17 Temmuz 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

17 Temmuz 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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T _ Facts and Fancy. Painful Accident ? Mr. John Breuen, employed on ifie Charleatown Branch Railroad, had noth hu>left* mangled in a most shocking manner yesterday aliernoon, at the depot, by a car loaded with stone, pacing o*er them. Amputation was per formed by Or. Walker, but little hope ot hi* lilt ia entertained. This sad misfortune wdb owing to his own want At c&re, and an blame is attached to the superintendent or conductor.?Day Statt Anio. tru i Boistkroij* Preaching.?A celebrated divine, was remarkable in the first period of his ministry for a loud Hi?d boisterous mode of peaching, suddenly changed hta whole manner in the pulpit, and adopted ? mild and dispassionate mode of delivery. Oue ot his brethren observing it, enquired ol him what had induced him to make the channel He answered, "Wh?*u I was young 1 thought it was the thundrr thai killed the people; but when 1 grew wiser, 1 discovered it was the lightning?so I determined to thunder less and lightning more in future." It is a pity all preachers had not made the discovery. An Imperturbable Rogue.?One day last week one ot the convicts in the State prison at Auburn managed to change his dress for a suit of citizen's clothing; and, after taking a turn or two through the yard, walked up to the door, with all the *ang Jroirf immaginable, and signified to the turnkey, by a smile and a nod of the head as visiters usually do, that he had taken a sufficient view of the premises and wished to be off. The door was accordingly thrown open, and tipping his beaver very gracefully to the turnkey, with the remark that "he intended visiting the prison to-morrow in company with some ladies," the convict deliberately marched up the street, and has not been heard ol since.?Rochester Advtrimr. Stani from u.tder?The Charleston, S. C. Mercury,of Tuesday last, gives the following account ?>i u uiunaer ginnn. ann uie tjebcciu irom lite ciouus of an alligator ! This beat^, all hollow, tlie showera of white hats, fluids, leechea, brimstone, blood, tec , which have been heretofore recorded ; " The thunder-storm of Sunday night?the winding up of one ol the most oppressive days ever inilicted on mortal mau?was really terrific. The whole firmament prowled thunder and shot lightning. It was blinding to look out, and at frequent intervals the thunderbolts burst overhead with a power that shook the eolidcst structure s?then rolled with angry growlings along the wings of the storm. 8t. Paul's church was struck, but not *eriously injured. Beyond this, we have heard of no casualty, unless we may account as such the raining down of an alligatoj about two leet long, at the corner of Wentworth and Anson streets. We h*v? not betii lixky enough to find any one who saw him come down, but the important fact that he was there, is incontestible?and as he couldn't have got there any other way, it was decided unanimously ihat he rained down. Besides, the beast had a look of wonder and bewilderment about him, that showed plainly enough he must have gone through a remarkable experience. By the la?t accounts he was doing as well as an alligator could be expected to do afier sailing through the air in such bad w??nthpr M The Learned Blacksmith.?In the settlement of a case at Bangor, relative to an estate in St. Thomas, a document was produced as evidence, which was written in Danish, and contained 44) foolscap pages, but there was none who could translate it. It was sent to Mr. Burritt, of Worcester, known as the learned Blacksmith, wj?o returned a translation of it, which is spoken of very highly by the editor of the Whig. In a letter, Mr. b. remarks that the translation cost him twelve days hard labor, lor which he presumed the sum of #18 would not be ;tn unreasonable compensation, and that would be " about what any other blacksmith would charge, provided he coula do it with hammer and tongs." Suicide.?A most singular case of suicide occurred in Skowhegan village in this State, on Thursday last. Mr. <tu.-?tavus Drew, of Skowhegan, was arrested some time since for sundry petit larcenies committed by him in the village, and at the June , term of the Court the grand jurj found a bill against i him He was a hatter, had a wife and four small 1 children who depended upon him lor support, and who are respectable, and had himself, until lecently, i been esteemed a worthy member of the Congrega lional Church of Winthrop, in this State, at which place he formerly resided. On Thursday afternoon he was brought into court for trial, and soon after being placed in the criminal's box commenced vomiting, when the alarming fact of his having swallowed a large portion of kreosote. the most deadly of all drugs, became apparent, and he was immediately remanded toprison, and a physi' cian called, but nothing could be done to save him; hadaneflort been made he would have stoutly re aisled it. He died about midnight, having his senses to the last. He had frequently threatened suicide if a bill were found against him, and finally took laudanum and kreosote enough to kill a dozen men. He left several letters, and it i? melancholy to read the confessions of a mind well disposed in many respects, that had been led into crime. A portion ol the letter addressed to the Judge is as follows:? "My object in writing is to say, I have a poor and feeble wife?four little children. They have none to help them. ] was advised to be off, but I could not bear the thought of my family being stripped to pay my bonds. 1 have made restitution to those I have injured. 1 have done what good I could in the world. I have given way to a wrong propensity, and I have fallen. I now give my life as a forfeit? 1 hope that is enough. Spare my family any further trouble, and I wish to have restored to them all that is not identified by others, as i have seen all who have any right to any of it. I now leave the world in the full belief that my enemies and the State have had all the satisfaction th?ywant. 1 should like to live, and be of use to my family, and the world, and redeem my character, but it is denied mr: and as for being herded with abandoned men, , 1 could not." Thus ended the days of a man who, had he not given way to temptation, might have been of much rise in the world "Lead us not into temptation," should be our daily prayer.?Portland (Me.) Arfrut. Romantic Imcidknt?It will berem?ir.'oered that a little boy named Black,disappeared on the day of the launch, and much reason exi?ted to believe that he was drowned. After several days of agonizing suspense, his parents were confirmed in this belief, by intelligence which placed the matter beyond doubt. ,u~.. _i 1 .l- J - - . "it; ncir |"uii^cu m uic deepest Borrow, a stranger, apparently a seaman, arrived at their house. He enquired if they had not lost a son, and stated that he had recovered the body, which he bad picked up while on his way to Burlingten. lie was the captain of a sloop trading to that place. It was some comfort to the poor people to obtain even the dead body of their child, and they accordingly expressed their gratitude to the waterman. But a most joyful surprise awaited the father and mother. While the kina and considerate captain was pondering on some mode oi communicating by degrees, information which he knew must be given cautious ly, the little son who had been wailing without and could restrain himself no longer, rushed into his mother's arms. He had been taken up a'iye hv tho captain of the sloop soon ake? the cai*izing ot the boat in which he had been stationed to see the launch. The sudden transition from griet to bounder joy almost proved fatal to the poor woman. She f.iinted on the spot, aud was several hours before she was prepared to realize her happiness in ihe recovery of a child which she had supposed lost to tier firevcr. The father was scarcely less aflectrd. Ptiil. Mercury. azuraxiAi. p&iNTZNa ESTABLISHMENT, fJ 11/ /V?U VPD HP PITt TAV A vn ?ua? IT OTO * ? ww, vrj* r v u i v/i* ni^ v nAonnu O 1 O. Ii supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, neat and economical eiecntion of (?ny description ot J?<?i3J?3 <3?S aNMOTaKl?. I'u! lie attention it requested to this establishment, in the assurance that ample satisfaction will be *ivei>?*s retards typeKr>,.hy, press work, and charges?to those who it qui re laucy or common. large or small work tfheaply sod expeditiously eiemted. LABKLS, CHM'KH, waybills, circulars, SHOW BILLS, BALI. TR'MKT8. HTKAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS Of LADING, RAILHOAb BILLS, BUSINK8P CA KPb, HTACiK BILLS, CAT Al OOUES, PAMI'HLKTS, BILL HEADS. HANOBIL'S. NOTES. foa ' THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS. Or any other places where the largest desoiptiou of printing is required. The facilities for tins work are not equalled by ajiv office id this city, for, besides the large assortment of PLAdJM A!*lts> ?HWAiiUJLtt'U'AtL 1TV?J., This establishment has the LARQENT PKKMBK8 IN TIIK CITY. Oreat pains have been taken to provide ereiy material that eaa po?sibly be of service.and therelore persons having occa sion for SbowbiJIs. will find it greatly to their advantage to l aUOMie this establishment . , . . . . CT"Any si*e Or ferm of Bill can be fornished at very shot I BAhrf .4 i -m Btidibr pablie.that he tiaa commenced baiiaee* in the above line, ai N<>. <m Nuttti sueat, wham ha will thuiklnllv receive au<i fmtlifully M'tutf, *11 order* he may be favored with he mi'?T p?a?nM>hU terras for ?w*H< EXPRESS FOR CLEVELAND AND DETKOJ'f! rPHB *ab?enber* will tend an eipre** through from tin* city, ,J'Jh*?fc**a aa?ed and intermediate places, outhe mom HI of the 9th mat., lot the tnuuport tion af ipaeie, bask note*,, boodir* and pukaxea ol food*, collection of draft*, hill*, ootet and aeeonnta,aud all *och other buainaaa a* may he em tu*ted to theta. lt>MKHOV ft CO.. .... . a Wall *t., N.Y N. B Immediately on the opening of lake iiarijatioff, thr above eipreaa line will be enended to Chieavo, rineinnati, fcr aad continued throughout theetitir* aeaaon, in connenOD with their New Sfwrtrr Attmfly," Twiy, and Buffalo daily exm*a. ^ ma r fiH HOUmToN, UentiM. ha* returned to M,? York ' ' Room in Park Place, Jd dosr from Broadwty, loaiti ?<<r jUtUwla*i? BOARDING REDUCED. WALTON MA'- SION HOUSE?P?ari .treet,Franklin *' Square,New Vorb ?J. Kowlrr tk Son beg leave to return thaukt to th?u tneuda and the public in F?oenJ, for the lioeM upport thty ?4*e received forseveral year* pan ?t the ibove Hotel, and hop*, bv itrict attention to l>u?inea* to merit a cochmnnea <A thai* favor*, the provirwtoia, liavmc reducad the prim o( boarding to S<> cert* per day, or two dollars lifty ceuU per week I 0' non?' >? ??"'? "I1"" W, the (It), bf iim convenient y> the Albany*. Button and I hilaielpnia steamboats ; likewise to the Loudon, Liverpool tod Bristol paeketa. The above home needs da comment, as it ii one of the moat airy and spacious premise; in th?ctty, having * law yard with a fine sprin.: of water, with every other requisite to make it comfortable. In (act, the above house combines more rnraMfs i? ?' ? '**> ? buiiteis, thau any other in the city. The irumr proprietor iieuiar always on the premises, he will s r every attention paid tohis guests. not only bv himself, but by hit '>rut? and servants. Ales, wines, spirits, k<\, J ets. irlass. Kmc London uni Dublin porter, in draught atd bottle. I'. t<. Private roomi for far.uliet. No chane lor storage. .N fl. No connection whatever with the Waltou Hipise neit door ft 2m*r A MKKICAN HOTEL. NEW YOKK.-tlaving c?u>A nleted the repairs and alterations of the American Hotel, and the adjoimni.' house (which 1 htve annexed to it) I respect fnlly solicit from my friends and the public a continuation ol their patronage. The situation i< as Rood as that oi any similar esnblishmeu' in the city. It fronts on the Park, and the fountain is immediately opposite. The house has been newly carpeted, and everything thoroughly repaired. 114 endlm're WM. B. COZZBN8. MANalON HOUSE HOTEL, HEAD'S, PHILADELPHIA-SOUTH THIRD STREET. For Fanili*? and QenlUmen. JOSEPH HEAD respectfully announces to his old friends ' ai<d the public, that'.he DM la op?Q the Mansion Home lately kept by hira. The entire renovation or tnia establishpent for the accommodation of families and gentlemen, with hii long experience an<l liumbe services, he nopes Tor a sh?re or public patronage. What with the anpply of the beat that rhe markets furnish, comfortable lodgings, xood Wines and good cheer, hia every effoit will be direeted to the satisf jction of hit patron s. The New York Courier & Enquirer; New York "Herald; Boatou Courier: Btltimore American; Washington Globe; Madisonian; Richmond Euiiuirer; Richmond Whig; Charleston Courier; New Orleans Picayuue ; wi'l please insert one month and tend their billa to the Mansion Houaa. J23 1 mr FOUNTAIN INN, (Late B?ltihoover's) LiCiHT STUtKT^BALTIMORE. ARTHUR ll. KOOG, j P*op?ietoM. TJAViNU leased this evteusive aud favorite establishment, 11 ana rutirely renovated ai,d rcfitted it thionghout, to that it can compare advantageously with any similar establishment in the Un>on. have no hesitation in endeavoring to attract the aitention of tUe travelling public to this favorite hotel If the most strenuous exertions, joined to every possible conveaience to be fouxd elsewhere, can insure success, they pledge themselves that its former well earned reputation shall not only be merited butslrpassed. In accordance with the difficulties of th? timet, they have determined to reduce their charges lo correspond. Terms, SI 36 per day. jy? eod awr SANS SOUCI HOTEL, BALLSTON SPA. THE Subscriber having become the lessee of this establishA met}?, presents it to the use uf the travelling public. In the h^ads of r?r. Bench, who recently brc aar the cvner, i"1 * been efficiently ri . aired,and offers every deiirnbleconveui n> Kiuiu y me mvics auu sccurr UiC cuuuun 01 vlftlltms. muaciiber, aware of lit* preference for the mineral watei. Saratoga, will procure a constant tupply at such intervals ? in inch mode ai <v II preserve their grateful ai well *s medic oal properties. It ii the object to make this establishment a preferable resort for families and those who choose comfort and . quiet, rather than (he crowd and mmult of our sister watering I place. The manner of its construction?t"e spaciousness of ita rooms, with its lanre. shaded groands, admirably adapt it to that porpose. Still more effectually to accomplish it, the subscriber intends ina'erially t? reduce the rate of charges to those who favor him with any continuing extent of patrOi.age: ar.d in all things will eudeavor to promote the convenience and eujovment ot his guests?in n.? way reducing the supplies and comforts hitherto provided for their entertainment. The house is now open, and in complete prepirntion. K. 8.WABREN. Ballston Spa, Jnne 11, 1843. ?22 lm'rc CONGRESS HALL, SARATOGA SPRINGS. *fMIIS celebrated and fashionable Hotel has recently under A gone the most thorough renovation.is newly and handsomely furnished, ami is now ready for the re- eptUn of the pnblic. The establishment is under tlie supervision of its proprietor. C. Munger, who will be most happy to renew his attentions to his former patro-u and Iriends. Congress Hall i>situated near the celebrated Congrus spring, at which a Band ol Miuic will play, at stated hours t'uriug tne season. A carriage will alwaya be in readiness to convey passengers to and from the railroad depot, free of charge, Every attention will be [>aid to visiters, to make thru stay agreeable, and prices will be in conformity with the times. Saratoga. June 26th. 1841. jI7 1m*f AVON SPltlNUS, LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NEW YORK. rPHK Proprietor* would notiljr the public that the season for X (be annual visitation or the?e fountains of health hai arrived ,>nd that there are fire h otcls and tour batiung establishments ready for the reeeption of company. Kor advice in regard to the probable effect of these waters in their individnal cases, and for analysii of the different springs, they are permitLed to refer to Dr. J. W. Kraucis, No. 1 Bond atreet; t) Br. H. D. Bulkley, Lecturer on diseases of the akin. No. 43 Bleecker Ureet. or to Dr. Salisbury, at the Spring!. m27 2m* r SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN MiNKHAL SPRINGS. MARSH HfcATIl HOUSE. '"PHIS well known establishment w?s opened for the rccep A tion of company ou the brat of June ult. The booses and Kroaudi have ben pat in perfect Older. Ami no pains spared to render the place pleasant and desirable. The undersigned flitters hluself that wi h an experience ?f more than twenty years in the business, the well established reputation of the plat e, the celebrity of the medicinal qualities of the water and invigorating air of the mountain, will continue to him that liberal patronage with which he h?a heretofore been favored The Improvements at the Mine al Fountain within a few year, past, by the erection of an airy and exceedingly tutaly builds in* over the rock from which issues the water aud the showering baths connected with it, add greatly to the comfort rf visitors; all which is entirely free to all mat choose to occupy it. there bsir.it no such thitghere as " exe'mive proprietorship'' either of the t.vineral wa'er er the mountain air. The uuder signed has in peilect order warm and cold bsthi conttrctcd with his establishment, and all the inuocent guues of amusement, such rs billitrds, bowling alley, quoits, 4ic. And for the accommodation of the more tiarof his-om,uny, a band of music ii provided, accustomed to play for c .tillon parties the most genteel and scientific. New aud comfortable carriages, and bar ness and saddle horses will be kept to let. The table will be supplied witn til ihe variety of the season, and prepired with the best skill of Kren:h .aid American cookerv; and the charges will be in strict accrrdacce tome value of money and the *t?tr ol Ihe times The ficilities of getting he-e hue been gir&tly increased since the la>t year. The Morris and Krsex railroad has been rebuilt, and is now one ol the h.stin the country. NiW and splendid cars hive be?n placed upon it, ami by arrangement with the !*ew Jersey Railroad G? pany, go ilirect from Jersey City to ItaHKm. leave New York at 8 o'clock, and a'rive at .Mairisio?u by naif-past ten o'clock A M., thence bv new and ciniforfable stages, aid arrive at the AlouLtaiu by 3 o'clock P.M. A seco d usin will leave New York at 4 o clock P.M., and arrive at Moinstown by half past 6o\lock, where comloitable cjnveyaice can be oh'ained to lo oi to the Mountain the same evening if desired. The route by Homeiville railroad, and a line of stages connected with it will, it is uuderstrod. be soon id occrauon. E. MAK8H. Dated Hetth Honse, Schooley's Mountain, Jane Jo, Hit. jl6 eod 3w?t wadawanuck house, STONINOTON, CONN. 'T'HK above Hotel, erected at a cost of between sixty and -I- leTeuty thousand dollars, and furnished in a style not tar passed by any similar establishment in this country, is now open foi the reception of company. The house is locatrd at the extreme end of the village, overlooking the same, and from its splendid piazzas and obiervatory. can be had a beautiful view oftne Muuud, its ilurpiug and nameious islands; as also a view ol the ocean, Irom which can be rnjoyed its brccing air and a>a breexe. This establishment enjoys snnerinr advantages for bathing, havipg in the home hri and co'd, sa't aud fresh water baths, nod at a tew rods distance, btloiiKicg to the hotel, there is a ha lung house lor sea bathing,'wi.li a large swimmirg nath for geutlemen and one for ladies, with dressing rooms attached, as well ss private h'ths. Attrched to the hotel there is a Billiard Hoom aud 1} iwling Salo >u, and for the accomodation of gentlemen and parties who are fond ol lishing, there re a number of safe .and commodious sailing br>at?. with cartful men to take change of them, who undersratd the locility of the vahoui fishiDg grc uuds, for wli.ch this pUce is so celebrated. In consequence of the deprrssed state r.fthe timei,the charge for board is redjeed to the following rates Transient Board per day, $1 50 Ter ous remaining six weeks, in the months of July and August, per week, 7 CO for six weeks or longer, is the months of May, Juue, September! cr October, per .week, 5 (0 Children and servants, h?lf price. The object of the subscriber will be to render his house a quiet genteel hotel, and at the same time lie wishes to s'ndy toe eorr.foit of his tuesls mora ihau the otahliih ug ol arb.tra ry iu'.cs. HOllA I'lO BLA KK. Korrr'vif the firm of Blake and Heed. oi the M?rine .' ilioLi, rio-.kn*ay, and Wav? r'r lliute, ,\cw Ymk, irti 2w*r LONG BRANCH HOUSE ON THK MAKv. OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. J BARCLAY fc CO. respectfully inform the public thei r house (formerly San'*,) will oten on Mond>y, ti 3d inst., for the reception of visitors dnring the wsrin stasou, and presume that their ability to accommodate with |deas?ni rooms, Irotiling the sea, and properly ventilated, is kunwn to inoit of the citizens of fiew York accustomed to vuit the diflerent watering paces. the character of their table, and thr ughout the various departments of the house is too well understood to need any remaik. being as they believe prover bial for cleanliness, good order, aid good cheer, combined with the healthful and invigorating elfeets of the sea bath and breeze, induces the belief that they will as heretofore receive a due proportion of public patronage, fricn/ued U meet the times. July 1st. 1841. jyl-eodlm*r long branch. new jersey, "bath buildings," (Formerly Keushaw's.) rfHIH well-known and delightful sea bathing establishment X will be opened for the reception of visitors on aud after the Mth Jane inst. The buildings nave undergone a complete and thorough repair, and no efforts will be spared to maintain the deservedly high repatatiou which this establishment has here lofore acquired. The priee for boarding will be $7 per week, instead of the former price ol $M, children and servants tiali*pri:e. Young people, not requiring much room, will find accommodating terms. The steamer Orns, Captain Allaire, from'the Fulton mar ket, and the steamer Shrewsbury. Captain Corlies, from the foot of Kobinson st, will each make a daily trip between New York and Lone Branch. Stages will be i> readiness upon the arrival of either of the above boats at the Oeean House, to convey passengers immediately to Long Branch. Fare from New York to Lou* Branch $1. JA.MKS OHKKN. LoturBraDch.JnneH.H41. iwlw*r ATH HoUSt, LUMj IbLaNd -J Ms ir4 bathing place is now prep.rrd for visiteif. This situation is not urpiui'd by any on the ii'and, either for ita eiUnaire item ry, cooling ahade*. convenience to the bulling, and ahoitneea of dutaaee from the ciriea. The a>a<ea atari Irom Kulton Ferry, li.ooklyn,at S o'cloca, P.M., and from Bath Hoate at ? o'clock A M. Jf4 In'r T<0 '1'HE fUULi'v.?1 he proirietor o< the Home * Koltou meet, * i own ee Peartall'a SaJoon, retnrna hia HDeercthankato all i l nnwho hare been pleaaed to fgror tun with their patrona; eat hia former place ol bnaineea. adjoining, and take* the prei t i ioccuiou to inform them that he haa opened hia Saloon ij abort, which he traata will bear compnriaon with any aim ilr icitabliahment in the city: and when alao, by unremitte , attention, together with a determination not to be anrpaa** i ,i. the catering line, ha h?pea to tereire a cantinnance of that paironage, aud for which neither paina nor aipeuae bare been ipared. DAVID FKAH8ALI.. J if 14 Irn-m ~ " cordiaXSTato No. n Knlton atreet, manetarterer of ? CordiaU, Cherry Brandiea, Wine Bitten. ?r? offer. ioi aale a haatameaaaortment of Cordiala, amnng wnwil arelNoyau Cordial, Prrtert Lore l.oroui, Itoae do ('innamon do L?vmi a<> ^nwrmmi Jo Clove < << Armwra do i 3/ . uruoi do _ AMO, Wme ?Bd BtMghtOM BitUer?and on ?rtiei? oHhtrrt Draimy, Whicl. n well wonhrof Uie attention oi homi ?nd tavern \<t >pti?*tri *nd othe r>. iftotru, rouutry merchants, and the public ui ventral iui>Iied op V" inml lihernl i?rm?. tell m-7 "CHLORIDE ?P LIME." 200TCA.,? ?' irl? NO. U UflfcKI'K.HTiUtKT I OPtN.-Om ; B?th?-* "I * c?ut?. Mull wiin roue* or auceta JT)k " X) ticket! for The aabacriber having leaaed the above eitabliahment, for I term of yean, haa eomDieLeed improvement* ou a acale wnich ' when completed, will, he fUttera Himself, vie in tAiw. in coat- I 1? elegance and magnificence, with ajrv aimilareatabliahmeut I in the world: hat ine viaited the beat roudncted bathe 111 Ko- < rope, he leeta no hesitation in aaauxiu(j hia fellow citixena that i theaptnt wnicn haa tor the paat thirty yean actuated him in i proneint (no matter at what coat,) the moat apleuditl manainna i lor tfceiraoe.ial comfort and convenience, inall not, on the pi?a*o:oecaaion be loat eight of, and that to ihe improvementa i aw delegancies of the Kurorean BaUii.hr will tike the liberty < ol idditir from tue inventive resources of hia own cultivated i an well koewu taate.all that he hna observed wanting (0 rcn- t oer t!ie'a \iri*vt of a br.th the "ne plna ultra" of |>erfeciion. t 7'he Laoiea &al?on will be in readiness iu a few daya. A I description of the varied improvement! will be given when i cnmi leted, and the whole thrown open for public uiapectiou. > mlUmer K BHDIN A MU PA l,Mt>. t FHI LADE LPH1A DAGUERREOTYPE i ESTABLISHMENT. KXCH&MUK BUILDING, ROOMS 26 fcZT. rPHR Subscribers, having procured the AgeHcv for the ssle of I VOIGTANDEKS UAOUtRKKOTVPK ArPARA TUS, constructed aerording io Professor r? tiv.il'a ealcaanon, have on hand a large assortment of these Apparalua, and artists .?a well aa ainateura of their art, wuhing to procuie a good apparatus, will And it to their advantage to irocnie in- J atrumenta of thia conatruction. Tbev alao have lately import- , ed a Urge quantity of German and French platea, and all the ( chemicala med in their art, which they warrant in every re- \ apect, aa they are made to their order. Polishing aubatancea, j, and morocco casea. and alt neceaaary materiala, are aold on the _ moat reaaouable terina. The following gentlemen have agreed j to act aa their agenta, vis.;? j f Sgyvfi*1 I Dr. A. Caspari, iiiciimond.Va. < P. Lauren*. K*u., Savannah, Oa. William Wesl.Xsq , Cincinnati. Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders,aciotnpauied with c remittances, will b? promptly attended to. aud ibould be di- . reeled to Wit F. LANOKNHK1M, \ jellnir Ksclwnge Building, Phlla. j DAGUERREOTYPE. fi JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, r 78 NASSAU ST. Nfc.XT TO Jt'HN ST. t rPilii subscriber d? voted hit attcuuon to grinding and arrnr.'C- o J- tug Lenses, previous to UiQUerre's ditcovuries, since tli-u the great demand for Cameras has given liiin constant employ t mi ne, and with such practice he feels warranted iu saying that ti instruments coiutrncted by him, ha?e alt the improvements J 1 that enable operators to obcaiu success. Fhoto^raths uenerally i must be held in a certain position to ap;>ear distinct, those (a ti ken with i;i v apparatus are Iree from tins defect. Thorough in sanctions jnveu if required. Orders accompanied with cash, pro nptly attended to j? a-lm'i 7 /^KKICK U>- JK?F5E5uFi INSUKANCfc CuMKA { " NY?Office S6 Wall street. This Company continue * their bnssuesa of insnrance against loss or damage by fire, ' on goods, wares and merchandize and also, on Teasels ana their v cargoes against loss by ^andjiayijguon. * Thomas W Thonie Klisha Riggs , ThomasT Woodruff ilenjaraui R Robtcft J John K Davison Francis r Sage Thomson Price Joseph Allen ' Jot n H Lee John P Moore ""--Uer Jtm'i K Holmes' ;>. ..nil Jatr.cs U Whiting 1 < ' ager V/m K Th?rn . Jralie Irad Haw ley 1 i Merrill Thomas Morrell 1 THOMAS W. THORNE, Freiid.nl. ! '> i'. HOPE. Bwrmnr. mil T itb " LAMPS!! HORN'S LAMPS." " TJORN'S PATENT SOLID BOTTOM GLASS " xl FOUNTAIN LAMPS."?For chemical oil or cam phine?These Lamps hare now become celebrated, and men " su rly used.and are,in fact the admiration and wonder of all who ' see them ; the most splendid in appearance, the i.'ost economical tud give a li|tht unequalled in brilliancy and durability; and a none are so perfectly safe,simple and etsy to manage and trim; I one lamp will give more light lhau six sperm candle*, at an ex- r peine oiless thin half a lent per hoar. All who txamineand 'J sec thein iu aie, admire them for their beautiful ueit appear- > ance, simplicity, safety and economy, and above all, for the su- ' pcrior splendor of their I*nhC. And, iu fact, it would seem they <j are destined to become the universal light, so great has become 1 their demand. Should there he any who yet prefer the light, > let them look as they pail Messrs. Sand* & Co's Drug Store, a corner of Broadway and Chamber it, and hundreds of other I] places where they nave the true lie lit. Kor farther particulars J eall at No. )3i Kultou st., (new building) t'?e only place in New j York, where they are iersale wholesale and retail byJ.O. I Kay at Co. Bestchcmical oil 62* cents,and camptiine SO cent* ( per gallon. A liberal deduction by the bflrreil to sell agiw? ! also ou lamps to agent* or others, to sell again. ' > je 2&-lin*ec. I CROTON WATEK?JlAtf'8 MUST FME.V11UM INDIA RUBBER HOSE 1* confidently recommended for ' any purpoiea for which leather l* used, and is warranted to poc 1 sess the following properties i 1st. It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. t 2d. It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to c injure in the least, and requires no attention. I 3rd. It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oil cr li grease, nor stiffened by cold weather, nor con the rubber de- <j compote, a* lu/eriur articles are in no ease used. Should n the least complaint be made of the Hose, hot possessing the above properties, it will be taken back, at any time in- tl side of six months from it* purchase, and oilier giveuinex- t change without charge. 4ih. Coupling and jet pipe* will be attached without charge, o Buyer* will note the t we are clearly satisfied that thi* ho*e (the u process ol makiux which is unknown to any other in the trade) u is just the article long wanted for leading water and many other c liquids. HORACE H. DAY, tl jlTlm*r Successor to Roxbery I. R. C.4S MainenLtne. h GROTON WATER] * J| THK Tinned Lead ripe* invented by Mr. Ewbank, are, in A the opinion of a very large number of the best chemist, physicians aud most scientific men of the ace, the only lead _ pipes that cau be used with safety in conducting this water. , Very great dauger oi poison is incurred by the use ol any other. Physicians and other scientific men refer to numerous case* J where sickness Mid death has actually resulted from the use of ' the eomraoD lead pipes. The subscriber hai made arrangement* tokeeponhand a lall and constant supply of the tinned lead . fiipea, which he will tell to plumbers and others on the most , avorable terms. JOHN C. ('ASS, jelllm*m 71 Broa'J street. j cash tailoring establishment. SPHiLLITS, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor Honse, I Broadway,) impressed with the necessity of meeting the * exigency ol the times by the reduction of his pncrs, and finding ' it impossible to do so while subject to the enormous outlays a 1 Broadway location nceessarily incurs, has determined on the 1 only way to effect this?without displacement to the luality 9 of his garments; he kit, therefore, leuiuvcd his establishment 1 toj 130 i\AS9AU STREET, corner of Ueekman, where J gentlemen cau now be supplied at a deduction of ten per cent ' iron hii former low prices. P The following is submitted merely u a specimen of the foregoing assertion Superfine Coals, made in the best style, (rom $16 to $11 \ Extra do, ol the fin?st quality, 11 to 22 Challie Ves'a, 2 75 5 8. P. begs leave,in conclnsion, to observe, the above article* may be it-lied on, in all respects, to be of the most genuine > description,md lower than any other house furnishing the same < guilty of articles. il Imr C |~IHEAP STORK?TO COUNTRY AND ClTV DKALC KU8.-J. C. MOHKISON, IBS Greenwich street, be- " t ween Knlton and yesey streets, on the North Riverside cf 1 the city of New York, offers for saleGrocers' Articles, Drugs and Medicine*, Confer'ioners' do, Patent Medieinet, Dye Voods, Paper Makers', Dyers' Article*, Hatters' and Paints and . Calico Printers' Article*, Painter*' Artie Irs, Hoot Beer Makers, GROCERS' ARTICLES., Span sh Segars, Snuff, Macaooy," Pot ard Pearl Ashe*, do Scotch. Starch, Slough ton's Bitter*, Oil Peppermint, Mace, Liquoiice, Juiigo, Bath Brick, Casnle Soid. HalrMins, Corks, 1 Fi? Binr, I*loves, I fowdeied Urncr and Kont Ca?tor Oil, iu bottles, White Lead, dry and in oil, Altnhol, Alnm, Lorperas, Olive Oil, id bettlet, 30 ca Epsom Salts, Iimglus, Kiiuih, Floor Sulphur. Notmrjji, (iinianiou, Saltpetre, Friction and Loco Foco Pepper Sauce, Matches C ream Ttrtar, Oarb Amrorsio, Ma*l>e?ia, British Lustre, Camjhnr, Olive Oil, in bkt*, 12 each, Arrow Koot, Soda, for Washing, Larnway Seed, Mnstard, London, Lemon Syrup, Cayenne Pepp*r, J wl"y Opiuin, Vanilla Demi, Hops, Itc. TaucaBeiua. , O^8Winter atrniDed Sperm, Linseed, Fall do do Neatsfoot, fummer do do Olive, or sweet. Whale aDd refined Whale, Spirits Turpentine, jylilw*ee ONlTiSL) STATES TEA EMPORIUM, ''at* 129 CL i .Ltul, iVnr York a And 116 Fnlton h'reet, Brooklyn. ;7 in nLUKCB kh irnru. Vv'flCLKBALK AND UKTXlL. \NTON TKA COMPANY comma* to offer for aw and Iragrant Teas of every variety and style, .oruneat specially includes me most delicious nod ii [trades o l Greco aud Illacit. JC?erv package bear* the eta- ?>of neitnes,uj elegauee, and the Teaa therein art 10 thoroughly seemed from light and air that th.'ir quality and power will ten ia unimpaired io any climate. Their system 01 prosecuting onsiness is pcihaps scarcely to be excelled. It ia foaniied npou the atmoat regard to the richta of (ha customer. especially with respect ta weight and quality, r.nd au. irailed cheapness. All pureli.-sera &r? ea|l?d upoi So return auv articles which tail to give them li.e fallen satisuetiou, which the money will he cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, headi of families, and snipmasters will fiad it* decided advantage to'sapply ihaas?elres from this establishment. UEPrcirrc Java Come routed every day. Orders (jom all parts of the United Starts execated witfc promptitude and despauh. ZJr Tha only warahoaM ial Aaeriea for the sale of Restea's eafenrated Blaek Tee- )? inj COAL, COAL?Peach Orchard KedA'hCoal, fi:st qualify, will be sold by the subscriber at the following low prices for cash Kreah biokru and egg, from lamp in the yard, screened and delivered to an y part of the city at S51ner ton ; store! I 74 i large nut $4 50 ; 24 ce?ta per ton less will be clitrged if tataken from the boat?weight and ouslity warranted. NCTEK CLINTON, jy 2 >m*r Greenwich, cor' er of King st. \AT A"' CHK8? I he largest and most splendid assortment of v v Watchea in the city, is to be fonnd at the subscriber's.? Aa he i* constantly receiving all description* of Gold and 'Pilver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufacturer*, in toigland, France, and Switzerland, he is enenabled to offer a larger -ssortment, and at much less prices, at etail, than any otnet house in the eity. Gold watches as lew as ?20 to $24 earli. Watches ann jewellery esehauged or I bought. All watchea warranted to keep good tune, or the money returned. Watches, clucks aod jewellery repaired in the best manner, and warranted lower than at any other place ia the city. O. C. ALL*CN, importer of watches an?f lewellery, jy2 Im'r Wholea^if and retail. 10 Wull street, np stairs V/f KB. WlLLlfi, Lady of Information of future events rind whit haa passed, learned in astrology aod astronomy . Iives ladies private lectures on this science, at her rooms, 264 J Elizabeth st, ten doors liom Houston, near Bleecker, nnd has constantly ou hand corn aud cancer salve, and a sure cure for the ague, and if any ,of|iher mediciue is purchased gives infor nation gratis. 1*1* I m ? DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE & EDWARDS, AURISTS, OQ1 BROADWAY ?Kitiset i? *JtJJ. " | cheeifally ci mply wi h the reqaest of Litnt. McIotosh. to tes if'y that he w?s invslHed home as until for duty, | in coneequenee of total deafness and discharges from his ear ; 1 that while in New York, on his way io Kxglaad, he plaeeo himself under the prr.frsai'inal care ol Drs. Cast I* and iLdwards. Aarists. Under their Ire&tmeut lie rscoveiei bis hvarirg, and haa returned to his m ilitary dnty. Kigaed, H.MtNEVtN.M O, Bar/eon to H. B. M. Korces, Jamaica. ' ACOUSTIC DROP3. A sara core for incipient deaf ess, earsche, pains, bntzings, or aiug ng sounds in the ears, collections of hard *'J or viua ted ircrrtionsof the organs. Their Acoustic Oil has I eeu s popular remedy aa a curative in all oiseaaea of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Offices removed to 3(1 Broatway, cornet White street. |yH lm*r J5KLNIC TW.NK? ICO lialci Bridjioit, Peine, Herring and J Will Net Twines, frrm to 36 lbs. manufjtiared in a verf superior manner, for sale in lots to si;it t nrchssnts. by K. K. COLLINS It CO. vfll* tt Bouili street MEDICAL. ' 1?' EXTRAORDINARY OURE. OHKKKUUK PICK OBKN DICOR. DR. JOHN HON takes thu method of informing the public dint he itiU affords relief to the afflicted of both Miu, Mid may be always consulted with the utmost conlidenei in the wor?t eatei of secret diseases, or any of tiie effects resulting i rmm the use o( mrreery, or the mel-praclic* of qaacks. The rollowinK eilraet of a Inter in the possession of Dr. Johnson, Nearly illustrates the tnnmph of knowledge and arerienea jvpr inrdieal quackery, and at the tame time ahowi the treat necessity in' ln? public discrimination between the regularly ' tdacateri physician and th? charlatan. Dear Sir?1 i>ut myself under the ear* of a Post rem rend'r ivhrn inv dtseaa* first appeared: he promised to eure me for one lo'lar, and made but light ol my affliction. Instead of iraprovuk 11 eraii* worse every day?mv appetite failed.1 was unable (i attend to bosineis, and after etpcuditiK $120,1 Ins tils iraposor had th? imrudeuee to tell ine he was uot a doctor, but mere y sold Ins stuff. In this hopeless situation a friend hired a e.ir iixe ( rot heibK able to w<tlk at the time) aud drove me to Mini <>Abe, 17 Du nn- st. You examined my ca?e and piomiaed ocu.enir. Vou hrye performed vour undertaking in aslinrt iuie. A? 1 now e.'.jor perfect health, 1 think it my duty to hoseaHicled to make thi? statement public tnronch the press. THOMAS J. THUttSTON, Carpenter, t Monroe at. New York. A nsediciue mar ha had ?l Dr J to prevent the above disease r any of iu uu.neruus furms. Office open from 7 iu the inora ms 'nil en at night. ie80 lm*tc SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. ENOKMOUS onautities of theae popular medicine are totd dnririje the year, and still the demand is constantly increatng. In fi*? year* the Doctor haa gone from a few poundi a 0 57 tons in a year, and where it will atop we cannot conceivai While Sherman's Losenges are so pleasant that "children cry or them," they are wonderfully uffieient, or they would not be atronized by oar worthiest citizens, as for instance?Ki-Mayor ;iark, J. Hhennun Brownell, Ks j., Register of the city. W. H. i lutm, K?q. deputy register, itev. Mr. Dunbar, of the McDouk1 street Church, Key. Sebaitiao StreeUir, ol Boston, Kev. Mr. Inthony, of the Oneida Conference, lion. Senstor Archer. Jol. J. C. Zabriskie of New Jersey, and hundreds af eilisrs of l he like high respectability. I Sherman s Worm Lozengea?Tested in over a million of Ases, aud acknowledged by the medical faculty to bv the only afa anii />arf?In vnnn daatvninni? mailiiiins in mnrlil Thaw i re prescribed daily by nearly alt our physicians. Sheiuun's ..olenites alone hare any reputation?tiic Doctor is a member if the Medical Society aad a skilful practitioner. Sherman's Camphor Lozenges? Headache, sea sickness, paliiiatio;i, lowncss of spirits, uud despondency, curcd iu a lew niuutcs by them. They have been fully proved in a multitude if cases ami never knowu to fail. Sheimuu's Cough Lorenges altar *11 ticltlir.ir or irritation of he tkroat or lungs, promote expectoration ai.J cure the most larrassiug cough or colds in one day; also. asthma anu wiioopng cough, and tightness of the chest. Conjunction has re- i ieatedlv been not only relieved but effectually cured by Sliera.m's Couxlt Lozouges, when all other means failed. Sore Nipples positively cured by Sherman's Pupillary Oil. Sold atlOu Nassau stieet, and sold by agents, at kS Bowery, 7 Kail Broadway, 2i!l btcecker st, 227 Hudson st, Hushton U Isninwall, New York; 1? Knlton st. Brooklyn; J VauYerk' 8 Choanal kt, Philadelphia: Dr Reed, eor Gay and Sartoga sts laltunose; Thomas, 147 Main st. Cincinnati, Ohio; A Guthlie, 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany; C Dyer, Jr, 43 Westminster st, 'roridettte; Redding,! State street, Boston: m25 lmr WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. STRIKER'S SOLUTION fOR THE HAIR, which will J change grey hair to iti original color in a few minutes.? rhis solution is different from auy yet offered, and cmnot fail >f superceding all othe's. It is highly efficacious, and assesses he great advantage of beautifying the hair, without injuring ts growth. Those who donbt its virtues are requested to hare their hair hanged before paying their money. If humbugs would take his method, there would be no reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. S Chatham treet, opposite the Hall of Rucords, New York, up stairs jyl lm*r A MIRACULOUS INVENTION ro CURIO ERUPTIONS AND CLKAR Tlitt SKlN. PHK astonishing powels of this remedy mutt surprise all. A ?That ft beautiful piece "f Soap should cure erurtions, nd clear, dark, yellow, or sunburnt skin, for which the most iowirful .lotions have been used in vain. Very strange, yet eader, itit isiustas easy to mike it in that shape as any other. I'he Italian Chemical Soap has been found infallible iu the fallowing diseases of the skin?pironles, blotches, freckles, salt ileum, sv-uny, c(yiiiTi<u, umucr ucn, neat >puui, aiurpucn , ic. It has received the tnost flattering encomiums from the rledic.il Society ol Paris, who call it a miracle?a wonder? ad a blessing " It gives the skin a youthful, healthy bloom nd freahneis, aud it will cuie the bitei of insects, musquitoes, >ed bugs, gili hippers, Sir. Sold at fifty centa a cake, by X. louei, at his wholesale perfumery store, sign of the American Cag'e, 82 Chatham street, Ntw York; and by these Agents?in 'hiladelphia, by Ziebtr, corner Third ana Docs streets; or lext to the American Hotel, Washington, D. C.; in Boston, Slate street; in Charleston, S. C.. 87 King street; in Albany. 7 8'ate stieet; in Brooklyn, 139 Falton street. Agents wanted tual 1 other cities. jel? Im'ec A CAKD?THOMAS HOBKHTS It CO, Druggists aud tVMedicine Venders.of Crnne Conrt, Loud'iu, Market Place, Vlanchesler, and 304 Broudway, New York, respectfully anloucce to the public, that having succeuded in calling attention j 0 their invaluable Medicine, "Parrt Life Pills,"and i s efllca | ly being now fully tested, and its success as a curative estao- i ished, beg to state that no medicine ever offered to mankind ( las so rapidly obtained such distinguished celebrity, atd it is | aestioname if there is any part of the civilised world whe re , It extraordinary healing virtues have unt been exhibited. , The proprietors are therefore doubly anxious to recommend , lie 1'ills to those whose loss o( health by dyspepsia or rheuma- t ic affections require a speedy find certain renovation. 1 The opinions of its value by some of the best medical men < f the day is a sure foundation that its success dees not di-pend j pon any system of advertising or meritneions pulling, but { pon its own virtues amongst those w hnse'extensive medical ac- . iniremeDts and high chaiacter for integrity, place them out of le possibility of aiding quackery. Thomas Kobcrts it Co. ave the permissioa of Dr. Filler, of Pniledelphia, for stating is strong recommendation of the use of these Pills in d?- , timed biliary complaints, and flying rheumtlito symptoms. , By such uudjubted testimony as this the public are begin- , jug to understand and apreciate the superior efficacy of th js ru lid | aenicine to the poweifnl purgatives that have been hiih'rto , old them in tlie shape ol Pil Is. which may give relief for a short i pace of time, but always at the expense of the system, by eneeblinf it and rendering it more liable to receive again other om plaints. The same high medical authority, in describing the simple rirlues ol this mediciue, savs" "As it differs in many respects ery rsseutiallv from tlie pills thtt have hitherto been brought >efore the public, it is advisable to make the public acquainted *ith the general properties theyposiess. Pan's Life Pills, as 1 purgative, are found to act very gently?indcel when they do mrge freely, it is owing less to their prreative qualities than lie very bad condition of the system they are actiug upon. The 'egetable ingredients of whiehihey are strictly composed, will n all instances chemically decompose tlie deletenous matter hat is ge.nerated by various causes, aud impedes the vital aud irganic o|ieratious of nature in the human frame. Their action i priuciiuilly by decomposition?invigorating bv increasing the oue ana quality ol the blood?strengthening all thp organs es ectunlly without any ol that stimulatmg effect so injurious in urgatives generally." 'I hey ore sold retail at most of the respectable druggists in Hrw York, and by duly appointed agents in every city and nwu irom Maine to Louisiana, Canada, the British provioces, -iavaoa, the West India Islands, and South America, in boxes, ? .ind 7} cents eacL. Testimonials of cure from person* whtsc diseases were of tne nost inveterate kiud, and ol long standing, msy be seen at the iffice of T. Koberu h Co., Clarendon House, MM Broadway, iffice 1st floor. Country Agents will please address letter box M7, post office. _ jell-lm TO PAUMKRS, GKAZIKKS, fc AUK1CULTUKISTB A ? BUTT1CKMKKE, Umggist and Chemist, from ICngand, 68 Essei street, New York, would earnestly direct the itlentiou of all concerned in the welfare of horses and cattle, o the following invaluable medicines, prepared according to lie formula of oue of the most eminent veterinary surgeons low practising in the south of England, and procured by the >reteut proprietornt considerable cost. DIURETIC HORSK B ALLS?1 hese balls are a radical emeay lor all disorders in horses, arising from impurity of the ilood, gToss huntora, and obstructed perspiration, inch aa ;rease in the heels.swelled legs, strangury, gravel, erupt ions >n the akin, lie. They may be administered at any time or ?aton, withoat change of diet, or interfe reuce with uaual It tor. At the fall of the year, when hone* gonoally oudergo a -.htnge of hibit, the regular uae of these tolls will p'ove high y beneficial, and even a preventive of many diseases to which, it this season, horses are peculiarly liable. Bold in packages j soutainiug sit ball', 3s.. with ample directions. COKDlAL FELON DKINK? Dicidedlv the best medi- 1 sine that can be administered, for all disorder* in horned catle, vising from cold, such as hidebound, fevers, less of aipeite, shivering, couch;, hpoving, lost of milk, kc. Sold in lactases, with directions. )i ml etch. 1 CLEANSING DRINK for new Calved Cows?Is 6f infinite service and slionld never be omitted, in all cises where j he placenta, secundims, or cleansing, is obstructed. It not 1 mly forwards the discharge, bnt most admirably affords nature . imely assistance, iu expelling that extraneous matter, whicn ; mpnles the course of the alimentary canal,pre*enling the fuliimenl of ils proper function. This drink also counteracts a Mnety of complaints to which die animal is afterwards liable, vhiltttlie flow of ipilk is wonderfally promoted. In pack- , *Rki> * ESTKRV0TTLE? Kor tobduing inflammation ind morbid swellings m horses, tlto to excellent cooling ollon, for reltied sinews, bruises, sprains, galled backs, wounds, kc. In bottles, with directions, 3s 6d each. No ittble thonld be without it. VULNERARY BALSAM?For eradicating warblet id lorses, healing cuts and wonnds, however deep or aggravated; ilio an application to cankers in the hoof and qnick probes, ieeidedly the best remedy thtt tan be used. Should be in ivery stable. Sold in bottles, with directions, Is 6d each. CORDIAL, PURGING, AND WORM BALLS. LIQUID BLISTER, kc. kc. At this establishment, the utmost caution it invariably observed, iu the selection or genuine 'amilv inrdicinea. PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTIONS?J. B. fully impressed ivith a sense of their vital importance, shall iuvan tbly observe ' :he most scropulons accnracy in the preparation ol physisian'i prescriplioDs. The above medicines are prepared ind sold exclusively at ;he .Medical Ilsll, .18 Eitex street, three doors from Grund, opwisite the Mtrket, New York. Olders from llie eountiy prnmrtly sreented sll 1m* PKlVATK DISEASES. 3 AH CURE GUARANTEED -The College of MeJiciae and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established l or he suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all disiasescf a private nat-ire, mid offer to all those afllicu-d with hese distretting maladies advtntaget not to be mei with in auy i Hher institution in this country .either public or private. Krom he constant correspondence, and from private arrangements, i setween the membeis of ihe College and the most eminent I [Vfessors of the Medical Institutions of Europe, til improve- | aenis in the treatment ol these diseases are forwarded to them long before ihey re ith t.ie majority of the medical profession ?f this rouurnr. All persons who have tiied the celebrated jreparati.il of Professor Kicord."The Parisian Alteralne Mix .lire," can bear leslimony to 'ts Ming the most powerful reme ly ever.iscovered for primary or secondary srplulis, strength :n<ag theconstitution, whilst eradieilipg the disease. Professor Vtlper.u's discovery, in Ins Specific Pills, for the nre of gonnrhea md fleet,hasraised him immeasurably tbove ill hit rontern|ioraries in th*s pa-ucnlar branch of 'he orofesnon With such celebrated remedies, together wiffi the combined skill ol the first medical men of litis country, the Colltge eel satislisd that the good work they have undertaken," the iiippietsianofiluactery,,'will receive llie patrob.ige it deserves "ro<n thai pcrtion of llie pnb!ic req liring thtir services. Terms, for adviee, and a'I medicines, %i. Office, and Consulting Hooms of the College, Vt Nassau St. ? W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by statlug their dise ase explicitly it v ritiiig, giving all symptoms, tgecher with the [re.itmeni tliey received else* here, if i ny, tan obuiu a chest (inUiiiiiig all medicines, wnli full direction for use, willi a ;uarantee of care,by addressing llie Agent of the Colli ge, pott raid,enclosing tS. le M 3inr CAUTION TO ""EMALL&. M"ADAM *. RE ST ft L L. FEMALE rHYBICIAN. WO*k ? luioiio mmev wno wiid a proper oaiicmcy, na?? a rcpa% itncr to the treatment of their complaint! encept by on* of tlicu ?wd mx, that in til ettaeaahe attcnaa to them perioi:*lly,h*r ei lerienee, raenee and knowledge enablea her to do to. Hh* imb* it Mtemrr to ium tbii< w ?h? doe* not wiah to b< llweed with the pratender* continually appearing and diuppea; u(, adiartiiing ai "Venal* Physicians," who too ignorant aui MompeMnt thrraielrea are obliged to getsom* scarcely leu (oorant **aek to expennoot instead. Consulting parlors ant Midepm Ml Hreenwieh (treat, between Courtlandt apd |>'. Mrtf atretic. Moan if attendaee* from A. M.talf. M. ell ?m?r HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICK TO KUPTURKD PICR8ON8. DKH80N8 tfllicted with lupiuree may tely upon the heat r instrumental aid the world afords, on applicatijn at the >*ee, No. 4 Veaey street, or to either of the agent' .nthe 1 irmcipnl town* in the United States. Be careful to examine ' he back rndol flnll'a truaaes, to aee if they are endorsed by ] Dr.Holl. iu writing None are genuine, or to be relied upon aa 1 [(M>iL witliunt biaaignaturo , MfrfV pcTCnn hare Biidcrtakoii to Tend imitati<>ui o( Hiill'i ' plebrnttd irusses, and thousands are impnstd upon in come pjenee. Tlirse imitation* caunnt he relied npon ; tliey are nade by unskilful mechanica, and are no b. ter lhau the oidi >ary irasars. H*omt hare b?en fitted up at No. i Ve?ey street, exclusively 'or ladita, he*inn a separate entrance from the bnainaaa departn*nt, | where |r?male^ulin comUBI attendance to wait np?u Ml<|#iU*nts. irWlma ON STRICTURE AND ITS CUK&. npHE following RE.MAHKS WILL PLACB BB* JOKE thepiihhc afevimot, deeply ifUe> eung /?cf?.? 1 ft**t, 7ii*t the diieate called Si BicTDur, it ?l nr? f*eqy*a eccurrtnce and often f.mit'tin perivni who art hu.?? ihtltan i momrt ifit; next that a very rrrontovt notion prevail! ti meeting Stricture, and that ignorant advei tiring peer It Ml bad advantage oft fat trronenu notion; then, that there art three particular circumtlancet t<u which Stricture may it V hntten and iu the last place, that the cur* ot Strithere it certain, free from yam, mm generally atcampluktd fc?? *fn, Utile time. If- 10 ltl? *?! of time rsmsrks n*'u *?l' known that Stricture is the retail of b? Jl? (tt(M4 Wouorrhee If, for iiuuoce, IhM due tic tsiaffeu-4 ?o con USB* on fro* month to month, it slides into a gleet. Now, ? nol??ui or lueouvee'enee in gleet, and ilierelore it ia Mleu suffered to remain indefinitely. But tt should be knew* .K}X*}fmfVm achroujtc milainuiation oftlie passage, which I V> tlilckeniuf, and this thickening at on* f^T* *r ?? ?' paasags is stricture ; and. further, that ai 1B*T unnoticed Air a length of time, '* , "} *ln* dnrm*u:, but ia the hidden cause of many ^^ddyftie'twd. *""*h K ,h0M l1*" 01 BW i.fhV.lh.a!;.',Pf.C'^rlet(lj tki41 *ntioa off from thia disurdti | Vu a i iUict\ire e rqqoc Cais4 so loos as do impsdimcni whlc'1 ? 'inite a mistake. A 1 itricturs often etuU fot Tc*ii without t>rpdoc?ng au? Ton linking change in thu respect; indeed a oiniirusneu or tutor ' rapted stream of urine beluga only to the worn of cajea, uii ' it ?to prefect thu very atale that these remark, are publiihed. JF ' adT,u"*Kei however, whtcli ignorant adrertismg people take ofthia eriuneous notion ia very cruel. Every bod? Low! how menof tlua difcripuon iwvn about this city, aud thathey will tell their nostrumsaa long aa any one win buy tl.en. Now, it u a bet, and one which every real phyatcian will ua- 1 mediately acknowledge, that all the medieiue iu the world 1 alone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of thu, nothing it ore common thai for the writer to be consul ted by pemou who have been taking all manner of things?as colored droits buu |fiiiat till cuiuiua, euiu '?*) iikc, lur amy moutlll tO|Utwr( but whom, ob seeiac the tea) nature of the mm, Be baa tare* ia umiuf dayi. With anew of pievenuug impetuous,therefore, . I lie mi desirVble to lay before the wsbllc a few plain circom stances by which a Strictu re cur be kuown, which ean be csi 1 lr done : foi although tlie sy mrtoms of thU disease are tamer ous, thire are threo ol especial import, and inese tnree mij o? stated very briefly?they are the following : The tirai relates to The manner of urinating-? It has been already laid thes: reasi need not be mock diminished or impeded. But observe attentively, after it is imihed and the cloilies are readjusted, whsthrt a drop or two will ever ileal away, io aa to wet a little? nothing it ctore indicative of stricture. The next is Tfiiitime a Gmorr/ioea tot rtmaMetl uncurii.?It ia diffit tulttio ?ay liow longe tionovrhwa or (ileet may run and uoj prodt.ee a stricture, for one u naturally more disposed to stricture thrx another; bat, uagenerr.l rule,ifit should be suffered to so on beyond sis wtelts, this alone wuuld aiTord sufficient ground, M feast, fur the suspicion of c stricture. The lau is? The.'\ffeet a stricture Km upon the Kind.?The effect ol Stricture ii to depress the spirits, and ? oleum both bodily and mental activity. This also is one of its most cemmon effect*. Not, however, thatit is seen alike in every individual, bat it is so common that the writer rarely sees a ease of stricture (and be seea many every day) in which the patient does not complain more or leas, that na is notso capable of busineas'as formerly, il is gratifying also to witness tne uniform return ol spmts,sand the disappearing ol other maladies as tbe'eaie progresses. With regard to the etue of Stricture, on this subject it it amifieieut to observe (and it ~ls istated with confidence and pleasure) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little tine. 80 much as this eoald not have been advanced some years ago; but sueh has been the in pro vemeut in this art, and such the practical experience of ths writer, that he ean now accomplish the cure of stricture to as m&ny days as formerly it demanded months. The writer alio begs to suite, that for tooee who wish to ?&dertake the cure themselves, he has published a little volume, eel led " The J 'rival* Trtahu," ia whish not only stricture, bat the cue of all those delicate diseases which require especial care and privacy, it directed in the plainest manner. It is advisable, however, that those who luxpecsa-stricto/e, if possible, should consult the author personally, and nothing wills*!prise them more than the ease ?nd certainly of his means ol eare. Separate rooms, also, are arranged far those who may have to wail a little. it only now remains to aay a word or two on the ground on which the public, and especially stringers coming to tttis city, uay rely with confidence on what has been advanced. With this view Dr. Kalph liegs te state that, beside his rank as uradiate of Edinburgh, Stc. flic.?he has been engaged in ths cats of these diseases, boih in hospital and eity practice, for ciom than thirty years, and has published two editions of a worlr etprestly on taern.?Also that he has testimonial letters from ths most eminent physicians in ?arjpc to the most eminent in Axnencs?as Sir Astley Cooper to l>r. Mott, of New Yc/i, Dr. i'hysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he ia permit ted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this eity. Dr. Ralph ia consulted at his piivats residsnes. No. (I Gretawieh street, towards the Battery. at any hoar.?He may also be so mailed by post. The little volatae aoove referred to is oas dollar. j 10 m*i GUIDE TO SOTJiVT) TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY. DK. A. C. CAHTLE, REMOVED TO Ml BROADWAY. corner of WHITE STREET, has a Pute for tilinc decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into U>e ttost tevder teethwithoutaay pain 01 incojveuittuts,with which it beeomM impacted into ONE hard solid body,thus restoring auj preserving (hitherto painful and asslers teeth) artificially sound, and perfect in all their respective uses lor life?preventing IN ALL UASE8, the necessity of extraction. Ladiea the moat distinguished in society,otter their teatituoniala in the moat vivid terms, aa to i'a efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post, lay*" It ia admirably adapted for tender teeth and nerrou* persons, and Dr. Caatle operate! on the teeth with great sare and ability." 1 he New York Aurora, says " It make* ;he teeth in all reapecta perfect for ljfe." The Son, *ay*>? ' Dr. Castle hasobtAt acd much celebrity for huexcellent mode if filling the teeth." The inoat eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, have peraoually tried and recommend Dr. Castle's Taste for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache PlUs, one ol which put in the aching tooth, will effect a permanent ear*. I From the Jvurnal of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Caatle has replaced by most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of t.ie upper aud lower jaw bones, ihot away it) the case of Lieut. 3 . of the U. 8. N.. who met with this terrible and severe casualty, while in nur<ait of the Indians m Florida. We have seen letters from Lieat. 8. confirmatory of this extraordinary cure and it* enure success, < that the louof these important organs so skillfully replaced by Dr Castle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant. Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure. Dr A C Castle refers to the Spanish, Kre neh and English Ambassado.a, Ml Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, Hear Admiral Walton, Lord Morpetn, Oen McCary, Uov Mason, Dr F U Johnson. Tiesidentof ihu Modical Society, 8 N Y; Mra Gen Games, J B Beck, MD;DrJA Smith, Dr E DelafieM, Dr Beadle, Dr Boyd, Dr Buger, Dr J C Cheuman JDr A M 8tevens, Dr J Torrey, Dr Baylies, Dr Wm Orarson.DrDerrinz, Ike, lie. Office MI Broadway. jyll iiB?m THE PH1VATK TREATISE?This little book ittell is designed lor tln*e who require a spe*4>' and private cure f>r .-ertun infectious complaiata, a*.id in wnic h th- best aud most eouvenient treatment in a plain and faithful manner. !The price is SI. '1 ho present advertisement, however, is to itat* that the author hts ujw pab'islud the most interesting :hapttr?that on the cr.usei which reuder ill :se c >ui| lan.ts so >bsrii?ate atd liogering?in ill* loin I'a single le'ier, which le supplies,free otexpense.to any one wuhii g j:. Ills reasons I fordoing this are given in the lettvrjtsrlf; anti in this, also, | will be seen way so laiuy persons sutferon from mouth to i uioutn with a complaint wnich is so prioe to nffect the mind as i well ns f'lnctioui cf the body, anil which is so eui.y and ipeedily cured when once iis uature is explained. I tint leit it should be supposed that the Irtt.r here referred to prrfets-s more than it really contains, the author bets to state, i that Reside Ins long expe ier.ee, he has teit m >aitl letters on I the subject of his integrity am skill from the most eminent I physicians in Europe to the most eminent ia America, as Sir Astley Cooper to l)r. Mott of N. Y.,Dr Phvsick, of Philadelphia and others; and also that he is perm,ilea to refer to almost every physician ol em nence in the city. Dr. Rafpn woald also fa tlier state, that he i* consulted on diseases of th.s nature at his prlrate residence, No M Green- I wich street, at any hour, and th<>*e who honor him with their I ennfi leece, even ia the more complicated stage o. disiase, will I be surpiised at the eese and q uckuess with which, ia general, i they will obtain a cure. jyll ImT | OHA>D'S ?TAIN EXTRACTING FLUID, lor taking ! 0 out spots of pitilt, juiut, grease, oil, aud stains f all kinds, from woollen, linen, nlk, cotton, end other eluths, without injuring the e Jor or texture. This valuable chemical piepxra- ' tjou will thoroughly eradicate any soil or sttij from the hutst as well ai the stoutest f'.biic almost instanianijnsly. Itshou'd lie in every house, and in every one's possssiou. ri-d those who givs i'. one tiiil take pretty g >oJ cue to keep a supply on ' hand?having orre lound out its usefulness tliey woald Lot think of being without it. Fn'.l oircctious acc /mpany each phial. . Tobeh d i f C. A. B ix er, 23# Pearl street, up otsirs.orof 1 Wood U Moi'i?oo, iTT'iiO'jGieen* ich street,New York, in<l almost all repittalile di>w?i?ls in town ?ud r.uuutr*. Be par iculnr aud ask for Shand'a Stain (extracting Fluid .and sbstrve the label on each phial is signed by the pixprietor iu Ilia own hand writing. Also may be had as above Blifanl's celebrated eompouud Alabaster, the most popular and efficient trlicle known lor r.*iou1 ing tan, freckles, pimples, blotchis, whiteniug and cleaning the skin, he. jyll Im'rc (JtriOn REWAHD?CROS%' fPifiCIHC MIXTURE fnirpUWVi t(U; care of OouonliiBi, Gleet Is, Strictures and aua lagous complaints of the organ ol generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complain * 1 this is the most certain. It makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least re- ' triction to diet, drink,exposure; or change in application tJ business. , We give no Iodk quack recommendations to deceive the pub- < lie. II the medicine does uotipesk fur itself, no o>esh*li, 1 sneak for it. Our object is to n tify where it can be lisd. and I the proprietor rhallenges a single case ol rrcenl Gonorrhoea to ' be brought, in which the mixture will not edict a rapid cur*, I under a forUituie ol SJOO This is a disease that unfortunately pervade* all rtnk* of sot ciety? high, low, rich rud poor, matriiiiouial oudsmgle. 'They J are here p-eienlrd with a remedy bv which they can cure tnem- I elves without the least exposure, iu the shortest lima poisible. 1 Further, ths disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the 1 irix uie is taken at night on going to In d when exposed. 1 It is putnpiu bottles with lull directions accoinpaiiyiag it, I hrlltl. Ill,, h ill* ! .* a w.ufa .......If.. I ?ui.iut are cu'ed in two dayi. < k orisVe only hi Wm H. Milnor'i, I9J Broadway, eor-er of I Jjt n iireet. oppciite Franklin Houie, iSew York ; J J>>U'i, 1 corner ol (.'heitnui ?nd Sevet.tn itrceti, I liilndelphu ; anl nl ] J. M Sinith'i, I'JD Wnihington street, Biii> n, jrH itn*rr PIY1ILU8. KHKCKLKS kr?CHURCH'S VEQKTA- i bLfe, LOTI W. lur removing p:m..lei, blotchei, Irerkiei, tan, icorbuuc aud citaneoui truuioni of ererv description. The use (ft hit Lotion lor a abort time will tMinfmni the moit tallow coinplnwn into a ndUnt ,whittnei?, render! fnr?h and rough tkia beau'ilally toft, imooth, and even impart* to the lace a hnaltliy and juvenile bloom. Sold in bottle* at 71 cent* eat li, at Lhuich'i Diipenaarr, 1W BJwery, comer ol Pinriinit. jel l Ira eod'm l VKiiLOW CITIZRNil WK I are bound to I beliere it, from the very j ctrrnmiun e, tint all who take Da. bwaVMR ? Compound >yiU'xif Wild I Cherry, do **y, that it ftt tXcel* all other Me- I dirinei, for CoU?ln, Cole*. 8p tting Blood, tickling I or ruing iruiation in the thr.<nt, bronchi.ii, I wlioopnu congh, aathmi, weaknau < I the nerroui lyitem, or imi aired comiitution, from any c.uje, and to p event peuon* I,Mini railing 11.1 ' a decline, thin me- I ditihe hit do cqatl. I CAUTION.?All ireparatijii? 1'rrm ihii ?a!tiib'e tiee. ** reptthr above, Ur. Hwnyne's Compound byrnpof Wild Cherry sre lieiit< 111 nud coumeilcit. I ien?red only by Dr 8wa?ne, whose ofliee i> now removed to N. W. corner ol' Kiithth aud Knee streets. Pmladrlnhia, and for sale only in NewVo.li.al , Milnor'i Drug stoie, 102 Brojiway, corner of John >.t eel. jy 13 lin*rc HODOK8' CKLKBRA1KO LONDON BITTKU8.- ] Tlieae bitter* are hwhly recommended by the medical faculty of Knronc, ai a restorative for the appetite, and are alio a , poaiuve care lor lever and ague, and can te obtained at all the j principal hotels in the United hutes. Sold, who'eiale only, at No. Ill Pulton it, one door from | Datchat. Price tl per gallon. , P.M. Conniry merchants are requested to call and examine < for themselves. Aueptifor Boiton, Man., Meam. Blake li Traanball, cor nar Milk and Kederal sis; lor Providence, K. 1, Mr-1. Bpe?- , eer, No. 15 Wen Watei sti lot Salsra, viaas. ?i. O- ' i MQ.11 V.tin .r. lit In'" , THK THUK fcXTKACT OK HAHSAPARILJUA Iron A II Courtland st>eet la gaining a po|>u??rltr "fJJ'?5L ol known, iu fact it told at a reasonable price,.and ii!" is good inaten.U as any other. One trial '' ?S, Ii"?. ... ] most sceptical. To be had only ? above, price A ee ^pe bottle: 94 per dnvee. f^PKHATI VK 8UtUJa.)t U? "} a\'u0i' Vh,' J ' tiru:i d SM.e. of the Ciiis, an! ?*r*ic? *' ????; ' ?1\' ' lystein generally, at No Merc?r St. W thin jn* P?t 12 yeau ?r.?rtsi?su{y???&**4? "?? ?> Bins as.rmnsss.OT ?i j Itt.l)., A U Huui, M. O. jy6?udlm*i 1 ( TO THE LAIME3 ) D*. HULL'S UTEllO AJ1UOM1NAL SUFI'OUTE*. "PHIS new Initrnmeut lor the radical cure of Prolapsas Uteri X or Vailing of the Womb, by citemal application, anperaednxthsote or the ofajectional Pfuui, u confidently rccomnended to the afflicted a* the mean* of perfect restoration to lealtli, it sever harinf failed of performing a core, e?an under he moat aggravated circumstance*. The Supporter haa attained a very high character in Europe is w?H as in tUs coontry. Ilia adopted to the entirediaitae nl letaarteoud a'lptJ>er painful surgical expedienta.in the Lyingn-Hospitals ol London wd. Paris, ana is universally recom nraded m Kurope by medical mcu or the highest rank In tbia country i Da sustained by the leading numbers of tha facultiea ?f Colletea and Hospital*, and br all the eminent private put iitionena. Booms have been furnished gelasively lot ladies at No. 4 Vesey street, having a aeparate entrance from the businessdetartuient, wnere a lady > in -constant attendance, to apply Trusies ami Supporters to female patients. jy5Jmr f \KUiS TOOTH WASH?Prepares Iron the original re v/ cipeatNo.l Oold street, N?n Yfok?The Orris Tooth Wash i* purely a v-jetable preparation, possessing the properties o k leaning the teeth and toouth restoring the guins to a health/ state, and preventing any mpleasant taste or odoar i Ibe mouth, wbethc.-.-ms;uk from Uocayed teeth or from a ?! ', isi?;ed slate of the stomach. . ? It ia designed to be tised with a tooth bnub,aad will be foand 10 supersede the necessity o fa puwiler .keeping tfee teeth clean anil prevention the weiring away of the cams fr:wi the teeth. It ia particularly useful id eases of spongy turns, restoring them to a healthy state, and causing th*m to contract around tha teeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gums, arising from exposure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is particularly serviceable to aae the Orris Tooth Wash at night jut before retiring to reat. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particlea of food which aceamalate duriug the day are entirely removed, and the mouth heat through the night in a clean, aweet, and healthy state. Bound teeth and white teetn are the moat valuable portiosi af poor humanity; bat how many neglect the attention neaesaary for their preservation, even when snsronnded by all th? means needed Anions these we know of none more pleasant and effeetaal than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanaes and whi lens the teeth, strengthens the gums, pa fies the month, and sweetens the breath. We reaommeiia iU ase to all, yoang and lab?[Boetou Moroiug l'oat. The Orrn Tooth Wash is the best detorgcat we ever ased aa ilrenamel.?(Boston Tr&moripl. For tale by the principal drnggiiU in ih city M t MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CAR!). "SCIENTIS CREDE SI VALERE VIS." MOHTH KIVJCU DIsrtCNSAKY.JOlK Kulfou srreet.netr l-> Greenwich street.?Doctor MORRISON. Member of the Kojnl College of Surge ?u%, London, aud formerly Burgeon iu the British 'Net 7% continue? to h? consulted confident ml If Iroin 3 o clock, A. M. to Ifl P. M. daily, oo all diseases of a pri vate nature, aud all those uii'.r-ssi'ii^ symptoms couif (jti'Ut on injudicious treatment and the imprudent use of quack me* tfii'iuct. A r?gular incite tl education, with an exteuaiee practice of over 2J_years, tu lUci Dr. M. to adapt the proper remedies to the vimious cons't tut ions as well as to the various feruis of those msioioiis maladies. Dr. \1. is daily consulted by pa tirnts wherethe leuling s.inptoms have beeu or>ly checked, still leaviug the ppuou to lurk in the system until ultimately it develjpei itself in th? deplorable shape ol "Sccouduy Syphilis." In all c?ses Dr. M. warrai ti a perfect cure without mercury or deleterious drug, or confinemeut from buaiuesa ? In some forms of the disease cures aie performed io Irorn S to 4 Jays, aud in proportion with malignant eases. Strictures of the Urethra?Obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures and enlargement of the urosfrate aland, accompanied with much irritation and dull pain in those parts are some of the cocsecjueuees of mat-treatment. Dr M. cures stricture! in u scientific manner, promoting their absorption withnnt any pain. In souse advertisements on the subject of stiictuies, the symtoias are defined?1'I his is deluiiou, because enlargement of the p'ostrate gland, be. would produce aualticons symptoms It is cruel to torture patients with bougies, lie. when in reality there it no stricture Dr. M is frequently consulted where patirnts Lave beeu injured by such a course. Constitutional Debility?Thousands of young meu are sufferit a from the cnn?eqaences of iudulgence in a secret destructite habit, aud whose nerves are fur her injured from'(ho uie of Nostiums aud pretended Specifics, which stimulate only to luduce greater depression. Dr. M. treati such cases on purely radiological principles and never fails iu establishing a cure ''strictlyconfidential." Letters post paid, and containing a fee of <5. will ensnre prescriptinni and advice, or for $'0 medieiuet will be forwarded aid a cure warranted by his giving a history of his ckse ill detail?Office 204)6 Fulton st. near Greenwich N B? With two or three excep ious. Dr. M is the only qualifiedadvertising Surgeon in the city. jcl2 lm*r FOR THREE SHILLINGS A BEAUTIFUL Ttr*t\ np tiatu n* a v uc ri tr, riEi/vu v/r nnnv umi oc< iiau, AND THK HAIR MADE TO CUIOW. T^ANDRUFF CURED, and likhi, red. or urey hair made to XJ (jrow naturally dark anH be.intifal.-wNeadrr, these ars tne real and actual quilnies of Jones' Cosnl H.nr Restorative. It has beii proved by hundreds who have ittf d it, to be tut <4 the finest things ever made (or the hair, making itsoft, dark. u?i silky, and keeping it so twice u long at any other px?p?rutt,u.. It has burn sei.t tu Europe, where iu Rood qualities called Jie foll.wiiu (rem the Royal Scientific lnatitatiou "We nave minntely tested Jonea' Coral Hair Restorative, and find it consists of coropouuda decidedly favorable for nonri'hio*, softening, causing growth, curing dandruff and making light, red, or grey hair grow dark and An*. Signed. J. 8. BAKER, F.R.8.I, Portmnc street, Porta)an square, London. This is sold at the low puce of), 4, or 8 shillings a bottle, at the sign of lite American Eaxle, 82 Chatham street, New York; and by these agen.s?iu Philadelphia, by Zieher, corner Third Bud Dock streets; or next to the American Hotel, Washington, I. C.; in Boston, 8 State street; in Chailesum, S. t. 207 King street; in Albany. 17 **tate street; in Btuoklyn, J !?<Kultou st. Ageuts wanted in all other cities, iel9 lm*ee DOCTOR BELL. ytOCTGR BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, an-L* ill 10 P. M.) to the removal of private ('iseases in every stags. All suffering under protracted cases, aggiavated or unsuccessfully treated by inexperienced or pretended | ractitionsrs?tnosv laboring under the destructive effects of mercury or finack nostrJin*.and all who suspect the lem'.ins of disease uriing iu the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of a cure. Persons contemplating marriage, who hay* been th? subjects ?f delicate diseases, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable confidence. Past-paid letters, describing the case of persons at distance, have his promrtattentiou. Jr. B.'s treatment hever exposes to suspicion, anu is well known to le sale and pernunent. (O^Pnyate offices 17 CEDAR STREET, two deorsfrom Bsoadway. j81 Ini'r NO CURE NO PAY. DR. COOPER, of 14 Duane street, between William and Chatham streets, takes this method of informing the cititens uid stranger:,that he still anortrs relisl to the afflicted of both scses, and may be always consulted with th Intmost cqnfidencc in the worst cases of delicate diseases. Dr. t ooper. from a residence of many years in hospitals in Ev ope,devoted to the treatment of delicate diseases, aud Iron in extensive rrsrtice in this citT, for th? last ten years, iu t> is particular branch ?( fl*#? iif.ifciiiinii ? r- ???* -flr-" care to inch permits as pnt themselves under I s treatment Keccutcuses cured iu lwo or three day*. Dr. Cooper uses no mercury or an? other dmatfous medicine. Dr. Coojiers mild and )adiciou> mode of tiadtment will require do intemptiou from business or alienation iu diet. Persons afflicted with protracted and deplonble cuei, need oat despair of cwnplcte recovery. Dr. Cooper inform the public that he is the only rejularly qualified surgeon who advertises in Duane itreet, and exhibits no diploma from the Stuyvesant Institute ot hiscity, procured by lalse certificates and false pretcucei. The inudin riolable secretv obaerved in all con?ultatious. Separate office* 10 as patients (ftnnot come in contact. Letters, post paid, attended to. Charges moderate. Office open Irom 7 in the mornins until II o'clock at night. Office 14 Duane strep*. MS lm*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILL* nWIIfe is the celebrity, efficacy, and inaanabl sseeess < I " Madame Result's kamaie Monthly rills > .11 eases t< Irragaltiity. sajiprctsion, or stoppajis ol tt.o*e funct.ons of rt hue *on which the health or every feuaJe oepends, s't-ee Uieir latrodaction into the United tttates, now about four years touterleiti and imitations are constantly attempted to be aimed off for the tenume. Che?y common pi"s are purchesed it twelve cents a box. nat ap in different boii a. and called~ "Female Monthly Pills." with tlic objector * lb ok mem, if possible, at one or two dolUia a box. Females are therein* stationed against 'heae attempts to impose uton mem. It is efficient bet* to state that all Female Monthly Tills are coaaIsr.'eits, agctpt those sold at Mad*me Ratteirt Principal J ft-a 141 Oraeawieh street. New York and 7 fclnex street, boit. a. Knee SI. Madam* HesteU's simitars it wnttea oa the covet if taah box. It. B ?Titty eta be atad by married or tingle, by followiat tbc directiTcs enoloied inside cf each box. Hold tl?o by tp soiatuieat u M4 Orand street, corner of Allen, New York. l'< * O MARRIED LAbiESAX* AM. t "STKLL'fl PKKY1CNT1VR POWDSKS, iJA?1Thtve inv< *tttle Powders have beejun'^ersally adopted la Karope, bai k'raucr in paiue&lar, for up .van. of thirty yean, '* u well t.i by ihoef.r.diiu this comity, as beit>, the only mild. Hie, and edtrauoat remedy for mamed laJiei . whose lisaitk forbids a too lipid increase <u family. Madame Keaietl. as is we!! known, wm foi ,nirty years Fel male Physician iu the two principal Female Hospitals in Rkrope?tliosc of V ienna and Pari*?where favoreo by hergretl experience and opportunities, the attsmed that celebrity ii those neat discoveries in medical science so specially adapied lo the female frame, for whieh her inedicincs now stand ann railed, as well in tnu eoantry as in Raropa. Her acquainting* with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled kcr?by tracing the decline and ill hearth of mamsd lamtlea, Mares is the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid ass ?ften apparently inexplicable eaases which consign many a [ood mother to a premature grave?to their true scarce?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes ol femi.lt indiscosiliotks?especially of taarri?d females?which, in lttif, led te S discovfry o bar celebrated " Preventive Powders.' eii auoiLwi has beea the maans of preserving not only health, bat evea the Ufa of asaay aa affectionate wife sad IViodmofhtr. The advertiser feeltW the portaassof this sabjaet, sad otl limiting the vast benefits resulting lo thousands by their adep [ton, weald most resi>?etlally aroose tne attention of the marl tied, by allUial tliey hold near and dear, lo their considerat.or. Is it not wite and virtuosi to prevent evils to which We ere ?atieci, by ttiaple and healthy means within oar control. l?ve y lispassionite, virtuosi, anil enlightened miud will unheutlT lagly answer ia the affirmative, "rice five dollars a package, itcompanied with fall and particular directions. Titty itn be fo< warded by ma:l t* any pml of the United mates. All letttrs west be post paid, and addressed to MADAMK UKBTKLL. b'emala Phyiisian. Principil o?ce, 141 ?r-enwnb itreet. New York. Office hoars irom ? A-M. to ? o clock r.M. Bostaa offiea No. T Ksiei tt _ alt 1m*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS ~~ mvaiTit in rainaiD st M.DM |0UDltLOQlJ)E.\l. D., LISBON, t a,BTUf?Afc 'T'HE ScienOOe aombmauoa of ingredienu of which thess A Pills are composed, have msdj theft ;ne wonder and ad mi ration of the world. They are Ioowb all over Kerore f> bt ihe only preparation aver discnvSrtH tliat has proved invar: .bly sertKin in producing the monthly tans Theil certainty, i i til Mset, being each that thsv must oot he used during pregn ucy, fbr ihonRn nlwtyi milu, ttfe. tnJ hefilthy, ih^y art teruit l# ^vodvee mitearMg# if ?tcd dnrinR that period. The direciioovire irAiisldted mto hlnaliah anil roanifwith the seal of the importer, at?mped. Karh bo?* aoi | I una the signature of M. da Boodrlmine. ani" the Kaxluli dii rectiuni h?ve ihe siguarare of i)r. k . MlkLVILAU. aathonaed igent far (hi continent of America. They can be trauamittra by mail to any Hit of the Uaitod Rtntei. Hold by Dr. K. Melvean, agent and iqtporter for the United States. office 129 Liberty ?tr**t, near Oreanwich street. Price $5?half bores $J. No halCboies sent by mail. Sold, also, by appointment of r. f. M? at 120 Cherry street, near Catherine it. Letters directed fa Dr. V. Mflreaa, box M, Nan York, will mm* with immediate attention. All letter* man be post [.aid. mIO Imdgtw MADAMERESTELL, DBMALG PHYSICIAN. Office tad residence, Ml Gr?-.*l P wich (treat, between Coart andt and Liberty (treata. where ihe can be eoninltad with the ctuctesl confidence oa caw] ,laintiincid.nt to the farar.lr frarn. Madame Ueata! I sexperienca and knowledge in the treatment ?f obatinata eaaea of female irregularity, stoppage, snppraeaioa, fee.., is each u to reqn'.re but a few daya to effcet a pence! are. Ladiea desiring proper medical attendance daring eonIneraent or other . indisposition, will ba aeeommodated daring ivch time, with envste and respectable board. " Preventive Powders," Tor married ladiea, Wl lee de ieate or pracar IOD* health forbids a too rapid increaaao family, irill be eent by mail to any part of the United Sutea. Priea It a package. All Letters (nost paid) addressed to ' box Mi, Treys: SEb Mi. mm >at of the city, whoso health wonld not admit of travelling,that ihe wonld devote her personal attendance npon them in any art of the United States within reasonable distance, all Ira* L"....-jrT-ir77-.. ..... 1 rublimhb.1/ uaih at JAIKRH GORDON BBNNKTV, ff. W. CORNER rULTONANDNABSAU BTREKT8 Tift Nbw Yo?b Hmuii-A daily papa* iained ayrty nirainx of the week?price two cents per copy Country ??be-ibert fuimined at the Min* rait, lor any iiweifie period, c n i r?tnittanfe in Mtance No parersent, niileii ind m advante. Tmk WiaaLT ll**at.p>-l?*tied every Sirarday mornirr ita hmi?p|o?k?pn<e tim andnanatttr ctnf par copy?fiirni?l.?iT toaatry aabaeribera M S141 prraunum, in advance, oral iha .una rale (or anr specified i>eriod. Coaaa roHDKUTi are rnjueated to adduaa their letters to liMici Odiuob.Bkikitt, Proprieto. audlCditOf??ad all Itl iu od baaiMH.iatui b? poat.pud.

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