20 Ağustos 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Ağustos 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Foreign Importations. Havre? 8hil> Peter Hattrick?3 pkgs C H Schneider?II K KabmjuPttP nls and Morra?Hoffirioitter ftc Co?3 D G Ik. D Haiiland?3 K Beauvtlle?14 (J Von Bnutn?1 Roger UuilUIUH. MARITIME HERALD. Ship Mauler* and Agent* We shall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Vessels will give to Commotion* Robert Silvet, of our Newt Fleet. a Helton of tlie Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, ami any Foreign Newtpapert or Newt they may have. He will board tliem immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will alto couTer a lavor by tending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence tliev can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, AUGUST '40. itm rise! 5 1c i moon risr.? 1* 0 t'n sets 6 60 i hioh water 3 31 Cleared. Ships Westminster, Hoyey, Londou. John Giiswold; Louis ille, Hunt, New Orleans. E. K. Collins St Co; Kalamazoo, Mct'erren, do. J. Klwell 8cCo.?Brigs St. Marv, (Br) Baker, Barl.adoe* and a mkt, J. H. Brame: Lrmina, (Br) Hutchinson, Kleutliera, P. Balen ?c Co: Helen Anna, (Br) Hughe*. Truro, N8. Thos. Wiumettj Oulnare, libbetls, ivit Liesert, .Nesnutn, Leeds it Co.?Schrs August. Holmes. Ht. Jago de Cuba, Foster & Nickerson; Extra, Koons, Richmond; Millisent, t ole, Baltimore, Jolmsou & Lowden. , Arrived. Ship Peter Hatlrick, Po?t, from Havre, July 14, with iniUe, to K. t>. Hurlbut Sc Co. UriK Pallas, Blauchard, 17 days from Bonaire, with salt, to Neamith, Leeds II Co; 6,000 bushels do J. Koulke Ik Son. Hclir Treiser, Nelson, 14 days from Hachias, with Inmher, to Bmith St Boynton. General Record. Packet hup Weal min?ti;r, Capt.Hovey, tails for London to-morrow morning. Her letter hags close at the Exchange at 11 o'clock. Packet ship New Yu*k, Capt. Cropper, for Liverpool, sails to-morrow at 12o'clock. Her letter bags close at the Exchange at 11 a.M. Bariu'?. Calisto ashore.?Barque Calisto, Capt. Ilopkius. 19 days front Bonaire for this port, is ashore off Little Egg Harbor, She went ashore at 11 o'clock on the night of the 17th inst. while in charge of a pilot. A letter from the captain states that there is 11 feel water around him at liiuh water: the haroue draws 13H feet. The ve?.fl was tight. Assistance liaa been | suit to her. She has a cargo of salt. Havre, July 21?The Lorhinvar, for Cadiz, on leaving this port yesterday, got in contact with the Alarm, from Memel, and both received damage. The L return'd to tepair Klvmoi th, kai, Auk i?Barque Adaiio, Traub, Stockholm for NYork, put in tierv yeiterd.\y. very leaky. A survey has been held u|?u her, and it Is found her shear lias been broken S inches, and the mainmast sunk 5 inches from ils place at the deck. The cargo is discharging. A very severe hurricane w as experienced in the Bay of Bengal May 23<1 and 24th. Schk. Mrbci'Hv.?The following we cut .from the Now Orleans Bulletin of the luth inst. In appears in that |>a|>er in the form of a communication : " Permit me, through the columns of your valuable journal to call the attention of the proper authorities to the palpably gross conduct of our present Consul at Matamoras, Isaac Murks, who acts as if his office was made to oppress rather than to assist his countrymen in distress. The schooner Mercury, a wlialer, tieing water logged and with the kiss of her masts, was discovered by a Spanish schooner, and her crew brought into Matamoras. The crew, consisting of white and black, were huddled together in a small and miserable hut, with not oue half the comfort w hich a ]>ork dealer would appropriate to the use of his hogs. One of the poor fellows, a seaman, w ith his leg broken and almost entirely destitute of clothing, was (lerniitted to remain ill this horrible situation, w ithout assistance, for twenty-sis days, w hen the humane Consul kindly seut him six yards of muslin, to be converted into pants by tlie poor fellow himself, he not being able at that time to raise himself in bed ; he also sent him an old coat. 1 will not trouble von further, sir, than to ask the question : bv what right does this Consul retain one-tliitd of the proceeds of the sale of the wrecked vessel and cargo, exclusive of his 5 jier cent! The crew, headed by the sailing master of the sclir /ahriskie, at great risk anil exiM-nse, succeeded in saving cargo, he, to the amount of twelve hundred dollars, for which they received?nothing from the Consul. A man by the name of John Wilbur is selected by the Consul to transact his business, and you will perceive how faithfully he discharges the same." Mariner's Wages, 1'hiladelphia?'With Small StoresWest Indies and South America. $12 a 13; East Indies, $11; Coasting, $13 a It; Europe, $14 a 15. Loo ok the Hiserma.?Aug 4, sailed from Liverpool at 4 30 r M. 5th, running down the Channel. 6th, at 2 30 a M, Cape Clear bore NNE E about 4 miles, from which we took our departure. 7th, lat 51 07 N, Ion 16 36 W, course S 85 W, wind Westerly, distance 197 miles; fresh breezes and squally, with a heavy beau 8th, Ut 50 24, Ion 22, c S 77 43 W, wind Westerly, dis 202; fresh breezes and squally, with a heavy head sea. 9th, lat 49 46, ion 26 50, c S 7H 25 W, wind Westerly, dis 190; fresh breer.es and squally. 10th, 1st 48 48. Ion 31 10, c 8 71 6 W, wind Westerly, dis 179; fresh Kales, witn rain and a heavy head sea. Ulh, lat 47 56, Ion 36 15, c 8 75 21 W. wind a m NNK, f m Westerly, (lis 209; fresh breezes tail cloudy. 12th, lat 47 V, Ion 41 42, c 8 78 W, wind Westerly, dis 226; fresh breezes and cloudy. 13th, lat 46 24, Ion 47 48, c 8 31 84 W, wind Westerly, dis 852; fresh brfezes and thick fog. 14th, lat 45 36, Ion 53 12, c S78 W, wind Westerly, dis 250; fresh breezes and clear. 15th, lat 44 51, Ion 59 2, c S 72 26 W, wind Westerly, dis 250; fresh breezes and clear. ltitli, arrived at Halifax 8 a M; sailed again for Boston at 11 15 s M. 17th, arrived at Boston at 10 r m; took a pilot ou hoard at 8 30 FM. IIoiisomi: CoMfLiMET?t.?We learn from the New London Advocate that an elegant chronometer has keen presented to ?;*pt G. W. Hamley, of the ship 8toningtou, which lately arrived at New London from a whaling voyage. The following is the inscription ou the lid of the instrument:? " This chronometer is preseuted by the underwriters of the ship Stonington, to Capt U. W. Hamley, commander of that shii>, to indicate their approbation of his seaman-like conduct, and mtard for their interests, in bringing home that ship without unnecessarily going into a foreign j>ort, after she had sustained very serious injury, by coming in contact with the ship Lancaster, on the 15th Keh. 1843. New York, July 27, 1813." Whalemen. France, from Sasharbor for ('oast of New Holland, spoken 4th iust. lat 40 30 N, Ion 39 50?by the Peter Haltrick, at this port. CM at New Bedford 18th inst. Statira, Adams, l'acific Ocean and N W Coast. Spoken. Moselle, Havre for Boston, July 19, off 8cilly?by the Peter Hattrirk.at this port. Rothschild. (Br) Liverpool for St Jehn, 12 days oat, July 26, lat 43 2, lou 24 30?by the same. Unicorn, Boston for Manilla, June 10, lat 8 N, Ion 23 Steiglitz, Blackler, Boston for Canton, July 2, lat 33 N, Ion 39 W. Stenln ii Luiman, Baltimore for Canton, July 3, lat 44 N, lou 40 W. Noble, Brown, 14 days from Newcastle for Bath, July 8, lat 44, lou 21. Protector, Savannah for Liverpool, July 9. lat 36, Ion 31. Chevalier, Woodbury; Liverpool for NOrleans, July 16, lat 43. Ion 28. science, of and for Portland, from Liverpool, July 16, lat 52, lou 19. Ovando, for NYork, July 20, lat 44, Ion 22. Sylvanus Jeukins, Seymour, Liverpool lor NYork, July 23, lat 48 Ion 17. St Lawrence, Liverpool for Philadelphia, July 2.1, no lat, fee. given. Knropean, New Orleans for London, passed no date, lat 24 IS, lou 82 111. Sea Bird, (Br) from Lagana, via NOrleans. for Liverpool, no date, lat 24 40, Ion 80 15. Foreign Porta. Amtweut, July 31?Arr Burlington, Thiuu, NOrleans; 24th, Saratoga, Russell, City Point; Mandsriu. Colley, N Bed ford; Rio Grande Cousins, NYork; 20th, Palos, Flanders, Vireinia; J2d, John Marshall, roythresa, Kichmond; A Welsh, Magna, do; 23d. Uleudoveer, Parsons, N Orleans ;*5th, Belvidere, Wamtwrsie, Charleston; Aug 1, Catharine. Sundmau. do. Sid 26th, Martha Washington, Tyler, and Emily, Crane, NYork. Bbkmen, July 16?Arr H W Tyler, Tyler, St Jago de Cuba; < harleston, Cattermnle, New Yorli; 17th, Juno. Wahlman, do; Gleaner, Stevens, Matanzas; 22d, Ami, Grote, Baltimore; 23d, J H Adami, Koihl'oa, NOrleans; Rebecca. Dewers, New York; North Bena, Sparks, Oa'veston; 24th, Meta, Meyer. NYork; Marianne. Wietiug, Baltimore: 25th, Johannes, 1) jerks, Baltimore: Washington, Adams, Richmond; 22d, I'arthian, Allen, James River. Brake, July II?Arr Louise, Wencke, Philadelphia. Bkistol, July 23?Arr Robt Parker. Dwight, NOrleans. BiLIOA, July 11?An Willow, NYork. Belfast, July 22?Arr Conservative, Charleston. Bohdkai'x, July 28?Arr Chateaubriand, Laborde, New Orleans; 23d. Grecian, Bene<lict, Charleston. Batavia, April 3?Arr Swallow, Williams, and sld 12th for Bombav, May 26?Arr Petrel, Preu, Macao, and sld June 27 for China. . , ? Chosstadt, July 12?Arr Cincinnati, Barstow, Havana; 14th, Unicorn, Mullens, do; 18th, Wallace, Cunningham, and tiloucester, Proctor, Havana; Kliza, Talbot, Matanzas; 19th, Pico, Harris, Boston; 20th, llaunah Sprague, Cook, Havana; 21st, Allioth, Simpson. Trinidad ; Altnira, 'I hayer: Roclielle, Huckins, and Howard, Hill, Mttanzas. Sld lJth, A'iosto, Kabens. Riga; Sarah Parker, Codman. Jo; Conquest, Oifford, Vlsinore, 21st, Henry, Means, and Czarina, Gray, Boston; A atten. ThomDson. Riga and New York; Chilo. Lambert. Bor dram; Nautilus, Tewksbury, and l!a!(owrell. Smith, SunderCowgs, July 21?ArrWahan, Bartlett, and Alfred Tyler, Knoi, Mai auras, and >ld Ul tor Antwerp, former for Amsterdam; Michigan, Hasty, Matanzas; Brooklyn, Richardson, Richmond; Bd, Princeton, Houghton, City Point, Va; Neva, Bowne, NOrlnans, and aid lit for Antwerp: 23d, Winnepnce, Lowell, Matanzas;I!Hh, Laurens, Smith, New Orleans; Aug 2, Kennebec. Smith, Porto Rico. Clyde, July IS?Arr F.agle, Lang, NYoik. Sid 28th, Octoran. Smith, do. Arr 15th, Agitator, Henry, do. Cardiff, July 23?Sid Elizabeth Bruce. Pollard, Boston. CuiHAvrN, July 16?Arr Wellingsley, Covington, Havana; ' 2ith, Persia, < handler, Cuba. Cam'., July 7?Arr New Hanover, Oarwin, New York; 9th, Russia, Simpson, do; New F.nglaud, Welch, (ihent. i Calcutta, June 2?Sid Moslem, French, NVork. Dr.Ai., July 20?Pa*?ed. Katharine Jackson, Myers, Baltimore for Rotterdam: 22d, Siberia, Bartlett, Matanzas; 24th, (tail Veazie, Couillard, tN Orleans for Breinea. Arr 29th, Magnet. Oage, London for Charleston; Josephine, Hedge, do for Boston; Hersilia, Crowell, do do, and sld An* I. Arr Aug 1st, Vernon, Webster, Madeira; 2d, Charles, Lowe, London for Boston. Kumom, July 12?Passed, Fanny, I.oiiiiier, New York for Stettiu; Kmerald. Walker, Cronsudt for Belfast, 16th, Sartelle, Coring. Havana for Cronstadt; Abagun, Wright, Matanzas for do; Richmond, Uihbs, Havana for do; 19th, Don Juan. Harding, Stettiu for Newcastle; 20th, Venice, Oill, Kjohcnhav for Boston; 22d, Abo, Fooks, Stetlin lor North Sea; York, Morrill, Trinidad for ( ronstadt; 22d, Chandler Price, Dunlevy, Havana fordo; Mcl.ellan, Hartshorn, New York for Stettin; Sirms, Schmidt do do; Swan. Blanchard, Dantzic for Bangor. W, Hth, Almira, Thayer, Matanzas for Cronsudt. F.LHe, July 28?Arr Roman, Hefner. Havana. K.mdkn, July 17?Arr Fran Annette Baltimore. FaLMOt'TH, July l^?Sld Finland, Naaou, Trieste. OoTTgPtBl'RO, July 12?Arr Samos, Heed. Boston; 19th, Manhattan, Wetherill, NYork. 1?K. n_Arr r?m.n?rr.. H.ink. NV ork: 2.'ith. J W Hnntiniiton, Knigsbury, Matanzas. , OinRAl.TAit, July B?Art Commwf, Allen, Norfolk, and M 13th lor Marseilles, nth, Rhode Island,Church, Mobile, and ,i,i for Oenoa: 16th, Kmily Wilder, Brown, N York. Sid 6th, Aielia, Francis, Tiieate; 10th, St Cloud, DiTii, Cldili l!tn, Pons, Graham. Saloe; lath, Frances Amy, Oiberson, Alfiers; Itlh, F.lfort, Adann. Mazagau. Arr 20th, Ten Brothera, Crawford. NOrleana. Sid Kmily Wilder, Tarragona. Arr 9th, IT S brig Trillion, Upshur, Hampton Road*. Omo*, July 22 a 26?Arr Delight, Wotten, Mobile; Toronto, Wtahburn, New Orleant. Sid 16th, LycoiniuK, Copeland, OR.tvKtF.ftP, July 26?Arr Siberia, Bartlett, Matantaa. IUvrc. July 20?Arr Ontario, Barstow, New Orleant; 22d, Francois lat, Ainawortb, NYork; 24th, Windsor Caatle, Glover NOrleaiir, Delaware, fatten, do; New Hampshire, < :hase, Mobile; Monticello. Law ton, ilichmond; ?th, Oneida, Funck, NYork; 26th,' arolina, (iillea, Martinique: Jflth. Burgundy, Wottou, N York; Sam I Hicks. Banker, Richmond. Sid 17th, St Nicolas. IVII, N York; 2.'ith, Ducliease d'Orleaus, Richardson, and Splendid, Crocker, N York: Sanony, Snidder Boaton; Kurope, Barker,.and Lochinvar, Weacott, ( adit; Moscow, Carter, ( harleston. , Hamburg, July 20?Arr Wellinnsley, ( ovington, lUvana, ?d Brighton Commings, do. Hr.LvotT, July IV?Air Ucal Washington. Marhurv, Vir giuta; Mt Vernon, M'Manus, New Orleans; Margaret K?rbe?, Pieaeott. Hirhmond; 29th, Agnes,Cameron, Havana Arr 16th, My Newtll, Martin, Boaton; Independence, Birkett, Philadelphia. lUiTiNnt, Aug I?Off, K.mpire. Swaaey. N York. llonsRT Tot**, March :ll?Bid Roht fiilsford, Caldwell, N /e? land. i,i?gBfooi., Jaly |??Arr Columbine, Wtlah, C harleaton; I 19th, Hudson, Page, New Orleans; aOth, Tallahassee N?l, I do' Raupahaiiiiock. Druuiuioiid, do; Kit v\ hitnev, Hardline. S.n jjin.ili. Liverpool. Hadley. jiiil Satellite, DaWy, Mobile; J Ttios I' ( "I*. Mierckeu, Philadelphia; Oiford, Kathbuiie. New York; Slat. Ocaun Queen, M'Bride.and Kauny, Buson, NOi I leant; \V.i?hniKton. Wilkie, Mobile; Itaiuixleii, Cowan, Nat- j chfi; Venice. Tin inpsoti, aJld Sh.ikspe.iie, Henderson, I liirlrtoo; 22d, Rockiughun, Peuhallow, NOrleans; Henry Duncan, Hull, Mobile; 23d, Yorkshire, Black, NOrlean*; Colchester, Witlier?, .vlobile; 24lh, Prince of Orvnge, Deas, NOrleans; Sir Howard Douglass, Ouilvy, Savaunah; 27th, (in-al Western, (>) Hoiken. NVork; Hilteruia, (a) Jutliiin, Boston, 29tli, Patrick Henry, Delano, NYork; I arnliue, Stevens, L)ie|ipe; 3Ut. Mersey, Tucker, Apalachicola; < rusader, Johnson. Charleston; Auk 2, Governor Davis. Neel. aud Leila, Hicgius, NOrleans; Alabama, Wood, Mobile; Ohio. Putiu.in. NYork; 4th, Laura, Snow, NOrleans; Montezuma, Lowber. New York. Alio arr, 3d, Alexander, Leeda, NOrleant; July 22d, ( aledouia. Corbett, NYork; Aug 4. Hie Duke. NewOrleaus; Howard, Callan, Savannah; 4th, Virginian, Allen, NYork; Wellington, Mclntyre, NOrleans; July 22, Margaret, (s) Shannon, lUlil'ai, via Cork, where the touched for coal. Sailed Aug 3, Win Ik James, Shepherd, Providence; North 8tar, HkilliiiKton, Philadelphia; Southerner, Hallett, Boston; 1st, Lnitpd States, Brittou, NVork: Chicora. Roger*, CharhsUini July * Wil*ou, N York; VP alier. Boyd, Philadelphia; 2jtn, Ooeco, Drew. Boston; Geo Washington, Burrows, and May Flower. Weeks, New York; 36th, Xylon, Barrell, do: Plymouth, Fuller, Boston: 24th, Birmingham, liobinsoii, NYork; Powhattau, Marshall, Baltimore; 22d,C'ambridge, Baratow, New York; Yarmouth, Matthews, Philadellu.l. ALL.. II-II-.. / nth a 1!? a~ I Vvisca???*r; 28th, Oswego, Wood, liew Vork; Aug 2, Mary Smith, Lewis, Havana; Hanover, Drummoud, Baltimore; Ciardiner, Bradstreet, Boston. Cld l?t, Aulanta, Rn monci, NVorlt; Orozimbo, Marcy, N Orleans; Southerner. Hallett, Boston; July 29, Rowland, Bl.iuchard, Savannah; 28th, Wm k James, Shepherd, Providence; Amazon, Bachelder, .NOrleans; 22il, Goodwin, l)avis, Portsmouth; Plymouth, Fuller, Boston. Knt lor Idj 4th, Conqueror, Mr Auley.Charleatoii; Liveqiool, Hadley, .Work. Briinswiek, M'Mauus, Rio Janeiro; July 22, Pontiae, Parks, Philadelphia. Loading id, Octavius. and Nestor, Boston; Catharine F rarer, Bristol; Birmingham, Henry, and Fortitude, C harleston; Rochester, Nile, Portsmouth, hugland, Great Western, Hudson, Tallahassee, Gossy piuin, Sharon, and Uarrick, N York; Kcho, Sohieski, Orozimbo, Atlantic, Amazon, Metokj, and Oeorgi ana. N Orleans Advertised, Oclarius. Colburn, Boston, no dav; Britannia, (?) Hewitt, do, 19th; Goodwin, Davis, Portsmouth, NH. soon; Harriet, Vinson, Providence, no day; Nile, Johnson, NYork. w ith dispatch; Cieii Wiltshire, Leslie, Virginia, do; Thomas 1 Ho|ie, Mierckeu, Philadelphia, Hrh; I'ontiae, Parker, do, no day; Conqueror, MeAuley, Charleston, 24th; Birmingham, Robinson, do, Ids; Henry, Sailer, do, no day; Rowland, Blanchard, Savannah, do; Atlantic, Mallet, and Sobieski, (jay, NOrleans, soolr, Kcho, Sill, do, no day?packets oil their regular days. Lorndow, July 28?Knt inward, Verona, Howes Matanzas; Henry, Novas, NOrleans; Victoria, Morgan, New York; 23th, Roscius, Millett. Havana; 27th. Soring, Hamilton, Matanzas; Aug 1, Wm Badger, Coffin, N1 ork. r.nt outwards 26th, Slag, Pearson, Boston. Cld IBtli, Mediator, (.'hadwick. New York; 27th, Wellington, < hadwick. do; 29th, Victoria, Morgan, do; Aug 1, Bourne, Bradley, Philadelphia. Ill port 2d, Velasco, and Stag, for Bostou, Idg. L* Odavra, Aug 3?In port, Roanoke. from Bostou. M.tRscii.Lr.s, July 17?Arr Courier, Dupgan, N York. Sid 13th, Hy Thompson, Sylvester, ?lo: Agenoria. Androi, Pictou; 22d, Ksther, Kmery, N Orleans; 2itli, Wisconsin, Hickey, New Orleans. Muiuha, July 1?Sid Arethusa, St Petersburg; June 22, K D Wolfe, St Thomas Mai.aoa, July 2?Sid Crispiu, Walker, Hamburg. ?i tnitnii.1.*, ?. hub, jui> xi?111 win, i ommerce, ivogerj, for Boston, lilg; Horiensia, for NYorli, 10 days. Passed going in, Angola, from Jamaica. Nam i'm. July 18?Arr in tin- river, Talma, Cayol, NOrleans; 2<ilh. L'Otlulia, Cailom, N York. Portsmouth, Aug 2?Arr Wellington Chadwick, NYork. Sid July 22, Mediator, Chadwick, do; 31st, Sophronia, Newcomb, do. Plymouth. July 22?Off, Orlando, NYork. Palermo, July 17?Sid Venezuela. Randall. Boston. Ui'i.hkc , Aug 12?Arr Victory, llill, and Kwerrtta, Park, Hull', F.ndymion, Sinclair^ Chorister. Robert, and Watchful, MrKeniie, Algiers; Acaaia, McKenzie; Lord Wellington, Hill, and Ro-y O'More, M'Master, Liverpool; Klixa Ann, M'Alister. I.eitli; Friends, Darker, Matanzas; 14th, Smile, Strickland, Gibraltar. < Id 12th, Thos 11 an lord, Herbert, Cork; Kinperor, Crossman, Stockton; Ganges, M Leod, and Leander, McPhelan, Liverpool; ('am. Starks, and Anne, Smith. London; 15lli, Lady Kiunaird, Robb, do; Dewdrop, Storm, Liverpool. Rouen, Juiy S9?Arr Swift, Nichols, Charleston. Um i, July 17?Arr Sarah Parker, Codinan, Matanzas; 10th, Tiberias, Howes. Havana. St Albans, July 15?Off, St Petersburg, NYork for St Petersburg. Siiirlds, July 22?Arr Baltimore, Meyer, Bremen. Sid 28, J H Cheney, Crabtree, NYork. Arr 25th, V euice, Gill, Copenhagen. Start, July 17?Off, Clara, Penhallow, Havre for Cadiz. Scillv, July 21?Off, Maria Fanny, NOrleans. Swineminde, July 14?Arr Helena, Assander, NYork; 15th, Fanny, Svennies, do; 23d, Henrietle, Schuntz, do (reported at Stettin same date.) . Saimior, June 4?Sid Argo, Corliss, Boston; Isaac Hicks, Bridges, Salem. Sydney, NSW. March 10?Arr London, Barstow. NYork. Texel, July 19?Arr Ja? Calder, Webb, Charleston; 27th, Vrowgelie, Wjckman, New York; 2!?th, Iris, Merry man, New Orleans; 15th, Carthage, Knapp, James River. Trieste, July 10?Arr Isaac Wewton, Spalding, Mobile; 12th. Confidence, Bailey, Matanzas; 20th, Cumberland, White, Apalachicola. Home Porta. Belfast, Aug II?Arr Halcyon, Patterson, NYork. Fast Tiio.Maston, Aug 13?Arr Hydaspe, Spaulding, New York. ThomastoN, Aug 13?Arr Coral, Wellsby, Alexandria; lGlh, Georges, Walts, NYork. Sid Forest. Kellum, Norfolk. Portland, Aug 16?Arr Washington, Sargent, New York; Magnet, Baker, do. Owl's Head, Aug 13?Arr Vandalia, Berry, Bangor for Philadelphia. Portsmott li, Aug 16?Arr Harriet Rock well, Liverpool. Nf.wburyport, Aug 17?Arr Meilora. Lunt, London. M&RBI.kiiead, Aug 17?Arr Sardius, Linilsey, Cadiz. Boston, Aug lit?Arr F.leciro, Packard, Mansauilla; Si Thom^is, Currier. Baltimore; Cohasset. Scars; Thames. Liltlejohn; J Rusting, Dole, and Larkin, Churbtick, Philadelphia; Merchant, Carlisle. :ind Potomac, Loriug, do; Two Brothers,Goods|>eed, Albany; Page, Taylor; Cambridge Hall; Maize, Pillsbun-; Pennsylvania, Crowell; Rose in Bloom. Crowe||, and Geo ? Heurv, Nirkerson, New York. Telegraphed, Tangier, Parks, from Pniladeliihia; brig 'FranVlin.' Chi Washington, Shankland, West Indies; Creole, Phelps. Talcahuana and Valparaiso; F.olo, (Sic) Castellauo, Naples; Spartan, Bates, Surinam; Cashier, (}errish, Cape llavtien: Magnet. Baker. Phil.i delphia: LodemiaSt F.li/.a. Price, Work. Arr Hiberuia, (s) Judkius, Liverpool, Aurora, Devereaux, Wilmington, NC'i Cambridge, Hall, and Fancy, Chase, NYork. Ni.w Bedford, Auk 17?ArrOneco, Bates,and F.dw Frank, lin, Cushing,. Philadelphia; I8tli, Ellen Hodman, Shepherd, N York; Adelaide, Slocum, Albany. St iiuatf., Aug 13?Arr Dover, Cgrtis, Sua!. Providence, Auk 17?Arr Cordelia, Benson, Charleston; J L White, Hollers, Philadelphia; Jas L Lone, Hawkins, New York. Shi Arion, Heath, do. Nf.w Havkn. Auk ih?Arr New Vork, Jones, and Empire. Thompson. NVork; Miracle. Moselle, ami John Co*, Albany. 8ld Beuj L Swan, Benjamin, Demerara; President, and Lauy Fenwick, NYork. Hartford, Aue 17?Arr Tryall, Turner, NVork: Anthraci'e, Marshman, Philadelphia. Sid Two Brothers. May; (ten 1 Davis, Taylor, and K H (Mover, Callahan, Philadelphia. Albany, Aug 18?Arr Detroit, Cainmet; Niagara, Lovell; Clirion, Coleman; Balance, Nickerson, and Banner. Lewis, Boston; Elisabeth. Hoyt, and Reaper, Kelsey, NHaven; Franklin, tiurney, Sippican; Vulcan, Philadelphia. Sid T Peterkiu, Avery, NLondon. Philadei-phia, Aiik 1!)?Arr Joshua F.mlen, Wilcox, New Oileans: Gallin, Thompson. Boston; Foster, Lancaster, Providence; F A Seward, Ross, and Amphitrite, West, New York; Pennsylvania, llinson. NHaven. Cld Sulla, Bancs; Julia, Van Uilder, and Atlas, Vaughan, Boston: B H Field. Van (Jilder, Providence; Brandywine, Stephenson. Stonington; Lexington, Young, Jersey City. Arr at the Philadelphia and Heading Railroad Wharves, Richmond, Aug 17, Wicnford, Turtle,New Suffolk; Congress, Brown, llarriiiKton; VPassaic, Kg man, and Fa?r Play, Young, N Vork: Superior, Smith, Providence. Lkwf.s, Del. Auk 17?The Delos, McCall, lor St Barts; Bunker Hill, for 8t Kitts; Moiihegan, Osceola, Rimbler, Drcl iraHon, Splendid, and Pomfret, for Boston, went to sea yesterday afternoon, with a fine breer.e from SF.. BaCTimori:, Aug It?Arr John ("mining, Thayer, NYork; Com Warrington, Oatchell, Porto Cabello and La Ouayra; Jas Power, Keene, Nassau, NP; Eliza Meaerole, Shepherd, Boston; Post Boy, Gray, New|H>rt; Direct, Briggs; Alexandria. Lewis, and (Jen Wm Washington, Halwerson, NYork. Alexandria. Aug 16?Sid Kate, Havinur. Halifax. Richmond, Aug 18?Cld Clyde, Bickford, Bremen. Below, Olivia Brickell, W hite, Jamaica. Savannah, Aug 15?Id David Duffel, Williams, NYork.? Sid Augusta, Shapter, do. TcTPRmEKs'p'OR SALE?A Fount of Minion and Nonpareil which has ? Deen useu on me iifw vom neralU. Apply at this oilier, afi tf REWARD.?STOLEN, on Thursday afternoon, 17th "IP'-'" inst., from the house No. 124 Wnt 13th street, the following articles, for which the above reward will lw paid, or in proportion thereof: One ?ilver Tea-pot, oblong form. el?oiiy handle, marked K. M. B.| Sugar Dial! and Milk Tot, with grape leaf ornaments; six table Spoons, maiked P. M. V.;nine dessert Spoons; nine tea Spoons, shell handles, and six tea Spoons, fiddle ends, all marked V.;five henry silver Forks, marked M. A. V.;C. V.; C. V? &c.; five heavy silver Napkin Rings, marked M. A. v., J. C. V., J. v., "Charlie," M. A. V.; one silver butter Knife, solid handle; two salt and one mustard Siioons, marked V.; one gold repenting Watch, plain back, while ch<na face, and blue steel hands; one ((old Watch. French make, No. 3126, engine turned back, white face and gold hands; one silver Watch, engine turned back, gold hands, Sic., w ith other articles of value. Also, a black dress Coat, nearly new, ouiltrd skirts, lined throughout with diamond pattern black silk; three pairs plain black cassimere Pantaloons, and one |iair black ribbed do; silk Purse with a small amount of money, Sic. Ike. The above were taken by a dark Mulatto woman, about 23 years of age, calling herself Caroline, or Louisa Holmes, who came into the service of the family that morning. Pawnbrokers and others are requested to stop any person offering either of these articles I'oJ sale, anil give notice at 29 Pine street, or 121 West 13th street. au20 3tec SNUFF, CIUARS AND TOBACCO?Just received i?r recent arrivals, an_ importation of choice foreign Snnffv, consisting of Lundy Foot's Irish high toast'.high dried Welch, Harilhani s, No. 37, Violet Straaburg, Morton's mixture, Prince Albmrtldo, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic snuffs of the subscriber's manufacture. On band a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Norma,"' "Kegalia." "PaueteU," etc. Cavendish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, (icrm.ni. (4 qualities) Scafarlatti, una Spanish smoking tohacCOs;Dutch and Kuglish rlav pijir?;Jiines' Koyal |?atent matches; cigar case*; tube*; fancy pipes; snuff boxes, and every article appertaining to a well stocked tobacconist's establishment, for sale at wholesale and retail by MRS. O. NKWCOMBF. Si SON, an 21 lm*ec No. I Wall st. J. SORIA'S CHEAP DYEING F.STABLISHMF.NT. MIL SOR1A begs leave respectfully to inform his friends and the public ill ral that owing to the depressed stile of \ he times, he has reduced his price 25 |?-r cent below the regular charges. Ladies w ishing their summer dresses, shawls, Sic. dyed or pressed, will lind it much to iheir advantage by paying bun a visit. (Jentlemen will also do well to c.ill with such articles of wenring apparel as ma) need dyrinu or pressing. All orders will he punctually attended to, and the articles done up in the best style at Soria's establishment, No. 190 Peirl st. His branches an- at No 2i7 Bleecker St., No 342 Bowery, and at J87 (1 rand st. Also a branch at 11 Fulton si. Brooklyn, and at .Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place. i*ierrnanu can have all kind* ol goods dyed and put up in their original forms, and oil moderate terms. Principal office 490 Pearl it. au20 im 'PARiK'f. nV. AND OV8TKH HOUSE, NI PTl'Nh EjLWNCH 13 IVk RowA N1 > 11KW KAPIK fully inform* hit friends and Che public that he hat fitted up the above place as * Pi?- Bakery, (iip?ni tin* old country principle.) and tout* that his well known reputation at * TV Baker will enture t call from all thnae wishing to njoy this luiury. ramilies supplied with Oyster and Sfeat Ties of etery Hetcnytion. 11 ft r, NQTJj PtWahav,legal claim igainat )aa ' Pominick, late of the city of N. York, butcher, deceased, a^ lequested to pretent the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber at the house No. 93 Mercer st.eet. Also, all thoae /%?*** ?flMi^ to make payment before the 20th day of November nett to M ?,* s. st ANWM DOMINICK. Ki'. m20 to Nvll 6mltaw*flr /)Km; k OFJETirERiON i\si imm | J OMPANT " ?Office .16 Wall street. This company continue their bn inets of insurance against loss or damage by lire, on goods, u>ir?i mul morrluiinm tlin ! /* ?ui 1- -..J gainst loan by inland navigation. *" *. I>IRK( TORS. Thorn** W. Thome, Klisha Hi?g?, Thoinai T. Woodruff, Benjamin H. Robaon. John H. l)a?kon, Krancia P. Ha**, Thornton Pric* Joteph Allan, John II. Lee, John P. Moore, Motet Tucker, .lanira K. Ilolmea, Caleb C, Tnnil, Jit?m II. Wlnting, Anton Baker, Wm. K. Thorn, Jnaepli Drake. Irail llawlcy, John C. Meruit, Thomat Morrell. THO.vlAH W. THOHNK, PmidMi. <*EO. T. HOPE, StcraUry. ml3 j*b A S Mr. J. H. L. hu broken bu appointiMBtat the B?lt|-rv Hotel twice. anil it i? not known where lie i?,1?.?'. In' i? rw<|ue*ied to call at No. 17 Pearl ?t.. New York, '>e^w,' 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M. ( to leave hi? iddreajtheiv, awl to tin- pcrtou Mr. L. wu to uin-t. au?o " rc NOTU'E.?Continue?* per ship Southerner. will ple-ue ' l|" notice tint ?l?' is this ua\ discharging under gcueral oruei, at west aide Burling *lip. _ *.ru WOODHULL & MINTUBNS, a 19 87 South ijtrirt. VO'i'll'K-All |?tioii? tliHt have li lt baggage at 46 Whitei-' lull street, arc requejted to call aud take awayt the same within twenty-one day? Iroui this date othatwiae It will be .old at public auction to pay "?*?p^ ^c0mNNK8H. New York, 17th August. 1843. ad 18 3l*r T ND EPKN1) E NT OKl>EK OH (i(>< >l> KKI.l.t iWS-The * following Lodges meet at 8 o clock, I. M.:? Constitution Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday, at :I00 East Broauway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at WO do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Tliuriiday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wrdinsday, at the Shaksl>ear? Motel, corner William and Daanu street*. anil Im'ec COAL, COAL.?Peach Orchard lied Ash Coal, first quality, will I* sold by the subscriber at the following low prices for cash : fresh broken and egg, from lump in the yard, screened, ana delivered to any part of the city at U per ton ; stove $4 75 ; large nnt SI 50 ; 25 cents l>er ton less will lie charged il taken from the boat?weight and quality warranted. PETER CLINTON. jy2 2m*r 571 Greenwich, coruer of Kirn; st. PLOthTapkr.? ^ 50 re? mi 40 by 48, polished 30 do 36 by 40 do 70 do 31 by 30 and 30 by 40 do A superior article, for sale by PER8HE It BROOKS, n 12 m 01 Liberty street OOTTON?1194 bales Alabama Cotton, in (store and for sale ^ by PER88E It BROOKS, au 20 No. 61 Liberty at. rPO LET?The whole of the 2d Hoor, basement and one J- room in the attic of the building, No. 385 Broadway, west side. Situation excellent for business. Enquire of ISAAC WALKER, a P.) 1? *oc No. 481 Broadway. npO~THE LOVERS"b? 8UPEUIOR^BLACK TEA.? s- Howqua's .Mixiure.?This extremely delicious and unparalled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imported, is now for sale at the Csnton Tua Company's Oeneral Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York, and llli Fulton (treat, Brooklyn?ill packages- Price 50 cents and $1 each. jy30 lm*r MONEY TO LEND! ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER. No. 5S lleade street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small turns, as may be required, on watches, jewelry, silver wart, drygoods, wearing apparel, and personal property ol even' description. jyJO ltn*r Spectacles.?c. h. pfauzgraf, oculist and optician, Canal street, No. 85, (removed from Btoadv.ay, 551) lias constantly on hand a lame aisortmeut of Spectacle* lor short sighted |>ersons. Also, every kind of Spectacle Glass. au3 lm*ec QTRAW WKAITINO PAPEH-4000 ream. Crown Straw Pajter, for sale by PERSSE & BROOKS, au!2 m 61 Liberty ?t' SODA ASH?JO toils of hi|[h strength forsile by persse st brooks, a 17m No. 61 Liberty st. LARD OIL?71 bbls very extra quality, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS U CO. au9 ec 56 South street. Bleaching powder and soda ash?Of superior quality, itt lots to suit purchasers, for sale by an 12 m PERSSE &. BROOKS. 61 Liberty st. ATESSINA RAGS?50 bales landing and for sale by 1V1 PERSSE Sc BROOKS, al7m 61 Liberty st. riting paper.1000 reams low priced ruled foolscap. 500 do uy do letter. For sale by >M ec PEHSSE til BROOKS, 61 Lihert>|st. SEGARS. TOBACCO, SUGAR (d COKK* t. Kf) 000 JlJ^8T RECEIVED, of the celebrated Lord Byroil braid, consisting of Regalias and medium size Segaru. :?,000 of the Florida brand, do do do. 20,000 Low price Havana*, do do do. 14 Bales ol Guisa Tobacco. 8 Bales of Havana do. 6 Caws of Free Labor St. Jago White Sugar. 12 Bags of superior do Coffee. For sale by a. A. sam anos, ?u!7 lm*r No. 6 Wall st and 289 Broadway. FOREIGN WINES AND L^UORS, No. 3'iK Ami street, New York. I-nr. nuvcrim-r iinj lur saie me iuiiowiiik cnoice importation* of the very b<*st quality, viz :? Old French Brandy in cask and bottle " Holland Oin " " " " " (Hamburgh " " (imported ill 1800) " Madeira Wine in pipes and bottle " (Sherry, Muscat, Bordeaux, Marseilles " " Cataloui, Port, he. Invalids and others will find pure liquors unadulterated as above?No. 33X Ann st. l:a!9 lm*m WHO WOULD BF, WITHOUT TEETH /-When the following unprecedented reduction ill dentistry is made by the celebrated Dentist, W. Thome, D D S., 62 East Broadway. CiauiaK Teeth, Si on ExtractuiK, " , - - 25 Stopping with his Justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot, 75 " " " ailver .... 2 0(1 " " Oold 3 00 A complete set of Teeth oil the most approved principles, at the same price as the above. N. B.?Where entire satisfaction is not.given, uo charge will be made. 62 East Broadway. a 19 PL. MUNOS, Importer aud Dealer in the best Havana Se ?ars, respectfully invites his friends and the public in general, particularly the judges of the article, to call at the store 34 Bowery, figure of the Indian Chief at the door holding the sign ill his hand. He has received by the late arrivals a handsome sui ply of the best flavored Segars. equal to any in the city, if uot superior. The above store will be open from 6 A. M. to 11 o'clock, P. M. jy22 lin*r SHIRT MANUFACTORY, AND OENTLEMEN'B FURNISHING STORE, ?Q MAIDEN LANE.-^Just received the latest and most " J approved French iiatteni shirts. A general assortment of shirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Sec. Shirts aud under garments made up to order and repaired at short notice. For sale, a Counting House Desk, with three drawers and book rack. WM. COLLINS. au20 lm*r ~~ WSFOT OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE LINENS UNDER GARMENTS, fcc.fcc. rT,H E Subscrilier would call the attention of their patrons aud ' strangers visiting thjs city, to their rich and extensive assortment of stocks, scarfs. cravats, gloves, sus|>euders, pocket handkerch'efs, dressing gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, silk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other under shirts and drawers. Their assortment of the above goods, and all other articles apiH-rtaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, aud well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, they would particularly recommend their new style of gentlemen's shirts, as containing many improvements. The shirts at present manufactured by lliem, are cut to suit the form of the w earer, thereby doing away with the large overplus of linen nvd under the old system of cutting, aud adding not only to the comfort of the weather, but to the beauty of the form This improvement was so muiifest to the Judge* of the late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was awarded to tlia subscribers; their patent elastic Brace in |>articiilarly recommended to all |>ersons who hive acquired tlie haliit of stooping. They will be found of immense benefit to persons of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen the back, and expand the chest, and will be found of no impediment to the free use of the arms. They would also call attention to their patent elastic Russia or riding belt. Gentlemen liny depend on being suited with the Ixut ami most fashiouable articles, by calling at the old establishment of M PARSELLS V AGATE, au 20 lm'ec 237 Broadway, comer ofl'ark place. A OL' ITALIAN!.?(il" Italiani di qualunqtie conditione, a ' ' loro figli, ancorche nati in America, residenti in qnesta i Inazza, coinpreudendosi uel loro numero i|iie' delta IflMI taliana, Trieste, protincie llliriche. Dalinazia, Hagtisa, Malta, Corsicae di ogni altra contradi, In di cui lingua c Ttalica, qua; Unique >n.i il MIOpwnw nmttiio ill Europa, MO iuvitati 1 ad mi' assemble.! che si terra alle sette delta sera del 19 del cor- j rente Ak'osto, nel S.ilone I'.ilmo (Chambers street, al di sopra del Cane), per seutire, discntere, approvare o rigettare, a lor , piacimeuto.un progetto temlente iton meno a render? ris|>ettabile , I loro nome national*, e la loro counazioiialitd in questo paese, cbe a promuovere i loro interessi iudividu tli 11 alle diverse occu- ] pazioui, a cui si trovano addetti. imI a riveatirili di lutta quella ( f lllllllblllilMH pubblir.i e privata ill cui gudono gli strrmieri di ogni altr.i naxionc domiciliati uell' Umone Americana. . Nuov.i York 13 Agosto 1813. all 2ted COPPER, TW1NK, DUCK AND 8 ALT?I JO case, very 1 sui>erior quality of English Sheathing, 14 to 33 on 200 bale* BridiHirt Seme, Herring ami Gill Neta Twine, M to 30 thrtvld 100 bolts I.eith Canvass, Noi 1 to S 100 do Pilot Croton Duck, superior quality, Not 1 to 4 JO casei Sheathing Kelt, well adapted for ships ou long voyages In the manufacture of the above articles no expense spared in material or workmanship. Kor saW in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS 8i CO. au9ec J6 South street. tHlLAUE L H H1A~D AG U K R K hOT YPE ESTABLISHMENT EXCHANGE BUILDING, ROOMS 96 k 17. THE Subscriber*. having procured the Agency for the sale ?f 1 VOIGTANDER'S DAGUEKREOTVPE APPARATUS, constructed according t* Professor Perzval's calculation, have on hand a large assortment of these Apparatus, and artists as well as amateur" of their art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will find it to their advantage to procure instruments of this construction. They also have lately im|H>rt*d a large quantity of (ierman and French plates, au(l all the chemicals iiseu 111 mrir Sri, wnirn iney warrant in every re?|>ect, it* they are made to their order. Polishing lubilancM, and morocco cases, and all necessary materials ar* sold on the mott reasonable terms The following gentlemen have agreed to act aa their agents, ri?:? E. White, Esq.. ITS Broadway, N.Y.I i P. Hass, hsq., W**hington, D. C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond. Va. P. Laurens, K.sq., Savannah, (>*. William West, Esq. Cincinnati, Ohio. All communication* (post paid) and order*, accotnpanird j with remittance!, will be promptjy attended (n. .mil should be directed to W It K. LANOENHEIM, I 1 je I lm*r Kichange Building, Phila. LOVK, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. I , JUST Published, Physiological Mysteries and Revelations i , in Lovt, Courtship and Marriage: an Infallible (Juide Book, : for married and single, on matters of the utmost im|>ortance to the human race, by Knuejie Becklaud, M.I). Translated from I the third Paris edition, ny Philip M. Ilaward. AmonK the matters duly considered in the work, are "Mat- ' ters of serioua importance to single and young married parsons." " The causes of and certain cur* for liar " The art* of beauty anil courtship." " The danger of solitary practice*, and how the habit may he removed, and it* effect* cured," " The cause of love and jealousy, with infallible remedie* for eradica- 1 ting from the mind the seeds of a ho|ieless or an unhappy |ws- 1 sion." " (Offspring, with newly discovered modea based on scientific principles, lor the prevention, or propitiation thereof."? " liitrrmariiage." "Dress, with the form and colors most becoming to the various shape* and completions." " Tl? mo?t auspicious seaaon for wedlock." " And most other meters of intt-rrsr in single and nwrned life, as relates the priucipal sub ' ject* above noted." ' Kor sale wholesale and retail, at 102 Nassau street, New ( A post paid order enclosing $1. directed to HOLLAND Ik ' HLOVK.H, New York city, will procure a copy of the work ' being sent to iny ;>art of the United States, or the I anailas, or ' three copies will I*' sent for Twelve copies will lie sent to one address lor $7 No franked or post pud letters taken out of the |>ost office, auU Imdlkw *ec __ lltuiv.vo i/wiruuiiu CiAinAi 1 Uf UAPA(MA AND SARSAPAKlLLv Afettain, sal'"- and most effectual remedy erer discovered for tlx' cure of OonorrhflBa, Gleets, Strictures, Whites ran.s in the Bark and Loiat, Snniaal Weakness, Affections of the , Kidnies. Graeel, 9corbutlc hru I'tjons, Ik.?- The lu^h riium- I I ioii nil) enormous Kit this medicine ha* obtained lor the U>l ' four vear?. is a certain criterion of it* immense utility , it lm . acquired the utmost fame in evary part ot Hnrope ; it has been '

clammed, approved of and sanctioned by the faculty of medicine, and rfcommfudfd by the most eminent of tlx- profession Prepared hy J. B. Thorae, chemist. London, and I6r sale , wholesale and retail, by JAMfcS TARRANT, 2fi6 Greenwich street coiner of Warren street. Also, at 2 Park How and 5U Broadway, 163 Broadway, <11 Broadway corner l.ispenard street, JM> Broadway coiner of j Walker street. aul? iwu'ni J " DENTISTRY. nR OLENNY, Surifeon and Dantist, has returned from the f ..W"1 Indiea. and has resumed the practice of his profession ti at No, Broadway, al7 6t*r NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS. PORTATION COMPANY "65_ NEW YORK \ND NEWARK. KAKK RKDl'CKD TC TWKNTY-K1VK CF.NT8. rrom the foot of Courtlandt street, Nrw York. (Kvery aay-Mmdav.^iceptedJ i Loaves New Vork. Leave* Newark. i At 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At lV% P. M. <|o. 3 do. H do. 41* do. i II do. 4 do. 9 do. S? do. 5ft do. 10)i do. 7** do. do. 9V do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. I From the foot of <'ourtlimdt street. i Leaves New Vork. Leaven Newark, I At? A. M. and 4lk P. M At UK P. M. and 9% P. M. I NKW YORK, KLIZABF.TH TOWN. l.eav?k New Vork. Leave* Klizabeth Town At 8 A. M. At J P. M, At 7K A. M. 3* P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8>j do. 7 do. i II do. do. 10 do. })i do. 5;* do. 12 do. The trains, for Westfield, Plaiufield, Round brook, Homerville, <kc., connect with tlie 9 A. M., and P. M. ; train* I from New Vork daily, Sundays excepted. Fare bet worn New Vork ami Kltzatath Town ii cent*. Fare between do. and Homerville, 75 centi. I NKW VOIIK AND RAHWAV. Leaves New Vork. Leaves Railway. At .1 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. . 9 do. 4 do. 8 do. t>Ji do. II do. 4*i do. 9^t do. 9 do. t'1 j do. ll? do. I NKW YORK AND NKW BRUNSWICK. Krom foot of Court landt itrwit. New Vork, daily. Leaves New York. I.eaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. Al 4 P. M. At 6 A. M. At IIV A.M. 6? do. Wj do. #? P. M. ON SUNDAYS. 1 Leaves New York. Leave* New Brunswick. > At 9 A. M. ami 4ji P. M. At IIV? A M., and 8* P. M. Kare. except in tliu Philadelphia trains, between New York aud New Brunswick. H cents. Between New York aud Railway, 2!t cent*. Passengers who procure tlieir tickets at the ticket oHice, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only on the ifay when purchased. au 19 r .Mlfl, yjji KlK THK FISHING BANKS?OFF A. ^.v3?HAN I) V HOOK.?Kvery TUESDAY, -9 THURSDAY,aud FRIDAY, The .team' hMt SUPERIOR, Captain John Would, will leave the Pier i foot of Chamber* street eiery Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning; leaving foot of Chambers street at 8 o'clock; Amos street W past 8; Canal street H pa*t Catharine ferry. Brooklyn, 9; Toot of Pike street X past 9; and pier No. 1, Battery, past 9. Landing al Fort Hamilton each way. Bait furnished on board, gratis. A Rand of Music accompanies the boat?and every thiuK will be doitf to make these Kxcunion* pleasant aud healthy. A Cli I iliermaid w ill attend to tlie I.idles aud children. Kare lor the excursion Ml cents. au'JO Iw *ec NEW A Kit A N'UKM ENT. FARE AND FREIOIIT REDUCED. OH REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PROm ^3?V1DEN( K AN!) BOSTON' via, HTONiv.nv.M AND NEWPORT?ComiK.sed of the folic -. iutc superior steamers, nuniing in connection with the Stoniiw" >ii anil Boston ami Providence Railroads MA SACHUBETTS, Cam. Comitock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARllAGANSETT. MOHEOAN. i One of wliicli will leave Now York daily (Sunday* except- < ed) from Pier N.). 1, Battery Place, N. River, at J P. ttl. ARRANGEMENTS. i The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and < Wednesday for Stouiugtoii and Newport, and Friday for Btouington. 1 The Si ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Coinitock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stoninfton, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport and Providence. I Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will he immediately forwarded in tlie splendid and commndioui Care of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for i Newport will proceed iu the steamer Mohegan (in superior ord?r) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an op|iortun!ty of a night's rest on board the steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegan. The above steamers have be?>ii thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passeugers, and not surpaesed by any in the United States. For passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths oau be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN & CO.. No. J Wall street (T7* On and after the 10th init, freight will not be received ana forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* m LAKE ONTARIO STEAM-BOAT HOUTE, FROM ROCHESrFR. T H 11 K E ST RAM - B OA T 9. ,-ja The ADMIRAL, for Niagara Kalis direct, J?(via Lewistou) daily. XbbJIhL The GORE, to 1 oronto and Hamilton. The america, for Toronto, touching at Cobourgh, Port i Hope, Stc., making a daily communication to Niagara Falls, i Toronto, Hamilton, See. < A NKW ROUTE BY WAV OF LAKE ONTARIO. Passengers can avoid the Oswego Canal, by taking the Rail- < road from Syracuse to Rochester, and then take steamboat for Niagara KalU and Buffalo. The splendid, large and new Steamboat ADMIRAL, Captain I Gordon, one of the liest sua boats that ever floated on the water 1 or lake Ontario, will le^ve Rochester landing every morning, I (Sundays excepted,) at half past 10 o'clock, or on the arrival ot I the cars from Albany, lor Niagara KalU and Buffalo. Through from Rochester to the. Kails ill 8 hours. Passengers leaving Syracuse in the morning at 4 o'clock, will l>e at the KalU at B o'clock in the evening, and arrive at buffalo in time for the morning steamboats up the Lakes. II. K1LKINS, Agent. Office at the Morton House, Rochester. The steamer Gore,Captain lloliert Kerr, will leave Kochester for Toronto direct, every Monday, Wednesday and Kriday eveniug, at 7 o'clock; and will leave Torouto lor Hamilton, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock. The ste.imboat America, Captain Twohy, will leave Rochester Lauding for Toronto, touching at Cobundi, 1'ort Hope, Bond Heau and Darlington, weather |<ermittiug, Tuesdays, Wednesday*and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock, P. M. Rochester, Aug. 8, 1813. auli lm*r mm fare ii ;D'rcKB kor bridgTTPOTFt aND NC'RWaLK?Landing at Belden's Kare to Bridgeport. ii cents. Kara to Norwalk 12^'cts. Fare to New Haven, 7J cents. The steamboat MUTUAL SAFETY leaves Libsrty street Pier every morning, Sunday excepted, at 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport and Norwalk, touching at I)>-lden's Neck, ruuniiig iu con- i nexion with the Housatonic Railroad. Hemming, leavs Bridge|M>rt at half-past I P. M., or on the arrival of the cars. New Haven Line?Stages leave Bridgeport immediately on ' the arrival of tlte boat. The distance is 18 miles, with fine roads and a beautiful country. Fare to New Haven 7J cents. Office foot of Liberty street. jy 18 Im'rc URIAH GREGORY. Agent. 1 .Mft OA REGULAR OPPOSITION FOR BOS- , A. W>.C3? TON. via NEWPORT AND TROVIjLmJKjE. DENcE?Kara to Boston S2 50; Deck Si 50; \ no charge for Berths. New|iort and Providence SI; Deck 10 cts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain vrin. II. i rt'K, iMvn ^auiarine namei HIi|>, r-ast iviver, every Monday, Wednesday mid Kriday, at J o'clock, I'. M. , For passage or freight apply ou board, or to A. U. PECK, 201 1 South at. aii.*) Im'm TO THE 'I RAVELLINO PCBI.IC. ! jMM /aSI OPPOSITION LIN E-The splendid steami" . %Tm1? boats NEW JERSEY, Capt Hobt Fury,and S^Jttt-SLl'ORTSMOlTII, Capt O. House, will form a daily line for the balance of (he mmn Ix-t ween New Vorlt and Albany. Leaving Albany and New York every even inc. Freight will lie taken at low pricei. For freight and pannage apply on board. au2 1 in > >aA SKVKNO'I LOCK EVEN I NO LINK feT "tj-Vgefur ALBANY AND TROY direct, without .Ci^i9CnE_landiiig?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. ,'IcLeau, will leave the foot of . Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thuriday, and Saturday ' veilings, at 7 o'clock, for Albauy direct. The Swallow has a large number of state roomi.and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed oil the Hudson. aul ec JM SF.VF.N O'CLOCK MORNING LlNft fa^KjS3?F()H ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate ' SEs?9E3bLandings?From the steamboat pier, at the I foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. ^ Leaves Nm York? The F.mpire on Monday, Wednesday i ind Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, h it 7 A. M. * Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newburgh, Hampton, r Ponghkeensie. Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, U. Red Hook, Bnstol, a Datskill, Hudson, Coisackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer F.M PI RK, Captain 8. R. Roe, v m Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. { Thr new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorham , r an Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. N For , 'ss.ige, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on board. F Notic ?All floods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie or any crt'ier kind of Pmpertv, taken, ship|>ed, or put on board I the Boati >f this Line^nust he at the risk of the owners of such a goods. au IK 2tr , 'mti ~jgm PEOPLE'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS rg* FPU ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P M.- , ..jfL Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Con unit and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. Steambn.. ''.OCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cant. L. W. Brainard. will leave Mont'ay, Wednesday and FriJay Evening, at seven o'clock. MailLine. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell, landing at intermediate places, will leave Monday,Wednesday J and f riday. afternoon, at i o'clock. The COLUMBIA, Capt. R. O. Crittenden, Tuesday, i Thursday and Saturday at 5 P. M. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive lin Albany lu ample tine to take the Moruing Train of Cars for , the east or west. , The above boats are new and substantial, are fnmished with , neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed aud accominoda- t tions are uuriv?lled on the Hudson. a For Passage or Freight, spply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz t at the office on the wharf. an7 6tr a ^Ull ** NO MONOPOLY-FARE REDUCED. ffl. "H,;. Independent Opposition Line for Albai y X_^JMtJE_direct. The new ruid commodious steamboat NEW JERSEY.Cspt. J R. H. Furey, will leave the foot of Barclay street, New York, I very Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. f For freight or inusagr apply on board, r reight taken less than tow boat Prices. The New Jftrsey is furnished with elegant state rooms, and ' Tor speed and accommodation is not surpassed by any steamboat ' m the Hudson river. jJ7 I1 .MM STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT !' tlW..T3?OF WHITEHALL ST.^The steamboats f W"HM J wtatl-v ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows until further notice :? 1 Leave New York 8 9, 10, 11, |, ?, 3>{, J ?, 7. Leave Staten Island t, 9, II), II, I, 2, 4, 3, 6, 7. Leave New York and Staten Island every hour ?u Sunday. Stali'H Island Ferry?foot of Whitehall street, to Clifton di- m rect. The steamboat Hercules will leave New York2 P.M.? l! Clifton, S P. M. on Sunday, July 10th. il P. S.?Eicursiou to Fort llsmilton, Snndays eicepted.? 1 Leave Fort Hamilton A. M., returning from New York, P. M. jll r f tta NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR , SHREWSBURY?Long Branch, Sr?idy 1 9Ls^_2HaSC_H<'ok. Ocean House and Eatoutown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. Corlies. will now run as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th 4 nst leaving New York, from the foot of Robinsou street, very Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock. A. M. Ami F.atontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Fridav. it 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather permitting, mi- t il further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners Fare 37? cents. N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passengers 'mm the aforesaid landing places to any part of the county re' The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable _ jrlJr ^ *MM j0t NEWARK AND NKW VdHK -fV fi'1 gML". y^nnlv 12^J < l ilts !? Tile S|i|riidid uleamer PAN- >11 X^iKZ.SMl >li. r June '?r h, will run at followt :? m Leave 11 If foot of Barclay .tirrt, New York, at 10 A. M., and Learn th? foot of Centr* itmt, Newark, at 7H A. M , ami * mi I HP- M. Tin- accommodating bo:l. for paaienceri and freight hare Men greatly improred. w. Kmght carried at rery low ratM. jyl6 3m*ec "J ^ ROCK AWA Y AND NKW VORK HTAOK?Will run a* followi on and after tl gJgKSeX l'ilv 13th inat l.eare Rockaway it I A M., r.r New York. retnrnmif leare the W4??r|y How, Broodray, at 3h r VI for Rockaway, by way of South Kerry U 'uieniten leatiax their nanw at 340 Pearl itreet, will be nunc-. In wily called for by HKNRY cbNKLIN, 1) Proprietor. h? AUCTION SALES. i THOMAn BELL. Auctioneer. BY BELL k HOWAKD. ( Sturet Xo. a Jinn itrret amI I li t ullon Hrttt.) TUESDAY. At l >? o'clock, in thl talet room. Large Sale of i-legant teatouable dry goodt, kf.?s4omi>ri?mg itapifi iikI fancy British, Krench and domestic dry goods, hotiery, kc. in lots to tuit families and purchasers, Jtc. Alto the stock of t merchant tailor, remnant* of cloth, cattimen-,, vestiu t. t?imuiingt, kr, Alio, a variet < of laucy and pledged articles, ke. WEDNESDAY. At I0W o'clock in the talan rooms. lt> Kiil.tr sale of valuable furniture ol'all descriptions Contistill* if eh ,:ant bru^ k, ingrain, uid veneti in . niiei*. rag., oil rlolh, beds, lieddiug, bedsteads, bureaus, chairs, tablet, looking (lasses, solas, wardrobes, china, and plated ware, various housekeeping articles, kitchen uteiisil?, kr. Also, a v aliiahle piano forte. Alto, 2 large iron chests. Also, the enure furniture of a familv giving up housekeeping, removed for convenience of sale THURSDAY, At 10 Si o'clock in the tale rooms. Kxtra Sale?Piano Kortei, choice paintings, nch lumiture, Sic kc. FOK SU,K AT PUH1 in AT J* * I ION '"THE KAIIWAY MANUFACTURING ( O. will sell at A public Auction, on 17th \ugutt, at their I'rint Workt, in Kaliway. N. J., all the machinery, and moveable pra|?rtv of llie company, coutltting of printing and engraving machines, ralleudert. copper cylinders, uye Joppert. dying and bleaching ipparatut, steam boilers, tteam engine, 2S horse power, with i killers, 2 lire engines, 2 patent balances, iron safe hydraulic mil common press, large and tmill slide lathe, Willi complete ict of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an attortment uf imported tlnel, and new and old iron, a quantity of drum luitauie lor canuo |>riiiii'M .uiu overs, iuui, casks, i\ml I ire* CISerus, stoves, tables, benches, Sic. Catalogue* or which may lie hail on application to Mr. Philip rtussler, at the Print Work*, or of FERGUSON ?c WALKER, jy 19 lm*r 51 William street. Ill, 1,1, Si HOWARD, Auctiouecr*. 32 Aim street and IIS Ful'.on it DEOULAR 8ALF.SOF FURNITURE of all description every WNHMiy Md S.itnrdiy. Dry Goods, Clothing, Fancy Articles, Varieties, Sic. Jcc. very Tuesday and ( riday. Every facility given in (he way of advauces. packing, itorage, Sic. thos. BI-'.lL, aul3 lw*ec Auctioneer. BEACON COURSE?1'ROriIMCl. The following Sweepstakes ar? open to come off the third ?veek ill September:? No. 1. Two inile heats iu harness, free for aM horse* never won a purse over $100; Suh. $100, h. f.; not excepting awful Iuleiiendeuce, Washington or Spangle. No. 2. 1 wo mile heat* under the taddle free for all horsas ever won a purse over $100; Sub. $100, h. f.; not etcepting Inlependence or Kate Horue. No. 3. Two mile heatu in harness, frtw for all horses uever li on a purse over $100. Suh. $100, h. f. No. 4. .Same as No. 3, under the saddle. No. i. Tw o mile heats in harness, free for horses never won i purse . Sub. $100; h. f. No. 6. Same as No. 4, under the saddle. No. 7. Two mile heats uiiiler the saddle, free for all liorsej never trotted for money. Stib. $100; h. f. No. 8. Same as No. 7, in harness. No. 'J. Two mile heats under the saddle, free for all horses fivo years old last spring. Suh. $50, h. f. Also, a purse of $200, free for all trotting horses, mile heats, tet three in five, in hsrness, to come off the secoud Monday iu jtember. Entries for the above purse ahd stakes to be made at R. Smith's, 31 Park Row, on Monday Sept. 4th, at 9 P. M. Three or more in all the above to make a race. an 18 7t*r NEW YORK * BOSTON SOU NO tMLOT. /~)WEN PRESCOTT, Pilots, or takes charge as master and pilot of vessels bound to New Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Keniiebeck. and OTHER PORTS. Office at Frye It Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Water street, comer Beekman. Reference to a number of merchants, and the several Insurance Companies iu this city, Boston, and Portland. IvId Imisr l,ii> r. rAtM1. i s?racket zutri AU||. TOjRrV ?Tin' splendid well known last sailing packet ship feWESTMINSEK, Atwood will tail positively as ?bove, her NKtUV day. Having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those wishing to i*cure bertlu should not tail to make early application on board jr to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck slip, corner South st. Persons wishing to send for their friends can have thein lirought out by the above favorite ship, or any <if the regular line, 011 reasonable terms. Those wishing to remit money call !HV" drafts for any amount,payable on demand ill all the principal towns in England. aulj r KOR GUADALOUPE.?'The very superior copWCTSfViH-r fastened ami coppered French ship GU9TAVE ftrlr ' Capt. Neg ret. She has very comfortable accommodations for passengers. Kor freight or passage apply to BOYD St HINCKEN. 811121-0 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water sts. ??? FOR LIVERPOOL-Packet 16th SeptemberWjHra^The new splendid packet ship QI'hF.N OK THE J)|^Hb?(WEST, Philip Woodhouse, master, I1U0 tons, will ail on her regular day, the 16th Sept. For freight or passage, having accomodations unequalled for elegance and comlort, apply on board, west side Burling lip. or to VvOODHULL k MINTUKNS, 7 South at. The fine packet ship Rochester, Captain John Bntton, 800 tons, will succeed the (^ueen of the West, and sail on her regular day. 16th October al9r AM*- FOR NEW ORLEANS?This Day?Louisiana V**3PVantl New York Line?The very fast sailing packet Mtfwlfaihip LOUISVILLE, Captain M. Hunt, is unavoidalifyiletaiued until < P. M, up to winch time she will receive freight. Passengers are then requested to lie on hoard, at Oreans wharf, foot of Wall street. Apply to E K. COLLINS k CO., if, South at. Shippers will please send in their bills lading early this day. Passengers will please lie ou board the ship this afternoou at 4 [*. M., at which time the ship will sail. Agents III New Orleans. Huliu Ik Woodruff, who will Jfnmplly forward all goods to their addrBM. The packet ship HUNTSVILLE, Capt. O. R Mumfird till succeed ihe Louisville. in I'm FOR NEW ORLEANS?Star Line? Fifst regu MT*3VUr packet ship with despatch?The splendid, well MMKakiinwii packet ship FRANKLIN, Capt. Kennedy, will sail as above without delay. She has splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin ami iteeiage passengers, who will In* taken at the very lowest rates. I'ltose desirous of securing births would do well to r.iake early ipplicatiou on board the sliip, foot of Pine street, or to JOSEPH McMl'KRAV. aulOec 100 Pine street. a ROOMS TO LET?Very desirable apartments are to let in Robinson st, No. <0, a few doors Innn College Place; may be had with or witho t board an 18 3tec M HELL GATE FERRY HOUSE-To let-and the |'"M stock, tixtures, boats and furniture. 11 required, Tor sale. 1'Vli TI... advertiser wishing lo start west the whole will be sold low. G. A. LANK, >16 2w*r Hell Gate Ferry House. Toot of 86th ?t, E. R. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY-A small Farm of about sixteen acre*, in the CiBLhignM *tate of cultivation. situated but W> wim BMB ne Hoboken Ferry, leading to the city of New York. This ronerty has on it an excellent story dwelling home, 31 by I J, built in the most approved style of the State, with outbuililuit anil all other conveniences to make it suitable for a tradesnan's residence wishing to retire from tlie bustle of the city, nil yet be able, within an hour's drive, to visit his counting muse, as two stages pus the house night and morning. It is Iso suitable to the market gard ler or small firmer at the aine time taking boarder* from the city. B'tt above all this, vhat a situation for a roadside tavern, which it has been known a the St. John's Hall, being situated lietween Hoboken and iackensark, embracing the whole nf that great trahc that passe* hose place* to the interior of both those stains, New Yorlt ami ilrw Jersey. Tlie said K arm w ill he sold cheap, the present irojirietor having business in England. N .B.?There is about six acres of first rate jmtatoe*; also ive acres of buck wheat; a quantity of young Iruit trees, Ike , ill in a flourishing condition. Application lo be made to Mr. iVM. McDONNr.LL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham st-teet, E?w ifork. If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may rrnain on bond and mortgage. au6 lm*ec t MONTGOMERY HALL, MONTGOMERY, ALA.?The proprietors of this establishment, so favorably known to the travelling imblic on the great tho'*re between ( harleston and Mobile, are determined to maintain the high reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, nut undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very spacious and conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and the lied rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with new bedi and bedding. aim, with every necessary article for comfort and convenience. The jiarlors. bothpulilic and private, are large, airy, and elegantly furnished. These facililies, with careful and attentive servants, a cellar well storked with choice old wine*, table supplied with ev.-ry luxury that he season and market can afford, and the firm determination of he proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfacion of their guests, v?ill, they trust, ensunr thein the favorabln tttatMM of the travelling public. An ominous will, at all ime*, be in readiness to convey passengers from the Railroad .nd Steamboats lo the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1*41. W. T1LLEY <k< 0. ait 10 6m r It t IVOIH I II I I VOIS II III IVOIU I I I A Speraon having for aale at * very low i>riw, from DO to (HO u-re? of firat rate I,mil. dry anil undulating, hi Vermillion oiiiily, mir Danville, Illinois, may hear of a purchaser, by allying to JAMKH HII AW, 121 Fulton ?tiwi, N. V. or by letrt post paid, atating the lowest price |?-r actv, tlx- ?tact Iocsion, the peculiar quality, and the quantity of the land; if imroved, atatin; the particulars of aurh improvements and th? naniier in which the land la supplied with water for farming urpote*. And alto ititini the chMpnat mil mott direct route rom New York'city to tlw Ianlis daacrihed. N. B. State the quantity and quality of the fencing on the and. iXt lm*rf LOST, STRAYED OH STOLEN-A Bay ' white itar in hit forehead, two hind fetlocks f 1 whit> ? ihi. li hlnrlt mane, with fe dark thick tail, rowing about ail inchet out. At the Shephard't, on the midIf road, when' he waa at paature, or 7 K rank I in Market, a iSfral reward will be |mid for recovery. a!7 3t?r 'ARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER BV K. SU.SER, 75 Broadway, (Bnwment,) one door from Court landt street. E. St'SER, Bootmaker, and maker of Laatt, an " K.lvo" of <'lerce of Paris, leave to inform hit "~|U and all the amateur* of a gentlemanly " chaussure." lat he can now make, in New \ ork, with the beat French ma rial*, all that it to perfectly nimte. iu I'arit, by hit maater the flebrated bootmakej leria-, whose numerous customers on lii tide ?f th? Atlantic are rea|ie<tlully invited to try SI'. KR'S boon and latta liefore they ileajctir or being chauaaea' in iew York, after the uicrat, lateat Pant Faahion. Alao, ilie genuine Paria Jet Black Varuiah told. jy2* Im ec BOOT AND SHOE STORE. B^-ADY rrapectfully informs hit fri?inl? in the public .that w has rommfncMl biuin^i in the ibotc V'"*1! where he will tkanklullv i?ceiv* id faithfully execute, all order* h? may ba favored with on the ??sf reasonable ferm* for c??h iv22? P f'* COATKtt avails himM'lf of the pleasure of inform- 1 ^ ing the L*diea and (rvntlrm?*ii of New York and its vic?* tie?, that lie continue* to Paint Likeneaaea at the shortest no- I re, both Portraits and Miniatures. Those who will fivor him ith their i*ironai(e, are in?ited to call and see his specimen* the ?ni(, at Ilia residence, 317 Broadway, between W bite and falker itreets. N. B. Mr. C. alio continue* to give private leaaont to (ni- i EX. in I'laaam WrdnnuliT and Saturday afternoons. I < Alio, La i?Uca|HM intuited to order, from the lmalleat to the I rueat size. Thone who wuh to maka it thr.r proffuion, run 1 perfected 111 all the above branehet, by applying M Move. 1 auuerrrotype ilikeueasea correctly copied ui water colora in 24 >ur?. ??16 lm*ec I a. ' AMUSEMENTS* NIBL.OB OAROCN. Director. MR. JOHN 8EFTKN MONDAY. Aujin?t II. IIMS. lhi* r.tonnhin? RAVKL FAMILY will Second NuKt nf tli? Hodoom Ar?b?. I he Si.anuh Dvnr. K.I /apaieado d? C?dil, by 0?bn?l'R*T d mid Mad iui* Leon Jatelli Overture to L? Pi* iui < -Ifrci, Harold. Alter wlncli nrwan > 1 r i? ji^erfo rmancM o? th? Ur the Ri??l K amity To b? iuccc?d?d by, Id tun?* in New York. 4 new and onglad Mptntnh l)anc<* called El Ziptieedo deCadit, by Oabnel Ravol and Madame L?on Javelli To followed by the ritraordinary and novel entettaiiiuttita of the BF.DOVIN ARABS Overture By the Grand Orcheatra After which, 76th time, the Pantomime of M*ZULM?*'t THK NIGHT OWL. Mainline, Mr Wella I Chevalier Bariano. J Ravel Entile, Gabriel Ravel Maclou, Antoine R-avoi Babamam, Mom DauvergneJ Frounco, Joyeph m*"* ColenKe, Mon Maaartti I Molar, Mo 111 Jul Wit Marina .Vi'me Jerome Ravel Julie Mra Htt:il Zultma "Miaa Wella Mutical Director, U C Hill ty A strict Polire will be in attendance, and fraat oara taken 10 prevent the ailmiaaion of improper persona. ,Cr Ticket* Fifty < eait*. May lie liad at the Garden duriiac the day. A limited number of flajuon Tickau will ba dia posed of. i^No poatpQiiemrnt at thia establishment on aceouutof the we.ith' r a? the Grand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon la protected, and the new Saloon, which it ventilated from lb* top and sidea, can be o|tene<l at a moment'a notice NIBUVM OARDKN JOHN SEFTON'H BKNEFIT. WEDNESDA V. August U. will t><- nroaented (first Um%| ST. GEb.RGE AND THK DRAGON. Grand diaplay ol Kirewotks, Dancing, Siuging, Instrumental Concerts in the Saloon. To conclude with the Conn* Drama of the GOLD KN/F ARM ER Or, JEMMY TWITCHER IN ENOLAND *u2U St*aC AMERICAN VIu Jll ?l '?AnGE<i ANL) fEri.I ETU U. FA R. GREATEST NOVELTIES IN NEW YORK. THE naw Saloon attached to the Museum, is now opened aa a PERPETU AL FAIR OR B^AAR, l?'nr ilii? exhibition Rid inlf ol ariii'lM ol lrnil? nunufa. rur?? the aril, inve itio'is, Sir., the adm.siiou to which isr roe to *U visitors ot the .vluieiim. Among the hu idieils of articles eahi bitiiix (here, i? If pencil's Kuittltiv Loom. 'l'he whole operation of knitting 19 PERFORMED BY A DOG! And it kuils thirty prirs of stocking* in .1 d?y,*ll whole and seamless ! Also, a llO PA R k' C Alii) PRESS from Mr. Wn A|>iil?-u.?te*? printing establishment?|irmti J000 card* per hour. Card* priuted 011 the lowest terms ever heard of?engaged for this week. Mii? M. E. ADAIR, the charming vocalist from the fashion able CfllflllU, La Petite 0 ELESTE, the admired <lansue.se?,jut returned from Hoiton. T. G. BOOTH, the comic linger, hi* lint anpeanuce in six inontbi. lie. will sing several new aud original Comic Songs, being capital "hits at the time*." GREAT WESTERN, the Ethiopian Orator, and imitator of the locomotive. Mr. COLE, the wonderful < hiuene Noudetcript, and hii educated and SlNGlNG DOU HILLY, thii being poiitirely his last week. GRAND ETHIOPIAN CONCERT, with all the new and popular Negro longt and dueti, quanetes, Sir. by the Kentucky Minstrels, aud others, arcompauied with the banjo, bone caiti nets, tamboriiie, and other iiiilruments of music used on lb* Southern plantation!. MASTER K. DIAMOND, the greatest eitravaganzist aud negro dancer in the world. Tin City Brass Band of ten musicians, is engaged. The Oardeu 011 the top of the Museum is the most cool and delightful plaae in the city. The Lecture Room hu been enlarged and thoroughly ventilated. Btloon Ascensions, and |>rrforinaiirej in the Lecture Room, lake place from the Oardeu every evening at > o'clock, and Wednesday aud Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. [J"7"Diy visitors admitted the same evening Few.-/""{] Admmion to the Museum, Garden, Kair, and Knterteinmeats 2i cents. Children under 10 years, half price. aulOlw PEALE'8 MUSEUM. MR. H. BENNETT. Manager of Peal*'. Museum, wpsctfully informs the public of New York, that the above establishment will open on Monil y, August 21st. and with peculiar pleasure announce* that he is enabled to present to their notice the greatest living CURIOSITY IN THE WORLD, consisting of a COLORED CHILD ! \vlio ii ONLY TEN YEARS OLD, and of the enormooa weight of 405 rou > DS S t! ! An affidavit of her age, inade before a justice of the peace, can be veil in the Museum. The following perfonnert are also engaged: Mr. Waltar, the much admired tenor singer; Master Diamond, the unrivalled banjo player, and Etheo|>ean dancer; Mr S Brouwer, the celebrated comic singer; Mist S F Adair, the charming vocalist, and La Petite Cerito, the grnceful danseuse. Performance on Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, and evening entertainment in the Lecture Room, to commence at I. Admission to the Whole only ONE SHILLING. D1SBHOW,H Rm|NQ SCHOOL," 408 BOWERY. Mil. D. ha* the honor to announce chat hit School i* open foe the reception of pupils, daily, Sunday* excepted. For Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. For (Jrntlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 3 to 7 P. M. Highly trained and quiet hones for the road or |>arade, to let . For term* and particular* apply a* above. ?nl 3m*r OTOPPANI'S BATH, No. 398 Broadway, comer of Walkk ' er *treet, mpectfully return* hi* thank* to hi* friend* and the public fur the liberal patronage with which he ha* been honored for the laat 2U ywn, and al*? while proprietor of the Arrade Bath, and duiiug the enterpr'*e of the St. Ueoige Hotel, hope* in hi* new establishment, erected at a great uimuim for the eipreis purpoe# of a bathing establishment, with all the late.t imptoveine.it* and comforu, nothing on hi* part will be negleted to plea?e which have hervtof <re (awed him the exteo*ive patronage of a liberal public. He ftattari himself that hi* endeavor* to ple**e will merit a continuance of favor* Iv reefier from hi* fneiid* and the public. CHARLES O. 8TOPPANI. Ladle*' Bath*?entrance in Walker *t. Price for a B ith, 2i cent*. a!7 2w i** iu CJHOWEK BATHS?Portable Shower Bath* 10 ceut? ywe ^' f?r sale by the manufacturer. W. WEST. 1V9 Hud*ou street. Shower Bath* of every d<?cnption for aale by the manufat turer. W^ Wesf,_l09 jiudaou *t. al'J lmu*?c | PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. THK SI 'BSt KIBKRS (offer, with full confidence io i(a * utilitv and u?ef<iliie*s. the above named article. Thla article i* intended to brace the shnnlden support the back, and expand the cheit. giving a graceful outline to the figure, and will lie found indispensable to person* of sedentary habit*. Parent* and guardians are particularly requested to eumine this brace; it w ill be found to posse** every requisite quality lor which it i* recommended, namely?to bnce the *h ulders of children and other* who have acquired the habit of stooping, and retain their form hi an upright jmsition. They can be worn W illi perfect ease, being formed with an elaatic back, and will be found of no iin|x'diineut to tile free n?e of the arm*. The suhirrihers also offer tlmir celebrated Klaatic Spring. Kus*u or Hiding Belt. The above article* are manufactured under tb? immediate inspection of Mr I'arsells, who has been angiged in the business for the lait sixteen years, and may be depended on a* superior to any article fffer offered for the same purpoee Sold wholesale and retail at the old eatabliahmeut of PAllSK.LLS k AOATK, 237 Broadway, comer of Park Place. N. B.?Ladies will be supplied and fitted by calling at the residence of MADAME PARSKLLS, 402 Greenwich street, between Hubert and Laight stieet. aul8 lm*ec ANOTHER HUMBUG. PA8S1NO ut> (Jheauut street last evening, we saw a tnau bu lily engaged iu pasting u|kjii one ol the tiee* oppo*it>- the Sute House, a small w ritten placard, which havinK effected, lie looked cautiously arou>id like a thief, and ihen decamped with the utmo*l eeWltr, Aft-r lie was (one, we weut up and etam ined the paper, and the following is a Copy of it* content*;?"A Humbug.?I have used ?i? bottle* "f Jay ne'f Hair Tome, according to direction, with ul receiving any besietit therefrom. I hsve bee.i humbugged out of sir dollars. Ion* Cravi* Kensington." (irmriuui! thought we,here's a tempest in ? (en imi The writer of that uo.isenc* it wel n med He sneaked off like a craven, ifter haviu); pasted u|> wbit it paliutbly an infamous fih. as though he were conscious of having committed a deed, which, if traced to him, would brand him with obloquy. For our own |Mrt we i.e ro ivincnd that tliere is nothing in this world like J ay lie'a IlairTo.nr for the Production of Hair. We have kuowu it to fill tue bald he ids of several of 00 r acquain t ?ncea with a beautiful crop, and have heard of many others who now snort an eitiulwrant he td of hair. who but a short time ago roucealvd then naked iass be .eath the artificial assistance uf a wig. Nu wonder t e wig makers have declared war .sgaiasf Dr. Jayne, and are disposed to drive him out from the precinct* ol civilized society. They are all of them John Cravens ?(Philadelphia Spirit of the Times, Feb. 6, 1S-I0.) Sold in New York bv A. B. *t U. SANDS, Urnggiats. N?. 19 Fulton street; 77 Fast Broadway: 271 Broadway. au!9 Imr HO WEI. COMPLAINTS URED TAYNF/S CARMINATIVE BAL-AM is a certain. sab. ? and effectual remedv for dv sentery, diarrhaa, or looeenets. cholera morbus, summer complaint, cnolic, g'lmug pains, soar stomach, flatulency, Ike. v and all spasmodic ud nervous diseases, as sick and neivous headache, hjstena, cramp, he fcf. From Dr. M. L. Kuapp, late Physician to the Baltimore Dis pensary, and agent lor the Mary and Vaccine Institution Hal. riMonr, March 27. Itjt. Dr. Javwi?Dear Sir?You ask me what proofs I meet with of thi- efficacy of your medicine. 1 can safely say that I never prescribed a medicine for bowel complaints that nas given nx? so much satisfaction , and my pntienu so speedy and psrfect r?lief as this. Wheuever introduced into a family it becomes a standing remedy for those ailments, sud is called for sgsm and sgain. whic h I think a pretty rood proof of its efficacy and use luluess. In the summer complaint of children it has frequently appeared to snatch the little victims, as it were, from the Brave. It sued the life of my child, and of such and such a child," I have repeatedly heard it said. In dysenteric affections of adults, I have time and again seen it set like a charm and live permanent relief in a few hours. I may say in a few mmutm In fine, it is a valuable medicine and no family should be without it. Reapectfully, M. L. KNAPP. M. D. From Dr. Win. Steelinit, Physician to the Cumberland, N. J., Almshouse. This may ceriify that I have use.I Dr. Jayne'i Carainativ* Hslsam very e*ensir*ly in bowel romiilainta. and have not the least Imitation in declaniil It superior to any preparation that I have met with for the relief of these diseases. WM STKKLINO, M. D. Bridokto.*, July 19, 1136. From Jonathan OomK, D. D. (late of New York) President of Oranville College, Ohio. DH D. Javwi-.:? Dear Su ? H ivinir made use of roar Carminative Balaam m my family, and finaiug it to be admirably adapted to tha rooiplaints for which It it intended, I take pleasure in rxoouneadiiik it to the uie of my friends and the public generally. beliavinn those who are atllirted with anv of theae complamta, will tiud relief in the nae of thli valuable mnlicine. JONATHAN OOINO. New York, May 20, 1137. Sold wholesale and retail it the proprietor's prices, by A B. It D. SANDS, Driigjjists.No. 79 Fulton street corner of Gold ?L, 273 Broadway; 77 F.wt Broadway. Price $1. aul9 Imr CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT O PHILLIPS, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor Houae. Broadway,) impressed with the necessity of meetinf tW "Sieenev of the times bv the reduction of hi? nrim .?<) a?A. intfit im|>ouibl* to do ?o while mbject to the nonnou't outl.iva a Broadway Mcatiou nece*aaril\ incur*, ha* determined <> rhe oiilv way to rffrct thii?without diapvafemaat to the inality of hi" he ha* therefore, removed h? mubliibment to 1J6 NASSAl HTRKMr, corner ot FWirnan, wWiw ^ntkmen CAit now br supplied at a deduction of leu per c?it from rai? former low prices. The following i* lubmitted merely u a ipeciiara ?(tht orrgoinf taaerlton Su i>er hue Coat* made in the beat it vie from |l? to Sin JffUl. . ? ?' #n*at quality, - ll to O thai lie Veata, - . . . . - $17} S. P. heg* leave, in conclnaioa, to obaarre, the a bore articles My be relied on, in all reei>ect?. to be of the moat (Muina d* irniition, and lower than any other home furaiahuif the unan luality of article* Jyl Imr PuRTUGUSE FtSMALB PILLS THEgK far-famrti ind celebrated Pill*, from Portugal ate w? * ptreaive. to be obtained in thia country. See aavertiaal urn: ou the laat column, fourth MMlflHI 4MB