30 Eylül 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Eylül 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Wo. 30H ?WhoU No. 3480. PATE1SON RA1LRUAD. cgraa ft*aei^251 KAI K ?) av a (K.NTfcT I'rom Paterson to Jersey City. Ou and after Moud&y, Oct. 2d, 1813. the car? will l<*re Patkimoiv Deror. Lkavb Nkw Yo*k. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 1I>; " lt>? ?\,M3 P. M. * ON 8UNDAVS. , s.Vn., LEATK I'atKRSON OKFOT. ^tAT5i 5 M 0 A. M. 9Jt A. M. 3 P. M. ^ * Transportation cars leave daily (Sundayi' ?*cept??d.) Paaseiirers are advise*] tu be at the Kerry, foot of ^ourtlandt ctrMt, a few minutes before the stated hour of departure jyiJbin TAPSCOTT'S U*NKRAL PAS?AOE OK KICK j| ^ M M ^^^!!Tlowin?; I- .r?t Cl<u? Packets will oe despatched by the lubscrihers punctually a? advertised. Tiz:? KOR NKW ORLEANS. Po.ilively lint Packet or Pa??age Kre??The Packet Ship CASPIAN. Captaiu 'Jovey. will sail on Monday, 2d October. KOR MOBILE. The Packet Ship TELIA, Captain Kletther, will sail 7th KOR SAVANNAH. The Packet Shin EXACT, f'uptaiii Johnson, will Hiil fnd and the Packet Brig L. BALDWIN, C.iptaiu Thompson, will follow oil the 5th ctobtr. u" wuu for CHARLESTON. The Packet Ship CHARLESTON,Captain Brown,will sail 2nd Octr>b?r. Tim above are al< first clan Packets, lifted u|> witli every tliiiiK sni'ed to the conilort and convenience or passengers. and are Commanded bv men of well-knowu esperieuce. I Persons wishing to engage a |?ssage in cabin, second cabin or stee age, in any of the aNive n .ined )>ackeu. can do so on the best terms, on application to W. Sc J. T TArSCOTT, sjflr 43 Peck Slip cor South street. PASSAGE FROM LORK-Via Liverpool?In Mf*yVthe first spriiiij ships ?We l>eg to inform our friends Jwwafta'h.it during the coming spring, 1814. we shall have a le^nl ii succession of first class American snips, sailing from the above port every week, which will be fitted out in such a manner for second cabin and steerage passengers, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of our firm. Mr. James D. Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or ex)iense to meet their wishes, and have them forwarded without any delay. Tho-e sending lor their friends will at once seethe advantage to be derived bv paying in our line. Apply to, or address if by letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS St CO. 35 Kultou street, next door to the Fultou Bank , or to JAMES D. ROCHE, II tiorec Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can lie sent from this by the regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th aud 2.'jth of every mouth, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st aud 16th. s30 r BLACK BALL, OH OLD LINE OK LIVERmMBPWPOuL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on jHalflta^ouday, the >' October?The magnificent, well known, tery fast sailing i :ket ship CAMBRIDGE, burthen 95? tons. Cajitain Win. C.l'. irstow.will sail positively?* above, her regular day. _ . .... i he accommodation* ol I - sp! udid packet lor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, couve nience atrl comfort by any vessel -ilioat Those embarking for th>' old country will find it to their interest to select this desira hie conveyance. For passage, aud to secnre the best berths, early application should t>e made ou board, loot of Beekuau st. or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO,, 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The Cambridge tails from Liverpool on the 19th November. 1'ersoni seudiuc for their frinids can hare them brought out in her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of each month. For passage. Sic. apply as above. Drafts at sight for any amount drawn direct on the Ro.al Bank i>f Ireland and ou Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames Si? o. Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatever, in every town throughout F.ugland, Ireland, Scotlam! and vVslcs. Kor lussage. Sic apply as above. The favorite packet ship ENGLAND will succeed the Cambridge, and sail for Liverpool ou the 19th of October, her regular Jay. s23r ???; NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKKTS.Packet of 16th October ?The new and elegant packet JHnMM'liiP ROCHESTER, moo tons burthen. Captain J. Urn mi, will sail on Monday, ltith October, her tegular day. The *hi|>s of this line baiug all 1000 tons and upwards,persons about to e>. bnrk for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, as their Crev capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a sinller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this maguiticent ship, should not fail to make early application to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, comer of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the 5th December. Persons wishing to send for their friends,can have them brought out in first class ships, sailing weekly, ouifavorahle terms. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand w thout discount, in all the principal towns of Knglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wa'es, constantly for sale as above. The (i.irrick will succeed the Rochester, and tail on the 25th October. s29r 4jC.5^ FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 1st of October.? >J*gyTh? splendid fust class ship CAMBRIDGE, Captain MMlCiH:iRtnw, will sail (tositivelv as above, hep regular lay, and can take a few more cabin, second and steerage luissengers, if early applicatiou be made on board, or to W St J. T. TAPSCOTT, s27r 13 Peck Slip corner of South street. - FOR LI VIERPOOL?N EW LINE?Regular KKlMfiy Packet of 25th Oct<ilier.?The splendid packet ship HfiiOAliRICK, Captain Wtn. Skiddv, of 1000 tons, ? ill sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome I'm lished accommodations,apply ou board at Orleans whart, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. Price of passage, $"5. 56 South street. The pac?et slop ROSCIU8. Captain John < 'ollins, of 110ft tons, Hill succeed the GARRICK, aud sail the 25th November, her regular day. Passengers may rely uiniu the ships of this line tailing |iuuc tually as advertised. s26 A Ay." FOft LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Hegulr WRttV Packet 16th of October?The fine New York bui' MmMmwWet ship ROCHESTER, John Brittou, mastc. 8?u torn, will sail on her regular day, IGtli Octol>er. For freight or passage, hav ing very su|<erior accommodations, al'i'lv to the Captain on Hoard, at west s.ile Burling slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURNS, 87 South st. Prico of |<assage, $75. The line packet ship Ilottinguer, Ira Burnley, master, 1050 tons, will succeed the Rochester aud sail on her regular day, 16th November. iB t jjufrg- foR LIVERPOOL-To sail 1st October, her mMMtV regular ilay?The well-knowu, splendid packet ship CAMBRIDGE. Capt. Barstow, will sail as above. H.u s^ieudid accommodations for cabin, second cabiu and steerage passengeri, who will be taken on reasonable terms, if early application is made to JOSEP^ Mc.MURRAY, ,27 6i r 1IHI Pine st., corner South. i*r OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS ifffWFOI! LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st of October? fatt tailing packet ship CAMBRIDGE, Capt. Barstow, will be despatched .is above, her regular dav. Those wishing to secure berths, will require to make early an licatioD to JOHN HKRDA1AN, 1 Sooth street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, cau a^ usual be secured by the above splendid packet ship, or any ship of 'he line, and those rem'ttiug mouey to their frieuds can h/ive dralts for lay amount payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, and ou Messrs. J. Barned Si Co. backers, Liverpool; and Messrs. J. Bult, Son li Co. For fart* er particulars, apply as above. ( *30 2tr FOR LONDON?Packet of the 1st October.? KKWrVThe superior, fast sa'lng aud well known packet MEDIATOR Capt. Chadwick.will po?ltivel> sail a? anove, her regular day. For passage, apply to JOHN HEHD.V1AN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B. Passage from London and Liverpool can at all times !d by the regular packet ships. at the lowest rates. I furnished lor any amount, payable al all the priucii and Branches throughout the I;mini Kingdom, on in as above. *?o s>t r FOR LONDO.n?The splendid, fast jailing packet >liii> MLDfA ( OR < ap-aiu Chadwick, IIKiU tons iLwrtheu, tails positively on the lat October, her regu:om>?odatinna for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passenUlterior (o any ship ill |N?rt. Karly application shontd i) J. AlcMUKRAY, 100 Pine.treet. KOR LONDON?Packet of 1st Octnher-Thn splendid jiacket shin MKU'ATOR, Capuiu J. Si. il hadwick, will sail as above, and has Tery superior datious for cal" , MCOnd Cabin and sieerage passenwill tH taken .. easonable rates,if early application u VV. xJ. T. TAPSCOTT, 4J Peck slip, comer South st. 'or anjr amount, payable on at in mil without discount harge on all tie- principal towns ill Kuglanil, Ireland, mil Wales. 1'pI? as above. s20 TA( KKT ToR_ HAYRK?Second Line?The ship ST. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, master, will sail on the 1st o' October BOYL) Si HINCKEN. No. 0 Tontine Building, cor Wail and Wa'erst. ~FOR NKW OKLKANS-Tlie Regular Packet of the 1st October.?The splendid packet ship TLiSKI A, Captain Post, w ill sail as above. fi>?lill accommodations for cabin, second cabin, anil itsseoRprs, who will be taken on reasonable terms if ication he made on botril at Burling Slip, or to JOSKPII Mr MURRAY, 100 Pine ureet, corner of South KIK ST P AC KKT SHIP FOH N KW OR LK.ANS?The splendid firs'class ship SKA LION. I aptain Howes, will Im* lie pavi.etl on the 1st Ort. rior ship offers a intsl tb-nralde conveyance for sell Hid s.e?rage paastmgers?tier lietween decks being rery coii'foitably ntted up. 1 lie passage will he at I rates. Those desirous of securing berths will reipiiie arlv application on board the ship, al I ier 10 K. It., -or to JOHN HF.RDMAN, 61 South itmt, near Wall street. The subscriber hasA tegular succession of first class ng weekly for lhe;above port, by wiliich passage c.ui be the 'oWi?l_rates. s.9r FIHST-PA< KK.T KOR NKVV ORLKANSThe splendid last sailing packct ship ARKANSAS, I apt. Burgess, sails positively as above, her regular nmtnodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and isscMgers, are ?uch as cannot fail to inside comfort to Ig the vo\age, and the price of |tass<gt- is very low, immediate application should lie in.ule on board, loot reet, or to W. & J. T. TAl'SCO l 'l, 43 Peck slip, corner South st II have a continuation of regular first class pickets, ire, to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Charles\ms u, throughout the season. Passage, as usual, al iwest rates. s21 ec KOI? NKV OHLKANS?Louisiana and New i'l rk Line?To sue eeil the Arkansas?The fast sailug packet ship MI8BI88IPPI, Captain Hillard, will ve. For freight or pas age, having handsome fnrnisliaoilations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of '' ?r,0K. K. COLLINS It CO, M South street, in New Orlr-ui, Mullen & Woodruff, who will brw?iriliill rooiU to their itiltlrew. il9r KOU ?ALK?_"!*It-e^wel^k>io^rn cog^erefl and cop fwr fastened ship M* L.V ah usj bhv mour, aster, borihen and register !MT tout, Carrie* 800,000 ton from Mobile, ?m built in thi* city by Jam<;s r Mamnel Hick. Hi Co. under the inspection of Joai-her apron transom and top tiinlx'ri of lt?? oafc and s standing nnd running rigging in m??a oraer tu lour years ago?it w*ll adapted for a whaler, bavin* y derk. Lies at Dover street wharf Her inventory " "ibffitareaiarriss^Wiiiu.... E NE NEW " ^nKYti;;,NEW fT^O HAIL on 1 nursd&y, 5th October, the rleKatit.w??ll known coppered staaiu ship NEW YORK, J. I . Wright, Commaimer, will sail as above. 1 his steamer has been put in coinP'ff oruer lor the se.ihon, and Ins extensive accommodation*, with large and airy state room*. I* or ittsiage or freight of specie, apply *o the Captain on board, pier no. 9 North River, 2nd wharf above Rector street, "'i? rr , ^ A. HUBBARD h CO., 39 Peck ?l>p. New i ork, Sept. 11. 18)3. sl!to5*ec * Foil HALIFAX k LIVERPOOL? ^ovlll MailStram Ship CALEDOE. O. Lott. Eiq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above ports on Sunday, Octolier 1st Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, *23 3t m No. 3 Wall street. - ?? DKAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND I Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the "old country," can be su(>plied with Drafts, in sums of 1,2, 3,5,10. eaif' 211 Si. ?50. or any amount, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messu. James Bult, Son St Co., Bankers, London, I. Btrned St Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Korh?s Iluirter St Co.( Scotland, and the branches in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will lie forwarded by the steamer Caledonia, which leaves Boston the 1st October, on application to W.HiJ T TAPSCOl 1 rVt iheir Ueueral Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, coruer Sou In st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come pott paid. s26 ec . TRAVELLERS UOINU SOUTH OR WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the U. S. Mail? Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah iu connexion with the Central Kailroad to Macon and the W est The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAKLK8TON, Capt. K. Banlen, will leave Charles)on evely Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morniiiK, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriv iug at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on ths same days at above, at 6 o'clock 1'. M., after the arrival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to the cheaiiest aud irost expeditious route to the south aud wet,'. The above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, aud expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, Fitzsimmons' Wharf, (.haleston. Charleston, September, 1843. si7 2m*r ~ -?- "STEAM SllII' "NEPTUNE. Captain William Rollins?To sail on Saturday, Ocber "th, ai 4 o'clock, P. M., for ( harfeston, " VV?t' Havana, fcew Orleans, and Gall m veston, Texas This su|>erior packet steamer is now being overhauled aud put iu perli-ct order forth* season. Her caoins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, aud passengerx can rely ma every comfort and accommodation iu her. For passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light (r?fghi aud specie for Charleston, apply to sib r .1. H BROWER, 75 Wall st. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Touching at all i--i t mi >si and West Florida, viz: St. Augustine, N?w Smyrna, Indian River,Cape Florida,Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay, Keys, Port Leon, A,<alachicola anu Pensacola.?The splendid steam ship CINCINN \TI. J. Smith, master, (whohas been long engiged in the navigation betwe-n Florida and New Orleans ) Will leave Charleston, S C.,oo the 1st of October next, and after the arrivil of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. Kor passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if I" letter. |H)st |>aid, to JOHN B LAFiTTE, Agent, Fitzsimmons' Wharf. Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th, <843. sl4 to'r NE WARRANCiEM ENT FARE AND FREIOHT REDUCED, n REGULAR MAIL LINE -FOR PROC3?V1DF,NCE AND BOSTON, via, STON X^JaU3E.IN<iT<;N AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running iu conuectior, with the Stouiugtou and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Caot. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARKAGAN8ETT. MOHEUAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays exceptid) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at i P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE 1 SLA NI), Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stouington and Newport, and Friday for Stouiugtou. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday aud Thursday for Stoningtou, and Saturday for Stouington, Newport and Providence. Passengers, ou the arrival of the steamers at Stouington, will be immediately fiirwarded in the splendid and commodious Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will p?oceed iu the steamer Mnhegau (iu sti|>erior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an?opportun!ly of a night's rest on board the steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and tlieu breakfast ou board the Mohegan. The akx'Ve steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of tnvel and the comfort and cnnty of passengers, and not surpassed .by any iu the United States. For passage or fr tght, winch is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. I, 22 Btoadway, or ol lice of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers'berths can be secured on Doaro, or at me omce 01 HARNDEN & CO., No. 3 Wall sti.et It/-On and after the 10th isist, freiiclit will not be received ind forwarded after half-past 4 P. Si. m9 6m*m ,w* Feoplk s link ok_87itka.\iboats KOK ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.tBT i''? ' direct?From the steamboat pier be;weeu Courtlaudt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wedne?day and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ('apt. A. Houghton, will leave 1'uesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At i o'clock P. >1.?Lauding at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMEKII'A, ? M L. W. bminard, will leare Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. MatubMt NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all timej arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Tram of Cars for the east or west. The above boats -.re new and substantial, are furnished with lent and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz at the office oo the wh irf. s2i r INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSI? . TION NIGHT LINE FOK ALBANY Ik jC^JCjE-'I'ROV?Through Direct, without Landing.? 1'he commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will coutinue these trips for the season. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat haa undergone a thorough repair, and is n first rate order. s2 lm*r rT SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE Jpfor ALBANY AND TROY direct, without 3^C^3H^^K?landin*?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captaiu A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large uuinber of state rooms,and for speed tod accommodations is uot surpassed ou the Hudson au8 ec _ I- jmm NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy X^^flbZ-Hook, Ocean House and Eaturtowu Landing The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John F. Corlies. will now ruu as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27tl< inst :?leaving New York, Irom the foot ?f Robiusou street, very Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at Id o'clock, A. M. Vnd Ealoutown Landiug on Monday, Wednesday and Friday it 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather |<ermittiug, ou til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owner* Fare J7)< cents. \ R ? Slni/ct will h# in ?rr^iillflnr># In Piinm iM??oni/?r Irom the aforesaid lauding places to any part of the county rr luired. The Shrewsbury will go thr inner passage. when practicable. ielSr NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. .Min jXM For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hndsou ynal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR The EMEKALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock, r M. Will leave Kingston (Ron oat landing) every Wednesday uid Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Cr.ptaiti John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warreu street, -.-very Wednesday and Sa'urday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will leave K agstou (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA riiirs. The EMERALD will leave the loot of Murray stre.-t evety Sunday morning At 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves KingsMn at 4 o'clock, same day. For freight or |>assage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW fc CO., aJI 3m *r IW West street KOH KEYPORT AND MIDDL'CTOWN -*i;^?rOINT, Dally, (Mondays excepted,) touoh Z_a?_flUE_ing at Seguines Dock, Stalen Island.?O and titer Monday, July 31st. the sieamer ROCKLAND, aptain Crawford, will leave Middletown Point on Moi day?, ruesdays, Wednesd ys, Thursdays and Fridays, at halt-|*ast one o'clock (tide |ierinittiu|(,) and Key;?>rt at 2 o'clock P. M turning, leave New York, tool of Robinson street, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays ami Fridays, at H o'clock A. M. and Saturday s at 2 P. M. Stage* Will lie in r*adine*s on the arrival of the boat to convsy |>a?sengers to Freehold or any pari ol tli? country. Uniform conveyances on Target Excursions, Parties of pleasure will he taken to aud from l"ort Hamilton or Keyport at reasonable prices. s20lm*in STAT EN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT ?*-- '^ir?J*OF WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboat ml JC.STATEN ISLANDER willleaveNew Yoik snd Suten Island, ou aud after October 2d, as follows, until further notice Leave New York 0, II, 1, JW. V Leave Staten Island #, 10, 1, y All freight shipped is tequin-d to be particularly marked and is at the risk of the owner* thereof. s3H?f r ,N !KK ,AS1P NEW YORK.?Fare '.'H 1 eiits .? The splendid steamer PAS< i. . after June Stn, will run as follows ;? l,. ?ve the foot of Barclay street, New York, at 10 A. M..and 4 T. M. Leaves the fool of Ccutre street, Newark, at 7H A. M . and in <1 I I'. M. Th? accommodations both for passengers and freight have been greatly improved. FlWgnt carried it i <rv low rares jvIS Jm*ee A A. SAMANOS offers for sale, at No, ft Wallst, 10 hhds Muscovado Sugar, uid 11 bags of Coffee, lauding from brig T | az, from St J ago III Store? 10 lihds Sun cureil Muscovado Sugar .mtable for refiners 4 botes white Sugar, free labor It lialr* Mi|*riur Guiw Tobacco, stiiublr for tarera. ? JM>,in. of Lord Byron, VVoodti ir.iuida variety of athrr brands. WANTED?A Coopw. and a Mil wright that nndrntandi ea/|?n"T,? work, to no lo St JaKoiW .. nbn; mast br ?mglr and o( irnprnue Itabiu. Apply *? ?* lm*r W TO YORK. SATURDAY MOF RACES?UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. TUESDAY, October 3<1 ?Finn lt?w?bweepstakes for three 1 years old, sub S30Oeach; $100 forfeit; closed on the 1st of Jan. witli the following:? Samuel Laird names ch. c. Yamacraw, by Shark, out of Bonnet'* Blue. Chailea 8. Loyd names cJi. c. Niagara, by Imp. Trustee, out ol Olpsy._ W. Livingston names nr. c. Richmond, by Imp. Trustee, out of Alice Gray. VV. Livingston alto names b. c. Dunvexan, by Imp. Trustee, out of Jemima. SECOND RACE?Sweepstakes for three years olds; subs $200 each, half forfeit, closed with the following:? Charles S. Lloyd uaine.s ch. c. by Toruienter, dam by V" > ^noutli t'clipse. Mr. Shaw names b. f. Im|>- Trustee, out Diana Veruon. THIRD RACK?Purse $15(1. Two mile heats. KOURTll RACE?Purse $100. Mile heats; best three iu five FIFTH RACK?Purse ?5ii. Ent >10 added. Mile heats. The first race to come oft at 12 o'clock. Entrance to Enclosed S'ace, $2 Grand Stand $1 Stand, or Track, 50 cents. Field St*nd, 25 cents s2'.)5tfh UNION COURSE?LONG ISLANJV. Four Races, and probably five, in one day, to come oil'on Tuesday, October 3d, 1843. TO LET?The oyster and victualing s'ands for the day. For pariulars inquire of M. D. W., ('rummies' Hall,44n Broadway. (39 2t*eC BEACON GOITRE -TrtOTflNtl MONDAY , October 2d. :>t 2 I'. M.. l match for between 8. Bertire's hi. g. Barny Black. A Vanriiiers b. g Bob l.ogic. TWO MILE HEATS UNDER i 1IF. SADDLE. Immediately after a Sweep?take for $tiH), tree for five yeirolds. Wm. Wiieelan names b. g. Fulton. Isaac Woodruff names bl. g Africui. (/'. w. bert'ne names br. in Isadora. Two Mile Heats ill Harness s29 4t*ec BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. Thursday Oct 5th. will be given a purse of $100, two mile !.eats, in harness, free for all trotting horses. Entries for this purse ro be made at It Smith's. 80 Park Ilow, on Monday evening, Oct. 2, by 9 o'clock?three or more to make a race. 831) 3ti <T _ WANTED?YtJUNO HORSES.-Wanted fr .m /XJ?r>thirty to thirty five youi.jf horses, from 3^ to 5 years ( \ s v oil! from 13 to 14 h'lids high, to be of ouiclr action and sound The bo'se. io be shown at Dilk's Stable, No. i91 Merced street near Bicker, bet -eeu the hours of ten and lliree o'cb ck. Paters preferred?ill wanted for saddle s27 6f*r 41 _ F K SAI.l\?A pur ot i ng' i ti.iy < \ R i! l.\i K mwi?'?| ic to i7 bauds higli, warrmted only five f ) " "! si* yeirs old, sound in ill ie>|iects kind in single and double hfuess and under the saddle, and of superior style and action, belonging to a priv ite gentleman in ibe country .and *re worthy of the attention of any one desiring a g io<l pair of horses. They may be seen for five or si* days, on application at TATTERSALL'S, Broadway, N. Y *28 Iw _ MKOR SALE OR TO HKNT?The Pirmrin Mills, with II or i*> run of stores, with all of its extensive maliiuer), situated m'^r two miles from New Rochelle, V\ eslchester County, and State of New Y ork, anil in imniediite proiimitv to the city of New York, now in oriier f >r an exten?ive husiuess i i ('our, and can grind anil t ack Kill to 1511 barrels each day, or coulil he most advantageously employed for a?y other purpose which might lequire extensive water power, i lie reputation for the past thirty-five \ears enioyed h, the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility of transportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way of the navigation direct to the Mill* from any port, render the ficilitie* for business uuexcef tionalile to those desiring surh au establishment. Apply to HfcNRY' PATKIlMth kELLOGO, Esq . New Rocnefle, N. Y , Kelloggsville, or to SILAS WOOD. Esq., 5!l Hr ad street, N? w ) oik. New Rochelle, August 23. 1813 &28 Iwr MFOR * A ij f., or exchange lor liart of a brig or schooner suitable for the North Carolina trade, a House and lot, in a llourishi g town in N. C. The house contains I la'geairy rooms, all lathed and plastered, with Venetian blinds to the windows; it has front and back piazzas, a s'tore room, kitchen detached, smoke house, ?ic. The lot is 13 feet front, and rear extending back 2(IK feet?an excellent well of water on the premises, shady trees in the yard, and is well fenced. Said property would beexehanged for put of a vessel; the person to whom the property belongs, to go in lie* .is master, being in every way competeut. Address, Mariner, at this office. s?7 6t r Mmontoomkky hall, "montuomkkT; ALA.?The proprietors of this establishment, so fav rably known to tlio travelling public on the great tli roughfare lietween Chariepton and Mobile, are determined i f maintain the high reputation for comfort a.id liberality of I langement which it iias so loug, and they trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very spacious v>d conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and the bed rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with new beds and bedding, also, with every uecessary article for comfort and convenience. The Parlors, both public and private, are large, airy, and elegantly furnished. These facilities, with careful anu attentive servants, a cellar well st<.eked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxrry that , the season and market can afford, .uid the firm determination the proprietors to oinit nothing that will tend to the satisf. tiou of their guest*. willt they trust, eusure thein the favor ole attention of the travelliug public. An omnibus will, r.t a!l times, be in readiness to couvey passengers irom the Rauroad and Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1843. W. TILLEY fit (JO. an 19 6m r PARIS BOOTS AND LAST)TMA7)E IO OKDKll, By E. H U S E R, 175 Brondwiy, {Battment ) One door from Courtlandt street. E SUSr.K, Bootmaker, and M iker of Lasts, an Klve" of Clerceof Paris, liegs leave to inform his frieiuls and all the amateurs of a geutlemtuly " chausxure,'' that he can uow make, in New > ork, with the best Freuch material., all tha' is so |>erfectly made ih Paris by his in str,. tlie celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic are respect'ully invited to try Suser's Boots and La* s, belore they d.tniir of being " chatuses" iu New York, after the nicest latest Pari* fashion. Also, the geuuiue Paris Jet Black Varuish sold. *17 im^ec *AVE v OUH nONbt KiVLL AND WINTER BOOTS, 7i ner cent , he,per than at any oilier establishment in the city. the very be*'-quality of booU, with everlasting patent soles on, made to your orders at the very la * price of lite dollars nud (jfty cents i?r pair ; tlie same quality ol boots ire selling at other establishments at froin $7 50 to SB Call at CUBBKRLICY Si M1CKKLL. st2 tm*m 1 William at.. N Y B >OT8 AND SHOTS.-* ITHON STJOHN^N, Successors to John Hutchings deceased, ha.r uu naud aud for sale, from the best mauuf>cu?i>s lu the country? 1' 0 Cases Coa s? Sewed and Pegged Boots, men Hid boy?. '00 * Flue " ' " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " I.adie.' fine Ii) pers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. 00 " Women* and mum Outers 1000 " India Rubbers, tr m i.ed and plain. fc.or sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. IJ0 CH vTll AM STRF.hT, opposite Roevelt. N B?The store being open until 10 o'clock in the evening, gives counrry merchants an opportunity (o examine goods at B ?ir leisure, t2> Im'in BOOT IND SHOfc STOftfc. JOHN RKADY re*|>ectfully informs his Irteum and the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where hr will thankfully receive mil faithfully esecute, all orders he mav be favored with ou the inuet reasonan'" ?ef?'i? for e??b ir-e>' DK. WHKKLKK begs to offer t- the notice of the public the following letter froin a highly respectaule officer in the I' S. iVavv:? N?:w York, Sept. 21. 841. To Dr. W'lieeler, Oculist, 13 Greenwich streetSir?It affords me great pleasure to give yon the benetit of my testimony of vour eminent success in the cure of my danghie ofa.i ag.rtvat.Ml case of Scrofula Opthalmia, after she had lieen treated by eminent physicians aud surgeons without the least permanent benefit. 1 most add, that when I placed ber under your kind can*, (having been induced to do so by visiting some of your cured patients ) I w is III despair of her ever being cured by any oneone eye lieing entirely closed and sightless, the other nearly so. and scarce any light could lie borne Kor many months she had been kept iu caretully darkened rooms. The eyelids were most frightfully inflamed, aud the child, by her previous treatment, reduced to a mere skeleton. Y our kind treatment and great cure will ever be h Id by me, and erery member of my family, iu the most grateful remetnbrain e. Should this bring you to the notice of any like sufferer, or |>aieut w nil an afflicted child, the object of this testimony will be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend. WASH. A. BARTLKTT, U. S. N., I ?2f> lm in ai r.mntn yv venue. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. HKDl'CKD PRI KS rl,HK ?uh?i rib?r m constantly receiving fiesh supplies of the

A nbovt* justly celebrated pens, which I if offers to the trade at very low rites. Ill ad lition to the st>les to well known, he has recently introduced the following new patterns, vit Nos. I, 2 and J Princiiwlity Pent, estra line, line and medium point*. No. 8?(/ linmphic Pen?a prime article on pictorial card*, views of celebrated places. Nni !)a'id III?WashniKton Pen?very tin? point, and elajtir, on superb card* In evidence of the hinh estira<rion in which these Petn an held, the follow inn statement is inade The nnmherof IVin manufactured at the works of JOSKPtl filLLOTT, from Dec. Mil, to Dec. In 12, was Til <?12 110-2 The public are cantioi. -d to be ou their guard against spurious article*. K.ach iwi k ?? of the genuine |ieni Ix'ars a fac si? mile of Mr. (Jillotl s signature. Kor sile by HKNHY Jr.SSOl', Importer, 91 John street. corner of (iold A good supply of Wiudle's aud Motley It Co's London Pens nVOlm-., LKiCTOR II. BUST Cv I UK, " nPKRATIVK 9UHOKON to the \. w York Medical wd Murrtcal Institute. may Kecotuulr?l daily botwwn the ho<irt I | of and 3 o'clock. Office Tft .Chamben street * l?#r I RK E 3' LNJLNG. SEPTEMBER 2* / ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. general age scy and commission ?>KF1CE. 18 COKNH1LL LONDON. OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE TO MERCHANTS, Coinmercial News Rooms, Pulilic Libraries, Agricultural Societies,Officers of the I niled States, Printers. Publisher:, of Newspapers, Sic. P. L SIMMONDS, General A Kent and Commission Mer- | chant, begs to acquaint his friends anil llie Am ricin public in cneml.llnt lie in retriy to receive i.nlers lor the supply .ill \ews|ia|ier?, Periodicals,! Hutiflmrv, Priutinu Materials, I-anry ArtiEM, lie. of say kind ud I! 1 lilt It \. .iii?i .mis Httwry il scriplion ol' dm rate quality at the very low* : market once* of tlie day, snd to transact busii ess upon the m ,t liberal terini, provided he in previously furnished with fu iU or drifts at either long or ?hort dales, or a reference on some London or Liverpool house for pa\ inent P. L. Sirnmoud* will also receive cousigi ments of anyile cription of merchandise to lie sol.I on commission, and accept bills at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the hills of I nline. Consignments entrusted to Ins caie will meet with ever* possible despatch in their disposal, consist* it with the interest of th? cou?iinees: an extensive b ow ledge of general business coupled with promptitude,attention and judgeni nl. w ill lie trusts enable linn to Kive complete satisfaction to ill who may favoi ' im with the r c.iiminsnus Melerencs may be made in New York to James Gordon Bennett, ! s<| , Proprietor of the Herald.who is personally acquainted with Mr.Hiinmoiiils and the nature and extent of his establishment. s2Utf r to newspapku m . i \ i s andTuulTshkks in TllE UNITED HTA I KS. 'T'HOSE excellent Illustrated Newspa|K-rs, The Pictorial l Tillies, and Illustrated London New s, ale supplied at 7s lid sterluiK per qr. Punch at Is ijil perqr, and all the Londou and Foreign Newspapers as they ap|>ear an- regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P L. BIMMOND8, N.?uunw and A..?., nil i .ill t ? I? Subscriptions m advance may be paid into the Mcr.il.I Office, on Mr. Siniuionds' account. Advertisement* received for insertion in all the London, Country and Korean Journals. s2Btf 'TMIK NKVV TOKK HERALD is regularly filed in London -L l.v Mr. P. L. SIMM' >NDS, Agent lor ilie American Palters, British and Foreign Newspaper OtH<e. IB < oriilull. Loudon, opposite the Koyal Exchauge, where orders and advertise nenti will be received s2Btfr OCOTCH PIG ANL) BAH IRON. Cut Iron CoIuomm, IJ Posts, Pipe*, Girders. Stauche 'iis, Piles, Gratings, Whet Is, Railing Bars. Tank Plains, Ketorts Kur ace liars, ^asii Weights, Boilers, Pots, Cart Boxes, ami all suits of Iron CastWholesale prices may be obtained by applying to Mr. HA .it'EL HOOD. s28 2tdv r 6 Crescent M'liories, Loudon. ASTOR HOUSE. THK subscriliers will lie lia^py to arrange w ith families and A siiiglegeutlemen for the winrer t also with paitie* of single gentlem-11, who may prefer i private table, on reas .n,ble terms. slitoctl COLEMAN STETSON CARLTON HOUSE. 'T'HE SUCSt RIBERS are prepared to make arrangement* A with lamilies and single gentlemen for the winter or by the year, upon reasonable terms. The price* of this establishment are the amas heretofore, vir,: SI iO per day. BENSON (k HODOES. 3 lm?r VTOTICE TO FRENCH, AMERICAN AND OTHEH IN CITIZENS.-UNION HOTEL, No. tr, Hector street. ;orner of Greenwich street.?P. Delamotte has the honor to nform his friends and the public generally, that the |iart ershil heretofore existing between the advertiser and J. Bouuard, hat been dissolved by mutual consent, and that he has reo|iened his old establishment, situate as above which ha* been occupied by liiin for the past live years. 'X he Uuiou Hotel has lieei thoroughly repaired and renovated, uid now contains as com plete and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as cnu l? found in the city. The cooking depaitiiient i, conducted a U Krancaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost and the prices charged lo guests are in conformity with tin times. An excellent Tabled Hole is ready every day at 3 o' clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is charted The advertiser holies that his past evitrtions and present desire tc give satisfaction, will insure him toe patronagt of his fellow coiiutrymen, ami of all gentlemen v. ho may wish to obtain capital fare and accommodation, at tilt least possible expense si Im ec BELMONT HOLME ?NEW BKIGH TON GEORGE PEIRISB, in returning his grateful acknowledgments to i; >? numerous laJies and gentlemen who favoreil the above estal lishment during the past season, begs to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the winter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dining-rooms ami dormitories wil be fou ul comfortably and elegantly furnished. The table will be suppl ed with the choicest provisions, a d the wines will be found equal to any. The proximity of Beimout House to the city, with excellent steamboats plying at stipulit-<l hours, lhe well known attention ol the host anil civility of the attendants, combined with the location, being within a step or the lamliug-pl ce, renders this establishment the most xocial and convenient iu the Uuiou. Terms will be found exceedingly moderate. (ty Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre mises. s 6 tTr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL fPHK undersigned take* occasion to inform hi* friends and A the public, that the Mansion house is now located in Inquisidor str?*et, No. 6/. i i the victnit. of th# steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the neat? .t order A persou ?? emi?lo)ed to procure ptrmiU to lai.J passengers, bagR ufe, &ic. who will board vessels immediatel v after the visit ol the revenue officers. A. B.?V iairor> to Ihi. Island should procure a passport Irnm the Spanish I oil.,ul, >u the port of embarkation, to oiivi.it>- difficulties and inconvenience. .21 (im?c WILLIAM Kl'LTON IMPORTANT I<I IN \ M, IPS AND VISITORS TO T1IK l?L vM) OK Cl'BA. PROGRESS HOTEL, TN the villigr of < erro, thr.e miles from Havana. This e?ta1 blishnunt is 'diaiitageously situited, pro|a*rly fitted up and attended, affording tne benefit of a couutr life without excluding tin* comforts and pleasures of tli* I -ipital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Kvery attention is promised by the owners to meet th- sat it faction of their visitors. CHAHOES. Boarding for a single |>ersi>u in one room $! (Ml a day. " " two or three persou* in on * room- SI iO a day each person. With families a particular agreement ma be entered into. N. U.?Omiiibiissi-s are running froin morning 'till unlit between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. SSM Im PULASKI HOUSE, MONUMENT SQUArtK, SAVAN NAM, OlCO., 13V r. WILTBSKOEK. rpHK following may be adduce ) from among the many re. J con.ineiiiUtio. s which nave app-art-d of tins establ shment: "'i'he most remarkable (V?turv about Havannnh,ii tbe Pulaski iousi?being, beyond any comparison whatever, number one among the very liest ?ud most genteel Hotels in the Lfnit-d Statej." LKWIS FITZIiKKALU 1'AHISTAO. Random Shots aud Southern Breezes, vol.2, page 16J Pt't.sSKI Housk ?The following well merited compliment to this elegant establishment, we clip t orn tbe I'luladel bia L. S. Oaiette. It is a matter of wonder, thu so mtny invalids go to |K)ints where there are no comforts, instead of stoppi g III S.ivannah where the climate is geulie, without beii g enervating Those who visit the "Pul ?kl House," will forget their abseil" from ham-. in the inid>t of the eleg iflce and refinement wli ell |>ervades the establishment. Not only do (r rellers nit down to a ta de which many deem better than auy other in the LT.Sta'e*. but su|>craddeil to tins, all the n-allies, in the linen, and thei furniture of the house, and all the <iuiet and security are observed, which belong to private residence,.?Savau ian He, uhlican. [ I'o the Editors of the L'uited fc'tates Li.tr tte,] Messrs. K>'itor?:? W ill you allow me the privilege of your columns to cnmmu ni< ate some inf nnationol int-r *t to the travelling coinm oil , among wInch a number of >our subsCiiliers must be luund. Probably there is no sub eel aliout which intended traveller Peei so much anxiety, as t ie in aus of comlort or eujoymem whi It they are to possess iu the public accomm i?atio > th await them ou th> ir journey. At this, or |ierhips an etrhei : e son ol the year it is well known that iitm) ludu idu ?l?, if l. -l exes eit er from delicate heal'h, r.r iti>ias(f of > ' N<11fhe w inter," s ek lelief Irom the severe temper unre of our -;l m re in the less i h.ingeiul nd niter we itber of the Southern State , aud I oel.eve I ere ire man} more who, f r the same re.so >? wou il ie< rt o the South nriiu our iuclein-nt season did th?j know that they Could mike a Oriel abode th re without a ) great loss ol those coinio ts lud vonve ic.ic-, which h Ion. most einpli ticaily to home. \ brief exierieuie in s nthe.i. travelling, hat enabled ine to afford th.s most desirable iufornt> tion During a recent visit to Atvann.ih, Georgia, under -be mstrii lions < fa discriminate g fn'nd I soon I'oa.d myself most com foitabh established a' toe Pulaski House, in that >ity. 1'hn. Hot-1, owned and conducted by C-ptain Peer Wi.lberger, m.'st deli ghtfulH ii u ted. nd in emuraced in a range of build ings, large, eiegant and commodious 'I he u mo t order am quiet exists r'lrouuhout the Imiite. aud neatue-i. regularitv and dispatch pervad- aud chiracte ue ev ry b anch of the rstablis'< meut 1 he table is alw Is (applied, at great dilKcul v aud ? fastidious co noisseur could not complain ol he win,-*. I'm society resilem lor thi* i?n ?t this fi.ie hmis,* dr*w, from the vtriout Northern S ates, is of the most j*.e?\,hle ch.i' oter. Of "oar liott" hims?lfl<-t it he said that ill h>s visit >rs unit> tn earnu testimony to hi* ii-ipm in* cu>, judicious in hi ge nicnt anil coll teoii-de|iurim lit, which while the? have rendered tint hot 1 inferior to none, and tut* ri r t i moat others m tin Lniteii states cause %|l who enter the I'liUski Home" is Inguests, to e.ne it it hit fri-lid-, a i<l warm w. II withers Woe I hereto e, to tile exist nee of thin e*tshl thtnetit a' Siv ninth, i? to he uhled the mil Inets ami salubrity f its climate duri g th winter months, and the ?eueral at tractive* tt of the city, it ca not l>e douhti'd that when the m-ritt of the "I'ula-hi Hou*e* are OuC>-well > iiown, it mutt prove the lavorit* returt at th? smith of the invalid, nt well at the traveller 'or rr. A SlB-iCKItfEK. "Thit Hotel it infinitely tap* nor to the one when we lodgen in Charleston. Me e we ohtai ied th i<.etti:naMe Itnuiy of ? warm hath." MKS K vNN'Y Bi TlKu t&? til*r Winter Journey to Oeorgia. 'PO ABC'IIITK'TS AND Bi ll DKIH.-The ?ub?cril.e. I would r. s|?etfnlly inform hit customer* and other*, that in cousequen e . ' hit <>l?i ?t.v d in Br.xilwi; heiug hum d down he tint taken tliC |>r in tes No. 13} * rotby ttreet near Houston, until tuch time ? ?lie ttoret in Broadway are rebuilt, and that he it now prepared to eteute an\ ordert for Ornamental Wor* aim ' aiving th it m?y lie required, the tame at formerly. New Vork, September tilth. 1813 JOHN OALLIKR, ?2fl lm*r 135 Crosby t'reet. EVIPIllK OK BKAUT Y.??The following Toilet article* re to lie had gequuie only at 67 Walker ttreet, one door Irom the corner of Broadway :? Oonrtud't I'ouilre Subtile?1> or tafely, quickly and permanently eradicating su,-ertluou? httr from all part* of the human frame. Tint we prove beyond all doubt to every purchater requesting proof. Bew ire of counterfeit*, contaiuiug dele nriou* propertiet, uid utterly inefficacious No ageni id Brook lyn. Oouraud's Kan de Be.iute?hor tlmroiignly eiterminatiUk tan, pimples, blotches, inorphew, Sic eliciting delicate whit* neca, hand* and arm*, anil imparting a juvenile b oom, by it* dilating properties, preventing tue formation of wrinkle*, am. banishing them when prejent. Ootimud't Vegetable Liquid Rouge, impart* a delicate Untiling tinge to the cheekt. immovable by rubbing wiih a handkerchief >r a cloth. On -aud't Blanc iTK.?i ange, or npauith White, give* to the comp i?ion a pure, life-like alabaster whitene**. In elegant botes 25 cent* each. Out. : nid's Ore.'ian H.iir Dye?) or coloring red or grey hair. without staining thf akin wiriMlnl. S> prr l>otth>. Ky?- Urow aui Whi?k?r Hye, 25 c?nfa in*r bottle. Cretin of L hf.??K??r r-tno?iiig lUtiilriiff, in iking the hair rich, silky auil |.<?<r, and kmiIii-II > changing a to a dark brown or r;iven lila. k W cwita imt hoiile. Agenu?< M Ik <i,Boaton} TlChfanut at. Philadelphia; Wrey, t'oiiKhk^tmif. (iuthrie, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Well, V Co. ilarllonl; Cowl*, ft|<ringtield; K U'lkner, Norwich; <Jrwn hCo Worcester; ('arlrton K Co Lowell; llodte NewhuryiHirt; I'rratnu, Portitnoiith; Paiten, Portland; Oiuld, Bangor; Thoma*. Cincinnati; Tuttle Pittsburgh; Oeorge Stealey, Frankfort, Ky.; 8. Touaey, Rochester, 8elh S. Fluid, B-*lt more. 13 lm*r [ERA] D h 1843. fkUaMfkto [Corriu>|M>iulfiicH oi the Herald.] , c Phiimdhupiiu, Sept 27, 1843 ' |< Nominations and Proiiirrt* of 1 tl Hutch i?*<)u Vuvliaitni?Hi* Biography. To the Editor of tiir New Yokk Hkualds? K Jamea Enew, Jr., was nominated, this afternoon jj by the county democratic deputes, for Senator, in i?l*ce of M'C illy, reined; and 1'tnlip l'nvsia, * for the aarrie office, hv the vvhi* delegates. inc nominations tor Oongres* and tne Male Le- a ginlature, by both parties, are now complete, but , I* such ottici s are considered of no importance, (by ' certain unscrupulous politicia as who with to t-hare | the great pti/.e of $30,000, ttie sp> ils o| die Sh rift' s office,) compared wiili that of Sheriff Mc.fltchael, I the whig candidate for Sheriff, id an editor of some ; considerable talent, and a fluent, sensible and popular speaker, and possessing all the requisites for that important office, which his otherwise clever opponent l.tcks. Your correspondent, Count, was wrong in calling "James H Hutchinson the rowdy landlord of the ! Van Buren Locust Ward Tavern " Mr Hutchinson gave up that tavera two years since, when he obtatued the nomination for Sheriff, over Umiel Snutti, and although Mr. H isnenerally consid re?i | the keeper of the old tavern, it U believed that he really sold out; hnwi ver tlia' may be, it is m>w given out by hid friends, that In* would join the temperance society if that society desired him to do so, hml would give him tlieir votes. Mr Hutchinson wns * candidate lor Sheriff iu 1835, und watt defeated t>y a very large majority ? He was again a candidate tor the same i ffi :e in 1841, and was agniu defeated by ? Urge ninjority. He was nominated by Mr Barker, the Collctor uf the Port, to Mr Duniie, llien Secretary ot itie Ireasury, t??r th" office ol Inspector ot the Customs. Mr. L). at first o >j?-cted t<> ih" appointment if Mr. H , hut at Inst reluctently confiruiMt his nominatii n lie was dismissed for disobr di-nee if orders, by Governor Wolf, Collector of tte P..rt, in 1838 Governor W issued explicit orders to all officers unri r his control, forbidding them Irom golug to liarrisburg under any pretence, or patticpating iu tin- tnreateucd disturbances; bu> Mr H , ; thinking that the Collector would not dare to remove him, posted (iff to H-irri.-burg. and was suitably rewarded for his disobedience by being forihwith discharged The most powerful ? ft rts wi-re made by many of the most ii fl leniial ltl? nrt?ol Van Riifen to have him .emulated, but the President 1 very froperly sustained the Collector, and Mr H. remained a private citizen,or nub torn the keeper I ol th>- Locust Ward Ta?ern. I When Mr. Thomas S. Smith was appointed Col! lector, in place ol Jonathan is oberis, Mr. Hutchuii .-on would have bren much pleased if Mr Smith had ; apioiuted him to a station wi hiu ills it if'; but Vlr Smith fearing, probably, tha' if he appointed Mm chinson to ihe office which he so much desired u ! 1 would destroy Mr H 's po|ittluiity with his Van 1 Buren Irieuds, prudently,perhaps, appointed another pa'riot. Ii will be seen, therefore, that Mr FIutchins< n Ins ' oeen badly treated by ihe democrats; as lor ail the services he rendered th-m, as keeper of a ward taveru lor so many years, his only reward his hnen t; he office ol constable for n lew days, (preferring r the practice at the bar, to the practice ot imt>bin?, he (| resigned after a few days experience,) and a tide _ wut er, which he was ejected Irom iner- ly lor following hi* own inclinations It is proposed to larm out the office to Mindry politicians should Mr. H. be elected Shetifl The printing to be given to the two papers tiiai care lor v linn aloue, and the ;>rofiiB lo be ink' n care of by r the secretaries. i Neither his friends or lrm-e|f will be troubled * ither for security or w? n the profits. On the -econd Tuesday of Octob' r Hutchinson will be a , thrice beatencaudida'e ; ir -h' rfl. n Yours, trnly, H. h Mokk of thk Gale.?We nave the following f additional panicu'ars to yive of the tremendous- , hurricane tn Florida. *" [From the Tallahassee S'-ntinfil, Hept. 19 J One more paragraph must be added to the melan ? clioly and unprecedented chapter ol accidents ami f calamities which, in fact, sums up the history ot 0 Middle Florida tor the past three or four y? ars ' Wednesday night last must be chronicled us au- " tiler mournlul and fatal page in the story of t>U! misfortunes, in the record <?t the severe chastise menu with which it h i* j?!< used an all-wise Providence to visit our alH.c ed people. jv sunset on Wednesday night, th- unusually deep cpniaon glow n ot the western horizon, and what th? sailors call u <-< " dirty'" shy, betoken* d to the weather-wi e ;he *' presence ol one of those Hu'umnal storms, which ot late yean bin been almost uifonBlf mna A' ' that jime t he wind blew moderately E N. E , l?n ' about iinlf past eight, haul, d around to ihe N. N <} K., aud continued to increase in strength (occa , sionally veering in direcuon) until it bl wa,ert?c v lurric.nie; and at its extreme height winrled about ii ?blew Irom the W. N. W.; then, in fitlul and turi k i us 3us>e>, seemed to start, in tuin, Irom almost very jvnnt in the coni|)'iss, till finally it s-ettled n N N. VV , bec?ine more steady, gradually lulled. s' nd calmed at 7 in ttie morning The whole galwas accompanied wi h fl iods ol rain,driven wi n , ilmost resistless fury ihrouuh nearly every root? , town the chimneys - penetrating every crack am! I crevice through winch water could enter, and floodnig many houses from itieaiu.-s to their foundations I'tie injury, however, frustallied iii this county is :otnparaiively small No bnildings ot value wer J erioUsly damaged On- ot llie gable riida ol tli >rick store ot W K Lloyd, (now nearly conip etM ) , urus driven in by the force ot the wui'i, and som .> t h- slate torn from the roof A hiih 1 part of ill all?< f the building nu? erecting on ttie c raer i vlonroe and Aoauis tieeis, was blown down? ' roods in stores were d,'mailed in some i x'?n >> -ater. Fences were ^rostrated?rtude trees tor ^arJeim demolished, n (h? country, ?i leai iat ttie w ind h is e. m,>let? ly levelled the Cotlm , - .ilk* and all, and probabl) destroyed the wool , -h?t was expose d to the full force ot theitai I'fie gin house ol >lr Jorepli ("hairs was hlow > *ay,and with it sonie ihiny th< usand pounds i n cotton in the seed Five bal-u just packed wen tr-o destroyed. The gin hou.-e, corn house, am ' ther out houses on the plantation ol (ren Whi 'ietd, nb iat fi?e m les Irom town,, were all nnrooter T i id destroyed t.r eat havoc w -s committed to tio ores's, and the imi o -ks and pines louud no tin re roin trie tempest. V.>si numbers were prostrat" r uttering neatly all our Muds im,ms?at>!e tor wa ons or carriages But ttie disasters which bet* 1 ur citizens, duri'g that nutu ot anxi ty ai arceiy womIi, ol mention in connection wi h h?* 1 woiui and ri<-ari rendi.iir iiitfllueiice whit h reach is irom knlia ('r unty. (From Ap lUci.lcold Watchman, fcept Itf) On W. dnerday night w? w> re visited wi n a verc *-Vf-re hlow of horf deration Nu daiiM?e w? one, ejce,'t to the whirv's, and a house o< cupiei v Caspar Horn, he root ot which was blown i fl fne (Jailing*' to ihe wharves it now heing repmre. ' i id ail win be as good as evur ill a few days Vt'i ok on this as a pre iininary to our autumnal gab , I could not nave emended t.ir as ves-els comnu in mis |>ori, which n??f timer ?;, v-u, nuriiiy leu r " F >n? i *os i bv Si pf caiionatihk b Ttoii "i a Whj, ?A meimuchoiy .ccuKiit in'cutrcrt n * in*- OniiaiUirrf yeM< May, whereby lour Mlnw crea 1 >ires, nil 111 ihe ?m<<r ot lie.l ii rtixi ?ir> turn, w? n Hirried into et< rnry A laborer named 1) lairw,.iniployed t>v ('n.iHin Juli ii, R N , Co r.mn < >> u jnd deepen a *e|| that was on his premiss H 0 ad been engaged in this ?inploym- lit lor aoim days, goin? down and returning out of the wr|l, i without experiencing any nitonvfui- nee, nil tli? afternoon oi yefternav, when as 11** was d?*t>c?n?lii g ,r he was observed to l"*e hold ol th?* rope mid IhII i< 1,1 he bottom. Mr Julten'a youngest eon ob*eririii? ^ urn gave the alarm, and without a moment's '1( >rCi moderation, descended and nut with the sane , ate. Th?* alarm whs thru given to ih^ nfithho' i, i'iod that two men were lying at the bottom ot th> n veil, and among those that noon arrived on thest"it th vi-re H N Jones, E*i , and|one ol hia men nainMl " Shields The latter ofl rd to go down to r:*si utins leliow men. He descended five or six feel " vhen he waa observed ioq lit the rope and (all. In ihis tune the lerlings ot the bystanders v-eie v roue lit up to the vt rv highest pitch; and had noi lt Ar Jones been forcibly held haca he no douhi vould have fchareii the same iaie an the three that uad already sun rea. not mr an this, anoih"r v>?. h 11in named Matthew, wi((l h fatality ihal t?enna mo-l *<1 extraordinary, attempted the reacue ; ami like ih<'?e *ho h id made a similar attempt, he met with the ' name late, and tell above the other thr e. By thir time means wore procured, without raking ihe iivef t .i o' any more, to take the bodies <>| ihe touruiifor n innate men out of the well; but when they were t>> drought up hie was extinct lu the whole of them.? I tbtc UuzttU, St]>t 22. J LD. Two Cant*1 _ ? MoRK FOROBRIES AND CHfc.vriN<i ?Thr til at r?' ent case, bo far as we lire yet aware, is the fol win*, which we copy from the police reportsot ie Boston Post : ? Willi?m S Bliss, a very niff youn? man, well nown about town, wan brought up by constahV llapi* for swindling The fir?t complaint against mi was preferred by Jonaa Whitcomb, E>-q . clerk t the Tremont House, who charged bim with luring an older in the n une of " F Ha?ke||," of the tninent lirrn ofCoolidrfe Jc Haskell, Water s'reet, :>r h ill a dozen champHKre, an?' h request to ehauire #20 bill on the Tenth Ward Bank, New Yorker. vVtutcomb tentilied that he received the order roni a b'.y namrd Lewiw Fitzxer <ld, (present in :ourt) about 10 at night, laie in July, and, irt tiie lurry of business, answered .t witlnut examiuaion Alterwerd* he discovered tnat ilie bill was :ouut>-rlt it, mid about tiie same time the bov re uriinl with ilie champagne, saying that Mr. Has11 ll knew nothing about ihe order tor u Tli? boy tesiifV d that lie met Blii-s at the cirC'it, ii Atkinson street, and wau requeued by him to iccompany liuu to I lie Commercial Coffee House, fhere he gave liim the #20 bill, tuid sent him to llie Pearl street House to get it changed, ttm |,f. did lot succeed. Bii?a then unclosed l??* bill m the orter, and sent htm to the rremoat House. Bli*8 was o *v;ii? 111 Treiuont Pine lor him. Upon his reurn Bins took lie change tor the bill, Htid pent ii n round to tlie h ick door with the champagne, ?ut as he could not gei m, he returned to the Tre limit wnli his load Mr B hh qu? stumerl the boy cl"se|y as to his dentiiy, and closed h h defence b</ intimating that le should be aMe to prove no tilibi, by showing that le was in Cambridge at the tune. One ot the joui.ls iti tliecomp int wnsl.ir iorg~ry, and on this te was ordered to give bull in $1000 The second complaint was made by W H Henlersoii, grocer, in Beacon street, who charged Rii-? vith obtaining a loan ot seventy five cents by fnlsey repr mi ig hitnsell 10 be a gentleman residing it No 10 t ?tis P.ace ; that he accidentally left h i wallet at home, and that he w nted ioioe change 0 pav hirt toll over Cambridge Bridge. As he had 1 chaise and gold-headed cane, Mr Henderson believed liim. and torkee over. B ihs frankly admitted that he burrowed tile 73 cents, Mt denied that Te gave No 10 ' His Place no hi- ulace ot residence. Ordered to R vr l? I III $103 The third compl.ii a wa? mude by Frederick A; Hendeison. h> b rdaaher, Ci urt street, v. ho c hurled li >?< with obtaining drawcrB &c . lo the amount of f'2 32, by representing hunsell ?h it In? v?'r, justice of thepeact*, d boarder in the Perkins' House. Mi^adiii l''d (hat Ije obtained the art iciest, but rjecl n't d >h. <It---urip'i??n he gave of his profession -inrl d giniy whh in? rely in B;ort lu reply to this iltfence, ?lr Henderson said?,!Ynu told me your ii-itne whs William ri. Biif>8, E quire, ai d that )ou was a lawyer and a justice ol the peace, and thai nobodv, except a justice ol the peace, nrd'-r find's heivens, hid any rikh' to the title of E quire To mis-tHtf ment Bites answered?' Your memory is no' qiti'e accurate I said in Inn that my nitric whs William Hii^s, Kwjuire, a eentlemmi and a M-holar, a jn-rice of he peace, and so lorth " Bail ' quired. #10,') The ei t re bail r*q lired wa? $1200 and, in deault he wan comiiiittnl to answer at the next term if the .Vluincip-I Court. Ukatii of a Chkkok?k?We have received the 11mlul tut-llm> nee ol the death t-f David Vunn, r< usurer of the Cherokee Nation H< died at his > sidence at the ha'iue, on the 2 i iu.st. of the wounds iiH c ed upon him bv i lawlet-^ mob, on ihe tt.h lilt. -Van Hiutn (A>k ) lit , Srpt. 9 Circuit Court. * Beioie Judge nt FniDAY, S^pt. 29 ? Hirrnon v?. Miner?This crsa, I hicu h.ii occupied several days, u as (nought to a teimiix ion to-i!uy by n virdict lor the plaintiff?dmrugeK >1888 At its opening we stated the nature of the suit, mil itiern ore we need now only say, that the defendant ontraCted with :i builder named Hoyt to build honae in l?nr> fre't, which was tucost the fun ol $'V>ti4 34. and II III' pnid in vullo'H ?ums IIH the wo, k progre?.ed Hoyt nade a subcontract with tlm plaintiff in tins suit, giving .m ord.-i s on Miner to receive vari.'tia Mima in i he) tell ue to H yt. Miner did not accept -he rrderi, hut it w a? roven tnat he had ??'d if the paiiie* wer? preaetit hn foul"! .i? soon pa; Prison at. Hovt, provided the work as ton'' tohis ->a'ti*fact'nu Before the h< use w.s finish1 a fire occurred, ami H > t (jot into ditft 'iiitie* ami did ot ti iixli liiki'onttat t, whl> h waa litigated and sig' ed by is aasigiiees and curtird to the Court lor ih Correction I Eriorn, wheia tu? ilecmio'i waa unfavorable <0 Hoyt. leraon then step* into Ho>i'? shoea, and sura Miner . n ih> ntdeik be had on bim, contending that they mounte l to an aakigmnent ol a portion of the contract, ml that Miner was liat'lw becauaa he had recognised im in llio piogress ut his work. Court of Common Ple*a. Belo r in.i(fr Ii glia 9rr r 'ill - Jailin Herlrmiid vs. Mtrknrl 'Caffi ? Tbia i?e, which ban conaumtd mvetnl ua)a, was Ibis Ny included, aud the Jury found lor Ibe p.ainiill, dam?k s ' IO It >vaa an action oftro"erto ecover ihe value of rerin pood* consigned hv plaintiff to defendant, m hich ha luted to delivi r to hiii) It ippenre-Uhat the plaintiff, who resided ai Mentx, iu 1'imany, conaigmd in llie full ol 1PI9, a quantity of (AI .g "Invrcs tluotlgh the lgancy oi the bouse 01 Ihncut k Co , ol Havre, in Franco, to defendant, and lortly a ter arrived iri thia country, and went to Arman In tli spring of 1840 he applied t? the defendant for the >ods, nml the latter r> 1 n-ed lo d< liver them, on the ion ml thit Beit rand had acted irainlulontly in obtaining i m, .icd that in Oei man ? h<- had ben declared a Irauiileui debtor, and ti at it e title to >lhe goods had pi Sied im him to the aatignee And therefoie the. et? nd?nt onld retain tin good* lot the Lent fit ul Beitrand'a cieitoi a. Be-trai d thereforecDirmenced <hia action to recover amages fo beiig IhtiK kept out ol hm gi>oi'?. Tli?ie ? re vaiiotia circumstance* a ldacid in evidence b?tn sides, to piote aim disprove, that th*- plaiuti^' had titainad tin goods w ith intent to pry f..r th> m Tl e e wh? alto a if e?t disparity in ibe value let on the iod? b> the plaint #V an I defendant's witt.es-ea. The im>-r valuing them at Iron, i j to >1600. and the latter luing th? m "iiU at about $60 I rh?- Junot. ehaiged th' Jmy .?The defence ns's on op iint" Fust, that the tit.e to thu proper') paused ai ibv plaw 'iff 'uo hi r | a*?ora unilei the decision of ei oiim? in Uermaii) , anil theri hue that Cjffe though g .i th? | ro,.i r y I rum Bert rand. 'hrou?n tbw home In v re, ) I fliWn g'hat the goods weie fiaiidu.in I) ohin d. lie hail a i ik'4 to ki< p ihem lor the on neit oi eretor1 in Europe If B' 11rand bong*!' tho good* in the u?ual cour?o of huh *?, an i wa^uif.rtuna e and became bar>kiupt,and at an a*?ig ee wan appointed over hl? ptoj eitj by the .una in I* rmany, ? hat ie>-timony have *? that such a ale olthmgN xisted I I i a di-puted qiir? inn whi ther an aaaienment undct Ba ki upt law a ol Ei.gland, France,or ><n) o'hercmn) in Europe, wonU paaa ti e title to personal property th?* euumrj. or w heiher we woud give the same i Hi cy to * Ion i?n Bankitipt law, aa to the law pnts< d by o' gre?*. a hich hua a nee heen r. pe?|ed, >o that It would .n\e) to aii'jih r Hi* title toali goods originail) belongig to th* Rank) Ui t rhedecr ?on thia point have varied, and the view /hk'iicoui in tnia coil tr> would lake ol it, wowld wbalily bp 4 upo'i thm international ciun??) and tie'a it ,* hich i u*l tin tuneo pence toi ientrn ed brween t ?na, in I in*uce tai m 10 accede to ?-ai h othi ra ia? I h <ve no doubt lhat n lien the i|Ui?tioii fh'll be ttled, weea r<co?in*.-the la via o' i.r. inn countriia i tlila i * mt Where tlieie la^m claim to ihe property i the part of an> perron in hi" Cnoiiti) , ?nd the dia| ut? , onl> bet w 11 n the ii..nki upt and the Mireign na? gu?-e, I nv. 10 piop< rty hniiah to thia ci nn'ry. I have little mht Irom th- liberal prii.cipl a whii h now prevail, at aili h an Hsaignni>nr would he Con idernl valid, and a l ii ii r i'i II1 Iw n utlltl it I ve , lt? r t In mrh im nilivnnisn* But 111'In ?'i', I > m I tklhk uriiiTtMorrilei l rt ich an'benticn ft t* Mimot,y , n - ela'ion to lt>?- I i k rtipt 'oceediiig* in a. ? otild clKige 'he ti'le to ihe <i|<eity. We iine no* t-niimnnv to?l ow th?t in thi< a?<here ? ? a piocuding in any of the civil cntir'a in mkraii'i'}. Ther- mu-t h-Vf (. en M.tne prnceedii g darina the mi>D a h .likMipt ami appointing an 'Muni'c tt>i> r- gular Way, ? it done hire, ?nd ami under Ih* hitliaii himi Krui cu nthm|?r Ian ?. Ba' t e piooet ding a llii-r n' -irm m l> oi ii rr'Biinni n?t?ir?-, rlrrlaiing rtrainl| ? he * I' and 'la >' hanki upt.lubii , in a or mm../, ten > i *r? imi>ri o mi nt In tliia counti > there i? al?o inch a thing a? cheating e.!ilor?, an.I Mir doing it a man may hi- > t?t to tha 8t?te h<iii jt'ut i.i? ht-li.e convict'd criminally, and a re.-ntd it |iroituce ', wnulii not heevidenre ?t a proceeding in, nk'tiiitcy a* if a e<l to bi? propeity Tbiaiia record ol conviction, and, therefore, it may <?rd evidence that ther* mnat have heen civil ) r*>c?ed<? in the case. ?a it aliudea to ?uch, yet it in not ??ch a I it a? otigh' to I if produced, aohirc tmi?t have been a /ii a* wi It an criminal proceeding in thf ca?e. Ami nil tlieif may have hern acivil proceeding. Mo > ot ink that we are to deduce the fact of a civil procfeding >m thii circun.otance. I w ill, th? retore, pa*? to another prrt of the c.iae It ia ja*, in point 0'. law, that if yon in- convinced thit prarty w.in ohtHin> I V) Be' tr ml, with iiitent never to | ay r It, if 'hi n; i? ei.oagh ol i videnn* to how 'ha' hi> made contract or it with iuC'nlnever to pa lor it ihfi'ha If to the pi oj t) Biv.rra'in '"""in the cnditoi Pi.d * nnvfr obtained any title to it Thia .ii|. ?ti?ii i? '-H entirely o the J'iry to decide, and >y tnu.t come to h> l""?'?>g all.thecirim<'ance* together, and a I the ciiciiin>iaiicca though ch light in <".V hfn put together, mai i! o* that n Iirn .i rn waa fraudulently obiamd, and that the till* I Hot (H?? th?" ol I he ?. ort? II com* 10 'lit roncluiioH itM itir (ow'i wrrt n? I h> fruii , th?n this i.ctiou h?il?. Bm yi>u mm' 1>? 'h. t?t?ci?> <* -t* a (r u<l, ?? thr m?-re facto*' citing * *oo<H unci not p?> n>? lor them |? not anlHi'tpnt to -h apietum|>tioti tliHt tb*jr Wt?ra obtains! fraudulent; v riie jury (oun<l aa ?bov?' Vtatml.

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