27 Haziran 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Haziran 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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II ' rai ft h - i_J Vol* XJK.??o. ill Waoii. Mo. 33?0. FOR HAL^^^^^^^KRPOOL. The Riyal Ma.l Mrnm hhip COLU vtBIA, N.Shdtinoii.r.sq Commander,will leave Boston for tlitabave ports.on Sa uraay, Ul of Julv. Passage to Liverpool Passage to Halifax, z!' Apply to D BH1GHAM. Jr.. Agent. ]gix No- 3 Vali street. . |- r-e-, DRAFTS ON 1KKLAND. Ac. which can b? sent try the Royal Mail itetm ship COLUMBIA, sailtun from Boson on the l/ifr me 1st July. Persons sending ui?n-y to the'r , u >*" ii i iT&y re|a residing iu th; old c uutry, can at all tini-? obtain fum the subscribers Drfts.u ? ght for any ftuinne*, outha Royal Bank of Irel'ud, a'loon th' old ritabli. lied lionS mg Ii u>c ofMrss.s. Prrscot , Orote, Ames A Co. of ' Lo d > i, vr ich are |*id Iree of discount, or anv ch trite whatever, in - v-rs town throufihou: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, then by siiswe.-ing the ?ame pu:pos? as Bank of England and Ireland notes. Apply to, or address, if by letter, post l-r.-d. nOCHE, EROTHEKS St CO, 3J Fulrou street, j ;7 r next door to the Fulrou Bank. ? f-ri,ia I'lUKIS ON ENGLAND, IKEV LAND, A" ? IVrsotiJ about remitting moSfa-'jT-yJf Armory 'o their fiiende in the ' old country," <S'U he 'Ui plied with Drafts, in tumx of 1, J MWtretitiSZBBr m , 20 A .?50. ranvamout, payable on demau wt out discount oreny other cha ge, at the National Bint of I,el ud, l'r riucial Bi'.k, do . Messrs. J-mrs Bull. S n A Co. Baak-rx, Lou 'on, I Bimed A Co., Exchange anil Disc un* B no, Liierpool, Ea-te-n ban* nl Scotland, Gieenoi k B r k ng C jmpiny. Sir Win. Fo b-* Hunter & Co., ScotIan'1, aid toe or j clisa in every post towu throughout England, ) Irelan t, Scntl'lid A Wales, which drafts will be fm warded by the "Strainer Caledonia," that leaves B"ttou >he 1st July, by W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, A'flitu-General Passage Olpce, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid Je Mr .UK MCW ilNlC OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. rr*l? SIS'. .Si. M&. mt To tail lrom New York 16th, and from!Liverpool 5th of each month. Ship HOTTINGUER, 1054 tout, J irrt. inl* Ira BurseW, 116th July. New ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons, ( ...h John Kldridge, I 18Ul Au"ult N,? ,K,f| |(l? 8[p??b?. | i6th October. These snb'tamia), last sailing, first class ships,all built in the citv of N?'\v York, are c mmauded by men of experience and ability, aim will be despatched punctually on the igth of each in nth. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of pasienK;rs. he Ncithert' e captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any arcela or packages sent by them, unless regrlar bills lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL St MINTURNS, 87 South street. New York, or to EIELDKN, BROTHERS St CO.. jell r Liverpool. m li*msTrTrv.? uviT nlr Packet* The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence ana from Marseille* ?u the 1st of each month during the year? From Nevr York. Marseilles. COURIER. Capt Duggan, June 1. Aug 1 TRKhCC)TT. Gap* Myrick, July 1. Sep 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Aug 1. Octl CQRIOLANUH, Cap Halle, Sep 1. Nov 1 HWY THOMPSON, Gap Svlveiter, Oct I. Dec J They aic all ccnpered aud copper fastened,and have excellent accommodation* for passengersTlic price of cabin passage will be $109, exclusive a wines and liquors. Geods addressed to the* gen's, BOYD & H1NCKEN, will be forwarded free of other charges than these actually paid. For freight or passage apnlv to BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents. No. 9 Tontine Buildings, or S. BKOOM k CO., m20r 103 Front street. M m. M. NK.C YORK AND HAV"." PACKETS-SecdETTiiS ?The ships of this line will heresftur Isare New York on the ? 1st, and H*vie on the 16r.h of erch mou'h, as foil"w?, viz-? From New York From Havre. New ship ONEIDA, t 1st Marcn. t letn A, ril. Captain < 1st July. < 16th August. James Funck.f 1st November.( 16 u Dec. Ship BALTIMORE, ? 1st April. C 16th May. Cnplaiu < it August t 16th Sept. Edward Frnck. ( 1st December ( 16th Januiry. Ship UT1CA, ('st May. C 6(h Juue. Cap-sin < 1st Septembers ,6th October. Frederick Hewitt ( 1st January. ( ,r!tii Feb.-uarv, New ship ST. NIOHOL*. S f it Jane. ? 16th July. 1 Captain a ht October < I6:h Nov. J. B. r?U.( lit February. ( '6th March. Tliercr.oipmiqj itions of these sliip* are not surpassed, com$ hiniug nil that .sav be required fu. comfort The price id cabio pa?'-ge_ >s $10. Passing rs wilt br supplied with every requisite vtitli the rxception of wines and liquors. ?k On'mi i:te-ded for these ves;? s will be forwaided dr the W subsc ior'S. tree fro?? *r>y o'her, than ihe expenses actually inM enrreyen them. For fitwhl or catssge, apply to g BOYD & HINClvK*-, Agents. I j?2jsc 9 Ton'.ne Building, cor Wall at d Water sts. REMIT l'A>CKS TO IRELAND, fcc.?The kr Lsi-dfV?ylii.-ir>?f continues to transmit momv initial* large JMMfcor small. lu peraous residing in any part of Ireland in the same iu inner as he, cud his predecessor >u business have done toi tt.e Im. thirty yeers aud rautr;also.to auy part of ?ngland 01 Semi and. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the rahscriber, or pemouellv depoaitef with him witu the name of the person or persons in Ire; nd. E igl.iud or otland, to whom it is to be stnt, ard nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid -ecirdria y, and a receipt to that effect given, or lor \Tsr-t*d to the sender, j In lite miiiaer m iney, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, kin: 'sno or -cot'ard. ein be eolleeft 1 by the subscriber for per?e >s re itlng in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be i> id to them accorrtiutrly i .7 !m?r UKOHUK McBKlUK. Jr, 82 Cedar st. I BLACKBALL f?? OLU LINE OF LIVERtfWyPOOL. PA1 KET8?FOK LIVERPOOL?Regular [a JMuMCsBl'mlu'i.r ud sails on SaturtLr. the 'it July. The re7 ma K>. bit test tai iug packet ship OXFlJKD, John Kathbone, 1 com uiand er, willpositively sail asabovr, her rtgular day. 1 The adco' <miida'ions ofti is superb packet, for cabin, 2d I cabin am! steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any other '1 ship alio it '! hose returnux to th old country will find it to tb interest to select this Conveyance in preference to any 1 other, kfr |>&tsage, apply on board, foot of Beehman street, ( or to the subvc ibe s i ROCHE, BROTHERS & i-O., 35 Fulton it. ,N> xt door tn the Fulton B u.k. P. S The new acd magi ilicent packet ship MONTiCZUr M\, hurthtn 1150 tens, w til succeed the Oxf rd aud sail lor from Live rpo.it on the 19th Julv, her tegular d ly Xcrso.-s senium for their fri-utli can have them brought . out in her or an; i f the packets of this line, which sail fiom I that pint en the 1th ami 19 h of every month. Drafts .. ?>gtv cr up amount, on the Howl Bank of Ireland and on Messrs Prescott, (Jrotr, Ames St Co., Bankers, L i.dan, which w ll be paid iree of discount or any chvrae, in everr town thionghout England, Ireland,iscotland and Wn'ei. I bor passage, ap-ly as above j2( I I L'M i ETu iJNh- UF JlVc-Ul'UUC PA<KET S kipF?V ?Pac^'tof 1st ol July.?Tne well-known, lastsailJKHoHw '?? rititl favorite Packet Snip OHIO, Captain H. / Lion, will sail iu icteallv as above. The aecnmmod tiom of this ship fir cabin, second cabin and ttrsiaye pssitngeis c >nuot be sO'patsed. iler between decks W wh eh *J very spacious, are fitted up with a d gree oi comfort uneonslied hv nr other packet in port. l'l.o ab<>m viiiunv the " Olu Country" cannot fail to b? pleated With the araugc meoti made lor their comfort The Eiicc of paat-K- b?it K remarkably low, thoae wishing to secure r iIlia should not fell to maue ea ly application on board, foot of Dover street, or to W. J. It T. TAPdCOTT, 13 Peck Slip, corner South itreet. Persons w sbi.g to send lor their frieida, can hsvethem brought on-, in tirst-clast American Packet Shitia, tailing from Liverpool wek'y, on farorable t>rms jeti cc AJfJi' ( CD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKKT8 tMyVFOH LIVKKPOOL?Packet of the. 1st J i'v?The jStisaafcai'lr idol teat a i'lrttf packet ship OXKUR1J Captain Ha" b.i rf, will he deapn'cheu as above. Thr aacomii"elationt for Ch0iu,2d cabin and steerage pss rogers, br ibis sh'p, are unsurpassed?Thoie wishing to secure bertitsshocU mak early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 6! Sooth street, near Wall St. N B?The regular pa'ket of the 2iih June, cm yet lake parsel iters at the lowest late. P 8? 1 hose serdii f for Iricnds rtsiding in Orrst Britain or JreCinl, can hire them brought out by the regular packets sailiug weekly from Liverpool, at the loweil rates, an i Drafts fvuisned, as usual, lor any amouet, payable without discount. throughout the .United Kingdom, on application as asas e ~ jgOc /.VJ..W KO.K LIVKltbOOL?NKW LINK,?.Hegmtr I5t',-,^i Packet of Jith July.?The Spieudid Packet Ship wW P " i Captain John Collins, of 1I0J tout, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight oi pusa. e, iinviag accommodations aiiaoaa.ied for splendor oi eor.ili.r., apply on boenl.et Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street or r, K. K. COLLIN.. A CO. ic Mouth street. Prict of r"tsatr? #11(1. lin. ("tenet bhtp Sidd )ns, Captri" E. B Cohh, of 1(00 out, will su'-cced the Roaeius, and sail the kith ol Aug, b* rornWday. l .itein.crs miy rely on the shirs of this hue sai'ing pa?et*t| 9 Ifti-Hi used. jeggr XJCTC rOK I.IVK15P001??The New Line?Regular tavJthV Paeket 10th July?The new, splendid New York ?sawK? ai't narktt shin ll' rTINQUKil. I.a Rural.? 1,1-1 , III .<1 Otij, Will -II abo?e, her irmilnr oay. Yor tu iii t or pvcg*. harm* I true and commodious state rooms, aualv to the * (plain on board. mil side OuiIid* Hta, o-io WOOUHIJLL, k MlNTUaMU, 87 Smith *treet. The superior new p.ffket ship Lirerp ol, Captain John Khh tdue, lltO Urns, will sncnead the Houinguer, and tail on hrr rrynlar il.iy, 16th Ai.fpi't jit r tAw KOlt H>> l)oNfT?Tlegnlsr Packet ol the lit Jnly. |#?*VThe splMaei.l picket (hip VICTuRIA, I,apt. MorJtaMfcxau, will ml ? miit-, her regular day. Mai nut very superior accommodations lor cahin, Jnd cabin, and steerage |?Mfmrn, l-rrsoni wishing lo emb-rk should ma ke early application to JOSKPH McMURHAY, 110 Pine itrret, corner of South. Persons wishing to (end lor their Inendi, can hayelhern brought out by Ihe above (hip, or any ol the regalar packets. by Mipliiim aa ah' ye, (il by lettexf pott raid 1 ill r A*C M'NLiON l-I.MK OK l'A< KKTS-T ii ket ol the kfflly l?t Jti'y? I he aylendid, new, fast sailing packet ihip Wvn "'MA. <Xpt k k Morgan, will .ail positively Mr etiove, hat rrgulai day. Hmug superior accommodations for cabin, second csbin and steerage paasmge-s, for paisage early application (hould be made ou board, or to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT. jilt tl reea Blip cot Honth at. i_.' > Oil ,'iC.W OHLI-.A LOC ISIANA AMJ l;j rVV N KW YORK LlNf-?Regular Packet?To ?uc A{i i-U&scetd the v ientbuvn?T? c last lailinit packet (hip Ol O.rtK, C*pt Jjckann, will liuve immediate despatch. So. ,i.<g.n oi pussge, iiAVtug nauusouie turn,so, <t accom_ modiiiiuua, app y oa Mtrrd. at Orleans what I, foot ol Wall at. or to K. K COI I.INS St tO. to Month at blot pari mayrely upon 'tjv.ng then goods correctly ineaaur e l. a . Put tba ships ol this line will rail punctually as adveri me t. Ai.v ' 1'i-nee to t at etfeel will be given and fsllillec k that i it! refill ci AgrOn in ft. Orleans, Hulliu Ik Woodruff, who will rro*?? 17 lorwa.d .ill goods to the.r address. _ I h? 1- bet imp Loniavilin. Cam. M. Hunt, will wceeetliha T OrniKa, jjj V * E NE N1 DAILY EXPRESS FOR ALBANY THOY. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND THE CANADAS, ] Ti'e subscribers having completed the ir arrangements with 1 the People'! Line of Steamboats, on tho Noith Kiver and the Rail Koad Companies west of Alb my tor ruuuiug their Express lor the season of 1643. au Kxpri?s will leavr their office. No. J Wall itrert.New York, every evening, at iiuarter to 7 o clock, fortlie above named ai.il intermediate place*. IMPORT ANT. For the greater safely and security of al valuable and money raekages eutiuited to their care, they hove Salamander Iron Safes oa board of the steamboats, ill a state room occupied exclu ively by themselves, aed the m< ?SIMS! IB miM sleeps in the same ro.m with the iron sales, into wliich all sue. ii ickai.es are placed. FOMEliOY Si COMPANY, n.lrc No. 2 Wall street. 1 PULLEN Si COW'S EXPRESS, 3 WALL, STREET. Thi subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden & Co.'s Ex press from New York, will continue to run as heretofore,leaving New York, Albany and Troy daily, and wi'l forward Specie, Bank Notes, Puckaces, Bundles, Cases of (joods, Parcels, Sic Sic , in connection with Messr . Bailey St Howard's "Great VI'ist'-ru Exp'ess," to and from the lollowii g places, v ii Utica, 9 rac"?e, Osweito,Auburn, Seneca F ills, G neva, Canadaigna, Rochester, Batavia. Leckport, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleavelaud and Chicotp : also,to K.ingstau,Torooio and Hunilton, in Caua'la West. By Jacobs' Norths ill Exp-esi, to Whitehall, Burlington, Champlaiu and Flaiuburxh; also to St Julius, Montresl and (J ieBrc, in Canada East. They will also connect with Hatch Su Co.'s Southern Express at New York, and forward articles of every despription to Philadelphia,Baltimore and Wash mi: ton. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of Notes, Drafts, Sic and prompt return! made br li-st Express. Each mesteuge ? will be provided with one of Wilder's Patent Salamander Safes, thereby affording greater security in the transmission of valuable papers, Sic OFFICES. PULLEN & COPP, No. 3 Wall street. New York. THOMAS GOUGH, No. 15 Exchange, Albany. 8- JACOBS, Exchange Couit, St. Paul, Montreal. References? Messrs. Crime, Ward Si Kin*. Jacob Little It Co., John T. Smith & Co., Pcpoon St Hoffman, Ca*renter Si Vermllye, Houghton Si Co., Drew, Kot.iusou Si C?., N. Turk; K.J . Humphrey. Esq, 'J homas Uough, Esq , Aloany; Julm Piiue. E?<]., cannier, P. Wells, do., S. K. Slow, do., C. S. Douglas, do; K. Lenke. do. Tror. mfieod 'SUMMER JiltlijiNGEMEN~V NEW YORK AND PIIILA DELPHI A RAILROAD LINE D RECT, Via Newi??, Niw Brunswick, Princeton, Trknton' BoRUENTOWN and burmnoton. Leaving New Yoik daily from the to tof Courtlandt it. Morning Line at9 A. M.?"ail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordcntowu, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eveniug Line proceeds direct t? Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the offi'e loot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat w ill be in readiness, with bagg ige crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are coureyed from city to city, wi'hont briog opened by the way. Each train is provi led wi h a car in which are a, artinents and dressing rooms expressly lor the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leaye Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut treet, by steamboat to Uoidentown at f o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camdeu, at 5 o'clock, P M The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M.. and 4 P. M. bcinig n contiuu.itiou ofth* linei from New York. je4 NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subscribers bavins completed their arrangements, are new prepared to forward passe gers'o all the .Northern and Western States and CaBada, by daily lines of towhoats, railroads and steamboats, via the North liverand Kne Canal, upper Lakes, Philadelphia and Pittsbuigh, Ohio river and Canal routes. The following are a few of the most important points Via Utica, Buffalo, Potts ville, Oalena, Svracnss, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, Rochester, IMilwaukie, St. Louii, St. Johns, Lockpor', Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigau, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Haying given inch universal satisfecnon in their London and Liverpool lines of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to mike the present undertaking equally deserving of public la vor. The attention of rmigrants aad others is invied to the follow low rates of p sssge to a few of ihe most important points, any other places on the route being -qnlly low, viz:? Lhica, $1 50 Cplumt-Ms, $q .? St Louis, Sit 00 rivrarose, I 7i iixmlDikr, 5 75 Ualeua, 18 UO Kochrater, 2 do Detroit, i % aitada. Buff, lo, 2 5J Milwi u'-.ie, 10 Ou Toronto, 4 '0 llswego, 2VI Ct'icniio, 10 0) Kit. Raton, 4 50 E'i.r, 4 50 I'lttsburg, 8 75 H miitou, 4 50 Cievrl'nd, 5 50 Cincnm* i, 12 Ou Moutreal, 5 00 For further particulars owilv l? W. & J. T.TAP??'OTT, at their General Faasu^e Olfi'e, IVck slip ror Bouih at. Ta' Notice?Thii office la uot connected with any other in flili tu/. j I6r ! ,j\V JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Far* reduced to iiS centi. From the (oat of Caartlaailt itreet, New York. (Kvery day?Sunday aextrpted.) Leaver New York Leaver Newark At 8 A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At IK P.?. 9 do. 3 do. 2 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 5 do. 5K do. 5* do. UK 7? da. do. 9R do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYR From tiie foot cl Oxttrtlandt itreet. Leare New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. .*t 1SK P. M. and 9*< P. M. NEW YOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York l.eav- Klixabclb Tews At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7K A. M. 3R P M. 9 do. 4 do. f>K do. 7 do. 11 do. 4R to. 10 lo. <j.R do. 5R do. 12 do. The trainafor Westfteld, Fiainflelu, Bnandbrook.Somerville, Ire..connect with the,9 A M, and.dXPM traiua Irom New York, daily, Sundays excepted. | Fare heaween New York and Elizabeth Town 25 centa. ! Fare between do and Soinerville, 75 centa. j AUVii vooir i vn iinuuiv I Leave New York. Leave Rahwn7. At 8 A.M. At 3 P M. At 7 A. M, At J P. M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6% do 11 do 4V do 9* de 9 do 'J* do 11X do NEW YOKK AND NEW bBUNSWinr Kroui f<>ot of Courtlaud street, New York, daily. Lear- New York. Leave New Bruuswia?. At 9 A. M At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At 11* A M 5W do 7W do 8* t. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave N<ar York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 4rJ P M. At II.* A.M.. and 8* P M. Fare, cxchpt in tke Philadelphia trains between New Yn-k and New Hmuvwiek. 50 cents. Between New York and Hahway 15 cents. Passengers wno procure their Hearts at the ticket ornce, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received bv the MB vector only on tlie Uuy whca purchased. mil 3m*r KOH BUFFALO ANU"ALL l'AKl'8 OK THE WKST iB&iiSlSi ASSOCIATION rAsSAUft, OEHUK To ALBANY. Utica, $2 00 Korhenter, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 26 Buffalo, 3 60 Oswego, { 26 Up. & Lower Canad&6 64 For passage apply to iVI. L. KAY. m23 Sm 03 Barc'av street. New York. sr??n NKWY<?KK HCHOOLBV'8 MOUNTAIN AND EA8Via K. aril Soipcnille B Road.Sdy1*^1* l<or Schooler's Mountain, lease p er No. 1 North river, at n^o'clorsAM. daily (Sundays ncrjited) hv steamboat to CnsabetilPOfti or leave the l"<v of ( nurihnd street at 9 o'clock A M,by N J Railroad to K.lizibelhtown, thence connecf with the cars for Scnvrrillr ca ches, thence 20 miles to the Moumain?arriving eaily in the afternoon Kir Kastnu lea'eas aboee un reed be railroad In Snmrr ville, coachea from thence (only 31 milet.) arriving 111 klaiton at 6 " Click. Thia io" c, on account of the abort dialaice by coachea. nn kmc it by tar the in >at pleaatnt aud emeditiotu, commendt it tell to piitlicipMioutKP. Mr. Handerton. the proprietor at 8o meml.r. I at pioy'dtd himielf wi'h carriage! aid hortet to ac commodate priT He partita with crtras et the thorteit notice, and on itatonab'e leimt For trait apply to H D. Hope, Merchant*' Hotel, tl Courtlaudt ?t. P.uaeneert fr m Philadelphia to Schooley'a Monntain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M., by New Voik railroad line pi New Brnittwick 3p enilid coachea frcm thence, arriyj a at tnc monntain r wlv tajne afternoon. .(23 Jm *r NKW YOHR, Sf'HOQLICT'3 JflMKfLMOUNTAIN fc KA3TON. TK, Lc.ite t. " foot of Conrtland ttreet, daily (Snud.in et-ri i. il) at ft o nock, A. M., hy railroad I on 'ri"ey city to Morrittown, thence by Poet coacliet through Mend ham, Cheater. Schooley't Mountain, Auderton Town, t'oit Cohlen, Wnthiugton, to Katton. At WiuhinKton, a daily line mteriectt to and from Be Tidera Kor trait apply to J. Hill, at J. Patton'a, Couimercial, 73 CoartlftuU street. IM ?r-airaa turnielird it the ahnrteat notice by applying to IV B L'lie. United Htatea Hotel. Mori . .wit. mvll Jin i f ROC KA WAT I'AVII,LION?LONG ISLAND KAILKO\D. Traine npon thia road leave Brooklyn, South Ferry, for J matca, where roachea are in reatli neaa lor that d-lighifill reaort, the M irine Pavtl25EBC^ lion, at the follow me honra, 11* Half paat 9 A. M., I o'ch k anil half paat# I*, fa. Hetnrning, leave Jamaica at HA. M? 11 M. and J I'. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica, la.; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion,7.9ecute. jeStd**! NKW~YOKK AND KINO STUN /TEAM rKKHJHl AnU rAB8AUK li \N|!J, .adtft 40L For Kingaton, and Delaware and Hudaon ^^^^UanaNpteamboala KMf.HALD end NOK ^nTrnouTtVKLI), Captain John Ketcham, will leaye New Vorli foot of Murray atreet, every Monday and inuradayati WMlraVe Kingaton (Kondout landing) eaery Wedneaday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NOH'VICH, Captain John Samuela, will leave New York, foot ol Warren atreet, every Wednetcay and Saturday at ? o'clock, P. M. W.ll leave Kingaton (Rondout landing) every rue> ay ard Fr,dayatloclock.P.Mj.TKATRipH The EMERALD will leare the foet of Murray atreet eceiy Bnndy monttng at 7 o'clock. Returning learea Kingaton at 4 o'clock tame, day. . . . I h or frtignt or PftffAft SPP'T on ho%rd. or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW fc CO, all 1m?r 114 We?t atreet. w yo CW YORK, TUESDAY IV NEW ARKANOKMENT. KAHfc AND H RttlOHT REDUCED. m REGULAR MAIL LINK-FDR PROfl^3rLC3.vii)K\( K AND B"Sl'ON. vin 8TONlr I Mi l'O.N AND N KWPOKT?Competed the StoaineloD and Bosinn and Providence Railroads:? M AMAUHUSETTS, Capt Count' ck. RHODE ISLAND, Capt ihayer. PROVIDENCE. NARUAOANBKTT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York cliily (Sundays eacepted) Iroin Pier No 1, Batterr Place, N. Unci, at 6 P. M ARRANGE \1KNTS. The RHODE ISLAND,v'Japtnin Thayer, on Mnnd.if, and Wednesday for Sloningtou and Newport, and Kliday for StOIUDK'OII The MASSAOHU SETTS,Can'aiu Comstock.on Tueaday and Tunrseay for Stoniugti'u, und Lalurday for Slomugton, Newport and Providence. raiaeuuira, on the arrival of the steamer* at StouingtoD, vkJt be immediately forwarded in the splrudi' end coininoiWous (tars of the Ruiiovl to Provideuce ami Button, a'ld if for Newport will prareed in the iteamnri on Monday, Wednetday and Saturday, and on the intervening day a, proceed via Str.uiutlon Railroad to Provideuee, and Loin thence in the iic?mrr lolat, without any additional charge. Tickets tor the route and ateamert' berths can be secured on board, ot st the office of HARNDKK h CO, No J AVnil street. On end after the lOrh not, freight will BOt be r> ceivcd ana forwarded after half-past 4 P M ni9 6m*m ?Ok aHMMKR AKUANUEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY?Long Branch, Ocean wT ilf ar 11 in Black Point, Ruinson, and ( atont iwa Lauding, tlir I'ijIi tin inner piss-ge the now Steamboat HHREWSi-L ItV, Cnpinn Jonn P. Corliss, Will leave Kalontown Landing on Suud ty, the 4th of Joue in'L, and ran a* tol lows, to wk: Iravii it Nov York, from the foot of Robinsos a'reet, evi ry Monday, Tue,d y, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Eatootown Landing on each of the above dava, at I o'clock, P. M. Oh Sa,,.,.1... Ill U V-.?, V...C W ..U.,,1, l> VI .. .I L-,.r... ti-wn Landing mi Sundays a' 3 o'clock, P. M.. and Oceau House at4o'c'ock. The SHREWSBURY will run as above (weather permitting) until further nonce. All baggage at the rial*, of the owner* N. 5?Stagrs will lie in attendance to convey passengers f ora the aforesaid landing places to any part of the country re(luireil. je 13 ~aai nEwaKK ANU NKW YOKK?Fare CioeH^^antisl* ouly '2K Cents !?The s| lendid steamer SaaiOL PASSAIC, Captain John Uaffy. On and after Monday, June Otli, will run as follows :? Lenvts the foot ol Datclay street, ISew York, at 10 A M., and \ P. M. Craves the foot o( Centre street, Newark,at7K A.M., and IK 1'. M. Freight carried at very low rates. till! fim r Sf'TlcN I LAiNl) FERRY, FOOT Kr2ietT''l1' VVHITBHALL ST.?The steamboats 3E-?2B-aeL8TATtiN ISLANDER and SAMaON will run as follows until further notict:? Leave Afew Yo k 8, 9, to, 11, 1 2, 3K 5 6 7. L-a e Siaten Island 8, 9, 10. 11, 1, 2, 4,5, 6 7. Leave New York and fltatru Island every hour on Hundafp. P. 8.? Excursion to Fort H" mil ton, Sundays excepted. Lease Fort llamilton7K A M., returning frem tln? York 3,K P M. ill r HAMILTON HOUSE FORT HAMIL'l'ifN ?The steamboats 8TATEN ? lfLANDe It mid 8A MSON will runevtry day (Sundays excepted j during the seatou, as follows:? Lrave Fort Hamilton at 7K A M. and 4 ? P. M. Neu York, Whitehall Dock, at 3,K P. M. _ This arrangement may bi relied on as permanent, as its con twuauce will not depend on e.uy contingency. j!5 3mr " J! A YOil'S-OKFlCK, )~ CnABLF.STots, S. O , Jane to, 18(3 \ TO KENT FOtt A re.t-M OF YEAH8, O FOR SALE, a That large and commodious establishment known as the Charleston Hoti l.sitnate in a central pa tofthe city, fronting on Meeting stre-i, south on llayne street,md aojo ning the rxtenstyo range of wholesale stores; east on Hotel street; north ou Pi'cmey street Tlie hotel is about 150 feet by ahont 175 le t deep iou' stories high, containing about 1 >2 parlors and i lumbers, bes drs the diuing rooms for ladies and gentlemen; a so, bar mom. reading room, offices, store rooms sud kitchen; also, fi-e stores and a harbei's room, in basement, and fronting mi Havne s'reet?a Uige cistern, contaiuii'g aorut 85 000 gallcus, and a foics pump, in case nf tire, attached thereto; also two wells on the premises- The whole front of the Hotel is embellished Willi a spacious two story collonade. Terms of sale will be, a credit extending over a period of at least 8 years, and conformably to the provisions of the late "Stale Fire Loan Act,7'secured by mortgage of ureinises: an proved tecuti.v will be equired on lerse or sale. Proposals addressed to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received uutil the ISih July next. J. 8CHNIERLE, Mayor. N. B.?The following: newspapers: the New York Herald and Courier It Enquirer; the Bolton Cornier; the Philadelphia United States Gazette ; the Baltimore American; the New Orleans Bee; the Mobile Register and Journal will insert the above in a conspicuous place once a week until the 15.h p-oxitno. and forward their accruals for payment to Courier office. j21 tojylSr jgL ill PHYSICIANS?FAR >i Foil S.aLB.?A phvp? lifill livtll IW a very MMM VtHm about thirty JyiflLmiles fr-.m the city, and who is extensiv elv engaged in hi. piolrisi-n. *i u'd i i>| Otecf bis entire establishment. An untiirdiate practice through a inost beauti ul country, and daily acceis to the city, render this an opiairtnuity mr a nhy ticim ra ely ta be met with. The fmi consists of about fifty acr. s of i'ooo laud, in a hign Sltie of oultiva'iou. On the piemiies ate a goon house, carriage house, uarn, ice house, tic , as well a? Jniosl ever- variety of f "it tress. Addios W K H. at the office of tho Commercial Aovs user, or apply at No SI Piue street, where more minute particulars will be itivril. j2f !w*m MFOll SALE?On reasonable and accommodating trims, a new House and lot, pleasantly situated iu Nassau street at ihe h-ad of Hianiou street, Broeklyn. impure ol H. E, JOHNSON, (.cuuollor. Stc. No 1 Front street, or of D. A. KOUBI.N S, Mason, 280 1'earl St., Brooklyn. 12) 6i?r '1 O LET?At Harlem, at the loot of 121st street, a c 'sb convenient slid coin'ortable two storv dwelling houie, iVll^with pleasant L kucbrn There arc tbirleen lots, he the sam. m ue or less; situated on the H*rlem r-vei; a dock, one hundred fret front; and stables sufficient for leu or fift-eu horses. On .he place there are six or sevcD cherry trees m lull bearing, peacli trets, currant bushes, rose Duth-s, and every thing c Lois cd to make it a Jet ghtful residence. fishing fi st rate. Enquire of MK. PANDl.E, opposite the place, or ol THUS W. BUYER, No. <181 Washington street. The above will be Lt at a cheap rent to a good tenant _j 20 6t_^r M BARCLAY ? TREET?TO LET?fhe elegant and ct in i.odious lhr< e story brick bouse No. 52 Barclay street, built and occupied 07 Mr. (nomas Brooks until the piesmt tune. In excellent order <<nd fitted with every convenience for a large Lmily, cud annate I directly iu 'rout of co;i?ks Place. P or l*rms apply at No. 110 Water sueet. m?5 lm*r ,C:?jL TO LET.?The nioilerii built three story orick 1* dv ellii u, No 16 Green street,finished with silver lurui .^JflLrure, ri'irble mantles an I krates tlir nghout. A flue large yard with never tailing c.steru. Will he let low. For further uart'Ctt! trs apply to AITKEN, EHO rHEKS, je2-lm?ec No. 123 Fuit-mstreet. jry? KLOKICUl. 1 UHK-? Kor sale, the 'a - ?e c niseiv 'AMS'ory, wiih all the extensive apparatus a ! rchcd (hereto, ?JLaat the gnrdn, (late .Mr. Perry's,) Henry si, Ero k >u For Itwther parlicn'ars ar.pl v to W. RlJIaSELL. Klorijf, on the premises. W. Hmst-ll has also for sa'e at low pi ices, a su[>erb col'eetiou of fine healthy Plan's in bloom and tu nuts. < I ? ra'-iuios, rotes, vet be uas, violas, dahlias, nz tlias, rhododendrons, salrias. poteo.llas, cluinatnes, cactuses, m urn., i .s honeysuckles, mJ othei desirable urcr i.house and gulden plants and reset. Bouquets heau'ilullr made up tu order All orders for the cities of New York on I .Brooklyn, delivered free of charge, ind punctually arieudtd to. |15 2w?r THE FOURTH OF JULY! ? BOOTS AND SHOES. Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. No 509 Greenwich street Ladies and gentletneu me advised to call at the above store and provide themselves witb >easou.ible summer i oott, slippers, gaiters, he, made up iu the neatest and inoit fashionable style, and sold < ? cheap if uot a little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ot families will save money by calling here, at the cheap depot. L)> n't forget tlie number, Clinton Cheap Boot and Si.oe Mrrket, Ns. 509 Greenwich street, corner Spring si. _je8 Im'r laOOK AT THIS! ~ Boots, of best quality, $4 to $4 50 hreuch, do^ ^do i to 3 50 J, .^T?cu 4 M to 3 00 Pegged do a 50 Moro-co do 2 20 Seal Skin snd Grain do 1 75 to 2 00 Cloth button Gaiters, 225 Prunella do 2 03 Fine Cair Shoes, stitcheJ, 2 00 Calf "hoes, 1 25 to 175 Boy's hue sewed boots, 2 25 pegged boots, calf, 1*0 " Ivalskiii au<i Grain, 1 12X " Fine Calf Shoes, 1 25 " '* Kip Shoes, 1 00 Yonth's Si we t Bo ts, 1 00 to 1 50 LADIKS' BOOTHS. SHOKS? Ladies, in these stores yon will find the greatest ass r inent of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskii s, Ties, PninelU Buskins, licht and dark colored half Outers, Mouse Slippers, white nnd nlack satin slippers, satin gaiters. Misses ami Children*1 gaiters, huskies, slippers, ties, rnd ell other kinds of boots aud shoes, of onr own manufacturing with the best of Freueh roods,anil warianted to be the best anu at cheap as the cheapest, st 107 B-osdway and 92 Csnal st. jl ntir ORKOOHk Ik ( AHII.L. rAlim BOOTS AND LASTS MADK TO ORDF.K By E. SUSFll, 17n Broad'ray, (Bnncmtnf,) One Door from Conrtlandt street. P. tMISF.H, Rnutmaker, aud maker ol Lasts, an 4^0^V"Klve" of C'erce of Taris, begs lease to inform his friends and t'l the a-ni'-nrsol a pnsuleman'y "eh?ussnre," that h? cm imw make, in New York, with the best French Btlnldl, ill I'e-t is p-rfeetly made, in I arts, hy his master the celeh'e'ed bootmaker Clerce, wliose nuuierons customers on this side of I'm Atlantic, are respectfully incited to try SUSKR'S hoose ?nd lasts h?lor? they despair n| being "chantses" in New 5 nrh, Mini the nicest, latest Paris fashion. a i-? .L_ n~_:_ m -_i- t/__ ' ' * niir'i li>v isuumv i iuii tfvi mar.* y nr.iis[l suiu. mid tw'i BOOT AMU SHOE 8TOHK. JOHN llKADV respectfully informs hiifriends siul the public, thst he he* commeuced bnsiness in the those lin.-, st No. 90 Nassnn street, where he w ill tienklnlly receive siul faithfully eie-mie, ell ntders he iuny bo favored with on he must reasons hie termi lur caah. ?Ht TO THE LAD IK 8.?100 pair prime Outer hoots of all colursauilsir.es of the I (test fashion, Misses and ehildr-n's Oaiter hoots and Buskins, Ladies Bus kins. Ties and 8lip|>ers, a good article, from * to II shilhngti. Also, a Rood assortment of Ovotlemeu's prime ctll stitch boots, city marie, ftoni 7. 75 to 4 dollars, warranted ; good line lagged hoots, from 12 to IRshil iugs. Al|o, llov's boots, H to 12s. i rtenu. gaiters, ijnarter boots and shoes of all descriptions in are it abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, eomer Canal street, m24 lm*ec tiENIN rV VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, rOB OKNTLE.WEN. WKIOHINO ONLY 2% OUNi.fcS? PRICE $J 50. (" THE Babaailblld Itase intvoduced the abore usmei. JSuki i?,i |or sutnmet wear. By comparing the weight, of this article with the asrrage weight ol the following hats, the ope be readily seen. A he avenue weight of the ordinary fur hatistM eunccs. do do tami VVg * do do L?cghoru 4 " riein* fully convinced that no style of nimi.^r hat heretofore worn, haa met w rh the general approbation which a hat | ostcs ?'K all the (jn times, viz* lightness, beauty, durability and cheapness, would he sure to receive, we hare devoted much attention to the m unit icture and finishing of the new style now introduced by n*. f?'ro o the warm approbation express a gentlemen who have etn nmrd them, we feel sativfted ?h?t the> ueed only to be seen to be fully apf> vented. ^ MKNJ.N fc VAN VitAMCKN, mH lm*ec jh ftroad way, opposite St. raid's Church. iRK I I0KN1NG, JUNE 184 LUCINA CORDIAL, OR THK CiLIAllt Ut L<U V li. In olden time,(am.wc the Jews, That in.in a second wile ninth! choose? Wlww first, by Fa.e's unkindly doom, No children bote lo bless hit home. Afflicted thut, ihe Human matron Prayed to Lui tne, the mi'lwi(?)s patron ; Egyptian wives. in such a crisis. Calleu to their aid the I'rie'ts oflrris ; And even now. the meek Hindoo? Warm an her clime, and under too? I' chi dle.tj twelve month?from her bridal Kl'es weepinc to her senseless idol. And with ri sen hands, hi accents wild, Pcti iont Unin ih (or a chil l: For well shel uows. Lore shnns to bless The Hin loo bed of barrenness. So much for love in day's by ijoue. And savaire customs iu yourowu : Bnts .y. cren now, does L ive's communion bless in our land, a sterile unien I !So oliiimcs conjugal felicity, Is thut disturbed?ay, e'en iu this city. Yet nif y ihe barren, if tiiey try The means "increase and multiply." Wcli 'Love's Clmr" forh-r Iriend, The childless wife's repiuitnts end. But not ih?- p-ocreativr power Alone, it tins Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent, With viao' clothe the mrotent; Suppress a clert, whate'er its date, And all tile's functions renovate. Eruptions front t e skin it chase?, Aim! itiuks back beauty and the graces : 'Tis woman's truit?uud ne'er deceives her H rom Fluor Alhus it relieves her : And each disease, (with proper cure, too,) tier fair and fragile form is In-ir to. These are but troths, whocalla thein fiction Shall have a tern proof iu contradiction. Letteri?all forms of attestation From the aaraui of every naiion ; With cratel'ul missives from all ijuvters, Penned by Disrase and Quackery's martyrs. Thousands who lay, with Untuning breath. Almost within the jaws of Death; Now in their nightly prayers repeat Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street, An sometimes name the very uurober? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?men iu their slumber ; Or, dreaming of Disease's ordeal. Cry out for the ''Lncinu Cordial." Persons ordering ihis medicine fiom the country, by sending a remittance, can nave it boxed up aud sent to any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or S31 ptrdozeu. It is also for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North iiiith street, roll lm' ec MONTHLY HKPORT OK THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET, cum ctiHco. 14 Iiitltininalion of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liver, lids ... 3 lullain'n of the bowels 3 Syphilitic Ii it is 3 Vomiting. Uastntii 2 Amaurosis, "three under 8 Diseases of the Womb treatment?loiug well II Syphilis C Optrig/ of the cornea, 6 Dyspepsia Ii*; 12 Whites, or Fluor Albus 8 Styes, uy an opeiatiou 21 Guunrthcea 4 Onanism 4 Fever 3 Eiysipelas 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated -ore throat 5 Piles 12 islect?cured br new 6 Uulm, by a new method of ruMtiu mmhm 1 OicrdH'** of the heart 4 Bore Nipple* 2 Dyseutary lUCCKBIPUb SUROICit. OPKniTIOns. 3 Operations for hire Up 21 Striclmcs in Urethra by 5 Operations (or squinting an improved method ol S Qperatkmr (or Hydroeele cure 12 Hemorrhoidal Tumor* re- 3 Operation* for Citnle in moved Auo. 2 Club l<\>ot?cored 2 Polypus in (he nose 3 Kncyitrd Tumor* 4 Adipose (amor* removed 5 Ulcer* on tne leg* cured 1 Large piece of boue rc2 Phymnti* moved from the arm 0 Abcesscs opened 1 Amputation of linger 2 'J'oj*i * removed 1 Cancer Breast 1 (jlravcl cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOSTWICK Attending Physician aud Surgeon. C. McMANUS, Apnth?carv nnd Secretary illmee DEAK;*JL8o CURED? Without wishing to interfile with the privileges of any of our worthy neighbors who prefer toucan ear trumpet, ?nd thn* gather wiih gre?.t difficulty a little of what ii said to them, or be restored to '.he u?c of their natural organ*, and hear all rhv is sail, we cannot help re marking that a medicine c tiled 'Scarpa's Oil for Deafness, ha* la.ely been introduced, which hid* fair to prove ail (fee tual cure for the moat obsiiutie case. We will only add to this suggestion.th ti it i*to be hid at A. I) St D. SANDS, 79 b'altoo street, 27J Broadw ay, and 77 f v>t brovlway. IIB 2w? O 11{ AS 11. V i Oi i" v a . < it mi.I irulv tffiO cacioas Salve for cors, bil??. tamers, 5tr., <?* been basely counterfeited and sold to an nnkuowu tueai We caution >11 agaiust bu-ipg without a careful cunuu-.n d. Tee only geiiuiu ii sold at 337 B... olway, end b? II >adier. Piiern* and Co., 142 Water street: W'iI ami, M ,b-e tnJ Ciai-p, '! Ms'deu Lane, whole., tie druggist"; alio br Ike reputable diuggists rlirouirhoni the romitry. Price *4 cent* ia*r b.is, aud w.irraoted. Triticil'il"(Bee g')7 Broadway, fiirw Vo-fc inyVI lm*r 'I'lfK TI'.I'K EXTRACT. Ot HAKSAPAItlLLA from L 21 Court),lud sl eet is gaming a puiolaiity never Ociore kuown, in fact it is so'd at a rtc.souable price, and is made of as good malciwh as ' n v other. Oue trial will convince the most sceptical. To be had only as above, price M ceuts per bnttJe; 34 tier dozen. i20r CA.KD?I liOMAS KOUKltTS ft CO, Druggisia and Medicine Venders, of Crane Court, Loudon, Market Place, Mauches er, and 304 Broadway, New York, respectfully announce to the public, that having rucceoded in calling attention to (heir invaluable Medicine, "Parr's Life Pills,''and i s efficacy bout now lolly tested, and its success as a curative established* beg to state that do medicine ever offered to mankiud has so rapidly ohtaiued such dmiingiushed celebiity, and it ij MMUOBUto if there is any pan of the civilised world where its extraordinary healing virtue* have not been exhibited. The proprietors are therefore doubly anxious to recoinmeud the Pills to those whose loss of health by dyspepsiaor rheumatic "(lections req-ue a speedy aud certain renovation. The npinious of its value by some of the best medical men of 'he day is a tare foundation that its success does not depend upon any STstem of adveiiisinit or meritncious miffinir. Iiut upi>n its own virtues ,rnnug-.i th, ?e whose elteiisivefneJTeal arotyremtnis and hiyh chaiae'er for rny, place them out ol tne poaaibilitv o( aiding quackery. Thomas Roberts U Co. have the permission of Ur. Fitter,of Pni! delphia, for stati- g his strong recommendation ol ti c use of these Pills in dc.tanged biliary conipl-inn, lid flying 1 heumstie svrnptoins. By such u d ubtcil n.uiino.iy as this the public ere b"gicnii e to understand and aptectxte t lie superior efficacy of this mild tnrilicin- to the poweiful t uigativrs tint hive been hith'rlo s.ild thi'tn in the ih ine of Pi Is. which unar give relief for a short nam Of tune, rat always at III- espouse SI the system, by eufrrbtiug it dull rendering it more liable to receive attain other cog plaints* Tne same liinh medical authority, in describing the simple virtues of this medicine, says: "A . it differs in many rrspi' ts very essentially from the pills th thave hitherto been Drought belore the public, it is advisable to make the public acquainted with the ueueial properties thef posies* I'.in's Life fills, as a purgative, are found to a.-t verv ntly?indeed when they do purge freely, It is ors loir less tj Itmir purgative qualitns than Hie very bad condition ol tin- sj stent they .ire acting upon. The vegetable inurements of wnien they are strictly* composed, will in ib instances chemically decompose the delete'inus matter that is getir-ated by various causes, and impedes tl e vital and organic operations of nature id the human frame. Their action is principally by decomposition?invigoratirg ny increasing the tone ami quality of the blond?strengthening all the orgaus effectually without any of that stimulating cflcct so injurious in purgatives generally." I hev are sold retail at most of the respectable druggists in New York, ami by dnly appointeu agents in every city and town from Ma.nc to Louisiana, Canada, the British provinces, Havana, the West India Islands, ?ud Snath America, in bogea, ill and ?5 cents eael.. Testimonials of . nre from person, whose diseases were of tne mini inveterate kind, and ol loug standing, may be seen at the office of T. Kobeiufi Co., Clarendon Ilouae, Sfcl Broadway, office lit floor. Country Agents will please address letter boi 907, post office m3llm CROTON WATKR. fPHE Tinn-d Lead Pi.et inverted hy Mr. Kwbank. are, in ? the opinion of a very large number of the best chemist, physicians anil most scicutilic men of llie aye, the only lead pipes that can be used wi'.h safety in conducting this water. Very treat danger ol po'inn is incurred by the use ol ?uy other. 1'hysiciaiis aud other scientific men relcr to numerous ernes where sir lin-ri and death has ac ually resulted from the use of the common lead pipes. The subscriber has made arrangements to keep on hand a lull and constant supply ol the tiutird lead pipes, which he will sell to |n umbers and others ou the most favorable terms. JOHN C. CAHM, jeUlm'm 71 Broad street. /"tHOTON WATER?DAY'S KIKST PREMIUM IN DIA RUBBER HOBE is confidently recotnmeuiled for any puri>oses for which leather is used, and is warranted to possess the following pr perties 1st. It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. ad It is made of the strongest fabrics, aud will not mildew to injure in the least, aud requires no nlleiiliou. 3rd. It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oiler grease, nor stilfeucd by cold weather, uor can the rubber decompose, as open r c.-ticles are i.i no case used. Should the least complaint be made of ilia Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be tahen bark, at any tune inside o' sis months from i?s purchase, aud otner given in eichange without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge. Buyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that this hose (the process ol makine which is unknown to any other in the ttade) is just the article long wanted for leading -eater and many other Iiyuiua. llUtiaVO< Kl. UA1, j I * 1 u> * r W'iiri-fnor to Itoabary I. 11 C.li Vlainenl.aiie. QAllLL ft HI'uHks, rinmnera, ?i too comerot Jo'n vT and .N?s?aa ntrei't*. N.-w York.?Hons- a flrted np on th.. m..st spportd |>I(in, wuli Ootou Wattr, Water Llosets ami Hydrants ol nil descr;p'ioaa. Hat' ? littea op with Boiler* for Hot ?nd Cold water, Lead end Iron Pit-es of ti e t.eet nnHitv ; Hheet Lead,.Force and Lilt Pumps, and al> aitiel?a in t'wir lite of I mine is, to be bad oti reasonable 11 rms. Orders retailed for Fire and Garden Hote The >ab:cribers flatter tnemselrea from rlie long eiperien -e they lure bed in the nbo e hasnirat in Plidndelphia, to gi?e tinirersai satisfaction to all who faeor them w th their patronise. BKrane.wces. Hamuel Knth, h'? i , Register of watering Comaaittee.Tbiln dslphia Joi?|ih llaneoek, Bailder, ditto George Krdinau, Assistant o( the IHatriibnri Water Works, d tto J. O. Kwing, Plumber,di'fo A. L. Kisetihct, No. .88 Greenwich s reel, New'York A. T.Gnrhrrine, ditto, cilto, di.to J Unbiueau, O Charltm street, di to John L. Walk ins, 11 pulton s'reef, ditto je5 lin*r BOOK-KEEPING. Mil. W. K. HAH LOW respertlnlly annonnces that he has siiecndid v Mil. C. C. MARSJI, in his busineta as hp Arconn'ml and 1'ancher of Book keepins in tint citv, at nil in m 88 t euc itrppt. where lie will rontiiim Ihr atme thorough cooiae 01 iintr.ictuui nud pmeticc, an aticeeaifuilv f Mowed by lua | redri oaaur. Mr B. aulici.a the pa troii ue of the nieiw -utile community,and i??i ectinlly aik then arte imu to the foit-i* mi: crrd >? "0. C M.VItSII, AccmintauT, returae hit c a'plol acknowlediirtrrnU to hia uumraa Irirnda for their lo g continued p.i'rono. e. He It 11 now ilncniitn.ni J l>n butiueat iu thu city tntl ii tnccet .ted in the ?-ihp by .Mr. W. K B irlow, whom lie ronlid-utly cnimnebdi to thp layer of th.- mercantile cntnm mi ty ,? a Krnilcnun of rirpllaiit character, thoroughly apo-minied with the Mien Moofe>ko#piag udra aptly qtuUifled tr impart iji ruction. He reapectlullr bespeak* for tin incrruo: die piilflic lay to which tie huniell lira b?rn ?o lartiely in debted. 1 C. MAHBH." IIh terms are reduced to roil the tunes to tiO, w >ici % ill emitli- the pupil to receive matiiiciion until h. h thoroughly qual.fictl fertile eoaoiintr room. W. K. BARLOW, Arco uteut, jlOlm'r M Cedar street. -? LI? .J J ? ?IEK A 3. Columbus, Ohio. 1 i [Curreipondeuce of the Herald.] Columbus, Ohio, June Ifftk, 1843. j i Matter* anil Things in general in Cincinnati?Then- j r tret?Public Buildings?Pnj>ularity of the Herald i ?Politics. J Leaving Cincinnati yesterday morning at eight t o'clock, we came through the whole distance to t this city, 117 milts, over a Macadamized road in 25 hours! Tina is considered pretty fair travelling j here; and it may not he surprising to those who t might otherwise think it " no great shakes," when I they are informed that we had twelve full grown j " Buckeye" passengers inside, and " one at the , breast,"besides live outside, exclusive of the driver, t ??.l K ,.1.1 u.wl.lUc .....I I pery sufficient to fill a good sized hay cart! The J stage that " toted" us thus expeditiously is called . tin* " accommodatioii stage;" and is so, in truth, ' so far us packing in all applicants tor passage; but ^ this extensive benevolence on the part of the pro- j; prietors, is not unfrequently exercised at the expense ! and sacrifice of everything like comfort to the pas- H senger3. There is only one stage company of any 'J importance, as I am informed, in all this areai and noble ytate; and this company contrives** get all v the mail contracts that are worth anything, and tv,e? 1 runs otl all opposition lines, a.id monopolizes the I ' whole bufiness, humbugging and cheating travellt ru ' ad libitum. This should be betier regulated, or th" ' " Buckeyes" will get a bad name by others than " Boz," the immortal police scribbler, who, passing l. through this same route, and hence to Toledo, dis- 1 covered, on his arrival there, little of himself re- r maining except his boots! Poor Boz, alas! alas! r Cincinnati is a beautiful city?much larger better | built, and more important in point of location, busi- 1 ness and population, than I had sup|K*sed. It is charmingly located?looking out with a smiling face upon the fair shores of Kentucky, on the opposite mile of the Ohio, and backed by an amphith* >i'rical circle of hills, which are dotted over with villns cm- ' bowered in trees. The view from the surroundiai; I eminences, particularly from the village of Mount ' Auburn, oyer the city, and up and down the vulhj j of the Ohio, is among the most lovely thai cho i ? , seen. Fifty-three years agothesiteof this fair city j was a wilderness, and the whole was sold by dr father in-law of the late President Harrison lot if Ij Truly, fifty years in the west is as effective inch*.*-* and improvements as centuries ure in old ami l.u.a settled countries. Like a vigorous youifi, stn us, enterprising, and ambitious, this Stale moves r pinly and successfully on. Her central position nod inexhaustible elements of wealth, must even give ii , great importance in the scenes to be enacted tytiie ! republic. This city may some day become tip* nie- | tropolis of tne Union, not only as regarus 'the hu-a- : tion of the general government, but also t.i r?.s,Li.: ' to commerce and the arts. It ain ady comprises , 60,000 inhabitants, and the number m d.iilv 1/1 i creasing. Several hundred new buildings are hi r? j pid progress towards completion, of this ) ar's en c ! tion. jiusiness has greatly revived, ami wiip i. i e hopes of the most desponding are chcn <1 'l itis is particularly the case since the negoiititiou by the fund commission of the new 7 percent stock, which has enabled the State to pay oft the contractors for the public works. 1 his fortunate circumstance has relieved hundreds from discouraging empurrassments, and given increased animation to the busi- i ness and spirits of thousands. The little that now remains to he done to complete the Miama Extension Canal and other branches of the public works, ; will now go on without the least interruption. Ctn ctnnati has three colleges, thirteen grammar schools, and, in conjunction with the rest ol the Statu, the best organ sed system of education, pc haps, >.f any State in the Union. It comprises seme sixty churches, embracing almost every onomii.ution of Christians. The Catholics are erecting an immense cathedral on a commanding *i.r, wh..!., s....v>..Ulo.l ....II I. ll... t "nui |.iiruuuj ' ' structures of the kind in this ?-?:Jio*ry I here tr? I ( two theatres, one of"which, the Na'icnal, h-deviO'V- , ly the prettiest I have seen in t!i ITi. 'c<1 ."rle'ee. h { is got up wit/i infinite taste; nod uhru Completed.I (it is not yet finished), it will l?? an omuttP nt to the ) s city. The interior arrangement ucJ rmbeois^m-iv,t, t i atealterthe style of tne French sad Italian th< a- J tres. It is brilliantly illuminated with h'-s I i astyle of scenery that would do or ecu to any ton.- I lar house in any country. Tne drop sc< nc m j particularly fine; all were done by a nalive artist, and, did they move a lit'lo ea-i?r. tkry would be almost faultless. Hackett, T. Pfacidt, Mathews, and others, are playing at this house, on alternate nights, with an Italian company, juts? srri- ' ved from New Orleans. I saw Hackett < n the second night of his engagement, in the "Yankee" and ,. the "French General." He was at home in the t characters, as usual, and eowere hie audience; at t least, they were not in the house. It was regularly a a " bare wall" affair, till towards the close of the r performance. This was not owing to the players? they did their doings, as "the Yankee" said, J) "damned well " llut the fact is, the hard times have changed the taste of the people, and some r time must shuffle of! the reel ere the good old limes ,] of " two dollars a day and roast beef" will "come t back'aein.'" The first night of the opera did bet- s ter; and but for a gay and iashionable wedding on ? the Kentucky side, which drew largely from the f first circles, the Theatre would have been, nrobablv. 5 crowded by tli" hite of the city. As it was, there was a tolerable house?all well-disposed and intelligent looking people. It was remarkable?the con- , trast between thin and the rabble audience we saw ] at Pittsburgh. Here were the exhibitions of refinement, and the apparent polish of the highest degrees t of mental culture are) civilization?there, the lowest vulgarity! Bellini's celebrated oiera ot 'Norma* 1 was the piece selected lor the first night, and, ason 1 all occasions where decently performed, it gave f genernl satisfaction. The company is very fair? i and it is to be hoped that, when the novelty of their appearance wears oft a little in Cincinnati, they may wend their way to the East, and take it into their < heads, finally, to charm us a little in New York f The Kentucky wedding, which is supposed to have interfered so materially with the receipt"of the trea sorer of the "National," on the first:'night of the 1 Onera, was a brilliant affair. The happy couple, i who were the occasion ot this regret on the part ol , Signor Perozzi & Co., of the Theatre, was composed of the beautiful Miss D , daughter of a distinguished Kentuckian, and a gentleman by the > name of B , a respectable merchant of Cincin- j nati. Some five hundred invitations being favora bly responded to on the Cincinnati side ol the river, j the whole affair passed off most agreeably. The lines defining the different casts of society are as distinctly drawn, perhaps, in this Queen of the i West, of such recent origin, as in Boston, or even " the city of brotherly love." The Germans com- ! prise a large, industrious and respectable part of th I i I oi.Illation. Thev ffenernllv act in concert nn in.. I porfant political subjects, and no great pains is taken I on the part of the true born "buckeye" to b-enk ? down the imaginary bariers. that all might mingle together without distinction of caste or country [! Columbus is a pleasant town, agreeably situ .t ri on j the left bank of Sioto river, about ninoy mlrr 1 from the Ohio. It is surrounded by a beautilu! ' and fertile region of country as far as the eye est; survey. The town is regularly and w? II bo lt, with large and ample streets, laid out at rutin angles. The population amounts to about us b thousand at present, and is steadily, tlnmh r<?< , rnpirily, on the increase. Here are several fine ' ' hotels, but the most comfortable is undnubteuiy tin- I .> ' American,'well kept by the obliging and tretiHr- j manly Mr. Kelsev. Here I was glad to hod ?h< 0 New York Hefald on file?but, judging from the .i rush that its arrival occasions among ibe oiowd, ?i who would fain get the first perusal, one ringm be induced to believe Kelsey the only mm w| o tak-s the Herald in Columbus. The public butl'lmg* ot this city are among the. handsomest 11 ine t'onntry, and the public charities among il e t>-at and noblest in the world. The insiiutien for the ^ education ot the blind is a well conducted estab Iishmcnt in all respects. l?o one can visit this institution and witness the surprising proficiency in numbers, music, reading, and even printing, or iierhape more properly writing, made by the Pi blind pupils under the mild and paternal in struction of the amiable and intelligent Mr. Chanin, the superintendent, without being touched wuh ei benevolence towards those who devote their live? to a purpose so noble and useful. The course of study embr ces an ample range, and is mainly ?nr n tal; though the operations perlermed by ihe children in the abstruse science of mathematics by means of moveable tvpes, is astoni./oing. '!> y are I taught also the use of the globrs Ttose they f hi- i die with much facility, and trace ihe bound.ni'.: o. f the different States with as much accuracy is if-'-ft { had their eyes open. Music is no a*'" c i*v and ?'e- , light!til study for them. Their pr fic </ the- , branch of education isquite surpri'i't One of 'f*? ,?f young ladies played the piano forte and sing .o m with a power nnd effect that I |.?v -rarely witn-s ( sed in this country. The Asylum lor the losoii-- is a noble reluge lor that nntortui>?.:e eta*" of b 'l.igs, whose condition, of all manki.-d, u ii<" moat dioio- < , ruble. No unnecessary restraint nor c-'Kinnemeiii | * " is imi-osed in the mode of treatment cl -iit , utiems p*1 in this institution. A mild, social, and gentle route* | ?. .). I I" r JLi U. PrtM Twi Unii< . . ! L. A I- ~T? " " " ' . Hiwuvp uuwrvru l?/ me .t-iii.K ndem, 4 .? hi S iseutanta, together with sucki medical attendant: c istht Ksjiective cases may require. The result has (. in me-l encouraging; several hundreds have aleuov been restored to reason; und the number now uider t'eatment. Hbnut 100111 all, are generally in a tnprluk way. The Deal and Dumb A.-> lutn is no ess satisfactorily and beneficially conducted. All hese ealablij'irnri.'.-t are th<- noble creations of the Stale,and under the control of its legislative action, rite State pi toon is located here, and conducted vith an economy and tact which yields a net income o the State nt '2T>, to $30,000 per annum ! Somewhat lifterent is the result ol this irom our Sing Sing and Vuburn establishments. There is at present about 600 triaoners in confine mi at ben, who are daily emiloyed in the various departments of the mechanic iris. They are luruna out to cout/uctors, at 40 :eutB i>er tlay -e ach. The contractors have general y done well; though the hard times have materiillyariected their receipts during the last two yeara. 1'he bunks are winding up, though generally with a taudsome surplus ; some ot them will divide, it is laid, us much as Za per cent 0111 lie stock, over ami ibove the net capital ot the hank, t'roduce ol all unds is rapidlv advancing in price. Flour has riseu Ht cents per Luriel during the Uut itiree days. 'J he eusoii iscoIduiK. hue* waid, ihotruhihe tanners ate ll m......... ... ,1,-.. Iw.n^u ? . . I, ..... . .... V... 'est There is litilesaid or done heie 111 the i?.utter it I'oliticH just tit present. The two great names, vhig^n l di-inociauc, will be ranged by the wmembers ol each, undt r the banners ot Clay and Vsn turen. This, on either aide, will be a matter trictly ofthe professed politicians. The great mass d the people most heartily eschew both ot these 'icBic-niiul candidates. Neither ot ihtni can cary the state ut Ohio with any thing like a sauslactoy majority. Oasa ia the un iversal lavorite with the ieople in Ohio, as he is, indeed, ail over the Union; hough not ot the party hacks. C. E. J. Thk M"pokr (i IX' .or I aqaxk.?The Vick*~ mrgh SciUiiti'l, o! 'he ' T it- , brings us the report it the Coroner's iivpe s' ta i* ?-- melancholy case ot >r. K.-g n. It i? as lonows -W : jri'. e tc the miULin ti.1. duy, 'he tv.denop utturd. i hy hi fci'nesns whn wire severeii) tsr'r.n tu i . :e i-.e JO'uuei S'son eftn ttis ilealh in Dr. lUgun. It ip o iy ,KK<Hry l<? a* o. p'etdce t.'j' > viiJeiirte t?y nim.-ug 10 oltcw.i 4 c?;eu3s??ii'ic t. l't. Uf.giui, cn tue <>cy >i ?n? tenth, Acut in c v, it i lbo w.it i ot tL.? ; 'tie>i kiiii lii< <>/?> ) ti> 1 h tn.ai.i'tiif Loinh. ii.ait ui tr.iut ,?o uvlri 'Ini'Jn Alter ilinmr, mt the U.aru?aa loll 'at Kiufp > Dr. who letneinnt K.n.nlii.g liie in h Jut 1 in re I >i. k wi'h") ir lut'lt s It j II frri to< k l'l anil iei. 'ee in. un', ?.;0.. t. Ui<*L L.C I. I* ' t 11 u pi..tol v.ii h' hitl, wh'cli drew ?o iU* r\ 01 itrrlki (.1,1111. imu. M'? w note ctLn obcupwd hill m It. w i.itiin' .i, .imi in n |i ,n ol * Lb town v. l.v.i- U'.cro 'u i c?m ?.? ) in ir ;.i.) j i rho.... pHUMi.n, ''"I'l cia.lj 3' thHe til. tt i?i .No i ct:?r ionM havo bei:i 3, liiinl j'i.t tu bniu-t m.,1 ,oiii a 4%.ctl. To* muii An. idi i ll J?ck*< n in t! r cam cu tho ri >/ii:ii,? < ; Hi-- o>i_" nn v. ich I. i 'in n-ta 1 itu. bi ci'j<]i pit, an l ?. 11 i f i! i.i Vj ';r!iu. t, v. i>,.. '.e K Kj.i.vh b'lt to ioiv pfitoii, I,in nL? toon piowling iul ii',,nj) i'r!i(K.d V.ill 'e I. it ViiJ W 3U? Cnilill .'led. i'l il^.L did lil.t !?' p.-et mi Mttifk !* in P'ty q iiiu-r, urn* w.'hout arinsot coy kint!, oi ii na Ch..i 'l l.jw fcino.i ieut .M.-liin (Co. rope. iio * .>>? , iniHv .inil|f. in Ajfciat. Alio a'.'ack was n." nn.'Hi i'.'tc I '? ii in, l" U .limn h'uh hi iiih .ri . i.da. We hate but oi"' otimi i-nirnieiit to rook*. 'I bo t idi*mn,g court hi kl voui.g Afioiir toraii ,.i '.ho i-otiy *..m of nix thousand dollars oi.il loai' securities each m i.l. iu hundred. ConoNKK>' I..iii,i m ?TLe 'ollowing is the toitir'ony of the witnesses i?iW":iii 1'lioio 11. Hf.iuti tn ti<j Ccrcner, on the body ol Di. James lingua. *vl.<? v as soot ty 1?*niel W. Ailamj, in ihiioity, marthu it.teifM.uonol Jach.> son and Walnut streets, while returning irom tu dinner to hig office iiliout three otioce, r.wi., on k iuu 7th instant. fUMU' L VVittsTus.?Saw a scuttle between the deceased ft* bilruian ; does not know *7.'ho curiiu.eiiced \ hotli I* 11. >' hit* he was running up to part them, a pistol wa?fut<l,Dr H-sgnn was on the top. t he gentltmuu un1'u in>-.ith pushed the Dr. oil, got up, walked ort a little, returned, took upfcfs pi tol?nd bat, and remained standing; low the g. nr.'enian strike at the Dr. with his stick, early in tb cuj.la, tiiiH- auo'it three o'clock, I'M. V."n,,.i^i K???s. &a; suearly the feme as S.Wharton; ulri^.iiii i^c g<ntitrn?t? after throwing the pistol down, i: id,'1 tiiki the ti-'d derail yon ' logs Sr?,.Nn.L- Know t nothing of th" fljht. Da. lislsst--Heat J the reportof a yi.to); v.-ent to the mi Dr. Ha?un dear; tm ag uuiuiini who it undi is ei.is i.? . io.^'i .Viauis, nLo, vLsn the question n-ked, said wiiLont tbfl it . h* ?rt:'.:i, ti e. V : had ions (h? di ? d, ..nd gate ai tho Co ,.c\ sr'ie or'icl in the ' ntinel of the day previo-s rt-ltsntiiie on toiae of Ms (ini-ertiou;. The brdy we* in Walnut s'ri.c*, scu'hof -r.':?i n, iihr.ut toil" loef towards Gr^ec aires t. 1):'. PijeKi."T.? Kuc\ . i.osh.'rT if tit''tni>.a?,icti. Da. l'.i1.1.is,is?Testifies iLit.i? r.? l/i.i?eke> . Tt E Hasimkt?Knows nothing. M. D. rtiTiKa.?Testifies tLa euro g?n.-rf>?'y as Dr. LTnl-o?. im saoh.Ui,..! . tk/. ..#1 ?.1^..* | is uviu wnn mi j. uu< i. ti wi.Vic luier is A lam*. 8. D. Hahwoop,Dppu'.y Sheriff?w? an tui gtcntid Oou after tiiM ihiog of a pistol ; took ihive junto;* (ram ':c g-nitlerr.nn, who said hi* name was Artnm* ; ono of ;>"n was discharged. The other two sro now loaded; skfcd who shot Dr Hawaii; Mr Adam* laid he was the nan, and then tok him in custody. Jamas Vanlvia ?Testifies 'hat ho heard a gentleman ickuowledga that be shot Or. Hagsn, w ho had bused hi* ither, and he would net ptrrrit any mun to do it. Jem miah Collim* ?Siij'* he is employed in tho Sentileloffice; that Dr. Ilagan wm? on his usual ioutrliom linner to bis office; thai lie was on the ground soon alter ho pistol win tired, anil heard a gentleman called Adams ay he did the deed. Dr. liagan was dead. > J. K. Vkrurr.?Ito.'e up v< ry soon after the report of ire arms; saw Mr. Adams, a son of Judge O *rze Adam*, if J.tckson; heard him acknowledge that be had shot Dr. lagan, and that it was in consequence of Dr. Hagan's iliuse of his father. A.M. Win*.?Was present soon after the report of the lisiol', heatd Mi Adums.'.ay thut he did the deed That Dr Hagsn was on him when he shot him in the back. 1'his ri mark was in consequence of Dr. 11 alley's saying he wound wss iu the hack. Mist Raisssl.?Heardthe report; saw Dr. Haganon he ground, and saw a gentleman stoop and pickup a dstol and put it in his pocket. Several other important witnesses were examined beore the committing magistrates, Messrs. rolkes and lamett. The funeral took place on the 8th instant, and vu8 attended by a numerous assemblage of the n'ends tnd admirers of the deceased. Great exi'ement prevailed,and the popular indignation was 'crv freely and fullv expressed neeinst the aesasin. V public meeting was railed on the 17th, for the pur>ose of giving permanent embodiment to the aflecionate regards of that portion of the community, vho justly consider the murderoi Dr. H. as a great >ublic calamity. 'RINTL.HS' AM) BIN I CR9? WAKKROOM8, No*. Jft c-id 31 Go'.1. *tr> -t, > fork. April, 1843. THICKS U;'*.ATLV KKDUrSD. THE HOV rw|N , . .. VA? t",NS AND SAW MAMj FACT' V. ii ii '.he fdditioo of ';(* Mi?l iropr ??n h i- Ii.i.r the reduci.i :b? eo*t ot male ij'? md ' r, w ritf. t . " ? '? 'O cee flie |>ur<? o' 'Iwr / _?e?, *"ii ot J*?? I Itu' .jn! 1,' i?r?' rrneaiJJv, *? el' ? ?e'P li?Uw r. *1" ii.nted icuGr. I J wire* I y be* 'ffr .ri?r. * t.i* r *r ih *?e.p-n: iv rffll nn ler t ??* poiiii I r?i|.*rir.?f naiitoi IIiihi t> S". tin*. e'ul Snilrr H-ir ?ue the; ..-me 'r ii inrui t.. t no'i?i'r>?'ji;iair'? ftie i,r??i KOnr'ii .i ui nee- *" ?iti <"e? ui iu i'?r.iii.po ?.y U?:f eititb'i?!ire i "t ?r.a.' re?iu ;oe nmti i" u i. i u wild 'h y .ia?e .ut'i. r o .n '> red. i irl'l a'*i be : ireooetjiii ecd.e'onn ir,i?T,i e ti e iiiie.tty f"r iohii; jv.ou.er. 3rt ii.tr ?V irra 'lu.t -r ,i a Ai.i.iil* ai'I n?it oi'v ciij*'!!!'* ?8?ir f??o *, i.ct uiat li.rtere *?rw nl'v wii' i|i -erimf ih?ii ??l?niirj (,i itmn' ir? err- -eii? 'fiou * *i t?n.i i. 'ri* iiMi-ey I) 4 ? Irov. rnypnit of ill muhiT 'in r t* n??H by 1 n; i >! B idti!, in: ml in* 'I yv?*. tnW. Perer, kr w 1 be termed with th? r.*r? rod pr"nipotid'., afro on "-e f I .(nnhiiiK ^nd r-w.M He at *hr e t pen Mf p' re., with rti rv 't'f nt'tm "ltd ?.??< -fttii* n. B.-All *rtTi?r? i.ntinf rtfl' dhyfh'a ettabUtUui* Pf wii! tt-.mp.- H H!)K It ( (t ac'h. p. iitut fr-nt abroad *.,\y i> b? me .-<1 jio'i *iih npnrlnun .?rtir|p*. n??o? w it.ib'.ttin I h-111 F'tiit r-it ?* v t ? wbt i itMiah I'm-tdair inmr.it. -M'h tti im.i , lb re timra b.-iom In: ("? nl Jol> n-tl.nd ?urt .>rm t-t. if.-l r.-i n. wi 'r,r ei lllni IP |? r^aiit 'h -<r bill 00 pi" 1 ">" .' ' i --.Mii i CHGarElittdtX. \'KZ*i'21IU r.." 1' A ili-IS H>j K jN T, . W. CORNER OK KULTON ANI* NASSAU - J 8. upplieii with creiv .>t..rrr>,l c??.ovMiry for the prompt, uf if, and t'Cor.cn.>tl rat co,.i?i. ofe^t-ty de?cr.j"'<-H J' J?^JS3?3 5333 MiS'SSfJiifl, hho attention it regoewrd to thu e?Ubli?hf?:'?'iit, iu the *? iraricr that ample tatiMao.iou will I* *ire?? u n g ,r ! !rp~aphy, preM work, wid ehwitrt?to ihott who .- g ore .ocy cf imrnmi, large or email work |h.h?aplf and ?*| emCiomlf (touted. LABELS CHECKS, WAYBILLS. CIRCULARS, HHo'.V BiLLS, BALL TICKETS, 9TKASHOA1 KILLS, BILLS OF LADING, KAIL SOAP S'l '-A, BUSINESS CARDS, STA'JE PILLS CATALOOUES, A-'. HL- S, BILL HEADS, HA.V.'HIL'S. NOTES, m* kx *?s ? SR.W nKKuV^nj hea : rf.s, crncuoF.s"rov?EHT%, museums, LEcTUUES, M.XILIC >!KE'iiNCS, r nuv at'ier n!?rr? wht ! P.* Iwrgetl k-'oif'tou ol o I-;ilf ir ,11. nl ' < r (trip in for ti it wuik ere uu. tgueLid or *ny ,i.r in t try tor. onid.-t t ,e lew itvl- x. rin? <Usb.ialur.ru; li:a ii? LAIME8T fii) ??(;? IF '< III' tiTV. A. nsvr l*en Si I r.i i.? , 11 .r; luh'liil ikl II bn wf c vif-.l'JMl ihrrcloir litrsuiii. u?" ?-l. ?"C(l ii lot ShoWbilU, Hill ii iU il lirt.u.v hrc lo trcniri- tlu? c?t< ot;*' idluI 7"Avy>iti- r li->n .. Hill r? h? tiroitisrd 11 ?f rv ioit I IK* V

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