12 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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rfi tt 1 JuL . Vol. IX.~-JU. U9._WIM1? . 3401. The Great Banker Hill Herald, Publlihed on superfine paper, containing a full account of tbe celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the descriptions, and Mr. Webster's oratiok ; accompanied with five splendid engravings, comprising lot A rore an/1 nrifrin&l V10W OI th0 D&ttls 01 BllD~ ker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, i?7 >, exhibitimjr the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the Britiih troop*, tneir ships an J thor forcea. 2d<L A view of the procenion forming on Boiton Common. ? 3.1. A view of the procession crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the nerth, fl3 it looked on the day of tne celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern huv, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter the celebration. Agents will please transmit their orders before the edition will be sold, as the demand in unprecedented. The price, wholesale,to agents, $8 per hundred, or eight cents Y)*>taiI lolrpiitg. Tn lind flMhifl nrttr-.n BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN UOJfAi. MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of tWi ton* and 44# l\on? power etch. Appointed by the Admiralty to mil b< tween Liverpool and Boston, calling at Halifax to land and receive I'asseuseugers and Her Majesty'a Mails. H1BERNIA, E. Judkin*. CALEDONIA, t*. Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Captaiu Altxaudv Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. , JjiUTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. Will tail for "oston, via Halifax. rH?M LivmrooL. from ?o?tow. Ac?(fla, Rrne. 19th Mar 16th Juno Columbia, kftannon 4th June lit July Hibemia, Judkina, 19>hJune 16'h July Calrdoni*, Lott, 4lhJulv lit Auk These shipscairy experienced surgeons, and Frances' Patent life Boats. No berths seemed until pail fo*. Apply to D. BMGHAM. JR.. Agent, jeer No. 1 Wall afreet, New York. FOR HAL^^A^L^ERrOOL, The Rayal Mail Ht.am Ship HlBEKNIA. C. H. E. Judkins. Esq. Commander,will leave Boston for the above porta, on Sunday. July 15th. Passage to Liverpool S! 20, Pasaage to Halifax, SO, Apply to D BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent. j11 r No. 3 ~Val' atreet UKAFTS ON ENGL**D, 1R1?LAND, Sic ? Peraona about reinittinit moU'y to their friends in the "old country," "'FlyXllW C,D b' mpplied with Drafts, in lumi of 1, 2. 3,5, 10 ,20 & ?50. "t auy amount, parable on demand, without discouut or my other change, at the National Bank of Ireland, Prnviucial B-.uk, do., Messrs JaraeaBult, 9nn & Co , Bankrri, London, I. Bamed St Co., Exchange and Discount B ink, Literpool, E?tem Bank of Scotland, Greenork Banking Compiny, Sir Wm. Korbea Hunter & Co., Scotland, and the bnrchm in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scot^nd it Wales, which drafts will be forwaratd br the ueemirs Great Western or Htb^rnia. by . ? W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Pdii.if e Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All letters from the country muit come i?o?t paid. rasrfaoeirnom grkaT BRItain and treLAnd BY THE BLACK BALL OR old LINK OF LIV KRPOOL PACKETS. [SiittnB from Liverpool on the 7th find 19th of every month.] ('ersom wishiug to lend to the Old Conntry for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come oat iu thii superior L.ine of PackeU, sailing from l iverveol; uuctually on the 7lh and 19th of every month. Ties* will ais? have a first rate class of American trading ships, ailitic every si* days, thereby affording weekly commnmcatiou from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James DWRorhe) is theie, te see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. _ Shonlri the parties agreed for not come cot, the money will be i-turned to those who paid it here, without any redue tion. Ti e Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the foliowin? magnificent Ships, vir The OXFORD. tfhe NEW YORK. ca.mhridoe. columbus. EUUOPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and nneqnalled arrangemeats, lh? subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sapport -.vhi'-h Ins been extended to them so many years, fur which tliey are gmteful. Thnse proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, ca? atall times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dnbliu. also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, QUOTE, AMES b CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the nriucipal towns throughout EngUiid, !? - ''^SKCE'RVHEKS * CO. IS Fulton street, New York, next door to the Fulton Sank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packtts ?a i I from this port far Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to thuir comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, ill preference to any other. d27 r TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 FECK SLIP, NEW YORK. & & ?& M The subscriber! beg to callHhe attention of their friends and the public geuerally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out p*.is?n?ers from, and r?mitlN:u money to, any pa** of England, liel.y>d, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the .. " NEW LfiNE OF LTVEKPOOli VACKETS," VIZ.:? Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship 8IDDON3.Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain Pepeyster. Ship OARRICRiCaptain SkidJy. New ship HOTTIN'UUER, Captain Boraley. Ship SOUTHERNER. Captain Woodhouae. Ship ROCHESTER. Captain Pslmcr. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredre. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will mr.ke five ship* in e.-. 'h month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possi lilitv of unnecessary detention. i'assages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New r: A lac from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savan i_ 'lArieston. Philadelphia, Bnstrti and Baltimore, and the viroi 'cvs in British Nortli America, canal all times be engirrd on liberal terms. Persona wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assnred that unusual care will be taken to make the | image agreeable, the ships being Sited np with an eye solely to the comfort of passenger*. In ill *! ? wh*' ?fhj?n?rft*a a*?nt iVir rlcrlui* nnnin<7. th# money will be winded without any deduction, as umiitl. A rec passage from the fat 10a* seaporw ot Ireland and Scotland, caa ilso be tecured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are ?ceBt?, sail as follows, vir. To and from Loudon oa the lit, 10th, aud 20th of nd< mouti. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, aud J5th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCE*. Persons in the country wishing to send money to thenr friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties te reccive it, m?y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for auy amount, are pay n hie on demand, without disfouut or any other charge, at the National and Provincial Bonks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Ureenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Son It Co., Bankers, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain aud Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, P?*tPaid,W W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, d5y r 43 P ck Slip, comer Wont1' st. YHE NEW LINK OE LIVEKPOOL PACKETH. m m m. m To sail Irom New York !6ih, and from! Liverpool ilh of each month. Ship HOTT^ttUEK, 1050 ton., | lgtS Jnly. New ship LIVERPOOL, I1M tons, J ..... John Eldriilge, f 1Bth Aw,t New ship Ureat Western, 1?50 tons, < ,c,i, a Philip P. Wood house, $ 1#t" s^P?*n>t>er. Ship ROCHE<*TKR, km ton., ) lrth Jeh Biitton. { 16th Oet,,b?T. These substantial, last sailing, first class shir s,all built in the eity of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, ana will be despatched punctually ou the Itth of each m>>nth. Their cabins ?re elegant and commodious, and are famished with whatever can conduce to the ease and confoitof passengers. Neither t e captain* or owners of these ships will be responsible for aoy i arcels or packages sent by them, unless legriai bills lading arc signed therefor. for treight or passage apply to WOODfllJLL ft MINTIIRTMW 7 South atrert. New York. or to FIKLDEN. BHOTHKlU fc < Jllil J >iv?rpool. I HOK NK\ HLKANS. LOUISIANA AND NKW ?')KK LINK OF PACKKTB For the better accommodation of ?lup|>er?, it ii intended to 4??i'i!ch a *Ui|) from thi* r>ort on the l?t, ith, 10th, lith. loth, and lit* ul enrh inoi.th, com i enem* the loth October and cot>tinniuk until Mny, when regular dayi will he appointed lor the remiititUr of the year, whereby great delay* atiu diiappoiurmenti will be jrereirteii during the ?u miner month*. 1 he following itaipt will commence thi* arranctinent: Whip YAZOO, CanwmCornell. Htiip OCONEft, Captain J?rh?on. IpIuji Ml?s*l?rtirpi. Captain Billiard. Ship LOU 18V ILLK, Captain Hunt. Bhip BHAKSPKA UK, Captain Miner. Whip OAH'i'ON, Captain Latham Ship HUNTSVil.LK, Captain Mnmford. Slap OCMl LOhK, Captain Lvavirt. Ship NASHVILL.R, Captain Dickinson, Whip MKMl'HIH, Ca)4niu knight. h! ip LOUISA, Captjuu Mulford. These thin were all built m the city of New Yoik, ejpiert for packcla, Hie ol light diafl of water, lia?e rfccent.lv been i' wly coppered and put in tpleudul ordei.with accommodation* Itir prnwriMtan une'in-iiirn lor commit. i hey are cmnmauucd by lipodeMWl m*Jtet?, who Will u, >kc t?ery exrriieti to give 8 c oer.il ?*ii*faction. They will at all time* be low oil up *nd own the Miaauaippi by ?teanibo*u. Neither the own.'r* or capuuii* of the*e thipt will be responsible (orjewelry, bullion, preciouy (tones, Miter or plated ware, or lor any lalten, oarcel or packaae, sent by o rput on ltnard 01 them, unless regular bill* of lading Are taken for the a&iuo juic the mine theieou expreated. borfraiaht or p,\sange, apply _ ? K. COLLINS It CO., M South at., or HULLIN St WOODHUKK. Agent in Nan Orleans. who will promptly forward all wood* to their addraaa. The ships of thia line are warranted to tail punctually na ad ?eru*ed, and groat CM will bo taken 10 bavo the (ooda correelly. measured. E NE NEl OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS^ I sat mi '"PHE OLD UNK ofraiTet^or LiyerponlwiTniereBfter be 1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing 4.iv f?IU ou Sunday, the iliipa will tail ou tlie succeedug day, tix For New York. For Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, IJuue 1 July I* 850 tons, Oct 1 Not m W. CBdrstow.'Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 1? Aug 7 750 tons, Oct 19 Dec. 7 8. Bartielt. r Feb II April T The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 860 tons, 'Nor 1 p?, JJ J tfifhbone, I .\lwch 1 April 1J Ths MONTEZUMA, iJuly 19 <Jepl 7 , 1000 tons. \ Not 19 -Ija J A. B. Lowber. i Mm 19 Way 7 The EUROPE, 'Aug 1 *?t'? |C 618 tons, 'Dee 1 Jm J9 E.G. Farber. April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (new) i Aug 19 Oct 7 4?51tons, Dee. 19 ?eb 7 T. B. Cropper.i April 19 Jane 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, .Sep. 1 Oct !fl ISO tour. Jan 1 Feb .9 D. G. Bailey, < Maf 1 Jna# 1J The COLUMBL8, i,Sep? 19 Not 7 700 tow, \Jm 19 Mar 7 G. A. Cole. May 19 Jnly 7 Theie ship* are not inrpKritd in i>oiut of eleg-inee or comfort in their cibm arct nimoi'ations, or in th? ir fast tailing <| a&lilies by ?ny vmhIi in the tiade. The command ms are well known u men of character and experience, and the strictest atirution will always be paid to promote tlx comfjitaud convenience of paiietKei*. funrtiiality, a* regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward ii now fixed at Srventy-Kive Dollara, for which ample stores of ever* description will he provided, with the exception of wines and lienors, which w>" be fnraished-hy the stewards, if required. Neither the eiptuus or owners of these ships will be reipon ible for any letters, pircels, or packages seat by them unlets regular Dim or laoing .i/e signeu mcreior. r or treigm or p. ssage, apply to GOODHUE & CO..61 South ?t., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burliog-slip.N.Y. jy\2 and to BARING ?"OTHERS U ( O- 'Voo1. Mh M M OLlJ ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 01 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain an J Ireland, via Liver pool and London, by the regular packets, ia'lu;g weekly to and from Liverpool, and t? and fnm Loudon on tne l?t, lOtli, and 2tlth ol? each mouth. The subscriber has made extensive airangements to oring out emigrants, and can, with great confidence, assure those persons seudiog tor their friends,that every due and diligent attention will bs shown them, and all w^o embark with thein. f'assage can also bp engaged from LiverFool ii>ect to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah. B.\ltimnre, hiladelphia, Bv ton. and to the different porta of the British Provinces. With thuse arrangements, together with the ndvanuge which hii t.iverpol correspondents pOIKUi being la ge shipowner*,and extensively engaged iu the freighting usiness?having l?st year despatched upwards of 1U0 tint class ships to the various ports of the United States, with freight and passengers. The facility offered by thu establishment is nnsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ships cmployed in the line there can be no d'ten'ion whatever, which will be guaranteed. The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an I should any of those sent for decline coming, the pas sage money will n- returned as customaty. The steamboat fai'e from the different ports to Liverpool taii.as usnal, be secured. Those remitting moil*, v to their friends can have drafts to any amount, payable in all the principal towns, without discoubt, throughout Gloat Britain and Ireland, an arrangement which has given the greatest satisfaction. The subscriber ho[es to rxeive a continuation of the public pationage, which h i been so liberally bestowed for many yean past. For further particulars apply, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South st, N Y, or J. k W. ROBINSON. No. 16 Goree Piazzas, George's Dock, and 1 Nepttini- st ^Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. Thai. J. Timmins, Est . No. 165 South Front st, lliilada. Patrick Milton, Esq.. Buffalo. N. V. Joseph Kirkpatric* , Pittsbnrun, Pa. MlChl mc^aadf, t tica, IN. i. J. A Noodui, Milwaukie, Wisconsin, Ty. Chs. McCorkey, Dubuque. low* Ty. J. K. Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Cornelius Cahill. Peru, Illinois. John RigNty, Roches er, N. Y. N. B.?The subscriber i* also u? ent for firtt class packet shipe sMlii g every few day days fr'in New Vork to Mew Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage can be aeenred at the lowest rate ni24r NEW LINK OF~UVfc.RPOOL PACK.ETB. T*? a from New York on the 25th and Lirerpool onthelftb if each month. m m a Fkom Nfw'Vo.v' Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th J'i!y Ship 8IDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobh, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. D.-peyster, *5tJh Sept. Ship OAKH1CK, Captain Wm. Sltiddy, 25th October. khom lirehrool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain P. A. Depeyster, 13tli July. Ship UARR1CK, Captain Wm. ?kiddy, 13th Aubuh. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain Joliu Collins, 13th Stptembtr. fcnip MOUONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Thesei hips ere ill of '.he lint class, upwards of 1GW tom, built in'he city of New York, with such improvements a scombine srrent iveed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has bet u taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of pusaae hence is $75 These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general atiufc.edon Neither the captains or owners of tV si. . Mwill be resnoniible for a> y letters, parcels or packa&t. Men by them, unlets regalar ti lis of lading are signed therefor. Jforlrkight orpasstge, apply to E. K. COLLINS lit CO., 50 South it., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12X cents per ?ing!e sheet: 50 cents per oaiice. and newspapers I rent each. iy7 ec MARSEILLES. LIN^O^TACKETB. The undermentioned ship* will he regularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the lat of each mouth during the yeai? From New York. Marseilles. COURIER. Capt D:cgan, Juce 1. Aug 1 TRE8COTT, Cap*. M>rick, Ju y 1. Sep! HELLESPONT, Oapt Attains, Aug 1. Oct! CORIOLANU8. Cap Haile, Sep I. Nov 1 H'RYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylvester. Oct 1. Dec 1 They are all oopperud and copper fastened,and have excellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabin passage will be SIM, exclusive o. wines and liquors. Goods addressed to the a gents, BOYD 8t HINCKEN, will be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paid. For freight or passage aotilv to BOYD It HINCKEN. Apenti. No. 9 Tontine Buildings, or S. BROOM Hi CO., i tr.20 r 103 Frort street. foOKTllhKN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subscribers havint completed their arrangements, are now prepared to forward passengers'o all the Northern and Western States and Canada, by daily lines of towboa's, railroads and tteambo tts, via the Noith riierand Erie Canal,upper Lakes, Philadelphia aud Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Car.al routes. The following are a few of the most important points Via Utiea, Buffalo, Pottsville, Galena, SyracuM, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kiugston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Loul?, St. Johns, Leckport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to r ny P9rt of Ohio, Illinois, Misroun, Indiana, Mie.higin, Tennessee, Keutucfty, Wi?c?iisin, Iowa, Lpper and Lower Canada. Having given such nuiversul satislixiiou in their London and Liverpool lines of packets, the subscribers will eudeavor to make the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. The attention of emigrants and others is invi'ed to the follow low rates of p-tssage to a few of the most important points, any other places on the route being -qnally low, vit.:? Utica, $1 ro Columbia, $t U St Louis, $11 00 Nvraeus*, 17k Sandusky, 5 75 Oalena. Ik DO Rochester, 2 oo Detroit, ti or, (.aptada. Buffalo, 2 50 Milwaukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 JO Oswego, 2 50 Chicago, 10 oo Kiogston, 4 50 Erie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 8 75 Nsmilton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 5 00 W. & J. T. TAP9COTT, at their General I'aince Offire, Peek ?tip cor Son'h it. Tate Notice?Thi? office not eotwected with uy other in tlm city. .'16' SEW JEKSEY RAILROAD AND THAN* POR.TATION COMPANY. of" a ;:?it Far* rtduccd to SS cent*. Tram the foot ol Cenrtlandt ttreet, New Yotk. (F.verv day? Snadaya e*/ep?ed.) Leavm New York Lenm Newark Al ? A. Ml. As 8 T. M. Al 7 A. M. At IX P. M. 9 do. I do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do ? do. 5H do. 6* do. 10* 7X }? ?X do. 9X do. do. ON SUNDAYS. Froir the foot ol Vucrtlandt itree.t. Leave New York, Leave Newark. Al 9 A. M. and 4\P. M. At 12S4P. M. and 9S P- M. NKW YOU, KLUAHCTH TOWN, Leave New York J.eave Kliutbetb Tow* At * A. M. At 1 P. M. At 7K A M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 do. do. 7 do. II d*. (0. >< io- sx do' 4)4 do. 12 do. The traini for Weiifieid, Plainfiela, floandfa' *?k,Somervill*, Ac., connect with the|9 A M, aud 4XPMt iin? from New York, daily, Sn;xlayi eicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth To?u2S cent*. fare between do aiid Sonierville. 74 cent*. Kiv YOBK. AND HAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Railway. At I A. M. At S P.M. At 7 A . M, At 3 P.M. 9 <lo 4 do 8 ao do ii oo 1% ao Vi (W 'J \H 4o 11M ?1 > NKW YOUK AND NKW MRIIN8WICK. Krom loot of CoartUud ttreet, New York, daily. leMe New York. Le*?e New Bruti?"ie? .. At 9 A.M. AH PM. A16 A.M. At ll'? A M. S'< do T-i do 8HP. M. _ ON SUNDAYS L?n?e New VotH. Lcive New Bum wick. An A M and4X P M. At UV4 A.M., mdBH ?' M. ( '(ire, etenpi iu tke Philadelphia traiu*. between Ne>? Yo'k iu<l v,v? Bruinwiew, M> ecnt? Between New York am) Hxhw.iy >S route. i'Mteu^en wi.o 1 rocnre their tieken at the ticket on ce, >e -ne * teiry tiekft iriKtu. Ticked are received l>f the cod I^*tnr only "? 'he iky wt.e.1 ; orchmed mil Sm*f rOK bUFKAUO AMD ALL PAH TO Of THK Wt?i /U^TTI^VrH) N iAnMJi OK l* jlTTuA^^^ VtiM. 00 Mojherter, S3 <* 5BST 58 KKw-c-AII "KV hay, g oUt tm (?"191 Bmc!?T street, >?w York. W Y O W YORK. WEDNESDAY r-t?r, " HARNDEN <te CO.'S ENCJLISH. KKKNCH, BKLU1AN Si AMKH- ^ J??igttlr.AN EXPRESS. t,E>M?AI. KOHWAHD-KJBL-INO <i COMMISSION HOU8K. HARNDKN&CO will receive itid forward by their daily * Exotcu < a'*. S|iecie,B ink Notet. Packed and l'arceli,to any pirtofihe Lfui od Sutes or t.aazd?. an > by theainweri aid Sackatt to auy p'.rt o! J&rgland, Ireland, Scotland, Belx.uin or 'rauc*. Particular attention la paid to tlx purrhwe or ?al? of all dc cnn'iou of mrrchaud ??. collecting and paying Drafta, Notci, and Bill*, to thr eutry o? Metchtcdue at [he Ciiitntn Hoa>>, d and to the general tnimclijn of Piiy and oil kiu'ia of forw t id- <| iug *l:d comwanon bo'ineii. BH*of KxchiLge. 111 mina to J suit, fiirimliid on 8t. John, N. B, Halifax. N.s.,or ou auy ^ part ol Eu op*. g All Roods mu?t be tnukid "Httind-nk Co " Forc^u P< st ? Office >Letter Bns are; nuds nj> (or all the 4oya1 Mall 4, Steamers from 1)uton. and lha steamer and sailing p*;keu from New Yerk. _ Ii Ptiucip*l offices aud agents S( Messrs Williner aud Smith, 32 Church itreet, Liverpool England v Mi-?sri. Maclear., Maris aud Co., 3 AbHisrch lace, London ^ Messrs. Emrrsonand Cr, Piri? and Havre n fttmuel H tight. K?]., Amerir.au Couiul, Antwerp, Belgium Messrs. J. aod J G Wood ward, St. John's,IN. B. " A- W. Oidlrey. Halifax, N S. tl J O. Woodward, New Oileatu, La. f Mmm. J 'B Hrrjiae 8t''o H iv^na. Harnden It Co.8 < 'ourt street, B Hon. v All goods inuit be marked "Harnden and Co." tl NB?Hirudin and Co. are alone responsible for th*> loss or il jury olany articles, or proji'rty of any description committed to their car'; uor is any mk assumed by, nor can any be attached to the New Jeisey Ste imboat Navigation CompjHf, by ti which'heir crates ar-, or mar be transcorted : nor lite New / York, Providence, and Bo?tnn Had road, or the Boston aud Pro- f yidence Hailroad Corporations, in rnpuct to th-ir Ciuteuts at 11 anytima. HA VNDKN & CO.. a jy 13 r No. 3 W.1II street. Nuw York. || DAILY KXPHEK8 rOU ALU AN TKOY. BUFFALO, , CHICAGO AND THK CANADAH, 1 The subscribers haviug completed their amusements with the People's Line of Steamboats, on the Noith Kiver anu the (, Kail Koid Coini-ani'S west of Albany lor ruuuiut; tlteir iCniress 1 lor the season of l#43. an Express will leave tiietr office. No. 1 A Wml street,New York, every eveuiug, Ml quarter to 7 o clock, for the above named ai il iutermedia'eplaces. IMPORTANT. For the greater safety and security of nfl valuable and money packages entiu?t*d to their care, they h<ive :*ahmind'r Irou Hafts oa board of the steamboats, in a state room occupied etclutively by themselves, and the messenger iu charge sleeps io the same rouD Willi the iron sales, inio wliich all sucL. packages are placed. POMEROY k COM CANY, mlcc No. 2 Wall street. in l?W A It HA N < J K M1C NT. KARE AMD t HEIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PROflJ?Sffiw2?VIDKNCE AND D'?HT(JN, via 8TONSELsSZ-INOTON AND NEWPORT?Composed ofthe following superior steamers, Tannine iu connectiou with the Btonington and Boston anil Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Cant Cotnstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARHAO\NSETT. MOHEUAN. One of which will leave New York duly (Sundays excepled) from Tier No. 1, Baiterv Place, N. Kiver, ati P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The HHODE ISLAND,.Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for 3t<jmu&u>u and Newpoit, and Kiiday for Btonington. The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain Cora?tock,on Tuesday and Tlmrseay for Stouingt-in, and (Saturday for Stonington, Newport auu Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stoniwjton, will be immediately forwarded ia the spli-udii* aud commodious Cars of lite Railtovl to Providence and Boston, and i( fot Newport will prareeil in the steamers on Monday, Wednesday'aud Saturday, and on 'he intervening days, proceed vis Stonington Railroad to Providence, and fiom thence iu the steamer Iotas, without any additional charge. Tickets for the route aud steamers' berths can be secured on board, or it the office of HARNDEN k CO., No 3 Wall street O^-On Rod after the luth iust, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-pant 4 P M, m9 6ni*in SUMMER .HIRINGr.MEiVT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA1LROAD LINE DRKCT, VuiNgwaBB, New Brunswick, PniNcrToiv, TaeNTOW* BoRUKIfTOWIV amu BURLlNliTON. Leaving New Yoik chily from the fo tof Conrtlandt it. I Morning Liue it 9 A. M.? Vlail Pilot Line at 4% P. M. Tl*f Morning Liut proceeds lo Bordentown, trom thence by steamboat to i'hil'ldeli hia. C The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to t Philadelphia) with ju: change of cats. < Passengers will procuie their ticket* at the offi'r <.?ot of j Courtlanut street, where ft commodious steamboat.,will be la readiness, wi'.h hangiee crates ou board. I Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, | wi'hout brine opened by the way. Kncli tr\in is provi led wih a car in which are a, ortmruts and dresiing room expressly tor 1 the Isdies'use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- | cui'treer, by steauib-iat f> Bivdeatown a' ' o'clock, A.M. and hy r iilro'd from Caindeu, at 6 o'clock, P.M. ' The hues for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7)4 A. M., and I 4 P. ,M. t>eiBg?- continuation if the lines from New York. jc4 ( r-jfJSSg NEW YORK. SCHOOLKY'B afESta^4tp|iP MOUNTAIN It EASTON. j Leave tlie loot of Courtland stree', daily (Sundays excepted) al 8 o ciock. A. M., by railroad font J-is?y city to .Morris town, f.eace by Post coacher through Mnudhan.,Chester. Schooley"* Mountain, Andersou Town, Port Colden, Washington, to Kaston. At Washington, a daily liue intersects to and from B**!vi(lere For so *'? apply to J. Hill, at J. Pattou's, Couwiercial Hotel, 7J Conrtiand street. N.B.?Extras furnish d at the shortest notice by applying to X. B. Line, United Stales Hotel. Morriitown. mvll 3m ec ?NEWY"KK. SCHOOI.EY'8 MOUNTAIN^AND EAS- ^ , Via K.ard Somen ille R Itoad.fcwi!"**#*^ (lev's Mouutain, leave pier No. 1 North river, at 8'< o'ctocii A M. daily (Sundays excepted) by steamboat to Ehxabethport; or lenvr the foot of Court land street at 9 o'clock A M. by IN J Railroad to Eliubethtowo, thence counec.t with the cars for Som^rvilie odaches, thence 20 miles to the Mouuiaiu?arrivingeatly in the afternoon. Kor Eastoa leave as above, proceed by railroad to Homer ville. coaches from thence (only 34 miles,) arriving in Easton at 6 o'clock. This iou e, on account of the short distance by coaches, ct king it by far the mast pleaaaut and expeditious, com .1 *i.di it self to publicil&tronage. Mr Hatiderioo.lhe proprietor at So nerviPe, has pioyrdeu himself wi h carriages and horses to ?c commodate private parlies with extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms For seats apply to 11 D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 ICourtlandtst. . P.-ssetigers fr.:m Philadelphia to flchooley's Moiuuin will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M-> by New York railroad iiQ< to Sew Brunswick. npleodiu coaches Irom thence, amvi ig att.ie moitnte.m early same afternoon. 3 2m"r ROCKAWAY fAVILLI')N?LONO .ISLAND HAILRO YD. Trains upon this road leave Brooklyn, Soui'j Ferry, for Jamaica, where coaches arc iu readi _Hs0|^K ne?s lor that dr-lighifnl resort, th? MiriuePavilJSmBBSL lion, ?t the following hoar*, vix :?ilalf put 9 A. Al.,4 o'clock aud liilfpa.t (i P. \l. Returuiug, leave Jamaica at 8 A. M., 13 M. and'5 P. M. for New York. Fire to Jiraaica,??.; through from Brooklyn to the Pdviiuin.7iceatt. je34 6w*r NEW YORK AND KINGSTON JTEAM FREIGHT AND PASdAUS ..CnHi*"! >?.i for Kingston, and IMaware and Hudson ' 3"!?steamboats EMERALD and N OU. The KMKHALD, Captain John Ketcbam, will leave New York foot of Murray strett, every Monday end A'nursdayati o'clock P. M. Wnl leave Kingston (Rondont landing) etery Wednesday ani! Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John "amtiels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at ft o'clock, P. M. W*ll leave Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tuei ay and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the fo?t of Mnrray street eveiy Suudy morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock same.day. For freight or paseate apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, B Alt LOW k CO , nil lm?i 164 West?tr?et. M HTATBN ISLAND FERRY. FOOT WHITEHALL WT-The steamboats Tfc aCTg-STATc.N ISLANDER aud SAMSON will ruu as follows until further notice-? Leave *few Yoik 8, 9, to, 11, 1 2, 3\?. 5, B. 7. Leave Staten Island 8. 9, 10. 11,1, 2, 4,5,6.7. Leave New York at d Statfii Island every hour on Snndv. P. 8.?Escursion to Kort Hamilton, Sundays excepted. Lent Fort Hamilton 7X A. M., returmug Iretn New York P M. ill r m'W\ dSM NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare C .in | ,ii ?r on'v 1JK Lents '.?The sr leudid steamer " * CA-^SAlC, Csptam John Unify. Oil aud alter Momiay, June Mh, will ru? a* follows :? Leaves the foot ol Uaiclay street, New York, at 10 A.M., and 4 P.M. Leaves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 1% A.M., and IK P.M. I f reight carried at very low rates. alMm r -VQ /tA HAMILTON HOUSE. FORT HAM t A. II.TON Th? u.imh.iiti RTATKN SL^MadE-hLANDfU and SAMSON wl'! rnn every Joy (Sunday* *icei>ted) during the icaaon.a* (nno*?:? Leave Kurt Hamilton at TH A M. and 4 . P. M. N?.< York, Whitehall Doc*, at 3>< P. M. Thi* arrangement may hi reliod on at permanent, ?? iti conti&aance will Dot depend on an* contingency J'i Vnr A.JIJMMSI1. AHtUinuiiMbNl1 fern fl? J?yT3?8gKKWaBURy-L..i.< Branch, Ocean X^Xr w Home, Black Point, llutnam, and h.4louiuwa Landing, through the inner puango ilie new St.-.unho.it , SHHJtWSBUu Y, Captain Jonn P. Corliea, will laave Kutoutown Landii g on Sunday, the Ub of June in-t., and rtto u lolj lowa.towk: Icavirg New Yoik, from the foot of Kokinio* rred, every Moud.iy, Tn#;d y, Wrdnetdiy, Thursday and i Friday, at 7 o'cloc*, A. M. Metnrning, will lonve KatoMown p Landing oti ench of the abo?? davs, at I o'clock, P. M. On 8?- ? turday ? will leave New York at o clock, P. M., and K>U>n- ? town Landing on ttaintar* ni 3 o'clock, P. M? and Ocean Home 1 ai 4 o'clock. Tl:c SHHKVVSBUHY will nop at Fori Hamil ion ench way. a N. i> ? .Mi.'" will be in attendance to convey pnUengtr* ]i fiom the ofor?*aid landing pi acta to any part couu'.rv reicnmi .i jefl .&i UMA.1I) KlSHINO KXl.OHalU.Njt (I -4*The atc^mboat 5Ulfc.HIOrt, Capt Ooald. .. 'f bee* engaged by ? well kuown eit / n of [New turn lor ilir<e ' "scariiou* tithe 8e.i lim OinM, on 0 Tuciday, Jolv llth, Thuitdiy, the nth, aud Kiiday. Nih n The lovi r* of thu ?port n* well a* tno?e lieaimui of so hesl thy a I ip will derive u iu?ual pleasure on these three Occident a (roil the lollow rg VcCil and lnnriim*i '?I tieutlr mi it, who ? have kindly vulimr rra ll.cir aid, in addition to tile ordinary P B ind oi ihe boat, viz... i. V."dl?Mhjib Drini'?nn, K. Cftni bell, H ilmar. VcPoqill, " D YVr.ght, K ivauagh, Lynch, M. Campbell, aud K.ieau, who ?' will alao pf?i le at llie fmnn r or?e. si Instrumental?Mr i?e?imrr. the eel'brsted performer on |i tiic i oiiirt ; Mr Itoekwe.l, Ba??o ; Mr (arret, lit Vi?liu v aud MrJicasou, 2d Viclia .. Capt. Pca-ick, ih'well known tbd .successful Ciherman, with hia harpoon* will on h wd " Bait furnish'd ou board gratis. Placea of cillii g?Foot of Chamber* at rest at I n'clk; Amos u street | ait 8; Caml atieet X Half put Si Tier No. I Batterv tl i X to 9 ; lathnine Kcrrv, Brioklvn.9 ; loot of Pike street '4 ? naat 0: and Hal No. 1 B lttcrv balf-paat 9 o'clock. i lief rrtlimf tits on boud. I Ftie for ihe ILicaxtioa 60 ccnu. If iO 3t*m I * RK JB MORNING, JULY 12, 18 (From our Kxtra of Yesterday.) OSS (IF TIIK hTKAHER COLUMBIA. I 'otnl Lou of tliU Noble Steamer?Safety of ] the I'mii'imin, Mull*, and llaggagc?One Man iliunlng. (From the Boston Courier) I It is with feeling of deep ngret that we are liner the necessity of announcing the los;? of le British Mail Steamer Columbia, Curtain hannoa, which sailed from this port on the 1st inst. { he was wrecked, as will be seen bv the accounts ,'hich we present below, upon Black Ledge, near leal Island, N. S., on ln>r passage to Haiitax. Seal eland is a craggy rock,in some parts covered with oil, situated about twenty-five miles to the westward of Cape Sable, the southernmost point of lova Scotia, It is about twenty miles from the j eareat land on the continent?a peninsula, formng the western boundary of Harrington Bay. A1 lie passengers, among whom was the Hon. Abbott iiwrence, of this city, with his lady and daughter, irere sale. The vessel was going to pieces when hescbooncrtli.it brought the intelligence leil her, nd will be a total wreck. i We have been favored by the polite net's of S. Al?ott Lawrence, Eeq , with n letter from the Hon. Lbbott Liwrence, to his family in this city, giving 1 lie full particulars of this unlonunate occurrence? nil we have also another letter from Lieut. Parsons he mail agent of ihe Columbia, to George W. Goron, E>q , the postmaster of this city, which lie has indly allowed m to use. Both these letters were eritten in great haste, and as wc received them at a ite hour last evening, we publish them just as hey came to hand. The intelligence of this calamity was forwarded o this city by S. R. Lyman, Esq., postmaster at '(inland, by special express. We are informed, that there is at Halifax an exra steamer, the Margaret, a veriel of 80!) or UiJO , one, and of over 30i) horse power, kept there ex- i resslv to meet such exigencies as the loss ol the 'olnmbia, and capable of carrying forward her nails nnd passengers. The Margaret will unquesionably be despatched immediately from Halilax o Liverpool, taking the mails, nnd such passengers is may preler to go forward in her, in preference to Lwaitmg the. sailing of the Hiberma. The latter rrssel, it will be recollected, leaves thia port for Liverpool via Halifax, on Sunday next, 16th inht The Columbia was going at the rate of 10 knots *hen she struck, and the concussion threwLier bow iigh out of water, leaving her stern in deep water. Manned by signal ?unsfrom the steamer,the keeper )f Seal Island Light put oil in a boat, und went on loard the Columbia. The passengers and crew, 95 >1 the former and 73 of the latter, were landed in iteamer off", but without success. There were a number of fishing vessels in the ncinity that took the passenger?, mails and b iggage m to the main land. The navigation in the vicinity of the wreck is very iangerous, especially during foggy weather, and the currents are uncertain. The soundings,from thirty to orty lathoim, and quality of the bottom, furnish the only indications of a vessel's whereabouts, md should not be neglected. The logs of the Columbia uppears to have been entirely owing to this neglect 011 trie part of the pilot, or those whose iuty it was to look out for ttrj safe navigation of the vessel. There were about twenty lady passengers on aoard, who, it is said, behaved with remarkable :curage and fortitude ; they were cured for as well ns circumstances would permit, at Seal Island -and though put to great hardship.-1, they were jheerful and resigned. There was one m m missing, but Whether lost or jot could not be ascertained. It is a cause of great thaukfulnes3 that the accilent is no worse, and we doubt not that the friends md connexions of the passengers are filled with graitude for the providential manner in which thev lave been preserved from destruction. We see not hat blame in attached to any one. connected with he boat for this misfortune, yet it should operate as i warning to conductors of steamers not to proceed when n??ar phore in a fog, except at a very moderate rate. Had me Columoiu bein^ going at u rapid rate she must have Fpltt upon the rocks, and even at t!ic speed of 10 knats, probably within? saved her but the inclined plane which the face ol the rocks presented. Sea Island, July 3J. Mr Usab Sin? We left Boston at quarter past t<vo o'clock on the 1st in. itaut, and experienced a mo*t agreeable run till yesterlay at quarter past one, (it being foggy) the Columbia itruck ou the Black Ledge, one and a ijuartur milts dinant from thU ixlund, ot high water. When the tide be(an to ebb, we saw largo rorki on the larboard side, iliout ten lathonui distance, and a long reef not a cable's ength Irom us. Before half tide down, these rock? were our feet aboro the water. So^n after she struck, we :omm?uci'd throwing over coal, which was coutintied hroughthe day. At halt past two wo began firing our :aunon ; in Half an hour after we were answered by a nilfket, whi '.h relieved us Irom the most painful anxiety, is we were not quite certain where we were, and hoped t might be from the land. At four o'clock the fog lifted, ind we had the inexpressible satisfaction ol seeing a filling schooner nuking for the ship, with a small boat in ow. The captain ot tho schooner, (Hitching*) w ho is he keeper ot the light house, came on board and gave us in account of our situation, which appeared any thing >ut flittering. We soon concludeJ, as it was evident the Columbia was in a rocky berth, that it wai prudent to ake the ladies on shore (fourteen iu numUur.) besides leveral in the steerage, and five or six children. L'his was accomplished at 0 o'clock, without injury toauy >ne; and here we found two small houses, a mile or more listant from each other, inhabited by kind and cllicient leojde, who exhibit all the sympathy and care we could lesire. There are no other habitations upeu the Island, which Is rough and barren. The nosreit main land is Jarrington, 2b miles distant. This morning, at high tide, in attempt was made to float the ship, which proved unnicccsstul, and at half past two the Captain requested the >assengers (60 in number) who remained on board, to go in shore?about 40 having landed last evening. The pasengen are now all on shore?and one half tho baggnge. Phe mails are all here, and the rem aining part of the bug. ;a<e will be received iu the course. of an hour. The opinion now is that the ship will bo lost? she if 'pry much strained and has heeled over considerably. Ve have 9i pas3enger<, and 73 officers, crew. Sic. belongugto tjhe ship, in all 163souls. TlieC iptain has conduced himsolf w ith great coolness and courage,and displayd that energy and magnanimity that belong to his noble irofession. And now having no morotime to write, I laveonly to say that I deem our preservation extraordilary?'20 y ards on either side of the ship, with a moder* ite bree/.e, would have consigned in all to a watery {rave. Through the mercy ol Almighty God we have all been (pared, living monuments of his protecting care; and wo ....I ?..l .,11 ?..? I'riu?.l? alinn Id nil*..,* nr. r.nr II.. . urn Jiru, aim niiuui ?:..? = , ........... .? v?. ??' ? renljr Father tin* hamaga of grattlul hearts, for thin signal instance of hia scaring mercy. The ludu s and all the passengers have conducted themselves in a manner that ihould command our admiration Wo shall tend an express to Halifax for a steamer, which, I suppose, H nearly !()() miles?we now being about -40 miles Irom Boston.? We have provisions enough for the present, and can mike >urselves tolerably comfortable, under nil thu circumitances in which we are placed. Your mother and sister ire quit* well, and I nm better than could lie nxpected ifter the anxiety and fatiguo through which 1 have pass, id. I shall write the first opportunity. Do not, however, >e anxious?the souson is favorable, ami I have no doubt vc shall oil bs provided lor. In great haste I remain, with ho truest affection, ABBOTT LAWKENUE. Jawki Lawrknck. P. S.?It is in Justice to Captain Shannon to say, that the hip was in chargu of the Tilot?ot course he is exonerated rom all blame. [From II. B. M. Mail Agent, attached to the Columbia.] Seal Iji.amd, July 4, 3 P. M. )k?r Si*:? TheColumbia left Boston at '2 P. M., the 1st inst., with lie American mail lor Halifax and England, with ninety lassengers, qh<1 a crew of eighty in number, making in ill from 170 upwards. Water smooth, but weather very oggy. On Sunday, J1 mutant, at J past 1 P. M , while teaming at the rate of ten Kn its p.'r hour, grounded, and leeled to port, with her how high tip, leaving her utt rn n deep water, having quarter less five fathoms depth aft. )hserved splinter* from the false keel and fore-foot alongide. Fired alarm guns, which were answered by mus;etsand the sound ?f fog horn*. At 4 P M, a boat with ho keeper of Seal Island Light came alongside. He inirmed us that we lay on the Black Ledge Href, and were rithin a mile aod a quarter ol tho island. The log was en?e, the wind moderate |from S*K. As the lido fell, ointed rocksof a sugar-loaf shajc uncovered to thedepth f ten f et, and were about teu feet distant from tho bows, 'he vessel lay on an inclined piano of smooth rocks hremt of her paddles, w hile her stem lay iu deep water; nd as she strained heavily it was d?jemed necessary to iml the lady passengers, about twenty in number, who, aroughout the whole catastrophe, had displayed the ut- ' Nor did these characteristics duser! them when planed nder the protection of nn entire stranger. Tlie keeper f Seal Island Light in uoithy of all praise lor hii kind pet to the ladies, and indeed to u* all. On the night tids, having lightened the ship by dis(urging co il, anchors, chains, Sto., tried the only en* ino that would work, and hovo on our stern anchor: ut although she rolled in her bed, she did not start an ieh. At A A. M., judging from her distressed situation ad the lulling tiiii s 'hut our chance of saving her was y nail, land? 1 the mills on Seal Island and got it secured, g V the kindness of Mr Hitchens, the light housekeeper. c [otwithstamling the kind attention (four friends afhnro. c e found the ladies hut poorly accommodated, and sndly i want of water. Still they were cheerful and resigned M I hava to observe that this hrautiiul .sea t>oat ran a?hore l nder tha charge ot her well tried pilot Capt. Stairs ; and ' mt the cool soamanlika csnduct of Capt. Shannon, his ti (Hcers and crew not only encited my adaoiration, hut I tat of all the passengers. They lahorad long an 1 un- t casing Ij to we the veuel, but in vaiu. TbU excellent - [ERA 143. itcamer, in my opinian will only Host in piece* from her [>r?"?ont poiition. Wo were enabled yesterday to lend the intelligence to Halifax, and eipect the ateamrr Margaret here to-morrow night. G.8. PAIlSONd, H. N. J To Goo. W. Gordon, Eiq.,Poktmaiter, Doiton. The following in u list ot the passengers, in the , Columbia, from Boston. Hod Abbott Lawrence, Mr* I.nwrence, Mm Lv.?r.-nce, K V Child. L?*e Childe, Sirs Childe attd irmnt, tto*"o!i; Mr ^ Bailey, Full Kiver; Juliu Urn ink, It Holnck, Mr Simpson, i If. K Carne, New York; Wm I Cooper. Chirlettou; J Creagh. [ lOC'imati; I Timinii, H Kuieraon. Ht I.ohm; B Armei k*T, I ( Bnni.ler, Lonui m,?; Jti? Cole, Mr Wtamy, Jit vi'Coini'll, P Mc''li?ky, Mobile: G O ine?, D Miinvllnnghin Hu ll, ' J no Piuli|> ? , W Mure, Win Vofrel. K (VI >rtou W-rd, New f Dilt aru: K A Harner. Mi? Hir.ier. Mri H Kirkp*iri* k, A VV . Primer, O kden. jr. Mon're*!; J Smith, Cau<d?; Mr Foir??ty, Mr Hamionnil, Si John, NB; -\ir Httrheiou, J ut M^cKeu- I rie, G< o Green, Rojter 8iew?rt, Mr? Sf> wart, M? Heid, Mil t l?r>e)i, four .'h'ldrcu nnd ('irnDt, Stotlai.d; J it Williamson, Oibrnl'ir; A I.iiiU v, Ji ?' ui Mn?i. Mr? M?t? ShrfTi "Id. Kng: V A Ho'*y, Havre; Mr Holkwier, Kmi II H"tfnchl?i{fr, Btemon; F.-incii V Wonllioute, Cha? Momiou, G H Kv*b?. Mr Wntriermocti, London; M Hayne, *1 Srlimidt. Mrtico; 8 , K *rilr, John Stewart. huulauti; Alexander Holcm, Giiisjow; A U'MrMiid, Krancf; Mri Kleauor Cnllimi wood, Plymouth?89. For fl ilifax?Chi? T Kuue.l Kl'jih .haver, Mr? Prucott, Mi>? Preirott, Boifn; J*s D Homier, Ilaitiori'; David Smith, Knoj ("ollini, Mri Treuiain, Mm Tretn.vn, icrvan: and two clnld'eu?1*. We have not been able to learn whether the missing man was a passenger or one of the crew. Captain Judkins, of the Royal Mail att-amer Hibernia, states that he haa every hope that the sieumer vjoiumoia win yri oe eqvcu. lie lounua this opinion upon her known strength and position, from her having had eteam up the day after she struck the Ledge?froru which fact Capt. Judkins thinks she could not have injured herself so much as to incapacitate her from being got ofl. The last letter received in Boston, dated July 4, two o'clock, 48 hours alter the steamer grounded, does not give any evidence that the steamer was in a leaky con- 1 dition; moreover, the tides were at dead neapes, and each succeedingtide would cause a rise ot seve* ral leet, until the lull moon to-morrow. In the mean time the eteamer would he lightened by discharge ot her coal, &c., and on the arrival of the steamer Margaret from Halifax, which probably reached her on Wednesday evening, she, with her aid, has been, Captain Judkins is (irmly of opinion, got oil'. We understand that the steamer is insured in London to the amount of titty thousand pounds. Boston. [Correipntideace of the Herald.] T.oss of the Columbia?Death of Mr. Alhton? Amusements?The IVeather, fyc.. The Shades, ) Bostcn, Monday, July 10, -4 P.M. J The all-absorbing news of to-day is the wreck of the steamer Columbia, which was lost on Black Ledge, near Seal Island, Nova Scotia, on Sunday, 2d inst. The details are communicated in letters from Lieut. Parsons, II. N., and Hon. Abbott Lawrence, and it is supposed she will be a total wreck. No lives were lost, although had she struck either on the right or the lelt of the place where she stranded, all on board would probably have perished. The death of Washington Allston, which took place suddenly on Saturday evening, has caused a great sensation in this community. Mr. Allston has justly ranked for many years as the most distinguished artist in the United States, and his liuro penn reputation also itt very extensive. His great work," Belshazzar's Feast," on which lie has labored for sixteen years, and which he has sedulously guarded from inspection, even of iiia private triends, it is presumed, will now l?e submitted to the world, nait is understood that it incompleted. Mr. AlUton was President of the Boston Artists' Association, who intend erecting a monument to hid memory at Mount Auburn. Since the departure of Ilerr Dreisbach and the menagerie for New Bedford, Boston has been very destitute ot amusements, having nothing but tine Museum, the City of Paris, and Mrs. Pelby's Wax exhibition, to entertain us. The Gallery of Paintings is fashionably attended, ami concerts are few and tar between. We are all on the qui vive to hear tiie incomparable prima donna Casteilau, of whom have appeared some admirable critujua in tlie New York Herald. All the riilUtanti ot Boatou will greet her with a hearty welcome, such as is due to the rival of a Malibran or a Garcia. Our city has transmitted three thousand dollar* to the Fall river tuflerers, and it is hoped that New York will respond in her usual liberal manner to the pathetic appeal. The Tremont Theatre is closed, and Dr. Beecher made the last dying speech. The actors are dispersed all over the country, and some have turned animal magnetizers, and others deliver elocutionary olios. Poor Ilield, long at the Tremont, has paid the last debt of nature, and G. H. Eaton did not long precede him ! The ladies ot Roxbury havp a pic nic to-morrow, for the benetit ot the Fall River suflerers, at u romantic spot called "Youle Cottage." The weather is comfortable, and our markets are well supplied with fruit, vegetables, See. Yours in haste, Boston. From Texas.?We make the following extracts from Texas papers, they being the only ones of interest :? The French corvette La Brilliant, arrived at Galventon on the 30th initant, huTing ma<le the paisagn from Vera Cruz in ilavfl. Diinntchnfl wen* aeiit hv tliil VffiHel Irom tho French Miniater to the French Charge at Galveston, similar to those sent' by the Scylla to tho British Charge,giving notice of the armistice- It appear* that Santa Aunahas notified the English, French ami American Ministers in Mexico, that he wish** to supend hostilities with Texas lor the present.?Houston Star, 14th irut. Sauta Fk Exrirnmo* ?A rumor has reached Houston by way of Nacogdoches, that a messenger from Colonel Snivly had arrived in the upper settlements of Ked Hiver, and brought news that our troops had intercepted and captured a caravan from Santa Fe, and that Oovminor Arm'jo was one of tho captives. Tho Houston btarsays in rei.itun to tho rumor "We do not credit tho report, as tho troops under Col. Snivly did not start from Coffee's station until the 25th of April, and he has scarcely had time lo reach the trail of the Santa FotraJers learling from Santa Fu to Independence. His progress must nave been greatly retarded by the freshets in the numerous ktreams, and it is doubtful whether he will reach the Santa Fe trail until the u i Idle of J une." [From the Houston Star.] Bcxar ?Several Mexican traders have recently visited Bexar, and purchased a considerable quantity of goods. It appears that there are few parties of robbers remaining west of the Ilio Frio. It was reported in liexar thut three hundred Mexican troops wero stationed on tbeNuccei, one hundred at the Casa Blanco, one hundred at the Laredo Crossing, and another party on tho i'residio road. A spy company frora Victoria, and another from Gonzales, were to start from Bexar about the f>th inst., to ascertain il these reports were correct. It appears from the letter addressed by Mr. Bryant, fnili-m Dtfunt An T itlln HivuP ?/,(!... nf lk.. A<lvoc .tr, that a largo number of refugee Indians have associated thrmselreii together, and aru still committing depredation* on our frontiers; they are encamped on the Brazos with their f.imilica, and are making corn. It is to these Indians, probably, that we are to attribute the late depredation* committed on the Colorado, nod that were charged to the Tonkewan* nnd Lipans. fit i* mi l that a company of the citizens of BHStrepand Truvi* countic* will be raised to chastise thit*e *avage*. The Lipans and Tonkowam are exceedingly anxiou* to cooperate with our citizens in the enterprise. A public meeting was held at Gonzales: on the SQth ult., and resolutions were unanimously adop ted declaring that tin (lection should be held on the 4th of July, lor the election of lire delegate* to the convention to be held at La Orange oo the 17th of July. The Western Advocate say* that movements are taking place in. favor of the Convention in Austin, Colorado, Victoria, J;ickton, Bexar, and Oollad counties. >*vinATi*r? or tnr. Colorado.?Ten flatboat* have be?n built in the vicinity of Bastrop tins *ea?on, and are engaged in carrying produce do'vn th? river to the head ol the Halt. Mr. Oatlin ha* made threu trips from the vicinity of Bastrop to the Ila't with aotta n, hide* pecan*, lumber, Jtc. Mr. J. Met aid ha* a keel carl which has long been running regtila'ly between La Orange and thehesd af tho R ift. This boat is propellej a great part ot the distance up theriver by sails, and the south east wind, which prevails during most of the summer, euatde* him to make the return trip with little difficulty. Captat^ Cot"r\s at OiMDAixjurK -We have i seen a letter Irom Guadeloupe, ot the 14th ult, which states the rerolt ot the trial of Cnptain C.f lis steward, and others,on the charge o| attempting o purloin money from the ruins of the late earth[tinke. The trial occupied six day*, nnd it is al ejjed there was a mars ot fnlse testimony against lie prisoners. Captain Ccu-mi* was convicted, and entenced to three years imprisonment at Gnadaoupe?the steward to one year?one of the women o one year's imprisonment, and the other to live < ears labor at the Ral'ies in France. Captain Cwuins had protested agnin>-t the proceedings of the i ourt, and hopes through the interference ot the ' onsul, who has recently arrived, to get them set side. Captain Fisher of New Haven, nad been sp >ointed consul, but had not received ins Exequatur rom France. In the meantime he will act as com- (j nercial agent, and was gone to Ifassaterre to see ei he Governor. The consul had received instruc- si >ons from our Government in relation to this atlair -Advtriutr. b L D. PrlM Two Cull. TlieCroton Water? Ita l>a?u-C>efnl Porpo ?a to which It ought to be applied?I heap Bat Its. Mr. Bennett:? I am much surprised at the siipineness of those ivhosf duty it id to attend to it, in permitting the Mrater to he wasted in the manner in which it is lone ever since it lms been introduced. Why are he boys permittej to p'.ay with the water running >ut of the hydrants? Why are they allowed to wet he streets, (and the parsers hy too,) and keep them tiU'idy all the time as they now arel In this resect he water is a great nuisance, and ought to be immediately stopped, hy punishing every boy who squirts the water across the street '! lie childish practice ot those who have hose, in wetting t lie hi reefs, I consider a dangerous nuisaace, und calculated to engender disease?the heat ot the nun producing miasma of a prejudicial and dangerous character. I am aware that the Croton water b?*iiis a new thing under the sun of this city, that the old as well as the young boys are somewhat expllrifthlt* fur hpinir nrriti.*<l #*??? #U and furnish (he baths, and which I hope will be etieclual. J. M. Fboji Africa.?The schooner Edward Burley, Burke, arrived at Beverly on Saturday last, from Ciipf Mount, West Coast of Africa, lith May, having lost her mate and the cook, who were killed by the natives on llie coast. It appears that on the 2-lth of March last, while the schooner was lying at a place called Blue Barbara, nearly ready to sail, the mate, Mr. Ileniy G. Glnding, of Salem, ana John Freenvtn, the cook, went ashore in the boat to settle up the business, to obtain some articles which had tfen purchased and naid for, and leave some of the Kroomen who had neen employed on board. When they landed, Glading and Freeman were seized by the natives, and the lattar was probably killed the pame evening, but by the intervention of a friendly Krooman, Glading was taken to a settlement of American negroes near, and the next morning started in the boat for the schooner, which lay about two niilea from the shore, but wes captured by a war ranoe, and ran high and dry upou the beach. The boat was afterwards taken off and overset, but whether Glading was drowned then or massacred on shore is not certainly known. Capt. Burke remained anxiously waiting for the return of his men, ignorant of the cause of the detention and thpirfafp until he was informed by a Krooman who came oil in a canoe, and received a letter fromtho Governor stating that the men were mastacred. It afterwards appeared probable from information received, that there was a settled plan among the natives to murder the crew, and take possession of the schooner, which might easily have been done. Freeman was a native of Accra, but had long sailed from Salem in that trade, and had a ?ood acquaintance with several languages spoken on the coast. On the 2d of May, L'apt. Burke fell in with the U. S. brig Porpoise, and communicated the circumstances to her commander, who promised to look #L... HH... nL..? u/k?pn ilnu affair han. jiiiu iiic uiaiiri. j. in j'lair *tuviv ^ ??r pened is near where the Mary Carver, of Plymouth, wan cut of! and her crow massacred, two or three years since. The native? are said to be a fierce, cannibal-like race, and well fitted for treachery of this kind. The African tquadron must keep a sharp look-out upon these fellows?Salmi Rr/futtr. cmrraziAX. vRiNTZNa ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNKM OK CULTON AND NASSAU STS. |i >U| plied with every ma'erul ueceisnry for tl>?> prompt, neal and economical execution of every description of SdJS&S ms, i?S\333!TMl&. Pnbltr attention 11 requested to thii eitabliihment, in the a?in ranee that ample latiifjciion will be a? regard* typography, pre?? work, and char*e??<o those who require fancy or common, large or mall work cheaply aud eipeditiooaly executed. s'1'k.am?Voatbills, bill* o/ LADisb, RAILROAD BILLS, Blr*lXAfn .ASS*' STAtiK BILLS, t^AlAi OOUKB, PAMPHLETS, ?U? HEAOs. 1J ANUBIL'St, NOT KB. ro? THKATHfcS, CIRCU8E*, CONCERTS. MUSEUMS LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, [?r unv other plaee? wh?i? the I true it description of printing it euuireJ. The facilities tor tlm work are not ?qn*Mud bv in? ilfii-e in thi? city, for, hesidei the l*rne assortment of J J r J>3 This iKhJiahmrui ha? the (iARGKST l'KK?SK1 IN TIIK CITY. !reat pains h*T? been to pro ride erery matarial that in MtiMjr be of w-rviee. *ud therefore pcraoc* Mtiu* ocev on for ?ho*?bill?, will nnd it RrtAilf to iheir advaataxa to atroune thu eattblishnie nr. IT^Adt vim 01 for* of Bail eaa b* fenteiwd at fttj hurt otic*. ? ..r, -.i mmii me iwj?me pirujr pluy-thing?the rattle ; and it is to be hoped that tiny will soon g?t tired of this toy, as children soon get tired of their play-tilings and want some thing new, even if the authorities do not interfere ana abate the nuisance. I wan in Philadelphia a few dnya since, and I perceived that the young and old bays there had abandened that toy. The main streets in that city are kept <|uite dry, anil the angelic creatures cret-s the streets without muddying their slippers and wetting their feet. Our angels are obliged to go in the mud. The cross walks ought to be kept dry and clean, even if the other parts are kept wet and dirty. The more dirt the greater the danger of disease, for it ta well known that animal and vegetable substances decompose latter and produce more effluvia in a wet state in the sun, than when dry. Is there any ground to hope that this nuisance will be abated soon or ever! I am atraid not. Our Aldermen and their subordinates are generally party politicians, whose objecta arc to advance their parly rather than to benefit the people. t"'o long as we elect |>olitical partisans to rule and distribute the oflices among their noisy and unprincipled office-seekers and obtainers, just so long we t-liull be cursed with mal-administraiion ?dirty streets, and all the other evils with which we have been cursed for many years past, and continually growing worsw. Every year we are promised amendment; but it is only promise*, and never reaches performance. Politics, the base of t?ur city councils, absorb all other considerations and duties, matigre their obligations to the contrary. The oaths of our Aldermen, and those they appoint to oflice, are too much like custom-house oaths, made on purpose to be broken, and the people love to have it so. Oh, for a patriotic party, who would elect good, honest men to manage their affairs, and who would appoint no man to an office who is an ofnee-seeker and a professional politician 9! any purty. Shall we ever have a patriotic party in this city? It is time we * had ; and until we do, we will never have our municipal affairs managed as they ought to be.? Thorough politicians are generally destitute of conscientiousness, so much so that an hones' performance of their duties ought not to be expected of them. Their ordinances are dead letters, except to the corporation printers, and those who distribute them ; and a majority of the offices are sinecures, enhancing our taxes to feed lazy, useless public paupers. Out upon such conduct, by which ever imriy |>raciiBcu. i.eiuir nonesi ui uum partes t^ird on their arni<>r, and at the next spring election elect men to office who are not politicians, and who will do their duty honestly, honorably, iearlessly ; then, and not till then, need we expect to have our city aflairs properly managed. I urn pleased that you have recenily adverted in your wide circulating and numerously read paper, to the utility oi public hath.*, which all must admit are much needed, and ought to he furnished by our city guardians. As you pointed out no mode of constructing cr locating the baths, will you allow me the use of your columns to point out a mode which, in my opinion, would he feasible, and attended with hut little if any expense. Let tanka and baths be erected in ihe yard of every public school in which there i?. room to erect them, and Where there is not, let a lot be purchnsed near every fchool house where room is wanting. Let tanks be erected, where the children can bathe and swim, and where they can be pent to wash if they come to school dirty. The tiinks might likewise be used as a punishment instead of whipping and all other corporeal punishment, which will be found more effective than the usual modes, and not attended with any injurious results. The use of the baths need not be confined to the scholars?they can and ought to be opened to the public, when not in use by the scholars, at a low charge, not exceeding six cents?lower if it can be afforded?each person bringing their own towels. In this way they would be attended with no expense to Ihe city, but might be a small source of income, und n great blessing, and means of health and cleunliness to the inhabitants generally, especially to those who cannot afford to pay one or two shillings for those now in existence. A-i thousands ot gallons of the Crolon water ia wasted daily, I think 110 objection* can be made to supplying the water for as many tanks and bathB as will be necessary. 1 would recommend that warm baths be added wherever it can be done. If the toregoing suggestions meet your approbation, aa I trust they will, (solicit your co-operation in recom........I,..r, ....? ?i...

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