17 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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m ifij- ^i'.nroi/ *aksvr-rilla ^OI .. ~-tu? puhlic will boai KiDiiad thjt Bri?to)'a garswji ulU i* the only genuine article. The cui < s it neriorms are lading, (he patienta cau be found ami (diked with, the immense succeaa the true article haa had in curing disease haa induced many person? who have heretofore been deemed reapectable io imitate this valuable article, and to claim lor a very poor decoction of burdock and spiguet (which turns sour and poiaonoua after atanding a little time), the merit of the genuine medicine. Briatol'a Saraaparilla has not b?en blown into notice during the laat year by falae certificates; it haa been working ita way for ten yeara into public favor, and it haa done it aolely on ita mcrita. Read the following:? New 1 ESTIM0NY AND E*T?A0BD1HA?T CuBK. C. C. Bristol, Buffalo?Dear Sir?I conceive it my duty to inform you (which I wiah made public through the press) of tne case of my wife who has been rescued from a premature grave by the use of your Sarsaparilla obtained of your agents in thia place, Meaara. H 81 E. Oaylord. The facta are theae; up to tlie time my wife commenced the uie of your Saraaparilla, she had been declining and failing laat under the treatment of a rpgular phyaician, who finally aaid to me there was no hope of her life after warm weather commenced. The phyaician did not give any particular name to the diaease. The aymptoma, how. ever, were general debility and weakneia, attended with aevere pain in theaido. She was wasted to a mere alleleton, and entirely helpleaa. Iam happy, yea, thankful, more than I can convey in worda, to inform yoti that ahe K entirely recovereu i>y inn use 01 your oariiupuruia auer every thins else had failed. Her filter, who died a short time previous with the name complaint, I have no doubt, could hav? been cured had we have known thia medicine in time. I have recommended it to my German friends, and all that have used it say it has cured, or had the desired effect. Oae man ef my acquaintance who was just ready to sink into the grave, ha* been cured, and will be pleased to giro you a certificate if you wish any further evidence. I am very truly yours, JOSEPH ROOF. Cleveland, June 37,1943. Caution.?The only protection the public can have against fraud and; deception, is to ask for Bristol's Sarsaparilla, and to see that the written signature of "C.C. Bristol" is across the cork of theUottle. Sold wholesale and retail by Wm Burger, druggist, SO Cortlandt street, and at retail by Rushton & Co , Mithau'H Phxrmacy, 163 Broadway; W. Aspinwall, 88 William St.; J. C. Morrison,83 Greenwich street; Wood Si Morrison, 309 Greenwich itreet; J. By me, 63 Bowery; and all respectable druggists in town and country. TO SHAVE EASY ?A celebrated writer has denned man to be n shaving animal. Thi* is doubtless true, so fur as relates to civilized man, but a civilized mun cannot tbave without a razor, and he cannot keep his razor in good order without a ktrop. We would therelore just gently hint to our readers, that Saundei's Patent Metallic Tablet and Razor Strop, with four sides, has withstood the test of time, it having been before the public more than'a quarter of a century, and it probably has no superior in giving that desirablo keen edge to a good razor, which renders shaving an operation that may b** patiently endured.?Button Mercantile Journal. Manufactory 163 Broadway, between Courtlaudt and Liberty. <a- THE GENUINE EXTRACT OF 8ARSAPARljLLA, GENTIAN AND SARiM FRAS, prepared and sold Dy tup Uollegft ol Medicine and Pharmacy of the oity of New York, for the radic.ilcure of all disease* arising from an impure state of the blood, viz: Scrolula, Salt Rheum, Riugworm or Tetter, blotches or pimples on the fare or body, Rheumatism, malignant Ulcers, and ull diseases arising from an injudicious use of mercury- This purely vegetable extract is prepared under the superin tendance ol the first medical men in the city, and now universally prescribed hy the medical faculty throughout the States es possessing all the curative properties of the different vegetables it is composed of in the highest concentrated form. Sold in single bottles, 76 cants each, in cases containing half a dozen, $3 50, in do containing one dozen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts ol the Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and consulting rooms of the College 07 Nassau treet. monk ? market. Sunday, July 16?OP.JI1, The commercial mission of Mr. Cusbing to China, seems liable to be longer delayed. The experiments that weie in progress on board the Missouri steamer, have been abandoued. The " pipes" of the Engineer, Thompson,have been condemned, and the old boilers ate now putting in. It is said that the steamer will be ready for sea in " two weeks," which may prove two months. If she should not uc ready to sail very soon, Mr. Cushing win return 10 iiosion, am tnence taKe passage immediately. Mr. Fletcher Webater goes by the way ot the Cape of Gooil'Hope. Mr. Proftit,of Indiana,is dow in Wash ington, but his appointment to the Brazil mission begins to wear an exceedingly doubtful aspect. All the commercial relations i?nd negotiations of the country, will probably be put upon a new basis within the coming year. The stock market during the past week hat been heavy, and the inequality which exists in the prices of the sound atocks become more marked ; a principal reason for the low price of Kentucky and Tennessee stock, is that to which we hare before alluded, viz : the want of general means to invrat to an extent equal to the supply offering for investment. The State of Kentucky has constantly bean issuing new bonds upon the market in redvmption of outstanding scrip of that State, and many pledged 1 >oiuls have been put upon the market, as for instance the American Life and Trust assigned to Robaitg, Curtis Si Co. of London the following stocks to lecuro ?163,072, or $808,745 :? Bonds of the State of Tennessee iidl.OOO lion took place. To alter the law while these goods are in warehouae, and abolish the drawback in whole or in part, U to commit an unwarrantable depredntion u|k>u the oommeraial intereati. In the prcaent ca?e,an unconatitntional construction is given to a valid enactment ami cannot be forced with any show ol juntice. The fermen1 among commercial men is already very great The im positions and eiactions to which mercantile men huve of late been aubjected, have created quite a ferment, and many memorials have been sent t? Waahington in rela tlon to the matter here complained of. We trust tliat commercial and financial matters will not always be n " subordinate' business The New Otl ans Bulletin, atatea :?The Supreme f'ourt yesterday, we understand, reversed the Judgment 4 < ( the Court below in the i ns* of the Commissioner* ol the Exchange Bank vs. the l.e*see? of the St Charles Hotel. The point in lltigstion wa* whether the Bank waa bound to receive ita own notes at par in paymetit ol Do do Kentucky 499,000 Do Territory of Florida 9(H),000 Do City of Macon 34,000 Do Farmer*' Loan and Trust Company, 24,090 $938,000 At the time of the assignment, the Kentucky stocks were worth $307,260. They have recently ri?en to $417,060, an improvement of $109,770. The Tennessee bonds have al-o been sol.I, as an inspec' tion of those afloat will evince,in the London marks upon thr.m. These constant supplies of stock upon the market have served to keep down the prices, and in some cases to depress them. Yesterday, many a face usually sedate and grave, was elongated into n smile, at the announcement that Boor, man, Johnson & Co. had made a contract! The startled hearers pricked up their ears with the ejaculation " who with, pray ?" It was then stated that they had made a contract to deliver iron to the Long Island Railroad. This produced a broad grin. "lathe contract on a sliding scale 7" said oue, " Is it subject to the action ol the tariff 7" soid another. "What are the provisions in relation to transfer?" cried a third. "Is transportation upon a dray legal delivery 7" " Must the president of the road come himsell for the iron, or will his onler be good 7" "Oh! stuff," said a knowing chap, " don't yeu know that all depends upon the price of iron.'' All this badinage grows out of the yet unsettled contract of those gentlemen for Bank of Kentucky stock with Jacob Little fc Co. The contract, it will be remembered,wr.s fur two hundred shares Bank of Kentucky stock, bought on time by Boorman, Johnson 8t Co. At the maturity of the contract the books of the banks were closed, and the piice had fallen heavily. The Inltilment of the contract was then refused by Boorman on the ground, 1st. That delivery by "power" was not legal ; although the stock provided on Mo face Tor such a delivery, ad. That no formal delivery was made on the day the contract matured, aUhoti gh they had commenced a negotiation ai to the manner of delivery a fev> day* he. fore maturity- Suppose now, the price of iron fall* heavily in the market, and by miifortune of Are or other calamity, Messrs. Bootman, Johnson it Co., are prevented from delivery in the customary manner, bnt still tender the iron, will they exonerate the Railroad fiom the con. tract 1 If the price of iron should rise, will the contract follow the Kentucky Bank contract ? What security ha* the Long laland Railroad that the contract i? not contin. gent? It ia but a abort time aince we were obliged to animadvert in severe terms, upon the action of the department in relation to the payment of the interest upon the public debt. The Journal of Commerce, and other printa, pro feaaingto be, "far excellence," the conservators of the mercantile interests, affected to ridicule an occurrence trifling in itself, but fraught with great results to the credit of the country. The error in that case was promptly corrected. The comnercisl interests are now, however suffering under another construction whether of a "su' bordinate" ar other person, we know not. It ia in relation to the drawbaeks ; a law o( last seaaion authorised the detention or rednction of percent from the amount of all drawbacks on goods exported then-alter. The meaning ot the law was,doubtless, that this regulation should affect the drawback on all goods imported for debenture sufcse quant to the passage of the act. Now the construction of the department is, that it.ahould apply to all drawback* ; thus giving an ex pott facto operation to the law. Many goods have been imported fo?- a long time entitled to debenture, under the law existing at the time the transac % (k? i. lit i>i iin- hoial- B> the aciaion of the Buprenie Court the notes of the bank ire a sufficient tender. We undent and that the decis'io-. doea not settle the entire question, aa in this case >i.u plaintiff* failed to offer proot ol the insolvency of iha Bank. Had that fact been proved, the decision would huve hern on other grounds, and perhaps a different one been rendered. The following is a return of the Banks of South Carolina :? Banks or Houth Cabomna, Junk 1, awd July I. June I. July l n urn Loan Sptcit. Loan Sptcit Bank of Hlate 78A,?1 203,971 780,034 2!I9.B6<? Br_>uch at I .oJumbia 721,9JJ 9,1150 778 288 9,42" Do Camden m.7n i mi o-n SuL, ML m Rl"' <<>1.389 148.212 436,II) 1)8.283 rlaoters & Mrchs 7'ifl 738 176,)02 80\7fi8 17),68) LiUIGn Biuk 667,(MIX 113,1)1 632.4)1 116.6)0 Total 3 82),772 6)2,07) 3,8f0,298 701,129 R...k ?r?... C,rc- Cire Dtp*. Bank or State 681,965 MO,832 82) )6I 40) ft*7 Branch at Columbia ? 100.J58 ? 91,210 Do ( amdrn _ 3),769 ? 30,393 gpu'hwutern U.K. 40),9)) 401,363 345,960 333,487 ir "1 ?Mech? 212,5)0 ^36,264 217.980 212,385 Union Bank 20 171 170,017 16,926 1)2 48) Total 1,3)0,641 1,447,70) 1,406,427 1,22),950 By recapitulation, thesu aggregate! giro the following results Sept. Jan. Jlpril. June. July Lou in 4,077,786 4,0)3.730 3,780.222 3,825.772 3,830,298 Hpecie 419,142 414 381 171 993 652.IP5 Till,129 Circulation 1,094,993 1,3113,420 1,424 70) 1.3)0,641 1,106,4-7 Drpoaitei 1,660,3)4 1,361,394 1,229,486 1,447,70) 1,225,590 Their exchange movement*) ia aeen in the following table :? Stpt. Jan. Feb. April. June. July. Dom'tic bills 208 272 5''9,66l 721,204 691.137 374 912 46?,431 Foreign 40,653 245,530 244,659 313,899 2)1,763 109,201 248.915 785,191 973,8631,005,034 626,705 573,632 Thi? return gives the same progress of allairn as is Bp parent in all the other banks of the seaboard, viz . a gradual accumulation of specie, and diminution of investments. All the strong banks olthe South and West, are now beginning to experience that plethora of money and scarcity of investment that have for a so much longer period, been experienced by the institutions of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The probability is, that the Banks of all the States w ill soon be driven to rx. ert the same influence upon the stocks of their respective States as the Banks of New Tor'i, and the East have upon th? outstanding credits of these sections , and the stocks of the Federal Government. Whea the new crops shall have come forward and produced a further liquidation ol the paper now held by the sound Banks of Tennessee and Kentucky, the funds of those institutions will naturally seek their own state stocks. The movement in relation to stocks was commenced in New York, and is gradually spreading over the Union, creating a diversion of the influx of stocks which have heea flowing into the New York niaiK?-'i| aiviavicu i>y mc iiigu puces. The following in a comparative return of the affair* of the Bunk of Charleston :? Bank or Chiri.f.iton, SC. March, 7. Junk, 30 Cash Liabilities? Circulation $081,794 $612,890 Due Banks -287,715 723,741 Depoiites 464,66' 428,223 1,684,163 1,764,8611 Caih Jisaeti? Specie $192,217 $471,560 Dae by Banks 860,225 606 36! Dam. Exchange 614,800 261.902 For do 978.320 1,372,404 2,646,662 2,702,219 The report of the President states as follows Our exchange transactions for the past year, considering the existing state of things, have been extensire ? From 1st July, 1842, to the same period 1843, we have purchased in Foreign an J Domestic F.xohang<>s,to the amount of $6,373 969 48, and we are pleased to say, that in all these transactions, we have had but on? Bill returned under protest for non-payment, and that for a balance of ?81. 0s.81, which was promptly taken up; and only two or three laid over for non-acceptance, owing to accident or informality, and which were s?on after accepted and regularly paid. It may be mentioned also, as a subject worthy ol remark, that the Bank has also been enabled for the greater part ollhe season, to furnish checks to its customers, on all the principal commercial cities North and South from Boston to New (Orleans, and upon all tho principal inland towns, where there were Banks in this State?Georgia North Carolina, and Virginia, at par; while Foreign Exchanges, have been furnished even at leas than the par of Exchange. Indeed, for a part of the time, we have been compelled, as a matter of profit to the Bank, to import coin both from England and France?amounting in the last six or eight months to $718,000 in gold. Tne Bank is now furnishing Exchange on our principal commercial and inland cities, at halt' per cent premium, being less than the cost of transportation of coin to the same points. Stata of Trade. Hoy.?Prices hive improved lor this article, and we now qnote lor prine North river 46 a AO cts. Sale* for hipHient ha* been made at 40 a 45 Molatstt.?Very little doing, hut price* are well sustained Porto Rice sells ireely at 24 a 3ft} cU. Coffee.?This article is quite cctive, price steady and firm. We quote rales of all descriptions to some extent, Laguayra, 7| a H; Brazil, 7J a s, St. Djmingo, 6} a 6]; Cuba, 6|a7J; Sumatra at 7; Java, 11 cts Jlthts ? Tne past week has shown a slight decline in our quotations lor Pots. The closing rate-> were $4 50 a f4 ftiij, but in some instances $4 tijl have been paid. Holders are disposed to operate at $4 66}. but buyers, flattering themselves on a still further decline, object to paying over $4 AO. Pearls are more firm, although the demand is very limited, $5 36 a $ft 3IJ, are the ruling rates. Fruits-?We quote the closing prices for hunch raisins $1 6ft a $1 67}. Eleuthcra Pine Apples, $# 60 a $7 60 per hundred. Palermo Lemons, $3 87}. Oranges, $3 36 a $3 AO. Coltcn?The market still continues very dull and prices without alteration. The decline from quotations current belore the latest European orders still exists, and from present appearances is likely to remain so. The extent of the crop already brought forward, induces us to believe the demand between this and the appearance of the new staple will be very limited. The sales for the past week reached near 4600 bales, which corresponds with the receipts We quote current pricea tor Liverpool Classification. Uplands. N. O. 4' Mobile. Inferior ft aft} 6} a 6} Ordinary &4 a ftf ftf a 8 Middling M a 6 0 a 6} Middling fau 6} a 0| tff a 7 Fair ?| a 7 7i a 74 < lood fair 7} a 7| 8} a 8j Fine ? a ? 9} aioj Oils?The state of prices tor Whale at the East, has had a favorable effect on pricps here, and with an increis me demand prices have slmhtlv advanced. We ciuntn 32 rlt. but holders demand a fraction above that. Linseed, American, aella at 75 a 76 cent* nett; Sperm receives the tame aa last quoted. Spring ia scarce in demand and much wanted. Fiih ?New dry Coil ii scarce, and prices rule at $2 60 a $2 AHf Mackerel, No. 3, at $6 12$ a $5 29 ; No 2, >8 12J a J8 56. No. 1, very scarce anil in great demand: we may shoitly eipect this quality of Mackerel in market. I suit ?Missouri pig we quote- in fair demand, at f3 35 on time, at which the market is steady with a trilling demand. The quantity on the way to the seaboard from St. Louis is very large, aud prices must soon leel the effects of inctesed receipts. Proritiom?Beef has slightly improved in demand, although prices remain as beiore quoted. Pork continues rather inactive, und prices cannot be quoted otherwise than nominal. 1 he closing rates for prime are $9 46 a $9 60; Mens, $11 37j a $11 40. Lard is very active, and prime Ohio, freely sells at tj| a 7J cts. New Cheese is offered in large quantities at 4 a A} eta. Butter of the best quality, of favorite ilary s in firkin, sells at 16 cts. Hidet.-VT? quote salai of Rio Neuner at 17 atsi Buenos Ayrei 23| ct?; Dry Southern, 9 a 9J ct>; Truxillo, 13J. Wool Trade. As this is the season the new clip makes its appearance in the market, we gather the quotations in the different markets, and embody them under n separate head, that our readers in the interior interested in this article may receive the earliest and most authentic report of this important staple. At Baltimore, for the week ending the 16th inst, the receipts nf Wool areprfltty fair? about 10,000 lbs, principally common. Common washed from 'JOto 33 cts; tin wash eil, 14 to 15 cts; tine '28 to 36 cts, and not much in market. The article goes off freely. W? notice sales of 3000 lbs common washed at 33 cts per lb, on time, adding interest, the quality exhibitirg rather an improvement in price. Quotations lot this market rule for?Am. Sax'y. Fleece 36 a 37 lb; Am. full bl'd Merino 30 a 34 ; Am. I and J Merino 26 a 'J7; Am. Native &. j do 90 n 22; Superfine, pulled Jrt a 27, No 1. pulled, Msffi; No. 3, pulled, IS a 17. At Philadelphia, for the week ending the 16th, the sales have been, to manufacturers for immediate consumption, within the Ibllou-ing figures :-Prime Saxony, 31 a S3 eta per lb ; No. 1, 17 a 28 cts ; No. 3, 24 a 36 cts : quarter and common, 30 ctf; superfine pulled, 23 a 26 cent*. At Boston, the 16th init prices were fair, and manufacturers were disposed to take all that offered at the following rate* American common lo j good 35*27: do { good 29a30; do I good 33; Pulled,superfine 2tia3H, No. 1 Lambs' 23a36; No. 3, 16.120. Agents of the Eastern manufactures are travelling through the Western part of this State pacing cash, and giving the highest price for superior qualities of Wool, and we announce to the producers of that section not to lorce their wool into market, and take the first price of fered, bat hold on, and by so doing obtain a few cents mora on a pound, which is more to them in the aggregate than to the manufacturers, who are governed by the first oo*t, in the e?tahli*hment of their rate* for ltiinufactuiad goods. The Fredonia Censor of the 13th inat:, say*.?The importance of this product to our county is daily increasing, and is now one ofthemoat important articles of trade.? In 1940, there was, according to theceni>ui, 366.068 lb*, o! that article produced. There is itill more produced now. 01 this amount, it is estimated that there i* about 1110.000 lbs sold to eastern manufacturers which brings quito a little sum of money into the county. Fine wool sell* at a little advancu from last year'* price*. There i* a gentleman now here, making purchaie*. He mirchaied about 90,000 Iba. last year. His puroha*e* will he about the same this year. Large purchase* are now made by a gentleman at Westfleld. The prices range ?i.nuPQl1r (mm 15 tn 'J A. and m>mo m hiirh am )7 nn,1 OA The Ithaca Journal of the dime date, lay* !? We arc informed hy a gentleman conversant with the matter, that during the week ending Saturday laat there win paid out tor the tingle article ot wool, in thi* Tillage, riling ten thouaanil dollar* in ca*h. The price* paid range.) fiom 90to Mcent* per pound. Much an amount diitnbu ted throughout thi* country a* the proceed* ol the above ingle article, muit in a meiumre relieve the neceMitiea ol the community. Wo believe the wool brought to thia market the present leuion, hu been greater in hulk md value than that received at any other lingle market in Western New York. The Madison County Eagle of the 12th inatant naya that more than two hundred thousand pounda of wool have been ntirchaaed in nazenovitt within a lew weeks pa*t, at prices ranging Irom 36 to 36 cents per pound. Freights. Mobilk, July 8.?No new engagement* iince thil day week. The vessels on the berth lor New York are slowly Ailing up at 91} per hale. The last cargo for Liverpool cleared on Thursday, and two of the four remaining vessels now loading will clear early in the week. The John Baring, announced for Liverpool at our last report, subsequently abandoned the voyage, and has proceeded round to New Orleans. There is some enquiry for small vessels to load lumber. At Baltimore, the iMh inst., an American bark has been engaged to load with Tobacco for Marseilles at-ids. per hhd. and a ship for Rotterdam at 'J-Js Ad. New Orleans, July 8th?A tair business has been done in foreign Freight* during the past week, some eight or ten ships having been engaged, principally for Tobacco, but the rates have undergone no material change. W? notice four ships torCowes and a market at 37s Ad two for London and one for Rotterdam at 37s. Ad , and one lor Havre at 34. Ail. for Tobacco There is very little Cotton ottering, but some lots to All up have been taken at J a 1 cent for Havre, and 7-10 a }d. for Liverpool, the latter rate for Texas Cotton. Coastwise Freights are without material change. Cotton?To Liverpool, 7-1A a }d per lb; to Havre, Jul; to New York, $176 per bale; to Boiton, Dec., $1 60 do. i ot'Bi-co? i o i owiii, Sir., 37 h Oil perhhd; to London, 37k 6il; to hamburg and Bremen, 34s a 35s; to Liverpool, 36i ; to Havre, 3i? tid; to New York, $4 3* a $4 60 ; to Bolton, $4; to Philadelphia, $4 60 a f,V Sugar nnd Molasses?to Northern Port*?From the Coast, $3 a $3 60; from the City, $3 a $3 as. Bacon?To Northern Porti, $3 u $3 60; Pork, do, 80 a 06 cents per fori; Flour, do, 46 u 60 cents; Lead, do, a $3 per ton. Married. At St Bartholomew's Church, by the Rev. Dr. Turner, the Rev. Richaru M. A bkrcromhik, of Philadelphia, to Eur.\bith Turner, daughter of William R. Cooke, Esijr. Died. On Saturday, 16th inst.. of consumption Richard R. Shoomv in the'i'ld year of his age. On Saturday, the 16th inst., Francis H.. Hon of John W. and Margaret Thompson, aged one year live months and three days. L<atC*t Advice* U.KOK1VKD AT THE NEW YORK ItERALTj OMICI Antwerp June 16 Macao** March 7 Africa June 10 Madras Dec. 24 AutCayes June 2 Manilla Feb 11 ^ntieua May 91 Mstnra "Mhit 12 Batavia Feb. 2S Maranham May 4 Bermuda June 19 Matanr. June 25 Bonaire April 9 Mayagoei June St Buenoa Ayrea May 21 Maracaitio March 9 Bahia March 31 Matamoras May 24 Belize. Hond. Jun* 20 Mexico May so Barbauoea May 89 Nenvitaa Jump II Bogota- - Deo. 24 N&aaau, N. P. Juuh 17 Berbice Keb. 20 Oporto- ? May 30 Cape Town, C. G.H - March 24 Oahu. 8.1. March 12 Catitoti Match 15 Pari* May 30 Cieufuegoa 'one 12 Port an Prince Ju y 1 Cartlwgena Jone 23 Ponce, P. R. June 23 Chagres Jane 20 Para Mar 7 Cnllao March 30 Pernambuco May 24 Calcutta April 22 Hi.i de Janeiro June 1 Cadiz June 7 Singapore March 13 Demerara June 12 Ryiniey, N. 8. W.*> Jan. 26 Kayal May 28 St. Helena May 10 Gibraltar Jane 7 St. Thomas July 1 Guayaquil Oct. 10 St. Barta June 1 Guayama, P. R.- May 28 St. Jaco de Cuba* June 25 Gonaivea Juue i7 St. J oli m, P. R. Jnne 25 Galveston June 10 St. Croix July 1 Havr' June 16 St. Martha Dec. 2 Himhurg Jure 13 Si .Domingo April 4 Havana July 1 St. John, N. B. July 8 Hayti March 12 Surinam June 12 Halifax July 2 Tampico June 2 Jeremii March 3 Tobaaco May 23 Jacrnel Ju e 21 Trinidad de Cuba- June 14 Kingston, Ja. June 17 Talcahuana April 8 London .....June 19 Valparaiso -April 12 Liverpool Jun*; 20 VeraCrnz Jnne 23 La Gunyra June 17 Yucatan May 26 Lima March 30 Zanzibar Jan. 21 Panengeri Arrived* lomdon?Ship wrstmwater? Mr k Hobson L'dy Mid 3 chiMrui M a Teal and 4 children. Mra Shutllewofh, ('apt. Leaveuthorp BA, M J Joling & Lady, Knghnd Mr L'viu &L de, Mudame Growlev, Germany, Capt Junes, of the lite baruu* Ja ne? Hidrr, orBaltimore, Mr Nichols, cf Salem, M??s. and 57 in (he steerage. Liverpool?Ship Cornelia?Mathew K'-biuniu aud lady: Mr Andrew B Lauri, Mr Francia Jrnkina, Dr Jaa P Dixon, au<l 164 iD he steer. gi, N?w Orleans?Ship NewarWMra Wh:tney and child Mr> i-et llier Mrs Packard, M ss l ackard, Mr P<ckard aud Mr LeteMier?25 iu sti i-'ajf, Died ol" consumption, on the p .as. Ke, Peter G D'ans, ol New Kork, aged 2j. Mobile?Ship Denins k?Pnf Ingraham, and 10 in the steerage. Charleston?Brig Mo*ea?A Stems, lad" and chilo: H 1' Dim.el. Ia< y ai.d ion; G Abbot, lady and child; Mra Steo?ns and son; Mra A B rton C K Bartleti. D Goldfinch, (' W Deland, W Siwy? r, F Kvvus. P A Downey. Curacoa?Scni Hurd?Mr John Chipman. .\ew Ori.kani?btig ^araioga??.ir J W Hitchaidaon. Pasaengeri to Arrive, Charleston?Ship H Allcu?T Highauri, lady, twochildreu aud ie v nt, K F Coates an l?ly, H W Kopir and lady. H Ji/hi aon, lady and two children, Mra F O'Neill a':d chil<4, Mrs Li o:'a and child, Mm Dan., M'sj Sebring. Mr Holt, lady and 1 wo children, I" oebrini. W ) Gayer, H Klfe. G Taylor, G N H? \ ut'lda, Vv Siarr, H Vandeizee, H Lowudea, A Hobson, J H Wciki, P Scott. Puiengen Mailed. From BoaTon?Strain ahip Hioernia, for Livorpio?De Marchanr Carey, lady, two childien an I aeivant, I C Johkion, Sim! S Mye'?, Jahe/. Bullock. Mr Momaou, 'J Lanino, Jhn Wbirehead. G?o Teulo'i, John Czurr.abal, K K Loiin?, James Williima, I G Bull. Morant Gale. Miguel Je Kmbil, Chailra P?el, Mr Middleton?20. For Halil<x?George Corbet. Dex er Stone, ICus'ia Prescott, Henr? Ccmerais, Mr M'Bride Mid lady?f Koreljjn Importations. Li noon?8Mp Weat.Dinater?<1 hlida brauly. G Ma'.thnwa ki co?104 i ka inhdz JO cheats 20 -rgi. to nrder?100 lltsks q'iick ailTer 20 caara I ij'oiice pute, Law encelt cr ? i2 l ata to ?rder?'9 ca?e? steel, H Jeaa p?5 hhds t-raudy, K Blackburn? 2 cues mdz. to order?5 cneata, A A I owl caae, T 4t I) Samuels?! case, G II heaa?leave, J J Levrr<.tt? I cate. F cw, iiioii:?-' en-, j u?f!ot-cas rnoz, t.onii l kc -lc?K,JO*(o-l rw. Hancock ? co?l bale to order 1 c??e plate L%w retice ^ co?I ibs* book? Carey li co?I md* F G iod? ie-1 case H Jesscp?!9 pkgs 10 case* Wilson Si co? ' hiskelt K KoIim:?7 bales mdk J Uihuu?SO cvk? bottled beer S flfi'ow It c.o?10 pkvs mdi MrLut-l boi Ha-Me y k co- 6 bales D Htddi" k Son?2 crsrs 2 casks Wiley & co?3 cases I I) Wr ght?57 boi-s mdi to order?4 pkgs W Vy?e? 2 c .k a S II & co? c iso R Martin k ci.?' cu?s Bartltl Si co ? I chest. 10 holtlei. to ordei?iO krgs J Huny-inni K Baldwin?I pk* L Tappa ?l |*cel S K Pearson?I pnrcrl D v,? Krooks k co?I pa*cel 7 c.heils 2 biles Clark k co?I C'sei Aivwrod k co. Liverpool?Ship Cornelia?I'Si sacks ial: OTTrirrib'e? 6 pkgs \biabim Mnter?I C J Ta> loi?* Acrins k co?200 IJifd Oi 'il n H c.c?'6 Thomas U Mabei?7 Pa:ou k Stewart ?7 W'.nl, Johnson Si co?9 IVibiflT. Kuu< Si co?53 O >rton, H . ft s k . n?I Wood, J liniiou k Burn ?20 A till in k Wi!mtr^ing?51 Kiihirdiou k Wh'soii?1 Jime?0?eu?' T 'omp ion kc ?fl loteih t)onn 'h?162 J N Btncp kSoos?19 Henry Jesn.?3! I'hri \iiihcatl k co?li Hn'l. Btoitifri?39 Keiss, Broth* p? k co?27 ? k C Rnbni ?'3 Wight. Stnrges V Mia?v ?i 1 H? t i m n A Mtmlord?II limn l\nC til m ct ? I# l.? wis Atterbur.?7ROCO states lOOItO bricks t-amuet Thomson?17 pkgs W- If8i (Jillr?i ie?120 hi Is 1 (kus 'a ord?r Livmruot?Ship Keuucky?I bile mdn Vatdelweot k H \ W'tf ?30.1 bo*'S till plates 6517 oars iri n< to nidrr?4 bales ir>d*? (J Slii'h trd?70 t >n? pi* i n S Cr<oks?6 esses i?i<x< Pitchir'son k Wa'aoo?39 bales blanket. Unrd'Q, H"d?es k co ?I mm "id te J M.IM k C"? 2I> tiasse* mdi* * twin, Wilmittlii n k c ? 10 case* d > Dor- k Allen?17 do d i Hu'chin. s k Teff^n) ? 4 htle? nn'7." D H iHdiu k Soi?6 cases do 41 B Dorr ?20 do Bud, (i llilan k co?19 esses rsm 'l.aim Sn i h. Ti ur(n k Co? 11 il 11? ? dei ? '695 bote i tin Pli Ips, Dodge k ct ? 103 cues mdze HitchsnWon Si WaIsoii?14 d ' L Allmbiirg ? 25 bi'es mdx H K Kend-ll?9 ct<ks hardw ire, 1 cas> mdte r cks do, 25 anvils Wolf* Gillespie?23 hale md/.e D H'd en k Son ?49 glares eatthenware B A Mmnfotd?75 tons coals J Hrrdma ?1 Irate earthenware T P Druinro mil - 30 bis n dX'Tnokrr, Me d k cn?IB do Peahody, Bin- k c?R0 crates eirthei. wire Adann fc hrotlier?68 ht|<s J McCa'l k co?4 casks K P? liick k co?19 hhils ntiize, 9b??k?s vices, 50 anvils, 9 batidlti wheels 19 casts i.oes H Ki--usI nd k . i ? I c isk* hardware, I baikes vices, 2 hags uails K Patrick k co. Oom??tlc Importation*. Nr?v ORLEarrs?Ship Newark?47 biles 5 hhds h?ir t hales bristles il lib's iv ry black tyiiiH Si Camphell?6 bales ma?.? H Schomaser?2i75 i<i||s lead C H Koners?7 b\les cotl-n A liichards?I hhd iiiuar 1 ilo hams C Brvant?I n* milt Wo'f k Gillisp.e?R5 bales tohacco B Carroll?752 p:gs le?d 10 I 'Es bicswix 21 bsles heinp Order? 000 nig* IrulCRnger ? 25 ba'es co't'II Roberts k Williams?30 do d > 2 ca-erin'zaJ Hied?J9 hhds tobeeco Boorinan k J ihnson?665 "b's t'l n ill do Sp'-ffo-d k 'I ilestou?3 hlids tohaco K Itvm?62 do do fahe'kBw.tiih?8 hhls mdxe K S k'nch-ll?01 Ca'rs co t.in J Ogd I k co?I bbl iii<>r Messrs H iniug?I boi indr.e C K H-rnck k co?I do do T H Lang ing?I cask haci u Woodhuil k MiDt'iru?I b >le? tnt1!- Wolf k Bi-h >p?18 bales cotton ^olll'riis k Pavensiadt?3 cises mt*x - K I oil ivi I?0 hhd?loh.cen U Done I it?D8 > (> >[ lead C H Rogeu ?I b.?le wool H Li?et* irth. Voiiti.*?Ship D*1111111111?VI hit cotton N C Pr?tt?1MI HoMbrook & >lel?oi.?297 l'nt?e (t Broo.a-53 G How'aud?27 VV Barnwell?16 D'ratow Jk P011?667 T J And'ew?fc B ?9 BngMt k Kn 1I11KI-21 >'ur* k Krooln?161 W D Maltbi.i?1J Perkin* Ik llopkina?67 T Wmtake ?17' Brown, Brother* li co- 66 (' H rrit?mo 1 nt' k> (nit 10 matter ChaRI-PIToh?urig Mn-ea?J.M t>nl>-? eo'"Mi O Bulkier?74 cnk? tier 1 niraf Frerea?I hoi ( > Haviland. K-i|> k co. M AR1TI Mi K H & R ti < I .tailing Dajri of t?i? Hi?am Miilpa. prom t.lTRRPnol.. riioM amirica. OalcdoiiiA, Lott Jnly 4 Ann I Ptcktu to Arrin. PMk?u to Sail. prom litkbpooL. for litkrpooi.. 9. Ameiica.Baile', J one 20 Hottingner, Bnraley, July 17 Aahburton.Hutlleiton, Juuetl KngUnd, Bartlett, Jnly 19 PROM PORTSMOUTH. KoR PORTSMOUTH. 9t. James, Sebor, June JO H. Hudson, M<iore, Jnly 20 Montreal. Tinker, July I Un'ario. ltixdith. Am I PROM HATRC POR HAVRE. Ulica, Hewitt, June 16 Ktnerald. Howe, Jnly 17 AltMiiy, Watson, June 24 It none. Johnston, July 26 Ship ftlutori and Agents. V shall oteetn it a fator, if Captains of Vessels . giia ,a Commodore Horkrt Siltrt, of our New* (fleet, ?Hf . rt ol the Shipping left at the Port whance they tailed, the i'miiH Spoken on their Paaiat;*, a Lilt of their Cargo, anil hit foreign Newspapera ot New* ihey m*y ha??. He will ward them immediately on their furival. Agent* and Corespondents, at hoftie or abroad, will aJio conlrr a f??or by .? idui4 to this Oliire all the Marine Intelligence ti;ry cai. bin in. Nnnural Information cr a-iy kitwl Trill j , thai.kfnll* Mind. .riVHT UK VOIIK, JUL V IT. tUW 4 44 I MOOR HI*).* . 10 17 T5 7 k7 I HIVN RATIR 24 Am* o?t. Packet *>np Wi itixnu'er. At wood, from London and Porti tnrnrh, June 10, with mds?, to John tinswnld. HH'p Cornelia, Kiench, (10m Liverpool, Jane 2d, with md?e, to Urn TTrim'<l'. June 9th, :at 4i, N. long It, St W. jpotu barque Now '.Vorld, o' Baugor,bound to the asgtwud. ione 21,1 t 40,28, Ion 35, 19, eiclixnged signals with thip V in 1-vlU. htiuou \V Jnne 22, lat 38,58, long M, 24, eapt>anged mtnala wuhaoip'Joha Holland, bnuiirt W, Julf 12, I i II, 41, long *5,31, ipuie <?hr iCIita,,(whaletr)of ProTincetowu, IH month! out, with 1M bM? oil?Al J P M. eouinu ?> ? I ?l fi t* tug tehn. Ship jmanrc, Warkina, fro a Amsterdam, J mo* 11, in b?lla?t. ? to Davit, Brooki k (Jo. Left, An?"iiq?e,of and ler NY<vh; Vlnriap, rf do; Apollo, of N?whuiyport; Ncptnna, and On' R'?f Bn??nq; Merchant of Newport. Ship Kl?ha Dcuuinoii. Doane. 33 daya from Liverpool. with ?alf, to E D Hu lb it k Co; 700 ?V? do C H Marshall. t _ <>i> riruiucKy. Kngers, (of 0oat?nj iroai Liverpool, jane 3, with mrse, to J HfrduiaL? '.#> paaseugers. Spoke 18th uli 1*1 44, Ion 30 40. Br ba^ne G?od Luck, bound t'? Liverpool; *r 4th inst, lat 42 30, Ion 58, ship Stepheu Baldwin, for Philadfl- <h P 2,iA . 30. Ion 69 SI", fuhii g ?chr Pari?. pa Ship Lorena, Urqahart from Havre, Jure 19, to K I) Hurlbut M Sailed in co with ship Uccas, Latham, for N York, and o lie'* Ship Newark. erwin, 31 days from New Orleans, with cottotj to Dunham tk Dimon Peter O Deans, of New Yorg, aged 26. died on the pas*?gt, of conaamptiou. rn Ship Denmark, Froit, 18 days from Mobile, with cottou, to ei Dnitlntn K Dim^ii Barque T (). Brown. (Jooding, (oi Port laud) 14 day* frein h Foxardn, PR wt h 2tt hhds ?2 tcs 27 bb!? molaises 150(1 coco w nut to FG Thurston k Co. St Brig Ktiuri.in, Bran?<"im. 30 days from Tohaaco, to Nes mith & Leeds, with .'>5.250 quiutles logwood to H Schoonma ker. Left brgs Antarea, Hatch, for !\ York, in 2 days; Ur?ud ti lurk, Mavhew, for do, in 4Td^ya Spoke i?h Jo't, off Key W?it, ship Laura, of Boston, 10 days from New Orleans, for fr Live pool. Brig Saratoga, Bedell, 25 daya from New Orleans, with pork a* fcr to J D Cox. Brig Camilla, Mandeuil, 2H daya from Apalachicola. with cotton, to tf targes It Clea'man Left, Detroit, Anderson, aud ? Alabama, Stewart, for NYork, 5 days. B Brit* Moses, Loveland, from Charleston, with cotton, to <3eo = BnlUley. Brig Tremont, Wood houie, 6 days from Virginia, in ballast, to master. j Hchr Hnrd, Niekerson, l9dava fiom Cnracoa, with 706 bbls salt 107 bd's nkins 2<? hid s to J FouIke & Son. Lfft, Foam, j for N * rrk. and other* a* h#?fn?. J,, !*? Iir Oi*ul Lafayette, Jarvia, 18 day from Jackaonvi'le, El1 with lumber, to maater. . , 1 Schr N L McCreacly, Knbertaon, from Bwanabori, NC. Willi naval stmea. t? ii Dnnxlaa. < Hchr North Siat>\ Roberts, from Washington, NC. with oa- ? val stores, to K L Mit hell. n Sclir 8>ml 8'nver, K'lii, from Newbetn, NC. with uaval tores, to 8 L Mitchell C Hclir Joim? H'nh, Buriie'l, from \Vilmnifct.t). NC. with uaval storrs, to J Oiideti. H HeraM ifnrln? Correspondent;*. ci office of the PHtLADKI.rHIA OaMTTK, j C' Philadelphia, July M, 1843. S J Arr Hoiwrll KIur, Caawrlt, tml Elw-rd Franklin. Cu?hl K, ' ^nlnn. Cld Pearl, Hiding; 'U Lawrence. Raud<ll; * lliot, Biker, Kmelitie, N'chnl,; Eit{ene, Cookum, t.nd Butler, Al-'iandcr, Bua*on; H ?daa*?h, Kuowlton Portsmouth; On*-eo Kelly, Balem; Jn'i i. Van Gilder, and F A Seward, Koaa Pro- ei vidence; Monitor, B"??. NBed'ord; Colombia, Hoover, and w Lexington, Yuung, > York. tr Utntrkl Ktcorii. * Korkion Letter Offick?The picket ?lupi Hotunguer, Bnrslry, for Liverpool, and Emerald, Hows, for Havre, kail to-day. Their letter bags are at Gilpin'*, in the Merchauts' ? Kxchaiige. Ship Oeraid.?('apt. Mandtuil, of the Cami'la. Irom Apa- J laehicla, fp..tta?Ou 'he 8t ' in?'-nt, 'at 31 47 I >n 79 was b"FrJe'l by a b^at |rnm (bo ba iirie O'oroia. a?d took ?n bnard three of the crew f the sh:p Geraid ol B?th, (mentioned helow,) thit "fouod'rd at aea" loot Utya out from N Orlears for Cowes The captain at d remainder of the crew Were ta- . ken on hoard of a br.g bound to B <*tnn. They report that short V after leavint th- ship she went <l,iwn. I J AN Abakdonk" Ship kai.i.k* ii* with ?Cart Paine, of the ship Pren'ice, at New ((ream Iro-n Iteitnn, reporis haviug^ 1 fallen in with ship Gerard, on the 3flth ult. 150 miles SK ol the* J Balize, w?terlngg d arid abandoned. apparently a short time r previous. A part of ihe cabin auil steru of the vessel were ft burnt.aliowiui! lint ibey p oliably attempted to deitrov h'r oy .= fire after h?vinif sprung a leak. No document ol any kiud was j f und on board showing how or when the dsaster occurred ? The Preuiice bad her in tow lor nearly two <ltv?. with the vi> w J. of limiting her into port, if poatihle, but the difficulty ol her ' steeling wi? so great, being lull of water, and a pet fret calm. " they were compelled to ahnuilou lie' Oapt P line took off the w ail and a put of tho tigging of the (4. 'I' e G-rsrd w-.h from New Orleans. bound to Cowes and a market, with a cargo of n 5I2 hhdi tobacco. /". not hk.r ?Cant Keating, <f lie barque Cha* Willi?m,at New Orlean* f om Bo-ton reports that iu la 16 5, on 74 25, he * pa'*<d ihe wrtck of a high deck vessrl, apparently had been a nil rigged brig, about MS tons. full of water, a part ol h? r mainmast standing; appeared to hare been in ihat uuatioti mnw " time Shipwreck *nd Loss or Lifk ?We learu from the B muor 0 Whig, tint the sehr Independence, owned and commandid b? Capi J. ?rcv, of Frankfort, on the m-iiiiug of the 5th iu?t on ' her passage from Bnstn to Frankfort, in th.ck wenh-r, was wrecked on Pump' iu rock, nff i amescove Isl-nd, and ihe vessel aud cargo were tat dy loit. We regret t i team that Capt Arey, oue of the o'dest and mnat respe ltd shipmaster on (he river. ?m drowned, and al?o oue of hia crew, named Orcutt, of Buckspott. Capt Arey baa a lar<e f-inily, aud i xtensive circle ' of I tends to lame 't his loss. One of the crew, a Mr Harvey, of FraoMort, leinained ti| on the rock two days when he made a rarr of some deck plank, and succeeded in reaching an island where he obtaiHed a>siitance a d ha* returned h >me The cargo oj the ichr consisted of goods oeloucmg to Me?srs A ev It InrW. of K ankfort, and to Capt Arey. here was no in u < ranee opon eithr r vessel or cargo. < Ship Ai.liai?ck, of Wrscasset, from Liverpool for Sivannah, was n : nip 'i? d Willi pro* mciij an I wa er, as rep tried by < the biig J CoheH Jr. but vice versa OorD Tassaok.?The fine ship John Kt Robert, Captain Mc- f K< chuie, which sailed from Belfast 8th June, ariived at Quebec a I:th nut. wi'h 266 pasiengers. Capi McKechuie reports liavuiu fc I |>asied about 40 sail at hand, bound up. c .Hjiokm, ti Great Western, ( ) Ho?ken, heuce for Liverpool, signalized 14th inst at I) a m, lat 40 27, Ion 71, wind light from eaalwatd? j by the Cornelia, at this port Kmpress, ( Br) London for Quebec, 7 dty? out, June 19, lat 46, lou 23 10?bv Ihe Ktuln Demiwn, at this port. * N.inier Hll im.ire f,.r I>l. ? l?'.no. I? .. i, ? - ... j IW| mi ju JJ, I UN IV? uy the aaiue. _ n Imperial, Apalachicola for Providence, about 70 mile* K of f S?i dy Hook?by | iloi boat Phauom. '! Timoleon, Oreyer, NOrleana fur Amnterdarn, Jane 23, lat 45, *j loti 30?by <he Bengal, at Boston. 1 Wm (Jjddard, Potter, Liverpool (or Mobile, Jane 20, lat 41 * 13. Ion 33 15. a -r if <t Tboi P Cope, Mierrken, 1'hi ad>:lphin for Liveriiool, Jnly 3, lat 42 5. Ion 69. T> Wmb'-sance, Lowell, Matanzaa for Cowea, June 27, lat 38 i 1 , Ion 59 30. T Koralgn form. Qukbf.c, Jnly 11?A'r Provideuce, Peacock, L?tidm; Jaue, Ttuv. r, ilaryport; Hugh Wallace, Hi){i:in?, Bord?*u?; Lydia, J Gray. Cadiz; Seariril't, Wethe.i'l. Hartlepool; 12ili, Hnll\ Keigbley Hull: Ulytaea, Pratt, PamboBuf; M irquu of Bute, p H rvey, Cora: Cooloek, Uonal, Dublin Cld 12th, Jnaeiha, 1 Leitch, and Chu an, Monw. merv. Helfait; lio.fr Stewart, Heiot, Greenock: Wear Dale, Harriaon, Sunderland; Ann, C1 B ?ir, Dubli"; Uth. Andromedt, Qrei?, Dundee; John Munu, J1 W.tt, Ureenock; Win Parker, Srwell, Liverpool; Hitter*. ' Bikr-r. London. Montrkal July 13?Cld Emma, Inn's. Liverpool. J.' H amkaz Julv 7?Arr Jai Kempt, TBi) Cole, Kingston, Ja; Ab-llam, [8 ] Havana. v Stocky, CB. July ??In port, New York, Martin, for Vera -v Cruz, 2 d.tyn; Miry J'ne, Crabtree, for Al tinilria. Lake Porta. J'11 Clkvkland, Ju'v 12?Arr Warren, K'chmoud; Trenton, lit DUlrow; Tippecanoe, Fe'lowi; Huron, Couo ley: Wi'coz in Heed: fc.udoia Cobh; L-zirg'on, Aitderaon; H< inileer D<vi- el on; Caledonia, McB i'4?-; Oc an, Chaie; Alert, Bcoville, a d |, Sind'nky, Davianu. BnfTilo; Luciuda, Kielda, Thiel. C-na!a; ih Iteo Hamilton, Haywaid, and Tezaa, Button. Pi Colbnrn? j-e ('Id Cheaapeake, Angel; I, Goler, Collina, aud United Stat-?. w Ktttndge, Oawrgo; Korhe?tcr.V?iit?*el; Alpa, ((wan; OwaL- aL ung?h, Montgomery; Cleveland, Wilbur; Conatitntion. Wa'e; w l'?l R.nl?? U~.A ...J U / 1.~ f-IJ II O..C I " hud, Hauadon, Err ; Sylph, Collins. Milan; Kent, McL?.,nald, Kingston. Home I'orl*. N Lrnro, July 6?Sid Mozirt, McFariane.NYork; Oeo Henry, Smith, Oeor etown; Harden, Mi ner, Havre de Once; S fi, Ch m lam, Kinsman. G orgetowu j (.'amdkn, Ju v J?Sl<l Cornel a, Pendleton, Charleston. I M?i HUi OR7, July 8?' Id Statesmen, Wsu, and Cyprn?, Hilt. NY<>rk; Kith, Kmmplf, Simp'on.do ? thomas rot, July lu? Arr John Holland, Hrnderarn, Liverpool T RTLAffd, July IJ?Arr Potomac, Loring, Eajtport for Phi Isilelrhi'. Boston. July 15? Arr Bengal, Oorhim, Livernoo'; Attila, Watson, Smyrna: Rio, Yonng, *?dne,,CB; Vieor Hillc ; M tirtra, Crowrll, ?nd S A App'etoo, Nicki-raon, Nrw Yo k; VV rlhngton. Brown. B Itimur, ' in )?r lla, Bn . -is, Pnil td ! l>h'?; < 'ara >i<es B n??r for Wilmmco , Ml !?igmltora brig. Cld H barnia, [ 1 Jtidkm*, Liverpool via Halifax; Monsoou, Hno*; Nation fvrav, and Cnmm quid, Fe*t. NtJrleana; Pari*, Hoff i.an, Rio jaih ir i; Uir?, W,l?on. Mil. i Ellsworth, Lang, Havana; Arctium, Plnmmer, a d Ratlins, r'lun mer Sidney, B; Auti*lop?. Kor-es Noif>lk; B 'urn re, Eldr'di*. and Kiln. WbcMen, Philad lihia; Win Puikr, Oolder, 9a?amiih; V> ion, Piine, Norf olk, City t'oint a 0 Rich- ' n nd; Mar h hr*v?; Rr ovsu. Love'l, and Fr en I.Lovell, NYork: Tw.. Brothers O >odsiieed doanlAhahy i New Banronn Ju'y 14?Arr Bolivar, Barnard, Baltimore. PnoviDENCK July 14? Arr Ainl n, Hallo* It. Rondoot? "< f'ano-ui'>ru.u Quaran'i ie 13th, Lucretia, R a, Mobile; J Co- * ' hm Jr Moore, All iMhiola. J Nr.w Havrit, July li? Sid Htirv-yor, Houck, and Samuel Tupp-r. B uk . Ph'i de phi ; Pacific, Sperr?, Albany. 'anxroau. Julv 13? An- Hi>r, Kobhiua, Philadelphia; Lion A Dnnug; Wave. Pelt in; Convejf<,uce, vVatuhouse, NVo t; 5 Uth. i.eander, Elv, do. ALliar. July li?Arr Celeste, Wrighl, NHaven; Monarch, ,, Tylt-i, Provide nee- Sid Hardscratible, D..vis, do; Clariou, Coleman, Bnsrou .Nonroi.a, July 11?Air Aon D, Bedell, NYork Cld Mi- u eciy D'i.K*V| bi ivur? y\i .niriior at !"rnwrir> Point. 2 brig? ? ami <8 or 20 ctin, waning wind 'HW'i.r.Ton, Jnlv 12?Bid H Allen, Wilton, NYork; Jupi- '.J l? r. Carter, Havr?; Oii'i.ooiie, [Fr] L? Bnulanger, Bordeaux ; ,J Matt chaaettt, Browur-ll. Matt ipniaett. Cld Tarquin, larat, v Providence, .* July 11?At (I B L^mar, 8\nnemin, NYcrk ? v CM 12 h. linto-i, L'oo, do. K?:v B'iit, July 6?In po't. (Jen Cobb, Hammond, fm New Or leapt tor Ne ? port HI pnt in to di.rharge c irg t, corn, bting Jl dama.ed; Jo? Oorh?m, Roger., for NYn k.ritdv. Momi.c, JiiU f?Cld Slirm, Heiro. Li*eroo,>l. la port 7th, ,. Hetire /, ( arr; Krn.ington, 8'utn*av; Miry Krancea. Huh bird, and CSloa u?, Li-not, NYork; Kuttio, Cook, irright ? Nnw Om.Katf*. July 6?Arr P'Btice, Piine.and ('lias Wil- . litin, Kea in*. H-tlon; Mara. [Pr] PVigu-r, Ma.-tinii|U*. Cld JJ' Norm?n, Kendrie*, London; Telum?h U'id'ien; Koi 11, P.iol, and Oth'lle, Kvan, ftYoik; Krernrd, [B em] H?kr Bremen _ Art 7th, Ri", l on -nt. Pentjcola I'd Memphi., Allen, and Ll or, vkolli II, NYork, k'aronle, I Breni j Ahrena. Btemrn ? ^ Arr ili, Ji.hn BariMf. Miebaeli, MfcDi'e ? "t Auburn, Durf< \ . *1 Nfork; Deirieinona, fliilde, London: Jam-a H Sheipird, Krd- , man, ('own and a mat; Lonia KIV, J?ge, Harrc ? ? ? rAKKANT'S i'(i\]l'OU\I) KX I'H ACT OF A CAPAIVA AND CUBEB8. 1 'PHIS medfeia* ha< beru el rmlfli uted on ihipbtnrd and P< 1 in the nrhetn Pt*te?, and n preferable to any other? J* The unfortunate p tienl po.aeaae. in thu, a tore remedy , haa *?] BO IMMM to make bn eaae public, and wi liout auy appl cation to i meditMl urn, witl.out reatri tion m d.et, or e..i floe- I meat, ftade hiintell ru'ed effectually in a few day. at a trilling ' rioenae, aud a taring olfeeli?-t to a tentilive peraon, baring t|_ It ii< in hit rearli a CMP iiortable atid pieaaatit remedy, r or aaie ? holeaalr and ret >iL by at1 JAMKH '1'AKUANT, Druge;tl,fcc M jy 17 1t*ee eor Greenwich ami W.iryen ?ti ACHE 1' ^Hlf Ho HTSOUKK lor LiT,rpo9|-fa..en Ca uer. by thi .hip will pirate be on b?ard at we.t ti la Burl. yn ii,g Slip, at IS o'cinek ibis day. at which time ?he will nroceed o'e to tea w ith a tteamer. Let'er b >g? w ill be r'o?e'l ?t '4 before I I? .'clock WOODHIJLL ft MINTUR > . lha iyl7 'tec 87 Homh ttrcet. "] A,>i>ial, "(iutimibi, jiu i r. i i? \i ? yir. Miii.terand will gi?r ^ Ltctnrr [hii eVMinf, at ? o'clock, bni in hi? i . turn, Ui.ujite HciiMing, 71 Chtmbrn*t, in which he . will ?h<>w the falaitr ot >ne prevalent a**nm, tion? in rrlation & lmNmciIM"Mwiriiw"iw' Nnr ii>*? " Mr. 8. will c?u?c * perion to I II into a uate of trin**, and ?i, produce ihe real HomnmMh Pheni>mi>D?, without contact,or g the n?? ot any fluid, magnetic or nervon* \j? Adnttfancr *Semu jvl7 3t*ee H THK Office of ihc *n'i?cribrr wa? rnlrrcl on il\? iii||ii( ot the *il 1 tth iuit. and * trnnk containing about tl50 in ca*h and "'el t>ndr? paptr* stolen, vt'uable only to ihc owner. A? inaan* " ha?e hern taken to nop rhe payment of all the note*, ne t>iil? |*'w k: , coutaiued in 'rank,if thi ro ber will return to the iub*ert- ?" her all paper*, kr , he will be welcome to the ca-h 'nil do * (juration* will beatked of the penm bv wh'tn it mav he re 'h? turned. They can be returned through 'he po*t office in a .a sealed packi-t. JA8. MONKnB, jylT ft*Ui No. M Park How. S All wh>? want ooob, fashion?blk' ehear IT" UAlTKR^ara ia?red to cal at WALIKK'< celebrated c"i**|>itore, <19 Broadway, north we*t c >rr fCanala rert tfcwwt city iniiM gaiter*, hiitkuiv tiei and dipper* at pt|r e? SO p<-r oent. I'M th<n e?er before offered A'*o, gent*' hnva'am ^ o ohildrtn'* Aor K ench an.' native calf d-e** toot* cheapr*t vr.n K ver *iw; <lo dogrnta, boy*' and . hiidr-n'? quart > bmli, J) aat'era and drfa* ?hoe* Al*n, the gri a'r*i rarie y of all th> t 'I'ff-rent kind* for family me, to., nnmerou* to etia-nriata. a AII who want any or the abort article*. *r? invir?d to call at V WAI.KKK'8 Cheap Boot an<l Shoe Store, 4.9 ttmvtw y f nun >' wen i ornef CaMl ?t. jrlTI ?> ?< ' , /.()(?!) .vIN S, CO -H U HlflNO lAI'KH?A foil a,.?rt ,nl y* mewl Of theM aMilMM pnpeit at I he maunf*Mnrera nrirea L fotaaleby PK.H88K. Ik BHOORH, lU j?l?oe No #1 Liberty "treet. ?' AUCTION SaI.KS THOMAH BILL Auelioo'tr BY 'IK1 I. k H<>W <RU (Storet So. J'J Jnn mU 11A Full on it run.) MONDAYAt l?X o'clock, in I' e ?ale rooma Large K?ie .if Blink B ion ai*d Htationer* Article*?Comi*ii>K an entire atncV' cf II de?ciiption? o? B'ank Bo'iki. tunic for merchant! Slid oiliera, got up iu rh* ' cat atyl'- aa reg*. ill *>er mil binding. and of eyeay variety, froiu .he hrgett led* down id |i?? hooka Alan, |Ki|<rr mid rarioua artielaa in the ttatiouary hue TUESDAY. At 10){ o'clock iu the aalea room La-ge, eitraa're ainl Ta'utbl* aale of elegant clothing, aupe or>ruou?ble fmcy aud ?t?i>le DryG>odaand Hoaicry, pledg i arti lei, gum, w?tch'a, kc. Alto, the continuation o the rtock of a wlioleaale and retail ry (OMitoil, fame time aa pi c nd i <1 gold dial patent levei atch, 2 c*ata guua, ai.d a variety of curioaitie*, ailyer ware c. ? WEDNESDAY. Larue H?:? of umiuI kon.l >...1 ?r .11 out, al 10% o'clock, in the tale roomt AUo, a auperior v<netv m etcel'ent ircoud hand furuitare, oin a family Kiting up h'nitckeepmg name tune, three valuable piano (urtet by onter of the Marlal. THURSDAY. Kurniiare Hale?At IR-* o'clock, will be t"l<l the eu'ire genel furuiiure outlined in the honta S Rector itreet sear road way B'MRD WANTKD-IN THK COUNTRY I OKNTLEMA* wiahta to enrrge boird lor lot wile and v little boy, for a lew weekt. in the country Any rertot metiing a pi ce where par* pir and country f're m y be en iyed, will meet wi>ha re-dy applicaut by addreuing H P Irralil Office, it'tieg term* he )Vl6p U AM I EU?A ituatmn by a young man, twei?tv.llv< 'Y yea-a ot age, who hat jntt armed 'mm the old country li withe* to engage hiins?lf in a retpectahle wholenl- n iholetale and retailgrocery tlore He haa b?eri in the hiiai rsi lor the lait ton yean. Addrett J. A , )7 ("'.out itreet ji? 3t*ec. SITUATION WANTKD? A riprCUMe ro? g man i ' demon* to met! with employment in any active capacity l? ii thoroughly convert int wiili honk-keei lug ani conn.er al hutln*ai generally?wou'd be willing to accept a imal nnpi-uiatiou. hn prinripa' object being tteady employment >iji|Ueitioti'b!e city ref-rancea wi'l be given. Ao'"e? A. VI [ei ild office jyljg'i* r ML A OOOD CHANC K i?' ff-red to nv [ii'iimi ?inl ? ing t? eogag<- in the Hetaii Grocerr. Lii|i?r and Fee 'JILh>i*met?. The tlore it ??ll titmted, and hat i>e?n oc iipied f ir the laitH Tear* by the nretent owner I he tion till *"e let tepirate I'rom the dw- 11 i> g if nq'iire'1, In- one o lore ycn.'roa good nn'Ut '1 he fermt will be m lie ea?y iddre?? M T.. Hrral-' Office. j?IT t'*ec tAM EXCKLL^' VT opi>or?nritv ii now offe.ed i< anyone wanting a firtt r?'e Ktta lithineiit aihi" du 'anre Irom New York, i Public H ute, well ?i ti'ted iii. i iiinl* tf. ii mull Jli<l aVaen (l>a> ?? ? lU a ?? ? -? ?U, 'U?p ii rominod'ont, and nil ih* outbuilditik-a ;n tne l<r>t on iuon. A goo * chtuce or a? o'd c?UDtrvnan, aa he cul< n?- < <<?> tahlei euouKh for the INew York market (o pay hit >rit coming in low. H or particular", n itrre a W RKVNOLI^S'Store. j V15 St'r til l.iapen'rd t'r et.u-ar Broa'ujav a TO I.K i ?A pleaaaui neatly furtiiihed lodging room for a gentleman. Term* moderaie. Aptly >61 Can* ?!i?et. _ iy I?6ti?*r a TO LKT?The sitore "7)4 Naa?an ilrtet, iu the Her aid Bailriing, admirably calculated for relil hutMicaa h?ini( iu oue of ih? mo?t jio, tilout thor?.ui:hfar?? in thi ity luvnclate ponefion gireti. Apply at the Herald of ce cor"er of ^hhi n ?n ' Fii'mii m?. iv'ofii \ M. PfcYMKK & <'<*., ISO 110 William atfee', ?:Oruer o J 'hli atrert, ami 4 37 Bfoadwav, hn?e received, by rec n 'r nl?. an ri rnaiv* apply of the following h'ANC\ JOOU? which were carefully ielcd'H by a competent per -n at Paria, Btnlin See , ami which they "ff-r l?r tale, ii rh trial- and re.ail n liberal t?ftti?, vir .? B- lin Z-pbvr and (Irr.oan WHt?t?d?the moat comoltti ortmeni Berlin Kinbroidery Pattern!?a choice ael' ction. Canvagi fir Hmhrouery. of ro'tnn, wont d, linen, ailh o'd and lilver. of all wdtni an0 u ta'itiei. ^ilk Ohetlille. for emhroidetv. t.iinininir ami ll<iui?*r malun Pursa Twi?. German, Kretch ami F.ngli h, pliin en h il <1, in skeins sticks, and on imo'i CI < * ai!k tor Kmbroidr ry and Fringe makers, in ibriu) an m spools. S ispe ulcrs, superbly embroidered, aud Suspender Trur ni 1:1 G<?ld, Silvet an i Steel Beads, in a'l Nos Mo'her of Peirl, Gold, Silver Mid Strel Ptirse Ornament*. O Id mid Silver P tinge, Braid, Coid, Twist, Thread at; fVsiels. Kmhrotdery Frames, and a varuty of different Fancy Art ilea. Artificial Flo ?en?a cho'ce selec'ion ( "ringis-of cott n, wonted and ?ill?, imported and domestii Gimp , Tasse't, Buttons and all other kin 1 of trimming. j V17 1m ec fAMi'S TONIt: VKIt.vilFUOK?*one medicine* wa * rititcd lo "destroy wormii in children," are eery well ral iilntnl to deilroy the children too. This is not ihe c<?e will layne's l'oni Vrrtnilue.'. It does not contain a (ingle insre lient which can harm the mut delicate infant,anil yet it ?* >els worms from (he system with a facility and eertvuy, per iectly astonishing Nor i lbs ita only a>nativ property; it ii line s'om chic, ail i> remittent ami ioterinit'ent'ever* hai ieeu administered with .noat crilvini! resnl's Obstioaft iri of piles hive yielded to it' ioHneuce, and its touic <)a>Ii !? render itU nStUrM medicine in tbe convalescent s'agi f all diseases It is ejeeeding'y plenant lo the t ime Sold by A. B. (k I) Sands. Druggists, No 79 Fulton street! 7 k'.a-t B'oad ?av; 273 B'oadway j k 16 5 iis*r IATNE'9 HAIK TONIC wUI reproduce hair wherever i ' I ai liefur- crown revivifyiug tile decayed roots and cim IK them to send fort i u new and vigorous growth < ( mtnre1 ion ill rious ornajni at Ifvourt.eaJ becomes bald from dis ase, never reiorr to a wig to lode blemish, lhat will effectual I prevent ihe hair from growing, hv kcepinir the a> alp con :amlv hot. aDd obstructing the perspiration. Fi sttry Jiynr' lair Toi.ic, and if it uoes not restore the tl wiu* houo s ol unr caput, we will consent to pay the wig maker for roo ini wi'h an Millie al material. Sold by A. B & D Saudi, DrugjisU, No 79 Fulton street ' ast Broauw iv, 273 Bronlw.iv jvl65tis*r J IUHL VIMPORT A N T^lf allien ("vT^d?Scarpa's Com J pound K-eosote Aconstic Oil, f. r the cnte of Deafnen litis 'ml ihe dist harge ot in tier from the ears: also, all thosr tagreeable ooiaealika ihe huiz'nj of ii. sects filling of water Int7.in< of stea , Sic.. which nre symptoms of npprnarhini saluess, and also generally afei.d int * itn the diseaie Keid the following editorial fiom Ihe Hatiiida* Kveninti osi Cure lor Deafness?We h'.ve he'rd much lately of th"fffi ley of Scarpa's Oil, in cases of ilejfness, and asto?i,hlbg iires by this simple fined s, hnve been u"i|uest'onablv per nm-il A< therrtitor of ,i jonvial circu'anie itte-siveh in ughnui Ihe conutry, we d em it on-dnry to call i.ublic at mi >n to this sp<cilie Those alflic ed wth ihii mtU !y will iid Scarpa's Oil for dea'ness we'l worthy a trial. The subjoined certificate will be read with iutereat:? lessrs Koitors? De'fness is a disease which has hitherto been eopsi ler?d in irable, hut I can inform iti" i>nhli,' lhat il is a mistaken idea was deaf lor ten years, and concluded that I must remain so It not many mo tlhs since I saw n mnr paiiei an a' vrtise ant of Scarpa's nil f ir Deafness. As the las'resort, I con uded to try it. I am no* htpov to say I can hear as well m verdid Two ol my frien?? Itkew se tried it. One ol em was so deaf thst he nsed an e ir liuinnet: now lie l>??r? rfectly well * ithnnt it. The other w? *ery inch troubled "h noises in tie ear* and h*ad. and h? >?t o?ee founJ relief, il is well. Om bottle cured ire, whirh I thoagbt getting ell pretty cheap. Yours, dte. SILi.* BUuBKK, Herond ?tio?t below Ft lie. Sold at wholeaale and retail by A. B tK U Sands, Urogguts, o. 79 *Vton st, 77 East Bro*d ?ay, <73 Broadway. j v 16 Sti? r . """ ~ _ HARLRM KAIi.KOaI)? l"b? bud e at lnuh 2t*Jflp5 street tu?iniz b?en r. huiU ti e cart will rnu at BBBKL'iiii << to Willi imi* B idg wi h o iiu-nii, wmiw'.r PATERSON RAIL ROAD gtfiL * W > IARK ONLY * CENTS. From Paters'n o Jersey) ity On and ?ft> r vlpmjay, 17th July, the cart wil1 leave Patkbj i* DrroT I.satk >tw Vori. A A. M. 9 A. M. IX" J/* P. M 4 P. M. J ON SUNDAYS. Lf.atit Pathm fr UkpoT Lkatk N?w Yoga 7H A >1 ?X ? VI 4PM t. P M rrnusp >rta ion Car? ply daily (8ind?v*? <-y epfe-l ) Pu g?ia sre sdvised to be al the Kerry . foo l/our'.lindf street, ? ? tninot-t btfoie ihe alnteil hours of deps lure yP m?*2ir GRAND KISHli?() CI URMONS Mf ; The ste-nb >..t SUPMllOK , ipt Gon'd, 9?hcii tc-rng aset! >7 Mr. H K K ell.f r C^JEJL h oni K*ciir(i?na o th Kishing B k?, on oe?diy, llth, Wednesday, 9'h, Thtnad^y, JO h, and Kr.day, >t nt Jolv, st ppioi at ort Hamil ?u e?ch way a\.d t.u re rnin< tun" r ill be allowed to t-rw li* fortifications. Th ln?. rs ol'h a sport, as we.I .u those d i rons fsoh?-al V a trip, * ill de i?e unusual pleasu-e on iVY ? oenaM ini m the f iilowmu V'-ea| ai.d I sirnmrulal Oenthmrn. in ad lion to the ?rdinary Boid (' ihe ? > t, ?ir.: V cat? Mm'i ennisnn, Kavan?nyh. Lyich *? ! K ie?s I st omental?Vlr oc'iwell. B ssn; Mr Fsrrel, 1st Vi jl-n.snd M J ckmn 2m ioI n To whi h wit) be added etery convenience for emiton parties and uf.er J meet*, nnder He sni enntei.dat.ee of M ihn "eonetr. (antaiTi I'e.en l> rh. ?II L ...J e_..;_u ilh l>n harpoon*, will he on baud, Vnull boat* towen ?Bail irmahrd on l>oa?ii grail* Plac-aofCal i u ? Koot of Chamber at at t "'c'oeW; A?"ii ' past 8; C >nil ai X pit' 8; C >thinne C*m, Brooklyn, 9; f oi Pike ?' )< put 9; and Pier No I Battery H paai i OH Ml Ming at nVloek thr biatwill rail u the abn?r ace* mil lano |.a aetMTcr*. auH on ihote ocranoi will b" nr tnpanied by rhnmbeim?i 'a. Fefreihment* on board thr ri u ai n 50 ct??ch'M *u h?'f price j Id Jt*r Mfef) ^ W r AtllWfi TBOV and in mei*iat> . j*n'acc*. Thr ?tr?rnbo t SWALLOW, Oapt lajkde.A 'r L-mb, w ill lr v. tl - fo.iofC artland I-I TKRNmuV.I W,nita< > ?t a o'cl cli jy 7 utpowt offom ri<> > AND BAVk A Doi lah yoHNJNO LINK A!' HALF-l'A-T p, ij* f<)K ALBANY -n.. interme.i if I mil L?JM?M- in. , mi Tun ?y, Thor >tav and H iiunlay. .itri cehl The aplendid airamiv- ALBANY. Off irkiut. Iear>* ihe mwPi-r loot of Barcay atreet. north I". Snu day inorninit it hall laatau ? clock. for pa>?a?i?, ap ly to the < aptain on boa Freight taaen at the loweat rate*. V B ?The d ly boat that leave* on the oppoaice dayi charge* 30 lor pmate j?H NtJ MONOPOLY?KAKit HKDUCED i m New Independent Opp'.aitmn Line l>>- AJba LjQULl duett. I"he new and coiimmjiom ?teainh?at ,NK# JE1 <KV, pt. R. H Kiirey. will le\?e the foo of Barclay rtreet, New >r*. e?erv Monday, Wednesday and Knday f'H'ili * 1 lock. rnr freight or puM<e apply n? hoard. Kreight taken leat n tow hiMt nneea rhe New Jersey 11 formatted with elegit ?t te room*, anil ?C?eH and accommodation ii not ?nr(>*??ed by any ateam It on the Hwdton rirer w* ^4 "FiTi Lfc " CtnkTTF f TKA, IBOA'J si f'OM ALBAN V ? Daily nt 7 P. M Ca^lCjK. I IMrert (Mindly? efepted) f nrn t e tfflbwl Tier ">?-l f en ConrllaniM -od ' iberty atieet' Ireamhoat K<?(;H tt*TKH, Capi * Houghton will leave udat, Wedne?d?v nnd Friday eveuinze, HI 7 o'clook. teamhoai SOL'TH AMKHICA. Captain L W Bminaru I le*y? Tneerfay, Thoredey and Saturday eyenmga. *1 7 ock. teambnat NOKTH AMK.KICA, Ciptnia M H T'nudell. (lir.K at intermediate lai.dmua, will Itaee Tueaday, nriday, and Maturday aftenmona. at 5 o'clock. oM>aua?e or freight,apply on hoard, <?r to P. (', Hehnltaat "Wee on the wharf. ___ jy 17 ' HO ^iaL.,Rl!?M r **OR x-'w?M)K<r AM) r;t<> =^&r3*VIDKN?:r.-AURIVINO 'N TlMK fOI? TT rA"HKN>>K.K^ T?? T/* K K THIS CANH ii JO?Deck K?re tl ? The new, comand faat aailiu* te.t'Bboat < URTIS PR' K, Cai>Min n L ?. w''' ,r,T* pier e?t aide Catherine Ma>krt p, Kaat Hi?er, even MoudaT, Wrdnetdar an I Kridiy, at I 'etnch, P. M, or |i-a??ge iud (night inquire it 305 Snath it. np?ta>r? <!' I Mf) 0m TKWAM A.NT) Nh-W V<lKK-?iif VJS* only I2S ( rntaThe ?i letnfi-' ?la* me i CJUL PAMHAI'', Captain John < " rMonday, Jnne ith, will rn? ?* follnwa earaa the foot <>l Rirelar ?*f?? t, f<ew Vff*, at I# AM.,, ?r.M. earea the foot ol Centre itr.ri at A.M., ami > r. M. reight earned at ?err low ratea *l?.>tn? i a^ .... - c < p ?? ... ...H- kkitoh. H\|)At. .? !? 7 IM? L.att ?|/o..?i(? ee o' SI . in ?!' C?l?e, u L? Catannv r?eeieedu., K .day hv * l-.ll iud faahioaable audience ?>th the moat > nil.ati^nc n|.l? mr until 'ha fall of the rort-ia. La?i m.'tti n< Anbrr'a Ne? Grand Op*"? o' LKs DIAMANS DF LA COUHONNH. i (The Cinwn Duinouda t) The performance to commence nt h?,r-paar T o'elnelr preeiaely Witt!i the Overture hy the Hraud Orchaafra, Lea Dixmana de la* oaiontie"?AobsrImmediately altar, the laat new <*nnl<>pe-a, inlaeu.wilh ilrW acenerv, Ike called LBS DIAVIANS DK I.A COURONNE. I (The Crown l)Mmond> r La Catariua, Mile Calve i Diana. Mtdtin Leeonrt I'mi H -nriqaeile Hat>doval, M. Lecoart ronn' 'e C<mi o Major, N Mithieq Dol Sebaa'lan U'Afejro, M Kiener K billeilo, iV. Bernard , Bubf i?u, M. O??aouville ivm?"< z, 1*1. U'ernot Un Bomeitiqu*, M Hnicher bninift, MXIuItj Between the aeond and third net* of ihe Of", hilt an hoor'i mu r nitaiou will h# allowed frtr promcaade and refreshment* in t^e Kiloon, %?here Ice Creama, See rat; be had. THE PKOMICNADK MUHICALB, Which ?a?e ?o much ?ati?faction laat ?eaon, will mill enliven the period of intermission. an^ in ord*r to render th'a depaitnitnt worthy the nunic-l rhara ter of the establiahmeat, A Splendid Orchestra has been secnr-* Musical Director, U. C. Hill 9 . (T^Une notice of net' appearance is New Yort of the eele r brated MON8IKUK RLE8. Nirhts nfthe Havel Kimilv?Tneartavs end Thursdays. >iu >t? r.f the Krench Company? Vonda?s, Weduesd*^' PTttUv* <tj'' Rat^ffUyi. a A stru t Police will be in atienflanee ann gieat erne taken to prevent the admission of improper pert <tn. r*-Tielieu Kitty Genu. Mavhehadat the 'Juaea flvnae I the "'ay. It A limited nnmner of Meaion Tieaeia will ? ? posed of. (IT?" No poitpo"ement at this eataiiiis'nent on atcuant '? we.vher. aa the t Ira nil It n trance from Brnadwty to tne n* ?< J id protected, and the new Malnon, which in ventilated irons to top and aide*, can he en?'o ed at a min'ol'i w " , " CiiAI IIAn TIIRATHK r O" The uk>d-rs>itn-d hayinir leaaed th- ahove establish nr< t the puVic are respectfully informed that it will be open ouWe<ii;esil y K?en'ng. luly 9th. I.ad ea aniMienllemen of < h - p-o'ession wishinr engige i> menu, may applv pert' n Hv O' ny letter, at th?* Bo* Office ^rnro als will be received for ?nti <<r 'n? Saloons , iy 5 If r __ M< KHON k Wp.LARO. V A UX il A !>'< UUtl>KIV MA1*4M>M J Ch-inne of Tr iormance i MONDAY EVBNING. July i7tn. tne partorwaace will commence witk I Htrinmng Wire, by Mr. t?ai.???' Hon. ? ' * "t Mirnert vat,' toy Mm Roirmtin. Mr E II Oonnrer will introduce hie ancient and laughable ! figur-* of " Punch and judv Inrrriniiai <ii n'3D minutes, for promenade and refreshments, daring which ihr Br ut Band will play a onmbar of popular ma Th? charge of the Trump t will announce the tecand par I ftnMMe. A S etch Dance, hy Mr Wolfe, first abearance here. < SrpUicnl.tr ^anoenvrea Hv Mr Gardner and Vincent. f D.ieit. *>v Mr nn>l MrsO't?lne? t Honu Hippy Lui'l. by Mm liosemoml r Hailot'a 'iornpip', in character, by M ?? Roaemond. L Comic 8'<nii, Ad.tm and tve.by Mr Gudner ? The performance wil l cone a le with the eitravaganta, enitled ihe Kt,88LEK ShRKNADB. Kenny the DiT;ne, Mr Gardner. In five different d.mcea Ham Slnffh-el, Mr Morgan ' A'miaamn to t'.ie Grrde'i Kree?to the Saloon 2S cent*. No t hall prion eecept to children atended with protector! j tfr" Doors to <>p n it < X before 8 "'clock, and per'ormanee to comuiem ea at a qaer'er past 8 <'cloclc ,1 N B Bowery ' mnibuxei and Oa'a ran by tne Garden until 12 o'clock at < ight. AH H?' A I* r, AND JKHIAL liAHDhM. rt~?" Kvery D,?v a d Kven' g this week d The M?n-ger In* etwagid 21 t denied Performere, and n hanpy to annon"c ao eiiti'f irw era in Mil* um Novelties, 1. He haa rngaK?<' ? beatitiln1 a< d wooderfnl AUTOMATON MIMICAL, LADV '. which coat $ i 000, (< d la the reaiilt of tweuty year*'labor. It s< pint a a great variety oi et s en he Aceorriion, with a preci ion never equalled hy a human being. It utterly surpasses any similar wort nfan in tf<c km wn world IWr Wll.l 1AM OLK, the O'rat Chineae ^'ordeaenpt, r fro n the L-t<d i Tf.eatre*, ?tio late from th - Park Theatre m this city, wil appear in a variety "I ''la??<e OVMNA'TlOS, 1 to* tlier with Ina ednc itcil ud "il?n<e<l D >u Bl LLK V, wl?os? grcnt feats of aanaejty, ob-dienceand t <lrut, ii t?e plac-d him among the WONDKKH (IF THE AOK ! ' H> wi'-l ilatice. aiiiu, pu> out a light jump throngh a bal ' loen climh a l-d 'er, walk lame, trot, l.ick, and enact nnri.erI oua natoi iil i' i< fenta Alan engaged, ihe celebrated HUGHES FAMILY, or " Cimiirian 'VnnatreU wheat abilities hare mrpiiied the entire Mn ical Worl'l i The f'icv Bt'ea Bard i? engaged. Mr. rH!LLIP<?, the popular Vocalist. and L.A PETIT* r.KH IT'-, Mr H O Sherman, fcc. ere eugigi d, in addi>iou to Sno,Mi0cn'ii'*'tiei. , Price of 'dniiaainn 24 ceuti. (JhilHrnr ander ten tielf Mica. |y IT M f ALiK h ikvi Vi7?? ?T n? r, AND PICTUHK OALLKRY. Br".vfwa?, opooait' the City Hull. CASPAR HA 8K K, the Wil > Boyrf ih- WwU. [ TO BK *Ki?;\ KORONE SHILI INO Bea dea the whole alMOtmua of t 'r \1 llienm. lor fe w day? > l"Ui:er 'I hit r -rrnrh ihlf noudeacnpt ii atipi<o?e<t by rn-triy to hr the lODK-tay^il r>l eonnreti e '1111 hetwreu nun and bru'e. Hi* hialotv n i.-i*olT?d in mvit> rr icept he it auppoaed to be a mtire of b rrno, whrre he waa f >nnd id a aaragr alale.lirin;; on (rait, h rb?, Ike. IT-5" Adm.aaii.-i to the whole ONLY ONE SHILLING, f jlo r [ gTi esnut street theatre, philadel! PHIA. "TO LET?Ktnai the 31tt dar of Jnly m?tant, (or a I (mill of on* or more yr-a'a, thia lung eatnhliahed and pop. r ular liotue, with iu ip?cioaa *n<l r'rgmt aaluoua, aeenr ry, wardrobe. library, tnuic. maeh'ti-rv, p operty and iu fitttirea lu well known reintatum, both iu Kurope and the United "tatri randeta nanei:e?a.iry a de'ail of the ntimeroa. -lrid oeruli'r adtrant cea n?d ind'icein net wSieh p'eaent themaelvea 10 the ronaideMt on of an efficient m inagement, to a?core hich will n? the chirl ihjfrt i f ihe r r iprietnr? Addreta rropotala, which a"a'i be coiiaid>rrd confidential, to ; "The B'lanl of Agrnta f the Cbrannl Mt-e?t Theatre " No. 31 Son'h De aware Ae^r.ne. ^bi' wl- Iphii jy7toa'*f ; ARCH STREET THEATRE. CPHTLaDELPHIA,) TO LiiT. Thk board ok auhnth ok thk arch street THKATKK. Pl'il'deliif-ia, are prppared to lea.e the unildiilk fur the acraou of 184J '4? or a lomr't nenod. to an enterpriaing manager, apon ?? '? liberal rerma. Applicationa ' d'lreaa'd " Boa'd of AccnU of the Are? * tree t I I. I... .. *o M.T.. - - ? _ .v .!' ??, -en -I .#-? airwvt o vr comer of 4th nod Markei, with P M. Lafoareade r?o. lOfl CroWM (Cert will be attended tn Pmt.anri.>wa Jui" li Hi3 jtlj ra'a AiiKKAT oO\T HA' t. will com* off m 'he t'.lyiii n K.elds Hnha.keti, no Monday. the 14th ol Jo y, Ittl. HKaT HA' R. Kor 26 laet Boats, to row Inr oers id each bout, lor * parte of tw u'y fire i ollais. K trance S3, th? entrance monar to t>.e rcoud h. ?t boat. HK'OND RACK. Kreeforall finr oir- d Kac? Buta. A pti'se of fi'ty dollar* wi'l tie given. fi*e dollars entrance, th? adtranee money to po t' * be ipr nd ' r' boat. ? II Rusts ^Miiug to en -? |.>r 'be abo?e race, w ]| please tn en"r "t he Colluu?d?, Klvsi?ti Kir'ds. on o-b-fo-e ih? 3 d mat as o" b'ats will b? il owed to en'er af>r ih.t <1 e This b in* tb^ fi ?t r *etti ol ihe leunn, we ara iuio toed t^at all th - te1'br?ted fast R* e Bo-'s will ?n'er in th? ihn?e c n eat. jt I- ?!! V V *PTV 'I Uh I Lf. DlNM1 M ?A tuee I v will br belli at I urtla Bar H use, on i n iday l ast, Itth July mst at S o'clock, for *|.oon Ei rcise T he old meiu' era of the Hohuken Club ur pirtitl'irly request d 'o 'fend. Knt'ber info mation ;<tthe Ram' Head Falton street. JVI4 <5. T. 'i*r TILBl. H FtJTi sALK.-A ?ery handsome IlosI sn inn le 1 ilSort, f ir i'e, 1 years in me?pna* $1(0 Apply to NiK.-S NOfeH'rt. St lumber st iyll lw*re PORTUGUESE FEMALE PTLtS. THKHv. ar-lamed a id eelebraied Pi 's, from I'ortofal, Ara we pereeife, to i-w obtainr d in ihia eonntry Sea advertiaamept on hr last column. f-mtth paaa, | pi'HXl' ?Packet ship wlDL)ONt*. (rom CiVeipiol ?Cob m. ue-'? ny inn ?n p win pieaae send their nermita on bo >>d at ['irr 13 k. k Ml gooda not rTmi: ed id fieedayawill be sem 10 1 oh i* atore. j? J Jtr 1 pkolfr ion (tt. human lift building** I SHIPS KttO.vl l.luli l .M NU.?Powers'tmi>'"ved Li<hiuitw I uuiloc'ors. Ap<>?y to O' address j. A POWERS, M Merchanta' l? ichang'-. New Vntfc. jyj loi'rc NC.W i)|s oVEhV fi.t gi'dinK, silaerirg ?nd plitinxing by Hydro-Electricity, wiihont Ualramc BMterv, at * rerr ' tr'rt in r?|iens? a. d ibor. P pptml I'ow.lrr 'or gilding, tilTenru to<l .ilatinizmg, with .1 very impif a,Maratotat d the di rectmna, to make uee of'hit sectet -hk* br 1 |r?l??ec Qr.O TjCMAN V?1 Chaih?m ?t. 1 M?T,('K?' n'ttcriber mttirfi hema abwut fro the , ^ ' city for tome time, mid h ? fully em owrmd Mr. JOHN V A WA.NFOHD to act for hi in do 101 hit absence Office W Ann meet P. CHOATEAH, JR J'iii' 21. 'DO. lit fw'r Orrtcic Avium awd ><o<n?iria K M Co ) J 11 to i?n > 'oiv 71N. 1(4 I f A Sit Ml- * N \U AL HVIDKNDof three per C?rU. 00 he Capital Btojk of rhi? i.n-npam w ll he paid on the first (lay of tHUstoegt 8liire>-oldr s.whose ?t' ck i? re'istrred 10 the city Tra-ia(?r B ?ik- < f 'his C' mi' 'ny 1I1 be 1 aid ihnr dh vide-rH, at ihr Ba ? of 1 he t*t 'e of N?w To k, in he eiry ?.f Vew York, >1011 thr?ae 1 nefc 1* 11 ?t 'ema-ered io the eitr will >ee?ire n irae.it at this fli<* The TMnler Boeks will ! ? cl a d Irom thr 2 at mat r I lat Aunmt By "id?.-, tlUS 1KV VIOL'R Treaaor.r. lyMU'atr OPHCTACLi.il- H P^AL/URAS", Ocnlut and Opt kJ ci40, (.ami ?t, No MO (Removed Irom Broadway SM ha* conttaotl? nu h ind a larire atsortment 01 Spectacle lor abort sighted aod f?r si hted peraoM. Alto. e?erv l>'n>l <>f ><t>?ct ele Otaaeoa. ie'tlm'ec / <RCAT BARGAINS- a rark ch4n6k?The stock vT *nh the flumes ?rid Iraae of a whale* 'le and retail Boot tnd Shoe Stmt, in one of the best iltuvioot for the bnaioesa in the city, formerly ocrnpied by the late Mr. John Hutchina. wvv*-*?, tt, ? V/iU ior TMn tereor* teniae ?> th? ha.me., would find it moeh to thei- advtntnge to cull ? 1*0 Chatham ttreeC. oPl?eitt Ko?m \*?lf and *te for tt la) *rr T PHOENIX, Attorney *n<1 Coionllor at Law, haa re * ?uin*-?i hi* practice Otoe* corn, r of Cit? Hall flace ar <1 Centre i'r?rt. I 'MUND J. Pr,RTl?H, Comroiaatoaer of Deidi *n I f.m (>rnr? cn?nfr -f 1 jry Hal. Place ind Cant eat jvM 6 r _ CONTRACTOR* ?Sealed propoaala will hf re called * Ht the tahar i*er f?r filling iu 'he piece of ?o*d aer^aa the *alf tn??n#i(?w, aitnated ah??ot Nr rrilea Froai Harlem bndga, on tn# road leading to the of We?rcKearer Reference to the nroftlea, which can He aetn at the ?flier of ^ 9 Doughty, Raq., 45 Bnwrrv, wi?l ?how th# quantity of nlliog and the depth of e*e ration The ear'h to he taken from the hill at the west f nd of the pi?ca of roW to b? fille *. "e aona eatimatinc will ?tat* the pre* per cabic yard for rauioral of earth, aa \lao the price per cubic yard for rock. E?t mateato he di ected to fbe ar>acrber, Weacheatar Poet Oflee, New York. f*r l? ft ' office r f S 8 Dougbty. Raq., on or before Thoraday. the Iffh iril THOMAS C. TAYLOR. Wxtchfttyr. It'h Jnlv, IPO j-lllwur ONLY ONE SHILLING! WARM BATHS. KVICKRMBOCKRB BATHS, it' BOWERY. 'PHI. U BCCI.IBK K m tctlnllr take* l*?r? to public Itmtion to th? *h?>v? i anril nr?Mn ment ernwietj, o( W* m Cold, and Shnwer B<ih?. fitted up w.ih iMtr, nrrniencr ?-d o-der, m'eno to none in this city. Chert# 'he followin* m ai-ed rate* Hiucle Ticket*, lis cents It for tl. ?' l ?w.f m B HOVPWHTW lot Mir by ' KE. I OLLMH fc CO, iVMr M Sooth HrMt. t^LOTTH?tsolMwrliV(Sr?i.br ? ""7 r i. K. COLLINS k CO. )rM Stm i Jj BmJi (<??(,

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