9 Kasım 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

9 Kasım 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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- CLEAN DRY SUGAR, THREE SHILLINGS veil i-uund? , Hue flavored St. Domingo Col!- e, burnt round, for one shilling per pound ; beautiful high e l, light drawing Young llysou Tea foi si.\ shillings ound This tea will recommend i'self when u??*7. lamp oil, that burns well, live shilling* per gallon ; sperm oil that will burn us long ai there i* a drop in mp an I give a beautiful light for aeven shilling j>er l. BENJAMIN ALBRO, No. I'M Diviaion, corner of Allen street. - REMEMBER THAT YOU HAZARD YOUR y in-electing > our coughs and colds. Dr. J Covett's of Life is a certain lemedy lor coughs, colds, contion, bronchitis, dyspepsia, a?thma, croop, w hoop)ugh, Ac., if taken in season, and none need de-pair ,i lical cure, if they apply thia remedy in time. Dr. t's certific ates from phy sicians of the highest repu , clergymen and others, are overwhelming proof of ood effects of this medicine, and we say again to the c, though you may have been imposed on by nosvenders until confidence is nearly exhausted, still ilvise you to make one more t irort to restore lost l, and make trial of Dr. J. Covert's Balrr of Life. who had lost ail confidence, have, by purchasing tie of this medicine, been restored to good health, overt * nrtire for the ?!.> nf t'overt's Balm of Lite, in^'s Medicated Worm Diarrhu'a, Dinner and Car) Candies, Humphries'Pile Ointment, Phelps' Tomato Sir Astley Cooper's Celebrated Corn Salve, ii 135 IU street. - HOW TRl'E ARE THE WORDS OF THE igent Dr. Harvey when he says, "By what unstable perversity in our nature does it appear that we 1 ourselves so much against anything that it new 7" a enlightened age, however, men begin to see th t have already sacrificed too much of their comfort by 'ing to dogged old customs and rules. Lord Bacon sed to the world his new mode of reasoning by the tionof facts. This as well us other philosophising isibly benefitted science generally ; and a desire to iv foundation of ex|>eriment by the observation of irera to fix the attention of keen and accurate obaerThe question then before us is, whether is an oily ound, or a spiritous extract, the most beneficial in ing and preserving the hair 7 Ask your physician, he is a candid man, he will answer that he had not given himself much trouble about it. Ask your Iresser,?he is the practical man. But, men of comirnie, ask yourselves, and if you have not as yet used dge's Balm ol Columbia,a Spirituous Extract,the best e of the kind ever offered to the public, try it, and n with yourselves. See advertisement. At 71 Mai,ane, where the Balm may be had. - WE ADVISE COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND gers now in the city to call at 100 Nassau streot, op the " Herald Buildings," and purchase Ring's ce ted verbena Cream lor shaving. 1 he great imminent in its manulacture by the present proprietor, Sinclair, renders it unquestionably the best seaving ound, besides the most economical ever presented to ublic. The thousands who daily use it declare that ug with it is a perfect luxury, magnetism in the legree. Be careful and observe ihe written signa. 3f"P. Sinclair, proprietor." k? MR. GEORGE PIERCE, THE FAMOUS ien Range Manufacturer, in Fulton street, says he (ht nothing could beat his Ranges till he tried SheriCough Lozenges, and they certainly are the great, icdicine in use. They cured him in a lew hours of st distressing cough. He has known inany who used Sherman's lozenges for headache, sea-sick8to., and nlwnys with succss. Dr. Sherman's waret is at 106 Nassau street. Agents, 4 Stanwix Hall, ay, and 3 Leuger Buildings, Plula. k- CHILLS AN!) FEVERS.?This vexatious comt, like all others, is caused by the impurity of the i. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills area certain cure ver and ague, because they purge lrom the body bilious humours which are the cause not only of ail i of levers, but of "very malady incident to man. i four to six ol said Indian Vegetable Pills, taken six s preceding every chill, will, in a short time, subdue lost obstinate attack of chills and fever, at the same the digestive organs will be restored to a healthy and the body so completely invigorated, that lever ague, or indeed any other malady, will be in a man. m possible. ices devoted exclusively to the sale of the medicine, esale and retail, 2s)8 Greenwich street, New York, 'remont street, Boston; and 169 Race street, 1'hiladel f- i he. raniaii.n al i li\a 11 v t. i*iia i unr., aranteed to cure all form* of secondary ?y philis. Pas affected with pains in the hones, cutaneous erup, sore throat, and every other symptom indicative of ixistence of venereal taint, should use this specific eutdelay. Sold in bottles at $1 each. In cases of half :en bottles, $5, (forwarded to anv address) W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Oftice of the College, 97 Nassau street. encral Printing?Hooks?Pamphlets? Cards?Bills, Ac, To the Rnslncss Public. ving now nearly completeil one of the most splendid IKRAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized in city, we are ready to print books, pamphlets, cards, , and all kinds of useful and elegant printing, on the moderate terms, and for cash payments, lis oftice we have Atted up at a great exfiense?in s, presses, and materials of all kinds. We have alrea xecuted work to the amount of several thousands of rs, i nd are still busy printing seme of the most beauarticles ever issued from the press. A Lady's Maga called the "Artist," is printed in this oftice, and it is low lodged to be the most beautifully printed magazine e country. The beautiful typography of the New a Lancet is well known. 1 applications for printing will be made to Ma. Joseph iott, the Manager, at the office of the Herald?or up sin the printing office, entrance at 97 Nassau street. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, riktor or thk IIkrald Gkri.ral Printiro Office, North Went Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. ew Yore, 20th Sept., 1342. MONRV MARKET. Tuesday, Nov. F?G P. M. he excitement of the elections and the inclemency of weather, have not improved the appearance of the kets. The sales at the stock hoard were to the usual mt, with h little better feeling in relation to prices, o State ti per cents rosv 1J per cent over the last sale, tucky fl's j; New York State S's of 1358 J; Stonington J re was no change in Harlein, notwithstanding the Is of the stock jobbers to sustain the price, with the r of saddling innocent third parties with a worthless k. They will, however, not succeed in getting r of the stock beiore the road dies a natural death, ilea of Treasury notes were made to-day >ar with the interest. The demand for them, for ons glanced at yesterday, has fslien off, and thedee in the customs lessens the application of them in quarter; should they fall to a discount so as to make n available in tho discharge of dues to the governit, the whole revenue now collected would not absorb iy of them. western paper, in copying an article from this paon the indebtedness of the State of Illinois, remarks we were in error in stating that that State was one he first to repudiate. We are pleased too see this deto cast olf the odium of repudiation. It looks like a ;rn to better things ; but the statement is nevertheless s. In the early pan 01 me session 01 ihio, me Illinois ;islaturo actually passed resolutions repudiating a ;e ]>ortion of her debt, and it was not until three s afterwards that those resolutions were re-considerand rescinded, on the representation of certain of meifibers in relation to the disgrace which would md them. Sorry are we to record that the spirit of se resolutions has, up to this time, actuated the peoof that and some other. States. We trust, however, t at the coming session something will be paid. , new counterfeit has made its appearance at St. nis, and is thus described :? The note before us is of the denomination of $20, on mother bank; bears dste on the 1st of July, 1838, erB, No. -2285, and is remarkably well executed, lioth e*ards the engraving and the filling up. Th" points which it differs, are that the paper has n hlueith cast, 1 is much thinner than that ot the genuine?the signoes are nearer the lower line of the note?the note is [htly shorter than the genuine, and the cast of the d of Gen. Jackson, in1 the lower right hand corner, is kcr. Upon the whole, close inspection will be necesy to detect the counterfeit from the genuine notes." ^ party paper recently headed an article with the folding ) ir matting trade has quadrupled within the last 15 irs?this is owing to the Protection giv en to it by the vs of the country. The sagacity of this remark is wonderful The increas[ of the coasting trade, that is the transporting of the >duce, manufactures and goods, of one section to ano sr, has quadrupled entirely, in consequence of the pro :tive lawt of Congrtii. No doubt those laws would ve produced the same result if the quantity of those icles produced and trant])orted had remained stationary been annihilated. Koi instance, the cotton crop in eased Irom 700,000 bales in 1838, to 3,700,000 bales in to. Was it not a wonderfully sagacious law that made ree times as much tonnage necessary to carry the crop 1840 as that of 1838 ? The foreign imports of 18.10 were 80,000,000, those of 1810, $133,000,000 ; a judicious law tuld probably have made as much tonnage necessary bring tho last amount as the former. Such are the allow tricks of the advocates nf taxation and protecn to the nabobs at the exponse of the people. The accounting officers of the Treasury hare adjust in?' Recounts 01 mo ni.nos mm i erruune* un.n r me ins bntion law. The amount to be divided is $.102,141. exnaive of the ten per cent. According to the law there if to be deducted the exuses of collection, surveying, salaries, Stc., and the rtve r centum of the new States. Vrom the remainder is to deducted 10 per cent of the amount sild within tbe nitaof each of the following States :? Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan. Hie sum of this 10 per cent is to he given to each of the ates named, and the balance of the whole is then to be vide.lpro rmta among all the States and Terii'ories acirding to their luderal representation. In our article of ine 2d, we calculated from data then in our jxissession, e amount coming to each State, as follows. The quan tity of land aold in each of the State# named was nearly a> follows:? .Icrrt. t'alur. 18 ]>tr cl. Ohio, 74,000 94.080 9 400 Indiana, 104,400 130,620 13 662 Illinois, 29.0'0 36,240 3 614 Alabama, 49,000 61,246 Missouri, 77,400 96.274 9 627 Mississippi, 30,010 37,400 *'12? Louisiana, 9,000 3,740 374 Arkansas, 3 800 2,400 240 Michigan, 31.000 2,624 Total teres, 391,800 $488 974 48,297 If we allow $100,000 for the ex |>en sea of collection, and the original 6 per cent, to which each State ia entitled by the terms of admiasion into the Union, there remains $600,000 Irom which thia 10 per cent is to be deducted, which leaves (MD,|03 to ho divided among the State*. This will intitle each to the following mm : ? Eitimitii) Aaouar to hi: Reiiiteu ht Kii ii State Under the Distsibi'tio* Law . Jn.vl 18>2. JV?. of Re/is. Raht of Id m\ 10 v ct jier hilt. Total. Vermont, j 11>g7J ,, 10.000 New Himpabire, 4 11 ,874 11*74 Mawachntetta, 11 28,400 28,400 Rhode Inland. 2 4,7yd 4,740 < onueclicut. ? 11,240 14,240 Jtw ;?f*. 10 94,000 94,000 New Jetse),', f. 11,240 11,240 1 ennsylvania, 28 CO.I'O Of.,420 I)-la ware, | 2 374 2.T74 Maryland, * 19,000 19,000 y.,r,!B,T' .. 11 <9,174 19.874 North (Carolina, 13 30,874 30,874 South Carolina, 9 21,37 4 21,3'4 Georgia, 9 21.374 21.374 Alabama, 4 11,874 6.124 18,ooo Mississippi, 2 4,740 3,7.46 8,406 Louisiana, 3 7,124 374 7,400 Arkausas, 1 2,374 240 2,924 1'ennestre, 13 30,874 30 874 Kertucky, 13 30,874 30,674 !>Mo, 19 44,400 9,400 44,900 Michigan, 1 2,374 2 62.4 4,000 Indiana, 7 16.674 13,062 29,687 Illinois, 3 7,124 3,624 10,740 Missouri, 2 4,740 9,687 14,137 Florida, 1 2,374 2.374 Wisconsin, 1 2,37 4 2,374 Iowa, 1 2,374 2,374 235 9660,870 <618,767 This, it will be teen, is within <7,000 of the amount now declared, and the proportions are therefore nearly correct. These moneys being the proceeds of the lands, were, according to law, to revert to the Treasury whenever the taritrshould be raised above the twenty per cent auty of the compromise act, which came into full operation on the 1st of July. This first instalment of moneys due the States has accrued without any such intervention, and must, therefore, be paid over. Some of the States have, indeed, very justly refused to receive their proportion, being unwilling to become parties to such a public robbery and national disgrace. The other States will, however, eagerly seize their shares. The question then arises, how is the Treasury to pay it? The probability is, that it cannot, and the failure of the Federal government may be the result ot this progeny of the extra session. The only way by which it can be met is by the issue of treasury notes. The officers appointed by some of the States to receive it have long been in attendance at Washington, and their expenses, especially for the small States, will consume the whole. The result shows, however, what a farce is the distribution ofthe public lands as a measure of relief to States owing $240,000,000 in the aggregate. Sale* at the Stock Exchange, 1600 Treasury no'rs, 100 160 ?ha_i Syrs. it I'tica, 10* MOO NY Staie7's.l8t8 boo 101 10 Bos. & Pr<?v. KR 86 8600 do 5's, 1358 R2>a 60 Harlem R R 151* 1200 do do do 82?i 10 New Jersey 65*fc 2000 "hio li's, I860 , 69)? 10 do do 66 1000 Kentucky 6'i 76 100 Paterson R R 48 20 shs Mechanics' BW 68 75 Sconingtou 15*4 8 Bit Commerce, full 82 26 do 15^> 17 do scrip, s3 90 25 do 15>* 25 Utica and Scheu. 115 Second Board. 15 shas Mutual Ins. 90 State of Trtule. I no inclemency 01 me weatner, ana me penning elections, have prevented much animation in out-door business to-day. Oils.?Linseed Oil sells at 89 a 90c, cash; Sperms at 70 cts. for summer, and 90cts for winter; Lard Oil, 69 a TOcts, Olive in pipes, 75cts. Prorisiont.?New Be< f, of mess, sales at $6,75 to $7; prime at $3,12} a 3,37}. No alteration in Tork. Ohio mess at $9,44 a 50; prime at 9,37} to 44. liquors.? Brandy, A Seignette, at 155 cts. Wolfs Swan Gin. at 112} cts; Irish Whiskey, at 165 a 226 cts; Whiskey at 19} a 20} cts gall. Wines, dry Malaga, so?d at 33 cents; sweet, at 35 cts. Naval Stores.?North county Turpentine, at $2,75. Tar is 137} cts. Spirits Turpentine, 39 cts lor Southern, and 40 cts for city. Married, At Paris, on the 27th September, by the Mayor of the 5th District of Paris, and afterwards at the Church of St. Lawrence, M"r. William Cha9f. Barxkt, of Baltimore, to Mademoiselle Mint Felicite Lk Petit, of Paris. Died, On the 8t'n inst. after a short and painful illness, Mart, only daughter of Richard and Jane Cunningham, aged 11 years and six months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from the residence of her father, corner ofRivingten and Lewis streets, this day, Nov. 9th, at half past 3 o'clock. On the 7th instant, suddenly, John Corev, in the 38th year of his age. On the 7th instant, Thomas Farhkll, in the 64th year of his age. On the 5th inst. after a short illness, Catharikk Healv, widow of KzraHealy, in the 49th year of her age. Passengers Arrived. Chaklkiton?Brie Tyhte?W Ferguson and lady, Mrs L Hayden, K Bland, W D Meiget?2 in the steerage. Domestic Importations* Chahlkstok?Brig Tybee*?62 tcs r.ce Smith, Mills It eo? 257 bales cotton Spoffonl, Tileston fit co?50 Hicks fit c*? 66 Boyd fit HinckeD?200 C M Luff?142 hides to order. MARITIME HERALD. To Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if captaius of vessels will give to Commodore William A. Basaett, of our newi flrrt, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vetaelt spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, end any foreign newspapers they may have. He wiii board them immediately on the"' arCval Agents and corret|>ondeiita at home or abroad, will alro confer a favor by tending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thaukfnlly received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 9, IN44. sew 7 ii Moots sits ii 20 iris 59 I hioh 12 41 Cleared. Ship Troy, Hill, New Orleans, J Macy 8c Son.?Barque Barringlon. Barstow, do. John Ogden.?Brig Daphne, (Br) Ingham, H'lifaa, A J Peninston.?Schrt Collector, (Br) Frost Montego Bay, Ja. CJ' o .Miln: Helen, Lawrence. Key West, S VV Lewis; St Denys, Post, Mobile, W W Pratt. Arrived. Barone Charles William, Kating, (of Thomaston) 26 days fm Nsw Orleans, with molasses, to Nesmilh, Leeds It Co. Brig Cordelia, Sherwood, 20 days from Malaga, with fruit, to Prter Harmony. Vesaela lelt before reported. Brig 'Tybee, Ogden, 11 days from Chaileston, with cotton, to Geo. Bulkier. British brig Krlipse, Duncan, 7 slays from Baltimore, in ballast, to Honle, Whitney 8t Co. Snanish srhr Anna V.liv. Poeetier 10 il.v. fmm \1.r...il,n bound Co Boston?pat in in distress, to repair rigging, tk< . Sehr J. W. Kempton, Oeborn, 4 days from Norfolk, wiffi mdse to Stnrges h < learmsn. Sailed iu Co. with schri Bergen and Millicent, for NYork. Below. One ahip, two hrigs. Wind NNW. Herald Marine Correspondence. Office or thc Rhode Iilamdfr. > New|K>rt, Nov. 7, 1812. J Arr 5th, Hna'eo, of Belfast. Clarke, from Portland Oct It, fo Rto Janeiro, not in in distress?cargo of ice. pears, applea and lawber.^ On the 21 -t ult. lat 39, Ion 57, eiiiencnred a heavy itale from 9E. which lasted about 3 hours?lost fore and main lo|e ?il, foresail, fore topgallant mast, spanker, main royal, tpiart, r hoat, main van],and received other d image?will repair. A'r6th, Ho'der Borden, Kail River for Pacific Orem; Rienri. Durfee. and Three Brothers, Heath, N York lor Providence: I II Borden, Brown, Fall River lor NYork. 81d7lh, Holder Borden, and 1 H Borden. Gentral Record. Aitrivals, Str. at CHAnLF.itofi.?Harbor Master's Re|>ort for Oct. 1842:? Arrivals?21 ships, 10 banjoes, 21 brigs, 43 schrs, 5 sloopa, 45 steamboats. Clearances?15 ships, 2 harpies, 18 brigs, 25 schrs, t sloops, 15 steamboats. In port, 31st'nil.?25 ships, It barques, 18 brigs, 23 schrs, 4 boats. Whalemen. At Rio Janeiro Set* 12, Minerva, Horton, of New Bedford, I mos out, with 40 bbls spin oil?put in to ship men in place of deserters. At Isle of France July 15, Elizabeth, Bates, Mattaimisett, 500 bbls oil. On Off Shore Ground, in March, Favorite, Young, FH. with 800 bbls oil, hound to NW ("oast. . "" New Holl ml, iu May, Arab, Wrightington, KH. 1300 bt Is wh and 400 sp on board?I' nt home 200 sp. Spoken, t Irion, from Philadelphia lor Boston, Nov 7, off Cape May. Rival, Philadelphia for Calai , Nov 7, off (Jape May. r?**.*Ci '" f'epea of Virginia for Boston, Nov 6, off Hun, Boston for Baltimore, Nov i, off Bamcgat. rrcnmsrh, Boston for Philadelphia, 6th mat. off F-ttic Harbor. Plato, ?<ln?a for Bocnoa Ayrra, 4th mat. off Mot,tank Helen, Bt John, NB. for Rio de Janeiro, 3d mai., (T Block it! and Republic, Richmond for Newpoit, sih inat. off Montauk /tide, Savannah for Boaton, 3d inat. off Blrck Island Salamander, (Br) Halifax for New Orleans, 1st inat off Moiilauk Ktart, Portsmouth for Philadelphia, 3d inat. off Montauk Madrid, for New York, lil inat lat 33 47. Ion 7??had been layinn to for aeren daya. Korrl|(n Porta. St Jons, NB. Oct 31?Arr Hindoo. Hughes, Carnarvon: Kyne. Allen. Kaatport; Fidelia. Small. NYorh; Odessa Vanithan Dublin; Drnmehiir, Sligo; Vicoria, Mearna, Shields. B, low' one ship. <'Id 2tth, Re treat, Allan, Aberdeen; P I Neviua, Htichney, Baltimore; Kdward Preble, rettinRill, fcaatport; rtth, Agnes k Ann, MrFarlane Newry; Omonna, Bainl, Alloa; Nicholson. Pendleton, Carlisle; Slat, Dolphin, Sullivan, Newry; Calcutta, McKiunell, Cork. Home Porta. Mar-mat Port, OetM?An North America. Richardson, N York. Sid 30th, Cyprus, (lawyer, do. UrcstroST, Nov 3? Shi Onelle, Stnbhs, N York. Harroon. Nov 3?Cld Kllen Perkins, Oilpalrick.Weat Indies. PoRTLano, Nov 4?sld Luzon, (new, 300 tone, ol kree|ion) OiHidnch, Mobile; John Brouwer. Sution. do; Piont er. Portswoi'tii. Nov Arr Latayette, Bamiuon. Richmond. Slrl 1st, Fmncoma; Venoa, Thompson, Mobile. IIavkbhilL, previous to No? 5-?Air 8t 1 notnps, Philnnel'"bslbm. Nov 4?Cld Vintage. Phipm. Montevideo. Bid 3d, Oaaelle, Dunlap, Caiie de Vtrila anil Africa. Boiton, Not 7?Cld Frederick, (late of Duxbury) Simmons, NOrleans; 5lh, Gardiner, Bradstreet, Bath, with Ht inwtrd gwipjL. Fnum* Hullnt, Ro era. Mobile; Abbott Lawrence, raulkiin. and Lewis Bruce. Studley. N York. J >l?i*c?:sri * Nov 3? Arr Turk. NYoik for Portsmouth. 1 lvmocth, Nov 2?Arr Cottar it ut ion. Allen. New York: 3d, Lafayette, Averv, NOrlearia Sid Medium. H lrdcu, Norfolk; Liunet. Barf It tt. Philadelphia. New Bedford, Nov 4?Sid Klift* Nicholl, Baker, Balti3d, N'Miiuirei1. Pope, Wilminjcton, NC. Arr Jth, Erie, PJIu. N York; #th, Volant, A1 ban v. Hta*nis, Nor 4?In port, Renown, Grecian, Oscar, Keeaide, and Leiiutfton, New York for Boaton; Orleans. Mutton,? for do. ?doartow<v. Nov 4?Arr Lincoln, and Forest, Gilchrist, fm N Yoik for Boston; Nancv Fo lev, do for Nantucket. pRoviDKPfor. N??v>-Arr Rhode Island, Hull. NYoik; Juuo, Brown, oo;f>th, Gein, Deshrow, Albany. Sid James L Long, Haw kins. NYoik. CutKLA.id, Nov 4?Ar? Napoleon. M'Cellam, Osweifo; Ontario, Tuttlc, do; Crooks. Welrh, do; Trenton. McluUwh, do; Albany, MaJon, do; M?rviaiia. Pierce, do; Richards, Fir/.er. St Clair; Buck nor, Darwon, Sandnsky; Baldwin. Sweet, Buffalo; Pruce Koval. Boylrn, Port Stanley. Cld Bucknor, Davison, Bi (Talo; Lucid a, Burdick.do; Corwin, Burns, do; Crook. We h, 0?wti(o; Clyde, Davis, Kingston; K ii Ontario, Bain. R??w? i. Pniladei fhia, No? ?Arr Horence, Howland, Porto Ca uauo; * 'ii* i woe*. iirw urumru; aiimiiv, ime* nm oiudleael. NYork. Clil Oraon, De Wolfe. Boston; Kmrliui*. Nick'> I a, ao; Edward K-nt, Adams, do; Plato, Preaay, Salem; Hi vaI, Clark, Calais; Bon ire Ik Brothers, HireI in an, Providence; Mary l( Klin, Nichols, NYurk. Arr in the Schuv Ikill, Urn Wheaton, Caatow, Providence: Lndi, Crnwcll, NYmk; Wm Rowlett, Ireland, do; Denmark, Davis, do; Kactor, C >rey, do. ChiU-BITON. Nov 3?Arr Bob Roy, Slatvli,London; Charles, Low, Biiarnii: Harriet Porter, Borden, Kingston, Jatn. far Wilmington, NC?in distress, hai lug i spermine d continual galea of wind from the 26th ull. during which, loat and split sails, carried away rigging and yards, and rauard the arhr to Irak badly. Alan arr, Harriet Smith, Smith, Havana for N York, ill iliatrraa ?31 at nit, lat 30, Ion 7S, ei|ierieucetl a eery heaey Kale of wind fiom NE during which carried away both inaita cloae to the deck, loat jib, foieaail and rigging,(tore tulwar Us, an * sustained other damage. In the offing, Lancaster, Jrfferion, Liverpool, aud 1 brig. Below.aachr Cld Brothc ra, Mayhew, West Indiea. Bid Auije, (Dutch) Janklein, Havana; Hayne, Treacott, Havana, Ac. Arr 4th, Matador, (Brem) Ballacr, Bremen; Huaan Taylor, Griunrll, Blue Hill. Me. Arrilh, Lancaater, (Br) Ji (Tenon, Livei|>ool; Sutton, Oallowav, New York; Brookl\ u, Richardaou, do; B> via, Briggi, do; Aldeharan, Coinery, Beimuda; Stranger, Black well, Newport, Rl; Jamea A Lucy, Keene, New Bedford; Georgia, Nye, New|H>'t. Below.China, (Br) Liyeriaxil. CldLucnnia, Porter, Liverpool; Harriet Rockwell, Briard, Hull, ICiig; Cerrantea, Tufts, Boatoo. Sid Southport, Herbeat, NYork; Perrv, Tlioinpaoii, do. SavaRisAH, Nov 4?An Henry Lreda, Mitchell. New York. The H. L. was hound to Charleaton, and wu off Charleston Light ou the 27'li ult. but could get no pilot. Ou the uight of 30ln ult. John Carmaul, seaman. a native of Scotland, waa loat overtmard from the main topaail yard. The H. L. Iiaa eiperi< nerd severe galea, and waa considerably damaged Ik aaila and tigging when iu about lat 32?bring off Tybee vesterdav morn, she took a pilot aud came into our harbor. Saw ten aail rf vesaela to the aouthward, off the Bar. Cld Krancouia, Crabrree, deuce. Mobile, Oct 31?Air (duinuebaug, Fulton, Bath; Exchange, Hituk. Nkw Orllams, Oct 30?Cld Lucy Ann, Snow, Thomaston; Oneco, Builcr, do; Klita, Kinney, do. WANTED?By * respectable young woman, a situation as nurae aud seamvlreaa. Apply at 5t Spring atrret. The beat of city reference given. n9 It'm SITUATION WANTKD?By a competent per on to art a, satesmau iu a wholes-le or r nil establishment of Watches I Jewelry kc. Alan understands book keeping and watch re' pairing Has been iu business for himself ten years and speaks French For inrticulara and references address Box No. 782 Lower Post Office. Gentlemen's H rses taken ca e of during the winter at a very reasonable rate. Applv at 58 Maiden Lane. n9 lin'r HAND VOCAUAND IN8THUMKNTAL CONCKRT ? Signor Kapetti respectlully informs his fueuds and the publir thai he will give a Coucert on Tuesday ueit, November 13th, at til' Apollo, assisted by the principal taleur now in thectr. n9 7trc EKCANT1LKL1BKARY ASSOC IATION?The memoers of this association who are excluded fioin the Ashburton Dinner this evening, in conseiineuce of the higii price of tickets, are re?|>ectfully invited to procure tickets foi Ashhurton No. 3, to be served up at 9)4 o'clock, P. M., immediately after Ashhurton No. 1. by order, W. P. JONK8, 2nd , Chairman of Committee of Arrangement. P. S.?Tickets 50 cents each, to be had at the door or of Cha>rmau ofCommitti e. n9 lt*r TTENISON?Franklin Coffee House, B6 Maiden Lane ami 15 * Cedar St.?Son e fiue Sai'dleso. Venison will be dressed this day and served rip with Currant Jelly, at 31)4 cents |ier plate. Ileady at 12 o'clock. 1.9 If r JOHN P. BROWN. 'y'HOMAS JONES, accountant, 183 Broadway, respectfully announces that he has commenced lor the season to give evtBlMinstruction UBook*k?piafftllBlllMpand (ImuMV cial Arithmetic. The many hundreds of is farmer pupils who are now holding situations of the highest responsibility as clerks ind bookkeepers in this city, afford the best possible test for any enquiry as to the merits ??f system of lustrurtiou Which has grows out Of many yea's of experience An ad- <pii t diligence under the course here pursued w ill secure to a student the ability to discharge all the duties <>I'the desk Ul a masterly maim r, ami gn ? him knowledge of ICCOun s such as is TWV rarely attained through years of experience. Certificates of nualificatioii arv givrti when desired. TO PARENTS?Ct rtains hours of the day are devoted to the instninion of a few youg gf ntltnu n ?M ?h-.sin- a UMMNfl preparation for business. Published and for sale by the author, "Jones's Principle* and Practice of Book-keeping. 8vo. price 12.1. This is the only American work on the suhjec iei rmt? ?l in 1M gland. It is laO adopted in th? first Acnttinic Institutions in this city. n9 lm*r NOTICE OK RKMOVAL-The office of" the - New York Bank Note Li.t" published by Charles, M Intyre k Co, i> n moved from No. 201 Broadway to No. 51 Wall street. Subscriber* are informed that the Exchange busmen will he couducled outhe moat advantageous 'eirra. CHARLES, McINTYRE fc CO., 51 Wall.treet. Wanted?for which the highest rates will be paid, the bills ol the Clintou Co Bank, Commercial Bank o' Otsego, Coinj Watervliet Btnk. ' ' n9 lt*r WRITINU TAVJOHT FOR $i.?Mr. DOL.BEAK, author <f the "Science of Penmans'iip,*' "Copy Books foi Ladies,' lie. he., will give 12 lessons for SI. to ladies w. o lake tiek'U weekly. This class is Termed for a |>articular pori*>se. An elegant hand is taught. Rooms iu Saint Luke's School Building, 374 Hudson st, comer Grove. Q|>en Itoin I to J P. M. Gentlemen's Ciass lor Penmans'ip, Book-keeping, Arithmetic, he. from 6H to 9 iu the evening. Terms low. Entrance No. I Grove street. ti9 lt*r NUMBER Six Hundred and Thirty-One of the published leltris sent to Dr. Wheeler, of No. 33 Greenwich street, concerning the surcesslal results of his practice as an Oculist. ?To he continued. To Dr. Wl eeler, Oculist, ) 33 Greenwich street. S Nkvv York, June 31st, I8i2. Dear Sir:? The great suffering I endured for some months from the Catarrhal Opthalmia, which had then hlindrd me,and expecting I hail lost the sight of Isoth eyes for ever, thai I am now at a loss to express my gratitnde for the complete cure you have effected, es|>ecially as by other medical men it had bren considered a hopeless case. With great respect, I remain, Respectfully yonrs, MARTIN MKHRTEN8. n9r No I Elisabeth street. M STRAYED or stolen a Bnndle Greyhound, with marked cuts in one of his ears. A suitable reward will he paid to any person returning lorn to the subscriber, ion keeping him after this notice will be prosecuted. JOHN HERDMAN. tijlr 61 South street. TITATER CASKS?200 Water C ski, about 120 gallons aach * ? iron bound, in good order, for sale low bv W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, n?r 43 Peck Slip. tfcC REWARD?Stolen ?r taken in mistake, from the Wee rfpt-e tern Hotel, Courtlandt at, on the morning of the 1st inst, a valis*containing piomissory notes drawn by Win R Gould ing. payment of whi' h is stopped. Also some children's Truss Springs and linen articles. Th? above reward will be paid on derivery at Hull's Truss Company, 4 Vesey St. n? 31* re T~OST?Yesterday, a small pa|>er parcel contain ing three letL ters addressed to differrnt iwrties in London. One of the letters enclosed a Bill of Exchange drawn by Jacob Little k Co., on Baring k Brothers, London, for ?18. 16s 4d. All persons are cautioned agrinsr uegociating said hi11, and the finder will be liberally rewarded on leaving the letters and bill at 67 Liberty st. nl lt*rc ~ tkmperance. PRESENTATION Oi> M?.DALS.-Thr.e gold me-'als will be presented on Thursday evening next. Nor. 10th mat , *t Concert inn, 406 Broadway, ny me lamea 01 uie Mtnhill Total Aba tine uce Relief Society. Oue to be pre t need to the Hon. Thomae F. Marahul, by prowy, the other two to gentlemen e<|nally w rthy. The medala to le preaented by a ladv Vocal antf inatrumentu muaic tnav be expected from the moat po?nlar pertnrmera in the city. Tieketa at one ahilling each, to be had at the door on the evening of the preaentation and at the follewin* placea Mr. Shortland, 122 Liberty at. Mr Sh~| herd. *01 Heat?r, at. Mr Coachmnn. 27 Riving ton or 28 Ann at. By order of (he Committee of Arrangeireeta. Mia 8H*>HKRD, COACHMON and HHORTLAND. N. B. The regular weekly meeting will not take place. nt 3t*r rPO MANUFACTURING JEWELLERS?Wanted?a a. aitnatinn by a ronng man who ia a firat rate chain maker Apt ly at 188 Chnrch at. ng 3tec pRKMIUM HOSE FCTT CROTON WATER-Made 2 from canvaaa, covired with duck, being prepared in oe i own anperior manner, with India Robber; ia perfectly water light under th- gn at preasute; ia clear, and ia the beat India Rubber Hoae extant, Alao loraale, ihe newly invented Hemp Hoae. on account of aud at the manufarturer'a lowrat pricea, in ooantitiea to auit. HORACE H. DAY, Succeaaorto Uoxbury India Rubber Company, i 8 end *r 43 Maiden Laue. HOARDING ? A few reapeclahle young inen can be accom modal d whli good boarn am! nleaaant ronmi at 42 t)ey at. Terina moderate. Alan a few day uoardera can be accommodate^ Apply aa above. n8 lm*rc ptlARDINtJ?A gentleman and Ina wile or a lew rea|iect i' able single gentlemen, can he lurmsheii with go u hoard, ami very* pleasant rooms on reasonable terms, at 204 Fulton at. n2 2wr BO \RD1NG ?The original Walton House, 320 IVarl alreet. Franklin Square?kepthyjaa. Fowler, from London. Kng land, permanent boa'ders <2,V) per week, transient Nwrden JO cents |>er day Families can lie accommodated with prirate rooms on reasonable lerma. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per (lass?home hrew'il ale 4 rtn's iier pint? line Wel.h rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts e<|iitlly cheap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 centa per pint?stakes and iniirlon chn|n can be had at all hoars. J. F. particolarlv rerineats any one wh? is in want of a comfortable home to call and inspect his establishment, and jndgs lor themselves. Persons travelling for Finland won III finitii to theiradvantage to call. Thehouae beinir convenient to London and Liver|iool shit*, J F. Iieinit appointed airent, he can give ji isasengers every information. New \ ork and Old Country papers taken in. n5 Jm'r 4? C'RANCIH'8 PATENT LIFE BOAT" has h -eti tested " the past four years in sctusl inner, and by esperiment as follows Manned anil thrown from the deck oi a steamboat while nndur way; dropyied endwise from the alern of a 74 ; loaded to the gunwale with iron and stones, with the bottom store in ; turned by Inree upside down snd resisting the efforts of 15 men to keep Iter so ; upset by her passengers nod receiving thetn again inside and fleeing nersell from water : bottom stove in by landing on a rocky shore and then rowed out to sea; landing in a surl, when all o'lier boats swamped ; taking crew and pusengeri from a wreck in a storm at sea. with the bow (toy* in and plugs mil , D arding a wreck Willi the bu t an broke n open ; leaving a nuking wreck full of paasengets, with the .... I,r,.a Line I mm end to eml : makittir wav serosa a coral reef to ft wrrck and bringing off Hi paaiengera, leaving tin- ordinary boa a awamped ; thrown from tin- deck of a >hi|> endwiae and atvinir 21 |ieraou? ; aidea and Imwa broken through and bottom atove in and rowed in deep water, lie. and finally blown up by a aubmarme nploaiou, and then again manned ami rowed aa before JOSEPH FRANCIS. Office No, 7 Wall at., at Adama It Co.'a Expire* Office. n< Imr NELSON, will deliver a Conrae of Lr rtnrea on ~ Hiyiiology, ill'inrated by Diafiama and demonstrated by Ktpeiimante. at the New York Lyceum, 411 Broadway, on rrieartaya, Thuradaya. and Saturday*. at 7 o'clock in ihe evening. to commence by ihe Introductory (free) en Tneaday evening, the 8th in.ia.,t n76t?r [ ADIES Silk rod Merino Under V'-.r? for aale h) , . JOHN M. DAVIES It JON ES. _2_ J? _ I0? Willi un cot of J 'in at*. ?... ?( KTlrUUEHE FEMALE P1L.I*d " KPf. I .--fame laud celebrated Pilla, from Poi gal, art w* parioiva, to t>e obtatnea iu lloa country. Se- jvanit* maot ou tna laat eolama - - ? ! ia Mechanical oh cakckl lamps.?thr subscriber hu just opened for the iiutx ction oft he public, the richest assortment or these Lamiw and other articles iu the line ever iuii?orted to this cpuntry, all of which have been tnauufacfureu to order at Paris expressly for this market, and are udt quailed in beaaty and utility. These L*inps are now so generally used that no remarks re sordini; them are uecetaary, as fhev recommend themselves at ?hr fo!lowiacplaces that are lighted with them, via:?Carlton House. Astor Hou.e, Mansion House. Park Place Ho ?se, New York Society Library Cowing's Broadway, opposite Bond st, Bignor Ferrero's, Howard street, and many other place* wheie they cau besern at any time,_ The prices will hf re ill. r (in consequence of the great in crease of sale and improvement in their manufacture) place them withiu the reach of every one who s'udi**s economy as well as good taste, aud ttie Variety of style* nnd prices will bn such as to suit all tastes, and adapted to all purposes were light is required. Also, received by late arrivals and luvoicc of choice articles fi< m Paris, consisting of rich new style ladies and gentlemen*# toilet boxes. ladies work b >ies, Liqueur, watch and iewelry cases Perfumery, a choice assortment from oue of the most celebrated perfumers in Pahs. e.. . >\D. BAXTOJI. Depot of Mechanical Lamps, 10 John St. Agent at Pnilad*li>hia, A. BERNKTT, 126 Chestnut st. Bostou, J. D. Cotnu, 39 Treinout Row. n7 1 w is*ec DOCTOR KLLIOTT" OO III, I S T AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, " Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Broadway. corner of Warren street. nj linr UOK HALK7? rt? Yacht ON-KA-HY-K?She uM feet long T ?2<U feet beam, and 12 leet hold. Her cabiua are eileoaive ami au|?erbly Mtcd up. If hot wanted lor a Yacht, the would be well adapted for a packet between tome of the W eat India lilanda?to the China or any other trade where Kreat speed ia an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, and would carry a lartte cargo, continuing more buoyancy with sharpness, than any other vessel anoat. She is strong and stontly built, and would be valuable as a dispatch vessel, or as a tender to a tleet She would carry a very heavy armament on her deck, from haviug tiarc of her ballast, (SO tons) in an iron keel, by which her stability is gr atly nareased For commercial purposes, she would require no other ballast. Her hull, sails, rigging, furni'ure, he. he. he., are in perfect order. Si.e can be sent to sea without a dollar's eipense. She may be seen at the Dty Dock. For further particulars inquire oflra Bliss, at the office of the C. ami A. R. K. Company, or to JOHN C. STEVENS. n2 2wjgh South Ainboy. QQ RIBBONS AND SILKS.?jT T. REY.NOI.Ds>, Division at. has just received the most elegant .saott meutof fashionable Bonnet Ribbons, Silks, Satins, Velvet, !> -, he. to be found in the city. Dealers, city and country iisrl Is tiers, will do well ta call before purchasing elsewhere ng lmis*r Vf AUAZINR8 h PERIODICALS FOR NOVUM BEIT. Jvl Artist, Uodey'a LadiesBook, Oraham's Magaaine, Ladies World ef Fashion, Young Peoples' Book. Boston aud Bentley's Miscellany, he. ( Farm Honse of the XIX century, with more than 2000 engravings ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family Magazine, edited by 'he Rev. H. Rood and D. Newell ; Tern* iterance and other Almanacs : the Rainbow aud Radient, a new humorous and witty journal, well calculated to please the lively and gay. All of which will be aold at wholesale and retail, aud those who hay to sell again at a lower rate than can be obtained elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty agents wanted to circulate magazines, periodi call. 6LC. A. J. BtLAlUN, INo. II Beekman, n6 Imr corner Nuun, JOHN M, DAVIK8 it JONES inform their Iriends and " customers that they have received their winter fashion* for Cap*?a varietv of new styles for youth and children. The Cracovietint Turban now 10 much worn, la manufactured by them. Alio a new style of travelling cap, very convenient fo gentlemen travelling o2Jlm*m 11)6 WILLMM ST. cara>? surkkiok new camphine lamps! lamps for burning lard. ALSO, A Urge assortment of plain and Jappatied Tin Ware, Chaudaliera. Astral and other Lamp*, altered to bum campnine and chemical oil, on an improved plan. Alao? 8uerior Camphinr and Chemical Oil, at wholaaleand retail, bT BACKUS Ik BROTHER, ISO Fulton at, N. Y. N B.?Peraon* can be served wiih Camphine and Chemical at their reaidencea by leaving their addrea aa above. 29 1m* Mili,inary articles, cloaks, kc.-vicToKINE St CO., from Pari*, reapectfully inform the ladiea ofthia city, that thev will open on the 9th iust., 396 Broadway, between White and Walker streets, a splendid aaaortment ol Hats, Capotes, C'oaks, Pelerine*, Camails, fancy and atreet Dresses, Scnrfa, Shawla, Veila, keathera, Marahouta, Itc., ol the latest "aria laahion. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon, from Havre. Dress and Cloak making promptly executed. nS 1m*r HAVANA SEGA R 8. picabia & manzanedo, No. <9 Liberty atreet, near I Nassau,otter for sale the following : 300,000 LaNorma aegara, very old and superior 160.000 Diana do do do 171.000 Kaperanxa do do do 100,000 Regalia* of Norma, Diana, and Ksmero brand* 60.000 Canones, Trabocot, and Uavouenu, varioua.do Tlie whole entitled tokdebeuture, and ia lota to *nit purcha en. otlmis'r T7NCONOMY AND RETRENCH ME NT. Cheapen -CS Cash Tailoring Establishment in the city at RUSSELL, PATRICK It CO.'8 306 Pearl street. Frock and Dreu Coat* made to order, at from $11 to $16; bearer Over-oats, in fir*t rale style, $10 to $14; and rveiy other article of clothing eijualvchea|. Gentlemen finding their ow i cloth can hare their clothes made up, and a good lit warranted, at the following Knee* (every arocle warranted): res* and Frock Coats made and trimratd, from $4 10 to $7 Pants, ' 1 21 to 2 Vest*. " " " 1 00 to 3 N B?Naval and Military outfit* cheap, and promptly executed. olt lm*ec llANITE.?The Stareii Island Granite Quarry being now in full operation, will nipply Granite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for block of rouble work, ashler, sills, and lintels, steps and platforms, will lie delivered at shortest notice, Kentledge for shi|>s, and shingle ballast or smaller slonea will be delivered on board any vessel ia N*wYork harbor at tne lowest rales. Vessels can load with great dispatch at the wharf on Staten Island, where 14 feet depth of water is had. The railroad being in good order, the cars are ladeu and brought abreast cf the shipping. No danger from ice during the winter months. For further information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Htaten Island, or to the Office of tlie Company, 100 Pine u.eor of South,up stairs 028 r 8. E. GLOVEK, President. "PvAILY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY, UT1CA, fJ BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The subscribers having been engaged for the last twelve months running the Albany and Buffalo Esnresa, in connection witn Hsniden It Co.'* New York and Albany Line, have recently estended their Espress Line from Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own account, will receive and forward DIILT, (Sundays escepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases of Goods, to and from the following places, vii.:? ^Albany, Trov, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithica. Geneva, Canaudaigua, Rochester, Batavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate placet. Alto, Oswego, Sackett* Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. yy in promptly aueno to me collection ana payment* 01 Dim, notes, drafts auil accounts, pnrchase ami talc of goods and produce by sample, and such other transcient business as may be entrusted to their care. Each Eipreas will be accompanied by a competent messenger, together with responsible agent* in the principal towns upon the route. Merrhanta and othera may lie aaaured that returns will be in thia manner received inoie a|ieedily than in any other possible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at ahort notice, and upon reaaonahle terma. *16 r rOM EROY It CO. No. 2 Wall atrcct U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pt >8T OFFICE, New York, 25lh July, 1812 UOURSof Delivery each day, (Sundays eicepted) at the al Upper and Lower Poat Offices:? Letters deposited before Half-past I o'clock, A Ml " 12 " J " P M Will be aent ont for deAt all ths Stations before livery at 9 AM, and I 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " " I " P M Letter* to be aent Free, muat nave "Free Stamp" ailived to them, otherwise three cent* will be collected or the party to whom th? letter ia addreaaed. No money must be enclosed in letters unless ret istered at t ie priuci|>al offices. List* ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at 22,50 |"-r 100. and every information may be obtained on a|w plication at the upper or lower imat offices. Stamp* issued by the late CityDeapatch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the residence should be staled in ail letters sent through-this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest imormation should any irregularities occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM au28 ly ec Post Master. A CAUL) ? 1 have ofleu been informed by friend* that some persons, aa well in mv line of business a* out of it, jealous of the uccei* I meet with,have directly and indirectly aaaerted that I wa* manufacturing mv well known La Norma brand, aa well a* other Havana and Principe Seirar* in thia country, and making other similar hints, I herewith declare auch asaerttona mean falsehoods, and such individuals worse than highway robbers. M. RADRR, 46 Chatham street. New York, Sept. 26. 1M2. *2C lm*r HOUSK FURNISHING WAREH0U8K.?WORAM It HAUGHWOUT, 361 Broadway, Manufactnrers, Agents and Commission Merchanu, have just received and are now opening a new and splendid assortment of the fallowing arti eles. vis :? Silvered, Gilt and Bronze Ga Chandaliers, 6 to 20 lights. Do Candle do 4 to 24 Do Candls Bsackrts, I to 5 " Do Gas Brackets, !:? I " Do Uas Mantel Lights, Its I Do Giraeaoies, 1 Is 1 " CaiMiiebraa, sioK " Astral Lamps, Hall I amps and Lanterns, Heading Lumps A new article ot Solar Lamp, a very superior article. Also, a new article of Detfecter lor improving the light of the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Tiarelher with every variety of Lamp* and Chandeliers, for churches, halls and public moldings. Platvn Wang. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Racks, Candlesticks, Napkin Riugs, Butter Tahs, butter and Fruit Knives, Snuffeia and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urna, lie. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Travs, in great rarity of patterns and forms; fine cut glass Bowls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Htigars, kc. kc. Vv. k H. beg respectfully to infoim their friends, customers, and the public generally, that their arrangements with the mauufafltur.-rsare such thai they can sell all articles in their line at remaikibly low prices; and respectfully invite them to call Alia srr meir snow room* wnicn aiodc is lamrieni m commn Mif for fhr trouble ?22 Jm*r PORTABLE BLACKSMITH^ FOROE8.-The sabi scnhers, being the sole Agoi.TT for the Manufacturer* of Concklin's Patent Portable Korge aid Bellows, beg leave to e.all the attention of the public to the above article. That they have been called for and introduced in nearly all parta of the United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, gives them tar the preference over the common Foige for shipping of every deieription, Kail Koada, Canals, Plantations, Mann factories and all purjHises for which the ordinary Korge ia used. Those manufactured for the U.S. Navy are Wrought Iron. We wonld refer those wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them Irom persoual as well aa general knowledge, vii Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs. Carr, Keiin k Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Onvernier Kemhle, West Point Foundry, Oeld Spring, N. Y. Messrs. 8. B. Althause ll Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y., and our city blacksmiths generally. GAY k TKBAULT, s21 Jm*re eorner of Old slip and W.slcr st DR. JOSEPH w, BKADSHAW, REMOVED FROM LIBERTY TO 46 WARREN. n< lw*r to country meh ("Hants. ROB'T. L. SMITH & HENDERSON, WHnl.UMLB DKaMtRS TK FANCY SILKS AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, SHAWLS AND LACES OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS Straw. lAshc/m a rut Palm IshJ Matt, NO 176 I'EARL STREET. 3d door above Pine, New York. RoarHT L. SstiTH. I Johiv c. HafVDi.asoiv,) ... , No deviatiou from the nrat price named. oil I mis* LEECHES'LEECHES!LEECHES! 1Q Gnn LARGE HEALTHY SWEDISH LEECHES J/i.UvU ?Just received |<erhaik Sir Isaac Newton, fiom Hambnrg, for sale in any gnantiiv, at very moderate prices by O. A. All. WITTK, Importers of Leeches, ell lm*ec HI William street, AUCTION SALES B V THOMAH BELL. if lorn Nat. ? jinn awl Hi Filton tlrttl ) wednebdaV. Al I0X o'clock. in the sales room. Large sale nf elegant irr. ml Inn.I ami nrw furniture of all toniliwa, from families removing. rabiort makers, kc. Also, a large and aplrndld assortment ol Aral latr Hotel Fur uiture, removed f >r convs uience of aale, comprising 100 yardi carpeting iu lota, aatral and inantel Ian |ia, gla<s ware, blanks la ,pulls, counterpanes. curtain*. V 0 irury handle knives am huks, nlver do and spoons, beds, m* Ureases, bedsteads, ItK mahogany chain. [ aofaa, toilet tablea. Alao splendid Wilton carpeta ruga, chandelier*, rlocka, ?a aea, kc. THURSDAY. At I0)f o'clock, at the auction room. Positive sale of pi tin. loitea splendid fn niture, an ?uiit? in voice of l.uly valuable paintings, hooks, worka of art, ike. At 11 o clock in the aalea room. All invoice of English and French jewelry, diamond pins rings, watches, French fancy goods, K.ugliah chandelier*,aalra and hall lamps, glass ware. FKISDAY. A i inir ?cui ... !.. -.1- - Extensive sale of seasonable clothing, valuable dry goods a large ruuiiKiiinrul of Writ of England Cloths, Cassiinerrs Vesiiugs, hosiery, aliirla, sus|>ruurrs, gloves, haukerclueft kc. kc. Also, English, French ami Americanjewelry, watches,guns cutlery, kc. Also, same limel cases pistols,an Electric Machine.saluabh books, prints, kc Also, 3 eases splendid clothing to close the business of a met chant tailor. Also, a ealuable English blackbird BY RIKLL k ARCULARIUM, " WEDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 23 Kim street. An assortment of second haud furniture. At I0>k o'c ock at the salea room, Postponed from Tuisday: Liquors, Hegars, kc.?A good assoitmeut of liquors and sogars, among which are some rery superior Port Wine and Havana Segars. Th- attention of public honses and families are invited. 200,000 Havana srgars out up eiprrsalv fur London mar ket, a rery sui>eiior article, will be sold iu lota to snit purchaaers. Also, an assortment of new and second hand furniture. SATURDAY, At 10H o'clock in the sales mom A good assortment of furniture, pianos, kc, kc. MONDAY, Nor. 14. At 10X o'clock at the sales room. Cloths, cassiinerrs, sattinets, hosiery, kc. TUESDAY. Nor. 14. At I0K o'clock, at the auction room, A good assortment of wines, segnrs. kc. kc. AUCTION NOTICE?Paintings, Furniture, Piano Kortes aud Fancy Goods.?A. L HUMBERT k CO. will sell this morning, at half-past 10 o'clock iu their salesroom, 149 Broadway cor Liberty st, a general assortment of best made fashionable furniture including sofas, chairs, ottomans, dressing and Illalll buresns. mshovsnv lockers frrrlirtl I rilslrsill fcc. fcc. Also?a small collection of oil panning by English artists, including two large exhibition pictures, Captain Ross' Interview with the Esquimaux, and the BurnitiK of the Kent East Inoiaman. Alio?silvered, bronte anJ oriaola girandoles, table cutlery, japannery. brilannia and |>lated ware, with a variety of fancy goods, wall worth the attention of buyera. Alan?a <|uantity ol aecond hand furniture, with which the aalr will commence. nS It*m MM NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Kare ^L.- Only I2S centa.?The splendid and cotnmodi LaaJl^Loua ateamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Gaffy, being completely and eleitantly refitted, commenced her reguer lri|a for the aeaaou on Thuradav, tlarih 10? leaving aa followa ? Knot of Barclay at. New York, at 10!< o'clock, A. M., and 4 o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf, Newark, at (o'clock, A. M. aud half liaal I o'clock P. M. On Sundays, the Paaaaic will leave New York at 10){ A. M aud 4 P. M. Leave Newark at I A. M. aud at 2 o'clock, P.M. ITT" Freight of every deacriplion carried at reduced prices. ol 2in*r aWJiM FALL AND WINTER ARRANOEMENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, SEaniiJKwZ. on and after Monday, the Slat of October, run aa follows: leaving Middletown Point (tide and weather tier mitring) at 9 o'clock, and Keyiioit at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Returning, leave the foot of Robin son street, New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguiti's Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness to convey passengers to any part of the country. All baggage at the risk of the owners. o23 2m*ee FOR LIVERPOOL?The elegant packet ship LImHkVWBERTY. Captain Norton, will be des|iatchvd for the JMCgKse<bove port on the 10th inst. This ship has moat desirable conveyance for cabin, second cabin and stee'age passengers. Her between decks are lofty, and will be comfortably fitted up for passengers, which will be at the lowest rates. Apply on board the ship, at loot of Dovei at, or to JOHN HEKDMAN, SI South stieet. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liver pool, can as usual be engaged by a y of the |>ackets, sailing from Liverpool weekly, and Drafts furnished for any amount, |>aya' uie wiiniiui discount tnroiignont me united rvmgiiom. Apply a* above. n9 r FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 13th WKrJrVNovrtnbei?The splmuid, iaat sailing iiackel ship ?KLk*<*HEFFIELD. Capt Allrn, will sail aa above, I.e. regular day. For passage in cabin, second cabin, and alee rage, having aplrndio accommodations, apply on board, foot of Maiden lane, orto JOSEPH McMURHAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. Peraona wishing to send for their friends, residing in the Old Country, ran have them brought oat by this snip, or ?uy of the regular packets, by applying as above. u8 KOK NEW ORLEANS?First and only Kegulai Packet iu all this week?The splendid iwckrt ahi| ifi^iMISnlSSirri, Capt. C. Milliard, will sail |K>sitiveiy on 1 liuraday, Nov. 10th, her regular day or passage free, ant has accommodations for cabin, second ctnin. and steerage pas sengers superior to any other ship now loading for the abovt port, and the price ol passage is remarkably low. K r wind apply on board, foot of Wall street, at Orleans Pier, or to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Pvckslip, nt r or 53 South street, corner Jones's lane. BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVEKPOOl Packets.?The only Regular Liner that salts on th anJaMMS1'*'1' Nov.?The remarkable fast sailing fsvotite pact , et ship NORTH AMERICA, Captain Alfred B. Lowbei will sail positively on Salutday, the 19th of November, her ret ularday. , The acroinmodaiions ol this line for cabin, 2d cabin and stee age iMsteiigen, are nusurirsaaed by any other line or ship loai i ing for the above port. I For terms of passage and to secure the best beitlu, early a| plication should be made on board, fool of Beekman street, c to the subscribers, ItOCHE BROTHERS It CO.. Dlt 35 Fallon st, neit door to the Fulton Bauk. FOR SaVaNNATI?Regular Packet of the top kOTM^Nov.?The splendid fast sailing iwcketship N1CHO jUllCeLAR BIDDLE, Cuptain Truman, wi|l sail as above For passage in cabin, secomi or steerage, having superb ac commos'aiions, apply on board foot of Dover at, or to JOSEPH McMlJRRAY, n7ec _________ 105 Pine st, corner ol South. FOR NEW ORLEANB-Firat Regular Packe MC**Wwnh despatch.?The very superior packet shil JtUuyffaHA MI'EL HICKS, Captain Bunker, will have im mediate des|iatch. For passage in cabin, second cabin and 1 tee rage, having elegant accommodations, apply on hoard foot of Dnv?r at or (o JOSEPH McMURRAY, u7se 100 Pne street, corner of South. XJE3P- FOR LON DON?Regular Packet of (he 10th Nov wR9nPW~1'l>e splendid faat sailing packet ahip SWITZER JBUlllfaL AND, Capt Chadwick.will aallaa above,her regula day. For passage in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage, havini aplendid accommodations, apply on board foot of Maiden L.aue or to Joseph McMURRay. 100 Pine street, corner of South. T. 8.?Persona wishing to send for their Iriemls residing in the old country, can hare th'tn brought ot by tliis ship, or an] of the regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter |>os paid. a?Or? tfg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LlNfc-.Heguia WH^V Packet of ZMh November. The Splendid Packe JMBpMbShip ROSCIUS, Capt. John Collins, of 1100 tons will positively sail as above, her regalar dav. For freight o luuaage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor o comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street or to E. K. COLLINS R CO. M South street. Price o( passage. tlOO. The Packet Ship Siddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol 100 tons, will succeed the Roscius, and sail the 25lh December, lie regular day. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctual ly as advertised. u4 r gjqa FOR LIVERPOOL?1The splendid fast sailing am favorite packet skip IIOTTINOUEK.t 1200 tons bur ta'hrn) Cant. Ira Bursley, is intended to be despatchei on the 10th November. 1 nil majcnnireni >ni|i ? mirui lire liiit inwiiij w lablished between th's port and Livernod, and n decidedly one of the most superb packets in the trade. Her eccommodetinni for cabin, second cabin and steeragr passengers, cannot be sur passed and are aeldoin equalled. Her between decks for aeconc cabin and steerage passengers, are very apacioua, and lilted uj in such a superior manner, that those wishing to atndy then comfort and convenience, will not Tail to select this conveyance in preference to any other. As a nomberof ber hi are already encaged, those wishing to secure a passage should not fail to apply early, to prevent (lis apimintuiriit, the terms being very low. For which apply on board, foot of Pine at. or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, <3 Peck Slin. n3 oril South ?t. corner of Jones' lane. fcdtg- PACKET FOR M ARffETCL E 8?ThTTtoTnTK^. MTTgyHY THOMPSON, Sylvester, master, will sail on JMyibthe 1st December. For freight or passage app>y to BOYD It HfNCKENrAcents, tiSr 9 TO' tine Buildings. ggfcj?- PACKET FOK~H A VHE?Second Line-The shn BALTIMORE, Edward Funck. Master,will sail on the 1st of December. BOYD k HINCKEN, 'i2 i No. ' Tonniif it itili ritra K,,K NK'W OKI. FANS?Louisiana k New York iffTdfy Line?Positively First Regular Packet, to sail Ittli jHbm"' November?The splendid fast sailing packet ship MltaSlsSIPPI, Capl Chester Hillard, will posiiivelv sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having snpenoi furnished accommodations, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st. or to E. K COLLINS k CO. % South st. Passengers will please be on board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, on Wednesday, to morrow, 10th inst. at 2 P. M. at which time the ship will sail. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly measured, and that the shi|is of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required. Agenu in N Orleans, Hullin k Woodruff, who will promptIn ? .11 ? ik-,, address The packet ship HUNT8VILLK, Cant. O. K. Mnmford, succeed the Hhakspeare. and sail the 20th Nov, her regulai d?V. ntr x&P- k OK NfKW OR I.K A N H?To he dispatched on WijA^the 12thiust.?The floe shin EDMUND IKKKINS JMlihl 'apt Ingcrsoll, ?t Jsmes' Slip. To in- aitcocedeil by the well known lest sai'ing ship qt IEK N ViuTOKIA, Csptain Melletl, to he despatched on the lith instant. Forfreighl or passage. ha vine eicellent accommodations in cabin, second cabin and steerage, all af which will be tahrii al the lowest rales. Applyto JOHN HKRDMAN, n2r HI South slreeC lAa- K'lt MOBlLK k SAVANNAH-kirc IN, get. rfJflPy?The packet brig SKL.MA, Capt Smith, being de jHMHHstained by the weather, can still lake a lew more pas sei ners nod sail this day for Mobile. Tnepacket ship NICHOLAS BIDDLK, ("apt Traman, cat yet take a few more passengers and will sail to-morrow. For passage in cither of the above packets apply lo W. k J. T. TAPSCUTT. n9r <1 Peck Slip or ,',2 South si cor Jone '. Cine. Sf)UlH CAROLINA RIO. ? () S CINKi?3?WKor Oeorgetown, S. C., the fast sailing, ropnei las riflr 'cned packet schr POTOMAC, 8. Dane.,masw! will |H>?iiively *ail on the 10th instant. For freight or pusagi (having good aecooimodations) apply on board, at the loot c Wall street or at the New York Bice Mill, corner of Jeffe, son and Sooth streets. tH lw?rc THOMAS BKII.BV Agent. 1^- k OR SKW ORLKANS? Packet Ol'the lath Nc jTWy vcmber?The packet ship HKcAII, Capt Ha.i.monil MMKsswiII be desiwtchrd as above, her regular d ly. Fo passag ?,naving eicellent acrommml-lions for catnn, seeom cahia ana steerage. Apply on board th> shi i at Murra\ 'a whar or to JOHN HKRDMAN. nlec g| Bon ill street. DOR DK. FKI'CHTW ANGKIt'H Price M " via. Capsules, Acids, Dyewoods, Lanar Caat'ic. I) ago er reotype Chemicals. (terman Silver, Ac. tu.ke. bee foartb page. " QANK OF ENGLAND KST'KRS njr 22,Wall street and 13# Broadway. T AMI'S KM EiNTS. CHATHAM THKATKK. Pit nu rcms. Uw*' Tirr ? cents. Kint Tier M cants. THIS EVENING. N?.. 9. wi? ns performed H-LL ON EARTH: I Tocr-wladf w th 1 SHOEMAKER OK TOl'LOl/SE. (T7" Doors will open at?X?Unruui. willrise si qnnrtar pas . T rnrlnck precisely. B<>! Office <>i?n daily from 9 to 5. wneie Tickets may 0 j purchased ukI , Ucrs secured. PA HK THK ATH.I THIS EVENING, Nov. 9 will h- iretruled, ISRAELITES IN EGYPT. Monti, Mr .wcyuiii | Pharaoh, Mr Archer Ameiiophia, Mr 8hriv?i Onrirtrs, Mr B?Milord I Uracil!*, Mr Iloikl Aim, Mrs ftpjniiu I Klitcne, Mra Bailey Botes $1?Tit Irfi hi-Oallt ry reitU. Doors npeu si o'clock nud the jierformance will comj erwimrncr Af^pn^rmply 444 Broadway, New Yort. THIS KVk'.MMI V.,v <? Mr.II *. ..r?.~nfAkH OIOVANM IN LO.NHON. After which, BOOTS AT THE SWAN. After which I PERFECTION. Al"l?r wbic*\ _ ? LUCKY STARS. The Door* will he o|*ued el half-paat 6, and the per s iorrWM c commence at 7, every eveuing. AMPtilTIIKATKK OK THK KKPUBLIC". .'17 Bmrtry. N. A. HOWES, Proprietor. THIS EVENING, ihe |ierform ncea will commence precisely at 7 o'clock, wi?h the DEFENDERS OK1 POLAND.. Master Walter Ayrnar will trite a displav of hie uncle horae an,entitled The Olympic Hero. The entire Trout e will then apia-ar and exhibit feata of GROUND AND LOFT IT TUMBLING. Mr Lil'tnan will ihen aire hta famous forest acne of the INDIAN HUNTER OK THE EAR WEST. The firat part of the oerlorinaut-e a ill cone ude with BILLY BUTTON'S JOURNEY TO BRENTFORD. After the iuleriniaaion Mi S B U t?. ? will appear in hia act of THE CHANGES OK PROTEUS The lamoua German Egurstrmi Juggler, OTTO MOTTY , will exhibit hia skill in Juggling and Ina unrivalled feata with the Real Cannon Balla. The evenings entertainineiita to conclude with ARABS OF THE DESERT. Boxra 50 ceuta?Private do for 6 perioua $3?Second Tier centa? Pit 25 centa. Dooraoprii at half-paat 6. Overture by the Band aa aquarte before 7, Horsernanalup to commence at 7 o'clock preciaely. AMEH1CAN THKATKK-WALJIUT-iT. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CU8HMAN, Mm Cushmau'a Benefit. MONDAY EVENING. Nov. g. will be enacted. WEST END. After which, OIIVER TWIST. Mr H Placide will apirrar on Thursday. E. A. MARSHALL. Lease*. AMltHiCAN MIiUKIM; DROADWAY Comer of Ann D r.T BAH NUM. Manager. NEW AND EXTRA ATTRACTION. Day visitorx admitted free in the evening. Entire new icrnery, proscenium, drop curtsins, decorations, Ac., git up al immdiar i ?pi nit and painted by 8IONOK ANOELO MONTE LI LLA, from Venice. The Drop Cur tain .rpreirnta a splendid new of G.llata near Conataotinople. B ckscene and wings. Interior of a Grand Saloon in the atyle ofLouiaXIV. The whole i? arranged on au entire new plan, bv which the whole ii changed iu a moment to a large ?nd Magnificent Salooo. (Jn Tuesday, th- 8th November, THE KEJEE MERMAID'. ' Will arrive from Boatou and be eihibiird the remainder of the week without extra charge. Eminent Naturalist, have staked tneir reputation upon the genuineness of tots wonderful am mal. DR. VALENTINE, Will appear in Six New Comic Characters. VIVALDI'S LILLIPUTIAN KAMILV. Of ten performers, including a new character called the Enchanted Turk, who will iransform himself into six persons, furnishing a cotillion with himself. La Petite Celeste, the admired dansense?Mill Hood, tho popular vocalisi?tn- Mysterious Fortune Telling Gipsy GirlAlbino Lady? FancyGlaas Blowiug? Grand Cosmorama, and 500.000 Ctiriositiee. # Dav performancesevury Wednesday and Saturday afternoon Admission twentv-fhe cents?Children hall price. x>6 mr i.' A T arTrpt'ea i TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION!!! SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. IKW VOHK MVNKVltt AND PICTLfUB GALLERY, Opposite the City Halt, Broadway, ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. Mi. H.BENNETT. Manager, TJA8 pleasure iu announcing that lie has effected an engage11 ment with Mi. C. D. Jenkins, the illimitable delineator o f i comic characters. popular vocaliat, and uumuallrd banio play, er. Maatei Fiank Diamond, the Ethiopi an dancei, will ap pen? alao Mr. B Boyce, the celebrated conic araiter. Miaa Rosalie, the charmiuit songstress. Mr. Wiiglit, the wonderful falsetto vocalist. There will be a day performance on Wed1 nesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Evening performance [ to commence at half iiaat seven. A'lmisnon to the .Yiuscutb, Picture Galley, and Performance ONE SHILLING. o30 Im'tc T1VOLI SALOON. rPHE LARGEST anil most splendid Saloon in the city foi I Musical Soiieet, Concerts, Assemblies, Military Balls, Private and Public Diuui r Parties, Political Meetings?without distinction of party. The Proprietor, ever ainious to gain to himself and this establishment a reputation ( independent of r great profit) has leased froin the owuer ou such teruu as will , ruable him to compete with any other establishment, and shal 1 be most happy to make arrangements (in accordance with tha I times) with all who may favor hiin with a call ; and assures them that no twins or expense will be spared to give entire satisfaction. WM. P. DENMAN, Proprietor. P. 8. Tuesday evenings of each week is set apart I or Invitation alls. o? lm*r FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, ; OFFICE No. 7 WALL STREET. ni isr " l)R WHEELER. OCULIST. r- INFLAMED. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES?DR 1 WHEELER, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, N. Y. respect fully informs the public, that in cousertuence ol his practice J" having become enlarged to so great an extent, he is compelled ot c.mftne his office attendance strictly between the hours to 8 A. M, sou t r. si., alter wmcn tie visits ins out door paI1" tienu. " Notwithstanding mat among trie many hundreds of cases which Dr W. ruts artenoeu, many nave ueen operated on bv other professors wunout success, auu pronounced nv them mi curable, yet ui. w. has never failed to eradicate the disease h and effect a perfect cure, desuite every disadvantage which may have presented itself, and in many instances almost against hope. It .s tins unprecedented success in his treatment of tha enables ...m with confidence ro refer the afflicted who may be unaci|U.>iuted with him, and hit mild mode of treating the diaorders of thit organ?to uumeroot restored patients in the first i class of ...cirty, reflecting hit professional abilities and skill as , a scientific oculist. Chronic inflammation of the eyelid, or sore eyes, howerai lung funding, can he effectually and permanently cured, and films, t|a ckt, removed withont surgical operations. Terms to suit the circumstances of the patient ol lmis*r DAGUERREOTYPE. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS. T7 A. AUTAULT It CO., 16Stf Kulion street, opposite St. r " Paul's Church, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have just received by packet ship Aigo, an in; voice of , 1000 Daguerreotype French Plates A new supply or the best and newest patterns spparatas 100 ounces bromine 30 ounces bromine of iodine / bO pound* hyprotulphate of soda l 30 grammes ol chloride of gold | lot pouuds of tripoli of vetnse - 30 ounret chlonde of iodine And the new book containing the latest improvements iath a Daguerreotype. ol lui?r I PRESENTS. TIFFANY, YOUNG, & ELLIS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS b the various Fancy Manufactures of England, Franca, " uermany, i.nina, nr. :f LJAVK received by late arrivals, a great variety of beautiful 11 novrltiea, which reudrn their stock more elegant and ax '* tensive^ihaii ever before. In it will be found a superior assort j Rosewood and Kbony Ooods Chinese Fancy Articles Plain and fancy Stationery Fancy Porcelain and (liasa | Cutlery Berlin Iron and Bronxe Goods Perfumery Fans of all kinds Brashes and Combs Papier Msrhe k Velvet Goods i Indisu Curiosities Umbrellas, Parasolsk Shades i Walking Canee, Suspenders, (James, Opera Glasses, French Jewelry, Riding Whi|u, Accoidiona, Music Boxes, Mantel | Ornaments, Oil Paintings, " Bourn's" Gloves, and an inuamoi rable variety of t Elegant Artutlft of Tagteand Utility, i soluble for nrrsents, all of which thrv take pleasure in show lag, and will sell at such moderate prices as must be satiafaeto > IT to all purchasers. No. XW Broadway, 1 ottlmia'ec Directly opposite the City Hall. strabismus. commonly called sqinting. CURED in few seconds by Guerin's celebrated plan, which is free from pain or danger. Cataracts removed bv any of the onerations practised here er in Europe. DR. WHEELER. Oculist, S3 Greenwich street, New York, i N. B. References can be given to 263 patients. I Office hours, from RAM to I P. M. op lmis*r private medicine chests. THE COLLEGE OF medicine and pharmacy of the city of new york. LIAVE prepared a number of " Private Medicine Cheats, al each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicines lor the cure of a peculiar class of diseases, which merit of ignorant quacks, in consequence of the eitremedelicney which patients thus afflicted eshibit in applying for medical advice from lespectable physicians. In the moda now n plained, howerer.aafe and effectual treatment will be gained by such patients without the necessity of making any disclosure of their case. The "Medicine Chest contains such aquanttity of appropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a perfect core, and amide directions m a plain aud familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are applicable to all forma ?l the disease. The Chests, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for each?the chests with remedies for gonorrhoea and gleet S3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the College. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College VI Nasaan street, N. B.?Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union, the Canada* and Wist Indies. Persons purchasing ihe Chests can.by addressing the College, gratuitously obtain whatever additional advice thvy may desire during the progress of their case. ill is " ! CoUGUS aNITcoCDS D KMC.V1BKR. No M North Siath street, one door below l-** Arch street, Philadelphia, the most cercain and best Pamily Medicine, for Coaghs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Throat and L.ung Disease, a riling sensation likr chokiug. tickling, or unpleasant ohstiuctlons. Kor the shore, Dr. SWAint H l orn round Synip ot Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy. Persons who hare abused themselves by. the useot srdent spirits will And both their strength and resolution much 'mpvoved by leaving off the spirits. and taking a dmaght i^cmiiiuallyof the above restorative. All prr|iarai ioo? ftom thisvalaabla in'iff" eept the above.may he considered ap""""* or eotmlerfW^The real article m*v be had of th? following Agents, or at No. 54 . North Siath street, Plnldejl|)his?Ts r Dr W H MILNOK. Druggist. No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M HA VKS, No. IJ9 k niton it, Brooklyn, r BKVf. OLDS, Newark, N.J. ? J<5HN MASUN. Patterron, w. J. ?1 la'r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, t 3 4 LISPENARD STREET. MAUAMK COMTKLLO, Krmtlr Phvairian. mil continue! to treat, with ajtonnhing acrtK, nil diwun pMilinr t? J femalea f ><ii|i|>rreaion.irregnlarity. nhatrnctinn. he, hy whatever rim nroducrd. can be lemnved by Madame C. in a "cry ?<>' time. Vladame C.H medical ratabliahment hating undergone thoroagli reparn and alteration! for the better accommodation of her nnmeronr patienta, ahe it.noaa prepnrrd to receive tadiea on the point of confinement, or ilioae who with to be treated lor obatrociioti of their monthly period. MaAne C. can be conaalted at her reiidenee No. M Liapen ard It, at all timet, and with the atrietett regard toaacreiy. All eommunicationaand letter! mutt be poat-paid I) lm*r

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