21 Aralık 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Aralık 1843 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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(SO- KUN-KUN- Kl'N-Prepare to laugh!?Mottoes ^ ? Mottoes?Mottoes? New verses, written expressly lor H. V. WiM. t>y Dow, Jr. Sold only at 481 Broadway, near (J rand street. N. B. ?Alio assorted candies, only 16 cents a pound. 3 (Kf DEN'S THKOLOOY.?Americans !?Rev. C. Sparry, sixteen years a citizen of the 17th ward, was arrested in Pottsville, I'a. ? for what! for selling extracts from Den's popular'system of Catholic Theology. If the hook is so had, if the ijuestions at thw confession are so horrible, what must we think of a sect with whom such a book is authority / The lifth edition is just published, and sold only at No. 11S Nassau street?13} cents, or $8 per hundred 00-COLD, COUGH, CONSUMPTION?POSITIVE, comparative, superlative ; these are the steps in the ladder which, for man, reaches down from the bright and glad-] some earth to the dull and noisome grave. In all seasons wo are exposed to the ravages of this destroyer. Bo care- : fill of your feet, then, friends. Keep them warm and dry, | though your whole body lie cold and wet. But if you i have taken cold, cure it at once, by all mean*. Dr. Peters'Cough Lozenges maybe obtained at 126 Fulton st. 1 corner Nossau. Head this recommendation and judge for yourselves.-* Mis Worm and Cordial Lozenges, also Vegetable Tooth i HHic, ana oilier preparations, may i>e iisu place. <b7- RHKUMATISM AND GOUT.?The Indian Vegetable Elixir and Howes' Nerve and Bone Liniment will cure any case, no inattar how had, or no pay will be taken, j To be liad only at '21 Courtlandt street, and i North Fifth treet, Philadelphia. _ Qry- NUU1IVM KUOII STROPS.?The first preminni at the Fair* of the American Institute has been | Awarded year after year to (J. Saunders lor the invention of the Metallic Tablet with four side*. No. 1 side having the effect of a hone, without using oil or water. The other aides are for keeping the razor with a line smooth , edge, so a person with one of them can always keep a razor in the most perfect order without having recourse to n cutler or barber It is used and recommended by the first cutlers in England, and certificates by the most'scientific gentlemen in this country. Its great celebrity lias caused nounterleits and imitators innumerable, which can easily bo detected by the course and imperfect surface of what is called the tablet side?the original being smeoth and polished. Manufactory lti;l Broadway, where a large assortment <>t4toilet articles of the first quality can always be had. MONK Y 1SAHKBT, Wednesday, Dev. 20?O P. M. Stocks have declined still further. Not a single description advanced a fraction* Several were firm at last quotations. The sales Wf\re only to a moderate extent? Taterson down ? per cent ; Harlem 1} ; Canton j ; Kentucky' ; Illinois l.f; Indiana 1] ; Ohio 1 ; Farmer's Loan 1 j ; Puterson 1 ; Ohio Life and Trust firm ; Norwich and Worcester Railroad the same ; Long Island do. The brokers manage to cause a falling oil', once in ajwhile, to make good their time sales, and then they all take a Iresh start again. The Appleton Manufacturing Company of Lowell, Mass. have deelared a semi-annual dividend of six per cent. The Worcester Railroad Company have declared a semi" annual dividend of three per cent, and made a large reservation for depreciation. Tho capital on which the dividend is made is $2,700,000. The Locks and Canals Company of Lowell, Mass. have lately made on extra dividend of fifty dollars per share of $fi00. There is very little doing at present in inland exchange8 ?very little variation has taken place in quotations since our last. Domestic Exchange. De<\ 20. Boston, para Jtfdis Apalachicol*, 2 a dis Pliilrulplnliia. t,ar a 11 Mobile. 5a M Baltimore, p?r a " Montgomery, 5>4 a 5>4 dia Virginia, V a 1 " Tuicaloosa, iV a 1)> " Not III Carolina, lV? a IK " New Orleans, a Xl>m Charleston, Xi Nash?ille. 2 >* Savannah, J^'a I " Louisville, 1>* a IK" Augusta, Ha St. Louis, 1 a 1!? " Columbus, 1 a 1>4 " Cincinnati, IK a IX " Macon, 1>? a 1* " Michigan 2*, a 3^ " Union, Florida, 70 a 72 " U S. Bauk Nctes 30 a 31 South. L.&.T. do 75 a 00 " Trees ury Notes, new *inissiou, D* a UsPm The receipts of specie at New Orleans on tho 10th inst were $156,600, making the total amount received since Sept. 1st, $2,311,317?$53,800 was received at Mobile on the 8th inst. The Hartford and New Haven Railroad Company will receive offers for 260 seven per cent bonds of $1000, redeemable in 1864?10 per cent to be paid down, and the balance on the 10th of January next. Also for 160, at Kami; per cent of interest with 6 per cent down and the balmier 1st of July next. The payment of these bonds will be secured by mortgage on the property of the company and receipts of the road. The trade on the great inland lakes of this country for the pant year was heavier than ever before. The value of the ira)iorts into Buffalo alone was more than $10,000,. 000, which was composed of the following item* :? lMronTimoMTHiWi.iT into Buffalo for 1843. FJoar, bbls. 917,517 Wheat, bushel. 1,827,211 Fork, 41,979 Corn, 223,963 Betf, 25,329 Oats, - 2,4R!> Seed. 11,339 Rye, 1,332 Ashes, 29,910 Butter, kegs, 17,402 Whiskey, 8,719 Lar.l, 10,464 Cranberries, 3.Ml Laril. bkls 14,125 Kiali, 2,457 Wool, sacks, 4,514 Tallcw, 2,387 Cheese, boiea, 9,863 llams au<l bacon, casks, 4,814 Do casks, 3,661 Hides, 32,447 Brooms, dozen, 2,1211 Hemp, bales, 86} ) lira and skins, pks, 2,343 Tobicco.hhds. 2,097 Glass, boxes, 2 298 Lead, pigs, 23,753 Shot, kegs, 675 The season (of navigation on the lake* for 11843 was shorter than the general average, but the increaso of business and addition of vessel! to the carrying trade have been very large. The value of property that pasted through Buffalo,from the east to the west,for the past two years exceeds seventy-two millions of dollars. This immense amount distributes itself over the groat west and enriches the population of that region, which they pay for by the valuable an4 important products.of their toil The number of vessels that arrived at Buffalo for 1843 was 2904, and the departures '2930, making a total oi 5884, averaging for every day during navigation, twenty-eight sail -exceeding the arrivals and departures from any other port in the United States. Buffalo is destined to lie a very extensive depot of produce from the west and merchandise from the east. Situated atthe head of Lake Krie, with a convenient commodious harbor?the western terminus of the Erie Canal and outlet for the shipments from the ?ast, she will before many years roll round be the largest inland city of the Union. TMil l CXHIBlTIItn the NUMBER OE arrivals >md DeTARii-res. KcccirTsor Kloua and Wheat, with the (estimated Vai.vf. rn? Kitf. Years. Jtrr. f- drpnr'i. Flour. { Wheal. Kit. val. 1838 , 3,895 670.0*1 3,075,665 1839 , J9M 258,507 755,673 3,05,620 It'll, *.060 ,'.90,(130 1,002.191 fi.172,060 l??t, 5,290 714,157 1,666,611) 7,897,902 1842, 5,626 745,622 1.761,711 7,025,054 Reducing the flour to whvat it stands thus 1810. 1811 1812. 1843. Wheat, bushels, 3,952,341 5 236.895 5.489,831 6,414,W6 Dy the above estimate fi,489,821 bushels of wheat, the receipts of 1842, are valued at $840,000 more than 8,414,826 bushels, the receipts of 1843. The receipts of 1843 exceed those of 1843 about a million bushels, and the value is placed at nearly a million dollars less This is a correct result, which is arrived at by the operation of numerous causes, all of which exert a controlling influence. The first grrat cause is tne aimnuance 01 me pronucuon, which hu created a surplas in the country without an outlet to any extent. The second is the improved state of the currency consequent upon the disappearance of so many banks, and the restrictions placed upon those left in existence in the grain growing sections. Both political parties say this isfcaused by the tariff The ultras of one dcctrine argue that it is in consequence of ? protective scale, and their opponents say because it is not protective enough. They think the whole prosperity of the country, and every man, woman and child in It, de pends upon a tariff of duties to suit their particular policy. For poltiicnl effect they look no farther, and endeavor to ride into j>ower on the popularity of their arguments.? In all the tables of foreign imports into this country that we have heretofore given, the most striking feature that exhibited itself was in the increase during the years of great expansion of the currency. Inflated prices made '.lie additional value, and to a certain extent high .prices increased tho quantity imported. The production of a great staple, in every country, it caused by the demand and state of prices. The two years that followed the importation of so much w heat into this country, exhibited a great increase of production throughout theWcst. Acres of land were at that time Drought under cultivation, by the condition of prices and state of the currency, that but for these causes would have been this day a wilderness. A bushel of wheat has not been imported into this from other countries for centuries liecause we actually wanted it for consumption. Our soil has always produced surplus. We had thousands u|?n thousands of bushe/g ol grain in the hands of speculators at the time we were importing so much. Our exports of flour have always been to a large amount, and foreign grain whs imported here because prices at home were run \ip to so high a jHiint, by the expansion of the currency and the speculative fever which it caused, that wheat could be brought thousands of miles and sold at a profit in our markets. Is this a natural state of trade ? The tremendous reaction is the best evidence that it was not. m Exports or Floi'11 from thic L'lfirrn States. JlUt. I'alur Hblt Value. i*2i, j.n.'ift ni 4,29*011 1*12, *04,919 4,971,121 I82S, B27.H6.> 1, IU3.2BO ia;U, MS,76* 5,612,601 1*81. TM.7r>2 171 lMf. *15,3.52 4,500,379 'Ml. 996.792 5,759,176 1*35 , 779,3% 1,391,777 t*?. BIS,90ti 4,212,127 1036, ..05,11,0 3,17*599 I12J. 057,*20 4,l?l,4"6 1*17, 3IR.7I9 2,9*7,269 S'l-T, 061491 4,1 It.RRI IBM, 448, '61 3,601,299 IMS, feili.Ml'J 4,20:1,069 1019, ?23,l.'il 6.M1.I7* 1029, B:P,3P5 1,006,031 1310, 1*93,102 10,143,615 ? 1*30, 1,125,901 6 112,129 1*11, 1510,613 7,7.9,646 1031, I,*00,129 III,461,7*0 ISIS, l,S8S,602 7,371,116 This shows the truth of the remark, that every bushel of grain import oil into thiscountry at any lime was directly for, or caused indirectly by *|wculation; and all speculation" i? caused by an unhealthy, irregular sUt? of the currency. The tariff exert* a certain influence on certain article* of import or export, but the prime cause of good or evil iu ctynmerctal communities is the expanded or condensed state of the paper circulation of tliis or any other country. The Treasury report of the State of Indiana, exhibits a very unfavorable condition of the finances. The total amouut of outstanding Treasury notes, January 1, 1844, is estimated at $l,2.?0,000, which cannot be fully redeemed until 1840, estimating the annual amount appropriated to that purpose at $390,000. The ordinary annual expenses of the government do not vary much from <>110,000, which, added to the amount to redeem Treasury notes, makes the amount $330,000 annually. The actual receipts of the State for 184-> were $214,833, at which rate there would be a deficiency of $116,000. The receipts on the canals for the past season were only $45,13.) to the 1st of October.? This small amount of receipts was caused by several interruptions of navigationjduring the season. The receipts art; estimated to reach $60,000 before the close of navigation. The receipts from this source the next season are expected to more than double those of this, as the work will be extended, and the country in its vicinity is rapidly improving. The public debt of the State January 1st, 1843, according to the report of the State Treasurer, varies materially l'rofei the statement made in the Governor's message :? Debt ok Indiana, Jan. 1841. Total indebtednesi of the State, Jan. lit, 1813, as per Tw-surer's re|>ort, $12,12',33!) Canal interest, unpaid, 60y,289 Payment! on debt during 18?3, 12,738 628 Sis per cent bonds redeemed ol St te 0k, $261,608 Interest ou at?te bonds livid by U. S , :etiiued out of proceeds of public lanot,- 17,375 b ive |>er cent 1 rea?ury notes, redeemed <?r State Dink, 8\234 Other Tmuury notes and interest,tedeenieil and cancelled, 427,476 791,713 Total debt, Jan. 1st, 1814, 11,943,915 The Governor, in lug annual message, slated that the present amount of the State debt did not vary but a trifle from that of January 1st, 1841, which was $15,088,146?about three millions more than reported by the State Treasurer There must be a gross mistake somewhere in the accounts of these functionaries, which should be rectified and ex" plained. The State of Indiana, with her very limited resources, is very deeply involved,and wc doubt the possibility of any great relief from their present difficulties for many years. She is not like other States who can pay but will not ; it would require the severest taxation to meet the $600,000 interest on the debt of that 3tate. Her inter, nal improvements pay but a trifling revenue, and they would require an extensive outlay to make them much more productive. The first movement was made simultaneously in the Senate and House on the present tariff act. The representation from SouthCarolina were the tools to commcnce the moye. A resolution was introduced calling on the Committee of Ways and Means to report as to the expediency of bringing in a bill to repeal the existing tariff and to bring in a bill establishing a twenty percent ad valorm duty, with discriminations only for the purpose of revenue. The groundwork of the resolution is solid and proper, but the discriminations should be devoted to the incidental protection of the various interests of the country. The government must have from some source a sufficient revenue to carry out the appropriations of Congress.? The wheels must be constantly in motion, and the requisite power must come directly or indirectly from the people. The only way that the bulk of the revenue should be collected is from imports?this comes from the proper channels, and ha* been derived from that source so long, that none others in this country are provided, except what is yielded from property belonging to the government.? Tl,n ..I. >.!,?? in ?l?. Umicn 11.? i. ? NO . UHi lontn an IUO i.uu?i. v. ] in n T VB UII mc 111troduction of the above resolution, was so decided a negative, that all hopes lor a modification of the tariff to an extent that will produce sufficient income to meet the annual expenses of government, and gradually extinguish the public debt, aro destroyed. Both political parties admit that the present act contains many defects. It is plainly to be seen that it does not produce a sufficient revenue; and what|argument can be stronger than.that fact ? The importations will not greatly exceed the present amount for sometime to come, under any scale of duties. The internal state of the country forbids any increase of consequence, and so long as our currency is confined to its present standard, the increase will be very gradual and very regular. This condition of the country, and the result of the present state of the tariff, and all the mercantile movements will be a constantly accumulating public debt, and an annual deficiency in the revenue. Old Stoclc Exchange. $15000 U S5'f, 1C62 104 20 Canton Co 31U iOOO NVCityVi, *70 103K 100 do 31 14000 Or ioti's, '60 ope 103* 25 do ?lm 2Ul. 3000* do 101 25 do 30jj 5000 do tl0afo|>g li 3 100 Mohawk KU 56k 5000 do b30 1J3>? 25 do l>15 56 5000 Ohio6i, "58 b30 103 25 do bl5 55K 70000 Kentucky 6's 107H 20 Paterson IIR 87 1 .KIWI mill's DS o:?>j <o ntw JftlCJ IVIX lull 8000 do 6!) 360 Long Isliuil RR 71 50<H1 <lo boo 69X 100 do 70* iOOO lllinoii ipcl bds 46 ion do b30 71 10000 do 45J4 50 do blO 71 1000 do >6m 44 AO do 71)4 5000 do t60 46K 50 do 71), 5000 Indiana Bonds i:>\ 500 do 71)4 1000 Alabama 5'? cash 85 50 do 71)4 10000 do 85 100 do b30 72 5000 Tean. 5'? l>30 91 185 Nor St Wor RR 32 1)000 do b30 91 >4 25 do 33)4 150 shs Del.SiIlud 113 5<l de 33 30 Bank of Com, full 101 30R do 31!)4 30 do 10l>4 50 do >30 32', 30 Atlau'ic Bk, Brook'n 90 20 Auburn Si Iloch'? 106 l, 50 Me 8c Tra's Bk, NO 6!) 50 do 107 50 do 63)4 50 UticaSi Sclieuei'y 125 25,111 inois Bk 21 300 Harlem IIR 44)4 7 Kentucky Bk 75 500 do 44 16 N Am Trust Co 8)4 700 do b60 45 25 Vicktburit Bk 5 150 do 43I4 26 Manhattan Oas Co 95 300 do i30 44>. loo Farmers' Trust Co 33J4 50 do 44X 350 do 34 350 do slO 44), 50 do blO 31 25 Atib'11 Si Syra's RR 110 50 do l>30 34 Sccond Board. 6000 Ohio 6's 1860 b3A 103 20 Am Ki Bank 90 2DOO do 103 100 Canton b!6 31 5000 do b30 103 50 do 31 5000 Penn'a 5's 69V 25 do 30k 100 Harlem *3 44)4 100 Farmers' Loin 33ji 100 do >60 4 4 200 Loaat Island s30 72 100 do i\\ 40 Norwich St Wor. 31 100 do bI5 44 50 Bank of Com. scrip 100k [ 100 do ?90 44)4 New Stock Exchanft, $5000 Ky 6's, 30 yrs c I07<4 75 shas Loiik U1 ind 71* 1000 do slO 107)2 -50 do b3 71% j 2000 do snw 107)4 100 do bnw 72^, i WOO lllinoisVs, *70 b7 45 50 do hlfl 7^>4 }JJ? do ?15 44W 50 d? b60 74% JW0 do sl5 45* 50 Paterson Rll blO 87 ?? . . do s30 44)i 10 do Mar 1 86 10(10 Ind. $ buds. 25y 16O 45)4 lOONAraTrCo 9V 2J|00 do s3 46 25 Farmeis' Loin 33V 2000 do 46 50 do 14 I0WK) U 8 5 s Slrfy 104 125 do s3 3iJ4 .000 do 1,20 104 60 Vicksbnre Bk sl6 5 11000 Ohio 6's.'60 1.20 101 100 "0 * 4^ 2000 do or* 103?4 50 Canton Co 311? 1000 do opg 103)4 .60 do .1 jii" 2000 do opg 103)2 26 do 31I? 5000 do 103)4 75 do 43 3|C 0000 do bJ 103), 160 Dry Dock Bk b3 .60 .'.000 do b3 103)4 25 do b30 50 1000 do opg 103)4 25 Mohank RR s3 55),' 50 shns Nor St Wore s3 31J4 25 do b20 55)4 50 do b30 33 V 25 do s3 55* 26 do S3 32\ 75 HarUm RR tw 44 50 do blO 331-, 200 do stw 44 25 do bl5 33)4 25 do 44 25 W'msbnrg lm c 71 60 do s3 14 100 Long Island 71)4 50 do 1.3 44>4 25 do s3 71)2 50 do slO 44)4 25 do bl5 71*4 100 do blO 45 25 <1 . *15 71)4 50 do bl5 45)4 State of Trade. There is very little doing in any article ot trade, rotton is more active than any thing else. Ashes.?We nuote Pots at $4 5flf, anil Pearls at $5 Ottj ti $? 1JJ. Both kinds very dull. Hat?Sales of North River bale at 43 a 44 cent*. The receipts are small, and a fair demand exists. Country sells as wanted at 65 a 76 cents. Provisions.?Our quotations and remarks of yesterday will still apply to the present state of the market?not the slightest change perceptible. Wmiskf.t.?Drudge is still held at 33 cents. Barrels are very dull at '24J cents. Flair a fit Uhain.?Articles in this line are without any factual change, although prices have an inclination downward. Genesee cannot bo quoted at over $4 6'2J a $4 68j. Cotton.?The transactions to-day amount to aliout 1500 bales. In some cases a small advance has been paid on the rates of yesterday. Holders are quite stiff, and the amount on sale is small. Beth buyers and sellers are anxiously awaiting the arri* alof the steamer Hibernia. Reai, Kstatk.?The following tales of Ileal Kstate were made by Anthony J. Bleecktr St Co.?Two pieces ol ground on Bleecker street at the corner of Barrow, containing 26 feet by 76, and 96 8 by HO, together with the buildings thereon known as Nos.'273, 'J80, 2ftl, 394, QH6, JS8 Bleecker street, sold together for $'2t>,500 The hull of the ship Memphis, with the materials, as she lies at the Dry Dock $10,050 Foreign Markets. Havana, Dec. 5.--Kxchange-On I-ondon II a 11J per cent premium; Paris3J a 3 per cent discount; New York J a I percent premium; New Orleans S per cent premium' nominal;Mexican donbloons j per cent premium; Mexican dollars 1 percent premium; Pillar dollars J j percent I premium, nominal. Freights?To Spain $laU per liox; Ualtic. jL'O OOaO 00, Hamburg and Bremen I0a3 00. Ureat Britain ?'i 10a.3 00; ( 'owes and a market ?'1 |fla3 00; France 70fa!H?; Mediterranean 4J3 I0a3 00; I'nited States f>l?1 J per box sugar; 50c. per bag coffee; $Jla3 per brl mo, lasses. Sugars?Half and half4},and 6at}an<UW; do siqierior lo good 5 and 7a.~> and 0, no demand; do Florete, none. White, inferior, 4^artJ, noilemand; do sup. and good 7ani, no demand; do Klorete, none. Brown inferior 4a4] do u-conds fiaiij; do sup. and goodfta5?;do Klorete 3ja3J, none. Ciicuiucho; Muscovado, nominal. Coffee?fine, none; first quality, nominal; second do, per quintal, $5j n )|; thirddo do 4faA); triache, per nuin., Jjauj. Rice, per iiiin., $4l to 4J; C'odAsh do$Ato5j; New Orleans Flour $15 to 15 j|; Hams, American, covered, per quin., $Hto 13; Lnrd, American, per quintal, $10 to I'll; Butter do do $14 to IS; Potatoes, per bbl. $2a'2j; Mess J*ork do $||; Clear fork f. 11?; New Orleans Pork, in boxes, per quintal; $9to 10; American Cheese, |>er qnintnl. $10 to $| >; Beet, prime, per bbl. $H to 9; do Mess do $l()a|j. Matanzas, Dec. 6.?Flour?Spanish $UallJ the bbl.; Philadelphia aad Baltimore $ ISa 16, N. (). *1 >alt>. Lard iUallj. Butter? Kuro]mau, f>ila*IO; U.S. f 11 u 14. Codflsh $4)a.V Potatoes $3}h3. Suj(ar Hall' and hall V> 1 a 6.1; Klorete .iaM; white ttaTJ; do inferior ftaAj; (^uehrado la.ij; ( iicurticho 3a3j. Cort'ee?hut little on hund u?d price* uominul, lirst receipt! 6a6}. Wax?White 84a() the arroha; yellow 7a7j. Tobacco?Leal", $l-ia$l3;do $ 16 a ?17. Kxportii from 1st Jan. to 3(tth Nov. 1843?061,710 lioxei Sugar; 134,W8] arrohiLS coffee, 320,016} tiercel mo- | lasses; 54,808 lbs Toba ico Leaf. Died, On Tueadajr evening, after a lingering illness, Jokipii W., son of Joseph Coles, in the 3itl year of hid age. Thy Iriends of the family are invited to attend the funer- j al from his late residence iln First (treat, this (Thursday) ] morning, the 'J 1st, at half past 8 o'clock. His remains will be taken to Jerico, L. I. lor interment. On the -iOth inst. Hkxhy McOinkiii, aged 73 years. The friends of the family ami those ol James Conway, are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock precisely from his late residence 907 Stanton st. At Aharsimus, N.J., on Tuesday evening, 19th instant, of scarlet fever, JosiphI T.,'eldest son of Joseph T. and . Mary Ann Morton, in the 4th year of his age. lintcil Advice* rkcbitid at the hew vohe herald office. Africa Oct. 5 Malaga- Oct. IS I Antigua Nov. 19 Madeira Aug. 2?> Arecibo Nov. t Mauritius July 29 . Am < ayes Nov 29 Montevideo Ocr. 23 Batavia Aug. 24 Maracaibo Sept. 2t> Bay of Islands, N. Z-Juiie 6 Mans.nulla Nov. 18 Bermuda Nov. 29 Matanzas Dee. S Buenos Ayres Oct. 2 Mayaguez Nov. 2?> Belize, Hon. I)ec. 2 Matamorai Nov. 9 Barbadoes Nov. 16 Moiitfrey Oct. 16 Bouaire Nov. 5 Nassau, N. P. Dec. 6 Bombay Oct. 2 Neuvitas Oct. 18 Cal>e '1 own, C. O. H-Sept. 1 Oahu, S. I. Aug. 8 Calcutta Sept. 22 Para Nov. 14 Cadiz Nov. 2 Paris Nov. 17 Chagres June 2tl Port au Prince Nov. 23 Cieiil'uegns Nov. 18 Porto Rico Nov. 12 Cape Haytien Nov. 30 Porto Cabrllo Nov. 21 < arthagena Oct. 2U Point Petre, Guad. Nov. II Campeachy Nov. 25 Periiambuco Nov. 6 Coiiuimbo July 18 Pnyta Aug. 23 Callao Aon. 29 llio Janeiro Nov. 9 Demerara N?v. 17 St. Helena Oct. 1 Klsiuore Oct. n) St. Thomas Nov. 30 Kayal Sept. 25 St. Jwo de Cuba* Nov. 15 Gibraltar Nov. 10 St. Johns, P. R. Oct. 29 Guayama, P. R. Nov. 10 St. Croi* "k-Sept. 22 Galvestou Dec. 2 St. Domingo Nov. 17 Oouaives Nov. 10 St. L'bes Sept. 29 Havre. Nov. 17 Surinam Oct. 23 Havana Dec. 7 Singapore Aug. 1 lama* i^ec. u f yuiiev, rs. a. vy . may / Jeremie Nov. 8 1 riuitladde Cuba Nov. 15 I Kingston, Ja. Nov. 2ti Talcahuana June lti Londou Nov. 18 Tampico Sept. 21 Liverpool Nov. 19 Tobasco-" Sept. 20 LaOuayra Nov. 22 Turks Island Nov. 28 Lacuna Oct. 31 Trieste- Nov. 8 Lima Aug. 8 Valparaiso Auk. 28 Macao Aug. 3 Vera Cruas Dec. 2 Manilla July 2.') Zanzibar Aug. 12 Passengers Arrived. Liverpool?Packet ship Sheridan?J J Patrick, Miss Ami Patrick, Petersburg, Pa; Niliss Speck, New York?and 57 in the steerage. Foreign Importation*. Livklpool? Ship Sheridan?ICO tonn coal K K Cellin* ft co ?14 pkgs W r.haocey?3 P-ton St Mewart?1 Irving Van Wait & cc?1 VV St ^ Phirps?2 C 8 Hubbard?2d 8 T Jones St. co? 2 Thoimsou St co?i A Van Nest?1 LlJ Wyitli?'T Wight. Sturgis St Shaw?lHainiau St Hayea?>* James M S^sw?47 JuMMT St co?18 C ipps St co?6 J K Worre'l ;St Son?3 Pi Id. Thompso'i Si co? t; Jam>s Leff>ils-3 *itor Trice it co?10 Peakody, Rikgs St co- 30 Wolfe St Bishop?1 James O Pease? I llalste?il Haines St co?9 Chtster Clar. St Co?U70 bdls and tim ot iron K.glrstou St Batte'l?12 ca? s J A .Underwood?8 J.icot) Iteese & So???17 Bird, Gillilan St Co? 3 Mes?enger Brothers?1 i>kk J St J Oh mberUiu?1 Wiltou St CI rke?* J 8t T W"ruh?ad?1 M Armttrong?51 Sands, Fog Si co?21 Jokn Nichols in-141 John J>hull Sicc? 2 Stone St co?1 John Mullin?2 Jqliu liarrin? 2 Hunt, Bro'her*?15 H'nry ^'amum St oo ?1 Lewis Atte bury, ji?3 L>) man Clipp St co?J Wm B Bon4 1 Chart's A m?s?100 tons coat Lavid C Coldeu?1 pkgs Dickson St co?22 N?v.us St co?32 Charles Cartlidg'?I ivlarits Si ?*h?rc' ?fiO S F Dorr?11 T Tucker?17 Allen, Ht/.en St co? 9 Po t St Thomas?? Stone. Swan St co?6 Thus Hunt St c-? 2 W G Hon* St co?19 Chu E Bi I St co?13 S T Stone Sc co? 3 Cameron St Brand?1 H k'rnenputsch?2 Stone St oo?2 James Owen?I121|b?s tin Pfcohi', Dodge Stco- 1 pkg Wh'teSt Sheffield?4 Jos Conuah?1 Wm Waiue.?1 Hughes, Ward St e.c? 282 bxs tin Jo M Brewster?104 do block plates licudiirk* Brothers?S00 W Mead?75 Stolid, Gilbeit St ro?2 pkgs J Gibson Ik co?21 J St J Stuart St co?30 Smith, 'JhurgarSt co?al Hichardson St Watson?1 T St H Pate?57 Wm Whitewight St co?4 Ball.n St Lander?4 Frederick L?ach?4 E Smith, Son St co?13 Inglis St Scott?I bills of potatoes Ma<tlaiul St Conuat St co?2 mill st-nes Richard Imn, Esq?22 packages Benjamin A Mumford?I package mdi Timot'V MclJermot? 1 pkg Gillespie (t 8tee'we'1?5 bxs T Dancan Sc Son?30 j>kg J as McCall St co?9 Willison Sc Wheelwright? G W I nit ?1 A Kastou? 2{llick" Stco?13 Reiss, Brothers Stco?I Gor ton, Hodtes St co?81 Smith. Thurger St co?700 ba'es jiipe clay W Tunitall?2 pkgs And Mitchell Stco?lot E Cau ilwell St co?1 button making inaehiiie J >1 Lilter?2 Hales carreting H W Field?1 ho* hardware 10C pkgs 210 boxes tin p ates to order. Palkrmo?Brig James Wilson?1335 boxes lemons 185 do oranges 122 do almouds 130 bags walnu's 200 do sumac 10 tons brimstone Fitch St co?25 bxs lemons 25 do oranges J Peckuer? I case silk to order. PaRa?Brig Washington Barge?35 boxes India rubber shoes 29 lit bottles 736 bids 210 Alger's CnsMua nuts 32 baskets annatt 1 box castings 1308 hides. 20 ca>es shoes 2 do balls 4 do India rubber sheets Allen St Paxon?6 boxes types W Hager?I trunk <> boxes wine skint M C Moore?131 do India rubber ihoes 23 case* 1 hexes India rubber balls, order. Maracairo?Barque Levant?32.'i bags coffee A Arengnren? 82 do A L Cunningham?HO do P Harmony, Nephews Sc co? 734 do 230 hides Masou Sc Thompson?88 bags Peruvian bark A Arenguren. Havana?Schr Harriet Smith?(Reported yesterday)? 300,010 oranges 91 bunches bananas 300 ci coa nuts P Balen?6000 segars E B Tultle?8750 P Nostrand. Domestic Importations. Nrw Orleans?Brig Etrurian?51 boxes S Briggs?!Hi bbls Brush Sc co?60 De Peyster St Whitmarsh?144 Dwignt it John?on?I box Wilsou Sc co?2 hlids Barclay St Livingston?15 Mc(bracken St Livingstou?1 Briethaupt?970 bbls tlour 1158 kegs in kr v.i.1^ 1--.4 mm -L_ . ,?. II?JI? ?. ~~ - ^ B Woolirv?28 lids luirnr c Wlwltr- 51 bbU W It llirrhrook I ?8 It Walker?6 (ioodluie Si co. New Ori.kams? Brig Gulnare?112 hhds sugar B H Field? 117 liirics Wolfe Si Bishop?11,3fi9pii(s lead Strachan 8i Scott? 151 bbls beef and pork 2 kegs lard RoDerti & Williams?II hhds tobacco l" M Connolly?1294 kegs lard Sturges ft Clearman?238 sacks wheat 10) bbls molasses (ioodhue k co?30 hhds iut\r G Merle?1J3 bhls molasses 2' 0 empty hb's to order. St Marks?Barque I wanowna?230 bales cotton Holbrook, Nelson St co?187 H Waring Si son?102 Center Si co?28 Maitlind, Comrie Si co?50 Perkins Si Hopkins?11 Bryant Si MaitIand?31 G Collins?G bis to order. Port Lkon?Brig Camilla? 28 biles cotton Center Si co?214 Holbrook, l^elson Sico?14 Maitland, Comrie & co?25 Perkins Si Hopkins?62 Mel, Co- Si Anderson?35 Bryant Si Maitland? 98 hides Spear Si Vanderhoof. Savannah?Brig Madison?56 bales cotton Geo Collins?86 Faber Si Rii'rwitli?16 A G Miller?27 Barstow, Poiw Si co?109 H W Si S Hills?292 boxes wine Taylor Si Merrill?513 hides Sprjgne, llobinson Si co?252 casks rice and DC bales cotton to order. MARITIME HERALD! ailing Dayi or tha Mteam Ships. from liverpool. from america. Hibernia, Judkins Dec. 5 Jan. 1 Britannia. Hewitt -Jan. 4 Feb. 1 Caledonia, Lott Feb. 5 March 1 Acadia, Shannon Mar. 4 April 1 Ship HlMteri and Agent* We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels willgiv o Commodore Robert Siltrt. of our News Fleet, a He wrt of the Shipping left at the Port whtnce they sailed, the Vessels S|>oken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, anil \ny Foreign Newspaper* or News they may have. He will onard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor r'spondrnta, at home i?r abroad, will also confer a favor by i-ndiug to thi* Office all the Marine Intelligence they oat obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thanlifBlIt 'eceivei. PORT OK DEW YORK. DKCKMBKll 91. <tm RUM 7 23 I new moon 12 13 m;* 4 34 I hish water 8 59 Cleared. tShips Liverpool^ Ehlridge^Li ver^ooj, Woodhull St Minturn; Willani, Mobile, Pearce k Bullock.?Bvrqite Jacob 8 Walo, (lowland, Smyrna, lie. I) 11 Itobertsou.?Urigs Hvder Ali, Tikioti, 8t Croix, flic. Alsop 81 < hn*ncey; Isxac Mead, Thorp, Mobile. Dunham Si Dimor.; Kugene, Drinkwater, Norfolk, Vesmiih. Leeds ic Co.?Schr* Challenge, Nichols, St <"roi?, Buck Si I eters; Pbebe D, Smith, Richmond, A B Cootey Si' o; | Argon, Chair, Norfolk; Abbott Lawrence, Meeker; Cowpli- I ?ne?.F?ttenon, and 8 A Apnleton. Nickerson, Boston. Alio, brig Delight, Wotten, Philadelphia. | Arrived. Packet ?hip Sheridan, De Pey*ter, from Lirei*v>ol. No*. 14, with md?e, to K. K. Collins Si C . Had constant westerly Hurricane! up to the 12th nut. at which time ?he reached the Hauki. ind from there into po't has hid the wind* generally from the North and Eastward, and moderate Took a pilot on board on Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, 25 mile* WNW of the Hook, and came to anchor on the bar at II same evening. Barque Levant, Derrickson, 2(1 davn from Maracaibo, with coffee and hides, to J. & N. Briggs. Left no A mer. vessels. Banine Iwanowna, Shiun, 15 days from St Marks, with cotton, to Harbeck kr?. Brig Jaines Wilson, Peckner, 50 days from Palermo, with fruit, t" pitch & Co. 2d tilt, in the Straits of Gibraltar, spoke 0 8 bri){ 'Lojran,' from Tunis for Mahon. Swedish brut Linnet, Olsson, 56 days from Ilio Janeiro, with 2501 bags coffee to John GihonBrig Washington's Barge, Aprletou, 21 days from Para, with nidse, to Alien & Ptxson Brig Angora, Means, 20 days from Lagnnc, with 50C0 qtls 1 >gwood to How'and It Aspiuwall. 1st inst, Sisal boating SW >;0 miles, spoke schr Merchant. Brig Gnlielma, Herring. 27 days from Tohasco, with logwood, to Nesinitn, Leeds Si '-o; 419 qtls do Meyer Si Co. Brig Camilla, Mandeuil, 10 day* from Port Leon, with cotton, to Sturges Si f'learman. Brig Ktrurian, Brauscom, 17 days from New Orleani, with Ilour, Sic. to Nesmith, Leeds Si Co. Brig Gulnare, Tinker, 17 day* from New Orleans, with lead, pork Sic. to Nesmith. Lee.Is Si (jo. Brig Madison. Bulkley, 8 days from Savannah, with cotton, Sic. to Stuiges Si Clearman. British brig Merchant, Bcck, 8 day* from St. John, NB with plaster, to master. Brig Nancy Jane, Smith. II davsfrom Wilmington, NC.with lumber and store*, to master British schr Ida, Howard, 59 days from Sierra Leone, with 6t> tons camwood 2800 lb* old copper 1762 hides 7 leopard skins to I'. I. NeviuskSon. Lelt brig Lean'ler, of Salem. Schr llobin Hood, Lemont. 30 days from Ponit Petre, Guad in ballast?bojuid to Bath. Put in in distress, with loss of sails ml rigging, leaking hadly, and crew sick. Died on board, Ittli inst. hvan Divis.se man, * native of CJermsny. No da e, Ut 10 5 N, Ion 72 48, fell ill with the deck of a vessel, Apparently Schr A K. Thorne, Sandford, from Wilmington, NC. with iaval stores, to K. S. Powell. Schr Ann Hvmaii, Totten, from Newbem, NC with naval tores, t" M. PI*' t S^hr Julia Si Nancy, Sterling, from Newbern, N J. with naval store* SchrC. Slover, Kills, from Newbem, NC. with naval store*, to master. Schr Direct, Briggs, from Baltimore, with mdsr, to J. Si N. Griggs. Schr Excellent, Davis, from Georgetown, DC. with tlonr, to inaitPfs Schr Julia, Vangilder, from Georgetown, DC. with flour, to "%-hr Pilgrim, Dodge, from Alexandria, DC. with flonr, to Schr Stanley Hall, Tiewasb, from Norfolk, with corn, to the master Inlledi Ships New York, Cropi>er, Liverpool; ( ristoval Colon, Smith, Havana; Olive Jfc l-.li/.i. Parsons, Charleston; Sonth- I nort, do; barques Duchess, Lisbon; Selnn, Glasgow , Kunoinus. Itio Janeiro; Sim rna St Jago de Cuba; Hose Staudish, Mobile; Ovando. Apalachieolv, brigs Sun, Antwerp; Port Leon, Barbaloes; t Inns. Kingston. Ja; Saracen, Port Leon; Florida ApaUcliieola; Casild*.Wilmington, NC; fcxeel, Savannah; Moou, ''harleston, and others. CJenernl Kecord. P?? ??T sHir Llvmroni , for Livetrool, will sail to-day.? il?r letter twigs ire at Gilpin's. Pai kkt inir W? siMlNsrvH, for Loud in. is detained till lo-day. I Bni>i ' anton.?The Canton, Ander on, left our whart on Saturday rfrijiiijt in in?v of ihe h h boat Alum. Oppo?it? the Mint she raine in rolliainn with ship < trwnti.boiind to Niffhrt, coming up in low H the W a k in the Waei, by which the t 411 ton Mai to uiucli injured lint she went down in a lew minute* Willi ciny luauiiii Ui: "tlnuc which shecarried, anil the wati-r rioted over her matt* and all, leaving not a trace liehitid One of the tailor*. attrmptiug to bo into the cabin af er the colliiion had happeued. Wat drowned?no other life lott. '1 lie iiCridetit hap|>eiied about half-past ten at night. The Canton was lull I'ri ifhted with leid, pork, beef, hemp, Sic.?f N. O. Bulletin, llec 11. Ship Bki-tus ?This ship, loat at Buenos Ayres, was insured in this city for$IO,oOU. Whalemen. Sailed frrm Monterey in Sept. Magnolia, Simmons, on a cruise; John Jay, Rogers, do; ft ijali, West, do; in Oct, North America, Dus'in, U States Pocahontas, lull, hound home, spoken 211th ult, Ut 19 30, lou 45 Jl?by the Liuiiea, at this i>ort. Spoken. Ceylon, of and for Sal?m, it) dayt frim the Co:ut of Africa, Dec '8, lat 10 311, lou about 71, re|?irti d having had heavy weather in ihe t Julf Stream?by the Sheridan, at thit pott. 'Abiro," llio Jaueiro for Botton, Dec 16, lat 3820, Ion 72 I?by the Kobin Hood, at this port Monsoon, of krankfort.from Philadelphia, Dec 2, lat 79, Ion G9 20?by the Ida, at thit port. I'andora, of I'rovideuce, Boston for Sav iiinili, Dec 16, oft llatteras. Aleato, Cook, Botton for NOrleaus, Dec 1, off Hole iu the Wall. Foreign Porta. Mai.ac.a, Nov 4? In port, Harmony, Macodnck, for NYork, 2 dayt; Sea Kagle, Smith, for Boston, do; Hardy, Thompson, UIIC. Havana, Dec 7?In |>ort, Adelaide. Adatnt, and Normi, Barton, from New York. iuat arr; 4th, Northerner, Hatch, for New Orleans, soon; Hope Howes, Shaw, do, 7th Arr 4th, William Davis, NOrleaus; Lincoln, Bath; Danl Webster, and Kranklin ( reen. I liarleaton. CIJ Lel.uid, Boston; Uncle Sam, Wilmington. ( Id tth, British mail ateainer Forth, Jamaica. Tonasco, Nov 14?In port, Sarah, and Crawfird, from New York. Just arr. Point Pr.TAK. Ouad. Nov 19? In port, Cardenas. Marina, for rill marl I'll 14. I naya; Orchilta, Hanling, disg; C-uturion, I\orria, do; Robl Treat, Treat, do. Hid Wm I urrington, Barnea, Boston. Para, Nov 29?In port, '/.aiue, luid Deposit, for Salem, to sail o?n. P>:R*aMBrt.'0, Nov 6?In port, Knrotua, Hall. retailing ice, only American veaael. Hid about la(, Mary, I.lnfrio, Rio Ja neiro, in ballast. to load for Baltimore. MojutlRkv, Upper California, III Sept?Hid Admittance, Peteraon. Han Diego; in Oct, <?eo Henry, Hinilli. Haul* Barbara; Tas?o. Hastings, San Diego and Boston; Barnstable, Hatch, Han Dieco; California, Artliur, Han Franciaco; Kama, Nye, Saudwich lalanda; Julia Aim, LeiderdofT. Sauta Barbaui; Don ({uixotte, Paly, Santa t'ru/.. 8t J?hm, NB Dei: 7?Arr Syria. Maateri, NYork. Home Ports. F.AaTPonr, Dec6?Sid Germ, Lincoln; Fidelia. Small, and (Jenernl Stark, Laugthom, Baltimore; Oread, Bibber, do Cutler, Dec 10?Arr Betiey It Jane, Kastport, and aid for Baltimore Calais, Dec 8?Sid St Croix, W Indies; Two Siatera, Walton. and Olive Branch, Tinker, NYorkBm.fast, Dec 16?Old Moro, NYork, and remaiuaou account o! the auow atorm. Bltkbport, Dec 16?Arr Chaa Henry, Brawater, Baltimore. Fkanekort, Dec 14?Arr Oxford, Ross, Portland, to load for Cuba; Gazelle, Boynton, St Pierre. Mart. Portland, Dec 16?Arr Caribeau, Philbrook, NYork. Cld Caroline, Jordan, Havana. Nothing aailed?Wind N, in llie afternoon variable to North and EN K, with a bluateriiiK anow atorm. Boston, Dec 1!??Arr Hualco, ('lark. St Peters, Mill?left iu> Ame veasela?on lfilh, Cm Ann WNW 40 milea diataut, paaaed the hull of a vessel bottom up, blowing fresh at the time anil the weather thick, could not make outlier name nor where she belonged, aame time saw it quantity of lumber, auppoaed to be a part of her cargo; Colombo, Roger*. Malaga. C ld Richmond, Gibba, London; Cameo. Jarvia, Smyrna; Chedabuctu, l.ithgow. Santa Cruz, Cuba; Pilot, Poland, Havana; iliudoo, (late of thiaperl) Proctor, of and li?r NYork; Brilliant, Cotton, Savannah. Cld 18th, Joahua Brown, Case, Curacoa. Holme* Hole, Dec I6?Arr L.'Orient. Knight, Ponce, for Boston or Newlmryport. aa the wind may lavor?left mi Amii vessel; Argus, Rogera, Frankfort for NYork; Juuo, Tootliaker, do for Baltimore; Montano, Dill, Rappahannock for Huston: Chief 3ach> in, Smith. Kastport for NYork; Banner, Tarr, N York for Gloucester; Fountain, York, Philadelphia for Boaton; Ocean. Parker, Frankfort, to discharge here: 17th, Coquette, Conner, Baltimore for kiaco; 18th, Colonist, [Br) NYork for Yarmouth, NS, and remaini with Prompt, (.Orient, Manson, and Co<iuette. 'J'he others reported aailed yesterday. The Ida went into Hyanuia. The Colouiat left 20 aail at Tarpaulin Cove tliia morning. Kdoartbwn, Dec 16?In port, Kagle, for Boston, repg sail* (auppoaed the Kagle. from Fredericksburg for Boatou, which was reported when ane left Holmes Hole, to lie bound to Woodi Hole for repairs). Nantvi Kf.T, Dec 14?Sid Nicholas Biddle, Walton, Philadelphia. Providence, Dec 18?Steamer lolas towed up from Warr?n, the hull of a uew barque, built at Barneyville, by Maaon Barney. F.sq. New Haven, Dec 18?Arr Pacific, Sperry, and Franklin, Thomas, NYork. S|d Celeste, Wrignt, <lo. Philadelphia, Dec 20?Arr Spy, Somera. Charleaton. Cld Despatch, Tilden, Bermuda and Port Spain; Washington,Munroe. Gibraltar; Maria Canaey, Stubh?, Providence; Angeline. acun, w iiiiamsourK, in * ; mcliil Thompson, Jiuck. ami YVm Young, Adams, NYotV Richmond, Dec 10?Arr Weymouth, Coach; (.pontine,Hart, and Catharine Wilcox, Liscorou, New York. Sid Lynchburg. Mathias; James ki Samuel. Somer*, and Ann Smith, Cole, N York; D A Somen. Powell, Jersey City. Nkwmcrn, NC. Dec 9?ArrTopar, Green, St Martins. Cld Mary, Hilton, West Indies. Charleston, Dec 16?Arr Ida, [Dan] Jorjenson, Rio. Cld Kmily, Sherwood, NYork; Valhalla. Thatcher, Boston. Savannah. Dec 15?Cld Scotland, Mills, Liverpool. 8t Marks. Dec 4?In i>ort. Kireline, Kish; Horlensia, Jones: St Marks, Williams, and Billow, Lawrence^ for NYork, few days; Ceres. Woodside, do, 1(1 ds; Souther, Baker, Boston, i; Hallowell, Smith, disg. Apalachicoi.a, Dec 7?Arr Huron, Paine, Baltimore; Swan. Dlanchard, Portland; Gilbert, Given, Boston; Robt Walt, [Br] Johnson, Liverpool; Falconer. Upton, NYork; Hose, Kelly, Newport- 11th, ( ourtenay, [Br] Turner, Liverpool; Robert Parker, Dwight, Baltimore; Ca|ieCod, Nickerson, Key West; Boston, Perkins, Gloucester; Katie, Smith, NYork for Mobile, Cit in for fuel. In port llth. Courtenav. [Br] turner, from iverpool, disg; Robt Parker, Dwight, Baltimore, do; Huron, Paine; Charlemagne, Packard; AtalanM, Raymond; Martha Washington, Tyler; Uncas, Latham, and Marianna, Phillips, for New York, Idg; Manco, Nickles. for Boston, do; Tallalias see, Hadley, and George Bkolfield, Skolfield, wtg; banjuei Robert Watt, [Br] Johnfbn, and Lion, Skoltield, for Liverpool, Ida; AUbama. Merritt, NYork, wtg; Tiberius, Howes dodo; Gilbert, Given, and Swan, Blanclmrd, wfg; brigs Alabama, Dudley, and Almeda, Aslihy, NYork, Ids; Falconer, Upton, and Aeolus, Haley, w tit; Paragon, 13 ray ton, Providence, wtg; Metainora, Asliby, PhiUdel|4iia, Idg Moiiilk, Dec 10?Arr Waverlv, Smith. New York; Louisa, Suow, St Peu-raliurK: Ayrshire, [Br] Baker, Liverpool; MM, Smith, ( liarleitou; Quinuebaug. I'atton. Bath; Joseph Marsh. Poland, Philadelphia; larollne. ration, roriauiouili, j a uo caster, LoveUnd, Ilichirond. Cld Lorena, Urmihart. Havre; I i-ikisvIvnaiia, 1 urley, Pit ladel|>hia. Arr 11th. Triton, l.uce, Providence; Linden, Koopman. NYork; Oregon, Crowell. Snvaunah; Saluda, Crowell, ( hatlmm. Cld Kefora, Tilyou, N Yoik. Nr? Orleans, Dec II?Arr Lrtitia Heyne, [Br] Arnold, Bplfut; (Jenesee, Jack, and Isabella, Briggs, Havre; Carolus. Stoker, Waldoboro; Ocmulgee, Peet-nnd Liverpool, Agry, N York; Niobe, Lecraw, and Rubicon,Thompson. Boston; Lamport. Armstrong. Liverpool; Walter, Boyd, Philadelphia; Kren Jacob, [lirem] War ken, Bremen; Byron, Pearson, NewbnryKirt; Abercrombie, Louttit, Demerara; Tennessem, Matanzas; ival, McNair, Kingston. Ja; < hapmari, Thompson, Charleston; Roanoke, Webb, tfotlog: Tarry Not, Mclutyre Havana; Danube, llich, LaUvayra; Van Buren, Bahcock, St Marki; W A 1 urner, Pe'it.Tobasco. Cld Tacitus, Cheever, and Amazon, Bachelor. Liveroool; North Carolina, Drummond, Havre; Columbus, [BreinJ Meyer, Havana; Monsoon. I'avui-.aud Canton, Anderson, Boston; Orleans, Sears, and John Mintarn. Stark, New York: Hobt Morris, Outerbridge, Philadelphia; Ks|ieleta, Ames, Barhadoes; Choctaw, Chase, Charleston; Creole, Trellis, Laguna; Denmark, Petrrs, Caui|K>achy; Barton, Lawless, Grand Caillou. fljOAA WANTED?To inveit in a safe cash business. The person advancing the money can hav? a desirable clerkship with a salary of S O per week, or a partnership if preterm!. Addms LEMUEL, at this office. (121 lt'ec \\T ET NURSE?A tounp, healthy woman,is desirous of the ' ' situation of wet nunc in a family. Can produce best city references. Enquire for El.7.i Burke, No. 30 Jay street did 3t*ec TXT ANTED?A Kile of the Courrier des F.tnta Unit, for the *? years 1811, '42 and '43, that may b? for sale. Apply at the desk of this office. dlT 4t* TITAN I'fcD- A capable, expert, enterprising young man, to ** act as clerk iu a publishing office. Arply at the desk of the office dl7 -It* THREE or four respectable gentlemen can be accommodated with their meals, payable in advance, on reasonable le.ms, by applying immediately i.t 17 Rector st, upstairs. <121 lt*m BOAHD?A respectable family tan I e accinmodat'd witha pli.isant room and bed ronin, with pantry adjoining; also a few small rooms, with con enience lor lire, suitable for single genlltmen, with comfortable board. Apply at *6 lieekmau streeN rf2l3t'rc BOAItDINO.?Two handsome b'drooms, ;wnh tire places, with breakfast and tea, or full board if required. Apply at 4'l Houston street. dl lm'r IODnlNllS ou the English plan, at Ri Broadway, oue door * below Wall street. A uanilioinc <ui'e of rooms on the fitt tloor; also, smaller suites on the second floor, very suitable for single geutlemrn. Breakfast served in the looms. d20 3t*rc POUND?A few evenings since, a watch, which the owner * can have bv calling upon me at the American Hotel. Dec 20th, 18(3. ALLEN MUNROE. d20 It*rc PACKET SHIP JL.1VEHPOO.L for Liverpool?Passengers "nip win piease iw on noaru iirnnmm nercuies at Whitehall dock. this morning at >1 o'clock |>r^? is ly. Letter bags will close at half-past in o'clock dl2rc DACKKT SHIP HUNTbVlLLE for New O/leaus-Pessen 1 Iters by this ship will pltasv ho on hoard ilia steamboat llercul ?, <t Whitehall, at 10 o'clock thi morning, at which time I ho ship will sail. <12 Ire PV K K I'-slI11' HIIKHIDAN, from Liverpool?Consignees hy this'ship wi'l please send tlioir permits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, w ithont delay. All goods not permitted la the days,will be sent to the public store. d2lre iJIIP' SOUTHKItVKlt. from Liverpool-^-Consignees per 0 this ship will pl-ase take notice, that she ii now discharging iindrr general order, at foot of Doverstfeet. dl9ec DA' KfTSHiIFoXSfO~N~from~New Orleans, 7s d-s! A charg ng at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. Consignees wii1 please attend to t'.e receipt ol their Roods imined.ately. dlSr RED CEDAR?115 logs lied Cedar, landing from brig Hol uhlie, for sale by A. W. 8PIK8 Sc CO., d2l 4t?m 218 I'tarl street. FIKTKKNTU WARD?American Republicans Attention ! A Meeting of the American Republicans of the Fifteenth Ward will bo held at the Vamhall Oanlen Stlion, Thursday Evening, Dec. 21st, at 7 o'clock, by order of the (' mmittee. II. SWORDS, Chairman. A. ASHLEY, Jr.. Secretary. d2l 2t*rc VTKW YORK LY' EUM LECTURES?The Sisth Lec Hire of the course will be delivered this evening at 7J< . 'clock in the Broadway Tabernacle, by the Hou. Alnauder II. K.vs.ett?Subject, Krencli Revolution. 1790. T'ckfti ma be obtained at the door. J2I lt*m ROBT. W. RODMAN, Record ing Secretary. KXPECTAncIltB.REVKRSTONARY CLAIMS, Anunities, Interests in Wills?Will be purchased or money advinceti on application to \V. R MMNTt JO V1ERY, d!>3t*rc 52 John (treet, 3d story. 1 FVR WILLIAM OAMBI.E calls on Charles Moore, of 1 No. 342 Grand street, he will find somt information to his advantage. d?0 Jt*ec il| 1 REWARD?The jewelry ttoro No. 18 Howery. i V/VJ was entered on the nii{ht ol the 17th iust, and nibbed nt jewelry, ronsisting of gold and silver guard and lob chains, >i I seals and keys, and ladies' and gentlemen's broaches esSortM, Hold ear rums, lockets, finger rinds silver spoons, specks and niunerons other articles, which are sold in jewelry shops. 1'lie above reward will be giveu for the recovery of the property -.v JOHN LOCKWOOD, [120 lm'rc 18 Bowery, A. SKHvNKTTE BRANDY, ~ ("\K very superior <|tislity, high proof and flavor in Inlf pipes, v ' ijuarter casks and eighths, recently ini|>orted direct froin ttoclielle, under Custom Mouse lock, entitled to dehentnie, aud for sale by S. T. NICOLL, fi9 Krrtnr ?t. (110 31* ism i lHAMPAUNE?A supply of smierior Champagne Wlue, for sale by J. B. TIMMERMAN, dm 4t*rc 75 Broad street. | IMTE Subscribers, WILLIAM STKEL Si SON, havini | returned to their old stand, Nos. Ill and 113 Cherry street, p, op i rod to needle all crJers for Cake. They have constantl> on nana a large assor1 meat, vi* Hum, rom, "iMf, -<i>onee, Washington ('itn)n, Alinond snd Lafayette Cake? New \ e'r amt Scotch f'aki* of* superior qnality Alio, Mackroiwis, Kisios, I,illy h illgirs, Sec N. It. < ikes assorted and packed for country storts. d21 lw'ec I Al'VliUN i^AIjRS rtlOUAS BICLL, Auctioned, (Sfure So. 3? Jinri itrtet.) MUDAV. At KW oVIim k, at the i.il?? room, I.uric* ?ale of cloihing, dry goodi, fancy aud pledged article!, preieuta, toyi, jewelry, watches, gun*, cutlery, hardwart-, Ike. Alio, a large additional invoice of choice iup*r e*tr* London and I'arii clotln, fine beaver do. fdouhle milled ciuiimei* and felt clotlia, tlliinvl aid wonted aliirta, Klovea, Ike iu lota to suit. Alio, J ildendul Kugliih ti ld dial patent lever watchet. 17 jewel*, and all the material* of the fint <iualily; I do au'hor detached, Moncas maker, 13 jeweli, and leveral other valuable watchei, Alio, I I moat iu|>erb brilliant itar aud clutter Kreach diamon 1 jiiui, riugi, chiini, Sic. Alio, au unuaually eitruaiva viriety or various uieful and ornamental aiticlea. Aiio, a quantity of family groceries, champagne and other winei, ipl.-ndid jewelry, Sf Alio, an nlire invoice of ihe moat beautiful and lich jewelry uitatde lor the leainn, vix gold and diamond, Man, ruby, garnet and ein ald ringa, eirringi. locketi, chaiui. fancy lil'ag,ee work.tk", all new aud beautilul |>atterui,all of which will DB Mid Without reaerve Alio, a large lot of lint rate houaehold furniture, in good order. Alio, M) pn blankati nearly new; 20 feather liedi.iinilti.ruga, comlortablei, and uumeroiis hue aiticlii iu the housekeeping depart ment. N. B.?Every facility will be afforded for the diapoial of merchandise of all dcaariptioui. Huiineii will l>e carried on in a business like manner. MM will l>e regular, and returui prompt, iu thii eatabluhmeut, now U'der the charge lolely of THOM A S Be 1,1., 3i Ann street. UCTI'N NOTICK?Koretgu PlantVand Toyi.lic"^ LfcVY It ttrOONER will iel1 thii day at I0>? o'eiock. at I'll Broadway, 6 cue* parlor and green houie plants, iuit landed fiom Kiigland, couiiitlug of 400 rots Cameliai,Rhododendrons, AxOias, Ainu Koin, Standard do, Sweet lloueviucklei, Carn..tioiii, very line. Alio, nut in package! to suit buveri, I'erpetual, Mo?i and htxndarit Koiei, I'lum Trcei, Oruameutal Shrubs, w'th a few Dutch Bulboua ''oots Toy*. Birds ?et up, and other faiicyMrtie'es. <121 lt*m P \IM'IN<?S A t AI C'TION.?Levy 4t Siinoner will i?ll it their ro< m?, 111 broadway, cii Friday, 22d lint atil^4 o'clock. Ill# Oil Paintings. many of which hare recently been received from N uroiie There are many line original- iu the roll*ct'on worthy the atient'on of the conuoiuenr and the public, and alio many beautiful paiutiugs by our own ortints; t ipleudid uaval victrriei, all newly flamed Artiiti are iuvited to ?e:;d iu their worki for exhibition, private tale, or auction d2l 2t* 111 I'llAKIiKH H *MITH, Auctioneer. STOCK OK IMPOKTKD KINK vVlNKS AT AUCTION Knda) j'moruii g, Dec. 22, at It o'clock, in the stora, 41 l.i berty street, by catalogue, the balance stock of au im|>orterderliuini: thii branch of his buiiueia, including St. Kitaphe, Chateau, Lcoville, St Julien, and PouilWc; Medoc, Hhauiih, or Ileek; Cyiueii, Samoa, l.ictymac, t'liriitie, Plwrry, and Ma deira, uf ?u|*-rior quality, in cim ?nd loo?e. Alio 1 cask Doti! aoi, 1 do Samoa, 1 do Egyptian, 1 do port ?inc. 1 do Itli proof old rum, l do 4tli proof seigm tt-Urandy (pure), 1 do eider brandy, I do Kuinmel do ctiampagne Also, 75 banket* De Mil7.ird, Klss'er, IJe Unogetco, E?gle & Key champagnes; alio, raspberry, eau d'or, mareschind, anisette, extract absynthe and leineu cordial*; raspberry, sarsaparilla, lemon, mid di oigeat syrup; alio a quantity of domestic segars, various brands, some line. This sale will lie found well worthy the attention of dealers and families purchasing for tl appioacbing holidays. C?ialogu>s ?nd samples on the morii'ii' of sale <P1 ?t ?rr MTU I, ET?The store No !I7 Nassau stree', id the Herald Iiiuldiugs, from the lirst of February. Apply at thisoffire dlar 1141' FOR SALE?A Valuable Farm called Springfield. WSH'iliHted in the county of lsle-of-Wight, a mile and a half ^JWfrom the mouth of Nansemonil Hirer, containing about lire hundred acres, bounded on two sides bv creeks (navigable foi small vessels) tunning into the mouth of NaiisemoiidHiyer. Thete is on the farm alarge .ml well finished brick dw?|liug house, with every other necestary out house, in good repair. Nearly one half of the lai d is well timbered with large tall pine and oaks; tt-e pir.e of the lin t quality, for steamboat wood '1 he aleared land is of a good quality aud well adipted to the cu'tivatinn of wheat, corn, swtet potatoes and water meluns It has attached to it a line oyster landing lor planting oysters, and is one of the best stock-farms of its st/.e in lower Virginia, Persons wishing to purchase, by applying early, will meet with a great bargain. If net sold privately before, it will lie offered at public auction oil the Premise* on the 2 5th ("ay of January, 1811. Term* will be made known and further information given by Mr Jo*. B. Whitehead of Smithfield. Isle of Wight county, or the subscriber. WILLIAM HINES. <120 3taw tnjyii rc grn ~ WINTER MAIL LINK FOR ALBAQm "Mi,'. and Intermediate p aces. Fare thraugh StaHlULtii Albanyfl. '' he steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, Captain II L. Mabey, wi'l leave the foot of Courtlandt st. this Wednesday, Friday aud Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The Steairer UTICA. Captain Joseph Scott, will leav as above, this, Thursday, Saturday aad Monday afternoons, at 5 o'cloik. For passage or freight, apply to P. C. Scholti at the office, *r on board. d2(lre FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New Vork Line?lingular Packet of Uej, 31?The fast sailMMKbiiik' packft ship (tASTON, Capt. O. Eldridge, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS di CO. 56 South street. Positively no goods received alte r the evening of the )lst instant. , Shippers by this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. .... Agents in New Orleans, Hullin & Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Ocnnee l'apt. D. Jackson, will succeed the (taston, and sail the Kith Jan'y-, her regular day. dilire "act- BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINK OF LIVER fHWPOOL PACKETS-FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular JUHflfal'acUer of the Is', la-m'ry.?The well known fast min^!ackct ship COLUMBUS, Cant. Q. A. Cole, will positively sail on Monday, 1st January, her regular dav. It is well kuowu that the accommodations ol this noble pack: ., r,.. ?Bk,n 'Jii t-n i.hi and t ' r;i iiinatpiiepri. am lifted ul) ill a manner that cannot fail to insure those einbarkiug every cum , Tort, being very high between-drcki. which are well lighted and ventilated. Those returning to the old country will at once s?* it their interest to ?elect till* favorite vessel for their conveyance in preference to any other. The price of passaue it very low, for which and to secnrs the beat berth*, early application hould be made ou board, fool of Beekuiaii it, or to the subicriberi, ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik CO., ? Fallon street, nest d(?or to the Kulton Bank T. S.?'l'he New York sails from Liverpool 011 the 1st nM> ary. Persons tendinis for their relatives can have them brought out In tier, or In any of ilie packets eomprisimir thii tni^innliH ine, sailing from that port. punctually ou the 1st and I6r.li of each month. Kor passage apply as above. N. B.?The new anil iitjxrli packet shin Yorkshire burthen lliiltons ('apt. I). O. Bailey, will succeed the Columbus, and sail lor Liverpool ou the l(j'h January, ISM, her regular day. d2lrc KOR VEW ORLEANS-Tu i.ulon the2lth iust. mHpJVTIi- well known ship MAYFLOWER, Captain AMaVtaiVV'eeks. will lie ilespH.lied for the above port ou the 2<t!i iust, Kor passage, having excellent accommodations in cabin ar.d sle rave, apply ou board the ship at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st. N. B ?The first class ship SHARON, Captain Thompson, will sail'] his Day, wind and weather 1*1 milling and cau yet take a tew more cabin and steerage passengers, apply as above. d8l re. A SEASONABLE HINT?Pickled Oysters and Turkryt honed, jellitd and ornamented, lor New Years DayTables, whicii cusloru his made iudisi>ensahle. They may be had cheap and superior to the Tickled Oysters vended in the city; thev are prepared appropriately and expressly for the occasion. My cutlomrrs aie invited to call and taste a lot prepared fir inspection. GEO. T. DOWNING, d218s27 2t#rc :-20 Konrrh st, 2d door east ol Broadway. OA1. BELOWSlTmnTkICTRICKS?Consumers oft oal can !> sup| lied with the l?esl quality of I'each u re hard MM Ash Coal, at the redactil price ol $1,25 for Broken and Egg; $'> lor Stove, and $i for Nut?delivered tree of cartage, from tlie yard I3B Washington it re, t, for.nerly Kilz*imtai>n 1 yard. Terms cash ou delivery in all cases. (121 1 in * in J. DAVENPORT. TOMPSON'S CAKE. A 8 the season has arrived for families to supply thematIves with Cake for the holidays, the tutsciiber would respectfully inform lliem that th? place at ill supports t's former reputation for the best cake?and he assures those who may favor mm with a call, 'hat they shall lie supplied wuh the best article that can be made lr in u.e materials, aud in the most cleinly manner. Hout Cake, rium Cane, Pound Cake, New Year Cake, and a general assortment of small Cake constantly on hand, and orders for any quantity sent to any part of the city. JAMES TOMPBON, d2l lw*ec 10 Lis[wnard street, near Church. FAIR AT"NIFL0tST~ 'rHE Indies' Kair for the Benefit of the Half Orphan Asylum -I- is now open, and a most beautiful coll. ction of articles is offered; many of them are s|<ecimens of taste and elegance, and moderate in price. This event giheBaudof the North Carolina will attend to eliven tli* sctne. <121 11* rc TO TAILORS. CTINEMETT'S new and complete wvrk on the subject of k? Cu t'ug Otrments of every description, iu a style of elegance tot to be surpatsrd, it,with the utmisr confidence, offer ed to the t ade, as being a work wholly superior to anything of ih* kind heretofore introduced; by tne aid of which a penon of tnowate capicitv m*? obtiiu a bette- practical knowledge of ctitting in onr week, than coild, by the old m-lhod, b* obtained in years ; and he who wishei to k?ep pace wit1* the rapid improvements of hit art, cannot do bettfr tliau a*ai! himsr 1" of the possession of ihr work. It has already received the appra bahon of the first of the profession, and cannot fail to give t satisfaction to all who use it. Ihfi above ran tie obtained of 1 1 lie author, No. 113 < edar street, New York. Also, complete sets of pattei 11s, of all Jie various styles of garmeais. as now worn, embracing all tha different sizes, from 31 inches b'east to <1, or upwards. 421 lm*eSCARFS AND CRAVATS. E. B. HATCH, II* urif 1 t a \l uTU f t'T Has just received a fresh assortment of UKi*TI>..VIK.VH SCARFS AM) CRAVATS, Of the Uteat at} lea. Alio mi hand, a full ?aiortm?nt ol' STOCKS. LINKNS. OLOVKS, SUSPKNDK.RS, Jtc. (121 5t ia*m HUNTKKIAN DI8PKNJARY?No. 3 Divi.ion alrwtThii ii the only place in New York where the real genuine lliiuter'a Hed Drop can be obtained Thu ii incomrovrriilily tlx ouly mnli(iiie on rnth that r?n be depended on with the ntrnoat eonfulncf, to quickly aafely and permanently eradicite from theiy>tem. QW mint (WncUltlMW that erer afflicfed mm. Thu medicine has never been known to fail in a tingle > to aavr Um iinfoitunite Him from an untimely end, and whrn all otliv r?n ediei hare (ailed, even in the inojt <)< . p nff and inve erue caa?? I urn warrant^ ill every raae.and under a|l c.rcuui(t<ince?, in either set. All medicine* ?ent 10 a dN ance will he parked aeenre, and all letters (po?t paid ) duacribiru caae, will be promptly attended to. Price one dollar Kir vial, which la warra ted noder all circumstances. Albany, o. i Vlaiden Lane, the only place north where the true aiticle can be had. In Bostou, Man, and Charleston, S. it cannot be obtiined. dtl It'rc CAUTION. TlUDKtMr.n'a Bank, Dec. II, 1811. A PACK AUK <?f impressions of Ii*# and ten dollar notes of this Bank, countermined by II. K Hair*, Mematrr, J numbered fioin 1000 til 2000, but not siltnrd by UM Oflcm 01 the tiank. waa mi trie masing trunk of Pomeroy s Kipresa from ; Albany on the 12th intt. Ilanyo' the no'e* are put in escalation, the ?iir>?turt-< will be forged, and the public are caiui^ned eccordingly. PM.K8KH.VKD Klhll, President W. H. FALLS, Caihier. dIO 3i?rc OKKICK OK JKKKKKSON INSCRAN( KCOMPANY No. 36 Watt. Stbf.kt. New York, Dec. 16th. I?I3. rPHI8 Company insnre at ratet at low m anv re?pon?ible office, A and will retnrn ten i>er ceut of tt# premium iu ca?h to inHirer* at the time oft (Tectiiif the in?iiraiic>" fr.im ami afttr thu date T. W. THORNK, Pie?ment. (?KO. T. HOPK, Secretary. d!7r | fUftT HK< tlVKD. Tia Steniner Acadia, a lot of new aid ' ?pleadnl Kood* for trenlleinen'* dreMiii( kowur. AWoanan?nrim?nt of new ?tyle Silk anil Satin Vesting*, amiable for b?ll ; and weddinur coatuuie. A choice mnartincnl of Woolen, Silk ejid Satin Kcarfs, alio received by ?ame ve??el. W. T. JKNNIMiS k CO., dlT lm*CC 211 Bro-idw <Y C" OLK'S PICTCRK8 of Mount Ktna, V.->~ue7.f LI(h, f f? and Present, lie 5tc. now exhibiting ?t i''1* rooin? oi the National Andfay, corner o' Leonafd ?t eft ana Broac,w5V'; Admittance 25 cent*? He.uon Ticket! M ceot? 1 * c?*nf?. ?llbjw r TO PRINTERS. yOH HALK-Tw. f.>nnn of Type, Milli on *? I V.i ['*" I " which h*?e hren <iu the New l of* llemlu A|*|n? . at thit oihce. AMUSEMENTS CAUM I IIKM IlH. , XtO** > Vj?. < . " 1J .< ai ? " >w. .^rformed (>K tTDF*T!IKI( W!{ITKHKAli. Al'> r ? I I' ll Orand Billet Ita< < ? . by Mint Julia Turn hall 'l o roue uili* with ALMA MATER. CH ATM A >1 TUK VI HK THIS EVKNIN't, IVc '11?'in <->irmrace with TIIK BOHEMIANS. Aft?- w'.ich. Moo* Moiitor(rul, h-> til I Mou? Dio;nard, L r* Lolol, ? Mn Herring . . ? ... A (W which, Rnad Siword llorui?(? Mad'll* Rallia Tn !* include w uii ambassador LADY. fllTCiULLij 6L1 nf>lc TilJCAfSE THIS EVENING, UmcdiIk r 21 ?The performance* will commence with THK IRRESISTIBLE < ADICT8. Atrrr which VIROINIUS TRAVESTIE. After which TllIP BY RAILROAD. To conclude with GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM.. NIBLO'S OAIlDK.f. Manager* Meur*. II Rockwell and O. H. Stone. (T7" A pleudid Dav Performance every Saturday at S o'clock. Kmieatrian toudurtor Mr. M. Rockwell. Muter of the Circle Mr. H. Need ham. Premier Bulfo anil Clown Mr Alei. Rockwell. Wrotesiiue et Pya* KilnivaKant Mr. R. William*. Pierrot and Mime Mr. B. Uuutiuctoa. THURSDAY EVENING, the performance will ennuarac* with a aracterutic Km tint run I'uitnmime, entitled SAVAGE KURDS ANu PIUNHiGARS. ' m ururr win apin-nr III a nrw itci. Mr . uunals will apiwar aa La I'a yuan Airoureui. Kent* on ill)* Swinging Cord, by H. Franklin. Feati nf Gymnasia, by Mont La Toim. The Orare ami the Oay. a new acr, by Le?i North. Arena Gymnastics by Mr Mcfcarland. hit llorae Art by Napnl'nn Turner. Trampoline and I Inutile Leaping. by Mr H Frinklio. Mra Oullen III tlie scen.i of Massello't Bride. Baltoute Vaulting by the troup ol 20 led by McFarUnd. An African ( on cert After which FLORA Al>U POMON A. Lost Sprite of the Silver Shower Levi North Cupids M,uteri W Wood, F Wood and .) Ay'titn* i'erional Gymnastics by Mr Cole To couclude with A HEROIC CAVALCADE. The dQcn will be opened at 67,?overture at 7?pwf'irmtaca will coinmouce at 7l* o'clock. TRkUN'O 1NDKPKNDBNT AMBRICAN CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Boies 25 cents; Pit \2% cnti. THIS EVENING. Dec. 21-The performance* will commence with a Grand Cavalcade, entitled CHINESE TARTAR CAVALRY. After which, Feats of Horsemanship, Posturing and Tumbling, Still Vaulting, Leaping Somerseting, he. Mr. ASTLEY, the great Antipodean, will appear. After which SPRITES OF THE SILVER SHOWER. Negro Songs, Choruses, fcc. by " Ole Whitloe*. To conclude with SIR OILTIN CABBAGE. A Ml KItICAN MUI5 KU M, AND PERPETUAL FAIR. THURSDAY, DEC. 21. LAST DAY, AND FAREWELL BENEFIT OF MI8S M. A. GANNON, who lea?e? for Boston to-morrow. She will appear in anew Comic Melange, in which she auataiua aix differ nt character!. introducing a variety of Houga and Dances. Thia accomplished young I i?Jy I'aa l? en |>erforming to largeand delighted audience* for four weeka, and would simply ask that her I'rienda shonld nut forget her to-day, hut give her a Benefit Iuiik to be rrmrm bered. 8h? ha* 111- pleasure of presBnting the following, amongst other attractions:? GEN. TOM THUMB?Thia remarkable little man, weigh ing ruly Kifteeu Pounds. rem ina a few days, previous to iailing for Eurniie He can he aeeu at all hours. day and eveningTHE WHOLK GIPnY FAMILV. (T/~ The Family of Wandering Gipsies. ail in nnnbtr, the first that ever riaited America, can De ieea during the whole day and evening, without txtra charge. The GIPSY QUKEN cau be privately consulted regarding Past, I'reaent anil Future. Mr. H G. HHKRM AN, T.G. BOOTH, Miaa ADAIR, fc*. are engaged. Negro Speech, Hong and Breakdown by T. G. Booth..'A beautiful Giraffe, Rhinoceroui, and other cnrieiitiea have been added to the Museum. MADAME I'HKCKKNI, the celebrated Pantomimiat and Danaeaae, ia engaged aud will appear on Friday next. [ly~ Performances colon ence at pneiaely aeveu o'clock. Day viaiten admitted the tame evening free. THE HOLluAV8?Preparations are miking for the ap oroaching holidays m a style of auperb magnificence never before equalled. Particulars hereafter. [C7" Admission to the whole 26 centa?children node* tea years, half price. 25 cents extra for private consultations with the GipayQueen PkaLk s mew vuuk nuseva AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadway, ojtpoutt the City Hall.) [^"Crowded Houses?Opposition Prostrated?Beat Bill in the City?The Shilling System Triumphant?Twelve Talented Terforineri?Ouly One < ent Each '. ' SNOW WHITE NEGROES. BT7" Jnst arrived from Brazil, two Negro Boy? (seven and nine years old) perfectly while, with pink eyei, woolly hair aa white aa snow, with the Hat nose and thick lips of the African Their pareuta accomrany them, and a-e aa black aa jet. Thaaa child.en are the most extraordinary beings ever known. They >? * l?een enir?veil ai vreHt evi enae and can lie aeen during the whole day anil evening; they remain thii week only. Miss Cecelia Blsncliard, (lie celebrated Female Juggler and Player on the Musicsl Ulassei?Miss Adair, the Songstreae? I a Petite Cerito. the Danseose?D W Lull Banjo Player sad Negro Winner? Mr D 1'icken the Irish Melodist?J L'ntnn, Comic Siuger and Negro Extravaganiiat?the cvlebratol Kentucky Miustrelj, Sc. Sic. MADAME ADOLPHE 1 he Celebra.ed Sybil, can be privately consulted at all hour*, regarding the Past, Pre eut ami Kutnie. She has been comulted and recommended hjr manv eminent persons, i eluding N. P. Willis, Eaq. editor of th New York Mirror Saturday Afternoon at 3 o'clock?performance* the same as in the evening at half-|>ait 7. Admission to the whole 13% cents?one shilling ntra ler conaultirif Madame Adolphe CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL AT NIBLO'S. rPEA PARTY'?The Indies of the krmklin Street, R D. A Church, res|iectfnlly give notice that they will give * Ptatival on Monday evening the 21th. (Chmtmas Night,) ?l Nmlo'a Saloou, the proceeds to be applied to the benefit of th? Church. Au excellent Band of Music ia engaged. The supper tabid w ill he reidy at half-past seven o'clock and every tiling will be arranged to mike the Festival "greeable. Tickets Jll cents?Children 2.'i eenta?which include! tlieinpl<er; to lie had at the door in the evening, and at Bininger fc Co. MI Broadway; Wornn k Ilaughwouts, JRI Broadway, Belby'a, 3l.'i Broidwny, nud at H. V. (rhnldle, 103 Bleecke. street, il ;0 5t is * rc LAST CONCERT SKrNOKA CASTELLAN'S GRAND VOCAL AND INSI RUMBINTAL CONCERT. 1 UK8DAY Evening, December 211th. at the Waahington I Hotel, assisted by ir.e Oiand Orchestra of the Philharmonic Society Siguor Giauiprtri ai d Mr. Timm. Tickets (which are limited) One Dollar each, to be had at the Music Stores, Hotels, and at the door. Coucert to tomm?nif<l 8 o'clock. dHtoMm* THURSDAY, 21st December, 1B43. CKANlb CONCERT, B Y W. V . WALLACE, ON THURSDAY, the 21st inst. at the Washington Hotel, on which occasion he will perform a ORAND FANTASIA for the Yiolin, dedicated to the ladle* of Baltimore ; VARIATIONS Dl BRAVURA, for the Violin, by Pannnini, on one string only; and two ORAND CONCERT'*? for tKe Piano Kort*?assisted by MADAME SUTTON and SIONOR ^Aar.uiiA r ir?i r inioccnim 10 iih* nii| wi otruiun wiu Member of the L'hilhnimonic Societies of 1 urio, Oenoa, die. OnnducMr Mr. Timm. Porih?r particular* in future advertisements. Tickets SI each, lo be had al ch* music stores and hotels. dMm BROADWAY T K A S T (> R E , NORTHKAST corner of Prince and Broadway, adjoining Niblo's Klowfr Kipoiitory. The subscribers inform their friends and the public, tt'at Jihey have orened the above Stor*, with a new and eifenalve assortment ol (Jroceriet? the atock consisting principally of Teas of the fiueit qualities, selected with the greatest care from the lastCatgoe*. TKAS. Ynnng Hvion from 2s to * Old Hyson " ^s to Is Imperial '' is lo ta Ounpowder " 5s to ? Pouchong I" }s to ? Souchong Is to ?s Orange Pecco " ; , 6s As respects the above we defy com|>etilion|in freshness, quality or price and state that they are selections made by oie of the moat competent judge* in the city. COFVKK. Old Java, barnt and ground, Is td per pound. Alio, a general assortment of Coffee, Kruits lor the holiday), ill kinds of tiigtrs ?ery jnw? and in fact every thirg appertaining to a grocery, all of which W warranted to be of first quality. hi 1in?er O. HARRISON fc CO UIU'ITS, OROCKRIKS, TEAS, WINKS. kc-UABR T NK.R 8c YOUNO, 112 < hatham street, offer al wholesale aud retail, to dealers iril families? Kresli foreign Fruits, a geueral assortment. Snffnrs and Coffee of a'l kinds and qualities Teas, < Jreen and Black, of every d*scnption. Nuperio, old Wines aod l.iqno's, of various gradea. Superior Raspberry and Cherry Brandy French aid American Cordials, on draft and in glass. I ondon, fcotrh and American Forter, Brown Stent and Ttle A'e. La Norma, Regalia, Nonaga aisd other brands Pegars hast and Vvtst India and American Preserves and Jellies. Money, in small bnxea, from Ohio. 'ojudp i ?ir, in nnu <j iu uoni Dud ?eed Spicru, Cueoa and Chocolate. r |?rm Oil and Candlet, S? ip, <kc. Saratoga Pavilion Water, in <ju art and pint hot I In. I foods delivered to any part of th* city free ol esiiens* ?2i im^jc TIFFANY. V< >UN<i Ar KM,IS, 2">9 and 2M> Broadway, corner H'arrrn ttreet, IMPORTERS OK TIIK VARIOUS FANCT MAVTAtTI KM Or rRA*CK,r.*nl.A*D ncumnr, china, ktc. Ark now rkckivino a oreat variety of OOoDS, th? iclection of one of their firm, tendering their preient stock the iroat varied, largest and r cheat to be foand on this or the other side of the Atlmtic. They beg le?ve to s*y tha'. their Hoods air nude t? orcer, by the beat fahrican's of Kitropr, nndrr the direction of one of the Partmrs, or ?i aarnt of competent t*?t?; and the, f-el entirely confiden' that trier will always be fgtind lowe- contidtring th' ityle, vitality and Jlnii/i, than can b* bought elsewhere. Determined to Ite^p Ih-ir atock always deairable end attractive, they luve re-tnaiked all goods th?t have remained on hand for 12 months or more ,nd lost their original (reihnesa and nov?l'y. at such low price* u will euaure their ?aJ?? lower, it ia heliered, than tins ileariiption of groda mnally csmmm ii th? competition a'd excitement of an auction room. it RCtlASgRS Ol ARTICMs ?o* hoLIPAV i ? r skists g'e ie?|>ectfully reminded thar thev will liud . Iietter variety ;be bett?r -erved and better stilted by miking an e*rly application. 121 toJIic A CARD. MEMBERS Of1' CONORE88 AND OTHERS \ri8ITIN?* PHIkADELfHIAt will tind everv comfort ard convenience that i? de?r?ble in a Hotel, at the VV A M II I N (S T O N HOUSE, J2-1 L'heituut Btrtet. ahovc Stventh, rtiiLADkLriiiA , 85 ins cod lm*r II J HARTWELL. Proprnto". brhxjewater copper mining U )MPANY. N'OTICE is hereby given, tint a Meeting ol'the Stockholder* if this Compiny will be held on rriiy. I? >, 1811, at Congress Hall, 8 nth Third stree , PhiUd<lphU, nt 12 o'clock, on siecialboineaa of the Com; any. By orderof the IVmlent. WILLIAM CABMAN, rrswsurer December U, 1?H. dl<> t ic J'ORTINUTKSK FEMALE PlI.lX ' I'llV.SK. far-famed and celetiniP>1 I ills, fiom f'oilng-tl. ar e we |*-rceive, to lie obtao ?*il in this country. ldvert.sg ii.hi on tne laat column, lourth page.

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