10 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V TH Tol. IX.?No. INT. Wtol* la, 3380 The Great Banker Mill Herat*!, Published ?n superfine pM*T, containing full account or the celebration of Buaker Hill, oon*istii>g of th? descriptions, and Mr. Webster's eratioi i accompanied with fit? ?pl?n<lid engravings, comprising lit. A rare and original view of the Battle of Bunker Hill, whieh took place oa the 17th June, 1775 ; exhibiting the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and ther force*. 2nd. A view of the proccuion forming on Boston Common. Sd. A view of the proCMsion crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the nerth, ns it looked en the day of tua celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th- A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter tkacelebratien. Agenta will nleuse transmit their order* before the edition will be sold, as the demand is unprecedented. The price, wholesale.to agents, $8 per hundred, or eight ccuts per copy, Ketau, 13* cents, to M Had at this office. BRITISH AND WOJt l^ AI^E^IC A W lttlV A I. MAIL Of 1209 toas and 44f horse power each. Appointed by tha Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and ?oeto% calling at H?if*r to laid and rscsive Pcuuenseugcrs and Her Majesty's Mails. Jm HIBEKNIA, Captain Charles H. E. Judkins. CALEDONIA, Vaptwn Edward Q. Lott. ACADIA, CaptaiuAltxaudar Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Capuin N. Buamioa. BRITANNIA. Captain John Hewitt. Will sail for "oston, via Halifax. rMU LITILBrOOL. FROM enSTOW. Acr.<fia, Rvne, lS:h May 16th June Columbia, khannon Uli Jnae l*t July Hibeniia. Judkins, lSih Jui.e 16'h July Calrdoniv,. Lott, UhJnly 1st Aur These ships carry experience sargrons, and t rances' Patent lite Boats. No bertha sesured antil paii fo?. Apply to D. BRIOHAM. JR.. A went. jelr No. * W*|l sUv*!. New York. 'mm " m fAMBAUEFROM GREAT BRITAIN ANI) IKf.LAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Builing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Parsons wishing to send to tba Old Country for their friends ran make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare thean tome oat in this superior Line of Packets, sailing from L iveroeol eunctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. TKey will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly commnuica?ion Irorn t'uat port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, te see that they skall be lorwarded with care and (leapitch. Should the parties agreed for not eome cat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, wiihoatoauy redne tion. Tfee Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vit>The OXROKDT '/be NEW YORK, CAMBRIliUE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and nueqaa'.Ied airangemsats, the subserihers confidently look forward for a connnuduce of thatsupport which has been extended to then so uany year*, lor which Uiey are grtufkl. Those proceeding, er remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Dnfls at sight for any amount, drawn direct ou the Royal Bank of Irelnod,Dublin, also on Messrs. rXESCOTT, UROTE, AMES k CO. Bankcn, London, whin*! will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Bnmehes, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Seodmrt and Walai. Apply.or address, (irifelener^oeBt^HrHg & 15 Kulton strerC New York, next door to lite Kullon Bank. N. B.?Tbe Old Line of Liverpool Packets sdU from this port for Liverpool ou the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties remixing to the old country will find it to their comfort aud advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyaaee, in preference to any other. d!7 r TAP3C0TT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, J* Dvrr ut IP KTW vnnif_ iSfc "iBT 4J8T ii* T^i^ubseriber* beg ts callithe attention of their friends and the rublii? [toinllr, to their superior imoiimeiti for bringing o?t pu??."?i(ert from, mi J reniitti-ug money to, any of Kugland, Irel^>a, Scotland or Wales, iu trie magnificent packet shipi.eniBprinnglhe " NJCW Lfafc bf LIVERPOOL V ACKJfiTS," V1Z.!Bhip RQSC1U8, Capt. Collins. Bhip SIDDON8, Captain Cobb. Miip SHERIDAN. C?pia?? Depeyster. Ship (JAUinCK,C?m?ia Middy. >?w shin HOTTINOUKR, Captain Borsley. Ship JOUTH/.RNKIl, Captain Voodliouac. Hhip ROCHKSTKR.Csptain Palinrr. New ihip LIVERrOOL, Captain Kldredge. Bailing twice etery month; and with ike" UNITED LINK," computed of superior lint elasa American ships, sailing every ten ?*?, will m-Uie five chips in each mouth throughout the year, (oroa* every six days) thereby prevention ths posai kslity of entcasaary detemmo. ;\??i??sdij?ct from London, Bristol and Oresnorh to New r: AWcfrom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Bavaa ?. I'sfSatioti. Philadelphia, Boaton and Baltimore, and the van vi "?ws in British North Ameriea, can at ail times tie engaged on li'wnl terms. Persons wisiiiiik to send for their friends, will not fail to see the adviauges to be derived I rem telecliuc this line in preferrnf to ?ny other, sud they may rest assured that unutnal car* wi!! bj taken to make the ra??s?* agreeable, the ships being fiunTnp with an ere solely to the comfart of passenger*. fn all *nse* wliw itiie parties sent for decline coming, the money will be rv'anded without any deduction, as usnal. A ree pataage from ths vat iooi seaporu of Ireland and Sootland, eta also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agent*, tail as follows, viz To an<l from Loudon on the 1st, 10tk, and Wih of each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th. and lith of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Mtvan uah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the khou. REMITTANCES. Persons in the conntrr wishing to send money to their friends by rucloMug tliesnin ttu*y villi n ut, with the nimr end address of (tie parties te receive it, m?y relyon a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt tneseof, aid an acknowledgement for the aauie returned per mail. Draftsat xight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any othrr charge, at the National and rroviaci.il Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Ureenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Son St Co., Bankers, Louden, Eschsnge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal towuof Greet Britain and Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by Utter, post paid, to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, diy f 43 P ck Slip, corner Bonf sf. VHK NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. && m. To sail trom New York iSth, and from ^Liverpool ith of each month. BUpHO^raUER, 1M tons. N#W 1I4# ,OM- j >?* August New ship Ores* Western, 1250 toni.S i?.u v.. rhilip R WooHhonse, \ '^September. bhip ROCHESTER. too ton.. J 1R,h n?t?s.r Jehu Britton. \ 16,h October. i*hese tnb?rantiHl, last sailing, first etas ship*,ill built in the eitvof New York, are commanded by men ofeipenenre and ability, anj will be despatched pnuctoally on the l?th of eaeh month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are famished with whatever can condnc* to the ease and comfort of paseengerv. Neither the captains or owneT* of these ships will be responsible foi ary parcels or packages sent by theia, unless regrJar bills lading are signed therefor. *" 'WSSDSjIL t M1NTUBN9, H7 South street. New \ork, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS h CO., )e?l r Liverpool. i NEW YOHK AND HAYnE PACKETS-Seconu Li..? ?The ships of this lm? will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and lWvie oh the llith of each :nou'b, as follows, viz:? From Nrw York From Ititrrt. New ship ONEIDA, l 1st Martn. t itith April. Captain < 1st July. < l*lh Angnit. Je.ncs Foack.f 1st November.? 16 to Dsc. Bhtp BALTIMORE, C 1st April. C 16th May. Csptam < st Augnst < 16th Sept. Edward FatiOt.i 1st December ( litti Jar.uaiy. 8hip UT1CA. ( 1st May. I '6th Jnne. Captain < 1st September< 16th- October. Frederick HowitLf 1st Jannary. t( 18th February, New ship ST. NICHOLAS, ( 1st Jnne I l?th July. Captain < 1st October, i 16th Nov. J. B. Pell. ( 1st February. ( icth March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, eomhiniac all that mav be required for comfort. The priee of cabin paaeaire is $'C0. Passengers will be sqpplj?d with every reonisite with the exception of wines and liquor*. &MMU intended for theae *????:? Will r>e forwarded dy the nhtetiboii frfe frnie *ny other, than the expenie* actually incaned on them. Kor fteifht ?ir??'??*> *PPlr to BOVU fc HINLlkfc'J, Agent>. No % Totit't'* Baildiinc. cot Wall and VVment,. " irtm >k> ? kleans. LOUISIANA AN1> NEW if ?HIC LINK OF PACKETS .a a .u ^ For 0>r better accommodation of hippen, it i? jutenjlrd to dMpaicb a aUi|> from thta port on the lit, 5th. l#th, 14th. Kith, .md tSth ol each mouth, eom.i enema tlie 10th October and cofitinntag nntil ftlay, when regular day* will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby mrcnt delay* and diiappoiirtm-nM will he f rerouted during the aumtoer mouth*. The following hip* will ?tao*enea thla arrange meut: Whip YA/OO. Captain Cornell. Snip <)<DNJCk, Captain Jark?on. Whip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Whip LOUISvlLLEL Captain limit. Ship 8HAKSI*I?AHI, Captain Miner. Kliip UA?TUN. 0?pt*in Latham. Pnip HUNTSVii.LE, Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMl/LGEE, Captain Lvavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dicluuaom. ship mkm71us. Ca?vtaiu KdikIu. hl*u LOUISA, MuIfortT The*e ship* were all built in the city of New York. eirreM U'.WJwii- J*?'tn'B? of thea? *hipa wUI k f for ?nv Utrrn !??2l ? "MM, ?ilfVr ? Jj* ' iSE2?s?^5i8waa ssM-wfeJa ^?-i'5?je's?=S 4 eVMEBflVBHRBfimi E NE N OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. SZSt Imk S&EL '"PHK OLD LINK of Farkeu lot Liverpool will hereAller be * detpatcheil in th? following order, excepting that when Uie dayof Miliux falli oil SuuilAr, itic xhi[a will tail outUe aucceeddar _ . i Kor New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July ? 616 tona. < Oct 1 Nov }? D. (J. Bailer. (Feb 1 Mai 1} The ENGLAND, (June 19 Am I 750 toaa, < Oct J* Dec 7 B.L.VVaite. t Ytb 1? April 7 The OXFORD. I July 1 800 Loai, <N?r I P* ,2 J. itathboti*, f March 1 } I The EUROPE, (July M J 610 toaa. t Nov l? J?n I E.6. Marali&Uf Mar U May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Au? 1 ?epl C ?lt toaa. < Dee 1 J*u }? A R I.nwbfr.r Anrii 1 MflT 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tana. ' ?#b I T. Ik Cropper, f April II Jane 7 The CAMUKIDGK, C8cp. 1 Oct 17 Vtt> ton*. {Jan 1 Feb IT W.C Bantow.f May 1 Jane 19 The COLt7MBLB, t Bept 19 N<>* 9 700 toai, < Jan 19 Mm 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 Jojy 7 Pnnetuality, a* regards the day of sailing, will be observed u heretofore. The pnee of Milage outward i? now fijed at One Hundred Dollars, for whit n am; lo stores ofever? description wiU he (iroTided, with the eieeptfun of wine* and liquor*, which will be fnriiisha<U;y (he ste w\rds. OOOOKUK It CO., <1 Sonth it., C. II. MARSHALL, 3H liurling-slip, N. Y. j?21 lyh BARING *HOTHERS b CO.. Vpool. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and front Great Britain and Ireltnd, via Liver pool and London, by the regular parked, lailng weeltly to and fiom Liverpool, and maud from .Loudon on the lit, 10th, and 30th of each month. The rubaciiber Iisji made extensive aimngeinents (o bring out emigrant*, and cau, with>great confidence, assure thos** persona sending (or their friends,that every dv and diligent attention wiil be shown them, and ail who embark with them. J*BKngn can al?o be engaged from LivrtbooI Pirect to New Orleans, Mobile, Saiannah, Ba'timere, rliiladelphia, B > ton, and to the different ports of the British rrovincee. With th?ie arrangements, together with the advantage which hii Liverpool e irrespoudents possess, being la ge shipowners,and exte-<sivelv engaged in tit* IreightiDg 'tisiness?having l?t year despatched upwards of 100 first class ships to tlis various pints of the United States, with freight and paisettgers. The facility offered by this establishment is nn nrpsssed, and from tho large number of first clais ihips emplovvd in the line there can be no diteniion whatever, which will be guaranteed. The pries of passage will be at the lowest rates, an J should any of those sent for decline coming, the pus sage money will t>* returned as euitoiniry. The steamboat fate from the diir?r?nt port* to Liverpool ian,a* usual, i>e secured. Those remitting raomy to their friend* can have draft* to aoy au?ouii?, payable in a'.l the priucli>al towns, without discount, throughout Great Britain and Ireland, au arrangement which has Kiveu the KTeatcst satisfaction. The subscriber hopes to receive a continuation of the pnhlic patiouage, which has been io liberally bestowed for many years past. For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HKRDMAN. 61 South *t, N Y, or J. & W. KOB1NHON. No. 16 Ooree Pinrr.as, Uoorce'i Dock, aud 1 Neptune at, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. AGENTS. Th??. J. Timmins, Ks.i No. 161 South Front st, Philtula. Patrick Miltou, Esq., Buffalo, N. Y. Joseph Kirkpatrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. Miclil MrQiade.Utica, It.V. J. A Noomau, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkey, Dubuque, Iowa Ty. J. H. Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Corre litis Cahill, Ptro, Illinois. , John Hijf??y, lloc'nerer, N. Y. N. B.?The subscriber is alio arent for first class packet ship* sailii'i every few day day* fr-nn New York to Mew Orleans, Mobile, Cliarlaston, and Savannah, by which passage can be secured at the lowest rate. tn2<r NEW LINK OK LIVK.KPOOL 1'ACKttTe. To a fro in New York ou ihe 25th aud Lirerpool on the lfth - nf each m+ntk. m m m ml 1<???? Ntwloiit Shir ROSC11TS, Captain John Collins, 15th July. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, J5th August. Bhip SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deiieyster, 3'itn Sept. Ship OAKR1CK, Captain Win. SltidJy, aith October. Knox LircufooL. Ship SHEHIDAN, Captain F. A. D>'i>eyster, 13th July. Bhip OAK HICK, Captain Wm. skiilJy, nth Au^iut Bhip ROSCIL'S, Cvuin John Collins, 13tla Siptembtr. Slup H1DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, ljtn October. Theses hips are ail of the first class, upwards of KM tons, bnilt MOM city of New York, with inch isrprovemenu asenmbin# great ?p< e<t with unusnal comfort for passengers. Eveiy care has beeu takes in the arrauKeiueut of their accommodation*. The price of passage hence is $7). These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make ever* exer tion ta ci>e ffeurrnl ausfoetion Neitner the captains or owneis of tS sLlMwill be responsible for aiy letters, p&rculs or pickaRr sst-n by mem, nuleu regular bi ll? of (ailing are signed fhereior. Forlrvijtht or passiirc, apply to &. K. COLLI NH * CO.. 56 South st., New York, or* BROWN. BH1PLET U CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packoU will be charted ll}4 cl nu per tiujle ?hc?t-. 50 cents p?-i onnce, aud uf?iwi',n 1 cent each, iyl *t Ann m LIN? m ACKK The undermentioned! *nip* will be regnl*rly dispatched from hence and from M&rsriJIe* on liie 1st of each month during l*e year? From New York. Marseilles. COUK1KR, Cart Pa??ran, June 1. 'A?8 1 TKESCOTT, faf*. Myriolt, July 1. Sej: 1 HEL.I-.KSPONT, apt Adams, Auk I. Octl COIUOLA NITS, Cap Hail*, Sep 1. Not 1 H'RYTHOMPSON, Cap 8yl?e*ter, Octl. D. c I They are all coppered ami copper fastened,and hare excelled accommodation* Tor passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $10t, exclusive o, wise* andliquors. Goods addressed to the a rents, BOYD 8t HINCKKN, will be forwarded free of other chances t'tau those actually p<udFor freight or paasajje apolv to BOYD fa IllNCKEN, Airenu. No. 9 Tontine BuOdings, or 8. JJKOOM It (JO., wifl t 103 Front street. NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Bobsonben hatin< completed their arrangements, are now prepared to forward passengers lo all the Northern and Western Stales and Canada, hr daily linea of towboata, railroada and steamboat*, via the Noith riverand Erie Canal, upper Lakes, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal roatrs. The following are a few of the moat important Viiuta ia Utica, BnfTalo, PottinHe, Oilena, Syracuse, Cl-vrland, Pirtsbnrsh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Cincinnati, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, 8t. Louis, St. Johns, Leckporr, Chic-tgo, Louisville, Montreal. Alao to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Having siven inch universal satisfaction inihcir London and Liverpool lines of packet*, the subscribers will endeavor to make the present undertaking equally deseiring of public fa Tor. The attention of emigrants and others is invited to the follow low rates of pussge to a few of ihe mouiinportmt i oiuU, any other places on the route, being equally low, viz:? Utica, $1 f>o Cotm.itvs, $i CO St Louis, fit 00 Syracuse, J 74 Sandusky, 5 74 Oalena, II 00 Rochester, S 00 Detroit, t> 0i I jmdi. Buffalo, I 4? Milwsukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 !0 Oswego, 2 40 Chicago, JO 00 Kingston, 4 40 Erie, _ 4 50 1'ittshurg, 8 14 Hamilton, 4 40 Cleveland. i 40 Cincinnati, U 0J Montreal, S 00 rot farther particulars applv to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General Passage Office, Peck slip eor booth st. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other in this city. jtOr !? REMITTANCES TO IRKLAND, kte.?The VjJSJWsnbscribcr continues to transmit money In sums large bO&iu&t 'T small, to persons residing in any part of Ireland iu the same manner a* lie, fnd his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty yens and more;also,to any part of England, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (rost paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him wi:? the pane ?f the person or pcitOM In Ireland, England or BvoUand, to whom it is to be srnt, ai d nearest post town, wili he immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to tliat elfect given, or lor warded to the sender. Iu like mtuiier money, or claims on persons tn any part of Irelend, England oi Scotland, esn be collected by the subscriber lor persars residing iu any pa't of the Coiled Steles or C?nada, and will be p\id to th-rn accordingly j 17 lui*f UEOKUE McDHlDE, Jr , C2 Cedar st. MV' li'OH I.IVKKl'OOL.?Hei-ilar packet of the 13th taaW^.I'ily ?Tiie very superior, last sailing packet ship JHQflfcaVlfUJLNIAN, Captain Allen, will poatively sail as above. Having very superior accommodation* for eabln.seeond cabin and steerage passengers, persons wislsinr to embark should naiia aarly application on boaid, foot ol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH uitutr, IDS Pine St.,cor. Sontk. The above will be tncresded jf o? srWndjd poekstship Siddnns, Captia Cobb, end tail on the 14th July. Persons wishing to scud for their friends in the old conntry, can bave them brought onl by the above ship, or auy oltharegular packets, by applying as above ; if by lettar posttoid jv'ee TOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Regular MTJRXVPacket Itili July?The new, splendid New York JAMK.ba.lt packet ship HOTTINUUEtt, Ira Burster, master, 1040 tons, will sail as abore, her regular day. or freight or passage, having Isrge and commodious state rooms, apoly to the Captain on board, west side Barling Slip, WOODHULL & MINTUEN8, . K7 Sonth street. Ihe superior newpackrt skip Liverpool, Captain John Kldndge, 1IM tone, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sailou her regular day. Igth August. jy8r C1VERPUOC?NEW LINE-.Kegniar unui m! j ^ July.?The Splendid Packet Ship HLHU8I.IUS, Captain John Collins, of 1103 tons, wiTl positively sail a* above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for apleneor ot comfort, apply on boar.1, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. \ii- a?COLLINS* CO. MSogtli ?* ?." Price of i*iuji |7J. l'i>? (>o"? Pl''P Sid*Tn?, Captain C.B.Cobb, of lfM MM. will (ncctad tha Kowim, and Mil tha ?lli olAog, I.at regular day. Pwrtnen nu>T "?'t on tw ihin o( thfa I in* (tiling rai'taal Iran nrt?nrti?y< irnT wilV ' * ih* *?-?al.urK-The Tut (tiling thip (JCOJCfc. Capt Jarkaon, will hare i? mediate deaiwtth. Far freight or P? ?*<". ha*M* MMtMM IMMjIim hc<-< m aao4a?0a., app.y M ?ho*;aV *A.I|BC* it. or to K. K OOI.LIMI It tU. M Shipper* mayrely bk>u haeint tneir I?'0? correctly itttm ad.and iktllM aktpaof thit line will mil pnnm.itlr ?* ?<Jr?rtiaed. Any gaajamac 10 that allaet w.llbs gitru utd hlllM that mar ba required. . _ _ Agauta in N. Orlrnut. Hulliu k Woodruff, Who will ly lorward all good* to kbair addict*. Th? packet ihip Lo?MTilla, Cai*. M. Hut,will ntMtflki Oimn. la W TO EW YORK, MONDAY IV /aaj. mil v wpmwmu van n ham tu/w tcl<i #\ v/mikj ci^?> ???'?? r v?% A *%V I? *UV?AliV/| CHICAGO AND THE CANADA8. Th? iub?crilKr? hiving eomjloted thor urrau;,H'oent? with thu r?Ojile'? Line of Hltiambuau, on the Nnith River and the Kail Uoad Comi?iu!ri writ of Albany for luuinog their Kinreta lortlie aeaaou of 1843, an HxiirrM will leave their office, No. J Wall itre?t,New York, every evruiDL', at quarter to 7 o clock, for the above named and iDtrrmrdivcjilacca. IMPORTANT. Kor the greater nfety aud aecurity of nil valaible aid money pack^*!?? ?utiuit<.'d to their catc, thuy Have NaUui.iuiUr Irou niles oa board of the iteauibodU, in a flat* room occupied exclutively by themielvei, ard the meuene-r in clmge ileep* in thusanie room with the iron anfe?. into which all auc\ P'.ckaxc* are placed. POMKKOY U COMPANY, 111 Ire Njj. 3 Wall ?treat. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. anata maea NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fur* re<!ueeil to US cent*. Tretathe fo?t of CoorlUadt itreet, New York. (Rvpry iia??ttuhday?.'ex<e[.:cd.) Lmvm New York Leaves Newark Al 8 A. M. At a P. M. At T A. M. At 1* T. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 1 do. do. i'< do. WK 7Jf do. <K do. 9M do. 8 do. ON tAfJNDAYfl. F-r.m the foo: ol Uriuruandt itreet Leave New York, Leave Newiuk. At ? A. M. and (VP M. At UK P. M. and 9* P. M. NBw YOWL. ELLiGAUKTH TOWN, Leave New York I.eava KUiahc.b Tow* At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7? A. M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 d<>. Ij? do. 7 do. 11 do. 4X i-o. in do. 9* do. *? dn 19 An The trains for Weutinsla, PlaiafielU, BoduiU' "ok, Botnnrvilla, fcc., connect with the,9 A M, and:lXPMl unsIromNew York, daily, Suodnys excepted. Fart between New York and Kiizibeth Tow u 15 cent*. t'tre be it/feu do aud Homerville, 75 cent*. WW YORK, AND J1AHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Railway. At 8 A. M. At 3 P M. At 7 A M, At 3 P, M. 0 do 4 do 8 do CJi do 11 do 4V do 9'-{ de 9 do do ll>i d> NEW YORK AND NEW uRUNttWIC. From loot of Courtland itreet, Now York, daily. Leave New York. liNre New Brnnswie*At 9 A.M. At 4 I'M. At6 A.M. At 11* A.M. SX do 7 V do B>i P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and P M. At 11% A.M., aud 8* P M. F#re, exchpt iu the Philadelphia trains, between New Yo-k MurNew J?rni'?wifV, 60 cents. Between New York and Bahway 35 ceuU. I'asneuuers wtio pioenre their tickets at the ticket othce, r* eeive a ferry ticket rratis. Tickets are received by the con djctor only on the 'lay when purchassd. mil 3in*r " SUMMER ARRjtNGENENV. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA1LROAD LINE DBKCT, ViaINkwars, New Brunswick, Phuvcktow, Tbrstoh' Boiidkstowm AP?it BmnmiTow. Leaving New York d-?l y from the'fo-1 of Courtlandt St. Mirruiim Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. Tire Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowu, lruin thence by steamboat to Phi'adeli liia. The Evemng;Line proceeds direct ts Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of can. Passengers will procuie their ticket* at the ofli*e l.iot of Courtlandt street, whera a com mod ions steamboat;*ill be la readiness, with baiigige crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Each train is provt.led with a car in which are apartments and dressing rouins expressly lor the Indies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut itreet, by steamboat to Boidentowo at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia al7X A. M., and 4 P. M. hriuga continuation of the lines from New Yosk. je4 NEW YOBIT, *CHOOLEY'Siiaw;3? JpfHg^MOUNTAlN Si EASTON. Leave the foot of Coartland street, daily (Sundays eiteytrJ) at 8 0 clock, A< V-> by railioad fioiu Jersey city to nmilWVh tr.euce by POM co^chis through M e.ndham,i .licattr. Schooley'a Mountain, Anderson Town, Pott Colden, VVasliiuuton, to Kaston. At Wuhlnattm. a daily line intersect* to and from Belvidere Kor ?er.i* npply to J. Hill, at J. Paauu'i, Commercial Hotel, 73 Ccurtlaad street. N.U.?Extras furnished at the ahortejt notice by applying to N. B. Lu?e. United State* Hotel. Morriitown. mvli 3m ec NEW YORK, SCHOOLS V'S MOUNT Al N ^AND EA S- Via E. and Somen .lie R Hnml for Sthunl'iT,b Mn?ufe?iu, Ifftv* p>?r No. iTorlk rn?r at LS o'olocUAM, daily (Sundiy* excepted) by klenmbo.it to EliMb>'thrort, or leave the foot of Conulana afreet at 9 o'clock A M, by N J Railroad to i?]iaahethtown, thence eonneci with tlie cars fir 8"mcmlle olWtms, thence 30 inilca to the Mountain?arriving early in the afternoon. >'or fcaston !ea?e > * above. proceed by railroad to Somcr villc, coaches from thence (only 31 miles,) arriving m fcaaton at 6 o'clock. This lou'e, on "rcount of the ahnrt distance by coaches. ma kin? it by far tha in >st plea*aut and eiijedirions, conirnrjida it sell to publieaiatiKunwe. Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at So meiville, liaa provided himself with carriage* unci horses to nc commodate private parties with cJtru it tke shortest notice, and on reasonable terms Kor seats apply to U. I). Hope, Merchant*1 HottI, 41 Conrtlandt at P.useage.rf from Pliilad-lphia to Pchooley's Mmntain will leave Philadelphia at To'clcck.A. M., by New Y'tL railroad line to New ftruuswick. Splendid coaches Irum thence, arriving at rnc mountain early same afternoon. 3 2ra*r llOCKAWAY PAVILLION?LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. ?* Train* nr?n this roid leave Brooklyn, 8onth Ferry. for Jonaica, where coachcs are in readi J5t35BBh ncss lor that dellghifnl resort, the Marine PaviliflTi. I Ifie fiilliiwillff honra WIT ? Hnlf naal O A. ,M.,4 o'clcck au<J halfpaitS P. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at i A.M..U M. and S P. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica, U.; through from Brockivn to tlie Pavilion. 75 centi. jrU 6??r FOR BUFFALO AND Al.L PARTS OF THE WEST SfcJggaaii A??U!IATion aSmr6rnS15AHRF Utica, $2 03 Horheiter, $3 00 ftyraciue, 2 25 KuflVilo, J 50 Oswego, i ?) Up. ft. Lower Canada^ JO For paaiaze apply to M. L. KAY. m?i Im >3 Barclay street. New York. HBW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND frRltlOHT REDUCED. a* HEUULAR MAIL LINE?FOH PROfl^ByLQaVlDICNCE AND BOSTON, vis 8TOXiMiiTnN AND NEWPORT?Compoard of the follow i tiK perior ateainera, running inconnection with the btoninston and Roatou mid Providence Kail road* > MASSACHUSETTS'. Cant Comatuck. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NAHMAOANSETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Snndaya excepted) from Pier No. 1, Bitterv Place, N. River, at 1 P. M ARRANGE MENT8. The RHODE ISLAND, Capiain Thayer, on Monday, and Wedueaday lor Stouin$ton and Newport, and Friday for Stonington. Tlir MASSACUUHETTS.Ontaiu ('om.itock.on Tuesday and Tlinraeay for Stnuiugtsn, and Saturday lor Sloniugton, Newport and Providence. Paiaeuiirra, on the arrival of the steamer* at BtfttiiogtOD, will be immediately forwarded iu the aplcndid and commnogti* Car* of the Railroad to Providence and Union, and if fot Newport will pracacd in the steamers on Monday, Wedneadav and Saturday, and nu ihe intervening days, proceed via fttonmgton Hailreal to Provident'*, and liom thence in the ateamer loin, without any additional rltaree. Tirketa for the ronte ?nd ateamera' bertha con be secured on board, or it the office of HARNDKN ft CO.. No I Wall meet. [T7"'On ?n<l after the 10th imt, freight will Dot bs received and forwarded after half-Mat 4 P M. ui'i >im* m NEW YORK AND KINO BTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE l,<NK. MH For K i mm on, and Delaware noil Hudson II1 (.-Mir;I?tieun boats EMEKAI.D and NOR y .nir wig:. Tlie K.MKUALI), Captain John Ketebam, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and TftursdnyalS o'clock. P. M. Will leave Kingston (Romlcnt landing) every WednewUy xud Satnrrliv hi j o'clock. P. M. The NORWICH. Captain John Amnneli, will leave New York, foot ofWarreu street, every Weilwitiy and Saturday ai ?o'clock, P.M. WJI leave Kingston (Roudoat landing) every Tne? ay and Friday at I o'clock, P. M. . . _ EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Mnrr?y sfeet eyeiy fnmly morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock same day. for freight or pasMffe apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO , aJI ?m*r 1M West street. t THE FOURTH OK JULY! Aj BOOTS AND HHOKS. CneapBoot and Shoe Market, No J09 Greenwich aireet.? Ladtea and Kentlen.cn are advised to call at ihe above (tore and

provide themseivea with seasonable summer boon, slippers, gaisera, llr, made tip in the lie.teat and mixt fashionable atyle, and sdlA as rhnp if not a little cheaper thou elaewhere. Htadsot faimliei will aave money by calling here, at the che?i> depot. D<n't foriret tho number, Clinton Cheap Bool and Shoe Market, No. MO Greenwich atreet, coruer Spring at. _je8 lm*r _______________ PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER Ily E. SU8ER, 175 Hr&itlumf, (Batcmmi,) One Door from Coartlnndt atreet. K. HUSER, Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an "Elye"of Clerce of Taria, tega leave to inform liia friend* and all the amntenrsof a g??tlem*nly "ehanssnre," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat Krench mateiiali, nil that la ao perfectly made, in I aria, by liia maater the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whose, nuaieioni customers on this aide of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to try BUS ICR'S boo? and lasts before they despair of being "chaussea" in New York, alter the nicest, latest Pans fasUicu. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Blaea Varjish sold. mio 7w*r ^rtVBWm.krre't Lidiea of New York. The tnbtciber tend-r? tin ecimdimeiiU tu the l.adin, and would infor ? tl?m ilia! Ii* ii (umiinmtr city mule ihoeaol tha beat kiud at inch pric*a m cannot fail to anit the moat ecoaomtcal. Brat Silk Uaitera, made to order *2 25 a il 50 Beat l'rntiell " % " . S 0(1 a S ii Buakina 11 1 I2X i.adiea Sliprer* t>*X a 1 00 M usea' O T> a 1 00 Ttioae wliocall at tkii atom inrarnbly call again?the boat evidence ol tha Mtiafactiou of nia (.tf.oinera with In a iiitai as-l the <fu nihility of hit ahoea. N. B ?City and country deaJeri win hn?e their order* eiee Had on the moat fararabn<utmi, and with abo?? made by tho kill w^itaio in the conntiy I). O.C??OSa\'8 Lali?*? Shoe Store, . . _ No. }l CkUMiiM ?t, two doon below M?di*ou M. in la*o? V JJUi,. il-JOUU J - .-JILjegW3BB^? |RK 1 IORNING, JULY 10, 1843 i W llnngor. Me. < (Corr?*i>oudi<nee of the Herald.] Bakqok, Mm., July 4lh, 1343. , New arul Valuable Historical IVork?Something l very interfiling to Mr. Van Bstren. we are really glad to observe a growing taste tor , classical literature in our land. The impulse which i cheap publication lias given to the taste for reading \ hati not been confintd to productions of our own 1 lauguage, but men of learning have been induced j to publish works which were of necessity written i in other tongues, from the fact that their subjects are ' of interest to those to wliom the English language is unknown. These remark* are suggested by the 1 appearance of a work of elegant Latinity, lately : published by the branch of the Harpers' establish- < ment in 'his city, find entitled?" Hara Vanlmri- ( atier, ajHtd Kindtrhtokum, pratttMt Jartttn; vet dicta , fucta/jue illorum iIw rum tnagnnrum ft digmiiitno- , rum intignia, od ultimnm poUtritatem tradenda i Cura Deidrich Vm Sfiurhitnin, a Dcvltli terra ? mucccxlui:* The work gives the proceedings of the individual mentioned in the title page on nia lata visit to Mr. Van Buren. We hail us appearntiee as evidence ' that the talents of other countries are enlisted in perpetuating the great deeds of our own; that in other languages inav be heard the names of our Statesmen, and we look forward to the day when "Norm Vunburiania" shall be tound upon the same shelf with Plutarch and Taeitu*. In the appendix may be seen the letter of Mr. Jewett to Mr. Van Huron, informing hint of the preference expressed in hie lavor by the Democratic Convention of Maine, a translation of which, alter sfiving some other extracts, we shall publish. We are unable to say wlietheror not the uuthor has been favored with an 1 ollicial account of the conversation at Kinderhook; but if not, great credit is due him (or the accuracy with which he has caught the spirit and preserved the letter ol the dialogue. We proceed to extract: ? (Van Jiuren titling alont. Door opens, and tnler Jewitt) J.?I ant Jewett, of Maine. How Uyo do7 V. B.?All! Mr. Jntvott. 1 am happy to sco you. Ihave long wished for the pleasure? J.?What'* the newn? iu?ru uur uuuior siaies mat Mr. V.J], aroiii', DX0(1 luS piercing eyes (occulnn inltntut retousil) on Mr. J., sn<l alter survuying liim lor wme time, invited him to walk in hi* cabbago garden. Alter their return, their conversation turned on political uflairs.] J.?There is considerable leuling in our State on the Presidential ([notion. V. B.?Indeed! J .?I think, however, your chance is the best. V.B.?Well? J.?Something should be done there. V.B?Vcs. J?The western part ofthe Statu favors Calhoun. V. B?llcally 1 J?A nun ot talent could do a great deal for you. V.B.?Ahem. J?Penobscot has been swayed mightily. Thftl'isuro. V.B-It has? J.?I live in Penobscot. V. B?Indeed! J.?I understand human nature. I know how to say a word to the people there. V. B?Doubtless. J.?Some exertion will carry the Slate for you. Icon work better for this end than lor myself. Politicians in our quarter are afraid to send me to Congress, us they dread my influence. They know that I should obtain tho lead at once. Indeed,if 1 entered tho l?wer House, I should waut the Chairmanship of the Committee ot Ways and Means. But they fear me. V. B ?Pity. J.?I think, tor my own purt, tint tho Senato is my appropriate sphere. Men whose character is Mtablisheri, and whoso reputation may be said to be made, naturally seek the Senate. The Home can be filled with those who are wanting of long experience at tue bar and in the torum. They can practise oiatory in the Commons. The Sun ate should be composed of masters. The Cabinet olliccts too arc fitly chosen from the latter body. V. B.?True. J.?Have you decided upon yo?r Cabinet) Who do you think ol lor Secretary of State f V. B.?No one as yet. J.?That oitioe should bo given to one who ha* had great experience among men Ono who has a resolute front and an eve 'hat can read from th? raaMMh nil tlist is lacing in the breast; one, too, wh* lias extensive acquaintance with lcttrri, who hcuma<!o hii study history, undent and mfluru, of our own un J other conutrloi, aixl who is conversant with idlths j?ol jcy, visws, by-ploU,and intri^uei oftliw Rttropean governments. Though 1 iheulJ not attempt to influencH your choice. V.B.?Oh! goon, Mr. Jewett. Mr. J. thought, however, that he might be somewhat premature, and so abandoned the subject, and the author Mates that Mr. Jewett afterwards observed that Mr. Van Guren seemed to listen with slight interest to his remarks oa political affairs, but st ill with perfect politeness? or in hi* own words: ?"A smile eradiated the features and smoothed the wrinkles of a countenance that had been turrowed by the cares ot a government the most arduous in the known world." The gentlemen retired to rest in adjoining room?, not as they had at first intended, in the same bedThey relinquished this idea, us they remembered the example ot llotls and Tyler, and feared that the infernal newspapers, which are prying into every nook and corner ot a man's privacy, might make a great ado about it. Aa it wan, the connecting door was left open, and the conversation was kept up as ong as their exhhusted powers would admit. The next day. Mr. Jewett left, highly delighted with his visit. His feelings are accurately given in the following extract from his common-place book:? " After a short interview, I left this favored son of our republic. Hut brief as our intercourse was, its lull impression was left upon me, and bis fasciaating tones so thrilled in my ears, that I could scarce collect my powers to realize that I iiad left hira until the voice of the nigger of the Providence stfamer summoned me to walk up to the captain's ollice and settle!" The author goes on to say that Mr. Jewett returned to the city of his residence; that h t waniiwred about with a dreamy look and a rega rdless eye ; that he seemed scarcely to recognise his old friends, ferent.* Miraheau Jrnjinl the character of leader ol the peeple with that of n fine gmitlrman. There, to he aure, we mi-alike. Mn ;< n?u lirni an ail-nation of cnllmg men ol hucwntimn by compounds ot historical iiHmee. Me called LaiaytHte i.?randi?on-Cromwell, auil the kin;? of rrussiatAiaric-Cottio. A name chosen lor me upon thia principle would t#? Burke TalWyrimdMirabe an. You will a^ree with mo that I have the ttne unwearied power of investigation and patient thought, anil theaamoboundlnaa store of facta treasured tip in memory a* Burfce ; I reumMi Talleyrand in the adioktuesa with which Leoon ducted diplomatic transaction!, and la all the little delict | so lost wax he iu contemplation of the allairs of the country, l>ut the occasion of the State Democratic Convention roused him. As tliat has already become a matter of history, it would be a work, ot ?upereroRation in usto detail any account of it. T.'ie world knows how Hatr.hn sweat ap.d putted and roared like the bull oi Bnalian ; how Preble thrilleJ hie auditory with an neccunt ot what democracy was in the days of his youth, nad how Jewett, like Jupiter's trav.iil with the armed Minerva iu lus brain, labored in parturiuon ot the famous resolutions From these things let us pass to give a copy of the letter alluded to:? Bangor, June, 1813. DtiR Sir? Thfi Democratic State Convention have met, ami with high pleaiure I announce tue preference expr?siie<l lor you in that body. Thertt w.i tome opposition, but we enrried the resolution in your favor, u* 1 wm sure from the li rut that wo ihould, and Ileal the high gratification ot obtMining an object for which 1 have long (trugglail. I began my management at an early hour. 1 ?ecurcd the point of being made chairman of the committee on rc?o. lutionft, and that wat a great point, for if the resolution had been drawn up in favor of Calhoun, so ready aro the mailer lry of delegates to ffoin favor of any tlung that in proponed, that it would doubtleii have been carried.? But it could hardly be otherwise than that I should bo ch.iirmauof the committee, as tlio convention know that there was hut one man iu the State who could draw up proper resolutions on so important subject". Had there been timo (and 1 hope jou will excuse the omistiorO. ! should hftVe blMilsrht ftimoril tnn rnsnlntinn which 1 propounded with so much ellect in the cumpuign of ItUO. At that time the whig* were spreading through tlx country the idea that the administration was tlie cause of the icarc-ity of money, fcc., anil the neoplo were becoming believer* in it. I uw that something mint be done. So a meeting waa called, and 1 introduced arrsolution beginning a* follows" Km olved, that hi* evcellency Martin Vau litii uu n not a corporation ; that, lie cannot ifiue bill* nor reiruia I rota issuing them," It a.? The atlect of the words wae elecc.ic. The resolution entirely removed the impression Lb.at hiU started, and nil was smooth again. I did intend \o bring them before this convention, as 1 think it well tbat the young and ri.ring politicians in our ranks should know how m crisis in par. ty affairs is met by some coup <% giaci anil turned to the best elicct. We nominated a fmo Van Tinren man for governor? Some inexperienced meml>era commenced a childish prattle about men being selected two year* beforehand, truo e*pre?sions o( the will of t lie people, he., but we soo.n convinced them that they h id bra tig lit their w are* to the wrong market. I'h? affair* of the conversion being disposed of, let mo say a word in reference '.o other matter*. 1 think that tinea my return from Kin dcrhook 1 am more popular tlmn ever. 1'aople see that ?y talent* are not entirely of the home order, and that I make u fine impression abroad. I hcor now oftencr tuan ever that I aliould have been the man of the French Revolution; but for mysell I don't think I resemble Miral >enu as much a* history will try to mske me. Mirabeau. was aucceaslul only in short speeches. You will ugre* with mo that my great lorto is in long ones. Mira.beau's personal appearunce was dei-i I. illy uilv- There all willaav I am diamrtiicallv dil 7 i , t [ERA 'f :yol management, while I am similar to Mirabeau in ' atchiug the lone of anil (tamping my impress upon a daunting body, nml la throwing in those little things that lithur in speaking or writing hare *uch ? market! aif>?t. [iutumanof sensitive mcdehty may be pained by dwelling loner upon hia own character. 7 I am pleated with the prospect of affairs. I think that )ur cause ii going on swimmingly, end tbat yon mutt bo iho next tenant oi the Whit* llousa. Von muht/look iliont yon well before up|>ointiiig your constitutional adrisers. Vou lee that in English history the king h'isvory often selected one or more of his friends tom.ikoupa sabinet for him. If you should choose to introduce this juitom, and should not want me in any other capacity, 1 im ut leisure lor the purpose. You cau join some ona with me forthe aake ol form, say Wright, of NewYoik, or Burhaimn of Pennsylvania. I should aco that mottera were fixed to suit Van Burca and Co. The Co, that'll, as Louis XIV snidof the Stato. I merely throw this out lor your consideration. 1 shall,between you and the people of thia State, be at Washington in some capacity, and I anticipate delightful times them. What conversations we shall have. We can drive into the past, and bring from their treaaurahougus tha record) of mind. We can iliacusa the creation?establish and regulate the motions Bf tha fiied atari, and again discourse upon political acoaoniy. In short, therein nothing that may not bo made thesubjactof our invert igation. 1 have about given up the dvtign which I intimated to vouof goiag to New York. Thore oro some eminent lawyer* there, and 1 have no wish to crowd out raal talent. But it ia timoto bring my letter to close. I shall sign, instead of any own, the name which seem* more fitly to belong to n> than to any one in the Neiv England Suites. L'HOMllE DU I'EUrLE. Deliberate upon the cabinet. I am your Excellency'* most ob't iervt,ltc. To Ilia Excellency Marti* Van Burncrr, Kinderhook. With tlu9 letter I 'hall finish my communication. Yours, (fee. Shades of Junius. * Jewell's hours with Van Burcn at Kinderhook?belt: [no rcniurknoie ucpus ana wivmgaoi mo> e iwo prt'iu ?uu worthy m?n, to be hfndwl down tothu latitat posterity? By Deiiirich Voa Shurhimiu, oi Dutch land?1S-U. Now York. rCorrospoudeace of the Hernld.] New Yohk, July 8,18-13. Brief Account oj Trois Jours?Sketches n/ Mm and Manners on boanl of Sltamtrt, in Cain, and Elsewhere?Sundry Iia ]>-liazards, Casualties, and Ad' ventures, set doitn after Vie manner of Callapaxh and Caltipec. II there be any place upon this footstool where one may find enjoyment, luxury, and all that sort of thins; if in fact there be any situation where one may in reality live in the shade, wear thin clothes and drink iccd lluids, in a sultry 97 deg. day of July, it would gratily us to know where that place and that situation is to be found, except it be on board of a cleanly, reputable Hudson [steamer. A man of genius and talent, who, in ancient days look up the idea of writing some works (hat might survive his mundane career, Bays:?"All the world's a 6tage, and all the men and women merely play era " Here ia a fact lor you. And w here shall we go teseek for the most entertaining scones enacted on tho world's stage, unless it be upon a crowded steamer, or in the study oi lite in an omnibus. How many things iiy uruson, teaioneil aro To their right praise, and true perfection '. Upon the Hudson there is a steamer called the Empire ; and a very commodious, elegant and swift steamer she is. And the captain thereof, who in right ot having held the po.-it of Aide-deCamp to his excellency, Governor Seward, was a colonel, and " once a colonel always a colonel," and a jolly, gentlemanly commander have we ever found ilus same Colonel l<oe. Every body says so, and of course what every body says must be. true, ft is a fact not to be disputed, that the Colonel, when his anger is at its bent, will discharge pistols, blunderbu.-aes, or ether implements containing villauous saltpetre, at those who infringe upon hij rights?but this is a trifle, and more thau counterpoised by his other amiable qualities. And so polite to the ladies too! We, that is not to tay the writer hereof for his single self, but having the agreeable, company ol two impulsive, enthusiastic lovers ol nature's handiwork in any shape, and whensoever it may be found, found ourselves precisely at seven o'clock (and a most sultry morning as any one would desire,) on board this same steamer Empire, commanded, a? aforesaid, by Col. lloe. Such a crowd ! not in numbers only?but in all the elements that serve to make Hp a world. Full five hundred souls, and all on pleasure bent?all except the writer and his facetious friends; for we went out of town upon business. as the editor weil known. This steamer fc.111 pire is absolutely monstrous. We remember to have voyaged in a magnificent three decker from New Orleans to Louisville. This boat was, in western phrase, ti regular screamer, and was called the Em* |ieror. But, speaking of steamers, how shall u comparison in auy sense he instituted between the Krnperor, of the Mississippi,and the Empire of the Hudson 1 We have not space to enter into a detailed description ot all the little arrangements about the palace of the Hudson, it is enough to fay that all ideas of the sultry weather, and ot Karenheit's tubes of mercury,were effectually dissipated by the breeze necessarily raised in a speed of some twinty miles an hour. We (ihe writer) have long since foresworn mints, cobblers, negus, and all the other seductive little lmnglmgs ,which the ingenuity of man, and the acquired taste ot humanity, causes alchohol to assume. Hut our worthy companions bring most moderate and temperate in all things, we are free to conless, did not tail to do every justice to the extraordinary juleps manufactured by "the young man," and quietly served up in the prettiest saloon 011 board the steamer Empire. But this staple drink of the Old Dominion and the sunny South, was dispatched with such marvellous rapidity, and the sable Ganymede passed and repassed to and fro the saloon so frequently, anon with empty tumblers, mid then with generous goblets of the laste taste in life of sthrawberry mixture, having snugly packed away in the pyramid ot ice the neatest stem ot wheaten straw?that three of the prettiest lady passengers en voyage to the Springs, began very naturally to wonder what lovely beverage could bo | so magical. " Chailes," said *ne of them to a young geatlemnn, compugnon du voyage, " Charles, pray clear, what are those delicious looking tumblers tilled with? something so nice!" "Upon my life, I cawn't say," and as the youns Et hiopian was at the moment pa?smg with a Ireaii supply, our gentleman Charles, very composedly, exanu ncd the contents of the tray, and for the satistacfion of the ladies, was informed by tho waiter that the L everage was called strawberry icebergs! Doubtless n 'aster Uhurles established his tame anion# the ladiesr an one among the most temperate and nice young men ol this degenerate age J5ut for the intormati on of those same ladies (we have resolved not to let our friends softer from odious comparison*,) we -will take it upon our varacuy that almost any day lAetie 5 yenrs, we have seen master Charles imbibing one ol these sell same delicious strawberry ice bergs or juleps, of which "the young men" of the Astor Houst* ,or at the American,or Howard's, so well understand the concocting. Although we have already expressed tho truth in res|>ect to ourself, we do like to see these kind of thiugs carried on in the face of men and above board. No hypocrisy,no crooking the pregnant hinges of elbows hehind doors,or in garrets. If there are to be Charles Surfaces in the world, let them come boldly forth, and not play the part of the sly and eventually detected brother Joseph. For it is a dogma in the creed of certain philosophers, that when u scandalous story is believed of any one, there's no comfort like the consciousness of having deserved it. So much for our facetious young friends and " the drinks." Altera deal of nice investigation and scrutiny, aided bv a rather keen perception ot humanity in jis various phases, we have come to the conclusion that our country is as famous for pretty and intelligent women as any other of its size, mutatis mutandis. We cannot remember any time when under I the same circumstances we have Been more lovely and loveable women, of all ages, "under thirty, than we had the honor ol noticing on board the Kmpire. Woare not called upon to give names, oi even to spread the?e interesting reminiscences before the world thiough the medium of fall length lnmnis. ijui iiowautui we iorucar jiming uunu the impressions made upon our elastic heartu hy the lady like carriage and charming tout cntrmMe ol the loveliest Miw 1' , of Troy. This young child of beauty was accompanied by her mother, and I there is no us>e in denying the truth, for with liain| let wc fain would say? } Renumber thee I Ky, [thou <lrar imaga] while memory hold* a leat Iv thitdiftractcd globe. Krmrmber thee I Y?tf, from the table ef my memory I'll wipe away all trivial loud record*, All a*w* of book*, all form*, all preMureapaat( Tiiitt youth and olm i?#tioucopied tlitre; Am! thou alone ihnlt lire Within the book und volume of my braiu l umixed with baser mutter. We are not given more than olhcr men to raphfodies audjauch like absurd matters, bat we care nut K > > X A D. Prliu Tm? iu?*? who may become possessed of the information, we ! never few a lovely work of nature, as it ta mi forth I in the face and lorm of woman, without experieae. ing a violent inclination to tall prostrate in homage, awe and admiration. We have known other men alllicted in the aame way. How often during thia trip upon the Empire, did we sigh over the disparity of fortune's giftal How olt^ndid we repine at our own lot"? Here ware all sorts of people, with well filled puraea, going ?o all sorts of placa?to the Catakill Mountain*?to the Springe?the Fall*, or to any of the other thousand and 0110 glorious spots abounding throughout thia grent land, and at any one of which man, woman or child cannot live without money ! Ana we had only to visit Albany on business! But when we have become tlir solicitous spouse of some fairaad wealthy damsel, (wc have ever had a presentiment <4 Hticn a sort,) of course we went go to the spring* 1 < >h no, not at all. And it may be, we wont ko to Heulali Spa ? A'ou? vtrront. Well, there's the bell tor dinner, and such a ruth ! How rapidly did the impulsive friendB, my worthy compogmmt du voyage, take steps irom the elegant private mlon <? jultp tor the talon d manger, ao aa that if poeaible thev might get " a location" in the vicinity of Colonel Koe and the ladies. 15ut fortuno does not always favor the brave, tor we were just in time to be too late, and were not a little rejoiced to get seats at the lower end of the table, where all sorts of men were congregated. We made a good dinner. In fact we fared sumptuously, albeit our linen was not unusually fiae, nor were our collars mflde of Mechlin lace. Vis a-vii to our party, sat one "Mr. Green from the country." Whatsoever meats, entreineata, side dishes, or any other dishes, we would order, whether fish, flesh, fowl or vegetables, forthwith would "Mr. Green from the country" follow the example. His operations reminded U3 of hianame sake, another "Mr. Green," who, upon a certaia time,found himself ueuted at the groaning table usually set forth by Coleman and Stetson. Taking the carte eltt diner into hip. hand, and wishing to do things as in his opinion they should be done, he commenced the warfare upon soup. From this, he continued eesiatim. At length he heard a portly citizen call for a dish, and very politely abked Inm to point it out upon the billot fare. His wish was gratified, and his astonishment was great, when he discovered the name of the citizen's disli nearly at the bottom of the bill. "Why, what on aitth! is it possible you have got down to there! Bless me, I am only down to eef!" And so with our Mr. Green. We have in our day seen many men who could eat; but we do not remember to have met one before who alwolately devoured. He worried the provender down his throat, as a man who never expected to have another meal. One by one the people round about him left the table, and as we ascended the stairway, we saw Mr. Green's plate laden with strawberries, custard and "nance," and cherry pie! Jn half an hour's time, as we were enjoying our mild aegar upoa the forward deck, we again saw Mr. Green, but how changed! The sober, second thought had come over him. and there helenned against the railing, a picture of the most desperately sick man we ever saw. He seemed like one who wished the wind to blow thrice as strong and twice as cool. We have not the talents of Cruikshank, or a living sketch of "Mr. Green from the coantry," as we Inut irf>>/ail r.a In j r\it oAllnt#nnnn* ihnulH am. """ ??' ? ; r- ? company llum paper. Arrival m Albany,we nude our tabernacle at the City Hotel with mine host C. Foster. Thia iaan excellent establishment. Tim prices it is true are not so high as at Home other houses, but from the treatment we received at the hands of Mr. Foater nnd all his assistants, we feel a great confidence in recommendiiig the h?u>e to all travellers for business or pleasure. One o' our party is very great oa lobster salad; morning, noon, or night it is all tha same to him, it is toujours lobster. Aid there la no denying the fact ol Ins great capability in the getting up of the salad in a most delightful style. He generally manages to put one lobster horse du combat, but when sorely pushed he can eat two. Mr. Iirough is "topping at our house, and although he is sorely atllicted with the infiusnza. and this morning has taken any amount of calomel, and had tea Iveche* tugging at his thorax and chctt, he gives a concert to-night in the large room of the Female Academy. Evening came, and we went up to the concert room. The Albanians are great amateurs and lovers of music. We should suppose, upon a moderate calculation, that Mr. Brough was honored by the presence of some thirty persona. Nothing daunted or dismayed by this not vary flattering sight, he apologized for his inability to do himself such justice as he desired, and went on with the concert, Mr. Austin Phillips presiding at the piano. We must say that Mr. Br<>ugh, notwithstanding his indispoeition, sang all his songs marvellously well. Two of them," The Admiral and the 8hark,"and " The Monksef Old," are calculated to become erpacial favorites with all true judges ol I music. We are told that Mr. Jirougn nas oeen invited to return to Albany at a more f&vorabla season. Having transacted onr business, we left Albany with much reluctance?for surely we cannot giv* any special reasons?yet we like this old city of tho Hollanders. Once more in luck, said we, foi the Swallow, CH|>t. McLcan, took us on board for New York. Shall we set ourselves to work and relate how agreeably the time pawed away 1 Shall we tell of the politeness oi the Captain and his principal assistants?of the good things amply provided for our especial benefit?of the capital stonaa told, the enchaating songs sung 1 Verily, are they not written in onr heart of hearts 1 The best wish we can wish any christian man in this sultry weather, is a trip up the Hudson in the Empire, and down tha same in the Swallow. Believe us when we tell you " it will do you a |>ower o' good!" G. W. A Gkvt Wind-fall !?An extraordinary visitation of unexpected good fortune haa lately come to a family now residing in this village, which partakes not a little of the romantic, and has created considerable sensation in our commupity. By tbe last will and testament of Janes Hosier, Esq , of Ifucketstown, county of Carlpw, Irsfand, who recently died possessed of large landed estate*, money in tha funds and other properties, the whole of his accumulated wealth has been devised to his grand-aon, William Henry Hosier, son of Mrs. Clarissa Hosier, an estimable lady, whobe residence has been in thia place for some years past. Mrs. M. has only been able, with great economy and industry, to bring up a son and daughter in a respectable manner, and the singular fortune which has so suddenly been showered down upon her family is therefore most opportune. Tbe lucky devisee is a lad about tltvm yeart of age. By the testator's direction, he is to educated and provided for handsomely, uatil he attains the age of twenty-five years, ana then he is to enlr r upon the possession 01 nia propanj, tne present value of which is set down ut tu-o millions of dollar*. This good nrwn was brought to him laat wtek by a gentleman of New York, himacif connacted by marriage with the family abroad.?Kindtrhook Stntinel. l?eg? LL'CINA CORDIAL, OB'THB ELIXIR OF LOVE In olden time, among the Jew*. That m m a secend wife might ?hoo*?""? Whose first, by F??'? anJkiiidly doom. No childrr n bo-e to bless h?a home. Afflicted tluu, the IlomiD mUrou Prayed to Lnctne, the cud wile's patron 1 Kavptnwi wirei, in >neh a eiisis, fWlet to their aid the 1'rieite of (raw ( And sren now. the me*k Hindoo? VVurm ia her clime, ,\nd tender too? Ifchiidleaa twelve months from her bridal Kliei wee pins to hor senaeleee idol, And with rvsert hands, in uceuu wild, IVlitiona Brnm*h lor 4 child : For well ?he hue ws. Lore almoa to bloat The Hindoo bed nt barret:.ru. 80 much for lore in day's by gone, And savage raalnmi in yonr own ; Bit My, e?en cow. dooo Love's coramnaiou Bleu is oar land, a sterile nuien 7 No ofttitnea conjugal felicity, Is tlias disturbed?ay, e'en in thia city. , Yet may the harrea, if they try 'Hie ineftss, "increaoe aid mnltirly." With 'Loee's Klitir" for hcrfnend. The childless wife's repnings and. Bnt not the prncreatire power Alone, ia thu Kluir'sd.iwer. 1 VMimniliiii1, ill, it will rarrrnf. An l *11 'tie f'yt'gyyggL. ' A^hn "o i"*"17 knd th#, *"* :, ir^,r.i'i t,??l-?D.I Hf'?r deetivnt her J' _ * (.of Alhoi it www* he?; I fodMeh (with protwir ?M?. too.) H?r Cur aucI frMfile form U h#?r to. Ttn-W *"> hot truths, who calls tW?m 8cUO? gh*!l h?f??t?rB proof in conti?mcuofc I,en*t*?Ull ?< *U?ttCUW?? From tii* mvuu of ev*rr ; With trttafal ?n?i?et limn *11 qiwt?J?, P'-mieil bv Dittnw Ouy.k?.r?> wvtir t 1'hontaan* who Wy, WittiHntttn* bxwth, Atrno* witMu ?h?isw? of OMthj Now ib th?>f uijihifjr rr?T?^? r?p^?t Thrnti to Lif?^ ftuni, ?n 'trf*r' An imtliiMi Mint tke '^iy *nJn- _,K.. , Or. drtom.iw >f"pw?^*gl*r* Crf out for IiH Lacm C<w*?. ? , ?? IreriCDi oru?r:nt thU m-uieine ijvui ? ?y ?mi,? remittA-ico, mi h*?e it tw*e?l i?*udi ill to any p*rt of Umi Union. Price $1 pet bottle.of tit per down. It i? nl*o i' >r Mie in FhiJiielptu*, U ! Norlk Hilth ibeet St la*??

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