17 Mayıs 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Mayıs 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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th: Vol. IX.?lo. 134 ?Wlaol* lo. S34T. To tlui Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubLi shed every day of tha year exsept New Year's day and Fourth af July. Prioe 3 cents per copy?or $7 36 per annum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6| cant* per copy, or |1 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation o< the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaiu. asl. It hat the Largest circulation / any paper in thie city ?r the. world, and it 'here/ore the hell channel for hueinss, wen in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in ad van c? PRINTING of all kinds, -located at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant styleJAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorRiKTou sr tub Hiau-n Establishment, Northwest cornet of Fnlton and Nassau streets MTO LET in Williamsburg? The whole or pa t ol a neat three story brick Dwelling Hons* in South Tih si n-ar 4th st., rent very low Apply to W. It J T Tapsentr, 43 Peck slip. m 7-ee HOUSES TO LET AT VORKVILLt.-s large houses on the comer of 84th street and 3d avenue; either of them is calculated for a public house, grocery or private residence. On the premises it a fine stable, howling alley, and a fine garden, coaaistiug of I ots, with grape vineaaod fruit trees thereon. For terms, ibuu ire of JOHN A. MORRILL, Esq., ina twr No. II Chambers st. TO LS T?Tn- np|>er p.rt* of ih-th.ee new ihree Ms ory brick n uses Nos 343 317 I' u 3 9 B'?ome st'eet. b-t??eii the Bowery nod tiizab-th it., with 13 rooms each, with kitcheD and e?' f> r. Alio, n.e three story biick Houia and Store No. 330 Broome itr?et to '?t N. B ?Pipes for thJ Crotnn Water wi'l b* in r-duc-d into either of tiie Inoseiif rrq ire<t, and pa set-ion given imine diaitly. Ror f-irthe- information inquire of 81HULTZ St BLKIJOKN. No. 9lX Bowery, tn 10 1 w*sa a TO LET?The Mansion House at Bloomiugdale, known as the " Abbey" situated a sh rt <*i>tancn above .he sis vwile* stone, iuat above Slrykcr's Bay, and nearly opposite St. Michaels Chorcb. The place is well known as our ol the most delightful situations on the bland, and is rems-knhty hra'thy in the sutniner season. T"? Bloomingdale stages pass and repass the gate every ho-ir in the day. The gate is new, and cambered 101. Th-tent will be in accordance with the present state of the times. A ply on the premises, or at 132 Chambers street. N B.?Anamrmrnl could be made, if desired, by a satisfactory tenant, to ieta part of the (aruiture now in the house remain, or a part of the house will be tented separately. ml6 lm*r ApA TO LET?The fire proot brick store. No. 103 touth P-w it, with immediate poss-ssiou if required, apply to lilR. WOODHULL k MlNTURN, ni74r 07 8onth street. "jjm TO I.ET?The iko story brick House and premises, W^u No. 143 Wouster street, finished in the most modern JUKstyle, with marble mnntel-pirces and folding doors throuVhout Apply to J08KPH McMURRAY, mS3r 100 Pine street "jmm T?? LKT OR FOR SALE?A three story modem T^v? built b'ick dwelling r ouse an-' stare, wi h two lota of Jl iK. gionod nriMched. situated in Williamsburg, about two minutes walk f om the Peck Slip Ferry Apnly on the premis i. corner of Fourth and South-Knrhlh streets. Williamsburg, or o W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, a ir _ 43 Pee slip. M| MBLO'3 GARDEN?'000 Doub'e Dabl si of eyerv |R*5 rh?H? find hue, 41 54 cents e eh Kos-s r.f the rhnicest ki?ds Tor Par or or O rd< u culture ; n-w ao 1 choice Geraniums iu great veii* y ; Ve benaa. of every made nl tmt i Ratiuuculn*, Pen-in, P imuUes, Polyanthus. splendid Cactus, Chi it s Ax-Jess, kr iu full blown and beauty ; 3"1,000 plants, on the lowest te rns for cash; Tuberose, tvUdijIus, Tige Flowers end Amanita Hoots ; Vines o: choice kinds for cost f ing arb-o.. Alt the new and choice an nu il, biennial and pertuui. F1'srer Serds, man- of which are yt t scarce in Eu. rip- ; (resh imporiad V e >ettble Steds, of 'very desir b's kind; r?<l and wh te Clover. T moihy. Red Top ?nd It li?n hy< Grass ; Bud Se*d of all kinds : fancy Bird Cagea and Birdi in treat Viri'tv ; Gold Fish and Globes of various s zea ; 200 lbs Frenc 1 white Mngar B et Sred, lor stock. All of wbico onr fiieiid>and'he public are invited to call and examine b-fore pn ch'siiu els'wucre, mll6 *r JM| 4.000 tirrrch use Plants will be sold cheap for cash by yCW'he subsctiNe,a ISo 3t3 Broadwty. porner of Anthoov ** - In this fine co tectum will be looud, among other rare plants, a very fine as-or'm-ut of monthly a d aunna* rosea; inch as wh'te a"d red moss.Yellow Hmrison.C rrage Greville, Mui illora, YellowTea, Yellow Noi.ette, Inumnho' Leimbu g, Tea Bongere, auame Hersan'e. Heine I.ledr Boar I hon.end a great variety of o her rosea; G-raninma, Azaleas, C peje.sam nea.Callas Cactuses, Piuo-porum-.Pa-aion Vines, Corbess, Tuchsi is. H> liotropes, Camel'ias, Hea>hs, Daphnes, Carmat ons. and a great variety of oth< r plauis, all of whicn wi'l be found in a most healthy aud (hrifty rm d.tion. Also, a fine lot of .Tube Kosea, Malabar Viues, and Garden Pill Its. i rraouv pfcnasing at wnmeiatc wn oe iiurruiy erait w<tn. The la ie? in particu ar anil amateurs in general are invited to coll ami examine tKia collectieu, of which there will be daily rec-1 veil a fre;h vuppty Bouquets will be made up, on notice Heipg given a day preTitwa H. M. LEVENOBTwN, ml56t*ni 98 h strce . Thud Avenue. arm FaKM fOR SALE?Tt>? lie utiful improveu Hick- I KMoq drove Kaim aitu-ird in the town of Mamornnrck, Westchester county, 'hree mries ea-t af New Kochl'e, a lew unuutea walk 'rem the Boaton turnpike, consisting of 50 acres of choice I nd. ten of which 1a wood land; haiid-ome dea l? TWO at irv hous-, ten reoma. The houae i? vur ounded with uume ou< cherry, plumb, pear and otter fruit tree*, together with an aople oich.nl of the choicest k nd. The on buib i gicr-alli firat rat- repair; a handsome garden iu front o' the hooae, laid out wi'h box aud grave walka throughout, and iaatocked wi.hall of the rareat shrubbery, flowers, fcc ; handsome lawDa in Irent >nd tear of the houae. The ' lekory grove aland* on a riaiug ground, twenty roda diaunce from the hnna-, with beauii ul lof v trees, and la kept as uleavure ground, havii g a good view of the Lor g Island Bonnd Th a ph.ee ia well worth ihe alt nrion of any gentleman wanti g a C"nmry residence. For Inithei information enquire ol ROBT Lh.Wl-t, cori rr Jonee lane and South atreet, or of Captain 8A JlUl&L IjHOvk'.S on'h- 1 einiie*^ ?ggv FAKM FOK SALE, containing forty acres, tntrty 3 five nuder cultivation and the balance a good growth of jaJL^wood. On the premises is a house in good recwir, a new coach hottte and i large ham lu MM of the house is an excellent well of water, secured irom the we?ther hy a naw well house, and a fine lawn iu frort of the honae On he above described f nn ia f nit in >lmiid tnee, aach as apples, cherries, pears, quinces, currtnU, g'Xi eb r les, ?C. T"* above farm is two ilea fro"i the steamboat landing, one fr m the town of Kye, on the North atreet road. A foil view 11 tlie Sound ; cau see two light h nits when lighted; is in cvgry respect a desirable location for a gentleman's reeidencr. Thia farm ia in Westchester ("onnty. Call on the premises, 01 on Mr. J. H. WBLCil, 15 Leonard street, al8 lm*ee ora> the Poliee Omce. PALMO'S AROATE BATH, 39 ' HAMB- R uTKEET rpHK GENTLEMEN 8 SALOON NOW OPtoN.-Oreat i. Keduc ion Baths '5 rents. Baths with robes or sheets 37% " 25 tieke s for 85. The subscriber having leased the shove establishment, for s term of years, his CO" mencd in prsvemrnta on a scale which when rompleted, will, he flatters himsell, v e in taste, in cos lyelegat.ee no m-guificenee, wi h any similar eatabltahmeut in ihe worlhav ng suited the be*i contracted bn ha in Enrone, he feel- n?> hvsita ion iu aaanrii.g his feliow citiz ns that he a ir't ? hich I as for the pest thirty vears actual, d im In bp ."iding (no matter *1 w'at ens'.) the moat spleodi m*u ion* ior i-en Ml coir tart ?> d emvui uc. , hall nut. ou ti e pie1 ut i cc ii n be lo t light of, aud turn to ihe impr vm 11 aude'ig nciea of th? Kuni| tan Bill a, he ?i I tike ihe I beity of adding f" m I e nv. ntivr ruoo en of Mi own cu'tiv ted lud wpil km wn ?str, all that he has obaeived wanting 10 render the eijoymeut of ibaih'l-! "Be plai a lit" of p rf? c.wn The Laura H?l ou wdl he in read'neit i i few d<js. A fa I d??er>i>'ion of he veri- d impr m-iui wil be given when eompl -ltd, ii d ihe wt.ole ih own open f r j ub'ie in? eciinn. ll-Jmee VKBD NANI) f<LMO, CORBYN'S COTTAGE, STRYKER'S BAY, I A NOW on&x.uid IU lull operation, lor the Spring and Sn-om r HMMM. Dor tm the winter many alteratioui and improvements have hreu aud' which will.ii it believed.and materially to the contort ofvisitors A SALOON for y-five feet in length haa been erected for ih? accoui. odtiiou of large parties at dinnrrt, sappers, concer a, 01 cotnlom A separate entrance hit been opened for the bar, rendering tli liaiet'i> rl< ra - inlet end ael cud Oi the Winn, li?v at, ConntTi reaatra (Hi Mi, fcc , lie , it la in ly iete aaiy to ?a\ the) wi'i be- at bneloiort, Ob THE VfcHY FIKhl' <(U a LI I Y Civil an" nulitfiiiK ailendanta are engaged, ?ud every efTort ml he Bird t? auiiam the epataliuu tula bouse hit already acquired, aud to render n Visit to CO.iBtN's COTTAGE rluairuKIr Ihd lAfltliiCl TV. An Ordinal Mtry Sunday ?t I o'clock. Ti kefeS"1 cents. (?^A'r>krr'a B-v ! situatrd on die nanes ol the Hndion. lit m l?? iri>ni th City Hall,by the Bloomingdale toed. Stages I'dii rt?r\ hour from the cofiit-r of Tiyou I lace hu<1 Ch itham street. K-r? ISHeeuU. rail |mr '| HE KREM H AND AMERICAN t ATI * G HOUSE, J No 61 end #6 Naaa m street, b twem M ideii lane ?nd Johnitrcc, ? hw be 1 t*|iI or (he summer months thoroughly re ut'd.'h kitcheulo be alt red to trie West India plan, of hiving the tame in tht war of the ho"saa to p event ihe odor and he*' <> n> cooking, ahoh is m gemral n ry nffem v.- in tnoat ea ii g honsea?and'ha dtuiBB saloon enlarged an > d cofated in a aiipeiior Kiel ch style, ai h ma hie ta* Ira, an pern oil pain inea, m rble stilues of tieneral Washiigtin, lie ; where npss-iid<oi 20 p-r ona can with convenience nt at nee makes tin- house one of the mnar genteel, anpeih and enmf >t ble as tahli<i.tn<-nta in ihe Union?wher fi?m 6'i to 70 dishes are d l:y se re I op lroai6c nU nd u|i?a da; the beat ,'ara Oof fee and he fin* at bl ira Tea at 3 ceulaa tup; the bsstClarei Wine hi 6 Cents a small bolt e, k . The Ruh.ciihrr, sensib s if the truth th-t retrenchment!, the i tdi r ( rl e d n , is confident that ho pace easts where meals f ths d srription furnish d it hn house can tre n p aaed for lowuea ofch rge.u hnviu bi en i is c ma ant aim to endea to to c rei at ihe mo i cnno'nical p ici a It it naeless to tnrnt'0 more.the fwnv < f his House h-iig I ng siuce eitah'iah d as the first filad acr p ion in p.is ci v Th ise n Uouht of'he same cm nee avi ceil by the cm* d i of gecttemen of the first leapectabrli'T that dany ratar there ' Wi h thanks to a iteneious and d srriminati' g public for their paat a'd 11 dlvring faro-a, the subscriber, d-sir na of retaining a conti uaece of pt.roi.age, freeiy signs t ims< if _rnn_2vr r HEN..Y OQ8MNO PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS ?Dr. L. >1. CYRUS -? the imentor of this new art, produces by it not only a correct ukeuera wf the onginal pi rir til bnt elso a i nriiy of det ig" a briliancy ol c om g. wi icn l r a r. ass the cht f-d'<?ny s ?whe h- r ancient or m> <1 n ?of the uiust e leb' led nrti.U t.rat ful ( rtha CUCoU agement he haa rtciied from his numerous friends mil the public geue.al y D . L. M Cy.ua would fun inform ilrein ihithe l.as lilted up, lo- the aceonmodilion of Indies, a suite of rooms in f k IVce Ho we come of Broad wav i where he rusts ins skill in h j r f, ssiuu -in I is h t-e'ion io II who may on irhim with tin tr I ?or., will i iu t him a continuance ol the i*truu.<ge liitheito so liberally bet n* d on liim. '1'he Do t o gives instruction m ev- ry d partment of the D gaeireo.ypa anil Puyt gi .phic art I .s'iua.eii s f< tiking por tr i,a nil a i?tg? or am Use le, for au|e,aa alao the ner-saary cheo.ical re. *r.,ti >n* f r the tiking of port aiu in Phyiogr p a or count Terms moderate. mlO I n- r "L'HANUIB- PATENT LIKE BOAT,- uitiee NO. i l Wall street mtl AU UK KLKUiTbWANUE k MADEIKA W1NE? Koraala by It. V. QUIDOUT, No. 39 Clinton street, at low prioaa. m3 lm*m tup* ? ? E NE NE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MA1J STEAM SHirS. Of 1200*ton* and 440 horae power each. Under contract with the Lordi of the-Admiraltr. HIBERN1A C. II E. Judkin*. Commander. britannia, J.Hewitt. Jo caledonia, E. ? Lott, do acadia, a. Kyrie do columbia, K. C. Mdler. H N do Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halafai .u follow* ve.nii Livaapooi, FROM *o*TO??. Acadia, Rjrie Feb * Mai 1 Colombia. Miller. Mir 4 Ap'l 1 Britannia. Vewiti Ap'l 4 May 1 Hib< rni.i Jailkini, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodation* 'or p-un-ncrr* arc superior. The vessel* ire acrenipautsd by evpcrienced *ar|{eou>, and amply supplied will, France*' Patent Life Boat*. ra**aae icdumd to $120 No Itertlu secured until pajd for. For further information apply '? 0. BKIHHAM. JK..ni HAll NOKN A CO*, No I Wall-el i?le sew jersey railroad and trans portation company new york and newark. fflfr Fare reduced to 39 cent*. rmmuir hhh hi unomnaui nnn, iv?w lort (Evenr day?Sunday* e* epted.) Leave* New York Leavao Newark 4t A. M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. At IX P. V. 9 do. 3 <!o. 0 do. 4 do. . 11 do. 4 do f do 5 < do 5V do. 10X 7K do. >X do. 9% do. t do. ON SUNDAYS. From the fool ol Courlluudt lueet. Leave New York, Leave Nv^ark. At 9 A. M. and P M. At 1?P. M. and 9\ P. M. NEW YOKK, KLUABETH TOYkr., Le*ve N?w York I ??? Kliz--heti' Town At I A. M. At? P M. At 7S A. M. n* ,M. 9 do., 4 do. ?)*. do. j)d do. 4jf o. 10 Jo. do. 5>fc do. The trains for We?tneid, Plainficld, Boaodbrook, Sonrerville, lie., connect with the 9 A Al, aad,4!{ I M train* Irom New York, daily, Sundays eicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do arid 8otnerville, 75 cent*. SlfV YORK. RAHWAY AND NKV* BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Courtlaudt street, daily. Leave New York. Laser New Brunswick At 9 A. M. At 6 A. M. 4 P. M. 7W ' 5H " lis uoon. 8H P. iU. ON 8UND4YS L*"*e New Yo?k. Leivo New Branswiek. At 9 A M and i\ P M. At 1 K noon, and t^PM. Fare between New Yo'k nnd New Brnuswick, 75 cent*. Rah way, 00 cent* The fare in the 6 and 7)( A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 4 and P. M. train from New York, has been rt) 4 treed. New York and New Branswiek, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to HX " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con ductor only on the day when purchased. ill 3m* QflfQ n* iJ'*r -<PiY- ipjH?f PULLEV k COPP'8 KXPHK8B, 3 WALL STREET. Tha inbscribrra. the old con^n -tor* of Harnden It Co.'* Ez pre** from New Yoik, will roni inae to run * heret-fore.lrav>nK New York, A|n*ny and Troy daily, and wi I forward Sprcte. B<nk Note*. Packages, Buudles, ('?*e? of Good* Par cell, lie kc , iu connection with Mrui . Btiley k H- wardls "Ore't Wf?frn tip ? ??," to end fr.-m the tol'nwti g places. z* Utiea, 8 rac ne, Oawego,Auburn, Heueca F IIs O neva, Cauad<igoa, Knchsa er, Batavi' Leckport, buffalo, Detroit, Cleav-laud ai.d ' h cag'<: alio to Kingston Torou > and H milton, in Canada Weat By Jacobs' North? tu Kip cs?, to Whitehall, Burlington, ChimjiUin and Pittsburgh; alio to St J hut, Montreal and Q te >ec, in Canada ran 'I hey wiil Ms crnB? tt wiui Ha'cn k Co '? Southern Kg| rea? at New York, end forward attiilcs of every t'eapription to Philadelphia,Baliimire and Waahinaton. r-rticu ar alien ion will be p?id to thr collection of Notes, Drafts kit and prompt r tunn mid b ti si Cypres! each messenger will be pn vid. d with on* of Wilder*! Patent faiamauder Bales, thr rcby affii dit g greater security in the tiautomaton of Valuable papers. kr OFFICES. PUI.LKN It enrp *-u. 3 Well arreet. New York. 'I'tiOMA* GoUUH, No IS k'n hange, Aio&ny A. li FiLKlNS, at River street, Tr"v. " JACl'BS, Eichue- Couit, St. P?ul, Montreal Rerer?nc-a?Met ra prime, W?rd k K * Jae b Little k Co,, John T -mnh k Co., repoon k H fftnat. Ca pen er k Ver tlye. Honghtnu k to . Drew, ko< iuaon k C-., N. York; ?.. J m. t.rry, Ktq , 'J horuaa Ouugtt, Esq , Aloany; John Pa/ E q . Cashier, Wells, do., S K blow, d ., C. H. I> jglaa.do . n Leane. do. Troe tr 6 -od northern and western emigrant passage office. The 8abictibers havi'tt completed tlieir aranrem*nts, are new p. pared to fnrwaid passe gera o all the Northern and Writ, < dtatea and Canada, hv daily lin?s of towhna's rai roed . end s'eambna't, via the Noith nverand Kite Canal, upper f. e?, Philadelphia and Pitisnu gh. Ohio r>ver and Canal lea. The following are a lew of the moat important i iU /ia Uti a, Buffalo, Pottarill*, Oilena, Siracnaa, CI yeland, Pittsburgh, Toron o, Otwrgo, Detroit, Cncintiatll, Kingston, Rorheitrr, Mi'waukie, St. L ui?, St. J.ihui, Lacktor, Chicago, Louiaville, Montreal. Alio to any pjrt of Ohio, llliooia, Mwouri, ludiana, Michigan, Teuuiiaee, Ke.iiucay, Wi?c?e?tn, Iowa, L pper and Lttwi r Canada. Having given such universal immcc i .n in their London and Livet|K>ol llBM M packets, thr st.bs-nbrrs will eudi ay r to make the present undertaking equally t'lierviug of public la vor. Peraous about to emigrate to aoy of the nr> ve places are reijnrateil to ell ud the .utracrirert before m kiue thrir ar range "enta, ai they coi.fidr ily bil i te the l. ducementt ihey c?n offer are inch as c urn it ftil to prove highly a'v mageon*. and they plrd- e ihi m?rlv,s ih it every attention it.all be paid to ii nr- coirf.irt oi? d??p. ti h Koi furilier pa tira in ?jj,| ? VV (It J I TAPTUTT, at 'heir Ueneral m4 r I a?m- Ulficr. 43 P-fh ?l.p r -<>nh at fisafii dJU DAILY KXPrt^eiS F\>K \ LB a NY TKOY BUFFALO, CHlCAUO AND IHtl CANADAS The anbacribera having comilet-d thei' arraogementa with the Peopie'a Line of Steamboats, ou the Nmth Hirer and the Hail Koad Comi*niea weat of Alb toy tor mnmug their Express (or the aeaaou of 184) an Express wll Itate their office No. 1 Wall atreet,New Y"rk, every evening, ?l yn^ner ?o ? oVIoek for the above named a rl uitrmidn r places. IMPORTANT. For the greater ??feiy and aecurity of all valnablp and money packager ent a .ted to their care, they have ^al<m .ndi-r Iron Safea on bi ard of the atea ? boats, in a sate mom occtoed tirln ivrly by lh> maelvea, a- d the meaaenger in eh "g~ sleeps in the a?me ro ui with the iron atea, in'o which all ?nc' p ckages are placed POMLKOY fc O.M A n Y, in tic No. 8 Wal atreet. AilMh NEW YOHK, BCHQOLK. Y'8 JkIBhpL^OLN I AIN * EASToN (WMr "fa ~m Le. >t met ot of Conrtland atree , d iilv (?a 4 ?7a e a ei t?o) ai to' lick A M., bv iailroao f on J r?ey city to M< rriatown f'ence by Poat co?eh?? thr. ngh Mn.dharn,t beater. Schooler's Vonotaiu. Anderion Town, Port Golden Wath u.ion, to kaatou. At 'vaa n gtun, a daily line intersect* to and from B*l-idere For aeau apply to J. Hill, at J. Pitiou'a, Commercial Hotel 7J Conrtland atreet N.B ?Extr-s furuish d t ihe ahorteat notice by ar plying to N. B. Lu a. United Hiat-? Hotel Mo'ruruwn. at It 3in ec .'HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET'S. CK <?& IS JB2S& JwEl AuUl JHS2L To tail trom New York I6ih, and from Liverpool 5th of each month. Ship HO'"HESTER. 800 ton., 141,K r.ww Philip Woodhoneo, i ,8lh ?ebTT. Ship HOTTINUUKH, 1050 ton., ,.... Ira Bur?el?, | l8th Mwe?New (hip LIV EKPOOL, 1150 ion(, ..tK . John Kldn.gr, l8th APnl" New (hip , 1200 ton., Mth M,T Thrie ?ah?tantial, 'a(t (ailing, Aral clana (hi -(.all built in the eity ol New York, are c mmaiidrd by nrii of r.itrrienie ai.d ability, ana will be deapalched > ui.rtuallv on the IStn ol eaeh month. Their cabin, ere elgant end eominodioua, ?nJ are fnrm.hed a ith whatever ran eoudace to the e at and comfoit of paoaeDgera. Nrithert e captain, or ownerm of thra. >hira will be re(|ton- 1 ible for any areola or parkagea ?ent by them, nnieaa regular billa lading are aigaed therefore. For freight or oa?a*ge apply to woonnuLL it minturns, n Sonth itrret New Yoik, or to FIKLDKN, BROTHKRH It CO., f7yr Liverpool. 1 tA FOH LIVKRI'OOL?Regular iiarkei of the 25:h JWw Mtr - The rery .uperior. faai (tiling paehei ami KflHwSHERIDAN, Caprain Deiny.ter, wi'l piaiurely < inn aa uoTr. Haring eery anpenor aeeommndationa foreabin.aeeond eabit and ateamge paaaengera, |?noui wialuun to embark ahould rnaka tarty applieation to J09RPH McMUKKAY, I mi Piue it., cor. Smith. I T^e ahoye wi'l be anpea'ded by the ipleidi' p cketahip Otiirff Wuhmrlon. Capt. Bmrowa and - or O't eTlhJunr J IVraona wi lung to teud loi Uicw Iriendi rejidiua in ' Id country, cap hare them brought oot by the abora ahip, 01 toy of the regular rack eta, by apidymg aa abort ; if by letter aodtoanl ml l r "CD LINE LIVKHTOOI. PACKETS^-Pscket 'h May?The iideoiinj. fatt iling racket ahii jfedMBaa'-Ol.ll M HI, 8, C.iptain Cola, will anl |Oaitively aa an .?,11. i regular day. H lag aplenriid ai e> mmedationa for cabin, taeond ea1 in and IK erage laaaeura, yarly applu all >n ?h?nl.l be trade on b..ard, ?r 10 W k J T TAi'hCOTr. _m I' r 43 Peek hjipri.r onto a'reet. I DATENT PrtESEKVED HI-4HCY KIAVOKKI) POKt TABLE MtAT^ AND S.iljPa, for ahip at< rea, waeraiiled to keep any tenth o time, and in any elim.ite, mauai.ictured uJ fur aale, wliuleeaie and retail hv WILI.IAV MULI.AN K, my# lm*r 104 W ill, am t'eeei (hen rnent ) 'PHE ANCIENT AM) WONDEKrUC EMIIHe Ok I CHINA?Deai nbad, lltilraod end K initialized.? tt. tlAA I IN ai t O have ju?t mce ru from Loiiuoii a m gmticent illuairated pork on Chins, which they iuonri to ii,ne i con'hiv pirta. with all the aide of e eia>i a and rrintii g con biiieii to pri ami i braut tu! and inatrii't ?e eci.unt o. til l aa ( tOliialHDd a d iiT.arealin c Uol.y. l'ne a.equity. ill. ? it. , denr.aud the iielntiy?chiv acur "I the inaiitnu in nf litnu I r.nilar lueh an ac out at he jrcicut tim>. peculiarly appro priate an > deairahlr, eonaideriof the ii.tereat which la now fa i t in United Statoa, 10 conuectim with tin Cat of oar com < mereial operaliona being to mncn eiiend d with that aiognlai i aud woi darlul nation. The w.,ik wi I oe .aaued in numbara , containing threa atcel engrarmga iu e^ach^^PN^M cen'a^ nyT-lm*r WJohuatract. -w w re W YORK. WEDNESDAY THIS WARM SALT WATEIt BATH ianow open St the foot of Ueabrnea*a atreet. V. R. For iti ddrantaitea orrr ft. >li water, aee Medical J urnala. F'Ve Tickers ou? Dollar ai.l6 'm*r oSTtTYToTKND- '.UUAHAM"J JA< KSON, pawn I) okr', No. 58 Keade s.rrrt, nctr Rro.nl w iy, !o>n? i> oaey id Id it* or atnall 'tuna, > may be reqniied on w-trl ea, jewel y, ?ilver ware, dre yooi'a, wenrin* appaiel, ami iei?ou"l pioperty ol' trerv description. a28 lin'ie CURLED HAIR, altD HAIR SEATING. OA 000 fOUxDS Sni'h Vmricin Curled H ir, of J. . Ta'i'.ua qna'i'iea A'ao, y ce<ter.il naortm *nt of .if H ir Sra i'lp.pl in .o.d fworrd, r, m !5 o 30 inr-hea in luaiae, una le for upholarerora out c bin-1 tr.alca??eatesaiaely manufactured and alws>a o* ha U l.>r ?.? ? hy u,, JOHN AON & liRk'KN, No 153 William afreet. Ordera from all parta of 'he United Hts'ea exeunt. d promrlly yi:d with fidelity lot e,.li aimrnved eitv *ee?i.ran*? nil.*. satisfactory pauer, at fi'it months ra 3 lm*m XYLOO' APHT PRESS" AND GENERAL JOB PRIMT1NO OFFICE, .'<8 OOL-i STREET, NEAR FULTON. THE FuOsc(Ibeta respei-tfu'lv inform flrnsgi r?, P. rfumers. Manufacturer*, tjroc ? nd of'ert th t I h }' h?v.- >u?t eomp'eted th* largest st.d m '*r spirt,H d saso Itncil of X lo gran' ic labels ever pobli*t'id in th * , u i'rv nr Europe Deal era can be fu'uishtd with any q'unti'y ol label* sailed to their use, ?t as low l.iic s JSC in 6 I d New designs and |il ire*, soilahlr Tor all iriai's of ho*'i*e?s, executed id the firs' s yle of the art, and pri i ted id bronze, Tailgated. piaiaand fancy colcrs. Con?uine sare invited tor sunine our assortment before pur chasing Fxtensive additions are dally in.iki..g to Our preneiit C lalogoe ol la a- r jOh PRINTING?Their office is a'so snpplied wiih every variety o<" t< pe nec^sary for P'r ex- C' tion of* very description of Faucy Job Priunug. Circular', hindb lis, billh ad .bus of ladi g, end all kinds of ineicantile printing, executed on re sonab'e terms. PvT"NT r AHD PKF.8R?This machine is particularly ad pied to the priuiing ot c irdi which .texrcnieswi hstiat l?. 1'ity and beauty: one pe son brine ahlr to print a [rack of tlie bc.trn me" del d? in tw" ni'Dntrs, with ease Hu|ierior poli h-d surface cards (mtnufietnrrd expressly for this establishment) fnrnished and printed at the following p ices:? >00 Cards for fin renss fi'O Cards for $ 25 200 do 73 cents 7'9 do I 63 300 do 81 00 1000 do 2 00 Ommon Cards at less "rices, v angated Show Cards? 380 different bind*. uitsble for all kin 's oi business BROWSON Ik CO . ir>!5 !W*ec 30 Gold sire'f, r>e rFu'tou. CKOTOv WATF.R? DAY'S IRST PaV..?JfUM"1?T DI\ RUBBER HO't u eoufuleurly recouim ndi d for tny puriioses for which >esrheT is used, and is warranted lo possess the following properties 1st. I is perfec ly 'isht under pressure of the Croron. 2 1 It is made of the s'roi'gest fabric*, and will not mildew to injure in the least and requires no atientinn. 3rd. It is not d'stroved by coming in contact withoilor grease, nor stiffened hy eld weather, nor can the rubbar deCI sap we, as in'eriur articlea are la no ea-r used. Should the least complaint be rn dc of ths Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be taken hack, at anv time inside o 11 m <ntha from its purchase, . nd otner given in ex change without charge 4th. Couplu g *nd jet pipes will be attached without charge Buyer* will note thai we are elear'y satisfied that this hose Che proc ssol making wh'Ch is unknown to anv other i the trade) is just the article long wanted for Iradiug water ?nd many other liquids. HORACE H DAY, in'C'mtr Burcesso'to R<-xbur7 I. R C. sy Mainenl.ane TAKERS OF THE CROTON WATEtCT WHO have paid for a supply nntil the lai of May iosr onlv, are ^ptified that on the2ulh instant the limiting off of the water wn u>-cuinint'uceu iu cuci wurre payment snail 0"l ha'e been previously made to Ut oi vlay, 1844, at the office of the Crot?u * q educt Board. In all imlancea where ihe water shall be rtopped the expense ot closi b and reopening th? lemles, mnst be paid on a renewal of the licenses New Vork, May nth, 1813, By oider A. B. BIGELOW. m!3 loj'ir Register. SAIL BOAT CHAL.LKNOE u?Whaii the matter7 Ate, lhat't ihe rob 1 When the soothered growls of disappointed success larks in the bosom of man, he loses sight of amiability, prostrates himself and in 'nrbileot array dies unheeded and unknown. Such is the condition of a certain boat builde of this city who seeks notoriety through nnnnuvtnons commnU'catiotis The suhs-riher has for years stood npon the contested ground of boat building, and long eipurience has taught him thst "L?r?e barks can ventu e m> re. But little b irks mnst keep nea- shore." And when oieu think they eru co. r with h;m in superior boat bail'iug thev must not f'k in parables, bet bold I v m?et t.-ipt a* Ins off!i e door, here arrange for the nnering test of proof; pis rh?lien.ri. aro alwa-s made >u food laith.his i oats to conquer. It|kiu this principle he f rms his ulwarK, Sud p ,w f r the hue drthtime he ofler? to show the stern of 'Trouhler" ro any boat ' rolius ever built or has on b-?m, for a trophy which will richly rrpay the eirtnm Dl. Now where is y> ur boar'ed bsckrr<; wnere's spur own dauuted courage?draw the veil and alio ' oursel to ihe world. P S?c-e month's uotic<, any distance uadcr Cf.y miles. The "Tronbler" c..n be seen at hit bazaar. <r 8.) C. L. lNOT.WOl L. m3 >m*ec 406 Waterstr-.it jvn JH TO Tft P OWN EH UK 1 HE ? AiL I'UAT ? rHOUBLEK."?The owrsr of JkaJEZiUi aniiboat ' Troubl. r" having r eeived tnrer eh llem.es truio boa's built fey Win. Ciolius within the la-t -is mouihs. and put hat tig yet accepted the same, it ia presumed that iu puhitslt.i.g his challenge to sail egainet any boat e'er bnilt by Cretins, his riw.i .g , agination has taken a flight from the terra firms of Water street to those mystic regions? " Where the man by many odds. Obtains receipts from living gm's." As soon as convenien after h- he has got a few more of rhoae reseipts, and derct n^rd frein rh't arnal inannf<etory of honors, it is hoiied thai he will c udeseeud to notice sotnr one of the Cha lenge* slreany gives him s that" his ro'e object of lest ing t'te s tiling qua ities of the boats" may he obtained?after which,if his boas'ed " Troubler" does not proves sufficient trouhler to him by cap?iziu? his epnrstion as sue n-s dene herself, he shall thr nhave the opportunity np.,n his own terms, SOOperday (or two days, of again scrnig his vanu'ril nasn foHowing in the wake of Win. rolius, at tne respectful rale of three miles "u eighteen, as it did last-pri u aliHm'm PAKE AND eKkluHT UEDUCtD .Mlft >901 KKGULAK MAll. LINE? rt'H I'HOVins.Mi E An D B nTII>. via 8TO * TT"M lg.|NOTGN AND NEWrOKT-ComtHsed oi mr ion wing lurermr steamer , rntiniuf in connection Willi the Btoninetou "lid Bnemn and Provide, ce Hai'roada:? MASSACHUSETTS, capt Comatoek. H Montr ISLANU. PROVIDE >-tE % A K AO*1* SETT. Cant Woolaey. M'lt- Ei -AN, Capt navcr. One of which will eave New York daily (Bundaya eicepted) rora P.er >o I, B 't.rt Place, N River, at 5 P. M ? KRANGE riENT"*. The nARRA'I* NsET I , Cap ai" Woolaoy, on Monnaf. W-duc a\ mi F id v 'or Atenineti n Ti.eKHOD" 181.AVD, apuin Th-yer, on Tueaday and T >nri-?y for Stoi:iugt-u, and *aturdny for Btnuing'ou, Newport aud pr<ividr"Cr Pavanig-re on the arrival rf 'he at-imboata n' Stouimrlon, will take t' e r?i mgda care and proceed immediitely to Prut deice, and if h.nud fo Newport will ai< 'he a e m-r Inlaa f.om in-nee tn T leadaya, Thuradaya and SMnrdava.wiihonl any additional c arge Tickera'or the-oate and ateairera'berth. can be aecured on hoard , o at the office of n>9 >m m HAUVDEN' li f'O., 1 'Vail atreet. Oil NO MILK RICHMOND, effv PINT, fcc. V? Steamer BO'TON. 3L?JiuL a tain H- linea.?1 he atroug and aahatariti->| -i. auiei B a'un Will commence r gnl.it tups etweeu N ew Yora aid No.fulk, Va , le-vingNev York every Saturday at t o'clock, A. V. and .Norlfolk every Tneaday mor ing. Paawgr nd fare to or Iroin No.to a, $10 Forward cae?eng- ra do do g Paean e fr m Richmond Cit- Point, c bv one of the ri* rateam ra lid i>ei Bo-to;, from Norfolk 12 Forward ina encera, do do 9 Pn aaae to Norlolk aud b nk, return trip 1.9 Forward Paaaeng r>, do do 12 h reu lit taken ai the uaoal raiea. Ko Irei. h'or - aeaage applato h-Cap a n on hoard, or to WM TU KER. io2 l-ne-d vYd'hlkF"' N" 96 Btoad alreet .Mlfl Mtk P OPl E'" LINE i >K afuA 1BOATS KO . ALBAN V?Dai'y at 7 Ve -ok, P M jC^JUC>'I nroogli t. ireel (Sugd ,y?t ?i', pted) Irnm t e nt tmo? ,tl'ier i tw t eu Cour.lfci di and i lb ity at, tela 8 mm oai ROCHESTER, C?p A Hough-op. wif' leare Mouday, Wednca-'av and Friday eyenmga, at 7 'clock. teamb >at *OUTH ^AMERICA, Captain LF B ninard, will tonae Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Bte,r.ib< ai NORTH AMERICA, Cart tin M H T ue- dell, land i.if at in'rim d<ate places, will leave Mouday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, t 5 o'clock. Prateiicera aking thia Line ol Boats will invarahly a-nve in Albany in ample time to take the Mor^iag Traio ol Cars for the eat or west. (C7~The above bnata are new and aohat .ntial, art furnished with new and el-gen' state reus a. aud lor ?pe-d and arconimodal>o..a are norivelled >>n th Hu'laon Forpaaaige or frr'ght, apply on board, or to P. C Schnl 1 at the i ffiee ou th' ah if. ml c viur vnKK amli iriN.ow.rav t.iriu cuii.,ut X;"b PASSAGE .mm mM P"' Ki gatou. and IM.iware and Hndaon Ca ji.l?teaBiboal. EMERALD and NOH I hr a. M E AH), Captain John Kelt-ham, will leaye New 1 ork foot 01 Murray atieet, eyery Monday >ud . i uraduy at i n'e oek P. M Wi.i Ir.rr Kttige'on (Hond?nt landing) e.ery Wedueaday tud Saturda' at f ''*cl'jek, P. M The NOHVVlCH,CM"am John *>atnnela, will leaee New York, foo1 of Mnr ay alreet, e*ery Wruneanay and Saturday at I o'clock. P. Ma W .III a '? Kingt'ou (Hondont landing) erery Tne ay and Friday at J o'clock, P. M EXTRA TBIP8. The EMERALD will Irate tht (o?t of MtirTay atreet e?ery Condy morning at 7 o el ck. Returning leatea Kingatou at 4 )' lock aam? day. For freight er panate apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON. BAhLOW k CO, aJI 7m*r 'M Wrai atreet. mm NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare rAi I *" *" 'J* "n'v 1*K * rnu '.?The ( leudid ateamer XmaajCSBL I'ASBAIC, Captain John GaRy, haa been jut hi c mplfte orde<, and will commence her tripe I >r the leaat.n, on Monday ihe loth inatant, aa loilowa, until farther lotice :? Leaee New York ai 4 o'clock, P. M. " N? wark at 7H o'clock, A. M. Freiub:. earne" at reaaonable rn'ca. all. diner. 6TATEN ISLAND FKli.lt.> Foot of Whitehallatraet. ^ On^^aReiAlonday, Apnl IStli. 'he a tea met ?Ta1 EN 1 u la N i1 h a,11 leate aa loilowa, until lurcher notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW FORK, At A.M. At ? A.M. il 11 jJHP.M IX P. M. 3k In .? t All nHMin - ipi*1 " tail ire r? be ,.vtieniu Iv marked,an? ire ,t tnr m?i- .>f the *hf < -f. PA88AOK TO PTfTBBUHO. 1'HK auhaeriber Ire romnlc I ?m?i((in?nli for thr cod reyaiiceol P*ei-n*eiaaDd Morchundiee to I'm-bunt ami mierntdnte p'aera, on II. ninl? reaaouahle tf'tiie(per' Citixeue 'ort/ihte ttmt Liim " People ihour jo proceed io the tYe?twtrd, will find it much " their advantage to otaa their U'Oijf'iinn he In* drairotu 'ouveyance a the airicUa! attention will at all timet he pa.d o the re lort of the pa<t?n.era, at well aa the pouctnality of ' 4jeepjt conveyance with deapatch. For farther particulate apply to UrtsitrH McMURKAY. 100 Pine ittaet, comer of tJonlh. IRK I [7 Hf< "VI ? N' I * r ir i w it I 1YIUltJ> 1U It, [VIA Y 17,1? EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE. THlf h-u e "Avin. Uli rgo in my imp r mil alterations and tlior H li repairs Inbeen io parr refuruishi d with rich 'n il eiixniii luru turo. is u mi o,iu for the reception of oompanv. The posiiouol this Hotel is 'oo well bums a to require a detail of itaadvauts n It is coiietsed 10 lit. for ten It; of business or pie "surf , one if the most I ivnrnble of any in the < i'y The present proprietor mteu 'i that c;re and industry shall uor kl ssan lug U> nn rove its nalmal rllutssss, under his snpeiiiitrnd nice, ami he respuctfully solicits (he patronage of his friends auil the public. ERASTU8 COLEMAN. _Baltim re, April SO, 1013. U3 od3uir WADAWANHCK IHHTSE, UTOMNUrON, f'ONN n'HE abore Hotel, erecte" at n c st of between sitty ami 1 se?tutv thousand d .liars, ? d lU'uUh d in *s>le u t suipss ed try my sunila es'abli:limn,; lu this com try,is now open lor ih- r- crption of rompAuv. "i'he hour it 'oeaied a. the extreme end nl ilie vi'liagr, overlooking the'nine, and frmn t-sphmlid pan s and oks rvsto t rv, can be had h ht unlul view ol tl Sound. its sh MM and I i.u'Hi r .us islands; a> alsoav.ew of the oceau, from which can be ' itj yed its brae ic a r and sea br-ei" Tins estab'tsliDirul ei joys super or advan'aires for bsthing huvng in the house ho' and Cold sail and fresh w let baths, and at h lev* rods distance, belonging lo ihe hot. I (here is a ha hmg ho .'Br lor ?ea hair.it a wuh t large twijimmit b lb for gentlemen and one lor ladi s. wi h diess ng >oom< attached, as well us mailt b.rhs Attached to llm hit I the * is a Bil laid K.iom and dovvlina Saloon, and lor the sac. mm .ditiou ol gentlemoli ai d ptrtie, who are loud wf fishing, there are a number o sale ai d . mmrdit.ut sailinir'mats, wnh -ao'lnl me., to take chaige i,f them w ho uu erst-i d ihe I c Ii'v of the various full- | lug grounds lor which this plans is so celebrated . Tu consequence "f ti e deire-tc.d s?ate ol the times,the char* for Cion d is I' lined to 'he lollo wing rates:? Trauscue i Boa d ie day, SI fO Persons win- luimt sn weeks, in the mouths cl Inly -ml Augi-st, per week, 7 00 U or an weeks, or lunge , l? t"e tnnrthi ol May June, September, or Onto be r, per week, 5 90 Chi) ren and s.rvanti, half price. Tt e hjeci of llie suhtciiner ? ill e to render his hou*r a i quiet genteel hotel, and ai the same timo h w.sh?s t > t'uily the comfort of hia guest* more than the establishing "f arbitr.a- I ry rnlea. HOttATlO BLVKb. Formerly of the fi m of Blake A Reed, of the Marine Paejliou, Kuckaway, and Waverly House, N'-w Vorln mi eo'tt* COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, D a Y A\n KVICNING. No. I0S NASSAU 8TMKKT. THf AMERICAN Stand rd System of wr ting, taught by Vr. P. J Arnaold lr<>m AI bam?the only in'alible method to become a finished writer iu the conrse of five to eight les ona oi o ue bout each. Succ as is nuinlMO to all, troin the of 12 to e(l Such on reeu'tented impioreinrni on this beautiful stylf of writing, so truly "Cie?litic, that the m >st acenlical hate yielded to the eiilen-e Trims rro erate. Only one dollar and Mtv cents lor the roune of leatona. Book Keeping, double ami tingle estrj ? A roinpli te modern system of *n gle entry, or double entry sunn ifu d,by win h the sine result is obtained as th*t kept in u tile entry. Alto, double entry b 10k keeping, iu five O ff, rrul forms, acquired iu trum s:i weeka io two months Five uollars for the cuurst of Ins met mis Mr. Amanld, at his 'eiture h art, continues to wife up, post and balance trade-men's and me chants bo >i s, to m?ke ou the state of affa.rs, to examine and verity books or acetun s gone into d "order, to a ju t iudividuil and partuer<h p concern .and to 'un.ith spec-mentor plans of books adadpted to any but mm, arranged by the most sitni le courite and satisfactory fount. N. B ?Mr. A. will give iust u-ti nt at the tesideuce if tequtred, and in nc ulemies, on moilerate terms. References? Pa John H. Van H n*selae-, Krq at How.ird's Hotel; Aloerinan Ar old Nslrou.and to the office of tlie Sunday Mercuy. mtsodlwr E*. HAMiK IIOTfclU Pt) PTfiVILLK, Pcuu J SKI I ZlNUEii it ap.-crfullv aunonucea to the iravel'mg con mu'iity. that he kaepa that larg ami S) I-ud d establish rat lit th Ksehatigp H te!, situate ,?t the corner of Cent e and Callnwhill streets, uear'y o posi e die T *u H ill. in live Bur nnvli -.1 r'oftville, which lies oeeu t'io ughlv repaired . t d in o letia'lv nn. roved for ihe ccommo ation I visitors The hotel is forty f1 i t ft nt on Cen're street and one hundred aim rhirtv eLfit feet from on Callowhill, three slor ea high; it is admirably prov del with ua lors, siltitig roou.a, reading loom ami laige airy eh nilirr ? h" mint specious u'r asiut rod eonverient uiuira roote in the country?a new am! suixtri r bathing establiihnieni?end every eonveoin ce and comfort to rci der i; ol all r ap eta a most dtsir.iblr hotel ihe -tatd'n ktt'chcd. it la.re and wrll constructed, Mid su.ienn' nerd b eve'icm v.l and atteut vc hostlers. Horses and c ridge. ?uay be nad ai any time to cuuvr.v persons to tiny ol tht cs in y An omnibus n s Irom tlor h -tel d ilv, to aud fist1 the depot to meet the cs ? for the ucconim H'uoti of peiinna trarilnig on th Ri'lr'/ad Nuchagef rosj-iiinua ire to this bocrl Potuei-'r. M n I. Ml ml lm*re_ KUbS V LLK BiAriUINU 01 rl /On, eT A 1JC N ISLAND. TT~ W13TTHI Rf'r-s cell nil) inloiin*hi* frie-ds nd the VV . public, tha tit" soaoo' will re ope ol. the 1st of ?|ay Poems and guardiai * are also informed W W. ni-kes ii a point ol rot'science to na il -n every p.,?siblf ?? the tnor.h of children committed to hi* t'o , fion. u- to twelve years of age Reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geograph? and grammar taught The local ou a deliglrful and be-ithy; the orchard, god-nt and play gronnd are spacious; a'out ree miuut-twalk from the landing The slrainhoat Raritat. le ves B in lav strrrt 'eri dav at 3 o'clock, lor Hossvillr. Terms for board and ration, including wasuiug, $25 pe> quarter, psid in advan c. Reference! Hrv David More, Slsteri l?l?ud. W N Sevtnonr, Esq., 4 Chalh-m Square N. Y H- nr- Sirwart 8e*uioe, E?o , flta eu Island. Wm ' udlam. Esq , '24 ttrekman atrect. John Q'tinn. Esq , 3 \1unroe street. Messrs. Colvill aud Flrmm*. Ksq., la C?dar street. Capi Edward kernel. E?.| Hicks street, Brooklyn Mrs. V.riw 21 E' rtdiie street Vew Vo> *2? im*r A~TeW ?KNTrT>iKN" ?f steady habits can oe .tccotnino I dated with R vod hoard nod , le sun foms in a private (amiIt, at 204 Eulti n street Also, a lew day bonder* caD he :>ce. in modeled ou the ujisst ream, .nni-le term. A parlot and lied room to let. with or without '-card i5 ec II <11 l ' "\AMI A l>i'L-.N il.\>Ur/tC UK" MH AND ' A LI O 'hi Ti.U H.?Kir ss'e, an rice'leni atone bni'di' it, with water ?h I, 'da good srre m of water, withi?g"'dh u e ;tid our bai d g# fom or fi - r tcr. s of l,nd al* in good orter i t a it. <J e Onlnii r I r, four miles noiih oft'at'r-nu V J.r run mc pi d a a eii'ton l e t'r .. Any peson w. h ut; to *tart the above tusiuess, sou il do well to cail, for luither pani ula s, o JO IN VAN RIl'VK, Corner nl T I'man and "rid # -tier's, hi 14 lm*' c . r 95 add .t, Brooklyn N Y 'T'H ". p'ttners i of I St U Virtue tss thia day herQ distorted d hv mutual ernsent The business of ihn fiini will he closed cy John Pituie. J"IIN r RN|E. PETER PIRN IE New York. May 11, 1843. T eskbs riher ?l I Continue ihe husiuess. ar 2 Or nge at mlt iw?ec JOH v PiHME WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH JEWELLERS. J ft WALI It St CO No lift Bro dteay. 2" floor, h . 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Uildin Aoparntut, and luttraerion* and r -taut hi.hit lor eacli.lorw u dad to an part of the United tltlrl Ph' tojpapher* tupplied at lowei tatea than at any other plarr in the city. Oilvani'- Oildmg and Silv"riits drur o order Postpaid letters only attended tM afk |s'r DlANO f 'KTES.?The aubacrih rt rup cifnllv i, wile * their friend* mil the public iu geueral, to Ca'l at their etta bhrhmrnt, No. 251 Eaat Broadway, where thev have^m h ind a well a>totted ircck of m<h >iaiiy an i r te w..od French grand a? tion Piano h'ortet with all ihe late unyniri mruu warraii'ed. and to b< kept in tntu lor one r.r Ihe titnaei be't alto beu leaee to I feral he pnh'ir. that rhia it the tl*bliahroen< formerI' kept by Ben' et and Hawkma, hot at p'etei.i ocrnpied by the nhtcnberi The pr.cet will be f n d -niiint to tne timet.? Purcb itera-ire rrt|<eCtfnMy inri i d o call nd examine. N. B Allkindtof pianot from II tr Toctaeet will be made toorder. Alao pianoa tnned and repai-ed, or evrhanyed on the moil reasonable terint. Alao *e nod h nd pianoa lor rale. HK.NHY HlCHAKDk JOHN KUi K, all lm#r ail Earn Broadway. Jh 1 () (\rw^ WORTH ofUhiua, Olata and Karth-n Ware ?l?>v.a/V/ for'ale a' |7# Eighth Avenne by Thorn.t Mc 8'irli.?Tl la w lie 11 now 01 en. and will r?- to d to retailer*, at the foliowiD|f pile hlne t np and tl i Platei, kreecli aliapr*. 7t. per doz ; tufiera, > 6 I ; P tit wh.te platei. gtonwa r 6. per dot ; tuftert, 5> ; dithet, bakers and toil-ttc ware loita lylow: bow * fr m 2* 6d to It. 3J; Umpi, ol', L'tarpool 12. ; hall amp* from t) to td.ihr same a* ihe d >wn- wn an re* I e.l I Inr CIO it t Cli' illBBiln Wlfp for ft Pert hv tK? Ku he I Noctdi.ayat in rte N B No chtrgr f >( crntea to country mer.l lit* I tuna ten erta ft?m U?. le Ji5PvMie ?i e on (Vednnitit, in 414 B ".ulvriT. mMm'fC ~ THK OHEENwTcTf HATH, ~ NO 337 Huilmni aliret i* now open for the aeiuon, with wa in atiii en 'I crotox waver. Siog'e B-th< at lite reduced puce of 18V cents, or eight in k 'a for $i aJTimec AI.KX'R MARSHALLU ( ' (VYi WHITE atapenorgnalMi Or Engii-h v hue L. .nl I i ?al? bj WitODttl'LL aa MINTITKSS, f h'.'nli ifeet TO T'lK Li. Vc'.rtJ* Ok 31 rkliiUH BLALK Th.tHow .n.\L Mlit'ire?T' i? lU-meiy ielu u or o. unpar* leled Tee t? .< -h'? 'net r*te< 1 Cnio ?ml feu-upe juat 11, mrt?i!, i? 1.0*' >! ?ale at th? '? i"" I'ohiim iiit 'i Onnf Pea ?< atahliahmrel l*t ' bai till N?? wn ft"' -* > ?''*? each '"?* f TiW1 vk'.S?200 halo Enatuli H iil.ort Twinea > oj quality .mmpiiair* a complete aaaorlmenl, Iroui SH to lilo for aale at (educed pricea by K. K. COLLINS fc CO., mill X South atieet. 0 g?... IERA 34;i The Wei Hal la. The Walhalla, is a famous German National Temple, of the Doric order, built neur Ratisbon, on the bunks of the Danube. The following beautiful description is taken from n letter, written by Henry E. Wheaton, United .States Minister at Berlin, to the National Institute at Washington : ? THE WALHAl.LA. The Walhalla, erected on the top of u detached eminence, rising about two hundred and filty leet above t he le\el of the Dinube, and overlooking the whole plain, surrounded with an amphitheatre of woody hills, is constructed above a triple row ot terraces, which are reached by successive limine ol steps alternately single and double, and which produce the most grand and picturesque impr' ssion on 'h-- spectator as he ascends towards the building by which they are majestically crowned When he reaches, by a single flight of steps, the first landing p'ace, Ue may take his choice of the right or left of a double fl gtit, which conduct him to a terrace ol which the front wall is pierced with a door ol bronz", forming the entrance mm the subterraneous " Hall of Expectation," where tfie busts ol living worthies are to be placed to await their trans ation to the Walhalla Prom this terrace the B|>ectHtor again ascends, by nnoiher double flight of Bteps in the inverse direction from the first, to a second landing place, Iront which ho reaches, by a single flight in Iront, the terrace on which stands the temple itself, passing by three different platforms, wbicti form, as it were, the basement to the edifice, thusrnised, stage by stage, upon so many massive sub tructions of the niost imposing character The walls of these different tenaces are built of huge r?u?nc ii in:*.*, ill u?c <->i I n |?*i nir^uuu roost ingeniouslyjoined together in fh** si>le of Cyclopean masonry. which servrs to increase the gigantic effect ol the whole vast structure. Thissuc| cession ot terraces and flights of steps is wi hunt ex ample in the history ol art, and hums a most happy conception, as according with the general design ol | the monument, and augmenting its grandiose charterer The exterior whIIs ojthe temple are built of Salzburg calcareous atone, approaching to marble in the purity ot its color and otheir qualities. ItisSOofeet long, 100 feet wide, and 75 leet 111 height Its proportions thus differ considerably from those ot the Parthenon, which it greatly exceeds in size, and closely resembles m the style of its external archi tecture. The two sides are each adorned with a single colonnade, and each of the two fronts with a double colonnade of Doric columns, each 6 feet 10 inches in diameter. The pediments ot the two fronts are decorated with groups of marole statues bv Schwanthaler, the one representing historically the triumph ot Armentus over the legions of Varus, and the other allegorieally the restoration of the conquered provinces to Germany at the peace of 1814-15. These works, and especially the lormer, are justly regarded as doing the highest honor to the eminent talent of this accomplished sculptor. No wood has been employed in tiny part of the building, except under the plates of copper which cover the roof; the root tree being of cast iron, and the other parts ot the building constructed of stone, marble, and bronze.* The interior of the edifice corresponds with the magnificent grandeur of the exterior. The original type of a Doric temple has been pNM rvrd m the plan of the interior, which is a Grecian cella in the farm of a parallelogram, containing the portrait busts of illustrious men and women ranged at different heights along the four walls. This arrangement of the busts, all of the same form, that of the antique Ilermes, and of the same color, that of the purest white marble, might have produced an effect ut once monotonous and trieirl. if it hnd not been f-killu'ly obviated by the genius of the architect.? One ot the conditions ot the programme, as we have seen, was the introduction of sufficient light into the inteiior ol the edifice; an indispensable object winch could not be accomplished as in the an cieut Dotic temples, by leaving the middle ot the root open to the sky; an arrangement, which, however suitable to tne climate ot Greece and Italy would not be adapted to that ot Germany ? Tit" Walnnlla must therefore nec-ssardy be covered throughout with a roof, and the principal beams cornnosiiig ihe roof-tree might be supported by masses ot building advanced on the two Jong sides of the inferior so as to break the uniformity of its continuous lines. These mosses, detached from the walls of the cello, and formed of double columns supporting :in architrave with ita entablature,and in the second order ot two sta'uesol caryatides to each column supporting the ceiling, thus relieve in the most agreeable manner the monotony which would else have been product d bv the long lines ot Hermes busts standing against the naked walls. This effect is also increased by the rich antique marble candelabras, chairs, and statues ot the valkvria by Rauch, placed at intervals between the different rows of busts A space reserved at the further end ot the cella, and corresponding to the opisthodome of (lie ancivnt Greek temples, forms below a sort of enclosure ornamented with six Ionic columns, and above a bal tony open towards the temple, and supported by similar statues of caryatides This balcony is intended to accommodate ihe choirs of music at the consecration of the busts successively introduced into the Walhalla. From it there issues a narrow passage which goes all around the whole extent ot the two long sid? s of the temple, and which i* lei! o|>en towards the interior in ordei to accommodate a certain number ol spectators on th? se solemn occasion These arrangements give to the interior ot the monument boiii animation and variety, wnhou' injuring the t fleet produced by its grandeur and ut:i Li L I . k.. .4 ly, vmini Hit llUIIlcrn ??l me uru/iaiiuiin uiviraorr 'he impression produced by its imposing architecture. The walls, from which project the busts of white marble, are entirely covered wph marble plates ol various colors, assorted with <xquiw(e taste; the columns are also sculptured of fine marble ; the ceil irig is painted and gilt throughout in the antique sty le, with stars ol gold on the blue grou-d ol the compartments. The statues ol the caryatides are decorated in the same style, with go'd and colors di-trib'iied on the d ff rent parts of their dress Tht floor of the temple h paved i>> moeate, witn v?rioucolored ntarhles Tho.-, wi'h the cxcei to 11 ot ih4erwiea Itnsts, of the 8'atnes ol the V.okvria by Ranch, and of 'he ba-so rein vo trp ze which runs all around the walis ot the cells, ify whole imeror ot this magnificent temple is reapU-ni'ant with gold aud colors, whilst the t xterior is marked t?y ihe gr .ve and noble style of the purest Doric urcnitecj '.ure 'I'hc busts of illustrious historical personages, nil ot the same diiiiensions, and ail in the foiin of H-r iTH's, are distributed in two rows along the wails ol the interior; the low. r row -tainting on a continu ons pedestal, the upper on aeperatcs consoles projecting from the walls A third row of these busts lias been commenced, which may hereaflrr be filled up by the images of the illustrious (iermarts deemed wor.hy in future tunes of admission into the Wn| lialla The impression produced fry this vast collection of sculptured portraits of ntstorical personages. I is powerfully increased by the presence ol ihe six S'Htur-xby Ksuch of wtagrd female figures, placed i t the two eid a of the leniple, in the interval*formed Ity the rows of double columns projected from ihe walls These statues, hs before stated, represent the Valkyria, who are supposed by the poetic legend- of the northern myihology to be the ''choosers of tlit-slain" whose departed souls are deemed worthy of admission into the Walhalla Ot these beautitu1 figures, some ar" standing and others arc seated in various expressive attitudes, holding in th ir hands palms of victory or crowns of laurel, which they seem to be offering as the rewards ot genius and patriotism They are just ly admired us the finest works, in point ot invention, style, and arrangement, produced by the genius of the great I'rusman artist The other sculptured works in marble and bronze J which serve to decorate the interior of the temple, tire all designed and executed with the same view to the ideas and types uj that mythological system ' in which the WalnalU filled the place ol the hlysi- n urn of the classic nations of antiquity. Asihereare , no Goth'C works of art still remaining of a date pre- > vi us to the introduction of Christianity among the * Northern Nations, the types and images of ih it form of Paganism which prevailed among them must necesaanly he sought tor in the mythic lays of the Scandinavian Coda. In appropriating to the purposes of art the wild and beautilul imagery embodied ' in the soriga oi the Skalds, the fragmentary remains of whoae poetry may be compared j to the wrecks of a more ancient world, to rigantic ruins ejieaking a more |ierfect civilization, he glories of which have long since depart* d. the sculpture employed in the decoration of the Walhal a have given free scoi?* to their own imagination, and at the same time have borrowed from Grecian irt whatever was necessary to supply the deticien :ies in our knowledge of the original lyjies of the lorthern mythology. Thus tSchw&nth&ler, in com J M.-ing his statues of the Valltyria, w'.ilsf he precrves itieir clausic attributes of caryuinles, has re i mnird rhein as female figures with the skins of | wild beast* fastened with a girdle over their tuuics with their long hair flowing tr m their shoulders, utd crowned with br<mcne? 01 oun, . , The building i* tuppoied to have coat at leaat lis mil I dona of florin*. J h J). Prlea Two Genu. heads present the peculiar type characteristic ot the Teutonic race. So also ot the rich decorations which adorn the three triangular compartment.* ol the | latfond The firat of theae represents u group ol figures, typifying the cre.ition of the external world and ot the human race from chaos, figured under the form ol the aunt Ymir, ftom whose Heah whs created the earth, the heavena from Ins skull, the clouds Ironi hie brain, and the sea Irom his lilood. From the shoulder* ot this beiig, as here represented, shoot lortli the first human pair, whilst from hie lower limbs spring* the ample foliage ot the vegetable world, in the form ot beautiful arabesques. On the right ol this principal figure ih placed Hela, the dread goddess of darkness, of night, and of hell, represented with the attributes ot Milton's Sin , " Befora the gate* thorn i?t On eithrr siita formidable shape ; 'I'he one teemed woman to the want, and fair, But ended foul in many mealy fold, Voluminous and vast, a serpent arm'd Wiih mortal sting " On the lrit is v urtur, the gwd o( the sun, ol light, and ol heat ; the grim king ot Mmpelheim. who melts wi'h fervent heat icy rocks ot Niielheim, from whence spring* Yrnir?"ancestor of nature, anarch old " Hire we have the outline* ot the northern cosmogony, us traced in the lays of the Skalds and in the prose Kdda, embodied in Sculpture, hnd completed with the branches ol ash and alder, from whence the names of the first rutin and woman, Aakurutid limbls, were supposed by the inventor* id this svslem to he hnrr,iived 1 he second compartment of the platfond represents ihe twoputeiit deities I Asgard, the Olympus of the Scandinavian and Teutonic mythology, et<mdinst Uefore th< ir teles lal throne ; Odin, the lather of godsand of men, w ith hix'iw'ar in hand, and Frigga, ho ding her golden distaff On the rigi t rushes torih Thor, the god of thunder and ol battle, armed wi h hie terrible mallet, with which he strikes to the ground a standard, which v? e perceive to be Reman bv the eagle and the initials S Q P. R. Further on is represented, tit a sitting posture, the young and beautilnl Balder, the lavorite son of Odin, whose death was latin nted by all the gods, whose tears and prayers could not avert his doom. On the left appears Bragi, represented as n hard or Skald, with his golden h.iry, accompanied with his fair spouse, Iduna?another Hebe, who offers the apples of immortality in a vase of gold to the heroes on their entrance into the Waihalla ? those apples which alone preserve the eternal youth of the gods. The two corners ol this compartment are appropriately decorated with theravenaol Odin. '1 ne third compartment represents the conflict of the two hostile principles of Good and Evil, which lorms the ground-work of almost every religious system, true or lalse, and was typified in some of the boldest allegories of the Northern mythology. Here springs up the majestic Tree of the World, tne ash Ygdrasil, spreading its ample houghs and foliage over the Well of Time, with the eagle of Odin perched on the top. From the heavenly roots gushes lorth the SHcred fountain of Mimir?of wisdom, from which the three Noma, Urd, (the past,) Waronde, (the present,) and Skuld. (the future,) draw the waters of life, with which they incessantly water the Tree ol the World : and thus maintain its perennial verdure against tne machinations ol the great Berpent, " the Father ol Lies," and of Eenrirthe-Wolf, that foul progeny of the evil principle en- ' gendered with the giantess Arigurbodi, one ol the enemies of the beneficent deities. This monster, now bound in fetters, is to be let loose at the end of the present world, to combat with the gods and devour Odin himself. The universe is to be destroyed by fire, typified in ihe godSatur, the Northern Pluto. Thus sings the Skald : " The sun nllhlsc.k shall be, The earth tink in the lea, And ev'iy starry ray From heav'n lade away ; While vapors hot shall fill The air round Ygdrasil, And, darning as tbey rise, Play towering o the skius." After winch a new heaven and a new earth shall i n|>|fctu, wiiiii" iwd 111UIVIUUH10 ui nic nun an race, ' saved from the general conflagration, shall |>*rj' *'u* ate fh**tr 9j?ecies in the world thus renovated. Haider shall return again from the dark abodes of Hela and reign triumphant in the mansion ol the gods, once more restored to its ancient splendor. This heauiilul mythos may be, as some have supposed, an image ot the life ol I he seasons and of the physical revolutions of the globe Hat at the same time il_ carries wph it another, and more remote, and a higher sign fication, being to use the words of the eloquent historian of Sweden, Geijer, " a symbol ol all time, of ihe changes of the great year ol the world, representing the general dissolution of all >hinga as a consequence of the fiisi God's death? the death ol goodness and justice in ihe world ? Balder returns, lollowed by reward and punishment, by a ne? heaven and a new earth. Through i_he truth thus inculcated, and at the same time the inviol hie sanctity which the Northern mythology attaches to an oath, it rises above Nature and acquires a moral value lor mankind " Connect lent. | Correspondence of the Herald. | CoNNKCTICUT, 1848. A IVrddittg tn fiaUni, Connecticut. FKUND BsNjvKrr:? 1 am rn-iicaung and peregrinating, in search rf lieabh, through the interior of " the land ol steady habits," and as I have been m ubscriber and reader ol your racy " Herald," since almost its first publi" cation, I intend occasionally to drop you aline from where you Iik< ly would oiherwise have no correspondent. f have gathered plenty of materiel, political, social, military, dec , and though 'tis long since I left my Alma Mater, somewhat thai is li erary. In this I must, however, be briel, and will merely eive you a short sketch ol the most prominent topic at this time, which is a marriage, not in Cana, Ipiji in Salem, Connec'icur: In Christ Church, on A', Hne-d?i\ afternoon, 'be 19 h of April, hv tie Rev \ irr. Jut've C\m,- M,.no, i t Hebron, to the imi*l>P and ,i ti.i'i he?' 1'i-rE >z 'In tb K ,young -.-i daugbter i I At trie- Wor'b la'on Esq cf Colrbeale T Tb W*dll'.iC hi.. nolrC at the resiie-1 ce of the i.rid* la! or, .hi ' h'ter escortu g ihe overs to the cf.uri h. at d >. > mi the secred certnio >v pirtoftmd which rend'' d if. h ppy couple one, (Vlaiio) they, by spectn u v 'a ion. conducted the iirideauc! groom to the maueiouot the bride's brother-in-law, Col Seth E Lathrop, where a sumptuous " marriage supper" was provided, by the w oriby Colonel and bis otini. hie lady Here was mingled, in choii est harmo- y with me delicacies and ihe viands, "the feast of reason and the flow ol' soul," the Kimrkling of wit and the hilarity of mirth ! Of he youihtu! bride'a-maids, 1 think iwaa iheir first appearance, but not the lesa interesting on that SKAMr.N Wan'IEi) A *?t i"inie ?? ?? wiurd ii.r t'* u w I oirof w?r 8 \ R <T(*OA, Joeiah raitnll, K?y '.oiiiinKuilrr.? he Urifrii nl (1 eei tlonp m the ?er*lee. Ap >' at he N ? I Rtun??O0?, W ier ?rn el, where a Si-i'ji nig 'fflcrr from the 8?r 'oga will be Id atteurike e. 8 ?rral Pet;y Uffic i* birtht are m 11 wnr nr. rrri|) 1w*rc Pllahaa i' HO v1' i'l Mi? -irti ml ramiliea ?u o* ac c-trr>ra idared at 8;mttoii' ? * ', <>ae mi:e Irnm rhe Tillage Hi R'aahiuv; to and I'roai ? hch a arramb ia' rnu* t? ce a Hey. tf'lhr Knit a an bearb Withiu I'nrty rod.,with dre.alu* h oae, 'Oral walk*, and a proa, eet tiii*Uipaa**d, h I'lid unl water. Apply to p bTRaT TON. pHINA, OLAS* A D RXmTHB.nWAht-No ice ? 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