1 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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W' *#h: ol, IX.?R?,)78 WAoltl*. 3390 \ ? ? The Grant Hunker Hill Herald, 'ubliihrd on mpirtna paper, craUinlng full account t the celobration of Busker Hill, coniiating ef the de Jriptioni, and Mr. Wetxterl oration ; accompanied With v* iplendid engraringa, comprising , t lit A r??c - -J riciiial 1 f tb? M* Bun'.er ifc v l'th June, 177?;?ft .Ihi . y | iW iwrie n "??. "W14 ea >o , u iri -i; troope, their ahipe and th? 30 > ; ti, wtau Warning on Boaton Com31 T'cv sKKhAt)) crossing Warftn 4ti Vf Atflii- i1' ment from the nertfc, iR It U .iv1 aUon, with the fl?g? vtwv l>- ?U ,.n)o%lj9 ? " - ' 'Vufc*. % , , ,-nent from the aoutkT" ' ' o' ait - obath morning riler bee .h.. . W A| .... '*.4#: r^jtjrdert before thaedi 'on 'i*-"* npcecedented. TJ>? l>r?oe. i: **W,io 'V'SB: * i-r ft udred, or tight oetft* '' ^ ;"||^ ,, k: VW koval MAIL. , *.. ? i? . iirereach. . 'PPJ1 A-'l - jWt / i "t*e?n Liverpool ?"d Bl dhccaiTe Pm*"1" . ^i A, fijt . , u lf I. K. Judkins ' (I. Lott. up. vii A * Ryrie. < 1. O.K., iy ijn- >n. t i ' ?il j ?i }i ntt '.Viiltinl ? n?v,: via'v. lifai. . r&OM LIVUBPOOL FliOM BOITOa IMH. X'jtu 1Kb May 16th Juiie linn .**, p union < h June l>t July ibtniia, kuu, is h Jtme l?'h July lUd .; n, t. u, July lit Aug 1 ll?t " :rr ,T'*,l^lc8 *,0^,eon,, aI'1 Franco' Frteal Mrt K? H1J. M.I . J tl**. A ..I. ?M ' M?AM. JR.. Agent. })|Jr ___ < ?Vnll street. New York. l< RAklJKAjS.A.n) LIVERPOOL. k .ip --y+i MC^KAtaJ^VcOLU vilJlA, N.9hjnno?,Ksq .im-w tirr,will l#arte. for theabave porta,on Saturday, $120, pp! 'ifciuHAM.Tr., Agist. ??_ > > N?. 3 *Val Vfceet. r- UAA,\riM~ON 1 sELANO. ic .""Which Mil'-' the RovbI Mail itextn ship ' OH MB I V. sailing from B'ston'- on th? ?>L ut&i|a istJuy. Persons sending mao*y to tite r Ar^KSaOf rMa i?es residing in the old ccunrtr, can at iiii-s ?,hiatn r>o? the subscribers Drafts at a ght for any nut, oti (he Roy J Bank of Ireland, alio on th- old ratabluhoking li u.e o*" Y.-ssrs. I'rescot , Orote, Amvt It Co of iou, which are paid tree of diacount, or anv ehurxe >.hatin every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and ts, there Dy answering ihn same purpose as Bank of Engand Ireland notes. Apply to, or address, if by letter, paid. ROCHE. BROTHERS 8t CO, 35 Fulton street, r next door to the Pulton Bank. rVf^ DRATTH OM ENGLAND, IRE?C|gJpBw LAND, Iip?Persons about remittiag moto "*!? friends in the ' old country," JNuJIjl c-u be Mlpplu-d with DratU, in sums of 1, 3, 3, J, 10,20 It ?50. ! anv amoiit, payable on n<*. w;t' out discount orany other change, at the National of Ireland, Provincial 9 ink, do., Messrs. J<nies Bult, * Co.. B ink ??, Lon'oti, 1 Barned St Co., Eicbange and uu' B nk, Literpoel, E? tern Bank ol' Scotland, UJeentinkieg Compuiy, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter k Co., Mcotand the brtnehee in every post town throughout England, .<i, Scot'*ad St Wales, which drafts will b? foi warded by S.eamor Caledoufa," thai Itaves Briton ihe lstJnlv, by W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, sir General Piling* Often. 43 Peek Slip, cor. South at. B.?All letters front the ( Vuntry must come post paid Je ttr COKAJCA RLEANS. ISIANA AND NKW iHK LINE OF FACKEXB m My <m m 7i^>!Tter shipper*, it to cb a *bip from thi* nou on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th. 20th, and each mouth, com i eui-iuc the 10th October aud coatiuail jl vv, when regolar d.iya will be appointed for the re?t ofrh" year, whereby rrrii delay* aud dunp]>oii}tmf*r.ti f j reifcnred dariuy the mtixner moaihs. The following *ill commence this amwiemant : up YA/Op, Captain Cornell. , tip OCONICk, Captain Jaca*on. il Ortein Hill-ard. iip LOI'lh ViLLhl, C*p*ai>.j Himc. ip SHAKSPKARK Capmm Mine'. ip UAS'l ON, CaptatB Latham. ip HUNTSVIVLk. Cuoun Mamford IP OCM4,M.?CE, li?**itt. '|l' NASHVILLK. Captain Dickiaicn ip MKMPHI8, Captain Knight ip LOUISA, Captain Mulford. e ships were all bnilt iu th* city of N?W York, axpreaa .lackeU, are of light draft of water, hare receotly bean coitpered aud imt iu splendid arder.with accommodations eitgers nneqimlled (or comfort. They are commanded eriencrd maslers, who will maka eyery eirrti#n to give I satisfaction. They wiH at all times be towed on and he Mitaisaippi by steamboat*. her the ow^n or captain* of these ships will be responsijewelry, bullion, precions atones, sfl?er or plated wire, my kuers, parcel or mckage, sent by o rpttt cu ward of .inless regular hill* of ladiug are taken for the s&me ved ne theieon eipre**ed. reililit or passage, apply t: K. COLLINS fc CO.,* Southor HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New I, who will promiXly forward all goods to their n idges*, ihip* of th" line are warranted to sail punctually as adI, and great care will be taken to have the good* oorreeturetl. n>4 m. &. tit :) ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. . 1AOE to and from Great Britiunaud lrel*ndf via Liver I Loudon. by the regular i>ackajU, tailiug weekly to and r erpool. and to and from London on the tit, 10th, and each month. The mhar'iher ha* made extensive ai?ut> to unntf out emigrants, and caa, with great coafiu urethoae person* seudiuut tor their friends,that every llig?nt attention will be ahown them, and all w* o witli them. .wage ran Mao be engaged from LivA. ect to New Orieina, Viol'ile, Saiaunan, Baltimeie, lhi-t, B > ton, aud to the ' ff-rent porta of the British ? with thane nrrangementa, together with the adwhich hia L iverp ol c.irreapondents possess, being i;*>wuers and e*te->sivelv eaitaff?d in the freighting nlaving 1 at year despatched u^w-.rds of 100 fir?t class the rations p'ita of th? Un'tra Ptates. with freight and rs. The facility offered by thia establishment is tind, and from the large number of first class ships emi the line there can be no d-fn urn whatever, which unranterd The price of passage will be at the lowest .. i shnald any of those seut lur ecline coming, tha pas ,<>ywiil 0' returned ss rmtomiry. The s:eiiiiboat i the different ports to Liv?r|Kiol iau,a* usual, be seThose remittiiig money to their fneuds cao have dralls uiom.w l aynble in at I the p inc pnl towns, witnout di?, i'lionuMn! Ureal Britain aud Ireland, an arrangement u given the greatest satiafaction. ilmcriber ko^es to receive a continuat on of the public e, which h js ceen ao liberally bestowed for many it. For further particulars apply, (ifby letter post JOHN HERD MAN. 61 South st, N Y. or J. fc W. ROBINSON. No le Ooree Piaziaa, I Dock, and 1 Neptune st, W.itetloo Dock, Liverpool. AOENTB. J. Timmins, Es' . No. itt South Front st, Philada. I t Milton, Esq.. Buff Jo. W Y. . Kir<patric? .Pittsburgh, Pa. MctTade, Ulica, N. Y. ! 'loomau, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. IcCorkey, Dubunie. Iowa Ty. " tiliott, Detroit, Michigan. ' us Cahiil, Peru, Illiaois. I iii?y, Roches ?r, N. Y. "The subscriber is alao at cut for first claaa packet ahipa tery few day d^ra fr ?m New Torh to Mew Orleana, i hirleston, and Savannah, by which passage ca:i be it the lowest rata. tn??r TEW line ok LIVMU'^HCtackictb. torn New York on iht ?j Ji fptffgjrerpool on tho ISth 'ff tarh ?HMr i imt rNMNtt,. .oMr iAHRICR, U(>uiu Wu, Hkidtly, 15th Febniaiy. U K, 1'ipUiii John Colliua, Sftth Mkrch. CaptAi K. B. Cobb, 25th April. HkRJDAN, Cnptaiu K. A. l)?pcyit?f? 2&U1 May. IfinAMa _ S * u- Cobb, iitJi ?fnni?iT. ii u i>wv4ll ''"l"1"" f- A. Deprynter, lltli March. nSfrfflj' ''*P<?'0 Wm, Skiddy, 13th April. |U8CIU8. Cuuu John Colin.i, Uth May. L fri** *'i?'.'',e 4"1 claaa, npwarda ol 10M ISDi, ouill j .uw ch imiiroTenirnta a icombina ea with uuujmI comfort for pueenfera. Krery care ,n the arraniemmt of their accommodation*. "! ''*!# *" ^ence U $100, for winch ample ?tort? will !!', _ *re ctutnmnii<lml by eawneuced wno wlu main erery exertion to gile general atufae y^m^,'7c"V7r1''*" k" ^ *i foTlt?.tint Briuin or brnulut aoi b| ? MpiUr imckrti I mm lji?erpool, ?t ifr Inwrit mm. anj Drain >.,!?!,.?._?*tt"1 y payable without diegnont tJie United kingdom, on application a* I-HVuol. I'A<K hpf# j r wvi'urxwQ/.u 1 ,,,u 111*ttTv?e?fiSP aftw "'"I^ OHIO, Captain H. .. JmKuo? 4msah i liiiel'jf e.u. ?? i . .w: ? tSPKE^ % ';i!; * ' E NE n; __ SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. NEW, YORK AND PHILA DKLPHIA HA1LROAO LINK D RKCT, ViAjNrwiRK. N?w Bruniwick, Princeton, Tucwrort* UoKDERTOWft AND Ul'ELINOTOrl. fiftaga rfdldr i HHiUKJH IN MX fit Lelviog New York duly Iroin rite- (<> tof Cou'tUnilt it. XVI rum* Line at 9 A. M.? Mail Pilot Line all* r iVl. Tf t- Moron.? Liut proceeds to BordeuloffU, from thence by steamboat to 1'hilai'eljiia. The Evrnmg.Liue proceeds direct t? C*mdeu (opposite to Phil dt'lphia) with iu' change of car*. P*ss*- timers will prucaie their ticket at the offi 'e l ot of Courtlaudt atreet, where a conroidMUs ateainboat will be id readiness, with bagg ige crates i ? board. Piiiladelpliia baggaue craic* are conveyed from city to city, wi'hout bring opened by the way Each tniu ia provi led wi h a cai in which are a, artuxsnts and '>ies?ing roami expressly lor the Ivlies' use. Returning, ihe lines leave Philadelphia from the footofWalnui?treet.by steamboat to Bo deutown at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P M. The linea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and ( F M. being a continuation of the linea from New York. je4 ?OH BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS UF THE WK8T AS3O??ATU)N PA*?AU^"bFl? L'lica, $2 00 Rochester, 00 Myracose, 2 25 Buffalo, 1 !A> Oswego, 3 23 Up. It Lower CanadaS it For piss age apply to U. L. KAY. m22 lin 93 Barc'sv street New York. ?NEWY'?RK SCHOOLEY'B MOUNTAIN 4ND EASVia E. and Somertille R H?nl Jlev's Mountxin, leave pier No 1 iortk river, at 8)4 o'cloc* A M, daily (Sundays eictpted) by steamboat to Klizabethporl; or leave the foot of f'Ourtlanu atreet at 9 ??'* ctoc'i A M, by v J Railroad to Elizibethtown, thence connect with the can for Suraervilie cliches, thence* 20 milea to the Mountain?arriving early iu the afternoon. For t.astou lea?e aa above, proceed by railroad to Somer ville, coaches from thence (only 34 milea,) arriving in Eastan at 6 o'clock. This rotre, on account of the short distance by coaches, ma king it by far the mist pleasant and n.>edirious, commcuds it sell to putiliciputrisnsge. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor at So metril'e, l.as p ovidrd himself wi h carriages uud horses tj ac commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notice, au<t on reasonable terms. For seats apply to H D. Hope, Mrrchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlaud tat. Passenger* from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mmntain will leave Phi su^dbii at 7 o'clock, A. M., bv New York railroad TMPW^swick. Spiendid coaches frcm thence, arriving at wyMppitain early same afternoon. j23 2m*r ffiil'affl NEW YORK, BCHOOLEY'S^^^lJnHBUpLMOUNTAIN Ik EASTON. Leave ci e loot of Coartland street, .daily (8nuda>s ex-epu-d) at So clock, A. M., by railroad f om Jersey city to Morris town, thence by Post coaches through Meudhain,Chester, Schooley s Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Colden. Washington, to Easton. At wa?Mngton, a daily line intersects to and from idere For seats apply t? J. Hill, at J. Pulton's, Couimer rial rruei, (J t^ouru.viu ?ireei. N.B ?Extras furnished at the ahortett antics by applying to N. B. Lure. United Sulci H?tel. Morrintown. in* 11 3m ec ROCKAWAY PAV1LLI'?N_LONO ISLAND KAILRO\D. >1 Trama upon tin* roid leave Brooklyn, South Ferry, for Jinaici, where coach;* are in readi im? tor that dMighful reiort, the M>rinePavil_3^3EE?.nwil at the following hour*, viz Half pa*t 9 A. M.,4 o'clock and halfp*st6 P. >1. Returniug, leave Jamaica at 8 A. M., 12 M. and 6 P. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica, u.; through from Brooklyu to the Pavilion. 7icenn. je24 6 v*r_ NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. K?.r? r?.J?Ue?1 to fun the tost of Ctmrtlandtitreet, New Yot? (Every day? Sunday* excepted.) Leave* New York Leavei New/uk A' 8 A.M. At 2 r. M. At T A.M. At 1* P. M. 9 do. J do. 1 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do < do. d.i 5V dr. 10X 7K do. ?K do- 932 do. 8 do. I ON SUNDAYS. t'\ on the *'oo? of Coarti&adt *uee;. Leave New Yojk, Leave Naw&rfc. it J A. M. and ?'{ P. M. At UVSJ'. M. snd 95* P. M. NEW' YOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN, '.esve New York I.?*v? Elizabeth Town At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A.;M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 do. 8# do. 7 do. 11 da. 4V to. ID do. 9Hi do. iX do. 12 do. The rraiu?for We?if:cid, Plainbeln, Boandbrook, Somervtlla, Jte., connect with the ,9 A M, &nd.4XPM train* Irom New York, daily, Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town fj acuta. >ar* between do aad Somen-ilie, 75 cents. YORK. AND HAHWAY. I ;ave New York. Leave Rahway. A' 3 A. M. Atl P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 69? do il do 4X do 91< d? 9 do i2 do IIV H* ij iiigwi, lumuty, ttr<iw.,d,,yt ThnrnUy unci Knday, at 7 o'cl<i?k, A. M. Kcitinmif, t?-u fcaiootown Landing no each of ih? abou data nl I o'ef- ?k, r. M. On 8a .urdaya ?*>ll leaye Naw V f?M 1M o\s|.n t, F. M and K.<Mu I an Landing on Sunday! ai (o'clock, I*. M . an?< >,-r?n Horn* at 4 o'clock, l'hr KliKKW*BUIiV will atop at r<>rt Hamil iob aach way?rara only 11H cenla. N B.?rttagaa will l>? id auandamv to eooTay pMa?nf*ra from tli? iforaatid landing placaa to auf part of the coon try rtQUM4, J? 11 NEW VcjRK AND NKW"T:RT'V?WI('? From loot of Conrtland street, New York, daily. Leu' New York. Leave New Bruuswiee AttA.M At 4 P M. A' 6 A M. At IIX A M 5X do 7* do IX f. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Bronswick. At 9 A M and *% P M. At 1IX A.M., aud ?X P M. Fare. cschpi iu the Philadelphia traius between Hew Yo-h ami New BromwieW. 50 ccnta Between New York and Hah way ii ccnta. Passengers who proenre their ticaeta at the trketclfM-c, :t :ei>e a ferry ticket ktjUi. Ticket* are received by the cov >?c'or only on the riuv whea pnrchaaed mil 3in*r Ha anion Tri * w II b* nrn on :ue Klc7.ib-tlii.iwii -ml Somen ille Riil.oad, for ihiee dav*, viz: ? Monday, Tuesday and W?''n*?ii>T?to jw\ (rim New ?ork aud Someivillc, B->ond Bro k, New Market, Plaitfield, Scotcni>lains, aiid Westfie d, which i? til" inoit pleasmt lonte aud villages, *or a country eicumon, in the State of Now Jeioy?in i?i g (our t ipseacli way. Some'ville it foit* miles from the it', connty seat ol aiome<sette, and but two hounatid a hall ride from th? city. LEAVE NEW VOHK FOR THE ABOVE PLACES By New Jeuey Kail road. By Steamboats Fiom foot of t'.ourtlandt street. From Pier Mo. 1 Nertli River At w aud II o'clock. A M. At *X aud 10X o'clock, A.M. 3 6X f. M. 2 C/i P. M. The Someiville Trains leave Eliz'bethtown on arrival of New Jersey cars aad steamboats, at 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M., and ?t 4 and lo'cWk, P. VI. Kf.TUKNJO FOR NEW YORK Leave Som?rville. Leave B n-nd Brook. At 5X aud 1 o'clock, A M. At 5\[ aud 8X o'clock, A. M. IX 5 P. M. lg 6)2 P. M. Leave PiainAeld. Crave iVestfield At #X and 9 o'clock, A. M. At 65* aud OX o'clock, A M 2* 6 r. M. 2% ?X V M. F-tre from New York to SowervMI*- 75 cent*?B Mind Brooli I and New Market ?2X ce.its?Pi.unfield aud ( cotcliptsius in cts. SVi?tile Id >?X ceuis. le 29'ojy<*t NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIUHT AND PASSAGE 1 *JR .Miyi Kor Kingston, and OeMware and hadon Canal??ieim hm t< EMERALD and NOR IE axwuH. The E MEHALD, Captain Johu Ketrham, will leave New Vork foot of Murray street, every Monday aud i nnrsilay at 5 o'clock P. M. Wnl leave Kingston (Rondout landing) evety Wednesday iud Satardav at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captaiu John Samueli, will leave New York, fool of Warren street, everr Weduesday aud Saturday at io'clock, P. M. W.lllrave Kingston (Roudout landing) every Toe ay and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TKIPS. The EMERALD will leave the lout of Mnrray street every MMV morning at 7 o'eb ek. MdsSHSManaaaaaii o'clock tttmr day. For freight or pwur apply on hoard, or to wiILIAMDON. BAHLOW k CO , all Jm*r 164 Wmi utraet. NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARK AND MtMUHl' REDUCED. _mn aa regular mail line?for rHoflZrfM^3?VI0c..NCK AND B ?srt>N, via HTO1*SE^SaE-INOTON AND NEWPOHt-Compoaed lollowiatf aoperior ateatner*, rouning id connection with the Htomiurton and Boatmi and Providence R.iilroada:? MASHAt HU8I?TT8. Capt Comatuek. KHODH. ISLAND, Capt lhayer. PROVIDENCE. > A Hit At* * N8ETT. MOHKOAN One of which will 'ea*e New York daily (Snndaya eicrptedHroin Pier No I, Battery Plane, N. diver, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENT*. Tn? RHODMSLA N H, L ?puiu rh?y?r, on Mnnday, and Wrdut-vtay lor Stomnttou and N?wt">rt, and Fiidny for StomnRtoti. _ The MASSACHUSETTS,Caotam Coaatoek,on Tuetday anil 'IVuraray for StoninRt*n, ana Satnrday for 8toniuKtou, Newport aua Providence. Pa nr intern, on the arrival of the (teaman at Stouiugion, mUI be immediately forwnrd'd in the ipleudi I and coinmo Mua I'ara of the Kaiiro*d to Providenoe and Boston, and it for Newport will pra eed in the ateataera on Monday, Wednetdarvtnd Sitnrdav, and on'ha intervening dtyi, proceed via Stotiinalon Kailraau to Providence. and tiora tlieuoe in the teamer lolaa, withontany additional ciiarce. Ticket* 'or the route and ate am era' bertha can be leenred on board, 01 at the office of HARNDEN k CO., No S Wallitreet. (T7"0ti and after the lOih iu?t, freifht will not be r ceived aaqlorwarded xfter half-pant 4 P il. m9 6m* in 0Bk NEWARK AND NEW YORK-Fare A it* cnly 12W < euta !?The *i lendid Meaner jLjICL PAHS Alt', Caputu John Galfy. On and ^ter Monday, June Jth, will run aa followa ?7%,,v?b the fool ol Baiclay atreet, ^w York, at 10 A.M., ? f M. ! J'J"Tl*athe foil ol C antra atreet, Newark, at A.M., and - j*i*l!flit^carried at vetv low ratea. alii am r M HAMILTON HOUSE FOHT HAM m ' vF^mJ^ILT1 >N ?-The aceamboata 8TA I'KN j^^T "**.I"*LAND>' R iu*l PA mSON will runer ty ' Is"'"1"** 'rt^iit^.ti 11run th' aeaaon, n tolluWij? !i . v Hamilton at T)i A VI ?i,d 4 , P- M. tw:(V.-.V""1 Wli'tehall Doca, at J* P. M. ? ?; hu nrra'.Hnni-L# in?? g, relied on at p.-rm.iutrut, (Hula con(I .a ire HI I no! ,,t,,,t,rr ill 3m' ^Lcu'^MKH arrangement for <1 krt BUIt Y?Lung Bract*, Oceiu i^j-H Kama m, aud i.atont .w? si'ua'tkiixYfifv 1^. '0D*r,,>a?<?? : he new Steamboat HREWtt4U ItY, l-apt^iii Jonup. W||| leave Eatonown U-ndln* on Sunday, the 4t i ol jJUt m , sud rau u lol lowijg wk? tftvlff New York, Jm . ,h. f??t Kmhm i 1 i ( X t W TO * / EW YORK, SATURDAY LUCINA CORDIAL, OR THE ELIX I K. OF LOVE jn nlden time, among the Jew*, Thai [Qiui a ?ec?nd wile might chooae? Whose fitt, by F.Lie't unkiudlj doom. No children tote to bleu hi* I ome. Afflicted thu\ the Koin.m matron Pnyed to l,ur ine, the mid wi' '* patron ; KkVim . *ivr?. iu ?ncr> a c. (Ulle'ito rheir aid the Prie?t? oftrti* ; And even now. the meek Hind* ? Warui a* her cliat'. and leuder tjo? I'chi diet* twelve mo 'thi f-om her bridal] Flies we.jp uii to her seniele** idol, Aud with rvteu h*ud?, id accents wild, Petition* Brim ih lor h chil I: For well sh" ku?iv?, Love ilmui to bless The Hiudoo bed uf barrenness. So much for love iu day's by gone, And savage customs id your own ; But say. evi.-u now. dee L ive's communion Bless in onr lajd, a sterile union 7 No ofttimes conjugal felicity, Is thus distu'hed?ay, e'en iu this city. Yet uiny the barren, if they try The means, "increase and multiply." With 'Love's Klixir" for h r Irieua, The childless wile's repinings end. But not the procreative power Alone, is this Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will iwevent, With viwo' clothe tlie imixftent; Suppress a gleet, whate'er its date, And all life's fnuctions renovate. Kruutious from t e skin it chases. Aim brings back beauty and the graces : 'Tis woman's tru t?and ne'er deceives her From Fluor Albus it relieves her ; And e-ch disease, (with prnper eare, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir lo These are hut truths, who calls (hem Action fclial I have stern proof in contradiction. Letters?all foims ol attestation? Krom the savins of every nation ; Witn grateful missives 'rorn all quarters, Fenueu by Dissase and Quackery's mariyrs, Thousands who lay, with fluttering breath, Almost withiD the jaws of Death; Now in their nightly prayers repeat Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street, An souiel'ines name the very number? "Ninety-tivo Nassau,''?earn in their sinmber; Or. dreaming of Disease's ordeal. Civ nut fu: the "'Lucius Cordial. Persons oidering (hit medicine fiom the country, by sending a remittance, cm have it boxed up and sent to any part of the Uninis Price S3 pet bottle, or S21 per dozen. It is also for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Sixth street. mil lm-ec HULL'S TltUSSES. NOTI?> TO tiUPTURED PERSONS. PKKSO.NS afflicted with nipiurr? inly rely npou th- best iustrumcnial aid the vvoild affords, on application at (he offic-, No. 4 Ve.ey strict, 01 to er.her of ihe agents in the priueipal towns in liie United Stales. Be earefUi to eximinc the hack padol Hull's trusses, lo see if the* are endorsed by Dr.HQll. in writing None are genuine, or to lie rslied upon as good, without his signature Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations of Hull's celebrated trusses, aud thousands are imposed upon iu couse quence These uniuti <ns caunot be relied upon; llier are made by unskilful mechanics, and are ao better than ihe o,di narv tmsses H-o'ns have been fitted up at No. 4 Veiey street, eicliuively for lames. having a separate entrance from the business department. where a femtle is in constant attendance to wait upon fem?le ..Mirnlv mWl liu m RJlMOVAL.?P. MAk.M, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, has removed from 163 to 119 Broadway, a few d.tors brlow the Franklin H-iuse, and opposite John street. Havi .g fined up a new iron in the most fashiouable style, he will continue the same business, and will be pleased to see his old friends aud patrons, and others who may favor him with a call. He has also private rooms for Ladies' hair dressing and jampooimr. Tt.u |H?werful Extract ol Jampoony it considered by thousands of New Yorkers and straagers u one ot t.ie healthiest articles for the care ol dandruff end strengthening 'he hair, is approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Parii, and pateiied at Yvashingtun. Nothing 11 more pleasant and delightful than to ko tluuugr: Uin opcre.tion in the hands of P. M AhS ml Jm*r mayoh'S office. T" Charlk1tok, s. c , Jane '0, 18(3.) TO RENT FOR A.t"bM Or YEARS. O KUR sale, M That large and commodious establishment known ai 1TTW the Charleston Hotel, sitna'e u a central part of the city, Jiil^frontiug ou Meeting street, south on Hayne street, abd adiuumg the extensive range of wholesale stores; east on Hotel street; north on Fifckney street The hotel is about ISO feet by about 175 le.-t deep, lonr stories high containing about H2 parlors and chiinbers, beajdes the dining rooms for ladies and Ri-ntlemeu; a'so, bar room, retdiug room, offices, store rooms and kitchen; also, five stores and a barber's room, in basement, <tml fronting on Hnvue street?a luge cittern, containing aorut 83,000 gallcns, and a fotce pump, in ca?e rCfire, attached thereto; also two wells ou the premises- The whole front of the Hotel is embellished with a spacious two story CoPooade. Terms of sale will be, a credit extending over a period of nt least 8 ye us, and coufoimably to the provisions of the late "Stale Fire Loan Act, 'secured by mortgage of premises; ap proved security will be'equired on letse or s\le Proposals adilresred to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received until the i5th July next. J. 8CHN1EKLE, M-yor N. B.?Th" following newspa'xrs: the i\ew Yoik H?rald and Courier It Enquirer; the Boston Coo ier; the I'hiladelphia United States I >axrtte ; the Ballimor? American; th^ .N?w Orleans Bee; the Mobile Hegistcr and Journal will ' BB t the above in a conspicuous place once a week uutil the i:ili ronm<>, und forward their accounts for payment u> Court- rate. j?l tojylir COUNTRY SEAT FOR SaLE?TU BE LET OR LEASED. IT is situated on the East river alKiut six miles from vew Yd k, accessible at all_hours of the daflby team J^tfkboai, stages or railroad, and I ?r liealiti and beauty ol project cannot be *nrp**?ed. Thr home i? of none (urarl j new) large and convenient, with vrcan-houae. atajlea and every tfesir b'e oui-bnil'Jii k ; the gro i .da, ib >u' (onracr ?, are filled with fruit tr.ea aud anruba of eveiy deacripi.n. It will be let lor the luinmer or foroue or more ye->r? " jr pariiculara apply to JOHN HUNT * O . >30 lw?ec 181 Water iHi't ROOMS TO LUT M IN THK Bk-LMONT HOUoK, NEW BHIOHTON ?The tubaenher hawus fi;t?d up thia eatab ithmeai at .?JULa fr-at ej pen?e'or ih c unf.iU of hi* friends and the public, and gr.tef.il lor the ri?ry libera, patroucge a'rearfy be atowed on him, tiuiia by his eirrti .ua to please lor a cnn.iuuauce of i' He begs to inform the" thit h? has s'ill two double nod th ee single roomi n occupied, which he ivill I- t on tarmi low to suit'he times, if imm.-ciate a vlica'ioii be made, end will be happy to a cimino me persona wishing to euj >y the oeau:v and tavamagea cf thi? place The titua.iou la one of ihe moat drairaMe on the Terrace. Having 4 ??iy line Urge bathiug house directly in f out, ihe boardera can enjoy thai Inxury with the grea:est conveui uce and pleaaure Tue atramboata ply comtant'y thiorghout the diy to aud from New York. UMiiOe. PIKhIS, Belmont Home, New B i?hton. Jiilie :?th. ia<3- j3H r a l'O LIST.? I'he modern built three atory D.'ick dvelliLg, No 16 (ireeu st.eet, liuiahed with ailver lurui ture, marble mantes an i gratea throughout A fine large yard with nerar tailing cialeru. Will be let low. for further particular! apply to AITKEN. Bno 1'HKKS, je>-lra*ec No. 122 Fulton street jrwt| H LOKICUl. l"UrtK ? k'or ai r, the >a-ge 1/ nut rr #6q|tory, with all the eitenaive app-iratis attached thereto, the garden, (late Mr. Periy'a,) Henry at, Brooklyn Kor lurlhrr particulars apply to W. Nu?St.LL. Kloriat, on th? premiaea. W. Untkll Iim also lor aa.r ai low p'ices, a superb col'cc* tiou of fin* healthy I'.an'a in bloom .iu?l iu pots ..I g. raniumi, rotes, verb?iaa, violas, dahliis, az^liaa, riodod'.udroai.s\lwM. pote'i.llas, clenia'iaea. c iciu?e? migno'in. hotieysncklei, ?.nd other deair,ble g'? t un.tusu and garden plants and roaea. Bouqu< ra l:<- u'llullir m tdc up to order All orders for the ci lea ol N-# York and Brooklyn, delivered ireeof charge, aud punc'.ualia atieu'.ed to. il>J?'t THK FOUHI H OK JULY! tt&tmt BOOTs AND SHOfcS Giieap ttor uid Shoe Market. No Vt) Greenwich ?'r?.et.? Ladiea ai.d ge&llcuieu a ea.l ise<l to call at he above (tore .ud pro*ide 'hemseltes with ?elaouable aummer noou, slippers, gaiers, Itc, in .Ce ui> iu the neatest and moat fashionable Kyle, and aold as <Imt <' 'jet a little cheaper rhan elaewhere. Heada ol fa. .il.es will aaee money by c .lliug here, <t the ehe.Mi depot. UvS't lorget the number, Cliurou Cheap Boot aud Srioe M.uket. N?. j09 Urceawich atreet, comer Bpnog at. jel Im'r LOOYAT THIS! Boot*, of best quality, $4 to |4 N Freuch, do do 1 to 3 M Fine sewed B?nu, 2 M to 3 00 Feinted do '10 Moioco do--> 2 06 Heal Skin and liraiu do I 75 ta 'i 00 Cloth buttoB Uniters, 12} Prunella do 2 03 Fine Calf .Shoes, stitched, >00 Calf "hoe^, 1 tJ? to 1 71 Boy's Rue utred boots, t 21 i>cg?ed boots, c\if, A " SraUkin an.) Oram, 1 !2}g " Fine Calf Shoes, ! 2ft " " Kip Shoes, I 00 Youth'* Bewe B<> >t?, 1 00 to ' iO LA Dlk.8 BOuTHk StlOfct'.? Ladies, in rhes" s.uies T?oo wi!1 Ami ins greatest -?s r incut of liaiter >. ta, Shiners, Buskn.s, Tie-, rruaelli BuiH;us, lirht ami d.?* ciloitd h.OI (J liters, Mouse blipprr*. whi.e and bluck satin slipptM. satin gaites, Misses and Childrei s' nailers, boiai: ?, slippers, ties, and Mil other kiiida of b >ota aud thees. of our o?u raanufacturibi; with the best of French Ruoils.aud waitauted to be the but ami as cheap a* the ehea,>est, at 107 B.-o-<dway aud 9t <'anal st. |3 'inr* OKtiU.)? It I AHH.L. PAKIJ sours AND LABfS MAUK TO OUUfcR JJy K. 8USER, 175 Broadway, (,) One Door fruin Conrllandt street. ? 9UBKK, Bootmaker, aud maker ol Lasts, an ^"Clrr" of Clerr? of Paris be** le-??e to intorrn his irieinis .ind all the a natenraof a g?stleinauly "eluuasnre," lhat he c?n now make, in New Yi.rk, with tne best Krei eh ma'eiialt. all that is so perfectly m ule, in I arts, br his muster the erlabn ted bootmaker CHree, whose unweroms customers .>n this ?idr of the Atlantic, are reap, ctfully inrit.-d to try MUSKK'8 boots and lasts belore they di ipair ol beint: "ttianeses" in New York, alter thu ulrest, latest Pari* fashion. Als'\t*>e oeuniue Paris Jet BLek Varjuli told. ' ? in in 7w*t T(> 1 Hit LAUIKM?NO p>ir i>riiuu^U,uter I boots ef all Colors aud siaes of the I test rlshi n, Misses and children's .(Miter M>*< and Biistins, L .dies Bns kius, Ties, nud Slipper*, a *ooff article, fiom 4 tot sliillitiKO Also, a good Ass ortment ol Otiitrenieu's prime e/JI stiicli boots, city made, from tlj^o I dollar i, we nuted i line iiegketi ooou, lri>m H iej*hil iu*?. Alio, U?y'. u '.a, I to I2h ; <Vn(j. gmtun, |uaffflwo'>l> ami ihiMflall .i?*cri|>tiona IU grr.it nbiimln.icr, nt mkrr'? rh<- in it' ^ \ l<? IkuvDw oreier C?im1 >lfc?t, ? mit 1111* er O ?N IiN ^TmS^VR A N K E N!"3 VENTLLATI?K. HAT, KOW <?KWLIt>iTN, WVlOHiNU ONLY 2\ OCNCKS?I'BICIC fl 50 f~M TJJK rttn>?cnbei? lute ti troJlu . J the ibu?e u-.nitd hat for tiimiiH i wear. Br coiii[i||iiik'|U)< weight o| thi?

irticle win tht uTernttr weighi of 'h? (|Po* fti* tiata, the n, sriot anvmiiiigr? it |xniri(f*jiiT?r manner we.ir m? . t?M?di|y wen. ihe average wvight of the o.d.nirf ny hat i? t \ unncrt. do do noHiua j? do do Leghorn I " tteinc Tally eonviuctd that do ityle ol ?umin< r hit heretofore eoin lirt* inn with th? general ii i ro'^tiou whirh ? hat pmr nig all ih? qnalitiea, vif lign u. *. beauty, ilumbility au.1 heapneta, ?onM b* ?n'e to receivt, we hav<- Jeeoletl much aileMioBto th< m..utUa(lHio <? fi'.ittung of the new atyle now in roi.uoeil ny ua. fro. ihr ?. in i;proN ion ei: rr???d by I lieatlemr.. who here entmiuwl thcoi, vm? .??.! mu<u. <1 !i .i the, need ouly to be teen to bt fully apureii.tted. _ UKMIN k VAN VHAJIHCN, MM IMAM *14 Um.1 i O# r<L L m IRK I y MORNING. JULY 1, 184 Albany. (Corraipoudeuce of the Herald.] Ai.baj?y, June 28, 1848. 'Jlte Exritcmtnt of Repeal?Abolition of Slavery ami Irith Rpeal identical?Another Mating? Cotli%an duchurged at Superintendent of the Mohawle and lludtnn Railroail?Gov Bouck ruralising on the Runkn of the HiuUan?Great fears of a Bloody Riot on the 4tti of July.' Sir :?1 have reflected with much patience and deep intereat upon the subject of the nresent Iri.-h excitement. What the result of this agitation will be it is inipowible to conceive. And in relation to propriety of enlisting the feelings and sympathies of the American people in favor of an important movement in the old country, of which we have only fxparte information, is, to say the least, very questionable. It is certain that thousands of dollars have been contributed to this repeal cause by persons who will withold their subscriptitrtis in future, unless better evidence is produced than has yet been furnished. that the funds thus appropriated have been applied to the cause of j ustice and humanity, and the propagation of the principles ol equality. It is well, that many of our discriminating citizens, hnve recently undrrtakfn to investigate the all-absorbing question of "Repeal." Some two years since, when these societies were first being organized, the sympathies of the whole people, with the exception of the more loyal Knglish and Scotch were very liberally extended to the cause. Meetings of the people were large anJ frequent?collections of money, that indispensable sinew in every work of revolution or reform, wrre largely and willingly swelled into respectable amounts?men ofwealth and respectability became warmly enlisted in the cause of "Repeal"?and societies and combinations of individuals moved on in harmonious union, for the liberation of Ireland from ihe union which has existed lor so lone a time, with the, neighboring kingdom of Great Britain. The recent exulting announcement, that theKoman Catholic Clergy have unanimously come out s'rongly in favor of the cause of O'Connell?and also the fact, that O'Connell is himself openly engaged in sowing distentions among the people of this country, have contributed most wonderlully, in arresting the attention of rei1> cting men, and causing them more fully to investigate the real oWject and efffct of the present agitation in Ireland. And as Mr. O'Connell has authoritatively identified"Repep.|" with "Abolition," he has thus raised a new issue, and diverted much sympathy, ami consequently, neutralized an immense amount of effort, whicli otherwise would have been extended to him and this cause. An adjourned meeting was held last evening, at which Peter Gansevoort, first judge of the county, presided. As at the other meeting, no speakers could be obtained, of anv note or celebrity. The audience were compelled to stand an hour and hear James R. Rose, and J. Hiekey, gabble, gabble, gabble. The judge perceived that his dignity was becoming impaired, leigned illness, vacated the Chair, which was assumed by John Tyler, Corporal of the Albany "Guard." Jimmy urged the importance ot liberal collections, and the Pats walked up to th< Captings office like a swarm ol flies to the bung hole ol a molasses hogshead. Some $250 was collected, which,together with the amount gathered at the former meeting, amounting in the aggregate to a ?100 note, will be transmitted by Tommy Cough, to Ireland by the next steam packet. I Among other matters ol news in this city, the discharge ol Costigan, and every other Irishman on the I Mohawk and Hudson Railroad, is not the least interesting. The new board ot directors have commenced a thorough reform; they api?*ar to harbor a determined kiairrd to the Irish, and as Costigau had filled the road with clerks, agents, and workmen of the real Irish Catholic order, and as h? is a very violent political partisan himself, the board in m iking the change, have, undoubtedly, consulted the interests of the stockholders. At the announcement of the removal ot Costigau, iec- tec., the citizens in the neighborimod ot the depot, honored the occasion by rejoicing with cannon, fl.igs and loud acclamations. If the former democratic superintendent intermixed politics with his public duties, his successor will be equallv actfve, lor a more thorough going whig cannot be iouud. Governor iiouck hae at If ngth slarted on his long contemplated visii through the river counties. His first halt was at Mr. Van Hureu's ncir Kmderhook, where he remained last night. He travels in his iriiinc, ntwoiiicuiiiru i?y ins coacnman oniy. As he will be detained along the route several days, you nerd not expect his entrance in the city of N York before the latter end of next week. You will please notily Messrs. Connor, Kiell, Swackhamer, ttiker, and several others whom the Governor promised office, to get up an excitement for the recep' tion of his "agricultural excellency" on this his first grand entrance into the locofncn metropolis. In my last 1 mentioned that scenes of riot dud disorder were anticipated on the 4th, between the Catholic Hibernian and th'- Protestant Montgomery societies. Every day confirms these lears. The members ol the latter societies ot Albany and Troy have had several secret meetings within the last lew weeks, tne object of which is wHI known to be to make preparations tor api*aring in procession on the 4th. The first manifestation of displeasure will be shown by a quarrel lor a particular station in the line. The committee of arrangement* being decidedly Protestant, the highest post ol honor will be conlerred on the Montgemerys, although a young society in comparison with the Catholic Hiliernmn. It is reported hi cautious wbis|iers, that Mr. Mayor Humphrey has reques;ed the Burgeaes, the old Artillery, and the new Artillerists, to come out in the morning, prepared to quell any disturbance which may arise. At his honor is known to be one of the inost rigid Protestants of the day, and is religiously identified with tiiat class, considerable jealousies have already arist-n among certain portions of the Catholics It therefore behooves the priests and leading men to exert their utmost influence to have the celebration ol the glorious anniversary of American Independence pass off with its accustomed pease, happiness and rational enjoyment. Most respectfully, your ob't. sert't. Junius. ICorreipoudruce of the Herald.) Matam/.as, June 18, 1843. To the Editor of thk Nkw York Hkkaj.d:? The United States brig Boxer, sailed for Key West on the morning of the 15th inst , with one of the crew of the bark Natchez, of Brunswick, put on board by the United StateBConsul, and sent over for trial for a violent attempt on the lives of three of the crew of 8&i?l b irk. The Boxer had been retained at Matanzas in get ting off the brig J W Huntington, Kingsbury, which vessel got ashore on the reef in beating out, and in endeavoring to recover a deserter. At the time she sailed, officers and crew " all wt II " Captain Bulks hau almost entirely recovered Tom the wound in his knee, received t>y the recoil of one of (he guns, some time since Vhtubi in Fort.?Ships Chandler, Price, of Philnrieliitm; Kumi'U ot Kingston, Ironi H-nanr; Ebro, ol II illowell, fram Liverpool; Charles Carroll, of Boston. Irom Liverpool} At no, Di*ey, Dnmariai-ota, H.iwra; Jdntfi Kl ward, W.'t>?t<T. Barka Natchez, Snow, late Irom Nantaa; Herarhel, Adama, Huntreia, (Jritfln. Brig* Na poison, Jordan: Curdelia, Waker; Clio, Mtrwick) Caailda, Crabtrae, lata from Cianf'ipgot. Your obedient servant, J. M R. Cenr* ot tomnon Pleaa. Before Judge tnglia, Jtrrta SO.?Carjf va. TayUr.?The Jury in thia caac which waatriml yesterday, found for the plaintiff?damarra f4A Wm J. Furmanrt. Hint ort Kytlmn.?Thia wan an undefended action lor the recovery of rent, for the payment of which the defendant hail become tecurity. Verdict tor the plaintiff?damagea $S3? AO. I r/oiru lt-,/i.? VII T*. n ? -r .1 * CiLy of N*u> York.? This whs an notion te? recover the vbIuh of n horn1 which wax destroyed by the fracture of its luff by thn breaking through one of the wharves of thin |>ort. The plaintiff rested hi* case on the culpability of the corporation, whuir duty it was to keep the wharves in stats ol *o<>d repair. The defence denied that the corporation had been culpable, and the Jury found for the defendant*. Jnmts F. Driieyitir and ^Richard Whilmarth, vs. H'm Jamr? and John Jumtt?Tin* wa* an action brought to recover sevtral hundred dollar* which had b?en imi.l '? the defendant* bv the ftlxintitf-i in mistake. The facts appeared to he limply these . The pluintifTi are comhiiwien merchant*, and they had consigned to them a <)uantity of flour ?nd mola*?e* by a person named Nugent, to be for him disposed ef. There wero also other transaction* between the parties, and in the course ef their tin-iiit'ss arrangement* a general ordes wa* given ' the plaintiff* by Nugent te pay *he balance that might Appear on the accounts over to the defendants to this ' mitt A payment was accordingly made, including the 1 sum now the cause of litigation, but it wa* afterward* discovered that the plaintiffs had mnde an error by the "Hlimuii ? >11 in win oi.VVUIKI WUiril 11111111) lin nil lh<> hdUnctoh" ' Rid ?ver. and tbIs actio* wai brought 'o rvcoTei t>??c? ta<* auinnnt an wron^lally paid Tli?> i Jury found lor the plaintitf, but it was underatood that I tha caw* waalrf b? carried up, on certain excaptiona i which war* taken. , IERA a. 4 Court of Rrrora. Juki 90?At the aitting ot the Court thia morning, the vote mi a previous day, uy which it waa ruaolvvil that ita u?xt sewuon ihuiilil be Lelil ut Albany, wan rt-aciuiled, auii it wan rnnolviKl that the next ?e*?lun ihoubl bu hebl at the Court Home, in the city til Rochester, oil the ?e oou>i iSaturday ot Auguit next, and IuhI appeal cauiea be ui ai nfuiu hi iiimi lei iu, ana mm uu cvutci uii nuva wi en or bn held until ift?r the fourth wh*k ot that ttirm. Mary C f Macomb, plumtijf in error, va Uenjamin H'alihon, and Sally, fin wije, defendant* in error?1 hi* w.i* a c. i>i which camu up lor tue dcciaion ol the Court on poiuta raued oh lu? trial ol an ep-cliuent suit, Hit.-, ting title to nouns ioui loon acru* ol land tu Weatcheat-r couut) . ll lid* beeu long before the court*, anil ia known an ' the oil tiiirr caae," and will now probably occupy aeveral daya 111 ua diacuaaion in itim Court ol laat reaort. Bi'loru Recorder Tailmadge, aud Aldermen Martin and bcolea. Jlnk 30.?Jacob (Jo oh waa uied tor aleaiing clothing at different times irom John cruger, liH Eaaex a.reet ; lound guilty ami aviitenced to the ony j-riaou lor lilieen day a. A. D. It. gulua, a colored wan, wda tue.lou achaigoof atealing a tub ol battel and u lot ol old rope, troui the Houidtomc K.ulroa i otlice. Ho wua delended by Enoch K. Camp, fc?q., Mho oil. r d teatimoiiy to ahow that the butter and rope were taken y a man namad Jauiea tJima, who wan in theeinploy o! the company, and who wai convict ed ol the charge laat Tueaday.aud tent to the penitentiary. 1 he Couit were taliahed ol the entile innocence ol Ittgu lua, and acquitted him John .Vloore, a colored niau, waa tried lor atealing a allow caae containing }>ll wuith ol tire worka, and aeiit to the penitentiary tor luree inontha. JNatuan t shrpnerd and John Goodrich, wero tiled on a charge ol stealing a cuu ol milk lrom the lurry ai Jeit>ey uy, b. longing to Air. li.irruon. They were delMide.l by E i-.. Camp, Km , who amulied the Court liont the evidence thai tho can ol milk waa taken in miatake lor one thai the accuacd partiea lelt in ita place cohia.ning 1U mole quart* than the one taken The Court acquit.ea ilium oi Ull leiOUlOUS liuuui 111 UlU liaUSUtllUll, Willi im / ?wr??iu discharged. John llolmcs was convicted ol stealing ?omu knives from David Hunt, mid lent to the city prison lor one mouth. Oeorge Thompson was tried for stealing an overcoat, belonging to Mr. Fitzgerald, which was loilml in his possession. 1 lie evidence uot being sullicient lie was acquitted?delemled by E. E Cunip, Efcj. Michael Hogan and I'uter Hul.ui, two small boys, lor entering tne store oi .Yir. Jostph Kiln , ol Muiden lam , last Suuiiay, ana stealing live pairs ol boots, were sent to tbe House ol HelUge. Hauuali Jonuson.a colored woman, tor stealing a vest worth J>3? City prison one mouth. F.ti. Newtou, charged with st. aling a can of milk from K C. L)odd, ai Jeisey city, was tried an.I uiqtimed, it being cleaily shown by lus counsel, iC. E. Cuuip, Esq., that It had been taken in mistake lor oueli.lt by hiuiaeil Mary Cemuierty, a colored woman, lor siealing a basket of chiming ?Penitentiary six months. William Lj une, lor stealing a suvor watch worth (8? Penitentiary turee month* John Smith and Henry Johnson, lor stealing a kat and watch woith >U?Penitentiary six nioutUs each. John Coleuiou, tor beating ins w He?guilty, judgme t suspended lor itie present. Juku B. McKiuuey, tried lor an assault aud battery on a tit Milan named Hettinger. The evidence was rontiadictor) , and the Court adjudged him guilty but discliut" god him withjudgnv ut suspended? aeiouded by E. E. Camp, Esq. William Morrii, for assaulting Eliza Farley?city prison live days. El.za Uiowrn, a colored woman, fur an assault and bat. teryon Mary <4uinn?city prison ten days. Isaac Underwood, a cai tmsu, charged with being concerned iu the recent tiots among the sailors, so fur as to carry oil two chests Ufwn his curt bt longing to suiiors shipped on board the lirig Trio, was dischaiged on motion ol his counsel, E. E. Camp, Esq., thero not being evidence sufficient tw detuiu man. The Court then adjuumtd until Friday oi next weak, Tuesday being the Fuutth ot July. City Intelligence. Another Hwnawat Monet Carrier?A lew weeks since, a man named Michael Noenan, who for years has been engaged as a money earner between the several nanus 01 i uroiuo, upper i^auaui, anil iaw tuxi uaugr mv ker? of that city, suddenly lett in company with his son Patrick, taking with them about which hail been entrusted to the care of the lather, bj Mr. Matthew Codd, a broker ol that city, who also has an othce in Buffalo.? Supposing that they had made tracks for the resort ot all refugees and rogues, prior to departure lor Europe, llobt* Codd, a son of .vlatthew, started immuiiately for this city where he arrived on Thursday aheruoon in pursuit of the parties. On enquiry, Irom description, two nit n were traced to Moloney's tavern, foot ot Barclay street, wl o had been seen the day previous endeavoring t# changi notes on the various banks of Toronto, tor gold and Miter. Through the assistance ot Mr. Harrison, iuu keeper, at the corner ot Barclay and West, the tun of Mr. Codd suo ceeueu yesterday in arresting the rogues who were searched, and $3??75 in gold and silver, lound in their posaession. They were then tain n before the Major, and after examination remanded them until he can decide whethe. they will be fully committed here tor trial or kept to await a requisition from Canada under the Ashbunon treaty. The greater portion ol tin. haati notes changed by the lather aiid son in this city, have been leturnad to tilt: Mayor in exchange tor the gold I found in their possession, an I the money Kill be retuined by the Major to Mr. Co Jd, on his giving <ta indemnifying bond u. a receipt Noonm has lelt a tamilv in Toronto, and intended to sail lor Europe as soou as he hu 1 lucceeled iu changing the nvniey and secuiing a passage. Fire at Castl*. Garbf-pc.?About half past niue o'clock yesterday morning. the upper promenade<>a the north Side ol Castle Gardon, near i tie main buildtug, was dixcovered to be 011 fire. '1 he tl.imes worked through to the root 01 the tort or arbors, and presented, 111 a short time, a threatening and truly dangerous appearance. The Commander ol the North Caiolitia, (anchored a shot t distance Irom the Garden,) immediately sent on shore a number of men in two large b?ata, provided with tire buckets, who went actively to woik, and with the aid ot thosx already in the Garden, succeeded in extinguishing the tire. The bells rang, and the lire department promptly repaired t? the spot. A spacethe entire width . 1 the promenade, and about titty feet in length was wholly or partially burnt ? The tire is supposed to have been occasioned by a spark Irom the steamboat Superior, as fihe wsm about starting with a large company on a pleasure excuraioa. I Explosion or a Spirit Gas La mr ? Mklasciiolv bk jult ? On Thursday evening, a* Miss Ueoigiana W.itI <011, a young lady about nineteen yean old, teaming in the mtlleneiy establishment ol Miss Ann Tutteison, No. 327 Broadway, wa< preparing te retire to her room, lor the night, and while trimming a spirit ?u? lump, which ahehad luruuttotisly allowed to continue burning, the gas exploded, and in au in?tnnt she was enveloped in rtamea, which made rapid progress around her, and also set the bed on tire She hasten d down stairs, crying for assi-tance, w lien Miss Patterson and the Umil) endeavored to eitingtiish the hurtling clothes, tint ceuld not succeed until her arms, hands, ehest, neck, back iiud lower extremities were aunt severely injured. Doctor Julien ol the City Hoapitai, was ai enre summoned, and preset ibfd for her, but the ill-tated suit rer died about 4 o'clock on the lollo wing mot nmg, atter seven hours ot the greatest agony and torture During theevening on which the accident occurred, .Miss Watsou had m coin ponied her mother part ol the way to Br lokl) n, wliere she lesided, and who, about ten o'clock on the same night, was sum moned to the dying bedside ot that daughter, trom whom she had parted a few sheit hours beloie in health, and blooming life. Let her latal heedlessness be a caution to others, not to meddle incautiously with so dangciou* a gaa. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict ot accidental burning. A Dishoisf.it and Fraudulent transaction?An Irishman, named John H> aley, went to the clothing store ofM It B Seligmxn, No. I.'l Chatham street, and purChased a coat and piiir of pantaloons lor eleven doluis, and u hile preparing to pay lor them, the Jews repented ol their sale, and wisti*d to withdraw the t t.taloidis, un>i charge him >8 for the coat. This was refused, w h> the J w? apparently consented, wrappug up ho'h in 'he bundle. Healey laid dowa a $1U bill, nod u h ie getting out th? other bill, M Seiigman opened the bundle, took out the nants. and placed thi ra behiud the counter and then handed back iWoutof tin- *10 lor the coat, H'-aley then remonstrated, and refused to t?k* the coiit without the pant*, when M. Seiigman struck him a heavy blow, and endeavored to throw hire oat of the (tore. I he m jnred |iurchn*er enured a complxiD', Mid the roguish lew wan held to bail in the cum of >300 ta answer th* charge. KoaaiNu tmk Bah^uk <'FH*!?ciA.,,?Yp?ter?lay morning 1 n boat roved hy three men w as ot??rv?U by Charles Da vis, acolorwd man, approachiug the baraue "Ft ancin," J Captain John Colby, 1) mg a t pier No. 0, North Rivet ? ; Two of the men whom he recognises an John Jonea and John Dragm, boaided the vessel, and a third man lie did not know. He saw the tw# ui.-n [> hoard lowar 1.1to the boat n largeskysail, worth IOttilot rope, barrel of beef and a barrel ot poik, each woith $U,which tiiey carefully stowed away, and then pulled for the iliore. Not liking the movements, D?vis still kept hia ey?a on tham and saw them leava thuaail at the corner of lUctorand Washington streets, wheie it was aiibse^uaat- i ly loun l.nnd Drsgin ?rre?ted by ottWr J. B. Adams. A i ortion ol tba beet and pork they aold t? some man in i'ampleitreet, and the remainder they cartieri to their mes. This drtne, D.?vis proceeded to the captain and i muJ him nf (Km otl up ?* ? ?.? ?. ? 1 ?L. ?? . na... w. , ? ? ..vvviiij.niuru iur UUJUfr I i the place ? here he hail Seen the goods Jouc<ion hi? rxamination. stated that Drugm rind the other in"in had t i>ed feu boat to go to the Francis, and carry off some rt.is terthi'm, for which Service h.i received but tw? , uiiinffiflnd about six pound* of pork Dr.igtn state* < nt he purchased he articles trom a person representing ? uiuell to be the second mate. The sail he nays he gave ' nn dollar lor, and ten shillings u>r the Mel h u> po*v - , This story bore su?h eviuant niaiKo oi lalsi h > .t ur,<l guery that the Magistrate committed the parties tu full default of bail. Tiir. wat to out * Watom ? A man nam'.'d S'efihm -imonson, was arrested jHsterduy by ortio?*r Cockefmre, i :h ir,'fd by James Van Odder with Meiting a lepwe ? w?!oh, Wuich he sold to Thomas M.?ms tor fourtarn millings, from whom it wtn recovered. The ginirit of ,b the watch was cat by Simonson > in: T in t?eliJrr was th sloep. and the watch then taken fn>? h'a ton waa fully committed " ?. 1 .M-A MJF* ?i 1*H?? Twn Gtntf, ftotrtcionor Lt?c?n -Daring the pait reral oi thowe young Uneven who mowl about out city and enter atore* under th? <uim of "inatchaa," ??r?nbnerved loitering around the hardware acorn of A W Spie? h Co., No. J19 Pearl street, and yeaterday m.mu'j o'clock ihr?e?l th?m entered the more, out) remaining below in the (hop, and the other two a<c?uding the ??cond atory, when Mr 9pi??andhi? clerk ?<?cureii two of them. whoae names are John lladbiir m 1 Auguriw Eichell. On anai'Chi'itf Ra Ih-tir a new pocltet wallet wan inund, containing eleven Nleiican dollar* aad ?ome ailver change, whicu he lay* u the property of ibe bo> who eaottpm), whoaeiiiime i? k'ullwiton. The boy? were locked up for further examination. Auoiorwt?li.v Dbowkkd ?A. young lad apparently anon' eleven y eurs 01 age, ten on me wnan at r->cn sup, an.l was rescued bnlore life #di entirely extinct, and carried to a drag stare, where entry exertion was made to restore him, hat in vaiu The body was sent to Uadeed house in the Park, where it now lies lor recognition. An inquest wax held, and a verdict returned ot accidental drowning fie was dressed in dark satinet panta, cotton shirt, and won a cap. in which was a erons-haired pocket handkerchief. Fn.1.1*0 aw Omihi i ?" li there room for Mr**," asked a lady, while one ot Kipp St Brown'a omnibusae* loaded with seven passengers, waa passing up Canal atreet on Thuraday evening. "O j es, ma'm," answered the driver, " wccarry ten insiilej" and in atepped three ladiea, each with a child ia her arms, and two of a larger edition following in the rear, making light in all, lor (are of eighteen pence A passenger remarked, that riding the ?i*AC and calling them thrrr passengers, was all well enough, hut (warding them in the same ratio would lie rat er expensive. Examination or Midshipmen.?List of Midshipmen who have puned their ex.limitation before the iioarsl recently convened at Philadelphia, in the following order of merit:? No 1 Archibald McKae; 3. Robert H Wyman; 8. Edward A Burnett; 4 Nathaniel C B'yaut; 8 Ueorau B Balch; ft. Jonathan M Wainwright;7 G or<je W Haiumersly; 8 Foxhali A Parker; 9. I-<aac G Strang 10 Egbert Thompson; II Robert Townarml; 13, Joel 8 Kennnrd; 13. John Wilkinson; 14. John Oueat; 1ft Wm H Montgomery; 1(1 Donald Me.N Fairfaix; 17 Robert M Oetty; 18. I?aar N BriCeland; 19. Henry ltogers; 3#. John M B Clitz;31 John I) Rend;33 Courtlandt Beniiam; 38 Wm A Henry: 34. Wm K De Jougli; 34 CS Throckmorton; 36 Win H Thompson; 37. John K Ahbutt; 38. George H Cooper; 39. Biijse N Wraeott; 3w Wm W Polk; SI. John F tttriison; 83. Andrew Bt)f<on; 33 John Downea, jr ; 84. Charles M Morris; 3a Andrew J brake; 86. Jaa HSpotta;37 James M Duiicau;3e. Lardner Gibbon; 89. Robert A Knapp. BY THE PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATES. IN l'ursu nee oflaw, I, JOHN TYLKR, Prendcrit of th? 1 Unite" S'afes oi .v.eri a tlo heteb i eclare m t mate known, that nhi'c s?lrs will lie heh. ihs UDuemtrnte ue<j L >t'd Ufficps iu the Htate of Il.inois, at the |>eno < s hcraiualur dcsu'nmed to ?i Ai tl. Laud Offve at IlitO'i, fi.inm' iriiig eo Monday, the. tt ir ierli <l?y <.1 0<-tob?r neii, tor ti t <lis|a?al of th<- public lauds within t e uud> mtuliuufd towushi, s ?i.d pans of townslue", 10 v? it:? v...(k ?(' ,.? h .tM li.?* ami l\C the llilfd t?rnnunat m. 11 d.i-u Township. thiriy-sn, thirty-seven, thirtviight. thirty-lime, forty, lorty-f ur. ami forty-sir. ol rang* ou*. I'owDahits thirty-six, liiuy-jevtu, thiriy-eight, thirty-nine, forty, a lid fi.ru one, ol rauiretwo. Towuships thirty seven, thirty- ipht, 1'iirty-nina, forty, <iu.1 forty-one of ran*- three. The south eul quarter (if aectiou fourteen, and th? srmthwcsi '1 ualter of section .wenty-fonr, iu towiuhip thirty thiec of ranje oue ... The si.uthwest quarter of section two, ia township thirtythrre, ol ringe three. Tlir e:>?'. hnl' ol the noith east quirter ol section twenty one, .nd ihe wesr ha'f ol the northwest<|tia rter ot section twentytwo, in tow nship thirty-six. of mime three. Tlie west lialfnl the north-sastqurite. of section twenty one intownshu thirty nor , noilli of me hate line, of range one, west of the third principal meridian. Th? ??si Irac lion of ihe notthwesl ftact tonal quarter ol section twenty < ue, (on the east side ol Heck river,) III tow- ship forty-three, of rauge cue, east. North of the base line, and Kast of the fourth priueipal m e ridian. Township eighteen, o( isnge two. Towushiv>s eighteen, twenty-four, and twenty five,of range three. Towi ships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-five,and twentv-sii, of rainte lour. Towuships eighreeu, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-tire,and twenty-all, of laage tiro. Township tweuty-two. of -angesix Township twenty-three, of ange seven. The nonhrast quarter ol section thirty, in township eighteen sf .a..ge one The north-east quarter ol section thirteen, in towuship nine teen, 01 taiige one. The noitneasi fiactio ial "Uirer of section thirty four, in township twenty on*. o< m ge iwo. Tne fast hall of ih< uonht <ur quarter of section eighteen, in township twcutv-turee, o! laugr iou.. Tne vatt iialf ol ih<- ? uthciui quarter ofsaction seventeen.in LOW I 1 |||I l? iik>-unr, Ul I augf UTtU The weal h ill of tn* no!t!> ar.?t liacona! quiter of teetiou una, lu II* mill. ittcu'V-o. e, >1 i v*t nme. Tlin aonthwe.i qant*r ol ac< ;iol. t; ire, and the lOUtbeut luart-r of eecu ? thirteen, iu tow.iahip tweuty-'.wo, ol range it I'he weM Inlf of th-i noith'aai quarter of itctioB thirteen, 10 t iwi tliip twenty-three, ot no*- : me The wen' half of tne ?ootfiwe?t quarter of auction twenty, ID rwnship fifteeu, *n the eaat half of ih aonth-weat quarter of u -ion twelie, in towmr.ip twenty-eight,ol rau*f i n The ^oi'hettq :arter >1 aeetiru thrc< , Wc at hal?ea of aeetioM I Hud aeren; south hull of sec'iou citiej, north naif and n.hwcat qnartei ol a*c>i u fourteen; eaat hi I f section litem; '<at ealf of aection ae?t iteeti ; *?*' haleee of uotift ciKhtren And nineteen , uorth halves of ?ec ioua rtrnu jroac iiid tw.nie-iwis ; aouth btl?n hud uoithai qmr'era of section* thirty and thiriv-onc ; aoutk ill Til 11. r hiait qnni rr.I i.cti.n hirty-iwu; loo t) half and >ril.-Wfat qi a'ter of aection ' h' r t y three; nil the eonmweat ii i- ter #il atctivn rhuty-loyr, in township ihiueen. '1 he Durth l?r? one to aii, i cluaive; sontnweat qnerter of lion ail; weat Imlr. ? of ai.-c(iona irv u, eighteen. nineteen, tly. mtl thiru-ouo, mil the uorm Wcat uartei of section ?-iht 'Uin township fourteen of rai'ire four. coi una 'hret. ten, loartcen, lilleeo, i>d iwsntj-fiee', nofth Iv< a of -iitii ni ne tw icut fi e ix, aeyeu, tw-nty-one, n;y mu, inl twenty-lnuf; i' nth halves of le (ion? i i*bt u twenty thtee; we-t h-i'eea of 4ee>iooa eighteen, nineteen, . -, in* ih'tti -in.e; south-welt qn .rtirra ol aeetioua sis seven I tweotj-fou.-; a?u<h< asiqii.tiieia o> aeet ona loot twenty, I weh'y-two; uorutwest quarter 'of section elrfeu, and r h**?t quirt?t uf atctiuu ihw ty three, in township fon.teeu, i'ta i?e six ..it i of the biieline. (id M'ri of the fo'irth na ridiau r?w)islii|i lifti en; the eaat *ert of an ialan-1 iu Koek nrer, in iou thu e n; also frnciiunal ectiona eighteen an>. nineteen, wnahip snenteen , of Mnge wo ' "Ctioiml aect'ona niuetee n uoi! iwenlv-.ne ; we at hall of Qflotml stetion 'wen' -two; i oith h-If > ! s.-cliou twenty; e si h ill of uort'iSAat qn titer o; atetion twetuy-iii; aoath iea ofaectlOi a v-eiity-S'Vr n nil twenty-etgat, >uii n .itb?' q iirter of a?etion twentv-ei?lit ; uoith half aection rt? ; iiortiieaat quarter, aouth-weai qnarter, nonh tulf U'uhw-it qu?rtfi, and ?' I linlf of aoaih.'nai q iarter section thirty one ; section ihirty-two, eaceni the . i-if r .u k. ...i,... * *1 nnn ill mr ui" n?ni M? " ? ? "?< ? liTUI >-|llQ?l, r.yll". er, unit thi'iy four, nd It), writ half ol the rtli-?Kil quarter vfaecuos miiy-urc. iu to*nahi|i a-venieen 'nift thne h'r cti'.n > I aretioni twenty one to thirty two, incluaire. sad ion thirty .h<e, in mwtnhip atteite- ? ol range four. ?ii of an i t<i in ihe minuui pi rivrf, in atetion tnree, id vrn hi|i fi ttfii; fractional w.li' n? i ne, twn, ele?en,foBrteen, mi (wo, l?fi ty-tti ee, i*?nt> aeven end ilnity ioaj, ju arn .hp n t ,e?u; u.l the frac 10. i a-etina thi ty-aig,in the lr?c a tow *hip i. ? i t??n i'f ?.i rt hi Lv Office a < hit'go, commencing on A.outlay, the oil li th d i k | irr l?i wi: lor the 'liaposal of tha pubUmu hert-i'.-fter deiigu t??l to ?jt ? it i t'I baa* li ?.* d Eft ihi'n rm cij.il Birndiaa. n tiwn?l t< wn't'ipa thiiiy-oiv and ihuty-two. bordering on i InilisBi Bta e ' n?r,of r* a fif'eeii he ?a<< <- ?? ???'u ol the ? u'hieia. q'itrtcr t tecii.in an, m ?rthip liirty-t.'ire o:rar; ; lour. r f" ?t lull a:w 1io' hwr ?t 1 i -r'.-e i the no :'i nut gua.lar < tion tt.'-e awl the oith f ill Ihe ool'.h weat qnarter of i * '.me see j u.iutiwu<h'. thiftyni , .>1 laagr- t ipht. I hr ea?t half o'"the muihf'a q aikrt ol ?*ct|.?n lifteen, lit /? thip foitythiee, ol r age e!e? u. I In- n riliwttt quarter nl aecwioll i*tlve, iu towuahip forty. r ngc th riee-i At ih< land O^ee ?t d*n?il'e commencing on Monday, the % coh day ol oetobaruegi, lor th* dirpoa i ol the public lai da ? . bin the ! tn'ti ol frac loaal low ahipt twnii y-e.ght,twenty i ne. and thirty, north of the 'aaciibi.uf mu.r ten. w??t of i. nuc ati prilir.mil uicrn'.i-n. at 'lie La:i?. i '(fire at K ?ki-ki commencing on Monday. , aiiteeiith d y nt oc'ober twit, for lite uiapoial of the , ublic ! w thin ine limit* if ihr soothic- qu tar of taction I iiv-thr??, imlthe eonthwiai ft* i.m* ri rteroi the aauie etios, mi i land tweu -f ibi in 'he mtaila* p| i river, iu .ownc h rcen, ? n h, i.l rnuif* ?h - ?e w at vtth-> lan offlt- t kdwrdivilli, c ti ir ocn* i.n mou^af, a uii. h u*y i f Ucti ber dm , f r ibe amp >?al ol tha public ' within th' limi> *l (r ofm a' larnon* thi ty-uoe and 'il u two. ml wuah p 111 norih, of range 'en ?rtt, and Iraci n.tl 'lot! weuiv l'?c,i? to?u hip >1 unit' .of rakge elavcB ; . coualttating ial?..d? iirnnimtad .iaty udilt'y ou-, iu the mtanaiipni rt?er. V. ti<a land llA 'i (itiircy, con maaciug ou Moaday. the t ?cutv th.rtl d. y nf October n??t, for b> dt-Mfeilo' tha pablic t .ija within ihe llintta ot tie undo .? nnoi.eil tr. ala, tils? >?th of the baa? line, and K vat of ihe fourth principal tneiMm. The north hal ind ? *t?<ea<t qni-ter c.f lection tweatv tbrae, i iowba>'ip fom, of iaage Jt'aa tlia i.oitliwaat quarter of aeetlon tcaoty-rwo, in townthip i frn. of la g? icvan L tid< ?p(TO|.ria'i d hy law Tor tha a<? of w oola, military ,or ii'h r pinpoia<, will i a r gcludad lioin talc. 1' !< galea wili each be ke- r open for .?o ?reek ., (tinleaa rwa i'nda ?ia ?oji it d.apoaeu of) aiid ua lonier: ant1 no pri?*te eu1 leatofliud, in the iwitahipt toofftreil, will ba a .mitte , until ii'er (r.e?ii.ir>tion of the two waeki. tJi?en nadcr my hand at the City of Wai^gtoD, tnia aiehth My .if J ine. AntiO Uoimni 1441 JCTn.N TV i.KK. i)y the i rendeut: THl? II. BLA*K, Comiuianoner ol th> Oeneral Land Office. NOTICE TO PHE KMrilON CLAIMAAT8. Krery i*inn entitled to the rii.hr < I pre en^nuu toanr landa v'thin (he limit* of tha t. wna' .ibjir tlimn it re j i d tn eatahliih the tame to the aat afuctioa or the Kegiiter < Hrie.n ol the proper la. d .IB.?, an.' m :k? par meat rat.. at anon ? piactiean'c al cr leeiag thi< notice, and beT re ft. j ay iipiioinied f ir llie ciaiuieiiceiaen' ' tne pumic I le oi llie lowu?hl,i e-aibraenig lhe tr.irt cuiineil, above o-ualcd; othatwitf .ncfi cla.u. "<.%,%' BLAKKL ...a/ a' i -a .1 i II !UW to INJet r I s IJK80 of a? Ofdef ofthr urroiar* 01 the (ram > ' . I .N r. fitif; nouee l? hereby ip?e? t <?>I n?.iiu N^viun i' Peter yintphy In* th> c?t. ol Men York, er'nunv; ifKi'V-cl, l<> |"?rnl the Mm-' <*it? the v >qchere ?r' to th?- fii/MIrrih<T?, It ^he I I-uinnnil K. Derrr, v* .? W.'H rr?*w, in the Cf of \i?w York, on ot hefor.- ths n'rdith ilur of * pteinbrr Beit )4ifil Ve" lot* the IJth d*? ol \W.<n, IMS. JACOB ilARVKV, JA.MKS K HICLL. ml< UwfiUl > A'l'Wil)i?i' U>;? With th- will annexau r ii ri' f.?AII pertotia Kafir* aur lewil oJaiai itrainat Ja .8* ' 0 nuniek.Ute of th cm >( JJ Y<v?>n < h iu>:?t?r to pienent the v\ui* wirh tt.e roacoeo imruLIo rhe ?oiiwf, it tki" h'ini?M(i.1 M ne'?!(? {. Alan. ail thine d?iMed to thf eafat of aaiil neteaaerf, >> maki* payment betnia M tOMINICK, m?tt to Nr>l ?f . . , . -;4 '

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