28 Ocak 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Ocak 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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J1UNBY NARKRT, Friday, Jan. ?7?0 P.M. The itock market [presented no new features to-day Bales were mostly in small Ists of t '.e Fancies. N. York 6J, IStiO, loan J per cent; New Jersey j per cent; Mohawk fell I percent. The Manhattan Bank ha* recovered a part of the moitej obtained lately hy means of forged checks. It appear that the first check was overdrawn, and the subsequ.-nt ones paid through the negligence of the bookkeeper. The sales of real estate to-day were at enormous prices considering the times. A house with ten year* uuexnired learn. the nmwri. nf I Rankin. Era.. in front ol Washington Parade Ground, iold for $10,000. See Sia'e of Trade. The following are the leading feature* of the Reading Railroad to Jan. 1343:? Heading Railroad. Rftourcct Liabxlitits. Railroad. 4,256.197 Capital, 2,010 000 Locom live, real es- l.oan*, 2,646.45? tutc depot*, 763,666 Nolei and draft!, 444,447 Interest, 331.917 ludginent*, 97 920 Loss ou sale stock, 8cc. 3S8,"4fl McC&lmot. Bros. Hi Co. 2 ,918 Other item*. 126,813 Jainei Morri?"n, 46.267 Tb?-mp*on k Forman, 58,274 J. Robertson et al. Tru?tee* of the Bank of the Uuited Stale*, 292 274 Th? prop'ois of lock* nod canal* on Merrimack river, 120,060 k Coal certificate*. 12,500 (4. A. Niccl>, sup'ldtnt, 19,506 Sundrv- ac> onut* due sundry person*, 97,975 $5,866,633 $5,961,633 The Maryland House of Delegate* recently passed a resolution " to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the Treasurer to recall the threemilliona of State bonds," now in the hands of Messrs. Barings It Co., in London. In discharging the duty thus imposed upon him, the chair man of the committee addressed letters to the State Commissioner ot Loans and to the President of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, which have elicited replies from both of these gentlemen. The answer from Louis McLane.Esq., states in substance that the bonds are a subscription to the company by the Legislature and the 8tate> has no mere right to withdraw them than any other subscriber. This reasoning is plausible, but not sound. It is similar to that*! the Erie Railroad of this State, because the State subscribed stock te further a work supposed for the beneftt ef the whole State, the directors assumed the right of selling them at any price in the market; thus destroying the credit of the State, ruining the property of all other State stockholders, and wasting the money of the people, and defeating the object of the issue.? If the road was supposed to cost a certain sum, and the State subscribed a portion of it in stock, the amount of stock to be issued to complete the road, must be increased precisely in proportion to the extent to which the stock is sacrificed. The State has clearly a right to withdraw its stock subscribed, if any attempt is made to sell it under par for cash. The domestic exchanges present ne new features this week. They have been as follows:? Cubrknt Kates or Bank Notes and Domestic Bills. Hunk Notts. Exchange. Safety Kund Security Banks New England* Boston par aW U. S. Bank 50 atlO Pennsylvania-. Jia7>{ Philadelphia a M New Jersey Ha I Maryland -..- 'as X Baltimore Va V Virginia IK* 'X Richmond...... lKa lK North Carolina.- IK* 2 North Carolina" lKa 2 'Jeorgia 2K*10 Savamiali Xi 1 Augusta 74* 7S South Carolina.* IK* 2 Charleston- Ha X Florida ? *70 AjiaUchicola a? Alabama IJ a IT Mobile llK* '5 Louisiana 2K*25 New Orleans- par *>apm Kenniclty 3 *1 Louisville.. . 3,'?* Ids Tennessee- 5*6 Nashville 3K* 5 Mississippi ? -60 a 80 Natchez ? a? Missouri 6 a 8 St. Loo is IK* 2 Ohio 4 a 5 Cincinnati, IK* 2 Indiana 4 a 5 ? 2 a 2K Illinois *65 ?? 60 *65 Michigan 7 alfl Detroit 2K* 3 The amount of specie brought by the steamer wa' $66-5,966. One ef the most remarkable features of the times is the recent movement of the brokers in Wall street, whereby a new board of brokers has been formed by that large class who has been unfortunate in business. The reverses in the stock business of lato'years have been greater perhaps than that of any other, because it was based on the smallest foundation, and almost entirely of a fictitious nature. In the few years prior to 1836 7, it grew rapidly with the paper system, and increased with the multiplication of Bank and Company stocks, which formed the material of the transactions. This swelling tide oi business brought gr. nt numbers of dealers into the street, who were for a time prosperous because the paper prices of valueless stocks wi re constantly on the use. When the tide turned, and prices began to fall, the wealth of all the holder* o' these Securities vanished as suddenly as it appeared. The shro ' dert of then* saddled the stuff they held on the hanks, the Unfed States Bank in particular, on its failure, displayed a beautiful li-l of bubbles. The which snerounde.l each ins'fu'ion contirives to eetnlirle mo n- y ?it oi'tbrm u their stocks which, continuing to la l in value, r-main In the viiilta in wor< liters masses. The i"-ceding 'iJeol paper wealth of course mined a lar. emaJorit* ot the brokers, ?h i gradually dropped out of the board as the\ failed in their contract*. For the last two VAur.4 t h HV hattsi ** r> mlnmnl - J? 4- -4 .1 J J .... a (jrs|??'riiw struggle lo KW|i tlmir places, but the number of bankrupt* constantly increased, leaving In the board now only a few possessed of capital in atock and money, with n number who, although short in their contract*, have (still contrived to hold on Those thrown out of the board have been mostly hnrs liu combat in the stock business until the late Bankrupt law released them trom all their legal debts; they then rallied, and embodied themselves in an association to do business with open doors; that is, to admit the public on the pay. mentof small fee, otherwise the regulations of the Board do uot materially differ from those of the old Board with the exception that a person failing to perform hi* contracts, is required to surrender his books to a standing committee, who shall settle his affairs, and if his conduct is found to have been fair, he may be restored to his pri. vileges. The result is, that one board contains all those brokers who have, or are supposed to have capital. The other all those who have no capital, or are supposed to have none. The two boards will be in ope ration at the same time. It is clear there can be no speculation at the new board, because no one lias capitil to flllfll ft Iftlinv nw*A a- -11 ?*.- 1 ... HUU nn mi ino titt-murm artbound to take each others' bids, an offer of a time contract will be hazardous. If an order is given to sell stock by a capitalist, and no corresponding order to buy is at the board,the sale cannot take place unless to a broker avow edly without capital At the old board many ef the members are wealthy, and if no orders are on hand to buy a stock offered, they can themselves make the purchase if the price suits- The feature of admitting the public at the new board is very popular, and probably the effect will be to induce the old board to imitate it, when the ob jertionsto the present system will be removed. The new board have called themselves the " Bourse," because they sit wl h open doors, that is the only similarity between them and tho Paris Bourse. The stock operations of the Parisian Bourse are confided to fld stock brokers, who arc nominated by the Minister of Finance, and give security in the sum of 1-25,000 f rancs for the faithful discharge of their duties, which consist in acting faithfully as brokers between buyers and sellers of speci", public stocks, bill* of exchange, and all commercial paper. They are obliged to testify to the faithfulne . of all their transactions before the tribune of arbitrators. The whole is overseen by a syndic and six assistants, called the "syndical chambre." The operations in public funds are called out aloud at the moment each contract is concluded. The other transaotlo a are transcribed on a register of the Commissary of Tolice, and forms the list which is published. The Bourso isopened every day at l}o'clockby the sound of a bell, which announces the appearance of the stock brokers. They occupy an enclosure in the centre, surrounded by the public, who are freely admitted. At H o'clock the stock brokers quit the Bourse, and continue business in their own afltces until 4J o'clock- The contracts for money and account are made 8t acommi-sion of f of 1 percent oach way, buyer and seller, c-asn delivery. The time contracts are made at a commission of 1-10 of 1 ner cent. Tk? ji?i ? ?v njiauiOHl cnaiii bar impoara n duty of 8 per cent on the nominal capital of all time contract*, but there i* no duty on caah contract* The product of tbia duty in one year was 1,900,000 franca, being about the average. Thia give* the average duty per day at f.4,000, aay 3,000 sale*, and 8,000 purchaara Hen e, if 8 franca give f.100.000, 9,000 franca will give I 40,000,000 aa the amount of gambling or time contract* per day on the Pari* Bnurae. The amount of purchaaea and aalea (or actual inveatmenti* about an equal anin, making daily transaction* of f.?0,000,000, or $18,000,000; all tran*. action* for " dn courant," or end of the current month, arc liquidated from the drat to the lourth of the following month. The admiaaion of the public to the Bourne, where fortunca are made and loat ?o auddenlv, greatly promotegambling tranaactiona, and enhance* the gains of the bio Iter*. It ex< lta the same influence upon byat.in tea do * watching a gam* of chance; an ' th?ti**nd* ir. < rted a" ar hv lta inrt nee inclu ling beautiful *'ii-i t-d'l i i wh? are n?it untiequi i;ly the iaigi np-i.it,' a lie Botli**'-, de.! ingoi bet !or the'1" ' li' i in . 1 well which th?) It '' , U 11 i i \o tl 114! 1 be fluctuation* oi the m ?ct. I 1 10 .Hi; I- < ;'? merit showing the condition' j wmmemm the !>1 association* and individual banker*, under the lau to authorise the buainen of banking >a?:E Bamki or New Tokk, Ja* , 1813 ?' c sii: Title ij thr Jiiiocia- Bondi f s. . Cir'tg ? ? c i!a>> ?? mo,tg? S,0lk'- note. B fiU nf Alfiou, *tk k fit $19,418 I'iOOO 24 00n ? i Apiicultii id Btiik. Hk t. 36.360 37.000 68,000 ? ? Alb_py Exc. Bk , 8 fc E, 30 660 46,000 60,106 ? ? H?. . d" ?tock?, ? 13,000 9,836 ? 447 "J.Atica, Sk K. 1^.000 6.419 ? 4.691 Am * tc B uk.s'O'-ka, ? 394 000 230,669 ? ? Hko? Br?r.k|.*rt, H* K, 13,426 16,<*?0 26,000 ? ? Bt'ftoa 8|m Bk, 8 k E, 30,060 40,(100 63.000 ? ? o, t'tto "1, ? 30,000 27,000 ? ? Bk f U 8 in New kork, ?9,,,cki .... ? 16.000 4,360 ? 134,664 "in o UK, "ochester, atock and estate, 93,550 70,000 123,000 ? ? BkofCom., Vl.st rl*?. ? 465,000 4I3.HCO ? ? ' om. Bit of 1 roy, S & E, 30,000 35,'00 52,506 ? J1 en D" ?i i0., ?t*cka, ? 11.000 9,100 ? ? < li' tmi B , N Y , stocks, ? 6.000 3,884 ? 28 44 CiiihI Bit, '.ockrmrt.QStE, 86,500 97,000 149,862 ? 2.781 Bk of Central New Vork, ?'ork and mlale, 34 313 40,000 59,800 ? ? vV. d,> "locks. ? 14,000 11,900 ? ? Bk or Coiuiuit, 9 & E, 25,550 3o,600 39,345 ? 7,44: Do do sto k?, ? 40,000 26 430 ? 1,53 D-lnware Ba, stocks. _ 93,000 74..06 4,500 2,06 B ink ol D usville, stock and estate, 65,300 60.000 93,235 ? 2.25 Esc Bk. O, neser, 8 lc E, 24,913 20,000 39,968 ? ? Farmer* Bk, Amsterdam, st"ck and estate, 8,500 9,350 16,577 ? 52 D.> do stock*. ? 20,850 18,110 13,052 10,00 Farmer*'and Drosers' Bk, ?t''ck aud estate, 15 900 22 000 30,000 ? ? Do do (tock*. ? 35,000 25,830 ? ? Farmer*'and Mcch's Bk, Rochester. S & E, 20,000 26,000 38,900 ? ? Do do (tick*, ? 56.000 56,000 56 000 ? Farmer*' Bank of OeneTa, itock and estate, 27,186 40,000 39 403 ? 36,32 Farmers' Bk of Hudson, t ck au l estate, 50,200 43,000 88,501 ? ? Farmers' and Mechanics' Bk<>f Genesee. 8 &E, 19,102 28.00:1 31.755 ? 1 58 Fort Plain Bk, S& K, 46,125 47,000 75,505 ? 3 29 Farmers'Batik of Orange County, slocks, ? 2,018 1,680 1,680 ? Farmers' Bank at Malone, stocks, ? 21,000 20 700 20,700 ? Genesre Co Bk, S St E. 46,000 25,000 48,199 ? ? Ho ward Trust aud Bankg Co. 9 Jt E. 26,250 25,000 43.000 ? ? Hamilton Bank, 8 8t E, 11,000 5,150 8,359 4,482 ? J-mes'Bk, S&E, 26,934 19,080 32,350 ? ? Bk of Kinderhook, B&E, 49,000 51,000 83,815 ? 3,25 I Id m is It T ? .s Co stock and cslatc, 96 260 34,000 102,160 ? 61,46 B? of kowville, 8 & E, 43 860 34,000 6(,600 ? 9,27 Merchants' and Farm" r?' Bk, Ithaca. 8 & E, 27,360 46,000 62,000 ? 41,30 Mechanics' Bankinv Association, 8 It E, 60,000 60,000 67,939 ? 90,37 Do do ttocki, ? 80,000 73,980 73,980 ? Middletown Bk, 8 <k E, 39,900 32,000 63,875 ? 2 Manufac'r-' Bk. stocks, ? 47 660 42,369 ? 43,66 Mohawk Val. Bk. 8 Si E, 27,700 37,000 48,090 ? 3,31 N. Y. State Stock Security Bk, stocks, ? 18,960 17,871 ? 14,00 N. R. Bank, atnckt. ? 120,099 115,000 116000 ? Pawcll Bank, 8 & E. 60,009 75,000 101,000 ? 5,26 Pine I'laiut Bk, 8 It E, 37 200 60,000 70.326 ? 3,19 Dn do stocks, ? 13,000 10,000 ? ? Bk Silrcr Creek, Sic E, 33,690 54,000 78,587 20,597 ? Wooster Sherman BauK, stock and estate, 2,000 4 8 000 5,000 5,000 ? Ilk of Svracute, 8 St E, 74,513 100.000 142,500 ? 7,50 Bk of VernOD, 8 4t E, 40,770 50,000 89,100 ? 10,40 Washiiiaton County Bk, stock and estate, 37,326 48.000 63,602 ? 65 Do do stocks, ? 2 000 724 ? 1,27 Bk of Whitcstown, 8&K, 30,000 55,000 70 000 10,000 19.41 Bkol WatertowD, 9?iE, 36 225 46,000 61,553 ? 1 34 Bk of Waterville, 8 Ik E, 35,950 44,708 67.512 628 ? Do d,. stocks, ? 25,292 17 988 ? 2,71 Woolgrowers' Bk, do. ? 500 501 ? ? 1,516,378 3,160,677 3.695,605 325619 654 91 We have received the report ol the Illinois Committc on Finance, to whom was referred a resolution oi th House in relation to the indebtedness of the State, avai able means, present and perspective resources, andtb practicability ot adopting some financial system whic without taxation will ra'ieve the State from debt. The con mittee report the debt as follows-.? Dkbt and Resources op Illinois. Canal Debt, $4 735.11 Internal Improvement, 7,643,71 Total debt acknowledged, 1-2,3-}9,9i Canal Reeourcee. Lands, lots, water power, be., on completion, 6.500,04 Due for lots sold, 207 64 an nnn acres vslnst at ct an wis rw 210,000 acres, worth ' 1 000,0< Meredoria Railroad, 6,000,<K Total, $8,507,6( This they comider the means of paying two-thirds < the debt without taxation, to be made available by e: changing them for liabilities; but the values are merei nominal without the completion of the canal The ai nual interest on the above debt is $660,000, which canui be paid under any circumstances; and the committee stal that if the canal ceuld be completed and the above pr perty be used to return two-thirds of the debt, that the r venue of the cannl w< uld more than meet the remaii der. They then enter into estimates as to the value of tl lands, and the probable revenue of the canal if completei taking the Erie canal for their guide. They talk of tl saving in the transport of agricultural produce by thp c nal, and tl.e quantities *liat may be produced. They d not show, bowev r, where the aggregate surpluses are 1 find sale in competition with the vast produe'sof otht tates, and in the face of a protective tariff, which pr vents foreign countries from buying. In relation to taxi tion. they recommend a temporary reduction from preset rates lor the short term of six years, lest the credit! of th -<tate should be so far injured as to deter settlers from con ing in. Hairs at tlae Stork Ktrhangs. $3000 NY State 7'?, 1819 lot 25 Bk Com, full 87 noo do SX't. I860 on SO d . 'crip 93 IftOO do i>4'?, 1881 90 10 Fsrm-rV Trust 11' 1000 do 90W 25 fantoa To 151 3000 Illinois bouds I8\ 65 Mohawk, 27' '000 do b90 19 25 do 27 1000 do 19 150 d> *30 19 ION) Kentucky 6'>, 1871 8<H 50 Harlem ?30 I? JSOOCitvS's 1870 85 'on do ilO 16 25 shns Del St Hud 3d R2)< 5 t.ffle tns Co 95 20 But'h St Dtov Bk 90 20 NyrktU'ics 97 to Nsttonol Bk 8tX 80 New Jersey 69 12 Bk 8iat<- N V 75 50 do b60 69 20 Mech'e Bltg Ass'n, 62 Haeond Board. 50 ?ha? Long Iibnd, 18^ $6308 Btste 7'*, 1819 10-t 5" Harlem h3 is'-; 200 Bk of Com 91 too do b60 16 25 Farmers 'Loan 12 25 Stoiiin.ton, >3 16?i State of Trmte. The following tranaactions were made in real estate, i auction, to day. The attendance was large, and quite uispo*mon to nuy wan manliest :? By Wilkinsk Rollins?Three story house, with ten yeais unexpired lease of lo', at aground rent of $138, No. 3 Washington square, $90,00 Four story store and lot N.>. 79 Front street, 18,00 By E. H. Ludlow It Co?Two houses and lots corner of Hester and Ludlow atree's, 25 by about 75 feet each, (one subject to a tenant for eleven years, at $333 per annum) sold for 6,50 Three story house and two lots on Racond strcrt, near 1st avenue, 7,61 JhhtM- Very little isdoing in either description. Cotton?Thero is a be'ter feeling prevailing since th arrival of the Caledonia ; prices remain al>out the same. Flour? The lioats are down from Albany with a lilt! over 8,000 barrels of Canal, Ohio and Michigan flour, an> the market is very heavy. We hear of no sales ol Cant or Michigan, both of which are held at $4,50, but dull, es cept one sale of Michigan, reported at $4,87J. There ha been several sales of New Orleans, one lot of 300 barrel ol a fancy brand, at $4,50, and another lot of 1600 barrel ? terms not made public, but a little below $4,26. I southern we hear of nothing doing. Sales of corn at 63 cents,weight, northern and southern Provision Market. We give below, the prices of last week ; there ha been no change since then. We earnestly call upon the Inspectors of Weights and Measures (o visit the several small grocery stores ottene than thpv nnu' Ha I* ia roullw ?? *??* extent the poor are cheated at aome of them, in the shapi of ahort weight and ahort measure. It ia certainly tinn that the lead was removed (rom the acalea, and the sedi m. nt of a year's collecting taken irom the bottom of th< quart and gallon meaaurea. Thoueanda of dollars are an nualiy loat by the conanmera, and rained by the grocers through the gross carelessness orthe inspectors. Susl inattention to business should not be permitted to exist foi another day. Pricks or Provisions. Apples, bbl *<$1 00 a 2 "0 Jowls a 2 BeeT per lb a 9 Lamb, per lb I a J Beef, per cwt'?*$4-5fl a f' Morton 3 a 7 Beef, corned 3 a / Onions, |*r busli 40 a 50 Ulacafish, " 6 a 8 Parsnips, per dot. , -37Ha? Beets, bunch ? a 3 Pheasants, pair 50 a 62,M Butler, fr??h, per Ih 12 a 16 ibrrter House Slakes <t a 10 Butter, firkin, per Ih 12 a ? Pork, per lb I a ? Cellery, bunch 6 a I2X Pork.perewt $1 a |5 Crabs, dot 12Sa ? Pigs, roasters ? a SI Chickens J7)?a 75 Poutoes, bush 25 a 37>i Cabtiages 2 a 4 Potatoes, Swt.hf pk.? a 31 Claina, 100 25 a 37% Quails. each, 10 a 12 Caulif1ow>rs 12Xa ? Sirloin, Ih 10 a 12 Dueka per pair 62tia 75 Stnped Bass, lb- ? a 8 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a HX Sausages ? a 8 Kelt I a 10 Turnips, per bushev? a 15 tegs, 7 for ? a I2>$ Tripe, lb ? a 4 Kresh Cod 3 a 4 Turkies 50 a $1 Flounders" ? a 5 Veal 4 a 6 (Jeese 50 a 75 Woodcock, pair ? a Tlfi Honev, new comb"25 a? Venison, 7 a 12 Hickory Mutla ? a 5 Hmella.perlb 12Ha? Foreign Market a. Havana, Jan. 14 ?Beans, white, Hart rl?; beef, No. 1, '2 prime and mess, 7 a 7 4. butter, American yellow, 12 n 2ft RMM|mould, 14 n 16, apertn, "4 ? 36; cheese, Amor icnn 10 a 14; codttah, tmx, I ; do.hhdi, 4 4nSl; corn, Indian, studied, 3 a 3 4; Hour, Philadelphia and Baltimore, 14 u 14 4; do N.O, 15 a 16 'i; hams, Ida 13 4; herring*, imokad, 4 a6; lard, N O., 13 a 13 4; markerel, No. 3, a 4 a 6; one ona, 6;pork, cargo, e.litem and mm, New Orleana, Wall: do clear, 14 a 16; potato*'*, 3 6 a 33, rice, 63 a 8 3. coffee. I?t quality, S 5 a 10; id and 3d quality 6 4 a H; do triage, 4 a 8; honey, 3- mola-aiea, keg 6J gallons 1 a 3; atigaia, a* sorted, 6 0a fl|?; do white nlom . 6 a 10; do hrown,3t IJ; do yellow 4J n 6; a. gar-, 6 a 3 ; lumber, lioop- ,34 nl I. ' oards, Portland VV. P. is,i to O hot ea-'erii porn, 33 i < 33; piicli pine, 34 a 36 4; aliinglee, 3 0u40; libd. shook v ith ti i ling 0 a 7; -nuar 'nix ihaoki, 0.1 a 74 IMrtl. Oeh'nday, i7ih inataiit, MicHari. M. Foi.?arH, of it in not) rhenmatKin. aged 13 j ear*. H . ma and i qnaintanres ?re respi c tmly iuvlled at I'i'd hi* Itiroral, irutn lua Into residence. Id letter-in rerl, to-nioiro e afternoon at 3 vVloek Also, rl.e mem - 01 Klin I- erhoekel Lodge I l> (I. f Oa Fil ay, iTthimtani.Ot ?car|et fever, MnuOiiiri, n .i |< ei ol William h and Hannah A I.add, ngi l V eai? Old 3 month*. r I he frier,d* of thcfamilv are invitedIn attend tkefuuer?l, Iroin the reildence of her father, 39 Liapenar,! Ktreet, 'his afternoon at 3 o'clock. On Thursday morning, 24th inot. at Brooklyn, Petcr VIcDonoooh. in the 4<?th year of hi( age. Hi? Irlend* and those of the family, with theFircDe( partroent of the city of New York and Brooklyn, are rcsliectl'ully invited to attend his funeral, from hi* late reai1 lence, 18V Concord street, to-morrow afternoon, at hall ait one o'clock, without further invitation. k littlest Advices ' RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Vfriea Nov. ti Micao Hepr. 20 \UlCaVM Dot 9fl Ihfa.Ua . . fief 90 \ntitrua Nov. 9 Manilla Sept. 20 3oinhay Nov. 1 Montevideo Nov. 25 > Balavia Oct. 7 Mnranham Nov. 20 Bermuda Jan. 10 Matauzaa J <n. 3 Bonaire April 9 Mayatcut-z Dec. 3 Buenos Ayrea N iv. fl Marac.iibo Dec. 7 . Bihia Nov. 12 Matarnora* Dec. 15 Belize, I loud. Dec 25 Neiivitaa Nov II B.trbadoes !'ec. 30 Na?aau. N. P. Jan. 2 , Boitola Nov. 10 Oahu, 9. I. Oct. I Berbice--- Feb. 20 Paria Jan. 2 1 'at* Haytiro Dec. 24 Port au Prince Dec. 28 f.a|w Town, C. O. H Dec. 3 Ponce, P. K. D*c I j Carncoa 19 Para Dec. 21 . l.'ieiifueKOa Dec. II Pernainbuco Nov. 16 j I aitlia*ena Kept |5 tmama--- Sept. 23 Canteens .May 17 Hi ne Janeiro Nov. 29 . t'liaitres July 1 Singapore 0--t 4 I'allao 8e t. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W. June 14 I'alcutu Oct. 21 St. Ileleua D. c. 14 * Drmerara Dec II St. Thomas Dec. 31 !, Fayal D-c. 23 St. Barla Jan. 1 Gibraltar Dec. II St. Jaito de Cuba- Dec. 20 linayaouil Oct. 16 St. Jobua, P. Dec. 25 ( flkvama, P. R.- Nov. 7 St. Croix J'U. 8 I tonal v el Am,'. I St. Martha Dec. 8 I ialveiton J u. 8 St. John, N. B. Dec. 2" Havre Jan. 1 Surinam Nov. JO Havana Jm. II Tampico Dee 6 2 Halifax Jan 23 Tobaaco De.S. 23 leiemie Nov. 'in Turks Island Jan. 6 lacinel Dec. 25 Trrniitad <le CubaDec. 31 Kiuitston, Ja. Dec. 22 Vera Crur Jvn. 1 - Loudon Jan. 3 Valparaiso Oct. 16 a Liverpool Jau. 4 Yucatan Jau. 3 LatJuavra Jau. 4 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Lima Aii|. 6 M ARI TIME HER A L D. Smiling Day* of the Hleusu Ml?l|>?. from lnolanp. from mi hin u (Caledonia, Lott F b. 1 ? Acadia, R>rie Feb. 4 Mar. I | O. Weateru, ijoskeu Feb. II Mar. 16 u Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 ? Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May I " G Western, Hoaken April 15 May II Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. 5 from liverpool. for liverpool. 0 Oxford, Halhbo-ie, Dec. 21 Coluinbux Cole, Feb. I 0 Patrick Henry. Delano, Dec. 27 O. Washington, Burrows, Feb.7 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. 6 Quebec, Williams, Dec. 15 Mediator, Chnmplm, Fab. 1 Philadelphia, Hovey, Dec 20 Wellington,Cliadwick, Feb. 10 0 from havre. for havre. J Oueida, Fuuck, Dec. 16 St. Nicolaa, Pell, Feb. 1 ArRO, Anthony, Dec. 24 D. d'Orleans, Rich'dson, Feb.8 Ship Maater* and Agent*. * We shall eiteem it a favor, if captains of vessels vviil give to Commodore Robert Silvev, of our new fleet, a report of the shipping kit at the port whence they sailed, the 8 vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of their cargo, end any ? foreign newspapers oraews they may have. He will ooard thein immediately on their arrival. Agent* and correstioudents at 7 home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thaiikfnlly received. !1 PORT OF NEW YORK, JANUARY 38 e _ ? in Rises - 7 16 i Moon risks c c j. i ikti 5 111 ?'ev *ar? 7 54 ie Cleared. h Barques Keform, Ti'von, Mobile, Stnrges 8c Clearmsu; Na hsnt, Winsor, New Orleans.?Brigs Susquehannah. Tatem ortLeon; Lour l-land, HowUuil. Mobile Dunli im 8t Dun'u ?bchrs Cordova. Sherman, Jarmel, Foster It Nickerson; Rc l>eaier, k raucn, Wilmiugton, NO. K S Powell. IS Arrived. )g Schr Ann Eliz ibeth, Taylot, 3 days from the Chesapeake _ with corn and oats^to B N. Foi. - Sloop Tecuniseli, Child, from Providence, with dymestii Roods. Sloop Isaac II. Borden, Brown, from Fall River, with mdse X) to Tisn-ilr It Burden. Sloop Meridian, Burt, from Fall River, with domestic goods 10 to master. w Sloop Lady Adams, frow New Haven. >0 Below. _ Two brigs, nnknown. U Ueoeral Record. jf Packet siiif SheRidax, for Liverpool, sails this morninf K having been again detained. Her letter hags close at Oil y pin'*, in 'he Exchauge, at half-|iast 8 this morning. Short Passage?'i he packet ship Virginian, Capt. Allen arrived at Liverpool on tl e 26 h ol December, in I5K days fron at New York. Her last passage from Liverpool to New York was in 20 days from pilot to pilot She has thus crossed tin e A'lsniic twice in succession, iu less than thirty-six days. Capi o Nye, of the packet ship Independence, in lis last passage, ar r ved at Liver'ool in sixteen days from New York? iud saw r* not a single sail during the p isaage. B* Shif Vermoist, which went ashore at Kilmnre, England, (ai mentioned yestrrdi') belonged to B is on. Cat lain M?vh> w writes under ate of Dec. 25, that the ship will be a to'al lo?s s. Sh wint ahnre in a eal. from ili^ S.niil. Tt. .. '* three offi -es in B a ton, to the ani'mnt of $21,000 011 vess I It' rtnl SlliOd ,111 fieis-hi mon y. a Pmr PkhWiaw oi Thomasto , wrecked neir Cane Is Havre a 'a k* mid w-'l bcilr ship. v Iik iI ii $>4,000, of whicl lo onlx $ JIM # s insured, which is iqnally divided betwret tuooffifc ii Bo?i<)u. H, r freight list w us inured in New Or IpM'f for $"000; carRri pinhably on Frem h account. >r Schr ( omt idehct.?The Alliance, at Liverpool 26t.li "It from Savannah, on the 7th, fell in with the wreck of sehr Con B" fidenc", from N* w York for Egg Harbor, and took off In r. if a ter,(Peari) and two men,(J. Lewi* and K.liaha B<rry.)? Sii-wa-dismaiied Nov 30, in a heavy t,a'e, and the ere w w ri " redujed to their la*l qn.irt of water when picked up. ie Whalenirn, Spoken, Nov 24, lat 4 N, lou 25, Itncgcue, Ruiiell, of Bcs ton. 240 hbla. In November, ' John Brown,'400 bbls?(possibly the Joiliue Brawn, of Pioviucetow u.) Spoken. if Kranconia, of Bo?ton, from Liverpool for New Orleans, Dei 25, Sciliy r.NE 23 mile*. ? F<irelf;ii I'orl a. 'a Havana, Jau ii?In i ort, Hellespont, K.llis, of and for New York wt* freight; York, Merrill, lor freightor charter; Ta'ma Ssi iViuvor, lor Cowei and a mkt, Idg; Gleaner, St'Teas, of Boa I* ton, for Cowei and a rnkt, Id*: Diatitlia, Shorn- of Portland freiuhl or charier; Boh' mm, Nlioil.dn; Loons, Wood side, fn Uenoi, disc; / ,id i, lloudleit, from Wncjwrl, do; Margarita Kverett. ol 1 o rland, unc; Lima, Naann of Bath, caigo in mid; M'Lellan. Larra'-ee, do, di-g; Charles, Sylvi iter. Penal cola, do; Amethvst, Wnrwter, Wilmington, do; A'oenua Sko fi Id, due; La yettr. Wi, eheiter. Boston, do; Rohl Bnicr Fitzgerald Savannah, do; Prince de Joinville Gardner, New ,airf,do; Will am. Crocker. Moh-I. . a'rfl'h; Lincoln. McL, ' Ian, B.th do; Autarrs, Hi cli. New Orleans,do; Cirden-s Ch rchill. Portland, do; Penaacola, Kugore, (mm do, ca go uri ?ol;l; < h irhnte. Portland, Mb; Elizabeth. Remiinrton, of ami foi Philadelphia. do; Einpresario. Col ins, for New Oleai a, to tail ill s llowae, Allen, from Provid nee. air lit; Eairle, FnlleHon. Portl tid, diag; Hero. Sarat'e, for New O ham, Mg; Augusta, it Post, Moh,|e do; G Zelle, Waterhouae, to a il for the S,>uih a 'de; e Wolfe, Kintoii, to load for Boson; Retrieve,Clarksuii, fr>m Moh |e, diay. St Cboix, Jau 8- In pott, Rosalie, of Philadelphia, waiting canto. 9t Jons, N B. Jon 20?Atr Caroline, Leautt, Yrrtnouih; J-s fl Hay, M.ck.NY tk; PtiDeeAlbeit, Yarmouth. Chi 8th. Dun0 can, Robertson, L'V< rpool; Ecltpie, Curty, London; Woodlands, Johnston, Haltfa*. Home Port*. Frankfort, Jan 21?Arr Mil'inoket. Pisicr, Martinique via si B aton; 22d. St Leon/baba n, Bdtimore. Sid Boston, Brailu ley, NYork. Bath J m 21?Phi Chaa Thoma . Dotightv, Havana. 0 Pom laid J<n 25?Arr Alert, D-via, NYork. (It .in i i.ttkr, Jau 24?An Richmond, II ilbrook, Tnom.utou e for NYotk. Salum, Jan 21?Arr Fairfield, Burr. NYork. CM 5'h. B x-r, Dew itiK, Maranham autl a mitt. Shi Alabama, Kingsbury, \ NVork. . Boston Jin 2??CM Montgomery, Constvnt, Batavta and o Manilla, via Mauritius; Shawmot, Kimball. Rio de Janeiro; ! l.oretto. Henderso. , New Orleana; Odeon, Nickeraon,Mobile; a Fr>ncia Louisa, Mott'ion, Ba b; Star, Thorn s. Lalavette. La; a lasiwrr, Ntckeraon, NYork. New Bkdkorh, Jan 25?Arr Avenel, Hick mm, Hapirahannock via Providence and Fall River. n Edoabtowv, Jen 23?Arr Mary Aiigii.iia, Faruham. Sarann*li for Boston, and rr maim d in port 24th I. HolMks Hole. Jan 23?Arr Mariner, Kidder, Frankfort for New York; Willis Putnam, Cook. Boston for uo; Nainshong, Y-ung, Provineetowu for Rappahannock?and all tailed 2flh.? Passed hy, Veto, Coombs, from Frankfort, (or Bnekaport) for s N Vork; Klin, Moore, NYork for Saco. Fall RiTs.n, Jan 24?Arr Yanlic, Stuart, NYork; Avcnal, I Rni pahannnck. Bristol, Jan 24?Arr D tnl Webster, Orient, LI. Sid ('hero kee, Uaher, Havana. . QOUND PILOT?OWEN PRs SCOT T, Pilot for Vest Bedford, N mtiicket Slioult, "ottori PorHmoinh, Portland, ? Kennebeck, and other porta, tifficeat Fry* h Shaw'a Nanlial Store, 222 Wafer, cornt r Beeko.an street, V. Y ?Vice versa A'arm' k tpress, Boston, three days before wanted, r Ch'rge the ssineas Ir-m (Jay H"sd jJi tmur ' 'pO Lfct O VI.KASKroR FOR SALe.-A (arm , f 30 r 1 a- res with a Itanos me in w home, sod situate withi . sit indea of Brooklyn, in on of the most healthy ?nd beautiful aitunions in the United States?some part h <t Ireen laid dawn to ?le t slid meadow last fell. If let, the lent will be$300ier atioiitn, or if sold the price will be $5,ft(XI?the title is perfectly good, and the prope ty wholly unem uinbereo. Apoly at 254 Pearl street, New York. Jy?l 31 r PACKK'I SHIP SHKIUDAN for Liverpool.? I'as engers by tins ship will please be on board the steamboat Hercules at Whitehall, thia morning, at 9 o'clock, at which time the alnp will tail. Letter hags will do e at Hale A Gilpin's News Rooms, at Imlf-past I o'clock. j'28 11r ' rPKRPSICHOHE SOCIETY ASSEMBLIe.s- II..- s ith Ball of ttris Soriety will h? given on Thiirtonv Evening, Feb 2d, 1841. Persons wishin. Tickets for the Bail, wdl please make applicailin to the Manager at the Apollo Rooms, on Sa'nrday evening, IS'.h ins . or Wedne?d?y evening, Feb 1st. jI7 2t*r _ By order of the Board ot Msnasers OINOING PARTIES at the Rainbow, 49 Howard strrrt, v* uesr B oadway?'I he proprietors of the ah ire house beg leave to inform i heir friends and the public that they hate com1 menced their Singing Parties upon ,lie Old Shad s system, hi <1 i itend giving then every Tuesrlay eveuimt during the winter season To those who are fond of hermonv and song, by calling at the above, will meet with a delightful tr. at. I'liv chair will be taken at9 P. M. l2'r <4. EVANSJk CO. NOTICE is hereby given that the Cn-piitnrishipheretofore enisling between Klivh* Page ol Boston, Mass., and Cyras (4. I'sve of New Vork oitv i? ihis .1st- .I.... I- .1 k. I ant. The huaineaa of (he firm will he .ettleH hv C O. Paae. Bt,l"HA PAGE v . CYRUS G. PAGE. _New Vorfc, Of I_ph_ Iata. 127 T r Kpll'A I >.D V < Pi IK BA i Hs, 2> Cour'landt ?trec , >aUblnhed II s?Son>l>i ir?er, eonla, n ilanimator, ami ? ' " V c,mjJ <"??"? ?Uv? hv (he n?u o! J V Carri'll M.dciteu Vapor Boha. (>i en troin n o c'oek iu ihr inomin* fill mne o'clock at niwh in I f 'liU > d tllm nquiri one hnur'n pirvi u nonce Portnli I h ?"i' In ?> ! I""' ol the ruy or Brooklyn. Ha'tir ii tuli I nl 1'if bathe for hire. j25o.Jwr M K DieAL NOTICE. I iH IIGM EU BO ' I VV ICK. Prwlntjor of Siirai rv and 8ui I yeou to the Neva lurk Medical ami Sur* cal Inati'llie ,ya part cula a|>t iilu 11 to the treatment ol ilueuet of (hi eirt ?. d lull, a, dt e|? i?i*,|>lle? duumaea of the w .'inn auil ill mil- Ci'inpl* 1 ti. III. Itr at inc. ni that li%* mended ho <1 I.r tr- I III tlio-f pain III and ao fieqn-nily fatal diaeMi a? h.uUKhl oalienU fro 11 (lie moat r. mote piriaof die comui 1 at e ilifu.se V. liUilel III. C4ie, and out of 231 paiieliM lli m#* from ? uofAiiC*-, ai un flft? r* in 11 tj to (luirti > < < rti I 4"d ,h " "HoMttKDOS 1:WI. K.M.U ! No TJChanil'i'niiiwt, I I Jy 18 an?*m ItCKd hft>M WlMol 0luM?*y- I BOOKS For THE PEOPLE' 1 HnJy!WHPub,ir,|io,l? f'>' ? > ?* th? HEKALD h i (f VVrS| Cornf., Q| Kali' n *od Nnmu alt? vm re II the Cheap Publication! of the day can be had as aoon issued, at the tPUBLISHING PRICES. ALLISON'S 8PLRNDID HISTORY OK KU H>iri, in n Nnmhirs. TheI? II, 111 mid IV N,,? arr iinw rwiiv.Mfh _ 25 Cta. COOLKV't AMKHH an IN KUY I'T, to be comiile'ed hi c Ni'?. S? 1 bow ready 25 BKANDK'S ENfYCLOP^niA.No.'.a.andS, 25 waverly~novels. IVANHOR?by SirWaltrr Scott?complete in one nmber, -? OUY MANNKKIN<i?by Sir Walter 8, ott? ^ 1 THE AS'TlQiiAl(>'-hv',8ir Walter Seottrniniilrtr m on- number. " ROB HOY?by Sir Walter ftcotl?complete in one number, "? OLD MMRTAI ITY-hv Sir Welter Beott? romp et - in if number, *' HKART Ok MID LOTHIAN?by 8cott-comi l< In in one number, " BRIPE OK I AM M - 11 MOOR?by Scot'?oomi>iet> in one i umber, ? KEN IL WORTH?by Sir Welter Scott?com lilet- ill one number. * WAVERLY?by Si Walter Scott?complete in on- number. '' THE MONASTERY-by Walter Scott?complete iu one number. 2j NOVELIST'S LIBRARY. Tin's ' ibmry will br in trn weekly numbert. VIVIAN OKRY?by D'lur^eli?complete iu ??ne volume *5 VKNR I A? b? D'hr?eli?enmplft* in one volume, ROVAVCR AND HKALITY?by L K L, complft?* in volume, 25 THE YOITVO DI'KK?by D'hraeli?with a i?ortnif of fbe mithor 25 FRANCESCA CARRARA?by L E London, 35 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. B nuuful Uniform Edition of Bnlwer'a Novel*. Twenty-hive Cruta eech. t'kf.H VM. ni-?otv skd DEVI- If- At X PAUL t: IFFORD. EUGENE A It AM H8P HAY s OF POMP. II THE !"/. \ H|NA. RIK vZI The I. i?r of ihe Tribune*. SELF DEVOTION or Kithariue Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or ih- Return to England ERNEST MALTRXVERS. A' I K: or, The Misteri-a; Sei|"-I to Ma't'avern. OEOHOE ST OEOnOE JULIAN, The Piiuce ? N.w I, ? 3 ? (j , 35 THIERS''4 HISTORY Ok THE FRENCH Rl- VOLUTION,from N'o I to No 9, 35 SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON. 6 nunibere, each 35 CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the wo,lie of the abore, writer will be iubli>hed in regular rot?*ion. AMEHI A, fora-nerel e.ircn'atiou, 13H NICHOLAS NU KLEBY-Postage 30 cent* uu<ler. an l 3O4 cents over 100 miles, 50 OLIVER TWl-iT?Po?t*ge II cent* under, end 'S\ C-nt? oyer 100 mile*, 35 PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one number. 50 Subscriptions for all the above Magazines will bo received nt this office. and puntu -llv at'euded to. j28rc NEW AND ELEGANT VOLUME. DAPPLETO N St CO.. 200 Broadway, have just published lb- DESERTED BRIDE, and' other poems, by GEORGE I'. MORRIS, elegantly illustrated by twenty-live ...... r.,....r.i i'"": " ?' sioei irom flestgns by J < '< ' hipmau ami Robert W. Weir, Ksqrs. Price $2. Handsomely bound iu vellum paper. OPINIONS OK THK PRESS. The following brief uotice* are selected from among a great liuinb-r of others "This author uuderi'ands better than any other poet In the country the subtle and invisible links which connect words with music?National Intell gencer. "This is one of Apnleten's most beautiful publications, perhaps the tnost beautiful Th- biudimr, paper, typography and 1 engravings, and these are many.ate truly beautiful This much is due to the publisher, thousb we thou'd have meutinued the author fust But where is it the author is not f und aud not me .tinned c ntinually? On the ceulrr-r*b|e in every w?ll furnished house vou find him?every young la 'y that sits at ihe piano warbles lii? sougr? veil in the lonely himlet and ou the ' lawn, at summer eve, his ditties are heard in sweet cadeuca wi'h the happy birds. Mr. Morris is one of our stand<rd noets, and will be better known a hundred years hence."?Madiaoni'n. , . . "These poems are destined to become permanent ill the , language."? Evening Onz*tte. " This wotk is in the most luxurious style of book publishing; c and the |ioet\ pen and the artist's pru. il have uuiti d to give it still greateraitractions. We out confidently commend this , beautiful book."?N. Y. American. "This volume, in all its beauty, deserves and will receive i, immediate favor as a i.ouk for the centre-table, and a long subsequent term oflssi ohtiusive but more permanent estimation.' ?> YCom Advertiser. "Here is outward and inward beauts'? the beauty of binding and the beaurv of |K?etry."? Boston Atlss. "The writing" of the author nf 'Woodman Bptre that Tree" are familiar to every reader. They are now for the first time brnui he withiu the teach of the public in a collected form "? I IVnnsi Ivauian. " His imetrv is the oveitlowing of Ml the kindiy feelings for which the author is proverbial.y?N Y Enquirer "Every ballad bv tilts author is a treasure. He is unquestionable the first lyric poet of this country."? Boston Traveller, i "We consider the 'Whip poor-Will' the most graceful and t felicitous production in the whole rauge of Amen an poetry.*' i ? Brother Jonethan. L "The best and most fascinating soug writer in America."? Boston Notion. t "Splendidly as the work is executed, we consider the text in its merit worthy of its dress."?Phil Post, i "A collection of those sweetgems which have ao universally ' called foith rsnture uLd deligh*."?B .?tou Bulletin "A-. . hallau >s lite', the author is without i rival in this country ''?Brooklyn Duly News. "Tunii tn? ballad of ' My Mother's Bible,' nothing more b. atituul ever c one from the depth of the human heari."?The , flit nf ih Union. t "The ' W oilman' will live as long as genuine feeling and the i EnvlishU .;uag- co-exM."?Brooalvu Star. Tlii.i volume,is a per ret bi on."?Bunser Hill Auro'a. "This book will be the admiration of every one who admires what is beau'i'ul to tue eye, or grateful to a refined end cnlliva'ed last-."?Albany Argus "This t" ok -lionld liave a place in the library of every Ame rtcan.'-?Peiiusylvauian > "The 'B ill lio.iiii BeMe' is an exquisite poem, it delicate in exriutiou ss true and touching iu seutiment "?Philadelphia Journal. "These poems have teceiveil the sLimp of public approbation "?A'tiion. "'1 his superb coU ' tiou of coetns will rommend itself to the wnl s populirity ."?Bpiiif or the Times. ' It is not ol the literary character of the work that we are called upon 10 spruit, is tint may he dri tni il i st'blisheil. Hi. ht xl.nl are we that the volume is appreciated as it tlest rvvs to be by the public '?Knickerbocker Maeaziut-. "due of tin inos' I p'Otiful Ipi rary gems that Iras ever been givei ttt't public "? N Y Sttn. r "Thiawotk it an letuor to lh? country."?Ch'ouirle. "Tiie admirers of the poet will He glad to obi tin his works in I so r legeut a form.''?N V Morning Pott. "This mi.niftcent volume is an horn r to American Liters rore Inr. r, "The i n mi?e of the exterior i? fully im ained b? its c intents "?All ?. "Ti e em r>- eommnniiy Ins st-mmd ibe rnetira' produclimit of fha author with the uidtlliblf tell of it appro alion.''? Wa-hn gtouiau "Thi? booh is t1 e vrm ol ihr season "?Her 'hi. "'1 hts auihnr is t e hest Iy ric pot t that this ffiuutiy his produced Lycoaiin. O Xette "Thtse i 01 in* mo hen thy h seutiiiient, sound in moral,and r mm' mu icsi in *| res-ion."?Times. | "This w irk is ilistoieu shell lor the sweeten ss of the |i irtrv, rue elegance ol the casket and ill beauty ol the eitgr-rings "? Uui. n. "Th?-character of th?se pm itu j( well and widely I now ? they posses- n high degree of merit nod ihe eh in-iits ol a wide nud i?i u oik |iii| u ariiy I'ri'-une ''Tloi Cr -toil tide contains moclt irn tgiitallee |H?wer anil if il had b> en placed before ih? i ublie on <ns other than a gala ocen in., *cniid h?i r r-nle d si on t among t-e srry beat of Ha author ? effusion-./*?Plebeian. "Oeurrsl Vlonia seems ro have sought for his models amomr th more i lassie en'hors of ti e I'm na e ; a(i'd the chsraeieiislies o his vs rse disniigoi h him in o ir o iulon verv fhroriihly amoi g contemporary writers. Vo'r 1 muter of the aff-c' lions. Ins .mi is alw y* ro e'ernn- Uud . lisst nlhefetli as. Hispelia'wa s follows a mora' purpose, and, prnhibly foi thst reas o. neser f'lls to ie-ch a il asoig resul" lb |.sso e rich and refined s ie'? 01 selltiiliell; los Wit is delict e, but "I wayswue; a d his rt-r. ilicat'Oll a niviriihly in rs.-d by corre'ltifsa, harm lev and poll h. Thtse poeais d-st ire adnnrstioN, and wt are quiiesuie rhit they will meet with it (mm all persona of just literary l-ste*' j2B 21 * ml (tODhY'S LADY'S HOOK. It El K 88 BOWK.K Y GODEY'S I. AD Y'S BOOK, ednei by Mrs Sarah J Hsle. Mo ton McMi hael,Loui- O God-y, MiasL M Hedgewiek, Mies 1?. L# he, Di K M Rir', the Celebrated nov. lis , N I' Willis, T S Ar'hur, Mrs AM I A oiin, Mrs C Lee Hen t. Mrs Emma C Embury, Mrs Xtba simitli. Mrs K E Ellet, kr. IIEGUi AH CONTRIBUTORS Contentsof the Kehmary No. V I. 26 No. 2. The Sketcher,h? Miss Virkiuu Deforsst, I lus rated. The S's'ers.by Miss Mariin H Hand, ihnitreted The Fortunes ol Bianca Capello, by Mis E K Ellet, illustrated Kmina Westall, bv Miss Mary Davenant. Annetta Hiverstraw, a story, by Miss Leslie. A Counliy Wed iin?. Winter Picture, by Mrs. Hile. The Sepsratmn, by Einilv Er*neis. The War Horse, by William Kisher, l.os'e Mutations. Baclielor R' b'. Discos rha, hy N P Willis \ Winti r Night h^ Mrs K ('leinei.rine Kinnry. in my motntr, oyr lyeiiyon KHb< urna ah Anecdote ol the time ol Look XIV , by Mr* C K Benner?. Old Tiemide'oga, bvJennette H Williama. Tin1 Inr trial Fin nice, a ato. v of Catharine 11 antl Peter III, rr.ttitl.il> il (mm the French f Virgo it Fn*. by a young lady. Julia in the ( "' uini'liuii. b) Lirut J. hu W Pht | a Alu.it?The Village Stream, by Alaxtndar Lee. Kditor'n Tade. Ktlitnra' Book ' ahlc KVBFLLISHMKNT9. Th<- Sht-irhtr. an t rjuiaite engrariug, by W II Kllia, from a tktirli by Clialon. Chi'tlren, f oin Sir Thomas Laureiica'a celabrtted group, dr-wn by A Nrwuirun. Klup-mrnt of Bunca Caprllo, engraved bv K (J Dtinnell, from a ptcMfe by J N Heibert. Picture Gallery?Five figure. of Faihiooa, deaigned by Outline, engraved by F Humphrey. TKRMS. S3 per annum, in advance. 1 copy 2 years, $J, in atlrance. 2 copiea I year, $3, in advance. 1 copy O idey'a Lvdy's Bcok, and 1 copy Graham'a Magazine, I year Si, in advance. Single niiinhera of either work U cenla etch. Published monthly Delivered in any p in of ihia city and Brooklyn nnd aeut by m til in all parti ofin-United Htarea and tin- CauatUt, by ISRAICL POST, i28 it*r *8 Bowery. T~ UK LONDON QUaBTKRLY REVIKW, No. HI, for December 1842, it this da\ published. CONTENTS. 1?The Honey Bee and Bee-booka. 2?Hooka lor Chtldreu3?Biandy and Salt ? Homtripathy?The WaterCu'e, lie. 4?Lord Maholi'a Life id < oade. i?Barrow'e Bible in Spaiu, 6?Totlil on Antichrist 7?Aipi Corn Law Agitation. Puce |3a year Supacriptinni received hy JOSEPH MACON Publisher, '0! Broadwav . up ataira. The Foreign Qmrterly Rtvirw. Blaeawo il'. M g /.in< .?nH be Dublin Uoiv. railv M'gatinea, ai d the Loud u Chria iau Obat r< ci for J tuoary, are iu Plata, ami will lie pnbli had In a few daya. 12* It're TltK M'.w V O It K I.F.OiL OffSk ItVKIi-O' lint day I contain*: Herna-kaMc Trials, No. 2?Da Vloolia'* c?r^a111 if nil* < nit, 4'onoration of \cw Yo-k \* Kriff.c ?Liwhili' . < f ( i v 'f iti n f<> Kfep drain* in jnii -Btck uptcy, #?i|> II i, r, ir jiiucfion, rip Murk B i ik*. liabi lity ?f hoikdfp? < ; i? 1'11>te ? j,i nt Stock <' ???!? t i h?Li 'bilitlt a of Sh*rr >i,.M. n- B k?Hpfr \, prenunit cl'? ipir?\|. u#? j.rmI bv mis* tAk??rnrr\i l f iw~| .mti 'Imintol B.rtli?I'roprrtv lawy# r or< m i>. ru ch s? ? V? ii<l<?r id rttrehiai?lln bond , ,] v Ijh id iha V11* < hm \? r\ ' I II f IIM lv Courts ol Qqmi i Uracil iinI Cumm I'll IS?Mi*Ol H H voIIS, fcrt. obliA'rd 41 Add itrvrl. *t one shilling a copy, or $3 p*r it Bum, in dram r \ 11 rl\t iiroor in' r nginh raa^a *ill appear in tk'< work t 'n ? ' no n * ire lr?ivr |N H |, r n \NK ijt K.NOL vNl) NO'Tk* hourly nSJ sT> I I) H J. SV LVk * rKK'B, v28 Iff N Will at, iud 130 Biosdway. AI'C TlON I A : I \n<' lour 0 BV bKl.L fc HOWARD. iat+t*$ St?? 22 ttt int 115 kSUton # < ??t J HATUtt!) \TT~ The piano fortes,pn i mi ngs, witches, valuablearticles, which I could not be arranged iu time r. r Fridiy. ONDAV, At loK o'elock, in the sates room Sheriffs Sale of Various furniture, dry gooda, jewelry, fancy article., fee. TUESDAY. At I0X o'clock, inllie sales room, Larue sale of clothing, various dry goods, fancy and pledged illicit , guns, cutlery, watches, kc WEkNK.MDAY. At 10 -v o'clock, ill the sale 'oomc. Splendid clock of Cabinet Furniture, togeih-r with the furniture of a fnmilv leavin* the ricy, piano fortec, paintings of art and home luriiishiny irood?. bv catalogue. ~ HENKV E. KIELL.AucrV BV itlELL x AUCt/LAKII/M. Store 30i Urtiadway, comer of Uuaue ctreeta. R. k A. arc now readv to made advances to any amount on consignments, Kciurnc prompt. Sales of real estate and out door sales of household fnrnirnre attended to iu person. Kecolar aa'ct of Li.juor* Kegars. kc., everv Tuesday; Fup niiu?'e, Pian'is, kr , every W dn-silav ind Satnrd.vy. SATURDAY, At 10* o'e oek iti the tale rooms. A desirable stock of new ami second hand < abinet ware and f -niahi K goods, from the m krrs ami families. A'ao. one rich ro?e wood pia o, 2 moo deirant aeeret draw It .ok-rasea, 3 sofas, 200 r ID* test I hairs, nil effics Of bar roofi arm chairs, store steols various aires, hedsnada, rtr|iea. tin ware, tuMes, couches, poolings, kc, wuhuut irtarvs fur cash, to pay adva era. MONDAY. At 10^4 o'clock u r ' sale room*. Continuation ol the ext?n?ive stock of rody made clothing, together will) another large lot loci' ?r consilium. n'. E. H. I UDI.OW, A unci NI VTH AVENUE PROPERTY ? I his l)iy. ?t l2o\ Ik. Ht'li> Merchants* Kxchtug* 4 l"ts of ground on 9 h avenut, it*-*' ?djo nin. 3>d street, and opposite the Blind Annum 12^4 o'c'ocv, *t the ?'le? 10 in. II Idioad street, Im-"' Krench Ga> d Action Piano Kor'e.^f.ii C'?h j>2KJJ ?_ ( tH * NO RY HALK o' Vila <BIe Hou'c ami Lot. in v./ John nt'crt ?Wilki is St Holliiis will tell 111 nuciiou at the Merch oils' Esehange, undir the dirertiou of James M. Muggins Ksi| . 011 k'riday, January 2'tli, at 12 o'clock at noon, all ih it valuable four story modern house ami lot o' urnuiui. No. 19 John st The house is 25 fret front anil 75 feet deep,and is tinishnl in the best manner with m rhlo chimney pieces it 11 grsfes, inch ceiliuits, sliding dnnis, corniced and painted wal's. Quinci granite front,large store with hack r"?m on the tirsr story ? eery I 1 rite hasemeut rooms, well lighted, cellar nndi r t' e w hole end kitelien. The lot is 25 feel Irout and rear and |i 8 feet deep. The situation fur hard ware, dry unods.or anv other business, is not suroassed, or ns a rssperta'.ale hotel ami bonding house,being a short distance iVom the Exchange, markets, and the northern and eastern steamboats. Title unexeei.tionshle. j23 5t*m PRODUCTIVE REAL ESTATE -JAMES BLEECKKH A SON will i'il at ueiinn, under the direction of Dteid Codwise, Enj M?'tir iu Chancuiy, at the Mercha* ts' Esc' aline, on 1 in sday, 31st of January, at 12 o'clock at noon, the following yalu tb'e property Two neat two s?orv houses, Nos 287 and 289 Madison nl'eet with eight tire places each; corner house ami store No. 291 .Madison street; twostorv house will) a house iu the rear, >0. 21 Scaminel street. Also, the nea two s'o y house No. 22 Scau.inel strett; large hi use nnl lot No. 239 Monroe, corner of Scaminel street; No 31 Scamniel street, 3 story brick hous and store; No. 15 Marion speet, with a3 story house iu the rear, valuable lot of graunil ami 12 houses 270 Walker street, lot 21)0 feet deep; huusrs and store N". 20 Rooaeveir, near Chatham street, I t 138 feet deep; house and lot No. 210 Mollslreet, opposite Catholic church; 2 houses and lot No 118 It d|fe street; 5 houses and lots, Nos.272, 276, 278. 280 and 282 Rivingron street?each has six fire places, Ike. A"u, uuucr inn mrciioH hi r. 1 . ituggis., E?r|. Master in Chancery, by Wilkin-Si Rollin?, at the sums; time nil place, the va ii tide licuir am) lot No. 17 Orange street. ? hich coat upwards of $13,000 to huild, and is leased lo Mr. C. I) inu hoc at 1850 per aiii.um, all Isles ami repair*, and insured for |li n?0, ami $0 070 cau remain on mortgage. Most of the above p-operty is in good situation* for business JjnUpt THE IRISH IN AMERICA. rpHE following Committee, oigauized on Thursday evening A last, beg leave to announce that at their request, W.E Robins >l?. Esq , of Ni w Haven, will deliver a Lecture on toe jrisn in Am?r ca on Mnnilay evening. Ja i. 30th, at hilf-inst 7 o'clock. Hi Wa long on Half, corner of Broadway and Reade St. Tickets to admit a veiitleiiiau and two ladies 50 cents; single tickets, 15 cents?may be had of the Committee, or at the door. JOHN MULLEN,Chairman. C. Dkvr.R. Si c'y. Daniel M j< r, 3 Re rile slrret. Edward Harte, 12f, Lilieriy street. Dr. O'Doi.liell, 37 Jam*s street. I harles M. Nanry, 88 Pine street. Edward Mcllroy. 177 Bnw.-rr. Matthew Ol well, 61 Crlherine street. Patrick Kelly, corner Bayardaud Mott streets. D. M. Nagle, I Monroe street. J tines Bergen, 65 Wall street. E. H. Shehan, It Kultou street. Arthur Stair, 2111 Hester rtreef. I'. McQuade, 40 Souih street. D. Noonan, 02 Greenwich street. Tin mis McGoveiS", 123 Wsterstreet. P. H. Nnoban, 173 Washimrtou street. Arthur 11cCaffery.corner Henry and Catherine sis. Dennis Carlin. 16 Prince street. J28 2t *rc tyHEfonrih Buiiual Ball oI Orrt ceinpany New York Cadets, A will take nlace at the Apollo Saloon on Wedues ay, 1st February, 1013 Dodworth's b nd is engaged Tickitstobe bad of Capraia J. O. Vaud'tiberg, 50 Clarkson si: at Colouel Peers', No. 9 Broadway; Captain Riley's, Fifth Ward Hotel, or of members of I lie company. jv28 4t* r Post Office, ) New York, Jan <7. 1813. S ENGLISH MAIL.?L? tter bags (or Great Britain in*' royal mailsleaimr Caledonia from B iston, ou the 'st Febiualy nut, will lie closed et the upper aud lower post ofTi es, on Tuesday, the 31st iust, at 45 nni ii'es past 3 o'clock, P. >1 jy!8 3tr JOHN LORl M ER OR AH A M. r. M. 1 Hfi PR ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH DAY OF 1UO THOMAS PAINE will be celebrated at ih S'.uksinare Hotel, corner of Dusiie and William st-eets, Vlondiy evening Joi, 0, at 6 o'clock. A terrjierafe and social party will partake of a supper, pre ious to wi ich a *hort or ition will be delivered b* tie than mini. La lies aim geuileuieli will Inu retire fo the coace't room, where music ?i lb" provided.? Tickets75 cents e ic h, to he nail ar Mr. John Wunit's, Printer, !)9 Reade st, and at Mr. O Vale',91 Hooi vrltsi Mr. O. White, city of Ne w Yoik, > Mr. Hu 'son, city of Brooklyn J Managers. N. B.?Ladies desirous to n't i d the concert ouly nre of course t liberty to w live the supper. JyJK 2l r 'T tt;TRO-MA(P. E IC PLAT* 8 prepared by Umonreainf Paris, Hnd told in York, 65 Franklin street, by Niiinard at the naf>drr?ije price of ft 59, are Acknowledged by mauy physicians, and all other persons who have tried the ro, to be. fid are iu fact, m??st ffiocieus for curing ill Mtrv"n? ffMlfOM iwi |MiM, . iksOBItilBI the gun', tic ooulooreui, megrims, paralysis in the b ginning, diseases of women, goa'.e* c dors, amrnor*hers, suppression*, TipilVt DMVOtl Ittltll, Sic ; they C m loitUltllMOVlh Btf* Tons neicntion when inV?d Agent ? Iu Boston, M** rrs II*nKon St S ev ns; iu Buffalo, Mr. C. C. Bristol; in f sharli stou, Mr. Up iflce. hit !??**t aKOR MALI1*.?A FAK.N1 containing 25 acres, situated on the Boaton Turn k , 19 milet lrom York, ikd Haifa mile from th? b? antniil village of New Kochelle ?on which there is a handsome two story house, with basement, saitible for :i coun 'V res dence, heiug eligibly situated, wi'hw fine view of Long Island Mound, fcc. A very fine garden and f-uir orchard, g lorn and outhouses. Also, a mill used for marble maiiuiictnring pnrposen?a dwelling n<?u*e lor miller, and a iu.t\ i* .?? be.. For fmthi r n ?rt i ul in *pi ly on the i rem'aca. or of Jamea P IliinfiriK'oti. E?1 "r I "I*-" 1' K' IK Post Offi'-e, Ni w Hi cl.eiie, or t.1 JOSEPH OATWELL. M .ibie Work.. j'H w*rc 8 ?'ui:ivan at New York, rot MLI ? w" r - in the* yillAMi* u< J*tTmc i, l, I ? {KrQlTrto hand.onu* farms. cou'eiiuinu? he cue lifry-fourrhr - ?r .: f.>i , g uerai f mm pi p?vl di -11# into amh.*, i.ttirr rttui w?.? dl ii. . 1 *\ ?r*-in 4K<? d < irr ofcu t-? v-iioii ai<(l srt* situ i'.mI i ihoit dial nee south from th* ml ro ut, to v* inch their front ti piii)i pat ill I u|m>q S uth srrett. On one larm tl e improvement* c >>i>iat of h god t wo sfnr? house, foa?n, f ud ii?'*e??arv ? u u Idmgs. O , the* other thei?* i* a g<" d ait** for bui!< iiitf. Tl v will *? s.jjd low if nop lied fori* nudttelv Apply to FRANCIS RnOWN, j; 2N fit I No. Sj Wat* street. pHILlP K YAN, who eitgagt d for the* |WMige I fclleu Vlnl liaan a. d Junes Remr, on t -e 10th Nov last, will please rail ou iht ?u racnbers without d? ley WkJT TAPsCOTT, j27r 41 Peck Slip Cvf s< nth at. FIRST PREMIUM HOSK PIP--ludi i Rubber H ?* Pipe, fit * h t- tm.j p rftcily ti hr# islti le fotdivl ijtUNi witur. 1 Ml arfiolw M | erh.t ? ihl be.r fm h pu p s?- of-i r'^r . t" n, WAnhH i. w tulowa r n" ) in / water to 'ho to .f, fcr 'nr.*#* of fin of any t iug of the* !< n d >?I i. tmdncrd I. u qui v clean tli? rrr-ivi ?Mhr pr* fereriC" of some* ot the lar.tst Ho.els, Printing establishments ildotlirfiliaeailw inriorluriinn , i the Cri ton W-i-rr iii the city. It it made of n nrr aritioa of One I wit1 In ii Rubber by the aid of powerful Hoibury imichiurri in .i manner defv iu? II coiroe tifn n and funiiahed in anv d* air ah ? Iriik th o raihr, with ? t pip* s ?* d rouplmga att ?< hed tfur i.? .ibli?hn?* nt ha* hLo ih* New Yoik Agency lor the lie-1\ luvriifed Hemp Hoif. ami will piecure orders with pr. rnj' ii P.UJIlOerf and the trade are i tiled t" lih* ral rrrrris. W ffhtm r tti the RosbSf) l'??ha RtlbbCI Lai oil* tneiit, I j ManJ? n Lmm * HORACE H. DAY, l:?l III' r Suicp'Mir fo Kovhnrv India ill hher Co. pOliLKCTi()NS "O all parts I fh#* I'r111 -?I St iff* rnadr <?n *s the moat fbvorabfe terms hv * J SYLVKSTK.lt. j28 lwr AV%tl ??* * ? au-t ?ie? nroa'lwjy, fuMBftHMKNS1 Warrvn, h. NovtlmMcaa Li Dauk, Allriitowu, Pa, Newhur\p?rt. Vl^u., bought at J. SYLVKSTKH'S. i v 2h IWT ft Wull *r, ri.d i ui lh, ad way. am PEOPl.K'S LINK KOH AI.BASV b I (Ln?In rimrdm'* Plac< The ste*amt>oat HTD A | ^9kM^flCiMKLl(*aY'?*i the foot nl CoturCudtst, on This Af" m 9 in ' . i. s ifnrd n ' nu ?r 28 Tin* I'fnmboitCHAK'l KR OAK,Capf. St. John, will leave as abovr to-morrow af e-rnoon, Suiulay, at 5 oVlork Kor pa?*Hg<* or Ire i .lit, ap.-ly On burij, or to P. ?; SHI'LT/, .1 tl..- "(Ii re on ih.' wnar. iv28 r I tjk4C ALL IImiIlAK PA1 KKTS'i'd Hlr?mrriinil (iWkmhiT piMrHo 1 v el. mrryinic, " Fr?uri?" Tnirut JMMK.Lif. Bimi." will in iinire h\?e the word PATENT Unio.il.if* pl.in'y i .mled on h> ?ido. j\23lwi.r ,A# NEW LINK LIVfcHP(M)L PACKETS.-I'-rfc. t3 i tW et 16th Kebo.ry ?Th" -|>l<-inliti well known fiut EIImm .nilins narkei nliip ROCHRbTKR, L'apr. Phili|. W.nnlli .u.e, will .nil poaitively m *knve, her resnl.r ,!?> , h.rinu commenced her legal* trip in Menra. Woodhnll It Minium', New Line of Lirerpool Packet.. The accouimodatioii, 01 tIn* .hip lor cabin, tecond eahin and teerage paMeiigert.caiirict be .uri/aued, h,?install the improTemenu of the new modelled packet .hip*. Per.in, de.irooaof ..curing hciih. .Iioulri not fail to make early application on board, foot of Burling Blip, nt to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Blip, cor. Bontn at. Penou. deair >ui of .ending for their (Vienda in tlie old country, can hate them brought out na favorable terms, by the anove favorite ahip, which leave. Liverpool on the }ih of April, linr reuulii il f IjmW " -? ? * ? ? * ~ . ? ?. t..... .... ... ituiii i.m.ii. ) can DC wapP'ipH with drafts for any in' not i ayahle on demand, without discount, in nil the principal towna of Great Britain and Ireland. I he packet thin Hottingtier will tnrceed the Roshestir. and aail mi the llith March, her " nlar .l.n j2f) r Atffe KUM >K.W OKLf.'.VMS-LOUISIANA AND illK NEW YORK LlNW-Poailivrly Kirat Hegnlar flMMk farket?To anil the Wih Jaanarv. ^rh^aat aailiua iMtchei aim HUNT8VIL.LE,Capt.Mntnford, will positively aail aaabove, her ieguUr nay. for freight or passage, having handsome Inruiaiied accominodatinna. apply on bonrd, at CHraua wharf, font of Wail at. or to K K OOI.LINW k CO. * Hoorhat. Pasnengers will please he on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Willatreet, on Monday, 30th inat. at 2 o'clock, at which time the alnp will a il, "thiioiera may rely upon haying their goods coirectlv meaanr ed, and that *ne ships of thia hnr will aail punctually as advrr nard. Any gnar i'iier 10 that effect will be given and fulfills thai may be re<in icil. Agenta in N Oilcans Hnlliu It Woodruff, wnowill promt I ly forward all goods to their address. The rweket ihip Ocmulgee, Crntain f'eet, wi'l tocree i tlie lliin'avwfc , V , g *SBF F5BT"SKW i>7tLKANA-Tirit P ekei JtbTi The packer ship KAIK Kl f LD. Cai t W.'t.iu, wi!l JNmMha'hr patched for the ?hnv? port on the 1st K? h?t'ah.li rtid aleerage paso tigers can be handMinely accomanodvled ata moder.te rate Apply on board the snip st Murray's whirf. foot nf Will at orto JOHN HEKDMAN j 271 _____________ " *"""* ?tf ct. aaa1- PassAOT ( '<?H~N k'W~ n..i.h|\- 1 ftmul .r 1.1in?Th' tplrndld f??t a .iling pirbei h i ' JiNMhLlll'N I'SVILI.K.,1 >it Alulfoid, will anl ponliv.K he r tuUr dav 0 fl.? lot aplendia accommodations for camti.sci ond 'ilnn and at,, P an ngei i, th >? w . g to < . air bei lit ?h n 1(1 not | fail to make early appli. tion Vfc "j V V Wf.TT, jfr, (1 feck Slip cor 8011U1 at. i> \ vmSFATKNT WELCH'S oi.r?Pic CIKCDI, AT TW PARK TflKATRB I Ciiniluctrd by Mr. Rnftn Welch, who (ratified ind (Uttered in lh? hi?h??l de*r*r be (tie iireaeiire nod % peroral of the in in t fmhioii of 'he city, tu'min the following nrw SFLENI ID BEItlES. I K.i|iio?tn?ti Director* - Mea*r? H. Ho kwell k f adw?H*der J Clown* to the Circle Mfim. UoHin fc W.M. PcrUrmaitrpf to commence it 7 o'clock. THIS EVENING. t The trnape will commeicc wifhi magnificent eqitbtkian movement VALIANT KNIGHTS AND NOBLE DAMES. Mat KmraH- .< ihr Veteran Sailor'a Son. Unapproachable (iymnaaiiri nn (he ground bv fa mono 20. Moot Gleuroy in a variety ?l Superb aadDifficultfeatar.il horaebackLa Cordr Volatile. by Hiram Franklin. Mra Howard in a Orarelulul Art on her Fleet on<l Beautiful 8tre4 Perfection of Bodily Oymnaatica hv Mr Nithana and pnpila. 7 Tranarormatioiia by I I Hng?r> [LS~ At. this period of the Evening an inlermiaoion of|ta? miunleo will enone. THK SECOND PAKT win mmmrwr with SHEI'HEHD AND HIS SHEPHERDESS, iBy Mr Cadwa'lader ami V rt Howard. V aaltiiiK 'ti ill eocellenre. Indian of ih* Weat, by O R Stone, Pa tie Dime, Miaa l.nuiia u ella. Mr Nathan in lot ? i|* ru act on four horteo a oerirt of vegm Hougi, D inert. *ic., enti'led COMIC, BUT NOP COMMON PL.*'' K, by Maoter John Diamond, whnae celebrity ia eoery where acknowledged. Aoaiited by Hoyt, the NegroC'nniedian, and W Cheotunt thn great Banjo Player. An Act without aaddle or bridle, by H Franklin. T<> conclude with. i m arg ..... uinitl1 Coalman, Nathan | Miller, Haut;n<rdon !T7"Thii establishment will tie closed ouMooday efirung in c n?eqn?nT -f the Fireman's Ball, anil will re-open on Tuesdav evening 3T?"0.i MONDAY, the Company will appear at the Bowery Amphitheatre. NOTICE. TO PARENTS AND OUAHD1ANS. For the convenience of Juvenile I'iriies there will be a Oran.l U.v Performance every Saturday Afternoon, comi mencir.it afi o'clock precisely, .inliracnu all the choice and most splendid EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTw Of the Season. For Particulars see handbills at lha Boas* lice, which on Saturday will be ready for delirery trout III W clock A. M. until the time of openiu*. ffV" Boies. M; Pit, 25; OallrrT. I2H cents.? (T^- Scats can be secured at the Bos Office, Ironi ! s O'clock jlUlATIM.il THKATHk., REDUCTION OK PKICE8. Dress Circle. 25 csnls; flV "..115 I nicr Tie- l?|^r-BENEFlT or DAVIS. BROWN Ac MULLIGAN. THIS EVENING, DEATH'S BRIDE. After which Negro Dancing. Conclude with THE GOLDEN DREAM. Doors open at o'clock and the prrUrinaces will com mence al I preciaelr RITCIIRLL'S OlaVltlPIC TTIKATJIR. 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING, will ty performed AMILIK. T" conclude with uKAUTY k THE BEAST. IT-?* The Doors will be o|>eurd at nail past I, and the D?rtnrmstM e nrwmsnas at t. every aieain FRANKLIN THEATRIC. Dress''irele 25 cents Boxes Ith " Parrjuette sVi " Private Boies |1 THIS EVENING. The performance to commence with SY SANDERS. Also the following persons ayiear Jenlins, with his eccentricities and comic singing?Dixon, with his melodies? Rosalie, with her enchanting wa-bliim?Aurinl ndCeritn,w ith their vxcitimr .F.rii I flights?the inimitab e Connover. with his liidia-iitbbvriain O't'onneM. the Tattooed Man, with his savage ptanks?and more things else than can he crowded into a small space. For particulars, see sinalt hills. The bo* office iniw open nndrr the direction of P. C. Pal, met. H. D. DINNEFORI). Manager. CIRCUS. AMPII1'* IIRATHK OF T1IB HKPl BI.IC, 37 Bouxry N. A. HOWES, MANAGER. Instituted in II3I. b> M sirs. June, Tons. Angevinc fc Co. Positively tht LAST NIGHT. ON SATURDAY EVEN NO, Powerful v ttraction-for the Benefit of OOGD SAMARITAN ! ANDERSON AND MANHATTAN TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES. ARCH MADDEN will appear. Extravaganzas, and Virginia and Long Itlaud Breakdowns. There is to be^ Great Display <sf Equestrian, Gymnastic, and rjsLinf.iKiuid cimrmiiurr*, ny n?e tirai tympany in (he Union Pnr.ea ?l Admianion?Bnaee, E'irat. oi Dreas Circle. cent*. Children half pricr; Secnud Tirr, HX tmn, Tit, I2X centa ; P.irqu t, or Family Bniea, $1 10?gents for aii penning. Placca have been eel apart for colored periou*. DiMira niirii at hulf-p tat 6? Overture by the Baud at X to 7? Hwi?wlti i? wmi ar?. iigr AM Kit IC AN Til EC A I'llK? W AL.NI'T-MT. Pll 11. A I>K [,P< 11 A, UNDER THE DIRECTION OR MUd C CUSMUAN THIS EVENING, Jan 2J, will bo performed LOVE CHASE. Conclude with OMNIBUS. E. A. MARSHALL. Leave,. AMR It IC A N llt'SEVni Marhle Pnildiug, Broad*ny, oppneite St. Panl'a Chorrh. Concentration and combination of noveltii a ami rallrlled. IT7""ln accordance with tin* rennet of many of the firat fainiliea in the city,and for the gralilicnlioD of the public, the Ma naffer, regard leva of the truly enorinona rxpenae attending the aanir, haa re engaged for a aho-l time I ngrr OECNERAL TOM THUMB, JUNIOR ! The emaileit Dwa-f in all creation. Thia twrfrct eiacimen of man, on fh' emalle acale -ver hetore heard of, can be aeen day and evening at t! r Mnteutn, without eilra charffe. He la It yeara old. Hu' inches h mh. -tu?f Weighs only fietken pounds; That, hetnit prre.iarly hia weight worn but aii moutha old.? The General la of tine ayuimetrical proportion, and decidedly the moat perfect Dwart tn the world, ano the moat aurprtaing living curioaitv that ever aatoniahed the public. Kirttl week of the Maeuilieeni Moving Diorama of THE. DEPARTURE; OF THE ISRAELI PICS I got U|> at nnmenae ei|ieiise, with rcenic effectr, inuait', procea aioua, fcr of am t.riaimt ipleudur aa pioducrd at Diury Lane, and late'y at the Park in thia city. PORTUGUESE LANDSCAPE NEAR LISBON. The SEA. introducing a STORM and SHIPWKECCK. SPLENDID E" AIR Y GROTTO. Mr. H. G She'inan, the p pn'ar ballad aiuger ; La Pe tite Ceieete. the admired daiivruar ; Miu Hood, the churning vocaliat, and T. G. Booth, the Comic Singer, are engaged Alao, Signor Vivaldi a decidedly unrivalled Mechanical Flit urea The whole to conclude with THE CONFLAGRATION OF MOBCOW. Perform intra commence at 7 o'cloak. Udt peiforiaaucea Weduead.ty and Saturday afreruoon at IX o'clock. 'Adiii aioo to all 26 centa?< Children half pnea. j23 PKALK'S NKW YORK nmiTn NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE G\LLERY. O^The .VI.ma-er haa great plea*are in anuoa ring that thia refined an popular place of public reaort having uudcrgoue a thorough rruovat on. IS NOW REl-OPENE D ! And Handing aa i< dime tnong the Firat Miieeuma in thia conn trt, nothing -hall lie undone t < continue it in pnhlic favur. and to render il one el the moat in'ereat'og and fathomable place of amuaernent in >hi? city Tite eatabltal.ment Coniainj au al moat endlean unmbri of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART: Neatly and taatefully diaplavcd in three apacioui halla, and bo?ata of a verv COSTLY AND ELE.OANT PICTURE GALLERY, Exceeding id igtent. anil value any other ii America. Every Day and E.veiiing thia week commencing on MONDAY, January J'l. IMS. In addit on to the immhn oi Curnuiti a remained in the Mo aeum, the Manager ia h ippv to aur u ice no angagrmrDl of one week only, with the un-urpaa.eii a, d joatly rt:ebrated MADAME AUOLPH. ... E'rom Fraoer! Who haa the honor to inform the U ilea and gen lemen of New York that the will, during her auy, feal liuppy to eierciae her woud. rfnl knowledge aa a PHILOSOPHER. On tboae who may fay-,r her with a coil. Sheiwiahee not to imioee U|iou the [Uiblic, by making them believe her a Witch, ^ A k FORTUNE TELLER! ...... .....< ... iviii-w ua me comrary, confesses publicly tu be able to iu>tract other t nf food u.tellcc(, and meuliou iheir leedng tra tactions of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT. and THE future. ? t madams*adolph Can h? consulted in a private aprlment in the Marram, from o clock in the raori ing notil 10 o'clock ia the evening. A gen tleman will be in attendance at the olRcr, o intrvdace riaitera to Madame Adolph r?**Ticke.a to the Mu'eiim 26cental Children hall pnee. [L7*?Aii extra charge of only twenty-live ceuu 10 iho?e wh coiuult M dame Adolph j 2ee ROCKWELLS PATENT DECK LIGHTS. NO. 9 ASTOft HOUSE. K.NTKA.NCB IN BARCLAY STREET jy'l lm*r MUSIC. QCHNEIDER St REBHUN will attend private partier and y'voireea with a baud of from three lo twenty arista. Apply No. 77 Delauey street near the Bowery, or No 69 Crosby s?. _________ jyit m?i A COMPLIMENT T<) MR HORN?-The Pnhlic and professien are respectfully invited to nnire in (ivinc Mr. HORN, who will sail lor England on the ft rat proximo, A ORAND ('ONI'KRT Of Vocal and Instrumental Music on Tuesday Evening, January Hat, at Nihlob Saloon, when, in addition to favorite Hongs. Duettos, Tiios, fee. performed by the following diitimiauhed artists, who have already volunteered iheir valuable services:? Mr UC Hill, Mr W A King Madame M.ronelli, her Mrs E Leder, first appearance sinee her Mm Fergusoa, return from Europe. Mr Massett, Miae Lewes, Mr Turner, Mr Phillips, Mr Hherlfenburf, Mr Kttienne, An Amatenr h rirnd. Mr and Mrs Horn will ap|?ar. A selection will be given from the font new works composed by Mr Horn in this country, vi*?"The Permission ol Sia,'' "Ahmed al Himil," "The Maid of Saxony," and "The Chriaimai Bella * For partirulais see small bills. Tickets One Dollar each, lo be had at th? principal Music Stores and a', the door oil the r veiling of performance. Doors open at half-past 6, the Csucert to commence at hal fpast 7. If tar UILL.S OF EXCHANGE. payable at ngnr on all parts of D England, Ireland and Scotland, in sums of ?6. ?10, ?16 and (Mto anv .mount, for ml. by ^ J Hlf.VFSTKR, f? WnJI atrpB' Rw??4w*v /">AH7>TTVa HOk'sTTEACK CHAIN*, Nails, Anvils, O be ?20 casks heavy Ihll sire hoes, No. 000 to 4. casks hrigh- Irsce chains, >0<i" kets snpe'iorcul tylls, ill sixes. Iff" nn wr'-wk'??-? w ' m ini. IJ ca<l? Hwtfi Id's w rr*nteU Sheffield anvils. fO tons he r O abet; broad ha s, warranted. H rw^s hand, i>sntid and back nws. 1 cult heat Sheffield braces >,ikI bitts, assorted. ' ' " li ? in f brad.enrry ninth,, lime Lai cock ssui trior air a, ating, ?ofa ind chtir wrk.Jsofa prims, coiled liai., always ou hand ,uiJ for sale low bv ,sscro..., J A NKWBOULD, jllfiUin'r ? J?hn ?trc?t ?uli.L'VKTUGUK8E female PILLS I Hatf far l imed and c lehc lt d Pills, from P-trttifal. arc, erect*., in he ohr, ncd in ibis country. Bee tdtertis* in c st m:l fOR OH. * HI I HI II 'n Price furrent , i I ?Pa tin, (families, Acids, O 'ewoods. Lunar I'ansiic.Dsaner eotrie thsmicals. tJerwae .Silver. kc. ks kc Acs (north Off

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