14 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH! Val. EX.?Mm. 191 Wult 3403 The Great Hunker Hill Herald, Published on auperfine paper, containing a full accoun) of tha celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the d* c ription*, and Mr. Webster's eratioa ; accompanied with five splendid engraving*, comprising lit. A rare and original Tiew of the Battle of Banker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 1TTI; ex* habiting the array 01 the American arm v. ih ' dua lly conflict with the British troops, their ship* and thar force*. _ _ 2nd. A view of the proceiaion forming on Boston Com mon 3d. A view of the proceaion crowing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the nerth, aa it looked on the day of ttie celebration, with the ling* above and crowd* below. 6th A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the aoutfcern buy, aa it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter the celebratien. Agenta will pleue tranimit their order* before the edition will be *old, a* the demand is unprecedented. The price, wholesale,to agent*, $8 ner hundred, or eight cent* per ropy. Retail, UJ cent*. To be had at thi* office. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN HOKAL MAIL hTEAM SHIPS, Of 1700 tons find horse power eael\ Appointed by the Admiri Ity to sail between Liverpool and Bailor calling at Halifax f Hud and receive rassenseugers and Her Majestv'a Mail*. HlBERXtA, Captain Chailes H. K. Judkin*. CALEDONIA, *iapl*in Eilwsrd O. Lott. ACADIA. Capuiu Alt tnnd?r Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Cajiwiu N. Shannon. BRITANNIA, Captain Ji hn Hewitt. Will sail fur usiou. via Halifax. kecsi mvharnou. rnom bc stow. Aeafla, Ry.-ie, l('h May Kith Judo Cnlamhia, ar'-annnn ?th Juue 1st Jn'y Hiberni*, Judkius, 19>h Joue 16'h July Cnl'donit, Lott, UhJuly 1st Auk These shiis carry experienced surgeons, anl Fiances' Patent 1 lie Honrs. No berth* secured nntil nail f??. Apply to U. BRIO HAM. JR.. Agent, !*fir No t W/?n itrrrr. New York. FOR HAL^^^^^^^BRPOOL. Tke lUyal Mail Steam Wiip HlflKKNIA, C. H. E. JodMns, Esq. C?mmand?f,will leave Boston for the abuve ports, ob Saiiday Jnlv 15th. Passage io Liverpool $120, Passage to Halifax, 30, Apply to D B1UOHAM, Jr. Agent. jll r No. 3 >ai street. r r-tlaa UKAF TS ON ENULA>0( 1RESjdfr*LAND, lie ?Persons abont remitting mojjrSUyWney to their friend* in the ' old country," Can iaPP'<e<) with Drafts, in snms of 1, 2 S, 5, 10 ,20 k ?50. ?r aiiv amount. payable on demand, without discount orsnv oiaer cha ge, at the National Bialt of Irelfnd, Provincial Bv;k, do., Messrs J.<me*Bult. 8'l k Co . Bankers, London, 1. Dirtied Jc Co., Exchange and Discnant B in*, Liverpool, E?tern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bulling Comprny, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter k Co., "cutland, and tne brauchot in every post (own throughout England, Ireland, 8cot'?od k Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steuier* Great Western or Hibernia. by . , . ? , ? W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, At theit General Passage OSce, 13 Peck Slip, cor. South at. Ti. B.?All letters from the country most come post paid. |y llr REMITTANCES TO IHELAfTO, ki?The ,' ??nttinie? to transmit monsy imunn farge rwr Araall. to re mom reaidin* 10 any part of lrr Knd id the mum tu&uuer ai no, end hit pradeceitor in business hare clou" ftor the la*i thirty y*?rs aud mote;also.io any part of ?ug, lai-1. cr Scotland. * Money remitted by letter (po?t paid) to the inbicriber, or pcrnuaflr ?!epo?ited with Kim witu the name of the per*on or peru-n* In IreUnd, England or Hioiland, to whom it i* to be *?nt, and u?are*t pn*t town, will be immediately transmitted anri naid kccordwaty, and a receipt to that effect siren, or lor w i il to theaenlar. Il !i?e manuer mmey, or claim* on penoni in any part of Ircl Mid, Kurland or Scotland, esu be collected by the subacriber for |*rs?ia renidnir in anr pa*t of the United Sutea or Canada awd will be paid to them accordingly jn in"r tW.OHGfc McBKlOB. Jr , *3 r.edu ?tJOHN HERDMAN'S OLl) ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. MJtL. tl^^^tieet. New ^ ock. PASrtAUK to and from Great Britaiaand IreUnd. via Livmpool and London, by the regular packet-ships, rating im the lit, T.h, iSth, i$tb, ami 2i?'i of each month to aud frOm Liverpool. and to and from Loodtu lit, ltita and 2?th of e?.c!i month Ti>e tc'oeeribev ha* made acgiaKed at ranee meat* to brin( out emigrants, and cai, with greit con'rence, nature ttio*e pcriona aendinf 'or the r fricti-b, that every I d?e and diligent retention wilt be thnwn them, and all w'ro em berk witii theci. fwee can al*o be engaged from Liverpool ?i**ct to New Orleana, Mobile, Savannah, Ba tiHv?re, Philadelphia, B e-ton, and to tne different i>orU ol tne British Frwinrea, at m* lowest rate*. With the*e ariangcmentj, together with the advantage which hi* Liverpool correspondents poise**, being la ge (hip owner*,and eiteo*ively engaged in the Ireightiuf names* despatching yearly at least 100 Ant ela** *hip* from Liverpool to the various port* of the Uuited State*, with freight nnd passenger*. The facility offered by this establishment i* onaarpaased, and from the large number of first class ship* employed in tlie line there can be no dcten'ion whatever, which will be guaranteed. The price r.f passage will be at the loweit rate*, tn* should any of those s< nt lor recline coming, the pa* ?a?re money will t>^ a* rnstomary r'funded. The *-.esinboat fate from the differect port* to Liverpool lau, a* muil, be seCiuiu. JOHN HK.ltDMAN.H South *t, N Y. or J. fcW. KOBlNhON, near Wall street, Merchants' a?d Emigia< ta' Aranta, No 16 'loiee 1'iazxas, LiVnpool. DIUKTS Ail) A.XUHANUE. The inbtcribtr rrqoeit* the attentiou of thoae remitting money >o h?ir friends to h * nur quailed eirangemtnu for tlie paymvntof hi* <r?fu on demand, without d icunt or auy charge whatever, at the follewii g Banking Inati utinn', via IN ENULAND?Mtaai* James Uult, Sou St _.o., Banker*. Loudon. Mtasu J. Ba.LarU k Co,, Kzihtcge and Discount Back, Liytr^nol. National Provincial Bank of Kogland, laii Branclie* th.oaghout ltng'?nd mio Wale*. Yorkshire Dutriet Bank aad Blanche*. Birminuh*in Baukirg Co., Laneistrr Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND?urrenock Banking Co. in Oiugow and Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Brancl ea. 1H8.LANU?Provincial Bank nf ltebnd. Am ch Coik Kn.n Mallow Athlone Cm low Knuiskillen Monevmore B< Iilb Cav.in 'Jalwa>- Umagh Belfast Colernine K 'keuoy Pa'soustown litnbiidge f'ootehiil Kiliush bl>go r'.alltmeua Dublin Londonderry Stiabane B uidna Oowapatriek Laig-n Tralee ?allyskannon Pnngannen Lwnrruk Wateriord Cloumel D.mgarron JnonBklian Y.nslnU National Bank of LelanlBii'ija*loe Ca*W*kar Moatc Tipperary ftantglier noise rihy Nemsh 'J'nani Bojle Ferwoy MtwRoia 111 mutoao Cosher < *a wiy 11'aciea Tralae Cani^k on Sair Kau uik llnteoam m Wastnort Uist.eiea Lmxl rd Siigu W< ivird . I h?i'e?vi>le Lcaghrei Tallow Wicklow Cioctnnl Muciie'atown 'l'hurle* N tl?In addition to the LiferiM> 1 an I Ln don pa*ket*, the aubarr'har la alio agent li.r the re. utai park t- sailing weekly tr-iui New York to Ntw Orle&ua, Mobile, f'harleston, aud S'vau.iali, by which passage cau be secured at the lowest ratea. jyij tf JJHN MKUIJMAN. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Ill fHB utniNt of PacKtuior Liverpool will hereafter be A dospatched in the following order, excepting that when the MilinK4.tr'*1'* on Sunday, the ahipawill tail on theiucceediac day, vis For New York. For Lirerpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 Jnly It iiO ton*. < oct 1 Not ) W.C Bantow.f Kcb 1 Mar II The ENGLAND, i June II Aug 7 VJ> ton*, < Oct 1} Dec 7 8. Baitle'.t. ( Feb II Arril 7 TheOXKOHD, tJuly 1 Aug II tut ion*. ?Nor 1 Dec II J. Hathbone, f March 1 April II The MONTkZUMA, I July II ?>ept 7 , 1U0 ton*. < Nov II Jan 7 A. B. Lowber. (Mar II May 7 The KUKOfE, i Aug 1 Sept It tittom, _ {Dee 1 Jan II E.G. Fnrber. f April 1 May 11 The NEW YOUK. (new) J Aug II Oct 7 .filton*. *D?.c II Feb 7 r.B.CtAnper.f April II Jcue 7 Th# SOUTH AMKKltA, i Sep. 1 Oct :? tMi???l ? , 1J*D ' Feb : D.O.Bailey, (May 1 June )< The COLUMBIA. " i Bept it Not 7 O. A. Cole. / May 19 July 7 The?e >iip?a-e not turn?*<d mpoint fftlegvicr orr.mfort in their cabin acr.i ino.iriiDM, oris th.i, fni tailing ?u tiuiea b? my Teur * in ike trrde. Tne couiin*id..n are well known a* ram of character end (x,mrieuc-, itud iAte ttricu*t attention will alwax be paid to l'i- mole ilie coit>toit and ctnTeatciice of pnsttujirri. i i.MCiurlil.y,4*iegaid?lhe<lay ol (ailing, win d? obscrTtd a* bcnlvluic. . The price of pa**ace outward is now fited at RcTentr-FiTe Dollar*, for which ample itoree ofeTer* deacription will be provided, Willi Ihe eiCcptton of wine* and liquor*, which will he tur.iiihed.hy the ueward*. if r<<|i>red. N-uher the ciptami or owner* of iheaeahipe will be retpon' ibl< lor any lettcm, pircel*, or packtge? lent by tliein unlet* rrgul'r bull ol lading ar? ngne i there lor. For freight or pat*.ige, apply to GOODHUE h CO., 64 South .t^. C. H. MAKHHAlL. J$ BurliugHVip, N. T. jylJ_ and to BAKING "HQTHK.K8 It I.P.. 1 'pool. .'HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL, fACKfcia. ?& M. m M T? sail lrom N?w York l#th, nod from'.Liverpool 5Cli of each mouth. Up HOfT^UUKK. lew toin, 11(lk J?lr. N" t A""" WPBOJ-Hijl*";J kth October, rhesesnbstautial, lusi sailing, lint cla?* simps,til built in the city of New York, are ei.mmaudad by men of experience anil ability. >" ?iH ?? despatched punctually on the loth ol each "'The'if cabin* are eleirant and rominodions, and are furnisncd ?mi whatever can couduce to the eaae and eomloii ol i^ataii" Neither tve captains or owner* of these ship* will be responlible lor any parcels or packagea Ml by iheia, noleaa regriai bills lading are sigued therefor. , '"'-'"".WofifirL . M.NTURN,. ? _ 87 South street. New York, f to F1ELUEN, BROTHKH0 k CO., jell I E NE JN TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, ? PECK SUP, NEW YORK. jdHt , The sabacriben bei to call 'the attention of their frieudi l and the public generally, to their luperior arrangement! for bringing out palmarer* from, auil remitting money to, any < parf of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships. comprising the ' NEW LINE OK LlVKIirOOt. PACKETS,* VIZ.\Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship HIDUONH.Caiitain Cobb. onip niiiMiiiiA.^, uaptaiu utixyner. Ship IMKItlCK.'.apuin SkidJy. New ship IfOTTINOUER, Captain Bitriley. Ship SOUTHERNER. Captaiu Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ahip LIVERPOOL, Captain Kldredge. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior tint class American ships, tailing every ten davi, will make fire ship* in each mouth throughout the rear, (or one every six day*) thereby preventing the po*?i tnlilv of annccesiary detention. i'tssages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Greenock to New r: A It r> from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savao C. urirston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and tht rano i ic.'tiu liritiuh North America, can at all tint en be engaged on likorai term*. Perseus. wishing to lend for their friends, will not fail to ie? (he advantage* to bo derived Irom (electing thii line in prefwenro to any other, nud they may rest assured that unuinal carc will be t;iktu to make the passage agreeable, the ahipa being fitted up with an eye aolely to tho comfort of passenger*. In all cue* whe: < the p-rtioa lent for decline coming, the money will be re'aaded without any deduction, a* usual. A ree passage from the far loos seapoiu of Ireland and Scotland, can also bo aocured. The regular packets (or which the subscribers are agent*, tail aa followt, viz To and (rom London on the lit, 10th, and 20th of each mouth. To and from Liverpool ou thf 1st, 7th, 13th, ittli, and tilh of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, uuj Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum tuey wuh sent, with the name aud addcus of the parties to receiv e it, ni.y tolyon a draft lor the amount bring forwarded per fir*t packet, after the receipt thereof, aud an ucluiowlotlgcmeut for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for my amoui.t, are rayab'e or. d<-maad, w ithout discount or any otlur chart:c, at the National and Provincial B nut of Ireland and briuches, Eastern Bunk of Hcotlaod, t+rfou.'ck, and their branches, Messrs. Jame* Bult, Hon & Co., Bankers, Louden, Eiclmtge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal towu of Ureat Britain aaid Ireland. Further particulars made Uuownouinr.litatiou.il bv letter. postpaid,U> W. Si J. T. TArSCOTT, d5y r 43 P cU Slip, comer Bnnt'i it. tASSAGF. FROM GREaT BRITABS' AND liiK.LAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [SiilinR from Liverpool on lhu">th and 19th of every month.] Person* wuhiaz to send to the Old Country for their friends can mike the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, \nd have them come out io this superior L.ino of Packcts, sailing from L iveroeol ronctually on the 7th and 19th of every month, it ey will also have a tirat rate class of American trading shi|?, aitiiiR every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Hoche) is there, te see that they shall be lot warded with care and despatch. ... , ... Should the parties aeread for not eoire tut, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, * uhout.any iedac tion. Ike Black Ball,or Old Line ofLiverpool Pasliets, comprise ^ef0A,rF,^rnifiC,,nt YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NOttTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled atrangemeats.^the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sapport which 1ms been eitOuUed to them so many years, fur which they are giatefnl. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Dnfis at sight for any nmnnnt, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. TiUESCOTT, GKOTE, AMES k CO. Bunkers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the tirincipal town* throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A?lr...Mn.. ? CO. Si Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B-?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port far Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mootli. Parties returning to the old conn try will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preferenee to any oth?-r. d.'7 r iSEW LINK OK LI V kKI'OOL PACKKTS. T? a from New York on the 2ith and Liverpool outhellth of tack mtnth. iHt Mk & sMt t'*?M rvrvf \ own. Ship K08C1U8, Ctipwiu John Comns, "it1! July. Fhip 8IDDUN8. Captain E. B. CoM>, 25ih Aosttst. Ship 8HEKIDAN. Gaptait' V. A. l).-i*y?trr, Vi'i> 8?pt. ttlup UAKK1CK, Cnt'tam Win. hkiddy, ijUi Oe'ober. Khom Liverpool. Skip SHEHTPAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Ship GARIUCK, Cnptaiii W'ra. skiJuy, 13 th Au<u>t Ship KOSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 13th 8- ptember. Ship miiuO.Nb. Captain E. B. Cobb, ism Octi k?r. Theses hips *re all o?tlie lir^t claas, upwards oi lit! tons, ijuill wthe city of New Vork, with such improvement* atcoml'ine ireatt.pcud with unusual comfort for iMsseugerf. Every care has been taken in the arrauKemcnt of their aeeommoiJ^tioiii. The price of passnge hence is 874 These ships are commanded by experienced master*, who will maiie every exertion to eive general a.ufscuon Neither the captains or owners of tV ?l. -f-iwill be re*pon?ible for ary tetters, parcels or package ?sen by tnem, unless re alar b; Its of lading are signed therefor. For Irt ight or passage, apply to I. K. COLLlNH fc CO , 5fi Sonrhst., New York, or to BKOWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO., Li'erpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H ctnla persiugle she* t; AO cents per onice. and newspapers 1 cent each. i'/7 ec FOR NE* KLEAN8. LOUISIANA AND NEW ^ IKK LINE OF PACKETS HM11 For the buter accommodation of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this nort on the 1st, ith. 16th, 15th. 30th, and Jjth ol each month, coci.i dicing the lutli October and contiunins nntil Mny, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of tiie year, whereby treat delays aud disappointment! will he r reventod during the summer mouths. The following imp* will commence thi? sjrrahRcment : Hmp YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Slup OCON?e, Captain Jackfon. I simi MISSISSIPPI, Captain liilliaid. Ship LOUlsVlLLF., Captain Hiint. 8hip 8HAKSPBAKK, Cajitain Miuet. bhip OAST ON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLB. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMCIiUEEi Captain Lcavitt. Ship NAHHVILL.K, Captain Dickinson. niup MKM PHIS, Captain Knight. LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ship* were all built in the city of New Y,ork, express for packets, ftie of light draft of water, hare recently been i' vly coppered and put in splendid order,witi accommodation* I jr passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by eiperienced masters. who will inake every eiertieii to Rive grupral satisfaction. Tney will at all timet b? towed up axd down the Missi**ippi by steamboats. .Neither the owu.-n or captain* of these shirt will be responsible for jewelry, bulliou, precious stones, silver or plated ware. ?r for any Utters, piucel or pickaue, sen'. V,y o rrnt on board ot thttn, ttnlesa rejuiar bills of ,adin? are tal.eu for Uie svjie ard the valaetheieon expressed. V or freittht or passage, apply B. K. COLLINS & CO.. 50 South or IiULLl.N Id WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line are w arrvnted to sxi I nunr.lnnlly ?a ad?er lied, and grant care will he taken to hat e the goods correctly meastl'ed. ios Bi.aCK II \Ll^ 0:t UUI) LINK OF LIVfct'"e* jiVrOllli | A'. K !.'!>?Only tlffular Par kut, and ail* WtMliv-t **y, the I9t'i of JuH ? ('lie n-w fnd cclebiMil mt vailing, lavnnle pocket s;,i-> .MO ' TP ZU VIA, ba.then 1 5a cut, Cxpi. .Vf.ed B. kowbtr, will sail pjii.ively as above, Iter rrgular d? /. ih* accommodations of this miguiAcent packet (or cabin, second cabin end stetr.'fs ptus-ugers, are w-ll kl o vu to be unsuri*s?sd tor sp'eni-or, convenience and coml.nt, by nay oiher vessel all ??t Those vintiu* ihe old country will find i' to thtir inlntsl to seltct th s desirable conv.^anre in pieleieneo to any otltrr. Kor teimi of |>a<sa*.e, whicli will be low, enly app'icuion should be rnsde to cuorsa the be t b-r.hs, apply on boaM, foot ol BeeVinsu sfeet, or to the sub- cribers KOCHB. BKJTHKK* U CO. 35 Fult'B street, ceit door 'o the Fa'ton Bink. H!.?. 1* .. Y\" mii.n th** iKo Mnn.ofiim.. ii ih? fntleit imi ing ihip fl Jit, having ''ft Liverpool ou licr lait voy >v*' to um- port i, cjionf ? i . hi ?Hi? Hoitiugner, M ,rgr.vve anil 111 JeiLii, and arnVitg in advanced her o.iponeu U it veral U_J?. P. 8 1 he Mon'er.tima will ??il frnm Liverpool on the 7tli Sept. rrrtona landing lor their fncndi cn" have them bronght out id her, or *uy of Lie picket compiling thin m v\n licui ami unequillea Iilc,i&iliu< Ircra that i?urt oa ihe Kh uud i9th of rich nniiith Kor (utiaga, fce., Apply '? above. The p'ct t thp Ku.-ope wi I mceeed the above picket and tail tor Li-erpoolnn .'t lit Angait h'r regnl ir dav, j v IS1, e AAJt- KOtt 1.1 V E ttPUOL?'I lit New Liue?Ueeular KtivX Pai ket IK'h Jul*?The new. nt'l'sdid New Icrk frMh' packet thip HOTTINUUKH, Ira Bnrtley, uiattrr. I I'M tout, will ml at above, her regular day. or Ireig it or paiing*, haviu'k I \iije aoo ciimmooioui atate rooiiu, api.lv lot lie t aplain on tojrJ, wett tide Uniting Slip, WOOD11ULL k. MINTUBNS, 87 rtotuh street. The tapennr newpe.eket thip Liverp ol, Captain John K.Urid.e, luo tout, will unoceed the Hotuugner, and tail ou h^rjegulardty. leth Aututt_ iv8 r rOK LIVERPOOL.-KogbMi packet ol the IJih k .Hlv.?The tiwy tipenor. lAit tailing paefcet th'P ML-fri ^ViliiiiMtiN Capidiu Allen, will poatively tail aa boy*. Hiring very tnperior accommodation! for cabin,teeond cabin toil tleerage pietetigeri, pertnm wiihing to embark thould all* early application on board, foot ol Maiden lane, cr to JUMfcPH MeMUHKA*. 106 Pine it., cor. Honth. The abere will be tnccetd'd by the iplendid packet thip Bidiloiu, Captia i Cobb, uud tail ou the J4tn July. fttaona wi.ntsi; to tend lor then lueuilt in tht old country, can have them brought out by the ?bo?e thip, oi any of the regit Inr packed, by applying at above 5 if by letter tattftiH jv'ee Yrlrfi LIVitKPUOL?.tlfiW LIM?.Megnitr Lj^rrV Tv^'t nl 25th .Inly.?The Spl?ndid Packet Sh.p Captain John Collina, of 119'i tont, will positively tail aa above, her rtguliu duy. K?r Height 01 att.it', having aecouiiaouationt nueiua.ied fr.r aidetilor or ismwrt, apply on bu.u-J.at Orli>an? wharf, foot of Wail ttieel Price of p.??, Vy k C?LU"** *> ? *"'h lite facuet fthip fluid mi. Captain E. B Cobb, of J'OO ?i?ut,wiit tncceed th? ltotciui, and tai> t.ie *>u u. .Aug, he 'CkHlNT iiAy? Pa???ngtra may raly on the tlupa of tint line tailing yain-ivrrtitrd _ J"2Gr *** LONDON LINK OK PAC KKTWcket ol the JBGkIIIKN'OHI k'"i 1 uftoxec?'ptUMo?le'!'wPiJVtil tillve 11 above, her ri gttlni d.iy. Hiving tupermrare)inmo<iat'o(,t for e-hin. teeond eibin nnd ilei-rage p-uttngft, ihoss wn i im to teenre bmht tluuld not fail to mike early appliotion ou board, or 10 W. fc J. T TAPSCOTT. , ,, , . <? Slip cm Sonth tt. Penotit ili'tir at of tin ?ig f.?r thtir Irieuilicai have them brought out in lint tpleiid J thip which tai'a from London on the 7ih R-pt-mlur, ?r any of the rtgular line oa reasonable te mi, Thote wuniiii to remit money can Inve drvfu for auy nm.iant pevab e on utmiud mail the principal town of Oreat Biitam ud Irelatd J Uto W Y O JEW YORK. FRIDAY M( M m TIT MARSEILLES LINK O? TACKETh The undermentioned ?bip? will he ictfularly dispatched from nence and from Marseille* on the 1st of each month during ike year? From New York. Marseilles. COURIER, GutDniilli, June 1. fAu; 1 TRfc^SCOTT. Cap*. Mjri?:lc, Ju'y 1. Hep 1 n*.l_L.r,:irw;ii I , l^apr AiUIIll, AU] I. WCl I UOillOLANUS.CapHnilc, Sep 1. No* 1 H'HY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester. Oct 1. Dec 1 They are *11 copjiered ami copper fastened,and have excellent tcrirnmodatious for passe nuors. The price of cabin passage will be tlM, exclusive oi winei ttid liquors. Ooods addressed to the a gents, COVl) k H1NCKKN, will be forwarded free of other -tri n rge? t'win these actual! y puid. fc'or freight or passage apply to JBOYD It HWCKKN. AseuU. No. 9 Tootiue Buildings, or H. liKOOM (k CO., mill r 103 Front street. PASSAGE OFFICE. The Bnbieiibert haviuc completed Ihrir arraneements, are now prepared to forward pa?sc.i?er? ?o all the .Northern and \Ve?tern States find Canada, by daily lines of towboati, railroads and tteainbna's, via the Noith riveraud Kne Canal, upper Lakes, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Clui&l routes. The following are a few of the most important poiuts:? Via Utica, Buffalo, Pott?ville, Oalcna, Syracuss, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oiwego, Detroit, Cinciuuatil, Kingston, MotheUer, MilwauUie, St. Loui?, Ht. Johns, Litckliorf. Ohieiso. Lnuiftville. MnotraaJ. AUo to any pint of Ohio, Illinois, Mixonri, Indiana, Michigan, TrnwuM, Kciitucftv, ft UCWUMU, 1 j\v:i, Upper and Lower Canada. Having given such universal salis(nc i;>n in their London and Liverpool lines of packet*, the suhscv.bers will endeavor to mike the present undertaking equally dcnerviuz of public fa vor. The ettertion of emigrants and othcr? ii inviied to the follow low ratci of p^isatce to a f.- w of the most important j oints, any other places on iSo route beiiic "qnally low, viz:? L't'ca, SI f>0 Columbus, S" uO St Louis, $14 00 Pvracaso, 1 7.1 Sandusky, 5 75 GUena. 18 0U Hochnster, 2 00 Detroit, 8 o<> '.akaba. Bulldlo, 2 54 Iviilwaullie, in 00 Toronto, 4 '0 2 .V.I Cl.ieiRO, 10 00 Kinirstou, 4 50 Kiie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 8 75 11 -miiton, 4 50 Clevcl-Jid. 5 50 Cincinnati, 14 00 Mont eal, 5 00 For further oarticalar* apply to W.kJ. T. TAI'SCOTT, at their General l O.Tce, l'.ek slip cor Mouth it. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other in thu city. i 16r NiiW~ JhKiSfc,* ltAlliROAU AND lllAJNdPOftTATiON COMPANY. Fur* rexluccil to *40 cents. Fr?m the fo?t of Con rtla*dt street, New York. (Every dit?Suedaj? eice pted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark Al A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. Rl. At IX P. M. 9 do. I do. t do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do ? do. 5S do. 5* do. 10X 7tf do. tX 'l.i. 8*4 do. ONBUNDAY9. Froni the foot ol Costrtiandt street Leave New York, Leave Newark. At t A. M. and 4* P. M. At 12&P. M. aud 9\ T. M. saw VOKK, KLUABETH TOW;-*, Leave New York Leave Elizabeth Tow* At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A.,M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 d). 2)4 do. 7 do. 11 do. 45? re. 10 do. ilA do. 5H do. 13 do. The trains for VVeit^eid, PlsinQtlti, 3oandk' "ok,Somtrvillo, He., connect with the;9 A M, aad. 4J< PM I tins Irom New York, daily, Stiuday* eieepted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Towu 25 cent*. Fare betwceD do aed Homerville. 75 cents, wyv YORK. AND HAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Ruhway. At I A.M. At 3 P M. At 7 AM, At 3 P.M. Q (Id 4 flo A no #?W do II do *\ do 9'^ <!? 9 do Jo UX d,i NEW YORK AND Nff.W HBI'M^WJCir. Froin loot of Coarti&iid itreet, New York, dnily. Loar.r New Vorte. ;?Mt?Ne? Bra.iiwKK At 9 A. M. Ai 4 P M. A: 6 A. M. At 1134 A. M. 5X do l'< do 8* t. M. ON SUNDAYS Le??e New York. Leave New Branawick. At 9 A M <i'.id4X I' M. At 11^4 A.M., am) 8* P M Fare. ??chpt iu the Philadelphia uaib*. iKrwain Itew HrrnwirV, 50 cent* Bttwten New York ar.J Hah way 15 ci-nta. ta?cut>c<? vtiio jnoctue the .r lickrt* u the ticket omce, t? eive a ferry ticket irjtU. Ticket* arc received by the ton factor only "ii the d&v when parch.ned. rail 3m*r FOli BUFFALO AND ALL, PARTS OK THE WEST ^s'oi^anon pa^fif^tbkhlorj^a^a^^ I'tica, $'2 03 i(e<*lie?tar, 93 00 Syracuitt 2 25 Buffalo, 1 50 Oiwego, 2 25 Up. & Lower Canadai 54 For pa**aee api>Iy to ivj. L. KAY. ?in 93 Bare'*r itrert. New York. niw arrangement. FARE AND 0 HEIGHT JIEDUCED. mm regular mail line-for profl^SLJ^^VlDKNCE AND BOSTON, ria STON^ imjitiim AND NEWPORT?Gompoaed ol the tolliiwiag aaperior itMmers, running iu connection with the StoQiu'iton and Roaton and ProTideoca Railroad*:? MASSACHUSETTS. Cant Oonutoek. MHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NAH.RAUANSETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays excelled) from Pi?r No..l, Battery Plact, N. Hirer, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODK ISLAND,,Captain Thayer, on Mend,if, and Wednesday for Summon and Newj-urt, and fenday for Stoningtou The MASSAOHU'ETTS.CsrMin Comitoek, on Tuesday and Tourseay for Htouiugtiu, and Saturday for Stonington, PTcwporiaua Providence. Pauengers, on the arrival of the steamers at 8toiiiDrtoD, will be immediately forwarded iu the splendid and copim'iIta Oar* of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, arid if for Newport willJptSMM in the steamers on Monday, Wednetdaytnod Saturday, and on the istervemuff days, proceed via 8t?muitt?n Rulread to Providence. and fioin thence in me sterner loins, wuiiout any additional charge. Ticket* tor the route and steamers' berth* can be iecared on board, 01 st the office of HAIINDEN & CO., No S Wall itreet. It ?~On and after the lOrlt iitsf, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-past 4 P Mi m9 to* in SUMMER JIRIMNQEMEXT. NEW YORK AND i'iJILA DKI.PI1IA RAILROAD LINK DRKCT, Via New***, N*w Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton' l}ori)knt<<wn ano Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New Y01I1 daily Irom th* fo til Cnatlindt st Mrt-tiitii> Line *t9 A. M.?Mall Pilot Line at 4^ P. M. TiTe Morning Liit urocteds to Bordentowr, Jrom thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds dirert to Catndea (opposite to riiMidelpbin) without change of car*. l'assi-nrrers will procure their ta kers at t.h* offi-e ( ot of Conrtlatidt street, v. here a cownodions ctearnboaCwill be m Tcpdiiu *?, with hrR'ge crates oti board. Philadelphia biKtrure cates are conveyed from eity to city, wi'hont fteiog opened by the way. Each triiu is provi led with a car in which are apartments and ihusing rouins expressly tor the Indies' nse. Returning, ihe lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnm treet, by steamboat to Botdentown *t 1 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, af 5 o'elorM. Th? lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at7>{ A. M., and 4 P. M. heiiga continuation of the lines from New York. Je4 flBlUlffH NEW YORK, BCHOOLET'S-flaw?-x_ Bjjij* MOUNTAIM fc EA8TON. Leate tl.e foot of Cocrtland afreet, daily (Sundays ei<Ti'l?*d) at 8 o ?iock, A.M., by railroad f om Jer'ev eity to Morristown, toenre by Post coach's through Mendhan,,Chester. Wehooley's Monntain, Anderson Town, Port Colden, Washinatou, to Baiton. At wuhinglon. a daily line mtrriecta to and from Belndere For aentj ?npl7 to J. ilill, at J. Patlon't, Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtiand atreet. N.B.?Kitrna fumnhfd (it the ahnrteit notice by arrlyine to N. B. Lnip, United Sratea Hotel, Mo'intown. rnvli Jro re NEW YORK. BUHOOLBVS 1 11 MOUNTAIN AND EAS- 7? 3IEHZ-Via E. ard Somenille R Road kor Kchoolej'a Munntun. leave pier No. 1 'souk river, ?t o'clock A M, daily (8<mdaya excepted) by iieaaiboat to kJixabPthport; or leave the f<x?t of Court land atreet at?o'cloci A M, by iN J Railroad to KLrttH-ihtown, thence comucct Willi tfi-! can for ikintrvitle nKrhei, thence 20 uulea to the Mountain?.irriviutfe*ily in the afternoon Kor K.utou lea?e aa above proceed by railroad to Somer rille, eoacliei (roin th.-ace (only 14 mil**,) arriving in ICaaton at f o'clock. Tliu .ou e, on rconut of the ihort dutauce by eoaehti. ma kiiiK it by lar the m >ai pleaaaul and eitwdrioua, com jinnde it (ell' topabliaHAltanaie. Mr BAji.tertou the proprietor at Ho mertil.'e. ha? p.-ov'de<f hiinielf ?i H C'rna*ei aod horaei it ae commodate private pnrliee with ex:r.u at the aborted notice, anH on reaaonahle lenna Kor aeata apply to H D. Hope, Merchant*' HoUl, tl|Courtlandt at. Pasaeiigrrx from Philadelphia to Schooley'i Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. NV, by New York railroad iinr lo New D*unawick. Up eudid coaehea from thence, arriving *( tne mountain early aatna afternoon. 1 im*r IIOCJCAWAY rAVILL.IO V-L.0Na .ISLAND RAILROAD, Trainx upon thia road leave Brooklyn, Pmlh j I | f Kerry, for Jamaica, where coaehea arc in readi ff'Vfoww neia tor that d'liuh fnl reiort, the MiriuePavil.linu, at the following tiuura, vix Half p.iat 9 A. M.,4 o'clock and half pa?t6 P M. HcruiuiiiK, le ;ve Jar.mica ai I A. M., 12 M. and S P- M. for New York. F i e to Jamaica.W.s through fmut Brooklyn to the Pavilion. T1 ceatx. jeS4 < w r NBW YORK '?">??? Mmn Kor Kiuctlon, Peluwue and llndion *^f?ljQ.(:"n.;!-?teambo?t. EMKRALD and NOF\ M^ALn, Captala John Keteham, will le ve New V orkfoot ot Miuray alieot, every Monday and Atinnday at 5 ' Wwl leave'kiugxton (Kondout laudina) eaery WedneiJay ,nd 8H!u,d1vat3,'cloek,l'.M. York, foot ofWarrenatieel, erery WeUuMUay aud Sat&rday at 1 w'utV.U ^Kiiuttton (Rondoot laniitu*) erery Too ay and rrW?,.??o>1oct.P.H.TIlATRlW The EMKHALD will teare tii? fo?t of Murray street ???>T Randy morning at T o'rl-ck. Betnrniag l?a? liftjiU o at I >V luck Mm* day. . V.r freight or CO . ailjtn't IN Wnliliik 3RN LNG, JULY 14, 1843. "HAVE YOl^^^PmE NEWS 1" It II. COOK K HW.TUHNKD Ft'Ovl ENtiLA.NO. RKSPIi'CI F' LLV tu'oruii Ira frieuda and pitriMW th'oijh* rut ill" Un t> || Kiiici, ?;,<in<ia, Norih ud 8"uth Am rm the Bdt ih Coloi i <>, &c , tli t iMVtfif all thB latrat important ti u (rOuEirope, tir n universally perfoimi m cirea itu; \?o,st diV.a 01 Vt h.re*l l> r.^te ill ita tnoit rg,jr-valid fortna, witn anpi?cedt-ntcd ?*:n dition and diiu\teli. ana may bs oi'tu ikU u.io'l. pera-nuly .ndjcoufidtu'i il.y, athn .fine No 3 Norton aire-1, AlSiny, N Y. lit. CUOKE i teni'a crraonailv hi hi? a'imta. . . COLORED I' NOHAVIMH, tesc lotite of Diteaae iu both aexna illustrating all it* *.oat iai* igflan' forma wiih a eowplt'e Irictl-.il Treatiae on Ve!ier?il !>inplaiUs and their i nrrndute a "1 "-mote ct>n?' nU'iK's. i\ :lnd o? nh??ivatioi.i on certain affctions ol' tb* Uterus?may be eiwuiued at auv hine if i'e*ired by the ut.f>r;unau it the Hotpitu, where patients \? ill find it both rouveneut and ?dratiU^eous to Hoard and I'ld** with Or. Cooke, who will co.uror'anly aceouiraod ite tluin while uuder medic >1 treatment,'intil recovertd. Whurver celebrity Of Cook may have attained in the treatment of Uia-aie, he believta to belong i >no ether by that Dutne in this country; this well hnowu Pnysiciai ?ud S#!|Mili wb? naa no Aretira, and ia not rontieced w iih any simiUtr eatab i .h inrut in the United States, cig ha fouud at 'he Albany l ock Mo?|it'.al, Nj. 3 Nortn:: street, Albany, N. Y., ard m where else. The nnfortsMte will please " aitead to lliia pait of their da ty, tale due aad timely unties &i.dE0Stiu theuii?lvei aceorliuijly." rr UEMEMUSR NO. 3 NORTON STREET, ALBA NT, N r. j? 13 Imr STATBN ISLAND (PERRY, FOOT &r^?8ifci,nK '"IH'i K'iACi. -T ? iiiWin ite. iii/LtSTA'ff, m I .Si, \ U;',lC uud SAMSON will run i. Icl ows t.ntil further nolii ? Leive <ew Yo k ?, 9, lo 11, I a, 3Vi 5, 6. 7. Lea?e Hutrn Island S 9, !' ? 11.1. 8,4,5,0.7. ijfvv Neir V' rk ud Vtstru M i>.a ?v*rv hour on Sc?" T !'. S. - >'.*i i"nm id Korl H .iui'tnn, SumIivj e -p Leavt I*ort HmniiU'U7H A. M., Teluramc r?in *uw Yo.? J 4 CM ill r jjh NJSWAHK AN'J NH.W YOKK-Kare fiiav ^uly 12^ Of nt* '?The 1; lendid <tciDi.ii JfewiMUfchi iVl "*9Alj i, Captain John Oaify. Oil and U'ti Mouday, June ith, wili run as follows ? Leaves 'lie loot ol iliiclay street, How York, at 10 A M-. Itl'l 4 l'. M. Leaves the foct of Centre (treat, Newark, at7>i A.M., and l>s l*. M. f fight ' -wrirrf at vrrr low rate.*. nl'. wm r >i5S HAMILTON HOU8K. KOUT HAM t.. '1; I I.T' > N ?The s'e.?inbo>.ts HT.V'i'tN " ,tly '-I A - " -n-1 8A.VSON will run every (lay ISuudays excepted) ilmiui ttie season,a* fol?oWi >L?avp Fort Hamilton at 7>? A. M *h<) 4 * P. M. ,Me.i York, Whitehall DoeK, at 3>4 P- MThis arr?.uiccinent taay Do relied on a? permanent, as its continuance win notdepend on any oo' tiugt ir i*> im> an SUMMKIt AKUA.NOK.MKNT KOK ^^fflj|fin3?8HltEWHBirRY-Lopg Branch, Ocean wrr TTT& ii"? Black Point, Kumvn.aud e'.atontown Landing, thro UK h the inurr piss*ue I he tew Steamboat 8H tlKWHBUHY, (.apt tin Jonu P. Corlie*. will leave If*. t 'Utowa Landr k on Suudiy, the ith ol J .ins in-t., and,run r* lul", lows,to wit: leaving New Yoik, ft 0*1 the foot if Hobiaso* street, every Monday, TuesdtV, Wedorsday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Heturuicc, will leave Katontown Landini: on ench of the above duvs. at I o'clock, P. M. . On 8* tnrd.iy * will Imts New York at 2X oWotk, P. H? Aliil Katontowu Lauding on Sundays at 3 o'clock, 1*. M.. and Oce.n Honie at 4 o'clock. The 811RKW8BURY will atop al Fort Uinnl, ton each way. N. B.?mm will he in r.t'.endaicc to convey pMWBMn iiom ilie aforeaaid landing placaa to any part country tequireu. EU PPORT OPrOFITION AND tSAVK A DOI l.K R moknino liv? ai' half-i'a>t flun i. SIX FOR ALBANY "nd intermediate Und3~i >'Vi,ML if)-'.-., on Tue.ifny, Thur/dav end S uurday. Pujimr 4f centt. The splendid aic&mbM ALBANY, C?jm. Jenkins, leav<? the htw Ti<r foot of Barc'ay street, coith aid -,Sa!u day mu'uitig. at b.-.H put til o clock. Kor pnuagr, apaly to the Captain on Coa Krtinht uk< n at tha lowest talc?. N R ?The d y boat that .'eutea on ths opposite <Jsy? ih?T2e? 31 SU lor p usage j' II isKVKN O'CLOCK MORNIiNli LINK vWii FOK ALB * N Y 1'UUy, aud Intermediate vr i ii i irif i lift L?- iulimf? -F om Pieanibxat pier, rt th.' loot Ol tt-i/cUr aueet. Uieikfut and Dinner on board 1 he new low p fssure aiesuiho.it KM PIRK.Capt 8. R. K<e, wi I leave ihi?{Kiidsy) morui ?, at 7 o'clock. Kor p<ss<ige, up plr at the office foot til II ircl i) at. or on board. Ttie TROY.Capt A Gorhwi.too Sa'nrd iy, at 7 A. M. Ni.tH e.?All (iooda, Freight, Baggage. Bank Bills, ?i>ecie, or i uy ot. er kind of Property, t*k?n, a-.iv.ped, or put u buaril ih Boats ol Uiia Lije, nutat be 'it the ink ol the owners ol arch goodafec. lj|H_n r m NO MONOPOLY?FAR*, tttti>UcED. Q.r~---t New ludepi-ndcui Oppoauiou Liue lor AIIm .ir'iJt'r? ny dnect. The i.rw ml commodious steamboat NKW JKWgfcY, Ca|t. R.li Kimy. will esse the too of B-.irlayitnet, Ntw *rr!i,e?ery Monday, WedneaiUy and Friday eveuitg, at 7 o'e'uck For freight or p'siage a; ply on board.' Freight taken leu tlum tow boat pnc?a. The New Jersey is fnriishs:! with elegant at^fe rwan, and for*.'fed and actt.mnioda.lou ia tot aurpaajed i-y w.y st~?in boat on t''> H 'rtu " nvr jjT P' OPL.JC'.H LINK OK MTKAMBOATIj fO-1 ALU AN Y?Oai'y at 7 o'clcck, P. M J . 7 I-.I i;..,. "'-y ti jia l t i Pi?r Oourtianaa <?d 1 'br-rty atirela Sfr'iiiboi; jtiO< lU'-bTe'lv C-n A lloniihron, will leare Mnndar. Wedretdnv end Ki i eveninKJ, at 7 o'clock. fteambnat SOL'I'll A.MKU1CA, Capt'.in L W Brainari', will leave TaeaiUy, Tuuratij>7 and baturd.ty ereoii^i, at 7 o'c'nek. , Steemboat NORTH AMKRICA, Cattain M H T,nerdelt, laud'UK at in? jin'd'ato latdini'a, will leave Mond.iy, Wed c a ?y and Fiiday aflernoona, at S o'clock. 1 otnaaa<HiJ or trright, appl7 on beard, or to P. C. Rchnl't p.t the "n c on th* v?h uf. l3Lli ? ui tk.cix KOR iv kwpokt a >"l? Pttoe^-,3A--"<vVlI)KNC?.-AHHIV|\0 IN TIMK f'OK i sJ i.awwtfM.iv.^ XO TAKR THf. (JAK8 lO Fare tl 50?Urck Fare *1 ? 1 lie new, coin nndionsa'.d fait miIiuk >te>i?iboat CL'RTIS I'K'^K, t'aiitan. Wm. 11. Peek, wi'l Itave the pieieaataide Cathnme Niaik'.t Slip, Kait Hi?rr, every Monday, Wedueidiy aaJKrid y, tt 5 oVilock, P. M, Knr ptsauKe aud Ireijht icqnire at 205 Scuth at. np ?tai:?. _jy7r tiSK- <'LO BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKKT9 rf^-?^.F()ll LIVKKPOOL? l'.iCK?t oflne 19 h Juiv?Ti e ^2iS??r!endid faat aaihufi UcW paclut ahip MONTK* ZUVl/v, Captain Lowber, .will be Ucipaiche J aa abovi, her rrgnlar dar. Thu tlcuantihip har nran-patacd nocommoditiona for cabin, 2d cabin aud KteemKe puteDKeia. Hioiv wishing to lecure bertha will reqtirc to make e.uly ni | 'ir.-'tion to JOHN HCRDMAN, CI South atreet, iirnr W?ll at. N. B ? Paaiaire frcnaOieat B itaioai:d IrflJirl ?ia l-iveirool, r?n aa n-ua> in* ami red it the I >we?t pi tea by me r..pul*r (-.rkrl ?mp? aailiu< Wtekly. The sabaenber h.*a jaat c- telnil-d onrquilled airincmenU lor the pavm-nt of hi? ilralta at llio following bauka?Thr National rud I'rovircial ISicka 'f 1 '-latd. and at all tite r b-auchca. Alao tha Na'iom! n il Provincial B nW of Knuland and all Ua branches thrniuhimt Ku^laud and Walra. Aha the Kaalcrn Bu k of Scotlaud, the Oieeneck R.Miliinr Co, and all their orancher, Lhii/U^hant Scot<oiii. for further partira'ar* 'pply ai above. ji6r - ? !? rv' L- otr | ivr IIVI. Kl'lini. kSWSV '6'h Jmy?Th* i.pleodid, f.ut tailing I'?cket Hhip ?vX4iHiir,l IVUIJUK. Capt Utirtlty, will ?hU poai:irel? a* ?tn>v, hrr teintlar day. The ahi|? ol tlu? liie Me all liiO? torn tmrthvu &'jd upward*. <md '.htit cccommodjtio.u icr cabin, < < 11'il Cniiu, aii'l iffrnje panrBKcts, it i? wrll known r>e operior to hut oth'jr line >A twclir'a Tnoae wi?hiu? fi jeiuie berlluii.ould noi fail to make earl v ti'clic.iiion on b> ril crtv W. kJ. TAPsCOTT, 43 fe? << ?'i: ,eotjei Soaib M. Fer?ntis wishes f> ier.il for il?t?ir Inei.ds cm h??e Ci.t is htoucht cut iu her, or auy u! tlie regular line, en favorable term*. Draf'ta for latst or ?roall jams payable or demand, without Jncoilnt or any other charee, in a'l the po%t lu?tn of Ei u' 'i?l. Ireland, Scotland or Wall?, rati alio I>? obtain? il on if.pl ic.i inn a* atove. iv't J>rF?> KOR lO?*DON.-Hitjn[? Picket nt the 20.h JoW. The ipleu^iil pickft thin HENIMU.K SSjtJStaHU JbON, Capt. Mo?re, will tail u aoo?e, her reKoUioiiy. Hiiviiu very ittptrior acconvnoJat.or* for cabn, "uJ rabiu, and ite< rjgr pnt?it)grr?, icrr.ui wiihine ro r mh rk ihoutd make early application"to JOKllCU McMUBB W, I t'O 1'iue ?lrrrt, Com'r < friou'H. r?r:.ous milling to ?ei.H fur their frit'litl*, can hare them brut.yfit out !>y the nbnrr ?hip, or any ol the regular rack''J. hy <pph nig '? a1-*.*.-, <if hy Irtt-r. p ?t t>ald ) jli KOH NEW OKI.,E?NS-UHM8IANA AND H&IWNKW VOKK LINE?Kin*. Keci'I'r Packet?The vPfttiiTfrf ft?t Milintr c ipper. d ?hip OCONEK, Optain Xickaoii, b?w loadi g a'nl haricg a veiy i.vjt |'ro|cni a of her cnj'i eu^ed, wnl I?j p.'tinpuy drapalched. Korlreiaht or ^araiRe, liatiuu batilnoic iBrniihvd accom tnoJetioiu, apply or) hoard, at Orl?>.ua whail, foot ol Wall orto f:'. K. COI.LlNf* h CO. ,n> Coutii n Hnip^eu roayrely np'-m hancK their ??udi correctly t.ettn tl.aud tkattb* (Into of lh:ilio: will i.til i annually aa a>i*er u?*d. Any g naiaune 10 that ellect will !* Kireu aad fiXllei Jrut may be roqaired A.u?nn in N. Orleaut, Hillin k Woodr?T, who will rr:i?ri ly forward nil good* to their addreaa. The nacliet ahiv Louiaeille iOapt. M. Ilnol.will ?aece?# rh? l>onn?? iyM ROOMS TO LET tlN THE BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON ?The Sui ictiher havini fined up thi.? ?at.ib i?luum( at if ' i < nen?e for ill* con.fort if hit frien<*i nuil >h? , r? rtul for the eery libera. pitroi<r?? already beatoKod on Inui. .iu>ta by hia extiticui to ^leatc for acoutmuaucc . f it He bcir? to inform tl>e*> that hoh.iii'ill two deohle mA tli.ee iiugle iwom* tad.whit h he will li t on ttrtm l?>'? to initthe tunej, if itnine iwi application he madc.rinl will be happy to are mtoio Uie uoi * wuhiug to ?i:j >y the Oeanli acl idv.ima^ei of tint pit;* 'i'll" ailatiion i? qui i>l the m^t diairaMe on th# Temc*. Having * TciT liu? l'f*<- bathing lioaae directly io foot, ihe boardcra can eajoy that Imarv with the (iciuit couveni.net ant plettnre The ateamboati ply eonatai.t!y throughout the d-.ytor.nd from New York. OEOKOC PlfcHlS, Be l.nont Hume, New bu*Mon. Jnne .*8t'i 1811. ,i30 r A-HL KOH BALK?Kirma iu llie tiII?ii? of Jamaici, I,. 1. { "la Two Immlaome Karma, c< nuiem?the one li't|-|f ur, UtfV''"' oilier lorty-t ixlit &cr>^ ol l*ud,,|>ro|.eily On idtil into p.?tuie ami woodland. They i-re iu a good ?'.af<- of colligation, and ve limited a thon dia'.auee aoaih liom th* K ailroad. In whi'th their front parallel npon Scu'.ha:. On one f rin the I,nr0f-i.i? tl II -i-i of a nond two it iry I , biru inl nrrenary ouibui >t i.gt, On ilir other thrie it a *o< 4 a zi for ciiilaing. 'Ihcy will i>e aoH l?w if fjilied f>r immediately A)>pif lo KkA>CIs W. HKOWA, ji 13 3 * r I Wail airuvt. ~\ALsA B'jih ami snon MiUHfJT JOHN HICAOY nipeeCilly luf.irma hiafriMiJ* and therrablie.t'Ul lie haa eimmenceJ bua;ue-a i-> 'he above un\ ?t N?- *> N*?afm itorel, where he will th'ililiillr rece.va in.t faulifa!.* f rrr.ui", all ordera he u?*y be favored wim lie mo?? rcamo-'h1 f^rr-ia lor caah WA CH1- P?I he largat ard Bloat ap'rrdd Mauilm-nt of VVatchea in the my, it to he found at tr?? aubaenher'a.? At he it conat?ntly receiving all deaenptiena ol IK Id nod Silver Watehea, uf the rnweat attlea, direct from the mamlaetriiei', in Mnkland, Ki&nce, ami 8wiuerlan*!, he n to enabled to olfer a larger ^aaoitment, and at mnrli leaa prici t, a. letaii. thau any ottie r hoitae iu the "-ity. Uold watehea aa Uw II 9*u U> raru. naanw ??'i ?ivn??wi vi bouftit. All w*tchrt warranted to keep good time, of the mon-r return*! . , , ... Watehee, eiocke to! lewrller? tepatrtd m ?> e bc?t manlier, anJ \??rrnoted low?r than at any otlier Mace in the eity. U. C.ALLKV, iinr utei of watchet ?a?f iewellatr. jfl |m*( Wtu>i<? -it. eud icuil. M Walt ?Utet, op itiirt f ER A Tlie Cleaning or tin- S?reo???Kconomy vs. expenditure. Mr. editor:?It appears to us much fal?=? reasoning prevails with regard to the beat plan of cleaning the streets. Som? persons conlend that it is a kind of business in which all rulea of economy are to bs set at nought, and that the mote money spent upon them for this purpose, the better?that it is better tor the city to Hive one hundred thousnnd dollars than to have ihein cleaned tor nothing ?'hat it the per.-ton* employed to sweep them wre not thus occupied, the city would be compelled to support them as paupers in alms-houaee. Nothing can be more absurd than this mode of reasoning. We all know, ihat persons employed toswejrp the streets are, and indeed must be able bodied men; and none of whom adopt the occupation ot street sweeps as a permanent means of employment, but merely enter the service in most instances to suit their own idle convenience. It is a well known tact, that there is not un able bodied man in New York, but who it disposed can find more respectable employment. All this summer, the farmers in many petto of New Jersey, and other places, have form greatly in want of laborers, and are willing 10 Sive steady employment and good wages to such ; but the half idle utreet laborers prefer to remain in tije city, even at lower wages and less constant work, ta order that they maybe near grog shops, where they spend all their idle time, and the most oi the money received for wages. The most of these able bodied men are also foreigners, who, we presume, if not billeted upon the tax paying people of the ci y to sweep dut at art enormous expense, would not b- (air objectu tor aims house relief, as we believe it is the aged, infirm, and the tuvalid, who are considered objeca of suchchnnty. The healthy and robust persona employed on the streets, prefer this halt lazy life, for reasons stated. It ib weil known, that, in wet weather una during the most of the winter, when they most neeU work, they cannot labor 011 thestreets, and must remain in miserable idleness and want, and by relyinn on this kind ot precarious employment, winch fails when most required, they are liubie from destitution and want, to become u cliurr;?* to tbe a law noase, t?y this very mode of employment, which it is contended, is calculated to keep them out. bo lar from their employment in this respect, being acharitable boon Irom tlie city, it results in many instances in their overthrow unci ruin. The money paid them in too many cane?, is unwittingly advanced by tiie city, as a bounty lor the support of grog shops, and gambling hells That the vast sums paid them on the old plan ol sweeping the * tree Is, was not expended upon them witli purely benevolent views by the city corporation, is evident, from the fact that much the largest portion of the $149,000, was paid them just on the eve, or approach ot each charter election. It is evident then, that political, and not charitable motives induced this great waste ot money gathered Irom the people by taxation. And we certainly underrate the sagacity and intelligence of the people, il it is t-upposed, this or any other corporation, can return to litis extravagant waste of money, without in the end being expelled Irom power by the force of the ballot box. . The people cannot a fiord to pay for the Croton water, and for the multitude of other burthens, and then in addition to be saddled with #100,000 per annum to purchase votes for the support of any political party. liable bodied foreigners are too lazy to go into the country and work on farms. and must be provided for in the city,it will be infinitely better lor the Corporation a onoe to build a public work house, and give them permanent and ueelul occupation, where they would be Iree from the haunts ot vice aud the corrupting irlluences of grog shops. The prolehaiou ol a scavenger is also a degrading speoies ot labor, and no honorable, industrious or ambitious American will ever, while any other means of support are lelt, either in the country on farms, or in tiie far west,submit to it* low drugery. And we never see an able bodied, healthy man serapiiig and cleaning streets; but we tee I regret lor his dbtence ot amtiition to strive lor nobleremployment. better suited to the oignity ol In* manhood?aud better calculated toelevate hisfeelings and prospects in life. We sincerely believe we do numorc than express the wishes of ninety-nine hundreths of our fellow citizens, when we give ihe preference to the best nnd most economical mode of cleaning the streels If they can be well cleaned for nothing, or lor the nunure alone, in the name of justice why not adopt that mode, and save the money and health of the people 1 We care not whether this be done by r L: ? I ...i 1? u.iil i?. iiicriuo ui luatiiuiciy ui uy uuiri iiiciuuua. vjiiii ici it be done?it will be eure in the end to meet the hearty approbation of the people, both rich &nd poor. We do not consider the late contrnct fairly made. It was wrong to put it out for so Ion# a period, and for bo tardea sum. It wuu too plainly a political job. And furthermore, there were responsible bids made to do it for a much less sum, which the contracting committee, according to their own proposals, hud no right to reject. Resides, we believ.- the city could be divided into districts, and cleaned by contracts for much less and in a much better manner, than the lowest bids lor the lat contract. If the present political logrolling contract is set aside, we shall eireuuously advoc ite the division of the city into contract districts, to put out to the lowest responsible bidders. We think the vexatious delay on the part ol the Corporation in attending to thia busings, very reprehensible. It keeps all in suspense, and is not attended with strict justice to the present contractors, or to the community. Something ought to be decided on at once, one way or the other. I am, tec. Clinton. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of tho lleru 1,1] Philadelphia, July 11,18?3. I'xHtyism in Phi/adtlphia. Dkar Bknnktt : ? We await the upshot of Bifchop Ondt rdonk's ordination afiair, with anxious impatience. The office of vourgenileninniy agent, Ziebtr. as well as that of your other agent, Gordon, is daily crowded to get the Herald's report ot the proceedings growirg | out ot that curious interference on the part of the two lleverenua. The pr< gret>s of Pu*ey ism amongst us lias not baen sufficiently noticed by your (otherwise indefatigable) correspondent in thin city, much to the surprise ol your numerous readers here. The surmouniing of the recently irect<*d tpire on St. PeietV Church, of this city, with a splendid tilt cross, has already been th?- subject ot much newspaper discussion, but this movement has been thrown into the shade by some later innovations, introduced into the public service by the learned rector, the Kt v. W. II. Odenheimer. Vour readers, (at least your Philadelphia readers,) are already a wire, that St. Peter's is one of our most ancient mid aristocratic churches, having been built before the revolution, and kept t iered from the architectural mania of the last ten years. It is frequented bv our rnof-t eminent nnd distinguished families, such a"* the Wileoxes, Sergeants, Hinneys, Physicks, Rnwis,?fcc. <Scc. Odenheimer was appoiritrd to ihe charge of this congregation about three years ego, and has succeeded in that time in splitting them into opposite ?nd violent parties, quaintly termed Oro'sites nnd No-Crossites He is a native of New Jersey, (his mother being a Byrns, of Oate ' May,) and was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was remarkable for great application, end for hut little talent or brilliancy. II:s I abilities were lets thought of in his appointment 10 thisbirth (vvsrth MBwi year,) ihan the KOOIB- I innrJatiiinu Iblatn'u /iliiUf Kl.ii/in t\i WHS'f rn I New York, formerly pastor of thiscburc1*,) ard ot Mc(Jo?krey, (Bishop of Michigan, nnrl uncle < I Mrs. Oden'heimer ) Mr Odenheimer ia about 2b years of aye, and isalready h "father in the church," an is testified by the baptismal record of Peter and Win. Odenheimer, Jr. Shortly aftT his appointment he alarmed the oldl.ishioned members by a sermon on " a middle state of souls in the next lite," which he has since followed up hv tlj'- introduction of a service lor every day in the w<ek, the celebration of faint's Day,the assumption of the n iiie of I'riest.and various other I'us^yite peculiarities. Ninie ot his hearer* have au>ealed to Dishop Onderdonk to prohibit these innovations, while others, particularly the iiinneys and Sergeants, hive expressed their approbation by pr? seating the Rev. nenilt-rum wr.h sp'endid surplice, &c, wot ju d by their own delicate finger* Besides these ofiicial testimonials, it was propond by some very young ladies to present Mr. O. with a pair of beaut.till emoroideied slippers, with long stockingstn suit; but Mrs. O claims the *urly selli-h privilege ot supplying all Mr. O.'s non-otlici.il want* hervelf. I must not onullo matt- ih.u Mr. O I is a man oi very iirepossejaing exterior, and liaa a fool of such charming neatness, that lie is obliged, out of sheer compassion for the hearts of the ladies, to wear a very lon$ cassock. t I shall give you in my next an account of the anti-l'useyiua and their feader, Dr. Tyng, rectoi of fyiphany Church. Mors Anon. LD. ptim two ctau, (iREAT WgsrKRN Kait.eoad ?In March nd April Uft, ih? expediency of reducing the rate of lure on thia Rreat line of communication was elaborately ducussrd in the public prints, and 'wo tickets were run for Director*, one ol which whb styled the Low Fare Ticket- The election having resulted in the choice ot h majority of the Low Fare party, the firit and second class rates lor through travelers wrre reduced in April last Irom #5 and $3$, to #4 and #2 7-10. Tiie measure has been silently in progress lor the last sixty days, and while little gain appears in the way travel as compared with the corresponding months ol last year, an increase ol nearly one hundred per cent has occurred in the number of through travellers, materially augmenting the revenue ol the road, nlihough a disproportionate share is paid to the Hoston and Worcester Kailroiut Company who would not concur io the reduc* tion. i^uuiuti ui lurouLMi pus?euKcra lur mny, is ii, a,w?i Numfoar of through naaiunrort (or May, 1843, 1.483J Oiin 70J p?ir c*nt, 1,177 Number ot through pnMingnr* of June, 1?43, >.81iJ Number ol through puicoguri ot June, 1H45, l.MO Olin IPS per ceut, I 947J A?R'i gHle lor Muy uml June, 1843, S.473 " lor May and June, 1642, 3,3-itJJ Oain 00} per cent, 3,liSj These passengers being way-billed, having no ticketb, except lor the first ctagc, and no privilege to stopon the lin'% except while ihe train stop?, cannot converttheir tiek? ta into way ticketH. In addition to the great increase of numbers, this measure has given (.ia predicted) an impulse to the freight, the through freislit Ironi Boston to Albany having been trebled in May and June last, an compared with the same months of the preceeding year. We are happy to learn the low fare is eucceeding equally well with the way travel on the Worcester I; ailroad, ns nvinced by the remarkable success of the spccial train at 2 cent* and 14 centaper mile, between Boston and Newton. Reckivts ron Week ktdinc July 1J. 184S. 1U?. Pawnger* $<,934 $*,?10 Freight, kc 4,380 4UT Total, $11119 $10,017 llu.t. in ri^iri'.r Eastern Railroad. The annual meeting of the Btocklioldern ot the. Eastern Railroad was held ou Monday last. We have been favoured, by Hon. Daniel Adams, with h copy ot tlie report ot the directors, and have gathered from it a lew particulars concerning the condition of the company. The directors congratulate the stockholders on the completion of the road nnd the settlement of its accounts. The entire amount charged to cost ot construction of ihe road from Boston to Portsmouth, is #2,570,043, of which $111,718 was the cost of that portion of the road fr*m the Massachusetts liae t > Portsmouth. The Capital stock of the company, paid in is #1,605,000, the State loan #500 000, and the floating debt of the company #332,971. The property ot the company,independent ot the road, it estimated Ht #309646, and if sold would pay ofl" nearly the whole of the floating debt. The cost ot the new depot iu Boston, which hu been made the past vear, appears to have been #131,-10.!, of which #69,299 was paid for land, #7.874 cost of foundation* ot pil<" wharf, $5,797 for wall,$8 029 fur filling wharf, $5,173 for depot building, #8159 drops, engineering, Arc. In conscience of this purchase, the company have been able to renliz". by the sale of thtir right a' Lewis' wharf, #500.000; land sold, on which the owuets are about to etect a splendid range of stone '.ores, $66,000; land reserved tor a hotel, and tor which tney have been offered $22,000, and the |ea.ce ot lelreciiiiiem room and reatorator for #300 per annum each; an i cresre in the amount tor which the ferry is leased, $2800, and saving in rent of Treasurer^ office, #100, allot which coat, at 6 per cent, wou.d rn|uue a capital of #63,000? showing a profit, st?ys the report. independent of the superior accomodations, of $69 596 51. Among the properly of ihe company before alluded to, are 70 lots at East IWton, where the inllux ot poi ulation is rapidly increasing the value of luii'l. find the present estimated value of which is $79,300. I lie interest in the East Boston Ferry, and 24 Iota in the Public Garden containing 10,000 square leet each, is valued at $35 000, and " it is believed that it would be a good emulation to purchase this at the valuation." The company have been offered $2500 for their interest in the Cunard wharf, and ihey have real estate in Lynn, Mnrblehead, Salern and Newburyport, valued at $-1300?part of this real estate, connoting of a house and two lots of land, is in Newburypor', hikI in valued at $1S00. Betides these they have #27,500 in the Portumouth Bridge, purchased I in company with the Portland road. They have also real estate in Ne?v Hampshire valued at SU,140. Of (he 2000 new shares created in January last, only litty have been sold, " and it remains for the future direction to decida if they shall be issued, or if the property on hand shall be realized, ?-r the amount remain or. loan. As either is practicable , the decision will rest on what may seem to be required by the interest of the stockholders." In constqueitce of the dullnes* of business last summer, and the frequent and deep snows of the I wihlpr th*? rmnminto tiuuo lw>?>n l?c.a rtiirincr lhf> imit year tliun in the year previous, but the expenditmea have been leaned more than the receipt* nearly #14 (XX). The gro?s receipts ol the year ending June 30, are stated at $200,455, Hnd the expenditures $110 655 66 ?leaving the neit receipts .$1.15,'709 45, Irom which there ha? been paid, interest on State scrip 826,000; dividends to stockholders ?121,740, leaving a surplus including that ol last year, ot #19,920. The gross receipts for the year ending June 30, 1S-I2, W"-re #291.305, and the expenditures $149,46ft. The Hoard ol Directors for tfi? present year consist* ol the following ser.ilernen David A. Neat, John Hooper, hiiioh Binoey, Daniel Adams, Jr , John Bryant, Jr, I-aiaii Breed, John E. lhayer.? Mavuurypvrt Herald. ll*it.in?*D? it thi: wiit.?The increase of business an<l hiicmriitotion ot tollx received upon the Central Railrn^i. Mieh , ate an evidence of it? usefulness, and as the vvyrk will snon V.> completed to Mnr*hall, a still further increase of buainaai may be reasonably expected. We append the earning* of the road lor the month ot Juae for three ssaions. RrctipU, 1941. 1641 1S4S. Frompassengers, 0*i 6,419 6,000 From freight, 'J/JBl 4,646 S,647 $5,833 10,964 14.647 Drtroit and Pontiac Railroad ?This road ia completed and is now tn operation. Its completion was celebrated b> an excursion over it on the Fourth by the liovernor of Michigan, his Cabinet and 6tulf, and a large number of the citizens of Detroit. uilhi&guknr" GEIJERAl rRIWTir^Q ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OK KULTON AND NASSAU STB. Is supplied with every material neeessiry for (he prompt, n?*t and economical eiecunon of rrery description of iwaaaasraaj?. Pohhe Attention i* revested to this establishment, in the ae t..ii.ee lli.it ample satisfaction w>!l !>< siren?as ir|[.irds typuFripliy, prf?? work, anil cluntrs?to those who require fancy of common, l<uv> ur iiiinll work cheaply aud expeditiously eteened. L^nv.L*, CHM'lfS. WA. HILLS. C1RCI7L.A HS, sijov/ li'll*. bah. tickets, btka.mboat bills, bills of lading. railroad rills, business ?ah0h. iavkbillb. cat ai.ooues, paml'ulkts, bill ^jiandbil's, notes. FOR theatres, circuses, concerts. museums lectures, public meetings, of any other pUcrs where the largest description of pnntinc is required. The facilities for thia work are not equalled braajr office its thia city, for, bcaidoa the large M9<?rtm?nt of plajx ahs owMA3siiM7AiL svrj. This esublislnrent has ihe I.AUCIKST PIIKSSKS IN TUB CITY. (Jreat pairs have btrn tnli?n to prnride eeety materiel thai cm r?o?aiMy be of nervict.fUid therefore penouf Mating occ sion'fru Showbills, will find it ureMlr to their advuitane u? petiouize this eetdliluhmeut. >r~*Aiiv iiieor form ol Bill can be furnished at vety shosl on :r. * !L__ |\KM< K UK JKKrjfiKHON iNSURANCK COM PA ?/ \i?otfcr *> W?H itreft. 'i'lii# Cov?n*u? eooiiuaa I'tsir l)wtr>i of ii?nr?'?cf tcvntt I?m or ini .g* br fir?, i?n noo.lt, tr?TM wi'l merchandiir ?ud ilio, on *s??e!? and the if uiiuilHi'ir inland taviRMino. " DIBKVTOKM. Tiumiu W Thotn? Klith* fti(M T <)m'iT WoodrO* R Hnbttl J..lm It fruei* r $?* Thomjon Pric? JotepH Alton Join H L?e John P Moor? MMfi Tnck?? J.imfi K Holm*#' Caleb C Tauii J,im?? H Wh;&al Anion Buiir WmKTMru iSKffiSt. Slfeu. THOMAS W, THOH>E. Prudent. CO. T. HOPE, fcentuy. ?llT irt %

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