29 Kasım 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Kasım 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. 310?Whole No. 353*. BRITISH AND NOHTH AM KMC AN K0YAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 toil! ajitl 440 liorie |Kj?rrr each. lru<ler contract with, tlte Lord* of the AduiimltV. illbt.llNIA, Commanded by C. II. K- Judkins. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA. K. O. Lott. ACADIA, AleiiuijWr Kyrie, Will tail from Liverpool and BohIou, ti* Halifax, at follows : From Litkapuo^ * Boston. Calotooia, IDec. 1. Aeadia, Nor. 19. D?c. 16. H'lx-ruia, Due. 5. J,811 ' Britannia, Jan. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 1 M?rih I. Acadia, March 1, April I These veaseU carry afpwimctil surgeons, and are supplied wifri c'rani-es' I'ait-nt Lif? Boat*. For freight or passage apply to D. BRKill A M, Jr.. Agent, ol7r No. 3 Wall st.. New York. . ... milt HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL S&QjjfMB TheKoval Mail Hteau. Ship CALEDOLffiU MA. K.O.Lou, E?<]., Commander, will W'-iv'' Boatoa for the above porta on Eri Ul December. Passage to Liver|>ool $120. Passage to Halifax - 20. Apply to 1). UilltiilAiM, Jr., Ajfiit, ugi fC ^ No. 3 Wal! street. tig- PACKET Mill HAVRE?Second Lin.?The WMFffV?'"P BALTIMORE. Kdward Kuuk, rommaiider sail ou the ut ol December. BOYD u H1NCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, n85 tDl ec corner Wall and Water *ts ftfig- FOK MARSEILLE*?Packet for 1st December? KRp?VTIie ship MINERVA, Captaia Brown. Kor freight MMMKaor for passage, apply to LAWRENCE & PHELPS. or to BOYD k HINCKEN. Aleuts, HlD r No. 9 Tout'ne Building, cor. Wall and Water sts._ tifig- PACKET FOR BRISTOL?With immediate WsI~JgVDespatch?The well known fast sailing bark COSJlBibMO, Capt. Outerbridge, will meet with immediate deiiMteli for the above port. She h\i good accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steenge passenger*. Those about goiuj to ihe old country will find this a desirable opihiitnntcy. Application without delay should be made to W. b J. T. TAPSCOTT, n25 r 43 Peck slip, corner South street. KOR APA LACIIICOLA?To s-iil on or before kSJMfythe 1st Decemhor?The ship S1I.VANUS JENN. W. Eveleigh, master, will be despatched with such freight as may offer prior to the 2!tth iiist h'or freight or passage, apply to the captain on boaxd, at pier iiu j;iviuiivnn. Ill LI) OUIU ?. HLlUI\r.^, n 10 r 1 on tine Kuililing, cor. Wall ? J Water ?ts. FOlt. NEW ORLEA.N8?To ami positively on ednesday, 29th int.?The first class packet ship JfiftliKALAMAZOO, Captain McCerran, will be de? patehen ai above. The ship hat unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaeuger*. who will be taken at the lowest rate*. Apply on board the ship at Pine street wharf, or to n29 r JOHix HERDMAN. 61 South St., near Wall FOR NEW ORL#v.ANS?Louisiana and New Mrra^Vork Line?Positively First Regular Packet, to sail ' Nov.?The fast sailing Pjckt ship LOUIS VIL77E7' apt.M. Huut, will |>osltively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome (uroislied accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.COLLINSkCO., 56 South street. Shippers will please tend in their bills of lading this day. senders will pteaie be oil board the Steamboat Her rules at Whitehall, to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'cloca, at which time the ship will sail. Shippers by thii line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, llullin !t Woodruff, who will promptly forward goods to their address. The packet barque Genesee, Cant. Miuott, will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 10th l)ec., her regular day. n29ec FOR LIVERPOOL?Pa'ketof a' of I)ec?n>ber? kfHKWVTlie splendid well known and magnificent ship RAPSttStSlim AHANNOCK, 1200 tout,Capt Brummoii'J.w i'l sa.l p^.'i'.ei, as above, her regular day. She has excellent accoicinoi'ations lor cabin, second cabin and steerafe pafitrngeri, the sveoud cabin and steerage being in liouv.s oil deck.Tbo>e about viiiting th- old country will find the Kappahannoca a mo-t de irab'.e conveyance. For rais-ie e*?|v application should be uadi; on bjard, at pier M F.ast River, foot of Wall street, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck sl.p, n^'r eTruer South strret. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Res u Mr Packet 16th December ?The new and very splendid JBwfifllLNew Yoik built packet ship LIVERPOOL, John hldridge, master; Hid toui, will tail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, hating roomy anil un<urpa*"ed accommodations, apply 10 the C?ptain on board, west aide Bulling lip, or to WOODHULL lcMlNTlTRN8, 87 South ?t. The new and elegaut packet *hip Queei of the Weat, Philip Wo-.dhouse, n-aster; 1210 ton*, will *ucc**d the Liverpool, aud ail on her nyular day. ICth January, 1841^ nit r ?&& KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 7th WMsPV December?The well knowu fa?t sailiug packet >hip j5$Sl<*Ll>'l>ii.PKNDk.NCK, Canuiu Nye, burthen 1000 ton*, will sail u above, her regular day. 11'r accomniKiliuUxia lot cabin, second cab in, and stri'rage pasfnueri are u-i>urp* *ed hv any vessel in port, *Vrtnns wish lag to embirk should in >ke early appticat.on on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 1(H) Pine corner of South. Person* wishing to 'end for their friend* ein have them brought ont oy ihe above *hio, or any of the revulai packet* tailiu* on the 1-t, 7tn, I Jih. 19th and iVh of each mouth, by applying a* aoove, if by letter, post paid. f S- Draft* at sight, for large or imall sum*, are drawn by the *ub*criber on tbe Provincial B'nk of Ireland, payable at tU ir rn|>ective bnnthr* thr. u.hout the country; *l*o. on Nle?irs Spooner. Mtwood St Co. Banker*, Loudon, payable in everv tow > 'li tireat Britain. n28 "ifct ~ BLACK BALL, Ok~OLD LINE OK LIVERvHlvkPOOL PACKETS?Only regular Packet, of tlie l?t jttj|MKpDec?niber.?The celebrated last sailing packet *hip El Koi'e-. (Japt. K. O. Kur;er, will positively sail on V'liday, J*t D>cember, tier regular day. It is well known that the accommodation* ofthi* uoble pack et lor cabin, Zd camn and steerage passenger*, are fitted up in a muiner lhat cannot fail to inaure those embaiking every coin fort, havun very high between-decki. which are well lighted and < entilated. Those returniig to the old country will at once sue it their internal to *elect tin* favor te v? ?e< for their conveyance in preference to any other. The price of puaa^e is v?ry low, for which and to *ecnr? the best berth*, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman st, or to the sub.rr.K.r. ilOCHE, BROTHERS k CO.. ? Kuhon street, licit d?or to the Kullou Bank P. S.?'The Kuroiw tails frotn Liverpool on the 18th Januhry. Pertont tending for their relative! can hare them brought out in her, or in anv of Hie jnf kets cumpritinz thi? ui. quailed .me, tailing from t'.iat port punctually on the 7th and 19th of each month. Kor patt^se apply at anov. N. B ?The >ew Vorlt will taccued the Europe, and tail for lillWPQ 'I on the l'Jlh December her regular diy. l2Or FOR LON iToN-FseunuT wckf of thp i?t Dm rfffV ?The splendid ship I'RlgCK ALBERT, Captain JMBMBi^bt-r , buuheu 1200 toni, will sail at above, her regit-Jler accommodations for cabin, second cabin and iteenze pattei.gert, aie tpleudidiy fitted tip for the couifoit and c mivenience nf pastenKert. Persons intending to embark should Bale early application <ai board, Burling Sliporn JOSEPH Mc.VlUHR.AY, IfO Tine tt. corn1 r of South. Persons wishing to tend for their friend* residing in the old couutry. can have thein brought out by the above ship, or any ^ of the tne regular packets tailing on the 7th. iTth and 27tli of each mouth, by applying a* above; if by letter, post paid. P S. Uraftt at !4ighr, far large or tuiall luim, are dia^ii by th.'subicr.bcr on the Provincial Bank oflreland; payable at their re?pecti?e branch's throughout the country | *l?o. on Aleasr- Sn loner, At wood Ik Co, Btnkers, Loudon, paynble in every town in Great Britain. utlr "jftEr F??R SALE?The torque DUC D'OR LEANS, aWMlW.tmfthen 3<0 tons, register; built in Bristol. Maine, in JGU|mi831.double deck, coppered and copper fastened. Ill ' jeet long, 27 tea beam, '# fcet between decks, IJ feet hold, will be sold as soon as the cargo ia discharged. Lay at Jttdd's wharf Apply on koird, or to M ' BOYD fc HINCKEN. uliee ' No. 9 Tontine Bnilding. cor Wall and Water sfs. - ~ fKOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS fl, -"-Vnl* KOK ALBAN V-Uaily at * o'clock P. M.-V Tl.rA.icjh direct?Krom the stetinboat pier between ('ourttaudl anil Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. '1 lie steamboat KNICKKRBOCKfcR.Capt. A. P. St. John, will I save Monday, Wednesday and Friday Kvemngt, at lix o'clock. Mir.nnboatSOUTH AMFRICA, ''apt. L. W. Br.iinaril, will leav- i'nr-ndav, Tliuradr.y. mid Saturday at fi P. M. At 5 o'clock r. M.?Lauding at Intermediate I laci. 8'eaiuKoHi COLUMBIA, t-apt. A. lioitCHtou. will leavr Monday. Wednesday ?aii t ridisv ?ii*rn?<>n at i o'clock. hiKiubboitiMIll 1'H AMLH1CA, t i>i* H* 1 ruejdell. wiliWire Tutsday, Tlviriday and Saturday Evening, at fiv? o'clock.Paisenfcen tr.kinp this tier of Boats will at all timvs anire m Albany iu ample tine to take the Morning Trait of Cart (oi tne east or Wilt. 1 he above boats are new and substantial, are fnrnuhed with Mat and elegant State Kooms, and lor speed and accommodation! are uurivalled on the Hudion. kiir Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schalu it tb? olCie on tj.t- whan. iillr i\0 I'll K?On and al^er Monday Oot Uth. the boats wl this line wiH leave for Albany at t o'clock. P. M. instead of 7. Imq >^^'NP,kpkndknt reoular oppowT TTtV"*3*TIUN NIOHT link for albanvJkJbJL i'hri.imh Direct, without Laudiug.-?-The commodious and substantial team boat PORTSMOUTH, Oapt.O.Houne.will leave N?w York from the fooTof Kobinion itreet. on Mondajs, Wednesdays and FridaysiauO will leave Albany ?t?o Troy on Sundnyt, Tuesdays and Thurs.liivs. and will coatiuue these trips for the season, at* o'clock in the alternoon. Freight taken at reduced rites. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and is in lirst rale order. o26 lm*r mWJUTY ifja ?IX' O'CLOCK KVKNINU LINK flwiK'*r- nff"' ALBANY AND TROY diivet, without 3fcC-J>L3t.l ?ndin f-lbe sidmdid low pressure steamboat HWAlXOwY'Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlamlt sum every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday venings, at C o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow haa a Urge number of state rooms,and for spend and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hndsor. ant ec NKW YORK AN0 KINGSTON STEAM HRKIOUT AND I'AStSAOK LINK. -Inarn Kor Kingaton, anc Delaware and Htidaon "P'il ,u'K,nl""lLJ '' M ERALD uid NORThe EMERALD. Captain John Kttcham, will leave New York, loot of Murray tliwt, every Mouday and Thuraday at J o'clock, P M. Will leare Kinriton (lion Vint landing) erery Wedrradai and Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. I ! NORWICH, Captain John Hamtiela, will leava New Y >>k, foot at Warren itrmt, erery Wedunaday aud Saturday at I o'clock, P. M. Will Iwava K agaton (Roudoat lauding) every Toeaday and Friday at J o'clock, r. M. F.XTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray itreet erery Vuud.iy moruin7.1t 7 o'clock. R*ttiruing, learea K mutton at 4 'clock, aame d.iy. Kor freight or |> u>.i*e W'PJ Y on board, or to WILLIAMSON. BARLOW It CO., atl lm*r IM Weat atrant rJt STATEN ISI.AN1) KF.HKY, FOOT Gatr OK W HI 'I KH A LI. ST..? J'he ataamboat V STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Statrn liland, on *nd after October 2d, aa follow,, uutil lurther notice Leare Staten I latid at B>a. 1", * ??., 2. *. * M. Laare New York at 9. 12>i, 10 min. ixai3. i)i. All liaiynt (hipped la required to l?e particular!) marked and m at tlic nak of Dm ownan thajeof. iMtfr ? i E NE NEW 1 MONEY TO LEND! A B HA HAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. St Ileade fa- >tr? t, near Broadway.loans money in large or sumll >um>, a? may be required, ou WartUies, Jewelry, Silver Mare, Dry Good*, Wearing Apparel, and pononal property of every deacnution o? !m*r KKENCH CHINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, TJp Stairs. ADALK.HMK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has always on hand a large assortment for dinner aud tea ?rta in plain white and gilt Kn-uch Porcelain, aa well aa dinner and dessert plates, of all litea, assorted dishes, soup tureena, covered dishes, snlad howls, fruit baskets, cusUrdi and stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Ureek, Kreuch and Amnricaii shape. All the articles tie wjn. nud cf tlie beat qnalitr. <u>d to be old on liheril terms, anrt in Iota to suit purchaser* sU7 ?i<n*ee EMPORIUM OK CHINA, OLA88,fce., No. 7 8ml. AvoEa uue, opposite Amity street.?Purchasers wishing to supply themselves with the above article*, are reiuestud to call bulore pu'vhiU'MK th'ir Christmas auil New War's stock. N. B A elm ue coll-ctiou of Chrysanthemums in bloom, pa'lor Plants, aud Dutch Bulbous Koou for sale at unusually low prices. nil lwec lAKUI'l 8, ONU<'.El(.IK8, Th.AH, WOKS, fcc.?GAiS" NER St YOUNG, li3 Chatham strut, offer at wholesala aud retail, to do tiers and families? Fresh J oreiiiu Fruiu, a general assortmor I Sugars and Coffee, of allkiudsand qualities Teas, Green and Black, of eivery d^scri-tiou 1 Superior old Wiues ami Liquors, of various *.ad<s 8u|ierior Raspberrv audi Cherry Bruudy French and American Cordials, on ilraitaud i.? pl.is* London, Scotch aud American l'orur, Browu Stout uud Pale Ale La Norma, Kegalia, Noriiig.i ai.d other b.a?ds Sugars East and VVeit ludia aud American Pn'oOrvc* aud Jelliwi lloney, iu small bonis, from Ohio Jujube Paste, iu 12and 2i lb. bi.xeii Bird Seed, Spices, Cocoa aud Chocolate Speim Oil and CaudLu, Soap, be. Saratoga Pavilion. Water, hi ijnut and piut bottle* Uuodi delivered to any part of thecity Ire? of ii!?nur. ull lin'm A_ SAMANOS. NO. 6 WALL STREET AND 2?9 BROADWAY, Cohm.k ok Rt.atie Sthej.t, HAS JUST RECEIVED, per shin Cristoeal Colon, an invoice of the celebrated Woodvifle brand of Sevan, eonsistinR of Regalias and Medium size, and tha Lord B) ron paper Seg&rs. IN STORE. All the various sizes and choice qualities of the most celebrated brands of Segars, consisting of Lord Byron, of different sizes. Port of Havaua R?galias aud medium size. Seguridad, medium size. Jnsio Sawz Principe. Large and small \ an of St. J?IT>. Ueuuiiie Turkey Tobacco of din 'ti'iil nullities. Scafarlatti Smoking Tobacco of Mntliinore German mnokiug Tobacco of different qualities. The celebrated ? atchitorhes Suuff ol New Orleans, together with all the fancy Siiutts of th? ? ay. I*ai>er Se<a s of Uarcit. Perez, Lara. Lord Byrou, *c. Oermm Pipes; Cherry Turkey Pine Ste ns. Pointed, Spuuk and Taper Matches, with a general assortment ol Segar Ca ea, Suuff Boxes, be. U?3s for tving Segars, aud Tobacco in bales, which are of fered at wholesale aud retail. ii"1 lin'r SEGARS! SKGARS! SEGARS! DM. HENRIQUES, No, si William street, respectfully informs Lis frie-ds aud the public.generally, that he has constantly on hand the following choice brands ot Segars. for sale wholesale and ret?il:? i.-,..,. ?...i La Noma, Rionda, Cabanas, Esparteros, N our gas, Yngeuindad, Ln Florinda, (a new brauil.) De Moya, Pauetelas, ill 1-8 and l-10th botes. I'rincii**, of various qualities. EUpartBMi, Leatlaaes, Cabslleroj. and numerous othe. brands, well worthy the Retention of the public. Any segars purchased at thi* ?stabliihment, if not liked, will b* taken back at any time and the money returned. Strangers would do well to call previoui to purchuius elsewhere. N. B.?Orders from the country carefully and promptly attended to. ul8 lm COFFEE. WEST INDIA COFFEE AND SPICE FACTORY, No. 64 Barclay street, Nmr Greenwich, >/ew Vork. pONSTANTLY ON HAND, and for sale, Green, Roasted v and Groond Coffe?s; Ground Pepper, Cinnamon, Alspice, Ginger, Cloves, Mustard, Mace, Nutmegs, lie. Coff.e Roasted and Ground for Grocers, at tlie shortest notice. J. C. KINNER. lL7*" Goods seat to any part of the city free of eipaase. nil lm*nn UNITED SSTATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 laU 129 Chatham strut, Neie York And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 'Aoknct, 318 Blecckk* Stikii, tW HOLE^ALE AND RETAIL. 'THE CANTON TEA COMPANV continue to offer for A sale ne-.v ana fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Green and Black. Kvery package bears the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Tens therein are so thoroughly secured from lijiht and air, that their quality and power will remniu unimpaired iu any climite. Their system of prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be rxctlled. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the right* ol the custom er, aaMCMUy with res|>ect to weight and quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called u|x>ti to return ant articles which (ail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which the mouey will be cheerfully and promptly refuuued. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and ship masters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Gekuikr Java Cori'm roasted every day. Orders from all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and des|?tch. \Tr~ The only warehouse i* America for the sale of Horn qua1* eelebrated Blaek T? oM lm*m HODGE'S LONDON CORDIAL GIN. 'T'HIS superior article can always be obtained at the Wine J- Vaults, No 114 Kalton street. one door from Dutch ktraet. HODGE'S CELEBRATED LONDON BITTERS. These bitter* arr hivlily- recommended by the Medical Kacul ty of Ejwpdas a restor live for thi appetite, ?nd can be used in iu pore stare "r m xed with water, wines or liquors, and c?u be obtained at all the urincipal hotels iu the United States. Sold wh"le>ale only at No. 114 Kulton st. one door from Dutch st Agents for Boston, Mass?Messrs. Blake 8t Trumbull, corner Milk and Federal streets. Kor l'rovideuce, 11. 1., Mr. 1 liomas Swnoer, No. 15 West Water street. P. S.-Th: above articles may be had in bottles for family use. Also?S TOUGH TON'S BITTERS, ESSENCE PEPPERMINT, PHILADELPHIA rORTEH, ALE AND CHAMPAGNE CIDER, of sui*rior(iu?Mies, at NO. 114 KULTON STREET, nl3 lm*M One door fr?m Dut<h street. BOAT AND (MR BA/AAR-Ai this establishment caub found every description of Bo.?ts that the iuirt'nuiiv o( man can suggest. Look at what he has done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, vil The Swiltsure. oI Newfoundland: the siitren foot sailing Dinky Tri.ubler; the llomp of Hurlgate, and the Paul Pry. The row row busts Henry Stark. which won J9 races in 18 months; the noble Ciinbria; the O. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United Slates ship Uhio; the barge Empress for Florida: llic br.us mounted gig Neptune forTampino Bay, aud a host ol others equally great OARS, SWEEPS AND SCULLS?IM.OOO feet on hand; also 2,000 feet of Lejiard's celebrated Sculls for sale. This new branch of his business is truly worthy of atteutiou.? Look at the pricea, oulv threa and four pence a foot. All thr sculls for racing dressed by the proprietors owu hands. Those that won Um last race can now be seen at his office. Sixty Boats always on hand. Visit his Bazaars if yon desire a treat All work delivered free of charge C. L. INUERBOLL, <96,406 and 414 Water and 141 Charry streets sole proprietor or?4 3m*r DR. WISTAR'S BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, m FULTON STREET. IMPORTANT CAUTION.?The public .hould bnr in I mind that it it Dr WUtar'i Balsam of Wild ' henry that per form* thoae remarkable cure* which are publi*hed in every part of the country, and not the article* of aimilar name that are oc ca?ionally puffrd into temporary notice. Tho*e may be good, but we know nothing about them Let every Man, Woman and Child read the following, and if that does not *ati<fy all of the grftit virtue* of thi* medicine, let their, go to 126 Fultou *treet and *ee the original, with uu meiou* other leitimonial* of lik- character : Watf.rvii.i.k, (Oneida co., N. Y.) Sept 15. IBI3. Dear Sit?I owe it to the illlicted to info'm you that in January" last I wa* attacked by a verv violent cold, caused by wo'kinq in the water, which settled on my lung*. It wa* <ic compamed by a very severe piin in my bread and aide*, and *lo a distressing couth. I had in a'tendance all the best me dical aid in our village; hut aft* exhausting their akill to no avail they pronounced my disease a Confiimed Consumption and they one and all gave m* up to die After mncli persuasion. I got the consent of my nh> sician to use the Balsam of Wild Cherry, prepared by l)r WUtar. 1 purchased of the Agent in our place one bottle, before using half of wliith [ began to gain strength, and It wai very evident my cough wa* much better and my symptom" in every way i tjiroviu*. I have now used three bottles, and am restored to perfect health This lesult is alone owin? to the us'of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry; aud I take this method of giviug you the inf? rmuion, partly to pay the debt of gratitude I o*e you, and partly that other* similarly afflicted may kuow where to apply for relief. Very t'uly yonr*, JAMES SAOE. Mr. Pilmer, DnuiaMt, nuder date of W*t?rville, Sept 21, 1843 writes: .... The statement given you bv M. V-.ii* Sage is well known to be true by this whole romnuu, , Certainly was a most r. marsable cure. The sale of tbr ?ils*m is very good, aud nccess in cure* truly flattering. Yeurj^res^ectfijllVy^ Let the afflicted call and see our rertifica-ei. They prove concluiively that they can b> enred if they g^t the fight ?nede_ cine. Re nr? <* d !..i "11, Uru!ar'i Balsam of Wild Cherrv. Beware of imitations ... ... i_ Thia Balsam enrea alt affections of the lung* and liver, such aa b'eeding of thr lungs. bronchiti?, asthma of IJ or iSO year* i.amlini;, croiip, oli?tunto pain in ihe cheat, noe, fcc. Hold only by l?aac Butts, 125 Ku'ton, corner "IJ***1!*"'' Outer, Albany; Gorham, New lliven; K. W. Bull, Hartfordand by agents throughout the Northern a> d Kaatern Statea A Medical Treatise to be had gratia aa above. 11JI 1W tn IKWKT'H CONOINT1UTKD MfcOWAl rill. A ' KATIO*'H, consisting of biimulatiug Liuiinent, Lini- ] ineuti lor C.iughs, Consumption, Croup and M'linsry, ht \er*, Khcinitisms. Neivoua aud Hpinal Oissa*ej,Coi;iii>nu, Nervous and 8i? k Headache, Cholera Mori) US, ( huUra IvUutuin? Vegetable Cerate, Tet'er and Tile Salve, Diaphoretic Drops, Pectoral Drop*, Kcmale Drops, Alterative Drops, Vegetable Sytnpa, Kasenee of Life, >erv? Sanative, Toothache Drops, Cough I )ro|>a, Artlnitic rills, fcc. fcc. with dirertions accompanying nch. N. B.?The-e inedicinea arc particularly adapted to the v iri ous di??a<es for wl\;ch they* recommended, and many and various are the teat imon ials in the hands of the proprietor from various a ctiooi o' the United Hiatea, gratefully acknoer ieilg ing their efficacy wh?n all other medieiifs had failed Some oftheae testimonials are published in the ptmphle.a, which may he had gratuitously at all idacea where the medicines are lo' sale?where also may be had Jewell's family fh aician. The fact th it these inedicinea al *ays r lieve u not ra'irlj CBre. wh?n properly applied, renders iheir tenelit essential to the afflicted. Try them, and I t them stand by their own BrVor particulars see show bills *Ld pamphlets Kor sale at various drug stores >n the city, aud by Dr. J. Cfoffut, l?9 Att? rney street, New York, ageut wnete tha medicines may be had win lesale and retail. Dr. ' . will also attend those who may ie<|Uir? hia service, aud fr in long etj* rienre in the practice o. medicine, he leels couJldent ol giving good satisfaction to the afflicted,whoever may bv their malady. a* im*r W YC rORK, WEDNESDAY MO important to business mkn. "DU8INESS MEN wholn?pn<> h?uk acrouut citn have uotea X) collected thmuith the Butchrra and Drorer*' Ba. k, and romi'l returua made in bu'ehrrt and Urovera' nioiiev, by their leaving auch notes with Mr. Robert P Perrin, at tlie Bank, No. 134 Bowery cor Grand at. Mr. rerrin'a refvr^ucci are (tie Cashier and Company f the B?nk. 1116 lm#ec CHKftP SIUKE TO MY OLD CURTOMEK8 AND THK PUBLIC. DRUGS, JUYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GROCERIES, fee No. IM GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORK. JOHN C. MORRISON offers lor sale, ou the most liberal j J terms, a Terr extensive assortment or goods, tmou them (lie following, to which he would solicit the attention of APOTHECARIES. Opium. Corrosivu Sublimate, Camphor, A<|ua Ammonia, Cream Taiter, Kj'iriti [Nitre Dnlcii. Castile Soap, Super Carbonate Soila, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Cupuwa, Epsodi Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Senna, Aloes, Sulphate Quinine, Klvrs. Chamomile, Sil Peppermint, auJ all Eisaa! I Gum Arabic, tial Oils, Castor Oil, (iuin Myrfih, aaicluilvo, Cantliarides, asui'sia, Oum Tragac.niij, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Klour Suiiiiui, Coiks of all kiuils. Alcohol, Sirsaparilla, Born, refinsd and cruiL,l Sponges, coarse and lint. Calomel, Druggists'Glass Ware Red Precipilata. Vials. . k'AlNTEBS. Window glass, ol ail si**a -ud British Lustre, qualities. , Ulue, all sorts, While lead, dry and iu cil, Oold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Gold and Silver Brou^e, LithiW, Copper Bronze, Spirits Tuipcatine. Chalk, while and red, Putty, Pan* white, Whitinf, . Span ish Brown, Verdigris, dryiad ? Oil,l Venetian Bed, Chrome Green, Sand Paper, Chrome Yellow, Pumice Btoue, Yellow Ochre, Vrenah and Tar and Rosin, American, Japan, copal, coach and har* Prussian Blue, uess varnish. Vermillion, Turkey limber, Rotten Stone. Terra ae Sieuua, Ivor; Black, Red Chalk, Gum Copal, Gum Shellac, Paint Biushei, all lice*. Bright Varnish, Rose fink, Sash Tools, all sixes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Fall, Oil, Train, Winter, Lintseed, Summer strained sperin, Nentsfoot, (111., n, Siwul Unrefined, whale. Hen Elephant. Tanners', l>ard Oil, Sperm and Stearic Candles. DYK WOOD DiCALKKS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood, iirazil Wooil, Camwood, Red Sauuderx, KuiMC, llateu Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hyi>eniic Wood, lium Ar.phultum, Peach Wood. Hal Ammoniac, tbuny Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alnm, Fallen' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Fnoeh.l Copperas, Eng. and Amur. lndigoes, of Bengal, Carraca Oil Vitrei, and OuaLunala, Sugar Lead. While Tartar, Bleachinc Salts, Red Tarter, Cochineal, tilue, Aqua Korlia, Sumac, Nutgalls, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, Soda Aib, Prussiate Potaali, Poland Pearl Aslnta, <ium Senegal, Extract L<O<W0O<1, Powdered Curcuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Sinalu, Bi-chrouiate of Potaah, Querenrou Bark, Sal Soda, Spiriu Nitre Fortia, Oum Shellac, Salt Pel re, Cudbear, Bntuh Gain, Woad, Nitric Acid nod tf ram and Bar Tia, Oialic Acid. Soaps, UOOCEK8. Vomit llvsou Tea. Penwr Sauce. Hyioa ' Macabov Snutf, Imperial " Scotrli Snuff. Gunpowder " Mac*, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Flotaiit, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea " Cloves, French Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottle*. Spanish Segan. Alcohol. Pot and Pearl Ashes, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cinnamon, Liiiuorice Ball, Friction Matches, Bath Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratus, BritUh Lustre, Fig Blue, Soda for washing,| Powdered Ginger Root, Mnitard, London, AJain, Caynune Pepper, Olive oil in bottles It baaketa, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined, CONFECTIONERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, OH of Annissoed, Nutmegs, Absyuth, Mace, t'arr.iy way, Cloves, Juui|ier, Cinnamon, Rote, Orange and Peach Wa Cassia Buds, ters. Allspice Vanilla Beans, kinglasa, Touquin Beans, Ouin Tragacanth, Conander fc?eed, (lum Arabic, Turkey, Carrayway Seed, t+urn Gamboge, Anuisseed, Oil of Hoses, Jujube I'.iste, Peppermint, Pearlnsli, Wmtergreen, Saleratns, Cinnamon, Super Ctrbonate of Soda Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, Oinger, white Jamaica, Lemon. Oinger, East India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, kc. Bleechiug Powuers, Nutgalls, Powdered Blue Smalts, Blue Vitriol, Olue. Verdigris, Oil Vitriol, Copperas, Copper Calx, Sal Ammonia, Shil ac. Antimony, Alcohol. Sugar of Lend, Extract cf Logwood, Aloes, Alum Ice. patent medicine dealers. Balsam of Honey, Anderson's, Lee's k lloo;>er's Turlington's Balsam, Pills. Bateman's Drops, Opodeldoe, Harlem and British Oil. Seeis'and Liquid, Seidlitz Powders, Soda Powders. Stmghton's Bitters, Godfrey's (Cordial, Extract Sareaparilla, Ai.derson's Cough Drops, Cephalic Suun. Thompson's Eye Wat*r. Chemicals of all kinds, French, English and American. All kinds rf Paints and Colors. Everv description of Drugs and Druggists' Articles; and Pa'eut Medicines, Peil'umery. "oaps, 6tc , a general assortment. All articles warranted genuine. (C7"Tlie most prompt atteution given to orders Irom the country. nil Imdyliwyr latentelastic SHOULDER HllACE. 'tiiiv dirnui'imiiviru .1r? ?..1. r..n in *- ntilitv and usefulness, the above named article. This irticle it intruded to brace the shoulders, support the hack, and 'tnaiid the cheat, civ inK a graceful outline to the figure. and Kill be found inaisimiaable to peraont of sedentary habits. Parent* and guardians are particularly requested to examine this brace; it will be found to ixyjsem even- requisite quality for which it in recommended. Samely?to brace the shoulders of children and other* who have acquired the habit of stooping, md retain their form iu an upright position. Ttiev can be worn with perfect ease, being formed with .in elastic back, and will je found of no impediment to the free use of the arms. The subscribers also offer their celebrated Elastic Sprint. Russia or Riding Belt. The above articles are manufactured under the mmediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engaged in the business for the last siiteeu years, and may be depeuded on is superior to any article effer offered for the same pupoie. Sold wholesale ana retail at the old establishment of PARSELLS k AGATE, JS7 Broadway, corner of Park Place. K. B.?Ladies will b* supplied and fitted by Call ing at the residence of MADAME PARS ELL 8. 402 Greenwich street, fViiK^n *?hT ?t wt 9m* in GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH A DESIBKRATUM IN DKNTISTRVl nR A. C. CAHTLE. Ml BKuauWAY. corner of WHITE STRKfcT, ha* I'aste for filling decayed hallow teeth. It can be jmt into the most Under ceeth without any pain ?r inconvenience, with which it b?'VjniPi impacted into ONE hard ?olid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound ind perfect iu all the-> respective uses for lift?preventing IN <LL ('AXES, the I'cessity of extraction. Ladies the nioit listinguished in society, oiler their testimonials in the most vivid termi, as to iu efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Poit tays" ?" It ii admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervons iier?iiia. and Dr.Oaitle operate* on the teeth with great care and ibility." The New York Aurora says " It makes the teeth in all reapecu perfect for life." The Sun ?aya Dr. Castle liaa obtained much celebrity for hit excellent mode of filling the teeth." J ik inoet eminent gentlemen of the MedicalI Faculty iiavc persuimlly tried aud recommend Ur Castle's Past* for tilling the teetn. Tooth-ache pilli, one of whieh put in ;the idling tooth will effect a permanent core. f From the Jonrual of Commerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPEUATION.-Dr. A C Caatle haa replaced by a moat iugenious piece of dental inechaniam, the loat portiona of the upper and lower jaw bones, ihot away in the case of Lieut. 8??, of the U. 8. N., who .net with thia tenible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indiana in Florida. We have seen letter* from Lieut. 8. confirmatory of thia extraordinary core and its entire auccest, hat the loaa of these important organs so skilfully replaced by l)r. Cattle is now no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant Or. C. inseru artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by at.nospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Ml Btonghton, the 8|ianish Consul, Rear Admiral Walton, Lord Moriieth, lien. McCarty, hiv. Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson, President of the Medical 80 ciety, 8. N. V.: Mrs Weoeral iJaines, J. D. Beck. M. D ; Ur. I. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadte, Dr. Boyd, Dr. BuSrr, Dr. J. C. Cher*man, Dr. A. H. Stephens, Dr. J. Torry, la;'lies, Dr. W? lirmyson D Derripg, lie fcc. Office 381 Broadway. iiit-. PK1VATK TKfcA'l ISfc?This little booh itaelf is I. designed for thoae who rwiuirs a speedy <ind private cure ur certain lulectious eomplainU, and in which the best and nnst conycnient treatment in a plain aud faithful manner. The ,<rice it $1. The present advertisement, however, is to state :hat the author haa now published the most interesting chapter -that on the causes winch render trvie coinpwmts so obstinate inil lingering?in the form of a vn*lr letter, which he supplies, free of eipense, to any on* wishiug it. Hit mtoni for doing li'i arc given in the l*tter itself- and in this, alao, will be teeu vhy to many persona suffer on from month to month with a -nmplaint which is so prone to affect the mind as well as functions of the body, and which is so easily and speedily eared rheu once its nature is eiplained. Bat leat it should be supposed that the letter here referred to professes more than it really contains. the author ben to state, that beside his long esperience, he has testimonial letters on the inbject of his integrity and skill from the moat eminent physicians in Kurupe to the most emiueut ia America, as Mir \stley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. Physsek, of Philadelphia and others; and also that he is pnrraiuad to refer to almost every nhysician of emiaenca in the eity. Dr. Ralph would also further state, that ha is consulted oa iiseasts ?f this nature at his private rnuleuce, No. U Ureea* ch street, at aay hoar, and those who honor him with their confidence, even in the most complicated state of disease, will I be surprised at the eaae aad quickneaa with which, in geuvral, I hev will obtain a enre. nil lm*r_ LEECHEs! LEECHES! LEECHES! CA AAA I.AKtiK AND 1IKALTI1V Sawjish snd , OUjVJUVJ o.rm.ui Leeches, just received per baniue Sir Isaac Newton from iHambur* ^>or sale^ at^verj^low puces ?t urn, ? "?ffi'ii.'iCT.w ' >RK E iRNING, NOVEMBER 29 GENTLEMAN'S FUKN18HINU STORE, MAIDEN LANE. nVKR Com, from $8 to tI2 Sacks to 8 Krock Coats 10 to 14 Dress ditto to 14 Pant* 3 to V?u 2 to 4 All made of the best material*, and cut in tho modern style Over Coals made and trimmed Irom >t) 00 to tin Oil Pants and Vesu ditto 1 i? til 1 75 IVrsous furnishing their own materiala can depend uri.n liav? iug ihfui made in th? l>eit maimer. nhirta made up to ord^r alter the latest an J moit approved French pattern*. Uutlrr garmenu of all descriptions constantly ou hand Gloves, Hosiery, Cravau, Scaib. 8'ispeuderi the.. o2#^m*ec W. COLLINS. EOOJNOiVl Y IN GfcNTLEMbN'S DKliSa. ALL EXTREMES AHE LAD Flias bti'U truly said that |>oor goods are uot worth the n pens* of uii.kuiK, and Slop midr clothra la good cloth apoiliid. Experience inuat have taught maiiv that there are thoar who lay it ou ao thick that iinprecatious not loud, but deep, generally ai'coinpauy the first rcadtug of the hill. ImpmuM with tin ji' f?cta, the undersigned are pursuing a middle oourse, avoiding eitntagaiit protita ou the one hand, and k>e|>iiiil the vury neat aiticle* on the other, which are made up l? orut r uai'er the unpenuteuil. nce of as efficient cuttera.au das competent workmen a* r.iu Iks touud in the country. Our Stork for the winter ia now complete, consisting of Super Buck, blue, Olive, Brown, aud Green Cloths, for Dress and Frock CotU WATERPROOF DOUBLE MIl.LKD CLOTHS, BEAVERS, TWK EDS, fee KOK OVEM COATS. Cassiinerea iu all the new and various styles, for I'antalonua, Vesting* in rich Velveta, Mftiuoi, C.ichmeres, Drestiug Rones, Satins, Silks, fee. With a large assortment of Fancy I) re** Article*, including Scarl'a, Handkerchief*, Cravats, Glove*, Suaj twndcrs, fee. WILLIAM T. JENNINGH fc CO., 231 Broadway o2'J lm?ec American Hotel, opposite the Fountain ON_EXCHANGE AGAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD STAND. 'THK undersigned, after a aeven yean' eiperience of the evil L effects resulting from large stores aud larger reuts, is happy to infwrm his numerous customers aud the community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a conacieutioua landlord) a leas* of of his old aland. No. 4, (formerly 5) Wall atreet, Mortimer Buildiugs, comer of New atreet, and for many years celebrated by his well known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN FLEECE?a beacon to all who are in quest of good chcap and fashionable garments. _ 1 orach ol hi> oiu patrons who may have loit sight or hiin loriue hii wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with tne assurance of a strict adherauce to hia well established fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he soicitsa call, being prepared with an assortment of line and seasonable cloths, casuiinere, vesting*, 6cc. Sic., which he will oe happy to make uj) in the moit fmiliful manner, and on reasouable ClUJiet, for Cash Only. The tame care and atteutiou hestowed ou making and trin.utinx, a> when the cloth is purcnas edofkim. C. JD. Babcock continues in the cutting deiart merit CHARLES COX, n2U Imr Sign of the OoldenFle-ce, No. 4 Wall it. THE SUBSCRIBER has removed frum the store No 657 Br .ai)w<f, to 171 ('anal, for the purpose nf cam in** on the CASH TAILOKINO BLSI.Nh.9S in all it* bmichei, and in antyle of elegAlice which cannot l>e surpassed by aily other house. It is the iuteutiou of 'lie undersigned to ask such prices for his gondi as cannot fail to meet the approbation of the public, a id an eicelleul assortment will be kept oil hand to iu t the taste of all Oa.meuucan also be altered and repaired at this establiihment at reduced prices. A call is respectfully solicited by your obedient servant, M. RICE. N B. Oentlemen furnishing their own cloth can have them made up ou the most leatouable terms, and good fits wa-rinied. n22 lm*r MACKINTOSH COATS?Day, 25 Maiden Lane has now "A on hand and is making to measure, the latest style Mack intosh Coats, of the peculiar preparation of Rubber as practised by Mackintosh in Knglanil. Ueutlemeu nuv rely upou having a good article if they obtain any of those made at onr factory. HORACE H. DAY, Successor to the Roxhnry I. R. Co., nt Imr 2A Maiden Lane SHIRTS' SHIRTS!?The subscriber has en hand a cm plete assortment of Shirts, trade in the best mauuer and cf Ine emu-mis, of clie following kinds, vil Kilie Muslin Shirts, with linen bosoms and wristbands Do do do do aiid collars Kaucv Coloml Shir's, of various kinds. Also, Silk and Satin Scarf*, plain and figured; English, French and Itiliau Si>U aod Satin Cravats, black and colored; Uuder Shim and D.awers, of .nerino silk and cotton; Shaker flannel and Shaker Unit; mer.no, lainbswool, cotton, silk, country k .itand shaker knit Half Hose; 1 ?love*. Sun?nder*, Grant Stilfeuers, Collars, Bosoms Silk Pu:ses, Sic. tic.?allot" which will be sold at reasonable term* at CHAKFIN'8 Furnishing Store, d7 Im'm 119 Broadway To tailok^ OTINEVlETS'S new and complete system of cutting gormeuts of every description, is with the utmost confidence offered to the trade, as Iraiui the most Practical and useful work of the kind ever bef >re published. The book, which is 12 by 16 inches, contains 1' elegant diagrams of the various kinds of garments, with plain and ample instructions for cutting the same, ana in a style which cannot be surpassed It has already gained the approb ition of the most talented of the profession, andc an not fail giving entire satisfaction to all who use it. The work can be forwarded to any part of the United State* by addressing the author, No. 93 Ceuai street. New York. o31 lm?m Tlie, FALL. \ND WIN flilt KASHIUiN3, AT TIIK MAOAZIN UK MODKS, No. fiO Canal Struct. ACAJID?TO THE LADIES OF FASHION.?MADAME {iEHltMAN begs most lespectfullv to inform her friends and customers that she has received, by th" I aat arrivals from Paris, her fall and winter fashions, and s ie Matters herself that the same will stand unrivalled intheciiy The I'ishions consist of the following full and entire new styles cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin mode and quilted hats, ol an eutire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sires. Also, a complete assortment ol caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial tlowers, feather*, and hair ornaments of tne best artists iu T tri". Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor hex with au early call and examine for themselves. Magarin de Mode* S3 Canal street n7 lm"tie u. LISTON'S CELEBRATED IMPERIAL MARINE PILLS, an infallible cure for *11 Venereal Disease*, the re cipt for which the 'ate Emperor of France gave lo 00'> Louis D'Ors aft?r it had been successfully tried in his various hospitals in Paris. Ur Luton having ob erved.with pain, the misfor tune that befalls the alllicted when comi>eiied to go to sea w uh a certain complaint lurkiug in their system, partcularly the sea faring P"t of th^ community, without having th* protection of a safe and certain cure for alt such cases th <t may luve Iwen imbibed by a residence ou shore, h?s determined on offering for the u e of that deserving class a never failing remedy in order that all may be provided against that scourge ol in iiikiud, Often times lies the Doctor, in his. voyages to distvit parts of the ootid. observed the languishing eye, the pallid cheek, and the disordered frame of the hitherto robust seaman, which too vividly besooke the sympathetic pan(< of the dread monster within, and a as! no remedy at hand, and ere he arrived at his destined port, the disease had made such havoc on his const nation, that fate doomed him to the hospiral, there confined for months am. ng strangers, and not unfrequent.y, afie leaving that abode of disease, remain a valetudinarian for life. S amen al1. whether well or sick, do not go io sea unprovided with a box of Dr. ListOtt's Imperial Marine Pills, so that you may lie ab'eto lesistt he inroad* of a complaint (immedDtely ou its app-aroiee) without regard to diet. Seamen, one and all. be earel'ul of your health?you oftent'mes unconsciously receive diseise is an unguarded moment, which d. es ot often fake its appearance until vou are far, far at ?ea. O e bo* generally suffice* for a cure To be had only at the Gieat Marine Dispensary, 3.T> Water street, Nexy Vork Remember the No 336.? Captains of vessel who wish to seen r? t'le heath of their erew. by taking several bosej.cau have them at a red iced price. nW l(*r Jh/df DHNLA1' St CAKMAN, <134 llroodwav, cor. Bleeck ??? er siren, oner lor ?iue, nu reasonanir lermi* n laiK^ ci?'" lection of Plants lor parlor or conservatory. consittiuf of Came'taa ill every varietv, ChryantlieT'arus, Chinese Az ilias, Orange and Lemon I reea, Rhododendrons, monthly and other Hoses. Cxctui, Pittaosporumv Capo Jetsinines. Salvias, Stcvias, Oeraninms, Sic tic., together witn a choice assort men' of Hyacinth anil other bnlba. Ru'b (limn, Flower Hands, Gold Kish a-d Ulohea, B rd< and '??-?. H resli in? ned vegetable and flower see ofeverv deacription. Bouquet* comi>oa?d of (anvlia* and other choice flowers for oridal and other parlies tastvfullv arranged All ordera prompt lyeiecuted nil IWr rm MKW STVLI- OK CHILU1U N'S VK.I.VKT CAPS The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment of ( entlemeo's and Boyt Caps, of the la'e t'ashioii, which he will ?e|l aa cheap a* any other rstabli hraeat in this Cit) ? imong which may be foond gentlemen's cbith, velv?t, a new ttyle of (lazed, ?nd fine otte caps. A'so on hand a large snppt) of mole skin, silk and fur hat., of a beautiful finish, for sale low Kanrv Fun?AUn. constantly on hand, a larce ansortment of Units ami Ear Trimming* for *alr at very lo * pritii. I N.B.?'Tl?e Cap* of (he *ub*cril>er took the pri-iniuui (it the a'.e rsir of the American Initltute. , , . , WM BROWN, n3 Im'rc IM Chatham it. oppo-i'e Hno*erelt. Ptt KMilJM HA l'S-A.VU C^l'8 fli SUPERIOR Moleikin, Nutria and 8ilk Hata, ("loth JM^aiid Velvet Cap* of the aiibacriher'* manufacture A ili ploim wai awarded by the American ln?mu'e, lit the late Fair hi thia city for beautiful >pecim~ua of Moleskin Hat*; and a iiDlotM WM nl*o awarded for mperior ?|>ecimeii* of cloth and velvet caps. On hind a large a>?orttnnit of ha'a wi t cai?. Peraona in want of article* iu In* line, are re*pectfully s'licited 'n favor him with a call. WILLIAM BANT A, No. #? *-anal at, co'uer of *Voi>ater *treet, o3l lm"m and Nn. 130 Chatham street ^3 ANTI-HUMBUG STORE!?LI VEANii LET LI V>.! - A * the old etc mire B o< Store, No. 144 Cha'ham itreet (w'-ere theodiout practice of ealiug nnon . cr?on* reusing the ?tore is not tnler.ted) c?n he obt lined W^ter froof Boot* manufactured in thin c U of til' lieit m-te ial, ??d warrant d at rriiei nur t: from three to fi/e d liar*, being t me two dollar* 1-wer in price thin u generally nht ured (quality con* deied) in ttiia city. n?B '>w*r BOOTS AND SHOKS -WILSON Ik JOHN ?*0W^fSON, Snccenort to John Hutching*. deceased, lave on baud and for ule, from the boat manufacUirie* id t) e sonntry? 100 Cnnea Coar<? Sewed and Tetjied Bi.ou, men and bora. 100 " Kine " " " 1000 I'air Morocco Baakim. 1000 " Ladie*' Kine Clipper*. 10(10 " Children'* Shoes, varion* colon <00 " Women* and ininoe* Gaiter* 1000 " India Rubber*, trimmed and plain Eor aale in lot* to an it pnrehaaers. at their atonv 130 CHATHAM STREET, oppoaite Roarvelt. N B ?The More being o|ien until I# o'clock in the evening, /ire* country merchant* an opportunity to erainine good* a> llwir lei*nre, nil lm?r "Tari*booi s anj lasts madk to order, Br E 8U8ER, P5 ll?n?tmn. ( Hiumcit.) One door I'rjm < ourtlandt *tre t E. 81'SKR. Bootmaker and Makerof l.aata, an ^0BHv''Elre" of ( lem of Pari*. Iiegt leare to inform I i* menua and all the amat'iir* of a gentlemanly "chau?*nre " (lint he can now make. in New York. with the b?-?t Krench niv jerialt, *11 lh*t in in |?r >ei|y m?d?- in I'nris by hit nu<tfr, the i-elebnted Rootm?keH'leree. whnif numerout eu*totn?ri on this aide of the Atlantic. are re*|iecffiillv invito* ta irv Siner'? limit* mid Laats. kfi... they dn|>air of being "chauaaea" in New Vo'k, after tlw* niCPU latest Pari* laihton. AI?o the (fnoine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. nil lm?m BOOTH ?Wat ex proof, doable ami cork mlm. Krench and native calf and patent screw upa; warMiitf.l good fill# calf hoots fir mrn, l>nys, and children do, eoar?e water boo's, and shoea o'?ll aorta and aicea. N U ? Ladies. misses ?ud children'! gaiter boots, shoes and luskins, di.uble and single soles. at id of every color and ?had? Ladies. Oentt, > iarea, a d t 'lnld en's water it -of ludu Hu tHtf over shoea, of the. lateat style, all of which will be s..ld -Iif<p?r than at any otlu r ?tnrr in urn city. J. * WALKtlJl, 4l<t Broadway, n14 1m*m forwr of Canal ?t. BOOT AND HHOK MOKE. iOHN KKADY mpvcdiilly infomia liii frifada ud tlnMiuoiic, that h? ha* cvranmivil bnaiiiMa in the abn?f I,lie, at No. 99 Naanau twt. wtwi* ha will thanklully r??rirf tud faithful I j ineate, all onirrt hi*.may be ftvortd with oe tha oat rtwoBtbU una* for eaah IT* IE R A , 1843. IMPORTANT T<? INVALID* AM) VISITERS TO THK ISLANu OV U?A I I' K 0 G K i: Srt II C> T E L, IN THK VILLA* >K OK CKHHO, thrri1 ntite:i tr^in Hin' I * na ?This raubliahturiit i> adv.intax-N.mK situated pr |>-rly ftt>-d ii |> J ml al>?ml< il, xttorilu.t; the hum lit of a o uutiy life, I w lthou( eicl'dinit U>e nomforto <.>d I leaiiues of the run al. or | preventing a tun ly attendance to business Kvu V *M?t>ti?n '? promised by the owners to illicit the satisfaction al' their miter?. (Ill A HOES Boarding lor a mngle |w? im m on* room, *:! imi a day " lor two or three 1*1*0111 iu one room, $1 .'id a day each iot*"!!. With families a particular agreement may be enter>d nil". N. B.?Omnibuaow are muiiiiig from morning till night be. twem the < erro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. u27 lui*r HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. THE nmlrraiciii'iJ tnk"* occasion to luforui Ins fri>-udi ami the public, that the M;ui*ion House >> now located iu Inqimidor ?treet, No. 67. iu the Viciaiti ftf Ik* lUfubotl I uidint <uiU vegetable market, haviuu commodious i<iuuly apartments aw tn^ed iu the uc.ixnt order. A lieriou is employed to procure permits to land prukoiiffivi. biiKKat;". be. who will board vessel* immiHli&uJy alter the visit of the revenue officer*. N. B.?Vinton to thia Island should procure a passport Iron, the Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, u> obv late difficulties aud inconvenience _|3I timec WILLI AM KULTON tvi A DA iVi t. MJTTON , P K O V K 8 8 O R OK H1NHINO, 5S Varick ttieet, St. Johns' I'ark. il.'i In * t musTT! TOSKPH KAMMKRKK. Profesior of Mtuic. respectfully *? announce* to hi* Patron* and the Public ill general, that he haa removed from 59 Croiby to i J* Laurens street, wher# all order* for hi* Cotillion Band. to wait on Parti**, Sic., in or out of town, will be received and promptly attended to. Order* for J. K. will al*o be received at Mr. W. Duboi*' Malic Store, 285 Broadway n* lin*rrc ITALIAN MUSIC.?MR. MANNINO~ (Twenty year* r si 1 den I iu Nitplea,) pupil of Pacini tuid Crescentiui, niv?? iu tructiou* on terui* to auit the time*, in Italian French, an English lincint, and in the mo*t fashionable atyle of pian< 1 farte playing. Mr. M. haa iwrtnissioii to refer to the following sentlemeu:- ( J. M. Wuiuwright, D. I).; Meaan. Howlaud tk. Aspinwall; J V. Schroder I). !).; Mr. J. T. Brigham; F. L. llawke., D. D. Mr. 8 Ward. Mr. M. reside* at 230Si Hud*on street, uear Spring it. nil lin^r MUSIC FuR PAKTITES ~~ MESSRS. <}. WEIS* Jk KR. ORAMBSS, Profe*.or* of i Miuic, respectfully announce to their patron* the ladie* and gentlemen of New York audit* vicinity, thattheir Cotillion ( Band i* prepared to play the moat admired and fiahionahle Mu**c for Private Parties. Soiree*, Ste. Order* thankfully received a d punctually attended to at f# I Delanrev it, also >K Mr.Millot's Vlii?ic Saloon. 32") Brovlwiy, , orat Mr. Jollif's Music Store, 3*5 Hroadway ti4 liu'r MUSIC. MESSRS. SCHNKIDKH St KF.UUUN, Prof ssors ol Music, lute of Saratoga Spring!, rr speit I fully announce that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private parties soiieej, serenades, Sc., during the 'iisitiin season, per forming thr most n odero nmi popular music. All o<ders for 'heir ?tteodnic- will l>e received and answered at their present residence, 5*1 Crosby street. n2l Itn* r DiaBttOW'a ?ID NU CtiouL, UW Bo WE Y. T?OH LADIES from ? A. M, to 3 f M daily. " Kor Gentlemen " 3 to land 7 to 9>i P. M daily. Lkcturf. Lesions. I k.itBcui Rioinh. t Evening (Halt ) 12 Lessons to 00 I 20 Rid?? $10 Ofl Sinple do I 00 | "ingle do 75 Til' Dressing anil Drawicg Root** are we'l warianl. and eveiy ttention devoted to the -otiifort of those who may honor us with their natronnge. <_Viithmeo keeping their horses on livery sif this establi* ment will have the privilege of ridiug tliem in tlr- School, ni.'i 3m?r fulleit's T;Y\INASIUM] No. ? ANN STREET NEAR NASSAU. W Kl.'LLER respec tfully informs his friends and pup Is, tha' the 'Jymna.ium is now open daily, and will he Iigh'e1 up every evening iluting the winter. vV F would particularly rail the attention of CJentleinen residing in Brooklyn, and those em.'aged in business do * n town, to the favorable location of his establishment lor <he purpose of exercising U"der proper instruction, a ?hort time daly is only iieve<<ar> f.r developing the frame, and uivig irating the couititution Fencing tnd Spairieg taught upon thw principles of the London School, as adopted by its most emiuent protestors Terms moderate n22 il?* r FKNl ;T N (J AC A UK MY. ]\yf ES8KS. ROSAT Si ECKKRT have the lie nor to iu lortn the Citizens OI .-New l one, mat tney inyt openeu an Academy of Arm* at 333 Broadway, corner of Anthony street where th-y iuteud teaching Small sword. Broadsword, ('an* *c. as well ?* Spurring. Having had long e?|ierienee in teaching the above br niches, tli-y lio|>e to secur" llie patronage of those who wish lo become firit rate i wordstneu Theae graceful and useful eierciaei rxiiand the chest and correct natural defec s of lorm ilion They render the body nvoe vigorous, supnle and active, and live that e.wy carriag. that is always obseived in well educated men. \. K. IIOS \T, n9 lra*r t:HAHLKH VCKEHT _ M' S PUKDY'S PKIVATK DAY-SCHOOL FOR i OUNO LADIES, NO. 98 Hmnersley street ?-\l rs I'urdy and her two daughters having recently arrived from England, where ihey were engaged in giving instruction In the various branches of English Education, Music, Drawing ?nd fc'reneh, are prepared to receive a limited number ol young ladies Her term* are 'egnUted by the general reduction,in every department, for which, and other particulars,she bevs t? refer to her card, which w ill be furnisned on Application at hw rwiiaenee. rl im*r PHILADELPHIA DAO1 r F. R K EOT Y P K EST A BLI8HM E NT, EXCHAOE BU1LDINU, ROOMS 26 AND 2"-. 'I'HF, Subscriber has received a larje supply of Voigtlander*' celebrated Daguerreotype Apnartns, large and small siTea with achromatic leusas mace according to Professor Petzral'i calculation Altoautw supplr of b-?t plates and chemical*, which he warrr.nts good and sells at reduced price* The following gentlemen have agreed to act a* agent*, *iz? E White, K*<] . 17S Broadway New York P. Han, t so Washington, D. C. Dr. A. Caauari, hichmond. V*. S Broadbent, Esj, (or the Southern State*. Wm. We*t, Esq I 'iricinn.il . Ohio. All communication* (pott paid) and order*, acer.mpani'd with r. irittinces, will he promptly attended to, and should be directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHFIM. ol7 im'r Kzchanire Buildniirs, I'hiladelplua PJJJMBK l>A<iUKttRKAN (MLLRRIKS OK I'A' TKNT ''OLOKK.D PHOTOOrtAPHB261 B-oadway, Nev York 1(6 l'h"stnn? street, Philadelphia 75 Court ?tr?et, Boumi Cottier of No-th ami Baltimot* rtreets, Baltimore A ml Buildings, AI linn y ?constituting the oldest aud must eitemire establishment of the kind iu tin* world and oulainit.K upwardi of a thousand picture. Admittance free. Tlnse Portraits hiring been awnrded the First Premium and highest honor by the Atro-riran and Kranklin Jntritutes, res peotiirly, at their I*.t exhibitions. are thus ofllciilly sustained in th? position of superiority l'e"tofore umreisallf aanignm them by the puolic, as the m<<?t beautiful Daguerreotypes rvei prod ii red. Lineneisr* tak?n every diy, W'thont regard to weather PI u nine's ** rent in in 11'pnrattiiand Pntrnt Rights, Plates,!'a-es W Str wholes*!** and retail m7 tin'rn U~ MTKl/slAI KS L> A (i U KM HI AN HALL* RV ~ "rondway. upsfi t? ' HITK would res|>e tfullvea'l the attention <.f citi 'mi and at aug-rs risi'iim 'he eitv to his splendid collection f D.iguerreotyrePnrtraits single or in groups from t?o to fourteen |a* sons ou the sai/,e pi re. whi.l, for he?uty snd aecurscy of dele ea'ion cannot I* surp-ssed Por trai t taken in all kinds of weather, either with or without cdo-a. Th? Am?ricsn fn?titnt* at i's late e?hihi ion awarded Mr w h te ihx first premium for the best Daguerreotype l-k?ness f?r group ni|and general elf-rt, which la but mother proof of the super antjr of Hs poitraita Mr White is so e agent in Ne? Y"tk for the very inpeii?r import"d -erman Csmaru and at no other erablnhment in ,hs eity or State an th'y be obtain d N. B ?I ported *?iman Camar? ; also. French and Atueri ran lustrume ta f the t ry hss?t qm'ity, with Plate l.'.s a. ('hrini a Pn'i lung Matenala. Ike . kc , sl"?ir i on h?i d for al- "f he very lowest prices. ?7 I'm Nil i"F r."-N KW VIIIIK B \ TklN iT"! "iM"A ST? The subscriber having he*n arpoirted RerrjT^r of the ?roperiy, clums fnnds and efl-c's of th* New Vo*k Uvkinr Com pa II v in associ. tirn form'd n*'e? arid i? pn ?"3i renf an - I ?~?l .1.. K ,1 ?r M r V .it b M.intl.,1 a Mo a"th r ae tne bu'itv-t of hniU nK," paned April llth 1*38, :01 pcrs..na indfbted to th? a?H Aa?ociaMii a?e rxj'ti'rd to r-ndrr au account ot all de ta >nl tunt of i.orev owin* Hy ii>ui respectively to ire,and to piy tb? ? .roe bv 'ho fitrcn'h day of laeu.<r>' t;?tt or my ofli e in ihe Mr ch??.ta' t ! hi the city of N^w Vork. A'l perawa la?in? in thrir poaacs ?? ??? 'ii" prTrrty or rlt'Ci or f? ?a d Aasor ration *re r*pi* e<I rod-li?er /he i?w to mebv tl>a' d i". 'II the Credit >r< o' he * t*oct.-ri n nrcre juir? ' to d*li??r h#i're pcett*e arco"ufa <ud drn ?nn? m me by Out ! < ; and all (,#rao a I10M1. c int Oi en or aubtiitinK contract -f 'b- liiH \aa CMtion uri* r*t|njr ed to prca< nt tbe a *nie in ri'inr, ?ud in detail, to in?, on or before that day at ny aaid n^rr Dattd New York, 2<tb November. 'IU1. CHAulAS 3A<1<<I<Y. Beeiver. ti?6 3 r 31 M-r banta' > v-barge I. SM H.vllDT. ftOHNF.H of B~o*dway and rhambera afreet, he/a le?y? to rrcommrnd hia Wi e Depot, I'll Na?i<n ?trei, where ?'e icllt the following WjnH| i? caaka eve' ar>d bottla, ?i?:?* ed and While U rde.iua and ' ette VVinea, Khen'ah Wmea, Madeira, Sherry, I'ort, Btmniidy Muicat and ''hampaitiie Alao?Knm, Gin. Whiakey, Krau-'v. Kit'act d'Abaynthe lie M >?? ? UaOUH LAMPH," tillK1 N \ r<.ll > I. \ MI'- 'art "HORN'S GLASS VO''NTAIN LAMPS" A lintr iud complete aaaortaicnto' tlie *b"?? I. wnpa ia kept c?nat?iitlv m hand and firaale at low and reduced prica by theatiba'iiVr Petaona wiahniK La'np* or to rcinnmiae in livht, are invited to r ill and mainin* t)erore i<nrcha?in|r. I hemiol (III <nd Hnmi"* | Moid of tli* bnt quality k<*|>t cooatAiitly Ioi a*lr ami JhIit^mI in nnv put of thj ritv r nOflfEn. flf* 'U Rr??ad-?av TO THK. rtTBLir. |>1 Afl TO tSIWO ? Vr F'nuieia H Cramp. Wateh MaM#r p 1W 2?# Grand atrwt h?ir? ti< inform his frirndu a(]H thr mblie iliat in<l?p*nd*nt oftli* Witrh biiaiii<>a? h? i> pr?|iai*.l ro mak? adraucmi in ruli on fold and ?ilv?r ?r*rrltva di.tmoiiila ?i|?rr trx arta ponm <ork* and dMrripfion of (old 0' 1 til v*T in any ahup* intm''?d for iwmmliarr a?l? ''njli to anv i unpnnt paid for old gold and tilvnr Wiithn of ?v?rv 'li? | icrip'ion rpp?ir?l and warranted ??* Ownd ?tn*? ?n?w*f 1 WATCHK8.? I'hplarirxtaid moat iplaodsd aaaortmmt of Watcli** in th* cityx ii to fx- found at th* anharribei'a ? I 1? h* ia rortirantlv r?r?iT!n? all d-ampriona of Gold and *il- | tpt Wntch*a, of th? grant itvln, diirct from th? m.umftc;nrT?, in K.ngl.ini), Franco, and Rwitr*rl.indl h.* i? pnablfj to ?ff?r i Wrircr anaortinrat, and at marh l?a pricrt, at rMail, ?San any oth*r bona.* in the oty. tJold wafchca ai low n* tM to aeh Watehca and jewellery trhanted or hrm-rht. All ? > k.>?n f.i.1,1 iim# or the mnnev rnlnrnpil I \V*teh<*?, clock* *ud j?-wi>ll?iy r?imirr?l in th* *"?t mat 3?t, Lo I (limntM lo???r il>*n nt any otliff plic* in thr cltv i. C. ALLKN. importer ol wftfli*! unit .ifwellrrj U7 Isnr \Vhol??.\lr unj r?uil. 30 Wall ttrect, aj> i! iir? T;IF, St'BWHIBKHS now pn-pnrxl to iirll Wm?hf? ?rwl J?w?-liy ? low, if not l??w^r. th*u >ny otli- I' [ti? city. To ?it: ' 'uM W*'rti?? froTi 113 to ! *> M'"ti 4ilvrrao. Ifoin SS to $M each. All w?ltlw< w irrautMl t'> Ij'l1 I (ihmI tim* or tlx- nvm?v r?ta nrd w uteti**, Cloek* *nd M? licul Bo?w repaired. *ud w*rr*nt?4, lo^rnhtu ?nv othi"r h u?-* hi tlw city hfcond html w?tclw- *:nl old_U9l'LW!r#?iiV?T 'Kk?a -n Mchmrr. o- bo?nht for ?-?h. THOMP.HON * , KlnllKR. imporwriof W.uche* ?nd J*wrlry *ml , rrt?l. No. Ml Briiidw\ y, Nrw York K |1(jMrSoN , nilm*m HH IIAKU FISHftR ^ LD. Price Two On ta. ' l'y liilrlllytnto Police ?Nor. 38. (luii.t Bmlku.-Col. Horace H. Hudson, looking glass dealer, of 119 Fulton street, offered him . If us boil for Joseph Oulick. militia lino collector, who wiu arrested for several assaults aud batteries, in the sum of "(.IKXI, and Justice Merrill accepted th.. security, without compelling hiin to justify. Uulick was therefore discharged. but not before the assemblum hul n. pressed thi'ir indignation in three groans. A t;reat \ariety of j>?*tit larceny rase* wore entettained during the day, but none of thum wen? of any intnrwt Hoard of Supervisors. Nov. yd. Adjoi aNEii Mkktinu. Present?Hi* Honor the Mayor in the chair, and a quorum of members. The minute* of the la>t meeting were read and approved. Coroner', ,'lrcounti.?Tin' account* of Coroner Archer, which wore referred to the < ommittee on County Officer*, having been lavorably reported on by Kanl committee, were adopted nnd upproved. The amount In $I,U74 43. Constables' liilt*.?'1 lie Aldeimen <rt the ITtli and 4th ward*, reported in favor of allowing the hill* of the <^>n table* ol the said ward*. Bill* audited and approved. .iltjtmJt r Th? Sheriff' presented a bill for expense* attending thodetention of the great Alexander McLeod, ol t aiuuuaii notoriety, while in tliiscity. Ueferred to Committee on t ounty Officer*. ].at< Slirrijf ,1' kir. - The bills ol the late Sheritf Arlter were referred to the mime committee, now inveitigating the accounts of the present Slierin llait, to report thereon Hills <J the Hoard of Education -A bill ol $64 JH, in curn^d by the liourd ol Education with Mnhlon Day aCo. for printing, was, alter some discussion, audited and al lowed. Hill of tht First Afamhiil.?The Committee on County I lllii'i ru ri.,Mipfi?<l i> lnv.,r r>f mil nil/ Mllimnn I I.irk th? sum of 54.iO, as ;,alury due htm an Kirat Marshal ot the Mayor, from November 7th, IB-fcl, t? May 'J, IH43, at $W00 per annum. ThU report called up a long debate on the power of the Mayor to appoint such an officer. The motion to pay was paused by a strict party vote. Tho Uoiird then adjourned to Tuesday night next, at H D'clock. U. 8 Circuit Court. Judge Betts presiding' Nov. '2b.? William / J. Mill-tt and Iht United Statu tut IVitiain IV. Snowdrn.?lircach of th* Copyright Law.?The Court wai occupied the entile day in trying a caie of lomo importance to publishers. 'J he plaintilt it a cele11 rated music publisher in Broadway, and among the longs copyrighted by him, waa one known a?the tavorite ballad,' " 1 he Col beneath the llill," the sale of which h h udilenly stopped by the appearance ol the ballad in the June number of" 1 he Cndies' .Magazine,"edited and published by the defendant. Tho plaintiff instantly took the steps directed by Act of Congiessof February, 1m31, for putting a stop to an} lurthei issue ot that number, and bringing the intrlngcrto trial, in a i/tu tat 10. '1 he circulation ol the maga/.iue wns set down at 10,000, and thu pe nalty imposed by tho Act of Congress is one dollar tor every sheet, and as the music covered two sheets, the pe nalty claimed would amount to $'20,000. '1 he plaintiff proved the copyright, and the original issue ol the song, and then went on to show the extent ol the circulation, but was only ublo to show between six ami seven bundled. The defence set up ignorance of copy right on hii part, and that there was a (inference in the publication, ol two grace notes an J h certain musical sign; denying, however, that Hitch changc w as made lor the evading of the statute. 1 be Court in charging observed, that the validity ol the title of the plaintitt was not invalidated by thedelence ; and am the law recognised copyrighted works in the same light an real or personal property, any iuiriiigement of the rights of the plaint ill' ni u^t be subjected to the penalty imposed by tin; statutes, unless reasonable grounds be shown by the defence. The first question is, whether the music published by the detence is the same us that copv righted by the plaintiff T On this point there seems to be no sound and material distinction shown to exist. 1 lie nextques tion w as, as to what the consequence of such infringement were? The defence set up ol ignorance of copyright, is not sustainable, as Congress ha.i passed a law guaianteeing certain lights to the patents, which, il infringed, no mutter where or how, within the limits of the action of the law, Congress has declared that the penalty shall be a line ot one dollar per sheet forcvery sheet published and sold, or ottered lor sale, aud the power on the part of the patentee to seize the copies so ottered and to convert them to his own use. The jurj ure not to determine the amount of injury sustained by the plaintitt'?that the statute has fixed. Then comes the last point to determine, andtbut. is the number of sheets sold or ottered for sale. It is not for the jury to say how much has been published; they must be guided by the evidence given as being sold or of iered for sale. The defence was not liable for tne uumber of copies struck off, as they might remain forever on the shelves in the warehouse without being sold or uttered lor sabv Th?'question was, how much had been sold up to the 15th June f As the evidence on this point wa.i not >.p?v rUc, tin'jury were to tak''the evidence ami determine the number. and thnt must guide them in their verdict. The jury, after a short abaence, returned a verdict for the plaintiff for $626 damages. For plaintiff, A. Wight j for defendant, Edward II. Hudson, Ksq. Common Plena. Before Judge Ingrnham. Tl'einir, Xov?.mbkr "J.stIt -Jarohy, r?. Mr Unitrd Stairw Firt Insurance Com/iany.?The Plaintiff vu a dry pood * merchant, at Rahway, N. J., and had insured his stock in the ottice of the defendants. Some time in September the store ol'the pluintiil was bunted down, as it is allowed, by an incendiary. The defence denies the rlnirn. The cam will probably occupy a day or two more before a verdict cun bo rendered. Culmdar for W'rdn*mluy.? Nos. 3.r>, IH, 20,38,30, *10, 41, I J, 41, 14. Loss of riiK Bum Booot.s.?The Iocs of the Bogota, <\ipt. I,. N. Fuller, of this port, on the count of Africa, in April last, has already been briefly mention ed. < aptain K. arrived here on the 23d ln?L, from Zanzibar, anil has furnished us with the following parti culars of th<- voyage, comprising a series of misfortunes and hardships seldom paralleb'd in a single vojage. The U sailed from this port on the 7th of June, 1842, on a whaling voyage, to the Atlantic and Indian Ocenns, manned b) ' twenty-one |KTfons, inclu ling officers and crew. On her passage out, touched at the Vt'i'stern Islands in September. when the first mate, F. S. Humi?ond, w>is left on account of ill health. In November, touched at St. Catherines. where the second mate was left also in consequence of ill health; the vacancies thus caused being ?i>ppli?*?I by promotions among the crew, and enlisted additional seamen. Subsequently ut the same place the crew of the B mutinied and were put on shore. and after shipping another crew the brig proceeded to th>- Indian Ocean, arriving at Johanna Island in April, ISU, recruited, anil sailed again on the tith, in pursuit of whale*. On the 13th, in lat. II 2 8., Ion. 12 20, at sun rise, with light winds from S F. , shortened sail to single reef topsail, foresail and spanker, until 4 A. M., when the brig struck on a coral reef In a depth of nine feet of water which had receded to 3 feet at 6 A M , and the foristop mast was then cut away to prevent hep from bilging. At 7 .A. M , the crew look to the boats, and after an hour and a half sail, landed on Torn! Island. They return ed to the brig at high tide, and at I P. M. succeeds in get ting her afloat with two feet of water in the hold, and stood in a H. K. course until :> o'clock A. M. of the following dav, when they changed their course and stood in lorCoraf Island. Two boats' crews, consisting of 12 men under command of the 1st and 2d othcers were sent ashore to ob tain certain articles of clothing, lee., w hlch had been con veyed there from the brig upon their previous visit to the island Before the boats had reached the island,however.the weather became squally, and rapt, fuller made signal for them to return to the brig ; which order was disobeyed. The weather continued bad, anil the brig being in a leaky condition, Capt Miller cruised off the island during 24 hours, and not perceiving any thirg of the boat*, he proceeded towar.ls Zanzibar, where they arrived on the 1st of May. On the 4th, the two boats also arrived at Zanzibar with eight seaman, four of their number havinjr died upon Corel Island, of the African fever. The survivor* were Avi.n>]v inilUrwitii'il UL'irh the mmt> nnd file of them soon alier died the remaining three nrvrmd. Three of these who remained on board the brig also died at Zanibar of the *ime fatal malady; thus leaving only right survivor* out of 51 persons, comprising the omc* rs and crew. Of those who died, there were Americans, vi 7 : Francis \V. Allen, of Kairhaven, Ma^s \ Lory N War w ell, North River ; John P Newell, S'anturVet Ther<maining ten were Fort .iguese In July the Bogota was condemned and old at /.miliar, together with her outfits The oil on hoard, l.'O bbls , was "hipped on hoard the Holla, and ha* arrived a* Salem The continued anxiety and suffering experienced hy Cap? Fuller under this com plication of disasters of tlio mo?t painful and harra?sinx nature, may he better imagined than described.?AVic B-dford \fi rruty. l'FEADFT r, Shipwreck.?A flip from the office of the H mgnr lni7? tte, dated Saturday evening, gives the following:?We learn by the driver of the Klliworth stage, that a large K.nglish ship went ashore at < Jouldstiorough, in the blow on Tuesday night There were t] persons on hoard. is of whom were lost. The lour who were saved, report that the captain, officers and crew, at the time ((f the disaster, were all drunki and that they saved themselves bv going into the topmast tigging. and swinging themselves ashore as tha vessel was rolled by the surf When discovered, one of them ivas found wedded in between txvo rocks, and it required the strength of several men to extricate him. The ship iv a* in ballast, and was bound to St. John, N II. Wymav Convicted ?We lenrn from Lowell that 'he piry in the of Wvmttt, the President ofth<> I'hwni.x Bank, charged with embe;7lement. on Friday "vening returned a verdict of guilty The counsel for he defence then filed h hill of exceptions to variaus rulings of the t ourt during .he trial, and after examination Judge \llen signed and allowed them Wvmm's bond* ivere then raised to for his appearance to abide lie judgment of the Supreme Court upon the exceptions aken. In the course or Judge Allan's charge h? was reminded hv Mr Webster that he was mistaken in some point* thi' evidence, whereupon the Judi(e replii-d, "The < ourt cannot he interrupts. ?ir. "Am) I will not he misrepresented, may it please your honor." wu responded. "Sit down. ?ir," anjfnly commanded the Court ?hotton Pott, .Voi'. 3??. i'osiaoks in tiie hritish provimcks.? From th'jih JKnimry next t!?r? following rates of po<rn^i* ihnll I*- exacted on Iwtcn conveyed hy pout, in Briti?h S.iitli Minn ie* or \\ est In.lie*: lor lo'mile*. Mt under 00 mile*, 6d; under J00 mile*, ?d; .in.I for every 100 mile* nore, Id The rate* tin* to he charged hv flie fialf-ounce, natead of hv this enclosure ?* heretofore' On letter* not xceeding lialf an ounce, sent from any part of Britiih forth Amurica to Britain nhnll he charged a uniform Coooial rate of 'Id in addition to the postage charged In ngland. and id in additional lor ever) Imlfouncv. f

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