28 Şubat 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Şubat 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Cy- WHO 19 THERE THAT 19 IGNORANT OK tlie virtue* ef Sherman's Lozenges 1 Echo answer* who. No medicine ever attained such high celebrity as these pleasant and delicious Lozenges. They cure so quick that many can hardly credit the fact. Only think ofal juduchc, seasickness or palpitation being cured in from live to ten minutes, or a cough and cold in a few hours, and then say whether you will trust any thing else but these gi eat cureulls. Only get the true and genuine Sherman's Lozenges, and you will he suret* be cured as soon as your heart could desire. Many worthless imitations are out; avoid them as you would a plague. Ask for Sherman's Lozenges?his warehouse is at 106 Nassau st. Agents?4 Stanwix Hall, Albany, 9 State street, Boston and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. {ft?- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. is guaranteed to c ure all forms of secondary syphilis. Pa, tjents effected with pains in the bones, cutrneous erup norm, gore throat, and every other symptom inuicauvn ui the existence of venereal taint, should use this tpocilic without delay. Sold in bottles at $1 each, in cases ol half a dozen bottles, $5, (forwarded to any address.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office ol the College 07 Nassau street MONEY MARKET. Monday, Feb, 47.-6 P. M. The operations at the Board were to a fair extent to-day, and prices generally gave way?New York State 5's declined I; City 6's, 1859, J; Ohio 6's fell J percent; Kentucky 6's 1J; Canton J; Mohawk, Long Island Paterson, 1] per cent; Stonington j. At theWew Board sales were large and at a decline in rates to a greater extent than at the other Board, particularly Ohio, which were offered at 70J, a decline of J J per cent. Mobile Funds are heavy at 35 per cent. The ship Independence, arrived this day from LiverI ool, has on tioard 0530 sovereigns. At New Orleans, real estate amounting to $1*23,650, the property of Thomas Banks, bankrupt, was sold at auction. In the Pennsylvania Legislature, a bill to authorise the issue of certificates of stock with interest, inpayment of the interest which fell due upon the first of February, passed final reading?yeas 13, nays 65. In the Ohio Legislature the Senate Bill to complete the Miami Extension, passed the House 40 to 30. In the Kenturkv Leeislnture a bill to exempt property l'rom execution, in the place of the valuation law, which was lost, passed by a vote of 70 to 22. The bill i3 prospective in its operation only. We yesterday made some mention oi a proposition in the London Spectator to repudiate 10 per cent of the National debt of Oreat Britain, by reducing the standard of gold 10 per cent. The operation of reducing the value of a standard coin is only temporary in its effect. It limply annihilates existing obligations to the extent to which the reduction takes place. It does not alter in the smallest degree the relative value of gold and silver to other results of labor. The proposer of this swindling operation as sumes that (he relative value of the ? sterling has altered since the debts were contracted. That is. that gold has become relatively dear. This is not true?On the contrary, public stocks and corn will command in England a larger weight of gold now than in 1815. The average of wheat per quarter for ten years ending in 17B9, was 66s; lor 8 years ending in 1843, 66s. All manufactures have diminished in value, not because gold has increased in value, but because the constant demand of ?52,060,000 per annum for taxes to be paid to stockholders and placemen, has deprived the people of the ability to consume goods. The demand for this purpose is yearly lessened, particularly in years of scarcity. To ^ascribe this to change in the value of gold is an absurdity. The value of gold is always changing. That is, 123} grains of gold is always called a ? sterling, but the quantity of corn which those 1 .'3} grains of gold will purchase, alters from day to day. No matter by what name the gold is called legally, what it will command in the market is regulated by the laws of trade. That the relative value of gold increases or diminishes from century to century, according to the supply, is of no sort of consequence to any one except the holders of perpetual stocks, and of long leases, which are incompatible with free institutions. What is called the standard of value is a mere matter of convenience; 123} grains of gold of certain fineness is called a pound. The government stamp upon it is only a guarantee that that piece of gold is of the specific weight. Abolish this, as the "Courier" proposes, and every man must weigh his gold, even in the smallest transaction, without producing any different result from what is now the case. Coining or fixing the government stamp upom pieces of a required weight, led to the transaction of all business in those pieces. Instead ot drawing a note for 12,333 grains of gold, the note is drawn for ?100, because that is the legal name for 10,333 grains o! gold. After all, contracts are drawn in this form for the government. To say that the name sovereign or ]>ound means 111 grains, instead of 103 grains of gold, is a most villainous robbery of all creditors. Yet this is what a leading London paper proposes, to the great admiration of the " New York Courier" and "American." The proposition is not a new one. It is one of the oldest frauds of the oldest tyrants. Under Servius Tullius, the Roman As. contained one pound of good copper, and was gradually reduced to half an ounce, for the benefit of deb* tors, public and private. The coins of all ages and all countries, have been gradually reduced, for the express purpose of enabling princes and people to cheat their creditors out of their just due. In England, under Edward 1st, a pound of standard silver was coined into 30s; it is now coined into 62 shillings. The legal name shilling, which used to express a certain weight, is now applied to oao third the silver which it formerly represented. The Troy pound was introduced into the English mint under Henry 8th. In the latter part of his reign and that of Edward 6th, the public creditors were cheated hy reduction of the coin. Since Bloody Mary, no material change has taken place,because under William and Mary, the discovery of the paper system obviated the necessity. Instead ofrheating creditors by reducing the coin,the titled thieves had only to issue more paper. This paper money increased lrom 1866 to 1816, from ?1,'200,000 to ?94,-207,890 of paper money afloat, and the funded debt increased ?964,433,540. The taxes have increased from ?1,990,000 to ?62,000,000 par annum. The masses of the people are impoverished nnd the 297,000 stockholders have engrossed all the wealth can any longer be paid. Hence the renewed proposition to reduce the atandard. The operation now i?, however, very different from what it formerly wa?. The vastly extended paper credits in all nartsof the wot Id, are based upon pounds sterling, at 133} grains. Reducing that standard will not only repudiate the debt, but destroy commerce and trade in all its branches, and ruin all engaged in it. The proposition is a reduction of lOpercent. Totrace ihe operation mora easily, however, we will call it 60 per cent, (it may as well be one as the other). 50 percent of all outstanding ere. dits, government and private, would be annihilated. The effect would be in the first instance, the bankruptcy of the Bank of England. Her positibn was as follows at the latest dates:? Circulation, 19,230,00(1 Secu'ities, 20,560,000 Depend, 9,063,000 Bullion, 10,330,000 28,293,000 30,890,000 As soon as the proprietors of this bullion became aware that its value was to be increased, they would immediate, ly withdraw it, to the last shilling. If the depositors first got paid, there would remain aliont ?19,000,(100 of circulation which could not be paid. The securities of the Dank would be paid with half the gold in which they were contracted ; that is, the depositee withdrawn would 9c sufficient to cancel all the securities, which would be worth ?10,290,000only, leaving nothing to pay thecircu" ation Thus, all the debtors in the nation would be en. - chad at this expense ol the creditors. But this is but a imall part of it. There is now due England at least ?'200,100,000 for commercial debts of all sorts. As soon as a reluction in the standard was i xpected, the payment would in delayed, and finally paid with ono half the gold, or vilh '2,102,102 Tioy pounds weight <>r gold, instead of ,324,8-24 Troy pounds. Internally, all property would be onvulsed. For instance, two farmers, each raise 000 [uarters of wheat; one sells on six months, and the other lolds on. By' reducing the coin, the relntivp value of vheat to gold would not bo changed. Nothing but debts count ne nnectrii. a quarter ui imu iiv~ r 370 grains of gold, wonl<l thrn it'll for ?0, or still 370 rains of gold?that i?, the same quantity of gold as now rh6farmer then who sold his wheat on time, w ould get 600,while he who kept it tvosld rcali/.e i'4,H00. AH pri es would thus apparently rise in proportion to the nomiii 1 reduction in coin, hut really ictaln precisely the same rices. Not so, however, with the public creditors ; they rould receive Just half What they receive now. The overnment ot Knglaisd nevwr has paid the intereit ol its nbt. It has given the stockholders pieces of paper, hich enabled them to get Irom the producer the value of irir claim upon the treasury. Under the reduction,they rouId receive the same pieces of paper, but could get onr hall the produce lor them that they formerly did. K.ver thing would adjust itself to the.new standard, and the (vernment would be obliged to double the taxesto^get tough to feed the army an I navy. So that in the end ler annihilating half the credits in the kingdom, incur Ig a loss of .?100,001) <)W>, every thing would remain wisely where i! was befiir, except stocks, which ouldsella: 17 .! I ""i. tvhj go through all this bbery, regie i .1.1; ..1 convulsion, wta-n the ran end is obtain. .1 l.\ simply repudiating the debt at tha outset 7 Three or four times has'Kngland repudiati.il In i debts by this "thimble-rigging" juggle, and even now, while she affects to abuse the United States for inability to pay, she proposes a repetition of it. The stock debts of the Unitvd States are near ?380,000,000, which they are unable to pay. Their wealth, resources and industry are, however, constantly'appealed to as proof that they can pay. This arises irom utter ignorance. Stockholders preach as if the citizens ot the United States now pay no taxes. To correct this error, we have carefully compiled the following table, showing the assessed value of taxable property, under the direct taxes of the Federal Government in 1790 and 191ft,and the present State valuations of taxable property, with the amount of Stale, town and county taxen already jiaid :? * ***""-' Kupr HTY OK THE UNITED STATES AT I HICK l?IOD?, WITH THE AMOUMT OK Taxes NOW PAIDIN each State. 1839. 1835-'42. 5J'1 ,'*"f **? . - - 69,245,625wBfc Vermont, 16.723,873 32,461,120 82,000 000 230,000 HimpAlme, 23,175,046 38,745,974 82.500,000 275,000 Van.* ehusetts, 83.992,468 143,766,560 208 360,407 1,130,000 Hliode Islsud, 11,066,357 20,907,766 32,660,000 170,000 Connecticut, 48.313,424 88,534,971 97,122.697 280,000 New York, 100,380,706 269,370,900 650 661,770 3,773,166 New Jersey, 36,473.899 95,899,333 140,400,000 330,000 I eiinsylriiUM, 102,145,900 346,638,889 343 687,422 4,150,000 Delaware, 6.234,413 13,449,370 60 500,000 40,000 Maryland, 32,372,290 106,490,638 196,751,148 750,000 V iruinia, 71 225,127 165,608,199 310,500.000 2,800,000 N. Carolina, 30,812,372 51.517,031 175,500,000 680,000 S.Carolina, 17,465,012 74.325,262 211,800,000 1,'40,000 Ueorgia, 12,061,137 31,487,658 75,000,000 720,000 Alabama, ? ? 215,100,000 1,900,000 Florida. ? ? 60.000,000 150,000 Louiaiana, ? ? 150,000,000 I,2f0,0ii0 Arkansas, ? ? 90,000,000 140,000 Mississippi, ? ? 230,000,000 515,000 Missouri, ? ? 108,000,000 450.000 Kentucky, 21,408,090 66,878.587 233,410,466 1,050,000 Tennessee, 6,134,108 24,233,750 203,500,0(10 932,000 Ohio, ? 61,347,215 112,037,860 1,890,810 Illinois, ? ? 100,000,000 580,000 Indiana, ? ? 95.840,000 827,000 Michigan, ? ? 95 840.000 350,000 Iowa, ? ? 13,000,000 70,000 Wisconsin, ? ? 20,000 000 100,000 Total, $619,977,247 1,631.657,22 1 4,444,857,395 27,623,196 Federal cnsloms, 20.000 000 Bank tax, 7 percent, on 150,000,000 loins, 31,500,000 Total taxes, per cent, or $89,123,196 These figures are mostly official?some few of the States are estimated. The aggregate result gives a great increase, but the wealth is more nominal than real. For instance, from 1833 to 1841,60,000,000 acres of public lands were sold, which have increased the valuations $300,000,000, while those lands are more a bill of expense than a wuivo ut it'Tciiue. inere are, nowever, ncma ui ioa?tion which amount to $89,363,550, which must be found and paid. If poik is 1 cent per pound and'flour $1 per barrel, these taxes must be paid. The bank tax is the most onerous of all, a fact painfully evident to the thousands of farmers who have exhausted all means of staving off the inexorable mortgagees of their farms. It is this bank tax more than any other which has given rise to all the stay laws and repudiation rife in the country. While groaning under this iron rod, are the people to find more money to pay interest on stocks held abroad, to sustain the credit of their oppressors 7 The pretended moral feeling against repudiation is the veriest humbug of the day. The banking system has corrupted the people, and repudiation is its reward. The $300,000,000 of stocks in the United States, bearing 6 per cent, is equivalent lo ?120,000,000 of 3 per cent consols, which wasthedebtof England when Sir John Sinclair, Adam Smith, and the economists believed the ability of the country to pay taxes had reached its maximum. Sales at the Stock Exrhungt, $2000 NY 5'?, 1858 92l4 J10 Farmers'Trust, 12 2000 'o 6's, 1861 102 25 Jackson Ins 50 2000 Illinois 6's, I860 27 35 do 49 1000 Ohio 6's, 1860 71% 40 Firemeu's Tr 95 10350 do 71 15 Utica& Sch*n 116 1000 do 704 45 S yr & Utica 100 1000 do S3 71H 5 Canton 19)4 1000 dn s3 71 70 do 19 1000 do 6's. 1856 7(1% 20 Mohawk 3n% 2000 Kentucky 6's 81H '50 Harlem s30 17)6 3000 do 84 50 I I land 49 5000 City 5's, 1858 blO 92% 25 NJersey 69 4000 do 1870 92 50 Paterson s3 45 10 snas Del & Ilud s3 87 50 do 41)4 20 Farmers' Trust 12% 50 Stonington 18% 15 do 12% Second Board $2000 Ohio 70% 100 shas Harlem b3fl 1714 500 do 1856 70*4 $1000 Ohio 6's, 1860 s3fl 70 6000 Ohio 1860 I7S 5000 do sl5 70)4 200 shas Harlem 17)4 Commercial St4>ek Exchange?18 Wall St. $500 Ohio 6's, 1860 70k 500 Ohio 6's, 1860 70)4 500 do 70)4 1000 do 30d 70 1000 do |69 69)i 2000 NY 6's, 1862 bl5 102% 1000 do btw 70)4 1000 do bl5 102)4 2000 -'o btw 70% 2(0 shas LIshnd Rr b30 49)4 1000 do snw 70 300 do slO 49 1000 Kentucky 6's tw 81 200 do , b'5 49 1000 do tw 83% 25 HirUin UR 17% 7000 do btw 84 50 Paterson HR b33 45', 1000 do Wdns 84 50 do 1,15 45). 1000 do 81% 50 do bl5 45)4 1000 do slO 84 25 Ptnnington RR blO 19% 501) Ohio 6's, J8G0 b?7i so NJ..M). Rll 69)4 State of Trade. Some sales of Real Estate have been made with the follewing results Tract situate sn the.southeasterly corner of 6th avenue and 36th street, containing on the westerly side of the avenue 107 feet, on the southerly side of 36th street 297 ft. on the westerly side, extending S towards 36th st. 191 It., and on the southerly line parallel with 38th st. 249 feetcontaining about 10 lots, $3,760. 4 story brick house 77 Murray street, with 16 years lcasooflot from Trinity Church, at ground rent of $400 per annum. Lot 24 by 100 feet, $2,000. 8 years lease of No. 17 Spruce street, ground rent $200 per year, $360. Fiih?Codfish sold at $2,06 ; Mackerel at $4,87 axd $6,75 for Noa. 1 and 2 ; 160 bbls 11 alifax Mackerel, No. 2, at $8,60 : 60 tea Salmon at $16. (Jibbed Herring at $2,75, and smoked scale at 28 a 31 cts box. Fruit? Bunch Raisins were taken at 165 cts ; Smyrna Raisins brought 4 cts lb ; North Carolina Peanuts, 90 cts bushel ; 1000 drums Turkey Figs, at 74 a 9 cts bush. S/ttces?Sales of Pepper at 8} cts for consumption, and at 7Jc for exptfrt, s. p. 1500 lbs Nutmegs at 85 cts. Sugars?Sales New Orleans at 4| a 6^ cts ; very prime new crop Porto Rico at 7 J cts. Cuba browns at 6J a 7 cts > white at 9 Cts : white Brazil at 7$ cts. Tobacco?Prices firm, of the low qualities, with sm sales. Cattle Markets. In market fifteen hundred sheep, nine hundred beeves, and one hundred cows and calves. About ten of the latter and two hundred sheep left on hand. Sheep fetched fair prices. They ranged from $1.25 to $4.60 each. Cows and calves were down a little. Prices from $20 to $35 a head. Beeves were up. They varied from $4 to $6 a hundred weight. Married, On Sunday evening, February 26th, by the Rev. Mr. Bellamy, Mr. A. LsriTrx Battersoji, to Miss Imcoicne Morrill, daughter of the late Richard Morrill, Esq., all of this city. * Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 18h day of Feb. to the 25ih day ot Feb., 1843. 38 Men ; 39 VVemen ; 46 Boys ; 44 Oirls. Total, 167. diseases. Abscess, 1; Accidental ixnsoninir, I; Apordexy, 2; Asphyxia, 1; Bleedin,', 1: do from lungs, 1; Burned or scalded, 1; Cancer, 1; Cartes, 1; Childbed, 1; Cholera morbus, 1; Consumption.37; Congestion of brain, 5: Convulsions, 11; Croup or hives, 1; Delirium tremens Is Diarrhoea, 2; Dropsy, 5; Dro|?sy in the head, 8; do in the chest, 2; Dysentery, 2; Debility, I; Erysipelas, t; Exposure, I; Fever, 3; do remittent, 3; do scarlet, t; do typhoid, 3; Hooping cough, 4; Inflammation, 1; do of brain, 3; do of bowels, I; do of chest, I; do of lungs, 18 ; do of throat, 5; do of womb, 1; do of liver, 2: Intemperance, 1; Insanity, I; Lockjaw, I; Marasmus, 3; Measles, 3; Old Age, 6: Organic disease of the heart, 3: Palsy, 1; Scrofula. 1; Small p.,. i- t....i i.,..., i. t ti ? i. a Ml. Under 1 year. 37; 1 to 2 yean, 13; 2 to 5, 23: 5 to 1(1, 6; 1(1 to 20, IB; 20 to 30, 23 ; 30 to 10, 14:10 to .Ml, 13: Ml to R0. 7: 00 to 70, 10; 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90, 3; 1(10 and upwards, 2; nnknown, 1. rLAcr.i or isatttity United State*, 116: Ireland, 23; Kngland. 9; Scotland, 2; Wales, I; Germany, R; France, 1; Britiah Possessions in N. America, 1; nnknown, I, Of the above.there were from the Ferer hospifal.atBellrane. 11; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwcll'a laland, 6; Lunatic Atylum, 3; Lonit (aland Hospital, 2; New Jersey, 1: Wealchester, I; Stiien laland, 2; Orange county, 1; Weal Indies, 1. Colored Peraona 13 JNO. H GRlsro.M. M.D.Otty Inspector. City kMNHn Mm. all, 27. 1843. PaMenferf Arrived. LtYF.nrooL?Packet ahip Independeuct?Mra Fletcher, of Liverpool; Wm Pawson. Montreal; O Willougliby, Hamilton, UO; K Mrnschen, Philadelphia; Hector Morriaon, NVork?36 in the steerage. Bs.MlUDA?Schr Admiral Copoys?II ill Pringle. St JoH/aa, Hpamah Main?Brig'Francia?W Benard, Joaeph Thomas. e. Terrill. Naw Orleans?Brig Demerara?Mn J Harria.CaptD Keid, A L Mayo. Forolxn Importations. Livssrooi ?Ship Independence?19c?ses 42 tona coal 24 tiyj nita Orinuell, Mintnrii k co?1 caak Septimus Crooks? 62 haa odlrey, Pattiaon k co? I Smith, Ooane A co?31 John Nicholson?13 Bud, Ulllilan kco?3 balea 23 bat John Gihon k co?a lialea 3caica J k J Stuart k co?1 caak I caae Hall Brothers?8 baa 30 hales Smith, Tkargar k co?120 baa Phelps, Dodge & co ?V00 Btokes, Gilbert k Co?24 crates 2 cka Alfred M Tiedwell ?18 ca 2 cka K F Sinderaon?1 caak W Barton?4 Townae id, Havre & en?4 Sheldon, Phelps kco?I caae Hubert I.eckie?2 baa John Wallace?8 ca 26 h.iles S Iliooin k co?3 Cameron k "jjod?26 Inglia k Scott?32 ca Willison. Whitewright k co? 2 Hoht Kwuig?32 Henry Farnum k co?32 cka Jaa Lee k co?2 bales JohnMobinsou k co?33 catea 3 balea Stnda, Foa k co?I case B 1 Wheel wright? 4 caaea Paraona.Caiiu ugk co?6 balea 1 trnta Joseph Connah?I bale 1 eaae W B B ml?4 Lewii Atlet bury J'?I C W Churchman?I caaea 10 balea Kirhardaon k Wataon?7 eaaea Wm Scott?4 Lewia k co?I Fellows, Wadswortli k co?9 i biles 1 hompaen k co?42 caaea Garner k co?9 Chauncey k co?2 ca Worrell, Wood k Coates-1 Saml Cochran?2 J G.k T Garner-7 Jaa Lefferta?6 J K Worrell kaon?I Slier, Price k co-6 I'eabody, Kiggs k co-l Halate-wd, llaitiea k co?I chain cable Wm Ay-mar k co?I ea-k 2 baa Gihaonk llnchie?9 cases F on Ida, Stobok CO?I bale Thea Hum k oo-6 c?i John Melston?I J Mortimer jr fc co?22 Wm Hntchinaon?1 Honrr Jeaaop?6 Jaa MeCall k co?4 eks OW Swerda?I case I) W Ora?ed-I07 tea Unuriinghara k Buchanan ?Ilea Andrew M ilchell k co?2 cka O Garner k co?3 hlida J P [Irnmmond?16 cs '18 lulea looker, Mrnd k co?74 cratea B \ Mnail Til?loa?o Kuaaell, niattison k Tavlor? 3 It F.wine? 2 Coffin, Bradley kco?2 LJ Wveth?2 cka A R Van .Neat?I Wood k Folger?I A Van Neat?I caae J II F.lliman?21 ('has Adahead k CO?1 Oro B Blake k^co?I ^Neeina k co?I Franco i pint a k son? i liny in ?, n-ini? bi-ii it Aiichinclnaa It ion ?I cask John H.ill?I I A NewboliP?17 haica 10 o? Wood .John on A Bnrrill?IB c? W Wlii'ewriglu?2 Jouca A Waterbtirv?I Win I'chl?1 D Moll Millii?2 ck? J A lie*?1 J T Dnlin It ?>n ?17 balea 2 ea Stone Aco?6 oglea 9 ca Kill.Clark A co?MOO anvrreigna J*me? I) P Ogitrn A co?fiOO t'o Pfilt* A Bullock? '120 do jo?i*h Macv A co?III ci 7 cka 12 h*lei 26 bdl* 246b ban iron 2 elating' to order. Hr Jnima S|unialt M on?Brie l? rancra?23ti0 hide? 107 Ceroom imliKO I0<i <|(la B nw.il wood 2 |kg< bnlliou 2000 lh? aanaparill* 16 dacr mini Itiger do 2 bbli tortone ihtll 2 baga mdac 02 'lis copper 1 I'Ukf gold dust 3 bis specie 21 bales cotton 1 bag cof( >' H k D Cotnesl. Maracaibo?Schr Sistc rs?18 tons fustic 149 bags coffee Q VVhiialitr. Turks Island? Schr Diamond?2900 bushels salt j Blake Iv St CO. Uomwatlc Importations. New Orleans?Ship St Louis?482 bbls pork 1W casks hams 163 do lard 32 bbls grease Head Ik Schermerhoru?1532 bbls pork 12 do lard 4 kees do no hhds hams O Douglass?35 biles cotton S Draper?55 do 19 bbls II hf do tallow (J S Savre New Orleans?Barque Nautilur?59 bbls meal K W Howe ?450 do wbeaf 19 do apples 7 do beans T H Msyhew?I hhd tr bacco E 9 Bibcock?0011 bags wheat 80 tcs flaiseed II bbls do ! mi net swa* I no peaches Wood it Ac sta?1 ilo IH <10 Ullow 'tWo lard J 8 Brownlcv?507 liid-s II Bmilhmayd & ?on?198 bales cotton Havens & ca?8 7 I'bli flour Dawn & Carey. New Orleans?Brig Deinrrara? lltH hbls (lour 230 do |iork 17 do lard P5kegs do P I Nevius Ik son?211 hhls pork Head, Schermerliorn Ji ro?it Jo flour D.iwcs & Care>?200 do molasses De Peyster fc Whitm?rsh. New Orleans?Brig Wektilla?(78 hhla lard (J Douglass? 18 es lea C P Slan'on?221 aacka corn K L Maitland 8t co? 30J bids flour L Hill?51 bain cotton 1176 bbla flour 79 do peaches to order. New Orleans?Bchr Oil Bias?tiOO bhls flour P I Nevi'is & sou?100 bbla pork 128 keg* lard O LcUnd Ik co?50,000 ft lumber P B Smith. Apai.achich.a?Brig Alilr-ini?70 hales cotton Wm Barnwell-100 do Hick. Ik co?ion Win II H.wland & co?28 W H Matthew?12 A J Petiui?inU?10 Smith. Mills ttco?58 Oram Ik Barton?III Brown Brothers &i co? 02 J 11 Talmau?14 J Butterworth. Apalachicola?Schr Tioga?199 balvi cotton Bogart St Kneeland?35 W Benedicl?10 G Collins?112 J M Preacott?52 J Lee?1 bo* J Bond. MA RTTTM E HER ATET Ship Ma* tern and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will itive to Commodore Kobkht Silvey, of our News Fleet, a Heport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels S|>oken on their Pcssaite, a List of their Cargo, and aav Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare. He will board thnn immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kiod will be thankfully received. POHT OF NKW YORK, FKBRVARY 38. sun rises 6 38 I moon risks 6 3 sunsets 5 48 | hioh water 9 5 Clessred. Brigs Vesper, Hopkins. New Orleans. Nesmith, Leeds 8t Co; Morea, Edgar, Mobile, E D Huilbnt Ik Co.?Sc.lirs Extio, Robinson, N-w Orleans, Nesmith, Leeds & Co; E A Stevens, Biiggs, Baltimore, J StN Briggs. ArrlTtd. Packet ship Independence, Nye, from Liverpool, Feb. 5, with mdse. to Grinnell. Minium 8c Co. Sailed in co wiih ships Virginian, for NYork; Adirondack, Kussell Glover, and Clarendon, for NOrleans, and several other vessels for Southern ports. The Independence has been 5 days west of George's Banks. Ship St Louis, Marks, 13 days from New Orleans, wi.h pork, (kc. to W. Nelson. 21th inst lat 31, Ion 79 30, spoke ship Mary Kingstand, Weare, of New York, from New Orleans for! Liverpool. Barque Nautilus. Tukesherry, 20 days from New Orleans, with cotton, 8cc. to Havens 8i Co. Brig Frances. Roberts, from St. Johns, Spanish Main, and 18 days from Old Providence, with hides, indigo, 8cc. to H. 8c D. Cotheal. Left at St. Johns, harnue Prompt, for Boston, unc; brigs Harlequin, lor Genoa, do; Mati da, wtg cargo. Brig Sophia, Kinney, 21 days from St Johns, PR. with sugar, &c. to J. B. Lasalr.. Brig Demarara, Blanchard, (of Prospect, Me.) 20 days from New Orleans, with Hour, to It. P. Buck, Brig Wakulla. Johnson, 20 days from New Orleans, with cotton, to Johnson 8c Lowden. Brig Alabama, Williams, 18 days from Apalachicola, with cottou, to Sturges 8c Clearman. Schr Sisters. Small, 25 days from Maracaibo, with coffee and fustic, to G. Whitaker. Left uo American vessels. 12th inst. off Cape Tillerroon, spoke schr David Chase, Downes, hrnce for Aux Caves. British schr Admiral Copays, Smith, 12 days from Bermuda, in ballast, to Middleton Ik Co. Schr Tioga, Tyler, 16 days from Apalachicola, with cottou, to J. H. Cos 8c Co. Schr Diamond, Halletl, 13 days from Tnrka Island,with salt, to order. Left no American vessels. Schr Gil Bias, Howes, 21 days frem New Orleans,with flour, to Nesmith, Leeds 8c Co. British schr Friendship, McMahon, 28 days from Antigua, via Long Island Sound, in ballast, to Soule, Whitney 8c Co. Left noAmericau vessels. Schr A. Cadmus, Brown, from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to Cook 8c Davis. Sailed in co. with schr Virginia, for NYork. Schr Maria, Hopkins, from Baltimore, with flour, to (Johnson 8c Lowden. Sailed in co. with schr Hudson, Cooley, for NYork Schr Iole, Norwood, from Eastport, with lath and fish, to P. I. Nevius 8t Son. Schr Star, Prindle, from Boston, via Bridgeport, Conn, with mdse, to master. Below. Brig Caroline E. Piatt, Rice, 20 days from Apalachicola, with cotton, to Post 8l Phillips. Also, 1 brig unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence. Merchants' Exchange, > Boston, Sunday, Feb. 26?1 r.M. J Cld Saturday r. M ?Barqne Rainbow, Sampson, NOrleans; brig Growler, Ulinet, Mobile; schr Talma, Conckliu, Savannah. Arr Sunday?Barques Mohawk, Chase, Para via Vineyard; Anita, Lovett, Porto Cabello via do; brigs Seaman, Scull. Savannah;Mary cease. Shields,Trinidad de Cuba; Phenix,Small, Atlantic Ocean, with 320 bbls sp oil: Almeua, Dill, Baltimore; noutner, bomntra, 31 .mams; r.uiot, naner, riinaueipnia; Stirrer, Hii, Wilmington, N''; sohrs Win W Wyer, Over, Fredericksburg; Delhi, Cook. Wj Fort Hilt, liwMM, Wilmington, Del; C-leopatr*. Lewis, do; Mail. Niehola, N Fork. Below, brig Alpine, Foster, Surinam via Gloucester; 1 brig outside, unknown. Nartucret, Feb. 20. At Oahn in Oct, Massachusetts, NB. 1 loo. At Talcithuaua OrltT, S|iarUa, Coffin, Moot. 1000 Sp, the only American vessel in port. Ocneral Record. AnnivAt.s at Quebec ard Montreal.?Vessels 191, tou nage 187,993, crew 7,291?in 1842. Arrivals at Gasee ?Vessels 42, tonnage 3,283, men 248?In 1842. Arrivals at New Carlisle.?Vessels 51, tonnage 5,781, men 316. Spoken. F.igle, Fullcrton, from Havana for Portland, Feb 23, off Cape Hatteras. Montgomery, 9 days from NOrleans for St Kitts, Feb 15, lat 27 15, offDH Slut Keys. Cairo, from Boston for New Orleans, Feb 12, lat 29 10 N, Ion 73 38 W. Foreign Porta. Matarzas, Feb 11?Arr William, Nickerson, Boston; 13th, Bernard, Donnell, do. Turks Island, Feb 8?In port, Hartley, and Caroline, of Philadelphia, Idg. Home Ports. UPhiladelehia, Feb 27?Arr Swan, Snell, NOrleausj New Hanover, Carty, Savannah; Cohansry, Moore, Mobile; Currency, Sharp, Tniks Island; D B Keelcr, Emery, NOrleans; John I 'lark. Collius, NYork; Iodine, Blew, do; Brilliant, Redmond, do. Chi Pearl, Harding, Boston; Calcutta, Steelman, Providence; Nicholas Biddle, Walton, NVork. Mohile, Feb 16?CM Wetumnka, Fowler, NVork; Hannah, Taylor, Boston. Arr Science, K.lliot, Portland. TMIK. BOOK OF DANIEL clearly explained ; with a rational analysis of the Apoc ilvpsii, loteuded as a good eye salve for the Prophet Miller and pis followers. Dedicated to all unnisssed persons who delight in Biblical researches. By Henry Kalonne. Printed and published at the Beacon office,91 Roosevelt sired. Triee 50 cents?1813. f28 It* rrc MERICAN AND FOREIGN NEWSPAPER AND PERIODICAL AGENCY, No. 4 Ann street, N. Y. The mbscriPer having completed his arrangements , ? cuabh d to furnish to order, to age its or individuals, any paper printed in the States or England. Illustrated London News, Pnnch Bell's Li'e; Weekly Dispatch Snndav Times; Satirist Chas. Wilmer's American Nswt Letter And a variety of others are received by eipresi on the arrival of each steamer. Any paper or work desired may be had by the next return steamer. The Boston Notion, $3 per year, 6)4cents single Also, all the publications of the day. N . B ?Thr subscriber will pick tmndies and parcel! I >r newsmen of all the publications and newspapers of Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, aUpublithera' prices, for a small charge for services rendered. ...... Any other Agency business will be attended to with the same piomptness asif the peuon were here himself RKKKHENCK8. Mes>n. Greeley k MeElrath, New York Tribune Messrs. Wilson & Co., Brother Jonathan Messrs. Burgess fcZeiber, Philadelphia George Roberts, Esq , Boston Times Messrs. Bradlev it Co. Boston Mail Adams it Co. Boston Mr. George Jones, Albauy Mr. Charles Wilmer, Liverpool. C. 9. West, Esq. Havana. f3Hcod.m VICTOR HUGO'S MASTERPIECE. PUBLISHED this (Tuesday) morniug, and now ready for delivery in en EXTRA TWO WORLDS, A lull and accurate translation of that transceudaut Romance ot Paris, for which the author received 500 000 francs, THE HUNCHBACK: OR, THE BELL-RINGER OF NOTRE DAME ! By the reuowned Victor Hugo. So much is thought of this work th't it has been illustrated i'l Taris at au outlay ot 50 000 pounds, and specimens of the engr?vini? m y be seen at Co'man s in Broadway Published at 102 Nassau sc. Price UX ceuts?ft per hui dred wholesale. Ml lt*rc LEARY & 10., WILL introduce thr Spring Fashion for Gentlemen's Hats, Friday, Much 3 >. 2Brm Otr _NOh J til 5 ASTOR HOUSE. HAND ACTION Hup Mad Piano Forte*, Grecian Sctoils ^ extri race Bieiaiu: pi.hi?in nir mourrii iin|iniTrnicuu, warranted ro hi- df the beat materials asd workmanship. Those wiahinir to purchase are turned to rail ami examine before purchasing elsewhere. Old I'iauos taken id exchange, and repaired at the factory, 35 White atreet. fl?3ti**r Q|:~BHI:H||'1ION Ql AKTKT MOIKKKSIJK'INSTKI L7 MENTAL CHAMBKR MUSIC.?Mr. U. C. HI LI,. associated with Meaara. A. A prllrr, (J. H.-Derwortl and W. H. Hear rind, will give fonr Quartet Soirees, rnnatatiiiit of classical productions for stringed instruments. The first tie will rjte place at the Apollo lipoma, March 4th. Tocotnmrnce at It P.M. The remaining three will lake place at the pmr roorna on the IR h March, lit and l.Vh of April, hitbacripli 'ii t'i for eight tirkrta. For further pxrtiitilara, aee cirenlara and pr rgrammea at the music stores. fSfi na rod 3t*r COV TLIMENTARV (INVITATION) BALL to Mr. A P. Lafurge, on Thursd iv evening. March 2d. at the Tiycli Saloon, ijndworih'a celebrated Band ia engaged, and ao pains ? ill he spared to m?ke aa agreeable a Ball ai aas o?en thu a?a oa Ticket* to he had at lie Srlnonj at ( d lier's^ Merchants' k'icbanitr; Wm. f,efinre, 171 Wnt Broadway; K Bonn, IH9 Washington street; J I arr. Terapin Lunch; Chickeriug ?. 74 f!h?mbers street; IVoprrf, 171 Had?on street; and at A. I'. Lefutge's, I ml Canal street. I) ,iii mg to I .mull. II. It o'clock precisely 17:; II* ins r QODA WATKH?BRKWKRY? Orders for supplying Bok' >ia Water the ensuing season wi'l bp received at No. 161 Bleeckcr itrpet. Brewing premises So lot with figtorei, consisting o( boilers, r?l?, mill, pnmpe, he. A gocd situation for the Root Beer business. Apply ai above flBlw* r MKDK'AL ATTKNTlO.N ?Talk of thr .'sulphur bttli, warm bath, tea bailout, ami chance of ciimatp, ns a euro fur chrome, venereal auil mercurial diseases?ill moonshine, linpe deferred, ami null in ileapoinlpucy. Toe only sn'e cou a: t" purine,if von wi-h a thorough cure, ia to apply to tap meil'cal proprietor of llic Huuterinn I)iaprn<arv, No. .1 Diviaiou atrei t Use his botanic remedies, and follow hia direetioua, which are plain and simple, and you will soon he placed in a rond.tiou to transmit a pure and healthy constitution to youroftapring.initea.ini nit iline mi them i short and miserable piiatence. This 11II- only place ill this City or stale, where the now famous lluni.i', Bed Urop can be obtained. am ty It >t >K AT fills - lii ,t n iii \ in n n. a lot of Am < ilicoa 1 n I ecu's per v 'ill; I 0 til, Hi 11 I t loth* it 7s i, 1: lot line Mali nets at Is Ad; lot di uble milled I 'ass line res at 6s till, lot fine Shirting at 4 cents per yard! |r i Molr skin at Is, lot best black anil blue Milks al only as Ad | er \ anil lot good 11 ots at 1 Is fcil , lot <4eoilrmrn'? silk Ciavats rt Is 6d; lot good sewing Silk, at two reals, kor sale at WII.I.KT HAWKINS' Slore, Ml limenwicli street, itk store below Mpriug it- I'M 3t n*r GRAND CONCERT. _ . A T THE REQUEST of nunieroua friend., 8i?nnr HaneiCl. n haa been rtimotaired by the brilliant anecesa of nie iaat centCoueen at Niblo'a S.lomi, to orttanixe another Muateal entertainment for Tuetday rTenliut, Eeb. 2Sth, at the abore named Saloon. He will be aMiaied by the following eminent performer.'? MR8.J,ODM{, mx?. uuuunr.n, MR. 8CHAllFKNBERO, MR. TlMM. Aud on this occasion by . ? MR. FRED. RAKKMAN. PROGRAMME. _ . Part I. 1?Trio 4 oacaitante?for Piano, Violin, and Violoncello? Boucher. Hakeman, Hapetti, Htimmel 2?Fautasie?Motif, Beilim aud Cars If a, for the violin ?-3ig Kspetti, Rar*"' 3?Recitative 3ud Aria?"Ah, Come Rapida," Mra. Lod?r, Mayerber I?Piano Forte Solo?Mr Frederick Hake man, La Campanclla" Impromptn, Dreyachock "Fantasie and Variations, on Aira from Don Juan."' Tbalberit b?Aria?"Laudate Dntnuiua" Mri Loder, Motart 6?(By Driire) Orai d Duo upon aira from "La Snmunmlula ' for violin aid piano,?M. Schailenberg and Hapeiti, Benedict fc De Br riot _ Part II. . 1?Fantasie?on the airs of "Domino Noir," for foaf hands?Mr. SchatfenberK and Mr Timm, Bertim 2?Aria?" Perche nun ho del vento"?Mr* Loder, Donizetti 3?Brilliant Variations?on an original theme, for the violin, composed and execnted hy Rapetti Which was unanimously received and loadly applauded at his last concert 4?Grand Trio Pintle?for the piano fbrfe,violin, and violoncello?Mr Bcharfenkerg, Mr Boucher, and Big nor Rapetti, Mayaeder [?7"Tickela SO ceuta each. Doora open at 6X?Couc*rt to commence at 7M o'c'ock. 28f Itr COPPER?A complete aaaortmeut of eitra quality Eugliah Copp r, from It to 32 ox. just received Iper late anrivala, for aale bv E. H. COLLINS h CO. 56 South at. k|A TO LET?Or to Lease, for a term ol years, a Isrge Pjl two story building. 34 by 34 leet, -uitable for a manufacXJHjtory, within two blocks of the Fultou Ferry, formerly occupied by Joseph Ives as a clock manufactory, and late by H. T. Franklin as an iron manufactory. , . Also, a convenient two story dwelling house, adjoining the above. For information enquire of ANDREW DKMKRKST, 28f 2t?r No. 80 Poplar st, Brooklyn. NLY (JIVE IT A FAIR TRIAL-^We ask no more of any one than to give Dr Javne's Expectorant a fair trial, and if it does not cure the various diseases lor which it is recommended, sooner and more effertmlly than any other medicine I hat has ever been offered to the public, the proprietor is willing to umle-go any iienally, however severe.the public may see proper to impose npen linn. It has, it will, and it can cure coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, bleeding from the Inngs or throat, whooping cougn, croup,and a very large majority ol the in cat hopelesa cases of consumption, when phyaiciana and their prescrintiatii fail to do any good. Again we aav try It. It will not harm you.hutinnst and will de vou good. It is prepared only hv Dr. D. JAYNE.No. 20 South Third street,Philadelphia.and No 30b Broadway, New York. Price $1 per bottle. 28f lin*r ^ _____ WUNLIEltP ULi UIOC.UVE.IVX. STRIKER'S lolutiou (or the hair, which will change grey hair to its oriental color in a few imnntea. This solution ii different from any yet offered, ^nd cannot fail of superseding all others, h ii highly eflicacioni, and poueiaei the great advantage o( beautifying the hatt, without i inuring ita growth. Those whodoabtits virtues are tyipiested to have their hair changed before paying their money. I' humbugs would take this method there would bandjMson to Complain. One trial will prove the (act Sold wholesale aifdretail, and applied, at No. S Chatham St, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. (2? lm*r BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE fT'HK following Publications are for sale at the HERALD J- OFFICE^ Noith West cornet o( Fulton and Nassau sts? where all the Cheap Publications of the day can be had as soon as issued, at '.he PUBLISHING PRICES. FOREST DAYS, by O. P. R. James. Just publishcu. THE BOOK OF THE NAVY, comprising a general History of the American Marine?to e embellished with a number ol Engravings. No. 1 now ready, at the low price of 25 cts. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, in 16 Numbers. The I, II, III and IV Nos are now ready, each 25 cts. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed in 6 Nos. No. 2 now ready 25 BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, Nos 1.2,and 3, 25 ENCVCLOPAEDIA OF GEOGRAPHY, comprising a complete description of the earth, to he completed iu 24 |?rts, a part to be issued every two weeks, each 25 URE'S DICTIONARY of the Arts, Sciences, fee, to he completed in 5 monthly numbers. Price SI each. No. 3 now ready. THIERS'S HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 11 now ready, 25 THE HISTWRY OF THE REFORMATION in Germany, Ac, in the Sixteenth Century, by J H Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 2 now ready, 15 MA8TERMAN READ*?by Marryat. Just published, $1,12J? YOUNG ISLANDERS-by J. Taylor, 75 THE FARMER'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, and Dictionary of Rural Affairs?By C W JohnSPAKKSi' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 numbers, each 25 JACK HINTON, 50 St SI 00 HANDY ANDY. 50, $1 St SI 25 HKCTOR O'HALLORAN. No. 9, 12X HUMPHREY CLINKER?by Smollett. Complete in one number, 25 TOM JONES, or the History of a Foundling? complete, hv Fielding, 50 JOSEPH ANDREWS, by. Fielding, complete in one number, 25 NOVELIST'S-UBRAR Y. Thii Library will be completed in ten weekly cumber*. VIVIAN GREY?by D'lsraeli?complete in one volume, 25 VENETIA?byD'Iiraeli?complete in one volume, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by LEI mplete in one volume, 25 THE YOCNO niriric?hr D'lsraeli? ? tea noptrait of the author. _ 25 FRANCK8CA CARRARA?by L E Landou, *5 H K N HI ETTA TE MPLE?by D'lsraeli?complete in one volume . 25 PETER SIMPLE, by Marryat, complete in one CONTARiNI FLEMING?by D'ISRAELI?complete in one number. 25 MONTHLY MAGAZINES. GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for March, 25 GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION. 25 THE ARTIST, for March, 25 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, mat published, _ _ _ .25 MISS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE, bebruary number, iust published, 15 THE LADY'S WORLD OF FASHION, for March, 15 WAVERLY NOVELS. IVANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one umber, 25 GUY MANNERING?by Sir alter Scottcomplete in one number, 26 THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scottcomplete in one number, . 25 ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, _ . _ 251 OLD MORTALITY?by Sir Walter Scottcomplete in one number. 25 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Scott?complete in one nnmber, 25 BRIDE OF LAMMERMOOR?by Scott?complete in one number, 25 KF.NILWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, '25 WAVERLY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, 25 THE MONASTERY?by Walter Scott?complete in one number, 25 THE ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one number _ 25 THE LEGEND OE MONTROSE, by Walter | Krntt. rnmnlete in one number. 25 THE PIRATE?by Walter Scott?complete in one nnmber 25 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bnlwrr'i Novel*. Twenty-Five Cent* each. PELHAM. DISOWNED. DEVEREAUX. PAUL CLIFFORD EUOENE ARAM.* LA IT DAYS OK POMPEII. TK!4 CZARINA. RIENZI, The La*t of the Tribune*. SE'.F DEVOTION, or Kathariue Randolph. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTRAVER8. ALICE; or. The Myiterie*: Sequel to Maltraver*. THE LAST OF THE BARONS, 25 It will alio be publiihrd thim morning at 1?X COOPER'S-NOVELS. RED ROVER, in two number*, price 50 HOME AS FOUND, a tale in 2 vol*. 50 CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the woik* of the aboveiwnter.will be publiibed in regular rotation. NOTES ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 12X NICHOLAS NICKLEBV, 50 OLIVER TWIST. 25 PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one num ber, 50 THE CURIOSITY SHOP, complete in one number, M BAKNABY HUDOK, complete in en* number, 50 PUBLISHED IN~QUARTO FORM. ROSINA MEADOWS,THE VII.LAOE MAID -OK TEMPTATION UNVEILED, a Story of City Scene* and Every Day Lite? bv W B. Enaliah. Juit published, I2H THE BIBLE IN SPAIN?By Oro. Barrow. ^'rice, 25 k 50 TS AND SHADOWS OF FACTORY LIFE IN NEW ENOLAND-Bv a Factory Oirl. It i* a beautiful picture of factory life. Price, 1IX FRANClrf OF VALOIS, or the CURSE OF 8 VALLIAR, by E. Flagg?a tale of the Middle Age*. 12X THE LIFE AND EXPLOITS OF THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, including a comidete ur . . .....I with ^o*T*-TH?r.i handsome Engravings. 25 HIANCA CAPI'ELLO?an Historical Romance by Laiit L.tttoi* Bui.wr.lt. 18V BF.NTLKY'S MISCELLANY, (a republication.) I ax BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a republication Si). 2, just published, HV PAULINE?a Taia of Normandy, by Alexandre Daman, I2X THE NEIGHBORS?From the German, by Mary H'iw fit, .. . 18V CH E.MI9TRY?applied to Agri nltnre and Phyeiolyy by Liebrg, 15 THE WESTERN CAPTIVE-Or the'.Timee nf Tocumseh. 18V LETTERS OF MARY QUEEN OF 8COTSby Agnes Strickland, 25 MEMOIRS OF THE QUEENS OF FRANCE by Mr*. F. Bush, 25 THE NAUTILUS?a collection of Sea Tales? Al'o an account of the SOMERS' MUTINY, I2X CHUZZLEWIT. by Dickroe (2d No. juatpeb-1 lished) TOM BURKE OF OURS. I L.S. D or Accounts of Irish Heira All for WINDSOR CASTLE I1X ABVKNTURE8 OF ARTHUR O'LEARY, A dlacoiiiit on all the above works to agents Subscriptions for all the above Magazines w ill be received at thui'ffue, and pnuctmllv attended to. iMrr JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMI'ANY-No. 47 Wm " street, coiner of Hanover street. This Company eon mines to insure against loss or damage by fire on buildings, goods, w ires, or merchandize generally; also, on vessels and ctrgoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, on as favorable terms as any other office. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Elisha Riggs ThomasT Woodruff Anson Baker Benjamin II Robaon Martin Hoffman John R Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph,Drake .... Francis f Sage Ha in u e HJnder h 111 KW Joh?rM~w Joha*' M?mi? WmK Th, Cftlfb C Tnun T?oMA9 OtO. f. Moric, #?ei?uiy i? It ?w MU AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BKLL, Auctioneer. BY BELL k HOWARD. 'Were# iV>*. 12-Ami ami 114 fultjH ilrtti ) TUESDAY. At IOW o'clock in the sale rooms. '.itrusire sale of foreign and domestic dry goods, iu lots to sirl; clothing, Loudon and French clothi, eassuneres, Trstmgs in auy lengths. Also, pledged articles, fancy goods, jewelry, gun*, cutlery, aorne watches, trinkets, Ite. Also, books and stationery,groceries, l(C. Also, about finfl yard* Knglisii and French superfine broad and bearer cloths aud eassuneres in lots to sail; 138 rest patterns, irlorea, stockings, under shirts, furs, kc. Also, 5 valuable watches, 1 London guns, 2 trnuks. second hand clothing, 2do. merino, silk and cashmere shawls, scarfs and handkerchiefs, and uumerons other choice goods. Also, a set ol smith's aud tinner's tools, and two boies of clothing, books; and trash, to nay transportation. U/SliUL'yns v At ink ..Vlo. ii at the sales room. Large and splendid sale of lirst rate furniture of all desenje lions, from families removing, ike ; also, first rate city made new tin. do. Comprising rugs, carpets, matting, oil rlotlia, beds, bedateda, bedding, sofas, rhairt, tables, bureaus, looking glasses, wardrobes, sideboards, elegant solas, couches, marble top dressing bureaus, ditto pier and eeutre tables, a suixub pianoforte, all kinds o( bed room fumiture, kitchen nteiisils, (kr. Also, a large additional lot of elegaut second hand furniture, removed from Brooklyn for convent' ore of sale. Also, 10,000 lbs curled hair for upholsters. Also, several valuable counters, counting house furniture, Ac. Also, 11 mahogany boards, suitable for piano forte or cabinet makers. Also, immediately after the sale in the auction room, the remainder of the splendid stock of cabinet furniture at No. 113 Fnltonst. next door to the sales rooms, from Monday's sale. THURSDAY. At half pest 10 o'clock in the sales room Sale of Valuable Paintings, superior Piano Fortes and first rate Cabinet Furniture. Consisting of 28suprrb original paintings, various subiects, in tich gilt frames; 8 splendid rosewood anu mahogany piano fortes, by celebrate. mak-rs;a quality of beautiful city cabinet farmture, warranted woikmenship. Also, a splendid consignment of glassware. HENKY E. KIELL, Anct*r. BY R1ELL k ARCULARIUS Store 301 Broadway, corner of Duane streets. THIS DAY At half past 10 o'clock at the suction room, Several qnartei casks choice old Msdeira Wine. Also, slierrv, port aud claret Mine, in casks, demijohns and casrs ol one dozen. Also, brandy gin and whiskey, in wood and grass. Also, various brands of segars. TO-MORROW At 10K o'clock, at the auction room. Avvrietyof new aud second baud fnruiturc, from a family breaking up housekf rping. Consisting of msrble rop dressing and plain bureaus, toilet stands, bedsteads, beddiDg, tables, ekairs, wardrobes, Boston rockers, looking glasses, clocks, lie R. fc A. are now ready to made advances to any amount on consignments, Returns prompt. Bales of real estate and ont door sales of household furniture attended to in person. Regnly sales of Liquors. Segars, kc., everv Tuesday ; Furniture. Pianos, fcc., evrrv Wednesday in.l Saturday T3AKQUKI FALMOUTH, from New Oileatn, isdisehargu ing st pier 5,'Easl River. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 21fr 56 South street. CHRONOMETER FOR SALE?An eight day Liverpool Chronometer for svle low Is in charge of Mr. Stewart, Merchm'i' Exchange, who will show it to puschasers. fY?r TJ~ SPRING STYLE OF HATS, lor 18t3.-Mr 0 Fish 137 Broadwav. will, on Wednesday, March 1st, introduce his Spring style of Hats. The public are leqnested to cell aud ciamme them 177 2t*ec BLEACHING POWDtbRS?!C0 casks, now landing Irom ship Roscius, aud for sale by fS7ec PEKKSE 8t BROOKS, si Liberty at. tpO PAINTERS?Wanted. person that understands pai nt-s ing and ornamenting chairs, for one month. Also a boose painter, (or our or two BtOthl- A letter addressed to W. H. and leftatthi Herald Office, stating where an interview may be had, will be attended to. 261 Jt"m VJ 1 e-AIMK,U At , AIJIA? Letter hugs lor the above steamer ^ will close at Hatnden St Co'? Koreign Letter Offie, No.3 Wall stret, on Tuesday, Keb. 28, at half-pair 3 o'clock. P. M. Ml 3tec HARND/ N & CO. TArafts from IjL to any ainonnt, payable on demand, without S-'diicount, on all parti of England, Ireland. Scotland, and Walei, for sale by W. He J. T. TAPSCOTT, f27 r 43 Peck slip, comer South it. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHE8E far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, we percene, to be obtained in tliii country. See advei tno' stent on the hit rnlnmn. fonrth inter. nil watches, clocks, and JEWELRY, repaired in ? ' the brit manner and warranted, much lower than at any other place in the cite, at g.C.allen's, Importer of Watchei and Jewely, wholeia'e and retail, 2HI Im'r 30 Wall itreet, up I'airi. American land and loan okkice?wtinam L. Sunns having above thirty yearn' eiperience in the management of Real Estate, and itoueaiing a large landed property himself, also feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage he hai heretofore enjoyed, reipectfully aolicita the attention of the public to the special advantages of the American Land and Loan Office, at No. H Wall Itreet, in the city of New York, for tbe purchase, lale or exchauge of Homes and Lots, Farms and uncultivated Lands, either at private or public sale, and for the hiring and letting of Homes, Stores. Farms, Ike.; for collecting the rents, and lor taking the general agency and supervision of Keai Estate, also fob the snperiu tendance of erecting and repairing Buildings. Persons having property to sell, exchange or let, will find it to their advantage to apply at tnis office rather than to any other in the city, both in point of economy and drspaicn. All property registered in this office, will, if required, be ad; vertised in twoor more of the most widely circulated journals, and every honorable exertion made to dis|>ose of the same. Should tne property not be sold at private sale, it will, if deaired, be offered at public auction, thus giving to owners of the property double sdvantage. He will also attend to effecting Insurance on property, obtaining and loaning or paonev on bund aud mortgage, nr other securities, taking special care to receive ample security for money loaued; and to have titles to property esamined by gentlemen of tbe legal profession of established character to accuracy and reputation. Holders of vacant ground that requires improving, will fiol it greatly to their advantage to apply to him. as his knowledge of the kind of buildings which are mott productive for the different localities, is ofthe greatest importance: and his long acquaintance witn the building of houses will enable him to get them erected on the most reasonable terms at a far less expense than is mua|. He will also take chance of real estate intended for public ales, aa his (knowledge from experience in getting up sales. Will be ol great value to those intending to dispose of their property, he will prepare the advertisements, see that they are juoperly distributed and sni^rinteuded, and direct the sale,anil it will be found to be a great saving from the fact that pro|>erty I or the last three or four years has been frequently sacrificed from the want of proper attention and skillful management. individuals or companies mai require au agem id utxc ciinrke of their real estate, may depend nu having it faithfully aud economically managed?ana all moneys received, prom|itly paid over. Persons wishing to hire or purchase property, or invest money, can most generally be acrommodaled Tree of ei|a'iise?and persons residing at a distance desirous to sell or purchase real estate by aendiu; a description of the property, will receive immediate attention. Tenons having country seala, (arms, or houses Tor sale, ami wish to haw them surveyed and drawings taken, can have it done in the most elegant manner by applying at this office. Also, Contracts and other papers prepared. All letters for the purchase, sale or exchange of real estate, or for the loaning or putting out of money, must the directed to WILLIAM L. SIMKK9, American Laud and Loan office, No. 14 Wall street. New York;and the postage invariably paid. Those having money to loan can have it invested, free of expense, hy calling at this office I6f leii'r ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU 8T8. Is supplied with every material necessary for the prosnpt, nest, and economical execution of every description of SdiSJ?3 &3UXS38m&. Public attention is requested to this establishment, in the assurance that ample satisfaction will he given?aa regards typography, press work, aDd charges?to those who rrqnire fancy or commoo, large or small work cheaply and expeditiously executed. LABELS, CHECKS, WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS. SHOW BILLS, BALL TICKETS. STEAMBOAT RILLS, BILLS OF LADING, RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S, NOTES. rot ' THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other place* where the largest deicrlpliou of printing is required. The facilities for this work are not equalled bv any office in this city, for, besides the large assortment of PiAJiM Alttis) 7VP3p Tliia establishment has the LARGRHT PHK8SRS IN THK CITY. Great panu have been taken to provide every material that can possibly be of service, and therelore persons Itsving occasion lor Showbill*, will And it greatly to 1 heir advantage to patronise this establishment. (I^Any sine or form of Bill can be Tarnished at very short MUM f I BV ORDER of Stephen Chapman. Esq.. Supreme Court Commissioner residing at Clockvillr, in the town 01 Lenos and cosnty of Madison, notice is hereby given, that an attach ment has issned agsinst the estate of lliriin Clate as a non-resident debtor, on due proof made to the said Sutireme Court Coininissioner pursuant to the directions or the statute concerning itiarlimrnta against ahsrniidiug, i 'nnmaled, mil non-resi dent debtors, and that the saine will he sold for the payment ol his debts, unless he. the ssid Hiram t 'lase, appear and uischaige such attachment, accenting to law, within nine mouths from the first publication of this notice ' And that the payment of any debts and the delivery of any property belonging to the said debtor to him or for his use, and the translrrof any property by him for any purpose whatever, are forbidden by law and are void. Dated this 2d day of November, IS 12. TIMOTHY JENKINS, ill 9m wy r Attorney for Attaehing Creditor. xdU- HAVRE PACKET SHIP ONEluA, ol the 1st ffNW March, is providcJ wi'.h " Francis' Paten Life jySMaBont.*' HI to I.Mr SHIP ATALANTA carries the " Francis' Patent iM^Life Boat" that saved the officers and crew from the JMMKnwreck of the ste mship Clarion. Hf tit A LL 1 HE IIOULABPACKKTI-Sceui 335", strain boat*, ami other pusenger yueIt, currying H r.inns' Patent Lib* H???f*. have fhe word 11 Parent" plainly stamped or pnintgd on tht ilfls. f Ift-tfr giHT- travrs'w PtrgvT^SHlP IOWA, of the Jtlh, i? provided with M Krancis' Pt'eut Life lloau^J^^ PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 1st ' JflWWMa-ch?Tbe splendid fast sailing packet shi|< OX^ HKBhV'ORI), Capt Matbbone, will sail postttvaly as above, he^nrular day, "'"I esn yet accommodate a few more cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, if early application ia made on board,or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, fyr r CI Peck slip, comer South street. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line?lb l*9^V ship ONEDIA, James Funk, master, will tail on the SClLlsi March. BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents. Ihre ^?" 9 Tontine Buildings FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND JjfhNKW YORK LINE?Positively First ReguUr flPpSbPaCkct?To tail the 1st March The fast tailing packet thi|> OCONEE, Captou Jackson, will positively sail at above, her regular day. For freight or postage, having handsome Inmub.d accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, toot of Wall at. or to If sr r ill I I V a s I II u Oanth it Faneuger* will pleMe be on board, at OiImm wharf, foot of Wall atreet, to-morrow afternoon, the lit March, at 3o clocfe, at which time the ship will aail. Shippera may rely upon having their goods correctly ed, a'111 tl.?tch - ?li:p? of Ihit Tinr Will Mil poact??ll????dr"j ticil. Any kmmwee to that effect will b? *! ? Inllil"" thA*ruU m v'oiV- n>?, llullm & Woodruff, who will prompt lT-lC"p'ihJ.,:C u;t: fc? PK|dndf?. w.i. the Oconee, and aail the 10th March, ber regwlaf day* AMUSEMENTS. ~ WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS. AT THE PAHv TWk'ATnr By Kme.al drain the splendid and eipeniiva PANTOMIME, * ill be rcvi't-d for a few evenings. f Notlr*?Place* most be secured in the th? Pamomime ''"appointment* during lh? iu of ril!"wnV,tn^hr'rrrr0U '*' fkl?"" " "wkwell k Cedwalleder to the ^"c'e Messr*. Go*?tn k W*lle Ptrfermancfi lo commence at 7 nVlncb THIS EVENING * The performance will cotnmenr* with the Grand National Ca valcade of SOUTH AMERICANS. Iu their gorgeons Slate Drnon, accompanied by the drroted VIKOINS OH THK SUN. Equestrian Kierciaes by Mailer Hte| heua. Pa* de Danse, by Mna Well*. Mr C J Koirera will ride bia favorite act of the Sea, The Baa. The Four Oladiatorar rri ocipal Act by Mra. Howard. Flying f'orde Exercises by Mr. Haggles. Five Hone Act by Mr. Cadwallader. Mingo Indian, on hi* war aired, by O R Btone. IT?" At thi* period of the Evening an intermiaaionlof 15 minute* will cnsaeTHE SECOND PAHT will commence with A Novel and Original concert; By the moat celebrated Black Voeali?t*ofthe prevent day,who will introduce arveral #f the moat pleasing SOUTHERN NEOKO MELODIES. t . The performer* are of the hieheat grade in their art, being VV wUnlock, iu the firat rank of Daajo player* and comic vocaliat*. W Pelham, the great original dancer. I) Emmii, a an|>enor charactrriatic ainger and musician. Frank Brower, ol Bone Celebrity, vieing even with Kllale henelf in caatagnet imitation* The whole to conclude with A Grand Romantic Legend and Kierie Folic, appointed Wltii New Scene*. Dresses, Decoration*, Mechanical Effect*, and Outrie Circurnatance* and Situation*, entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROR OF THE FROZEN REGIONS! HARLEQUIN AND T1<E THUMB FAMILY. The New Scenery by Meaari Smith, J Wiaer, B Grain, Wheatley and numerous Aaaiatant*. The Machinery by Mr Spear* and hi* Variou* Machiniat* TheDreaae* of all Nations by Mr Lewis and Aasistanti. Thn Superb Female Costumes, by Mra Hammings Th. A?-r.uai...n,l IW?nil?n. be . . M U P.I and 'Je'orge Hilsey. The r olie invented, written and produced under the diieetion of Mr JH Anton IT7" Boies, 50; Pit, 25; Gallery 12X cenu.^Ck O* Seats can be secured at the Box Office, fromlt till 3 o'clock 11 CHATHAM THKATKi. , REDUCTION OF PRICKS. Dress Circle, 25 cents; Pit 6M cents; Upper Tier 1IK cests Benefit ofMr. Wood. THIS EVENING, RUOANTINO. After which, THE FIRST FRATRICIDE. To be followed by JACK ROBINSON. To conclude with OOLDEN DREAM. Doors open at KM o'clock and the performance will cow mencr at 7 precisely niTCUKUt's olympic tiibatheT " 444 Broadway. New York. THIS EVENING, will be performed ?100 NOTE. To be followed hy the ALGATE PUMP. After which, CAPTAIN OF THE WATCH. To conclude with NINE TAILORS MAKE A MAN. 0T/P" The Doors will be opened at hall-past S, and die ear fpriaifti f* commence at 7. every evening bower* amphitheatre. OPEN FOR a SHORT 8EA8ON, Under the Diieetion of MESSRS. N. B. k T. V. TURNER. The public is respectfully informed that this farorite esta blishtneut is now open, with an Equestrian Company unsurpassed in this conntry. The iierformance each evening will be of a varied and talented description. MONDAY EVENING, Feb. tfth. GRAND ENTREE. Unequalled Equestrianism by Mr. T. V. Turner, who will throw two somersets while his horse is in full speed, a feat never iierformed by any other man. Messrs. N. B. Titraer, Whittaker, k?. Ac. Gfi'dt R.trtin Mnloiliifa Ms*aara <'?rts?r AtP. ?<f Iw't Boxes 2icts.?Pit I2K AMERICAN THKATRK-WALNDTHIT. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF M183 C. CU8HMAN THIS EVENING. Feb. 28, will be performed MARRIED LIFE. Mn. Coddle, Miss Cushman. To be followed by BLACK HAVEN OE THE TOMBI. E. A. MARSHALL. Lew# ANEH1CAN MUBKllfl, Marble Building, Broadway, opposite St. rani's Chareh P T BARNUM. Manager. COMBINATION OF UNEQUALLED AND UNPRECEDENTED ATTRACTIONS. Day Performance at 2 o'clock?Evening Performance at halfpaat 7 o'clock. Mast Frank Diamond, Mr H Mestayer, T G Booth, and Kicharpaon, in an Ethiopean Es travagsuza. The Manager has, with great expense nod difficulty, procnr ... ed the atay fbr one week longer, THE INDIAN CHIEFS, WARRIORS AND SQUAWB, Never have we been viaited by as large and diatingniehed a iwtrty, and however high rurioaijv mar he raiaed. the tntiriaa (ton cannot come up to the reality, these are no miserable, degraded half breeds, bnt the Wild Warr ore of (lie Far Weat, Ornble iu war, in peace full of kiiidueta and hospitality. 1 he company eonaiata of 15 Indiana and Squaws; Sacs. Fox ea and lowaa. They will appear in their _. . WHITE BEAR DANCE, Showing their mode of getting out on Hunting Expeditions pursuing the White Grisly Bear of the Rocky Mountains. OSAGE WAR DANCE, As danced by the Oaagea on their return from Battle. To be accompanied by their own Music. The dances will be chawed nightly. .They will appear dressed in their peculiar and unique Native Costume! A variety of Snogs by Measrs.SHKRMANand BOOTH.and dancing by LA PETITE CELESTE. ^ ANIMATED TABLEAUX. The masuificeat Dicramie Scene of the DEPARTURE OE THH ISRAELITES To conclude with the CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW ! Signor Vivaldi's decidedly unrivalled Mechanical Figures PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Professor will make Practisal Examinations of visitors. ITT" No Free List during the engagement of the Indians. Day Performances ou Wednesday and Satarday afternoon, at IK o'clock. Evening performances at 7. Admission to al I !K> cents?Children half price. ec PKALE'S NEW YORK MUSEUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY, IS NOW RE-OPENED ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. Ths establishment coulains an almost endlsss number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! Neatly and taatefully displayed in three spaciotu halls,and boasts of averv COSTLY It ELEGANT GALLERY OF PORTRAITS Eiceeding in extent and value any other iu America. The manager has engaged, for a short time only,the anbliaie and heantifnl exhibition of THE TKIAL OF CHRIST! This imposing scene is not repiesrnted by a painting but by a GROUP OF TWENTY-THREE FIGURES, IN STATUARY, THE SIZE OF LIFE. This solemn and impressive scene represents Our Saviour arraigned as a Prisoner, with a Crown of Thorns epon His Head, before Caiphas, the High Priest, and the Court of Pootiu a Pilate. In addition to the above, the Manager has engaged the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, From England. She wishes not to impose upon the pnbffifc by making them believe her a Witch, c r FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?bnt on ths contrary, claims publicly to be able to instruct others efl (good irdellsisf mnit menlinn fixes r lektlinv fm 1 tarfinng nf PAST fTVlEH. THE PRE8EN t, AND THE KUTUfelt. She will tell (tenons whether they ire mimed or Bet, ind whit kind of husband or wife they will get,deienbe their oga chiracteri and giee hoit of facta and correct conclusions founded on her know ledge of the immutable iciencei of phrenology, phynognomy,neurology, philosophy, ke. As proof of the correctneii of her assertions. ihe n it liberty to refer to hundreds of our lint citizens, including clergymen, judges, attorneys, physiciaus, and many of the most enlightened ladies in the city. (??" Admission to the Muieum, 25 cents; Children half pnee An ritra charge of UK centa to those who consult the Gipsy Woman. Mr CLIREHUQH'S SCOTTISH MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, will like place at the APOLLO CONCERT ROOMS, On Tuesday Evening, 7th March. Concert to commence at I o'clock, precisely. Tickets.50 cents each, 10 be had it all the Maaic Stores, and of Mr. O. JOS Broadway. OS lw*r A/fUbicAL INSTRUCTION.-Mm. McDOUALL begs ' to inform her friends and the public, that site continues to gire instructions on the Pianoforte at her own residence, or that of her pnpils. Terms moderate. SI West Broadway. fU I* GRAND CONi;KRf.-Vl7. E7k HANSEN Will hare the honor of icitiuK n (inud Concert it the APOtiLO ROOMS, on Wednesday evening, the 1st of March. In addif ion to his own |wrforflMOC0 on the Violin ma Flute, the following ino't rininent talent hnre rolnnteered in the kindest and most liberal nirtiiner. MaiJame Otto, Mr. Otto, Metart. U. Hill, Koaowski, Ernst, Lehman, Oronerelt, Hegelnndand Rosier. He will take ihe liberty of introducing his daughter ami pupil in smiting and on the piano forte, Misa Isidore E. Hanstu, IJ years nfsgc. Tickets SO ceDts each. Concert to commence at7K o'clock. [iy~ I'artirnlars in .mall bills. fJ7 3t*ne C INUTNtr AT SlTm r-fntLLAH'n method.?A new k* i laaa will he formed hy Mr. LEAf'H. at his rooms, No. 3M Broadway, on Thnraday evening at 7 o olock. Terms in adeance. $3 per quarter. Mr. Leach gives private lessons and instructions to schools. Terms liberal. An alteruoon clasa for children 7 yeamiofage audupwards. 117 It'rc O URUWUiHTM AND Of HERs from The South and West?T. ROBERTS St CO. of London, proprietors of the celebrated aud popnlat medieine, "Parr's Life Pills, baring established a depot lor the sale of the saar in New lore, aud being now prepared te supply the market 10 sny ertenl, would respectfully call the attention of druggists and "thers a the trade to their popular medicine, of wHch there sold in Europe more than 30 000 boss, are?kI y and aiyg I it ha. been scarcely sis month. in the Umted hare rapidly eitemed thr.mgh the^family medisylrania, New Em:Ian 8t . f , fnf from say inneral ciae. it is uBsjjualled /(Tec tire in the care of preparations; itis n?nmpt,ou., aud all diseases Bilious pm,da,nt.. lv;i-?y?;?^Mo(id,VluJC ,ery mi|d in ita ^ rolioto. ihT."; ! rn. .? -W b. t aken by the BMW del,earn k( ?~, .No. KM llarrmroo arar. drtt rtoor. W ! god ta ec iriCTOK OAK' IA ZULKTA, formerly of Bo?eta? If V thia ahoqld marl hia eys 01 that of any peraon who can (l?a iiif<<rm.iti ? oi'bu reaideuce, they will eonfer a (real favor oa hia brother, by addreaain* I'KHKHIC fc BROOKS, ft taia ee No. 61 Liberty atreot. f TNcURRKNT MUN K? ol all kllida pnrehaaed at Um veiy C beat lerrna. Nawbnrypnrt and Lnmbermeu't Bank Notee bought and aold at J U. SYLVKSTKA'S. fTlae M Wall at and IM Bvoadwraw _ 1 1IM K A I > ? >" halra i atrnt rhrrn.i, white a?d O green. in 1 and ?oa ball., '??' &LL,.,8 * K0., Mi J M itnH

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