21 Kasım 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Kasım 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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the pledge under the act of March, 1841. On this ground the bill would have been dofeate 1 had the home not prematurely dissolved. And on this ground will it be defeated if airain broucht up tiefore the new legislature. In U thia theri-it tio v. rint of laith nor of ability to pay. The misrnan igem?nt aerms to consist on the p t* oftho Comin.-..oie rs, w ho p.-i-isti d in pro-ccu'lug the uuli: ishcd works of the State, undei the act of March last, after they found that they could not obtain the means un 'er th'term. prov ded in that act. The ? orks like those in NewYork, should have been immediately discontinued until a more favorable limo for their completion. Instead of so doing, they have run up a debt to the contractors of about s?j0,000, in addition to the <440,000, tor which bonds have been issued. Thii now forms the embarrassment ot the State. The distinction which the authorities affect to to make between domestic and fort ign debt, is more liumi ii >1 than real, and at mos-.amounte to but two or three per cent. The present debt of the State amounta to about $18.000 into, hearing interest about fl.eoo.ooo. To meet thia, llie following revenues are provid. d :? Nett revenues of the Canals, IS41 5430.000 State .'ividenda on the Turnpike rea l 18,000 Due hv Railroad Companies on loan of State ere-?-* an non Proceeds of the sab-* of kahool lands 177(5*10 State tax of .'} mill* upon every $1 of taxable property, 3.42,003 Total revenue applicable to payment ol the interns* $1,010,600 The items are proceed* for 1911, except the School lands which is for 1939 The tax under the existing laws is required to be made sufficiently high to supply any deficiency from the other funds towards the interest, and in pursuance of that law has been raised } mill or $.32,000,during the past year; and the January interest is nearly all now in the hands of the tgent for the payment. It thus appears that the debt of Ohio, up to this momcrt does not exceed it " resources. The Wabash nnd Erie Canal has been completed this fall. The only remaining work now unfinished is the Miami extension. This will soon begin to yield a revenue. In the meantime the State wants $750,000 already due, nnd sufficient in addition to finish the extension. This latter circumstance it is which drepresses the stock. The condition of the public works as reported last year was as follows :? Public Works Owsid bt ths State ok Onto. Cml pit by Sum Gross Cost of fi . . S/ofr to rn/r'dfm nm't of rrp'rs Navies of Put. Works. . . Nor.M, State to tolls red 4" col m's" 1810. finish, hp State of tolls in into. <$t. O-iio C'n. and hranches, 333 1.001,931 Finish'd 132 122 122 001 Mi-im? Can. Sc bran-lies, 86 1.237,412 " 72,612 20,192 Wsha-h rnd Eiie Canal, (ill Ohio.) 09 1,606 618 773.380 16S3 r_ Miami Extension Can., I2? 1.406,909 I 393.090 3.9'5 I i M-rtinaVllvCna.il, 56 621,37,1 278.172 2 326 (1 Walh avling Cansl, 21 191,361 89,623 ? |g Mmtinu-in Hiver Im- I 7 nr.ivrm.nl, 90 1,03(1,167 287,839 2,38G J * Wot. rn Reserve and Maumee R ad, 31 165,000 73,000 3,210 3,132 Pen aylv.ui' and Ohio Can I. in Ohio,* 80 120,000 Fi-ri h\l 1 200 X Milan C-nsF,* 10 22,1192 2.307 ? ? Ciorir-nati mil Whitewater C rial, 25 7(,<V0 76 OOfl ? ? Turnpike .onds t ? 1,003,188 463 215 16,555 i 12,991,801 3 530,926 557 535 145,330 From the estimated amount necessary to br provided by the St He, to finish in blip work", driblet e?ii:n?tr d proc-eds of Wabash anil Erie, an ' M ama F.tten*io,i raual lan " 379 54? a- res, ar ?3 per a<-rr=$|, 138,656 -, leaving the a m of $2,398,270 53, to be provide I by loana. * One third of 'hrie c?nals, only, is ownpJ by the State. Th-* mon y paid b the State, onlv. is given in the ahovr rahte. t Our half only h-longa lo thr Slate. The pay-men's trade s-tl o be m'de by the State, as above given, are paid on this h? f. t Vet received bv State. Ni.te.?h xnrnse nf rcinirs on these works, n't separated from ro?t of eonstmction. These works are now all finished as far as the State is concerned, with the exception of the Miami extension. The whole line of the Wabash and Erie cannl has been finished this fall and it will next year probably be one of the most profitable of the State works. It connects 144 miles of finished canals in Indiana with Lake Erie. The domestic bonds are the mens by which the Miami extension is now in progress. Tho revenues of the canals, in common with those of all ot V-r States,have this year fallen from the decrease of merc.hr.n lize sent west. The exjiorts of the State have this year 11: gely increased and are estimated as follows, as c.nmpaie.l with 1B40 :? Exports r.aoM Onto, 1810 am> 1312. into IA12. Brexdsftffs, wh- at, kc 7 n'18.810 9,465 (ISO Oth roericu tora' oroduc's, 1.87 ( 02 2,XI 252 Piednc's of animals, 2,315.069 3 0"9,r>79 Live stock d, 2,600.000 3.100 000 I'rodti.-'s of mines and foreit, 7 2,700 1,278.000 ^ Manufactn-ed a tides, 5,000,000 5.500,000 Tola', 19,670.04)1 21 695.911 Th<> total taxes, State, town and county, amounted to $ 1 ,>*>(7,noo in lSl'l?tn addition to which the producers were charged with a bank tax of 7 per cent on an average of $ 12,000, (100 bank loans, which was done to "facilitate commerce." This tax amounted to $720,000. This will soon be reduced to $150,000, and relieve the people to an extent equivalent to more than half the tax on the State debt The condition of Ohio is such, therefore, that although she is laboring under temporary embarrassment, from tho inju ricious pushing of the State works in a season of discredit,and had injured herown credit by tamperirg with suspended banks and selling them indulgences*, yet her exit-ting laws will purge the State ol'those fraudulent institutions, and it may he inferred that hrr works will yield revenue sufficient to meet her ol 1 gations. This latter circumstance depends, how. ver, upon the extent of the foreign market for agricultural produce. Ohio, Indiana and Illinois have all immense works which they hope on their completion will yield revenue sutfic ent to meet the enormous cost of their construction. To do this the foreign outlet for produce must be predigionsly increased, which can be done only by the most ju 1! .i . ?r *u.. r ?il ? JICIOU1 polity oil IUC pall VI IUO r win at 5U101 uiucux luo delinquent States ask Tor assistance because they have plunged themselves in debt for the purpose of constructing works which shall convey their produce to market. Indiana and Ohio have neurlv completed their main works, and Illinois wants about $1,900,000 to complete her canal, which is to yield a revenue sufficient to support a debt of $10,000 009 or $600,000 per annum. All these works will pour upon the lakes a volume of produce sufficient to feed notonly the Uni'ed States but a large portion o( Europe. The success of all the public works, the welfare of the farmers and the faith ol the States, depend upon their finding sale for that produce abroad by every possible means. At the moment when the works arc completed and the States are nearly exhausted with the effort, when their produce is flowing to market and they look to the helping hand of the federal government to prepare the way for its export,they are met with a prohibitive tamff to prevent foreign .roods coming in for the purchase of their produce?the whole scheme is destroy ed, an embargo is laid upon all the internal works, the resources of the States cut off, involving the respective government in the alternative of repudiation or direct taxation?and the interests of four millions of agriculturalists are sacrificed to the arerieo ol 200,000 of manufacturers. The only compemation offered he Western 9'stes for this wanton de fraction oftheir interests is their share of the public lands, amounting, in gross, to $1,000,000 per annum. The protective tariff is deemed nut sufficient of it?' If to ruin the farmers, but the manufacturer! have called meetings to carry out the views contained in a report ol the Hon. Caleb Cushing at the lait session of Congress, which was to return to a non-intercourse with the British Colo lies, unless United States vessels shall he allowed to trade from one Colony to another, or in other words to do the coasting trade of Great Britain. This is so impudent a pretence, that it can have no other object than an exclusion of foreign commerce. The British Colonies take one half of all thn agricultural exports of the United States. In 19-29 the exports to the Colonies were about $2,500,000. In 1330 General Jackson's proclamation opened the trade between the Colonies and the Unite.) States, and the result was,that in 1340 the exports from the United States to the Colonics were $3,300,000, being an increase ol sales of western produce of $0,300,000 per annum, and nearly all carried in American vessels, under that proclamation. The Hon. Caleb Cushing recommended the prohibition of this trade, and the Hon. Abbott Lawrence, a wealthy manufacturer presiding at the convention of Boston, seconded this recommendation. It is hy thess means that those gentlemen propose to "relieve the Western States," and enable them to pay their debts. Corn Trade. Trices, demand, and supply remain unchanged in this market. (Quotations of Thursday arc good for Sa urdav. The receipts of (lour and wheat at Buffalo this month, already exceed thi totals received duilng the whole month of November last year. The receipts each year were? _ it neiif flour. Fifteen days November, ISW 900,118 .. 8A 18> Thirty do, 1841 148,491 .. 94,913 Difference A1.8-J8 .. 370 Notwithstanding the immense quantity of grain that ha* reached th it market, the prospect of dealers to realize full price*, hos not lieen belter since the new harvest rame in than it whs on the 17th inst. It was understood tint the mills generally on the canal were but poorly supplied with grnin, and that orders were still in that market for heavy Invoices at good prices. Th? last lot of tinsel, wheat was taken at 07 cents/and g-es to a Schenr rtady miller I here was but little flour unsold in thu market, nit I the stock was only kept tip by sm ill lots arming by the steamers The ntling rate was $3,96- Of the general a {grrgHte of flour and other western products brought in re ently, little of it remained unshipped. The receipts of Hour and grain at Cleveland continue large for the teason. During the flrat two weeka in November they were? H'heal, iush. Flour, hbh. Corn, bu\k. 44,045 3-',816 7,636 The heat quotation! range, for wheat 61 centa, (lour f.l and corn J4 ornta The store* of the forwarding merchants at Toledo were ftill. mnl there was gnat wnut of cr;dt to cairy otf as last us i' arrived there, the produce received per railroad and cam.'. and fom teams. Purehasitof good wheat from wagotn were made at 4(i cent*. A first rate article, in qnautitira, wSuld probably command two or three cents more. In Ba timore, in the week ending on the 18th inat. there had been but a moderate deaiand for Howard itrret flour, and 'prices were without ehange. Sales of goo I mixed brands bare been made at $4. The wagon price continues at *S.87t. Sales Of City Mills at lull, and the J. roa.id i ii" rn<"i*i> 01 Maryianil anil v o ginia v. heatwere without ehnnge. The sal sof good to prime reds ranged from 78 to S3 rents, and ati occasional parcel ot strictly prime red had bren taken at 83 cents; inferior to fair pood reds at 50 a 73 cents. Two cargoes of very good Virginia were sold from store at 81 a ?2 cents. Sales ol two parcels of Pennsylvania red, for shipment, at sects. New corn, sni'ahle tor shipping, has improved a little in price, and we now quo*e yellow Maryland at 4.1ii41ct?. and white at 43cents Old Maryland corn,of with h there is hn( little now coming to market mav 1" quoted a' 13 a 41 cents for both sorts. Maryl<ndE Shore rye at 43a 48 Cents. Wheat in wagons selling in Rochester,on 17th inst. 173c. There were leige quunliti-sef western rnmingirito market. which was selling from 70 to 75 cents, a cording to quality. The farme r* in that vicinity seem to hold haelt; millers were vers httsv grinding and shipping The Hour market for the week hud been rather brisk, nnd considerahie qunnli'ies changed hands at $3.36 Freight, which was brisk ill the (ore part of the week in consequent c of the lorge arrivals of wheat and Hour at Bullalo forth" eastern market, ha* fallen again to48 and 30 cents to New York in transient boats. Corn 37); barley 31; oats 14. itliarrlrd. On Friday evening, 18th init. ir. the Rutgers street Church by th" Rev J.M Krehs, Mr. John P. Tedcssilk, to Miss Mmntsrv Thomson, second daughter of Mr Jas. Thomson, of this city. Died, On Sunday morning, 00th inst John, eldprt son of Jas. and Margaret E. Wendover, in the 4th year of his ago. The friends and acquaintances of the family nre respectfully invited to attend his funeral, from his father's residence, 141 Eighth avenue, this afternoon at time o'clock. On Saturday, 19th inst. at the residence of her son-inlaw, We Oiacc, on Staten Island, Mrs. Amelia Rssmjrk, in the 73th year of her age. Latent Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK IIERAI.D OFFICE. Africa S?pc. 6 Macao June 7 Ant Caves Oct. 12 Madras Aug. 6 Antigua July 1 Manilla; May i Bombay Aug. 27 Montevideo Aug. 23 Balavia Jane 14 Maranham Oct J Bermuda Sept. 2? Matanras Nov. 6 Bonaire April 0 Mayagnea Oct. 26 Buenos Ayres- --S. pt. 1 Mararaibo Aug. 16 Bihia Sept. 1 Vlitamoras Srnt. 27 Belise, Ilond. Oct. 13 Neuvitai July 31 Barbatlocs Oct. 21 Nassau, N. P. Oct. 22 Bogota May 1 Oahu.S. 1. June 13 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Nov. 1 Cape Haytien 8-pt. 21 Port au Prince Ocl. 12 Curacoa- Oct. 1 Ponce, P. R. Oct. B ('irnfuegos Sept. 26 Para Oct. 14 Caithagciia Sept 13 Pernambnco Oct. 4 Canteens May 17 Hnama---- Feb 20 Chagres July I Ri x> Janeiro Sept. 12 4'allan \1,w tn a,., .....? ic Calcutta Ann. 13 Sydney, N. 8. W. Aug. 11 IVmarara Sept. 8 St. Helena Sept. in Fayal Oct. II St. Thomas Oct. 29 Gibraltar Oct. 20 St. Darts Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jaco tie Cuba Nor. 2 Guaupma, P. R. July 15 St. Johns, P. H. Oct. 27 Gouaivea Aint- I St. Croix July 30 Galveston Nov. 4 St. Martha Aug. 14 Havre Nov. 1 St. John, N. D. Oct. 21 Havana Nov. I Surinam Sept. 21 Halifax Nov. 12 Tampico Sept. 25 Jeremie May 19 Tobasco Aun. 8 Gomel Oct. 28 Turks Island Nov. I Kingston, Jn. Oct. 2l> Trtnulail ile Cuba- Oct. 12 London ' Nov. 3 Vera Crur Oct. 19 Liveniool Nov. 4 Valparaiso July 23 La Guavra Oct. 15 Vuentan Oct. 21 Lima Aug. 6 Zanzibar July 14 Passengers Arrived. New Orleasis?Ship Vicksburg?Mr Pinnager, Mri Isleman and child?10 in the steerage. Passengers Sailed. Liverpool?P.'i-kc! ship Hotiinguer?D H Clarkson, llev Mr Hanson and ladv, Fiord Hoiton. ladv and servant, .Mr Benr.nn, of New Ynrk;Oapt Bingham, British Army, Lieut Don- lass do, Walter Smith Jr, Canad i; L Samuel, Liverpool?220 in the ep er'ge. Fnrrlgii imiMrtatloni. , Mojitvoo Bav?Schr Amaranth?250bags pimsnto a quantity o'd roup r O I l.aur e. St Jaoo ije Ccba?Schr Chatlotti?556 hales tobacco Aymar 1 5t co?110 cocoa nuts to master. Dottiest 1st Importation*. New OiiLF.atss?Shi|! Vickelmrg?144 h-des cotton Pillot & Le Barbier? 08 Goodhue fc ro?110 K L M otlaud?122 Pf? lifer k Wissmann?21 H St W Hill.?68 B own Brothers k co?l>51 pigs lead C H Rog-r* It co?250 d<> Win Nelson?199 bids 178 sacks wh- it H S Hill?77 hhds robacc'i 40 bbts molasses9. bales cot ion to order. 1 8t M ar*s?Schr Megunticoolr?214 bales cotton J Mel?11 Spear St IVton?21 Patmlce, Kilburu & Rogers?30 Holhrook, Ncl-onhm. ' M AR IT I M E H E R A L D. Sailing Dayx of tlie Steam Ships. FROM ElfHLAND. FROM AlfLRICA Ac*<iia, ^ * * D?C. 1 roluinbia, Millar Nov. 19 Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Drr 4 Jan. I Packets to Arrive. Packets to kail. FROM LIVERPOOL. EOR LIVERPOOL. Catnhridire, tli'i'na, Oct 19 N. Ameries, Loaher, Nov. 19 R isco Holileson, O t. 23 R iscim, ''nil us, Nov.?) from Portsmouth. mn Portsmouth. St. Joint-.,, Sehor, Oct. 2ft H. Hudson, Stark, Nov. 21 Mon'real, Tinker, Nov I Om.vio, B S''i?h. Dec. 1 Gladiator, Britton. Nov. 10 Toronto. Orisiyold, Dec. 10 FROM HAVRE. FOR HAVRE Albani. W? son, Oct. 29 Rii'Enndy, Wntteu, Nov. 21 Si'vie dp I liaise. Nov 1 B a'limore. Funck, Dec I Louis Philippe, CaMoff, Nov 8 Emerald, Howe, Dec. 8 To Slilp Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels will rive to Commodore William A. Usiirti, of our lo ws fleet a report of the shippiiiit left at the port'whence they sails d, Ow -essels s|Mvkrn on their passage, a ti? of their canto, and mi' Vveim neavi|>apert they may have He wjji them io? oeiliafelv on it.*;. srviv.t Aitents and correspondents at h"m? or abroad, will aim confer a favor by sendinit to lb s office all tl?e marine intelliicnee they ran obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. HI, 184S. I'V SISSI - 7 13 I Moots RISES T 5ft m .r t?- 4 47 hi oh * . i * 1(1 i) Arrived. , Ship Vicksbnr*. Berty, from New Orleans, Not. 7. and 11 I d?vs' rem the SW Past, with cotton, ke. to Wm. N-lson. Si hr Ch'rlo'te. Fuller, 19 da>s from Sr. Jago dr Cuba with bscco.ro A>mii At I'.o. Left brigs Lycoming. Giavis, (or , Eu ope, 5 days; Carrihnu, Dte.for Mammilla 9 da' s, lo losil fo? New Yo k; Espileta, Ann, for P iladelphis, ID. B it'sh selli Amaranth, C,.(fin, 2fl dsvs f om Mont- eo Bay. Js. with ifmetito, to o 8tJ.L-u.ie. Lt h hriss Clarissa, and Jef- 1 ferson, for NOrleans, 6th iusL Schr Clialtahiocher, Dosne ssied for NO Jeans 26ih ult 9lli inst. ne?r Matanzai, spoke 1 barque Swan, Blaiiriimrd, of Boston, frjin Liverpool for Mal nzas I S. hr Mrgnnticook, Tim. 11 davs from St Marks, with cot- < ton, to master. 10th mat. off TortuRaa, spoke brig Mobile, 8 ] days hence. _ i Schr An" D, B-J 11,3 days from Norfolk, with milse, fo I Stnrzrsli CUarman. Srhi Emma, Cole, 3 days fro n Baltimore, with float, Itc. to 1 Johnson k Lowden. I Schr Kdwh A Stevens. 4 days froji Baltimore, with flour, to J k N. Bri.-gs. i Schr Richmond, Cheste', 5 days from Richmond, with mdse, t lo mastrr. (C7* The U. 8. frigate Independence came np and anchored I iu the North Rirer. i llelow. One bng, unknown. Nailed. 1 Ship Duncan, for Trieste, and others. Oenerial Record. Paleet ship Hetdrir Hi dsov, lor London, will aa:l In. <1 ?y at 12 o'cloek. The letter hagi will be taken from tha J Exchange at II o'clock. Schb Maria,from Peienburg, went aahore on Romer on ! Saturday eveniug. \V tin lemon. The America, of Waren m, which *u aground on Writ . Inland Lodge on Wrdne'dty, will goon the railway loei.tmine Iroltom, before proceeding toiea. Eorelgn Porta. QfKBr.c. Nov 15?fl'd fj'ean*-r, Clark, London; Dorithy, 1 Hindi, do; Adelaide Gilr, PembroR' Dock Yard; Lord Sertoli. J Talbot, Liverpool; Carar-qni, Jackinn,a|o; Euclid. Diehon, do; William, Rowe, Portnnouth; Jann-i Ridden, Beck, Viarovd. MoarRvat., Nov 12?Cld Monarch, Alia". Ol'igow; 14th, B njamin Hart, Douglai, Liveipool; Brunette. Thomjiion, do; | Daiular, Wade, London; 15th, Indian Chief, Snmptoa, Livei|MOl. | Home Port*. < Casti*e, 15?Th?? Ail.imp. which nili'd for NOrlrarn t 12tli iustt. w orcil lit Foi I?Und Tlioronghf.re, whrre the still | frm*ius. M ? Thomaaton. Nov 14?cm Saline, f" ales, n Orleans; George, r M^hilr; Kchu, AniU'hicoU. Frvwrfo t, Nov 12?Arr ilio Grade, CootiLr, Brsfon, to ( load for M it iii/,h?, Ba*<3ok na.v 15?Arr Willi m, Black. SYork. Bath. So%- &? Acr Boston, Bfiullpy, NYork; Wh, Gardiner, Br.?rf*i<eer, Bo?iou. Slcl Rochester, Owen, And Charles, Tkoims, HvrAii*. Portland, Nov 17?Arr Patriot, Catea, Maehiai f >r NYork C Id tr.-h, Harming, , II .dg. r, Mobile. Bkvrri.t. Nov N?\rr Hoik* Hovm, Hhsw, Boston. 'iA,ta.*,i ' rJt"Arr Danmnik, B itoti for Bath; E H Herrick, W ikma .NYork. BoiTorr, Nov 9?Arr Wyoming. Nickeraon, Pbi'adelphia; Ditr.it ( ammelt. Albany. I Id R nilv Winter, O.braltar; D>- [ intha, H vana; Yarmouth, Cbarieatoo; Sarah J i' a, Notlolk; V letor, Bil'ini no-; I earl, I'hil >d< l| hi ; Orlrn.i. S ivann m; J I'Ot lev BL Li). t* A A a ... - .... , Arr llxmUe. linyor, No w>**llr, hint; Onlv Hon, ll.icli, Dnl-.il. Iiit.ia; lluvent, B.rtrr, Fredericknbtirv; Niagara, Lorelt, Trov; Norwich, Crnav, ami Banner, Lewl?, Albany: Comet, Nicker*.m; juper, Howa and Stephen, Gilea, Nl .irk. Cld K*m?, Hrmi. Hmy ri>?; Tlheiloa, How*. A jnlicniroU; <d-iin-y, K??ige. Genoa. Colombo, P.*r?on, G lirnltir; Ilua-nin, .-limiwnn, Now Orlrant; K.Mt Hill. Baker, WilminKU.ii. Del. Arr Hih, Cerr antra, 1'ufn, Cb*ili ?lou: ()r? hi. Do Wolf, Philadeli hi*. QLtircraTa.a, Nov 12?Arr Pr. inuim, Romri Smiiiim: Hod on, T?rr, Now York; 16th, Ktecl, M.ttlhewa, liom Boitou for Anguar*. I'ltMooth, Nor II?Arr Revolution, NYoik. \V?*rh*M, Nov 16?Arr Bold Cumm iider, Philadelphia. Hr*nitia. Nov 17?In noil, Tremonl. Ch??e, B>n..n lor Ch'i ..n; Sn'la, Matthew*. I'lul id? l|.lm for Ho*r.<ii; Friend, L rril; rrl.i, Niok-ivn; H|d.i.did, Crtiwell, .ml Faney, Chaae, Now fork fordo. Tr.e above r. mum a! 6 p m, ami oilier* In fore reHoi ? Holf. Nor 17?In p i*t, Columbia, Kent, Al. tidIri. loi Union;!.omit, Nitkoti'iU. NewY.ok foiilo.nr.il k'i?o*RT?vwa, Nov 16?Arr L'tinc, Livwell, NYor* for Hilif.?; Hl it.-?nnl?, i|o for Vlarn'rhe.id; < npian, do lor 11 illowrll doit of the vr<*rli which aid ye*rerd?y hrre returned. Ail Pih. Motihc?*o, NYork for Bangor; Napoleon, from tlo, bound ?*?r. pKoviDCHCC Nov l|-\rrChia?, Bmill, KitunmIi, Below, Time, Grru<u, from New Bedford for Suffolk, Va. put in for * harbor. Alb*wt,N?* hi? Arr John Randolph, Meersham, Philadelb?a; Kmt'v, B*ker, Pntviilpncr; Cnarln, Wa?ham. t'hl 0 >? 'iiio, ('row*-'II, nud Viischer, B irse, Boston; Euri, D \rf?-e, Rver. | hFORMAT I W INT* D of M < m * Webber, who left hi* r? suit-lire on th% '9 h of last Octob?rv for tl*t pnrprs' mf purchwDK duih in this city, and I.a* n t since ba en heard o( b\ his family. Had on when he hft i bhu-bl uk over coat, silk velvet vt ir, and drab pant 1 ? ns. He W4? about <9 years old, da*k comtdtii >fi- Any person wnti c u rive auv inl? rrrnrion as fo wlure he was last ?i-u will cnr'frr an evi*rla?f lit favor upon lm b? reared family, hv addressing \ telle/ to Mrs. Charlotte H. Gorton, Webster, Mtss.,orL I) G iton, fob? left el this offiea. New York, N V. 21. l?ll. u3l ltd l??rc W.;s* irr-ion Pro \ ret Tempvrain e Bcurficial Society 1 w ill hind a meeting >u Monday truing. at their Hall, one door Cf m the eormrof Walk* r, in K'ir dieth street. Addresses will be delivered by Mr. Jou ohm Howarth. Mr. Vurson, aid i dist'Utcuixlied * nt'email, who has never > et spoken in public "1 (I feline of Temperance. Ttere v%ill l>?- sinbicj; by the Lady Pio*i>eft Society, and several gMilicnu n mateur* A. C. FLANAGAN, Pr^iident. R W< h K. BROWNB. 21 \< j "51 > \ 5 foYiTi ! v >v ffl-jun optKtd a i) m ad fraih * asior of commo i auJ tiac Toys snilshe for the hol'?l?va, at '\<3 f j* litrr >t?f* t, opposite Centre Market, for tale, wholtsxle h d re'ai', rh# aper than ever. Toy dealers are r *pi et^nlly invited to rail and riamine for ?h* mselve*. Don't ii rg? t the l*ambti?J33. two doors fcb *ve Cl aud street. i.2t it iw vnj*|?vn VfUHIC.-i . h. TMAFKI LLAtl y*.d street, New York, nun mice* to the Leader* of Cotillion. B'an?,pr M 1 tary B?ndt ol NVw York, n at he has on hand, and will arrHPijr at the shortest ti ?'ice, for ?n> number of in* iuu?nU, the |jtr*t and most ?>opu!ir O ?? ?% ibices Q i<utri h *, Po?a ini*es. Quicksteps, Wi H m, and Gillop., original, and by the w rea'est euth ?r*. N B ?C. S GnfTuMi will also arrange M?rche?, Qrclsteps, fkc. for ro*'iitr\ b?u L at th? shorten' ti n .c?\ for anv "limber o' in siurrtiit* br doi cting* few lines to h m si 31 8?>'r.l street. M-isic taught, a?d Its uai in thoiou h bias. n?l 1 w* m pALK?T SHIPHlfNT8vTLLL, Tor New Or ran.-Pas1 senders In .his ship will pleas- be on hoard the sti amboat Hercules, at Whitehall, this morning, at 12 o'clock, at which tune the shin will tail. "2! r dJJpC RJEW * UD?Lo-t. in Broadway, be'w. en Dey streci and Chambr rs. a small Cam-0 t'in It wou d he of very little v? u* to nnv p^ soii hut the owner. If the pcrwon who finds it will place it in the han s of ih* book-keeper at the Fianktiu H Hi*'-, ' h'V will rece.ve th* above re ward. n2'2t*in RE OPKNINifnf Gol'tmiih'* WritingAcademy? Mr. Goldsmith re*per? f?i||y inform* the cit-re .? of New York that h? will oim ii ,i Writing Xcadeiny neit Monday, 21st inst. at 254 Broidway. ot nosit* 'he Cry Hall, entrance at the door of tin' New York Museum. Terns, for 11 let cf ur*e of instruction, five dollars, including stationery. Gentlemen will meet dm in# the day and evening a*, such hour* as will best suit iheir c nvcuience. Ladies' chee? wi'l meet dailv from 11 to 1 o'clock. u?0 4t i**r l5 ROADWAY MAKKKT, one door below Caual street, H east side, No. 414. JACOB BOMKHINDYKK hereby gives all his uumerou* friends in the city and county of N' W York to understand th t In hat Of?d n esr.ihlishmetit for I he g||? ofllllhltSStpi* cur \? heart enn'd desire or his 'tother pLce need for fulfilment. Flesh, fish, fowl, and all s ?rts of game are always on the sr?H*, .is well a* vtgetables of etcry description in and out of sea*on. He merely a#ks 'hose who 1 ?ve the good thing* of this world, to give him a c ll. Mall tint ihey feel disponed t<? order will he iinmedi itrly sent home without any it ra chuge. n'c'O 3'n _ OHAKKSPEAKK, or John Smith, has said that modesty was a vn tut. There was a time when" modest merit" couldbe let alone. Noi, we, the under igrnd, don't care about being let alone, as there ;s two of us, and each big enough to taku care of imself. We have, however, a special rega-d for an un? fortntnte race of beings cele uated for th<*ir love*?poor creatures extremely *c*r e in the list of mortaluv, y.lint, "Mill T\,n.l (lvk|,r..? W.. I.?v. *?<. ? .l.?. a*- l-l.- r? C? ofGI Wluu h\ll ?trert. ?hail be puking hit *un and his 11 split sticks" it our " Mill P?nd," with impunity, as he has done in the Herald, of the 16th iust. We have heard daily the open mouthed plead, and momentarily, even for month* of the poor M Mill Pond" in their behalf. 1 hey shall plead no 1 oncer in vain, and for them we challenge the Universe, Broadway. Broad s?feet, and Park How, to meet the party aggrieved, and he or they g* away complaining that we have not shelled out a "belly full." Hiving spoken for cur friends, now a wo*d for ourselves. Wf feel for the race of deer, bear, cm vats backs, the beeves, mutton* and ?v? ine, yet as every b >dy does so. why should not we commit slaughter and cnnutmpliou, on the very best of each class a* well as others 1 We'll tru^t the justice of our cause to a court und jury ol a thousand men per day. Trusting in the justice and compassion of the whole pub'ic, we shall close our appear with rubacribing ourselves your v rv obedient servants, LUSCOMB & SANOBORN, ii20 3: Cornucopia, 28 Park Row. aFOii SALh, the cheapest Farm in these paits, of 70 acres, goo buildiugs, plenty of fruit, wood and water. Do for sai? or exchange tor good city property , four vaUuble farms and four houses and lot* in and nigh Plaiufield. Da. to trade for dry goods and groceries, new house and two lo s. Do. valuibV lots in Jersey; City. Cull i n 9. VAIL. Saturdays, 41 CourtUndl rtreet. from 16 to 2. Other days, I'lainfield N J., or at "74 Washington st. Ten small iarrn* lor sale low. S. V. 1.20 5w*m "PVOCTOIt SKAH?, for erly of \% Ann street, may be cohJL/ tulfed at ."No. 7;1 John gt-eef, neir William Mn et. For eight j r-irs past his attention h *s been df voted in this city to the treatincut of chrorii.! or lingering diseases?dyspepsia, dropsies.liver and lung mp'.iinN, Angina Pectoris ?Its symptoms are an unpleasant feusation et the pit of the stomach, pain about the left side and region of the h-Mft, evt'tiding often to the shoulder blade and between the fch 'uld- rs, and occasioning shortii si of breath and j alpitation of ihe h'art. Doctor Scars has hid much experienee iu ihc tn I'mept of tht> disease- irk01m*r N'ANKKEN COT 1 O.N?8 b il h Nankcc - < otfitn. for sa e hy PERSftE & BKOOK9, ii 19 er 61 Libertv street. n~LA? K OXIDK OF MANOAVESE?English, ofauperior nullity, and AreriCifi. F ' Mkm 1 to suit pur chasers, uy PERB8E & BUOOK8, nl9 ? c 6t Liberty street. T K.KFER.HON INSURANCE COMPANY?No. .7 Wall " strret. comer of Hmover street. Thi, Compmv continue. to m.ure asnitut louor il.im.iEr hy fire 011 buildings, good., ware i, or merchandize generally; also, on ? rls .ind carKOe. aitam.t lo? or damaee by inland navigation, on a* favorable term. a. any o bcr office DIRECTORS. Tliotna. W Tliorno Elisha Hint. Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baiter Benjamin R Hobson ilartin Hoffman John K Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Francis P 8a*e Samuel Undeihfll Thomson Price, James R Whiting Moses Tucker John P Moore John C Merritt Wm K Thorn Caleb C Tunis James K Holmes THOMAS W. THORNE, President GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. 2t aw .MlkK r A PURSE of thirty dollars will come if at the Red Hnnw on Tuesday, Nov 2i'd, Ir e for II trnninx horses, carrying atial they plexse, e\tri-s to he made ti e day previous, at ilie ILd H 'Uie. The horses wi'l sts.t precisely at half i*sttwo s'cl >ck. Best three in fire under the :ad lie. The above pot is cl-.sed with tee following enlriea, via C Comin'? it. John An Iciiou, L. Csrle.'hr in Betse . Bsuer. A Conkliu'f K m Lady Clinton, Wm. Woodru'f'? bk it Cito, L. Rovers' g g H tr'em Boy. N B.?The a?me horses wi I go in harness on Thnrsday neit, an th. Ceutrtville Course, best three in fire mil heats,fora I'D mrso. nlOitSfcT'r IOHN >1, DA VIES ti JONES inform their Im-nos anil J customers list they nave received their winter fashions for Caps?a varivtv of new sti le* for youth and children. The Cr?c >vienne Turban now so much wOin. is manufactured by them. Also a new stj le of liatsllins cap, very coo'xuieut fo ( ntlemen travelling .22tin*m IK WIMHM ST T'O PRINTERS AND pUBLl8HERs.-A yonut man, 1 ,a practica'printe , who is thoroughly arquuii'ed wilh his Xisiness ill every department and branch, a d who liaa been ;u ployed in the canarity of reporter and sub-edi;or on several uglily- ies|ieciable jouriiaM, is desirous of obtaining a situation n the country, to take chtrge of, anlmsiage. aMntll mwp aiier ceiiesrns. A rrmoueratingsalary will only he expected. \'ldress, by letter, (post paid) X Y. 7... at the Herald office. Respectable references giv. n and lequin d. ul7jgb T'O thss widows of the soldiers and sailors o the revolutionJ ery war, who were married before the Is' of January, 1791, ind who cm | rove the services of their husbands, and the I* (a'lty of tneir marriage, can, by a, plying at N". 64 Mercer ilicet, hear of soaiethi g'o tneir ad aultge. Those notable o produce th rrqn red ev deuce need not apply. Pe sous re MMg t a ilinancr. and who will sdi.ress as ib'ive, (post in d' will receive attention, i hose wsming my irrvices w ill do well to apply befor th. 1st of Janu iry, as 1 have other busi less, which will Call me to Washington, during me present iiwhin of Congress. A. F. CHlLDS. nIT lm*r VI AON~ I'll: PLATES for ihruuisii.iio n.i I-' vnua affections, xc , injured under the direction of M. L"murniia, a|>othrcirv ill Paria, ?c?eMl i.rpot in New Yolk, 65 franklin ? reel, at M. Ninuarrl'a. Trice Si V). Infallible cure for the moat aru'e and iuveterate pain, tuch aa icute and chronic ilieutnati'ma, the Rout, nrnra'Ry. iriatic, tic lolorrnx, danae de -anil tiny, cliula. inrRPm, crampa in IM it imach, and.ihortly.for all uerrnua affections,rhieffy diseases if women M you Off Rirla, ? trei u sickueet, aineuor-hcs. ?u,ires-inns, vapora, ner-oaa attacks, kc. nIH lin'r ATO.N MOUTH BANK, N. J.-The note* of the above i'-l rank bough for a few days oy alll J AM KM k CO. M Wall ?r. f I.L'NOIU BANK n >tea wanted, at improved iatcs by "Or JAMES Ik 00,60 VVal' at. DROKEN BA>KA ?Tne hiRheat price will be paid for a I " broken and d luntful bink noire by nl8r J AM EM k to ,60 Wall a t. [MI'Oi: 1 \\T IMS' OVKHV in Camphiue and Chemical I Oil Lamps, warranted to hum at one hall f|? vai>enae of irher oil rR i*.?The difficulty which haa herelofiarc existed in riminna Camplutie L'mnsis now entirely obviated, by meane >f a Moveablo Cap and other important improveinenri whieh, I, !! II ?|.et -111111, ,v 11 a nufi I he piihlm til if tliey can now obtain a Lamii anperior to any now in me?will bnni without amoke or inell?produce an er|Ual and ateady light in all direc'iona, and eRiil.iteil hy a single arrew movement. Alao.an Improved T tiloi's Lamp. Camphiae, Chemical Oil, and Spirit*, inanuictured upon an improved svaletn. wholesale and retail.de it 're ! to any put ?f the city, from tlie Old Established rttaud >/ liKORIIK MICH ELL, O'0lm*m H Catherine street. (TAN NOKDENS WHITIM3 AND BOOK-KEETINO * AC\I>E\IV m now open, r8i Broadway, toe floor, lor !i*. rece; Hon of pupila, where all aequoe Van Noiden's beanifcl system i.f peiinmaiiiliip in very ahort time, and write itb rate, grace and i leg nice. Mr. Van Nurdeo ia now Prepared to Rive inatruetion in Book < rp'ng '|x>n plain entirel, new aid ilrictlv practi'al. Dnur one inomh'a instruction the pupila "dually opaa. balance iiij rloap, practically, from 30 to JO ael of hooka Ter na very mtp'eiate. Iloura of uiatructiou from OA. V. (ill 4 T. M , and from6 ti !() in the evening I'll. I I.lie, meet daily al 3 P M nil 1...S, "IfKANCla'B PATEnT LIKE BOAT" hai te en teited " the pa.it four yeeri in actual iinvtcg, and by eiieriment i? f illowa Manuel] ?u?l thrown from thu deck o' a urnnhoti while ulidkr WAV S dropped endwise ftmn lb* I'ern of i 71 , . idt<l ti the yiiiiwaI- Willi iron and stonei, with the bnitom atuve in ; turned by lore* upude down And milling the effort-, of 1J men to keep her ?o : uiieel by her paaaengcrs and rrceiv>og !In*in again intid and treeing herselffrom water ; bottom tnve ill bylanding on a rockv ih ire and then rowed out to if a; Hiding in a iurl. whcli All o.her boiU iivam|>rd ; taking crew '.net puiciiirera from a wreck in A itorm nt im. with the bow -tore in and plug* ont ; b arding a wr< ck witti the ho*t en hov a' 11 open ; lent nig a>oiikinc wreck full of paiwenge-i, with the i bulking lunn end to end ; making way icroii a coral ret l 0 A or. ck end bringing off 2t> pai-nigeri, leaving the ordiiiAiv " iiwnmia-dt thrown from ihe deek of n ihip endwise and < ving 21 persons ; aides and bowa broken thrnngh awl bottom love in and rowed in deep water, kc. and finally blown np by 1 lUbm irinc Ctploeiou, and then again nianni <1 and rowed ai oefore. _ JOSEPH FRANCIS. Office No. 7 Wall it., At Anaina fc Co.'i Eipreis Office, i)8 tmr MAGAZINES Si PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER. J/- A'HVv LadieiBook, (lraham'? Magsnue, Ladies Worldl?Iasbion Youinr Pro|>lri' Book. Boston and B'-nllry'i ; ?nrf|i?nv. Sir- Farm House of the XIX century, with mora rhan 2000 enrrariiiiri ; Bifdir.il Journal and Christian Family Macatine, edited bv be Rev. II. R -od a:id D. Newell ; Terniierauce and other Almanac. ; the R .iubow and Rado-ut, a new I huinii(na* and witty journal, wrll calculated to please the liven and it ay. Allot which will be sold at wholesale and j eUil, and tho-e who boy to sell -tain at a lower rate than ran lie nht .ine | elsewhere. N. B.?Kilty agent* wanted to rirenla'e maaatines. |>eriodi " calr.kr. A.J SEXTON, N?. II Berkman. nl Imi eorner Nasson. I' r?ISKiS~!N0VKLT7 COOK1NQ STOVES, he bar*. Tl reived u i pre lnn?i'ia-y iuatltu e lCi-pl ihe American In-iito'e, New I'orU, because th *y have not b. en eihibib d ;u any other, bo: thev hive receivrd that wh'Ch carries with it far ereater Welch1, -ml speaks im r e If, rttially ot its Koud q <litie*, namely?th< justly merited pr.\i of beingmiierior t<? sll I oilier Stovt , by hundreds who h *ve usc<l the rtry Stove boaat- i iu - iu premiums. Query?Which Stove will consume the le"??t fuel, nrovidinK i I the draft ii rl.a. ?... u? - - ?- ? I consfiucr*<l that t very dish being cooked c <u be brought near ! the lire, or that "Inch admits of only part of the cooking near , c the h e . K* mine the Nov*Ify Stove, S09 Water st. c is not th it Stove which n ill admit of the createst quantity of cookiug on tlu smallest space, and cook it well, with the least amount of fuel, the best Stove, be it which it may ? Look at the Novelty stove. Altaiu, ?re not two loaves of bread, baked without changing, a Urge turkey roasted with>ut moving the roaster to and fro, *ud k corre?i>oud*nu amount of boiling done at the tame time. r and all d< ne too, t ? perfection, a better proof of the merit* of a Stove than a diploma handed von by three men who have merely looked at ?t and do ro t uuuentand its principle* as w? II a* yo rstlf? Ask those who are using th- Novelty. What better proof rau y u have o* the superiority of a stove th n the attempt ot .11 other sto* e m 'nufa-iurers to ropy alt?i it 7 Ag ii.- in t? h* Ni.v. It w.'li fl? late-t i?ppr wnu-*t?. '' (However, ti.e principles of the Noveltv cmnot he infringed ; upoo* for t e patnu law protects that, although they may copy the^sh u*.) J The above are \ Iain <ju? stion?, an 1 the public have aheadv \ ausw< red them, by givii.g the Nov ltv Stove the preference ov-rall't e's Let a c imnittee o f three decide w .at th* y ti may at a F?ir, where, merit must yield ?o influence. We only p ask s lair aamitut oil ol the Nov Ity Stove? o please call at b Fiak'-* Stove K .MblishiMcnl. 209 Water st. If von wi h tlu ordiuaiy kinds ol Stoves cheap, or have f your halls and parlors heated in the most ecouo i ical manner, f please call at J FISK'8 STOVE ESTABLISHMENT. <' nIS lm* ZOO \V.t:rt street. STOVES-OVENS. i q'HE largest usnrlmeui of Stove, of uny home in New d 1 York.?Tl.rir newly iuvriiicil Parlor Suxeored, but to be ? teen to be uni> canity vdopted. Its immense rulj<tiii| nm e ' eireeda that ol auv other ito* e now i i me?rihibita inure lire, ? with the consumption ot let, luel, than aav former invention a It vlao durhnrgea it, own tihea hy a a<mple process, without f. ojliiut or lodging in dual on the furuituie of the loom in which ^ it ia uaed. It will be fouuo the che ipest and muat economical ? Stove eiei brought before ihe public. ? All , Cook St vea, new, air tilth'. Ktc. in all varieties, from tliree dollara iiiiwsida Every articL w .minted. ( RILEV'S PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH v ii an admirable article?they can be fitted ta any ttoye now in n use, and of uiicijualVd value in broilinv steaks, touting bread, an<t alao in heatitiK irona fur ironing clothea. Riley ia the in- " veutor and aole imtcntee. ( oilltn'r RiLEY k MYERS. 23 Bowery. V NEW STOVE. SHEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. > rPHIfi subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and I A parlorsiz*- of this new *ud spl-ndtd patent stove We ask all in w nt of stoves to call and examine it. it is by fir, the y most efficient and economical stove offered for a number of j years, and has the approval of all who have seen it, and bids . lair to take the lead of all others. Larger si/.es will be in readiness in the course af a few days. In the mean time, the a priuicii le of the stove, can be sceo fully developed in the size * exhibited. 8HKPAKD k. CO. ? Not t's Stove Warehouse, No 24i Water street. a N. B.?A splendid assortment ol Nott's Radiator Stove, the only stove in the market suitable for w.trmiug dwellings, 1 churches, hotels, public buildings, &c. A two story house can , V I -.Ol. fUe.... ?f nxnl i-? ?.-? / consume. * Drama for parlors ami halls. io ityle and variety unequalled ( iu the city. Alio the beat wood cook atove ever oifereu. t s29 1m*ec j L. wood'S y NEWLY INVENTED * PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. F THIS iaone of the moat valuable inventions ever offered tc I the pubi c in the atove line, anil ia the moat perfect article rl extant, lor the uac of all kinda of coa or wood, iu healing apartments. It haa no leaa thou fout radiators aud i wo descend I inq lluea, ao arranged that the rad.atora aie placed between iwj ' urea, aud cause all the heat gnueratcd te be diaiributed into the 1 aparimeut ; while in otne atovea a large portion of the heal ia t< carried off in the pipe. One peck f coal iu Ilia atove will i yield more heal than bushel in the brat ato e uoiv helore the I public ; while you have the advantage of an opcu tire 01 aplen- h did (rate at plraaure r It ia allowed by all who kave examined it to be the moat per r feet combination of utility and ornament evrr brought lorward, g but to be fully appreciated, itueeda only to be areu and examin- c ed, and all in wont of a au|ierior article forneatiuc par jors,halls p offices, nuraeries, Ike. are invited to call. Pricea are auited to the timea. 0 Alao on hand a variety of other Stoves, auitabla for all par- ji poaes, which will be soul very low. fi L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between ti o21 lm*r Pack slip aud Berkman street. c FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. THIS Stove was pronounced last year, and ia this, by all ] who have it, to be not only the best ever invented, but the ' only Stove they ever had by which baking, boiling, and roast- 1 iug. could be done perfectly, and .at the same time. This year the improvement haa been such, tliat double the amount of cookitig can be done, (and that too to perfection) . than n|M>ii any other Stove of the same site; for proof of which, you have only to call at Fisk's S'uve Establishment, b 209 Water street, where any quantity of references will be j, giveu? and further, every Stove warranted, or the moue7 refunded. Fiik's Heculatinr Premium Drum for parlors, Hall g Drums,and hall, parlor, nnu office stores, aud all the ordinary cooking stoves, f. r sale cheap FISK'S Stove Estab'iahment, 209 Water street. I The above stove, and alao the regulating dram, can now be i seen at the Fair ; hut those desiring atovea, are requested to call at tile eatatiliahtneut, where they can examiue them to ' better advantage, 2C9 Water street. old lni*ec 1 DEFORM YOUR STOVE BILLS?Economy ami utility ^ aV being the order of tbe day, the subscriber haa determined > to sell St'V?s at the lowest possible remunerating prices; his , Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of the grate, ? with half the trouble aud ex|wiise, auitable for silting roouia, . offices, stores, or balls, is worthy the aileutiou ol pnboxa j wishing to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stores are not surpassed in die city, for cheapness and su|i?ripr style ol consrructiwu, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, aud a great string of fueL which is an item many persons overlook in selecting stores. . He solicits housekaepers and others to give him a call at the office of the Warren Furnace Company, So. 22 Fulton street, N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As this company manufacture their stores, purchasers will not be sunjected to a tax.by buying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, 1 Pumps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tiu and Sheet Iron Ware, kc., wholesale and retail. Orders for eastings soli cited. J. V. TIBBEFFs. 0l6 lin'ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y riLoVEs, VELVETS AND BILKS RESTORED.? " Dr. Fruehtwauger haa constructed an apiwratus for restor lUg dam >ged or sioiti d kid gloves, silk velvets and silks to their original condition, aud on very reasonable terms. Orders and u?rceiB iiuutiudiiy aumucu ui uy DR. LEWIS FEUCHTW ANGER, 031 2>wlm*m I Wall strce Q EGAR DIVAN?305><j Broadway ?James K. Del Vecchio k Co., respectfully inform their iiumvrouj friends and the public, that they hire jumt opened the Seitar Divan, 30.'i Broadway, adjoining Pinteaux's Saloon, where will be found a i large assortment of the beat seg.irs in the lit J . All aega/s told < at this eatablianment are warranted imported JAMES K. DEL VECCHIO. 1 oti tnHnwi* KOBEKT A. JUHVWQ a. ESPY's PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR TrIISeheap, annpleand efficient apparaaua ia adapte 1, to all pnr|>oaea of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, ? nnrcliea. Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vaalta, lie. kc. may b' its applies lion be kept tree from ell (owl air and nnwholes< me effluvia; it is also an effectual cure for Smoky Chimniev. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght for the City and County of New Vork, is prepared to s jpply the public with Cones on dryi nnl. Metal Roolhug of all descriptions I urnished in any part of the country. Crolon Wster Pipes and Plumpers' Work in general. Also, Galranized Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Stove pspes, j bath tubs, coal hods, kc *1 t rices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an J orders by letter atten .ed to. P. SUMNER. t2i3m"m 120 Water street. U. s. CITY DESPATCH POST. Pt >ST OFFICE, New York, 2Mb July, IIM2. LTOURSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at tie 11 Upper and Lower Post Offices:? Letters deposited before Hail-|>asi 8 o'clock, A Ml " 12 " " ! 3 " P M Will be sent ont for de- . At all the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and I , 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. c 11 2 " P M. Letters to he sent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to (hem, otherwise three cents will be cohected of the party to whom tli? letter is addressed. No money must be enclosed iu letters unless re. istered at I le principal offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" mav be purchased at 2.J0 |>er 100, and every information may I* obtained on atplication at the upper or lower isist offices. Stamps issued by the late CityDespatch Post will be received. It is indispensable that the number of the residence should be stated iu ail lell* rs 1 sent through this Post. r The Post Master solicits the earliest imormation should a ay ; irregularities occur. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM '< au28 ly ec Post Master. ? TlAlLY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY, UTlC.k, BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.?The sun- j scrihers having been engaged for ihe last twelve months ru lining the Albany and Buffalo Express, 111 counection wo:,. ,. Harudeii It Co.'s New Voru and Albany Line, have recent ly rj ritended thelt Eipress Line Irotn Buffalo to Albany, thrnuy h t| to this city 011 their own account, will receive and forward nainr, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, |, Packages, Bundles, and Cases of Goods, to and ftum the f? Jlowiug places, vix.:? tl Albany', Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, Ithiea. Gene> 1, Cunatsdaiguu, Rochester, Bauvia, Lockport. Buffalo, Clev tlan I, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also. Oswego, Sacketts Harlior, Kingston and Toronto, 1 Canada. m Will promptly attend to the collection and payment* of bill i, < note*, araft* and account*, purchase and >ale of goodi and produce by (amide, and *uch oilier tranicient buaineit aa may bw * entruatrd to their care. Earli Kipreaa will be accompanied by a competent meaaei i- T ger, together with reapomihle agent* in the princi|>a! town* nImiii the route. Merrhanu and othera may be aianred that ri tarm will be in thi* manner received more speedily than in an y otherno**ible way. . N. B.?Special Eipre??e* run to any part of the conutry ai J hort notice, and upon reaaonahle terma. lib r POMfcHOY k CO. No. 2 Wall .Ueet lOI'SK KUKMSHINO WARKHOUSE.-WORAMli . n IIAUOHWOU'I. Mil Broadway, Manufacturer*, Agenla urd Commission Merchant*, ha*e ju*t received and are now i opening a ucw and *pleudid a*?orlrnent ol the fallowing arti J elea. vn Silvered, fjilt and Bronxr (la Chnndaliera, 6 to M ligh t. p Do Candle do t to 24 " d Do Candle Bracket*, I to 5 " n Do Oa* Bracket*, ? Ca T " II., lilt .(I a m,. I I . it> l. r? In t " - Do Girauouvea, I i? ! " ( HWUfhlU. (Ill l< " I Amr.ii Lamp*, Mall ) amo nud LsiKcana, Heading Lunp* fcgh A new article ot Molar Lamp, a very aupenor article. * Alio, a new article of Deflecter lor improving the liglit of 1,1 'he old pattern of Antral Lamp. Alto a new atyle of Florentine Brnnxe, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lampa and Cliandrlieri, for e.hurcnes, halln and public nuildiiiga. * I'l.A I I |i Wan*. C Baakrta, Caatora, Trayt, Toe at Hicka, Cntidleatirka. Napkin Ringa, Butter Tuna, bnrrer anil Fruit Knivea, Hiinlfeia and Triri, Coffee and Tea Urna, tc. Fiue Table Cntlrry. in aeltaand dotena; Japanned Tea Trayt, 11 in great ratity of pain nia and forma; fine cut glasa B-wla. i'itchrra, Tuinblera, Liithet, Uobleta, Deeantera, Water Bot'lea, 8ugara,ke. Itc. W. It H. Iwg reaprot ull\ to infotm their frienda, rnatomert, f md the iiuhlie graerad y ,'liat their arrangrinenta with the ma- ' nnfactor.raare aucht at they can aell all artielea in their line J*J it remaihably lowprt ea; and rcapectfiilly invite tbeni to call ,lid are their ahowr ) ma which alone ia aufAcienl to romnen etefoilhi tronhie ?S?1m*r cl I V) FA.tlILIL8 GOING SoUThT toThV Weal"Indira m L ' Knr >po ? \ reapecfable female, 24 yean ol age, wiahea to In ibt 11n a pennant nt aituatton an aeamatreaa, in a geuterj tainily. She w uld i letrrgoing to Kuro|ie, yet would accept ot good C iffer to go South or to the Weat Indira. The beat ol relerncea given. Addreai A. A. A. boi ?di, upper Foat office, N. (j Fork. alOr AT OTTON SALES^ TH< ? Q incti km BY BKLL 8i HOWAltD. ( ? ??# ! 'V.m >t - .#? f ? #?< * M O.N DA Y. At lOVf o'clock, if thr liurtion ro^n. St-#v? r? 100 rtfr ro king ?nd ofher >f.>v. ? ..f til ilr^criji [iHNi.tlH Tni mIi will alio indvdt puWr, ffire, colunnand OlmM^ad patents, all in complete order Alio, lilrim TtVlf. uitabli tor . i avptA rojfll rioting press,and* valuable copper nlat* do. Also, . i) e?# ellt lit hiili ml teh e and *p| nratns. no'M, ( h ira, French Bfdati ids, iKev?A'Mi dM intf|>ilfliki fa tof* an J m <h<>gny chair tntuuf cto?? r,e. ru rising S6 kolli qui! toam ?n the ^11 v; lofii M, pnrlar nd ro clung chiin ouches, divans, ottomans. Ike. A?*o, 12 *>ii|Mt*iior jM-l slieil French bedsteads, work tabic*. ?1 Lad diulcu do, ana viriovi tiktv irtiflni (ilninl fnial lire Also, 1 splendid rosewood premium piino forte. At 10.^ o'clock, hi the stlfi room. Lir^e talc o! elegant t'.isluoiiable cl tiling. London cloths and .. .1 mm, a/ m Mi eli "i fam fis4 I *11 di r eood twi U tttlery, dressing cases, watches, 1 splendid diamond imi, &< by'kikll S AiwTjlahicV " MONDAY^ At 10^a o'clock, in the sale rooms. A large assortment of Drosdcloths, cassiinercs, glovi s, basic* y 8tc. TUfcSDAY. A *ood assortment of I tj-ori se? ?n 8cc. WKI)N KSDAY At 10 o'clock, in the sale* room. K'eganf Ku'liitu e. Pimm Ac.?Second haud household fur iture, a I trge aj*i?>rtine?'t of k tchen fur ituie, lamps, flic., the roperiy of a family giv intr up housekeeping A l'^HON NO'lI'K?Splendid Kngli?h K^r?.. ? at * Anct-oii.?\ LKVY will sell oti Monday, Tuesday n d Vedticsday evening*, the 2lsf, 2?ud and 2*?rd i"?t?., at o># 'clock, at No 15* Broadway, Just rrceired from L*???d n, fh? jojt extensive and choice collection of L? lie aim M< zzoti't 1 graviii.s that liaa at any time been off? re?' AC auction May e * iiniucd with c ?t tlogue on the days of silc. n2l 3t*in i/\ R MAX 'OHRKK'S SKCOND roNCKKT, on Mon YA day evening, N? r. 21s1 ?Mr. Mai Bohrer rea;?ecJUil y iu rrns hit friends and the public, tins' his second coucert will ike place no the above date, at the Apollo, assisted by several ininent aitists. Tickets $1 each, to he had at the principal music stores, ind at his re idence, St. George's Hotel, Caod at the oor. Concert to com enc* at h o'clock. n!9 3tr \T It IT I N( J ? < *H AM. I* NGK.?Wiif ing Mu .lit for on- dol'Y | <r. by Mr. GO WARD, the Great Teacher, 5J* Broul, t . Mi Oovsrd *111 write <?r teach a i?u mam bud with Of innii living, to show thl public whom knt RlW)l do it r nothing bat the bonar. m :l??* l*at imlu Nuiiin New rork city, he has constantly cluUeu-d I or $'000 and less, but o one has e?cr dared to accept. B. w ?re of premium, forged, ml travelling wrting .piacks and im posters n 10 3? 'r A BOCIO 1 Bromwr i , G nhie Hsl'.? A complete asJ smtui* lit ol Ifav-nia and Principe Segars is alwa> s on hand b well a* cho:ce Kigali*, of all sizes. |'U..nim.. !4r?... / v^n.ra.l -,wl I.r.r.r 1 \u . II II rcivf(i f>\ the R*pid. II ') twu]?* re ^UMI'LIMKNTAHY BALL-The TTiVnd. nf Thnuias J fr?r ler, desirous cif public y testifying the huh respect ley entertain for his character, hare determined togirr him a 'Omnlimenlary BaIIj (o take place at the Hhakspeare Hotel, on Jonday eveuina. Nov 21sf. Tickets $1, to he had ar the 9h *kspeate Hole I, and at the door on the evening nf die ball. t?l8 I* GKO. W KVANS, Bec'y. tyrinS A OIKAHU'B ONCKRT ?vifis A. Guard, a VI young Polish Ladv only 15 years old, resi>ectfully imorms er friends and the public, that sn?- will perform ou the Violin, t her First Concer', which will take place on Wednisdiy venimr, Nov.-'3. U42, at Niblo's Saloon, under the dilution f Mr Chatel, her teacher. Besides, Miss A. Giraid will bessisted bv the following talent Madame Otto, Mr H. TSorbrcue, Mr. Tinun, who will pre* id at the piano fhr?e, and Mr. Hill, leader of the quintette. Admission $1; children ha'f price. Tickets to be had at Miss V G's, "8 thirteenth s'reet, at the >.riucii>al music stores, and t the doors of the Cone-it. Dl4to23*r 3ITU4TION WANTKD?By a competent per on toacias J sd^sman iu a wholes <le or r tail establishment of Watches "Welry kc. Also unders'anus book keeping and watch resiring Has beeu ill business for nimself ten years and speaks ^rench For particulars and references address Big No. 782 Lower 'o?t Office. Gentlemen** Hues taken ca e of daring the winter at a very p-Asonahle rate. Anidv at .*>8 Maiden Lane. n91m*r 50AKDINU ? A lew i?->|M(t ibh' v u 11 men can l?r .vcoin modat d witli good boaro nd pleasant io?ins?' 42 l)ey si. "Vrtns moderate. AUo a few day boar Jers can be acct inmnda d Apply as above ? 8 lm?rc 3 O iRDI NfG ?The original W11 toil Howe, 326 Pearl street, ^ Fiankliu Square*?kept by J as. Fowler, from Loudon h ng Hid. permanent hoa'ders f 2,'?t> per week, transient hoarders ftO ent*i>erday Families can be accommodated with private noma on reasonable terms. Wines and spin's, 3 cents per lass?home brewM ale 4 em's per pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 ents each?cold cuts eqtitlly cneap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 cents #?r pint?stakes and mu'ton chops can he had at all hours. J. F. particular!v requests any ouc wh ? is iu want of a comortable home to call and in*i>ect his establishment, and udge lor themselves. Persons travelling for Kngland would ud i'to their advautage to call. The house being convenient u Loudon aud Liverpool ships, J F. being apt>oiiited agent, he an give insssengT* every information. New York and Old Country papers taken in. n5 3m*r BOARD?Families or single gentlemen can Im? accommodated wi'li hoard and pleasant rooms at W Beekuun treet. ? farms moderate. _ n.6 lm*r __ FOR BALK.?A pair of dark grey homes, shurt r gw about fifteen and a h ?1 f hanus high, rising sev< n r 1 a cart old, gentle iu hawe**,p' rfect iu all paces, uoo?i re per*, and oerfec.riy sound. AL-o, a droska barouche, built y Laurence k Colli*,only used lour mouths. The above be vig to a gentleman letfin/ for Ku-op?. aud will be sold uner their value. Apply to Mr. WALKE, harness make*, No. 1 Broadway. nl0 2'e d*r iB M 38k. IVU^H'',TS roKMA RS E I undermentioned hi|? ?ill be ieKularly di?palchrd lr?m hence and from Marrille. on the l*t of each month duriinr the vear, thm? From N.w York. Mvieillei. ilINKBV A.Oapt Blown, No. I. Jan I CRYTHOMPSON, Utp Sylvester, Urt I. Pent JOURIKR, C.apt Dugtn, J? I. Marl ["RKRCOtT, C.ipt Lawrence, Vebl. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, M?r !. May I JOUIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Juu ' They arc ail c innita and copper fastened,and have excel jeut ICCnmmndatlOQa for paaseugeraThe price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of w.nea i<1 liquor*. Good. a.idreaaed in BOYD A MINI'KEN, the a Ken's, will ?e forwai ded free of other charges than linear actuiljy paidFor freight or jussagr ap'.dy to O. BROOM A CO., or to o22r BnYO k HINCKKN, Agent* NEW CINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r" ilfrotn New York on the 25th anil Liverpool on the ISth ?/ tath munlh. m. -m M l hum Nrw York. Ship (JARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship ROSCJUB, Captain John Collins, 25th November. Ship SIODONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 2.5lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpeyster, 25th January. From Civrrpoui.. Ship 8IDDONB, Captain E. B. Cobb, ISth October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Drpeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship OAR11ICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Colliua, 13th January. Thrae ships are all ol the tint clasa, upwards ol lOMiout, built n the city of New York, with sach improvemeiita aa combine ;reat speed with uutisual comfort for jausengers. Every care laa been taken in uie arrangement of their accommodations. Die price of passage hence ia $100, for which ample atorra w ill te provided. Thrae ihipa are c/immaiidnl by espent need natters, who will DULke every exertion to five general aatial'acion Neither the captains or ownen of the ships will be respontiile for ai y letters, narcrls or packages sent by them, unless re;ular b 'Is of lading are sigurd therefor. For might ot passage, apply n> E. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. A JAS. BROWN A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be cl anted 12)$, cents per simile )'enf; 50 crnli per onwee, and news|iapen I rent each. ol PACKET FOR HAVRE?Sec ond Line?The ship BALTIMORE, Edward Func'a, Master,will tail on the 1st of December. BOYD Is HINCKEN. nil No. 0 Tontine Buildings. PACKET FOR" MAR" E'lLLKS?The seii. HEn"Kr THOMPSON, Svlvesle', master, will tail on uJubihe tat December. For freight or pissagr appiy to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, i 6r 9 Tontine Bulding*. aaf. KOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Kegalar sfffW Packet of 25tf November. The Splendid Packet fiNMNfasMhip ROSCIU8. Capt. John Collins of I'OOiona, will |>ositively aail aa above, her regular dav. For freight or uis-agr, having accommodation* unequalled for splendor or mm fort- apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, Irto E. k. COLLINS k do. 56 South street. Price ol passage, $100. The Packet Ship Siddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol inoo otis, will succeed the Roaciua, and aail the 25th Decrmher, her egularday. L Iters for (he ships of this will only be received at Oi'pin's le?i Room. Passeugert may rely on the ships ol this line tailing pnuriu.ilf at advertised. PI9r i*# FOR NEW OKLEANS-Ltiaisiauak New Yo-k wffb Lint?To sail this day?To receive ft- ran nil 12 M ? bHuHraThe fast sailing packet ship HUNT8VILLK Capt O. I Murnlnrd, will noti'ivelv aail as above,her regular nay. For reight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, prily o-> board, at Orleans whaif, font of W ill it. or lo E. K COLLINS A I.I) 56 Month st Shippers will please irnu in their Bill* of Lading eariy this av. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly measurd. and thai the thi|>s of this line will sail punctually at adverted. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled hat may he required. Agents in N. Orleans, Hnllin A Woodruff, wno will promptforward all goods to their address. The packet ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Koight, will succeed ie HuuUville, and sail the 30th Nov her regular dav. nl<) 2t r FOR NEW ORLEANS. MOBIL". A SAVANmVNAU-Tne. packet ship ALABAMA,.C?j.t B m will Mil oil Kmlay llii- 2S'h Not, for New Or m*. m i n-KuUr day.(we?Ul*r perrnitiiti|t)<? pa?>a?e tree. The packet hiig EXCEL, Capt. Sherwood, will tail on Monday Nov. Sill, her regular day. Eor pataaye in any of the aboee ipirior packcta, which ii ery low, apply to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, ? Peck Slip, or n?$r M Hiifi'li |iw?-l, ror Irtn-'i' lane A*s- EUR NEW OH LEANS?Picket of im- 2'.t i ? JfWEThe ?iii? ro,r f??t 11110.' aliip l|UKEN ViC I OHI A, dUib' M i ll" Mallet, will pnaitivrly nil it ihorc, > nd can Li I - ce.unmodate a few more ?ecned cabin <iid leeiaye (> mpii if ear y application m nidi 10 nl>r JOHN HERDMAN, 61 8 nih at. A JTir rOH MOBl LE?K. Kiilar Inckrl ol the 2.Mh of (tIhFW Not.-The iplcinJiil |m< krt ahip ALABA\tIAN, mU|m': ,i" VV B Lane, will tail ia above. 1 h.? n.ip'i aeromn odaiiona for cabin, 2d cabin and uteeriyr aitengera are very itipeiior, and bertha can be accurcd on mocrate'crmi if eaily application ia made on hoard. we>tai.lc fBntHnc lip.orta JOSEPH McMURRAY. n'fl r 100 Pine atieet, corner of S.nth Jritae- Tor vfoBILTT-Packet ofsfc!> Nor.- I'he,,d^T. g$fy<lid faatMilim packet ahi|> NEW YORK, Captain ** abore. I tin ?liip i? too well kuown to require comment. reraone iahmg i paeaage in her ahonld not fail to make early applicaon on board, loot of Doeer at. or to W. k J. T. TAPBCOTT, 43 Peck Win. ntIr or it South at. corner of Joaei1 lane. Ifi?- KO H M6BILE-To Mil on Thiirada"v~34th in.7 ?The well known ennpcr fiatened at.d copi ereil ahip MHk' AMAWBA Captain oltin, will he dcapa*rheil aa nive l>?r re.n ar day I an handsomely accommodate a few eahin aecond cahio and eerare paaerngere if early applicat'on ia made on hoard pier V. H. or to JOrl.N HkRDMAN, nil r SI Son h arr et OKAPTB "ON IRItLA'tr iMILA.au, fjHfV SCO! LAND AND WALKH-Peraona .euan.* XrHBa'nonev to their frienda in the old eoenlrv, cat. h ? all. lor anv amonnt, payable on demand, without ducoonr IP following id*if? . , ? IN lllr.LAN D?Th> National Brnk of Ireland, ihe rroTikal Bank of lr, land, and all Iheir i.ianrheo IN K VOLAN U-Mea.ra. Jame. Man. "on k (o., J haokMS nndon. K?c range and Diaconnl Bank, L.rerpooi, and their ' nches throughout Rngland and Walea a??il.?.l ,k. IN HI'OTIANU?The Ku'rm Bank of Scotland, the AM"of whiVh*dra<laare'panl 'afXi .X.^ towna Ire, Britain or Irrtad. nl7 , oor South airwnh AMFSKMRNTS. CHATHAM THKATHR. " fit UH emu, Doner Tier 2A eeo'a. Kint Tier so r?nt. Mr.. Thorn*'. Brncfir. MONDAY EVENING .No,. ?i.-?< - performed LA?T PAYS OF POMPEII. A.V which H-I.l. ON EAKTH: f7"" Dour. ?il! u|i*u *ib>4?Curiam will rue a: taarter p*i ^ o'clock pr< i iarly. 0<>I Office o|>cu daily from 9 to 5, where Tickeu m r l? -irchaacn and place. *c un .1 PAIIK TIH-9TKK.. Mr. Been ill'* Brurfif. THIS EVK.m vii N.,,.21 will he prearoted, AC!? h OAl ATK A Am, Shnv.l I Eohphewu., Heguiu Galatea, Mr. Mrenin | hud "i Mr R iliy After which. MEET ME BY .MOONLIGHT. Doit. S i?Pit 5o cm?Gall, ry 2J cci#la. Door, open al big o'clock atui liie perUrinaaee will row nirnrr .r 1 ;,i*ci. 'Ill ill Kl.i.'k ihTvm fif I'M icai'M ?. IH Broadway. New Torn MONDAY KVKMM) N.>* fi will be preaenled JOHN OK rARIB. After whirh OlOVANM IN GOTHAM/ To roticlude w*th HOUSE OK I.ADlES. rr~^ The D?nr< will he ti|Hue'l at hall-pail *, and the par to Tia* < fommi'nee at 7, every evening* _ KIl.WKLIN T i ATR.fi:. I '-HATHA vl SQUAWK. Al'eraiion or Pricei?Dreaa Uircl-, Gentleman 15 centa. L?dr and Gentleinauonly 2V H^rnnd Tier Botes WK cents. Gallerv 12X Pit or P???q?iefte 6*4 THIS LVENING, i!I be pr s**ntrd of the most astonishing ft ?t* of Gymurtitir* hiu! Contortions ever presented in t* i< c untrv. by Me**r?. Miller, Mestayer, Brothers of War **v*>,Kirh?nl? >n hi.I Hugulf. By Mr. C. D. J'ukiiif, Csrpente", Miss Rosamond, Anriol, ( lem, CtriM, Iota ta, Mast Henry, und othtm, will h> It" tl <1 i J I era tia COIftbi IttlOO of H nurs. Duetts, S do*. (Reus, V n 'rr Ecceitinriies. D tntes, \Valt*?, Hornnipes Elbolarns, t'rehuehas, Single and Double Laddies, Scotch Flings, Lassies Btraih ays so-., Ilc, By. Messrs. K W . Pelhsm. G. VV. Pet ham. and Mr. Backus, lh ureal Pag*. ?nn v, vrill su tain the Frthionean Chniactars. Flying Cord by the unequalled Mr. Kti|<gl?*. Programmes h the 'IVfiatre. Poors niieii at 6 o'clock, t*jformanre commences at 7. N. B. The New York B.aii Band is eugagtd. Mr. Nosh*r, L< ?d-r. nl I lm is*r A.'ii'i11 TIIJCATRK OK THK KKPUBUC , 37 Rmrrry I . N. A. HOW KB. Proprietor. MONDAY EVENING, rhe |>er(orm ncea will umninti pre. ir.lv* t 7 o'clnclr. CHALLENGE TO THK WORLD ! ^roijileriul I" nr.. h I?i??, ami Herculean Lahore of MON8. GUILLOT, LK LION HF.RO ! At the Ain-hitheatre thit evrulLf. iMONS. GUILLOT Hereby- challenge* a CoatcM of Rhyaicel Strength with any man Immr. for a witer of FIVK THOUSAND DOLLARS! Br.id-a a General Uimlay of HORHEMANSHIP, SO Boi e* M ceuta?Private do for S prraon, $>-Heccnd Tier J7X cent* ? Pit 25 ceiiu. Doorsopeii at li.rlf-p.ur 6. Oeertnre by the Band aa aqnarte brfo .? 7. Hnnremaiulrip ro eotnmenre at 7 o'clock precraelv. AJUKHICAN THEATRIC?WAL.NUT-ST. r?vivi.% nLM Biins I'VOER THE OIREr.TK)N*OK \~1 ?SsV C CU8HMAV. Kiri t night of Mail me Leromi>ti ?7th night of Mr. anil Mn. Binughatn MONDAY EVENING \?V 31, will be enacted, THE LOVE CHASE. Ah?-i which, ROBERT LE DIABLE. E. A. MAHHHALL. Leiwi. A*T?kican MmKiin, CORNER of Broadway and Ann atreel, (Riwiiit 8(. Pul'i Church. T. T. BARNUM, Manager. BEST ATTRACTIONS IN NEW YORK Da/ viaitora admitted free in the earning. Entire tie w scenery, drop curtsius. ilerorationa and enlargement anil cushioning of the Lecture Room. MR. WINCHKLL, The titn-t comic imintor in Am-rica, u engaged for a ahort period and will -ppear in hie eel b at-d dehneati"n< of Iriah, L'ntch, French aud Yankee Charactera. Positively the laat ? eek of TH'- WOND RFUL MERMAID. T W?n near toe Frjee I .Until, which haa been visited by fifty th ma-ad persons in rhie city and B laton, and of th- genomei ues* of which ail naturalists and other |ier*mia, am cmrinred 0|hmi hei olding it. ia en aged, at anv extra 'rdmary elpe-nse for o-e week only. Many scientific g. ntlemen of ce'ehrtty hare staked their reputation that thia eafaordiimry uyuipn of the sea is ?ll ahe ia reprea- nted. MR. O" ON NELL. Tig TATTOOED MAN. WtM api>ear in hla celebrated Dancer, an I giro an historical account of Ilia lUffeiing. for eleven y ear*, while a prisoner to tile h<iid? of hahaiou. ??v*tre? m i|,e North Pacific Ocean. FALLS OF NIAGARA, ? ith real Cioton Water. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, Couaiating ol feu performers; Mi-a Hi od. the vocalist; Ce'eate, the danaenae, the Albiuo Lady. Marin- Teh scope f'r illuminating the bottoms of rtvera, l.kea, Jtc.. and 500,000 Curiosities. P rformancra ev?ry evening at half past 1 o'clock and ert rv Wednesday and Saturday atternooi at J o'clock. Admission to all 75 cents-?Children hall nnce nM TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION' POWERFUL NOVELTIES! UNPRECEDENTED PKReO?MANCKS?THE REAL FU D-OEK MERMaID. NKW FORK MUSK, CM AND PICIOKK. gallery, nrr*iriwnv. "-.f/miti the City Halt, Nine performers to be seen for one SHILLING. The Managic trualv he tnay with confidence assert that a ich a gah'.g. ofSjirs as the following have seldom b- % n ?ubmirr. tn t'lU. public. .Y|n?t?rD E H#ai<h?*.the fiilmtrabl* hurppUycr; Master J. A. Hushes, th? |?fiut violiuiti; Mm Hughes, the li??e L\flk| Miss * 'en)e*uCe, the accompliihcd dadssu e; Mi" Cecilia BUnch n graCt.fa| jutctlcress; Master Frank Diamood.th* umivallfj Ethiopenn I ancer; Mr. JcDlnCa, llie uuequatled nmjo p'gjiyer; Miss llosalif th cbaimiiuc songttress, and Mr. Boyi1/. cwlrbrH't-fi comic singer. V/ti Tursdav and Thursday Mrs. Loom^s will deliver a L*Ct* Ate on Pnrt-nolog' ,to commence at 3 o'clock. A day performance will like place on Wednesday and Saturday, as ut ual. Evening entertainment to commence at halfpa.it seven. Almisum to the whdn ONE SHILLING. lm<^ FRANCIS' PATENT" LIFE BO AT, OS-HUE No. 7 WALL STREET. at in Seo a ks?s 11.a lis? s Gars.?henhique .No.ji, Wi Itatn a reel, ba.tm-n'. off -ia fi r sale to. following choice brntuli oI setters, whic" he invites the loves of the weed to call and evamiur fori..emir vr>; iliey Were selected by one considered to be a judge Those f >nd of a real Havana, will do well to call at d get their supp|v of tnegenuiise article. 25.00H I.a Norma, asS'Ttert c-Jora, 25 110 Noueca., in half, quarter, and .ne eighth boiee 50.00" Yugemiildil, uo do, 10 000 Bronda, 1st aud 3d quality, 35 noil De Flor a, 15.000 Norma Regaliaa, 80.001 Naval Principes, Pal mi brand, 10 Oft) Caba lero*, 10,(Ml. Uircini Krgaliaa, 30,001 low pner sag r?, of various bands. Grocers and hotel keepers anpplied on reaao' able ttnai. All orders promptly alien 'cd to by addreaaing "Hennquia, 51 WiF liam street, basement." N. B ?The above invoice ol aegara hire arrived par barque Rapid, from Havana. nl9 twee DEMIT I ANCES 10 IRELAND, kc., he?th? nltocrlber continues to transmit money, in sums large or small, oprtMim residing in any part or Ireland, in the tame manner tana, ami his predecessor in basinets hare done for the last :hirty years, ami more; also, to any i?rt of England or Scotand. Money-remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the snbaenber, or ersonally demented witn him, with the name of the person or /ersont n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be mm', ami nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted ami paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or forward' d to the aeuder. In like ma mer money or claims on persons in any pert of VeUnd, England or ScotWnd, can he collected by the aabeerij r, for persons testdipa in any part of the United Statea, or Canada. and will be paid to tl-em acenrdingly, si IB Im'r GEORGE McBRlDE, Jr.. MCedar at. LEECHES ! LEECHES ! LEECHES! 09 nnn LARGE HEALTHY 8WEDI8H LEECHES O?Just leceived perbaik Rir Isaac Newton, ftom Hamburg, for sale in any quantity, at \ rr\ modavate p'ieea by G. A. ?t H. W1TTE, Importers ad Leaches, oil lm'ee 131 W11 tarn street, INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR, AND THE ENTIRE REMOVAL OF SCURF AND DANDRIFF. PROFESSOR CLIHKHUOH offirs to ladies and gentlemen It's ifalui'ont advice in all the various diseases com nectrd with the health slid growth of the human hair, that they may he protected against the many empyrical an 1 miarioaa no-trnms of the da which now flood tneeiiv. perplea the judgment, and, if used, will destroy the haii. Thousands are now suffering unci' r the loss of t icir hair from the use of thoee vile preparations. Many of 'he first medical 'acuity inth- country can testify to the almost incredible cures iierl'ormed bv the use of the Tncopherous, or Patent Medicated Cnmoonud; and the profeseiooal character of Cl'rchugh will be deemed sufficient guarantee against evert t^ing like quackery ami hu?.bug. Principal office 2ni Broadway, up slurs. Pnvateentrance fur ladies and families, first door in Fniton street. aW >tta*r WELT I So P()\ A. CARI'EK, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, oae door from Wall street, has on hand, and is daily receiving, choice arriclea, and offerv tin jo at miHlerate prices, fur cam or city acceptances He offers for sale 100 hhds and smaller packagea of Lomeline Madeira Wine 10 caska Malmsey Vintage, of 1113, 25 casks Port, pure jnice, the best in the m trial, 47 riuki Biown, Gold and other superior Sherries, 21 cokn Heiirssey, heignette and Otard Biandy from London D .cks, tO pipes Holland Gin, part Swan brand. Ki fined Loaf, Lnmp. and 11 rushed Sugars, from tha bent Refineries, for which Vv. A. Carter ia egenL Pit! baskets Chainiaigne. Vurhnr, and otherehoice branda. W A. Carter is also general agent for the ancient home of Lomeline. of Madeira, and lakes orders for thetr celebrated Wines of everv age or quality required. MARBLE TILE8+STEKL, PErPK.R, CLOVES, fcc. 20 bagi Sumatra Pepper, 16 tags real Bourbon Cloves. 50 kt gs imported White Lend in Oil. 25 hoie* Milan Ste# 1 in small hire. Also an assortment of To pas. Aqua Marine, and other precion Rtmift for ?ew*llfrt. o24 lm*r \fW8TAHD KACTOHY-JCOOSWKLL has rs mo red fiorn 114 A11 *n to 127 Roosevelt street, second story of store occupied by Mr. W. Prentiss. coffee and spice dealer. he is prepared to famish the article at short notice and liberal credit. i*?i up in any style. Hotels and Urniltes supplied with an elegaut article. Also, conmry mustard. o2t In* r IfOK l)K. KKIJ(Tlf WANOKH'ri Pnc? Cmm* ottoy* ti*, C.p.ule., Acid., Dy.* wiiti<l., Lun.r <;.tnne,D?*?i?'r rtotype Cliriniul*. UiriDau SilT.r, lie. *< Se. Hc? lonrtr DOCTOR ELLfo T T~. O ClL 1 S T , AND OPTHA I.MIC SURGEON, Confine hi. rr.c'ic?; ?g. DISEASES OF THE EYE Office 961 Bro?lw,v. corner of W?rcn ?trcr. at Inu tfqiJKSTHIAN ACAUKMY.-The .ob.cnher would re C. ,,e-ctfu|ly inform Ui. L..iHr.j?nd pf_ Now York ina inwurDi ?? - ?\ ' f? -? and n>mmr?oioii? htiiWin* formerly ?wi*n u the hqaeetrian P.<rh*u*? or I'ook'a Ciicua, ?0t Bowery, ou Vauahall Harden) for lite iiulrni tion of ladiri and (nitlemeii in (not htalihlul nod ii. rw.ri accompliihment, the act of horarmanahip in all >ta Sranehea. The Acanemy la fnraiahed with derating and airline rooma, and every . nvrinrnce for Ihr < .union ol pnpala, and hr atnctwl ward 10 respectability will be adhered to. * U na? ?? arrangemenu with Mr. W. J. Dana, one of d.e oldeat |>ry/aeaofa from Kurope to take eharte of the tame, oi.l tla?rr* tiimarlf thai the enrerpnae will ?neet with the ayv iifohatio'i and eneomirtceineiil ef a liberal pahlir. Trrma and particular* may be ascertained on application at o?r. The omnihna and nn tan erery (Ire inmates danof the day. tm'rr VV D OIHBROW. Proprietor. . .in .ii\i ~pk i:> \ni) cufkef; AT THK IIOPK MILL*, II MarlcUhM a treaty between Hma.i and Whitehall, late *t KiizobeCh .treet, New York. Olfil r I an h rout ai < onaUnlly on hnud, nt the loweat market iiricea and m (lie nanal eariery of u?rha?ee ?TTym*m ~~~ I'Un 7 liliUWb FEMALE PlLLtO. IMlh.-r. far-fame t and calebraled Pilla, from Portnvai, ara we paiceiya, to ba nbuioad iu tbia eonotry. S? ao.?rin? naul on tna laat aolacae * ml it

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