9 Mayıs 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

9 Mayıs 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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(W- AUCTION SALE OF SEOARB?TROW BRIDGE A CO. will sell this morning, May 91h,at hall l>aat 10 o'clock, 200,000 American Began, without re nerve, to pay advances. Alto, a large lot ol imported Principea, Trabuca*, Media, Regalias, La Normas, La Florae, Ac. Ac. Also Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines Cordials, Ac. Ac., at their sales room, 304Broadway. 0(7- 8EOAR8.?The new establishment of Mr. Seixa* No S Maiden lane, Howard Hotel, is attracting universal attention. It is fitted up with great taste and elegance, and as Mr. B. imports none but Segars of tho choicest brand* the lovers of a genuine Havana can alwsys pre cure from him a luxury which "smokers"can appreciate We recommend stranaers visiting the city to patronise this establishment. {fc?- THE PROOF ! THE TROOF ! !-Haddonfleld N. J., April 20, 1843.?On the 13th day of October, 1841, I was attacked by a fevere pain in the ?ido, in the region of the liver, which continued aoone five day* The pain wan then relieved by the breaking of an abeccu internally. Subsequently, and during the whole winter oi 1841, '41, 1 suffered intensely from the same cause?continual pain in the side, except when temporarily relieved by a discharge of matter lrom the abscess. During ail this tints I was confined to my house, had a violent cough, raised much bloody matter, and was supposed by myself and others to be in the last stages of consumption. The February following, when apparently my life was near its close, I procured a bottle of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. As soon as I commenced the use of it I began to recover. The soreness of my side constantly grew less, my cough gradually left me, the profuse expectoration and spitting of blood ceased, and my general health became ny degrees restored. 1 continued using the Balsam, and by the latter part of March I resumed my trade, that of a carpenter, which ray health has enabled me to continue without interruption throughout the past year I will further remark, this remarkable cure was effected by the use of only three bottles of Wistsr's Balsam of Wild I Chorry. THOMAS COZENS. Gloucester County, N- J., ss?Personally appeared before me, the aubscriber, one of the justices of the peace in 1 and for said countv, Thomas Cozens, who being duly affirmed according to law, saith the above statement is in ' all things truu. Affirmed before mo, the 20th day of April, 1843. I 1 j. cliJlm&in r, j . r. Sold only by Isaac Butt*, 135 Fulton street, corner of Nassau; Dexter, Albany. THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURE. TREpared by the New York College ot Medicine and Pharmacy, for the cure of all the protean form* of Dyspepsia, low spirits, cutaneous eruptions, loss of appetite, lassitude, arxl general debility, ia confidently recommended by tha College a* the roost poweifill strenglhener of tho system and rouovator of the constiution known to the medical profession. Sold in large bottles, $3 each, in small do, $1, in cases containing half a dozen, $5, carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Olfice and consulting rooms of the College,97 Nassau st. W. 3. RICHARDSON, Agent. {H7-PARI8IAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE 18 QUAranteed to care all forms of Syphilis. Persons suffering from pains in the joints or l>ones, venereal sore throat, ulcers, or any other symptom indicative of venereal taint, should use this specific without delay. Sold in large bottles, $3 each, small do, $1, in cases containing half a dozen, $5, carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau st. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. MONK VHIARKET. Momtny, May 8?0 P. M. The transactions were not large at the board to-day, but prices were generally better?Ohio 6's rose } per cent; Koutucky 6's, j per sent; N. York State 5}'s, ? per cent; Illinois fl's, J; N. Jersey R. R. 1J per cent; Phenix Bank, j; Harlem, J. At the new board there was little variation from the general features presented at the old. Exchang es are rising rapidly; sterling to-day ranges 8} a 8} prem. and continental rates in proportion. David Leavitt, Esq., President of the American Exchange Bank, sailed to-day in tho Ashburton for Europe. At New Orleans, on the 3Sth, $89,477 in specie arrived from Metamora*. Several breaks have occurred In the Ohio Canal, a few miles below Chillicothe. The spring repairs had just been completed. The extent of the damage was not ascertained, but it was supposed that it would be repaired within a week. The progress of the spring business is advancing pri. ecs. At Chicago, Illinois, on the 35th April, wheat had advanced 30 per cent, er to 63} cents. ffThe Commissioneri of the Wabash and Erie Canal, Indiana, have published their rates of toll, from which we perceive the tolls on the leading articles of produce, from Lafayette to Toledo, amount to On flour, per barrel, about 2ft cts. On pork, " 37} " On wheat, per bushel " 7 " On freight boats, per mile, 2c 4m. On passage boats 6s The toll on corn is placed so low that we may expect hereafter to receive large supplies from that quarter. The following letter appeared in another part of this paper yesterday. We reinsert it here for tho purpose of remark J. O. Bennett? Sir :? The concluding six lines in your money article of May 6,read as follows:?"The whole system of selling goods in this city for notes at 6, 12 and IS mbnths, payable at little ricketty banks all over tho face;of the country, is wrong. The discount of these bills with the andarscmcnt of the seller here, has been a fruitful cause of all the evils that have overtaken the country and the banks." Now, I conceive that in these six lines you have made a bold statement that many merchants will not be willing to admit the truth ot. It certainly has been for a long time j considered by our best merchants as one of the surest and easiest modes to ensure the payment of country bills at maturity. Many country merchants will say on the day his six months' purchases becomo due, "1 can pay that account in the course of three weeks, and the New Yorker will have to wait until that time." When if that account had been put into a note payable at a bank in his ' neighborhood, he would pay it when due, rather than 1 have it protested, and perhaps thereby prevent the fail, ure of a New York merchant, and establish more regularity in mercantile transactions. You may ba right in * your position ; at any rate, 1 should like to see your reasons in print; and Ihavo no doubt many others would. SYSTEM. Perhaps one of the most difficult operations in nature or art ia to wood out of A nmnlfl n li&hit or rmtnm into which (hey have fallen. Moneys of account,or standard weights and measures, it is next toimpossihle to change in use.? Nearly so is the manner of doing business, to which people are accustomed, no matter hew great or how apparent 1 soever the evils attending it may be- The people of this country, from its earliest infancy down to the present time, have | been accustomed to do business on fictitious capital, and through the deluaive medium afforded by various forms of paper indebtedness, corporate and individual. Aa the wholo business of the country has grown in magnitude, banks, with their paper operation*, have welled with it, or rather in advance of it. Nearly all those now doing busincaa, have been accustomed to no other mode than that of giving and taking long dated notes, which they exchange for the short or sight paper of the banks, at great expense, and re-exchange it in the same way. These manipulations of paper, always incraase much faster than the production* and regular business of the country; consequently, with every commercial cycle, there is a proportion of paper for which there is no 9 equivalent, and which assumes the shape ot " suspended paper," in the banks. We might aimply refer our correspondent to the enormous amount of this paper, not only I the remains of the $l00,000,00i bank capital gone into ! liquidation, but contained in the port-folios of the soundest and best banks in this city, as a clear and undoubted proof that "our belt merchants" have not found note* payable at distant hanks " the surest and easiest modes to ensure the payment of couutry hills at maturity.'' The schedules ol the bankrupt courts present the same results. That in isolated and individual cases, the operation upon the mind of the country merchant is such as our corres. pondent describes, is undoubted , but that fact proves the rottenness of the whole system. It is a well known and melancholy fact, Jthat a very large proportion of even those who are considered the best business men, have no scruple whatever in putting off dishonoring,and delay, ing paymentjof any obligation, that does not assume the shape of a discounted note. Servants', mechanics', and hook accounts are paid only when the claimant will forbear lift longer. The reason is,because as long as the note in bank is met at maturity, the credit of the individual is undoubted. This is the reason why the country merchant is sfraid of dishonoring a note in the hank at his own placo ol business. That note, however, ianot actually paid. The same facilities whiPh that bank affords to the New Kork merchant to collect his money are extended to the country dealer to enable him | to avoid paying it, which is done by renewal?hence the 1 hourly increasing volume of renewed or suspendrd paper which Anally crushed half the hanks in the country.? ( The New York mercbsnt, for a moment, may get his i money, but the accumulating debt is not paid, and disaster 1 finally comes as in 18*1 7, when IVrtrl street was destroyed. The hanks to this day hold remnants of the debts ol Iivum a tuak ?hvu oiwu Vll? IllglKTKl, BIHIWUU nilVO NIUCC ' tx>en paying ti|> in Are or ten per cent in?talment*. < % In many of the State*?Florida, Alabama, Arkansas Mimiiiippi, Illinois, Michigan ami Ohio, there are now ] few or no hank*, compared to what previouily cxi.ted, ] hence there are no discounts or collection.to dehato aliont. | In the place of tho*e hanke, however, appear, a* if by I i magic, individual* of wealth and Will, corresponding with 1 New Yerlt a* the great centre te transact the collection* of the merchant*,in a prompt and cheap manner, far more ?ntisfactory than that of the hank*. When the country i? inundated with depreciated pnper, people imagine that it they refuse it, they *hnll have no money?-no sooner is it withdrawn, however, than specie appear* from all qnar tor*. In tho same way, while merchant* are collecting I r through bank*, they *uppo*e if the bank* are deetroyeil [ thwe will bo no channel through which to obtain their 1 fund*?the moment the bank* go into liquidation, how- Ji ever, individual* of capital and cnterpriae occupy the ^ opening, and the buiineaa i* done better than ever. In i? lllinnia thara ara no hank*. Siiuiioih h mrrrhiril ?,ll?o '' bill ol good* to a dealer in Springfield at ?ix month*?in- 81 itoad of takiDg a note, he may have hi* bill accepted, whioh at the maturity of the credit i* transmitted through Little Si Co., or any other house, to hi* correspondent at ' Springfield?the 1)111 i* paid and returned by mail at an ? expeme of 1} a 2 per cent, In specie fund*. There being ? no bank* in Illinois to procure renewals, or extend the ^ debt in another form, the amount muit actually be collected and paid to the home at Springfield?the payment or non payment af thu bill will ultect the Standing of the country dealer in quite a* great a degieo u? would the jjj payment or protest of a note in bank. Under this "*y*- V tem" Illinoi* could not buy more than she could actually " pay for?tho country dealer would have hi* wit* aharpen- r< ed, and would take no more good* than he know* he 0i could have the money for when his acceptance i* matured r? consequently there would always be a sufficiency of pro- ~ dure bill* to make remittances. If they bought too much _ a demand upon the specie in circulation to remit would ( give them prompt warning ot the danger. The ability of individual home* to work cheaper than bank* is indisputable. Instead of ajbank, with a retinue of officers sitting in state liko so many nabobs, at an ex & pense of $30,000 "to benefit the merchants," a man of skill g, and integrity would do the whole business effectually at & a profit of $3,000 per annum, and grow rich. His inabili- ^ ly and indisposition " to grant facilities," which is the cant f 1 phrase for lending hank notes to irresponsible people, is ? the conservative principle which will preserve the steadi- d oess and health of business?the longer his experience, l> the more his sagacity i8|improvod,as to who is trust worthy and who is not, and the whole system of business becomes & invigorated and improved. 7t Satan at tha Stocls Kxchanga, " ttoo N Y 5X'?,'?6I. X V 100 5000 do 18G0 BOX t< 7000 d-> 5 XV im>i inn Boon do i90 bo nooo N Y 4V m.'i <nx >000 do box tc Kflon Illinois Bonds 3-1 iiiOfl City V?, IBM, yi>J lO'O do b30 30X to Phuiaix Bk SIX 2' 4000 do 3'H% 5 Del Si Hudxou 102X Minn Keatucky Bonds nl< '<0 on b30 103 2000 do inw 33 100 Mech's Bk A??o 80 '0 6000 do TiX SO Bk Com. ('ull> 98X H I win ao 13)4 sn Lafayetix Bk I'J ~ 2?<I0 Ohio 6's, 1850, 70 10 Syra k Utica RR 1(115^ w 500 do 79)4 50 liirlrm RR bl5 20 C 7000 do 80 375 do 20 P< 2000 do i860 87 100 I. Island HR 48)4 1000 do 805b 150 N Jersey RR WO 75 F 1000 do iGO 80 100 Stoning too RR b63 27 3000 do 8054 5 d> 26)4 & 2000 do bDW 80)4 K sc Second Board. 2200 City, 1858, b3 95 100 Harlem RII 20)4 tc 600 do i860 95 5 StoninicloD RR 27 *1 50 Harlem RR 20 1000 Ohio 6*a, 81 (c New York Public Stock Kickange. ri 13000 N Y 5)4'?, 1861 blO 108k 1000 Kentucky 6'a i3 93)4 13007 do bio 100)4 1000 di 93)4 2000 do bio lot 2000 do caah 93)4 1000 N Y 6's, 1861 sGO 106 2IW0 do 931,? moo do 1861 106)4 2000 do 93), 5000 do 5's 1859 b30 9i 1000 Illinois 6'i, 1870, eh 30^ 1000 Ohio 6'?, 1860 , 80 10C0 do !>3 30), 2000 do 80)4 10000 City Loan. 1858, cli 9>)4 4000 do 80)% 100 aha Chem Bk rath 93 r 1900 do 8914 150 do i. Island HR 4314 1000 d > 80'a 14 do Harlein RR 20 1600 do 1)3 86)4 39 da W'burgh lot Co 20 ( Second Beard. J 11000 Ohio 6'?, I860, tw 8114 1000 Kentucky G's, 91 15 .2010 do itw 81)4 25 aha Hiou'ton RRblO 27 11000 do 8I>? 25 do Farmera' |Loau 19 a 2200 City Loan, 1858 b3 95 21 do Hirlern 11R opk 20)4 b n State of Trade. ' There is an improving business generally, and at the west it is gratifying to observe that prices are improving, a while towards the Atlantic they are falling, showing a p, healthv equalization, which gives means to the western agriculturalists, therby laying the foundation of a better d< trade. Fish?Dry Cod sold at $2 50 a 2.62 ; Mackerel at 8 76 a J 6.26 for Nos. 1 and 2 ; No- 3, 6 a 6 25 ; scale Herring have advanced to 40 a 42c. u Oils?Whale, sales at 31 J for southern and 32 for north- si irn. In sperm no change ; Olive at 80c. w Provisions?Beef, sales country mess anil prime at $7 38 and 6.38 ; Ohio 1'ork dull, sales mess and prime at 9 38 a *' u.au ana / ou. uia i'oi k is 8 70 ana 0.7*. lara is a shade ai lower, say 0 to 0jc. lb. in barrels and begs, for good to iprime. Hams, 6 to 7Jc.; do in pickle, a sale of 100 barrels it at 5c. Dairy Butter, good to prime,9 to 11c ; Ordinary, 7 ir to 8c ; Shipping do 0 to 0} -, Cheese in fair demand at 5 to c' 6}. ' Oram?Rye 58 a 60, distillers offer 57 ; Corn, northern, *j at 56c measure ; Oats 27 a 29 for northern : black-eyed w Teas 87|. Hay 46 a 60c?demand good. c Seed?Sale clover, not Iree, at 7c. Timothy brought * $16 ; Rough Flax 9 50, nominal. Sales at Boston 3,01)0 * bushels Odessa and Alexandria Linseed at 1 56 a 1.56 per i. bushel. il Cattle Market. si There was a large number of beeves in the market this p morning, and in consequence of the short supply Inst ' week, they were nearly all sold; prices ranged Irom $7 n, t > $8, but the average would not gu over $7 00. There J were only one hundred and seventy-fire sheep, nnd sixtyfive cows and calves at the lower market, sheep sold for r $2 26, $45 0 a $5 60; cows and calves ranged from $16 to vi 25, 20 lemaining unsold. ???s^^?B . tiled. ?i 11 In Brooklyn, on Sunday, May 7th, with consumption, ai Julia Scott, aged 45 years. The friends ol the family are invited to attend the fu- rf neral from the residence of her mother, No. 107 Gold st, 1,1 this afternoon, 9th inst., at 4 o'clock, without further in- ^ vita'.ion. On Monday, May Sth, of consumption, Mr. Andrbw J. Miller, printer. His friends and acquaintances, and the members of the New York Typographical Society, are requested to at- 2' tend his funeral this afternoon, at half-past four o'clock, " from No. 173 Grand street, cornerof Mulberiy. Monday, Sth inst., of disease ofths spine, Miss Martha Foster, daughter u! the late Jons Foster. ? Her friands and acquaintances, and those of the family, are invited to attend her luneral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 184 Franklin street. ol On Monday, 8th inst., Mart Hrxcs, wife of Oso. U. Gessir, Esq ., in the 23d year ot her age, alter a long nnd painful illnsss. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at 55 Bond street, at 9 o'clock Wednesday morniug. if On Friday, 6th inst., at Stamford, Conn., John Belr, only child of Robeut and Emma E. Tucker, aged 16 f: months. <1 Weeklv Ileix?rt of Interments In the City and County of New lork, fiom the 2Uh day of April to the 6th day of May. 1813. 33 Men ; 11 Women ;T4I Boys ; 30 UirU. Total, 117. DMKASF.f. I, Abscess, 2; A?lhma, 1; Apoplexy, I; Atrophy. 1; Bleeding Id ,1; Cancer. 2; Consumption, 37; Convulsions, 12; Croup or hives, 2;'Congestion of hraiu. 3: CoDges'ion ol" lungs, 1; C Delirium Tremens, I; Diarrhea, 1; Dropsy, I; Dropsy in the head,6; do in the chest, 1; Debility, 1; Drowned. 3; Disease e oforain, 1: Disease of lirer, 1; Erisypelas, I; Forer puerperal, 1; do rewsitteBi, 1; do scar , 1; do tvpnoid, I; Hooping Couah, L 1; Inflammation ol bladder, 1; Inflammation of brain, 2; do of .V bowels, 3; do of hearr, I; do of limits, 17; do of stomach. 2, do of throat, 2; fnsanily, 2; Intemperance, I; Jaundice, 2; Malfor- C mauon, 1; Marasmus, 6; Measles, ,4; Old Aire, 1; disease of S heart, 3; Palsy, 1; Small Pox, 3; Sprue, 1; Ulceration of C throat. 1. > AOB. ai Under 1 year. 32; 1 to 2 years, 16; 2 to 5, 12: 5 to 10, 5; 10 to n 20, 11; 20 to 30, 18,130 to 10,21; 10 to .30, 10; 30 to 60, 9; 60 to 70, 1' 3; 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90, 4; 90 to 100 1. C rlacks or learirirr ^ United States, 99; Ireland, 21; England, 8; Scotland, 4; |S Germany, 10; West Indies, 1; Antwerp, I; Norway, 1: tin- , known, 2. Q 0 Of the above, were from Alms House, Bellevue. 1; Hoi- , pital, Bellevne, 10; Blackwell's Island, 3; do small p,x, 2; F' Lunatic Asylum, 2; City Hospital,3; New Jersey. l;City Prison. I, Colored persons 4 1 JNO. H OHIBCOM, M. D. City Inspector, P1 City Inspector's Office. May 8. 1843. t|( Pasicngera Arrived. ? Guasnow?Br brig Janet, (reported yesterday)?Mr and Mia Kirkland and 3 children?2 in steerage. . M ATAH7.AI?Ship Adelaide?Mrs Bonn and child, J J Humeri Mr Head, Mr Chilton and Mr Buret ^ I'llAULKiTon?Ship Sutton?Linn Martin, of U S revenue service, lady and 2 childien; M>a M Uriffui and child,Mrs 1'agg .. Miss Wells, R Wstts, J S Mtidge, H R Beers. K A Beers, I) W Wells, It M Parker and son, N Amory. H Wilson, C T n Fisher, A De Jenue, C Colgan ?nd 2 sods, Master J A Nivill, ^ J Mrllenrv ami 10 in stecage. ^ Police, PR?Bug Oen Marion?Mr E Dominie, Miss F Do- y mime. Miss E tiolhee, of NVork. |( St. Coon?Brig fLIsza?E Rich, Dr Sen elens, Capt Ray- ,i, born, Mr. Ward and servaut. j( Naw Om.rans?Ship Auhnrn?MH McLellao, of Boston; d. J F CJuion, N York; J T fl Howe, ol NOrleans! (. Rio U*andk?Brig Ligrange?N C Coriga. jy rasi?nf(cni ^ Livitarooi.?Ship Aahborton?Mr Alei Kaakin.Mn R<rkia Bl Mr and Mr. l.eavut, M' Sheltlon Leavitt and Inly, Mr fc. Lanritt, Mr H A Leav.tr, Mr C Scribner, Mr J M* ? be Ward. Mr OC Robert, Mr md Mr. Larw.oJ NVork; Mr??d K Mr. Willuin., of B otton; MM) J Stille, Mr 8 I) Th$tcher/?l I Philari; Mr 1'arton*, Udy, rhild and tervnut. of NYork: Mr y, Doykel and lad y? of Pnn; Mesan J I n H well, of N Jer.ey; Mr G A Oavi., Mr D B Terman' Pet*r?- (ll born. Va: Mr W Trull, Brooklyn. Mr W HVrirV, IJ ?.!,lulat Lunou; Mr J Mmnh.of Comw all, to*; Mr J Walker, Mr C Keeinclin. Cincinnati; Mr* and Mia* firmer, Canada; Mr Almter, of (JUagow; Mr J Ilodsff. IJ, Havre?Snip Alb.iiiv?Mr J II Neim^x, Mr P Laoarte, Pnil- rr id; Mr Umkrwo?<l, IN York; Mrr l)r T I- lloffulnx, Kiel- 'p, motid; Mr B S Schueck, Chaajber?buru, Pcno, and 15 in llie si Hevraire. te Foreign Important Ion*. '> MataMai?Ship Adelaide, 29. hn ?u?'Ar, 1178 Ihb. "coffee, (j, ,o Si'olf.nd Ti e. on It Co?214 do 181 bat angar, b J K.nle & no ;n?110 do Bl h'g? coffee. Motor U Slacken? ><) bit ?u3*r, 1) ,'urti. Si co? .'><) do Dciwraler 8i Whi'.mlrah? I hag. coffee, L |,, II Watt.?J pkg., It flogat?J b?i, Kc'rmg tk lf.ll?ado, H ... Adam.?3 do, J De Wolf?1 do. Hall TotnpkiQ. fk Blnr k ?1 bbl w. I pkg, Mr. Bronelt?2 do M'? A Bt.yer?I do, |). K lliilju?I j,j nnk I bag, L Davnlion?I boa eagera, Nolreinti* Si P oven- y It nit?2 Jua. Mr* Thortidikc?iO ),MH1 or.iugrt, 130 d el pine ap Kio <}HA*DB?^Btitl La Oiatse?3Mo? ?Mn bone. labile* U 1 mr 13 do wool V> ha e. hnrie Imr 2200 hide* W L)e Forest? . i'.O hide* K Commit? HOO.In leiiJ Demair>t-VM hides 130(1 , born* liro b *< ? 2 bile* hair B Kirhards?lis hH?e oroer, ?t John. P. 11?Schr Harriet? 1 i6 liiidi nioluie* 123 b\>'? is i> tcs 20 111 do J H Hod* JO. , ?; Jf) D'lintitle Imporiailoni. T N?? Oat ?:atM?Whip Anbii-n?7 boar* imlif Unley and VV Ward?H'rniwc I?I A Hoye?30 bile* cotton Smith Mill!,? | < I lihd ni.'ir I key lyiiip l Howe?1? bale* cotton II M.llbinlis m ? I 1ml miltt A N lllakr?.'i trs do Woll ki llul.op?21 hurt la I <r J a do c ill or ml 86 ke*? lard Mark Spencer? I boi md/.- re I (Ireinway, Honey It en?91 hM* *nit?r 1 owe uid*e f F k |J ,\1 (2*1 ioH.?863 pie* I'ed B S Wool ley ? 2J Id I* oil Mam r>, Sr Mukoa * co?II batrel* I mi to Smith?II package* indac I Hi >buion k '.oudei?111 bbli llnar 8 Scon?1CMIMIkoi]?i* u>(Um Sayac?I bid nun O Wrnlinil-t cam O W T'?deU?!)l bain cotton J L'ttl ?2 bbli 4 Ni mill! J Butlai?5M ikt w lieal (4 bbli wn Chci-chinaa k Boberti?44 bblahemp nl J B-owu?:iO bb'? lard 2i ilo callow 8 B Bet be k B ?129 idaiuicu I ehe>c 2 bbli ?iiK?r S h*lf il?i 1 do 1 teu rule rl taiitur?1 bid uiolauei T Api lebet?SI iiehi ptciu LUt? der Cii\bi.> itok?Ship Vnit u?515 'e* lice W llnini St Bernard 2 butt Mean? 20 bt'ei cotton Po?' St Phillip#"?10# Victorlit uokwiti?I hx <j 8'roi>ic?I pk;i W llu'.herford? l?9 1 K aylo.?161 let tire Bolfe k Adam<?2 J panldin#?biln 11Ion H 8 L'vericb?70 tc? rice I M I'reikatt?70 I'illolt k arbiare?ll'J pain cotton. 8miih k ro? III pkga L Martin. JAR IT I ME HERA LP Hill I > Maattri and Aftntii We ihall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Veueli will rive i Commodore Mobeiit Silvkv, of our New* Meet, a Bejrt of the 8birping left at (he Port wheuce they uiled, the esiela Spoken on thrir I* usage, a Lilt of their Carco, and iv Foseign Newi|wpers or News they may have, lie will jard thein immediately on their arrival. Agents and Corupondenti, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by 'uding to this Office all the Marine ilite 11tconce they ran tiiain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully icaired. PORT OK NKW VOKK, MAY 9 JH BISKS 4 51 I MOOIS I M .'IS 7 2 I HlflH 7 46 Cleared. Ships Ashburton, Huttlrstnn, Liverpool, Orinnell, Mintnru . co; Copernicus, (Bietn) Ilaesloop, Drcmrn, Nolteniu* lit Paensteadl?Bremen barque Constitution, Thomauu, Oeldricks , Krusrer?Units AI uoiu| u i u, Williams, New Orleans, J Klwel , co: Forest, Olinstead, Bcliz", Underbill 8t McKnlv; Choc>w, Klitner, Cuba, Nesinith, Leids & co; Helen Mar, (Br) hirlinK, Windsor. NS; Billow. Dirrson, do; Eilw Whitney. Br) Sheliuii, do?Schrs United States, Moore, Bermuda, W . V Davenport; Aun Marie, Baxter, Newberu, 8 L Mitchell; iwa, Carny, Thornaston, Nesrntth, Leeds a co; Empire, Be..II N?rr..fk U......... V. -I.. n.n " : " ect, Me, Buck It Peters. AnrlTtd. Ship Adelaide, Aclain?, 13 days from Matanzas, with tagar c, to Spofford, Tileaton Si co. 30lh Ut 31, Ion 79, experienced severe gale fm Sff lost inaintopeail, foresnil, sieru boat, tic. :h iust off Cape lienry, passed briic L Baldwin, hence for aratanah. Ship Auburn, Duifey, 19 days from New Orleans, withci tin > Stanton St Frost. Ship Suttou, Galloway, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton i (< Sutton. Brig Ueu Marion, BlifTmt, 10 day* from Ponce, PH. with tuir to Mason It Thompson. Left briars Ponce, for N York, in 4 I. end one other brie unknown. Brie fclir.i, Corkwood, 11 days from St Croix, with sug'r.lic i B Deforeit Si co. Left baique J W Cater,lor N York in 6 ds; [tela, Williams, for do in 2 us. Brig Angola, Ball, of Salem,21 days from Mansauilla, Cuba, ith molasses, Jkc. to D Curtis. Left biig Caroline It Mary, ole, Idg for Boston; Niuus, lor do do, the only Am vessel in >rt. Br hrig Queeby Sliiell, Watliugtoo. 14 days from Trinidad, art Spain, in ballast to Middleton Sc Co. Brig Lagtauge, Burr, 54 days from Rio Grande, with hidei, c, to B Richards St co. Left brig Premium, of Boston, for sale; ni'lieck, Tale, for Marseilles, 4 davs. March 1, passed a :hr showing S stgu?l with the name of Gilbert Huttou. Schr Oregon, Sonillatd, 20 days from New Orleans, with eotin to J R Millbauks. In a gale off Hatteras. shipped a sea lit the; foresail, store bulwarks, started deck load, lie. Schr Harriet, Cole, 15 days from St Johns, PR, with molasses i J R Hudson. Left DP| Pennsylvania, Tisbey, for Msynjet Schr Jasper, Moore, 7 days from Machias, with lumber te toe i osier. Schr Robert Bruce, Lauson, 4 days from Boston, with mdie > the master. Below. Shipsupposed to be the Alabama, fiom New Orleans. Sailed. Packet ships Aahburton for Liverpool, and Albauy for Hare. General Kecord. Launch ?J. J. Nesbitt, safely launched from his shin yard, lurbec, a beautiful model, and a subungual luilt ship of about IK)tous measurement. She was ctlleil the Annie, aud was uilt fur Messrs. G. H. Parke It Co, of this city. This is the rst new vessel launched this season. Shic Ashore.?The Captain of the French ship L'Andctle, t New Orleans from Havre,reports On ?2d inst, saw an Ain irque of about 490 tons bnrtheu, with bright aides, ashore four lilet east of Cape 8t Autonio; passed within one mile ol liei; he made no signal, aud could see no one en board. Notice to Rlarlnerc. SiiOal in the China Seas ?The following is in extract letter Irom Captain Ouman. F.m|. of the ship Akbar. at this art. to N. 11. Foibes. Esq of Boston, the owner of the ship : "We left Macao on the 29th December, and had light winds own the China sea. and on the loth day in running for Gaspar i1?nd, we were becalmed ?nd got set to the eastward toward Preacberout Bay.' At dusk, however, 1 was ten miles from ay known danger. At 9 P M >t came on squally from the nrihward, and at I0?? P M wt[ile standing for Gaspar l landt mler all tail, and going six knots, the ship stinck a coral reel id stopped entirely;and when the sea left her, si e rolled over i h her lee rail under water; the next sea she righted, and illed ouer again the other way. At this moment a heavy luall with a shift wind occurred, the ship took abick, aud inie off heshn-l. We then stood on Tor twenty inmates and icliored in 18 fathoms. At ?la>Oaspae Island bore MV y N;Pulo Leal 8W by by W; Lonr Island 8l?; which beariff* place the shoal thirteen miles from any danger laid do? u i HnriburgliT Charts?and iu fact p'aces the shoal in mid jannel between the islands named. On sounding the pumps rmediately after clearing the shoal, we found the ship had rung aleak, say about 300 strokes per hour, but soon ascer lining it to be a steady one, 1 had no doubt ofgettisg home filhout nutting Into port. We had heavy weather in the Straits of S inula, and as we nuld not then keep the ship off the w ud, to pump her dry, 1 ras compelled to go inio Rajah Batsa Koads to free the ship, ad ever since that time we have been obliged to keen the ship ff her course f'eiineuily, for that puroo'e, which will account u in* loug passage. I am c nvinted also that a part of the line must be athwart ship, as we could distinctly fee. ajar, Iter getting off the shoal, as of something thumping. The Ilia had been gett'ng crank everyday, and I judge from *pcaraiires that we hare pumped cut a good deal of sugar. The liip was so crank in crossing the Nfc ' traces,"that we osljr lade 130 it iles per day. Under the same circumstances, if the (up hail been stiff, we e"uld have made 230, or more. 1 war hliged to stop at St. Helena to procur pomp leather." THcrhi,,!,, ofihv. Bremen slop Adt Iguude, Kebrman, arried in the Weser from AngO'turs, reports that on his last arrisl before Oiouoco he found there stati >ned a pilot boat, fi'ted lit hy the Columbian government. The sa e is cruising ther within or close to the bar, o- lying at auchar below Cape aritna, a? the said master rcpe t?, in a depth of water luflieut for ships to approach her without danger. The pilot b.iat a schooner under Columbiau flag, hoisted from th* miintsp, id carries two cannons, on: a large swivel. Daring the time the tloviug light at the SW Point of the lyal shoal, Pamlico S and, u away from her station undergoig repairs, there will be a smaller vessel, sckoouer rigged with i topmasts, showing a light, which maybe seen four or Ave ilea, placed iu her stead. 8. BROWN, Superintendent. Newberu, NO, April 29,IM3. Whalemen, BTOisitroTOtv, May 5?Arr Pbiletus, Brewster, NZealand, 00, (123rp) oil. Spoke lat 10 31 8, lou 31 50 W, bari|Dc Cheiker, Adams, of and for NBedford, last from Talcahnana, ith 2100 bbls wh 400 in. Bristol, May 5?Sid Troy, firiiinetl, Atlantic Ocean. Charleston Packet, Randall, .NBedford, spoken off St Psuls ec 25, 4 whalea. Solon, Bughtman. Sirpic in, was spoken Apr 17, Ion 77, lat 29 it 3 mis, with 90 mils sp cil. Bolton, for New Condon, was spoken 6th last., 20 miles 8E ' Sandy Hook, with 1500 bhlsoil. Spoken# Moscow, Briton fm Bordeanz, 71 di out, Apr 11, lat 31, lea 57 i?bv the Josephine, at Savannah. Glide, Noth of Europe from Charleston, Apr 14, lat 38 20,Ion I. Commeice, Stewart, Hull for Boston, Apr 21, lat 31 40, Ion I, 3R days out, short of provisions, had thrown 100 tons railroad on overboard?by the Josephine, at Savannah. Telumah, Genoa for New Orleans, Apr 10,lat 32?by the Meira, at Charleston. Jo?eph. Porter, Mobile for L'pool, May 5, 1st 33, Ion 72 25? y ({teeny Shivil, at this port. Foreign Parts. Canton, (whampoa) Jan 15?Z'nobia, Pnlnam; Ca'nmet. each;Baz*ir, Kelhain, and Grafton, Gardner, for NYork, \t Macoa, Jan 17?Levaut, Koulk, NYork; the Ann M'Kun, ini nla and Tenth's, not spoken cf. I5lh?Natchi z. Waterman, unc; Hopewell, Kngle.and LowII, Paiuo, to sail for Whamiioa. Havana, April 19?Slu John Brower, Sutton, Analachicola; yea, Patten, Cabanas; 17th, Angi-liuo, Patten, Bahia; Condor layo, Florida Matanzas, Ayr2l?Win Be.dger, Coffin, for ('owes, Idir; oudor, Mayo. Hamburg; do; Medona, Walkar, do; Isadora, winner, for B iston 5 days; Ospray, lltpley, for Cjwes.soon; Liber*, Given, for do do; Satan Korster, for do do; 4'harlotte, IcLellan, for NYork, 5 ds; Orb. Portland, nnc; Levant, Aleinder, lor Boston, Idg; Angora, Means, fir NYork, do; Hanah, Hatsay, tor Cowes, do; Jane, Drmkwater, for Bnston.soon onfidence, Bailey, for Trieste, Idg; Two Brothers, Brown,for owes, do; Betsey, Coombs, for Boston, soon; Hihrrnia, 'harston, for do, III*. 21st, Strahoo. Shoof: Ontario, Hainilin; Altntra, Thayer; Quinnabang,Fulton; Klizi, Talbot; Old olnny. Chase; Saranel.Chase: Wild-s P Walker, Edgecotnb. rr 21st, Josephine, Hedge ; 20th, Motto, Williams, Por land. Id 22d, Mary, Mvrick, NOrlesns; 2lsr, ?tar, Williams, Analevcola; Milliinockel, Pierce, Philad; Iflth, Lima, Nason.Hamsrg. St. Johns, PH., Apr 21?In port;Pennsylvania, Turley. Phil1.3; Henry, King, for Halifax, NS, 2. the only vessels in art. Qpr.ngc, Arril 3ft?An Rainbow, A moid, Portsmouth; Caleluia. Allan. Glasgow; Jane Brown, Wyllie, do; Amow.Hark si, L'pool; Ocean, Saddler, New Castle; F.xile, Fordyee, under land. Home Porta. Portland, May 6? Arr Citizen, Dyer, Boston. Cld, Corde s, Walker^ M 'tanzas. ^ r? n oai.r n, i*iay j"*nn umir, l/icttiu|, i am. v^iu, nomuil, lieperd, Pim. PRoTiDKitcr, May 4?Arr llardsrnbble, Albany. Bid, Con>y, Boston; Oem, Albany; Vigilant, NYork. PiliLiPKi rHH, May I?Arr rcnncynr, Trrweray, 8t Johoi, H; b.ve'lia. Sears, Sow Btdlord; Bronklimil, Pnnil'ia?d, York; Kri?, Varsnall, Pot Dtpont: Philadelphia, Tram, intarlirl; Tunnel, Snow, Boston; A U Kdwtrdi, Bome?a,N < rk; Hanboe, Pot', N Yr rk. Cld. Turk, Kblnd -r, B"tf n, lib', Charlton Boar in; Oak, Itvil'r. Beaton. Elliot, U*k?r, i; Peasaqtiid. Biiley, H tiifai, NH; C y'on. (Jraff-.m, Bain' ih", ^B; W.icaTaw. Vinrent. Cn'rU-slon; K Thompson, uok. Wilmiuyton, NC; Charles, Dodae, Boston; Ceylon, nlbnru, do; Brillnnt, Mclutyre, Bolton; Mary, Trefethen, rw York. Hiciisi ht>, May A?Arr Union, Crowel, Philadelphia; Visu. Dearborn. N York. 8IU Weymouth, Cone*; Charles Pitau; Ann Klixt, Townsend, New York; Mercy Smith, Naw rdlord; Ade'ine, Creixhton, Baltimore. Norfolk. May i? Arr Calais. Damming, New Orleans, nod no I nnet Hirer; Srate lluhts, l ip. ii.COtt, N Y ork; li?s B Ca'dwell, Ceake, Philadelphia. i Miai.rsTOIt. M?v Jlh<?Arr C-mlndxc, Barttow. New nrh;Otorxe Hull do; O ceoli, Beyntou, Boat n; AtUntir rbiiiron, N York; II o'letta, Dorinan, Baltimore-. Coiisiim> , Towiis-i.iI, do; Medora, Turner, Oibraltrr; J St VV Krksori. r-o itri, N Yolk; North Star, Skelliiixtou, t|ii!ad and lays froinl the Parti; Wando Passo, Edd) (iiorxeliwn; e|vi a, Eaton,Oeoiiretown. Chi, D ckson, Di'hiuie, (N. ) Morning Star, Pruilden. ftew PrtvideBcr; Arabian, Coop, Hat ana: Mcxelle, Hunt, Havre; llorteuse. Smith, Boston; nm Wood, HiiKhes, Ita'tiinore; Ventroaia, Davis, lloati u.? *il, Tris, Oickion, Dalhoitsie, N U; Slepheu, badibr, Ko'. ritam. Sa\a.shall, May 4 ?Air Sterling, Saunders, Il?vr<; Orator, ttia, N York, horsey, Heed, London, ?ia Portsmouth; I'h raa, Dome, N Y; Florida. Hill, D.uieu, for Mn? York ','id, lmixIis, Brtwsttr, Quebec; Enterprise, Mnttliewi, Livn8am, A||'I 20 ?(lid, Caliit Blaniji-ird, N York ; Alt lis iron, Williams, do; Hint rets, Klnu, llulsn; nhylock, Matcwt, bcs'on; Commodore, Pear*#. ?h l<ur N.won, lanldinit, Trieste; Susquehanna. Msiicker, l/poo'; H Dotn, Treeers, Baltimore ArrOh derdale, Hilt 11 Lirrriool, esper Hmi-h,rirtrl?lon; KliTAboth Ann. Pensseola, S r Ai (ii <tink Ap il ?0?Arr Charlotte (Bi) Turks Island, rm K Bird, Corror. N V AriLtt iiicoi s, Aiiril 26?Ar.'d John Brower, Fulton, liana ?'id, Cumberland, White, Trieste, Byrou, Pearson, i v? ri>o:il. Nfw Osi cms, April 22?Arr Columbia, Robinson, L'pool, irtilrolin, Nhsoii, do; Hoy il Alb it, llllley, Kingston; Joui.l, 'herlrr, N York: Andrew King, Miurlo*, do; Hotomok, ihnsion, Bo?mii; Can \s?iirr, .npr gar, I'liihul. Bsiijaiuiu, rest, do; Ti ken, I.ovlainl, Kingston, Js; McLelUu, t'n, ston; Ism, Olson, Lslhsrs; Louisiipa, K.lil,, Mistfolk; stcluiiss, M'irrsv. Mitaiaora*. lll'd, AlrsiuJ'in, Tninsr, pool; Attaium, Mallrit, rlri; S.mings, Kutsell, NY?rk;B?l note, Hickman, bo. Ku>, llrow, Boston: IN.sury W ttteren*. eyeus,ilo; Kcpublic.Ostes, do; Plymouth, Thoinss, do; Lett I. Babbler, do; lioh Moirls, Outaihridga, 1'hilsd; Messenger, cKturelv, (Jlssgow; Virginia, Deslsr, Aleisstdriat China, nail, Unit; Uemstar.i, Ulsnriisrd, do; Amaudt, Ames, Porto coi Kisry, Srs.srtr, Belie-, Hon.; lUisabeth, Korsyth, Peuts C?,,a; { W?wa, Drymr, Richmond; Clara Ann, Cotsraii Mo* Ml?; (himj.iror*, fark?, Ai^Uchicola. i9tll- Arrd.PAw^. (HmMn, Irom Hurre via K'im Warwirk, Rntfnii! Tnm I'. A...I liu-.L. ill u n.?;ni Petie, Gnndah upr; Callan, Hautv, Chitlritoa; I) B K''l?r Emery. Barbarioer; Olrron, .Mortoii, Charleston. Cld.John O* row, 'hry, Liverpool: Aigo,Anthony. Htvre: Wnmlatde We'ch, B tt tj; t'o'mnbia, Dupeire, Lrgno.<, Mad Adiifli, Godfrey, Savannah; Bio,I i /. una, Prn?-c I ; Colehu, \ n'gh', Havre; Tsg|inm,K?<rri, <lo; Medlord.Wilber, Cowea; ^ountiinetr, Siirknev, Liverpool: Hubalii', Cm, Hivre; Victor, McMahon, I.ivrrpeol; Adeiomlack, Hackataff, d?| Hvlon, Livrrpool; Wl.ii.in, Cariia. Relboa; Portheau, Allen, Norfolk; J K.inlen, Wilfna Philadelphia; Mora Tempera. Havana; Aju, Sage Charleston; Albert. WordhurV. NY irt : Prea il-m, Hill. II .Villi; Clifford. J nier, H?'if??: Ail IniRinn, Kinney, St I'diut; Nauvno, Buruham, NYnrk; .Manhattan. Diaoe. do; Drhwa.e, it. at, Lacuna; Julia, Sno.tank-'. N York; Brilliant. Unukwater do; Alegander, Armstrong, I ensacola; Lion, C'lift, A p.lacliicole : K.I17. ibeth, Canard, Mobil', Conimerc, Parson*. Klncat""; Charlotte. Beat, tli? bar .ground, St Leon, Oneco, Nonautuin, ind V7m Olen Ande'ion. N> tlnn* in eight in the < Ifia*. WANTED?A rrapectahle wotnau aa wet nune, # take a child to h-r own 'evidence One that bat lo?t her child would he pref red Ad.lre-a A ,M. Herald Office. mO It* r WANTED?A young man. Ill veaia of age, and ofgood education,is deairona of obtaining eioplovnient iu a whole tale grocery, hardware, dry goods or bookstore, or at any respect* b'e buunras. A line add.raaed to W M.O., at thia office,will meet with punctual atten iou. m'J 3t*ec Y\T ANTED?Bv a yonng man, a nutation to travel with any yv cntlemen who wau'e an attendaut, or would take a situ tinn aa light porter in out-door clerk. City reference given. Apply at I Barclay aireet, American Hotel, in1) li*ec "IITANTED?By a rrapertauU young wiunm, a aituaiton to " do the conking, waahiug aud ironing ol a ainall private family. Beat of city references can be given Inquire ai No. 42 Wall atreet mt lt?m \tTANTED?By two reipn table young Woinru, with eood city tefereucia, liitiatioua, one na chambermaid ar d the o'hur ai waiter, in a private lauiile. They would bo willing to usual ill washing and ironing, and would be found of infinite advantage in n respectable family. Arpl cations to be made at No. 51 CourtUudt street, up aiaira. m9 2t*r IIJ ANTED?A Capable and indttstricu I Hep rtt r fur a daily " n'wapaper. Apply by letter addreaaed Jo X, to be left at thia oilier. mB2t?

\X7 ANTED.?A respectable woman aa Wet Nune, intake " a child at her own reatdcace. Address J B, office of thia paper- in 7-3t*ec AOENCV WANTED.?A gentleman occupy lug a ato'e (open to the atreet) In the upiier part of Wall atreet, near Broadway, la desirous to umleri ake the agency of anme maunfactunrg, mercantile, patent, or any other rcapectable business. Apply to hoi No 111 Upper Pott Office. in5 Im'endr MWe DOLLARS it ),WABD?Loat, on the ?<l of May, in Batchy atreet, a mull white Poodle Dog, hit .back r Inved to liia ahoutdrra. Apply at 179 Broadway. in9 3 *r MLOvT?Yeifrday, in Chambers s'reet, a amall Spanish Poodle Dog The finder will be amiably re warded by leaving it at Itii office. rn9 :pr T 08T.?tin h lid tv evening, April 2#th, at the Uuaduloiipe I A I ' i . rw ? r f ).? T ,1 ..-I- ? k-l - containing five $10 notes ef the Thinaix B.iuk of tins ejty The limler will be suitably rewardr d bv returning the same at No. 83 Greenwich at m7-3'*r BIRDS. DOR 8 A L1C?A lot of choice canary binla, very good singers " and in a heallhv itate I P?rs >i a aonut p> rehash g would do well to call at Commerical Hotel, 7J Courtlaadt street. m9 *t*m IO. of G. F.?The brethren of Constitution Lodge No. I Independent Order of Good Fellows, are hereby notified that the regular quarterly meeting will be held on Tneaday evening next. May 9th, at the Lodge-room.3' 0 East Broadway The attendance of the brother] ia particularly requested, nj bu ineas of importance haa to be transacted. By order of WILLIAM J. PIKE, G. P. HENRY HADKINB, G.. Secretary. mti 8 9 3t?r AKEW GENTLEMEN of steady habits cau be accemmo dated with good board and pleasant rooms in a private family, at 204 Fulton street. Also, a few day bonders can be accommodated on the most reasonable ttrm. A parlor and bedroom to let, with or without board. a5ec IMPOSITION?The undersigned trels its his duty to cxiiosa to the public.an impaiition which i? rrsctised u|hiu travelb rs between New York and Baltimore. A Ticket, a copy of which is given below, was sold to me in New Fork, this morning. The person who soldi or, lassu-ed me that it would securs my passage by the Railroad to Bait more, Iroin Pi iladelphia. I would cantionthe travelling i uhlie against parchasing such tickets, which a-e for PECK k LORE'S CANAL BOATS, and which are sold under false repre-euta'iotis. It will he seen that it is, in addition, a Korwnid Deck Ticket, for which I was charged two dollars, when their price is only $1. CHARLES MOLTON. Philadelphia, May 7th 1843 ol New Hampshire. [corx ] , Passage TICKET lor Baltimore, via. Camden and Amboy Railroad Line to Philadelphia, and Peck k Lore's Steamboat Line to Baltimore. Office in NEW YORK, No. 10 West street. Office, PHILADELPHIA. No. 19 South Wharves. New York, May 7, IMS. Received of M'dfon, the fare for the pusa^e of one person to Baltimore. Korwaid Deck. ~"^iOlb?. of Baggage free to each passenger. mt it?m 8. CENTER it Co. rrHK IMPROVED SIX-BARREL SELF-COCKING X PISTOL?To Dealers in Fare Arms and othera.?Those who have been to the habilof purchasing AUenN Self-Cock inn Pistol, called by toine Bolrii's Patent, and hive been deterred from purchasing those manufactured by ns from threats of prosecution by them, are respeclfu ly iuformetl that the suit recently pending between as, was decided in our favor by a jury in the U. 8. Circuit Court, Judi(e Thnuitson presiding on the 29th of April, who were convinced by the evidence of many prae icil sun makers and machinists, and who pronounced it to b* a much better made article, anil constructed on au entire different principle, tseiDg much more simp'e in the working psrts , consequently less liable tofctet out of repair Those iu want of the above article are iotormed that they cenbe|urchaied at a lower price than auy other Self Cocking Pistol now iu use. aud are invited to call and examine for ilirmseltes. m9 ll*r BLU *T It STM8, 45 Chatham sC HAIR CUTTING! IIAIK CUTTINO! HAIR CUTTING HILL, the inimitable Hair Cutter, Lakes this method of informing his fri'ndsaud the public iu ireneral, chat he has removed from the Toutiue Building to his Old Stand. No. 8f> Pearl atreui, up stairs, immediately adjoining the I'earl Street House, where he will he pleased to operate on all who may favor him with a nil, in nit truly inimitable sty le of Hair Catling, which, for eleganceof design and beauty of execution, surpasses auy thins of the kind heretofore introduced into the United States The various brauches of woik done at the following moderate prices :? Inimitable Hair Cutting, 12)4 cents. Do do Curling, 12)2 " 8 perior Slmving, 6\ " n>9 lm?r rPHK TREASURER of the Fire Department Fund, with A much pleasure sckaowtedges lite receipt of One Hand red Dollars, as a donation from the Guardian Fire Insurance Compauy. Also, a further donation by the hands of Martin W. Kmmona Est , of Sixty-two Dollars and Sixty Csnti, being the proceed of tale of furnitnre aud cash in the funds of Knickerbocker Fire F.ugiiie Cnmpiuy No. It, the same being appropriared to the Fi re Dei?rttnrnt Fund, by a vote of the said Company. New York, May ttn, 181). JOHN S. GILES, ml It'ic Treasurer F. D Fund. rpHE NKW YORK LEGAL OBHF.RVER is published A every Saturday, at 4) Ann streat, New Yr rk, and contains Reports of Cases dreided iu the Circuit and District Courts, Silling iu Admiralty, both civil and criminal, the Assistant Vice Chancellor's Court?the Superior Court, aud the Court of Common Pleas. Also, all the recent decisions of importance in .lie English Courts?Prrcliesl Points?Remarkable Trials? ketches of the Bench and Bar?Legal Appoint meets? Obituary? Mlscrllgneous.ltc., Ike The termiare oue shilling a copy or $5 per anDum, in xdvauee. SAMUEL OWEN, Editor and Proprietor. (JT?* Volume I of this work is published, handsomely bound, price S3. This volume contains all the important cases in Bausruptcy. m9 3l*r COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, DAY AND EVENING. No. 109 NASSAU STHEET. 'T'HE AMERICAN Standiril System of Wntirg, tanglit by A Vr. P. J. Arnauld, from Albany?the only infallible method to become a finished writer in the coarse of five lo | eight lesions, of one hour each. Succ-is is gin ran teed to all, I from the ?so of 12 to fO Such unsreevdented iinnrevetnent on I this beautiful style of writinz to truly scientific, that the most sceptical hate yielded to the evidence Teiint tro erate. Only one dollar and filty cents for the conr<e of lessons. Book Keeping, double and single entry.?A complete modern yttem of tiuf(le entry, or double entry iniidified.oy whirh the tame remit it obtained at that kejir in d >nble entry. Alto, double entry book keeping, in lite different forme, acquired in from six weckaio two tnonthi Kite uollitra foi the count of 1 'it xuct ont. Mr. Araa'.ld, at hit leiture hi urt, coutmuei to wile up, post and bslarcr tradesmen's and mediants boots, to mike out the state of affairs, to etamine and verify bookt or acconntt gone iuto disorder, to a jint individual and partnership concent ' .and to fund >h specimens or plant of hooks adadpled to any hut mess, arranged by the most simple, concise and satisfactory fount. N. B ?Mr. A. will give instiuctioua at the residence if required, and in ac ldcmies, on moderate terms. References?I o John S Van He ussclaer, Esq. at Hows rd't Hotel; Alderman Ar old Nelson, aud to the office of the 8uv tlay Merctny. ml) and 2wr THE Public are cautioned against negotiating the following Notes, as they I.ate hern lost or stolen, vis:?O K Choiwell's note .dated Nor. 10, I8t7,al finds, for $I3S.37 and endorsed W P Daytou's note, dated Dec It, lilt, at Gm'a, tor S4'i6.42, and eudorsed. Stephen Krost's note to order of and endorsed by Griffin Williamsou.dati d January, 2d, 184:), at 9 n's for $G?.?2 K A Lette-. Jas Minot and I has J Orton's joint note, dated July II, 1142. at 3m's, for $373 15. and endorsed. New York. May 4. 1843. m 0 2t*gc PIANO FOHTJC.? A great bargain?An elegant manog.anv hollow earner, AH octave Piano Forte, on plinth and standard*, mad* by NnnntA Claik. and sold by theui about four years ago for $850; it is now offered for ssie at a very reduced p'ice, ihe owner being about to leave the city. It hat been but very little nsed, and will be warranted to be in perfect order. It may be seen at Nu-ns A Clark's ware room, No !4l) Broadway, opposite the Park. m 8 ?2t* HKLMONT HOUSK, NKW BRIGHTON. r|'HK snbtc'iber begs leave to inform his friends and the pub -1 lie, that tie has taken the above well known house, wnicli has he< ii thoroughly repnii ed and pyutrd in the best manner, n- wly luruithed thioughoul, and will be open-d on the first of May Mat. '1 lie I'oute is delightfully situated immediately opposite the st-smboat landimr, and from its pis/...ia commands a viewcilendinit up ike Kills aud over the hty aud harbour of New York. To lliosde etirons ol a pleasant residence during the summer months, |>c>aseasiug the aiia.images of line salt wstei bathing, together with beautiful drives and walks, and eouve merit access to the city every two hoists by steam, the Beltnont House offers inducements unsurpassed by any Othrr on the Itl.-.ud, aud the subscriber trusts that lilt former efforts to give satisfaction as proprietor of the Pavilion, with his renewed detenu inn ion to spare no pains to render lot house agreeable, will riiaure him Ihe continuation of a psrtiou of the patronage lie baa heretofoie been favored with. GEO HOE PIE HI ft. New Brkihtor. April 18, 1843. an Usstfr rPHOBE LADIK-t who are rriioiating their dwelliuga, at a I coirq liinrnt to llie seati n. when all it buoyant a. d giv, may be furnished With Fancy < or Tisane P iper, lor the cover inn 01 p . lire nam ?, lo <aiiig glasses, raiiiiie sticks, rati, srste aprons. lull lump , lie fcr , which will greatly ornament, at a very tr Mint! etpenae, at 101 Canal si reef, 2d below Vaiick. mGlm'jcb WATCHES, DIAMONDS, dec. fPHK Subscriber having retired from tlie late firm of (Jel 'ton, I.nlil St Co. has commenced business at the corner of B oail and Wall street*, opposite the Custom House, for toe sale of fine Watches, Diamond* and (Kntk men's Jewelry,at prices in accordance wttli the timet. All Diamond Jewelry bought of the anhacriher will here I or-hased by him after d/dueling 7 per cent; tnrrrhy offering to pardoners an opportauity to convert their diamouda into money at any time they may please. Kiue Duties, Li ver and Lepina Wgfchee, which hetcnii recommend and warrant as good lime keepers?also,Gold Cham, I'enril Cases, Watch Keys, fcc. Silver Knrks, Spoons, and Tea Sets, of the newest patterns, ami very best quality and workmanahip at 5 per cent advance on the in.v.iu lUelurei's prices. All the above articles shall he c piil to the h-st mule in New York. Watches and Clocks repaired under his personal aitpeiintenduice, with ihe assistance of the beat workmru. Diamonds, Prarls and other kprecion* Stones aud Silver bought or tichanged, WM. K. LADD, 12 W ill street, opposite the Custom House. aid lis is m WATCHCK AND JKWKLLLKV lower man ever.?/vi the subscriber is cousmutly reeeiviug all descriptions of , gold and silver watch- a. of tlie newest atyles, direct from the manufacturers, m Kngland, Kiaure, and Switr.erland, he is enabled til offer a larger assortment, nnd at innrl, less prices, ai Irt.nl. thin WIT other hnnie in the city. (Jo|,| w.itchn a* low **l|}r?rh. YVatrhei no.I jewelljry eicharnteil or binithi All witchri wirrmteil to keep noml time, or the money returned. Wetchee, clock* ?nd jewellery repairwl in the be?l mntiaer, end wimoted lower thin it hut other ptnee in the city. <?. Allen, importer of witchei ind jrfwrlfrry whole eie end retail, h?|Wil( ilreet, up itairi. |al2-lm 101*01 AUCTION SALES. I THOMAS BM.I,, Audi xieer. Br BELL k HOWARD. | (BUrtt lfjt.lt Ann a tut 115 fultc* ? ??' > TUESDAY, At 10^ o'clock in the sales room. Moit ritrunre sale of dry kooiIi, clothing, clolh?. plrdcrd articles. hosiery, jewelry, end all ku.ds of roods in the lauey wsy. WEDNESDAY, At IIIW n'rhwlr. in rhe Sties Rooms Large talc of luw and arcoad hard 'ur-iirurr of all dnscri|? linos? Comprising a* interesting and valuable a variety ?l housekeeping articles ai hia b.-en presented to the public t his icaaon. Alio rooming room furniture, counters, desks So A" OCT ION BALE, b? IKCKflTR k ROUbH, Km yet Spring street?FURNITURE AIM) 1AI( FiXTURF.8.?On Tu-aitav, M y 9(h, at 10 o'clock, at 4lS Broadway, the ectirs furniture, tivures aud pictures of the Broacway Shades, confuting in part (f splendid cutgl.ua decanters, wine and champagne gleeier, tumblers, common do, marble | top and mahogany tables, firsi rale bar room and other chaira. , oyater a'andi and otner fixtures, slats cases. enun'er, 8tr. Alan, a large nun her of Oil r.iiutitiic? and oilier Pictures Sale posilm-. DP) U* AUCTION NOTtCE-Will be aold this day at 10 o'elotk, in (he atom 3)3 Broadway, a large assortment of Wines, Liquors and Segars. bv caul guv, consisting of ram, brandy and gin in wood and gUs-. SAlao. Port Madeira, Sherry, Hock, Baraac, Stein Claret, Champagne, &r 'Alau, 13,0(10 Havana 81 gar', " Fauatr r" hiand. to be ar II without reaeive to repay advancea. Alio, 50,000 l'nnci|>e aud Havana Hegarf, Alio, about 35 demijohna of L |iior?, wi'h which the su'c will commence. mO It* AU' T ON NOTICE?Uahlisa in Pou?A.LTVY~~wiTl aell on Tuesday morning, at 11 o'clock, it I.H Bmsdway, 400 pota of choice dhi Dahlias, many new aorta Thcte I) ddias are from the same Kloriat, whoae collection gave iinivera.il av tiafaction the lart season. without any exception. Also a number of other plants aa will be datailea on the morning of tale, m 8 2t* teA TO LET?OKEKNWOOD COTTAHE, Oowauua, Brooklyn, contiiuing aix rooms, cellar aud wood houav, JlJULwuti large garden. It |ia beautifully situated on the he gnts. and commanda an unobitructed view of theRay.Staten Island, New Yoik, Ac. Distance from the Sonth Ferry, two nnd a half miles Omnibusses pa?s the end of the, street aeveral times daily To a respectable family the rent will ho low. Erqiue of ft MARTIN U Co. 36 John shear, New York, oral the Toll Bridge, loot of Court street, Brooklyn. n>9 lw*in FOR SALE, EXCHANGE FOR A FAKM, OH TO LET, possession given immediately, rh.* F.agle HOTEL, m.the village of Sing Sing?one of ihrbest, ir mot quite, situations in Westchester Couuty, for a tavern and ooarding house Any person having a farm wi'lnn 5(1 oi I (in miles of New York citv. or wsliiuir to hire, will please full and ire, or addir-M a line to C BACON, on the premises, or to A. LOCKWOOI), Kic|. Sing Sing. N. H.?The whole properly, house, out houses, alore and ground are valued at (6000. Kent low. Sing Hing,!)'h May, 1843 m9 1'.*r JOHN HENLEY, BANK AGENCY AND EXCHANGE OFFICE, FOR THE COLLECTION OK BILLS, NOTES. DRAFTS, *c. kc. MONTGOMERY. ALA. REFERENCE Mevin. Maxwell St Co. 1 " Peme 01 Brooki, I " Jacob Little A Co. S New York. " I'erkim A Hopkins, I " Abraham Bell k Co. J ' St. John Powers kCo ) M h:. A. " Whitaker k Sampson, { Mob"e- AlaJohn Whiting, Esq , Cashier ol ] Branch Rank, I Jack ThirrioKton, Esq., / Montgomery, Ala. P. D. Siyer, Esq. I Phillipi k MnmforJ, J _rn1lm a* ec FARE M OO SECOND CABIN, 1 OO FARE REDUCED. GREAT SOUTHERN k WESTERN MAIL ROUTE. AhTERNOON LINE TO BALTIMORE. Datlv, (eiceot Holidays) at 4 o'clock, from Dock si wharf. By Citizens' Union Line, via New Castle and Krenchtown Kai'rpad, and the swift and spler.did stramhoa's ROBERT MORRIS, Captain Douglass. OH O, " Davis. CONSTITUTION, " Chaytor. k GEO. WASHINGTON, " Trippe. Through from Philadelphia to Baltimore in seven hours and a In If. To commence on Monday, May 8th, leaving Dock street wharfdailv, Sundays escrpled.at 1 o'clock, P.M. carrying the lireut Southern and Western Mail', and the only Afternoon Line connecting with the Lines for the South and West, from Baltimore. Passengers leaving New York via the morning line, will always arrive in time for'.his lint, and be in Ba lunore the same evening This is the ouly Line of Steamboats ranting in conn*clion Willi tee Railroad to and from Baltimore. W. L. ASHMEAD, Agent. m!)3t*m Doek street whaif. FOR HALE?'I HE KACE|BOAT "WAVE,^which for J- speed and beauty of model is probably unequalled, either with loar or six oars, length ihiity-nuie leet. Apply to WM. CRULIUS, the Builder, _jn6 (titr 100 Water street. PWIVT1TPU' AMU niMnpu ?> ws in.'onniuu i iviii xuibu an u uiii i/uito Noi. 29 and 31 Gold street, N. York, April. 1843. PRICE8 greatly reduced. The hoe printin-o press machine and saw MANUFACTORY, in consequence of the addition of new and improved machinery to their works, and the reduction in the rost of materials and labor, are enabled greatly to reduce the prices ol their Presses, and of Printers' anil Binders' materials generally. as will be seen by their newly printed circujar, to winch they bee leare to refer. This establishment is still under the personal superintendm?ce of Richard M. Hoe and Robert Hoe. and they assure their fneud? lliat, notwithstanding the great reduction in prices, nil srtic'es manufactured hy this establishment shall retain the hiith reputation which they hare hitherto sustained. It will also he their constant endeavor to improve the quality of them in every |>articular. They flatter themselves also that their old friends will not only continue their favois, hut tint Printers/feu-tally will appreciate their cmleavora to liiroiali the very best articles at barely remunerating prices. Ordets from any pmt of the cottony for all article! used by Printers or Binders, including Types, Ink, Paper, Sic., will be executed with the greatest caie and promptitude, and on the best terms. Jobbing work and repairing will be aone at the lowest possible prices, with every attention and expedition. * N. B.?All articles manufactured by this establishment will be stamped R. HOE a co ,so that persons from abroad aiay not be imposed open with spurioui articles, made ia imitation of rhens. Punters of uewtpapers who publish this advertisement, with this note, three times before the first of July next, and scud one of their papers to us, will be entitled to payment of their bill on buying four times the amount .if it. apMisr ALAN80N NASH, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS, he. T) EMOVKD from 26 Beckman, to 1(19 Nassau St., up stairs.? Mr. Nash will sire his careful and p oinpt personal aiten tinnttn" all business that may be confided in hu charge in the United Statea Courts, and all other couita in this city. m7-itjt*r TNOOR PLATES! DOOR PLATES'.-Those in want of Le a handsome, cheap and durable Silver Plated "r Brass Door Plate, c>n obtain the above article at R ROBERTS'Silver Plating, Engraving and Door Plate Establishment 167 Bowery. Also, Metallic Numbers, a new and hesuiiful article for numbering dwelling houses, church pews, ship state rooass. lie. R. IIOBEKTb, 167 Bowerv. mC lm*r 4th door shove Broome St., east side. "I? HANOI 8' PATENT LIFE BOAT.' Office No. 7 r Wsllwwet mXl T ISTEN TO THE VOICE OF TRUTH??As long as " the systemaiie, deceptive, viper-like destroyer of unprotected and humble female innocence meets the smile of approbation and encouragement, instead of scorn and detestation, from such respectable a'quaintances ai their wealth or sta'ion may give them, so long wul Hunter's Red Drop fiud purchaaers. And we would say to the strain at a gnat and swallow a camel soil of people, (hit faint at the light of the remedy, to think of the mauy thousand vic'ims of deception it lis* hren the means of reforming, who wonld have been hnrried to their graves, and nothing on earth saved them but this medicine, which is warranted to cure all cites nnder all circumstances. Price $1 i>er rial ir>9 li*r MEDICAL AID. OR GREGORY may be roDtnlted confidentially at all hoars of the day or evening,at hit private residence. No II Barclay sirret, near Broadway. He has been very successful iu the treatment M mauy "half cured" ea-ri which sometimes result from concealed or hidden causes, but oftener from mistaken or me-perieneed practitioners. Another important consideration which ha? not keen overlooked, is the adapting of remedies to the convenience of patients hi geneially d-?ire to obtsm a cure at speedy and at privately at |>ossiblt. The Doctor is also consulted in esses where the conslitntion hat been injured hy certaiu indiscreet habits of youthful indulgeucies which produce a traiu of pains and ev.lt rilled "Co* ttrntional drbilitv." m9 It r F'VKKY HUMAN HAIR ii a ptihcl tibr, tiw innnmera< ble ramifications of the arteries branch along it* iDtier surface. ThfMglitlMUM ve**cl? th* blood, wh ahimparts vicaHiy to the hiir, circulates, and when I'om obitruc ioo* in porr'jof the scalp the sttpp'y of blood anil moistures is cut Of, the h?ir loac* it* slot*, becomes diy and harsh, end fall* off Now it it obrions that mleis the pores o'the scalp be opened, the capillary action of the blood restored, and the icnrf and dandruff proceeding from suppressed persp raitou r? moved, baldness must speedily en-u-. JANES'. HAIR TONIC will produce all these ? ff eta?nay more, it will re-clothe the baldtplaces with vigorous and Insurant (leases, and ensure a healthfulaml redundant growth ofhai-, as long at it it oted in couformiiy sailh (he printed directions whirh accompany each bottle, and to which are appended nnmsrutis testimonials of its elfirtcy, from some of our moat distinguished clergymen, and physicians. Hold by A B. k L>. Hands, druggists. No. 79 Fulton street; A. B. Hindi k Co., No 271 Broadway; f). Hands St Co., No. 77 Fast Br isdway I'rice >1. mfl fitinsr AUK YOU tr u'ded with a feeling oppression alter eating .' I l)o yon eiprrtence a f-ior ami ili7.T.r triiaatiou alter tahtiig strong a *1 rcise 7 Are ton afllie'ed with gripini or spasmodic paint in the stomach si d bowels? Are yon auuoyed with some erurtationa and other symptoms of imperfect digestion 7 Hare yon a dill I ut constant pain in your rijht side, in between your shnn'ders 7 Do yon esperience nnesstness in the region of the kidney, accompanied by shooting pe.insof the hack I In one word, liarc ycu any of the symptoms which denote a disorderid state of the stomach the towels, or the nerm 7 If the answer it affirmative, and yon wish to change'it ta a hearty ami ioyous negative, try a bottle or two of JAYNK'S TONIC Vf.KMIFUUE. and, unless there is a malformation in yoor organ.e structure, we gnar,inter a care Hold by A B k D. Hands, druggists. No. 79 Fn'Cnn street; A. B. Hsuds k Co., No. 27] Broadway; I) Hands k to No. 77 F.att Broadway tnfi f.tinar THE NKW YORK MEDICAL ANI) SURGICAL INHTITUTK, No. 7i Chain hers street, TJSTABLIHHKD TO RENDER TO THE AFFLICT; Vj KI) round and Sri<-utilie Medical Aid. All kind of div ea.es will be treated, and mirgieal operations of every de.cnp lion performed m (lie irnm careful and acienliiic manner. One of the lint orouliata ill the city will atleml to the treatment ol all diaeaaes of the eye and ear. Particular attention it paid In the treatment ol all female complaint*. Patient* who ileaire it will be visited at their huuaea. Thoae whore means are limited will mily be reipiijfd 10 pay for their ineditinea. Three or fonr rooma are provided for private consults lion. The ding deperlnient it attended by an apnlhecaiy ol treat eipenence, and all medicine, tliipeii.ed may he relied on it pure and genuine. Capping and leeching will be done|at the ahorteat not tee. Open dav and night. Patient* from the country wiahiug to avail themselvra of the treat ndvautagra tliia luatltn'iun per. ease. in the treatment of icriifulnn. affrcinn*, ciitnneoua iliacaari, and .urgical operationa, cau he accommodated with board \ud rooma in ita inure! il.te vicinity. DK. HOMER BO8TW1CK, At'eiidiiig Physician and Surgeon, 75 ('/hamheii it. id house wen 01 Broadway Phi* limitation i* iiuder In* patronage and cominendanou ol tlia following gentlemen _ KKV. DK. KD. Y. HIUBEIE. 1 KP.V. I)H. W. C. KKV. Dl(. IIKO. POTT*. KKV. DK. ti. BPKINU. j aWlml.ee KKV. UK. WHHOItDhH I POftTUOUESE FEMALE PILLS. TilKHS-far famed end ealel rated Pills, from I orlujial, ara I w* prreaive. to be ohtaiaed in this cooalrr. Secladvaittog MX MMtbrlMt mu* m* ? AMUSEMENTS. PAMK TflKATKK. T?'l* Ey/'.NINO, will be reformed CLANDESTINE MAHHJAOK- I ot'I Olli-h*. Mr PJ??-i<Je ; Mica Hi?rliD? , r* H?,nl Mi?? Julm Ttirnbull wil! Bppetf in ft&l K?r?M 'u t'Auilncii'. To confltnU with M M- 1HM ?A(JMA>?Suiki the Batman, Eland.; | Miry M'kki, Mr? l.uvell. I 10 e"; l',?' ? ??1 ft* Door* open at 7; I |Wlf<? rn Iir?*ro?imenre at lull IWIT, .... r??ruu TUATWBi Mil FORHKST ami V|ss CLIFTON KOK MVE TM,8rEVKfNliS0' BHIJT I S?Bruin,. Mr Ferret; Titui, Mr Th?rue : Tall,,. Mi?? J IlifVn. To ' ouc'nde wilh.hr GAMBLEH'S KATK-Albert Germe.n Mr CI?n?;Lindorf 0 Maiehell; Julia, Mr, Meduoo; Med Belconr, Mr, JuJah. Price, of AiImwmioii? lire,, Cirri* in r nt,-. Second an' Third Tien33; I'll I2)i; Oallerv lrl< .run. Do.hi ?[>en br'orr 7?enttiiii rue. it 7l, o'clock precisely. nITCH KLL'N OLV .71 Hit, TUfciA ? 55 Mr Dann'i Benefit. THIS EVENING, will h. pe-fanned. HAM I'AHH ? Bum Purr Mr Mitchell. Afer which * CONCEBT To be 'o'lowril hv GUY MANNK.HIN'O?Hnirr Urrtrim, Mr I Inii ii Coinir Dane* bv Mauler Wood. To cooelnde w ih THK lll/MPBACK?Wily Wilier., Mr Milehtll. Mrs Wnlteru, Mr, Loder ii/- I in Uoori will bo opened ( 7, and ih< * omiuti commence at half-ain 7. everv evening. AHKKICAN MIMKUft. Lut wrrli ol the much admired and Magnificent MODKL OK I'AHIS, AI.L IN CARVED WOOD, covering in ere* of 21# fret, end representing ererr portion of ihit great city with iurh perfect ircurirvth.it persona who here been in Pirn ' in imiut out the verv huui* iu whirh they lived PHMFKSSOH J.OAHVKY k - ON, will perform their Wonderful Ki|iiilihrium, itnl (Jymnai'ir,. Mr HIIKMMaN, the beautiful P.Had Singer, Vim ADELAIDE PHILI.IPS, the heel D?neeuee in America. ... A LIVING 8"A DOG. from Nrw Foandlend. ENORMOUS SERPENT, 20 fret lone The Melodim" Gil\?nir Gold and Silver Plitin*! Albino Le dy. H aucy OUe, Blowing' ind MO,000 curio, nice. Day vi,iter, admitlrd nine evening lire. Admieeton to iMinemn and entertainment, 23 rent,?children I elf price. PKAIiK S 1KW VOIIK KIllMlVa Broadway, oppneite the City Hall. Mr. H. BENNETT, Manager. KEDIH'ED PRU.K?ADMISSION ONE SHILLING The pillowing eminent performer, will ap,, nr?Mi>? MAKY D ARLING, th? accomplished KurhantrrM; Mr. DKLAKl/K.the unrivalled Mimir; I.A PETITE CKRITO. the liraceful Datum,'. Mr. H. BEN DA I.I,, the celebrated Comic siiiger The Miimere Twiu, a, lame a, life; a lame Sei Dor, neatly 12 feet lour; An mormon* Serpent, The Melodi.n play, a variety of Overtnrei. Afternoon eutertainmenta on Saturday at 3 o'clock. Day viailera admitted the lamo eveuinr Iree of charge. Perforinanera in the Lecture Hootn to eoinmenre at 1 o'clock. CASTLE GAKUKJV. THK proprietor, ofOastle Garden reipectfnlly inferm the Snhlir- ill,r tliev have erected, at a great expense. n eplendid 'ounratu, with innumerable atreame. and ,n fixed ai to give a nrw ilnpUv if the Crot'U every week throughout the eenaon, together with the otner altera'iona in the interior ; be,idea a inmnificent Premenade ontaide the caatle wall, eommnnicating by a large doorway through the centre, which given to the pect.itor a view of the whole of the Bay, Narrow,, adjacent i.lande, Ike,, that cuinotbe narpaa-ed in the whole world, and that the rame will l>? opened for the eeaeon thi, day, with the Aninrrraary ol the Sunday School Utuor? i alght bevond all JaxautnHnn CII CUi1 U ?" * '?- l?WI? urrun|>tM/u rusiiivn <x TV C4tarsi\. m'J ltr MONS. BLEY'S GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, PREVIOUS TO 1118 DEPARTURE FROM N YORK MONH BLEY. First Violin Solo player at lh< Utdmn Musicale io Paris, begs to announce a Grand Vocal; and Instrumental Concert, at the APOLLO ROOM, on Thursday. the llth loatant, a'liated by the following moat eminent talent:? MADAME SUTTON. MON8. F RAKEMAN, MONS. TIMM, And other eminent aitiatet. At the ani'Keatiou ol many friends Mens. Bley baa pot hie lieketa at SO centa, to lie had at the Mnatc Storea and Ho tela and at the door. For programme aee amall billa. Concert to commence at o'clock. _ ml 3t r MR. HOSIER'S CONCERT. APOLLO ROOMS, WEDNESDAY. May 1(1. BEETHOVEN'S raatoral Symphony, Mendelaohn'a Midanmiuer Night's Dream; Weber'a Jubilee Overture,will be pla. ed by n nimirn.na orchestra. Thiee old Italian and English Madrigala, will be anng by twnnty voices, Itc. he. Full nartieulara in amall billa. Mra C E Horn, Mr Auatin Phillip*. Mr Maynard, MrMaaacti, Mr Merer, Mr Scha fcubcrg, Mr Timm, Mr AJpera, Mr Marks. Mr J A Kyle, Coniluetora, Mcaara O Lodcr and F W Roaier. Tickrta SI each, to be had at the residence of Mr Ho?ier, Ml Pearl at'cct; at the principal Muaie atores, and at tha door on Ihe evening of performance. m Ht* SINGING. AAADAM SUTTON, hayimt arranged to i etorn to Italy the hry inning of Angnit. par|>oaea receiving pupils nntil that time,to give limaliing icaaona 111 the Italian, French, and English style of Singing Her method ia tliat puraued l.y Bordogni and Vatrai, the first maatera in F.nrope, increaaina tiie atvength and compata with aaloniahing rapidity. Her nu| lie will have the ndviintage o( her aiDging with them, which can be nnnned by maatera aloue, who ihave been eminent ainuera. Lattice desirous of availing thematlvea oC Madam Sntion'a limited stay, may ascertain terms, he., by application at 7T t.'hamben atract, from 9 o'clock till 2 aaSS bn'r THEATRE FOR HKNT. A ri'LIC ATIONS will he received nutil Ihe 19th instant,for O leasing th? Maryland Theatre, on Frontal , Baltimore. This laige Theatie ia fitted op for Equestrian as well as for Dramatic i? rfornianret, ? in good condition. II well stocked Willi Scenery, Machinery, lie., and will seat abouttwenty-five hundred persons. Application* to he addressed to the Secretary of the Maryland Theatre Company. Baltimore. mti utt r AM FOR ALBANY TKOy.and Intermediate fl- ela Place* ?The aplendtd low preuure ateamboal if aCfcBWALLOW, Captain McLean, will leave the foot of C'ourtlandt atreet on Tueaday afternoon. May 9th at 5 o'clock. The abovr i* a aubitantial boat, fitted up with elegant Stat* Honma, and Tor accummodaliou la unrivalled on the Hudaon. m 'i KAUK AND HRKIUI1T REDUCED. aMft asm REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOB PROCV - LCa*VIPKNCK AND BOSTON. Via 8TONlE Or aL.I\GTON AND NKWPORT?Compoaed of the follow i nt; auperior ateamera, running in connection with the Stoningtmi and Boston and Providence Railroad*;? w. MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comatcek. RHODE ISLAND. PROVIDENCE NARBAfUNSETT. Capt Woolaey. MOHEOAN, Cant Thayer. Oue of which will leave N?w York daily (Snndaya ricepted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 3 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The NARRAOAN8KTT, Cap'ain Woolaey, on Monday. Wednesday aud Eiiday for Stenin(ton The RHODE I9LA ND, Captain Thayer, on Turaday and T mraeav for Stoningtitn, and Saturday for Htoniuitrou, Newport and Providence. Passengers on the errival of the ateamboal* at Stotungton, will tike the railroad* car* ami proceed immediately to Provi deuce, and if bonnd for Newport will take the iieamer lelae from iliemce on Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Batnrdava.without any additional charge. Ticket* for the ronte aud steamer*' berth* can be accnrtd on board, O' at the office of ni'l lim in HARNDEN k CO., i Wall street. ~ M SOWN I) PILOT. TTWEN PRE9COTT, Pilot, take* charge aa master of ves" ael* bonnd to New Bedford, Nantneket Shoals, Boeton, Portsmouth, Portlaod, Kenneber.k, and OTHER PORTS east of New Votk. Office at Etye k Shaw'i, 231 Water street, corner Bee km an Reference to a number oi Merchant*, ana the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boston, and Portland. alt Imiar 1AF PASSAGE EoiTLONDON?Picket l(ih MayThe splendid,fast sailing packet ship MONTREAL, JHRhf 'apt E. U.'Tiukrr, will sail positively as abovs, her regu at dsy. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage insseiigers, for passage early application should bo made on hoard, or to W. A J T. TAPSCOTT. ni2r 42 Peek Slip cor South at. PASSAGE FOR LONDON?Packet of the 10th Mar?The superior fast stilling packet ship MONJBmNbTKKAL, Captain Tinker, will sale a* above, her regular day. Hu superior accommodations for cabin, seeond cabin and trrrage jiaraengcrs. Feraom wish-ne to embark should make early application to JOHN HKKBMAN, 61 South atract. N. B.? Persons lending for their friend* residing in Oreat Britain aud I-eland, ran hare them brnuaht out oa utnal, by any of the shjps composing ihn line; and Jrafta fnrnished for tny amount. payable without discount throughout the United Kirgdmn. Apply as above. m]r "V(Th LONDON?Regular Packet or the 10th o kflV^Vay ?The rery superior last sailing packet ship JHMLmONTHKAL, Capiaiu 'tinker, will sail as above her regular day. Having very superior aecommodationa for cabin, second ca Inn, and steerage passengers; persons wishiog to embark should make early application on board foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Tine street, corner of South street. Persons wishing to send for their friends, can have them brought oat by the above ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if be letter, post-paid. r rOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Regular Parker of *Atl- May.?The 8pleudid Packet Ship flBBtawSIIERfOAN, Captain S Depeyater, of 1009 tona will jiositively sail as above, her regular day. for freight or passage, having accommodations nnnjaalled for splendor or eomfort, apply on board, at Orleans orhsrf, foot of Wall street, or to K. k. COLLINS It CO. it South atraol. I'rice of passage. $100. 1 ne Packet Ship (fan eh, Cart. Wm Skiddy, of 1M loin, will succeed the Shcritlau, and sail the 2ilh of June, her regular day. Letters for the ships ol this line will only be received at Oilp.n't and Hale's News llooui. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line tailing pnnetnal ly ?1 advertised mTr lAy lASSAOe. HDlt 1. IV EM POOL -Packet! Mb MTJjy V A spit ndid picket 11111' wll he despatched and AMmKoviiI positively as above her regular day. Ilmm splendid accouimodationt lor cabin, second cabin ud steerage rastcugers, for passage early application ihost'd be made on board, or to W 8tJ T. TAP8COTT, mil 03 Peck Slip cor South it. d? FOR LIVERPOOL (British vesscll-The well rfJWV known very fast tailing ship CIIE8TKH, Captain dNUtawJohn Doyle, will shave despatch for the above port For freight or rasaage. having handvorao areiimmndauoDs for 14 cabin passengeis, whit h will be taken on rrodrrato teimi, apply on hoard at Pier 12 Ksal Hirer, or 10 ROCHE, BROTHERS It Co Fnltoi it. rn'ir neat door to the Feltoo Bank. FOR I.IVEKl O t) L?ViegoTariwrVei ~oT the Ulh 9VW May.?The Vtiy tii|*rinr, last sailing packet thic fljUHsSTKrHKN WHITNEY. Captain Thompaon. wit) p isilively sail aa above. Having veryanperior accommodations for cabtn.aeeond cabin an I steerage passengers, persons wiahiug to embark should make early application, on ^1ir,l)u8KPll McMUKtOk? '? 100 Pine at., cor. Soallt. T/teabore wi'l beaope'Hd'd by (he 'pl'pdil picket ship Sheridan, C?pt. DepeysM'.aod sal 01 the 2.V 1 mat. Persons wi'hiag to send lor their friends residing in the old country, can hare them brought ont by the abovo ship, ot any Of [ha regular parseis, u aei-.r? ? , i. aJ in..,, P?IM 1 _ piTr r<>R 1IAVKK? 1 li? superior Krrnrh barque iJWWAK'LK,coppered awl copper fastened. will be disAMC' K' lied iiumt Jiauly lor Havre. F. r Zieiaht apply to A. SEIGNRTTK. ' " 1 " 7 I Wsler itre-t i LINE?Positively First Regular ^P^afsl^ckcl?To Mil (lie IJtli M.iv Tiie fiat sailing packet ship M K.M l*|ll!t, ( si rim Allen, will |w>?iti?elT a*ii at above, lisr n-tulucsy. For ireigbi or passage. haviuw handsome furnished aoenmmodstiocs, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall sr. or to E. K COI.MNN k CO. Sd Sooth sC Shippers mayrely upon having their goods eorrectlr laeaaor! id.awl I list tk.< ships ol thishne will ?* ! ranetoally as sdveeia?<l Any guarantor in that rlfeei will be given aad loll.lied that may he required _ Agents in N. Or'rwis, llnllin fc Woodruff, who will prom pa ly Inrwaril all goods to (I fir address. The pie\ei ship Oemulgee, Captain 1 vet .will laeeeed * Meaplm aTte

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