6 Nisan 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Nisan 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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\ 1 .. | ? . < . ... 'f . it -If ..#-Rl-?|A *?*??' 1 i I j .U j .* i ># '"' . .ill" U .?* "! TH ? J:<1 , ,.H i. ' ?'l* '"1 nT II m'W im 1 Vol. IX.?No. tH).?VVbol* Ho. 3909. n ' . i? . -A 1 '" ' THE NtW VORK H^ALD^wiy n?w?p?P?"?P11* UthMdevary toy ofth* year ?M?pt V**! rvuuu vi juiy. rr'"U.'i Cf?Jlll J)MT nflfiji in fi num?P?*aR?i,^nrt^i*Hw*? * THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturday morai*$?prioe 6} coot* pec oopjs fWi*9?r a?tim po?Uj?? paiil?-ca#ii ia*d*a?o?. It > vA0VEU.TIBE&8 an InfemeJ ??*< the aireolatinh M thaHeraViia over THIRTY T^Ot/HAND1, aa<f iwJrtaaMpg a?t. ft hat the largest circulation of any paper in thU city, or the ytorU, <\n4 M (ftortfor*, ito b**t. ckannoi f*r hutineet men in the city jr country. Price* moderate?caah In ed anofl. . ... i i. ?v PBJNTINO of ail kiada, ???cut?d at tk?mo?t moderate ^"^VIlgSFS&fo BBNKBTTa PaoraiEToa ajr th? >11?uu E?14J.Liqutur?T, M iilimwii: TO UKT AT YORK'VILLfc.?* urge l:::H houte* on the corner of 84l.li ?jrcet ant] 3d areuut; euliar J^MOLol them is calculated lot 4 public housa, ??o?v or nrivale residence. On the premises it fifle (Cable,'rowfiujt al'ey, and a line garden. cu*?i*nnjr of 8 ou, with crape vines and fiuit cree* thereon. For terms, inquire ,jpn > ' JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., mBtwi Nn. H Cli>tnb?ti at. Kjgm. TO LET OR LEASE?The modern built thi*e r? I'ory dwelling house, No. 3} City Hall P'aaa, in perfect .rjp "frier, with couu ?r c?JU', intliof-nv door* fcc. To> odtenaht it ? i I be let on reaaouji'e ( rma. l'uue*>i^n inay h<d "el > e M'y If rrqmred. Iti locaUen ii convenient lor ih? P?tr Offifl*aua the Park. ?tl??w THAHLKS a. STOPPANf, TO LET?The iit)i>*r p*rt ol the store No. 7 No? rtreat, a f-w <toors from Wall street; the seeoqd ?torj haa two oflMea, and it ia adapted lor a merchant or lawyer. d ' A !? >, the three atnry house 34 Walker at. between Broadway and HI urcb st, ?u eict'llfcnl situation for a genteel family, occupied by Mr. Verphack. Tha knek stm? corner of Pike and Cherry. street*. occupied try Meatra. Valeoua4 tc Co., ai a feed (tore, a desirable situation. ' Ttte convenient two atary house with attie rooms, baaament and counter ceiler, No. 229 Nineteenth street,occupied by Mr YTv?k< The two story brick house, No. 73 Gold street, oue door from Sprue* ?t, formerly owned by Mr. Milai Hirchcock. Tbe icnu will be moderate. Appiy to , >, Mil. DELAPLAINE, *8 Wall twn, ms lm*r infrfioe N?. 9, oor. if W?rer st TO LVF-Ths tire pmol onck store. No. I c5 *ouh fl?M st, with imiaediata i in?- sswn >1 r*itinred, appK- to , j^ijl wouduull fc .min/tjrn, p; tr 87 ^onth ?twret. . I "j?A TO I gr-The two swy ^rictlHonse and premises, f, .w No. Hi Wooitc street, floured in the most modem ?tvle. with maiblo man'el-pleces and folding door* rvr_ i ... A 1. irvaV ml u-Aiuuuia v. i. innm? uvu?. fipij w j vror<i n vwiuvrrai, ' ' r . 100 Pjne yrfe^ I ta* TO LET-A Sail J,oft n atorti No. 61 804th street, I I r'm 011 reasonable temu. Ap|>)t M JtvtfL k JOHN Hr.KDMAN, in lr ^ Ou the premises. JnA "\n'ViCK? Td LET?fn store No. 6fl Sooth street, ff^a ApiUyto JOSKPH McMUKKAV, r'fML !00 Fine ?troel. M- rKNNnYLVANTA HOTt?L?This n'tllniil h die J is dow to 'ft. 1c i* situated on the con'or af Washington an I Liberty stre?t?, and will be leased to any g >od maui (torn the first of next May. It hu lately bee? muri eu? l?-u-d ?nd improved, nod i* comicu^as to the Jersey Ferry, Albany boat rier< ni.d Western Ktilroad Depots. K'ir further particulars, enquire at K. KUCKiM AN, No. ISO WasbiHgioi strve*., New York. ' mjl ^w?m aw* FUK HALK, EXCHANGE, OR LKAbK?The ffrTB pleaaiat Country ai'naied on hiali ifroui.d, overi XJULloOviDK NrWtoWn, four inilo* from Willnaistiurgh.? Bt ii?> pus tb? d'xur lhraa times dsily, frndrPeblt s'ir; coataimne near 16 aces, part handrome wooil, mansion home, two smry, pi-tus front and rest four moms ou a 11 M>r, hall through the r?l a. aaimiei I'll III in> iVwn, MuwMgtW^t, painted walls, and finished in a handsume and substantial wanner, enveaient kitchen, ovt-n, dairy, aud Vce house filled with io? f/om a fish pon t on tne plac: well and p?" p i<bd btick cistern, spacious c->ach h u>e and barn. Orape arbor rear of the honse. fronting the inxd a lunil.ome trace extendi^ 10 the gardner's home. A m-p way be spin, and terms lib* ?al. Aoulyt" 1. L, SCHIttFKELlN, 1 a.r> lw?r liit Cand street. a TO LKT OU L KAHK?The premises No. 45 Canal trett. u ar the e Jner of Broadway, kaawn as the Dolphin 1'avern, consisting oi a large barroom, extending through to Liapenard street,. a dwelling home atd snail atore siljoimug on Canal, and also, a 1.welling on Liapenard street. The barroom wonld Blake a large and spacious st><re. Also, tlii* siore No. 2S9 Broadway.conwrof Rca8e street, at pristnt occupied aa a segar atore. Applv to WM. MAEHKA, ai r ?rc M Liberty street. SM FA?M FORVALK cbntainiug 35 acres, the greater frp&part of whiqh is meadow and plough land, with a good . Jfc^ouug rpi'le orchard, with a variety of cherries, p?ars, and plumbs, aud other fruit. The buildings, consistent ot a ?;ood bara c >w bouse, carriage honse. ooru crib, and sheds, or cattle, together wuh a good dwelliug hausc anil well of water at t*? door; asatflciency of firewood; there is a Beyer (ailing stream of water rauniur through the tfcad. The above farm is siumad about tbre* miles from RMsab.-th town, N.J., ASI ika main ?. ,?A IA U/aatl'uM unH lififk.n 1 \Mt\ kiuwliarl r<4a at th? it'ii ping plaec of the E'iaabeihtown and "omerrille It <ilro*ci ctri. Any further description is nut uccumry, prsons wisning to (urchue will riew for themselves. For pure 4 n* eu'*r?, apply to Jnlm D. Murdoch, on tlje pre I mil-1, or Jame* D >ff. No. 148 Kivington street, N. Y. N B ?TT?i? would be a d'ura^fe location for a pcn"n tlciog jtmness m New Yo.k, being * ithi a two honn ride of the lity. Mnn-h lfth, U'3. m20iw*ec Mm. N. F iTKLONO, 461 Broadway, one dpi* anote Grand street, and '"8 S Bowery, fSuccc nor to A. J Eu tel. <<*rme>ly A. A. Mutt,) will open Parii MiMmery on Tue*lar. Ai r I 4th. tn31 6t*r l\^IS8 QUIM. No. 411 Broad war, (three door* below Grand) i|Iiiidi tbo ladies that she will open keraiite of ritoms o F m h >liliiarry, on't hutstUy, April Cth, when alto Moat espertf |ly solicts their kin. attention Mid cwa'innad <airom*e. iEXlLEiVJEN'S FASHIONABLE FURNISHING STORE. 3AH9ULLS It AOATK, Old EstaMirhed Mannfactnrers of K<silf-made Linen, Blocks, 8aspen<<en. fee., fcc., offer rirh iu<l t<rird anoiUreoJ ol the follow Big lashion-ibleaoads -flcarfi of rich fignrad latin, silk and mohair; i.l*m IJ'ok and lark (ljvredof sarin, silk, mohair, arapesani bauatief: crait' of rVh ncared and plain Enirliah sitk and satins; rich tig I lam aud pUi larf Kiench and Italian silks; pocket 'kerchiefs f Spur I*'eld Inidia and Tnrin liem'd, for immediate an-; nd- made >i ten nod muilin shir's, made in the moitfashion'tle mill fit I hfJI nmnn-r; 't'ck I of English mode sana nod ^om>nnr; scirt'.pratat ttcs.foli fronts, ne, ir. great variety; gloves f hil,gi?t akin, ail*, line* vrl cotton thraad of all Uescripous. luspciidrrsof English, French, Osrtma md American annfacture ; gemlcmeaV drrssiag gown*, hesiery, linen .liars, dress ftones. silk and cotton uunt e?pi, parses, am ellrs, ctnei, money belts, and undergameou of silk, molt*. I 'mbi*-wool cottonc, It he P It A would ptrttrubrlv recommend their improved artie ibe genti-man's KaaiiaTnihtlr b?h. Their establishment is been favonra'dy known for the Inst fifteen years as the nporinm ol /'S?irn, asd by a rwt aad undivided attention to e intrrvat aid tastes of th*ir cmtomais, thay hope to merit a lotmua'ion of their patronage. a2 I m#er ?37 B road way, comer ,nf Park Pl?ea. " OF FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. \FKNINO ofthe Stirintr Ka?hi"i? ?t he Magann da Mod**, ' on (. anM ?'r?*t. >1AD D. BKHRviAN b< g? to iDroim r numerous friend* and the pnbt c that ihe has juit ri ceived tin Krai.ce. aii ?ntirr Dew and betuti "1 style of ilk mutetli fui ladies liati, and along with.it lame canes of Pari* silk ta, which for Hotel y ami clesaoae of style never vet was rsan ed to the public before! * ncig which la moat pre-em>* ut a nlk ha*, railed Capolle d' Eleuo'->. which ta indeed em Diaticl ?1 Parisian Mle. Mad'me B. has ju?t opened seveI cues of F re nth impor'ed f "U'y whalebones and straw hats the choicatt styles; ala* a large aaortment of Tom-pin and e Oouauplea; alto a l?r*e and variad assortment of French * hats firm inputs ?ia?a op tu ladle a?the whole of which ad B. has determined, m oider to meet the engeacv of the nes, to <iff<ir at such low prides, a* nut emu's her the coninai.ee of her petrous. who for many years have hapoied her th rht-ir eomm*nd?, ard TYtata to obtain the pre'erence of iae whose pstronase ah? bow solici'a. An early call is r?eai'd at the old Vienrh rstxb i'hineiit, Marazin de Model, Canal it'eet, Mad B has also received an aaaortment of ri? rtowtri and ribbons, which for variety sndstvlei. may be lied rotnp'ete. m ij-lm'r IN IMPORTANT CON-IDKRATION KOK THE LADIES.?MRd.LOVE, CorsetMaker, No.6* Litpeusrd call* th. tantlon ot ladies to her important luven'ed At>mibal Supporter (or the preservation of the health and <umUi during pregnancy. This Abdominal Sur[*irter has led loith th? fullest approbation of the most criinent Mrdi fu fropa the satitfartory results to those ladies who have >d them. It ia perfect in its applies1 ion, ao'ing as a support I preventing allstMiii tmon the tt ascles, nnd ihe consequent >roe and ei a??ts:ion of the whole system during pregnancy, thiag >h?t his ever h? en invented, offers so ninny decided ftntnges for invigorating the system againit every acC'dent be period of gntaMnnat the same time (ireseMing the natufurm. Conutry merchants and city retailers inpiilifd on aditagrons terms. Mrs L .ve at the same time calls their sttiou to her improved Shoulder Elastic Braces, for misses, as ng theI mar required desideratum lor the exptusion of the 'St. Mrs. L. has secared a Detect. She beta 10 refer in rein. i to the above, to the loll wlna eminent, mrD af tlie Medical :altv?Dr Fraud*. Dr f. U. Pond. Dr. MrDonaid, trolif Oillmau. M. 0., Profeaaor Father. M D., Dr. N>k<tn, A. C. itto. M D . Dr. J. W. MooS* J. Neilaou, M. D., J. W. pcu. M. D. __ m20 imr CHfcAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, M John itrml, (near William ) HK *ub*eriberre?p?cUuUy anaoaoeaa to hit friend* and th* i nlilic generally, that be ha* opened an Katahliehneal ?a Clw<P Caah Syntem, whrra gentlemen will alwayi find a mi aud Fashionable Aaaorttneat of Cloi^a, Cautmerea aud niu*?, wliich will be m ile dp lo order >u a style ol fit aod kniao*Mp, not surpassed by airy Other establishment in the , at the follow in? low prices ? ? UirN or Frock i;oaia, any color, from 914 to ?i? etfiue do do <to It to M ts of Wool ?lack. or Fancy Caasimete* 4 to l ta ol Hano, Hilk, Valcnila, Veitet. fce., S to J 1st received. a aplandid assort menQof Spring aid Hammer ds, a' etlr.tordm.?ry low price*. 7~ OMitllmen lurnishnu their own roods can h??e then *nd trimmed, at the lowe?t possible |inees fur Cash. r LA' Y. AIjON~AND MANCHtartlt INDIA KUfc BER GOODS. No. I W*l| ?re.?. Th "j"' Luoa'Ftr*,,B' *-? ft* 7aW!!^aMu, *R'l I?1 ?LM,h? 5 li$??*? 164 h'tlliai* Street, C?rn?r #/ ?_? , i?! ideilly ihf rh??j*?t in the cilr Th?.. V' in.I n ?el? cutonk of teuunabla k^ch!*. ,,?* k " "'""T* <in h will k.i madp lip tn order id Ui? ?tvle o? ???L ?T r1,b . fcc.,ili? hfis Iircn Mich general M,?f*?!tio. !i? on. reft i.aiftj Ht k poaiur* uritw of M per i^unuru iu V?" ** ? WIMWIW. 1 DPt* .Will '9,,'W?AWSMtD. ]>"*> raw* and trimmed, *7 M to fl s? Wrork Co.rji, <10 d?? '* 00 to IM I'viU Mil V<ati,->' 71 to IN Orrr Cixw?. I* to 11 N *" Ytnne?<:*?h ?e4*lif?ry. _ . I Im M1CHAKL B MAM Tin J ' .l< I ?.'? !* <M r m *' m J II rC \ r< L ^ " JL ^ * 1 I ">nni<l nil t>> -in >n i Him* nil < -1 ?, i i . mi .? mri'f'.i'i < ' 11 ii' i . . j " - " -1 - ; , i - . , i . , , , . i i NI lirAWTKD?AtttoVtou a* (i i Iroor by Jali?? W. H.iaiaea | ?" a married aaab. with * ainajl 1'anuly, wbo wm ! " foor year* ijvdrntfr to J. A. "erjy. Eaii., it Brooklyn ll^rmg thew ted yfc*r?p??t made the mu>a? rntcnt ao'l architect"!* of 9MB an* fWrcmt-hettaei hn particular am**, ha reroajdmWi hi? a?*riee? erth;r ta a (t-ntlrn^o itnimm o("erittii>t new (ifiu-bl'MH W wkere k ehoicn ?nllrct<oa ?4 woiinil . t? bacujlifalrd, He u nl?? a vrp-tablr ?deaer. Vui ref ^ ^prrl apylv t?J A.PMpi.ijq, Not# BioaJw** , "< Simut^ , lJJh, "Sir i!}?? ? watl A few luie* adi'rt???i to J W. iMU/jPlKN, cqrrta nt the 0?*man Society, 105 FulU>4 ?t'ee?, Will m?#t with ulrict AteMmir. n>M UTANTFvT SITU.WlOM-By yottu? niaa > chn>c^ "7 Jiblecofiiiriioti", (u c>rk or ?a1cb rai. Hf h *< <juau.t-<] wia? b'tak-kaepi $. He b*a racoftimeVNtationi bo*h at to %blH)tf <tsd ohamrtar. Mart ia;nutol st) amah >tat>ortao?** aimmediate t*m loyment. Apply to J 9., thia uice. a6 2T*?? y AHU WAJWTMD-AliWc??*i hv?wr a^tairrord tf> M,' * ?? reasonable rent, m*y hear of a t??aiit by lnwreaaipf a line ititirg trrrra *u<i. Ij-ciiivn, to Bo* 139 Uppei Fowl 0?c<.? location Ueir the Eaat riv?r, beiow CMttwui at, wttulft be profaned. Hcho >1 F'urniniie for pate at 195 Bowery, opnoiite Spluu it. Teraon* in w tbt ?t meti may Hear of * birga'n vr applying a? abiva. ' ?<r ' A VKW OKTLKM'Sifj of ar?ady can be accuipiitn i* d*t-d with good botrd and ile'xut rooma in a tnirele famr ly. at &M Fatten atrect. Alto, nfow day boailera tin he ???> <n modeled uu tii? roat r?aaLii*Uu kin. A> jwrioa and badtoom to let, with or without hoard ?i> e< A K4?HK CHANCK^ro l>iua?i*u ?nd -HL Druf htqn.off,wauty. ja*f* ea*Miaht*aim la ufforao for t*le vrry'ow It it situated in one of the in it flouri<?hiuc town* iuiha 47u<te4 StMea, about out hou.'i lide from the city o? N w Yoik. The preaeot oe. u mi wwhea io euitatie in an ouiei buMUtpii*"'1 WiW une 10 *ii(f*?e in ?H* aoo'* ( milieu, thi* wn^Id be a tare chance, a* ike te m? W>W b? mtite rery h'Otleta'e. ?or Iti't er jftM?cuI<?rii,. entire D !?>., Chrokicle'nAce, IM 'N????u it. mdl lw?rc VTnTrYCP-iA^r '?fOc<ri?' ?l)0 an- (mimitJ ui violating the ?-' Sahbnth. Vy m>em.1/ iheirataVe* on tJ^c day. are* reijue?ted t*> meet at ih? Wihmry Hull, 19J Bowevy, p<i KrldVy neit, t' tXu'clMi, I'. M., tii thke iulo connaem ion the tiec-irity of <l?ii *?oine lung. that our wins t d mlnurv lawn, ruepeoting ihRt dw, way be r?*iKcteit andj adicioiuly euloiced. . NOTIUK?Th? ' c?i>t?iturckhn> her lifote olitmg lemwi Kili? IL M.ddlebrowk, u toiaday dii?olv<d New YurkAKebrujjy bit, 18t3. ' K. S. *LLIS. 8 MTDDJuEBROOK. 8. MlDDI>E<MlOOK reepectfullT inform* 'he eiiitoraen of ihe late in m nail tint 1 untie, that he ca tier a Bonk binding 00 h>? own account.at N 1. '2il Kultoa I'lent, New Yerii. N. B.?Ordera Teauectfally (lliqited. Cloth cover* made promptly and cheap for country bqoHetleri. *4 lm*ec ' , -u- >njtTTmi;T: >' fft-tt Ytirlt, April It . 1841. ) UROM a-d a'ter thi? d^v1, tlie'G'eaf Scutnfertl Mall Will tte I, elnaeri dailv.nt till! nffi-Ci at 7* o'clock A.M. A lec'mdrna 1 fur Pi.iladvt)i'>'4t Baltimore and Wn'Hngtnir Citi'i will cIok tiaily ?t JJ? o'clock, P M.t except Suuuay'i, ou which day! all tbe Mails a * cj'ted at}* 'cluck, IVNt. JOHN LOKIAUtn GKAHAM. ai <tr " ' ' Pe t Waiter. t'ANl IS k. CHUMP, CHrooHuiHer, Wttch -ml Cluck j M->ker and Jew-ler, firnv rly with S J. Tobi'i foe ti'.-arly li* veers, and recently witb Mar lUMidi St '6.. op- | watda otthr-e y?>?ii,kef?io HC-iMIMt hn friendt ?nd The punlie, Ui it tie lit* takcu a *??rw ai am < JmW etneet, where He intMidi tn pracuae tlie at'ov* butinnaa and truutjim I111 iotw eaoerience and known ability, to meet witn thai ilnre ol" nitr.mge to Which hi! abifitiea euii'le Irm. Id mu ning tnauki for all pa*t favoori. he wOold remind liiifilendi thu he repiira every description of Watcbri, Rr[re?ten, Muiical and Duplex, ihe moit complicated that ?<n ba procured Alto, Jewelry and Duumud woek aet ; Petrla re-Miaeg; ev-ryartH; fifty percent iheaprr thauany o"ie inikaciiv, I beicK enabled to do the whole himself, aud not trnat 10 th> in- I eirenei c* of others. Gla^ei and Keys in proj oriiou. Casb [ paid for old sold pnd ifttt. a3Tm*r 1 Ron GOOd DOUBLE ANlV ?1 VOLt SOLE ?Jv?VJ BUSMIVS.ttl all eulors, from .1?. to6s and$t.warrant-d rood Ladies', Misses, and Children's Gaiters, black, broDZd, ci*eli ?ud liiht colors, M ths latest faihioB, $i ST lo $1 75, auu $2. Gem's line French aud Dative calf drrai boou. prim- caif dregs quarter boots, time* and caiteri; mena'. toys" and childr-n's; f uoii low p'iced boot*; prime mei>a', boya' and children's, or all sorts and sizes, the cheapest you ever uw. Largest assortment, best quality, and lowest prices m the city. 8. Walker, 4 9 B?oadWay. I h-v* sold out my other store, and will nay all attention to at commodate my friends and th? publie. G.iod s'tum at low price*. Good gaiters, lis. al Im't I . ) WKW 8EED 8TOKE.?Enrly ash leaved Kidney Potatoes all wko htv* tried them pronounce thein the earliest aid driest ones kuown: Earlf Cedobullii, Early Washington, E*rlv Waiwick. Early Charlton, Fall aud Dwarf Marrowfat Pea?; Early and Late Bean*; Early York, Early Battersea* Early Ox Heart, Drumhead, Savoy, and Red Pickflntr Cabhares; Early and Late Caulitlnwrrs; Whirr hui) Pnrfle C.ipe Brarroli; Kadiaii, Carrot, Beet, Parsnip. Ouion, and alt othar Vegetable 9eei's; 20,000 package* ot choice Anuaat, Biannial and I'oreunial Flower Beeda; Asparagus, Rhubarb au Globe Artichoke Roots; SO,000 Oreea sud Hot House Plants, ot every description, suitable sir r?lor or conservatory: Fiait and Ornamental Trees of eTery description, Warranted true to their name*. A liberal discoaat to those who purchase in quantity- Bouquets of ^e most Imgrant and delicate Flowers pat up at tke shortest notice, by calling a< the large Green Houses on ft.h avenue Mid 116.h itieet, or at the Coiwrvatoiy.Niblo'a Garden. a2 6t?r NIBLO St PllA LAP.CT Broadway. CHEAP UI'HOLBTERY?W iton, Btaucls and lutnin Carpets, mad*. altered and repaire , and warra. teJ to fit in the nratest maimer, and at a moderate price, by au experieactd Upliotstren. apl tm*r MRR. BOLTON, SCO Monroe street. TO THE LADIES. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSON I AJL BEAUTF, considered in connection with DR. FELIX GOLRAUD'S POUDRE9 SUBTILE8. Tin' sculptor whose study i* to iuiiUM Uie ?x(|Uiiite work> ronnship of nature, portravi in Km model ol the human farm, a broad and elevated forehead. Thu develo: meut is not ouly cousouant w iih, bat sometime* necessary to the possession of a hign order of mental faculty. If a fine forehead is a mark of intellect, it is no less an essential element of personal beauty, and it is ?l importanos to those,mid then- are many such, possessed of this promiuent feature. though obscured by the an* eroarhments of a top luxuriant growth ol hajr, to remove that paxkiu ol an excrescence which tends, in their case, only to deform. This can be done safely, speedily, effectually, and, if used ia accordance with directions, without the least inconvenience, by Dr. Felix Gonraad's Poftdre Subtile. The fune ot the lip, when annoying, ui the short tmir oa the back of n bulies' neck, when too apparent?the hair of a mala, or the Heard, wlien nigh unon ths cheek, may all be removed, and eventually the fonts destroyed, by the use of this preparation. OOUKAUD'S EAU DK BEAUTK, OH TRUE WATER OK BJCAUTY: For removing freckles, tun, pimples, blotches, sores, bams. Mid a'l cutaneous eruptions, realising delicate wtiite hoods, neck end arms, and eliciting a healtliy juvenile appearance.? (I perbottle. OOUKAyD'S VEGETABLE ROUGE! Composed materially from Bowers and simples, imparts delicate carnation tinge to the cheek, immovable by perspire tion or rabbins with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. SO cents per bottle. i. n GOURAUD'8 BLANC D'ESVAGNE! An excellent preparation lor imparting a pure, life-like whiteness to the complexion, (res from the injurious properties geae?lly entering into combination for this purpose. Put up in elegant boxes, at ai cents each. Aukivts.?A. 8. Jordan, I Milk atieet, Boston : New York?Albany, Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lane; I'oughaoensie, Jared Gray: Utica, Wads, druggist; Hamilton, M, Co. Gngg St (i riots; Louis%tlle, Louis < ouuty; W. A.Chase; Gosfien, Elliott. Cvnn., Myers, Chapel st. New Haven; W. Faulkner, Norwich; Wells It Humphreys, Hartford; Charles Oyer, Jr.. Tiovideoee; Thomas, Newport; Clr.wes, hair dresser, Springfieldi Greene St Co., Worcester; Burt, Little Falls; Cocgeshall, south Second st. New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boston; Lowell. Carleion k Co.; Salem. I*e?; Newburyport, Hodge; Portsmouth, Preston; PortUud, Parker, Exchange it; Bangor, Guild: Hallowell, Scammon. New Jersey?Newark, frippe; Princeton, Dr. Seabrook. Pa., Phila., 76 Chesuut street, Lancaster, HeiniUsh, druggist; Harrisbargh, Robiuon. periodical agent; l'itt?bnrgh, Turtle; Cincinnati, Thorax & Co., Main atreet; Va., Richmond, Mrs. Frayier; D. C. Washington, Selby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry; Md., Baltimore 8. 8. Hance, he. fcc. Within a few years this remarftable and ntefal chemical mrentiou for conpletiely eradicating soperflnoua hnir, has attained the blithest pitch of celebrity, and eonaeqneully excited the cupidity of a nest or base couuterfeiteia, who attempt to snatch from the inventor the jaat recoapeuse for hu labor. Purchasers should therefore * e on their guard and see that every bottle of the PMdrr Snbtile is square, and f Felix Gonrand, Pondre bnbtile, N. V., cast ia each bottle, and the Doctor's fac simile enf rared on the ontaide wrapper. Diree: lions, French and English, accompany each bottle. Remember, the only office in N. i. for the above celebrated Cosmetit'ta 67 Walker street, ene door from Broadway. mllmm BILLIARD SALOON. NO. J BARCLAY 8TREJ.T, THKn K DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. pRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from ( r A M. to 5 P M.?The subscriber informs hu frieuds and I the public iu general, that .te has Five N-* Billi .ro Tables, in separate apartments? two ia tfient per front saloon?two in the rear saloon, anil one m the front room?all in first rate order. Each gettleman visiting the establishment will b* furnished with a private Cue, 'or his especial use?the tablet beiug in different apartments the proprietor thinks it will render it more select nm* nureeable to gentlemen visiting his house. ALSO, TWO MNE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors kimI the ben St gar to be had?*lsi Sherry Cobblers, Mint Juleps, Punches; made in a innuner not to be >ari>assea N B ?The apartments have undergone a thorough refitting ?new l>aper, painting. ?c. (?7"Gentlemen will please to c?Bnmunicate any neglect of duty of the attendants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTF.VERDE. mchlS Im'r 5 Bare ay street. ARANGE CREAM C^NDY.-Messrs. J. Pease * Son, '' Confectioners, 41 Divrsfcm street, Hare brought fhrth mother delicious compound to gratify the sweet teeth and litkles the palates of those who indalgr in such "sweetmeats " This candy pnaseses tlie fine flavor of the Havana orange, and. We think, cannot fail to receive the patronage ol the ladies and Jor^n of eonfeetiooary in K?ml.- Aurora. 2Jfr 1 MPUHTANT TU OLD COUNTKVVlfciN.?MKSeHia I H A KNDK.N It CO. will draw at their Kapreaa *"d Foreign I.etm Office, No. ) Will tired. iinall lull* of eichante Iron i! to ?lM,ia ?nm? to rait, payable at aifht, for the accnram oNation Of peraoM wiihing to remit to their friend* ia England, Und. or Scotland. The letter heg? lor the Koyitl Mail Sfcramarw forLir! apool are *Uo made ty> at their office. for further information ?i>ply to HAKNDKN k CO., > \V*lli:re e Ageuia in London?MACLEAN, MAKRIH fc CO. Liverpool?WILM ICR ? SMITH <_ EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETROIT. 1 Hfc aubarrihera will lend an eirreaa through from tiiia City, V.U *?A. * ?*? and lattrtoerilAte placet, ou the mnruinaoftha 9th mat., lor the transportation of apecie, hank notes, pM5*Sr* M goMa, collection of draft*, hilli notea ud?ce0ulu,?rtil| rack other husimsa a? mav he eniraMed to them. rnui Uriar ?.,? rWil?M~N.V I N. B. Immediately on the opening of Ink* navigation. the | ?boTe e*prea? linr will be eitrn*ed to Chicago, Cincinnati, fcc., and continued throughout the entie Kuon, in e. nn-'iton with their Met* kork, Albany, Troy, ud Buffalo dailt *preu '' 'A OAM8 * <-^.'B VOMK ANU NCWAHK Ll 11 PUF.98 ?Tlie public are reapectfalIf informed that t t nharritirri hate eatabliahed an Kipreia between New To I ,u,| Newtrk. N. J.. < ' tran.miMion am)Iipeedy delive f >f cackatiea, nandlet, money, ?. *? ; the collection of not it ,n|f bilU, and all oilier bnaineaa .m^ttniaina to an Kipweaa r <>rV? ?? article! u> be retninej by the fctpee? #? ?? 4^)*ce'iu New Yori*at No. 7 WMI ttreet, and m Newark, (ai dive ADA MB * I'll t-rNa- if p (tl unpener qJBity Eatlith Ltnaeed i** *" 17 (feu* MTMt. :w Y( I* M ' ? W CW YORK. TIU'KSDAY WIM KH AKH* VOCMCN1 * e wTyoIl? anR^n * * Vi?N*warh, New BrauiwirkfvlMviaa, Till?, lulu THHSCOHPI ! >i!r!7!)i.H? 5f ***ndVJ r M ' ,n tk* 1 " *u**l<Aul'-M> tfi# Mbraiat tiw M '? ?? *? m nfe?toim. !r*w tW?c* ?T itramMMl In rm<tMI|4M* >1nlid*iphi.i) withoatcli n|r few*. PkMeuaan will pi'Kaic U??U l<UU ?t ik? "Am ?> ? al jonrtKiftfft ittret, wiierf % cpnm .1, -uit tab >*i ?.ll ka < ilKil'Oaiu, Willi eralet ..akxiai.t rtnl?4al|itMa l><ir?r ?'?? are rMf>H f>mm nty to ntf, I ithaat kcii|0|?iralifii? way KmIi traiu is iftun<i?4 with ? L*4trt < u. to wtwe* in M?l itteOUiud drCIMIII ,t?"Ui tlflr?l) lm iht I mn H.ionuac, the Unei tear* PVI. drtpfcn %? tta fa? l W > liestnaiatrretky raffy? 4 from V ?det atlaMock A M ?td J nVloek, P M. The Lin?ft 1M?an ,?as*a IVHiilfMia? ^ .Ml A M, Oil I r M , bfiUk a roLtinmiH-., of (be line* frvaa Maw Vwl M OK Rib ANir KKSKX RAILHOAD, " r?pense Witfc Sie moat ai'uxtff d irtrf beat *?T H h rara aisle *4d fnpoditimat rofc?rvan. ? t?|wrf? Nrw V<"i ??d Morriatow*. will nautnaw . rauoia* twa ?ri|>a daihr, la ra ri. ?ne,t, .m ami aflrr \|.>adsy. J<|. *?. Kirat 1 ram fNjM Ylumil .ww wi|T laaia ai 7\ \ M Beeond Train from Momiwwn will It-ava alTlsP M Krrat Trah) frot? New Y"rk will 1?at? iila m?.Nr waik at KAM. r 8rr.mil Train from New York will leare H IK r M?New I ark at 1H P M. riaaeiurra by the Marviaa Trata (torn Morrwiowu will w ri?e At Newark ip (uue lot die 9 A >t Tram to .N?at Vo?k. * tht mnrniuv Trun to nu1?i<el|>hrt; by tiir Alrrumxi Tiaia th?y will arrirr ar Newar* ib time rot the 11% P M Tr\ib u> New York or the Kvamnif Trsia to I'KilvMp' ta Passenger* by tin- Moroni* Tim kmm New Yorb ? .11 mriw* at M.inlainwu m Uroa id iliaa and takr any of iha IKm's ran nib; wru or north from that tJ.u a. i?* im'ee 1M7L.USN to COPP, S WallVtWt" WSf ifl N t w^Y^tHnrt PTN i Vrasr*. Haraden It Co, harm? disposed of their rMilr Irian New York to AlVanr ami TlW, the aabsen j-ra ;ba old cundaciut* of Htrud^n It Co'a N flMn Enurai. from Naw York, will continue to ran aa heietofoiejlpiiviutj *New York. Alti;tuy wiu 1 ray, Uail) , au>J co?uect at Troy with Jacoba* Montreal Kaprraa, anJ will f?' wayd Specie, Bank No?e?. Park \jea Bnudlea.l'aiei of tfooaa. Iti'i, to any place batwara Naw York inn Montreal, u>o thrvuuhontthe Cdiiiula a. Alab luiat. from Troy aail Albaai? to Boltou, and West froui Albany to bull .In. All buainrat animated to their charge will ka ^rumitiy attended to. I*arti?alar attention will ka piid t? L.n cullr< lion at ? tea, dnifti, acc^j tanret, (tr., an.t prompt ratcina irade (or > tiic same, PULLKN k COPP. Officea?Pnlleii It Coop. 3 WaUatraal. Naw Vork. Thoa. OouKli.ii Kxchante, Albany. A O. Kilki'is, 228 Rieer street, Troy. 9. Jaeok't K.xcliaoge Coart, 8t ran) at, Mobire J. KEKKKKNCICH. N?W Von. Ai.aln*. Taor. rhaie, Ward k. Kii*. E. J. Humphrey, Jtio. Payne, Jacob Little, Ik Co., Thoa. Uou?b. P. Woil*. John T. Smith, fc Ca., 8 K. Stow. Prooon b Hoffman, . C, 8. UookUm, Can-enter h Vefinflfe. 1 r. Leaite Houghton Ik Co. Oram. Kobinaon k Co. m NEW JERSEY ftAlLROAl) A N't) TllANS. PORTATJON COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ?S$5BE-??H?* !^8D8?3SB5KS-. Ftrt rrrtticml tin 15 cents. Kr? m tnr Io?t of Certrtl&adt meet, New York, (Every day?Huudav???<?pted.) Leavca Nfw York ' Leave* Newark Al 4 A. M. At X P. M. At 7* A. At. At I# P. M. )\% do. 4 do. 3 ilf. do. <)K do J Jo. 6 (lo. 7 do. 11 It Jo. ON SUNDAYS. from the loot ot CvUrtiaadt afreet. Leave N?w York, Leave Newark. At 9 AM. and iKV- M- At 116 P. M. ami IS P. U. NEW YOHK. ELIZABETH TOWN. LeaVc New Yorr. Leave Elizabeth Town. 8 A.M. 7 A.M. a P. M. *M A.M. a* " 1?K A. M. A M. 1)4 MS f. M. 9M " The train*Tor WfeitBeld. Plainfield. Bonndbrook, Somerrillo, he., connect with tlie 9 A M, tuna 4)4 f M trains ftom New York, daily, Sunday* excepted. Fur betwi-na New York and Hlinbeth Towutt cents. Kwe between do , aad Somerville. 75 cent*. NrV YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW HKUN8W1CK. Kare reduced. From the foot of Courtlandt meet, daily. Le&ie New York. Leave New Brntnwuk. At 9 AM. At 6M A. M. S ? 9 P.M. I On Sunday* the SH and 7)4 A.M. trip* from New Brum wick and 3Q4 P. M. train t'rom New Yiifc, are omitted. Cafe between New Vo-to and New Braniwiek, 75 centa. Kaliway, it eetits The faro in the and 7H A. M. munf rom New Brunswick, and i\ and (X " M. iraia from Now York, has bees re ducel. H New York find New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to J7)4 " fasseneei* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, ro ceive a ferry ticket gnus. Tioknt* are received by the con doctor only ou the day when jurchaped. fll 3m* HIGHLY" IMPORTANT. o>>W% ADAMS fc CO '8 New York and Brwt n Daily Psckaite Jtxpiess, tit Norwich aa-l Worcolor Railroad.?Ihe anttecr'bers re*i?n'fully notice tlia: 'he '.'amagcato the Norwich Road, occ<nimKd by the laie io.m, hive b*en rrpaireJ, and thxttlitir car* qow pa** o?er -he ei-tire tout-,ihin aff>rdioK to merchan'i, brokor* and other*, hari?? valuable package* to be trar*port?d, th*.?4?*l aurf i?o*i *p><liliou* mole of co- ?#yance; aT idi g a* it <!oe? tho dangers atul delay* of *. u?*?ge r inui Point Judi'h. ADAMS fci'O. *36t?c 7 Wallsrcet. ' SOUND PILOT. rjWEN PRESCOTT, Pilot lot New Bedford, Nantncket v/ Hhoali, Boaton, Portsmouth, Portlaadj Keuneheck, and ofber poru. Office at Krye St Shaw's Naotieal Storp, 222 Water, corner Beekoun street, N. Y.?Vice <vriaAdami' Kxpr*<?, B.xton, three dayi befom wanted. Charge ihs tame aa frnti Pay Head. mi imr fOH LONDON?Regaltr Packet of the 16th of ?The vrn' tt'nerior fait tailing packet ahip JHflL rOBONTUi Capt. Griawold, will mi) u above her regular day. Haring very superior accommodations for cabin. second ea bin,:au<1 steerage pasteagerii persunt wishing to embark should make early application. JOSEPH McMURRAY, 160 Pine itreet. corner of South street. PeraoM wishing to ieud for their friends, can hare them bronchi out by the above tli'p, or any of the regular packeta, by applvtng aa abore, if by letter, nost-paid. a? r PA48A.UK KUK l.O^DON?lae.keMOtli AimlThe ipl'OiliJ faat aailiag packet ahip TORONTO. 4ftlb Captain Ori.wold,will tail positively aa abore, her. revmeday. Haring splendid accommodationa for cabin, lecond cahin and lltrragr paaN-nger*, for piuingt early application ihould b? made on board, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, ap r 43 Feck Blip, car Booth it. ?OR CTVERf'OOL.?Regular packet of the 7th ifl^Airll ?The very superior, fait tailing packet ship wSKlNbErENDKNCE, Capt. Nye, will tail aa abore, her regular day. Haring rery superior accomnodationa for cabin,aec?ad cabin aad it*.eraire imiienfrri. iwrum wiihinir tn > r-' h .rW ilmn IH nwki *arly application, on loaril, foot of M?idet> Line, or to JOSEPH M<MUHKA?, IOC Pine ?t., enr. South. Persona withing to aend for their (rieuda residing in the old cogntry, fan naee thcin brought oat by the above snipe, or any ofthe regular packata, by applying as above ; if by frite^, poetnwd. in 27 r FOR LIVERPOOL.?Firtt Bri ish vc?iel-Tha fiie well known faat aailiug Bi hip CflKS TKK JVHb Cemain John Dn\ le. airly ei|iec*> d to arrive, and will hiive iixmeditte rlMpaU-h for lh? atx.v* port. Th"*e wishing to fimn fraught, will please make early application to ihe iiihacriTrs. ROCHE, BROTHER* It CO 34 Vulionst. m!l f ? ?it door to thr F-ilfon Bank. AA* THfc Ny.vrT.TNtt KOk LIVERPOOL?hew|J*MWlar Packe' 16lh April- The new splendid packet JKpKah>n LIVERPOOL. John Eldndge Mistel 1130 tena, will nail u abote, on her regular day. For freight or puaasxe, harms elegant and nnanrruiied ae> rominodationa, apply to the master on board, wett tide Bmliai Slip, er to WOODHULL ft. {WIN-TORN, mUrr 17 Xnulh street. a^Mfr f OR ~5<YW OKCKA N H-LOU^TANA ANB JWlNEW YONK LINK?Potitively First Regular 4MUH*P*eket, to rail loth April. Theuat sailing packet ahip H. ALLIC, Captain Wilson, will poeitivrlv rail as above, her regular day. for imrm ot paisnge, liaving handsome furnished accommodation!, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ?t. or to K. K COLLIN* 8i CO. M *outh at. Hkippers mayrely upon Itirnm their iiooda correctly ineaanred.and tUatthe sh:t>i of this Fine will anil punctually as advertised. Any guarantee io that effect will be given gad Mailed that may be reijeirril. Ageoia iu N. Orleans, Hullin Ji Woodruff, who will nronptly forward all goods to then address. The pack-' sb'r> Hunltville, Captain O. R. Mnmford, uf|ll succeed Ihr H. AlUa. a-td t-.il lha SOth April, her runlar Ha* ?5?e VKSSfcLS WavTEO?A numher ol inuU. I iMVy drawing liot oyer five ifrl water when loaded will UfLiiiiil cnna'nnt enjoyment in Ireigh inn wood and rlii coal to Ilii> city. byapt<ly iik at No. 10 PUtt atre?t, op Mirt, mimedi?f >y. apt Iw'it WANTID"A ?hi|> to load f " a southern poit. JlfVApply to K. K. COLLINS ? CO, jUflfc M fnnth ?tteet. it 4il?eC . ijtf B \RUK WANTED?On* or two B<r|ea wanted, that will rarry from I to 2M tom, for ffhch country MmUmm or good improved city pfprrty will l>* exchanged. T*e ho .t< mutt be ?oand and in perf*?t oritr. Adifreia a I mo " Barie," to rHiarfllre, atating ag? and fall particil-n. which will be regularly Mt'niled In. . tW*m mmm. tlKMITTANCKS TO 'IRKLAND, lie., fccThe uharriher eontinmi to tr>\niniit inonay, ia an mi JHftMfaHrue or amiOl, to peraona reaidinc in any part of Iraland, in the nut maimer u lit, ?nd hu predecranar in huai pert o< Kngland or t*cotl,\nd. Money remitted by letter (poet paid) to the rotpcnber, or treonafly deiioaited with him, with the name of the penon or >*nK>ns in Ireland, K.n*land or Scotland, to wham it it to be (etir, jtid nearest poet town, will be imuw-dintely tr*n?initted tod raid *cr?r<hnfly, Hud a receipt ta thit clTect iiw'u 01 fo? warded to the lender. In like meaner money with or claim* on pereoni in *uv pert ot Ireland, Knglnnd or Scotland, ean be e.ollected by the mhicnopr. for penona reeidmu |n iuij put of the United Hum, tor LmVaJa, kad wi!| (e ,*iJ t-> tfie* iicrordinijly. ?? lm?i iittoaUM. UdUUVt^Jt.. nc*4u ?t. i . j i* >ltli tit. !? vim kiiii / lid <7^ ? ' )KK ] 1VQf)|< ') >)(! HVlH< MORNING, APRIL 6.1& Albany. of th* HfnlJ.'J i Ai hany, April 3, 1843. 1 Vtt. Kmmnt **t hit ,4drri wirin? r.irut Gov. tfieki*?*?Hi m>rval of the Stcrttarf of State from 0?~ /??< Vo?#x**? t) fmhecil(ty?TnfmmamtV^nJm* m fMmttoi? M Gntlo^kal IVurk ?Mr 'Vpmkn /Mot*' ItffxtruH fn/tuenct Ml I WAR ?l*~ A't^r ? & ?* ??? of fw?. *r*rk?, I hurt? returftnJ ftn ih* r?4>iiol Some |>nv*Te m?itnrs rendered i( IfCfKuiry fur ni? to vt-i? O,ionditi(a bounty, in the ini#rnir <> wiju h I Wnmr tr*rtul of bein* com[>eU ( to rt'lJMlU UU'li I??? i?'i.eli*1iii? rata rtf m Inlvmln aca'trr tn? imitininm* nf" ?now whu:h inhabit that Ml ofluaaie return Dclivcc me Iroin surh an r*iitt*ar|i? at anow fcank? aa I **perience<i. Never wa*'h* bKe knowi within the 11* uiory of man. T t* Ur u?i? iau?rta*tJ *, thai thr Kfntcft h|?i?t?*Irwn* ware felt amomc thru Vat tbe wint?r wheat 4n>uUl be con i/itir lv HHiHhcrrd uadur a five months onvring of auch a dcj'ib of *nnw. The *nty iw?n?r ??f int?re?f now on the i*fi<41? Ct>loQcl V?un?'a tir* brand The -Senata haa Scan fr?*j|t!y v*it?ird, *?n<l it baa become non convuUr l uyou that aubjrn' (ban apan any ulfx-r which tiaa occui'itd ib<* titration ?i| Satmorw during the |ir<-arni an* <?i? Tha * Ui<?, to a man, ar ?t course >f>i??w?) lo aav itii?K *h<t rvmieafrom fhf Colortel. - ?irnW'"f?tia *r? divided; th?- ron^'rvHiVfii, led m by Koairr, amf driven forward hy Wrijjht, deno'jnce the !*epT??*ary with unlimited imprecation*? calling him rejmdiatur, radical, iooolutro. J?c. \'.r , whil?" the rrtuauuaf a*c"v)U, li-ati?d by Storf wood and IVnnmton, au?tatn the Secretary in hi* i nt * tyre u t toa of the Goa?t nation. Varum* resolution* ot oeaaure llav' l*rn nftcr*() and rejected, which emanated from the wht* and conservative eident'ihe Srnaie; and aa ther? are three organized ptrtiea on thia<)teanon, |t i? qmte probable lhat the CalooePa indmioiatory coinmauicaiion wilt br. diapn>ed of i* containing uotbiug vary lacendtary after all Aa Mr. Lieut. Ciov. b?ckiaM>ii ii < taken up the gmvr I'll Mir ||?[I IM Mir uum rvniivr-p, n in?rry prob.tl>l* tlwti the wh'de mutter wi'l be trannter'ed to the columns of il?e " Argna," where he ban been invited to enter YfMin| andGov Itirkinfon 4re both po**e?n?d <>f extraordinary capahilitiea, the forthcoming co?tH>rer*y 1* *niicip?ied witfe intenae interest It will be 4 controveaay between two i>oJit?C*l friend#, of no ordinary magnitude. and il will ?nrioubledly crente a achisMi n Hie puny. Colonel Young baa never yet entered the field of mental combat with aiiy iiihr, but he baa come ot} with ihe palinnf victory p>-n hing on In* brow If Gpv. Dicktnaon sbaH meet with nuccesa, he. wilt be hailed aa the Ajax of the d*y A resolution lies upon the table, offered by Gtn. R <>ot, re/noving the (irearnt Secretary of State Irom office. Nolwriltwtaiiding the great deaire of Cl?f well. Corning, Foster, tec., i? u> oatl him from hia situation, yet they dare not vote, or induce the cou *Tv*ti*e? to vote with th" whig* on that reaolution They are too caution* to commit any art whereby Samuel Young should be pi iced in the gubernatorial chair in IBM, in place of the weak, v&acillaUng, imbecile thing, occupying it at present. You cau never imagine ibe manifest disposition in both Houses of the Legislature ta iiiafM>?e nf Crewwell, prior to the adjournment. He m the most tinpopular person around the Capitol. Although I never liad the good or ill fortune of hut acquaintance, mill I had imagined from hi* exalted position, us editor of the State paper, tlut hia influence was vary extensive. But it i? lar froni being so A bili has been before the Senale curttulipf bis leea aa .State pnnter, which, if passed into a law, will have him barely the holder of the ollice, without anv materia! emoluments As Kugnn, Denmaton and Strong, are engaged in it, 1 here is e*ery probability that the bill will pasa. It will be quite a hardship to reduce the feca as much as is propped , for11 *i? h recollected that he gave Van Dyck aeven thousand dollars to get liitn outofthe concern. The days of log-rolling ar? not over yet Here's an instance. The preat Geological Hnmhjff, which has already coet the Htwte some quarter of a mill on, is to be printed with all the wonderful discoveriea of Graywucke, Shi*ti*, Mai! and Mullen. Six volumes have already been printed by ihe late State printer: but the publication of the r?mainingatx or right, at an estimated cost of$20.0(10, wu :?rre?ied by < lovernor Houck A bill was recently introduced and run hot baste tiirou?ti I ha Amuiiibly, authorising far roll Ac Cook, the printers to the House. to complete thin gigantic work. When it came up in the SenatHjMi. Foster examined its featuren, and found that it proposed to sfJve the work to the Aaa-mbly printers without allpwipg any other printer# in th? State to compete with tlirm ; and aa it was an immense job, lie proposed to make it a democratic bill, by throwing open the doom to all who might leel disposed to estimate m?on the work ft would be a saving to the Slate at least of twenty five per cent. Mr. Foster also remarked, that Madam Humor informed him that there was a combination of interest, at work,in this nutter. Although this work iaproposed to be given to oatenaitdr democrat*, Mill it was to be done in Thurlow Weed's ofti<-e, and the proprietor* thereof are to receive a ?iipulaterf amount ot the profis, aa thev now do ot the Assembly printing done in that office. Senator Strong, a resident of the same village with Carroll As Oook, arose to vindicate the bill, and in opposition to Mr. Foa'er. He aaid it was true that these printer! had their work done at a Whig office ; but they had entered into an arrangement to pay the owner* $1200 a year for ita use but if thev obtained the geological work, then thev wereto pay these Wing printer* $<**), and take the concern. This arrangement drew every Whig Senator in favor of th" bill, as it enabled their Whig friends to obtain twice as much for their type* nod presses as they were * ortb. Thfi bill, then, of course, became a law. Mr. Speaker Davis ui an honorable man, and,before the Bank Commissioner*, bill r.tme ap. h?- controlled the action of the Hon** at* with a madman'* wand. Bit since, encountering the greate-t dtftil of the session, he rarely troubles himneif about any of the business of the House. Mr. Hathaway is nearly every day in the chair, as pro tem, much to the annoyance of father. Strong, the ?on?iuuiion?l lawyer of that body. Yours, truly, Jo* Swim. Latkr mom Albamt.?Pulleu Ac Copp, and Pomeroy te Co., arrived last eveniag, a day in advance of the mail, and gave us plenty of Northern papers. The Albany Argus of yesterday give* the annexed :? In the Assembly yesterday, the bill to re|>eal the compulsory provisions of the inspection laws, pmsm-4 in committee of the whole, snd was referred wph a view to extend the principle to the weighing, guaaing, measuring, Sic. nl merchandize The bill to provide for the appointment of three additional inspectors of flour id New York, was amended by the adoption ot a substitute reducing the fers ot inspection a-out one-half?and the bill was then laid on the table. Thd NmiflP nUn lirokf> ffrminri nn fhr mrv hill ami the New York ward bill. Freshet on thi Crotow.?We take the following from the Westchester Herald ot the Ith inst ? The rains of Tuesday last, and th?? melting ot the large body of snow then on the ground, produced a tremendous flow of water, in .ill this region, and vast damage was done to the roads, bridge*, tern ** Arc. in every part of the county w?- have heard from. On fie Croton Rivt-r, on?* bride, near where thr old wine factory stood, has been carried awav ; and other* at Whitlock villa, Cross River,oa the Bronx, the s?w mill and othrr stream*, ha*'been swept away. The famous Cititoa l)am. wr understand, has stood, entirely unharmed amid th* rush of waters, which in the opinion of equal led in quantity and force, any that had preceded. Thanks to the skill of Mr. Jervia and his P-aid^nt engineer, I'Mr. French, for their untiring assiduity and scientific knowledge in the work. The high bridge over the Proton, near i's mouth, also stands firm, and no serious interruption of the mail between New York an<l Albany has taken place since us completion This also shows the wisdom and dis? cretiorj of the Commissioner* of Cortlandt in locating it at that point. Tuot m,k on thk Borpkr.?The Oanad len of last night contains an extract from a letter from Madawn?ka, giving inlormatw>n of w>mc freah trouble* in that qunrter. Seizures of indiyidttala, for snmr cauae not there Riven, have been made by parties from onr *wn territorj as well ?* fYom the American aide, and one of our deputy sheriffs has been made a prisoner, and is now under bail to appear shortly at Bangor, and stand hi* trial for some alleged offence. The same authority state* that a CfcpTam Webgtar, of the Uhited HfateR afmy, fata given offi ewl notification ot hi* having taken po**e*Mon ol a portion of the territory south of the river St John, and of his determination to maintain hia position there, Deapatctie*on the sublet, it is -sid, w< re forwarded to Sir W. Colubrouke uu the lliih uwt i it t'/ 'II.tU I .}*, . - 0 ,4/ *?'? J11?'| ill 1**1 ? ? . (/I I ' li ' '? "I HERA >?*l < > lift f#t *****fM l I j#|Jt ||ft , f .fill I t.iUU ' " 43. Henry Ktunel t, the Vo?all?t. VU,Ucnry KmwHI w*? horn in Kelt* and is about^.yrard firatrnuficai uw?truclor y/um the ceieoratea tvtng, whom he left at an, earlv age l?r . Italy, tn utady und?*r Rhwini, vrhoW pOpll he ?4< for three y?*ars. What progress he made under the Sand ^qtpuqjmay bejudged frvm the ?impU fartt at on Ins return to London, lie was immediately appftiittr'd chortift rh&ster of the Italian opera, which poat he Ailed tVn* two years, when he agnin visited i Italy, and to be perfect m all styles, studied under neveral master*. partjcuUrly Genuralt ai?d May.er1 beer "Dunns? tnis visit he goiitqadeq for the musical firffc^ #*>t" tHe best composition, Riven at th?? Conservator>n*t Naoletfi He won the> iifne and was presented with tne gold medal l>V:the present kinqv with a tjailering speech suited to tty; oc^a^ion He then returned to England, married, and started lor Amenoa in ftttM, intending trt settFt down a?a far* met.iu tb? back. woods. Previous to this he toad com|K>sed the music for an Wfira-called il?e, Brwi?i\? Hand, which was rehearsed and rf^dy lor performance, L-*h i Hrps enjifctyjgthe' fWriiifpril characlier-when the author ot,it quarrelled with Arnold, and in a passion withdrew,il from representation- v,Mr. ft. had also written ft treatise pn Ringing,, which wua ie-r viewed iri the Wirrtifmibotf With Unqualified praise. Fro?il!04 to ISW, Mr: R. ted 1i?V, till tRe ruling pa sioa wae acaiO roused into vigor, tod.a stimulus giyen to his geni.u* fry the success Uwt toJ/ lowed ihe exertion He was ? <* evening at a early where Heni'f Olafv.Vhe oratof andstiifert'nAn, Was one of the guests. The tones of Mr. Clay's vO'fCTf particularly took hisattpptlon ; fhey wer?^ sonorous, majestic, and hill ?fineftidy;hiG convocation ?eevii< (1 fluqurut music- Dilring die whole1 evening fVFr It 's attention was alworUedby thu oratorioai uiueician ; he left the house with a miod and aopl, gatu-,, rated withita effccta- 'Rlf'retired to rest", but could not sleep; the night was Morrtiy, thw "^rrnd flf the winter uight" oanie to himladen wiih'Ilts own peculiar music^but it soon,,in the alembic of his uiiagw iiat ion, wni ctrrthed Willi fhe melodv and expressive .111I I I irrii l v'a ?!r-l< runM He rftsf (rum bis bed uuti eudeavored t? throw off a malady* true to nature, clear and distinct Ijk*. Ow voite of th? or*-. t<?r IWore morning he had compoped [hq aong-r ' Wind of the Winter's Night,' whence dAmest thou?" Tbttnorwt was thi* commeticehlfnt of hid Vni'-rtcfu fame, and of bit* peculiar style oi singing, which in distinijUiess^ feeljjig, at^ , AfU'J" lint he composed many'other songs, auda mostBijcce-alul oratorln4 railed the Pfceptfc. NtVfMWftn that In- one i>.iriwln til hiiis cat taste, dan d#uyihKt, ?l? general, the accprnpanimeul^Jp his songs are some, of the most beautiful aod sparkliiia muijical inorceaaa they eveftmened to, for white nis'Ii|>sarq brvmbing forth- loneatsll of nil imaginable bounty, mi l 111 iIk >nni<W*t ul all possiblemelddy?Hometimes a wtiole line without the change q{| a single , note?tlii? fingers are creating and the instrument ia pouring out a tlood o| Jinriiioay so wonderfully adapted to the aiibjecf, at* to prove ,the most ju|imate knowledge fft rtte theory tiC ttoUnds. All w>ll therefore allow that Mr. ifajawelt in a first rut* com finder1 ot beautiful music, but they nuesiion ins abilitiesan H?mK"r, Because he gives the Mingle, lull, round note, wirtiont any ftflVMmerit excepting what it majr receive trom the t*tth?s nnd feelihg in Which it is clad. Certaiaiv hm etyle ia aitnplrt, chaste, unadulterated by mqde^n loiyeties, yet ja it ornamental ia ihe highest deirfee by iti own peculiar attribute simplicity. Hi* enunciation is iib distinct as if he wera only Hanking; yet he depicts the scert?r with' the palpable truth of a painter; the dramatic eflect ia complete ; lie delineates 'li* very emotions of the soul, nnl presents iih with a musical language, in melidies entirely his own Now, the man that has done tin* o*nn?*t U* of the ordinary race of'mortals; the man that displays no strained efforts, no1 unnatural distortions, no daubings to covet defects, and no aff-ctation of shakes'and trills to hide defy ( ciencias at n i'mi'i, mutt stand ott merits of A superior kind. The common mistake of common singers is to se led pirce?wiu? a vi? w to the exhibition m scientific Mull, tu .tsionisU rather than t<> touch the h??nrT of ll?e auditor; the result is, a fewadouie, but the mar ny do not fVfl Mr 1<ii(wi| attempts not thin; he sutgstrom the heart': his wonsjsare h species of urnnw ihnt be plaint torth with the diatinctnesf and clearness of, 4 tir?i rate urator, anxious to touch the soul, who flings asid?* all cumbersome ornament, aJl digf-^sion, and confines himself entirely to his subret aortth'* nwle end in view?to move the hedrfs of hi* audience. What a law are the son or in general thai we hear, Italian, English and French 1 The veri? ?t balderdash that was ever |>enned ; songs that arr unfit to !> rung, if understood, and loleiated because par?-nts and teachers know ihejr are not comI?r? h- wded. How can sneh ng- be sung witfj genuiue taate, lectin* or pathosl Nt)fcr, Mr. Hits sell, with, the lact, o| true grmus, ha? we<W?d'hi? aimple and touching stratus to appropriate horuefeJl, subject* * thusevery accessary to eommand success he hit" d?i>Uf' d, and in America reaped it wilh a laviahneaa that asUitwshed hun-telii There is another po?pt, al?p, to which we would panictildMyriirecr the a'tendon of ibojp who are heaitating whether ihey ahnnfd applaud what their' h'-art approvea, or condemn because they have been taught to admire only 'he wonderful; it is this, 'hat when Hrsham, wirtr all his power*, introduced lor the fi'st lime, on the Knglish stage, ihe modern Italian style, there was a? great a difference of opinion amoag iha fcofllish musrral |?nftRc, M? there would seem to he at present among certain wouldbe rognoM'^nti, as to the inent and genius of ,Mr K?!<ae||, . We would therefore suggest to thein the propriety of considering whether art has not had its day, and whether it is nut tune that nature should resume the throne from which she has been so long au ejile. We Iwlieve that da? is come ; wr think. mo" ifiml ii ?nr ivhottii win aanuiouaiv wtoip nim wlf to hi* art, rwchew that aoete?y wfn<-h wiH only trail turn ial<> dlM'palior., and t* which he will bp much P*po#pd. kppplhp Ireabnpaa of hi* ?rirp and In* manly pnwrn in lull vigor, will bp handPd dowg u> |io?lrriiy u thr rpvolimoniapf o| modrrn l.ngli?h tnucical taatp, tha r#*a?nrpr ?f nmui*, and thr fir* (rat lrirn'l thn young ladir* r vrr hud Can any llnag bp morr dp?4oral>|p (ban ?n ?tp thp gpnprality of young ladiaaair d<mu to atng! Thry havp appiit ngf?t or Ira yr?n? at adiool* Iparntng pierri**, and acrPaipiag from odava nctavp ; ypt ?pt th< in down h?* mm? v4m n ii?pv Imt* n?? leant wi'ha mampr.Mxl ilipy c*iiik>i dn ju?tir?p to a mu? (U?- of bafa ; tnryhiap cprtainlv thrapnr four atnck jMtca which thpir Wind trirnd*arp dawned in hp*r at pwry irunioa, and of roarat* to ai<|>ta?d ; ami ihprppndathp rpault ot right yparainil and v??atinn, and antnr huadrpti i?>un<l? thrown ?? <? W- arp aw?rr that thfrp ara r i<-p|?ti<MM t? ilna grubral rulp ; wp rpgrct to imM thry arp but fpw \jt\ a b?-n!thytaat* bgniih dir prrapnt Italian Kikahiiwa ; nor daugktpra will ih?*n bp ab|ptn*M?g a diH-rpnl anng pypry night in tb* year, and a?ng it in aurh a inannpr that Ihp p?rpnt wilt rrjoic* at Iha moopy bp haa fpntj Uip husband look (iroudly <>a Hip lond hraft liiat n la hpr auditur? wiin nniPn tiognThp a?ul. mid iht- rfciM Kf fnHhlfd, from th? <-i<irn|4* of mama, to uif (ifaatngijr, Oeiunly, naturally laptrlar Caarl. IriMi Jtlr* Vin<ttrw?l Anui -J?*? 7V??? ? . *tn ? Tkikm an act orvof r?*i>|avia. hramltt h* M-I? iar r???i*ary of a quantity oi lui*. < ..ami < ?aa, W? Haf an-t wiM rM biH*.a*nt bjr him ta Traitor ta ha Jnaul Mrirr irnt <?rrd linwi t? Trantiir lo rHuni lk? In r? but tba lai tar rafMa# ta glaa itnai ap Mil bo waajaM Ha nbw a<M>at% broiicbt iW? ?a a r?rt ta Hmyrr't atnra in VaxVti lana anJ ottarait tlwa ta biai twgatbar arttb a liAl ol hn f barf ?a, aww>irrt?n? ' **. njxm >-aia| |?ij tit* kmuant M?i? rrfuM 'be ?iin? ?rr? <t*li?arMl Iinra?4iuana(l) Tiaiarr t??b (br? away, an 1 tb?' fra aant aouoii a at hrt>a?bt "wr tbaar rrraaary Hta Naamr. Mikar|iri( tka J?ry, taak an aM? a?<t i utaprabanaira rtaw 4 tb? law ai Maw ?a<4 taM tfeaia 'bat ia Via apttix-a Mtjrrt wa> nal la a aMuatiwn ta brlu| tba praaawt ar tUti?tfcat Traanar bat a laf?| 1 tr-i> ?n tba , that |>laiut I 4ti n?M tab* tba Mrartaf) nfahy ^ai n( 'nai.or makint a tan4ar of tba ma . nr aat pan .4 N, aa a< ta rftraat bita at b>a U*a, hw? if <*. Jura could trvaa tba rtklanlfcaar ta tba rwnr lw?iaa tbat Irwtwwf ?W < ra ( ririoi^ly and arMtranlp, ia 'afaa?i.( ta aitaw Ma??> ?a r??i?ia.'lh?Wart.ii>itrr H. a > ' *4, tkat irrnawtaara wrall itlvaal b aa at bta l*?. au<t ntltla Mavar tw batoc Mia praaaM ariawa ?i< J"y*" fto.l a< ?<.r liu*lt Tba Jary rw?irwrt, aa-< *"* ra Umal w nb a arr.iirl h i Mat at ??>* **? , E lib laon tar |4aiau4 f. Wifcaa Marina * ? MilWMb XUaaa r ! Tbia. w a> an artiTfcr - Va n.r?a~f - ?M? aiwaH^M wata at ?? ??* wb* b Mr > Hay waa aa UiwafTtba4a?aa*. waa tfca/?aa af tit wa. r.|la<.? ' waTT^rrf! i ikw r>ot A at Ihf rvf ulfff 'ff ' w ^ r?K^j 1 SlTSIaVS TSar * tt e - r.r tk^f.n, j h.fao, 4 ' IfNtast. B.Mrr H?r?H?r Tali ? ***- J?*f? L?M* mw>. AfcUf | ?*tt Pirr*y iM LiMtiH i AniiiMb - C?M / Ma^Mnk - Tk> I ran# ? m roacW'lNl fraUrday. Ml I tfea lh?*i.ln ?nl rh ?r?? Ihf iurj tbia vturmaf a< II dark 1 Arrivals. Aiiuivt" Hoiu-Hiw J?J|? TWnf"Mi, 1' I C,r ruil Court, Hon. Hrmin AllfK. V?t?? 't| lino V W Wil litmi. Nrw Loudon, Capt. C * ? ?)*(* K"?> gwti, Llitli. Lorftia Dlllfi, K W lirkm W w MtrkiM, H >?u^t, Col. J fran*. If * Art-, (Kotg* UMrtwt, . K*q R'ifl?nl, N C H? I, Eft Ck?rl?Kori IC r?tl Lu4M>y, U it Mwum C*rp*> ? ** 1 A ff-^f # f ? #'1 -* ID. * | ?*, **<>) -. Jua 1 sink %<??**?t > im*** * *' ' <*!-> * /< J rr.r?*l -,d> ^ r*4m* *H++< *" Oltjr UUUI|IM?. Jsi i>KMtiUKAT* utrel at 'Ummftay Hail to-DlfH. to confirm ike nomuiAtion ot LUiUiri H M<*tm m A can^a^e for Mayor. Tn* BwAan o? AvutTAJtT Auwhu OMM? ikui afiepoo^ t? paM ibo ejection ordinance. 9pa^d, 9*? ?uj#R*ua*ii.TrAi ? Wertui* < tb? i Board of Supervisors held yesterday, the following > resolutions, uresoitf4 t>y AJd?rma? liaviea, w*r? It.nolveJ, That the Comptroller be directed to pay the I laiwiw Incurred in the porchaae of achool houM iota M ?-vo'iu? K.'hool liouaee, whMi?r?r the amu er.. par cliaxfil, Hmt (011 KiUool district* or^aauial purauaut to th?atat?ti>', rtnl th? title thereof rested In the city anl county of New York, upon (ha certiflnataot thaooaoael to the I'orporttiiuu that tUe MMi* M reafod faao anl clear ot all inriinitirunci-H. Ileatilvml, That the Comptroller ba abo Jlr art ad to pay all rxp?tvA#f AJteumd in otfta*Mtof, Maintaining, and ?upportiBL the achoola authorized to he orphan i??J bf **^ act, th?? aniit erpeua?? tb be lint certified aa eo rrrct ft the cotitiiuaaMMMfra and iaapeotota of ootmnon tcboota of the ward incurring tlv? ami;, and to be audited and approved: to be atteetM by the iignMat-4 of the Preaident aud Sec rotary of (aid Board. < r Suioioi;?At a lat<- hour l*at eveniag, tWe Coroner was oailed to hold an inqoew rm the body of Mm, Green, uf 14 Walnut street, who had committed naicido hy faking laudanam. The ca'ise wo ' WeM'Unabirto-aKertafa, o#ingto the lawn??a of the botfiy * ><*'- - i Nomwmtiojw.?Hrary Wv> Ponhetl, the preaent Aldp.rnuia Uie .Thirteenth Ward,. and Peter Eaquirol. tin' Assistant, have t>ten nominated forre'VleWlflWftV the l)emf<crak&. Thomas J. Gildersleeve tor Collator, And Watt *Y Ho^HI and Patriate JCarterty?for Asswuoia. 1 < yn- il' ! Escaped from Prison.?On Wndimday laat, one of (h?/aoqvict wonit;^fDt the.ieumle pviaon at Sing Sing, niuned Ann Fosier, dreseed herself in the attire she wore ftn jfomcr fo prison, '(having full acce? to the. Under Ht-eperte apartment*, wardrobe, fctS.) un(l,iakiugag;ue4lfit) or JtfUof one of lh? aaoiataitt '\<epeV'p money, departed, l^ta a Jqdy, ',oni tha Iroirt door. repaired to the landing, aid on the arrival of th? steattlbdht took prfWAite' for fluidity, .Avitliout. jt woaIiJ tteeint bent miaaed -by any of tfia ofliper?o? the,.Pjison?t A.JUbcral reward hwabeeu ottered for her nrreHt. So mdefetiffaiilea. elir vmir elves. ' *' *Tm tn;l? 111 1< r1 1 ?< >'" Cgiumon L'onncU, ,, ,, Aran. 6 ? ioinT Ballot ?The lollowipg peraeaa wtrt I>|>ol?tPd In?i)re?or? nf Election it the vnitaing Charter ElectMR?la.plact>o( tk*ee realgbed, da Mllo*a !? >, kwdaiioM. .mil t.> aivowiTHitrri. Dil m Dit W4. E. Oriffin, I I J. P Wright, S 1 N. Ue?ion,.t.>. ? 1 Oeorir* WeMrtl, 1 a 'HirjinHurd, . J,, 4 8,?-H?ckw?H, ... ? 4 J.ANHI0111, 7 7 Dr J L Lyon, I a J. B. Maxwell^ >il >>.? f V:C. WVttenberf, 4 4 John Butler,. , ,4 8 JZ. Hyde,.,i< S * U DuienMirr, 3 n Wav B Scalier, 0 Win by on, If ? ' 18 R. !*WO?w'ik, 7 T H. SvyoicU, , , 1, . 1* Ttnh.J Burn*. 7 li. W Blunt, 4 1ft Jamei Duff 0 7 VV.Ov SMMian, I' 16 ttvvirj rlfcnoi, a 1 S. H Word, 4 6 Ihitot Connor, < I f ORhipili, , ?., F.Ubnhu 4 I 1 H. TewKybk, 1 4 Haaiurl Piggott, 6 J DoufflaM,,' -< 0 h MnDiy, * 9 9 C Oak'ocO, y 1? OwW, Barrett, a 1> ?. Orlffltli, 7 Chat H.Oim?g, 1 1* A. M. G >w4n, % n lare?-lCh?ptaan, 1 17 A- W, White, ? IB ?. J. Porter, 1 14 R.WnlU, 1 IS D. F. 3 iemanfc 8 It 8. Dunning, ? >? ' Nf. ThOtnpeon, 4 14 'A. Maclay, 1 S C J. WhiUer, 1 1* B.P. Oetty* v ... 0 8 Noah Cook, 1 14 ,?X-N*\um?, . . 4 u T.rTpeera, I | 1 " ,v ? 1 J too P. Spatfbrd, 8 $ 1 CoMMrrTEp.-pfMr Cooke, who lately killed Mr. Oardenerin Norfolk. (i?is fiaally been committed to ftfison ^or trial. ,,, Adams & Co. arrived yesterday several hours ia adraaca of the mail. HiiRrtDKN 3c Co., gave us Boston papers of Tum* day, ahead of the mail, as usual. Naval ?The brig Boxer, Lieut. Bullua, was at Nassau,,N. f , on tbe>2Utult. ' MiettfTs Conrt. i .) ... Kaloru (he Shenfl. Ssductio* C+tu.?Jant Kow widow va. Gtorgt Vtfrm dn) f ? Tills Wan art a -(tori brought by the plaintiff sgainat tii? defeadant to procure compensation for the seduction and Ion of services of her daughter. Th? Jamuri war* laid at $IO.0(W Peter Wilson, E?<]. conducted the plaintiff case, ami Mf?arii. Rowley and Edmonds appeared for .defendant. Tl>r dte(en<Unt suffered judgment to pas* by <1eft nit, and the nretent proceedings was undsr a writ of t n*imry beiorMhti ^treriff ?nd a jury to litres damages. Mr Wilson rpso sud addressed the jury. Ha -saUtthat plaintiff was a highly roapeotable widow lady, and ooaB'Tt?d with Vermel of the moat tfirtlngufsMed families in ' frngland. WM>? earn a. with h?r Jiusbaud t? Ibis country RtvVnt ten yrars since, fie, the husbaud, intending to tnl ark ia m?rc4ntllp pufsuita; but shortly after their urrirai, he ditd, leaving her* awido*' ia rety aiender sienna, and with lour q^phan,children, theeldrat vfwhoa it the aliTijrct dr <he preae'nl notion, and it now about It ymlri ol ?g?. The delendaot ia about $4 yaart of ag*; th* on of moat reapectable and wealthy parenta, reairiing in mi' of the moit faahionabje parta of your city. He ia member of th* church fri 7th atVeet, afecretary to the 8ubilay achooL, a data loader, and on* oi the elder* of th* l>iou?and r- apecuble community oflhat church. Ontinmen, rtlfl NTt. Wfilaftr , I will bow lay before you briefly the circumatancea which gave riae to the prrnnt inquiry. The plaintiff ia aiao a member of th* church in 7th ?rre*>t, and her daughter, the unfortunate victim ol lucklea* rtnbritlled pa*aion?, wii a nenlrr o( the Mbl* rlWflf whjch lh* defendant w?a the leader. Thaae cirrom ataarea brought them frequently into contact, and necaelarily produced alt arquaintamc* which commenced about two ,j??ra ago; from Mk*t tin* the plaiatMPa iatta to defendant^. houae heenrqe frequent, , and hi* altimtiont to the plaintiffs daughter to marked, that alia felt it hardaty, as * mother, anxietie for the wefrfare and happinea* of herchi)<Mp about two months after .. the dalendant'a Tiait* became io frequent, to queation him aa t* hia intention* reelecting her denfthtor. Upon that >caa'lon he told har that hia intentipn* were hmerable f i that hi' olject waa to marry her daughter, *od that hi* feeling* and afftctioae WVre ao Interwoven with thoaeef Mi-> Koaa, that he thought there were but twe place* ia thja vtorl I, the one where the win, and the other wber* the waa lint OT court*, aaid Mr. Wilaoh, he moat bar* thought the lauer piece a blank In creatieiw Mr. Wllaon in continuation, ?aid that U" pt- intilf frequently after , uige.l him to marry her davgfii. ' tnd fulfil nia engaf*m> ot. but he aaoften evaded it, upon the f>r?t*it ef being l.yandaut upon hia fi randa, out of buaineee, and having pr**rnt mean* ta maintain her ; but promiaed in the (<nirw <rf * ahirr' tune that hia Irienda would put him into h iameaa. a?l 'hat be would then carry ontto th* latter hi. Il.ill,Vlr tVlia.n ll.. /l^?</l?l htviuf. under rarioua nreteneea, evaded the falfllmentof hta eng^gementa with VtiM Ron, the plaintiff felt it her '"T m the mor??h af l#p?n?b*r. 1841, to call upon him |*rxm|>torily to do ?o, an l ha then Ka*? a poaitiva itroniiif that he would in the month of May following O-allMMii, i ahotild hara atate<f to yoa, that win month* previoualy to Mcptamber. 1941. Mrm Roaa. finding It eary diflWult to ?upport heraelf and h*r orphan chil* Inn, de'ertnined to gift Murk To F-ntl-nd to her'rienda. When th* 1ei?*ntant waa In to > me<l of the plaintift'a mten tmn he called on her, and entrp-ated her in tha moat Of fant ft?nn< r not to leave tkia cottntrj j that hia Oi?-nrl? inten ted alwtMy toput Mm into baatn^aa, and thaf ha w?>*l 1 jaa>*i her and her latnllv to get along. Mr. Wiiaon ?ontma?l to detail to tha Jury th* time end place of the alartlo* and the final refnaal of the defenrtan' to marry Miaa H'i*a, add ronclndrij l?v aajiaf. that It *a?on<?( 11> tie- keet and meet ejcraveted ceet-a that ever i-ama an l?*r hia oheerva'ien, but ?tieh ca?ea, he thanked God, are ( tareiM rttrrenre in our community- The defendant, an'-, the ma.? of reH?ton, wormed rnond It turn ef f*>! ) ?"? artl^ae. apt eonfl.ljogc eeture: , ae efvr he ha I wtie'ed hi* "rutal um--tite, he turaed h. Naah ? "> her, an-1 eeWT hVr adrM Oh ah angeling ? .,11 .... ea.ierer aud a* eoieaa. to ba pomtad at whk I e ' ?.-r?f erorn a?.l cont^wat iu?, gentlemen, aa!4 Wr V? Il.er. the won (a ir.*t<-ted or thia unhappy family da tm e?.) here The pvaalaia rfUntf lk? ittotat be*<- her* lnut'"<l tha school (mm which |ha derives l??r M>|>.- rt ?ie?*?-ei> broken tin, and the **holara withha* ! > ?'>?<|a?a(a^ the eituatiou ol her daughter. km h* aa4 t*a kooor ol her family tarnubed, ha fWtytfU d taar children MlpMI, and har happma>* an I <t?m.dir tranquility fora*ar hinMl. "ri <imk?i, *Mh thia mui of miaary (taring you i?i tha far*, I rail upon you in the nam' of tkoaa ?'* ?h?i at for?ifn?r?. am rtporlally antl I to t*ai ifaiatki, and to tba prouvtl*! of oar law*. I *11 f-o i yau aa fathrra huahauUa ami brothara. and aa of tha murala of thm >on>m unity, to jruard your Irrauta*. m.1 ts pmt?rt yont daughter! and alatora from fc? mi*! and iaari a uf tko ibai|Dii( and kypoantiealMil Vlawatarma ol Ikr |irM?Dl dar, >Dil (tW ?fc 4?a^n aa ?ill aoulk tha fralinft of I hi* much in l?rud l?4? and ram; an>a< har la aoma maaaiirr for tba In. m >i ,nry that haa tvran inflnlad on h?r by Ulia prof?t? am i an| fineiple.l IfWrtmo Vlaa No., (h-a put on tha ataad and aaamlna*. fca taat iftasl m all <h. rat.r.al farta la Mr. WUaW* aUartl IKa nmainlfai tba < ralcnra rooaiatad of ha de a..dam lnt. r? uhtch ara a curlaaftv in tkair ay Wa akall puM.h tham In a day ac two.- Tka, llwrrf ?? ",f ? m m-1 up and tha jury .milkoal nhritf nuiwd a vrdtrl tor tk?- 'all aaMunt rlalard jitmlHivi rtrad-M Ma? ot armp-iwiiwiiir ^ , ..i. .u nuu 1?J aiiina kmi?a <n> aala hr mm W * ro *4 ?*** si: Pulitl > ?UVHH PfcHALL PILLS. r?r.K? f*< im?mI *p4 ?tl?knu4 Ml* fNM? r^ftac*'. *?.

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