1 Aralık 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Aralık 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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? - - L BY THR SOUTHERN MAIL. (>ch N'? mail received last night. Arrivals. Aixoas? L Sausiugo, Wat Troy: H Livingston, J H Livingston, Oak Hill; Wm C Hasbrouck, Newburgh; EWa'r Sherman and lady, Crawford; Wm Patterson, Perth Amboy; Wm Latvaon. S'aten Island;!. W Nevina, Philadhlphtt; Ben 3 A Lee, College Poiut;R D Gard, Navv;R W Ma on, PI); la lei jih ia; L Hall, Patterson, N J; C H Dabntnr, Providence; L Harlburt, Boston, Mrs Rutherford, Baltimore; S O Bonrhton, Hart'orl; O O Maynard, Boston, Hon M G Rvans,Boston; Hon Wm Pitt Fesaenden, Bostou; Mr Hutchiys, Boston; A Spragtte, Providence; N 11 Brown, Philadelphia; V.att'w How land. Joseph Rieketson. New Bedford: R B Cronston, R I; Alex OibbsjHon John (gnincy Adam*; Alex'r 8 Palmer i lady, Stonington; J H A lams : Jumes C F.irsvth KiniMton: A F Rsnenahadd, Lancaster, Pa; Mrs Win TifUny, Miss Carroll, Miss Tiffany. Mr Geo Tiffany, Baltimore; L McKirn Duncan, St Lonia. Mra Carroll, >lra De Camp, Baltimore, John Kord St lady, Philadelphia. Court Calendar-Monday. Common Pleas.?Part 1.?Nos. 17, 63,9,57,63, 5,27,35, 99, 101. Part J.?Son. 50, fij, M, 70, 7 J, 74, BO, 6H, 44, MO. (KJH AMrHiTMrATac.?Benefit of Otto Motty.?The great German equestrian juggler. Otto Motty, presents a bill of extraordinary attractioni for his benefit this evening. Among other novelties, he is to introduce his littla children Otto, Eliza and Elma, of the ages of seven, five and four ycara. Besides which, Oscar B. Stone, the only true delineator of the North American Indian, will rido his celebrated act; and J. Whittaker has also volunteered. The great Hercules, Guillot, will go through with a variety of liis feats with O'.to Motty and by himself. The oc CUhJOll Will uuuwio* uau WRruici a truwucu auaiflK'C. Motly Is to perform with the cannon balls on horseback for the first time. {?7- No person can pass an hour more agreeably, and at the same time economically, tdian by visiting the New York Museum. You behold the wondrous works of art and nature in every form and shape. Minerals, shells and insects, arc arranged in the most perfect order. Portraits of all the celebrated persons during the revolution, consisting of the most eminent divines, ctvil and military characters; an original likeness of the immortal Jefferson, the only one in existence; the whole forming the most splendid picture gallery in America. In addition to which you see the most entertaining performances, half a million of curiosities, mermaid, live alhino deer, 8tc., all for one shilling. Qty- Some fifteen years ago, Mr. Maelxel astonished the citizens of the new world with his wonderful automaton chess player. Bu' the eight automaton performers recently brought to this country by Signor Vivaldi, and now exhibiting at the American Museum, are much more surprising in every respect than that of Mr. Maelzel's. In fact, they surpass any thing of the kind ever seen in America, and are alike the delight of the old and young. Mr. Winchell, the comic delineator, i? also performing there, with Mr. T. G. Booth, Mils Hood .Celeste, &c. Admittance to the entire museum and performances, only 36 cents? children half price. (&- ACARB TO THE PUBLIC?The attention of the und.'i signed having been repeatedly called to a notice in the Sun newspaper, published by Moses Y. Beach, in which the undersigned is requested to call at 91 Nassau street,meaning the San ottice, and pay tho rent for his ertices, fee... which the undersigned considers highly injurious to him, and libelous, he deems it his duty to state that said notice is inserted by M. Y. B*'ach, on his own account. That he does not in justice owe one cent to Beach, or any other person, for rent, and that he is ready and ever has been to a ljust and pay all fair claims against hiin, on presentation at his office, 64 John street. El'ENETUB C. GRAY. New York, Nov. 80,1942. (K7- THE LOCK HOSPITAL IN PARIS, UNDER the tistinguishe 1 management of M. Riord, is one of the best conducted establishments for vinereal patients in the world. All the new remedies for the euro of these terrible affections, have been introduced with great success. Encouraged by the fortunate results of M. Ricord's modes of treatment, the same remedies have been prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and I'hnrmaev of the city of New York, rnil are to he had at th'dr principal ortice. The " Parisian Alterative Mixture," for the cure of all forma of syphilis, whether primary or secondary, ia sold at $1 per liottle, and in casus of half-a-dozen bottles, $5. All patients can obtain the gratuitous advice ot the Consulting Physician of the College. W. S, RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau St., N. Y. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?The Col lege of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Bupprr sion of Quackery, beg to inform all persons desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum of one dollar,'with a stitement or their case, tliey will be supplie 1 with cue dollar's worth of appropriate medic ine, and a'iettcr ot advice containing lull directiona at to diet, regimen, Sto. All letters must, lie postpaid. Addirss 'Prine.pal otticeoftheCollege of Medicme and Pharmacy, 97Nassau street, N. Y. The ComuLTiifo Pwy?ici4.n is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the college. Hours from 10 till J o'clock gunmen, Casks.?The Collkoc have also engaged the services of one of the most distinguished operative Surgeons in New York.^and aro therefore prepared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, ca tnrncf on/1 call ilianooaa of tlno utto uivmitunef on -etrictiireof the urethra,?calculi in the Sua ileiv?club-' loot,?disease* of tbe joints, and of the ipine, will bo particularly attended to. The fee* will he extremely mode rate. Patient* who so desire will be visited at their ,owu houses after operation. By order of the College, W. 8. R1CHARD80N, Agent. IYineipal (and only) office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 97 Nassau ?t. New York, MEDICINE CHEST9, containing an adequate supply of the new remedies for the cure of gnnorra- and gleet, ore sold by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York?price $3 Thpse medicines are guaranteed to cure the worst and most protracted cases, without tainting the breath or producing any injury to the system. The class of patients M whose use these chests have been prepared, are earnestly requested to avoid unprincipled and ignorant quacks, who generally produce by their mal-t? eatment worse diseases than the original malady. The member* of th? College ere responsible persons, and desire to save the afflicted From imposture. Orders for these chests to be addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent of tha College,97 Nassau street THE ONLY SAFE, SPEEDY, AND EFFECtual remedy for the cure of all discharges from the ure. thru, seminal weakness, Ac. Ac., is the " French Antiphlogistic Mixture," used so successfully in the London and Paris Hospitals, and now sold in this country by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York. This medicine is quite palatable, requires no restrictions of diet or regimen, and does not give a disagreeable odour to the breath. Hold in single bottles at $1 and at 60 cents each. Also in cases (guaranteed to cure) >3 each, with full directions to use W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassau street. QQ- THE OTHER NIGHT, AT THE FIRE IN Courtlan t street, a fireman was attacked with a violent cough; oneol the members of his company pulled some of Sherman's Cough Lozenges out of his pocket, and gave him one, telling him he never went without them-that they would immediately stop a cough. His friend tried the lozenge, and it stopped his cough, as is always the case. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street. Agents?4A9 Broa hvav. 18S Bowerv. 227 Hudson street nrnl 77 Knit Broadway". Ctj- MARV IIOWITT'8 NEW WORK. ' THE Neighbors." just puMUhftl, for 19| cents, at the New World ofHce, M Ann street, is one of tho most interesting, delightful tales of every ilay life, which has been published since Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. It is wor hy of perusal by all pure-minded and scrupulous persons for its elevated morality. Do not tail to obtain a copy, for which so trifling a sum only is necessary. Sold at 489 Broadway, corner of Grand, where nil the New World Extras may be had. PnbHshing office. 30 Ann st. 0(7? HEADS OF HAIR.?A. C. Barry, artist in hair, from London.?The importance which all ages have to the head of hair is a clear index ( the value set upon personal figure, and when by some capricious freak of Nature the human form is deprived of its fair proportion, Art is resorted to, in order, by artiflcial means, to supply the deficiency. Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance. Barry's Ventilating and (tasaamer Wigs and Scalps still stand pre eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, gossamer, and ventilating character, this being shaped exactly as the natural hair grows; their elasticity and their superior material and workmunship, aa well as their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to (orm such perfect heads Of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. An inspection of Barry's reel heads of hair will satisfy the most fastidious, that they are the best and chem>e?i in ?i... city, which only can be had at 146 Broadway "corner of Liberty atreet, upataira. {K7-WE CALL ATTENTION TO MR. ORANDjeai* cnm|K>sition for the Hair. It ii unrivalled. Let thoio who require it, for their own fake*, give it a fnir trial. No. 1} Barclay. O17- FIFTY DOLLARS REWARD ? Loet, near the HernM office, a wallet, containing three hundred dollar*, the bills principally on the Bank of North America, in thiacity, together with *ome other valuable paper*. Any pcriou leaving the *ame at the Herald oltice shall bo liberally rewarded JAMES FUNSTON. New York, Nov. 30,1841. 3t QQ- ? THE PEOPLE'S MEDICINE."?Snch the (Jenuin" Extract of Saroaparilla, prepared under the direction of the College of Modicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York, may be emphatically denominated. Thu elegant nnd effitaciou* preparation i* compounded of the active principle* of raranpanlla, tlentian, and the Laurut Haeaafrae?v< gat able* whoee value In purifying the blood an 1 strengthening the ayulem, ore ailmitt .il by all me.li cnl authoriti 11 Thi* article doea not contain a particle of mineral medicine, and therefore dilfera essentially from the mixture Hold under the tame of Samaparilla, which may be readily known to contain mercury or aracnic, from the nickneM of the etomach produced by their uae. Sold in aingle bottle* at 73 cent* each. In ca?e* of hall dor.cn bottle* *3 30, do one dozen ftiW. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent principal Office of the College 97 Na?*au nt. MOWKT lARK?*. AVMiiirtdny. Wot. 8O-8 P. M. The transactions at the stock board were not large today, but at generally former rate*; Ohio fi'i declined j, Mohawk rose 1 percent. Money continue* quite plenty, and loam hare been had at 5 per cent. There ia yet no movement in huaineu which rreatea a demand for capital to anygreat extent. The specie which flows from this city ta the southwest, for operations in produce, has been prettyis ell supplied by receipts from other quarters, and has not yet reduced the capital ?e king employment to an important extent. The exchanges have been a little more Arm, but notwithstanding that a large amount of specie is on its way to this country, they show symptoms of a downward tendency. The operations for the packet have been as follows Katks of Koariux Bills in New York. far.? Sept. 29. \or. 15. A'or. :til. ;; a ?-g o-a . n lraucr, 5 37Ks(L42H 5 30*5 31 <? J 42,Hs5 10 Similar Amatenl 38A a 39 ? *?? 3BK a 38 K 3?Ha38V Hamburg, 3lji a 35 33><?33ii 3IH?34\ 34Ha]IV Br. inrn, 7iX a 76 76 a.6>a 7i a 75H 75H?75H The rates of specie arc as follows :? Meiican dollars, H a ' |>m Pa'riol doubloons, $15.60 S(i laiili dollars, 8 a 5 Soieregni. $1,811(1,36 Five fr. |.ie rt, 93 a9t American gold, pir Spanish double ms, SI6i$tS,l) A large amount of specie has already beeu received from abroad, yet both here and at the south rates continue to fall. The large sum, nearly $3,000,000, sent trom New Vork south has raised the rates between here and the south, but they are far from firm. The rates at the south are as follows :? Sterling Billt. Sight on AT. Korfc. Specie. Charleston, 26th, J a 7 pr ct. 1 pr ct. par Savsnuah, 26'h, 5 a 6jf " 3* pr rt |ircm. N. Orleans, 21st, 3H* 4 pm. liquidise. " Mobile, 2Ut, 18 al9 13 alti prein. lialb prem. The forward movement of the crops in the absence of any improved demand lor bills, gives a constant downward tendency to bills. The small demand for bills from importers may be estimated, from the fact that at New Orleans, where 10 per cent of the United States revenues aro received, the actual receipts for the first three quarters of the present year and a large estimate for the fourth quarter, gives but $889,000, which would make the customs revenue of the United States for the year short of $9,000,000, to meet expeusea of $35,000,000. These receipts in elude the bonds of former yean, and the cosh duties 011 the whole importi of the present year. The currency of the south is slowly coming right. The Union, City, Commercial and State Banks of New Orleans have resumed before the time required by law. This makes si* specie paying banks at that point?quite enough for all practical purposes. In Alabama the Legislature is about to convene, and the course likely to be pursued may be gathered from the following passage contained in a letter of the Hon. David Hubbard :? " At least two of our Banks should be placed in the hands ot Commissioners at the next session?and a system of gradual winding up commenced with the balance. If, after the reports come in, it is ascertained that tho Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Huntsville Banks can go into healthy resumption by the 1st of May next, then pass a law compelling thorn to do so. Bat if they cannot resume by that time they should be compelled to pay out immediately all the silver in their vaults. An estimate should be made of the amount of silver in their vaults, and circulation in the country?and how much could be paid on each dollar. The Banks should then pay the ratio on every dollar, (say fifty cunts) presented, take in the whole amount, and instead of paying out the depreciated notes of other Banks, pay out post notes falling due, 6, 13 and 19 months, and bearing 8 percent interest from date till paid." This it will be seen is a half-way measure, and indicates a disposition still to tamper with broken banks and tole rato aa irredeemable currency. The motive which prompts to this course is tantamount to repudiation, in as much, if the hanks, on being found unable to pay their debts are . ompelled to go into liquidation, a return to ti xation is inevitable. This result there is a disposition "to dodge." What it is proposed to achi 've by compelling the banks to turn the specie out of their vaults and then driving it out of the State by a post note currency, is not easily seen. After the first January next the Ohio currency will be pruned away and the number of banks reduced from 31 as formerly to S. In all sections of the Union the currency is becoming sound, and the movement t<oth accelerates and is supported by the state of the foreign eschanges. At the date of the last packet we remarked upon the im provementin sound stocks consequent upon the result of the New York election. That f-eling has continued in regard to most stocks, and will probably continue so to do under the abundauce of money seeking investment. The following ?ru the rates of the latest transactions :? raiCKS or Ueadinu Stocks is the New York Markes Re deemHale. ahlr. jJujr.W. IR41 Off. 3# ATee. 31. United Stales, 5)6 18-41 100 al00)6 -.97 a99 97 a 99 " 6 1844 ? 99KaI00 99 alOO " " 6 1862 ? KHlTiAlOOW 100 a ? New York, 7 1848 ? lul)i*lon)6 >n2aio'i'; New Y'.-It Buite, 6 1860 100 alOOVf 90 .i90S> 94 *94 W " 5)6 ? 91.Ma 92 83s 83M IT. . 80)6 " " " 5 1845 93 a 95 90)6a 91 9? a 94 " " " 5 1846 93 a 95 83 A 86 85 a 06 <6 " " " 5 1847 93 a 95 83 a 83 85s 86)6 " " " 5 1850 91 a 92 81)6* 83 85 a 88 " 5 1855 86 a 87 81>6a86 84M*85H 5 1858 86 a 88 M 81)6* 83 84a RV, " " " 4)6 1849 75 a 77 77 a 80 75 a 80 ?_.iy J nrr toys ? an.- ? a 85 " " 5 water M^Ja 85>i 80 a 89 84 a 85 " " " 7 1857 ? a ? 102al02v?l05al07 " " " b'dst I year ? a 100 ? a a ? Brooklyn City, 6 20 yr? 100 al05 85 a 95 ? a ? 1'eausylvauia, 5 ? 79 a80 16 a47 42a 421* Ohio, 6 1850 94 a 115 70 a 71 72 a 75 6 1856 94 a 95 69KaR9? 71U a72 " 6 1858 94 a 95 KO^nfWV 71S a72 " 6 I 860 94 a 95 69^69^ 7|}J a72 " 5 1850 84Ka 85 59 a 65 60 a 65 Kentucky, 6 ? 84 a 85 754<a75X 7G>Ja 77 6 b'di 4'i ? a ? ? a ? 65 a 77 Alabama, dollar, 5 1865 ? a ? 52X* 55 65 a 75 Arkansas, 6 25 yrs 59 a 62 k 30 a 15 20 a 30 Indiana sterling, 56 a 57 20^* 21 ? a 21 . ' dollar, 5 ? 55 a 551* ?Xa2lX ? a 20 Illinois, sterling, 6 1860 ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? " doll, b'k loan, 6 I860 56 a MX ? a a ? " aterliux 6 1870 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? " dollar, 6 1870 55 a M'i 18 aI8X17Ji*18l4 Del 8t Hud. bonda 6 4 yra, 108 al08>4 ? a ? ? a ? B'k ofCorm. N.Y. ? a 98 81 *82X 82a 82^ N.Y.L. ii Trust Co. 150 al60 125 >14 120 a 140 'I ho New York stocks have improved from 1 to 4 per cent above the accumulation of interest. The Ohio stocks have alio improved, at the fears of an increase of the debt of that State by the new Legislature have subsided. The Kentucky stocks aru influenced by the continued sale of new stock issued for contractor's certificates, authorized at the last session to the extent ef $800,000. The Pennsylvania stocks were buoyed up a little by the f <rce of selling the State property, but hare since fallen back. The time has gone by when the creditofthat State or any other,can be restored by talking and boasting of its resources. The tax laws, but to enforce them; collect the money and pay it orer. Neither the visions nor the promixea of financiers are any longer current gold. Congress meets next week, bat it is not probable that any important commercial measures will be brought to perfection during this session, which is the short session, that is, expires by limitation on the 4th March. Theresuit of the recent elections in all parts of the Union have been directly opposed to all the artificial schemes for the " relief ol the people," as they had been called. These are the protective system of duties, the distribution of the public lands, a National Bank, and the extension of paper credits of any kind, and in favor of taxation to pay debts ami discharge obligations. The people at large see the fallacy of attempting to pay a debt by making it assume a new form. And that the only way to get clear of obligations is to pay them through the medium of taxation.? Those States which plead inability to pay all they owe, will make exertions to pay as much as they can,and instead of looking to the bankrupt federal treasury for help, they now coniider it a primary step to restore and aapport the credit of the federal government. For thia purpose the tariff will he put npon a revenue footing, the lands retained in the public treasury, and the expenses reduced within the receipts. No connection of the treasury with an exchequer, fiscal agent, national hank, or any other instrument of an expansive paper currency will be brought about. The progress of the present growing trade, on the specie basia, will, after a sufficiency of the precious metals are withdrawn from Europe to supply a full circulation, give the States and the government the means of paying their debts, without having recourse to say borrowing or bolstering. Sales at the Stock Etehange, 2500 N.Y. Bute 7'?, 1819, 102'4 i0 do do U* 2050 do do V?, I85S, Hll4 5) do do lids '500Ohio 6*4,I860, 71)4 100 do L I'laixi, I8S 20 ih? Union Bk, 99 100 do Harlrm, Mj* 17 do do <t0X 50 do do bflfl 16 31 do Dei k Hud, E9 100 do do >6# !6\ 34 do Jackson Ins Co 40 50 do do M0 lijtf 30 do Mohiwk, 31U 100 do do ??0 13H do do ,15 341^ 50 do J,, nflO 153? Reessid Hoard 2.5 >Ks Hsrlem l? 50 do Mohawk ?20 35 J? . nd0 hi? 1? tt do do b30? 35 ,2? 2? PsteraoB 49 25 do do 31*4 m?'i<nn 11>4 ! 8UU of Trade. | The foreign freight* appear to be improving both here an 1 at the aonth. In thi* city the rate* rule at ?1 for cotton to Liverpool in iqnare bale*, and |d in round ; Turpentine and flour lot* a 1?? per barrel. To London : cotton 8.8 I, flour and naval atorea awW per bbL To Havre: cotton ) and 1c, avhea $8al0 p ton,and rice $10 do. At Savannah on the aflth rate* were to Liverpool Jdj to Havre, Ic. The ahips loading for Trbateaiid Antwerp,are loading on ow ners account. At Charleaton -Jflth, the rate* both to Liverpool and Havre have advanced. To the former place 7 Hi ha lor aquarehagv and to the latter a vraael ia completing her cargo at 1 cent per lb., an advance, howevei, ia atk<'d on thi* rate. At New Orleana the rate* are Jd Co; Liverpool and 1 cent for Havre. The large crop and th" promiitneaa with which it goea forward will douDtldM gii e good employment to veaael*. 11 the produce market* here there i* but little change. .hhet?Pol* in demand for export at >6 STJ. Pearl* | at *4 *7 J. iVuriWon* Mess Pork at $8 J7J a 8 60; Prime do >6 37$ a 6 iO? <100 barrel* new brought f6 50. Meaa Beef at fu lij, and Prime at f3 HJ. Butter?Prime command* 14 a Itl cent*; Western 10 a 14 cent*; common 8 a 10 cent*. Cheese M-1U at 6 a 6$ cent*. Spirits ?Sides of Whukey at 41 cent*, barrel* at 34 cts; Brandy, (Otard, Dupuy JXt'o) $1 05; St. Croii Rum at 75 a 81 cents. Sugari ?Sale* St. Croix Sugar at 6$ 7 cents; P. R. at ftj a 6 cents; Cuba Mitsoovadoes at 51 a 5J cent*; browa Havana 6Jc, wh te do Si a 9c. 4 month*. Cotton Trade. This market i* heavy, and price* continue a downward tendency in nearly all the lea ling porta. The receipts continue very large, and the excess over the receipts of last year continues to increase as follows;? Rr.cctris, Exports sen Stoi-xs or Cotton in thi United . Statu, 1811 1812 Inc. Dtc. Receipts 287,651 387. IIS 9t,t?5 ? EsuontoOB 62.158 111 511 52 056 ? France 11,786 39,528 ? t.t.58 " Other places 18,111 15,291 ? 3,(23 Stuck 187,67 3 208.851 21,178 ? At the extreme South transactions have lieen pretty large, but prices an; scarcely firm. At Mobile the rivers being on the rise, the cotton hitherto detained is coming rapuiy lorwar.i. I ll i pi it rill) InMlllg LifVpool classification were as followi :? oid miiltl mid fair fair good fair good fine York 5l4?? r.h,i6K 7 n7,W 7Vi8 8l,a8V 9*<s9? NOr!'. I .l.'?4*??6 ?k<?X 7Ki7W 8 .8* M bill- ? 6)k*7 1'4i5V ? ? ? Amru'ta m?lV5 ?5l< :,??,? fi ??VV SKs?V ? Sivvmali 4*7 ifi C ?C4 fiS 1 Ti*? ? Cb lie* oil i\ih% fi ioi'4 fiS.iiV 7X?7X 7S, '? 8><a8^ Corn Trade. All i* up in'thii market. Navigation on the canals having closed and shut in upwards of one hundred thousand barrels of Flour, holders in this city and elsewhere have run the price up to $5 00, and probably a fraction more today. Comparatively speaking there is a small stock in market, yet we believe it to be large enough. We hate the fact that the receipts from New Orleans have already begun, to take into consideration when we,calculate as to what the price ought to be for the season, and also the (act that our eastern demand is entirely cut offhy the western j railroad and the supplies sent thither from New Orleans, i We will throw together in this review the latest intelligence of the corn trade, so that the dealers can make their own deductions from them. In the first place, look at tho Pricks ok Flops ami Whkat in FornTKE-s Markets. Markets. Flour a hushel. Wheat a huihel. New Y"rk Nov. 30 $1 87 i S St 00 a I 02 Rochester Nov. 23 3 JJ a ? 7J s ? Baltimore Nov. 28 I "0 a I 27 941 a 9i Kichuioud Nov 21 3 HO ? ? Sis ? R.t.l <n Mil. -a: i o Alrnmiri.tNiiv.2j 3 91a ? ?a 78 S"rtdirick?S[ Nov. 84 ? a 1 (HI 83a ? Ciccinn-itti Nov. 23 2 38a ? ? a ? Lvfayrtte.La.Nov.16 2 38 a 2 30 ? a 30 Pliil.id'a Nov. 28 4 23 a 4 62 ? a ? New Orleans Nov, 13- 3 75 a 4 00 53 a 58 Serinitfielu IH.Nov.I8 ?a? 25 a 31 Zaneaville, O Novl6--- 2 75 a? 40 a ? Chillicothe, Nov. 16 ? a 2 75 3' a 40 Secondly, see how prices at the west have varied : Pricks at Zameavii.te, Ohio, ton Te* Years. TVs. IFheut, Flour. YTI. H'hrnl. Floor. 1873 60 3.50 1838 2,20 7,00 1831 50 3,1*1 1839 30 3,15 133.5 1,12 6,30 1810 44 3,00 1836 1,1*1 6,IK! 1811 1,00 5.50 1837 1,00 6,00 1812 4 0 2,75 Thirdly, note the quantity of flour and wheat that has arrived at tide water on the Erie Canal to the -hid inst. Flour bbl's IVhtal hush's 1841 1,3 9,409 717,611 1812- 1,541,510 901,490 22,101 183,819 Taking flour and wheat together, there is an excess equal to .58.&71 barrels of flour. Fourthly, take into consideration the intelligence from Illinois. It appears that in all parts of that State, and in all the adjoining ones that the dry weather has entirely cutoff all hopes of a good crop of winti r wheat, the next season. Many of the farmers arc intending to plow up the ground sowed last fall. Therefore, lor another season the main reliance must he upon spring wheat. Fifthly, ponder on the following:?It is well known that Boston, the great depot ol supplies for most of New England, has not received one half of its ordin ry quantity of flour for wiuter supplies. sixthly ?In Canada West, the fall-sown wheat has suffered ei'nerally and considerably from the disease of rust 01 mildew. The crop has buffered damage to the extent of one-third, or the produce is a third at least less in quantity an I value than it would have been if free from that disease. One farmer who had sown wheat last year in the month of August, and his wheat was perfectly free from rust, while wheat sown in September, on the same quality of land, was much rusted. The spring wheat is generally very good. Wheat 3s *1 to 3s 8d; Peas 4s SI; Oats lOd to Is; Potatoes 10J to Is; rather a poor crop. And, lastly, there arrived at New Orleans during the three days ending 15th inst., 1579 barrels of flour, 51 bbls and sacks of oats, an 1 313 sacks of wheat. Cleared in the same time, 2149 bairels of flour and 637 sacks of corn for Boston, 100 barrels of flour for New York, and 350 barrels of flour, and 19-15 saaks of corn, for other ports. Will prices advance in this state ofthe corn trade? Married. On Thursday evening, J4;h ult. by the Rev. James Christie, Rdwahd Hall to F.lkaxor, daughter of the late William Morrison, all of this city. On the 28th ult. by the lie v. D. K. Bangs, Mr. Jamks Tuxstoh, of Galena, 111. to Miss Kliziheth Koairrson. of this city. * Died, On Wednesday morning, 80th November, Willi.u Jonr.s, comedian, in the 61st ye.srofhis age. The friends of thefunily are requested to attend his funeral on Friday, the 2d December; at 3 o'clock precisely, from 'lid street, between the Ninth and Tenth Avenues. nj- The Evening papers are requested to copy, Wednesday evening, Nov. 30, Mr. G. C. Lsisodois, In the 60th year of his age. The friends of the family and those of his brother in law Caj>t. Wm.Thomson, arc invited to attend bis funeral on Friday, December 2, at 3 o'clock; from his late residence -13 Fullon street, Brooklyn. Domestic Importation*. (JURHJTOS?Br'ii Miwei?JO tci rice 10 bale* cotton Geo Bulgley?93 do Smith, Mill* It co?16 De Peyster It Whitmairh ?10 Sj? afford It Tilval u?93 do 71 Us rice H S Levench?I6C do Victor St Duck win?23 empty bbl* Egleston It Pntuim?138 hidf* H Barllett?2 iroo camboosem W It J T T<pseotl?I cult MMlby It Starr?t ca.? J K Jessnr?<I bbl* Dr J Hu.cteir?I hoi W Peck?1 K M Starr?I U Hastings?I okg Slate Gwlui-r It Howell?1 W C Bulk), y?I bbl Peek kSayre? I bal Schermerhoni St Banker?1 cbett to order. M A R I T IME HER AL D. Sailing Day* of the Steam Ship*. FROM fholaru. from amkrica Aenlia, Ryrie Dec. 1 Columbia, Miller !5ov " Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec. 4 Jan. 1 Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. from i.itkrpool. for liverpool. Cambridge, Barstow, Oct. 19 Europe, Furfcer. Dec. I Columbus, Cole, Nor. 7 Independence, Nye, Dec 7 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Gladiator, Britton. No?. 10 Ontario, Biadish, Dee. 1 Mediator, I ibamplm, Nor. 20 Toronto. Griiwold, Dec. 10 from havre. Westminster, Atwootl, Dec. 10 Albany, Watson, Oct. 29 for Havre. Silvie de GraAse. Nov. I Baltimore, Fnnck, Dec. I Louis Philippe, Ca?tolT, Nov.t Emerald, Howe, Dec.8 To Ship Masters and 'Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels will *is? to Commodore William A. Bassett, of our news ilnet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and auy foreign newspaperi they may have. He wiii board them iaimediatelv on rheir arrival Agents aud correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to thia office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical mi' Hi.uMJii ui iiny aiuu win dc miniiuii) rcceivco. PORT OF SEW YORK, DEC. 1, 1849. 01* mi 31 I sew moos 11 19 *TJK 4 39 I MI1.H WATIft 8 11 Cleared. Ship* Onurio, Bradiah, London, Orimirll, Minium k Co; Kurope.Furber, Lirerpool, C H .Msrshnll; Baltimore, Futick, Hatrr, Boyil kHiorkeii; Henry Thnmpton, Byl?eater, Maisi-illca, 8 Broom; Kmiiv. Crane.St Cmia and * mark'l. J C Harm.?Barque Olooc, Kalinc, Philadelphia.?Briga Robed, Cook, Cane de Verda and Wcat Coaat of Africa, Oilman, Small k Co; D H Martin, Dar ing, Madeira, Bud >y k Living, atou; Anguata, Slierwood, Savannah, Stnrgea k Clcarman; Juno, Lewia, Georgetown, SC.?Sehra Lewia Brace, Studley, Jeremie, S W Lrwia; Oil Blaa, Hnwti, Mnntego Bay, Jam. Neamilh, Leeda kCo; Swan, Milla, Harllord. Shin Vraper. Bylveater, for Charlraton, aiid brig Annawau, Hntcnina, lor St Thomaa, cleared 19th; ahip John O Coaler, Barlow, for Bombay, and barque Ohio, Keyn -gom, for Charleaton, on the 28th. ArrlTed. Brig Moacf, Loreland, 8 day* from Charleaton, with cotton and nee, to Geo. Balkier. Schr Mary Bright, Bright, 5 daya from Baltimore, wilh iron, to maater. Sloop Paaaport, Smith, from York River, with oyatera, to maater. Sloop Proapeet, 2 daya from Briatol, Rl with proiluce, kc. to maater. Below. tjne amp, ono nrig. Wind NE. bloating a gale. Sailed. Ship# Sutton, Galloway, Charleston; Tallahaaaee, Savannah; Ve?|?r, NOrleam; brig Dispatch, Philadelphia?and all anchored at Quarantine, with other outward bound vrasrl. Herald Marlae Carrearpoadenee. Ovriot or the Rhode Iilaivder,) Newport, Nov. W, IM3. a Air 15th, rhina mall, Providrnea for Savannah; Counter ign, Hunt, Fall River for Mobile; Victory, French, and James Latnphere, Kenny, Provide"Ce for N York; 36th, Cornelia,Ricketaon, New Bedford for NYork; Fort Hill, Baker, Boeton for Wilnvnglon, Del; Ckeaapeake, Poet, Providence for ; 27th, Thomas Kroner, Ni' kereon, Providence lor Philadelphia; and 3 other fore and aft achra, one oi them with .wood, and the other coal. P M, wind NW. blowing a gale. Arr tilth, Monitor, Beaac, NYork for Providence. CtdtGlli, Auawan, Burdick, Mobile. General Kecard. Foreioh Letter Owe e.?Letter hag* of the following vcuela, to aail thia day, Dec lat, are at GilpiuH Foreign Letter Office, in the KtchangcSh-p? Europe, for Liverpool; Ontario, for London; Baltiaore, for Havre; Kuiily, for King ton, Ja., St. Thomaa and ScCroii; H. Tliompeon, for Mar eillet; barquca Chancellor, for Montevideo and Bueuoa Ayret; Mi rchant, for Lisbon; brig K?calu?, for Bahia and Rio Janeiro. The Late Gale.?It damaged upwanlaofone hundredcoiatia:.' eatcla at llie eaalwiid. fineJoai.rH Staabuce.?The Joaeph Starbuck, of Nantar!'.el. left lhal pbrt on the tilth inat. in tow of ntcamer TeleKTa h. bound to E'gartown to fit foraca Coming on to blow heavy to that the bo it could make no headway, the thip came to iir.hor beltvran Tuckeri uek ami Long Hhcala. About mid iilg't ?he paricd her cable*, and struck adrift. "J he murn mail wa? cut away to get her before the wind, and about half^wat It be brought up ou Nantucket, where ahenow lira full or watn. Al-ttertrnm Nantucket aava the ha? broken up. Steamer M <-aachnuttt went to her early u< at morning, and took off the I fa'cngert, including lite iadiea, and crew. Ship Clyde, reported wrecked on the aorth aide of Cnba, Jtfr* probably the Bt. Clair, Caai>er, which tailed from Harru 'yh Sept, for New Orieaaa, and baa not yet arrived. | .wSt nainw^ m Btnrjir Fainrtiti r> ? lu addition to $14.00? insurance on |hr cargo <T baniue Faiifletd, of Gardiner, r?|iorted wrecked at T ib't Bay, chcrr it (AH*) insured in Boston on the Teste! and (Woo on her canto. ScHa A*ti.'?The cat in of schr Auti. loading st Newburyik)' t for the Sou ill, took tire 76th i list. and the interior was nearly consumed LaOitcHao? From tlte wayt of Chapman k Cargill, Newcastle. Ma ou tin Itlh Inst. a hng of shoot |i? tons burthen, called the Ava, ol eacellent model, tnd built in a workm mlike in .111*1. Not lee to Mariners. A new chart of the if rth coast of the Oolf of Meiieo, pnblithed by E, It G \V Rlnnt, differ- from the F.nghsli charts verv materially, Peusacols differs iu louguudc 23 miles; ('a;* St Bias, 40 miles; Mobile light. It miles; the Balize.7 miles.? Th# corrections are made trout the best data, and are believed I to be very nearly correct. Whalemen. The China, Potter, at New lldfnid, reports:?H|w>ke off the Banks of I'eiiin oil * i:i March, Noble, Brown, Ne w Suffolk, 8 mnscut, HUM ?h; 'Jostou, Himsl-ad, Nh, 3 rars, ItOO; ApmI 4, Pacific, Webb, I* II. 21) inos, 1300: 13th, Thus Uickasoti, llavena, 8H. !> inos, 1950; Juu*- 14. Columbia, Edwards, do, 12 mos. ?00tl, 2yi sp; W *rien, Cleveland, Warren, 22 mos, 2640 wh and 550 sp; heard fr.iin July 1, Kinerald. Brown, Sale n, 'j00 Mils; si eke v French ship emr date, who reported the death of Capt Hamstead, of New London, who was drowned in Port Coo|ier a few weeka previous, by tic upsetting of a boat in the sutf. The Herald, Nye, also at New Bedford, reports'?Spoke Feb 20, lat 4 30 8, Ion ill 30 W, Mary, Atkins. Edgartowu, 13 mos, 300 spm; 25th, 1st 1 ,'ifl S, Ion 12(1 W, Pheiui, Hambli**, Nant 20 mns, 700 spm, had snokeu 4 or 5 Weeks before, Pacific, Taber, N'B. 500; kith, Sarah Frmces, Daggett, FH. 3t> inns. 111)0; 211 li, Foster, Coogdon, Nam. 7 mot, 16r) sp: March 15, lat 2 3M 8. Ion 12S W, Massachusetts B.ru rd, NB. 17 inoi, 700 ap; 20th, Para1 chute. Wilcos do. If* III 2g|g> an o.m bound to NW r.i??l! 24th, R aroe, M < lea'e, <i , 21 moa, 174M) <i>. leaking MO Mfiikea net hour; April 3ti 1st lu 18 S, Urn 132 HI W.Wtn P'liti, Lincoln, kalmoutli, 6 mo?, 90 tp, Bound to Sandwich Islands sud Ja|Mii; May 24, lat I t8 S, Ion mi W, Columbia, Joy, Nam. 84< mot, 2ti?: 2'l'h, Nile, Cook, NB. 12 inoa, 1000 tp; June 18, Aciiiuuel, I'rate, FIJ. 17 mot, 750 tpm on hoafd, trnt liome 200: 17th, Lei i Starhut k, Nve, N >nt 11 mot, 450. Li lt at Tahiti July 2"l, Mi tacom, Reynolds, NB. 7k tnos, 500; Obed Mitchell, Coffin, Nanl. 14 mot. 350 tp: Washington, Osbnrn, SH.oil not stated; Fanny. Fordhum, undo: Panama, Crnwell, do do; George, Forsyth, Stnuiugtoii, do; Kuteiprite, Cannon, Naut. 19 mot, 750 bhlt tp. The Wm Ilotrh. Tobey, at New Bedford, reporw:?Spoke March 23, lat 3 36 8, Inn 83 VV, George, Fortvth, Sioningtoti, 10 mot, 1000 all 150 tp; 27ili. Brandt. Ad not, N B . 77 mot, 600 bhlt; Baltic, Gardui r. Nam. 31 in it, 1200; May 3, United States, Worth, Nant. 1 mot, 60 bblt. hound to Tiimbai; 16th, lat 6 30 8, Ion 83 W, Win k Heurv, Bei jimm, KH. 90; off Callao June 20, Narragainrtt,Coffin, Nant. 6 mot, 500: aid fin do 27th, 8aml Robertson, Warner, NB. 6 not, 230; off Pitco June 25, Arabella. Bibcock, SH. 9 mot, 250. i Off Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, June 8, Messenger, Butler, ! NB. 12 mos out. loctl vvh tuOip. At Manrit ut June 30, Kiizabeth, Bates, Mattapoiaett, 13 mos ont, son tp. Spoken, Sept 20, on Brazil Banks, Samuel & Thomas, Super, Province town, 100 tp?cruiting. Spoken. Abazahoo, Baltimore for Biliia, Oct 23, lat 10 8. Ion 58 W. An American brig tteeriig SK. showiug a signal blue, wliite and blue, horizontally, Nor 14, lat 28 13, Ion 65 10. Fore Inn Ports. St JoHtr. NB. Nor 19?Arr Hotspur. Ditchbum, 8t Thomas; Priucesa Royal, M'Gill, Jamaica. Cld 15th, Anne, K irk palrick. Donegal; 16t It, IVrtshire, Risk, London: 17th. Abeosa,

Bodie.do. Arr 22d, Matilda, Spates, Philadelphia. Sid Woodlandt, Johntton,do Halifax, Nor 18?Arr Namshong, Matthews, Baltimore. At'i CarFt, Nor 5?Sid John Dunlap, Case, NYork. PrArtAMiil'Co, Oct 17?In port, Jonet, Nickerton, from New York, unc; Laguirn, l&llii, do; , Taylor, do; Olinda, Hutchinson, 44 days from 8t Johua, just arr. Valparaiso, Aug 21?In |mrt, Kmily Taylor, Simtiton, dug; Rosciua, Miller, from Boston, do; N tchez, Waterman, do; wi|>iirua, < , mr vs org, lew nays; L/aIiio.-hu, p virlnul, for Boston, nest day. Gloucester, Easlerbrook, for Swansea, aid 20th. Lady Aliens, M'Lellan, for Coouimbo and Baltimore, Id 25th. tlonir Porta. Eastport, Not 21?Arr Matilda. Spates, Philadelphia; Texan, Leighton, NYork; 22d Riroc, Os^nm, Alexandria; Tra7.1T, Grrrnlaw, N York; 20th, Gen Stark, Boston. Sid 19th, Elvin.t, (new) Gravei, do; Emerald, Hod-don. Proridencr; 3Ut, Wellington, Farey, Bideford, Ens; Maria, O'Hara, Demerara. Bsnoor, Nov 24?Cld Orchitis, Hard in a, and Rniwtt, Rankin. Writ Indies. I'om l. in p. Nov 26?Ait Catliarine, Harmon, Baltimore ? Cld Plato, Davia, Havana; Accommodation, Creech, Mohilr; Lucy, Means, NYork. Sid Ueinittance.and Calisto. Cld2ith, Mary Pease, TnuiUad de Cuba; Henry, (new, 232 tons, of North Yarmouth) Means, Hu m . Newbi'hvtort Nov 25?Air Hnp? Arey, Baltimore; Magnolia, Seainnii, Pliiltdelntna?lo.t deck load, stove hnlw.arks, and split sails in the Bay, during the gale on Thursday morning, and narrowly esncaiied going on shore. Boston, Nov 29?Arr Liavrencr, Howes, Baltimore; Gcnl Scott, Littlrjnhn, M Kaunas; Amelie, Kriahie, Richmond; Senator, I'aim, Rappahannock. Returned, Jasper, hence for New York, haviug lost her best bower anchor on Sunds- last, in the li-avy blow, in Georges Island Road-. Below, Partridge, from Philadelphia. Cld Gtn Brooks, Withr, Salem. Arr 28th, Germ, Lincoln, Philadelphia; Richard Taylor, Robinson,Richmond; Lucinda Suow, Trundy.Citv Point and Norfolk, Nr.w Bedford, Nov 2ti?Arr Ellen Rodman, Shepherd, N York; Wm Brown, G iogin, Philadelphia. Holmes Hole, Nov 27?Arr Treinont, of New York, from Boatou for St Maris, Oa; Turner, Wood'anry, Baltimore for Portland; Austin, Pcrkiust Aiix Cayes At Boston; Dusky Sally, Humphreys, Boston foi Fredericksburg; Lexington, CtOWefl, do for NYork; Pallas, Pliilude'idiia for Boatoti; Bahama, R'ch, Baltimore for do; Mhnoon, Carltmi. Frederickabssrg for do.? 28th?The wind blew a gale from WNW last night. The Treinont dragged arhore on the East Chop, and being light, has lie ten high up. The Turner dragged ashore oo the lints near the head of the harbor, cargo wood and Hour; will probably lie got off without much expense or damage. Providence, Nov 28?Below, a to|?ail ar.hr, deeply laden.? Sid Mouticello, Savannah. Warren, Nov26?Arr Metamora, Franklin, Dcinerara. Cld Frsneea, Ingrahun. NGrleana. Buffalo, Nov 26?Arr Columbia, Tyler, Detroit; Rocky Mountains, Stillmau, do; Indiana, CJine. St Joseph; Illinois, n..k ir,?i?i... ?... i...'r>; sr_u Cleveland. CM Free Trade), llirdner, fcleveland; Caledouia, Van Palt-n, do. Philaoki.phu, Nov 3ft?Arr in the Schuylkill, Calcutta, Burners, New London; Peter Ik Henry, Stevens, NYork. RicHMnnn, Nov 18?Arr D.i-id Cog, Hiehirds, NYork; T R Beriinr, Parker, do; 1,?oiitine, Knapp, do, Sid Pirtlnan, Alien, NOrieatia;Cyri et, Allen, NYork. Ncwarlv, NC. Nov It?Odd Tope*, Green, West Indiea. \XTANTKD?A Journeyman Barber. A aober, attentive and "v competent person, to take charge of a shop Apply at I A a tor Houte, next door to A. Oranoiean'a Hair Composition office. dl Itr pA'.KET SHIP MKMPM19~ FOR NEW_0RLKANS? a Passenger* hv this ship, will please he on hoard the Steamboat Herculea, at Whileholl, this day at 13 M., at which sime th-shin will mil dl itr NTOTICK.?The anhtciibert have this day formed a co-partJv npiahip. under the firm of George Langilou & Co- iu New York, and John George St Co. in Phil delphia, for the mtuuf-r lure and tale of H itr Seating* and Curled Hair in each city. Their husinc?t will be conducted at heretofore, at No. 83 Nassau ttreet, New York, and No. 69 Dock street, Philadelphia. /u.ee.,11 OJCoROE LANGDON. New Vork. (Signed) j6hn GEORGE. Philadelphia. New York, Dec let. 181 ' dl 3 7 10 4t*r DISSOLUTION ?By Ihe death of onr relative and partner, John Delmoutco. the co-partuerahip of Delmonieo Brothers, it this day dissolved. DKDMONICO BROTHERS. CO-PARTNERSHIP.?The establishment known a? " Delnrwuico Brothers." wi'l be carried on under the firm of P. A , Widow rind L. Delmonico. P. ANTHONY DELMONICO, WIDOW OK JOH v DELMONICO, LORENZO DELMONICO. New York, 25th November, 1812. dl 1t#ec ILITARY BALL.-The New York Highland Guard, will give their first Bill on Mond ,y evening, Dec. 12th, I(H?. av Ifir r\|mno oaioon. Tickeu may hi* hid at the following placvat? Hewitt kCo corner Broadway and Tark Place. Firth k H-11, Franklin Snnare. Captain J Ctaig, 5tt Pearl itr?et. Dr. <}eo. Morion, corner Grand and Kim aircefa. dl 9t*ec J. O. CLEMENT. Secreury. TAMMANY HALL -Mr. J. PARKER hai the honor to announce to hi-jcholara, aubarribcra and the public, that hia Kirat Public will tike place on Thursday evening neit, December lit. Dancing le continence at eight o'clock, and to be coiitiuurd until twelve o'clock. Gentlemen axe reiiaeated to wait on their ladiea put the door keeper. Mr P. aaaurea the public, that the strictest order will be kept, ao aa to iuanre the comfortoi thoae who may be pieioed to patronite him. Tickeu of admiaaion W eenta. The pnMica will take place ererp other Thnraday rt ming. School daya, Wedneadava and Salnrdaya. Tlie daya of tuition at the ichool in Eighth atreet, between Broadway aud the Bowery, are Moudaya and Thuraaaya. N.B.?Mr. P. inttudi to give a grand Ball on Tlnnkigiving night. _ nil) 2t*m /^RAND CONCERT IOF INSTRUMENTAL ANB "VOCAL MUSIC ?The Maacer. and Miaa HUGHES, the celebrated Cambrian Miuatrela, and Mr B. B. Boyre, the admired vocaliat. aaiivted by Meaara. L' wellyti and Jonca, and varioua other inembera of the St. David'* Benevolent Society, will have the honor of giving a Gra> d Concert at Waahingtou Hall, comer ol Broadway and Keade atreetv, 011 Friday evening. No?. 2, 1812. Doora o|>*n at half ?ac fi. Concert to rninm.no. ?f nnarler hul 1 i.rmlu'n Ti.L.i. Ol ? be had at the Muiic Stores, and at the Hall on the esrening of performance. Further particulars ?re bills of the day. dl lt*m MK. BRAHAM'* CONCERT.?Mr. BKAHAM liaa the honor to announce. that he will gire a Concert on Thursday evening, Dec. 1st, at the Society Library, assisted by hit .on, Mr. CHARLES BRAHAM. PROGRAMME, n.r i. Duett?" Tho Minnte Gun at Sea,"?Mr. Braham and Mr C Braham Song?" William Tell*?Mr Braham Braham Song from the Opera of " Amile"?" My Boyhood'. Home''?Mr C Braham Song?"A Man', a Man for a* that"?Mr Braham Song?" The Anchor^ Weigh'd"?Mr.C Braham Braham Bruce'. Addre.. to hi. Army?" Scot, wha hae"? Mr Braham raaT ti. Bong?"The Old English Gentlc-aian' ?Mr Brabant Son*?" Th? light of other day."? MrC Braham- Balfe Duett?"Oallop on gaily"?Mi "taham and Mr C Braham Braham Lover's Iri.h Lo*e Pong?" Molly Bawn?Mr Bralinn 7 Song?"TheLadl ol the Village"?MrC Braham Dihdin Song?" The Bay of Biscay"?Mr Braham Tickets One Dollar each, Clolorrn h If |trico, to be had at Atwelt'a and Hewett'a Music Stores. Concert to commence at eight o'clock. n3fl 2t r Tj'OURTH AND LAST CONCERT.?Mr. MAX " ROHKKR, Concert M iter and fiist Violoncellist to the King of Wirtemhurg, respectfully inform, hi. friend, and the public, that he will give hi. fourth and last Concert; (preemu. to his departure for the South) on Thuodiy eseniog, Dec. 1st, at th- Tabernacle, on which occasion he will perform, for the first lime. thr. e of hi.i latest compositions. He will be assisted by Mrs.E. Loder, and Mr. Timm, who will preside at the Piano Forte, PROGRAMME. 1? Grand Fantasia, for the Violincello.ou Russian . National Aire? Mr Bohrer Bohrer 2?Grand Ana?"Ciel rietoso"?Mra B Loder---- Rossini 3?Romance and Variations on an Antnchien NaHon??Mr Bohrer Bohrer 4?New M8, Ballad?" Bint of mv heart," wntten hy Park Benjamin, Esq ? Mn E Lo-W C E Horn ra*T n. I?Andante Grar.ioea, for the Violoncello?Mr Bohrer- Romberg ?Grand Aria?" Parto ma tn hen mio" ?-Mia Ed ward Loiter Mozart 1? Introduction and Grand Polacca alia brarnra, for the Violoncello?Mr Bonr'r Bohrer I?Song?" If a youth ahould meet a Maiden," fiom " Der F'reiachiitz''? Mra Loder Weber Ticketi One Dollar, to b? hail at tne principal Mtuic Stores ; at hit reaidence St. George's Hotel, and at the door on the evening of the Concert. Doors open at 7. Concert to commence [at t o'clock precisely. hid 3t r THE ONLY P L ACE New York where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be obtained it at .JOHN M. DA VIES k JONES, IM William it, corner of John it, Agenta for the Shaker*! Merrimac Co, N. H. Alio?Close anil open knit Drawer!, flannel wrapper* and drawer*, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yard or piece ?i' ii preferable to any style now in use nS Imr li*BENCH BOARDING HOUSE ?Furnished rooms, with " hoard in the French style, em be had at the " Cafe Tortntii." ISO Broadway, nearly oppoefte the City Hotel. t 3) Imu'ni _ ajaea age PEOPLE'S LINE Fort ALBANV7~*nil fl, I^*a1 JT Intermediate Place*, (org* far aathe Ice ^sr jw w - n permit )?The S-eartilioat UTICA, leaves the foot o( C on it rind t street. This AfUrnooa at five o'clock, Thursday, Dec. 1st. For passage or freight, apply on bosrd, ot to P. C- 8HULTZ, at the ofllee on the wharf. dlr tAUCTION SALES_ THOMAS BKLI , Anttioneer. BY BELL k HOWARD. (Kwm So*, 'to .inn mil i]s iulivnstr*?? ) THL'RbDA Y At ISM o'i lock at tor sa'r rooms. S ile of Fancy Goods, I'lu d Ware Cat tiles*, China, tic. Alto an rniirtt invoice uf Kail, ntautel ami astral lamia, gn indoles, chandeliers, gas lis'ures, curtaius and ornaments, four Krenrh krdsteads, beds, mallrasars, blankets, table cutIcrV . jewelry. fcc. Also, to baskets champagne; 20 demijohns brandy, fcc At II o'clock. Stoves?A number ef valuable new auil setond hand stores, various styles and intents. Also, Nntt's h*ll stores. Also, at IH< o'clock, |>reciselv, oue piano forte, and two billiard tables, by order of the sheiitf. Alto, another splendid F iano forte, nearly new. and ic fine order. Sold positively under peculiar circumstances. FRIDAY. At Iffy clock in the sales room. Sale of PaiutiiiKS, F.uvravings, Books, Looking Ulaaies, furniture, tic., by catalogue .Hid without reserve?100 valuable a' cieut aud modern paintings, some line engravings, hooka and works ol art, t snlendid barometers, a variety of articles of furniture, sofas, chairs, bedsteads, looking glasses, kc. At 11X o'clock, 2superb l'iano fortes, equal to suy in the city. SATURDAY. At 10X o'clock lu the males room. Hnlendid furniture Sale?A large assortment of t legant furnit ire, by orderof the sheriff Also, ilie entire genteel furniture of a family removing, i choice st'ek of n-w eity nude c .bluet furniture, heds, bedding matlrass -s, bUnkets. kr. kc. Also, a larxe additional and very valuable assortment of su prrh lion-eliold and kitchen furniture of all descriptions from Brooklyn. MONDAY. At lOWo'clock. in the rule* room. Kit'tmre and splrtidid salt' ol elegant clothing of nil descriptions, both London and city made ; second hand and bovs do, evrrroais, cloaks, hosiery, shirts, dry goods. muslin, calico, silks, satins, superb West of Kuglann cloths. raasiinerrsand vc.tings in Iota to suit; gnus, watches, jewelry, diamonds, tic. TUKHDAY. Lar^'e tale of Piano Fortis?At lt)X o'clock, in the room, first tlo r, No. 14 John street, near Broaeway, on which oc?asioo, 14 splendid instruments by the best makers known, will be sold without reserye to the burliest bidder. Such an opportunity seldom occur., for persons wiihinir a fine Piano to sii|ply themselves. Most of them are wsiraut d. Further particulars to-morrow. Catalogues in lime. ______ ___________ THURSDAY," ~ At 10 1-2 o'clock at 48 Maiden Lane, Sheriff's Sale?Contents of a Dry Good and Fancy Store? Consisting of silks, laces, ribins, gloves, hosiery, millenery, and fancy articles, tic., 8tc. Sheriff's Srle?At 10 o'clock, at 317 Pearl atreet, latge stock of i hairs and cabinet furniture, by catal gue, comprising a general assortment of articles its the tine. Catalogues on tlie morning of sale SATURDAY. At wv? o'clock at the sale* room. A Rood Assortment of new and second hand furniture, hall, parlor and cooking stoves, &c Sto. MONDAY. AM0>$ o'clock a' their sales rooin. Broad Clo'hs, Cassimeres. Gloves, Hosiery, Ike. Ike. AT PRIVATK SALE?1 superb French 6% octave piano, made by tne celebrated composer Heuri Hers, of Paris, equal in tone to any instrument ever imported. AUCTION NOTK K?BYCAHTEK 8c CO at the Store No. 102 Broadway, between Pine and Wall street, Friday, 2d December, at 10 o'olock ?Eleg nt Parlor Furniture, China aud Carpets, including halt, t irec-fourdu and full F.<inhm<hogany chairs, of vsriom patterns; beautiful parlor rocking chairs; elegant tufted, cushioned and spring seat sofa?; very ImipIm 'iiie rani and mure tables. with in.uble tops; maho/any brink last tab es, ladies work tables, mahogany and plain dressing bureaus, very beautiful ottomans and piano stools, superior French mdsofabedsteads, hair mattrasses,officedesu,lie. Also, 2 very elegant nHO For.es, of supen >r ton. oi-i finish. Criina?Very rich French china tea and coffee sets, white and gold; clou v .Initio sets Of the blue "ftntlO* AilwlQ pi Wli,* and 1 blue Tyrolean" patterns and pure white; handsome tea and toilet sets, while and green sprig, and blue pitchers and basins; elegant rosewood fancy workboxas and portable desks; a small .Hsorriiont of ingr.im md Venetian st.iir r.irp?t, ml cloth, tufted rugs, flat stair rods and window blinds; 3 sjd*ndid vases of wax flowers, Sale positive, and will t>e found Worthy the attention of hnnsckef tiers and dealers. dl 2tr THOV1A8 BKM . Auctioneer. ~~ Auction notice-large half: of splendid FURNITURE, .?f all descriptions?This diy as 10 ? o'clock, in the rooms 32 Ann and 115 Fulton street, as usual, without reserve. The sale will he found deserving particular Attl ntion. Sea auction head of B?ll k Howsrd. u30r READ, AnD BE A D V HED.?Oeulle reader, do you ever have the headache? M Yes." Purchase, then, a box of Dr. Peters'Lozenges, and you will hare it no more ; for, under cover of such a battery, should the genius of headaches venture to attack you, a single Lozenge laid ou your tongue, will put him to flight in two minutes! Aie your children troubled with worms ? II you have iny ch Idreii, the answer is '* Yes " Then treat the in to oue of Peters' Lozenges every morning for a week, and their troubles that way will be at an end. Have you a hoarseness aud a hacking cough 7 He cau provide you with a Loungethai will nuke yoer system as sound as a hell, and your stomach as clear as a whistle. Hence, we know of uothing tint should prevent you from proceeding forthwith to No. 125 Foltou street, and purchasing a supply of these inestimable Lozeuges, at the low price ol 25 and 37% cents per box. dllt*?o RuckvvelT\s patevt vault lights.?so uit ful (o e*ulud - wol, dint, mil 'nut, auJ at lha simelnnr ailmu Iiili', irreatlv imprnreJ for ?tranii?li and ilur bilitv. K?r .all* at Vo. 9 A.lor House, entrance in Bircl^y ?'.. ii2*J Cfr NKW york and harlkm rail road company. j Vli. 1 ::i 'I ' r will inn <1 iily i.' 11.ivs LesveCi'y Hull for Leuve II irlnin Leave Williuin?' Bridge William,'Bridge. for City Hall. forOiivHill 6 30 A. M. C 20 A. .VI. it (10 A. M. 9 " 10 0 " 10 20 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 50 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 <0 " 3 20 " 4 " 5 40 " 5 20 " 4 30 Harlem only. 6 30 " City Hull Hiid Tweutv ievriith street Line will run asfo'lowsFrom 7 30 A M. every ten minutes throughout the (lav till 7 P. M. Passniuers for Westchester. Throe's Neck, Kutchester. New Rochellc, Miniaroneck, Horse N?ck, North Castle, H'>hbius' Mills anil White Plai s, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. trsin from City Hull. Pisseueeri for Yonkers will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P, M. trains from City Hall, Did lm*m FOR LONDONTXIVKRPOOL, NEW ORLEANS, MOBILE. SAVANNAH, AND CHARLESTON. jfS- Jiff*The r**rular packets to sail for mrnti *ned ports, arc the following, ? The'acket ship TORONTO, Captain Oriawold, will tail for LONDON, on the lAth December, her regu'ar day. The packet ship EUROPE, Captain Furb? r, will aail for LIVK RPOOL,on the l?t December, lirr regular dav. The packet ship MEMPHIS, will sail for NEW ORL^'ANti, ou the 1st December, this day. The jacket ship NEW YORK, Captain Nevin, will aail for MOBILE, to-morrow Thi packet brig WILSON FULLER, Captain Cobb, will sail lor SAVANNAH, to-morrow. The racket ship WARSAW, Captain Hawkins, will sail for CHARLESTON, to-morrow. Persons <tbout to embark for any of the above ports, will find th accommodation of these nack'ti trerv wav desir b'e. And the piice of passage i? low, for which apply to W. at J. T. TAPSCOTT. 4B Peck Slip, or dtj- W>. Son'h strccr, cor Jones' lane. FOR LONDON.?Regular packet of the 10th of Derenibir?The reiy superior fa?t sailing packet ABuBMship TORONTO, Capt. Oiiswold, will iiontirely tail si shore, her regular day. For passage in calm), second cabiu, aud steerage, having tuiieib accommodations, apply to JOSEPH McMOKKAF, 100 Pine si., cor. South. The ahove will be succeeded bv the packet ship Westmins:er, Caul Moore, and sail on the 20th December. Tenons wuluiig to send for their Iriends can hare them brought ont by either of the above ships, or any of the regular packets, by applying as ahoeo ; if by letter, post paid. ill c Mg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Regular Packet ol 25tb December.?The Splendid Packet JMpHpShip SIDDON9, Captain E 0. Cobb, of 1000 tons, will positively sail as abore, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splenilor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South street. Price of passage, $100. The Pacltet Ship Sheridan, Cat* F. A. De Peyster, of 1000 Ions, will succeed the Siddons, ana sail the 25th January, her regular day. L ttera for the ships of this will only be received at Gilpin's and Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually aa advertised. dl e BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL hMMfWPackets.?The only Regular Packet that sails on the of Dec ?The magnificent packet shin EUROPE, Captain F.dw. G. Furber, will tail positively on Thursday, the 1st of December, her regular day. For terms of passage id cabin, 2d cabin and steerage, also to secure the heat beithia,apply on board,foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE BROTHERS & CO., 35 Fnlton st, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S. The Europe will sail I torn Liverpool ou:he I9tn January, 1241?those sendiug for their friends can have them brought out in her, or in any ol the Packets of this Line,which sail from that port on the 7th and 19th of every Month. For i asstge ap ply as above. N. B. The New and Splendid Packet Ship New York, of 1000 tons burthen will succeed the Europe, and sail for Liverpoel c,n the loth Dec., her regular d iy. n:iOr_ Old black ball line ok packets JMpfVKOR LIVEUPOOL-Packet of the 1st December. j?fia?jThc w<ll known and favoriteiM. ket ship EUROPE, Capt, Kuiber, will positively sail on Thursday, 1st Dec, her regular clay. This splendid ship lias unsurpassed acrnminodatious for cabin, second cabin and sreerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make eaily aptdication on board at foot of Beekman st, or to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South street. N. B. Persoos sending for their friends residing in Or cat Britain and Ireland can have the in brought out, aa usual, by any of the shi|>s comfKising this line; drafts for any amount ran he furnished, payable in all the principal towns throughout the Uniisd Kingdom, on application a. above. nSOr XJEJv KOH LIVERPOOL?Regultr Packet or the JTth MfllVW.Derembei?The splrnuid, last sailing packet ship JKfjfelNDEI'ENDENCE, Capt Wye, will tail aa above her regular day. Knr pasaage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, baring SDleodin accommodations,a|iply on board, foot of Maiden lane, orto JOSEPlI McMURHAY, 100 Pine afreet, comet of South street. P. g.?The above will be sueceeded by the packet shel Vir ginia, Aapt Allin. and sail on 13 Dec. . Persons wishing to send lor their friends, residing in the Old f.i<*nt i . . or have them hr rucht rvnl Or tins thu. o, oft ha regwkar |?ckela, by apply ing u abore', if letter'poat paid. ul5r nlir KOK NEW ORLEANS?Loniaiaua It New York Line?Regular Packet.of lOtli December. The lul JNtttinieailiug packet ahip OCMULOEE, Oapt. Peet, will pOaltlTalraatl u ak"Te, her iegnl.tr day. Km freight or pusage, hating handaome furnished accommodations, apply on board, atfOrlcana wharf, foot of Wall ?t. or to E. K COLLINS It CO. 56 Houth at. Shipper* may rely npon havrnii their goods correctly mrunred, and that the ahips of thia line Will tail punctually aa advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required. Agents in N. Orleana. Hullin It Woodruff, woo will promptly forward all Koodato their addreta. The packet tliip Oconee, CtDtain Jackaon, will succeed the Ocumnlgee, and tail the Will Dec, her regular day. <1 c _ Agg- REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ac., fcc)J!ffVThe tnbacriber contiunef to traiumit money, in sums JQfNME* 'ante or amall to peraona residing in any part of frelaud, in the aame manner u he, aud hia predcceaaar in bnaineta have done for the laat hirty yaara, and more; alao, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (postpaid) to the anbacnher, or wraonally depaaited witn him, with the name of the peraon or peraona 'n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be ler', and neareat poat town, will he immediately tranamrtted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect gi?en or for warded to the aendcr. . In like manner money with or rlaiaa on peraona tn any partot Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by thy ?eksenfer, for peraona residing ia any part of the United states, or n^ir1 wl" * siMrusflSr j,., ho^, ?. AMUSEMENTS. ~ VilATHAJI THKATHK. Pit UK e?ati. UltwjTirr 14 rent*. KuU Tin J? caMi J R.Sc 'tH Benefit. THlS rVKMMI. Dec I. n. r?rformei THE MAKIVKR'M DREAM Alter winch, ""''.r^rJV'^wru Conclude with ?'iu lOlIND NOTE, t! >?? ? 73?kd and 3d Tier SO?Pit J7K cu?Oellery is ccou Poor? <u*u ?t sk o'clock anil the perlurmauce will com mrnce at 7 |.rrcn.lv PARK TIIKAl'Hlf. THIS EVENING. Dec. I, will piaaeoted, THE JEACOUrf WirE. After which, THE IKiSH TUTOR. To conclude with BOOTS AT THE SWAN. " D'-ori will Open aUK?Outum willrno at qaartpr put 7 o'clock nrrcieely. _ L . 1! ? Office 01*11 deilr fiom 9 to i. where Tickwte ur b? ei mil placesaeenred. fllTCHKLL'H OLVHIPIC THKATHfe.. ?44 Broadway, New Tort. THfM KVKNINO, Dec I, will be performed AMILK. After whirh CURIOSITIES OK L1TIMIATURE. To conclude with JOHN OK rAHIS. VTf The Door* will be opened at Iialf-pnat8, and the per lormahre ttmw?nee ?tT. ewtrewwi AMPIurHKATHK 6K THE gEPlIUUC. 37 R<nrtry Third emreeement of 'he wader-working LION Hr.KO OK FRANCE. Kiret apitearauc this n-uoti ol' C ONNELL, the Tattooed Mail. Boidee Otto Molly, 8. B Uimo; Walter X<'mar, the Infantile Ki|iieetrn . ana Franklin, the tireat Cord* Volticenr. Mottv'e I fintile Family n|i|>ear ou Thnraday. \ilinmi ui?B"?i ? so rent??Sr coiiil Tier VM?Pit IS n28r FKVNKI IN Till AIRE THE great succest -itteudiug the FRANKLIN hat induced tli?- manager to et gag** thirty lady aud gentleman performers, and ft* the redu ?d pices of I)r??? Circle 25 gents including a 1h?1 v ; Upper But ltj< renia, Gallery 12H, Pit cm'*. For thi* wet li ouly, Mr. EMM ET, the great southern Melodut. KR^NK BKOWRK, the perfect renreteu latioo of the Southern Negro characters, and Matter PIERCE the great Heelologist, are engaged; t**it beitr-' their first apHi'Hrinrp in thii eitv ? .? ? - ? ?-_ Yorkers with an eutire Dew collection of songs, duetts, serenades, melodies, Str., en<l mu?t lie seen. Mr. J. F. O'Couuel, tin- tattooed met; C. I). Jenkins, F. Diamond, Rugulrs, Mil Irr. Mestaver. Brothers of W.irMW, Richardson, Muter Henry. Mias Aurtol, Miu Rosamond, Aii^inU, Celeste, Cerito, kc. Itc . are among the list of uaines for this week. Mr. No hcr's Brass Baud is also cuitaced Doonopen at 8, performances continence at7o,clock. Programme at th- theatre. nil Im is'ec anrkicaiv noEun, ' MARBLE BUILDING, Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. Day Visi ors admitted the same ereninir free. This immense establishment consists of BIX SPACIOUS HA I.LH, each over 100 feet in length, and containing mors wonderful works of nature and art than any five museums in America. FOURTEEN UNEQUALLED PERFORMERS. Mi. W1NCHELL, the laught r provokinir original comic drollrris' appears in new eccentricities : T. G. BOOTH-the best comic snig-r in America; LA PETITE CELESTE, the (raceful dsnseuse ; Mi>s HOOB, the admired songstress, Bur nor VIVALDI'S Family of Ten Performers; the Albino L?dv, K.ncy G ass Blowing, Grand Costnorama, fcc. I'erf irmnuces Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and enry evening at half ptst seven o'clock. Day visitors admitted tree in the ereniug. Admissiou to the whole >4 can's, children half price. ti27r 8FLENDlu NOVFI. TIK. S ' ! ENTIRE CHANGE OF PERFORM A M 'E'. SEW YORK BIUSKUM AND PICTURE UALLRRV, Brotulwuv. Ofrpo?%it the City Halt, MR. H BEVNETT. sMa ayer, autumn es with pleuurt, that he lias eflectea a thor engagement with 81ONOR BLITZ, the wonderful ^Migician, Veutriloquist and Plate Dancer; Mini LKMP.IVUIC will repeat lirr much admired dances : Miu BliUCE, the sweet songstress; Mr. Q. Z. BROW ICR, the or clouted comic singer, and Mr. DKLA RUE, the inimitable mimic ; Muvuni, Merm -id. live Albino Deer, half t million of Curiosities, Glass Blowing, Picture Oillery, and performances to be seen for One Shilling. A day entsrtaiunieut ou Wednesday and Saturday, at three o'clock. oSI lm ec UUHE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the a world?Now eshibiting at the cornerof Chatham street and Tryon Row, opianit- the Path, for a short time*.? A Double Spanish Live Bull, taken near Buenos Ayres. ou the I'l i a, by the Spaniards, in the year 1840, and imported to New Vork in 1842. He is considered bv naturalists to be llie most wonderful de formity in the known world. H? has a double windpipe, dou ble breast, oouhle paunch, double ribs, ail legs, double hips, and some other carta double. He is perfectly sound and in geod health, aud supposed to be nine years old, and weigh urar l.jOO pou ids. Piofessms of Natural History, Surgeons, and Anatomist wou d do well to viait aud judge for themselves. A Three Legged Cow, unw three years old. She is deficient of one fore leg. and was so from birth. A Costimuudi. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leopard, taken alive in the North River. The head resembles that of a dog, and the skin isj spotted like that of a leopard. Truly a wonderful curiosity. W?lf, Monkeys, Re. To be seru fiWln 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admission 12 1-2 cents, children under 10 yesrs of age hall price. Oood Music in attendance. a23 lm*m FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, OKKICE No. 7 WALL STREET. a? iar MUSIC. SCHNEIDER fc RKBMI.'N will attend private parties and soirees with a lulld of Irom three to tweuty artula. Apply No 27 Delancy atreet mar the Jfowery, or No. lit Norfolk at nil ?*r AUaRD^JT B ARDO'FTE, Superintendent, begs to inforii hia Irieuds anu the public genrially that he has opened a Cafe nud Bonrdmg House for gentlemen at No, ISB Broadway, which will be conducted upou the plan of the celebrated Cafe Tortoni at Paris. There are about twenty furnished rooms attached to the Cafe which will be let anil rerals furnished to any numberol iteutleinen forming a club, at such hours as thev may select. Madame Bardntte, long aud h? trusts livorably known as the proprieteas of a select maison de iiension in thii city will superintend the house. Gentlemen will hu furnished with incala at any hoar in the coffee room. The cuisine nrrnnaements will be f mod of the drat order.and the wiurs, liquors, kc., the best that can be procured regardless of expense. An inspection of the establishment^ reyejdjljjr^olisilk. p232wn?r 130 Broadway, between Liberty k Cvdiar'ate. ?i|? 1 nn 1EWAHD-The subscriber, in crossing the Fulton SP 1 ses-r ferry last ercniuit, between 5 aud ti o'clock.was robbed of fidO, by having his pocket book cut from hiadoeket? containing 7 $M notes on Mechanics Bank, New Bedford, now plate; 3 S.'iO do on Merchants Bank of do do ; 1 do bank not known; I $t0 ha?k of New Yotk. The banks and brokers of the city, are respectfully requested to delect and secure the same, for which the above reward sha.l be paid. The same to be left at SLATE,GARDENER k MOW ELL, 114 aud lli South street. _u26 lw*rc A. COLEMAN.of New Bedford. BLACK MARBLE?liO tons Irish Black Marble, for sale by _ n2tr PKR88K St BKOOKS. No. ?l Liberty atreet. I'S8?GUNS?GUNS?At anctiou prices? 1Q0 double bar ? h i onciing guns, mace < xprrssly lor ?juth Bide Loag Island. ^ 200 Cocking Gnus, assorted, 1-6 to 3-4 box**, ass'rt lengths, 300 Single barrel guus.cuDmon to lipe. 300 Rifles, from tti to |t0 each. 3000 Paris pistol* Gunsmiths aid dealer* in gun* will fiud t* thudenot trery article wauled by the manufacturer or *|i iruraan, in any quantity desired, a* follows?gnu locks, rifle locks, harre *, springs, cruses, cap*, wards, worms, ti,is, no*, trigger* lumiture, fce. Also, horns aud (rower-flanks, from I to I* nxi game bags, shot bigs, primers, wrenches, fce. A. W. 8Pity8 k CO., n2Slm*r 318 Pearl ?trn?t. NCURRKNT MO.NKV discounted at low rata* by JAMi.B fc CO.. ntg lw*r 40 Wall street. STOCK OT EARTHEN W ATTST.CHINA AND GLASS, For Sale, and Store to Let.?The present occnpant being abotillearing for the south, the entire stock of new and elegant good* low in the Store 244 Bowery, will be aold on reasonable terms. To auy (lersoti wishing to embark in the Earthen W. re business, a good opjwrinnity is now offered The store is well fitted up, and is an exc llent stand forhnsinesc. Apply oil the premises, or to JOHN C JACKSON, 113 Water street, np stair*. at9 lw're ^ ria, Captains, Acids, Dye woods, Lunar Canatie.Daane? reotype Chemicals. German Silver, Ac. kc. fce. See fourth pag?- ofT tTHJ PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS.?A yoauw man' A a |iractical p'.nlei. who it thoroughly acquainted with hie business in erery detriment and brauch, aid who haa been employed in the capacity of reporter and sub-editor on several uglily respectable journals, is desirous of obtaining a situation in the country, to take charge of, and manage, a small newspaper concerns. A remunerating salary will only be expected. Address, by letter. (post pud) X. V. Z., tl Um Herald omce. Resectable releriaici s given and required. nIT jgb T'O DKNTliTS-l am now prepared to BI1 orders to any 1 amount, with assorted colon, and to match all samples that may be sent. Molais, Bicmpids, fce. equal to any manufactured, will be sold at the rsteof $6 00 per hnndred. ELLIS MIDDLETON. Surgeon Dentist, and Manufacturer of Porcelain Teeth. Removed to Arch *t, thr-e dorrs below Seventh. nl> >t*? LADIES' Silk and Merino Under Veita lor sale by JOHN M. DA VIES fc JONES. n'.y iter IAS William -fir of Jehu St* I Oil N \T, DAVIES fc JONES inform their irienda and " enstomers that they nave received their winter fashions for Caps?a varietv of new styles for youth and children. The Craorienne Turban now so innch worn, is mennfactared by mem. aiv a new sty ie 01 irar?uinf cap, very convenient lo | gentlemenirnvelliny I nS9 lm#r 1M WILLIAM ST. U. a. CITY DESPATCH POST. , Pt ?ST OFFICE, New York, SSth Jnly, IMS. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the U oeraud Lower Poat Ofices:? Letter* binoaited before ? Hah eat I o'clock, A M' " IS " " 3 " P M Will be aent oat for deAt all the Stations before livery at 9 A M. aud 1 7 o clock, A M and 4 o'clock, PH. II " " a P m Lettara to bo aent Free. maat have "Free Stamp" aflxad to thetn, olherwiae three cents will be collected or the party to whom th? letter ta adtlreaae J. No money moat be encloaed in lenert unlet, reuiaterrd at t te I rinripal ottcea. Lists ol the tattout (at all of which "free >uunpe" may be purchased at S2,jfl l>er 100. and every lnlormatioo may be obtained on application at the upper or lower poat < rtlcea. Stamps taaued by the late Citypeipatch Poet will be eec.ived. It ia indiapenaable that the number of the reaidenca ahoni I be ataled ia ail lettara eatl through thia Poat. The Post iM eater aollciU the earlieet iniot mation ho aid aay irregularities occur. JOHN LORIME-t GRAHAM au2S lv oc Poat Master. private medicine chests. THE COLLEdE OF medicine and pharmacy of the city of new york. HAVE prepared a number of " Private MedicineChests, each containing an api-ro relate quantity of"}* "?v? F ranch Me.licmea lor the cure of peculiar claw of diseases,which have unfortunately in too many inatai.ee. fallen under the treetment of iKnoriot fjuacks, in coanewDce of the eitrrSMMWl* tv which natienfa thus afflicted thibit in applying for medical aXioa r ...I^erahi* nhv?iciaiia. In the mini# nnw #v JdtiMd.'&wa'rT^a/a and effect'UmImm'Will bc?M?d br tuci, patient* without the neteaaity ol malt in* any diactoevre ol their iuui". The ' Mrdieine Cheat contain* ?n?4r aquenttity o( appropriate medicine as la ruaranterd to effect ? perfect c?re, ami uni'lr direction* in a plain ami familiar style aerompe^y tech cheat. 'J'hr remedies are applicable to all forma of the fli eiuThe cheat*, containing remedies for avphiliOC dlaaaan arc -. ild for ti each?the cheata with rrmeilict for .oworrhoea ami elect $3 caeh, aaay now be had of the Principal A##nt ot the Co'lcf*. W. 8. RICHARDSON. Atent. Principal Office of the Colletre 97 Naasnn atreet. N ft.?Caaca forwarded to all pacta of the union, tne Canada* an 1 Wcat Indira. I taott* trorchaiintf thcClicatacan.by addresaint the Collet*, Irruni tonal y obtain whatercr additional adnce they may dealio nunc the protrrm of their caac. aW Im '? ** i'UtoTLUlj'EbK FEMALE PILLS. TrtlCdlt far-farce I and celebrated Pill*, from Portnc/t, w* perretrv to be obtainen in thia eoantry. See adf a f >*a| a? t ou the la*tnolo?a? *" *. ml '*.1

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