayabli. id ***ry town in SmtlawJ. no*( Imr * MEDICAL. ON STK l< "YrH K A \!i ITS ClJKK ri?L KO! - 'W?\U KKMAtlK8 WILL H.UK Bfc* KoU-. - f' i/ftrnuu! ialu' t'lnt: f b'n f:.u* ' " ?? Luilnl Si i't.TUMK ?? o/ ? **yf> f'J 'Ml* uOhKimUi'I j/-' lilt . 4f t ?*jl f! th trot' <ui.> </. , .. / 'An' c cap trrouf ?.<* jre?(*r> re itxiUit, S't 4 \u'e, anil-hat ittwHfnt ad * pairit lakt -i( ''itv no.'." ?.*if then, Hha' thtft nr* ' utt poituulaf csrcms/afu-e* hy which ? .tincture n. i;/ lit ai'iiiy* known?u?.-' tu tht tail 7*l*u,et Ih'it t\e t.tiit qj Sir.'ai t i* ca t-uii,/7 tt from pain, und general'.y accompli tAt* 4/4 a 41 ry L i tic lime. WiiL fc.rvrJ mtU flr.rcf let^rki'? It i? Airl! klWWii ll i Siriciur? is tile result of a bsdly treat'"*: U'ti iir;?c5' if. It irMliUue, fl??t <j?iica?P( ian'itL-reu toon* linutf on Irom month to month, it slides iut'? ?i *lrrt. Now tbeii is uo ?,f 'uc 'urc.ut;tie*.* i?i *leel, ???! i ?!*i'fure it ? ofL-i* . ?' ?' ??-? c\iu iu?l* liutiely. Bur it should U known i I In .'.I I . I i, i >I 1 :i j , 11 ? ' n thi unX| ift I in i th ck? *i m it | , _rt ?? oi;. r of tU i' v is tliirttire ; anti. I'ri?(h?i. Jil al ,u .h^tnctftec msy th?? re uiiuttu?i ii?Pt ! f*r * letwih of tin?e, <? la' i." ? Uyir . dormant, but if the itid'leu tau of man* si*11 a-* u?*Udi< *> ?t >uly ui s9Vi.il, but those- .it a uer *0 0. iU J 0 . 34|HJ]?T|e KillJ. J.it *h?r cv 'cially leads th? olleution off from this lisofdf i,' it* i?le* ii? it stricture C4iui<*l ci il ma toutf *u no iini??iU?u?**Ui r?i t! 11. .V c i urtiii i? observed, which is quit** ?? A >;ri? t??it ol'trn ca'sl- I ?r >'?srs mtimioui i>r<?.luc*nv aii> very i ihhu f'ui.v .(I v '* reapavl . 'Ui.rt J a dinutiikhet) 01 iult< 'H : -.1 -Irevn t?l erne t liu.'h' oul, t, the wont ol cMe*, and . i u iopreveut tin* very iMtc Jhit i'ie..e remark* are published. I' u flv nU^t, however, w\iuh .rant adveriisi n People take of till, itrouroua u diouu >rry ctx I. klvcry l>v) > Lnuwa Inter im i u tiiii diacription rearm annul thtaciiy.auu 'liat Urey will nli tur.i uoitruiua aa Ion. u auv one will buy thim. Now, it ii a lart, and uat which every real phyaiciin will immediately ackuow ledae, th u all the medicine iu tilt world, Joue. can nt irr c>\re a .nictate. Iu proof oi Out. uotloug u uiote common iti.i lor the writer to b. cotuoitrJ by |arraoue who iiutt been t il u; til maurier of ch.ui;*? tt toiorej uropt, in J pilU, aitii corJiila, an J the like, for m tny in nun* together, but wiiu'ii, ou arciria tne real uature of th- caae, he liaa cureJ iu ai mau> ilayr. Witii i view of 1'ievenliux tlieie impo it on.' there lore, it rretoi diatrahle u> lay before the nutilicalew in 'i eiretnn.it iin rni . wuich a Stricture may be known, wluclicao be caa.Iv 'Ion. . lot al'houith the iyni|>tome01 tiiit due. w are ir.u,.?rou>, there are 'luee of especial iiHi'ort, and there ihite may l< ktatnlvery briefly?the, are the followiiiK : The lira I 'ei t" | /Vie/'ntuiirr of urtiuiii'ig.?It b ia been a.ready laid the llre'tnn , at' .1 uol b? much diuiiuiilied or impeded. But tibici vc alien I live!I* tiler it u tiimhrd tud the clothet are md,'utt "l, hrther a drop or two will rrrr ileal tway, ?u aa ' > w< i a lil'.'e? o ihiuL- it ran.' indicative of atrtctitre. The ucxtii T/.- 'imi a U'MPirhuea hat irmameil ore arrd.?It i.? iltlt cnUtoiai how lt.ua a tjunorrhtr v or tileet may run and 'i"t , pradiioe i itriclure, lot out ia uatui 11 y ui re di.po.il to at i rein .e til tn another, but, u a aeueml rule, if ,C ?Im?uI<1 >e tuffci'-u to ito on beyond vi? we-ki, tnit alone would atl< rd lutfu'u oi ground a! ieaat, lor the auapioioo of i Hlriciure. The l??t ia? T'lr rf]'< I " thiclurt '.n upon /Ac ni.it.! ?TV effect . f Sire tun ia u> uvpreia tiie apirita, and to leueu onto mill, ami Not, howcicr, that it is seen alike in every individual, but it u I to c. minoutlnt the writer rarely sees a case of sliicuir (ami he sees many every day) iu whicn the patieuldoes uolcnwplain more or lest, that tie it not so capable of business at lortuerfy. It it ((ratifying a'*? to witness the uniform return ot ipiriti, and the disappearing of other tnaiauiet at the cure proirrcttet. With regard to the cure of Stricture, ou thii subject it is sufficient to observe (and it is stated with coulideuce aud pleattire) thai 'his it cerw.n, free from pain, and geuerally accomplished in a Vcr; little tunc. So much as this could hot lure been advanced tonic yea.s ago: but such hat beeu the im pravemeht iu this art, aud such the practical esperience of the writer, that he can now accomplish the "iireof stricture to at many uays at formerly it demanded mouths. The writer also begs to stale, that for those who wish to undertone the cure themselves, he has published a litlic volume, called " The Private Prtahte," iu which not ouly stricture, but th>- cure of all those delicate diseases which require rsi?cceil care and privacy, it directed iu the plainest manlier. It is advisable, however, that those who sua|ieci a stricture, if possible, should cousult the author iiertoually. and nothing willsurpnte them more than the ease and certainty of hit means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those who may have to wait a little. It ouly uow remains to say a word or two ou the ground on which the public, aud especially sli ingera coming to this cily, may re I) with coulideuce on wf.it las been advanced. Willi tins new Ur. Kalph bogs to state tnal, beside his rank as graduate wl eldiuburgh. Sic. Sic.?lie has beeu engaged in the cure of (ncse diseases, both iu hospital aud city practice, for more tnau thirty years, aud has published two euitious of a work espresslv ou tnein.?Also that lie has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians iu Kuropt to the most eminent iu America?.is Sir Astley Coo|ier to Ur. Molt, of New York, Dr. t'hysirk, of Philadelphia, and others, aud that he is |iermu led to refer to almost every Physician of eminence iu this city. l)r. K.tlpli is consulted at hit private residence. No. 88 Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may also be consulted by post. Tnr little volume above referred to is oue dollar 2 lm*ec DR. MORRISON. VTORTH RiVEK DlSPENoAKY.JWtH Pultonstreet uear Greenwich.?Dr. Morrisou, -Number ol die Rnyal College of Surgeons, Loiulou, and formerly Surgeon id the British Na r>. em.uut'es to he consulted daily ou all <i.sease> tla delicate nature, aid id those ..yuMtonni consequent ou mjudiciou? CicMineut, aud the luipnufrul use < Iquac t medicines. Dr. M h<u bad inexperience of twenty t wo yeast i? treating di-ftc^'e Jii urns in all t.n v,.iout arida ?nipiictted tortus, aud nit"* <1 mild, riitf jad luflLjtible tibeinuLe i r mercury, t i.ulic .tii; il??* it ereaJ with certainty, without ?uii rung tl?e paCfUt to:aiij iiskcrr ?ti?oUug tiimiii* o?tuu*t diet.- 01 pursuits while hu inedtcfr.* .* ire -iffieeahie mustr ami smell retiifM.utou^cructious ?l the ui. ii.r4, such astiitciuies and t a i of the pr09t?a*e/Laid, i ci uipanic(1 with much miunou H?id dull pant lib"itii m.c?** pui Art ennr ol" the couse^.iciicca of m tl-treaiment. Or. ?Yi. Ue*t* sine lures in a sen-q* otic uinuiici, piouioiiux tb?or( (jo of the tiiicateutd c*rcoJ?r lit uiiiraue witl???ui any paiu. I 'ONSTI l'l I lO.VAi DEBiLiTY.?Thousand* of yofciifi i men .oe suiter in* I nun t it court ;uervtos ol indulgence in ? ?c ^rti destructive habjr.amJ whose nei>f? are further injured from .he use of u 'ttruins.m u pretended sihciiica, which siimnlAt* only to induce greater dc piessiou. L'r. M treats such cues on purely pathological principlt >, and never f tils hi establishing care?the strictest honor am' confidence it observed. Let' r? ?-'it jvai.i, atiif containing1 a liable fee* will rusurp the co. esnoiident lull advice, uuri ruediuiti** to my juort ol the Union, by insKiviiu; - h'ttury of hiscaseiu otU'l. Jdi>6 Kui- | oust Iff L urn: Grcenwrit-u. oli! lm?r I ii i'i L? ! C A h M'HF rniVATh TUKATl L.-TSi, on I -* rritd.iilni .ui'i, in wn.cL tiu i. ^.>ev.*i tent and ' ineAliiof ? ? . re * alc?? ui tl'.e ?..?.?( pMSslt'ic mtsut r. Av! ? U"l only ?f? dT'f.tio ? given t?>. u?* n ort si. pie -?.d recent 1 c.'M's, i at looae wh.'.h llave t.UU'ti iutu HIT. fop r hinds, h.,%\ . coniiou t.a tioir o.-'Ut i io itii-.iiUi, ?uu par,email Jwrltou.? . r.ucli t?,r*u,.i wise- iitni.nl.uciy tUtf oirti u- ft wliic'i iti* n. de tit. ir tt .r wluft v r ih \ may Wei! . tli? )>l*u to ! tc no rill in .-.aci. C *te. Ii is ?b'."iD<ul '?oly ol luc iuiW.bi.Ktii > US iinruwuMit. l'-? e Si. L'r. U il.- ? "?l?es tb.H o. p-.rtuily 'I s . - h i h may b wx ?uhc?l .i?ih '.Iims'-j fbjri ivltTfit j, 4i.ii.? J pri; tjr . posut r. u, oour. frti t? *t> i of luicxruy * #'ll as # \r?*. rroce la f f| , |. u , , i ii. (h< iNthiM(Wfini i| I k!i? ib.( si.'ut skt .eh <d l)t i?)jK>rt unities he a*, h d to fit , i i ill Ami this h -? th Ml II I 11 d 1 in j . hup j . i'i I !?in ii t, la* w tiit nt ixiio mttiiu u? thus ki .1 . ll?* \ k ?ik't* sili< f '1 ?r ? ii ' Iktol hdvi rriti >k t?0|)lt' the on** vh ? htii boast- 1 ino*t n w<adi* fell cures?: u: not wide u? ii*- in (cri ? r-ivnt uicc. ilt ther fo * be?* t > ?tite ih*t% ??ei i hi* rn U . * kr -'u ii- i,f find ?rs;li, he 8u. Sic. Iir >i?i I). *-1 l\ ilibilU Ii ?li?td*? *, tlOUl "It IMI| lUl <tiid C?i> ,To.e ICr, ! r BOM tluu ihi tv ycds? iti<k iim fiv) Mticd two editions of *oii. ? >preanly oii th in. At oth.it he tins testutiouiu) k fter.* I .oil! lli- r.osi # HMi.eUt | liy iciuU Luro|*?.lo tin- mo t c. ii- j ueiif hi A t n? ? ? Si. A-.t ty CoOjtcr to lir. >lott. of iS k ( ml ill. Tli?. it* ot l ilt. deiphia, uul ?thers; ainJ lurthe*, th it lie h is lli-* privili^e of r? lerriuto almost tv ry ??l?v ti n. of cint ?"tii.i* hi i!ns city. No'ftiuk i'-tn be stated* he com ccivei, 4* b.lti t i;ruiiud of cuLliucice to those w..o ore olian|tfl 10 Mm cifultati na may bemolr by p"?t, foi sucli lie his a little pro*u ckt ?t, -onto nn* *-ver* tlitiol necessary for a iij private *.ur?. Itu I'm s*r4ti u may * dincUJ. I'lici $;o. '? '* ' ? CUKK OF cfiKuMC Dtt K I'll*' l>*!l. 'MM II., fiorn Paris, d'*cipU of the ilium trinin kkiliii in tit.i, whose scituct? c el ilojtr. ;t ln*? -i ( ,.*t o *n? .1 .i I fc.?i op**, tdtli re?l nrOQud In.a a crov%*j ?.f ?1 ' iit-i.t physioau*.?#?ic? r toieceiie Ins iiuti uoLons, s ?J to |||1> II bv .'S c K -erieii e, h'lU to piilili.: t'tul Ii has -eh cu x t? V oik \* tlie i-ka-c o: Ins 1-ibors, aud of his |Hr< i*?a i i* r. jiil m e. hi. K I', h u b;*i a | roft'ssi in tly ^n?l -uM nit iy c>nnecu<l in Kuilce ?t ?th nieii, wlime mines arc n^noreil "i ll revcm Cet, i i'Ms c ii'iti) ; diel ifnr ii2 u ye*r*'nr ctkce h vi u d 'i ii, jur * fiii** United Sf.ur/, atiJ of the Wes.' I dies, iviih a it w t i elncnlal **-%rr .1 | o ii * iu *ci net, l)I- iheu ijsoi < I I'i mil' h ifenht a d ob*c%?ritv. He iu?t .in%e. fr oii P.tris, v h >e he i i< he n to emmu lic resiitt of in* nbi?? rv ;?oim to the bdhc S ?ct*-ty, .if w In '? l.i^a iioU.b.1, a'.d iwis etnn n* re todiiku.c tie fruits of !.: <t c.i nte ai?J th- t"*-*sia^s cf Ith la tkit* course oi his travels and |n-tcuct,hi- ii?i? ?erf. rrned,h> thi help of his method, IobmM oi ths uiws of 8pecincsf cures wli ch nad re-i^t- d every oilier mode of trearnient; inoret ve r, he wish s to be juttited not from word* but from works bulkier ii to s ty, th it besides ill maladies reputed incurable, there is ro d i?t is - an dreadful ao inveterate, such as Consumption, d -a e?of the ring worm>, Car eer, Fi?tuUofall kinds. .< ... j. ?*** "mi us cnnnoi entirety extirpate.? By the s- tin HuJ.illdii ? incident to femalesand children arc promptly an<i radically cn?ed. Dr. 1* may be cou?u.uJ very day, ft m 10 A. M to 2 P M. athisoffice 78 l)u mc street, u ^ . I'uiiiiilt ttions jcivtii ill the ICuJuli, Freuch, ?v in is It and Iuliui languages ul 3m*r MADAMK COSTLLLO.-?Female Periodical fills guaranteed hi every case where the monthly in liods have become irregular from colds or other causes. 1 heir certainty of action his long been ncknnwleuged by the medicil profession, tad hundreds tint have uselessly trieu various boggled itnf dies?indeed, so sura are these Pills in therr effects, that care is s- metirm s necessary to their use; though the contain n<> medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advise given [gratis to all thu*e who use the Pills, by Madame Coat* llo, 34 Lis P< ii.ird st, where the Pills are sold genuine. Trice $1 per boi. -J11 *m*r NO QUACKKIIY. DK DROWDKR'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF INDIAN TURNIP, for the cure of Cousumi?tious, Coughs, Colds, Spitting of blood, and ail other Bte iat t -ompiaints. On account ol the many nostrums claiming universal medical qjulititi. tin eubecriber has felt tome heiiatitni in bringing the claims of his medicine before the public. He is aware that, in his present undertaking, he will be styled by the ungenerous a quack, and his medicine (be its qualities even o good,) quackery , yet tins will no longer restrain hun from affording to the ifflictrd the means of sure relief if they resort to his remedy m UM , The Compound Syrup of Indian Turnip is in itsoif a certain rerm dy for iiifiunm ition of the pectoral organs, which, though slight at first, (as in common colds,) often results in consumption. His nperieuce authorizes him in putting his discovery with in\ indall the maltitodinogsarray of ptr nace as th it meet the public eye, confident that a fair trial w ill result, in all cases, in the same attestations of its sovereign (I | llli.-. fS.ll i. . I .?? ? n oil1, n In Kim liir iKnu. ml.n riavt ' ?t? ?roi(lt Itv : i'he iM'cai* Ud> in ill au.I every condition of life, ?ii?\ *.:? mi* cob ^iui'i Aifnoot'lit rifk or ioeoDve* . i . t e , luinmei complaints, of j( ini'fv rli .rtru r. Ntldoin if etcr 1'iiU to pnnlfme the de?ireo u io??.-?u liti v 41 j'r&riAtiujf flie menu of other medl i!? * . ?U'J vilhOUf ill le*?t f-ofli the medinai i'nc, fiuiK r, tl.'* reim'i> u udered t? in* ??ort4 is thf beif, fe?r anJ 4 ire?t fo?u? l> tor .ill <in>'Cttoiu of the loiizs iuu . :i 1*1, i in ev r .n.-V ha ,4p|H iMiicr. Hr h4j? :u ?ii? ttK mom the ce* * of h'in(i?T'li wt?a, after ipeviriiiiff money . ? . almost bereft of hor?e, have re^??rt<d to hiui for relief and (?,nrtd it. It., etciini are invited to nat it to pnlmonary alfectioia, Mid in ill r i e* *h<rr omiJi tfc 'olt ,.f\er ra?aale?. l'?** jt'mtimmi .oi Axruu jo the prine'i"*! films m tV L'nitod S'Hti * K >r m??* .'hol^sile 1 o Mil l?; JU)31 SINCLAIR. .\M? \ . i?n * ?t. ! ?r *' F1 ii'.t :? *?tvt it i???V ,.(1 | hi ft ft hi; \:A:< rvwu.os . t,-i.MV')\ ij) >t. p. v. u a. .. ? . n? v v, < * *1 l , i ? .? I i . ,i ?l i ? in) ? '?*. i in d? lilt il r , , r ... 4 , .a.,*-i - 'i.iciH': d !?? r* 1 ?; 1tli . Al> ] l? lift <1 'oi r? !. n i ? r to ? ?)t7'"m ye -ti 4, c ? M lw* *e tlieir t> ?nrj. 4 rn^'r ? > i. in *r?* * r?*v. I HAIR OIL?Trw^ u m t*? in i%. /liiTTit? ?.??! |iH<: t.l > K) ?h? l'4'f. Kvf > I. > l?ir?W (ImiVIIh I ?|| . II t hunt. J It V. ill (<0* ^ (llI .M *.i <i 1 ? V | \ I ih 1 ?v?l , r <>??., ii> i. .r ?t? o .ii % tin'a U'.Ui o< . in !. . ii? . ? lij I tM r??.4 inoi t-ir t l v iiurr. *M. Lm,,"L I'r <H ^ hr r coi i? ion* of r Mhc ?r? t..i. i Mi? ?i'iu. ? la .1 . . nc *#y tii 'ii |4? %?.? ?, !*,,<! ifotit ttvc . *i*, nil I ?! ? li-*? i *. ? .?> HU'tr /iov% I.I *iv iiitfK ?c i H*ii .i ?nl r-r, ? k a tihn*i h?c i.e*u i Ui i ' iu itiff, , ,u?? lo u y uiil bi bii"M In .ort? I- '?.r ?u if ? *%* , t * -ifv vi ?ir . b ih ur ;af!* , Ui?J .mvi.u ; " mv ? i il'? ia9,hu ?t<t it inm> li. a.I .(^nJ iiio-itiir ? fj I liiff i , i' ' i? . i ^ r- ?i t: ..I ... Ron m " pA-tvjrN Hi if Ojl. .. ntvoi it > r.u u i.i uil ul AlnioaJt," i'v <'o? ft/tnt lit . Jratf, . *, iitiu, ill l-tir Ir mi > mil at om I'.d 'ami uf <.<'V. Tin . ir.i tlr M_.li Oil m I in trill. liWin* ttll. I' Mlkl lit* fl.lrh ii it .Tl J o* rn t. it on llit lid.il Kor nl., tholn.i. ti?i rrttil, ?t A. I'ASTOB'i. llti- <,ut '??, lfci Uri-fntieh .met, New Aork. I'ricc WciU.t tmrtlt.t ul lia*t medical aid| r\K OKEGORV, rendu* at HI Matt meet, Iwu long .inc ' *-> litwr-M, r.u'.'lim <1 l.u Cuiracter anil i|ualiQcaciou . , ti, ?u'i in ; In- !iu .h?.*lo'r n ' further n.*d to aJ?<-r(i?c eve . 'i *| i * i U" i.ii.g. .i Hiu lie .till rrinaiua aiwaya at Imnae iu.t icuJi to Uiiutlui^Ul I" tt.'" elfi Cti-d?.u Clirr hl? ..alll'I ti ? a* l tu int eidual w?U?f. mil the vin dcr ui.iflauI c t wi'l, tui.il. loo h ? ) 111 ?'U*r?i M?- u-j ?'< i . * tMJU.ty rcAUH* th*> are not J*TU1 u* at--it ?lr,ui ?r th u'?*?.a tf% ter. ?.j'. . i void h viiigihfu .< i tJ ** { ? 0) vv' it .) uii* ilid |Hidj? >*IT 'li~ C4M '???> btc 'HI.' v*<. euiou'l 4'iiuiu > ( Ju.if 'ir, ?r uiy !?? diotifi Tap v ?y tc i -I Jid I'rinn ui a ?ti imp ' *-t cui< ? a to ('btdin * I'llic j.w?U divided T ?c I'uJ'i m,w n tfin w t hiwUiry iuuI uii ofur. hudif, with die irue mod oftrratim ii? by 4? ??nu it | ?%iil t?c ?ult to uiid rwUltd thc?r own c*?? And ;'Aditi ?u. It u wi.t.cii i?\* a a what miiyle ell* ri? uc tv ik ^aiurd 111'?? c ui.p ai ftuti'enstfe p tclia' tuioix 4?t?'.ot? ofthi. cldd., m?b a- i.-K ? v iy lorm tnd v^nriy ul ill liu Mr, IU*1 II 14 puw.li'r It* in^iiU . iu r Uf. o. f .4 tile uu i?ot the l.ule o n>k i-it'lf, tl.e.beat endi-nce ol itd * ili. u l:i c?u idut dil l I ucfi diin% ot<|)o?itiou l met-? huli ii iui t) o*c car-lioa it . n I :wxr td by it? rd|>ull) Matfo>iu{?4l?. P.i e M c utt H/Ur. O at hu ie. tticiKc*, 31 .M ill di;ri t, llcdil) llltf CIUT h,jb "I Ij') tAid* licin C.nUniu .?(ju r. , a .J u the iltud ? <?fcA ol III . It rs. SaiicU, 7j uu*I ?u-' u"'on ?l , itiiU On b :h c ?rurr* Cl di '.a* iy vi? i SmitiO i* t. St RicTfRK.?i\ i? a* fiVcrtrU with trctni# ahoabl dll ru U O i?" ! * Alld inqtiru into ill! ..?? , luol bil ptivi in C?4f; . II u t; tb uuicdft dti, 4uJ vtiliiui to piove thai In hh-iiumI o* diiha^ d # trie luxe it t^.cdivr duJ in ore crrtaiu iiiia lb coa'iuoti ir l' offrit* J'hc tea tr^uued to cure by li ?a ui tbr.J u fpo n * <;u? t r of a.i bour ui dbuui tern cava. Thode ?lmar tn i.i Uo fuillitr inoii?r> win u**l Dc cbdivtt d ?-*c?*i?t lor t rvicc? it.idt i tl ftud a uiuutiilc t oia?*u*.jLn>u uuli that idtrijHclt l in ; aii\ c \?i . n5 l'i #i_ | i " tin:i; \al watchfulness I IS THK iriflPP Ol? HkAl.TH A VERY EMINENT PHYSICIAN has observed," that "if A mankind wu il l preserve liie hcaiin given iheui by Uuil, to I the period tie h algid lor the onliualiou ol lilt?tlirec iCoie i yea ? an I lei.? hey must be regu ated by tlx laws ol nature? and.tried, obc> those laws-" Tun i? tlie gran 1 preservative u lit". ' r. p'ranklm Ins obtcivrd, "? peuuy saved its iicuuv j c until." ("hm i> m applicable to health at uiouey. A life ind i .1 & i. !e i; uutJ. Every body, theiefore, woo would act uy i ?ln? rul<, inutt be watchlul. fe-Abo K HUN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK HOARHOoNU has already been the ineaus ut imiKniiu end saving MANY 1 lldt sAMJ LIVES, . ut inrdiciuc, although of recent origin, c impart lively t|ieak. ig, it now completeIy etUblnhrU iu ilit public favor, ai , of'lie uio-t preterva.ive and curative nature iu all diseases a 11*0*1 lint ihuw IhemtvlVri upi.i the LU.\Os. ' soch diseases originate iu llioae tiui|de and ordinary com" * COUGHS AND COLDS. Mo,t people tliiuk. that if ltl't to t.tcnueli es, a vim; Is cold | will leave tin eyalvtn of itaelf. It it true, that -."i.e people are I iluiiiri by nnure wil l such tiuaormuuv physical powers, ! U'it Llit ) arc enabled hv I', .trcngth <1 neir CONST I XL i IcrNs, 0 en uie a coug.. and t M lor a gnat length of time, hut tucli | lut.aneca are seldom, and moat people w lieu Lliut attached, a.e le .uced iu a abort space of time to a bed of sickness? which, uiue liuiet out of teu terminates iu that laul coinplaint, CONSUMPTION. No one, therefore, thould neglect for an instant the relief given by the use of a few packages of tile COMPOUND EYTKACX OK llOARHOUND Sold wholesale au I retail, by I. 1'c.ASE it SON, iilanufant'irtrs and proprietor,, at tli.-ir warehouse, No. aJ Division street. A VOICE FROM NEW JERSEY. llbnAHR, JV'.U, lot*. OCNTLBMCIt: While 1 observed so many testimonials, ouMicly conferred on the efficacy ol your invaiuable CoiujhukJ Ki tract of Hoarhouud candy, I lee! ashaine . of having uefeired oue from uiy* sell so long. Kaposi d to all weathers, and generally in Mil*-rtut ?o lue consequences 1 fooli.lily neglected a cold ana liy tough, ill it rtndeied me disabled liom octupat.ou. 1 suite red boUl biecdlUg an J l?l,>uriu^, Uulll ill > stiviiglh steuied KOU I] to loisdke iuc; aud herbs u> my chest and stomach h id been coust anil y but uusutCcssiully employed lii ihia slate I remained horn September to New icox's, wlitn my !il<.uds Mhuui i had formerly mi iu hitlHian i goodapima. atnit#4 at mv sudden ciiaiiged condition. At their request 1 adopted y our Hoarhound Caud> ; ouc slick alln another 1 iried wiui deleiiniued perseraia?c?, aud be.ore the dollar package was consumed, I lei I uot a gradual, hut au iu>lanuiicoua relief; the cougn c* as d, as eipt Ciyialio * lloWed, iest of body and uuad eusued, the distress of br all lag was removed, and i am now liiaiikliil to say thai J feel iu eveiy lespect belter thau ever. 1 shall ref?r all uiy leliow ?u!i'ercrs to ZSi Broad street, where your Candy is soid by your Agent. Yours truly, J. 11. Noli 1 ON. 110 Broad st. To Messrs. J. Pease U Sou, 45 l)iv ision si. Aii> one that wishes to see the original letter, will please call at the Proprietors. J. PKASK k SON, 45 Diyisiou su Agents iu the City? Kuditon k Aspui wall, lu AsiOi House, llUBioadway, all J 8b William street; batesou, No. 1 Park jtOWjand BOWCIJ (D . bun. Il, 2iU Clm h mi st. and COCA*/ Ktdiidge aud uranuV.iieet; Kirby, corner Ciniiou and Dm iou street*. Ageuts ouf of the ciiy.?Zieber, 8? Dock street, Philadelphia, Pa. and v* ashiuglou city, D C.; iUddiug, ti State st, Mo?iou ; Bobin*ou. Ill Baltimore street, Baltimore, MU; Baiter, 5? Stale s:, Alban>; Weed Si Waieis, i roy . uJr Ciib>iicu Gb, TTOPAIVA CAi'bUJLbb AXU UEiiAM biLVLH. bit. FKUCHi VV AiNtiLK, No. 1, Wall street, offers Chemicals, D.ttgs, D> estutls, very cheap, aud warrau. s all his pre|*araiions ol best quality aud the luo t geliuine in market, vis^Luny cam tic an,, silver crystals, irom 50 cu?. to $i ?> per of ; aqua lorti* 8 cts per lb ; hydrocyanic acid Ph. U. S. 85 cts ' ,h i uz , pure uiiiic aciu lor jewreiier? auu cn.tir matter* ii>;4 l>r lb ; CopaiVa Cdp*ules, beat .jualiiy, (7, (14, diid $40 pr gros* ; Utliuua dill 14 cu pr lb; idbdiiaquea chloride ol audi, -?in? hxcuclii !)t I* 9! 7 > pi da/.; ji/diur -'6 eta pr uZ ; dt'Ul Ko*J 1 11, m llit luuat approved maiiuiactuie*, (JOproz; dumouJ ceuicul %U pr grot* , apinu ol hriiUiioru, I'rom 7 to zu cu pr ib . audswet-i ?pirit* 01 tunc from 8 10 20 cu pr lb; jodiues ol poii* ia, iron, auipnur, lead, mercury 60cu pros; weeiluh 1? tcli? #lu pr lull;chloride ol j dine 76 cU j>r oz; bromiut $i pi oz; *..tl n> poiii 1, iiidi <ii i >?u 41 ju pr lu; <*oiup??uuu chemical w hale oil, a. dp and all liia p.l.um Wdridlilrd. Extract logwood *ud Clil|? dye woods, sold very cheap. Apply lo 1 oil. jlKVvic I'iiUCHTVVANCil^K, ol7 3m*? c No. I Wd.1 ai , >. Y iiULL'S licU??L?>. NOTICE i d iiUFTCRED j'EK80N8. UL'KddM*) bikini '.vith ruptures may rely uji.n the best I ii^Uumcutdl aid the worm dlloriL, vli appucaUou at tin oiHcc, No. 1 Ve?ry Aire cl. of to eiUwr ol uie o^i-iiu ?u the piiMip I t??W?* 1& the oililed States. 11c carelul 10 cx.uriue il?c bach j-.dof HiiU*a treat**, to a** ?i i?.i, uveadtciKa0| u. Hull, lu W Ailing. NoUl ire xeuumi. m lo uc relied upaU at g?xiu, without liia aigualure. >1 in> | ciiiiuili<tvr UMltiitktU lo veud llui.dUi/n& Ol Hull's cdtuiAltii Uipi ?, iiid l..cutui(li are iui,o?etl upon iu cou*c?i.uiucr. The?c hililJOIU laiiuol Oi iCilt'U upon; tt?e> arc* LVidc D> UiiAtediui uittiuibica, ?u?J uie uo beltei Uidti lite i/idia*.i> cu :i?. Itoom* iirtit beta lii.ed up at No. 4 V'csey street, exclusively To. Pid.ts. ImViiic a at pa ?it cuuouce lioui uie bu?iiit*a dcparia?* nt, where 4 icuioie >s iu c> uti ui sueudaiice low.tiiupou ?rrim* patients. ?>1| H.?iJlSEASbS Ob THE EVE It Iv LiO^oy OriiTliALAUC SUKGEON, 1N0. ? 1 uJUAUAAp ut" urn Hi Kul.uu Su.ol, o|iy>uille ai. I'aul'. (jMnn.ii. AT A \j>a J O L'tat-iSk-a ub Trifc i.VJ?t A.W ALi. 4l?t Nti/MssAHI UCfcRATIONs Tllt-lvCuN. OFFICE Hul.RS FRO.M 9 TO 6 O'CLOCK, iliving cuiil 'iiiru !lli .male. el M year. Willi ult. J?.LLiOT'J', OCalui, ami l?.^n auAariiueUlly engaged u liu a..i.laui, i(. li KtiMblru l>' unueiUake the Irealineut ul all iluea.es ml(ecting itie ocg.ui. ol ruiou. Term, moderate and uraduau u to itie otiuri- aud IIIIUIol tile disease. 1'ein.issioii is gi.eu to leler lo his late iustructo.. and also tu some ol me Liost cuuueut 1'rofessors ol the Medical Kacuity iu Ne iv i irh. S.U. i he oor treated graiuitoasly cut GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DEa-I'AIR. DI{. A C. CASTLE. Demist 297 Bioadwaj, N. Y.,hua taste for tilling decayed hollow teeth, the efficacy of which ! " * satisfactorily stood die teat ot public oplnioo lor ti v-rai j emit It u |'Ui in the tooth while id a soft staie, mil becoiin-e embodied with the tooth as compact solid tooth, thus preventing, IN ALL CASKS, the necessity olextraction?the most I ' I tooth can thereby be preserved. Ladles of ihe first statiu'uf in society Kise their testimonials ii. the most viewing t wi.. Trie editor of the Evening Post, Mil . . ?a;' i is ! -In..ably adapted lor tender teeth, and rovoui perscua, and Dr. < iastl' operates with great care anil ability." Torthache Pills, oue ol which put in the paitrful teeth will Meet aiieriuanent cu.e. [From the .' luvntl of Crntv;i?rce.] DELICATE AN I' SLCC !*?-; UL OPERATION.?Dr. A C Castle ha* rephtci d. h" ...ost ingenious piece of Dental itlri'liuuism, tl,c tost po..ions of the upper J h wer jaw bones and th.ir u-eth, shot away, in the case of Lieut. S. of tne U. 8. N., ? ho met with this severe casualty while pursuing the Indians iu Florida. We have seeu letters from the Lirut. confirm atory ol'this eitraordinaiy cure aurt its entire succeas, which must be very *ratityiUK to the Doctor. Dr. C. also inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Aintiaaaadint; Mr. Stoughton, the Spanisn Consul; Mrs. timers I Oaiucs; Oeneral McCarty, U. A.; Lord Morpeth; L)r. F. U. Juhnsou, I'reaidcut ol' the Medical Society; Dr. J. Torrey, Dr. J. li. Beck, Dr. J. A. Smith. Dr. E. Drlaiield, Dr. Berger, Dr. Kissim, Dr. A. H. Stevens, Dr. J. C. Cheest man, tic. Ike. DEAFNESS.?Dra. Caetleand Edwanla. Auriats, 2U7 Br adway, attend to the cure of deafnesa, and all diseases per.-tiiiug to the ears. Acoiulic Drops, sure cure for incipient deafnesa, uoisea. or collrciiuus of hard ws? in Iheears o9 Im'c TO THE LADiES. Dh. HULL'S UTEHO ABDOMINAL SUPPOHTEH. THIS new lustruineul for the radical cure of Prolapsus L'lfri or Falling of the Womb, by externa! application, su|>eraedingtheuse of the objections! Pessary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the meaus of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the moat aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Euroue u? llu 111 thin country. It it adopted t? ihe enure disuse of pessaries,and all otlirr painful surgical expedients,iu the Lyingui-HnspilaU ol Louiloii -iikI Paris, ami i> universally MN? mended in klurnpe by medical inrn of the highest rank lu this country it is sustained by the leading members of the faculties of College! and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitiooori. Hootr.a hare been furniihed exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Vese) street, luiving a separate entrance from the business deWUMH, where a lady lain constant attendance, to apply Trusses nid Supiuvrtrr* to female natienta. o4 Irnr D It. COOKE IlETUH NED FKOM ENGLAND, WITH all the latest imiaotaut rnfor nation Itom Europe, rtlllMlll pi rlorn nig cures of the wo.st class of venerered disease in its most aggravated tortus, with unprecedented expedition and despatch, may again tie consul td i eiaonally as well as conlideuiially, at his office, No. S Nortuu itre.t, Albany, N. Y The Lock Hospital, tn America the only Philanthropic Institution established, under the benign auspices of the celebrated Dr. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton si. Albiny, N. Y., for the rebel and Conreuis.iCe ol the unfortunate, is reputed at he best asylum extant lor toe comfort and cert sin recovery of the iuvalids. At this Idtirinary patients have the very best medical atten dance, including board Uld musing, which very ina eriallv rath lit ales mutual approbation; and a. Dr.Cooke, tfie humaue pound er nl so desirable a retreat and ncied security, resides ot? ihc premisos, the most incredulous there may repoae their u'inoe' confidence?feel at home?pursue their usual avocati- lis? .u-i tit)' ) the society nl perhaps the in at eminent physicians* Hellas'oe IMS nsnevnlin: ma-iof the age.?European. ;y liesii-'u.bt , D>. Cooke attends personally to lua )ulieul oii im*r ~im;ii~ r a\n ir cr? icaruru, ck? s ~ <>lij ?r ? Urn w'Vic* htm! country mediant* will .1 .J 111 i? irin'tfftrt cvl ,?? ?he above number before imrcli ? ii ft l-t- aiif t, w .1 rv they Mill fun! a complete AMO'tin tit ??l an ?rticle? 111 dm <IioVi Ii .** fl?A ti ili.c aul Al lot for cash ill..',,- w>1 n non.niNf*. HOL l"9 CAN l>"V A V V rHINli TIIK KIND.?I* t 11 *t toil ?!-. 1 11. miii miriti-*! oniihi And Cwldti lit ' l'a f A > !> V ' n if > i)"'l Kir uaelf a re.'tiMf 'Oii, ( * ? ij i.y i?*?iw.i ni'tiU) IV ??.* iIk orrluM/y cliM ol f?B?oui? 'or 'Ue < i'1-io ? l??f which if i' i;eJ. I i? . coiTtuit I'V i.t who h^ve c%periei>c- ?l if II Ii Jk ' lfcl!'Vtl> lof CuB|Hi| I '"I'll, 'ICtl ll' til la >1 ( ic 111II'/ . , . I inn 1. 'u t?*i i> i!i 1 I h*v? , 111 my practice. pTetcnbeo V P. I1??||*? r.imp- ii . l ( uuh Can?l> ?i? m.uiv cmu^I eoufcl. )Ma. 1 .1 *l? iti-. uoim . I l?if tun**, *' h fl?* f?iO*l i?U' ift-rf ?ninrn* . y jiir ?-.>mpom in |?A to?>l ?hii C<tnly, SUti h n* . 11 -r , M. 1' ' L' 4ii) \ 1 ? * ii in* 'ivtti nimiff ivrar.tn t, I > miU, ??.,> f, ',iiiinrri<l th .1 im If lo All iroukle.l witli.if, 'ill# . ,in,1* *'** inc.'li"ii ?l In my eauui.idon Hii """ h"u VAVILTCKANY. M. i>. Hcfnrd, Uoun. If. r or ti'r by M. f. HUl-j . <07 Mmn ttreot; *l?o, by the Priucuxl DruagisUin HatIiOi'I. A A hi) 8<nd?, 79 Fulion ?i."ee t: at Dr. Hvine'i PharmAey, , Bowery, 'onwi ol waUyriL art Acc.Uid New York. *21 lm?r PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTUCE! ro a particular class or invalids. PHKliK i? i>nr clintifi.Jiliilt # omeut warmest ?> in 1 at nil w|so ff t? aIi. ?.-Me the ?uuei ??f tU af Tb etui ? oi ?? ' 'h >?* who v# Uburinf uadti ? i ffru luu' Mci?u' iJ iL" u * icio which trriug and I l?'U ;ht!?*?? \ It till aiv ? ..frr.1 :n w.iel by |wta?iou or ihe cout fiuu of ?.vi!. 11in|?ir* \V u in ... finable fight can thcit be, un tint f ?r luttSLc-, of the fnftei i' a family, wl?o ha? lotig u?c - it* r .iU i! of it ?? youth.ul err? ibut who bean about w ilh tiiui in hi fcy.ffiu, *nJ |r.f , * t' itt?:nit? to hi* inuocelit off juiui. Ihr con f; trucf s <>l Ins for iut indiscretions ! Delicacy t? tVtrnU inn from |?i?!y?nf to a i?' y>i nn ami bf tiot unfre* OUrMtly tu..* into the hand, of um ducat'd uretetider*. Many *>oui)g ,ne. , a.u l *> u entering in to matrimonial iiifuts iron the tear or cotisciou* ?-&* tnit disease i? luik j nig hi lfo.ir >? t? ri. I o a* | m lioiffff-Ti th r* VI- zv of MoUif inc and Pharmacy of the c.ty oi 4\i v% \ ?rkt otter the mom ?.f security from ?eeoii*...?> dt?e.n?, Auu i ? the f u? * ?i of a wh- u .i|u>A f ut. in their u w i ... i i i) v I , v- Mixture," BO ritenuifHv ??>* vlr l'n ono n tin- Venrr?;*| ii rtni.il of Pans, i . . ? 1 u in m UU14 half a doien b rules witln ?;.i. ? !. fC'io..si, ii. , t ?-rb U wh cHctnao. emte r mark I in ca*.es ait guaranteed to 'III) utli'ifat n'l iit-tr ?! lilt II w r m dy, u? cure all sypli hl'cim 1 itiea o! llu M -ud c.l un o.ii toils, Affection? of i)e u?m 1 % il 11 n i, iiici-ri,| ?ihi in the bone*, kc. Pur* Ufff ran II tint'1? c??rrei oanuith tin ccaitltiu Pbyn* ci4?i of iK* Collrc*. P. C of th" c.i ft $b t- xffh. Htf.lyiurwxiiicn t'? ah s 'Tiiof t''.? Ui i 11. < -iiii.li .1 ni lii* Wftl Indies. The i ? * .mil medicine are so i? it ui? that ur couccalmeut is . . y, Byordei W. b. KICIURDSON. Agent Priiicn V T.-e of die College, 07 Nassau street, New York. uif9 3mw if L A I- E it 1 lo N C E 17 Oil KOI H Yh Alls i. ' I'tilly loir J (h? ti'w rdinsry ?irI tuct ..1 l)K. fc|lKK>.AN'A UK A I'KI) LOZ*NUlC'*. S..??r,i. ui>l'''>n ...xvin.vi 't < ? en perfect (.iiilactiD'i to all wl.o h?vr u?-u ito-.o. PHYSICIANS AVI) CLAK'JYAlEN, Lawyers, l'r>jft'Wors, rich ami hi?'I and low?io fact, nearly the whole Ametican i>e' ; .Cl ..arc tfiveii them their sanction, ami ther are una I ol .yreadin* their influences to evi-r> io.. i ot the known valid. Urs. Hunter, hunlh. Uoairs, V.iuiter|?>ol, Scult, ami four hunJr. il othir i.hysiciaiM iu New York city alour, reeoinweuil Sl.^rm Lo.. 'if. daily, in their practice. Slierman's Meilieatr ! Lorenee. are never ?uld hv th* ounce, bui always in bou , .i.i !.ii name a.tached- The Doctor bring ?u educated 4'id . vptricnecd physunsn. and a member of the Medical Stoci' ., D Mtitjrol .v.-,v Torka gives character I" lus pri pare'jot thai iio othei i e'Miy. COLliHs, C'JLD.d, consumption, A liana. Tightness ot Hi C'n at, YVhnoping Cough, Cough at. Img Measles, and oil lious jf llie Lunga, ue iininediat-ly relieved by Sheri. lu's Cough Lozenges. They entirely MNUMMMUMil ! h.uiri, and often the most alarming c.uei of Cousutnpti. it yield, as if by magic, to their hapt y intluruce. as in ine cases jf t:.- lie*. Mr. Aulhouy, tne Hev. Mr. Slrcelor, and hundred* o| othera, even where they had beeu givcu upas incurable. WOKM.s CAUSE DEATH To til.>uv mils, without tin. ? ve; being suspected. Children aud adulta alien sutler inii' h 'r un il -in, when a box ot Bhrrmau'a Warm Lozei. IglVl til tu immediate relief.? Huudreda of inaune< i nav. r l ie 10 aui knowledge, where persona on the briuk uf the grove. last waiting away, aud the Physicians trying their ski I >n vain, and resorting, at last, as the only hope, to Sheiir.in'i Worm Lozenges, winch have restored them to health and happiness. How often have moth* era called at the War# ho' ?e aud ,antred lai'h tin ir ih inks lnd blessings lor the res ion ol ih.-ir d-ar be love d allji,ring, Never before lias a pe n n reined, beeu discovered lor laie entire eradication of all ..Ji. f ivo.uu. HEADA IHH PALPITATION, Lownesa of Spirits, Kai'iuc, Kaintiug, Deatoudeticy, Nervous Diseases generally, aUd Si .1 Pickucss, us all subject to the enratira properties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They cure severe headaches, Ac. in ten minutes. In fact, they operate like a cliarm, and no 1 ergon should go to sea without tliein, as tl.ry are infallible in tea sickness. Persons subject to falipiu, or attending crowded parties, will lind tlictn to relu v them oi all ias-ilude aud oppression. Warehouse :# Vaaaau street Ag-u a?Church's, 18* B.weiy; Sand's, 77 Cast tjoe.igsy, aud clrnt. Cii.rrui, aud Biuadway; Codington, 2gr Hudson; Itusliioi: and A ,una'ill's lliruti ufAPMU -anal l'!Q the. I. (frra.aklan 11 SI :*U* rrf f. Boston, and 'J Ledger Building*, I'inLidchut f*. ault?r | SEBRJNG'S R&STORATiVE CORDIAL. NO.476 Broadway,N. Y.?This Cordial laving obianu d aju*t celebrity uu account of tlvc many cure* it fiat performed, in ' cases to which it is adapteJ, the public n rcsj e.duily intonneu that itreli?TesDyipt|siiab(l other disordt rs of the stomach. I* is peculiarly adapted to remove those complaints, not by coiismurly physicing, out by strengthening ti?e s>?uui. No g.eater mistake can be made than to suppose that Prspepaia, or any other disease arising from debility, can be cored ny a lr* <iu? nt forced action on the bowel?, by purgative nudnine*. Wheu this coinplaiut exists, the system is head) loo win., md every | additional dose teuds to make u more so. file Cordial, on lite ' contrary, acting as a tnjie, strengthens I he dig' save organs, Mid ! assists thein to perforin their uuChous as nature dt?igu<d.? Hence it is found to be elhcaciuUaolao in rh /.? d>??*.ise? peculiar to females, which arise ui?ne frequently Irwin ,vv? aki.. ss ih u from any other cause. The Cordial likewise is a certain cuie for the Nervous heidacne, and affords relict in uliuflsl <ili if lections of the uuvous *>*:ern; It is ?h xcellcu* prev? ucive ol costivenes* md low spirits. The a#?ed and iniirm ol bo*li sexes, and persons of ?edeular> habits, prom; to ccstiveness, h t?e t xierieuc? d greM benefit from it. itspeedil) promotes st.ength in all cases of generai debility, it* ton* a wood aud healthy ap |ieliie,gNwi toac and vigor u? the wii.de svsum, and .* highly beiieiiCi.ii m v tunic m c mwic* ncc from levers and other acute dison'tis. In proof of its virtues 1.1 the above compiling, the public to teitin <? 10 therecommendations o t ininei;: j hysiciaus. is wt.ll e? th ? t* of rcs,a c'aldt gt iilitineij vn o li ve derived benefit fr??m the use of it, some of which are published in the ctrcul* accompany nig each bottle. I fie llesioiAtivt i.uidul is pre|mred and sold by the proprietor tl 47o li.ii.olw n , N V., and by rii|K tiable druggists throughout the country. I net $J pel bottle, and $9 per dozen. Ordeis accuiii,aiiitd by the cash punctually executed, and lorwarded ac coii-i.ik l?. directions ^?ld also by the Mess s Hu??iton U Aspinwall, 88 Wiliia s(, 110 Bj tad way. and i<? Astor H- use. ot ? ^ UT?. GOUKAl'LTb KAU DL BI&AUTE, or True Water of Beauty, tor ?arermiuatiug Ian, iieduess, ballowu ss, Pimples, Freckles, Mop hew, bums, Blotches, aud all cu Cinc 'Us eiupUoiia?lor re-iliziiig delicate white necks, hanus, anu dims, ud eiicil.ug i hr.il hy juvenile bloorn, stauds uuHv alid. 1_* smithingand healing probities in all loughuess ami liaishut ss ol the skin?-especial I \ n: nil aying the irritability nLet Ititvmg, is beyond compare. Amcug uie swaruu ol trashy preparations an-1 vile couiimunds forced into notice by i>arasitic*i pop gun i uiis, U-miaud s bam Lotion I us unobtrusively ir pi n. ? il ?loWt$ "-.t tin > and Steadily into public Uvor throughout the United bt it? s. This article u iiot recommendtdioi its" che UKit ss" (it* price o* mg all per bottle, though at tUlacoalit iaiiifmiirly clic-pcr luxu Uic uu Hull spread naily lx-!oie ti ? | ub.n, even i llir coal wrre cue shilling or one c. id.) Such cheap remedies or Slim ral Aurmgents being uot only ti adeni .te to tt.e oljeiu euuiempUtcd, bui by then reH'lM. r i-usiii-.dj injurious to healtli. UOUKAUD'S VV.VTKK OK bi.AU 1 ? n-oinnit u.is n,ell by its combined eifuai y, I. tr,ul< ?iKii o2 <11 In.u, ami it in .In g fragrance. A Kn in i< ! 'dv mini.i,; to the pr ; ritloi, i-ij?? " Moi l. Ci.iu.aui2? I'm bill an ait ol justice that I should rjKirit?iroi ?!y tin you my iiepjalitieil testimonial ol the uuili j cllii?c>, i:ii ..i. ti e, e:..i ling..met your preparation for pumping and eleau.iug Oh. skin. B> in n?e every pimple ami I: ecl.lt Pa>e i a.'tohcd m.in my face I nu ?hu ild Mou A mi, as ii is vi eoven liii m.it cliarm u? a rimed} lor scattering all blemishes from <.ui faces, call It les dtlices des dames. bn uu nut, je >U|I enchants tie Ic cimiiietique el Je ru voua reuiercie lit tout uu L cot nr. li.MlLlk DilhMOULINS, Pension Kranfaia, time nwich alreet." " I hare j our bau d" Benute in use?il ia au admirable article, ami 1 shall recommend i..'" S. K. rniLLirw, Philadelphia. " I have had vvrral cal'a for your Moah, loi neck lea, tec. A lady living here bought a botl'e of you, and slid it had tire dcsiitd trtecU" ALEX. til) I H Rib, No. I oi .nu Hall, Albany. " I cheerfully bear te?!imon) to the edicacy aud perfect ionoceuce of yoar baude Beaute; ia ia decidedly a valuable cosmetic. 1 cannot consent thai . ' p-blish my uunt." Tbe above ia from a lady iu Lt Hoy Place. " Dear Sir?Hat ink had a very favorable opportunity yeaterday evening for expatiating oil Ihc merits of your bau de lleaule, ami alumina the effects il produced uu my nanus, a h unit lady n .nested that 1 would procure her a bottle of it. t?< send oue l>ei bearer." JOSEPH M , Broadway. 8o ?..'na t. lh- proprietor! conviction of the entire eljicacy of ihe above iat-i'.lit>h* prep, nation in realiting all that it profnv.es to accomplish, that any diaalislied puichaarr can receive nis or ..er money bu la. f r*|uealed. I, l.c i.ad only ai Do li.'a o-xclusive Office, 87 Walker at., one uoot from Broady\ ..y, at $1 per bottle, and of the follow ing A?e?its y? Albany, Onthrie, I 1. itien Lane; Ootlien, blliott; Philadelphia, Mrs Brown, 76 C. cviul street; B III more, Setli Hance, Pr.u st; Washington, P'elo fa.ker; Alexandria, C C lJerry; H irlford, Wrlla te Hun.'hiey ; Boston, Jordan, 2 Milk street; Norwich, W Kaulkner; l.ovsell, Carlelon; Salem, |vea; New Haven, b Myers; Provide nee. Dyer, Jr.. Ciiiciunatli, Thomas, Mainstreet, and others td. .ugnont the U. States. Uourand'a Puudre Subciii. lor completely aud permanently eradicating su|iertlu..rs hair, ?| per botile. Gonrau.ri Li.juid Vegetable iiouxe, 40 cents tier bottle. Oouraud's Blanc U'r',i|a.ije, imparls a pure life whiteness to skin, free Ir nn the dileteiious pihieiples generally entering into com hi nation for this purpose, Z't ?iir? per box. a 17 lin r A libit IMC-1 H V "ft IHI1A.HIUAL 1'lbbS. f"|NF. BOX of ilinr iniA^tblr Fill) i-iw. sit ail iltc ijuark mrdiciDri id'tllir* 1 lor i ciiUt ililii'Mt di'MKi. Lit the the nnfortunstr rest .red, tint i rre i? iiu ra.i?a in asserting (liesr Tills to u a < tly nul radical pine for gnnorrhas,gleets, irri ration of In I a y, fco. They wire lor several years prescribed by till criihr.'rd Aheruethy, in all stages of theahov; diseases. It. i t; firs' ? igcs one Ikix is usually stilfi ciem to i fleet a cure n, s lew days. In long protracted cm nic stages, olis'in ite gleets. Sic. tin y are equally certain, having cunol hundreds who had w. n taking other in? uiciti s for moutlis, which 11 ti'led more t; destroy t ie constitution thin to rnje the dueise. The \ never leeve the putt subject to tlw trostbieeome weakness w' l h so fieonently ?ce ir alii r uinig othei tin dicities. Tilt) hits-lio uutrlesssrit Uste or smell; an I any ..tie taking them n. aht fre'iuent die most reKurilsociety wrhna: having their tnismr.utvs sn pect.'I T ey are i v.|iosrd ?utircly of Segetable iiiEreutei.ts aliieli invigorate the system generally. For sale only in >e? York b, Win. Watson, Apothecaries' Hall, J6 Catherine jt., aud i.t brooklyn by Ul.gi it, druggist, Fulton at. oil I in * r ~ i'AUK'S Lit K l-iLL-'. rPHK immpiiM iucrrn** of ih?- sal** "I t!?ese PiMs for the thort A time they have been introduce J into this ctiuturv, ii truly utookhmf.ik kc nvi nim pro ?. i i lecoti|u at powi r of ihiiliuc htrbal medicine in rein?*?lviti.r dianose. At this rtason ofthe vnar. when the system m relaxed by the li.*v, ofsummer, a course of this iuvaluahle incdic.uo ^ili'iea* oil" i te ?<mr u:iu bad humors which heat iur.triably rat* h. The liv?-rt which generally ktU sluggish, ml! he p??t into In alihj action, and mils be able to oerlorm the function* allotted to it, the body altogether will be reinrigoritei, .v?d prroir f" undergo ever change th?* winter may brink' on. (. > lions complaint*, heavy colds and inflammation*, the y afford * ?peedy relief, and to the fema'e constituti?n? they are jan nmbrlv ppliiMble, many who have trie d * n can certify. I if ? t every one wb" has u ed Par ** li#i- Pills ? 1 t # b< iiis i'.ltd **ith new life, for their f.:i , ton>c. projwriiv* iuv.in My restore the sfoin tch to a healthy longing i^r ml, sound dn and .ill the emicoimtairts attn.. ml m i ! Immh. The eaten! towInch f.ie\ am used in Ksirri, e, II class*-* ol'society. i* ' * 'iu conception, fin more i'mii Hi <mhj boxes re their sold w? ?fy. shewing that all wit.) us* litem appreciate tb'.or worths they are old i *elu?iv-l> o> ?h" foil ?vm* acen'%, vtr. ?? Ruthtou At Aspiii'vall, dr i*ai*is and ciieun'Ut 86 Wi..iam : 110 B^rdw4y snd !0 Aator ilou^. Ahrxh on Sinus St Co-druggi*'* en I ch- m ** ,xr.* uiit . i ll>o\dwiy, corner ?ir'J?wniL U. P. 1) ik e, il l Drosdway. corner ? I Lispsnard it. I oh 11 u Dodd. d. Moists Bos If* iy. corner Bh ecker at ] V W DkVui. B.'wry ->ior. ,?o Howrr) l.i'n. I! II rt 'I >u iit, ^<iO .:id Norrnlk ?t, Si inci'' M'mIicui Hi""1. * B 'W'-'J. eornef of Walker it. V 0 Trii !cr, onrwr Kulio i ind W\trr it. lojiC K>rr. tt, iiru-?.?'i (Jr . awu h?t., neit the coiner of it I irothcc .prt. 227 llarfii n Herri, corner of *nrin<Ht. .... f? |. < '??n. (li? ir.int ail I i| iry, 253 Bl 'eckec St., corner if I me* fct I. W# ml iTr. dnu;p*t Hi'! .? .o'V..' ry, HI Kiehth nvenae. ,.KI> ii -W \ ' * .. i, ; | iten nH'iti< mi ISi*t ltu.it. At?d *l?\ .\f . rilMiMf.' Officfl, 1 rtCTIKRTS Ik CO., 1 I r*?ii'in f m: ?, corneroi P ? i? itreet .unl Bro.tdway. i 0 j 'X*< KJ I Uit * r|,~? rv KK , - > 'i -' ?' if hi Ml - i mttnn ., , id | MUM rhOM dillCQl 1 , ? i ' * " nci ' . u4fol t* ofhw itmly. Th? ,i'r\ ' .iw ?n ntohith*n<fi?evc Ul (?! ?'? ? UHil ' Nlpfd ' '"> n ".t.ouof 'h?s h .. rutins..ik i*h)?ieiHt? t): Ofrtii .'iptiirirv ril m? .-*!t? ci?*Me? kirn to ketp r < f mproven . i.k . ill iti in 1 I uis . hot!Id a i r hoit of jeif DUiiit'l L) ,:i?rh an! pre* i I ionic ol wl\??n n iit: to tc euThufiof lift!- Ooo ^ apou iilu^ctiof which tliei e totally uu irani. Office, No. 2 Am ?t?pnT*tt. enrtftnee, Kb door from the v1n??um? officehonri vint'l #c ? loch P.M. o9hn*r T"EAOrtt;ft~oP fllK Ii MONZANI.M Thomiaea rtreet, ..itm isitnietioat ok l* Lh? flaia I'criui qavt?(. #! *? CONSUMPTIONS. /"ROUGHS, COLDS, Asthmas, pain in the eheat or aide, ?pitVet ting of Mood, Catarrh*, Pleurisy, Hsrtic Fiver, uight Swrtis. Difficulty ot Brwiihiii*.P*lj,im,?? ?f tt,r Heart. lost of Strength, fclmaliatiou aud all atTiicUons of the cheat and lungs, together Willi litosr diseases will, h prrdispose to COIisuiI ptiou. Tlx Iceland Balm prepari il from he Iceland Muu is a inrdicine |?osseMiug inost ei' raordiuary properties, and Ins b< en esteemed in Europe and this country not only aa a rare but as a preventive for that cruel disease the nuluinnarv Cuusuini lion. It la tieffeclly innoceut, eery palatable. eaceediuxiy nourish lug, and ought in all cases to be tried where therr there is any rhsuce of a recovery. For sale by PATRICK DICKIK, ol lm*r 413 Broadway, comer of Lia|>riia'd at LUCINA CORDIALMAGN'IN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the anre and apeedy cureof incipient coiuumptmu, barrenness, iinpnteucy, lurorhse or whip a, gleet, ohatructed, diUcult or painful rneissliu ation, incoiiTiiieiice of uriur, or involuntary discharge thereof, slid for the general proatrstiou of the ayati ni, no matter whether the result of inherent cauaea.orof causes produced hv iriegularity,iIlueaa, or accident Thi wide-spread celel rity of thia wonderful and inestimable cordial in hoth hernial teres is a sufficient guarantee tor its juiek and positive success in curing <11 the above affectum, and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising thau its ins i f orating effects on the inim tu fraint . Persona all weakness aud assitude before t iking it. at once become robust and full ol enery under its mtlu. ee. It uninedidely Ctiuutrracta the nervekaiuess or looseness of tile fe nale frame, which it the only cause of barrenness; aud which, prior to Dr. Vfagum's discovery was considered to be incurable. Ami it a|iei.dily removes ine impedur.euts produced by physical prostration, which fra duently deter meu from getting married. Language, indeed, anuni do iustice to the merits of the Lueina Cordial, whirh it regarded hy the heada of the (acuity in all parts ol the world aa ou?-ui ine n?o*r imporT-iir meuicai ?ur?ii>mv. * rivv $J per ??oir!?-. Bold at 92 Namau street. And No. 90 North Stith treet, Philadelphia. ?2ft ltn*r PRIVATE CUKE. T^OCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC PACKAOES-No l. *-* for the cure ot' (Jonorrhre i, tileel-, he.; ami No 2, lor tha cur -of Venereal Disease lu ail ita .tastes. have been used upw.inla ?f aeven years,aud in mi install e failed to ?(r, t a iruuipl Core. These i>ackai:rs compose every medicine, w uh, he. required, adapted to til tile varied symptoms, *4 arrant; il th it tlie IMtieut has no difficulty i . srli-iiwntineut.thereh\ avoiding ex oaure or auspiciou. Each pkse. conlviit Doctor Jordan'? private treatise, " The Monitor, wlier, lu i> lull directl- us, with a deacriptiou 01 the nature, symptoms, consequence,and treat inent of aecret iniladiea, with valuable inlor an u Bring complete,compact, am! guaranteed lu all casta, th?> are well idipltd for stnuqers, liaiellera, he.; and to nlacc tiiein within the re a ill of all, the proprietor has reduced the price to Three Hollars each lac.kaire, which will be forwaided (to poat paid ordera only) packed in tin cases, and free from observation. N. B.?l lie Monitor (alone) ii M cents; for one dollar free it will he sent also free. Sold lor the proprietor, ouly st Droit Store I ( Prince street, corner of Msrion. s lew doors p,sl Niblo'a ti vrdeu. Private entrances and offices for consultation, 69S Mariou, one d or below dru? store. Msrioustreet isadirectcoutinuatiou ol Centre. oil Im't KIKTY CENTS PER BOTTLE. BY LETTERS PATENT OK THE UNITED STATE* THE TRICOPHEROUS, OR MEDICATED COMPOUND, FOR THE HUMAN HAIR. r} with confidence recommended to all whose nair it becoming linn Irout disease, scurf, and dandruff. The surest remedy to prevent _ _ BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR. The most healthy drctsiug that can possibly be applied to the head; rendering the hair soft and glossy, and treeing the scalp from all huniora and irritation., rein iving every particle o( scurf and daudrulf and disposing the lis, r to curi. lu frequent rind of lift*, i'or iufunt heads it in invaluable. To be hid only at the Hair Cutting Rooms, 146 Broadway, coruei of Liberty at, u,> stain, or ot the apyioiuted agent*. aid I in * i c 1) JS N T 1 S X K V . Wl'HFS TO BE KNOWN BY HIS WORK, NOT "* VVOi4DS?A. WALKER, Dentist, No. <K< Chamber* alr'Vt, acts imitation incorruptible teeth uu roots, which ea uor be distiuii ii?htj irom the natural. Inairt th. aame ."fility of leeib oil the principle of .tin osp'teiic picture, fi .. oi>< to a whole vet, drlyin|.|. lection, and answering tin purposes ol t'.e imur ;1 orgsu?. h tiling or I'iu>kl ng decayed teeth whether the ueite lie caponed m nut. The toothache cured. Extracting without distract lug the patient. These a:iu all Operation^ uetLaitiincr to the Dental Ourgoou, performed at 2i per cent leas than tin u sua I obliges. >>2 in.?i MEDICAL All/ Dn. GREGORY will at'eiid aud prescribe for a pvtienlar class ol p?Ui uta, at his residence No it itlo'.t street, cveiy day i i the wees, it all I outs ol day and eveniug. Ui- ir. a-iwent may be relied on as being the best, and ihe pi o pur u d vrili oe in accordance wi h the ivmpt.nns oi tlu> disease, haviug r- Vi? e . c? also to liie accoi nu .datiou of tile palicut a..d a perfect cure ol the malady. Lis wuiihy ol note tint atrreai number of patients after liavin.' been treated lor lite dist ts. Were discharged b> their phy?i cui.s a. being cured, and peihaps Would remain ?o a week or Ijtli-r a; let that disease Pegio, r<? make ill appear ice agviu, aud in Ills r ige it is Hell orally considered worse touuie ll.att i.i th" lost instance. I' is m c,,.,e? like if. bis' dr. <J. nsii, I ngth ditc.'Veird a re up. <i>, whim as , el is entirely unknown to any other physician, ltis.iiieiteiii.il application, reuniting to bo continued in some c.Ses not more than thirty Imu r. I:ha* prort J succe* fill its eury IIP' uice wl.ere it ins nc-en applied, ainlhasCured eascsof from thiec to uileeu y. -it- standing. Tiiii aDiiouncW'tit it not undo I'ro.n motive* ol vsuit> or fromi lei* of boasting, but simply t< lul .r a uiose in un d of the remcdy, svlier- to Obta.o it. T>i e seeking th" Uoctoi, will liiel liiui at his own house ( cad ug ipue) No ..1 Molt at, rbuuc l:>.I y ards off Iroiu Cua '.siu S jn are, ting nearly opposue the stone church?it it easily found it uitthL Dr. Gregory has published au improved edition (with engravities) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon;" it treata exclusively on the complaints above alluded to. The remarks on stricture should be read by every oue.c4>ecially those with a pro Iracied case urf disease. It is for sale bv the author, at his office and by Messrs. Bauds, 79 and 100 Kultou-street, aud both Drug stores corner of Chambersst and Broadway; also ir the Bowery at Nos. 61 aud 188; and at the corner of East Broadway aud M&rket-stieel. Application' by .Mail, Post paid, enclosing $i, will receive the book by return ol Mail, free of Postage. o!7 Im'r THE GENUINE FRENCH MEDICINES, ARE compounded at the College of Pharmacy and Medicine, No. 1 Beekinau at. eitabliahcd for the auppresaiouol Quack ery aud Nostrum mongers, where professional advice in all cases is given the purchaser gratis by the atleuding physician, by and under whose direction ail medicines are cuinisiuuded and dispensed. These medicines have stood the teat of thirty yeari iu eradicating diseases of the must m.lon.nl Slid urivsfM mb. turf, aud are a standard remedy iu the principal Parisian and and Loudou hospitals of the present day. Cancers cured with out cutting; inaliguaut ulcers, icrof'tluus, scorbutic, cutaiieuui diseases, and rheumatir pain* iu the limbs and joiuts; nodes on the ahiu bones, etc. Remedies put up to ami all cl .uri, at mo derate charges, for the care ol eyidiilitic and gonorrheas! diecharges froin liir urethra and |?rla ol* geueratiou in bolli sctea, requiring no leslnctiiirul 111 auy particular. Patienta arr treated hy a regular pnyaician of tinny yeaia ex|>erirnce. whoae diplomaa are exhibited to view at nix office, >o. I B> ekuiau at. corner ol' Park How, (under Lovejoy's Hotel) Mew York. or lm*c CAUTION TO FEMALES lYTADAMK RE8TELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would A'A inform ladies who with a pro|ier de.icacy, have a repugnance u the treatment of their complaints except by one of their own sex, that in all cases she attends to ihetn ; rrsoualty,her experience, practice and knowledge enables tier to do s >. She deetiu it necessary to state this, as she does not wish to be class d Willi the pretenders continually appearing and disapiK-ar nig, advertising as "Frmde Physiciau*, who too lauoiaui aud incoiniietent themselves are obliged to gel some scarcely less iguorant quack to ex|ierimeul instead. Consulting parlors aud residence H8 Ureenwich street, between CoarlLudt auil Liberty streets. Hours of attendance from i A. 01. to 9 P. M. oil lin*r MADAME 11 E S r E L L , L'K.MALK PHYSICIAN. Office anu residence, Irs liree 1 wich street, betwei-u Cuurtlaudl ud Liberty streets, w.iershe cau be consulted Willi liie stricter conndenee on com plaints incident to the (einale It.one. Mad line Rea'.etl'sexperieiica and knowledge in ihr treatinen ol obstinate cases of female irregul rity. stoppage, suppression tec., is such as to require but a.cu uajs lu effect apeilei 'ire Ladles duSlritM ftOpSI Mdinl lit U'lance during cou linemeut or other indisposition, wi'l Ik accommodated dnnii such tune, with private ind res|>ect-ihl< bi.iru. Preventive V >wder?," for uirriicd lad es, whosi a icate or precarious nealt.i inrbids a too rain I increase ol' family will be sent by mail to any pari ol t . Uii'te I States. I'nc fj a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' bos S6". Sew York. Boston Office. So.l Kssei street " N. B.?Madame KLCSTKLL would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health would not admit of I ravelling,that she wonld ik role herpersonal attendance u|ion them in any pirt of Hie United States within reasonable distance, ol lm*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. fkWINO to the celebrity, efficacy, and iuv triable snccess ot "-e Madame Restell's Kemsle Monthly Pills in all cases ol irregularity, suppression, or atupiwge of those functions of ua lure upon winch tlie health of every female deja*iids, since t eir .ntroductiou into th- United St ites, now about fonr years, counterfeits and imitations are constantly attempted to bt pit Died oil' for the genuine. Che. p Common pills a e purchased at twelve ceuta a bos. nut up in different buses, and called? "Female Mouthiy I ills." with (In olueciol sellius tliein, if possible, at one or two aollsrs a boi. Females are therefore e oiMoned araiust these attempts to impose U| on them. It IS sufficient here to slate that all Fein.ile .Monthly Pills are counterfeits. except those sold si Madame Restell's l'riiieiiwl Mrfies. MS (Jrrrnwicli street, New York and 7,IC*?et strtel, boston. Frict SI. Madame UcsleU's signuure ii written on toe caret of each boa. N. 1).?They can be n?c?l by married or tingle, by following thu direction* enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by ap pointmi nt M 1st (ira..d street, corner of Allen, New York. olltn*r TO MAK.RII5D LADIES. \4 \DAME RbSTKLL'S PKKVKNTI VK POWDKKS 1H?'fheie iuvaliuble Pnwdcnhafe been tioirer*. V.y adorned ?ti Enro|?e, but Kraoct in ptrflcuUr, foru;war Jsol thirty ytr.us, lis well Hi by thuusaudsin this comitry, ? oeitijg th th'.i, safe. *od emcscinos remedy for mamon) iuuie% \c 1:1 forbid* 4 too r&|id lucrewc '.rfSmuv. .M.triune Hestell, 4% ?? well uuown^wva for thirty eesr* re in*\t Pny?ir;s% hi the two Dnucipai Feiti.de ilosf r.?I< iu Europe^-?too?e ol Vienna oud iVi^^hfrr fivofft t*} i irrost fi(?tifDCf Alid 0|4*irtiniitiet, !*- Atta-ned citiL cchurity iu those (trout d' u??tm ?;i iturJical ccietice act tiwciftlty ad>; ted to the leimri* frunn, for wWch h^r medicines r iv aun ) uun vailed. as w?*ll iu lint country h? hi Kho|M Her \cqu i-i, met with tne physiology and mammy of the ifinale frame, enabled I cr-b> tmrtoc the ?'t elm- and ill hemVioi u ui.rrt lemslrs. jcarcc iu the men dir. a ol l:te, aii I the co'iifnufui rapid ?jc. iffcu n\*'?ircuil> in*?irlic?iblc causes whicii c?T?<i?:n mar. ye to; <1 mother to ft pr*. MJiutt tjMVt?to their *rrr sourer?to if(or at s kuowirdK" ?ri die priiASry r -mis o! t croc I* in In,***; uoni-nri'ftialIy if inur.icd fnntJrt?which, in |ft)A, lt d to the discovvt; c hri cr-ichntt- 1 " (Veveu; *? 1\>\?. Their adoptloo nit h.rn the t. r* of pre-mrnrp nut ou!t fhr nceith, but even the life of many an afitiCfiouAte nif-ami fo ?d rout her* I .vlvrrr*i**r feel the itr.ro rt*..rr ftliii subject, Hid t% 'imatiLiH ilit * ' lfiii-Mt> i? ;ui' itiu.su..d? by their nriopmn, w<*nld mint rcii*e<.Uul!y ? .ie ?. en on ul dm nor ried, h> all that t.hey h?d i near and dror, t confident n U ?l **or > i~o a.ii?J ' *?, >u t - \ . I.* uViia to wimcm we ,im juCt( t, Dy impir > . ie--iltfiy Isi.-Aua * ithm our cm.-ial. E?rduibd: .i?uiic, ? . ' c.luhtrn d nt.'id wll anh'iitit? i *' / ' .t. Mir . vo. 'rice five ?l til Arts i.d,JA, ?? rom. : ie I w tii loll .?w pHriiculer ?nnctiu.. i. rto**f in . .orwudf t?> : vn. i ?rt. f ?tOoit:d rttiuis. Ait %^rrs mtMi be i?o.;' ;miJ, i'j i aod. iv?l(Q MADAME ltE^-.LL.Kemsle Phyriciti* I nucipii 0^: .*, 149 Oreeowie^ Neva Fork OhIm houi imi 9 A ML to t oibiii PiM Bottonoffice No.7 Eneiit. oiim*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. imcKTitD ?jii> rHtfaeicii a* M. OK BOUDKLO(*UK, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL THK Scientific combination of ingredienti of which rhet# f Pi 111 ore compoaed, hgfe made the m tlie wonder and adini ration of the world. They ore known all ore? Europe to be .he only preparation ever liacnvereil that haa proved invariably certain in pmihtcnig the monthly turua. Their certainty, in all caaea, lieinu' aurh that thee rnnat not be naed dunu* pregnwv for though llwaj-a mild, aafe, and healthy, they are certain to produce iniacarriaite if ua. cl .hiring that period. The direciuina are traiuhn-d into Kngliah ,*0.1 are envelope# round with the leal of the importer, atainped. Kiehhor con '.'ilia the aipnaturr of M. ile Uoudelraiiir, and the Kngliah <li ectiona harp the iigintnr" ol Dr. K. VINLVEAU. authonird 'gent far the cmtiueiit of Amrnca. They can he trnuainittcd hy mail to any part ol the United Sulci. Letter* directed to Dr. K. Mai ma, ho* 21, New i ork, will meet with immediate mention. All letreigmuai >e poet paid. Sold by appnm.mout at I2tl ('berry, near Call. rine alrecL Price tj tialf bo?ea SI. No half borea veit h| mail ol Im'r dkw PUBLISHED U VlLY BV J A 91 K S GO IIUUK IIRKS K Tf. N. W.COHNKH, PI I.TON AND NASSAU STRKhTv Thr New Vona 'IvtRai.n?A duly paper, jrauij every m' riling ot tne week?price turn emit per ropy. t.miniry anb irnbrri lurni.hed at the ian?e rate, lor auv i|ieeinc period, i.e t reimtlaticr iu advance. No pa|*r lent, u-.leia pal. I in idvatii e a I THR Wrrblt Hanai-o? leaned eaery hatnrdav inornine at me o'clock?price ru and a ynarlir crnlt per copy?nimivlud to country anhaeribera at 11,26 per annum, in advance, or at It a me rate for any apeeiiied period. ' oi.aeiroauairra are reonevted to addreaa then lattera t? itgaa Gouaoa laaan', neffitWf Md tdllar. and all a.j daapgpkPdHBV

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