10 Kasım 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Kasım 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Mo. 301 WUul* No. 3101. rOR NEW ORLEANS. dr.twtch a iliip from thu port ou the lit, J?h I Oth, Wh. 2Mb ot racli mouth, comm. ticin^ the 10th October y,f*u* ing until M ly, when regular day. will be appointed ,,T' maiudrr of the year, whereby great delay, and ' jllJJ'J!'?,1 will h. pre rented during the ^uromer moa'ba. The lollowu* .hip. will couitnence ihi. arrangement : Snip \ AZOO.CuMm Cotnrll. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. r t Ship LOUISVILLfc, Captain Hunt, tip Ship BHAKSPEARE. Captain Miner. * Ship OASTON. Captain Latham. 17 Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford. I. Ship OCMULGEE. Capuin Leavjtt. l Snip NASHVILLE. Captaiu Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS. Captain Knight. . ' Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulfort. These ships were all built in lha city of New York, expreisfor packets. are of light draft of water, have recently been it* wly nggiered and put in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masteia, who will make every exertiau to give 3?neral satisfaction. They will at all timea be towed up and own the Mississippi by aleamboata. Neither the owners or captains of theae ahipe will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stoues, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or iiackage, sent by or put on board ol them, unless regular bills oflading are taken for the same, and the value tliereou expressed. Vat freight or passage, apply fc-K ,COLLINS It CO.. 56 South St., or HULLIN kWOODRU^K, Agent in New Orlrans. who will prorni>tly forward all good* to tKeir addiraa. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad* ertisrd, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly mean red. m4 pa?saoe*Vroman1? remtttaRce togrEat BRITAIN AND IRELAND WEEKLY. rPHE subscribers continue to make arrangement to bring out I passengers fiotn the old couulry. by ships of the first class, all Amrricau, built,and commanded by tneu long and favorably known in the trade. The vessels com|ioaiiig (his line sail weekly from Liverpool, consequently all unnecessary delay to pas aengers u avoided. Persona abvut to make engagements for friend* to emigrate tlie ensuing season, will study their own interest, and the iuerrst and comfort of their friends,by making such engagements with the subscribers, as no expense or i>ains are spared to earn that preference which ha* for many years been extended to kein. As has al ays been customary with this line, when the parties settle for decline coming out, the isusage money is promptly re unded to those from whom it was received, with out deduction. A free passage per steamboat from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liver|>ool, can likewise be secured. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl it, Orto C. ORIMSHAW Ik CO. 10 Gotee Piazxas, Liverpool. Drafts aud Exchange at sight, aud for any amount, are also furnished on H. C. Olyn (k Co., Banker), London, C Grimahaw k Co., Literpoo1; the Northern Ranking Co. ml National Bank of Ireland. National bans o! Scotoma, payable ac thtir respective branches: a* follows:? NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND. Athlone, Dunparven, New Koss, Balliua, Ennis, R?scominou Ballinasloe Kuniscorthy Ron rea Belfast Fcrmoy Sligo Boyle Galaway Tallow Carrick on-Suir Kilkenny Thuries Caahel Kilrush Tipperary Castlenar Limerick Tralee rauhipsvh Loinrfhrd Ttiam Charleville, Loughrea Waterford Conmal Milchellatown Weapon Cork Monte Wexford Dublin Ntnage NORTHERN BANKING COMPANY. Belfaat Lurgen N T Limerary Derry Armagh Ballemena Downpatrick Magherafelt Clooea Liaburn Coleraine NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH. Aberdeen Fortwilliam Kirkwall Anatrnther . Galagheda Langholm Andne Glaagow Leitn Baoff Orrntown Lewick Bathgate Harwick Montroee Burnt island 1 Iuverueaa Nairn Caatle Douglai Inverary Oban Dalkeith Iuveakeithing Portree Dingwell Jebugh Perth Dumfries Keith Stirling Dundee K-daon Stonaway Falkirk Ktrkaldy Stormneaa Foireat Apply as above. a9 lm*r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. uJLa I despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of Killing falla on Sunday, the ahipa will sail on the aucceedhig day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA. (June 1 J.ilv 19 616 tons. " Oct" 1 Nor 19 D. O. Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I Jane 19 An* 7 769 tons, Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. I Keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 900 tone. 1, Nor 1 Dec 19 J. ILithbone, i March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, fJnly 19 Sept 7 610 ton*. .Nor 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall# Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i An* I Sept 19 ill tons. ' Dee 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, Au? 19 Oct 7 900 ton*, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.i April 19 Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, , Sept 1 Oct 17 830 tens, .Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.r May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, ; Sept 19 Nor 9 700 tons, '. Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Ja|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of tailing, will beobserred as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fired at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description will l>e provided, t\ith the esception of wines and liqaors, which Will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE It CO ,61 South St., C. 11. MARSHALL, 98 Durling-slin.N.Y. je24 lrh BARING BROTHERS It CO, Lspool. KEW yoRKAND LIVERPOOL REGULAR comail'llfl A t f IMP AP DK'IPPTQ i*ICiI\Vl^\U vr EAV/OJUA9. Sailing to anil from Livenmol, Weekly. ? ? i ? TJluTStabliShed passaAE OmcE, ?i south street. The subscriber in annonucing his arrangements for the year 1842, appears befope his frieiuis with sentiments of sincere resK'ct for the able sup|>ort lie has received for many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this line, bv weekly opportunities from Literpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19lh and 21th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the stndy of the stibscricer to have the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without dtlay, and shosc who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligentattenlion will he given by the Liverpool agents to those seut for,as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not emjark, the mouey will be refunded withont any charge. The subscribe! feels a pleasure in making known the differ ent shins by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has girsn general satisfaction, and that he lias considerably extended and concluded hisarraugemeuts for the year 1842. The follow ing it a list of ships Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Faiilield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Srieare. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales. Watts, lliberiiia, Wilson. Westchester. Ferris, j^ltred, Checver. Osceola, Childa. Clifton, Ingersoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. bobieskie. Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, WootL Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pauthea, Oooilmansou. Robert Isaacs. Tnieman. Virginia, Eatou. Europe, Batcheldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. a free |Mssage from the different pons of Ireland and Scot tati/I nan atari lm atieiiswil ami rlralta f > vniaiiu/i fVir ant.' amniinf payable at the National and Provincial Britka of Ireland ami ; heir rea|ieclive branches, and alao on Messrs. J. It W. Robinaon, Lirerixxd, which are paid free o! any chance, throughout he United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to ? JOHN HERDMAN, <1 SonJh atreet. or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piazza*,and an 16 No. I Neptune at., Waterloo Dack, Liverpool. M. M M. M. f^cWhTS FOI^^^ARSEli^^^^^'he Undermentioned ihiria will be irgula'ly dtipatrhed Irom hence and Irom Marleillea on llie latofeach month during the vear, th??? ? From New York. Marseilles. M1NERV A, Capt Brown, Nov 1. Jan 1 H'KY THOMPSON, Cap Sylveater, Dec 1. Feb 1 :oUHIKR, Capt Duaan. Jan 1. Marl TRFHt OTT, Capt Lawrrnee, Feb I. Aid 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May I IN IRIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jun I They are all conpena and copper faateued,and hare eicellent iceommndationa for piaaenaeraThe price uf cabin passage will be $100, eicluaive of w.nea iri Injunra. Goods addreaaed to BOYD It H1NCKEN, the a tenia, will re forwarded free of other choicer than there actually paid. For freight or iwasage apply O. BROOM It CO., or to o22r BUYP It HINCKEN^, Agents NEW DINE OF LIVERPOOL fACKETB. r? arlfrom New York on the 20th and Liverpool ou the lSth of each month. iH& Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th November. Ship SIDDONS. Cantain K. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, 25th January. From LrviRfooL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobh, 13th October. hi,i,, SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depevater. 13th Ncvem'r. Slop OAltltlf K, Captain Win. Ski.iily. 13th December. Ship KOSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 13th January Theae ahipa are all ol tin- firat claaa, upward* of WOO tone, hnilt I the city of New York, with each im|iroreineiita aa combine real ?|iee?l withi luminal comfort for paaaeiigera. Every care a? been taken in the arrangement of their acrommod itione 'he price of pa**aue hence la tIIIU, for which ample apnea * ill e provided. Theae ahipa are commanded by etiwriended laatera, who will make every eieruou to (ire general aaiiafai on N< ither the capuina or owneri of the ahipa will be reapenai le for any Intere, parcela or parkagee aent by them, unleaa r* nlar h 'lj of lading are aliened tlirrefor. for freight 01 i,M?agc, appiy lu E. K. CO I. LINK k CO., Jti South at., New York, or to W\l. it JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will he cl arged IJtf rente periingh 'eel: Ml cent* |ier ounce, and newa|iap?Ta I crnt each. ol laec sOUiH Ca'kOLINA RICE I O.'S. LINE ? kJMFW Kor Georgetown, S. C.. Hie faat telling, copper lav Hib'iniil packet echr f'O i'OMAO, 8. Duncan, matter, iii".' ively -a.I on the l?li inatant. Y >r freight or paaaage wing good a.'M.oinndationa)apply on board, at the loot of 'all airret or ai the New York Rice Mill, coiner of Jefferpi and South alret-u. hi iw'rc THOMAS BEILBY, Agent. E NE NEW SELLING OF* AT WALKER'S -5*oT7l?Ji? Flench faltera, French and ?*ttn tlipprn and butkins, IWl (.r hue calf -inched t nou, ?3 lo $3 JO ner |*ir. 300 i>r call ami hue (KM),., fr,.m $t to 2 O aa<l $2 M per pair, oW pr ol boy s coarse sod lint- b?*?u, irom $1 Co .tuil $1 50 p* r ? pair, $30 pair cr.ildreu'i do from i? 10 6s per iwur, 600 i?r ladies ***'- jysooa,>OOI?, shoes aud buskins, from 4s to 6* and $: |?er l>r, WW or of genu Wditr proof b ?ots, uioccasin*. Iudi rubber* in abundance, men's course and fin*? boots of all sorts a>. i sites, irotu $1 75 to $2, all warranted. All the above goods 50 ,?*r ct thr Cheapest in t'ie city. Call and aee for yourselves, Canal si comer ??l d road way, ai 024 lm*ec J. 8. WALKERS. * LINTON CHEAP Bool iuoHshoe-\lTrk?T~509 ^ i^^VOrrirnwich, comer Spring at, i* the only place where uu be louoJ ooou an J shoes to suit the timet. All those who wear boots ami shoes will Jo well to vise a e all. Ladies and m-ases buskins from 1, I, 5, 6, 7 and ( shillings per pair; grnilemriu' bo >ts from 12 shillings to S4 per pair; boys' boots from? shillings to $i50 per pais. All whu wish to save >0 per cent will aire a call at the Clinlou Cheap Boot and shoe Maiket. 509 Greenwich corner Spring street o2t lm*r LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES? Lockwoou. J" Broadway, keeps s fine assortment of ladies'and children/ boots awl shoes, of the latest American and European fashions. Orders received by the do sen from places ol fashionable resort. olS eod*r GYMNASI U M , SPARRING SCHOOL & PISTOL GALLERY. Messrs. hudson & ottionon re pacUuiiy inform the gentlemen ol New York, that their extensive rooms at Use corner of Broadway and Cn.uubers street, lor Sparring, Gymnastics and Pistol practice, are now open for the season. Numerous improvements and additions have been lately made lm the Gymuasium, which will now be louud in every respect Mwaulete aud equal to any olucr in the country for athletic ex e.waa. Mnarring taught on the moat approved principles. Gentlemen vlining the Pistol Gallery will be supplied with Pistol s of a superior quality. Terms moderate. Gentlemen are invited tocallal any Uiae diring ihe dav. olt lin*r SELF-COCKING PISTOLS DLUNT St SYMS, .niportera and Manufacturers, No. Si D Chatham street, have on hand a large assortment of the Sis Barrel 8. If Revolving Self Cocking Pocket Pistols. These pistols have the advantage over all others of the kind by Uie impossibility of losing ihe caps, the nipples being placed in a horizontal direction,and there being no cock in the wav to prevent taking as correct sight as with the ordinary pistol or gun. The above pistols can be furnished lower thau any others in the market, at wholesale or retail. We have as great a variety of other kinds of Pistols as can be fonnd, with Rifles, U. 8. Muskets, for shipping and military; Prize Musktu, do; Yowling Pieces, single and double; extra large size double and single Guns for ducking, together with Powder, Shot, Flasks, Bags, Caps, Locks, Barrels, Ike., fcc., in I arge or small quantities. N. B.?Country dealers are requested to call and examine our assortment before purchasing elscwheie. sS2m*r BAKERY, I0 Lispeuird street.?The subscriber res|iectfuUy iulorins his old friends and customers that he has resumed his old business ol baking, and will be thankful for their favors. Haviug token the stand lormcrly occu|>it<l by O. W. MILLb H, 4b Luia-uard street, ?o celebrated lor good coke, and the subscriber having carried on the business a number of years at the well known Knickerbocker Bakery, No. 14 William at , a favorite reaort for good crackera aod biacuiu?he Uiinka lie liaa uotfoigottcu how to yleaae the taale of the public. JAMES TOMPSON. N.B.?Alwaya on hand, fruit cake of all kinds and prices? wedding cake of all a iter?pouud caae and sponge cake of all aizea?ruak, tea biscuit and bread every afternoon?biscuit aud crackera fresh every morning. ml) lin'r WATCHES LOWER THAN EVER.?In consequence of the reduction ol'duties by the late larift', the autiscriber ia aelling hiaatock of (Jold aud silver Levers, Alp hor Esca|iemeut Lepine, and other Watchea, ol urw aud splendid patterns, and Jewelry, a', retail, at a considerable reduction from former pricea, being much lower than they can be bought for at auy other place in the city. Ooid Watchea as low aa to to ii dollara each. Watchea and Jewsliy eachanged or bought. All Watchea warranted to keep good time or the mouey returned. Watches aud Clocks repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much leas than the usual prices. O. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, ol2 1 m rn Wholesale and Retail, M Wall at., up stairs NEW CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH WENT, NO. 93 CHURCH ST, (BETWEEN READE AND CHAMBERS STREETS. /GENTLEMEN furniah-'ng their own goods can liave them U made up iu the most fashionable French style, cheaper than ever offered before iu this city. fluUN...iil- ma,U an.l ? '? K rock coat* 7 50 Dress coau " " " t SO Vest ami PanU $1 50 lo 1 76 N. B.?Repairing done iu the neatest manner. ol Im'in SAMUEL WYANT. /^tOAL, COAL?A canto of best Red Ash Peach Orchard, >wT broken Coal, discharging this day from barge Pater, foot of Hutger slreel,and will be delivered free of cartage at $i,ij per ton. Orders received for the above quality of Coal for one week, at the following low prices: Broken, $1.60 Egg, $YM) Nut $6,00 ni 6t*r OtOROE THOMPSON, a I.ester st. URENCH ARTIFICI ATTFLOWERS* mate i I for no T lists?BssUNLAROSIERE k COURT, 1.6 William St., successors of Brunla Kosiere k Co have just received by MiHavre Packets Baltimore and Vrllede Lyo.., a large assortment ol fashionable flowers, of the latest Pa isian style. Mourning Flowers a la Duchesse D'Orleaos, Cords and Ta'Seli, and a great variety ol ne w faucy articles of toilet for parties and balls. The No. 116 William street is the true and onlv depot of lhos? superior articles from their manufactory Rue de Tiacy, No. 6 a Paris. n2 Im'r ALL READ THIS. rpilE undersigned having made several heavy purchases of s lloor of very su|>erior brands, will offer foi sale on and after Monday next. 6 p' uuds baked Bread, for 1 shilling. To ihoae uuacqu moled with the article, he would stale that sixe has generally been a secondary consideration, it being his constant endeavor to gratify the taste rather than use interior llhur to inarrase the weight. But now (lour being to unusually cheap lie fuels satisfied, should the purchaser study either sixe oruuality, he cannot fail in heiug pleased alter giving it a trial N. B. Storekeepers wi hiug hit biead can be supplied by calling at his store, wnere terms wi I be made knowu ROBT. MUMBY, 111 Fub mat. or Atlantic at-, I doors above ilenry. Butter s-d Sugar Cracker*, manufactured by himaell, of superior quality, fre.h every day. Brooklyn, Nov. 3d, IM2. ni lw*ec FAMILIES GOING SOUTH, to the West Xncue* or Europe?A respectable female, 21 yean of age, withes to obtain a permanent situation at seamstress, in a genteel lamily. She wouldIpreler going to Europe, yet would accept ol < good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The best ol relerences given. Address A. A. A. box 761, upper Post office, N. York. sltr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS TXTHOLESALE AND RETAIL. No. I Wall street. Th v v suhsenber hsa received and offen for sale a large assortment ol imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, vix: CoaLa alio Capua, ofsnnnrinr lama Puha *ra I -- P.? Merino and Cotton, of all colors and sicca. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lasts Persian and Cotton, pr? pared for t ilois. India Rubber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, fcc. 128 6m?r CHAS A BHAfil A MSON. FENCING SALOON fe SHOOTING GALLERY. KMEKS, 413 Broadway, entrance in Lispsaiard street. second door, lately from Europe, Professor of the art of Fencing, gives instructions ir Fencing ; also in the use of the straight .crooked, and Turkish sword, hunting knife, musket and ha')i>uet, staff, awl every specirsof weapons. Gentlemen, lovers of this art, military officers of the army, navy, Ike. are respectfully invited to call and witness an etbibition of his skill in this useful and important art. A spacious double Shooting Gallery, Illuminated in trie evening, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot mg at a distance of 31(1 yards. sll 3m*r AHDlNAhV DAILY.?Few gentlemen in this city " are aware they can < b ain a good substantial Kag'iah Dinner, famished with the best the markets can afford. Beer included, for 23 cents. Dinner on table at 2 o'clock. Chops and Stealu at any hoar. Cold Cats, lie. Bear in mind, CHRISTIANSON'^, (late Stoneall's,) oMlm*r 29 Ann street. NOTICE TO FIREMEN^ AND all others desiroas of keeping their Feet Dry and Warm the coming season. By railing at the OLD KXCLU8IVE BOOT STORE, No. 144 Chatham street, they can be accom modatcd, as the proprietor has on liand a full assortment of his well known WATER PROOF BOOTS. Constantly on hand a full au|>p!y of all other kinds bf Boot* at prices to sou the times. Also?rhat invaluable article Rogers' Metalir Elastic Heel Boot can be obtained at the Old Exclusive Boot Store, No. 144 Chathamst. iM Ime, uroton water. Hanson, wilcock k hanson. piumhers. brm Founders, ami Copiiertmilhs, next door to the Tabernacle, No 33J Broadway;, New Ynik From long practical experience in bnsinexs in thia and other eitiea |>oaaeaaing Water Works. H W. k H. have eonMeuce in thus assuring the public, that all o dera entrusted to them will ( be promptly executed, with a view to permanent satisfaction,in a woikmr nlike style, aud of the beat rnaleiials. Their charges will always be as moderate as can be reasonably afforrd by any competent and resprruhle concern Water pipes of every approved description, for introducing the Croton Water. Patent lead pipes, cast iron, composition and tinned pipes. Brass coeks and water closets, of their owu suiierior manufacture. Hydra ?ts ofCirolina red cedar,bathing tubs, bath boilers on the best Philadelphia plan, and other articles in the foregoing branches of business. oil lm"r SEGARS-3EGARS. THE following choice Began are always on hand at HENRIOUKS'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE ttEUAR STORE, wholesale and retail, basement il William at. Hiondas, in half and quarter boxes Do. No. , half and quarter boxes Noriega*, in quarter and eighth do Para Kegalos, in qnsrter do Regalias, of a suiierior quality, in )( Si l,id I-10th boxes Congreaas, in quarter boxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esneranza, do do Tres Amigos. in cartons of 30 each London Regalias, in cartons of 40 each La Prnela, In quarter boxes Visa Mi's Spotted. in nusrter hoses Panctilla'a, do. 0f superior quality Yngrnendad, do Demoyas, do Matron, do rrinripes, of the lleiidon, Cms and Ham, all ent. to deb. PmnaTrraa, in qnarur botes Alrai.xas j0 ("otuLautiaa, do Bustamrntas, do Eamero Regalia*, do Imiirnal do, mqaarie oiea a superior article. N" B,7??L-U ?,oee,? P'??d on reasonable terma. oil Imh A HICH TONED KIOOT RII.VKH Kfcr.u OKCOVD HAND?a rare and splendid instrument, will be ? told cheap Applvto T MONZANI, 07 lm*m it inomirnon atreet. ENKY 8COTT, No lll Wain at , N. V . keeiatonauni ly on hand a general oaaortmenl of Pickle*. Catanna, Maurea ke , rreaervea, Jelliea, Brandy knots, he., wboleaaie aud i?' All order* for Slopping and kamiliea panrtnally at ded to 11 1m *r PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS 11/AH RAN TED to keep any length of tone in any climate, ?" ria- lobster*, halibut, aliad, aalmon, oy-ters, and clams, beef, inutlon, real, dork, chicken, '.utkey, beef soup, mutton broth, chicken aonp, ?i tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, vegetable soup, grren pea*, mushrooms, carrots, turntua, paramos, tomatoes, milk, lie. ke., manufactured and tr.ld wholesale hy WILLIAM MULUANE, o7 lm*m t*S Nosanti at W YO YORK, THURSDAY MOI ~~ NEW STOVEL SHEPARD'a PATENT REVER BERATOR. rlfcl subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and parlor size of lilt* uew tml splendid pale lit stove We a*k all in wnt of stove* to call aud examine it. It is by far, the most efficient aud eco omiral stove offered for a uuiuber of vtais, and baa the approval of all who have se?u it, and bids lair Lo Lake ike Ifad ?f all I ?m.II k_ rradluciMi in the cour*? af a lew days In tiir mttulimc, thr primci* \* of the ?Lov?, can be ictu full v* ?!< * e-1.?j?- A in the silr rihihited. SHk A HI) U CO. Notl's Stove Warehousr, No 244 Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortment of Note's Radiator 8'ovr, the only stove in the m*rkt t UUU|bll tor Waffling dwilljlHh churches, hotels, public buildings, lie. A two story house can I'e w Armed witit three loos of coal, less thau one grite will Consume. Drums for |*r|or? and Walls, io style and variety unequalled in the citv. Also the best wood cook stove ever otferrd. 29 lin*ec ~~ STO V K S?STOV CS. BACJCVS' PATENT RARE FIE H, OR FRUGAL HOU.<EWARMER. '"PllK Propnetor, in offering this valuable atove to the public, A would briefly ?tate lomr of the advantage, of heir improve mciit, wliirhcoudti chiefly in the following |*rtiruUra, ?it:? 1?To obviate the evil of im- V-To be capable ol allordoure ni.d noiiou* |u in the inii a mild or an luuiwehtat. burning of anthracite coaL 6?-Toavoid all incoveuicncc i?To venerate and diffuK from dual, a sarin and wholeiome at- 7?To preaerve the air ofthe mospherc In place, egpoeed to atwrtiuent pure and wholedamp and cold. tomif. S?To lesaou the nak of aeci- (?And to unite with all d ut bv tire. tkoee eicelleul qualiu>-a. an t?To be quickly kindled elegant and durable article of ant easily managed. furniture. I hi. Stove I, constructed of lie rex quality of Knsaia sheet iiot, upon the cylindrical plan?the furnace or lire-eliamber occ ipying a part of the centre ce hauler, to which ia attached an aim .pheric Rarcliej_upoo each aide, of a tubular form, and lined throughout. llie heat thai u created iu the chamber passe-between the liiuugi of the two rare fie r? (or radiators as they *i* called) into the base at the bottom, and a current of air continually rushing through the tubes, which are left ot*n at each end tor tint purpose, carriea a great amount of rarefied or warm air tutu the .lfMttmeul. The purity and softness of the air iu a room heated by tin* (love are [icculiar and remarkable, the heat being diffused from a great extent of surface moderately heated. '1 he heated air, on entering the wiugi or aidea of the store,deaceuda and spreads over the entire surface of the base at the bottom, keeping the colder portion of the air next the tloor in constant circulation? in tiie meantime preserving it entirely from contamination, rendering tins Stove perfectly safe and agreeable for apartments of invalids, sleeping rooms, Sic. Manufactured by JIk E. BACKUS, M Bowery, X. Y. N. B. A new article of air tight stores, with rentiers ; also the new kitchen companion cook stove, warranted equal to any in nae iu this city. s2T Im'm DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS.?Economy and utility TV being the order of the day, ilie subscriber has deiermiued to sell St'ivas ai the loweal possible remuneraliug price*; his Column I'arlor Stove, answering all the purpose! of the grate, with half the trouble and expeuse, suitable for sitting rooms, offices, stores, or halls, is woptliy the atteutiou of persons wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stores are not suriiassed iu the city, for cheapness ?ud superior style of cousrructieu, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and a great saving of fuel, which is an item many peraous overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits houtrktepeis and others to give him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, No. U Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their stores, purchasers will not be suujecti d to a tax by buying from secoud bauds. Their axiortinent consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, I'umps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Sic., wholesale and retail. Oiders for castings solicited. J. V. TIM REITS o!6 lm*ec 22 pulton street. N. V. ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. rPH 18 ch?a|>, simple and efficient apparatus is adapter!to all X pun?>aes of Ventilation. Shipa, Steamboats, t nnrelies, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaults lie. lie. inay b' its applica tion be kept free from all loal air and uuwholesi iae effluvia; it is also an effectual cure for Smoky Chimnica. The subscriber having purchased th? n ght for the City and County of New Vork, is prepared to supply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Rootling of all deacriptiona lurniahad in any part of the country. Croton Water Pipes aud Plumpers' Work in geueral. Also, Oalranized Iron aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, bath tuba, coal hods, lie at rrices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 orders by letter attrnded to. P. SUMNER, s253m*m 1M Water street. STOVES?OVEftS THK largest assortment of Stoves of any house iu New X York.?Their newly invented Parlor Stove needs but to be seen to be universally adopted. Its i mule use radiating surfs e exceeds that of auv other stove now i use?exhibits more lire, with the consumption of lets fuel, than any former iuventiou. It also discharges its own aahes hy a simple process, without soiling or lodging its dust on the furnituie of the room in which it is used. It will be louuothe cheipext aud most economical Stove ever brought before the public. All , Cook St .vea. new, airtigh'.ltc. in all varieties, from three dollars upwards Every article warranted. RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH is au admirable article?they can be fitted te any stove now iu use, anUol unequalled value id broiling steaks, touting bread, an I alao in healing irons for ironing clothe*. Riley it the inventor and Kile iiatsulee. oil lm*r RiLKY It MYERS, 23 Bowery. FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY~GOOK STOVE. rf,II13 Stove was pronounced liul year, and is this, by all J- who have it, tone not only the best ever invented, but the only Stove they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roasting, could be done perfectly, and at the same time. 1 his year the improvement has been such, that donbl. the amount of cooking can be doue, (and that too to perfection) than u|K>u any other Stove of the same site ; for proof of which, you have only to call at Fish's Stove Establishment, 309 Water street, where any quantity of references will be given?and further, every Stove warranted, or the money refunded. Fish's Reeulatiug Premium Drum for parlors. Hall Drums, and hall, p trior, and office stores, and all the ordinary cooking stoves, f r sale cheap t lSK'S Stove fcstab'ishment, 109 Water street. The above stove, ami also the regulating drain, can now be seen at the Fait ; but thoae d. siring stoves, are requested to call at the establishment, where they can egamiue them to better advantage, K9 Water street. ol6 lin*ec L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HAi.L STOVES. 'T'HIS iaone of the most valuable invention. ever offered to I the publ c iu the stove line, ami is the mot' perfect article extant, for the use of all kinds of coa or wood, in healing apartments. It lias no lets than four radiators ami two descend ing Hues, lo .irr.nged that ilie rad .tors aie placed between twi fires, and cause all the heal geueratcd te be d.stiibuied ioto the apartment; while in otne stoves a large jxiriion of the heat is cuiin uu iiiuir pipe. erne |n-ck i coat id uu stove will yield more heat thru bushel id tile beat Mo e now before the public ; while yon hare the ad'autaga of an open fire < splendid grate at pleiuurr It iiallowed by all who hare examined it to be (he moat per feet combination of utility and i.nnni.nt ever bronchi forward; bat to be fully appreciated, it need* only (o be steu and examined, and all in waul of a superior article for tieatiug par |ora(lialla offices, nurseries, lie. are invited to call. Prices are suited (o the limes. Also on baud a variety of oilier Stotcs, suitable for all parposes, which will be smd very low. L. WOOD, 2J7 Water street, between ol' lm*r Perk slip and Beekman street. E. W. NANCE, EXCHANGE BROKER., 21 |m?r No X CAMP STREET. NKW ORLEANS AT0T1CE.?Wlicreti Samuel Bernheimer, of Sty rat use, has Av acted as the scent of 1L Berulteimer at Brothers, merchants in the citv of New York, in the collecting of debts at Syracuse, snd in other biiiiness, all persons ate hereby notified that hia power as such agent has been revoked, and all persons are heieby forbidden totranstct any business with him as such agent ; and whereat Samuel B< rnheimer and Jacob Blo-h, e-.insulating the tit in of s Beinheiiner Ik Co.. of Syracuse, litve this day assigned to H. B-rntn iiner It Brothers, of New York, all the ?Mxk, debts and demands of every description; therelore, all |iertous are hereby foi bidden to pay any i et,t? to said S. Bernheimer It Co. or either of said firm after this dati ?and all |>avmeiiti of said demands may lie'rafier be insile to llerrman Bvrnneimer.Emanuel Bernheimer or Simon Bernheimer. being the firm of H Bernheimer It Brothers, oue of whom will be found at Syracuse by any person wishing to make payments; and on whom all Iiersons iml bted are rnjuertcd to call immediaiely and settle their accounts and notes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 2d. Isi2. u? lm*r H BERNHEIMKK It BROTHKR pHEAP KASHIO.f ABLE TAILORING, at 108 Bees mm v-t turret.?Where does the money come from that supports the expensive Tailoring Establishments scattered over the city? Can it come Iroui any place but the sockets of their customers? Ai the above number it is oclirvt d gentlemen cao liud an esta blithmetit conducted on tne auictest principles of economy,and garments made in a style of elegance and durability unsurpassed by any h->ute iu the ciiy. The prices charged are? F"r Dress Coals, of the brat West of England Cloths. $14 to 2? Wool dyed West of England Casaimevea 5 to I Vesta of caahmere, satin, silk or cloth, 2% to i Snpeiline Beaver, $40 style, for II to 24 Dress Coats made and trimmed, 7 to 9 Pantaaud Vesta, .....JMiP a JOHN MOFFAT. A very superior Spanish Cloak, for sale cheap, nl im*r TjaW CARPET, RAO CARPET AND LIST.?'The rv clies|H-st iu the city? liOO yards lor sale, all nicely mixeJ and striped, with fast colors. Any person in waul of this ar uclr will do well to call and exain'.ue before they purchase, ar it will be sold cheap for cash. Call at 2M Spring street, cornti of Grecnw ich. Alan, tubs ard rails, brooms, and all kinds of famishing .... i.._ ..... ,? .11 ,i.. c??r.k "oil'lm'Vc " XjoSV.H. TO THETOVRHS OP SUPERIOR BLACK 1EAHnwijiii'i Miltnre?Thi? eitremely ilelicioua and unparalIrletl Tu, an hiK?li- celebrated ill China anil Europe, u?t imno-ted, it nova for tale at the Cantnu Tea Compauy'a QmmiI fra Eatablitlimeiil, 121 Chniham at, New York?in Chinese packages. Prices JO cents and SI oll^lm'm NEW STORE. /"lOUTHOUY It NEVl R8 respectfully invite their fnends Vv and the public generally, to Call at 211 Broadway, and alanine their assortment of LAMPS, CANDELABRA, UIKANDOL PS. kc Silver, Plated ami Britannia fVare, Table Cutlery, and House- Furnithing hoods, of every description. which they have mat opened, and now offer on aale at pn ea that cannot fail to aatiafy pmchaaera. Enjoying au|>ennr advantages in the selection and manufacture of tlwir Lampa, Girandoles, Candelabra, kc., C. k N. are enabled to offer litem in great vaiiecy of i atiern and finish.suitable for churches, hotels, atorea, dwellings and atrain or sailing packets. Theae (aai are a new and i.ioat devirable article, Well wor hy the attention of ownera and ahipmaatera. Attention ia (wrlicalarly invited to the Hdlar Lamp, an jnatly eelehiated for ita anperior brilliancy and ee mom v. Thia Lamp, aa tealed by accurate eiperimekts, afforda twice the light of an Astra', while it barna lor an equal number of hnara at half the expense. COUtHOUY k NEVKRS will keep convtantly on hand a enviplete asaortment of the articlva above enumerated, and hope by their endeavora to meet the taatea and wishes of the i.aaKli/v fry mpril favnrahlae alt ra* nf *!?* ruatrnnatro aarl.i/vta ia now > lifi'4 li for th/lr ettahilihmf nt. nil lwi?lilwp?*rr CORSETS-CORSETS TUST HK.CKI V El), at the New York I'OKS ET WARE w HOUSE No. 40)4 l'e?rt ?lreet, a larke attorlinent of FRENCH AND ENGLISH CORSETS, which will bat told *tj< really reduced pricaa. WnoUmlt and Retail N B ?Dttlrn iu Cortela arr invnrd lo call, at the whole ttoch la newly imp tried. 443)4 Pearl iti>et. New York. __________ C iJ.NB, Kir itk, PjBTOLB, ud a (rneral aatorlmeal of , l aidwana, eutl.ry, ami fancy eooda; au'ilt, eieet. hoot, (race and low chaiai, ahoeaia, tpailee. axe*, lurka, holu, mill uwt klea. labia rail try, p >ek?t knieee, Willi a lama attorn mro4 of (una, rittea, muakrU and pitinls, lor tale at low pricea -aa A. W. 8PIKSk CO., * l?*nr 21$ Paul tueet. RK I tNING, NOVEMBER 10. MUFFS! PHJFK8! Ml FF8 '!?TK? sudden cluuaes ? tli** weather render ii iudispeitatbly necesaarv that the beauty too fashion of our city should avail themselves of the ereat indue* me utoffered to guard against the a wrote hi tig inclement se tioil They are n*w enabled to enjoy a nromeuade *uiiil* the coldest weather * v nrovidinv theiiM?s|v~s with a fine Muff at Uie store of BAHNET T Ik hIMMONDS, 419 Hr?ajWay. \!| descriptions of Fa rs cleaned and repaired at reduced rate? o22 I in* in RHAL BKNNKTT'3 M?)K *To T~Dlf CLOSUrtK8 ' ?The *uoscrjber? will publish ?u h- cour?<* of the ensunu week, M Mormouiam Flawed; or, a History of Joe Smith and the Latter Da|' ^aiuls by O n J. C. Bennett." These highly lor* ill* protlie*cy and wickedness of the Motmou leader*. It will be issued In good style luallrao. volume of upw rib of JM pages. Onlrre rspeo lull v solicited. I.El,AN L) k WHl'l INO. 016 Im'r BKAOBUKY, 30UKN k Co. 127 Niveau ?t. MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 164 IVilliam Slrert, Corner of .1nn Street, IS decidedly ill* cheai??t in die city. There ii *lways on hind a select stock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, which will be made up to order m the style of make, til, trimming, ke., tlial ha* given such geiieial satisfaction duriug the last four years, and at a positive taring of 30 per cent. Oriiilroienaf* requested to call and examine. Those who furnish til eirown goods, can have them MADE AND TRIMMED. Dress Coats, made and iriunued,. .$7 no to $6 50 Frock Coats, do do t DO to 9 60 Pants and Vests, I 75 to i 00 O'er Coat*. 9 00 to 11 TO IT/"' Ternu?Cash on delivery. ?L lm* e MICHAEL K. MARTIN THE AMERICAN MACINTOSH. PREJUDICE, or habit, make some to prefer every thing I foreign. Wr ask snob to make trial of our water-iiroof coat* and capra, and learu for once (to far at least a* our Macintoshes are concerned) that the only merit iweuliar to the imported ever the American, it that they may have hung oil a peg in Cheaptide until they became rusty and out nt fashion, then shipped to America to be told as "good enough for the market." I'rlCC of the American \1 ;?C llllosl. from tun .I..I1 >H .? ' ? .a. HORACE H. DAY, 45 Maiden Laue, s29 1ia*r Successor to Rubsiv India Rubber Co. ONE PRICE STORE. rTHKRK 18 NO IMPOSITION practiced at ttiia jtorc bv A asking double the price au article is worth, neither anv iht terrupciouou the tide walk. Mo inault onered it yon doo' purchaae. Any person wishing to make a purchase can rely on being furnished will) clothing at the following prices : Coau S3 a 12 Cloth Jackets 3 a 5 Cloth Pauls 3 a 4 50 Sattinelt Pants 1 50 a 2 50 JACOB COGSWELL. 04 lm*r 133H Chatham street, near Rosevelt si., N Y. R E M O V A L , PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Actor House ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most Jegant and Fashionable kind rt a saving of 60 |ier cent for cash. rPHE advertiser di mi it unnecessary to resort tJ the hackA neyeil system of giving a list of uonnual prices, prcsamiua that the length of time he has been established, together with the estensive pa (.milage bestowed on him, will prove a suui cicut voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage el beiug connected Willi an extensive cloth establishment iu Europe he couliJeutly assets that he cau furnish clothes which, ou comparison, will be fouud lower thao any other house making up the best descriptions of geotlemeu's dress. sl03m 8. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House, Broadway 8II1RT3QHIRTS made after the latest and most approved French O patterns. Costs, | antaloons, vests, and all nnder garments, made ti> order at abort notice and in.lhc most fashionable style. Gentlemen's Varnishing Stoic, (7 and 69 Maiden Luiu, New York. s3 3m*r WM. COLLINS. J. SURIA, FRENCH DYER, 490 PKARL ST., Principal Office, HANKKUL_for the patmua^e heretofore bestow d, res ? ircrtiiwiiy iuiuiwj mc |>uimic mm ur una, iur me accnmmodation of his customers in the upper |nrt of the city, opened Two Offices, one situated 157 Bikickkh St., the other 351 owtir. for the reception and delivery of Good*. All kinds of Silk, Cotton ml Woollen Oouds DYED. Merino and Camel's Hiir Shawls cleaned in the French style, w ith uealuess and tlrspalc h. fl/=" All kindsof Weariuit Apparel and Carpets scoured. Merchants can hate all kindsof goods dyed andputapin their original form. Brooklyn Office. 19 Kullon tt. Brooklyn. oil lm*r d ESTAUHANT KKaN'CAIS. No. 5 Nassau st. opposi'f AV the Custom House. J. BONNaRD k P. DELAMOTTfc have the honor lo inform their acquaintance- and strangers generally, tut they have enlarged their Break! ist and Dining Saloons,and have besides arranged couveuieut rooms lor private parties, and will psy particular attention to orders for Dinners and Suppers in private nouses, which they will furnish at vary moderate prices. They constantly have on baud? Brandy Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in gwat variety. Wines of ill brands. Oil of Olives refuted. Oruvere Cheese. New Chalrl Cheese. Truffles and Mtuluooms. Eat Liver Ties, ate.. Icc. otl lmTr TO THE AMA TEURS OF THE AOCGLIDION ! SIUNOR L. MARTINI begs to inform the public that ha has just published his Accordiou instruction, which is divided 1 two parts?-fhe first for the Accordions without semiloues?the second for those with tern i-touea, both of which ar? amply furnished with selected music, and exercises pro grrssnrly written, in order thai the amateur can easily hart entile command over the instrnmcnC 8IONOK MARTINI bvgs also to slate that ha has altrga collection of M8S. uiusic lor the Accerdion, which he intends to publish shortly, and ho arranges for that instrument any sort ol music he should be required. The Biguor will be thauklui to all those who will fkvor htm at his residence,90 Canal street, wlicir he continues to give Ins lessous. aul?lro*r DWILHELMS, No. 231 Broadway offers for sale his new unpolled ltock of goods, wholesale end retail. I.?LM Euibroidcrie . coinin-uced and fi,ashed pieces of various kinds; worsled, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, eu??, patterns. Ike. 2.?In small and Ivc warn, all aorta of silk and worsted strings, borders, Trimmings, tassels, fnnges, and every article in this line, don, in tin- moit fashionable uate. S.?The moat copious au I splendid choice of artificial flowers, done m the neatest woik and newest lasts, bouquets, diadems, Ike. 4.?Articles of cast iron of the most various descriptions, maoafactnted in the Rm?| lrou Voundary at ilerlin 1.?Exquisite an J neat figures in bronxe. C ?A beautiful assortiaeut of tuper'iuc basket wares. 7?A considerable and el tain choice of pressed an I painted paper, sheets of letter iuper, rusting cards, wafers, ke. An clegaut auilgreit tloie ol the finest pureeisiu. 2.?A splendid assortment of the fiuest dressing articles,esses and perfumes. nM la'm IMPORTANT DIStOVKHy in Cauiphiue aud Chemical 1 Oil Lamps, warranted to hum at one hall Ike etpense ol either oil or gas.?The difficulty which lias heretofore existed in trimm tig Cainphiue Lamps is now entirely obviated, by meant of a Moveable Cap and other important improvements which, ui>on ina|K-ction,will satisfy the public that they can now obtain a Lamp aujienor to any now in use?will burn without tmoke or smell? produce au equal and steady light iu all directions, and regulated by a single screw movement. Also, an Improved Tailor's Lamp. Camphinr. Chemical Oil. and Spirits, maun factored ujani an unproved system, wholesale and retail, de livered to any part of the city, from the Old Established Stand ol UEORUK MICHELL, oH lin*m I Catherine street. TERRAPIN LUNCH. UNDER THE AMERICAN MUSEUM G OUR MONDE' QUI VIVE! THOUSANDS of our good cits, lovers of good fare, have been lor some weeks past suffering severe disappointment from the closing of the far-fained "Terrapin Lunch." The "fitful fev.r." is tow. however, over, and again may they "feed well," (or be it known that the John Adams, of Knickerbocker memory, "hangs hit hat" un at the Terrapin ; also the proprietor. one ofthe finest litlla fellows in Christendom, y'clept W J Carr. Now, iheu, smack your lips ye cormorants in the Turtle Soup and steak line . the mantle of 'Sandv-.' lias fallen upon luhu, t<> perfection, in good eating end drinking may be again guaranteed at the Terrapin. A tingle look into the old "Ire Hot," will appeaae the hanger of hiia with the abort parte, and a laate of the genuine at half the old pricea will tickle llie palale of the verirat anchorite. C ine Cireeu Turtle served op thu day, and every day during the season. oHlrn'm WOK.THY ATTENTION I IOHT I LIUIIT !?Horn't patent aolid bottom (ilaaa Kouna-t tain Lamps for Chemical Oil?From tnr pecnliar beanty and elegance of thete Laaijn, tiiair neat construction and su|w rior qu iljty, they are deatined to auperaede alt othera now in ate. The total absence of amoke and ainell, the unparalleled brilliancy of the (lame, ia admitted to be unrquailed. N. B.?A t leaa coat than half a cent per lioiir. Theproprietors assure the public that no lamps can ha trim mad and kept in order with so little trouble, and with so much ?aar and facility, aa those from their manufactory. J. O. Fay, sole agent for tile proprietor!,at IK Fulton alreel, 2d door from the New York Bud olliee. Alto, Chemical Oil, Camphiue, Olobea, Wicka, kc. he. of U| enor quality, at the lowest market pricea, wholesale and retail. ?3| lrn*rr FLUTE AND GU1TAK. A/f R rill Lire KRNST, Professor of the Flute, (juitar, an Ivl patent Concertina begs to announce Pi his friends and public iliai be has juat published his ue w " ttondo M ilitaire" for the guitar, which will be found well worthy the attention of the learner or amatear, Iron its being well auairted to that instrument and calculated not on'y to please bat to afford instruction. Yhia Rondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his mmi>ositiou "for the guitar" are to be louud at Mr. Kiuat', resioeuce fig Canal street, where he eoutiaues to give lessons ou t..e abort inarrumenra altm*r WKCLI.NUPO> A. CAUl'KK, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. S New street, one door from Wall street, has ou hand, and is daily receiving, choice articles, and offers them at moderate prices, for ca.h or city acceptances. He off'-rt for rale 100 iihda and smaller packages of Lomeline Madeira Wine 10 casks Malmsey Vintage, of 1112, V> casks Port, purr juice, the beat to the m irtet, 47 casks Brown, Gold and other enp'riot (themes, ?i m in.??vj, utiRur.uc mu vwru mnnuy imm juuoilon Docka, 10 pipt-a Holland Oin, purl Swan brand. I<i fined Loaf, Lump, and Crnah'd bugara, fmui the boil R? tiiicrica, for winch W. A. Carter la atenl. 150 baaketa Chiimi-agne, Anchor, and other choice branda. W. A. Carter la alao general agent for tlie ancient honae of Lonacline of Madeira, and takea ordera for their celebrated Winea ofeeerv tge or quality required. MARBLK T1LK8, 8TEF.L, PErTKR, CLOVF.8, kc. 10C0 Italian Marble Tilea, white and bine. 2u liagr Sumatra I'ep.ier. 11 haga real Boarllon Oloeea. 50 k. ga imiairtrd White Le d in OiL 25 h itea Milan fftr> I in ?mall bira. Alao an aaaortmeni of T?paa, Aqua Marine, and other [*e Srrmra lor ir?'"ro n?r tm*i PURE GROUND COFFEE AND 8PJ0ES. Thohk. wiahing to pnrehaae pore Roaated and tiraund Cof- I fee, woeld Itud it to their advantage to call at lit F-llon treet, where *r kept the ahore art.Clea of the ver> beat quail ty in the city, at iwicea to anil the llrnra. Coffee Koaated every <lay Ireah, aud aent to any perl of thia 8ly and Brooklyn, tree of ei|a-nae. Coffee Roaated and ronud lor Urocerira, in a ametior maimer. KBR. WkLCH, late firm of olllm*m Welch * Shearer. GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE AT THK HOPr. MILLS, If Marketfield atreet, between Broad and Whitehall, late 2#T blixabrlh atreat, New Yoik. I Office IM Front at. CooaUntly on hand, at the loweat market pricea, aud in the uaeal ranery of packngea. tXl 1m? no I [ERA 1842. The Holy Fair. HV KOHKHT IUIIII. Upon a simmer Sunday morn, When nature's fare is tair, I walked lorth to view tha corn, An' sntilf the caller air ; Tbe rising sun owra Galiton mulrs Wi' glorious light was glut in ; The hares were hirplin down the furze, The laverocks they were chantiu ?V sweet that day. As lightsomely I glowr'd abroad, To see a scene sue gay, Three hizzies, early at the road. Came skelpiu up the way , Twa had manteeles o' dolelu'black, But ane wi* ly art liming ; i uc imru, was sue i a-wee-a-nacK, Wan in the faidiion shining, Fu' gay that day. The twa appeared like sisters twin, In featuru, form, an' claes. Their visage, withered, lang an' thin, An' sour asony slaes ; The Third cam up, hapstep-an'-lowp, As light as ouy [arable, An' wi' acurtchie low did stoop, As soon as e'er she saw nio, Fu' kind that day. Wi' Iionnet air, quoth 1, " Sweet luss, 1 think ye seem to ken me j I'm su-e I've seen that bonnie lace, But yet I canna name ye." Quo' she, an' laughin as she apak, An' talis me by the hands, " Ye, for ray sake, hae gi'en the feck Of a'the ten commands A screed some .lay. " My name is >\in?your croniedear, The nearest friend ye hae ; An' this is Stiverslilion here, An' that's Hypocrity. I'm gaun to Holy Fair To spend an hour in datiin : Oin ye'll go there, yon runkled pair, We will get famous laughin At them this day. Quoth I, " With a' my heart, I'll dot; I'll get my Sunday'ssark on, An' meet you on the holy spot; Faith we'se hae line remarkin 1 Then I gaed hamo at crowdie-time, An' soon I made me ready : For roads were clad, frue side to side, Wi' inonie a weary body, In droves that day. Here farmer's gash, in ridin graith, (lawl Hfwlili** hv ihatf aaIImpo There, swankies young, in braw braid-claith, Are springing o'er the gutter*. The lasses, akelpin bareht, thrang. In ailki an' scRrlets glitter ; Wi' tweet milk cheese, in monie a whang, Ait' farlt baked wi' butt. r Ku' crump that day. When by the plate we set our nose, Weel heapod tip wi'ha'pence, A greedy glowr Black Baunet throws, An' we maun draw our tippence, Then in we go to see the show, On every *ide they're gathrin, Some carrying dales, some chairs an' stools, An' some are busy blethrin Right loud that day. Here stands a shed to fend the showers, An'screcuourcountra gentry, There racer-Jttt, and ? Arc blink in at the entry. Here sits a raw of tittlin jades, Wi' heaving breast and bare neck, An'there a batch o' wabster lads, Blackguaiding frae Kilmonock For fun this day. Here some arethinkin on their sins,] An'some tipo'their claes ; Ane curses teet that fyled his shins, Anither sighs an'prays : On this hand sits a chosen swatch, Wi' scic.wed-upgrace.proud faces ; On that a set o' chaps at w?tch, Thrang winkinon the lasses To chairs that day. O happy is that man an'blest! Nae wonder that it pride him '. Wha's ain dear lass, that be likes beat,' Comes clinkin down beside him! Wi' arm reposed on the chair back, Hesweeilv does comnose him 1 Which, by itegrees. slips around her neck, An'* tool upon her Iwiom Unkend that day. Now a' the congregation'* o'er In aklent expectation ) For ****** speel* t'ue holy door Wi' tiding* o' d-mn-t?a. Shoulu Hornif. a* in ancient day*, 'Mang noil* o' O? pre?ent bin, The vera light o'*,,***k face To 'lain het hamc had lent him Wi' fright that day. Hear now he clear* the point* o' faith Wi' rattlin an' wi'thumpin ! I Now meekly calm, now wild in wrath, He'* itampin an'he'* jumpin ! i Hi* lengthened chin, hi* turned-upmout, ' Hi* eldritch squeel and geature*, I O how they fire the heart devout, Like cantharidian planter*, j On *ic a day ! i But, hark ! the tent has changed it* voice ; ' There'* peace an' rest nae longer > For a' the real judget rise, J They canna sit lor anger. * * * * * opena out his cauld harangues, On practice and on moral* ; An' ort Ihiiffoiilv nntir In thronirg To gie the jtis'aiid barrels ? A lift that day. ; What signifies his barren thine, . Of moral powers and reaton , ( Hit English style, an' gesture fine, Are a' clean out o' season. Like Socrates or Jlntonint, Or Motnaatild pagan heathen, The moral man he does define, But ne'er a word o' faith in < That's right that day. , In gnid time r.otnea an antidote 1 Against tic poisoned nostrum , i For ? *?? , fraethe water fit, Ascends the holy rattnim : See, up he't got the word o' O?, An'meek an' mim has viewed it, While Common Sense has ta'en the road, An' alt', an' up the Ca wgate. Fast, fast, that day. Wee ?? *?, niest the guard relieve*, j An'orthodoay raiblea, ! Tho' in hit heart he weel believes, , An' thinks it auld wives' (ablet: But, faith ! the birkie wants a manse, So, cannily he hum* them j ' Altho' hit carnal wit an'tense LikehaOlins way*o'ercomei bim \ AI times that da*. Now butt an' ben, the change house (IDs, Wi'y ill-cap commentators ; HeVe's crying out (or bakes and gill*, An' there the ptnt itowp clatten ; While thick an'thrang, an' load an' lang, Wi' logic, en' \?i' sciipture, They raise a din, that, in the end, Is like tv breed a rupture O' wra'h that day. Leeie me on drink ! it gins us mair Than either school or college : It kindles wit, it waukens la u, It pangs us Ion o' knowledge. Be't whiskey gill, or penny wheep, Or ony stronger potion, It never fails, on drinking deep, To kiltie up our notion By night or day. e The lads an'lasses, blythely bent To mind baith sauland body, " Bit round the table, weel content, I An'steer about the toddy, v On this ane's dress, an that ane's leuk, " I nejr re run* * '-.ru... , While nomc arecoaie i' the neuk, ' An' formin aamgnationa n To meet aome day. o But now the L?il'i ain trumpet tout!, Till a' the hilia are rairin, An' echoei back return the about! ; Black ? ja na apairin : Hia piercing worda, like Highland aworda, Divide the k>inta an' marrow : " Hia talk o' h?II, where devila dwell, t j Our vera aaula doea harrow J Wi'fright that day. A vaat, linbottomed boundleaa pit, t< Filled foil o' Iqwin brunatane, n Wha'a raging flamea, an' arorrhin heat, Wad melt the hardeat whun-atane! The hall aaleep start up wi' fear, An' think they hear it roarin, , When preaently it doea appear, h Twaa but aome neebor anorin, Aaleep that day. _ ' rwad dp owre lan* a taie, 10 ten I a How monie atoriea paat, A*' how they crowded to the yill, o When they were a'diamiat; How drink Rae round, in co*e an' caupa, Amend the furtntt and benchei ; An' cheeae an'bread, free wotnen'i lape, I Waa dealt abowt in Itinrhi-a, 3 An' da wda that day. In cornea a gaticie, gaali guidwife, 3 An' alta down by the fire, Syne draw ? her kebbnck an'her knife, The laaaea they are ahyer. The atild auidmen,about thefraca, Frae aide to aide they bother, Till eome ana by hie bonnet layi, An' |iea theant like a tether. Fu' lacg that day. Waeaticka! for him that geta nae laaa, ! Or laaaea that bee oaethinf ' L D. I'rlce Two Cuta, Sum' need has he to (8) a tfrace, Or tnelaie hi* brow rimming ! O, wivei, be mindfu', ance rourael How bonle liili ye wanted, An' dinna, for a kebbuck-heel, Let laiaei re att ronted On lie a day ! Now Clinkumbtll, wi' rattlintow, Begiu* tojow an' croon ; Some au r haute, the belt they dow, Some wait the alternoon. At klaoithe billie* halt a Mink, Till la.se* ?trip their ahoon : Wi1 laith and h ipe, nn' love an' drink, They're a ill lumotti tune For crack that Jay. How motile heart* thi* day convert* 0' ilnneriond o' bum* I '1 hWr heai ti o' Ktono ?.u nignt ure gaua, A* salt atony tie*h i* There'! *ome are (ott o' love divino; There'* *oaie are lou o' brandy : An' monie job* that day begin, May end in liiughniag.iiuiie Some ilher day. The Millennium. ar Tirol*** kioone. SixjocitaIj ur ih* ut( Work of thi Hkvcrkrd Mr. IrvIMO "01* profmkcv." A Millennium at hand !?I'm delightud to hear it? As matter*, both public and private, now go, With multitude* round us all starving, or near it, A good rich millennium will come apropos. Only think, Master Fred, what delight to behold, Instead of thy bankrupt old City ol Rags, A bran-new Jerusalem, built allot gold, Sound bullion throughout, from the roof to the flags , A city, where wine and cheap corn shall abound? A celestial Cocaignr, on whole buttery shelve* We may swear the best things in this world may he lound, A* your saints seldom fail to take care of themselves . Thanks, reverend expounder of raptures elysian, Divine Squintifobus, who, placed within reach Of two opposite worlds, by a twist of your vision, Can cast, at the same time, a sly look at each ; Thanks, thanks for the hope thou hast given us, that we May, even in our own times, a jubilee share. Which so long has been promised by prophets like thes, And jo often has failed, we began to despair. There was Whiston, who learnedly took Prince Eugene For the man who must bring the Millennium about) There's Kaber, whose pious predictions have been All belied, ere his book's first edition was out; There was Coun'ellor Dobbs, too, an Irish M. P., Who discoursed on the subject with signal telal, And, each day of his life, sat expecting to see A millennium break out in the town of Armagh ! There was also?but why should I burden my lay With your Brothcrses, Southcutes, and names less deserving, When all past Millenniums henceforth must give wa To the last new Millennium of Orator'rving 1 Go on, mighty man?doom them all to the shelf? auu, warn next iiiuu who propnecy Iron blest thy concp, Oh ! lor^et not, I pray thee, to prove that thyself Art the Boast (chapter 4) that ire* nine ways at once. Vice Chancellor's Court. Before Vice Chuncelior M'Coun. Nov. 9.?Decisions?Casks ok Divoacr. ?Eliiha Tallmadge against Martha Tallmadge.?Mr. Tallmadge, it will be recollected, obtained damages some time since against Mr. Lewerro (late firm Weeks it Lowerre,) in an action for Crim Con. The present application for divorce, we understand, is grounded on the same charge. Divorce granted, a vinculo matrimonii, [from the marriage tic.J Ellon M. Itrll against Jared IV. Hell.?The Vice Chancellor stated that the charge [infidelity to the marriage vowl was fully proved, but that the master before whom the deiiositions had been taken, was in doubt as to the proper allowance for alimony. Divorce granted, a vinculo inatrimonit, with costs to lie paid by defendant, and that it be referred to the master to report a suitable allowance for alimony, havtngdue regard to the circumstances of the parties. Comtlia Quint aid against J.rwis Y. Quintard?This was a petition for divorce from bed and board on account of ill treatment. Divorce granted, with coats, the wife to have the careof the childien. Th e following cases are all a vinculo matrimonii [from the marriage tie J being on complaints for infidelity. F.lixalttlh Brookt against Edwin Brooki. j nomas Jiartn; Against Mm y Hating Kmmeiine Conrly against John if Conely James G. Williams ngtiott Margaret Jtnn Williams Margaret Jinn Baldwin against Jacob Baldwin. [The wife to have the care of the children. Isaac Goodhue against Mary Goadhut. Benj. T- Horn against Julia Jinn Horn. The following decisions w ere also rendered: Michael Cox. Jr. vs. Joshua Jl. 1'en ton and Lewis W. Holmes?The complainant keeps a hardware store at 86 Pearl street. The defendants were bis clerks, but he took them into copartnership, they promising to pay in a certain amount, lie avars that tbuy did not comply with the terms, and complains ol an intention on their part to do wrong towards him, and prays that a receiver be appointtd. There was also a motion aa to exceptions, which were dis|>osed of. Motion to dissolve injunction pending ienied, and receiver ordered. F R Tilvou, G. T. Irving, and others, executors estate F/enry F.ckfnrd against George C. De Kay and Janet, hia wifa ?Mrs De Kay is gianil-daughter to late Mr krkford. K claim ol Mr. K , aguinst the Peiuvlan and other South Imnriruii crnvtimmiirit u u>ae V??.??? l?s k.. tr * n-.? i ? ... >wiikhi iij 1*11 i/r my, inu i bond and mortgage for $18 000 on property given. Mr. Hlyou collected mutton n house in Orxml mrn, ai beonging to the Ecklord estate, hnt which sttheequt n'ly :?me into | oucoun ot Mr*. D>- Kay, through the w ill of terlather. Mr De Kay hold* Mr. T. personally responlible, while he claims to make it a set-off to the mortg. ge. VI r. De Kay had obtained a judgement against Mr. Tilyou. rheVioe Chancellor declined to interfere, leaving toe larties to sustain their actiona against earh other, the one in the mortgage and the other on thejujgment. Oeneral Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. James It. Whitish), Esq , District Attorney. Nov. 8.?Pita of Gui/fy.?Mrs. Mary Lewis, of 109 Church street, indicted lor keeping a disorderly house, on .he complaint ol Adrian B. Holmes and John Oaven, of 99 Church street, entered a plea of go illy, by tha advice of counsel, and will he * ntenced on Friday next. Thomas Butler, a chair maker by trade, and a native of Sussex, England, entered a (ilea of guilty to an iudictment for burglary in the third degree, lor breaking into tha drug store of Haviland, Keese & Co . ol 80 Maiden lane, an the )3th September, ami dealing quantity of drug*. He Whs remanded for sentence. For/ailed Reeagnixamcet lirno Jones, indicted for rorging the endorsement ol bis father, Nicholas Jones, on :wo notes, for $3J9 und ?.'>00, and pasting them to John Drmott, not apjiearing, his recognizances were declared 'orteited. . Karl JVey, a German l>oy, aged only 16, was tried for grand larceny, in stealing hank notes and specie to the imonnt of at/out $100, and a coat, from his employer, Marin Brown, shoemaker, ol the corner of Hudson and Charlen streets, on the 9th ult. When arrested, a portion of he money and the coat was lound upon his person, and be sonfessed that he had stolen it undei an impression that he sraa almut to he discharged from employment. The jury ound him guilty, and the Court aentencrd him to the douse of Refuge. Samuel T- Hoyce, an Irishman, and a gardener by trade, vastriedon a charge of false pretences It was proved hat he applied to John Taylor, of 0H Lighth avenue, on he J7th o! July last, representing himself as the coachnan of Mrs. Strang, corner of F.ighth street and Breadvay, and obtained a trotting saddle, and a carriage and addle whin on her account. It was afterwards aacerained that he was not in the employ of Mrs. Strang, and hat Mrs- Hlrsosr did not reside as renresenle.l O T? Dr gave him the pro|>erty solely on hi* representation of icing in her employ, anil the jury returned a verdict of fuilty, but recommended him to the merry of theCourt, vhen he wii sentenced to the penitentiary for threo nonths. Wttham K. Rett, the celebrated financier who underlands the mode of Retting possession of other peopled oods, according to Wall street rules of etiquette, and vho stands indicted for numerous off'-nces, was tried for n assault and battery, commuted on Thomas Mosrt, of 04 Pearl stieet, who had tailed upon him to collect mail hill. The Jury found him guilty, and he was relanded for aentence and trial on various Indictments for Naming goods under false pretences. Charttt Slanler, alias Anderson, a mulotto, was tried for n assault and lottery with intent to kilt another mulatto, amed Mark Qaoon, by striking him on the forehead with sharp instrument, on the 30th of September last Quoon ad suspected Anderson with illicit intercourse with his rife, which was alleged to have been the foundation of lie assault, and the prisoner proved, by u mulatto girl, hat she was offered $10 hy Quoon, if she would swsa* 1st prisoner had struck him when she was not present, nd knew nothing about the trsmsaction- The Jury reamed a verdict of guilty, and recommended him to the lurry oi (Up court Abigail J. Law on, was tried and convicted of stealing in silver spoons, four silver thimble*, and other articles, allied at *14,from the tioarding house of Mlsa l.ucy Proc>r, IN Broad way,on tho imh of September last. Prisoner x>k board at the house.and left on tftr same morning fo- a w minutes,taking with her the articles alleged as stolen, rhich were not recovered The jury convicted her, and he wai remanded tor aentence Tha court then adjourned to Thursday morning, at 11 'clock. Court < aleiulor?This Day. CmcviT Cocav ?Nos IS, U. 73, 76, 185, 177. 179,40, IPO, PS, KM, PA, 106. IP7, 109,900, 901, 103, 906. 910, 911, ?07, IS. Commoji Plus.?Part 1?Noa. 13,99,79,135,8, 15, 31,31, 5 58, IPS, 14* Pan 3?Noa. 131, 18, 83, 6,119, 118, 140, 34, 190, 119. Bankrupt la at. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NtW YcRKKdmund Simpson, munager Park Theatre, Jan. 14. John Rutlcr, contractor, Yorkville, Dec. 9 Daniel Talmage. Brooklyn Dec. P Horace B. Benla, stone-cutter, N. Y , Dec 8. Kzckiel Fitzgerald, late of Detroit, Dec. 16. Jerome D. ViUagrand, N. Y-, Dec 9.

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