11 Ağustos 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

11 Ağustos 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BY THK SOUTHERN MAIL. Salea of Stoclta ?t Philadelphia ycNtrrduy. $1000 T?nnea?ee 6'a83; >1000 do 81 j ; $10110 Kentucky Bond* 97; 6ahure? Commercial Dunk 43|; 45 Mechanics Bk, itfj, Uo Exchange Bauk ol Pituburgu, 3;A; .'ft Oirard Bk, i. Alter Board?$2000 County 8'*, 1870, 10^i; faJ30 State *1,18*4,60}; $400 Oirard Bai k not.? gfl; $vti State fl'?, 1810,old. 86; $4000 Teunei.ee 5Y 8.'; 7ihxrus Planters Bk, Tenn, 67J. LATEST SOUTHEHN SHIP NKH'S Philadelphia, Auk 10?ArrPevrl, llardius. Boatou; Planet, Terry, and Win Penu, Kenuer, New York; Harriet it Hannah, Smith, Albany. Baltimore;, Auk 9? Arr Eleanor, Hobl>?, Charleston. Cld '-atliariue, WniKate, Montevideo and a inkt. Sid Horteiuia, Lambert, K10 Janeiro. Au,?a?|)Ku, Aug 8?Arr Arrhiltald Gracie, Rice.NYork; Avon, ana New Union, do. Below, Pioneer, from Liverpool, and 4 liric*. IV.ti:r*kvro, Aim4?Arr Madiaon, Simmons, NVork; Ornen, ( Norvii'Kiaii) Buteuschen, Baltimore. Sid Tiber, Snow, Cowes. R11 iimo.ni>, Auk 9?Arr Red Jacket, NVork. Nokkolk, Auk (I-In Hampton Roads, Metamora, Lowe, Cm N York. MONEY MARKET. Tliumdny, Aug. 10?<1 P. M. There mi but little doing at the Board to-day, andpri. ces did not materially vary. Harlem rose J ; L. Islani} ; Illinois fell 4. At the new Board there wai a little more speculation. The folio wring aru the leading features of three banks of New York, whose quarterly returns have been received Jan'y. IB 13. Jlugtut. I .nans. Specie. Limns. Snrcir. Bank of Commerce, 2,777,TOT 1,100,1123 2,BIB,264 1,530,656 " New York. 1,426,802 421,343 1,21111,043 1,451,460 Mechanic!' Bkjf. An., 359,208 66,805 414,017 47,0.'i3 $1,463,007 1,597,981 4,513,925 3,030,009 dr. I)ri i. Cir. Dtp. Bank of Commerce, 210,375 2,647,750 210,175 1,608,074 " New York, 448,238 1,373,639 450,129 2,1170,902 Mechanics' Bks. A?s., 87,571 177,708 164,654 238,744 $757,137 4,202,187 873,959 3,917,730 Theaggregate returns are as follows Loans, Specie. Cir. Oci>. July 1811, 6,494,584 960,734 718,705 Jairy.1812 , 4,652,465 073,013 772,217 2,120,251 July 1842, 0.518,263 1,02*1,131 725,200 ? Jail V.1813, 1,563,007 1,597,981 757,137 4,202,187 Aug. 1813, 4,513,925 3,030,069 873,959 3,917,730 The loans and discounts are 30 per cent less than at this time last year ; yet the business of the city is and has beon better since the 1st of July than during the corresponding season of the laat year. The uncortainty of the results of tho legislation at Washington, paralysed business, and the great change produced in the direction of business generally by the tariff' which Anally went into operation on the 1st September, sank prices exceedingly low. They reached their lowest pointsin Apiil and May. Since lliat time some symptoms of recovery have been apparent. and in almost all branches ol business, as evinced by late sales of groceries, dry goods and hardware, an advance of some 10 to 16 per cent in prices has been evinced. The packets from Europe also bring home freights nearly double those which they procured at this season last year.? This improvement is a natural effect of the long previeus inaction, and the diminution of stocks of goods by export and consumption, and it is for the most part conducted on a specie basis, independent of bank facilities?a fact evident in the low state of the bank discounts, as compared with|the same period last year, when business was much less than now. While business is so conducted, being an actual interchange of commodities, no matter to what extent it may be carried,| there can no danger of a large shipment of coin arise. The returns of the above bank* show that it is with the utmost difficulty that they can keep profitably invested, even their capitals. Their mean* of investment arc as follows :? Principal means. Chief investment. Capital. 4,6W>,000 Loans, 4,M3,92j Circulation, 873,959 Stocks, 2,987,000 De|>osilej. 3,017,7:10 Sjiecii', 3,030,009 Total means, 9,171,689 Total, 10,MO,991 Nearly 70 per ce?t of the capital is is specie, and nearly as much more is in stocks. If these banks were to reduce their situation to that of the average o( the New York bank* in Jan. 1839, that yoar of large imports, they would throw $5,410,000 more of money into circulation, without touching preaent investments. Even in the expanded state in which they were In Jan. 1639,they were enabled in August of that year to withstand the utmost efforts of the Philadelphia financierscontrolling the late National Bank to effect their suspension. There are now no accu* mulated credit* which will break down and cause disas, tcr in an adverse state of the exchanges. Nearly all the capital and money of the country is placed where it belongs, and cannot be carried thence without claims being first acquired. The banks would undoubiedly swell their line of discount* if they could, and by so doing encourage imports; but the goods will not be imported unless they find customers in the in* terior. The Bank* of the interior, which formerly furnished the dealer* with the necessary credit* to buy good*, have not only greatly reduced (heir discounts, but in many large and prosperous sections, particularly Alaliana, Louisiana, M.stiatippi, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan hare altogether ceased to exist. What means have the people of thoia section* to buy goods 1 Clearly none but the credits formed heie by the actual presence of produce sent on their account. If this produce comes here for the purchase ol goods, it must find sale eltewhrre for money or merchandise; and however great that business may be, no demand upon the specic of New York will be crcatedtoge abroad. It ia evident, however, from the ac.arcity of money in the interior, that the profits only oj produce can be applied to the purchase of goods; the outlsy of capital in its production, togetner with the cost Of transport, must return to the interior in money of some aort. Formerly the Bank circulation represented this money;bat as the Banka have no<v ceased to exiat, specie will become the currency; and with proper regulations for coinago, would long since have done so. The coinage of the past year is, however, greatly in excess of the previous one, and ia as follows COINAGE Of THE URITF.n 8TATE.I. iiur. i83<). mm. iaii. 1012. (told, 1,009.59 J 1,355, MS 1,675,302 1,001,MR l.?:H.I70 Silver. 2,353,242 2.189.29H 1.726.703 l,132.7jfl 2.332,710 Total, 1,112,8^3 3,615,181 3,402,005 2,221,318 4,166,920 Copper, 23,833 At the close of the year 1843, the influx for coinage was rapid from the increasing importa of specie into the country. The denominations were as follows Sold Coined at Philadelphia in 1812. Jit branch'i Pirrrs. I'al tie. Pieces. KiUjlej-.. 81,5(17 MI.5.07II INI 27,10(1 Half Eagle* 27,578 137,lt'MI (hi 103.188 Quarter F.akIca 2.R23 7,057 30 33,085 Pieces 111,008 $960,1117 50 103,973 HiLvr.il Coined at Philadelphia in 18(2. Piecfs. Valur. Pi rent. Dollars 181,618 181.618 (Kl ? Half Dollars 2,012,761 l,fl06,3R2 00 057,(10(1 I Un.irtrr Dollars 88.00(1 22,000 00 760,000 ' Dime? 1,837,500 188.7JO (HI 1,020,000 Half Dime* 815,0(10 10,750 (HI 350.000 Pi.-ce* 4,907,882 ti l 12,500 00 4,096,000 The depoaitra oi the metals for coinagc wcro ol' the following descriptions Jit Phila- Bran- .11 Phila- Bran Gold. ilelphia. chrt. Silrtr. drlphia. rims. U. S. mine*, 27.1,587 501,264 N. Carolina, 6,155 ? " coins old, 27.124 2,246 Mexican dol., 1.M4,V t ? ForeiKn " 497.575 572,811 8. Am'n " ? ? " Imllioo, 158,780 9.8J3 Kurop'n coin, 272,282 !H12,315 Jewellery, 20,845 ? Plate, 23,110 30,350 Total, $977,9U 1,086,150 Total. 1,567,120 032,66? From this it appears *1,-238.<199 ol the gold coined, was of imported metal, and of that but 355 only was at Philadelphia; although at New York and Boston near $8,000,000 of foreign gold had arrived before tho close of the year. American irold isuaw m 1 ner rent nr?n[iim in thii market-, yet the vaults of the Batiks are overladen with foreign gold, of which they would he very glad to he relieved. If the mint ware aoesaihla at any rearon able eipenae, large amounts would pass into circulation, and hv retained in the country, giving greater liability to trade, The gold now remains in the Banks waiting to he emportrd?it ia of no use to the people, and a harden to tha hanks. It can become available only by pushing out hank crediti, until a portion of it ia forced ,to go abroad. The location of the Mint at Philadelphia, avems to have been on purpose to prevent the acquirement of a specie currency. The mint should he at the very portal where gold is admitted into tha country ; it would then receive tha stamp of " nationally," pass into circulation, and with difficulty find its way out of the country. At New Orleans, the daposite of foreign gold during the yaar was larger than at Philadelphia. Halts at the Mtork Rxchange. $iooo Illinois fi'n, 1*70 34V 40 Utic* fc Schenec'y I MX won do :tt*? 25 Bk Commerce, scrip W 201H1 (in 31J4 2.) Moliawk K It. Ii to :*i loot! do ; ?30 31 2.') do lilO JfiV I moo do 31W 100 I.diik Inland R R W"a 3000 Indians 5's 32j2 100 do 58.H 10000 Kentucky O's !*>?* 200 Harlem R It 31,4 ion <loi Merchants' Bk 103 mi tin 3iS It Merchants'Et Bank 105 too do nsli It Slat"' Bunk &>}? 50 dn 3,'>?a J N V Life <k Trust Co 100 121 do 34Ji 13 Etna Insurance Co 102 <t in 10 L h. InwrMCe Co 91 2.yt ,jM Second Doard. Oil to 6'? ?:l 2.1 Harti'in R II k, ? ? 109 Harlem bfim :*) 26 do ""-I Wevr Vork Public Stock Bxchanirc * tliliifl (iovcrnmcni <5\ lit 12.) Harlem 11 It ^.ni ?v 10KK) K,ntncl.v?-, M d" ^ IWO Illmoin?'? fiO hlfl It* Ml rf? "Jn 1000 .lo H4 !,U do 2??? IXHI do iro .10 \4 l(K? do Kin Si! iUJ" <!? I.IIW MK Ml do J?,? 2J? ii?31 <rt ,,nw U. ,,,> Tnrny **?, "'? 21 !MLou ulu4 ' Efi a t b & sr. i fS?st.t,M S IS SI t -si 1,3 do ">*> * '3 Firmm' Low Meronct Bonn!. $100(1 India 5'i, 28 y? Imw 33)* 71 1 Lai k in H K l>10 :ii), 6000 Illinois ?'*, Itno 31V 4(1 do 35>J 50 that Ifartem >10 3V? 100 do ssx JO do IW 3J AO l.onx liliiid H U VJ1, 8t?t? of Tradt-. Extort* or Domkstich krom Dostum krom Arnn. 8th to AL'iu-?T 5th, 1841. Bale*, ('uses Balrt. Cusri Ilneno* Ayre?, 400 Lagnira, til roinroa, 8 St. I'liomu, 38 Kant Indira, 7,'Jlfi Port au Prince. 21 Krench \V Indies 17 Omoa St Triuillo, 79 I Gibraltar, 29 N. \V. Coast, 112 J&cmel, 6 Itio dt- Janeiro, 922 London, 800 St. Baits, u Montevideo 9!) I'aly. 33 ?" .-?i)iun America, 1,1X1 Nfusai.i, j Wat Indifj, 1111 MiiiuiIoii, 15 Smyru.i, 530 ? . ,9,185 It 3,?7? 25 Grand total, la.BM *j Pcnnsvltania Canal,.?Amount of Toll* received at Pittsburg duting tbe mouth of July, (or 184-2-43 ? 1813, $6/193 ltVJ, $4,311 Increase, 93,361 Cotton? The Rales are to a moderate extent?just sufficient to supply the home demand. Trices remain without alteration. About too bales changed hands yesterday. JinUts?The sales of pots are principally made at $4 31 {, and pearls at $5 31}. Tery little demand lor either description. M'Aisltey?Drudge is still held at 'J> cents, and barrels at 34 cents, at which rates sales are made us wanted. Provisions- Very little doing in anyarticlei under this head. Prime pork we quote trifling sales at $9 87|; mess very dull at (It 31; beelboth prime and met* very quiet; quotations ruin for the former at $6 03 a h 76, and for the Utter $7 94} a 8 13,J. Lard dull; small sales of fair at 6J, and ol prime at 7 a7jc Butter rather improving, both in price and demund. Very little doing in chet?e. Hay?A lair shipping demand exists tor this article, at 4S a fi'.ic for prime. There is a moderate demand lor city consumption. Tallow?We quote good western at 7Jc, with a fair drmand and moderate sales. Oil?do not hear ol any thing doing in uliale or sperm. The Eastern markets are somewhat active, and xales of whale have ranged Irom 3Jjto3Sc, and sperm from 67 to 71c. Heinji?We quote for Manil'a $134, with small sales. Do men tic dew lotted $73 a 85, good; $70 a 73 40 for oomiiion quality. Corn Trade. no kilts 01 i" tour in mm market leet aupoteti to iiamanu an Advance or store their stoCKs for a more active demand. The leceipts aro very moderate considering tbo immense quantities that daily arrive at Buffalo, but a correspoding demand exists here which enables the storks to slowly iocrcose. We quote lor common brands Genesee $4 P7J a fiV, Ohio aud Michigan, $4 874 a 4 91; Richmond Courty, fS 1JJ a 6 2?s Brandy wine, 1>6'2Aafi37{; Georgetown ib 1-jJ a S v!S; Howard street, $d 2b. Rye Flour $3 a S 12}. Com Meal, $3 87J. Wheat verr dull and pric? nominal. Tue supplies are increasing and the stocks in first hands prety extensive. No Northern new has been offered yet. The last sale* were $1, which is still demanded by holders. They must come down from that price several cents before sales to any extent will be made. Rye quite active at the advance, sales mostly at bS a <>4 cents , the supply is small, a very large per cent less than the demand. Corn sells at Mi cents, weight for northern. The onlv thing new in wheat flour, is the state of the harvard Flour made Irom the new crop of wheat raised in tl> 'vestern part of this state has been received in this mark-1. The season has advanced sufficiently far to enable us to form some estimate of the extent of the crop. In Michigan the yield will avernge twenty bushels to every acre sown; in Ohio about fifteen; Indiana, twenty; Illinois, eighteen; and in New York, twelve. Other gram crops will yield in the came proportion. The quantity of wheat raised in the State of Mew York, for the season |u?t past, is larger, and will average more to the acre than ever betore known. The eastern part of the state has been so infested with the insect, that the cultivation of wheat was abandoned for some surer crop, aad consequently the quantity raised was constantly decrersing. This season even on our oldest wheat growing luiids, nothing in the shape of an insect or disease has destroyed a single plant. This fact alone will add thousands of bushels to the total crop over and above the yield in for. mer j e*ra. The sales in this market for foreign shipment have been to a moderate extent, and those to Europe have hern grounded on the prospect of a stout crop on the continent. From all the information we con gather, the fears ot a stout crop on the continent are well founded, but the falling ofl will rot be to an extent requiring large shipments from this country; their harvests will be large enough lor their own con sumption, but not large enough to supply the demand from England. From the following extract, which we maka from the Mark Lane Express of the 17th nit, it will be seea that the crons of England are in a very precarious state, which, with the prospect from the Continent, will no douiit induce shipments from this country, before the season closes. A considerable degree of ex. citement has prevailed in the grain trade since our last, caused partly by the somewhat unsettled state of the weather up to Fiiday. We had several cold gloomy days in the early part of the week, with occasionally heavy showers; anil though the rain which has lallen has nrn hxhlv hopn nrn^noiivo ni U!hm> the want ot genial warmth must have retarded the maturing ?>r the growing crops?a very serious consideration in the present position of the country with regard to itocki. That the quantity of old corn remaining in the hand* of merchanu, millers andidealers, is unusually short, ! beyond dispute; nor do we believe that farmers are holders to such an extent as to render it a matter ol comparative indifferrncu whether new wheat comes to market a fortnight earlier or later. The yearly consumption for the United Kingdom is generally octimutnt in round numbers at between eighteen to twenty millions of quarters. Kur each week that the harvest may be retarded, the old stock* would have to be drawn upon to the extent of at least 360.000 quarters; it will, therefore, at once be apparent how important a difference the gain or loss of a fortnight or three weeks might involve. We are induced to olt'or then remark* to guard against any misconception of the opinions expressed in former numbers. We have repeatedly stated thRtwc felt satisfied of tnerebeing sufficient wheat in thecountrv to carry ua to harvest, provided the present month should prove hot and forcing jand this opinion we still retain, notwithstanding the low range of temperature which has during the greatei portionfof the first half of theperioa stated, been experienced; a longer continuance of nngenial weather mivht, however, make a considerable difference. The reports respecting the appearance of the growing wheat plant, tiiough on the whole satisfactory, are not universally so, the complaints of the ear bring short, to which wc referred last week, having since rather increased, at present we see no grounds, however, to apprehend that the yield will be below an usual avsrage, though the acreable produce may In some localities fall short. At all the leading prov incial markets held during the week very moderate supplies have been brought forward, and the advices from Mark lane havirg inspired holders with additional confi fence, hi^h prices i.ave been asked. At Boston, the 9th instant?Flour vpry dull. Northern Corn held at 6l)c; Southern round yellow 60c; flat do 53c; supply small and demand limited. At Albany, the 9(h?Holders were not disposed to sell at current rates. We quota Genesee at $4 81 a $4 H7J; Ohio and Michigan $1 7s. Some Wheat, citra quality, sold at $1 03, which is a trifle above the market price.? We hear of a sale of shorts at about 10}. At Bullalo, the 9th?The inquiry for samples of northern wheat was good, and aeverel lots have been taken at an advance on previous rate*. About 25A0 bushels were disposed of in this manner yesterday afternoon, and today at from 9i to 96 cents. Kxtensive salts of Chicago, say 10,iwu bush, brought 79 a 90 centi, at which rMe it a*ems to atand. No new grain has yet made its appear ance. Some B. Rock flour fold at $4 11}, which pretty clearlv exhibits the range for other descriptions. Holders of corn do not press sales, and we think there is a better disposition to buy, but hear of no transactions. At Baltimore, 9th?Howard street Flomr, fresh ground, sold at f 4 61} a 4 7ft; City Mills at Susquehanna at $4 82}; extia $4 91J The supplies of Wheat are not very large to day, and there is a better feeling in the market, owing to "theincreased supply of water in the mill streams, and some demand for a neighboring market ? We cannot, however, state a positive advance in price, and therefore quote as before, viz. good to prime reds 91 a 99c,and ordinary to good 90 to9ftc. Amorg the transaetions to-day wo note a sale of a load ot prime North Can Una at 97c; two parcels of Virginia, comprising 3900 bushels, quality prima hut not free from garlic nnd smut, at 96c. and snother parcel at 93 a 99c. Verv little doinu in Corn. We quote'Md. white at 53c; and yellow at 64 a 66 eta. Sales ot new Md. Oat* at 21 a ilc. Wool Trade. Thii article is not in so active demand as it wa* a few weeka since. The manufacturer* havo nearly supplied ilipniOf-lvni, and the new clip ha* nearly all Changed hdndi It !>eing a strict rush article with the producers, they H*"., their dependence on It toraise money. Viry largt , antitieshave arrived Irom tho extreme West, by the wi?y ol Bull tlo, Intended for the Eastern market,being the purckasesof the manufacturers' agent*. The cultivators of the Writ havenot only turned their attention to the raising ot thu raw material, but they have established factories, nnd consume a large per c#nt ol their cli|? Tha Wist will, in a few year*, not only he the greatest wool growing part of the country, but it will lie a large manufacturing place. At Akion, Ohio, within one year, the wool trade haa more than doubled. The quantity brought into that place this season is about Wii.C.X) lbs. and theavvrape price paid about 28 cent* There are five woolen factories in operation, all of which are actively employed.? The above is only one instance; the whole West is ex tending thij valuable industry with rapid stride*, and from thenaturnl resource* ol the soil and unlimited pow erof the water privilege*, we soon look lor the immente results of the oiieruy and perseverance ot the inhabitants of tbat section ot the Union. Throughout the western pait of this Stale large factories are going up, as if Ity magic. The' Ithaca Chron cle"saya,?The establishment of a large Woolen Kactoiy at this village, has induced the farmers Irom the adjoii.ing counties, and from Pennsylvania, to bring large quantities of wool to this market. The agent of the factory inlorms us that the establishment ha* purchased over one hundred thousand pound* this season, in exchange for manufactured goods. HThe merhants have taken wool on account, and in ex changc for goods, and the cash dealers have paid lor near one hundred thousand |iounds. The whole quantity purchased, i* between 260,000 and 300,000pouml.?moie than double the ?>iantity aver before purchased in tkis market. At Rochester 249,036 lbs of wool cleared for the East from the opening of navigation to Aug. Ui. Trlme Ha*r. ny was quoted at 2S a 30c, Mcrfne, full bided,'.'# a 29c: do half to three quarter blood, Jti a tfic; common to half .lo 16 B'iOC. At roughkeepsie, the ?th, almoat the entire now clip had been purchased in the iiv? r counties, and much of it already shipped Emt. The market was consequently dull,but the following prices still maintained. Saxony 36 u 40c; Merino,lull blood, 30a 380; do half do26c; Ni tive IS a 21c, Bakewell and Cotswold, 17 * lf> 3. At Boston, the ath, there wan soma demand for fleece but no sales of magnitude. The market was not well supplied. The quotations ruled for Saionv and Merino fleeces, 33S37?full blood 31 a 33; three quarter hlood gg a 31; half blood 23 a 27; common quarter blrod20 a 3u; lambs'stipes27a 30; do No 1,23 #37 , do No. 3,17 n 20; do No. a. 13 a 14. I Tkl? murVft |?mo<J?r?t?ly ?ii|>piied with tin n*w clip, but theialea are not to any great extent. Moat of the domeatic wool here i* in aecond hand*, bought on apecuUtien. We quote tor Saxony fleece*, 38 a 3Sc; full blood, 32 a 35; three quarter blood, SO a 82; half bUH> I, 24 a 30; common quarter blood,(iS a 37; lamb*, *uper, 27a30, do No. 1, 23 a 27; do No. J, 17 a -JO; do No. 3,12 a 14. Brighton Cut tie Market. Monday, Aug. 7.?At maiket, 390 beet cattle, 24 cow* anil calvr*, 2,600 aheep and 200 (wine. Phicii-Beef Cattle?A small advance on the belt cat tie wa??-tf>cted. We quote a few extra at S4 60 a M76; first quality, $4 2& a $4 60; second quality, $3 7#a$l'.ia; third quality,>3 a $3 60. Cow* anil Calves? Sales at $18, VI J. and ('!& Sheep? Lot* were wM at (1, ft 76. and $i. Swine?Those at mai ket were small shout*. averaging atiout 60 lba, void tor 6c by the lot. At retail fl a 7c. Married. On Turaday evening 8tb instant, at Rahway, New Jersey, by th<? R?v. Charles K. Kmhry, Mr. John F. Dis* brow, of New York, to Mill Masoaret P. Woooaun, of the former place. Died. On Thuraday the 10th instant, Mr. Thomas Service, merchant, late at Glasgow, in the 46th year.ol hii age. The friend* and acquaintance* of the deceased and of hi* brother William Service, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from hi* late residence, 8th Avenue between 38th and 39th streets,to-Jay (Friday,) at 4 o'clock P. M., without further notice. At St. Thomas, W. I. on lath of June last, Thoma* N. M?r, hairdresser; a native of England, lately ot New York city. 3 On Thursday, the 10th instant, Margaret Van Astwkrf, inlant daughterol William H. and Eliza Demar?f?t, aged 2 months and 13 day*. Thefriendiof the family art respectfully invited to attend her funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at 6 o'clock, Irom the rvsi fence oi her parents No. 16ti Franklin street On the 10th instant, at 17 West I7lh itreet, John Bhown lks, aged 6 month*. The triad*of his father Wm. Brownlee, aro invited to attend the Mineral on Friday, 11th instant, at 6 o'clock P.M liateit Advice* KRCtlVWIT T ii K SCWVOIK ii r. I a i. D office, Antigua July S5 Macao April 12 Antwerp .)iiI v I I Mnn 1II.1 . Mrh IK All* Cayes June 20 Malaga June 28 Batavia April 0 Montevideo June 15 Bermuda July 29 Matanzas July 21 Buenos Ayres June 17 Mayaguez July 3n Belize. Hon. June 20 Mexico July f> Barhadoes luly II Nassau, N. P. July 26 Bordeaux luly 0 Neuvitas July 28 Bremen July 13 Oaliu, 8. I. Mch 19 Bombay Men 21 Para June 27 Canton April 2ii Paris July U Cane Town, 0. G. H-May I'i Portau Prince July 29 Calcutta May 20 Police, P. H. July 25 Cadiz July f> Porto Cabello July 20 Chagres June 20 Point Petre, Guad. July 10 Cienlueso*; June 12 Pernambuco June 18 Cape Haytien July IB Ki" Janeiro June 28 Peine rani July ?fl St. Helena June 15 Klsinore July in St. Thomas July 25 (fibrillar July 6 St. Jaro de Cuba- July 10 Guayama, P. K. July 6 St. Johns, P. R. July 20 Galveston July II St. Croix luly 20 Havre July 0 St. Domingo "June 23 Hamburg July 1(1 Surinam July II Havana July 20 Triuidail de Cuba July 13 Jaeniel July 1 T:\lcaluiaiia April 23 Kingston, Ja. .Inly 11 Tampico June 2 London .luly 18 Valparaiso May 2 Liverpool July 19 Vera Cruz July 20 La Guayra July 20 Yucatan June 21 Lima Mcli 3(1 Zanzibar May 16 Paucngera Arrived. Livkbroot.?Packet ship Southerner?R Minium, Mrs Hartshome, Miss Minturn, Miss Gill, New York; G M Messeter, Mr and Mrs J Smith, England?97 in the steerage. Havhi ? Packet ship Silvie de Grasse?G B Niill, Philadelphia; C W Meyer and lady?91 in the steerage, OroRTO?Scnr Delaware?Miss ('urlodia Rosa de Jesus. Savank mi?Brig Exact?J E Johnson and ladv, Lieut J J Morrison U S R 8. Midshipman J Meyers, 9 M Thompson, Wm G StorrU, Mr Lippmann, Horace Smith, C Smith, C L Gilbert. Foreign Importations. I.ivmi'ooi/?Ship Southerner?1 pks .1 Oihiui 8c co?12 S & K Wells & c??I llarmer & Hayes?I Bailly Sc Kitchen?43 cks hardware 3 bkts wine 18 bass nails 7 anvil* I lulls pans I hale shoe thread A 8c 8 WilletU?l.'i pkss C Adshead 8c co?1400 Wars iron Kelly St co?I ykss W II Roscucraiitz?I S A Newhold?1 A W Spies & co?1 A W Spies 8c co?I A Barker 8c co ?7 McKee 8c co?12 Peabody, Kiss* 8c co?4 II R Brown?3 F Steinbeck?5 Nevins 8c co?182 hxs tin plates J M Bruce 8cson? 18 pkss Hutchinson 8c Tucker?1 H Shiinliill?I H Benjamin jr 8c co?1210 his tin plates ,'iOfl lidls sheet iron Phelps, Dodse 8c co ?15 pkgs Tooker, Mead Sc co?1 John Morton?2 (' B McAIpiu?2 H S Ballard 8c Co?I J A Newbold?22 S B Baker?3 \V Mandate?1 .1 Morton?0 Buth-rlield 8c Fisher?2 Richardson 8c Watson?( D Boylin?5 Patou Sc Stewart?*) Dexter 8c Bush?3 Chan ("anise? I C A 8c G F F.verton?1 E Callamore?2 K W Peinherton?4 R.Patrick 8c ci>?1 hale W B Bend?1714 bi iCs wait I W i odhull ii. Minium?2 anvils 1 iron pipe 1 iron whirl C. Hull ?26 cases sheathing copper ftchains '?1 CftWI t.'> MM 43 cosksjj bales to order. Haviik?vShip Siivie de (>rasse?328 pips tin C Bolton, Fox St Livingston?50 baskets wine Bunker St co?1 mdse ()ikes St 3 Schu chard, Fuer St co?l Dfloiimt?51 I* umler St Dumbmann?30 F Cottenet?55 Benkaad & Hutton?3 Ci Piedumn?1 Hurll>ert? 1 L Pilli?nyt?21 C Payen St Co?12 C Oignour it co 4 O Varet?1 Roger (iiiillamne St co?1 A II Ward?I A (J Dian Mnrren?2 II Babad?1 A Gilbert?1 Sill St Thomson?3 II J Bodmer?225 baskets wine T W Scmidt it Wo?;el?2 mdse 11 Y Escher?%.'? F Ilourd?utun?22 II .Heniieqnin^-U Boiceau St Bind)?1 YOling St Smith? I W 11 H< i>>in tn-1 M Muntin?1 kecspecie Daw ion St co?17 in die K Dord?9 Moran St Felin?3 B Benjamin-^2 Biiiinger St co?J McCall?2 A Homer?1? B?*rri &. Keese?25 Underwood. Cotrrel St Volair?4 Wright. St urge* Sc Shaw?7 B J Wainwnjjht?35 Renard St co?23 J' K St Mlix?2 S Cochran?B Nevins St co?I J A Huntington?1 J Mortimer ii flH-') I t* Oi?v H ' ' !??? J-> I VVoodhead?5 Spies, Christ 8c co?R Charrauc Schlumpt 8c Liebrr?A Habiihaw Jones?18 H ( harolrt Scco?1 H Tobias?> 17 Lane 8c Lanison?2 R Sc H Haixht?1 (? II Coster?I C Oilli ?1 F Bonrry?I R Sc A Campbell?I B (>ourd8c co?12 Lachaise 8c Koucht?J Malmaiet 8c Smilh?7 Caffe 8c Melber? 8 A H Waller?4 F X Meyer?3 C 8c 11 Mali?I R (irosclaude 8c co ? I F A Robe?I H J Uuston?8 R Jaffray?1 Benard 8c Moran ?5 4 lark 8c Mcrtowcn?3 Dale 8c Maxwell?I Schmidt 8c Andrea?4 C Fay?11 Martin 8c Law son?I C F Dambmann?3 Cerl'. Beer 8{ May?I Deraismes 8c Roicard?39 J A Voisin?I L (Joldscbmidt?6 L A Bn'ithaupt 8c ( linn?2 Henry 8c Mahn?1 (' Ahrenl'eldt?1 (Jcters?I J Maim in?1 N Lefiittg?I H Deraismes?I K II Davis?14 A L Montant?10Lachaise 8c Fouche ? I Burnham 8( Baldwin?I C H Schneider? 21 iLoeschick Sc Wisemlonek?i Tiffany, Voiiiie 8c F.llis?17 Dorr 8c Allen?II O Heaaeuberg?6 Kessler Sc co?2 F Colliard?1 (J B 8c J B English?3 W B l)ra|H'r?7 W Cooper?5 H A Corbit?2 J F. Hyde 8t co?,'i S Haskell?12 A C Stewart?12 A 8c (? A Kendall?r, K B Straus'?-I F- M Daris?15 Chirion Sc Nlaillard?0 F H Sliel.I..VI, S. S. I,. 1).. It 11m V M11(ir>*?I l',..r. r Knwi-i JJ Peyser?2 Kngler St Foley?I A Casel li?2 C Fay? 1 R Killing?31 to order. St Ckoix?Brig Hyder Ali?83 cks molasses 13 |>uus rum 52 hliils 4 bids sugar 2 boxes sweetmeat* I keg tamarinds Alsop Si Chaitncey?6 hi ids sugar .1 C Wetniore?10 puns ruin 5 bbis 1 bx 2 kegs W Bell?I Imix Cullertk Fill ley?1 box sugar 2 kegs tamarinds F B Mullen. Oporto?8chr Delaware?78 <jr cks 89 \ do 7 1-7 do wine 50 qtls logwood 2 sks corn 72 tons salt John Osbom. ^MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Daya of tltc Steam Ship*. from liverpool. from smf.rica. Acadia, Ryrie Aug. 16 Hibernia, Judkins Aug. 4 Sept. 1 U. Western, lloskeu Aug. 5 Aug. 31 Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept. 18 PacUeta to Arrive. Packet* to Sail. from liverpool* for liverpool. S. Whitney, Thompson, July 4 Sheffield, Poj'ham, Aug. 13 Columbus. Cole, July 7 Liverpool, hldridge, Aug. 16 Sheridan, De IVyster, July II New York, Cropper, Aug. 19 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Gladiator, Britton, July 10 Toronto, Oriswold, Aug. in Mediator, Chad wick. July 20 Westminster, Atwood, Aug. 20 from iiavrf.. for havre. Louis Philippe,Cutoff, Julvll V. de Lyon. Stoddard, Aug. 16 St. Nicolas, Tell, July lti Xlilp Ma*t?n and Agenta. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Uop.frt Silvf.t, of our News Fleet, a Heport of the Shipping left .it the Port whence thev sailed, the Vessels Spoken on rlieir Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare. He will hoard them immediately on their arrival. Agents anil Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marin* Intelligence they call obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NEW YORK, Al/GCST II. sttix rises S 7 I Moot* risks 7 33 sun 7 2 | iiii.it water ? ...... ;i 43 Cleared. Bnnjue Atlantic, (Bnml (Jmves, Bremen, Meyer Hi Stucken. ? Brys Canton, Anderson, Lisbon, Nesinith, Leeds St Co, Helen Miins.Rweelter. fotice, PH. dodo; Virginia, Farniim. Havana H de Zaldo; (#. B. Lamar. Sanneinan, Savannah, Dunham St Dimon.?Sehrs W. F. Debar res, (Br) Crockwell, St. Johns, \'F., <1. fc I. Laurie: Sterling, Taylor, Wilmington, NC., 1> I'. Boyle, Na? '<*, Dearborn, Richmond, Allen Jk Paxson; St. Thomas, BreMaiei, Uuckv|iort. Me. Arrived. Tacket ship Southerner, l'almer, from Liverpool, July 7, with ind?e, to Woodhnll Ik Miutnm. On the 25lh ull. lit 48 25. lou 47 22, passed a large island of ice. Packet slop Silvie de Orasse, Thomifson, from Havre, July 3, and the Lir.ard 7th, with tndse, to C. BoUou, Fox Sc Livingston. I.'illi ult. strong brrese from the N, carried away fore, topmast.? 23d, lat 46 30, Ion 46 39, saw two islands of ice. Ship Vfapaaian, Cutts, 18 daya from Bremen, in ballast, to Shmmker Si ( ,i?127 passengers. Ship Powhattan, in days from New Orleans, with cotton, Sir. to order. Brig llvder Ali, Tikiob, 10 days from St. Croix, WK. with sugar ami rum, to Alsop Si ('hanncey. Brig Nanvoo, Bnrnham, 28 days from Trinidad d* Cuba,with sugar, Sic. to order. British brig Jane Allison, McCallum, 15 davs from Windsor. NS. with plaster, to master. British brig Billow, Davidson, from Windsor, NS vvith plaster, to muster. Brig F.iact, Crowed, 8 days from Savannah, with cotton, kc. to Stnrires Si learman. Hrm Rvdgry, Smith, 6 ilayi from Portland, with mdae, to the Sclir Delaware, Grafton, 35 day* fnim 0|Hirtn, Willi wine, kc. to John Oiburn. I.el't no American ve**?l. Bchr Challenge, Keller, I day* from ThomaMon, with liinc, to master. , . Schr Banner, (ole, I dayi from Boston, with md*e, t<> th< "'schr Splendid, Crowell, 4 day? from Boston, with md*e, u> "'hVlir Sarah, from Wilmington, NC. Hrlir France*, from Philadelphia, bound to Fall Fiiver. Mclir Hilaa Crane, Jamiaon, from Washington. NC. with naval store*, to 8. I.. Mili'hell. Schr l.ouisa, Hoover, from Brandywine, with flour. to Allen Si I'aison. . , ? ..... . Schr bqnity, Lippv, I day* fr>in Philadelphia, with coal, to m?ohr Bw?j. 8. Penniman, Bonrne, from Philadelphia, with Ci>al, to master Null Ml. t'. H revenne culler Taney, John A. Webster, K*q. commands. for Norfolk, and other*. ftenrral Hecont. A?HOH?:.?Captain Mc Xrtluir, ofllie < anada.at <lurl>*c }th inat. report* that the barque on the ManicouKan waa sendinu hi* topsail yard* down on diek; it is reported that *h?' w*>nt a*hore on the anth, the tide* thi n having been nearly ?t their highest; he will rcm.iin there another week yet, if ?he have the luck to ret off tint spring*, which, p?rh?p?, she may, if the weather remain* calm. Capt. Bulkier, W illi the <chr 1 rinity, ha* gone down to render assistance. Whitlrmcn. Sailed from New London lid in?t. Halcyon, Bailey Indian Oc?*n. . Lowell Beniaium, New London lor Pucific' spoken Aug 3, Ut M 40, Ion ei 31. Spoken. Apollo, of Nrw Bedford, Amsterdam for Newport, July H, _ l?t <7 23, Ion 3J Vf?by the Vespasian, at this port. Mauto, of Boitioii, kie* ring t, .Inly 10, l.it 41 'J3, l?*t? '17 3??bv the Delaware, at (his |nirt. North Bend, of Orleans, 10 dsvi I n on GaKmlon, Texas, for Bremen, Jul) 14, 1st IB il, Ion 20 40?by the Southerner, at this port Kliza Anne, (Br) from Leith for Qitel>ec, July 20, lat 19 37, ion 35 SO?by tin* *anw. Ark, of Newhury|>ort, for St Petersburg, July 21, lat <0 04, di Ion Jii 38?I)v the same. Niagara, llussey, Boston for Montevideo and Buenos Ayr , *< Jul^ 28, lat 92 15, Ion ii3. Gsvoiifia, New Orleans for Antwerp, July 8. lat 31 3?N, Ion 77 40. <1 Laura, New Orleans for Liverpool, July II, off Key \\ est. Korean Port?. Mojftltr.at., Aug 7?4 Id Lady Kiimaird. llobb. London. o 8t Choi*, WK. July 31?In i-irt, Martin VV Brett, Arev, fm al St Tliom.u for <openliaijen, to sail in 30 days, (?o reixirted.) Si hinam, July U?In |M>rt, ( adet, Davis, from Boston lor ti Gloucester, III days; Orainpus.Hay ward, for do, do; < ouiinissary, 1> iti, from Boston, (Iisk; WarriiiKloD, fin Newborn, N< . riioN r i.viDt o, June 21?In port, Express, Rea, from Bueuos if Ayrt's, to load for United States, unc. and others *? before. Ii Cuomstaut, July 7?In port. t liilo, Lambert, for Bordeaux, aht 20th. Mklvokt, July II?In port, Ashburton, l'lummer, for New V,.rL i,in,I I........I h Aniimi. April 18?Passed, Wissahickon, Webber, lCJ <lays J fm Philadelphia for ('anion. I.nkr Porta. 1 , Buffalo, Auk k?Arr W Joy, Lacy; Huron, Couolly; Rein- 0 divr, Dnvicui; [iiili'i^iiiltiiirc, Stone; Girard, M'Auley; Buffalo, Tyler, and Wyandot, Frerlaud, Cleveland; Merchant, lluhbell, w Maumee ; Farmer, Newcomb, Monroe ; Franklin, Kirby, ^ Hurou. c llomci Porta. Fast Mai hlai, Auk 4?Arr Manila Ann, Mayhew, Guaya v ma, PR, n Hamioh, Aim fi?Arr (!enoa, I.ainpher, Philadelphia. Bath, Aug :t?Arr Orient, Bailey. Havre via Norfolk; 6th, Planet, Robinson, Philadelphia. ( Id :id, Convert, Skolfteld, r Cuba. Porti.ant, Auk g?Arr Joseph, Oert7., New York. (Id 7th, ? Kli/.a, McLellan, Cuba. Sai.km, Aug 7? 8ld Ann Maria, and anchored below. Cld n Gen Brooks, Peko, St Jago de Cuba. Boston, Auk 9?Arr Kentucky, Some*. NYork; Cornelia, j Hallett. do: Folo. (Sic) t'astellano, do; Rienzi, Hancock, St j, Croii via Mitldletown, ('t; Chatham, Loveland, Baltimore; |j Norman, Shackelford, Wilmington, NC; Victor, Hallett; Hy- | daape, Spaulding, and Trio, Chamberlain. NYork. Telegraph- [\ fd, Dover, Austin. Calcutta; LiRonia, Waterhousc, Havana.? !, Signal for I ship, I brin ' Id Hollander, Baker, Rotterdam via j New London; Sarah William*. Thomjwion, Cienfueuoa; Henry c< Leeds, Briner Ifivana; Ocean, FldrulRe, Baltimore; Acorn, Howes, Philadelphia; Isaac Townsend Jr, Oruni. Norfolk. City Point and Richmond; Augusta. Antes; Wolcott, Ryder, and ? S A Appletpn, Niclieison, N Vork. 81d Mary 8t Susan, Ante- [ lot"'. Georgiaua, anil Potto Rico. ! ti tai'mton, An? (?Arr Oscar, and Pioneer, NYurk; 6th, llo- i j, rati", Albany; 7th, Roscitts, and Adelaide, NYork. New Bedford, Auk 8?Arr Mercy, Smith, Philadelphia; Index. Gibbs. Albany; Sarah. Staples, and Corinthian, Shep. r herd, NYork. Namti'ckkt, Auk 7?Arr F.mulons, Small, NYork ? Piiovidwi t:. Aiik b? Air Orray Tafl, Lovett, Charleston; Maria, Littlvtield, and Farmer, Rondout; Jos Brown, Lewis, NVork via Kail River; Avon, Clark, Albany; Willard, Miller, NYork. , f. Fai.l Riv> h. Aii^ 7?Arr Casket. Ileed, St Thomas; Kicel, ] Duiiiiiiik, and Yautic, Bennett, NVork. Sid F.merald, Hodg- ] don, Philadelphia; I H Borden, Brown, NVork. \ Newport, Aiir 8?Arr Ricbd Hush, Bray, Providence for j Philadelphia; Klixaheth. Wiley, Salem for do; Calcutta, Still- j. man. Boston for Baltimore; Chief, Robinson, Portsmouth, Rl. | for Haverstraw, NY; Hero, Smith, Providenct for NVork. ?i Niiv Lomdon, Aug 1?Arr Manco, Nichols, Sayhrook; Jas- j per, Sidleman, New I ork for Norwich^ 3d, Glide, Smith, and j t rusaue, [Nash, do do: Washington. Howard, and rranklin, z Smith. NYork; Geo Washington, Geer, Norwich for NYork; 4th, Thos Peterkin, A very, Albany; Marmion, Smith, Kingston for Newnort; Undaunted, Coffin. NYork for Kdgartown; , 7th, Agent, Rogers, NYork. Sid lilt, New London, Smith, j NYork. Albany, Aug 9?Arr ''ofnit, Nickerion, Button; Pinion, Falmouth; Henry Clay, Wright, Newark. Hid Tontine, N*'W York; Celeste, Wright, New Haven. Philadelphia, Aug 11?Arr Mount Moriah, Roger.*. Richmond; Challenge, Park, and Win Thompson, Steward, Fall River Cld Louisa. Gallagher, Havana; Nonpareil, Homer, Torto Rico; Peloit, Hatch, and Thos Ireland, Homers, Boston , Achsah 1), Douglass, New York. Arr at the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Wharves, Richmond, Aug 6th, 6th and 7th, | Sandusky, Mitchell, New London; Roliert Wain, Sears: Henrv G King, De Wolfe, and Burlington,Nickersou, Boston; Laurel, i Williams, and Potomac, Loring. Portland. Baltimoiik, Aug !l?Arr Strafford, Folkerts, New'Orleans; Emily Ellicott, L&uderman, La Guayra and Porto Cabello; Ellen, Noyes, Portland; Wyoming, Nickerion, Boston; Shot- \ laud. Frost, do; Henry. Messervey, Salem. ( Id Hortensia, 1 Lambert, llio Janeiro; Curlew, (Br) Card, Windsor, NS. 1 Ai.f.*ai*dbi\, Aug 7?Arr Frank, Penlield, NVork. Below, China, Small, Barliadoes via Turku Island; Pioneer, Graliam, ! Liverpool; Archibald Gracie, Rice, NVork. Nohkoi.k, Aug 7?Arr Gleaner, Hobbs, Charleston for Balti- 1 more; Hover, Dawes, and Henry Clay, Martin, NYork. Sid .Mary Jane, McMath, do. Lincoln, Wooster, Richmond for j Fall River, went to sea yesterday. J REUBEN BUNN will nerve ul> a superior Onto Turtle, in 1 Soup, Steaks, and Calapasb, this day, at the Washington 1 l.nncb, Nil. 19!) Washington street. Soup ready at 11 o'clock, A. M. Families supplied, an 11 lt*ec , INFORMATION WANTED-Of John Carroll, a native of ; 1 the Parish of Tynan, county Armagh, Ireland. He left his ' home in 1D;M, and when last heard of in 1839 lie was in Rodney, < a Jefl'-rson county, Mississippi. Airy one who cau give any in- '! formation respecting him will confer a great favor on his bro- ' tlier Patrick Carroll, by addressing a line to him, care of Mr. Sheef, corner of 1st avenue anil 21st street, New York. v an 111 3t*m rnO PAWNBROKERS AND OTHERS.?Wanted to pur- J A chase an eight day bracket Clock, that strikes the hours andebimesthe quarters, and marks the days of the month, for I which a liberal price will be paid. Apply to T. II. at Ibis office, or to J. WHITE, Watchmaker, aull'.ttec BO Fulton st., up stairs. i rpo PROVISION MK.rTH A NTS kr.?Situation Vanted ! ! J- by a middle aged man, who lias bail considerable e*|ierience , in curing, lacking and coopering of provisions, butter, laril, lie. for export. Has no objection to any part.of the States or Canada. A note left at this office, addressed II. W. w ill be atreniled to. Good references can lie produced as to character and capability. anil 3t*ec St'<11 I It )( I ^ A VTETT-TIN" RETT r.n r/v-i-r..?Any ijptJUjVUV; coinpiiuyor capitalist wishing a safe investment for a sum of about $30,(MNI, secured by fee simple real 1 estate, on East river, with buildings, fee., hi full use, and yielding incomo, may hear of an opportunity by applying to .. JAMES ADAMS, ?3 tfall sttm, anil 3tis*ec corner of Front it. < TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Several honest, intelligent ; '? and enterprising young men to solicit advertisements ami collect money for the same, for the New York Free Press, which circulates 1(1,000 copied. A capital medium for advertising. No youug man need apply unless lie can give security in the " sum of one hundred dollars for his honesty, to such a good n commission will be given. Apply to r au!) 31 is*oc ISRAEL POST, 1)8 Bowery. m WANTED.?A person with capital, to enter in the business of kerpiut; a large private boarding bouse, of the first or- 1; der, if early application be made. The house is spacious, newly < furnished, with one of the best locutions in the city, one square [' only from Broadway, and is in every respect well calculated I [' for a large business. It now has a good number of permanent hoarders, .mil .1 good share of transient custom. A person ileair- J] oils of entering-into the business, woulil Ho well to mike early | npl>licnti>>ii to X. B. (>.. through the Poet mm, who will give ! ?ny further particulars which may be n*|uired, with regard to the establishment. au81t*ec ? DAY BOARDING.?GcitlMMI talcing their meals down a town, desirous of securing day hoard in a private family, where the table is supplied in the liest style, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both an regards comfort anil respectability, to a public eating honse) by applying at iWM Kill- , ton it. Two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with | full board. Terms moderate. aulOKtp m Orricior Jctr- nioK Ixiuiinci: Co.) P New York, Aug. 7, IRIX $ b rPHK Board of Directors of the Company have this day de- h A claied a dividend of eleven per cent, payable to the s.ock- ti holders on and after the 10th inst. c Transfer books closed until that ilay. ii au? GEO. T. HOPE. Sec'y. a TO PRINTERS " 5 TTOK SALE?A Fount of Minion and Nonpereil, which has " r been used on tlw New Y ork Hejald. Apply at thia office. I I au6 tf tl MONEY TO I.KND. w Abraham j. jack son, pawnbroker. No. ,? Reaile street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small ' sums, as may be required, on watches, jewelry, silver ware, dry *1 goods, wearing apparel, and personal property ot ever? deacrip- V tion. jvSO lm*r ? SJHIP SOUTH ER NER "FROM LIVERPOOL. Con- ? signees lor this ship w ill please send their |?-rmils on board, at w est side Burling slip, or to the office of the subscriber*, , without delay. All goods not permitted in five days must be ] sent to public store. WOORHULL St MINTlTRNS, ; anil M 17 S..tith ?t. t QPECTACLE8?C. H. PFAUZOIUUr Oeoltat niOMi . ^ cian, Canal street, No. R5, (removed from Broadway, 55)) i , has constantly on hand a large assortment of 8|>ectac1es for | ? short sighted and far sighted persons. Aim. every kind of Spectacle Glasses. auS ltn*tfi wrFiTng paper' * loot) reams low priced ruled Foolscap I 500 do do do Letter. For sale by au 11 ec PERMSK N. BROOKS, f.l I.iliertyst. 1 LARD -15 bbls. very choice Lard, lor sale by E. K COLLINS & CO. | aiilOec _ 56 South street j] IARD OIL?75 bbls. very eitta ijuality. for sale in lots to J suit purchasers by E. K. COLLINS Si CO. art ec 56 South street. rvir.t* I>I!" uvr.tii lor gliding, silvering mid platinizing i- s by Hydro-K.lectricity, without Galvanic Batterj-, at a very tritlniK and labor. Prepared Powder for gildini, til | vartac in piMjalmi with wry timple yrtui, mid trie di i rectiont t" mtke'ute of this secrrt. Sold by nil lm*r GEO. TI EM AN iv, 99Chatham at. ( PL MUNOS, Importer and IV.iIit in (Ik bait Havana ' ' Negars, retpeclfully invites hit friend* and the public in general, particularly the judges of the article, to cull at the i \ store 31 Bowerv, linr* <>l the Indian Chief at the door holding the sign in his hand. He has received by the late arrivals a r hindtome tupply of the best flavored Scgara, e<iual to any in , the city, if not superior. I ; The above storw will lie open from 6 A. M. to 11 o'clock, P. i M jyM lm*r ' M'Mtl,! D'HOTEoi Ordinary at the M.I. -NATIONS' < I HOTEL, ill Broadway, in the new Slloom.?The anhacription liat la now open to Gentlemen desirous of dining from ] a dinner of four course* for $1 M per week, between the hours t of 12 and S P. M. Gentlemen can also dine from the Carte in the Restaurant, at moderate charges. I J 0\tlera served m every known style until midnight. Kit 11 board without room $U per week Chambers from *' per week. aul0 3t*m j 'i'd 'i;hk"uov"kh"s ok scpkuior black tka.-t : ( A Howmia'a Millar*;.?Thit ettrrmely delicious and imps- v ralleletl Tea, ?o highly celebrated in China and K.orone, jnst imported, la now for sale at the Canton Tea Company a (}ene- i r*l Tea Establishment. 1111 Chatham street. New York, and llfi Kulton ttieet, Brooklyn?in packages. Price 31 cents and Si ' each. jM 1m*r | T?HK TIMK.S AND Bl'LLK.Tltf, ofyeaterdiy. contain a A statement in relation to a row which they inform their re*. deri, t?>ok place at the Bowery Cottage, and that A. C. Vaiide- n, w ater, one of the proprietor*, pitched into the officers, fce. Icc. j) Now thit ia to inform the Timet and Bulletin, in particular, and the public generally, that I alone am sole proprietor of the Bowery Cottage, and that A. C. Vandewater ne\er hail con- 1 net ion in any way, manner or tha|ie, with mtlier myself or the ' Cottage, and that all the abore named publication in regard to it A it false in every particular, at no tuch row eyer took pises ?' there. But if the tapient editort and re|>ort?rt of the above tu named papers had been a little more minute in their enquiries o' they would have stated that Vandswatsr is a journeyman (nitrh- an er. in a thop ?l?ere the above named row did actually take place ea and that the "Sporting Crib" as they choose to term it, woaln W' not be in such a bad fix after all. peter j. valentine. Nt w VnRK, Ang. 7. 1043.?au7 Iw'm _____ american foreign agency office. no. 4 Ann st. Nkw York. rt rpHE Subscriber having completed his arrangements (as tnc- 1 I cestor to K. B. Tntle, K.t<|.) it prepared to supply Newt on Ageuta and Periodical venders in townt and chin, with news- ' of pap?'rt, and all the publications of the day, at pnblithers' prices, no .?i>*r<riiior n w#?oUlv roinn??tiMfirti? for *^rvirr? r*H<l^rcd. I w ?. fai-ifltie* nfTi-ml in having fiwir hniwll<>< parked nnil forwardad J>v Willi Mdnlilv xn'l Hi?p*toh i? too ob*i<?i? tn w*d comment ? Wl AfoaU will I'Muf ?ddm?? ro J. DOKL, No. 4 Ann itrw, N, Y. I t*k? in ncommcndiiiv Mr. D u ermijfnUy wall o?i calculate! 10 Mitin Mtiifsction ? B TtTTLE. eo 113t*cu j AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. BV DKLU fc HOWARD. (Storei No. 22 A** ami 115 hut on ttretU.) KRIDA V Al Io'clock in tlie ??k? rooni?. Ettamire ?al- of truly valualile. .eaaonabl*. fancy anil *Uple rv (ooda, of American, Knjli.h ami H rvnoh roannbetura. AU?i, lumery, glovea. itiirti, clotha, caa?imw?, drilling*. tttntKa, Itr. , , , _ . i , Also, a larg** lot of rooiIi, intended for I uwuiiy Also, a quantity of l>ook*. i#w?lry and pltd|M iittCwMHM' i?l pit to It, kuiis. harilwhrr.kc. __ , SATURDAY. I At 10^ o'clock, at th* auction room. ^Large aale oOlev'nnt rurnitarv of all descriptions, coniittinj I a general \arei . <>l ti<?11h*'m^?*|iiiik allien*, csumei tmr, i>uu Imost every thing in the line, in fine order. Alan, iui entire splendid stock of new city unde cabinet fiimi?re. TUESDAY. At I0){ o'clock, in the sales room. Hegnlar sale of rli'Ktiit, fashionable, seasonable and staph dry J nods of all descriptions, clothing, fancy and pledged aiticles, inmiut, jcrnb), (tc. x WEDNESDAY. At 10^ o'clock in the tale* room. Large sale of superiortiouseehold furniture of all descriptions, y virlm1 ofa mortgage. SATURDAY, Aur. MI. At II o'clock in the salei room*. Land and Farm Sale.?Will tic mild without wrtr a tract f land containing 121 acres, situate mosteligibly in tin- town I Palmyra. Pike county, Pennsy Ivania, known on the < ononisMiners books a* No. 118. It it 05 inih'? from New York, from 'hich place daily stages run within live miles of the lols. A rw lap of the premises mid every particular information will he 1 ommunicated on application to the auction ifvonis. To let the neat two story hrick Home No. V White ltreet. ery low lo a genteel family. F.nquire at the auction room ., or i Mr. Hwrspoel, No. i?> Wiiilcst. O. WARREN, Auctioneer. PO IMPORTKRS ANI> MANlFAt TIRF.R8-W1L- t ' I.I AM IiVAM. respectfully infowns hit friends and the ublic that his uew Auction and Commissiou Store, No. <19 _ roadway, omioaite the New York Tattersalls, is open for the ceotion of American and Foreign Ooods, cither at iirivato or , iihii<- sale. The store in 90 feet ileen. and ha* large show win- j nws. and tlie light is also admitted from the roof, and is per- t aps iMie of the best stores for eiliibitiiig paintings, furniture, un|>: _, plated wan-, china or fancy goods of any Kind; and the t nation is not exceeded by any other store in Broadway ? lerchants. Manufacturers and others, that hare goods to disus''of w ill find K to their adt milage to deposit llietn at (his ore. The commission will he moderate, and all moneys rerived will be faithfully paid over. N. B. Families or others that have Furniture or Goods to ispose. of, can have them sold at the storu or at thmr ros|?'ctl?e 1 tldences. I'uIdinhcis and Booksellers are informed thai as soon as a tufcient number of Book. and Stationery is received, shelves will put up for regular evening saliR. alll Iw*ec FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION". ( IMIE IIAHWAV MANUFACTURING CO. will sell at * 1 public Auction, on I7th August, at their Print Works, in lahway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable property oi 1e company, consisting of printing and engraving machines, allemlers, copper cylinders, dye coppers, dying and bleaching [ pparatus, Hteam boilers, steam engine, 25 horse [lower, with 4 oilers, 2 fire engines, 2 patent balances, iron sale hydraulic ud common press, large and small slide lathe, witn complete pt of turning and horiUK, and blacksmith's tools, an assortrent of imported steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of rugs suitable lor calico printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and irge cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, See. < ataiogues 01 wnicn may lie nan on application 10 mr. i nuip ["russler, at the Print Work*, or of FERGUSON 8c WALKER, Jyl9 1m*r ___ I William street. ^BEACON COURSE?TlToTTINa I 9 GREATF.ST SPOUT OF THE 8EA80N. On Monilay, August 14th, 1843, at three o'clock precisely, i match for $1000, between II. Woo<lrutt''? bl. if. Cottar Boy ind Wm. Wheelan's b. m. Fashion. Two mile heats in harless. At 4 o'clock precisely, a Pur?e of $200, for which are entered xnd will positively atari, the two Champions of the World, Lady Suffolk and Oneida Chief?Three mile heats tinder the laddie Great excitement already exists in the sporting circles in regard to this Baca. Lady Suffolk having in her late trots made the beat time on record, at mile heats, and Oneida Chief 1 l>eing known to be the best pacer in the world, bets are freely offered that the celebrated Dutchman's treat time, 7 32!{, three miles, made on thjja Course in 1810, will be, as llie F.ditors of ;he Spirit of the Times would say, "knock'd into fits." u5 tI4*r i _1_T 1. ^zZl GRAND FISHING EXCURSIONS.- I SL?%;Jm Tin1 stenmlioat SUPERIOR, Captain John 4 ^ r;..?i,i will Itave for the Fishing Banks on I'lJF.SDAV, August 8; THURSDAY, 10; FRIDAY. 11th; < nd SATl.'RDAi. l-'f. i>fthii> .veek, stopping at Fort Hamilnil inch way, and on I' luiing, timu will lie allowed to inspect he fortifications. The lovers of lliis sport, as well as those of so healthy a trip. vill derive unusual pleasnre on these occasions from the Vocal nil Instrumental 4 lentleuien engaged, in addition to the hand of lie boat. Cotillion and other dances under th? direction of D. I. Lucas. Captain Peacocock will accompany the boat with his liartoons. Bait furnished on board, gratis. Places of calling?Foot of Chamber street at 8 o'clock; Amos itreet l4 past 8; Canal street past 8; Catharine ferry, Brooklyn, 9; foot of Pike street x/\ |iast 9; and pier No. I, Battery, Vf past 9. On returning, at tiJi o'clock, the boat will call at the shove places and land passengers, and on those occasions will lie accompanied w th chamber maids. Refreshment on board. Fare for the excursion 50 cents?Children half-price. att8 4t*ec ~TX) HAKKKn.?A TT.ikery for sal", cheap lor cash, ffrvcl nnw doing a good business. For |?rticuUrs apply 143 JiyH'?reeiiwich street. au 10 3t* til tl'O LET?A large, liaudsotne House, No. 87 Hudson street, w itl> oi without an adjoining store or office. Also, a small Mouse and store No.30 Hudson street.? moderate. A| ply No. 21 Hudson street. lu5 6t*r jg* MONTGOMERY HALL, MONTGOMERY, [VVjW ALA.?The proprietors of this F.stahlishment, so fa'iVffl ?- ' 'y known to the travelling Public on tile great tlio ouifhTare between Charleston and Mobile, are determined to itaintain the high reputation I'nr comfort and liberality ol aroigement which it has so long, and they trust, not uuderrvvdly enjoyed. The bniIdiiik*. which are very spacions nd conveniently arranged, have Iwn thoroughly repaired, and lie hed rooina both double and niiiKle, have been refurnished rith new beds and bedding, also w ith every necessary article ir comfort and convenience. The I'irlors, both ntibiic and rivate( are large, airy and elegautly furnished. These faciliies. with careful anil attentive servants, a cellar well stocked > iitli choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that lie season mid market can afford, and the firm determination of lie proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfacion of their guests, will, they trust, ensure them the favorable ttention of the travelling public. An Omnibus will at all lilies be in readiness, to convey passengers from the Hall Iload nil Steamboats to the house, free of charge. W. T1LLRY St CO. Montgomery, June 7, IB13. au ijm'r MA FOR SALE OH EXCHANGE FOR CITY PKOJ PERTY?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in the LVjJLhighent state of cnltivation, situated hut live miles Irom lie Hoboken Ferry, lending to the city ol New York. This ( ro|>erty has on it an eicellent dwelling House, 33 " y 25, bnilt in the most approved style of the Suite, with out- n iiildings and all other conveniences to make it suitable for a a r.idesmau's residence wishing to retire Irom the b>i?tle ol the > ity, and yet lie able within an hour's drive to visit fits counting a onse, as two stages pass the house night ar I morning?It is t< Iso suitable to the market gardner or small farmer, at the same h line taking boarders ftom the city. Bnt above all this, 1 rhat a situation linr a road side taveni.ivhich it has lieen known v ?the St. John's Hall, being situated bet we Ml llohoken and H lackensack, embracing the whole ol'tl ai great tralic that passes I lose places to the interior of hotfi those States, New V ork tl rid New Jersey. The said Farm will be sold cheap, tliel pre. 1 nt proprietor having business in England. \ N. H.?There is anout sii acres of first rate"potitoes; also ve acres of buckwheat; a quantity of young frill, trees, Jkc., a II in a flourishing condition. Application to lie made to Mr. n VM McUONNELL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham street, New n ork. v II more convenient a portion of the purchase money may re 'I lain on bond tnd Rinrtf sun *m*ec e .as ILLINOIS! ILLINOIS'! ILLINOIS! ! !-Any k F^H*non having lor sale at a very low price, from HO to 360 iSm.acres of firsi r te land, dry ami undulating, in Vermillion t, ounty, near Pans'" Mlinois, may hear of a purchaser by ap- t, lying to J A MFS tt AW, 12lsFulton atteet, N. Y. or by let- i, r imst paid, stating lowast price |ier acre, the ewict loca- | ion, the peculiar qunlil/, anil the quantity of the land; it im- | roved, stating the | arin'ulars uf snch improvements and the j iianner in which the land is supplyed with water for larmiug | urposes. A ml ilso stating the che.i|iest and most direct route i rum New York City to the lauds dvscrilied. N. U. State the quantity and quality of the fencing on the , and. J22 lm*ri- | FIVE DOLLARS KEWARD.?Lost, a black 1 Newfoundland Puppy about si* weeks old, leet white and white neck and breast, tail tipped w ith white, and >f the nose grey, Whoever will return the dog to No. Irving place shall receive the above reward. auO 3t ?c NtW /VIA*ONUJ WORK, JUST riJBLISHED. THK FKKEMASON"* MONITOR. nONTAININO A DELINEATION OK THE FUNDAO MENTAL Principles of P'ti RK.VIASON'RY )|?ralive nil Sjieculative, aa well in a Religious as a Moral iew, with explanations, and I'lates of all the Kuiblems of the legrew of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Masou. { ilark Master, last Master, Most Excellent Master, Roy il Arch iluon. Royal M ister, and Select Master's Degree, and Order of PRIESTHOOD, 'implied and arranged from the most approved writers, with | additions, Notes, and Remarks; also, Charge* and Songs by A. Davis, P. M. of Lafayette Lodge, No. 71. P. II. P. of Co- j umln* H. K. A. Chanter, >10. 91, <>l Philadelphia. Accomanied with t? correct likene** of Joaeph K. I'htmlln, K*<1., P. J. M. of the Orand Lodic of Peiimylmnia. j. DKSILVKK It MUIR, J Bookaeller*. Qaill Mmiitftct titer*. Book Binders, and Stv lonm, No. :ti South -Iili rt., Philadelphia. A complete ,a**ortin?nt of Maaonic Apr?n?, ollars, Sashe*, " pvpIIi, trrtiOcate. kr., ilwtyi on ImikI. To he had of the Affiant at Lovejov's Hotel, 31 Chalhim ..' liwi. ? Sold !iv tin' principal Rookw 11> r <. ail 10 3t*m R lOPPERi rWJNK, Dl I i\ AND KELT. J 150 case* very superior (Unlity of Kngli?h Sheathing, It to "~ 2(10 bales Brirl|M>rt Seine, Herring and ('ill Netl Twin*. bit to 'I" thread ? 100 bolt* Leith Cauva*i, No*. I to A V liifl do Pilot Cotton Duck, ?uper?or quality, No?. 1 to 4 |0 tun 8lieathin? Ml, well adapted for nliifw on Iouk viiv?c? , , . ?, In the manufacture of the above article* no egprosa spared in lalerial or workmanili'>. For lota to anit imrcluwer*, 111 y i,. K. < OLJ.IN s Si < O., aunec '* South *1 reel. |?< ITATCHKS.?The lar*."it mid mo*t aplendid aaaortmantof p< Watches in l!ie city, is to !? found at the subscriber'*.? * lie i* co:utantl> receiving all deacription* of (told and 9il- ?( r \l'atclw?, of the newe*t atvlea, direct from I.I* maiiuf'ac- pi rer*, in Knt(land, Kranoe, Md Switzerland, ha ia viahled to si fcra lareer aasortment, and at much lea* price*, at retail, than fr iv other noiuc in the city. Oold watclies a* low a* $20 to 12} pi ch. Watche* and jewellery exchanged or bought. All ate he* war> anted to ke<p K'~>d time, oi the money i? turned * Watchen, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, f d wairanted lower than at any Oilier place in the city ti <i. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, ti* Im'ec W holesale and retail in Will *tr?t. op .'sirs! 7" PKACHE8 PGR 8ALK MIK Subscrilier* have for *ale about Six Thousand Basket* of Teacliea, on wclutrda, growing in Delaware. These :hardi are three and four year* old, the tree* all budded, and '1 the heat aasorted kind*, and uncommonly fine, even lor thi* 1 ighborhood. The fruit, we think, will compete with any rei it may go into any market. We offer to sell them by the fail skrt, delivorod on lh? wharf al Delaware City, <,r "|,v "''""J. ' 1 ly we can. Tho buyer to (fire aeenrity for the (ullilmert oi a r ntiwct. _ . ... Any on# wishing to imrchM* c%n writ*, or <afl *na * vr fhard* and ubicnbtrt n<wr Df|*w*r# j?JJv | f,JV?n k " 1 'Jfr mmumo.Uoa, mu? b, po,t I Hj AMUSEMENTS. NIBM) MOAKDEIf. Director, MR. JOHN 8KFT0N. FRIDAY. Augu.t II. IM1. THE IIAVKI. FAMILY Se< .?ml iViirht "I VOL- A U VK N T. 7Ut Niuht of the H irl.-MiNi f'mlomime of MAZUI.ME. . _ ... To commcnne at S o'clock. .... )\ertur? to Oberon, Weber To I*- ?urcee?M by tbi' Pirtointme of . ? ?. i VOL'AL'-VENT. n which (ralnirl Ravel Jerome R^v*l Antoine. JU??I. Vnai..COi?IU?rl,.IoKuh IU,?I, Mom. Martin. Chart* W mther, Mni W-llv Mulime Jerome. Madame Martin ?n.l Mr*. C. W. Hunt, will huh tain the priucipal character!, Tight Ropn bv the Karat Family talf an hour'* intenniaaion will be alio wad for promenade ami relrwihmeut in the Orand Saloon. Vhere Ice Crenmi, Km it I cm, and l<elreahm?nu of th choicest kinds, and in Kfat variety, will be found. After which the Pantomime called MAZULME, THK NIGHT OWL. Maxulme, the Night Owl, Mr Wells Chevalier Bariano, Jerom* Ha??J K.inile, Gabriel Kare|. A frer which 'he Splendid Orrheitra will perform sersrai popular eUetloni ol new Mmic. _ Mniical Director. II-C Hill. Saturday, second night of the Entcliin VlwlfUM> strict rolice will be in attendance, and (Ml ca/? t?en to prevent the >tdmiuion ot improper tiersoni. Tn'keu H illy Cento. May be had at the Garden daring lie day. V7- A limited number of Season Tickau will ba ais>osed of. r'"7"No postponement at thii establishment on accoont of tha veather, \s tlie lirnnd K.ntrance Imm Broadway to the Saluoa s protected, and the new H.dnon. which 11 ventilated Iroin the o|i and sides, can he opened ;it a moment a notice OUTIIAN TI1KATKK. Sixth appearance in America ol the kllsler Brothers. THIS KVKNI N t i?W ill he tier formed THE PL MNH OK CHIPPEWA. ' Hon. Captain Pendracon, Mr. Walcott .laaper, J. (ireatnn Lennox, J. D. Booth ftrrv Hunt, | Indian Chief. Lennox Christine, Mrs. O Jonas Adela, MrvJ. Oreane To conclude with the Drama of the HKKCUIjKS OK BRI'l'lANY. I.ion arils, hlsslec Brother*, 'omit Oalner, Booth I Pnnceii Isabaau, Mr? O.Jonea lirAtnedee, Jauiiiou | Clotilde, Mrs Waltera During the piece, several Dancei by Mil* josftlyn. Drew Circle JO fenti?Upper Boxes tS cenli?P>t 12H cauU. )oon will o|?ii at a iiuarter paat 7, and the Curtain will ma at a <iu*rter hetore II o'clock. AlUKHli'AA MtMfcUM OAHDKN AND PKRPfcTUAL FAIR. P. T. BARNUM. Maauw. Now iqieued to the public n Splendid Saloon, containing rticles oi Trade, Mauulacturna, the Art*, Inventions, kc., taking A PERPETUAL FAIR. Without extra charge lor nilmmiion ! Among the m.my articles already drposited i? the R06MT (nitting Itooin, lor manufacturing stockings. gloves, and every rticle of wearing ipparel to measure, all whole, complete ana eamlees ! The whole oiieratioii of knitting Id PERFORMED BY A DOO! It will lie in constant oiwration every Day and Evening, mil it i'HE ORF.ATEST MECHANICAL INVENTION OF THE AOE! The matBger has engaged this werk the City Braaa Band of :rn Musicians; also. Muster F, Diamond, the Banjo Player and Negro Dancer. Mr. Win. I'ole, the Chinese Nondescript, and lis educated Dog?Oreat Western, the Locomotive isaitatar. See. Brouwer, the ('oiiiic Hinder?Cento, the Dansause. Admittance to the Museum, (harden, lie. ti centa?Children half price. autf ea HOHOKEN. INCREABED ATTRACTIONS. FREE INSTRUMENTAL CONCERTS. A T THE PAVILION of the Elysian Fielda-Every AIW -?* noon.?A superb Brass Band will be in attendance on the lawn in front of the Pavilion, and perform a variety of new tad popular Airs, Overtures, Marches, flee., fltc. This additional novelty to the lar-lained beauty of lU aceaery cannot lail to increase the pleasure denved Irom a visit to this very favorite resort '1 he lerry boats ply to Hobnken from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sts. Fare only 6X cent*. aui t?'r NKW MOTIVE POWER. AN Kngine without Boiler, Furnace, Smoke Pip? or Chimney.?Dr. Drake will have the honor to show the original working model, of the new motive power, which ha* eiciied so nucli attention in the scientific and mechanical circle* ol Phiadi-lphia, to the citizens of New York, for a few days, at No. 14 Broadway, ileal Canal st. The room will be o|ieu from 9 until 1 o'clock, from 1 until 6 jVIock, nnd in the < .cuius. Admission, to demy expense of room, kc., 25 rants. au'.l 1 w is * m DISBhiIW'H niDINO SCHOOL, <ftB BOWERY. MR. D. has the honor t<> announce that hi* School i* open for the. reception of pupils, daily, Sundays excepted. For Ladies, from J A. M. to 3 P. M. For Gentlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 3 to 7 P M. Highly trained and nuiet horses for lha road or parad*. fo let. For terms and particulars apply as above. a5 Im'r 'T'O ARTISTS AND LOVERS OF BOOKS.?A? there * are some tracts of land which would be dear at any pricc, so there are some books which will be found dear at any price. After all ihe eloquence of seller anil huver ha* been ethausted, the quality is the only proper test ol chenpness. These remark* were irresistibly suggested on receiving from London the first part of a magnificent project of literary and nrtistical enternr,M. ?,ll?.l .? A.V, Ol, iln- West rietuiea of ie be.st School*." It is published in monthly parts at $1 23. each containing tliiee splendid steel engravings, sccompamea by appropriate and descriptive notices, and will be discovered to combine the qualities of goodness and cheapness in those proportions which a reasonable purchaser would require. This work is evidently published to answer the enlaiged demand for engravings of general interest and high excellence; to render the public mind familiar with the sublime productions of tlie ancient masters, in combination with the most successful creations of the modern artistsat in short, to contain choice matter of leisure, meant or opportunity, lor it brings all the school* of Kuro|ie in revlew before the reader. In this country, where lime is *o valuable this is an important consideration, and we invite the American patrons of the line arts to egaraine this splendid collection of "Kems." R. MARTIN k CO., Importers of Loudon Books and Kngrsvmgs. au7 6t*r 126 John street, nTY. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. AC. B\RHY, Artist in Hair, from London. The ml heads of hair still stand pre-eminent above all others.? Plicir peculiar light, gossamer, and sentilatiug character?thair leiiiR shaped fiactlv as the natural hair grows?their elasticity nd their superior material ajid workmanship as well as their ryI#- of finish and arrangement all combine to form such per* pet heads of hair that they must be seen to be folly appreiated. A new system of the art of Whig Making taught in lire leaoiis. See a specimen of Barry's Wigs anil Scal|>s which will itisf'v the most fastidious that he is the best and cheapest uiaer in rhe city. 14# Broadway, corner of Liberty St., up stairs. au2 3wis#in WORMS KILL THOUSANDS. "^HILDRKN arc most subject to them, but persons of all ages are liable to In- afflicted with them. Had breath, pallets about the lips, flushed cheeks. picking at tlie nose witting ?.v. , I mi so, pun I" the bowel*, joint* or limbs, disturbed leep, frightful dreams, moaning ami soinelnnes a voracious PIH'tite, are among the symptoms of worms. Many are docired for months lor some other imaginary disease, when one *>* of Sherman's Worm Loienge* would effect a cure. Dr. lyan, corner of Prince street anil the Bowery, cured a man of forms that was reduced to a skeleton, and by only one bo* of ilieriaan's Lozenges : he is now as fat u an Aldermaa. The Ion. B. B. Be.ardsTey lias saved the life of on* of his children by leni. Tile sale of over 2,(MO,MO of boxes has fully tested them, 'le'y are tlieonlv infallible norm destroying medicine known. Vhat fiimilv w ill be w ithout them / t onsnmptiou. ( Oniths, Colds. Whooping Coughs. Asthma, lid <11 affections of the Iiiiiks, w ill find a healing value in Sherlan's Cough Loxrngea. 1 hey saved the Jle*. Richard De Ko ?t, the Rev. Mr, Streeter, Jonathan Ho wart h, Ks<^. and that mrthy old hero, Leonard Rogers, from the consumptive's grave, 'hey rnreil in one day the Rev. Mr. Dunbar, the Re*. Mr Handock. Win. II. Attree, Laq.. of distressing coughs. They are lie pleasaulest cough medicine and cure the soonest of any iiowii remedy. Headache, Bea-sickness and Palpitation, relieved in from fire Bten minutes by Sherman's Camphor Loxenge*. Persona atnidiug ciowded rooms or travelling will find them to impart moyancy ul spirit* and renew their energies. Those suffering roni too free living will find a few of the loxeoge* to dispel the lorrnrs and lowuess of spirits. Mr. Kraulh, of the Sunday Mercury, has repeatedly cured himself of severe headache by hem. ' aptain < h visa ick, of the packet ship Wei hag leu, Ka* ivitnesaed their efficacy in a great many cases of sea-sickness, l'hey Oiieiate like a cliarm upon the agitated or shattered nerves, i* Shenn ui's Poor Man's Plaster does upon iheumatism. him> igo, pain or we ikness in the side, back, breast, or any part of the boa v, Mr. H. G. Diggers, 30 Ann street, Henry R. Oouldmg i.'i!-? Chatham street, ,v|os<? J. Henrique*. Kan., and a multitude of olliers have eipcrMnead the wonderful effects of the** Plasters. Price only I2S cents. Camion is neceesary to aee that you get the genuineSherman's Loienge* and Plaaters, a* there iit many worthless articles sttempted to be palmed off ia place of them, by those who would trifle with your life for a shilling. . Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at bin Nassau street. Agent*, 110, 273, I.VJ and ?JI Broadway, 227 Hudson street. 1*8 Bowery. ~ Ka*t Broadway, M William street lo Astor House, 150 Fnlt m street. Brooklyn; J. Hineaon, Williamsborgh; i rjppe. Broad street, Newark, Van lrorse. Chesnut street, Philadelphia; tiuthrie, 4 Sranwu Hall, Albany; aud Redding fc Co., I Stale ' B mn. niKt I LAK?To th?* ?tib amenta of Parr'? Lif?* Pills, in th* 4 ' n%* N#?w KiiftUnri Siati**: ? Bo?row. Au*. 5, 1141. P|#d** Uk?* notice thai th* i|pnrf of < nH>rf? Rob?rU, of Boa* on, for th?' tale of'Piri^iTifV Pill?M in the New Knf land itn haa terminated; and tlu' we bare withdrawn from shim ill right to uir onr nunc on the pills. >*??, labels, wrapper*, kr., cl. tiKintinc (In- "Purr's Lid- Pills. Any further acts done by yon u sub-agent for the ?ile of Mid ulU w ill therefow he without authority; and if yo? raceita rom uid CJ?'o. Hoberts any moi? boiea of pills j>iir|N>rtiug to ? the genuine "Parr's Lift Pill*," and sell or dispose of tlia I me, VOM Mill do so at the |ieril of using a spnrious article, and f interfering with the nulit* ol the ?ole proprietors. An igent will be appointed immediately, in the place of tha nd George Hoberts. from whom a supply of the genuine spill* ill be obtained, and due notke will I* giveu of his nivointienf. I'riril rh^n please address Thomas Roberta It Co. (noJation of Owge Hoberts,) No. riot Broadway, New York, a it 1(1 Iwec _ THOMAH ROBt.RTB k CO. CONFECTIONERY. CREAMS, ICES, JELLIES, fee. <Src. dcc. l7HOLfc9A.LE AND UK TAIL, at Reduced Price., at 71 * ( anal alreet?JOHN BRAtH.N, the well keewn pro ietor of the above old < stablishineut for the laat ten ymn, wteful for the patronage*' hitherto received from hia fneuds, id desirous to merit a continuance of it. res|<?cilully informs lem a>id the public nerally that h- is now rendy to supply milies and Jealr,. i tlie city and routry, with cotifactiosry, in all ita branches. in nicli quantities as they be plaaara i order, always provided they keep within the bouuda of issibility. . , . . Tlie extent and elegance of hit saloons for ' '?* reception of >mpany to which is swelled a private sal.??u (ut^ '"'J1! n! rea.ly for the use of families, together with the srkuuwledged i|ierinrity of hia ( reams. Jellies, less, ' onlectionary, aad reethinents generally, ara too well known aad too generally apreciated to require COEaniwidation by >dwtis??t. Hv maintaining for his ?st?h nliin?nt llw ????*k>i reputation hich he has at gr-at rai?? ? "" "'I1"""' bailt up for it.Ha li -peia secure a continuance of the estenaive patniu ige ha has here ,1'ere lieen favored with, and give the same univ-rsaj ta'ufarnil tn all wh.> ?Ivor him with their cuitnm ( reams. Jellies, and Ices, in form*, it l> par quart. Orders sent to any part ot the city free of eipense. jvv IWlwrt: i;i;moval ro m;\v york. LOHH ol* Kn?t. %ntl L^jrn no hindrance to tb* act of walking?JOHN V. THOMAS, Cork L#* iiertfiilly informs th? public1 th?t he h?? J H|ihi* to No. m Water tttfH. conwr ol Pike ?. ty, where h* continue* to manufacture Artu|<'?? ? Un the moit correct an.I least complicereil h??in*, J t ??ity. invwtel, .ro.de, *n,l worn an WtifcM"*?' "jy in mij been * iruimfwrurer Virtt' V l? V7Y!m for i?? it of rlviai .uti.fiiction to ?H?ho r.ll un him lor L?fi. iiiJi, Arm*, or th? common woi>J*? l?*< J m*?

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