24 Ekim 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Ekim 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL." We understand, says ihe National Intelligeirer, that ih<* Ilou. Abraham Kenchtr, late h rr| rei-enuuvc in Congress from ihe Mate til North Carolina, has hern appointed Charge d'AA'aires nl the United States to Portugal, in the place ol Mr tfurritw, who has applied lor periniiuiou to return home. j]> j- 'I tie din-barge ol -132 hands employed at the Washington JNnvy Yard a day or two since, is not viewed with any great satisfaction. The reason alleged lor the movement is u deficiency ol funds, whiiet in the strc et not a lew ascribe it, m a degree, to political spite, it being understood that the men ?"i> u iiic wrong way?1. e. lor m u iiifts?at mr 13altimorc Mayor's election.?Georgetown Advocute of Saturday. N*rv Ohdichi, Oct. 13 Captain C. W. Skinner, command trig,a.-Potomac; Captain O W.Storer, command ol navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Captain F. H. (iregory, commando! frigate R&ritan; Captain J. Percival, command Irigate Constitution; Captain D Dulany, command receiving ?hip New York; P. Mid. J B Randolph, frigate Hint in, as ac'g mrn'e. ;,Mid L Paulding, T. 8 Phelps and J. Madigan, flojp Boiton,button, Mid. R- Harris and II O. 1). Blown, frigate Cumberland?Oct. 14? P. Mid. B. F B. Hunter, schooner On-k? hy-e, as acting master; Chaplain M. R Talbot, fligate Cum DerUnd; Mid. R Savage, trigate Cumberland ?Oct 16 -Ln utenant J W. Swiit.ro ceiving hip, Boston, vice H. K. 1'hatc.her, detached with three montns leave; Lieutenants C. F. Mcintosh and P. Drayton, schooner On.ka-hve; Lieut. G W. Harmon, bug Bniiihridge; Mid. T. B. Wain Wright, frigate'.'urn berland.?Oct 17?Lieutenants L. Pennington, J. W. Livingston, J F. Miller, aud E. T. Shubrick, frigute Kaiitan; Chuplain, John P Lsthrop.ship Princntrm; Professor Duncan Bradford, Wushington; Aat.'t Sur. T. M. Pott? r, frigate Raritan. ArroiK rMBUTi?Oct. 7?John Robl>, to be a Chaplain; 1Kb, Rilph It Uurley.do; 17th, John P. Lathrop,do. Hnlea of Stocks nt Fhlliulvlphln Fih?i Boaup, Oct 23 ?200 share! Undid Bk, 6; $4000 Hta> G's, 6ti|; S chares Ptlinsy lvania Bk,ca?h, 170; I do N. America Bk, 342; 25 do Qirurd Trust, 10|; (HI State d's, lc4<i new, 68; 10 shales Wilmington RR, 163; AO Wo do, >*dsf, lbj LAT10ST SOllTilHHN SHIP NKWS. BAl.TiMont, Oct 23?Arr Eliza, (Sp) Roldas, Montevideo; Jnli.umrs. (Bicnii'ii) Diercks, Bremen; Marine, Venuard. Key -1. with balance of liaiKa's cari;o; Belize, Dawes, Porto liico; 11 II Cole, IJnyce, Grand Key, Turks Island; French nan of war ?clir < razelle, (Jollier, Si Thoinaa. Cld Nancy W Stevens, Stevens, NOrleans; Pioneer, Parker, St Thomas; Maria, Hopkins, NYork. Sid Henry P Sumner, llowlaiid, Rio 1 uieiro; Somerset, ( Br) VV i< I ialns. Demerara: Maria, NYork; Ainri-. I n.,?t ITkii.,,, Br..:,I. |,.....;,i Hii'KMoM), ()ct 21?Air Nassau, Dearborn. New York. Sid 20th, Bachelor, Hurt.hi; Parthian, Allen, ami Orleans, Smith, -Ni vv Orleans-, Trenton, l'itmau, itio Janeiro. Hpoken. Surah Catharine, Krazier, Baltimore for Cane llaytieu, Oct IH, Ut 21 40, lou 73 40. foreign Port*. Salt K*t, Turks Island, Oct 8?lu port, T O Brown, of Portland, uuc.only Am?rican vessel. PRO OK ! PHOOK !?Sceptic* will lind this con. cliuive enough. Such cases as this ought to engage the serious attention of all mothers, ai:d induce them always to keep in the house. This is to certify, that I, with seven others, was harriMy burnt, bruised and scalded over *ur (acrs, necks, breasts, arms, hands, logs, tic. by the explosion ol the iteumboat Hwiftsure's boiler, on the 6th ot October, 1840, snd lor '.0 hours were parched in exciuciating agony. Though the laculty did all they could, lour up to that time died, nnd the rest were fat.t sinking. 1 was not expected to linger more than half un hour longer, whan the warranted Connels Magical Pain Uxtractor, from Cemmock h Co.'s, 31 Courtlundt street, was applied, and on application I was ensy at one*. .My right arm had become black as coal, bein^ mortified, and the flesh dropwed olf even to the bone. Alter being dressed, in six hours it had returned to its natural color, and in twelve, all my swellings were gone down, and were perfectly .....v,. ......h.. Hum duiiic ignurmice, weru applied, mid I was again tortured nn<l swelling until the second npplicat ion ol this salve, and from that moment 1 Jelt HKHin comfor'able wild improved. 1 believe hnd this remedy been used at the time of the explosion, every man would have lived. I am told no person has ever died from burning, Sic. where this has been present, and to it 1 make known to the world, J own my lite, as do others. HENRY YATES, corner of Washington and Christopher sta N- Y. R?.m?rkabi.k Cwhk or Canckr ok tiik Atlantic Orkan.?A lady ofstandiug having a cancm on her arm, tried for lour years the medical skill oi this country, when imputation was declared necessary, as the only chance to save her life. Before submitting to the kniiu she resolved to try English skill. To ease her pains on board the British Queen steamship, on the passage, she procured some Pam Extractor, and applying it faithfully, cured her cancer belore reaching the British shore. Miss E. Wilson, Albany, also had a cancer up harnose cured by the Extractor. ' What portion she had left there she gave to a lady ol quality and tortuna, who lor SO years had Erysipelas in ttie lace,that disfigured her so as never to appear unveiled in company. The beat medical aid liud Tailed to relieve her, and it was left (or the Extractor toconnuer it, as it seems to every atlliction. 'i'liOMs ladies moving in high circles caused the highest of the faculty ol England to seek the. Extractor's acquain tanew,and moused vender in all, and thpnks for its invention. 'I here is uot a word oi exaggeration about the above, Ritil tu'thtt )xor >t will be applied gratis, This Extractor is to be hail true only at 3l Couitland itreet. Agent in Brooklyn, Vrs. Hay?, 139 Fulton street. 1. gi eater evidence ho wauting to prove to every man th- value of this last discovered, but greatest remedy ever known, v e can give the names of thousands ol the most influential men our coun'iy i. fiords to refer to, and tin I our element of its virtues correct, and thus we 1? i* e In the hands of the prudeut those lacts, to be strictly srrntini7. Ni, and he who despiivs and neglects to do so is his own enemy, an I a worthy subject to beiehustised by his own auffei ings. As the most cmintnt doctors use It and commend its use,in all their practice, (where knowu) as a thing unequalled, deserving legislative enactment (it having such power over life, tufleriug, and sight,) if the upstart wersld-be.laculty refuse to do so, their neglect will be visited richly with the scern, contempt and oblo quy of all good men. The article is Connel'a Magical Tain Extractor, and rv? ry family should always keep it in the house in case of accident by fire or scald, as it will iave life in every ca?e, it the vitals are not destroyed? beside* it is a general cure for nil hurts, bruises, cores, itching*, dialings, and all outward ailing. Any one using it,aad if they arv not delighted with it, we will return the money. The genui e h i* ihe fuc lirailieof Comstock Ic Co. on every box. If that name cannot he lound, it is counterfeit. To bo found only at -Jl Courtlaudt ?t ft!2 Cornhill, Boston. PRIVATE DISEASES?A CUnE OUARAN TEED.? The College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of New York, established 'or the supprefsion ol quackery, ia now prepared to treat all difeases of a private nature, and oiler to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or ptiva'.e Krom the constant correspondence, and from private ri* rangements, between the members of the College and the m?st eminent professors ol the medical iiiatitution* of Europe, all improvement* in the treatment ol tbeso diseases are l?r?.n 1. ' to them long be.lore they reach the malo rity ot the medical profession oi this cauritry. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill oi the flnt rueili.'iil men ot thi? Country, the College (eel satisfied that the gaud work thev have undertaken, "the suppression ot quackery," will receive tho patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their service*. Terms lor advice, all medicines, $5 Office and i oniultiiig Rooms of the College, 07 Nassau rtrec . W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N.B. Pstie'.ts living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing,giving all symptoms,together with the treatment thoy received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full djrec tiousfor uno, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing th? tigcntol Dm college, post paid, encloring $6. {(J/- A GOOD MEDICINE.?We never loam a good thing wthout feeling a disposition to acquaint our readera v. ilh the fact, that tliey may be benefited equally v, ith our>eln* tin reby. The other day wo felt somewhnt lnilious?a disardeiad.stomach, Ions ol appctite.and a head which uw were often on tho point of knocking on the wall for its stupidity; in fact,n regular" swell head''? and were induced to try some of Ptters' Vegetable Plilsas j remedy. We took lour on going to bed, and awoke the nest morning,with a head as clear as the toncol a bell in n front) morning,spirltd as light as a feather ou t a disposition ni contented and harpy as e\ er philosoper enjoyed. No giipiu? attend* their Influence, which i**picdya*it i* iHactual. They will lose nothing in compni ison with any article of the kind now in the market.? [Uoalon but. The article (or >al? at 524 Fnlion street. Qtf- WET FEET?All who wish dry feet should use thc O.l of Tannin from 21 ('omtlaudt atieet. It irnkus leather toft, and < ntin ly impervious to water, and almost doubles tliu wear. To bo found only at '21 Courtlaadt at i oft. :?#- RICORD'8 I'ARIHIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURK, toi tho permanent cure of primary and secondaiy H\philn. This powerful alterative is guaranteed to ru in.ive every ti ace ol venereal poison Irani the constitution. All person* suffering Iroin the effects oi mercmy should use this alterative without delay. Bold iu large hot Urn, M i sell, small da, H; in case* containing hall doz< n, t>S, aarclullv packed, and aent to all part* ol the Union. Office and consulting room* ol thu Callrge ol Medicine and rharmacy, W7 Nassau street. W. H. RICHARDSON, Agent. ((l^-CONSUMPTION.?It is well knownthat thin Is a fatHI disease wherever it exists, and therefore should be wrutad belore it runs to a stcend stage. I'no loremn i er* ol this disease should be closely watched, and a re medy immediately applied. Oneol tlie most frequent forerunliei s ol consumption is a tickling in the tin out with some alight inactions discbarge, producing bnt little inconvenience, but too often tei minuting In lat.il disease. Asa re mi dy lor tliiw, Dr. Taylor'* Bils.imof Liverwort (pi t pni ed at .176 Bowery) lid a no equal, and weheurtily iiiIviho all oiu readeis so tioubled.to try this vegetable medicine, ere the fiat ha* gone forth, the dl*?uie become* s ated, and their destiny >ealrd. Obaeri k?in order to .ivoid rountcrleita, p?rclia?fl only ?t the 01 igini-1 olliic, S7.'> Bowery ; ot G. J. Leeds, whole Mile drtiggmt', l'J8 Maiden lano, or cf Mi?. Hay*, agent lor Brooklyn, UP Fulton it. (U7- < OMRTOCK'8 SAKSAfARILLA i.i warranted i ( goo.I u liny >11 the city, ntjuat hall (lit! priOfl of otheri, and in a? large bottle*,ri? : '>0 centa per l<oitl" or $4 |? i dozen. Suit yotirselvea. To he it and only -il Cotirtlamlt atrret, nn<l M rornhill. Boaton. Ot/- COUGH?,( OLD* AN L> ALLCOMPLAINTS OK Mi- Cliett, Lung* ami Livir, will l>? cnrwl by the Ve>;e. 11 h!o Kx lixct oi Liverwort, Irom'il Couttlandt utred Invalula lived not i!r?|i ur, n? this article l? Miperior to any other medicine lor the fame pttrpo?e, and ha* performed rtirei when the patient wai pronounced by the first pity ician. )n the country "c nmmp'ivii,' and that nop rffmiinat relKf could be given. We Cjn convince the eptirnl I they will believe f;n t?, ttnd congh? will l e sural in a lew daya liy |t> tut-j'2 Cornhill, Boston. 0Q- (INSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY EFFKCTU ALLY ( URED.?The Tonic Mixture, prrpar.d by thr .New Vuik College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in now I univeitally prenciihed l?y It* Medical faculty (or the cure of extremedebility, produced by aeorel indulge nce? ('a*e?ofthe mnat >luireMiii< nature are dmlv conquend by this moi-t powerful mvimorator. It will ai*o be louixl a moat effectual rem?dy for all ca*'? of impoteucy, s?iniual Wfaknidf, and nocturnal fmi??ions. sold in tingle l<ottle*, $1 each, in cose*, containing Ualf a doien, fit, care'ully jtickcd and sent U all purtiol the Union. W a RICHARDSON. Agent. Ollice and consulting rooms ul the College, 97 Nawau -treet (try- THE CHINE8K IIA1R ERADICATOR will re. move the hair from the lacr, neck and arms in three minntea and not in ilirp or barm ?h? n...yi .lnli?n<a akin All who doubt can li e i? applied betore purchasing ? Look out lor imitations. This is the only originhl arricle and ladies must not he deceived by the imitation!. The genuine can be hud hut at one place in the city, and that is I Courtlandt *treet, and &2 Cornhill, Boston. OCf- PILES.?Hays' Liniment and Lui?' Balm of China are warranted to cure auy rase, or the money returned.? To be found only at 21 Courtlundl street, and 12 Cornhill, Boiiton; 3'Jtf Broad st. Newark. 0(7- "MY COUGH IS EXCEEDINGLY TROUBLE ?ome, and I fear will terminate in consumption. It keep* rne from sleeping, and I know not what to do. Can you tell mc what will helpmel" Thi? wm the language of a friend a few day* siuco, and I directed him to Dr. Sherman's; he obtained a box of Cough Lozenge#, and ?? now restored to perfect health. How strange that person* fluttering under u short dry rough should tamper with themselves when the remedy is i-o near at hand. They will save when other meaus fail. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 108 Nassau st Agent*. 2?7 Hudson struct; I8H Bowurv; 77 Bait Broadway; 86 William street and 190 Fulton sirest. . MONEY MAKKK'l'. IHoinlny, Oct. itS?tt A*. M. The stock market was generally better toduy, nnd prices in the ascendant. Illinois rose J por cent; Indiana I percent; Harlem 1 percent; Stonington } At tho new .board the transactions were to a fair extent. There were sales of $2,500 Illinois Interest Improve ment Scrip, at 26 cents, N. 8ista;r, buyer. These ?crii>? are receivable at the April land sale of 210,000 acre*. The stock of the State of Kentucky hangs very heavyIt is now kdually lower than iu Juno. They sold on the 1st July at ?9}, with adividend ol 3 percent accumulated. They now sell at with a dividend of 2 per cent accu. mutated, which scarcely maintains the price; while New York S per cents, with $ per ccnt dividend accumulated, sell at par. The following li a statement of the Bank of Tennes? n and branches :? Bank of Tenkksskk ami Branches. Junr :i?, int2. Oct. 1, ll>43. Loans 3,552,953 3,833,047 Real estate, lie <,173 7:?0,?<M Due from bank* 639,107 299,051 Hank notes 252,663 ICO,0(11 Specie .'>20,379 568,282 Other items 394,071 ? Total 5,482,353 5,530,787 Capital 3,130,040 3,170,490 Due lianlis 2M.8IR 170,000 Circulation 1,017,411 1,098,746 Deposits 209,274 332,716 Other items 813,203 758,773 Total 5,482,353 5,530,787 This presents but little change during a period in which most of the hanks in the western country underwent the severest contraction. Wr yesterday made some remarks upon the deht of the State of Tennessee. The following is a statement of the taxable value of the property in the State :? TAXARLr PROFI.RTV OF TKNNFSSFE. East. Miihlle. IVest. Total. Acre* 6,709,515 8,488,99B 3,655,223 19,170,094 " Value $16,085,543 39,017,619 15,795,616 71,629,678 ' Av'kc. val. $2,53 4,84 4,19 3,8) Town lot* 3,176 4,953 3,576 1,100 " Value $1,3VI,317 5,444,035 2,191,296 8.986,218 Slues 8,267 46,335 2,817 76.639 " Value $3,815,825 25,999,700 13,258,227 43,073,760 Carriage* 140 681 39 > 1,223 " Value $30,333 204,6 !l 116,800 351,751 Toll* $21,999 38,002 .16,643 79,244 The aggregate value is $194,001,240. We have repeatedly called attention to the fact that the Stehbins and M'Allester Illinois bonds,orthose dated May 1,1841, and number from 301 to 1004, both inclusive, an** redeemable in 1S4SS, were not acknowledged by the State, any further than the amount of money actually receiv ed by the State from Stebbins and M'Allester. The bonds in question were issued and hypothecated by J. D. White, side, lundcommissioner of Illinois, with M'Allester ona Stebbins, lorn sum of money to meet the July interest due in 1841, on the State debt. The amount of the advance thus obtained was thirty two 63 100 dollars ($31 53-100), which, with interest up to this time, umounts to thirtv-feven 6V100 dollars ($37 66 lOOKor three hundred and seventy six 60 100 dollais ($870 60-100) upon each bond, and all purchasers of these bonds, subsequent to Jan13th, 194i, purchased them with the understanding, that the State could only beheld accountable for the amount advanced and interest, viz : ($t70 60 100) -thieo bundled and seventy-six 60-100 per bond. At tha* date some ofthe bonds were ottered lor sole it public auction, and in eon sequence the esmmissioner published the following r.o tice, dated Jan. IS, is 12 A Cahd. Observing that a number oi lots of the Illinois Interiol Improvement Loan of 188-5, have been advertised for salo at public auction, on Monday, the 10th instant, and having been called upon to state what amount would be recognised by the State of Illinois, in its future contidera. tion of the subject, I have felt it my duty to give this pUii. lie notice, that as soon as arrangements can be made the State will pay to each holder the teof the amount of his advance, together with the interest which has accrued thereon. JOHN D. WHITESIDE, Fund Commissioner of Illinois. Pursuant to thi* vie<? of the cine, the Legislature pained a law, the 3d section of which run* ai follows :? That in case any of slid bonds shpll be presented to the Auditor by any other person or person* than the said M 'Allestcr anil Stehhini, the Auditor may iuue his warrants upon the Treasurer as aforesaid te the holders thereof, and the amounts of said warrants shall be charged against the amount which ii now due M'Allester and Sw-h. bins: Provided the holders of said bondi shall be required to furuish the Auditor satisfactory testimony that the amount claimed bv them was loaned upon the hypothecation oi said bonds, and that no part of it has been repaid them by M'Alel?tet and Stebbins. And provided that the amount to be paid to said person or persons shall not exceed twenty.six per cent (26 per cent). Here tl.e law distinctly limits the State liabilities on these bonds to 26 par cent. The same legislature passed a law authorising the Shawner town Bank to return to the State $1,000,000 ol all evidences of the State debt, of which thelace was acknowledged. Instead ol doing so, however, the bank, through its agents, on the 29th Of August last, bought up $300,000 of these M'Allester bonds -some of them nt twenty six an! a half percent being one half per cent more, beside* brokerage, [lie. , than the liability of the State acknowledged on them; the intention being evidently to return themtothe State at par, instead of 26 per oent, as authorised by the law. Oathe$30o(000 purchased, the State acknowledges $76,000, and il the bask can put',the < in at par, the people will lose $222,000 It is this operation which the Sargamo Journal is endeavoring to assist. The law, it will b? observed, requites those wh? present theliond* for redumption, in Auditoi's warrants, to prove that they originally loaned money upon the bonds,and that that money has not Men repaid to them by Stehbins it Nl'Alester. In relation to this matter those gentlemen have filed the following utatemer.t:? Theiie is not a holder ol these bonds except one (J. Hoiford, Esq ) who ever advanced a dollar uj on their hypothecation, and all that are not in our possession, are in the band* of those who have purchased tin ni ti|<on spe?ula tion, or for the use ot thu bhawneetown Bank; consequently as the law stands, the Stated Illinois is not liable lurono dollar on the whole tight hundred and four thou aud dollars (804,000) of bonds, unless i resented by M'Aleater and Stebbius.or J. Ilolfon', Esq.. and if by them only to the amount of ($261,6(H)) two hundrc 1 ami sixty one thousand live hundred dollars, with interest Irom June 17th. t?M? The parties, who are engaged in this speculation were fully apprized of the notice of the Kund Commissioners, and also ol the action of the Legislature, lor in the bill passed at its last session, these bonds were lurmaily repu dialed, and provision mi deto repay the advance, which the State had received, and this was done with the con currence of the pai ties most interested fnthrm. C. M ALE8TER, loi self and II. ti. S 1'KBBINS. Philadelphia, Sept. 18, 1843. In the face of this glaring attempt to violate the laws of Illinois, and subject it* people to a great los*, for ptir|K>s< s of private (peculation, thu Kangaroo Journal has the holdnes* to assail those who have exposed the movement. Illinois is now on the road to extraordinary prosperity She has putherdrht in train of liquidation. She has ob tained the measia of completing one ol the most impoitant public work* in the whole country. Her canal, str< trh ing through one hundred mile* of the mott productive (oil, peopled by on indtutrioua race, and connecting; tlie Illinois and Mississippi rivers with the great chain ot lakes, and estaMishinv on i ?I? - ? , m unci COmtHUHICailOII between New York and New Orleans U in train of completion. She ia alio free Irom bank*, anil that frrcot Jr"'n upon her reaourcei (topped, we truit, forever. In the ten year* indir^ in I8?0, the population of Illinois ro*? from 167,4ftft to 478,IBS ip. I.lbitanti. At the * me rate of incrrare, her population in now ftSl,l*3 peraona. The protpecta of lllinoia are now of a apecic currency, a aoil uninrpa*?rd in productlor, anil inteiatcUdbjr one of the nobleat canala in the Union, connecting her internal teaourcet with New York and Bo?ton on the eaat, and New Orlran?on the noiith, and h debt reduced to about Oiifl.nw, required to In paU for tiy taxation, if the revenm of th" Imiiicnie cat.al diould rotlw niflicientto discharge it. There can be no more (la U'rinrt pro*p?ctf? any people than that r.o? lid I cnt to.Ulinois, If the people are true to themaelves. 1' Nalca at I lie Slock Ktchauge MM Ohio?'? b*l % 55 TViiii Bank. M f."J <J? "> ttfc K (sutoii gt'?* J""' *? < > 9JK 100 I. I.Uud 52'2 ?? If ,J,L U ?J ,J,l? i0 *> VXiS Kentucky bond* ;i?V io K?rm.-i* Loan ?Wi 21 do '.sO ino ,]? do s3 21* ?*? do do .1 54. fl.u.k ..I Kv ... .' ? ! '!" " 14 tviuiublu K liu 0:> !/u i i b'J 3j I'aU'iNOii KKtO judlui.t Ijoud* 37 i > do 5.'? 300.1 tlliu..is botoU 3!*!^ '? Stouiuuloii 33 700" d" do bj 3!)*, liO Uo .30 33 5000 do do 39 200 tUrimu 31 3000 <l? d? b30 39J* 275 do l>3 31 ] 40041 do do 3'1 400 do >20 33% '"?0 ^. .d".. . Jj 110 ^ lft0 J" w Mki 5 Del & Hudson 108W M ?.o 3I>4 1000 N Y 5V?. I860 I0j? Second Board. 50 Harlein 31 20nn Ohio fi's 05U 50 do b3 34 * 3000 do bl 95? j,' 50 do S3 34 2000 do t>3 95k 800 do 341 a loo Loug islam 1 52 * ? New York Public Block (exchange. <oon Uiuo 6's, 18*0 !?!% 10 Long I .land K H 52% lOfl'l <lo do ill 91l; 300 |]|) ill) (OO 12 1000 Ky6's30yr< * 98*i 2} Harlem KH IxiO 31 ^ 1000 do ?10 'IKK 40 do do 1)3 33X ;0(100 do OH1, 10 do do btw 33% 3000 do 1)3 mis 115 do do c 33\ 2000 Illinois 6'?, H70 ?30 37 U 100 do do < 33', 1001 do do ?30 '17''; mo do do i3 33% 4000 do do 38 100 do do *1.0 33 3000 do do (3 38 110 do do Ittw 33% 1000 do do 1)3 ?>{ 100 do do ?tw 33% 21 slia Kannrs Ti' bll 21 ( , 110 do do b3 31 75 do do 21,\ 100 do do iitw 33% 21 Canton Co t3 2:i*i 10 do do li:10 31 70 )lo do >90 23X4 75 do do <20 33 ^ 10 do do M>0 24.' i 21 do do *15 33% State of Trade. Of all the staples, flour U th? only article that in in much deiuund. Solos of Ounesc" are now making at $4 M\ cents s?lki ok IU-ai. Estate, at auction, *J3 l October, by Autliony J Bleeckerfc Co Tha Uame house oiul lot of ground No. 164 Sullivan atreot, lot '2ft by 100 lent, $2,ft40. The lot of ground No ft Anion street, near 4th street, 2ft by 9") feet, $2,050. New York Cuttle Market. Thero were in mnrkvt ld60 heef CMtlo, (850 ol which were from the South), cows and calves, and 2600 sheep and lambs. Tht! beef cattle wtre dull of sale at last week'4 prices, which we continue, viz : $3,SO a 5,50 for retailing quail ties. 600 unsold. All thttcowa oud calves were taken at $18 a $JG to $29 50 cents. Soles nf sheep and Inmbx at $1 25 a 3 60 forshuep and $1 a 2 37J for tombs Over 2000 sold. Marriott On tliu 21st inst. at Emmanuel Church, Brooklyn,by the Rev. Kingston Goddard, Mr. Walter W. Prick, to \'i e Caroline Juliet Bartow, both formerly of Birmingham, Kngland. Died. October 23d, in the 231 year of her agr, Mary Antoinette Sr Felix, wifo of Lieut. Francis B Ellison, U. 8. N., and daughter cf John R St. Kelix. The friends and acquaintance! ure respectfully invited to attend her luneral on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 3d, at 44 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 2-lfl Jay street, Brooklyn. On Monday morning, Oct. 23, Mr. Thomas Gai'ivpr, aged 4J years. His mends nrd acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his lnnerul on Wednesday, Oct 2f>,at 3 o'clock, irom 25 James street, without further invitation. Weekly Report of Interments lu the City and County of New York, from the Htli day of Oct. to the 21?t day of Oct, 1813. 29 Men ; 22 Women ; 41 Boys ; 28 Girls. Total 120. disease*. Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, 2; AsiIiiim, 1; Burned or Scalded, 1; Casualties, 3; Cholera Infantum, .'1; Consumption, 18;Cotitulsions, II; Croup or hives, 2; Debility, 8; Diarrhoea, 4; Dropsy, 4} Dropsy in the head, 6; do in the chest,I; ; Dysentery, 2; Krysipelas, 1; Fever billions, J; do scarlet, 3; do typhoid, 1; do remittent, I; Inflammation, I; doofbraiu, I; do 01 bowels, fi; of chest, 5; do of lungs, 8; do oflivcr, I; do of stomach, 2; do of throat. 2; Lues Veiiern. 1; Marasmus, 3; OldAg ', 3; Organic disease of the heart. 3; Teething, 1; Unknown, 1. age. Under 1 year, 36; 1 to 2, 16; 2 to 5, D; 5 to 10, 3; 10 to 20. 6; 20 to 30. 13; 311 to 48, 12; 40 to JO, 10; 60 to 60 3; 60 to 70, 2;70 to 80, 6; 80 to 'JO, 2. flai'es ok nativity. United States, 118; Ireland, 0; England, 6 ; Germany, 4; Scotland, I; unknown, 2. Of Ihe above, were from the Alms House, Belle.vue, 2; City Hospital, 4, Colored persous S. WM. A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office. Oct 23. 1813. Lnteat Advices receivrd at the nf.w york hkrai.d office. Africa Sept. i Madeira Auk. 26 Antigua Sent 11 Montevideo lulu 41 Arecibo Oct. 4 Maracailm Sept. 2f> AutCayn Sept. 3 Mansauilla Aug. 10 Batnvia May 4 Matanzas Oct. 3 Bermuda Oct. 12 Mayaguez Aug. 12 Buenos Ayres Auk. 2ll Mexico Sept I I Belize, Hon. Aug. I Nassau, N. P. Sept. 27 Barbadoes Sept 21 Neuvitas July 28 Bremen Sept. Ill Oaliu, 8. I. April 19 Bombay .June 27 Para Auk ! Cane Town, C. O. H-July II Paris Sept. 21 Calcutta June 7 IVrt au Prince Sept. 23 Cadiz Sept. li Porto Rico Auk. 17 ChaRrM June 2(1 Porto Cabello Auit. 29 CienlWgos Sept. 17 Point Petie, Ouail. 8e|<t. 7 Cape llaytien Oct. 2 Pernatnbuco Sept. 3 Oemerara Auk. 311 Kio Janeiro Sept. 1 f.lsiuore Sept. 28 St. Helena Auk. 7 Gibraltar Sent. 20 St. Tliomas Oct. 4 Guayama, P. R. July g St. J ago de Cuba- Auk- 2(1 Galveston Oct. 7 St. Johns, P. R. Aug. 13 Havre. ?'ct. I St. Croix Sept. f22 Hamburg Sept. 13 St. Domingo Auk. 21 Havana Oct. 4 St. Ubej Sejit. 13 Halifax Oct. IB Surinam Aug. 8 Jacmel July 25 Trinidad de Cuba Sept. 16 Kingston, Ja. Sept. 12 Talcabuana June 16 London Oct. 4 Tampico Sept. 2 Liverpool Oct. 4 Turks Island Sept. 26 Laduayra Aug. II Trieste- Sept. 20 Lima June 16 Valparaiso Aug. I Macao June 23 Vera Crux Sept. 28 Manilla May 10 Yucatan July 3 Malaga Sept. Ill Zanzibar Mny 16 Marseille* Sept. 12 Foreign Importations. Rioa?Barque Amos Patton?(Reported yesterday)?260 bags flaxseed J & L K Bridges. MARITIME HERALD. Hailing I)ayi of the Steam Ships. ritoM i.ivr.RrooL. from amf.rica l#berma, Judkint .-Nov. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. I Packets to Sail. ( fkom mvkrrool.^ | ^ for liverpool.^ rsie-ineiu, i oiMinui, * 'ui. /. ? rnrncK, CTKluuy, l/Cl. no Liverpool, Eldridgr, Oct. 5 Oxford, Rathbone, Nov. 1 New York, Cropper, Oct. 7 P. Henry, Delano, Nov. 7 rhom p0hts mouth. for portsmouth. Toronto, Oris wold, Oct. 2 Victoria, Morgan, Nor. I Westminster, llovey, Oct. II) for Havre, (BOM MAVKh. Burgundy llVotton, Oct. 24 Rhone, Wation, Oct. 1 Oneida, Hunk, Nov. 1 V. de Lyon, Stoddard, Oct II | Kmerald, Howe, Nov. 8 Ship RlMtcri and Agents. Wc shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will (rive to Commodore Robert Sii.vky, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Silken on their Tass^e, a List of their Cargo, and iny Foreign Newspa|iers or News they may hare, lie will board thetn immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical luformatiou of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK NKW YORK, OCTOBKH. 34 irw RISKS 6 ?5 I moon sr.TS J .12 utr 6 i hi?h watkk 9 2i Cleared Ships Burgundy. Wotton, Havre Bolton. Fox St Livingston; St. Mary, Foster, New Orleans, Stunton & Hrost; Charlemagne, Packard. A|wUchico|a, Dunham &. Dimon; St Mark, Hutm.in. Charleston, A. Kicbards.?Steam packet Neptune, Rollins, New Oileans, via Charleston, J. 11. Brower.? Bar>|iie Heinrich, ( Bremen) Klencke, Rio Janeiro, Meyer StStuckeu.? Brits Mereunus, (Nor) (ieilinuyden, Rotterdam. Schmidt & Bilchen; Toiiiiuin, Norton, St. Johns. NF. Stokes St Aiithonv; Damascus. Chase. Sydney. I ll, Badger & Peck; Marian Ciage, Head, Mobile, John F.lwell It I'oj Augusta, Sherwood, Savannah, S'lirges & Clo.irman, New Jersey, Brown, do, R M. Demill; Moses, Lovelaud, Charleston, Oeo. Bulkley; F.llsworth, I! >trier, Richmond; Portland, Clough, Portland, Me. Nesmith, Leeds St' o.?Schrs Admiral Blaae, H'dley, I harleston; Ann D, Bedell. Norfolk, Sturges & Clear man; '1'urk, Kldroke, rortsmoutn, NIL Arrived, Britisii brig Princess Royal, llaywood, 10 days from Bermuda, ill ballast, to \V. A. F. Davenport. British brig Mary Ann, Smith, 2t> days from St. Johns, NF. wilh mdse, to O. St J. Laurie. Brig Deborah, Sturdivant, 4 days from New Bedford, with oil. tli J. Niclccraon. British schr Admiral I olpoys, Smith, 3') days from St. Vincent, in ballast, to Midflleton St Co. Schr Mirror, Chapmen, from North Carolina, with shingles and naval stores, to Williams fc Northsm. Schr < leopatra, Jennings, from North Carolina, with mdse, to Wi linns St Northam. Schr Louisiana, Marsh, from Newburyport, with molasses, to master Schr Tige, Nickenon, 1 days from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Schr Jasper, Howes, 4 days from Boston, w ith mdse, to the master Schr Wo'cott, Ryder, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to Juo Stevens. Schr Victor, llallett, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Schr Lexington, Crowell, 4 days from B?ston,?ith full, to master. Schr Fairfield, Burr, idays from Salem, Mass. with oil, See. to master. Below. llrig Alfred Hammond, Spear, from Turks Island, with salt, to order. TheTelegra|.h report! below, ship St. George, (new) from New l>lir\ port, in ballast. Also, 2ships, I ban|ue, I brig unknown. Hailed. Barnm*s Kinma, (Biemen) Sheridan, Antwerp; Kaininohun Itoy. Cults, Turks Island; Ovando, Nichols, Sydney, I B; Weybosset, Collins, Mobile; hri* Moses, Loveland, Charleston, and others. Orneml Record. Suit At si n il i s, of Portland, from Boston for NOrleans, totally dismasted, making the nearest port, was spoken tltili . , I ... -i ,i I... *.. A.,.. .> IM..1 . detphia from Bermuda?had been boarded previonaly anil anpI'li il with water; * i* not in want ?.f ?nv tlnng - nil well. Mr iih Aii Dkjimaw, arrived at Philadelphia from ItrrmmW. ha* been chartered lip < ?pt in Warner, of the barque t ori, to convej *par?, rigging, Sli'. for hia veaiel, which put into B< rrnuda in di?tre?a. Siiip 11 v 71 u t , Salter, *t t liarlettou from Liverpool, wu dummied on the 3il init. in lat 3:t 00, Ion 67 t7,iu a hurricani?was ttpplied with water by tlie ?rlir Shylotk, trom Alexandria for llermuda. Hnui TarMti at, of ami from (iloureater, w aa driven aahore. no date at liio Negro, t ?a*r of Patairnii, and liernmv a total loat. Ve*?el valued at ?,tl?0?no inminnre, llaitt Hnwu. of rroMilein ", ?u wr-'clted on Orand Turk. Ill a heavy gale on the 23tli ult. Not Ire to Mariner*. I.hi'St. AniiMtiue N> w? atatea that two of the three liiinyt winch w ere pUi-cl oil the liai of St Aiiguatlue, on the 7tli nwt have tiroke loot* from their moot ltl| | Spoken. Fltlo, M 4m fron I mlii, of ami for IVhMiiliit, Nth iM " i SNK ol S im|\ 11. < iU - liv cil<tf In i.< r I.m ' It-' I < illirnlttr, Cthii for Pliil olnliiliU ?* ?- il?y- I'V ill' ?Mi* Pico, S{ PrtrnbulY for Button, Of I li, lit II 30, Inn 71H?by tin* Auim P.itton. ii i|ih |M.rt. Alli incr, of WisiM ?rt, from 0< ?tmi f'" Sir*mnli, iioiIaI',' Su- [iiM. Kort'l^ii Port*. Hi um' Ha, Oct 12 -In |H>rl om,Warier. front Pintail IpliiA, <I1<1111<1<1I. ? iitinv ?i ?i - .mi niriiitiu from PhiluHplu <, Ncv? (Hkini, Altluii, from I 'li" 11 *1*'I i'Iim, 11 it *, T aimer. I'- rk*, lor \ ^ oik, ti iI-ivh, IIii ii/i, il'iiviii, from ?io, fur rnrlo Rum, ui** Iiinsl. il, iri1^ Slijli.rl,, \|.,ti|ivw,, Iroin mil for Ah-? ni<ln.i. iIihk; SimrMii. Arey, I'roin mil fni Kn-nklort, Mr. rraily, *K* ? wiml; Sirnaii LuiIyvik, i miIiuk, I'ruin Tlioinaatou, iiiif. Hona 1111 s. 'r_Klil I'lut'irli. Knowlrs. lor Bn?t?n, w ith alt. Pi V Toild, Nr?* Orlnuu fur I.a Ouayra. Qrt.iu (In lil llolivar, Strvriiiim, Hull; l.onlSnj. , moulli, 1 I lilaiKiiw; Wnoilbim- Thoni|>?oii. Hal r muulh; >iU. \S',itt?, Souinimiitoii; Ain.i/.on. Jnhiunn. | London; John A* Mary Kinnot. I minor, llri?tol; Milforil 1 arrer, Li?rriM>"l; 18th. Jnlru Walker. M'l.aurin. do; Kmmy, Kent. Hull: Cyrus, Rae, iiul Riobc, (Hen. Loadoo; Qumb Victoria, Rosie. Aberdeen; Bee, Mitchell, Bristol; Oenl tin- f ham, Jameson, I.eiih; Friendship, Nicol, 8wan??a' Symmetry, J Drown, Sunderland. Arr 17th, Kleuthera, M'Donoogri, Trait*; l!?th, Crus?der, Whuatley. London. Monthui.. Oct 20?Arr Universe, M'i*dith, Campclton.? ( Cld Souter Johnny, Little, Liver|?R>l. t Home Porta. Nnv IIavkv, Oct 21?Arr Lady Kenwick, Ward, N Voik. Sid Smith Tuttle, lluah Went Intiii v O'niui, Philadelphia; t onvoy, Ciowell; Consul, and Kuipire, Tho.fit>?*>n, NYork; Franklin. Thomas, Albany. Philadelphia. Oct 21?Arr Seaman. Scull, Bonaire; Ann " Demnan, Howe. Bermuda; Saml R I'tyatrr, Kllingswnrth, N York; Philtdeliihia, I)e Hart, do; Vulcan, Smith, Albany.? ( Id Financier, Sargent- Brilliant Mclntyre; Nevia, Fount till, and Kxtio, llobinsou. Boston; United States, K?a*er. ( Jieeu- . with; Brainard, Noonan. Kasi|.o^f rnd 8t John, NB; Ninetta, Cherry; Mary, Trrfethen. anil Miehium, Al*n NYork; Bran- ' dywine, Sterenson, MiiUletown, ft. . Norfolk, Oct 20?Arr Henry. Burt, Newpoit Shi Hylaj, Kustis, N York; Carleton. Jameson. B.uhtdoev, Hope Si Su? in, . Win?low, Boaton. ('Id Ceylon, I'iiwr, and .Mogul, Salisbury, West Indie*. . Okoki.ktowm si Oct 13?Arr Saginaw. Wriilit, Boaton; 1 Vincent Berkeley , Taylor, NYork; I(tli. Watchman, Clark, 1 Boaton: 17th. John llill. ltsiwa CI.I V i Charleston. Chahlfston, Oct IB?Arr Welcome, Ingham. New Yoik. 1 ('lil James < tlilcr, Webb. N York; Warrior, Oriliith, Havana; 1 New York, (s) Wright, New Orleans, via Key Wist .mil Ha 1 vana. Arr 19th, Lucnni.i, Porter, NYork, 20tl>. Wellingsley, Covington, do. Cld Simon, Galloway, do; Will Garrison, Moore, NOrleans Slil Warsaw. Ilerbest, do. > Savannah, Oct 19?("Id Apollo, Seudd'r, Boston. 8t Mahyh, Oa Oct 17?Arr Sterling, l'earce, IN York. At ' anchor in the river, a barque .just air. St AlMii n iNK, Oct U?Below, a lore and aft *chr, supposed to he the Maria, Atwell, from Baltimore. _ | Nkw Oki.i.ans, Oct It?('Id Kairtield. Conk, and James K.d- | ward, Webster, New Vork; Irad Kerry, Chase, Baltimore; Di n- , ma t U, l'eteri, Law una. ' SIXTEENTH AN N L A L FAIR AT NIBLO'S GARDEN. EXHIBITORS OK MILK, Dairymen, and all concerned, s S-J will take notice that the Judge* will esimine such s|*ciin*n? ai are brought to-morrow (Wednesday )at 9 o'clock in the I morning, in Nibfo's Garden. Not le?? tliau thirty quart* _wiU t be required from aicli com|ietitor. It will be tested by Kr>'s t Lactometer. Fanner*'Club dinner same day (Wednesday) at 2 o'clock, P. v M. at La Fayette Hall, opposite Niblo's. i Ticket* 50 cents, may lie bad at the Managers' Room*. Baud of Music will be at Niblo's this day (Tuesday;) also instru i mental and vocal music at I o'clock. o24 y i TH K~K K K si i I "llF.SI 1) KNTsi WHO are desirous of joining in a testimonial of iesi>ect to lie paid tt? (ieneral Bert rand, ar? requested to meet at Del- | monico's, to-morrow (Wednesday) even mil, at 0 o'clock, to ap- i point a Committee to carry the same into execution. o24 2tis*in I KMI'lRE S 1'K AMBOAT. dfj A REWARD?Lo*t or stolen, lroin alongside the steam<|Pt'" er Empire, from Albany on Saturday evening, the 21st Oct, a Brown Leather Writing <?? , with a cover of the same material, with the letters It. L Whoever will bring the same to the owner, ro?m 30 Astor House, or to Messrs. K. Tomes Si Sous, Maiden Lane, will be paid $2(1, and if stolen the additional sum of $20 on conviction of the thief. o2t lt*m I OST?On the evening of 19th iust, when enter ing the Con J cert Roi'm, at Washington Hotel, a Diamond Scarf Pin,set in a cla-". The finder will lie suitably reward? i by leaving it at the store No. 30 Exchange I'laee, corner of William street. ? o22 3t*m NE TO THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS wanted on uiiiucumbered Karuis on Long Island Adilrpss Hot 55 Park Post Office. o2l 3t*r PACKET SHIP GAR.RICK KOIl. LIVERPOOL-PM"I senders bv this ship will please he on board the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, to-morrow, 25th instant, ai 12 M. Let'er bigs will close at the usual places, at half-past eleven o'clock. o2tr BOARDINO?Soveral limiinlti-tl rooms for gentlemen and their wives or siugle gentlemen. Enquire at 86 Whitest <>20 lin*r BOAiu)IN(? IiTTnj?K?MRS. CLARK. No. 3 Mott street, Imi a vaeaucy lor n respectable man anil Hit wile, and (wo or three single men of good character, when* the comforts of a home can he obtained. Good reference* required or pay in advance. ol7 2w*ec genteeTTbo A hdinu AT MRS. GER K'S, No. 27 CoUITUKDT 8 T R K r T . SINGLE (Ml MARRIED Gentlemen can he accommodated With eicelleut Board and comfortable Rooms on'moderate ] terms. Also, a front l'arlor and Bed Room on the second floor, furnished or unfurnished. o9 Im'm "DOOMS TO LET, to single gentlemen only.?Several rooms handsomely furnished, with full hoard if required or lireik- > fast only. French and KdkIi.Ii s|M>krn. Teiuis moderate. I Apply to No. 2S2 William street. o2ft (it* r 'PO LKT, WITH BOARD, a huidsoine front rarlor-l'our ' handsome Bed Rooms, .it 411 Houston street. olO lm*r rl,AKK NOTICE.?This is to forbid any one from trusting J my wife Elizabeth I larding, ou my account, she having left my bed and board williout any just cause or provocation; therefore 1 will not pay any debts of her contracting fnun this date ALBERT W1LLAIM HARDING. oc22-3t ec NOTICE?This is to iu form all concerned, that we have sold out all our interest iu any business hereiore conducted in the city of New Vork. BRISTOLL & HALL August 3d, Ml. 021 3t* r NOTICE?'Thi Journeyman Boot and1 Shoe milkers (mi the men's branch) in Newark, Philadelphia, and adjacent places.are hereby cautioned not to coincto New York, under any pretence for employment, as thejourneymeii have been on a strike for a raise of wages, for soma time past, and the great majority of the employers acceded to our just demands, bill several of those employers have thought fit to withdrew their pledge, given by them to the journeymen. Under the above cause, you art cautioned uot to come to New York, until our di/Rrnlties are settled Papers friendly to the cause of the workingmen, will please copy. By order of the Standing Cominitte. oc2J3t*r THOS. BAKER, Secretary. VTOTICE.?Gents having cast off Clothing which tiny want Ls to dispose of, will, by living their aduiess at W. Simpson's k W ilsou's old established store. 19 Chatham street, be called on at their resident e. All kinds of cast off clothing, watches, mnsical, mathematical instruments, seitanls, quadrants, guns, pistols, guitars, &c., bought and sold at No. 19 Chatham street. N. B. AII kinds of carpenters' tools bought oil m*r NEW BUCKWHEAT?1000 packages in barrels, half barrels, quarters and eighths, packed in a superior maimer for the southern market?a choice article and free from grit. For sale ou liberal terms by ol3 lm*r GEOllOE WELLS, Jr. 196 Front st. R" ~KaI)Y MADE OVER-COATS, Winter Frocks, Cloaks" 8tc.?Eitra Beaver and Pilot Cloth Over Coats, Winter Frocks, Sacks, he. Also, extra and medium quality Cloth Cloaks, for sale at 231 Broadway. American No.el, opposite the Fountain. oli lm*r W\1 T. JENNINGS fc CO. MUFFS AND FURS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, can be bought at wholesale prictt, from this dale until the first of November, at No. CM LIBERTY STREET, i o20 2wp Near Broadway, i ^ SKC.ARS! SI'XTARS! ShGAK.-! II ST |<M hi V t.l), a large assortment ol Havana and I'rin- ' ' cij*" Segars, which will be retailed at wholesale price*, at ( No. 2 Astor House. oM 3t*r MONEY LENT, ~~ ' L1HK.RAI.LY, at the old e?tahliiil>eil itaml, 101 Grand street, on gold ami silver watch"*, plate, jewellery ami diamond*, wearing appare.1, dry good*, hardware, cutlery, musical and ' mathematical instrument*, bedding, and every description of personal property, by ' LOUIS LEVY. Pawnbroker, oM lm*m 403 Grand between Ridge and Attorney ?t. < ~~ TO BAKERS?KOK. SALE. " !! WiM, U. NEVIN 8? Saleratrated patent ship bread and cracg- I er machinery?.No. I is a revolving tlat surface, which is s constructed in a nent and convenient frame, .all of whieh is made t of cast iron. This machine Ins advantages oter the cylinder 1 machine, which is easily seen by those acquainted with the arts' i when in operation it forms 'lie perpendicular action, and still I has the revolving principle which never can lie surpassed?is V fa?ily kept in order and wanante.l to lie superior to any other t machine now in use for that puipose, and made by one of the i greatest workmen in ihis city. Vor machines, or patent rights, I apply to Henry McCntloin, No. 40 K.ldridge strict, New N ork. References to the machines, Hayward Kuowls, machinist, patent i.irice, Washington, or to Henry McCollum, Eldridge ?t., Hi I.I \V ilion 5c I o., bakers, New York. Ot3 it r BUSINESS IS UUSIN ESS.?Therefore if you wish a share must circulate your cards and haudbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call ou KoLUKK V SUTI ON, at the office of-the Locomotive Printing Kngiue, J15 John street, near I'earl, where you can kave all kind* of X*b Printing done in the first style, at the lowest cush price*, and no disappointment Cards printed at one hour's notice if required. o4 Im*r 1 COAL?Best Peach Orchard, Med Ash,Double Screened.from J the yard 430 Washington street, corner of Desbrosses st, at , host pricts, delivered free of cartage, anil weighed by a City t weigher. Large Nut $l *7X , Do Stole i 12* broken and Kkcg 5 37W A deduction f ifi cents if taken from boats, at the Toot of * Vestry street, every Oay. . ?t im m PATRICK KERHIOAN. J UAffKNOKRS?IJoing Font New York, South or to c A Europe, that have to lay in their piovisions for the voyage, ? are invited to call and purchase them of the subscriber*, at i their cheap cash store, a* they can sive from IJ to2i |ier cent t hy so doing, and get as good provisions a* can be purchased ' elsewhere. I apiains of vessels and housek<*pers also will be t supplied with all kinds of groceries and provisions at an equal t savuiK. wholesale or retail, at the store, No IliR South sr, near Kultun Market. E. S. It II. HARRIS. o2J Im * r A IITIKK'IAL KLOWERS AND REUC1IKS, whoie^ile { mid retail, chea|>er than any house in the trade, at T. . Pit l CE'S Manufactory. 211}% Grand street, second block east , of the Boweiy, south side. IVdlers ami couutrv milliners would do well to call and save . thirty cents on the d liar. I inlil and silver head dresses for balls and parties. oplm'r , 'PO ARCHITECTS AND BUILDERS.?The subscriber ' 1 would respectfully inform his customers and others, tlut iu consequence ol his old stand in Hroadwiy lieuig burned down, . lie has I iken the premises No. 134 Crosby street near Houston, until such time as the store* in Bruadwat are rebuilt, and that he is now prepared to eseute auy orders for Ornamental W ork ami I arving that may be required, the same as formerly. New York, September 20th. 1843. JOHN GALLIF.H, s2> Its' lii ( mkl street. 'pHE WEATHEH admonishes all persons to he e reful of I their health. Mrs Carroll's Medicated V inor II iths, 2 i t'nurtland >t. cure sudden colds. rheuiiMtism. chills ami fever, erysil'elas, kc. in a few di}s, and by timelv Itse, prevent their occurrence. Sulphur Bsihs re-j'iire one hour s notice Portable Vapor Baths sent to any part ol the city. oal (itr THORN* COMim;NI)A EXTRACT1 ?>! < SPAVTA , * n 11 if ortnnni |>oftm?a4 ipw 1ui.!k> ? iidv , mjoyfil br mit othfr mnticini* fur the rnre of nil snml iIimm?i?, .hid wIik'Ii niuat, with rtii rnliyhtenrd public, rrndri il ai- \ auredlv highly popular, and .? denjdeniuin long unnglit for in the medical world It need* no confinement or changi' of (lift. In iu Il'iwj form, tint ol' * paate. it it entirely t;??lele?, and * can lea no iinpleaaant ?final ion to the pitiful. i' It haaacrpiircd the ntm.nl ftmr in almoit every part of Kn- el nil*; it hu Iwrn mniiitil, approval of and Mnctioiind by the ? I'.icnlty ol inedicinn, and recommended hy the m<?t umineiit ?>( the nrofe??ion. l'n'PM*d liy J. B. Thome, clieirmt, London, r, siid r>>r sale whol??.iV anil retail, by ? J A Si > TAKRaNT, 36fi (Greenwich meet, ^ corner of Warren ?treet. f Alio at 2 l\uk !lt-v\ and !l # Broadway, iii Broadway, <11 ? Broadway, corner of Lll|vimrd ?tr?e?. W? Brondway, corner ol Walker ?tr?et. oil 2wu*in v mmmrnm?mmmm?mmmm?mmmmmmm?mmmmmmm?mm AUCTION SAI FS. "HOMA# BKI.I.. AortiiHMM. 1, h HOW AHI). ?Y ' US # ' </?. ? ilrtu ) ,g,^? ,v? n.'htn ? *?? **' ,, tUKHOAY, imi ?>' 'Ulirr .. .?> fir.i ;? ?V. "'",llrT'5> '1iMf Intel..'. MM 7,n' ?h,l ';111t ;,., L ke < .ul. .? >< *bin*l, Wilfuril room*. -> < Wi'DN KSDAV, 2.'?th. At II o'clock, Unlets previously disposed of at private sale, will be sold, submit reserve mi the premises. ill th? fnrniture, bsr mom or?"l!1imili, Ustiires St.- , Ac , of the well known Stryker's lav llontr, on the IllooiningiUle Road. Alto, the srtpefh liondoU.built by Krancit. Alto, Ill" cream h.ir, slmla, garden chairs, hot housrs, Sir Tlir nrapnly cu Iv wnut toy tima, Any person wishing o purchase will get all necessary information by applyiug to I. II. < liipmui, 2M Hudson st Till KSDAV, Sale nfllindaom* furniture, Pianofortes, ami various IIoiishte?ping articles, at 10', o'clock, in the Sale Mmons. This ia In- regular H'ednesil i \ stair, lint will take place at above in ontei|iniire of the >ale at fitriker't It ly ; alia tin- furniture of a unit) living op hflttsekeeping. Alto by catalogue, .1 ?1 !?-?il'il collection of choice anil truly raluable ancient and modern paintings, being iIi? entire nailery if a celebrated amateur anil collector of line pictures?can ha een any tunc previous to tin* sale, and I'ataloguet 011 Wediiesiif. KRIDW, Oct 27 At half-p?lt ( n,rlorkat No. 4SI Broadway, a fine it.orr nent of household lumllltf, and the atork of I k>' tleni'u't itrnithing siote hosiery, glotM, thirtt, atocka, hakfs, Ike, in [rear variety. jjY J, D. NASK * I'. J HK.AItNS. Auctioneer. MOKTCiAfJK SAi.K of KlvK'tii' Household Furniture, I'ianot, vv.c ? This Pav, Tui-nlay, at It) o'clock, at I O 'niton street, by virtue nfg mortgage, .1 Urge quantity of furli'ure, consisting of feather beds, French .1110 oilier bedsteads, liessing bureaus, sideboards, ?ol'a?, roc 11 ji(t 'Imirt, carpet*. i?i?i nil mantel glasses, hook case. wardrobe, pier ctntr? and 'lining allies mahogany and other chairs, wash >lands, daiu&tk in low i'urtaiiia mil orn unents, tola bedsteads, mattri s-.e?, !> ?*liuK, oil paintings, framed prints, silver and plated ware Alto, two aleKsnt pianos, of line tone and finish, and ono handome cabinet Piano, a very superior article. At Private Sale?One splendid single horse barouche. with eatlier esiKusiou top, in complete order, can lie n an hy calling it 1 :*i Folton st. 01 hi Murray at. oh tt*m A UCTloS NOTICK?Dutch Bulbous Hoots.-A. LEVY 't wilj tell this iiiorinnK at II o\ lock, at 151 Broadway, a arge COW" ClIOIl ill UUICI1 DllinouS IVOOls, jiwi n*tfnru iiuiii llamleni m lli Hand, aim) are frant the anine florista whine root* ivrir id generally admired for their apleudnr tlir last *?saou. l'hey consist of ?very variety, and will be anlil in lots to suit tuyers. o24 lt*r f AR?E HTOCK OF KLEO \NT FURNITURE, it No >J Ml Broad street, to be sold by auction, on Thursday, Oct. 16. at half-pant 10 o'clock. The article* contained in thin well kuowu manufactory.which la been established about thirty ye.ira, are very diller-nt Irnm hose uaualy olTered by auction, and e<|ual in tasta, durability mil finish to any that emit If made to order. It oomi ruea Krench dressing bureau of roaewood and mahogany,while and black marble top*; Krench b"dsteada and chaira; <iuareand round corner wardrobes; hook cases; Cushioned and pring seat solas with round mid situate ends; mahogany anil nutwood center, pier and corner tablet with while and (deck multle tops; sideboards; Krench secretary*; card, work,i|Uaretle dining and extension tables; rocking, musing and reclining ilinira,with plush, velvet and haircloth ipring and cuahioned eats; olto'tiaut; pier divan*; music racks; hedronm atauda; jasin stands; night cab nets; and a great varitty of counting louse de*k.s; ollice tables, V" fitr. C talogii's may be obtained (rotn the auctioneer*, and No. ,'18 Broad st, the day previous to th* aale OSGOOD & BUHLINO, Auctioneer, OH <!ti**ec 3 Broad ?lr??t. MKACON OURSE-TKUTTLNU TUKSII^y! (Vi^- It||"'a^"''^o'i -1 ock r. M. I'uiae ?Two Mil* Heat*, in harness. O. Snicer enters rh g TotnJBentoii, Charles Carman, alters g g John Anderson. A. Van Itip'r euteia b g B"h Logic. o2l lt*m <1 K"R SALK?A pair of bright bay CAllHIAGK LM^HOHBEg 16 to 17 liands hln, warranted only fue '/ft?nd *ix yeirs old, sonnd in all re*|>ect*. kind iu*iug!? and double harness anil under the saddle, and of superior styl# and action, lielongiug to a private gentleman in the country, in I are worthy of the attention of *uy one desiring a good jiair of horses. They may be seen lor live or an days, oil applicatici at TATTKRSAI.L'S, Brosdway, N. Y. 06 6tr ARCH STREET THEATRE TO LET. a This popular house la at present to be let for the aeaaou and on reaaouahle terms, for theatrical or ei|iicstriai> pur pose*. Kor particular* apply to the undersigned at any time before 10 o'clock, A. M , and between the hours nt .2 and I P.M. P. M LAKOUR'ADF.. I(10 Crown street^ Philadelphia. New York Herald and Sun, Boston Daily rimes and Post, will copy six times each, and end bill immediately to this oilier?United States Oliette, Philadelphia. Sena pai>er, mark price. "21 6tr MTO LK.T?No. 207 W ilham Street, a Iront store with two how windows. The above is in a good situation and is well adapted for a grocery or milk depot, or any other nke business. K?r patticulars apply at 205 William at,or on the premises. 021 lw'm K.DWARD WIIITK'S DAOUKRR1 \N OALLK.RY, I BIIOADWAV, np stairs. Portraits taken in all kinds J. I O of weather, on small or large plates. AI*ogron|>s with from two to ten persons, on either sire N. B ?(ierman, Krench and American Cameras, Plates,( asrs, Kraincs, Polishing Materials and I'hem'Cals, of the very brat quality, always on hand and for *?le at the lowest prices Mr. White is the sole agent iu this city fot th* very sn|?rior Imported Oerrnan Cameras Any instrument that lie sella is warranted to 1?* just what he says it is, and at no olh?r establishment in this city can the Wermaii luatruineul* b* obtained, the very extensive Chemical Rooms in Bmaiiway not excepted. Air. White Ua-'S not and will not *?ll Instruments manufactured in this city, as German. AIR?Thk Mcr.Tino or Tin: Waters. 7'here is not iu this city a Gallery so bright As that opposite Howard's, the studio of Whit*. ().' there all that genius anal art can display, Who visit the gallery of White can surrey. As faithful and trueaie the pictures of While As nature can drew with her peucil of lightHow great is the triumph begun by Dagtierre, When art has brought nature in bondage to hrr ! The work of a moment?each picture that's there Th? fXi'iVssion it wore will per|ietually wearAmi when ?*r* have gone by. in the language of truth, Will rellect back to a?e the true features of youth. Ye young and ye beautiful think not that May, The sweet summer of life, will wear rose* away, The rose though it fades, will retain its perfume? ()'. the golden hour seize theu to image its bloom. ol7 6tis?r nnvic VjVJ.a. o FURNISHING STORES 15 MAIDEN LANE 349 BROADWAY. Jk I. (.'OX ha*' just received an eawllent assortment of tlif followiiik articles, which they offer at very low lor cash:? Solar Lamps. Oirandolea, Mantel Clocks,.lapnmiery, Hall Lanterns, Candelabraa, Tablfl < utlery: also, Kodgers li Son'a celehnted Table Cutlery ^ Plated Candlesticks, Branch,*, VVaiters.Cake Basketa, Uru?, lea Kettlea.Tea Setts, and every irticle of Plated Ware, of hhellield and Birmingham inaimlic:ure; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Uiili Covers, Hash and [jyster Dishes, Velision Dishes, Urns, fcc. (kc (ierman Silver Ware?Dliou k Sou'i celebrated Britannia Ware?Poliihrd Steel Kire Setla?a splendid assortment. of ShefJ ielil Plated Epergnes. Silver Spoon*, Korks, 1 ea SetU he., Stc , in great variety constantly on hand, Stringers will find it to their interest to call auil msjieot their tock previous to purchaaiug. N. 11. Kail and winter atrained S|?rm Oil, aa usual, at 13 Maiden Laue. o7 Imeodis'm po WOOL MANUFACTURERS, kc.?The subaciilier 1 gives notice that he la the legal Assignee of JOHN JOULDINO, late of lloabury, Machinist, and as such ia ilone niilhorivd to claim and receive pay from those iudiviiltiila or companiei, in varioiu parts of the United State*, who iHvetnide(or used. certain improved machinery, invented by aid <iouhling, for tlie manufacturing of Wool, w hicn unproveneata were secured to hitn by Letters Patent dated Dec. 14th, HAi, and 29th July, 1836; and be heieby cautious audi iiidmd ala and companies against pay lug any thing to any one except limaelf for the uie ol aftid improvements; aa no one elte c.m rive them a legal diacliarge for the damage, or compenaatimi, n which Mid OonldiuK's eatale ia, by law, entitled lor the n>e )f the improvements secured to him hv the Patent* above naned. E. COPE LAND. Jr. Assignee of JOHN OOULD1NO. (T7" A? these Patents eipired on the 14th of December, IHiO, nothing is claimed, or elected, ftrr the use of the improt, mei.ts since that time. ot3 eod lin*r THE t I Its I I'll KM 11! \1 AWARDED THREE < "<)V 1 SECUT1VE V EAKS KOR TllE BEST SPECIMENS OK OKK-HAND KENM ANSI-HP EXHIBITED AT THE rAJiva ur iiifi i.inmtifw CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, lt? BROADWAY, Oppoaite John atrret, i* now open during t!ie ?lsi and evening, lor the reception of pupila and viaitora. Mr. <i. brga to aaaure lie citizena ol New York anil Brooklyn, old and young, (in'lulling the must inveterate acnwlera nnd perpetrator* of uiiinelligible hieaoglyphicalthat he can impart to >11 who will favor iim with their attention for live or leu liuoni ol one hour each, , bold, free. and bMUti/lll style ol PENMANSHIP, lecuteil in a daahiug, off-hand atyle, tha' they cannot poaaihly ver lo*e in their future practice. Mr. I', i* aware tnat huuIredt who hate had tlieir lunila inun|xd bv the old fashioned 'pot-hook a .d trammel" ayttem of round-hand writing, will ry out "humbug" at reading thi* advert uetnent. To auch lie vould men ly my. that the old fialuoneil *y*tein (now lanflit ii many acjiool* in thi* city,) bean about the Mine relation to he ?clentilie and certain plan upon which Mr. 0. inmarb tlna leautiful accoaiplttntnent to In* papili, a* the ?! ? pncrM ol he old atage coach of I7*f> doe* U) the (peed and smooth moion of the railroad car of 1H13. BOOKKEEPING. Thi> important branch of a mercantile education ia taught 11 on pnrelt practical principle*, (not the tcliool inaater'a nidified theory I thereby enabling the atiident lo take charge or a et of book* by double euiry m any eounuug-hoii*e in the cooury, immediately upon completing the courae of instruction at lu> instituffcn. Term* for a thorough courae of iuatruetion educed to Ten Dollar*. Kora fall coiiree of Mercantile and r.piatolary Writing. Ki?e Dollar*, including Smtiorery Hepaate I'arlor* for Private Leeeou*. Mr (J. will quality yung iuillernen n* Teacher* of I'enmaiiihip in all Ha Vanou* tranche*. Ladiea < laaa, d uly, at 11 o'clock, (lentlein. n dnrng the day and evening r>2t lwi**ec DICK KMPOBIl M AND OKNT.ItA I. AUKNCY.?Th Mibacrilier h ivmg liecn employed a* conductor of the New r'ork llice Mill aince it* erection, bega leave to inform hia , ienda and the public, that he ha* t.ken (lie aa'ne on Ina own ccom.t, and ia now ready to receive Hough Ric-.to be dreaaed I) order,Ifor which the tame toll will be charged -a at til" nulla n Carolina, and alto cleaued liice in caaki, to *el| oil comiuuion. The Mill affords amide storage ajul means to put ri< - in hipping order, and ? lull knowledge iif the N> w York Hice l.irket, eualilea him to aell to the beat advantage, ami when ustomer* require it, cle\n rice can lie repacked in package* to nit the demand, All kind* of grain and produce received, tored or told at above. Merchant* imparting Hough Itice can are it (tored Irne and ponnded when requited. AI?o, constantly f ir talc, wholesale and retail Head, Trim', ml llrokru, Mice, Hour, Carolina llomtnuny, Hour, Car in ml Kudo I all kind*. Apply at the Mill, corner of Jeffeaaon ad Mouth atreet, or of Mranrt. Oeorge Uorrell It Co. corner of Yall and front street, N. V. THOMAS Bf.II.lt Y. o22 Jtl**r JfKN8\ BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING ? OF.O T. OBV.CN, No*. 110 (Chatham atr et, and I on ry, will keep coiiat-iutly on hand a lull a(jd complete uaort lent of Men*', Boya' and Children'* Clothing, of all deaenp,.,ia mule in rl.e in...I f>.l..o.i.l.l.. .rvle to ahu ll I ' would tpecti'nlly in?it* th* attention of i?i wni ,"t" I latle irrntikeinrnU to rrcnve Cloth*, C?*?imWf. C , *y ' ery i?ch,and hat *cu red th# ??mr^ ?[fV; ''7/^1 titttn, he l'1?tlgta hiintrlf Co ???? put** I N*. 'b!?CarmeBU inx lf {o oulti M th<- .hortmf notic*. Mid [ nth strict punctuality m 'AM f TSKM ENTS. ^ PA H K Til KATKK " ' TIIIH KVKNIiSO, Oct. ?l?will b? jwlormwl Af'KOHANT OK VKV Ct. Shy lock .<? Mi W*JI?rli I Mi ? Julu Tunmulf. L?Caeiiuufa Tii 'Wflmlf with I lit- V." l-'AV \T?ii|n M. W.IUo* 'I ' |J<>orti>|mi *1 I|uvlt>-| U) i Til- Cu. '*'? "* ' > ?' <in.utrr ,-un i ort?< ?. CHATHAM TIIKATKI0. n I 'III* I'll 12>4 rrnl* iVotic?? 1 h? l>o..r? will oi?n -t hal'-inut B <;urt?id will fit" ?t 7 iiVi.i.-Ii RENOVAThti \M) HF.-OPKNK.P. THIS EVLNINO, Uci l.-r 24- l'h<- t?r!onn*n?! will 00m metier with OREEiN MOUNTAIN BOY. AlVr whirh. YANKKK PKDI.AR. Ilimm Dod|(? Mr lllll To conrlnd* with th? JIAHLEOUIN_ANI> THKJ>< FAN IMP. AUTCiilCUi B OLYMPIC TilV.ATKK. THIS EVENING, 0<l 21 ?iFlw iwrfurmAni* wtfl cownvnc# with 'TWOULD PUZZLE A CONJURK'll. I(mn I.uhbi'ilick Von Dunder \lx After whiuh MACBKTH. Macbeth. .Mr MltoMI. Followed by MY LITTLK ADOPTBD. I To conclude Wl(tl B ATI UNO. TT i)nu? Circle, 50 e..iifn?Ui>|>"r Boirw, V eenU?Pit, UK ?Private U<>?m, Jj?Orchestra Bo?e*. $1. ft"?"Doora op?u at f>%?Cirtaiti ri?e at half PH.it 7. CIRCUS. HOW KRY A.HPIIITHRATRB. JOHN TKYON MAWAOER. *1 rauurer, J. D r ^ham|ilin (-lawn and SWo"?til.?# Dliwtt or, John Womih. King Mm t, A'r. Ninon. 1/OXtft 15 Cinl? I'lt 121, ciwfa. t'liilrlwi te (?<?* '?, wh>il ac comrauied by their ituardiaua, ii,H cnta. TI'KSDAV KV r'MM'. Oct 1\. DAUOHTKRS OP1 COLUMBIA. in which IKS. \>MAR, lh?? youthful widow ol tin- lite Jolm P. \rtnar, n<?iaitly kjllwi in Kuahud, will an""". UnliH< M KS. OOSSIN it MK?. A V MAW, will Uad tb? untrue, aimti-d bv M'tne* William*. iiirvey. Sikwerr aud I'mly. MR. WILLIAM STOIJT, Thti heri'Ulvit'i, Kr.celul aiol intrepid Homaman and Oyiiaaen, will appear hi Ini (irent Trampoline Act! TIIK MKl.Oinoi s CHOIR OF MIN8TRIX8 Ami the itmit original MA8TKR JOHN DIAMOND, will appear in <t variety of their tlu-ir moat popular iang*f clioruaea, dances, Ike. To conclude with LUB1N AM) ANNKTTE. ITT" Season Ticket* lor ?ale at the bo* olfice, price 1.5. Doora qiNiu at o'clock. Performances coinm?ie? at 7. r.11 r * _ amkkican MUSK U BI , A IN I) f K f fj I U A \j ! A I It . TWO PKHKOR.MA NCES EVEHY DAY, At 3 o'clock and o'clock, P. M. LAST WEEK OK OENERAL TOM THUMB. The most remarkable Dwarf that crer lited, Ixnng lively, nttrllicem, well formed. nail WEIGHING ONLY HKTEEN POUNDS. MESMERISM !?The time bavin* arrival! that this self ace is no Idtik*" tlx subject ill ridicule, lint is enjoying the attantion am! support of men of the highest iiitelliger.ce irv<) reepaetabilur, the manager lias engagsil Mil. (' P MjH'NSON, tlx olileat Magnet iter in America, who will MAGNETIZE A YOl'NO LADY, anil produce many ast'uiishiut! esiiernneuta iu ANIMAL MAGNETISM 1 including clairvoyance, symypathy. feeling, Sir. Ike. Oa each afternoon anil evening ,1 ronimitiee will I* appointed BY THE AUDIENI E Irom aiiiang themselves, wufi directions to ??rcise the atriciast scrutiny in vvery ?.i>erimi>nl introduced. DR. VALENTINE, The celebrated delineator of rfrmlric rKinrtm, will nim ail entire new badgat of comicalitie*, including Y A NK%K. STORIES, Hongs, Whims, Scram. I.iu, (kc. lVK. NELI-IS, BOHV WITHOUT AFIM8! will perform many remarkaltle featj with his low. Mr. Sll EH.M AN, tin- vocalist, ?n?J virions other alliMCloaa, anil 600,1)00 Curiosities. Admission to all 25 cents?children uuder too fwi hall price. o2* PBALK'N NKW YOKK JlfJ?|CUai, AND PICTURE GALLERY. {Broadway, oupoiite the l-ity Hall.') COMPETITION DEFIED AND DISTANCED f ALL lrOR ONE SHILLING ! Mr. H. Bennett, Manager, has ei.gig?d Maatn- Barber, THE WHISKERED CHILD ! From Vermont, only seve , years old, li ta a large anil bushy pair of NA'il'RAl. WHISKERS, winch w.re u larva aa a?v inan'a wheu he waa but KOU R YEARS OLD'. This is pro bably (In: moat remark.<lil;t phenomenon iu the world ! MONS. ADKIEN TIIE GREAT MAGICIAN ! will introduce the moat astonishing experiments ia NKCROV1ANCY AND THE SLACK ART ever witneasnd, including one hundred dilli-rant tricks? sitting Ail at each performance. Siguor Itinaldi's MECIIANH' AL FIGURES,go through their laughable performances, performing many 'eata nevar tva cuted by a hiiiiian being. THE MYHTK.RIOUS BOY, HAJAH ! from Persia, poateaiea the mincajoas powers of dmnatina. He can name auv thing which pertons hare in their pockets, at home, or elf where, and WILL TELL TIIE THOUOHTS ! of any person among the aiidiet cr, wiihonl a single mlatak*. The Bones of T1 IE GREAT MAsTaDON .' i*nma oalr this week. Performances every evening ar hall' l<ait 7, ami Wadaadav and Huiinl.i)' allaruooiia at 3 o'clock. Admiaiiou to (lie whole Ioents. nfll 'PUESDAY, 34th Odober. 18fS ?SECOND ORAVl 1 CONCERT, by MADAME CINTf DAMOIIEAU, and MONS. J. ARTOT, t)ii TI'ESDAY the h instant, at the WASHINGTON HOTEL. Leader, Mr. TIMM. Tickets SI each, to lie had at the Music Stons and Hate!*, and at the door. (loucwtt to commence at B o'clock. _ ? CONCERT " BY MISS M.J. MARIO! S AND OEOROE A> HOTT, late^npils nl'tlie York Institution for the Bliaa, at ' uniri i nan, i-*n. iwi uniauwnv, i-aew i nra, mm WEDNESDAY KVKNINO, ?Jct. ?. 1?? Doora o|>en at 7 o'clock. Conceit to cointnenc?at uir-r>? t . ?-?_ preriaelr. P * KT I. Hon*?I am it preltv Oypay maul? Mim Marintia, Mate Bonn?The Klf Kin*, cem|'M?(?l by Hrbubert, adapted and arranged to Si. (!. translation ol Goethe'a celebrated I'urin, by &.C. Horn?Mr. Hoyt. ftong?The How'retJ *r? faded?Miai Mariuoi. Blewlt( Duett?See |n?e, yon broad oak climbing?Mi.?a IVIarioua and Mr lloyt, RvaK Husaell't celebrated Cantata of the Maniac?Mr. Hoyt Raanll Song?French?l.e Bonhuer de He R*voir>? Mian Mamma 04nplaa Duett?Pre wander'd in draamt?Mim Marinm andMr.Hnyt Wade Ship 011 Kirn?A Grand PeacriptiTf Scenn, composed by Mr. Uimell?Mr Hoyt. PART II. Itiu-eir* Cantata ol Wind ol thn Win tar Nijht Mr. Hoyt. Song? Fly to the Daaert?Miaa Marioua >I**rr Song?Indian Hunter?Mr Hoyt Ilimll Duett?Tin Aniiler ? Meaarj. Hoyt Sandereee Song?The Blind Girl?Miaa Marioua lata Song?The Outlaw?Mr Hoyt- L*d? Trio?Sleep Gentle Cady?Miaa Marioua and Maasra Hoyt Biaho^ PTick'ta 2i cents?To lie had at the door. ot3 3t i* 7i IIA Nil I N STRUM KNTAI. t(Jn<V.RT "" OF SIUNOKA DK. GOM &. MR. <?. KNOOP, oh friday K.Telling, 2>th October, at the Apollo Saloon, Bmadway. on which occaaion Mm Sophie Gjertx, Pnuiiat at tin Conn utf Denmark, baa kindly prorniaed her aaaialance. Director Mr. Timm. f!"7*"TickeU One Dollar?at the .Muaie Store* and at ike door. nil It' r GRAND~ SC(rfT18H VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT. 'Pill: MI8.HF.S CUMMINO rea|iectfully aanoone* thtfr ' first Concert, for the aeaaon to taka plaee at tha Ap*lla on Thunday, 2?itli iuat,, when ili? following much ?t??*tfd inehnln* will be presented in the progiannne :?WhatSf a' Aa fleer Kinimer?The Honny Houar O Airl>?My LTiihlaiid Plaid?Mary of Argyle?Tlie liroomo' the I owdan Know? n, Tibbie, I hae aeru the day?The Furaakan?My daddy to a (.ankered Carl?'Twaa wilhiu a mile o' i?ni Kdinbnrgk Town?Thou art Lo*lier? Whiaila and I'll come to yaa uir Cid?Laat May a liraw Wooer?My Ain Fireaide, fcc. TI.e Mi,.,., I w.lli lil^ni.II,e rl.,1 ll.ev will tv. mated by Mr. ( lirehugh, and Mr. A. riiilli|?, who will at i lie pi.\no fort*4. Ticketa Kifty Cent* each?to bj; had, with programmer M (lie music fttort'H, at Mr. ( ltn|lin|.),a, Broad way ;or at >1 ! ?*? C.'a reaideiicr. No. 1 Warren ?t. oil epdr " r1 mmmm< CIOfOR C. ANTOON1NI inform* ilia l ulilie that ho l?k * tenda i? remain in ihuciiv diriutf the winter inontha, ant will d-vutr hta nmM ui giving Lraaona in Singing. >2t eod6t* r CAKPET1NGS, FLOOR OH, OI.OTHS, ROCKINOS, See. rPHK SUBSCKIBKRS hare now on hand an eitenair* aid I r.hoies selection of Carpeting*, Irom a low [.riced Ingrain to lli? rieheat and mo?t costly deacription of Bru*?e|a, Samny, Uoynl Wilton, V(l??l. Turkey. Axmmster and Ta|?atry I AKPKTINOS. Alio, H.oim OIL < LOTUS of III# ncwtral and must splendid Patterns and Color*. Alao, Krenc and Kngliali urn-kings, Drnutii, Kali f arp,f mik ICII|Ca i)|' ilia richest dracriplixn. KrencTi emlx>as*d Table and Piano Co vera, Stc he., all which will Itr anld al i>n?aa ta auit I he um?s, by i.W SMITH fc COMPANY, o23 lwia*#c 1)1 Broadway, opi>oaiie the Cut Hall. piiTk.apkst caupkt kmtaui.hiimkvFIn" nii* v luted Male., N.I ft Howasy.?ANDKKHON h DOBBM now offer their ? hole stock ol si'iead d new is'terns of tnpaeiar Kuglish Three Ply Imperial, surerline, double siitvr aad aom m m Ingrain Cari>e:ing, UiM?.rl?. tulti'd Hearth Itnga, an4 Window Mi idea, <11 if which, hiving been purchased at low prices, for cash, will !* sold frmu 9ft to 30 caul lowar lhaa iuy other establi.liinent iu this city. 'omin. il Ingram Car|ietmg, ta Ad 1 er yard. Kine Ingrain Carpeting, 4a |?r yard. Hnpartine do fta |?r yard Three Ply do from 8a to Ik )?r>arJk Floor Oil Cloths any width. 4a per yart. ANDK.RUON k UOBBR, No. *) Bo??\ ? >11 ?w i?*?c the first store ah>>r? He*t?r ?r I vi PORTA NT TO hUUEsTRlANS SPENCF.H H PATtNT KLAHTIC HPRINO RADDLB rlMIIS SADDI. K poeaeaaaa, in ail eminent tiegrve.th#* graitdd* A vid'ratum of giving perfect e*iu? to the rider. The j*r?ilnr adruitigra ??| Mr Spencer'a new invention, prtnni?allv eoDetat in the nice adaptation of the ipriiijia in tlie aai)dfe?trre to th# weight of the rider'* body and th# different iiiations of the animal, *o that all the i neon r*n ten ce? *hirh have heirtnfor# r%suited from otlier inteutiont are Mitirely obtiate^l rum the grent benefit t^ l?e derived by ^iiiaafrun ineali<M? pirtiaa Uily in the mde saddle, will .it once br api'affwt. The patent which has just berii iirdnteti Mr. H luciuUttB the "Klastic Spring Saddletree , and (?irfha, and ara now exhibiting at the Fair of th?* American lri?titufe, accorupauied by a lithographic drawing and ample riplatinti?>na af ike I .1 . ir^.. ..a ... Manufactiued at 193 < ??al ?rr.*t, where the trad* can ha Mrplied on liberal term*. nura rmii a o21I4 if< 31 *r JAMKS ( \RR, A<e?t. ?\s,l A*HIO BA>K UlVIUKND.?'Twenty per cent on the * ' r U'iul ?WiK i>f thia Bank ? ill I* paid to the Stockholder* hi the lac <1 <\- r'I V rcmber nc*e, out of the *nrpln* profit* of he o/Hce M < anand.uicua, in 11< ? of the ordinary ?emi-ancuit dividend line on that <1 ty. Stockholder* who r*?nle at the Mit nil he pi ill *t the Mechanic* Bank in the City of Me* York. \ I tan V Stock holders will lie pan! at the AltMny'itv Bank Stockholder* residing in Utica will lie pan) at the Branch in (. tic Stockholder* w*at of Ulica at the Banking Hon*# in L'uividauua. TU? transfer book* will be cl'>?ed on the 2l*t in itant lor ten day*. By ord?r of the President and Dirwtor*. II. B. UIBSO.V. t ashier. < auandaiirna, Oct. }, UlJ. "* to -Nl* r t' ?KTUGU8K FtiMAuTFTTXs. THKSE far-faineil a?d aateb'Vrd Till*, fiom Porto*!, ?rw w* percei**. to be omai iJd in thia cooatry. Sea *n??ttiae

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