2 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

2 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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?ri e>-hellon? froan the left her Ml^Ml?** Twent jr-*eeoi>U Regiment leading the attack." ,ln?t before the comn^aeenent of the action. Ma* jvr V, diu<iou. < ! iti?* l?iiginetr?, with Lf. br?-wu, and 1j>. k! II, <4 th> artillery, nallop?<? from end to i ol T>'' enernv's line, on purpose 10 draw on th> i ? vcd tfie fire of Ui> rums and matchlocks, m -o t<> Hsocrtitin their strenaih, while they lookrd out tor accessible or undetendsd portions at bicb the bu >i l>e crossed. Thouen buli< a (i round shot whistled around them, they opt.! uuharuied. The attack ol the Twer.ly-sem i i'i It (1 by t?ir Charles I^apier in pers< a ho rod- in among the men, and wnvine Ins hat amid a >i huiiets, gave the word, " Twenty-tec ind, ? i.trg " We take up the thread ol the despatch:? l h> enemy u ,? now perceived to move (rem bis centre in conMdrratde ladies to hi* left, apparently re tie tin<, unable to sustain the croaafire ol the British ? iii : r) ; on sot ink. which, iliyor Stack, at the head of the :ti ( 'V.?lr\ . under command of Captain Delamain, and Scinde Horae, under command of Captain Jacob, made i " ? I rilhaiit charge upon the enemy's left flank, crossing I III*' n < I I I a H anil .U n lk? ?a?Kaa?in<* ?nom *? lAr I eveti>| miles. While this was passing on the right, her Majesty's iinil Rrgiment, gallantly led by Major Poole, who commanded the brigade, and Captain Oeorge, w ho com man 'ed thr corps, attacked the nullah on the left with gre.it gallantry; and, 1 regret to add, with considerable lots rhu brave battalion marched up to the nullah under a heitvy fire of matchlock?, without returning a shot till within forty pace* of the intrenchment, and then . rmt',1 it like British soldier* The intrepid Lieut. ? wte firs'. mo'intvd the rampart, seized one ol th* enemy's standards, and was severely wounded while waving i* and eh -ering cn his men. Meanwhile, the Poona H"'*e, under Captain Tait, and the Wh Cavalry, tin! i Majir Storey, turned the enemy's right flank, !'ir> i- it and cutting down the fugitives lor several miles. Het \,hj 'Pty's i'jiul Kigiment was well supported by the le t. ties commanded by Captains Willoughhy and Hutt, which crossed th?ir tiru w ith that of Major Leslie. Then came the -Jud Brigade, under command ot Major Weod i: , bearing down into action with excellent coolness. It <-m?i?ted ol th< 15th. 31st, and 14th Regiments, under i the command of Captains Jackson, Stevens, and Fisher, r *,'cctively. These ti gimenls were strongly sustained ! the fire ol Captain Whitley's batteryj on the right of >iich were tha 8th and 1st Regiments, under Majors B '*no and OUbborue These two corps advanced with t he regular tv of n review up to the e.itronchnents; their < mniandets, with a considerable exertion, stopping iheir fire, on sowing th .t a portion of the Scinda Horse and 3rd i C?*nlry i;i charging the i nemy h..d go' in front o' the j 1 i >. -> ' >. T e but le ?i.? ili i led by the troop of Hoist; An r i.'.d her V*t. a:y'- J-Jnd Regiment." n't'- I?nt dt' refhoure Tiie sequel in sue ' oi..i y '.> ' S >,? Bombay correspondent of (he Mi' _ 'l'onide ;? " - i y'- i'i;diitrx|and artillery, it appears, (ought j w. l> he cavalry indifteren'ly. Their loss waa very | T?f. . ab?nt MO tiodies bring counted upon the field of while the neighboring villages were filled with n-u i" d wounded nun. Three chiefs fell in action? on H ve Mahomed Seedee, the great promoter of the w#r Kleven pieccs of cannon und seventeen standards felt into our hands : but very few prisoners were taken. thf B- !>i?chees fiahting to the last with great desperation, anJ i cii'tom ol thi-ir country warfare being neitherto gn nor accept quarter. The greater part ot their force ! mil-' li ive been composedot men of mature'age, us scarcely h s ugle youth could be seer among the (lain The next w rnitig all the bodies in the nullah were found burni ;; a horrifying and di?gusting 'ight. Our loss was also considt rjhle. amounting to 39 killed and 231 wounded ; among the former, wore Captain Gariett, of tin ? h ctvaly, and Lieut. Smith, of the horse artilley , Lieut F Burr, of the ilst native infantay. was severely wounded, anldicdtrom the rdi ets of his injuries subsequently to the battle Wounled men, to the number of si\tv, were sent to Bombay on the 16th ol April, uud arrived an thcJMh. "Od the termination el the struggle, Shere Mahomed fle ! int> the desert with about forty followers, his army having bee* wholly dispersed. He was pursued by the 1'oona Horse, whn chased him a' fara< Meerpore, when he 'ook rtfuge in the fortress ol Omf-rcote." Thi- fortress (ell into the hands of the British in a singular manner Sir Charles Na ier proceeded m it i a 11srht 1 v equipped force as far as Jourbee, and s-. t h detachment to Omereote; a deficiency of in that direction obliging him to divide the tnopt. L <H Ellenboroueh, who ha<i remained at Agra, 1 :h - , i liad lelt the " palace" for a more commo- | iii ii- reside c", had issued a notification dated 5th Ar . announcing the victory, reasserting the t .( ?r> ind pervetsenesa ol the Ameers, and rernurix. i * v -here Mahomed, tint he " preferred the chances of war to the security of peace, find lias ri-> a-pi) reiuge lint the desert." The Governor-Gerier nr<)"teH t!iat arrenr.- ol revenue due in Si ?. > t'j? to I".h February, 1813, should not be collee ; reuii.-ion whiah he considered judicious. n-, ;i counts front Cabul are still obx'tire and Hon> tfiil. AkiibarKhm said to be at JHMa ; f> d, i'1 meet h'S t ; who was last heard of at j Pe. .iiwur Tti< ijlidr.iah had v/nten t> Akiibar Tvh u: .vs a correspondent of the Delphi Gazette,! " 'h i iF.'et tli it a; Girder Doit Mahomed Khan had agreed in writing, t'? pay a certain amount of j tr liii!i* to the Khalsa, on his resumiii? the sove Macakady's FARxwiLry?Drury lunr doted under l Mr. Macready'a management on Wednesday, alt?r ,t imp the rtverw ot profitable. lit* u* about vis iti<iK 'Ji" United States, where he liae not been tor u period ?t seventeen or ei!{ht en ye?i*. After the jiUy nl Macbeth on the latter evening (Wednesday) ;vjr. .Maoready, having been;rrpeate<t|y called lor, appeared hi a plain dresx, iutl addiea?ed the audience Alluding to a report thai the aeason lud been unproductive, be ?did:?" My a reference to my acr "nit# ot Covent-garden '<nd Drury-lane Tli^.ttri-)-, I li i it.at, even in this year ot uiiprecedenit d <tr pi << <>n and lucrraaed taxation, the average <t our night I \ receipt* i# only a iriti - below that ot rny I?h ^oveai-garden on, whicn will profit to the ma', ageinent, paid ?7,<*10 rent 10 the proprietor*; aiid 'iat H exceed* the average o| iny hrat <Jove?t-fittJeu waa >n, which paid a rent ot more than JC6 '<<*1. I'duay LimI rhis juat commenced an engagement -eig'i-y of Cabul. o condition ot the Moharajah resisting all pr- tensions on Cabul and Candahar, in- l.'i aius- hojx>d that .ie (Mahomed Akhbar) won .1 receive his lather with all due honor, and 8ul>i : t him*df in all thin*? to his rule." The Calcutta r~t?r publishes a document which purp<>r's to be an account of Sir William Macnagnen'-a*--<ssination, written by a follower, o| Mahomed Zenian Khan, one of the Cabul cluels. Its extremely English style is imputed to a fault in the translation: but it give# an apocryphal appearance to the pa; er According to the writer, Shah Sujah had nude offers to join the insurgents against the British, by whom he was supported. Akhbar Khun had he^rd reports which made doubt whether Sir Wj inm was :-incere and was not mereley parI' yo? to sain time ; and he desired to take him alive; hut the residence of the alarmed Envoy obliged the Sirdar to kill him. China. The r.ews trom China is not abundant. Eleepoo's 0 .-v. which took place on the 1th ot March, is attributed to poison ?r suicide. Ke-Ying was spoken ?>t .? his successor ; and it was said that the discu-bioti? respecting the new arrangements, were likely henceforth to be carried on in the north, whether the Plenipotentiary would proceed on the arrival of Ma1 >r Malcolm, with Quetn Victoria's ratification of the treaty There w as some expectation of renewed disturbances at Canton; principally, it should seem, because the Emperor's censure ol the previous riot had been so very " mild." Sir Henry Pot inger is said to have warned the Chinese authorities "that should their Government connive at any ac' tending to a breach of the stipulations contained in th*- new treaty, he had still th<" means of eflectu'.v blockading Canton and the Grand Canal, and to carry his complaints to the Peiho " Admiral Parker wasgoine up the river to Foo-cho-loo, in the Phleffethon steadier, when the vessel rail aground, and he was unable to proceed. He sent a letter to th<" authorities by Mr < overly, the commander,of th< steamer, v. i h br Plxyfair Tliey were received in the m> - trank and friendly manner But (or wat r-" /h r'it" ns, the damage to the Pnlegethon . w i'rt -v :i:ide it a wreck. It was to be taken to : Calcutta f >r repairs. A>relgn Tlient rlenls, &c. Our accounts are from the 4th to 17ih June. Dru- I v-lane and Covent Garden are closed for the sea ? I 9011. I hiatricat. Prsmit m.?Mr. Webster, the lessee of the Haymarket Theatre, has advertised his in* tention t.f K'vinf? J?5'>K) as a prize (or the best five- j ?t comedy, ihusirative at British manner* arid 1 customs. The merit ?l the comedy is to be decided, on th^ 1 -?t nt January next, by a committee 'irtn'd of dramttie . 'iihof and critics, (not comleutur.-) and ictor."' In addition to the ?fiOO, the fut'fi-c.-1 ill author will be entitled to a thud ot the srnss receipts on the twrntieth, lottieih, und sixtieth m^nts ol representation. Mr. Charles R"?n made his first npr<earance as Hamlet at the Haymarket Mr. Buckstone was i ? ? a: the sarne theatre on the 12ih. St aba t Mater w!? prrfonned at hur Majesty's on the 12th, and w.i to be related on the 19th Madame Vestris wd* . the Haymarket. II Puritani was performed at the Princess' theatre, in which Madame E <>arcia ;<> jk part. Her Majesty visited Drury Lane ,?Uadav tlw lUiti, previous to its closing A' > r ldjc* y'g iiieaire they have been performing ll Don Giovanni, in which appeared Donna Anna, . line 'irisi?lionna Elvira, Mdle. Moltini? Zrr'iiM, .Vlriie. Persiam? Don Giovanni, Siff. Forna-if. Leporello, >it Labi ache ? Masetto, Si* F Lx ilache i mi Ouavio, Mg Mario Alter which wh presented (tor tiie last turn but one) the Grand lid t A. ii; "U, La Fijle de Feu?the principal < ar.'Cer by Mdlle Cerito, Meadeles. Camille,Herd. < * i y, and Guy Sir,than; M St Leon, M. <? - - I i 11, 4. Goutiet, M. O'Brien, M. Venelra, M Bertram, M Coulon, ; id M Perrot The u,?r.i ol virnm w?s to e (>ertoiiiied at tliat theatre on ihe 17th?Norms, Mai. Grisi. . ir May wood, an actor ol Scottuli celebrity,w<ll hn >wn in America, lus taken ihe ritr.ind Theatre. 1r -laywood, in a > op-ning .tidrehs, r< minded lua ' Mrither .~>cot>" tueir motto. " ;.aud th? gither but ppealing to them ?n national Grounds, u<- is u< rie^ ctlul of tiie Mirer and wider basic of bjccess?public Kratificitiou. at th<* Theair# Royal, at BiusneJt, to dtnoe ? o?rt in number of inging at 2(K)0 tranc* (8tV) per night! H?r engagement contains a blipulation that this heavy : i;rn hhall be Hfpumted in a banker'n hands in the m. :'t in^r pre vimi-.)1 tn li"r making a single pas at ni^rlit SM h - |Mt nadt l>< r fir?t luwvuee in ih?' Hjfl' phidt; aud in oider to ineei unit heavy expenditure, ihe manager has bten obliged to raise the prices, much to the serious difsatistactiou of It* l>ravt? Btlgr*, ij-he is to perform twelve nights, if the expenses are covered A second sou of Lablache has just made his de but at aptrtyol" the nobility given by the Baron de M . in l'aris Nieblo Lublaehe sang an aria Irom Beatrice, and a French ballad, 111 a pleasing style, and gives promise o( supporting his father's fame at a luture period. A letter from Vienna of the 15th ult, says, "Yesterday took place, at the Grand Imperial Theatre, in the presence of their Majesties and of the whole Court, the first representation ol Donizetti's [ new opera hufla, Don Pa?qwilt. Its success was mobi decisive. The new opera, in three acts, by Donizetti, written expressly for the Imperial 'IhPHfrP U'AH tn.Huu tint in rwhfloroal. it is Maria di Rohon." At Naples, Fioravanti's opera La Lotorie di Vi mm*, has proved a failure. At Barcelona, the new opera of Kicci, entitled Conrado d'Altamura, lias just been produced. Berlin ?The music of Euripides' Medea, which whs said to be by Mendelssohn, by M. Taubert. It is not true, likewise, th?U M. Mendelsshon is engaged in the composition ot a new work on iShakspeure's Tempest At Dresden, a Grand Musical Festival, under the direction ot Messrs. R< issi^cr, Wagner, and Muller, will slmrtly take place, consisting entirely ol men. The French capital is at the present moment the focus of an unusual number ot celebrated composers; amongst the number at present there are iioscini, Sponnui, Frederico Kicci, besides Auber, H ilevy, Brlioz, A Atlatn, See. Meyerbeer and Donizetti are also expected to arrire in Paris next month. A French lady, Mdlle Dabedellke, has recently appeared at Naples, and, as prima donna at the tian Curio, has reai>ed goldeii Uur? Is. Warner's Rienzi is shortly to be produced at Hamburgh. G.nut'ivu i.-> the title of un opera, of which the m.iMc is t>> M. Nuih, aud which has obtained a I'll liant huceeos at Sondershausen, where M. Nuth is mail re de < ha pelle. Mdi e Luizer considered tobe the best canlatricc of Germany, is about to sing in the Bohemian language in two o|>era8, at the theatre at Peat. Donizetti's Lucia di Lamtnermoor has just been brought out wiih ihe utmost success, at the Thea tre del Circo, at Madrid. ^ St. Pktkksbtirg.?llubini is performing at the Kussian Opera. House, und producing an unprecedented sensatiou. The pieces iu w hich he has aj>pe?red have been Ottllo. Lutia di Lammermoor*ll Puritani, und La Sontuimbula. The Emi>eror has presented liini with u valuable diamond ring. It is believed that Lablache aud Tamburini meditate a a visit to England, drawn, no doubt, by the success ot their countryman; but ihey will not be able to give but concerts as the Imperial Court will beat Peterkoft, and then the theatre is closed Mdlle. Lucile Orahn, by command ot the Empress, has appeared in La Sylphitie in L* Ombre, the ballet composed by M. Ta^lioni for his daughter, and in the Abbess in Robert le Liable, and h?s obtained great success. The Empress made her a present of a valuable diamond necklace. M. Doehler, who has been givini concerts at Co* penhagen, has just left that city for Paris, in consequence ot the death of his lather. Markets. London Money Market, June 18?Consols have commenced this morning at 83}, advanced to 81 j, and on the arrival of the pigeon express Irom France the piice at once declined to 93. The importance attached to an alleged declaration ol' M. Quizoi, in the Cham tier ot Deputies mi Wednesday evening relative to the affairs of Sj>ain, is the immediate cause of decline. Reduced Three per cents have been done at 94}, but have since reacted to 93|. Exchequer bills are M a 57 pm. Tiiere has been a good deal of bustle in tLe Foreign Bond Market, in consequence of a detaulter having been declared in Spanish llond*. The nomintil amount of stuck rather excecds i"ii,iH>?', but the differences have not been accurately ascertained. The Bull detaulter lay* the blame of his mishap upon bis being left in the lurch by his out door xmplo)eis? The parnea who will suffer ure jobber# ia the house, who can b? ar the loss with little inconvenience, so that the derangement ** ill be little felt. The settlement other wise a*- guneotf with r.o upparent difficulty. Tin Five per Cent Bonds nave been done at 19} and J, and the Three per Cents at aud j The B.ukol Feinando, it appear*, Uasiuadv ai. auvai.ee ot 2#,000,000 reals to the finance minister Mendizatl. from tthie.ii it winfi nvd that the greatest confidence is lelt that the insur- I rectionary movements will be suppiessed. A li tter was lately published, addressed to Robert Hyde j Greg, Esq , by the shippers ot the 400 bales of American | cotton uia lulactures, cunsiened to Messis. Baring Bio | titers, of London, and improperly d> tinned heie by the , officers 01 the custom*, loi bn ailt ged infraction ol the , Custom Duties Act. In this letter, dab d Boston, United ! States, the 29.h 01 April, the writer state* that he is quite j satisfied the America: s will soon become <xteusiv* ex- | porters ot twist as well as ot maaulactured fabrics oi yarn under No. 30's. The quantities ol cotton shitting, ; sheeting and drills now exporting from the northern j SUte* of the union is said to be much lajger than at any i lortaer period ; the prices having been materially re- j duced bj the reduction in the prices o( cotton and labor | "In all the finer fabrics, " the writer states, " we shall 1 continue to be large customers to Great Britain }" and he adds, " we are literally burdened with agricultural products, and the prices very low." Mr. Hyde Greg in drawing attention to these lacti, and in mentioning that he had examined the goods in question, which he tound to consist of cotton drills, a stout twilled nankeen, used tor summer trousers, states also that the house in which he was concerned u*?d to manufacture this article largely lor export : but their orders lell off, until at last their correspondents slated that they could buy the article in America 10 per cent, cheaper than it could t e sent to them from England. These articles and the common plain "domestic!" have long since replaced the Knglish article in the mailtets of Mouth America and Canton There ate 9(10 cotton mills in the United States, and a capital ol ill0,00>,000 sterling is invested in the cotton manufacture. They have nearly 40,000 looms, and produce iAO millions of yards in a year. The exports from the United States to China during the present season are stated already #t25U,0C0 lb*, ot twist, and420,000 piece* of cotton cioth. The English funds have impr jved ; the temperate answer of the Duke of Wellington latt night on Irish bftiirr. has reassured the timid simulators, as it wa* of s. very different complexion to what was expected by maity, but price* are by no means firm. The foruigu funds w<-r? also quoted firmer, but Spanish is in a very sensitive state, anl from the disinclination of dealers in making prices, it is sup|*>Hid that the market will not as yet bear large operations either way. The early closing of the Stock hictiRiige, according to the new si stem, ot coursecheck* tlie speculative business of the morning. l.itfkpooi. ('otto* \!*i.k*t. Jt *r. 17.?Jithtt? About 2<kj io 3o.i barrel* Mew York l ot have met with buyer* tins werk, but at what prices, has not yet transpired ? .Montr?.il Ashes continue dull at the quotation*. June 8?Cotton?The imports this werk have been unuanally , extensive, and the market ha* asiumed a quiet a* p?ct We cannot, howevei, quote any decided reduction in prices,though buyer* have had a slight advantage. The demsnd has proved moderate, and i4,700 balas have changed hand*,vi7?: 21,*60 American, 1,020 Brazil,450 Egyptian, 30 West India, Ike., 1,300 East India, he. Juki 16?Our market ha* been uniformly inactive this week. It i* now fully ascertained that the extent ol the American crop* will at least prove fully a* large as was previou ly anticipated, and the con*um> rs It el little dia posed to increase their purchaser*, ivlying uj>on the large stocks as a guarantee lor the continuance ot low prices. Th#? ciinnlv has nroved abundant but them is not imi''h change in price) to notice. The common and middling qualities ol American and Sural are fd. per lb. lower Egyptian, Brtuils, and Sural remain unaltered. The transactions this week have comprised 'J3.J0O hales, viz.: 19,490 American, 104(i Brazil,370 Egyptian, !/0U Wm( India, ana -JICK> fcttht India, he. Account of Faih fkom Jul** 9 to June 16, IM3. Cu'rtnf I'ricr* nf t/lii rlay. (hd. /? hairtu Go ct In Qua. %tn S airs. Uncr'n mid fait. fn <4 fan fair u.k. 1842 iiiO Sta IsUid (is, tf Kl'J Uiu nilU dl> aU21 ds>4#a^l 20 "*Miutd ditto, < a > 6 a b>4 7 ? ft 4H* 9 40(hi U,iia ddit'.o, 'JSt? 04? l A a 6'* ?140 Mobile, ? Ah * i iV ?>4 <X< 6* 9100 i>rw Oileann, ]S? l>ia 5 5>k? 7 4Ha 7S Imports into Liverpool Horn June 0 to June 18, ?>3,376 ; previously this year, 1,100,(>79. Ln kKrorn American Provision Makklt, June 16.? Since the 3d 1111.18111 there has been a good demand for every arUclu of American provisions at lull prices, and slocks are now much reduced. The late arrivals of Beet have met h ready sale where the quality had bean line, and for such there it likely to bee steady demand: old is more saleable, and the stock gets light. For Old Pork there has been an active demand, at gradually improving rates; what now remains is lii mly held at 1 he advanced quotations. No really good dry Harai yet received j such would sell. Pickled Hams uusa leable. Cheese maintains thu late advance j from absence ol supplie* thu transactions have only been to a model ate e*t?nt. L*rd meets a ready *ale; the arrivals are much lighter j tu*i? -A** expect, d, aiid prices consequently continue to j rule high. Theie are som- sales of Orease Butter reported at the extieme quotations-, holders are very Arm, and should tne ii. xt shi| from New York not bring supplies, prices are likely te go higher. 4t ?i? or 1 bade. - March ester.?We have nat e*pcri( need any decided change sin ;e I'nesday in our cloth market (Ilia demand Continues limited, but prices are ve'y steady io> all qualities, t*ut i* mijj difficult to quit, and in some casea the buyer bas Hgsm the udvantage. liucHuc r.?-To-day there lias been a very flat market i ui previoua pnoea I he liat bring whiuun week, when many oi the. hxnda f.rr idle, hia c< rtainly twen ihe on anon of tew^r Rood* brin.?brought lo market. The wool market liaa in . n till, the iMDO'Hvturir? buy very fcpanuKty, perhaps ? ikhnB'to ? hat utrct th<" new clip n.ay have u|x',n pri <?. There waa only a r. ry limited buiinem don* to-day, and our tl Ce lull prea$nted Hit low Inij i rt No rhai ? % however, in tli< valir<- ot thy kind ol goodi * < . k rather heavy a d Increasing. A riri.o ? < 'okttai y to the expectation* of many, oiit |w?i'ijii i? f*idently growing ?tt?t and wont*. Work 1a t>?< wining aca-ce, ana the nio>.pect? ?l the operative are growing mon-gloomy. Not the laaat aignaot amendment arc waiMe. Heport atwtea that aonn very happy job lota have lireo efocUd, but at ruirioualy low iat?a. Li tci.- We rannot notice any chmige lor the better to-day w either of tt>? hall*. Th? little improvement no tied a few days a*? imbi to hire ind from appearance* we are approaching our old atate of thinga? djtuiauhed employ Knot and increasing stocks, with no prulita. On the whole things are very dull. BaiuroaD?There wai a good business done to-day; Ot lemiM and Merinoa acarce, aud many manufacturers mating to extensive orders. A small advance, too, muat be uotud of various kiuds. This looks well. Spinners nre daiog better; no stocks, and a shade higher rates. Wool?'i here is a steady demand for this article. There is no change in the value 01 any deacriptiona or qualitea. Foreign Market [Correspondence of the Herald.] Lomish Markets, June lti'.h. We beg to confirm our last advices oi the 31 inst , to which we have little to add. The long prevailing wet and unsettled weather has caused great anxiety to be lelt iniegardto the growing crop?, and a gnnwral dulness has pervaded trade in consequence, but we are glad to say a favorable change took place yesterday, the weather having become warm and genial, and altogether more settled in appearance Hitherto, we do not think any injury has been done to the corn, more especially ax respects wheat; and should the present line weather continue, we consider prospects in favor of an abundant harvett, the breadth of land under wheal being larger this season than lor mauy years past. Very little doing in Ashes, ptices of which are nominally supported, is the absence of tresh supplies. Cochineal ?J40 bags have been sold, Honduras silver 3> fld to4s7d, and black 6? to (>t id, with a few Mexican black from 4i -Jd to 4i 6d per lb., which show trifling declire. We have no improvement to notice in Coifeo ; consumption, however, would seem to be gradually increasing in this country, ths deliveries to the home trade Irom Ist January, having exceeded those of last year b> three roil lion lbs. There is uo enquiry whatever lor export, an? in all the continental markets the demand is limited, not withstanding the unptrcedently low scale of prices ; stocks also are accumulating. Our present quotations lor sheathing Copper is per lb.: the market is dull. The demand for Cotton, at Liverpool, hasbeen extremely moderate since our last,and as the quantity offering has been ample, the importeos have had to submit to a decline t I I to per lb The market for both goods and yam wu? dull on Tuesday, and pi ices were rather lower. Drugs?30 chests opium have been sold at 7s, at which thw article is now held. Rhubarb rather lower, good China having been sold trom is 9d to Si per lb. Camphor dull at ?9 ins. Oum Animi qui??t: a parcel recently arrived from New York will beotferedat auction on the 39th init. (Jwinir tn th? WAathur nrinnm r\f WI?oa? *A vanced 34. to 4s. per quarter, unit a nuculativo demanl was beginning to M felt:?to Jay's mat ki 1. however, was extremely Hat, and to have effected sales to any extent, lower prices mutt liavn been submitted to. Flour nominally 20* to 22s. in bond, and 26s. to 27s per barrel,free. Of St. Petersburg clean Hemp, our (lock is small that buyers have had * > |>?y ?30 per ton. Musonilis has declined, and is ottered Ireely at ?22. Nb alteration in Hides Indigo quiet, in anticipation of the sales to commence 11th proximo, lor which 10,467 chest* are declared. The last overland mail brought date* from Calcutta to 20th April; little had been done in the way of sales, the shipments having been principally on Planter*' account; the highest quotation was rs. 280, and exchange 2*. Id. per rupee. The Iron trade evince* no signs of improvement, British being scarcely saleable at ?4 15s. here and ?4 tree on board in Walt s. Nothing done in foreign. The public sales of Ivory on 11th iust., went oil with fair competition, and for large Teeth, both Bast India and African, an advance of 30s. to 40*. wa* realized. Scrivelloes maintained their previous value, but part were bought in. American Lard a slow sale, at 32s. to 34s. per cwt. English Lead ?16 to ?16 10* 1,602 pigs Spanish have been offered at public sale, and bought in at ? 16 2*. 6d. No American here. Oood Linseed i* worth 42*. 6d. per quarter for crushing. Linseed Cake (till find* buyers lroai ?4 to ?6 per ton. Oils.?Linaeed is flat at 31s per cwt. We retain our last quotations for Sperm, but there i* little doing. Southern ?31 to ?31 10s.'per ton, at which 47 ton* were sold this aft?rnoon. Seal ?33 to ?34. Cod ?37 to ?38. Palm Oil about 30s per cwt Oallipoli has been selling at ?46, and Spanith Olive at ?41 to ?42 per ton. Provisions.?We retain our late quotation* of Irish and Hambro Beef; further arrivals ol American have taken place, but no transactions are as yet reported. Quicksilver fiim at 4s tid. per lb. ltica dull again, affected by the fine weather; an advance of 1*. had taken place, but there are now teller* o: Bengal from 9s. 6.1. to 11*, per cwt. Saltpetre dull at 21s. tn 25s. itrat?< Soda, Ids. to 16s. 6d per cwt. Spelter is held at ?24, at which one or t<vo parcel* have been sold. Sheet Zinc, ?38 Sjiici-r?400 boxes Cassia Lignea have been sold from 3.V. to 6is. 6i. Pepper and Pimento in moderate demand at lormer rntt s Little done in other article*. A fair business hat been done in China and BeDgal Raw Silk at our late quotations. 1464 bales Bengal and 691 bale- China will be offered at auction Slit instant. A 4 00.1 (I'man.d prevail* I or all kinds of Sugar for home | me, unJ pnc.es lmve improved Is. to js perowt. Foreign Sugar, on the other hand, is nrgl'Cted, and no sales have , Km made of any of the numerous arrivals, afloat, the , highest offer for finu yellow Havana having been 33?., which ini|>ortcr9 are not inclined to accept, anticipating . better prices as the season advances ; on the spot, nothing whatever done, and quotation* consequently nominal. f Nothing new :rom any ot the Continental Torts cr St. Pc- J terrliurg. J Tallow flat at 41s. 01. on the spot, an.l 4is. for late deliv- i ( ery. [ t Binca Tin firm at 63* In Holland, where the stock is ] Urire,they quote it nominallj f.36J. f The public ?ales of Tea, consisting of 33.KO packages. , have gone off with gre?t heavineg*, barely 11,000 having found i uycrs at a reduction ol Jil. to 1>1. on Congou, Jd.per J lb. on Twankay, and Id. to S<1- decline o.i tne and medium quality Hyson. t 1'obarcW continues fiim. Turpentine has declined at Liverpool, tales having been i made at 8a- 9). per cwt.; our recent arrivals have been ell j direct to drawers. Whalebone?40 tons at public sale this afternoon were . withdrawn, with the exception of one lot sold at ?170 in bond. Later from Havana.?By the arrival of the J schooner Ann A. Parker, Captain Brightman, ( Savannah, we have received advices to the 20th i u!t., being two days later. Tne West India nnil steamers are becoming j more and m ire irregular in their tri|*. The Med- j way went into Havana on the 17ih inst. Tne Senora Borgheae apj>ear? to be the " bright 1 and particular star," as a singer, in Havana. T e American brig Aurora, ot Boston, (rom Ci? r fuegf^j to Havana, lost two roasters in succewjoc before entering the port. She had a cargo of fro;', destined for Wilmington, S. C. The health of Havana is comparatively good, and the deaths less than they were at the same time last month. \ Accounts have been received at Havana, to the i 3d irist., from Mexico, and from Vera Crue to the 7th, hut they are not important. The Mexican .unta wu discussing the plan of a new constitution, fhe abolishment of capital punit-hment, it was ex peeled, would constitute a feature ol it Commerce w,ib hardly ever bo languishing. New Orletni. < Cormpoudence of the Herald.] New Orlkan*, June 21st, 1843. 7>iinn in General?The Club*?The State of the River?Fourth of July. Dear Herald:?To while away a lew leisure moments I will, as you see, address you a few lines respecting things in general; but as for business, it would be in a putrid state, if it was not for some financiering still, now un<' then giving an impulse tothc vevtr pe/unia of our M'inicip?lity, No. 2 We were atraid our Public Schoo.s would have to halt in their onward march for want ol funds, which at first S. J. Peters and the other three members of the council of Municipality, No. 2, reluse l?but fearing it would injure his popularity he succumbed, and will make it p by something else, s?y an extra forced loan. Humbiis is the order of the day?sub-marine explosions, flying machim s, animal magnetism, Rnd Irish Kepeal meetings. Once and a while the Sacred M isic Association gives a concert as an interlude, the one last evening was very we,| attended by both sexes, considering so many ol the bonton have lelt The clubs are increasing in members, especially the K. G. A. C. (can't get away club,) which the legis lature win incorporate next year. limiting the prol>erty to be held by them to $10,000,000. They are about organizing an association to be styled the " Petitioning Society lor the Amelioration of Indo lent Men"?it will be n numerous association no doubt, aa this generosity of our ".idopu d Creoles" is so great as to blind their eyes as to the deserved ness of the sufferer?but after 15 (KM) |?eople being humbugged by Professor (?) Grant, what will not deceive them ? The Mississippi river is at the highest Mage known, and from the accounts above we cert4iuly will have an increase of water, when an inundation is inevitable ; if it thould happen the loss of pr?i>erly will be f norm?uH,aud possibly many lives sacrificed, yet all may l?e prevented if cautionary measures are used. By referring to a map of the city you will f e where we have the most danger to fear: namdvjust above the town ol Carr?!ton, where the current setting i trong into the land would take a northerly course ;

towards the lake Ponchartrain. It might be serviceable by the great deposit wfiich the river waler leaves, hut should the river suddenly fall after the inundation, nnd leave so vast a body of water to the stagnating effects of a hot broiling sun, a most fatal epidemic would result. Mo far our cjty continue* verv healthy There being very little of thr* amor jmlra tn our southern " north" men. uo stejw have been taken to I celebrate the glorious Fourth i ( July. It is in con I emulation, I believe, among some of the volunteer iiiilit.try <oni(.nni*s to vit>ii ill* watering piM* OB (lint duy, hut 1 imagine thi'V will find an invuljiernble mi? my to rmntend wun in the shape of bf.tr or rilt rougt, (red bugs.) and Texas mowjuitoa. ??iv< m** the city or a f>lnn# ; muck after all, and New Orleans i* the most pleasant of all the " summer" places. Until my next, adieu. Yours, &c N. NKVV YORK HERALD. \cw lorii, Snnil?|, July it, l?*i. ~ = Haratoca Snmai.?Our reader* will pleue bear in mind that the Herald can be obtained daily, on the arrival ofthecari, from Mr. Lewit, opposite the United State* Hotel. LANiiRCBuaoH.N. Y.?Thellerald can be had of Mr. Lewi*, Renisvlaer Hou?e. Subscriber* tearing their a J. dre** will be served regulaily. The Poke ion Nkwj.?We give in this day's Herald a very full account of foreign intelligence, brought by the Great Western ; so full that in the present crowded state of our columns, w? may properly dispense with lengthened comment. We may, however, observe, that we are disposed to look upon the accounts which have reached us from Ireland as of a pacific character. The excitement which :?i J: i .1 i..i I'lrvaus win uibuiuci uviiiuicrtr uuu uic prumui arts, but we are not apprehensive of any hostile collision ol" the people and the soldiery. We have various private communications before us, to which we may allude hereafter, but we shall now content ourselves with the general summary, which may be found in the following letter from one of our correspondents:? London, June 16,1843. Dear Sir:? There is little news to ofler since the departure of the last steamer Trie weather here has been quite wet and cold, and small apprehensions began to be entertained for th? coming crop?but yesterday aud to-day .he funds rose under its beneficial influence. The cotton market is quiet, and the sales at Liverpool have been quite moderate for the last few days. Fnces are without change. The business in the manufacturing districts id still fair, and the late news from America has revived the hope of again receiving larger orders Irom our side ot the water. The races at Ascot yesterday were not as largely attended as is often the case, in consequence ol the absence of the Queen, hut, notwithstanding, the show of equipages and the presence of a large number ?f the nobility and gentry, g.ive life and animation to the scene. This day was very fine (the first fine day in weeks) and the course in good order. The swee(*!takts was won by Col. Peel's Murat, with ease,beatingfElysiutn and Highlander. Her majesty's plate oi 100 guineas was taken by Lord L iwther'scolt, three years old, out of Silvertail, and the Mickleham Hall stakes by Lord Chesterfield's New Brighton. Several otner races came off, the details of which will be found in the papers. At a meeting on Wednesday of the proprietors of the Bank of Britiph North America, the state of the colonies, in their business relations, was stated to be greatly depressed. Large failures were reported in Montreal, Quebec and New Brunswick, and the pivpiivivio nciu VV/U?J'V. m.u iv jiaw II1C It usual Ul*l" dend by reason of the losses sustained in the latter cities. A diverting little episode occurred in the proceedings of the Anti-Slavery Convention yesterday. A Mr. Fuller, froin one of the northern States in our happy countiy, arose and contradicted the statements of Brother Phelps and brother Lewis Tappan, and stated that a large part of the American Abolitionists were "little better than sheer humbugs!" This awkward customer, whom the Times describes as "a rich specimen of the genuine Yankee," asserted that tiie northern Abolitionists did not trust the negroes well, or like equally, but kept them at a distance, as if their persons ought not to come between "the wind and their nobility," at < which the colored gemmen present turned up the whites ol their eyes in horror. i The Repeal amtation still continues to flourish in 1 Ireland, where O'Connell reigns in lull power and 1 influence. The Government here have changed their tactics, and will not, it is now said, resort to j force ... ' Tiiis is a judicious policy, and if the immense masses of Repealers who congregate do not meet j with opposition, and thereby create a colliiioa with tne anti-Repealers or Government officers, the isBue may be yet peaceful; but 1 cannot see how it is J possible to prevent some violent outbreak, which willfrhakc the Green Lie to iu centre, and give great trouble to Great Britain. The Pusey ite war wages hot in the ranks of the rstahiisned church, and the new version of Orthodoxy seems to gain ground rapidly. There is little stirring here in the Literary way. Iu theairicils the closing ot Drurv Lan?, and the ipeech ot Macready are the features of he week ? iltliough the hous- has been well patroni?ed yet Macready reviews with ereat severity the absurb latent law by which the monopoly ot enacting the tandard plays is confined to Covent Garden ai.d Drury Lane. This works great iniustice to both ictors and manager* I atiended Drury Lane on VIonday evening, on which occasion Her Majesiy was present. Ihe little Queen looked marvettousy well in health, and Prince Albert was as handome as ever. He is a great favorite with all classes, being I f ,-oung, liand3oii;e aud good tempered, and having , ense enough not to meadle with politics. TUe Ann-Corn Law League are laboring with great zeal and effect, and I am much mistaken it Sir Robert Peel will not, before long find it indispensable to the maintenance of his power to deler the growing feeling against monopoly in corn. The <peech of Mr. Webster is well received here inmost circles,and the predictions of your friend,Gen Green ihlif th#? trrtfuT intt-rfula /it Ur.lmh r^AriL uus.iilsl indue a modification of the high tariff on Britinh agricultural products,by at:r..e::jg to the adoption of a t Cornm r<..?! Treaty,with America appearto be d*s j tin?-d to be realized, it the mgm of the time* do noi dn;*- ?< (;;# [ ?he stock market n quite bo< ytiit .* 'A'? . g r'-e! *iie %r'.<er* w.:;iin bound', ( ati'l e:'.r?e < $*'. ..v.ive rr/arii* be duly controlled, ] ?'.<J 'be r.?* '/} ?.i ;>e ben^fi'.itl to the |*?*lot v.** i."ie ?/f the water, a* our British brethren w . feej it. j'.h ii?ore fl.?; '/?*d to look on u?* with f>. Y<7% ii *? are t&le to tak<" c-jre of ourselves.? T:.ere r/?-?-D a l?rg?- fa. 'ire at Bristol, m the iron ar- ,s,red hi that depressed j lisea M< Ml, Ook!< y and Ryan, the j Jlnno;* CoriiKii?ei'<iirri?, havsrrivea in good h'allfi , I :iey ar? active and shrewd men, and will do all that can be doni- to accomplish the ooject of tin-it I mission. Yours truly, L < Cki.kriution or the Fourth in this City.? We urt happy to ascertain, from proper authority, that i there has been an appropriation voted by the Common Council for the celebration of the coming Fourth of July. Both Boards have appointed committees of three; in the Board of Aldermen Messrs. Emmans, Scoles, and Lee, and in the Board of AsBihtants, Messrs. Dougherty, Wa-d, and Neabitt. And we are assured that these committees will make every preparation necessary to celebrate the Nation's birth-day in a manner worthy of New York. There will be fire-works in various parts of the city?at Castle Garden?at Niblo's? at Washington Square?at Tompkins' Square -at Harlem, and some other places. We are assured the celebration in this city this year will be in no respect inferior to what it has ever been in years past. Arrest or Jok Smith, thk Mormon Prophet.? i We have received the following letter acquainting us of the arrest of Joe Smith, which we publish us it was received Dixon, Illinois, June 23, 1843. James Gordon Bennett:? Dear Sir, T hnHtpN In inform vnn nf ihp um%,o 1 i n mm ?Ai?n this afternoon, of thefar famed Joseph Smith, who was captured this afternoon a few miles from this place by the Sherifl ol Jackson county, Missouri, i charged wiih treason against the State, advantage i bung taken of his absence from his strong hold, while on a visit to some of his relatives in this neighborhood. The Sheritt has been delayed a short time to await the arrival of Judge Brown ol th.s district, who is momentarily expected to arrive, with the prilenre of obtaining a writ ol habeas , corpus, when he will probably be taken before I Judge Pope, if not he will be tnken to Missouri, to i be dispose.i of perhaps a? the citizens mav deem 1 |>ro|>er He says he is wi ling to be tried in Illinois, ' but will not be taken to Missouri. I presume he has not had a revelation lately, or he J would not h?ve been caught so far from home, , where lie h?n been easily taken by two men. The mail is just closing, and I have not time to say more. S. Natax..? A letter published in the Baltimore Pa- i triot of the 29th ult. afternoon, from nn officer ol 1 the U. S. Navy, dated Port Mahon, May 6, states ] that the whule Mediterranean squadron, including the < ulombus, would get underway on the 7th of ] May, and after performing a few day's manoeuvring i in fl^et exercise, gunnery and seamanship, under Com. Morris, would serrate in obedience to or- i d'-rs, and pursue their way as previously directed? 1 thr Congress, it is said, to Syria?the Fairfield to France and along the Italian coast,nnd thence Hp i the Adriatic to Athena and Smyrna?the Columbu* to France and Brazil?the Delaware to Gibraltar Cadiz and Lisbon?and the Preble to Tunis, Tripoli, ] Algiers, Gibraltar, and ihence to Port Ma lion, to receive the nick now in the hospital? then to rejoin j Com. Morria at Gibraltar, Cadiz or Lisbon.. I T*h Days Lath from Pout* Oabiixo ? By ths arrival of the brig Henrietta, Capt. Fdrrell, we have received advice; oiiie Ititti inst. iuclusive. Our files of the " LI Liberal," contain nothing ot much importance. Below we give the letter from our correspondent, which gives a synopsis of all the interesting events tnat have taken place:? Puerto Cabcllo, June 1(>, 1843. Dear Sir :? 'J he French corvette ol war " Huron," arrived on 14ih inst. from the Windward Islands, and sailed next day ; her destination 1 did not know. It was "rumored" in town, that the American schooner " October," which. sailed from this port ior Baltimore on the (itii instant, run ui>on " Bird's island" in the night, a few hours alter leaving this port, and sustaining thereby considerable injury, was obliged to go into Curacoato repair; and also, that a considerable i art of her cargo was damaged, which consisted principally of coffee and a iew hides. Business goes on " smoothly" in this quarter, and recent advices <ro''\ tho United States have tended to enliven the spirits ot many, whose minds had become quite "agitated" awaiting future events, which they anticipate would not result favorable to their interest*; commercial affairs having taken a propitious turn in Lurone and America, we ho|>e soon to feel the happy effects of the revival of trade in this country. The American bark "Anita," of Boston, Captain J udali P. Baker, arrived here via Laguyra, on Ihe 12ill instant; this vessel has been " taken up" Dy a merchant in Laguavra to proceed to Hamburg, with his family and other passengers; she wiltsan in a day or two for that place via Saint Thomas. Good lu k toCapt. Baker, may fie have a pleasant passage, he is 11 a fine lellow, nnd deserves a "good breeze." Pray tell me, Mr Bennett, are there as many otlice-seekers as usual about the White House at Washington f 11 so, pleare mention to Captain Tyler, that one of ihemcanbe located in a mofi beautiful place on this coast,called Choroni, a port much frequented, and requires a consul there, and 1 hni fully satisfied that the " pickings," or "fees," would more than recompense the lucky fellow who should feel the "little responsibility" upon the sheuldera; whalers often call there, and of course they will require a certificate, duly authenticated by the official seal, to prove that " so many whales have been harpooued." This is important and deserving your serious attention. No American vessel, with the exception oi the "Anita," in port. Yours in haste. City Intelligence. Sudden Dkath?A Frenchman, named Adolph Tetit, about 36 year* of age, while chatting with a boon companion over a glass of claret wine, on Friday evening last, fell from his chair on the floor sad expired in a mo. ment. Physicians were sent for, but they pronounced it beyond their still to restojo the vital spark. The deceas ed was a ship carpenter, but lutterly had not worked at hi* trade. He waa a sober,quiet man, who, with his wife, Rose Petit, managed to live very comloi tably on the moderate profits of a small wine shop or caberet, at No. 190 William street. Up to the moment ol his sudden death he was in the enjoyment of excellent health and spirits. An inquest was held, end the jury returned a verdict ol apoplexy. Another Cask - An inquest was also held on the body of the young printer, Jamrs Madden, who fell through the open hutch of the premises No. 123 Fulton street, from the third story, where he was employed, to the first floor, striking his head against the combings of the third story hatchway in his descent, ou Wednesday morning last. He was sent to the City Hospital, and continued sensible until Friday evening, when he becamc insensible, and died during the night. A post mortem examination was made, it was ascertained that the right lobe of the cerebellum was very much inflamed, the pica mater was softened, and injected upon the brain, which produced death. Verdict, that the deceased came to his death l'rom injuries received, by tailing from thethird storythrough the hatch, ivay on the premises No. 13*2 Fulton street, striking hii lead against the combing* of the second story. Stkalino a Coat.?A colored man, named George ! 'tnitb, while prowling about the Howard House, stole a rock coat wnith J.I0 fi?m o.o'the waiters named James Scott, also colored. The coat ws- . .Hon bin back in a Hirtir house in Chapel, 'ear An'tiony ?tre?t, and bo vas fully committed to ai >*ir. Violkmt Amhi?K strv?Jor? itaaod Thomas Mor* ;an, of desperate aifvttraiice, and iik? ruffianly exterior, vhiie unloading a ship at pter No. 14 SU?t R<vor, made i most brutal attack on an uut trending cartaan, whose >HII we Iwu i* Henry Marshall, and so roughly banlied him, uvi n when Maishxll wMM the ground, and at lis complete mercv, tbat he now Ilea in a very dangerous ituation, co.'.timd to liu bed. .Mat 'hall's ti lends applied it the Police Office, and a w .irrant was placed in the hands if officer Stolkely. who a mated him- He would have howrd fight, but the determined character of the officer ooled the courage ol the bully. Justice Marritt held the ellow to biilin the sum ol t j take his trial at the next ,'ourt of G -neral S'sfiou Death fUsuLTina from Accident ?Yesterday the | Moroni r held an inquest at the City Hoapital, on the boily | if Michael Sulliva", who on Thursday last fell into the ' lold of therhip " Caspian,^ while discharging her caigo I if tobacco, the particulars sf which accident were pub- I iihe 1 in the Herald ol Friday. He lingered until II | i'clock on the following night, having Ueen insensible i he whole time. port mortem examination wai made, ; ind the liver was found very extensively lacerated, and hern wa? also ? slight effusion ol the brain between the icull and the dura mater, which was the cause of hi? | mm. niuiti, iiiui >uc urtf??en came 10 an (learn oy , juries received by (Riling accidentally into the holl of , be ship Cashian, on the 29th ult. Death fbum Exhaustion?An unknown man was ound en Friday niglit, at the corner of Hudson amd Spring i itreets, in a siate ol apparent intoxication. Ha was removed to the Third District Watch l!ou?e, on the corner >f Wooster and Spring streets, w here he died about mid.light. Doctors Pennell and Hashrouck were in attend, incc, and pronounced the cause ol death to be exhalation, urobably superindutod by intemperance. Citr I'm ison? Statistics of the City Prison for the week ndinr Saturday, July lit, fuimihed by Malachi Fallon, Kwj , Kn per. H'/iile- /Hack. Malt Ftm. Mule. Ftm. Tutal. \ 'ommitUd, ll? 74 4 10 307 [Jischarged, A3 84 8 0 (IS Kent to Black well's Island, /.# 1 Remaining in Prison, 70 17 5 11 108 Court, of Krrnrs Jt;i.v 1.? Mtrnmb, Plaintiff in Krrtr vs. Itmj If'ttldron \ tnd Sally An tmrfr, iJeftudanls in Error. ? The arguments in tins kiiae, which hax occupied the attention ol the couit ror several days past, wore continued to day by Mr. Jor* Ian During the pirient term of the Court of Errors, it has <eguile<! aome passing hours by discussions and votes on he subject of the whereabouts of the next term, and on nibsequent days, by reversing the decision which bail ! Iieen made. Soma ot the members have been drsiroua to meet in August at Saratoga, but Albany was the location Used upon. Afterwards "Hochestcr" was substituted for "Albany," and this morning the whole matttr was reconsidered, and Albany again fixed as the place for the holding of the next term. QQ- BEAUTIFUL EXCURSION ?It u ill be seen by ' an advertisement in our columns, that the proprietors uf the Housatonic rail road offer to those desirous of visiting the beautiful valley of tbe Housatonic, every inducement which nquatic and rural scenery can present. That ex- ! cellent steamboat, the " Mutual Safety," Captain Fitch, will leave the city to-uiorrow and next day, from the toot of Liberty street, at 6 A. M., and arrive at Bridgeport, Connecticut, at II A. M., and there connect with th<! rail 1 road train which runs to West Stockbridge. Thera j is not in our ceuutry more varied or pictun sque views than are to befound on the East River and en Long Island Sound, between Hurlgate and Bridgeport. The numerous islands and bays, and the points ol land stretching from the ; main and from Long Island, with the tort at Thregg's I Neck, and the light-houses and beacons in '.he Neck, at Sand's Point, Captain's Island, Norwalk, Eaton's Neck. Black Rock, fcc., give interest to.the scene, v l.ilu thehunrlreds of vessels constantly passing and repassing add variety and life not to be found in any ether pleasure excursion of similar extent. The |low price ot which ticket* may be procured, will no doubt bu en inducement to many tranger* to embrace the opportunity offered, while the old-, Iriend* of Captain Fitch will not fail to take a little mutual enjoyment with mutual ssfety. R7- FRANKLIN SALT WATER BATH8, CASTLE Qarden.?The number ol ladies and gentlemen who fly from the overwhelming and debilitating heat of the city to tka Franklin Baths, exceed all previons seasons ? From before sunrise, until long after the closing shades ol night, the current of all ages ,ind sexes flows on in rapid succession. We never saw a public Institution so admirably conducted in both branches, or so deserving of tha universal patronage it enjoyl. 07- THE PREPARATIONS THAT ARE MAKING st Peale's New York Museum to celebrate the Fourth, Are on the most magnificent scale. A grand display ol flags will b? suspended across Broadway ? Balloons will scend at every hour in the day?splendid fire works will he exhibited in the evening. The admirable opportunity that the place affords for witnessing the military proces lions, will induce people to give it the preference, par tictilarly, too, whan such powerful attractions are pre. lented. The Giant Girl is engaged, with a host ol other imrformers. There will be r. pcated ' ntertainmenta du. ring the day and evening. The admission will remain he some?one shilling. W7- THIS WILL B^nrSSttAT WEEK AT THE American Museum Barnum has determined not only to retain the renowned Tom Thumb, Jr., for every day snd vening this week, but he also puts on a host ot extra attractions and novelties in honor ol the glorious Fourth of Inly. A glance at the advertisement will shew thut his is the pine* above all others in the city forspending our Vitional Anniversary, Butthose who intend leaving the -i*y on the Fourth, should be sure to see the dwarl and ither atttfictions to-morrow. The new hall is ready for the reception ol specimens, cards, fcc. fjry OO TO CHURCH, BUT DON'T ANNO* THk. ' ongri g ition by cunning. Take on" of Sherman'* Congh Lozenge*, mi l it willallay all tickling or irritation n a lew minute*. There is nothing wfi know of that ope r?te? 10 quick, and prove* *o t fllcaciou*. Q)\f oommenda ion ol an iirtlcle no well known a* Shermnn'* I^oienge*, 11 hardly required, hut one cannot withhold it when we ire knowing to *o many ra*ca where they have hpepio very successful. So to all our reader* who hire & CnTT ir rough, we any go to Dr. Sherman'*, lot! Va***n n?re( ir hi* agents, William atreet; Id Amor Home, IW.'/fS, I.VI and 601 Broadway, W7 Hudson at, IKS Bowery, 77 Enat Broadway) 139 Fulton afreet, Brooklyn; 4 Stfinwix Hall, Albany; State street, Boston; or Cneanut street, Philadelphia BY THE SOUTHERN MAILAwabd.?The Jury to uieu damagee in the matterof the Penniylyania Hall, reported their award to-day in favor of thoae concerned for the mm of $?g,6A8 'i?. This jury was appointed lust November by the Court of General Sessions ? [Philadelphia Gazette of yaaUrday. Sales of Stocte at Phladelphla. $1000 City 5'?, 18t>3. 101; 14 shares Mech'a fc Manuf Bk, Pi'tslmrg, 44; $I0#<> Kent'y bond?, int off,*; i j? harei U. 8 Bfnk.fij; 74 do do 5j; $1000 Kent'ky bond*, OttJ, ja shares Plnlu Bank, 61 J; 7 do Penn Townihip Back, 10J, 11 do Reading R R, 17$. Aftkr Board ?$1000 Schuylkill Nav 0 per canU, 1848, M0; fl shares Cam len He Amboy, 89; $1000 Ten Bonds, ft prcttt Jan and July, HlJ, 10 shares Reading R R, 17 $3000 State 6's, 1864,40. ; LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, July 1?Old Cor?, Warner, 8t Barts and Miraciibi. ..... . Baltimore, Jan* 30?Ari Orphtus, Hill, N York; Amazon, W.due, Kio Cld Col Howard, Prvntisa, and Pauliue Mauaou, Rio; Reaper, Breatou, La Guana; Aoriana, [Br] Hunt, DeNorfolk. June 29?Arr Minerva, [Br] Biagay, St Kitti; i Oee n. Staeapole, Not1ean> Richmond, Juue 29?Sid W W Wyer, Bottou. Spoken. 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Some extensive swles of Illinois stock had been made in London on account of a well known and eminent house in Wall street, by whom they had been taken for debt. The price was 28, which, with the exchange, ii equal to 31. The market,being Saturday, did not display much animation, Lut the feeling was much better.|Ohio6'srose J ; Kentucky, j ; Illinois fell Harlem at yesterdays rates At the New Board Ohio rose } ; Illinois fell ? ; Kentucky rose i ; U. States 6's fell J. We annex the following regulations for the transfer of stock for the benefit of lori'igu holders, although we de not know why so much ceremony is throw n in the way of transfers:? The fallowing Rules relating to the transfer of Ohio State Stocks, :>t the 1'runster Office, in New Yoi k, havebet-n adopted, and will not be departed from in any instance. 1. All Powers of Attorney for the transfer of Stock or the collection ol interest, must be acknowlod by the party executing them, or proved by the subscribing witnesses thereto, before loneorni of the followiag officers: 1. If by a resident ot a loreign country, before a public notary ot ?uch country; or before any counsel of the United States, lesiJent in uny loreing port or coun'ry; or belore any minister plenipotentiary, or auy minuter extraordinary, or any charge des affaires of tho United States, resident and accredited within any state or king dom in Europe, or in North or South Amei ioa. J. li the party to such instrument reside in Great Britain or Ireland, before the Muyor of the city ot Londoa, the mayor or chief magistrate of the city ol Dublin, or the provott or chief magistrate of the city of Edinburgh, or before the mayor or chiel magistrate of Liverpool. 3 If the instrument be executed within the United States, and out ol this State, it is to be acknowledged or {'roved belore a justice ol the Supreme Court, or a district iidge ot the United States, or a judge or justice of the fiupreme, Superior or Circuit Court of any State or Territory, or of the District of Columbia. 4. If executed within this State, before a judge of seme court of record, (except justices' courts and other local courts in cities,) a Supreme Coart Commissioner, a commisioner of deeds, or a justice of the peace of any to trull. In case of the decease of a stockholder a transfer of his stock mu?t he made either by hif executor or administrator, or by the person to whom such stock bai been deviled, or who by the lawi of the country in which the stockholder resided at the time of h.a death has succeed, e<l to the ownership thereof, er who, under such laws has the right to take |*>sseesion ?f Met stoek. III. Where the steckbelder wm a raaidant of this State at the time of his death, an exemplified ?opy ef the Utters testamentary or ol the letters of administration, or a certificate under the hand and seal of a surrogate, that such letters have been issued and are in full force, must be lodred by the executor, or admiuiatrator in the transfer office, previous to a transfer of the stoefc. The trau>ter is then to be made subject to the preceding regulations. IV. Incase the stockholder, at the time of his de?th, was a resident of any othr r ritate in the United States, his rxecutor or administrator must, in like minner, produce an exemplified copy ol the letters ol aJaiinutratiou, or the letters testamentaiy, or certificate of the tact of such letters having been issued, by the oftcer from whotio office the same were granted, under his hand aud seal, il there be a seal, accompanied by certificateof the Governorof such State, under its seal, that thecer tificate or certified copy is given by the proper officer and is in duo lorm. II the applicant claims tne stock as deviser, or as having succeeded to the rights of the holder, he must produce the decision ol soma competent tri. bural to that effect, duly exemplified and accom)>a< ied by " the ceitificaie ol the Governor of sach State, under its sekl, that the decree or judgme.it was rendered by tue proper tribunal, and that the co;iy is certified Dy the proper officer, and is in due form. V. la case the stockboMer, at the time of Hi* death, was a resident of any foreign country, the person claiming the right to direct the transfer ot such stock, mutt produce the evidence ol such right as follows: 1. Il he cl.iitns as executor or administrater, or as having been appointed to take charge ol the personal estate ol such deceased stockholder, he must produce a copy of the instrument giving him such authority, duly exruiplified under the hand and seal (if there be one) ot the officer from whose office the original was tabled, accompanied by the certificate of one of the officers, enumerated in regulation No. 1, 01 b) (he certificate ol a consular agent ot the United States in such country, to the rffect that the officer granting such authority had jurisdiction of the subject by the laws ol such country, and that tne exemplified copy is by the proper officer and in due form. 'J. II the claim been tbe ground that the stock has been devised to the applicant, or that he hns succeeded as a relative lo the ritfllll nl BUTT AcrmalmA twirctt. ... cat* of rtock, u decision of tbe competent tribunal of the country establishing the rigb. of luch applicant muat be produced, duly axemplifleti u der it* aval (if it have on?) und by the signature ol its officers, and accompanied by the certificate ?f some officer enumerated in the preceding in regulation, to tha effect that auch deciaion waa pronounced by a t ibunal, which at the time, by the lawa ol the country, had jurisdiction of the subject and authority to make auch deciaion, and that the copy of the decree ar Judgment ot luch tribunal ia duly authenticaied by the proper ofllccrs. We have again later new? from abroad. The atata of affair* ? ai much bettur. Money was more abundant than at the date of the last packet. There had been a scarcity of what are deemed good bills by theWadiug discount houses, and the rate on first class paper cannot ba quoted above two per cant. Money ia at the same time obtainable on call at Irom 1J to l| par cent. The return* of the currency were as follow* England May V. lire Inr. BaaV of kmifiud, xm.shom * 9,i?.aoo wooo I'irate B aks, 4,"W0?u0 i '?* *"'22S J lint Stock B'Oks, 3,iH.0il 3,017,167 91,000 ? MOlland. PB?MfT.OOO - JJ6,?M B tab of ?!? I.IM.OOO S,?06.20o - 53,ooo Private ?in.I Joint Stork |j .ults, l,wl?fl00 1,161,3)7 110,000 ? Tout, 36.642, 00 34, lli,461 917,000 ? Bullion in the Bank of KuRtaud, 11,316,000 11,325,000 ? 9,000 The decrease of the circulation of tho Bank of England in accounted for by a diminution in the demand lor money for commercial purines. The continued rains, with tha low temperature throughout the whole of the month of Viay, has been sensibly felt on a'l the light and fancy branches of trade, and in the present manner of conducting the internal buainti* of the country, tha effect of liminished consumption pasaea with much mora rapidity than formerly from the retail to the wholesale dealr ra <nd manufacturer!. Than la no doubt, therefore, that lie weather haa had ciriaXaiabla Influence in dimintah >g the amount ol commercial paper afloat, and this cor? r-'spends with the a. tual itataof the money market jii the Ttt'tropolla?th<* rtiicol monny having lall*n * hoyr. The condition of the bullion in th? coffinr* of tb? Bmiii