18 Haziran 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

18 Haziran 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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* TH Vol. II.?>0.1U ?Wtal* 3377. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?publiahod every day ot thu year oaept New Year1! day and Fourth of July. Price 2 centa per copy?or fT 96 per an anm?postage* paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HER*LD-ptibliahedevery Saturday morning?price tuts pel' copy, or M 13 per annum-postntfea paid?caah .a advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaain, Mt. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thie city or the world, and is therefore, the heat channel for husxntst wen in the city or country Price# moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda, uaocuted at the moat moderate prirei, and in the moat elegant etyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PitomiBToa er tub Hkrald E.tabliihmbnt, North weet cornet of Fulton and Noaxau atreots _ J1 "I, NEW AKK AM) NEW YOKK-Fait Otra- only 1>X ' eats !?The at Undid steamer ^ '? PASSAIC, Capuin John tiatfy. 0 i and after M udiy .June I'h wit! run aafollow* l.f?f tne foot of Bi e!ay inert, New York, at 10 A M., and 4 I* M. L? ??i the foot o( Centre atreet, Newark, at 7X A.M.. and 1? P. M. PVieht earned at veiy low ratea. 1I6 6m > aaet F OPi K'H LINK OK HTEAMJBOATS . ALBAN y?Oei'v at 7 o'clock, P. M 3CsBalL7 nrtiugh hired (Sund lyh egcepted) from tie bi. .iut 'o."' Pier f( t ren Courilandt anil >. ibe.ty streets So am boat ROC E8TKH Cap) A Hougntou, will leave Monday, Wednesday am) Kridav evenings. at 7 o'clock. tennb ta ?OUTH AMEbICA, Captain L W Brainard, wit1 Vive Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. n .a ..b<>at NORTH AMERICA, CaptainM H Trueidell, land ur at intermediate places, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, at 5 o'clock Passengers iking this Line of Boau will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Can for the ?as' or west. [T7~The above boats are new and substantial, are famished with new and el< gmr. state rooms, and for speed and accommodaim s are unrivalled on th- Hudson Vor passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to P. C Sehnl'x at the office on the whurf jcU 'W r jgMW. aril UnA' D f.xcu iou to the Fishing hanks. every Tuesday. Thorday and Fri ay m .injBdwBKaZ-inea t'urtn, tn?season. landing at Fort Himill n earh ? y. Fare 5' c-"'s for th nenr ion. The steamboat SUPERIOR, Capt J O old, wi'l e< min*nci her regular trips on Toursday mori-im, June Ilk, lr m'he pier fos>t of Chamb r sr. at 8 "'c rclr; Am s si, qior er pastil; Canal it, hdl i-sstg; ri-t No. I. Ka-rerj qnarn-1 o 9; CatPe me Krnr, Bronkl u ai9; foot ot Pike st qjarter ran 9. in Pier o, 1. Bilterv.ai li?lt past 9 o'llock lor ha K?k< gB.uka ffS-urly Ho k. A ha d of m ic isrugiaid. Refreshments on load k *ira but furnish, d grata The eel "brated fisl.sim.in, Capt. P.acock wi'h hi h*ipo?n? is?pgac--il jit lot'ec ? 4u REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, ?The 'nb?o,iber coutiuuea to transmit taouev in*ums large JwMRsbo: .ma'l to nelsons residing in any part of Ireland in the -a in lusnoer a* he, eud his piedecsssor iu business fas v.. done ror the list thirty years and more; tlao.to any part of Englan' er Scotland. Monty rrmiiteo by letter (post paid) to the sw'wc iber, or personalis deposit-' wirb him vritu the name er the t-eson or ! p ni.ni <o lrei ud. E .gland or S. oiland. to whom it is to ba nt, a d nearest j> a> town, wi'l be imin< 'lately tranamittee and paid ccndiua y, and a rceipt to that effect given, or lorWar.i?d to theieu l-r. In iier manner m mey, or claims on persona in any part of Irel nd, hoi .ana or'-c.t ad em be collided by tl e suhsarib r 'or per a rrsid ng 'n auv pa t of the United 3l*U? or Can-ids and will be n id t-> rht-m acre- ingty j 7 b?i grOROh McBrtlOE. Jr.M^edar at. .efew FOB LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular Unffi Packet ol liti June.?The Splendid Packs; Bh:( | Tlffir^ Captain Wm Sai-'dy, of 1003 tons i will positively tall aa above, her regular day. For freight oi passage, having accommodations unequalled for apknilor oi i comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall stTeet. , Or to E.K COLLINS Or l O aa Month stret'. sne racKei snip nnsciua, capt. jonn col tins, of 11 i tons. will succned the Gaiiick, and fail (he 2Mh or July, n* regular day. Letters for the alupa of thia line will only be received at Gil pia'? and Hale's Newi Room. Passengers rar y role on tbe ahipa ot thu line sailing p?net? | I vaa advertised j 17 ec mtfst *'0H L fVTcH POOL.?Regular pacaet o< thr^Slh mRHV Jnue.?The very tape nor. fait Mil ins packet ami JQMMbG.ARRICK, Cap.am Skeddy, will moat poaitiTely tail M above. Haying very anperior accommodation! Tor cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persona wishing to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMUKKAV, 100 Pine at., cor. Booth. The above wi'l he sncce'd'd by the spleudi' p.eket ship Patrick Henri, Capt Delano, and tail on the 7lh July. Peisjns wishing to send tor their friends in the old conn.ry, can have them brought ont by the above ehip, or ay of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter post oiid. j 14 v ~ FOS RIO DE JAN&IRo?To e.il ?5 h J-n? ?i9P9VTh<' 'ast selling cop ered end copper fastened ihip JMfisO\STON, Capt O. Eluridge, will posiiivrlt sail ee MM e for ovsageonlv. hoing e'egsnt famished accommodations apply on boaid at Jadd's wharf or M ?. K COLLINS k CO, jlOr it S -nth stree t*A' KK FOR HAVRE?Becond Linr ?The iBN ship ON h IDA, J ime Funk, master, wll sail on the Stt-ikbil tof July. BOVD It HiN'rKfcIN < j3 r .9 Tontine iiuildiug Wall ft. tTHE owner o< a neat three story home, liavi g inure j room tit in is requisite for his family, is u*su?us ?l -not ing a , srt of the id ?e to a respectable fanilv with >ut Hi To nch a etiant the rent wi I he low. For parLicn la s app.y on ,lie premises, 14r IbliXiheth, between Broome and Hpi in sis j 14 6(* r I AyA TO LET ?The modem built three story onck pi dvelli g. No 16 Green street, finished w.lh silver luruiUf. rure, rrarble inanties an I grates throughont. A Kne I sr.-yard with m vr tailing cis'eru. Will be let low. Foi 1 further prrt;culan ap|ily to AITKEN, BROTHERS, je2-lm*ec *o 128 Fnli..i rtreet. i >nA BARCLAY STREET?TO LET?The elegant \ fr.H and m in odious Ikmiwi brica igmae No J! Birclay JJ?.s r-et. bunt and occupied by >li. I nnmis Brooks until . the i es nt tine. In excellent order end fitted with eveiy .. ....... c?. . i.,.,. r ? .1.. ...i a? .,i- ? 1 Cu i? ire Place. For terms apply at No. 110 Water street. 1 mti Im*' ] tj-jM FLl?i?ICULtUK?-For aala, the laige C use re - i tfOm orv, vi h alt the ei twirc apparatus attached the'etn, JL*?< t ie ? Jin. Mate Mr. Perry's,) Henry it. Ore kiyu. 1 For fur b?r p^rtien'ara ar.pl to W. It Lie HELL. Florist, on lh? premiers. W loMcllhas a's.ifoi ? ' at low p.ic a superb colliction of liar, hcaltlv P an's in bloom and in our*, r.l geraniums, r e* r-'brnaa, \io<es. dahiin,. z.liss, n oil .H ndrons.s hias, p itu.l a?, clematises,etc uti < >aano i s honeysuckles, end o UT duu hieg' i h our and lis den pi a ts . nd rases. 1 B.>vq i i Ikig'ilull) mule opto order A ll oiders for the ei i. sol Nri* Ycri ah ' Hrcoblyo, delivered tree of charge, and pane aal at an-led to. tm**l GENIN & VAN VKANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAJVlER HAT, 1 FOH HEN 1 LKvTl.N, WEJU*?1NO O.vLY i\ OIN ES?I'RICK ?j 50. j r? THE 8u' serihera base introduced the abore named | hat lor suminci weir. B> comparing ihe weSght of tins i a. ,1C e a It', thi a.r rage weight 01 the following rials, the -npe- i ri-r aoeaniau a it poeaeases.over ihrm lor sua jier wear may ' b< r ad ly ? eu. , , The astrsge weight of the ord.nary fur hat is tit< ounces. , do do rananiaOig " , <ni do Leghorn 4 " items f. Ily couvinerd that oo style ol summer hat heretofore , wo u hss me. ?ith ihe general appro -at.on whi< h a hat | oases sittg all lis qua i'kb, VIZ' I'gii utss, beauty. durability and i cheapness, would be sn e to reor.se, we hie- ueioied much ar- , tern on to ih ui.oiuMctu'e and fi lirhii.g of t; new styl' now in ro o'-.o ny ns. F o the waim mpio' a,ion el, rrss d by gentlrmr who hase examiuxl them, we feel satisfied h t ttiey need only to he seen to b In ly M'P ?ei ted OfcNIN at VAN VKA*KKN, 1 mM Im ee 214 ^r adwsy. opposite Ht Pau'sf'.hu'Ch | as THE FOUR' H OF JUL*! 1 - jITO BOOTir A yD HHt'lCS 1 ootand Hnoe viarsel, No 5.H Greenwich etrcet ? L?t;aa sod gentlemen se ad i>ed to cali at he above store and | pi ide domseives * ith mm mable snmniei loots, slippers, gai eis lie 'n tde np in the nestrst and nop t fashionable so I . 1 mid aald _a he p if n?. li't e eneap'.- nun elsewhere. 1 HiUi *i ta ml ea wil. aa?e money by e ling r.tre, t the ghee ri pu D u't forge ha numl-er. Cnutou Cheap B ol and f' o. Mike, ,N? i(,9 O reuwich ureal, corner Hiring ?u 1 l-OOK AT THIS ! \ boota, of beat quality, (14 to $? VI I breC'.do do 1 U) 3 10 I Fiue sea ad B.ala, J SO to 3 00 i Pegged do ? 50 Mom CO do J Sea Skin an. < ham do I 75 to 1 00 ( lo li button (inirrra, j g5 Pm.rlla do ? a* 200 Fine Calf "hoea, at itched, t 00 Calf boa-, 1 IS to 1 75 Boy', line aawed hoots, j I " itii ed boota, e If 110 " M-alakiu an Uraio, 1 ItX " b ?' Calf Bhoeo,. 125 " Rip Hoea, J 10 Vnnlh'aScwe Bn t>, 1 00 to 1 50 LAOlk.9 BOOTS k 9HOK9 ? Ladies, in theie a.nraayoa will tiud :ne grcatrat eat r meat of Waiter Biota, Slippers. Bn.hina, Tie . P nnallt Bn.aina, lichl and dara colored hall li iter*, lloiae Miip ra, a hi o and biaek aatiu slippers satin gaiteis. Mia. a and Childre. a' genera, bu-ai; a, aiippera, tiva, and ill oti rr koida of noota and aop.a, of <mr owu naa iaftciarI nit with the treat of F.fucb gaoda and wa lan.rd to be ih? hi at and aa el rap <u the che i. e?. at 307 B o dway and 93 Canal at. jl .,nr (JHKHOtii It CAHICL PA KM HOC AND LA8 18 MADE TO OKDKH i By E. SUSER, 175 Rr mid way, (Baiemtnt,) Oni O >or from Coimlandi street. ] K SUSb.H, Bootmaker, and makei ol Lasts, ap a0d4PRV'?lve" ol Clrrce of Paiia begs leare to inloroi his frTTida i ml all the a mttcura ol a gentlemanly "ehaassnre," , thai he Cin now mike, io New VoH, with the beat French mateiiala, all that it ao peifcetly made, in I diis. by hit inaau-i the ertebf ited liootin-ker Clerce, wnoae numeiooa cutlomera . onihiaaide of the Ailaiitn;, are reap etfully inrited to try HUSK.K'S boots and laita belor- they deapair ol being "chanatea'' ill ^ew Y ta, alier the ulceat, laieet Pant faahion. Alan t e gc utile Paria Jet Blaek Varmah acid. mIO ia'r A3 BOO r AND SHOE STORK. JOHN HICADY r*e|iectfall j ml rmt h.afriendand thr public, thai 'ie ha? commenced basioeaa in the aborr line a. N" M Nantnalleet, where tie will tn.iuklniH rectire and fai hfaliy eiectne, all ordera he map be favored with oi< he m ?t r>*'-nn-h < terret tor --aah >? ? TO tH? LAUIKH-ttO p?t, O.iui rf^? h"i>ti of all eolorr and aireii '?l Ihe I .ten fa?hi n, and child en'i (Joter l> >o*a and BnaAina, L dra Boa kina, Tie* mid Sl.pp- r?, a loud article, I mm 4 t?( ahillingh A'ao, food ae?urtntenl "I Orutirme i a prime call atucti bnota, city m kJ* f'O 1 14 t<>4 d illara, warranted ; good IIin S?*e I boota, from 13 to 18 "I m*?. Aiao, U iy'a b ints. 11< "mi* i'tilera, ^UAiter b.?nf* and aline* of all deaeription* ure.it atitn.da ice, at Walaer'a che.i|i atore, 419 Broad way. I cer iei renal Mr et. ?ni4 lna'er i r).i fALr. I IIKA1?34 Dor. f C. rrier Pigeon*^ to be arm at U I'd iVEi b h CO ft-, lnepooltiT aiaud, No. 9 KnII1 Ifn aiktt, New York. J14 lw*? * E NE s ==========s============^ J WASHINGTON G\RD N8, HOBOKEN. JOHN IRELAND, the well known proprietor of the First Werd Hop**, No. ?8 ,\?w meet, (eiwner of Kxch.ing* Piece.)grateful for tDe patron. ge hitherto received from hi* friends, and dee rum t> merit a c 'Utinmitioii of it, respectfully info m-. them aud the public generally, that he hat lately purchased the large aud cmumodioua Houec aud Gardens, known a* the Washington House, situate in Hudaoo street, H bokru, withiuafr w ini utt-? walk from the Kerry, foroie> I y occupied by the latt Junes Sweeny, Wlx-re bo Will be happy to receive c <lle from the friend* of tbo late propi etur, alao ihe pablic generally The Gar'It i being m wly *,d mtefully laid out. will be auopiird duiin. toe ? naoa with an excellent assortmen of tli rarest an I cnolceet of tl >we>?. The b r, being gfatiy eulurved aud newly fitted up, will contain a good issor'tneutof Wiues and Liquor* of the moat approved q'-ahtv, and < ig rs of the inoai aup rirr brands?also Pne.irv Conblers, Mint Julep* aial Punches inadt in the beal atyle : Uofieshtneuls, including Ice Crrama, and othrr delicacies*! the pa on. He has aluo fitted up separate and agreeable ait.lug parlor* for ladies, which front uponth? B ijr, and funuan a yaw of the moat delight'ul aceuery. The ?u.i*osibe?nUcern?iu?d that nothing shall be wanting to secure the c-WVort of hi* patpm, ha* also refitted the Bowling Salooui, with two entire new Alleys, built ou the mo?t approv d plan, for earrciseaid the recreation of visitor*. Of the attention of the we tors, it is unnecessary to say more than that they will in all rate* he found attentive to the wants of the visitors. The acbwiibtr, from hi* long experience in the business. respectfully solicit* eoare 01 t.n* po! lie patrouagn,und nlrdgts himself thit nothing hall be wantina on lus pait, or tnoie in hu employ, to eon tribute to the comfort aud enjoyment of those wno may visit the Washington Gardens mJO Im're JOHN IRELAND. Proprietor. a Vt?N -iPKlNUi:. LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NEW YOKK. "PHE Proprietors w.ould nott y the public that the season for r the aiiDual visitation of thtse fountaiua of health has ar rived, and that there ere fire hotel* and our bal.uuu establishments ready for the reception of company. For advice in re* aaidio the iirnbablr effrct of these waters in their individual cues, ami lor aualysi* of the differ nt apriogs, they ate I erraitted 10 refer to L)r. J W. Kraucia, No. 1 Bond street; i > Dr. H 1>. Bulkley, Lecturer on disease* of the akin. No 43 Bteecker street or to Or. Salisbury. at the Springs i. i7 Sm*r oPRKAD EAGLE H< ?TBL. 46 Whitehall street, opposite the Battery Garden. '"PHIS house having undergone many alterations ami repairs? * having been newly furnished?the preseut proprietor re spectrally announces la hi* frie.ids of the old country and travelling public geue rally, that il i? now open for the reception of permanentaud trameirnt hoarders The (KMitiou of this hotel requires but liu'e detail of its ad vautaprs, being situated facing the Batrery Gartlen, and e- innanding* lull view of the Bay; with'u one minutes'walk of the Philadelphia, Bos'ooan Albany steamboats The proprietor inteods tfiat care and uduttry.aud moderation in charge a, shall not be wanting to merit the patronage of the pnblie. Home-brewed ale, wines, spirits, Ac. of the beat quality, three cent, a glass, HENRY B GRIFFITHS, m'Slm'r Late of Bath. Kugland. I AViLlON-k ORT LUC. qpHE above esiab'iihtneut Saving been refitted in the moa' A fashionable and modern style, was opened on the hist of M y foi the rec, ptino of visitois and permanent bonders. No location can surpass this for salubrity slid convenience beijg innate - within nine miles of the city at the commenceraeut of the Palisadoe., on the west nauk >-f the Huds u. For iuvaliiis, or those wishing rstiremeut and recreation, this i siablishmrnt present* mauy advantages, having extensive grounds lor promenade, where visiters are sheltered from the summer sun; with ronveniences for bathing, such as to please the most fastidious. The extensive prospect from -he Pavilion and adjoining heiuhts are unsurpassed tjpr i s beamy. Military companies on encampment or tarketexemrtons, will And every convenience as the grounds have been laid out expreasly for mote purpose*. The steamboat Boston, Captain Baheeck, will ply raguIsny, giviag facilities to thoee having business in the city, to visit daily. For terms or particular* enquire at Jolhe's Music Store, Stt Bioadway. JOHN A. WHITFIELD, mlt lm*r Proprietor. Cl)RBYN't< COTTAGE, STRYKJSR'S BAY. [8 NOW OPEN, and in lull operation, for the Spring and Smnm-r seasons. Dai nu the wialer many alterations and improvements have been made which will,it is bclieved^ud materially to the comfort of visitors A SALOON forty-five feet in length has been erected for the accommodation of large parties at dinners, sappers,concerts, or cotillons. A separate entrance has been opened for the bar, rendering tkr ladies' parlors qniet and selected. Ol'the Wipes, Liqu'-as, CoppELTioRstics. Creaks, Ac., Ac , it is only necessary to say they will he, as heietofore. Ok THE VERY FIRST QUaLh Y. Civil and obliging attendants are engaged, and every effort will he used tn sustain the reputation this house has already acquired, and to render a visit to COttBVN'S COTTAGE desirable and satisfactory. An Ordiuary every Hpnday atS o'clock. Ti'ketx59 cents. (Tr* fltryker's B iv i? s'tuvted ou the banhs of the Hudsou, six miles Irom th< City Hall,by the Bloouunudale to- d. Stages start every hoar from the comer of Tryon Place and Chatham street. Fare 12)4 cents. uviSImr I <i luiuli-DULl'S F1RI ll llghtAj ful inmmei retort, formerly kepi by Mr John Pont u, h.s rose his decease been continued by Mr* I'ou -n and Mr (ire. pheu M Annett, who are now ready Tor "he recepti u of boardo s and visitors. A ipleiidid teamboa'. run* regularly (tee advertisement) to the ferry, making if a* a; eeab e a place lot recreation as can be found. The bar isstocked with the bert ol wi'iei and liquors. A tpleudid ta net found at the plare, and companies on target excursion* cannot be belter arcomrmHatrd elsewhere. fci.IZ a BK PH PON8GN. Ulnr-r STEPHEN M ANNETT. PLANTERS' HOUSE. St. Louis, Mo. .EDUCTION OF THE FARE !?In consideration of the i-s. pressure of the nnes. 'he umlcnignei! has reduced the prices of Boarding ami Lodging to $1.50 i?r day. and the rete of Wines from 33X to 100 per out. His tablet will continue as heretofore to or supplied with every luxury- th- market affords. The hailding is the largest, most airy,and combines more com forts than any in the city, and is not surpassed by any Hotel iu the West. Ercrv attention will be given by the undersigned, hit agents, tnd terrants, to accommodate those who mat lavot him with a sail. BKNJ.'STICKNEY May 5, IMS. m!6 5wi LONG BRANCH. NEW JERSEY, "BA1H BUILDINGS," (Fo nierly Reothaw't ) rPH18 well-Ynowu sud delight ill tea bathing establishment I will he opened for th- reception >f vuitot. on ard xft-r t' a I thjuneintl. The. ouiMnigs i. ve u idergoue t c inplete ami thorough repair, a^d > o efforts wil' be spared to maintain the deterr d<y highrepulsion which this establishment has he c bfore at* lirtd. The pi ce for boarding will be $7 par week, instead of the burner price of $10, children and a.reacts half i rite Young people, not requiring much room, will ind accommodating terms. The steamer Orus, Captain Alleire, from the Fn I ton market in ihi- steam r fthrewsbu y, Ca tain Co ins fr m the lot of Ruhinsou ?t, will etch make a dailv t-ip between New York and Li u-Br nth. Stages will be in readiness np n the arrival of either of the above boat* at the Ocean Houst, to enure, pissengert linmi diately so Long Br&uch. Farefr in New York to Long Braueli $t. JAMES G^E '.N Long Branch. J me I', 1613. j 14 lm*r PALMO'S ARCADE BATH, 30 ' HAMB. K STREET. -pHEGENTLEMEN'B SALOON NOW OPEN?Great A Reduction. Baths U cents. Baths with 'obet ortherts .J7X " 25 ticket for $0. The tnbscriber huvmg leased the above establishment, for a term of yrai>, has cqmiiieuc-d imiiiMVf ments ou a scale which when completed, wifl, he Halters hiinsi II, vie in taste, in costly cleg nee <nu magnificence, with any similar establishment il ne wuili'; Imvjg visited ihc best conuueted holism Eotope, ha Icels ii" Hesitation iu assuring h. fellow citix*ns that mr spun wincr pas iur ui? past tnirty ?t an act- .UcJ 1111 in firovidiqg (no in -tier at wi st cost.) iw limit spleudi , insurious or their social com fori and r iuveuirnc. , hall not. on the present occasion be lost sight of. and inn t? the iiaprovcmi'h's mil elegancies of tli? Euro, can Baths, he wi'l take the libei ty ?l adding from t" e inventive resources of his own cu'tivated ml well known taste, all that he has observed eaasiDii to reuier the eujovmeut of s bath the "ns pins n Ira" of p. rfeCtitn The Ladies Sal ou will be in readiness in a few dnvs A a i do.rtr'iou of the varied improvements wil be given when completed, and the wliole th own open for pob it inspection IS 3mc FKRDNAIVD PALMO In> Ht?TtL KtCe.re.as. T .AMBOiT rftOrKlE TOR 4 and Pisces Oi Public Ainusenp-u he- JAMX..4 li. WKFET, II Prince street, New Vora, m-un arlures alupe.ior Article el Wheel Brass, suitable for limn* stair-, which he offrt fur s>le cheep, lie slao Auuhe* and pots theoi on in ? superior ityle, nt the sho,test notice, snd on the most raaiou ,ble tr rm . mil Isi'r CROTON WATEH-BAV'8 hlHBT PREMIUM IN Dl.\ RUBBE t HU8K is 'onfideutly recommended lor my purposes for which leather is used, and is warranted to pos ess the folh wins pr perm s >? 1st. it is perfectly tight uudtr pressure of the < Iroton. Id. It is made of the s'nn.gest fabrics, and wil! not mildew to injnie in th* lesst, and reunites no attention. lid. It is not destroyed by comma in contact with oiler treat*, nor aritfeued by cold weather, nor ran the rnhhar decompose, as inferi .r articles are in Uo case used Wlinnld the least coinpl uni lie made of lha (lose, net post*#una the ihove properties, it will be taken back, at any lime hp tide i i in iniht lion its purchase, and other given in ei1 .ii.tr without charge. 4.11 Conpliug and jelP'pst will be artached without charge. Buyers will noietlntwe ill learly sal. sin d that thia hose (live proc.-saol making which it unkoown m any ou.rr i i the trade) is jest ti-s article loug wanted (or leading ?at?r -od m.uv other I io is ids. HORACE H. DAY, ji?lm*i Sncressor to Rositur7 I. R ' . 45 \1aipen i,an? CIUTON WATU rOM 8HIPPINO? 1 lie tindcrsigiied I respect uIly iuiorm the owners and oiasteia of vrsals in the Poit of New York, that (the Hydrants being uow laid ar each per for the esclnsive n e of sopplviini tham withCroton Water) they are uow prepared to give supplies in any quantity, at the shortest notice We w-mld state for general ib(onnalion,that no oth- r petsens are anthorized (under penally) to foru4bh shipping with Lromp Water except the. audersigned. uROWN It ORMOND. Oeoera* Depot, Booth Bide kahon Ferry, all lm rr loath aifet New Vo'k. EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AM) DETROIT. PHE subscribers will send an express through (Venn this city, * U the shove named .nd intermedial* places, on the minting orthe 9th mat., lorthe irsuaportation ol <per.it, bank note , monies and packages ul goods, collection ol drafts, bills IP t. S ind Seconals,ami ail stiait oilier husiai as as may be rut tuned o Ihem POMtROY Ik CO . M , j. 2 Wall?., N Y N. B. Immediately ou the opr,tiug of lake na ligation. the above express line will he eitrnded to'hieago, t iiierrmv \c.. and continued ihrooghotu the entire season, in couiiriiot, vih then New York. All,.,,. T.?. ?i oi .... . ,, .iu HUHnii' "HI" (II*?? |.l" I Adams ? miw *okk and .uwauk fHKHS.?w iniUw are reapeoifn'ly laJortutd that i * itfucribin hate eatablished an Kxpreaa between \>w in t in I Newark, N. J., Int the t'.xaa.niaaioii aud tweedy drlive r of paakaa". bttiid'ei, mom t. Ice.he.; the colleetiou it not ?? in J bi'ln, attd all other buaiueaa tppertnuiitm to mi Ki) ?-aa Or Itti lor article* u> He e tuned hr the Ripi-eia will * Jaurered Iree ol cho'ne. ovr in Navr Yor* at No. 7 we.'l atreel, aud in Newark, a miti1'* Newaroper Depot. No. VaO 1-road at i.eare nee York at ll>4 a. >1. <n?l 4k i'. m. t.aare Newark at a. it. atol iH p " Sitae adams It Co 'I'Ll lHC. i 1'UL.IO.? Jbe propwtor ?l ihe Hi uae N- g 1 K .tin* . known aa Pr r ali'a Sal ion, retuiui hia *>nrare thai ka to all ihoae who hare IKi d pinned to fafor Dm with t en palioinae at hia former plr.e ol Larineaa, ad juinina, an-l takra the |"'.? .it ccciiaiou In inform them that ha hu i P-iimI hia halnon a? ahoee, Inch he trna'a will hi ar compana 11 with any annilar laiabliahmeut in the edy ; aud whe.e ala , by unr. iniKed .it eetion, toaither wi h a determine in uo to bt aurpMifd in the catering line, h? hvpf t j i# *ive ? i i,ii.i MKr of .htt patronage, iumI for aVe1Itf*,?#.nuT tspjuae have been ?pared. DAVID rfcAHBALL. Jo 14 lm*m W YO NEW YORK, SUNDAY M TYPE AT REDUCED PRTCIS^ TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CON NLtt'8 UNITED STATES TV PE AND 8TERBOTYPB FOUNDRY, Cmmee or Ninti: an 11 Ann Htkkvts, Nt* YORK, CAN BE HAD AT KluHTF.E* PER CENT DEDUC1ION FROM OLD PRICES. THE uudeniwnnd reipecDully inlornii tbe Oli' Patron* of ?h? Tvi'- cud Stereolvi* Ki.unilrj, lortiirrlt Known at JaMEr I Connku'i, aud mou rrcrutlt a* I onneh V Cooec'i, and th? public in general, that inev art nrenareu to oidera foi PRINTING TYPES, PRES jgt'S, CHASES, CASES. IMPOSING STONES, INK, FRAMES, and every other artde ueceuir> to form Complete 1'riatiag EtubiiMimmti, uu <i> favoi'ible teiuu. uid ol <u"good a quality as any other eatabluheieut id the United Stair* new rmicst, rin rovno. old rBicci, ru routin Agate, . 86 ceuti. A**lc, lOOccnta Nonpareil, 66 ? Nonpareil, M ? Minion, 54 ,, Miniou, 66 ,, Brevier, 46 ? Brevier, 54 ? Botiigoeii, 40 ? Bourtt' oil, 46 ,, Lone Primer, 36 ,, Lone P imer, it ? Small Pica, >4 ? Small Pica, 40 ? Pica, It ? Pica. 30 _ Borders, uuta, Brass Ku>e, and all other articles manufactured at this establishment, at the tame reduced rate*. New Article* KOt up to order, on beitiK furnu'hed w'*h pattern*. The Type <ia*t at thi* eitablithment, u, both tu the ttyle of Kace and Fie material of which it i* made, particularly adapted for tervice in Nrwspiper P iu<in??. All hind* of 8te eotv pina tnruMhed to order. N B.?Such Newspapers a* will copy the abut e three time*. Will be entitled to nay in Type,on makiua a bill of tonr turn the iinouut of the truer insertion* a1 HARNDEN fe CO. T7NGLI8H, FRENCH, BELGIAN it MKhlf.Av EX JCr PMEaS. bOKKIGN i.ETTlK OKF-CE, tuE.il,' HAL KUKWA DING t- CUMMlSdlo > H rUSfc. Piincipal office* and ?*. nu : ? Meura Willmer and Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, England Messrs. I'dWean, Mairsaud Co., 3 Abchnrch lane, Loudon Meaara. Emerson and Co., Paris and Havre 8 mnel H ght. Esq . American Cow nl, Antwern Belemm Messrs. Hamdeti auuCo. No. i Wall atreet, New Y<> k Onto d'ttn. No. t Court it eet, Boston Meatra. J. and J G Woodward, St. John a, N. B. A. W G 'dlrey, Ha'ifax. N 8 B. W Wheeler. Providence, R. I. J. Woodward. New Otl 'arie, l a. Harudeo and "o. will receive and forwa f by the Hoyal Mail J Steamers from B ton. or by the Steamer G o*t W. a em, *ad the Sailiig Packets from New Vork. aptcie. small parcels, hondlee, b xna ai d esses of go?da, to any pail of England, Ireland, Scotland Be'gium r H ante. Thejr run a dail line oi Ex teas Car* between Boat m and New York; and their New York "d Boatou fficea are depot frr daily expresses to all (he principal citiei and tow da in the i t, nited 8ta<ea. ( Letter B-g for all parn of the world are kept at theirlosre- t and New York offices, where Utters c n b? prepa.d n desired (| Veiehaute and o hers who have rorr. am nd uls on the con i , neut and India, by remi ing 'und* to Hir d n and Co.,at B<>* ou and New York, can have their le 'era pri paid. ^ Th"V also pay par icular attentioi to th< execution of Cos- c torn H u?e order, in Boatou, New York, and Liverpool M r chani* and othari r-siding at i diata c- from any o* the .bove cit es, who are desirouaof obta ui?g tne r goods eailier than by any other source, would do weil to forwa d their e tries, , voices, ai d order* to them. Bi'ls of Exchange in sums to xuit, en England, I eland, Scot j land, Belgium. *ud b'rance, uiay be o tamed a thru offices in . New York xnd Boston . All goods must be marked "Haniden and Co." IN B?H rod n aad Co. are alone reapous ble for lh? loss or i injury of any articles, or property of any description o.minitteo I to their car'; nor is any riak assumed bv nor can any b* at- L tached to the New Jeisey 8teimbo.it Navigx'ioii Coinpmy, ky , which their crates ar-', or may be transported : nor ilie New , York, Providence, and Boston Ka lroid, ot the bos to . and Pro , videtice Knilroad Corporations, in irspect to th-ir cuteuu at anytime. HARNDEN It CO jeti i No 3 Wall *tr 11 NswY'rb , PRINTERS' ANU BIN I It. KS' W /vHhill >UM?>, i No a. 29 and 31 Gold street, N. York, April, 1843. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED. rpHE HOE PK1NTI" O PRE8? MACHINE AND SAW t a. ivia. vl'Mt I Mill, in consequence ol the add-non ol : new nnd impr vrd machinery (o their worki, and the reduc tion in the coat of material! and labor, are enabled area'I y to . redoc the prices ol their IV - e?, and ol Printers' and Binders' " materials geneislly. as will nc seen b; their newly printed 11 circular. to which tnry beg leave to reler. This establishment is still u !e> the personal superintend 4 aiice of Kichsrd M. Hoe and Uobkht Hoe. and tliey auu>e u their friend- that, untwihsMndiug the greai redocu u in 1 price*. all articles manufar'nird hy this establishment snail te u tain the high lepurarion which th y have hitherto sustained It wi I a's" be their ooiialant endeavor to improve the <|u?liiy I oi them in every particular. Thev flatter themte Ives also that p their o J friends will not only continue th. ir favo s but tin t A Printers generally will appreci tie tlieir endeavors to Inmish tlie ? very best articles at bsie'v remunerating prices. ti Ordeiafroe any pait of the country ioi all articles nsed bt , Printers or Binders, inc'ndiutt Types, Ink. Peye,, dtc.wi-l be a eiecutedvf* > the greatest care and promplitnde, and on the ,, best lertr? , Jobbing work and repairing will be a-me at the lowest pot t sible pf-ees. with every aneirion and ezpediiiru. N. B.?A" artie'es maiinf cturrd by tins es.abl.shrr it wil' be stamped K HOE 11 CO , that persons frnm aiiiua. not be m posed upon with spuW w? articles, made' i' .an. ol 'hrut. , Printers of newspapers who publish this advertisement, this uoie, three times belore she first of July neit, and semi of their paper* tons, will be e.: tilled to piymt nt ol then Oil a buying four rimes tur Tnou.irnlit. aicfti* i JsI<tHT! lightm A BRILLIANT tbD B'-AUTIK i LIGHT FOR HALF A CENT AN H'JUR QUBKLY, no int need walk in darkness, when 'he clearest ' bJ light may be had at a merely no oitiel eipeu e. Ten's , pew Patent Lamps, fur barring any kind of lard, tallow, or oil, ' without previous preparati u n< -uveuience or liahil. y to gel out ol order, >s destined to tht d a most hsneficeui li ht over . th-sda li plane'. En -rprise and coniucli'inn have brought the ' light oi" scienc- and letters into liu>al con'act with the mu ds 1 ol all on^popalauou Ye', bow shall tney perceive it, and i s 4 blesiicgt, unless du.ing he uly hou of le sure which moat , of nr citizens p it ess, the absence ol'ihe suu be sr p,. ie-i by ' tome other n-uinary, w use rtys shall be free to a I 1 A near : approum ition to this great desideiatam has jn t b-en affected in -he iuien'i- n ol Te ry's Lard L uip, s ogle one of wh ch . mi? b< mad - to light a parlor Wlthon-smoke or smell, as brilliantly at the btslatLral lamp, at an cxiwnte ol but half a cent n.-lour. All lo-eri -Tight o; eecnomy, or loth, are in-ned to call ' and wtnew their operitinu, at K HARRISON'S, til Pearl stre.-t, N. Y. N.B Liberal terms will be offered to deale.t. jt-4 lin'rrc new firewortkl; laboratory", i BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KBOM SWEDEN. 1YTE83RB KOLLBKKG It TKAOAADH have the honor Mi to inform the American nnhlic tbr; they lure an eiteo * tive ana Vsuied assortment ol Fire Works, of all and every t< kind at then establishment, at Harsimnt Long Dock in New \ Jersey, a half mile from Jeitey City, opposite New York. a which they offer to Committees and others, at the moat favorable prices in tne market. Bel evmgin the m ? trade principle of a moderate cash price for a good article, they request ihe fav of th* public at the abiv- place, or I the store of Robert Johnston No.il Courtiitidt street. All orders, on an. scale of size or vsrierv .Dromut ly attend *d to, by addressing the aubtcrtbert tt either ot the Hoove p'roes NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKRUkJ THAOAlfDH, i my7-2in*r Harmrnne Lnuv Dock, New Jersey FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, &c. t fourth jhly. ims. 1 /COUNTRY and city Jealet* id fireworks, will find it to a V their advantage to ca I a id ruroi e to ti emiri tuort. t rneutoflhe est quality, at K. AYL IFFi/S olde.ta li-himn, M I. hathum tlreel. A large quantity ol fire crackers lost re- t .rived. Remember the >?" ol the l ao i nam moth akv rockeu and gold he.* . n>3ut <jy*t FIRfcWORKd BY THK MANLVAC I URKK8?D 1 v'OKANStCO Py'oteehuutt, 78 hattiam afreet, offea 10 ihr tm. lic a apl n lid aaortmeul ol' Fir.- we ka, suprnoi it h quality "id a atueta to any in thia o aay other con iry The > ^Imve hav- been maunl'actnrrd hy them eiprea?l. f.rthiv mar ket; 'laoc in aril muc'i cheaper than euy vendri in t tan, a d r Klfrmtee all c ods from their itore No peddli ur from llita a plan ? v'n. 78 Chat am atrret. Ooodi delivered to an? part of : the ci y free of eap-tiae. N. B.? ihibitmo Fireworks of anp?r or quality, wiihcrim? n, red, pnri lf, grecu, yellow and olne fiies A'ao, c- lo ed tir-, 0> the pi und. jl ltn*rr A A K T j JN S CASH I A 1 L O K I N < i f 3 T A B L I S H MENT. 164 ?v illiirK Street, Corner ?f Ann Slrttl. ? 18 decidedly the cheapest in the city There ia always o, 1 haud a tela etatock of seasonable goods, purchased for cast f which will b<i made np to order in the rtyle of make, fit, tnr* . rl'.e.g, kc., ih e has .tiveu sur.H general satufaetioo dnnut th 4 ta?i four yer i a.atid at a positive savin* ol JO per cent. rgutlemer are reaneateu'to eal and evemine Those we. 'atiush th*eu avu goods, can have tneto MAD! ANU TBIMMkU. jeess Cuau. made and trimmed, .ft 00 t? If H frock Coats, do do J 00 tr. a so Pants and vests, 1 75 to J N Ovot Coats. - * oo tc ; ,'s jm- Tarmr?C*"h v.vdoliva/r a pit Irr niCaHACft VI AtiTIN QU1TAK8. WHOLtt-ALK AND RCTAIL. -J9SB.oad "X w,av. near Waker street?Vllt-SKS. Pp. fcoNhX f SCHMIDT k WAUL, Oni lit nr.cnUcrnre a, woo d respect- I fully call the aitena.u of ih public to their est*blishu,v lit, i No. J!>S Bro uiwey, where they eep const M V < n hlM n tr ritenaive aaaortment of lice-tonrd gnit.ua, hai.hcd in the heat style. c All l-iafrnmeD'a from this tnoonfactorv, long farorably rf known iu 'he Uniled States where it received th- (1- t pre- D mium awarded by the Ameno n Infli'ntc 'or the b *t Unit i U ? *> 111 itle r.f allbk ItlBf.-rlalg ami IB a #v 11 n . ll.oayi,.r en >,..* . . ru-bli? the maker lo war>mt tlira lo etand xayr ci mite. F before pqich < in* eleewher., are rrqueatcd to call . and eiamue the aplen ,ad workinanahip ol thai laatrnmcmi, li and aar.pitaiD toe prt pa. i hay will ha found lower hau at c: any oUter hooee inlne city a Mr. Pli. Km-', Profe?aor of the t ate and Uuirar. bega leave J tu an.ionu'-e that the above arrau.eiaaata do not interfere in V th? le at with hia other eng itmuot ha a.ill enatiuoea to gi?r laanona aa noial.at Ha B' r.ilway. near Walker at mk4 Im ?t MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND 8UROICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 7J CHA vltf. H* tvi'RKICT. carta cutto. a 14 liifl<mmation of iha e,o- ? Lttieat'a of the liver. < I rata 3 n.Sarah, of thp m.wela > 1 Hyihilitic Iritia 3 Vomiting. (Hatnt a ?. 3 Amaur. nil, three ondpr Diaenjea of the Womb tieain.e..i?doing well II typmlia * 6 Op i'V <>f the cornea, 3 t/.ap. ,ni* ji a! cm 12 vVnnta.or Fluor Albna g 8tre?. by an operation 21 (ioonrrliooa , ? On.ini-ni 4 l a?er it 3 K.ryaipr L'a T Secondary Syphilid r 7 IMee iiedaore throat 5 Pi .a i, 12 Oleet?cured by new t Bn.io, by a new method ol u remediea tre,tment < 3 Diaaaaoa < ! the heart 4 Sore Nipple, ? 2 Dyaentary .1 arci aaari'L atiPoioaL ora?*Tiot?a. ? 3 Oprratioua lo. h oe lip 21 Auiciniea m Viethra by " 5 Op-ration, (or ??jjinliug an linproted method o " 3 Oprtatiou lot C) oroeele Cure 12 Hrmonhoiual Tumura re I Oper niona for tUlole in ' moved Auo. " 2 Cluo Foot?cured 1 Pol, ;<ua in the noae 1 Fncyated Tuuiora 4 Adip aa tuoioia removed 1 1 Ulctra on t. e Ittga cored 1 Luge piece ol none re " 2 Piiymneia u.ovad front the arm ? Abceaae. opened I Ampnutian of linger " 2 Too i nio'id I Cancer It,cant 1 lira,ei cured 1 Uvula reiooawd 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOKTW1CK ? ? Attending I'hyaician and nntgeon. C C. McMANUH, C Apothecary aad Heereutiy. Illmee || RK ] [0RN1NG, JUNE 18, 18 LUCINA CORDIAL, ri*H. * OR THK ELIX I R Oh LOVE. in allien tune. kiiioi g lit Jew. T'-it roan a ?ec .<! wile nighi choose? Whole fi tt In K t e'? mi In. d'j doom, N" ehilur, u e 10 blea. nit "oine. Affl i..eel elm , the K'loiaii intlrou P ..yed t*. Li! lue, the ml wi' '? patron ; ICeVtRi.' wile* in ?uch a c Called to then mil lire Prie t. *.flr i? ; A a emu no? . Um afiH ilt ? Warm tiller ( Inn *, end I. nd?f ton? I'dud'eii twelve uio nliil nm tier brnlal Kl'ea *erii ng to lirr :ne|. u idol, And Willi ri tea bauds, in iccenn wild, falt'louatil uiih or .i child : K*>r well <h* ku <we. Love anuus to blaas The H'ndmi oed I heniiuen. Bo mtn h lot love in dry's by g<rt>e, Ami aavago rniiouii in your own ; Hat *ay. ??fu now. d< e? L >ve orminuiuon Bleu in mit ln.il, a ' rue nuieu I Mo oltti oe? conjugal f?l>eity, Is thai dica.h. d??y, e'en in mil oity. Yet may ih- bar'r *. if they trv The uremia "inert i?e and multiply."j Wi h 'Love*! tl'iir" for h rlriena, The childleet wi e'a repiniugs cud. Bat not the p-ocreal ve p .war Aloue, is thia KI mi 'a doner. Consumption' alia u, will prevent, With vivo clothe the m. -nrut; Buppi?ae a gl'V. wliate'er Us date, A. d all 'lie'* fuuc ioua rcuova'e. K. option# frnui t e akin U elias-a, A'U "riuK* bu.lr be-utv and the grrera : Tia woni it'a trn I?and ne'er drCeivea har h rom Kiunr Ait'Us it reliever her; And r chdioeoan (with ore per care, too,) H< r fair and Ir >g Je fnrm it heir to The*e.ire nut .rnthi, win. calls them fiction Khali travrateru I r of ib contradiction. Letters?ali forma ol attestation? (from th< uvana of eveiy ua ion; Witn grateful iniuives rom all qua'tera, Pe line he Ili.j... .rulO....!.? '* Thousands who Uy, w iTli tlnuering breath, Almost w.t'iiu the "jaws of dentli, Now iu their uiiriitly prayers repeat Thanks to Life'a friend, iu Naaaan it-eet, An (oinenuiet name the very uumb?r? *!Ninety-two Nassau,"?earn in thei- (lumber; Or dreaming <v Uisrase'a ordeal. Cry out for the ''Lneiud Corviel." Persons ordering thii medicine f >im 'he eoontrv, hy lendii' remittance, c >n hare it bo*, d no and tent to any part of th Joioa Price $3 pcrbottle.or 121 ptrdoueu |r ia ..Up for sale iu Phi'adelphii, ai 90 North Sixth ilreet. all lm'ec the abbey hotel. PHE (ubtcr bar hnoirunl the *ol id d ininsiob k .own a 1 Mir Ab ie as a ho'el, loc Me l ou the binh ,n the beeuuft fudson ?..BI ominadaie, a ih.ntili tauce .bove tie an mil to i Those who hare visicd'he pi ne have been delight' ?ith it- airy tnd romi"tic situation. Bri, g remar ably hoaltli t ia trul> a deairable re-nrt for the e til ua of New York d up the hot aena u by p. rsouai atteut'ou, 'h? proprietor wi t daaVo to render lull aatialactiou to iho e who may c II upo in The h, use wit'be constantly- (applied with tuch dei iciea . nd subatiutiala aa th? i v alf "U. K H TAN RENSSELAER. New Y*rk, June, I443 N. P A lew roo a remaiu unorcupied for the acoornuindi ion of b lanleia, wh icju be taken by the day, wee1', or yea Toe Blooinimfdale line of it:gea, with curia I aud a'tei ti i i?ers,alsit f oni the Ciiv Hall treiy hour iu the nay, ruttuiu iy 'h puce b -re i2)? ecu ?. lis Iw'in HOiit HvbN. [N'-RKASEO ATT TACTIONS !? "oncerta d'Kte i 1 Mua M ou the ;mo. ua of M nlaya Wednesdays and 8 arilan P.re to the pun c. The pro, rie'or f the l'artlit u the Ely ai ,n Fields that farortte ayi u (quailed tlice inintn-r reiort, ' ? g? Ireve to in'orni tne pu'iltc, that at gre ;xpem? he h s?ffc led an e aagi iucul wdh iha' cei'i -ati ladder, Mr. M.ns, w'-o re iatefl by hie excelten' bind w 'ilea arlira of iustru oentrl c ucctaon tlola-m in lion' he Parilioa, the first c ocert to be iveu "u We uea 'ay, Ju I4th F"im the decided success chat at'euded lna co ccrta la eainu, t e proprietor conrtdeu ly nut cinat'S thai top eff ' or the grauncatiou of the public will meet with a gt'ieisl a royal j 3 2w*m 2 '"A BATHINU AT DE\L?Tli hi it. ber rapecrlii I- iu otmi the citiz ua o. New York, ihit hr has remo/e r< m Long Brauch to L)< ah and tauen i r large *ud eoeveu'ei iuu e, late it e property of Jacob Corliea, drcea ed, at whic lace -e ha? mid' pre.arat r arrangements fo the receutit fvi it rs.ah'lw'll be opened o, ihr firat day of July n? ai lid being Celrrmi iel to pay earrr attention o the ro iv neuce sod eom'nrc of hia guea a. and at the aarn* ti na I'eehii ha .kfal I i put lavora, lie hereby confideur'y solicits a h n I ruolic nitrooage CORNELIUS LANE D v, Rhre?eb'ry Jun? 13, 1811. j 16 i*'i? svEKY laijy her own dre>s maker kf 111 TEN rch lt oc CO . beg leave t inform th" la'It *l of Nev Yo'k and its vicinity, that they in'eud to g'v? ii t.uct'oo i their new patent system of cutting Udiea'drciae utu a, ah eves, j olira, co I /a c .pa Itc .ol every dec'iptioi iz*. f s! ion and style by ?hi h intern any Inoy iaenahi-< JUr three houis' tnatia< lio.i. tocut any of the add a-ncle i r o..ly to the very beat, fu alao in ati economical m muvith< ul inv is* f a unsfit The .nh.cubers may be louud heir r.aini* 25' W> liam at, where the' will teach their n n f-oui 9 'O >2 A M , and I om 2 to 5 P Jfl Terma for i nuci o ?One lii $3, including inptem ntr*, tw i ladiea S u l tucl'arta excelling two, S2 e cu , iu> ludiug implemeu Ths nsiruciion is given by ladiec, and no cliarie made u tie ""vptete a-tiaf.sC&,: is g ie i j 15 lm*r BOOK-KEPJPiNG. 13 K W aK BAKLDW tes|iecctui y r.nnounces that he h, -'J. aucceeded p. c.,%,. B hia buainust u .. , conntant and I -wthei of Book keepic u :hia ctiV, at h:i mo ... 84 rda-street, wlieia he will couitui he same thorn gh course of luatr ic'ion aud piacti :e, so am : asfullv f Mowed by Ins , redecesaor Mr B.aoliciiS the I" ioua.? of die mercantile riimo.uinty.and rested ully ask the jte-linn 'o the following card "C. C. MAltHH A' iv anient, returns hi' g ate'u! scltu >* cuiio r<n> i" iiiimi t ? irruiu urin it 10 t{ ci u'tnnr ulr aate. Me ha* now d ac 'iiliuued h>? hit,meat in thia cut u ia *nc?.eedcd it.'he ? me by vir. W. K B trlow, whom It iMifid'Ull cor mend 10 the <?v r of Id' mete u.ue coinm in yiia geutlem a of ire lien- ch under, tho u< .ly *ct)"ain(e ith the srieucc of Uo j?-?ee, ink *uu etn itu,l> qualified mnarl instruction. H reapccttull, bap-aka for tn? ruccea?t u? public farjr to whicli he httnaeil h a bttu ro taryely ii I. hud ' C r. y AKSH ' Hi* term* ar? reduced M suit the tiin-? to ?,(. w >ic i wt u itle the pupi' to receive impaction uutil he 11 thorout lU n?l fir-d lot the conn nut to .". W. K. BAFLOW Aecuju'em. 10 1m* ' *8 Cedar * free! A IPOIVT'v.BNTO BT TtiE CH\MD*.K tie .,0' fi MK.UCt, AND BOAKU oK UN ^KWHl 1EKC.rhert ire tocntiiy Uut H Brutulry, Joieph T n It ham, T H Merry, A. Cart wight, B<ml Cau'ler, Rnaarll Storm*, rere ap *>in *d hy onr rejpective board*, at an table pernor n act as Mariue *uree.nrt for the Port of M,wYn k, and 1 r ""orris a> C e k, and we recommend ihtm accordingly, t 11 eaae* where thei ?e vice'are reou e The Chamber o. Commerce of .Vr w York, (J. >" D P Ogden, P'e-i<*ent. Johu L H Mei^rncken. Snc'y. The Board of Underwriter* f New V?rk, Abr. Ondet Pr ideut. Walter H J ue?, Sec'y of the Board of Underwriter*. New Ye:k, Jan* ill r* ro' COPPER-PLATE"* iVlUjJIC PR1lN 1'P.K AND PUBLISHERS, &c. ij*OH BALK, a tint rite Ir n Copper-plate or Mu'ic Prrn 11 Id Pre**, (taear eight and a ha I inch roller*) H i *eu in use but * ?!mrt lime?i? in perfect order Alio, oue t w, uty hi iiienet.and a wooden one ot twenty four do. Tht-y will be told at a price worth a parch tar r* promt Mention Apply to R. W. TONIC, mil lm*r 16 Cortlandt itreet. New York. CUTLERY. ilTM U'|LD, Manufacturer and Importer of Cutlery, Ni ' * ISO Dmaion ((reel, offer* t" the trade, cheap for C**h eanti'u aaau tme .t of one, two three end (onr blade kutftt nth a variety of other goods. At Mr W au iter intend* the tnaunf icturmg of hi* good*, h a i r?cym?ena thetn tr be equal to the heal mar ni sctnre oiid* itr (he city. The eountry dene.a Would do welt to ca Tcynm to putthaamg eUawherr tn'7 lni*r jUiLrc. lO 3JUNli J EE J H A uaHlDftKATl'M IN DISN1 18TH * DU A C CASTLE UK.MOVED TO ?1 BROAl WAY, center of WHl 1?. STREET. ha* r. i'.iau fot t. j| tie. tyeJ noliow teeth ir ca? be put into tie mm tend' eetb with nut ant uaiuor mr.uuve -net ,anh which i. oecotm uipactea iDia "NIC ha.-iis?l.d hotly, nits reabxing una pretcr tig (hitherto painful and nscles* teeth) ..rtifii tally sound.ai .erlect tu all their lespecu. e uses tor lite?yrerenpan IN \L ASICS, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the moat t;utr aished in loeiety, ofler ahrlr Uiiiraoniau in the otoat vk errn*. ** to ir* efficacy The Editor ol th* Krenin* Po* ay* It ia adnntaolj adapted for tender teeth and nt oua per?uii*, and Dr. Castie operates on the teeth with uret mio abilityThe .New tf.rh Aurora, un " It m. ki le teeth in all .eipecta .leilcrt to. tile." The dun. U)I Or I aalie oaa nomiued tnuea celebrity .or hiaeteeHentiDoi! t tilling (he .eeih." Tlie .mar amine... gentlemen el tl le ileal faculty, beat personally Uio.' and recommend 01 enlia'a t'aate 'or bliiDa die teeth knnth-aeh* fTMa. out e rmr.e rot in the achiug teuili, vfui ertect a permajuoni e.a > (from the Juorual ol Commerce I l&LlCATE AND -iUbCtSSKULOHKA I'lU.N.-Li . C. '-aatle ou -epiaceu of a rnon ingemooi piece of deate .cch&nuoi, the tort portion of t..e upper ana l"wc, jaw boner it awar to toe cat* of L at. 9?, of the U. tt. N.. *h. te'i with thit terrible hI mu > reapally, while lu ourauit u i; Indiaua iu k lor "la >Va i,at. tecu lettera from L,eat. f Tifirmtt ryoflhia^yii dinar* core auJ ila rutire tticeent Ml the low of thee- nH|Hir<4i*t organ* ao ihiP ally r> pi iced h< i. C'?tle la new noni-rea onre- n( regr ( tn th l.ieii'enant r C. i me its nfieial tecih on the pnu< i le ol ad eai",i by t loa.hrtic in cam re Ur A Ctele refer* lo the 9,,una. re Dch nil Knglith Aeibiando a. Ml Stoughtou, the wpuiu! . uml, Ke.ir Ai'tni ai TValtou, Lord Mnrpetn, hen MoCan v lo* Mvo, Ur 1 1 Jhua u, Prnio .ut ol he Medic >1 Ho lety, ft ,N Y; Mra lien Umoes, J B B-ek, M D: Dr J / mith, Dr It Delanela. Dr Beadle, Dr Boyd, Pr Buaer, D C (lh e*?in, Dr A H 9l*> ens. Dr J Torre*, Dr Rati tea, D rm Urtvaiio Dr Dei.iuf, fcc.lu OfBcr Ml Broadway. n<t< lit> ee r Tr. i Ai t it a. A ? I#,'.. - I. It . w,c c I .n.riaih Jiseaaea, in which the moai ouvenieni and piirati ,eau* of core are atated ie the plaiueet ,?aail>ie manor- ,k -i it ?uly Ait directions Ki*au .or lb? umre aimpie nod rreet <?ia, out thoae which !ia*e fallao into mii/rope.' hands. an -utiLUe on front nicnlh tn month, arc oart cularly dwelt onoeh .e.aoua will aee nnnt?dtately the lifficultiea wlncn in rde thai. -:ue, wh?t't at they uta* w, a? well .-.* the p' -u ti a penned tn c.ach paiucttlai caae. ilia btoined onl* of th< I'r or, Pi. Katph, M Mreenwich at Price tl. Or, tiilph alaocakea th a epportgity of saying llnA na n. r Ou'tltad oil the j ee.ni.ar .leases aboae rrterred tn, at|!,i, i'*atcreaidene.a,; t any lion: Awa,t, hewefar, i ihe deep and ?aai solicitude winch mar el lo eojanlt a peiaou ot integrity aa well m experience i tear peculiar complaaiu. the auth >r deems it , rei cr (o /it . . BH'.u tli.rt a I'hf-'h I.f (K* Ae.ri-Iffnniliee I. ? . ?. -I I ? ? miaalf for&ia trut Alio Wia he i? the .norr. inclined to a iauy ha?e eaantod him that. Tor want of liilnraiatieti ol ihi nd ,tn?r heve rrleeie:! fr >m ? tietc' ed'trtieinv people th ie who heJ boaaie J rami 01 wonderful dree -tin* Uo". within, le hitlrrMt rep?!>ia..re. lie therefore be** to awle inat.br Je Ha unh u jradurvti of Ed'? bontli *e *i. at* lie ha reu witotuii* theae dieeaaet, both id hoaoital and city practice r uturr lli&il thirty feva, and hna i.blieli. d two editions of I orb aipreaely ou tlinn. Alao thrt he hae u ftimouiol latter nra the moat eminent pltyairiena ol Europe t<v the moat em' rutin Au.er.ea?na M .. Vatl-a Cooper t? L?r. Mo.t, m N k id J)r Pliraick of Philadelphia, an-' athrra. and fu.thti iat ..e iaa the PTiaileyta of referring t>< a I moat err ry phval au of eminence in thiat f. Nothing ran be etat>d, l.e cot. urea u Petto* gronnd o aonfldenee to thoae who are atraa are to him i.nnauita one mar be-nad. ?? poet, au<< for aach he l ac ttlei mate cheat, roeuiinu* carry ihiut, neceataiy foi . .?ed? epftratooiare '?? forwarded aa may be direct-*' nee e1 . mil tia*? r Raw" WRAPPI.xU PAPER-lu low to anil perchaeere * lor kale by ,7et rbHHSK h BKOOl*. No. 61 Libonyttt. IERA1 43. New Lebanon * [(/Orr?ai>oiiili>uce of the Herald. J " Nkw Luianon Springs, May 21, 1843 Extraordinary fthrv mrnlt uniong the Shakrre? j,(J Mountain IVorthip?Krvelaiionto/ the Latterl)a,? 1 have just reiuraed from a Shaker meetiug. at ,ir' their mouurnen', and thinking it might be interesttng to you, 1 will give an account ol all I saw and tli heard,according to the bent of my recollectionI started hrom the Springs about 10o'clock. A. M *'1 and taking a south east direction over the moun he tains, 1 arrived on the "Holy Ground" about 11. It au will be necessary to give you some description ?t ll" the place ol worship, and in order to do this, you Itll must imagine yourself upon the highest point of in Hancock Mountain, surrounded by one of the most ^ beautiiul and fruitful countries in the world. Here lir the eye can at a glance take in a landscape of mote ,'j, than one hundred miles in circiimlerrnce. In s -a clear diy the Hudson River is plainly discernible with th" naked eye, and vessels can be actn navigating itH waters, alihough 25 miles distant. To the to, t ast you have a view of Pittelieid arid other vil- ca In^e? beyond, besides a nuniiier ot beautiful lakes tin and picturesque mountains In slioit, I do not re du coll' "t of ever standins on a more beauiitul s|s?t ? bu On the top of this beautiful mountain siands the tar >>b tamed Shaker monument?tnnple?lane, or what ilu you please to call it. It is a marble slab about live Su leet high, very plainly wrought, but erected in a tin subs initial manner, being sunk into a rock and to fastened with ruelled lead. Upon the-south side is thi this iiiscriiiibin " The word of the Lord. tiff ' Herein my living fountain, aaith the Ho'y Onn ef I*- Ch r?el, end here i* where I ihall sat up my Kingdom forever more to reign. And from tl in place ahull go forth ray word ' and holy lawn to all nationn ol the earth. Em "And I nay, whonoever ahall preeumn to put thrir hand* Nc upoBtbm atona, or atep their feet w ith'n the apot where I w.t , have cauaad theie ponta to he aet up, when their handa are )elj unclean and their heart* impure, ahall in anme day or ^ other feel the red of my aeverity. and tall under an awful curio, which 1 aboil in my own time canne to ?ome upon ) them. Even 1, the tireut I am?the Eternal, Almighty, j:o1 lf an Overruling Power of Heaven and Eirtb." 'or il "My word in truth?Amen." wh d On the north side of the monument is this in- '*l v acription, II Written and placed hare, Wd u On the Holy Mount, i . i By the Command of Otnt Lohd neb Hanoi ' c Jily . IS 19 Engraven at New Lebanon. 'el i. Erected here log e July 38th. nib " Done at New Lebanon by command ol oar Lord and < m Savior. Erected here July 38th, ltM3." .a h Adjoining the monument are five short poets, erect at * ed about two feet ht<h mid about aix tret apart, to tit in which are fastened four heavy planks,painted white, bn nl making a five sided yanl or basin, of which the monument constitutes one it the sides. Atound ^ ill the monument is a very neat substantial fence, p' piinted white, about four feet high, which en ( * closes just one halt an acre. This fence has ? rt four gates facing the points of tue compass ? r~ if Leading from the western gateis a road,about twe|v? paces broad, perfectly smooth and even, and hi d bordered on each side by spruce trees, about Jj ' it sixteen paces npart. About forty rods from the J''J h monument, as you travel down th,s road, you reach i t * another gate, which ia opened with many cert- J1 ' monies, as the Shakers enter it on their way t.? I he (J i? monument, fcrom ihts gate the road continues ff * down the mountain into the Shnkervillage. Wlien IMt I ariived on the mountain I founu the brethren and J_ sisters on their knees in front of this last mentioned it gate. After engaging in seeming silent prayer, ami anting uucc ur iwicr, one 01 me etoeru very bo " J lemnly opened the gate, and led the congregation i' forwaid, each bowing low aa they paused through cy When they reached tne gate at the fence which en ' Jj ?NM the monument, they again prostrated them "3 fc selves, and after going through a similar ceremony. >u ? a* at the other, this gate was also unclosed, and all immediately pressed round the monument with Jc* ? singing, Bhouiing, and with dances. As soon as ah had got their places, they comrnenctd singing a f chant, of wtiich I could gainer only these words:? jj|* "Oft! Lord! give me wisdom ! Oh, give me strength W i" direct my needy children on iaitb!n "* ? As soon hb this chant ended, one of the Shaker "poke with a lot'd .oice, and *?id, " Elder Brother "t [ will you gire us of the huly waters to drink?" Ai .j, u .iged man then stepped forward iu front of the 1110 n> nuiiient, and dipping his hand into the tmpty basin, '[ ',i lie apparently applied a vessel to hia lips, and tool^ 'i't 1 a long, hearty draught of water, after which h? -> r handed it to others, who seemed to drink their fib. 1 'j even the little boys arid girls apparent y nine ortei o years old, rolled in their fingers, and appeared n ' drink wiih as much satisfaction as thev would havlone, had it been real wati r, and I dare say I'ten i| was a sufficient stretch of the imagination in then '? 7 cases to make them really believe they w ere takim k down draughts of pure and In ly water; or there mat JJ* possibly have beru something in it, which we wh< >m ] stood outside of the "holv ground" could not dis- ' t - cover. As soon as they had all drunk theT fill u another Shaker cried, " Elder brother, wilt you wash us with the holv waters?" The same o'd man . then appeared to take up waltr in his hands, and * ^ throw it over those who stood next to him, i'assiiii u n round the basin, and serving those who stood nex u j to him as he. passed them They have the art < 1 ? imitation very perfect, or they did in reality feel lh? ft waters ru?hing over them, tor every one gave a shui' * Her, and made every motion that a person would tl cold stream of water should be thrown over ihem 01 ? a hot day. *nd not only did it affect the peraoi " xt the elder brother, but all who stood immediat' I behind were affected in the same manner, and, a -i they stood, I should think twelve deep, the hind MMt person seemed to be overwhelmed wnli , ,) rushing ol waters at the same moment with hm h, who atood next to the im ginary fountain. Thei- ' ? <eemed to be something very exhilirating in th * drinking and wuahing with these water*, for the immediately struck U|> a lively tune, commencing } with the words? "March yaon ! march ye on/ r> 1 Oh my beloved children, fcc." And forming tour deep, they marched around tin ? f monument with a quick step, and to appearanct ,r light hearts An old man th n stepped out ol th " ranks and addrc-*ed the spectators,saying that "th? v i came there to worship the only true (.iod, and n< 1 ,r > to bow down to images, or to do anything unseem' v " I- in the atghtol their Creator." He very poluelv in i 1 vited those "who felt in their hearts so disposed, to " V partake ?iththem in their worship, could they do J' i' so conacientiou"ly " "He was glad, he said, to see * his friend* and neighbor? there, and hoped they did 1 i, riot come to make light of what they saw ao< ( t, heard." After giving us good counsel and advice j I tie repped back into the ranka, and they commei '< , ctd another quick step to the tune of... "Cone ! come! my little Taw, u March on to the land ol peace. Press on to tha living fountain, ko." ^ A young man wa* ihen led forward, who com it mencedexhorting in a loud voice, saying first, tha' 1 his name waa "James Whtttaker " Now, inasmur tl ts the said Jarre- Wniftakrt wa< one of me fiis ?c Hllnwersof Ann Lee, and came from Englnrd i L, the same ship with her; and moreover died man t vears ago, and inhsni'ch a'so, as the young ma ** wno spoke in called Lewis L? ckwood, it can on1 ' he accounted for, except by enclosing that the spin J of "Father James" had entered the body of th* young man, and implied him to apeak as he whs ' fl moved by the spirit. The amount of hia inapiratioi was. that he liHd ippeared amongst the brethren am t > -isitii i<> wnrn inrm troni in' ems 01 in' world,am * to promise many food thin?s to come, upon thou aj who k'^t ateadfaat to the faith But the great nh- tn l?ct of hie appearance was todelivi r 'o them a goldm chant with wInch to fund the Eiderein a bond <> 'I union, which all the powera of d..rknesa could no , Involve lie declared that tie had the chain w itl turn, and *'T deliver it," h* said, "to tlim b.ldrr br> titer, who is worthy to receive it " I did not s?? >> 'he chain, bin 1 dare ?hv they received it,a* I obser ved them very busy binding the Eiders tog. titer wit! uj and the teirura ol the chain might have beet very small, and too minutely put together for the yes ot a ' worldly man" to see it; besides,you muv recollect I was outside of the fence. The other ceremonies were very much as the) were accustomed to perform while they held pub lie meetings at the chureh, except an exbibittot which would nerhap lock silly to most " world' people;" yet their w?s something solemn in it; am is I have no doubt ihat they are sincere in whti tney do. and esteem it a duty to do an, 1 think rvep one should have charity, and not condemn to* 1 nastily, actions, which seem to us unbecoming, be Cause they are something which we have been tin iccustomad to see. Thia exercise was the result c * an exelainatioa of one of the number, who saio "Father William says, iet everyone eudeavor n ict as much like fools He they can and jurfgim trom the manner in which they complied with th' quest o| Father Willi im, I believe every one du . < heir best The men and ? 'fti put their finger? r m their months, and talked giou<. i each other twisting their laces and bodies into tin. most tin ^aeinly and liadicroua torniaand attitudes that lever \ \ r r\ u u. Piles Two Cents. w. They spoke to each other a* children would Ik of hire years oi age, yet not half so sensible, and oh one thrived apparently to make themselves apar an much like an inhabitant ol a mad-houae aa -nihle. Thia exercise appear* to bring about a spirit of upheet; lor I heard men and wouien cpeakiiig to ud voices, ah <dowing tnrth events i>> come in the lure, one of which, I recollect, was a prom lie ik?t iiusanoa would shortly come enquiring the way the iruth, who, I inferred, would all join the akcrs in oider to obtain it. I left the ground about one o'clock, P. M., and lore they had closed their worahip ; yet others tyrd, I understand, all the al'eruoon, and aay that r exercises continued until evening. It la well worth the trouble of visiting the menusnt on d pleasant Sunday, to observe the way* of is curious people. There are ao many of these retnonie* winch appear ao imsierious, and many inga connected with ihens which we cannot unrst-.nd (tie use, or ?vi u the motive that impels em. thai we are at once filled with curiosity and tonichmrni. Yours, kc. H. Liuht llousaa ? Captain ^iiiith, of the Wilming>j and Charleston fleam P icket hue, ark* ue to II ttie atteution ol Hie , roper authorities to the conton of the Cape Hoiuaiti l ight, lie slates tfittt ....n .11. mn; yen ... ...p.... u is sun luiril ll y glit, t.lit by one or i wo o'clock it in e< nicely vmiwhen Ins boat io in nix luitiomn water, and itiat h bun b? en the ca ie for avnielinie past. Captain mil also complains of the Georgetown Light an to am lie p .rticular- Whether it in to be attributed tht <|iia itjr ot the oil u?ed, or the inattention ol keepers, he dues not pretend to Hay. Hut ths il in a ot rioan i.ue to tins line, panning nightly, as y do, as well as to the whole counting trade.? ui'i'timi Patriot IjKAIH vhom OVKK LxekTiun IN Wohkino a Fire gink ? L.iflt evening, 12th mat , tire companies a three and nine met on the canal, ncarBroady broige, to te?t the nierita and proweaa ot their pective engines and cornpauii B, cautcrrning which icl ot #50 was pending. A large coucourne had lembted, juoges were npixnnied, and the airile [ii enced Hut a moat melancholy and unlooked calanirophe ended the contest. Darnel Neailc, io bad volunteered to work on No. three, suniuej by the excit' ntenl is i x rt hitmen beyond the tfumuce ol nature, tell to the ground aeiiaeieaa He is carted to the Second Ward House, where he ,a intruded by L'rs. Meaciiurn und McCtanh, but rd almoin immediately, Ills nervous ey-tern being istraied beyond recovery. Mr. Neaile was a rthy |?U| man, a eaneaMi by trade, and haa t a wile ami child. Mr >V m. Talltnan also work[ on No. tbree.vvaa ev? ri ome, aim became lnaeule, and was earn d awav. I lie condition lor bome ie was extr? tnely precarious, but he revived, ai d now in a fair way to recover. Another received levere wound in the forehead, Irom the brake of e engine, and a tourtii ou >o nine n-ttard toknve irat a blood vtasc I ? Utun Gas 15th nut Competition.?Trie N. H I'atnot says "John cDanH, Esq has applied to the Legilature for rislation to mable him and others to run cars on ; Concord ltailroad. 0 O ISLAMU HAILKOaD COVPANY-NOTlCt? 1 to Hiockliolorri ol it ii C uii.auv ?'? ii?rrbv ontifiud lac II ol .in imtalii ml ot oi ? li'lla. nil halt v> ihare, lo-eu made oy the Board of Utiecn.ii, payrtb e ou the la: of y us it. he'r iuilcr book* will bp > loi. d from the M h mat. (o tbe of J dy, (bo.h day* iucIu?itp ) By or.i rot On Board. 7 I 'i . UAVIli S. iVp.8, Sermaty Lit roHl' WlNi, A1>D <11.0 Bev.TbV -The tubicriber ..ffri* foraais very ?upanor Port aud Iv c.dy,ra aly io lUKiuier u*e, highly leconnnendcd tor <Ii pie vail oidemic. ? till BtT D.\V .8, l? VI r eof ' Wi liam aud Pi. a it. I A UU? h')\ AS KOBRUTS h Cu, Duugi*.* ?ud . M> dicine Veud. r , of t 'raue C> art, Loud*iu, Macast Place, u.cheiei.aid 3tn bro.il.. ly. N.a York, rtipe. tfully ?ua cs to the I uhllr that n .vii a ara-eaded io c 11 lug al tebtcih t'lr ir inv Ini- ic Me ioiue, "1' ..rN Life l'llia, 'aiu. i a eflk-v b. iu? uoa tally teiled, ai d i * in Cell m a ci..alive eMinhed, nta to auie th't if med cine ever offered to maukibd io a. i uy ouaiueo aui h dunoir'Kshrd crlpt. rv, and in e.tioOAb i* if iher^ ii any par I lie cn'ind .vo.id wliers . itrnovdioary healing v nun lirva m l be . l ihu. d 1 hp proprietor* are theielore *1 ably ai.iiooi Co r.r ainirnJ I ill. to 'hoip wliofp loaa of h. oltl. by d] *| e p*n 01 iheUioAfleciioui rui ire n i|ieedy iu.it certain rrnc.vatii n I he opinioua of iu valm by mmi "I h b m. dicnl inpo b. day .? :.ur u.ui dirou, ill ?i i lueeen d ran .t drieml >u auy ayiCrin of advertmi a or Lenc ci ui paffiug. bat Ultiowu VI un Kin ?'al tli ?e In lecne ?ivc inedica, aeiretrri a null hi, h h in cirr lu'i tri rl 5 , pi-cr h u OUI ul ixiuibiliti v' tiling quack, ry 1 hom.n Mi bi /i? ly ' o. re the 1 c imliiii 11 of Ur Filler. 1 f Pi.iltd.'i h- , i t atari g trnng iicnaiuicuil iiiou o< the Our- 1 f thrae P II* iu <lv iiml biiinrv COii pi iuU, 1 a (lying Ileum tie ? my.torn* It ?uch u il.unitd n-aiimony hit he iun ic .ire b>ginS io uudeia'vtid mm dpn-CMte 'he ?u > rio. flic.ct t ftin* ild ii i .r In tin- poweiful 11 gaiitra h d htv. been In.h-rto d thi-m "i the ih.ipe I Pi l?. whu h ma g V* le'i f f r> -hoit col I inc. bu alwaytaiMi eipiuaeul ihr 'vatrm, by cubing it and r. nderiug it more liable 10 ree. ive ?g .in , ther 11.dan I'. I'm tame high nodical authority, in dracribn g th- airapie una ol Ibis niedi. if, u\i: ' A it ililf. ? in m 11) tripe- U y ate ti.il t from ih pilla tli t have hi h rto been brylight nr tha 1 ubiic, it la ailvnaldi 10 ni-kr tin 1 iblie atqu-iul- d Ih the ueui 1 al proi erliea thei po?<es> Par 'a L'lr 1 il a, aa ur?*uv. , are fiuiml to a t very it-ntly?ijd ed when they do *r freely It la owiui le a t' lin-ir puigaiivi gu.ill'lea ban veiy bad condit on of the ay ati m the y are ai-riut. up?a. The [r ahle ma." 11 lila ol wilie ihiyare iric'ly couip aed veill ill nialancra 1: lie in call uviouiiioae liir d le>e>ioua mauer I la gene a'ed bv Vari ua enqeca. and mp?('ra ' vital and aim i.p. ration* I nature id Ihr hun an frame. Their action irincijially hy decoaipoailn ii?iuvigoan g Dy increasing the c and quality f the blood??ir. ngihemng ail the organ ef Lu<11 y Vinhou' dry of that atifnalaiiug cfleet to injurious 10 gntivea generally bey aie anld reiail at moat of the rrapectable diaggiata iu w Yoik, ami b duly apt o ntea v,ci c in every city and ru run. M i ue to i.oniaiana. Canada, ihe Britiab province*, ?a. a 1 he Wtat Iudi < iil.i.de, nd H. a.h America, in boiaa, did 5 centaeael.. , eenmr.niala of are frmn pe ,<on whute ditraaea were f trie at inve'era'e kind and o> loug ? uii 1 g, may he >e*o at the c ol T Ko' cru x Co., Clair ndou Houtc, 364 Broadway, ce I at floor. oOiiolrt AaenU will plr aae a idyrta let er bot MIT puHufl?. ml-1 pi J v 11 tViv.. I 'jK-e A In llo GUltc. HR roi. sOWi.NO KIMAHKb WILL fl AC?, H? KOHK 'hrpnblu u (rw mur. ilrqiiy win anng tnen.? 'M, That the titrate calltti mcrtiit. 1a 0/ aet u />egueri nrr cttce ..no' oftet. -mi'i in .>er torn who are it*. tn 'he lea/I at e of it i next thjt a tea y erronrieui nation prevail1 r? ( ting Stricture, and that ignorant advertmn* people aht nt ath antngeof thu erroneaui nation, then tkjit tket* m* ft fiat til nlur circu* ntum ri by which a Sttictutr maj u ,-yt hi '?m-ur.d in <ht tail ptaci.'hut tlu curt of Stn.i u eertnin, frit/ ? m?i inn ymer rily secoienn stew a i try tutime S lib retard to lb'' Am ill West r?iO?;U<sii we'iknowu .nil duiett.r- the resvli ?fe pnily l, uorrhee If, fc instance. that 1i?e???wi? infffi i d Moon ne .u (rora uu.iln 10 monlh, i. slides%j a gleet. Now. ? 11 uo pair ;t ibcoorer'eucc in ajeel, and thrrelnte il t? h laff-ied > mam indefinitely Boi ft should ha knewa impl-i a chronic inlfamoiv.iop ofme passage, which arnilr tetmiue n id thickening, end this thickening at ooa to; ithe- ol u.i i u?|t (a sinew ir . md. fuiurer, iJiai at agb ?tr;cl?i? ma) tr.aa re riaiuonnoticed iVu a leugth of t.nia, k 'hi from laying dormaut, hat ? the hidden eaoae ol man? lout ..ladies, not only if? icier!. hbl those sis* of a net sou ifipeptir !tiad lot what tpe.,'H?ly leads we*. endup off lioc. this duordc . dea mil stricth.e - aaiiot erist io lona as no unpolrmspt ll e now of arine is observed, which is mite a mislaSi A i run ofiiL ttisia for Tf'i without iirudnc.mf any rory ainff change in this :espe>il, indeed a aiuuuisiiea or mtertedur-'riof irine bsl ugi ouly to the worst ol aasas. and < ,.m -at this ?ri t suta th..t tl.eac remarks are published, s i t advantage, howatet, wMch ignorant Advertising people ic of this eri'.'ifo ;i r otiou is sen cruel, k'.vety body liwai * men r.f o.s description swarm about this cits. ind that it n il. ceii iheu n ;trams as loan as any '>ae win hay tlieui. >w, i; . a feci, ?ad npe which eyary real physician will itu diataly tcku. eiedg*. thai all thi medicioe to the world, us, cs?. ne?er cum a sir i eta re In proof of this, onthio* is re'.on mop thai for lbs writer P he coasjlred or persons '< 'ia?e beer, tab; dt all manor' . I fungi? as red d pills, and cordlaJi. and the like fat many in onus l ^ ice in- ?, whom, oa serial 'ha res I astare of the case, he has sen . smauy days I'ith i view of pi raauha n- c uBooea.uos, iherefoin i ?s Je'i t>. to lay before he BiihlK ? lew n'a.o c.reuo ices by which iSmcinta may be know.] which can be c.-ai on- for although the eyw o? of this diie?#? ar- .ian at " tl.s e a.a thrat oi cspeti' tic*. inrec ma -M ed rary bnclly -they are the oiler.. . | j>e nrsi rciaies t? icsiatwier of icinafirvt ?It r.aa btepalreedy ?aid thcai vt il not be I00.it diminished or impeded I.'nt obasy atte: Ir. s'tent is WsHu sod the rloi' ?e - -"diueied. wheth d'op or let will eye; steal iw.y. ao as to wet ? >ittls> ? .ing is cjore indicatire n( stricturr The ueitia oe fiase a Oman horn ?o? 'mowed unewrcd.?Il is Jnhl to say How loosa Uooorrlicsa or Gleet may ran and tm uce? sin-tart, for one is natorally mors dis-psed to strnthan another , bet, aaa general rale, if it ibonld ba se'fc.ed o on beyond sis we ska. this nijue woalu ilfaid sofficiebl iod, at least, for the aaspicioe of a stnerete The last e? u'Jftcta sCrs-'t.re a<u up on tkr mind ?TVs effort of clarc is io depress che spirits aad'olass-r. bolt bodily aid rai actielt' I'his also is una of it? 'uost ce iuoa effe-ts , however, Uial it Is seen aliks m OTory indtwdwal, bat it ir nrnon tiuit the writer rarely sees a cats of itricrnra (auc. ee.i many trntj day) iu nhich the w'jeii doeeuoic i mplarc or lem.lha: na is nviso capable ofbaa o> ss'ta forme i 'y. I atilyiun also to witness ma mi form r?tar? ol ipinu.aci ,ul: e\rina ol ciliei nam in. u n? ?. Ith -ciHrd to ihaooia of Si 'ictnre, nu rt.ii ?u r.-ru Hte. 11 to oni*'*( i .od II II imu'1 wit'i fonl.d'Hcr iu<f rite I U|M Oil* it trrwin, "te? Irot? pern, him' ?euer '? aetem ed'iu i err little tinta 3o innr.h ? thi* coild uct V.r deaneed ?oui? yiwi ago , bat aacD hiu bet j the im . uient in thia art. aed inch the t recti'*! eapr'teace or Um ;ei, toutM mij tt/W ?rr.onipli*u tlia (Wi1' lliinHWWM T iaya u lormeily it demanded noot.v t writer alto beei to evaie, 'hat to; thof ?ti<> *uo ?' at ike ihi tore theniaelret, be baa raWwtk * 'Hue Toiaait . i Tkt Prtvate T>ealwt," id whieh not only ainctmre. at tore ot til thuee ?li licate d'aooaea which comer sipetre and rrietee. M dirertru'U the piaineat iiiau-ei. It > nbla.howetei, tballuuae wnoanapeeti atncWre, ifvoen ooakl t-oiueli lh? eethoi pen. ^*i'? rivu .othi i vQlioi. nam more ibta the e?a# eM < arointy of hit meant nl 9 r part it room. ti?o. art irrta*' i fui uioae who Mar .o wait a little ' iy iii-w mania .0 tar a woni oi two ?o taa g.-nanu o? r-h Uir pnblie. and eapeemllr ttrti.ee,-? roiairg to triia city. iei? with i.oufi?leuc?. ou t btlhia beta edtr.ucad With ru? Or Kalpti bega to atate 'Jim oaaidr bit raui at graa oi b.tlij 1 nth. Ac. be.?he itt beau nugneo in liit cafe t Jteaaea, ootli in noapita: t..d kin ,> -nee foi io?,ra tiniit , een. uid oat published two e^uout of i wi-r? ?t 'j ot loem ?Alio that he tiaa testimonial leitera fro. . the eiaiuaul phytic itiia in It a r ripe to tna i? a* tuiintni ia ,e??*t !ti. Aatler ' Oape: to l)r. Moil, Via V?n?. hrtick, o> Vl-'UJeiplita, tod ethert tud IN e it par in a 0 T?fdi to i.lmoal arary Phyaaeiaa of .n ,aaea ia tbia ttaipfe taeouat-tteti al ma private ream, ce, .'m. tireoa treat, towards the Battery, at any boa. ?Ha may alaabe 1 Itad by p. . The liMla ywoiua aaora referred to ia net I. 117 IK-I

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