22 Ağustos 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Ağustos 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ol their products. Tin* presents 8 most seriotu and alarm ing aspect ol altairsj ami lei me tfk what have you done in your legislation ol the lust six months to pioniote the well-doing and the export of thote inanulaotuie-.'ipon the prosperity ol' whichdeptnd your pros|>eiity in |>eace and your strength in war 1 Have you piifse I any ineasuie* which could ptoirote theexpnrtol'your manufactures to the United Slates? Have you done anything to increase your export* to, and improve your import trtde Irom the Brii/iU 1 Ol uuy measures of this kind the ression hBh been barren, indeed, I may say, worse than barren. La*t yeai thogovernment niimosi d u meanirn with le jxjct to the importai on o' cotn and kiue, which had the edict of ind-icing a Uigo portion ol the agriculturist* to believe that it was your object to continue the system ol piotecuon to the producer, lu that expectation they were disappointed?(cheers). Tlioy got a wrong impres "ion trorn your speeches, though them were olten and olten delivered; yet it happni'd, somehow or other?'your Caution was ?uch that they knew not what you really intended to do?lor some of yeur acta wete on iho principles of free trade, and in otheri j ou departed from those priucipies. Out you carried some of your measures by the consistency ol your opponent*, and the inconsistency of your supporters?(hear, hear). Bui having thus proclaimed your principle*?having applied them to many articles with respect to which igh duties formerly existed?you mainly fail In your plan, unless you are ready to curry them out further and apply them to the important articles of corn Bnd sugar?(hear, hear). Having given that warning last j rar by declaring your principles, it should have been your oojuct during the present seau<m to en?lea vor 10 relieve tne trade and manuiaciures 01 me country by admitting many of the article*, the produce ol the foiled State* and the Brazil*, freo oi" all, or at least of any high duty.'/ am aware, and I think it a trtoit fortunate circumstance, that there exists a large tract of country in the United Stutis most fertile in the production of whra , which to the growing population of this country might be made a great blessing, il we look a imr advantage ol it; ami the distance of the place ol it* growth i* *o groat. and tile i ost of transit so high, that even with the very lowest duty.l em sure its introduction here could not compete with the British corn grower, or in any way injure it* interei'i The climate of the United States of America varies so much in several parti from this country and lron> many other parts of Europe, that it *Ketns a bounty of Providence that when your harvei'i are thort in those places, then ate count! in beyond 'he *1tlanhc which can supply your deficit cy H?v? > ou done any thing to render the?. circuu Ktanc.'-fiidvjntageoii* to the people of this country,1 a? they might no made? Nothiugof the sort. But theie wiii another course, which, though less beneficial, you might h*ve adopted. You might have said to both partit i that you had gone a considerable way in relaxing restriction! on foreign produce, and that you were disposed to rest during the present year, in order to give the agricul tural interests lime to rousider if there were any lair grounds for thofe apprehensions which they entertained it corn were to be placed on the same fooling as other articles. This was the time to pause and endeavor to m?> r the enlightened views which (lie 'griculturists were be. ginning tJ take upon this sul>ject;but, instead of doing so , what u as tne course which the government had puisued } Tney brought in the Canadian Com Bill, a measure in it*elf of little or no benefit to this country, as the corn woul I have to cerce by a circuitous, a difficult, and till expensive route, tendering t<ut a trifling, if any advantnge.whilst the measure excited the utmost alarm amongst the whole body of the agricultuiisti, reviving in full force their prejudices nguim-t the principles of lree trade ; principles which the honorable gentlemen opposite last year appeared so anxious to odvanco. This is to be coi:sidercd a very serious misfortune;hut still there is room for the settlement of the ureat question. Mm of eminence in the United States, lending men, by whose opinion the people of th it country are influenced, teem inclined to concede. the principles of their high prottcling tariff of the present and former times, and express themselves ready to abandon it if we will but afford ihcm a market in Great Hi i* lain Jor their agricultural produce. Sir, it seems to me impossible to conceive an>tning which would be more nJvuutagtous to both countries. We have here in this country a lstg pa; illation, who are obliged to inipott food tor COIlSllllllitinn. Wi* hnv^ aIgh a nntver In flitch an extent that honorable gentlemen opposite frequently complained ol the skill, ability, and productiveneis with which it was set in motion. In the United States they hove large tracts of land capable of nearly all sorts of cultivation. 1'hey have alio manufactories for a coarser sort of goods, which may go on nourishing without any injury to in. and may be imported by tliia country at a low late ol <ltity There are, therefore, between the two countiies the mutual advantages thai wo might import their agricultural produce to a largo nmount without any dangerous competition, owing to fhw distance irom which it hns to bo brought, and that tney might import our manufactures without any danger to the consumption of lhe>r coaiser fabrics. They nrcthetwo countries which,of all others,one would suppose ought to be paittculnrly bent on such un interchange. Instead of viewing it, however, in this light, oneof the cardinal principlusol the present government is the sliding soale, which fixes a prohibitory duty upon corn, except in certain contingencies, and in these contingencies offering a bounty upon the produccof other countries rather than approach to a coursc which is re well calculated to prove ol the greatest advantage to tireat Britain and the United States, and to promote cordiality and good will between two great nations sprung from one common stock, and speaking one common language. In answer, Sir Robert Peal remarked. Let the agriculturists of this country obiet ve with what force the arguments ol Sir Ilobert reel, founded up?n the unjust party legislation of last winter, lall upon their interests. We have italicised tlic striking parts :? The noble lord opposite then proceeded to take a re. vtew ol the commercial policy ol the country, and the noble lord had alludt d in particular to the nature ol the ? ouim<,teial transactions between this country and the United States, and between his country an?l the Bra7.il*. No doubt it is greatly to be lamented that our commer. rial intercourse with the United Stales had greatly dimitr i,/ird. However, at various periods that intercourse lias been subject to grvat and considerable fluctuations. The noble lord has refeiredto several years in succession, and had taken the average of those years as exhibiting our commercial ii teicoiirse with the United States. Now, from the papers which the noble 1 rd has quo ted, I wiii read some ol the instances in which very git-nt changes have liken place with regard to our commercial intercourse with the United States, lu Itt3d the amount ol ut-r dealings with the United States amounted in exjiortsolour manufactures to X12,4*17,0(H). In the next >tar they amounted to ? 13,40.1,097 In the year following to Jt'tJ, 839 (I'd. In ttie j ear lolfowing they sud<t?nlv fell to ?/ , ?00,000. lu the nest year they rose to ?7 09s 000; anil in the last year they were unfortunately reduced to ?3,6-18,. 000. The noble lord said that this commercial inlet com se tutild he ivrreastd either by the operation rf commercial treaties, or hy means of reducing our import duties upon ai" ticlei, the produce of the Unitrd Statev. Now, 1 should not consider it at ull prudent, ?n an occasion like th? present, to e?pre?s ony positive opinion with respect to c^mmeicial treaties. I must say, that the experience of recent attempts to conclude commercial treaties has t.ot been very inferable. Negotiations were uttered upon? tin v were continued in the honn ol beinir lirnnuht to n success'ul itsne?they were punned wnhthof: views and anticipations?there wai on unwillingness to termiiiatethim; md in the meantime trade greatly sutt.red from their continuance, lint with respect to negotiations us to commercial olf.ni i, this government has not been singular m its proceedings We have been anxious no: only to make, nut to recrivc concessions from other countries Other eovernments hnve attempt* d that policy, und they been me involved in the same difficulty. On our nece.siion to < ftice, we entertained hopes that Portugal and France would Dring our commercial arrangements to a Katisiactory issue. 1 ahall not, however, lay down any abstract view upon this subject, as there migtit have been circumstance* which justified that course ot proceeding. We have made (eductions fn our restrictive duties?they have been unilati ral, and eve have received no correspo dim* advantage; ud therefore I shall abstain from lay 11 g down any Abstract rule with respect to commercial tre? ties. But I mu?t sav that theeour?< we hare pursued with regard to Jim trie I, the reduction wr hare made in thf duties upon the import of Jlmerican products, has not hten immediate'y followed bj the United Statu at we had a right to eM/ieci?and when the noble lord predict* that if we make a fni <her reduction we should be met with a coirerpnnding spirit, all I can i ay is that past experitnet hardly justifies the noble lord in that predic'ion. L ist year, by the ! tnntf then proposed and adopted, we made considerable 11. j d ictions ui on the duties imposed upon the import of the j products of the U"i'ed Stales ? we g.sve them great en- | couraistmeiit lo carry on commercial proceedings with our colenies. Now, what cotirte. after these conci Kiions, hn l the United Mate* pursued 1 Notwithstanding ;he example o! liberality wmch this country had tet in July , 1812, the United Mates imposed a high tariff, and lo this may he attributed the falling off of the amount of the export of liritish product> to the Uuihd States After the ex* ample we had set, w e might have expected that we should have boon met with a more liberal spirit by the United Slates, and lit nee it was that the tailing,'^!) in trade was net the result ol the act ot the British government, but it wa? the result of the act of the govirnment of the United States in imiwung prohibitory duties ou our mnnulac* tun s Tfi.it tariff ka<l tii'rn adun'ed within a tew m mths niter we ma1" the reduction (Hear, hear.) 1 cannot deny the tailing i (1 of the trufic between the two countries; hut at the name time I cannot admit to the noble lord that viewing the state of our commercial relation* within tlio lactsix month*, we should be justified in adopting the recommendations of the noble lord. 1 have the satisfaction of thinking that within tho last six months there ha\ been indications of improvement in some branches of the manufactures and ceinmercc of this country. Salt s nt I lie Slm k Exchange. $1000 Ohio<i's, IB'>11 W'X If**' Kentucky 6'? 971, 14,000 Oliioti's, lllfin lififl'.t 'A ?hrj Canton f o 2J'a mnn <1< eaidi 'II 'i Mnhtwk Rlt J<'a lOOu Indiana StR Bond? :tj 2A I'tica & Hrli'djr Illl Hi'* 4000 do ill1* MK> Harlem Hit .1? do ill', 100 New Jersey RR R7 inoO Indiana V* i' 'a SO Long Island RR *30 it}. 10(10 llltn.*.*. '?l'? l?J d? mjZ lodo dn :" U loo do b60 J2>< JUOtl New York i't * -|>l 19? i Nrcoiul lloartl. 275 Harlem 37X New York Public Stock Bxchnnge, $2000 US Loan IUU SO do l>3 82!.? 100(1 do ?f,0 lll1^ J5 do *11 ?, I two do h3 lit1! 2.'i do hS 22 U >inmi do mifl III.Vi ronton < o bio JR'* .'iflliO do *1 III*, 2.'? do J8 :;(KHt do h.l III 2 2J do cash 2.?,.4 . iOOO N V (. ?, '82, hnw I OR' i 71 Harlem HR ( o a000NV|)!i'? hnw 103 100 do bio 37 '000 Illinois?'?. 1060 h3 3lS' 25 do bl.l 37 moo do lilO :tt7, 12J do Cash 36 U no ii Illinois >'?. I?7(t ?tw 31% ?J ilo MO 3t}i iOiHi <! ) :it\ .n do b20 d? 37 2000 ?! > htw H /in do stw d"1* 50'0 rjo hll 3t M M do s ( 30% .',000 do '.tw 31m Ml do tiio 37'n 5000 ilo Cwh ;i4>'4 100 (jo cull 37 looo do hio H\, 2J (lo b20 :n'4 JOOO ilo blA H An 12) ilo cash 117 !a '.m\ do ?3 3?>* ">?? do 37 I Cud Ohio fi'i.'fifl , f1 \ 21 do oauli :i.V'? aoon do cwhoi;. 24 do >hv 3s7,> looo do cu?h lll'i, 21 do ?I0 1000 Inriit M Bondu 't3'i; '*0 do hnw 37 JlMVi tw 33'j 21 do ?I0 3HV 100(1 ,|? 3!1, id l.ontr l?l*nd RR htw .'12', 4000 do 33,1lj v> do h30 52?* 50 >h< Farmer*' Loin li 10 2- > 50 do ?I0 Pcroiid Bnnrti. tWW UlinoiiG'*, "70 lil.i ilS f2'> Harlem RR i f^h 31 ,'iiKi do :l| 121 do lit w V'i I |?I(I I ?n?l B'.i, Vi<) :I1 do 37 H 1000 do ?;ill jjv f VI do 31', ,iKHi t Jo* I I nW III!* / i I m. State of Trade. Miami Canal, Ohio?Amount mi tniB ton Tom.* at ClNCINNAl I. 1812. 1813. January * January $179 40 hVliriiary <94 45 rebruary, Canal Iroten, ? March !KHl 20 March ii i.j :u, \il 1,403 Ml April 1,694 44 May 1,U2# tl May 2,413 ii!l June ,r.71 Jim 2,219 iw July I.01U 13 July 1,353 21 $7,201 Oil $a02? 28 AlilW?l, ??t wwh-... 216 8'.' Augiut, 1st week :*i| 18 " 2(1 " 169 38 " 2d " ... 279 110 The very slot my weather yesterday pr? vented out door operation* to any general extent. I he arrival of theUicat Western, wi'h one day later intelligence, has had iio ett'ect on the market. The udvices hy the first ar rival continue to improve the principal tuples ol thii country. Flour?Speculators have been quite busy since our last, and Sdlea to some tx'ent have been madeforihipmerit. We qu ite for Ueneaet: $5; Ohio and Michigan $4 S7J. The demand for Southern does net improve, and the quotations remain as before recorded. The operations in grain were mall, and at previous prices. Hay?A fair demand exists lor good bale, both for domestic consumption and shipment. We quote 45 a 47 cts for prime qualities. Jishti?V/a quote pots at $4 31j, and pearls at f>5 31|, with moderate and stendy salts. r?//?,i_!? ri?.?? ...... cloo.lv ol I I.e. a.lvnnro alr eady quoted. By the Great Western we Warn that the receipts in Liverpool continued large? the hales to a large extent, a ad price* fully unstained. Oil?We quota tor South Sea whole 31 cents, and sperm 63 a 70 cents We hear o! trifling sales American lie eed, Hales at SO a 81c; English do86. A fair d> m >nd lor lard oil at (it) cts. Naval Stores?Very little doing in atticlej under this head. We notice small FBles of North couuty turpen tine a' $2 I2| o2 26; tar $1 44 a I 60; Wilmington rosin at O.i^ cis. fVhiskry? Sales of drudge at 23J a 2tct?, and barrel) at 24 a 244 cts. Wales mode'at*, with a steady demand. Died. On Monday, the 21st, Mm. Thomas Haddock, of cor.sumption, in the 27th year ot her age. Her friends and acquaintance* are respectfully inv ted to attend her funeral this day (Tuesday) from her late residence296 Nineteenth 6treet, at 4 o'clock precisely, without further invitation. On Sunday, the 20th instant, Chaklks Hbnky, son of Albert and Eliza A. I'almur, in the 10ih vear ol his ago. The friends and relatives of the family are invited to .'.ttrnd his funeral this afternoon at 4 o clock, from tho residence of his father, No. 60 Jano street, without lurtber notice. t On Monday evening, John Jackson, aged 01 years. * His friend* and acquaintances, and thoso ot his son inlaw Mr. Pearson S. Halstead, as also the members ot the Thistle fienevolont Association are respectfully invited to attend hiu funeral from No. 65 Vesey street, this ^Tuesday) afternoon ?t 6 o'clock. On Mondtiv mornlnir of r.oninmntinn. Mr. Patrick Kkklev, of Ireland, late ol Washington city, D. C His Mineral will tbke placo this day, 2iil Augi si from 7 Washi gton street, bt 4 o'clock. Washington papers please copy. Weekly Itcjiorl of Interment n. In (lie City and County of New York, from the 12th day of August to the Huh day of August, 1IH3. 32 Men ; 38 Wolneu ; 37 Boys ; 31 Girls. Total 136. diseases. Apoplexy. I; Asphyxy 1; Bleeding, 1: Bleeding (from lungs; Cancer, 1; Casaulties, 1; Cholera Infantum, 2.'); < holera Morbus, 2; Consumption, 32; Convulsions, 4; Croup or Hives, 1; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, 3; Dropsy in the head, 5; Drowned, 2; Dysentery . 18; Debility,!; Epilepsy, I; Fever, 2; do puer|K'ial, 1; do remittent, 1; do typhoid, 3; do billious, 3; Inllamation of brain, i ; do of bowels, 4; do of heart, 1; do of lungs, 2; do of liver. 1; Killed or Muidered, 2; Look Jaw 1; Lues Veneria, 2; Malformation. 2 ; Marasmus. Ill; Organic disease of heart, 2; Palsy, 1; Scrofula, 1; Small Pox, 2; Sprue, 3; Suicide, 2; Teething, 4; Ulceration of Inlestiu.s, 1 ; Unknown, 3. age. Under 1 year, 47; 1 to 2, 24; 2 to 5, 9 ; 5 to 10, 4; 10 to 20, C; 20 to 30, 13; 30 to 40, 17; 40 to 30, 16; 30 to titl 9; CO to 70, 3; 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90 2; 100 and upwards, 1; unknown, 2. places ok nativity. United States, 116; Ireland, 17; England, 7; Scotland, 2; German}', 6; Holland 1 ; Sweden, 2; Alrica, I; Unknown 3. Ol the above, were from the Alms House, Bellevue, I; Hospital,?; Penitentiary Hospital, Blaokwell's Island, 2; City Hospital, 3; New Jersey, 1; Long Island, 3; Lunatic Asylum, Black well's Island, 1. Colored persons 12. WM. A. WALTERS, City Insiiector. City Inspector's Office, August 21. 1813. Pamcii^crs Arrived. LlVKKPOol.?Steam ship (treat Western?Jacob Abbott, .las Buckley, John Buchanan. Wm Barbour, Francis Burst.ill. Win Barton, John Bradbury. Si Bucklmrdt. W K 8 Coohdge I' J CockbUin, Miss Julia l ook. I) I) t 'aslillo, W II Coles, Henry Cocker, Thos _W Caskerry, S K Cromwell, Dr Thos Cock, Jno W Casilcar, K Colijubouu, lady, two ebildreu and servant, Louis C Callett, Thos Dixou and lady. Miss Dixon, Rev J B Durbin, F De Coen. M Dubbin, PO Haro Denny, F E Dun can, Saml B Dver, r Dandelot, G Drake, Charles Engler, ladv and servant,G B Knglish.J Farfemot, John Foster, J C Fisher, W M Gibson, F. Guniey, B (}oldri.Jge, Miss J Garneit, Mrs F Orund.M Griffith, M itlasben. S W llandv, t his D Hi/oii, J K Derrick, A Holmes, C A Holmes, F F. Huntingdon, .Miss F. Juson, L Jaudon Lt Chas Jeffries R N, Riclul Jamlon, Miss Jeimis, James C Little, C Lee. C Low, J Left'erts, Dr B Moffatt, C Martin, Antoiuc May, Thomas Manning, G 1) Murray, Miss Murray, Mr Mackay and lady, W II Maun, A S Monloil. Mrs anil .Miss Mott, F. Pleasant,Thos Paton, John Parrott, Chas Pease, Mr Putnam, lady ami servant, T1 rinnrt u, .-i v\ Primei, U i'irkersgill, A S Petrie, G W Pennington, M Prave E Si Richards, W Ross. Miss De Kityter, YV (' Richards, M Itickuff. F. B Stone, T A Smith. J H Smith and servant, D A Strather, E B Strange, Thos W Starron Jr, lle\ G F Simpson, M A Thorndike, M Thos pson, C W Thomas. Thos Toddington, S S Thornton, A S Valentine, F Wissmann and lady, Miss Wissmann, S P Williams, Geo Wood, Geo Wright, ll A U'hitthans, J II Wicht, J Wilson, M Whytc, Miss Wliyte, R Williners, L Ytnrbridgc Total, I'il. Sa> vnnah?Ship Newark?Mrs Alexander, and i in the steerage. Korelgn Importation* Livkki-oool?Steam sbi|> (treat Wiiterli?I pkg E B Strange ?6_H Faruiim?13 W B Beud?3 Loid & Taylor?I Young, Mnitn at co?i n it Williams?I 11 r?teveiis?I ^ ? ociiran ? z Halwuhain &. Jones?3 Barber Brother*?3 L B < urtis?3 J \V Raymond?6 1* Sharp? 1 S Gibson?1 W (J Hunt?2 Coffin. Br?illey St co? II L .1 Wyeth?21 J Falconer?20 Worrell,Wood co?1 Bin! St Gillilan?1 K Marshall?1 W Wheel w right?II Dorr St Allen?Hi W Benjamin?1 C II KcIIo^k?1 J lafTerts? ft G Gibson?1 A A Lasak?2 J Smith?I Field, Thompson St co?8 Halsted, llaintM 6c co?1 Cameron At Brand?23 It Jaffray ? 1ft J II Worrall J*, ton?5 Manning St co?4 Bramliall it A hermthy?8 T Hunt Stco?I W Stearns?31 Peabody. Kick's St co ? 11 Lew is &l Fairman?9 H Fairman?201 Richards, Basset t ft Aborn?1 Walker Brothers?2 Harper Brothers?13 L Atterbury ?1 J McCail It co?7 II ill Bros -J l> A Cushmao?1 Ham den St co?I J A Newbold?I Clark St co?17 Wiley St Putnam?7 \\ Vyse?111 lnglis?I Jesse Hoyt?1 R Irvin?I Forrest St Dun nin uid?I Bliss it Creiijhto.u? i Dickson St co?2 W V v*e ?ad Gorton, II d^csSt co?in Nevins St co?1 I. 1 Cohen?8 N Mitchell?16 Wilson St co?1.1 St.! Stewart?21 Stone At co?2 H Tobias?6 Clark St co?5 .1 Owen?I F S St 1) Lathrop?I Garner St co-^4 Sands, Fox St eo? I B Prince?2 J St T Wood h?*ad?5 Lewis & Meir?2 G Woldenholm?5 Gardner St co?1 NastadtSt Burrell?2 F. Leopold?1 R P Prince?1 Kldiidue St Otfden?$127 Capt W Tyson?121 cast's 12 bbls I box muse to order. Marseillks?Ship Henry Thompson?^ pktjs Goodhue St co ?59 do 13 hfpps inolassea 1U0 hkts oil Fitch St co?'(Ml do A F Ott Monrose?101 pkus P A Briethauot It co?18 A G Hard St co?I J Pulleit?333 hkts nil 272 bxs soap 8 casks 1 bo* mdse 100 cks wine F? Grousset?200 hkts oil (i S Valdtield?2 boxes I* hi Fi^\all ? 1-10CI do lemons 300 do indse find hkts oil S Broom St co ?II pkgs Pillot St Le Barbiep?2 Bates, Turner Si co?I Heiss Bros St co?22 J A Voisin?13 Mot/. St Pollitz?2tMl bxs 027 hkts Mason St Thompson?I pkg ft Hooker?10 cks 100 bxs J Wichelhausen?1 hoi Hunt St co?3 pkgs silk 8 casks madder 22 hales soi ii*s uuU? li; i?k's '?il t>> order?>16 bales I Michel* Leghorn?Brig F.ft'ort?5 c**ks oil .) Aveitanna?6 cases N Vite?1 pkice silk F Cottinet?1 do straw hats I) Hadderson?4 cs L I'avante?18 pkgs silk M T Sclvia ?17 cs marble l)r Van Hensler? 1 cs Davis 5t Brooks?1 pkvjs I) Haddon St Sou?3 trunks F. hiedlcr?1 cise marhle busts Goodhue St Co?I do Wiley St Putnam?5 Cs marhle L II -Hin in?I do II St W Delafield?5 pkus J McGall St ( o?2 do P V llarRous St Brothers?1 do A G Margin?390 hall'chests oil 67 boxes ?> cases A L Booth ?3 pkgs Masters St Markoe?00 hales paper 188 hkts 100 boxes oil llarmonv St Nephew?I box Hudson St Brothers?3 pkgs silk 68 do straw hats W Vysi1?1 hales K 1 )utilth?12 b ocks marble J C Erncnpiitch?2 cs Haskill, Fuller StCo.cf Boston?3 boxes 20,000 let ches 100 brooms to the master?550 naif chests 200 boxes 100 hkts oil 71 eases citron 103 boxes port 200 do soap 2j cs silk 20 casks to order. Ma-vsa.^ili.a?Brig Hortense?181 log* cedar 198 do mahogany 1795 bills palm leal .'>00 ceroons empty I lot fustic 1 do ?randilla wood J B La.?ala Galveston?Schr Native??6 cedar log* Badger St Peck?15 bales cotton I ck mdse 1 de gold ami silver J II Srower?9 hales skins 4 do buffalo rol?es 2 do l>ear skins 38 do cotton Phelps it Kytinge?18 do to order. Domestic Importation a. Savannah?Ship Newark?19 bales cotton R R Graves? II Manning St Patrick?341 J M Prescott? 23 Barstow St Po|>e?8o tcs rice Gray St Crosby?50 do Dunham St Pinion?6 Horton St Hanmer?3 llar|>er Bros. MARITIME"ilKRALD. Hnllln^ Onya of flic Htcnni Ship*. PIIOM LIVERPOOL* FROM AMERICA* llibemia, Judkins Sept. 1 G. Western, Hosken Auk. 31 Britannia, Hewitt Auk. 19 Sept. 16 Ul.ln A*k?a a Hill]' UII1I IIIK We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Cotnmodon* Rohrrt Hilvkt. of our News Fleet, a He. port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a Lift of their Carvo, ami any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents anil Correspondents, at home or abroad, wilt also confer a favor hv sending to this Office all the Marine Intel I licence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thank full y received. PORT OK mow YORK, AUGUST M. St'fl RISKS 5 |H I MOON RISKS I 18 lift sr.TS 6 47 | iiiriH watK #i 17 Cleared. Ships Lncill.i, Pesi ud, Rii'htnoiid, Schmidt fct. Balclieii. Sa* raceti, Cave, llo<ton. <?. Wheelwright.?Barque Kli/.i, (Br) Warwick. (Quebec, J. Jaquei.?Brigs Mor??.i. Kdnar, Mobile. K. I). 11 it IImit Co; Kxact, Johnson, Savannah, Sturges & Cleirman; Sullivan, Waite, ( harleston, Cieo. Bulkley; Alary, N'irris, (Georgetown, SC.?Schrs Callao, Swasey, Jackson* Mle, hF. K. M. Atwater; F.mpiiv, Powell, Norfolk, Sturge* \ Cle.irman: Spy, Cannon, Richmond, A. B. Cooley & Co; Iticliinond, Chester, do, Sturgrs & ( I ear man. Arrived. Steam ship Great Western, llosken, from Liverpool, Aug. will> nidse, to It. Irvin. Ship Henry Thompson. Rylve*?cr, from Palermo and (iihrnltar. with fruit, Ike. in S. Broom Co. Ship .Newark, Merwin, 6 days Iroin Savannah, with cotton, (o I >11 ii11?in \ Dimon. Rri : llnrtmiw, Jonn, M .Uy? frmn MuuamlU, t ub*, with mahogany, etc. to J. B. Lasala. Brig F.ftort. Kooptnan, (of Boston) 60 days fiotn Leghorn. and ,1H from the Rock of (tihralui, with m<U, t.? Badger Peck. Brig Ko?ato, Cook, from Mobil#, and 3 day* from Norfolk with cotton, lead, tk-c. and part of the cargo of *hin Memphis' to B idger Peck. " Brig J. H .rtlrtl, Farley, 7 <Uy? froni| Pl\ month, N( . with shniKlfM, to I . .Mr \<mni. Tuiiii srhr Native, WaUon, 3A days from < talvetton, with cotton, to J. H. Browrr, S. In Mnrii, l.atoiiirtt"', 1 liny, from Baltimore, with mdv to John.oi Si l.owli n. Mi hr K*eham:et Munn, I ?lny? fiom Bud i|W, with ?hinl-I< to II. P. Ihin-iH. ' Srhr F.xci'l inr, Bell, S d*y> from Norfolk, with md?e from the wreck of chip Mrmpht*. Saiir' Slovrr, t'lli. f.oin N?wl rn.NC. withmvil ?tore^, to M I,, Mitchell. Rehr VVm. (*. Teuton, Dorkcry, from I'.linlieih <"ity, with naval .tort**, flchr Indeprnd1 nee, iVrlii, H0<\ , from Virginia,*itli wood, to master. 'WIIIW nwrvaw ???1* Schr Hannah Aim, Smith, 3 day* from Virginia, with wood to master. Sclir Spartan, Moore !?<*ay? fro ? Frankfort, with m<lse, to master. Srtir Rapanna, Snow, in i'a,s from Thomas ton, with lime, to waiter. Sclir Atlaiitic, Cooper, !t day* from Plymouth, VI*. w ith ti?h, to muter. Schr Jane Vate?, Kuller,2 days from Newport, in ballaat, to master. Sclir Vullage, Bearse, I day* from Boston, with md.se, to the master Schr Friend, linker, I d?v? from Boston, with indie, to the master. Schr lleeside, Lang ley, l d,?y? from Boston, with md.e, to master. Sloop Ellen, Smith, 2 da\ s from New Loudon, with oil, V.c. to order. Schr New Loudon, Smith, 2 day . from New London, w ith oil, to order. Below. A shipsupposed to be the Louis Philippe, Castott', from Havre, July II. Also, I barque unknown. Herald Marine CorrcspoiMli-m-f. Boston, July 2(1?12 M. Arr Alderman, Smith, St Peters, Miii; Osceola, Pierce; Kellowship, Faruham, and ( halliuige, Park, Philadelphia; (Jupss, Wainwright, NYork. Arr I9tn, Peru, I*'.vans, Aux Cavri?spoKe Itth inst. lat 'IB,lou 11, ii tiiiwiMK ?vin t mi mo .Janeiro lor 1 orn. Auoan, Utica, Bearse, and Loiiisi, Oti.s, Albany; Splendid, Crow ell, and Renown. Lovellt NYork. rid Lodi, Baxter, and Win M Rogers, Harding, Philadelphia; Narragausett, Baker, Kichtn'd; Jasper, Howes, and Marietta, C rowel I, N York. General llecord. , Bak^ik Cai.ihto, ashore at Little Egg Harbor, will probably Ik* not off without material injury. One thousand buslieU snit have been throwi\ over, and an anchor and e.haiu got out, with which the captain lias strong Itoitea of getting her affoat.? She is yet perfectly tight. Vkmh. os Kirk..?Kaston Nk k, Sunday morning, Aug. 20, ini'J.?I have to inform you that the sloop Arion, C'apt Win Heath, of Providence, dune into Huntington Bay last night at 12 o'clock, on fire, caused by siMiiitaneous combustion of cotton waste. Every exertion possible was made t?> save the vessel and cargo, hut without effect, as it was found impossible to save her without scuttling her. which was done at 10 m. The vessel now lies one mile S\V nf the Lighthouse, in 2 fathoms water. B. D iwninu, Keeper of the Liuht. P. 8.?In all probability the vessel w ill be afloat again tomorrow, and the cargo saved in a damaged state Kkv Wkst. Alii;. 3?Tlie abandoned ship which, in mv last, I said the wreckers wen* tow ing towards this port, is the Girard, which I learn by the papers, was from New Orleans hound to ( owes, with tobacco, and which was found near the Balixe ahftiidoucd. Our wreckers, after towing her a few days, got her into Bahia Honda, some thirty-live miles to the eastward, where they have abandoned her to the inhabita.it* of the i?l mus, who will Probably break her up. The British sclir Margaret has laid her ulviis in kind, ud b boh half waj on ber voyaae to Halifax. The liussiaii barque St. Harlamp) is nearly repaired, and w ill soon sail for St. Petersburg, with what is left lof her cargo, which w ill be very little. Her repairs have been very expensive, and it is believed by many that it would have been better for her owners had she Seen sold without attempting to repair her. Of the correctness of this opinion, however, I cannot judge. Notice to Mnrliieru. Km Wkit, Aug. 3.?The Light Ship stationed in the N W passage leading from this harbor, msbora removed i?> 'Ins port for repairs, where she will remain possibly two months. Spoken. Louisville, hence for NOrleans, 20th inst. 6 p m, 20 miles SE of S.iiwlv tin. iL?In- fltn \'nu'4rk nf fltia tinrf Martha Kins:, (Br) of Port Glasgow, 6in iusC. lit 33 30, Ion ill 40?bv the KfTort. at this port. Lady Colebrook, ( Br) Mobile for Antwerp, 5 weeks out, 9th July?supplied with provisions. i Oscar, Kyre, NYorli or Canton, June SO, lat 27, Ion 35. Henry Willard, of and for NYork, from Glasgow, with passengers, all well, July 27. Proteus, from Stettin, standing W, full of emigrants, July 31, lat Ion 13. Ann Hall, Mobile for Liverpool, no date, lat 18, Ion 60. Foreign Ports. Alcuers, July 25?Arr Frances Amy, Giberson, NYork. Sid 10th. Turner, Alexander. Gibraltar. Antwerp, Aug 2?Sid Palos, Flanders, Virginia. BKRMrr>\, Aug7?('Id Lisbon, Moore, St Martins. Clyde, Julv 30?Arr Jupiter..Rose, Mobile; Kutaw,Charleston) Lady Mary Fox, Galbraith, NOrleans; Aug 3, Guiana, Smith. do. Cowes. Aug 3?Arr Frances Ann, Jacksou, NOrleans, and proceeded for Antwerp. Deal, Aug 3?Arr John Romilly, NYork, and Kmma.Searle, NAmerica, and both proceeded for the river. Passed by, Kllerslic, Wallace, Amsterdam for Baltimore. Falmouth, Aug 3?Arr Rapid, Roberts, and John. Dyer. Charleston for Liverpool. Oil 2d, Anita, Baker, St Thomas for Hamburg. Havre, Aug 1?Arr Constantino. Boston; 2d, Columbia, N Orleans. Hamburg July 28?Arr Persian, Chandler, Trinidad de Cuba. Sid 29th, Meridian, Williams, Richmond; Quinuebaug, Fulton, Cadi/.. LivkhPool., Aug 1?Arr Fortune, Bailey, Alexandria. Mac ao, (China) May 4.?The *hip Tlios. Perkins, Graves, left this port the IHili April. The Albrree, is the only American ship at Whampoa, and it la uncertain when the will sail. The han|ue Lark has bean sold for $14,000 to an American house, ami is to take a cargo of silks to South America. The Morrison is still in the inner harbor repairing, and will probably not get through before the. end of the month. The only Americans in port are the Louvre, and tin* Venice. The lauthe left the day before yesterday for Lombock, to load with ice May 6.?The American schooner Swallow, has just arrived from Batavia, where she left tin* barque Lelii, of i'hiladelphi a, bound to Amsterdam. Montreal, Aug 17?Arr Rory O'More, McMaster, Liverpool. Mansanilla, Cuba, July 29?In port, Commerce, Rogers, for Boston, l.'> days; Angola, Bell, for NYork, 8?only American vessels. I Nassau, NP- July 31?Arr Jan Power, Keene, Baltimore; 7th Aim, Margaret, Montgomery, NYork. Portsmouth, Aug 2?Arr Wellington Cliadwick, London for NYork. Pavta, June f??Arr Seaman Harvey, Valparaiso. Quebec. Aug 16?Arr Margaret, McBriue, Glasgow: 17th, Margaret, Gentler, and Duinfrieshire, Kelly, Liverpool Cld Hamilton, Dick, Glasgow; 17th, New Bruuswirk,Hull; Helen, Hunter, and Hero of Acre. J one*, Liverpool; Coolock, Doual, Dublin; Susan & Sarah. Thoburn. Newcastle. Shields, Aug 2?Sid Venice. Gill, Boston. ?. ?..(, ... o*r. ?\,r v v,,ru I i rks Island, Auk 8?In port, Thames, Prince, of and lor Portland, 2 or 3 days. Home Ports. Salem, Aug 17?('Id Otho, Hnler, Capede Veid.>; Cardinal, Diiuoii, NYoH<. ! New Haven, Aug 19?Arr Sam I Tappau, Banks, Philadelphia. Sid Harvest, Presby, NYork; Miracle, Albanv. H iri KoiiD, Aug 19?Arr Token, Tyler, and Tryall,Turne\. N Vork; Anthracite, Marshman, Phil olHnliia. Pmiladwi phia. Aug 21?Arr Gn% Itobhius, Keene, Turks Island; Ranger, (Br) C airnes, Halifax, NS; Abbathula. Kelly, Portland. Cld Orion, Wilkina, La Gttayra: Turk, Eldridge; Pearl, Harding: Kliot, Baker; America, Tread well; Foster, Lancaster; Boston, Abbott; Congre**, Brown; Grecian. Long; i It W E^mckson, Smith* am Libirtr, Townsend, Boston; si_ Kirby, Berbice: Sarah ion. rowtr, Falmoath, Jam; Tweed, (Br) Srirrup, Nassau. NP; John Thompson, Godfrey; Danl Webster, Lawrence} FA Seward. Ross, and Atnphitrite, West, New York; Louisiana, Marsh, Newburyport; Harriet Hannah, Smith, Kennelmnk. Charleston, Aug 17?Arr Tybee, McCormick, ami fins L Vose, Savin, NYork. rPII ANKS \HK UKTL'KNKI) TO TIIOSK LA OIKS * .who gave their unanimous vote at lite party the other evening in favor of the "Baltn of Eden." w h?*u requested by the southern young gentleman to name the best r\ii?! most popular cosmetic of the day. Let no one call this mere pn fr. The nitnes and place cm be given. Our predictions are verified,and this "jRestomr of Beauty" will he anp oved and nscd by ladies when| all mere "waters" and "soaps' shill have been rinsed off and forgotten. Our friend* who have sent in "wholesale orders" can be supplied iu a few days. Sold at !I.V7 Broadway, and by II. KVKKKTT. au22 2t*m Corner Hudson and Leonard streets. dl*xr\ REWARD.?STOLEN, mi Thursday afternoon, 17 rli inst., from the house No. 124 West 13th street, the following articles, for whicli the above reward will he paid, or in proportion thereof: One silver Tea-not, oblong form, ebony handle, marked R. M.B.; Sugar Disn and Milk Pot. with if rape le if ornaments; six tabl* Spoons, maiked IV M. V.;nine dessert Himkuis; nine tea Spoons, shell handles, and six tea Spoons, fiildle eml?, all marked V ;five heavy silver Forks, marked M. A. V.;C. V.; J.C. V., &? .; five heavy silver Napkin Kings, marked M. A. V., J. C. V., J. V., "Charlie," Ni. A. V.; one silver butter Knife, solid handle; two salt and one mustard Spoons, marked V.: one gold repeating Watch, plain hack, white china face, ami blue steel hands; one gold Watch. French make. No. 3128, engine turned back, white face and gold baud*; one silver Watch, engine turned back, gold hands, liec., with other articles off line, ilao < bl l* prcti Coat, nearli new, i lilted skirts, lined throughout with diamond pattern fdack silk; three nairs plain black cassimere Pantaloons, and one |mir black ribbed do; silk Purse with a small amount of money, &e &?' The above, were taken by a dark Mulatto woman, about 21 years of age, calling herself Caroline, or Louisa Holmes, who came into the service of the family that morning. Pawnbrokers ami others are requested to stop any person offering either of these articles foJ sale, and give notice at 29 Pine or 121 Weal 13th ittfi t. aoSO tti c A OL1 ITALIAN I DELL A CITTA?E riialtaU dalla loro numero sa assembles di Sabato ultimo nel Salotie Palmo, la, decisione di tenersi Laneditidel conroate, nello itMio locale alle otto in puntodella sen, una nedonda riun one di tutti coloro soltanto che desidersno essere am mess i all* onore di appartr.iere al corpo di Volontarj Italiani nella milizi \ della citta, sia come volontftfj attivi. sia com* membri onot ;. tgia gi ido h loi firme alle venticinque gia ottenute. Cio fat to, ad otteniitosi il numero degli attivi volunto dalla itttt i d< U<> milisia volontari* tn dello ntato. ?i darn tosto cominciainento all' orgsnizzazione. I figurini dell' uni forme propusta |>e' volontari nttiri e |?er la imisica, possouo vedersi nel CaflY* del Signor Palmo. a22 7c*m AOL* ITALIANI.?sOl' Italiani di qnalnnque condizione, a loro figli, ancorcho nati in America, resident! in qnesta piazza, comprendendosi nel loro numero que* d-dla Svizzcra uniMiia, i ii'-Kir, i'liM IIKK- iiimkh'. i'aniMfi i, i'iUUM, . IHII', ( nrticae d] ocni utracontrada, I < h cui linfua h italica, i??i* tunque siani il lorn governo rinnettivo in Kuropt, tono iuvitati nd un' attemlilea cIm1 *i torrft *lle ?ette della ten del If) del correnif Ajjotto, ncl Salone Pa I mo (t hamlH'r* ttreet, nl <1 *<u?ra del I 'affM, |?er sent ire, ditcutere, approvare o ri get tare, a lor |Macimento.ili) procetto tendente non meno arendere r?*|?t?ttal>il*? il loro nonie naiionale, e lt loro connazionalita in uuetto pae*e, che a promuovrre i loro intere*M individual! nelle uivene occupation!, a cui ii trovano addetti, e?l a rive?tirili <li tntta qutOla con?iderazione pubblica e privata di cui irodono g|? stranieri di oyni -I'l l nasionc aomiciliatt ni II I fnioaa Americana. \ son York i; Agosto IS4 all 6tad heads of hair. A. C. B. pHALLEN'(JK8 competition with all. Tin impoitanco * J which all A|(es have to the Head of llair is a clear index of the value set npon pertonal fltfure.aud when by totnecapriciou* Ire ?k of Nature the human form it deprived of iti fair proportion. \rt i* retorted to. in order, hv artificial meant, to tupply th?* deficiency. Hence have arisen those wonderful discoveries whirh hid Nature defiance, Harris Ventilating md Ootaamer WIGS AM) SOAL' S. The complete success that the ahove nain*-d haa met with in the manufacture of hit unrivalled head < otlnir for th- l*st two vear^ far enccedt hit most tsmKuine expectations. lie lesiiectrullv tolicitt a call, confident of satisfying the mott faatiumus that he it the best ind chcapett maker in the rit\. Th. - can only, be had at lift Broadway, corner of I .itiert y at.? up stairs. Private room-* for fitting w iK* ami toupees. an'?*! It11 m i Horn's compound bx rKA< t of capa1ba and s\rsal,alllllv A Certain, ttfe and moat effectual remedy ever discovered for the cure of (fronorrliCBa, Oleeta, Stricture*, Whites, Pain* in the Hark and I.oiiif, Heminal Weakness, Affectiont of the Kidnie< (Iravel, Scorbutic Krnptions, ike. The hijtli ettima four mviii. is a certain criterion of in immense utility ; it lias acquired the utmost ft mo in every |>art of K u rot* ; it ha* Ix-i-ti is* mined, approved of mid sanctioned by tin- faculty of medicine. uml recommended by tin- most eminent of tin- profession. 1 Prepared by J. It. Thorne, chemist. London, and lor sale wholesale ninl retail. by JAMKH TAHRAN'f, ?6(i Greenwich street coiner of Wmen street. Also, it 2 Park How anil Ml Broadway, 163 Broadway, til Broadw ly corner I.ispenartl stnet, 359 Broadwav collier of Walker stieet. aul!12wi?*m | \\T A Tt'IIKS.?Thelargcst and moit splendid assOTtmi it of , Vf Watches in tne city. i* to be found .it the subscribt A? he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Mil- , ver Watches, of the ncwe*t styles, direct from the man tfar- , Hirer*, in Kngland, France, anil Switzerland, he is enablt I to offer a larzer assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, "<ian any other house in the city. Gold watches as low as $2111 $25 each. Watches and jewellery etchaiiRrd or bought. All watrhe< warranted to loop ?ood time, or the money return d. Wstches, clocks snd jewellery repaired in tlie lw*t inamsr, ar i warranted lower than at any other place in the city , G. < ALLKN, importer of witches snd jewellery, i>? tm?ee Wholesale and retail. JO Wall street nn ! " MONKV TO I.t'.NO. ABIMHAM JAfKHON, PAVVNHUOKKR, No. ? ** Hnilf mrift, n<"ir Bmadwuy. Inwi moiwy in hrnror ?nnl I mimn, m m.ty l>f miiiirr.l, oil w jewalry, ?ilvrr warr, ilry i B"oi|?, wcnrmi ?ppirri, aiiiI |vnoii.il propm; ?| cvrxy dncripnow. jyTO Im^r ? ^ BEACON >TT1N<V I The 'following Hweepstakes are open to come off the third week m Septemlier:? No. 1. Two in11** heati in l> ?rnc?s, free for a'1 hor*ej never won a purse over $.100; Sub. $100, li. f.; uot excepting awlul In dependence, Washington or Spaujclc. No. 2. Two mile n*aU miner Uie stddle. free lor .ill hordes MMf won * pane over $10i; Sul>. $100,11. u\ KOlMfMI 1?? dependence or Kate llorue. No. 3. Two mil*' brats 111 harueu, frvi lor all horsej nevw won a purse over $IJM). Sub. $100, h. I. No. 4. Name aa No.'J, under the aaddle. No. .'1. Two mile l?eat?? in harnea?, free for horses never won a |>ur?'>. Sub. $100; li. f. No. f?. Sune m No. under the *addle. No. 7. Two mile beats under the naddle, free for all horsea never troit??d for money. Sub. $100; li. f. No. 8. Same a* No. 7, in harnesa. No. 9. Two mile lie At? under the saddle, free for all horses fivo year* old I ml spring. ^ib. $.'M), h. f. Also, a purse ol $ ?(K), free for all trott nm horse*, mile heati, Esii 111 live, in ii^rnr**, to come nil the second .MoimI.i v 111 *pteinber. F.uiriw for the above purse ahd sr.-ikes lo I* mule at li. Smithy 31 Park How, 011 Monday Sept. 4tli? at CJ P. M. Three or more in all the above to inake a race. aulH 7t*r AS Mr. J. H. L. b;ts broken his appointment at the Battery Hotel twice, a mI it in not known where he i? to lie f?>una, lie in requested to rail it No. 17 Pearl St., New Vork, between 10 aid 12 o'clock, A. M. or to leave his add result here, directed to the person Mr. L. was to meet. au20 3t*oc I N DKI'MN IM-.N'l" dHUKK OK liiioli ! I. I.LO W S-TI,e 1 following Lodge* mwt at 8 o'clock, P. M.:? Constitution Lodge, No. I, Tuesday, at 300 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. L\ Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wedutwday, at the Shakspe-ire Hor? I corner Willi.nu .ind I)n me stn-eianil lm*ec NOT ICK.?('oimgni'i** nersbip Southerner, will please take notice tint she ir, tins nay discharging under general order, at west side Bulling slip. WOOD1IULL &. MINTURNS, a |f >i? South itnvt LET?The whole of the 2d i|lloor, basement and one A room in the attic ot the building, No. 386 Broadway, west side. Situation excellent for business. Enquire of ISAAC WALKER, a 19 Iw ' ee \i?. mi Broadway. pLOTH PAPER.? 60 re* ins 10 by 18, polished 30 do jr. by 10 do 70 do 31 by 30 and 30 by 40 do A superior article, for sale by PERSSE &. BROOKS, a 12 m til Liberty street BUTTONS. PATENT AGATE BUTTON DEPOT. Patkrson, Nrw Jkrsky. THOS PUOSSEB, jy25 lm*r Patentee. QTOPPANl'S HATIl, No. 1198 Broadway, comer of Walk^ er ntni't, resjiectfully returns his thanks to his friends and the public for the liberal patronage with which he has been honored for the last 20 years, and also while proprietor of the Arcade Bath, and during the enterprise of the St. Geome Hotel, hopes in his new establishment, erected at a great expense for the express purpose of a bathing establishment, with all the latent improvement* and comforts, nothing on his part will l?e negleted to please which have beret of?re gained him the extensive patronage of a liberal public. He QittMi himself thit his endeavors to please will merit a coiitiniiance of favors le reafter from his friends and the public. CHARLES (J. STOPPANI. Ladles' Baths?entrance in Walker st. ' nict for i Bath, 13 emu. |]7 tn is* in OHOWER BATHS?Portible Shown Baths 50 cents ipieee ^ fer sale by the manufacturer. W. WEST, ItlO Hudson street. Shower Baths of every description for sale by the mauufac turer, W. West, 109 Hudson st. a r.i hnis * ec i MEDICAL AID B1 A PHYSICIAN.?DR. GLOVER continues to be consulted at his office. DifficuIt and prot reeled eases th.it have proved t ?obstinate for tlrose who nsvi only attended to isoenu practice, I?*\ uniformly yielded to his treatment. Strictures are removed by an easy method. His experience during the last fourteen years in this city, directed to a few branches of the profession, nave given him great ad vantages over the general practitioner. He is one of the very few physicians (advertising) w ho has received a regular professional education. His charges are made to suit the times and | circumstances of the patient. He PUU up parcels of medicine adapted to the cure of one species of disease at $1. His office i No 3 Ann stn et. His improved Truss may be had as above, au22 It* r great improvement in friction matches. ANEW ARTICLE OK MATCHES, without brimstone or any other offensive quality, and actually waterproof, has lately been patented by letters patent of the United States ill fkvorof the inventor, w K. Asnard, and .*? ? now manufac* tUred and oftWed to the public by tin- Proprietors of said patent at No ltil Meeker street. New York, where all who wish to purchase good matches are invited to call and prove thein. And all persons whatever are hereby notified of the said patent and warned not to violate or infringe upon the same in any manner, lest they incur the iieualties of the law in such cases. These matches ignite with ease and certainty in alj weathers and climates, and bum with a brilliant tlame ; and if idaced in a vertical iwsition, will continue to burn long euougli to seal several letters with wax. They may lay immersed in w ater for hour, in<1 dav and it In be|i? \ed ?v n lot weeks ?wd when t <ken out and uried. will ignite and burn as before. Three qualities of these matcne* are made and sold as above, namely?No. I, Extra and Perfumed. The l itter are agreeably scented and it fur Indies1 toilets. Exporters, segar smokers, housekeepers, and all who use matches, will readily perceive how decided the advantage possessed by these over all others. Orders and communications to In* addressed to t; RMXVKV N.I ItilliWker st. jv2I lm*r Agent for the I ii-'iu-im ;ui<I Mann lac torero philadelphia dagukhitto 1 ype establishment KXt 'lfANOK KUILDINO, ROOMS 2f. & 27. rPHE Subscribers, having procured the Agency for the sale of 1 VOIGTANDI'.R'S PAGUERREOTt PK APPARA TU8, cnnilrucN according to PrtifHior PothI'i call1 illation, have oil hand <i I.'rp<' assortment of these Apparatus, anil artists as well as miatrur? of the ir art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will tin (I it to their advantage to procure instrument* of this construction. Tliey also have lately imported a large quantity of German and French plates, ami all the chemicals used in their art, which they warrant in every respect, a* they are made to tli.'ir oriler. Polishing substance., and morocco cases, and all necessary materials are sold on the most reasonable terms. The following gentlemen have agreed to act as th"ir agents, viz:? K. White, Esq.. 175 Broadway, N. Y.' I'. Ilass, Ksi|.. Washington, D. C. I )r. A. C is pari, Richmond, Va. P. Laurens, Esq.. Savapnali, (?a. William West, Esq. Cincinnati, Oliio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied wun irmiiuuicfs, win w promptly aiieiiavu to, ana snouiu ur directed to W. (k F. LANGENHKIM, jt* I :im*r F.xclmige Building. Phila. I). M. I'KYSEK, Ac C<?., NO. I in William street, comer of Jolui street, anil 4'J7 Broadway have received, by recent arrivals, all extensive supply of tlie following FANCY GOODS, which were carefulk selecteil by a coiii|?'U'iit person at Paris, Herlin, lie., and which they offer lor sale, in wholesale anil retail, on liberal terms, vii:? Berlin Zephyr and German Worsted?the most complete aslortment. Berlin Embroidery Patterns?a choice selection. Canvass lor Embroidery, of cotton, worsted, liuen, silk, gold and silver, of all widths and qualities. Silk < Imiille, fm einhroiderv. trimmihi and flower m|Um Purse Twist, German, French and English, plain and sb.uled, in skeins, sticks, and on spool*. Kloss bilk for Embroidery and Fringe makers, in skeins and on spools. Suspenders, su|ierbly embroidered, and Suspender Trim tings. (Sold, Silver and Steel Beads, in all Nos. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornaments. Gold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread anil Tassel?. Embroidery Frames, and a variety of different Fancy Articles. Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Fringes, of cotton, worsted and silk, imported and domestic Gimps, Tassels, Buttons and all other kind of tiiniming. jy 17 3in*ec ' PROCREATIVE ELIXIR AND POWDERS, 1 FOR STERILITY. I T'HE Undersigned has the pleasure to announce that h? has succeeded in obtaining tlie exclusive agency of the juslv- 1 celebrated " Elixir and Pow ders," tor the United States. In 1 all cai.es of incontinence, painful and difficult menstruation in- I cipicut stages of consumption, languor, debility, night sweats, and wakefulness, it is surprisingly efficient and eel,1111. Its chief and grvat celebrity, howener, is in eradicating every symptom of that state of the functions superinducing sterility, is too well established to require comment. Indeed such has been its success, as to in?ke it doubtful that what is usually termed sterility in fact exists, since by the use of this wonderful remedy, properly persevered in, a cure has in all cases been effected, aiiu what had been supposed incurable natural defects proved to lie only some deranged state of the functions w ithin the powers of the skilful and scientific combination of the virtues and essences of the nourishing, strengthening and invigornfiiitr ? .?? aI' I. ?!.? " t'i:-.? ...,l I " ?. composeiTto remove. The undersigned is fully aware of the existence of a filse de licac.v which would feign interdict all mention of fteiy sub Jvrt Icrogatory u> it* own narrow sense of propriety. But i 11 h,,(h lime for enlightened science to dive into the hidden cause* of the miseries afflicting the human family, thereby to discover the means of conferring happiness where before miscry existed. It is not to be disguised that to the oppressive dreary Unclinesa often experienced by the married who are un blessed with offspring, making alike the past. the present, and the future, but a vast gloom, a desolate and barren w ilderness in life's prospects, object* and ends, can we attril'ute why so many thus circumstanced, waste their days either ill silent melancnoly, cold indifference, and, frequently, even in actual j bickerings bordering upon hatred. And yet, forsooth, we are neither to inquire the c uise, or apply the remedy. Children v the connecting am! endearing ties between hns | band and wife, creating a focus around which centre our aims, . our energies, our Joys and our hope*. To watch from time to time their gradually developing powers of mind and body, is i a constant source of happiness to the parent. The thousand little ornces tin aothff II called MOB CO |?'rform for her child i li to her a fountain of joy. Kor its prattling* and its gambols nothing can compensate her. And in after year* when the tun I lets upon our declining years, when our mental and physical powers are on the wane, when lickneas and decreirituile are ii|Hin us, then are children a comfort r.nd a solace. Lonely, in* ib ed. i? the home of the childless. Mow inestimable, then, is ' the discovery of the " Klixir and Powder*" which ha* effected ( perfect cures in thousands of instancea in Knrope hi suimosed confirmed barrenness and iteiility, deemed hojieles* ami fccurjlile. Its action is not sudden and epiiemeral, but gentle and giadual, by degraea displacing the latent causes affecting the F>ody, strengthening and invigorating the generative functions cheering the inind. en li lining the spirits, and engendering a J free, full and healthy circulation. Its great celebrity is fully il. serv d. Hid lie- ii'id: 'signed has no hesitation in recommend- , inn it to the A merit ui public. The inventor, the famed and liistly celebrated M.AI. l)eaome?ux, of Pari*, is too well known ' |i>r Ins success in the treatment of derangements of the genual functions, by iti" !!- o( the" Elixir mm Pbujm,1' tonqiin < any sssii, nice from ih.' undersigned. A sale of more than two J hundred thousand bottles and package* is sufficient evidence of its usefulness, and the estimation in which it ia held. i Price $J * bottle. A package of powdera w Inch can be ??nt , by mail, lo any |?rt ?ii" tli?? I'nited State*. Pricc $5. Kacli ,, package making two bottlm of " Klitif," with full direction* / tor preparing. All letter* must lie postpaid. and directed 10 . DIt. K. MELVKAtr, Bh? " 24 " j > IR I in * r Office. 129 Liberty at. t fSOAL < i?\ Iiv.icii Orchard IM Aah Coal, Ant qwllI n , will 1" sold by th-- subscriber at the lollowiug low pn- f, c?a for caih ; fre?h broken and egg, from lump m thr yarn, icreened. and delirered to any part i>f the city at to per ton ; itove $17.1: large nnt Si .10 ; 2.1 eenta l>er ton leu* will be chars?d il taken from the boat?weight ana anality warranted. PKTKR < LINTON. a jy22m,r 5?t Ofeenwich. corner ol King ?t. C DBNTiaiRY. i. |~vII. OI.KNNY, Surgeon and Dentist, I in retiirned from tlie w YJ West Indies, and ha* resumed the practice of hi? profc??ion P It No, # M Broadway. <17 tit*r ti rv|! HOI'Sl ON. Dentist, ha* returned to New York.? I * R i i Park Place, 2d door from Broadway, aouth aide, ill ffaw In* It! 1 fklRTUOI 8k FhiMALG FILLS 'IMIKNK r*r-funt'cl ami ralrliratml rilU, frnm Portugal. *r? I t I pTfHivi' to !? obtftiiirit in (IiIh country* Sw idverti?* I I! ii' nt "it ?he Id^l culilimi, fouitli I'JUi- .1 ? -aMM I AUCTION SALES. THOM BELL. Auctioneer. BV BKLL Sc HOWAKL). (.Sluret Xo. M.I tin ilreet ami 115 h'ultiM ill eel.) WEDNE8DAVT At 111',' oVIuck in ihe aalea rooms. Keciilar aile <>l' valuable furniture <if all ili'?cri|?lion?. tnaiiiliiit <>t ele;*nt liruwli, ingrain, and Venetian carpets, ''S'' *"l cloth, beds. l>t*ililiUm ' l>ed?te.?ils, bureaus, cliaira, tal>l>*?, looking (lutes, sofas, wardrobes. china, kI and plated wire, ?ariou.i housekeeping articles, kitchen utensil", Sic. AImi, a \ tin >Iv|i forte. Alio,'? Urge iron cheata A1.11, tin- rutin- furniture of 4 faimI v im.' up houa<*keeping, reuioted Cor convenience of sale THURSDAY, At in', o'clock in the sale room*. r.stra N.i|??Piano Kortaa, choice panning*, rich furniture, Sic Stc. FRIDAY At ll'j o'clock, 1111 h>' sales mom. l.arge Kale III elegant seasonable dry goods, lie.?comprising staple and r.iui'v 1 >r 111 ?l?, h'nnch and domestic dry goods, hosiery. Sii'. 111 lots to suit families and purchasers, Ike. Alao llie stock of a mercliast tailor, remnants ol' cloth, cassl em, veatiu s. trimmings, Jke, Also, a variety of fancy and pledged ,1 ri 1 ? |es, Ik-. Also, inn trunk. ladies' and gentlemen's weaiiuic apparel, a <luaiitityof jewelr>, Sic. BEN 1 *M!N MOONE1, \ A UCTION NOTICE?Kn-iii'li, (Irrtnati and Kuululi Fancy (ioodn?R. Moniiry & Co. will srll thia (! ?> it lOo'clork. at yt MMiuen li tiK1, a ui'iieial H?sortuii'iit of fuicv uond?, \\/.. Iu 14'U"J hooks and wallcUi pillars, violin*, luiilMtukfi, guard chain*, at raw cibas, accordiaus, toy watches, gun*. pistols, iwoiili, hattledoor* marbles, mini clastic gaiterv suspenders, devil* on two sticks, ladns ami gentlemens work boxes ami di< is i minors, dmiioi i omo i ipn, Ima twins (?il |otC mmI prat, facif i male . !? ? dolts* tobacco bona in* join, K.S. and Hiker pencil rases, uolin bows, violins, down, Sic. Stc Catalogues art* now ready. au22 Ifr A. li. TROWBRIDGE & ( i> . r?iM Dioadway. A IT'TION NOTH -K-Tuesday, at lOo'clock .it the auc tion room, Catalogue Salt* of new and second hand household furniture--Consisting of \ and lull French inahojftuy chair*; mahogany and black walnut tea and centre tablea; French w ridlass and curled maple bedstead*; pilliastcrs, mattresses, |V ith*r bed* ami pillows, tufted and plain hair sett sofas and rockers, plain mahogany ami marble toji bureaus, marble top centre table and wnshstands; Windsor chairs, looking glasses, office desks, new nnd second hand; hat racks and towel stands, ottomans .divans, footstools, carpets, oil cloths, window shades, bird cages ami pictures, an invoice of lamps anil crockery, At*. Also, the furniture of a gentleman breaking up housekeeping, removed for convenience of vile, consisting of a sole idid Keyptian top ce!)tn> and pier table- cost $100; one dozen superior full Krench"chails, Ii tir seat rocker, French embroidered carjiet. Also, a Mpli'iidid rosewood piano forte, made by Torp I'uI I cost $410. uh ma tic u tad t '1 he almte furniture will be sold positively, without reserve, and the attention of those about furnishing i* particularly reque itad* atltt II" I It. II. TIMPSON, Auctioneer. p<rTI.F,KV AT A UC! ON?Jacob S I'lslt'i Fifth K.I I " Tradi Bait of Hard wans this imn, r?km plwci this day at No. 21 Platt street, at 10 o'clock, and in addition to the usual variety of Hardware, the catalog!!** contains about 200 lots assorted table and desert knives ana forks and carvers, vi*:? ivory, in softs of 51 pisctst itsf, buck, whitsboastc sham buck, & \ & -. Also, pocket and pen knives, scissors, shears, razors, flue. Also, carded cutlery of every description, in lots suitable for the country as well as the city trade. Also.bowie knives and dirk*,with and without site ithes,huntins kni ves, lock back and Indian knivus,soine of which ore very line, with silver mountiug, ivory and pearl handles, &c., flic, anSS it*nli It II TI:VtPDON, t uctio HARDWAllK?AUCTION NOTH. K.-Jscob S Haft's lifth fall trade Hardware sale this season, will take place at the Merchants' Kxchance Auction Hoom, ?>n Tuesday, 22d instant, consisting of shelf and staple hardware pood*, cotton and wool cards, cases cut glass beads, assorted colors, brushes, cap ami bard wan* paper, &c. Also, a law .mil well selected usortment of Table ami Dessert Knives and Fork*, viz: self tip, cocoa, stag, w hite hone, black tip, lancy anil sham hack; also, ivory knives ami forks in sett of 51 pieces, pen anil pocket knives, scissors, razor*, &tc., of ever) description. Alto, rators m knivti oocards, 8u\ Also, bv order of assignees, flie balance of Pomeroy's inanafuc turcd good*, ike., to which the attention of the couufr\ ts well m the city Hide Is diwctM. tttll tt*i AUCTION NOTICE? By John Sniflen?Sherrifl's Salt*. this day, at 10 a'clock, on the premises,between Seventh ami Kiuhth Avi i> ind tSd and23d at t*. l?\ ordei oftba Sneria, Iroin JO to .'>0,000 loads of building stone hoises, wagons, carts, carriages, harness, tools, &.?!. A rare chance for capitalists, .nr." 11 r FOR S \ fjK AT Pl/MFjri ATjn TJON rpHE RAIIWAY MANUFACTURING CO, will sell at public Auction, on 17th August, at their Print VVorks, in Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable praperty of the company, consisting of printing and eupraving machines, callenders, copjier cylinders, d>e ?>o|>i?ers, dying and bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, :I.? horse power, with 4 boilers, 2 lire engines, 2 patent balances, iron Hale hydraulic and common pre.?s, large and sin til slide lathe, witii complete set of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment of imported steel, ami new and old irou, a quantity of dru^s suitable for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, ami large cisterns, stoves, tables t benches, Sic. < atalogucs of which may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ttus.sb'i. it tie* Print \V?>rkor of FERGUSON bt WALKER, ivl9 lm*r 61 William street. .mm -a Knit Till'. KISIIIN*; HANKS-OKP A triLv3?S\NDY HOOK?Kvery TUKSDAV, H'V nvitiu V Tlllinmov hfcMMHAV 'l itesteamboat SUPERIOR, < apt John Gould,will leave the Pier foot of < hainbers st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning;leaving foot of Chambers street at 8 o'clock; Amos street past 0; Canal street la 8; Catharine ferry, Brooklyn, 9; Toot of Pike street ^ past 9; and pier No. 1, Battery, *0 past 0. Landing at Kort Hamilton each way. Bait furnished on hoard, gratis. A Baud of Music accompanies the l?oat?and every thing w ill he done to intke these Excursions jdeismt ami !? " If l? v*. A Chambermaid will attend to tie ladies ami children. I lor the excursion .'?o cent Htfl lW*a < iRAtP rjf Mt.sioN TO SOI'TH AMDOY AND AROUND STATEN ISLAND. The steamboat INDKPKNDKNCE will fcfr ***! -J*make the above delightful excursion on Wed M esilay, tJie 23d August Oil leaving New ^ ork the boat \s 111 proceed down the bty through the Narrow*, giving a tine view of the Forts, Ssudy Hook, the Highlands of Neversink, and the Atlautie Ocean, passing over its gentle wate.-i to South Ainboy, where passengers will l?e allowed one hour to bathe. Bath houses have been erected on the beach for the accommodation of ladies and gentlemen, and the water deepens very gradually with a fine *andv bottom. Returning the boat will pass through Stateu Island Hound and the Kilns. Hour of star ting?Leaves < atli trine stieet w barf at &W P. M , (anal street wharf at l>\* P. M., and pier No. 2 North Hirer at C P. M. An excellent Hand of Music is engaged for the occasion. Refreshments provided ou board the boat. Fare for the excursion 50 cents. Kvery effort will be made to render this a very agreeable trip. C. FORBES. New York, 21st August, IHI3. an 21 it* in it* PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS to l\if ^3*FOR ALBANV?Dailv at 7 o'clock P. M.? r Iff w Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John, will lea*e Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. Steamboat HO( HESTER, ( ipt A Houghton, will leu* Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. M sii. Link. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, I'apt. L. \V. Braiuairi. will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, afternoon, at 5 1 o'clock. M?u..ni.n.i vniiTii Aitvnii'i is? ? f j i? will leave Tuesday, Thursday anil Saturday Kveniug. at five o'clock. I'aasengers taking tln? Line of Boat* will invariably arrive hi Albany in ample tim<- to take the Murium; Traill of C art lot tlie east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and rlegant St ite Kooms. and for sl?*d and accoinin <dations are unriv?!led on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply 011 board, or to P. C. Srhulti at the office on the wharf. a?2l 6tr .Mfl OA HKVKN OVUX K MOHNINO LINK A?3*FOli ALBANY, TIXOY, and intermedia^ Land jugs? From the steamboat pier, at the foot ol Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leaves N?w York?The Kmpire on Monday, Wednesday snd Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newburgh, Hampton, Poughkeensie. Hyde I'.irk, Rhinebeck, IT. lied (look, Bristol, ('isrkU 1II, Hudson, Goisackieand Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer KM PI UK, Captain S. U. Il?e, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. The new low pressure steamer TROY. Captain A. Gorham , 1 i>n Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. . For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on board. . Notice.?All floods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, irany other kind of Pro|iertv, taken, shipped, or put on hoard j Ihe Boats of this Liiie,musl be at the risk of the owners of such , loods. au 11 r | 8F/VKN O'CLOCK KV F.N I NO LINK ftr?^**o^S3*for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without 3C^^yBiJL.Iandiii??the sjilvndid low pressure steamboat I fl\VALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veilings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson. auR ec TTTthk 1 RAVF.LLINO Pl'BLlC. /&\ OPPOSITION LINK?The splendid itaamboils NKW IKHSK Y, (.'apt Itobt Fury .and ai^SDE.I'OilT8MOLTil. Capt O. House, will form a dailt line for t lie balance of t hi' season lKVw?-rn N>-w S ork and Albany. Leaving Albauv and N>-w Vork every evening. Freight will lie taken at low prices. For freight and passage a[iply on board. ?t 1 w 1 . Mm It K< ?l' L A U ~ OITOsTi'lON I-1 Mi HO?s & !ty^3> TON, via NEWPORT AND PHOVI w3WL. DENCE?Kare to Boston $2 10; IVck si W\ I no charge for Berth*. Newport trill Providence $i; llrrk '>0 rt*. Tin* lint anilimr steamboat I CUTIS l'K(' K, Opt.mi Win. II. Peck, Intra Catharine Market dip, Knit River, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, tt^o'clork, I'. M. For or freight apply ou board, or to A. D. PECK, 203 Si Will It. Mi |in in 0A "NEWARK ANl) NEW Y'OKK.?Far* Bn Jp on I y 121 a Ont? Tlie splendid steamer PASjC__?E?Z-SMI. after June ith, will run as follow*:? Lea\e the fool of Barclay ititvt. New Vork, at 10 A. M., and I P. M. Leaves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7U A. M , and in.N', IV M. The accommodation* both for p.i*?en?er? and freight hive tem q really improved, . I Freight carried at very low rates. jylfiJm'ec ' an ST A TEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT I P^-aJUa?()E YVHITEHALL ST.-Tlie .leamboats T SlT-iST \TEN ISI.ANDERand8A.MHON will j run as follows until further notice Leave New Vork H. 9, II), II, I, ?, T*4, 5, 6. 7. n Leave StUen Uland 8. 9, II), II, I, ?, I, V * 7. Leave New York and Ststen Island every hour ?n Sunday. Stali'ii Island Ferry -foot of Whitehall streer to lilloii dirct. 'I'he steamboat llercules will leuve New York-1 P. M.? lifton, J P. Si. on Sunday, July JOth. P. S.?Excursion to Fort Hamilton, Sunday* eteepfed ? J, Leave Fort Hamilton 7}t A. M., returning from New Voili, a i\m. in t l> _i NEW a Hit a" Nit EM ENT koil S^zLSnx^,Ji? SHHEWSBC It V?Loiik Branch, S.,uly t * ii....l House 11111 Eatontown Landing. j The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, t sptain John P. F 'orlies, will now ruu as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th " nst :?leaving New York, from the loot of Robinson street, vcrv I in <il.iv. 1 nuriiiiiy, aim n.unrua). at in n clock, A. .VI, kit'l Katoutown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday, ; : III lock I. M. The Shrew..hury will run as ithore, weather permitting, nnil further notice. All baggage at tin rule of tlic ownrij. 1 17'.. cents. N. B.?Stages will he in attendance to convey pimenr,er? run the afore iil landing place* to any part of the county i. uirad. | The Khrew?bnry will go the inner pv??age, when cruet icablc. , jel:lr J IWM'K AWAY AND NKW YOllfC < ST \<IK?Will run follow, on >n-l after tl *> inly |:llh m.i Leave Nockawnv at R .V M.. * ir New i ,.in, returning leave the Wtverly Home, JJro/iil- * 'ay, ?i I . M. for Roclowiy, bv way of South Kerry _ ??*cn?cr* |e*i in^ their mme? it lin I'curl street, will he punt'*tally called for by HK.NIlV' < ONKl.lN. ^ vn'? lin'r Proprietor )M KOR LIVKHPOOL?The I: i lup Stll'THUlNM l " (tltnei UUb?. .ill <.,l lilt I, ....r t*nrfiPit(ht oj' fhi? hulk 1500 liAlrs, ??r |??<airi*. f<j|> I "<>H *rrommi>ilaiiiHi?. nj'i'ly to the ctpww ?? JKYVJJ'vm* C ??! "< <" LI, * ^NT^hN^ | F AMUSEMENTS. NIBUI K (MKDRN. Director, MR JOHN 8EFTEN TUESDAY. A iik'ii.r 22. I Ml. Eutirr I liuif* of Performance. Itw iUom.Iiiiik KAVKL YAMILY will ?pftv in fourmtftrtaimiwiu. in thrw ineeoi. .. ? Ti?ht Hoie . ' a? *? iil i>y Mtoimr Lmii. !w Hliitnina-'ri T ili|>-iu? >>l ili? li ill in Brigand* A?u tin* BilKt Pantomime of the \Vodcutter?. Performance Incontinence .<? (I o'clock with Overture to /?tn|in Hvmld After winch new mil varied iwrformmtcea on th? TIGHT HOPE By tli- ttiti*! Family. To he luccmded hy a Pa? Seul of Kl Jaleo tia .Yum., lif M.iiliine Leon Javelli To lie followed liy flu- i-elebrateil lalileni of TIIK ITALIAN BltiUANDS. Characters by I In' Ravel Family. Half an lionr't intermiaion will lie allowtd for promenade and refreshment in tlie Grand Saloon, Where Ir? Cream*, Krilit Ice?, auil Refre?hmentt of tlia chutce*t kin<li, and ill k'reat variety, will lie foiiud. To be followed by the liilli't pantomime of the WOOUCUTTERH. Mounter Dnboi* Kr#l?coi? R??v?J M'm.< Serltuil M'nii! J Ravel Jauetta Mrt C If Hunt After which Till' Splendid Orchestra will |ierlorni several popular seleutlou* of uew .Miuic. Musical Dirrctor, U C HU1. A ttricl Police will be in attendance, and great cam taken m pre\> it tlie admission of improper [unions. : ~7~ Tickets Kilty Out*. M?y be hail at the Garden during iIn- 'In . ACT" A limited number of Se*,o'i Ticket* will be du posed of. ' V* No postponement at thi* e,tablistim?nt on aceonntof the weather, as the Grand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon i? protected, and the new Saloon, which it ve itilated from the top and side*, can lie n|ie'ind it a moment's notice " NIHLO'M UARORN. JOHN HE ETON'S BENEFIT. WEDNESDAY. August Z3, will lie presented (first time*) ST. GEORGE AND TH1. DRAGON. t?iami display ol Fireworks, Dancing, dinning, Instrumental Concerts in the SsIhoii. To conclude with ihe comic Drama of the GOI. D F. Nl FA KM KB. Or, JEMMY TVVITCHER IN ENGLAND au20 3l*ec AMliltlOAN MU-ZUvl. t? vhUE.X ^iND i'EttHKTllAl. F*l". GREATEST NOVELTIES IN NEW YORK THE new Saloon attached to the Museum, i* now opened u * PERPETUAL FAIR OR BAZAAR, For the eshllnlion and sale of articles of trade manufactures. I lie arts, inventions, tic., the admission to which is Free to all visitors of the Museum. Among the hundred* of articlea e?hi* Ininit; there, is French's Knitting Loom. The whole operation of knitting IS PERFORMED BV A DOG! And it knits thirty pair* of stocking* in a day, all whole and seamless! Also, a NOTARY CARD I'RESS from Mr. Wm. Appleglie's printing establishment?prints !1(XH) cards per hour, t arils printed on the low-nit terms ever hoard of?engaged for this (Seek. Miss M E. ADAIR, tho charming vocalist from the fashion able t diicerts. La Petite C ELESTE, the admired dansuese?just returned from Boston. T. G. BOOTH, the comic singer, his lim appearance in slg months, lie will sing several new and origiual Coinic Song*, being capital "luis at the times." GREAT WEHTEUN, the Ethiopian Orator, and imitator of the locomotive. Mr. ('OLE, the wonderful Chinese Nondescript, and hit educated and SINGIN< i DO(i BILLY, this being |H>sitively hi* last week. GRAND ETHIOPIAN CONCERT, with all the new and lingular Negro songs and duets, i|u irtetes, Sic. by the Kentucky Minstrels, and others, accompanied with the banjo, bone casti nets, tamborine. anil other instruments of u: used on this Southern plantations. MASTER F. DIAMOND, the great' ivaganiist and negro dancer in the world. The City Bra** Band of ten musicians ngaged, TM ( f ii'deii on the top of the Muteui the most cool and delightful place iu the city. The Lectui llooin has been enlarged and thoroughly re itilateil. Biloou Ascensions, and performance* in the Lecture Room, take place from the Garden every evening at 8 o'clock, ami Wediesilay and Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. lT/"Diy visitors admitted the same evening Free. Admission to the Museum, Garden. Fair, and Knleiteiuinent 2'i cents Children under 10 years, half price. ati20 |w l'EALK N NKW VORK JWUIKUAf AND GALLERY OF PAINTINGS. {B ro a ti w ii v o/ifiiMitf the Hark.) MR. H. BENNETT, Manager of Peale's Muieum, respectfully inform* the public of New York, that the above establishment will o|n'u on Mond y, August 21st, and with peculiar pleasure announce* that he is enabled to present to their notice the greatest living CURIOSITY IN THE WORLD, consistnig of a i OLOREI) CHILD '. Wl?o is ONLY TEN YEARS OLD, and of the enormous w eight of 05 POU DS'It ! An affidavit of her age, made In-fore a justice of the peace, can lie seen in the Museum. The following performer* are also engaged: Mr. WALTER, the much admired tenor simier; Master DIAMOND, the unrivalled banjo player and Etlieopeau dancer; Mr. S IIROUWER, the celebrated comic linger; Mi** S F.ADAIR, the charming vocalist, and La Petite t' r.RITO, the graceful danseme Performance on Saturday afternoon, at .'I o'clock, and evening entertainment in the Lecture Room, to commence at 8 7"Admission to the whole o 11. ONE SHILLING HPHE Gil U'lS EXHIBI1 l(?\ S the "Fine"Arts in New York is at lltv Nassau street, lor not only the walls of that large store are literally covered with line choice anil rare Engravings, but thousand* in Portfolios can be seeu and purchased a one ijuartei their usual price Old Books, Pi inls, Painting*. and C uriositie , purchased m any uuantity by WATTS LONG WORTH, nuM 3t*r 116 Nassau ttreet. ? -pjggKyW,H iUUIN(i SCHOOL, 108 BOWERY. MR. D. has the honor to announce that hi* School is open for the reception of pupils, daily, Sundays excepted. For Ladies, from '.I A. M. to J I'. M. For (teiitlemeii, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 3 to ' P. M. II...I.I. I i r . .u_ 1 ? J ..... .. ..... .MI.'V Iiuinri, mm llir 11 "til UI 1"II4UC. iu IF[ , For fmrisivitl narticul trs apply n shove suA 3m *r NEW YORK J^jj^ * BOSTON -on x iii^'T nWEN PRE8COTT. Pilots. or takes charge u master and " pilot of vesnels loued to New Bedford, over Nantuckft ShoaU. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Keuueheck. and OTHEH PORTS. Office at Kr)e It siiaw'i Nautical store, 222 Water street, corner Beekman. Reference to a number of merchant*, and the several Insurance Cotnpanie* in this city, Boston, mid Portland. jvlft Ivniar M ROOMS TO LKT?Very d?>?ir.?hle apartments ore to let in Kohinson *r; No. 10, a few doors Imm College Place; may be had with or witho t hoard. an Iff 3tec ML HELL OATETERRV HOUSE-To EHMSS ttt!w stock, fixtures, boats and furniture, if required, for sale T'irr 'r,tm advertiser wishing to surt west the whole will he sold low. ti. A. LANE, a!6 2w*r Hell Gate Kerry House, foot of 86th st, E. R. MTO LKT OR LEASE?The modern built 3 stor/ dwelling house, No. 32 *ity Hall PLce, in perfect order, withcotfntf* mmTi ihof?i tlooti. lK.,tpftfftOate n* t It will be l?l '11 WMMMlile terms. Possession MMf had immediately. Its location is ceutraI ai d convenient to the Post Office and the Park, luouire of CHAS. U. STOPPANI, aula end 3t r 398 Broadway. Jmi FOR 8ALE~OR EXCHANOE FOR CITY PRO(m]| PERT Y?A small Farm of about sixteen acre*, in the J^ALlii^lie?t state of .cultivation, situated Jbut live miW from iiw MoDoitrn Ferry, ir-unng to the city 01 ;xew > ork l In* property has on it an excellent ZW story dwelln g houip, 3J by $J, built in the most Approved style ol'tnc State with ouibmlniugs and "II other conveniences to mike it suitable for a tradesman's residence wishing to retire from the hustle of tlx citr, and yet lie .?b|e, within ail hour's dnr?. to visit his counting house, as two stages |i,us the house night and morning It la Iso suitable to the market gardner or small farmer, at iim tame time taking boarders from the city. Bnt above all this, what n situation for a roadside laveru, which it has been known is the St. John's Hall, being situated between Hoboken and llackensack, embracing the whole of that great trade that paste* hose place* to the interior of both those stale*. New Y uric and \ew Jersey. The said harm will lie aold clienp, the present proprietor having business in England. N.B.?There is about six acres of first rate potatoes; also Sve acres of buck wheat; a quantity of young fruit tree*, tic., ill in a Nourishing condition. Application to be made to Mr. CvSi. McDonnell, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham lUert, Eaw Vorlt. If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. au6 lm*ec t MONTGOMERY* "if ALL. MONTGOMERY*, ALA.?The proprietors of this est ablishment, so favorably known 10 the travelling public on the great thoare between Charleston and Mobile, are determined to maintain (lie high reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The building*, which are very spacious and conveniently arranged, have lieen thoroughly repaired, via the bed rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with new bed* and bedding, alio, with every necessary article for comfort and convenience. The parlors, both public and private, are large, airy, and elegantly furnished. These facilities with careful and attentive servant*, a cellar well stocked w itfi choice old wines, a table supplied with evary luaury that the season anil market can afford, and the firm determination of tin- proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to (he satisfaction of their guests, will, they I rust, ensure I lie n the fa vorable attention of the travelling public. An amnions will, at all times, lie in readineaa to convey passengers from the Railroad and Steamboat* to the honse, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, ims. W. TILLEY Si CO. au 19 fini r jft# ILLINOIS : ILLINOIS^ ! iLLTSOHi"! Any >?^?per*on having for ?ale at a very low price, fromi "0 to MO n-re* of first rate land, dry and nuditliting. in Vermilliou i i> .ii. in i ,.r i,..... flying to JAMES .SHAW, 121 Knlton street, N. Y.or hv let?r post paid, stating the lowest price per acn*. the txact locaion, the peculi ir quality, mil the quantity of the land; if im> .roved, itnrinis the pirticulars of inch improvement* and tha limner in which tlie l.unl i> 11111111I'fl with water for farming inrposes. Anil *l?o stating tl?* cneapeat and most direct route rotn New Y ork city to the land* described. N. B. State the nuantity anil quality of the fencing on tb? and. j22 Im'rc LAND VV 111r< <1t.> purchase. one or two acre* of land. Mallow for cash. It must >>e within a few miles of the city , ^MK.tml near i conveyance, with or without a small house on \ note addressed to ho* Ml I'ailc Post Office, stating price, .cation and description, will lie immediately attended to. anL'2 lit*r U TEN DOLLARS REWARD.-Lom, stmyetG A?"t1 "Stolen?A Bay Horse, white star in his forehead, ../.l.1"11 hind fetlocks white, a thick black mane, with dark thick tail, growing aliout sis inches i.ut. At the ShepardV on the miildlr road, where he w is at pasture, or 7 ' r >n k I in M irlcet m ?! If re "~S ORLANDO FISH "ill intn iluce "ii Tuesday (this, Mflfckthe 22d day of August,) tin Kail Style for I Jenlfemen'* tats. To the merits of which lie desires the especial attention i| the public, and requests them to call and evatnine. ORLANDO HSH, 137 Broadway, au2'-' 3ti**m Second door above (,ity Hotel. A1U8 BOOTS AND LASTS >1A UK TO ORDER BV E. SUSEK, 75 Broadway, (Basemrnt,) onr door fromCourthttidl street. ( s('!*Kh' Bootmaker, and maker of Last*, an "'Vive" of < lerce of I'aris, l)egs lwave to inform hti JrTITrsnd ill tlw amateurs of a gentlemanly " chaussnre," hat he can now make, in V w \ ork, w ith the heat French marrnls ill that is so perfectly Hl.itt*. iu I'aris, by hit master tha lebratwl bootmaker < Icrtc, w Iw.m numerous customers on ii is side of the Vtlantic air respectfully invited to try Sy^ KK'H boots and lasts before they despair or being chauasea' in Vork, after the nicest, latest Paris Kashion. Also, ilie genuine t'iris .ler Rl >ck Vsrnish sold BOOT SHUt a I tint,. JOHN RI'.ADV respectfully informs his friend* d the public, that he has commenced business in the abova e, at No. 09 Nassau ?tre.t. where lie will thauktully receive d faithful!} execute ill enters he may be favored with on the nst reasomnle rerm< for es^h i v 2*r TO PR INI EHs. OR RALE?A fount of Minion snd Nont>a??il. whlcu haa ven ii,ed on the New Vork Herald. Apply at thuftAoej i

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