3 Aralık 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Aralık 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

THE PEOPLE'S MED I 0INE."?Such the G?- \ niiin- Extract of Sar-tpsnlla, prepared(under thi direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York, may he emphatically denominate 1. Thia elegant an 1 efficacious preparation ia compounded of the active principles of farsaparilla, Gentian, and the Laurna Sassafras ?v. gefables whose value in purifying the blood an 1 strengthening the system, are admitted by all meili cal authonti s This arti'le does not contain a particle of mineral medicine, and therefore differs essentially from the mixture sold under the name of Snrsaparilla. which mar he readily known to contain mercury or arsenic, from the sicklies of the stomach producedlby their.usel Sold iu single W.tU? at 76 cents each. - Infuses of hall dozen bottles id 60, do one dozen f6. W. S. RICHARDSON, Ag*it. principal Office of the College 97 Nasi.au,st. OO- FIKTY 'DOLLARS REWARD.?Lost, near the Herald office, a wallet, containing three hundred 4011a , the fill!* principally on the Bank of North Ameri a, in this city, 'oyc'ier with some other valuable papers. Any person leaving the same at the HeryWlo?cejkhBIhe liberally rewarded. JAMES FUNS YON. Now York, Nor. 30, lft-42. CCT-WAK ON TEXAS.?Santa Anna has written afttrlou* letter tbrea'eniog to extirpate the Texians before lie's many weeks elikr. Keep cool, friend Santa, afid procut* norno of Peter*' Cordial Lozenges, which will so brighten up your Intellect* that you w ill at once See that it mirkt he much better for you to leave it alone. Peters has also Lozenges for the cure ol worms, coughs, colJs, sea.siokni-J, Ilea laches, Ac. which are creating a powerful sensation in all quarters, even in the capital ol the would-be rovol Santa Anna. e-tj TalfcU'g of these things, it maybe at well to aid, that refers' shilling Strengthening Plaster for breasts, barks, aide*, Ac , is tU" greatest article of t ?e kind ever discover e.l, O: itself alone it is enough to immortalize the paten- J tee. Principal office pjy Fulton, corner of Nassau st. (&- THE NEW WORLD OF THIS D \Y 18 A VERY Interesting number. It contains another superb Ballad of Ancient Home, entitled ? " The B.ittlu of the Lake llegillus," a lay sung at the feast of Castor and Pollux, in the year of the city 160. Also, new cbsptms of ' Our Mess," and a splendid tale Irom the O-vmtui, entitled " Woli the Robber,* with an immense amount of miscellaneous, editorial, and ngws articles. Prier lit cents. Office. 30 Ann street, where are for salt" all tlif cheap hooka for the people, in extra nunben, from Iff to li cents each. / 3r?- VOX I'OrVLI.?Yea, the voice of the people has literally stamped with the seal ot approbation an original invention of Philon, the Premtu-u Wig Maker ami Hair (hitter, who, n< t content with studying toe ornament of "the human facu divine," has set himself to inveatigate the vegetable kingdom in search of some stay lor the ularming decay of the hair and its consequent falling out. The Dahlia '.'ream has not failed, in thousands of applica tions to do all the inventor claimed for it, namely ?It will aid new life to the roots, thereby invigorating and stimulating it to a healthy growth, positively preventing it irom falling out, which is often the case, produced by sickness or neglect; gives it a beautiful soft dark appearanc?,without making it sticky, as some oils do?on the contrary it keeps it moist and preserves it in curl or other form, as desired. In short, it is the ne plus ultra of all substances in use 'or the preservation sof the human hair. Sold by E I'll ALON. Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, 214 Broaalway, opposite St. Pauls. fK?- YESTERDAY WAS A DAY SO WELL CALculatedto pro luce eoDghs and colds, anil hasten the work of consumption, that we feel it our duty once mora to let our voice he heard in praise and recommendation of the Compound Extract ot Hnrehound Candy, made ami sold by John Pease 8c Sen, 49 Division street. It is?we say it unhesitatingly?the best remedy for coughs, colds, &c.; nl-o for purify ing the blood and clearing the system, now in exis ence." The half of its virtues have not been made known to the public. Physicians are now using it extensively in their practice. Clergymen who have once used it will not be without It, as their own certificates go to prove. Members of Congress and the State Legislature would not on any account be deprived of it while attending to the duties of their offices; but the greatest Eroof of its virtues is to be found in the certificates that ave been given the proprietors, unasked, by thousands of private individuals who have been rescued from untimely graves by i.s use alone, and that too when all other medicines have been tried without effect. We say once more to all the suffering, go at once to Pease & Son, 45 Di vision ft,nrifltry their valuable candy, mey nave omces No. 8 state street, Boston; S7 State street, Albany: No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 110 Baltimore itreat, Baltimore, Mil ; at Louisville, Kv.; 26 St. Charles streit, New Orleans, La.; lluntsrille, Alabama. MON E V :-l VKKE'l', Friday, Deo. 3?0 There was but little done at the stock board, and prices presented no material change. Mohawk fell 1 per cent. The State of Ohio is pursuing a course which must end in inevitable ruin. With a largo stock debt, stated by the auditor at about $19,000,000, sho owes some temporary loans to certain of iter banks about to go into liquidation. Among these, the Franklin Bank and the CUillicothe Bank have called in about $200,000. This sum the state has pr* cured by telling the stock in the market 67J wag offered in Wall street, and the Banks to which the sum was due bought the stock in, probably at 6d. This is a most disgraceful transaction. The money was borrowed of the banks to make up former dividends on tha State debt, and is now reimbursed at a loss to the State oi over 30 p'T cent. The rates of bills on all specie paying points continue to The natural operations of business " regulate" the ex changes in a manner which places the art of financiers, and the sch-mea of politicians, at defiance. On Alabama the rates fluctuate with the movements of the insolvent banks o! that State, which emit what is called it4 currency. The price varies at times 6 to 6 per cent in 34 hours. The following is a table of present rates CuRKKnr Kstfs or Bank Notes and Domestic Bills. V-niii \olei. Exchange. Suf, tv KOKJ - - KaK S-cu.jtr Batiks- ha 1 New Emriand- Ka)4 Boston--- par ?V U. S. Bank 5fl .\00 P. nnsv! vsuia . ?4a7)4 Philadelphia -)4 a New Jersey ,',.1 I Maryland \*)i Baltimore \C a i? Vuaiuii 1)4* J Richmond- iK* 13* North Carolina.- 1)4a 2 North Carolina-- iX* 2 Georgia 1 a 2 Savannah l.'Ji IK Autri'sta Dja l>? Soulh Carolina.- 1? 2 Charleston l\a 1)4 Florida ? a70 AimUchieola- .? 4? Alabama 14 aI5 Mobile 13)4all Louisiana 3 a75 New Orleans par a)4pm Kentucky 1}?a 3 Louisville. .1)4* 2 <ls Trline."-ee ? G a 7 Nashville 4 hi Mississippi .- ? a? Nalclws 4? Miviouri 6 a 8 St. Lonis ......, 1)4*2 Ohio 3 ali Cincinnati, 2 4 3 Indiana .--3 a 4 ? 3 a 3)4 Illinois afii --GO afc.'i Michigan G alO Detroit .--2)4.15 rPh is nroc.-i.t-- a crri-at llniformitv of rates. In loAkinff back nt rales current under the " regula'ion"of the national bank, monthly tablet of which,during it* whole ex. istcnce.havo been printed by order of Congress, the eye in wain searches lor a period,when so great a uniformity ex itted as during the period which haa this year elapsed since the resumption of the Southern banks. This uni? lormity arises from.two causes?one is, that all bills are now payable in the uniform currency of the constitution; and the other is thrt the elft.ctive demand for the purchase of goods and the payment of debts, has been mere closely confined to the actual supply, based upon the crops. There have been no individual nor corporate kites afloat?no factitious demand lor fictitious bills for kiting purposes, has influenced the market, either to raise or depress prices. The supply of a.tual bills for remittance from one end of the Union to the other, has been ample to meet the demand from all those who had anything to remit. This constitutes a healthy state of the exchanges, and of the curency. Notwithstanding this, there is a vague dcaire for " regulation" among certain classes who have no sinister view in the matter. This arises from the fact that they have outstanding debts dnefmm people who have not the means of paying, end the pretence is, that if a national in. stitution furnished the means of remittance, they could do so. That is, if somebbdy or something would lend them the money, they would pay their debts. Other debtors collect what is dun them in the bills of broken banks, and esll ii " currency." Ths loss they sustain on this they call " exchange," and imagine that a national bank would remedy It. Suppose an exchequer branch were now established in Mobile, with Its vaults stuffed full of hills on New York. It would not improve the etchange between tho points In the smallest fraction,because the exchange is now actually In favor of Mobile,and the apparent exehange iaotilv the denreciation of the enrrenrvnf iK?ir Innltoni bank*. A* long a* they tolerate that'currency, there ii no remedy whatever Tor the losses sustained by the people of that eection. Manyexcheqner project shave baon put forward from Wall street (and oisewhere.the design of which is evidently less to " regulate exchanges" than to expand tho currency, by malting paper promisee pass for money. The Wall street papers have lately contained a new project, under the signature ol Kranklin, which appears to be intended as a compromise between tho regulators of exchange and the advocate* of a paper money. This plan we annex ns follow* Pi or FaAifKLw. 1. Let a National Depository be established at the Scat of Government, and at such other places in the United States es may be dqemed necessary or convenient: say at New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Charleston, Boston, Sec. 2. In each depository there should be two dirtincl of. flees, via. a Revenue officii and an Exchange oAce. 3. The menies belonging to the United States must lie kept in tho Revenue office, and those belonging to iadivi,fuels in the Exchange office. I- 4 To each depository there must be a superintendent, nnd a resist, r to ooch office, with inch number of clerks a* the business may require. . 3. Each Eaehonge office must hnrethe power to i.<*tio r p'i]e r currency payable at I he office at which it iy issued, but the amount of such currency must asver exct od the aoiual amount ol specie holder for It* redemption. Tho paper thus issued ihoiild be In the following formt? 00030000C0000000030000000 ? TIih bearer is entitled, on demand, to twenty j* ? dollars in specie, deposited In the Exchange of- ? J flee of the National Depository in the City of . New York Nrw Yoaa, July 4,1843. ? R Fcnn, Register. J. Stiles, liupert ' Ijosoessstisp J '5 V JT l^Tha issuu* will be of iu denominations as may be pre scribed by law, and every where receivable for all daea to the United State*. 8. No department ar office of the national go? art went nauat erer be peraaitted to make drafts, either oa the ravenue or exchange office, in the form of a paper currency, or to circulate aa such; but auch paper must be made only by the superintendent of the depoaitory and register of the tcctaoa* offim from which it isauec. 7. The United States, or any person or corporation, may deposit specie in the Exchange otttca and receive the amount in a bill or bills of exchange or an acceptance, nay at>le at some exchange otttca, or in the paper cerrancy hereby authorized; no account must Ueopuned with any depositor, hut he must receive the full amount of his deposit at the time it is made. 8. The exchange officer must cause sach transmissions of specie from time to time, from oue exchange office to another, as may be necessary for the payment of all bills of exchange according to their tenor; but the paper enrraac? shall not be redeemed at any other office than that by which it is is?ned. 9. It shall tie the duty of the superintendent to examine the condition of each office in his depository at the times prescribed by law, and at such other times at the Secretary of the Treasury may direct, and ma'-e report to that u?~|"f i lim n I , null 111' BQilll DHVI* puwt'r III CXSTTHlie U1Q Oillcrrs ami clerks on oath; and the revenue and exchange oflicos shnll ho at all time* open to like examinations by a committee ol either House of Cong i uw. 10. The superintendents and register* may he appointed and removed by the President ol the United States, with the advice and convent of the Senate; but may be suspended by the President on the written complartt of the Secretary of the Treasury, until the actiou of the Senate may be Viad thereon. Their ap)>ointraents shall expire at trie end of two yesrs from date. Such sureties niay be required and penalties prcscrided by law as may be deemed necessary to guard against fraud or unfaithfulness. This plan has been commented upon by the Wall street papers at length, but in a mnuncr which clearly shows that they neither understand the import of this plan nor of the matter in general. This plan is neither more nor less than a facility for transferring actual balances from one point to another. The majority of the whole businuss of the Union is,always hasbeen.and always will he.carrivd on by individual bills. At the close of the year, when the current business has been regularly conducted, th< re may bo a balance due from one point to another after the supply oi actual bills has been exhausted. Under such circumstances the present method is to send the specie by ship or otherwise, incurring the expense of freight, insurance, Sic. The abovo plan proposes, instead of doing ttu?, to allow or the dcposite of the specie in the government vault, and the olticera of the Treasury to accept a hill at a charge of J per cent, which bill is a good remittance to any point of the Union; the specie to remain locked up in the vault until that acceptance returns to it fsr payment, when the holder has the option of taking out the specie, or receiving Treasury notes to circulate as money equivalent in amount to the specie ha is entitled to. This plan affords all the facility to exchanges which they are capable of, and gives te those who have money the privilege of using it in the shape of paper or specie, as they think best, but confers upon no individual or association o! individuals, or upon any governm. nt, the power of multiplying the quantity afthe currency beyond what is actually created by the laws of trade. If paper is in circulation, specie to the same nmount goes out of circulation into the government vaults. The circulating notes will not circulate as exchange because they are payable only at the place of issue to bearer, and are subject to risk ofloss. This was tested in the case of the U. States Bank, whose notes payable to bearer never competed with its bills in exchange operations. The use of this paper of the Government, instead of specie, would not interfere with the banking operations of individuals, because that paper would bo as good a deposit with the banks as the specie itself. The only trust permitted in the whole plan is that the specie will remain where it is placed until called far by the holder of paper, which indeed would very rarely happen, because with a steady currency the demand for specie from abroad would never be large. The fuith of the Government will be pledged for the faithful application of the money entrusted to its care, but this risk is not small ii we take into consideration the extreme demoralization of the age, particularly in the financial and political circles. Sale* at the Stock Bxcliangs, $1500 N Y State 7'.i 1849 102V 8 do Mohawk S3K 201)0 do 5's 186 1 85 V 75 do do s30 33 H 1000 Ohio 6^ 1860 71 >* 50 do do ?fl0 33V 2000 \ Y S 6's 1882 bCO SH 15 do do b?0 34 1000 City 5's 1858 85 50 do Harlrm 15V 10 shas Manh hk 61 200 do do s60 15 100 do Mecli hk 57V 10 do Paterson 48 5 do k'airle Ins Co 83 150 do Stonimr'n >30 15 5 do 01s k Schen'y 115 25 do do s60 15 Second Board 50 shas Bowery Ins, 120 State of Trade. The premature closing ofthe Canals nearly three weeks earlier than usual has caused some disappointment among produce dealers, and in some cases advanced prices are asked in consequence. Coffe<?There is a very small business doing. Although the stock is not large, yet price* are as low as we have ever known them. Sales of the week as lollowi : 1200 bags Brazil 8} artj , 600 do Lacuira, 7 a7j ; 100 Cuba,7^ a ? ; 500 St Domingo, a 6 ; 100 Maracsulio, 7| a ? . Cotton?There is lea* activity in the market. The sales have been principally for export, and at a shade lower, equivalent to the rise in freights. Sale* as follows : 3500 Uplands and Florida*,0} a8 ; 1100 New Orleans, 8>S)j 600 Mobile, 6J a 8J. Sagari?The market ii inactive. Sales ]>. R. 6] a 61 ; St Croix, 6 a 7 ; AO Cuba mixed, 5J a 5J ; Cuba, 6J a 7 ; N. Orleana new crop, 6c. Jfavat Storee?Sales North County Turpentine at $1.75, North County Tar at $1,66, for export. Spirite Turpentine in demand, 43c. Brighton Cattle Market. Nov. 19.?At market f>50 beef cattle, 575 storea, 1900 sheep, and 690 swine. Trices?Beef Cattle?A yoke or two extra at $4,50? Fir>t quality $4a 4,15 ; second quality $3,15 a 3,75 ; third quality $1,50 a 3. Stores?Two year old at $7 a 11; three year old 14 a 10. Barrelling Cattle?Mess 3 11$; No. 1,1,50. Sheep?Lois were sold from 75 to 1,76. Wethers from 1,75 to 1,75. Sit-ins?Lots to peddle from lj to 3c for sows, and 3jc. for barrows. One entire lot at l]c. At retail irom 31 to lie Provision Market. All the butchers have raised the price of mutton from twelve to eighteen shillings a carcase. More pork ia probably eaten now-a-days in this city, than any other kind ol animai food, It is cheaper, in consequence of its great abundance, and low enough for every poor familv to obtain a pound or two. We believe this description ot moot was never so cheap at the west as it is at this moment. We give bel >w what intelligence wa hare from the several pork markets. In Rochester on the 16th ult. large quantities of dressed had been received and sold at two dollars, for hors weiirh ing 200 ; and two dollars and forty cents for those weighing :>00 and upwards. The Cincinnati Times of Friday estimates the number of hogs already cut at 9.000?lowest price paid $1,40, highest>2,12. Last year tnere were Itf'J.Om hog* put up in that city?this year 130,000 are expected to arrivo, and there are about 3,<HK) in pens about tne city. According to accounts from St. Louis, prices is that market range from one dollar to one dollar and fifty centa a hundred weight The Connersville Telegraph (lad says, that but few hogs have yet been driven from that county, and that there will be fewer this season from that part sf the country, than has been for a number of years back. Farmers are turning their attention more to the raising of good cattle, which they find more profitable. No peraons in Connersville are buying hogs at any price. The Lalayotte (la.) Free Preee laye, that they have heard of no operations in Fork ss yet, though there will be more put up there the present, than there was the last season. The probability was that persons from a distance, or their agents, would govern the market, so far as cash purchases were concerned,as the greet scarcity oi money there would place it out ofthe question for citizens to pay much cash on their own account. It was impossible to say what price would he paid ; but the better opinion ap. near*to be, that it would range from fit,24 to fid. Very heavy hogs command the latter price, in consequence ot th>- demand for lard to manufacture into oil. It is to be seen by this, that the new discovery of lard oil, will have the effect very shortly of preventing pork from going below two dollars. Iudeed, as the use of lard for light increases, the extra demand for hogs will naturally cause prices to advance. It need not be expected, however, that the consumption of lard oil will increase rapidly for the present. It is a new article, and old prejudices are to wear away, and even then the price cannot go to a high point, because there are 10 many kinds of cheap lamp fuel already in use. It is, nevertheless, to effect an important change in the price of oil and gas, and we are, therefore, glad to see it brought forwerd. nicu or caoriarona. Apple*, bbl-- 00 * I no Limb, per lb 6 a 10 Beef, per lb 4 * 9 Motion 4 a 6 Scraper cwt---$4.5l> a$G Onion*, per btuh 40 a SO Blacifuh, " 6 a A Fear*, |>er bbl,. 130 a *1 Berta, bnneh ? a 3 Pepper*, per lop- A 25 a? Caper*. qt I2H? ? ?rM.ipi, per do*. , 37*11'ape Cod Lnbatera* 5 a 6 Phe?*anu, pair . -50 a 62X Cellcry, bnnrh 6 a 12>k Porter Hoo?e Stake* 9 a 10 Crab*, do* "Ha? Pork, per lb...... .4 a ? Chicken* 37H* 56^ Pork, per $4 a $5 Cabbage* 2 a 4 Pig", router* ? a SI Clam*. too 25 a 37}< Pickle*. 100 . 50 a ?H Duck* per pair 62)4* 75 Pigeon*,dox.... .a. ? a si Dried AppUu, bbl- a %\% Potitoe*. bu*h- -20 a 25 Bel* A a 10 Potato**, Swl,b*kt-? a 75 BauPUat*. a g ({uail*, each, 10 a 12 Beg*. 9 lor-. ? a 12H Sirloin, lb ' ? '3 Fre?h Butter, lb 14 a 16 Htrt|"t! Ba*?, lb- 6 a 7 E"k|"r all SeaBa.. -. * * if Fnih Co4' a 4 Snip., per dot ? a 75 Hound. *' ? a ? Sausage. . ? " fl0"'1 3S a J7 Tarnipa.per lm?hcl,.U?ia 70 61)tia?TK Trip, lb Honey, lb - a l| tarkie* 62?a ?7)< Hickory Mutt* ? a 5 Veal 4 a 6 Halibut, " ?- a 6 Woodcock, pair- ? a 37X J'?wu 1 a 3 V.niaon, 10 all Ill I Died. On Tueadav, Doc. 2d, after a long and tadion* illncmi, Mr*. M aht MonTaoioar, in tha 7 id year of her age. The friend* of the family a id of her ion John 8. Kaig, are re.pecilu.ly Invited to attend her faneral on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the retidcnce of her sonTinlaw, Jo'iah Jehnson, Pilot, 07 Mott at. On Thuraday, laf in*t., of a lingering illnaaa, Mr 4*>* M. Mill**. printer, aged 25. The retatiroa and friends of the family, and thoie of hi* fnther.in-law, Mr. David H. Kaio*, are requeated to atttnd hi* fnneral from hi* late reaidence, 167 Qrand atreet J on Sunday, ?th lrt*t., nt one o'clocjt. Also, member* o4 the M. Y. Typographical Society, printer* gen orally, member* of Columbia Lodge, No. I, 1. OrnfO. Ft, ?Tld o ld Fellow* in genaral, are invited to attand PMnngtn Midi. LmtwotL-Stetua abii* Acadia, from Boatmr?Hon C R Obdi n. Limit J M Uillts,Delapoasr ud n rvuil, Mra r enwiek and cl.ild, Uobi Pi>w, A Burna. Chaa E Lerey, John Hmiili, n Wain w right, K Cnandlrr, fc O Roberta, A T Gait, H ('arlrioii W H It irtlmnu, A B Strange. Mr Woodmaaey. hot Halifax ?Lieut J luglu. Uom?itlc Importntlont. f HiRi.i'itov?Snip Calhoun?I boi J K Hurra?It ?*aks 1 hf do rice Poirer KlwTVf?39 bkla wine A 8. iini-tu?3 hxs H Waldo?12 l?ali a 8 Hulcluui?10 Arnory, Chapm k c<>?X A Areri'l It co?2 H Con k co?216 do 20 caaka rice Sprignr, Rehiuaou k en?I hf do Pillot k L<- Birbu'r?I hoi Wm, Jliverk co?20 ' tcicoru Thoa Hnlly?2 pkgt Thus Halliday. SivniMH?Biig Stirling?19 haVa i-otton Paring*, Kilbaru k Rny -s??i Vi? tor k Durhwiit?10 / M l'rracolt?XI il Siat?re?274A O M:l?rr?M9?3 Collim. MA RITIM E HE R ALD. galling Days of the Strain Ship*. rtou rauuau. raoai iMtrnira Columbia, Miller Nor. 19 Dee. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec i Jan. 1 Packrta to Arrive. Parkrll to Sail. tnoM LrvEBrooL. soa LivrRrooL. Cambridge, Boratow, Oct 19 ludepeudeiirr, Nye, Dec 7 Columbus, Coir, Nor. 7 Virgimau, Allen, Dec. 13 mvN . i . n. .irw i mi, i i.i|p?r, l?rr. u Gladiator, Britioti, Nn>. 10 roK r<iKi?n>iTH. Mediator, Champtin, No*. ro Toronto, (jriswuld, Dec. 10 kiom Hiv?r. Westminster, Atwood, Dec.20 Albm , Watson, Oct. M fnn Htru. Ail*!* de < Irasse. No* 1 F.mcrald, How e, Dec.8 Louis Philipi*. Cr?toflF, Nov.(I Rhone, Johnston, Dee. 16 PORT OK KRW YORK, DKC. 3, 18Y3. im inn 7 a | moo.* *kt* i S3 sri* 4 Ml Mints "Oil- 9 44 wmmmmammtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmat O" The sadden and l.Mnrnled Jeinise of Mr. Wini.IlM A. B tsstTT, lately oar efficient Ship News Collector, cessions Use comparative dearth of local shipping intelligence in this day's peper. Clrnreil, Slop* Cahawba.C iffin Mobile, Center A Co; Warsaw, Hawkins. Chajlestou, K S luues k Co.?Brigs Kentucky, Tile. Rio Itrtiide .inil ,i in ok* t, J.is Detnarest; Lscalus. Stanhope. llahia and a ma ket, U U>>zst k Co; Francis Ashby. Randall, Nlntanzss. J J T.t> lor?Scltrs M.ircia, I'hillira, Washington, NC; Smith, Wheeler, do. Arrived. Ship Calhoun, Myers, 7 days Irom Charleston, with eotton and rici, to Ueo. Button. 1st msr. saw a Urge barnuc on shore to the southward of the Tatern Houses, iwinted black with a while streak?(n<>doubt the Mallory, elsewhere reported.) Brig Sterling, Hamilton, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Scott k Morrell. Schr Forester, Higgins. 6 days from Philadelphia, with coal ?bouud to Boston. Ou Wednesday last, in the gale from the eastward, carried away fore topsail yard, which was lost with every thio.'atlai lied. Came inside the Hook durum the srsle and anchored in the Hone Shoe. Schr Alfred F. Thorne, Sanfnrd, 7 day* from Wilmington, \1'. wiilt naval stores, to Powell k Mill* Schr Kocheiier, Wiw, from Baltimore, with mdse. to J. k N. Briggs In the I ue gale carried away the fore topsail yard, *plit foresail, ke. Sihr Lv gouts. Lord, from Ellsworth. Me. with timber and laths, to 1 i ot. M'Adam k Co. Schr A. Marshall, from Prorldince, with produce. Below. racket ship Cambridge, Barstow, from Liverpool, Oct. 20, with milsa. to C. H. Marshall, and Goodhue fc Co. Sailed. Shin Emily, Crane, St Cro.?; barque Larrange, Porter, Savannah, and others. Wind NW. Herald Marine Correspondence. OrriCK of thk Kiionr. Islander, I Newport. Dec. I, 1812. j Arr Nov 2??, Ssml H Paynter, H dtand. Philadelphia for New London; Isaac H Bord* n, Brown, Fall River for NYnrk. Sid 30th,a m. Pantheon, Pacific Ocean; China, Savannah; Fort Hill, Wilmington, Del; Cornelia, and Lewia Spicer, New York; Kienxi, and lsan. H Borden, do; Anawao, Mobile. P M ?wind EN E with mow and rain, and blowing very heavy at night. General flecord. Loss or Baruite Mali.oar, of Thomaston.?The Mallorr, of Tho.naston, Cip'ain Brown, 29 days Irom Lacuna, with 250 tons logwood, consigned to Messrs. N? smith, Leeds It Co. of this city,-went ashore on Wedue?day ii'ght, about half-iwst 7 o'clock, daring the sevrre N E. gale. ab"nt two miles sourh of the Tavern Hou.es, Long Branch. Mr. Wheeler, of the N. Y. pilot fooit Charlotte Aun, r<'|>ortj that, it blew very strong from EHE. the barque being tinder two reefed topsails slid coursers, fore topsail, staysail ai d main spencer, earn ing sail to keep off the Beach, being then in 12 fathoms witer; fading the barque was making lee way very fast, hove thu lead and found soundings in nine, seven and five fathoms, the sea ai the time making a complete breach over the vessel; put the helm up, and let he r go ashore, all hands being in the main and m xen rigging, except the man at the wheel Crew all saved. The M. bad on board part of tne crews of brig Sibine and a French barque wrecked at Llguna. Mont Wrfcks.?We learn from Mr. Waddell, the wreck master at Long Btanrh.thit several barrels of nival stores came ashore on the heach, supposed to be from some vessel that had foundered in the lal- rift., Bohr Alert, of Dennis, at Providence, from Albany, anchored off Wickford light, and during the NW blow, parted hrr best rhain. split flying jib, and was near going ashore, when she was brought up with the small anchor. The mate was Rnocueu nown Dy the tiller, and badly bruised. Shit Oiim, Freeman, from Natchez for Liverpool, wu aground at Glisscck's Itlauil, in the .Mississippi, above New Orleans,previous to ll'h ult. and it was (eared she would remain until a rise in that part of the river, of which there was no immediate prospect. Siiipvino at Boston.?Arrivals during the month ol Nov. 1842*? Ships. Barks. Brigs. Schrs. Sloop*. Total. Coastwise, 6 10 48 216 It 321 Foreign, It 12 33 _ 63 122 Of the foreign arrivals, I banine, 5 brigs and 32 schrs w ere British; 1 schr Veuezuelian. Clearances: Ships. Barks. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. Coastwise, 23 21 43 110 3 203 Foreign, 3 8 38 33 101 Of the foreign clearances, 14 brigs and 41 schrs were British The Royal Mail steamer Britannia cleared and sailed on the 1st. The C 'ledonia arrived 011 the 2d, cleared and sailed 01 the I6lh.. The Acadia arrived ou the 17th. ()uick Passage.?Brig Cardenas Captain Churchill, whicl arrived at Portland ou the 27th ult. performed the voyage t? M stanzas, and back ag tin, in thirty-live days?the shortest or record. . Whalemen, A latter from S R B'ackler. IT 8 Consul at Societr Islands, reports arr at Tahiti Jnly 22, Metaeom, Keynoida, NB. 130 tp who repotted speaking irom Match to Joly, Amazon, Clark FH. 140 bills tp; Rns?el\ Stall, NB. 300; Oolcoiidit, Smith, do, 400; Edwsrd, Diggett, Hndson, 400. Sailed f-om Provincetown 26th ult. Mercury, Winalow, Ac lantic Ocean. Spoken. Tarry Not, Mclntyre, from New York for Lou'stana, Nov 22, lat 36 10, Ion 73. Foreign Porta. Pictou. NS. Nov 19?CM Eiile, Nelson, Providence. HvL.lK.vz, Nov 19? Arr Charlotte Janvrin, Alexandria; 20t', Psohne, Ingham, NYork; Lo r, Nickerson, Fredericksburg: Wm F Detbarres, Taylor, Alexandria; 22d, Leone, Ltswell, NYork; Sulla, Bangs, Philadelphia; Condor, Patterson. AlesSt John, NB. Nov 22?Arr na|iolton, Calcff, Philadelphia; 23d, Teazer, Greenlaw, NYork. Aux Cats s, Nov 9?Arr Casket, of Dennis, from New York Port ao Platt, Nov 13?In port, Clan, (Danish) Danham, from Philadelphia, ditg; Erie, Shutc, for N York, 10 a ays, tr.e only Atnertean vessel. B.vRRvdoes, Nov6?In port, Randolph, arr sime day. with lo'.s of m -in topm-w an-1 mainmast sprung. Sid schr ??. ol Alexandria, for Wilmington, NC. Home Porta. Wiscasset. Nor 23?Arr (Tasilda, Hall, Boston. Cld 26th, Stirling, Saunders, Savannah. Bangor, Nov 26?Cld Declaration, Lowder, NOrleaus. Bath, Nov 28?Cld Henry, M'M'uus. Maunxaa. 8>d Empire, Swaaev, Charleston: Halcyon, Patten: Bvron, Russell; Lagrange. Wlnchell, and Princeton, Houghton, Naw Orleans; Mvgtit t. Gage. Havana; Shawmut, Ballard, do. Portland. Nov 29?Arr Martha Kinsman, Dennison, from t!i. nlitntli nf fe'ervnl nv.f wh.r,. !,. t,rl ku.n "1"? -*? considerable damaged, and will en on the railway to repair.? Cld Mary Smith. Lewi*. New Orleans. Sid Moscow, Carter, Char'eston, and Hear : 28 h, Mary Pease. Portsmouth, Not 26? Sid Shannon; 28:h, Arabella, Kice, NOi leant. Nkwburttort, Not 80?Arr Signal, Walton, Porto Rico via Portland; 27lh, 8t Thomas, Walker, and Iranhoe, Poit, Pliila<1 Iphia. Boston, nec I?A'r Sarah !t Klitahelh, Crowley, Philadelphia. Brig Partridtre, from Philadelphia, took a pilot in th? Bay faat Sonnay, and came in'o the Bouts but erening-eihe rode oat the nale in safety, and is the only vessel^ below, excepting a light eastern achr ashore on Long Island. Cld Acadia, |?) Ryrie. Lieetpool Tia Halifax; Gleaner, Eldridtte, Fredericksburg. Arr Not 39. Dover, Cnrtis. do;Cvprns, Siwver; Equal, Bnow; Augustus, Allen,and Yankee, Oatrh?ll, New York; Ooeanus, Bourne .Charleston; Elvira, (new, of this port, l#8 tons) Orates, Calais; Hsvre, Carpenter, Savannah; Tecumseh, Beats, Philadelphia Cld James Perkiua, Parrott. Madras; Norman, Kenrick, NOrleana; Tyrone, Spear, do; Bmney, Thomas. Charleston; Grand Turk, Parsons. Surinam; Danin, (new, J masted achr, late steamer Mystic, of this port, IT! tons) Shepherd. Pars; Montilla, Churchill, Plymouth; Shamrock, Currell, Frede ricks hunt. wiif.hsm. Not 28? No arrivals the past week. 91d Notus, Bease, NYork. Ngw Bt.oroRP, Nov 29? Arr Adelaide, Sloeam, Albany.? Sid 10th, New Delight, Kelly; Repuldie, Soule, ana Corinthian. Shejdierd, NYork. NaisTUCKitT, Not 29?Arr Imperial, Swain, NYork. Htsnisis, Nov 29?In mn, Oacar. Baker: Grecian, Chase, and Page, Nickerson, NYork for Boston; Peqnot, Kelly, Boston for NYork. Holmks Hot s, Not 30? In port, John Dnnlap, Case, from Aux Cayes for Boston; St Helena, Baltimore for Bsngor; Evelina, and M try, do for Newnuryport; Meridian, do for Boston; Elizabeth, Philadtl|diis fer Nantneket; Jnstice, Sleeper, New York for Thorratton. The Tamer, Woodbury, hea l>i en not off the flali without damage orrxnettse. The Tremnnt Is still ashore on ihe Fas'. Chop, pretty high up on the beach, tight and rudder unhang. ihoii'citowh, hot a?/\n a inn rigirt nntr, with a high deck, with a brel to luhoard, hasing probable shifted some of her cargo (probably the Partrider.) In tli? offivy, i large ship, under close reefed topaaiia, probably for Boa ton. I'ROTiDCitcit, No? M?Air Jas L Long, Hawkins, NYork; Geo Franklin, Nelson, Cherrystone; Alert, KellyiFame, Spelman, and Providence, Brown, Albany: Monitor, Brsse; B*rah B re water, Be tee. and Kllen, Smith, NYork. 8M John Young. Charleston; Henrv Oibbs, (Jibbs. New York; >9th, A Mtrnhall, Parker, Philadelphia. WaMKif, No* W??Bid Frances, Ingrahnm, NOrleans. 1 Pit 11.ADKL.rHia, Dsc %?Arr J Cohen Jr. Moore. Barbndoet; Pennsylvania, Tnrlry, Port an Plait; Republican, Hoover; Jno Randolph, Msrahon; Oaletia, Leeds, and Morning Dltr, Hudson. Albany; ladastrv, Cnahman, New Bedford; October, Crowell, NYerk; Pmaideti*, Coraon, do. Old Ariel, Gregg. Pcm<rabtieo via Rich notid; Choctaw, Flitner, Mobile; llytuiar Williams. Stubbs, NYork. BaLTtMonc, Dec I?An Balance, Swift,New Bedford; Brrry, Scars, do; Hudson, Cooler, New York; Union, Hopkins, Protidtmcr. Cirr Poitvr, Va. Nov 2t?Ldg Jefferson, Mason, for Lirerpool, aud John Marahall, Poy'lireia. for T irate. Norkoi.k. Nov t9?Cld Agnes Jane, (Br) Tnao, Jamaica; Ak'sander, Robinson, West Indies. Hid 23th, Susan Spofford, Casket, and Delaware, do. MK BRAHAM has the nonor to announce ihat he wilt five a Concert on Tuetdav eveiiiug. Dec. Alii, at the Society Library, on which occasion, Mr. Braham will sing MacOregor's Gathering," and Mias Augusta Browne's new song " The Family Meeting," and Mr. C. Braham " The Trannient Hour."and Morris's so tor of " Mv Rirk is out noon tke I,., a Concert to eonmence at B o'clock. Tie keta'f I?Children heir prire. __ d3 It r INFORMATION WANTLD-Of Mia. MARIE AlfNE I MrlLVAIN, who lired when left heard from wr.h the fcmi Iy of Mr Morae, in St. Martinsville, Altakapai, in July lent. Any one able to gi*o inlormetinn ?)' her reeidenee now, will confer a great la* r upon the idrertiier, *? well es service to her, ai eonaelhiuit favorable will be here communicated. I'lcase aclilr> tee few lines to F. 0. LEWIS, New York i>o?t ofTiie. dt 3t*r ; fHH Rev. B. K. BARRETT, Mimvlerimhe New Jetuaa1 Inn Church, will deliver three Leernree on the " Kiel ol ihe World," iu the Lyeum of Natural Hiworr, No M3 BftradWay, ou aucc.emive Sabbath evening). The tntroducrorv one will iw> eivrn licit Sabbath (tn-moimw) evening, com men' ine it7oVlock. io them lectn-es, the doetrine or the New Church noon ihn eohjeet will be evhi ited, end the meaning of Ilioae piuein of Scipinre which apeak ol the burning tip o' the earth, will be esrlain- d by the application of a rery vimpbi P'lnciptv of mtcT|iy tation. i t'*1 DANK OF BKNNINOTO* NOTES bWhght for'a Vew U d iya, at IJ centa on the dollar, by dice JAMES It CO. 80 Wallet. ? __ T\CBTRABI,K f'HHISTMAB OR NEW YEAR'S PRESENT ? A splendid toned, eight silver kewed Flnta, i second limn), a rare instrument will be wold at lull iu value by T. P. MONXANI. 55 Thompson atreet. ill tni'r 1 Qd O K E V?Jf D "HI N E3 wiH preach hi t'te Second Ori'in; of CI Mat at haud iu the Church a! tile comer of Catharine and Vtadiaon atraeta, Uj-tnonoa* morning, afternoon nn<1 tfrnilla. The Midnight Cry published <1 tilv at K Park Row, contains a copious set,ci in (nun Mi. Miller's leiinre. Re. dllt*r IT IS \]\ STERIOI'S ? Who svuiild anffrr for tears wi'h 1 that (iiradful dia> aae ill' Piles, when lliay may be urrd for the pa'lry nmof jarmta. Over the hundred certificates c*n I* aeen t the at*m- to certify to the fact, that D Spibi ii ird < lin'in*ut will certain)y rffnt a core Ueti'lemeu ilisi are troubled with coder f.icea when shaving, by mint tlu> romp i'iihI, will rind irnmediart rehef; ?lao. lur chat i d hand and Irnti bitten'ret. A liberal discount made In Biosr ihu wish to retail Hold at No. 531 Pearl atrrrt. pear Elm. di:it"r COMTOU TABLES FOR BfeOl -8iae for lujfc beds at 9|r.r for double beda, at $1 50 Siar for larye do at 1 75 Siia for eilra do at 2 50 Alao, juh received, 500 amall in*, at Sl.00 each. Also, a few of an ettra quality Chinta, at $1. For aale at the dry goods atore of d3 Ifr THOMAS TATE, 76 Caa^l aireet. T'ISTLE BALL.?The Managers of the Thistle Brnrvoleut Aaaoctatioii, respectfully announce that their first Ball for thiv seaxm, will Uke | )a:e at Tammany Htll, on Friday evening, l)er. 9'h, Iht2. The Board .f Mm?gerv deem it luperfluotu to make any Iflllft III Oct I n?" I t.. ,1,..-.. .^1." ~ k:,k-e- ..? -1- J.I Billot' the Tin it t Benevolent A?i 'Pillion, imr i? it necessary tn repeal tt>?' theprureed* are wholly appropriated to charitable pnr inset, and ii.diM'riin'n'tely divided imo git wnrthv objacU f distress. The \lngtrt tlitter th?ins Ives that the tame ???rn'ui avmi'ithy which has been hitherto eitrndi d will not be wanting on this occasion. and they pit dge themselves that no laertion .hail be omitted on their iiart to render the Thii Ic Bad. in i v. ry r> i|<err, woitby of trie name and tin object for wtiich it is intended. The order of d-nring acenrdintt to programme. Mr. J Parkrr.ha? ai usual. aenrronaly volunteered hii valuable service! in ilirec'imt the Hour. Mr. Wallace'* rtrellci.t Band haabecn engaged for the occasion. Two Bagpipers will promenade the room, (.laying National Air*, preen u* to tli-commencement and durinc the iuterniis*ion of dasmiag. Dour* op?n at 7. Dancing will commence precisely at t etc loch. I'll. [ rmin 'i. n >1'lh- liall will b- known by lilt Baud playing " (laid night, md joy be wi* vou a." Ti.-li Si, t adin t a OrruVincn a_d two Latliet?io be had of 'lie B "id of Mai gen, vis James Curr, 18" Hud on street, H?nry Kerr,5fi5 Broadway. Pn--idfDi Win. Richardson, cor. Perry J a* Harrison, 79 Court'aud *t. aid Greenwich. Vice Prcaident. William C.urr, 1(17 Trov st. John Patten, 128 Cedar it. Samuel Maycock, 319 WilTreasuier. Iiam*l. William McLiughlin, 115 Eli- Walter Leggalt, 6t Hudiou zabeth ?t. Itrcet. Check# not transferable. A CAMERON, Secretary, 252 Hudson ?L Membeta can have their ticket* on application to the Sectetary. d3S93fr OTBAII8S' Lie K OF JESUS, tranalaled by a German C Jew, from a London edition, rr-publiahed in number*, by G. Vale, at the Bearou office, 91 Roosevelt alreet. New York. Where may he had the Life and Work* of Thome* Paine, those aflhe Uev. llobt Taylor, Voluey, Wright and Owen, Voltaire's Dictionary, itc. All, the works published by Geo Evaiis^ and those recently published by the Messrs. Malstll. VS. tt.?AIIU1 ? A' It-TV III I literal llltc ?. RECOMMENDATIONS. (CojiirJ from a Loudon paper.) Strr.n??' Life of Jesus, transl.ted by a Uermau Jew, vol ume I. This work ioercnn iu fame throughout the Continent, and is beginning to make a strouK semalion in America?Weekly Disp trh. Dr. David Frederic Strau's' "L-beu Jean" snt through three edition' inau incredible shoit spare <if time The French translation circulated eiinally rapid; and certainly no work ever c-rated th- excitement that this has done upon the Couti Uevt?Leilr ngr. Dr. Strauss' work on iha scriptures got for him a professor's chair. In this country it would hove mace him the victim of common law, and subjected him to one, two, or te tee years' iui"moumcnt in a jail.?Poblicola. The le.irued Dr. Strauss, in his"I.ife of Jesus," rertaiuly govs even beyond our iusllv celebrsted Mr. Psiue ?Ibid. Dr. D.iviJ Freth ric Snau.s published in lttS his Lite o( Jrsui, (Dei L'.-ben Jesu,) a'owedly with the olject of overturning ail events (', or connected with, our Siviour's history, which cannot he reconciled to, or explained by the ordinary chumo -if iiii'i'il o it .11 hi ? I,aim;. d3 eod?t"r wa'siii\'<;t??n hiHfsii," r - ; No.22J CHESNUT STREET. ABOVE SEVENTH, ADJOINING THE MASONIC HALF., PHILADELPHIA. Ia in complete order, and ready for the reception of Gentlemen and Families. illlm ia-r H. I. HARTWELL. fffeVESTTY-FIVE (I E \ T8 for Lettbwr Solid Over Shoes, warranted water proof, and really worth as much as many Shoes that sell for $1.?I1AV, 15 MaiHcn L-tue, (don't mistake the number) has of kit own manufacture, filteen different kinds and styles of Rubber Shoe' ami Over Shoes, and received all the First pre ra iu in t qt the recent Fair. If th-- toles separate from the uoners, the shoes will be taken back with-mt grumbling, and the tn-iuey refunded Every cut{outershall be satisfied, it it cost us the value of all hskxya We are oppottdto imposition in every shape, and partialis rly caution huvera not to nurchaaa anv shoes fornnr malte .,,,r ,,f auv alore, uuleaa our nam* i? paaled inaide. Many idioea are oldfor our make, lhat we never a?w until they came to be examined. HORACE H. DAY, Ii26'm* <5 Maiden lane. TTNCllRRENT MONEV diicoonted at 1?w rate* bv U JAMES A CO.. i|] ec SO Wall arret. JOHN M, DAVIKH A JONES inform their Inonda and cuatnmerv that they have received their winter faahiona foi Ctpa?a varirtv of new ttvler for youth and chi'dren. The Crwvienne Turban now no much worn, ii inannfactnred by thctn. Ai?c x ne waffle of travelling cap, very Convenient fo gentlemen travelling nye lm?r liw Wll.l.l AM ST. Pi: IV ATI: ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE TREATMENT OK VENEREAL D1S EASES, IN CONNEXION WITH THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHAR M \CY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. tTHK College of Medicine and Pharmac, of tlierilv of Nee J- Y<> b, hare opened in conneiion with their Medical am Surgical Cooaultine Room*, an eitaMuhine nt fot I'e exclu I aire reception of patienta tuffming from venereal diaeiir'. N clavo of human maladica require! for their aa'e and aoi eeaafn treatment a greater degree of matured experience and nr 'Ctiae i aii.ll. than do thoae which vice rnta'la on her votariea ; bt I alaa ! aa thouaanda mart bitterly acliuowledce. no other cla? haa been ao much auhjeeted to the maltreatment of heartier and uneducated pretender*?men withont character?avithnn m 'dic*1 Itnowlehgc?without rxpeiiencr?without reapo?ai i litv". The m-nihcra of the College are fully convinced the ' were venereal diaeaaea uniformly auhjeeted to the treatment o ' property qualified pliyaiciana, a vaat amount ol human anlferini ' would be i.reven'ed, and the innocent atved from the conae que cea in which tlwv are now too often involved With thi guil v. In older therefore to anppreaa, ta faraa poaaible, thir m.a, Ir.e.- the (Vile,.- K*? ???.,..,t !.!. >.,.1.1..I and niaecd it tinder the management of two eminent medic* gentlemen of great riiirrieeee, and MtM judgment?men fo: whoic irapeeubility and talent the high character ol (he Col lege itaelf n pledged. Pait-nt? ol both i?ri will be admitted and receive adrici Zratuifnualy, and >he receuary medieinea will be dit|>?nied tc them at le>' than the uaual rate#. No fee? whatever will b? 1 required. The College cheriih the hope that thi? liberal ar ranqrinent wi'l ?oon pnt a ?top to the impoit ire to which thii ' rlau of patient# hare heen auMected, and all thna affected will it ia hoped. ?ee the wiadom of avajimg themaelvra 01 the op portutiitv now afforded. By o der W S. RICHARDSON,Agent, Office and Compiling Ho. ina of the College, ilj 1m - N?aaao wreet, New York, A' RAFFLE FOR POULTRV.-UEJRl.K FABLE if No 199 Chi fry atree , co tier of Market at reel, reapartfull> intimate# to hit Hernia and til- public, that he intend# to raffle Poultry every VFedm adav an I Saturday evening. d8 3t* for sale. A SPLENDID OYSTER SALOON, with bar, bngea anil table#, two entrance#, being ou ibe comer, one deor ta each afreet, over each door illuminated with beautiful aigtu. The location ia naanrpaeaed by any in the city, and doing a Ver" good and genteel btKWeaa. The proprietor# have fitted up the above Biloon at great e* p?u*", being in their line of bnaineaa, and now having it com pleterl anil eaiebliahed, offer it for aale. Cuh r,quired from $t2 itl to $111)0 for the wl.ol? eoncern. For furtherpartirnhra, addreaa a note to SALOON, thia office, with real name, and where an interview may be lied. 12 ti'rf . : patent preserved portable meat? and soups. W AKNAN'I KU 10 keep anv length of lime in any climate rir.: Inbsren, halibnt. hHa<). salmon, oysters, and clami be?r, million, real, dock, chickens, turkey, beef soap, mutton broth, rbickcn soup, 01 tail soup, mock and fieen turtle soup vegrtab e soup, green peas, mushrooms, carrots, tnrnigs, pur snips, tomatos, mi'k, Jtc. fcc.: manufarturrilan-i sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANR, dj lm*r 82H Nassau street. SHIP ON FIRE! NEW MUSIC. The storm o'er the ocean flew furious and fast, And the waves rose in foam at the votcy of the blast $ And heavily labor'd the gale-beaten ship, Like s stout-hearted swimmer, the spray at his lip. And dark was the ?ky o'er Ike mariner's pslh. Eierpt wh?n the ligr.tniny illnmM it in wrath. A vonntr mother knelt in the cabin below. And pressM her fond hade to her b som of snow ; She prav'd ro her (lod, 'm dst the hurricane wild. " Oh, rather, have merer, look down on my child rpHIS Scene is int nded in depict the feelings of passengers X who h>d >o ronrend with 'he terrors ol a tempest that hurst over the ship in all its (orce and lory, it tli? moment ihe 4 were returning io their nitlve laud, buoyant willi hope, rnd incited by tlie anticipated delight of being welcomed by friends, from whom they had been long sejiuritert. After th> c? ism* of the siorm.the ahip it discovered to be in Himf, ?n I the cry ?f firo awakens the most agonising fears in every bosom. Tlvey are lost to hope but at leng'h, in the very midst of their despair, a anil ann> ->s in sight, and they are saved ATWILL, 201 Broadwav, hat published most of >11 the celebrated tongs as composed and sung by Mr. Henry Russell the distinguished vocalist. Among the last, is the above named song, so eel b-ated throughout England and this country, entitled ' The Ship on Fiie," written by YWksy, Eso The mnsic com|>osed by Hrniy Russell Also, Gambler's wileThe Mother who haih a child at flsa?<>h, this Love?Will nobody marry me 7?Not Married Yet?Brave Old Oak?<8o?M lore fo roim?Wf K?fn K??n f?s???J- ?-- x- - - __ - - .. _ ...... uua Manner, SC. Otr.f W gether with many new and popular songs, dnrtls, marches, walti-s, lie. kc. lie. AtWiLL'S, Ml Broadway . d2 3li* r _____ Bear 9t. Pajil't. Jb^. FOR SALki.?That rateable stand known ti the pR Lnnii Island llouUinntcil in the tnwn of Islip, it B?if< ?il,ro1k county, L. I. The home it Imilt in modern style, and ol' the hot material* aa<l workmanship, wi h a front ol eighty feet, kit'hea loedndtd, two atnriet high, with an at tic and it calcuUledto accommodate to hoarder*,beai let the rnmil> and ncccaairy atteudanta. and it mrmotided with nil the tree* tarv out-buildings, fruit and ornamentral ttcet. thrnbherv. kc The location ofihe premises it uirivalled, eottiinaiidinu i full vir w of the beach, the light honte at Kire Island, nt|d flic Atlantic O ean. An open 'ane, in front of the honte. anf leariiug directly to the bay, furnishes a delightful and pleasant walk of eight or t?n minnt'-a. The Long Itland Rail Road pastes within ahotu f-n mile* of the rn nutca, at d alTorllt an eaay and conrenleut communication with tho citin of New York and Brooklyn. . , Mo pert of Long Island afford* greater facilitjn fur fowling, or bay or brook Ashing, or the noble apott of bnck hunting. Daerbr ing eery abundant in the yicinity, and are frequently found on the premiiei. There is about two hnndred acres ol land, and meedo* attached to the premitet, and a good proportion of sfand o? The hoaae andnecanary out-hnlldlngi, won Id be sold with thn whole, or a part of the land, aa may beat suit the pore baser. a nr noma win DC uneral, and We U'Je untliapiiled. . "JW..*']'""*' deacrijrtion of tha property. inquire of JAM KB HOWB, 117 Boat Broadway, oi- of D. kHuiX. !??H Chathama tree t, Naw York, or of the aubariiher on the promiae,. WILLIAM HAWKIltS. D.itcd, lilip, Nor. 18U. dlltn*ee, "Y^O V S ! TOY*!! TOY o !! '.?Jtiat opened a una anil I reah A aMortmmtnf common ami fine Toya, auiuble for the hoInUya, at 3.13 Centre atreat, oppoaita Centre Market, foraaJe, wholesale and reull, cheaper than erer. Toy dealera ate re apeetfollr inrited to call and examine for thamaolreo. Don't for?et the number?133, two doora abore flaand atreat. nil Slaw to in I em MIL1 fAKY BALL?The New York Highland Otnrd will gree their Orat Ball on Monday ereriiDgbec. Ilfh IWI, at the Apollo H.dnon. 1 Ticketa mat be hail at the follnwtna plecu Hewitt It Co. corner Broadway and Park Place. FirihB Hall, Franklin Square. Captain J. Craig, 341 Pearl alrret. Dr. Oeo. Morton, corner Grand and Kim atraeta. <" *' ? J. O. (LK.MK.NT, Secretary. AUCTION SALES TH<tV\s BKLf . Aortiniwrr. BY BKl.L k HOWAKO. A3i?ri$ Nat. ti jtnn tnu> i ! > Fiiiivm rtreit) 8ATUHDA*. At 10^ o'clock in the aalea rOiun. Splendid Knrnifore Bdk?A Urge itaortineut of tlegaut furniture, bv order of the a'leritf A'ao, the entire genteel furniture of a family reinoriug, t'heicp it?rli of ti" w city nmlr cabinet furniture, l?cda, bed* dinit, nuutraaaea, blanket., kc. itc. Alan, a litrirr additional and very valuable assortment of sane ibhousehold and kitchen lurnttuii- of ill descri| Dona from Brooklyu. Alan, the followiua articlea tiy execution?to featlif r pillows, 12 *-heeta, V oi|#t cs.vrr*, aid other !> ! ronm fu nut ice. Also, Mott'a Cortkmic and Noll'a Hill Stove*. H*m? lime * firmt rate variety of second hau 1 fuuituie, th? pioperty of i gentleman going to the Springs on Sunday. MONDAY. At 10^ o'clock, iu the tale a room. M(*MiTe and *\ K-n*i?d sale of elegant clothing <?f all descriptions, boih Loudon and city made ; second hand *ud bovi ik), fvercoau,c'imIii, limiery, ?lurt??, dry goods. muslin, aa.li^eu -.?L. Uf... f I....7 . I .Tl. .. -1 meres and vesting* in lots to salt; guns, watche,, jewelry, diamonds, Ike. TUESDAY. Large sale of Piano Fortes?At l?X o'clock, iu the ronin, first Hoor, No. H John street, uear BroarWay. on which onitioo, It splendid instrainents ov the best makers kin wo, will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Such an opportunity seldom occuri, for persona wishing a fine Piano, to supply themselves. Most of them are wairant'd. c "omitting of roeewoed aid whotmy mils and single scridl ho:low and gothir corner, metaln; plates, harp, ix-dal, extra keys, French and other unproved grmd action ana as heautifnl in exterior, as sp'er.did touch and tone as any pinuo fortes ever offered to the public, who are informed the salt will be our withont restriction. The r.eom will be open on Monday for examination, and Mr. Rocket will be in attend'nee. THURSDAY. Splendid Tainting! at Auction?At 10)^ o'clock at No. It John street, near Broadway?this store havi'g been taken on pur pot?will he sold a supe rb collection of Oiigiual Tainting!, some of winch are rxtrein. ly valuable and by the best masters. Will be arranged on Wednesday. Particulars tn-mor ow BY B1ELL & AKCULAKIUa. SATURDAY^ At lflhi o'c'ock at the sales room. A good assoitment of new .aid secondhand furniture, hall, parlor and cooking stove a, (kc St-. MONDAY. At 1(1 X o'clock a' their sales room. Broad Clotlis, Casstmeres Gloves. Hosiery, tic. Sic. TUESDAY, At o'clock at tint sale rooms. Li.ittors, Seg irs, ike. Iv. WEDNESDAY. At I0H o'clock in the sale rooms. Pianos, new and second hand Furniture, birdcages, he. AT PRIVATE SALE?1 superb French 6H octave piano. ma Je by trie celebrated composer Henri Here, of Paris, equal iu tone to any iuitrument ever imported, pARD AMD AUCTION NOTICB?Meaare. BELL fc V HOWARD (Thomas Bell and Robert Howard) give nolice to their friends ?nd the public, that the Auction and Com. iniaiion butiueaa in all ita brtucbaa, and will be continued and carried on aaua >al, and on the aamc honorable trrma, at the old stand, No. 32 Ann and 115 Kill ton atrut la. Liberal advances on goods consigned for a tie. Certain aales and prompt returns; a warraLtee can b depended on. The regular sale of Furniture, of all descriptions, takes pi ice erery Wednesday and Siturdey. Dry ifoods, clothing, fancy ariicls, Tuesdays and Fridays. Out door sales ol groceries, furniture, and all de rriptions of property, attended to. BELL St HOWARD, d3 lw r Tl'Orl. BELL. Anctioneer. M WARD, Aivi'-ne-r. TjUJRNITURf, fc,- ?A. C. HUMBERT St CO will ae|| " this morning at loaf o'clock, in the sales room, tp el ae a concern,2dre?sing bureaus, with ?t sses; 2 mahogany French heds'eadn; I figured nair cloth, covered French sofa, 2 square do.'Hialf French chirs, French do, 12 full Frnuchdo 2 marble top pier tables, 3 mahogany rockers, 2 b ass clocks. Also, a quantity of second hand articles, reserved for convenience ol sale. Sale peremptory and without reserve, n3 P*rc GREAT SALE WATCHES, by order of Assignees.?P. D. MORAN will sell at Public Auc ion This Morning (Sifur'ov)at IV, Broadway?sale to minim-nee at In o'clock, a large and valuable assortment of gold, pateut lever watches, lomr of which arc full jeweled, and can be warranted equal to any in ttiis city ; also about forty very superior finished gold dial ladies' ami gentlemen's lepine anil horizontal watches, all warrauteil time keepers. Also, 12 silver p 'tent levers, 12 sma I sized London made watches, good time keepers, suitable for tnvs or young students, together with ncho.ce assortment of safety chains, seals, keys, ring', pins, Etc.. Itc. Sale positive for cash. d3 lt*r A T AUCTION.?Positive Sale of^Massa husetts Stocks, -fa- by oruer of the Directors ol 'he W est' n Rail Road. Bv P. P F. DROHAND On SATURDAY. December 10,1842. At 12 o'clock, at the office pf the Oniporatmu, under the Merchants Bank, in BOSTON. tioo mm Mtorlirig, equivalent to 91110,000 iviasstcnuseiti nvi Per Cent H lock. Thin 8tock is payable in London, on the lit day of April, 1871. It i? payable to beam- with interest semi-annuellv, and has lulereit-warraiiti attached. It ia in certificate* of 300 each. Each Certificate wi'l he accompanied bv a guarantee of the Western R R Corporation, airing the bearer the right to receire payineuf, if he | refers i', in Boston, of principal and intercut at the rate of S1 80 the pound sterling. Thus making each Certificat: of 300 sterling, equivalent to $960, producing $21 interest ererv 6 months. This Stock will be sold at en much per cent on the S960. It will be putup from one Ceitifieate to the whole, payable 20 Sir ce t cash, and the balance in 6 months with interest, the lock as collateral-the purchaser having the option of pay1 i- g his note, at any time he pleases before the eipiratian of the 6 months, thus stopping the interest. For further particulars, apply 'n JCHIAH QUIVCY.JR,. dlttl'J Tr?asurerof the W.R. R.Corpqrati'n. tiOKWELl.'S PATEVT~VAlfLT LIGHTS?So useful to eaclud- W'-t, dust, and rust, and at the same tune admit light, greatly improved for afirng?h anil dur bilitv. For sale at No. 9 A?tor House, entrance in Birclsy a'. n39 6t*r BROKEN BANKS.?Bank of Lyous. Commercial Uutfaio, Lewis County, and all other doubtful and broken bank nocea wanted, for wliich the highest prices will be paid by JAMES A CO., r d3 ec 60 Wall street. \ THE ONLY PLACE _ IN New York where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can b? j 1 obtained is at JOHN M. DAVIES A JONES, 106 William at, corner of Johai ?t. Agents for the Shaker's Merrimac Co, N. H. . Also?Close ana open Iruit Drawers, flannel wrappers anc . drawer*, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yardior pieei r ?iris orrferishle ro any srvle now in use. u2f Imr* - j>RENCH BOAHDINU HOUSE.?Fnrnished roogis, with t 1 board in the French style, can be hail at I he " Cafe Torf toni." 170 Broadway, ueaily opposite the City Hotel. ( n30 lisn'm QITUATION WANTED?By a competent per-on roacias i I ' talesman lu a wholes de or r tail establishment of Watcliea .Iswplrr in* Alan nnil?*r?f <iul? kdifiiinir nml Witrii r*? 1 pairing. Has been in business for nimse If If n years and speaks r French. For particulars and references address Box No. 73J Lower Post Office. Gentlemen's Horses taken ca * of during the winter at a eery reasonable rate. Apply at .78 Maiden Lane. n9 lm*r VAN NORIJENTJ WRITING AND BOOK-KK.fcpiNO ' ACADEMY it now open, 881 Broadway, In<l tidor. lor the reception of pupils, where all acquire Van Nordeipa heantifnl ayatem of pennmanahip in a Very short time, auil write with eaae, grace and elegance. Mr. Van Nordeu ia now prepared to give instruction in E"ok Keeping npon plans entire!) new aed strictly practical. During one month's instruction the panils ctoally opea, balance and close, practically, from 20 to 20 set of books. , Terms very moderate. Hours of instruction from 9 A. M. till 4 P. M., and from 6 ti It in the evening. The Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. nlS lm*r XTOTICE.?The. snhsoiibeis hare thia day formed a co-partI 2.N nership, under the firm of George Limtdou & Co in New i York, and John George Si Co. in Phil delphia, for the raoinfaclun and sale of H ,ir Beatings and Curh d Hair in eas-li city. i Their business will he conducted a* heretofore. ?t No.'82 Nas an stvect, New York, and No. 79 Dock street, Philadelphia. )?t..n,d? GfS-'RGK LANODON, New York. (Signed) JOHN OEORGL. Philadelphia. I New York, Dee 1st, 181 ill 'J7 Ijl 4t*t BOARDING ?A few reapeeuhte yonmr men can tie aceom modat d with good boaru nd pie isxut rooms at (2 Pey st. Terras moderate. Also a few day hoarders can be accommodated. Apply as above nl bn're ; FOR ALBANY and TJtOV, or ai tar as ffi I1" ice permits.?The splendid low uressnre SKmJBSK.steamboat SWALLOW. Cai t. A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlandt st, ou (Sunday) Afternoon, , 1>H1. (til, at i o'clock. _ i The above is i snbscantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, aud low accoaunodatiwa is nnrivalled on the Hudson. Passengers will take the railroad from Hudson to Albany. dftc jMM -ww FOR ALBANT, or u Tat u the tr? will &r?tHp'. Ju permit with safety ?The Steamboat SUpET ~fcESfc.HF.RlQR, C iptain J. Gould, will legve the pier loot of Chamht r street, thu (Saturday afternoon) at five o'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to J. B. NICHOLSON, Itf Wretstrcet. RThe SUPERIOR haa been sheathed with heavy copiu-r.and felly prepared for the winter season dt|lt*r ' STATEN ISLANp KERRY. jp Foot of Whitehall street. "OnTn^RerDee. Sd, the steamer STATENISLJ^DER, W'll ntti ai follow*, un'il further notice :? LltAVK STATIN ISLAND. . NEW VORK. IK A.M. 9 A.M. 11) I2H ? P. M. HUP. M. 1 d3r 4 iV' KOH NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana li New Tor* v? JQrV Line?Regular Packet of 10th Drcemb.r.-The feet jMHSeeeailitiK packet ship OCMULOKE, Capt. PeUt, will positively tail as above, her regular day. For frriglit or passage, baring handsome Ihrnislod accommodations, apply on board, atlfmeatis wharf, foot of Wall it or to E. K COLLINS k CO. M Sooth at. Shippers may rely upon having their good* correctly measured, ami that the *hi|ie of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any guarantee to that elfrct will be given and fulfilled that may bis reijttired. Agents in N Orleans. Hull in k Woodruff, who will pfnmpt1 ly forward all goodsto their address. The |racket ship Oconee, Csptain Jackson, will sbcceed the Ocomnlgee, and sail the aotli Dec, her regular tlf. ; j'c.. AAf- FOR LONDON?Regular pacaet o| the lOthDeI" ljBpPWc'iubsr?The eery ?U|i?rior, fast sailing imeket 'hip jBWmUuTOKONTO, Captain iiritwobl, will positively aail ' as atiovs.her regular day. For passage, cabin, second uabin, and eteurage, having gnperb accommodations, apply to " dice JOHN HERPMAN, gl South stf.et gff- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LLNE-JUgtihu Picket o( JSllr December. The Splendid Packet JUyiSpiShii' 8IDDON8, Captain K 0. Cobb, of tons, I will iiositlvefy tail as above, tier regular day. For fn ikhl ur passage, having aecommodations uneipuilUd for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, orto E. k. COLLINS K CO. M South stteeL Price of passage, tlOl). The Cachet Ship Sheridan, C?i< Ff A. De i e viler, ?f 1000 tone, will tocceed the Hiddone, end Mil the 21th Ja/iuaw, het regular dev. L tten for the ehipe of (hi* will only be received at Olpin'a end HaleH New* Room. Paeeengera may rely on the ehipe of thU line tailing pvurtntlly Medvertieed. f I c ~ REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, ke.. heBmyTbt eubacriber contitiuea to trenemit money, ittiume JBpBmrlarge 01 imall lo pert one residing m any i>art of Irrland, in the una manner u be, and hia predera aaar in tnaaineaa. hare done for the Let hirty yaera, a aid an ore; alio, dr> my part of England or Scotland. Mooek remitted bv letter (poet paid) lo the tnheenher, "f mraonally deposited witn him, with the name of the perwm or /eraona in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom if i?_f" "J tent, ami neareal poet town, will be immediately wensmitme and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that e#?et ?! ?? * Warded to the tender. , In like manner money with or elaima on peraona m any tmrt m Ireland, England or Snotlend. can be collected eer, for peraona residing in any part of.thf Uuited Stalda, or iJttt PACKET FOR MA/^F.ILLF.S-The Aim *ENwWPWftY THOMraON. TNtir, mnit*r, will rail on H&rhe lat gSggBBHla i_ ^ AMUSEMENTS. CHATIMH TI1KATUB. Pit Vrj "u *" ? Ti?r M een? THlJ *PP"lNO Dec i, will .? -Wormed ALEXANDER THE GREAT After which. THE KINO'S GARDNER T'> courlad# with THE CROWN PRINCE. Boiea 7J?2d .111(1 3d Tier M?Pit J7H ete?Gallery H centa. Doom open at f.k o'clock and the pertenoene. will com nrnee at 7 precurhr I'AHK THKATRB. THIS EVENING D-c. 3 will he oreecnied. SCHOOL POR SCANDAL. To rimrloli' with I It IK II LION. Z~f Doore will open alSH?Curiam wiilriM S<umr |*?t T o'clock precisely. . Box Omre open daily from 9 to S, where TltkaU eaay be "jrvhwd and rl <e*s secored. flIITl llELL'S OLfMPfC TfTffitKKi 144 Broadway, New Tor*. THIS EVENING Dee 3 will be performed LOVE*' ANOELS After wluch, ROOTS AT THE SWAN After which. CUHIOSIT1ES OK LITERATURE. To ciiiicIikIc with GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. H y~ The Dour, will l>e opened et helf-peet t, end the per toimm., c commence at 7. cverv e.cnina AHlPUITIiKATHE THEREPOBLIC. 87 Jfcuty Third rnima:i?mMit w mid < ??!* firkins I.ION HERO UF FRANCE" First appraranoe this ? snui of UVONN^tt, flic Tattooed Man. Beside* Oti > Molly. S B Howes; Wallet Avnur, the In fiutil.- Eooestria". ai.d Fruikliu, the Great Curde Voltigeer. Mnttv s I fintilr Family appear on Thursday. Admission? B ui in crnra?S enud Tier TTH?Pit tS. oBr Kit A N K I.I \ Th.ATHK.. rPHK great lurccu attending the FRANKLIN has induced 1 the manager in et g ige thirty la-'y ami grullrmeu performers, and fix the ridueed purrs of Dress Circle ti cents including .1 lady ; IJp|?er B (> I 'K ren'i. Gallery 1IK. Pit Of ceu'a. For this w. eh only, Mr. KMMtfT, the great Southern Banjo Melodi-l. FR-.\K BKOWF.K.the perfect renreun latino of the Southern Negro eliaraclert, and Muter PIERCE the great lierlohuut, are tugsged ; t>'U bc.ag their Arat appearance in thi? city, they are | reparcd to ftror the New Yorkers with an entire new collection of songs, duetts. serenades, m*l'din. In-., and must be seen. Mr. J. F. O't ounel, the uttoo.-d mat ; C. I>. Jr kius, F. Diamond. Hugglea, Mil ler, MeiUi er. Brother* of Warsaw, Hichsrdson, Muter Haary Misa Auriol, M'?a Rosamond Augusta, Celeste, Cento, Ac. lie are among the list of uamea for thia week. Mr. Noahei's Brass Band is also engaged Honrs open at (, performances commence alTflfcclock. Pregramme st th llieitre. nil Im ia*ec AMKKICAN TIIKATHK?WAJaHCT-RT."" PHtlsADBIstMlIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CUBHMAN, Mr. Hark -It's Benefit. THIS EVENING. Dec r will h. enacted, MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Sir John FalatafT. Mr Hacked After which, MON8. MALLET " Conclude with, MILITIA TRAINING. E. A. MARSHALL. Leeaae. AMERICAN NUIEtll, jyjARBLE BUILDING, Broadway, onmsitr St. Phalli Day Vins on admitted the tame rrenin* free. Thia imme: so establishment conaiata of SIX BPACIOUI II\I.LH, eaeti over 100 feet iu length, and containing mora wonderful works of nature and art than any Are museums in America FOURTEEN UNEQUALLED PERFORMERS. Mr.WlNCHELL, the lauvht r provukiug original comic drol'rris' sp t ?ra in new eccentricities l T. Ii. BOOTH,the best comir nog-r in America ; L A PETITE CELESTE. the Kmc Oil ilsnv use : Mi IIOOB, the admired songstress, Higuor V1V ALDI'S It amily of Ton Performer* ; the Albino La.lv, Fancy O a? Blowing, Grand Cosmorassa, fee. Performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and every evening at hall past seven o'clock. Day visitors admitted free in the evening. Admission to the whole ?5 cents, children half price. nITr SPLENDID NOVELTIES'- ENTIRE CHANGE OK PERFORM ANCE 111 SEW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTUKJB UAhLERT, ? Brutfhnav, Owotilt the City Hail. MR H BENNETT, Ma ager, suuouu-'es with pleasure , th u ha- has effected a shnr engagement with SlGNOK BMTZ, the Wonderful Magician, Ventriloquist and Plate Dancer; Miss CLE MENCE will repeat her much admired dances; Miss BRUCE, the sweet songstress; Mr. G. Z. BROW EH, the celeb, ated comic singer, and Mr DELA RUE, the inimitable mimic ; Museum, Mrrmiid, live Albino D-er, half a million of Curuxities, Glass Blowing, Picture Oillery, and performances to he seen for One Shilling. A day eutertsiament ou Wednesday and Saturday, at three o'clock. OSI tm ec OMIkTGREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the ' world?Now exhibiting at the corner of Chatham street anil Tryou How, opimsite the Park, for a short time>? A Double Spanish Live Ball, taken near Baenos Ayres, on the PUi s, by the Spaniards, in the year 1M*. and imported to New York in JM2. He iacooaidered bv naturalists to be the most wonderfaloe fortuity in the known world. He has a double windpipe, dou blw breast, aonble ptuneli, double ribe, six legs, double hip*, awl some other parti doable. He ie perfectly sound and in good health, and supposed to be sine year* old, and weigh near 1.500 jam id*. Prolraaor* of Natural History, Surgeon*, and Anatooiiat woo d do well to visit and jndg> for themselves. A Three Legged Cow, now three year* old. She iadeficient of one fore leg. and wa* *o from birth. A Coatimundi. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leopard, taken aliee in the North River. The heed reiemble* that of a dog, and the akin 1*1 spotted like that of a leopard. Trnly a wonderful cariosity. Woir, Monkey*. Ac. To be seen from t o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admission 121-2 cent*, children under 10 year* of am half price. (JooJ Music in attendance. all lm*a* - FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, OKfc'ICK No.7 WALL STRKCT. ntiar mtn<ir< QCHNEWKR h RED 1IU N*w iU* attend print* parties ud Osoirees with a baud uf from three to twenty artuu. Apply No. 27 Delaucy itirct near the Bowery, or No. lit Norfolk *t nil 1m*r A CARD?J. BA.RDOTTU, Superintendent, bags to iuftwm -f? hi* trends anu the publicgenerally that ha has oixoea * Cafe aud Boarding House for gentleman at No. 1M Broadway. | which will he conducted upon the plan of the celebratod Cafe , Tortoui at Pari*. There are about twenty famished room* a: Inched to the Cafe which will ba let and meals famished ta any number at gentlemen forming a club, at such hear* as they may eeleet. Madame Btnlotte, Iook and he trusts favorably known a* (he proprieteas of a select maiton de pension in this city will superintend ih? house. Uentlrmeu will be furnished with meals at any hour iu the coffee room. The cuisine arrangement* will be f mod of the Aral stdsrmd the wines, liquor*, Ac., the best that can be procured isganfteas ol rrpenaa. An nispection of the establishment^is ra^iMtfj|l^^*olieited. i.H2wis?r 130 Broadway, betweeu Liberty fc Cedar ete. BO \R01NO.-Tbe origins! Walton House, m Pearl street. Franklin Square?kept hy Jaa. Fowler, from Loudon. Banland, permanent boa'drrs $2,74 per week, transient hoaruanM cent* iter day Families can be tccommodmed with pcirat* rooms on reasonable trims Wines aud spirits, 1 cents par glass?home brew'd ale t cent* oar phit?fine Welsh rarebits 4 ceiits each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B. Hot coffee I eantfe per pint?at tkre and mii'to-i chops can be had at *11 hours. J. F. particularly requests artv one who it in want of a comfortable home to call and msiieet his establishment, sad judk- for tbrniaelyes. Persons travelling for England would liodit to thairadvanlage to call. The house being eanrenient to London and Liverpool ship*, J F. being appointed acant, he csn give jMsstrngrrt every information. New k orb and Old Country papers taken in. US lm*r BLACK MA flBLE? l'<0 tons lush Black Marbla, for wis by ti28r PKHSSK It BROOK*. No. 41 Liberty arroat. s> rills, ul a . .?'-Lias ^?"-1- > ^ rri ducking guns, mads egpressiy Tor South gtdVL^bluud. 200 Cockiw (Jan*, assorted, IdtoK boiM,ajs"rt lengths, 3W) Single barrel liaus.eoininoe to fine. 300 Rilles, from pi to f 13 each. 3000 Paris pistols Gunsmiths ssi.il dealers in gnns will find at this depot erery article wanted by the ntauofietnrrr or rp irtsmau, in any <^aantity desired, as follows?gun locks, rifle looks, barre.s, springs, cones, caps, wards, worms, tips, ribs, triggers furniture, fee. Also, horUjS and piweotlaka, fro as 1 to K oa: sine bags, nhor b.tgs, primers, wrenches, fcc. A. W. SNlb it CO , n?? lm*r 1U Pearl street. OTOCK OK KA R THEN VVAKK. CHINA AND GLASS, br Kor Sa|e, and Spire to Let.? 1'he present oceapent being about tearing for the south, the entire stock or mw and slegant goods now in the Store 244 Bowery, will be sold on run sonable terms. To ruy person wisliing to embark in the Earthen Ware business, a good opportunity la now oflered. The store U welt fitted up, and is an eier llent stand for koa, nesc. Apply ou ttie pre tosses, or to JOHN C. JACKSON, III Water strert, op stairs. nW lw*g "EMtANOlB'B PATENT LIKE BOAT1' kJtWen caea^J " the |last fonr years in actual sgnrrcg, and by ttpsnnsw as follows Manned and thrown from the deck ot a stsamapai while undst way ; dropped endwise from the stern ef s >s loaded to tlis gunwale with iron and stones, with las sggmm store in ; turned by force niwide down sad resisting use seam of 13 men to keep her so : upset by her passengers and rnw. ing tliern again inaidr and freeing hereon fVogl Water ; bottom store in by landing on a rocky ahore aud then rowed oat to sun . landing to s surf, wkeu nil <nher boats swatnped linking crew and passeni.rs from a wreck iu astnrm at wa,JHlk the bow *tove in sou prngb out ; ? oruioK a wrwi wiui iqv mxi.nti woken open ; tearing * linking wreck fall of pMaongota, with the ea breaking from end to eud ; making way urow t coral reef to a wpck and bringing of W pemengcm. leenng the ordinary hoe a*eampcd , thrown from (he deck of a ship sSdwiaa ami i vine 22 iwnona ; odea and bowa broken through and bottom (tore in and rowed in Aep water, be. and finally blawn up by a mhmarioe eiploaion, and then again mantiea and rvwod as before. JOSEPH ttULNCI8. Office No. T Wall at., at Adaina It Co V Express Office. at _ dh 1 fjjA "tt"EWXKt>?The aulwcriVerr in caoagM the Tel ton Jp J VJVJ Kerry last evening, between 5 and I o cloca.waa robbed of fvan, by hiring his pocket book cut fromhia docket? cnoiainmg 7 |M notea on Mechanics Bank, New Bedford, new tlu<-: J |.?0 do on ilrrchanis Bank of do do ; 1 do bank not sown; 1 lib bn?k of New Ifork. The banks and broken of the rity, are reepeetfnHy reqeested to detect and (rente the same, for which lbs shore reward thasl b<- paid- The aame to be left at SLATE,QARDENLR It howell, 111 and 113 South ibrtl uM> lw?rc A. COLEMAN.of Nnw Bedford. IPOft UK. KECCHTWANOEK'S Pnce Current ofCopa r ria, Citauiar, Acids, Oyewooda, Lunar Ceuslic.Dagner reotyt* Chemicals. < laaaanu Silrar, be. he. he. Sea fourth |ei*r. efT I'O PRINTERS AND PUBLISHEKS.-a"young man A a practical printei, who is thoroughly aconainted withhie bnaineaa in erery department and branch, nad, woe has been rpiployed in the capaeity of reporter and anb-edtior em aerernl high!? reapeCtAblejonruala, is dcairoea of obtaining a agnation in the Country, to take charge el. sod manage, a melt eewaRespectable relerencet girm and reqeiire. f?"'W i Vh i i vf, i;rL 11 H'lrr Ve?f? for aele by _ L< " "JOHN M. DA VIM ft JONB8, 0:9 lt*r? laa William ypTofJofcn Ma. (J. 8. CITY DESPATCH P08T. P< 'ST OFFICE, New York, Bth July, IMS. ^JOUKS ofJJelirerT^ ?8nadaya excepted) at tha Latum i/' noaitad befcrt Half ' aat oVIoek, AMI , ? " F M Will ba aent oatfoi da^r;sar?? !37.l8^Vit"-, '? " F"M Utleirttobaeejw Free, itin.t W* "Free Stamp" 4iW to than, otherwiae three cent! will be culler led or tha put? to Thorn ih?- letter ii adtlrraae I. No money mwi ba eaeioeed in Irneri iiuleae re* taiared at t ie r rue**! odSoea. Liate ot tha itauona (at all of which "Irre etampa" may he porch need at .' i0 I"'' l4?; aaary information Map 6a obtained on application at the upper or lower poet t llieee. Stamp* iaaacd by chelate LityUtap .trli Poet willb< rac-.ived. It ia mdianeiwabie 'hat tho rimber of tii? raudener aheel J ba atatad Iftuflettcra o 1,1 Uii 'u,;, ,,.a r.al. Ilia Foal Alaati t e.owiu tha earlieat iaiatatatioo ehonld any irrexplaritica eccnr. JOHN LORIMU.e <?RAMAM anMlvcc I'flaTVaatrr FOiiTloi/ESE FEMALE PILLS. CI lie sr. Car-fame 1 and calahralad Pilli, front Ponnral, w ? >yoewT- =5rr?

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