18 Aralık 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Aralık 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. IX., Wo. 333?Whole No. 353T. To tlie Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily new i>aj*sr?pubLdied every day of the y?r except New Veal'# day a?<l Fourth of July. Trice 3 cenU per copy?or $7 ->a I*** an num?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY" HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 12 P?r annum? postages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of aim UnnU i, tmiitj'TV TUOTIS \VT). and incrensinc fast. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this ri y or the u-orld, and it, therefore, thr brat channel for butinext mtn in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, rnor?i?.ton ol? thk Herald EbtabusHMINT, Northwest corner of Kuiton and Nctss.au streets BHIT1XH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1200 torn and 440 how i>ower each. Under contract.with.the Lords of th? Admiralty. HiVKKNIA. Commanded by C. H. E. Jndiuu. BRITANNIA, J. HiWItt. CALEDONIA, E.G. Lcjt. ACADIA, Alniuidfr Ryne, Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax. as follows l From Liverpool. Krom Boston. f'aledonia, '8*0, ' Aculia, Nov. )9. Dec. 16. Ilibertua, Pec. S. Jan. 1. Britannia, Jail. 4. reb. I. Caledonia, Feb. i. March I. Acadia, March 4, April 1 These vessel* carry esperienced surf??oui, and are supplied with S'ranee*'Patent Life Boate. For freight or rassaceaprly to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Axent, eil7r No. 3 Wall it.. New York. " NEW"YORK AND HARLEM RATLROATT" COMPANY. WINTER ^ >1 ?? ARRANGEMM MENT. On and after December 1st, 1B43, the Cars will rcn in the following ordo*:? Leave City Hall Leave the BriHue for the Bridge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. 8 30 9 00 " 10 20 11 30 " 1 00 2 CO P.M. 3 30 4 30 " 6 00 The City Hall and 27th street line will run asfollows From 7 A. M. every 10 ininutei through the day till 7 30 1. M. The Kxtra Nii-ht Liilfe will run &s fallows Lea", e City Hall for 27th street at 8. 8 30, 9, 9 30. 10, 10 30, Si II. Leave 27th stieet for City Hall at 7 30, 8.8 30, 9. 9 30, 10, k 10 30. By order of the Board, n24 Imr W. M. CARMAN. Bec'yFATEKSON RAILROAD. flaljjfil FARR THRKtSIllL LINOS ANbTlXPKNtJE: From Patenon to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 3<1,1((3, the ears will leave patkitson Dcmt. Leave New York. SAM. 9 A.M. u* u? r. m. s r. M. 4 ON SUNDAYS. M ^ Leave Patkbioic DcroT. Leave New Tore. A. M. 9* A. M. S P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation cars leave daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot or Courtlandt street, a few minutes before the statta hetm of departure. jyl9 6ra" NEW JERSEY" RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. n(.\v AmunfieMt.iT, commencing oct. 18th. 1813. CsSSffll C6S@1 FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, r rom the foot of Courtlandt. street, New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) I eaves New York. Leaves Newark. At # A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7X A.M. At \)i P. M. t do. 3 do. I do. 4 do. li do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. 5 do. 10>? do. >* do. 7 do ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Loaves Newark. , An9 A. M. and *\ P. M. At IK I'. M. and 9* P. M. rk^jWlX.nAiSl*FI Railroad for Orange, MillV '-nall^ani, Maai-on, and MorrUtown run "*' Leave* New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At I A. M. Ai 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. 9 tin. 9 Hn. 7W do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8>? <!<> *X do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P.M. The train* for WMtfield, Plainfield, Roundbrook, Somcr Ville, kc., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4)4 P? M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York auu Elizabeth Town 15 cents. Fare between do. and Soinerville, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND RAHiVAJ Leaves New York. Leives Railway- _ At A. M. At 2 P. M. At ?X A.M. At 3. P. M 9 da. 3 do. 7 d?. do. 11 de. 5 do. 9 do. do. 7 do. 9)4 do. li? P M. NEW fORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Jijcom loot of Conrtlandt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. Al 3 P.M. At A.. M. At 12 M. i do. 7K do. 1)4 P. M. ON SUNDAYS: Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4X_P. M. At 12 A M., andI IX P. M. I1 Are, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. 50 centf. Between New York and Rahway, 25 centa Newark, Elizabeihtown, Railway, and New Bruutwick passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re reive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor orly on the day when purchased Tl?e commutation fare between New York and RaSway and inerwiedi He places, has been reduced (including ferry) nS50 per year ; tetweeu New Brunswick and New York ?75 per year. n K> 3m NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 11th of each month. iSSfo- iIR lUSR Nfw 81iip SIDDON9, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship MHEKIDAN. Captain K. Depeyiter, 2*th January, ( hip OARRinK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 26tii Febiu-ry. Ship R08C1U8, Captain John Collins, 2?th March. From Liverpool. *hip BIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cohb, 11th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyiter, llth March. Ship CJARRNK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, llth Apiil. Ship ROHCIUS, Captain John Collins, llth M?y. Tneiie ship* are all of the first class, upwards of MMM) tons, built in tli* city of New York, %ith such improvements as combine ureal ?i**d with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $(tn, lor which ample stores will be provided Tne*? ?lups arc commanded by e?|*rieiiced masteis, who will make every eiertuiu to (five geuetal satisfaction. Neither :be captains or owners of the ships will b* responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regiMsr bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. It. COLLINS k (,0., 50 South st.. New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY (k 1:0.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12)4 cents per single heet ; 50 eents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. d2 TME NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. m To sail from New fcorkllst, and from Liverpool 6th of each month. From Xew York I.'pool New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons,) ]\ ft*. J.tlUndge, 21 ()ct. 6 m oitrru nr Tur wriT iJaiiTr 21 Mar. 6 i^'tooi'P. "Woodhooie.'" * ' 22l, ? N*w,hip^uU'u ^,on,> i;g? ? a$j ?*> ?Ba ? g -x? Tlmt *nb*tanUal. fiut sailing, fir*t rU?s shipa, all built in the city of New York, ar* commanded |by m*ii ol Mpffiracf and ability, ind will be dispatched punctually on the 2:?t of **Their cabin* are elmnt and commodious, and are fnrniahed *?ith whatever can couduce to the ease and comfort of ^Price or |?i*?age, $IW. J Neither the captain. or owner. of th**? jhi% %i,| ^ ?t,lr forany parcel, or Package. .rut by t fin Bn|^( rr?uUl bill* of lading are .igned therefor. MlNTURN,. .... 17 Homh (trrrt. New Yorll, or to h I.V.LDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., dir Liveri>ool ~ OLD K*'t\\m.lSIIKI) rA98AOK OFFICE, 100 Pine utreet, corner of South. felfl? TlU^ilb,eribei l?iii leave to cullTnealtention of hit lumen and the |><alilir in general, to the follow in* arrangement. for 1R43, for tin* purpotf of brinuiMB out cabin, 2d cabin, and uteerjur passenger., by the Regular racket!, .ailing a? follow., vir. : From Liverpool, the l.t,7th, ISih. 19th and 23tl> of every month. " London, the lat, 10th and 20th In addition to the above regular line., a number of iplendid New York built fran.ient aliip* will continue to Mil from Literpool weekly, in regular ucceiainii, thereby preventing the lent po.vble delay to (vunengem on their arrival in Liverpool. For the accommodation of |*raon* wishing to remit money to their fainiliea or friend., drafu are given, payable at light, on tbc following Hank*, yi* Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at I ,,rk. l.irneiick, (Ion met, Londonderry, Sligo, Weg ford, Belfast, WaUrforJ, Oalway, Armwpi, Atlilone, Colenin. Hallnn, Tralee, Voughal, Enimkillen, Munaghan, Hanbridge, lUllymena, Panou.town, I>ownpatnck, C*Tan, Lurgan, Omagh, Wunganuon, Han don, ..'"m** Bally.hannon Htrabune, Dnugarven, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilru.h. 1 he 1 'later Bank of Ireland, and all ita branches Jbe National do do do. Hciitland?The City of (ilaigow Bank and all it* branch'* and agoncie*. Kn gland - Menn. flpooner, Atwood k Co. Baukara, London, payable in any town in Urent Britain. r or rurlher information ( if by letter, pott paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMlJIlRAY, IWI I'ine *treet, corner of South. Or to |P. W. I1YHNF.S It *'o. 16 \>fcitcrloo Koad. *' ln,r Liverpool. E NE NE\i PASSAGE FROM EN'OLAND, IRKLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. I1'- -oui cbout lending Tor their friends iu the 0!;1 Country can mak? tiraMM'meuls with tli? subscriber to liavs tlinn brought out on the most a Ivputag-O'js teriui. 10 lint class American packet ships, sailing from Liverpool ev?ry l'?e 'lay* M*. Win. Tappscott, oue of tli? linn.Iiaviuggone to Liverpool to imperial! iid the le.Ui g out of passengers engaged hy tliem, they can confidently assure th*ir friends and otheis ahout malting such arrangement, thn everv rrcpor attention will he paid by him to the roinfoitand qn:rk despatch of those whose passage may be engaged at their ofhee. dArraiiurmcnta can oe ma(fe wi:h the snbscrifc-i to have passengers broil ht from Cork, WaierforJ. Dublin, DlogfceiU, Dundalk, Belfast, Londonderry, <Jla?gow, '<" by way rf Liverpool. and with a certainty of thrir exi-erieneiog uo delay it the Utter port. When those sent for drclue comi'B, the pan age money ii promptly refunded, as usual. For further particulars, apply (iflby Utter, po?t paid.) U W fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, *i reck slip. New \ oik?or <16 WM. TAIMCOTT. Liverpool. PASSA(VK_TO AND V K OM LIVERPOOL. ^ AINU JlWll'l"I'AIMUIiS 1U i>iiit..ii Ditu.tin nnu Ireland. tiny B^legHlar Pgckets^MMnK on the Ut! Mn, Ifth. 16th^ls^ua ?5th of eich mouth. The mbscriber continues ta engage pais'users to and frnm Great Britain and Ireland at ihe lowest rites, l?y the regular parhet? sai inc as above. And those wishing to remit money to their fiiendg can hare drafti payable on demand without any chirne. , ln Enclsuil - Meigrg. Halt. Son h < o bankers. Loudon; Messrs J. Darned St Co. Eichauge and Discount Bauk, Liverpool, which gre payable ?t <!! Utt principal baults and branches throughout Knai'iid and W lu Sco'land?The Eastern Dink of Scotland and hranc'uei; UrMenocK 1)inking Co. in Glasgow and Oneurtrk. Ireland?National and Provmc al Dit.k of lirland and bruichej?and in all the prinripil towns throughout the kingdom. JOHN HERDMAN, ?1 South ?tre?t, d7 near Wall street. VVINTEll AM ANGEMENT: ?-ml FREIGHTS KOR WHEELING, i^SS% Yf. I Li Va. AND PITTSBURG, TA.-TIhJWPWpt-SwIBw undersigned, Tor the last Ave years (and w w <i nrejfiitl A gem iVir Bingham's Line from this city to Pittsburg, takrg this method oi informing his numerous ffiendj and paijtjns, that hating made extensile ar raugements for forwarding mercJiandire Via railroads and wagons, during the winter season, to th? West, he tg now preSired to receipt for goods from this city to Wheeling. Va. via altimoie and Cuuiberland.or to Pittsburg via Philadelphia and the Chambersburg Railroad. All foods entrusted to his care, will b? I'ofwardeiTwithout any delay, and at the lowest current rates, to eitTier of the above points on the Ohio River. Also, merchandise aud packawJ forwarded bv O recti's Express, through in three days from Baltimore ta Wheeling, making in all six days from tliig city to Wheeling. Tlif oislum will be conducted by? Wm. Tyson, No. 10 West street. New York i Bingham St Brothers, 27G Market street. Philadelphia. lames Wilson, North Howard street, Baltimore. Holliday & Egertou, Cumberland, Md. James 11 Korgytb Hi Co.. Wheeling. Va. Win. Bingham, Pittsburg, Pa. Goods Intended for the Wheeling route should be marked New York and Wheeling Liu?, care of James Wilson, Baltimore, rtud those for Pittsburg, Bingham's Line a heretofore. WM. TYSON, No. 10 West street. N. V. New York, Nov. 20, 18 3. n21 Im*r XtLtt fcLilAivu vjr c. Tht household ties! the household ties! flow beautiful they are? With rosy lips and Uughiug eye*, lied cheeks and golueu hotr. How sad i? childless married life? Wealth can 110 joy afford; C?ld looks the husband on the wile? The wile upon her l?rd. But Loti's F.lixkr?that sweet b?on Will Nature's curs* remove, And crown with living blossoms toon, The bed of fruitless love. Luciua Cordial!?barren wire* It!, as to mothers fair, And tne fond name of Father give* To husbands in despair' In leuehorreu and in gleets, It protes a sovereign balm; Consumption too a conqueror meets In its unfailing chirm. Eruption*, lassitude and pain*, In back, or loin*, or chrst; Disease brought on by s'tdden strains. Discharges long suppressed. Are by this wond'rous Cordial cured. No more their V'ctitn* vex. Thus by it* aid. >? henlth lusured At once, to tit her sirt. Let all whosuffer from disease Or fault in Nature's Law, Seek Irom this grand *|>ecilic ease, At ninety-two N'asa'j. And No 13 Court street, Boston; No. 94 North 6th street, Philadelphia. Persons ordering thi* medicine from the country, by lending a remittance, can hav* it hosed up and seat to any part of the Union. l*rice S3 |>er bottle, or $21 per dozen. nji lin* in ri'O THE LADIKC.?II you hive liMry excrescences. conA cealing a broad aud eltvptt^l fyretoiuil?if. Vhu lv\vy IUl)!llyjU!l!epdi>*e of-^nnjany part <f vour othe-wise beautiful faces, the Poudre Subtile, invented by Dr. Felix (iouraud, will quickly and forever eradicate it, without the (lightest intury or discoloration to your skius?this yon can he satisfied of >v s<eingthe prejmra'ion tesud at the Doctor's office; alldoubts of the aitrcle Vine a humhng will cjuick'y vanish. K> r sale only at 67 Walkerstreet, one door Irom the c irner of Bro.id way?SI per bottle?where may he had the folio * mg articles, all warranted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, for curing all blotches, pimples, frtckles. tau, mjrphew, scurvy, it' h, redness, sillowr.ess, or roughness or the skin; for cliapoed hands, face, or innsquUo bite*. its effects are immediate: in the washing of children, in allaying all irritation and clnting, its pro|>erties are really astonishing so softening and healing that uo mother should U without a cake. <?ne cake, 50cenls,i* uflic lent, and we w arrant it or return the inouey if not successful. Be on your guard against a bold imitation, and buy no where else b_t as above. Gouriud's Eau de B'ante, or Trne Water of Bmaly, n ? well kcowu and approved cosmetic for?le.ins>ng heiliug, pniifyiug and l>e?ntify lug the r ompNiion, and by ita dilating propeitiea preventirg the formation of wrinkles, and banishing them when present. S' J>er bottle. Oouraud a Vendible Li luid Uouge inparti a J'licat" "lushing tinge to the complexion, immovable bv mbbi-g with a handkerchief or linen cloth. V'or dyeing ladiei' stocking! or gloves, this preparation, diluted with Wftrr, is inimitable. 10 cents |*r b Jttle. Gourtud's Ha:r Dye will change red or gray hair to a beautiful dark browu or black, wi hout staining the akin. SI per bottle. Whi>ker and Eye bn.W Dye 2^ cen s per bottle. Oouraud's Ul.uic d Es|>agne, or Spanish White, gives a pore lifelike alabaster whiteness and smoothness to the skin?free Irom all injurious ingredients and is eutirely annihilate 4 common chalk aud Hake white. Tat np in elegant boxes, *5 cuts each. This, with other of '''r. G. s preparations, is imitated. Bay no whee else but at 67 Walker street, just one door from the corner of Broadway, where will be found an assortment of ih* most delicate and choice Perfumery, impoit.'d Irom all pirts. Agents?Jordan. 2 Milk street, Borton; 7f Chesnnt street, Philadelphia ; Kobiuson, Harr,sbnrgh ; llemitch, Lancister; Seabrook, Princeton; Trippe, Newark t Tonsey, Rochester; Carswell, Lock"ort; Smith, Palmyra; Grigs, H%n>'ltba. COtln ty; Guthrie, Alhiuy; Gray, FwUhkDepiie; Elliott, Gotten; Myers, New llaVeu ; Dyer, Providence : Taylor, Newport; Camton, Lowell ; Ives, H\lem ; H >dg?, Newburvport; rreston, Portsmouth ; ratten, Portland; Guild, Bangor; Luther White. Caliis ; Seth S. Han"e, Baltimore; Selby Parker, Was'iinstnn Mrs Krasrr, Richmond: .Ylathewson, Norw fli, Conn ; Wells 8i Humphreys, Haitford; E. C. Kerre, Middletown. dll m*r pOklTt'VELV WATKR PROOT?W JTSWWSJ"5J??7 A, to or Chinear Waterll roof OiutWeft?Ma.isnaem M Palmrr i'rmci|>al wholesale and retail Agents f.ir this oulysnre lueveulivr n leet. r>>e Celebrated liurrka 111 icking, which his won a grwt reputation for Ms brilliancy of |>olisli iu quick time, am! which is well adapted fur using ott the Sospito, is for sale by the propriet >r at his agency for the Sotpito, hi Kulton s:reet corner of Gold. N. B ?The public are inviicd to rill and teat its merits. dll lm*ec Hi N KW STYLE OK CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS J^>?The subscriber has a large and ueautiful assortment ol Gentlemen's and Boys Caps, of the latest fashion, which h< will sell as cheap as any other establishment in this city? tmong which may be found gentleman's doth, veltet, a new style of glaxed, and fine otter cap*. Alia) on Irttid a larfe snpply of mole skin, silk and far hats, of a beauillul finish, for sale low Kancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment ol V!uffs and Kur Trimmings for sale at very low pricts. N. B.?The Caps ofthe subscriber took the premium at tb? late Fair of the American Institute. WM. BROWN. nM tm*r 126 Chatham st, opposite Roosevelt. ^ CORK SOLE WATER PROOK AND DRESS IWBOOT9.?The subsciiber makes to order Boots of th? [Babove descriptions, ofthe finest quality of French Calfskin, in the latest style, ana at ?ery reasonable priess. Gentlemen who habeen in the habit of pay-ng extrivigant prices for inferior articles, are requested to call and be convinced ol their interest in purchasing at this store Drawings beii.g taken of theleet, and a pair of Lasts kept foi each customer, there is no difficulty in Setting a h&ntlsonie and easy lit. ConsMntly on hand, a large assortment of rendy made Press Boots, latest si\ hi, at S3 and S3 40 |>er rair; Double Sole*,Irom St toSti per P?ir. Over Shoes liali'Boots, Dancing Pumps, lit p-rs, 8ic a-epiall" ,oW pr'ic?. JOjiV L. WATKINR, 111 Knlton street, <IS lm*?* between Nassau and Dutch struts. I - LOOK AT THIS. ,. L L If GENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE BOOtS, the bm oi 1 'inality. _ wo Wat*r rro?l root* ?> 4 Do light t-rench CaM'.kin Boot* do ?J to 4 Ct Ho India Rubber Over t Uotv, wt'h leaner solo* 1 _ o uiaiii Rubbers, po Dancing Pump*. Do Dancing (la't?r, Do Worked Slipper*, . 1 W Auil all other kind* of boola anil Short i<) faihi^U' ladie* gmler Root*. Buskin*, Mliipers, Tin, nuilted Slit"1*, prunella Shoe*, white a<.>l black satin Slippers, biilton Shoes; India rubber strao-furred. plain, and a11 other kinds of Over Shoe* Clog*, Moccasin*, and the nr.*te*r assortinent of bov's Boon and phors; mi*se*> and children's, of all kirn's tn be found m i th? world all of onr own mauiificta r. and ill* best of Krvnrli good*, anil wairauted to be thr be it, and as cbeip as the cheape*t. at 31' Broadway, corner o' franklin *"eet. dlltlO'ec IIRKimHY fc CAHILL, 367 Broadway. ANTI-HUMBUO STORK!?LIVE AND LET Ll\ -At the old riclusie* il. <n Store, No. Ill Chatham sliest (where the odious |r?"tice of calling npon rcr sous passing lh? store is not toler tej). can be obtuueil W^lei I Proof limits tn.i'mfarlureil in this city of the best male ial, and warrant'd at twice* ranging from three to fire il-.liars, l>ein< i some two dollars lower in price than la generally obtimet (quality cons-dered ) iu this city. n2G)w*r PAniS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER. Br E. BU8ER, itj Bnoanwsr, (BaskMint.) One door from Courtamlt stre"t. j/KSk E. SlI.Hr.R, Bontnsaarr and Maker of Last*, ar *'KI?e" of t lercs ol Paris, begi Icare to inform hii frirud* and all |Im amaU'ur* of a geullt manly "cb*u?*itre ' that he can now make, in New Vork, with tl?e best Kreuch ina terials, all that is *o perfectly made in Paris hy his master, the celebrated Bootm'Ver t'lerce, wnoie numerous enstomers on tin* side of the Atlantic, are reapectfullv invite*.! to try fi??er'? Boots and Liuti, l>efor? they despair of being "cha#*se?" New Vork, after the nice* latest Paris fashion. Also the genuine P.iris Jet Black Varnish sold. ii^l lm%n JAni BOOT AND SHOE STORE. iOIlN HKADY mpectfnlly inform* hi* friends soil tlie public, that he ha* commenced bnsine** in the abort line, at No. W Nassan street, where be will thanklnlly rereur? ud faithfully eiecute, all order* hfyrsr be (*ro*?d with on tlx *t<?t retaoaabk term* for cwhi >?tlr W YC V YORK, MONDAY MOI TTNITED STATKS DAOUF.RRIAN UA1-LKKY, 175 f Ummlway. up stars.?E. WHITE would respe'tlully ct'l tli* attention of citi/eni and strangers, visiting the city, to his splendid collection of DaguerreotypePortraits,single or in groin* from two to l'ourtwti i* iocs on the uuic pT?te, which for beauty and accuracy of delineatiou c<tanot be ?urp.i?*ed I'ortrriics taken in all kinds of weithcr, either with or without colon. ^ The American In?titut* at its Ute etliiSi ion awarded Mr. White the first premium for the lieat Daguerreotype likeness for groupiutfind esieral effect, which ii but another proof of the upenority of ois portraits. Mr. White la ?0'e agent in New York for the yery superior imported Uerman Cimana , and at no other establishment in ill ii city or State can they be obtained. N. B.?Imported Oerman Catnaras; alao, French and Ameri ean Instrument* of the v?ry Iwit quality, with Thie Cases, Chemicals, Polishing Material*, tic., iic., always 011 hand, for ale at. he very lowest prices. n7 J-n m PLUM BP. DAOUERKIAN OfLLERY OF PATENT PREMIUM COLORED PHOTOGRAPHS. No. 2M Broadway, (o^er Mr. T*uney's Jewelry store, ahov* Mtnray street, aud next door to l'eile's Museum ) New York. Tlie*e pictures luiving b*eu awarded I lie Kirit Premiums and Highest Honor, by the Ameiiau and Frauklij Itistitu.ss, as the most U.mihil rnLiinrf I) >ir'erre in :ma ever eihih'ted. and tlie e?ta bli&haieut having b-en greatly e t'arged and unproved. por trai'* will her?alter be taken here (iu any weuther) at the reduced price* cliugad for ordinary work at c.ther plsces?consequently no one need now sit tor au interior likeuess, on the cure of economy. " A Pliot >Rrai'h of a lady, by Prolessor riorabe. it the finest thintr of the kind we ever witnessed."? Ledger, Oct. I, |8l1. Plumbe's Premium and German Came ran, I ustnictions, PUtei, Cases, &c tic. forwarded t? any desired pc int. at liwer ratss tlnn by any other manufactory. <1 >2 Im'm i'ivixal'kli'hia DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 2(1 A,\0 27. HPHE Snbscriberhasroeeived a large supple ol Voigtlanders' I celebrated Daguerreotype Appirlus, .nge and small sizes, with achromatic lenses made accordirg to Frofrssor PetzraT* aloulatiou. Also a new supply of l>-s' plate* aud chemicals, which he warrants kootl and sells at reduced prices. Tin' following gent.emeu have agreed to net as ngects, viz? E While, Esq , 175 Bro.wlway. New York P. Haas, Esq, Washington, A). C. Dr. A. Caspari, Richmond, Va. 8. BrotJlj'i.t, hmi, lor the Southern Sutra. Win. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to. aud should be directed to WILLIAM LAUHKNHtlM, ol7 Jro'r Exchange Buildings, Philadelphia CHEAP CA^H TRIAILONG ESTABLI3HMENT. 304 PEARL-STREET-LATE 108 BEEKMAN-8TREET 'PHK Subscriber. well known for the cheapness and durabili itv of his work, desires to inform his patrons and the public, that he i* now, to suit the economical tendency of the tim>;s, making garments of the very best quality at a reduction of twenty per Cent from former price?,ajju le??, it is believed, by twenty pe cent than garmsuu of the same quality are made by the cheap houies in this city. In order that gentlemen may understand what is meant by i cheapness, llie following bill of price* is submitted to their contidrratiou, with a guarantee that, the goods shall be of the first t&te quality, and the fit unexceptionable. Superior Weil of England Cloth Coat* $12 to 16 Pants, of black or lauC7 domble nulled caas- 5 to 7 Vests, of silk, satin, (Stc 2X to 4 Making aud trimming in the best sly??, at the followioir prices:? Coats $S*i? to 8 _ Pants and Vests 1}J to IX Hnjwrior iseaver <J\erco.'.u iroui it 10 mii dH Im'r JOH.V MOFFAT. ASA 13. PERKINS, cash TAILORING ES T A H LI S H M E N T, No. 85 Cellar itrttl, ntvv vork. G.ENTLEMEN wlio patronise this cash rstabliihment will dtriv? a dectdfd udraiit<Re of from 20 to 30 |>er cuut oter rho?e who purclidn* at "tier stores on lit* credit system, fur here tliey are not orerchargcd enntT?leut to the delinquencies of those who never pay Those who are preparing for the holidays *foi?ld do well to call and ex inline ttie stock of fashionable g <>(!> at the above establishment, alu lh? prices, before t? ey purchase elsrw here. N. B.?Tnere is an assortment on hand of Ulosks and OverCoits. ie.?dy mvie. d9 Im'r RETRENCHMENT THE OKDEK OF THE DAir ? " The undersigned respectfully inform their fri udi and the public generally, that they keep constantly on hand a lar^e ana nleiulid assortment ol K ranch ami English Cloths, Cassimeres and Vesting!, including a great var ety of Overcoat stuffs, which they pledge themselves to make up fn a style not surpass ed by any establishment in the c ty. All Raiments furnished full fifteen i>er cciit lest than any other home who nuke and trim in the same manner. Thole whj wish Clothiug mails to their perfect satisfaction will do well *o call and giv? as a trial N. B.?A sill -ndid assortment of Orercoa's and C^pakj kept constantly on hand, md will he sold very low lor casn dl ImT II. WHlTEHOltNK U CO. 31 Na-san st rPO ECONOMISTS?Uent's Apparel Cleaned and l)re?sed A in a superior s'vle?repairs an J alterations to the present fashion. A lot of \? iatfcr Clothing on hand, forsale wholesale ind rrtail. Cash paid lor Clothing, Snil etchaiitffcs made. u20 nn*r LEVIN'S. 13d Wftsjau street. G" ENTLEMEN'S LEFT OKK~\VAKl)HOBE Oentlemen or families dtiirous of converting their left off Wearing Apparel into cash, can obtain for the same the highi-st cash piice To families and gentlemen riniftinr thera^nr changing residence, hjjiwvr ftH TOPItyAK0MJ5F'.cJf y,,i.scriGer7Wh<h*ill attend them at their residence by appointment. ? ? 11. LEVETT, 6 John street. N. Y. A line throngh the Past Office, or otherwise, will leceire prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. N'lTICE.?Mr. LEVETT begs to ioforn th* public that he lias hi (onnection w:lh any other dealers, andtho?ewho pats for his partners, or use I,ii rame. are iinposter*. d2 Ira* G K.N TM-'.M EN'S KURNI3H1NO STOKE. Tne tiilT sciiher has constantly on hind a geue'dl assortment of Sac* and Over Coats, Vests, Pantaloons, Ike. which he will sell at the folloitii g low prices for cash, Over Coats, from #8 to 12 Sack do 3 to 6 Pantaloons and Vests, 3 to fi Gentlemen furnishing their own materials can have them made and tr.mipet at the following low piice*, viz :? Over Coats, from $1 to 10 CO Dresj do- 7 to 9 no Pantaloons and Vests, Si 10 to 1 75 Jnst received, the latest and most approve! French pattern Shirts. Shirts made to order, at short rotic*. dl3 Im'r WM. COLLINS, 6*> Maiden la'e, N. Y. GEMTi.EMEN'8 OUTFITTING GOODS. JOHN M. DAVJES & JONES, 106 William Strket, corner op John, IJ AV E received per late arrivals, and now lave in store,a full 11 assortment of goods in their line. They feel cont'd nt that their stock is not equalled in this city, mid their goods will be told iuw for caah. Onutlemcn will find t variety of new style of Scarfs. Cmrati, Winter Olovea, Dressin? Kobes, Tocket Handkerchiefs, fcr. Under Garments of every variety, ol Engluhland Amencaa manufacture, viz:? Merino Shirt* and Dra^vti Lambs Wool do do Shaker Knit da do Shaker Flaunel do do K?f>cknkijt) do do 1 iain i. ttilibsd Silk do do Ladies MerinokSilk do do With a great variety of other styles. hull Shiits and Drawers, Ribbed and Plain, nude to order at the ihorte*t collet. Hotiery, 'Mores, Sns|"endert, Stocks, and every othw article of outfitting goods.! cArs, Ottr atsortrisrt cnmt>ri?ri cvrrv .style do* in ese lor gcmle mc.i, yodtli and ciuldirn at gieali, uuueru prices .oI6 Sm*ni ON EX'-HANOK AO A IN- i; ETUfiN TO_THE OLl i ? STAND. I rpHE underlined, after a seven years' eiperienc* of the evi' effects resulting from large stores and larger rents, is happt to inform his numerous customers and the community flenenl ly, that he has ellrctea Itl'aJI** to a conscteu-.i.'Ui lanuiorui a lease of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly D) wall street, Moi timer Bniicliti??, coram of New street, nnd for n.any years c* *1" w'" k?<"*n SIGN OK THK OOLDEN f LEECK?a kweci to all who An in qne*t ol Rood cheap ani* ful.ionable iiuutrntt. To incn ?jT h!? old frttfMft ho rt*y have lost siirht of liin during his wanderings, he invites their return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adlierance to his well established fame for skill and punctuality. Of the pnblic generally he so icitsa call, bemK prepared with an assortment of fine and sea onahle cloths, caasinii'rs, vesting*, be. Sic., which he will be happy to make uj> in the most faithful maimer, and on reasonable charges, for Cash Only. The same care and attention he' stowed on making and trimming, nj when tlw cloth is pnrcnas rd ol him. C. D. Bibcock continue* iu the cutting depart tnent. CHARLES COX, nSO lmr Sign of the Qoldent U*cc. No. 4 Wall st I T1HK SUBSCRIBER lm? removed from the store No , J- tVT Bmad'Vsy, to 171 On.il. f">- the pa rpc.se of carrvinir on ! the CASH TAILORING BUSINESS in all iu branches and fn a style of elegance which cannot he surpassed by any other home. It is the intention of the undersigned to ask such r prices for his goods as cannot fail to ineet the approbation ol the public, a id an excellent assortment will be kept on hand tc ?u t the taste of all. i OaimeuU can also be altered and repaired at this establish. m?nt at reduced prices. A call u respectfully solicited bv yonr obedi"nt servant, m. kick. N. B. Gentlemen frroishiug 'heir or.n cloth can have their ' made up on the most icnaouabl* terms, and good fits warranted n22 lm*r "MEN'S, i)OY S AN I) Clill, Hit EN'S CL<>TH!N4?~ GEORtlK. T. OREKN, Mrs. CflChnthmn strrel ml 4 Low ery, will keep constantly on hand a_ fall nod complete av i ortiMntor Mm , Boys, and Children's Cl> thing. of all ?' 1 rriptions.m vl' in lb" nort f\?hir??ab!eit\ K\to which he would I n .|*ectft.lly invite tf.e atuwiUo- ' ?? ' m .: ...*t?rmi?!? to Wco'rt CLOTHS, CASSIMERES ' VKSTI N(?S, ftc.. by ere-y l'iok?t, and has arrurrd tha ser vices nf ei|Ttienred Cutters, he pledges hiR-.telT to aive perf-ci 1 satisfaction to .ill who may purchase. 1 N. II ? 'laments m 'dc to order at the shortest notice and ' with strict punctuality. d' lm*m NofiUii:-neVv yohk baSkin<V co,%h?any^ The snhn'riber having Iwn appointed H-ceivrr of tin property, claims, fne<l* and rflecft of the New Yo'k Banking , Company, an association formed nnder and in pursuance of an i actol the Legislature of ilia Stat* of New Yoik, entitled "an , act to authorise tne bniiwxs of banking," paased April 11th, l?3H, all persons indebted to the sail Association arerequir.d to render an acrount ol all de its and stunt of money owing y them mpectively to me,and to pay the ,ime by the filtvotitli day of January next, at my ntfiee in ihe Merchants' f.xcliangt in the city of New York. All perions bating in their possei > siiin suv property or effects of tne ?aid Association are repaired to deliver the same to me by tliat dav. All the creditors of ihe Atsociati- u are reqnir* I to deliver iheir reipeclive account! slid dnnanos to me by that day; and all persoes holding any oreu or snhsiMting contract of th- mid Association, are required to present the same in writing, and iu detail, to me, on or be fore tntt day, at my said office. Dated New York, 24th November. 1*13 CHARLES SAUORY, Receiver, bM J ?r*r 32 Merchants' Eaelnnge. WINTKR AH IIANGEMKNT. i JOHN BIIMIKN, 73 Csasl "l ee\ would letpeclfully in ' ' lorm ihe public generally, that lie is prepared to serve ni?, hi his spacious and popultr Saloon, Civ,mis, lellie*. Collfe I Oys'eis in ' Very style. Confei tiouaries g- ne-ally, and iu thorl I all kiuilt of llefreshments ususlly found at similar establish menu, of llie first c|a?s. families will he supplied at short uotie.-, with Cnnfectionaries generally ; also (;ream? a-sd Jellies, at the nnu uallv low priceof six shillings i er quart, of ai good anil choice materials as can be found el?-where Confer tionary at wholesale, sad all kinds of pyramids manufactured to order. I?r private or inildic panes. A gene al assortment > I Toys, suitable for the holiday!, lot sale, extremely low I NB ?All articles sent out IVom his establishment are war I ranted equal to anything of fore-pa manufacture. His artist) I have not had the honor nf serving foreign potentates, but hi I pledges himself his articles shall suitable lor the great ?sl magnate of |he land. dl2lm*m IRK I LNING, DECEMBER 18, 1 IMPORTANT TO ALL THE LADIES. ? A G I F T F 0 ft T II E II OLIDaYS, Kltgant, Appropriate and UsefulLADIES* HAND-BOOKS 0'? NEEDLEWORK, Elegvitl} B uud hi Muslin, Uilt Edg** and M^ant*. Price 25 cents, or $1 50 tor the STirs. coHrmimu No. I-BABY LINEN, Containing plain and ample instructions for the prfjtsration ol an inlaw's wrinlroh* N'n. 2?PLAIN NEEDLEWORK, Containing instructions in tin- preparation cf b'idy linen?Instructions in tbe preparation ol lumse linen?Explanation in various kimli of n tohrB i>nil miawllmeous work, such ig broiling, making, t iptng, bia?ing, t?c. No. 3?FAN Y NEEDLEWORK. Cortiining instructions f.>r preparation or frames?Materials Tor working?Esplaration of stitches? Instiuctions in Embroidery? Application of fancy noeUleworlc to useful purNoM>^EMBROIDKRY ON MUSLIN AND TATTINO, Containing instruction* in working Einbroiderv on Muslin? lus'ractious in LaceworU?Embroidery til kiold thread?Tatting, if No. 5?KNITTINO, NETTING AND CROTCHET, Containing comple'e in-tiuctioui and pattern! for all the various kiuds of work?Net-work. Fringe, Crotchet-work, Sic. No ??MILLINERY AND DKhlSS-M AK1NU. Containing instructions in Bonnet making?Materials ?Drtwn Bonnets?Mi'U'iiinir Donurti?Bom et Uap??Uapniea? tic ? Dre<s-makiug ? Children's Dreisei?Mantelets? ies' Silk Clocks?Capes?Carriage Cloaks?? Gardeu Cloaks?Boy?' I 'loabj?Piping?Plaits, Sic. Published and for sale by J. S. Rfc.DKlELD, Clnton Hall, corner of Nassau and Bee.tiinau streets. VALUABLE HOLIDAY OIKT. T H E HOOK O 1<' BOOKS. Now rrMily. in variom stvlei of Bindiug, Till; PICTORIAL 1UBLE, HKINIi Tllfc OLD AN'I) NEW TESTAMENTS. With full Marginal References, ll.lt'STHATMl WITH MflRK THAU ONE THOUSAND ENOIUIVINUH. A NEW AND BEAU11FUL MAP OK rALESTINE, And a FAMILY RECORD r.NGKAVKDON STEEL. Published and for ?a'? wholesale and r-niV 07 J. S HEDF1ELD, Clinton Hall, dll Jwr? corner Nassau and Beekman streets. A~SUITABLE HOLIDAY"PRESENT! VALENTINE Ims removed his hngTaving and Printing KsV tablishment from John street to No. 1 Beekman street, (Lovejoy'i Hotel.) opposite the Brick Church, New York.? Wedding, Visiting, Irritation and Ptofessional Cards, executed in the nrst*t>leof thu artt as regards the superiority of the Engravipg. neatness of the Printing. and the whiteness an* bril liancy of the cards. Persons furnishing their own Card Plates can have them printed on 'he most approved and fishionable stvteof Ca'd?. at reduced prices. d8 lin*r TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, cheai>er than ever, at the well kuown Toy Ptore, 233 Centre street, two doors above Cinnd strei't, opposite 1 lie Market. Kainilies and s'rangi-rt wishing I'oys for the holidays, will do well to call bwl'ore purchasing elsewhere. Don't forget the number. 213 CENTRE STREET. ? - - r..?i ? ?r I'UIi.. III..^a miil h'.arf h??ii vV*rp. ill 2<WtJl'j? clatvk, himncei; co'/zk5t>\ IMPORTERS AND DEALERS, 06 Vesey street, HAVING cnmp!ot?1 the enlargement of their Storr, res|>ectfull}*.solicit tlie attention of their old patrons anil the public to lh?ir indented alo'-k of SUPERIOR BRANDIES, WINES, SEOARS, LIQUORS, TEAS, GROCERIES, ?tc. Tl.-ir foods are particularly suitable for Hotels, being select ed with ifrei! t ire for that purpose, and embracing every article leqmsite?Segars and Braudtes iu particular, of choice brand* and vintage; Ch-impaifues, London Porter,Brown Stout, old Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Oilj, Cheese, Macearoni and | Vermicelli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Liqueurs, Preirrves, Brandy Kruits, Grares, Raisins, Spiced Chocolate, Currauts. Gelatine lor making Jelly iu a few miuutes, Extract Vanilla Wax Candles, Almoudi, aud every thing neceeiary for the use of fimilics. fC/^Sole. agents iu New York for Demuth's Snu ff?. d 13 Ct* GREAT REDUCTION. TROUBLE ENTRY BOOK-KEEPING only Five Dollars, -L' and Epistolary Penmanship only Two Dollars. THE FIRST PREMIUM awarded three consecutive years for the be-t ?i?-cimeus of Off-hi-nd Penmanship exhibited at tlie great F- ir* of the American Institute. GOLDSMITH'S CHIROGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, for he iustruc'.iou of PENMANSHIP and Book-Keeping, 18!) Broadway, opposite John street, is now o| en daring the day and evening, for the reception of pupils and visiters, The gentlemeu acquits a bold, free and expeditious style ol Mercantile Penmanship iu lroin ten to twenty les**us of one I honrewb. The ladies are taught a neat Epistolary hand, a beautiful accorfpli?h?i-:ut to the s?i. BOOK-KEEPING. The system of instruction i>urs"eil at his Academy in this important study |s not derived from any printed work, hut is the result of a thorough practical knowledge of the sabjsct. j;?.w tK-j* " s??TAINLY c'ANNOT BK ACQUIRt-D BY 8IMPLY BALANCING ONK MET OF BOOKS. Ladies' Writinf Class meets daily at 11 o'clock. Gentlemen d'iring (lis day and evening, at such hours as may be..t?uit their convenience Separate parlors for private instruction. _ For sale at the Academy?A superior article of Metallic | ..OA | Pens. ____ -.J.... ^ PEARL GHA1N, deutsches'griesmeiil, (in the Genu an;) OK KARINE DK OHUAU (ORITAU D'EPAUTRE.) (in the French Language.) A N entire new article in thi< market. It r tenibles Sago. nnt ii- is iiviit' nutritious, mid on* p?und of it goes uiagf a* fur u 3 pounds of ordinary wheat flour. Emigrants from Europe, having Inoked for it in ?ain many years, consider it? very dnlii-ite. wh .lesome and money sav iiik food, to use for son|>s, punttmgs, dumplings, Itc. Sc. A nail handful is sufficient to be boiled into twoquaris of milk or bouillju (beef soup) in the very simplest way of cooking. The liest American physicians proscribe it to their recovering patients, and order it to lie Riven t> children iu the shape sf|?ap, .11 a liicht and very healthy diet To mnuifieturers of Vermicrlli and Macaroni, Pearl Grain u % vtry desirable requisite, ' thr? c?u (jet tlie right kind The tale increasesd!iiIy iu a wonde-lal ri'ani'er, showing that whatever fami'y tries it. c?n hardly do without it. The only General Depot f?r this aiticle in the United States is at 37 Hurling slip, foot of John street, im-at the Kav. K: ver. New York City, where ii can be had <or the wholesale trade, packed iu keg< of 23 lbs earh. in any quantity, not l?ss, however, thwi & parkag*. It has fouud its wav from the wholesale stores in the Inwer part of tlm cify tn the p tail grucers and consuming iainilics. so as to firilitate it* ac',nj?i?i?n to ever)' body. OKO PEUSCHKK. Bole Agent. New York, November Mth, 1H3. d6 lm*r FRENUH CH1NA> Vo. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stair*. ADAL.Kfl.MS, l?v>frt*r aud Agrpt for Manufacturers, has always on hand a large a*.ort;."?ut f"f i^lmjer and tea set* in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, as well ai dinner and Jee.iert plates, of all tiles, assorted dishes, soap tureem, covered dishes, salnd howls, fruit baskets, custards and stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and Amsrican shaoe. All the artie!.-s are warranted of the best quality, and to be old on liberal terms.and in lots to snit purchasers- t71 *m*ee ~ >VM READ dTca MA?t;r*rTL IU oy BRASS FAUCETS, And all the various articles n?ed in the PLUMBING BUSINESS, No. 2-"M) IVultr ttrctt, NEW YORK, And comer of Church and Washington streets, PHILADELPHIA. i t oosUntly on tiaud, an arsnrtment of 1 T. I. DYRE & CO.'S liiattw fr isiKra tixl ' BLACK LEAuKfiFOifn CRUCIBLES. I For Mir, wholesale and rr nil, at ManufactuteiV) prtc1*. N. B?A Rilvar Medal wu awarded Win Retd k Co, for t.h*!r manufacture ol K.iucr:?, by the American Institute, at thglMl&tfBiim, held October, 1#43. WAIUfcU-lhw 01 four Journeymen, to manufacture haiirets. None biitfirs' rate meeh antes ne?>d apply. d* lm*r inevv conskrvaYouv"a.Vd bkku store; DM5 Hroidway. UNLAP fcCAKMAN Inve Just completed their new <"onservalorv aud Seed Store, fur tne purpose of conducting the Seed ami Plant ^niaem iwrijiau?!it,ly, toil on au extensive ?<-aie. i Ti.eir lartfe Ureen Ilolwi, Ou llfitii street ami Sth ateiin*, will be continued, and ara well atocke<l with choice I'lanu. suitable l'</r |urlor or gwa house culture, which w II enable thein I to it II a* low as they can be procured f lie where. Bou<ineti, f Cimi|>o?ed of llie inoit clinic* a il delicate flowen, for bridal i anil rllier i ariiea, murh l'iwer thin heretofore, and arranged ill such a style tliat we ar?411 it- willing t> put tliem in r impeti. ti in with those from similir establishments. OjrS*dsare procured from the l**st houses in Kurope and thta country, and we piti'ge otirMre* net to purchase or vend, knowingly, those of an inferior <iitilltl*. 1 O" Balbs, rucy Ulass'i, Pots, Globes, Gold Fi?h,fce, d'l2gt'r 1)1.'NLAP k CAKMAN. RALL J>RK ?The inbtcflbfr fas ju?t teceired by tli<* I M . montrfqr'it mr^U? 5") c** i If ilie Vtcb*f< from %1 #Pwird* I 1I0 Oriramli, tmbroHcr1 d in c< Ion, fw!ft fl I Til'" !th'tii*n, in bin**, pink, Aiitl otl*r color* I in-1 oMn white Ormm'i Mimlin, for bill dirsan i n csrtoos in fiat's embroidered Robfs? very cheap. PKTKH ROBKRTS, 373,Broadway, dlllmre. bttwyn Whjtf-ind frrankliu Ill KliS' Hli:H5! HIK1**! I TlTfT MIH1VKU. the laue.t a.?orti?e?it of Singinc Bird. ' ever imported ti this country, fiom "ermany. Ainonicst th?m are 500 < aonrv Bird., the lin<*.t ?mger?; N'BhUngalei, ' le?rii-<l Bnllfineli?. an<i Blackbird., and a large ; , "y finrtt Kuro,*an Bing.ng Bird.-rfl of '?hi?h wt? be .old |n um *f JlIMN IV I D I 'IV ?- i Jl l?*?8 15) imd lil Ce<??ritT?tt, NOTICE?11KMOVAU rpHK .ub.cnber iufoitn. h;? friend. and the public that he i 1 h<u rr moved from the establishment 90BrocIwsv to his old , itvid, 214 Bro,nlw?y, oppo.ite m raol Church, having bought out the enure interest of Mr. Van Vranken. A la geasloitwentof lliu and Caps, constantly on hand ; J0H^%SVV^vrankk.N.) 214 Broadway. ,11 |m?m opposite St. i'aiit'? >M>urrh. ~ J. SCHMIDT. ~ nORNKR of Broadway and Chamber. ?twet, be*? leart to 0 recommend hia Wine Depot, 1IB N??jn .tT'et, ?rll. th.' follow in* Wine, in cask;. cue; and bottle*, *?*<7*'o nnd White B trdeaui and ' ctte Wine., Rheiiiah Wiuej, Madei r? Sherry, l'ort, Barimidv, Muicat ana (_hamp*tpie. Alio?ltum, Gin. Wkry. Brandy. iUtfact d'Abirnthe fllC* * I ni ? ; lyW! SHKKT KUBBI.R ^VKll Sjl0KH-?JI^den t U Lane. Kiperier.ce ha* proren that a leather .ole can be at rached to India Robber upper., w that it i? ^|W?ibl. to 1 i.?ra? them in the cour.e of weann*. Theee Or? Shoe. jVnch hive already tnrown into duuae leather over.hoea and m<>cajj i "in., and t? which the water Proof boot i. Mtendmf.afP1 furii1?hed by tlie Rotba ry India Rubb?rMUbli?hneut,^ Mni4r* Lane, of a quality .urpri.iafly be tter than are bemK made by any other (Tide. The Patent quilted .Upper Otet 8hoe. and "J"?""* fnmi.hed only at t ? e?t*bli?hii:eiit. hvery article i lug to Uie rahwer bniineaa ["J' h'0DAY Rncee.jor to the.Roihnry R. C., d) lm*? M vla"i^B U"* IERA 843.' The Hlupentlona llubbtTy of Pomeroy Ai Co.'a Etprrm of nearly Half a Million of Dollars. We have received the following particulars of tliiu great robbery. It in the most extrdortlinaty affair of the kind iIihi ever took place. Much is yet flltiouded in mystery, hut time will reveal all. What will happen next 1 [From theJAlbany Argus, Dee. lti.1 Yesterday our city wax astounded with the particular* of a robbery more e\ten*ive anil daring than any that has yet startled the public mind. The iron trunk containing the money anil draft* sent from thin city by the bank* and broker* in charge of Pomeroy St Co.'* Express, on Tuesday, wa* stolen from the deck of the steamboat Utica, it is supposed, after the arrival of the boat in the city of New York on Wednesday morning. The particular* are bnell) us lollows ? The trunk was in the immediate charge of Ainasa ('op)i, now interested with or in the employ of Pomeroy Jk Co. It was taken from this city-by stage alio A.M., anil received on board the boat at Coxsackie iu the afternoon. (Jopp placed it on deck, and early in the evening retired below to his berth, ami although It was suggested by ( apt. tlmt ho kImhiIiI nut it in ;i more securu situation, the landing* being frequent, he declined to adopt the suggestion. At two in the morning, when the boat arrived, Copp It-It the trunk on deck unattended and without charge or notice to any one, aud proceeded to Pomeroy 8t Co.'il office, where he wan understood to say that the trunk was onboard, and in charge of Mr. ltiggs, assistant caiitain ; thence, alter deliberately going to sloep, ho proceeded at half past six A. M. on board the boat tor Bridgejiort, and returned to this city and Troy by the lloiiMitonic train, on Wednesday night. The agent in New Vork, thiukiug the trunk safe,waited until morning to send for it. This porter who accompanied Copp to the Bridgport boat, went immediately to the Utica for th<'trunk. But no truuk was to be found; nor could any of the otlicers or crew of the bout tell when or hy whom it hail been taken away. As soon as the loss was discovered, messengers were despatched to Boston, Philadelphia, aud to this city, w ith the intelligence. On Thursday evening, w hen information of the loss of the trunk was "brought to this city by express from New Vork, several of the parties interested proceeded to Troy, where Copp resides, and subjected him to examination, which resulted in nothing beyond a declaration of ignorance on his part of any loss of the trunk, or of its w hereabouts, but an adminsion of the carelessness and inexcusable indifference with which a trust of such magnitude hail been discharged. He was not, we believe, taken ut once into custody, but proceeded with some of the parties to New Vork. The amount of cash aud valuables in the trunk, including the registered notes from the bank department, and the money and drafts from Troy, was nrobably not less than four hundred thousand dollars. Of this amount,about fifty thousand dollars, being cash in buuk notes of all descriptions aud denominations, current and eastern funds, will be availuble to tho robbers?the remainder being drafts payable to order, notes, and registered bunk uotes, j unsigned, will not be available, payment having been topped. There were twenty-one packages and letters in the trunk, from bunks, brokers, tec., in this city , us follows :? Three packages from Washburn it Co., addressed to Drew Hobinson St Co. N. V., containing $37,017 in cash; a draft for $31; a letter from the N. V. State Bank addressed to O. J. Cammann, Cashier of Merchants' Dank, N. V., enclosing draft* to the umount of and a letter from the Albany Exchange Hank addressed to John I. Fish, cashier, containing druits to the amount of $U,olO. Eleven packages from the Bank Department, containing registered bank note* for the Tradesman's Bank, N. Y.. amounting to $34,000, and the Union Bank amounting to $131,000; also $3,000 of the Farmers' Bank of Malonc; $1,100 of the James Bank; $1,800 of the New York Stock Bank, and $138 of the Hamilton Bank. One package from the Canal Bank containing $8,147 in cash, addressed to Pepoon, Hoffman St Ten Broeck, V Y.; and a letter addressed to O. A. Worth, president of City Bank, containing $4.r>,bb!) !H? in drafts. One package from the Albany City Hank, addressed to Bank of the State of New York, containing sight and time draft* to the amount of $47,075 78. One package from Mechanics' and Farmers' Bank, addressed to Pepoon, Hodman St Ten Broeck, containing $3,783 in cash; and two letters to the Merchants'Bank and the Manhattan Cumpany, containing drafts amounting to $17,7ti!) 37. One package from a broker in thU city, addressed to Jacob Little St Co., New York, containing cash $l,t0it. The following are. the amounts of which our bunks and citiien* have been robbed, in cash and drafts. WMhbuni Sc Co., fJ7,(iiT'-'7 "plY 06 Canal Bank, 8,147. 00 t/i,d69 90 Mechanic*' Sc Farmers*Bk, 2,783 00 17,769 -.'7 City Bank, 47,067 78 Stall' Bank, J9,M3 85 Ail Albany broker, 1 UK) 00 $39,3-17 27 $149,102 01 The Bank of Albany ami the Commercial Bank hud neither money nor draft* in the trunk. Pomeroy it Co., mid the Banks oflcr u reward of *3,000 for the recovery of the trunk and contents. Of tho content* of the several packets in the trunk, we have received the following statements from the hunk's in this city:? Content t of .It/iany City Hank packet, mitt-nurd to the Hunk Slate of New York, dated I K/i Dec. 184.'!. Ci. Iselyn, on Moran St Iselyn, due Jan. 16, *110 0!l l i. S. Hubbard, on Banks St Powell, March 28 1,260 00 * " on Do Kahm Sc Moore for 3000* francs, Dec. 11, .175,000 Nelson Palmer, agent, on Setlx Grosvenor St Co., due Dee. 17, 1,800 00 ('nmpSt H'inton, on .I.Johnson St Son*. Jan. II, 360 00 M. H. Finn, on Abbey Sc Uruman, Jan. 26 100 00 Culver, Hajsey St I o., on Butler Si Morris, Feb. 9, 400 00 " on ( has. Wardell Co., March 28, HOO 00 Phil. Durfee, on Dotvs St Carey, May 11, 4,000 00 Natli. J. Wickea, on Butchers' St Drover*'Bk, Dec. 16, 314 23 Jesse Smith St Sons, on W. M. Vermilye, cash, Mar 18, 260 00 Do on do Aprils, 2.'>o oo Bank of L'. Canada,on Prime,Ward St King.Dec. 20 200 00 Do on do " 20 447 90 A. C. Rnsfell, agt, note, Jan. .10, 900 00 Henry Fisher, note, March 1, 7 a 00 y. H. Smith, note, Feb. 17, 700 00 JaCot) Cojrelmid, note, Feb. I, 120 00 $11,871 62 Items due al sieht. <?ri*wold li Greene, on Lapliam, Corse St Co. $600 00 Chicopee Bank, on Jno. W'aril Si Co. 200 00 T. P. Hiiidy * Co., on do 69 78 Gilbert St Sons, on Jacob Settle St ( o. 200 00 Do dd MO 00 Jesse Smith St Sons, on W. M. Vermilye, cash, 260 00 Bank of Upper < anada, on Prime Ward St King, A,000 00 St. Bank N. Brunswick, on Pkenix Bk N. Vork, H3 00 Adams Bank, Mass., on Merchants' Bank, fill 00 McchanJc*' h Farmers', on do I,.'>06 46 Philadelphia Bank, Crt do .>60 00 N. V. State Bank, on <!c 4,133 67 \V. Whitten, on City bank, N. V. fto 00 Commerrial Bank, Albany, on Bk of Commerce, 1,108 .'>8 Pollen St Colgate, on Mechs. Bank 63 -16 Amos Leeds, on Merchants' Rx Bank, 66 .'>0 Kthan Ailing, on^Kent, Kinnan St Co , 09 00 Merchti'fc. Fart. Bk, imaca, ou aiu. r.x nt, m Albany Exchange Bunk, on do h-j Bank of Ithaca, on do 9,306 00 $35,004 26 AH of the above were enclosed hv Watts Sherman,cash., anil by him made payable to the ori'er of R. Wither*, cash , ol course, therefore, they cannot be used without forgery. Remittancesfrom the .llhmiy Kjcchancr Hunk, to the ,'lmerirmn Exchange Hank, N. I". W. I,. V.aston, ea*h., on Am. V.x. Bank, $3..<00 00 J. T. Goodwill. cash., on Merchant*'Bank, ,'il j sfj If. W. Sfige Me Co., on Meeh'a Banking A??o., MM) on Brewer, caah., on Mechanic*' Bank, 310 no A. II, Berry, dft. on J. Ireland St Hon, .ip.j m Cert Chemical Bank, so on W. II. Nelson dft. on W II. It Hitchcock & Co. 1,100 00 Washburn J< Co. on Drew, Robinson Jc Co., 3,ooo oo $0,410 ai The abnr* draft* were at night, am! all endorsed to the order of John I. H?k, Kat|., caihier, Sic. Content) of thr Stair Hunk packet, aJ(*rrweil In the Hfrrchant') Hank, fiat ft Dec, It, 194.'!. K. K. Kendrlck, cash dft on Merchant'* Bunk, fTWW 7!? Jamoi \V.( obb, " Hank of New >ork, 73 0'J \V. I(. Donglai*, caali " American Kx. Bank, i>?>*4 00 c: r. r*f d?-iH?*lt. I.ea. Man. Bunk to J.Criatie, .i000 no Thomaj l.yuii, dft on Mer. At Trader*' Bk, .>4 H7 (Miowtell fc Son, " North River Bank, 300 00 I'urdy k I'arker, " Butch, fc Dro. Bank, 160 00 K. Lawrence, " Bank of New York, 3flS an Ja*. Wright, canh, " Merchant-* Kx Bank, 7K., 30 J. 1). Adami,cash. " American Kx. Bank, 100 no (.hitman, Karnesworth \ Co., North Kiver Bank, 4i?M 71 Cer. of North River Bank to Jliliand It Son, 83H 81 < " " to (J. Brown, AoO OO " of Tradesman's Bk to Krothingham Ic Lansing, 110 OO Murray it River*, " Strachan It Scott, ;i00 oo M. P Lampaon, cash. " American Kx. Bank, 100 OO N. I,ee, cash. " " " MM 00 Kndorsed by A. I). I'atchiii, cashier, and made pa) able to the order ofO. J. Cammann, Ksq. cashier flemiltancei from the Canal Hank, .".Ihany, to Iht City *??i. v..? dated Btr. 11. IMS, K. K. Kemlrick, cash, on Merchant*' Bank, n. y? wjji i9 K. K. Kendrkk, CMh. " " [3,619 49 J. Taylor, cash., on Bank of Commerce. 4,445 03 K. ( o'rninif, president, on Itank State of N. V., 4,-iM? <t| <V. l.eo, cash., on American Kx. H mk, h,*j-u eg II. L>. (Jould, |>re*'t, on American Kx. Hank, 1\0|S w < . A. Took, iire*idetit, on J. Ward >t Co , 4Hfl of Knight on Adam Tin,son Si Co., .10 iw L)a\id Ram?ay on (Jroenwich Bank. | n Oil K. N. Pratt on W. fc J. rhillipn, Hartford. I IP It! T. O. Otatini*, ca*h., on American Kx. Bank, 497 .'.0 Jor k. Monteath, a^entu, on 1. Newton, *3 ~i I J. h. Plumb, canli., on I'nion Bank, If 00 T. R. <'onion on Bank of America, l?o "0 J. II. Fonda, cash , on I'hrpnix Bank, 10 00 Jm. Oooldlkt o. on S. K. Barley, Boston ?I day, IM) 00 D. 8. < larkson on Bank of America- -Jan. 1 and 4, IM 00 l>o do " *? '? W. O. Hinds on Prime, Ward k Kin*-;? day*, i,tK)0 00 Ward well k Bat-dwell on /. Wanhvell, II I, March II, i,sooo3 LD. Prtct Two CMti, Mitchull, Sec'y, on Strachen h Hcott?1 d*y, 143 7* T. Olcott, i'Mh., on City Bank, to order of II. Dwight, jr., 6,410 34 (to,MO (Ml All endowed over to the order of O. Worth, ?m.( President, ike., eicejit the l??t mentioned draft. Rrmitlnncei from Milhanict' if- Fnrmert' Bank, ,'ltlany, >? Mr Mm kanti' Hank, N. YS. H. White, caihi<T, 011 Kill ton lluuk.N. V. >1,013 JT J. We*tlake, draft oit himself, one day light, 300 00 C. ('. Tuni*, on Mechanics' Bank, N. Y. 130 00 11. Nicholn, on K. Ik H. b'. Ooodrulge, due Utli nnd 17th, 100 09 A. Dromon, ex. on Merchants' Hank, $ Of) P. Lilting, Jr. ea*h. on,Union Dank, g79 11 K. Lawrence, on Hank of New York, 120 Nt I). W. Deelin, cash, on Dank State of N Y. >J03 33 Wm. Dnrant, ou Merchant*' Dank, 101 Ml Do J. II. William*, Treat 1,100 00 J. Taylor, cush. on Honk of Commerce, I,"264 73 f W1 ?nn Ir nitwit r?i? Rank nf \?w Vnrlr j qao Ait N. I,ee, cash, on American E*. Bunk. 3,311 60 Do do do ft, j<J0 M A. H. Berry, 0111. Ireland V. Son, 161 >$ Draft Tompkins St Co. New York, .tun. S, ISO 00 " Blake St Cartwright, Huston, Jan. 9, 360 00 f.l?,0HU 04 All the above were made payable to "O. J. Cammanu, Eso., cadiier, oi order," ajid signed " E. E. Kcndrick, cashier." To Ihr Manhattan Company, N. Y. I coup, on .Mohawk and Hudson R. It. Co. $35 00 Cur. Dep. 7th Ward Rank, 300 00 do Mechanics' Banking Association, 209 14 O. O. Braincrd, cash, on Crime, Ward St King, 123 7ft II. D. < Jould, Prest. on American Ex. Itauk, 149 40 D. B urban*, cash. on do. 166 00 C. (raue, on Greenwich Bank, 120 00 N. ( . Ely, on Bank of Commerce, 39 49 J. II. I'ease.on E. T. f'ease, ^ day* sight, M)0 00 II. W. Davis, cash. on Merchants' Bank, 66 38 i,w7 aft All the above made payable to "I.M.Morrison, Esq., Cashier, or order," and signed "E. E. Kendrick, cashier." Several of thu banks and brokers in Troy had also co?Mdcrablc amounts of cash and drafts. [From the Albany Journal, Dee. 10.] The. story told by Mr. Aiuasa Copp, the messenger In whose care the trunk was, runs ?* follows :?Copp lelt here for New Vork by coach on Tuesday morning laat, having with him the trunk in question and a carpet bag. On leaching the steamboat L'tica he placed the trunk un the deck near the Captain'* ottlce, at tlie same time handing the carpet bag, which contained nothing of any great value, tothc Captain, to be placed within theoftico. The trunk remained unguarded on the deck, Copp himself being asleep in his berth, until the boat arrived at New York, about 2 A. M. of Wednesday. As soon as the boat readied the wharf, Copp went to I'omeroy StCo.'s office, reported hia arrival and uaj undeistood to say that hie trunk had been left in the Captain's office. The agent ia New York, thinking the trunk sale, waited until morning to send for it. Copji returned by the ilousatunic train oi Wednesday, and the porter who accompanied him to th? Bridgeport bout went immediately to the I'tica lor th* trunk. But no trunk was to lie found. Si i'itemk Cot nr?Special. Term.?December 13, 1843.?Britton and al. vh. Burr and al.?Ordered? that tlui motion for the allowance of a writ coram nobis, lie denied with costs; and further ordered, that th? Sheriff of Allegany proceed upon the wiit of fi. fa. without regard to any order of a Hup Court t omr. or Judg* of any County Courts, or Recorder of any city. Bell ads. Thome and al.?Motion to vet aside judgment for irregularity?denied. Voorheei and al. ad*. Borst, and two other causes.?Motion to set aside inquest in each cause? grunted; costs to abide the event. Williams ads. Merrill? .Motion to set aside defendant's default and subsequent proceedings for iriegularity?granted with costs. Turner ads. Howes.? Motion to set aside bill of exceptions for irregularity?denied with costs. McVickar vs. Ogden and al.? Motion to refer?denied with costs; leave to renew. In the matter of the application of Curtice lngraham, for a writ of error to < ay uga < om. Pleas?-granted, ex parte. Archer nds. Johnson and al. Trustees, 8tc.?Motion for a commission?granted. Phillips ads. Lee. Motion to set > a? it u %<( uha?niit*nt tirnfiBedintfi?ir run ted on terms.?Deft, allowed to plead hi* bankrupt discharge: if terms not complied with in 20 day*, then motion denied with costs. Welch ads. Donaldson and wile.?Motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit -granted, unles* plaintiff stipulate*. Ate. Hank* ads. Ifake and al.?Motioufor relaxation of costs?f7 Si deducted from taxed hill. WeW lington and al ads. Brookini.?Motion to set aside judgment of execution?granted ?n terras. Kinegan vs. CoL lius and aL?Motion thut plff. have leave to withdraw hi* replication and reply over?granted on terra*. Ill tha matter of the application of Wilson and al., for leave t? prosecute the official bond ol' Ilait, sheriff ol New York ; t;runted, ex parte. Boynton ads. Carter?Motion that planum nro stcuiiiji njr costs?denied with cost*. Wilkin* ads. Towmans.?Motion for a common law certiorari to Karl, Justice of the Peace?granted, ex parte.? Tlioinas vs. Sheldon, adinr. (kc.?Motion that plaintifT* costs be paid by administrator in due course of admiulstration?granted. People ex. rel. Hank of Whitehall v?. Wilder, Sheriff and al.?Motion for leave to prosecute official bond of A Wilder, Sheriff?granted, ex parte. Sawyer vs. Ayres, and three other causes. Motiou for appointment of commissioners to admeasure dower? granted, on stipulation. Barnes vs. Buck.?Motion for cost* against defendant?grunted, in rousequence of defendants attorney being 11 detauiter for fee*. Cutler v*. ilenderthott and al.?Motion for costs?granted against defendants, in consequence of defendant* attorney being a defaulter for lees. Kimball ads. Luff.?Motion for a commission granted, without op|>osit!on. Camp v?. McCormick. ?Motion to refer?granted, without opposition. Mtebbina ads. Segar.?Motion to change venue?granted, no opposition. Pierce and al. ads. Kitch and al.?Motion for a commission?granted, without stny of proceedings. Field ad*. Cole.?Motion to set aside.judgment?granted.?Defendant has leave to serve affidavits to move to set aside report of referees in 15 days ; plaintiff has leave to notice cause for argument at next January term. Tomlinson ad*. Wheaton and al.?Motion to change venue?denied : defendant to pay cost* at Nov. Circuit, Itensselaer co. Miles and al. ^ ads. Walker.?Motion for judgment, a* in case of nonsuit ?granted, unless plaintiffs pay costs of motion. Chamberlain and al. aJs. Walker.?Motion to change venuegranted, without opposition. Davison ads. McDermott and al.?Motion for precept?granted, ex parte. Depuy ads. ( amitnee.?Motion to change venue?denied. Bronson and al. ads. Smith.?Motionfor judgment ol non. pros. ?granted, no opposition. Johnson ana al. ails. Corning and al.?Motion to change venue?granted. Hull and al. ads. Simons.?Motion to change venue?granted on terms. tiitison and al. ads. Van Colt ?Motion to change venue? I denied. Atkin* anil al. ads. Kimball.? Motion <o set nsiun default?granted on terms.?Cause referred. Neass ads. Seneca co. Bank.?Motion for a commission ? granted, no opposition. Court of Common Pleas, Livingston co. ad*. People ex. rel. Peck ami al.? Motion for precept granted, ex parte. Olcott vs. Wright.?Motion for retasation- granted 011 terms, llrownell uds. Slocum.?Motion to let aside defendant's default and subsequent proceedings? granted with costs ; and for judgment as in case of nonsuit granted ; and that rule entered at Sept. Special Term last, denying motion for judgment, as in case of nonsuit, be vacated ?granted with costs- no opposition. Maine vs. King.?Motion to vacate a former order mado by the court granted on terms. Aniell and al. ads. Howe, Assignee, See. Ordered that defendants have leave to verify one of the special pleas, nunc pro tunc, on terms, aud plaintiff has leave to reply double to special pleas.?iAlbany .Mat. Important Chancery Dkcimon.?Vice ChaucelWlnttlesey lias recently decided that a mortgage, at ten yours, bearing interest at seven per cent per annum, given to the American Life Insurance and Trust Company of Maryland, upon a loan of sterling bonds oftbat Company at twenty-live years, bearing an interest of five per cent per annum, issued at an office kept in the city of Naw York, is void t? 1st. For usury, 'id. The sterling bonds being issued to bearer contrary to their charter. 3d. The 1 sterling bonds being evidences of debt, issue/1 to be loaned in violation of the restraining laws ofthis State. From Havti.?The Angelina arrived yesterday from i'ort Republican (formerly Port au Prince.) The new Constitution, /t is reported, had not been adopted. Severn! plans of Government had been suggested, but none adopted. The island remained quiet. A new rumor comas by this arrival. It is stated that the Hay? tinn Government haM,received overture* from Great Britain, lor certain commercial privileges, for which Rngland offers us a consideration, to redeem the French claim* for indemnity ngainst the Island ; taking in return the bonds of Mayti. Provisions of every description were very plenty, and in bacon and hams the market was quite overstocked -hams si lling at .174 a piece. A good deal of sickness, it is said, exists among the shipping at the island. A number of American vessels weru In port, bound to Boston and New York.?Srw Or'.rant Hnllrtin, Ore. 8. Tiik Late Steamboat Explosion.?Captain > > ii 1 _r i Ward, <>| the warren, wnicn lunn^n-u ??r ?i i,rr flue* last week, at Frceport, on th* Alleghanv river, ha* furnished the Pittsburgh Chronicle with the following additional particular* iu relation to the injured and dead : Mr. Bates, dead. This gentleman lived above .VIcholson'* Fall*, and had been married *ix week* be/on*. John l.ewi*, dead, lie worked at the Ureal Western Iron Work*, and ha* left a family. Mr. Wearer, dead. Supposed to lie from Madiaon Furnace. Was a single man. The following are very dangerously injured lames William*. It it luppoccd this, man will die, as he i? laboring under mania />?<? from previous drinking. \leH*n. Young, Zimmerman, Alexander I'rider. Nothing known but their name*. The following are out of danger Mr. Gould, of the firm of ./one* and Gould of Pittsburgh, Mr. Jcnningf. ami Mr. Metrivr the engineer. The Chronicle sa? a .Nothing more can be ascertained a* to I the cause of the collapse then supposition. Captain W. think* fbe rope attached to the safety valve must have I tierii (bill. au.I tb" engineer not finding it give readilv, as I jt would when there wa* such o head of steam, a* there I uii'|iiestionably w as when he tried it, supposed the steam i was vary low, and the weight* caused the resistance. i When t aptam W. went forward, the hands, and such passengers as were up, together with the plank, carwsned the boat over to the larboard aide. In consequence the water all rushed to the boiler* on that tide, leaving the starboard flue bare. The fire heatnt that red hot. and on the Itoat righting, the flue collapsed under the immense quantity of steam generated by the water suddenly turning on it. Ohio Hivfu ? At Wheeling, on Wednesday, there were live teet of water in the channel. At Pittsburgh, on Wednesday, at 6 P. M., the River had eight feet of water in the channel, and was rising.

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